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i?W. J - ,jr 1P1q,.rJ QL, UQ Q46 M HH 05 1953 Published by the Senior Closs of Holstein High School Under The Eclitorship of Shirley Bergmonn oncl Loren Schueft who invite You To turn the poges ond see thot . . . our Holstein School is People- people who work, study, p learn, and play I here . . . IT IS PEOPLE DOING THINGS- people associating together, seeking to perceive, under- stand, and develop their own potential strength and abil- ities . . . THE REAL HOLSTEIN SCHOOL IS FOUND IN- it's students and faculty, its alumni and friends . They are found here . . . PAGE TWO I I I I 1 i I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I . . Not only in 1953 on the compus, in the clossroom ond Ioborotories, the ouclitorium-gymnasium ond The librory- ..bu'roIso .. PAGE THREE . ln the years to come- citizens lt is Tomorrow's For them there will be truths to explore, ideas to orig- inate, theories to test, and experiments to pursue . . "Class of l962" For Tomorrow's Citizens' zealous minds and PAGE FOUR sound bodies . They are our school -Our school . every student who has Here in the field of sports are developed athletic skills which will have recreational value all dur- ing life . . . lt is our privilege to experience the values of team play, cooperation, and good sportsmanship . . . And You Will Find Us . . PAGEFWE played the game- . in the STonds On The Field or Court . or on The stoge We ore people-ocquiring knowledge, developing our tolents, cofpobilities, ond skills-winning ond losing AGE SIX ond leorning to the classes at the gym -or to the Old Building . . it is every Student who has walked Here are developed friendships, leadership, responsibilities, loyalties, a sense ot values and good judgment . . . The atmosphere ofthe campus of our school is stimulating and challenging . . PAGE SEVEN . . and it is every teacher here who has given of his talents- -Ours was the privilege through the years to associate with them and receive from them zealous teaching and inspiring example. Through their careful guidance we have confidence in our readiness to meet the challenges and respon- sibilities of the future . . . PAGE EIGHT -Here in the classrooms under their guidance we have found moments of joy, despondency, and triumphs . . . These are the essence of school life at Hol- ' stein . . . 5 5 our school is this worker wherever he moy be found . . for he is Holstein V whot's good for oll is good for me teamwork . . . +Working together tcikirig pride in their port of the total school picture shciring in the belief thot --Our school is the product of this PAGE NINE . to the Holstein Senior Parents PAGE TEN First Row: Mrs. Henry Ruhser, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Leckband, Mrs. Ella Lenz, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Breyfogle Mr Glenn Nelson Mr d M , . , . an rs. John Schubert, Rev. and Mrs. William Striepe. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Petersen, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wirkus, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lund, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Weiland, Mr. and Mrs, Theodore Bergmann. Third Row: Mr. William Obitz, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dittmer, Mr. and Mrs. Athur Ruser, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kolb, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ruhlow, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Werner. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs, John Gries, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schuett, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz S h ' c roeder, Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gerber, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kruse, Mrs. William Blenner. Absent: Mr. Henry Ruhser and Mr. William Blenner. . tor they are Holstein School- the people we love- This l953 Moo ls Dedicated . . . and the year took shape like this- The opening ot the school year, Sept. 1, 1952, was set by the Board of Education . . . Holstein School is this group of citizens who give unselfishly of their time to make a better school and a better community- . . . HER3 KNUTH, President RAY BAGENSTOS JESSE LEONARD IVAN BLACKMER i MILDRED JACKES, Treasurer GLADYS RAABE, Secretary HAROLD CONOVER PAGE ELEVEN 7' . And so the Teaching Staff come to work- to teach, to guide cmd counsel, to direct ond insppire . MR. HARLAND HANSON SUPERINTENDENT MR. ARTHUR GERBER Mathematics and Science PAGE TWELVE MISS MARIE STONER MR. RUSSELL KRAAI PRINCIPAL COACH History and English Social Studies MRS. DONALD JATHO MISS GEORGIE ANDERSON Home Economics and Science Commercial 'fl v fs vu - MR. CHARLES PIPER MR. TOM ROSENBERGER MR. LE ROY STIERLIN industrial Arts, Driver Training Vocal Music, Business Science English, Dramatics -,., --,. : ,:-!! -QAQ .v MR. ROY TALLMAN MISS PEARL KITCHEN Instrumental Music American History M I SS ELVA BARKER Kindergarten Junior High MISS ALICE STREED Fourth Grade ,V .,., - ,, N- :l-eW""f- .:,qES,S:I:"e:: 2,155- . I V , "..jZ,I,. X X , - - Q- :E-Ifif xikgx ,M ,X wx ew Q35 wee 3 Q si Kg? mmm 'Q x N KMA 'giegfiw We Regs I ..., T- , In ,NCQ V ZEN.. b . .. '- V 2' ' :55:f:ij- - ..lNg'?2xS 4, ,E iIk1v.I:E, ,: X , :::. 'SB V , -, . :.:,." ,.:. A 1 , ,, .,.fs:' -1:2-.,, 5-:::.. R91 ,L . gi Q, W 3 ' .ri 4725535252: .5 - - r-:-:-1 -::z.-:-:1--9'f"' ',I:E:E,I5Ej,: Q -'ggC1iSizZ7StSY 4, If-Iii:",.,.1?:?:1:L2.-. -:,.2::3E'E2iiEEEEE31i-.-E1"'iIE2E'E1'E2 .1. x '- 4 I:v..:'fE.I. 1:-:-.-:::2r:r:2.,'-'I+'Ei' '52s:- :sis -::':"::'.'I:E:.-. "" "3E3E:E5i:E:: EI'IEEFF'E555,:5E5E.g3:C?5Ei.EE2E,3.42221i5E5E::,1"E-',E5E5:. ,I' .""' ::5:5iE5E5E5flj'',iEi5E5E5EjE5.1:gE5E55EiEiE f ' "E5E5E5I51.:, Qgiiiflh: ',,:,.r:E5E:4,E52E:N5i .-:g:EEEE5EEE5:1:i:iE5EEriiiiiiiiigiigii25555134555523553fgEQEQ5EEE:5:2E2E5E5.'Ig-' I-251rgrsiz'E5EEEiI5EEjEj.1522515E3E5E5if5:5E5i5E5E5l' -"I:-: ' r:-:., .-.QE:SE!E:E"rE:E.:':E:1GElEl-''ElElE1:2E:?:?iE:lI:f:E:'.71211f:2:5:j'5:5.:.jI125EEErE:Sgi5:, 4:5'1:1E5S5i5E5I5EfE5EFiijfifiifijfffliigi2555-' If x MISS SARAH JONES Fifth Grade MRS. MABEL JACQUES Second Grade PAGE THIRTEEN MISS LEOLA CAIN Third Grade MISS CAROL PLOEGER Firsl' Grade AGE FOURTEEN MISS BARBARA JOHNSON MR' GEQRGE JACQBS Fifsf Grade Junior High and Junior High Coach MISS BETTY SHORT Miss MARJORIE WUNSCHEI. Sixth Grade Third Grade ond To challenge . . as well as To encourage Mr. Gerber Bob Will Mary Ann Goettsch Lois Leckband Ardis Cipperley Marilyn Wagner Elvera Godbersen Peggy Nelson LaVonne Schuett Mrs. Jatho Joyce Obitz Dorothy Werner Lois Schroeder Shirley Scherner in Home Ec. ll Janice Lohff Jerri Jean Cole in Algebra ll u-Q had n-1 NH' Jerry Langland Wendell Reineke Nancy Janssen Hiram Leonard and the frog in Biology PAGE FIFTEEN The Senior Class registered for the last time September 1, 1952 DIANE BLENNER "MlSSlE" Girls Glee. Club, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Style Show, 1, 2, Hot Lunch Worker, 4, All School Play Crew, 3, Moo Staff, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. DONNA JEAN BAUER "DONNA" Girls Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 4, Pep Club, 4. SHIRLEY BERGMANN "SHIRLEY" Class Secretary - Treasurer, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Jack North's All State Hon- or Roll, 3, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, Sec'y-Treas., 4, Girls Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Hi-Larity Staff, 2, 3, 4, Co-editor, 3, 1952 Homecoming Queen, Editor of the 1952-1953 Moo, Style Show, 1, 3 H's, l.D.P. A. Fourth Team, 4, 1953 Holstein Relays Attendant, 4, Student Director, "They Went Thataway," 4. MARIE JOANN DITTMER "MARIE" Pep Club, 1, 4, Hi-Larity, 1, Hot Lunch Worker, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4. PAGE SIXTEEN CAROLE ANN DONNA MAE GRIES KOLB "DONNA" "CAROLE" pep Club' 1, 3, 4: Girls Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, Hi-Larity, 3, Moo Staff, 4. Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Serv- er of 1950, Style Show, 1, 2, Moa Staff, 4. BONNIE LOU BREYFOGLE "BONNlE" Sextettc, 3, 4, Trio, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, Mixed Ensemble, 4, Girls Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 4, "Curse You, Jack Dalton," 3, "They Went Thataway," 4. GARY GERBER "GERB" Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Vocal, 1, 2, Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, Octet, 1, Quartet, 1, Mixed Quar- ter, 2, Vice-President of the Pep Club, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4, 6 H's, JAMES LENZ "JlM" Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Z Track, l, 2, 3, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, S H's. DAVID LUND "DAVE" Mixed Chorus, l, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3 4, Hi-Larity Statt, 2, 3 H's FLORENCE KRUSE HF'-on Band, l, 2, 3, Sec'y-Treas., 4, Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 'l, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble, 4, Clari- net Quartet, 3, Pep Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Class Representative, Style Show, l, "Curse You Jack Dol- ton," 3, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," 3, C. C. A. representative, 2, Hi- Larity, 2, 3, 4, Co-editor, 3, Moo Staff, 4, Class President, 3, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 'l, 2, 3, Queen of Hobo Day Cele- bration, l, Speech One-Act play, 2, "They Went That- away," 4. KENNETH OBITZ "KENNY" Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys Vocal, l, Mixed Chorus, l, Hi-Larity Staff, 2, "Curse You, Jack Dalton," 3, Moo "They Went Thataway," 4. Staff, 4, Minor H, 2 H's, LOIS LECKBAND "J EAN" lCushing l, 2, 33, Glee Club l, 2, 4, ep Club, 4, Bas- ketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lar- ity, 4, Vice-president of class, 4, Banner Staff, 3, Home Economics Style Show, 4, Jack North's All State Honor Roll, 4, l. D. P. A. Honor Roll, 4, l H, 3 C's. CARMON PETERSEN "PETE" Glee Club, l, 2, 35, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, "4-, 'fPl'GY Crew, 3, Hi-Larity Staff, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Home Econ- cmics Style Show, l, 2, 3, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Server, l, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4. DAVID LEONARD "DAVEY" Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, "Curse You, Jock Dalton," 3, Boys Chorus, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, 4, Class Representative, 2, Secre- tary-Treasurer, l, President, 2, Vice-president, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Homecoming King, 4, Moo Staff, 4, 6 H's, "They Went Thataway", 4 NANCY NELSON "NANS" Hi-Larity, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, Vice-president, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Vice-presi- dent, 4, Class Sec'y. and Treasurer, 2, Homecoming Attendant, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, 3 H's, l953 Hol- stein Relays Queen, 4, Jack North's All State Honor Roll, 4, Play crew, 4. PAGE SEVENTEEN DUANE RUSER "LITTLE Roos" Football, I, 2, 3, 4, BOS- ketball, I, 3, 4, Track, I, 3, Hi-Larity, 2, Speech one- act play, 3, "Adventures of Tom Sawyer," 3, Moo Staff, 4, 5 H's, "They Went Thataway," 4. MARLENE SCHROEDER "MARLENE" Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble, 4, Mixed Quartet, 2, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity Staff, 2, 3, Editor, 4, Home Economics 5TYle Show, I, Speech one- act play, 2, "The Adven- tures of Tom Sawyer," 3, Assistant director of "Curse You, Jack Dalton," 3, Bas- ketball, I, 2, Manager, 3, 4, Moo Staff, Business Manager, 4, C. C. A. Rep- resentative, 2, Class Sec- retary and Treasurer, 3, "They Went Thataway," 4, 2 H's fMgr.l PAGE EIGHTEEN N DONNA MARIE RUHLOW "COOKIE" Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, I, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, I, Moo Staff, 4, Hi-Larity Staff, 2, 3, 4. GLORIA RUHSER "GLORIA" Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 3, Pep club, 1, 2, 3, 4, I-li-Leriiy Staff, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Basketball, I, 2, Home Economics Style Show, I, 2. LOREN SCHUETT "LOREN" Boys Glee Club, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, Boys Octet ,2, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," 3, Band, 4, Brass Sextette, 2, Brass Quin- tet, I, Solo, 2, Brass Quin- in State Solo Contest, 2, Vice-President of Class, 4, President of band, 4, ZThey Went Thataway," WILLIAM STRIEPE 11BIl-Lu lSheIdon, 1, 21, Football, 1, 2, 3, Track, I, 2, Basketball Minor "S", Member of "S" Club, Student Council, 2, Pep Club Pres., 4, I H, 4 S's JOAN SCHROEDER 11JOAN11 Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, Secre- tary-Treasurer, 4, Hi-Lar- ity Staff, 2, 3, Class re- porter, 3, Speech one-act play, 2, Play crew, 3, Home Economics Style Show, I, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, "They Went That- away," 4, I953 Holstein Relays Attendant. MARY LOU SCHUBERT HLOUII Girls Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Sextette, 3, 4, Mixed En- semble, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Atten- dant, 4, Miss Holstein Can- didate, 3, "Curse You, Jack Dalton," , Prom Serv- er, I, Home Economics Style Show, I, 2, Moo Staff, Senior Editor, 4, Basketball, I, 2, "They Went Thata- way," 4. 0 JAMES WERN ER "WERNER" Football, l, Basketball l, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, 4, Boys Vocal, 4. i i l NORMADYNE WEILAND "NORMAN Girls Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Clfiorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Sextette, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, ity Staff, l, 2, 3, 4, "Curse You, Jack Dalton, "3, Home Economics Style Show, l, 2, Speech one-act play, 2, Moo Staff, 4, Basketball, l, "They Went Thataway," 4. DENTON NNIRKUS "WlRKY" Fo tball l 2 3 4' Bas- 011111 ll'l234' ketba , , , , , Play Crew 3, Boys Chorus, l, 2, Pep Club, 4, Moo staff, 4 Vice-President of class, 2 6 H's. . . ,.M,,,, SPONSORED BY THE HOLSTEIN ADVANCE l l PAGE N INETEEN . While Juniors strutted their year upon the stage . . . First Row: Kay Rice, Darlene Prosch, Joelle McCubbin, Shirley Scott, Joyce Armiger, Betty Scott, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Goettsch, Mary Kreutz, Dorothy Conover, Shirley Tharp. Second Row: Janice Conover, Marlene Bumann, Kenneth Walker, Gaylen Galvin, Bob Martin, Sam King, Dan Bronco, Melvin McCubbin, Don Goettsch, Curtis Kistenmacher, Earl Heilman. Third Row: Shirley Krambeck, Darlene Schuett, Helen Jones, Bob Bleasdell, Otto Hueschen, Dennis Coon, Darrell Gebers, Dorothy Irwin, Shirley Michaelsen, Joanne Carstens, Donna Green. Absent: Martin Lohtf. President: Martin Lohff, Vice President: Bob Martin, Secretary and Treasurer: Helen Jones. We, as Holstein people, started out our year by trying to earn mon- , ey tor Junior-Senior Prom. We V helped serve at football games and y then put on our play, "Room for One More" presented Nov. l2th. After this was all over, we start- ed plans tor our prom which we enjoyed very much. At the beginning of the second semester we ordered our class rings, Some ot us couldn't make up our minds which we liked best. This is a general review ot what we busy Juniors have been doing this year. SPONSORED BY HARRY STONEKING, TRUCKINGQ WILBUR WIENERT, TRUCKING: CLOYD LINGLE, TRUCKING, E. E. RUHLOW PAGE TWENTY . The Sophomores rode out the year under full Sail- l First Row: Roger Schuett, Ardis Cipperley, Dorothy Werner, Peggy Nelson, Shirley Scherner, Lois Striepe, Nancy Janssen, LaVonne Schuett, Marilyn Wagner, Janice Lohft, Wayne Nelson, Joyce Obitz, Second Row: JoAnn Rolfs, Jean Moser, Hiram Leonard, Jerri Cole, Jim Bleasdell, Charles Noneman, Mary Leonard, Jerry Breyfogle, Willis Buell, Elvera Godberson, Dixie Freese, Carol Dittmer. Third Row: Lois Schroeder, Larson Meyer, Jerry Langland, Bob Will, Wendell Reineke, Verna Leckband, Kenneth Kruse, Gary Leonard, Craig Vollmar, James Clausen, Roger Hass, Mary Ann Goettsch. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l d' S t r -Treasurer: Kenneth Kruse. President. Craig Vollmar, Vice President. Jerry Lang an , ecre a y With Mr. Gerber and Mr. Tall- J man as our class sponsors we peo- ple started out with our sophomore year by selling magazines, with a grand total ot Sl,535.00 worth of subscriptions and were presented a plaque for our outstanding ac- complishments in this. Many of us received other gifts as a result of selling the rnost magazines. Another interesting accomplish- ment this year was receiving our drivers' licenses, because everyone in this class enrolled in drivers' training. We think we had a very success- ful year. SPONSORED BY IVAN BLACKMER, GUS FOSSELL, CHRIS SCHUBERT, MEMORIALSQ BRUNING REPAIR SHOP PAGE TWENTY-ONE if 3513+ ef? .-.Q-. ,.. ,, .T , . And here grew a good crop of Freshmen . . . First Row: Marilyn Stoneking, Kay Conover, Donald Gerber, Joan Cipperley, Francis Reimers, 'Wayne Saxon, Clark Conover, Roger Clausen, Carol Leonard. Second Row: Dean Hammer, JoAnn Lasher, Nancy Michaelsen, Doris Bachmann, Deanna Goettsch, Mary Kruse, Mary McBride, Carol Breyfogle, Andra Ewoldt. Third Row: Francis Bienlien, Larry Bumann, DeWitt Gries, George Hueschen, Lloyd Glawe, Charles Jones, Wendall Jensen, David Bircher, James Schmidt. Absent: Charlotte Pfalzgraf. President: Wayne Saxon, Vice President: Marilyn Stoneking, Secretary-Treasurer, Deanna Goettsch. l As September 28 drew to a close there were some mighty nervous freshmen people because the next two days were to be initiation days. We came to school, all wearing green beanies and bowing to the mighty seniors. The next night the seniors gave us a party. We all came in costume and finally we went through the paddling line. We enjoyed our initiation very much. With the aid of Mrs. Jatho and Mr. Rosenberger we settled down and tried to become hardworking freshies. On December i9 we gave our first dance, which we thought was a big success. SPONSORED BY DRS. MARTIN, FISHMAN, AND PETERSON PAGE TWENTY-TWO ., , f mff,-1' ' iff f-- :F- . The grades shaped up down the line- The Eighth -- Class of i957 First Row: Marvel Loaf, Joyce Scott, Patsy Keitges, Richard Boothby, Roger Hintz, Mary Bergmann, Mary Godbersen, Dennis Kolb, Harold Butcher, Danny Sorensen, James Breyfogle Second Row: Lowell Thomsen, Sandra Madsen, Janice Leonard, George Brown, Verla Frahm, 53: Keitges, Virgil Bumonn, Robert McBride, Gene Will, Lowell Kruse, Sally Blackmer, Janeth 'i Iiams. Third Row: Margene Goettsch, Janet Dittmer, Larry Bergmann, Barbara Irwin, Betty Timmer- mgan, Richard Bagenstos, Rodson Ellerbusch, Julie Leonard, Joyce Rolts, Dick Schmidt. Fourth Row: Roger Goettsch, Curtis Conover, Donald Fritz, Larry Leinbaugh, Richard Lorenzen. SPONSORED BY PHll.LlPS'S 66 STATION AND TANK WAGON PAGE TWENTY-THREE The Seventh-Class at i958 First Row: Janet Peterson, Nancy l-lenrichsen, Karen Butcher, Dennis Hueschen, John Leck- band, Dolores Steen, Barbara Kaus, Luella Schuett, Steven Janssen, Wendell Conover. Second Row: Shirley Timmerman, Bonnie Blackmer, Marjorie Schubert, Myrna Niemeier, Kurt Leonard, Alfred Hass, Dean Reimers, Phyllis Vohs, Reta Scott, Carol Boothby. Third Row: Chester Kramer, Ethel Krayenhagen, Mary Nell Bumann, Leonard Bircher, Loyd Reineke, Merlin Jensen, Lavonne Timmerman, Darlene Rice, Karen Barghols, Carolyn Goettsch. CHEERLEADERS Phyllis Vohs Sally Blackmer Patsy Keitges Bonnie Blackmer SPONSORED BY FARMERS ELEVATOR COMPANY PAGE TWENTY-FOUR The Sixth-Class of l959 First Row: Maxine Vohs, Janet Godbersen, Charles Putensen, William Armiger, Albert Leon- ard, Loren Bergmann, Warren Nelson, John Kolb, Charles Pfalzgrat, Bruce Schmidt Second Row: Dean Breyfogle, Lawrence Timmerman, Rodney Madsen, Nordyne Vickery, Dean Gerber, Mary Ladewig, Eileen Frahm, Bonnie Christiansen, Mary Knuth. Third Row: Julie Ewoldt, Sandra Hahne, Camilla Hanson, Loretta Clausen, Sherryl Ploeger, Robert Kraai, Donald Clausen, Thomas Mohr. Absent: Gary Schuett, Eunice Bachmann, Saundra Wagner. SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN STATE BANK PAGE TWENTY-FIVE I The Fifth-Class of l96O First Row: Orrin Armiger, Catherine Lingle, Dorothy Krayenhagen, Betty Olson, Janet Sass Donald Butcher, Veryl Droegmiller, Dennis Bachmann, Janice Steen, Marilyn Christiansen, Faye Janssen, Stephen Madsen. Second Row: Bruce lwen, Wendell Rolts, Martha Flowers, Elaine Kaus, Joanne Bye, Joelle Jochims, Roberta Boothby, Nancy Kolb, Elaine Cipperley, Doris Timmerman, Gary Johnson, James Johanssen, David Lohff. Third Row: Thomas Keitges, Jerry Jochims, Freddie Goettsch, Daniel Bienlien, Robert Kelley, Kathleen Krull, William Meyer, Toni Tallman, Diane Gellert, Mary Mohr, Nancy Kelley, Rob- ert Brown, Wilda Putnam. SPONSORED BY DR. O. A. LANGLAND, DR. L, H. WAGNER PAGE TWENTY-SIX .. ,K ini-...QQQH-3 The Fourth-Class of l96l First Row: Marjorie Burkardt, Brian Bruning, Dale Thorp, Barbara McCubbin, Ronda Ludvig- son, Karen Michaelsen, Carol Reimer, Carol Bergmann, Betty Fajman, David Bye, John Wagner. Second Row: Mary Ann Conover, Janet Goettsch, Judith Michalicek, Michael Kelley, Daniel Schmidt, Dale Breyfogle, David Vohs, Don Breyfogle, Mabel Heydt, Sharon Wiese, Julia Pe- terson, Third Row: Judy Leonard, Carole Jean Wittrock, JoAnn Heitmann, Loren Clausen, David Schmidt, Harold Freese, Joe Clausen, Gary Weiland, Oliver Rieneke, Virginia Kaster, Marcia Beyer, Janet Cipperley. SPONSORED BY C. E. CONOVER PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN The Third-Class of l962 First Row: Gary Schuett Bette Agnew Dean Pick S Bl k , , , ue oc mer, Gary Putensen, Karen Hahne Connie Miller, Bryan Brosamle. Second Row: Albert Loof, Jr., Rondo Clausen, Larry Vesgaard, Linda Huechen, Sharon Fell John Johannsen, Sharon Olson, Don Schroeder, Mary lna Hueschen. .,. . . -hlrd Row: David Goettsch, Bruce Ladewig Connie Beyer Christine Leonard J ' S , , , anis aueres- sig, Roger Ploeger, Gary Ruhser, Danny Cipperley. SPONSORED BY SAXON LUMBER COMPANY PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT The Third-Class of 1962 First Row: Judy Godberson, Wyleen Leinbaugh, Nina Schmidt, Caroll Lake, Janice Hansen, Mary Gehrts, Betty Bergmann, Judy Ann Williams. Second Row: Wayne Loot, Harold Droegmiiler, Lynne Bircher, Billy Erickson, Sherrie Schue-tr, Joyleen Bachmann, Janiver Meyer, Roger Nicklas. Third Row: Paul Niemeier, June Kaus, Larry Jons, Rae Dean Timmerman, Denis Fritz, Lar- ine Timmerman, Michael Brosamle, Danna Sinns, Paul Striepe. Absent: Eugene Reimers. SPONSORED BY VALLEY RENDERING COMPANY PAGE TWENTY-NINE The Second-Class of i963 First Row: Kay Andresen, Loreen Frecleriksen, Duane Williams, Connie Putensen, Ronnie Lud- vngsore, Shirley Reimers, Scott Hanson, Sandra Conover, John Voge. Second Row: Vicki Bruning, Curtis Sorensen, Sharon Frahm, Gary Andresen, Robert Bumann James Keitges, Larry Goettsch, Betty Lingle, Karna Bergmann. Third Row: Marsha Fell, Donald Petersen, Elaine Brom, Daniel Van Hemert, Dennis Rohlk Lester Weis:-, Jeannette Helkenn, Dennis Sorensen, Audrey Bumann, Mary Ann Henrichsen. SPONSORED BY ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH PAGE THIRTY The First--Class of i964 Firs: Row: Marilyn Jensen, Ronnie Leckband, Vernette Reimer, Curtis Wiese, Patsy lwen, Den- ms Leinbaugh, Lonna Albers, Steven Bauer, Patty Bircher, John Burkhardt. Second Row: Larry Armiger, Trudy Sinns, Janice Heitmann, Ronald Sass, Kenneth Henrichsen, Marilyn McCubbin, Lynn Goettsch, Pabo Conover, James Wienert. Third Row: Gay Mohr, Kenneth Buell, Donna Steen, Wayne Freese, Leon Ruhlow, Steve Mich- alicek, Douglas Lill, Charles Carlberg, Gary Moser, Diane Dexter , SPONSORED BY DEE'S BEAUTY SHOP, SIMMONS BEAUTY SHOP, PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP, GLADYS RAABEA PAGE THIRTY-ONE HYWUS ' lk- 'E' The First-Class of I964 Furs? Row: Dayid Joslin, Marcia Stamp, Wilbur Wittrock, Irene Leonard, Curtis Opdahl, 'Brad- ley Schoer, Dixie Doxtad, Eldon Reimers, Joyce Loof, Curtis Olson. Second Row: Terry Johnson, Kathlene Bumann, Larry McBride, Poula Beyer, Hayes Rickard Korlene Bumann, Floyd Olson, Paulette Beyer, Kenneth Hogrefe, Sheryle Wittrock. Third Row: Diane Lohff, Donald Vohs, Doreen Gries, Marvin Timmerman, Marilyn Flowers Dennis Lill, Carol Johnson, Larry Dean Goettsch, Karen Bauman, Charles Cipperley. SPONSORED BY FARMERS CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION PAGE THIRTY-TWO The Kindergarten--Closs of l965 Morning Firs? Row: Lee Olson, Terry Albers, Bobby Ericksen, Alon Kuchel, Carol Lingle, Morigene Kohl, Lo Donna Kroyenhogen, Ronnie Goettsch, David Niemeier, Delone Bouer. Second Row: Kothy Conover, Donolcl Johonnsen, Shelley Michoelsen, Ben Bye, JoAnn Bumonn, Dennis Perkins, Jeonne Frohm, Ted Bruning, Luonn Rice, Jerry Soueressig, Poul Goetfsch. Thircl Row: Morillis Johnson, Christine Hansen, Poul Scherner, Dione Fick, Charles Steen, Eione Reiff, Jeffrey Jochims, Morcio Dee Lemburg, Dovid Ehler, Donno Morie Schelldorf, Joan I' Ploege , SPONSORED BY HANSEN FUNERAL HOME, HANSEN 81 SON FURNITURE PAGE THIRTY-THREE The Kindergarten-Class of l965 Afternoon First Row: Jane Ann Galvin, Van Conover, Margaret Jones, Sammie Heydt, Linda Jons, Doug las Kahl, Roy Rice, Cathy Lynn Hansen, Linda Schmidt, Cathy Jo McCrea. Second Row: Joan Beyer, Rene Ruhlow, Kenneth Vohs, Neal Conover, Charlotte Vickery, Bur dette Conover, Bobby Wienert, Karen Wittrock, Craig Conover, Mary Scott, Judy Fraser. Third Row: Connie Strandberg, Richard Fairchild, Rodney Sivertson Michael Michaelsen Col leen Ludvigson, Michael Witt, Valgene Wiese, Victoria Irwin, Galry Stamp, Margaret 'Brey- fog le, James Striepe. SPONSORED BY TH. HANSEN St SON, WM. AGNEW, INSURANCE PAGE THIRTY-FOUR . As tall progressed, we rolled into gear- We took time out to initiate the Freshies The "Freshies await the paddle . . . Queen Carol and King Charles . . . They lineup tor a paddling . . . Rosenberger sings for Miss Short . . . "Autograph . my paddle, too," Lois instructs Robert . . . Tallmon and Miss Wunschel try blowing bubble gum , . . Smile pretty "Freshies" . . . Carmon and Donnie G. pose . . . A few "Freshies" line up. PAGE THIRTY-FIVE The football season got underwaye First Row, left to right: Dave Leonard, Bob Martin, Gary Gerber, Jim Lenz, Otto Hueschen, Duane Ruser, Kenneth Obitz, Dentcn Wirkus, Larson Meyer. Second Row: Coach Kraai, Craig Vollmar, Melvin McCubbin, Bob Will, Kenneth Kruse, Gary Leonard, Roger Claussen, Wendell Reineke, Charles Noneman, Arthur Gerber. Third Row: Hiram Leonard, Martin Lohff, Galen Galvin, Bob Bleasdell, David Lund, Harlan Arp, Jerry Breyfogle. Sept. I2 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 "Oct. 17 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 'This game was later forfeited because we discovered we had played an in- eligible player. PAGE THIRTY-SIX THE SEASON'S RECORD Alta .............. Onawa Dunlap ....... C'viIle lHomecomingl Pi rates Opponents -------l2 6 --l2 27 ---,--------l9 7 -----..2O O Kingsley .................. 7 13 Marcus ............ Odebolt ............ ------- 6 7 ------- O 38 SPONSORED BY NICKLAS CLOTHING, SORENSEN BARBER, ROYAL CLEANERS, F. C. HAMIL Pirst Row, left to right: Roger Clausen, Don Gerber, David Bircher, Wendall Jensen, Lloyd Glawe, Larry Buman, Francis Bienlien, James Schmidt, Dean Hammer. U Second Row: David Leonard, Bob Martin, Gary Gerber, Kenneth Kruse, Jim Lenz, Otto Hues- chen, Duane Ruser, Kenneth Obitz, Wendell Reineke, Denton Wirkus, Larson Meyer. Third Row: Charles Noneman, Martin Lohff, Galen Galvin, Robert Will, Bob Bleasdell, Gary Leonard, David Lund, Melvin McCubbin, Harlen Arp, James Clausen. Fourth Row: Virgil Schuett, Willis Buell, Jim Bleasdell, Jerry Breyfogle, Craig Vollmor, Hiram Leonard, Dennis Coon, Roger Hass, George Hueschen. With none of his backfield and only three of his linemen from last year's starting eleven back Coach Kraai was faced with the difficult task of building his team around these three. Despite this fact the Pirates came up with a very good team and if it had not been for a few bad breaks in a couple of games they would have come through with a few more wins. In a very tough schedule the team rolled on to win three of the seven, and their op- ponents knew they had been there in the other four. SPONSORED BY BRECHWALD MEAT MKT., TYRRELL STUDIO, WM. WALKER, KAHL AND ROGNESS PAGE THIRTY SEVEN Front Row, left to right: Otto Hueschen, Gary Gerber, Duane Ruser, Kenneth Obitz, Bob Mar tin, David Lund, Jim Lenz. Back Row, left to right: James Clausen, Larson Meyer, Wendell Reineke, David Leonard, Den- ton Wirkus, Galen Galvin, Kenneth Kruse. Marilyn Wagner, Nancy Janssen, Lois Schroeder, Mary Jane Leonard, Jerri Jean Cole, Sally Blackmer, Patsy Keitges . .Fall also brought out the Pirate Maiorettes, a colorful addition to each football game, leading the band in its routines on the field. PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT GARY GERBER - Senior tackle -- weight I85-height 5' IO" . . . 3rd H .... Steady operator . . . tough in all departments . . . "I meantough" . . . hits for keeps . . . will be missed next year. DENTON WIRKUS - Senior half- back-weight I65--height 5' IO" . . . 3rd H .... A work horse with explosive ability . . . the goal line was always his goal. DAVID LEONARD-Senior quarter- back-weight I3O-height 5' 9" . . . 3rd H .... A small package, but mighty . . . they never came too big . a leader and spark plug to the clu . VVENDELL REINEKE - Sophomore fullback - weight ISO - height 5' Il" . . . lst H .... A football player at heart . . . two good years coming . . . watch him! BOB MARTIN - Junior guard -- weight I8O-height 5' II" . . . 2nd H .... I njury jinx was overcome by his determination to play the game . . . opponents will again know he's around next year. DAVE LUND--Senior tackle-weight 180-height 5' IO". . . Ist H. . .. Always showing interest and willing- ness to learn . . . strongest on de- fense. DUANE RUSER - Senior guard -- weight l5O-height 6' I" . . . 3rd H .... A battler at all times . . . was tough both on offense and de- fense. KENNETH KRUSE-Sophomore end -weight I50-height 6' . . . Ist H. . . . A fleet-footed end with good potentialities . . . both defensively and offensively. JIM LENZ-Senior end-weight I75 -height ' I". ..3rd H... .A rough operator . . . excelling on de- fense. DOB BLEASDELL-Junior tackle- weight 150-height 5' II" . . . Ist H. . . A sincere operator . . . de- fense being his long suit. OTTO HUESCHEN -- Junior end - Weight I75-height 6' I" . . . 3rd H .... Respect was shown him by his opponents . . . expecting great things from him next year. KENN ETH OB ITZ--Senior center- weight 200-height 6' 2" . . . Ist H. The key man to every play . . . was not to be pushed out of the way . . . dependable and steady. PAGE THIRTY-NINE CHARLES NONEMAN-Sophomore quarterback - weight 125-height 5' 4" . . . ist H. . . Always a smile . . . but a ruggedfootballer . . . likes every minute of it. GARY LEONARD+Sophomore tac- kle-weight 150-height 5' li" . . . ist H .... A comer with good possibilities . . . size being in his favor. VHIRAM LEONARD-Sophomore half- back--weight l3O-height 5' 7" ist H .... Carries a lot of dynamite for his size . . . proved his worth in the Odebolt game - a comer. MARTIN LOHFF-Junior quarter- back-weight i35-height 5' 8" . . . lst H .... A "south paw" with offensive abilities to be uncovered . . . next year is the year. HARLAN ARP-Junior fullback- weight l55-height 5' 9" . . . 2nd H . . . Made a great comeback after a knee injury . . . shows his heart is with the game . . . opponents be- ware next year. LARSON MEYER-Sophomore half back-weight i4O-height 5' 7" . . . lst H .... A competitor at heart . . . never quits . . . goes for that last inch . . . plays to win. GAYLEN GALVIN-Junior guard- weight 150-height 5' 8" . . . ist H .... His abilities were achieved by desire and determination . , . C1 lover of the game. MELVIN MC CUBBIN-Junior guard --weight l45-height 5' 8" . . . ist H .... Not fast but dependable . . . his willingness brought him a long ways. JIM CLAUSEN-Sophomore half- back-weigh: i35-height 5' 9" . . . lst H .... A workhorse from the word "go" . . . a fire eater on JERRY BREYFOGLE -- Sophomore back and end-weight li7-height 5' 5" . . . lst H .... A versatile ball player . . . showing a great de- sire to play the game. defense. BOB WILL - Sophomore tackle- weighi' 165-height 5' 9" . . . lst H. . . What speed he may lack is overshadowed by his love of the game . . . you will know he's around next year. PAGE FORTY Holstein meets the Worriors Gerber corries the boll. Let's go Holstein! CHEERLEADERS Top: Donno Green, Shirley Michcuelsen Below: Dorothy Conover, Shirley Scott, Betty Scott, Noncy Michoelsen SPONSORED BY FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, MICHAELSEN 81 SONS PAGE FORTY-ONE . Junior High don their football tags- First Row, Left to Right: Dennis Hueschen, Steven Janssen, Dean Reimers, Wendell Conover, John Leckband, George Brown, Roger Hintz, Alfred Hass, Dennis Kolb, Chester Kramer, Loyd Reineke. Second Row: Lowell Thomsen, Robert McBride, Larry Leonbaugh, Don Fritz, Curtis Conover, Rodson Ellerbusch, Virgil Buman, Dick Bagenstos, James Brevfogle, Harold Butcher, Pat Keitges. Third Row: Leonard Bircher, Larry Bergman, Danny Sorensen, Dick Schmidt, Gene Will, Merlin Jensen, Roger Goettsch, Lowell Kruse, Richard Lorenzen, Richard Boothby, Kurt Leonard, Coach George Jacobs. HOLSTEIN OPPONENTS Holstein ....-,..,-,,,, 27 Alfa -,---,--,-,,----,- O l'lOlSTGiF1 ...... ....... 39 . Ida Grove ............. O l'lOlSfeil'1 .............. 40 Correctionville .......... 6 Holstein ......-....,,. 21 Alfa -,--,,--,,--,,---, 6 Holstein .............. 27 lda Grove ............. O Holstein ..,........... O 6 Odebolf ............... SPONSORED BY KING AND BLEASDELL, KERSLAKE SUNDRIES, GOETTSCH STUDIO PAGE FORTY-TWO W5 . And the football season brought the Homecoming game with C'ville - and our Coronation ceremony for the King and Queen On October l6 and l7 the students of Hol- stein High School proved that through their efforts and hard work they could present a beautiful candlelight ceremony for homecoming, a success- ' ful pep rally and an awe- some parade. The cor- onation, the first of its kind, was held in the gymnasium on October l6. Musical numbers by the band opened the l program, and to the mu- l sic of "Beyond the Blue l Horizon", the football boys marched in with lighted candles and lined the center aisle. Then the two attending couples, Mary Schubert and Bill Striepe, and Nancy Nelson and Gary Gerber, came down the aisle. They were followed by Queen, Shirley Bergmann, and King David Leonard. The royalty approached the stage where the King of l95l, Kenneth Goettsch, crowned Queen Shir- ley, and the Queen of l946, Betty Bagenstos, crowned King David. Then the Commercial Club presented a corsage to Shirley which she pinned on her mother. The Queen and her attendants also received corsages, and the King and attendants received boutonnieres. After this ceremony the royalty es- corted the crowd out to , the football field where yells and a skit were en- joyed. Coach Kraai in- troduced his football boys, the dummy of C'ville was burned in the bonfire east of the gym, and hot co- coa was served to fin- ish the evening. On Tuesday and Thurs- day night of this some week the classes had each worked on their floats for the parade. SPONSORED BY BEYER ELECTRIC, CHAS. ARMIGER, ROYAL SCOT SALES, RATH PACKING COMPANY, PIERCE HOG-BUYING STATION PAGE FORTY-TH REE PAGE FORTY-FOUR . And more cf the ceremony- This was held at 12:30 Friday, October l7, with the majorettes and band leading the parade, followed by the floats and convertibles carrying the King and Queen and attendants. The theme for the freshman float was a battle field with the Holstein Black Pirates as victors over the Warriors. The sophomore's theme was built around "spreading C'ville over the place." The juniors' theme carried out the pirate ship with captured warriors, while the seniors had a Used-Warrior supply sale and a grave yard scene. SPONSORED BY GREEN LANTERN CAFE, STATE THEATRE . The Music Department rolled up its sleeves and went to work.. First Row, left to right: Jim Bleasdell, Roger Clausen, Wayne Nelson, Hiram Leonard, Don Gerber, Charles Noneman, Dean Hammer, Clark Conover, and Wayne Saxon. Second Row: James Schmidt, Willis Buell, Jerry Langland, Francis Bienlien, Charles Jones, Bob Will, Wendall Jensen, David Bircher, and Mr. Rosenberger. Third Row: Larry Bumann, DeWitt Gries, Bill Striepe, Kenneth Kruse, Loren Schuett, George lrlueschen, Lloyd Glawe, and James Werner. To Sing . Gur Glee Clubs are people, too . . . People who sing early in the morn- ing and late in the afternoon, Thirty three male voices can be heard tuning up every Monday and Friday morning from 8:50 to 9:40 o'clock in the Boys' Glee Club. For their contest number they sang, "Rain", "The River," "Lift Every Voice and Sing", "On Parade", and "Brothers Sing On." Loren Schuett heads this group as president, and Billy Striepe serves themras secretary-trea- surer. SPONSORED BY HARVEY'S ELECTRIC, JERRY COLE, DA LAS CHANCE, SCOTTY'S TAVERN PAGE FORTY-FlVE And the Girls Sang- First Row, left to right: Jerri Jean Cole, Joyce Obitz, Carol Jean Leonard, Marilyn Stoneking, Shirley Thorp, Marilyn Goettsch, Betty Scott, Shirley Miller, Shirley Scott, Carole Kolb, JoAnn Lasher, Ardis Cipperley, Nancy Janssen, and Mary Jane Leonard. Second Row: Mr. Rosenberger, Joyce Armiger, Kay Rice, Andro Lee Ewoldt, Marilyn Wagner, Joan Rolfs, Carmon Petersen, Lois Schroeder, Carol Breyfogle, Mary Lou Schubert, Norma Weiland, Nancy Michaelsen, LaVonne Schuett, Lois Striepe, Janice Conover, Dorothy Wer- ner, and Mary Ann Kreutz. Third Row: Bonnie Breyfogle, Mary Ann Goettsch, Mary McBride, Elvera Godbersen, Mary Kruse, Shirley Michaelsen, Florence Kruse, Marlene Bumann, Doris Bachmann, Joan Cipperley, Dixie Lee Freese, Carol Dittmer, Donna Bauer and Janice Lohff. Fourth Row: Nancy Nelson, Deanna Goettsch, Darlene Schuett, Diane Blenner, Gloria Ruhser, Helen Jones, Marlene Schroeder, Verna Leckband, Dorothy Irwin, Lois Leckband, Joan Schroe- oer, Shirley Bergmann, Donna Green, and Jean Moser. And Sang The Girls' Glee Club features forty-one voices at work every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:09 to 4:56 o'cIock. On Ladies Day last fall they made their first appearance, singing two numbers. For their contest numbers they sang "Tree SiIences" and "Sit Down Servant." The group selected Shirley Bergmann, Nancy Nelson, and Joan Schroeder as president, Vice-president, and secretory-treasurer. Form the two Glee Club groups nineteen girls and fifteen boys make up a third group, the Mixed Chorus, which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from I2:4O to l:O5 in a practice session. Their first appearance was at the Easter Sunrise Service. As contest numbers the group sang, 'Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal," and "To Thee We Sing." SPONSORED BY ALICE HUEGERICH, WM. MADSEN, CORREGOUX GARAGE, DWIGHT HAUFF SPORTING GOODS COMPANY PAGE FORTY SIX ,Y f ,l---..-.v,.-v?L SOLOISTS First Row, Left to Right: B. Breyfogle, Medium Soprano, "The Holy City," J. Cole, Alto, "lt Was A Lover And His Lass", and L. Striepe, Soprano, "Let My Song Fill Your Heart" and 'Morning". Second Row: L. Schuett, Bass, "Give A Man A Horse He Con Ride," C. Noneman, Tenor, "Good Green Acres Of Home" and "Where My Caravan Has Rested," and K. Kruse, Baritone, "The Builder." GIRLS' TRIO Left to Right: D. Green, M. Kruetz, and B. Breyfogle singing "Three Little Maids" and "O Lovely Night." GIRLS SEXTETTE First Row, Left to Right: L. Striepe, N. Weiland, B. Breyfogle. Second Row: J. Cole, H. Jones, and M. Schubert, singing "Humpty Dumpty," and "I Hear A Rhapsody." PAGE FORTY-SEVEN 3' 'U 15' Z4 -1- 3' FD 9Luo4.4 p93u oApV ouoag A45 so uu al pun '93uop looups Q 'Moqg GUO po 9144 404 4L.l6gu Hn 'C' 3 m T11 'TI O 70 A 5 E 0 I A 2 Q 4 ro Q. E. .- U. Q 3 3- F'- Q 3' FD 3-I J' mm g'U mm KU U' Ez'-Q Q3 -O. LO QE Q 34 mm MQ. Q.-N 3-91 ro 1-P 9-5 5 U UCD U 3 s:3 an cu I 3 -1 J 5 QCD 3m af-. '3 -0. 3:- mm I Q3- O2- 2 H U' QT 30 Q.9. D cn ur FD 3 Z 34 "Q 3 EQ. FD fl lll so OD -1-1' -I 3- FD U- Q 3 Q. G. 9 5. CL FD Q. 5. 'O' o 'V' 2 o V1 3 2 QT -1 cr Q 3 Q. V7 77 3 o E 3 Q U7 'P 3- FD U FD U U' Q 3 Q. Q 3 Q. 'Q' 3- ru U7 3- o 2 4404.4 J9um-L 9q4 V Od sd M 44934403 SD SID do O1 p9.1Uv3S9.J 404 0 96 pno I4 uo 93u9g qs Alom Z 'O -1 O LO 4 rn 3 If o 3 3. E Q G3 -. o 4 fb -+- 3' FD 3 C mn E. D -x D 3 Q 'I' FD 3' 2. U7 -.- 3 Q U7 -.. 5. sm D 3 Q. -0' 3- m FD 3' 3. U7 'I' 3 Q U7 O. 1 Q AE. ' 3 KD 5. Nm '-9. O C polled 4u9J944!p L43o9 SSM N C! U' O C -r -h O C 1 U nu o 'E rn -P1 -. o 3 m Q O 3' in FD O 2 O 3 2 o c 19440 Suguugfiag S099 Hoq4oo4 UO D E 'U D ru li n rn O 3 m 'U FD I. O D. Q S FD ro 7 -I 3- G. U FD 3. Q Q. 2 o S Q. U- FD uog4o4oJ popad-99 43md M9u 9q uold Q5 'u qm Aq9,l9 W 2 Q 3 D. Q Q 3 Q cu -1 'F V1 cn Q U7 o 3 fn -I 3- ro 3 Q -1 0 3- 3 LD -h OU' OD -1-3 U' dp PSDHDDJ wow UO LH Q9 ,I -94d 06 UJ 9 pun 'JIDUI PUD P9P!n9 'uow lo-L A05 Aq p9439Jgp ,104 p9zguo6.lo9J puoq looqzns qligq 9L44 -4004 9144 uoof SHOE NOOSSV9 aguuog Jawvpolg ouuog MOMHH Lung 73 FD 3 -3 A3 ' 3- 3 QD 73 -1 C Ln FD J9u19M saumf L- 3 E ru Q U1 Q. fl 0440 SDH u9q3s LJSSQV4 CD O D' E LuoJ4 4 9144 O16 dn :gd '9m4 9u94m. 49 uAlg,l M u5o 440W 49 of u9 SSL! HONHL sold Lp mpuog d0 OH 3N 49uu9y4 EI Q09 u9spoW XVS 5' IT 3-Q U7 gn. Om F m - I- O T -ow -os G3 rm Q 6 m OE? Z3 :S3 Jaq SVS 35 :S I c FD U7 F1 3' rn 3 I- O -x FD 3 U3 D 3' C FD -v -v- !3!Iqnd ,Al ouuoq nk! MOIl,i L- S 6. '-- ro Q 3 Q -1 O. DW C14 H ON HS 93u94ol:4 DI 'fi 3m D4 25 9 52 3 CL I- o E FD 3 xrn -1 : U1 ru C ro I I"' S9 mm Zw N3 "rn TU m C cn FD 1- Q 4 an F1 3- U o -4 o -P 3- 4 7 2 Ni?:IV'lD .Li Nondoxvs 3 Z 9. O-4 I g D 3 FD I- FD O 3 D -1 D. UW Q09 ug44 5. mcw L roigi 315.128 -'D.fD -I -4 uaslaoqogw SNUOH aualmg uof 'salmqj S9 SDQA 'U O -r K FD -r lD l CD cn 9315 'AJ 0491395 'U -1 FD cn D. KD SSFLIN QDUSJOIII N A9uoN '4u osga I O 1? I. U7 U7 O T C 51!9bl S9 ki O O. Ln O 3 E 5 -1 U' C vs O J' 'U -x FD cn 5. KD 3 -r I- O 1 FD 3 FD -o- -1 H1 E FD -x 3 FD -x uos49N A3uoN QLJQN A 9!-I u9SL43gJu AL44oJoQ UV AJQW 3 71 -1 ru C -I' N 40 A Z Q 3 Q 4 9 d 9uAoM O 3 E Q 3 I- FD o 3 Q -K Q. rn P Z U SU USS Q43 xog DF 6. 4 Q 3 2 O 'I1 Tl 5 H1 F Vi O W O rn W 9610 q3s449o9 au Hld 0 C um 2 0 :N A4 DW bl SSVIJ NOHWOILL :Sl 5 QUINTET Left to right: , G. Hueschen, r. ow: M. Lohff, 'use. SOLOISTS o rrght H Jones, LARINET TRIO t ' : . iller, ond F. Kruse. UMPET QUARTET to right: S. King, ohff, K. Walker, B. dell. TROMBONE QUARTET Left to right: C. Jones, H. Leonardj C. Vollmor, ond R. Ellerbusch. Martin Lohff Robert Bieosdell George Hueschen PAGE FORTY-NINE S i E 5 5 3 Z 4 f 5 r I I W l V V W x And we took time out each fortnight to read the Hi-Larity, our own publication. Here were chances for us to exercise our capacities in the field of journalism -and for some it might be the stepping stone to careers and occupations . . First Row: Mary Lou Schubert, Features, Norma Weiland, Features, Florence Kruse, Features, Lois Leckband, Reporter, Lois Striepe, Reporter, Dorothy Irwin, Editor, Shirley Krambeck, Re- porter, Marlene Schroeder, Editor, Jeanie Moser, Circulation, Marilyn Stoneking, Circulation. S-econd Row: Donna Ruhlow, Assistant Business Manager, Donna Green, Reporter, Joanne Larstens, Reporter, Marilyn Goettsch, Reporter, Shirley Michaelsen, Reporter, Shirley Berg- mann, Typist, Deanna Goettsch, Circulation, Jerri Jean Cole, Circulation Manager, Mr. LeRoy Stierlin, Advisor. Third Row: Dorothy Werner, Copy Editor, Shirley Scherner, Reporter, Wayne Nelson, Circula- tion, Bob Martin, Reporter, Bill Striepe, Sports Editor, Charles Jones, Reporter, Jerry Lang- land, Circulation, Carman Petersen, Reporter, Gloria Ruhser, Typist. Holstein is journalism, too. Under the able guidance of the two co- editors, the Hi-Larity Staff got off to a good start, Sixteen issues were put out, including a special Christmas issue, and a special senior issue. More banner headlines were used this year and to create more inter- est a few pictures were added now and then. The sports had a page of their own, and this proved to be easier for the reader. All he had to do was to look for one sports story, and the rest could be found near-by. Friday was copy deadline day, in order for the paper to be out on Monday. The paper appeared once every two weeks, with Bruce Bye, the man on the printing end and Mr. LeRoy Stierlin on the directing end. SPONSORED BY HEITMANN TRUCKING, ERICKSEN SERVICE STATION, JOURNAL- TRIBUNE COMPANY PAGE FIFTY-ONE . The Seasons brought their demands for an active, loyal Pep Club l First Row: Marilyn Stoneking, Donna Ruhlow, Marie Dittmer, Kay Rice, Joan Lasher, Carol Kolb, Shirley Scott, Shirley Miller, Betty Scott, Joyce Armiger. Second Row: Marlene Bumann, Helen Jones, Shirley Michaelsen, Dianne Blenner, Lois Leckband, Marlene Schroeder, Gloria Ruhser, Dorothy lrwin, Verna Mae Leckband, Mary Goettsch, Florence Kruse, Joanne Carstens, Donna Bauer. Third Raw: Dixie Freese, Carol Dittmer, Janice Conover, Shirley Bergmann, Joan Schroeder, Dorothy Werner, Nancy Q Michaelsen, Shirley Scherner, Carol Breyfogle, Doris Bochmann, Jean Moser, Lois Striepe, Mary Ann Kreutz. Fourth Row: Darlene Schuett, Mary McBride, Marilyn Gaettsch, Shirley Tharp, Nancy Nelson, Kay Conover, Ardis CID' perley, Carol Leonard, Dorothy Conover, Joyce Obitz, Nancy Janssen, Darlene Prosch, Joelle McCubbin, Janice Lohff, Marilyn Wagner. Fifth Row: Donna Green, Mary Lou Schubert, Normadyne Weiland, Carman Petersen, Bonnie Breyfogle, Deanna Goettsch, Andra Lee Ewoldt, Mary Kruse, Dan Branco, Kenny Walker, Lois Schroeder, Jerri Jean Cole, Mary Jane Leon- ard, Donna Gries, Shirley Krambeck, John Cipperley. Sixth Raw: Bill Striepe, Robert Bleasdell, Otto Hueschen, Bob Martin, Gary Gerber, Melvin McCubbin, Denton Wirkus, Davey Leonard, Som King, Dan Goettsch, Wayne Saxon, Clark Conover, Francis Reimers, Dean Hammer. G The Pep Club is people, too, 81 of them with Bill Striepe as president, ary Gerber as vice president and Shirley Bergmann as secretar t y- reasurer. These people are developing their talents and creative abilities- by planning e . p p meetings, skits and floats. Their project this year was to sell orange and black pirate stickers They sponsored a successful homec ' d . oming para e and coronation ceremony. The Pep Club worked hard at pep meetings and took an active part in the Holstein Relays program, sponsoring the election and coronation of the queen at the Relays on April lOth. . . . And in November came Ladies' Day ln observance of National Education Week the girls of Holstein Hi h 9 School and the women members ot the faculty, consisting of Mrs. Jatho, Miss Ander d M' " ' ' " son, an iss Stoner, sponsored a Ladies Day on Thursday, No- vember the thirteenth. All the mothers of the high school student ' s were in- vited, with each girl accompanying her mother and her foster mother" the th mo er of a boy in high school. Marlene Schroeder was mistress of cere- monies and told a short history of our school. Each girl introduced herself, her mother, and h t t h ' er os er mot er. A representative from each class told about her average school-day. Jerri Jean Cole served as mistress ot cere- monies tor the second part ot the program, with representatives telling about h t e other activities in school. The trio, the sextette and the girls' glee club sang for us. Mr. Rosenberger favored the group with a solo, and Lois Striepe and Maril n W l d ' ' y agner p aye a piano auet. Lunch was then served and each girl took her mother and foster mother on a tour ofthe school buildings. PAGE FIFTY-TWO l . Also the Fall season took on a flavor of dramatics when the Juniors presented- Seated, left to right: Shirley Miller, Bob Martin, Joanne Carstens, Dorothy Conover, Mary Ann Kreutz, Helen Jones, Gaylen Galvin, Shirley Michaelsen, Otto Hueschen, Martin Lohff. Kneeling: Marilyn Goettsch, Shirley Tharp. , "Room For One More" was presented on Tuesday night, November ll. The play was under the direction of Mr. LeRoy Stierlin, with the following cast of juniors: Mother .-------.-.,--,,,H--,-----------------,,,,-------- Shirley Michaelsen Joey ...,........,,,H------,,,-,-----------h---a,--,w----,-,,,,. Bob Martin Poppy ............,,---,--A,A,,,-,-,,,,,aa,,,,,,...........,, Gaylen Galvin Teensie Rose A,.a......., ,- ..,,,,Y-,.-.---,,,......,a,........ Dorothy Conover Trot Rose .....a......,., ,, ----,-,,,,--,- ,,---.,,- ..,A....... M a rilyn Goettsch Janey ...,..,.............,.,,.M , ,,,,,,...... Q ,,b........... Joanne Carstens Jimmy .a..,,..,.........,A,,, ,A,-,----.---,,.... b..........,,, M a rtin Lohff Shirley Miller Betty .........,,,..--,-,,-,,,,,, h--,-,--,----,, -..-..-.W,,,b. Mrs. Biddle ...........,,-.,,,-Y------,----,,b,....-A,. 4 ..,,.a.a, Helen Jones George Biddle -,-----.--,,-,--A,,,A,,H,,,,----,...,,,....-,,,A Otto Hueschen Miss Winston ..................,,..b,,,....,,.......-...... Mary Ann Kreutz Rescued Woman ,a...,....,.,,a,-....b....,,a.........,......e.. Shirley Th0rD "Room For One More" was first a novel, then a play, and then a movie, starring Cary Grant and Betsy Drake. "Room For One More" was a story about a lovable mother and fa- ther who could not resist adopting children, and even though adoption brought its problems, they were very successful at it. l PAGE FIFTY-THREE . . Winter brought Basketball- the clinic -the games - the trips - the tournaments, and all the thrills ot fighting and winning- Left to right: Verna Leckband, Lois Leckband, Shirley Bergmann, Lois Schroeder, Joanne Cor- stens, Mary Jane Leonard, Jerri Jean Cole, Shirley Scherner, Nancy Janssen, Dorothy Wer- ner, Mary Ann Kreutz, Nancy Nelson, Front Row: Marlene Schroeder, Mgr., Nancy Nelson, Joanne Carstens, Shirley Bergmann, Lois Leckband, Lois Schroeder, Mary Jane Leonard, Jerri Jean Cole, Nancy Janssen. Second Row: Marilyn Goettsch, Carol Breyfogle, Dorothy Werner, Verna Leckband, Shirley Scherner, Mary Ann Kruetz, Janice Lohff, Marilyn Stoneking. Third Row: Shirley Thorp, Jean Moser, Marlene Bumann, Mary Ann Goettsch, Joan Schroe- der, Deanna Gaettsch, Doris Bochmann, Joan Cipperley, Carol Leonard. SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN PRODUCE AND HATCHERY PAGE FIFTY-FOUR F 2 3. 4335 5... i.. 1- 1. ,fy . W , -. V.: f gm amy ....,v.,- ,I . . . ' is 3 3 9' 3' . Q -f 3' v TEM: 4 R 366 J, w 35, 4 X' se: -4:-:z see -- 2 .. H' ' ltr. '5 xvfgigf X? if x if 5 Lsift sg? f '35 W 32 SHIRLEY BERGMANN-Sem ior post guard. Dependable and consistant rebounder . . . one of the best in that field . . . feared by oll opponents. l. D. A. P. 4th team and Jack North's All State Honor Roll. M ,. X , . W .,,. t 5 ' - :V I " . . I D gn ...,, - :EES A . J - ' "-' - j ,, . "'L ' .. ..,., 1 e"- 1 Sl? - NANCY NELSON - Senior LOIS SCHROEDER-Sophomore guard. A good ball handler, with deception and speed ana a tricky dribble which baffled all opponents . . . will remem- ber her rebounding and desire to win. Made Jack North's All State Honor Roll. D V . D ,,., at ' - . , - , - . , -x 5 " " ' R ' '.2-EV 1352-:-.5:5-:-551513 -' . ' U.. I t is M.: gy Q is is V. Q I g H . . -A tx -'-' sf it, ,sg -j - 2. agrees: A ,A 1. - 5--251 5.53 it 4 ' ' - 5 f ' 15 - 351' . is t Mm ' ., . ----' . Afr-f j NANCY JANSSEN - Sopho- LOIS LECKBAND-Senior post more guard. A small girl with forward. A calm. poised ball great rebounding ability. Her player, with a hook shot that pass interception and speech fooled all opponents . . . made were on asset to the ball club. Jock North's All State Honor Rall. forward . . . o sincere ball player making several of her se: shots count and also o consistent scorer from the free throw line. me ? ,We Q 5 Kg W, rg? F JERRI JEAN COLE-Sopho- heart and a deceptive pass more forward with a battling which discouraged her oppon- ents. if -yV. J ' 515'lf.E y- H. 'J Tl " :" 3' if llni -- V - 6 .... 1 "" .., A ' ', W A i' t r ... f 'llw ,fi . JOAN CARSTENS - Junior MARY JANE LEONARD - front and post forward. A cool, versatile operator, with re- bound ability and an under- handed hook shot that bewil- dered many a post guard. SPONSORED BY ZEMAN 81 SORENSENQ R. C. KEITGES Sophomore ::ost forward. A hard worker with poise and a competitive spirit - a left hand that scores as well os a right hand- PAGE FIFTY-FIVE in fl 5lQ55: ,. ,'::':--' 1 ' M :gym 51 4, 4 A - 6 "'- -V - i "" .. , -rt ' ',,:,. 1:1 :gsm g - , " J.: " 1, ' ' ,L - Q , , 4 - 3 A, f 4 ,- ,. ..:.:,.-fe. x. 3 Mew, w 3, we 4, 'f . b r - 1'f"' :.,.:.I1f:'7'4:3.1:-:J-' 1 , ' x 1" -ri: V, 'I' - 1 t' 'ee x X A 4 ' , ' ' .,..,, 4 Q , X , tv, Nam- - - - 'A V, ' if- - - gr 4 F f 9 W - ' -- ' ""-' 2 3- iz .V 4 N A 3 1. :.- . VERNA LECKBAND-Sopho- SHIRLEY SCHERNER-Sopho- more post guard - with a more guafd. A Comer with reach thot was feared by all grea: rebound abilities . . . forward: and with possibilities basketball being her main in- ct becoming a rugged guard. terest . . Holstein ........ Holstein ........ Holstein ........ Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein ........ Holstein ........ Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein ........ Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein ........ Holstein Holstein Holstein PAGE FIFTY-SIX ,.., D- ... f.. K' - , 4 DOROTHY WERNER-Sopho- more guard. A basketball play- er at heart . . . a hopeful com- er with rebounding ability which will be of great value to the ball club. watch tor her. SEASON'S RECORD 37 85 53 48 45 ----------5O ----------53 ----------56 ----------76 ----------57 7l MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT Charter Oak .............. Meriden ................ - Anthon ...............-. - Hartley ............... --- Aurelia .........-..... --- Galva ...........-...- --- Coriteictionville ...........- Kingsley .............. --- Washta .......-....---- -- Meriden ........-. ------- Quimby .....-.----- ------- an , ,, ..r: t,,. , :., ,. N mfg? 545' 1 S sm? ' 92 tk 0 gl Wx ,ip,m.5f ,..:.. wx. - 4 i .. Q Q1-K MARY ANN KRUETZ--Jun- ior forward. What she lacked in size was made up for in drive-her floor game being her outstanding feature. 44 36 46 63 22 '47 t39 t39 37 36 6 ----------4l Galva --------------------52 ----------56 Galva -------------------A43 ----------54 Odebolt ------------------A48 ----------67 Battle Creek --------------"27 ----------73 Arthur --s------..---------E39 SECTIONAL TOURN EY - --------- 47 Galva ....--...---- ------ 5 l ----------53 Correctionville -------------A39 --------..-57 Kingsley ,-,.--------------"46 ----------53 Battle Creek --------------"2l "Maple Valley Conference Games . And so- The Holstein Piratettes finished o very successful 20-game year with only four de- feats, three of these were at the hands of teams which were to be state tournament contend- ers. Coach Kraai had a lot of rebuilding to do since so many new faces were seen this year. Holstein lost their first game to the powerful Charter Oak ball club in the clinic held here. The only other defeats were to Galva in the Maple Valley Tournament, to Hartley, and again to Galva in the sectional tournament. Holstein's defense held their opponents to an average of 39 points a game while our offense averaged 56 points a game. One of the best defensive games played this year was against Quimby. The heart breaker of the year was when they lost to Galva in the sectional tournament in an overtime. The final score was 51 to 47. The girls got their revenge by winning the Maple Valley Conference with ten straight wins, to add another trophy to the Holstein High School collection. The girls completed the season by playing an exhibition ball game at the state tourna- ment where they played Roland with a 15-12 win in a 14 minute game. This game was tele- wised along with the state semifinals. Thus the girls completed a very successful year with 16 wins in 20 starts. With 9 of the first twelve back next year Holstein should again have a good ball club for the 1953-1954 season. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL S First Row, Left to Right: Joyce Scott, Mary Godbersen, Patsy Keitges, Julie Leonard, Sally Blackmer, Phyllis Vohs, Janice Leonard, Verla Frahm, Ruth Bergmann. Back Row: Nancy Henrichsen, Bonnie Blackmer, Sandra Madsen, Margene Goettsch, Reta Scott, Joyce Rolfs, Marjorie Schubert, Karen Butcher, Janet Petterson, Coach George Jacobs. SEASON'S RECORD "'0'S'e'." 25 Schleswig . -------- MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT Holstein 31 Correctionville ' Holstein 48 active ............ Holstein 53 Correcfionville ----- 1 1 Holstein 41 Cushing .......... Holstein 45 MOFCUS ------- ---- I 8 Holstein 47 Galva ..........-. Holstein 40 KIHQSIGY -------- --12 Holstein 50 Odebolt .......... Holstein 45 Odebolt ......- ---19 Holstein 34 5ClWleSWiQ ---- ----- l Final Championship Roundi Holstein 45 Cushing ,-,,,-.... SPONSORED BY MOTOR INN, VOLLMAR MOTORS, THARP GARAGE PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN . And the Boys enjoyed a winter on the Maple court, too . . . 1'ouRNAMEN'r SQUAD Front Row, Left to Right: David Leonard, Robert Martin, Gary Gerber, Otto Hueschen, Kenneth Kruse, Roger Hass, Charles Noneman. Back Row: Hiram Leonard, Denton Wirkus, Duane Ruser, Robert Bleasdell, Kenneth Walker, James Clausen. lt was not a season overflowing with victories, but it was a winter sparkling with thrills and spills. The Pirates started off their season after only two weeks of practice and met defeat in their first 5 starts. They bounded back into the win column for the next five. From there on the wins and losses were mixed to the tune of three wins and six losses. Play in the Maple Valley and Sectional Tournaments rounded out the season for the Black Pirates. They were defeated in the opening round of the Maple Valley Tourney by Battle Creek and by lda Grove in the Sectional. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT BOYS' BASKETBALL "A" SQUAD Front Row: David Leonard, Denton Wirkus, Robert Martin, Gary Gerber, Duane Ruser, Otto i-lueschen, Kenneth Kruse, Roger Hass, Charles Noneman. Back Row: Hiram Leonard, Larson Meyer, Robert Bleasdell, Dennis Coon, Gary Leonard, Lloyd Glawe, Danny Bronco, Kenneth Vlalker, Harlan Arp, James Claussen, George Hueschen, Manager. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec Dec Dec. Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan Jan Jan Feb. Feb. Feb Feb Anthon --- Hartley --- Aurelia ...... --- Galva ........ --- Correctionville Danbury ..... --- Kingsley --- Washta --- Meriden -- Quimby --- Golva ..... Odebolt ...... --- Battle Creek --- --- Arthur ....-. --- Alta ...------ --- Correctionville Danbury ...... --- Kingsley ..... --- Battle Creek ....-.--.-- -------- ------ 3 0 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT JAN. 8 Battle Creek SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT lda Grove ..-.------ ------- -------- They 54 55 50 52 Sl 48 37 40 47 33 5l 80 42 36 6l 57 35 56 45 45 50 PAGE FIFTY-NINE GARY GERBER-5' l0"-Rug- ged Senior guard . . . 2nd H. adept passer and rebounder Shoots well from out on set shots . . . Co-Captain. DAVID LEONARD - 5' 9" - Senior forward . . . 2nd H. . . . good dribbler . . . reliable pass- er . . . in there working all the time. . . Co-Captain. N--tl""' Nia- ' DUANE RUSER-6' working Senior guard . . . lst H .... good rebounder and passer. 2"-Hard 49 f 5 .,, Q i S :SX l I .g bt ROGER HASS-5' 9"--Sopho- KENNETH KRUSE-6' l"- ROBERT MARTIN-5' l0"- more forward , , . lst H ,,., Sophomore center-lst H. . . Junior guard . . . 2nd H. . . . natural ball handler and drgb- good rebounder . . . improved nice jump shot and smooth ler , , , good get shot , , . Watch fast . . . uses his height to great dribbler . . . good boy for next him next year, advantage . . . good mon for year. next year. SPONSORED BY WILSON-HULL FUNERAL HOMEg STOLLEY DRUGQ EMIL EHLER 8. SONS PAGE SIXTY CHARLES NONEMAN-5' 8" 50Phomore guard. . . lst H. . . . clever ball-handler and dribbler . . . good mon for next year . . . He'll be a comer, for he likes the game. OTTO HUESCHEN-6' ll"-- DENTON WIRKUS-5' 9"- Junior center . . . 2nd H .... Senior forward . . . lst H. . . . adept rebounder and defensive reliable ball handler . . . good player . . . valuable player for rebounder. next year. First Row, Left to Right: Pat Keitges, Virgil Bumann, Rodson Ellerbusch, Dick Bagenstos, Don Fritz, Larry Leinbaugh, Dennis Kolb, Merlin Jensen, Lowell Thomsen. Second Row: Leonard Bircher, Robert McBride, Richard Boothby, Steven Janssen, Alfred Hass, Harold Butcher, Dick Schmidt, Kurt Leonard, Coach George Jacobs. JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' BASKETBALL SEASON - 1952-53 Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein 27 Schleswig ......... 34 Battle Creek ..-.... 33 Correctionville ..... 33 Alta ,,..,..,,..,. 39 Galva ,A ....,...-,, 40 Cushing .......... 46 Galva ............ Holstein 30 Odebolt ..-....... 18 Holstein 23 Alta . -. ........ 20 Holstein 49 Schleswig ...-..... l 5 Holstein 40 Cushing M-, ....... l5 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT Holstein 45 Correctionville ..... l 5 Holstein 39 Marcus .......... .. 7 Holstein 40 Moville ,-. ........ 2l Holstein 2l Battle Creek ,...... 20 lFinal Championship Roundl SPONSORED BY GOLDEN RULE, JACK'S PLACE, SORENSEN PRODUCE PAGE SIXTY-ON E Pictures from here cmd There . . . PAGE SIXTY-TWO As the Teams went into crction of home and obrcod . . And Pictures from Everywhere- We see players fighting their hearts out ta win the game -taking instructions trarn the coach ibeing interviewed over WHO PAGE SIXTY-THREE . Springtime brought Spring activities and thoughts of graduation as the Seniors made ready their play- "They Went Thataway" was the favorite topic of the seniors during March and part of April, since it was the name of their class play, As the name suggests it had a western theme. , The cast of characters: V Chorlottle Pelham, owner of the Bar-B-Q ...,----,,.,.,-,,-,-.-...-.-. Mary Schubert Lil Bower, her best friend .......,..-..................... --.... N orma Weiland Sheriff Jackson, the law ...........--...-......--..............-. Kenneth Obitz Freddy Buck, a very funny fellow ..............-.-........,,....... David Leonard J0e Chuckwagon, a noble Redman ................,................- Loren Schuett Princess One Blossom, his wife ............--...-............... Marlene Schroeder Elmira Spring, a wealthy tourist .............,.,,..,-.,,......... Florence Kruse Waxy, a tired business man .,..........--.,-,.................-... Duane Ruser Queenie, his girl friend ...--.....-..,..-,.--....-....,...,.,.. Bonnie Breyfogle ----,,,-----------nu------- Joan Schroeder Sue Castle, an incognito celebrity .... ln the story a city girl inherits a ranch and with her side-kick goes into the dude ranch business. They are operating with very little money. Then a master of ceremonies comes in and is hired as o cowboy. The dudes start arriving: on heiress from the East, a couple of tired business people, and a Hollywood glamour girl. The two Indian characters add to the excitement. All sorts of skulduggery take place until the master of ceremonies emerges as the hero to claim the heroine's heart. SPONSORED BY BAGENSTOS FOOD LOCKERQ CHESTERMAN COMPANY PAGE SIXTY-FOUR Joe Chuckwogon tells of Princess One Blossom Freddie have ci SPONSORED BY LEONARD 8. BRANCOQ WILLIAM E. JACKES In "They Went Thotciwoy" f While Charlotte and friendly tiff. PAGE SIXTY-FIVE Spring also brought out the thinclads- People called . . . Sprinters jumpers, relay artists, shot putters, vaulters, hurdlers, discuss throw- ers, and distance men-all teamed up to enter the Holstein Relays April IO, 1953. They're oft to a start in the big meet which annually opens the track season in Northwest Iowa. 985 athletes participated and six records fellp The Holstein squad of 26 field and cinder artists teamed up along with 68 other school squads from Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Holstein boys on the squad: Gqry Gerber Bill Striepe Denton Wirkus David Leonard Robert Bleasdell Dan Bronco Otto Hueschen Robert Martin Kenneth Walker Harlan Arp Dennis Coon PAGE SIXTY-SIX Gaylen Galvin Darrell Gebers Earl Heilman Martin Lohff James Bleasdell Gerald Breyfogle Gerald Langland Hiram Leonard Wayne Nelson Craig Vollmar Robert Will Willis Buell James Clausen Roger Hass Kenneth Kruse Gary Leonard Larson Meyer Charles Noneman Wendell Reineke Francis Bienlien David Bircher Donald Gerber Charles Jones Wayne Saxon Roger Clausen Clark Conover Lloyd Glawe DeWitt Gries Dean Hammer Wendell Jensen Francis Reimers Holstein Reloys ore people too . . . People in the stonds . . . People who orgonize ond run the big event, 93 of them . . . People who work long hours to feed the crowds . . . People who enter the mony events . . . And people who ore honored to reign os the Queen ond her ottendonts for the doy- Joon Schroeder, Noncy Nelson, Queen, Shirley Bergmonn - 2 W Over the Big Sticks SPONSORED BY CHUCK'S BODY SHOP, DOWNS 8- DlERSEN, MOSER IMPLEMENTQ IOWA PUBLIC SERWCE PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN . And with the Spring come memories of the lost Spring ond the Junior-Senior Prom. We Go To The Prom . The evening of Moy l2 found every- body ond everything in reodiness for the big porty of the yeor. The bollroom, in keeping with the Western theme, wos converted into o typicol ronch corrol, ringed with o roil fence ond enclosing o "compfire" in the middle of the floor. Surrounding the bollroom on two sides were the lounge ond refreshment bor in colors of yellow, green, ond orchid. Sun- SPONSORED BY CHEROKEE CREAMERY COMPANYQ CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY: PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT CALVIN F. BESORE, JR. The Music Played On- set colors added to the atmosphere of the main ballroom. Juniors, Seniors and their guests entered Through two large silver "horseshoes." By 8:30 Tony Brad- ley's orchestra was warmed up and the dancing continued until l2:3O. The high- light of the evening carne with the crowning of the i952 King and Queen of the Prom, Lawrence Schroeder and Mary Ann Arp. SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN LUMBER COMPANY VOHS 8. JOHNSON PAGE SIXTY-NINE . As the year came to an end, so also did the work of the Moo staff . . . Selected early in the fall this group took on the job of publishing this book . First Row: Mary Lou Schubert, Senior Editor, Norma Weiland, Feature Writer, Carole Kolb, Typist, Florence Kruse, Music and Dramatics Editor, Bonnie Breyfogle, Business Staff, Donna Ruhlow, Business Staff, Carman Petersen, Typist, Donna Gries, Assistant Grade Editor, Nancy Nelson, Girls' Sports Editor, Marie Jaan Dittmer, Assistant Snapshot Editor. Second Row: David Leonard, Business Staff, Denton Wirkus, Feature Writer, Lois Leckband, Underclassmen Editor, Joan Schroeder, Feature Editor, Shirley Bergmann, Editor, Diane Blen- ner, Snapshot Editor, Marlene Schroeder, Business Manager, Gloria Ruhser, Grades Editor, Donna Bauer, Assistant Grade Editor. Third Row: Gary Gerber, Business Staff, David Lund, Proofreader, Bill Striepe, Boys' Sports Editor, Duane Ruser, Typist, Kenneth Obitz, Proofreader, Loren Schuett, Assistant Editor, James Lenz, Assistant Snapshot Editor, James Werner, Business Staff. Early in the fall of l952, the Moo Staff began their work of getting ready their yearbook. First they chose their class colors, and then they picked the cover for the Moo. This cover was selected, to be rnade in their class col- ors, white and purple. Mr. Bye was chosen to print the book, and the work began. First of all, ads had to be sold to finance the Moo, then the stories had to be selected to go along with the theme which was, "Holstein School is people." The stories were written, typed and proofread. Next, the Moos had to be sold, and last, but not least, the Moos had to be delivered in May when they finally came out. It took a lot of hard work, and effort on everyone's part, but they all agreed: "lt was worth itll" J SPONSORED BY DR. JOHN GATES, DR. R. L. BIRCHER, GREEN'S DAIRY, COAST- TO-COAST PAGE SEVENTY And Holstein School is People Eyerywhere- Hi Nancy . . . Florence . . . Denton, Ozzie, Gary and Bob Your turn to play . . . A summer at camp . . . Two angels Donnie. . . Talking things over . . . The noon card game Jerri, Lois and Shirley . . . Chemistry lab . . . Who's ahead? PAGE SEVENTY-ONE Ozzie ond Gory . . . Get reody . . . Let's donce Wendoll J .... Everybody working . . . George Quiet pleose . . . Getting smorter . . . Tollmon eots . . . Lois ond Gory WI'1ot's cooking . . . Shirley . . . Dove swings it . . . Goodnight oll SPONSORED BY HUGH MCGUIREg ALLEN JOSLIN PAGE SEVENTY-TWO 1 x 1 7 5 . ' a 5 I i V E 1 N 1 1 x 1 W V w w 1 A i n-In-v

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