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I i : . 1 f Q51 oo cScAw! :Ji Um n.4ine44 EDITORS--Doris Breyfogle Bill Fohcn BUSINESS MANAGER-Bonnie Rochou VOLUME 34 ff!! U MR. CONRAD CLAUSSEN Q0 ZQAOW DLT ZAQMAA More years ago than we staff members can ren sen came to Holstein High as a band director. He ha music department for twenty-seven years. Hundreds member "Coonie" as the man who has had national win than-average bands and small groups, join us in dedia issue ofthe Moo to him. PAGE TWO member, Conrad Claus- s faithfully served our of graduates who re- ners and many better- ating the thirty-fourth eww! from Me Konica This issue of the Moo is assembled to give you o seasonal picture of our school yeor of l95O-SI. We like to think that os you turn through The poges you will live ogoin one full yeor of school life. D. Breyfogle B. Fcihcm C-anfenlffi INTRODUCTION ......... I- 6 OUR GRADE FACULTY AND THEIR STUDENTS .... 7-22 OUR ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS ........ 23-46 OUR SPORTS ............ 47--62 WE, THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND FACULTY -63-76 PAGE THREE 3 Z6 man! of Qlftt A-CAOOX LOOKING WEST Fall brings . . . vacation memories . . . new classes and teachers . . . old friends . . . football games Christmas .. . snow and cold . . . basketball tourna- ments . . . class plays . . spring . . . track . . . report cards . . . the end of a perfect year These activities turn our thoughts to the shining floor . . . the pull-out bleachers . . . the rich, velvet stage cur- tain . . . our new auditorium-gymnasium of which we are Mr. Schroeder buys the first ticket. GH so proud. PAGE FOUR SPONSORED BY EDSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Looking Eost Standing Room Only Gutside View IVQEAX Q . PAGE FIVE J ame lie Zannin . . MILDRED JACKES PAGE SIX WALTER H. LORENZEN These citizens, always interested in the growth and devolopment of our school, gave of their time and effort to make our school one ot the very best. Our school board members have widely varied occupations: Walter Lor- enzen, retired farmer, Herb Knuth, banker, Jesse Leonard, lawyer, Dr. James W. Martin, physician and surgeon, GI adys L. Raabe, school secretary, Mil- dred Jackes, bank cashier, Ray Bagenstos, food locker operator, and Harland Hanson, school superintendent. They made our school their business in 1950- l95l. it fi f funn Q JESSE H. LEONARD GLADYS L. RAABE 01446 CQZZLZ Olflj EAK 6ZlfL.4 MRS. FAHAN Kindergarten Iowa State, Iowa State Teachers, Buena Vista, Los Angeles State Carroll, Iowa Senior Graduation, because my son, Bill, is in the class I always like my room best. Each year my little group is the best in the world to me. Each year I think that they cannot be matched- thus they come and go. MRS. JACQUES Second Grade Iowa State Teachers, Buena Vista We have lovely new books for Science, Social Studies, and new readers. The splendid cooperative spirit of our patrons To get the personal view ofthe teachers, they were asked the following questions: Grade taught Colleges attended Hometown Highlight of school year What they liked best about llofsteln School MISS JOHNSON First Grade Wayne State College Early, Iowa Being here to watch the initiation of the new gym Friendlnsss plus cooperation MISS WALSH First Grade Briar Cliff College Sioux City, Iowa My first year of teaching in a new room. The spirit of friendliness and co- operation between Teacher and pupil and the home MISS CAIN Third Grade Iowa State Teachers Alta, Iowa First Day of teaching in my new room Cooperation from parents plus pu- pils, plus teachers equals a fine school. PAGE SEVEN MRS. ASHMORE . Third Grade . Morningside , Holstein . When a little girl in my room said, "Oh, Mrs. Ashmore, I just love school." I 2 3 4 MR. ASHMORE I. Junior High 2. Westmar College 3. Correctionville 4. Completion of our new junior high rooms PAGE EIGHT MISS JONES Fifth Grade Iowa State Teachers, University of Colorado, Buena Vista Pocahontas Moving all grades into one build- ing Cooperation MISS MOHR . Sixth Grade . Iowa State Teachers, University of Iowa . Danbury .Receiving our new geograpmy e books "Neighbors Across t Seas" which are up to date . Friendly spirit MISS STREED Fourth Grade Buena Vista Odebolt Opening of new gym Hot lunch program MISS KITCHEN . Junior High Morningside College Galva The new junior high rooms A07 IfVC'CACLi7 tiling j9!tiyCL'll . . . IIACAC !4l.lfl1fKL"C17H'Ci8l'l6"CA . . . I First Row-C. Wyatt, K, Bergmann, M, Fell, C. Sorensen, D. Sorensen, G. Hore, R. Ludvigson, Second Row-C. Putensen, V. Bruning, S. Frolwrn, M. Koeppen, G. Moser, D. Von Hemert, J, Helkenn, M. A, Henrichsen, J. Voge, D. Willioms. Teacher: Mrs. Fohon 1 No Absentees. Shall we dance . . . SPONSORED BY WILSON-HULL FUNERAL HOME AND THE METHODIST CHURCH PAGE NINE First Row-L. Friedrichsen, J. Hass, L. Hansen, S. Hanson, M. A. onover. Second Row-R. Bauman, K. Andresen, D. Breyfogle, l.. Goettsch, . Lingle, S. Curtis. Third Row-S. Grouell, R. Ewoldt, L. Wiese, D. Timmerman, J. She Is, J. Keitges, G. Andresen Teacher: Mrs. Fahan - No Absentees. Le'r's go 'ra the movies . PAGE TEN SPONSORED BY THE LUTHERAN C jlcy Am new 'avenue MIA year . . . Mane c,Z'wf Quzfew First Row-W. Leinbaugh, M. Gehrts, W. Loof, D. Sinns, S. Wilson, J. Hanson, J. A. Williams, S. Schuett, B. Ericksen. Second Row-N. A. Schmidt, S. Boysen, J. Bachmann, L. Jons, J. Meyer. Third Row-H. Droegmiller, M. Brosamle, D. Schroeder, R. Ehlers, R. D. Timmerman, D. Fritz, L. Ruhlow, D. Rohlk, E. D. Fick, L. Timmerman. Teacher: Miss Walsh - No Absentees. Big pencils and little first graders . . . SPONSORED BY MOSER IMPLEMENT AND EMIL EHLER 81 SON IMPLEMENT PAGE ELEVEN First Row-B. Brosamle, J. Hansen, C. Miller, G. Schuett, K. H hne, R. Nicklas. Second Row-M. Hueschen, C. Beyer, G. Putensen, J. Johanns n, R. Ploeger, S. Blackmer, R. Clausen. Third Row-L. Hueschen, C. Leonard, J. Beyer, S. Fell, J. Sauer ssig, B. Ladewig, G. Ruhser, D. Cipperley, B. Agnew, J. Giesen. Absent: L. Eberhard. D. Goettsch - Teacher: Miss Johnson. 1 T I know, Teacher . . . PAGE TWELVE SPONSORED BY KING 84 BLEASDELL AND AND BRANCO, LAWYERS Alia! fwo fCfiCAC'2Z.4 fAl..4 fffdft . . . AC 7Al.'Cclf 'Ccinllcvtgf First Row-T. Van de Mheeri, D. Kuchel, K. Sullivan, R. Neilse , G. Wyatt, D. Lahff, S, Mad- sen. Second Rowe-B. L. Olson, W. Putnam, David Schmidt, Danny S hmidt, J. Sass, K. Michaelsen. Third Row-B. lwen, W. Rolts, D. Moller, G. Perkins, L. Wilson, R. Kelley, J. Thomas, T. Keit- ges, J. Johannsen. Absenti D. Hauser - Teacher: Mrs. Ashmore. I wonder what he has in his desk . PAGE FOURTEEN SPONSORED BY DRS. MARTIN AND FISHMAN i First Row-G. Johnson, D. Butcher, C. Lingle, F. Janssen, M. Christiansen, S. Giesen, J. Joc- hims. Second Row-D. Bachmann, O. Armiger, V. Droegmiller, E. Cipperley, J. Bye. Third Row--E. Kaus, N. Kelley, K. Krull, F. Goettsch, H. Ehlers, W. Meyer, D. Bienlien, D. Gellert, M. Mohr, D. Timmerman. Absent: D. Eberhard - Teacher: Miss Cain. Keeping up on world news . . . SPONSORED BY BAIR AND PERKINS, JACK'S STEAK HOUSE, AND SORENSEN PRODUCE PAGE FIFTEEN 46? H, 40 Ati lfL6W "C0'0'lf1fl,J . . . ELG!!! C, ODUCEA QTQJWCA First Row-C. Pfolzgrat, W. Nelson, R. Madsen, M. Hass, M. V hs, S. Ploeger, S. Wagner, C. Putensen, L. Timmerman, B. Schmidt. Second Row--L. Bergmann, K. Wyatt, J. Perkins, N. Vickery, J. Kolb, E. Frahrn. Third Row--N. Kolb, M. Ladewig, E. Bochmonn, C. Hanson, L, Iousen, G. Schuett, M. Knuth. Fourth Row-W. Armiger, D. Breyfogle, D. Gerber, A. Meyer, . Mohr, D. Clausen, R. Kroai, J. Ewoldt, J. Jochims, S. Hohne. Absent: B. Christiansen - Teacher: Miss Streed Young America sings . . . PAGE SIXTEEN SPONSORED BY HANSEN AND SON FURNITURE AND HANSEN FUNERAL HOME T7Av.w CZAIZA C2'cfnflu'c.1 . . . First Row-W. Conover, R. Hare, K. Butcher, S. Janssen, J. Hansen, R. Scott, N. Henrichsen, B. Kaus, M. Niemeier, M. Schubert, L. Schuett. Second Row-D. Ashmore, L. Timmerman, D. Hueschen, B. Hare, K. A. Barghols. Third Row---P. Vohs, A. Hass, L. Ehlers, D. Rice, L. Rcineke, H. Kruse, M. Jensen, K. Leonard, NA. Bumann, C. Goettsch, B. Blackmer, S. Timmerman. No Absentees -- Teacher: Miss Jones. 'bvkgty Are we using the right verbs . . . SPONSORED BY KERSLAKE SUNDRIES, PRIDE'N JOY, AND HOLSTEUN1 BAKERY PAGE SEVENTEEN l Ame SAM Qzfzfewf . . . First Row--J. Williams, S. Madsen, J. Scott, M. Loaf, P. Keitg s, R. Bergmann, L. Kruse, J. Breyfogle, D. Sorensen, L. Thomsen, R. l-lintz. Second Row-J. Dittmer, M. Jensen, R. McBride, R. Ellerbusc , R. Bogenstos, D. Fritz, H. Butcher, B. Armstrong, J. Leonard, M. Goettsch. Third Row--S. Blackmer, V. Frahm, J. Rolfs, B. Timmerman, . lrwin, D. Lorenzen, C. Con- over. Fourth Row-L. Leinbaugh, D. Schmidt, D. Ashmore, V. Bum nn, B. Ehlers, G. A. Will, R. Meier, L. Bergmann, R. Goettsch, K. Rose, P. Keitges. Teacher: Miss Mohr - No Absentees. Learning history as it happens . SPONSORED BY WARREN E. CURTIS, ACCOUNT C. F. BESORE, JR., LAWYER, AND PAGE EIGHTEEN MOTOR INN COMP ,- .-5 f . . X X X 1 9 llltilc' up IUIILUC V 171 . . . ZICJC cbclfclzfz Cj'cmLa'c.f I 1' First Row-M. Stoneking, C. Conover, L. Meyer, S. Curtis, R. Jensen, D. Gerber, W. Saxon, C. Pfolzgrof, N. Michoelsen, D. Hammer. Second Row-K. Conover, M. McBride, C. Breyfogle, J. Schmidt, D. Kolb, J. A. Lasher, F. Mer- ritt, R. Clousen. Third Row-L. Glowe, D. Gries, R. Libke, M. Kruse, D. Bochmonn, D. Gocttsch, A. L. Ewoldt, L. Wilson, G. Hueschen, F. Bienlien, J. Cipperley. No Absentees - Teocher: Mr. Ashmore. SPONSORED BY HANSEN HARDWARE AND TYRRELL STUDIO Must be study holl . . . C. Pfolzgrof, N. Michoelsen, C. Breyfogle, F. Merritt -it Acne QCELKZTJ . N. Janssen, V. Schuett, First Row--M. Wagner, P. Nelson, A, Cipperley, D. L. Freese, J. C. Noneman, J. Bleasdell, W. Nelson, R. Schuett. Second Row-G. Breyfogle, W. Jensen, J. Clausen, J. Moser, J. Third Row--L. Schuett, J. Rolfs, C. Dittmer, M. J. Leonard, L. A. Goeftsch, D. Werner, L. Schroeder, J. J. Cole. Fourth Row-J. Leonard, W. Buell, C. Vollmar, G. Langland, G E. Bochmann, No Absentees R. Hass, L. Meyer, L. Bumann, V. G. Kiesling. - Teacher: Miss Kitchen. S. Scherner. B. Will, H. Putnam, M. rd, W. Reineke, K. Kruse, Oh, Those CURTIS rrow's assignments! TOP SALESMEN Wayne Saxon, Uor Thy Werner, Clark Conover SPONSORED BY F RMER's ELEVATOR COMPANY zuzfut MQW cyccfgafl. . f 1 l - - in R A .. - A First Row--V. Kiesling, R. Schuett, G. Hueschen, G. Langland, Second Row--W. Nelson, W. Saxon, L. Meyer, D. Kolb, D. Kolb, D. Hammer, R. Jensen, W. Buell, R. Clausen, S. Curtis, D. Gerber, C. Noneman, C. Conover, V. Schuett. Third Row-G. Leonard, R. Hass, L. Meyer, R. Lipke, H. Putnam, L. Boock, W. Reineke, B. Will, K. Kruse, L Glawe, A. E. Gerber, Coach. Fourth Row-J. Bleasdell, G. Breyfogle, J. Schmidt, D. Gries, F. Bienlien, L. Bumann, C. Vollmar, J. Clausen, H Leonard, W. Jensen. The "Little Pirates" spirited play left them with the enviable record of 6 wins, no losses, l tie. Under Coach Gerber they scored l3l points to their opponents 66. 4 . . 5 t ,,. s...-1. nu an First Row--W. Buell, H. Leonard, W. Jensen, J. Clausen, C. Vollmar. Second Row-R. Hass, L. Meyer, G. Leonard, H. Putnam, W. Reineke, K. Kruse. Third Row--G. Breyfogle, D. Hammer, D. Gerber, J. Bleasdell, C. Noneman - Coach: A. E. Gerber. SPONSORED BY GOLDEN RULE AND KEITGES FOOD STORE PAGE TWENTY-ONE g3,,.zz. . . First Row-C. Noneman, H. Leonard, J. Bleasdell, G. Leonard, Second Row-K. Kruse, R. Hass, E. Bochmann, W. Reineke, H. Buell, J. Clausen. L. Meyer. The "Little Pirates" had an average averaged 24.75 points per game. First Row: N. J. Lohff, S. Scherner. Second Row: M, Cole, P. Nelson. with 8 won, 4 lost. They D. Goettsch, D. Werner, M. J. Leonard L. Schroeder, M. A. Goettsch, J. J The "Little Pirat ttes" sped through a flashy l2 wins, O losses. Th y toppled their opponents with a 37.3 average per game while their opponents tin ished with an ll point average. Their total points scored was 448 t M. J. Leonard, L. their opponents' l32. N. Janssen, J. J. Cole. 7 We y. Y. , H .- .. .-4 NA.. 3, gina ef L, ., . . s .4 I JAMES B. LEINBAUGH Q0 Q'SA0lfV UDL? 5lj9!9'C6Cl:6ifl:0lfL Large feet and tiny feet track dirt into halls and class- rooms. Seldon do we realize the work it takes to clean it up. "Bun" has spent thirteen years as our custodian and we have al- ways found him to be friendly, reliable, and cooperative. Every student knows and likes James B. Leinbaugh. PAGE TWENTY-THREE A I. 5 MRS. OBRECHT K The old gym looks different this year. The hot lunch program was ini- tiated with Mrs. Obrecht doing the deskwork and Mrs. Branco, Mrs. Stuart, and Mrs. Carnes dishing out the soup for some 250 hungry students. High school students donned aprons to help out during the rush periods. Every Fri- day, Mrs. Jatho sold lunch tickets for the next week. Fourth Graders enjoy their lunch . . . PAGE TWENTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN STATE BANK As the grade children finish the Junior High comes in. . . sdames Carnes, Bronco and Stuart unload Mrs. Bronco checking the the grocery basket . . . oven dishes . . . SPONSORED BY FOOD LOCKER SERVICE AND CHEROKEE CREAMERY COMPANY PAGE TWENTY-FIVE "CHARLIE" AND "BUN" POSE IN THE HALL .... FRED PUSHES THE BROOM '-i 0 No snow, co ways 0 "CharI ing th 6? over in baugh childre seeing off, an 16 ClJi06Kl.liIfl4 L? IUC ACAQUZ . . matter what the weather-rain, r sunshine-these men are al- n the job. Cold weather finds ie" Gebers at work by four, fir- furnace, as well as cleaning the old building. "Bun" Lein- can always be found helping the n to make their classes on time, that their overshoes are taken cd their dirty feet cleaned before enterin sium Shiny the halls. ln the new gymna- red Barghols kept everything cund sparkling until his recent illness, Lyle R G when his job was taken over by abe. PAGE TWENTY-SIX SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN LUMBER COMPANY AND LESTER MOELLER, PAINTING gg-ve 5531: - ' I ww ,ig fd z 3 W, f , -'uf 'fi if f Kyt ,' ,'. 1 ,xegs A21 "' " Yi X :I G 6.4 if LAW? ,A Ai.. -i xxxkg xx Sf, x W N A wb- X X' 535 XYQYXQX .x NX .X gwgxw, K X X L ,E ng :iQ Q' x gm , N A 93 x' '?mf?rf J fx' A f Y , I we Z-V ' if n- QQ ' L I , i nun--9 1 X ULVLLOZ- ZVLLOZ wm- I Q50 King Miss sor. l To the music of Skippy Ander- y son ond his orchestra, the Jun- ior-Senior Prom of l95O be- gcn. The theme of the Prom4 Circus Days. Pictures show Bill Bienlien ond Queen Shirley Wiese being presented their prizes by Bonnie Rochou, president of the junior clciss. Menard wos clciss spon- SPONSORED BY ' CORREGOUX GARAGE, F. C. HAMIL, PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT LIVESTOCK DEALER, MOLSTAD 8: MOLSTAD G. VAN HEMERT, 1 e ,,, S I ,ywf,WwN We work ond pIoy -M 'W'-mv... ' both . . . I-Iome EC. ond the junicr dcmce. SPONSORED BY ALICE HUEGERICH K CO., BEYER ELECTRIC, ROTHFORICS STANDARD SERVICE, DRS, KAHL AND ROGNES PAGE TNVENTY-NINE Florence . . . Shorty . . . Joelle and Joyce . , . Mary gets her education . . lcrxa and Shirley . . . Some- IJody'5 fishing . . . Zoe . . . Jan . . Patsy '.,. happy times at serm- ior dance. PAGE THIRTY SPONSORED BY BRUNING REPAIR SHOP, COAST-TO-COAST, DOWNS 8. DIERSEN GLADYS L. RAABE Nw... .MM NNN "Sv-f.. """'fr--.. Poi' and Florence get ready fo go to 1'l'1e porties, while Mickey wonders why N "W""" .- E , W, mlm o poor "slave" like him ccm't go tool SPONSORED BY SCOTTY'S TAVERN, KNOTTY PINE, COUNCIL OAK, CLOYD LINGLE, TRUCKING PAGE TH IRTY-ON E C H wx J ww ,wg-fir N""-NM F? 5 - Holstein Bond Review SPONSORED BY JERRY COLE, HARRY STONEKING, TRUCKINGQ PIERCE HOG BUYING STATlON in PAGE THIRTY-THREE Mary, Maxine, Shirley, and Mary Kolb, Don, Bill, and Mickey liuvc uicy gum vvvii G guru-. -W-'N Patsy, Joelle, and Mary Patsy, Janet, and Queen Joan Herd of work! King Bill, Alvin and Don PAGE THIRTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY ZEMAN 81 SORENSEN CLOTHING HUGH MCGUIRE Sfudious students in study holl . . . Joyce ond Carol ,M--and primp . . . Jcmet's reody to go . . . Dort poses . . . Koo- lie's happy 'bout something . . . Mary ond Babe take time out 'ro pose for o picture . . . SPONSORED BY DRS. LANGLAND AND WAGNER PAGE THIRTY-FIVE The "freshies" begin their first real dev in Holstein Hi! PAGE THIRTY-SIX SPONSORED BY STOLLEY'S DRUGS, HARDWARE "fenced in" . . Iene's reody . . MiIIer toke o rest SPONSORED BY PHILLIPS "66" STATION AND CAC CONOVER, TANKWAGON Mickey ond Francis . . . Eobe looks Pof... Mor . Gene . . . Janet' ond Joyce must be cold . . . Look, oui', Dougoord . . . Florence ond PAGE TH I RTY-SEVEN di LU Z O UD E o CZ T RN ETS: CO NES: O PH AXA C LARINETS: C ef -if 'GU E5-L +- EU 76 ggrzg :s -c .c 3913 Q4 .I ,CE gown, C 56.09 .-'E ..o-- mo EUQCI rn.: 4 cn -as - 2 gig, au, SOH4- .c Egoarxfi CD-C'l.EgEE t'45.E!'DU mgtgg: 'SWUUUJZ 9552111563 Ez: U Eg: EWS o-'anti' CEDCOE O g U UU-EWG' -- 'go:s" L- 55222 O C U:E U 02.11112 'a C 2 '5 L 4- .c 'D+' ghgv Ca' Q, mmm: :1 L :Z W O 41 U 54'-C5330 2' gp 3fg2wE? SEEQSQQ LLLL,--.1 9200000 LLQAZQQEQ Hueschen Otto asdell Ble BARITON ES: Donna Ruhlow James FLUTES: Q un an 'D PERC en rge Huesch Geo HORNS FRENCH Patsy Ellerbusch N: Ann K reutz 5 L O M JD O cr ert Martin E: BO O aelsen ch Mi hirley Evelyn Gebers boum S farol Schlum y Dau Mar efnef W orothy D Nancy Nelson Janssen Nancy bcke Margaret Lem N 4L:,Lcv 3 QJE:.j: O 3 I: P' an-084.3 .,q,4E C310 SQL-U QOL-'U 2Eog LJTJC4-1 COL 'UUIU E-000 .HC CCDCQ OLQU UI-3 -0-Vik? O50--C l- fm-.we OO-C 14:94-Q2 um -Q GJ-4-C-H .':21',O,- 'Ou-no Cmn- 'UO.Ms Cox-N Cano-9 cufgg U 'U CTJCLD UCD :gon-6 320 UDUEC 01-9 Eg .COC 4-oo0 L K+- uy GJ warg? -Elma 4'-'U Doug: 'UC-QU GJ'C 4- N ,Fings SWS mm? 9g.c9j OOFQ cnUf1',"L S3-113 ofia 'ocng S0803 .oggv U: .g"CU'a I-ggi, owoE E-C10 'CIN 'sos 4566 i-.CJ U L, C Adu: -39 O-Dbx 35h fi Om Z'+5I 211 I II 11: Ill Ill 11: Ill :II 1 ILI I 92 I 131 I'-0: ISI lx.l l"I I-UI ICI lol 4- :N C Cx-U 82: 1719-'E 93819 lLf'l.I fficers are: O CORNET QUARTET "Andante Cantabile" Martin Lohtf, Sam King, Bob Bleasdell, Kenny Walker. BRASS QUARTET "Agnus Dei" BRASS SEXTET "Wayfa ref" Craig Vollmar, Mary Walker, Bob Bleasdell, Kenny Walker. These groups presented their se- lected numbers at the Spring Concert and at the contest. At times they were called to play for different organizations to add to their experience. Shirley Michaelsen, James Bleasdell, Mary Walker, Bob Bleasdell, Kenny Walker, Loren Schuett. BRASS QUINTET "Autumn Voices" Shirley Michaelsen, James Bleasdell, Mary Walker, Bob Bleasdell, Kenny Walker. PAGE THIRTY-NINE W K Vq. W SOLOISTS Loren Schuett, first year bass soloist, presented "Solo Pomposo", Beverly Sager, third year vocal soloist sang JOUR Bfodefs "Because of You", Robert Bleasdell, first year comet Sager, Donna soloist played "The Wanderer". GIRLS' SEXTET en, Norma Weiland, Joelle Lemke, Beverly Conover, Doris Breytogle. First Row--C. Schlumbaum, S. Pfalzgraf, N. Nelson, D. Prosch, J, Conov M. Kreutz, K. Rice, S. Miller, D. Geske, C. Kolb, D. Conover, Second Row-B. Wittrock, D. Bauer, B. Scott, l.. Wiese, M. Wittrock, M, Third Row-e-D. Ewoldt, B. Breytogle, R. Kistenmacher, J. Armiger, Marl D. Irwin, J. Lemke, J. Brodersen, D. Green, D. Walker, l. Ewoldt, J. Schro Fourth Row-Z. McCubbin, F. Kruse, D. Blenner, J. Myrtue, M. Dau, J. K terson, M. Bumann, N. Wieland, M. Schubert, B. Sager, S. Michaelsen, J PAGE FORTY er, D. Conover, S. Scott, J. McCubbin, Wilson. ne Schroeder D Schuett l Bumann , . , -. jder, S. Bergmann, Maxine Schroeder. olb, P. Ellerlnusch, M. Goettsch, C. Pe Carstens, G. Ruhser. beef CAazu.4 First Ro'-'-3. Sager, D. Wirkus, R. Ewoldt, S. King, L. Pfalzgraf, N. Nelson, S. Pfalzgraf, D. Proszh, J. McCubbin, K. Rice, S. Miller, D. Geske, D. Leonard, H. Bachmann, M. McCubbin, D. Goettsch. Second Row-B. Wittrock, D. Bauer, B. Scott, L. Wiese, M. Wittrock, M. Wilson. Third Row-D. Lund, R. Kistenmacher, J. Armiger, M. Schroeder, D. Schuett, L. Bumann, D. Irwin, J. Lemke, B. Rochau, D. Green, D. Walker, J. Schroeder, S. Bergmann, E. Gebers, M. Walker. Fourth Row-Z. McCubbin, F. Kruse, D. Blenner, M. Schubert, N. Wieland, M. Bumann, M. Goettsch, C. Peterson, P. Ellerbusch, J. Kolb, J. Myrtue, S. Michaelsen, J. Carstens, G. Ruhser. Fifth Row-W. Agnew, G. Gerber, H. McDermott, C. Leonard, L. Schuett, D. Porterfield, J. Werner, R. Bleasdell, R. Martin. The Mixed Chorus sang sacred selections for the Baccalaureate serv- ices. Mrs. Kuchel was our directress. This group did not compete at contest. The boys in Mixed Chorus formed a Boy's Glee Club. They sang "Just Singing Along" and "Oh, Meadowland" for the Spring Concert. The tenors were Mickey McDermott, Bob Bleasdell, Denton Wirkus, Sam King, Lavere Pfalzgraf, Melvin McCubbin, Don Goettsch, and Raymond Bergmann. The Baritones were Bill Agnew, Gary Gerber, Loren Schuett, Don Porterfield, James Werner, Bob Martin, and Dave Leonard. PAGE FO RTY-ON E , -YT ,, union may "AARON SLICK FROM PUMKIN CREEK" On April 6 at 8 'clock, the Junior class amused a good- sized audience with a three-act comedy, "Aaron Slick From Pumkin Crick". Things get muddled up when Wilbur Merridew trys to buy Mrs. Berry's farm. The discovered oil proves to be a trick. Mrs. Berry finds city life isn't the best life and Aaron proposes. The action was livened up with a real cat. Mrs. Piper directed the presentation with the cast and crew as follows: Aaron Slick, not as green as he looks ,,,,,.,. Don Porterfield Mr. Wilbur Merridew, a crooked speculator s..... Bill Agnew Clarence Green, mysterious young man .... Harold McDermott Mrs. Rosy Berry, Oklahoma widow .,...... Mary Lou Kolb Gladys May Merridew, sweet young thing -- Shirley Daugaard The Girl In Red ,.............d...... Maxine Schroeder Sis Riggs .............d................. Mary Vohs Hotel Guests ............. Bill Weber, Lawrence Schroeder, Kenny Goettsch, Mary Ann Arp, Margaret Lembcke, Donna Conover Singer --,- ..... .- ..................... William Schulz Stage Manager d... -. ........Y.a..d,,. Lou Ann Bumonn Business Manager .... . .... ---,. ...a..... Shirley Conover Costumes ........ Carol Schlumbaum, Harland Timmerman Scenery .- ...... - .... ..--.-- Calvin Leonard, Zoe McCubbin, Bill Weber, Richard Hintz, Bill Schulz Properties ---,---.--. .... .- ..... Don Ewoldt, Betty Carstens, Donna Conover, Lawrence Schroeder Sound Effects and Lights .............. Kenneth Goettsch, Thomas Peterson Publicity s... .--.--- Margaret Lembcke, Mary Jo Wittrock, Mary Ann Arp, Lorraine Wiese, Dorothy Krambeck PAGE FO RTY-TWO wg?-r First Row-Joan Brodersen, Doris Breyfogle, Roger Peterson. Second Row-Joyce Myrtue, Janet Kolb, Bonnie Rochau, Bill Fahan, Mary Dou, Patsy Eller- busch. . HCYMQJ CSM! ,LQ " The Seniors presented "Which Shall I-le Marry?" at 8 o'clock on May 9. This three-act play was set in the Randolph home in Virginia. Dick Evans goes through all kinds of experiences to find which of the Randolph girls he is to marry to inherit a large sum of money. Because he does not know which ofthe girls it is, he must make the rounds and try to pick the right girl. The cast and crews are as follows: Mrs. Randolph, mother of the girls sus, . Bonnie Rochau Elaine Randolph, beauty of the family . ,,,, Janet Kolb Susan Randolph, brains of the family .. .,. . Mary Dau Patience Randolph, good angel of the family . ss. Patsy Ellerbusch Frankie Randolph, athlete of the family ., , , , Doris Breyfogle Mary Jane Randolph, youngest and sweetest . .. Joyce Myrtue Magnolia, colored cook ., .... .. .. Wu, . , Joan Brodersen Mr. Hinman, the lawyer . . , S. E ,-,. , ., .sn E., , Roger Peterson Dick Evans, eligible young man ., . ,H , .H . . William Fahan Stage Crew . W . Don Schneckloth, Eldon Blenner, Deon Goettsch Property Crew .. Evelyn Gebers, Donna Ewoldt Publicity . . ..,, Shirley Pfalzgraf, Betty Wittrock, Theone Ehrp Lights and Curtain .. ,, .... .. us, . . ,. .. H. -.Gene Ehler Costumes . .cm - - , H.. ..s,, s.-,,-.,, Joelle Lemke, Alvin Kay PAGE FORTY-TH REE E 1 f' Q, , 'Uk ...i,g,' A 61.4 'rr 'W '-.. l: I' f 'Y'-..-.1 ' ' . ,.,, ,. .,- .A ' ,LA L First Row-D. Conover, M. Kolb, M. Schubert, N. Nelson, S. Pt J. McCubbin, K. Rice, S. Miller, D. Geske, C. Kolb, D. Ruhlow, I. Second Row-J. Armiger, B. Wittrock, J. Myrtue, J. Conover, B Kreutz, D. Green, M. Wilson. Third Row-S. Conover, R. Kistenmacher, B. Sager, D. Schuett, sen, B. Rochau, J. Schroeder, M. Schroeder, S. Bergmann, S. DCF. Fourth Row--M. Lembcke, M. Arp, Z. McCubbin, B. Carstens, Goettsch, C. Peterson, P. Ellerbusch, J. Kolb, M. Dau, S. Mich Fifth Row-M. Schroeder, F. Kruse, D. Ewoldt, D. Krambeck, M. kord, D. Breyfogle, D. Walker. lead in President ........................... Vice-President ....................... a I zgraf, D. Prosch, D. Conover, Ewoldt, M. Vohs. Scott, S. Scott, L. Wiese, M. D. lrwin, J. Lemke, J. Broder- Da ugaard, E. Gebers, D. Blen- N. Weiland, M. Bumann, M. OE lsen, J. Carstens, G. Ruser. Walker, C. Leonard, W. Ric- William Rickard - Bonnie Rochau Secretary and Treasurer .............. N Under the leadership of Mrs. Piper, the Pe keeping up the school's spirit. Some of its d cluded: sponsoring the relay and homecoming royalt selling pencils, pins, shirts, and doing other little ta making our school cheerful. PAGE FORTY-FOUR P L i sl iary Lou Walker Club was organized to ties during the year in- s, giving pep meetings, cs. They did their job in MQ , ff' a.. Jvfifmilf Seated-D. Ruser, C. Schubert, S. Pfalzgraf, D. Ewoldt, D. Breyfogle, J. Brodersen, J. Myrfue, E. Gebers, M. Arp, M. Schroeder, F. Kruse. Standing-K. Obitz, D. Lund, M. Wilson, B. Fahan, Mrs. Piper, B. Agnew, N. Wieland, D. Ges- ke, N. Nelson, J. Schroeder, S. Bergmann, G. Ruhser. FlRST SEMESTER Co-editors ........................... Doris Breytogle Joan Brodersen Business Manager .................... William Fahan SECOND SEMESTER Co-editors ........-.......... .- .... ,--- Evelyn Gebers, William Agnew Business Manager ..............-,.... William Fahan The staff, with Mrs. Piper supervising, published the school paper every two weeks. This activity worked in connection with the journalism class. PAGE FORTY-FIVE ' C-fmu OggiC6'E4 Front Row-Freshman: President, R. Morting Vice President, M. Lu: Kreutz, Sophomores: Secretary-Treasurer, N. Nelson, President, D. Wirkus. Second Row-Juniors: Vice President, M. Arp, President, W. Agn McDermott, Seniors: President, B. Fohon, Secretory-Treasurer, F. Rochou. Bock Row-Mr. Piper, freshman, Mrs. Kuchel, sophomore, Miss An senior. Here are the students elected by their clciss to duties before them, they must be copoble ond willing Their sponsors were cilwoys present when they needed PAGE FORTY-SIX l hftg Secretary-Treasurer, M Leonard, Vice President, D ew, Sec reto ry-Treosu rer, iw. Ruhlow, Vice President, B. derson, junior, Miss Stoner, lead. To perform the to give ot their time. help. , . . -f 11 joozfgc PAGE FORTY -SEVEN First Row-K. Goettsch, W. Schulz, W.Fohan, M. McDermott, G. Ehler, D. Ewoldt, C. Leonard, A. Kay, F. Ruhlow, D. Schneckloth. Second Row-D. Leonard, Dean Goettsch, R. Petersen, D. Schroeder, E. Blenner, W. Rickard, L. Schroeder, G. Ger- ber, D. Lund. Third Row-Don Goettsch, H. Arp, D. Wirkus, W. Agnew, T. Petersen, C. Schubert, W. Weber, D. Ruser, E. Heilmann. Fourth Row-M. McCubbin, L. Pfalzgraf, H. Bochrnann, V. Fredrichsen, O. Hueschen, K. Obitz, D. Meier, G Galvin. Fifth Row-K. Walker, R. Bleasdell, D. Porterfield, R. Martin, M. Lohtf. Clvfzazz First Row-L. Schroeder, M. McDermott, D. Goettsch, E. Blenner, A. Kay, C. Leonard, D. Schroeder. Second Row-G. Gerber, G. Ehler, W. Fahan, F. Ruhlow, W. Rickard, K. Clioettsch, D. Schneckloth, W. Schulz, D Ewoldt. SPONSORED BY VOHS 81 JOHNSON PRODUCE PAGE FORTY-EIGHT an --M mf QM! Ammon Aa! 1704, an! LZOl4flfl.4 . The Black Pirates' football season, while not too impressive, was still successful, and they ended the season with five wins and three losses. With cnly four regulars back from last year's team, Coach Kraai did a fine job of rebuilding a team that continued to pick up steam as the season progressed. SEASON SCORES Holstein 28 ...... .-........-.- .--.--- A l to Holstein O ....... .....-.. .-.....- M O ville Holstein O .......... ................... O nowci Holstein 33 .............. ................ G GlvO Holstein 18 ............................. Ido Grove Holstein 54 ......................... Correctionville Holstein 40 .............................. Kingsley Holstein O .......... ........ ........ O d ebolt HOLSTEIN VS. ALTA The Black Pirates opened their season with a win over the Alta Cy- clones. Although the Pirates were inexperienced they started fast and picked up two touchdowns in the first quarter. The second and third quarters were scoreless, but Holstein scored two more touchdowns in the final period with Alta picking up one. The final score 28 to 6. HOLSTEIN VS. MOVILLE . Holstein lost their first conference game to a big, fast charging Mo- ville team. This was the first time in several years Moville beat Holstein. They scored twice in the second quarter and once each in the third and fourth to l:ring their score up to 26. Cal Leonard was injured in the first quarter and Holstein didn't have a veteran in the line for the remainder of the game. The size and power of the Blue Raiders was largely responsible for the 4 touch- downs. SPONSORED BY SAXON'S LUMBER COMPANY PAGE FORTY-NINE HOLSTEIN VS. ONAWA Onawa's powerful team caught Holstein off within the first four minutes. Onawa really wanted t o this game and maybe could have done better if the. guard and scored twice win and it was the first had met them later in time in many years that they did. The Pirates showed their inexperience in V . I the season. Holstein failed to score and the game e Onawa. HOLSTEIN VS. GALVA Holstein had an easy time of it against the lacked the confidence to put up much ofa fight. The end of the first quarter with the substitutes finishing two more touchdowns in the third quarter to end the a good job of defense to keep Galva from scoring dur The final score was 33 to O. HOLSTEIN VS. IDA GROVE The lda Grove Hawks were defeated by a wanted to win. The Pirates capitalized on two Hawk in the first quarter. lda Grove scored their first tou cepted a Holstein pass. The Pirates scored again in Hawks in the final period. Holstein won by a score of HOLSTEIN VS. CORRECTIONV Holstein looked impressive against Correctio ling were good, and Correctionville scored their only quarter with substitutes playing. Alvin Kay, guard, st rying the ball over for the first touchdown. The scor and the final score was 54 to 7. HOLSTEIN VS. KINGSLEY Holstein overpowered the Kingsley Bombers posed to be a close game. Kingsley's passing attack stein's pass defense. Holstein scored three tou The ground attack worked smoothly with quarterbdl overpower the Bombers completely. HOLSTEIN VS. ODEBOLT With a chance to tie for top honors in the N Holstein failed to match the Trojan's power. Holstein ing the first half. After the half the Pirates failed t scored in the 3rd and 4th quarter The Trojan's he powerful for the lighter Holstein line. The final scorl Odebolt. SPONSORED BY MICHAELSEN 81 SONS IMP., FARMEl PAGE FIFTY I" CE s H on th IL nv G ded 20 to O in favor of alva Blue Devils. Galva score was 20 to O at the the half. Holstein scored coring. The reserves did ng the rest of the game. olstein team that reall fumbles for touchdowns hdown after they inter- e third quarter and the l8 to l2. Y LE ille. Blocking and tack- touchdown in the fourth arted the scoring by car- at the half was 33 to O O to O in what was sup- 4 was bottled up by Hol- h downs in each half. k Rickard guiding it to la held them scoreless dur- stop Odebolt and they vy line proved to be 'too was l3 to O in favor of ple Valley Conference, o RS CO-OP OIL ASS'N WILLIAM FAHAN - sen- ior halfback-5' IO"-l75 lbs. . . switched from guard to halfback at the begin- ning of the season . . . was responsible for much of the yardage gained . . . good blocker and tackler . . . 3rd H. ELDON BLENNER-senior center-6' 2"-210 lbs. . . , big hard-hitting ploy- er . . . always able to lead interference through the cen- ter when extra yardage was needed . . . 2nd H. WILLIAM RICKARD -- sen- ior quarterback-6' l"-- l56 lbs. . . a smooth ball handler . . . sharp blocker and smart defensive half- back . . . accurate in pass- ing as well as doing the kicking and running for good gains . . . 3rd H. Honor- able mention on the Sioux City Journal's all-state se- lections. J. DEAN GOETTSCH-senior guard--5' 8"-l75 lbs. . . . good downfield block- er . . . played smart of- fensive ball and was good at opening holes in the line . . . 2nd H. FRANCIS RUHLOW-sem ior fullback-5' IO"-l70 lbs. . . good ball carrier and punt returner . . . played defensive fullback and was a hord tackler . . . did a good job on pass defense . . . 2nd H. zffaff ALVIN KAY-senior guard -5' IO"-l65 lbs. . . Co- captain . . . hit the ends hard and lead interference for many long-gaining plays . . . smart defensive player and rugged tackler . . . good downfield blocker . . . 3rd H, DON SCHNECKLOTH-sem ior holfback-5' 5"-140 lbs. . . Co-captain , . . a good broken field runner very hard to bring down . . . a determined down- field blocker and sharp tockler . . . 3rd H. DELANE SCH ROEDER-sem ior end-6' 2"-l55 ibs. . . . sharp blocker, both in the line and downfield . . . good pass receiver . . . prevented many end runs and was a determined tack- ler . , . 2nd H. Honorable mention in the Sioux City Journal's all state selection and also Jack North's. SPONSORED BY STATE THEATER AND LAWRENCE HEITMANN, TRUCKING PAGE FIFTY-ONE - . 'li Ni EUGENE EHLER - senior guard-5' 10"-150 lbs. . . . played mostly on de- fense . . . prevented many line plays from working and often stopped plays before they started . . . 2nd H. WILLIAM SCHULZ-junior utility back-l5O lbs. . . p I a y ed quarterback . . . good passer and kicker . . . a hard hitting and determin- edftackler . . .'also a valu- able 'Qlayer for next year's team . . . 2ndH. HAROLD MCDERMOTT -- junior tackle-5' lO"-l55 lbs. . . good clean blocker . . . smart defensive player with enough speed to stop many plays after they were well on their way . . . val- uable player for next year's team . . . 2nd H. CALVIN LEONARD -jun- 5 ll" 163 ior tackle- ' lbs. . . hard hi ler . . . rug g resp many gains . . ...WOS ting tack- d blocker nsible for . will be greatly needed in next year's eleven with his ...2ndH. Claw!! LAWRENCE SCHROEDER-- junior end-6'-l65 lbs. ...rugged downfield blocker . . . stopped many of the opponents' end runs gao:l at snagging passes . . . will have a big job on the 'Sl team . . . 2nd l-l. GARY GERBER tackle -- 5' 9" . . . a good h . . . especially and all-around experience sophomore l75 lbs. rd blocker ood tackler defensive player will be needed for the next two seasons ...lstH. DONALD EWOLDT-junior center-5' ll"-l9O lbs. . . . hard hitting blocker and adept at opening up holes in the opponent's line . . . good at stopping rushes through the center of the line . . . rugged player for next year's line . . . lst H. KENNETH GOETTSCH - junior fullback-5' 9"-l 50 lbs. . . a valuable line backer and hard hitting tackler . . , smart on pass d e f e n s e intercepting or knocking down many . . . will be playing a lot of ball next year . . . 2nd H. PAGE Fl FTY-TWO SPONSORED BY GREEN'S DAIRY AND CLA S LORENZEN First Row-D. Schneckloth, F. Ruhlow, K. Goettsch, B. Rickard, D. Goettsch, A. Kay, C. Leon- ard. Second Row-D. Wirkus, B. Fahan, D. Schroeder, L. Schroeder, G. Ehler, B. Schulz, D. Leon- Ord. Third Row-D, Porterfield, Manager, G. Gerber, O. Hueschen, J. Lenz, D. Leonard, B. Martin, B. Weber. 50 4 7 gmffefgaff D. Goettsch, C. Leonard, F. Ruhlow, L. Schroeder, K. Goettsch, D. Schroeder, G. Ehler, B. Fa- hon, B, Rickard, B. Schulz, A. Kay, D. Schneckloth. SPONSORED BY STANDARD OIL, W. E. JACKES AND GREEN LANTERN CAFE PAGE FIFTY-THREE First Row-K. Walker, D. Ruser, R. Endrulot, M. McDermott, Second Row-M. McCubbin, R. Ewoldt, C. Schubert, H. Boch G. Galvin, D. Bronco. Third Row-E. Heilmonn, L. Pfolzgrof, T. Petersen, V. Friedr Goettsch. 5 3-Wifi! D r i . Ewoldt, W. Agnew, M. Lohff ncmn, D. Gebers, R. Bleosdell chsen, K. Obitz, D. Meier, D SPONSORED BY DICK'S TAVERN PAGE FIFTY-FOUR FRANCIS RUHLOW--5' DELANE SCHROEDER- IO"-Senior forward, 6' 2"-Senior utility deceptive passer and re- forward, deceptive ball liable dribbIen-aggres- handler-good passer- sive on defense-scored used bounce passes with I53 points, 2nd H. WILLIAM RICKARD- 6' I"-Senior center, good rebounder and dribbler-could be count- ed on to make baskets when needed-poured in 482 points, 4th H. skill, 2nd H. KENNETH GOETTSCH- 5' 9"-Junior utility man, played forward or guard equally well- adept ball handler-good team player, Ist H. CALVIN LEONARD-5' lI" - Junior utility guard - an aggressive team player-good pass- er and dribbler-will see a lot of action next year, lst H. 0 4 ' gaeilefgaff ALVIN KAY-5' 9"- Senior forward, a cool, steady player-rebound- ed well-did a good job on defense, dumped in .54 points this season, 2nd H. DON SCHNECKLOTH- 5' 5"-Senior guard, good all around team player-reliable passer had good ball control, Ist H. DEAN GOETTSCH-5' 8" Senior guard, good dribber and passer- could hit with consistan- cy from far out-was a team player-dropped in 95 points, Ist H. PAGE FI FTY-FIVE 452 ?.4, Edzigefgfifg Date Opponents We They Nov. 21 Meriden -- ---42 50 28 Aurelia -- ---21 20 Dec. 1 Anthon ----- ---28 25 5 Galva ..-.... ---44 35 8 Correctionville -- ---43 46 12 Danbury ----- ---- 4 2 37 15 Kingsley ---. .-.- 3 8 40 Jan. 2 Meriden -- -.-- 41 32 5 Quimby --- ---- 53 35 6 Mallard --- .... 35 42 16 Galva .... . ---29 23 19 Odebolt ---.-- ---44 68 23 Battle Creek -- ---- 53 37 26 Arthur -..-- - ---- 41 23 29 Alta -------- ----- ---- 3 4 56 Feb. 6 Correctionville -- ---- --.. 6 0 38 9 Danbury --.-- ---33 36 13 Kingsley ------------.---------- ---51 41 16 Battle Creek -----.---------------- ---61 62 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT Jan. 10 Battle Creek ---------------------- ---45 44 11 Arthur --.---------------------- ---35 27 12 Galva ..........-...----.----. ---32 29 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Feb. 24 Ida Grove ...................... ---31 28 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Mar, 5 Mapleton .........-... ...-.... - 1 .....-. 34 57 The Holstein Pirates opened their season with back in the winning column. Meriden had too much Cffxperience for the Pir- ates, who ten days before had been battling the Odeb iron. a loss, but were soon lt Trojans on the grid- core of 41-32 in their Holstein later avenged that first defeat by a s brand-new gymnasium. Two other defeats to Correc were also avenged later in the season. Galva, usually a thorn in Holstein's side, was defeated three times this season. tionville and Kingsley on top honors to add ln the Maple Valley Tournament, Holstein w 's first game was with another trophy to the many in the showcase. Holstein Lattle Creek with the game not being decided until the final sound of the buzzer. The score 45-44. The next night against Arthur the Pirates had an easier time of it coming out on top by the score of 35 game was a close one. The winning points were put in just before the game ended to make it Holstein 32 and Galva 29. Holstein had to win only one game to win the -Q7. Against Cualva the Sectional Tourney and ys started fast and for this they did, handing lda Grove another loss. The bo a while it looked like it was going to be an easy gami had different ideas, and Holstein had to work to the e d to win 31-28. At the District, Mapleton swamped Holstein 57 an ice cold first quarter. Mapleton's height and poise proved too much for the Holstein tive. PAGE FIFTY-SIX Ida Grove, however, -B4, although they had Front Row-N. Nelson, E. Gebers, J. Brodersen, D. Breyfogle, J. Lemke, P. Ellerbusch, M. Schroeder. Second Row-M. Kreutz, M. Vohs, S. Daugaard, M. Walker, Z, Mcflubbin, D. Conover, M, Arp. Third Row-J. Carsteras, S. Bergmann, D. Krambeck, K. Kruse, B. Carstens, M. Schubert, M. Dau, Manager. "CONNlE" KRAAI As No. OO on our team, two year old Connie proved to be our "good luck" mascot. She trav- eled with us and was definitely the most eye- catching girl on the floor. GIRLS' B. B. LETTER WINNERS FOR 'I950-5'I Co-Captain Doris Breytogle ---- ........... --- Joelle Lemke Patsy Ellerbusch Jaan Brodersen Mary Lou Walker Maxine Schroeder Co-Captain Evelyn Gebers ..........c......., Shirley Daugaard Donna Lou Conover Mary Vohs Nancy Nelson Mary Ann Arp Zoe Ann McCubbin Shirley Bergmann GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE h W Th Feb. 6 C'ville 60 am 7 SPD 6? Z 2l 1501119 creek 89 POV' 21 Mzfigen 76 65 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT 28 Aurelio 76 24 .lC1r1. IO Arthur 65 Dec. 1 Anthon 72 21 'Z SCWO 56 5 GOIVO 65 42 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 8 Cville V 89 34 Jan. 3l Early 59 l5 Kingsley 66 35 Feb, 2 Oto 6l Jan. 2 Meriden 83 68 3 Gglvq Y 70 2 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT I6 GOIVO 57 47 Feb. I5 Sulphur Springs 75 I9 odeboif 52 32 l7 Mfmden 66 23 Battle Creek 76 40 STATE TOURNAMENT 26 Arthur 73 54 Feb. 27 Moravia 60 SPONSORED BY HOLSTEIN PRODUCE AND HATCHERY PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN fi Qtr! 5..4efz.1z Csrmm.. fnaylllflcflflf llflf T?flLi9'C? Starting with an auspicious 6l-44 win over Sloan, stunning new midriffs, yelled to the world that they were going expected. Having begun the season on a muddy outdoor field, overcome such obstacles and become one of the sixteen finalists. The girls progressed during the season with a whirl, nip and tuck game. Immediately after the Christmas holiday opened with another crashing defeat for Meriden. The jinx tea seasonal play, and a third time in the exciting finals to win th Phy- time heartbreaker. Beginning the Sectional Tourney each of t was the opponent in the Sectional finals for the fourth time t said the odds were against the Piratettes, but the girls wowed t ball they had not displayed since the Mallard game. As the g scores widened. Galva's teeth had been pulled, lock, stock, and pasting. ln the finals, the girls snatched a 66-65 victory fro in a thrilling squeaker to win the district championship and th stein girls were ahead one point in the last few seconds when the free-throw line in an attempt to tie up the score. Countless the ball bounced once, then twice to be tied up for a jump ball. buzzer rang. Twelve jubilant girls with tear-filled eyes went the crowd thundered its applause. Moravia was the 62-60 winner over Holstein in anoth round of State. The Holstein girls continually cut the southern points but were unable to overtake Moravia's lead. lt had bee the very end, and until the final gun popped, the outcome was PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT Q li' was a good Mallard team that handed the Piratet h mind: State Tourney or Bust. Early and Oto were defeated in b G The District Tourney was opened with the Piratettes m e L l O X cfcrcrm ru ,Jw erif the Cerise girls dressed in their to be tougher than anyone had the Piratettes showed they could efeating Meriden in an exciting the beautiful new gym was 'n, Galva, was defeated twice in ez Maple Valley Tournament tro- tes their first defeat in an over- e twelve girls had one goal in reather games, and again Galva his season. There were those who he crowd with a brand of basket- me progressed the difference in barrel. handing Sulphur Springs a 75-38 a determined Meriden sextette coveted trip to State. The Hol- ckner of Meriden approached ilent prayers were answered as hen in a few seconds the final forward to receive the trophy as lowa s sextette s edge to a few 1 another nip and tuck battle, to undecided. er breath-taking game in the first Y ,gms EVELYN GEBERS JOAN BRODERSEN JOELLE LEMKE DORIS BREYFOGLE Senior Guard Throughout the entire season, Evelyn showed her fine ability in play- ing that difficult position in girls' basketball-post guard. Always a calm player, she was quick to analyze the actions of her opponents. Senior Forward Joan has an outstanding deceptive fake. Aided by her drive-shot and sharp passing, she played in- spired ball the entire sea- son. Jack North's All- State Honor Roll, l. D. P. A. Honor Roll. Senior Guard This long-armed ball hawk constantly stole and tied up the opponent's ball. She sparkled de- fensively and showed outstanding improvement over last year. Senior Forward Doris used her height to an advantage in her right and left handed shots and her breathtaking overhead "swishers". Her calming influence in- spired the team to many a victory. I. D. P. A. 3rd team All-State, Jack North's 4th team, All- State. M. Vohs, Z. McCubbin, N, Nelson, J. Brodersen, S, Daugaard, M. Walker, D. Breyfogle, P. Ellerbusch, J. Lemke, D, Conover, E, Gebers, M, Schroeder. MAXINE SCHROEDER Junior Forward As a dexterous shot- maker, Maxine was al- ways cool. Her set shots from the side constant- ly worried opposing teams and forced the de- fense out as she and Joan exchanged quick passes. Jock North's All- State Honor Rall. NANCY NELSON Sophomore Guard This defensive ball steal- er developed a springy rebound and used an ex- plosive sneak through her opponents to get the ball into the front court. Her superb ball playing was consistant all sea- son. Jack North's All- State Honor Roll. PATSY ELLERBUSCH Senior Forward Patsy worked well out in front with Joan and had a nice set shot from the side. She proved to be a good dependable pinch- hitting basketeer. ZOE ANN MCCUBBIN Junior Guard As a defensive leech, Zoe proved to be a driving, hard worker. After cut- ting off her opponent's passes her instant ball passing into our front court resulted in many baskets. DONNA LU CONOVER Junior Forward This left-hand artist showed her ability in the front court several times this year. With her fast and accurate passing, she shows definite promise for next year. MARY WALKER Senior Guard When she took over ot post guard, her extra height and long arms proved advantageous stopping the shots of her forward. MARY N Junior F As an aggr spirited tec Mary gained perivnze and ment this vear. good eye for from the froi position. fOHS rward ssive and w player, much ex- improve- She his a the basket wt set-shot SHIRLEY DAUGAARD Junior Guard Aided with her inter- cepting ability and her speed, Shirley was a wor- ry to any competing team. She started sever- al games at the begin- ning of the season and came back for the Sec- tional Tourney to finish out the season with us. MARY ANN ARP Junior Forward Marv's greatest assets are her speed and her efficient team-work in the front court. Her nat- ural speed is effective in intercepting and cutting for the basket. SHIRLEY BER Sophomore This determine sive player sho NAANN uard , defen- ws much promise for th-e future. Although seeing little aame cction tl wis YEGY, Shirley stood oLLt as be- ing an explosiv thinking player. B SQUAD , quick- Front Row-J. McCubbin, C. Kolb, M. Wilson, J. Myrtue, D. Gr en, S. Conover, K. Rice. Second Row-I. Ewoldt, M. Lembcke, C. Petersen, J. Kolb, M. Kolb, G. Ruhser, B. Scott, M Goettsch. Third Row-D. Conover, S. Miller, J. Schroeder, M. Bumann, D. lenner, N. Wieland, S. Mich- aelsen, D. Ruhlow, J. Armiger. Fourth Row-D. Prosch, J. Conover, D. Walker, S. Pfalzgrof, D. I win, M. Schroeder, D. Ewoldt, S. Scott. PAGE SIXTY First Row--Bill Agnew, Don Schneckloth, Bill Fahan, Mickey McDermott, Delane Schroeder, Bill Rickard, Gene Ehler, Bob Endrulat, Charles Schubert, Wayne Kiesling. Second Row--Dave Leonard, Alvin Kay, Calvin Leonard, Jim Lenz, Eldon Blenner, Lawrence Schroeder, Denton Wir- kus, Harlan Arp, Kenny Goettsch. Third Row-Gaylen Galvin, Bill Schulz, Don Ewoldt, Dave Leonard, Otto l-lueschen, Gary Gerber, Bill Weber, Bob Martin. Fourth Row--Melvin McCubbin, Martin Lohtt, Dan Bronco, ROHOIU Ewoldf, I-Ovefe PfOl2QfOf, Kenny WOIRGF, Don Goettsch. Fifth Row-Sam King, Don Porterfield, Verlyn Friedrichsen, Bob l3le0Sdell- QMA Hampered by heavy spring snow, the Holstein trackmen were forced to do most of their practicing in the gym. Eleven of last year's lettermen reported for track again this year. They are Don Schneckloth, Bill Rickard, Delane Schroeder, Bill Fahan, Charles Schubert, Bob Endrulat, Gene Ehler, Harold McDermott, Bill Agnew, Lawrence Schroeder, and Jim Lenz. Much ot Holstein's track tate depends on these boys and the others who develop into sure point-getters. ., ...! . S A SPONSORED BY THE BLUE EAGLE PAGE SIXTY-ONE Joan Brodersen, Attendant, Doris Breyfogle, Relays Queen, Patsy Eller- busch, Attendant. TRACK SCHEDULE Holstein Relays .................... -- Pocahontas Relays .... Tomahawk Relays -- Ida County Meet - Alta Relays ....... Maple Valley Meet Sioux City Relays - Estherville Relays - District Meet .... Sac City Relays --- State Meet .... Cancelled ---- April 20 --- April 21 April 24 --- April 27 --- May l -- May 4 ---- May 5 May ll -Mayl9 -- May 26 PAGE SIXTY-TWO o o o you Wi!! 51.1163 11.4 l.lfl 1zyA ACA oo! . . ,M W., ! 1 , , .-.. ,:. I-' ' "5 I 1 V 3 , , , F W . I NH., N -- .., . : -5- ,W-NM, h w- - X, -,',1,,.?.. JM -. . ', - --r.'.wk,-V: W' ':, 'H 4, --gm ' if M ' 'QW' vwgggsm, '25, A 1 V -j.',:,,qfl.'-P- t . , . , , -jhygzx m..1.,.v.Q ..n'.J 2 v PAGE SIXTY-THREE MR. HARLAND HANSON Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. Degree University of Iowa, M. A. Degree MR. ARTHUR GERBER Iowa State Teachers College, B. S. Degree 5 classes lmathematics and science tieldlj I study hallp Assistant foot- ball coach, Jr. High football coachg Noon dutyg l. E. A. Memberg Right hand man for miscellaneous jobs. PAGE SIXTY-FOUR mfr When asked, the teachers gave answers to the following questions: Where did you receive your college educaticn? What classes do you teach? What activities do you spon- sor or participate in? l MR. RUSSELL KRAAI Morningside College. B. A. Degree Summer Coaching School 5 classes lSocial Studies and Physi- cal Educationlg I study hallg football, basketball boys' and girls'I and track coachg I. E. A. Member. MISS MARIE STONER University of Iowa, B. A. Degree S. U. I. lTwo summersl Universlty of Minneso'a lOne summerl Colorado University lOne summerl Principal of Holstein Highp 2 classes lsocial studieslg 3 study halls and one Iibraryg Sponsor of the Moog Senior class advisory Girls' Basketball Chap- eroneg I. E. A. Member, noon dutyg Nacirema memberg Membership Com- mittee lda County Council. MRS. MILDRED JATHO Sam Houston State Teachers College University of Texas, B. S. Degree 4 classes lscience field and home ec.I5 l. E. A. Member, noon duty, I libraryg Nacirema member. safe MISS GEORGIA ANDERSON Morningside College, B. S. Degree Classes Icommerciallg Jr. Class spon- sor, Nacirema Member. MRS. CHARLES PIPER Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. Degree Three subjects, English C3 classesl Journalism, Speech, Sponsor of the Pep Club and Hi-Larity, Play Director, Member of I. S. E. A. and Nacirema. clcnflf MR. CONRAD CLAUSSEN Music School in Germany I4 yearsl Buena Vista I2 refresher coursesl Senior and Junior Bands, Groups Solos, and Lessons, Summer concert in Galva and Holstein, Monahan Post Band, Sioux City, Symphony, Sioux City, Supervision of Music Arts for Boy Scouts, I. E. A. Member. MRS. BERN ICE KUCHEL St. Olaf College Buena Vista College University of Minnesota, B. A. Degree English 4 and all vocal music, glee club Iboys and girlslg I mixed chorus practice, Girls' sextette, Noon duty, Entertainment at Baccalaureate, Commencement and Plays, Nacir- ema, Piano lessons, I, E. A. Member. CHARLES PIPER lowa State College Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. Degree Industrial Arts I4 classeslg Driver Training I3 classesl, Sponsor at Sophomore class, Member of I. S. E. A., American Legion, American In- dustrial Arts Association. PAGE SIXTY-FIVE Three Teochers, Miss Woish, Miss Johnson, and Miss Anderson. Don't you think Miss Stoner's c ure? Miss Ston er, principal inner is over-now for the gob- Piper gives o big smile to oll Session! PAGE SIXTY-SIX . H 4 Q First Row--K. Walker, M. Lohff, D. Prosch, D. Conover, J. McCubbin, E. Heilman, D. Goettsch, M. McCubbin, G. Galvin, D. Bronco. Second Row-J. Conover, K. Rice, S. Scott, M. A. Kreutz, S. Miller, B. Scott. Third Row-D. Walker, M. Goettsch, D. Schuett, D. Irwin, D. Green, O. Hueschen, D. Gebers, D. Meier, J. Carstens, J. Armiger, S. Michaelsen, M. Bumann. Fourth Row-S. King, H. Bochmann, R. Bergmann, R. Bleosdell, R. Martin, H. Arp, R. Ewoldt, C. Kistenmacher, L. Pfalzgraf. A6 C2564 lfIfL6lfL 5664 "We are the freshmen, we're what the seniors look at to prove they're grown up, we're the object of the senior's affection on initiation day, we're the reason for the senior dance held December 22, we laugh and we're laughed at, we learn and profit by the many, many mistakes we make, we're active in pep club to which eighteen of us belong, glee club, nineteen, Hi- Larity staff, one, basketball, twenty-seven, football, fourteen, and in general we try to be the way "they" expect us to be." "ln the fall of '50 we organized under the capable management of Mrs. Bernice Kuchel, and elected Bob Martin as president, Martin Lohff as vice president, and Mary Ann Kreutz as secretary-treasurer." "This is the beginning--it's up to us to make the best of it." SPONSORED BY CHESTERMAN CO., SIOUX CITY AND CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. A PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN First Row-M. Dittmer, N. Nelson, l. Ewoldt, M. L. Schubert, D. fogle, D. Geske, C. Kolb. Second Row-D. Bauer, G. Ruhser, M. Schroeder, F. Kruse, D. Bl Third Row-S. Bergmann, C. Petersen, K. Obitz, L. Schuett, J. Schroeder. Fourth Row-D. Leonard, G. Gerber, D. Lund, D. Wirkus, D. Ruhs QA6 150 AOVVLOZZ This year as we started school, we were a li more independent, and how proud we felt to be abl room l4 or tell a freshman where a teacher might b As the school year started dusting off the s ganized under our leader, Mr. Piper, and elected Da ident, Denton Wirkus as our vice-president, and Na retary-treasurer. We form a vital part of the extra-curricular of us are out at the practice field every night in the en iand we were proud of Nancy Nelson who started the State Basketball Tournamentl, in glee club, fiftee and there are eleven of us on the Hi-Larity staff. We may be the smallest class in high school, our school is as deep as anyone else's-we are proud l-znown as the "Home of the Black Pirates and Piratet SPONSORED BY JOURNAL-TRIBUNE PUBLlCATlONS AN PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT Ru hlow, N. Wieland, B. Brey- enner. Lenz, J. Werner, D. Gries, J. er. 14,666.44 ttle less afraid, a little G G GTI VI Fi a f a ni b T t D to direct someone to located. ds of summer, we or- Leonard as our pres- y Nelson, as our sec- tivities. ln football six ll, in basketball, elev- the guard position in in pep club, thirteen, t the love we feel for belong to the school sll VOLLMAR MOTORS First Row-L. Kistenmzcher, D. L. Conover, M. Lembcke, M. Vohs, C. Schlumboum, M. J. Wittrork, M, Schroeder, S Conover. Second Row-L. Wiese, M. A. Arp, B. Carstens, Z. A. McCubbin, D. Krambeck, S. Daugaard L. A. BUH13Hn,M. L. Kolb. Third Row-T. Peiersen, B. Agnew, H. McDermott, D. Ewoldt, R. l-lintz, B. Weber, L. Schroe- der. Voqrlh ROW-K. Goettsch, C. Leonard, H. Timmermon, D. Portertield. Absent--Bill Schulz. M1450 Z' We organized under the supervision of Miss Anderson and started one of the busiest years We have experienced. Our president, Bill Agnew, led. many an "argument-packed" meeting with Mary Ann Arp, vice-president, assisting him and Mickey McDermott handling the purse strings and read- ing the minutes. Selecting class rings, putting on the play, "Aaron Slick fromf Pumpkin Crick", selling food at football games, and putting on the junior- senior prom were only a few of the many things we carried out, ln addition, two of us were on the Hi-Larity staff, eleven in pep club, seven in mixed chor- us, seven in glee club, ten in football, and twenty in basketball. Maxine, starting forward, and Zoe Ann, guard, gave a fine performance at the Girl's State Basketball Tournament at Des Moines. We worked hard, but the success we obtained was both a tribute to us and to our school. SPONSORED BY C. E. CONOVER PAGE SIXTY-NINE I ' 'Q ejazegiefrfvzlfive Mn ze mumm These six students have been selected on the basi scholastic achievement, extra-curricular activities and ford resent their respective classes. JUNIORS Mary Ann Arp-A quiet, rather shy, but most friendly and si Iected as the truly representative junior girl. She has a and this year played forward for the Piratettes. Mickey McDermott-Having been class treasurer for three honesty and dependability. He is also active in boy's vo SOPHOMORES: Florence Kruse--Though her greatest worries seem to be 0 working away at her music. ln addition to her work wif this year, Florence has been a hard working member of ness: giggling. Dave Leonard-For those who know him CAnd who doesn't ion and always ready with a witty answer. The English c for his themes and compositions. His silent partner: B FRESHMEN: Shirley Michaelsen-This young lady from the freshman gl in Girls' Glee Club. She participated in the Home Econo willing to do any job asked of her. Martin Lohff--A straight "A" student who is Q very quiet band. PAGE SEVENTY if Ol l of personality, sociability, Il-around good fellows to rep- ncere girl, Mary Ann was se- definite interest in basketball ears, Mickey has proved his cal groups, football, and track. r her clarinet, Florence keeps concert and marching band the Hi-Larity staff. Her weak- l I l Dave is a likeable compan- ss always wait with anxiety Martin. ass is active in Rainbow and ics Style Show and is always lad. Martin is also active in iw' 777 W ' f' if ifw' ' 'f' "" 'R' df Z6.46lfLt6i,fiV6 ZlfLl:0Z.4 Chosen by student and faculty vote as outstanding among their classmates-they have been selected as representative seniors from this year's graduating class. Sparkling personalities and winning smiles combine to place Doris Brey- fogle and Don Schneckloth high in student approval. Doris is honored for her high scholastic ability and her participation in extra-curricular activities. Basketball fans looked for that blonde gal in the bright-colored suit with the number '13-and Doris made any superstitions about that number seem foolish. lt's "Donnie's" ability to get along with others and his "way with girls" that have made him popular in Holstein High School. Friendly, good-natured, a hard-working student, and a real pal, Don has been active in sports and was chosen Homecoming King of l95O. PAGE SEVENTY-ONE GENE EHLER "GENE" "Don't think-it hurts!" Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus, l, 2, "Saved By The Belle", 3, 4 H's. PATSY ELLERBUSCH r1pAT11 "Life is too short for me to go on to college next fall." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Secretary- Treasurer, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, l, 2, 3, Hi- Larity, l, 2, 3, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Moo Staff, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4, "Which Shall He Marry", 4, Relays Attendant, 4, 3 H's. THEONE EHRP "THEONE" "Her future's all planned for her." Mixed Chorus, l, 2, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Moo Staff, 4. ROBERT EN DRULAT "BOB" "All great men are dying lately, and l don't feel so well myself." Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, Boys' Chorus, l, 2, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, 2 H's. ELDON B ENNER "BLENN R" "His hobby-'th technique of love " Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 2, 3, Track Boys' Chorus, ' Staff, 4, 2 H's, 1 1 2, 3, 4: 2, Moo JOAN BROIDERSEN "BRODY" "Why stay home if you can be hav time." and study ing a good Basketball, l, 2, B, 4, Drum Majorette, 2, 3, 4, Mixed e Club, 2, Chorus, 3, 4, Glo 3, 4, Girls' Sexte Club, l, 2, 3, 4, l 'te, 4, Pep Cheerlead- er, l, 2, 3, Hi-Larity, l, 2, 3, Co-editor, 4, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Homecoming Queen, 4, Moo "Which Shall H Staff, 4, e Marry", 4, Relays Attendant, 4, 4 H's DORIS BREYFOGLE "DORSER" "Looking for her 6 ioot 2 and eyes of blue lover." Basketball, l, 2, 3, CO-COD- tain, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sextette, 4, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, HI Larlty, l, 2, Co-editor, 3, 4, "Saved By the Belle", 3, Moo Staff Co- editor, 4, D, A. R., 4, "Which Shall He Marry", 4, Vice-President, l, Relays Queen, 4, 3 H's. MARY DAU "MIC" "Better to get up late and be wide awake than to get up early and be asleep all day." Basketball, l, 2, 3, Mana- ger, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, Li- brarian-Manager, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Moo Staff, 4, "Which Shall H: Marry", 4. DEAN GOETTSCH "GlLESPlE" "He found his true love at last-his pea-green ford!" AITYQEDEI-IlEf?iY Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ,, , , , ball' 1, 2, 3' 4: Track, I, 2 Don I' lose yOUrHSl1lrl', lm 3, 4, Mixed chorus, 2 C0"""9! DONNA FAYE EWOLDT "EWOLDT" "She who laughs last. will probably be Donna Faye." Basketball, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Glee Club, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 4, Moo Staff, 4. VERLYN FRIEDRICHSEN "VERLYN" "Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit." Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 3, Track, l, Boys' Chorus, WILLIAM FAHAN HBH-Lu "Work fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Class President, 2, 4, Vice-President, 3, Boys' Chorus, I, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Hi-Larity, 4, Moo Co-editor, 4, "Which Shall He Marry", 4, 5 H's. EVELYN GEBERS "EVlE" "Anybody see the guy with a chevy from I. G.?" Basketball, l, 2, 3, Co-cap- tam, 4, Bond, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, I, 2, 3, Co-editor, 4, Moo Staff, 4, 3 H's. Boys' Chorus, I, 2, 2 H's. WAYNE KIESLING "KlssEY" "MiIkman 1 keep those bottles quiet." Football, l, Track, 2, 4 "Saved By The Belle", 3. Football, I, 2, 3, Co-cape tain, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, Boys' Chorus, I, 2, Boys' Octette, I, 2, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Homecoming Attendant, 4, 5 H's. RUTH KISTENMACHER HRUTHH "A quiet miss with just one wish-to be a farmer's wife." Basketball, 2, Mixed Chor- us, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Assistant Director of "Which Shall He Marry", 4 New .3 , . SHIRLEY PFALZGRAF "SHIRLEY" "Men annoy me--l LOVE to be annoyed." Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 4, Hi- Larity, 4. BONNIE ROCI-IAU "BONNIE" "She has a smile that is worth a million, but it doesn't cost a cent." Basketball, I, 2, Mixed Chorus, 3, Glec Club, 2, 3, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Class President, 3, Vice President, 4, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Moo Staff, 4, "Which Shall He Marry", 4. WILLIAM RICKARD HRICKH "Of all my dad's relation, l like myself best." Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, Presi- dent, 4, Moo Staff, 4, Homecoming Attendant, 4, 8 H's. FRANCIS RUHLOW "Rui-iLoW" "lf I can't do great things, l'll do small things in a great way." Football, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, Sioux City High, V2, Pep Club, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, Class Secretary and Treasurer, 4, 4 H's. JANET KOLB "JAN" "Come on no gang-a little pgpf' Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, JOELLE LEMKE HBABEH "She puts her worries down Gee '..Iub, I, 2 , 3, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 41, Hi-Larity, te I 2 3 in the bottom of her heart, sits on the lid, and smiIes." I, 2, 3, Maiore 4, "Saved By Th Cheerleader, 4, ing Attendant, Staff, 4, "Whic Marry", 4. e Belle", 3, Homecom- 4, Moo I1 Shall He JOYCE MYRTUE Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary, I, 3, Clarinet Quartet, 2, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, "Saved By The Belle", 3, Girls' Sextette, 4, Moo Staff, 4, 2 H's. "MYRT" "She's quiet an: shy, but when she's alo e-ohhh 1 myll' Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, Club, 2, 4, Sec surer, 3, Pep Cl , 4, Glee r tary-Trea- b, I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 2, 3, 4, "Saved ROGER PETERSEN "PETE" By The BeIle", 3 4, "Which Shall 4. , Moo Staff, He Marry", "Still waters run deep!" Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, Track, I, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus, I, 2, Moo Staff, 4, "Which Shall He Marry", 4, I H. MARY WALKER "MlCKEE" "Practicing to be another girl in white." Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, President, 4, Pep f-1-fl, 3, 4, Trombone Solo, 3, Brass Sextette and Quar- tette, 3, 4, Brass Quintet, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, Pep Club, I, 2, 3, Secretary, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Hi-Larity, I, 2, 3, "Saved By The Belle" - Assistant Director, 3, Moo Staff, 4, 3 H's. CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Blue 81 White White Rose "Not better than the best but better than the rest. I BEVERLY SAGER "BEV" "l like to be bashful, but the boys won't let me!" Band, I, Oboe Solo, I, Hi- Larity, I, Class President, l, Cushing High Student, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, l, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sextette, 3, 4, "Teen Trouble", 3, Vocal Solo, 2, 3, 4, Piano Solo, 2, 3, Moo Staff, 4. DELANE SCHROEDER "SCHROEDER" "Exercise? Why I peeled an orange for breakfast." Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, Moo Staff, 4, Boys' Chorus, 2, Boys' Octette, 2, School Safety Patrol, I, Class Vice- President, 2, 5 H's. MARCENE WILSON "MARCENE" "Why can't everyone be good like me-nheml" Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Larity, 3, 4, "Which Shall He Marry"- Ticket Seller, 4. BE'l'I'E WITTROCK "BUTE" "The gal with a convertible all her own." Pep Club, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Moo Staff, 4. CLASS MOTTO DON SCHNECKLOTH "Dom" "God bless the man who invented sleep." Football, l, 2, 3, co-cap- tain, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary and Treasurer, 2, Mixed Chorus, 2, Homecom- ing King, 4, 6 H's. CHARLES SCHUBERT "CHARLIE" "He wishes he were just go- ing to be a junior!" Football, l, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus, l, School Sa- fety Patrol, I, Hi-Larity Staff, 4, I H. Seated: E. Gebers, M. Dau, J. Brodersen, D. Ewoldt, D. Breyfoglez, Lemke, J. Myrtue, R. Kistenmacher, T. Ehrp. B. Fahan, D. Schroeder, J. Standing: B. Wittrock, B. Rochau, A. Kay, E. Blenner, G. Ehler, R. Petersen, B. Sager, P. Eller- busch, J. Kolb, B. Rickard, M. Walker. 00 ei-fabff Co- Editors .......... Business Manager ................. .- ....--.. - Business Manager Staff .........-..-...... ,-,-,,,,,---,--,---.- Doris Breyfogle, Bill Fahan - .,.. Bonnie Rochau Bill Rickard, Danna Ewoldt, Eldon Blenner, Gene Ehler, Alvin Kay. Features ........... ............. . - ...... Photography and Snaps Underclassmen Editor - Joelle Lemke, Beverly Sager Joan Brodersen Senior Editor ................ . ..... ................ ------ Evelyn Gebers Janet Kolb Music and Dramatics ......................... .- ...... Mary Walker Junior High and Grades .............................. Theone Ehrp Girls' Basketball ............................. .- .... Patsy Ellerbusch Boys' Sports ........................ -. ..... ,- - - Proafreade rs ....................... J oyce Myrt Typists ................... Mary Dau, Bette Witt SPONSORED BY THE HOLSTEIN ADVAIX PAGE SEVENTY-SIX ----- Roger Petersen e, Ruth Kistenmacher ock, Delane Schroeder ICE Q..

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Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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