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1 .iw A ,P ,.A,, . V.,,.,..v.,,-A,.N . My-M X fx ,.i "f ,.x. lj ,. 5754 .X-1 rf,- i .t 1' if 'g SV, LC 2-Zi: - .gi , Aifly 1 1 . A., L " . ES Ezfjvl ,Eff ' :fag I :i M1 . I 1.7 , VUE' Y 3: '.f, I D 1 f . f R nt rl. ,LQ 1: . ' , 'Q W L l 31, . 'rat' 1 A 21113.13 x.1..,,,:M ..1.,,-V.. Psliei? 95,5551 . x 1 . wg, , fiffffzis f ?2Lf'!'f'1 +fsg,15H.:q , hsefmg mag, :vw . H, V fig' H. Mal f ' ffl Eff " " -Q K A , ...W X 'fa ' 1 an " F L 1, u f, 1, Q' L - -,.?'Si ',f-"W V2 rwg . ,-- 1545, :: , f un 2 I, l ff. 1954 Published by Moo Steiff of Holstein High School Holstein, Iowo EDITOR CO-EDITCR Jonice Conover Donna Green Volume 37 lll fill We, the Moo Staff of '54, take this opportunity to introduce to you our theme, "Wheels ot Progress." We sincerely hope that we can give you a view of the activities carried on in Holstein High. We would like to show you by this annual, the progress being made from the kindergarten to the Senior Class. If we can achieve this pur- pose, our objective will be completed. DMI Cl HHH 19 5 4 I Published by Moo Stoll of Holstein High School Holstein, lowo EDITOR CO-EDITOR Jonice Conover Donno Green Volume 37 lll IH We, the Moo Stott of '54, tczke this opportunity to introduce to you our theme, "Wheels of Progress." We sincerely hope thot we con give you o view ot the activities corried on in Holstein High. We would like to show you by this onnucil, the progress being mode from the kindergarten to the Senior Closs. If we con ochi pose, our objective will be completed. eve this pur- UF nivll Cl UHG ll11-.-li UBI? SS SES I3 ANIZATIUNS 27 TIVITIES 33 EEATURES 59 PRCDUDLY WE DEDICATE Many graduates have passed through the portals of Holstein High in 60 years. They have or will travel far in their lifetimes, but never will they forget their years here. For their enduring loyalty, for their support of cherished traditions, and for their many achievements during and after high school days, we join the faculty in proudly dedicating this issue of the Moo to the alumni of Holstein High. HSS ISTHATIUN SES 1-KNIZATIUNS TIVITIES FEATURES PRCDUDLY WE DEDICATE Many graduates have passed through the portals of Holstein High in 60 years. They have or will travel far in their lifetimes, but never will they forget their years here. For their enduring loyalty, for their support of cherished traditions, and for their many achievements during and after high school days, we join the faculty in proudly dedicating this issue of the Moo to the alumni of Holstein High. fx sf gg Administration Faculty ............... 6 Board of Education ...... 9 L h M t dT ptt IO "Gladys and Mr. Christie Check Conflicting Datesi' "Art" Ge came to of his younger days or working as the H. H. S. first-class ciated bv all. He was originally from Kamrar, Iowa and attended lowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls. He teaches Algebra l and ll, Geometry, Coach "Russ" Kraai came to Holstein High in 1943. We know he can stack bales of hay as well as coach our girls to win in the state tourna- ment. He came from Orange City and attended Mornings Sociology, Business Law, fifth, sixth P. E., Senior Hi h Sch Q ond Football. Coach "Kenny" File entered the doors of Holstein High as a teacher and coach in l953. Mr. File is known for Abra Rock Rapids and he attended Morningside College in Sioux City, l-le teaches American Gov't., World History, American History, Boys' P. E., Boys' B, B., and assists with other sports. PAGE Sl Marie Stoner, principal of H. S. S., came here in l942. Miss Stoner's ability to give good advice to the students and her helpful guidance makes her well-known to all of us. She was originally from Hubbard, Iowa, and attended the Universit- ies of Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado. She teaches English I and General Science. Mrs. H. Catherine Christie returned to Holstein High School in l953. She is known for her sweet disposition and her miraculous ability to inter- pret poetry. She grew up in Lake View and at- tended Clark College, Dubuque, and Beuna Vista College, Storm Lake. She teaches English ll, Ill, EV and dramatics. She is also our capable Hi- Larity adviser. rber, an old favorite among the students, Holstein High in l943. Telling a story electrician, "Gerb" is liked and appre- and Physics. ide College at Sioux City. He teaches ool Girls' P. E., and coaches Girls' B. B., for his flashy outfits and his admiration ham Lincoln. His boyhood home was X . K Gladys Raobe, The faithful secretary to the school board and the superintendent, came to H. H. S. in l929. Through the years she has assumed a multitude of duties and responsibilities in our school. Mr. M. F. Christie, better known as "Duke," came back to Holstein as our superintendent of schools after an absence of seven years. His home or- iginally was in Escanaba, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan, Buena Vista College, and received his Master's degree from the Univer- sity of Colorado. "Look Whom We Caught Loafinl" raai Shows Gerb and File His Inspiration Play Roy Tallman, wielder of the H.H.S. baton, came to Holstein in I952. Mr. Tallman is known for his introduction ot "jazz mu- sic" to the band, He was originally from Oska- loosa, Iowa, and attended Drake University at Des Moines. He teaches 8th grade history and is the high school and cadet band director. Pearl Kitchen came to Holstein in I923. She was originally from Gal- va, Iowa and attended Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. She does departmental work in Junior High. Tom Rosenberger, began directing Holstein's vocal groups in I952. The kids like him for his tol- erance of their pranks in glee club and his original iokes. He was originally from Eldora, Iowa, and attended col I eg e at Buena Vista in Storm Lake. In addition to grade and high school vocal music, he teaches General Science. George Jacobs came to Holstein in I952. He was originally from Car- roll, lowa, and attended Buena Vista College at Storm Lake. He has charge of Jr. High Ath- letics, and classes, and teaches high school busi- ness Science. Mr. Piper came to Holstein High in I 9 5 O. Slipping, sliding, or driving with ease, his driv- ers' training stu- dents never affect his coolness. He "Musical Demons Have a Conference" was originally from Boone, Iowa and attended Iowa St. Teachers College at Cedar Falls. He teaches Industrial Arts I and ll and Driver Training. Puzzled Over Interpretations" Christa Vollstedt came to H.H.S. in I 9 5 3. S h e i s known to all ot us for her helpful ad- vice and tolerance even in the most trying situations. She is from Deni- son and attended Iowa State Teach- ers College at Ce- dar Falls. S h e teaches t y p i n g, shorthand, b o o k- keeping, a nd ot- fice practice. "Mrs. Jatho Has Unexpected Company For Lunch" Mrs. Jotho came to Holstein High in I 9 4 6. She is teaching our girls how to b e c o m e good housekeepers and her students surely appreciate the extra hours she puts into helping them with their projects. She was originally tr 0 m Austin, Texas, and attended Sam Hou- ston State College at Huntsville, Tex. and the University of Texas at Austin. PAGE SEVEN Marguerite Dunlap fback row, left side? came to Holstein this year to teach first grade. She is from Arthur, Iowa and attended college at Iowa State Teachers at Cedar Falls, and Buena Vista at Storm Lake. Mrs. Audrey Currie, Cback row, right sidel, entered the doors of Holstein school in I953 as a first grade teacher. She comes to us from Schaller, Iowa, and attended Iowa State Teachers College, at Cedar Falls, Iowa. Shirley Blodgett, Cfront row, left sidel, second grade teacher, who came to Hol- stein this year is from Gayville, South Dakota. She attended Yankton College, Yankton, S. Dak. and Iowa State Teach- ers at Cedar Falls. Lillian Pulse who is from Schaller, Iowa, teaches second grade, She attended Buena Vista College at Storm Lake, Iowa. Miss Pulse came to Holstein in I953. "Watching Their Little Charges Leave" "Miss Jones Unveils A New Joke" PAGE EIGHT "Blessed Relaxation After a Hard Day's Teaching" Pegge Lee Brinker, another new face in the grades this year, teaches fourth grade and lives in Auburn, Iowa. She attended Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls. Alice Streed, who hails from our own home town, teaches fourth grade. She came to Holstein as a teacher in I947, and attended Buena Vista College at Storm Lake, Iowa. Betty Lou Short came to Holstein school in I952. She comes to us from Correc- tionville, Iowa. She attended Morning- side College at Sioux City, Iowa and teaches HoIstein's 6th graders. Revo Rohwer who teaches third grade came to Holstein in l953. Her home is in Paullina, Iowa. She attended the University of Dubuque at Dubuque, Iowa. Sarah Jones entered Holstein school as a fifth grade teacher in I943. She is or- iginally from Pocahontas, Iowa and at- tended Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Buena Vista at Storm Lake and the University of Colorado in Boul- der. Elva Barker, our kindergarten teacher came to Holstein in I943, left us in I9-47, and returned in I95I. She comes from Arthur, Iowa, and attended Iowa State Teachers at Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Buena Vista, at Storm Lake, Iowa. THE BEARD QF EDUCATIGN These are the people chosen to guide our school through another year. They come from all walks of life--insurance and investments, busi- ness professions, and farm custom work-so they truly represent the com- munity. Through their eftorts and planning we have completed another successful year. Their unselfish devotion to the school is worthy ot our applause and gratitude. Secretary, Mrs. Gladys Raabeg Board Members, Jesse Leonard, Harold Conover, Ivan Blackmer Superintendent "Duke" Christie, Board Members, Ray Bagenstos, William Walker, Treasurer, Mildred Jackes. PAGE NINE THEY PROVIDE US FOOD FOR THOUGHT We would like to express our sincere ap- preciation to the janitors-Mr. and Mrs. Lein- baugh, Larry, and Mr. Barghols-for their ceaseless efforts to keep our school clean and in order. Big feet and small were continually tracking in dirt but under the vigilance of our janitors, both our school and our auditorium were kept shining and clean. SLEET OR SNOW, RAIN OR SHlNE, THEY A ALWAYS GET US THERE Again this year as in the past, Mrs. Obrecht headed our able hot-lunch staff. Serving hot lunches to an average of 270 children a day, they performed an admirable job. With one of the better-equipped school lunchrooms in Northwest lowa, the children certainly make good use of it. Dishing out the food to the hungry people were Mrs. Carnes, Mrs. Stewart, and Mrs. Branco. Those high school students helping out included Mary Ann Kreutz, Shirley Thorp, Joan Cipperley, Ardis Cipperley, Dorothy Wer- ner, Shirley Scherner, Lloyd Glowe, De Witt Gries, Wayne Nelson and Dean Hammer. THE SERVE US THROUGH EFFICIENCY drivers made the rounds picking up and de livering school children. Through bad weath hearty thanks. PAGE TEN Twice a day, five times a week our bus er and good they continued to get the children to school. For their good job they rate a 9 3 as is 3 as a ! 3 2 2 2 OUR ACTIVITIES ----- FROM SLUMBER PARTIES TO BASKETBALL Must have been a good bedtime story . . . The day after the night before . . . Kruse has had enough but Charley is rarin to gol . . . H.H.S. cheerlead- ers show off their new uniforms. . . Glamour gal on an all night party . . . The 3 musketeers . . . Stonie brought her knittin along . . . Tryin to hitch C1 ride? . . . Waiting for Don? Solid comfort . . . Out to get ci suntan . . . Andra didn't think the joke was so funny . . . Marilyn's ready to go . . . Tharpie's getting ready for Santa . . . Senior concession stand doing ci land office business . . . Hey Bets, Where's your shoes? . . . Land o'goshunl PAGE TWELVE 'X W HJ HJ 1 CLASSES Seniors ............. -- J niors ............. -- ophomores .... ..-.... SEN IORS HAVE PRCDMISING Our last year in high school we were as busy as bees, filling our heads with all the know- ledge we could get, for we were soon to be on our own, some of us on to college and others to work. Our class sponsors, Miss Stoner, and Mr. Piper, told us that we would have a busy year ahead of us and that we would need some reliable officers. We put our heads together and came up with Martin Lohff-President, Joanne Carstens-Vice President, and Bob Martin-Secretary- Treasurer. To start the year off, on Initiation Day the freshmen entertained us, in the morning and that night at our dance, too. i i PAGE FOURTEEN SPONSORED BY JOYCE ARMiGER IIJ odyll "A lady among ladies is she, but with a man she'd rather be." Basketball, l, 2, Home Econ- omics Style Show, l, 2, Play Crew, 3, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Sextette, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Prom Server, l, "Out of This World," 4. ROBERT BLEASDELL lIBoblI "Greater men than I have lived, but l doubt it." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Mgr., Band l, 2, 3, 4, Solo Trumpet, l, 2, 3, 4, Brass sextet, l, 2, 3, 4, Brass quartet, 2, 3, Brass Quintet, l, Cornet Quartet, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 3, 4, Boys Glee Club, l, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, Moo Staff, 4, Prom Server, l. MARLENE BUMANN "Marlene" "She's quiet and shy, but when she's alone-oh my." Basketball, l, 2, 3, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, Hi-Larity, 2, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Home Economics Style Show, l, 2. SAXON LUMBER HARLAN ARP 11Arpie11 "Work fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, L, 2, Play Crew, 2, Moo Staff, DANIEL BRANCO lIDonII "Time marches on-so why should l hurry?" Basketball, 3, Track 4, Play Crew, 3, Mixed Chorus, 4, Boys Glee Club, 4, Pep Club, l, Moo Staff, 4, "Out of This World," 4, Hi-Larity, l. JOANNE CARSTENS U-,ou "Why take life seriously, we never get out aIive." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Style Show, l, 2, "Elmer," 2, "Room For One More," 3, Girls Glee Club, l, Homecoming Queen, 4, Relays Queen, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Class Pres., 2, Class Vice-Pres., 4, Prom Server, l, "Out of This World," 4. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE A large part of the year we worked on trying to put out a good school annual. Each per- son had an assignment, and many long hours were put in by many, We Served at the football games and the Holstein Relays, so that our book Wouldn't show red at the end ofthe year. And many of us put in extra hours during May and April to show the public that our class really has talent by putting on the play, "Out of This World." A certain day rolled around when no senior appeared at the school house. Yes, we had gone on the untorgetable "skip day." And now Baccalaureate and Commencement will be two big moments in our lives when we take the final steps in our higfh school story. JANICECONOVER DOROTHY CONOVER ffjoniceff Hconnlen "She has a smile that is wprth "Not too serious, not too gay, G m'll'o"' bu' 'I' ,floesn t nice in a charnring sort cost G cent' of way' Basketball, l, 2, Play Crew, 2, Basketball, 1, 2: 'Room for 3, Home Economics Style Show, One More," 3, Girls Glee Club, l' 25 Mlxed Chorus' 3' 45 Glrls -I 2 3 4. Cheerleader 3 4. Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Sextette, IvloolStbff' 4 ' ' ' 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, Pep Club ' ' President, 4, Moo Editor, 4. GAYLEN GALVIN "5PO'ltY" DARRELL GEBERS "If tarcly marks were credits, ,, . . . . rd be way past graduation, My ambition is gust around the corner. Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, Football 1, Basketball 1, l, 2, 3, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, ' ' , . ' ' "Room tor One More," 3, Moo gGi,k'3l' 3' 4' Jumor Play Staff, 4. E f - MARlLYN GOETTSCH DONNA GREEN IIM t ll or Z "Donna" "A sparking eye, a light step, here is a friend with "My Iiegrfs not nv OWI1, buf I 1- f ," on't care. t's in B k is if siozpesl M good hands", as et a , , , , anager, 4- Home Economics St le Show, Home Economics Style 5l'10W, l, l, 2, Girls Glee Club,yl, 2, 3, 2, "E-lmef'," 22 Mixed Cl'10l'U5, 4, "Elmer," 2, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, l, 2, Homecoming Attendant, 4, Girls Trio, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 4, Relays Attendant, 4, Hi- 3, 42 PGP ClUl9, l, 2, 3, 42 Larity, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, Vice-President of Girls Glee 4, Moo Staff, 4, Prom Server, Club, 4: Prom SGVVGF, li AC- 1 companist, 3, 4, Cheerleader, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Co-Editor, 4. SPONSORED BY THE HOLSTEIN ADVANCE PAGE FIFTEEN CLASS OFFICERS Secretary and Treasurer-Bob Martin Vice-President-Joanne Carstens President-Martin Lohtt EARL HEILMAN "Earl" "Men are not measured by inches, thank goodness!" Football, I, Track, I, Play Crew, 3, Hi-Larity, I. DOROTHY IRWIN "Dorothy" "No matter what the subject may be, I can always find room to disagree." Basketball, I, 2, Home Econ- omics Style Show, I, 2, Play Crew, 3, Band, 3, 4, Pep Band, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 4, Editor, 3, Declam- atory, 4, Pep Club , I, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4. SAMUEL KING Hsomu "The world is full of willing people-some willing to work and l'm willing to let them." Basketball, I, Track, I, "El- mer," 2, Play Crew, 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Brass Quartet, 3, 4, Brass Quintet, 2, Cornet Quar- tet, I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band, 4, Pep Club, 3, Moo Staff, 4' "Out of This World," 4. 1 OTTO HUESCHEN JR. "Ozzie" "All great' men are dying late- ly, and I don'f feel so well myself." Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Play Cast, 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4, Moo Staff, 4, "Out of This World," 4. H ELEN JONES "HeIen" "A gal whose abilities are hard to beat." Basketball, I, "Room for One More," 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Trio, 2, 3, 4, Solo, I 4 4 r 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, , Girls Glee Club President, ' Sextette, 3, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Pep Band, 3, 4, D.A.R. Award, 4, Secretary-Treasurer o f 'r h e Class, 3. f CURTIS KISTENMACHER ncurtn "I like to come to school, it-'s the staying that bothers me." Play Crew, 2, 3, Band, I, Boys Glee Club, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4. PAGE SIXTEEN SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN PRODUCE AND HATCHERY SHIRLEY KRAMBECK "Shirts" "I don't care how 'you spell my name, because I'II change it sometime anyhow." Basketball, I, Home Economics Style Show, 2, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, Pep Club, 4. MARTIN LOHFF "Marty" "Who's the smartest boy in the school-and why am I?" Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, "The Adventures ot Tom Saw- yer," 2, "Elmer," 2, "Room tor One More," 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Pres., 4, Cornet Quartet, 2, 3, 4, Brass Quintet, 2, 3, 4, Solo, 2, 3, 4, Home- coming Attendant, 4, Hi-Lar- ity, I, Moo Staff, 4, "Out of This WorId," 4, Class Vice- Pres., I, Pres., 3, 4, Secy.- Treas., 2. SHIRLEY MICHAELSEN "Mike" "If I can't do great things, l'll do small things in a great way." "Elmer," 2, "Crack-Up," 3, "Room for One More," 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band, I, 3, Brass Sextet, I, Brass Quartet, 2, 4, Brass Quintet, I, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 4, Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lar- ity, 3, Editor, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 3, Moo Staff, 4, Freshman Class Rep- resentative, Declamatory, 4, "Out of This World," 4. MARY ANN KREUTZ HMGCH "Always ready for a good time." Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Style Show, I, 4, "Elmer," 2, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Girls Trio, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, Moo Staff, 4. ROBERT MARTIN ,,BOb,, "The woman that gets me is lucky." Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1 I "Room for One More,"3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band, 3, 4, Show Band, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us, I, 2, 4, Boys Glee Club, I, 2, 4, Homecoming King, 4, Hi-Larity, 3, Pep Club, 3, Moo Staff, 4, Prom Server, I, "Out ot This World," 4, Class Pres., I, Vice.-Pres., 2, 3, Secy.- Treas., 4, Band Publicity Man- ager, 4. i, 2, 3, 4, Truck, 1, 2, 3, 4 "EImer," 2, "crock-up," 3 SHIRLEY MILLER "MiIIer" "I'm not curious, I just like to know things." Basketball, I, Home Economics Style Show, I, 2, "Room for One More," 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet trio, 4, Clarinet Quartet, 3, Show Band, 2, 4, Pep Band, 2, 4, Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, "Out of This World, 4. CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Piper, Miss Stoner SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN STATE BANK PAGE SEVENTEEN DARLENE PROSCH "Darlene" "Once I thought nights were made for study, but now I know different." Basketball, l, 2, Home Econ- cmicr. Style Show, l, 2, Play Crew, 2, 3, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, l, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Band Clarinet Quartette, 4. DARLENE SCHUETT "Darlene" "Quiet and efficient in her own way." Home Economics Style Show, l, 2, "Tom Sawyer," 2, Band, l, 2, Mixed Chorus, l, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Hi-Larity, 2, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4. SH l RLEY SCOTT "Scotty" "l never change my opinion. lt's been in the family for years." Home Economics Style Show, l, 2, Band, l, 2, Mixed Chorus, l, 4, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader, 3, Moo Staff, 4. KENNETH WALKER 11Kennyn "Study is his occupation with one exception." Football, l, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Vice Pres., 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Boys Glee Club, 4, Boys' Ensemble, 4, Pep Club, 3, Vice Pres., 4, Moo Staff, 4. KAY RICE "Casey" "A tiny gal, big as the minute: her life is lived for the fun there is in it." Basketball, l, 2, Play Crew, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, l, 3, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, l, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4. BETTY SCOTT nBetSn "Just like a broken mirror in the sun, l'm full of bright cracks." Cheerleader, 3, Home Econom- ics Style Show, l, Band, l, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Solo, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo itaft, 4, "Out of This World," SHIRLEY THARP nsquirtu "Full of fun and mischief too, doing things she shouIdn't do." Declamatory, 4, Basketball, 3, Play Cast, 3, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, 3, 4, Band, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4, Pep Club, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Relay's Attendant, 4, "Out of This World," 4. Ida Grove: Mixed Chorus, 2, Prom Server, l, Cheerleader, 2. r SPONSORED BY DRS. MARTIN AND FITZPATRICK PAGE EIGHTEEN CLASS MOTTO "Before us lies the timber, let us build." CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Yellow Rose Orchid ond Silver SPONSORED BY FARMERS ELEVATOR CO. PAGE NINETEEN IUNIORS First Row: Shirley Scherner, Dixie Freese, LaVonne Schuett, Jerri Jean Cole, Nancy Janssen, Carol Dittmer, Mary Ann Goettsch, Marilyn Wagner, Mary Jane Leonard. Second Row: Janice Lohff, Lois Striepe, Ardis Cipperley, Joyce Obitz, Dorothy Werner, Jean Moser, Elvera Godbersen, Joan Rolfs. Third Row: Verna Leckband, Lois Schroeder, Wendell Reineke, Roger Hass, Kenneth Kruse, Gary Leonard, Wayne Nelson, James Bleasdell. Fourth Row: Larson Meyer, Gerald Langland, Gerald Breyfogle, Robert Will, Hiram Leonard, James Clausen, Willis Buell, Craig Vollmar, Charles Noneman. CLASS OFFICERS--President, Craig Vollmar, Vice- President, Lois Striepe, Secretary, Jerri Jean Cole, T'eGSU'e" Kenneth Kmse' ci.Ass sPoNsoRs-Miss vousfedf, Mr, Gerber PAGE TWENTY SPONSORED BY: PHILLIPS 66 STATION AND TANK WAGON GOAL IS IN SIGHT FOR IUNIORS The juniors organized this year under the careful direction of Miss Vollstedt and Mr. Gerber. They presented their 3-act class play "Finders Creepers" early in the fall under the capable direction of Mrs. Christie. The play meant hard work and sacrifices but it brought a lot of fun and cherished memories of that final "big night." Contributing more than its share of athletes, the junior class offered l4 boys to football, 5 lettermen to the boys basketball squad and lO le tter-winners to the girls' team. The highlight of the year though for the juniors was the Jr.-Sr. Prom. lt was the big night when juniors, seniors, faculty and guests gathered in the gymnasium-auditorium for the last big event of '5-4. Treasured memories and pleasant day-dreams will long be centered around that night. Hubba Hubba. . .Coley makes a heavy date. . . l got my love to keep me warm . . . Joan is tickled . . . Lois is ready for bed . . . Looking for night owls?? . . . Do ci good job on those bucks, Jan. . .Grandma, what pretty tonsils you have. . . Don't shoot mel . . . Taking pusfh-ups, gals? . . . Don't get me up before noon . . . One-gun Kruse. SPONSORED BY FARMERS CO-OP OIL ASS'N PAGE TWENTY-ONE SGPHQMOEES TAKE LARGE STEP ECEWAED The sophomore class started the year with a bang by giving the second dance of the year which was held the night before Halloween. Mrs. Jatho and Mr. Tallman, our class sponsors, did a fine job by helping us with suggestions for our two dances and the concessions at the Holstein Relays. Our class has done exceptionally well in sports and other extra- curricular activities. We also served at the Holstein Relays meet to help fill our treasury for the coming year. First Row: Roger Clausen, Mary Kruse, Andra Lee Ewoldt, Jo Ann Lasher, Nancy Michaelsen, Joan Cipperley, Deanna Goettsch, Clark Conover. Second Row: James Schmidt, Francis Bienlien, Charles Jones, Lloyd Glawe, Larry Bumann, DeWitt Gries, George Hueschen, David Bircher. Third Row: Dean Hammer, Carol Breyfogle, Wayne Saxon, Wendell Jensen, Stephen Curtis, Kay Conover, Marilyn Stoneking, Carol Leonard. CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President-Carol Breytogle Secretary-Treasurer-David Bircher PrGSideI'1T-MGrilyn SlOr'16-lsing Class Sponsors: Mr. Tallman, Mrs. Jatho Surprised, Kay? . . . Carol in a comfy position . . . Glamour girl, Nancy . . . No sleep that nite, I bet. . .Oh, Deanna, what did you get??. . .Going someplace, Andra? . . . Stonie relaxes . . . Oogle eyes Roger . . . Midnight snack . . . Lookit those legs . . . Those droopy faces after an all night party . . . Andra's playing peek-a-bool SPONSORED BY LEONARD 81 BRANCO5 DR. UNDERRINER, M. D. PAGE TWENTY-TH REE CLASS OFFICERS Right to Left: President-Ruth Bergmann Vice-President-Dennis Kolb Secretary-Patsy Keitges Treasurer-Margene Goettsch Freshmen Striving Up The L.adder Of Success Moving up one floor higher we find that Mr. File and Mrs. Christie were to be our class sponsors. ln our first meeting we chose Ruth Bergmann our president, Dennis Kolb our vice- president and Patsy Keitges our secretary-treasurer. After initiation day we became a part of the working body of Holstein High School and proved this when we entertained the high school at the third dance of the year. We soon found that not only were we freshmen but also a part of our high school as we entered into the fields of sports and music. We helped put out our school paper and were active in the Pep Club. Nobody likes to have the books show that they are in the red, so we decided to make our treasury box richer by selling maga- zines. Everybody got his best sales talk ready and we began selling. Now with a little money behind us you will find us back at our desks next term to make another mark in our school. SPONSORS Mr. File Mrs. Christie PAGE TWENTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY DR. O. A. LANGLANDQ DR. L. H. WAGNER SOLOISTS AGREE, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Front Row: David Bircher, LaVonne Sclfmuett, George Hueschen. Back Row: Martin Lohff, Robert Bleasdell. LaVonne Schuett played "Encbantress" by Viver at contestg Martin Lohff, "Stars in a Velvety Sky" by Clarkg Bob Bleasdell, "Southern Cross" by Clarkg David Bircher, "Nocturno" by Mendelssohng and George Huescben, "Stars in a Velvety Sky" by Clark. George Hueschen and David Bircher received I ratings at contest at Correctionville, April IO. WHAT WILL IT BE-MYSTERY, ADVENTURE, OR ROMANCE? Librarians: Janice Lohff, Shirley Scberner, Andra Lee Ewoldt, Deanna Goettsch, Kay Conover, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Stoneking. PAGE TWENTY-SIX SPONSORED BY VOHS 8. JOHNSON PRODUCEQ WILSON-HULL FUNERAL HOME F 0 Sf HH HJ 'L Grgcmizoitlons Hi-Lcnrity .............. Pep Club .............. Moo Staff --- 0 rms! Un or fepe A wail - raft, 6' xr? affnfo.. W i K ff it 'i . a s 21121, enxfom Sold-an Q B Y' Q, 'XO or wwe r t Q djlorellde at Fdy d voun gigsx 8 L Q, s I Vefnblwll 7' fbi' hi Wfghfefi M010 S -' Cree er 3 Uma-Sv sh 80h .wr ,rn T03 e 50 of Deng'-.' Th ' eU,,,,. 001 - do- cglrs M Un ---i Jllfvrp. :Ln lsg-Of, F l Q0 1 e V51 'oipoc Q,'b6x,zd of c 2 Qqkoo. a 1 l o f Theeurs. 6' 7,51 H. I I. IVA. 0 f ,OPS I audien G' s mm me f L, y 6 spy 'I 51.3 0" vi HY' The r- ' '7-'a hfllr .go 9 irzfil, a y ,wh .Y f-lass , imal- 15? mp, ,Lago b nd am ul " myllw Ve an' d-'e d-"hr 030m ' ' ' K time 'sri Iso "HL am L s sr, Ee: ,he ef X trail gy, 123,89 an' Xl, 1 'mo dm? 'FE vcd fl he 'Lap Pllr owhd ll to 4 1 zz vw-V Veg inn Sb, ,,7 ,Gysr 'S' N bee X! gm 31 H . esp, Ed Cary ' nr x , ' QP ac. ll c. Q .Q 9,9226-as 1. F51 Tharpx hejors ik i1,,X X Kb ,er oar? 55? 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Q' 24+ s we " Q 545 se ' ' esac ev -P c 5' e?".Q lg lzizsista S lilo Q0 izfae gifs Be QS QW. se -5.1: rs rr Q 45 is P s 'vs dl its Q' YI QQ . UQ ff Q5 G 0 I ea fre A4 S Q ,Q .s 0 QQ -Q A- B ,W lf- 0 ,AI 1 Q 'SS ... we Jlliiw ,ea " Qs' '04 ' eebseeo FA- asf'-'wool QW' 'S-r'5r'W6' f -gg' ' es 99 -Q'-ge? 'hs' rso an ivzf' "Q A Nz' cobfbw-o 65 4118 cf 'ao mg Mother a Yea 1' NV-0 www' 'Lay Q cv 4,065 :qv 4 Ae boss -656,941 Qsaoyiedenxs A amber . 6 ,a.v.2e! 94-2 6' ease B-' -Sf. sae 505, NOV ' 9+ Ovviveff L,-',9.'b.4 masse sv?-esoo-o""' me Q, o 3 2235 In V, -45 scsifb Q4'sQ"A6i 'QQ 'GQ sd ffp Cf' e0'Q?v'i"2 10694 5'o0e.- aoegce bs Y' ba. 3 ' ref' J e' e K 'v 5.9-+ -ZSASQ '- 6' 44' Q9 2 .-re a ljafv' 4 w 4-'f145'6Q6? Sxqiolgxvy Q? 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KA J '5 X., , U The 9 QS' o-Q iatllels eww' . sit day. QV" 'tv' 'lose axe. K D4 5 Q9 x. F, Thulfh gmc Q won ,-Lcolllxfgo C NOW eiebwbg L 1 41560 soar' M' as M 'Tecru A Wag .9255 gil gui? CC3 O,- ' 45' . 'de an ri l XXX . 1 W :de fflf. 0 6 f lssgyoevimiveie st X.-.mXEg".Ns.,iQeL-Q.- . -- 'I' " it on 'Og X S ' I Qh00 - lgside lx, , 5 71 are nes 11 exit uiuii T DUN! vii, 'ff f..ffk:1e: , - C 6 . S1Ovxwi1HATAWlY 22335 of Weedss:,e.2L'1g'E3::.g,.?Zs 'sgifefisrd Choo me I he-cmhe Advance A ,Hn kg 1, ' 0 , rsshvweimenrafinfgxssio Class gave fwgafglgyilfox' the? bazzfhggfy 'whine 05:55. :ima ine WFS! fe was axlkxainvt 'Done ' dumbem PPO S mire Coopiher' I mg x gh? I x Qi auditorium. . h layq U1 , M -. ha ' dyes 'vt ne' Ne pfesidgnicw it The girls had Q-ygimmirrr Lair? onbff-,,Znzo4,,-fncnms Qnme soho: i old,:5 guuf S"i"he1','5elV'iZ gale lstiry was welll? 63011 Zgerscleagfng Slum? 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Mary Jane Leonard, Deanna Goettsch, Dorothy Irwin, Mrs. Christie .And the Presses Rolled The Hi-Larity really "rolled" this year under the capable direction and supervision of Mrs. Christie, as- sisted by a competent staff. Sixteen publications were made with special issues at Christmas and graduation time. Special emphasis was placed on pictures, and more were used this year than ever before. Assignments were usually made on Monday, and the "deadline" date was set for Wednesday. After all copy had been checked, typed, and re-checked, the "raw materials" were taken to the Advance office, where, un- der the capable management of Mr. Harland Hanson gnd Mr. Bruce Bye, they were woven into publication orm. The Hi-Larity is prepared and produced by Holstein High School members, and they can well be proud that they possess a paper which contains the "most recent" in local gossip, "most spectacular" of sports events, "most highest" of honor rolls, and "most variety" of copy in general. The staff for the school year of i953-'54 were as fol- lows: Editor ...-.........-.......... Shirley Miclhaelsen ASSOC. Editor .................. Mary Jane Leonard Business Managers ---Dorothy Irwin, Deanna Goettsch Asst. Business Managers ----------- Carol Breyfogle, Marilyn Wagner Feature Editors ---------- Willis Buell, Bob Bleasdell, Hiram Leonard, Lois Striepe Circ-ulation Managers -Nancy Janssen, Shirley Scherner TYPISTS ..-.........--....-.---- ---Donna Green, Darlene Schuett, Joanne Carstens RGPOVTGFS .........--- Wayne Saxon, Sally Blackmer, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Goettsch, Dixie Freese, Verna Leckband, Joan Cipperley, Mary Kruse, Mary McBride, Marilyn Stone- king, Janice Leonard, Joyce Scott, Julie Leonard AClVlS0f -----..............- ------- M rs, Christie SPONSORED BY ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT HI-LARITY STAFF Row One: Deanna Goettsch, Shirley Scherner, Bob Bleasdell, Willis Buell, Dixie Freese, Donna Green, Verna Leckband, Dorothy Irwin, Shirley Michaelsen. Row Two: Joan Cipperley, Mary McBride, Sally Blackmer, Mary Jane Leonard, Joanne Carsfens, Darlene Schuetf, Carol Breyfogle, Mary Kruse, Mrs. Christie. Row Three: Lois Striepe, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Stoneking, Joyce Scott, Marvel Loof, Wayne Saxon, Marilyn Wagner, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Goetfsch. HI-LARITY TYPISTS AT WORK HI-LARITY IN THE. MAKING Row One: Shirley Michaelsen, Donna Green. ACMSOF, MVS- Chflgle Row Two: Darlene Schueft, Joanne Carstens. TION COMPANY SPONSORED BY McGUlRE AUC PAGE TWENTY-NINE President--Janice Conover Vice-President-Kenneth Walker Secretary-Treasurer-Helen Jones Advisor-Mr. Rosenberger Cheers for Cut Qld High The first thing the i954 Pep Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Rosenberger, and presiding officer, Janice Conover, did after organizing was to have the student body select six cheerleaders from the twenty who tried out. After the cheerleaders were ascer- tained, the Pep Club was really on its way. Members appeared at games in the traditional orange and black, wearing booster pins lwhich the club sold to provide adequate funds for the seasonl and waving orange and black streamers as Holstein again and again brought home the victory. This enthusiastic group left no doubt in onyone's mind but that they were out to help their team win. Perhaps one of the biggest events on the Pep Club's roster was the solemn ceremony they provided for the l954 Homecoming royalty. After the crown- ing, an enthusiastic pep rally was held with refresh- ments provided by the club, During the course of the athletic season, the stu- dent body was presented several hilarious skits, the object of which was to stir up that good old School spirit. Perhaps the favorite of these was Liberace and his Trio Ccomposed of male faculty membersl which surely will never be forgotten. To end the school year, the Pep Club again par- ticipated in a big event-the crowning of the Holstein Relays Queen and her attendants. The l954 Pep Club can truly be said to have played a big part in the events of H. H. S. during the year, not because of their large membership alone, but because of the energy and hard work each mem- ber was willing to put forth in active participation. SPONSORED BY WM. AGNEWQ SORENSEN PRODUCE PAGE THIRTY CHEERLEADERS Nancy Michaelsen, Donna Green, Lois Striepe, Dorothy Conover. Alternate-Patsy Keitges PEP CLUB Seated: Carol Jean Leonard, Ardis Cipperley, Shirley Scott, Shirley Miller, Joyce Armiger, Darlene Prosch, Joyce Scott, Marilyn Stoneking, Mary Godbersen, Ruth Bergmann, Mary McBride. Kneeling: Dorothy Conover, Lois Striepe, Donna Green, Nancy Michaelsen. Row 2: Marvel Loof, Verla Frahm, Betty Scott, Dixie Freese, Shirley Scherner, Marlene Bumann, Shirley Krambeck, Janice Conover, Janice Leonard, Sally Blackmer, Sandra Madsen, Nlwplarilyn Wagner, Janice Lohff, Joan Cipperley, Margene Goettsch, Janet Dittmer, Janith illiams. Row 3: LaVonne Schuett, Shirley Tharp, Patsy Keitges, Nancy Janssen, Andra Ewoldt, Elvera Godbersen, Darlene Schuett, JoAnn Lasher, Mary Jane Leonard, Jean Moser, Julie Leonard, Carol Dittmer, Joyce Rolfs, Dorothy Werner, Kay Conover, Dean Hammer. Row 4: Marilyn Goettsch, Deanna Goettsch, Mary Kruse, Verna Leckband, Helen Jones, Joanne Carstens, Shirley Michaelsen, Dorothy Irwin, Kenneth Kruse, Kenneth Walker, Mary Ann Goettsch, Hiram Leonard, Joan Rolfs, Barbara Irwin, Clark Conover. SPONSORED BY KEITGES FOOD MARKET, HOLSTEIN LUMBER CO. PAGE THIRTY-ONE MOO STAFF WORKING STAFF Typists-Marilyn Goettsch, Kay Rice, Darlene Schuett. Photography - Daniel Bronco, Mary Ann Kreutz, Gaylen Galvin Typist-Dorothy Conover. Snapshots-Shirley Scott, Earl Heilrnan. Art-J o y c e Armiger, Shirley Thorp. BUSINESS STAFF: Staff-Harlan Arp, Shirley Mil- Ier, Helen Jones. Editors-Janice Conover, Donna Green. Business Managers - Kenneth Wallcer, Bob Martin. Assistane Business Managers- Otto Hueschen, Darrell Gebers. PLANNING STAFF Boys' Sports Editor-Bob Bleas- dell. Girls' Sports Editor-Joanne Car- stens. Underclassmen - Marlene y Bu- mann. Publications-Shirley Michael- sen. Feature Editor-Martin Lohff. Grades-Sam King, Betty Scott. M u s i c and Drama-Darlene Prosch, C u r t i s Kistenmacher, Dorothy Irwin. SPONSORED BY MARV'S TA,VERNj GOLDEN RULE STORE, PAGE TH IRTY-TWO HAROLD SCHMIDT, .I EWELER F ACTIVITIES Y TY s s s w Ne'sN's x -fb 'Q Ng 5 'is NEWS Nba'-I-. :ww ' 1 5 l N5 N Qs x5 :P 4 t'Qx Q SN i 4 mSa 9 Ns 4 X356 - 4' 'h -- , , ' ,-iff? I ' . , fwfr- Q to-yi?5f" -ffl' T' .,.fg!X?"' X-ff - ,-ff ilk, . - -mama, ffZf"9ii', it-fl f -35 ll f at gave ft ' '54 'Q ' X 'iii' I X .tg 'egg . ' ft' ef of fy .-.,.-ad. - 3 4695 X bg S X N SX xx? xx NX N x is X NK Ss xggx FX X x 'N XQQ SQ X X xx X Sm ss x ' y lnsiruricentctl Department New Members in the Band???? Guided and directed by Roy Tallman, the high school band reorganized for the football and concert seasons. The marching band performed at all home football games and also played for Pancake Day. The biggest high light of the marching season was attending the annual Morningside College Band Day at Sioux City, October 3. The show was held in connec- tion with the football game between Morningside and North Da- kota State. Holstein was one of thirty-seven bands that partici- pated in the pre-game ceremony and the massed band presenta- tion at half-time. The high school band presentedlthe second annual Pop's Concert to a large audience January 29. The band is also divided into two smaller bands, the pep band and the show band, the pep band playing for all home bas- ketball games and the show band playing for the junior class play, homecoming coronation, and the advanced Home Economics Style Show. Two of our band members, Martin Lohff and David Bircher, played in the All-State Band at Des Moines. March 28 and April 4 a music recital was held in which the small groups presented the numbers they were preparing for the contest April 9 and l0. MAJORETTES XX X X Qs? J' NX Left to Right Patsy Keitges Marilyn Wagner Nancy Janssen, Sally Blackn QQ X .RX SPONSORED BY KING as BLEASDELL, BILL JACKES , N I XX K A .- SX . Q X P h N X , X . x N Ns K XX X , w , Jerri Jean Cole, Lois Schroeder, Mary Jane Leonard A XA K SQX Q Y Q PAGE Ti-HRTY FOUR THE BAND PLAYED ON Row One: Lois Striepe,--bell lyre, Craig Vollmar, Pat Keitges, Hiram Leonard, Charles Jones --trombones, Dorothy lrwin, Jerry Langland, Shirley Thorp, Mary Ann Kreutz-percussion, Mr. Tallman, director, Row Two: Darlene Prosch, Marilyn Wagner, Shirley Miller, Jo Ann Rolfs, Helen Jones, Margene Goettsch, Bonnie Blackmer, Karen Butcher, Nancy Kolb, Gary Schuett-clarinets. Row Three: Mary Jane Leonard, LaVonne Schuett, Lowell Kruse, Julie Leonard, Sandra Madsen-saxophone, Phyllis Vohs, Sally Blackmer-flutes. Row Four: Martin Lohff, Robert Bleasdell, Kenneth Walker, Kenneth Kruse, Samuel King, Mary Kruse, Stephen Curtis, Nancy Janssen--cornets. Row Five: James Bleasclell, George Hueschen-baritone, David Bircher-French horn, Otto Hueschen-bass, Shirley Michaelsen, Camilla Hanson, Mary Knuth-French horn. Absent: Bob Martin. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER PLJBLICITY Martin Lohff Kenneth Walker Otto Hueschen Bob Martin H.H.S. Band in Action SPONSORED BY GREEN LANTERN CAFE, TH. HANSEN Si SON HARDWARE PAGE THIRTY-FIVE I 3 ff 6 Clarinet Quartet Shirley Miller, Darlene Prosch, Marilyn Wagner, Helen Jones. Brass Quintet Kenneth Kruse, Shirley Michael- sen, Martin Lohtt Jim Bleasdell, Craig Vollmar. Their contest number is "Quintet in B Minor" by Ewaldt. Brass Sextet Kenneth Walker, Otto Hueschen Robert Bleasdell I David Bircher, Craig Vollmar, George Hueschen. Their contest number is "On a Mountain Top" by Barnhouse. SPONSORED BY MOTOR INN, EMIL EHLER 81 SONSg GOETTSCH STUDIO PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN VOCAL DEPARTMENT SONG BIRDS OF H. H. S. This year several new groups were organized, the mixed quartet, the boys' ensemble, and the soloists. The soloists and their numbers were: Charles Noneman, "Hills of Home" ond "Where My Caravan Has Rested," Kenneth Kruse, "On The Road to Mandalay," Hiram Leonard, "Tommv Lad," Joyce Obitz, "The Lonesome Dove," Marvel Loof, "Off to Market, Johny," Marilyn Wagner, "lnto the Night," Lloyd Glawe, "Trumptu," Jerry Langland, "Give a Man a Horse," JoAnn Lasher, "Thanks be to God," Lowell Kruse, "Green Pastures," Carol Dittmer, "Spring Rhapsody," Julie Leonard, "l Love Life," Betty Scott, "The Lamb," Sandra Madsen, "Prayerful Service," Lois Striepe, "Brown Bird Singing" and "Clouds," and Willis Buell, "The Old Road." Dick Bagenstos sang a solo at the recitals which were held on March 28 and April 4. The mixed quartet who qualified for the All-State Chorus in Des Moines, sang for Earious groups during the year and for their contest number rendered, "Remember Thy reator." The boys' ensemble, or Harmaniacs, sang, "Song of the Western Men" for the con- test. During the year they sang for the Woman's Club, the homecoming pep rally, and the Methodist men. The girls' trio sang for the band concert, and adult education school, Eastern Star, and Nacirema. "Within Dreaming Harbor" and "Brown Bear" were their contest numbers. "The China Figure" and "BIue Are Her Eyes" were sung by the sextette tor contest. During the year they sang for Wesleyan Guild, Woman's Club, Eastern Star, and the adult education school. The boys' glee club sang "Bless the Lord" and "Ride the Chariot" for contest. They also sang at the Methodist Father-Son Banquet. The girls' glee club sang "The Raindrop Story" and "Prayer" for the contest. The mixed chorus sang "Oh Rejoice Ye Christians" and "Remember Thy Creator" for the contest. The Boys' and girls' glee clubs sang for the Mothers' Day program, while all of the -groups sang at the Christmas vocal program and at the Spring Concert. The mixed chorus, boys' ensemble, and mixed quartet sang at the Chamber of Commerce Christmas program. Another of the activities of the vocal groups was the magazine campaign where they worked to earn money to pay for their robes. They accomplished their aim so that now the vocal robes really belong to the vocal groups. MIXED CHORUS Row One: Shirley Scott, Shirley Tharp, Shirley Miller, Joyce Armiger, Betty Scott, Jean Moser, Jo Ann Lasher, Janice Conover, Janice Lohff, Lois Striepe, Marilyn Wagner, Carol Dittmer, Joyce Obitz. Row Two: Wayne Saxon, Wayne Nelson, Jim Bleasdell, Charles Noneman, Bob Martin, Jerry Langland, Dorothy Irwin, Shirley Michaelsen, Helen Jones, Sally Blackmer, Lois Schroeder, Mary Jane Leonard, Jerri Jean Cole. Row Three: Sam King, Dan Bronco, Kenneth Walker, Charles Jones, Duane Gries, Dick Bagenstos, Bob Bleasdell, David Bircher, Bob Will, Willis Buell, Hiram Leonard. SPONSORED BY CHEROKEE CREAMERY CO., DWIGHT HAUFF SPORTING GOODS, MOSER IMPLEMENT, CURTIS 81 HUNZLEMAN PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Ardis Cipperley, Marilyn Stoneking, Sandra Madsen, Mary Ann Kreutz, Carol Leonard, Joyce Scott, Ruth Bergmann, Marvel Loot, Betty Scott, Joyce Armiger, Joyce Obitz, Shirley Scott, Janice Lohft. Second Row: Lois Striepe, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Wagner, Jo Ann Lasher, Joan Rolfs, Mary McBride, Andra Lee Ewoldt, Carol Dittmer, Janice Conover, Marilyn Goettsch, Shirley Miller, l.aVonne Schuett, Dorothy Werner, Shirley Tharp. Third Row: Dixie Freese, Donna Green, Jean Moser, Elvera Godbersen, Helen Jones, Verna Leckband, Dorothy lrwin, Shirley Michaelsen, Lois Schroeder, Sally Blackmer, Jerri Jean Cole, Julie Leonard, Mary Jane Leonard. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Helen Jones Donna Green SECRETARY-TREASURER SEAMSTRESS Mary Ann Kreutz Shirley Tharp A l rating was received by the girls' sextette at Correctionville on April lO. TRIO SEXTETTE Mary Ann Kreutz, Carol Dittmer, Donna Green, Accom- Marilyn Wagner, Joyce Armiger, Lois Striepe, Janice panist, Marilyn Wagner. Conover, Jerri Jean Cole, Helen Jones. SPONSORED BY DR. BIRCHER, O. P., C. F. MILLER, RUHLOWJ HARDWARE, GLADYS L. WEEDE RAABE PAGE THIRTY-NINE BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Lowell Thomsen, Harold Butcher, Wayne Nelson, Lowell Kruse, Dennis Kolb, Richard Lorenzen, Clark Conover, Wayne Saxon, Curtis Kistenmacher, Dean Hammer, James Brevfogle, Danny Sorensen. Second Row: Hiram Leonard, Donald Goettsch, James Bleasdell, Kenneth Walker, Robert Martin, Gerald Langland, Charles Noneman, Willis Buell, Robert Will, Gene Will, Donald Gerber Roger Clausen, Third Row: Samuel King, Ronald Meyer, Daniel Bronco, Rodson Ellerbusch, Robert Bleasdell, Lloyd Glawe, Charles Jones, Kenneth Kruse, DeWitt Gries, George Hueschen, David Bircher, Richard Bagenstos, Larry Leinbaugh. PRESIDENT-Kenneth Kruse VICE-PRESIDENT--Jerry Langland SECRETARY-TREASURER-Charles Noneman I-IABMANIACS Seated: Willis Buell, Hiram Leonard, Charles Noneman. Standing: Kenneth Walker, David Bircher, Richard Bagenstos, George Hueschen, Kenneth Kruse. SPONSORED BY METHODIST CHURCH, COUNCIL OAK STORE PAGE FORTY MIXED QUARTETTE Charles Nonennan, Jerri Jean Cale, Lois Striepe, Kenneth Kruse. Accompanist, Marilyn 'Wagner SOLOISTS Row One: Marilyn Wagner, Carol Dittmer, Sandra Madsen, Julie Leonard, Lois Striepe, Betty Scott, Marvel Loot, Joyce Obitz. Row Two: Lowell Kruse, Willis Buell, Hiram Leonard, Kenneth Kruse, Lloyd Glawe, Dick Bagenstos, Charles Noneman. ACCOMPAN ISTS Helen Jones, Donna Green, Lois Striepe, Marilyn Wagner. Absent: Sally Blackmer. SPONSORED BY STOLLEY'Sg GUSTAV FOSSELL, VOLLMAR MOTORS PAGE FORTY-ONE 5 55 s S A Q 9 N I E v J fi H I i 5 Q 3, L I A X 2 1 My-Jmm wgmmmsw, ES ik Q FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD Holstein 7 Alta .,,,-, ----- - I9 52 Moville ...,-, -H 6 6 Onawa ....,,, ---28 19 Dunlap .,,,-, ---I8 0 Ida Grove ...,,, -21 3 Correctionville ..., I 3 I2 Kingsley ,.,,-- ---I4 44 Marcus ..,,,, U- 0 20 Odebolt .,,,, ---- 7 FOOTBALL SQUAD Row One: Danny Sorensen, Jerald Breyfogle, Dick, Boothby, Dennis Kolb, Steven Curtis, Richard Schmidt, Roger Clausen, Virgil Bumann, Dean Hammer. Row Two: Jim Bleasdell, Craig Vollmar, Curtis Conover, Frances Bienlien, DeWitt Gries, Larry Bumann, Rodson Ellerbusch, Ronald Meier, Richard Bagenstos, Pat Keitges, Willis Buell. Row 3: Charles Jones, Hiram Leonard, Martin Lohff, Harlan Arp, Bob Martin, Wendell Reineke, Bob Bleasdell, Jim Clausen, Charles Noneman, Larson Meyer, James Breyfogle, George Hueschen. Row Four: Coach Kraai, Donl Gerber, Wendall Jensen, Gary Leonard, Otto Hueschen, Kenneth Kruse, Lloyd Glawe, Donald Fritz, David Bircher, Larry Leinbough, Gaylen Galvin, Robert Will, Coach Gerber. SPONSORED BY CALVIN F. BESORE JR., SORENSEN BARBER SHOP ROYAL CLEANERS, DRS. KAHL 8. ROGNES PAGE FORTY-TH REE GAYLEN GALVIN OTTO HUESCHEN MARTIN LOHFF HARLAN ARP BOB MARTIN BOB BLEASUELL Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior R,ghj 8, Left Guard Right End Quarterback Fullback at Right Half Gglfd Sail-refs' Hilf Def- Gui1fdidOff- I-eff Years Plaved 4 Years Played-4 Years gllsyed-4 YSOVS glared-4 eGrS5,1C?f? Years gijyzd 4 ,301 2,5 ,721 145 lbs. 155 ws. Ykiolilig ifooibs. ' 2 Majors 3 Majors Broken hand 8. Collar l Minor, 2 Majors 2 Majors 3 Majors Broken wrist 2nd yr. Broken knee 2nd yr. bone Broken wrist lst yr THE The Pirates this year won tour games and lost tive. Against Correctionville and Alta the team looked inexperienced and ragged, but again, against Kingsley, lda Grove, and Odebolt, the boys showed a lot of know-how and power. Perhaps the most characteristic game of the season was the home- coming game. ln the first quarter the Pirates were out to win. Playing the kind of ball they should have exhibited all season, they completely smoth- ered a bewildered Dunlap team. However, in the second halt, the boys let down, and consequently were almost beaten. This seemed to be a fatal ten- dency of the Pirates that they couldn't overcome all season. In the Maple Valley Conference the Pirates ended up in the second position, losing a FOOT CHARLES NONEMAN HIRAM LEONARD GERALD BREYFOGLE KENNETH KRUSE JAMES CLAUSSEN WENDELL REINEKE Junior Junior Junior Junim. Junior Junior Quarterback 81 Def. l-laltback 81 Fullback Guard, Det. Fullback, Det. Fullback Years Played-3 Lift half' 5 guard Yeofgioigj-3 Fujjbock Halfback Years Played 2 5'l0:' ears 53263 - A1911 Years plC,yed,3 Years Played-3 510 148 lbs. '1 5'11" 5'11" l35 bs 2 Majors l35 lbs- l55 lD5A l45 lbs. 170 lbs. 2 Majors Broken hand 3rd yr. l Major 2 Majors 2 Majors 2 Majors PAGE FORTY FOUR SPONSORED BY THARP'S GARAGE, KERSLAKE SUNDRlES, BOOTHBY PLUMBING :St HEATING WILLIS BUELL LLOYD GLAWE DAVE BIRCl-IER FRANCIS BEINLEIN LARRY LEINBAUGI-I DONALD FRITZ Junior Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Center Lett End Center Right End Years Played-3 Years Played-2 Years Played-2 Years Played-2 5,10,, 6,2,, 6, 6,1,, 145 lbs. 165 lbs. 175 lbs. 155 lbs. 1 Minor, 1 Major 1 Minor, 1 Major 1 Minor, 1 Major 1 Minor, 1 Major Freshman Det. End Off. Halfback Years Played-1 5,1 Il, 157 lbs. 1 Major BALL SEASON heart-breaking game to a Kingsley team in the final minutes, after dominating the play all the way. In the opening minutes of that game Holstein drove to within Kingsley's twenty yard marker, only to 'have a pass picked off. And on one of those plays that happen only once a season, the opponent com- pletely reversed the situation, setting the team up for a touchdown and preventing them from being scored upon. That one run gave Kingsley not only a touchdown, but also the Maple Valley trophy. DONALD GERBER Sophomore Halfback Years Played-2 5'1O" 150 lbs. 1 Minor, 1 Major Freshman Right Tackle Years Played-1 6,1,, 188 lbs. 1 Major ROBERT W'lLL WENDALL JENSEN LARSON MEYER JAMES BLEASDELL CRAIG VOLLMAR GARY LEONARD Junior Sonhomore RiJl:'tn'mlJh, Junior Junior Junior gif' Guard, Def. Cenfer YeGfS5?l15x?d-3 Guard at center Left Tackle Lett Tackle Years.Played-3 Years 'floyd-2 150 lbs. Years Played-3 Years Played--3 Years Played-3 5,9,, 5 IO 2 Majors 51811 51911 61-In 170 lbs. 160 lbs. Broken knee, Injured 130 lbs. 150 lbs. 165 lbs. 2 MCIJOFS 1 Major hip 1 Minor, 1 Major 1 Minor, 1 Major 2 Majors PAGE FORTY-FIVE Pirateffes Renwick Meriden Qnthon X 65.320 GIRLS Correctionville lglnrlstlli ez: reek BASKETBALL Hartley Whittemore Quimby Galva Battle Creek Arthur Sanborn 63 ' ......... 42 63 ' ......... 28 A 55 ......... 37 64 ' ......... 36 - 75 --- ......... 39 60 ' ' .... 31 V 75 ' ......... 39 79 ---,- 33 57 Washta ......... 42 81 .----F--- 32 44 ' 1 ,----- 42 .69 ' --------g 78 ,,,...--,,, 33 88 ,.,.. 41 77 ---------- 54 --------- 21 GIRLS BASKETBALL SQUAD Bottom Row. Jerri Jean Cole, Joanne Carstens, Lois Schroeder, Verna Leckband, Mary Jane Leonard, Shirley Scherner, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Goettsch CManager1. Middle Row: Janith Williams, Janice Lohtf, Mary Ann Kreutz, Mary Ann Goettsch, Deanna Goettsch, Dorothy Werner, Jeanne Moser, Carol Leonard, Top Row: Joyce Scott, Patsy Keitges, Janice Leonard, Sally Blackmer, Julie Leonard, Joan Cipperley, Carol Breytogle, Verla Frahm, Mary McBride, Margene Goettsch. SPONSORED BY DOWNS 81 DIERSENQ GREEN'S DAIRY, DR. F. H. COLLINGS, OPT. PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP, DEE'S BEAUTY SHOP PAGE FORTY-SIX VERNA LECKBAND Junior Post Guard A hardworking post defensive player who used her height to an advantage, Dependable and consistent, one of the best in that field. l.D.P.A. First team and Jack North's All State Fifth team. 2 H's NANCY JANSSEN Junior Guard A scrappy team player, who is one of the team's greatest assets. A small gal with speed and rebounding ability-a real defensive player. l. D. P. A. Honor Roll and Jack North's All State Honor Roll. 2 H's SHIRLEY SCHERNER Junior Guard An aggressive team player with MARY ANN KREUTZ Senior Guard superior rebounding and ball ARqulgkifhinhkingtballhavgk who handling abilities-superb at pave er ear Ou -'S e was getting the ball into the front court. Made Jack North's All State Honor Roll. 2 l'l's a good ball handler and ex- cellent intercepter. 3 H's SEA5ON'S PLAY Starting out the season right, the Pirotettes in a clinic game defeated Ren- wick to a tune of 63-42. ln this opening contest the girls exhibited a brand of ball which told the fans that they were going places. While the season progressed, the Piratettes did just that. The Piratetts' only tough opposition during seasonal play was handed them by the good Whitte- more team, but they managed a 44-42 victory. Other prominent teams which the girls whirled past were the Anthon, Washta, Hartley, Galva, and San- born squads. The Piratettes, by whizzing through their scheduled games un- defeated, became the Maple Valley Conference Champs. JOANNE CARSTENS Senior Post Forward One of lowa's outstanding post players. She is a sensational scoop and jump shot artist. Joanne helped pull the Pirat- ettes through several crucial games in the tournament stretch. She is a great team player. Her graduation will leave a big gap in the Orange and BIack's personnel for i954- 55. Jack North's All State Honor Roll. 3 H's JERRI JEAN COLE Junior Forward Jerri Jean's greatest asset is her deceptive pass and fake. An outstanding gal at getting the ball into the post. She could always be depended on for an excellent floor game. l.D.P.A. Honor Roll and Jack North's All State Honor Roll. 2 H's LOIS SCH ROEDER Junior Forward A cool-headed player and a set-shot artist, she picked up many points on left hand shots, plus being very consistent from the charity stripe. 2 l-l's MARY JANE LEONARD Junior Post Forward Janey is a real competitive pivot playei' with rebounding ability-she worried all op- ponents, especially with her right and left hooks and Over- head swishers. She made l.D.P. A. Honor Roll and Jack North's All State Second Team. 3 H's JAN ICE LOH FF I DEANNA GOETTSCH I Junior Forward Sophomore Guard A small gal whose drive makes - , up for her size-her outstand- 'A defefmlned CIefef"5'Ve PIOYEF ing feature being her floor who SIWQWS Cl DVOVTIISIVIQ fl-ITUYS, ggme, I H possibilities of being a rugged post guard. I H DOROTHY WERNER MARY ANN GOETTSCH Junior Guard Junior Post Guard A good all-round defensive A rugged defensive player who player with definate rebound- blocked many shots when she ing ability-a good ball hand- took over as post guard. Shows ler and most valuable reserve. a promising future. I H 2 H's MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT They We They Galva 29 73 Early 42 Battle Creek 29 3l Galva I3 Arthur 25 45 Ida Grove 33 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT STATE TOURNAMENT They We They Ireton 35 63 Marengo 52 Blencoe 44 69 Tingley 62 Washta 54 29 Garnavillo 49 64 West Liberty 52 Tournament play opened first with the Maple Valley Tournament, which the Piratettes breezed through by brushing off Galva, Battle Creek, and Arthur. Next in line came the Sectional Tourney where the State Tournament climb began. The first tourney step was made by dropping Early, Galva, and Ida Grove respectively to advance to the District. In District Tournament play the Piratettes overcame Ireton and Blencoe, only to meet the strong Washta team in the finals and hand them their second defeat. Thus the girls, as District champions won their way to state. As one of the sweet sixteen the Piratettes goal now was the state championship. In the opening game Marengo was the victim of Holstein and in the second round it was Tingley, whom they barely squeaked by. Advancing to the semi-finals the Piratettes, on a cold night, met their one and only defeat of the season, handed them by the State Champs, Garnavillo. In the final game Holstein again was victor by stopping West Liberty 64-52, and returned to Holstein the State Consolation Winners. SPONSORED BY IVAN BLACKMER, CHUCK'S BODY SHOP, JlM'S BAKERY, CLAUS LORENZEN PAGE FORTY-EIGHT A .' "'1 . "kv Miz. 5 , 4 W 2 . Zz: ,ass W . , '93 ' . 6 M 'in f 4 Q9 , A X fs f . .. A v -Q " .,:.I:Is: ..iIQEs,Es. . bp, ' ' .f.., : .- ,::,:. f Q xii:-:5:af:a:a:Q:a:::5a:a1g54:a:,e::. :2:s59:zsa:.,:5:a: :g:::aszf25:-,,.,,. ,NM ':"' :IEI',,2as,. " ' ' QQ ' 1 ,, '- .,.,. z H . , ' 35:5-35: ' ' .,:,,:, - 1 w f .n.. .. 9: , i q?,:,:,,.,:g:-:,:,:,.Q QM .... : ma. X Q . 0 wwwwww 1 ' X 'W bw? 32:55 9 N Q , 6 A c L? f , Q , xv .X ,ms , .,.. 1 1 MWF' " " I: I ' I , . ',:. Z -- ,,..,, z 2 M X0 Q g Q, Y Q M A . A , Many Hours oi Proioiioe Bring Big Dividends Cui' Queens Ge? Morol Sup- port from Fans ot Home Smiles Are Mixes with Teors os Pirofetfes Are Welcomed Home Oh, Boy!! Just Look ot the Size of That Trophy! BOYS' BASKETBALL SQUAD How One: Lowell Thomsen, Dennis Kolb, Stephan Curtis, Donald Gerber, Lloyd Glawe, Kenneth X'VaIker, Hiram Leonard, Charles Nonernan, Pat Keitges. Row Two: David Bircher fmanagerl, Robert Martin, Larry Leinbaugh, Roger Hass, Donald Fritz, Francis Blenlien, Gary Leonard, Otto Hueschen, Kenneth Kruse, Charles Jones, George Hueschen Cmanagerl. SEASON'S RECORD 51 55 texl A9 xftolxqtnxl bb A3 Qwt-do 5 AD C30 NOOXK QVS vifoleg 1, ode O6 ga '38 vvota A ,GNC A O 60 5 thoft QKYOXQSS 6 A PJXYXUY XXXC PM . - die 5 to ' CN 7.6 rello 55 VW e9 Q PA ef-VO Pirates M Pgixwo me 6A Vltfixes 50 Cogqsoufxl ptfates A2 Correct-tony A5 Vgvoxe-5 53 0 i Pirates 6x Donbumf A3 QHODQQSS 11 Vlfoxfss A6 i4mQSlex' ek Bl vifoxe Pnotes 59 Boflleoe 32 PHO 7,3 Wogytta Plfotes PUQTGS L i V Aj- PAGE F I FTY-ON E i XFX i CHARLES NON EMAN Guard Very good team player, a good shot, and tdicky dribbler. 2nd major. Total points-l38. Av- erage-8.l KENNETH WALKER ' Forward A reliable passer, good dribbler, and has a good set shot. l minor, l major, Total points- 43. Average-2.9 KENNETH KRUSE Forward Uses his height to good advan- tage. A smooth, all around ball player. 2nd major. Total points --88. Average-5.51 HIRAM LEONARD Guard Reliable passer and shooter, good boy to have. Will see lots of him next year. l minor, l major. Total points-3l. Av- erage-2.2 BOYS' BASKETBALL The Pirates won 5 and lost l4 during the season, however this does not give a true picture at the team. For instance, C'Ville, one ot the top teams in Northwest lowa, beat our boys by only three points the first game and only one point in the second encounter. Danbury, the Maple Valley champs, were beaten both times by the Pirates. The brand of ball improved considerably throughout the season. This came through game experience and hard work. OTTO HUESCHEN BOB MARTIN Center Guard A smooth ball handler and Fine l'Sl3OUI'1deI' Ol'1d feedef. good get Shot mgn. Hgd negdgd very well On H1059 T0U9l1 Cen' speed for those driving lay-ups. fer 1'-Imp Shots. 3rd VYWUIOV- TO- 3rd major. Total points-l54. tal points-l 28. Average-7.5 AVGFOQS-9-l ROGER HASS Forward Good ball handler. Has one of the finest set shots we've seen, 2nd major. Total points-260. Average-l 5.3 FIBSTt'8" HAVE A CQNFERENCE l . Hiram Leonard, Gary Leonard, Charles Noneman, Kenny Walker, Kenny Kruse, Otto Hueschen, Roger Hass, Bob Martin. MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT We 43 1 GQIVQ 44 We 43 -- ldCI Grove 47 lovertimel ln the Maple Valley Tournament the Pirates lost a thriller to Galva by one point, 43-44. The two starting guards collected two points between them, further illustrating that the boys weren't overloaded with luck. ln the sectional play we lost by tour points in an overtime to Ida Grove, the only other class A school in our sectional. The Pirates counted eight points at the start before the Hawks started clicking, at the halt the boys led 22 to l9, With only seconds to go in the regular time, the Pirates took severol shots, both from the charity lane and from the field, but cauIdn't connect. BOYS' BASKETBALL UB" SQUAD Row One: Lowell Thomsen, Dennis Kolb, Donald Gerber, Stephen Curtis, Pat Keitges. Row Two: Larry Leinbaugh, Francis Bienlien, Charles Jones, Lloyd Glawe, Donald Fritz. SPONSORED BY GEBERS 8 MYRTUE TRUCKING, ZEMAN 8. SORENSEN, NICKLAS CLOTHING STORE, HERMAN KRAMBECK, SAW FILING PAGE FIFTY-THREE Black and Orange Tracksters Streak Ahead Front Row: Gaylen Galvin, Harlan Arp, Robert Martin, Donald Fritz, Otto Hueschen, Gary Leonard, Lloyd Glawe, Dan Branco, Kenneth Walker, James Clausen, Charles Noneman. Second Row: Pat Keitges, Martin Lohff, Richard Boothby, Gerald Breytogle, Donald' Gerber, Larry Leinbaugh, George Hueschen, Wendell Reineke, Robert Bleasdell, David Blrcher, Hiram Leonard, Virgil Bumann. Back Row: Dean Hammer, Danny Sorensen, Clark Conover, Dennis Kolb, Willis Buell, DeWitt Gries, Charles Jones, Francis Bienlien, Robert Will, James Bleasdell, Stephen Curtis, Roger Clausen, Craig Vollmar. TRACK SCHEDULE April 9 .....-...-....... ........ H olstein Relays April I5 .........-............... Pocahontas Relays April I7 ................ --. ....... Tomahawk Relays April 23 ---.----.-...-.- ......... A Ita Relays April 27 --.--------.---- ......... l da County Meet April 30 ----------------..... .... S ioux City Relays April 30 Aurelia Relays MOY 4 - Maple Valley Meet MUY 6 Estherville Relays MGY 7 Sac City Relays MUY I4 District Meet MOV 22 State Meet '-- x SPONSORED BY ERICKSON SERVICE STATION, BEYER ELECTRIC, PAGE FIFTY-FOUR ALICE HUEGERICI-lg RATH PACKING COMPANY TRACK ROYALTY BEAMS Firsr Attendant-Marilyn Goettsch, Queen-Joanne Carstens, Second AT- 'rendant-Shirley Tharp. CHARLIE AND DIXIE LIKE TO DANCE, UT JOYCE PREFERS ARCHERY Dain' The Hokey-Pokey?? . . . Where To, Wendall? . . . A night in Hawaii . . . What a dollll . . . Off To bed, Andra . . . That lefdown feeling after an all day fishing trip. . . Oh, why does my hair always get massed up? . . . INhaT's cookin' kids? . . . Hit the bull's eye, Joyce. THESE RECEIVED HONORS First Row: Sally Blackmer, Julie Leonard, Jerri Jean Cole, Janice Lohtf, Shirley Thorp, Lois Striepe. Second Row: Wayne Nelson, Shirley Michaelsen, Rodson Ellerbusch, Dorothy Irwin, Ronald Meier, Barbara Irwin. Absent: Helen Jones. Holstein had a large number of entries in the speech contests this year. In fact, so many students were interested that a school elimination contest had to be held. Participating in the school elimination in the interperative reading were. Barbara Irwin, reading the "23rd Psalm" and "Gypsies," Rodson Ellerbusch, "Casey at The Bat" and "Trees," Ronald Meier, "Arrows" and "Village Blacksmith," Jerri Jean Cole, "Patterns," Janice Lohtf, "Blue- berries," and Lois Striepe, "Death of the Hired Man." In the Humorous division were Sally Blackmer, giving "Ma at The Basketball Game," Julie Leonard, "Gertie Gets Going," Shirley Thorp, "Going Down," and Shirley Michaelsen, "Why Don't You Tell Me These Things." Ot these two groups, three were chosen from each to compete in the sectional meet at Quimby on February I6. Contestants from the two groups were Janice Lohff, Jerri Jean Cole, Lois Striepe, Julie Leonard, Sally Black- mer, and Shirley Michaelsen. Also entered at Quimby in the oratorical division was Dorothy Irwin, with "Why?" and Wayne Nelson in the radio speaking division, with "Tele- vision in CoIor." Proceeding to the Pre-District Contest at Mapleton on March I6, were Janice Lohtt, Lois Striepe, Jerri Jean Cole, and Shirley Michaelsen. As interperative reading contestants' selection must be changed with every advancement, the three entries gave "Home-Burial," "Patterns," and "Ballad at Hell," respectively. Advancing to the district contest at Paullina on March 24, were Jerri Jean Cole and Shirley Michaelsen. At this contest Jerri Jean gave "Death of the Hired Man" and was given a I rating, entitling her to go on to the State contest to be held at Waterloo on April 23. Holstein High School was also very proud to Ihave one of its members, Helen Jones, a senior Iabsent from the picturel, attend the State D.A.R. contest at Des Moines this year. Helen won previous contests, and was one of the tive finalists in the state of Iowa. SPONSORED BY WM. WALKER, SEEMANN'S LUNCHES, BLUE EAGLE, PAGE FIFTY-SIX SCOTTY'S TAV ERN JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Entire Cast "Stick 'em upl" HFINDERS CREEPERSH On November 3 at eight o'clock, the Junior class presented "Finders Creepers," a mystery-comedy in three acts. The play was under the direc- tion of Mrs. M. F. Christie. "Finders Creepers" was a hilarious comedy which everyone enjoyed. The juniors did a superb job of acting, and the casting was excellent. The cast was as follows: Wilbur Maxwell, Herc's bosom pal -- ..... --- ...... Willis Buell Hercules Nelson, a teen-age atom bomb --- ---Hiram Leonard Celeste, Hercules' cousin ....... ----..--- ....... Lois Striepe Nina Quigley, the "apple" of Herc's eye --- ---Marilyn Wagner Frankie, Celeste's younger sister ------- ------- J onice Lohff Mrs. Nelson, Herc's aunt .------ - --.---. Carol Diffmef Mr. Nelson, a mortician ------ ---- W endell Reineke Granny, who has young adeas ------ .---.-- D ixie Freese Mr. Quigley, a philanthropist ---- ---- -.-- Charles Noneman Dr. Brown, a friend of the Quigleys ------------ ---James Clausen Madeline, Mr. Quigley's sister ------------------------ Jerri Jean Cole Harry Schuster, a lawyer and a friend of Madeline ------ Gerald Langland Daphne, the Nelson's maid ------------------------ LaVonne Schuett Claude, the caretaker ---------------------------- James Bleasdell Helpers ----.-----.---- --------- R oger Hass, Craig Voillmar Stage Managers --- --- ---- Mary Jane Leonard, Nancy Janssen Publicity ---------- ----------------------------- J ean Moser Properties Csmolli --- ----------------- Shirley Scherner, Joan Rolfs Properties flargel ---------- Craig Vollmar, Gerald Breyfogle, Roger Hass Prompters -....-..------------------ Dorothy Werner, Lois Schroeder l-iQl'1TS and Sound Effects ---------------- Kenneth Kruse, Gary Leonard MORE-up .........-..-- Joan Rolfs, Mary Jane Leonard, Nancy Janssen Cl-IffC1il'l --.-.-...-..-...- --.---.----------..-------- R obert Will Ushers ------ Ardis Cipperley, Peggy Nelson, Wayne Nelson, Larson Meyer T5Cl4GT Tokers .....-....---. .- ---------- Joyce Obitz, Verna Leckband Pl'OQI'GmS ---...-.-..-..---- -.-- E lvera Godbersen, Mary Ann Goettsch Hercules finds new evidence Grandma, what big eyes you havel SENIOR PLAY uOut ot This World" iront Row: Shirley Tharp, Shirley Michaelsen, Joanne Carstens, Betty Scott, Kay Rice, Joyce rmiger. Back Row: Robert Martin, Dan Bronco, Otto Hueschen, Sam King, Martin Lohff. Absent: Shirley Miller During April and part ot May the seniors were spending many hours getting ready for their play, "Out of This World." The cast was as tollows: Linda Russell .....-.... -. ,.... -,----, ............. Shirley Michaelsen Pauline Russell ............. ,,,,---,,,- ..,............. Joyce Arrniger Otis Kerby .................-...................... Martin Lohtt Homer Judson ..............................,.-... Otto Hueschen Bruce Judson .............-......-...-..........-.. Robert Martin June Bishop ................-..................... Shirley Miller Donna Craig ................................,......... Kay Rice Phebe Atkins ...................................... Shirley Thorp Miss Edith Crest ....................... -.-. ......... Joanne Carstens Glen Willard ......................,..-.............,. Sam King Leo Dennis ........................................ Dan Bronco Myrtle Huff .....................................,... Betty Scott SPONSORED BY IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE, WILBUR WIENERT TRUCKING, ROYAL SCOT SALES, CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT F 5' 1 f 4, ,VY ni 'sl"I' f ff wwe-tr Your 0utfil"s Just Darling, Sally! "GREENIES" INITIATED As we look back to the morning of Sep-- 'rember 22, we see the freshmen have also made some progress. They now feel a part of Holstein High School and not like the "greenies" they did on Initiation Day. On the morning of September 22 we saw the freshmen coming to school as comic strip characters plus tomato earrings, an onion necklace, a man's work shoe, a lady's high- heeled shoe, and carrying a paddle and a sack of candy for the seniors. As soon as each senior had covered his "charge" with plenty of lipstick and corn starch, the seniors climbed aboard a flatrack for a ride through Main street and back to the park fthe freshies providing the powerl. At the park there was a mock wedding, an egg fight, a paddling ceremony and a contest of putting out a fire by spitting on it. ln the evening the seniors entertained the Margene's Newest Attire Tharpie's Charge Price Comic Strip Characters high school at the Initiation Dance. The sen- iors took this opportunity to do a final bit of initiating the freshmen and new teachers. Does This Look All Right? Aren't They Cute! The Paddling Ceremony Could lt Be A Broken E991 Marvel Oh, lSI1'l' This Fl-lfllll The Darling Freshies Big, Brave Seniors ROYALTY OF '53 PEP CLUB SKIT ROYALTY COMING DOWN THE AISLE HOMECOMING OF '53 The coronation festivities, high lighting the i953 football season, be- gan Thursday evening, October l, with three skits. The Pep Club staged a pantomime predicting the outcome of the Homecoming game. The fresh- men presented DunIap's Funeral, and the last skit, "Com'nv Tention," was given by the boys' lettermen. Eight boys, known as the Harmnni- ocs sang "Brothers Sing On" and 'Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho." Then come the most important event of the evening-the coronation. Preceding the royalty, boys and girls of the Pep Club entered the north end of the gym, wearing Holstein iuckets and carrying candles. They formed an aisle for the royalty from the door to the stage. Shirley Thorp and Martin Lohff, Marilyn Goettsch and Otto l-lueschen, the two attending couples preceded the Queen, Joanne Carstens, and the King, Bob Martin, The queen's ot- tendants were presented with corsages of roses, the king's attendants with carnation boutonnieres. Bill Rickard, King of '5l, crowned the King, Shirley Bergmann Fried- richsen, Queen of '52, crowned the Queen. Queen Joanne received a cor- sage of rosebuds and white carna- tions, and King Bob received a carna- tion boutonniere. After the ceremonies the crowd congregoted behind the gym where the traditional dummy was burned in a big bonfire. The cheerleaders led a few yells, and cocoa and apples were served to the student body. DUNLAP'S FUNERAL COM'NY TENTION ALUMNI ROYALTY CROWN KING BOB AND QUEEN JOANNE IUNIQR-SENICDR PROM GF X53 May I Have the Next Dance? How about Dance No. 3? Smell good? Time Out for Eats in the Barroom Royalty Is Crowned W PAGE SIXTY-TWO "HAWAII" Promptly at seven the doors of the gymnasium- auditorium were opened to give everyone a view of "Hawaii" The music of Del Clayton and his orchestra echoed throughout the "islands" which were divid- ed into a ballroom, lounge, and barroom. As the couples danced, polm trees swayed and the water lapped on the shore. When the couples had fin- ished their dance, they retired to either the lounge or the barroom. ln the lounge, television provided the entertainment while in the barroom punch, po- tato chips, and sandwiches were served by the eight freshmen. Acting as waitresses and waiters were the freshmen: Marilyn Stoneking, Nancy Michael- sen, Deanna Goettsch, Carol Breyfogle, Don Gerber, George l-lueschen, David Bircher, and Dean Ham- mer. During intermission, Mortin Lohff, the president of the jun- ior class, crowned Joan Schroe- der and David Leonard as queen and king. Joan received a bouquet and a string of pearls while David received Cl boutonniere and an identifica- tion bracelet. Mrs. Mytrue and Mr. Piper, the class co-sponsors, were giv- en a matched jewelry set and matching cuff links and tie clasp respectively. They also r'eceived a bouquet and a bou- tonniere, Dancing to the Music of Del Clayton PAGE SIXTY-THREE FHSHING ................ TO ..-............. INITIATION DAY Do you suppose she really caught 'ern . . . Verna's really graceful . . . Why the funny face, Lois? . . . Janice and her dog . . . A new bathing suit, Shir- ley?. . . Do you feel that way all over, Jo? . . . Get 'em clean, Janice . . . Dunlap's funeral-everybody really looks sadll . . . I pity the poor guy who gets the results of that paddle . . . Deanna gets her vitarnins. Too much horseback riding . . . Put your dress down, Donna . . . Verna poses . . . Oh, what a heavenly night . . . Another slap-happy slumber party . . . Miller's bashful, but Thorp beams . . . Are you kids really that tired? . . . Bets relaxes . . . l-l. H. S,,s gridiron gals . . . Freshies dress up just for the seniors . . . Don't swallow the bottle, Loislll GRADES PAGE SIXTY-FIVE IUNIOR HIGH Row l: Myrna Niemeier, Shirley Timmerman, Carol Boothby, Bonnie Blackmer, Marjorie Schubert, Karen Barghols, Mary Nell Burnann, Reta Scott, Ethel Krayenhagen. Row 2: Loyd Reineke, Dean Reimers, La Vonne Timmerman, Luella Schuett, Darlene Rice, Phyllis Vohs, Merlin Jensen, Kurt Leonard, Larry Meyer. ROW 3: John Leckband, Alfred Hass, Janet Petersen, Karen Butcher, Dolores Steen, Carolyn Goettsch, Barbara Kaus, Dennis Hueschen, Steven Janssen, Wendell Conover, SEVENTH GRADE Row l: Dean Breyfogle, Rodney Madsen, Nordyne Vickery, Saundra Wagner, Bruce Schmidt, Donald Clausen, Dean Gerber. Row 2: Robert Kraai, Thomas Mohr, Camilla Hanson, Julie Ewolclt, Sandra l-lahne, Bonnie Christiansen, Loretta Clausen, Gary Schuett. Row 3: Albert Leonard, Loren Bergmann, Charles Putensen, Janet Godbersen, Maxine Vohs, Mary Ladewig, Mary Knuth, Warren Nelson, Lawrence Timmerman, John Kolb. PAGE SIXTY-SIX IUNIOR I-IIGI-I ACTIVITIES CHEERLEADERS Phyllis Vohs, Bonnie Blackmer, Bonnie Christiansen, Camilla Hanson. FOOTBALL Row one: Loren Bergmann, William Ar- miger, Warren Nelson, Albert Leonard, John Kolb. Row two: Wendell Conover, .John Leck- Leonard, John Leckband. Dean Reimers, lin Jensen, Kurt Leonard, Loyd Reineke, Dean Reimers, Steven Janssen. Row three: Lawrence Timmerman, Don- ald Clausen, Rodney Madsen, Robert Kraai, Thomas Mohr, Dean Gerber, Dean Breyfogle, Bruce Schmidt. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Row one: Phyllis Vohs, Bonnie Blackmer, Reta Scott, Carol Boothby, Marjorie Schu- bert, Janet Petersen. Row two: Karen Butcher, Shirley Timmer- man, Luello Schuett, Karen Barghols, Ethel Krayenhagen, Delores Steen. Row three: Mary Knuth, Mary Ladewig, Camilla Hanson, LaV0nne Timmerman Myrna Niemeier, Bonnie Christiansen, Saundra Wagner. 1 BOYS' BASKETBALL Row one: Rodney Madsen, Bruce Schmidt, Albert Leonard, Charles Putensen, War- sen Nelson, Loren Bergmann, John Kolb. Row two: Lawrence Timmerman, Dean Breyfogle, Dean Gerber, 'Steven Janssen, Wendell Conover, Donald Clausen, Loyd Reineke, Dennis Hueschen. Row three: Robert Kraai, Alfred Hass, Leonard Bircher, Merlin Jensen, Kurt Leonard, John Leckbancl, Dean Reimers, Thomas Mohr. SPONSORED BY HANSEN FURNITURE 81 HANSEN FUNERAL HOME, TYRRELL STUDIO, GROTHAUS 81 BOCHMANN PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN SIXTH GRADE Row l: David Lohft, David Andresen, Elaine Cipperley, Vtlilda Putnam, Doris Timmerman, Kathleen Krull, Nancy Kolb, Diane Gellert, Thomas Keitges, Daniel Bienlien. Row 2: Mary Mohr, Nancy Kelley, Toni Tallman, Elaine Kaus, Roberta Boothby, Joelle Jochims, Robert Kelley, William Meyer, Freddie Goettsch. Row 3: James Johannsen, Donald Butcher, Martha Flowers, Janet Sass, Gary Johnson, Jerry Jochims, Robert Brown, Wendell Rolfs, Vervl Droegmiller. Row 4: Betty Olson, Catherine Lingle, Dennis Bochmann, Marilyn Christiansen, Faye Janssen, Janice Steen, Dorothy Krayenhagen, Stephen Madsen, Orrin Armiger. Absent: Joanne Bye and Dennis Kuchel, FIFTH GRADE Row l: Brian Bruning, Loren Clausen, Dale Breyfogle, Oliver Reineke, Marcia Beyer, Janet Cipperley, Don Breyfogle, Sharon Wiese, Marjorie Burkhardt, Judith Michalicek. Row 2: Daniel Schmidt, Michael Kelley, Jo Ann Heitmann, Virginia Kaster, Bruce Strand, Harold Freese, Carole Wittrock, Jo Clausen, Gary Weiland, David Schmidt. Row 3: Ronda Ludvigson, David Bye, Dale Tharp, Carol Bergmann, Mary Ann Conover, Mabel Heydt, David Vohs, Judith Leonard, Julia Petersen, Karen Michaelsen, John Wagner, Carol Reimers. Absent: Janet Goettsch. PAGE SlXTY-EIGHT FOURTH GRADE Rav l: Betty Bergmann, Sandra Baumann, Judy Williams, Paul Niemeier, Wayne Loot, Judy Gadbersen, Wyleen Leinba ugh. Row 2: Roger Nicklas, Janice Hansen, Nina Ann Schmidt, Mary Gehrts, Lynne Bircher, Janiver Meyer, Harold Droegmiller, Billy Ericksen. Row 3: Donna Sinns, Paul Striepe, Michael Brosamle, Lorine Timmerman, Dennis Fritz, Larry Jons, Rae Dean Timmerman, Eugene Reirners. FOURTH GRADE Row l: Karen Hahne, Caroll Lake, Gary Putensen, John Jahannsen, Bryan Brosamle, Larry Vesgaard, Gary Schuett, Dean Ficlc. Row 2: David Goettsch, Bruce Ladewig, Janis Saueressig, Albert Loot, Gary Ruhser, Danny Cipperley, Christine Leonard, Mary Jo DeWitt. Row 3: Sharon Fell, Mary Ina Hueschen, Connie Beyer, Ronda Clausen, Linda Hueschen, Sue Blackmer, Bette Agnew, Roger Ploeger, Don Schroeder. PAGE SIXTY-NINE THIRD GRADE Row l: Dennis Rohlk, Donald Petersen, Donna Timmerman, Audrey Baumann, Jeanette Helkenn, Patricia Strand, James Keitges, Daniel Van Hemert, Dennis Sorensen. Row 2: Scott Hanson, Curtis Sorensen, Susan Curtis, Betty Lingle, Sharon Frahm, Lester Wiese, Larry Goettsch, Marsha Fell, Dennis Breyfogle, Elaine Brown. Row 3: Robert Bauman, Vicki Bruning, John Voge, Shirley Reimers, Karna Bergmann, Connie Putensen, Sandra Conover, Loreen Friedrichsen, Kay Andresen, Duane Williams, Ronnie Ludvigson. SECOND GRADE Row l: Janice Heitmann, Charles Carlberg, Gary Mohr, Vernette Reimers, Larry Armiger, Trudy Sinns, Lynn Goettsch, Carol Johnson. Row 2: Donna Steen, Kenneth Buell, Gary Moser, Wayne Freese, Ronald Sass, Pabo Conover, Douglas Lill, Marilyn Flowers, Steve Michalicek. Row 3: Steven Bauer, Curtis Wiese, Dennis Leinbaugh, John Burkhardt, Lonna Albers, James Wienert, Marilyn Jensen, Diane Doxtad, Ronnie Leckband, Patsy lwen. PAGE SEVENTY SECOND GRADE Row l: Terry Johnson, Karlene Bumann, Doane Lohtf, Paulette Beyer, Irene Leonard, Bradley Schoer, Paula Beyer, Marcia Stamp. Row 2: Larry McBride, Charles Cipperley, Hayes Rickard, Doreen Gries, Larry Dean Goettsch, Dennis Lill, Hans Jensen, Karen Bauman. Row 3: Roletta Albers, Joyce Loof, Sheryle Wittrock, Curtis Olson, Kenneth Hogrefe, Kath- Iene Bumann, Donald' Sams, Wilbur Wittrock, Curtis Opdahl. Absent: Donald Vohs, Leon Ruhlow. FIRST GRADE Row l: Paul Scherner, Ted Bruning, David Ehler, James Striepe, Valgene Wiese, Diana Reiff, Michael Witt, Burdette Conover, Marcia Dee Lemburg. Row 2: Neal Conover, Christine Hansen, Bobby Wienert, Colleen Ludvigson, Carol Lingle, Mark DeWitt, Joan Ploeger, Rene Ruhlow, Margaret Breyfogle, Jeanne Frahm. Row 3: Jerry Saueressig, Kathryn Conover, Roy Rice, Jane Ann Galvin, Paul Goettsch, Mari- gene Kahl, Donald Johannsen, Cathy Jo McCrea, Douglas Kahl, Joan Beyer, Ben Bye. Absent: Shelley Michaelsen, Michael Michaelsen, Charles Steen. PAGE SEVENTY-ONE FIRST GRADE Row l: Gary Stamp, Jo Ann Bumann, Marillis Johnson, Diane Fick, Donna Marie Schelldort, Marvin Timmerman, Victoria Irwin, Richard Fairchild, Jeffrey Jochims, Janice Strand, Char- lotte Vickery. Row 2: David Niemeier, Judy Fraser, Karen Wittrock, Luann Rice, Eldon Reimers, Kenneth Vohs, Marilyn Andresen, Dennis Perkins, Craig Conover, Mark Scott, Sammie Heydt. Row 3: Delane Bauer, Allan Kuchel, Lee Olson, Margaret Jones, Van Conover, Linda Jens, Cathy Hansen, Ronnie Goettsch, La Donna Krayenhagen, Bobby Ericksen, Terry Albers. MORNING KINDERGARTEN Row l: Allen Stamp, Terry Bauman, Betty Bauman, Tamela Johnson, Peggy Conover, Gary Brodersen, Linda Krager, Dennis Hoagland, Roger Larsen. Row 2: Linda Conover, Bruce Klotz, James Clausen, Jerel Wittrock, Louise Friedrichsen, Michael Still, Patricia Galvin, Jerry Olson, Barbara Gotschall. Row 3: Billy Petersen, Mark Witt, Jimmy Sorensen, Anna Marie Hogrefe, Mary Beth Michalicek, Pamela Baumann, Betty Lorenzen, Roderick Hansen, Jeftrey Lenz, Phillip Hanson. PAGE SEVENTY-TWO AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN ROW l: Cynthia Ehler, Monte Ray Beyer, Reas Madsen, Claire Leinbaugh, Connie Friedrich- sen, Dennis Sams, Dennis Schuett, Jimmie Beyer. Row 2: Dale Clausen, Donnie Dutler, Sheryl Bock, Melissa Sue Leonard, Joe Mike Keitges, Billy Jackes, Connie Kraai, Susan Kahl, Jenene Bumann. Row 3: Allan Todd, Donald Miesner, Danny Ellerbusch, Christine Voge, Bobby Freese, Marlys Helkenn, Susan Hass, Rex Moser, Keith Fick. CADET BAND Row l lLeft to rightlz Nancy Kelley, Carol Boothby, Faye Janssen, Dianne Gellert, Sue Blackmer, Bruce Strand, David Vohs, Bruce Schmidt, Steve Madsen, Dean Gerber. Row 2 lLeft to rightl: Julie Ewoldt, Toni Tallman, Mary Jo DeWitt, Joanne Bye, Janet Goettsch, John Johannsen, David Bye, Mary Ina l-lueschen, Thomas Mohr, Robert Kraai, Leonard Butcher, Robert Kelley, James Johannsen, Gary Weiland. "FOURTH GRADERS PLAY THEIR TONETTES" TCD SHOW CUB APPRECIATICDN to Bruce Bye and to Miss Marie Stoner We, the Senior Class ot l954, would like to express our gratitude for their help on this Moo. Their ideas and hard work. have helped greatly to get this annual published. Any credit due to the Moo Staff must be shared to a very great extent with these two people. PAGE SEVENTY FOUR AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN Row l: Cynthia Ehler, Monte Ray Beyer, Reas Madsen, Claire Leinbaugh, Connie Friedrich- Sen, Dennis Sams, Dennis Schuett, Jimmie Beyer. Row 2: Dale Clausen, Donnie Dutler, Sheryl Bock, Melissa Sue Leonard, Joe Mike Keitges, Billy Jackes, Connie Kraai, Susan Kahl, Jenene Bumann. Row 3: Allan Todd, Donald Miesner, Danny Ellerbusch, Christine Voge, Bobby Freese, Marlys Helkenn, Susan Hass, Rex Moser, Keith Fick. CADET BAND Row l CLeft to rightl: Nancy Kelley, Carol Boothby, Faye Janssen, Dianne Gellert, Sue Blackmer, Bruce Strand, David Vohs, Bruce Schmidt, Steve Madsen, Dean Gerber. Row 2 lLeft to rightlz Julie Ewoldt, Toni Tallman, Mary Jo DeWitt, Joanne Bye, Janet Goettsch, John Johannsen, David Bye, Mary lna I-lueschen, Thomas Mohr, Robert Kraai, Leonard Butcher, Robert Kelley, James Johannsen, Gary Weilancl. "FOURTH GRADERS PLAY THEIR TONETTES" TCD SHCDW CUB APPRECIATICDN to Bruce Bye ond to Miss Marie Stoner We, the Senior Class at l954, would like to express our gratitude tor their help on this Moo. Their ideas and hard work have helped greatly to get this annual published. Any credit due to the Moo Staff must be shared to a very great extent with these two people. PAGE SEVENTY FOUR 'W .... mu 2 V. .Y-. . Nr " 4, fi "Px. Y -xr A . A , , W - . at , 4 .E- 3 1 - iii Q we 2 N f 4 rv-fy-ww 1- w-1 .1 '-lx :LI , , .5 rx uh . Q, , TS f K 'gf 5111 29 L ,Q " V ' ' ff-.1 . ,.... ..-N.-.Y . ,-f-vw: rm... !nL,.1 fax, . , ' ' .-1'--w.jLg"-:. L 7-if .,-f- :,x,., f -.,. - 1 ' - ' . X R.

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