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EDITOR Marllyn Stoneklng Mary Kruse Puhllshed by the tw the senlor class Blenllen francis Breyfogle Carol Bumann Larry Clpperley ,loan Conover Clark Conoser lxay Clausen Roger Ewoldt Andra Lee Cade Roger Gerber Don Glawe Lloyd Goettsch Deanna GFICS DeW1tt Halworsen Connie Hammer Dean Hueschen George Jones Charles Jensen Wendall Lasher JoAnn Leonard Carol McBride Mary Michaelsen Nancx Saxon Wayne Schmidt James Schulte Lois enty eight members of HOLSTI-.IN HIGII DLHOOL Volumr 59 1916 LON l'LlN fb Administration High Sehool Athletlcs Actlvltles Features Ol-S T51 4' PIRP5 Y ASSISTANT EDITOR, I-I Y 9 N V a 7, - 7 V 9 l v V l I .l' ............,........... 9 Curtis. Stephen Grades ................... ......... ' 7 S ........................... 7 . . . v 7 .......................... 7 Y , ' 7 7 7 7 5 7 9 , I 7 X ' 0 I X ' f-, ' I4 40 The Moo staff of 1956 .... presents the story of the year in the Holstein Schools . . May it always help you to recall pleasant memories. We work and play around the clock X is 'Q iff' AM if xt' YW f I X 1, 'W J ' - L 'N-x-,' - 'Q-Q 4 all U' 'fy lg ni 4 nxtjolb I 173 K., n nhl. -.gc Z-ix 'L I' """" 2ffwu I ramen Xa Sportsmanship has a special meaning in our school. To these three teachers and coaches who have helped to develop and foster this brand of character and skill, we respectfully dedicate this Moo of 1956. Mr. Kraai, Mr. Gerber, and Mr. File have spent long hours on the athletic field and in the gymnasium trying to develop good teams, win games, and teach the value of good clean sports. In the regular classroom we have also found them showing just such an interest in helping us to learn in thc fields of the social studies, mathematics, and science. We deeply appreciate what they have done for our school and feel that it is an honor and a privilege to make this dedication to them. Sponsored by JAMES W. MARTIN, PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. 6 We carry on our school life under the guidance of these advisors. Teachers and school board working together make it possible for us to achieve much in the field of learning. . , f 0. 5' ' 4 .QI l . -gh 1. Q vu Seated Mr Ray Bagenstos MISS Nllldred ,lackes Trea uxer 'Nlr Gladys Raabe Secretary Nlr M F Chnstle Supermtendent Standing Mr Wllham Walker Mr Jesse Leonard Presndent Mr Ivan Blackmer Mr Harold Conover Board of Educatlon It IS because of these men and women who glse muah of the1r tune and effot that we haxe a good school Lommunm 1Il whlch to work ln HPIJFCCIHUOH of thelr serslces we would llke to offer our whole hearted thanks to them Npon ored by ADVANCE PLBLINHING CONIPANW 8 Introducing Our Teacher M. F. CiiR1s'r1u liscanaba. Michigan. High School Lf of Michigan, Buena Vista. Colorado U. Hobbies ..,. Traveling - Reading Superin tenrlent of Schools MARIE STONER Corydon High School U. of Iowa, Colorado U.. Iowa State Teachers College Hobby ................ Travel Principal anrl English ARTHUR GERBER Kamrar High School Iowa State Teachers College Hobby ............. Tinkering Mathematics Russ IXRAAI Orange City High School Morningside College Hobbs' .............. Athletics I Social Studies, Physical Eflucation. Coach CATIIERINI-1 Cuxisriig Lake View lligh School Clarke College. Buena Vista Hobbies .... Traveling - Reading English and Dramatics CHARLES PIPER Boone High School Iowa State College. Iowa State Teachers College Hobby .......... Woodworkin lmlustrial Arts and Driver Training -44... . lx 0 if L l 7 ToM ROSENBERGER Eldora High School Buena Vista College Hobby ........... Vocal Music Vocal Music CHRISTA VOLLSTEDT Denison High School Iowa State Teachers College, U. of Iowa Hobby ............... Reading Commercial KENNETH FILE Rock Rapids High School Morningside College Hobby ......... Arts and Crafts Social Studies and Coach HAROLD HALVORSEN Westby, Wisconsin, High School Luther College Hobby ........... Photography Instrumental Music RUTH WILSON Lytton High School Morningside College, Colorado U. Hobby ................ Music Homemaking and Consumer Education W. G. MCKNIGHT Manning, South Carolina, High School Clemson College, S. C., Charleston College, S. C., U. of Iowa Hobby ................ Sports Science PEARL KITCHEN Central High School, Sioux City Morningside College Hobbies ...... T. V. - Cashword Sixth Grade SARAH E. JONES Pomeroy High School Buena Vista, Iowa Statc Teachers College. Colorado U. Hobby . . .Collecting Phonograph Records Fifth Grade ELVA BARKER Kiron High School Iowa State Teachers College, Buena Vista Hobby ........ Taking Pictures Kindergarten ALICE STREED Galva High School Buena Vista, Iowa State Teachers College, Hobbies ..... Reading - Fishing Fourth Grade BETTY Lou SHORT Correctionville High School Morningside College Hobbies ..... Reading - Hunting Sixth Grade PEGGY LEE BRINKEH Auburn High School Iowa State Teachers College, Minnesota U. Hobby ......... Collecting Jazz Phonograph Records Fourth Grade MARLENE FAIRLEY Sanborn High School Mornin side College E Hobby ................ Sports Second Grade ANNA REAGER Primghar High School Buena Vista Hobby ............... Reading First Grade MARY JANE GRAY Calumet High School Buena Vista, Colorado U. Hobby ............... Reading funior High Amos E. Cnumcc Cushing High School Westmar College Hobbies ........ Athletics - En- tertainment funior High and Coach ...Q mv! good SIJUl'lS....... Sponsored by HIQECERICH FURNITURE. LUCILLE BIERLT Wlall Lake High School Buena Vista Hohlmy .....,...... Listening to Good Music Third Grade BARBARA DAH51 Sacred Heart High School. Early, Iowa Buena Vista Hobby ................... Art Third Grade DONA VER Hom' Rock Valley High School Northwestern Junior College Hobby ............... Reading Second Grade MARLYS KOWALKE Early High School Buena Vista Hobby ................. Music First Grade ,M T If I' I A ...I ' - harmlxsorlc Gerber A .Q . ,.. , 0- W ' . We mow forward ln oul quest fol knowled o The I-hgh School III PBVIQW .-., - MARILYN STONEKING Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stoneking "lf brains were money she would never be in debt." Activities: Hi-Larity, 1, 2, 3, 4 - Co- Editor, 43 Girls Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 - Accompanist, 43 Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 - Secretary, 4g Basketball, 13 Band, 2, 3, 4 - Clarinet Quintet, 33 Librarian, 1, 23 Class Vice-President, 1 - Presi- dent, 2 - Secretary, 3 - Secretary-Treas urer, 43 Moo Editor, 43 "Crandad Meets a Pal," 3. FRANCIS BIENLII-IN STEPHEN CURTIS Parents ............... -Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Curtis "He's quiet, peaceful, and modest . except when he's awake." Activities: North Phoenix High School, 13 Football, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Track, 2, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 - President, 43 Clee Club, 3, 4 - Presi- dent 43 Mixed Chorus, 43 Mixed Quar- tet, 4: All-State Chorus, 43 Boys Oc- tet, 33 Class President, 3, 43 Home- coming Attendant, 43 Pep. Club, 43 Moo Staff, 4a Brass Sextet, 33 "Gran- CAROL Bazvrocug Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Harold Breyfogle "She's quiet and nice but has lots of spice." Activities: Hi-Larity, 1, 2, 3, 4g Li- brary Assistant, 13 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club, 1, 3, 43 Girls Clee Club, 13 Moo Staff, 43 "Grandad Meets a Pal," 3g Homecoming Attendant, 4. LARRY BUMANN Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bumann 3 "Exerrise? Why, I peeled an orange for breakfast." Activities: Glee Club, 13 Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, 3g Moo Staff, 4. Sponsored by FARMERS ELEVATOR. Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bienlien "l argue long, l argue lateg if a line is crooked, l'll argue it straight." Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball, 1, 2, 43 Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys Glee Club, lg Moo Staff, 4g Hi-Larity, 1. dad Meets a Pal," 33 Dance Band, 3, WAYNE SAXON Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Everett Saxon "The world's no better if we worry. Life's no longer if we hurry." Activities: Track, 13 Band, 1, 23 Hi- Larity, 23 Boys Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Boys Octet, 3, 43 Speech, 3, 43 Pep Club, 1, 33 Presi- dent, 13 Vice-President, 43 "Crandad Meets a Pal," 33 Moo Staff, 4. JOAN CIPPERLEY Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cipperley "Theres no sport like a good sport." Activities: Glee Club, 1, 3, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, Junior Class Play Prompter, 3, Lunchroom Staff, 1, 2, 3, Student Librarian, 3, 4, Home Economics Style Show, 1, 2, Mixed Chorus, 4. Root-:R H. CLAUSI-:N Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clausen "And he looks so saintly tool!l" Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 4, Boys Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Octet, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4. CLARK Corvovt-:R Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Alex Conover "The greatest people are the sim- plestf' Activities: Basketball, 1, 3, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, Hi- Larity, 4, "Crandad Meets a Pal," 3: Moo Staff, 4. KAY Conovun Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Conover 6'0ften I think more than I say, for this l've found the wisest way." Activities: Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, C-lee Club, 3, Student Librarian, 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, "Crandad Meets a Pal." 3, Home Economics Style Show, 1. Amana LEE Ewomr Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs Louie Ewoldt "My hearfs not my own, but I dont care. lt's in good hands Activities: Glee Club 1 2 3 4 - Sec retary, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 4, "Crandad Meets a Pal " 3' Home Economics Style Show, 1, 2, Library, 2, Mixed Chorus, 4, Moo Staff, 4 ROGER GADL Parents ......... Mr and Mrs A H Cade "Greater men may have lived but I doubt lt." Activities: Indianapolis, 1, Latin Club 1: Booster Club. 1' Hi-Y 1' Team. 1, Rockwell City. 2, 3, Track 3: Class Play. 2. 3, Letter Club, 3: Science Club. 2: Mixed Chorus 2 3' Boys Quartet, 3' Vocal Solo 2 3' All- State Chorus. 3, Mixed Octet, 3' School Paper. 3, Speech Contest, 3' Mixed Chorus. 4, Mixed Octet, 4, Boys Clee Club, 4, Track. 4, Pen Club. 4: Hi-Larity, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Vocal Solo, 4: Speech Contest, 4, All- State Chorus, 4. Sponsored by C. E. CONOVER. .al ag? DEANNA Goizrrscu Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goettsch "ln life I find a lot of fun, but when there's work I get it done." Activities: Basketball, 1, 2, 3: Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 1, 2, 3 - C0- Editor, 4: Assistant Librarian, 1, 2, 3, 4: "Grandad Meets a Pal," 3, Moo DONALD Gannett Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Gerber "Not as innocent as he appearsfl Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track. 1, 2. 3: Boys Glee Club, 1, 2. 3, Moo Business Staff, 43 Football Co-Captain. 4: Homecom- ing King, 4. Ltow GLAWL Guardians ............. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Thomsen "Why study? The more you study, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know: so why study?" Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Boys Octet, 4. Staff, 4, CONNIE HALVORSEN Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Halvorsen "Her smile is worth a million, but it rloesn't cost a cent." Activities: Hayes Cons., 1, 2, Band, 1, 2, Girls Glee Club, 1, 2: Mixed Chor- us, 1, 2: Girls Sextet, 2, Cheerlead- ing, 2: Class Officer, 1, 2, Band, 3, 4 - Secretary and Librarian, 4, Girls Glee Club, 3, 4 - President, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Cheerleading, 3, 4, Class Officer, 3: Pep Club, 3, 4 - President, 4g Teen-Age Driving Club Secretary, 33 Homecoming Queen, 4. Dt-:AN HAMMER Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt Hammer "Life is too short and so am I." Activities: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4g Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, "Grandad Meets a Pal," 3, Glee Club, 1. 23 Moo Staff, 4g Basketball, 1, 4. Sponsored by SPORTSMANS INC., STORM LAKE. Homecoming Attendant, 4. DEWITT Gmss Parents . ......,....... Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Gries "All the world's an audience and I'm zz three-ring circus." Activities: Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club, 4: Boys Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Boys Octet, 4, Mixed Chor- us, 2, 33 Moo Staff, 4. Gannon Hut-:scans Parent ........... Mrs. Ina Hueschen "When better horns are built, Rich will blow them." Artiivities: Glee Club, 1. 2, 33 Mixed Chorus. 3g Harmanicas. 23 Band. 1. 2. 3. 4 - Vice-President. 43 Brass Sextet. l, 2. 33 Brass Quintet, 23 Baritone Solo, 1, 2, 33 All-State Band, 43 Track, l. 2: Football Manager, 1, 2. WENDALL ,It-:Nsigx Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. .lesse .lensen "Lead me not into temptation but show me where it is.', .4rliz:ities: lfnollrall, l. 2, 3, 43 Track, l. 2. 3, 43 Glee Club, 13 Pep Club, 43 llasketball, 1. 23 "Gr:-xndad Meets a Pal," 33 Moo Staff, 4. CHARLES JONES Parents ............,.. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jones "lilo matter what the subject may be, 1 can always find room to dis- agree." Activities: lland, 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club. 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus, 1, 23 Track, 1, 2, 3. 43 Basketball. 1, 23 Hi-Larity, 13 Moo Staff, 4. MARY Kiwse Parents .. ........... Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kruse "A lady among ladies is sheg but with a man she would rather be." Activities: Girls Glee Club. 1, 3 - Vice- President. 43 Pep Club. 1, 2, 3, 4g "Grandad Meets a Pal," 33 Band, 1, 2, 3. 4 - Treasurer, 43 Dance Band, 3, 43 Pep Band, 2, 3, 4: Cornet Trio, 33 Hi- Larity, 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Economics Style Show, 1, 23 Mixed Chorus, 43 Girls Sextet, 43 Moo Staff - Assistant Editor, 4. JOANN Lxsmgn Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Lasher "lj silence is golden, l'm in debt." Activities: Basketball, 13 Pep Club, 1. 2. 3, 43 Girls Glee Club, 1. 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus. 1, 2. 3, 43 Mixed Quar- tet, 43 "Grandad Meets a Pal," 33 Vo- cal Solo, 2g Moo Staff, 43 Home Eco- nomics Style Show, 1, 2. CAROL JEAN Lsuxuw Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs.. Luverne Leonard "I love life but I love men better." Activities: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club. 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Economics Style Show, 1, 23 Basketball, 1, 23 Hi- Larity, 43 Mixed Chorus, 43 Moo Staff, 43 "Grandad Meets a Pal," 33 Lunchruom Staff, 3. Sponsored by FARMERS CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION 3 -giv- Iv ozeerzlof' J x Mes SCH Mun' , XIARY McBrunr: Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Ed McBride A'You can manuvtariure blondes bu! rerlheafls just come naturally." Activities: Pep Club. 1. 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, lg Home Economics Style Show, 1, 2g Clee Club. 2, Basketball, 2, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, 4, Speech, 33 Play Crew, 3, Moo Staff, 4. Niirscx' BIICHAELSEN Parents ............... Mr. and Mrs. Leater Michaelsen "Smurf think the world is made for fun and jrolir'-and so do 1."' ,4fti1'ities.' Pep Club, 1. 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leading. 1, 2, 3, 4: Moo Staff, 45 Home Economics Style Show, 1, 2. Mrs. Minnie Schmidt "Hes a varejul studentgeareful not 'lf111'1!1f'x: Clee Club, l: Footb xluo Staff, 4. BACCALAUREATE ! May 13, 1956 Speaker - The Rev. Arthur Holtry COMMENCEMENT - May 17, 1956 Speaker - Dr. Ray Bryan Iowa State College Ames, Iowa all, 1: CLASS MOTTO: It is good to begin well but better to encl well CLASS COLORS: Blue and white CLASS F LOWERS: Sweet peas 1 "",: ' 4 s ' "1- Q , V- ufl 1 The class president is Ronald Meierg vice- president Virgil Bumanng secretary. Verla Frahm and treasurer, Margene Coettsch. Junior LEFT TO RIGHT-Front row: Lowell Thomsen, George Brown, Roger Goettsch, James Brey- fogle, Harold Butcher, Patrick Keitges, Daniel Sorensen, Second row: Mary Godbersen, Janith Williams, Ruth Bergmann, Patricia Keitges. Joyce Rolfs, Louise Halvorsen. Sally Blackmer, Barbara Irwin, Betty Timmerman, Julie Leonard, Verla Frahm, Janice Leonard, Janet Dittmer, Margene Coettsch, Joyce Scott. Marvel Loof, Dianna Applegate, Third row: Larry Leinbaugh, Ronald Meier. Virgil Buniann, Lowell Kruse. Richard Lorenzen. Second row: Mary Codbersen, Janith Williams, Ruth Bergmann, Patricia Keitges, Joyce Rolfs, Richard Bagenstos, Richard Schmidt. Donald Fritz, Rodson Ellerhusch, Dennis Kolb, Richard Boothby, Curtis Conover, Ray Brandt. Under the sponsorship of Miss Vollstedt and Mr. Gerber the largest class in high school got off to a good start. They ordered their class rings in the early part of the school year and received them in October. ln November, under the direction of Mrs Christie they presented their class play, "Take Your Medicine," a comedy. Now they are looking forward to the Junior-Senior Prom which takes hours of hard work but affords much pleasure and enjoyment in the end. g bponsored by C. E. LUND, State Farm lnsurance Conipaniesg GREENE DAIRYQ ROY AL SCOT SALES, HARRY STONEKING. I9 ophomore LEFT TO RIGHT-Front row: Merlin Jensen, Alfred Hass, Loyd Reineke, Steven Janssen, Wen- dell Conover, Second row: Reta Scott, Delores Steen, Karen Butcher, Janet Petersen, Luella Schuett, Myrna Niemeier, Lorraine Griffith, Carolyn Goettsch, Carol Boothby, Marjorie Schubert, Ethel Krayen- hagen, Third row: John Leckband, William Brandt, Phyllis Vohs, Bonnie Blackmer, Shirley Timmerman, LaVonne Timmerman, Karen Barghols, Darlene Rice, Kurt Leonard, Dennis Hueschen. Absent: Nancy Henrichsen. The sophomores are anxiously looking forward to becoming juniors, although they are very active in sports, instrumental music, pep club, and vocal groups. The president of this class is Bill Brandt, his cabinet members are Nancy Henrichsen, vice-president, Carol Boothby, secretary, and Janet Petersen, treasurer. With the help of Mr. File and Mrs. Christie the sophomores sponsored an unusual Christmas party for the entire high school, and everyone said it was tops. Sponsored by BOOTHBY PLUMBING Sa HEATING, TODD NURSING HOME, DWIGHT HAUFF SPORTING GOODS. Sioux City. 35'-5 Pre hmen 4 1 a ,Aw VL A a t . ., . ' .V frm., I v ,ff . gtg vit.. . 'Vi v . 1,- as I " , V A ' A Q' E Qt k K: A T fs 1 V -.1 .Xi--PIII' ,""V"'r LEFT TO RIGHT-1"ront row: Charies Putensen, Dean Gerber, Warren Nelson, Albert Leonard. Loren Bergmann, Second row: Saundra Wagner, Mary Knuth, Sandra Hahne, Janet Codbersen, Maxine Vohs. Third row: Nordyne Vickery, Mary Ladewig, Janice Schulte, Camilla Hanson, Loretta Clausen, Bonnie Christiansen, Mary Nell Bumann, Julie Ann Ewoldt, Fourth row: William Armiger, Dean Breyfogle, Lawrence Timmerman, Gary Schuett, Robert Kraai, Thomas Mohr, Rodney Madsen, Donald Clausen, Bruce Schmidt, John Kolb. To start their Freshman year, 28 5'l"reshies" answered roll call on August 29. Their initiation was the main event of the year, coming on September 9. The boys were dressed as babies and chorus girls, while the girls were dressed in outlandish pigtail and engineer outfits and as farmers. The freshmen of '55-'56 are very active in all of the activities of the school. More than half of them participated in girls' basketball, boys' basketball, football, band, glee club and pep club. Class officers are Bob Kraai, president, Dean Gerber. vice-president, and Janet Godbersen, secretary-treasurer. With Mr. McKnight and Miss Wilson as their class sponsors the fresh- men have had a year to remember. Good luck to the "Freshies" from the seniors of '56, Sponsored by BOY SCOUT5 of,TROOP 144g DOWNS 8. DIERSENQ HOLSTEIIN OIL COM- PANY, HERMAN DIERKS GARAGE. 21 1, Q-Pi A. Q 1 aqx ,, F '11, l Y .V f 'M' f X .awfi Fi f Y Upper Left: Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Leinbaugh, Custodiansg Above: Mr. Fred Barghols, Cuslodiang Left: Mrs. Gladys Raabe, School Secretaryg Below: Mrs. Carl Brancog Mrs. Fred Bargholsg Mrs. Olga Carnes: Mrs. Mabel Obrecht, Supervisor: Mrs. Verne Stewart - lunchroom personnel. i. Q ' 'N . Spmlsured by MUKQAN A .XILLLIN5 IJIULUUUF and TIN! 'lLU'l'g l5HhlCHXXAl.lJ ,XlliA'l' NIARKI-l'l'g NIUSER IMPLENIILXY: CHEROKEE CREAAIERY. 22 3' UQW' while the grades advance along their Way Fifth Grade LEFT TO RIGHT- Row 1: Loreen Friedrichsen, Shirley Keiiners, bandra L1-imwei. Helly Lillglc. Connie Putensen, Row 2: Curtis Sorensen. Scott Hanson, Ronnie Ludvigson. john Yoge, Kama Bergmann, Vicki Bruning, James Keitges, Donald Petersen, Row 3: Robert Bauman. Cary Anclresen, Dennis Sorensen, Dennis llreyfogle. Mary Ann Hen' richsen, Marsha Fell, Sharon Frahm, Jeannette Helkenn, Susan Curtis, Row 4: Miss Sarah Jones, Joyce Butcher, Daniel Van Hemert, Elaine Brown. Le-ter Wiese. Sheryl Parker, Dennis Rohlk, Donna Timmerman, Audrey Bumann. Sponsored by KING 8. BLEASDELL: TH. HANSEN S FUN HARDWARE: KAHL MOTOR COMPANY. 23 sz-ff. 4. Third Grade LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1: Terry Albers, Bobby Iiricksen, Lee Ulsen, David Walden, 5ue Holtry, Row 2: Neal Conover, Rene Ruhlow, Michele Michaelsen, Carol Lingle, Linda Lou Jons, LaDon- na Krayenhagen, Jerry Saueressig, Connie Strandberg, David Niemeier, Diane Reiff, Row 3: Miss Lucille Bieret, John Fairchild, Mark DeWit, Marilyn Andresen, Diane Fick, Ken- neth Vohs, Craig Conover, Ben Bye, Bobby Wienert, Charlotte Vickexy, Row 4: Paul Schemer, Richard Parker, Colleen Ludvigson, Christine Hansen, Kenneth Toutges, Marvin Timmerman, Michael Michaelsen, David Ehler, Victoria Irwin. 3,1522 ,il IWEFT 'ILO RIGHT-Row 1.' Eldon Reimers, Cathy Jo MuCrea. Alan Kuchel, Cathy Hansen, Karen ittroc , Row 2: Marillis Johnson, Mark Scott, Paul Goettsch, Donald Johannsen, Van Conover, Cathy Conover, Samuel Heydt, Dennis Perkins, Ted Bruning, Judy Fraser, Row 3: Miss Barbara Dahm, Roy Rice, Danny Dorr. Luann Rice, JoAnn Bumann. Ronald Goettsch, George Huegerich, Joan Beyer, Marigene Kahl, Margaret Breyfogle, Row 4: Valgene Wiese, Michael Witt, Jeffrey Jochims, James Striepe, Roger Griffith. Jeanne Frahm, Gary Stamp, Marcia Dee Lemburg, Burdette Conover, Donna Marie Schelldorf. Sponsored by FIRST METHODIST CHURCH: AGNEW 81 SUSEMAN Insurance 24 Pl Sixth Grade 36 49" QQQ .' 9. X 19 I . l LEFT TO RIGHT-Row 1: Judy Godbersen, Judy Williams, Wayne Loof, Paul Nienieier, Betty Bergmann, Wyleen Leinbaugh, Row 2: Earl Dean Fick, Nina Ann Schmidt, Harold Droegmiller, David Goettsch, Gary Putensen. Karen Hahne, Row 3: Miss Pearl Kitchen, Eugene Reimers, Lorine Tininierman, Ronda Clausen, Bruce Lade- wig, Michael Brosamle, Larry Jons, Row 4: Sharon Fell, Cary Ruhser, Mary Jo DeWit, Donna Sinns, Mary Ina Hueschen. vin.. 43-J LEFT TO RIGHI' Rou. I Billy Erick en Roger 'Nickla Bryan Bro anile bars Nhuett Nlars Gehrts Bette Agnew Row 2 Sue Blackmer Albert Loof Larry Yesgaard John Johann en Laroll Lake Row 3 Nliss Betty Short Don Schroeder Janiwer Nlewer Linda Brandt Sandra Baumann Linda Hueschen Lorna Brandt Paul Strlepe Chrr tine Leonard Row 4 Danny Cipperley Rae Dean fimmerman Jani Nauere 1 June Kau C nnie Beyer Dennis Fritz Sponsored by l'A'l"S Bl'lAL'l'l SHOP: HOME TOWN LQLEANEHSQ GLADX5 L, VEEIJIQ BAABE: ALICE HL'EGERlCH K COMPANY. 25 Kinder arten LO 4b KZ WF' x ' 9 Q , 5 , A we 5 , - as X A 4 ' V N ' " K' ' Q ' ,.am,,' 1 .A . r If J LEFT T0 RIGHT-Row I: Debra Wright, Deanna Wright, Ronald Andresen, james Kay, Kathy Conover, Elizabeth Sears, Danny Niemeier, Row 2: Daniel Doxtad, Steven Klotz, Lorna Stamp, Kathleen Voge, Connie Fouts, Charles Bu- mann, Row 3: Susan Coettcsh, Nancy Timmerman, Charlotte l"outs, David Wiese, Phillip Lohafer, Brian Lohff, Keith Meyer, Row 4: Kristin Goettsch, Tommy Fraser, Bob Keitges, Linda Kuchel, Wayne Schoer, David Jackes, David Hansen, Miss Elva Barker. l J LEFT TO RIGHT-Row 1: Raymond Russell, Dennis Ludvigson, Kristine Larsen, ,lean Conover, Anne Fairchild, Allen Conover, Row 2: Orrin Olsen, Kim Walden, Carol Jean McKnight, Robert Leinbaugh, Elizabeth Heydt, Rhonda Vickery, Charles Schlumbaum, Row 3: Jimmy Schmidt, Nolan Heitman, Connie Johnson, Patricia Irwin, Patricia Reineke, Mary Ann Ehrig, Judy Pash, Row 4: Miss Elva Barker, Janelle Wittrock, Cary Wiese, Merritt Wiesz, Kristin Ellerbusch, Johnny Bauman, Marlene Johnson. Sponsored by KEITGES FOOD MARKETg FOOD LOCKER SERVICE. 26 Second Grade OD 49.4 ,iv , 6' LEFT T0 RIGHT-Row 1: Jerel Wittrock, Terry Bauman, Louise Friedrichsen, Donald Duller. Linda Krager, Dennis Schuett, Row 2: Betty Bauman, Michael Still, Claire Leinbaugh, Tony Ehrig, James Clausen, Row 3: Rex Moser, Dennis Seite, Susan Hass, Keith Fick, Margaret Jones, Roderick Hansen, Connie Friedrichsen, Dale Clausen, Row 4: Miss Marlne Fairley, Pamela Bauman, Donald Miesner, Betty Lorenzen. james Beyer. Cynthia Ehler. Billy Jackes, Melissa Leonard, Allan Todd. 45K 45 X84 C9 DO Aw! -f' an-nn LEFT T0 RlCHT-Row l: Linda Conover. Marlys Helkenn. Pamela Sears. Delane Bauer. Roger Larsen. Jerry Olsen, Rau- 2: Peggy Conover. Cary Brodersen. Monte Beyer. Bruce Klotz, Phillip Hanson. Row 3: Bill Cade. Jimmy Sorensen. Billy Petersen. Reas Madsen. Mark Witt. Christine Voge. Tamela Johnson, Row 4: Miss Ver Hoef. Bobby Freese. Danny Ellerbusch. Joe Mike Keilges. Connie Kraai. Susan Kahl. Anna Marie Hogrefe. Sponsored by CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANXg BLUE EAGLE ALLEXSg CORREGOUX GARAGEQ SORENSEN CLOTHING. 27 Fourth Grade 1- . ,. "5 'f LEFT TO RIGHT-Row I: Wilbur Wittrock. Curtis Wiese, James Wienert, Ronnie Leckband. Nancy Seite. Row 2: Sheryle Wittrock. Irene Leonard. Kathlene Bumann. Lonna Albers. Curtis Opdahl. Ken- neth Hogrefe, Stephen Halvorsen, Row 3: Miss Peggy Brinker. Vernette Reimer, Kenneth Henrichsen, Diane Lohff. Paula Beyer. Trudy Sinns, Marcia Stamp. Carol Johnson, Row 4: Charles Cipnerley. Charles Carlberg. Wayne Freese. Dennis Lill. Donald Vohs. Larry Dean Goettsch, Cay Mohr, Ronald Sass. Jn LEFT TO RIGHT-Row 1: Diane Doxtad. Joyce Loof, Steven Bauer, Marilyn Jensen. John Burk- hardt. Fczv 2: Patricia lwen. Dennis Leinbaugh, Roletta Albers. Kenneth Robinson. Duane Williams. Curtis Olsen, Bradley Schoer, Row 3: Miss Alice Streed, Wayne Quandt. Terry Johnson. Cary Moser, Karen Bauman, Janice Heitmann, Larry McBride. Douglas Lill. Kenneth Buell. Row 4: Jacquelyn Goettsch. Larry Armiger, Karlene Burnann, Leon Ruhlow. Pabo Conover. Doreen Cries. Paulette Beyer, Donna Steen. Sponsored by VOLLMAR MOTORSQ COINIINIIQI-EIPITY OIL COMPANYQ IOWA PUBLIC SERV 28 xr Fir t Grade -is LEFT T0 RIGHT-Row 1: Mark Brosamle, Dauglas Krager, Steven Clausen, Rodney Vohs, Gary Sorensen, Kathy Kelley, Bruce Lingle, Row 2: Beverly Dutler, Patti Eslick, Janis Dorr, Bobby Rahn, Shelley Noel, Craig Beyer, Row 3: Dennis Grothaus, Tommy Bruning, Linda Stamp, Lyle Wittrock, Marcis Rognes. Nlargy Goettsch, Keith Conover, Rick Ehler, Cynthia Hansen, Bruce Conover, Stanley Bauer. Row 4: Miss Marlys Kowalke, Larry Rector, Christine DeWit, Darlene Meyer, LaVonne Toutges. aliegael Moller, Stephen Ellerbusch, Link Stoneking, James Huegerich, Judy Heitmann, David ei . :,ov'!' I Els" On . 1.4 ig!!! LEFT T0 RIGHT-Row 1: Joleen Lemke, Robert Wiese, Robert Kaus. Mark Still, Rodney ,len sen, Linda Seite, goin 2: Terry Conover. Linda Petersen, Scheryl Coettsch. Raymond Rice, Diane Cebers Cav otry. Row 3: Dwayne Toutges, Kent Fick, Peggy Ann Bochmann. Carole Butcher. Linda Wittrock Bruce Branco, Louis Mildenstein, Row 4: Pamela Hansen, Cindy Dutler, Douglas Loofer, Yvonne Leonard Thade Bavenstos Rheta Schlinz John Werner, Bonnie Lorenzen, Miss Anna Reager, Row 5: Cary Conover, Sharon Schulte. Paul Boock. James Irwin, Timothy jackes. David Rohlk. Blarlan Todd, James Fell. Sponsored by Ill-LES BEAUTY 5HOPg CLS FOSSELL, WATKIN5' PRODUCT5, CHUCK? BODY SHOPQ GROTHAU5 8a BOCHMANN. 29 Junior High LEFT T0 RIGHT-Row 1: Marjorie Burkhardt, Mariann Griffith, Veryl Robinson, John Wag- ner, Betty Fajman, Row 2: Brian Bruning, Loren Clausen, Sharon Wiese, Don Breyfogle, Julia Petersen, Row 3: Miss Mary Jane Gray, David Bye, Carol Ann Bergmann, Janet Cipperley, Dale Tharp, Marcia Beyer, David Schmidt, Dale Breyfogle, Karen Michaelsen, Ronda Kay Ludvigson, Row 4: Judith Leonard, Virginia Kaster, Joanne Heitmann, Mary Ann Conover, David Vohs, Danny Schmidt, Oliver Reineke, Mabel Heydt, Carol Reimer, glow 5:kMichael Kelley, Gary Weiland, Jerry Applegate, Harold Freese, Joe Clausen, Carol Jean llIl'0C . v LEFT TO RIGHT-Row 1: Dennis Bochmann, Orrin Armiger, James Johannsen, Stephen Mad- sen, David Lohff, Row 2: Dorothy Krayenhagen, Betty Olsen, Wilda Putnam, Janet Sass, Janice Steen, Row 3: Marilyn Christiansen, Catherine Lingle, Nancy Kelley, Nancy Kolb, Gary Johnson, Robert Brown, Mary Mohr, Doris Timmerman, Elaine Cipperley, Joanne Bye, Faye Janssen, Row 4: Mr. Arlos Camarigg, David Andresen, Wendell Rolfs, Darrell Moller, Elaine Kaus, Kath- leen Krull, Dianne Gellert, Roberta Boothby, .loelle Jochims, Row 5: Veryl Droegmiller, Melbourne Griffith, Daniel Bienlien, Freddie Goettsch, Thomas Keit- ges, William Meyer, Robert Kelley, Donald Butcher, Jerry Jochims. 30 sponsored by MCGUIRE AUCTION COMPANY, SORENSEN PRODUCE. Junior Hi h Sees Action BOYS' BASKETBALL 17thJ ...14 48thi ...16 31 24 Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Hol tem Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein ififffiQ54 .........45 .........26 li ll? 18rhr Alta ............ Alta ............ Calva ...... Anthon ..... Correctionville . . . Aurelia .... Kingsley .... Correctionville . . . ta A ta Kingsley Odobolt Tournament Games l Kingsley 48 X101 ille 7 28 32 . . . .13 29 37 35 WQWW , 0 F5 Fi all Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein GIRLS BASKETBALL Galva Anthon Correctionville Aurelia Correctionville Kingsley Odebolt Tournament Games 38 Kingsley 37 Correctionvllle Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein 31 I A ' bo wus-,fir l iff! f-1+ A px.-11dH3,,,4:, A 41:10 l' OO FBALL RECORD A ta Odebolt Monlle A ta Kin slew Sponsored by NIICHAELSEIN 8. b0NS HOLS 1'EI'N LU NIBER CONIPAN1 CHEERLEADERS Nlarilyn Lhnstlansen Nancy Kelley bharon Wiese Nlary Mohr Virginia Kaster 'ii .LH -J- mat 40 41 S' -1 9 Al ............ 11 5 K , . ' ...20 .l ............ ' ......... 31 ' ' ........ ' ......... 31 ........ 13 2' M , ' ' ...... ...3 ' ' ........ 19 ' .... .... V V' ........, 19 H 5 ' ', s. -J H I V - I ! ' I ,I I ' ' , , 1 . X - v 5' ' A Q J 511741 iv 1 it ' ,jr l, 5 .fu ' it - I Y ig tiff lnf' 'AL rf ' 1 A ' ., ........ 27 ........... 21 it 1 - 11' " 2 f' Af' fi' "' 'Ji . ' .......... 46 .......... 31 4 r-. " 4 , " f 1 f' ' .......... 48 ' ' .... 41 '-' A .f rf? 311, 'lil wif QQ.. U .......... - .......... ff jf' tk ' .' 1 X ' ' stu Holstein .......... 19 Kingsley ......... 27 we K 1 M 7 ' ' ' .......... 28 ' ' ....27 2 X: A ef X , , Y , ' .......... aa ' ......... 31 y.,r,'.,- , '-" 7 ' .......... 46 .......... 27 M a A y y 1 f . .xii 9 LP' ls' ,K . . . it U ls' 1. any 1 " ' .- " N" .' 1..' ' i tw- 'rt 4931 Bi' V.. .1..:a - . -5. - ,.-V .:.: V' viva 5 1 4- ' ........ .. ' ......... 31 ' ........ .. ' ' .... 19 ' ' ' .................... 6 1 ........................ 13 ' .................... 40 ..................... 0 ' .................... 13 f ...................... 13 ' .................... 12 1 ........................ 14 ' .................... 14 ' gt ,- ..................... 0 111116 out btephen at All btale Thxs IS your hfe KI88l' I-he Umstmas :tory Lunch Tune 'lommy Dorbey Bagenstos' V. -f if 32 bponsored by MARVS TAVERIN, ECKERNIAN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION ,f . , . I g O 3 Q if L ,H X Y Q Q A...- '4 rg .t . A L. Xxx- . ' ' ' ' I V . . , . We show our sklll our Qportsmanshlp and our deslre to Wm PORT d b BILL J4.LIxE T XTL THh U RP. 2 First row: Coach A. E. Gerber, Albert Leonard, John Kolh, Dean Gerber, Rodney Madsen, Tom Mohr, Robert Kraai, Dean Breyfogle, Donald Clausen, Bill Armiger, Lowell Thomsen, Second row: Loyd Reineke, Dennis Hueschen, Wendall Jensen, Steve Curtis. Larry Leinbaugh. Dennis Kolb, Bill Brandt, Ray Brandt, Curtis Conover, Roger Clausen, Coach Russ Kraai. Third row: Coach Ken File, Ronald Meier, Richard Bagenstos. Larry Bumann. Kurt Leonard. Lloyd Glawe, Francis Bienlien, DeWitt Cries, Don Fritz, Rodson Ellerhusvh, Richard Boothby. Richard Schmidt, Back row: Wendell Conover, James Breyfogle, Roger Coettsch, Virgil Bumann, Pat Keitges, Don Gerber, Merlin Jensen, Dean Hammer, Dan Sorensen, Steven Janssen. SEASON'S RECORD We 19 Alta . . . 33 Moville . 16 Onawa . . 41 Dunlap .... 39 Ida Grove . . 42 Correctionville 20 Kingsley . . . 41 Marcus . . 53 Odebolt . . . "B" TEAMS RECORD They We They ....13 0 Alta ltie! 0 0 6 Aurelia . ....l8 0 0 Moville . 6 7 7 Ida Grove ....l3 ....13 13 Odeholt 0 ... .... 6 0 Kingsley .. . . . .13 6 0 6 34 Sponsored by HOLSTEIN PRODUCE 81 HATCHERY. A if ig .fx W! A x f F Q '5 5462 ' V 4 :df 4 k 4 V C 1 W ' " . 1 5 if A 1 6 W., 1 , L 1 Pj H? x..- , 9 4 I 1 J 1 ,L Q ' 'Zia ag' X290 s nf V , W, 4 f X u .. lack orth's - Senior End with great pass- Fnncis Bimtnrpx - Senior End Great defensive player whose long arms always got in the way of opposing players. Senior Tackle 210 pounds of football player with tremendous strength and pow- DONALD Fnrrz - Junior Tackle Our All-American who really plays rockum-and-sockum football. ENUUL .lmsn 3 Senior Guard Co Captain A reat hustler who could really open those holes for the backs. RICHARD SCHMID1' - Junior Guard Good blocker and tackler who spoiled many opponents' running and passing plays. ,Inns Bns1r0c,1.L - junior Guard A fine defensive player always in the thick of things. Ronsox ELLERBLISCH Ju nior Center Our big center who could really hold out the opposition. Sponsored by ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH. .. Choice Q Rouen Cmussx - Senior Center When playing we all knew "Rog- er" was giving his all. Di-:AN HAMMER - Senior Back A little guy with a big heart who could really run back those inter- cepted passes. Sruvnux CURTIS - Senior Back A clever hall handler, efficient field general, and a good passer in the clinches. DONALD Canaan - Senior Back Co-Captain "Don" was a sneaky. fast runner with snaky hips.. P.a1'mcx Kinross -- Junior Back A speed merchant who often got away on long runs. I,Amn Lslxuabuil - junior Back The guy with great desire who could always get the needed yard- age. Vmcn. BUMANN M junior Back "Virgil" was great on defense and should really go his senior year. 37 Sponsored by SIMMIE'S BEAUTY 81 BARBER SHOPQ JACK'S TAVERNg BEYER ELECTRIC IVAN BLACKMER. Presentlng The Plrate Champs IEFT TO RIGHT Harold Butcher Pat Kel ges Stephen Curtl Clark Conover Donald Ffltl lloyd Clavwe Franels Blenllen Dennls Kolb Rlchard Boothby larry lelnbau h Donald C rber lowell Thom en Coarh Kenneth l'lle Nlanager Rodson Ellerbuseh THL BLALK PIRA l'l:.b BADKET BALL TLANI had one of the flnest records ln the school s hlstory wlnnlng lb out of 2l games 'lhe Plrates ayeragec! 63 PUIIIIS a game lshlle hljldlllg thelr opponents to 4-9 Ill the Maple Valley Tournament the team dren a bye lll the flrst game defeated Danbury ln the Q6m1flIl3lS and beat Moyllle by one polnt ln the chanlplon-hlp game after tralllng by ten polnts at tht end cf the thlrd quarter The Maple Valley fonferenee fhamplonshlp hlllell the team ls on xslt such a 12 and U record was the flrst S5111 hllll such a I'6LUlll by a Hol tt'lIl team lll lo yeal The PITSIGQ KN ere defeated lll the flr t game of tht sectlonal tournalllellt by a strong btornl Lake flye who later yy on thelr may to the State Tournament The game was characterlzed by a strong defenslye struggle yslth the flnal score 48 to 56 PIRATES RECORD e They Nloyllle Knthon Aurella Calm LOTYCCIIOHWIIIC Danbury Klngsley Battle Lreek Hartley balya Battle Lreek Lushlng A ta Correctlonvllle Danbury Qullllby Odebolt NIAPLE Y XLLEX TOURINANIENT Danbury Nloyllle bLLTIO'N AL TOURNANIEN I' Storm lake sponsored by NX XRREN LLRTID ERILKNLN NUPLR bLRVlLL SIAIION RODNED A NIL CLTCHEOIN C I- MILLER TRULKHNIJ I . - , 2 -, , , s, . . , s 1 , , . , as, . - . , L W V x . - h t ' 60 . " .............................. 49 A 49 r .............................. 37 " ' ' . X ' ' ' A 36 l ' ............................. .45 - i y - - - 57 1 " ........................... . . . .44 55 ' ' 'h ....................... 32 . A 49 ' ............................ 35 , - . ' , - 45 ' ' ............................. 43 ' ' ' 69 V ......................... 47 L '- ' " ' ' 63 .............................. 51 ' . Q . y . . I . 65 ' ' ............................... 53 f A' V f ' T2 Odebolt ........................... . .50 2 n , ' . ' , 50 ' ........,................ 45 - b - - - , - I 1 E ' 64 ' ' ' ......................... . . . .43 ' ' ' 56 l ................................ 65 " ll ' ' , s ' s ' 75 ' ' ....................... 56 V. K I V Q . . - my 93 V .......................... . .50 ' - 6 - " 86 ' ' ............................. 52 , ' , ' - ' ' 5 1 T2 ............................. 35 - - ' - - 62 ' ............................ 45 , , ' 46 . -' .............................. 45 V. ' . , , it . A. A v, ' -l-8 .f . .......................... 56 39 3' 'C' 'Eur' I i 2' ftwx 'TISS' NTEWE U-RTIS A WCFY dCClU'aiC lloxu bmvu Had good upm ox l-RB!-.Ii X zeal hall haw fadeawal' Jump Shot aftlst who touch and a good rebounder as who e demre and hustle led to Came Ihrvugh when the PYCSSUTC we hm knee llljllI'W durmg the ea M8 Qon Um 1-,ml Extremel, rug ed 1 Lklik Loxownn A gus muh an JICK Boomm Show, s1gns of the board and a ood hm eye for the ha ket Good competx beconun a real ball p ayer or Should ee much of hlm next Veal' Sponeored bv LUFT BARBER SHOP HANSEN FURVNITLRE PYRRELL NTLDIO l0'Vl NIFRCIAL Sz PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHX WILLIAM W ALKER G O A A A , , 'Q s Y' ' . 4 , 'S ' 74 Q 1' I 1 l f . W A if' ff", ' h rf i ,K , N.. I x - . . if , f HA, ' f ,fl fl -l ' l' 'f ' ' U ' Lf '-' Il . UL ' I : ' li, ' l . ' 5 f ' ' ll. " ' ' ' V' ' 4 s - ' s on. M , ' : ,' S or C A ' l - " 5 - -v 3 , I ' I Q ' s g s . ' 5 - ' I g I - I . Q 5 ' 40 , , j ' L ' ' 1 X' 1 ' Y .' 7 f - 3 61 1 g 005 tg YY, ""'.,,'2"' 'ij ww Plrate Flose ups, Y IHNCIS IPNIH-N R821 1 PAT KEITQES The beat pa er and n 1-. xuu 1 ll h u un e Pfmed and PYOSTC ed Wllh the dnbbler lu hxt Holbtem Hlgh m hmtle and bpm! ha made hmm .1 ea mn Cond rebuunder and al 3 lon ume good ball plawer wan good fmr lub hare of pomt lJl'NNlb koux X Jumur who wlll LUSSLLL Tnou 1-,x If abnlm and be neeeded nevq wear to help full de Ire would make nt alone h the enlor oe would he at the my bponsored by CONOX ER 8. V2 IEUE, PHILLIPb 66 and Tank Wagon 41 l D , x df . fl . ai ' f gl X V1 X l , l 'lb J - . . H ll I 'N K J - I V . ff! , My xl, ,l,, . - 'xx . .. ,.. lf . If B 1 . H: llly in- A V ' ,g ' D ' l.Alu L'l. , A ny ll 5 1.,' ' 1 ' V 513 4' 8 5 ' 5' sh s. ' 1. Maple Valley' Champions are presented the trophy hy' the Maple Valley president, Mr. M. F. Christie. PIRATE BEE5 Row 1: Steven Janssen, Dean Gerber, Dean Breyfogle, John Kolb, Billy Arzniger, Bruce Schmidt, Donald Clausen, Wendell Conoverg Row 2: Alfred Hass. Kurt Leonard, Merlin Jensen, John Levkhand, Robert Kraai, Bill Brandt. -Xllmert Leonard. PIRATE BEEN' W C . . . , . 26 U l lu ,,,,,,,, A , .4 lhe Holstein B :quad had a highly successful sea- 60 Uafricltinllxille son winning seven and losing five. The team pro- 52 lya,,1,u,, -.--'-.-'--I gressed quite rapidly during the season and showed 38 tlorrectiomille ...... good teanmork at the close. Next yt-ar's varsity alta I-5Ul'U"U"1f""-V ' . ' . - D Us -hould find some of these fellows donning the suits 30 Bilge """"' of this year's graduates and wearing them proudly 21 qgalm yryyrlv ' ' intl Creditablyg 28 Udelnolt ...,... ffl .Xlla fI"ft'.5lIlIll'lll -lf Udfflzolt .,.. , .xlllllun ,4,,,,,,,,,,, Sponorsed by GREEN LANTERNg ALLEN ,IOSLINQ FRANCIS PASH. RECORD They 33 29 V1-9 31 33 43 -1-6 -10 . .,.. 33 20 35 39 S . M Q N 5:55 vii rays! V "Fi ,1 I ' P . . ,Q 'x E" ig Meet The l9 6 Piratettes Row I Joyce Scott Carol Boothby Marjorle Schubert Janet Petersen ,Iamce Leonard Reta Scott Row 2 Verla Frahm Patsy Keltges Phylhs Vohs Lots Schulte Coach Russell Kraal Manager Nlargene Coettsch Bonnle Blackmer Sally Blackmer ,Iuhe Leonard Carol Breyfo l The Plratettes Vtltll an entlrely 11ew startmg llllC up had a very successful season wlth I2 v1ctor1es and only f1ve defeats Four of these defeats were to teams that went on to play ln the d1str1ct They opened the season by a 48 19 w1n over Mo vxlle After a two po1nt loss to Anthon they came back to take a 6156 uctory over Scranton 1n a Cllfllt, game Thls was one of thelr best games of the season and they proved they wouldnt let a los upset them The Prlatettes offense averaged 565 polnts per game whlle the defense held thelr opponents to a 44 4 pornt average Galva was one of HOISICIHS toughest opponents Wlllfllllg two games o11ce 111 the Maple Valley Tournament but on thelr thlrd try they falled wher the Plratettes dumped tn the flnal basket after a t1n1e out to w1n 49 48 They IHCI Ida Grove 111 the Sectlonal Tournament and went down 111 defeat 65 57 after a hard fought ame Ida Croxe later went on to play ln the State Tournament VARSITY SEASON S RECORD 3 lllley lloyllle Knthon Scranton Xurella balm LOIICLIIOHVIIIC Danbury Kmg. ley Hartley I alsa Battle Lreelt Lushmg QUIIUIJY George NIAPLE VALLLY TOURNAMENT balya SECTION AL TOURIN ANIEINT lda Grote Sponsored by ROBINSON S SUPER VALU LEONARD 81 BRANCO 7 ' . . . ' W T T ' 48 I 1' ............................. 19 f . 1' . 57 . .............................. 59 - , - - , 61 ............................. 56 ' . . 60 1 '- .............................. 42 , ' ' , 52 ' 1- ............................... 57 ' ' - 87 ' - ' ' .....,................. 35 1 1 1 5 79 V ............................. 35 ' 65 ' fS 5 ., .,.........., , ............. 68 ' 48 Battle Creek ......................... 40 - - . 1 1 - . 56 - ........,......,.............. 47 V . . ' 49 L- - .............................. .48 , 64 ' 5 ......................,.. 46 - . 42 ' ' ....,..........,............, 39 , , 62 ' ............................. 36 ' 9 66 ' ............................., 19 ' a 2 'D ' ' ' .' ' ' 1 42 f ........ , .......... f .......... .45 ' ' ' - - 57 A - .f ........... A .' .........,.... 65 g . 1 ' -' ' . 44 The 5 -56 Piratcttvs Rom I Xldr cnc l oe!! nh nl.u1d,,er Janice Leonard Ldrul Breyfugle lhylh Mh Ndllx Black mer Imq Nchulle julle Leonard Bonnie Blackmer Pal y Kext e Yerla Frahm Row 2 Jmce Mutt Janet Peter en Lamllla Han un Loretta Flau en Hem fxmmermdn Karen Ihr hll Nldrx Iadewl Ldrnl Hsothhy Heta Nutt Rau Janne Nhulte Xlarjurle Nchubert Bvnme Chr: HAIIPII QLIITICN Ill'llHlt'I'Ill.1!l Immun FIIHIIICFIIIJII Nlarv Knuth Namira Hahne Julxe Ewoldt lhe llratf-lie B Nqudd mlled throu h lhcn ei n 1 a Xen flllk' U n 4 1 new lbfbl in Xa PIIQIXK lx tht x 1 U 1 Q tlexr oppunc nk tu 1 tntal of 262 pmnts I IRI N NEC UND ILANI hey Odebolt George Correctlonulle Km Qlev QOFYCCIIIHHVIIIC Battle freek Falva 'knthon 45 24H :QL it f . 1, 'Q Q NL- I i' Piratette .................,....... ......... YERLA l'lRAHM.' junior Guan! . . . A fast-moving and hard-working defensive player. Jeanie came through in the pinches as a post guard. Juus Lsoman: Junior Pose Guard . . . Lacked height as a post guard, but did a good job of keeping her forward out of posi- tion, and getting the hall into the front court PATSY KEITGES .lumor Post For uard Jump shot and under hand scoop artist Conslst ent scorer from the free throw l1ne and out front if' Q'-'95 BONNIE BLACKMER Sophomore For ar Our only natural left hander but also good with the right Drlbblmg under for the hook shot her specialty Joyce QCOTT Junior Forward A fast hard drmng front for ward with deceptive passes and a ood eye QALLI Bucmu-:R Junior Forward Used her height to advan tage in rebounding Good Jump shot and can use her left hand Julcl- L1-.ouno junior Guard A tricky dribble that baffled op ponent Enjoys snatching dnb bles and intercepting passes fo-gf" Spun ored by LLOXD LINGLL 'IRULKING bLOTTX S 'IAVILKIN LORl:.NZhN BEER PAR LOR Bb D EHLER r'we"'g 'V Close-ups 5I.anJouu: SCHIJBERT: Sophomore Guard . . . A hard-working de- fensive player. Showed consistent aggressiveness. CAROL Bmzxrocu: Semor Guard A glrl wlth lots of spark an drive but handncapped by a bad knee Lots of desrre Lois Scmur. .Sfmor Post Guard Former Lake Clty forward converted to guard Her movmg m January left a gap m the P1 ratette lme up 1 Determmed defenslve play er showlng promlse for the fu ture Alternated post and front forward Pm1.L1s hOHa .Sophomore los: Foruarfl Good reboundmg ablllty and deweloped a quick pass off Improved fast just lirsxssx Sophomore Guard A good hall handler who operates both at forward and guard Rl-:TA bcorr Sophomore Ioruanl What she lacked m helght s e made up ln speed enablmg her to out dnve her guard ik, bponsored by R K HESER Chrropractor NOHb 8. JOHNSON Produce and Hatchery 4 r , . , " wr' X ,, M f ' . r , a I CAROL Boo'ruBY:' Sophomore Guard x 'I V ,X v Q V .., ' , 1- A .h. . ' 1 , . U J: W! Q X f f 4 " x -ur Q' w. A , . lv' . fel li W f Q EEE? Q' Y , X l l i 'XI . ,411 , I-,l' ,I f, f df' ,A lxf' -Y . '5 ' ,',- 'rg' " ,. Q f SEASON S RECORD I Q 19 6 Track Front Row Left to Rzght Larry John on Donald Clausen Albert Leonard John Kolb Robert Kraal Thomas Mohr Dean Gerber Dean Breyfogle Wllllam Armlger Lawrence Tlmmerman Charles Putensen Second Row Left to Rzght Clark Conover Duck Boothhy Roger Clausen Donald Frltz Kurt Leonard Charles Jones Francls Blenllen Lloyd Glawe DeW1tt Grles Denms Kolb Larry Lem naugh George Brown Dean Hammer phen Curtls Patrlck Keltges Vxrgll Bumann Donald Gerber Wendall Jensen Damel Sorensen Lowell Thomsen James Breyfogle Fourth Rau Left to Rzght Harold Butcher Curtls Conover Ray Brandt Ronald Meler Rod son Ellerbusch Rlchard Lorenzen Rxchard Ba enstos Wllllam Brandt Rlchard Schmidt Loyd Remeke John Leckband Denms Hueschen Roger Goettsch Date Aprl Aprll Apnl Aprll Aprll April May May May May May May 9 Relay Holsteln Relays Pocahontas Relays Cherokee Relays Sac Clty Relays Ida County Relays Alta Relays Aurelxa Relays Sioux C1ty Relays Estherulle Relays Maple Valley Relays D1StflCt Meet State Meet 50 Team Standlng Pomts 99a 771 4-ol! 631 7101 A - ,-N 'Z ,Ili X 7 53,2 C I5 1" " ' A 5 V if 5: 4 V. . . K A sf! . - EF nfl' . -N M Q S I C, 14- . l " .: W . 'Jr - f rf Q! Third,Rou?, Left to Right: Weadelf Conover, Steven Janssen, Merlin Jensen, Roger Gade, Ste- 9 'l ' ............... 9 6 ' 13 ' ............. 3 1 : 14 .............. 4 12 20 ' ............... 2 28 ' 25 . . . ........ . l. ' 27 .... ............... l ',g 4- ' ' ................ 2 42 4 ' ' ' ............. 7 " ' ............. l XZ 8 ........... 1 8 ,L 11 ' ' ................. 2 38212 19 ................... 'Nap' ,-,',,:'f1,r,., f ,h ' . 3 4, ' 15 a ,',' Q ' 4 ' pi M M , W Of 7,, fwzvt. I fa Agwqyvx, Q, 3 f LA A , 7 JL f , f , L -5,-fgs 5225 limi' T gay to 'fwiif e g 53230 , -1 , .Lum 154.353 N 'Q 1 "jiav'r2A' , Q fi' ' , '. 15:-vu ., 12' , ' Tflvzhig 'H , i f f' T , . :aaa A , ' ' it ' t Mia. , . ' eff. ' 1- ' - fx' t,..4:.-V J aww, . , ,. ., - fiwzfo ft i A Field Event Men: Charles Jones, discusg Don Fritz, Hurdlers: Pat Keitges and Don Gerber. shot put and discus tadvanced to state in the discusl. Holstein Speeders Snatch Eight Trophies The Holstein High School cinder specialists had another highly successful track season as they gained first place team trophies at the Ida County, Alta, Estherville, and Maple Valley track meets. Cold, rainy weather was the earmark of this year's season as the Holstein, Ida County, Estherville, and Maple Valley meets had to be postponed due to the had weather. The Pirates started the season slowly but soon gained momentum as they placed third in the meet held at Pocahontas. The team then won the Ida County Relays, and in the high point of the season upset a strong and highly favored Aurelia team at the Alta meet. The thinclads then won the Estherville Invitational and made a clean sweep of the Maple Valley Conference by winning a decisive victory in the Maple Valley Re- lays. The team finished second to Sac City in the District Meet as six boys qualified for the State Meet held May 19th. Those boys were: Don Fritz in the discus, Dean Hammer in the pole vault, Larry Leinbaugh in the 440-yard dash, and the mile re- lay team of Dennis Kolb, Francis Bienlien, DeWitt Cries, and Larry Leinbaugh. The chief characteristic of this 1956 Holstein Relay Squad's success was team depth as these cindermen turned in one of the finest track records in Holstein High School history. 1956 Holstein Relays Royalty: Connie Halvorsen, Carol Breyfogle, and Nancy Michaelsen. We divide our so-called "free timen among a diversity of interests. Activitie :WOM 5 around the clock Re iewin the Concert Band 6,35 LEFT TO RIGHT-Front row: Mary .Io DeWit, Nancy Kelley, Margene Goettsch, Karen Butcher, Faye Janssen, Marilyn Stoneking, Marvel Loof, Mary Knuth, Phyllis Vohs, Sally Black- mer, Louise Halvorsen, Second row: Carol Boothby, Julie Ewoldt, Joanne Bye, Nancy Kolb, Marjorie Burkhardt, Kath- leen Krull, John Kolb, Bruce Schmidt, Dean Gerber, Dianna Applegate, Mary Kruse, Stephen Curtis, Bonnie Blackmer, Veryl Droegmiller, Loretta Clausen, Roberta Boothby, Camilla Hanson. Dianne Gellert, Third row: Catherine Lingle, ,loelle Jochims, Maxine Vohs, James Johannsen, Tom Keitges, Jerry Jochims, Loren Clausen, David Vohs, Bob Kelley, Lowell Kruse, Bill Meyer, David Bye, Richard Bagenstos, Charles Jones, Jerry Applegate, Mary Hueschen, George Hueschen, Standing: Connie Halvorsen, Bonnie Christiansen, Virginia Kaster, Saundra Wagner, Mary Lade- wig. THE HOLSTEIN SCHOOL BAND, numbering 51 pieces and composed of stu- dents from grade school, Junior and Senior High School, was organized in Septem- ber. The officers chosen by the band members were: Stephen Curtis, president. George Hueschen. vice-president, Connie Halvorsen, secretary, and Mary Kruse, treasurer. The marching band, directed by Mr. Harold Halvorsen, performed at all the home football games. The band put in many long hours drilling on different maneu- vers. The marching band performed at the American Legion Convention at Le Mars, and at Storm Lake for the Buena Vista Homecoming. After the football season a concert band was selected from the marching band personnel by Mr. Halvorsen. George Hueschen auditioned at Spencer and was given a seat in the All-State Band. Five members of the concert band-George Hueschen, Charles Jones. Louise Halvorsen. Bonnie Blackmer, and Mary Knuth-were selected for the Northwest lowa Band. Each member of the band received private, individual instruction each week and kept a record of the number of hours practiced. Positions were assigned according to the number of technique assignments passed. Points were awarded toward win- ning a letter. The fourth Annual Pops Concert was held February 19 with many visiting band directors as guests at this concert. At the state small-group contest held at Paullina. the brass sextet, brass choir, clarinet quartet and woodwind choir. received division l ratings. Division l ratings also went to soloists George llueschen. Dick Bagenstos. and Louise Halvorsen. Three contest numbers were played by the band at the Spring Concert. The numbers were "Prelude and Fugue in G Minor" by Bach. '4An American Scene" by Grundman. and "March from First Suite" by Holst. At the state large-group contest at Mapleton the band received a division l rating for the second year. Much praise was given by the judges who rated it the outstanding band of the contest. With only six seniors. this band should be a very fine group again next year. Sponsored by DR. L. H. WAGNERQ R. E. UNDERRINER, M. D. 54 Wumlwinrl Ensembles Wt- CQ- CQ' JN CLARINET QlQAHTlQ'l' CLARINET QUARTET Julie Ewnlall. Joanne llye. Karen liUll'llCI'. Carol Boulhlny. Mali! JU UCWUQ KNHHCY Kelley, NWN! Kllllh NHIYCY Hen' rlc sen. as L.." ,, C' WOODWIN ll CHUI ll Kun' lg Mary Jn llcwit, Juginm- liyf-. Nunvy Knlll, Lurnl lllmzlmlny. Nancy llenrichseng lfnu' 2: Xlary Knulh. Nanfy Kelley. lliunlxc Cell:-rl. l.nnl-e Wocmvuxn QtAH'n:'r llf'll""'P"- Nlafilwl Sw-nekmg.J1-rln Kolb. woonvuxn 'uno nf ,. Y' 'v- 96 9 :bu- Nancy Henrichien Xlarvel Louf Nlarilvn gl0llEklll4' han ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' P' ' 55 Luulae Halwrfen. Nlary Jw lleWlt. Sally lilackmer. Cv Kolb. Brass and Woodwind -:up 'S BRASS QUllN'l'E'I' BRASS Sliixilllfrll Richard llageiibmh. John Knlli. Jerry .Im-liinif. Dianna Ap- Row 1: ,Xlary Knutli. Mary Kruae. plegate, Steven Madsen. Row George Huexf-hen. Loren Clausen. Charles June, Stephen Curtis. HHS- BRASS CHOIR Razr 1: Mary Knuth, Connie Halvorben. Dianna Apple- gate, Mary Kruse. Steven Madsen. Row 2: John Kolb, Richard Bagenslm. Ueurge Huebchen. wfO0DwvIND V1-H10 Lelnlriit jochims. Charles Junem Stephen CurtiQ. Bruce 5!xXOPHONE QIJARTET an G- it it 4" A, 3 1 A v ' BY . ,, ... ' UI "' 15 ', 2- I LU. -i . V f A PROGRAM Flrst Sulte ln E Flat for Mllltarx Band De 1 n for Autumn Dongs of Falth Jabbernockw H15 Honor 'Nlarch Bach Chorale and Prelude" ............. The Black Canvon of the Gunnison' ........... Londonderry Air" . . . . . American Herita ' .... Heart: of Oak. March" . kentucky-1800' . . . . . Holst Ihflrick bcolt Walters Fzllmore .Huffnagle . .Erickson . . .Dedrick . . .Ployhar lICCl1llQ1lEy Greinrlman Harmony .........,.........................,. x, E 1 V MIXED CHORUS Row I: Dianna Applegate, Xlary Knuth, Daniel Sorensen. Roger Cade. Wayne Saxton, John Kolb. Nancy Henrichsen, Joyce Scottg Row 2: Camilla Hanson. Carol Leonard, Marvel Loot. Connie Ilalvorsen. Ronald Nleier. Roger Clausen. Larry Leinliaugrli. Stephen Curtis. Virgil Ilumann. Nlyrna Niemeier. Ilutli Bergmann. Andra Lee Ewoldtg Row 3: Mary Kruse, julie Leonard, JoAnn Lasher, Louise Halvorsen, Rodson Ellerhuscli, Richard Bagenstos, Lloyd Clawe, Lowell Kruse, Richard Schmidt. Sally Blackmer, Bonnie ltlackmer, Shire ley Timmerman, Joan Cipperley. MIXED CHORUS THE MIXED CHORUS was organized after school started by the vocal music director. Mr. Thomas Rosenberger. This group was a select group made up of mem- bers from the two glee clubs. The Chorus. with a total of 33 mixed voices. did some very fine work this year. They sang at the Christmas program. at the Sunrise service on Easter Sunday. and at the Spring Concert. In the state contest they sang "Une Cod" arranged by War- ing. "Lamb of Godu lay Christiansen. and "Every Time I Feel the Spiritw by Smith, receiving a division II rating. Small groups .from the vocal department receiving division I ratings were the Mixed Octet. the Mixed Quartet A. and the Mixed Quar- tet B. OCTET SOLOISTS Stephen Cunis. Lowell Kruse. Rodson Ellerhusch. Roger 580264-' .IIYFHH Niellleief- NHUCY HCUUCIISCI1. Marvel L0Of Cadg, Sally Blackmerl julie Leonard. My-ma Niemeier. Standing: Roger Cade. Ronald Meier. Lowell Kruse. Rich JoAnn Lagher. ard Bagenstos. nfl, .11 Department 1 xg -24 BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row I: Loren Bergmann, William Armiger. John Kolb. Roger Cade. XX ayne Saxon. llai-old Butch- er. Dan Sorensen, Lowell Thomsen: Row 2: Donald Clausen, Cary Schuelt. Roger Clausen, Yirgil Bumann. Pat Keilges. Rodney Slad- sen, Bob Kraai, Dennis Hueschen. Lawrence Timmerman. Dean Cerlier, Bruce Schmidt: Row 3: Rodson Ellerbusch, Dick Bagenstos, Richard Loremen. DeWitt Cries. Lloyd Glawe. Low- ell Kruse. Dick Schmidt, Ronald Meier. Clark Conover. Larry Leinliaugh, Steve Curtis. The boys' glee club under the direction of Mr. Thomas Rosenberger tuned up every Monday and Wednesday' from 8:50 to 9:40 o'clock. This group elected Steve Curtis as president. Larry Leinhaugh as vice-president, and Rodson Ellerbusch as secre- tary-treasurer. For the contest at Mapleton they sang the "Navy Hymn" by Larson, 'LJesu Priceless Treas- ure', by Bach, and "Rollin' Down to Jordani' by Jorklund. They received a division ll rating at this contest. Two soloists from the group of 30 boys, Roger Cade and Lowell Kruse, received a division I rating at the state small group contest at Paullina. The group also sang at the Christmas program, The girls, glee club, numbering 45, was the largest vocal group. They met from 8:50 to 9:40 o'clock every Tuesday and Thursday. From this group Connie Halvorsen was elected president, Mary Kruse vice president, and Andra Lee Ewoldt secretary-treasurer. The girls, under the direction of Mr. Thomas Rosenberger, sang at the impressive Christmas program, at Baccalaureate and at the Spring Con- cert. They sang "Fm Clad Trouble Don't Last Alwayw by Dett, and 'iRobin in the Rain" by Cain. They received a division III rating at Mapleton. From this group two soloists. Gloria Kennedy and Myrna Niemeier, received a division l rating at the small group contest at Paullina. at the Spring Concert, and at Baccalaureate. GIRLS, GLEE CLUB C t Ron' 1: Joyce Scott. Julie Ewoldt. Nancy Henriclisen. Xlargene C-ietlscli, Saumlra XX agner. Dee iores Steen. Luella Schuett, Janet Peterson. Karen Butcher. Marilyn Stoneking. Beta Scott. Caro- lyn Goettsch, Dianna Applegate. Janith Williams: Rau' 2: Mary Knuth. Camilla Hanson. Connie Halvorsen. Mary Ladewig, Patsy Keitges. Yerla Frahm. Joyce Rolfs. Nlyrna Niemeier. Ruth Bergmann. Bonnie Christiansen. Andra Ewoldt. Nor- dyne Yickery. Marvel Lnof. Janet Codlnersen. Carol Leonard: Ron' 3: JoAnn Lasher. Julie Leonard. Louise lrlalwrsen. Nlary Kruse. Phyllis Volts. Sally Black- iner. Darlene Rice. Bonnie Blavkmer. Betty Timmerman. Karen Barghols. Shirley Timmerman. LaYonne Timmerman. Joan tlipperley. Loretta Clausen. Sandra llahne. Nlarjorie Schubert. Sponsored by COUNCIL U.-KK: CHESTERNIAN COMPANY. Coca Cola Bottling Co., Sioux City. 15-K MIXED QUARTET Julie Lennarni, Jndnrl 1,11-her. Lowell Kruse I Rod-U11 lillrr huSCh. 2, 'P' 6.-x -3 W ,N . UIIU Bird' pw "S 'V BOYS OCTIQT Wayne Mxxwn. llcqn flerber. Harold Butcher. Ronald Mei' er, Ruger f.l.xufe11. Us-Wi!! ffriea Uwyfi illawe. Riflldffl ' v XVQM' 1 GI RLS' 5EX'I'E'l' Ruth lic-r'gg111u11n. Nluru-I hwf. ffwnnie Ilulmr-ell. LOUISE Ilulwrwlm. Nlary Krufe-. Nlyrna Niemeicr. 11 Ilagenstv,--. NIIXEIJ QLUXRTILT Myrna NIFIIIQICF. Fully Hl2jL'k!!ll'f'. gYk'IVIH'Il Lurlix. Kugegz' Cade. ,f I 'X ' f , X . fllie ' fl fzalee ty A'Horsr?FEwZ.TAloF1B7.vm55EEAlessi sf E555 l A 'MW l lb l' ' T-6311-CFNTS Al 60531 s. School Newspaper Takes New Name Musiflans . Home ,ECO71077llCS P rt f Grid Banquet iMauS:E'l:,1ih:gl Department Holds By Sally Blackmer Th RQ? fl Y: 1' .l. fi .1 l-rw .3 ..-, ' Z ' 11'-vi li' ..3' F . +A FTL.Kl1+!.Y- from Holstein' M rg-1 Y. - C"::1:rg,1f Huh S1 howl .pl-nt Thanksglving nr. '-K"-i' ' TIN' 1. '.':rf'f'.f-n :rt Daw Moines Ht the !fJ.1.'l. ."x1.zn..I All-Slam Music .... .1 ll", '.xg1l T h 1- ntrxod quartet- .. ' . ' iwm- Cutie, H0511-r Galle. Nlvr- 1 .XL t. .- rx. TJ ":.--11-r, :md Sally Black- Open House "Have you Cl'f'Yl the way thr- Home Economgl. rooms look?" "That kxtchcn rr ally looks mai!" "Say-'. wasnt that punch deli- exons?" All of theme rm just a fc-w of, jkbglfrfciiield' .To Be Held at .Storm Lake The Iowa High School Speech AQQOCl3llOD wall sponsor a serxes lol clinrcs durmr.: the year lor lhngh school rludc-nls and teach- ers The clzmc for the Northwest lhwlrlct wxll bv hr-ld at Slorm Lanka at the hxgh mhool on Sat- urday, Doc. XO, The program IS dvszrznf.-d to be lPirateer New Name ol Paper The student b ofl 1' V f ' voir-d tu change Ihr :ln school paper from !l.1. 2-. Thu Pinxeer. You may haw- und x . -. : ' Issue of the llx I...:.'l. ,- Er on the prr-won, z.. :. .. r tho srhmvl p 'L gn -'z known. So -w n ,ul f. , " .n tru- mn- thousand- the exclamatw after xwwxng :x work laboratory Th.. sec-non th, 1 lx t..v"'x, x'f - ,. live ru. lluuschcn 15. -. . . - . .. . - 1 1. . ..f -gl en 'b nr 'cl' " ' ' V . 1 new look 1 ll E df'p..rr- rnulmga w rl u rnpexl-. . ,Mkcd m Nu, tm, " "'3-7"7l" H1 Nw V-'-'U nxmit has tak. rn The 1-mn. :lull an student may pn lo more lxfmd I , l bf , ,W . N - .. . w ., -. ..,-. . 1 .K -AIMH' 3-H14 were off1cru.!j.' f -nd ffm' r rin.. x..n una- kmd lffpvvlh 3C11NHl!v' mm., F K, .Lg X ., , .5 X., :' up. :.l..p:'rrr1r'd by Mr. '1nSpr-vtzun dun: rgrr-n lx- : 1 iwivillf will Pvlfflllll f'Pf 4'f'5'fl3' Q, , ' ,, .' El 1 2 rx' .md Mr Rm- l Nun-nxbf-r Z2 ..n1.l fvlifrvf s-'ndr-nts Falla fue g i A ln llulnp: :I -A ll g- 1 .V I" ' Il'-J Rlnncs or. , I , w il llfmw :. !:'..:.--rl -welll. x I , wb ,Dim CTW lux'-l nn the in--nl if-f x ,rl in dun., L, N,.,,5m. hglfu I QM. L. .Ar .W ,llllzu lzzlvrxcxi. l 1 14111 tl. ,. .1 MW ,n :md m:,ilM.. . . ll.. f.1.1.. wlrrtzr' Q.. uma.. F I 'E H igpmfl r-If, 21 cl- .15 'Q Y Juv It hx PM Nami AA .'x .. I-fi 1-r ilxv l.,.:l l -T.. Uv I v yum n and 2- 144 4 ...Mui UA.. .V --1 E 'ix ..: . ,1.-1: , ' 1 4 ' I' ft' Ql'.'l".1'1l While- Z: ...n .Sf .1 z rl zz. - vfr .tv '- l ' P' "'!.':'..rl1.-rw nr Z -.g .:,- : - - - ' . l '1'h-- ll. ..'-1 rz'-.1 ..l 14' M l ' V- lim- l,1n.le, l...l .. ' ,1vrr,v' ' '- V 'Pwr' frm: I .1 '-..l l ' ' ff.--:' ilu- .ifllt l lmnl 2 The Program --1 ' I f xx E. '.x.l,4 ll.'.,'.- 11n'..1':-- ,' , ,VI 1. , , , ' !n...l xx.-4' Une t' Ph Qhnped unzia 'l' V y .U V 'vl ,r .in XM .H 1 ,1.- lg. ,.,-ivy...-1.1 . ' 'Y wrvx i'il':l1 :l v. gn- I " " . Q ' ,Ll r .. .l. . that Th.- lzlll FORS :XXII .-XNSOCIATP. EDITORS IJh5lGNfX'l'lf A5SllLNNll'.N'l'S qv 5 I Sl'l3SCRll'TlHN5 OVER THE TOP IN THE DHI V li fi f FEATURE WRITERS CONCEINTRATING Oh INLVC THE PIRATEER The Clatter of typewriters early in the fall was conclusive proof that the newspaper staff, under the able guidance of Mrs. Chris- tie, had begun its year! work. After the business staff spent many hours selling ads Io finance the paper, editors Marilyn Stoneking and DeAnna Goettsch assigned jobs to eager reporters. And the ball began rolling ..... A cooperative staff took their job seriously and with untiring ambition met their Wednesday dead- lines. This year sixteen issues of the paper. under the new name , , "Pi1ateer,' were printed--inf'lurlin,f1 a special issue for senior graduation. Editors V Deanna Goettsch ana Marilyn Stonelcinq A s s o c i G t e Editors- Sally Blackmer, Rodson Ellerbusch and lulie Leonard Business Manager Y C a r o l Breyfoqle Feature Writers -- Dick Baaen- stos, Mary Godbersen, Roger Goettsch, Barbara Irwin, Ian- et Dittmer and Patsy Keitqes Columnist --- Connie I-Ialvorsen Sports - Rodson Ellerbusch Reporters -- Roger Gade, Verla Frahm, Lowell Kruse, Karen Barahols, Bonnie Blackrner, Karen Butcher, Mary Lade- gl FEATURE STORIES wiq, Bonnie Christiansen, Ju lie Ewoldt, Camilla Hanson and Mary Knuth Circulation --- loan Cipperley, Carol Leonard, Carol Booth- by, Marjorie Schubert, Shirley Timmerman and Phyllis Vohs Subscriptions - Mary Kruse, Marqene Goettsch, I a nic e Leonard, Nancy Henrichsert, Luella Schuett, Lavonne 'Tim- merman, Loretta Clausen and Saundra Wagner Advisor f Catherine Christie Typists - Mary Kruse, Mary McBride and Lois Schulte TYPISTS WHO NEVER FAIL TO MEET THE DEADLINE CIRCULATION DELIVERED THE 300 PAPERS fs' IN INOTHING FLAT The Crew of the New' 19 6 M00 The fall of 1955 found the seniors busily at work making plans and preparing to publish the yearbook under the leadership ol Marilyn Stone-king and Mary Kruse. Jobs were assigned and the business staff got busy selling sponsorships to help finance the project. Later in the year this same group took on the subscription campaign to add to the funds. The sharpening of pencils and the click of the typewriters were proof that the story writers and the copyists were putting forth their best efforts to make their Moo the best. Pictures had to be identified and more pictures had to be taken to meet dead- Wi MARILYN STONEKING, Editor tRightJ MARY Im Kxusz, Assistant Editor fLefU lines. Our photographers, Mrs. Hansen. Auggie Goettsch. and George Hueschen. helped to get the right picture at the right time. The eighty-page annual tries to give a complete picture of the school year as it happened in 1955-56. and will be distrib- uted to the subscriber in the summer for that reason. if Connie Halvorsen, Clark Conover, Mary Kruse. Kay Conover, Marilyn Stoneking, Roger Cade. Carol Breyfogle, joan Cipperley, Charles Jones Deanna Coettsch, JoAnn Lasher. Nancy Michael -en. Stephen Curtis. A:y12t.,,: A Jn A rl L N IL de Il F3 41119 N thnndt H4 er Llau en Francr liienlien Wen flall Jen en Deanna Coett ch Larry Humann. llarl Leonard. Audra Ewoldt. llean Hammer. Dewitt Cries. Kay Conover, Rog- er Cade. 1 orge llueschen. Caro lirey og e. I- ,Xnn l.a-her. Nlary McBride. bponsored by NXXON ILXIBER CONIP XXX Pe Club Meet -A The 1955 1956 Pep Club wlth the largest membershlp 1n hlstory 96 was organlzed under the drrectlon of Mr Rosenberger and Mr Halvorsen OfflCCfS elected were thc followlng Connle Halvorsen presldent Dlck Bagenstos vlce presldent Marllsn qtonekmg secretary and Patsy Keltges treasurer ThlS brg Wlde awake group kept busy plannmo pep meetmgs Homecommg f6StlW1 tles Relays 3Ct1V1t1CS and the sellmg of Booster suckers for car bumpers to lncrease the Pep Club funds From the personnel of th1s club the school selected the1r four cheerleaders for the vear Two of these Connle Halvorsen and Nancy Mlchaelsen were experlenced hold overs from last year whlle the two new ones Patsy Keltges and Bonnle Chrlstxan sen came up from the ranks Verla Frahm and Joyce Scott serxed as alternates for the four regulars After the H0mCCOmlHg game the Pep Club sponsored a uctory dance xn the lunch loom Sponsored by KERSLAKE SUINDRIES ENIIL EHLER 8: SONS IMPLEMENF THARP CAR ACE 64 Speech at its best PLATFORM ARTISTS 1956 Speech Contestants Seated Nancy Henrxchsen Roger Cade Charles Putensen Wayne Saxon Mary McBnde Shirley Tlmmennan Standmg Barbara Irwm Bonnie Blackmer Bull Brand! Clark Conover Julie Leonard Deanna Coettsch Twelve Holstem Hugh Schoolers entered the speech contest work thrs year, partxcl patmg 1n the dramatlc oratorlcal, humorous, mterpretlve readmg and extemporane ous speakmg d1v1s1ons Followrng an ellmmatlon home contest seven students went on to compete 1n the prelxmlnary contest of the state serles at urmby Ratmgs re cewed at the Qulmby contest were the followmg Dramatzc Mary McBr1de II ,Iuhe Leonard I DeAnna Goettsch, I Oratorzcal Wayne Saxon I Roger Cade, I Clark Conover I Humorous Blll Brandt II Interpretive Readmg Julxe Leonard I Extemporaneous Speakzng Roger Cade, I Those people who recelved I ratmgs next entered the pre dlstrlct contest at Movllle Here the followmg ratmgs were recelved Dramatzc Julxe Leonard II DeAnna Coettsch, Il Uratoncal Wayne Saxon, II Clark Conover II Roger Cade, I Interpretwe Readzng Julle Leonard I Extemporaneous Speakmg Roger Cade, I Roger and Julie then proceeded to the dlstrlct contest at Sheldon where Roger re cewed a I ratmg ln oratorlcal and a II ratmg m extemporaneous speakmg Julle here recexved a I ratmg m mterpretxve read1ng In the flnal round of the state serles at Storm Lake both ,Iuhe and Roger were grven I ratmgs ln thelr respectlve dlvlslons All contestants were coached by Mrs Chrlstle 65 5 1 1 r v 1 v ' 'I 7 1 1 Y Y . . . . . . . 7 9 ' . ... . .. . ' 9 . .. . Q. . . . . . as as ' as 9 9' .-. ,- -' ,- sa - 7 sa ' T ,- W I . . . . . . . . . - . A .jgfi al On April 17 the senior class presented the IYlySlEl'y-COH'1- edy, "The Skeleton Walks." The story took place on a small island connected to the mainland by only one bridge. Elaine Blair, coming to claim her inherited property, found it occupied by the mysterious Dr. Fersig. his sinister house- keeper, and her deaf-mute son. Knowing there was a large sum of money in the house, Dr. Fersig had Ollie blow up the bridge after the visitors had left. However, they had not yet left the island so they had to stay overnight. Bobby and Kinks, the youngsters, added the needed humor to the play. The skeleton walking through the dim shadows of the house brought thrills and chills. Elaine was found hypnotized after she had disappeared, and Mrs. Donahue was discovered to be the strange little lady in thc attic. After the money was found and Dr. Fersig tried to make his escape, he was stopped by the famous detectives, Mr. and Mrs. ,lack Dow, who had been disguised as the housekeeper and her son. The audience was kept in suspense until the very end when the mystery was finally solved. :il ll ' 1 T7 fb ,, CAST OF CHARACTERS Dr. Harold Fersig, a scientist ............. Elaine Blair, a young lady ............... .Francis Bienlien De.4nna Goetlsch Mrs. Madge Embrey, Elaine's mother ........ Joan Cippf-rlvy Bobby Embrey, her young son ....... ....... I Jon Gerber Kinks Embrey, Bobby's sister .. ..... Carol Leonarrl liill Clayton, Elaine's fiance .. .... Slvpltwz ljztrlis Anne Rowell, Elaine's cousin .. Mrs. llubbard, a housekeeper ........ .. Ollie Hubbard, her deaf-mute son . Mrs. Lilla Donahue, an elderly lady Lnshwr .....1t'ogf'r Grrtlw ..Caro! Brvyfogle .. . .Kay Conover I v A Q 4 It I .QL R 13,4 I .K 4 Homewmlng 193 rtunhcl .ZJ U e lnelnher The lllgllt ua the Homeeoxn mg Loronatton and the place the H01 Stem 3lld110I'1UIIl 1 plogtanl tlat x a neu and Cl ent a dax on TV a foul Cave-Q anf the tcachere partlelpated 1n a xarletx of tnnelx Qklte 'lhe audlenee enjoxeo The Morning Show with 1tQ capahlt llltttbllllttl Vlfgll Bunlann Other hu lI1UItIU'v skate were the Soap Opera Home Show Fashlons on Parade Toact of the Town You Wanted tm See t and Thl le Xour Llfe In- at sklt pottraxed the hlghhght tht hfe cl foleh lxraal then came the grand fmale Whlle the Bow Glee Club Sang: If 1 Had Nts Wax tl t glrls of the Pep Club attlred IH blue robea 11181111911 ln to form a tandlehgbhted alilt .usle the musloal refram of the bow XOICCS plcked up bhlne On Harvest Moon Klng Don Gerber greeted ueen Conme Hals orsen on the stage where they and then 'lttendants Carol Breyfogle Deanna Goettech Stexe turtle and Roger Clauaen mera presented flowers by MISS 'Stoner Mr CllI'lStlC crowned lung Don and ueen Lonnlt and presented the queen mth a bouquet of Ameucan Beauty roses Follonlng the coronatlon ceremonleb the tI'3dll10Il'll lJOIlflI'C was hghted and the Dunlap dummy was burned ln efflgw Hot chocolate and doughnuts were enjox ed bx the Qtudent body IIOl'!1CCOI'I11Ilg 190.3 was made complete and atwfung mth the Mlltllltlg of the Home comtng football game on the follomng ex emng bs the Score H0l9t6lIl 41 Dunlap 1 T HE RUX ALTH Deanna foett ch r Br s 1 Uueen tonme Halt e hm Donald Gerber Stephen Curtl Ro er Clau en J' 31148 Sponsored hy HOLSTEIN 5TAfh BXNK 68 ' f r' I I I Sei - -' ". 1951 is the dat In rm-- . ' 5 ' - ln 1 ' "' 1 1' 5 ' l'ffe1'- , 1' . 11 ' 1 -e e 1 Q. ' x h - k ' N was V- Q Vx ' A a 2- '. ' ' . - .. ei ,ryan .Q - K '- .. A l Y 19 ta 7 , f 1137 " 'S . Y ' ." T 1 S S ' ' J' , 'V ' S in - ' . 1 I z ' V '. 1 w b - . Q JM: Y 4. I A, it ' .Eff 1, . . I . . M . U 1 U .Y .Q h for the royalty. As Queen Connie Halvorsen and her attendants proceeded down the 1 9 V v L 1 l Y' Y I .ev I A - - Y I Q f 1 . . V 1 Q 1 ' ' - , ,, v S .L . . . . Q 27' , , S. Ca ol e, 1 tgle. . K I ' HIS Il , ,. g . g 5 , 1' .555- Jff'-. -"Rf: ,z ' 4 1 min- k j'i"'.'.d'5f rf 9"'1, 325 I! .' 1' Q l .' 1' '. The Students Frlends Library assistants meet in the library r con erence The library shelves are visited each day hy many students These students often call upon the personnel of the library staff to direct them to the desired book or books The capable library staff plc tured above ,lanlce Leonard Kay Con over Darlene Rice Mary Codbersen Julie Leonard. Deanna Goettsch Joan Cipperley and Ruth Bergmann, under the direction of Miss Stoner strives to keep the room attractive and the books in order. so that the best possible use may be made of the library of 2,000 hooks. Each year replacements are sought Io fill the vacant shoes of graduated assist- ant librarians. Some of the duties thesc newcomers must learn are shelving mending charging and checking ln of the books as well as reading shelves and keeping records A good library increases the knowledge and efflclency of students who take the time to delve into this great storehouse The high school library contains morc than just reference books. Here are found fiction biographies short stor- ies, and poetry. Some of the better magazines-Lie Look, Readers Di- gest The American The National Ceo- graphic and Coronet - as well as three newspapers- The Sioux City Iournai Holstein Advance and Cherokee Times -are available on the reading tables to all. 05-f ee if f' . 4:1 Wnasf' We file away these events as highlights of the year. FE TUBE . 'sxghm ,MQQAMP5 ' gmii me ,uw H .w E V -,UQ WW' L N55 f?tgMl"' ' v Okwfomy A ' 749351 " 1 . q w V,J,r15i,,.., A , ""N' 1 V .fx "VL -" " I : 2 ix ka , I, V .'....s' A 1 . ' 'W . 1 +'1+-'-""J Xa fin... Q I X Q4-v" K K v ,, K ..a-JIM I X 3 nl , 1 ,. as 'HL 'Fil UF THE YEAR lH.H.. Queen lerri lean and King Kenneth Evening in Paris April 25, 1955, is an evening long remembered by the juniors and seniorsgthe eve- ning of a very big party. Guests entering the gym were met by eight French waiters and waitresses. Carol Hoothby, Phyllis Vohs, Karen Butcher, Nancy Henrichsen. Kurt Leonard. John Leck- band, Steven Janssen, and Alfred Hass were the freshmen selected for this honor. Going through a gold Arc d' Triumph, we entered the lounge shining red with scenic and modern paintings hanging on the walls. Looking around the lounge one found comfortable chairs, tables with lamps and three easels. As we entered the ballroom we spied the huge Eiffel Tower standing in the center of the dance floor. Around the floor were flower carts filled with pretty flowers, while street lamps surrounded the floor with soft light. Walking through an opening in the brick wall, we entered a sidewalk cafe. Here were tables and chairs for the tired and hungry spectators and dancers. lf one looked up, he found a red and white candy-striped awning. Tony Bradley furnished us with wonderful dance music from the stage whose back- ground was a large red, white, and blue flag of France. From 9:00 p. in. to 12:30 a. ni., we danced and danced. During the intermission Jerri ,lean Cole and Kenneth Kruse w ere crowned Queen and King of the 1955 Prom. The juniors will always remember the fun they had in working on the prom, whilc to the seniors it was a big deep mystery until that very night. Those attending this party will always remember it as one of the highlights of the year 1954-55. Reign at the Evening in Paris fav King Kenneth and Queen Jerri Take Time Uut as- fhe dancers swing and sway while Antoine delights his I Crown Thee . sz . o - Sankn g -t l l l ill 5 MYSTERIOUS JUNGLE Un 'lpril 2.3. l9.vo. the evening of the long-awaited .lunior-Senior Prom arrived. The guests'--the senior'-. fav- Ulll- illllf svhool board- as well as other visitors anxiously waited for the doors of the transformed gymnasium to open to see the result of the hard work and Careful plan- ning of the juniors and their sponsors. Miss Vollstedt and Mr. Gerber. Entering the realms of the "Mysterious Jungle." the guests were greeted by dark-haired. dark-skinned native girls and white hunters. The freshmen who served as guides and later as waitresses and waiters were: Maxine Vohs. Camilla Hanson. llonnie Christiansen, Loretta Claus- sen Bob Kraai. Albert Leonard. Dean Gerber, and john Kolb. The entryway. resembling two paths in the dense forest. led to the lounge with the soft chairs and couches for the viewers and those with tired feet. llemanding the attention of all was the beautiful jungle waterfall and stream. Snakes and lizards crawled near the stream in true jungle fashion, while thirsty elephants peeped from behind trees to take a drink. Through the dense vegetation. the visitors found their way to the ballroom. ln the middle of the floor stood a grass hut. with a native cautiously peering out the door. Near the hut and beneath a tree bearing three coconuts lay a leopard. The stream. breaking out of the thick tree-lined wall. was surrounded by jungle flowers, and. caught in the middle of the stream, was a pink-plumaged flauiingo. From the far side of the ballroom a native had forgotten his cauldron and drums. Rising out of the jungle on the back of the stage be- tween the tents. rose high mountain ranges and volcanoes in colorful murals--the results of long hours of patient and painstaking work by Roger Coettsch and his artist crew. When the guests felt the need of a snack or a cool drink of punch. they entered the lean-to of the tents. Mosquito netting provided complete protection from jungle mosquitoes and tsetse flies. Throughout the jungle. tropical flowers and butter- flies lived in profusion. Musit' for the evening daneing was furnished by Bob Conley and his orchestra. .Nt intermission Mary Kruse and Steve Curtis were honored as Queen and King of the 1956 Junior-Senior Prom. As the last piece was played, everyone left, carrying with him pleasurable memories of the '56 Prom. The Care- fully guarded secret of the theme helped to make the "Mysterious Jungle" more impressive and the night spent there a real highlight of the year. ,H f, , Queen Mary and King Stephen f " i 3' Memnrles are made of these b ured hy OLR LADY uf f. ' f f f 1 . ' ' if-iff!" -- it f 1 9 mf- , " we 3 W1 Fai' SENIOR? SKIP T0 OM.-XHA Bright and early Tuesday' morning. the twenty-eight seniors and our two spon- sors for the day' Mr. Piper and Mr. Kraaiffpiled into a chartered hus and started on our way' to Omaha for our "skip" dav. We arrived in Denison shortly' hm-fore seven o'r-lor-k aml after touring the gas stations and auto parts stores. we had the lvrakes on our hus repaired and proceeded on our w av. Our first stop in Omaha was at Boys Town. Vile saw the hoys working at their various trades--woodworking. a hody shop. a lwakerv. a tailor shop. a barber shop. and so onsin the trade huilding: we saw the indoor field house used for track. footlvall aml hasehall practice. We toured the grounds in our hus and visited the ehapel. It was nearing noon so we went to the Virginia Cafe. the oldest cafe in Omaha. founded in 1376. where we were served our dinner in the party' room. After a leisurely' meal we again elimhed into our hus aml went to the Swift packing plant. Vlfe were taken through the smoking. refrigeration and packing de- partments. Yve spent considerahle time in the killing department watching the animais heing killed. skinned. and cut up. .M WOW-TV station.we watched a homeniaking program that was on the air. Wie found the behind-the-scenes action hoth entertaining and interesting and could have stayed there much longer especially when it he-came movie time. but our time was passing swiftly' and we had to hurry' on our way. We were taken uptown and set out on our own. Vve returned in an hour with tales of our little eseapades. ln that short time we had covered music stores. hotel telephone hooths. and nearly' every' department in Brandeis store. Ten people had missed the escalator ride. We left the city' and went to the municipal airport where we watched. from the tower. two large planes take off. Wie settled in our hus and returned home. stopping for lunch in Denison. l am sure that all ofthe seniors will reineinher this day as one of the most mem- orable events of their high school days. The little talks. the group singing and the general confusion on the bus added to the enjoyment of the dav. A A word to the wise from the seniors: If you want to have fun with your class- mates on Nskipii day. no matter where you go. take a hus. We've been convinced! M- xtafe+.14.v ' 1 - tv. ek sl Ill X y 5 gr fi get ffl' ef t ' I v it ,gferfsfeaw Back row, left to right: Donald Gerber. Roger Clausen, Lloyd Glawe. DeWitt Gries, Charles Jones. Francis Bienlien, Larry Bumann, George Hueschen, James Schmidt, Clark Conover, and Wendall ,lenseng .llizlrlle row: Stephen Curtis, Roger Gade, Carol Ureyfogle, Joan Cipperley, JoAnn Lasher, De- Anna Goettsch. Mary Kruse, Nancy Michaelsen, Wayne Saxon, Dean Hammerg Front row: Carol Leonard. Mary Ann Schweitzberger, Connie Halvorsen. Mary Mcliride. Andra Lee Ewoldt. Marilyn Stoneking, and Carol Kay Conover. THE BACCALAUREATE SERVICES OF 1956 The Baccalaureate Services for the graduating class of 1956 was held in the Hol- stein High School Auditorium May 13. 1956. at 8:00 p. m. Following the processional played hy Mrs. Thomas Rosenberger. the Reverend Williani Striepe gave the invocation. The Boys' Glee Club sang "Navy Hymn" by Larsen. The VVoodwind Choir of the Holstein High School Rand played the 'coctet by Hayden." The Reverend Arthur Holtry gave the reading of the scripture. The subject of the sermon given by the Reverend Arthur Holtry was "Preserve the Ancient Landmarks." After the sermon. the Girls, Glee Club sangc' 1'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Alvvayi' by Dett. Following this number the Reverend William Striepe gave the benedietion. Mrs. Thomas Rosenberg played the reces- sional. Commencement for Grads May 17 On Thursday, May 17, twenty-eight seniors received their di- plomas at the commencement exercises held in the auditorium. Cowned all in white, they came down the aisle as the band played "Pomp and Circumstancef, The Rev. Arthur Holtry gave the invocation and Fred Waring's arrangement of 6'0ne Godu was sung by the Mixed Chorus. DR' RAY BRYAN Dr. Ray Bryan of Iowa State College delivered the address, en- Iowa Stat' College titled "The Romance of Lengthening Shadowsf, Following the ad- dress the band played "An American Scene" by Grundman and "March from Suite E-Flati' by Holst. Miss Marie Stoner, the high school principal, then presented the following annual awards to seniors: DAR Good Citizen Award- Marilyn Stonekingg Activities Award-Stephen Curtis, Athletic Scholarship Awards-Francis Bienlien, Roger Clausen, Clark Con- over, Stephen Curtis, Don Gerber, and Charles Jones, Iowa Freshman Merit Scholar- ships-Francis Bienlien to Iowa State College and Stephen Curtis to Iowa Univer- sity, School Citizenship Award-Kay Conover and Marilyn Stonekingg Iowa Stale Bar Association and Foundation Award fpresented by Mr. Jesse Leonardj-Wayne Saxon, Speech Award-Roger Cade, Scholarship Awards f3.0 average or abovej- Kay Conover 3.156, Wayne Soxan 3218, DeAnna Goettsch 3.25, Carol Breyfogle 3.5, Francis Bienlien 3593, Marilyn Stoneking lSalutatorianj 3.968, and Stephen Curtis tValedictorianJ 4.00. Following the awards the Mixed Octet sang "An Evening's Pastoralef' and as the highlight of the evening Mr. Jesse Leonard, president of the Board of Education. conferred diplomas on the twenty-eight graduating seniors. After the benediction given by the Rev. William Striepe the graduating class marched out to the recessional music played by the Holstein Band. Salutatorlan Nlanlyn Stonektng Honor Page 19ao FOOTB ALL TE ANI 9 wms 0 losses Don Gerber Voted Nlost Valuable Player Don Frltl All State Second Team Coach Ru s Kraat Received Football Coach of the Year Award 19:10 56 CIRLS BXSKETBALL TEANI 12 mms losses 19ao .36 BOYS BASKETBALL TEANI 18 wms 3 losses HOLSIEIN SPEECH SIUDEINTS Prelmunarx Contest 7 Dlvtslon I ratmgs 2 DIVISION II rattngs Ire D1 trxct Contest 3 Dtvlslon 1 rattngs 4 Dtvl sron II rattngs Dlstrlct Contest 2 DIVISION I ratings 1 DIVISION II rating State Contest 2 DIVISION I ratings ,lulte Leonard and Roger Cade sTATE SNI XLL GROUPS AWD SOLO NIUSIC CONTEST In trumental groups a Dxvtston I ratrn s a DIVI sion II ratmgs Vocal roups 3 D1v1s1on I ratings 1 DIVISION II ratm 1 DIVISION III ratmg Instrumental solos 4 D1v1s1on I ratings 5 D1v1s1on II ratmgs 2 D1v1s1on III ratlngs Yocal olos 4 Dtvlslon I ratlng 3 Dlvlslon II rat 1n s 1 DIVISION III ratm STATE NILSIC LARGE GROUP CONTEST Nltxed Chorus DIVISIOH II ratlng Boys Clee Club Dtvxston I1 ratrng Clrls blee Club DIVISIOH III ratmg Concert Band D1v1s10n I ratlng 1956 TRACK TEANI Frrst Place Cass B at Alta E thervtlle Ylaple Valley and Ida County Track Nleets STATE CONTENDERS Larry Lembaugh 440 yard Dash Dean Hammer Pole Vault Don Frltz Dlscus Throw Lowell Thomsen Nllle Run Nlxle Relay Team I Kolb Blenllen Cues Letnbaughl BETTY CROCKER HONIEVIAKER OF TONIORROW AWARD Nlary WIcBr1de D A R FOOD CITIZEN AWARD Wlarllyn Stonekmg BETTER AYIERICAN CITIZENSHIP AWARD Wayne Saxon ACTIVITIES AWARD Stephen Curtrs ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Franct Bren 11en Roger Clausen Clark Conover Stephen Curtls Don Gerber and Charles Jones MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE FRESHNIEN Francls Bxenhen and Stephen Curtls SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP AWARDS Kay Conover and Marilyn Stoneklng SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS F1rst Stephen Curtls Second Nlarrlyn Stonekmg Thlrd Francis Blenlren Fourth Carol Breyfo le Fxfth DeAnna Goettsch S1xth Wayne Saxon Seventh Kay Conover PERFECT ATTENDANCE Thnrteen years F rancxs Btenhen Three years 1n htgh school Carol Breyfogle and Lloyd Glawe 19551956 hlgh school perfect attendance su dents Scholarshzp Awards Back Row Stephen Curtxs Francls Btenhen Wayne Saxon Valedlcwflan Stephen Curtls Front Row Marilyn Stonekmg Kay Conover Carol Breyfogle and DeAnna Coettsch Q 3 ig? .1 'bw The Senlers Se Farewell and as they e the say We have reached the end of our years ln the Holstem Schools ln the future we wlll look back on these years as very pleasant ones spent under the guldance of our teachers and the assoclatlon wlth our schoolmates Before we leave we would llke to thank everyone who has helped us through the last thlrteen years Wlth thelr help our road has been much smoother As semors we have taken on the responslblhty of pl1bllShlI1g thls yearbook Wlthout the ald of our sponsors Mlss Stoner and Mr Plper the busmessmen who bought sponsor llnes the Advance staff and all others who helped xn any way we would not have reached our goal To these we extend our appreclatxon To Mlss Stoner we would llke to one a speclal thank you She has spent many long hours helplng us and workmg on our Moo We hope you have enjoyed thls book and wlth th1s flnal page we say farewell 80 ' ll 0 ' 7 v V v - . ' v v Q . s - e - ec sv Y - V , V e 1 9 . v 7 . U. Y . M I ,, - v - as as Y . Y . -. . . V v 54 v ,,

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