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.ll THE M00 1955 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Holstein High School HOLSTEIN, IOWA Lols STRIEPE cf,-Editor, JANICE LOHFF Volume 38 foreword . . . Here is your book. Long hours have been spent to make it a memorial that you will treasure all your life. Through these pages we have tried to show you the life of Holstein Public School. Not only have we tried to show you the extracurricular activities, such as dances, sports, and organizations, but also we have attempted to show you the curricular side as well, through actual classroom pictures. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all persons who, in some way, helped to make this one of the most outstanding years in the history of our school. To our graduating seniors, we extend our best wishes and hope the work they have done here will prove to be of value as they take their next step. We hope you enjoy the MlVlOO,' as much as we enjoyed publishing it. It was ours for almost a year. Now it belongs to you. LOIS STRIEPE JANICE LOHFF Editors rzends, the same today and orever Z A good book is the best of .. If . table of contents foreword . . . dedication . . administration faculty .... activities . . . music . . . sports . . . features . . classes . . a dedication . . . to a man who has devoted eleven years of his life to service in Holstein High School . . . in addition to being the science and mathematics instructor and a good friend of all the students, Mr. Gerber has been especially close to us . . . he has served as our class sponsor for three years and willingly helped us in all the ventures we undertook . . . later, as we recall our years in Holstein High, we shall all share fond memories of him, either in guidance or fellowship . . . 4 I l ADMINISTRATION iff . ,'A IAII Q if TI 'Q g i...4..............-----Q ""'-'--..,.,g Ms MR. M. F. CHRISTIE Superintendent of Public Schools denomznator o human under standzn Education is the great common . gi 5 . . . board of education . . . e, it ls ' i K I 5 Eff '1 J ,, Secretary, Mrs. Gladys Raabeg Board Members, Jesse Leonard, Harold Conover, Ivan Blaekmer, Superintendent '4Duke', Christie, Ray Bagenstos, William Walkerg Treasurer, Mildred Jackes. Our most sincere gratitude to these men and women who have unselfishly devoted their time to make this a better community in which to live and a better school for the community. With their varied business and professions they are representative of our community life. Because of the interest of these individuals, our school will continue to benefit. the ormatzon o character Q1 Education has for its object Q f ' f - Sponsored by FOOD LOCKER SERVICEg IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE MARIE STONER Principal of the High School, In- structor in English. University of Iowa, Minnesota University, Colo- rado University. ' MARY MORAN Instructor in Home Economics and Science. Briar Cliff College. CATHERINE CHRISTIE Instructor in English and Dra- matics. Clarke College, Buena Vista College. CHRISTA VOLLSTEDT Instructor in Commercial. Iowa State Teachers, University of Iowa. ELVA BARKER Kindergarten Teacher. Iowa State Teachers, Buena Vista. CHARLES PIPER Instructor in Industrial Arts and Driver Training. Iowa State Col- lege. Iowa State Teachers. ARTHUR GERBER Instructor in Science and Mathe- matics. Iowa State Teachers Col- lege. RUSSELL KRAAI Coach of Football, Girls' Basket- hall. and Track. Instructor in Sociology and P. E. TOM ROSENBERGER Instructor in Vocal Music and General Business. Buena Vista College. KENNETH FILE Boys' Basketball Coach, Instructor in Social Sciences and Boys' Phys. Ed. Morningside College. HAROLD HALVORSEN Instructor in Instrumental Music. Luther College. 'WH' PEARL KITCHEN Junior High Teacher. Buena Vista College. GEORGE JACOBS Junior High Teacher and Coach. Buena Vista College. BETTY LOU SHORT Sixth Grade Teacher. Morningside College. SARAH E. JONES Fifth Grade Teacher. Iowa State Teachers. Colorado University, Buena Vista College. PEGGY BRINKER Fifth Grade Teacher. Iowa State Teachers. ALICE A. STREED Fourth Grade Teacher. Buena Vista College. WTf3vf"f"35,ff ., - ifuew Ffggf 'iam' s, -A , to Q A . .V 'N-...,. 1 D iill - il 95?fmW W'35'g ,- M: ff. Ry in Y Q, " , 1531 mf Fl Wm ww - . Nw, ,:LL :fx w ,SHA These eight bus drivers are responsible for transporting some 3l6 pupils to and from school each day. rain or snow. Untiring patience is an outstanding characteristic in our three janitors who begin their work in the small hours of the morning and Wind it up after a late ball game in the evening. Noon each day finds everyone heading for the hot lunchroom where about 300 meals are served. Again our hearty congratulations to these loyal people for their efficiency. Mr. J. B. Leinbaugh, Mrs. J. B. Lein- baugh. Mr. Fred Bargholls. Mr. Carl Hoyfeldt. Mr. Earl Fick. Bil- ly Weber. Verdean Bremer. Mr. John Ehler. Mr. Bill Wiese. Mr. Fred Bargholls. Mr. Lyle Raabe. Mrs. Branco. Mrs. Carnes, Mrs. Stew- art. Mrs. Obrecht. Sponsored by ROYAL SCOTT SALESg ERICKSEN SERVICE STATIONg HARVEY'S ELECTRIC behind the scenes Hats off to these l5 VIP. Withoiit them our school could not operate. , M. if, - fu 5, -il N A J. ., W3 A 2 W""'x Lf .ff .aw Mail. if 'r :, A' 2, ,, 5 V' V in W ...ww ' 1 f '- ,fr i ., . "'- "Sift ' " T W .ffm . ' .. . . . . "A- A A . ' iff-125. A Q 2119 , ' -f-I 5 ' 255 1? '-' 1. 6'0h. to be young again." 6. Patsy and her prize possessions. 2. Sandy and Patsy pause to smile. 7. Getting ready for a heavy dalfh 3. Kenny caught in the act. SHUI'- 4. What's tickling you, lvlary? 9. And then the fun began. 5. Relaxing before game time. Sponsor:-cl lmy LEONARD AND BRANCO, McCUlRE AUCTION CO. Qi 3 Lowell? Letis have it ll I W O T U . Your domestic editor Francis experiments in Physics ,.f""y,F Freshman SciPntists?? gi, BATTLING SENIUKSA-Jim, Je-rri Jean, and Jerry Karvn and ghlrlcy havr ll fi ured out Sponsored by Ihr- HOLSTEIN STATE BANK ,M . . . the work goes on. . . an T f' ' ' , 1 fix if lf Q 4. N 3 4, w H ll f Lf 4 EM N AAk'uA'x"'x,'l "' WF ,Q-""' ' Roflson, Jim. and Donnie' flissvct vrayfish in Biology Mrs. Christie wonders how . Stephen C. . . her masterpivcc ,faiaff Lowell, Roger, and Kenny in new Industrial "Oh, Horrors, this grammarf, say Barbara Arts department and Lowell. I4 Sponsored by SCOTTY'S TAVERN: WARREN CURTIS, C.P.A.g TV CENTER ...and the library is their... pride and joy.. LIBRARIANS-Standing: Shirley Scherner, .Ioan Cipperley, Kay Conover, Barbara Irwin, ,Iulie Leonard, Janice Lohff. Sitting: Deanna Goettsch, Margene Goettscb. EACH TYPICAL school day calls upon the time and effort of the above group. This library staff under the direction of Miss Stoner is in charge of some 2800 books, which they shelve, arrange, dust, mend, charge out, check in, collect the overdues on, and keep in order at all times. Besides these fiction and reference books, our library has available to each student seven sets of encyclopedias, and many other reference volumes. Also on our shelves are found such prominent magazines as LIFE, LOOK, READER,S DIGEST, AMERICAN, THE NATIONAL GEO- GRAPHIC, POPULAR MECHANICS, POPULAR SCIENCE, and many others. No day passes without someone asking to be directed to a certain section of the library, a particular reference book, or a good story. These librarians are there to "lend a helping handfi . .speeches . . .listen .V THIS YEAR thirteen students tried their talents in speech work. It was the largest number to participate so far in any one contest from Holstein High School. Six divisions were represented in the preliminary contest at Quimby during the week of Feb. I4. First row: Shirley Timmerman, Barbara Irwin, Sally Blackmer, Lois Striepe, Janice Lohff. Second row: Wayne Nelson, Rodson Ellerbusch, Bonnie Black- mer, ,Iulie Leonard, ,Ierri Cole, Willis Buell, Wayne Saxon. Sponsored by ADVANCE PRINTING OFFICE Those participating in the oratory division were Sally Blackmer giving "The Windowpanewg Barbara Irwin, "Must We Always Be A Lost Genera- tion", and Wayne Saxon, "The Ameri- can Flag." In the dramatic division lulie Leon- ard gave, '6Daddy Docvg and Mary Mc- Bride, S'The Littlest Orphana, and the "Christ Child." Bonnie Blackmer with "Alberta at the Beachn and Shirley Timmerman with '6Beauty Contestn represented us in the humorous division. In the interpretative reading division Jerri ,lean Cole read '6The Ballad of Hell", Janice Lohff, "The Death of the Hired Manwg and Lois Striepe, "Sioux Chief,s Daughterf' Rodson Ellerbusch and Wayne Nel- son entered radio speaking on the re- spective subjects: "Harmful Cigarettesn and "Narcotics.,, Willis Buell participated in extem- poraneous speaking. the yearbook was born... BUSINESS STAFF-Sitting: James Bleas- dell, Roger Hass, Robert Will. Standing: Charles Noneman, James Clausen, Craig Vollmar, Gerald Breyfogle, Jerri Jean Cole. Dorothy Werner, Shirley Scherner Nancy Janssen. The BUSINESS STAFF sold ads and subscriptions to furnish that all- important financial background for our annual. Most of their ad work was completed before the holidays. Many long hours were spent con- tacting all of the business establish- ments in the orderly, efficient man- ner that had been set up by our staff managers. ll EDITING STAFF-Marilyn Wagner, Jean Moser, Willis Buell, Kenneth Kruse, .lane Leonard, Lois Schroeder, Editors Lois Striepe and Janice Lohff. The EDITING STAFF furnished the "story-like" background of our book. Their chief concern was to ex- plain H.H.S. school life as it is, to those who have not had the oppor- tunity to play the role of a busy stu- dent. COPY STAFF-Donald Goettsch, Ardis Cipperley, LaVonne Schuett. Sitting: Hiram Leonard, Gary Leonard, Wendell Reineke, Verna Leckband, Elvera Godber- sen, Wayne Nelson, Dixie Freese, Mary Ann Goettsch, Peggy Nelson. Standing: Jerry Langland, Joann Rolfs, Carol Ditt- mer, Joyce Obitz. The COPY STAFF came through with accurate name listings for all the classes and organization pictures. The copy staff may be called the "working groupf, Credit is due them for their checking, typing, collecting, and picture work. Sponsored by JACK,S PLACE, HANSEN FURNITURE and COAST TO COAST 1,, , ' 1 First row, left to right: Richard Boothby, Clark Conover, Jim Bleasdell, Wayne Saxon, Wayne Nelson, Gerald Langland, Nancy Michaelsen, Connie Halvorsen, Sandra Madsen, Marilyn Wagner, Kenneth Kruse, Hiram Leonard, Cary Leonard, Charles Noneman, Craig Vollmar. Second row: Carolyn Coettsch, Janice Lohff, Joyce Scott, Mary Codbersen, Janith Williams, Janet Petersen, Shirley Timmerman, Luella Schuett, Lorraine Griffith, Kay Conover, Marilyn Stoneking, Joyce Obitz, Carol Breyfogle. Third row: Dolores Steen. Nancy Janssen, Margene Goettsch, Nancy Henrichsen, Bonnie Blackmer, Peggy Nelson, Dorothy Werner, Shirley Scherner, Elvera Godbersen, Carol Dittmer, Marvel Loof, Beta Scott, Ardis Cipperley, Carol Leonard. Fourth row: Ethel Krayenhagen, Karen Barghols, Marjorie Schubert, Karen Butcher, Carol Boothby, Dixie Freese, Lois Striepe, Jerri Jean Cole, Mary Jane Leonard, Phyllis Vohs, Janice Leonard, Janet Dittmer, Joyce Rolfs, Ruth Bergmann, Joan Cipperley, Jean Moser, Louise Halvorsen. Fifth row: Verla Frahm, Patsy Keitges, Darlene Rice, Jo Ann Lasher, Julie Leonard, Lois Schroeder, Verna Leckhand, Mary Ann Coettsch, LaVonne Timmerman, Betty Timmerman, Deanna Coettsch, Barbara Irwin, Sally Blackmer. Absentee: M2fry'McBride. PEP CLUB PEPPERS H.H.S. Pep Club has 74- active members, with Jerri Jean Cole, the President, Mary Jane Leonard, Vice President, Nancy Janssen, Secretary, and Charles None- man, Treasurer. Our yearis activities include bang-up pep meetings, skits for home games, and the program for the Homecoming game. For the Homecoming parade the club worked hard to produce a beautiful float to carry the Royalty along the way. Later in the evening we helped in the colorful coronation ceremonies for the King and Queen. As a climax of the winning football season the Hol- stein Pepsters sponsored a Victory Dance for the entire student body. Sponsored by ZEMAN AND SORENSEN, ROYAL CLEANERS and CORRECEOUX GARAGE CHEERLEADERS-Marilyn Wagner, Sandra Madsen, Nancy Michaelsen, and Connie Hal- vorsen. if at so 'Pl' Q O cog I8 THE Hl-LARITY VOLUME VIII, NUMBER 3 HOLSTEIN, IDA COUNTY, IOWA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER l5, I954. TEN CENTS A COPL Pirates Take Maple Valley Loop Title to End Season . . . . lt was n iubilnnl gang of Ptol- Aifwfwn -- Basketball Loss Smepe ls .lgunlvg 5141? 50 ?:i2?.CL"l52.Xh'Z..i?..'?'..'.'H - B . . ecor fow shouting. and Pollndihl C . S On Tuesday evening, Novem--aft: ttlfgcliliggcdiriiergritibotiipigi Applications are now available for the Navy's ninth competitive exlminalxnn for its nation-wide NROTC college lnmmg program, leoordin: to l recent umouneb In home type, both IIIMASSI the xvhcdule below thx- gumrs are set in bold lace Unless indicated otherwise. boys' and girls' lenmx will D. A. R. Contest Lois Slricpe hu been chosen by hz-r classmates and the hilth h Ill Il' K h Hol ber 9. I gathered up all ol my little friends and we decided to go to the junior class play, We certainly had to search for a suit- able place lo sl! because ul looked The continual rouna ot hack slaps Ind hand shakes went to everyone, especially to Wendell Reineke who scored the Pirates' hrs! touchdown clunaxin! nn 50 fifslmzlglixrfslfznllrnpuu Ku':::' -PM---ahh. cull: Ipxumgfui lf' nteecood as though the whole town had yard march: to Jerry Breytngle med for December H NM NW, 14.1-L., ,.--,,-' ummm' un Conwy spomond .nnulny also decided to attend. Soon we who bro: thruulhsnddkiiwgtsg . ' ' . Nov. l!-Thur. .,,.,,,,, Annum x , were settled, and nl B 00 o'clock down a clan pun , an o 'S "P" H' "I "UF" 'CNW' """"lmw za.s.l mi... .. Q-.. by 'fl' Df'f'h"' of 'h' Amm . vom the mmm ug nm-d on Frm who mi on n in the ma This year's HI-LARITY STAFF organized early in the fall under the guiding hand of Mrs. Christie. The expressed hope of the group was to edit a paper which would be of interest to everyone . . . After assignments were made, the business man- ager with the circulation and subscription groups sold ads and subscriptions to finance the paper . . . Hi-Larity went to press sixteen times this year. Special issues were printed at Christmas and for senior graduation. The editing staff found publishing the paper a full time job. Assignments had to be given and articles written to meet our deadlines. Typists, fingers flew on the days when that uunreadablew penciled copy had to be deciphered. Seeing oneis own article in headlines was a terrifying reward for the effort and time spent in composition. MRS. C. CHRISTIE First row, left to right: Carol Stoneking, Deanna Goettsch Cocttsch, Nancy Henrichsen, Beta Scott, Janith Williams, hols, Karen Butcher, Peggy Luella Schuett, Marilyn Wag Breyfogle, Jerri Jean Cole, Jane Leonard, Connie Halvorsen, Marilyn , Willis Buell, Nancy Janssen, Shirley Scherner. Second row: Carol Bonnie Blackmer, Joyce Obitz, Shirley Timmerman, Dean Hammer, Janice Lohff. Third row: Lois Striepe, Carol Boothby, Karen Barg- Nelson, Dixie Freese, Verna Leckband, Mary Kruse, Joyce Scott, ner, Ardis Cipperley, Barbara Kaus. Fourth row: Marjorie Schubert, Phyllis Vohs, Lois Schroeder, Julie Leonard, Hiram Leonard, Richard Bagenstos, Rodson Eller- busch, Wayne Nelson, Sally Blackmer, Betty Timmerman, Barbara Irwin, Joan Cipperley, La- Vonne Timmerman, Mary Nell Bumann. Absentee: Mary McBride. Advisor: Mrs. Christie. Sponsored by BATH PACKERS comes the band.. ' .. S airs 5- ra " A we , ' V3 I FLUTES-Louise Halvorsen, Sally Blackmer, Phyllis Vohs. OBOE-Faye Janssen. CLARINETS- Marilyn Wagner, Nancy Henrichsen, Joan Rolfs, Margene Coettsch, Bonnie Blackmer, Karen Butcher, Julie Ewoldt, Carol Boothby, Nancy Kolb, Nancy Kelley, Joanne Bye, Mary Jo Tlewitt, Doris Timrnerman, Catherine Lingle, Larry Jons, Kathleen Krull. Maxine Vohs, Joelle Jochims, Marvel Loof, Marilyn Stoneking. BASSOON-Dianne Cvellert. SAXOPHONES-LaVonne Schuett, Mary Jane Leonard, Lowell Kruse, Camilla Hanson, Roberta Boothby, Loretta Clausen, Sandra Madsen, Julie Leonard. CORNETS-Kenneth Kruse, Stephen Curtis, Mary Kruse, Nancy Janssen, Stephen Madsen, Dean Gerber, Bruce Schmidt. HORNS-Mary Knuth, Joyce Rolfs. BARITONES -George Hueschen, James Bleasdell. TROMBONES-Craig Vollmar, Hiram Leonard, Pat Keitges, Charles Jones. Richard Bagenstos. BASSES-Janice Leonard, Janith Williams, TYMPANlf Jerri Jean Cole. PERCUSSl0N-Gerald Langland, Connie Halvorsen, Lois Schroeder, Patsy Keitges. OFFICERS of the BAND Pr9Sifl'6rl2 ,,,...,,,.,, ., ,,,,, KENNETH KRUSE Secretary ,,,,,,, ,,,,, B IARY JANE LEONARD Vice President ,,,, , ,,,,,,, CRAIG VOLLNIAR Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GERALD LANGLAND Band Managers LOIS SCHROEDER PATSY KEITGES PIRATE BAND Noise! Noise! Ear-deafening activity. The Pirate Band tunes up. Then the slender baton is poised in the air for a second, and after the hush of a second-music- music created by a group of students who have worked and worked hard for long hours. They have practiced and marched and braved all kinds of weather to perform out on the football field for their school and team. They have practiced and practiced to please the home folks with the third annual POPS CONCERT. And then they have struggled and practiced some more to strut their stuff at the 1955 Music Contest. No little credit goes to Band Conductor Harold Halvorsen who has helped make a fine Holstein High School Band. Cheer ulnecs that wakes the heart 0 joy Music brings of itself a f . y f . ,E I9 N 'X J J, FLUTE-Sue Blackmer, Susan Curtis, Christine Leonard. CLARINET-Mary Jo Dt-Witt, Maxine Vohs, Kathleen Krull, Joelle Jochims, Beverly Long, Catherine Lingle, Doris Timmerman, Bryan Brosamle, Larry Jons, John Wagner, Betty Agnew, Janiver Meyer, Mary Us-hrts, Judy Williams, Nina Schmidt, Marjorie Burkhardt, Betty Lingle, Jeanette Helkenn, Lorene Friedriehsen, Karen Hahne, Sandra Long, Vicki Bruning, Donna Sinns. SAXOPHONE-Camilla Hanson, Roberta Boothby, Loretta Clausen, Veryl Droegmiller. CORNET-David Volts, Cary Weiland, Bruce Strand, Jerry Jochims, Tom Keitges, Bob Kelley, John Kolb, James Johanssen, Harold Droegmiller, Don Schroeder, Paul Strif-pe, Loren Clausen, Roger Nicklas, Ronnie Ludvigson, Dennis Rohlk, Orrin Armiger. BAIHTONE-Mary Hueschen. TROMBONE-David Bye, John Johannsen, Danny Schmidt, Bob Brown, Bill Meyer, David Schmidt, Cary Johnson, Brian Bruning, Connie Beyer, Cary Schuett. BASS-Joyce Scott, Janice Leonard. DRUM-Scott Hansen, Bruce Ladewig, Mary Ladewig, Bonnie Christiansen, Danny Cipperley, Jim Keitges. JUNIOR BAND 1 Above P MAJORETTES-Nancy Jans- sen, Patsy K e i t g e s, Lois Schroeder, Mary Jane Leon- ard, Drum Majors-Ile, Sally Blackmer, Jerri Jean Cole, Marilyn Wagner. FLUTE TRIO-Sally Blackmer, Phyllis Vohs, and Louise BARITONES-George Hueschen, Jim Bleasdell. Halvorsen. Sponsored by SIMMONS BEAUTY SHOP, DEE'S BEAUTY SHOPQ 20 JOSLIN SEED FARMg GUS FOSSELL our glee clubs... BOYS-Above, first row, left to right: Jerry Langland, Larry Leinbaugh, Pat Keitges, Ronald Meier, James Bleasdell, Wayne Saxon, Harold Butcher, Lowell Thomsen. Second row: George Hueschen, Richard Schmidt, Robert Will, Rodson Ellerbusch, Roger Clausen, Don Gerber, Clark Conover, Charles Noneman, Dennis Hueschen, Wayne Nelson, Wendell Conover, Dan Sorensen. Third row: Kenneth Kruse, Lloyd Glawe, DeWitt Cries, Charles Jones, Dennis Kolb, Willis Buell, Hiram Leonard, Lowell Kruse, Richard Bagenstos, Richard Lorenzen, Stephen Curtis. GIRLS-Below, first row, left to right: Dolores Steen, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Wagner, LaVonne Schuett, Carol Leonard, Joyce Scott, Marvel Loof, Janet Petersen, Joyce Ohitz, Shirley Timmer- man, Sandra Madsen, Janice Lohff, Connie Halvorsen. Second row: Marilyn Stoneking, Jane Leonard, Myrna Niemeier, Ruth Bergmann, Lois Striepe, Louise Halvorsen, Peggy Nelson, Jerri Jean Cole, Carol Dittmer, Andra Lee Ewoldt, Dorothy Werner, Kay Conover, Nancy Henrichsen. Third row: Joan Cipperley, Lois Schroeder, Julie Leonard, Jo Ann Lasher, Joanne Rolfs, Darlene Rice, Verna Leckband, Betty Timmerman, Dixie Freese, Sally Blackmer, Mary Kruse, LaVonne Timmerman, Jeanne Moser, Bonnie Blackmer. Sponsored by FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, TH. HANSEN, Hardware xi B 6 CJ .3 " fm -new . . gs M M... af f " A I . .,,- i 4 5 ww: c M, V ' ' V" W A ." , ' 4-Wiz. ,- 3.5 01? 5 ' , L . ., .- Lf I-,f'if:j:filf1' f ,, , ,. . . -if w e J S ' 5 . , ,,, ., f f ' ' l 1 ,L Z - L34 J -Y ' 7 ,GV X7 Q , QQ ,ia x. .,f ., t ,, ,.. .. ,is 4,55 ,.. , 4 if 'X A - 2 1' '- e I' sf. , ,,5?t2?.st 2. .ew n'h'f i f- f.:s.r,fiw5 : sn. fez2' , . F5 ., , ' - ., X 4 'fi 1 5 twiHfsz'3ifi'l:- 22. 2, 152. , rgf,L4s,5g2ffg? 'ig4is2z- xi New ff fVifi,,'f1i.i1 f 5 ,S kj . I 'Fifi ti1Z'?iW,3i 'I ' EL, if Tai! 35: BW fi, if 1 ii T if 3 I ,, I S, ', 1.-, F: , gg, 3 ,J 2435? 1 ,, - ,J so I I 'R 4 1. . ' ' ' 5 - - . '1 ,gg , - Me' 'l is ,ez 23- if swf ' J 'fe ,i ' 1 S ' 1 2 . . ' N8 x fra ' -kiwi? 12125521 as -g', f , git -' 5' 4 'X is is 1 ...and our mixed chorus... First row, left to right: Charles Noneman, Wayne Nelson, Connie Halvorsen, Sandra Madsen, Janice Lohff, LaVonne Schuett, Joyce Ohitz, Jerri Jean Cole, Wayne Saxon, James Bleasdell, Richard Schmidt. Second row: Hiram Leonard, Willis Buell, Julie Leonard, Jeanne Moser, Marilyn Wagner, Dorothy Werner, Lois Striepe, Nancy Janssen, Carol Dittmer, Louise Halvorsen, Rodson Ellerbusch, Jerry Langland, Robert Will, Larry Leinbaugh. Third row: Richard Bagenstos, Clark Conover, Ronald Meier, Lowell Kruse, Sally Blackmer, Lois Schroeder, JoAnn Lasher, Myrna Niemeier, Mary Jane Leonard, Joan Rolfs, Verna Leckband, Lloyd Glawe, DeWitt Cries, Kenneth Kruse, George Hueschen. AGAIN THIS YEAR we had a fine representation of the student body in the vocal music department. With three fine mixed groups, the girls' sextet, the boys' octet, the mixed quartet, and ten soloists warming up consistently, lots of harmony, skill, and entertainment came out of 'gthis old housef' Along with these small groups the two glee clubs and the mixed chorus tuned up regularly and with zesto. One of the music highlights of the year was the impressive Christmas program, featuring literally hundreds of singers in a fine program. After Christmas attention was cen- tered on the preparations for the annual spring music contests. well as these musicians... 4 'V' FLUTE and CLARINET-Louise Hal- CORNETS-Stephen Curtis, Mary Kruse, and Kenneth vorsen and Marilyn Wagner. Kruse. Sponsored by ROSARY SOCIETY, HAROLD McDERMOTTg ALICE HUEGERICH CO.g TODD NURSING HOME they tune up... gf..- "'N SAXOPHONE QUARTET fMary .lane Leonard, La- V o n n e Schuett, Sandra Madsen, Lowell Kruse. mga Y? BRASS SEXTET - Ste- phen Curtis, .lames Bleas- dell, C e o r g e Hueschen, Hiram Leonard, Kenneth Kruse, and Craig Vollmar. CLARINET QUINTET- Joan Rolfs, M a r i ly n Stoneking. N a n c y Hen- drichsen, Margene Goet- tsch, and Marilyn Wag- ner. TROMBONE QUARTET-Craig Vollmar, Charles Jones, SOLOISTS-Nancy Hvnrichsen, LaVonne Schuett, Louise Richard Bagenstos, Hiram Leonard. Halvorsen, Craig Vollrnar, Marilyn Wagner, and George Hueschen. Sponsored by L. H. WAGNER. D.IJ.F.. and VULLMAR ENTERPRISES. INC. 23 GQQ ..a.t its best.. To the right the GIRLS' SEXTET with four new members in the line: Myrna Niemeier, Marilyn Wagner, Lois Striepe, Carol Dittmer, Jeanne Moser and Sandra Madsen. To the right the VOCAL SOLOISTS representing Holstein High-Sitting: Charles Noneman, Hiram Leonard, Kenneth Kruse, Jerry Langland, Willis Buell. Standing: Joyce Obitz, Lois Striepe, Lowell Kruse, Julie Leonard, and Carol Dittmer. Absentee: Sandra Madsen. . . . vocal music. . . To the left the MIXED QUARTET-Charles None- man, Lois Striepe, Jerri Jean Cole, and Kenneth Kruse. For the second straight year they made the all-state chorus in Des Moines. To the left the newly organized BOYS' OCTET- Wayne Saxon, Stephen Curtis, Willis Buell, Richard Bagenstos, Rodson Ellerbusch, Robert Will, Jerry Langland, and James Bleasdell. ' gig-G A "S- Sponsored by PAT'S BEAUTY SHOPg SCHMIDT'S JEWELRYg C. F. BESORE, JR.g LUFT BARBER SHOP It by sports at holstein hi li... CHEERLEADERS ,F , N. K , 4 Vw' BJ f,-4 f .ii A. When the one great Scorer name, he writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game " comes to write against your aj' ., H 1954 MAPLE VALLEY CHAMPIONS First row, left to right: G. Breyfogle, C. Noneman, J. Clausen. C. Vollmar, J. Bleasdell. Second row: P. Keitges. S. Curtis, R. Will, V. Bumann, D. C1-rber. Third row: W. Reineke, R. Hass, H. Leonard, D. Bircher, W. Buell, W. Jensen. Fourth row: D. Fritz, C, Leonard, F. liienlien, K. Kruse, L. Glawe, D. Cries. SEASONS RECORD The Black Pirates of Holstein High came through a very successful season of rockim-sockim football. ,lust as all teams do, we had our ups and downs, our triumphs and our failures. After the season ended, we wished we might have played three of the games over, but one can- not do that. After five wins against three losses, the final wind-up came with a smashing victory over Odebolt, giv- ing us the Maple Valley Conference trophy, the greatest We They 0 Alta ........ 13 6 Moville .. 0 25 Onawa ...... ........ 1 4 0 Dunlap ......... ........ 1 9 0 Ida Grove .... 6 39 C'ville 7 45 Kingsley ...., ,,,, 0 3 spoil of our victories. 26 Sponsored by BOOTHBY PLUMBlNGg HOLSTEIN OIL CO.g HARRY STONEKINC Nba' squad-19 -fl- First row, left to right: J. Breyfogle, P. Keitges, R. Schmidt, R. Meier, R. Bagenstos, R. Eller busch, V. Bumann. Second row: S. Janssen, R. Boothby, C. Conover, L. Bumann, K. Leonard, D Sorensen. Third row: L. Bircher, L. Reinelce, R. Clausen, M. Jensen, G. Brown, D. Hammer. 1955 SEASON The Pirate HB" squad rounded out their season with a 2-2 record. The 'CBN squad got rolling in its first game with a l3-0 victory over Ida Grove. The following week Holstein lost to Kingsley on a wet field, 7-0. ln the third game Holsteinis Little Pirates issued a 40-7 coup de grace to Aurelia, showing some fine football and know-how. The last game was a desperate attempt to ulick the Bomhersf, but Kingsley set them hack a second time, 27-6. No. 31 runs into a nest of Holstein tacklers. m. v. champions WENDELL REINEKE . . . Sr. FB ...5'1I"...170lbs...the bull of the woods. Picked up good yardage and his share of TDIS . . . 3 major I'I's. 6' CHARLES NONEMAN . . . Sr. QB . . . 5'10" . . . 140 lbs . . . adept ball handler and alert on defense . . . 3 major H's. GARY LEONARD . . . Sr. tackle ...6'1"...170lbs....The boy called "Coofus" who K'goofed" up many opponents, running and passing plays . . . 3 major H's. JIM CLAUSEN . . . Sr. guard . . . 5'10" . . . 154 lbs . . . Holstc-in's galloping guard . . . Blocking best demonstrated in Odebolt 4th Quarter . . . 3 major H's. HIRAM LEONARD . . . Sr. HR . . . 5'I1" . . . 155 lbs . . .good for extra yardage and defensive pass interceptions . . . 3 major H's. ROGER HASS . . . Sr. end . . . 6'1', - Y - 175 lbs - . - pass swagger GERALD BREYFOGLE . . . Sr . . . end protector against touch- guard - . . 5'9" . . b 140 lbs D U , down Plays - - - 1 maj0r and 1 like all Texans, big on offense an KENNETLI KRUSE . . . Sr. lend minor H. defense I . ' 3 major H,S. ...62 ,..16Olbs...m1ght be called 'fwhirling dervishf' but WILLIS BUELL - - - ST- CCIHPT - - - he snags the passes and gallops 5'11" . . . 160 lbs . . . accurate around end . . . 3 major H's. center . . . valuable man for field goals or kicks . . . 2 major H's, 1 minor. JIM BLEASDELL . . . Sr. center . , . 5'8" . . . 132 lbs . . . small as centers go but big in many other ways . . . 3 major I'I's. CRAIG VOLLMAR . . . Sr. tackle ...5'7"...158lbs...good defensive man . . . kept his hole in the line well covered . . . 2 major I-I's, 1 minor. ROBERT WILL . . . Sr. tackle and def. guard . . . 5'10" . . . 180 lbs . . . filled the hole in the line and kept it plugged . . . good defensive boy . . . 3 major I-I's. WENDALL JENSEN . . . Jr. guard 5'10" . . . 170 lbs . . . always in there digging . . . good man for next year . . . 2 major His, 1 minor. DAVID BIRCHER . . . Ir. center ...6'...180lbs...lostto next year . . . we certainly will miss ole "Birch" next year . . . 2 major His, 1 minor. 28 Sponsored by WILLIAM AGNEW, INSURANCEg BARKER FUNERAL HOME STEPHEN CURTIS . . . Jr. QB . . . 5'10', . . . 140 lbs . . . adept ball handler and accurate passer . . . good man for 155 . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. , 1 . . . more champs DONALD CERBER . . . Jr. HB . .. 5'10" . . . 158 lbs . . . plenty of speed and lots of drive . . . his experience valuable next year . . . 2 major H's, 1 minor. LLOYD CLAWE . . . lr. end . . . 6'2,' . . . 170 lbs . . . often col- lared passing quarterbacks . . . 2 major H's, 1 minor. FRANCIS BIENLIEN . . . Jr. end . . . 6'3" . . . 175 lbs . . . alert on defense . . . good man for flank protection . . . 2 major H's, 1 minor. DEWITT GRIES . . . Jr. tackle . . . 6'2" . . . 198 lbs . . . if size and strength mean anything, here comes our All-American . . . good defensive man . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. DEAN HAMMER . . . Jr. QB . . . 5'5" . . . 125 lbs . . . carries a lot of punch for his size . . . will see future action . . . 1 major, 2 minor H's. PAT KEITCES . . . Sophi HB . . . 5'10" . . . 160 lbs . . . clever open- field runner with lots of speed and snaky hips . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. DONALD FRITZ . . . Soph. tackle andHB...6'1"...215lbs... the boy who picks them up and really lays them down . . . always smiling even when he hits op- ponent head on . . . 2 major H's. RONALD MEIER . . . Soph. tackle ...5'11"...175lbs...the "vicious one" . . . good both of- fensive and defensive . . . valuable for 1955 . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. JAMES BREYFOGLE . . . Soph. guard . . . 5'6" . . . 140 lbs . . . little but mighty . . . size means nothing to him and he proves it on the football field . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. RICHARD SCHMIDT . . . Soph. guard . . . 5'10" . . . 192 lbs . . . rugged defensive player . . . good blocker on offense . . . should be valuable next season . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. RODSON ELLERBUSCH . . . Soph. tackle...6'...205lbs...a big boy lacking in experience, but will be in there pitching come next fall . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. VIRGIL BUMANN . . . Soph. FB ...5'10',...165lbs...areal fullback who never slows down . . . a genuine plowhorse . . . 1 major, 1 minor H. Sponsored by VOHS-JOHNSON PRODUCEg BLUE EAGLE ALLEYS 29 O. Lvonard and Cr-rbe-r makv sure this run stops lt's no gain whcn a big Piratv, WXJ, and W. Reim-kc come in fast on defensi- Sponsoreml by KEITCES FOOD MARKETg MOTOR INN game highlights Num-man carrim-s aw Frit ops-ns a path P Km-itgc-s heads for pay dirt . i.P 50 5h WL Cl TH, P s Lloyd Glawe, Roger Hass, James Clausen, Stephen Curtis, Pat Keitges, Charles Noneman, Donald Gerber, Hiram Leonard, Larry Leinbaugh, Donald Fritz. THE HOLSTEIN BLACK PIRATES came through the ,54-'55 basketball season with a very creditable showing, racking up fifteen wins out of twenty-three games. Percentage-wise, they won 65W of their games and rolled up a total of 1373 points to their opponents, 1176. Battling their way through three games of the Maple Valley Tournament, the Pirates edged out Galva in the finals to collect the trophy. Pitted against lda Grove in the first round of the state series, the team fought right down to the wire but lost out by eight points in the last quarter. SEASON'S RECORD Holstein i..,.,. .......... 3 6 Moville ,.l. ....... 2 5 Holstein ..i..,.. V........ Holstein t...,.,.....,i,,,i., 31 Aurelia C ,,,,,,, 51 Holstein .....,., ,,...... . Holstein .,,..,. ,..,.,.,,, 7 0 Anthon ,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 O Holstein ........ ,,,...,,. Holstein .,..,.. .,.....,ss 5 6 Calva ,i...., 47 Holstein .....,,, ,.... - Holstein ,,........ 48 Clville ,,..v, ....,, , 50 Holstein ,..,...t ,V,,,,,,t Holsteinn, ,..,,,..,, 64 Danbury -,,-----, -,,,,,, 6 3 Holstein ,,..,,,i .,,,, - Holstein .......... 55 Kingsley ,,,,.,.,,,,,..,,.,,, 45 Holstein T ,,.,t,, ,.,....., Holstein-- ,.,,,,,,,, 45 Battle Creek -----,--,,,,-, 46 Holstein .,...,,, ,..,. - Holstein Holstein ,.., Holstein ,,..,,,, ....,..., Holstein .,,..... .,,....,i Holstein .,,,.... - ....,, 1 Washta .,....,..,. ,,,,,,, 3 4 Holstein .....,,. ,.,.,.,., 7 1 Maple Valley Tournament lVIov1lle 53 Galva .,,,,.i,. ....,,,.,, Finals Sectional Tournament 52 Ida Grove ..... ....,..... Holstein ,....... ......... 64 Danbury .,,i,,, ,,,,,,.,,, Sponsored by BEYER ELECTRICg JIM'S BAKERY, GREEN'S DAIRYg MOSER IMPLEMENT Hartley ....,.. South Sioux Quimby ....,,, Galva ,,,i,,,,... Odebolt ,...... Battle Creek Arthur ,,,,,,, Alta ,,t.,,,,,.,., C ville ....... Danbury ,,,,, . . . alfa boys -little pirates . . . First row, left to right: Lowell Thomsen, Steven Janssen, Harold Butcher, Alfred Hass, Dan Sorensen, Wendell Conover. Back row: Virgil Bumann, Kurt Leonard, Richard Boothby, Rodson Ellerbusch, Dennis Kolb, Clark Conover, John Leckband, Merlin Jensen. THE LITTLE PIRATES came through the 754955 basketball season with a very good record-seven wins to two losses-losing to Galva and Correctionville. Total points for their nine games 337 to their opponents, 300. LITTLE PIRATES' RECORD Holstein .,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,., 44 Washta ,,,,,,,,, Holstein. ,,e,,,., ,,,..,, 2 8 Danbury ,,,,,. , Holstein e....,,,. ,..,,,, 3 0 Galva .,.,,,,, Holstein ,,..,,,,, ...,,,, 4 6 Kingsley ,,,, Holstein ,,,.,.... ,,,..., 2 9 Calva ,,,,.e, Holstein e,,.,,,,,, .,,,,e. 4 4 Alta ,,,,,,,,, Holstein ,,,..,,e, , ,,e... 31 C'ville .,,,, Holstein t,,.e..,., ,,,,,e, 4 3 C'ville ,,,,, Holstein ,,..,,,,., ,,,,,,. 4 2 Danbury ,,,. Sponsored by COUNCIL OAK STORE and STATE THEATER First right: ROGER HASS . . . Fade-away jump shot artist-one of the best ever to hit HHS-crossed up de- fense with hook. Second right: HIRAM LEONARD . . . A real ball-hawk with terrific hustle and spirit. Top left: PAT KEITCES . . . Long-shot artist with much potential. Right CHARLES NONEMAN Recognized as the playmaker of the ball club with great desire Left: STEPHEN CURTIS One of the best set-shot artists known for his fade-away. ...pirates of 55 Right JAMES CLAUSEN His out shooting and free throw shootmg proved to be great assets Left: DONALD GERBER Showed lots of potential in the late season as a driving guard. Right below LLOYD GLAWE Good rebounder and tip in artist with great potential Left below: D O N A L D FRITZ . . . A good man on the boards-Should make good center. Right: L A R R Y LEIN- BAUGH . . . A scrapper all the way with desire to learn-good board- man. Lloyd hits rock bottom! Roger heads for pay dirt. . . . pirates in action . . s Hiram ties up Mundt. Hot hall! Nobody will touch it. Sponsored by AMERICAN LEGIONg CHEROKEE CREAMERY, Cherokeeg EMIL EHLER 81 SON, IMP. ill ww ...m. U. tourney-jan. 5-8.. Top above: MR. M. F. CHRISTIE, Superintendent and president of the Maple Valley Association, pre- sents the M.V. trophy to team captains, Hiram Leonard and Jim Clausen. Left above: NONEMAN rebounds. Right above: HASS finds an opening. Right: SMILES and TROPHIES indicate the two tournament winners for 1955. Sponsored by PHILLIPS 66, Station, Tank, and Wagon Janice Lohff, Patsy Keitges, Nancy Janssen, Jerri Jean Cole, Deanna Coettsch, Mary Ann Coettsch, Verna Leckband, Lois Schroeder, Shirley Scherner, Mary ,lane Leonard, Carol Brey- fogle, Dorothy Werner. Standing: Margene Coettsch, Manager. The PIRATETTES, consolation winners of last year, with all the poise and grace of true veterans came through the season with twenty-six straight wins to reach the state finals in Des Moines March 1-5. At Des Moines they won the first three rounds by knocking off district champions, Oakland, Eldora, and Royal, but lost to district champion, Goldfield, in an overtime. ln the thirty games played during the 1954-55 season, the Holstein Runner-up Champions scored 2056 points while their opponents counted 1127. As a team they averaged less than twelve fouls per game. To the outstanding sextet of Iowa-Lois, Jerri Jean, Mary lane, Nancy, Shirley, and Verna we extend congratulations for a wonderful record and a job well done. SEASON'S RECORD state T lL 11 I1 u P champs . Holstein .... ...,.,V.. 7 4 Farnhamville ..,..,,.,.,, 55 Holstein ..,.,i ..,,,,,., , 81 Washta ,,,,,,, 48 Holstein ,,..,., . ,,.,,,, 71 Moville ,,,,,,,, ,.,,.,..,, 3 3 Holstein ,,,,,...,........... 83 Hartley ,,,,,,, 52 Holstein ....,., ..,,...., 64 Anthon ........ ....,..... 4 0 Holstein ,,,,,,,,,,,t,,,,,.., 68 Lohrville ,,,, W ,,,,,,V 28 Holstein ,,,,... ,...,.,., 5 3 Garnavillo 1 ..,....... 43 Holstein .........,.l....,.r, 94 Quimby ,Y,,,,,,,, 25 Holstein ,,.. ,,,,..,,, 9 0 Aurelia ,,,,, ,....,.... 2 8 Holstein .,,,..,,,,,,,,i,,,,, 63 Galva ,,,,,-,,,, ,7,,,,, 4 6 Holstein ,,,, ,.,,,,.,, 7 5 Calva .,.,,, ..,V.,.... 2 4 Holstein .,,,.,,............. 74 Odebolt ,.,, .,,,,,, 3 5 Holstein ....... ......,., 8 0 Clville ,,........ ........., 4 2 Holstein ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,, 58 Battle Creek ,,,,,,,,,,,,,V 28 Holstein ,,,,... ......... 7 7 Kingsley ...,........,.,.,.,. 47 Holstein ..r,,,,,,.,..,,.,r,, 84 Arthur ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,l,,, 2 4 Holstein .................... 64 Battle Creell ,,-,.,,....... 24 Holstein, ,,,., 77 George -,,,,,i 29 Maple Valley Tournament District Tournament Holstein ,... ...,........, 6 2 Moville ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,.. 30 Holstein ,,,,..,.. ,,,,,,, 6 6 Kingsley ,,,,. ,,,,.,,. 4 0 Holstein ......, .,.,..,,, 6 0 Battle Creek .............. 15 Holstein .,,,.,.,, ,,,,.,, 6 2 Hinton ,,,,,,,t 53 Holstein ......,.. ....... 6 3 Blencoe .......t 45 Sectional Tournament 1955 Iowa State Tournament Holstein ,..,... ,......,. 2 Oto fforfeitj .,..,.,.,.,. 0 Holstein ,,r,,,,-,--l,---,,,, 72 Oakland V---,---- Afwwbbp 5 1 Holstein ....... ,......,, 8 3 Battle Creek .....,,..,,.,, 32 Holstein 58 Eldera A,,---f 751 Holstein .,...., ..,,,,,,. 7 1 Calva ....,,,,,, .....,. 2 9 Holstein ,.,,,, -,,--l, 7 6 Royal fw--,A, 73 Semi-finals Holstein... .,,,.,, 51 Goldfield ,,,,, s,,,r , ,53 Finals Sponsored by HOLSTEIN PRODUCE . a dozen pirates . VERNA LECKBAND . . . Senior post guard . . . blocked shots and interceptions her specialties . . . her height-advantage helped in snatching rebounds. JERRI JEAN COLE . . . Senior forward . . . she has an outstanding deceptive fake to fool her opponent . . . her playmaking set up the baskets . . an accurate set-shot artist. NANCY JANSSEN . . . Senior guard . . . may he small but few girls outjump Nancy . , . her speed in bringing the ball down court a great asset . . . always plays a good floor game. LOIS SCHROEDER . . . Senior forward . . . came through consist- ently w i t h set-shot swishers . . . fine sea- son record at the free throw line . . . con- sistent floor game DOROTHY WERNER . . . Senior guard . . . a very valuable reserve . . . could always be counted on to take over and come through with a good game . . . her speed and rebounding her best, PATSY KEITCES . . . Sophomore forward . . . Patsy stepped into the post forward spot and performed like a veteran . . . Jump shots and underhand scoops her best . . , should go places. Sponsored by HUEGEIUCH FURNITURE M A R Y JANE LEON- ARD , . . Senior for- ward . . . her pivot shot ability always wor- ries opponents . . . Hook shots a n d overhead swishers her specialty . . . a competitive player who never gives up. SHIRLEY SCHERNER . . Senior guard . . . Basketball is her first love . . . consistently fine hall handling . . . her specialty is snatch- ing the forward's ball . . . always a good re- bound game. fi JANICE LOHFF . . . Senior forward . . . worked well out in front and has a good set-shot and drive-in . . . proved to he a valuable pinch hitter. fs? DEANNA COETTSCH . . . Junior forward and guard . . . a deter- mined gal who switched from guard to forward in mid-season . . . should come along next yr-ar. MARY ANN GOETTSCH . . . Senior guard . . . a valuable asset to the team . . . at the post her height and reach block many opponvnts' shots. CAROL BREYFOCLE . . . ,lunior guard . . . This determined defensive player has the desire to play hall and shows promise for nf-xt year . . . aggressive and good ball handler. ,..-f-" . . . the mi. U. trophy is ours . . . mr. m. f. Christie doing the honors . . . 38 Sponsored by LORENZEN BEER PARLORg CHUCK'S BODY SHOPg BILLY'S SUPER SERVICE .fc 99 girls-little piratettes... First row, left to right: Reta Scott, .lanice Leonard, Sally Blackmer, Phyllis Vohs, Julie Leonard, Bonnie Blackmer, Verla Frahm, Joyce Scott. Second row: Janet Petersen, Dolores Steen, Carol Boothby, Betty Timmerman, Marjorie Schubert, Karen Bargholls, Shirley Timmerman, Margene Goettsch, Manager. SEASON'S RECORD Holstein t,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,, 3 5 Correctionville ,,,,,,,,,, 19 Holstein ,,,,,, .,,.,,, 5 9 Calva ..,i,.,......,..,,,..... 39 Holstein ,,,,,,, ,,.,,, , 66 Kingsley ,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 9 Holstein ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 1 Calva .,,i. ,..... . 26 Holstein ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,, 5 7 George ,,,,, ,...,,. 1 9 Sponsored by HOLSTEIN TIN SHOP and R. S. PORTERFIELD ,f 'xii 1. Des Moines bound 1955. 3. Presentation in the new Veterans' the situation. 7. Lois, and Chuck on KAYL. ZW'--.. fwgk . . . Feb. 28, 1955. 2. Crowning of thc Numlwr 2 Quvvns . . . Mar. 6, of the Runnerup trophy. 4. Hunrwr-up Champions of Iowa . . . 1955 Auditorium. 5. Mary janv tangles with Oakland. 6. Jerri joan controls gifs mine." 8. Flowi-rs from the fans. 9. Tho key to the city. 10. Nanvy t i m e Sponsored hy SPORTSMANS. SIOUX CITY, and DWIGHT HAUFF SPORTING GOODS, SlUl'X CITY 4I ...track and field artists... First row: Gerald Breyfogle, Stephen Curtis, Wendall Jensen, Wendell Beineke, Gary Leonard, Lloyd Glawe, Roger Hass, James Clausen, Dick Boolhby, Charles Noneman, Clark Conover, James Bleasdell. Second row: Dean Hammer, Virgil Bumann, Ronald Meier, Don Fritz, Francis Bienlien, Charles Jones, DeWitt Cries, Larry Leinbaugh, Dick Schmidt, Roger Clausen, Pat Keilges. Third row: Dan Sorensen, Jim Breyfogle, Merlin Jensen, Ray Brandt, Dennis Kolb, Curtis Conover, Kurt Leonard, John Leckband, Bill Brandt, Loyd Reineke, Lowell Thomsen. Absent: Donald Gerber. .. .scenes from holstein meets. . :li J. ,. -1 'iv 3 17 A . 1 A, ,K . -.. 54- -, l'..1l.Q, 'J' .:.J'l'l52f" X K ffmwit- I T .ui Q 2 mf, , , . , y., N ,gf- ,.,,: L.. , A,.,,,., .4 Q ef' ' V . , " . V A t , , I L . , , K , A -f I ,V I 4, C ,gf ..:,,,i,V: - Q f f I . .3. 'C . zz ' Jil' ii' ' W I , X, 7 4 A A, - -,fl e-if ' 'WQif"Wf7 ts l I ' 4 fr ' , A is . We H I :ff .AJ '1 . ' ' ' .9 , 'S '74-.55 f -, ri" J J if f-M - fat..-1 Q-H ..,', I.. "1: fag, J' Q -f J 7 ff ' ' if - 7 U "' . :Gul-ff.. bl I ' A . - -' 'H' A.: ' i . ' , , , ' -' Y " ' -' ' , f-,. .,., , Q f . .. , ff e"i5-lgg.':eei?2 . Q.. ' L' 'W'G . f7ie 1751 l a , L Homecoming festivities began on the cool and windy night of October 14. A parade- consisting of the Saddle Club, Band, Class Floats, and the Royalty Float-paraded through town and terminated at the gym where the coronation program took place. The seniors presented a take-off on Macbeth with the three witches and their magic cauldron, the juniors, "A Wedding of Holstein and Victory"g the sophomores, "The Hol- stein Machine"g and the freshmen, "Jarrin' Jack Jackson." Then came the highlight and the most breathtaking event of the evening - the corona- tion. Thirty high school girls in blue robes carrying lighted candles formed an aisle for the royalty to the stage which was decorated as an autumn scene. A spotlight caught each couple as they proceeded up the aisle while the boys, glee club gave the final touch to the impressive occasion by singing "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland." The attending couples. Nancy Janssen and Kenny Kruse. and Jane Leonard and Jim Clausen were crowned by Miss Stoner. The girls were presented with mum vorsages and the boys with boutonnieres. Then Queen Jerri and King Charles were crowned by Mr. Christie and took their respective places where Jerri'received a bouquet of red roses and Charles a carnation boutonniere. The climaxing event, held outside, was the burning of C'ville's effigy and the serving of cocoa and apples to the student body. Sponsored by JERRY COLE, BUD EHLERg AUGGIE GOETTSCH F11 G 0359? Fiji' Q 7. A. QQ:-1 Q , Homecoming Royalty lines up Queen Jerri lean with Nancy and Jane my if at ' N Sophg glean up Ckijllg Senior Witches perform Juniors bring home the bacon? fr 2 Q f -W he-A Freshies make headlines - 1 Juniors roll over C'ville SOPhS build H rl1HChiI1C Elgin 5 ? at s EJ freshies, this was your day. -2 On September 3, 19541, twenty-nine ugreenw Freshmen came slowly trudging to school. The boys wearing short skirts and huge bows on their backs and in their hair, represented "Little Iodine." The girls were attired in burlap sacks, and adorned with chicken feather beards, all looked the part of Pappy Yokum. After the usual lipstick-cornstarch routine, they were marched to the city park. A frog race and fish eating stunt preceded an invitation to brush their neighbors' teeth with soap. Then blindfolded, they fed each other bread while the superior seniors squirted them, and about everybody else, with col- ored water. ln the evening the seniors were hosts at a dance for the entire high school. Although the freshmen at first were horrified with the thought of initiation, everyone had a wonderful time. 33? .3 'fp Rag' ,iff Sponsored by IVAN BLACKMERg WM. J. WALKER, NICKLAS CLOTHING 45 --uw Queen Joanne and King Martin FrCShmHl1 C00liPs 1. -A P Nancy and Bob . the big party . On April 26, 1954-, the weary, but happy juniors, and the gay, but senti- mental seniors of Holstein High falong with the faculty members and members of the school boardj were escorted into a make-believe world by eight fresh- man Hcooliesf, The honored freshmen were the following: Pat Keitges, Larry Leinbaugh, Donny Fritz, Dick Boothby, Margene Coettsch, Patsy Keitges, Ruth Bergmann, and Sally Blackmer. When escorted through the golden archways, we entered the picturesque "Pagoda Roomn with its turquoise wall and black pagoda roof. Here were found the TV set, easy chairs, sofas, and swaying lanterns in an Oriental setting. Beyond the "Pagoda Roomv we entered a huge garden where lovely girls in bouffant formals and gentlemen in handsome suits whirled to the music of Bob Calame and his orchestra. ln the distance flower-adorned cherry trees sur- rounded a smoking Volcano. A stone wall encircled the garden with a bridge, a bird bath, parasols, and easy chairs down its length. Adorning the garden wall and other places were beautiful red poppies . . . "Cross over the bridge" ,- if 'T 'SW .M t ' n'C"1i',l PM Y- f Sponsored by SAXON LUMBER COMPANY 1 my f' 1 9. :fri 3 Four Aces Time 011i ff ' x ' 1 1 f 1 . . goes on . 1 For refreshments, you were escorted to the "Terrace Roomv where ' U you were served with cakes and a very tasty punch. Tinkling wind Q . ' chimes and the smell of incense and the light from the suspended . I , 5 Chinese lanterns carried out the theme of "Oriental Gardens." H - Q 1 Dancing continued from 9:00 until 12:00. Joanne Carstens and W 1.52 Q Martin Lohff were crowned Queen and King of the 1954- Prom. ,gi Q A I 5 ,ff To the seniors of 1955, it had been a very tiring matter but one fi 'wg-Q that had been long-awaitedg too soon it was over and to be for- ':':' 5 gotten for some but to those persons who' took part in the decorating ,,,-N and the evening of Hmake believe," it would never be forgotten, but would remain in the memory as one of the highlights of High School days. ...., Lois and Roger ? SF of 4 Mr. Kraii plays center i.Vg H F-W4 . . . ranclad meets ct pal . . . On November 9, the Junior Class presented the three act comedy, GRANDAD MEETS A PAL. Grandfather, who was a spry old man, found himself in the midst of confusion after meeting up with Horatius Xenophon Hooley. By using Grampis money, they tried to obtain a patent on Hooley's rat trap only to be interrupted by Mrs, Morton's social friends and her relatives. The disappearing of numerous items, including jewelry, money, and Aunt Polly's menthol tube, added to the excitement and comedy of the play. Mrs. Christieis hard work paid off in the fine evening of good entertainment. xxx' JUNIOR PLAY CAST Wendall Jensen-Jack Norwood, Betty's fiance, Clark Conover - Grogan, a policeman, Steve Curtis - Horatius Xenophan Hooloey, a tramp, Wayne Saxon - Grandad, Carol Breyfogle - Angie, the maid, Dean Hammer - Kip Shadduck, Betty's brother, Andra Lee Ewoldt - Mrs. Laura Morton, Mary Kruse - Miss Drusilla Dobbins, an old maid, Jo Ann Lasher - Della Harrington, the daughter, Deanna Goettsch - Mrs. Victoria Harrington, a society lady, Kay Conover, Betty Shadduck, Mrs. Morton's niece, Marilyn Stoneking - Jane Woods, Mrs. Morton's cousin. . . . mumbo jumbo . . . Early in the spring the seniors buckled down to work to try and present the best in mystery comedies, MUMBO JUMBO. A country hotel brings together a houseful of ill-assorted guests, resulting in murder. A West Indian mystic, a blind man, two Mretiredi' kidnappers, a chorus girl, and a native woman who speaks French, lend an air of mystery, while two college boys and two ufeudini sheriffsw supply the comedy. Janice Lohff-Emma's ten year old niece, LaV0nne Schuett-Peaches Greeding, a chorus girl, Mary Jane LeonardAMiss Emma Burpee, Sheriff, Jerri Jean Cole-Kay Samedi, the patientg Lois Schroeder-Mrs. Sarah Reynoldsg Jean Moser-Madame Celesta, native witch woman, Dixie Freese-Mrs. Custer, Harold's Motherg Nancy Janssen-Tweety, the hired girl, Jerry Langlandw-Dr. Gaza Omahandra, West lndian mysticg Hiram Leonard-Dick Reynolds, college boy, James Clausen-Monahan, State policemang Willis Buell-Mr. Peter Beamish, blind mang Wendell Reineke-John, Mrs. Reynold's husband, Charles Noneman-Pee Wee Smith, Dick's pal, .James Bleasdell-Lem Marblehead, another sheriffg Wayne Nelson-Harold Custer, a very polite young man. Sponsored by SIMMONS BARBER SHOP ie ls that you, Ruthie? Watermelon weather. Nancy and Lois have a gab-fest The inseparable pals. Connie poses before dreamtime. Lois relaxes. Human emotions in contrast. Hiram grabs a midnight snack. Bonnie stops for a picture. The new shop awaits the kids. k QU we - MM , M..- .SX +3 ir . ,U ,wi 1. Three o'clock in the morning. 2. Camera shy? 3. Tired, hungry, and cold. 3. Miss Vollstedt takes her daily conditioner. 4. Coley proves she can sleep anywhere. 5. Mixed emotions. 6. Joyce in dreamland. 7. Deanna's ready and willing. 8. Bedtime stories girls? 9. Marilyn and Nancy before going to roost. 10. Verna, Dort, and Shirley all set to win the game. 11. Easy does it, girls. 12. Prom fun. 14. Academy award winner of 1965. Sponsored by 0. A. LANGLAND, D.D.S.g CHESTERMAN CO., Sioux City K I VK 'dv an uv 4 Sf W 5 X 11,31 A P1 vf 53 fb 3 Q. ww ,,....-.-AL..-w . . . meet the grades . . . kindergarten through twelfth... THERE ARE 590 OF US, scattered throughout seventeen grades and grade rooms and taught or supervised by twenty-four teachers. From the lunchroom we take you to the kindergartens and on through the grades until you have followed the graduating seniors out through the portals for the last time. THESE NEXT EIGHTEEN PAGES of the Moo represent the youth of America whose minds will one day be directing the course of history and shaping the future of our country. Tzs education orms the Just as the twzg zs bent the tree s mclmed , . . f commonmindg 7 , . . Sponsored by C. E. CONOVER, 1881-1955 'er Eng Wi' First row, left to right: Rodney Jensen, Shelley Noel, Joleen Lemke, Judy Gotschall, Bobby Kaus Cay Holtry, Robert Junior Wiese, Terry Conover, Carole Butcher, Raymond Rice. Second row Marcia Rognes, Cary Conover, Rick Ehler, Steve Ellerbusch, LaVonne Toutges, Link Stoneking Dennis Grothaus, Jimmy Huegerich, Timmy Jackes. Third row: Lyle Wittrock, Linda Wittrock Linda Stamp, Pamela Hansen, Bruck Conover, Rodney Vohs, Bruce Lingle, Steven Clausen Teacher-ELVA BARKER. Absentees: Craig Beyer, Beverly Dutler, Jimmie lrwon, Douglas Krager 1 Bonnie Lorenzen, Linda Petersen. Teacher-MISS BARKER. First row, left to right: Mark Still, Diane Gebers, Scheryl Coettsch, Janis Dorr, Gary Sorensen, Richard Stamp. Peggy Ann Bochmann, Mark Brosamle, Eike Jensen, Bruce Branco, Stanley Bauer, Louis Mildenstein. Second row: Keith Conover, John Werner, Tommy Bruning, Douglas Lohafer, Rheta Schlinz, Yvonne Leonard, Cindy Dutler, Jimmy Fell, David Reiff, Margy Goettsch. Third row: Kent Fick, Thade Bagenstos, Judy Heitmann, Darlene Meyer, Marlan Todd, Christine DeWit, Larry Rector, Paul Boock, David Rohlk, Cynthia Hansen. Teacher-MISS BARKER. Sponsored by THE LUTHERAN CHURCH First row, left to right: Barbara Gotschall, Bruce Klotz, Jerry Olson, Linda Conover, Roger Larson, Monte Beyer, Gary Brodersen, Pamela Sears, Danny Ellerbusch. Second row: Jimmie Sorensen, Phillip Hansen, Peggy Conover, Penny Schmidt, Marlys Helkenn, Dennis Hoaglund, Christine Voge, Tamela Johnson, Bonnie Lund. Third row: Anna Hogrefe, Allen Stamp, Billy Petersen, Bobby Freese, Susan Kahl, Connie Kraai, Joe Mike Keitges. Absentees: Reas Madsen, Mark Witt. Teacher-MISS REAGER. First row, left to right: Betty Bauman, Louise Friedrichsen, Jerel Wittrock, Patty Galvin, Claire Leinbaugh, James Clausen, Linda Krager, Terry Bauman, Donnie Dutler, Dennis Schuett. Second row: Jenene Bumann, Connie Friedrichsen, Dale Clausen, Roderick Hasen. Keith Fick, Susan Hass, Jeffrey Lenz, Rex Moser. Third row: Pamela Baumann, Betty Lorenzen, Allan Todd, Billy Jackes, Donald Miesner, Melissa Sue Leonard. Jimmie Beyer, Cynthia Ehler. Absentees: Margaret Jones, Michael Still. Teacher-MISS OTTO. Sponsored by WM. E. JACKESQ MARV'S TAVERNQ HOLSTEIN LUMBER COMPANY First row, left to right: Cathy Hansen, Karen Wittrock, Delane Bauer, Robert Ericksen, Linda Jons, Alan Kuchel, George Huegerich, Van Conover, Linda Schmidt, Lee Olson, Terry Albers. Second row: Craig Conover, Mark Scott, Jo Ann Burnann, Eldon Reimers, Connie Strandberg, David Niemeier, Samuel Heydt, La Donna Krayenhagen, Luann Rice, Charlotte Vickery. Third row: Cary Stamp, Jeffrey Jochims, Diane Fick, Donna Marie Schelldorf, Marvin Timmerman, Victoria Irwin, Richard Fairchild, Dennis Perkins, Janice Strand. Absentees: Ronald Goettsch, Judy Fraser, Marillis Johnson, Kenneth Vohs, Marilyn Andresen. Teacher-MISS FAIRLEY. First row, left to right: Paul Coettsch, Joan Byer, Shelley Michaelsen, Donald J ohannsen, Marigene Kahl, Danny Dorr, David Walden, Kathryn Conover, Sue Holtry, Cathy Jo McCrea, Carol Lingle, .lane Calvin. Second row: Marcia Dee Lemburg, Mark DeWitt, Bobby Wienert, Rene Ruhlow, Diane Rieff, Margaret Breyfogle, Ben Bye, Roy Rice, Ted Burning, Neal Conover, James Striepe. Third row: Burdette Conover, Jeanne Frahm, Michael Witt, Paul Scherner, Christine Hansen, Michael Michaelsen, Valgene Wiese, Colleen Ludvigson, Roger Griffith, David Ehler. Teacher- MISS BLODGETT. , 5 , 5 aww First row, left to right: Curtis Weise, John Burkhart, Diane Doxtad, Marilyn Jensen, Steven Bauer, Ronnie Leckband, Patricia lwen, James Weinert, Lonna Albers. Second row: Ronald Sass, Larry Armiger, Vernette Reimer, Lynn Coettsch, Trudy Sinns, Marion Conover, Stephen Halvorsen, Gay Mohr, Janice Heitmann. Third row: Gary Moser, Carol Johnson, Kenneth Buell, Kenneth Henrichsen, Wayne Freese, Donna Steen, Charles Carlburg, Douglas Lill. Absentee: Dennis Leinbaugh. Teacher-MISS ROHWER. First row, left to right: Kathlene Bumann, Curtis Olson, Bradley Schoer, Curtis Opdahl Joyce Loof, Roletta Albers, Kenneth Hogrefe, Terry Johnson, Paula Beyer. Second row Hayes Rickard Paulette Beyer, Dianne Lohff, Charles Cipperley, Karlene Bumann, Marcia Stamp, Duane Williams Irene Leonard. Third row: Hans Jensen, Larry Dean Goettsch, Dennis Hill, Leon Ruhlow Donald Vohs, Doreen Cries, Larry McBride, Karen Bumann. Absentees: Sheryle Wittrock, Wilbur Wittrock Teacher-MISS LARISON. M16 it 'twat ,ir-A First row, left to right: Loreen Frerlrichsen, Sandra Conover, Shirley Reimers, Karna Bergmann Vicki Bruning, Betty Lingle, John Voge, Robert Baumann, Sharon Frahm, Connie Putensen. Second row: Marsha Fell, Curtis Sorensen, Scott Hanson, Ronnie Ludvigson, Janice Lund, Susan Curtis, James Keitges, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Elaine Brown, Donald Peterson. Third row: Dennis Breyfogle, Dennis Sorensen, Jeanette Helkenn, Audrey Bumann, Joyce Butcher, Danny Van Hemert, Patricia Strand, Lester Wiese, Donna Timmerman, Dennis Rohlk. Teacher-MISS STREED. First row, left to right: Karen Hahne, Earl Fick, Hary Schuett, Bryan Brosemle, Don Schroeder, Linda Hueschen, Bette Agnew, Larry Vesgaard. Second row: Caroll Lake, Sue Blackmer, Gary Putensen, John Johannsen, David Goettsch, Albert Loof, Ronda Clausen, Sharon Fell. Third row: Bruck Ladewig, Danny Cipperley, Cary Ruhser, Mary Hueschen, Connie Beyer, Christine Leonard, Mary Jo DeWitt. Teacher-MISS BRINKER. Sponsored by FARMERS, CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION First row, left to right: Roger Nicklas, Michael Brosamle, Nina Schmidt, Sandra Baumann, .ludy Ann Williams, Betty Bergmann, Wyleen Leinbaugh, Judy Cfodbersen, Lorna Brandt. Second row: Harold Droegmiller, Larry Ions, William Ericksen, Wayne Loof, ,laniver Meyer, Paul Niemeier, Mary Gehrts, Linda Brandt. Third row: Paul Striepe, Rae Dean Timmerman, Dennis Fritz, Donna Sinns, Lorine Timmerman, June Kaus, Eugene Reimers. Teacher-MISS JONES. Jn.. An. in ... ., li.. A First row, left to right: Carol Reimer, David Bye, Ronda Ludvigson, Betty Fajman, john Wagner, Sandra Long, Sharon Wiese, Mariann Griffith, Marjorie Burkhardt, Julia Petersen, Don Breyfogle. Second row: Dale Tharp, Karen Michaelsen, ,ludith Leonard, Mabel Heydt, Carol Bergmann, David Vohs, Loren Clausen, Brian Bruning, Dale Breyfogle, Mary Ann Conover, Marcia Beyer, Janet Cipperley. Third row: Daniel Schmidt, Oliver Reineke, Michael Kelley, David Schmidt, Gary Weiland, Jo Ann Heitmann, Virginia Kastner, Joe Clausen, Bruce Strand, Harold Freese, Carole Wittrock. Teacher-MISS SHORT. HW First row, left to right: Catherine Lingle, David Lohff, Orrin Armiger, Dorothy Krayenhagen, Janice Steen, Betty Lou Olson, Marilyn Christiansen, Faye Janssen, James Johannsen, Wilda Putnam, Veryl Droegmiller, Janet Sass, Robert Brown. Second row: Cary Johnson, Donald Butcher, Melburne Griffith, Jerry Jochims, Beverly Long, Doris Timmerman, Elaine Cipperley, Wendell Rolfs, David Andresen, Joelle Jochims, Freddie Coettsch, Elaine Kaus. Third row: Joanne Bye, Tom Keitges, Daniel Bienlien, Dianne Gellert, Nancy Kolb, William Meyer, Mary Mohr, Nancy Kelly, Robert Kelly, Kathleen Krull. Absentees: Roberta Boothby, Dennis Bochman, Stephen Madsen. . . seventh above . . . eighth below . First row, left to right: Charles Putensen, Loren Bergmann, Janet Godbersen, Maxine Vohs, Warren Nelson, Mary Knuth, William Armiger, Julie Ewoldt, Saundra Wagner, Albert Leonard. Second row: Dean Gerber, Bruce Schmidt, Nordyne Vickery, Bonnie Christiansen, Mary Ladewig, Loretta Clausen, Camilla Hansen, Donald Clausen. Third row: Dean Breyfogle, Laurence Timmer- man, Sandra Hahne, Robert Kraai, Rodney Madsen, Gary Schuett, Tom Mohr. Absentees: Eunice Bochmann, John Kolb. ef: . h.j.h.s. headliners . . ,, ' by 'I by ...J .: li., 'S ' p 2 A ,, , ml of . if V- 3, Jog, 11,6 .gnu 'tw' , r " V.-vga . -.ln Wk., l f A ? . , EW' WE' Q? 'W' i ii . eff . -fi-a s .- 5 J- " ' I ' T Q . 3fE.f5..':l'-.'-4f'..'Mf 'T ' 1 P L""A ' ist.-s .. -s + L T? Q' First row, left to right: S. Wagner, F. Janssen, B. Chris- tiansen, R. Boothby, C. Hanson, M. Ladewig, N. Kelley, B e Second row J Ewoldt N Kolb, K. Krull, S. J. y . : . , . Hahne, D. Cellert, M. Mohr, M. Knuth. CHEERLEADERS Y M. Chris- tiansen, B. Christiansen, C. Han- son, M. Mohr. First row, left to right: J. Kolb, B. Armiger, A. Leonard D. Breyfogle, D. Clausen, T. Mohr, B. Kraai, D. Gerber F. Goettsch, T. Keitges, D. Butcher. Second row: C Putensen, G. Johnson, W. Nelson, B. Schmidt, R. Madsen B. Kelley, G. Schuett, D. Bienlien, W. Rolfs, J. Johannsen D. Bochmann. Third row: O. Armiger, S. Madsen, L Bergmann, B. Brown, L. Timmerman, B. Meyer, D. An dresen, J. Jochims, V. Droegmiller, D. Lohff. BASKETBALL JUNIOR-HI WAY 1 v Below, first row: J. Kolb, B. Armiger, D. Bienlien, R. Madsen, T. Mohr, B. Kraai, D. Clausen, T. Keitges, D. Bochmann. Second row: D. Lohff, D. Butcher, F. Goet- tsch, A. Leonard, D. Breyfogle, D. Gerber, W. Rolfs, G. Johnson, W. Nelson. Third row: S. Madsen, L. Bergmann, J. Jochims, L. Timmerman, B. Meyer, B. Kelley, D. Andresen, B. Brown, V. Droegmiller. .5 e Girls . Boys Holstein ........ 34 C'ville ........ 27 Holstein ........ 14 Alta .......... 26 Holstein ....... 34 Galva ........ 32 Holstein ........ 28 C'ville ........ 39 Holstein ........ 14 C,Ville ........ 12 Holstein ........ 36 Galva ....... .31 Holstein ......., 11 Kingsley .... 25 Holstein ..,...., 24- C,ville ........ 20 Holstein ........ 25 Galva ........ 34 Holstein ........ 19 Kingsley .... 22 Holstein. ....... 27 Galva .,,,.... 29 Holstein ........ 22 Alta .......... 28 FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD Holstein ........ 0 Holstein ........ Holstein ........ 20 Holstein ........ 0 27 Holstein... 0 Holstein ........ C'ville ........ 6 0 Alta .......... 0 Odebolt .... 6 Kingsley .... 141 C,ville ........ 6 Alta ......... .20 SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR Two roller skating parties at Ida Grove . . . Halloween Party sponsored by Nacirema Club . . . Christmas Party with gift exchange . . . Lively game pep meetings . . . Sponsored by BOY SCOUTS, Troop 14-4, ARNIES RADIOQ CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO., CULLICAN SOFT WATER SERVICE bl come the freshmen... 5 ,f-5 ML First row, left to right: Reta Scott, Dolores Steen, Karen Barghols, Luella Schuett, Ethel Krayen- hagen, Shirley Timmerman, Bonnie Blackmer, Carol Boothby, Marjorie Schubert. Second row: Steven Janssen, Wendell Conover, Dean Reimers, Alfred Hass, Carolyn Cvoettsch, Karen Butcher, Nancy Henrichsen, Janet Petersen, Lorraine Griffith, Mary Nell Bumann, Barbara Kaus. Third row: Myrna Niemeier, Phyllis Vohs. Merlin Jensen, Loyd Reineke, LaVonne Timmerman, Darlene Rice, Kurt Leonard, John Leckband, William Brandt, Dennis Hueschen. , ,- AS A FRESHIE TOLD IT The highlight for the ufreshiesv this year was the September 4-th initiation day. The girls came dressed as Pappy Yokum and the boys as Mammy Yokum. An all-high school dance followed a day of excitement under the rule of the mighty potentates, the seniors. Freshmen in ,55 were active in many high school activities. Over 5076 of the 29 in the class participated in sports, while the vocal and instrumental departments occupied the spare time of eleven members. Many had an active part in the Pep Club and the school newspaper, the Hi-Larity. With Miss Moran and Mr. File as class sponsors and Kurt Leonard as president, we put on our first dance on January 26. Early in the year we chose the fol- 'T I. lowing officers for 1954-55: "'-Qu... .gm k Wi' 'N CLASS OFFICERSWKUH Leonard, Presi- dent, Merlin Jensen, Vice Presidentg Bonnie Blackmer, Treasurer, Karen Butcher, Sec- retary. GROTHAUS AND BOCHMANN Sponsored by MICHAELSEN AND SONS, . .a sophomore pose . . . druid' Q if f-xy ' First row, left to right: Janice Leonard, Julie Leonard, Verla Frahm, Joyce Scott, Mary Godbersen, Janith Williams, Margene Goettsch, Sally Blackmer, Patsy Keitges, Sandra Madsen. Second row: Janet Dittmer, Marvel Loof, Ruth Bergmann, Joyce Rolfs, Louise Halvorsen, Larry Bergmann, Richard Schmidt, Ray Brandt, George Brown, James Breyfogle, Dan Sorensen, Harold Butcher, Lowell Thomsen. Third row: Betty Timmerman, Barbara Irwin, Pat Keitges, Lowell Kruse, Richard Boothby, Dennis Kolb, Larry Leinbaugh, Donald Fritz, Richard Bagenstos, Rodson Ellerhusch, Virgil Bumann, Ronald Meier, Richard Lorenzen, Curtis Conover, Roger Goettsch. THE SOPHS REPORT Sponsored by R. E. UNDERRINER, M.D., Th1S year the roll of the sophomore class stands at 39. Dick Bagenstos was elected to serve as spokesman for the group in the role of president. To be his right hand man, Rodson Ellerbusch was selected vice president. Harold Butcher was given the roll of pen-wielder or secretary, while for a careful check on the precious funds, Sally Blackmer was chosen treasurer. Most of the sophomore year is spent trying to boost the prom fund, but we still had time to stage two dances, the outstanding one being our "Snow Hop" in December. For our part in the annual Homecoming pep rally we came up with a hilarious pantomime "The Holstein Machinef' Highlighting the skit was the appearance of our own somewhat curvaceous "Miss Victoryf' Sports found many sophs participat- ing and a number of letter winners. We owe a vote of thanks to our two faithful sponsors, Mrs. Christie and Mr. , as ,S K 1 Halvorsen, for their guidance in a very "' successful year. v 3 lf CLASS OFFICERS-Harold Butcher, Secre- taryg Richard Bagenstos, President, Sally Blackmer, Treasurerg Rodson Ellerhusch, Vice President. R. K. HESSER, Chiropractor THE JUNIOR STORY ...the junior misses and misters . a t . HT: 1331. First row, left to right: Nancy Michaelsen, Connie Halvorsen, Joan Cipperley, Carol Breyfogle, Marilyn Stoneking, Deanna Goettsch, Mary Kruse, Kay Conover, Andra Lee Ewoldt. Second row: Carol Leonard, Dean Hammer, Wayne Saxon, .Io Ann Lasher, Stephen Curtis, Wendell Jensen, Clark Conover, Roger Clausen, Donald Gerber, Third row: James Schmidt, DeWitt Cries, Francis Bienlien,.Charles Jones, Lloyd Glawe, Larry Bumann, George Hueschen. Absentee: Mary McBride. CLASS OFFICERS-Carol Breyfogle, Treas- urerg Stephen Curtis, President, Connie Hal vorsen, Vice President, Marilyn Stoneking, Secretary. Sponsored We juniors started one of our busiest years under the direction of our sponsors, Miss Vollstedt and Mr. Piper. We elected as class officers these capable people: Stephen Curtis, president, David Bircher, vice president, Marilyn Stoneking, sec- retary, and Carol Breyfogle, treasurer. Dave moved to lreton and we chose Connie Halvorsen in his place. Early in November we presented our junior play, a comedy "Grandad Meets a Palf' under the direction of Mrs. Christie. At the beginning of the second semester we began making plans and working on our spring junior-senior prom. To finance this biggest social event of the school year, we had sold magazines when were were freshies and operated a concession stand at track meets when we were sophomores. After our experiences in working toward the prom, we now look forward to the time when the prom will be given in our honor. Sin by FARMERS ELEVATOR . . . seniors-1955 . . The senior class . . . with Miss Stoner and Mr. Gerber as class sponsors, Craig Vollmar, President, Kenneth Kruse, Vice President, and Mary ,lane Leonard, Secre- tary-Treasurer, paddled their way through a lively freshman initiation day closing with an all-school party that evening . . . financial aid from concessions selling at football games padded our budget . . . officers and staff members were chosen for your school annual, this Moo . . . preparations for the Moo and active participation in music, sports, and dramatics kept the seniors very busy . . . our high school days will no doubt be closed with Skip Day, a senior class play, and the usual senior class activities, climaxed by the commencement exercises on May 19, 1955. i not so much where we stand, as tn what clzrectzon we are rnomng .-.-oP"""' The great thing in the world ls Sponsored by BRECKWALD MEAT MARKET, GREEN LANTERN CRAIG VQLLMAR-"Craigo" . . . "The wise man overflows with good, even if he gathers it little by little." Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Glee Club 1, Brass Quintet 1, 2, 3, Brass Sextet 1, 2, 3, Brass Quartet 1, Class President 2, 3, 4. KENNETH KRUSE-"Kenny" . . . "Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst." Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, President 4, Trumpet Quartet 1, Brass Quintet 2, 3, Brass Quartet 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 3, Vocal Solo 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Quartet 3, 4, All State Ch. 3, 4, Boys' Octet 3, Class Vice President 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Homecoming Attendant 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Play Crew 3, Moo Staff 4. J I JAMES BLEASDELL-"Jim" . . . "Defi- nitely a ladies' man." Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, B'ball 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextet 1, 2, Pep Club 4, Brass Quintet 3, Junior Play 3, Boys' Octet 4, Dance Band 2, 3, Bottle Band 4. MARY .IANE LEONARD-"Janie" . . . "Make the most of time, it flies so fast." Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Hi-Larity 1, 2, 3, Ed. 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Class Presi- dent 1, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Homecom- ing Attendant 4, Student Librarian 2, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Play Crew 1, 3, Style Show 1. WILLIS BUELL-"Buell" . . . "The great- est people are the simplestf' Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Octet 3, 4, Vocal Solo 3, 4, Hi-Larity 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, School Plays 1, 3, Speech 4. GERALD BREYFOGLE - "Curly" . . . g'Don't fence me in." Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Play Crew 3. ARDIS CIPPERLEY-"Ardie" . . . "Absence makes the heart grow fonderf' Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Moo Staff 4, Hi-Larity 4, Play Crew 3, Hot Lunch 2, 3, 4, Style Show 1, 2. JAMES CLAUSEN-"Clausey" . . . 'Alt is better to wear out than to rust out." Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Homecoming Attendant 4, Moo Staff 4. Sponsored by KING AND BLEASDELL, VOLLMER MOTORS Q F' is X. JERRI JEAN COLE-"Coley" . . . 'iLife is like a mirror, that's why I always smile at it." Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, President 4, Cheerleader 1, Hi-Larity 1, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextet 1, 2, 3, Mixed Quartet 3, 4, Solo 2, Band 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Interp. Read. 3, 4, Class Vice President 1, Secretary 3, Plays 1, 3, Moo Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, H-C Queen 4. CAROL DITTMER--"Dittmer" . . . '4An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of clevernessf' Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Trio 3, Sextet 4, Solo 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Student Librarian 2, Moo Staff 4, Style Show 1. ,354 ssds A E ELVERA GODBERSENf"Gobby" . . . "Busy hands keep out of mischief." Activi- ties: Holstein: Pep Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Moo Staff 4, Style Show 2, 3, Play Crew 3, Galva: Glee Club 1, Basketball 1, Queen's Attendant 1. DIXIE FREESE-'4Freesy" . . . "A little spark may cause a great flame." Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Junior Play, Style Show 1, 2. MARY ANN GOETTSCH--"Mary Ann . . . "Silence is one great art of conversa- tion." Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Play Crew 3, Moo Staff 4, Style Show 1, 2. DONALD GOETTSCH-"String Bean" . . . "To become successful is like playing a guitar-keep pluckingf' Activities: Foot- ball 1, Track 1, Basketball 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Pep Club 1, Hi-Larity 2, ROGER HASS-"Rediff" . . . "Men are only children of larger growth." Activities: Football 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Junior Play. NANCY JANSSEN-"Nance" . . . "The beautiful can always conquer a heart." Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Twirler 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Hi-Larity 1, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, Play 2, Play Crew 1, 3, Moo Staff 4, Homecoming Attendant 4, Class Secretary-Treasurer 1, Style Show 1. Sponsored by STOLLEYS DRUG, KERSLAKE SUNDRIES GERALD LANCLAND-"Nosy" . . . HA man with an inventive mind will always succeed." Activities: Track 13 Football lg Band 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President 3g Presi- dent 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Moo Staff 43 Hi-Larity 33 Pep Club 4g Dance Band 43 Plays 1, 33 Harmaniacs 33 Piano Solo 23 Vocal Solo 3, 4. ,f' '5'-J VERNA LECKBAND-"Carrier" . . . 4'Common sense is not so commonf' Activities: Cushing: Clee Club 13 Freshman Queen: Holstein: Pep Club 3, 43 Clee Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Hi- Larity 3, 43 Moo Staff 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 IDPA First Team 33 J. North's Fifth Team 33 Play Crew 33 Style Show 2. GARY LEONARD-"Goof" . . . "lf 1 can keep my good name, l shall be rich enough." Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 33 Moo Staff 43 Pep Club 43 Play Crew 33 Clee Club 1. HIRAM LEONARD-"Hymie" . . . A'Let us say what we feel, and feel what we say." Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Moo Staff 43 Harmaniacs 33 Vocal Solo 3, 43 Hi-Larity 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Plays 1, 33 Dance Band 2, 3. JANICE LOHFF-"Jan" . . . "Love is friendship set to music." Activities: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Li- brary 2, 3, 43 Hi-Larity 43 Plays 1, 33 lnterp. Read. 2, 3, 43 Style Show 13 Co- Editor Moo. MARGARET NELSON - "Peggy" . . . "The way to be happy is to make others so.', Activities: Basketball 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 43 Pep Club 43 Hi-Larity 43 Moo Staff 43 Style Show 1, 2. WAYNE NELSON-"Wayne', . . . 4'To have what we want, is riches3 to do without takes power." Activities: Football lg Track 1, 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Moo Staff 43 Hi-Larity 2, 43 Plays 1, 33 Radio Speaking 3, 4. JEANNE MOSER-"Jeannie" . . . "lt's the picture that counts, not the frame." Activities: Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Sextet 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Librarian 23 Hi-Larity 3g Moo Staff 4g Style Show lg Alt. Cheerleader 4g Play Crew 3. Sponsored by GOLDEN RULE3 SORENSON PRODUCE CHARLES NONEMAN-'gCharIie,' . . . "1 like not only to be loved, but to be told that l am loved." Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo 2, 3, 4, Mixed Quartet 3 4, Homecoming King 4, Moo Staff 4, Pep Club Treas- urer 4. JOYCE OBITZ-ufoycee' . . . NWhat do we live for if it isn't food?" Activities: Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Solo 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 4, Hi-Larity 1, 4, Moo Staff 4, Style Show 1, 2. JOAN ROLFS-"fo" . . . "The truest self- respect is not to think of one's self.', Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Pep Club 3, Clarinet Trio 3, Quartet 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Moo Staff 4, Style Show 1. WENDELL REINEKE - "Senator" . . . g'Always stay single, and your pockets will jingle." Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Moo Staff 4, Junior Play, Clee Club 1. SHIRLEY SCHERNER - "Selmer" . . . g'Everyone is responsible for his own acts." Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Glee Clul 1, Play Crew 1, 3, Style Show 1, 2, J. N01 'h's Hon- or Roll. LOIS SCHROEDER - "Schraa'y,' . . . "My name is mine but others use it more than I." Activities: Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Hi-Larity 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 4, Band 1, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Moo reassess Staff 4, Style Show 1, 2. LAVONNE SCHUETT-"Sophiev , . . nLife is what you make it." Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Mixed Chorus 4, Solo 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Play Crew 1, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Style Show 1, 2. LOIS STRIEPE-4"Striep" . . . "A loving heart is the truest wis- dom." Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, President 4, Sextet 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Quartet 3, 4, All State Ch. 3, 4, Accompanist 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo 2, 3, Piano Solo 2, Plays 1, 3, lnterpret. Reading 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity 2, 3, 4, Moo Editor 4, Cheerleader 3, Band 2, 3, Band Vice President 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Style Show 1, DAR Good Citizen 4. DOROTHY WERNER - "Dart" . . . "Gaining a friend is better than money in a chest." Activi- ties: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi- Larity 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 4, M00 Staff 4, Pep Band 2, Play Crew 3, Style Show 1, 2. MARILYN WAGNER - "Blon- die" . . . "Great thoughts and deeds come from the heartf' Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextet 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Clarinet Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4, Trio 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, Show Band 3, Hi-Lari- ty 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 4, Ma- jorette 2, 3, 4, Solo 3, CC Vice President 4, Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Novelty Band 4. CLASS MOTTO Tonight we take off, where shall we land. CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Pink Rose Rose and Silver 1 ROBERT WILL - "Bob" . . "Big hearted." Activities: Foot ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Octet 4, Play Crew 3, Moo Staff 4. 70 Sponsored by DOWNS AND DIERSON, HOME TOWN CLEANERS, THARP GARAGE 5 if E5 l 9' In-""'l :gg 75"-"J" i Q lung: , . Mini 'M if YF 9 fe. .- 5 ww' 1. K .. 9Sl ye forget .V .. . ...---M, ...gem-M-af I R I. we xi N ,,.,...f .W 5 .. N.,..q, ., T , s One again the end of the school year is here. The prospect of summer vacation sends happy echoes through the resounding halls of Holstein Public School. Some will walk down these steps for the last time, never to return again. Some will be happy, some will be sad, others will be prepared to face that future squarely and honestly, knowing full well they are ready. If these stained and stolid walls could speak, what secret would they reveal? Are they merely masses of rock and mortar, used only for a functional purpose? No, this and other buildings like it are symbols of manls thirst and quest for truth and knowledge. Seniors, as you go out the door, down the steps, and onto the sidewalk for the last time, stop, look back and up at the silent majesty of this building. Give it a smile and a "Thank Youn before you go on your way. Sponsored by JAMES W. MARTIN, PHYSICIAN and SURGEON If -H54 ' ,mt ia.: Mft . f an Jr---R K, kE'Tl5f5i?1 'W f f qfi.,,, , 7I K XX f 5' I S your autograph . . . please! 'GTHANK YOU" To all persons who so graciously gave their wholehearted support to this year's annual, the staff takes this opportunity to say a most appreciative Wfhanksf' Without your loyal support, your time and your efforts this hook would not he. So with your help we are able to present to you the 1955 MOO. sponsored by ROGNES AND McCUTCHEON A

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