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N ! ' ,-gi' ' !' ' Ei if . if .J a ? 5, Lx, Vs' Yxi, iigi 21. xv x X 1 1 w P 0 '3 .. xi .f x A 'J 's Fifa x. 1 N.X -'54 uw MQ w L X, tux: Xu 'vi I o 4 . w I -.. .ffm AE U3 if IV uw, 1 4 1 I il IW me ,4 -..,: , , I ,5 1, I 4 ' 1 1 11.1 ,: Hn' 'M' V, W, 5:1 " w -1 I '-1 1 .Vg L 'MA' ll P J X ,, , 1' . f", ,. 1 ,. .M 'V . ., IL-" .Q FL' 51: . - K' Eg ' - " " R J- , 1 i. rf ' Q 4-' ' . - "V s,E ' - KL ' I ' s- M Yi' .. .X ng. ',. 1 ,An .A ' L i 1 1 . . -. .TK Yr- vn'1'mH'-,-.- 565. .,,ge-.,..f, ,.?,, Y, 5:34, o 9--Q-:.f-,:?gG.-iz. v.,. 1 :Q--....... ,.--.,..--,q-.,,-.11 F.-ny.,-, Qefeucajafnf Qgife in ydofafein 56400 EDITORS: Shirley Dougcclrd Mary Ann Arp PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF '52 HOLSTEIN HIGH SCHOOL HOLSTEIN, IOWA Volume 35 - V 'TT l l l l i 1 As we leove the portols ot Holstein High ond toke our first step into the tuture, we toke with us mony cher- ished memories of our doys os stu- dents. lt is our oim, with this book to recreote for you in words oncl pictures, the thrilling moments ot this, our Sen- ior yeor. THE STAFF PAGE THREE i Miss KITCHEN 8146 CVUAOWL ' Medddelii In admiration for the many years she has devoted to furthering the education of the students of this school, we the class of 1952 respectfully dedicate this thirty--titth edition of the Moo to Miss Pearl Kitchen. PAGE FOUR lftidgdlftiff :IH 0V6'Clfl lflflglflll 5 RAY BAGENS VOS-President, food locker operator, a mem- ber of the board for three and one-halt years. MILDRED JACKES-Treasurer, bank cashier, a member of the board for five years. JESSE H. LEONARD-Lawyer, served on the board a total of ten years. PAGE SIX GLADYS L. RAABE-Secretary and school secretary, has been secretary to the Superintendent for twenty-three years ond six years for the board. WALTER H. LORENZEN-Re tired farmer, has devoted twen- ty-five years of his time to the board. Crit! of 5acglLCcZfl-Gift H. P. KNUTH-Banker, has worked with the board three years. DR. JAMES MARTIN-Physb cian and surgeon, has worked with the board for two years. The following questions were asked and answered by the teachers: I. Where did you receive your education? 2. What classes do you teach? I I MISS STONER Principal I. University ot Iowa, B. A. Degree, University ot Minnesota, Colorado University 2. World History and American His- tory 3. Reading and traveling 4, To write creatively and well MRS. PIPER I. Iowa State Teachers' College, B. A. Degree 2. English 9, IO, ll, Speech, Journa- lism 3. Housekeeping, reading, movies 4. To get an M, A. in speech cor- rections 3. What is your favorite pastime? 41. VVhat is your secret am- bition? MR. I-IANSON Superintendent I. B. A. Iowa State Teachers' College, M. A. State University ot Iowa fl. Trying to find some spare time to enjoy a pastime MR. KRAAI I. Morningside College, B. A. Degree 2, Government, Economics, Business Law, Sociology, Girls' and Boys' physical training, all athletics S. Hunting and fishing 4. To have winning ball clubs 7 Mfr I. 2. 3. 4. MR. GERBER Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. Degree Geometry, 9th and advanced Algebra, Physics Working with tools, small mach- ines, and electrical apparatus and doing general "tix-it" jobs around the home Engineering I. 2. 3. MR. PIPER Iowa State College, Iowa State Teachers' College, B. A. Degree Industrial Arts C5 periodsb, Driver Training C2 periodsb Movies and sports PAGE SEVEN MISS ANDERSON Mornin side Colle e B S De ree Q Q 1 ' - Q Office Practice, Typing, Book- keeping, Shorthand Sports, movies, reading MR. CLAUSSEN Smith School, Elensburg, Germany, Buena Vista College All instrumental music Fishing To be a Navy Bandmaster PAGE EIGHT Jmff, MRS. JATHO l. Sam Houston State Teachers Col- lege, University of Texas, B. S. De- gree, General Science, Biology, 2 classes of Home Economics 3. Reading, cooking, textile paint- ing l MISS KITCHEN l. Morningside College at Sioux City, 2. Departmental work in Junior High 3. A good movie MRS. KUCHEI. l. St. Olaf College, Buena Vista Col- lege, University of Minnesota, B. A. Degree 2. Elementary music, choruses, Eng- lish Literature and Grammar 3. Reading, sewing, and visiting 4. To become a good cook ibut it is no secretj MR. ASHMORE l. Westmar College at LeMars 2. Departmental work in Junior High 3. Sports I I MISS MOHR Iowa State Teachers at Cedar Falls, University of Iowa at Iowa City Sixth grade A good movie To see all the forty-eight states Jmff 1- s. s Q' If X .... I .- . . 'aww-. f, . xx N S- Iv sf 9'-9 . ..,.. .. .. .. .. I " fx . . zzvvu -,,., , G ...11,.:.,:.. ,. i,:.5 -if aw r A: j..::a:5:s'i531:.:' . , -fp 1 , ,MZ ,S ,,,:-,- .:...,,..,.1.:..,.:,, - S ,,,t1,smty- t .,:,.,.:- vii- -::'-s::i.. zasg. 9 X , WM X .. . ., . Q. we . ,.,,,,,.,.:,,,..VV . ,...1,:.:. ..:.., ---::,: 1:,. I R t X -----4::::: :5:' :-.:::-.-E:: :E:E'f :C W. 1 A -- ' .,.. . . ,. s 'Y2fif::S5s::1i:::Fe 'Ea:5sia:s-tis' ii-EI:3:4:::::" - 'I 251: -' ':F251Efi1"i A X ss " 2 .63 . ,.,,, , ,,,.:.,1:. , ,zlglz A A,,t.,mm Q' Q N . v we :P ? If ws. 5s.,::. A sisi.xs.wH?- '2 t WW X vs' gxwggm., misses, N- LNSFMW .- it Yfgwxs. Pksikssgsge Si , .... A-AWN GA- G A .3352 QQAMQ sv 5 S., . ,.,wm,yi S5911 wisfmw-Swz. Nwifztggf wawggtsgq-. SA 3.31 :A lv Q kisvmwf' " f 1-5-Ig. iw... -5.'53g.....5:,, 1' " 21-1-1. 3:.:-:-.::-'5i5:g 5 g-. - . .... . , . .,,, "'- "" . " ""' :E 355 ,.,,.,11:: MISS JONES MISS STREED I. Iowa State Teachers at Cedar l. Buena Vista College at Storm Lake Falls, University of Colorado, 2. Fourth grade Buena Vista College at Storm Lake 3. To see o good movie 3. Fifth nrade 3. Reading and movies MRS. ASI-IMORE Morningside College at Sioux City, Westmar College at LeMars Sections of 3rd and 4th grade Baking or trying a new recipe MISS CAIN I. Iowa State Teachers College at I. Cedar Falls 2. Third grade 3. Reading 4. To become a nurse MISS WALSH Briar Cliff College at Sioux City Second grade Swimming, bridge, knitting and reading To visit Chung-King Chino PAGE NINE MRS. JACQUES l. lowa State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls, Buena Vista College at Storm Lake 2. Sections of second and first grades 3. Reading and sewing t Syd C14 lf MISS JOHNSON Nebraska State Teachers College at Wayne First grade Reading and movies A cruise to Hawaii MISS BARKER l. Iowa State Teachers' College ot Cedar Falls, Buena Vista College ot Storm Lake 2, Kindergarten 3. Reading Posing - Cooking -A Eating Working - Smiling RAGE TEN 3442 gave! 5.1 . . .7 . ,-, My L-Sfagf Standing-E. l-leilman, D. Meier, J. Obitz, S. Scherner, J. Cole, S. Daugaard, N. Nelson, D. Krambeck, Mrs. Piper, L ichrcgeder, D. Gries, K. Rice, M. A. Kreutz, S. Krambeck, J. Carstens, N. Janssen, M. J. Leonard, S. Bergmann, M em cke. Seated-D. Ruhlow, D. Conover, N. Wieland, L. A. Bumcinn, M. Schroeder, M. Vohs, F. Kruse, M. Schroeder, J Schroeder, M. Bumann, D. Schuett, D. Goettsch, L. Pfalzgraf, R. Ewoldt. l-lilarity organized soon after the beginning of the year under the direction of Mrs. Piper. Mary Vohs and Florence Kruse were chosen by the staff as co-editors for the first semester, The rest of the staff were elected, ads and subscriptions sold, and the paper went to press. At the beginning of the second semester Mary and Florence stepped out of the telescope's view. Dorothy Krambeck and Shirley Bergmann were chosen to take their places for the remainder Of the year. M. Vohs, S. Bergmann, F. Kruse, D. Krambeck. PAGE TWELVE ,ge gg, ca First Row-L. A. McCubbin, M. A. Arp, J. Lohff, M. Schroeder, D. Conover, A. Cipperley, N. Wieland, M. Schubert C. Kolb, C. Peterson, C. Schlumbaum, J. Armiger, B. Scott, D, Conover, B. Krambeck. Second Row-B. Carstens, M. Wagner, J, Cole, L. Striepe, L. Schroeder, D. Ruhlow, M. Lembcke, J, Obitz, J. McCubbin B. Breyfogle, K. Rice, M. Wittrock, J. Conover, M. Vohs, D. Gries, S. Krarnbeck, D, Prosch. Third Row-N. Nelson, M. Goettsch, S. Michoelsen, D. Green, S. Miller, S. Scott, L. Wiese, M. A. Kreutz. Fourth Row-N. Janssen, M. J. Leonard, D. Krambeck, G. Ruhser, L. A. Bumann, D. Blenner, J. Schroeder, S. Berg- mann, H. Jones, M. Schroeder, F. Kruse, M. Bumann, D. Schuett, M. L. Kolb, S. Scherner, S. Dougaord, J. Corstens. The Pep Club ot l95l-52 under the direction ot Zoe Ann McCubbin, President, Donna Lu Conover, Vice President, and Mary Ann Arp, Secretary- Treasurer was organized to aid and promote the teams of H. H. S. to victory. The cheerleaders, Donna Green, Joelle McCubbin, Lois Schroeder, and Jerri Jean Cole, were chosen by the club. The Pep Club sponsored pep meetings for all home football and bos- lxetball games, the track meets, and the pep rally for the Football Homecom- ing, October 2, l95l. CHEERLEADERS J. McCubbin, J. Cole, D. Green, L. Schroeder. D. Green, M. Lembcke PAGE THIRTEEN A 4 Wye Qof XZAWM Q' M QQ ' 9 f 53? Q QE 5 kiuuf i' MM fa iw 'ff 4 ,A 5 9-P A A. , A ' ' ms f' 'A" ix '2 5 , f' '- 1A ,A ,, Q x ' ., ,.,A, ..,, 3 ,1,. H V. ,x,,,.::t::,,1:,, V,q,:. zzl V. , ,,,..,. ,, ,::b, J an Q x ,..,,. 'V ' ,, .,.. ' V-::.,,,..: --gr' - 55- .,:-1,- , - ' 'f GE. -f,- 11'-::":'l,f I' i' V Q if fir ' 5' W ard, M. Hueschen, S. Dougoord, D. L. Conover. Ol'1 .Le vom, M. L. Kolb, M. J -M. Row F rs? D. Ruhlow, M Lembcke, N. Nelson. 'U cn O GJ M. McBride, Second Row-F. Kruse, S. Miller, -1 C. cu .C U V7 cu 3 I L5 C. an 2 cu U .C .2 E vi n. CD .C U x. CD ci E 3 0 .o E 2 .c U um U xf an E 1 U 2 m ui L. cu if 5 :Z E E oi -C. U mn O C CL cj L. CD C U7 O 3 S uf GJ C O 7 i 'ci C 2 'a 3 Z I 3 cz 'E QE I- 3 .C U V1 4-f -4- CD .i -4- 4- O U V7 UT CD 'U In o if cn erner, W , L. Schuett, J TT cDermo M.M is, gnew, W. Saxon, S. Curt Janssen, B. A ruse, S. King, N. se, M. K FU Rolfs, M. Lohff, K. K D. Sch uett, J Fourth Row C O E 3 2 LJ 'U 5. O C O GJ ..1 ni Ln. on U1 H: an M Q4 DC. U cn 3 42 2 m of Q: .9 CC ai Kreutz. erner, M. A. , R. Martin, D. W Will B. fhRovv Fi J.. N gi :Z-I-4 5.5 2. Uk: .4-1 LLJ5 .O UP- TW5 C .QS -jak go :E -Um -rg.: 4-E' E. 'o 'gc jo 'Uxcn cm UC LCD -U gf -CX- oi? WE .C .93 I. .59 Q13 4"x. Em OP IO CD ,Es -o GJ L.. 53 C O Sic' -- -o SEQ ,, .1 cs-98 Emil-J E-Ei' "Eg -.C bs: 305 4-1 +05 L.. 0-80 7354. U3 'lc-egfiy E3-Q of UD 'o-'U cts: Sono ,P+- 3502 0125 -E093 QU' 9215 Q' o. E105 CDOL .CO-" ,PE-4-7 cnO-Q 2:2 C .- ogg. U-S3 U Q39 co 3. ENS 0J'U 'ECE 4-UC U'7.QU'I 4-5 CD cu 44 C o U bs FZ U U o an cu .C 4-1 .E cn s: I o L. GE SIXTEEN PA TROMBONE QUARTET C. Vollmor, H. Leonard, R. Ellerbusch, P. Keitges B RASS S EXTET R. Bleosdell, K. Walker, D. Bircher, J. Blecsdell, C. Vollmor, L. Schuetf CLARINET QUARTET P. Kruse, S. Miller, H. Jones, M. Wagner TRUMPET QUARTET R. Bleosdell, K. Walker, K. Kruse, S. King PAGE SEVENTEEN QDCL4 7 CAOtLLJl Firs: Row-J. Moser, .l. Rolts, J. Lohtf, M. Schroeder, D. L. Conover, A. Cipperley, N. Wieland, M. L. Schubert, C. Kolb, J. McCubbin, C. Petersen, C. Schlumbaum, J, Armiger, B. Scott, D. Conover. Second Row-L. Schuett, M. Wagner, J. J. Cole, G. Ruhser, L. Striepe, L. Schroeder, C. Dittmer, D. L. Freese, J. Obitz, D. Bauer, B. Breyfogle, P. Nelson, K. Rice, M. J. Wittrock. J. Conover, M. Vohs. Third Row-N. Nelson, M. Goettsch, S. Michzzelsen, D. Green, S. Miller, S. Scott, L. Wiese, M. A. Kreutz. Fourth Row-N. Janssen, M. J. Leonard, M. A. Goettsch, L. A, Bumann, D. Blenner, J. Schroeder, S. Bergmann, H. Jones, M. Schroeder, F. Kruse, M. Bumann, D. Schuett, S. Scherner. "Strawberry Fair", "Come Unto Him", and 'l Like the Lad" were the selections sung by the Girls' Glee Club at the Spring Concert while the Boys' Glee Club sang "I Love Geography", "Looking for the Lost Chord", and 'fMa Little Banjo". Only the Girls' Glee Club was entered in the contest. .f , f- f U lg 5 0'ClfL:if First Row-J. Langland, J. Bleasdell, W. Buell, H. Leonard, C. Noneman. Second Row-B, Agnew, B. Will, W, Reinelce, K, Kruse, L. Schuett, H. McDermott, S. King, H. Putnam, D. Goettsch. Third Rowell. Bleasdell, R. Martin, D. Leonard, D. Bronco, G. Leonard, M, MCCubbin. PAGE EIGHTEEN SPONSORED BY THE LUTHERAN CHURCH QM! Swfeffe B. Breytogle, L. Striepe, M. L. Schubert, N. Wieland, D. L. Conover, J. J. Cole. The Girls' Sextet singing "The Night Song", and "The Lass with the Delicate Air" won a division I rating at the Preliminary State contest thus advancing to the State Contest at Perry. MAJOR ETTES M. L. Kolb, S. Daugoard, M. Vohs, D. L. Conover, M. J. Leonard. SPONSORED BY CHARLES ARMIGER AND WILSON-HULL FUNERAL HOME PAGE NINETEEN gan Junior Bond composed of third, fourth, fifth, Sixth, Seventh, ond eighth grades. BRASS QUARTET B. Bleosdell, K. Walker, S. Michoelsen, C. Vollmor. G. I'il.IG51 PAGE TWENTY BRASS QUINTET Cheri, C. Vollmor, M. Lohff, S, Kino, D. Birchur. SOLOISTS M. Lohff, L. Schuett, B. Bieosdell C-Aeew and! CAa!!enfe4 CQOOMHZZ First Row-R. Martin, D. Lund, G. Gerber, L. Schroeder, D. Ewoldt, J. Lenz, M. McDermott, C. Leonard, B Agnew Second Row-B. Weber, D. Leonard, H. Arp, K. Goettsch, B. Striepe, B. Schulz, D. Wirkus, M. Lohff. Third Row-R. Ewoldt, G. Galvin, D. Ruser, R. Bleasdell, K. Obitz, O. Hueschen, T. Petersen, Manager D Porterfield Fourth Row-W. Nelson, H. Leonard, L. Meyer, W. Buell, K. Kruse, B. Will, R. Hass, J. Claussen, R. Schuett Fifth Row-C. Noneman, V. Schuett, J. Bleasdell, J. Langland, W. Reineke, L. Pfalzgrat, H. Putnam C Leonard G Breyfogle, E. Heilman. l--lolstein Holstein Holstein Holstein I--lclstein Holstein Holstein Q ,- U LL! C lfl CUT at -,----- Alta Moville ----- Dunlap --------------------------- Onawa Correctionville -,-- Kingsley -----------------------.----------------- Oclebolt SPONSORED BY COAST TO COAST, DlCK'S TAVERN, CLAUS LORENZEN AND PAGE TWENTY-TWO PAUL SCHULZ. clade!! LAWRENCE SCHROEDER- senior end-6' I"-IBO lbs. . . good rugged block- er . . . good pass receiver . . . prevented many end runs . . . made many gains . . . 3rd H .... Homecom- lnn Attendant and Co-Cap- tain. DONALD EWOLDT-senior center - 6'-l95 lbs. . . hard blocking line man good ball handling, good at opening line holes . . . 2r.d H . . . CO-Captain. HAROLD MCDERMOTT- senior guard-5' ll"-l65 lbs. . , good clean blocker . . . smart defensive player with enough speed to stop many plays after they were on their way , . . 3rd H. Homecoming Attendant. CALVIN LEONARD-senior tackle--5' Il"-l75 lbs. . . . rugged blocker and tackler . . . prevented many line plays from working good at stopping rushes through line . . . 3rd H. WILLIAM SCHULZ-senior quarterback-5' IO"-l6O lbs. . . rugged blocker and tackler . . , good passer . . . responsible for many gains . . . 3rd H. KENNETH GOETTSCH-sem ior fullback-5' ll"-I7O lbs. . . responsible for much of the yardage gained . . . good ball handler . . . did a good job on both offense and defense. . . 3rd H. . . . Homecoming King. BILL WEBER-senior guard -A5' II"-I55 lbs. . .good defensive man . . . able to smash through rough lines 2nd H. WILLIAM AGNEW-senior end-5' IO"--l45 lbs .... good clean blocker and tackler . . . had speed to stop downfield plays . . . good pass receiver , . . 2nd H. THOMAS PETERSEN-sem ior end-5' ll"-I55 lbs. good pass receiver . . . ca- pable ball handler . . . 2nd I-l. BILL STRIEPE-junior half- back-5' ll"-I65 lbs. rugged blocker and tackler . . . good ball handler . . . fast ball carrier . . . proved himself valuable for next year . . . was sidelined with aleginjury...2S's... lst H. GARY GERBER-junior tac- kle-5' IO"-l9O lbs. . . stopped many of the ene- mies plays . . . valuable first string player , . . a good lineman who scored some points . . . valuable player for next year . . . 2nd H. JAMES LENZ--junior end- 6'-l65 lbs. . . rugged down- field blocker . . . stopped many of the opponent's end runs . . . good pass receiver . . . good man for next year's team also , . . 2nd H. PAGE TWENTY-THREE Jwflaff DAVID LEONARD-junior quarterback-5' 8"-l3O lbs. . . proved valuable in ball handling, blocking, tack- ling, and running . . . saw a lot of action . . . will be greatly needed for next year . . . 2nd H. DENTON WIRKUS-junior halfback-5' 9"-155 lbs. . . . a fast moving back on both offense and defense good dependable ball hand- ler . . . also o valuable play- er for next year . . . 2nd H. DAVID LUND-junior half- back-5' 9"-l75 lbs. good clean lineman . . . fills his position well . . . valu- able player for next year's line . . . 2nd H. ROB ERT MART I N-sopho- more guard-5' l0"-l65 lbs. . . good clean blocker and tackler . . . rugged de- fensive man . . . will be need- ed for next year's team . . . lst H. HARLAN ARP-sophomore halfback-5' 9"-l5O lbs. all-around ball handler . . . saw a lot of action and will see a lot next year . . . lst H OTTC' H U ESCH EN-sopho- more end-6' l"-l65 lbs. . . . a fast moving offensive player . . . saw a great deal of action and will be needed next year . . . lst H. DUANE RUSER - junior guard - 6' - l55 lbs. . . clean blocker and tackler will be needed for next year's team . . . 2nd H. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY SAXON LUMBER CO. HOLSTEIN VS. ALTA For the first game of the season the Pirates downed the Alta Cyclones, showing some possibilities for the season. The Pirates line was a tough nut that Alta couldn't crack. The final score, 29 to 7. HOLSTEIN VS. MCVILLE The Pirates showed some improvement over their first game with Al- ta. The first half was almost on even struggle, neither side being able to score until the Pirates hit pay dirt during the last few minutes of play in the segond half. The second half found the Pirates scoring again. The final score I to 7. HOLSTEIN VS. DUNLAP ln this game we saw Schulz score on a sneak through the line. Striepe also cut loose on an end run in which McDermott threw a beautiful block to save the day. Jim Lenz intercepted a lateral and went all the way for a touch- down, Wirkus and Goettsch also converted. The final scare, 38 to I3. HOLSTEIN VS. ONAWA The Black Pirates tasted defeat for the first time during the season as Onawa won 27 to l2. Both teams were good in their running game, but Onawa had the edge in their passing as they heaved for three touchdowns. HOLSTEIN VS. CORRECTIONVILLE ln their second conference game the Pirates snowed under the Cor- rectionville Warriors by a score of 55 to O. On the first play Striepe shook loose and went all the way. The Pirates scored again on a Leonard to Gerber pass. Jim Lenz scored for the Pirates on a beautiful run. HOLSTEIN VS. KINGSLEY In a game played on a muddy foreign field, the Pirates overpowered Kingsley 25 to O. During the second half the Pirates were without the serv- :ces of Kenny Goettsch. Arp took over fullback with Schulz calling signals. HOLSTEIN VS. MARCUS In the first quarter Striepe scored the opening touchdown. 'Sal Leon- ard reached pay dirt when he picked up the ball, fumbled on a pass play and raced for the goal. Bill Schulz, Martin, and Wirkus added touchdowns to the list. During the third quarter Bill Striepe was sidelined for the season with a leg injury. The final score, 47 to O. HOLSTEIN VS. ODEBOLT The Pirates, although severely handicapped by injuries, put up a good fight against the Odebolt eleven. The final score was 32 to 6. Those seniors playing their last game were Mick McDermott, Cal Leonard, Lawrence Schroe- der, Don Ewoldt, Bill Schulz, and Kenny Goettsch. SPONSORED BY FARMERS CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION PAGE TWENTY-FIVE First Row-D. Leonard, B. Weber, C. Leonard, L. Schroeaer, K. Goettsch, R. Martin, B. Schulz. Second Row-D. Porterfield, manager, R. Bleasdell, J. Lerz, O. Hueschen, D. Ruser, G. Gerber, D. Wirkus Third Row-G. Galvin, K, Walker, l-l. Putnam, D. Lund, D, Branco, L. Meyer, J. Bleasdell. Fourth Row-H. Leonard, J. Clausen, R. Hass, W. Reinelfe, K. Kruse, C. Noneman. Nov Dec Jan Feb Jan Date . l9 24 27 30 . 4 7 i0 l4 2l . 2 4 l5 i8 25 29 5 8 9 i2 15 Opponents Meriden --- Hartley -- Aurelia -- Anthon .... Galva ...... Correctionville Danbury --- Kingsley --- Washta -- Meriden -- Quimby --- Galva ..,. Odebolt --- Arthur ..... Alta ....... Correctionville Danbury .... Battle Creek Kingsley --- Battle Creelc MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT .9 l0 Arthur ----- Danbury ------- ---- 9 25 22 25 34 22 28 32 45 48 50 64 30 28 34 66 39 39 57 40 26 45 3l They 4l 46 42 27 46 39 42 47 2l 6l 56 35 43 28 49 46 4l 38 46 30 22 45 PAGE TWENTY-SIX SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN LUMBER CO., AND GREEN LANTERN CAFE if cya, 50,4811 ALI!! Left to right-O. Hueschen, L. Schroeder, J. Lenz, K. Goettsclfa, R. Bleosdell, G. Gerber, R. Martin, B. Weber, C. Leonard, D. Wirkus, B. Schulz, D. Leonard. FRESHMEN First Row-H. Leonard, J. Cloussen, W. Reineke, H. Putnam, R. Hass. Second Row--C. Noneman, L. Meyer, K, Kruse, J. Bleasdell. SPONSORED BY STATE THEATRE AND MICHAELSON 8. SON PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN gow, grifigefdriff Cgznflxllzcity The Black Pirates started off their basketball season with some stiff competition like Meriden, Hartley, and Aurelia. The opening games were too much for the Pirates, mostly because they were still on the gridiron only one week before the first basketball game. Holstein started rolling after the Pirates defeated Anthon 34 to 27. Soon afterwards Holstein made Quimby, Washta and Arthur bow to them in defeat. Many other thrilling victories followed as well as some tough losses that had to be taken. ln the Maple Valley Tournament Holstein took out Arthur with a score of 45 to 22. Danbury defeated Holstein 3l to 45 in the tournament. This gym was the scene of many athletic events during the i952 sea- son. All told a total of ten girls' and ten boys' scheduled games, one all-star game, and six tournament games-The Maple Valley, Girls' Sectional, Boys' Sectional, Boys' District, Boys' Sub-state, the Intramural Grade Tournament, and the lda County Junior High Tournament. lt also housed over five hundred boys for the big Holstein Relays. PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT SPONSORED BY VOHS 8 JOHNSON AND KING 84 BLEASDELL CALVIN LEONARD-5' II" KENNETH GOETTSCH-5' senior guard . . . did cz good ll"-senior forward . . . job of rebounding this sea- good reliable passer . . son . . . aggressive dribbler fast rebounder . . . l H. ...lH. LAWRENCE SCHROEDER- WILLIAM SCHULZ-5' IO" WILLIAM WEBER-5' II" DAVID LEONARD-5' 8"-- 6' I"-senior center . . . fast -senior guard-good drib- -senior forward . . . good junior forward . . . good re- breaker and deceptive re- bier and passer . . . out- rebounder and defensive liable player . . . will be bounder. .. I H. standing on defense . . . I player . . . reliable passer. needed next vear. H. JAMES LENZ-6'-junior GARY GERBER-5' lO"-- ROBERT MARTIN-5' lO" OTTO HUESCHEN-6' I"-- guard . . . reliable rebound- junior guard , . . reliable re- sophomore guard . . . adept sophomore forward . . . used er and passer . . . did a good bounder and passer . . . fast ball handler . . . shows prom- his height to great advan- iob on defense this year . . . breaker. ise for the future. fage . . . good rebounder. I H. PAGE TWENTY-NINE QM cf I First Row-C. Leonard, B. Schulz, B. Agnew, M. McDermott, L. Schroeder, K. Goettsch, D. Portertield, B. Weber, R. Hintz, T. Petersen. SeC0f'1Cl ROW-E Heilmw, D- Le0f1Ofd, G. Golvin, G- Gerber, O. Hueschen, D. Ruser, D. Wirkus, B. Martin, H. Putnam, D. Bronco. Third Row-G. Breyfogle, K. Walker, L. Pfalzgraf, D. Lund, J, Lenz, W. Reineke, B. l3l6OSd9ll, G- Leonard, l-- MGYSV, M- Lohff. . Fourth Row-J. Bleasdell, R. Hass, R. Will, K, Kruse, D. Camarigg, C. Vollmar, J. Langland. Fifth Row-W. Nelson, H. Leonard, V. Schuett, D. Goettsch, W. Buell, C. Noneman, R. Schuett, 1952 TRACK MEETS April ll Holstein Relays l8 Pocahontas Relays l9 Tomahawk Relays 25 lda County Relays 29 Alta Relays May 2 Sioux City Relays 3 Estherville Relays 6 Maple Valley Meet 9 District Meet l7 Sac City Relays 24 State Track Meet PAGE THIRTY SPONSORED BY DA LAS CHANCE AND ZEMAN 81 SORENSEN 773064 The cinder men got an early start on their performances this season although there was a bit of wet weather. Graduation hampered the thinclads somewhat but they were still able to collect seven points in the big Holstein Relays, April ll. On April l8 and i9 the boys journeyed to Pocahontas and Cherokee respectively for the relays but were not able to garner very many points. By the time the Maple Valley and lda County Meets roll around, the boys will no doubt, be a more definite threat and may be able to take home some meets. SPONSORED BY SOUTH PI-llLLIP'S STATION, SCOTTY'S TAVERN, GUS FOSSELL, AND MOSER IMPLEMENT PAGE THIRTY-ONE QM., 5..,4.f4..zz First Row-M. Vohs, J. Carstens, Z. A. McCubbin, S. Bergmann, M. Schroeder, S. Daugoard, D. L. Con- over, N. Nelson, Second Row-N, Janssen, D. Werner, M. A. Kreutz, F. Kruse, M, A. Arp, J. McCubbin, J. J. Cole, M. J. Leonard, Third Row--M, Schroeder, manager, J. Moser, P. Nelson, J. Lohff, M. A. Goettsch, S. Scherner, L. Schroe- der. Lcfir To right- F. Kruse, S. Bergmann, J. Carstens, Z, A. McCubl3in, S, Daunonrrl, M. Vohs, D. L. Conover M, Schroeder, M. A. Arn, N. Nelson, M, A. Kreutz, J. Mcliubbin. PAGE THIRTY-TWO SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN PRODUCE ZOE ANN MCCUBBIN- senior guard. She proved to be an aggressive and spirit- ed team player. Zoe showed superb ability in getting the ball to the front court in a split second. Jack North's All-State Honor Roll. MAXINE SCHROEDER-sem ior forward. A fast. hard- driving front forward. Her set shots were a constant worry to the opposing teams. Max's calming influence speeded the team to many a victory. Jack North's All- State Honor Roll. MARY VOHS-senior for- ward. Mary's terrific speed enabled her to out drive her guard and gain many points during the entire season. She was a definite threat to any opposing team, and an out- standing rebounder. SHIRLEY DAUGAARD-sen- ior guard. Shirley was very valuable in tying up her forward. Her excellent re- bounding and quick-thinlv ing continued throughout the season. DONNA LU CONOVER- forward. Donna's accurate left hand and set shots proved to be very valuable throughout the season. She was always a constant threat to any competing teams. MARY ANN ARP-senior forward. With her neat pass- ing accurate shots, and ex- plosiveness, Mary A n n showed her basketball abil- ity. She proved to be a good dependable basketeer, NANCY NELSON - junior guard. Nancy's natural speed was effective in intercepting and delivering the ball to the forwards. She played excel- lent ball the entire season. Jack North's All-State Hon- or Roll. SHIRLEY BERGMANN-ium ior post guard. This scrappy team player blocked many shots of her forward. Her re- bound ability gained many points for her team. Jacxk North's All-State Honor Roll. JOANNE CARSTENS-soph- omore post forward. Jo- anne stood out as being a good rebounder and an ex- plosive, quick-thinking bas- ketball player. She will un- doubtedly be seeing much action next year. MARY ANN KREUTZ - sophomore guard. This deter- mined defensive player shows much promise for the future. Her greatest strength appeared in her handling and intercepting passes. PAGE TH IRTY-TH REE 121' U44 lflfl EIL First Row-M. Wagner, S. Scherner, J. Moser, M, J. Leonard, J. J. Cole, N. Janssen. Second Row-P. Nelson, D. Werner, M. A, Goettsch, L. Schroeder, J. Lohft. nr fQ5f-52 gvudefzfaff 5-nmufz 611710 Date Opponent We They Nov. 17 Melvin ,W , -41 I9 1 A , , , NOV, 19 Meriden Y 2 -49 35 I Opening their season with a 41-1.9 victory over Melvin., the NOV, 24 Henley N Y YV 4 A7736 49 Piratettes proved- that they were mighty though small. They NOV' 27 Amelia in Huh 4.7263 35 whizzed by' Meriden with a 49-35 win.. The sextette were NOV, 30 Ammon M - A43 24 handed their first defeat by the rangy girls of Hartley. Dec. 4 Galva L. - ,29 57 DGC- 7 CIVIIIQ - -- - -50 22 Golva seemed to be a thorn in Holstein's side, but Holstein Dec. I4 KIVTQSIGY - - ---51 49 whipped them by a safe margin in the Maple Valley Tourna- Dec- 21 WUSHTU - - - -74 39 ment. The Piratettes took revenge for a defeat by Arthur in Jan- 2 Meflden - - --58 45 the second aame of the tourney. Jan. 4 Quimby H. s,-58 14 -122' CEggSOHf" ' N731 Holstein played Hayes in the first game of the District Jon: 25 Arthur Ee 44 Tournament. They had a fairly easy time of it, coming out on Feb. 5 Cfvme 2- 2 AA 2258 33 top by the score of 57-27. By defeating Galva and Arthur in two breath-taking games, Holstein won top honors to garner the Feb' 9 Bama Creek ' 7"T"" ' 74 38 first trophy of the season. MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT ion' 1? icliio ' ffs- " s-" W H '33 go Holstein fell to the State-bound Little Rock team in the On' I1 U' 'ff' -r '-"" - s O first round of the District Tournament at Spencer. The girls SEC-I-'ONAL TOURNAMENT did not play their normal .brand of ball when they were beaten Jon' 30 Hoyes 2 A MW 2 2 -57 27 by Webb in the consolation game. Jan. 31 Galva . ,. . ,39 38 Feb. 2 Arthur u , .. 41 37 At the end of a very successful season the Piratettes had d total of 16 wins and 7 losses. The average number of DISTRICT TOURNAMENT So?nf1sn netted per game was 49 Feb, 14 Little Rock ,,,,,- , . -52 56 ' Feb. 16 Webb . . . 26 37 PAGE THIRTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY PIERCE HOG BUYING STATION, NICKLAS CLOTHING, SORENSEN BARBER, AND HARRY STONEKING, TRUCKING QW Qui Qafmf Kr :zzz S-A.-.J M., Qin! First Row-H, Leonard, J. Lohff, J. J. COIG, L. btrnepe, M. Lemocxe, W. Nelson Second Row-D. Ruser, F. Kruse, M. Schroeder, M. McDermott. Third Row-J. Longlond, M. Lohff, M. Mcffubbin, W. Bueli, azz! CSM M., First Row-L. Schueft, N. Janssen, J, Obitz, D. Schueft, S. Conover. Second Row-L. A. Bumonn, D. Irwin, R. Martin, L. Pfolzgrof. 'Ehird Row-S. Scnerner, C, Vollmor, M. J. Leonord, N. Wielond. PAGE THIRTY-SIX VAC C1!bf!lfL'l1lLl4,'Cf!J OZ! 20144 gdlflfyet Tom Sawyer came to life on the stage of the Holstein gymnasium- auditorium December 3, l95l, when a cast of players chosen from the entire nigh school presented "The Adventures of Torn Sawyer." The story centers around Tom, his two pals, Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn, his sweetheart, Becky Thatcher, and his former sweetheart, Amy Lawrence. Tom, played by Willis Buell, is a typical American boy who is always into mischief and who doesn't like to comb his hair or wear shoes. Huck, played by Hiram Leonard, is a ragged, dirty boy about Tom's age who loves adventure and has plenty of it. He and Tom become rich when they find a chest of buried treasure, and famous when they are responsible for the arrest of lnjun Joe, lDuane Ruserl, for the murder of Doc Robinson. Joe Harper, played by Wayne Nelson, is another typical American boy. These three boys have great times running away to be Pirates and coming back just in time for their own funeral service. Becky, a sweet, shy, little girl with golden pigtails, is played by Jan- ice Lohff, She and Tom feed each other jam and become engaged in the first act, only to have a fight in the second. Their fight is over Amy Lawrence, a black-haired girl of a rich family and Tom's former sweetheart, played by Lois Striepe. Of course, Tom and Becky become engaged again and after finding the treasure Tom can take Becky to the circus and buy a bushel of peanuts to feed the elephants. Other characters in the play are Mary, played by Jerri Cole, and Sid, played by Jerry Langland, Tom's cousins. Sid is a sissified boy who is always primping. Aunt Polly lMarlene Schroederl, Tom's aunt, pretends to be stern, but is always won over by Tom's winning ways. Mrs. Harper, Joe's mother, played by Margaret Lembcke, and Widow Douglas, who wants to adopt Huck- leberry Finn, played by Florence Kruse, are two of Aunt Polly's friends. Judge Thatcher, Becky's father, is played by Mickey McDermott. He brings a lot of laughs into the play. Jim, a colored boy, played by Martin Lohff, is terribly afraid of ghosts. These characters with the crew and our director, Mrs. Piper, brought to the stage a hilarious comedy. PAGE THIRTY SEVEN 14 e-,flcf yA K. Goettsch, S. Daugaard, D. L. Conover, B. Agnew. "WHEAT FIRE" presented by the Senior Class Throughout the play Ursula Wade, CShirley Daugaardb is rather discontented with farm life, she being a city girl. She observes her husband Martin Wade, CKenneth Goettschb, paying more attention to his former sweetheart. All Wade ever thinks about is his field of Albit. Later in the play the tield burns and Ursula disappears. Others in the cast are Anna Olson CDonna Lu Conoverj, and the strange, man CBill Agnewj. i-irst Row-M. L, Schubert, F. Kruse, N. Wieland, B. Breyfogle. Second Row-K. Obitz, L. Schuett, D. Leonard. "CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON" presented by the Junior Class Egbert Van l-lorn, CLoren Schuettj, tries to master-mind a plot to have Bertha Blair, CNorrna Wielandb, put into the insane asylum, Sleeping potion is poured into a glass ot water which is supposed to be drunk by Bertha to complete the plot. The attempt fails when Jack Dalton, CDovid Leonardj, throws the water into Van Horn's face, When it is certain that the plot is going to succeed tate steps in. Others in the cast are Mrs. Dalton, CFlorence Krusel, Lloise Dalton, Clvlary Lou Schubertl, Anna Alvarano, CBonnie Breyfoglel, and Richard Blair, Qlienneth Obitzj. rAGE THIRTY-EIGHT ne-Gsfcf jlafgc Irirst Row-S. Michaelsen, D. Green, J, Carstens, J. McCubbin, M. K. Kreutz, S. Krambeck. Second Row-S. King, R. Martin, M. McCubbin. "ELMER" presented by the Sophomore Class This story centers arouncl the boy of the family, Elmer Collier, played by Melvin Mc Cubbin. Susan, CJoelle McCubbinJ, Jeanie, CDonna Greenlg and Janie, fShirIey Michaelsenl, are the sisters of Elmer. Susan must always wear hand-me-downs of her sisters so Elmer tries to do something about it. Others in the cast are Miss Binney, lMary Ann Kreutzlg Fannie Belle, tShirley Krambeckbg Hubert Brown, CBob Martinbg and Russel Jameson, CSam Kingl. PLAY CREWS First Row-D. Krambeck, M. Goettsch, M. Schroeder, D, Irwin, M. L. Kolb, M. Lembcke, K. Rice, L. Wiese. Second Row-D. Lund, C. Kistenmacher, D. Prosch, B. Krarnbeck, C, Petersen, J. Schroeder, D. Blenner, G. Gal- vin. Third Row--M. Lohff, D. Ruser, L. Schroeder, H. Timmerman, T. Petersen, M. McDermott, D. Wirkus, G. Gerber. PAGE THIRTY-NINE QW, Q X951 BOB CALAME AND HIS ORCHESTRA TEACHERS IN THE STARLIGHT ROOM TIME OUT FOR CHATTER. MORE TEACHERS! THE STARLIGHT ROOM. BUSY DANCING! IVAGE EORTY 'com of fQ5f TAKING A REST. Promptly at 7 o'clock the doors of the new gymnasium-auditorium were opened to give you a glimpse ot "Heaven". The music of Bob Calame echoed through the gym which was partitioned oft to make "The Starlight Room", "The Rainbow Room", and the dance floor of "Heaven". A bar and tables were erected in the "Star- light Room" with the Freshmen as waitresses and waiters serving punch, nuts, and pretzels, during the evening. During intermission Bill Agnew, the Presi- dent ot the Junior class, crowned Pat Eller- busch and Alvin Kay as queen and king. They received with their crowns on identification bracelet and flowers. Miss Anderson, the class sponsor, was presented a compact. THE CROWDED BAR. MORE COUPLES DANCING. PAGE FORTY-ONE ROLLING MOTHBALLS. PLAYING LEAP FROG. HARRY! CJLI l.lll:6iZll.0 lfl On Tuedoy, September I8, the WHICH IS THE BEST PADDLE? A , , ,ff H legi-xri.. -- Q . 9? fe :.,:- 1 . .ir I ' " ' r , "" , 2 . , ,,.,,,.,. : ..,. ., , ..,,, ,,,, ' 1: '- :-.,, ""' tt' 4 'Z -V 1, , :V , :3:1:gs-fga':3:qs 2-1: :V ,. 1: '-g.::f-- .5-::,::3fg:a:gi ..... I I IVII - -I-I' ,. ' "" , , I ...,.,.. - sv 4' 2 ' .::1-:5:5 5:5.,rE5E5f2 I ,'Z'fIE'?EI.-E- -6E::'E:E:fZ:j:g,:,',.,:3.55:5:5:5? j.::,1:::- 5:5 :5:r:"' V X36 ':':5:5:5.':5:253:y-252. " .2IIi1rE:E'2E-E: E:E:5.:1:2,5:5:r:5:5'5:34?'3.::" ,,..,,.. :':f1'?:1.':::5:E::-5 f 5-r -: "" , 1 e:5:si5::., A fb xxx vw ef 4? if t?:5'?EiIE2?EIE5':'5i5E15:21'fi'E:E531f'5II:"fI:1'5125515-5zfE5:1.'EETI5EI2I.E:EEjlEEEEEEEE:g5:5-:E'i'.-,..-I-f2:::E.,,'::5:'. Senior closs initidted the new tender- teet of Holstein High. The freshmen were osked to come dressed os Som- son ond Deliloh, the girls posing os Somson ond the boys cis Delilah. In the evening the Seniors gove 0 dence with the Freshmen cis their special guests. ' I -.4-.. ROGER'S READY. .4 ,,,,1 it . 4. W . 25" --- Q M 2 5. 'if V, " +- rg fi THROWING EGGS. OUCH! PUSHING THE CAR. EVERYBODY'S WATCHING. SOME TEACHERS POSING. PAGE FORTY-TWO QAZ M7364 111611 Mjmuife ,Q C'.sL'Ill0T.l BILL AGNEW "BlLL" "I like to play ghost because I'm such a spook." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- bnll, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 4, Boys' Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, l, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr., CO-editor, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Vice President, 4, President of class, l, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent, 2, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Moo Staff, 4, Senior one-act play, "Wheat Fire", H's, 5. MARY ANN ARP "MARY" "Whatever is worth doing ai' all, is worth doing well." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club, l, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Hi-Larity, l, Bus. Mgr., 3, Mon Staff, 4, lCo-editorl, Class Vice President, 3, Cheerleader, l, Homecom- ing attendant, Junior class representative, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Style show, l, H's, 2. 1 DONNA LU CONOVER "DONNA" "The hardest time to get a baby to bed is when she's seventeen." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, Vice President, 4, Moo Statt, 4, Girls' Sexiet, 2, 3, 4, Hi- Larity, l, 2, 4, Majorette, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, l, 2, 3, Band, l, 2, 3, Secretary- Treasurer, 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Sen- ior one-act play, "Wheat Fire", Style Show, l, Re- lay's attendant, H's, 3. PAGE FO RTY- FOU R 1 , SHIRLEY CONOVER "SHIRLEY" "l don't care how you spell my name, because I'll change it sometime anvhow." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club, l, 2, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, Hi-Larity, l, Mixed Chorus, 2, Moo Stott, 4, Speech play: "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick" Play Crew, 3, "Tom Sawyer" Play Crew, 4, Style Show, l. LOU ANN BUMANN "LOUlE" As easily excited as the Rock of Gibraltar." Basketball, l, 2, 4, Girls' Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, 4, Moo Stott, 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick, student direc- tor, 3, "Tom Sawver" stu- dent director, 4, Style Show, l. 1 1 ' l it . , i BETIY CARSTENS "CARTS" "Why stay home and study it you can be having a good time?" Basketball, l, 2, Girls' Chor- us, l, President, 2, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Moo Staff, 4, Style Show, l, Speech play. SHIRLEY DAUGAARD "DOOGlE" "If at first you don't succeed, try another brand of lipstick." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, l, 2, 3, Bus. Mgr., 4, Cheerleader Cal- ternoteb, 2, Moo Statt. 4, Class President, 2, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Senior one-act play, "Wheat Fire", Style Show, l, H's, 2. DONALD EWOLDT "DON" "You don't have to be a former to raise coin." Football, l, 2, 3, Co-cap- tain, 4, Basketball, 3, Track, l, 3, Chorus, l, Speech play, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick" play crew, H's, 2. ,- KENNETH GOETTSCH "KENNY" "l came here to get the general impression of things." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, Co-captain, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Home- coming King, Mixed Chorus, l, "Aaron Slick from Pun- kin Crick", 3 Senior one-act play, "Wheat Fire", H's, 6. CISG!! l CTA RlCHARD HINTZ "DICK" "Exercise? Why l peeled an orange for breakfast." Moo Staff, 4, Football, l, Basketball, l, 2, Track, l, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, l-l's, l. LAUREN KISTENMACHER "KlSSlE" "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing- I refuse ta be in danger." Football, l, Basketball, l, Track, lv: Glee Club, I, 2, Moo Staff, 4, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3. l BETTY KRAMBECK "BETS" "l like to come to school, it's the staying that bothers me." Basketball, l, 2, 34', Glee Club, l, 2, 3', Pep Club, 3, 4, Hi-l.arity, 3, Moo Staff, 4, Librarianf, Style Show, 3", Adv. Style Show, Galva' G's, 2. DOROTHY KRAMBECK IIDORTII "She seems quiet, but maybe we don't know her." Basketball, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, 1, 25 Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, l, Moo Staff, 4, Style Show, l, Speech Play. MARGARET LEMBCKE "MARG" "She like a good time, she's a lovable lass, and we're all glad she's a member of our class." Band, l, 2, 3, Librarian, 4, Cheerleader, 3 Vfalternatel, 2, 4, Giee Club, l, 2, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, l, 2, 3, Moo Staff, 4, Bas- ketboll, l, 2, 3, 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, "Tom Sawyer", 4, Style Show, l, Play Crew, "Wheat Fire". MARY LOU KOLB "MARY LOU" "Light or small, short or tall, she sets her snare to ge them all." Bzsketbnll, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, l, 2, Ma- jorette, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Style Show, l, Speech Play, Play Crew "Tom Sawyer", Play Crew "Wheat Fire". l CALVIN LEONARD HCALH "AlI the great men are dying and I don't feel very good myself." Class Vice President, l, Band, l, 2, 3, Hi-Larity l, Business Manager, 2, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Boys' Chorus, l, 2, Vice Presi- dent, 3, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, Basketball, l, 2, 3, Co- captain, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Moc- Staff, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, l-l's, 8. PAGE FORTY-FIVE coming Attendant, ZOE ANN MCCUBBIN "CUBBY" "Not queen for a day but a queen always." Basketball, l, 2, 3 Co-cap- tain, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, President, 4, Cheer- leader, 2, Moo Staff, 4, Homecoming Queen, Style Show, l, Speech Play, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", Relay Queen, H's, 3. CAROL SCHLUMBAUM "SQUlRT" "A quiet royal little lass who adds so much to the senior cIass." Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, Band, l, 2, 3, Reporter, 4, Moo Staff, 4, French horn quartet, 4, Style show, Advance, Style show, I, Speech Play, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Pun- kin Crick". PAGE FORTY-SIX If I. vfr' "' 6?M.l0'CA- HAROLD McDERMOTT, JR. "MICKEY" "Why take lite seriously? We never get out alive." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Octette, 2, 3, Mixed Quartet, 3, Hi-Larity, l, 2, Band, l, 2, 3, President, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Brass Sex- tette, l, 2, Class tary and Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 4 Secre- l , 2, Junior Class Representative Home- ,, Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, "Tom Sawyer", 4, Boys' State, 3, Speech Play, Play Crew, "Wheat Fire", H's, 6. a LAWRENCE SCHROEDER "MAXIE GAL" "And although he talks but little, 'Tis a great deal he thinks." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Home- coming Attendant 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", Play Crew, "Wheat Fire", H's, 8. THOMAS PETERSEN IITOMII "Happy I am, from care l'm free, why aren't they all contented like me " Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, Track, l, 2, Boys Chorus, lg Moo Stott, 4, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", Play Crew, "Wheat Fire", H's, 3. . ......,. . .M ...,............ ........ . . ,K EE:EE:E:EE:E:E.i:E:E5EEE33:5:EEEE5:EE5 ....... :II1'I'I15E5E5SE5E3E-E3E3E5H23E5:5EEE5EiEEESEEE I "" ' -'-- iii' '-3 '-'- I aff 1 fi . fl if k1:E?EI.2E",I -I:I.'E.I..2E2IEE2E:I5513,I1I:'53121235253252 2.,5Z2E5EEf1E2E5.':::, ,.,. I: .:a: ' P' Y it 3, Ile? --fy ..., 1 F ..-.- E if-1-.'f3'f3f32'ffl-.fifi'fIf3.lrfI:-'Ez ' ""' 5 " '55 C' N W... ..-, : ...e.:.,:.:.,.-.:.:.-...tttee...-.:.:... ,.:is.:.:,x:.:.e.:.:e,.-:.- -.-,-:::-,-:f:-,- DON PORTERFIELD HDONH "The world's no better if we worry. Life's no longer if we hurry." Football iManagerl l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball lManagerl l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus, l, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, Boys Oc- tette, 2, Band, l, Class Sec- retary and Treasurer, 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Speech Play, H's, 5. l MAXINE SCHROEDER HMAXH "After basketball and horses, a man comes next." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Larity, l, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Moo Staff, 4, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Style show, I, Speech Play, H's, 4. BILL SCHULZ "SHlLLY BALTS" "The harder l try the gooder to be the worser l am." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3 4, Boys Chorus, l, 2, Cheerleader, l, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Speech Play, H's, 7. HARLAND TIMMERMAN "HARLEY" "Time marches on--so why should I hurry." Track, l, 2, Moo Staff, 4, Speech Play. 'Q 6 lfl l.0 'cgi 9. l MARY VOl-IS "MARY" "You can manufacture blondes, but red hair just comes naturally." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, l-li-Lcrity, l, 2, 3, Co-ecli- tor, 4, Majorette, l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 3, Moa Staff, 4, Homecoming Atten- dant, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", Girls' State, 3, Style Show, I, Relays At- BILLIE WEBER "WEBB" "And he looks so saintly, too." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys Chorus, l, 2, Moo Staff, 4, Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", 3, Speech Play, l-l's, 3. tendant, H's, 2. CLASS FLOWER CLASS MOTTO CLASS COLORS Green Carnation "At the toot of the ladder-but climbing." Green and White LORRAINE WIESE "RAlNEY" "Her laugh would incite a riot in a morgue." Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Style show, I, Speech play, MARY JO WITTROCK HJOH "Silence is golden." Style show, l, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Adv. Stvle Show, Play Crew "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick." Play Crew, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick", Play Crew, "Tom Sawyer", Play Crew, "Wheat Fire". PAGE FORTY SEVEN sk? Q75 'Q an 3? Q gig f 2 J Z3"ccnfz Jiffffe Vfc0"cv1.4 grow ILM 1.0 'CJ I Front Row--M. J. Dittmer, N. Weiland, M. L, Schubert, C. Kolb, D. Ruhlow, C. Petersen. Second Row-N. Nelson, G. Ruhser, D. Gries, J. Lenz, L. Schuett, K. Obitz, D. Bauer, B. Breyfogle. Third Row-D. Blenner, J. Schroeder, S. Bergmann, M. Schroeder, F. Kruse. Fourth Row-D. Wirkus, G. Gerber, W. Striepe, D. Lund, D. Ruser, D. Leonard. Absent-J. Werner. FLORENCE KRUSE . . who President DAVID LEONARD ,-,,, LL, Vice President MARLENE SCHROEDER Secretary-Treasurer With Mrs. Jotho and Mr Hanson as Co-sponsors the Juniors started out the year by selling refreshments ot football games, Loter on during the year a magazine drive was opened in which Shirley Bergrnonn was top sales- man selling a total of SlO6.05. At the beginning of the new semester, class rings were chosen with white gold initials on the front with the date, The highlight of the year wos the Junior-Senior Prom. PAGE FIFTY SPONSORED BY C, E. CONOVER XTBGIPA D H1 0 'C CA I Front Row, left to right-D. Conover, D. Prosch, J. McCubbin, K. Rice, S. Krombeck. Second Row-B. Scott, J, Armiger, M. A. Kreutz, M. Goettsch, J. Carstens, S. Michoelsen. Third Row-D. Bronco, R. Ewolclt, M. Lohff, G. Galvin, H. Arp, M. McCubbin, S. King, D. Goettsch, E. Heilmzin. Fourth Row-M. Bumonn, J. Conover, S. Scott, D. Green, S. Miller, D. Schuett, H. Jones. Fifth Row-K. Walker, C. Kistenmocher, R. Mortin, O. Hueschen, D. Gebers, R. Bleosdell, D. Meier, I.. Pfolzgrof, Absent-Dorothy Irwin. JOANNE CARSTENS W ffff- Pl'SSiCIeI'1i ROBERT MARTIN -- SSS, ,...,, V ice-President MARTIN LOHFF As, . -, Secretory-Treasurer Although the sophomores sometimes seem to be the most forgotten closs in Holstein High, they proved themselves to be on importont port of our school. They sponsored two donces throughout the yeor ond porticipoted in oll extrocurriculor octivities. The sophomores hod mony students on the honor iist ond during the trock seoson served the concessions. Spring found them conducting 0 very successful mogozine selling compoign under the direction of their sponsor, Mrs. Kuchel. SPONSORED BY HEITMANN TRUCKING, STOLLEY'S DRUGS, AND FRANCIS PASH PAGE FIFTY-ONE JTCJA 141 ell First Row-W. Nelson, R. Schuett, J. Bleasdell, A. Cipperley, M. Wagner, J. Obitz, J. L. Moser, H. Leonard. Second Row-G. Breyfogle, M. J. Leonard, N. L. Janssen, J. Lohff, L. Schuett, L. Striepe, M. A. Nelson, C. Noneman, W. Buell. Third Row-D. L. Freese, J, Rolfs, C. Dittmer, M. A. Gaettsch, J. J. Cole, L. Schroeder. S. Scherner, J. Clausen. i-ourtri Row-R. i-iass, R. Vvill, H. Putnam, W, Reineke, K. Kruse, G. Leonard, L. Meyer, G. Langland, V. Schuett. Absent-D. Werner and C. Vollmar. MARY JANE LEONARD . ...., . .. President JERRI JEAN COLE L. H, Vice-President NANCY JANSSEN Secretary-Treasurer After a few weeks elapsed, the Freshmen Initiation Day finally came. Posing as Sam- son and Delilah, the Freshmen came to school not knowing what was in store for them. After many foolish stunts in the morning and the Initiation Dance at night, the Freshmen became full-fledged students of H. H. S., under the direction of their sponsor, Mr. Piper. They proved throughout the rest of the year that they were a valuable asset in ath- letics, music, and other activities by their good sportsmanship and pleasing p:rsonalities. THE FRESHMEN FOOTBALL SQUAD PAGE FIFTY-TWO SPONSORED BY MOELLER PAINTING AND KERSLAKE SUNDRIES Qui e Row I-K. Conover, L. Wilson, M. Stoneking, J. Lasher. Row ll-D. Hammer, C. Conover, J. Cipperley, C. Breyfogle, C. Leonard, N. Michaelsen, C. Pfalzgraf. Row lll-M. McBride, D. Goettsch, D. Bachmann, M. Kruse, A. L. Ewoldt, F. Reimers, S. Curtis, R. Clausen. Row IV-R. Libke, L. Bumann, C. Jones, D. Bircher, L. Glawe, W. Saxon, G. Hueschen, W. Jensen, F. Bien- lien, J. Schmidt, D. Gerber, D. Gries. No absentees - Teacher, Miss Kitchen. EVERYONE HAS THEIR WORK DONE. SPONSORED BY FARMER'S ELEVATOR PAGE FIFTY-THREE 'T !ZVGll!A Q'C6f,5LIl3 Row I-D. Kolb, D. Reimers, R. Bergmann, J. Scott, H. Bugcher, L. Thompson. Row Il-M. Loot, M. Goettsch, J. Leonard, P. Keitges, S.' Madsen. Row III-R. McBride, D. Ashmore, L. Meyer, B. Timmerman, V. Frahm, R. Goettsch, S. Biackmer, A. Hansen, J. Brey- fogle, R. Boothby, D. Sorensen. Row IV-P. Keitges, R, Bagenstos, J. Rolfs, J. Williams, J. Leonard, J. Dittmer, L. Kruse, R. Hintz. Row V-R. Schmidt, G. A. Will, R. Meier, R. Lorenzen, G. Moore, D. Fritz, C. Conover, R. Ellerbusch, L. Leinbaugh, V. Bumann. Absent-B. Irwin, L. Bergmann. Teacher-Mrs. Ashmore. WE'LL FIND THE PLACE. PAGE FIVTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY TH. HANSEN AND 'IYRRELL STUDJO mdcfc C L' cjvcfgaff Firsi' Row-D. Sorensen, D. Hornrner, C. Conover, D. Fritz, D, Gries ,L. Glowe, C. Jones, W. Jensen, S. Curtis. Second Row-D. Cloussen, P. Keitges, J. Schmidt, D. Birch er, C. Conover, R. Bogenstos, R. Ellerbusch, L. Leinbough, F. Beinlien, D. Gerber. Third Row-V. Bumonn, D. Kolb, L. Kruse, D. Lorenzen, D. Boothby, G. Will, R. Goettsch, F. Reimers. Fourth Row-R. Hintz, D. Schmidt, D. Ashmore, J. Breyfogle, D. Re-imers, R. Meier, G. Hueschen, L. Bergmann. Fifth Row-L. Thomsen, R. McBride, L. Bumonn, R. Libcke, A. Meyer. nnforc 5475, graifelldaff I First Row-D. Hammer, C. Conover, S. Curtis, D. Gerber, P. Keitges, D. Kolb. Second Row-F. Reimers, F. Bienlien, J. Schmidt, L. Glowe, W. Jensen, L. Lienbough. SPONSORED BY KEITGES FOOD STORE AND GOLDEN RULE PAGE FIFTY-FIVE Kzfmzlct Qffcba gafigefdafl First Row-J. Scott, J. Leonard, S. Blackmer, J. Leonard, P. Keitges, C. Leonard. Second Row-C. Breytogle, D. Bachmann, M. Kruse, D. Goettsch, A. L, Ewoldt, L Wilson. The junior high football boys, under the coaching skill of Mr. Gerber, played tive season games. Their one win was a l3 to 6 victory over C'ville and they tied Alta O-O. Mr. Ashmore led both the boys' and girls' basketball teams through a victorious sea- son with the girls losing only two games and the boys losing three. The girls were defeated l5 to 22 by Galva and 8 to l8 by Schleswig. Their average points per game was 3l.l to their opponents l4.9, The boys were defeated by Battle Creek, lO to l2, Alta, lo to 23, and Galva, 15 to 25. They averaged 27 points to each game while their opponents collected a l5.4 aver- age. Girls: 8 wins, 2 losses - Boys: l2 wins, 3 losses. nnict: D. C-Aeefcfea ew C. Ptalzgraf, S. Blackmer, P. Keitges, N. Michaelsen. I-'AGE FIFTY-SIX SPONSORED BY JESSE L.EONARD AND C, F. BESORE, JR., ATTORNEYSAAT-LAW C-SMA QMJK Row I-M. Niemeier, E. Row II-K. Butcher, Conover, J. Petersen, Row III-L. Schuett, Row IV-D. Rice, M. Absent-K. Leonard, IS THIS TI-IE TOWN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? Krayenhagen, C. Goettsch, B. Ramsey. N. Henrichsen, S. Janssen, D. Hueschen, C. Kramer, L. Reineke, M. Jensen, A. Hass, W. C. Boothby. R. Scott, B. Blackmer, D, Steen, B. Kaus, S. Timmerman, J. Hansen. Bumann, K. Barghols, P. Vohs, D. Ashmore, M. Schubert, L. Timmerman. C. Nordell, L. Bircher. Teacher: Miss Mohr. SPONSORED BY I-IOLSTEIN STATE BANK PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN C3I'f1A Qwfe Row I-L. Bergmann, J. Perkins, A. Leonard, M. Vohs, C. Putensen. Row II-I.. Clausen, C. Pfolzgraf, W. Nelson, D. Breyfogle, R. Madsen, W. Armiger, S. Ploeger, S. Hohne, M. Ladewig. Row III-J. Kolb, B. Christiansen, M. Knuth, A. Meyer, D. Allen, L. Timmerman, N. Vickery, E. Frahm. Row IV-R. Kraai, J. A. Ewoldt, B. Schmidt, G. Schuett, E. Bochmann, T, Mohr, D. CIausen, D. Gerber, C. I-Ianson. No absenrees. -A Teacher, Miss Jones. READING THEIR GRAMMAR. PAGE FIFTY-EIGI--IT SPONSORED BY MOTOR INN, SORENSEN PRODUCE, AND PRIDE 'N JOY C4370 LL'C!A QCMJG Row l-J. Bye, C. Lingle, B. Olson, F. Janssen, J. Johannsen. Row ll-D. Lohff, J. Jochims, D. Kuchel, D. Butcher, D. Bachmann, N. Kelly, V. Droegmiller, R. Boothby, D. Krayenhagen, S. Madsen, N. Kolb, O. Armiger. sow lll-W, Rolfs, M. Christiansen, W. Putnam, J. Sass, G. Johnson, F. Goettsch, B. lwen, T. Keitges, J. teen. Row IV-D. Gellerf, D. Moller, G. Perkins, l.. Wilson, E. Cipperley, E. Kaus, K. Krull, R. Kelly, D. Timmer- man. Absent-D. Bienlien, D. Hauser, W. Meyer, M. Mohr, J, Jochims. - TeGCl'1Gf, MISS Sffeed- l.ET'S READ SOME LIBRARY BOOKS. SPONSORED BY l-lANSEN EL SON FURNITURE AND HANSEN FUNERAL HOME PAGE FIFTY-NINE lull QTLLDZE l Row I-J. l-leitmann, M. Burkardt, J. Wagner, J. Cipperley, M. Beyer, G. Droegmiller, D. Breyfogle, J. Kaus, C. Wittrock. Row ll-D. Breyfogle, L. Vesgaard, L. Clausen, O. Reineke, R. Nielsen, Danny Schmidt, M. Heydt, David Schmidt, G. Weiland, D. Vohs, F. Ewoldt, E. Reimers, K. Michaelsen, H. Freese, J. Peterson. Row lll-D. Bye, M. Kelley, M. A. Conover, V. Kasfer, B. McCubbin, C. Reimer, P. Niemeier, A. Loof, Jr., B. Brunning. Row lV-J. Clausen, J. Michalicek, J. Goettsch, R, Shells, S. Wiese, C. Bergman, B. Fajam, R. Ludvigson, J. Leonard. No absentees. - Teachers, Mrs. Ashmore and Miss Cain. WHAT A HARD PROBLEM! BUSY WORKING ARITHMETIC. AGE SlXTY SPONSORED BY DR, MARTIN, DR. FISHMAN, AND DR, PETERSEN "' UCC Il LL, Qt Livbgd' Firsf Row-F'. Striepe, B. Ladewig, B. Ericksen, G. Schuetf, H. Droegmiller, M. Brosamle, J. Johannsen, W. Loaf. . Second Row-D. Schroeder, D. Fick, R. Nicklas, L, Jons, G. Putensen. Third Row-W. Leinbaugh, B. Bergmann, J. Hanice, D. Cipperley, J, Hansen, C. Miller, S. Blackmer, L. Tim- merrnan, N. A. Schmidt, S. Schue-tt, S. Wilson, J. A. Williams. Fourth Row-B. Brosamle, K. Hahne, M. Gehris, C. Beyer, S. Fell, D. Sinns, R. D. Timmerman, B. Agnew, J. Bochrnann. Fifth Row-G. Ruhser, R. Clausen, M. I. Hueschen, L. Hueschen, J. Beyer, D. Goettsch, C. Leonard, J. Saur- essig, D. Fritz, R. Ploeger. No Absentees -- Teacher, Miss Walsh. WHAT A BIG BOOK FOR SUCH A LITTLE GIRL. SPONSORED BY JACK'S PLACE, KNOTTY PINE CAFE, AND CHEROKEE CREAMERY CO. PAGE SIXTY-ONE 527:41 Qmfe First Row-K. Andresen, S. Reimers, L. Wiese, J. Voge, S. Conover, L. Friedrichsen. Second Row--R. Bumon, M. A. Henricksen, S. Frohm, M. Frohm, D. Williams. Third Row-S. Curtis, D. Timmermon, J. I-Ielkenn, Dennis Sorensen, Curtis Sorensen, L. Goertsch, G. Ander- sen, J. Shiels. Fourth Row-R. Ewoldt, S. Honson, D. Breyfogle, C. Putensen, B. Lingle, V. Bruning, L, Honsen, D. Petersen Fifth Row-J. Keitges, L. Ruh!ow, D. Von Hemert, D. Rohlk, S. L. Grouell, R. Ludvigson. Absent: P. McCoImont, K. Bergmann. - Teochers, Mrs. Jacques, Miss Johnson. MRS. JACQUES AND THE FIRST GRADERS, MORE FIRST GRADERS READING SPONSORED BY DEE'S BEAUTY SHOP, SlMMON'S BEAUTY SHOP, PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP, AND ALICE HUEGERICH PAGE SIXTY-TWO . 7 . !4lllLlZ'Cl7LZ'C!l5lfl-- Utlflfllflj QTGLIQIO Firsi Row-L. Albers, L. McBride, E. Reimers, C. Olson, L. Goettsch, B. Schoer, J. Wienert. Middle Row-J. Burkhardt, S. Bauer, D. Carlson, K. Hogrefe, D. Dexter, L. Armiger, Paula Beyer, Paulette Beyer, Karlene Bumann, Kathleen Bumann, D. Leinbaugh. Third Row-T. Johnson, C. Carlberg, L. D. Goettsch, G. Moser, M. Timrnerman, D. Gries, J. Heitmann, D. Steen, D. Vohs. No absentees. - Teacher, Miss Barker. BUSY DRHNIKING Tl-lElR MILK. SPONSORED BY VALLEY RENDERING CO. PAGE SIXTY-THREE PAGE !4lJlfLfL7Z'C17ci'C!L'lI- -Q+1!f!8'CIlDC'Il 'C0'lf79 I Row I-W. Wittrock, R, Siverfson, C. Wiese, D. Ewoldr, C. Opdahl, D. Joslin, T. Sinns, I. Leonard, M. Jensen, R. Sass, N. Droegmiller. Row Il-P. Iwen, P. Conover, H. Rickard, M. McCubbin, M. Stamp, V. Reimer. Row III-S. Wittrock, K. Baumann, C. Johnson, K. Henrichsen, S. Michalicek, Dennis Lill, Dougias Lill, D. Lohff, W. Freese, K. Buell, J. Loaf, C. Cipperley. No absenfees, - Teacher, Miss Barker. MORE KINDERGARTENERS. ALL DRESSED UP! SIXTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY THE METHODIST CHURCH AND WM. AGNEW STUDY HALL HOME EC. CLASS I INDUSTRIAL ARTS I MORE INDUSTRIAL ARTS FOURTH PERIOD TYPING CLASS SPONSORED BY TELEPHONE CO., WARREN CURTIS, AND VOLLMAR MOTORS PAGE SIXTY-FIVE I CLASS OFFICERS THE LIBRARY Firs: Row-M. Schroeder, F. Kruse, J. Corstens, N. Janssen, Mrs. Piper, M. J. Wittrock, K.Goettsch. M. J. Leonard, J. J. Cole. Second ROWQI-I. McDermott, B. Agnew, D. Porterfield, D. Leon- ard, R. Martin, M. Lohff. MISS STONER AND BILLY TALK THINGS OVER. MR. HANSON POINTS IT OUT. MISS ANDERSON AND MAXINE RUN SOME COPIES OFF. MR. PIPER AND GLADYS STRAIGI-ITEN THINGS OUT. SPONSORED BY DR. WAGNLR AND DR. LANGLAND PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN THE HOMECOMING ROYALTY MCDONALD CAREY DAY! L. Schroeder, M. McDermott, King K. Goettsch, Queen Z. A. Mc Cubbin, M. Vohs, M. A. Arp. THE ADVANCED HOME EC. STYLE SHOW SPONSORED BY CONOVER 8. WIESE STATION, AND CAC CONOVER TANKWAGON PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT CAL LIKES TO EAT, BUT SHORTY AND JOYCE WOULD RATHER DANCE. FROM HANDS TO FEET SPONSORED BY VERN BRUNING REPAIR SHOP, DOWNS 8. DIERSEN, GLADYS L. RAABE, AND ROYAL CLEANER'S PAGE SIXTY-NINE SOME LIKE EATING, SOME LIKE PARTIES, AND SOME JUST LIKE TALKING, CHEERING, FIGHTING, AND PLAYING. PAGE SEVENTY SPONSORED BY BILL MADSEN, JERRY COLE, BILL WALKER, AND DR. BIRCHER Daugoord, Mary, Mory Lou---Morg:-Florence-Miss Coin and Gory-Roger Zoe cmd Betty-Cookie- Zoe again-Agnew, Dougoczrd, Mick, ond Mrs. Jotho. THROUGH THE SUMMER AND BACK TO SCHOOL. SPONSORED BY CHRIS SCHUBERT, BRECHWALD MEAT MARKET, KAHI. 81 ROGNES, AND DR, PORTERFIELD PAGE SEVENTY-ONE BRUCE BYE xjazeninf wc Qrafifmlle We, the Senior Class of l952 wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation To Bruce Bye and his "ADVANCE" staff, who have made the publication of this, our annual, possible. PAGE SEVENTY-TWO OTEGO CENTRAL SCHOOL By the maple trees surrounded And a lawn that's always green Stands our dear Otego High School Place of many a pleasant scene. With the hills and trees behind it 'Mong the buildings of the town Is it not a pretty picture of the Orange and the Brown When at first we entered high school We felt so strange and shy And many a problem vexed us, Causing oft a long drawn sigh But as the days rolled by us And the regents came around We were well prepared to answer for the Orange and the Brown I Through the next three years of high school In the rooms we love so well, We gain a broader knowledge Of the things that life will tell: And we win athletic victories O'er the teams of nearby towns Still we work for dear Otego and the Crange and the Brown CLASS OF 1952 MR. SVOLOS As principal of our school, directs a diversified program of activities and classes. Upon his capable shoulders rests the tremendous responsibility of managing our institution of learning. However, no question is too small or insignificant for his undivid- ed attention and good advice. He will be remembered as a guiding hand throughout our Senior year. 1 I I wg I lf.. - W 1 I : , I" I , Vff --i-f,y . - I Y lkll ' 1 , ' if fr' .V 1 X Q , lfijd Nfl' ' wi . A -3-422 5 f:?il ' 1-1-15: 'vii -'::.l - 5fI:5 lf?-3 1 .2-ff! 'iff .11- Mft' nfs! I-jfs. 4.55 ,.f I , 4:':,4 gc "4 Jie., 'H' W 4. 1 , ' w E". ll iw Y ' r V: V! rv" Q ' 1 ' ? 1 w A r 'r i, I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I f I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . A v fwmiqpub-..:.: -.if :.:.-Y rin'-:i,,h4v-:.n,,.:,7...,,.,.:Ebg:

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Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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