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gf-. 1 -U1 ..,4 L4 1+ ,fljg Q5 C fsweirmfw 44 E r Nr.-w:e:f'? ' ' . .f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 J HA 4 1 1 1 '1 "1 1 Q.-- 1 ,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'I 1 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 i1 I1 1 - 1 1 1 NA f-Xmfx 1 N X5 f, r i 1 1 1 1 . S--4' - - 'Y IHIIIIHU PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY HOLSTEIN HIGH SCHOOL HOLSTEIN, IOWA VOLUME 33 oifwaifol Upon selecting a general course or tlfierne for the "'MOO", we, the staff of '50, tried to take into consideration the fact that an annual is a first-class scrapbook. One objective of a scrapbook is to bring back memories. Vile sincerely hope that our "scrapbook" has fulfilled that objective. PAGE TWO Qeallccitloifi To Superintendent Harland H. Hanson, whose keen interest in all school activities has lead to the realization of a new auditorium-gymnasium for our school, we, the Class of '50, dedicate this yearbook. He has helped to make our school an efficient institution whose objective is better education for the graduates of tomorrow. We know he will continue the good work. PAGE THREE Seated Left to Right-J. Sindt, P. Bergmann, L. Munz, D. Bremer, B. Bremer, S. Wiese, D. Ruhser, J. Bagenstos, L. Lill, D. Jensen, J. Carnes, J. Kolb, H. Arp. Standing Left to Right-M. Hansohn, W. Kastner, D. Earnest, L. Scherner. moo Staff Editor ....................... ,.............,. Business Manager and Assistants ................. Harold Arp Judee Bagenstos Assistant Editor ......................,......,.,. ----- James Sindt Lyle Munz Wendell Kastner Jean Kolb Judee Bagenstos Senior Editor .....................,.............. LaVaughn Lill Underclassmen ................................... Donna Jensen Junior High and Grades ............................ Darlene Bremer Editor, Boys' Sports ................................. Dean Earnest Editor, Girls' Sports .....,............................. Jean Kolb Music and Dramatics ............................ Maxine Hansohn Features ..........................-...... J .... Photography ...................-...,.......... Typists ............................................ Proofreaders ................................. .... Faculty Advisor ............................. ....... PAGE FOUR Betty Bremer Phyllis Bergmann Shirley Wiese Duane Ruhser Jean Kolb Joan Carnes Donna Jensen LaVaughn Lill Phyllis Bergmann Louise Scherner Miss Stoner ke xi 7 i, ix Q 5 E 5 3 , 1 1 3133 i nu v 1 as E .Q i A ,f Back row-H. Hanson, W. Lorenzen, H. Knuth, J. Leonard. Front row-F. Barghols, G. Raabe, M. Jackes, R. Bagenstos. The omfal of Ealificoitiom Pictured above are the people responsible for the "character" of Hol- stein Public School. When any problems confront them, and there are many, they alone make the decisions. Past decisions have taken a course by which the school and the community of Holstein have benefited the most. The responsibility placed on these people is great, for they mold the future of the students of this school. The people of Holstein can be proud that they have this capable group who are willing to give so generously ot their time so that we may have a schqool whose "character" is good. PAGE SIX MR. HARLAND H, HANSON- Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. Degree, University of Iowa, M. A. Degree, Superintendantship and Hi- lority Advisor, I. E. A. Member, noon duty, American Legion, Masonic Lodge, and Commercial Club. Dear Diary, Today I interviewed each member of the faculty, including the two new members, Mr. and Mrs. Ashmore. After several minutes of conver- MR. RUSSELL KRAAI- Morningside College, B. A. Degree, Summer Coaching School, 5 classes lSocial Studies and Physical Educa- tionl, I study hall, football, basket- ball lboys' and girIs'D, and track coach, noon hour program, I. E. A. member. MISS MARIE STONER- University of Iowa, B. A. Degree, S. U. I. I2 summersi, University of Minnesota ll summerl, Colorado .University CI summerl, principalship, 2 classes lsocial studiesi, 2 study halls and one library, Sponsor of the Moo, Senior Class Advisor, Girls' Basketball chaperone, I. E. A. mem- ber, noon duty, and Nacirema mem- ber. sation, they gave me interesting bits of information about themselves as follows: College education fdegree or years attendedl, the number of MISS FRANCES MENARD- Briar Cliff College, B. A. Degree, 7 classes lcommercial fieldl, Sponsor of Junior Class imagazine sales, con- cessions at games, Junior-Senior Proml, noon duty, supervision over refiling of Holstein library books, I. E. A. member, Nacirema member, Girl Scout Troop Committee member. MR. ARTHUR GERBER- Iowa State Teachers College, B. S. Degree, Seven classes fmathemat- ics and science fieldl, I study hall, assistant football coach, Jr. high football coach, noon duty and I. E. A. member. classes taught by them or general schoolwork here in Holstein, the field taught in, and activities spon- sored or participated in. MRS. BERNICE KUCHEL- St. Olaf College, Buena Vista College, University of Minnesota, B. A. Degree, English IV and all vocal music, 2 glee club practices, small group practices, girls' sextette, noon duty, Chairman of Teachers' Selec- tive Committee of Ida County Coun- cil, Grade Operetta, Spring Concert, Entertainment at Baccalaureate, Commencement and plays, Nacirema, piano lessons, I. E. A. member. W MR. CONRAD CLAUSSEN- Music School in Germany C4 yearsl, Buena Vista, 2 refresher courses, Senior and Junior Bands, Group Solos, and Lessons, Summer Concerts in Holstein and Galva, Monahan Post Band, Sioux City, Symphony, Sioux City, Supervision of Music Arts for Boy Scouts, I. E. A. member. MR. MAX ASHMORE- Westmar College, Elementary Certificate, ll classes Ur. High De- partmentall, Jr. High boys' and MRS. MILDRED JATHO- Sam Houston State Teachers Col- lege, University ot Texas, B. S. De- gree, 4 classes lscience tieldl, I study hall, and I library, I. E. A. member, noon duty, Girl Scout Troop Committee, Holstein Library Committee, Nacirema member. Faculty MISS PEARL KITCHEN- Morningside College, 7 classes Ur, High Departmentall, Chaperone girls' basketball coach, I. E. A. mem-' tor Jr. High BGSIQSTIDOII, Und 'WOOD ber, noon duty. duty. MISS HARRIET BAKER- Morningside College, B. A. Degree, South Dakota University ll summerl, 4 classes lEngIish tieldl, 2 study halls, librarian, milk secretary, di- rector of junior and senior plays, Sponsor of Pep Club, I. E. A. mem- ber, Glrl Scout Leader, Nacirema, noon duty. MISS VIOLA MOHR- Iowa State Teachers College I2 years and 3 months elementary ed- ucationl, University of Iowa ll sum- merl, all sixth grade classes, Brow- nie Scout Leader, noon duty, Nacir- ema member, and Order of Eastern Star, I. E. A. member. MISS SARAH JON ES- University of Colorado II summerl, Buena Vista C2 yearsl, Iowa State Teachers College, 7 classes ltitth grade subjectsi, Assistant director of Grade Operetta, Playground and noon duty, I. E. A. member, Nacirema member. MISS EDNA ROBERTS- lowa State Teachers College, two- year Kindergarten-Primary Csum- mersl, all tirst grade classes, I. E. A. member, Girl Scout Troop Committee, noon duty, Nacirema. MISS ALICE STREED- Buena Vista College, all fourth grade classes, I. E. A. member, noon duty. faculty MRS. MABEL JACQUES- Iowa State Teachers College, Spec- ial Primary, Buena Vista College, all second grade classes, I. E. A. mem- ber, noon duty, Nacirema member. MRS. DORIS ASHMORE- Morningside College, Westmar College, all third grade classes, I. E. A. member, noon duty, Nacirema. MRS. MARION FAHAN- Iowa State College, Buena Vista College, Iowa State Teachers College, Los Angeles State College, Kinder- garten classes, I. E. A. member, noon duty, Nacirema. 3 S 25: 1 1 I 5 1 1 '1 Q w .nm gi 335 5 gf ki 35, X2 Q K. S SY HAROLD ARP HAR!-,YH Little, but forceful. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Moo Editor 4, Class Vice-President 4, Sec'y-Treas. 3, "Shoot the Works" 3. BETTY BREMER "BoBBiE" She' speaks, behaves, and acts just as she ought to. Basketball l, 2, 3, Manager 4, Girls' Chorus 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Sex- tet l, 2, 3, 4, Hilarity Co- Editor 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, "Shoot the Works" 3, "Look Me ln The Eye" 4. JUDITH BAGENSTOS 'UUDEE "" A swell gal with personality and vocal ability. Moo Assistant Editor 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Hilarity l, 2, Co-Editor 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Clarinet Quartet 3, 4, Clarinet Solo 4, Girls' Chor- us 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Sextet l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Trio 3, 4, Mixed Quar- tet 3, Vocal Solo l, 2, 3, 4, All State Chorus 3, "Shoot the Works" 3, "Look Me In The Eye" 4, Pep Band 4. DARLEAN BREMER V "PETE" Not too serious, not too gay, nice in a charming sort of way. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chor- us 3, 4, Basketball 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Hi- larity 4, Clarinet Quartet 4, Junior Play Crew 3, Senior Play Crew 4. PHYLLIS BERGMANN "PHYLLlS" Study is her occupation, with one exception. Class Vice President 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Brass Sextet and Quartet 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls Chorus 3, 4, Hilarity 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, "Shoot the Works" 3, Senior Play Crew 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Moo Staff 4. FLORENCE BUMANN "BUMANN" President of the "Bored of Education." Quimby: Basketball l, 2, 3, Letter Winner 3, Minstrel Show l, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Letter Winner l, 2, 3, Journalism 3, Holstein: Basketball 4, Glee Club 4. WILLIAM BIENLIEN "GEAZLE" Jus? ttke life ersy cs l du. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4. JOAN CARNES 'UOANIEI' The hardest time to get baby to bed is when she's seventeen. Pep Club l, 2, 3, Basket- ball l, 2, Mixed Chorus l, 2, Girls' Chorus 3, Moa Staff 4, Assistant Director Junior Play 3, "Look Me ln The Eye" 4, Cheerleader l. HOWARD DITTMER "DIPPY" A careful student-careful not to overdue. Football 2, Play Crew 3. 1 ROBERT l-IINTZ "l-llNTZ" Trouble is for those who let it worry them. Football 3, Play Crew 3. DEAN EARNEST "ERNlE" Men are not measured by inches, thank gosh. Football 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Moo Staff 4, Pep Club 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, "Shoot the Works" 3, "Look Me ln The Eye" 4. DONNA JENSEN "Jews" A petite blond with winning ways. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Drum Quartet 3, Pep Band 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, Glee Club 4, Hilarity 2, 3, 4, Mao Staff 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, "Look Me In The Eye" 4, Play Crew 3. EUGENE GEHRTS "GE:-IRTSH Because a man doesn't talk, it's no sign he has nothing to say. Football 2, 3, 4, Play Crew 3. WEN DELL KASTNER IITOBYII Boys like me aren't found every day. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, "Look Me In The Eye" 4, Play Crew 3. MAXINE HANSOHN . "MAC" ,. Quiet and efficient in her own way. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Moo Staff 4, Girls' Sextet l, 3, 4, Clarinet Quartet 2, 3, 4, Girls' Trio 3, Basket- ball l, 2, "Shoot the Works" 3, Pep Band 3, 4. JEAN KOLB "JEANlE" Ease with dignity. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Girls' Chorus Pres. 3, 4, Girls' Sextet 3,.4, Girls Trio 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Hilarity l, 2, 3, Co-Editor 4, Moo Staff 4- 3 1 Cheerleader 3, Majorette Z 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Class Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4, 3 4 "Shoot the Works" , "Look Me In The Eye" , Homecoming Queen 4, Re- lays Queen 4. DELAINE LEMKE "BUD" Never let studying interfere with your education. Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, "Shoot The Works" 3. JOHNNY ROCHAU "JACK" School would be nice with- out books. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Play Crew 3. LAVAUGHN LlLL "VON" A gal whose abilities are hard to beat. Band l, 2, 3, President 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Hilarity l, 2, 3, Co-Editor 4, Girls' Sextet l, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextet l, 2, 3, 4, Brass Quintet 2, lnstrumental Solo 2, 3, 4, National 2, State 3, Pep Band 3, 4, All State Band 3, Girls' Trio 3, 4, Girls' Chorus Vice-Pres- ident 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Class President l, Moo Senior Editor 4, D. A. R 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Cheerleader l, "Shoot The Works" 3, Mixed Quartet 3, Assistant Director of Senior Play 4, Homecoming Attendant 4, Relays Atten- dant 4. DUANE RUHSER HRUHSH My ambition is just around the corner. Moo Staff 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Boys' Chor- us 3, 4, "Shoot The Works" 3, "Look Me ln The Eye" 4. ORVILLE MILLER HORVH Put your sorrows and cares on the shelf, I come to school to enjoy myself. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, "Shoot The Works" 3, Play Crew 4. LOUISE SCHERNER "LOUlE" Mild manners and a gentle heart are hers. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chor- us 4, Moo Staff 4, Play Crew 3, 4. l LYLE MUNZ "oool.EY" A football man, a basket- ball man, and last but not least a ladies' man. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, Hilarity 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Chorus 4, Secre- tary and Treas. Pep Club 4, Moo Staff 4, "Shoot The Works" 3, "Look Me In The Eye" 4, Homecoming King 4. JAMES SINDT HTINKERH ' An amiable and worthy addition. Football 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 3, 4, l-lilarity Co-Editor 4, Moo Business Manager 4, Class Secretary and Treas. l, President 2, 4, "Shoot The VVorks" 3, "Look Me ln The Eye" 4. FRANCIS MARVIN WIESE SOKOLOWSKI "MARV" "SOK" Bashful-except on the Always ready for a good 9"idil'0n- time. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- Football I, 3, Play Crew 3, bell I, 2, 3, 42 TVUCIQ I, 2, "Look Me In The Eye" 4. 3, 4- CLASS POEM We love to sing of H. H, S. Our noble Alma Mater ln all the West She is the best, And none will e'er be greater. The binding ties of H. H. S. No pow'r can ever sever For we'll be true to H. H. S. And the Orange and Black forever. Tune every heart to sing for joy, And banish every sorrow. The boys and girls who leave today Will build her up tomorrow. We're all in love with our H. S. home, The pride of our endeavor, And we'll be true to H. H. S. And the Orange and Black forever. When we have left its dear old halls Upon our graduation, Another class shall sing our song Of loyal adoration. The memory of our high school life Shall never fade-no never. And we'll all be true to H. H. S. And the Orange and Black forever. SHIRLEY WIESE "SHIRT" Quiet, sweet, and inquisi- tive. Basketball l, Mixed Chorus I, 2, Girls' Chorus 3, Pres- ident 4, Hilarity 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Class Secretary 2, "Shoot The Works" 3, "Look Me ln The Eye" 4, Homecom- ing Attendant 4, Relays At- tendant 4. CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS White Rose Maroon and White CLASS MOTTO I "Out of the quiet harbor, into the billowing sea" PAGE FIFTEEN Glass History Dear Diary: SEPTEMBER l937 ..... This week we went to school for the first time. Already we have learned to sit still, hang up and put away things, and to obey. Miss Keene has told us that we will also learn to print and read this year .... OCTOBER l938 .... Entered the new building and like it fine. With the aid of Miss Gray we are brushing up on our printing and on our reading. She has also given us new readers. We have desks this year ..... NOVEMBER l939 . . . And across the hall to the second grade where we are under the careful guidance of Miss Glor- feld. Subtraction is new to us, but we are learning ..... DECEMBER l94O . . . Back to the old building again and with the help of Miss Manteufel we are learning how to write. This will be a great accomplishment. . .JANUARY l94l . . . School is getting harder. We have six-weeks tests now and also home assignments. Mrs. Steig Porter is our leader .... FEBRUARY l942 . . . . Miss Carstens met us in the fall and introduced us to long division and lowa History. Here we received our first experience of different classes taught by different teachers. Lyle Munz and Louise Scherner joined our class .... MARCH l943 . . . Back in the new building to stay. lt's been an interesting year. Judee Bagenstos entered our ranks and also received in- structions with us from Miss Kitchen, our leader . . . SEPTEMBER l944 and SEPTEMBER l945 . . . . Junior High at last. Here Miss Johnson and Miss Perry guided us through seventh grade and Miss Herzberg and Miss Zell through eighth grade. These were happy days for here we had our first taste of athletics, plays, operettas, and study halls-A preview of high school. LaVaughn Lill, Harold Arp, Orville Miller, Darlean Bremer, and Shirley Wiese joined us this year ..... JANUARY l947 .... This year was to be a great year. We were recipients of the traditional initiation along with Frank Sokolowski, Howard Dittmer, Eugene Gehrts, Robert Hintz, Wendell Kastner, John Rochau, Phyllis Bergmann, Duane Ruhser and Dean Earnest, who came from rural schools to further their knowledge in HHS. We had much to learn in the next four years, and here we found out you learn as much as you want and mostly on your own .... SEPTEMBER l948 . . . Back again to school. This year we felt somewhat superior as we looked at the green freshmen, but we remembered that we were freshmen once too ..... MAY i949 .... Juniors at last. To add to our income we worked hard selling magazines. While at our games, we peddled food of all kinds to earn enough to put on a swell prom with the theme LUXURY LINER, where we danced till the wee hours of the morn to the dreamy music of Bob Calame. So far this was the evening of evenings in our lives. We worked hard to put on our play, "Shoot the Works" early in the fall. After the first semester we picked our class rings and received them early in May . . . . SEPTEMBER l949 . . . . . This month we have registered for school for the last time. And we have with us a new member, Florence Bumann, making us a class of 27. Of those who registered in l937, only 8 remained with the class through these l3 years. They are William Bienlien, Joan Carnes, Maxine Hansohn, Donna Jensen, Jeanne Kolb, Delaine Lemke, James Sindt, and Betty Bremer. All of us are looking forward to the production of the MOO, skip day, and graduation. Up to and through this our lives have been well-planned and prepared for us. Soon we shall each be keeping our own diary, each one with his own adventures, joys and sorrows, successes and disappointments. We shall always remember our school days, our teachers, our friends, and our activities. We are going out ,into a world where some will lead and some will follow, but all will advance. PAGE SIXTEEN Glass Will We, The Class of '50 of the Holstein High School, of the City of Holstein, County of Ida, and State of Iowa, in twenty-seven separate parts, each being of sound mind and overflowing with knowledge, a nervous system run down from endless hair-breadth escapes, and wit sharpened through dire necessity, being about to pass out of this world of education, do hereby make, publish and declare this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills, bequests, and devises of whatever nature made by us. First: We do hereby direct, wish and command that our funeral shall be conducted by our friends and faculty, who have been our cheerful guardians through all these years. Second: We do hereby dispose of such estate as we have been able to accumulate through superhuman efforts, as follows: III To the dear faculty Item: We do hereby will and bequeath the sweet bliss of the assembly hours which we have heretofore enjoyed. Item: We do hereby will and bequeath all the startling information supplied from time to time in our tests. 123 To the Class of '51 Item: We do hereby will and bequeath our senior dignity-may they uphold it. Item: We do hereby will and bequeath our class's abilities and talent. C35 To the Sophomore Class Item: We do hereby will and bequeath the right of taking all privileges for granted. Item: We do hereby will and bequeath our hope for your success in future responsibilities. 143 To the Freshman Class . item: We do hereby will and bequeath all our dear memories of our four years in high school. Item: We do hereby will and bequeath all our knowledge we have heretofore attained. C57 To the Holstein High School as a whole Item: We do hereby will and bequeath the defiant spirit of the Class of '50. C63 To whoever desires Item: We do hereby will and bequeath our slightly used books. Item: We do hereby will and bequeath an, old erasers, stubs of pencils and any other property we have left behind. Item: We do hereby will and bequeath our front seats in the assembly, where you can get a lot of studying done. UI We hope the above small bequests will be lovingly treasured. f AND BESIDES THESE GIFTS we do hereby leave our pledge of friendship henceforth and orever. We do hereby constitute and appoint The Faculty sole executor of this, our last will and testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals in this year of one thousand nine hundred and fifty. THE CLASS OF '50 Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Class of '50 known to us and to us known to be the ones who executed the foregoing instrument, who, at their request, in their presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto set our hands as attesting witnesses to said instru- SUPT. HARLAND HANSON PRINCIPAL MARIE STONER I'T'lSl"1l'. PAGE SEVENTEEN Jclutoqfaphs I I Q1 Front Row-B. Wittrock, T. Ehrp, P. Ellerbusch, J. Kolb, J. Myrtue, C. Schubert, R. Endrulat, D. Schneckloth, A. Kay, W. Kiesling. , Second Row-Ruth Kistenmacher, B. Rochau, M. Dau, M. Wilson. l Third Row-D. Goettsch, D. Leckband, D. Ewoldt, E. Gebers, F. Ruhlow, B. Fahan, G. Ehler. Fourth Row-S. Pfalzgraf, R. Petersen, M. Walker, J. Brodersen, J. Lemke, D. Breyfogle, E. Blenner, D. Schroe- der, W. Rickard, V. Friedrichsen. 1flMlOlfS The junior class, with Miss Frances Menard as class sponsor, has contributed very much to Holstein High this year. They placed five boys on the football team and three on the regular bCISl4eTbGll team. They 'l'1OVe also been GH lrlfegral part of a fine girls' basketball team, with three first string regulars to their credit. 'As has been the case in the fall, the juniors were privileged to sell magazines in an effort to se- cure money to finance the Junior-Senior Prom. They realized a net profit of some 5740, which is the largest amount ever earned by any class in Holstein High School. Along with this magazine pro- ject, the juniors also handled the concessions at our football and basketball games. On November l6, the juniors presented a very successful three-act comedy called, "Saved By the Belle", under the direction of Miss Harriett Baker. The play meant lots of hard work, but lots of fun and pleasant memories, too. The last big event of the year was the annual Junior-Senior Prom, where the juniors gave their guests, the seniors, faculty, and the school board, an evening of pleasure and enjoyment, the last of its kind to be staged in the old school gym. SPONSORED BY TH. HANSON 81 SON PAGE TWENTY Speed Demon "Rick" Miss Menard: class sponsor Why so sober, Donna? Surprised? SPONSORED BY KNOTTY PINE CAFE "Kooley Kay" PAGE TWENTY-ON E Front Row-C. Schlumboum, K. Goettsch, M. J. Wittrock, H. McDermott, S. Daugaard, W. Agnew, L. Wiese, S. Conover, L. Kistenmacher. Middle Row-M. A. Arp, B. Schulz, T. Petersen, H. Timmerman, D. Ewoldt, D. Porterfield, L. A. Bumann, M. L. Kolb, M. Lembcke. Back Row-M. Vohs, M. Schroeder, B-. Carstens, B. Weber, C. Leonard, L. Schroeder, D. Krambeck, R. Hintz, Z. A. McCubbin, D. Conover. Sopliomoifes The Sophomores organized in the tall under the leadership of Mrs. Jatho, choosing for their class officers-Shirley Dauigaard, President, William Agnew, Vice-President, Harold McDermott, Secretary-Treasurer. Their curriculum this year gave them a wider selection of subjects and an oppor- tunity to search out new paths of learning. The first week ot school found them partici- pating in the following classes: English, world history, biology, advanced algebra, business training, and speech. Almost the entire class of 28 took part in the athletic program of the school, while the success of the band, glee clubs, pep club, and The Hilarity may be traced in part to the loyalty of the sophomore members. All in all, our school is proud of its lOth graders and will be happy to welcome them as next year's juniors. SPONSORED BY THE FARMERS' ELEVATOR CO. PAGE TWENTY-TWO ' Imagine Cal wanting a higher education Maxine 'fried to hold the 'house up Weber poses Tirnmerman Bros. Nice doggie SPONSORED BY C. F. BESORE AND KING AND BLEASDELL PAGE TWENTY-THREE First Row-R. Batho, D. Leonard, D. Wirkus, D. Geske, N. Nelson, M. L. Schubert, I. Ewoldt, B. Breyfogle, C. Kolb. Second Row-M. Schroeder, G. Ruhser, F. Kruse, R. Bergmann. Third Row-C. Petersen, D. Ruhlow, D. Bauer, D. Blenner, D. Gries, S. Bergmann, L. Leckband, N. Wieland, D. Ruser. Fourth Row-M. Dittmer, J. Schroeder, K. Obitz, L. Schuett, J. Lenz, D. Lund, G. Gerber, J. Werner J?lft3Sl4lfMl-Jlfl 'You can always tell a freshman by his looks.' This was especially true on Hobo Day. Although this year's freshmen were not smeared with cosmetics, they were still very dis- tinguished by the costumes they wore. Departing from tradition, the seniors decided to let the freshmen do the work for once, and the freshies gave the whole high school a big "feed" in the city park. The food was solicited from the people of Holstein and what a "feed" it was. Later the freshmen were guests of the seniors at the annual dance, held especially to help them feel formally initiated into high schoolroutine. The freshmen have participated actively in athletic events and were runnerups in the lda County Junior High Boys' Basketball Tournament. lt's the good-natured freshmen that helps keep the school spirit alive. SPONSORED sv DICKZS TAvERN PAGE TWENTY-FOUR r Bonnie's all dressed up for someone Ma ry Lou wants Nancy dreams a push My! what big eyes you have Schubert and Petersen James swings it Take your pick, Loren, tractor or dog Going someplace, Marlene? SPONSORED BY ALICE HUEGERICH AND NICKLAS CLOTHING PAGE TWENTY-FIVE SIGNS OF OUR TIMES Top Row-Advanced olgebrci class-Bonnie and her sewing project-boy's cooking class S Middle Row-A noisy fad: boots-o pretty fad: jackets-cooking class cigoiri. Bottom Row-Singing Christmas Carols-Office Practice-milk drinkers. SPONSORED BY MICHAELSEN 81 SONS AND LAWRENCE HEITMANN PAGE TWENTY-SIX QI sfgag ff' zfggff gl 1 1 1 f' f f is 2 Q 1 ,gs 4 E Z? 5, 3 2 fa 1 ii Q EIGHT!-I GRADE First Row-L. Pfalzgraf, D. Gebers, M. Kreutz, S. Miller, D. Irwin, B. Scott, K. Rice, M. Thompson, H. Arp, G. Galvin, D. Goettsch. Second Row-B. Bleasdell, J. Conover, D. Prosch, D. Schuett, M. Goettsch, S. Michaelsen, J. Carstens, J. Ar- miger, D. Conover, J. McCubbin. Third Row-V. Schuett, K. Walker, R. Martin, O. Hueschen, M. Lohff, R, Ewoldt, D. Green, S. Scott, D. Walker, M. Bumann. Fourth Row-M. McCubbin, E. Heilrnan, D. Branco, S. King, H. Bachmann, V. Kiesling, D. Meier. W SEVENTH GRADE Front Row-C. Noneman, G. Breyfogle, J. Clausen, C. Vollmar, J. Bleasdell, H. Leonard, D. Freese, L. Meyer, A. Cipperly, P. Nelson, O. Thompson, W. Nelson, R. Schuett. Second Row-R. Fritz, E. Bachmann, L. Bumann, D. Werner, W. Jensen, L. Schuett, J. Lohtt, J. Rolfs, J. Obitz, J. Moser, M. Wagner, K. Kruse, G. Leonard, J. Cole, N. Janssen, W. Buell. - Third Row-R. Hass, W. Reineke, R. Libke, B. Will, H. Putnam, M. Goettsch, C. Dittmer, V. Leckband, M. Leonard, L. Schroeder, S. Scherner. ' PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT SPONSORED BY VOLLMAR'S SUPER SERVICE AND DOWNS AND DIERSEN JUNIOR HIGH The achievements of the junior high were very noticeable this year, not only because of their very good athletic season, but also a very fine academic year. The junior high football team won two of six games. The boys' basketball team won twelve of their nineteen games and were runner up to Odebolt in the Maple Valley Basketball Tournament. Noon-hour basket- ball games also were enjoyed throughout the winter and one of the highlights of this program was a win over the freshman team. The junior high girl's team played ten games, winning five. Holstein grabbed top honors at the Ida County Spelling Contest by placing Martin Lohff, Shirley Michaelsen, and Jerry Jean Cole in first, second, and third places res- pectively. A number of junior high stu- dents participated in band. Truly, they are quite capable of entering into their senior education at Hol- . T stein High. FOOTBALL Front Row-R. Schuett, G. Breyfogle, V. Schuett, B. Bleasdell, D. Gebers, W. Nelson, J. Bleasdel, D. Goettsch, D. Branco, R. Fritz, V. Kiesling. Second Row-Mr. Gerber Ccoachl, R. Libke, W. Buell, G. Leon- ard, R. Ewoldt, M. Lohff, K. Walker, H. Arp, R. Martin, O. Hueschen, H. Leonard, K. Kruse, C. Vollmar. Third Row-J. Clausen, E. Bachmann, W. Jensen, L. Meyer, M. McCubbin, R. Hass, G. Galvin, D. Meyer, O. Thompson. Fourth Row-C. Noneman, R. Will, L. Bumann, H. Bachmann, E. Hellman, W. Reineke, L. Pfalzgraf, S. King, J. Langland, H. Putnam. j BOYS' BASKETBALL Front Row-J. Clausen, H. Leonard, R. Hass, K. Kruse, D. Bronco, K. Walker. Back Row-H. Arp, R. Martin, O. Hueschen, D. Gebers, H. Putnam, R. Ewoldt, , ' GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row-P. Nelson,iL. Schroeder, D. Werner, S. Miller, S Scott, N. Janssen. Back Row-M. Kreutz, 'J. Carstens, V. Leckband, S. Michael- sen, M. Leonard. SPONSORED BY SORENSEN PRODUCE AND ZEMAN 81 SORENSEN CLOTHING PAGE TWENTY-NlNE A SXTH GRADE Front Row-D. Hammer, W. Saxon, C. Breyfogle, J. Lasher, N. Michaelsen, C. Pfalzgraf, J. Meyer, M. Stone- king, K. Conover, D. Gerber, D. Kolb. Second Row-C. Conover, R. Jensen, M. Kruse, D. Gries, D. Bochmann, D. Goettsch, L. Wilson, A. Ewoldt. Third Row-Miss Mohr, L. Glawe, R. Fritz, F. Bienlien, G. Hueschen, S. Curtis, L. Meyer, R. Clausen, M. Mc Bride, J. Cipperly. HFTH GRADE Front Row-D. Ashmore, J. Scott, J. Breyfogle, J. Williams, V. Frahm, M. Loof, S. Madsen, H. Butcher, D. Sorensen, L. Thompsen. Second Row-Patsy Keitges, Patrick Keitges, R. Hintz, V. Bumann, J. Rolfs. Third Row-S. Blackmer, B. Timmerman, J. Leonard, M. A. Jensen, J. J. Dittmer, L. Kruse, W. Ehlers, L. Berg- mann, B. lrwin, R. Bergmann, M. Goettsch, Miss Jones. Fourth Row-C. Conover, L. Leinbaugh, R. Lorenzen, R. Bagenstos, D. Fritz, R. Ellerbusch, R. Goettsch, R. Mc Bride, G. A. Will, R. Meier. ' PAGE THIRTY SPONSORED BY STATE THEATRE AND GREEN'S DAlRY FOURTH GRADE Front Row-B. Blackmer, W. Conover, C. Goettsch, M. Niemeier, N. Henrichsen, R. Scott, L. Meyer, S. Jan- ssen, D. Hueschen, J. Leckband, M. Jensen, Miss Streed. Middle Row-P. Vohs, S. Timmerman, L. Timmerman, L. Ehlers, M. Bumann. I Back Row-D. Thompsen, K. Butcher, L. Schuett, D. Rice, L. Reineke, K. Leonard, H. Kruse, A. Hass, D. Ash- more, K. Barghols, L. Schumacher, M. Schubert, J. Hansen. THIRD GRADE T Front Row-S. Ploeger, J. Ewoldt, K. Wyatt, M. Hass, S. L. Wagner, W. Armiger, J. Perkins, J. Jochims, B. Schmidt, M. E. Knuth. Second Row-D. Gerber, T. Mohr, R. Kraai, D. Clausen, R. Kelley, A. Meyer, C. Putensen, M. Vohs. , Third Row-N. Kolb, W. Nelson, S. Hahne, D. Breyfogle, L. Clausen, M. Ladewig, E. Bochmann, L. Timmer- man. ' ' Fourth ROWQL. Bergmann, N. Vickery, R. Madsen, D. Fritz, B. Christiansen, C. Hanson, W. Meyer, C. Pfalg- graf, D. Butcher, J. Kolb, Mrs. Ashmore. ' SPONSORED BY THE METHODIST CHURCH AND THE WILSON-HULL FUNERAL HOME PAGE THIRTY-ONE I SECOND GRADE . Front Row-J. Jochims, B. L. Olson, S. Madsen, D. Thompson, D. Lohff, F. Janssen, J. Sass, O. Armiger, W. Putnam, K. Michaelsen, C. Lingle. Second Row-D. Moller, M. J. Mohr, D. Hauser, G. Johnson, D. Bienlien, L. Wilson. Third Row-F. Goettsch, J. Bye, E. Cipperly, D. Timmerman, E. Kaus, T. Keitges, J. Thomas, G. Perkins, D. Gellert, K. Krull, M. Christiansen. Fourth Row-V. Droegmiller, K. Giesen, D. Bochman, N. Kelley, D. Eberhard, H. Ehlers, W. Rolfs, J. Johann- sen, D. Breyfogle. FIRST GRADE Front Row-J. Cipperley, R. Ludvigson, F. Ewoldt, R. Meyer, C. Reimer, M. Conover, B. McCubbin, P. Niemeier, D. Breyfogle, C. Meyer, J. Kaus, G. Droegmiller. Second Row-M. Kelley, M. Burkhardt, D. Hass, C. Bergmann, B. Fajman, J. Wagner. N Third Row-B. Bruning, A. Loot, D. Vohs, J. Clausen, H. Freese, V. Kaster, J. Heitmann, J. Goettsch, C. Witt- rock, O. Reineke, L. Clausen. . Back Row-D. Bye, M. Beyer, D. Ehlers, J. Michalicek, L. Vesgavard, R. D. Timrnerman, G. Weiland, S. Wiese, Miss Roberts. . F PAGE THIRTY-TWO 1 SPONSORED' BY THE HOLSTEIN ADVANCE J l KINDERGARTEN Front Row-S. Blockmer, M. Gehrts, C. Miller, R. Bauman, K. Hahne, J. Bochmonn, S. Boysen, Mrs. Fahan. Middle Row-D. Cipperly, G. Giesen, J. Beyer, L. Eberhard, J. Johonnsen, B. Ericksen, B. Agnew, W. Loot, D. Bursen. Back Row-D. Goettsch, R. Ploeger, D. Rohlk, C. Beyer, D. Schroeder, L. Timmerman, R. Clausen, M. Brosamle, L. Jons, B. Thompson, D. Fick, R. Ewoldt. A KINDERGARTEN A Front Row-W. Leinbough, J. Hansen, B. Bergmann, H. Droegmiller, R. Nicklos, G. Schuett, B. Brosamle, G. Putensen, M. Meyer, S. Wilson, J. Hansen, J. Williams, Mrs. Fohon. Middle Row-J. Meyer, J. Voge, M. Hueschen, B. Lodewig, D. Fritz, L. Ruhlow, D. Sinns, S. Slchuett. Bock Row+C. Leonard, J. Soueressig, G. Ruhser, R. Ehlers, L. Hueschen, S. Fell, N. Schmidt. SPONSORED BY THE LUTHERAN CHURCH PAGE THIRTY-THREE Grade Operettc Grade children ond their Snowmen Noen pick-up of kinderga rten children PAGE THIRTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY THE COUNCIL OAK STORE AND THE COAST-TO-COAST STORE 5? 1 4 5, K 52 ' ...msg Swim 1 W it .::' i' A ,,,, L Front Row-H. Arp, M. Wiese, W. Fahan, L. Munz, J. Lenz, D. Ruhser, W. Bienlien, W. Rickard, W. Kastner, D. Schneckloth. Second Row-D. Earnest, G. Ehler, J. Sindt, E. Gehrts, C. Leonard, D. Schroeder, J. Rochau, E. Blenner, L. Schroeder, A. Kay, F. Ruhlow. Third Row-K. Goettsch, D. Leonard, K. Obitz, D. Wirkus, D. Goettsch, W. Agnew, T. Petersen, D. Ruser, R. Batho, W. Schulz. Fourth Row-J. Werner, R. Bergmann, G. Gerber, D. Ewoldt, R. Petersen, O. Miller, H. McDermott, D. Lund, 13 ootball As we turn the pages of our diary, we recall our football team which won most of its games with the spirit and determination which had seldom been seen against such odds. The "greenies" came through with a 5-2-l Ecard, which is evidence of the splendid job of coaching done by Coach raal. . V. Friedrichsen, D. Porterfield, Mgr. WILLIAM BIENLIEN-sem ior end-6' 4"il70 lbs. . . . Capable blocker ana pass receiver . . . specia- Iized in stopping end run. . . . .lack NOrth's All-State Honor Roll . . . Co-Cap- tain . . . 2nd H. HAROLD ARP-senior halt- back-5' 7"-l3O lbs. . . . light aggressive player . . . handicapped by early season injury .... Jack North's All-State Honor Roll . . Co-Captain . . . 2nd l-- PAGE THIRTY-SIX SPONSORED BY THE MOTOR INN CO. WENDELL KASTNERJ- HOLSTEIN vs. GALVA Holstein had no trouble subduing Galva, 4l-6. It was not a real test for Holstein, although there was some speculation before the game as to whether the Pirates would win or not. lt was the beginning of the spirit and teamwork which was to dominate most of the games thereafter. HOLSTEIN vs. ALTA An outstanding Holstein line ran the Cy- clones ragged and the Pirates lead throughout the game until the last few minutes when they were tied at i2 all. An outstanding feature was Holstein's line which repeatedly opened large holes in the Cyclones line to let the pint- sized Pirate backs through for formidable yard- age. senior tackle-5' 9"-l80 lbs .... switcihed from center to tackle early part of season . . . filled posi- tion well . . . Jack North's All-State Honor Roll . . . Tye's All-Northwest Iowa First Team . . . 2nd H. LYLE MUNZ-senior guard -6'-l75 lbs .... ex- cellent blocker and rough defensive man . . . liked to break up plays in oppon- ent's backfield . . . Jack North's All-State Honor Roll . . . 3rd H. MARVIN WIESE-s e n i o r fullback-5' 8"-l6O lbs. . . . speedy back on end runs . . . good downfield blocker . . . reliable de- fensive player . . . 3rd H. DUANE RUHSER-senior center-6' 4"-23l lbs. . . . big aggressive player . . . frequently overran other centers and caused many of opponent's fumbles . . . 2nd H. , SPONSORED BY C. LORENZEN St SON AND THE BLUE EAGLE PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN DEAN EARNEST--s e n i o r HOLSTEIN vs. MOVILLE An underdog Holstein team defeated tav- ored Moville, l9-l2. lt was a hard-fought con- test and an interception by Ruhlow saved the game from a possible tie. The opponents threat- ened our goal line with just a few minutes left, but they failed to score. HOLSTEIN vs. lIDA GROVE Ida Grove's all-senior aggregation had trouble subduing a spirited Pirate team, 25-7. The Pirates lead the Hawks, 7-6 in the third quarter. ln the last quarter, lda Grove dominated the play by scoring three touchdowns on end runs. halfback-5' 7"-l45 lbs. . . . tough line plunger with plenty of drive . . . switched from right to left half when Schneckloth in- jured ankle . . . defensive halfback . . . 2nd H. JAMES SINDT-senior tac- kle-5' lO"-l45 lbs. re- liable blocker and defensive man... hindered throughout season by sever- ol injuries . . . lst H. EUGENE GEHRTS-senior guard-5' ll"-165 lbs. ...strong defensive player . . . opened large holes in opponent's line . . . .intelligent player on offense . . .2nd H. JACK ROCHAU-senior tackle-5' ll"-190 lbs. . . . plenty of power and drive . . . broke through opposition frequently . . . hard hitting, dependable blocker . . . 2nd H. PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT SPONSORED BY DRS. MARTIN 81 FISHMAN HOLSTEIN vs. ONAWA With an opportunity to beat a team ranked eighth in Northwest Iowa, Holstein did just that, edging Onawa, 18-14. A "green" Pirate team showed a veteran Onawa team what spirit and determination can do for a ballclub. It was a perfect Homecoming night and the last game on the Holstein gridiron in 1949. HOLSTEIN vs. CORRECTIONVILLE After a two-week period without a game, the Pirates let off their steam on C'viIIe and came home with a 59-6 victory. The second string showed great promise for the future by displaying their scoring punch in the second half. DON SCHNECKLOTH - junior halfback-5' 4"- I4O lbs. . . . speedy and slippery . . . good down- field blocker and defensive man . . . valuable mem- ber for '50 eleven . . . 2nd H. WILLIAM RlCKARD-jun- ior quarterback-6' 1"- 1 5 O lbs ..., deceptive ball handler . . . reliable passer and defensive half . . . good veteran for next yeor's squad . . . 2nd H. FRANCIS RUHLOW-jurv ior utility back-5' 9"- 165 lbs .... adept ball carrier and good punt re- turner . . . played defen- sive halfback . . . lots of good playing left for him . . . lst H. WILLIAM FAHAN-junior guard-5' 9"-160 lbs . . . all around team player rugged blocker and defen- sive man,..played tackle on defense . . . valuable veteran for '50 eleven . . . 2nd H. SPONSORED BY THE GREEN LANTERN PAGE THIRTY-NINE HOLSTEIN vs. KINGSLEY An overconfident Holstein team escaped with her pride almost lost when she defeated a "hot" Kingsley eleven by one point, 34-33. Earnest did a good job of replacing Schneckloth, who was injured in the first quarter, even though he had never played that position before. and left guard-5' 9"- I45 lbs .... handled both positions equally well . . . rugged blocker and depend- able defensive player . . . 2nd H. hard hitter on offense . . defense . . . Ist H. ALVIN KAY-junior right DELAINE SCHROEDER- junior end-6' I"-I45 lbs .... precision blocker and determined tackler also played backfield on HOLSTEIN vs. ODEBOLT Holstein showed very little of the spirit that had been such a common element in her pre- vious games. A large crowd was on hand to see tihe Pirates take a 40-O beating. The only excit- ing event of the game was a long run by our fullback, Marv Wiese. Despite the two losses the Pirates suffered, Coach Kraai can be proud of the team he devel- oped out of four veterans and a group of "green- horns." We wish him the best of luck next year. CALVIN LEONARD-soph- omore left tackle-5' IO" -I 5 5 lbs .... Opened many holes in 0pponent's line . . . rugged blocker and defensive player . . . experienced lineman for next two years . . . lst H. JAMES LENZ-freshman end-6' -l7O lbs .... sliced through opponent's line repeatedly and broke up offense before it devel- oped . . .Ist H. PAGE FORTY SPONSORED BY THE PHILLIPS "66" STATIONS AND TANKWAGONS , TOURNEY SQUAD Front Row-F. Rahlow, L. Munz, W. Bienlien, O. Miller, W. Rickard, A. Kay. Back Row-C. Leonard, D. Schroeder, J. Lenz, L. Schroeder, D. Goettsch, M. Wiese. Boys, Basketball A. SQUAD Front Row-K. Goettsch, D. Schneckloth, M. Wiese, D. Earnest, W. Schulz, D. Leonard. Middle Row-G. Ehler, A. Kay, D. Goettsch, C. Leonard, F. Rahlow, D. Porterfield Cmgr.J. Back Row-L. Munz, L. Schroeder, W. Bienlien, O. Miller, D. Schroeder, J. Lenz, W. Rickard, Absent, W. Kast- ner. SPONSORED BY SCOTTY'S TAVERN PAGE FORTY-ONE PAG E WILLIAM BIENLIHEN-6' 4"-senior center . . . did a good job of rebound- ing this season . . . isn't easily excited in a close game...potted 213 points . . . 3rd H. WILLIAM RICKARD-6' I" junior guard . . . alert . . . outstanding on de- fense . . . fast-breaker and deceptive passer . . . hit the hoop for 289 points 3rd H. FORTY-TWO SPONSORED BY DRS. WAG ORVILLE MILLER-6' 4" -senior center . , . used his height to great advan- tage . . . good rebounder and defensive player. . . 2nd H. DEAN GOETTSCH-5' 7" - junior forward . . . played most of season on second team . . . good dribbler and passer . . Ist H. DELAINE SCHROEDER-6' 1"-junior utility forward . . . adept ball handler . . . specialized in bounce passing . . . lst H. Date Nov. 22 Nov. 29 Dec. 2 Dec. 6 Dec. 9 Dec. 12 Dec. 16 Jan. 3 Jan. 6 -Jan. 12 Jan. 17 Jan. 20 Jan. 24 Jan. 27 Jan. 30 Feb. 7 Feb. 10 Feb. 14 Feb. 17 Feb. 24 LAWRENCE SCHROEDER- 6'-sophomore center . . . second team player . . . shows promise for the fu- ture . . . all-around team player . . . 1st H. 1O"'-Sophomore g u a r d reliable reboundei and passer . . . lst H. CALVIN LEONA RD-5' . . . second teamster . . . Opponents We Meriden --- ----35 Aurelia --- ----30 Anthon ..... ...- 3 9 Galva ........ ---- 2 7 Correctionville --- ----34 Danbury ...... ...- 1 1 Kingsley .... .--- 4 3 Meriden ..-- ----2O Quimby --- ----46 Danbury --- ----28 Galva ....... .... 5 5 Odebolt ...... .... 3 7 Battle Creek -- .... 42 Arthur ...... .... 5 5 Alta --- ------ ,---35 Correctionyille --.. ----47 Danbury ..... .... 3 1 Kingsley ...... .... 4 3 Battle Creek SECTIONAL TOURN EY C1he ro kee .................... .... ----------------- ----45 36 JAMES LENZ-6'--tresh- man center -- s-econd team jump shot artist . . . valuable rebouncler and passer . . . 1st H. They 16 21 36 28 28 38 37 18 31 39 40 43 37 40 37 29 36 40 38 69 SPONSORED BY KEITGES FOOD STORE AND STOLLEY'S DRUG STORE PAGE FORTY-THREE B. SQUAD Front Row-D. Portertield, R. Botho, D. Ruser, W. Weber, T. Petersen, R. Hintz, K. Obitz, W. Agnew, C. Schubert, D. Wirkus. Bock Row-G. Gerber, H. McDermott, J. Werner, R. Bergmann, E. Blenner, R. Petersen, D. Ewoldt, R. Enclrulot, D. Lund. 1 1 . YV., ,. Y., FRESHMAN SQUAD C Front Row-R. Botho, D. Ruser, K. Obitz, D. Wirkus, D. Leonard. Buck Row-G. Gerber, J. Werner, J. Lenz, R. Bergmann, D. Lund. PAGE FORTY-FOUR SPONSORED BY THE CHESTERMAN CO. AND THE CHEROKEE CREAMERY Front Row-D. Schneckloth, H. McDermott, M. Wiese, W. Rickard, W. Bienlien, W. Fahan, H. Arp, W. Kast- Sgcond Row-K. Goettsch, W. Schulz, R. Petersen, D. Schroeder, D. Ruhser, L. Munz, C. Schubert, R. Endrulat, Qhiliduslgclgyv-R. Batho, D. Goettsch, A. Kay, E. Ehler, G. Gerber, W. Agnew, F. Ruhlow, D. Portertield, D. Leon- lcgbililrth Row-C. Leonard, H. Tirnmerman, D. Ewoldt, L. Schroeder, J. Lenz, E. Blenner, T. Petersen, D. Lund. Track The Pirate thinclads did not fare so well in the to re part of the season, not only because of loss of men through graduation, but also because of a late start in the spring. ln the Sioux City Relays, Rickard and Bienlien tied for second in the high jump with four other contes- tants and this high-jump tie was our only point-getter. SPONSORED BY KERSLAKE SUNDRIES AND MOSER IMPLEMENT 2 5 3 2 E 5 5 S 2 I E 2 5 e E Finish of the class B lOO-yard dash at Holstein Relays. Danbury wins the open mile at Holstein Relays The Pirate cindermen collected a total of 3 and one fifth points in the Holstein Relays through the efforts of the two mile relay team CEndrulat-Ehler-Agnew-Schubertl, which placed fifth, and Rickard, who tied with four other jumpers for third, fourth, and fifth place in the high jump. At the Pocahontas meet, which was held April 21, Holstein garnered 3h points. Rickard tied for fourth in the high-jump with several other entries, while Ehler placed fourth in the broad jump. The Tomahawk Relays, held on April 22, at Cherokee, was a class "A" meet and the "B" relays did not count in the scoring. Holstein placed fourth in the 880-yard relay fWiese-Bienlien-Rickard-Fahanl, sec- ond in the mile relay tFahan-Arp-Ehler-Bienlienl, and fifth in the football throw. Ruhser and Kastner have been throwing the shot, but as yet haven't placed. The Ida County Meet, an annual affair on the Holstein track, was postponed from April 25 to May l0 because of bad weather. The boys are expected to improve as the season progresses and should give a good account of them- selves in the local meets and the "B" meets coming up. SPONSORED BY THE FARMERS CO-OP AND THE HOLSTEIN LUMBER CO. Left-to-right-Shirley Wiese, Jean Kolb CQueenl, La Vaughn Lill K 5? ff ,Q ,. N if K, A u Front Row--P. Ellerbusch, Z. McCubbin, L. Scherner, J. Brodersen, J. Kolb, D. Breyfogle, E. Gebers, L LII Maxine Schroeder. Middle Row-N. Nelson, S. Dougoord, F. Kruse, F. Bumonn, J. Lemke, M. Wolker, D. Krombeck, L. Leckbcind D. Conover. Bock Row-C. Schlumboum, M. Vohs, M. Arp, S. Bergmann, Morlene Schroeder, G. Ruhser, B. Corstens N Weilcmd, M. Schubert, Betty Bremer lMgrl. Date Nov. 22 Dec. 2 Dec. 6 Dec. 9 Dec. 16 Jon. 3 Jon. 6 Jon. 17 Jon. 20 Jon. 24 Jon. 27 Feb. 7 Feb. 17 Jon. 11 Jon. 13 Jon. 31 Feb. 2 Feb. Feb. 15 Feb. 16 girls? Jgasleetlmll SCHEDULE Opponents e Meriden --- ..,..... -- 55 Anthon .... 61 Golvo ........ 37 Correctionville -- 38 Kingsley -.... 54 Meriden --.- Quimby --- Golvo ...... 58 Odebolt ...... 57 Bottle Creek -- 73 Arthur ..... -.- 66 Correctionville -- 77 Bottle Creek ......... . .--.-.--- ---- - --67 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT Arthur ....................... ..--. - --59 Golvo .......-........m.. ..-.----- - --43 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Grond Meodow .................... ---53 ' ' 54 Correctlonvllle .....-............ - Kingsley ................. ..... ms'rRlcT TOURNAMENT Charter Ook .......... .- ......... --744 ---36 Sloon 1 ........ .................. - --44 PAGE FORTY-EIGHT SPONSORED BY THE SAXON LUMBER CO. They 70 22 55 27 37 48 48 31 39 29 41 51 28 38 41 21 31 32 43 39 I LA VAUGHN LlLL-sen- ior guard and 2 year letter winner-showed ability in ball handling . . . good re- bounder and hard-working guard . . . snatching ball from forward while in mid- dle of a dribble was her speciality . . . wi ll be greatly missed in next year's line-up . . . Jack North's All State Honor Roll . . . DORIS BREYFOGLE-junior post forward and'2 year letter winner-her height and pivot-shot a bi l it i e s proved to be a great asset to the team . . . high point scorer for the season and averaged 22.1 points per game. . .Jiack North's All-State H o n o r Roll . . . JEAN KOLB-senior for- ward and 4 year letter win- ner-has been a valuable asset to the squad all four years, playing forward three years and guard in her soph- omore year . . . she is an accurate set shot and neat passer . . . she has a to- tal of 143 points this sea- son . . . EVELJYN GEBERS-junior post guard and 2 year let- ter winner - fast moving and hard-working defensive player . . . valuable re- bounder . . . interception is her speciality . . . LOUISE SCHERNER-sem ior guard and l year letter winner-was her first year of experience and she prov- ed herself very capable of holding her forward down . . .she will be missed at the guard position next year . . . PAT ELLERBUSCH-junior forward and 2 year letter winner-accurate set-shot artist . . . gained valuable experience by being in starting line-up in several games . . . will be lst team material for next year's squad . . . JOAN BRODERSEN-junior forward and 3 year letter winner-all round good player . . . deceptive pass- er . . . accurate set shot artist . . . has a fast drive- in-shot . . . collected 324 points and made 52727 of her gift shots . . . Jack North's All-State Honor Roll . . MARY WALKER-junior guard and 2nd year letter winner . . . has ability in tying up forward and shows promise of developing into lst team material by next season . . . SPONSORED BY THE HOLSTEIN PRODUCE AND HATCHERY PAGE FORTY-NINE JOELLE LEMKE-j u n io r guard and lst year letter winner-aggressive guard and good ball-handler . . . will be used in next year's line-up. . . ZOE ANN MC CUBBIN- sophomore guard and l year letter winner-had her first experience on lst team this year . . . aggressive player and good ball-hand- ler .... will be used in next year's line-up . . MAXINE SCHROEDER - sophomore forward and 2 year letter winner-fast and hard driving front for- ward . . . good rebounder . . . shows promise of fu- ture strength on Piratettes team . . . DONNA LU CONOVER- sophomore forward and one year letter winner-has an accurate left hand shot . . shows signs of a bright future in basketball . . . SUMMARY OF 1950 GIRLS' BASKETBALL - PIRATETTES SEASON PLAY After only a few weeks of practice, the Piratettes opened the season with a loss to the high-scoring Meriden six by a score of 55-70. They then 6l-22. Next they met Galva and took another defeat by a and Kingsley and another loss to Meriden followed. Then and Galva. The latter had not been defeatd by Holstein whizzed by Anthon to the tune of score of 37-55. A win over C'Ville came a duet of wins over Quimby in the last few years. Then they' traveled to Odebolt to defeat the undefeated Trojanettes by a score of 57-58. The Pir- atettes wrapped up the season with four successive wins over Battle Creek, Arthur, C'Ville and again Battle Creek. 'lhe season's record tallied lO wins to 3 defeats in the regular sched- uled games. TOURNAMENT PLAY The Piratettes came out on top in the first round of the Maple Valley Tournament at Battle Creek with a win over Arthur by a score of 59-38. The next night gave them a glorious win Over Galva by a thrilling score of 43-4l, and brought home their first trophy of the season. They then journeyed to Kingsley to take part in the Sectional Tournament. Again they came out on top by defeating Grand Meadow, C'ViIle and in the finals, Kingsley. This made a second trophy for them and a trip to the District Tournament where Holstein had not been represented since l946. Holstein fell to the powerful Charter Oak sextet in the first round but came back and took Consolation honors by defeating Sloan in the finals. That made a third trophy for the Piratettes. A fourth was added when they received the Maple Valley Conference trophy, having won the highest percentage of games in the Maple Valley Con- ference during the season. With the accurate shooting of Joan Broderson, Doris Breyfogle, Jean Kolb, and Patsy Ellerbusch and the powerful defensive work of La Vaughn Lill, Evelyn Gebers and Louise Scherner, the Piratettes had a grand total of lo wins and 4 losses to end a very successful season of fine play. The average number of points netted per game was 54. PAGE FIFTY SPONSORED BY THE FORD LOCKER SERVICE AND VOLLMAR FARMS M I ws :QS ff 95 'f A Jgomfwl First Row-left to right-Donna Conover, Janet Kolb, Jean Kolb, Mary Lou Kolb, Shirley Daugaard, Mary Vohs. V Second Row-James Bleasdell, Craig Vollmar, Kenneth Walker, Darlene Prosch, Martin Ldhtt, Joan Brodersen, Carol Schlumbaum, Shirley Scott, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Wagner, Joyce Obitz. Third Row-Willis Buell, Sam King, Mary Ann Kreutz, Donna Ruhlow, Betty Scott, Dorcas Geske, Kenneth Kruse, LaVonne Schuett, Robert Batho, Mar- garet Lembcke. Fourth Row-Donna Jensen, LaVaughn Lill, Robert Bleasdell, Shirley Miller, Normadyne Wieland, Mary Dau, Mary Jane Leonard, Patsy Ellerbusch, Shirley Michaelson, Maxine Schroeder. T Fifth Row-Pfhyllis Bergmann, Darlene Schuett, Darlene Bremer, Maxine Hanshon, Robert Martin, Harold McDermott, William Agnew, Calvin Leonard, Francis Ruhlow. Sixth Row-Loren Schuett, Mary Walker, Florence Kruse, Otto Hueschen, Evelyn Gebers, Judee Bagenstos, Robert Endrulat, Joelle Lemke. PAGE FIFTY TWO SPONSORED BY HANSEN FUNERAL HOME AND THE HANSEN FURNITURE STORE , 4 GIRLS' JUNIOR-SENIOR CHORUS Front Row-B. Wittrock, M. Wilson, D. Bremer, F. Bumann, S. Wiese, B. Rochau, J. Myrtue, D. Leckband, T. Ehrp, D. Jensen. Middle Row-L. Lill, P. Ellerbusch, Janet Kolb, M. Dau, J. Lemke, J. Bagenstos, S. Pfalzgraf, B. Bremer, R. Kistenmacher. Back Row-M. Hanshon, L. Scherner, J. Brodersen, D. Breyfogle, M. Walker, Jeanne Kolb, E. Gebers, P. Bergmann. Under the direction of Mrs. Kuchel, the Girls' Chorus reorganized this year into two groups, one group composed of seniors and juniors, and the other of sophomores and fresh- men. From these two groups thirty-two were chosen as the chorus group to enter the Pre-State contest at Sutherland on April l5, l95O. Although they were hampered by the fact that they had few practices together, the chorus still turned in a creditable performance and received a Division ll rating. The songs chosen by the group were "But The Lord" and "Swiss Skiing Song." These songs were also presented at the Spring Concert. After the Spring Contest a mixed chorus was formed by combining selected voices from the boys' and girls' choruses. This group presented selections at Baccalaureate services. GIRLS' FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE CHORUS Front Row-C. Kolb, D. Geske, D. Conover, M. Kolb, M. Vohs, Z. A. McCubbin, B. Carstens, M. Schroeder, S. Conover, N. Nelson Middle Row-D. Ruhlow, M. Wittrock, L. Wiese, S. Bergmann, F. Kruse, M. Schroeder, L. Bumann, G. Ruhser, B. Breyfogle, C. Schlumbaum. Back Row-M. Lembcke, D. Gries, M. Schubert, C. Petersen, L. Leckband, D. Krarnbeck, D. Blenner, N. Weiland, J. Schroeder, D. Bauer. I SPONSORED BY JESSE LEONARD AND WARREN CURTIS BOYS' CHORUS Cront Row-D. Leonard, R. Batho, W. Weber, D. Porterfield, W. Kastner, C. Leonard, W. Agnew, L. Kisten- macher. Middle Row--W. Schulz, G. Gerber, R. Bergmann, H. McDermott, J. Werner, K. Obitz, D. Wirkus. Back Row-D. Lund, D. Ewoldt, L. Schuett, D. Ruhser, L. Munz, J. Sindt. GIRLS' SEXTETTE ' The Qifls' sextette gave a very fine performance at the Pre-State Contest at Correctionville, and re- Celved a I rating, with their numbers "Night Song" and "Chit-Chat." Appearing again at Storm Lake, the sex- tette captured o ll rating. SPONSORED BY TYRRELL STUDIO Left-to-right-Judee Bagenstos, Jean Kolb, Maxine Hansahn, Betty Bremer, LaVaughn Lill, Donna Conover. if Front Row-D. Geske, M. Arp, M. Vohs, D. Conover, P. Ellerbusch, L. M,inz, Jenn Kolb, J. Bagensios, J. Brod- ersen, Z. McCubbin, S. Daugaard, S. Conover. Second Row-T. Ehrp, L. Wiese, R. Kistenmucher, C. Petersen, B. Rochau, G. Ruhser, L. Bcimann, M. Schroe- der, F. Kruse, M. Hansohn, D. Ewoldt, M. Dau, M. Schroeder, D. Jensen. Third Row-M. Lembcke, J. Myrtue, D. Gries, L. Lill, D. Leckband, N. Weiland, Janet Kolb, B. Carstens, D. Blenner, M. Dittmer, S. Bergmann, D. Bremer, S. Wiese, B. Breyfogle. Back Row-l. Ewoldt, B. Bremer, D. Earnest, W. Schulz, C. Leonard, J. Lemke, J. Sindt, M. Walker, D. Krambeck, D. Breyfogle, E. Gebers, L. Scherner, P. Bergmann, M. Kolb. pep Qlulv This year, the pep club re-organized with the following officers: Jean Kolb, president, Judee Bagenstos, vice-president, and Lyle Munz, Secretary and Treasurer. Donna Lu Con- over, Zoe Ann McCubbin, Patsy Ellerbusch, and Joan Broclersen were chosen as regular cheerleaders, and Donna Jensen and Shirley Daugaard were selected as alternates. The Pep Club's chief aims were to arouse greater interest and better loyalty in support of athletic contests, To promote this, the club sponsored pep meetings preliminary to all home games. Highlights of the clu'o's activities were the sponsoring of homecoming activities in the fall and activities of the spring track meets. During the year the Pep Club purchased new cheerleading outfits for the Cheerleaders and sold Black Pirate pencils. MAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS ' J. Brodersen, Jean Kolb, Janet Kolb, S. Daugaard, M. Donna Conover, Joan Brodersen, Zoe Ann McCubbin Kolb, D. Conover, M. Vahs. Patsy Ellerbusch. PAGE FIFTY-SIX SPONSORED BY BARGl-lOL'S HOLSTEIN HATCHERY AND THE JOURNAL-TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. On Floor-M, Lemke, M. Wilson, P. Ellerbusch. Seated-H. McDermott, J. Sindt, R, Batho, C. Leonard, L. Munz, J. Myrtue, Janet Kolb, M. Dau, S. Daugaard, D. Conover, M. Vohs, D. Jensen, L. Lill, J. Lemke. Standing-Left to Right-D. Bremer, M. Dittmer, M. Kolb, S. Wiese, Jean Kolb, B. Bremer, P. Bergmann, L. Bumann, N. Nelson, J. Bagenstos, D. Breyfogle, E. Gebers, M. Walker, J. Brodersen. The Hilcmflty The Hilarity, our student paper, has a very capable staff of about 30 members, All staff members are volunteers and each member contributes a part in the publication which comes to us every two weeks. With Mr. Hanson as the supervisor, the first semester staff was heoded by Jean Kolb and Jim Sindt. Co-editors for the second semester were Doris Breyfogle and La Vaughn Lill. This student sheet contains special features, editorials, sport news, gossip, jokes, grade news, and regular news items of interest to the students and patrons of the school. THE EDITORS Front Row-Jean Kolb, LaVaughn Lill. Back Row-Doris Breyfogle, James Sindt. SPONSORED BY JACK'S STEAK HOUSE AND THE GOLDEN RULE STORE PAGE FlFTY-SEVEN JUNIOR PLAY CAST Front Row-J. Myrtue, J. Kolb, J. Lemke, J. Brodersen, M. Dau, B. Rochau, T. Ehrp, P. Ellerbusch. Back Row-A. Kay, W. Fahan, D. Breyfogle, M. Walker, E. Ehler, W. Kiesling, Miss Baker. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY SAVED BY THE BELLE The setting is the den of the Aurora Sorority House at Stonehall College for Women. The central character, Rita Powers, is an orphan who has been kept in school through the gener- osity of her almost mythical Uncle Henry, who lives in New York and whom she rarely sees. When Uncle Henry passes on, Rita discovers he was far from the millionaire she had supposed him to be, and it looks as though she would have to forgo the balance of her ed- ucation and leave school. But Uncle Henry has left Rita one bequest, and this "bequest" turns up at the sorority house in the person of Jackie Clark, a young contender for the mid- dle-weight championship, who is accompanied by his trainer, Slugger O'Day. Uncle Henry has left his fifty percent interest in Jackie to Rita, but since both Jackie and Slugger are penniless, the girls have to put them up in the garage while they train for their next fight. To explain the presence to Mrs. Fish, the house mother, they are introduced as dancing teachers-with highly omusing consequences. But Warren Sands, a young reporter enamored of Rita, learns that the girls are hiding Jackie and Slugger, and threatens to expose them in his paper. To prevent this, the girls kidnap Warren and hold him captive in the house. From here on out complications really piled up, but of course they were overcome and all ended happily. CAST MitzieAWaIsh, full of sentimental and romantic ideas .-..L...- .,--, ...--, ,Theone Ehrp Lulu Green, she knows all the answers L,............... .---. .... - ......., ,Janet Kolb Harriet Show, very studious ---.- .............,,,.................... Joelle Lernke Pudge Roberts, always eating -,...,., ,,., ,, ,,,c ,.,c-.----- , ,,,, , -- , ,... --, Bonnie Rochou Mrs. Fish, housemother ,,-,,,--,.,-.,.-, .........L ,... ...e,,,.. , ,..... , D oris Breyfogle Doris Carson, looks out for herself ,,..,.,,......,e.. - .... - ..,,,.,. D. JOyCe MYYTUG Bonnie Harris, sweet and loyal e,,.c,,,............ - .,, . PGTSY Ellefbl-ISCI'1 Ginnie Ellis, athletic type ..,,,,...,......,,........-.-. e,,e---- - -JOCIV1 Brodersen Rita Powers, our heroine .... - ......... .- .e....e ,. ..........Y,. W -.-.--- - MGVY DCU Warren Sands, newspaper reporter ,,.,......,,....,...--., ----ee----Y-4 - AIVIVI KUY Slugger O'Dciy, manager L-,,, ,,,,... ---LW ,...e,... - .... -A-....-W ...- WGYVWG KISSIIUQ Jackie Clark, prize-fighter ..,,.ee........... ss...e-- ------- --------- B I I lie FGIIUU Miss Baker, director, Mary Wolker, student director and the junior play cast were repaid for their efforts-November I5 when the play was presented for the high and grade schools and November I6 when they presented it for the public. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT SPONSORED BY VOHS-JOHNSON PRODUCE SENIOR PLAY CAST ated left to right-Wendell Kastner, Joan Carnes, Shirley Wiese, Donna Jensen, Francis Sokolowski VICIIWQ-I-0Voughn Lill, Jean Kolb, James Sindt, Lyle Munz, Duane Ruhser, Judee Bagenstos, BSIIY Bremer Dean Earnest, Miss Baker. SENIOR CLASS PLAY LOOK ME IN THE EYE After a month of hard practice and lots of fun "Look 'Me In The Eye" was presented by the seniors March 27 to the high and grade school and March 28 to the public. Miss Baker assisted by LaVaughn Lill, brought the play to a very successful climax before both audiences. CAST Susie Sl'TllI'l1ef'S, the cook ,-----------q ------7---------- mgi-----H- - D Onno Jensen Gideon Gumm, the gardener ....,, - --,-,------------Y-H--------- Frcnk Sokolowski Lovice McLaurin, young wife ------ - H,--- - --,,,-------------- Y g,g--,A,4- -Jeqn Kolb Kenneth McLaurin, young husband .,,-----g--g--,,---,---,.-----------Y Jim Sindt Pernlclous Peters, the porter .L,... , ....,................. - .-.,., ---Wendell Kastner Anemia Peters, his sister, the maid -...- Francine I-loyt, a friend of the McLaurin5 ---------,------- -----, --, --Betty Bremer Russell Logan, her fiancee ------------ Professor Paxton, a professional hypnotist .....---............---.--...... Lyle Munz ------------------------------Joan Carnes -------,----------------------Dean Earnest Rosita Gondelez, his fiancee ------------------ - --------------- -----Shirley Wiese. Soppington Tuppy, Kenneth's Uncle -------------------........-- -.... D uane Ruhser Tabitha Todd, Lovice's aunt --------- - --------- .... ..... -........ J u d ee Bogenstos Lovice and Kenneth McLaurin stand to lose a fortune if Lovice's Aunt Tabitha and Ken's Uncle Sappington, who are the bitterest of enemies, learn of their secret marriage. Lovice writes her aunt that she has married an imaginary Thornas Mack, and Ken writes his uncle that he has married a gal named Susie Jones. Immediately Uncle Sappy wires that he is on his way to see the bride. Ignorant of the fact that Lovice has induced her bosom friend, Fran to play the part of his wife, Ken procures the services of Rosita, a flaming actress, while Ken's pal, Russ, an amateur hypnotist, hypnotizes the cook, leaving her under the delusion that she is Ken's lawful bride. When Uncle Sappy arrives and finds three wives, he thinks his nephew has started a harem. When Aunt Tabby suddenly enters, consternation reigns supreme. Lov- ice has her aunt hypnotized as a Greek statue to keep her away from any possible meeting with the hated Sappington. The twin Negro servants, Pernicious and Anemia, seeing her lying under a sheet, think she is a "corpse." When Aunt Tabby suddenly rises and poses as "The Flying Mercury," the terrified darkies do some flying on their own account. The play rollicks at a galloping pace to a riotous climax, in which the two old enemies are brought together in a surprising manner and all is forgiven. SPONSORED BY C. E. CONOVER PAGE FIFTY NINE C The 7 Q prom "The Junior-Senior Prom! Here at lastl" This was a night to remember. On May 9, T949, the "USS Lux- ury Liner" departed tor the land ot dreamy music with Bob Calame and his orchestra. When our voyage had reached the mid way mark, we stopped dancing to crown the king and queen and award the door prizes. Lyle Leinbaugh was crowned king and Vonita Bumannn queen. The door prizes, two table model radios, were won by Mrs. Bernice Kuchel and Mr. Ray Bagenstos. Dancing continued, with refreshments and lounging in the hall on the side, whichever the choice might be. About ll:3O, we reached our destintation, and the ship dropped anchor. The gangplank was lowered and we de- parted leaving behind a night of perfect memories. PAGE SIXTY SPONSORED BY THE GALVA RENDERING CO SPONSORED BY CHUCK'S BODY SHOP AND THE MCGUIRE AUCTION CO, PAGE 5'XTY'ONE .gl Holvo CDW September 20, i949 Hobo Day, a break from the traditional initiation, proved to be a great success. Each freshman made a designated senior a paddle according to senior specifications. The day previous to the event the freshies canvassed the town begging for food. At noon the freshmen were transported down town in a cage-like corn crib and pulled by a tractor. They made a colorful scene, each dressed to "out hobo" each other. Upon reaching the Main Square, the hobo contestants were welcomed by a committee of townsmen, and given a key to the city. Then they paraded before the judges stand where Queen Flor- ence Kruse and King Jim Lenz were chosen as the outstanding hobos. After the coronation each senior was presented with a paddle. Following several races, in which seniors were escorted by freshies, all the high school students were invited to the park for the "feed" furnished by the freshmen hobos. The "feed" consisted ot the loot of the previous day: beans, sandwiches, potato chips, canned goods of all descriptions, cookies, cakes, and dozens of other items. At 7:30, the seniors were hosts at the traditional dance where stunts were performed by the class of l953. All in all, Hobo Day turned out to be a great day and thus the class of '53 truly became a part ot Holstein High. SPONSORED BY THE HOLSTEIN STATE BANK '--- ---- '-W"-ri'--fr r' - M - - omecoming Oct. 7, l949 The night was a typical October evening and a big event for Holstein. lt was Oct. 7, l949, and Homecoming. At the half of the Onawa game, Queen Jeanne Kolb, King Lyle Munz and their attendants, Shirley Wiese, LaVaughn Lill, Wendell Kastner and James Sindt were feted at a colorful coronation. The Queen received a dozen red roses and her attendants each received a cor- sage. To make the evening perfect for Homecoming fans, the Pirates won a tough l8-l4 game over the traditional rivals from Onawa, while the queen along with her fair attendants viewed the contest from her dais on the sidelines. January l5, l95O Cherokee, 'Iowa On this day the sociology class and the seniors traveled to Cherokee by bus to visit the State Hospital for the Insane. Coach Kraai had made arrangements before hand so that a planned tour was scheduled for us that morning. First, we were taken to the auditorium where our host talked with us about the causes of mental illness and the general nature of the institution. We toured the kitchen, the laundry, the recreation room, the heating plant, and the hypo, the place where violent patients are kept. lt was an interesting tour and many of us were surprised to find how self-sufficient an institution of this type with its large number ot employees and patients really is. QPONQORED ev DiERk's GARAGE, CORREGOUX GARAGE, BRUNING. REPAIR si-lop AND ROTHFORKS STANDARD SERVICE. ' PAGE SIXTY THREE . .D-.. . ' October I5, I949 Ames, Iowa Our group of twenty-six football boys left Holstein at 6:45, arriving in Ames at l2:30. Before game time, we drove around and looked at the sorority and fraternity displays dec- orating the lawns. At l:0O, we obtained tickets to see the game between Iowa State and Kansas State at Clyde Williams Field. It proved to be a real thriller and a perfect Home- coming for Iowa State, as they edged Kansas State 25-21. March, 4, I95O Des Moines, Iowa The girls' basketball "A" squad left for Des Moines at 6 o'clock to see the state tournament and arrived here about 9:30. The time between our arrival and dinner was spent shopping and sightseeing. Part of our afternoon was also spent up town. At 4:00 we left our hotel for the fieldhouse. We had a time trying to push ourselves inside the Drake field- house, however the games were certainly worth watching. In the consolation round Winterset took Mallard and in the final round Slater beat Kamrar for the I95O title. March 24-25, l95O Iowa City, Iowa The boys' basketball "A" squad left Holstein on Friday about 7:l5 and arrived in Iowa City about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We went immediately to the fieldhouse to see about sleeping arrangements and toured the downtown area. Friday night we saw the Ankeny -Winfield game and the Dinsdale-Davenport tilt, with Ankeny and Davenport emerging as the winners. Saturday we looked the city over, returning to the fieldhouse early to see the consolation and final rounds of the tournament. That night Winfield took Dinsdale while Davenport trampled Ankeny for the state title. SPONSORED BY THE DRIVE IN, WALLEN'S STORE, BRECHWAI.D'S MEAT MARKET, AND THE ROYAL CLEANERS PAGE SIXTY-FOUR I TOP ROW-Initiation on the march-Geazel and Rick on their way-Joan Schroeder-Petersen and Ewoldt. SECOND ROW-Lunch time at the senior dance-How about a game of poker?-hitclwing a ride with "Tinker." THIRD ROW-How Nancy keeps her figure--track-and more track. FOURTH ROW-Paddling ceremony--Jean's all dressed up for the football game-LaVaughn needs support. SPONSORED BY DRS, KAHL 81 ROGNES, DR. PORTERFIELD, TURK'S BARBER SHOP, AND THE SORENSEN BARBER SHOP PAGE SIXTY-FIVE Q ? 1 4 2 is fx Y 1 i we R 5 L 5 i i T E E E 2 2 S Z 5 E L TOP ROW Sectional champs everybody dance! Donna on a Monday morn. SECOND ROW-Hobo Day luncheon-Pat crosses the creek--card sharks. THIRD ROW-Joan and her doll-card playing at senior dance.--LaVoughn, the masked bandit. FOURTH ROW-"Eornie"-Track meet announcer-Ah! Now for some fishing! SPONSORED BY HARVEY'S ELECTRIC, ARTHUR BEYER, ALBERT KASTNER, AND A. M. LAGE. , I PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN I i i i 2 S E Z 5 s 2 E 3 i 2 3 i i 5 I i TOP ROW-Look who's dressed up here!-Petersen enjoys the noon hour-caught unaware-Jack proves his ' fish story. CENTER ROW-Judee again-Duane and Pal--Loren K.-Kolb: another majorette-Toby, the Great. BOTTOM ROW- Donna B.-Beneath the shade of the old apple free-Smiling Wielond-Judee, the place where you're going! SPONSORED BY DR. ORTON, ERICKSEN'S STANDARD SERVICE, JOHN SCHNECKLOTH AND F. C. HAM-IL. PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT 4 E3 5 J S 5: 5 S Y, ? 3? R. 5 4 if 2 5, E A 1 J N 1 il A1 i ? 2 3 9 V 5 Q E 2 2 5 . 3 1 3 e B S 1 2 2 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 I Q I 2 1 I 3 s i Wg 43' , - -4 'f-af, J gs 1 A 4: 3 Ax: we 1 2 af? is 1 A 6 gd if A: Aff is ,wxqfw , MLN WR? ' TOP-General science experiment-Pat and Brodie talk things over-Shop Class. CENTER-Hil-What a smile!-Shirley B.-Relaxing aren't we. BOTTOM-Donna gets a suntan-Ye old swimming hole-Nothing but gals. Now, as our annual is coming to o close, we hope our pictures and written material on the preceding pages will give you a typical example of life in our school. For the seniors, who will no longer ascend our stairs, we have tried to make this yearbook as memorable as possible so you may recall all the fun, hard work, victories and defeats you have experienced here. PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR if The ffualitoifmm-gymnasium The picture above was taken before spring construction had started on our new auditorium-gymnasium building. Since then a network of steel beams has been hoisted into place and the general shape of the building can now be seen. Early last fall the furnace room had been excavated, ,and the foundations and part of the stage completed. At present, the work is concentrated on the steel framework. The Edson Construction Company of Storm Lake is the contractor. A Plans have also been completed for the remodeling of our high school building as the new addition will allow more classroom space, a hot lunch program complete with modern kitchen space, and more room for our music department. The new structure, which will provide Holstein with some of the best gym facilities in Northwest Iowa, is expected to reap a good share of the local tournaments as well as some of the larger ones. Seating capacity will be around fifteen hundred. Everyone is looking forward to the day of com- p etion. PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE Ah! So you have finally reached the last page? Well, while you're getting ready to "thumb" your way through the MOO again, take a look at what happened to us in the meantime labovei. We are still recuperating from months of hard work and overfatigue. We're kidding, of course. lt has actually been fun to bring you this annual, not only because we hope it serves as a memory book of this year, but because it makes us feel as though we have really fulfilled our duty as seniors. ln closing, we would like to express our appreciation to . . . The Hol- stein Advance for invaluable information regarding our yearbook and the publication of it .... Tyrrell Studio for outstanding general photography . . . Goettsch Studio for the excellent action shots and fine miscellaneous photography . . . The Sponsors, without whose financial support this annual would not have been possible . . . Miss Marie Stoner for her use- ful advice whenever we were in trouble, for helping us over the rough spots., and for her fine job of proofreading . . . The '50 MOO Staff for their excellent co-operation in helping us meet our deadlines with the printer and the engraver. HAROLD ARP, Editor JUDEE BAGENSTOS, Ass't Editor PAGE SEVENTY-SIX F '7 Q ff X ff ffwlw JH fo? WQ 297' '17 f-,7 177 Q., lf L4L IW: f ,- -1 45 xii E Qi L

Suggestions in the Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) collection:

Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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