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f x X Z5 OXZV We the semor class of 1943 have endeavored to brmg forth nn this annual some of the feature exents of thls year It lS our smcere wxsh that this the twenty sxxth publxcatlon of the Moo will be the best ever pubhshed by the students of Hclstem l-hgh We hope that we may look back on the events of thus year wlth prlde and satxsfactxon and know that the classes of the future w1ll carry on creatmg not only a more successful Moo but also more noteworthy achievements ln all phases of school hfe I I e the bemor ell 0 IH? ded utte thts the twentx Qlxth xolume of the 0 the rtlun Holxtem Htgh who Ire nov Serxmg m the Qrmecl oreek 0' t e mte Vltcx e vt h to dedlcrlte t I9 'Nloo to them for we luxe Qx we ehoose to hue Theretore me feel thex trulx de erxe fmd haxe rlvht L x wutted A tte rat e 'tn t 'mlx xxewn 0 N1 x glxeth tt We take our httx el to t 0 e e ovw or the grfttd job thex me dome to keep thls vor tree lor dentoetrtu XY'-, 1 ' tzss t' H t.. e in l ' , ' ' "Mo to all t mi of Q ' ' ' 1 'Q " ' 1 X l' I h L7 "ed S . 15. We "s X 1. h', " ' truly feel it is their vptliattt courage and bravery that permits us at home to ' . , . ,X ' . P . V , Q . g A , 'S - t zllj n' -ll l p 'S . d h. 's ' 2 p sgibli' x" et . ' zq'f hsfll 'gf . .1' 'U 'N ' 'ld 4-1- I'OP ROW left to ruzht C Galxm D Phxlllps P McGu1re R Lorenzen G Bauer R Watters SECOND ROW E Brodersen S Blechuald N Am D Wxese J Grles M McGu1re D Lemke K Lenz BOVIOM ROW H Wmk V Moellcl P Muwelman S btonelung J Cole C Frlednchsen HDMINIS TRA TIO 0 A LANGLAND President W P CRANE T M WATTS Secretary oard of Educaizon I H LEONARD A WALTER LORENZENI C J OBRECHT Treasurer ' ' GUS HUSEN FACULTY HARLAND H HANSON MAFUE STQNER Supermtendert Prmclpal H A Iowa Sato Tea hers College B A Unwerslty of Iowa' M A Stat Umv Qty of Iowa BERNICE LOMEN St Olaf College B A Buena Vista College Umverslty of Mmnesota DELMAR FODNESS MADELINE HATLEN Enghsh B A UDIVSFSIIY of Iovxa CONRAD E CLAUSSEN Director of Instrumental Muslc Physxcal Education GEORGE BOWNE Athletlcs Manual Arts Sclence B A M0l'IllYlgSldE College Un wersxty of Iona B A Coe College . ., ' t c . - -v I ' ' . ., 2 'cal , 1 Vocal Music . ' - . -. Q ., ' . ., . i' ' ' - -, HELEN DUNN PATRICIA HELLER Commerclgl Home Economxcs B A Western Umnn College B A Umverslty Of Iowa LeMars Iowa EVELYN JOHNSON BLANCHE PARRY EYIZIISII Jumor High School JUDIOI' High 5011001 A Western Umon College B A Iowa State Teachers College PEARL KITCHEN ELLA CARSTENS Slxth Grade Fxfth Grade Mornmgslde College Iowa State Teacher College l . ., ' - -v - ' J, ' . ., . . Q S MABEL MANTEUFEL BARBARA FOSTER Thu-d Gnd, Fourth Grade Iowa State Tmchers Collqe Ngbraska State Teachers College Buena vista Cause Northern State Teachers College NITA GLORFELD SADEE GRAY Second Grade Fu-st Grade lows State Teachers College JANE HASCH GLADYS weave Kmdenzarten S de Wayne State Teachers College Secretary m upennmn nt Wayne, Nebraska Libra-mn s Drake University ,f W 'Vik-gg ,T Q5-us' e,ff's puny ROBERT LORENZEN Pansy' It pays to be good and study-or does lt. Moo Staff-4 Brass Sextlette-3 4 Pep Squad l Basket Ball 1 I-ootball 3 4 Co Captam4 Track 1 2 3 4 Vnce Presldent 3 Pres ldent-4 DOROTHY WIESE Wlsele' Brams of the class nd 1 2 4 Pep Squa Class Secretary and Treasurer 2 Nxghts Lodging 2 H1Lar1ty-4 ROBE RT WATTERS Bob" My ambition IS Just around the corner Snapshot Edxtor B nd 1 2 3 4 Pep Club-2 3 Track 2 4 Vlce Presldent-4 Camera Club-4 Sec retary of Camera Club-4 F F A Basket Ball 4 CAROL BUCK Carol' I wonder whos kxssmg her now" PAT MCGUIRE tl Pat!! "He has a head to think, a tongue to speak, a hand to execute any mischief." Business Manager: Band-1, 2, 3: Glee Club-1: Pep Squad-2: Foot- ball-2, 3, 4: Class President-1: "H8DDY-G0-Lucky"-3: Hi-Larity-4. JEANETTE GRIES Nette Twmkle Txunkle go her eyes Who we wonder ms that BUY Art Edxtor Mxxed Chorus 2 3 4 Gxrls Seah:-tte-l 2 3 4 Mixed Scxtette2 3 Pep Club-1 3 4 Basket Ball 1 2 3 4 Semor Sec retary H1 Larlty-4 LESTER WIENERT Les Youll always fund thxs lad the same Dependabxllty hls mxddle name Band-3 4 Cheerleader-4 Per! Squad-4 Football 2 3 Track 3 4 Sophomore President Senlor Treasurer Camera Club-4 P I' A.Basketball-4 FLORIN SCHUETT Flossle She IS snappy from head to we Soclety Band l 2 3 Saxophone Quartette-2 Pep Club-2 3 Basket Ball 2 Presldent of Pep Club-4 One Nmhts Lodgmg 2 DON PHILLIPS Don" Athletic 3bl'ltY ways that are -.unmng lf bemg handsome ns a crxme then Dons smmng Snapshots Glec Club-l Track 2 Blunder nz Herd and Happy Co Lucky l' P A Basket all JACQU ELINE HANSEN "Jackie" "Wouldn't be a class without its Tomboyf' Cheerleader-1: Pep Club-l, 3: Basket Ball-3. SHIRLEY BRECHWALD 'Louie' If looks is what It takes shell get by Class Historian B nd I 2 3 4 Clarinet Quartette-1 Pep Squad sket Ball 1 n Secretary and Treasurer-4 Swept Clean Off Her Feet Here Comes Charlie Happy Go Lucky Cam era Club-4 H1Lar1ty 3 4 De- hate-2 ROBERT MOHR Bobby Eat Drunk and be Merry lS my Motto Glee Club-1 2 3 4 Basket Ball F F PHYLLIS MUSSELMAN Phlb She lives for the fun of e worlds mad whirl Senior Reporter Band 1 2 3 4 Solo-1 2 Clarinet Quaxtette 1 Pep Squad-4 Basket Ball l 2 3 4 Vice President 1 Camera Club Vice President 4 Happy Go- Lucky H1 Larlty 3 4 Debate-Z Camera Llub-1. GLENN CLAUSEN Glenn" "Always seen and never heard! Band-1, 2' Football-3: Track-2. ELAYNE BRODERSEN nBrodyu 'Snapping eyes, careless and free. Nothing there is that worries me." Moo Staff-4: "Happy-Go-Lucky:" A'BlUDd91'll'l2 Herd." RICHARD STILL DLIPOC Red Head of the class Basket Ball 1 2 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Junior Pru nt F F A F F Basket Ball-4 EDNA FERN ENDRULAT Edna' Red heads are her specialty Glee Club-1 2 3 4 Whxed Chorus WAYNE WILLIAMS Wlllle As long as we have to talk we might as well talk about me P mer 1 2 3 Basket Ba -4 l ootball 1 LOIS DITTMER Lois' "Monk-sty conceals her many virtues! CLARE GALVI N "Squire" "Beware! l I may do something sensational." Band-2, 3, 4: F. F. A.-1. 2, 3, 4: I-'. F. A. Basket Ball-1. CLIFFORD FRIEDRICHSEN Cliff' All round Hood fellow hard t beat Fklllljl' ln Chlef Basket Ball-3 ootballl 2 4 Captain Ietter Club-1 Track 1 2 3 Captaln 3 Debatw2 DOROTHY LEM KE Dotty Chatter Chatter Everywhere yet a welcome friend For the Joy that ms wlthm her lxfe mto others she vull send Cortoomst Glee Club-1 Pep Squad B sket Ball 1 3 4 .lun r Secretary H1 Larxty GLEN BAUER Glen' wxth a hole m t Band Reporter B nd 1 2 3 4 Band Quartette 3 4 Cheerleader 4 Pep Squad-3 4 Track 2 3 4 Camera Club NORINE ARP Arp Tlmld and shy and so nlce to know Dramatlcs LLOYD LILL Lllly 13 only slogan I can I wxll Moo i-4 B nd 1 2 3 Glee Club-1 2 3 4 SEXf8ttA?2 4 Quartette-2 3 Basketball-3 4 Football-4 Track 2 3 4 P ldent of Band-4 F F A 1 0 JUNE COLE Shorty A modest lass yet full of fun Shes a pal of everyone Asslstant Edltor-4 Glee Club-1 4 Mlx rus 1 Flee Club Glee Club Treasurer-3 President-4 M1xed Sextette-3 Basket Ball 1 2 3 -l Class Treas urer 3 Here Comes Charlxe Harlly Co Lucky FOR REST LENZ Lenz" tnve hmm a gallon of gas and t Cherokee hell KATHERINE LENZ Kitty money and she ll be S8tlSfl8d ltp Squad I Basket Ball 1 2 3 l Student Councxl 1 Sophomore Vlce President H1Lar1ty-4 HARRY RICE JR Halrless Content to let the world Wag a lt vt 1ll asket B ll I Football 7 HELEN WlNK Wmk A um :ral bu: a the mmute her llfe ls lned for the fun there m xt sport Wrxter Pep Squad-4 Basket 1 r H 71 ll ' 1 K -I " ' o ' : . , ." 2, 3, 3 ' ed Cho -, 2, 3, 42 .1 - - : r A . 4: K 1 l 1 ' 1 P - , , 3, , 4: Xt ' : . A : - . . . 4. - . , , : - 1 . : I . T H - : .. U - in t N 1 . ' Q 41, N 2' ll YI v as ' N u . ' . . ' . ' . . ,, " 2' ' . 0 V Y. H , 1 N . go... --lp af I -, 2, l, 3 io l H ll 1 6 il ' 1 "Put all .your troubles in a pocket "Give her a man with a little 1 u.. 5 , . - .,. : 8 - , , . : 1 " -- 9 ' - . , , ' 4. ii I P: I H 77 .. - - - "' ' ' on n S '. .H - ' B a-. 2: -L. 4. Ll ' YY Al ' If , ' , ' '-" '. ' ' . ' S ' : . Stat g a , , , , 4: P ' l l 13 3, : ' Y , , : ' S ' 1 l : . ' 3 , - , , 5 res. Ban- , 2, 3, 4. ' 3 . . .- , 2. CLASS HISTURY On September 1 1931 twenty one mothers decuded that theur chuldren needed an educatuon so thev sent them to Muss Sohrn who was the Kundergarten teacher of Holsteun Publuc School There they learned how to behave un school and how to use theur penculs However playung un the sand pule and wuth blocks occupued most of theur tume The next fall they were sent to the furst grade to be taught readung and wrutung by Muss Gray She pro moted them to second grade where they were taught by Muss Glorfeld stull more readung and wrutung and a few pruncuples of aruthmetuc The followung September they were sent back to the old buuldung to enter thurd grade Muss Isbell duvuded the class unto groups A and B Many of the thurd graders un the A group of 1935 wull never forget the punushment Muss Isbell gave them for unnecessary nouse and commotuon These naughty but nuce thurd graders advanced unto the fourth grade the followung fall and were taught by Muss Root Here they learned to go on umagunary travels un geography In the fufth grade they studued theur furst Iowa hustory under the unstructuon of Muss Larson Evudently Muss Larson thought a lot of these luttle fufth graders fuor she kussed all good by when she handed them theur report cards promotung them to suxth grade class they were ruled by Muss Kutchen At last they reached the junuor Hugh where they had for so long wushed to be In seventh grade they were taught by Muss Franck and Muss Meyer and un eughth grade by Muss Lemung and Muss Franck The hugh lughts of Junuor hugh were guvung plays publushung The Blutzen and enjoyung the annual banquets More knowledge was needed so unto hugh school they went Theur class was made larger by the enroll ment of students from the country Ouch' I ' Furst came freshman unutuatuon The green freshues were all dressed up and properly paddled by the honorable senuors thus becomung full fledged students of Holsteun Hugh School However three years later revenge was enjoyed when they unutuated the present freshmen The Sophomore and junuor years prox ed to be uust as much fun and excutung as anv prexuous years So tume passed swuftly and we haue come to the end of the hustory of the class of 1943 Now as a group of educated senuors we graduate but we shall never forget good old Holsteun Hugh School nor uts unstructors nor our classmates Of the twenty one that entered school together only seven remaun They are Pat McGuure jeanette Grues Clufford Fruedruchsen Dorothy Lemke, Elayne Brodersen Wayne Wulluams and Shurley Brechwald Shurley Brechwald . , , ' ' ' ll YY AL YY ' ' ll YY ' , - In sixth grade they became the so-called "rulers" of the play-ground at recess time. However, during 3 . . I . - y - . . . V Y V Y ' Y - ' . : ' , . , . . . y , , . , . - SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY NORINE ARP Spend the rest of her ltfe wonderlng why she was so bashful tn hxgh school GLEN BAUFR Bemoanmg, the fact that he w1ll no longer be Mlss Dunn s pet In high school SHIRLFY BRECHWALD F B I s secretary or bust FLAYNF BRODERSFN Author of the book entltled How to Keep Thm CAROL BUCK Runnmg a house for the man of her dreams GLEN CLAUSFN Spend the rest of hts ltfe makmg sure he never does anything that Isnt pohte LOIS D TTMER Spend the rest of her Itfe bemg just plam tlmtd I-DNA FERN FNDRULAT She s sure to be a farmer s wxfe If the draft doesn t get hum jUNE COLE just another pretty stenographer slttmg on the bosses knee DOROTHY LFMKE Slttmg and wamng for the army to release him CLIFFORD FRIEDRICHSEN Im sure to carry on at the old Homestead PAT MCGUIRE Farmer or else WAYNE VIILLIAMS Hes destmed to take over the Meat Market ROBERT WATTERS Too uncertaln for anyone to predlct DON PHILLIPS Wtth hts WISE cracks hes gomg to glve jack Benny a good run for the leadmg comedian LFSTER WIFNFRT It s almost certam that he wxll be called Dr Wlenert KATHERINE LENZ Wondermg why she ever went to school HARRY RICE Manager of the Bowlng Alleys FLORIN SCHUETT Slmgmg hash In the local restaurant DOROTHY WIESE So many thmgs she ts capable of domg that It ts Imposslble to predlct for her JEANETTE GRIES Author of a book entttled 'Love Comes Last FORREST LENZ Wxth hls love for speed he destmed to be a dare devll RICHARD STILL Spend the rest of h1s Ilfe wondermg If nts all worthwhtle ROBERT LORENZEN The armys got htm boys CLARE GALVIIN That IS stxll to be seen HELEN WINK I haxen t a rmg for nothmg PHYLLIS MUSSELMAN The Navy IS callmg for nurses JACQUELINE HANSEN Shes got farmlng ablllty LLOYD LILL He wlshed he knew htmself so who are we to help htm ROBERT MOHR Hts motto tsnt Sat drmk and be merry for nothmg , . . , . . 4 4' Y o I ' II ' Il , . . ' . . . . . , , . x . . . . . . I 4' 1 - 1 y 1 - - 1 - . . . . . 4 i4 I r ' ' . - , - - . .. Y h u ' 4 n . . Y ' . H , H " 1 . . . . . . , , , , . , . . . Y . . 7 , . . . , . . ! 7 ' ,4,.. I go- sff"A .-5... 'W Q-'W' x4f"""' 5"""F viii' fi 39? -Q, 5' 59 ,.-asv? 014 , ' xx. J 4 -I fs -- x fy ,. . YT' . , ,. ' ,f ' ' G, -, -N -. n gf" ' , Y 'i' ' ' a , -, . ' '-A 1 f it X1 , , ' n , ' XX P K. - , ,Y , fy ' M ' --A ' 1 ' ' ' A , , , Q , Q . , ivhff K 5 1' Y .. V A A ' , t M , , n . , ' A . h ' - , Q - I I . , , "- 'F ' - , A I M l ' , M Qi, ,...,.,,-.,.-,, ,, W ,. -, .. If X Y N i 4 '1 I Fil , ' ,, , . Q . i ,. .K . Y , h I V 1 E., 'Q , - . 5 ' ' if , W ' 'E .A ' - 1 - 1 ,fs X A-MA? 'T' A , N-f I , b 1 . Q , .y X -,K If . x 1 '- , H., .. X YA . ' X - f . . 4 L -F ,xy I M51-m.,.., . , ,. f W..-. ...-.... If J 1 4, W , V , A f' .i A 'f wx 1 IIRAT ROW left to right E Husen Iseatedb P Slndt F Stoneklng J Lenz D Roehlk L Vohs,G Stonekmg R Setchell tseatedi SECOND ROW E Schuett W Leonard J Witt J Weaver H Endrulat FHIRD ROW C Carnew L Lorenzen R Branco R Bmzenstos R Martens C Terry F Conover, M Andresen 1' go. -:P '35 7 -Q vw. -P J 36 " va ri' 45,5 '90 '7 W JV I -J ,H PIRSI ROW ld! to rnzht I R hlk Wi lembaugh l' 'Vluser Dorm Hnrmeckm h 'Vl hnolrlt Doxolhy Hermecke I' Llausen D Bagen Us 'VI Md une bECOND ROW If Peter on L Vhese D Luettsch F hay A buettsch 1 Ilarpzhols D Niaslcn L 'VI Pell THIRD ROW D Schubert A Schubert VI Bu1hh1'tl D Rfwehlk N1 Dau A krambeck --. 2 :f a ,g lRON'l ROW left to ruzht D Lndrulat J Evnoldt M Meier L Goettsch L Terry J Vesgaard A Coleman L Wlenert SI-COND ROW l- Thorborg I- Goettech B Christensen Y Setchell D Albers J Hansen THIRD ROW D Lwoldt L Smith L Agnew D Lemke D Perkms R Butcher C Ewoldt I Vrhe I-OURTH ROW D Brnsamle L Dlttmer H Saxen I- Bruckman K Kneshnz R Ewoldt, I-I Lohafer G Helkenn W Chrlstophersen III FH ROW W Rice O Prledrlchsen R Ellerbuech Ieonard McCubb1n W Dauzaard LeRoy McCubbm A Wlll f' Cehrtv. R Jenfxen D Muller CLASS OFFICERS President Herman Lohafer Vnce Presndent Raymond Ellerbusch Qecretarv Treasurer Yvonne Setchell - -' - f - , . , - v - - - 1 - , . .. . 4 - . , . , . , . , . , . . - . , . , . , . . . , . , . , I ' - - - 1 - . . I - f n - - 1 - - . , . . . . . 1 V . , .. . 1. 1 .. . , , . . x . , f,,., f, ,M- Q if-3 C . I -fitg- Q 3 1'1" . , 1+-J ix A, U lllffl'-K NX-5256! Ol- 46 sr IOP ROW left to right H Johnson D Evuoldt A Goettsch D Rohlk R Dlttmex W Conover QECOND ROW A Llbke M Whitehouse M A Kahl A Scherner D Wlese IRONI' ROW S Stonekmg K Wxese L I-allem P McArthur S Christensen N Alberts G Grlea D Lenz I obltl CLASS OFFICERS President Mary Anne Kahl Vnce President Meredith Whitehouse Secretary Treasurer Shlrley Stonekmg Student Council Rep.-August Goettsch Q LM E1 'YEC53 X X lim A QU GSX Y PSIXEVAQPX QQ bf 5 Xy MON EGO? ff!! ,X . ff' PX , 11' t,'63rNjfs 5 ' O ' A , J Q 4 X ,qi BJ. Q4 NPN W U J g9 , of in , It . Q I Q0 uw. v . . fb. . W , V, 1,:Ti:NwA ' H ' A ffffrfiafl FX CW M PM O' Z a-53:6 I Nw auf WW 5 " 5 V 44403394 Z f 3 x , gi y oc-1 0 Zia ,ggfyszy 4 ,, i5 iff ww s ca afoofu-aww W ,?i ggfgkx ? fzitczi' 553325 f 3' '35 I-IRSI' ROW left tn rxght E Obrecht A Godbersen B Bagenstos P Bochmann ,, S Goettsch I3 SECOND ROW D Schlumbaum V Helkenn R Fnedrlchsen L Goettsch R Hari.- :ep THIRD ROW I McGune G Whltehoufe R Muzhell G Kock R Schmldt H Witt S 1' in 1qhth Oracle Q 95' M' W3 Q2! fl!! BACK ROW leftborxght R I-ruu 1- Soseman E Maser J Jungensen J Langland THIRD Row v G Moeller D Mqer L Lorenzen R vonmar D Vollmar L Seventh Guide S h be c u rt , SECOND ROW L Meyer, D Lemke M Godbersen M Hanbohn, B Goettsch IRONT ROW A Breyfogle A Grnes, V Breyfogle E Scherner, E Bochmann, D Mlchaelsen H Bauer, absent. ' is k. . .q:,g'4 Y ,.. M,,fWiiU -,gi , c.,.:5:1:.15g:- , .9- 3 3 ,ff ,ww 4' fc aw 4:.+,,-'igg-2 LQ ,ggmfr KLA' +2525 1 225 1 .:, ,,-9254 212.9 ,TWYHEEE . an bg , 54?5f?Hx - Q? 55:5 . :sk "Iliff 'zwww H .V,EHm? s- vvffiyif.-' ':'-'-f3'3'f:' 1. -SW? Z5f5fW 1 , - - - g ,af-.5 ' '- ' - -- ' ,mmwuw . . ':-awp ff V g-:gp -. SJ - - . . 9 'I . V . ,. , . ,. ,. my E' : , v 5 l 5 L '- I - . ' I ', W. , . , . ' , . - - - v - ' , - V . . - , - JUTIIOR HIGH ACTIDITIES GIRL scoUTs Under the leadership of Miss Boese, twenty girls organized the Girl Scouts troop at Holstein n 1939. At present there is an active membership of thirteen. Officers include: Secretary Delores Michaelseng Treasurer, Dorothy Friedrichseng Scribe, Delores Lemke. Other members are: Betty Lou Bremer, joan Carnes, Verlene Terry, Myrtle Godbersen, Mary Anne Hansen, Maxine Hansohn, Donna Jensen, jean Kolb, Celia McGuire and Mary McArthur. The troop is divided into the following three patrols: Clover Leaf Patrol with Delores Michaelsen as leaderg Oak Leaf Patrol with Mary McArthur as leader, and the Poppy Patrol with jean Kolb as leader. During the summer of 1940 Miss Evelyn Klotz acted as leaderg in 1941 Miss Hasch took over active leadership of the troop. This winter Miss Hasch, assisted by Mrs. Fossell, has had charge of the troop. Time is spent in learning craft work, educational work, and in studying things about our country. This year the girls have learned how to tie various knots, have sewed for the Red Cross, learned the Morse Code and at the present time are learning to crochet. The group is also collecting tin cans to aid in the drive for Victory. JUNIOR HIGH BANQUET The seventeenth annual junior High Banquet featuring a navy theme was held in the high school gymnasium Saturday evening April 28 1942 The mothers of the seventh grade pupils serx ed the dinner Richard Friedrichsen the toastmaster gave the welcome which was followed by a solo by Meredith Whitehouse The response was given by Mary Anne Kahl The Boys Quartette then sang and we later heard from the Girls Trio which included Mary Anne Kahl Shirley Stonekmg and Meredith Whitehouse The entire group sang The Marines Hymn and then all enjoyed the motion picture joe Smith One Hundred Per Cent American KNAYE OF HEARTS ToPRowLL HWttBBit 1 xLe . . . I . . V Q y , , . ' . , Q V 7 I . . . , Y , - ' Al ' Y 37 ' ' ' It ' 1 Y V ' YY A O f 4 0 4 Q Q. f I . 1 , . 1 I .1 X v v fa BOTTOM ROW'-D. Meyer, G. W'hiteh0tls0, E. Obrc-Cht, M. Godbtrscn. A. Grids. '- . orenzen, . 'i , . arens Os, . . mbcke, R. Vollmar. l'RONT ROW left to nghtf-B Endrulat D Vollmar B Barnard D Geske, H. Schlumbaum SECOND ROW L Lexnbaugh N Obrecht W Strong J Breyfogle TOP ROW V Terry D Frxedrlchsen C McGuire M McArthur A Will ,Q Jul A' - Slxth Grade Jensen H vehe M wleee Grade SECOND ROW J Kolb J Carnes B L Bremer J Slndt S Steen M Hansohn THIRD ROW V Koch W Blenhen L Munz A lxoch K Lenz FIRST ROW-left to right-R. Bauer, D. Lemke. V. Bochmann, L. Scherner, D. e gb? 1 ..,f- ig 5 f y ' x 5 x NX if CHIP' vmx X X I ga I -4.1 FIRST ROW left to rlght D Schneckloth C Schubert B Sager D Breyfogle, J Lemke B Schulz GFCOND ROW-C Wood D Schroeder M L Walker R Wnese W Klahng Fourth Grade if 4 0 0 1, 0 0 . IOP ROW left to rx hr N Schmndt H McDermott, R Blenhen, B Agnew, D Thlrd Grade Mff'e'd DECOND ROW D Euoldt D Fallem H Bochmann BOTTOM ROW S Conoxer C Schlumbaum D Conover D Geske C H .:TU, ,.x, - L71-9 6 , ..r. - - , . Q h , - 5 er 4 Y 4 2 V V... Vx.. 1 XX -af . . ff fi ' 1 ' P f --zzfrf . ' W -V fl Ls ,- sr ww A O D , V x'-ll l-, K ' ' ' ' ,l ,QQ 5 . i ' -' . , . , 1 5 I o 0 - , a ' ' 0 O 4 O O . I o . D oi 9 . TOP ROW left to nght M Smdt R Llbke D Green D Meier R. Bleasdel-L O Hueschen SECOND ROW-C Armlger R Martm V Kleslmg J Armxger C Klstenmacher S Miller H Ehlert. BOTTOM ROW S Kung D Branco K Rice K Walker D Conover D Goettsch S Scherner TOP ROW D Hansen D Walker M Schroeder K Obltz B Breyfogle N Welland. BOTTOM ROW left to right D Ballard C A Kolb B Wlese E Bochmann V Schuett. BOTTOM ROW left to right R Schuett G Breyfogle V Schmidt C Peterson J Obxtz 'I' Saba SECOND ROW J Lnmzland J Wlese C Vollmar R Wall H Leonard J Aylward 'IHIRD ROW J Bleasdell J J Cole L Glawe J Moser W Buell M Wagner 1 A ls S Eg E Flrst Grade mme' an RE af- ,W Second Grade Kmderqarten 2 fag J XJ ,, We I ' f 4 wf 'II' I x W 5-.1 17' V X I xl Ah 1,1-'Qf fymf n J, fini? .,--"fl 4 S ,f x-.N ,., 45? ff R1 .4 V X' rf Q' 5 jf ff ffm? wi J? f ," riff .qt- hbirv ED fff I I ' Tis 4 M 1' 'Q r -"., f,-..-,,,,,Tf , E we fr: EA f X X i "fd rr'-Lge, ':'fH 1 5' 1 'K" ,f '--x . '-4' 4af4,,-I Hi- .AV X- ,4 gfiiif' ' V X, -A hilly ,,. ' 5 iff. ,in if ,Q ' s ' X 'F' X K xml K ' N ' X' I . .' 4 " K, ' If L w X V Y. h RR , -... E l , 4 awl, X- xv -wif 1-2 1 "-.- .- if!! A V L: Af .V 4 f di: A' ,XA ,, ,., ,i f f ' 1 . 1 ' , -1' V .., J re .1 , , "" -:Si , 'X ' i 'ig ' sp' X I 'F Y' 1 X, xx f , X X "X NEX- NN- , H' ,FT'j3i?.'1 , i 4 , XV -' 4213: 'N . ' 'filgfls f Rf' a F . gf 'E " X xx .... - 'Luk f,....-i , Ag, X A , 'fry ,IL ,Q 5-NN ., 5 F r!v,, I If -L 'X , 0 az: -F, z jiikg 'T il ' 'H A QPF A 'if '- ,A Q x X xl 'E i- -.5,."., JM X , ' '.,I,'f l.g1'f'g " IM .Y-5 I F ' '. i r " x , . .-,ff-.. L' '5 'gan ,.,- I . :QQ 'yy !,, Y -1 ,Fl . ? 'ff ' ,f"Aj1- I-.,', D Q AM , ,.' 1 I ,. "' 'V ', ff ' - 6, I-if L XR V "::Tf g if" A 11' ?"f,jii:E"- 'j f Yi!!-' !',' 5 XXX , 2 - YY -,,A..:1- ',,.a.f j V . p-. 'iw 1, x , '. " 9 , ' ,-fx' " -nuf? 'f- ,L X' J , -X , X ff ,ig .. . if , fl., "rj - X M - -411 gf: ,g.- wi A ' ff Xi X f. . Ml " - " gi- 1. 45' -.. L- . - . -- :gui if f lf Q H , X f ,W , q ' an ' ,' . .-,N ,X pl' y A Auf ,.. X M ,355 K KE' vi X "tix 1 A Xi' li: Q ' V .,,o'f' 'Af' .ffgfu ff: iff? iw I I4 O FRONT ROW left to right D Perkms D Roehlk J Lenz F Stonekmg J Weaver F Conover C Carnes R Stull SECOND ROW E Schuett H Lohafer W Chrlstophersen L Lxll W Wllhams C Frxedrxchsen R Setchell R Lorenzen J Wltt. ffifez If Lmn Grove at Lmn Grove Cherokee at Holstem Movxlle at Holstem Onawa at Onawa Mapleton at Mapleton Orange Clty at Orange Clty Correctxonvxlle forfe1ted Anthon at Holstem Odebolt at Holstem THE FOOTBALL SEASON LINY GROWE AT LINN GROVE The ftrst game of the 42 season ended OO The boys went over to play the aggressxve Lmn Grove football team who had a veteran team undefeated ID 41 They threatened to score a couple of times but the determmatxon of the Ptrates kept them from our goal lme Outstandmg for Lmn Grove Blll Loums and Don Evans for Holstem Lnll Lorenzen and Frredrlchsen CHEROKEE AT HOLSTEIN An lnjured team of Holstem was defeated by the score of 33 0 The speed and the passmg attack of Cherokee was too powerful for Holstem They scored twmce on passmg and the others on runnlng plays They made one touchdown the last half after Holstem started to play a seven man lnne which stopped thelr box formation Outstandlng for Cherokee Muller Karlson and Perrln for Holstein Weaver and Frxedrnchsen NIO! ILI E AT HOI STEIN After one week ot layoff Holsteln came back wlth a determmatmg power to show Nlovtlle and thelr fans that we sttll had a football team Our strong llne kept us from any danger durmg the game Thls was the ftrst ttme Holstem s single wing and T formatlon tuncttoned The score turned out to be l9 0 tn favor of Holstem Outstandlng for Nlovllle Stlles and Alexander for Holsteln Llll Lorenzen and Stl ON AWA AT OWAWA Thls game whlch Holsteln won by a margm of IO I3 proved to be the most etcxtmg game ot the season Onawa lead at the start of the fourth quarter H0 and almost beat Holsteln but the Black Plrates playmg heads up ball overcame the lead by workmg lll the modern T formatlon Accurate passlng by Stonekmg set up the last two touchdowns for Holstem NIAPI ETON AT NIAPI ETOW Mapleton outplaved Holsteln bv galnlng l83 149 vards and won by the matgtn of 140 Thts was the ftrst conference game lost Holstem because of lack ol speed was not able to keep up the fast pace that was set bv the ramblers of Nlapleton The bovs were also a but tlred because of the scrap drtve that afternoon Outstandmg for Nlapleton Black and jacobsen and for Holstem Carnes and Frtedrlchsen ORANGE CITE AT ORANGE CITE The Pxrates journeyed over to play the Orange Cltv Dutchmen Holstem lmmedratelv scored whxch predtcted a sponled homecomxng for the Dutchmen The determmed Plrates scored twentv ftve pomts whlch was the hlghest total for the vear Outstandmg for Orange Cttv was Van Cttters and for Hol stem Weaver and Roehlk 1 7 Y Y ' ' - V V .Vy 'V ' V . , . , . . , V . B. , . , . . 1 1 v . . , , , , y w v . A A A Y , . . . . i Y. . . . . , - . , Y V , X4 A A4 . . . K- V x N H . Y , H . X O . 1- , . V. Q V V - - . , . . v X J A 4 A A A ' 7' ' - V - V V X .' - ' , , J . ' ' ' ' .s - V - t - . 1 ge 1 , , . V s. - ' ' s '. , . O Q f. 1 I Rf , v, v - v . . Aa V . 'V -. ' ' ' , V' . ' 1 V V . 1 4 - . 1 QORRECTIONVILLE AT HOLSTEIN Correctlonvllle losmg most of thelr players forfexted the game to Holstem Holstem wnll have wart another season to get revenge from last year s defeat Thns gave Holstem a vlctory of 2 0 ANTHON AT HOLSTEIN The Anthon game was played to replace the Correctlonvxlle game Anthon had only been defeated once before thus game and that was by a strong Kmgsley outfit However Holsteln had no trouble m stopping Anthon s two hundred pound fullback Petersen Outstandmg for Anthon Bucom and Peter sen for Holstein Roehlk Weaver and Lorenzen ODEBOLT AT HOLSTEIN The fmal game of the 42 season was played on Armxstlce day Althought Holstem outplayed and outgamed Odebolt by a two to one margm they farled to score because of penaltles lt also declded who would be conference champs smce both teams were m a posmon to wm rt before the game started The fmal score of the game 0 0 Outstanding for Odebolt were Cranston and Rector for Holstem Llll Lorenzen Frledrlchsen Mohr and Stlll BOYS ON ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM The Maple Valley Conference Included Captam Frledrxchsen Co Captam Lorenzen and Clarkson Carnes on the fxrst team jack Lenz john Weaver and Don Roehlk were placed on the honorable mention lust OUTLOOK FOR NEXT YEAR GOOD The outlook for next year s team IS very brlght and prosperous and we expect the boys to come through wnth many vlctorles Best luck IS wlshed to them from the senlors y 1 , - , . to . , . . . ' 3 . , . ' , . . 7 ' Y ' . , . . . , Y 1 - ' 7 ' D 7 V ' y . ' v , . . BOUS' BASKET BALL Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein Holstein The defeated One TOP ROW-left. to right-C. Friedrichsen, R. Setchell, L. Lill, E, Husenl M, Andre- sen, W. Williams, C. Carnes. BOTTOM ROW-D. Roehlk, J. Lenz. J. Witt, R. Branco, F. Stonekimz. Schedule SCHEDULED GAMES Holstein 22 Alta 32 'S Affhuf 18 3323552 Z3 SUESIPY SZ 24 E 1 io H F ' ar Y Holstein 28 Correctionville 35 24 Danbury 34 H . 44 Galva I8 olstein 34 Danbury 33 3? goffecflonvllle MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT te - 24 Sulphur Springs 25 Holstein 31 Arthur 17 27 Cleghorn IQ Holstein 30 Danbury 21 I8 Odebolt 24 Holstein 31 Mapleton 28 32 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 26 Galva 18 Holstein 24 Battle Creek 38 boys' basket ball team had a very successful season this year winning most of their games. They Mapleton at Battle Creek to win the championship in the Maple Valley Conference' of the team, Clarkson Carnes, received honorable mention on the All State Basket Ball Team. GIRLS BASKET BALL HOISYSIH Holstem Holste1n Holste1n HOISICIH Holste1n Holste1n Holste1n Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem ONTROW lftt ht J Cl E Beh SECOND ROW E Mos lx Le D L mke I 'VI elm THIRD ROW Wi M G M E ld m FR -Q o rig M . o e, D. ndrulat, S. r c wald. ' - . er. '. nz, . e , '. 1 uss an. ' -1 . c uire, E. . wo t, Doris Hermecke. Dorothy Her ecke, J. Gries . 65 , . ' 44 ' I3 - ' 52 36 - 34 - ' 61 35 - 59 ' 21 32 ' 48 20 1 1 ' . 1 ' ' 48 16 1 54 - ' 57 41 ' 48 ' 50 26 ' 61 ' 31 ' ll , Y ' 21 23 - - - ' 56 49 ' 44 ' ' 47 25 ' 55 ' 37 ' 36 SCHEDULED GAMES Qu1mby Ireton Arthur Havelock Galva Anthon Akron Anthon Sulphur Sprmgs Cleghorn Odebolt Odebolt 48 Cleghorn Schedule Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Holstem Mann s Sportmg Goods Akron Galva Qu1mby Arthur SECTIOWAL TOL RVAVIENT Mer1den Arthur Odebolt DISTRICT TOL RN AWIENT GOWTIC Dayton Stratford ef-:lm 'Q FIRST ROW F Conover M Andresen J Wxtt, C Carnes D Ewoldt, W Rice SECOND ROW L Ellerbusch D Phxlllps J DeKay E Husen C Frlednchsen R Stull R Mohr THIRD ROW-J Weaver L Lxll A Wxll R Setchell F Bnckman R Lqrenzen W Chnstophersen G Bauer R. Ewoldt, W Leonard 0 Frxednchsen R Watters Holstern had an aggressrve track team which managed to rack up :ts share of pomts rn varxous meets The Runmng Pxrates knocked down a second m the Ida County meet Chf ford Frxedrxchsen qualrfxed to run rn the State Track Meet at Ames, May 22 1943 The Holstem Relay Team also qualxfned to run rn the State Meet Chfford Frxedrxchsen broke the Ida County Mrle Record m the County Meet at Ida Grove F. F. A. BASKET BALL FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA FFA IOP ROW C Gal L W W eo BOTTOM ROW R Watte R S111 R B tcher Schedule Anthon Sulphur Sprmgs I-Iolstem Seconds Danbury Seconds Cleghorn Seconds Ida Grove Seconds Danbury Parochlal Holstem Seconds Schaller Flrsts Wall Lake F F A Danbury Parochlal Danbury I-lrgh There There Here There There There There Here There There There There QOvert1meJ 1Overt1me1 4 34 6 21 ' - . vin, . ienert, . L nard, Geo. R. Bowne. - . rs, . 1, . u . . . .vs. 2- . . .vs. ' 16- 0 . . .vs. ' 14-13 . . .vs. - . . . vs. 28-11 F.F.A. vs. Cushing Firsts There 55-15 . . .vs. ' 19-23 . . .vs. ' 16-18 . . .vs. ' ' 27-28 . . .vs. ' 23-26 . . .vs. . . . 18-25 . . .vs- ' 33-13 . . - . ' 32-23 -l as HOLSTEIH HlQH SCHOOL BAHD Clarinets Phyllis Musselman Shirley Brechwald Charles Ewoldt Doris Hermecke Mary Anne Kahl Shirley Stoneking Floyd Soseman Delores Michaelsen Mary Ann Hansohn Patricia McArthur David Geske Oboe Lorene Terry Flute Elizabeth Obrecht Betty Bagenstos Alto Saxophone. Reynold Martens Val Gene Moeller Dean Vollmar BAND OFFICERS President-Lloyd Lill Secretary and Treasurer-Shirley Brechwald INSTRL MENTATION Tenor Saxophone Bernita Goettsch Baritone Saxophone Meredith Whitehouse Bass Clarinet Maryellen Meier Alto Clarinet Lenore Wienert E-Flat Clarinet' Dorothy Wiese French Horn Dorothy Hermecke Glen Bauer Robert Fritz Loren Lorenzen Bassoon' Delores Lemke Trombone. Roger Clausen Claire Galvin Robert Vollmar Comets Earl Husen Orville Friedrichsen Robert Watters Russell Ewoldt Norton Obrecht Don Vollmar Elwayne Maser james Langland Baritone Euphonium Lloyd Lill Raymond Ellerbusch Bass Horn Robert Lorenzen Lester Wienert Lloyd Agnew Tympani Hugo Lorenzen jr. Bass Drum Floreen Goettsch Snare Drum: Roger Mighell 50 Q, ZNM, IOI ROW Iett Lu ruzht D Pndrulat D Albers J Hansen A Wlll D Ewoldt C farms I- Hrnkman I Smlth I- Stoneklng D Lemke 'Nd 'VIcGu1re D Hgrmuke IIDDII- ROW I Ruhlk I- Moser E I' Fndrulat R Mohr A Goettsch I- Lenz J Ienz J GFILS J Cole D Qchu ert hafem NI A Kfnhl D Raszenktos S Stonekmg GIRLS GLEE CLUB E I' I-,nrhulat I- Coett ch J CTIEQ D Hermecke M Mcfuxre J Hansen J Luk D Schubert ISOIFONI ROW I fuel! ch D Wxese I Rohlk D Bagenstos VI A Ixahl E M xulm L fr VI: ar hols Mljhlghsvagl S Symng mg GIRLS' SEXTETFE D Hapenstm I Han en 'NI X Ixahl D Helmecl-Ie J GTIEQ J Lole WV? 7 2 YI I riif' 1 .X Q 'cv .-. IZ I .b.-. , , , . I, . . BOTTOM ROW---D, Wiese, E. M. Ewoldt, L. Lili, R. Bagensbos, E. Husen, H. L0- I'IxA' ', I". PM-t-,sill I ' r I v E ,J h '- 1 . A ., S. k" .' A Q , 5 K " 'H QRQAQ3 M 7 BRASS SEXTETTE TRUMPET TRIO R Lorenzen R Clausen L Lxll G Bauer 0 Frxednchsen E Husen R Ewoldt, E Husen R Watters SOLOS M E Meier, R Clausen. E Husen L Llll .jg 5'--,. Jgssssf, '- " 7 'l 5, 5 if " If A.'.- , uxw V , 'E HIGH SCHOUL PLAYS Walrus Foreman of Long Horn Ranch August Goettsch Pappy A permanent flxture on the ranch Herman Lohafer Tlmothy Tynan A scholarly soul lookmg for adventure Earl Husen Zlp A boy car traveler Don Phlllxps Gordon Rogers A hkeable young man from the East Wayne Chrlstophersen Shoo H1 The Chxnese Cook Dale Ewoldt Peggy Houston Owner of Long Horn Ranch Alys Coleman Ruth Bell A nexghbor of Peggy Joanne Hansen Sylvla Mlldred Wards of Mnss Herrmg Mary McGu1re Doris Hermecke Tlcket Sales and Pubhclty Manager Dorothy Hermecke The Blunderlng Herd a three act comedy was presented m the hlgh school gym November 20 1942 by a cast selected from the entlre hxgh school The play was dlrected by Mrss Hatlen propertles stage settnng and hghtmg were IU charge of Mr Bowne assxsted by Merle Andresen Synopsis Fmdmg herself m fmancnal dnfflcultxes Peggy turns her place unto a dude ranch The cow hands are dnsgusted and leave4all except Walrus Pappy and Shoo H1 Peggy IS then forced to hlre Tlmothy Tynan an Innocent but scholarly soul and Lobo Znp a bow car tournst to masquerade as cowboys When Mlss Herrmg and her wards arrlve everythmg IS done to make the ranch seem western Pappy even pretends to be a gold mmer who has suddenly struck gold However Mlss Herrmg IS only terrlfled by the vnllamous lookmg ranch hands partlcularlywalrus ln desperatxon Tlmothy and Zxp stage a fake hold up on Pappy but Zap double crosses T1m and really runs away wlth Pappy s gold whlch turns out to be gras el After a great deal of confuslon the play comes to a hav x concluslon Pappy has ln the meantlme found real gold and turns the ore over to Peggy thus saung the ranch THE GOLF CHAMP The farce comedy presented by the Semor class of 1043 demonstr t s the abxlxty of a quxet httle Y' ., Miss Herring-A spinster from the East .................. Elayne Brodersen Y 'T' I . .-.... . , ' Lt ' YY ' ' v ' y Q , . r . . 2 . V , . , . 9 ' ' , . . ' N I 1 , . , v ' ' 1- V , . . , - . , Y . V - . g A V . . . ! I' li, ' v 1 v , ,' . homebody to emerge from her drab cocoon and become the toast of the town Bertha Wyatt a charmmg wrdow bellevrng that her daughter jane rs wastmg her lrfe announces her engagement to Bllly Elwood the golf champlon whose testlmonral she read rn a magazxne advertrsmg a shavmg cream jane rs horrrfred but decrdes to make herself presentable to save her mother from em barrassment Brlly Elwood pops rn to complrcate matters and the enchantmg jane captures hrs heart The ambrtrous mother Mrs Wyatt rs played by Jeanette Grnes the quamt daughter jane by Shrrley Brechwald whrle june Cole takes the part of Janes modern srster Sybrl The golf champ Bxlly Elwood turns out to be Clrfford Frredrxchsen Others m the cast are Dorothy Wrese as a friend of Sybrls Donald Phrllrps as Harry Waldo who rmpersonates the golf champ Phyllrs Nlusselman as Tootsre Harry s wrfe Robert Watters as Howard Syb1l's beau Elayne Brodersen as Fanny Flsh the mard and Clare Galvm as Elmer Hobbs Fannys best baxt Y V 7 1 7 7 7 ' Y Y ! Y 0 . , . . . w - s v Y Y 1 . ' . . Yu . I Y 1 7 7 . u . . - . , 7 ' V 'Y SOCIAL EVENTS THE JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET The junuor Senuor Banquet was held May I5 1942 un the gym The Pan Amerucan theme was car rued out makung the gym a very colorful sught To start thus lovely evenung the senuor gurls of 42 were presented with corsages of gardenuas The dunner was eaten by candle lught After the dmner and programme the remaunung evenung was spent dancung Elayne Brodersen Richard Stull Gladys Bennung South Amerucan Way Dorothy Wuese The Polka Dot Harland Hanson MENU Veal Cutlets Potatoes Yellow Corn Cloverleaf Relushes Buns elly Butter Stuffed Tomatoes Strawberry lce Cream Pue Coffee TOAST PROGRAM Toastmaster The Old Spanush Custom Hosputaluty Senuor Truo Bessue Gaeducke Eunuce Lemke Munnue Ida Lorenzen South of The Border Cornet Truo Harold Rathert Laverne Blagof Earl Husen Pan American Relatuons FRESHMAN INITIATION The green freshues were thoroughly touched all day long bv the dear 1 p Senuors The freshues being very good sports trued and succeeded to satusfv the wants of the senuors all day long After school was dusmussed un the afternoon the Senuors were loaded un a wagon pulled by the freshues and we merruly rode to the park Here the usual tug of war was held Shower baths to all Freshmen and some of the senuors were guven free of charge by the Fure Department Thus completed the al' They were all cordially unwuted to the Suckers lnutuatuon Dance that evenung A Truth and Consequences program was held The new teachers of the year were duly unutuated too A kung and queen for the evenung were chosen They were Muss Stoner and Wayne Conover The rest of the evenung was spent dancung and at the close of the evenung lught refreshments were served ' J jack Whitehouse ..........,..................................... Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick d . SOPHOMORES HOLD VICTORY DANCE On October 6 1942 Tuesday evenmg a vxctory dance was held m honor of the football boys who succeeded m wmmng over Movrlle October 2 The dance techmcally speakmg was a Sophomore af farr as they forferted one of therr alloted dances However smce the dance was ln honor of the foot ball boys the Pep Club was rn charge of the event Everyone was mvlted and a good time was had by all The press men were present with therr cameras gettmg shots at xarlous mtervals and reveallng sundry secrets A feature of the celebration was a grand march ln whrch everyone partlcrpated At the close of the dance pop was served as retreshment JUNIOR ACTIVITIES The jumors and Freshmen who composed the losmg sxde m the Scrap Drrve held on October 16 en tertamed the wlnners the Senrors and Sophomores at a dance rn the gymnasium on October 27 1942 Refreshments were served at the concluslon of the dance The frrst junlor dance of the year was held November 13 1942 m the hugh school gymnasxum The boys planned and put on the event even to servmg the refreshments The second junxor dance planned by the glrls was held m the gymnasxum March 12 1943 Lunch was served by the commrttee PROM OF 1943 Promptly at 8 o clock the Stagedoor Canteen opened tts doors to the junlors and Semors The melodtous musrc of jlmmy Barnetts orchestra echoed and re echoed m the halls of our old school house throughout the evenmg Among the many pleces both old and new enjoyed by the two classes were the tmmortal Star Dust Dark Town Strutters Ball Dont Get Around Much Anymore and Rosle the R1veter The jumors erected a bar ln the lower hall and Freshmen wartresses and walters served Punch and wafers durmg the evening A queen and kmg were voted upon at the begmnmg of the evenmg After one of the dances they were presented crowns by Rolland Setchell presrdent of the jumor class Shnrley Brechwald and Chf ford Frledrxchsen were chosen Therr attendants were june Cole and Rnchard Strll After the presentatxon of the crowns the music began agam and a good tlme was enjoyed by all A6 99 v y , 9 . , Q ' 1. - , . . 1 ' ' U ,, . . . V . . . V- : ' Y ' . . .X . 1 v v ' c , , . x r v ' 1 .I n - - - . . . , . . , V I . N ry -1 1 rv cf v u .1 - - n v v v - - 1 - ' , . THE HUISTEIN ADVANCE Ufflolal Paoor of Ida Bounty and tho Glty of Holstom, Iowa GUMMERGIAL JOB PRINTING Uncle Sam Needs Moneq to Properlq Equlp and Feed Our Soldoer Sous 1Dho are Foqhtmq OUR Battles War Bonds Wall Do the Joh. Stlok Wnth Our Boys' l l I I I n I I IIIINENIIIZHEIIZWEHKNEWENEHSMEHEHENZBGENEHZHZ EWEWENEHIZWENEW3Bf:2fEi'lZN2H2Ef:32l1'C2iffE11l2E Ill-GZNZDGEHZMENEH2983Ei2HZHZHEDISHES!!H3B'I3NZllZNZNZNZNZNZE4lZH3H3HZ HIIIIHIHSHSHSIIIIII Bowl Regular For Gund Health nun nam naw sraaamunfn alms ALSO DINING AND DANCING LEAGUE BOWLING AT THE BLUE EAGLE Ltll Spplq Uo lDth llanlly Gum Glgarallas Glgars Lunches Pap and Bear Albert A Fntz Proprletor H 0 M E 0 W N E D " Consumers Wholes l FRESH FRUITS 81 GHUCEHIES PHONE 8 John Derksen Manager ,la ,ln C S ll ll I I I l 9 l l 5 I C ' 7 I aamazaamamaaaezaazwmasznamanwmamemesNzsfammsazaamaazeamamaxaazwmazwzwmaznaszaazmz 7 :lumixMsnxaesuzeemezlazuzssxsszwzsmuznzlsxnzaazaazsszeamaasian I HUI STFIN S1 XII HXNR IIULNIHN UWB X Y Y W I llli. N T Y 1 Y 1 1 - ' " ll .J , l A . J L L H: me-i wa NlilB......HlHH'l1119-'!'Ii4Dl.l,!4ll! YV 1 1 ' "' OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1943 EEEEE YCKHQBESTIWARKETFCNQ Pou LTRY EGGS CREAM :asses S T O R M K I N G CHICKS AND PCULTS Vrtamash Poultry Feeds Kozy Brooder Houses Makomh Poultry Eourument Salshurys Poultry Remedres ESSEX IF rr rs Fora Pouureu ofa HADE rr HULSTEIN PHUIJUCE gl HATGHEHY PHUNE N0 2 HULSTEIN, IOWA YIISMZHZIIIHIHIIIIHSIIIHSHZHEIIZHZIIIHZHIHZHIWZ ll 1 1 ZNZHZRENEWEH255355299255ENENZMEHZNZNZNZNENZNZHZHEHZWZH ZNZSSZHZNZWZE-11E952952952NZHENZNESSZNZNZHZNZNEHZNENXHZNEH I I , I r"r'l" r"f"r' I IIZHZIIIIISHSHIIGIIIENZH BISENENEHZH ZHZHZHZHEMZB-'BEHZDGZ ZHZNZHZHEHZNJMZMZNZHZHZNZNZHENENZHZNEHEHZ ZWEHIHINZNZW ZNEHEWEHZHEHENZ DR UGS SODA Qualzty Drugs Pleasant Servzce Fan' Przces WA TTS DRUGS The Rexall Store I I: CO 1-1. THE TRADE NIARK OF QUALITY GRINDING MIXING GRAIN TWINE FEEDS COAL, FENCING SEEDS FELCO FEEDS Farmers Elevator Co. Holstem, Iowa Phone 72 Statzonery Kodalcs 2 HEMZHEWZWZWZHZHZWZNEHEN3 I me 2 li 2 sa 2 H 2 as 2 sa 2 se 2 H 2 2 2 ea 2 H 2 se 2 me 2 al 2 na 2 we 2 ea 2 2 2 ee E 32 se 2 sa E H 2 as 2 we 2 ea 2 at 2 as 2 na 2 sa 2 It 2 ee 2 ne 2 sa 2 as 2 ea 2 H 2 ee 2 ee 2 2HZWEWZMZHZHEMEWEHZHZNZMZHENENENZWZNZHEHZWZNZMZNEHZMEHZ WZWZW3N3NZWZNENENEHENZWEEZNENENENEWEW3WEN3NEW3NZN3N2N Figures can t l1e sald Mlss Stoner earnest ly For mstance lf one man can buxld a house m 12 days I2 men can bulld It m one Yes mterrupted Clare Galvm Then 288 wlll buxld lt m one hour 17280 m one mmute and l 036 800 m one second l don t belxeve that they could And contlnued the brlght chap mf one sh1p can cross the Atlantlc m sxx days snx shlps can cross m one day and l dont believe that erther so wheres the truth to arlthmetxc' Mlss Dunn Wlllxam L you have concrete opxmons on most subjects Bllly How so permanently set Usher How far do you want to s1t down'-9 Bob B All the way down of course Mexnco or the moon'-7 Freddie B Mexlco M ss Qtorer What makes you thmk so? Freddxe Well you can see the moon but you cant see Mexlco ZWENZWZNEHZWENZH2NZHZNZHENZNZMEMENENEWZNZWENENZNZHZH Mxss Stoner Fred whlch IS farther away as as ZHZWEHEHZWZHZHZNZHZH MEHZMEWENENZMZHZH ww Congratulauons to the Class of 1943 The Motor Inn F. W. SOSEMAN EWZHENEHZMEMEWZMEMEMZWENSHEHZNZWEMZHZNEWENZNZNZHEHSHZN H H I H I I I H I H I H I H I H I H I H I H I H I H I I Z H Z H Z H I H I H Z H I N 2 H Z H Z H Z N Z N Z N Z W E H Z H Z H 3 N E H Z H 53 H '12 M 'F Dil E D91 T M Z Dil 360 , - ' n . . . . ,, , . AA ,Y ' ' ll I 1 2 , , Y V ' ., . ll Y! ' ' KA' ' 0 n ! . ,, . l l - A 1 - ' fn , . I I . . ' . Q, - 1 tt gn at Miss Dunn: "They are thoroughly mixed and Y! . . tl yr . .. , . . Z ., y . . y ' !7 . Q ,. I ,, 0 I 3 H Y v 7 9 9 7 . N s ' 9 IHIHIHIHIHIHIHIIIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIH 3 M W E I N H Z I N H E E H M Z I H N E E N H 2 I H H Z I H W Z I H N Z I N H E I N H Z I H N Z I N H Z I N H E I N W Z I H N Z I N N I I N N Z E N N I I N M I E N N Z I N N I I N H I I N W Z I H H Z I N H Z I N H Z I N H E I N N Z I N H 2 I H H Z I N H Z I H H Z I H H Z I H H I I N H Z I N H Z I N H Z I 2 '12 ZHZHZHZN2HENENZHZNZNZHZHZWZHINIHIWZWZWZHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIH IHINIHINIHIHIHIHINIHIHIHIHIHIH HIHIHINIHIHIHINIHIHIHIH To the Class of 1943 HOLSTEINI HIGH QCHOOL WE EXTEND OUR Best Wlshes Hulstem umher 00 A P CLAUSEN Manager Holstein, Iowa G s Gllllll THINGS T0 Eul' and Drmk Henry F Witt, Prop Phone 47 Holstein, la. hereAlIGnudFelInwsMeet IMININENEWZHZMIWIWININEWIWENENZNENZNENZNZNENENZHEMEHZNZ NENZNZHENZHZHZWZNEHEMZWZNZHENENEHEWZWEMZNZHZHENENIWZH2 Joanne H Where drd you get that black eye' Rolly S I went to the dance and was struck by the beauty of rt all A sarlor was offermg peanuts to a soldner An other sallor standmg nearby explains to the bewldered Earl H He always llkes to be mce to the Army After all they re our allies just the same as the Brmsh and Chmese Confuclus Sav Humor lS the button on the pants of lrfe to whlch we fasten our suspenders What a sorry spectacle we make of ourselves when we lose that button Charlle C was playmg ball a short dxstance away when hrs mother called Drdnt I tell you to beat that rug'-7 rug and beat lt Mary Mc was asked to parse the word klss and this rs the result Thrs word IS a noun but It IS usually used as a conjunction lt rs nex er declmed and ns more common than proper lt IS not very smgular ln that rt IS generally used m the plural lt agrees w1th me The Bnunull Uak Stores Y Fnend at Mealtlme" Fresh Frults Ueqetables and Meats Complete Llne of Quality Groceries I I H I H I H I I I H I H I H I N I H I N I M I N I Ei 5 li I ll I! li IZ Bi B Di I H I Bl I E! I N I Pl BZ 99 5 BG 5 Pi SE IS IE IG IE IG I D8 5 I9 E! E6 EE F9 S! BG SE Ei E DG SE D5 53 DG E EWENZWIHANEWZMEWZWEWENZMIMIHEWIWEWZWEWZMEMEWINZNZNZHZNZH I -an ' P - Z I ' 0 ll Q lllljh sl 1 o .L U Q .1 1' 'Z 1 . N ' 1 ' 1 . . e . . 'D l ' - 1 . O , . " 1: I. ,' I . 1, . Ei, l : . . O : - ' ' ' 5 I I, ' - , - 1 H ig . 4 e . 2 K4 ' o ' : .. " 0 V' : . ' 23. - . V. Q. - . ' ' S- ' ': , n I ' Ui ' . ' i 5 ' ' 1, - . - S- ' 1' . , I Q n HIWZHIWIWZN NEWZNZHZNZWEHIHIHEWZWEHZWIHIHINEHIHINIHIW OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1943 Th. Hansen 8tSnn ROUND OAK AND COPPER CLAD RANGIB PERFECTION OIL STOVES PHOWE 119 HOLSTEIN IOWA ENE Congrafulahons fo the Wlaao M 1.94-5' From Bauer's H1 Way Safe and IGE CREAM PARLUR WE SERVE Sandwurhes, Ice Cream, Cold Dnnks and Sundaes Try Our Many Flavors Of Delicious HUME-MADE ICE CREAM I le 2 ll 2 H 2 ll 2 ll 2 la 2 ll 2 Il 2 N 2 M 2 ll 2 we 2 me 2 ll 2 H 2 se 2 N 2 sl 2 ee I 32 we 2 be 2 lu 2 be 2 2 2 M 2 le 2 we 2 we 2 N 2 ll 2 ll 2 le 2 le 2 le 2 na 2 me I H 2 H 2 N2NEWEMZHZMRMEMENEMINSMENZWZNZNENENENENININENZHININ An Inqunsmve Student What do you thmk wnll be next ln men s war styles after trousers wlthout cuffs'-I Mr Hansen Well lf I read the mcome tax bxll rnghtly It wnll be trousers wxthout pockets A man seems to have txed hlmself up ln a number of knots and now fmds hxmself m an awkward positron It came about thxs way Re jected by the gurl of has cholce he retallated by marrymg her mother Then says he My father marrxed the gurl Now I dont know who I am When I marrxed the gxrl s mother the gxrl became my daughter and smce my father marrxed my daughter he ns my son When my father marrled my daughter she became my mother If my ather IS my son and my daughter mothers mother fwhxch IS my wlfej must be my grandmother and I bemg my grandmother s husband am my own grandfather Hang II all lets talk about thus after the war One bug problem at a tlme IS enough for us only marry a man who knows hfe and nts sor rows jackie Well that ought to be easy there are lots of mce wldowers around Dorothy W No I don t care for hum I wnll H E N E N Z N E N E N Z W Z N Z N Z M Z N S N E H 2 M E N Z N Z H 3 N E NZ IMEMEWEMEMZMZMIHENZHIMIH3MEMIMEWEMZWININZHZMZHZNZHEMZ ZHZHENENRHZNZWZMEHZH HEHEHZHSHZMZHZHEHN BRI RDALE STORE Fancy Grocerles Frulfs, Vegetables Ben Lemke I I H I I I I I I I H II ll Il ll II ll II ll II ll Il ll Il ll II ll I ll Il ll II ll II ll I Il Il ll Il ll ll El I Bl I ll II DI I ll I ll I ll II ll I ll I D6 EI Ii EI EI I Di EZ DG SE D0 52 P0 EI Ii EE EG E 3MKNEWZWZWIMZHZNZWEMZNSHENZHENRWZWZHENENZHINENIHINZHZMZN WSHENINSMEHENENEMXHZNENIMEHIHIHIHENEWZHEHZHSNZNENEHZHZH ' ' YY I . ml ' ' . : , . . . . . ,, 1 . , , 1 . I ' is my mother, who in the world am I? My 1 7 l , I Y , .Y .... M ' ' - .H -- V .:" , ' ' . ' . T, , ' ' - 11 i I 1 O I N I H 2 M Z N 3 N 3 W SI W E W 3 N EI H Z N E N E N 2 N E N Z N Z H E M E H Z M IIII!HlllHIllNlHIHIHIllHIHZHIHIHIHIHIHZHZHZHZHIHIHZHZHZH H Z N E H Z N Z H E M I BI EZ 65 EI BI Z 55 EI SS I B5 EI BI EZ BI SE EI EI EI I S9 I BI EI BI ZZ BI :Z SI Bi BI 2 E! 95 EI EI I 6 EI E I BI BI I EI Ea DI ig EI ni EI EZ SI Si BI I I 99 BI :Z II be PI 53 I! DI F0 EI II GI II Eg II GQ BI 52 EE ni BI EE I 55 DI gg ll Du EI I I gi BI 53 EI D5 DI EI II Bs II ig II E I ZNZNZNZHZHZNENZNZNZHZHZHZNZHZHZNZHZNZNZHZHZWZNZHZMZMZHII ZHZHZNZHZHZHERZHENZNZMZWZHZHENZHZHZHZHZHZHZHIHZHZWZHZH ohs Produce HIGHEST CASH BUYERS Poultry, ltream and Eggs SEE US FOR HONEYMEAD FEEDS WE HAVE GREEN GABLE BROODER HOUSES HIGH QUALITY BABY CHICKS Ernest Vohs, Pro PHONE 122 HOLSTEIN STATE THEATRE MOVIES arethe Best Entertarnment MAKE THE MOI IES A PART OF YOUR REGLLAR PROGRAM OF LIFE STATE THEATRE ENENZNZMZNZNXNZNZWZNENENENZNEHENEWZHENZWZWZNENZNZHZNZNZ HEWZNZHZNEHEHEWZNEWZWZWZNZHEMZNZHEWZMENENENEHENENZNEHE Pat Mc I fought that frsh for three hours and belreve rt or not when we hauled hrm on board he werghed almost 1 400 pounds Pansy L Well I had a strrke rn the same regron I fought mme lrkewrse for about three hours and when I brought hrm to the surface rt wasn t a sarlfrsh at all but the brnnacle off an old Spanrsh galleon Belreye rt or not when we hauled the thrng aboard the lrght was strll burnrng Pat Mc tafter a moments thought Ill take 1200 pounds off my sarlfrsh rf youll put out that lrght Brng L was heard quotmg They were srngle and went walkrng And her heart drd skrp a beat As she stumbled on the srdewalk And he murmured Careful Sweet Now the weddrng bells have rung And they walk the self same street And he yelled Prck up your feet junror L The horn on your car must be broken Bobby M No rts just rndrfferent junror What do you mean rndrfferentg Bobby M It just doesnt glVC a hoot MORNINGSIDE OIL COMPANY GI OBE PRODUCTS ALWAYS STAND OUT Independent Jobbers for Hugh Grade Goods bpeclalwe ln Car Washmg Greasmg an Waxmg Phone All Orders to STATION 92 or A. A. HERNIECKE 151 II ll ll ll II I I II II ll II II II II il II I II BI EI DI I BI EI GI SI I EI EI II BI E! EI II EI SI BI EI EI II BI il BI II BI II BI S! DI E DI EI DI EI GI I BI SI DI II II E3 GI EI DI EI EI II SI E3 UI 52 DU E BG EE D5 E EHZWEWEWSWENEWENENENENENENZHZMZHZNZNEWENEHEWZNZHZNZHZNZH P ' w S, 'U I ff7 - 5 er t . , I 21 . ' - . I Q . S: ' , .. ' 5 ': . ' , cj- ' ' I ' f. . - ' . - FE' . Z. , x "r .. " 'Qi . . T..- ' : 1 K CD ' . - - I -5 . ' -4 I 'H l Y D' " . -T ' 'D 1 . r . i I an . l . CD . 15 ' . , ' ' . I T1 ' A I C17 l T ' ff. . , . - - x. v U . . rr Qi 2 T T on THE cgmomon , 1 M. - Ho1ste1n's Barricade Readv Tc Go 'I -JG Back ield Flas rl r 1 Reserve Backfield Reserve Reajy fc Charge SECTIOTIAL TOURHAIHEHT GIRLS BASKETBALL SECTlOTlAL IDHIUERS ia CLASS CDF 1943 You wlll want to ex change Photographs G1acluat1on tzme such a record o school clay rzenclshtps wzll be przce less tn years to come May we supply your needs our cleszre IS to please you. CHRISTEN SON STUDIO Holstein, Iowa GREETINGS with your Classmates at It .. f' ' ' ' .. IIS ll : ll : H 2 ea sz N 2 ne rl: H 2 so : le :lz be 2 no 2 so z sl : na z no 2 H z le :rr ne 2 le E En ea 2 we 2: al 2 H 2 N nz rw 2 H :I oe 2 ee 2: M I ll : ll :z oe 2 we 2 N : :IL ll : ll 2 N : Ill IliIliIIllll2llIllIllIlllllilllllIlilllIIIIIIZHZIISHSHIHZHZHIIIIIIIII SHZIIIIHZHZHZNZHZWEH H52HZNZNZNZNZHZNZHZHZWZMZNZHZHZNZIIZIIZIIIKHZ H EE IX! an Gil E2 Gil E N EE M E N ZZ N E N E N E H Z3 N ZZ Gil E Ml IZ Ml 1 M E IX! E H EE N Z 2WZiNZDilEGUEHEWZIKIZMEIPGEWEIKIEZNZMZIHIEIHIEWEWEBIHIZIKIEIHIEIXIEIKIEZIKIZZIXIZIMIEIHILII-IIE? ELHIEEIXI NZZWEZNEWZWSEMZIHIEIHI2NZMZHEN2552841ZNEMZWENZNEMEEHIZIHIENZNZH N Z N Z N Z N Z H Z N Z N Z N Z N Z N Z B'l 5' W 5' N E Dil E Nl SE M 53 M 3 H Z-'I S WEEDilZIXIEIHIZSIXIEM3NZIHIZDilEMZEIHIEIHIENEZNAEIHIENZZWZIHIEIHIEIIGEWEHZWZHZWZ WZHZNZHZHZHZNZWZHZNZNZNZHZHZHZNZNZHZHZNZNZHZHZHZHZHZHZHIHZN Bob M was asked to read a stanza of The Canterbury Tales whrch us wrrtten on Nlrddle MODERATELY PRICED Englrsh fworse than double talkb When he lm, All Home Needs And Home Comforts had fmrshed Moss Lomen sand All right now lets go back and read rt again Ca Immedrately Bob was heard to remark Not X mel If you thrnk Englrsh Lrterature IS easy to I read ask Bob Mohr fF1ff'X l N J In Economrcs Moss Stoner wanted someone SR to grve an example of co operatron wrthm the S wwf' f 1 aw f ml Y f Helen Wmk answered by sayrng Well the P' x I wxfe cooks the meal and the husband has to C0 S- , nrnrnnnrnrunnnnnnnrnnnn T Operate and eat lt 'S jack W saw a down and out sort of man Quality and Price Cllmparlson Invited standmg at the corner of the street near hrs res rdence One morning jack takmg prty on the man pressed a dollar mto hrs hand and sand Ed A Hansen Never Desparr The next trme jack saw the man he gave FUl'nlfU1'0 jack nme dollars jack asked What rs the HANSEN HULL FUNERAL HOME meafmg of msg It means mlster sald the man that Never Ph0're 137 of 227 Desparr won at 8 to l Sorensen Prorluoe Sn!" Sorensen, Proo Congrcrfulahons to the UASH BUYER UF CIGSS of 1943 Cream--Poultry--Eggs CONAWAY 8: STOLLEY "THE NYAL QUALITY STORE" znsllxnzuznzl-lan:HananznzumlzuznznzwznzHzuzazrezumesnomezoeznoxnozm zneznozsfnzoesnoznozo-oznozr-:zoo n l H ,,, . . . . . , - . . . . U . I X y 1 1 - - y, - ll v I i-- ,, ,V 41' wll.rnror9 - ' ' I . D l 1' ' ' . .i - I x ' 1 2' 55' 6, X E X -'Q V., a- Ls.Ei. '1 '!f -A M yi :A L, I gs , R' X -21 , 1 llllllilIlllllIlI1IlIlIlIl'1r - ES JE ' ' :M 5 . A V - , X e ' - fit if T J' I . ,. . . . Q fi x 'ji' ' ff .1 - I ' -A A '1 ' - u 'i 5' ' .V : '7 S . - 1,9 ., s 1.,., , , r lluulrl 'S 3: l, W 41 f ' rlllll' ,- . ' I ' f'f 'T H I- . I ' ' 2 ff nI"' - f 7 ' 1: ' ' . .urrIl""' ff xx - I I - noon- Illrur ': i ' - H 'X S 1 . - llln , .- . S 1 Q ' 'l. -' r . . . . , , - s .. , , . A4 ' .Il ! . . 4, . .. , - - n - LA ' !7 ' H 4 , y y ' Y 71 A - - . 'i 1, 'JI 'L 1 ft ll ' I 0 wage p .+ a 6 we 'UMM- ,denim :lt I' fu-X I I 411 g Q W , 1 QP 3 Q X JI ,t 'E-lf 1.17 ' . x 7' - S45 Y - - .- AE Q4 gina., I -.L Camera Club IRONT ROW left to right S Brechwald A Coleman SECOND ROW C Ewoldt L Agnew R Watters R Ewoldt L Smlth THIRD ROW E Husen A Goettsch G Bauer P Musselman L Wienett, Chrlstophersen H Lorenzen R Clausen is-,,",. A ..I.l19' Pep Club BOTTOM ROW L Euoldt, L Agnew R Ewoldt G Bauer R Clausen R Wattexs Leonard L Wlenert Goettech IHIRD ROW lx Lenv D Lemke S Stonekmg F Schuett E M Ewoldt F Clausen D Bwzeneto L M Pell L Terry E Moser IOP ROW I Han en P Foettch X Qetchell L Wxenert I Crxem M Whxte houfe Doris Hermecke M -X kahl Dorothy He mecke C Barghol L Falleln ff! ' - H- , - , . , . , . W. I 4 1 I li g . if .MQ 7 L s M ' HF" SECOND ROW'-P. Musselman. S. Brechwald, A. Coleman. L. Rohlk, M, McGuire, A. Q . N.: A OF THE DIEIDS UICTORIJ DANCE HZHENZNZMENENEHEHZWENENENENZHEWZWEWSHEWEH IHZHIHZHZHZHZNINBHIHIHZNIHZNIHIWZWZNZNZHZWZHZWEHZHZNZNZH N E N Z N E N Z N Z N E N E W E N E M E N E N E N Z N Z N E N Z N Z N E N Z NMZMZNQNZHZNEHENZHZNZHEWENZNZNSNENENZNENZWZNZHZNZHZNZNE IBBIIS IJHIIY Pasteunzed Raw Mllk and Cream ZHZWZWENEHZH Phone 163 Holstem, Iowa FOOD LOCRER SERW ICE Wlll Preserve Your Foods Phone a8 Ray Bagenstos Prop TURKS TAVERN Tasty Sandwnches Clgarettes and Soft Drmks Amold Jurgensen Prop R P W H E A T L E Y Insurance Real Estate and Loans Resndent of Holstem Smce 1890 Phone 36 W F ZEMAN Dealer m Men s and Boy s Clothmg Furmshmgs Shoes NZ H I H I H ll H I H I H II DI I ll ll ll II Il I II I Il ZI Il Il I SI ll II Il II DI I BI I Di EI Di EZHEMZWENENEMEMKWZHENENEWZWZHEMEHZWZNENZNZNEWZHZNENZWZ I Di EI Gi EI Gi Z! D0 TI Di SI Di SI Ii EI M EI D5 EI M EI E I DG ZZ D0 FI B0 2 G1 D1 I Y ii Mr Bowne was glvmg a lecture m sclence class when suddenly the puplls attentxon was dlstracted from hlm by the mcessant tappmg of a pencll Mr Bowne sald And who If I may ask has nothmg better to do than tap hls pencil on hrs desk? Auggle was qulck to reply August Goettsch Mr and Mrs Hansen were slttmg ln front of the open fnre place one wmter evenmg Mrs Hansen sald The flames are so beautu ful They actually seem to be talkmg What do you thunk they re saymg dear Mr Hansen answered fmumblmgj Sxxteen dollars a ton Nllss Dunn Does that questlon glve you trouble Glen Bauer No but the answer does Pro essor Hansen Thls rs the stadxum They say you hate a fme one here Nllss Dunn You ll never get rlch talkmg to ourselt Hugo L Edgar Bergen dld' mamamamamemememamemazcwmezesmznaszcamnsfsczaazlra O T T O B R I E S E Dealer In OLIVER FARM EQUIPNIEINT Holstem, Iowa A HUEGERICH 8z CO Ready to wear Dry Goods 'Vllllmery Gifts JESSE H LEOW-KRD Attorney Offrce Second Floor Old Holstem Savmgs Bank Bulldmg RING 8. BLEASDELL Insurance Bonds Real Estate Loans Flrst State Bank Bulldmg 2 Ii II Il I Ei II Ii BI Ii EI DG I Ii II ll I Ei EI I EI Il I IG SI ll II ll II li I Bi II ll II Ii II Ei II B9 I I9 I I9 ll 59 SI EI I ll I Ei SI Si I EI Ii I Il ll II I II II I ll II Il il El 2 ll il Il II E ENEHENENZMZMZNZMZWZMZMZMENZNZNEHENENZNKNENXWEWENRNZHEH E EWENENEHENENEWZW2W3WZWEN2HEWZMENEW2NZWEWENE ZIUG ZWENEN eaD0 ?Z . . I I I , ' - ' 0 Q . vu ' 1 . - 1 . i 4 Y I . , ' l I I - . ' I . -h H 5,-B . I I . . . ' -1 -1 "3 . '. . -' .. . ' ' . 5 r - I 'A 1 rv I . ' ' ' : I 3: g r , . Y. I N ' - ' fn: . Q - 1 . . ' .m I . I I gl . I v H I I 2 A ' ' ' 1 - I . 5 ,Q t i .. b .4 ' - ff ' . ' ' . ' ' - ug" - ' , - ' I ru ' . ' ' A ' 1: . a - - J. "1 . , . 2. , ' ' ' ' ' FB I . .A - gi - 1 I - . I in 5 . Q5 I3 - ' I If na I IHIHIRINIHIHZHZHIHIHIHZHZHZNZHZHZHZHZHZHRHIHZHZHEHZHZHZHENZHZWZHZHZHZHINZHZHZWEHZNZHZHEHZHZHZHZHZHINZHIWZHIW ROY MICHAELSEN J. I. CASE IMHLEMENTS DE KALB SEED CORN . REAL ESTATE . Phone 14 Holstein, Iowa ROHLKS CASH AND CARRY GROCERY "Home of Good Things to Eat" Quality Merchandise Phone No. 9 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Standard Red Crown Superfuel Gasoline Lubricating Oils and Greases WM. JACKES SR. Phone 80 THE ROYAL CLEANERS Old Clothes Made New New Clothes Made Too Cleaning and Pressing Fit for a King Phone 24 CORREGOUX GARAGE We Repair All Makes of Cars an Storage Batteries Day and Night Road Service Phone 332 SANITARY BARBER SHOP Wm Sorensen Prop LAUNDRY SERVICE Basket Leaves and Returns Tuesday and Friday DR T ORTON CHIROPRACTOR and Scientific Manipulation First State Bank Bldg Phone 3 DR W M SCHOEBERL D C Bone and Nerve Specialist Holstein, Iowa Phone 28 ZHZNZMEMENENZNZHZNEWXWENEWZNZHENEHZWZNZNZNENZHZWZMEWENZMZHZHEWEWEMZWEWEHEN2NZWEWZNZNZNEWZHZHZWZHENZHEWEHZNENZN W. P. CRANE Physician and Surgeon Phone: Office and Residence '55 Calls Answered Day anld Night O. A. LANGLAND Dentist Office: Holstein State Bank Bldg. tSecond Floorj Phones: Office ll9g Res. 247 SIMMONS BEAUTY SHOP Phone 232 "lt Pays To Look Well" E W HOFFMANN H ardware, Harness 81 Shoe Repamng Plumbing Heating and Tm Shop FRED C HAMIL Jeweler Authorized Elgin Watch Dealer HOLSTEIN TURN VEREIN ORGANIZED 1886 HENRY LOHAFER, MANAGER JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME Vemon Johnson, Owner Phone 170 Now Try the Best at the GREEN LAINTERN CAFE Cigarettes Ice Cream Candy and Cigars 2 N I N 3 H Z N 3 N 2 M Z W 2 H Z N 2 N I H Z W 2 N I H Z N 3 H Z N 2 N I H 2 H 2 H Z H I H I H Z H Z H 2 H ll N Z N Z H I H II ll I Il Il M I li II 95 Z I II H Il 2 WEWENEWZMENEWZMENZMEHEMZMEWEMZWEWEHEMZMENZWZNEHZNZHZMZHZHZNZHZHZNZHZNEWER2HERIHRHININEHZHZHZHIHZHIHIHIHIHIHII You ve Tried the Rest z ne USE tt 1: ' ' it - - - - n 9 ' d A A ' . , . . . 1 u u a 9 a Q . n 0 T B HIHZHSHZHZHZHZHRHENEHZHZHZMZHSNZHZHZHENEHZNZNZMEHZHZHZHZNEHZHZMEHZWZHENEHEHEM2 Bk 1 0 P all lk 49 s , . 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S CLASS OF 1891 ,fhu H . VV, . E Hotzel, Lillie QMrs. Browningj: Patton, Cal. H Janns, Christina 1Mrs. Buettnerl: Holstein. S Judiesch, Fred: Big Springs, Neb. McCutcheon, Carl: Washington, Iowa. ' , E Norton, Edith lMrs. Lasherl: Atlanta, Ga.,v,,1 ,N 2 Norton, Lulu lMrs. Grevej: Holstein. ' ' M Von Doehren, Lillie 1Mrs. Zemanl: Holstein. S CLASS OF 1898 2 E.-:I Baumgartner, Nellie 1Mrs. Allenl: Spooner, Wis. EZ Gilmore, Maude lMrs. Schroederlg deceased. W Judiesch, Alice: Alhambra, Cal. 3 Judiesch, Thomas: Saskatchewan, Canada. 5 Munz, Mary lMrs. Muellerl: deceased. H Vohs, William: deceased. E 55 CLASS OF 1899 E Benton, Bessie 1Mrs. Morlandl: Milford, Iowa. 3 Hart, Stacia: Santa Monica, Cal. k DQ Judieach, Florence QMrs. Tourgeel: Die ons, Iowa. S Raucah, Blanche QMrs. Dansbyl: Midland, Texas. 3 Sindt, Nora 1Mrs. Loomisl: Davenport, Iowa. S CLASS OF 1900 N Allen, Nellie fMrs. McCutcheonl: Washington, Iowa. E Thode, Alma 1Mrs. Edgarj: Los Angeles, Cal. 3 Watters, Eunice 1Mrs. Brownj: Mobridge, S. D. Q cuss or un E McCutcheon, Hattie lMrs. Keckl: Ottumwa, Iowa. H 2 CLASS OF 1902 N 2 Bertelsen, Laura 1Mrs. Glennyl: Storm Lake, Iowa. Hutton, W. F.: deceased. E Rea, Florence 1Mrs. McCormicl0: Washington, Iowa DI Seitz, Carrie fMrs. Millerl: Mercedes. Tex. E Seitz, Olive lMrs. Harmony: Mexico, Mo. E CLASS or 1904 E Berger, Albert, Seattle, Wash. Z Thode, Linda Khin. Joneal: Lansberg, Mich. 9.5 Von Doehren, Cora: San Diego, Cal. E CLASS OF 1905 E Bertelsen, Arthur: Santa Ana, Cal. 3 Loop, Leida 1Mrs. Nakesl: Los Angeles, Cal. gg Schippman, John: Chicago, IIL 3 Schroeppel, Marguerite: Syracuse, N. Y. N Winter, Alice: Sioux City, Iowa. E Wohlenberg, Enna tMra. Foxl: Chicago, Ill. E CLASS OF 1906 E Calhoun, Mary lMrs. Bllbyl: Albe, N. D. E Mentzer, Annabel: Holstein. Mentzer, Mamie: Holstein. E Paustian, Alfred: Rockford, Ill. M Wents, Alice lMrs. Phillipsl: Ana Heim. Cal. 2 H E B1 Z H DIRECTORY OF ALUMNI CLASS OF 1901 Bartlett, Henry: St. Paul, Minn. Buettner, Oscar: Cherokee. Harvey, Grace tMrs. Grosvenorl: Winnebago, Neb. Jess, Paul: deceased. Kranz, Ervin: Los Angeles, Cal. Lohff, Ella: deceased. Meier, Herman: Holstdn. Norton, Ray: Bartlett, Ill. Rennfeldt, Daisy QMrs. Bleasdelll: Long Beach, Cal. Winter, Leo: Chicago, Ill. CLASS OF 1908 Bums, Frank: Los Angeles, Cal. Cizek, Edith fMrs. Merkleyl: Hollywood, Cal. Gearhart, Blanche: Lake City, Iowa. Lohff, Albert: Sioux Falls, S. D. McCutcheon, Mary iMrs. Caryl: Winterset. Melbourne, Joy lMrs. Brownellj: Oklahoma City, Okla. CLASS OF 1909 Carstensen, Kathryn lMrs. Slaterl: Northfield, Minn. Henyan, Austin: deceased. Jatho, Clara 1Mrs. Ewoldtl: Holstein. Kranz, Irene 1Mrs. Chrlschillisj: Algona, Iowa. Lohff, William: Holstein. Stelck, Annetta fMrs. Keefel: Carroll, Iowa. Stewart, Harriet IMrs. Hahnb: Holstein. Thode, Albert: deceased. CLASS OF 1910 Galvin, Maurice: deceased. Knuth, Alfred: Flandreau, S. D. McGuire, Ruth fMrs. Mattlmorel: Detroit, Mich. Schroeppel, Ina lMrs. Smithl: Bertrand, Neb. Stoltenberg, Bertha 1Mrs. Bonhaml: Greenbelt, Md. Thode, Edna 1Mrs. Voelkersl: Oklahoma City, Okla. Winter, Grace tMrs. Dorothyl: Ute. CLASS OF 1911 Burns, Phillip: Los Angeles, Cal. Galvin, Ray: Holstein. Meier, Walter: Orange City. Rochau, Tillie lMrs. Ehrpl: Merrill. Sindt, Josie 1Mrs. Strlckerl: Holstein. Watters, William: Holstein. CLASS OF 1912 Freeseman, Minnie 1Mrs. Klttermanl: Schaller. Giese, Viola 1Mrs. Walshl: Whiting. Nelson, Susan 1Mrs. Hansenl: Ida Grove. Wohlenberg, Carl: Chicago, Ill. CLASS OF 1913 Csrmer, Iva lMrs. Weatfalllg Denver, Colo. Cizek, Milda 4Mrs. Wallacej: Los Anegles, Cal. Greve, Bernice CMN. Hansenl: Holstein. Hansen, Arthur: Holstein. Knuth, Harriet: Palm Beach, Fla. McGuire, Zoe tMrs Murphyl: Dubuque. Thompsen, Ruby 1Mrs. Adamsl: Spencer. Wheatley, Leona CMU. Lavelyl: Crookston, Minn. Wolf, Muriel 4Mrs. Turnerl: Hedrick. CLASS OF 1914 Allen, Edna lMrs. Lensj: Holstein. Andersen, Marie lMrs. Hicksl: Salt Lake City, Utah. Bertelsen, Martha 1Mrs. Hansenl: Storm Lake. Butcher, Lowell: Des Moines. Giese, Emma lMrs. Shaverl: Shenandoah. Hansen, Edward: Holstein. Thieimsnn. Ida: deceased. Wents, Edna 1Mrs. Kraemerl: Placentia, Cal. CLASS OF 1915 Bleasdell, Orpha lMrs. Butcherl: Milwaukee, Wis. Hansen, Alfred: Storm Lake. Knuth, Rudolph: Klamath Falls, Oregon. Paustian. Elsie: Omaha, Nell. Rice, Edgar: Clayton, Okla. Schroeppel, Mack J.: Schaller. Untiedt, Betty 1Mrs. Linglel: Windom, Minn. Untiedt, Elsie IMD. Stevensonj: Quimby. Will, John: Holstein. , , , 44.44. - .W D-'U 2 2 W N Z E W W E 23 N W 22 E W W E SI N N 3 E W W 3 K W N 3 E N W E E Nl Dil 3 IE N Dil E 3 Nl W E Sli W W E 2 N H 3 ZZ H W Z Z N ll'-ll 3 E N Nl 3 ZZ W U-il E 52 W W E E W H 3 2 N W 3 E W N 3 E N lxl 3 E N W Z S W W E E N BG 52 E N H 2: 2 W W : Z N W El ii 5 W E H W ll 3 ll Dil 2 E W Dil El 53 H W : E H? W : Z li 5 5 '52 i Dil : 5 2 ZWEWZWZWEDilZWZW3953WIfil'-llZH2552WZNZHZWEWZHENEWEWEWEWZNEHZ WEWEWEWZWEWEW2H2WZNZWIWZH3WIHIHzHZNlHlwlllxnlullllllllllllllllnllllH Z H Z l'-il E H E CLASS OF 1916 52 Arp, Edward: Holstein. N Hansen, Leona tMrs. Kinlli Holstein. 2 Jess, Fred: Rock Rapids. W Lemke, Emma tMrs. Lamllli Holstein. 3 Schroeppel, Allegra um. Kinllz smaller. 3 Sieh, Lenore tMrs. Beachlerl: Miamisburg, Ohio. W Tllielmann, Hilda tMrs. Fieselerl: Fort Dodge. Z Tl-ode, Lester: Saskatchewan, CCanada. Van Patten, Franklin: Sioux ity. S Walters, Lloyd C.: Winterset. H . 2 CLASS OF 1917 N Carstensen, Nina tMrs. Younzl: Omaha. 2 Heyde, Albert: North Platte, Neb. H Kahl, Alben: Holstein. 3 Klotz, Frederick: Ames. E McGuire, Hugh: Holstein. S Toedt, Raymond: Miles. I E VVill, Edna tMrs. Wocdruffj: Correctionvllle. N Yule, Harry: Holstein. 53 CLASS or 1918 N 3 Arp, Glenn: Sioux City. N Grove, Edith tMrs. Woodsidel: Hollywood, Cal. EE Hansen, Wilbur: deceased. W Klotz, Walter: U. S. Armed Forces. E Lohff, Leonard: Des Moines. E Schuett, Alfred: Holstein. W Steffen, Robert: Sioux City. E cl.Ass or 1919 E Bleasdcll, Edgar: Odebolt. - "li" QQ Cooley, Blanche tMrs. Kochi: Holstein. E Hansen, Annetta tMrs. Hillyerb: Carroll. Fi-fl Hutton, George: Long Reach, Cal. E Jess, Edna tMrs. Iletsworthl: Cherokee. M Michaelsen, Fred: lda Grove. E Pieper, Edna fMrs. Roehrl: Sioul: Citylg Rice Vera tMrs. Petersenj: Oma a, Ne . Z F Y I-'53 CLASS OF 1920 E Bagenstos, Pearl: Fort Madison. E Fritz, Dolly: Holstein. M Hueschen, Elfrieda tMrs. Mighellj: Holstein. Eg Johnson, Jennie: Quimby. 55 Mighell, Ronald: Silver Springs, Md. gg Sindt, Hilda tMrs. Hleasdellj: Cdcbolt. 55 Steffen, Geneva Uvirs. Barwickb: Cherokee. SSeThielmann, Dorothy tMrs. llrancojg Holstein. M Williamson, Mildred tMrs. Porterb: Ames. Winter, John: Bismsrk, N. D. l- as E CLASS OF 1921 W .Lg D5 Bleasdell, Viola tMrs. Lutherl: Sheldon. X 'E Brechwald, Minnie tMrs. Huntj: Council Bluffs. 95 Crane, Evelyn tMrs. Sternb: Storm Lake. Z ..Eden, Elnora fMrs. Willl: Holstein. E Forthmann, Dorothea lMrs. Lanninglz Cleveland, Ohio. N Hansen, Frances tMrs. Fosterbz Cedar Rapids. E Jess, Margaret 4Mrs. Chapmsnl: Cedar Rapids. H Johnson, Helen tMrs. Radkel: Aurelia. Z Johnson, Ruby: Sioux City. gg Koppiin, Bernctta tMrs. McArthurJ: Holstein. Z Lamp, Florence tMrs. Kastnerb: Holstein. N Langkammerer, Stephen: San Bernardino, Cal. 3 McGuire, Edward: Chicago, jil. gl lille-yleril Axglur: dHolstei5l. lg e , ce: eeease . Q Mighell, Margaret: Sioux.Falls, S. .D. N lseubauer, Hulda tMrs. Wmklg Movllle. Schmidt., Luella tMrs. Wulfl: Holstein. E Williams, Sidney: Stockton, Cal. E E ' CLASS or 1922 Q . 3 Bauer, William: Eagle Grove. " N Cooley, Frances tMrs. Kochi: deceased. 3 Eden Clarence: Holstein. N FIGQD, Bertha tMrs. Bleasdelli: Holstein. I Hansen, Edna tMrs. Moserl: Lester. 2 Hueschen, Alice tMrs. Eienlg Holstgnl. Lsngkammerer, Carl: Wi mington, e Lette, Laura tMrs. I.aRocque7: Indianapolis, Ind. Meyer, Harry: Holstein. Peterson, Elwsyne: Holstein. M Peterson, Gladys: deceased. 3 Price, Frances lMrs. Gamblel: Minneapolis, Minn. N Williamson, Margaret: Davenport. 2 N S N E H 3 W CLASS or ma , Agnew, Bernice tMrs. Jonesl: Calumet. Bauer, Lester: San Mateo, Cal. ..--- Crane, Wendell: Holstein. Faden, Alvena tMrs. Hslll: Huron, S. D. Hass, Edward: Los angeles, Cal. Hass, John: Minneapo is, Minn. .l , . Knuth, Herbert: Holstein. ..,.. .i,.JJ- '7 M' Kuehnle, Frances tMrs. Whiteb: Florence, Colo. Lohff, Fred: Holstein. - Lohff, John: U. S. Armed Forces. .-.V Mighell, Winifred tMrs. Mathewslg Danville. Mighell, Yula tMrs. Parkerl: Henderson, Tex. Palmer, John: Chicago, Ill. Prahl, Bernadine tMrs. Williamsj: Stockton, Cal. Rice, Salina tMrs. Van 1-lemertl: Holstein. Schippman, Edward: Chicago, Ill. Schoer, Eugenia tMrs. Coltaonli Wells, Nev. Van Patten, Harriet tMrs. Churchillj: Galesburg, Ill. Wienert, Raymen: U .S. Armed Forces. 'Wulf, Lillian: Holstein. CLASS OF 1924 Asmussen, Lucille tMrs. Blennerj: Sioux City. Bagenstos, Ruby tMrs. McCoyJ: deceased. Belson, Marion: Holstein. Brockmsn, Evelyn tMrs. Hansenj: Houston, Tex. Goettsch, Annette lMrs. Thomsenl: Holstein. Joslin, Hazel: Holstein. Kolb, Earl: Pendleton, Oregon. Lingle, Eacho: deceased. Lohfl, Winona: Pomeroy. McDermott, Teresa: Sioux City. Meyer, Lydia tMrs. Gehrtsj: Holstein. Mighell, Helen tMrs. Hoddej: Colville, Wash. Miller, Marie tMrs. Harrisonj: Hollywood, California. Rambo, Edith: Des Moines. ' Sorensen, Josephine: Denver, Colo. .-.lg Van Winkle, Lorena tMrs. Dodderbz Los Angeles, Cal. Vollmar, Gerdaline tMrs. Dierksl: Holstein. CLASS OF 1925 Barron, Edith: Kalamazoo, Mich. 3- It , -Bauer, Mabel tMrs. Ellerbuschj: Holstein: ' Belson, Ade'le tMrs. Kolbj: Berkeley, Calif. h Beyer, Harriet tMrs. Carstegsj: Holstein. ,,. LLQ44' Geer, Wayne: Los Angeles, CaL " Hueschen, Hilda tMrs. Hansenl: Sioux Falls, S. D. Kuchel, Ervin: Chicago, Ill. .fKuchel, Myma tMrs. Knuthl: Holstein. Lemburg, Irene tMrs. Kasterj: Holstein. Mattlin, John: Spencer. Paulsen, Roland: Galva. Rice, Frank: Sioux City. Schmidt, Blondina tMrs. Kistenmacherj: Holstein. Schroeder, Alvin: Holstein. Sindt, Melvin: Cushing. Thede, Hilda lMrs. Steenb: Cleghorn. Untiedt, Amold: Alhambra, Cal. Will, Clara tMrs. Rohrl: Anthon. Will, Mabel tMrs. Ewoldtj: Holstein. Williams, Vernon: Sacramento, Cal. Wulf, Maragret: Holstein. CLASS OF 1926 Asmussen, Arnold: Sioux City. Armiger, William: Holstein. Belson, Melina tMrs. Sillimanjg Washington. D. C. Blenner, Howard: Sioux City. Bumann, Bernetta: Des Moines. Drews, Asmus: Mapleton. Endrulst, Harry: Correctionville. Ericksen, Esther tMrs. Jensenl: Holstein. Galvin, Francis: Holstein. Giese, Leora tMrs. Lstchawj: Minneapolis, Minn. Haas, John: deceased: tWar Casualty, Pearl Harborl. Hartwell, Loren: Sioux City. Hass, Getrude: Harlan. Hass, Katherine tMrs. Wiesel: Holstein. Kaus, Lurene tMrs. Stamlll: Holstein. Kopplin, Howard: Holstein. Leonard, Jesse: Holstein. McDermott, Francis: Sioux City. Mears, Edward: Sioux City. Peterson, Dorothy tMrs. Andersonj: Cedar Rapids. Rice, Elmer: Sioux City. Rohlk, Philip: Los Angeles, Cal. Schliinz, Vonita lMrs. Stevensonl: Sisseton, S. D. vfaleman, Erwin: U. S. Armed Forces. I1 X .- SS H Z3 N E2 IX! Z DU E Dil S N E IX! Ed 941 Z N E N 51 Dil Z ll-il E 95 E M Z W ILE D41 3 Bi! EG B5 E M E Bi! 53 N E W E M E N EE N Z N 53 KI 2 W I li I N I Il I II I H I ll I ll I ll I Il I ll I E HZHZHZHIIIIll2liIHIHIHIHIHIHIIIIHIllIllIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH N 2 M I N Ii bil E Dil ES BG 55 B41 SZ Dil 531 90 51 IH! El D11 E N E N E N E H E N ii M E H E! N E N EB N Z N IF! N E! N 53 W 52 N EB W Il N E H I H I W I Nl E I5 I H I W I W I N I N I H E IIlIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIHSHIIIIHIHIIllIIlIHIHINIZHIHZHZHIHIHIHIHZHZ ..f" EZHZHZHEHZHZHZHIHEHZHZHZHZWZHZHZHZNZHZMZHZHZHZMZHENZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHEHZHI H H , I Z X Il H I E E Z 'V ' ' CLASS OF 1921 Goettsch, Elvin: Washington, D. C. ll ll ' - Goettsch, Helen iMrs. Christensenl: Benson, Minn. I 2 Bauer, Harriet fMrs. Stephensl: Seattle, Wash. Goettsch, Laura: Benson, Minn. ll H Baumann, Leona lMrs. Lorenzeny: Battle Creek. Graepper, Erwin: U. S. Armed Forces. I 3 Conover, Harold: Holstein. Hansen, Carlton: Baltimore, Md. ll Q Droezmiller. Harvey: Holstein. Hansen, Gertrude 1Mrs. Kragerj: Ida Grove. I H Grbers. Bernetlet H0lSiCll1- Jackes, Annie QMrs. Lorensenl: Holstein. E 3 Geer. Dell: Los Anzeles. Cul- Kiesling, Clarence: U. S. Armed Forces. , H H Hamen, Helen lMrs. Ludingtonj: Raleigh, N. C. Kuchel, Harry: U. S. Armed Forcegg-r , f Z 3 Hartwell. Rllllhi C0lUmlNl!, 0hi0- Leckhand, Corinne fMrs. Michaelsenj: Holstein. gg gg ,AKlotz, Claybum: Arlington, S. D. Lemburg, Martha 4Mrs. Nielsenl: Battle Creek. 2 2 Kuehl. Malinda KMrs. .lensenlg Holstein. Lorenzen, Clarence: Holstein. li H Lingle, Thomas: Ocean Park, Cal. Neubauer, Glenn: U. S. Armed Forces. Z 2 Lohff, Eleanor iMrs. Stonekinllt Holstein. Paulsen, Martha,1Mrs. Halll: Kingsley. N E., Lohff, Walter: Holstein. Ruler, Ronald: Holstein. E N Meier, Allen: Denver, Colo. Schmidt, Myra QMrs. McNicholsl: Burlington. N 3 Miller. Raymond: U. S. Armed Forces. Schroeder, Orville: Fort Klamath, Oregon. I N Myren. Alice QMYS- Willillrllionlz Denison. Schuldt, Florence CMrs. Ssndinel: Alta. E 3 Raukohl, Herman: Long Beach, Cal. Sindt, Dorothy 1Mrs. Rogersjg Ida Grove. N Roehlk, Helen: Greencastle, Indiana. Sorensen, Sidney: Holstein. 5 Satin Irving- Sioux City Untiedt, Kenneth Alhambra Cl E . . - : , a. Schmidt, Henrietta 1Mrs. Meierlg Holstein. Van Hemert, William: Dallas, Texas. Z Z Seglem, Alphild lMrs. Kitchenl: Galva. Walker, Ruth: Ida Grove. li - -il" Soth, Lauren: U. S. Armed Forces. Werner, Gordon: deceased. Z Z "W0Hl2f. Riymond: Creston. Wickey, Wanda 1Mr-s. Johnsonl: Chicago, Ill. H .7 F M - Wienert, Louella fMrs. Linglel: Holstein. Wiese, Lloyd: Ida Grove. 3 ,,.,g.,UX E win, Zelma mn.. schnrm: Ida Grove. will, Edmund: Holstein. N -2 Williams, Virginia lMrs. Brandnerl: Sacramento, Cal. xx E E CLASS or me CLASS OF lm E Gi . . Bergman, Clara: Holstein. 3 Z Armlger' Alfred: Holnefn' , . Brickman, Verna CMrs. Sindtl: Boulder,.Colo. D5 gg Arp, Paula iMrs. Petersj, Belen, New Mexico. Clausen, Rlymond: Holstein. . 3 E gliZll,nel:lrAl'inalrllilsxhllhington D C Conover' Kennem: Holstein' Q E Doyle, lienneth: 'Anoka, Minn: egfnxhens' Gi' E Ewoldt, Louise lMrs. Wollardlg DeSoto, Md. Eh, 'V,rdine.' ' ' 3 Faden, Laura lMrs. Lowryll Rose Mead, Cal. -D' ' ' - . - - N S Gebers, Irene fMrs. Kistenmacherl: Holstein. wlchltl' Kansas' E M gceffsfhf HUGH Omfhe' NSF- , Fell, Berdelia lMrs. Simonsmal: Beverly Hills, crl. 3 E H:::::gnE'6z:i g:f:m':" w"Ccn""' Frahm, Irene lMrs. Jensenl: Holstein. fri ' , 5 ' F 't , Mab l: S' City. E Ztaiglemav Ervm. develsgd- align. Jog: uiiillin. H I: . lotz, Evelyn: Holstein. Ganga., Cuqyle, Sizoumey. 2 .J Kucllel, John: U. S. Armed Forces. Hueuhen' Herbert: Sioux City. 51 Lohff' Edna: Pwfls' ulmm" Kaus, Marjorie 1Mrs. Inlli Akron, Ohio. E H McDermott. Alice, Ida Grove. Leonard. Elvin: Halstein' E Sorensen, Wllllam: U. S. Armed Forces. V Michal, Gordon: pruned Heights, ln. 2 h I H N Stratton, C ar otte 1Mra. Ortl: Omaha, Neh. Miller' John: Lo. Angela' CII. Z 2 Wm' f""'3" Ogdm' UNH- 'Nelson, Alberta: Atlanta, Ga. N gg , Porterfield, Joyce 1Mrs. Slikel: Los Angeles, Cal. lg g CLASS 01' 1919 Sindt, Earg: U. s. Armed Forces. gg N , Sorensen, lorence lMs-s. Schliinzl: Quimby. Z S Eaglenstos, arthur, deceased. 1 5-Som. MII: Mnwlnkee' wi.. M H .oc .mann, eatrlce 1Mrs. Zulllll. Cherokee. Snicket Humld, Stn lake Cn Utd.. Z 3 Ehrp, Marjorie lMrs. Methodl: Los Angeles, Cal. ' ' - , y' ' N H Fritz Lawrence, Hma n. Voge, Lola 1Mrs. Schmldtl, Columbus, Neb. 3 E Galvin, Loretta mr.. clifronyg sr. Paul, Minn. wma" L' V""i H""""" :Q Gosselin, Edna: Los Angeles, Cal. 3 E Helkenn, La Vina fMrs. Saueressigl: Hutchinson, Kansas. CLASS OF U32 E 2 Kruger' Jeannie :Mrk Weheji Ihnhun' Borehert, Dorothea lMrs. McCubhinl: Holtsein. 2:5 H ltuchel, August. L. S. Armed Forces. Buckey Ben. U S Armed Fone.. S 2 iL'.I'.I3T.""niX1l"i.22T's..'T.1Ei'f"ilf.i2..iHF" B'--1--i-- Br-in-1: H01-fm W N ' ' ' , Butcher, Willis: Holstein. 3 l.orenzen Frances 1Mrs. Carlbergb Galva 2 ' . ' ' Cames, Douglas: Northwood. M n:3TE:,nos,'ilEz:?riLCglc:51:,3l'Fonu. Ewoldt, Rozella 1Mra. Hanoverl: New York, N. Y. E H Paulseri, Arthur: deceased. Fell, Marie: Holstein. 2 Z Raukohl, Verna 1Mrs. Murphyl: Sioux City. H'n"n' L'v'mn' QM" Nino: Chiuzo' ul' E-il ll Rice, Geneva iMrs. Burowlz Ida Grove. Bulun' M'r'l"i Sioux Cin' 2 E - - . . ' Helkenn, Irene lMra. Leonardj: Holstein. N Rice, Lois lMrs. Brounl, Ida Grove. H Roehlk. George: Los Angeles, Cal. lhms, Helen Klirs. Carlsonl: Cherokee. 2 E ,Rothforln Evelyn CMrs. Jochimsl: Holstein. "j':k"' Wlglhmil S' Armed Forces' 5 2 Seglem, Gladyce QMrs. Schmisltl: Sioux Falls, S. D. 0 nun' 'nn' 'feud' H N Sindh Ervin: New orleans, L.. Kuchel, Evelyn lMrs. Kiertxnerl: lda Grove. S Z Sindt, Verona lMrs. Ruppertl: Ida Grove. MUCH" Keltneun Beloit' wb' gg N Soth, Kathryn: lMrs. Wisdomj- Omaha, Neb. Muna. Ruby, Oakland, CaL 2 x Stratton' Ruben. Chicago. ' Niemeier, Margaret lMrs. RID: Ocheyedan. M WNW? Weede, Gladys: Holstein. Petenon' Alfred! Sioliivcltyh 2 3 .,Putnam, James: Oma Ne N I CLASS gp 1930 Rice, Arthur: Holstein. 3 S Roehlk, Harlan: U. S. Armed Forces. H H Arp, Norma fMrs. Larsonl: Sioux City. Sindt. LuVerne: Boulder. Colo- 3 2 Bayer, William: U. S. Armed Forces. Wlnlr Mlllrille KMI1- Midliilli Pl'0lDCCf 305850. lil- H H Butcher, Clement: Holstein. Wood, Charles: U. S. Armed Forces. 3 E Clark, Ruth mn. Martini: Kinpley. 2 S Conover, Cathleen lMrs. Janssenl: Ida Grove. CLASS OF 1933 . gg N Fellom, Ellen 1Mrs. Ottl: Nelson, Wls. 4, Q-Q 3 2 Flanagan, Dorothy: deceased. Bauer, Burnelle: Omaha, Neb." CL' gg Gauger, William: Early. Bremer, Erma iMrs. Kitchenj: Holstein. E 2 H H S 3 H H 3 3 H H 2 SHENEHSHEBGZE-GZHENEFSEBSZBSENZHSHZDSSBGSNENEHZHZNEHZSGSHZHSHZHSISEHIIS EISZHESHZBISZNZBSEHZHSGSZH -, . ,-.--...-4 ., ZHZWZHZHIIHENZHZWZHIHZHZHEWZWZNZMZNZHEMZNZHEHZHZHZH E541ENEHEBiEBflZWENEHEWEWZNEHZB-'JSEHZHEWZW290393EZWSHEHINZHZNZHZHZHZHZM Clausen, Maxine: Chicago, lll. Claussen, Gertrude tMrs. Fishbeinl: Chicago, lll. Ehrp, Gladys lMrs. Wilsonj: Miami, Fla. Eicherly, Lily CMrs. Gellertlz Holstein. Ericksen, Virgil: U. S. Armed Forces. Ericksen, William: Bremerton, Wash. Fairchild, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. Fell, Phillip: Holstein. Fick, Ruth: San Marino, Cal. Gcllert, Mabel tMrs. Grothausl: Holstein. Giese, George: St. Paul, Minn. Goettsch, Marjorie tMrs. Johnsonl: Los Angeles, Cal Hamil, Clayton: U. S. Armed Forces. Hass, Dorothy fMrs. Lowel: Sioux City. Helkenn, Ruby fMrs. Kinkadeb: San Gabriel, Cal. Kahl, Vernon: U. S. Armed Forces. Kiesling, Melvin: Steubenville, Ohio. Kracht, Bethany iMrs. Smithb: Battle Creek. Leonard, Geneva tMrs. Vogel: Galva. Leonard, Ransom: U. S. Armed Forces. Lohman, Marvin: Los Angeles, Cal. Mattheis, Frederic: U. S. Armed Forces. Nicklas, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. Petersen, Elizabeth fMrs. Burdickjz Sioux City. Porterfield, Jack: U. S. Armed Forces. Rothfork, Marvel: Glendale, Cal. Sacquety, Miriam tMrs. Meyerjg Holstein. Sindt, Marie tMrs. Briggsj: Denver, Colo. Soellner, Pauline QMrs. Sorensenj: Holstein. Sorensen, Erma tMrs. Grelll: Washte. Stolley, Zeta lMrs. Noell: Hulen, Texas. Stricker, Wanda: Schleswig. Van Hemert, Marion: U. S. Armed Forces. Voge, Helmuth: U. S. Armed Forces. Watters, Paul: U. S. Armed Forces. Will, Evelyn 1Mrs. Brinkl: Sioux City. CLASS OF 1934 Armiger, Charles: U. S. Armed Forces. Boe, Elna tMrs. Hansenl: Lexington, Mo. Briese, Beverly: New York, N. Y. Conover, Maybelle: Holstein. Curtis, LaVaughn lMrs. Dyerl: Sioux City. Dancker, Ruth tMrs. Van Vlietl: Kansas City, Mo. Ewoldt, Marilyn 1Mrs. Simontonj: Sioux City. Fowles, Nadine tMrs. Churchl: Costa Mesa, Cal. Fritz, Gladys lMrs. Schiffbauerl: Long Bench, Cal Fritz, Minnie tMrs. Schmidtb: Storm Lake. Goettsch, Dorothy tMrs. Krulll: Holstein. Goettsch, Mildred tMrs. Leonardl: Storm Lake. Hoeck, Henrietta: Struble. -lvlatho Pl- llis Mrs Hansen! S'nux Cit . -Y 1 - : 2 Y- Jonlin, Clarence: U. S. Armed Forces. Moeller, Lester: U. S. Armed Forces. Newman, Esther tMrs. Hollisj: Webster City. Paulsen, Lorraine fMrs. Mollerjg Kiron. Sorensen, Merle: U. S. Armed Forces. Steffen, Gene: Burbank, Cal. Thielmann, Mildred 1Mrs. Sabah: Holstein. CLASS OF 1935 Albers, Arnold: U. S. Armed Forces. Andresen, Victor: Holstein. Bauer, Evelyn lMrs. Jochimsl: Holstein. Bayer, Alfred: Moville. Carmer, Delbert: Marion. Clark, Catherine fMrs. Louthanl: Santa Ana, Clausen, Maurine: Long Beach, Cal. Drews, Marie tMrs. Hassj: Holstein. Eicherly, Lester: San Diego, Cal. Gale, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. Galvin, Vincent: U. S. Armed Forces. Hronek, James: Des Moines. Kiesling, Dorothy 1Mrs. Gibbsl: Sioux City. Lohff, Clarence: U. S. Armed Forces. Nanninga, Kermit: Portland, Ore. Nelson, Norton: Ames. Rathert, Evelyn: Holstein. Schroeder, Deloise: U. S. Armed Forces. Cal. Seglem, Elna 1Mrs. Moellerl: Little Rock, Arkansas. Sindt, Mildred: Denver, Colo. Smith, Maxinex: Holstein. Sorensen, Erma lMrs. Droegmillerl: Holstein. Stewart, Marjorie tMrs. Galvinj: Holstein. Stolley, Donna: U. S. Armed Forces. Warrender. Alick: Des Moines. , Wickey, Wylma mrs. Buelljg naman. W CLASS OF 1936 Utesch, Norma: Holstein. OJWJN B Adams, Velma: Los Angeles, Cal. Bayer, Martha: Holstein. Bremer, Harold: U. S. Armed Forces. Bruninz, Ann: Washta. Clark, Homer: Santa Monica, Cal. ' friiwoldt, Blossom tMrs. McCreaJ: Holstein. Fick, Phyllis: North Platte, Neb. Fritz, Myrtle lMrs. Doakj: Long Beach, Cal. Goettsch Wilma Mrs. Wittkamplt Holstein . l Groepper, Norma lMrs. Hansenj: Holstein. Hansen, Earl: U. S. Armed Forces. Jensen, Kenneth: Long Beach, CaL Johnson, June lMrs. Lottridgej: Sioux City. Ja . tliahl, Chester: U. S. Armed Forces. l Kordt, Harriet tMrs. Michaelsenl: Holstein. Leonard, Mary iMrs. Conoverl: Holstein. Lohafer, Floyd: U. S. Armed Forces. McCullough, Donovan: Holstein. Meyer, Irene tMrs. Schroederl: Waterloo. 0'Furey, Eileen: Sioux City. Paulsen, Edward: U. S. Armed Forces. Peters, Alzada iMrs. Hartmanl: Galva. Pingrey, George: Holstein. Porterfield, Dora Ruth: U. S. Armed Forces Rice, Oscar: U. S. Armed Forces. Schmidt, Marcella lMrs. Wehdel: Holstein. Sindt, Verdonna: Denver, Colo. Sorensen, Esther tMrs. Breyfoglel: Primghar. Sorensen, Vera QMrs. Martelll: New London, Conn. Utesch, Florence: Beverly Hills, Cal. CLASS OF 1931 Albers, Alice: Holstein. Albers, Merlin: U. S. Armed Forces. Andresen, Ida: Holstein. Carmer, Carol lMrs. Beersl: Cedar Rapids. Conover, Burroughs: U. S. Armed Forces. Friedrichsen, Pearl iMrs. Henrichsenl: Cushing. Gaedicke, Ralph: U. S. Armed Forces. Godbersen, Hildegard: Hoinein. E Bmw' Goettsch, Ethel: Holstein Hansen, Gordon: Wayne, Neb. Hansen Lois Los An eles Cal - 3 8 . - Hermecke, Lorraine tMrs. Sellmanj: Brownwood, Texas. Jatho, Donald: U. S. Armed Forces. Johnson, Marjorie: Sioux City. Kahl, Florence tMrs. Holtzj: Holstein. Leckband, Wilma: tMrs. Flanniganj: Cherokee. Leonard, Lois tMrs. Sinnsj: Alta. x6Lohff, Willard: U. S. Armed Forces. x9.McCrea, Richard: U. S. Armed Forces. - Michaelsen, Wayne: U. S. Armed Forces. Mohr, Wendell: U. S. Armed Forces. Nicklas, Freddie: U. S. Armed Forces. Raabe, Evelyn: Holstein. Schroeder, Esther 1Mrs. Seversikel: Holstein. Stamp, Ervin: Holstein. Sullivan, Duane: Rockwell City. Thomsen, Anna tMrs. Sivertl: Alta. Von Dohren, Kramer: deceased. Wehde, Evelyn 1Mrs. Bennettj: Des Moines CLASS or ma 7-31'Xl.lvA7' U' Carnes, Doris lMrs. Ericksell: Bremerton, Wash. Clausen, Lois: U. S. Armed Forces. Conover, Samantha: Holstein. Dutler, Donald: U. S. Armed Forces. Fick, Earl: U. S. Armed Forces. Fritz, Earl: Storm Lake. Galvin, James:'Omaha, Neb. Galvin, John: Holstein. Goettsch, Harold: U. S. Armed Forces. Hansen ,Lowell: U. S. Armed Forces. Hogrefe, Vanita: Holstein. lhms, Viola: Quimby. Indorf, Marie: Denver, Colo. --sdackes, Mildred: Spencer. Joslin, Gordon: U. S. Armed Forces. Kahl, June: Des Moines. Kuchel, Arlene tMrs. Hartgenbushjg Des Moines. ll E I H ll EZ I N H 'el' I! H Di 53 E N N EE F! Dil N it E N llll Z E H Dil 55 E DG N E E Gil M ill E N H Z E W H Z EZ N M Z E N N SE Z N D0 E Z Dil N E 53 N N 53 53 W Nl EE 3 W N EC Z D0 N Z I N I9 Z E N N Z 2 N H Z I M ll Z I H W Z I N N I I H IG I I IG Ill I I li ll I N 3 li H I Z ll IQ I I ll ll I I ll N I I ll ll I I ll E I IHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIBIIHINIHINIHIHIHIHIHIHZHZHIHZHZH2IIZHZHZHZHZElZBGZHZHZHIHIHIH2HIHIllIIIIIIIIDIIHIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH 2 HI E N Z 3 Leonard, Maurice: U. S. Armed Forces. Di Lohafer, Walter: U. S. Armed Forces. SE Lohff, Raymond: Holstein. W Lohff, Wilfred: Holstein. E McDermott, Everett: U. S. Armed Forces. 2 Olson, Willard: U. S. Armed Forces. N Rohlk, Geraldine: Los Angeles, Calif. E Rothforlr, Gilbert: U. S. Armed Forces. H Schlecht, Joe: U. S. Armed Forces. E Smith, Marion lMrs. Butcherb: Holstein. H Sorensen, Vernette CMrs. Chavkal: San Francisco, Z Stamp, Vernon: U. S. Armed Forces. W Steffen, Francine iMrs. Hetlundl: Inglewood, Cal. E Still, Robert: Omaha, Neb. Q Wienert, Lloyd: Sioux City. 2 CLASS or 1939 E Bagenstos, Lloyd: U. S. Armed Forces. N Benning, Phyllis: Holstein. Z Brickman, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. N Christensen, Eileen tMrs. Brennerl: Mapleton. 55 Conover, Cornelius: Holstein. E Fell, Francis: Holstein. Gaedicke, Harriet iMrs. Oglej: Roscoe, Cal. S Godbersen, Gilbert: Sioux City. N Hamil, Harold: U. S. Armed Forces. 2 Gries, Elaine lMrs. Armigerl: Holstein. W Huegerich, Donald: Iowa City. Z Klotz, Clifton: U. S. Armed Forces. H! Kroger, Mildred 4Mrs. Hansenj: Holstein. E Leinbaugh, lVyman: U. S. Armed Forces. W Lemke, Lloyd: U. S. Armed Forces. 1 3 Lorenzen, Marian lMrs. Von Doehrenl: Holstein. E Micheel, Wayna: Chicago, Ill. M Munz, Ethel iivlrs. Puruckeri: Galva. 2 Rohlk, Frances: lda Grove. 95 Rothforlr, Harold: Glendale, Cal. 3 Schmidt, Vilayne: U. S. Armed Forces. H Schroeder, Ruth Ullrs. Bochmannj: Mead, Nob. 53 Sones, James: Vancouver, Wash. E Sorensen,'.lames: Holstein. Stolley, Robert: Iowa City. wtricker, Phyllis iMrs. Hedbergl: Leon. N Thorborg, Mildred lMrs. Beycrj: Holstein. Utesch, Elayne: U. S. Armed Forces. E Veehoff, Gerritt: Storm Lake. E iVehde, Fern: Des Moines. N Will, Marvin: Omaha, Neb. E CLASS OF 1940 E W Andresen, Clarence: U. S. Armed Forc-rs. E Benning. Russell: Holstein. 3 Buell, Donald: Hofllsteln. U Bumann, Feme: Sioux City. S Christiansen, Stanley: U. S. Armed Forces. gg Clausen, Lois tMra. Ebertl: Schaller. 2 Di Maria, Niefa: Chicago, Ill. W Ellerbusch, Fred: U. S. Armed Forces. E Endrulat, Rozella tMrs. Baumsnl: George. N Fritz, Henrietta iMrs. Perkinsb Holstein. Z Goettsch, VYayne: U. S. Armed Forces. E Hansen, Barbara Jean: Mt. Vernon. H Hansen, Edward: Holstein. 3 lhms, Wilma: Cherokee. N Jatho, James: U. S. Armed Forces. 2 Kahl, Eugene: llnlstein. H Lohff, Lowell: U. S. Armed Forces. E Mau, Eldon: U. S. Armed Forces. N ,McCrea, Donald: U. S. Armed Forces. E ' McCrea, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. Mercer Minerva: Des Moines. 3 Mohr, 'Alice: Cherokee. E Mohr, Arleen lMrs. Wiesel: Holstein. H Parker, Patricia lMrs. Sorensenl: Holstein. E Perkins, Clifford: U. S. Armed Forces. gg Rohlk, Howard: Holstein. E Schellinga. Harriett: Lake View. H Schmidt, Donna Belle iltlrs. Fickl: Holstein. E Serk, Vernette tMrs. Heinl: East St. Louis, lll. 95 Watts, Betty Mae: Chicago, Ill. E Wienert, Wilbur: Holstein. Wiese. Clifford: Holstein. Z . . W Wiese, Roger: Holstein. Wink, Dorothy: Denison. E Witt, Edward: U. S. Armed Forces. 3 N Z N S N . Z ll Cal. ...lf CLASS OF 1941 Arn, Norma: Ida Grove. Asprey: Gene: Sioux City. Bagenatos, Merlin: U. S. Armed Forces. Bauer, Melvin: Holstein. Bruning, Ferne: Storm Lake. Bruning, Laverne: Washta. Buck, Alfred: Washta. Christenaon, Donnabel: Hollywood, Cal. Conover, Claude: Holstein. Conover, Opal: Omaha. Neb. Conover, Tom: U. S. Armed Forces. Dau, Raymond: Holstein. Dittmer, Arlene: Holstein. Drews, Mildred: Omaha, Neb. Dutler, Delores: Holstein. Endrulat, Florence lMrs. Pattersonl: Wichita, Kansas. Ewoldt, Elona Jean: Los Angeles, CaL Friedricllaen, Loren: Holstein. Friedrichaen, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. Goettsch, Verdean: U. S. Armed Forces. Hansen, Rodney: U. S. Armed Forces. Huegericll, Paul: U. S. Armed Forces. Jatho, Elwayne: Holstein. Kahl, Earl: Holstein. Kahl, Shirley: Northfield, Minn. Kelley, Dale: U. S. Armed Forces. Larson, LaVeene: U. S. Armed Forces. Leonard, George: Holstein. Michaelsen, Wendell: Holstein. Niemeier, Louis: Holstein. Olson, Wendell: U. S. Armed Forces. Porterfield, Mary Beth: lovva City. Rohlk, Everly: Holstein. Smith, Helen: Council Bluffs. Sorensen, Donald: U. S. Armed Forces. Sorensen, Marie: Omaha, Neb. Steen, Eldon, U. S. Armed Forces. Stolley, Betty: Holstein. Thomsen, Harold: Omaha. Vohs, Wilbert: Holstein. Wehde, Ray: Ames. Wehde, Roy: Ames. Weise, Winola: Holstein. Wittrock, Robert: Holstein. is l CLASS OF 1942 ligining, Gladys: Holstein. Blagof, Laverne: U. S. Armed Forces. Clausen, Fern: Holstein. Di Maria, Joe: Chicago, Ill. Drager, James: U. S. Armed Forces. Ellerbusch, Lester: Holstein. Ewoldt, Adaline IMrs. Schuettj: Madison, Wisconsin. Ewoldt, Lois: Holstein. Gaedicke, Bessie: Los Angeles, Cal. Galvin, Margaret Jane: Omaha, Neb. Gehrta, Geraldine fMrs. Bruningl: Holstein. Goettsch, La Vonne: Oakland, Calif. Goettsch, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces. Hammer, Donald: Holstein. Helkenn, Verdean: Holstein. Indorf, Luverne: Denver, Colo. Jackes, Robert: U. S. Armed Forces." Kahl, Russell: U. S. Armed Forces. Larson, Sherman: U. S. Armed Forces.- Lemke, Eunice: Holstein. Lill, Louis: Holstein. Lorenzen, Minnie Ida: Holstein. McCubbin, Lois: Sioux City. Meyer, Lorraine: Holstein. Rathert, Harold: Ames. Rice, Irene: Cedar Falla. Roehlk, Lois: Holstein. Schlinz, Lloyd: Holstein. Rohlk, Winifred: Los Angeles, Cal. Vohs, Burdell: Holstein. Stamp, Darlene: Holstein. Steen, Harold: U. S. Armed Forces.- Steen, Leslie: U. S. Armed Forces. ' Thomson, Mildred: Holstein. Sindt, Howard: Holstein. Whitehouse, John: A es. . , ...WA W . .... -,....., , . ,. ,.., L- N E! 3 H H E 3 Dil M Eli gg N N E gg N gg II 3 Bi gg E! gg 95 N EC 3 N gg 52 gg H N il 3 N gg E 3 D9 pq E gg N W 3 E Du N 2 3 E41 N 52 3 05 W 2 g W pq E 3 M N E5 2 Dil pq E 2 N W E 3 W H E E N pg E 3 N M ii gg Dil N 2 g EG M E g W N E 3 Dil N Z 3 N N 2 g Dil gg I g N sq 2 g N N 2 z IG N I 3 ll N I 3 IG N I I ll M I E IB M I 3 ll gg I gg ll N 2 Z N M 2 g N M ll i 2 lllllllllllllllllllilllllblZNZIIIHZHZHZHIIIZHIHIHEHIMZHZHIHIHEIl2HZHIHWHZN2HHH!!!IIIIHIHZHIIIIHS!!!HIllllllllIHIHZHIIIIHIIIIHSIIIIIIIIIH .4-P a.. 1..-

Suggestions in the Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) collection:

Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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