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g . - -df-,mn K w r- 1-yy , , , 41, ,,,,,,,f..,,,. ,M--152 9 ffx aygquy ,-u y. ...5.v ki,-1, , TAM- . H f - LL, -91:11. A-,J , t A li 1 in ,K A f,-4 ' 1- - - ' - Q..-,ml Z7 rm-"A "?3 "'-57 .47115191-w9m1'fs--Vfifvlwli-!?'L5'-171 V' 4 "A wp 7 'Z ..g.....- ..-.-.- .-.-. 1 .0-.1-...-.-.Q-. ..-...-.-.- - -.........,- ,....-N.-......,., - ..... - - Ai-ss - - -e-,.-e-.-:.-.-...- .-.- -- - ---G-New .. . . ,...s-ss as31:3-neue:-:-:-ies:Q:-:-:-:-z-z-:ti-1-:-:-:-1-1-Snhe:--sy .,55..m-.5-1 .wants ---3, 'bay Q 1'v4n'w'u'o's' ' ' ' ' ' '4's'ifo'e' S ' ' ' "' ' ' P ' ' f "' -1 v'-'-'-'- - ,r- -'-'e'-'-'-'-'- ,,,, Q I 'Fifa'-1 -1 - -', - ' 11 'toT.T.T.'.'L'.':-'fin' 4 -'SSR' ' 'iii 'o'd'o'o o Q o is J . -Q... .n'.'rr Io .N .' ' ' ' " ' ' ' j ' .'. uv N N0 .v .--.v.v.v.-NH .v.vAv!v.v.f.vSa'Nv-0-'wvl 32:35......e,...........fZ..,:.......1...z25z.e2e'.zIr.eZ'J'. .A-'. pfdfffo. . . 321955. . A.. . . .z.sf!....:53:Te2S5m...5!Zn:.z., ..eq.:33:t3t.-:f.A....,..:.e.:.:.'1..s..Q....M....e.:.z.z.:.:.z.1.g.g.g:p 2 ff. J rm'-,i W W eff. e ww. ' w. . . ' 'Q - f . 41.0.5 S. Q o 4. . . ...,., rfazviz fm'-,i gojgqm z'.'o'o,i - 0 o Q ' 9 'fi 5 429:43 532341. - 0 O 0 . 5 Q Q 0 I 9,','.'- . 4 5:51. !q'q'l6 fv",'a'i :aw -:fZ'.'.'2 ?Q'o'v'4 b'o'4'a5 .'o'.'o'Q v.'.'.n 0.50.5 . . 54,15 s viii f.'.,.,1. agen: rf. Q,-. ' . Q o- f ' 'Q Q 532:25 525243 v . s ,.,. ' . if-Q 4 . . r ' s:g:g.g. 3 4 4 s ' 'ly 4 i r.'.'f'1 ".'.'.'i ,,.,v,-5 s,,.,.,., ,,,.,vg w.,,o,l. ,,.,-,Q w.,.,.,-. f.'f.': p,v.'.'s r.,.,.,f. ,Aw f.,,-,fx .,',v.'a s.,.,.,n 5.'.'.'4 rv ffm ' 4 v 0 - s '. . I. 5:33:32 Sz.:-ag. ff 4 a i ' 'ffo i !o'a'o'o ,'0'o"'l o,o,'.': 9. + o,e ... ,N . 2333.32 gtgtgfge sf.-. a .. Q, 1. 5 o 0 'J f ' ofi. wtdiw giglgqe. ?.'.'.'i ..,f,m. .,:.'.': f. W. B o o 0 I O 0, 9 lv - 0 v 0 9 Vo 0 4 1 h'n'.'f ' 'f'.'a'i ,,v, 9.,.,o,I: ew. J r.,,f,n ,,3,w f.,.,.,n :nw f-.-.wg ,,,f.'s e.,.,.,4 ,,,f,': fm., . ,Ave r.,.,,z ...wg r.,.,.g. w,..'.'a r. .M z Q we fic sg. WW 'J '.'.'o,4, 5:21224 3432252 - o 0 Q 1 Ya O ! ,.:,o,'. . shag. r.'.'.': fv.f.'f- mw fwf- :.'-W . . . , . . . . . . - im'-'Q 5-Z'Z'Z'2'2'Z4'SZ4-I-I-2-t4'1'24'21t-tv' W:-ti-Zi!"-'G-'f 'vi ' "" -'f"-'ff 'SWT-2' 'F 44:43-:Q-' 41.2-:-:em-are-Stitlff-'-Q"-:-:fx-Fitm'-'f-'Pl'-'-'P-'-'-'M-2024f ..- . --' -- --.-.1-ng-I--'- we -Q '---:.-.-. - ' .-.-:e.-i-,-,-.-.-.- -f f 1 fe-.1-4511. NHL. ff ' -a.:-1-:af -- f' ug-A ef'.-..-.v.-.-.-.- "1 --H -'fa-.-.vt ff- f a.:a.:.:....M..:.:.:.:.:............i.e..w..-Ny ,.uze...H..... ....,....x.:.:.5:W- ',-Zu... .Q . ,.........e,.-.-,.-. . . . -ss....M....ezleyM-,eg.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.,.,,,.-,-24.2441 Published by Closs ol Alf? Holstein High School Holstein, lowcx Editor - David Geske Ass't Editor -- Norton Obrecht Volume 32 . . . and we hereby dedicate .... this, the l949 Moo, to llllll llHllllN We, the Class of l949, respectfully dedicate this, the 32nd edition of the Moo to you, Doctor Martin. For years you have served I us as doctor, counselor, and friend. Always Y busy, always doing for others, you are ever ready to help an injured athlete or maybe just our upset stomachs. This is our small way of showing our apprecia tion to you .... James W. Martin, M. D. 2 . . lorward . . And so the camera clicks and catches you in that tleeting second of athletic victory, or mood of deep con- centration, or that rush of heart-deep happiness that comes with good friends and companionship. This is you, clustered in the library, cramming for tests, or winning games. We, the Class ot l949, give you this, the '49 MOO. This is your school. This is you. . ond so iT vvos in'49... You studied You strove forword, for YOU or Americo of Tomorrow E You ployed . . . . ond the faculty ond odministrofors guided, directed ond molded minds for The future .... HHMINISIHHIUHS "' 0 -P ea MK J. I , x fx I 5 144 ' . I 1-4 w, 2: ' 'Q :gl Q4 S d 9 . . board ot education . Walter H. -orenzen Retired Farmer Fred Borghols Jesse H. Leonard Hatchery Operator lbllggjirnt Ray Bagenstos Dr. James W. Martin Food Locker Operator Doctor Gladys Raabe Mildred Jackes Secretary to Superintendent Bank Cashier Secretary Treasurer 6 fllllll P. lllHNl Dr. Crane spent his youth in Holstein, graduating from our high school in l923. For many years he faithfully served this community as a doctor and friend. His interest in youth was always keen, and he spent several years'as a diligent member of the school board. With deepest respect and appreciation we salute Dr. WendellP. Crane. 7 And we enter into a brief interview with our teachers, who make up a very vital and necessary part of our schoal life. Our questions reveal in- teresting bits of information which we shall catalogue in this order: the schools they attended, the work they do in Holstein, their choice of color, perhaps for a new spring outfit, something they like to do in spare moments, a favorite food, and what they'd like to see before they die. Here they are as we recorded them: HARLAND HANSON lowa State Teachers College, University of lowa, Supt. of Schools and sponsor of Hilarity, green, repair toys in the base- ment, pineapple and pork tender- loin, Timbuctoo. MARIE STONER University of lowa, Minnesota University, Colorado University, Principal, Social Studies, sponsor of senior class and the "Moo," navy blue, fried chicken and ice cream, o S200,000 bank ac- Count. ARTHUR GERBER lowa State Teachers College, science and math, assistant foot- ball coach, blue or black, wood- working, pecan pie, myself gov- ernor of lowa. RUSSELL KRAAI Morningside College, coach and social studies, brown, rocking the baby, strawberries and cream, his son an All-American. BERNICE KUCHEL St. Olaf, University of Minnesota, Buena Vista, vocal music, Eng- lish, sophomore sponsor, yellow, reading and sewing, steak and carrots, a rocket trip to Mars. MILDRED JATHO University of Texas, science and home economics, freshman spon- sor, Girl Scouts, blue, light read- ing, chicken, all of the states north of the Mason-Dixon Line. CONRAD CLAUSSEN Music School in Germany, band, brown or blue, listen to good radio music, cup of coffee and cookies, one more national win- ner. HARRIET BAKER RUSSELL WUNSCHEL Wayne State Teachers, junior high, red or yellow, dancing or fishing, pop corn, a prefessional degree. Morningside, South Dakota Uni- versity, English, dramatics, Pep Club sponsor, Girl Scouts, read- ing or playing records, lobster, the pyramids of Egypt. PEARL KITCHEN Morningside, junior high, med- ium blue, baby sitting or travel- ing, chop suey, separate high- ways for trucks. VIOLA MOHR FRANCES MENARD Briar Cliff College, commercial, junior class sponsor, Girl Scouts, Kelly green, tending to her knit- ting, steak, Pygmies of Africa. Iowa State Teachers College, University of Iowa, sixth grade, Girl Scouts, brown, knitting and crocheting, ice cream and Mer- ischeno cherry cake, a ticket to Hawaii. SARAH JON ES lowa State Teachers College, Colorado University, Buena Vis- ta, titth grade, red, reading and movies, apple pie ala mode, a look through Mt. Palomar tel- escape. MABEL JACQUES lowa State Teachers College, Buena Vista, second grade, pink, sewing, roast chicken and oyster dressing, the top ot Mt. Wilson. ALICE STREED Buena Vista, fourth grade, rust or red, movies, souer kraut and weiners, Antarctica via plane. EDNA ROBERTS lowa State Teachers, second grade, red, Crocheting, chicken, Niagra Falls. LQMERLE RYDBERG Buena Vista, third grade, royal blue, basketball, potato chips and olives, 640-acre farm. MARIAN FAHAN lowa State Teachers, lowa State College, Buena Vista, kinder- garten, blue, reading, contract bridge, block raspberry pie, bottom of the ocean ot Bermuda. . . . . ond the Seniors experienced mixed feelings of regret ond hoppiness os they prepored to Ieove H H S, but they looked to the future prepored 'ro strive forword .... SiNIHHS 2 :se N sn! N . -I 1. " xx V A x ' xi 2. ls ' 1 ROBERT BERGMANN "BERGMANN" l haven't quite made up my mind, but give me time. Football 4, Basketball l,2, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Play Crew 4. ELOYIS BOCHMANN "ELOYlS" She speaks, behaves and acts iust as she should. Basketball 2, Mixed Chorus l, 2, Pep Club 4, Senior Play Crew 4. JACK BREYFOGLE "JACK" Every deck has a ioker. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Hilarity 4, Moo Staff 4, Senior Play Cast 4, 3 H's. BYRDELLA BUELL BYRDELLA Modesty conceals her many virtues Mixed Chorusl 2 3 4 Girls Chorus4 Pep Clubl 2 3 4 VONITA BUMANN "BOOM" I often laugh, but l'd rather giggle. Basketball l, 2, Mixed Chorus l, 2, Hilarity 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Moo Staff 4. Senior Play Crew 4 BEVERLY DAUGAARD "BEVERLY" Seen, but seldom heard. Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Hilarity 4, 21100 Staff 4, Senior Play Crew LAURETTA DITTMER "LAURETTA" I never change my opinion. lt's been in the family for years. Class Secretary 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Hilarity l, 2, 3, Co-editor 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Moo Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM ENDRULAT "ANDY" Boisterous but harmless. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Moo Staff 4, Senior Play Crew 4, 3 H's. LENORE EWOLDT "LENORE" Will I never stop talking? Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Crew 4. ELVA FRAHM "ELVA" Amiable and worthy of an-en. tion. Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls Chor- us 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Hi- larity 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Moo Staff 4. DOROTHY FRIEDRICHSEN "DORT" Give me a man and l'm happy. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Hilarity 4, Moo Staff 4, Senior Play Crew 4, 4 H's. ALVIN HAMMER NAU, With his Ford and his sweater he'Il make some girl's he art go. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Pep C lub 3, Secretary 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Moo Staff 4, 7 H's. BETTY JENSEN "BETTY" Known by her dainty tread. Basketball 2, Mixed Chorus l, 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Major- ette 3, 4, Cheerleader l, 3, Homecoming Attendant 4, Sen- ior Play Cast 4, Moo Staff 4, Relays Queen 4. WALTER JOH NSON "WALLY" I favor a five-day week-end. Basketball l, 27 Footbal l3, 4, Senior Play Crew 4, l H. DELORES KISTENMACHER "DELORES" Takes lite as a serious proposition. Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Moo Staff 4. DAVID GESKE IIDAVEII Genius is a matter of perspira- tion rather than inspiration. Moo Editor 4, Class President l, Secretary 2, Vice President 4, Football imanagerl l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Cmanagerl 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Quartet 3, 4, All-State Chorus 4, Hilarity l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Pep Band 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Westinghouse Science Contes- tant 4, 7 H's Cmanagerl, Quill and Scroll 4. CELIA MCGUIRE "SADE" She's a good student, aims high, and we're sure she'lI succeed Class President 3, Secretary l, Basketball 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, President 4, Hi- larity l, 2, Editor3, Co-editor 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Moo Bus- iness manager 4, D. A. R. County Winner 4, Quill and Scroll, l H lmanagerl. NORTON OBRECHT "NORTY" IP tardy marks were credits, l'd be way past graduation. Class President 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Hilarity l, 2, 3, Business Manager 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextette and Quartet 4, Cornet Quartette 3, Pep Club 4, Safety Patrol Leader 3, Moo Assistant Editor 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Quill and Scroll 4, l2 H's. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Pep Club ALICE REX "ALlCE" I don't believe in the gift of gab. 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Crew 4. DEAN RUSER "ROOS" A quiet, bashful gent, until you get to know him. Football 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Play Cast 4, 4 H's. LYLE LEINBAUGH HLYLEH Just like a broken mirror in the sun l'm full of bright cracks. Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Moville High l, Pep Club 3, Vice President 4, Moo Staff 4, Senior Play Crew 4, 2 M's 9 H's. DEAN LUND "LUND" Don't rush me now. l'll get there. Vice President l, 2, Ida Grove High l, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 3, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Pep Club 4, Hawk Club l, 2, Moo Staff 4, 3 lG's 3 H's. ELAINE LEONARD "ABE" Just one swell gal. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader l, 3, Pep Band 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Brass sextette and quartet 4, Hilarity 3, 4, Homecoming Attendant 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Moo Staff 4, 2 H's, Relays Attendant 4. MARY MCARTHUR "MARY" Oh! That good looking boy across the street. Class President 4, Vice Presi- den: l, 2, Band l, 2, 3, Sec- retary 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 4, Hilarity 2, 3, Co-edi- tor 4, Girls sextette 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Moo Staff 4, 2 H's, Quill and Scroll 4. 4 3 S 3 3 3 Q i EARL WIEN ERT "EARL" Always ready for a good time. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3 4, Hilarity 4, Moo Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Play Crew 4, 4 H's. 1 BEVERLY WIESE It' all depends on how l feel. Basketball 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mojorette 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us 4, Girls Chorus 4, Moo Staff 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Relays Attendant 4. HBEVH ARDYCE WILL "ARDYCE" She says what she thinks if she can think of it. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus 4, Drum Quartet 4, Drum Solo 4, Hilarity 3, 4, Moo Soft 4, Senior Play Crew 4, l LYLZ: SCHUBERT "SCI-lUB" An all around good fellow. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 41 PED Club 4, Senior Play Crew 4, 5 H's. GLENN VOHS "GLENN" The harder I try the gooder to be, the worser I am. Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Senior Play Crew. JAMES VOI-IS "OSS MOSS" I go here to get the general idea of things. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Play Crew 4, 4 H's. DEAN VOLLMAR "DEAN" As easily excited as the rock of Gibralter. Class Secretary 3, Football I lmanagerl, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, President 4, Mixed Chor- us l, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 3, Pep Bond 4, All-State Chorus 4, Senior Play Cost 4, Moo Staff 4, 4 H's. . . . . and we record the past school years in our . . ln the fall of l937, twelve "pioneers" packed their belongings and boarded the prairie schooner, Class of '49. Miss Keene met us at the gate of the corral and guided us down the first road, kindergarten. Of the twelve who made camp that first year, only seven have completed the long trek of thirteen years together. They are Billy Endrulat, Dorothy Friedrichsen, Lyle Leinbaugh, Celia McGuire, Norton Obrecht, Dean Voll- mar, and Ardyce Will. The next year we crossed the big divide between the old building and the new building. Here in Camp First Grade we were met by Scout Sadie Gray, who helped secure us with some printing and reading provisions. From there we forded the hall and entered second grade country. Miss Glorfeld, our wagon leader, showed us how to add and subtract. We then entered rougher country, third grade. Multiplying, divid- ing, and real writing forced us to move more cautiously and slowly. There Jack Breyfogle joined our small band. Our able guide, Miss Manteufel, showed us the right path, and we headed for fourth grade. We paused to rest in fourth grade and to look at our neighbors, through the eyes of a geography book. Miss Steig helped us to collect small particles of gold dust, called knowledge, which we had sought. A new experience, called lowa history, awaited us in the fifth grade pass. The addition of David Geske increased our strength, as Miss Edwards led us on to the sixth grade badlands. Picking up where Miss Edwards left off, Supply Sergeant Kitchen equipped us with the necessary provisions to carry us to Fort Junior High. Mary McArthur joined our wagon there in sixth grade and continued on with us. At the gates of Fort Jr. High, Miss Perry and Miss Johnson escort- ed us in and started us on our way to the high school crossroads. While in seventh grade we helped put on the play "America on Parade." ln the eighth grade, Lyle Schubert and Eloyis Bochmann joined us in getting a taste of what lay in the trip ahead of us. As we came to the High School Crossroads, we met another cov- ered wagon with the same name, the Class of '49. Our wagons joined to- gether and Alice Rex, Byrdella Buell, Dean Ruser, Delores Kistenmacher, Lenore Ewoldt, Beverly Daugaard, Walter Johnson, Beverly Wiese, Earl Wienert, Alvin Hammer, Betty Jensen, Elaine Leonard, Vonita Bumann, Elva Frahm, Lauretta Dittmer, Glenn Vohs, and Robert Bergmann joined our party as we headed into the new country. During these last three years Dean Lund and Jim Vohs joined our company, bringing our total strength to 31. We have had fun together in our four high school years and our sacks containing gold dust knowledge, have grown. But now the road branches into many directions. Our prairie schooner, the Class of '49 is be- ginning to squeak and the wheels are wearing down, but its passengers have grown stronger. lt looks as if we'll have to abandon our wagon and each choose his own road and transportation into the country where we shall be the leaders and followers of others. lo . . . . and we aspire to the future with our . . . eadcvz Hmfddaaa Robert Bergmann: Stay on the old homestead. Eloyis Bachmann: A teacher of history. Jack Breyfogle: Work on a farm or do mechanical work. Byrdella Buell: Possibly nursing. Vonita Bumann: An airline stewardess. Beverly Daugaard: A secretary in a big city. Lauretta Dittmer: Employment at the State Hospital at Cher- okee, William Endrulat: Work on a farm. Lenore Ewoldt: Just work at home. Elva Frahm: Commercial work in a small town. Dorothy Friedrichsen: A coach of girls' athletics. David Geske: First a Christian, then a good citizen, finally a successful engineer. Alvin Hammer: Definitely farming. Betty Jensen: A stenographer. Walter Johnson: Farm a year, then, who knows what? Delores Kistenmacher: A secretary in a big city. Lyle Leinbaugh: A coach of boys' athletics. Elaine Leonard: A teacher of primary education. Dean Lund: Attend Morningside and study general law. Mary McArthur: Airline stewardess. Celia McGuire: Lady politician. Norton Obrecht: To make the most of myself that I can. Alice Rex: A job in a grocery store or a restaurant. Dean Ruser: Farming. Lyle Schubert: An illustrator. Dean Vollmar: Half interest in Vollmar's Super Service. Earl Wienert: Attend a liberal arts college or university. Beverly Wiese: Study medicine at Boulder University. Ardyce Will: A nursing career. Glenn Vohs: Nothing definite. Probably work in Holstein. James Vohs: Tiller of the black gold. I7 . . . and now as Seniors, armed with our .... CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Yellow rose Purple and Gold CLASS MOTTO We have mined the treasure, now to use it. ,L .B El l ll l l E fl El 5 E E Q s 5 5 Q l E ? l 5 . . . . we venture forth . . . . some to college some to work But wherever we are, whatever we are doing we must be STRIVING FORWARD . . . . ond the uhderclossmen studied ond strove for future greothess yet enjoyed to the fullest their high school life . . . UNHiHEiHSSMiN LLK Lf' ty QQ 7-A S . l- tn, ' -E, ?-5, A .i 'Q' 9, -255' l f i K ... i f ' V - . iuniors . . l-larold Arp J udy Bagenstos Phyllis Bergmann Berry Bremer William Bienlein Darlene Bremer Joan Carnes Dean Earnest Howard Diftmer Eugene Gehrts Maxine Hansohn Donna Jensen Robert Hintz James Jurgensen Wendell Kastner Jeanne Kolb Delaine Lemke LaVaughn Lill Orville Miller Lyle Munz Johnny Rochau Duane Ruhser Louise Scherner James Sindt Francis Sokolowski Howard Vohs Marvin Wiese Shirley Wiese ..iuniors work.. Bergmann, vice president Kolb president Arp, secretary Moving up another step on the ladder of learning, the Juniors found themselves faced with new academic hurdles. American literature, chemistry, typing, American history, bookkeeping, and advanced h0me economics were all subjects on the Juniors' curriculum. Like other Juniors before, the Class of '50 turned salesmen for a few weeks after October l and set a new record for magazine sales. The gross sales of S900 netted S301 for the Juniors. LaVaughn Lill won the table radio for the largest individual sales. Other money-making maneuvers in- cluded refreshment sales at all athletic events. Encouraged and directed by Miss Harriet Baker, the Juniors Ven-- tured into the dramatic field. "Shoot the Works," a three-act comedy, was successfully presented on November l7th before two enthusiastic audiences. February saw the Juniors entertain the high school with a success- fully novel sock dance. Shoes and sandals were checked away leaving the dancers to trip the light fantasy in stockinged feet. Prizes were awarded for the loudest sox, biggest feet, etc. Busy Juniors, under direction of Miss Frances Menard, converted whispered conferences and long 'hours of streamer-hanging into the tradi-- tionally wonderful Junior-Senior Prom. With the gym and halls transformed into a magical setting, the '49 Prom went down into our hearts as a night to remember. Juniors, yes, but more important, an integral part of our H. H. S. Participating in extra-curriculars, recording good grades, the Juniors helped mark up i948-49 as a successful year. . . sophomores . Eldon Blen Doris ner Breyfogle . Joan Brodersen Mary Dau Gene Robert En Lowell Camarigg Ehler Theone Eh rp Patsy Ellerbusch drulat Donna Ewoldt William Fahan Verlyn Friedrichsen Evelyn Gebers Dean Goettsch Janet Kolb Alvin Kay Wayne Kiesling Ruth Kistenmacher Joyce Myrtue Donna Leckband Joelle Lemke Roge r Petersen Shirley Pfalzgrat William Rickard Bonnie Rochau Francis Ruhlow Don Schneckloth Delane Schroeder Charles Schubert Ma ry Walker Marcene Wilson Betty Wittrock . sophomores suffer . . Schneckloth, secretary, Schroeder vice president Fahan, president Tradition says that the sophomores are the forgotten class in high school. But not so for the Holstein High edition of sophomores in '49. Although without initiation, the prom or graduation, the sophomores made themselves known as an important part of our school. Wider horizons came with the larger selection of elective subjects. E-iology, speech, advanced home economics, geometry, and business training helped fill out the sophomores' curriculum along with the required English and world history. Class organization early in the year found Fahan tapping the gavel, Schroeder second in command, and Schneckloth juggling words and figures. Mrs. Bernice Kuchel acted as class sponsor. The Dec. l7 Christmas program featured sophomores conducting a humorous quiz show. Following tradition, the sophomores put on the annual "Blue-Jean Dance." Comfort, not appearance, was king for the evening as all 'buttons and bows' were out. Sophomores kept up their high ideals with spirited participation in all activities and creditable performances in the scholastic section. 1 . he William Agnew shmen. Mary Ann Arp Lou Donna Lu Con Ann Baumann Betty Ca rstens OVG I' Shirley Conover Shirley Daugaord Donald Ewoldt Kenneth Goettsch Richard Hintz Lauren Kistenmacher Mary Kolb Dorothy Krambeck Ma rga ret Lembcke Calvin Leonard Harold McDer Zoe Ann McCubbin mott, Jr. Thomas Petersen Donald Portertield Carol Schlumboum Lawrence Schroeder Maxine S ch roeder William Schulz Mary Voihs Harland Timmermon William Weber Lorraine Wiese Mary Wittrock . . freshman lrolic . McDermott, secretary, Agnew president Leonard, vice president "Ouchl Don't hit so hard." initiation and the beginning of o long row for Freshman hoes. English l, algebra, general mathematics, home economics, mechanics, and general science were subjects which greeted the Frosh in their venture into high school. High school life, something new and different, but after initiation and with many new friends, the Class of '52 entered whole-heartedly into scholastic living, ln return for the Seniors' initiation dance, the Frosh staged a return party for the '49ers on October 3rd, Taking their part in the annual school Christmas party, six freshmen black-faces tickled the student body's funny bone with jokes and sharp remarks. Santa Claus found four helpers among the Frosh for the distribution of gifts. Energetic freshmen entered into all phases of extra-curricular activities. Large turnouts in athletics and chorus helped keep those sections strong. Academically strong and humorously sound, Freshmen now but seniors in '52, they will keep up their loyalty to H. H. S. 'rlmese people lmelp molqe up our scllool . . . cmd the grodes moved forwdrd into The mysfery of life with 0 guiding hormd from their teachers . . . EHHIHS 63.58 'if' '?--ad' eighth grade . .. seventh grade . . . Y l Left to right--First row: David Leonard, Lyle Johnston, Robert Batho, Donna Ruhlow, Dorcas Geske, Shirley Kroeger, Carole Kolb. Second row: Joan Schroeder, Duane Ruser, Iona Ewoldt, Nancy Nelson, Denton Wirkus, Marie Dittmer. Third row: James Werner, Gary Gerber, Raymond Bergmann, Carmon Petersen, Mary Schubert, Kenneth Obitz, Bonnie Breytogle, Normadyne Weiland, Diane Blenner. Fourth row: David Lund, Elwayne Nordstrom, Mariene Schroeder, Lois Leckband, Loren Schuett, Regina Bienlien, Gloria Ruhser, Florence Kruse, Donna Bauer, Shirley Bergmann. Left to right-First row: Marlene Bumann, Darlene Prosch, Kay Rice, Janice Conover, Joelle McCubbin, Dorothy Conover, Virgil Schuett, LaVere Pfalzgraf, Kenneth Walker, Earl Heilman. Second row: Marilyn Goettsch, Joanne Carstens, Mary Kreutz, Shirley Scott, Curtis Kisten- macher, Martin Lohff. 'Third row: Valgene Kiesling, Daniel Branco, Melvin McCulJbin, Betty Scott, Shirley Miller Ronald Ewoldt, Gaylen Galvin, Harlan Arp, Samuel King, Donald Camarigg, Don Goettsch. 1 Fourth row: Dennis Meier, Robert Martin, Joyce Armiger, Donna Green, Darlene Schuett Eorotgy Irwin, Darrell Gebers, Dorothy Walker, Shirley Michaeison, Harold Bochrnann, Rober 'teas ell. 4 Absent: Otto Heuschen, Jr. See page 34. 28 ..iunior high .. Junior High pupils kept moving along the education- al trail. New subjects and new friends made their journey interesting. Sidelights of the year were numerous with sports holding the spotlight. Sporting new equipment, the Junior High boys battled out a football victory over Alta but absorbed three other losses. Changing to basketball, both boys and girls participated wholeheartedly. Junior High gals took two victories out of their four games with Odebolt and Schleswig. The boys' basketball team turned in three triumphs out of eleven starts. They also took fourth place in the Maple Valley Conference Junior High Tournament. Nearly all seventh and eighth graders took part in the noon-hour basketball program. Junior High boys also took part in several Junior High track events. Band activities attracted many Junior High musi- cians. Nineteen were members of the senior band, while many more played along in the junior band. The Spring Concert March 29 gave many of these players a chance to demonstrate their skills. Shirley Michaelsen and David Lund took first and second respectively at the lda County Spelling Contest on March 5 at lda Grove. Shirley will attend the State Contest on April 9 at Des Moines. 7th Grade Officers: Robert Martin Gaylen Galvin 8th Grade Officers: Robert Batho Mary Schubert COUNTY SPELLING CHAMPS: David Lund-2nd Shirley Michaelsen lst These Junior High pupils are well prepared to become members of high school. l sixth grade filth grade Left to right--First row: James Bleasdell, Charles Noneman, Wayne Nelson, Janice Lohft, Dixie Freese, Ardis Cipperley, Nancy Janssen, Marilyn Wagner. Second row: Craig Vollmar, Gerald Breyfogle, Joyce Obitz, Jean Moser. Tlnrd row: Larson Meyer, Gary Leonard, Roland Fritz, Jerry Jean Cole, Margaret Nelson, Roger Schuett. Fourth row: Jerry Langland, Shirley Scherner, Dorothy Werner, Joan Rolfs, Mary Goettsch, Carol Dittmer, Verna Leckband, Mary Leonard, Lavonne Schuett, Lois Schroeder. Back row: Hiram Leonard, James Clausen, Kenneth Kruse, Wendell Reineke, Roger Hass, Robert Libke, Eugene Bochmann, Robert Will, Wendall Jensen, Larry Bumann, Willis Buell, Miss Viola Mohr. Lett to right-First row: Kay Conover, Clark Conover, Wayne Saxon, Gene Nielsen, Janice Meyer, Marilyn Stoneking. Second rowi Kathleen Lane, Joan Cipperley, Dennis Kolb, Dean Hammer, George Nielsen. Third row: Nancy Michaelsen, Roger Jensen, Roger Clausen, Stephen Curtis. Fourth row: JoAnn Lasher, Anclra Lee Ewoldt, Deanna Goettsch, Doris Bochmann, Mary Kruse, Carol Breyfogle, Loretta Wilson, Miss Sarah Jones. Back row: George Hueschen, Lloyd Glawe, Francis Bieniien, Robert Fritz, Larry Meyer, Donald Gerber. - Loft to right-First row: Joyce Scott, Verla Frahm, Sandra Madsen, Marvel Loot, Janith Williams, Joyce Nielsen, Danny Sorensen. Second row: Roger Hintz, Mary Jensen, James Breyfogle, Ruth Bergmann, Harold Butcher. Third row: Larry Bergmann, William Ehlers, Gene Will, Virgil Bumann, Janet Dittmer. Fourth row: Lowell Kruse, Sally Blackmer, Barbara Irwin, Betty Timmerman, Joyce Rolfs, Julie Leonard, Margene Goettsch. Fitth row: Rodson Ellerbusch, Richard Bagenstos, Curtis Conover, Ronald Fritz, Larry Lein- baugh, Richard Lorenzen, Ronald Meyer, Roger Goettsch, Miss Alice Streed. Left to right-First row: William Armiger, Steven Janssen, Barbara Kaus, Wendell Conover. Second row: Bonnie Blackmer, Eunice Bochmann, Judith Hansen, Carolyn Goettsch, Myrna Niemeier. Third row: Reta Scott, Karen Butcher, Nancy Henrichsen, Marjorie Schubert, Luella Schuett. Fourth row: Dennis Hueschen, Shirley Timmerman, Mary Bumann, Karen Barghols, Loretta Ehlers, Darlene Rice, LaVonne Timmerman, LaRae Meyer, Miss LaMerle Rydberg. Fifth row: Allen Meyer, Merlin Jensen, Kurt Leonard, Howard Kruse, Lloyd Reineke, Larry Schumacher, Alfred Hass, John Leckband. Absent: Phyllis Vohs. See page 34. fourth grade third grade second grade lirst grade i E Z s Q i Left to right-First row: Charles Putensen, Dorothy Hogrefe, Loren Bergmann, Maxine Vohs, Saundra Wagner. . Second row: Donald Butcher, Camilla Hanson, John Kolb, Mary Knuth, Eileen Frahm, Sherryl Ploeger. Third row: Julie Ewoldt, Mary Ladewig, Rodney Madsen, Harvey Lane, Judith Perkins. Fourth row: Marva Hass, Beverly Jors, William Meyer, Gary Schuett, Joelle Jochims, Robert Kraai, Nordyne Vickery, Loretta Clausen, Nancy Kolb. Fifth row: Warren Nelson, Dean Breytogle, Laurence Timmerman, Robert Kelley, Thomas Mohr, Donald Claussen, Dean Gerber, DeLaine Fritz, Bruce Schmidt, Mrs. Mabel Jacques. Absent: Bonnie Christiansen. See page 34. I 1 S i Q , 3 l E 2 E 1 E l E Left to right-First row: David Lohff, Catherine Lingle, Janet Sass, Betty Olson, Faye Janssen, Stephen Madsen, Orrin Armiger. Second row: Dennis Bochma'nn, Gary Johnson, Jimmy Johannsen, Jerry Jochims, Nancy Kelley, Karen Michaelsen. Third row: Mary Mohr, Dick Houser, Gene Perkins, Veryl Droegmiller, Sandra Giesen. Fourth row: Dale Breyfogle, Darrel Moller, Elaine Cipperley, Doris Timmerman, David Eberhard, Danny Bienlien, Wendell Rolfs, Elaine Kaus Miss Edna Roberts. Back row: Dennis Kuchel, Joanne Bye, Diane Gellert, Howard Ehlers, Kathleen Krull, Larry Wilson, Joe Thomas, Freddie Goettsch. Absent: Marilyn Christiansen. See page 34. Left to right-First row: Mary Conover, Carol Meyer, June Kaus, John Wagner, Robert Meyer, Dan Breyfogle, June Hanson, Mrs. Marian Fahan. Second row: Frederick Ewoldt, Darwin Ehlers, Michael Kelley, David Bye, Virginia Koster, Janet Goettsch, Alice Nielsen. Third row: Carole Wittrock, David Vohs, Judie Michalicek, Gary Weiland, Oliver Reineke, Donna Hass, Marcia Beyer. Left to right-First row: Carol Reimer, Betty Fajman, Barbara McCubbin, Gene Droegmiller, Marjorie Burkardt, Ronda Ludvigson, Paul Niemeier, Mrs. Marian Fahan, Second row: Carol Bergmann, Sharon Wiese, JoAnn l-leitmcmn, Kay Nordstrom, Janet Cipperly, Albert Loof. Third row: Larry Vesgaard, Larry Jors, Harold Freese, Joe Clausen, Rae Dean Timmerman. Fourth row: Loren Clausen, Brian Bruning. Mnder garlen hndew garlen 33 i .. grade school scrapbook . Grade school pupils took the Iowa Basic Skill Test. Results were THIRD GRADE Arithmetic: lst-Kurt Leonard: 2nd-Darlene Rice: 3rd- Karen Butcher: 4th-Judy Hansen. Language: lst-Leonard: 2nd-Rice: 3rd-Butcherg 4th-- Hansen. Work Study Skills: lst-Leonard: 2nd-Rice: 3rd--William Armigerp 4th-Steven Janssen. Reading Compensation: lst-Leonardg 2nd-Nancy Henrichseng 3rd-Rice: 4th--Bonnie Blockmer. Reading Vocabulary: lst-Leonard: 2nd-Butcher: 3rd-Hen- richseng 4th-Koren Ann Barghols. FOURTH GRADE Tes? A: lst-Barbara Irwin: 2nd-Richard Bagenstosg 3rd- Julie Leonard: 4th-Janet Jean Dittmer. Test B: lst-Bagenstosg 2nd-Leonard: 3rd-Ronald Meyer: 4th-Rodson Ellerbusch. Test C: lst--Meier: 2nd-Bagenstosg 3rd-Dittmer 8. Leonardg 4th-Sally Blackmer. Test D: lst-Bagenstosg 2nd-Dittmerg 3rd-Meier: 4th-Ellen FIFTH GRADE Test A: lst-Marilyn Stonekingg 2nd-Stephen Curtis: 3rd- Wayne Saxony 4th-Deanna Goettsch 81 Francis Bienlien. Test B: lst-Goettschg 2nd--Stonekingg 3rd-Kay Conover: 4th-Curtis. Test C: lst-Stonekingg 2nd-Roger Clouseng 3rd-Curtisg 4th- Carol Breyfogle. Test D: lst-Bienlien 8. Breyfogleg 2nd-Stoneking 8: Nancy Michcelseng 3rd-Goettschp 4th-Curtis. SIXTH GRADE Reading-Part 1: lst-Willis Buell: 2nd-Mary Jane Leonard: 3rd--Craig Vollmarg 4th--Larson Meyer. Reading-Pari: ll: lst-Buell: 2nd-Jerry Jean Cole: 3rd- Mary Jane Leonard: 4th--Hiram Leonard. Work-Study Skills: lst-Buell: 2nd-Vollmarg 3rd-Janice Lohffp 4th-Carol Dittmer. Language Skills: lst-Vollmarg 2nd-Buell: 3rd--Mary Jane Leonard: 4th-Jerry Langland 8. Dorothy Werner. SEVENTH GRADE Reading-Part'l: lst-Martin Lohffg 2nd-Shirley Michaelseng 3rd-Dorothy lrwing 4th-Darlene Prosch. Reading-Part ll: lst-Robert Martin: 2nd--Lohffj 3nd-Mich- aelseng 4th-Irwin. Language: lst-Lohftg 2nd-Michaelseng 3rd-lrwing 4th- Martin. Work Study: lst-Lohffg 2nd-Michaelseng 3rd-Proschg 4th- Martin. Arithmetic: lst-Lohffj 2nd-Kenneth Walkerg 3rd-Joanne Carsten: 4th-Janice Conover. EIGHTH GRADE Reading: lst-Denton Wirkusg 2nd-Joan Schroederg 3rd- Robert Bathog 4th-David Lund. Work Study Skills: lst-Wirkusg 2nd-Dorcas Geskeg 3rd- Bathog 4th-Marlene Schroeder. Languages: lst-Wirkusg 2nd-Marlene Schroeder: 3rd-Geskeg 4th-Batho. Arithmetic: lst-Wirkusg 2nd-Lundy 3rd-Kenneth Obitzg 4th-Marlene Schroeder. as follows: busch. PHOTO-PHOBICS lpicture absenteesl Otto Hueschen, Jr. Marilyn Christiansen Bonnie Christiansen Phyllis Vohs 34 . . . . ond our ofhletes upheld our school's winning ways through skill, courage, and the will to Win .... Hlllllll Llib Sept. l7 Sept. 24 Oct. l Oct. 8 Oct. i5 Oct. 22 CHO Oct. 29 Nov. ll . lootball . With the varsity punctured by graduation, Coach Kraai performed o splendid rebuilding job with 9 returning lettermen and available rookies. Minus eight regulars from the l947 Maple Valley Champions, the Pirates plugged away, overcame their inexperience, and turned in a creditable season. Plagued by injuries and the "breaks", Holstein gave every opponent a rugged contest with plenty of clean, crisp tackling and blocking. Fumbles in vital spots stopped several victory drives. The team played out one of the toughest schedules in the school's history with the net result of 3 wins, 4 losses, l tie. H. H. S. Alta T i3 Moville T 25 lda Grove T O Onawa T 6 Cherokee H 6 Correctionville H 40 mecomingl Kingsley H 38 Odebolt H i2 140 Foe - 20 lg Second Team 6 September 27 - There - 33 Cherokee O 7 October 4 - l-lere - Alta 7 6 October i8 - Here - 24 Cherokee O ll7 l-eff to fight-TOD POW! Couch KVOOL Sokolowski, RUl'1lOw, Schroeder, Kieslmg, Sindt, Robert Hintz, Ewoldt, Weber Asst Coach Gerber. Second row: C. Schubert, R. Petersen, Earnest, Gehrts, Kay, L. Schubert, J. Vohs, Miller, Ruhser, Blenner, Rickard Fahan Schneckloth, T. Petersen, Kistenmacher. Third row: Agnew, Schulz, K. Goettsch, Ehler, G. Vohs, D. Goettsch, McDermott, Rochau, Ruser, Obrecht, D. Schroeder Leonard, Lemke, H. Vohs, Bottom row: Porterfield tAsst. Managerl, Vollmar, Lund, Hammer, Munz, Leinbaugh, Bienlien, Jurgensen, Endrulat, Kastner Wienert, Breyfogle, Wiese, Arp, Geske Clvlanagerl. 36 September 17 - Holstein 13, Alta 20 The gods of the gridiron came up with a hatful of bad breaks for the Pirates' opener. The Alta Cyclones helped their cause with hard running and tackling. The Orange and Black matched statistics but couldn't rack up the almighty point. September 24 - Holstein 25, Moville 14 A fighting but outmanned Moville eleven succumbed to the overwhelming grid machine. The Pirates showed signs of rounding into a polished and precise blocking club. The vet- eran backfield baffled its slower opponent with its smooth working "T." October 1 - Holstein 0, lda Grove 7 The powerful Ida Grove Hawk squad cut loose Goodwin on a fake punt for 79 yards and the ball game. Battling back gamely in the second half the Pirates drove to a few feet of the coveted goal stripe only to fall short. The game featured brilliant play by both teams. October 8 - Holstein 6, Onawo 6 Matched evenly throughout the tilt, the teams battled out this important game to a 6-6 tie. Onawa, undefeated at the time and destined to remain so, scored quickly and then turned the first half into a punter's duel. Holstein roared back with Leinbaugh scoring from 10 yards out only to miss the extra point conversion. October 15 - Holstein 6, Cherokee 33 The Pirates battled gamely, but didn't have the goods. Ranked No. l in Northwest Iowa, Cherokee lost no time in showing their dominance. A pass play put over Holstein's only score against the Braves since 1937. October 22 - Holstein 40, Correctionville 7 Holstein celebrated Homecoming in fine style with this decisive M.V.C. win. Scoring nearly at will in the first half, the Pirates retired on their laurels in the last half and watched the reserved man the Pirate ship. Jurgensen dazzled with two double reverse touchdown runs. October 29 - Holstein 38, Kingsley 6 Termed by many as the best "team" game, the Orange and Black soundly spanked the intruding Kingsley Bombers. With the backfleld clicking perfectly and the line tearing gaps in the Bomber front wall, the entire team caught fire and rammed ogr 6 TD's and a safety. November 11 - Holstein 12, Odebolt 24 1 With the Maple Valley title at stake, Holstein shot its wad in the first half, lost Leinbaugh, and crumpled in the third period. Holstein drew first blood when Leinbaugh raced 52 yards for the tally. Odebolt evened the count on a re- covered fumble but Hammer pulled in a sleeper pass and rambled to the 2 yard stripe. On the next play he rammed over tackle for the TD. The Trojans unleashed an aerial in the dying seconds of the half and scored. Odebolt roared over two quick scores in the third quarter and defended the lead throughout the remaining minutes. . .grid gallants .. LYLE LEINBAUGH-senior fullback- 5' ll"-l66 lbs . . . triple threat star and great team player . . . sharp passer and receiver, 40-yard punter . . . scored 91 points, mainly on open field runs . . . pile driving center plunger . . . team sparkplug and team signal caller . . . giant on defense as linebacker . . . 3rd H. WILLIAM ENDRULAT-senior guard -5' l0"--I76 lbs . . . outstanding lineman . . . led many end plays with skillful blocking . . . hard charg- ing defensive bulwark . . . vicious tackler . . . good team player . . . 3rd H. DEAN VOLLMAR-senior tackle- 5' ll"-l54 lbs . . . quick and alert blocker . . . bruising defensive player . . . broke up many plays in the backfield . . . 2nd H. ALVIN HAMMER-senior halfback --5' 8"-146 lbs . . . scat-back with plenty of drive . . . one of squads hardest tacklers . . . stopped many open field runners with rugged tack- les . . . reliable pass receiver . . . defensive linebacker . . . 3rd H. EARL WIENERT-senior guard-6'- l6O lbs . . . precision blocker with the shoulders to open holes . . . de- pendable defensive man . . . hard worker . . . 2nd H. JACK BREYFOGLE-senior tackle-5' IO"--159 lbs . . . vicious defensive player . . . rugged blocker . . . adept at knocking down ends . . . good squad player . . . 2nd H. JAMES JURGENSEN-junior halfback -5' 7"--l5O lbs . . . slippery ball carrier . . . scored several times on tricky rcverses . . . 2nd H. ' WENDELL KASTNER-junior center -5' 8"-i9l lbs . . . hard-hitting defensive player . . . got many down field blocks . . . reliable offensive center with accurate passes . . . good veteran for next year . . . lst H. 38 . .grid gallants LYLE MUNZ-junior end-5' ll"- l55 lbs . . . alert defensive wingman, recovered several fumbles for safeties . . . caught several scoring passes . . . good blocker . . . will be valuable member of '49 eleven . . . 2nd H. MARVIN WIESE-junior end and back-5' 7"-l42 lbs . . . skillful downfield blocker . . . good footwork at end position . . . speedy back for '49 squad . . . 2nd H. DEAN LUND-senior quarterback- 5' lO"-l42 lbs . . . smooth ball- handler . . . good passer . . . missed Odebolt game with a broken finger . . . heady defensive half . . . lst H. NORTON OBRECHT-senior utility man-5' 8"-143 lbs . . . played end and backfield equally well . . . heady pass defensive player . . . both- ered by early season foot infections . . . all round team player . . . 4th H. WILLIAM BIENLIEN-junior end- 6' 2"-l48 lbs . . . reliable flanker . . . improved rapidly . . . broke his shoulder in Cherokee game . . . tough cookie for next year . . . light but rugged . . . lst H. DAVID GESKE-senior manager- 5' 9"-l43 lbs . . . able manager and skillful taper . . . handled minor details with efficiency . . . 4th H FOOTBALL FELLOWS WILL REMEMBER . . . first practices late in August . hot weather the first few days along with some plenty tired muscles hitting the tackling dummy, and chuckling when the sand would spill out at the pail onto Gerb selling tickets to get qbfootball trip to Iowa State or Iowa that crisp spring night of the football hayride . . . practicing under the lights and the warm shower afterwards giving a speech before the assembly about the coming game march ing up to the front of the assembly to get that precious letter or numeral . . . the swell compan lonship with the other guys throughout the season . . . . honoraries . Our football gridsters were honored with letters and other honors. I948 FOOTBALL LETTER WINNERS Jack Breytogle Dean Lund Norton Obrecht Lyle Schubert Dean Vollmar Alvin Hammer Walter Johnson Dean Ruser James Vohs Earl Wienert William Bienlien Dean Earnest James Jurgensen Wendell Kastner Lyle Munz Marvin Wiese Harold Arp Eugene Gehrts Duane Ruhser John Rochau William Fahan Don Schneckloth Alvin Kay William Rickard William Endrulat Co-Capt. Lyle Leinbaugh Co-Capt. David Geske-Mgr ALL-STATE SELECTIONS LYLE LEINBAUGH, Fullback-Third team, Iowa Daily Press Association All State Fourth team, Jack North's All-State First team, Magruder's All-Northwest Iowa First team, Tye's All-Northwest Iowa ALVIN HAMMER, Haltback-Honor Roll, Jack North's All-State WILLIAM ENDRULAT, Guard-Honor Roll, Jack North's All-State WENDELL KASTNER, Center-Fourth team, Tye's All-Northwest Iowa 40 . boys' basketball . Date Opponents Nov.19 Early 23 Meriden 30 Aurelia Dec. 3 Anthon 7 Galva Covertimel 10 C'Ville 14 Danbury 17 Kingsley 31 Anthon Jan. 4 Meriden 7 Quimby 18 Galva 21 C'Ville CAGE CALENDAR We 25 36 45 31 31 31 43 44 31 52 51 21 33 They 29 24 30 27 33 28 38 25 25 43 27 34 31 25 Battle Creek 44 31 28 Arthur 50 26 Feb. 1 Alta 40 59 8 Danbury 36 29 15 Kingsley 40 30 18 Battle Creek 51 38 Maple Valley Tour. Jan. 12 Arthur 45 33 13 Danbury 30 1 1 14 Galva 37 32 lovertimel Sect. Tournament Feb. 25 Odebolt 46 30 Dist. Tournament Mar. 3 Rockwell C. 23 37 916 750 Left to right-First row: K. Goettsch, Vollmor, Rickard, Lund, Munz, Bienlien, Leinbaugh, Hammer, Wiese Obrecht Weber. Second row: T. Petersen, Schulz, Leonard, Hintz, L. Schroeder, Blenner, R. Petersen, Kcistner, Ehler, McDermott Agnew Kistenmacher. Third row: Geske CManagerJ, Schneckloth, Kay, D. Goettsch, Ruhlow, D. Schroeder, Miller, Ruser, J. Vohs, L. Schubert Lemke Fahan, H. Vohs. Back row: Ewoldt, Endrulat, C. Schubert. . .game glances. . . Pirate cagers with a 19 won 5 last record marked up their '48-49 hoop season as a definite success. A loss against Early with only a few days practice followed by three successive wins got the Pirate cage quint into gear. Galva scored a 33-31 overtime win but three other tough Maple Valley Confer- ence foes succumbed to the Pirate attack. Wins over Anthon, Meriden, and Quimby set the stage for the contested Maple Valley Tournament. The local lads knocked over Arthur, 45-33 and Danbury, 30-ll. A hard earned overtime victory against Galva 37-32 put another souvenir in the Pirate trophy case. Galva caught Holstein napping the follow- ing Tuesday and posted a 34-2l revenge. Three wins over C'Ville, Battle Creek, and Arthur respectively, brought the Pirates up to their tilt with the touted Alta Cyclones. The heighth and smooth ball-handling of the subsitate club overpowered the Orange and Black five, 59-40. Three conference wins finished out the regular schedule. ' In sectional play, Holstein wreaked revenge on Odebolt to the tune of 46-30. District competition ian gee person of Rockwell City took the Pirates toll 7- . The i949-50 cage squad will be minus 3 of this year's starters, Leinbaugh, Lund, and Obrecht. Vollmar, reserve guard, is also a senior. Holstein can well be proud of the fighting spirit and scrappy teamwork the squad displayed throughout the season. BASKETBALL LETTER WINNERS Lyle Leinbaugh - Co-Captains - Dean l und Norton Obrecht Dean Vollmar Lyle Schubert Alvin Hammer Dean Ruser James Vohs William Bienlien Lyle Munz Marvin Wiese Orville Miller William Rickard David Geske tmanagerl 42 Bienlien pivots Leinbaugh dives Lund rebounds . pirate close-ups . . WILLIAM RICKARD-sophomore guard-6' . . . defensive standout, knocked down many close in shots . . . valuable rebounder . . . skillful passer . . . sharp basket eye . . . season total of l44 points . . . 627, free throw shooter . . . 2nd H. WILLIAM BIENLIEN-junior guard-6' 3" . . . first varsity year . . . good rebounder and defensive player . . . scored 130 points . . . feeder passer to forward . . . 3092, at gift toss line . . . 2nd H. DEAN LUND-senior guard-5' 9" . . . play- maker at front post of diamond offense . . . long shot exponent with accuracy . . . deceptive passer . . .good rebounder . . . 607, gift tosser . . . dropped in I78 pointers . . . 2nd H . . . All-State Honor Roll. DEAN VOLLMAR-senior utility-5' ll" tal- ented rebounder . . . aggressive dribbler . . . lst H. LYLE LEINBAUGH-senior forward-5' IO" . . . driving fast-breaker . . . team sparkplug . . . accurate jump-twist shot . . . able de- fensive player . . . dependable rebounder . . . 5094, free throw average . . . potted 344 points . . . 3rd H . . . All-State Honor Roll. NORTON OBRECHT-senior forward-5' 8" . . . cool-headed defensive player working well at front slot of zone . . . sharp rebounder . . . 5O'Z, free throw average . . . all round team player . . . hit IO4 points . . . 4th H. 43 Nov Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. 19 2 10 17 31 girls' basketball . Piratettes 34 45 40 33 54 60 46 42 53 SEASON REVIEW Early Meriden Anthon Galva C'Ville Kingsley Anthon Meriden Quimby Opponents Piratettes Opponent 47 Jan. 18 29 Galva 48 55 Jan. 21 63 C'Ville 59 42 Feb. 12 45 Arthur 32 48 Feb. 15 55 Kingsley 23 34 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT 28 Jan. 12 54 Arthur 40 47 Jan. 14 37 Galva 42 63 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 45 Feb. 2 37 Galva 57 Left to right-First row: Leonard, Lill, Walker, Jeanne Kolb, Breyfogle, Friedrichsen, Gebers, McArthur, Brodersen Will Ellerbusch, Schroeder. Second row: Wilson, Kistenmacher, Pfolzgraf, Rochziu, Lemke, Scherner, Bremer, Janet Kolb, Dau, Myrtue McGuire lmanagerl. 'ghird rolwzh Lembcke, D. Conover, Mary Kolb, Carstens, McCubbin, Krombeck, Bumann, Daugacird, S. Conover, Arp Schlum cum, o s. 44 Brody drives for the bucket Kolb dives in Captains confab Friedrichsen scores glimpses... PIRATETTES SEASON With several weeks of practice, the Hol- stein girls opened their '48-49 season with a 47-34 defeat at the hands of Early. Meridens high-flying- sextette marked up a 45-56 win over the Orange and Black. After a heart breaking two-point loss against Anthon, the Piratettes bowed to the fast Galva six, 48-33. Holstein chalked up its first win over Correc- tionville, 54-34. They kept up their victory march with a 60-28 drubbing of Kingsley. January 3l was the date of another close loss to Anthon, this time by only one point. A loss to Meriden, a win over Quimby, and another defeat by Galva set the stage for Hol- stein's high-scoring victory over C'Ville. Wins over Arthur by 45-32 and a decisive 55-23 victory against Kingsley wrapped up the Piratettes regular schedule. TOURNAMENT PLAY Holstein battled into the finals of the M. V. T. with a 54-40 win, only to fall before the state- bound Galva outfit 37-42. Holstein was again de- feated by Galva in the Sectional Tourney February 2. Although the season record of 7 wins, 9 losses was not outstanding, the girls showed good sportsmanship and fair play at all times. The team honored Dorothy Friedrichsen and Elaine Leonard with the titles of "Co-Captains, i948-'49." LETTER WINNERS Elaine Leonard-Co-Captoins-Dorothy Friedrichsen Mary McArthur Ardyce Will LaVaughn Lill Jeanne Kolb Doris Breyfogle Patsy Ellerbusch Maxine Schroeder lia McGuire Cmanageri Evelyn Gebers Joan Brodersen Mary Walker Ce 45 3 5, , Eggs. 4 f 3 ,.,.A 'Z r , X f X W mc. M 2122, v Q Y K 2 A if W fn V iw? Y h r KW -W, ,fm tw ,M f sw .. . f i ' M.-. w t .f .5 1. . . ly? , . W all ffl A N 23 H , XM f' if 1 ,ff A ...K St. is 4.. f fm 1, 1 df 1 my XX QW ., ', A Q ,. tg . A 1 Eff.. ' Qs ,A , 'l' ' W., ., G35 2,431 v wi 1, ,L is Qs 759. 2 zz K4 Xi" 5 I' 7 'Wx E ff: , wilt., s 1 . 4, ' M f iw Q y,.: Q5 --,M Wil 7' Eg kg .1 , . 0, .S dv eq ,A 391175 555' 5 ., 2 -N W ' ig iw , , '1"F-v MQ QQ, is W' , i 1 V . 'err WW . Y ,,,,- fig 5 -N. . ..,. . Qwff: f ' wr ' K g ' P Q , N A ,, .4 ui W hz' 7.9 'A ,I s 1 V "ws of if f x , 3 . ., W , f g . . -7 W 7 i . . f .,,V W. g f,, ,W , ., QM Q if . ., 1 75" x f P Q K Q , is . . fs tc , . . vo w N - ,,, QS. , v .4 1 Q A -: QW si ' 'Y . W i .. 5" 'HMAX 55555521 aff 5243! if fm 7 ' 5 ' ' 7 - '.e'.-4 -V f:5:'.7- tx . Q A fi 1 , , Y xAxQ Q ' if if Q ,:' ff X ff , N Q Q gX g is 4' tt 5,2 mx ,. .:.:. .:., . . ,Qc Ag A5235 'GQ 6' F ,. ag-s , as 'Sw 1 A' , --'- t - 0 A Mi., ' ,TSX R, 9?3Z2fS:y' , 'I Af if , 1, ,-wiwffl '32 , 1 tux H fr., N 35325 . , if f! , -' K3 A. .-. A 4 - ik A Wm ysslfa , . r VS, E05 - " My . N, .. .ga 4 T QQ AA . g , LQVAUGHN LlLL-jun- ior guard -- aggressive and spirited team player . . . hardworking ball hawk . . . averaged l.6 fouls per game . . . lst H... JOAN BRODERSEN - sophomore forward - is hard-driving front court gal with accurate set shot . . . deceptive passer and accurate free throw shot . . . averaged iO points a game.,.2ndH... JEANNE KOLB-junior lfonlward-constant scor- ing threat and good feed- in passer to post forward . . . averaged 9 points per game . . . qualified in sectional free throw, and went on to district . . . 3rd H . . . ARDYCE WILL-senior guard - capable back court reserve . . . aggres- sive guard and good pas- s er...lstH... ELAINE LEONARD--sem ior guard-back court standout . . . sharp passer and rebounder . . . like to mix it up on held balls . . . team player and lead- er . . . averaged 3.3 fouls per game . . . All-state honor roll . . . team co- captain . . . 2nd H . . . H W , A . 'N , 'i V . 3:55 :aff -5 f - , ,A 5 ,:' i, 'atv ts, 4 19 ' .al Clif .- o . Y, 131 M21 t A :TM ,.,, Y 'i ' 1 rs Q A Y il? f' 3 i ii'-3' W K . ..,....,,., , ' 'fi iw 0, JL.. 19 ,ss 1, 'fl ti :,,,, :, , ' Q f Q" 1 1 :.- . .Y -fi 4, 'HJ ' .., S M y my ' K fl Kyifft who ., -. Jew 1 'MvWwg'?w5,, am, ,. . ,W ,rf ,ms gf Um, gig. 2 -W 5,1 . kt 4.,fw4t...c ,s - ,. M, W ..,. ,, ,Z f, 5,531 , , . ,sf , ,, , tp if- " 4 fl, Y A, ii- 2 H 1 A if Kfilff "" , --.Q ,-A ,,s1s,,, .. ' J Q".f15'X2i W N fm. 'SY Q35 ' ooms BREYFOGLE - sophomore guard-played post guard and forward equally well . . . promis- ing material for future years... lstH... EV'LYN GEBERS-soph- omore guard-ha rd work- ing post defensive player . . . good team player . . . averaged 2.3 fouls . ist H . . . PATSY ELLERBUSCH - sophomore forward - is good set shot . . . shows signs of future strength . . . scored 28 points dur- ing season... lst H.. DOROTHY FRIEDRICH- SEN-senior post forward --scrappy team player . . . high-scoring pivot shot . . . good free throw shot . . . All-state honor roll . . . averaged 20 points per game . . . team co-captain . . . 4th H . . . MARY McARTHUR - senior guard-cool-head- ed defensive player . . . good passer . . . adept at state honor roll . . . aver- aged l.4 fouls per game ...2ndH... ' , Q wtf , ' L X- Q, ff- M X . - r 1 1 ' f A A We 2... rt -5.52 , i, . i awk -. J, Q ,, -:-az:':'4,v.5:.- .,.,.f.5:--K.. M it ' ' 'fi " 'X -V , - Y . i YM- 1 f ,mg -. x I 1 Mfzv QQ 2 , i ' iilrfii k , , N J ffi9t,,,, . ' , If ffiiig cf 3 ' f X J " - f Y f rs f ' 'rs A , W Rst 1, f ips vel W ' f 1 ss, ,, ,fc Q, Shift' . f, . 'A - ss' .f m " - V a l. - " . t ag, 1 ,W N mv. is, .ss ', W Ji. ,. 4 ,, 3, f ' 1 M - .,. ,. . we 'figs yiyxxfi, t ,, -ggi 1 I , ,f-zs:,i ,.,f- Y its ye, ', .-.-z, :s5:.:,,.- .,,,,. :- 5553 sywpy V, my . -f-' A 's Z X i ,JM A, -g'-fa-eafj .sate ', My ui V, .,... , , ,E Zo i s ff A if X, s Wzifl V Af ' , fi, ,. " 255 . K 3, , , fu . :.:.:. . f N . Y. ,..,:,.. ::: ,,.,. , M-TW ska? '-1- 3' 15' --1'11'- if X , , . A , i ,M i tr fr it -A A, za 3,3 i- 5 is f '- is isfifg , . , 'Y as :sg-:mi 3 , K gg II' :-: 'ii' 2 ,l if .. ix. i tying up forward . . . All- Q , 2 f iz if . A 2 9 4. wi y-5 Q . E. 5 Q in iii- ii' 7 Sf 5 2:4 .., .ii 1 1 l .,, . Q i Et 221 4 sf ,. ,. f C51 .f , , .W .ea lil' z ' . i ii.. is .t A it ,X Q , . ii" lm . .gig H,.,g.S . ,. iii. iii. -3 sv sy 32? 52. 52- 1:2 .iinfifg tis aisisf-'-. fi' 5 it f if? M 12 fi 1... f if f wg Y i E 1 ii-P 5-fiififdliiefff '.,: -5 ,f 0 103333 5.15 1 we ill ii 'i' i ,2"l' . it "fe fiat me ,,.. f -- -X . -aw tra ,, as . Y igQlS:1ii,Qf . , .. E .. glean? ,. . 5 E ggssigi rgawigyg Q li it . if , :gf if gi i iii 3 1 . si' . .:.: .z i zen .pi 5' 3. 2 ii Eg ,,. .t .2 'F Y 522 3 si xi" 5' 2 'E its 2 Et E 4 ..,... ss. ,- M g.,.e , as . , .,.:, M. ...Ei ,,w , ...:.:.:.:.: ,,, Mya E tif I i f E ,S Y - - , , ..... Q, Zigi' Elf. .... 4 K 255 -S9 Wifi ' it X x 4 ff Z A ..... l zzzizn 1 .."' ' '55 liii . "" fit 212 5 We X133 at tx 2 Elf' 3355: . if li aw N 5225253 555 N, Q 5 i Ffh W if fm, Q g wg r ,. Q fixig gf? " M655 X5 2-E' MA A i 5 ft f 'If.I5 .. jzz ,, ..,, ., ri? ' fit K Y 4 U it if x af f 3? jg? -it 54 f Y 5 W3 K i 1 W W at g E732 A 4 Sfgssz gf Q is malt mv? iv, 2 ' " .. mf' U, ....: .,,. . -.-3: ' Y ,, if iziv 'H 1 vgllwggggggfyiggi gwf ff. . f . 'nw ,l -,Q - if ' .5323 - ...,,,., efgly 1. Q A , gi A 5 f , -:2: . -1 A .-- , X igsigflfl-gtgggiglt f iiirlg it i" ,... f is ii -ff? ii'i ', 1 i, Q . . . '48 track Points Holstein Relays 17 April 9 'Pocahontas Relays 6 April 16 Tomahawk Relays 4 April 17 'Alta Relays CBD 25V2 April 23 Sioux City Relays 2 April 23 lda County Meet 121 W April 27 M. V. Conference 101M Meet, May 4 District Track and Field Meet 27 375 May 8 Sac Relays 73 W May 14 State Track and Field Meet 3 May 22 No. Rank Schools Firsts Scoring - 4-B 13 CBJ - none 26 - 15 21 3 5 13 --- 110116 12 1 5 6 1 8 1 6-B 22 CBJ 2 1-B 13 - 27B Ctiel 42 TRACK Gaining momentum with each meet, the Pirate tracksters wrote another successful cinder season into the record books. Some- what hampered by muscle injuries, the squad bucked good competition to take three meets. Overwhelming depth gave the thinclads wins at the Maple Valley and lda County cinder confabs. ln a brilliant team triumph, Holstein took the Sac Relays CBD for the second straight year. Three individual contestants, Loren- zen, R. Vollmar, and Leinbaugh qualified for state competition. Left to right-Bottom row: Pfalzgraf, Moser, Meyer, Lorenzen, Hunt, R. Vollmar, Leinbaugh, Hammer, Obrecht. Second row: Dean Vollmar, L. Schubert, Munz, Stamp, Carstens, Ruser, Don Vollmar, Wienert, Bremer. Third row: Wiese, Huenecke, Kastner, Lund, Soseman, Langland, J. Vohs, Rickard, Fahan. Top row: Petersen, Endrulat, Schroeder, Ernest, Bienlien, R. Goettsch, Ehler, Schneckloth, G. Vohs, D. Goettsch. . '48 Track tollc 880 RELAY Meyer, Moser, Obrecht, Leinbough MILE RELAY Wiese, Longlond, Sosemcm Stomp MEDLEY RELAY Moser, Pfolzgrof, Hunt, Schubert STATE COMPETITORS R. Vollmor, Lorenzen, Leinbaugh TWO-MILE RELAY Hammer Bremer Wienert SCN-lb6I'f Lorenzen shoves FRESHMAN RELAY Fohon, Schroeder, Endrulot Rickard High jumpers Mllers Hammer hurdles . '49 track . Early season track performances by the cinder men of Holstein indicated several outstanding individual marks but no strong team strength in the larger meets. Placing fifth in a strong field at the Holstein Relays, the thinclads will be working for better ratings at the Tomahawk, Pocahontas and T other major track carnivals. Holstein will again be host to the Ida County and Maple Valley meets. The Black and i Orange loom as definite factors in both contests. PIRATE TRACK LINEUP Holstein Relays ,- if--V AD"ll Rank 5 lBl-Points l41f4 Tomahawk Relays ..,c, ,K Early season sprint standouts incsluded Leinbaugih, Cencelled Obrecht, Arp, Wiese and Hammer. Hammer also showed abilities in the hurdle events. Distance men included Schubert, Breyfogle, Wienert, and Ruser. Munz and Rickard working at the high jump are expected to bring home several points as are Vollmar, Leinbaugh and Endrulat in the shot put. Fahan and Wiese were hopefuls in the discus competition. Several promising freshmen and sophomores will bolster the team in its try for small meet honors. Rank 3-Point 40 Pocahontas Relays ..... No Rank-Points l4 Sioux City Relays ,,,,,. No team points lda County Track and Field Meet ...,,,, Maple Valley Track and Alta Relays oofffffff ff- April April April April April Rank l-Points ll9-2X3 Estherville Relays c....., April Field Meet ...,,,,,, May District Meet ,,...,,,,... May Sac Relays ,---. .c,c...., May 8 14 22 23 23 26 30 3 6 14 First row: Arp, Breyfogle, Hammer, Rickard, Leinbaugh, Ruser, Munz, Obrecht, Wienert, Schubert, Wiese. Second row: Camarigg, Kay, Schneckloth, Ehler, D. Schroeder, Bienlien, Vohs, Vollmar, Endrulat, Fahan, Earnest. ' Third row: Friedrichsen, D. Goettsch, Ruhlow, R. Petersen, Miller, Ruhser, Blenner, Kiesling, Kastner, Geske, McDermott, C. Schubert. Fourth row: Timmerman, T. Petersen, Agnew, Porterfield, L. Schroeder, Hintz, Weber, Leonard, K. Goettsch, Schulz, Kistenmacher. . . ITOCIQ Time . . at Holstein Relays RECORD-BREAKING 762 COMPETITORS EIGHT RECORDS BROKEN ROQ1ZLS2fnjIl.Z,Ql 'IISue22lf'eQ2Oiil2yS PHOTO FINISH IN CLASS D Ioo YD. DASH EAST S. C. AND ODEBOLT WIN THEIR RESPECTIVE A AND Is SECTIONS HOLSTEIN FIFTH WITH MM POINTS I-IOLSTEIN MEDLEY TEAM TIED 4:OO.3 RECORD BUT STILL THIRD PRECISION SCHEDULE RUN OFF ONLY 6 MINUTES LATE Rickard Clears 5' 4" I S 5 S i Finish of "B" IOO, Holstein Relays Two Mile Relay Team 3rd in Holstein Relays . . . . cmd we worked together in octivities to further our common interests ond moke our school the best .... HEiIVIiIiS W1 t Wig: l A g F ...Q E? ii t 3 L55 A - S . band . BAND ll RATING Guided and directed by Conrad Claussen, the high school band reorganized for the football and concert seasons. The marching band, composed largely of girls, worked out several basic maneuvers and executed them at the home football games. The concert band presented several selections and overtures at the Spring Concert. More work on "Legende" and "Carnival of Roses" pre- pared the group for the Preliminary Contest at Sac City, April 9, I949. Com- peting in a field of 8 bands, Holstein was rated a ll. Although suffering from inexperience, the band turned in creditable performances at each of its performances. More than receiving rankings at contests, the band has given valuable experience to many budding musicians. BAND PERSONNEL AND INSTRUMENTATION Judee Bagenstos CLARINETS: FLUTES: FRENCH HORNS: OBOE: David Geske Patsy Ellerbusch Phyllis Bergmann Donna Lu Conover Maxine Hansohn Mary Dau Carol Schlumbaum Jeanne Kolb Margaret Lembcke Shirley Michaelsen TROMBONE: Florence Kruse Darlean Bremer Norma Weiland Lyle Johnson Darlene Prosch Shirley Miller Dorcas Geske Donna Ruhlow Darlene Schuett ALTO CLARINET: Evelyn Gebers ALTO SAXOPHONE: Maxine Schroeder TENOR SAXOPI-IONEZ Curtis Kistenmacher BAR ITONE SAXOPHON E: Dean Vollmar CORN ETS: Norton Obrecht Francis Ruhlow Lauretta Dittmer Kenneth Walker Robert Bleasdell Don Porterfield William Agnew Samuel King Kenneth Kruse BASS CLARINET: Joelle Lemke BASSOON: Marlene Schroeder BARITONE: LaVaughn Lill James Bleasdell Elaine Leonard Mary McArthur Mary Lou Walker Robert Endrulat BASS: Harold McDermott, Otto I-lueschen, Jr. Loren Schuett PERCUSSION: Ardyce Will Robert Martin Donna Jensen Robert Batho J . musicians all . . Under direction of C. E. Claussen, Holstein again had a fine representation of small groups at the Pre-State contest. Although most of the groups were composed at inexperienced players, they pre- sented creditable performances in their respective divisions. The outstanding individual performance was turned in by Miss LaVaughn Lill. Miss Lill played tirst chair at the All-State Band meet in Des Moines. She kept up her winning ways at the Odebolt contest. Mixed Clarinet Quartet "Menuet" lll Rating Geske, Hansohn, Bagenstos, Lemko Baritone Solo LaVaughn Lill "Piece En Fa Mineur" I Rating - Brass Quartet "Summer Afternoons" Il Rating Obrecht, Bergmann, Leonard, Ruhlow Drum Solo Ardyce Will "Downfall of Paris" Ill Rating Brass Sextet "Memories of Stephen Foster ll Rating McDermott, Obrecht, Ruhlow Bergmann, Lill, Leonard Drum Quartet "Drummers' Patrol"-ll Rating Martin, Jensen, Batho, Will ... .ghle chorus. ... Firsr row: S. Wiese, Mary Kolb, S. Conover, D. Conover, Pfalzgraf, Ehrp, Leckband. Second row: Sager, S. Goettsch, Schlurnbaum, Wilson, Lembcke, Vohs, Kistenmacher, Third row: M. Schroeder, S. Daugaard, D. Kistenmacher, Arp, H. Goettsch. 'fourth row: Frahm, B. Bremer, Lili, Hansohn, Ellerbusch, Dau, McArthur, B. Wiese, Carnes, eonard. Fifth row: Bagenstos, Buell, Bergmann, Will, D. Bremer, Carstens, McCubbin, Rochau, Wiese, Kolb, Myrtue. row: L. Bumann, Lemke, Broclersen, Gebers, Walker, Krambeck, McGuire, Breyfogle, o . .... boys'chorus.... Firs'r row: Kistenmacher, Agnew, T. Petersen, Weber, C. Schubert, Schneckloth. Second row: Schulz, Ewoldt, Ehler, Kay, Camarigg, Porterfield, McDermott, Earnest, K. Goettsch. Third row: R. Endrulat, D. Goettsch, R. Petersen, Blenner, D. Schroeder, Ruhser, Wienert, Munz, Friedrichsen. Fourth row: Geske, Vollmar, W. Endrulat, Lund, Breyfogle, Bergmann, Sindt, Kastner, Leonard. OUR DIRECTRESS Bernice Kuchel . Hsingers . MIXED CHORUS ll RATING Again under the direction of Bernice Kuchel, the mixed chorus functioned as the main vocal group of the school. During the opening weeks of practice, the group was broken up into a girls' and boys' chorus. The mixed group had a total member- ship of forty-five. After the many weeks of preparation and presentation at the Spring Concert, the mixed group sang "To Thee We Sing" and "lf My Song Had Wings" at the Preliminary Contest in Sac City on April 9. Their performance was rated II. It is pleasing to note that this is the first time in recent years that a Holstein chorus has been even rated at contest. The girls' glee club execution of "Little Lamb" and "Shoes" also received a ll rating. Much credit is to be given to Mrs. Kuchel for her untiring efforts in the vocal department. We feel sure that the group vocal work will improve in the years to come. GIRLS' SEXTET Ill Rating "River, River" "A Dancing Sunbeam" Hansohn, Bagenstos, McArthur, Bremer, Lill, Kolb SOPRANO SOLO I Rating Judith Bagenstos , "Gay Butterfly" "Last Night" . pep club . PIRATE BOOSTERS The Pep Club was re-organized this year with Celia McGuire as president, Lyle Leinbaugh as vice-president, and Alvin Hammer as secretary and treasurer. Jeanne Kolb, Joan Brodersen, Donna Conover, Donna Jensen, William Schulz, and Mary Ann Arp were chosen as cheerleaders by the as- sembly. The chief aims of the Pep Club were to promote interest in the games and to secure loyalty and support for the teams. To accomplish these purposes the club presented pep meetings before all home games, sponsored a gridiron dance, and conducted the homecoming activities. During the year, members of the Pep Club sold Black Pirate pen- cils and various kinds of booster pins, First row-Seated: M. Kolb, D. Conover, Brodersen, Jeanne Kolb, M. Arp, Janet Kolb, Wilson. Second row: Sager, Jensen, Leonard, Jensen, S. Conover, Schlumbaum, M. Vohs, Lembcke, VViII, Ehrp, Leckband. Third row: D. Kistenmacher, Bochmonn, L. Ewoldt, Dittmer, Lill. Fourth row: Schroeder, S. Daugaard, McCubbin, Carstens, L. VViese. Fifth row: Rochau, Ellerbusch, Dau, V. Bumann, S. Wiese, Bergmann, B. Daugaard, Scherner, D. Ewoldt, Gebers, Carnes, McArthur, B. Wiese, R. Kistenmacher, D. Bremer. Sixth row: Bagenstos, Hansohn, L. Bumann, Rex, Krambeck, Friedrichsen, McGuire, Buell, Breyfogle, Walker, Myrtue. Seventh row: Frahrn, B. Bremer, Ruhlow, Obrecht, Geslae, Hammer, J. Vohs, Ruser, Wiencrt, Leinbaugh, Lund, L. Schubert, G. Vohs. 56 .lTiOO. AMBITIOUS STNIORS STRIVE FOR A BETTER MOO Advancement was the keyword as the '49ers laid plans early in September for their '49 Moo. With Geske and Obrecht at the wheel, the Pirate journalistic venture got a good start with the approval of hard leather covers and an increased page content. Graphic presentation necessitated the use of nearly 450 pictures throughout the 120 pages. Celia McGuire, business manager, directed the Novem- ber advertising campaign, with a resultant sale of 3l M pages of ads netting 5753.50 for the Moo piggy bank. Copy and photography work moved along per schedule with class albums featuring individual shots. February saw a spirited subscription campaign setting the circulation mark at 350. March deadlines forced editors into late evening ses- sions. Admirable response by the student body on the call for informal snaps via a photo contest put the school life section on a 'high basis. Careful planning and correlation with printer-publisher Bruce Bye enabled the '49 Moo to come into being on schedule. Ours has been an interesting trip into yearbook produc- tion. For some of us, the book has become nearly on animate being. We've worked to make our publication the best, a living record rather than a dead document. Busy Seniors MOO STAFF Editor ........s... .David Geske Asst. Editor, .....c. Norton Obrecht Faculty Advisor- ,... -Marie Stoner WRITERS Feature .......... Lauretta Dittmer Music- ....,.-.-.. Mary McArthur Senior Class- ........ Earl Wienert Boys Sports W- --. Alvin Hammer Girls Sports ,,-..... Elaine Leonard Senior High Classes .--S Ardyce Will Junior High and Grades -- Dorothy Friedrichsen PRODUCTION Artist -- ..,. , .. .-. Beverly Wiese Typists ..... Delores Kistenmacher Beverly Daugaard Elva Frahm Miscellaneous W--. Betty Jensen Byrdella Buell BUSINESS Manager . ..... .. .... Celia McGuire Ads ---- ---Vollmar, Leinbaugh Breyfogle, Endrulat Bumann, McArthur Subscription , Bergmann, Bochmann Ewoldt, Johnson Lund, Rex Ruser, Schubert G. Vohs, J. Vohs QQ "W" """1' """'91 mass v --"'ww,,,, l-State vu' lf. State llosllliul Al Cherokee W N od, for Con: " mornmg Coach and the were dressed in s Re Chorus 4 '--Q went 'through the because they would X Pm Siatirlhxle avi -. ...-nkee. 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Nolsmgri 2761- afrensggg Thu e"Sl2ghmorZfI1 The DECQX: UNIT I 84? The busgnifs bf? 'rl 50 Zen more camping, no m L e S Ps l W ' 01 .Jrg 3 7' Stat . -1 ict 01' more tennis ' . 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Y iha success, the school I1 Dance 1738 fongfhelfray SIOH, I would hlghlb' adigieig JQHUIVE-Z' 30? .fpragf15g3l'1Ce. and . 'P lege educatlon, but for o. 'Qt to my I 3772.3 gqiilzatlons Fo 9 . ber :alba-9 uavent Quite made U0 thelr lved 1' fo 051, H3 Gr' can be unds 1t mlghi PFOVQ to be 3.950 tflej 055.3116 boy have to , 11 the Pep Club elf- 3 635 Y ,. -tljemtnhird dance of thiosbl XA is nofioghste of valuable tmee Y and e 50-23 wzoletgerstblks who ge to for 'ridiron clause- P Pggifg Q. P' aveiyxxgo Scaqezney . ns plan Viosebs geaigvere 01- I1-:6'a1.":Qret'g poni f ' ' ' , 7 . 'Y W t aegbinl O0 etmtootgipwzf wel" ,lineecelvedbo fbameefn est the course oto Oni 05tgx2"xo'nQ0q bets ' 0 e rece' hulnre .iqedle mo-Yt nat brisk fn e Happy Birth eiiqgef P550 Sefxmex nov-lql B910 0 waYiafe.1f5El,:f0g1gl'1he Shalt St begez-S present anotl played in hOI'1OI' tgtgga Xgsfjqe 2255 C5923 Coming Xefmalthe Xgiirgzn Q Dg1Y0'ftoLy1e filers Ilnifbe fgetliy Cold rhose birthday MSL- 2,0 be 9 we we we wav bolt . ,, 241,-Pa I, 12 gb e-,h We 3? ac Could 500 6 "' ad 1000 a und? . NW Ode DSW' 'H 011111 'G' bac: 'fwafmlng-up nur M69 YE 50 'fl 1 50 x. 15 lube Q9 wo D 51 '-'bt Bb k' p veryone SEQ. Mr-..?fmVY'f welt 92522 9mmaYE'i,leefS Thee 'Jing 'lest fum ff? ima? Wu! Qwlekf ini, YfYl'f,e h McGuire, McArthur First Semester Editors ....hilarity. Dittmer, Bagenstos Second Semester Editors STUDENT SHEET Student-managed and student-written were the working words of the '48-'49 Hilarity Staffs. First semester organizations put Celia McGuire and Mary McAr- thur at the editoral helrns with Norton Obrecht managing the money. Using a l2" x l6" format on four pages, the staff put out, every other week, an informative news and feature sheet. Second semester reorganization with Lauretta Dittmer and Judee Bagenstos heading the staff also brought style changes. Gossip and com- ments highlighted the final eight editions. Membership in the Iowa High School Press Association put the Hilarity on a high plane with other good high school papers. First row: Schlumbaum, Wilson, D. Conover, S. Conover, Lembcke, M. Vohs, Arp, M. Kolb, McArthur, Sager. Second row: Will, Jensen, Lill, Schroeder, S. Daugaard, Frahm, Bumann, E. Leonard, Jensen, Jeanne Kolb, Bochmann. wiri row: Gebers, McGuire, Janet Kolb, Myrtue, Brodersen, Friedrichsen, Breyfogle, Bagenstos, al er. gourth row: B. Bremer, Bergmann, C. Leonard, Wienert, Geske, Obrecht, Dau, Ellerbusch, ittmer. . iunior play . JUNIORS PRESENTED "SHOOT THE WORKS" On November l7, the juniors dazzled a good size audience with their hilarious comedy, "Shoot the Works". A full dress rehearsal for the sturent body had been given the day before. The humorous complications centered about the rest cure establishment known as "Restful Home for Restless PeopIe." Troubles really began when a song writer, a newspaper columnist, and a deaf bachelor met a romatic old maid and a lady with a phobia for stealing chairs. Mixed identities, ro- mantic tangles, news-hound reporters, and a mystic atmosphere all combined to make the Junior Class play an overwhelming success. Miss Harriet Baker directed the presenta- tion. The cast was as follows: Kate Ashworth, proprietress of the Home . .,.. . Laura Ashworth, Kate's niece ......... - Homer Boylston, deaf bachelor Phyllis Bergmann --------Jeanne Kolb and prospective buyer- ....-........-..... - Harold Arp Jud Clarendon, famous song writer..--- --------James Sindt Guy Priest, notorious newspaper columnist---- Lucinda Livermore, romantic old maid ---- Lou Undine, a miss with a phobia for stealing chairs- .................... Jake More, Guy's bodyguard . .......... Ruth Bright, a nurse- ...........-.... Sally Hunt, a reporter- ..-.....--- ..., Rex Newall, a reporter- ..-.--..--... ...-.. Joshua Perkins, millionaire- .-..-. --,,. -----Lyle Munz -Judee Bagenstos -Maxine Hansohn ------Delaine Lemke -------Shirley Wiese ---Betty Bremer ---Orville Miller --Duane Ruhser Bessie Perkins, his wife- -------------------- Lqvqughn Lill Production crew was composed of: Wendell Kastner, William. Bienlien, Donna Jensen, Jim Jur- gensen, Louise Scherner, Howard Vohs, Marvin Wiese Darlean Bremer, Howard Dittmer, John Rochau, Frank Sokolowski, Eugene Gehrts, Robert Hintz, and Joan Carnes, student director. I 60 l l 3 l 5 Cast and helpers E 5 l l 1 l Fresh! Ehly What's that! l l l l "Sitting Bull" Stands . senior ploy . . SENIORS SAY "PETER BEWARE" Blood, sweat and tears on the part of the play cast and Miss Baker were finally rewarded by the smashing success of the Senior Class Play, "Peter Beware." Full dress rehearsal was given on April l9, and the play was presented the next night. Both presentations were viewed by a large audience. The story begins in Miami Beach in the residence of Archie and Eunice Rogers. Eunice's uncle dies, leaving eleven million dollars to go to Peter Barrett, provided he lives up to one condition. This condition is in the codicil of the will which cannot be opened until the end of the year. Eunice learns of the condition, which is simply that Peter Barrett must stay single for one year, so she invites Peter to come and stay with her. She hires beautiful girls to try to get him married. Melinda, Archie's niece, arrives. She knows noth- ing about the will but is interested in the Aztec ln- dians, Peter's hobby. They are about to marry, when Flo, the colored maid, tells Peter of Eunice's plot. Flo clears up the misunderstanding, they agree to get married when the year is up, and so as in all senior plays, everyone lives happily ever after. The cast was as follows: Eunice Rogers, a socially ambitious woman . Mary McArthur Archie Rogers, her husband- .... ' -------.------. David Geske Tim Weatherly, a distant cousin of Eunice's .. .. Dean Lund Flo, the Rogers' maid .---.- ........... .Delores Kistenmacher Peter Barrett, Eunice's half-brother - .-- ---- Dean Ruser Sam Disney, Peter's friend. ...... .- .,.- . Jack Breyfogle Miss Jones, a N. Y. stenographer -- .. Lauretta Dittmer Clara Witt, a professional model .--- - - Beverly Wiese Evelyn Bronson, an ex-deb- ....... --.. - Betty Jensen Jane Monsell, an outdoor girl- ...... -- Elaine Leonard Owen Williams, a theatrical agent---- -- Dean Vollmar Melinda Holland, Archie's niece ............. -Vonirq Bumqnn Miss Baker directed the play and Celia McGuire was assistant director. Earl Wienert directed stage settings and properties. The rest of the production crew were as follows: Hammer, Friedrichsen, Lein- baugh, Scfhubert, G. Vohs, Endrulat, Johnson, J. Vohs, Bochmann, Bergmann, Will, Obrecht. 6l They helped put on "Peter Beware "Get out!" . .the quill and scroll .. 4 Qu nu, I F r Sclnou, JOURNALISTIC HONORARY A Quill 84 Scroll chapter was organized this year for the first time in H. H. S. Its aim and purpose is to encourage and reward individual achieve- ment in journalism and allied fields. Quill 84 Scroll is an international organization. lt has always taken an active part in raising standards in its field and in directing the course of high school journalism. The local chapter in Holstein is both honorary and active. Mr. Hanson is the chapter adviser and the members are Celia McGuire, Mary McArthur, David Geske, Norton Obrecht, Lauretta Dittmer, LaVaughn Lill, and Phyllis Bergmann. Members must be of at least junior standing and in the upper third of their class in scholastic accreditation, must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic endeavor, and must be recommended and approved by the adviser and publication's committee. lt is our goal, as chapter members, to stimulate better writing, and to help in the production of a better newspaper and better yearbook. . . . . ond we sholl remember the little things of our school year along with the bright spots .... llHlll 9 Q elnff 5 uv .freshman agony. . oPERATioN PADDLE Garbed in costumes of pajamas, swim suits, diapers, old hats, onion necklaces, and toeless sox, the freshmen, on the morning of September 3, l948, bowed to the superiority of the seniors and submitted to a hilarious morning of initiation. After a dignified game of leap frog and duck-walking, the freshmen ascended the bandstand where the girls scrubbed the boys' ears, and the boys washed the young maidens' feet. This was followed by a lively game of catch with overripe tomatoes. Freshmen formed a congo line and danced down town, giving the townspeople a chance to watch the remainder of the program. An interesting dance was given Initiation night by the seniors. A program of freshman partici- pation included leap-year proposals, Portuguese love poems, confessions, and relays. At the conclusion of the dance, everyone was willing to concede that fresh- man initiation was a complete success, and hence the freshmen had become true members of the high school. CAPTIVES AND THEIR CAPiORS . . homecoming . . FALL FESTIVITIES The Homecoming Pep Rally was held October 2l, the night before the 'big game". The group sang songs around a blazing bonfire and later Cor- rectionville, the opposing team, was burned in effigy. A snake dance, winding through the business district of town, ended the pre-game festivities. ' The royal-crowning ceremony took place at half-time of the Cor- rectionville game. The king and queen, Lyle Leinbaugh and Mary McArthur, rode onto the field in a blue convertible while the attendants, Elaine Leonard Betty Jensen, Bill Endrulat, and Alvin Hammer, followed in a green convert- ible. The queen was presented a bouquet of roses while the queen's attend- ants each received a corsage of rose buds and carnations. I . . class rings . . SENlOR JEWELRY "Wow, look at that crestl And that blue spinel setting is neat too." Such exclamations greeted the arrival of the Class of '49's class rings at the very beginning of their senior year. Ordered at the start of the second semester the year before, the rings came from Josten's via Kerslake Sun- dries. This year's seniors departed from the set pattern of class rings and chose the new and original pirate's-head crest. Any kind of setting from pearl to sapphire was available with the blue spinel being most popular. The Class of '50 has ordered rings following along the lines of the pirate's-head crest. . F9118 prom . JUNIOR-SEN IOR PROM The eve of May lO, l948, was the big event awaited by all the Juniors and Seniors of '48. Girls in swirling skirts and beautiful corsages with smiling escorts danced at the Prom to the music of Jimmy Catan. For one night the gym was trans formed by busy juniors into an old-fash ioned rose garden with a deep blue sky overhead. Refreshments were served at the bar by six freshmen. During the evening Esther Scherner and Dale Meyer were crowned king and queen. At l:OO the dancers departed but cast lingering glances back at "Moonlight and Roses," leaving an evening they'll nev- er, never forget. I Cl u 9 h i n Q Q C1 b b i n Q d C1 n c i n Q Cl 1' O U I' '4 8 P r O m I school day side trips . . . T B X RAYS On December I3 a mobile X-Rays of school personnel. X-Ray unit, sponsored by the Individual X-Rays were taken Iowa Tuberculosis Association with II8 high school students, and the Iowa State Depart- I8teachers, I2 bus drivers and ment of Health, took miniature maintenance men represented. CHEROKEE CAREER DAY A representative group of seniors attended the Cherokee Career Day. The Wednesday, March I6, session gave the attending seniors an insight into many different vocations. The twenty speakers, headed by Dean Helser, Iowa State College, lectured the students of twenty schools at both morning and afternoon sessions. Elva Frahm, Eloyis Bachmann, Mary McArthur, Dean Lund and Walter Johnson all gained valuable experience at their venture into vocations. STUDENT CONFERENCE All members of the Senior Class attended the April 21 Career Day at Ida Grove. The meeting afforded many students of this area a chance to meet and talk with lecturers from varied vocations. Celia McGuire and David Geske acted as student leaders in two sections of the day's activities. SOCIOLOGY FIELD TRIP Under the supervision of Russ Kraai, the Sociology Class toured the State Hospital for Insane at Cherokee. The short trip gave the class a glimpse into a little-known world and a better understanding of one of the social problems of today. 68 . The moo helps celebrate . A SILVER ANNIVERSARY To Mr. C. E. Claussen, musician and maestro, we extend our sincerest congratulations on the completion ot 25 years of service in the Music De- partment ot H. H. S. Yes, "Coonie," it's been a l long time since you directed that first school band. lt certainly hasn't been an easy job through the This is our years making musicians ot students who "vont eten ,, . ,, Count H Coonie Many times your band lhas been hampered by interference ot other activities, but you've made the best ot it and produced winning bands. Com- munity organizations helped along with uniforms, you have invested your own money in your inval- uable music library. Perhaps in our younger days in Junior Band we looked upon you as "master." But now we know that underneath all your scolding and expostulat- ing is a sincere desire for good band music. Your interpretation and durability have amazed your colleagues as well as us. Accept our congratulations, "Coonie." Your work has not been in vain. You have had national winners, but more than that, you have inspired music appreciation into our hearts. i924-25 Band Then .... and Now operation tournament . DES MOINES CAPER Fourteen "A" squad Holstein girls' basketball players journeyed to Des Moines March 6, for the championship games in the '49 girls' basketball series. A ten o'clock arrival time enabled many girls to visit the state house and downtown stores. Game time found the ladies eagerly waiting for the final battles. The recognition given the tournament teams impressed the the squad as did the Keswick win over Hartley in the consolation finals. Between-game activities included recognition of all girls who had played the hardcourt game at one time or another. The squad thrilled to the Wellsburg win over Oakland for the number one trophy. Everyone enjoyed the trip and returned thoroughly convinced that it must be great to be a champ. IOWA CITY EXCURSION Fourteen boys' team varsity players made o three-day week-end of their trip to Iowa City for the last four games of the boy's tourney series. Arriving Friday afternoon, March I8, the squad saw Ottumwa top Moorhead and Forest City nose Winfield. Field house bunks provided sleeping accommoda- tions. lnterested boys saw several Engineering exhibits before the Saturday evening session began. High class basketball featured the evening as Moor- head placed third and Ottumwa rightfully grabbed the first place laurels. The long return trip did not discourage everyone in their belief that they had seen good basketball. Booster plate sales and a grade school tourney helped finance the trip. . we had our achievements . IOWA TESTS On September 20 and 2l the entire student body wrote the Iowa Tests of Educational Development along with most of the other high schools of the state. When the report came back from Iowa City, we were proud of the results. Our ninth grade average was higher than 96 per cent of all ninth graders in all the schools tested. Our tenth graders were higher than 93 per cent of all tenth graders tested. Our eleventh grade averaged higher than 84 per cent of all eleventh graders tested. And the Holstein twelfth grade scored higher than 87 per cent of all l2th graders tested. The scores returned to the individual pupils indicated to them their certain particular abilities and knowledges. A composite score indicated for each student his general educational level. To see how classes develop and progress educationally year by year, we have here a record of the score which each class averaged on all of the 9 tests in one composite standard score. The lowest possible standard score is O and the highest possible score is 30. Holstein 9th grade l3.6 Holstein IOth grade I5.3 Holstein Ilth grade l6.8 Holstein I2th grade l8.8 ADDITIONAL PARTICIPATION Varying from the strictly academic field, several students entered competition on a larger scale. Miss Celia McGuire was selected by her fellow classmates to take part in the D. A. R. Good Citizen Contest. Her essay on "The Influence of Corn- munistic Propaganda in U. S." and her oral interview won her the county contest. She then participated in the district finals at Estherville on March I5. David Geske took part in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. A science aptitude test and a l,OOO worcl essay, "Reverse Refrigeration," made up the competition for science scholarships. David's entry was classi- fied in the top twenty in Iowa. 7I REPORT CARD RECORDS Students with 3.5 grade- point average for the first semester: l9.I per cent of the high schoolI David Geske Celia McGuire Dean Vollmar Lauretta Dittmer Phyllis Bergmann LaVaughn Lill Doris Breyfogle Ruth Kistenmacher Bonnie Rochau Billy Agnew Mary Ann Arp ATTENDANCE MARKS 5I pupils had perfect attendance during the first semester. A class- by-class breakup showed the following: I7 seniors I2 juniors I8 sophomores I4 freshmen .. movies .. Students of Holstein schools had their share of visual education during the past school year. The projection room in the base- ment of the old building has been equipped with a high quality Bell and Howell Filmsound l6 mm. sound projector. Movies dealt with many divergent sub- jects: "Adventures in Research" to "Zoo Sub- jects" were some of the numerous titles. Al- though the majority of the shows dealt with strictly educational subjects, several juvenile cartoons amused the younger set. Nearly 80 movies were shown during the course of the year. Student operators filled in when faculty members were not available. Certainly the movie room with vivid vis- ual treatment of schoolwork is a necessary part of our school system. . . the bouncing busses . . Though a seemingly small part of our school, the bumpy busses form a vital link in our educational system. The modern fleet ot yellow-bedecked busses efficiently transported the many rural pu- pils. For many of the smaller children the smiling bus driver was their first contact with school. The corps of licensed drivers includes Charles Gebers, John Michaelsen, Blaine Camarigg, Virgil Jensen, Lyle Raabe, Verdean Bremer, Howard Goettsch, Robert Bagenstos, and Carl Hoyteldt. The wheels of our busses rolled 64,500 miles on the seven reg- ular routes during the '48-'49 school year. Besides this rural trans- portation, the larger vehicles have taken Pirate athletes to their destination. Contestants have traveled nearly 600 miles in their jour-- neys of competition. Yes, we've spent much time in our mechanical friends. We won't forget the fun we've had on them nor the stalls during blizzards. . . we are just high school kids with our fun, our fads and fancies . We're intent on fun from the tips of our sloppy loafers or fuzzy an- gora socks to our silver barrettes or stubby "butches." Our blue jeans, ballet shoes, lumber jackets, and hobble skirts may seem impractical, our diet of hamburgers, malts, and cokes may seem impossible, our ideas of fun may seem improbable, yet, would we be real American high schoolers if we didn't have our fun, our fads and fancies? We gripe, we groan, but underneath our lingo is the feeling that we're lucky to have a school like our in a free America. Yes, we'll go on having fun! we l'1C1Cl OUI' . sock dance , . boots and saddles .... .... a nd twosome sweaters . lor a greater H. H. S. . A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE On this page of the Moo we forty-niners present that, which has been one of our long-cherished dreams, and which we sincerely hope will become a reality to most of those now in school-the first step toward a new home for H. H. S. The artist's sketch below shows the portion of a new high school plant which will furnish needed classroom space, vocal and instrumental music departments, visual education facilities, a modern kitchen with lunch room, physical education, and a spacious auditorium-gymnasium. After months of careful study the Holstein Board of Education has decided that this building would best meet the immediate needs of a growing school population which has about doubled in the past decade. Although we deeply regret that we, the Class of '49, will have finished our secondary education without the opportunity to use this beautiful structure, we nevertheless look forward to the time when we may walk through the doors for the first time and share with this community that great pride and satisfaction which comes in knowing that Holstein High will be embarking on an era of even greater accomplishments with the enthusiasm engendered by this modern school plant. May the blueprints develop rapidly into brick and steel! 1 . . . . and we sincerely thank our local patrons and merchants for their hearty support .... HHVHHISIHS jug QQ, Little L:"e" fills!! u, , "' N ,ff x l '?'?' 7 ,-I.,-I.l....--IIIIHI ,,.......... ...... IIHNHHHHHHIIUNS AND Heozrtiest Best Xvishes HHSS UI '49 Qur Lady of good Qoumsel Qoztholic Qhurch Reverend Fcrrher S. A. Grady, Poster Holstein, Iowa + Congratulations to the Class of 1949 Farmers Co-op 4. a f5f5fXf5f5. ' SAXO N LUMBER COMPANY Quality Merchandise Lumber - Paint - Coal Station "We Strive to PIease" !5fXf'XfSf'N, "Look for the Co-op Service Sign" Xf'Xf'gf'gfg,- Phone 6 Holstein, Iowa I Tire Repair and Greasing When You Build, See Saxon Goodyear and Co-op Tires 1 - TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Golden Rule Drugs Sundries Conaway and Sfolley The Nyal Quality Stare Wallpaper Paint xrxfxfvxf' With Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1949 5l5f5I'Nf5f' Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables , Try the Drug Store First Cigars Cigarettes 5 i 1' t i- f 3 03. Jw ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l949 Motor lnn Co. There's a Ford in Your Future F. W. SOSEMAN Removing Dead Animals Is Our Business CALL Ernest Seeley, Driver Phone 37 or 367 - Holstein DON'S BODY SHOP Complete Wreck Rebuilding and Painting Phone 34 SORENSEN BARBER SHOP Laundry Service Basket Leaves and Returns Tuesday and Friday Pedersen Garage F- HAMl l- Pl"IOI'le 1 ClJSl'ilI"lg Jewelry for Giffg That Last Skelgas Appliances - Maytag Washers phssgsggm-liegquesmn Crosley Products - Stewart Warner 9 Radios Congratulations to the Class of 1949 I d ' f Gu vu Ren erlng Co. JACK S PLACE I Blue Bunny lce Cream Cigarettes - Candy - Soft Drinks Homemade Pies Phone 29 Holstein, Iowa .. T. 78 'i'T"? Betty wonders where the mistletoe is. Oss Moss greets the world Alvin says "Pleose!" Wicki says "Wruf!" I-lolsfein folks through its pictures . we s14m,mw'v-'ssvmwu-1-mw..tx aemwmw-fmhsvh. Jw, ws.,-we 1 M mu 'vs fmwwa Q-zvmvfvwm ,awww Sade Says "Wel I ! " Mory says lINo!ll These guys soy "Whoopee!" Some Sophomore borflies soy "sem" Bumonn doesn't wont the medicine For the Finest in 1 6 h Bakery Goods I AWWA Fancy Groceries and Meat + I WW' 74a Stop ond shop where your food dollors buy, quolity. Holstein Bakery , WWW I - I BEN LEMKE 4 Ph ne 17 Holstein, iowa PHONE lo 7 Foocl Locker Service BUTCHERING - PROCESSING - CURING We Sell Choice Quarters of Beefi Locker Service ot Holstein ond Woshto Roy Bogenstos ond Son Holstein, Iowo Phone 58 80 Wil? fgaachhyb EQQM Hardware and Auto Supplies Houseware Sporting Goods Electrical Appliances CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 MARGE'S BEAUTY si-lap HARVEY'S mana AND ELECTRIC Westinghouse Appliances A I' R d' 8. R f' t pp iances, a los e rlgera ors Heating Electrical Wiring Phone 360 Holstein, Iowa STANDARD SUPER SERVICE For Better Performance Use Standard Products G. ROTHFORK C. F. BESORE, JR. Lawyer Holstein, Iowa WILBUR WIENERT Expert Trucking Live Stock - Grain Phone 59 WARREN E. CURTIS Certified Public Accountant Office: First Floor State Bank Council Oak Store "Your Friend at Mealtirne" FRESH FRUITS Building ' ' ' '-' VEGETABLES KING 81 BLEASDELL Insurance - Bonds - Real Estate - Loan Il First sfafe Bank Building 'S Complete Line of DR. T. ORTON + Chiropractor Quality Groceries Scientific Manipulation Office: Over J. H. Leonard Law Office pewana! Zampidmeww TO 'I FROM THE RACING PIGEON LOFTS OF 644424140 Meet Your Friends ATTHE State Theatre CGMFORT AND ENTERTAINMENT AT ITS BEST A R--CONDITIONED 8 .pirate diary . AUGUST 30-School began with a last look at vacation -election of officers. SEPTEMBER 3-Freshman initiation with party at night. lO-Football scrimmage with Galva. 13-Pep Club organized. 14-Moo Staff selected. 15-Wrestler Shurtleff gave student body inside of professional grunt and groan business. l7-Teachers meeting at Denison and foot- ball game with Alta. 20-21-State tests all day. 24-George Ranney lectured on prisons- Moville football victory. 27-Second team football against Cherokee. 28-Moo pictures taken. OCTOBER l-Juniors started magazine sales. Tough grid loss to Ida Grove. 5-Freshman dance. Orville Miller begins duties as assembly milk man. 7-Former teacher Heller visits school and comments on shortness of boys. Fresh- man football against Odebolt. 8-Northwest Iowa Education Association meeting. Long football trip to Onawa. 9-Football boys to Ames for l.S.C. vs. Kan- sas State. I3-First six weeks' report cards out. I5-Alexander Novelty Trio. Cherokee foot- ball. l6-lowa City trip for 'high salesmen in sea- son ticket race-Obrecht, Hammer, Leinbaugh, Jurgensen. l8--Scrubs' game with Cherokee. gnd acHon. ' J. it .vi , i.:. ig T . w-1 friwwsftif 5 'st MW ... -m i T My Qtf ixffslw sw ,g3:iig3Q.,g::-If i:f3 f'fw.'z1.j . Q T jf . ' ,- ,'-, ,-,ffff '1rtN.',53-N im g .gt-..'f.QQ.QI'.....i.1.'z1e-a23:2:1e.i' ' if- T W l ti al . 'P i - .4 1 ..i, ., . i i i s .WN iL . :y p sss1 Y. H.s'1" 5 Q trfif- - 2 l gbftltfil 5192575 i tmgggggsri Q Q Q St fw , fz:r,K, rs?-f ,gftxsstits -fi? tmggfgy. it '...z4g'Li.'i'Cif:2-Q 1,'w'w5t My wiwk f Wysffttkg Mysfzp fsmsiwflfi- tg: is f 'its .fwXf2:pti.f21'S7- 'wtfffsfitimsm tfzififwi wfftffr Wen M.s..fM.ti' ...f,tw.i, W mai fmgf 5 ' - ,. ...W..-.M."1:5fffw51w.Z?fh-gm..,trgqllg i,."t7if 1 su- Q V. A M tvffgmistfff M-.c ., , 1 3.5 1,t,.x'rvg.,gk-WAI.1:5 .N Q- A , . QW ?5f'i21Q5?'if5? ' 1 ',. t W 5 iiifiiiiiiitii mtettetwm - fit 'ff Qi zl- i .5 .,X, R N ri ms Q, tit!! igglki 5 KICKOFFl 5 siet?i ieigttit if iiitrt assi? Mary Kit E? . .tiisiistsiwieii t 3 , it i M Q, ti is 5 gf' Q 53' if X ist fl, Q QAM i 114 ,M i, W Q ,Q . tai, Q X gas' ,N gtgigg it t :NE 45,5 ,L tt 6.5533 t .5 T? 31 W5 N A+ Us 'XF lt' 1, " Nm 'SNK W iggii' ,as f 3,4 str. Y 4 5 .tt :tv Q M ve,gs,!,:iwi is t Miki t it " "1 . 5 ' gi wigiwtilllliftfiiffism it' 5 gi ,it ----- 8 Q W .Wim sg' tgftvixlii-X ggi. gt? tg-...sit ggi? vig: X 'vQii.gtiiQ1i:tt,2i,2ti wiiwm M .f.,ii:2 is zmgkgwggfgitf-.lit "mi,aeg'Xii.y-.51g,.i'i' .wiv www wie fmtwsfsfttvt Q-Ngxmttriw i-MU in at t 1- 1 . S ' 2 ' th ti 'xgzffig r- WSFQQL 5 - i. My g'ffiH'2+3tggii tg? W fwwg 4 .:. ,. Z t .:g::::'-., rl 5sf7mw,i"'.'.,i: i iz it it' r f F53 'gf . We,s1f1We,4 gm, tg, af ,f ,QQMA Mum Mya tf-4 .H 4-.,,,. M51-If k , Y .Ma Mtn. We ..,f,eg,,..,' .,, me ...weft K 5 .. 5 ii .s sjtggwstfstze ' egg 7251i 1 M awww f af:-.-sS.:'..I..E:4::.2 it .,. A if .f W :W X, f wt gi , l ti i ttifsf ist ?5336M T'liLLff5S"'!t 'iii ---' f t Jwi fif n rj wszsfa ...... ...-. . ,. f -. vt ,...i - ei .Fig -Mi lk ii: r 7 C' ' X .'4- -'.. ' t14..1 T Q- Q ttf 'a :gl ' - s ...- .. ?tsy, ,.t5g3i. h .....jH 2.3 S . zp fgggi .t gitj 5,539 gggg,, ' f ?,N gs Q if AJP' .U bww .ttjllgfif gfg .il lg? 34,56 A it W ft g. M g is ix li l If sf ,,f5"5 stty N ,Q A 35? sssgiggfzft, it fi ,Y X: 5 s3g gmfwii ...eb fn ,Qian 9' 555 A A LEINBAUGH RAMBLE! GET THAT MAN LOOK AT THE GALSl DIERKS GARAGE V F Chevrolet Service HOLSTEIN IOWA I R. S. PORTERFIELD, D. V. M T. O. Club Calves Black Angus Cattle l'l0lSfe5l1f l0Wf-1 Phone 34 wiri 8: R f i F Dental Surgeon ng e ngem lon Old Savings Bank Bldg. HOLSTEIN, IOWA PHONE ll3J Phone 279 Holstein' Iowa ERICKSON STANDARD W'L5ON"w5'7jx-EFUNERAL STATION PHONE 227 Phone 373 Packard Ambulance Service HEADQUARTERS FOR Ci-IEEVFKOLEI' BUICK FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Vollmur Super-Service PHONE 50 HOLSTEIN, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '49 A 84 W I-XT KI N S PRODUCTS N!KfNfNfSf' Gus FossEl.l., DEALE Pl'1onel93 -2- Holstein, R I owa EBEEKT BROT i-I ERS N!Nf5f'Xf5f' PUREBRED POLAND CH I NA HOGS HOLSTEIN -.- IOWA A. M. LAGE'S Welding and Machine Shop Holstein Iowa- I HAROLD BREYFOGL General Trucking Service E Holstein, Iowa -L Phone 37 We mend the rips and patch the holes: Build up the heels and save the soles. Nf'Nf5f5f5f' FULLER SHOE REPAIR 1933 -- GROTHAUS EXPRESS -- 'I949 Nf'N!'Nf'Nf5l' It has been the privilege of our line to serve the people of Holstein, Iowa, and community for the last I6 years. To thank you, as we'd like to do, it's for beyond our powers, For if we had no friends like you, There'd be no firm like ours. vxfvvxf SHIP BY TRUCK Nrvxxxrv Grothuus Express Phone 225 Kingsley, Iowa . pirate diary . OCTOBER -Olson Picture Travel Talks at theater. -Campaign speeches and student presi- dential election CH.H.S. can't pick the winner eitheri. Homecoming pep rally with snake dance. -Homecoming victory over C'vilIe. -All-State Chorus practice at Spencer. -lda County Council at Galva. -Fire drills with special people assigned as cops. NOVEMBER -Tommy Thompson 81 Co. in musical re- vue. -Showing of CROP movie "Seeds of Des- tiny." -Odebolt football and christening of "Sobbinr' Dobbinf' Gridiron dance. -Boys begin basketball practice. i5 20-CROP drive. -Junior Class Play dress rehearsal. -Junior Play "Shoot the Works." -Basketball at Early. -Girls' basketball clinic at Buena Vista. -Meriden b. b. game. -Report cards issued. -All-State Chorus and Band at Des Moines. 25 26-Thanksgiving vacation. 30-Aurelia b.b. DECEMBER -Assembly address on T.B. -Rip Van Winkle stage presentation. -Pep Band helps dedicate CROP carload. -Correctionville basketball game thriller. -Students shot-by T.B. X-Ray Machines. -Faculty Christmas Party. We look studious, but we aren't . . . Varsity six, winners of i9 games . . . Bench crew keeping things running! Felco Feed From Your Cooperative 'Vi Zfnys to Hooperafc " Farmers Elevator Co 87 JESSE H. LEONARD Attorney Office: First Floor First State TO -I-l'IE Bank Building Phone 106 G' HEMERT HOLSTEIN HIGH SCHOOL Dealer in Live Stock WE EX-I-END OUR Phone 95 Holstein, Iowa COAST TO COAST STORES Zed Automotive Hardware Electrical Appliances Houseware and Sporting Goods Phone 96 --:- Holstein, Iowa MRS. C. A. STEGEMAN Lowe Brothers Paints and Varnishes Imperial Wall Paper Hglgl-ein, Iowa Holstein, Iowa ' FOR RELIABLE faudard Oi! Mvducfs Dependable And Courteous Service Phone h 254 - 8OJ Herman Libke W. E. Jackes, Agt. 88 L-.1-lL.L..L. HEADQUARTERS FOR Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Marian, Quick Meal and Renown Stoves , Universal Appliances C I Dexter 81 ABC Washing Machines Toostmaster Appliances RCA Victor - Bendix - Telechron radios Elgin Steel Kitchens Coleman Heating Equipment Nesco - Revere - Walkerware Utensils Viden Lighting Fixtures Aermotor Windmills 8. Parts Sunbeam Appliances Keith 84 Green Colonial Furnaces Soni-Way Garbage Disposal Units l'Nl5f'NfNfX Xf5f5f5f5f' "VISIT OUR BASEMENT DISPLAY" Xf5fXf5fXf Rulllow Hardware Telephone 83 Holstein Harold E. McDermott HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN AT TYRRELL STUDIO The DIFFICULT The IMPOSSIBLE we do immediately takes a little longer PORTRAIT - COMMERCIAL HOLSTEIN, IOWA Kodak Finishing Cameras 8: Films Phone 222 Holstein, Iowa 89 Royal Scof Sales Phone 368 Wholesalers of Candy - Tobacco - Cigars fNf'SfNr"Xf5. Party pause Chesferman Co. Sioux City lo Holstein, Iowa Lawrence Heifmann I CONGRATULAUON5 to the muclunc sznvlcf I CLASS OF l LIVE STOCK VVVVN' GRAN" JOSLIN SEED FARMS Phone l77 Pho e 24 F zo Holman, Iowa ' 4"'v1'T1lY1lf l l lf ? 90 . pirate didry . DECEMBER -Near loss to Danbury in b.b. -Grades' Operetta. Ida County Council at Rattle Creek. Home Economics Style Show. -Christmas movie for the kiddies Chiah schooll. New editors elected for Hi-Lar- aw. -Kingsley b. b. Christmas program. Christmas vacation began. I -Westinghouse Science Talent Search, Geske only contestant. -Anthon b.b. JANUARY -School begins-Christmas vacation ends. -Meriden b.b. -Quimby b.b. -Football boys get letters. l3-Semester tests. l3-i4-Maple Valley Tournament. Hol- stein Boys take 2nd consecutive crown. -Hot lunch program begins. -Seniors select graduation announce- ments. Galva b.b. upset. -Report cards issued. Juniors ordered class rings. Sociolo class sees State Hospital at 1 QV Cherokee. -Correctionville b.b. 25-Weather keeps us out ot school. -Last b.b. game-Battle Creek. -Sophomore blue-jean dance. -Jr. Hi Maple Valley Tournament. -Snow Repeats-no school. -March of Dimes. Three prize winners: the picture, the cow, the gal . . When all through the house there arose such a clatter . . . Dittmer struts . . Sade feels a brain- storm coming on . . . TO THE CLASS 349 C. E. CQNQVER 9 To The Entire Student Body of Holstein Higli Scliool On Completion of Another Successful School Yeor 3 , HQMQ47 OUR BEST WISI-IES FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS BRDADLAWN FARM Metz Bros. Holstein, Iowa 93 Q zxxx Mafhena Heating 8: Plumbing BATTLE CREEK, IOWA tore Phone 225 J House Phone 225 W f5fN!X f5f5 Biiiifsssii l l lUliNHIllS Westinghouse Applicmces Churchill Eleciric Located in the MATHENA HEATING 81 PLUMBING BUILDING 9 Q . pirate cliary . . FEBRUARY l-Alta "giants" here for b.b. 3-Moo sales begin. 4-Old Man Winter stops school. 8-Danbury b.b. 9-Junior Sock Dance. i2--Arthur b.b. Holstein 4th in Jr. Hi Ma- ple Valley Tourney. 14-D.A.R. Good Citizen Contest, McGuire Holstein's Representative. i5-Kingsley b.b. last game for gals. i6-District Free Throw contest, Kolb en- tered. l3-Battle Creek b.b. 25-Boys' Sectional Tourney, Revenge on 28- Odebolt. Arnolds perform magic with help of Bob Endrulat MARCH 2-Moo Contest winners announced, Eller- 4-5 busch gets free Moo. Report cards is- sued. -Girls' State Tourney, i4 gals see championship games. 5-County Spelling Contest, Holstein wins lst and 2nd. 9-Tuberculosis Meeting at lda Grove. l2-Pre-state music preliminaries fsmall groupsl. l5--Senior dance. l6-Cole Marionettes. 21-School Masters meeting at Battle Creek. 22-Grade Basketball finals. 23-School Board Meeting at lda Grove. 25-Grade Basketball finals. 29-Spring Concert. 3l-Mr. Hollander speaks on International Relations. SENIOR EXECUTIVES . Dittmer juggled figures, McArthur whanged gavel, Geske kibitzed at vice-president. Remember those "crazy" pep meetings crazy but fun! Editor and Sports Editor talk over layouts' To the Class of 1949 HANSEN FURNITURE of ED. A' HANSEN Holstein High School AWWA We Extend Quality Furniture OUV Best Wishes Floor Covering VVVVV- Kelvinotor Refrigerators 8 Home Freezers Dedefs in Pre-mum and Eureka V Qcuu m Sweepers Oliver Farm Equipment PHONE 79 Wind Mills Waterwork Supplies ' OUR BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1949 TI1. Hansen 81 Son coPPER CLAD RANGES, PERFEc1'ioN on. stoves i PHONE 115, Hoi.1'ElN, lowA Hardware Plumbing Heating 96 V a .Li.lif to the 63444 of V? St. paul Lutheran Qhmfch w i l I 1 l We 204:44 Zan Succeed Q McGuire Auction Co PHONE 49 HOLSTEIN, IOW 9 . and we danced The night away Wienert and Will make the most of that slow dreamy dance . . . Even the Frosh know their way around . . . "Sock dance." Socks of every description at the Tired arches, too! Then after the party . , . iLife magazine says we mustn't . . . but we did? . . . Phillips 66 Station Firestone and Lee Tank Wagon Deliveries Tires Fill Your Tank Anytime - Anywhere at Claude and Dick's "Cac" Phone l2 Phone llO Phillip Station Harold Conover Holstein, Iowa 99 .Li,.g DR. O. A. LANGLAND Dental Surgeon Phone: Office 119--Res. 247 Holstein, Iowa SIMMONS BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 232 "It pays to look welI" KAHL ond STUBBS Veterinarians Ph 273 one A. J. Kohl R. L. Stubbs Res. Phone Res. Phone 301 164 GLADYS L. WEEDE RAABE Fire, Tornado and Automobile Insurance Phone No. 141 , P I' i 1-.ITGES Food Morkei "A Good Place to Buy Good Food" awww to the CLASS OF 1949 xfxfgfxfgf Barghols Holstein Hatchery Baby Chicks - From Americo's Finest Blood Lines Nutreno Feeds - Remedies Supplies Master Liquid Hog Medicine Wallen 's Variety HY'U"e Chicks Telephone 260 Holstein Iowa The lady on the left is Miss Elaine Leonard . . . And here's the J. L. Breytoale of yester- year . . . even "pioneers" look back over their escapades". . . Deanie boy is a movie fan . . . Bashful "Babe". . . Senior swatters- Buell, Kistenmacher and Daugaard . . . B. B. girls ready for tourney trip to D. M. Schroeder finishes a turning, Portertield sands. Shopwork is rejuvenated under direction of "Gerb". . Norton CHarry T.J wonders if Mary lLauren B.l is playing the Missouri Waltz . . HUlSIHN SIHH HHNK Home Qwneol . . . Home Gontwfolleol ' HOLSTE N, IOWA O Compliments OI The Sioux City Journal I . The Sioux City .lournal-Trlhune The Sioux City Sunday .lournal Cherokee Albert Kastner Creamery Company I I Your Best Cream Market Representative For I M I . f Gnu ac mrs 0 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE 3OEB'S VELVET ICE CREAM I Lt --A r --F P I I 1 A Taste Treat For Every Season H I PRIDE OF IOWA BUTTER It Butter At Its Best It Ph 32 H I t I w I Cherpkee Iowct ' . g ' ' ' '-If I O3 Ph ne 4 Holstein, Io Bowl Regularly for Good Health" AT Our Eight New Streamlined Alleys INQUIRE ABOUT league lgzfufhzg Let Us Supply You With dy G Cg t Cigars, Lunches d P p Come in and we'II make you feel at hom Blue Eagle v' I W . . . seniors pass along their treasures . I, Robert Bergmann, do hereby will and bequeath my troubles to Marvin Wiese. I, Eloyis Bachmann, do hereby will and bequeath any of my abilities to anyone who can make good use of them. I, Jack Breyfogle, do hereby will and be- queath my carefree disposition to Harold Arp. I, Byrdella Buell, do hereby will and be- queath my friendliness to Joan Carnes. I, Vonita Bumann, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to knit to Bill Rickard. May he derive as much pleasure from it as I have. I, Beverly Daugaard, do hereby will and bequeath my bookkeeping work to Marvin Wiese. I, Lauretta Dittmer, do hereby will and bequeath my political opinions to Marcene Wilson. I, William Endrulat, do hereby will and bequeath my position in front of Don Ewildt to Duane Ruhser. May he be as bored Cby pencilsl and as fond of stories as I was. I, Lenore Ewoldt, do hereby will and be- queath my talkativeness to Mary Vohs. I, Elva Frahm, do hereby will and be- queath my love of study to Shirley Conover. I, Dorothy Friedrichsen, do hereby will and bequeath by knowledge of men to Donna Jensen. I, David Geske, do hereby will and be- queath my managerial duties to Don Porter- fieldg may he derive as much pleasure from them as I did. I, Alvin Hammer, do hereby will and be- queath my studiousness to Gene Ehler. I, Betty Jensen, do hereby will and be- queath my height to anyone who is tired of being tall. I, Walter Johnson, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to read English Literature to anyone who might take it next year. Tune up time, but where's "dat Yerman Home Ec girls catch up on their reading, they had knitting and cooking too . , . The editor clipped pictures forever, but kept insisting, "This Moo will be the best yet." i-L THE CONGRATULATIONS The Rayql I TO THE CLASS our Cleaners 1949 "OLD CLOTHES MADE NEW" !XfNfNfNfX "NEW CLOTHES MADE TOO" Bill Agnew xfxfxfxfxf- I Insurance of Kinds Cl g and Pressing Fit f r K g Phone 327 Holstein, I Pho 24 -I - ii - - T I TO THE dem ag 4? FROM 'Me HOLSTEIN, IOWA 106 hL.i-14.1. OUR BEST WISHES T0 THE f 65444 of 47 Youn BEST MARKET Fon Poultry . . . Eggs . . . Cream Storm King Chicks and Poults V sh Poultry and Hog Feed K y B d r H M b Poulting Equipment Solsbury s Poultry R d . . . It lt ls for Poultry, We Have lt . . . HOLSTEIN PRODUCE 8. HATCHERY Phone No. 2 Holstein, low O NICKLAS Clothing 84 Slioes xf'gf'gf5fxf Notionolly Advertised Clothing Freeman Shoes Ph n 238 H Ist I o A. Huegerich 8. Co f'N!5!5f5l'X READY-TO-WEAR DRY GOODS MILLINERY - GIFTS Phone 269 Zemun 8. Sorensen fNl'Nf'Nf'Nf'N. DEALER IN MEN'S AND BOYS' Clothing - Furnishing - Shoes llllllll lHVlHN Xf'NfNf5fXf' Xf5fNf5f5f' Nl5!5f5f5f' "WHERE OLD FRI ENDS MEET" IO8 Corregoux Green's Dairy Holm I I Trucking and Garage Service xfxfxfxfgf ' Phone 332 PASTEURIZED . . . RAW M CREAM SIIIIHNNI IHVIIIN 'WNW I NXXTZNIXI' Phone 163 H I I H I I o stein LEIXITS CLEANERS SAC CITY, IOWA IO9 1 i-i Vohs-Johnson Praduce HIGHEST CASH BUYERS OF SEE US FOR Nutrenu 8. Kent Feeds High Quality Baby Chicks Poultry Supplies and Remedies T'7? I . . more legacies . . I, Delores Kistenmacher, do hereby will and bequeath my quietness to Maxine Schroeder. I, Lyle Leinbaugh, do hereby will and be- queath my butcih to Billy Agnew. I, Elaine Leonard, do hereby will and be- queath my giggle to Shirley Wiese. I, Dean Lund, do hereby will and be- queath my 4l Ford to Dooley Munz, may he find the front seat as comfortable as the back. I, Mary McArthur, do hereby will and bequeath my red rinse to Mary Vohs, when her present supply runs out. I, Celia McGuire, do hereby will and be- queath my height to Betty Wittrock after I have finished with it. I, Norton DeWolf Obrecht, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get up in the morning to Calvin A. Leonard, Esq. May he get as much pleasure from sleeping as I do. I, Alice Rex, do hereby will and bequeath my love of school to Francis Ruhlow. I, Dean Ruser, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to run the mile in track to Orville Miller. I, Lyle Schubert, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to run the half mile in track to Wendell Kastner. I, Glenn Vohs, do hereby will and be- queath to Delaine Lemke all my knowledgee of driving a car. I, Jim Vohs, do hereby will and bequeath my red hair to Delaine Schroeder. I, Dean Vollmar, do hereby will and be- queath my "squeaky" combat boots to Cal Leonard for use in the assembly. I, Earl Wienert, do hereby will and be- queath my generosity to Alvin Kay. I, Beverly Wiese, do hereby will and be- T queath my position on our Girls' P. Basketball team to Ruthie Kistenmacher. I, Ardyce Will, do hereby will and be- queath my dimples to Mary Vahs. Noon time canfab while we talked about women, weather and work . . "The bad little boy." Do we go so fast These two laugh we break the cement? most of the time! Watch 'em strut! SORENSER! PRODUCE NfNf'N!1f1l' COMMERCIAL SALES Phone I 86 HOLSTEIN IOWA See Downs 8. Diersen Farm Machinery Headquarters l H C Machinery New Idea Machinery Nf'X!'Nf5f5f" Downs 8. Diersen Holstein, Iowa Phone 38 Spray Painting of FARM BUILDINGS and RESIDENCES We have the most rnodern e uipment Q available, with workmen who understand how to use it. We can furnish the finest paints and materials. Platte River Tank Co. McWILLIAM'S DRUG STORE "On the Corner" 201 W. Main St. Cherokee, Iowa Phone 142 JAMES W. MARTIN, M. D. H. J. FISHMAN, M. D. Office Phone 85 JERRY COLE Spray Painting Interior 81 Exterior Holstein Iowa ' CONGRATTL-JLAq'I5-NS to the Class of 'I949 DINNERS I3lLL'S CAFE Phone 39 Holstein, Iowa I Michaelsen 8, Sons - COMPLIMENTS , OF THE J. I. CASE IMPLEMENTS , SALES SERVICES I H- I GRE.-.szlxl DEKALB SEED Coram - I-r LAN I1-.AFI REAL ESTATE ld G I a H It I Ph 38 Ph 14 H It I a Ph 20 SIHIIVIS IHVIIIN HOLSTEIN, IOWA II3 The 1U1fOOf of the Yfjueldmg fs in the Eating-- We submit ta you 'me19119 M00 as an example af aur craftsmanship. The Q 14 Holstein Cjgelvafnce 1 W N t p g d fidt blk to th C st E Id d mb k t f d b d pt uck b d t h h or dl k ft do ly I ll Of co t rlo k th t ng d W olwoy ld pl y I1 key d tfy psf S JOSTEN'S FINE CLASS RINGS Owatonna, Minnesota Representative: Bill Bates Box 553 Storm Lake, Iowa MEYER DAIRY Phone 'I07 Holstein, Iowa VERN'S Repair Shop Phone 50-F Holstein Iowa J. W. SCHNECKLOTI-I Painting - Decorating Paper Hanging Phone 227 Holstein, Iowa MCARTHUR REFRIGERATION Service Commercial Sales Phone 186 Holstein Iowa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l949 CENTRAL TELEPHON E CO. Ho stein Iowa ' Brech wald Meat Market Holstein, Iowa Evelyn shows off that new black skirt . , . Ardyce wonders if you saw the birdie . . . Bonnie waits at the gate . . . Zoe Ann helps along on Camera Day . . . But Mary says, "Oh, you didn't take that picture!" Dooley revs up for a spin around the section . . . Number i bus, number I driver . . "Bun" wonders when he'II get kids to take off overshoes downstairs . . . Camera kibitzers . . SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE COSMETICS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 GIFTS - JEWELRY - WATCHES - FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS IT PLEASES US TO PLEASE YOU STATIONERY GOOD LINE OF BILLFOLDS KODAKS K erslake Sundries Phone 62 LINGLE TRUCKING SERVICE Expert Trucking Service Live Stock - Grain I I Phone 237 mp We Sell the Best and Service the Rest G. E. Appliances and Radios EBERHARD ELECTRIC Soles ond Service - -Phonilsi - QUAUTY I LORENZEN A SON TAVERN JOHN DEERE GOODS Meet Your Friends Here J D D LUBRICANTS Soft Drinks Cigars Tobac o Phgne 54 Phone 131 Holstein, I II7 out of the edi'ror's desk .... 0 scrambled p outpourri of you - , S. wwf-vimw, sh f KW Two cousins look things over . . . Two more gals- Kistenmacher 8. Wiese . . . "Smiley" smiles . . . Two senior kibitzers . . . And here are some more gals, Daugaard and Buell . . . Here's that bovine again, different gal, though-oh, that's the Relays Queen . . . This Senior slid down the cellar door . . . "Lilly" has some snowflowers . . . Billy the Kid gets set to be another whizzing freshman . Two speedsters with lO.5 centuries to their credit . . . We've got to leave you now, but see you next year . . . . before closing the Moo, Volume 32, we say . . IIIIII ....lO.... THE HOLSTEIN ADVANCE, Bruce Bye, Publisher, For competent, technical advice, excellent printing, and encour- agement in our 49 Moo venture. l TYRRELL, STUDIO For outstanding photography and sincere cooperation. GOETTSCH STUDIO For miscellaneous pictures and fine action shots. MISS MARIE STONER For her capable advisory job. HOLSTEIN BUSINESS MEN For their whole-hearted financial support. THE i949 MOO STAFF For their enduring patience with the editors' demands for qual- ity work. Editing and producing the i949 Moo was fun, but it could not have been accomplished without the assistance and efforts of all connected with it. It was more than an after-hour activity, it became a job almost as important, as interesting, as any other work we will ever do. This is your book. Your school life has made his book possible. Its pages hold reminders of happy days and unforgettable experiences. We hope it is the "best Moo ever." THE EDITORS l2O I xx

Suggestions in the Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) collection:

Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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