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'E -I IN I. I I I 2 I , 4 I I N' AN Nm U I , .4 -Q . I I , . ,sf II I. I I -- EI I 'VIIIIIIIIIV V IFQEQ Q I II.: III I I I I N III! gm-QI I f I II I- k J- . I ' II'IIIIIIIIIfsf IW II " ,. . I I II -I 'I'MI'1aI I II - I X. I :III IN I III H ' I I. -III INQIIIIS-WWI In I' 'III I XQRIIUHIIGFIQS I , QII 'X IIIII x XIQS If A I! I 'X 'I I' II I II e I. Iv H' .- IHESIII' I N NYIIIHIIM II I I 'I I A If I IifssII-I ' 'jx Ev- I I I I I 25: lib. I 2"q'-'?':frffS'fff:' Q5 ww 2I lL'?7"'7'i'5 T3Y7?E?fZIf'2f'J-5 I , 0. . II I I I if I- S I I :3"5f5 MQ, " A ' I I If I I ' I 1 If-' .5 I - III I I I It . - WIIIIII I I I I - I II' . ' BI' , X Y""ik1"-" 'Of I ' 'I ' 2IiE:L2.v-,-. I III ' Ig Iji.IfII.5I1 I.I Ik kg 'I5-5,:.fg1g:ggfs.'5' 3' 'rj IW I 'I ww I. ,, ' ---. - ' 'I-I-I., 1 INIIIIIIIIII 'II ' PSI SSI iv III A S MIMWSEIISEEII I JI 1 IIIIIIIQ' I I I II -II rs II IIIII2IfIII'I ' ' 'I:"ISI- ' 2 ' I 1 II ESI ' 4 "' I" I II I' II5IE?i' I 'I 'Y"MII I GUI! I . I 2 IX .. .fII:I- , IIIQII I IX 'I Q ' I EEII III ZI I" I, I I II ' wQINII I ' II I I If ..., .,:.. . ZII "' I I I I IIIQ 5 II VII III , 5 rII ,L HwIUI"IQI:T'E' I I I I ' iI I F I A I'IsI:IIIIgfII?1I X:fQ"II II I I I 'II I IIII I :Img 4 I -gy.: I N Q.-..'l I I II I I Q III ,, X ,IMIIMW unlllllll I , I M 'IBN mi -I I .L232 .I. 1-III-I doueua A I I, III' Iillx ' Mix ...I z F f I 7 A In .I I ,ITM I I I ' 'II' ' QII-0 I I mf I , -N P! ,Q I I I' Q III .I - 'I I- II F I QI I ,II52f.:I-w,,i -I -' I I Q I , I : 4 ' I, ' . I I I II 'I III I I I . :Ibex I ' .BTI-I ku N A 4' -.N 'V :EIQLI J, ,ik I I2--ISIIIIII V I II If I 5' I 'F I 'I I .I-'FI 51' II i I I II I III I II mga I I 'I I I I A !"x .Jr K 3 ' . I if? 'L A4 III 'Ii su - Z I 1 Q I ' QIQQIJQA , I --II. , SI. ,NI II I I ,., ' f 1531 ' Q? 'AJ I I II I5 K . I IIIIIII 21 :A I5 :SMA 3521. I I- I I I I li "!, II: VIII?-, In f II A I I' I wr' IIISIIUI S3 I x, N, I N I ' 'O I I II I I I I SEI I IIIIIL ' II I IIN I I I 'III' I5 I I ' II I , ISI- ' A S ' I .I N'-jf .I A I Q, -IQ I I I I I I I ,f?1IIE" '. .X I MI .. I IIIIXX I I""' II 'I "" I 11 I XfI"I"' vii ? I I I ' ' ' '- '72 I 'IIIIEIITII I 3 II I I I 'I I I IIEI"III?II'II3IIII5 II In 'wh .I I' x IW, , IIWIII- II I wr. N' "I'-III2 IWIISII I: I IIIIN xg - .N... - x-- . ., .. W II I I- L. a X . R I IIXIW V Q-,I I I 'fiuind I IIIIIIA-.Ill QIIIIII NLEEYH hz II I. 'E-I.II.IIIlIlll!i!!!I!Ill, 'B .I 'I ., 'Ii' gg II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Q WI ' 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I If ,II QI 'II-I xxxv I I 'III ' ,III II I -7 III .III I I IIIII I 'Ig 1' NIW I js-59 , I .I 3-gg I I I I XI III "I ' II' 15 X I - I. 1. I I I o II 9 Qi, X ,..y'I I I I Wx III- I II I ' I H, I I I ,AI I W I II 1,0 M' 1 - ' if ,ff ' II ' ' ug 1 I I 1 'V l fmsf 4' ' I , . I I I I :3 I I Le? xx X A MK MII-,III'II I I JI Qi'-rm' . 5 hm .I I I -I - zu IIE we I I., II I X I I EE I , I XJ vga gag. x l, -.,L,:j ' I I. I if high I I IFE. TV .L ' I I I II A I XIX I " " II I I I II I Iv I III I-AMN-:LI N I -I , I ,, fy I AQ-42.a.-,II - I , MFI' I I- .Eff-,In I - -I I I In IH z I .xv , - I I ij, I IIN! I I I I If 1 I I I' I I I I2 x I II I I I I I I 5 I I ' III I . I I I I I 3513-'ii-zfzjfszfzz:-sgy ' I , mi: ' I III I- M IIIQSGIII IIIII' I ggjgi II X' f4'??" 2 :H H I d +41 4222 5- A XLYII! I III. I I,:'I:3'1l ' 'Ives - IEJIM ' ,IIIII I -Y IIII nitsf ' ' - 1- ...Q-?iII,.?xIy:g--i-I'-I III I ,II ,I -I I V I I . II5fIIIIIIIIIIIII"' lI' ' IEQI .I X i x III. I ' 'II' 555 533 I isa. I ' F5 I+ IIIIIII f II I I ' 52 ,E .... E t'.z:ax5:i?IQ?E?fZ.IIIIII: I Nt L xqxixbbf 'stil :ii4'Q, ' XII ,I'II AD' Ji I' IIIIIIQI JQIIMII IIIQI IIII I 'I L -' IIII II :III ' III. YI? . ' I N? ,III f M i Q I1 IIIII I MW fxW,,f gigklwf l l ,M J WV 'vii' 'Q' QW? V gxbqvzljoegoe Q ' - t W W6 if JL jwffqqb ff' 54,0 41 - ffzflfiiliaf WMM 16,7057 'ff r Wfefffwgeffgf WMM ymgffrffyl ' :elf fi P l y 'u'fW, fy, ,A I . , mfyfgf' 5-,L 9,3 Copyrighted 1936, by pf? Kpj S James Forse, Editor M ' Russell Johnson, Business Manager y It 'YA Sc tt Harrod, Faculty viser Nga A M ' GALA THE HI CDF GALVA I-IIGI-I SCI-ICDCDI. GALVA, ILLINOIS STREET SCENE IN BISHOP HILL DEDICATICDINI Ninety years ago a vessel captained hy John I3jorIc, set forth from Geile, Sweden, bearing on it a group oi reIigious dissenters. Under the Ieadership oi Eric Janson and imbued with an indomitable energy and an unpreaIcahIe iaith in God, they founded the Bishop I-IiII coIony on a IoneIy expanse oi IIIinois prairie. Knowing that any history of GaIva, of IIIinois, or of the great Northwest itseIF,wouId be incompIete without the mention of this settIement and its Iounders, we, the Class oi 1936, dedicate this GaIahi to them and their descendants. F RE RD In this tenth volume of the Galahi, we, the staff, have attempted to link present-day Galva High School with the Bishop Hill colony. Each division page has been planned to represent some event or phase in the development of the colony that is also pertinent to that section of the book. It is our desire that everyone who sees this annual may realize the courage, the faith, and the persistence of those liberty-loving Scandinaviansg realize too that those same qualities are necessary in a modern educational institution. Within each division and supplementing the main theme of Bishop Hill, terms from the Norse mythology expressive of that section and its activity have been used. Since all of our readers may not be familiar with mythology we are here printing a glossary of the terms. AESIR: The chief Gods. Teachers. BIFROST: The bridge between heaven and earth. Extra curricular activities. BRAGI: God of the Drama. Band, glee clubs, dramatics. LOKI: God of laughter. MIDGARD: Abode of the lower people who have not reached Valhalla. Under- classes. ODIN: Chief of the Gods. School board and executives. RUNES: Alphabetical signs made by carly peoples, written or engraved in stone. Calendar. Advertisements. SAGA: Tales of heroism. Club articles. SKULD: The future. Class prophecy. THOR: God of thunder and war. Football, basketball, track. URD: The past. Senior activities. VALHALLA: Paradise for heroic warriors. Senior section. VALKYRIES: Handmaidens of Odin who battle for Thor. G. A. A. VERDANDI: The present. Class Will. VIKINGS: Strong men of the North. G club. NTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS ADMINISTRATION Oforfarat ledareskap ar icke av mindre betydelse i dag, an di kapten Bjork styrde sin lilla far- kost over den stormiga Atlanten. CAPTAIN JOHN BJORK Dauntless and daring leader- ship is no less important today than when Captain Bjork piloted his tiny ship across the stormy Atlantic. IW . if E: Q I xx P 'iii E74 ll ig I il I K 5 vb ODIN BOARD OF EDUC ATION C. F. SCHVVAB, S'i:cln-:'r.xln H HNRY C. SVVEAT PHXRI. J. BEIIGIAND A. S. YOUNG GALVA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL AND BISHOP HILL lt can be said with truthfulness that the existence of the Galva Community High School is, to a large extent, due to the enterprising persistence of the people of Bishop Hill. Altho the community of Bishop Hill is not a part of the actual school district, their interest has been a distinct part of the school. The people of Galva who came from Bishop Hill were the originators of the idea that we should have a Com- munity School. Members of the Board of Education have frequently been men who originally lived in Bishop Hillg a good percentage of the students come from Bishop Hill and many of those who do not are only one generation removed. Galva Community High School wcl- comes Bishop Hill students because they are good workers, enthusiastic learners and capable young men and women. VVe want Bishop Hill to feel that this High School is their High School and that they are considered by the school an integral part of this school community. 'We are particular- ly glad to dedicate this school annual to the community of Bishop Hill. C. A. lVeber. BISHOP HILL EDITION CLARl4lNCl'l A. YVEBER Superintcizdent of Schools Illinois College, B.A. University of Illinois, lNI.A 9 ODIN ,J Tl-IE VALUE OF A I-HG!-I SCHOOL mia EDUCATION HARRIS HI. ROBERTSON Principal of the High School Illinois College, B.S. University of Illinois, M.A. Records show that the high school enrollment in the United States has increased several times over what it was in the early years of the present century. This is due in part, of course, to the increase in population, but to a much greater extent to the better op- portunities offered today for going to high school and to the fact that laws have been passed njaking secondary education free to all the children., with- i11 the country :ind in corporate towns and cities. A question of primary importance, however, which each high school stu- dent should ask himself or herself, is this: 'WVhy am I in high school F" Is it "because everyone is doing itw or "because my parents send mei' or is it "because I realize this great opportun- ity which is mine and am striving to make the most of the opportunity? There is little doubt as to which stu- dent will get the more out of high school work, and develop the better habits for the years to come. To the boy or girl who thinks of high school days as merely a period in which to "mark time" until some life work comes along, the time is worse than lost, for high school is Life and the habits gained him will remain through the years to come. It is my wish for you, the graduating class of 1936, that you will find in after-life that your high school days have been profitably spent, and as you take up the more serious business of living outside of school you will find already developed habits which will be of help to you in meeting the problems of our modern world. -H. M. Robertson. 1936 GALAHI " AESIR "lo" Tl-IE FACULTY BACK li ow Scott Harrotl, Nlatlieliiaties. Knox College, .'X.Il. VVinifrecl Hamer, Music, Art. Knox Conservatory of Nlusie: NYestern Illinois State 'Teachers' College. ll.Nlus.I'Itl. Mildred 0. Lapan, English. Hetlrling Collegeg University of Chicago, I'h.Il.,A,Nl,: University of California at l.0s Angeles: University ot' Illinois. Alice Nelson, Seeretary to the Supei-intentlent. Grave Diehl, General Seienee, lliologgy. University of Illinois, A,ll,g University of Southern California: University ol' Iowa. Evelyn I.. VValIer, History, Lilirary. Grinnell College, ll..-X.: Stale l'niversity of Iowa. Mrs. Verna Vogt-Isang, Home Economies. Illinois XYesIeyan University, ILS.: Illinois State Normal I'nivi-rsityi l'uiversity of Colorailo. Harry K. Tlirasher, History, IlIi'0llUIllll'S, l'niversity of Illinois, ILS. lol XII Fl H 1 ll FnoN'1' Iiow in Il. Romans, Coach, Manual Arts. Illinois State Normal, Il.Erl.g University ot' Illinois, University of Nlichigang Uni- versity of Southern Californiag Stout Institute: Northwestern Coaching Schoolg General Motors Institute of Technology. 'ee C. 'l'huIin, Iinglisli. Illinois State Normal University: Univer- sity of Illinois, I3.S.g University of IViseonsin. irenee .L Stirnpert, Girls' Pllysieal ltltlueation. lienrlall College ot' Physical Enlucationg liastern Slate Teachers' College of Maili- son. Sli.: Sterling College of Sterling, Kansas, IIA. rris M. Robertson, Principal, Pliysies, Chemistry. Illinois College, ISS., University of Illinois, KLA. Clarence .L Welle r, Ile II Ir Su erintenflent, Tri-fonometrv, 1' . Vocations. Illinois College, A,lI.3 University of Illinois, lNl.A. len Xl'arren, Commercial Snlijeets. Cornell College, ll.A.g University of Minnesota: A State Teachers' College of San lose, lahfornia: Gregg College. elen .XIn':nnson, V Latin, Iinglish. French. I.QTlTlI1lI'tl College. A.ll,3 University of Xllisuonsmg University of Coloraclo. in Ii, Ilrakensiek, Vocational Agriculture. University ot' Illinois, ILS.: Colorado State College. BISHOP HILL EDITION OLD COLONY SCHOOL CLASSES Den sista av tegelbyggnaderna uppfiird av kolonisterna, den gamla koloni skolbyggnaden, dbirme-d sym- boliserande kunskapsinhbirnstandet sisom det yttersta av alla mil. Last of the brick buildings to be erected by the colonists the old col- ony school thus symbolizes that education is the ultimate of all goals. 'iii l X -, if if A arf 7-N 7151 Q' 113: , y N I fiii Cl as f- - af. Em, 5 I Iii It VALHALLA CLASS OFFICERS President HAItOI.D HINGE Vice-President MARTIN APPELI. S'ecretary-Treasurer JANIS BOOSTROM Sponsors: Mit. ROBERTSON, MR. THRASHER, Miss ,x1sR.lxMs'oN Motto "Find a VVay or Make One" Flower CARNATION Colors BLUE AND VVHITE LIRD MARVEL ANDERSON CLA. A. 1, Piano Accompanist l, 2, 3, 45 Inter Nos 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Home Ee. Club 45 Dramatic Club 4. MARTIN APPICIJ, Football I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 25 Mixed Chorus 25 llasketball 2, 3, 49 Music Festival 35 Oh Doctor 35 The Ghost Train 35 Glee Club 3, 45 F. F. A. 4, Secy.5 Year Ilook Staff 45 Dramatic Club 45 Vice-Pres. of Class 45 Quartet 4, "G" Club 3, 4. EILEEN HINGE Chorus 15 Tarpaulin 15 Inter Nos 1, 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Home EC. Club 3, 4, l'res. 45 Pep Club, Galahi Stalif 4. HAROIID HINGE Inter Nos I, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: "G" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Gypsy Rover 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Skidding 35 Oh Doctor 35 Class Treas- urer 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Student Council Pres. 45 Galahi Staff 45 llig Hearted Herbert 45 Quartet 4, "Applesauce" 4. DARLINE BLOEDORN P.E. Demonstration 1, 25 Chorus 1, 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secy.-Treas. 35 Tarpaulin 1, 2, 45 Leaders Club 2, 3, 45 Skiclding 35 Oh Doctor 35 Music Festival 35 Year llook Staff 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Home Ec. Club 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4. FRANCILLE BLOEDORN Chorus 1, Z5 G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Oh Doctor 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Home Ee. Club 3, 4, Trcas. 45 Dramatic Club 45 Pep Club 45 Galahi 4. JANIS BOOSTROM Chorus 15 Inter Nos Club I, 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Student Council Treas. 45 Galahi Staff 45 Tarpaulin 4. FORREST BUTTON LaFayette High School 15 l'. E. Demonstra- tion l5 Glee Club 45 l'ep Club 45 F. F. A. Treas. 4. VV.-XYNE CARLSON lland 3, 45 Glee Club 4. BISHOP HILL EDITION CLASS HISTORY To the class of '36 belongs the honor of being the Iirst to have completed the four-year course within the walls of the new building. In '32 seventy-seven Freshies entered the corridors for the first time. However, after four years of work and play together only fifty- five remain, the rest having been obliged to enter other fields. Through the four years of school life this group has established a good record in both scholastic and extra-curricular work, being represented in every organ- ization in the school. On February 28, 1935, the class pre- sented the play, "The Ghost Train," which will long be remembered as one ot' the best ever presented in Galva. It is hoped that, as the doors of the school are closed behind this class, the bigger tasks confronting it in life will be as ably cared for as in High School. SKULD By 194-0 she will be a renowned con- cert pianist and will be with the Stock- holm Symphony Orchestra. Sitting at ease in his air-conditioned barn, Farmer Appell will be working his 3,000 acre model ranch by means of a radio-controlled robot, Putting to use her experience as Galahi typist, Eileen will be private secretary to Haile Selassie. Clothes that are dingy are still sent to Bingy in 1950 and Harold who be- came a C. P.A. in 194-5 is in charge of entire chain of Binge and Sons' laun- dries. In 19446, Dolly will be living on an onion farm not many miles from the fair city of Nekoma. The Sophie Tucker of 1950 is none other than our own Franeille-and she's still the life of the party. A specialist on the valuable art of chewing gum quietly. By 1950 Button's zippers will have replaced Button's buttons. A cornetist in the Chicago Symphony. MAXINE CATON orus 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter cu 1, 2, 3, 4, P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, , Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 3, Oh Doctor 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 4, V AIL H PIL L1A SKULD The head dance instructor and leader of her famous orchestra at the new Municipal Dance Hall Nekoma. 'iii 1 3 1 bf? We fi URD ll Ch Nos A' vim: Fl b 4 S I E Pep Club 4. HAROLD CUBBON l'. E. Demonstration, F. F. A. 4. ISABEI. EKICKSON Chorus 1, 2, P. E. Demonstration 1, Oh Doctor 3, Home Ee. Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. JAMES FORSE Cheerleader 1, Tarpaulin 1, 2, 3, Editor 3, Oh Doctor 3, Music Festival 3, Football 3, 4, Inter Nos Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Galahi Editor 4, Dramatic Club 4, Honor Roll. IRMA FREECE Chorus 1, Inter Nos Club 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gypsy Rover 2, Student Council 2, 3, Pres. 3, Declamation 2, 3, Tarpaulin 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4, Oh Doctor 3, The Ghost Train 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Leaders Club 3, 4, Galahi Staff 4, Big Hearted Herbert 4, "Applesauce". DEAN GIBBS Track 1, Chorus 1, 2, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Glee Club 4, Sound Cast of "The Ghost Train" 3. HELEN GRANQUIST P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, 4, Home Ec. Club 3, Pep Club 4. IRENE HAVVKINSUN Chorus 1, Band 1, 2, P. E. Demonstration, Inter Nos Club 2, 3, G. A. A. 3, Home EC. Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4. JEANNETTE HAYES P. E. Demonstration, Band 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 4. MARY ALICE HEFLIN Student Council 1, Inter Nos Club 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Tarpaulin 1, 2, 3, 4, Tap Class 1, 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Leaders Club 3, Skidding 3, Oh Doctor 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Home Ee. Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Galahi Staff 4, Big Hearted Herbert 4, Honor Roll 4, ' Apple- sauce". IVIARY HISE Chorus 1, Inter Nos Club 1, 2, Tarpaulin Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Secy.--Treas. 4, The Gypsy Rover Z, De- clamation 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cheer Lead- er 2, 3, 4, Oh Doctor 3, The Ghost Train 3, Home Ee. Club 3, Secy.-Treas. 3, Leaders Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Galahi Staff 4, "AppIesauce". SAM HOARE Latin Club 1, 2, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Ghost Train 3, Oh Doctor 3, liand 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Chicago High School first semester of 4. ARLENE HULTQUIST G. A. A. 1, Inter Nos Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 3, Oh Doctor 3, P. E. Demonstration, Glee Club 3, 4, Home Ee. 4. HARLAND JOHNSON Track 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, one Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Gypsy Rover 2, Tarpaulin 3, Music Fes- tival 3, Oh Doctor 3, "G" Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, "Applesauce". Principal at G. H.S, by 1956. Leader of Galva's Society whirl, is this once demure little girl. Jimmy exercised his editor's preroga- tive and censored our prediction. 'Sn1atter, Jim, l1ave you had enough of being an editor? Truth may be stranger than fiction but it is a fact that in 1953 Irma will be happily married to a very prosper- ous automobile dealer. A professional snow shoveler in the heart of Africa. VVins the giggles contest at tl1e state fair. Champion figure skater in tl1e 1948 Olympics in the Isle of Man. Her pies Win all blue ribbons in 1980. Using her ability to organize and manage, Mary Alice, world-famous so- cial welfare worker, will found a second Hllll House in the slums of Ulah in 1960. In 1937 Mrs. T. and her hubby will be spending their honeymoon by touring the country on a bicycle built for two. Sammy will be living off his wife's wages as dancing instructor. VVife of the assistant doctor of the CCC camp. In 1953 Rube will sell more cars in his territory than any other dealer. 1 9 3 6 G A. L A. H I iii V'AtL H AtL L14 RUBY JOHNSON P. E. Demonstration 2. 45 Commercial Con- test 35 Pep Club 45 Tarpaulin 45 Honor Roll 4. RUSSELL JOHNSON Football 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Gypsy Rover SKULD Clerk in the baby shoe department at Marshall Field's. White House occupant during the boom times of 1957. VVithout doubt 14 W 2 - 4 URD lb A A 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tar- paulin 2, 3, 4, Editor 35 Oh Doctor 35 Ghost Train 35 Skidding 35 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Pres. 45 Band 3, 45 Year Book 45 llig Hearted Herbert 45 Quartet 4, "Applesauce" 45 "G" Club 4. LEON KENNAUGH Sound cast in "The Ghost Train" 3. JOHN KUSTER P. E. Demonstration 1, 25 F. F. A. 4. BERDINE LARSON Inter Nos 1, 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Chorus 25 Leaders Club 35 The Ghost Train 35 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Secy. 45 Home Ec. Club 3. 4: Honor Roll 3, 45 Gal- ahi Staff 45 Big Hearted Herbert 4. DONALD LARSON Track 15 Chorus 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Sound cast of "The Ghost Train" 35 Oh Doc- tor 35 Glee Club 45 "G" Club 45 Band 4. LAWRENCE LARSON llasketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Oh Doctor 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 gfilihi Staff 45 Big Hearted Herbert 4, "G" u 4. MAXINE LIND Chorus 1, 25 Latin Club 1. 25 Tarpauliu l, 2, 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Student Council 25 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Oh Doctor 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Lead- ers Club 3, 45 Year Book Staff 4. MARGARET LUCKE Honor Roll 1, 25 Chorus 1, Z, 35 Tum- bling Club 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Tap Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Leaders Club 2, 3, 45 Oh Doc- tor 35 Home EC. Club 3, 45 Inter Nos 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. DONALENE MILLER G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 P. Demon- stration: Home Ec. Club 4. RACHAEL MOORE G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, 45 XVaukegan High School 35 History Club 35 Latin Club 35 Pep Club 45 Glee Club 4. CARREL MORGAN Shanghai American School. China I, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Soccer 2. 35 Football 35 Junior Class Play 35 Assist. Business Mgr. School Paper 35 Photographer for Annual 35 Football 45 Galahi Staff 4. MARTHA NASLUND G. A. A. 15 Home Ee. Club 45 Pep Club 45 P. E, Demonstration. CLEONE NEICE Chorus 1, 25 P. E. Demonstration 1, 25 Home Ec. Club 3: Galahi Staff 4. DVVIGHT NELSON Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 Ghost Train 35 Tar- paulin 3, 45 Inter Nos 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Dra- matic Club 45 Basketball Manager 45 Big Hearted Herbert 45 Year Book Staff 4, Apple- sauce 4. VIOLA NOHBOM Chorus l, 25 P. E. Demonstration 1, 25 Hon- or Rollg Commercial Contest 35 Oh Doctor: Ghost Train5 G. A, A. 3, 45 Home Ec. Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Big Hearted Her- bert 4. B IS H CDP H lL L E DI TICD N Rudy will have a New Deal plan to bring back the long-forgotten depres- sion. Professional house haunter. Shining shoes of Chicagoans in New York. After becoming well known in the night life of Paris, Berdine will settle down to a quiet life in the country in 1960. A star basketball player on the Notre Dame basketball team. Don's partner on Notre Dame's team. Sentenced to Sing Sing for life in 1959 for being a radical and plotting treason against Russell Johnson, presi- dent of the United States. In 1942 Lucke will be introducing her tenth husband to former classmates. Girls' physical education instructor at Galva High. A second Betty Boop on both stage and screen. In 1952 Carrel will be busy delivering Morgan's seed corn to the Chinese by airplane. Blues singer with Katharine Kelly's orchestra. President of a school for training stenographers. Editor-in-chief of the 194-0 Ballyhoo. He will be attempting to buy out the Galva News. Model for latest fashions in the Swanky Nite Club at VVoodhull 119413. GK 5 W LJRD JUNE NoRi1NG Chorus 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2, 4, Pres. 4: P. E. Demonstration: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4: Student Council 1: Oh Doctor 3: Home Ee. Club 3. Pres. 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Galahi Statif 4. FLOYD OLSON Track 1. 2, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Football 1, 3, 4: P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, 4: "G" Club 3, 4: F. I". A. 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Glee Club 4. MARIE OLSON Chorus 1, 2: P. E. Demonstration 1, 2: Oh Doctor 3: Commercial Contest 3: Glee Club 3, 4. NORMA OLSON Latin Club 1, 2, 3: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: P. E. Demonstration 2, 4: Band 3, 4: Home EC. Club 4. LOVVELI, RINGLE Chorus 1, 2: Track 1, 4: Oh Doctor 3: Ghost Train 3: Glee Club 3, 4: F. F. A. 4. VVARD ROBINSON P. E. Demonstration: lland 3: Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: "G" Club 4: F. F. A. 4. MILDRED ROSANDER Chorus 1: G. A. A. 1, 2: Inter Nos Club 1, 2: Tarpaulin Staff 1, 2: P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, 4: Commercial Contest 3: Home Ee. Club 3: Pep Club 4. EUGENE SCI-IMITT Tarpaulin 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 3: Inter Nos Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ghost Train 3: Oh Doctor 3: Music Festival 3: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Big Hearted Herbert 4. RAY SMITH Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 1, 3: Gypsy Rover 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Oh Doctor 3: Music Festival 3: Dra- matic Club 3, 4: "G" Club 3, 4: Galahi Staff 4. ROBERT SODERBERG Inter Nos Club 1, 2: liasketball 1, 2. 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Tarpaulin 2: The Ghost Train 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Oh Doctor 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: "G" Club 4: Galahi 4: Big Hearted Herbert 4. JAMES SODERQUIST Inter Nos 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Secy. 3: Ghost Train 3: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Glee Club 4: UG' Club 4: Tarpaulin 4. VIRGII. SUNDBERG Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Gypsy Rover 2: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: "G" Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 4: Oh Doctor 3: F. F. A. Pres. 4. FLORENE SVVANSON Chorus 1: Inter Nos Club 1, 2: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, 4: Home Ee. Club 3: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Gal- ahi Staff 4. .IOSEPHINE TI-IOMPSON P. E. Demonstration 1, 2, 4: Glee Club 4: Home Ec. Club 4. DAItRI'lI,I, VVESTLIN Chorus 1. 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Tarpaulin 2, 3: Glec Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4. ROY VVICK P. E. Demonstration. Nl lk L tl it l. L IN SKULD The singing and dancing partner of Bob Johnson on the New York stage 119561. He'll be a member of the Notre Dame basketball team, too. Drop a nickel on the drum for Marie. She will be a Salvation Army girl. Employed by Kresge's, selling kisses. A reward will be offered for "Hook- er" dead or alive 09481. In 1950 VVard will be purchasing a car that will go 55 and bust. Secretary for overseer of all CCC camps Q1954j. Selling his own pain killer to simple minded folk will be quaek doctor "Schmitty,' Q194-6b. Composer of the hit song, "I'll be Pleased if Yoeum Over to My House." In 1951 Bob will be an automotive engineer for Chevrolet. He will have designed a new streamliner in 1950. The best flap jack tosser that the VValdorf-Astoria ever had 119521 Hill Billy singer for the 1944- W.I..S. Barn Dance. Florene will be the chief guide in the Alps Mountains U94-3j. Assistant to Professor Einstein f194-OD. In 1970 Darrell will be the millionaire owner of the "Cuttem Up Meat Mar- ketf' Acrobat for Ringling Brothers. 1 9 3 6 C3 IX L IK ti I 'iii A l 3 il si M iiii lk nfl ill ll nl 52 IX ,V VA ALLA lo IX! Tor Row Il0'l"I'0HI Row .I A NIS' BOOST ROM IVIARVIGI, ANDERSON 1 mhullel "A very little mziirlen with a great big "QlfQCQ1,fQ't1'flI'ffflnff,"f3lfEfQQ'fm" ,round Oh! 'IililgdIl1ese :ire harfl to f:lll!I.H NIARTIN AI'PEI,l, I40IiIIIaS'1 BLIIUIN "Apple" uI'l"Wfl'v HMY home ig in In-avi-H "Life is short and sweetie 1'm here on 1 visit," 1,111 Sllflff-U 1'lII,I'lI'lN IBINGIC VVAYNN CARIISOQI N "Binge" ffmsimw UAIWHYS IHUIJIIIIIIJ Zlllfl full Of full, HIFZIPYIICTS are the foumlers of civilization She is liked hy everyone." , 1 , 4 JUIIN CARKULIA HARl?hIfIJUBIINC1lL f.R0me0-- 1 OC' . 40. If "1 nm Z1 silent man from the great "I love to winrl me up, Ollt-0f'fl0UI'S.' I love to hear me go," ' ' Y W Y 1 V A f " M.UxINI'. CAION 72 DARLINE Bl.OI'lDUliN 'KKittv" I "DoIlv" ' A ' "She'II CIHIICC her Iifc away, Ul'm not lazy, Anil men will Ieacl the way." I just II0n't feel like working." Y U ' I N IIIXKULD CIIBISON 1"IiA52II1I,I'l BLUIIIDUIIN' JG S-Cubbyv' K ls "A H1211 who to his husiness tends, "The life of the party." Anil careth not for female friends." BISHOP HILL EDITION -In ,.,,rv' Tor Row ISABEI, EHICKSQN Isy' "From the country she did hail, As a friend she'll never fail." few' JixM14s FORSE 909-fl --Jim" "A studious boy of thc jolly sort, That's a real true friend and a dandy sport." HJ b ,af IRMA Flalmclc ,ff UF1ip1Y "To pleasure and to sport inclined, A woman still who knows her mind." DEAN GIBBS X "G rumps' "Make much of meg Good men are scnrre. IIELEN GR ANQUIST WWW "Grammy" 39" A "Shes pretty to walk with And witty to talk with." ., ' x. ., IRENE HAVVKINSUN We SEIU "lYhen a man is in the Case, You know all other things give placef' VALHALLA I3U'1"F0'1VI R ow Wi? .mANNE'1"i'E HAYES l K 'li -is '- ll QI 2 gag id! E as ,' Y . 0 , J lr. DA . f 7 "Janet" "She's just the quiet kind XYh0se nature seldom varies." . -I If MARY ALICE HEFLIN Q, " scMarywv "Loyal hearted, strong of mind, el I is -' A finer girl you'l1 never find." If l ...Mu MARY HISPZ i97""1f""'fj ' "Hise" 'twhen one is truly in love, One not only says it but shows it." h ' fag " SAM HOARE "Sammy" "l'm an old smoothy and just like putty ln the hands of the gal I lovef, 6P1fZ2,-M., . ARl.l'1Nl'1 H l'I,'1'QUIS'1' x 7 'tl'm so quiet and so easy going, gs You'd hardly guess what 1 might be doing." A HAH LAND .IUHNSUN "Rube" "'l'he scriptures say: 'Tis not good for a man to he alone'." 1936 GALAHI 'iii-A Q3 y v A L H A L L A , M f 'iiiigl lk X TOP ROW n " H RUBY JOHNSON' -56 "1'm not lwashful, I I'ni just well trained" RUSSELL JOHNSON "Rudy" "Sayl Here's a new one, or Have you heard the one .IIHJLII--I' LEON K ENNA UGH . "Ossie" "The man who blushcs is not yet a brute." ,,60""f JOHN K USTER "General" "If silence were golden, He would he a millionaire." BERDINI41 lnxnsoxei A "Beans" "If you like them tall, it' you like them fair, You have one here, needn't look elsewhcrcf' DONALD I,AnsoN "Donnie" I 3 B "XVhen the wind is in thgsouth, lt hlows the lzait in the hsh's mouth." BISHOP HILL EDITION BOTTOM Row LAVVRENC li LAR SON "Lorney', 24 "A tall lad is always looked up to." , ,, NLNXINE LIND ,, f saMaXvv "Though the stars were falling and the world out of joint, She would continue to argue and carry her point." A MAIiGARE'I' LUCKE HIAIICIKEJ, ' ' "NYhen I shut the floor upon one wooer, Another one knocks at the gate." I DONALENE MILLER in "Donnie" "The amliitiou of this peppy lass ls to lmoss a future P. E. Class." RACHAEL MOORE as "Betty Boop" "As through her life she blithely goes, She loves to talk and vamp and posef' CARR EL MORGAN "China" , "I know a girl with dreamy eyes Who could win me as a prizef' jp Tor Row MARTHA NA SLUND "Tootsie" "A cuter model is hard to find." .4- CLEONR NEICE ,j "Tottie" j "She is quiet-who can deny itw And to know hcr is to appreciate her." DWIGHT NELSON "Dwitters" "Study has made him very lean." v10I.A NORBOM V X ccVie!9 - "Love is like the measles, VVe all have to go through it." JUNE NORLING "Junie" "Modest, simple and sweet, The very type of girl to meet." FLOYD OLSON uoleyn "All lvlonds are not light headed." VALHALLA Bon-0M Row X 'ii MARIE OLSON "Shelli make the right kind of a wife To cheer up any man's life." ,fig .ll EEF X NORMA .OLSON7 ,X 0 "M1ckey', 71 " 'Tis true that she is much inclined To chit and chat with all mankind." LOWE LL RINGLE "Hooker" "Studying is hard on the constitution: I tried it once." VVA RD ROBINSON "Burr" "In books there is no ple-asureg I must have my lvit of leisure." Rosv VX omen were made before mirror And have been there ever since. L' Q . , . ' 4' , MILDRED ROSANDER P Ki H! df' EUGENE SCHMITT "Rudy "It is not for me to work while others play, l'll be more diligent some other clayfl Aftsx B iff 1936 1 V -,E G 4' ..., '-LJ A,.. 3 mv., ALAHI le fx Joi: ,gg VALHALLA ' 620' if all f ' iwwifs? ,W W I T 0 P R ow HAY SMITH "Lemon" "lie careful, Ray, True love ncvcr runs smooth. liOI311lli'I' SOD IC R II NRG "Bob" "XYurry never mzuclc ll man gr NYhy shoulrl I worry?y' JAM ES SOD ERQl,'IS'I' "Surly" "They say I1e's bashful But you'd he surprised." VIRGII, SUNDI3 I-IRG "Raw-lmmws" "All great men are rlearl and I'm not feeling so well." CLARENCE SVVA NSON "Clink" vi Clit: XYQ are sorry he's withclrawn, H For his cheery smile is gone. BISHOP HILL EDITION I3o'1'1'oM Row FI,OIlENI'l SVVANSON uhwat-9 "Easy come, easy gu. Ilut my word is honor bound." IRENE TIIOIVIPSON "'1'ommIe" "Life is a gamble, Ilut I'm zu gainlmlcrf' JOSEPHINE THOMPSON 'Ni "J ne' "This4young lailly is quite niccg She is your friend in just a ihricsf' DA R R ICI. VV HSTI ,IN i' "Dewy" "XYith the girls l1c's lmndy, Anil with the jokes, a dandy." ROY WICK "XI'einer" "My tongue Ixctwccn my lips I rein For who talks much must talk in v'm1 VALHALLA We, the Senior Class of Galva Community High School, of the city of Galva, County of Henry, and State of Illinois., having been proven of sound mind, do hereby make, declare, and publish the following, as our last VVill and Testament: I, Marvel Anderson, will my magic Hngers to John Cromien. I, Martin Appell, will my wit to Donald Jones. I, Eileen Binge.. will my giggle to June Morse. I, Darline Bloedorn, will my make- up to Joyce Galloway. I, Janis Boostrom, will my positfon in the band to Dale Baldwin. NVe, Forest Button and James Forse, will our altitude to Earl Lind- quist. I, VVayne Carlson, will my ability to attract girls to Harold Lapan. I, Maxine Caton, will my curly hair to Dorothy Nixon. I, Harold Cubbon, will my shyness to Jack Silver. I. Isabel Erickson, will my Winsome smile to Douglas Simmons. I, Lawrence Larson, will my heart and hand to the fairest in the land. I, Russell Johnson, will my gift of gab to William Kewish. I, Mary Alice Heflin, will my am- bitious nature to "Scar" Nelson. I, Helen Granquist, will my giggles to Lucille Larson. I, Mary Hise, will my dancing abil- ity to all who can use it. I, Jeannette Hayes, will my reserved manner to Marjorie Hampton. I, Francille Bloedorn, will my ex- cessive avoirdupois and my motto, "Laugh and grow fatu, to Irene Kelly. I, Dean Gibbs, will my affections for Margaret Lucke to Merril Griffin. I, Irma Freece, will my tapping ability to Phyllis Cederberg. Raimason Smith, will my ability to make love to Ann, to Harlan Palmer. Harland Johnson, will my ab lity to court a girl to Ralph Dolk. Ruby Johnson, will my skill in typing to Alice Jones. Florene Swanson, will my enor-- mous stature to Helen Rounds. Berdine Larson, will my drama- tic ability to Jeannette Heflin. John Kuster, will my farming ability to Robert Hampton. Leon Kennaugh, will my blushes to Lorna Hammerstrand. Arlene Hultquist, will my inter- est in the CCC boys to Louise Hayes. Irene Hawkinson, will my strut to Gunnel Lusth. Donald Larson, will my love for fishing to Quinten Appell. Maxine Lind. will my arguments with the teachers and everyone in general to Fern Peterson. Margaret Lucke, will my ability ot "get my man" to Dorothy Nel- son. June Norling, will my modesty to Martha Anderson. Donalene Miller, will my love for athletics to Elizabeth Leaf. Rachael Moore, will my stall CStahlj to Dorothy Simmons. Carrel Morgan, will my Chinn tongue to Robert Bodeen. Martha Naslund, will my grace- ful actions to Maxine Peterson. Cleone Neice, will my quick tem- per to Olive Jolmson. Dwight Nelson, will my studious ability to Gideon Barlow. fContinued to Page 535 1936 GALAHI 4 'iii . f xx Shiny: J K, 4 Eff 1 Ik MIDGARD ' I 94 llack Rowf llalrlwin, Ifinhraaten, Appell, Cromien, Silver, Linflcluist, lloflecn, lalmer, irantz, , minions Griffin, Nelson. I Third Rowf-fllr. XXX-lier, jones, Leaf, Hayes, Robertson, Anderson, Galloway, Fahnstrom, llodeen Nixon, llammerstranfl, M. Peterson, Morse, Bliss Xvarrcn. Second RowfHonghlon, Larson, Rounds, Xlcklillan. Appell, C'erlerlmcrg', Silnmons, johnson, Lust Kelly, ID. Peterson, lleflin, Hampton. Front Rowfllarlow, Kewish. Lapan, Roberson, XYiek, Ilolk. Erickson, Lambert, Hampton, Jones. tvhen the Junior Class first started on the "well-worn" path to High School as Freshmen, they boasted a membership of fifty- three. This number remained the same until this year, when it drop- ped to forty-nine. Many of the members have been on the honor roll during the past three years and their names have become a familiar sight to all who read the 7l1l1'IJI1.7LIi7l. The class is well represented in athletics such as football, basketball, and track, as well as in G. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Ulub and other school clubs. Un Friday, March 13, l936, the Junior Class presented the play, "The Nut Farm." Although nec-- essary to postpone the play three BISHOP HILL EDITION times because ot' cold weather, it was very successful when finally given. All the parties of this class have been backed by good sportsmanw ship and cooperation. The Juniors won the inter-class contest for highest attendance at basketball games. In the remaining year the class hopes to keep up its record and bring honors to Galva High school, as well as to its members. The Flass Officers are: President ................ Frank Nelson Vice-l'resident .... Robert Hampton Secretary .... ...,.....,.,.,,. A Alice Jones Advisers : Miss VVarren, Miss Stimpert, Mr. VVQ-ber Advisers: MIDGARD TI-IE SGP!-ICDMGRE CLASS Back in '34, fifty-seven new students entered Galva High School as Freshmen. However, during the course of their school life three of these have gone other ways. This class has very ably represented old G. H. S. in ath- letics, the boys participating in football, basketball, and track, the girls becoming loyal and active members of the G. A. A., and all taking part in their parties and sports. Beginning last September, fifty- six entered for the Sophomore year. Two new faces were among the number returned. This year the class was well represented in football, basketball and track. More of the Sopho- mores were out for the teams this year and their improved ability earned some ot' them their letters. Concerning extra-curricular ae- tivities it can be said that this class has done its part. The "Inter Nos" Club, Tarpaulin, Glee Club and G. A. A. being some of the activities that the Sophomores helped by their faithful work. The class has enjoyed its par- ties both years and with two more years hope to continue their fine and outstanding achievements in all phases of school lite and to live up to the high standard set for themselves. The class officers are: President ..............., Robert Greep Vice- President ...,.,,, Robert Teeee Secy.-Treas ............ .John Collister hlrs. Vogelsang, Mr. Romans, lNIr. Harrod llaek RowffXl1'. Harrofl, Swan, Carlson, Norbom, Cr:-eson, Ford, lloye, Palmer, Seaton, ilrenl Teece. Edwall, Krantz, Nr. Romans. Third Row-Schneider, Hotz, Glas, ll. Olson, Gooflley, ll. Thompson. Rose, E. Peterson, Grant Slover, Linrlblom, Iackson, Nelson, Steagall, Mrs. Vogelsang. r Second Rowfharson, Heimer, Young. llanlon, Talbot, H. Hise, Sayle. ll. Ulson, Lewin, Collins M. Thompson, Spencer, Hammerlunfl, XViekey. First Row-Robinson. Ulanrler, XYalker, Obere, llazelleaf, H. Olson, fiihhs, l't'eil, Kapple, Horton Collister, R. Olson, lrlanilin. 1936 GALAHI 'elif A M I D G A R D X J .1 . JK ,., C' I' Top Row-Ilruw, NIz1h:1fI'0y. I,:1rson, Sorlurlisrg, fi. Anclcrsoli, Cioon, XYl1ite, Xorflstrom, R. Miller etcrson, I. Miller, Slfilllll, Iirown, Iloorlalu, IJ. johnson. Hintz. 'I'I1ir1l Row 'Miss XYz1lI0r, XY0stlin. llecllunrl, II. johnson, Scllon, Norl1on1, Iiuster, Rose, Lee, Illznlxe Pierce, Iiurnntt, Conclly, Smith. jones, Hayes, Nlr. Ilrzilculisicls, S0conrl Row-Miss Ilichl, Ilall. NHTIISITOITI, Vznulever, Cow-Il, Nlznson, IJ0Nov0, Colfer, Yocum 1'Iought0n, Sperry, Carr, Swzmson, KIu1.1r:11.gc', johnson. 1 First Royvflf. rlohnson. Y. Ifriclcson, Griffon, l.:1uli, VI. johnson, IJ, johnson, II0114, Sailor, Horton lorklll, XI:1ss1ng1lI. Ericson. 'IiI'lfIl1lI!SUII, I.g1111lJ0rt. lic-vcro. Tl-IE PRES!-IMAN CLASS 'I'l10 IIIUIIIIIOYS ot' H10 class of '39 2lllllL'2ll'L'iI in tI10 high school corri- dors lust SCPICIIIIJOI' with EL lost :incl s0z1r0rI 2l1lpL'2ll'2lllCL'. But it was not long u11tiI Hu-y IIOCELIIIC :100uston10cl to th0 n0w routinc. TI10 c-nfl of tI10 y0:1r found tI10n1 an intvgrzll part of high school lif0. Many 14ll'0SIlIll2lIl girls h:1v0 joincrl H10 G. A. A. and tl10 Home Iivononiics Club, whiI0 those boys who are int0r0st0d in agriculture joinocl tl10 F. F. A. This y0z1r,s 1'll'CSIlllHLll Class has h00n proucl of H10 fact that six to flight of its lllClIIllOl'S w0r0 on H10 honor roll 0:1cl1 I0l'lll, to l0:ul all otl10r classcs in this r0gz1rcl. DQLI0 Horton, lidwin lllassingill, D0z1n Brown, :incl Victor IVl1it0 w0r0 n10n1li0rs of H10 footlizlll squzul. BISHOP HILL EDITION In lmsl40tlmll Nfll'lIl2Lll Iinrson was H10 only 1'll'CSIlIIl2Lll to r000iy0 11 111i11or I0tt0r, but Victor VVhit0, Dale Soclorbcrg, G0rry Nordstroxn, Rob0rt Hintz, liv0rr0tt0 Nolson, 1101111 Brown, and Ivan Coon IIIZLKIC up il Iigliting Frcslinnui t0znn. TI10 LIYCSIIIIICII of this y0:1r are conficlcnt that thcy l'1z1v0 11ot t'z1lI0n li0loW H10 SI2lllfI2l.l'fI s0t by oth0r classes and it is tl10ir l1op0 to s0t fl new stzmdard in a1thl0ti0 and scliolustic :10I1i0v0n10nts during the n0xt tl1r00 yC2ll'S. TI10 Class 0mL7C1'S are: Prcsiflcnt ...... Hilcl0ge1rrl0 Johnson Yicc-I'r0sirI0nt ,.,,...,.,., Ivan lloon S00y.-'I'r0:1s ........... 171110 Socl0rb0rg AfIvis0rs: Miss Diehl, Miss VV:1IIOr, Blr. ISYZLIQCIISIQIQ ATHLETICS Pioniir dagarna med dess strider hiir till det fiirflutna, men den okuv- liga anden forbliver ett virt Galva High School idrott kiimpurs viirde- fulla arv. Iuhi ii 'x J 3. VVarring and pioneering days are past but 11 fighting spirit remains- the valuable heritage of Galva High School athletic teams. k I I Q jim gh- ll L bil Alvin' . li ' QE THOR I!110k Roww- Iforsfc, C. Horton, Hintz, I70l'II. Ilolk, l'oIIist0r, II11111Iin. Second Row-I.1111:111. NI:111:1g0rg Nulsou. Silvvr, HiI1I1s, I.i11nIquist, Tecce, SorIe1'quis1. Mr. Romans I'I'0Ill Row-f I'I2lIl1jlIf711, Ilrr-vp, Horgzxn, Ulsou. SlII1III5t'I'j1, Ilingc, ,Xpp0II, Soda-rlvcrg, RoI1i11so11, 1011115011 Norbom, Ilorton in front. FCDQTBALL A good siz0d squad 1'0po1'10d 1o COELCII 1i0IIlElI1S 111 1I10 IJCQIIIIIIIIQ' of s0I1ooI in S0p10111I101'. 01' 1I1is 11u111- IJ01' six w01'0 I01101'111011 ELIICI s0v0r11I o1I'101's w01'0 0xp01'i01100d 111011. H111'oId Bi11g0 was s0I0010d ILS CEIIJIELIII ZIIHI OVCVYOIIL' Iookcd for- w111'd 1o 11 I1ig'I1I.v su000ssfuI s011so11. B111 i11 H10 f11's1 g111110 111 K11oxviII0 Ray SIIIIIII I111d 1I10 IIlISIi0l'IUllL' 1o b1'011k I1is I0g. 'l'I10 loss of this Il2Ll'lI-lII'IVIlIg' I1110k-I10Id 1111111 1ook H10 11011 ou1 of G11Iv11 1111d 1I10y Ios1 il I1111'd-fougI11 g'111110. A w00k I11101' Ji111111y Sod01'quis1, 21 IIIQLIIISIEIP' i11 1I10 Ii110, YVELS f0l'CL'1I 1o quit foo1- I111II du0 1o 1111 i11.iu1'y SIISIFLIIIOKI i11 BISHOP HILL EDITION 111'1101i00. IIIIIQ Ioss of H1050 1wo seniors sc-01110d 1o IJl'C2lIi 1I10 111o1'11I0 of H10 1011111 SHIKI EIIIIIOUQII 1I10 1011111 0111110 i11 figI11i11g 111 H10 01111 of 1I10 SCELSOII 11 w11s 1oo I1110 1o S1011 H10 Shing of d0f0111s. TI10 LIZLIVEL 0I0v011 Iost 0igI11 CllCOlIIlI'Cl'S wI1'iI0 1yi1'1g OIIC 1o Ii11isI1 I11s1 i11 H10 BI110kI111wk C011- f01'01100. 1-XIIIIOIIQII 1I1is is 1101 21 sur-00ssfuI 1'00o1'd EIS s0o1'0s go, H10 boys 01111 11IW11ys 11oi111 wi1I1 pride 1o 1I10 11101 I'Il2lI H'10y wc-1'0 s1iII f'igI11i11g i11 1I10 I11s1 QZLIIICS PAIIKI wiH1 good Iu0k 1I1is s111110 I'Ig'I'II should 2lCCOL1llI' for lXI11iz0 Ellld Blue wins 110x1 yC2l1'. FCDCDTBALI. KNOXVILLE 12-GALVA 0 Although Galva outplayed them in the first half Knoxville came from the rest period to shove the ball across the goal line twice. Ray Smith broke his leg in the Hrst quarter. VVYOMING 6-GALVA 6 Galva's scoring punch was lacking in the first home game. They came within scoring distance several times but had to be satisfied with one touchdown. Wyoming scored in the first period, Galva in the last. GENESEO 38-GALVA 6 Too much speed. Galva lost heavily on Geneseois field in their first night game. Galva's touch-- down came in the final quarter. BRADFOR D 384-GALVA 7 The Maize and Blue were unable to cope with the heavy Bradford team or stop the power plays. They lost heavily, Bradford scoring at will. ABINGDON 141-GALVA 0 After a stellar performance in the first half, the locals tired and they lost a close game to Abingdon who won 1-1--0. The line, however, al- THOR SUMMARY lowed less than 100 yards gain but Abingdon's timely scoring won for them. ROOSEVELT MILITARY ACADEMY 18-GALVA O The Cadets, helped by long runs, won on a muddy field from Galva. The team, however, showed more pep and fight in this game, playing almost equal in ground gained. WETHERSFIELD 37-GALVA 0 Galva had an off day, Wethers- field scoring easily throughout the game. Galva came close to scoring after an 811-yard punt by Hampton but their attack fell short. K INGMAN 12-GALVA O Galva came back strong to put up a game struggle with the heavier Peoria team. VVitl1 a few breaks the score may have been different. . TOULON 12-GALVA O An evenly matched contest during the first half, but Toulon scored in the third and fourth quarters to win the first game from the Maize and lilue since 1929. The game saw eight seniors parade with the pigskin for the last time 1936 GALAHI 'iii fi' 9' it iii ll? 'ivy j K -n iii? ll ' si Vi. 31 Ik THOR llaek Rowf-Mr. Romans, Il. Nelson, R. Ilolk, Sc-cond Rowflf. Nelson. H. Hinge, NI, Appell, I.. Larson, Iolinson, IJ. Larson, lf. Olson, Hampton. Front Rowffollistcr, flreep, ,-Xppell, Teeec, Ilarlow, N. Larson, Hamlin. BASKETBALL During the fall a number of boys who were not out for bootball held basketball workouts twice a week. But it was not until after the last football game that Coach Romans called oilicial basketball practice and to that first call over forty boys responded. This was the largest squad in the history of the school and until it was cut to eighteen, two shifts had to be run in order to handle the group. Floyd Olson was the only letter man available from the previous year, but using him as a nucleus and Bunk Hampton, Joe Binge, Scar Nelson, Don Larson, Lorney BISHOP HILL EDITION Larson, Russ Johnson, and lVIartin Appell, Coach Romans produced as successful a team as Galva has had for several years. The record of victories during the season itself was not spectacular, but the llflaize and Blue placed second in the Dis- trict Tournament, losing the final game in a hair-raising battle. The hopes of the next two years lie in the present second team which, so far, has given every indi- cation of having what it takes. If this squad works hard they should make basketball history for Galva High. 2 29 THOR BASKETBALL SUMMARY FIRST TEAM Martin Appell Harold Binge Robert Hampton Russell Johnson Donald Larson Lawrence Larson Frank Nelson Floyd Olson fCaptainj FIRST TEAM SEASON'S RECORD Galva .............. 141 E. Moline ......., Galva ...,....,...., 1 S Bradford ........ Galva .... ,..... 1 9 Alpha ............ Galva ............,. 15 VVetl1ersfield .... Galva .... ...... 1 5 LaFayette Galva ...,.. 23 VVoodhull ........ Galva ..... ,..... 2 1 Alpha .............. Galva .... ...... 2 5 Geneseo ........., Galva ...... 10 VVyorning .....,.. Galva ....,. 29 Genoseo .......,., Galva ...... 20 Bradford ........ Galva ...... 2111 Toulon ,.....,.,... Galva .... ...... 2 VVoodl1ull .,,.,,.. Galva .... ...,.. I 5 VVyoming ..,.,.., Galva .... ...... 1 2 Toulon ............ Galva .... .,.... 1 8 LaFayette Galva ....,......... 21 Wetllersficld .. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Galva ......,....... 27 Wloodh ull ...,.... I7 Galva .... ......A 1- 9 Atkinson ........ 24 Galva ....,......... 241 LaFayette REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Galva ..,..,......., 23 VVethersficld .JIS SECOND TEAM Quinton Appell Gideon Barlow John Collister Robert Greep Harry Hamlin Donald Jones Harold Lapan Norman Larson James Norbom Gerald Nordstrom VVallace Pfoil Robert Teece 0 0 S E C' O N D T E A lll SEASON'S RECORD Galva .........,.... 23 Bradford ,,,,,... Galva ,..... 20 Alpha ,.,.......,,,, Galva ,..,. ...... 2 7 VVethersHeld ,... Galvn ...,.. 6 LaFayette Galva ..,. ....... 2 I VVoodl1ull ,....... Galva ...... 21 Alpha .,.,.......... Galva .....,...,.... 25 Geneseo ,......... Galva ...... l l Vllyoming ........ Galva ....., I8 Genesco ......,.,. Galvn ...... 36 Bradford ...,.... Galva ,.,.,, 27 Toulon ....,....... Galva ...... 144 Vvyoming ...l.s.. Galva ,,.... 32 Toulon ............ Galva ...... 18 LaFayette Galva ......- 12 XVetl1crsfield .. 1936 GALAHI 'iii . iN 2 13 gli slip, f ll i J E . N 5 '. '. ge ' w "l ' l assi W THOR 30 llack Row-Hampton. VVestlin, Greep, Tecra, Hoare, lloyc, IJ. Larson, Seaton, Sundllerg, Morgan M r. Romans, Front Row-fllrew, Nordstrom, Collisler, Krantz, l'feil, XYhitc. Robinson, Simmons, Massingill, Hintz 1936 TRACK SEASGIXI r frack practice this year started in the gymnasium as usual with about twenty-five men reporting on the initial night. Only one of these is a letterman but all tl1e others are working just as hard. In the pole vault Greep and VVhite are contending for a place, and in the high jump, Hampton, Olson, Pfeil, and Greep are work- ing hard. Hoare and Nordstrom in the IQO high hurdles and Collis- ter and Greep in tl1e low hurdles are going fine. Clollister and Doye pump their feet as hard as they can in the 100-yard dash and Doye also runs the 220 well. lllorgan and Sundberg should come through in the AMO and Binge and Hamlin in the half-mile. BISHOP HILL EDITION VVestlin, Teecc, Simmons, and Massingill work on the mile, Roh- inson heaves both the shot and discus, while Sundherg helps in the shot and Hampton also helps in the discus. Hampton and Doye throw the javelin, and although their ain1 isn't so good, the javelin goes quite a Ways. In the broad jump Collister, Greep, and Binge sail through the air "with the greatest of ease!"?? The first track meet this year took place on April 16, 1936. IVethersfield and LaFayette were here. IVethersfield tied LaFayette for first place with 49 points each, while Galva received only 28 points. 31 " THOR if SUMMARY CDF 1935 TRACK SEASCN me Last spring some sixty boys reported for track practice, with three lettermen returning. Be- cause of the bad weather that prevailed, track work was started in the gymnasium. In the first competition of the season, which was a dual meet with Bradford on April 16, Galva did not show up so well and were beaten by ten points. The second meet was at Toulon, April 26. Here Galva showed up to better advantage, losing by only three points. The relay was not run or the local squad might have bettered their own score. The third track meet, which was scheduled for May 3, was post- poned. The schools entered were Orion, Cambridge, Geneseo, VVeth- ersfield, and Galva. THE COUNTY MEET By far the most important meet on the lVIaize and Blue schedule was the Henry County Interscholastic Competition held last year at Cam- bridge, lVIay 10. Galva High marked up a total of five Hrsts, two seconds, and two thirds. Firsts were won by John Galloway in both high and low hurdles, by Harold Binge in the half mile, by Earl Copeland in the pole vault, and by Eldon Hoxworth in the javelin. ' Hoxworth placed second in both the shot and broad jump, Clyde Lind placed third in the high ump and John Nordstrom third in the discus. Hoxworth was high-point man among the Galva entrants with eleven points, while Galloway was second with ten marks. Victor VVhite scored for the Galva grades by placing first in the pole vault. Track and field totals were as fol- lows: Galva 33, Geneseo 31, VVethersfield 26, Cambridge 13, Orion 12, Alpha 11. On the day following the county meet Galloway, Hoxworth, and Binge entered the district meet but only Galloway placed. He scored nine points, winning first in low hurdles and second in high hurdles. Those men who competed for the last time for Galva in these meets were: John Galloway, John Nordstrom, lllarshall C o wl e y , Clyde Lind, Earl Copeland, Eldon Hoxworth, David Anderson, Dale Halsall. 1936 SCHEDULE April 25-Relays at Bradford. lllay 1--YFreshmen-Sophomores at Cambridge. lNIay 8--County meet here. llfay 9-State District meet at lVIoline. lNIay 15-At Geneseo. May 20-Blackhawk Conference at Bradford. 1936 GALAHI IWW VALKYRIES 11 , TTIT '1 1E Back Row-Sch11ei11er, V. Tones, Binge, Larson, Caron, Appell, Hayes, Lucku, A. jones, S. Houghton Leaf. Frecce. Third R0W7R0lll1f1S, Miller, NI, Hisu, N11rIing, Lind, ID, Illoerlnrn, Miss Stimpc-rt, E. Peterson H:1mm0rstr:1n11. Kelly, 51101101-r, N, Olson. 501301111 Row -F, 111111-1111r11, M. .X, H1-11111. xvlblllljl, l'4111i11s, 511510, '11111111111s1111, 1,0wi11, IJ. f11S0l'l, H. Hin Yucum, H111111111, Hz1n111t1111, T. 11C1'11I1. Sw:111s1111. First R11wi1Z1:1110, 111111, Iii11111,11, .I1111ns1111, XY0st1111, 111-N11v11, l'11If01', S111-rry, 1. 111111g1111111, Nlngrzi 1 H1-11Inn11, Curr. GIRLS' ATI-ILETIC ASSOCIATICDN T110 G11'1s' A11110110 Ass1101:1111111 was 111'g:1111z011 111 193141931 I1 11101 1w11 11ig111s El W1-011 in 1110 11111 11130111 ll1111s0. Misscs D10111, '111111- 1111, 11I111'g1111, 111111 C'1:11'k W01'0 1110 s11l101'v1s111's. In 1932-1933 11111 111-w s01111111 was 11111s11011 211111 1110 G. A. A. 11101 l1l1f101' 1110 111100111111 111 Miss F1111- 01100 S11IllllCI'1. I1:1s1 y0z11' 1110 l1'l011l1DOl'S1l1I1 was 11111 as 1:11'g0 ILS i1 1l2lf1 110011 111 1110- vious y0:11's 11111 111 1935-1936 1110 01u11 was as 1z11'g0 as 11 112lS 1-V01' 110011, 1l1LV1llg' 50 lIlO1I111Cl'S. T110 l'Cg'll12ll' 111001111gs w01'0 111-111 1110 fi1's1 'l1LlCSK12ly 111 011011 1111111111 211111 BISHOP HILL EDITION 111011 sl1001111 111001111gs 111 1110 01111 111' 1110 1111111111 w11i011 w01'0 110111 111 11111 f0l'Ill 111 1111v011y p:11'1i0s. This your 1110 111101-s01111111 z1c11v- 1110s 111011111011 11110k0y, s110001', ?l.l'C1l- 1-ry, 11:1s0111111, 11:1sk0111z111, 1'LllIl1J111lg', 111111 11111. Bfzuiy girls will 1'000iv0 111011' s00111111 s1:110 11w:11'11 1111s yl'1ll'. T110 11f1i001's 1111' 1110 y0:11' z11'0: 1'1'0si110111 ............ IJOIIELICIIC M11101' 1'i00-1'1'0si110111 ........ J11110 N111'1i11g S001'01:11'y ................ .... N I111'y H150 P111111 Mz11111g01' .... S2ll'1l,1l I'IOLlg'1l10ll A11v1s01': Miss 1'1101'L'llL'0 S11111l101'1 ACTIVITIES Vila fran de dagliga modorna och besviiren skanktes kolonisterna uti deras hjartevarma religion och uti det diirmed nara sammanbundna so- ciala livet. LGNY E. I Release from the cares and the labors of each day was afforded the colonists by their heartfelt religion and its social aspects. 'HW E II I K y Y Iii I 5 It ll - I ll If-fl 31:1 in I K y '4 BIFROST TI-IE GALAI-II Tl-IE TARPAULIN BISHOP HILL EDITION Hack ROVVfNl0I'g'2llI, Schmitt, Soflcrqnist H. Hinge, Appvll, Nelson, I.. Larson. SL-concl RowfXYestIin, Swanson, E. Hinge li. Larson, Norling, Iioostrom, Smith, Mr llzxrrofl. Front Row- Nic-cc, Linrl, Hcflin, johnbon lforsv, lfrcccc, lllocslorn, His:-. Hack Row-R, johnson, Tomamichel, R JOIIIIFUII, IIIOCKIOTII, Heflin, Griffin. Front Rnwflloostrom, Covell, Robertson N1-lslm. Leaf, Schneider, Ilisc. 35 .4 Blrnosr A-as TI-IE GALAI-II To every Senior Class falls the duty of editing the GALAH1. Last fall the Class of 1936 elected James Forse, Mary Alice Heflin, and Irma Freece to organize and publish a yearbook. These three, with the aid of Mr. Hari-od, faculty adviser, selected the rest of the staff and started work on an annual whose primary purpose was to record faith- fully the events of the past year. The staff was aided greatly by Mr. Lass of the Wagoner Printing Company of Galesburg and Mr. Marsh of the Pontiac Engraving Company of Chicago. To these two men go many thanks for their sug- gestions and help in technical matters. The Seniors also take this means of thanking the underclassmen who helped on the book, but who are not properly on the staff. Last year's GALAH1 was awarded a first class honor rating by the Na- tional Scholastic Press Association and it has been the desire of every Senior to make the 1936 GALAIII even better. THE GALAH I STAFF Editor-in-Chief ............,.. lames Forse Assistant Editors..Mary Alice Heflin Irma F reece Underclasses .......... James Soderquist Sport Editors ............ Bob Soderberg Ray Smith Girls, Athletics .......... Berdine Larson Activities Editors ...... Maxine Lind Janis Boostrom Mary Hise Snapshot Editors Carrel Morgan i Eugene Schmitt Calendar ,..,,,,,...,.. Florene Swanson Jokes ....,...........,....... Darrel VVestlfn Business Manager .... Russell Johnson Advertising .,...,..,, Lawrence Larson Francille Bloedorn Zlgfssription Harold Binge Martin Appell Typists ..... ............. E ileen Binge Cleone Neiec TI-IE TARPAULIN The Tarpaulin is the school paper that appears weekly in the Galva Nc-ws. It contains the news around school, news of the clubs. organiza- tions and athletics and special fea- tures. This year the Tarpaulin has been written and edited by a regular staff with the editorials being written al- ternate Weeks by the Editor-in-chief and the Assistant Editor. Every week a biography of some pupil has been published in order that the Stu- dents might become better acquainted with one another. Also this year the Tarpaulin has been done wholly by the students without the aid of an adviser and credit can be given for the fine cooperation and interest shown throughout. It can be truly said the Tairpaulin is entertaining and interesting as well as a good way to give the news to the towns- people and students. o o STAFF OF THE TARPAULIN Editor-in-chief ,.,,...... Dwight Nelson Assistant Editor Helen Lucille Robertson Senior Reporter ................ Mary Hise Junior Reporter ........ Elizabeth Leaf Sophomore Reporter Loretta Schneider Freshman Reporter Josephine Covell Boys' Athletics ........... Merril Griffin Girls' Athletics .............. Mary Hefiin Clubs and Activities Russell Johnson Janis Boostrom Ruby Johnson Estel Tomamichel Typists ........ 1936 GAALAHI iii? I I so A 5 B R A G I -Efg-iii Y-. 'Il - I. Ll gylfhllgi I lk 5 DRAMATIC CLUB KBIG l-IEARTED l-IEIQBERTQ BISHOP HILL EDITION llzick R0VV'I.1HIlZll'l, XVcstlin, R. Johnson, D. Nelson, Soalerberg, Hinge, Soclerquist, Appell, L. Larson, R. Hampton, Finlyraaten, Schmitt, lf. Nelson. Second RowwSmith, Forse, Freece, Hough- ton, jones, Robertson, Hayes, Swanson, Cecler- berg, Leaf, Lusth, M. Hampton, H. Johnson. Front Row- Kelly, Lind, Anderson, IJ. liloe- rlorn, Heflin, Miss Lapan, ll. Larson, Hise, F. Bloedorn, Norling, Norbom. Standing---Nelson, Miss Lapan, L. Larson, ll. Larson, Lapan, Robertson, Soderherg, Hef- lin, Johnson. Seated'-ANorbom, Houghton, Binge, IIYSECL Schmitt. 'ln BRAGI THE 44 BIG HEARTED DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club was organ- ized in 1920, by members of the Junior and Senior classes. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the drama. The club meets the second Wednesday of every month. The December meeting is usually in the form of a Christmas party. Some- time during the year a "Make-Upn meeting is held, at which time the members get experience in the art of applying make-up. One-act plays are given at the meetings. At the end of the year a ban- quet is given to initiate the new members. Try-outs for the Juniors and Sophomores wishing to join the club are held in the spring. The contestants appear in one- act plays directed by members of the club. In this way they are judged on their dramatic ability and the members of the club get a chance to test their ability at producing a play. Each year the club gives a three-act play. This year it was a comedy entitled 'SBig Hearted Herbertf' which, under Miss La- pan,s able direction was a success. OFFICERS President ,.........., Russell Johnson Vice-President .......... lVIaXine Lind Treasurer ................ June Norling Secretary ............ Berdine Larson Sponsor ..... ......... lN liss Lapan l-IEIQBEIQR The Dramatic Club play, "Big Hearted Herbert,,' was presented in the High School Auditorium, December 4, 1935, under the direc- tion of Miss Lapan. Big hearted Herbert, a self- made business man, wants his wife, Elizabeth, and his three children, Alice, Robert, and Herbert, Jr., to live a plain, simple life. When his daughter becomes engaged to a Harvard man and Elizabeth plans a big dinner for the prospective son-in-law and his family, Herbert goes into a fit of rage. He finally consents to the marriage when his wife serves a plain dinner of Irish stew and apple pie to one of his best customers and cmbarrasses him beyond description. So in the end he gives in to all the family,s wishes. THE CAST Herbert Kalness ..,... Harold Binge Elizabeth Kalness..Berdine Larson R0b61't .................... Harold Lapan AHCC .................. Lucille Robertson Herbert, Jr ........... Russell Johnson Martha ................ Mary A. HeHin Andrew Goodrich Robert Soderberg Amy Lawrence .,...... Viola Norbom Jim Lawrence ........ Dwight Nelson lVIr. Goodrich .,.. Lawrence Larson Mrs. Goodrich .... Sarah Houghton lVIr. Havens ......,.., Eugene Schmitt NTFS. Itlavens .....,,,,,,,,, Irma Frcece 1936 GALAHI 'iii ' Ii? . Il Yi! XI 'I dwg: IX BRAGI '38' APPLE SAUCE., II. ylohnwn, I. lfreece, Miss Thulin, D. N:-Imax, M, Hisv, R. ilolinson, H. Binge, RI. Hc-Hin. TI-IE NUT FARM., Q. Aiupull, M, Hampton, Miss Thulin, H. Ilapan, XV. Krnntz, KI, Appcll, R. Hampton, S. Ilmighton, I'. Ceclerherg, M. Griffin, I". Nelson. BISHOP HILL EDITION ' "1 BRAGI Q APPLESAUCB JI-IE NUT FARM, The Senior Class gave a play entitled "Applesauce", by Barry Conners, April 22. It was a comedy in three acts, dealing with the Robinson family. The story tells of Bill McAllister whose main idea in life is dishing out applesauce in the form of Hattery. It manages to get him the chief in- terests in life, including a girl. There are two obstacles for Bill to overcome. The first is that Hazel, the girl whom he is in love with, is engaged to Rollo Jenkins, a very industrious young man. The second obstacle is' in the form of Haze1's father, who is very pleased with Rollo and has nothing good to say for Bill. Bill marries Hazel with just six dollars in his pocket and although they have their ups and downs they finally meet with successp This amusing play contained many a good laugh and prove-d very enter- taining to the large number of people who saw it. "Applesauce,' was coached by Miss Thulin. The cast is as follows: Ma Robinson ...,.... Mary Alice Heflin Pa Robinson .............. ..Harold Binge Mrs. Jennie Baldwin .,.. Irma Freece Hazel Robinson ................ Mary Hise Mat McAllister ...... Harland Johnson Bill McAllister .....,.. Russell Johnson Rollo Jenkins ..,,........ Dwight Nelson Under the direction of Miss Thulin the Junior Class presented "The Nut Farmi' on Friday, March 13. In this case Friday the thirteenth was far from an unlucky day for the weather was fine and a good crowd attended the play. The Juniors had originally planned to present their play more than a month before but extremely cold weather forced a postponement three times. The play concerns Robert Bent and his 330,000 with which he wants to buy a nut farm, but his wife, Helen, wants to become a movie star. During the course of events, a slick movie producer prevails on Robert to use his 330,000 to give Helen her big chance to star. Willie, the sup- posed neier-do-well and nincompoop of the family, directs the picture with almost magic skill, and makes the picture a success after everyone has given up hope. CAST Mrs. Barton .......... Phyllis Cederberg Willie Barton .......... Harold Lapan Robert Bent .......... Robert Hampton Ezra Sliscomb ,......... Quinten Appcll Helen Bent .............. Sarah Houghton Agatha Sliscomb..Marjorie Hampton Hamilton I.. Holland..Frank Nelson J. Clarence Biddefard Merrill Griffin Harold Van Horton..Walden Krantz Hilda .............,........,... Mabel Appell 1936 GALAHI 'iii I K g 4 gf, -.Lili-fi 2. iii J E BRAGI GIRLS' GLEIE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB BISHOP HILL EDITION Iinvk Row Nlzirthzi Anmlvrson, Ilzunmcrstrzincl Ericson, I.ncIu-, Fuion, Appcll, Cc1IurImq-rg, I. flilyva. Xlzxfvvl .XnrIcrson, Su-nm! Row VXI. IIm-Hin, Robrrtsrnl, N0rIing IJ, Illm-rIm'i1. Norhmn, ll, JUIIIINUH, Ilultqnisl A. jones, Imzif, R. Moors. Front Rini' l.iniI, If, IIIociIorn, Ifrci-1'c, j. HeI'Iin, Miss Hzmvr, Nl. Hise, Lewin, Srhneider Hanlon, M. Hampton. Ilzick Row II. Johnson, VX'sNtIin, Smlvrqiiist, 7 Lingo, Ilnyu, Linmlquist. Snnmlhcrg, L. Larson Griffin, I':iIn1cr. Svcmirl Row--'Miss Hzmcr. Smith, Olson Farsi-, R. klohnson, Iirwixh, ID. I.!ll'S0ll, M Appvll, C':u'Ison. Front Row-W Schmitt, Ringlr, Ilnlnpton, lint- ton, Q. .Xpm-II, Pfcil, Gibbs, Collistcr, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB iiii " 41" B R A G I THE THE L'f 2 L it The Girls' Glee Club is made up of thirty girls selected by Miss Winifred Haner, the music direc- tor, who has supervised the Club since 1931. These girls sing three and four-part songs and have made great progress in their work. Since the beginning of the school year, the Glee Club has appeared before many audiences, including the VVoman's Club, the P. T. A., the Teachers' Meeting, and enter- tainments held at the high school. Many of the seniors who will be leaving the club this year have appeared in several operettas 1111- der the direction of Miss Haner. These include "Miss Cherry Blos- som,', "The Gypsy Roverf' and "Oh, Doctorn. The second semester has been spent largely in the preparation for the lNIusic Festival which was held at Galva again this year on April 29, 1936. Miss Haner has been chairman of the event for the two years that it has been organized. The committee chooses the songs to be used and these are learned by the different schools of the county. Each school sends representatives on the specified date to sing. There are two hun- dred voices in all, and Galva has sent the largest group of repre- sentatives each year. The Galva High School Boys' Glee Club was organized in 1931, and since that time has provided music for entertainments in Galva a great many times. . VVhen the Glee Club was first organized two-part songs were used but the last two years the boys have sung four-part with the exception of a few three-part. ones. Two years ago the Glee Club rep- resented the High School in the chorus contest and won second place in competition with other schools. Last year the first Henry County llffusic Festival was held in Galva. It was discovered at that time that Galva was one of the few schools in the county who had a large Boys, Glee Club. For this reason Galva sent one of the largest representations of boys to the Festival. The same situation occurred again this year with Galva sending extra boys. For three years the combined Glee Clubs have presented an oper- etta. The students have enjoyed these very much but on account of so many other activities this year it was thought best not. to give one. This was a great dis- appointment to many members of the Glee Clubs, especially the Seniors. The Glee Club has been directed since its organization by Miss Wiriifred Haner, music director of the Galva Public Schools. 1936 GALAHI i, Ns BRAGI TI-IE BAND INTER NOS BISHOP HILL EDITION Ilzxck Row--fI.nfmcy, Miller, llnostrnm, N Ulsun, I. lluyus, Mr. Vl1llI'1lSll6I', lion Larson ID. Nulflm, R. julmmn, l.. l.zn'sfm, funn, llintz llriggs, Front Rowfflll, Nelson, llc-Novo, Corlxill, R Ulsun, Ilnlv l,:n's0n, Nl. blolmsnn, llfrare. llnck ROVVf-fN0l'll!lg, Czxtou, lluycs, Ccrlcr Iwcrg, Appull, Ilrzmt, Ilulloxvay, Peterson, Rub! CTISUII, Glas, Larsrm. lfrout Rnww llammerluncl, lforse, H:-Hin Miss Almrznnsml, Lnclec, SCl1I'lClflt'T, Nelson l'lcuncr. 43 SAGA THE BAND This is the second year that the band has been organized, and it has progressed considerably under the direction of Mr. Thrasher. During the summer, lessons were again given by Captain Clayborn Harvey from Chicago, and sev- eral new members were able to join the band when school opened. The band played for football games and school plays. Several parties were held during the year, one being a Christmas party which was in form of an initiation for the new members. A bass horn was reconditioned and the band was fortunate to have VVilliam Greeson, who for- mally played mellophone with the Normal school band, to play this horn. This is a real asset to the band because a bass horn is really the hub of the band. In May a concert was given for the purpose of raising money to pay for the work done on this horn. This year the band will lose a number of its members, and it is hoped that the student body will show more enthusiasm for it and will help to increase the band to twice its present size instead of letting it dwindle, as it has since it was organized. The Officers are: President ...,......,... Dwight Nelson Quartermaster .... Lawrence Larson Librarian ...,......., Janis Boostrom Director ..... ...... ly Ir. Thrasher INTER NOS The Inter Nos is a club whose original purpose was to promote interest in Latin. Since its first organization, however, French has been introduced into the school curriculum and Inter Nos now in- cludes both Latin and French students among its twenty-two members. Only students getting a grade of "A" or "B" during the first six weeks are allowed to join, although new members are added at intervals, provided that their grades are high enough. Because high scholastic standing is a re- quirement of membership Inter- Nos is probably one of the most exclusive clubs in school. Monthly meetings are held throughout the year, with business meetings and social gatherings held alternately. The first meet- ing is always held at the school and is purely a business one, while a party follows the next month. Due to the small membership of the club, parties are often held at the homes of members. In order to gain a better under- standing of Latin and the Roman people special reports are gener- ally given at the meetings. Each year the club tries to make enough money to buy a gift of lasting worth to the school. The Officers are: President ................ June Norling Vice-President .... Loretta Schneider Secretary-Treasurer Marilyn Hammerlund AdViS0r ................ Miss Abramson 1936 GALA.Hl 'iii Pin 55 di EH, .M L Q K roi? J X SAGA I-IOME ECONOMICS CLUB FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA BISHOP HILL EDITION llack Row- Collinson, I. Thomlison, Lusth, I.1ndIion1, Iiofluen, I'. Rosc, Nixon, II. Larson, faton, IJ. Illocflorn, Hinge, Sayle, Lucke, IJ. Olson. Collins, Naslund. Tliird RowfI'IuIti1uist, Ilawkinson, Ifriclcson, I. Tliompson, fioofllcy, Norlvom, M. Rose, Andvrson, Conley, Rlrs. Vogclsaiig, III. Hayes, Spencer, Jackson, Steagall, XYICIQ:-y, Hanlon, Appcll, I.. Ilayes, Marvel Anderson. Second Row--VF. llloedorn, M. I-In-Hin, liall, I-Iedlnnd, XVestlin. Fovcll, I. Hn-Hin, IlcNovo, Yocum, Houghton, Sperry, Carr, IJ. Swanson , lXIiigrap4c, I.. johnson, jones. Front Row Simmons, Sellon, II, johnson Morse, III. Peterson, I-Iammerstrand, Matson: Hampton, Kelly. IJ. Peterson, Mclllillan, Mar- tha Anderson, H. Olson, I. Hayes, V. Norbom, Ilack Row-Ilocleen, Mahaffey. A, Erickson Strand, Simmons, Swanson, R. Miller, Koster: I'fciI, RI. Carlson. Third Row---Kannlc. Jones, Cromicn, Fin- hraaten, farroll, Mr. Ilrakcnsiek, VY. Carlson, Nordstrom. Cubbons, En1.5slrand. Nelson. Second Row-Ringlc, Harlow, Q. Appell, F. Olson, Nl. Appell, Robinson, Sundluerg, Hutton, Swan, l'I. Olson. Front Row- Thominson, R. Olson, I.aulJ, I. Johnson, V. Erickson, Roberson, Alderman, Ilazellcaf, Ii. johnson, Corkill. 45 S I-IOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club of the Galva High School is one of the newer school organizations, having been started only last year. It has flourished well, however, having a membership this year of about ninety. Girls taking foods, clothing, or home management are eligible to membership or any girl having had three years of Home Economics work. Some of the interesting activities of the club this year have been: an "Acquaintance Tea" for all Fresh- man girls in September, repairing and dressing dolls, a Christmas din- ner for a needy family at Christmas, a travel program about Sweden, a George Washington dance for mem- bers of the basketball team, Future Farmers of America, and the "G" Club, a demonstration on how to ap- ply cosmetics to which all girls in school were invitedg and a Mother- Daughter banquet at which Miss Adah Hess, State Supervisor of Home Economics, spoke. In November, four girls, Eileen Binge, Louise Hayes, Jeannette Heflin, and Jean Goodley accompan- ied bv Mrs. Vogelsang, Home Eco- nomics instructor, attended the State Convention of Student Home Eco- nomics Clubs, in Chicago. Eileen Binge was invited to speak before a group of about five hundred girls, concerning the activities of the Galva Club. - The local club is affiliated with the Illinois Home Economics Association and also the American Home Eco- nomics Association. The oflicers of the club this year were: President .........,.......,., Eileen Binge Secretary ..............,,...,.... June Morse Treasurer .. ..... Francille Bloedorn Adviser: lNIrs. Vogelsang AGA FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA In September, all the boys in the agricultural department. which is a new addition to the 'school curricu- lum, met and formed a chapter of Future Farmers of America. Virgil Sundberg was elected President, Floyd, Olson, Vice-President, Mar- tin Appell, Secretary, Forrest But- ton, Treasurer, and Ward Robinson, Reporter. In November the FL F. A. boys brought food from home and had a father and son's banquet, charging forty cents a plate. There were eighty-two fathers and sons present and they spent a very enjoyable evening. In December, thirty boys went to the International Livestock Show in Chicago. VVhile there they went through the Swift 81 Company pack- ing house. They were also shown around the stockvards. On December 13, the Sectional Fair was held here in the gym. It was an exhibition of poultry and seed corn. There were fourteen schools entered with 475 entries from ninety-three boys. The boys eligible from the Galva department were VVallace Pfeil and Alvin Erickson. VVallace Pfeil received two firsts, one second, and a third on his poultry. Alvin received second and third places. Outstanding among the social events sponsored by the F. F. A. was a dance for the Home Economics Club and the G. A. A. Levi Nye and his orchestra played for this highly successful affair. On lNIarch 11, 1936, the F. F. A. boys elected the ofhcers who will serve until April 1, 1937. The fol- lowing were elected: , President ..................., Donald Jones Vice-President ,,,..... Merlyn Carlson Secretary .......... ..... X Vallace Pfeil Treasurer ....... .......... R obert Olson Reporter .. .... Gerald Nordstrom 1936 GALAHI 'iii aff A' TTA:-2314: 1 E Iii I AI II? I X SAGA TI-IE STUDENT CCUNCII. TI-IE 4462 CLUB BISHOP HILL EDITION Hack Row- COOII, Te-ace, Mr. Robertson Appcll, Green, Nelson. Front R0wfMiss XYarrcn, Tionstrom, Binge Hampton, johnson, Mrs. Vngelsang. Rack Row-Norbom, Morgan, Smith, Teecc lircep, Soderquist, Johnson, Mr. Romans. Ifrnnt Row ---V Lindquist, Olson, Snderherg Binge, Appcll, Hampton, Nelson, Roblnson Sundlmcrg. STUDENT COUNCIL G X tiki " 47 ' s A A K gliifgxg THE THE cc 77 Two officers of each class, the president and vice-president, auto- matically become members of the student council, which holds meet- ings at regular intervals through- out the school year. Class advis- ers and other faculty members occasionally attend these meetings. The council is legislative in character and gives the students an opportunity to provide solutions for the various problems that arise during a school year. This last year the council has also tried to foster a better school spirit and better attendance at athletic events by sponsoring an attendance contest. The losers, who were the Freshman and Soph- omore classes, gave a party for the winners, the upper two classes. Senior representatives to the council are Harold Binge and lNIartin Appellg Junior representa- tives, Robert Hampton and Frank Nelsong Sophomore representa- tives, Robert Teece and Robert Greepg and Freshman representa- tives, Hildegarde Johnson and Ivan Coon. The Officers of the Council are: President ................ Harold Binge Vice-President .... Robert Hampton Secretary ...... Hildegarde Johnson Treasurer ............ Janis Boostrom Advisers: Miss Wfarren, Mrs. Vogclsang, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Romans G CLUB The "G" Club was organized during the school year 1932-1933, when a constitution and a set of by-laws were adopted. To become a member a boy must have won a major letter in either football, basketball, or track. Letters are won in football and basketball by playing in one more than the total number of quarters played, and in track by placing in the Henry County track meet. lklembers of the club who won their letter in football are: lilartin Appell, Harold Binge, Robert Greep, Robert Hampton, Harland Johnson, Earle Lindquist, Carrel iMorgan, Frank Nelson, James Norbom, Floyd Olson, VVard Rob- inson, Ray Smith, Robert Soder- berg, James Soderquist, Virgil Sundberg, and Robert Teece. VVinners of the "GW in basket- ball are: lNIartin Appell, Harold Binge, Robert Hampton, Russell Johnson, Donald Larson, Law- rence Larson, Frank Nelson, and Floyd Olson. Harold Binge is the only letter- man in track at present fMay 1, 19365. Together with the F. F. A., the "G" Club sponsored a dance in honor of the G. A. A. and the Home Economics Club. This was the first year for such an endeavor and its success promises many more dances next year. 1936 GALAHI 'ii RO BISHOP HILL EDITION Our steno the Hrst semester. M. R."--our boss. VVe have to look up to Sam here. Snapshot editors at Work. YVork for the night is coming. The faculty wonit believe this. Rawbones practicing the shot put. Pals. More pals. Still more pals. Miss Lapan looks contented here. Guess who took this picture of Loretta? Stimp-and her pyramid. ADVERTISEMENTS P5 det att handel mitte biittre och med fiirtroende expideras, etablerade Bishop Hill Kolonien ett stabilt och tillfijrlitlight pappers-mynt system fscript currencyj sikallad. 'iii MJ, it gil Q 9 E! li: M RUNES 1935-36 CALENDAR FOR SCI-IOGL YEAR I I is MI-Iii Q I f I LT? H II ffl,-Iffwwiilsnfi ,I fm' I WI I' I I II1eIfEf !5 I?f'f?9Iig'IwfI2:fifvffilffiM21 IIN I II f I ?'fe'.'1I'W4'fMif'IIII'I I'-lfwmawf IIWIII II I 'I '57 EI VI 'I' II' . 'K' ,f-?i'II5.1a' ., 17421 'I,i,'Q.l1i4I 6, ...LL,,g. -',,,Ir 1 IIIINJ IIIIIIIIIWA-4p.y ,I ,gif ,II,,W.-wg I 'yn-,fig 5 ' II IIf,IlI'III I ,I1,2I!",' ' iIV.fw,f,QQl' Ag' .ffl is fuss.. 'III I,gw'g,-'IaaIIvlL" fmwileilgi II!wp'.G!', 1 ',i i!Avw ?'- Ar -Y:i',f1fwK.fiLi I1 'fl-'fZ"?" 3" .:.4 -..x'??lVfklQi,:7aQ" SEP'l'I'lMl3l'lli dent, Harold Binge-g Junior presiclgnt, Y ' ' 3wSc'hool opens, halls are full of Gfeen Frank Neison' Sophomore, Robert , Grce ig Freshman, Hilde arde Johnson. P reshmen. I V g I 27?-Football game at Knoxville. Knoxville 10--'First of the Northwest assembly pro- 12 Calm O, Rav S 'tI, f grams-"Brown and Meneleyf' , ,im t' ml I one 0 our best football players, broke his leg' in 19-V--Class Presidents elected, Senior presi- this game. I Y,-,.a-W' 0C'1'Ol3Eli 12-Organized the Pep Club on this date. . XVIQ t : 'l I I 4-Home football season opens with Galva mfg' lyk xl Illiiiuicllli' 'lt Galvfi Fver' n playing Wyoming. ' him 'fini " ' - ' " ' ' 50 e 10--Cheerleaclers elected. Irma Freeee, 24-Report Cards are distributed for the Mary Hise, Russell Johnson, and Dar- first time. Some revipients are feeling rell Westlin. good, others are not. 1,74 - 1 ,171 : N, X, -'VI' bxfml, , 1 fi' fff-y77f7W'?'Z5'P :i:,11:f ?g'fL'xf,f'Q, if I V, " I11Ia.W7MIw.4N" rp I K., X-.jim B J, II N M lfjiaglgigyn LJ, .'I,','I' 'H "I 'Yu 'I 'I I I al--"f'f"'5I5g QM- r'I.t's"' " I ,WLT IX., If L' 4 III- IIA- ' or L f ,J -41 low! , .QQ-5 EE 51 Q:.i ffiWpf 5'Q+-e, 'F ' 5:11 'E' j ' SAN' -g -2- 1:4 NOVEMBER strom fave a verv interesting talk. i- . , 71A lIHlglC'l?lI1, Birvh, was at the school. 14-Ray Smith is bark in school. Everyone He 'tslivell' a beautiful 'irl into four is flaml to see him. v . . - V 5- F- Imrts' II as It exutmg' 21-Green Freshmen had their pictures ta- ll-Arniistiee Day program. Oscar Carl- ken for the "G,x1.,urI". VVbat pictures! BISHOP HILL K 5 D EDITION RUNES 1un1l-.rinuin'11u111nuiuuinninnniuvn MULEHIDE RCOFING and SHINGLES 9 MULE-HIBE M Roors M American Fence and Steel Posts Building Materials . . . Coal . . . Cement K'6i-Master Stoicers K 77 More than 50 years of Quality and Service co: E. W. Houghton Lumber Co. Galva, illinois 1936 GALAHI J 1 'iii R u N E s 52 it i if 114 grlflqii J..--I--I ------- I--I--n--I--I--H-H--i--M--i--m--i- - - - - - --M-I-I-I+ wgigl I I We n , I I is I I KNEEN S Galzwis Style Center I DRY GOODS READY-TO-VVEAR FURNISHINGS RUGS .- .... - .... .... I ..-n.-I..-...- .... -...-...-..n-... -..... ...-...-M-...-..- - -...-n.-..I """""" "" " "" """""n"""'"""""""'""""""""""""'"""""""'""n"""""""""""'f CENTRAL OIL 86 GREASE COMPANY I North Center Avenue Phone 146 HIGH GRADE GASOLINE AND IIIOTOR OILS "Thc're's a Station N car Youv me .... ..... .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMP----MMMI In-rlnrlll v11v1TT211T111Tf111'11T11 lllllll1Ig!g I I Caton 66 Manmng Recreauon Parlors BOVVIAING AND BILLIARDS You and your friends can howl here in the most inviting surroundings I Billhirds played on our perfect tables offer clean amusement . . economically -H111 Illl 1 lllv 1 rlll 1 llll 1 Illl 1 rvll 1 1 lrl- -nn- uvur 1 uvuu 1 uuuv -- ulll 1 ullv 1 'uuv - lllv 1 lflv -nu-uv- IIII -uw1nn-I-u- -ml-'II'-Ill-'Wi' -,n.....- .... .. .... -.....,,.-,ug,..-H.,-,....,.,.,,,,..,,,-,,,-u,,...,,-,n- - .. - ,. - - .. - ..,,,-....-,,?, GOOD FARIII EQUIPBIENT --Makffs a good farmer better ? Galva Farm Equipment Company I Telephone 43 Galva, Illinois +-M- ---- ---n-------- f--' - ---- --------------- - 1------n-- ----m------I-11 B I S H O P H I L L EDITION 1.11 1 1 1 1 1,,,,..M1.,.1m.1m11M11M1u....m......m.-g.l1,m1..1,.,,1.m.. 1 1 1 1 Coingratulations and Best U ishes " 53 ' R u N E s i :Qi fi. 4 Bu ,B ix -1- -' -"'-"!' ! .,i3'Q,,Lg,,: v I I I g is f ro m M A T T E S O N Galzvfs Big Store 11.1 1 1u'1.m1nn1nn...nm11m1uu.-M1u.1ng-.l.g1.m..nn..m,1,41 1 1 fs VERDANDI T"-'i '------- " - fContinued from Page 21 I, Viola Norbom, will my singing I ability to Alvin Ericson. I, Floyd Olson, will my physique I to Virgil Lambert. VVe, Marie Olson and Norma Olson, S will our gossiping ability to l Caroline Bodeen. . ,HOTEL BEST Vlfill be plcvzscd to i Cater to you We, Eugene Schmitt and Lowell I at all tunes Ringle, will our skating ability I A to Pearl Fahnstrom. i NI., VVard Robinson, will fifth hour i eating period to VValden Kranz. : ' 9 I, Robert Soderberg, will my big I brown eyes to Max Roberson. We, Virg'l Sundberg and Harold Binge, will our wrestling ability VV, to Harlan Palmer. I. Mildred Rosander, will my shape and to Dorothy Peterson. : I, Josephine Thompson, will my I operation to Merril Griflin. 1 K. VV. TIIODTAS I, Darrel Vvestlin, will my bluffing I ability to John Cromien. I fContinued on Page 591 -i-.-..-. -I ----- - - - +111 --un-nn-n1n1n--un1un- -nu 1111 nn 11111- 1 -- 1 1 1 1 -11114--mio Galloway Garage DIARKET STREET Galva, Illinois I use 1111111 I--1-win GA 1936 LAHI 'iii E ii Ik an N33 I I E RUNES ..-... --.--.-. .- .. ..........,.-.!. 4...-... .-..-...... .,....... I I I I I P. 1-1. HOUSE I I I I V P U M P S 3 I for SERVICE I I I T WATCHES and DIAMONDS V i Q I I Made by 5 V Blue Star Manufacturing C I 1 0mPaf1X 1 Gaim, Illinois Galvu, Illinois -...-...- - -...-..I- - .... .... , n-..n-n,l I.- .... - .... .... - - - - - -...-..- NELSON SERVICE STATION SERVICE is not our motto . . . IT'S OUR BUSINESS PHILLIPS 66 . . . . Gasoline and Oil . . . QUAKER STATE OIL 829 W. Division St. l1,.q11In1,..,1,,.,1,,,,1un.....!.,1.,,,1,m1.m1 1 1 -.. 1 1 1 1 1 n1.m...,,1,.,1,m..nn1,,.1.II1m.1m.1,,,.....,1,,,,.. M1 nn.. mi.. ,,,,1.,..1,1,,1vvn1 1,.,1M1,-.1,,,.1...1,,,.1....1,.1 SUNDBERG SHOE STORE ATISFACTION TYLE ERVICE FI.o11sHr11M, NUNN-BUSH, SHELBY SHOES EXPERT SHOE REBUILDING Admiration lronclad Hosiery - Dr. Scholl Foot Comfort Service BISHOP HILL EDITION FHELRF IS A REASON VVHX 'ii "SS " R u N E s Evita li -. ni Q. 'ti i . Q . 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I- .. .....-..- C457 D .IN R u N E s gg aff 'gl 1 F 13 I u ig u .?...-.H ---- 1.1. ------ M. ----.-- V --.----- . - ........l,!, .4 0 I l S I f I E T ron THE 15551 i 'NN-WAYS Ice Cream and Candzes i l . Q for Your Parfzvs i 'l'EI.El'HONE 259 GALYA, ILLINOIS T 6'Tl"llmTll'lWlillllTlll'Tl liTTlTT liilviil I Illlllll-Illi Illllllilllliflllllllg , . a 27' " Eflv-3,9"i"' 'QQ ir if 5- 57 4-.fzligrlr 11 if 'lg Q1 - I 'III' - " f We ilTE"e1ki 4555 -0.75-le QEEQQ. ' wgJ,4fEi'mgm-. -i f a ff : ' ' f-' -If Ls3'f'iFwf?' asv: "-- "f DECEMBER 10-Home Ev, Club gives a very good "Style Show." 'lwulillf Hearted Herberth was the name 12--The F. F. A. Club has an "Ag" fair at 5-Mr. Harrocl tells about seeing Colleen of the Dramatic Club Play. It was a great suvcess. Moore's famous Doll House. My, my, Mr. Harrod, do you still like dolls? Galva. All kinds of noIses were heard in the svhool. 19-Latin Club liacl a Christmas party, 20-VVon't be long before it will be time for Santa Claus. im '-""-""""'-' I '-"""' "i' ' ii First National Bank in Galva Galva, Illi rlcm is C0llIPI,E'l'E BANKING SERVICE Pl 1cJr1 e 31 I.-. ................ - - -l ........ .-.l 1936 GALAHI Winnie' NES I 4-seg R u Em,' I I II JE! if 3 I fs, M gli III II lxigzu I U1 III li I I 1- V E Q if Iii? erm-Imp Wim , 2 ,- Iwi f H. IF: fLa'f-'-:, I .I -I ..,f'qf11 Elf-1' -- Q gi 'IE -'-ff - F -f I? M ,up ,vI,,g'!jAw:I.?K?w,. C67 Ii V X15 X : I S3Iif,:1f.':lI .Qi "WfiIre1 'f" "I TJ. Iz'W""f'1 wiv," ' ' -- . I .. I I ?vx,- I I Lghzw film .ifT4IIIf11.QQprI ,l'.SlgIWI'xIWIxv-III R v... ,pw I I wwf' syjvhy C NIXM II ikwy In ia, jI.:Ii.fZj, f'!.j',"1 QIIL LII' If- - -I M' vi .---Av. ,-I ' , 5 . li- I NJ. -I 51"-I -X I! -If---'Vw ,rf-:,., -V I. espn, mb- ,I'r"'.1ff-I' - Iv VF" .A ' , . Hai., fair Y fs'-I-Y-E5-i,,'. 'ish fl-g juli 'Tis' ,I T' l ' 1.' , .. A. L ?:.fff:'I5 . V+" 1- ' -' .Vai-if x .3 -5431 Q .g.. . ,WL L- - . ,, 'S ' E ,F 53: ,AIA K J ANUARY 8-SEN-ryo:.e is happy after having such u nice Christmas. nd told that the Swedes eat at least six times ai day. VVe're afraid our school is going to miss some of the members because they are going to Sweden. 9'-IIUIIUY' C1355 P12153 "The Nut FPIFIIIN, 23--Junior Class Play is postponed to SOOH- February 5. The weather is bad. 21-Home Ee. Club members heard zz talk 30-Seniors have a class party. Everyone on the Customs of Sweden. They were enjoyed themselves. aiu:-nu -1--1 I 11--1 +Im1I-Iv-nga 4inu1uu ---1111--11 .1.m-,!, I I I I I I I ' I I H ' B I I I E Z1'lfZ 705. 2 E I I I C I I I I I I I'0f1'f'1'S in Galva I fzeatre I SHOES I I I . I I I I . . for the I'lN'l'IRE funuly The BEST I . . . I I in I I SHOE RRPAIRINCI I 5 3 5 I T E I NEATLY DONE 1 I SHUVI S 1 I I I I I I I I I I I J. A. WRECR I I Ih'I1c1z11aI1Ic ,llcrrlzarzdisc I I T i T hrfrxnager E T nf the lowest prifcs . z I I . 'I' 'I' 'I' -un 1-------1-- -un-u -ml-ul 1-11111-1 1 1uu1nqiq BISHOP HILL EDITION K5 DD .1.q1.q1.,.1...1I..1.,,1ug1W1...,1.,H1,,,,1...101,.,.1....1..,.1,,,,1...1,.,1,,,,1.,.1,,,.1,,,,1,,.,1.,,,1...1m.1pn.., PEAK OF PERFECTION STYLE SICNSATION OF 1936 9 R u N E s all i f I 'I' 'I' is : Y 1 I ,PIM I1 I I :LI W I I X' Soderberg Bros. Phone 331 or 432 VVASHING PAINTING GREASING VVELDING .-..-..-...-M-..--..-I.......-...-....-. - -.. ---- M..-...-. -..-..- -. -....-....-....-...-...-iq. VERDANDI-Continued from p. 53 I, Roy VVick, will my walking abil- ity to Max Roberson. I, James Soderquist, will my foot- ball ability to Quinten Appell. I, Irene Hawkinson, will my car to Mr. Thrasher. I, Sam Hoare, will my romances to any who need them. Having hereby disposed of all our worldly and unworldly possessions we, the said Senior Class, in the presence of witnesses and with due process of law, do hereby set our hand and seal on this First day of April in the year of our Lord. one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six. Signed: CLASS OF 1936. CSEALD lV1TNEssEs: John Romans, Jr. Janet Sue Brakenseik u1uu1qu1.1 ...MI1H.-,,,1.m1.:..-.m1 1 1,31 1,1,1,,,,1q.,1,w1:1n.1m...- 11.1 1 1,,,1,,,,1,, Congratulations to the class of 1936 START LIFE RIGHT . . . . BE MODERN D0 IT ELECTRICALLI' Illinois Power 86 Light Corporation 1936 GALAHI Ii- 3 RUNES 60 Texaco Super Service Station Certifed Lubrication with MARFAK FIRE CHIEF Gasoline F. L. KRANS, Prop. -....- -.- ... .. - - - -.,-....- -..............I......-...-...-..,- - .. ... - - .- - ..........j. THE clALAHI considers itself espe- cially fortunate in securing this picture of Bill Greeson tooting the band's new f R bass horn. ,4 MW 5 gl.1nu- 1 --uu-uu1nn1un-un--nn-Winn-uniM1un--uu-nu-un-nn1nu1nn-nn-uniuuiun 1111 an--vi. JAcoBsoN,s HoME BAKERY BREAD - ROLLS - FOOKIES - PIES PASTRIICS OF ALL KINDS - I Try at Package of J2lCUlJSOIl,S Rusks North Side Phone 256 ....,-..n-....-....- .. -I - ... .........--.... ...-...-u.-..-........g BISHOP HILL EDITION Elevators at Iii? j. R u N E s . 1. --M- 11 1 -I? I 1 f' ' lk, GAIIVA NEKOINIA and BISHOP HILL Galva C0-Operative Grain and Supply Co. INCORPORATED CAPITAL STUCK fI'375,000.00 A Grain .... Coal .... Seeds Mill Feeds . . Wire Fence Building Materials A G A L VA ILLINOIS 1...1 1 1 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.ym1,,,,1nn-.nu1.,,. 1936 GALAHI y N4 J 'iii To the C raduating Class of 19.30 .... . . we extend Congratulations 2 62 X A R u N E s Emilia. 1 Ex -z-.----'----- ---- - ---- - ---' - ---' -u--- ---- -----I-I.---I.-W-I--I----- --I---'--I- - -----I-.- - - ----- I-fwgig, I 1 I U . , I 3. I ALBERT J. LARSON, Special Agent Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance SERVICE AND LOVV-COST PROTECTION Galva, Illinois .1nu1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1,,,,1 1.,.,1,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m,1 .,1un1nn1nu1nu1nu1nu14m11'n11m1nu1nu1ml1m.1.m1m.1.m1.,..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.m1 THE smiling folks in that smoothly running automobile know where the best gasoline and oils are to be had .... Let Us Service Your Car--Yout'll Smile Too. SHELL SERVICE STATION VV. E. MURNEN, Proprietor u1nn1nu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 14m1nn11m1un1nn1nn1nn1.nu1.nn--un-nn-nu- 1 - -:mi ion-nu-nu-nu-mi--nu-nn.1nn1un1in-1in-1ni-1nn1nn1un1n-I1I-niuuiuu-uni 1un1m4-un--nu-ni:-nun:-1-I-iuni HATHAWAY HARDWARE COMPANY H. R. Hathaway, Proprietor HARDVVARE -- SKELGAS -- HEATING SHEET METAL VVORK Telephone 149 Galva, Illinois PHONE 50 NASH and LAFAYETTE CARS DODGE and PLYHIOUTH CARS DODGE TRUCKS Goom'EAn ,FIRE SERVICE S'rAT1oN Storage - Repairing - Car VVashing - VVrecker Service Open Day and Night Chicago Motor Club Service Station 1,,,.1,..11.,,.1,,.1.,q1n,1,,,1,,,,1..,,1 1 1,,,1 1,,.,1,,.,1.,.,1.1.11.m1.,.,1.m1,.,..-.m..,m1,,,.1 ,1iln1unu1,,1 BISHOP HILL EDITION 'gi Illini, 63 R u N E s If , -.,f fl. ll I II 'l' LII I I I I ef-'f I I ,Q . I II I The purpose of this public utility is I I I f I I I I TO GIVE a service which will help to lighten human labor . . . shorten I I I distance and time . . . to ive the ' I g I I community a comfort and conven- ience at the lowest possible cost. . . I I I I I I I The Galva Telephone Co. I I Q I I -1-'--- ------ I- -I ---- '---I--'--- I--- --------- - - -I---I+ LOKI . Mr. Robertson-Can you explain to us what a vacuum is? Schmitt-VVell, I've got it in my mind, but I ean't explain it. Thrasher-I am explaining this to you so that vou when vou are old enou h to vote . 9 . g ' 2 can do so rightly. If you do not pay attene tion to me, when it comes time for you to vote, it will not be my fault, but- Class finterruptingj-Your own. Miss Haner-All right, that's enough for the "Temple Bells", let's try "Going Home." Class frushing outj-Hurray! Rubeilvlr. Robertson, I notice that every time I pass Irma, I get a distinct shock. How come? Mr. RobertsonaVVell, perhaps it is be- Cause everything she has on is charged. Ray Smith-Boy, oh boy, I got an "A" in history. Anne Yocum-Honestly? Ray-Aw, why bring that up? Mr. Robertson-Now can you suggest a good appropriate motto for the senior class? Maxine Lind-You can lead a horse to water but you cantt make him think. 'f'l1ll1ll1ll1uII1uu1nuruu1nu1uu1uu-uu1uII-uII1uu1uu-un-uII1uII1uni IIII 1 IIII 1nu1nu1uu-u 1 - vnu--nf GALVA'S LARGEST VARIETY STORE I "The place you are always welcomen I 2 SCHOOL SUPPLIES - CANDIES' - NOTIONS - KITCHENVVARE I I DRUG SUNDRIES - GIFT GOODS - TOYS' I I DRY Gooos - CHINAWARE - Etc. I I I I Ben Franklin Store I T Market Street E. J. CARLSON, Proprietor Galva, Illinois .i..-........-,..-..-..-I--- - -I..-I...-...I-..-.........-...-....- ...I -...........-...- - ,-..,.-....-..,,-.,,,-...,-.,,,-,,f, 1 9 3 6 GALAHI RUNES , J 4...-U...-...- .....-...-....-,...-..,......,.. - -....-....- 2 gs S2 'x J E Hall 6? johnson V lullllllhl Sales and Service V Galva, Illinois -...1,,u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.,.1,, u1uu-nn-uu-n-u1nn-nu-uu-un1un- 1 1vm...nn- Hl'1RE'S TO THE ULASS OF 1936- lllny you over prosper .... Rlzxy your zunbilions :md clQ'f01'n1lnzLlio11s crown all your c-fforfs wifh Sllf'f'l4lSS .... V Bert W. johnson A utlz orizczl Case I ical cr BISHOP HILL EDITION u-un1nn...un1nn11m-un1uniun.-nu1uu1un-uu1nu- -lm..-M1 .1.,.1.,.1.,.,1,,.,1,,.,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1 -4011, 'Q' l l ' 3 E l Fred O. Waller l l GENERAL INSURANCE I l I L I ........... ..-...g. 'Q' More Food Value per Pound wwe l X 3 l 1 'IPPER l l 1 E l FEEV For For l Cattle and Poultry and Hogs Dairy Vllitll A-P Yeast Foam g o o L Zipper Feed Storei l Pllone 5144 S. Iixclmange St. i GALVA, 1LL1No1s 1 I 'I' 4D "C, Af, A spare Button. The thinker. Flyin' high. First aid and water. Food. The bar flies. Peppin' is their business. Bones and Burr-dignified I love to lead 11 band. John Romans :ind son. Studious Rube. V A drummer is Bunk. Speed and less speed. seniors. IWW R U N E S N nfgx 4 y Il ' 5 1936 A JR iiii l1,,....m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,041 A R u N E s 66 'ir' II XI -I----I ----------- --- 4- -1- i.-.055 I I I I I I P2 I I I Kewanee PATRONIZE Star Courier Galafri Advertisers 0 First , with the news .I J. I. TOXVNSEND . . without them Manager T tins book would Office-316 Main St. Galva, Ill. not be possible! 1fRo1fRss1oNAI. DIRECTORY JOHN M. ALFORD, M. D. DR, C, F, SCHXKVAB ROBERT H. STEWART, M, D DENT IST Ph.y.sic'ians 325 Main Street DR. LEO C. BURCKY MYRON G. MEAN S, DRNTIST M' D' Pllfmff H PHYSICIAN and SURGEON DR- VVILLIAM J. CURTIS MARIAN A. ALMGRRN ATTORNEY AT LAW OSTEUPATHIC PHYSICIAN Best Building 116 S. VV. 11-th Street Galva, Illinois .1,.1Hq.-ug.-Im1.1,1,011uu1n,I1,,1.,.1,,,1I1u1 BISHOP HILL EDITION aww RU NE s .' 'Q' l. :fu u--- --------------------------- --I--as I HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS i 1 Call on us when we can he of s0rz'iCc' fo you I 0 0 i I l SWANK'S HARD ARE 1 M---MMmmMw---mM-mWmM-HMMm--Ami .... .... ..., ...1 .... .... """"" "" "u"""'u"' "" ' "" ' "" ""' ' ' "" 'i"""' ' "" ' "" ' """"" "" 'W' "" """""""""""'f GARRIGA ME T MARKET Phone FRESH AND SALT MEATS Poultry 3 Fish A Oysters H iglzest Prices for Butcher Stock i -.,, ...... .- .... -....-.M.....-..i-....-....-..i- .... - .... - .... -....-....-...-..i- ... - ... - ...n......p F li B R VAR Y 6--Juniors are again postponing their 17, play. The weather is still bud. 7-H. K. Thrasher tells facts about him- 111 self and also that his favorite dish is Sauer kraut. Frank Douglas QILYK' as talk on "Klon- ' 21--' :like Gold Rush." Didn't go to school last Week. lirr-Brr too cold. VVQ- were told that it was to he our spring vacation. The thermom- eter said nearly 20 degrees below zero all the week. Initiated new members in G. A. A. Club. 1936 GALAHI Iiii I n1..1..,1,,,1 1 1 1 1,011 1 11.1.1 1 1 1 1-N111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.41. Freeburg Grocery R u N E s 68 evil I-ix 754, I 4- Marvel I I I rx I .g...-,... --.-- .. - -....-I..-...-....-...-...-...-..........-...I-...-.. -.--- - - - 15. 1m1 1 1 1 1uu1un..N1W1W1lm...mi1,,.,1.,,.1,.,,1.,,,1.IH1..,,..-nu1.m.-...,1.,.1 1 1 1 1 1... THE SOUTH SIDE SERVICE STORE A Safe Place to Trade Phone 3 .,...1m.... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..,,1.,,q...-.m1..n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 15,1 J. WILLIAMS MEN,S IVEAR - REAL VALUES Special Made-to-Measure Suits POPULAR PRICES 354 Front St. GALVA, ILLINOIS LamIJert's Electric Shop Telephone 25 5 Colson Bicycles Auto Accessories Electrical Repairing Battery and Tire Service 224- Market Street -:- Galva, Illinois 1.1.11 1 1 1 -M1M11.1.,n1m1...,,1.m1.m..,,u1 1n1lm1,.n1nu1ml.-M1 1 1 1 1 1 1,111 Laliayette Hatchery IDEAIA BABY CHICKS CL'STUlVI II.X'IlCI-IING I'UI,'I,'l'RY FEEDS AND SUPPLIES ULD liELl1XI5l,E ACME FOR FIGS AND HUGS Phone 32 GALVA, ILLINOIS BISHOP HILL EDITION 1,,1...1,,.1..1,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 15,1 1.41M1,,.,1,,..1,,,.1,.g1ug1.1.11 RUNES '!""' --"'- "'-""-"""""'-"'-"'- "" -""""""-"'-n"-n""""""" ' ' ' " """""!' 1 l g KLE1 FALLS CAFE g g COOL, CLEAN, AND COZY Q REGULAR DINNERS OR SHORT ORDERS i GALVA i 21 Hour Service Front Street i.-... ....- . -.-.-.........-.-- Q ---- H--li in-nn1 1-111 uni -un-nu-u -nn-un1nu1nu1nu-un-un-un-uiu:nu1uu 11--11 anim? 1 L. M. Peterson Garage i I . . . . 1 Automobzle Repairing and Accessorzes T Expert Repairing on any Make of Car including T T Relmoringr, Hydraulic Brakes, Painting, Radiator Repairing and Flushing T , PENNZOII, and RILEY PENN OILS , l PYRUII.--Simply add to gas and oil. Does what oil alone cannot. 1 l FIRl'lS'1'UNl'l 'l'IRl'lS AND VVIl,l,ARD STORAGE l5.X'l"l'EltIES I I CAR WVASHING CU'MPLl'l'l'l'l GREASING i T Phone 338 T My 11111 11ii1i1 I H1-llllillbiill 1T1TTTTil11i M754 :T i , A jq ggrggif-iiililllll f flf. gXS..55:fj33-1-,.w2wiiWa I C vviftfxnlll lhllli -uv? qlmllllx X All!-WIEVNMEWW 5 .- 1 .l ' ., lgw rqy sxw ,gp - jglr , A 5 lp J,,!,i'. fl' uxglrga vpif - xi! Y' 74 9155: Ll 1 VI' :av X- Q5 29, 7-rage, fri 2 ea " EF 'R MARCH 19--General Assemhly was called. Basket- hall honor letters were distributed to the boys, 5-Sta rt LhGAI.A H i U sale. 9-Latin Club had a "Leap Year' party. EVCTYUUC had fun- 24-General Assembly was called and a 13iA.xt last the Juniors gave the play, very interesting and educational talk "The Nut Farm". lt was really worth waiting for. was given on "Safety VVhen Driving." . . . 212-'P ivds we ph l s l' 'fte 18--Just imagine only one senior on the I Ht re S Ortenm 0 tldt d T honor roll. That was Berdine Larson.'s give her three cheers. school we had a dance. The music was very good. Everyone had a good time. 1936 GALAHI , 1., E f'1w9'., sf- A 0' 5 ft. -3' in fi Iii? .I N fx -2? W 1' a.. 5 0 LI E Tvv w 'H XJWJ jx IEEQ RUNES l!0n1ml 1-111-- 1--- I I1-In-Q? .!.u1un 11v-111- ... ... .. 1,,,,-,!, L L L L L L L L L g I . L . i YOU VVEAR ,EBI Applylng' 50161106 to the 5 Y 5 5 . , . . 2 AB D I BIISHICSS of RHISIYIQ' I MESS LEM L L Com L . L . I L I I I VVE'I.L CLEAN ,RDI ANU L PRESSLEBI L L -- L L , I L L L L I I I .. i 5 2 2 gif.-'1'q: s L I I ,- . - I ' 5 E L-:-55' "-72, v-ffiiw..-ai'.:3.w 5 L L L - ifgmimmwmw I -' ' ' I " 3:1512 ' D w ' C 5 LG I D Cl L L LL L - 5 g.,--:fl 'f-:Q,,ffL'f:y,f 'IQ : L El Va ry eaners I L 1 L I L ' L I Phone 221 H. L. Binge, Prop. " J L L L L L L L I lf'-111111111 111-1-- 1 1 - --Im-mf: Q4-nn 1-1-1. ..,,11 , ,n..,+ APRIL 22 -Senior Class Play, "AppleSa1u'e". It 2-3sAn mwxpected spring vacation. was good und that is no applesauce. 3+lVlany Seniors visited llrzullc-y College. 24 4Grzulc Music- l"estival. Negro Singers 10-Good Friday. 27-Latin Club party. 17-AJel'fI-ey fyliilril entcrtuilwcl us for Pl cleligzhtflll hour. 29-4-High School Music Fc-stivul, BISHOP HILL EDITION 13-I-P Drmnatic' CIIIII try-outs. STIERS CGFFEE GRILL 'EQ R u N E s ,EI XXX T T Zffgi I 7 I I I JN IIUINIE CUOKING I I I , . . I Mrs. Clyde btlurs I I I Phone Il-59 3:sI Front Street I I I ofa-Im-m.-In--ml 1---------- -I --------11 1 1vm-Iwi' Q...-... -----. ,.,.-....-...-.....-....-....-..,.-....-....--...I-....-..........-...-....-...I -.--- I-I...-Ii, I I PAUL R. HEDLUND I I I I 6-X. I I I I Ii' ' I I GALVA, ILLINOIS - I I I Phone 3-Ll I im-.. - I- ..II- I ------.- ....-I..-I..-...I-., -I -. - .. ,- .-.. - -,,,,-,,,i, I I I -. I fig-4 If-I :ZW ffiffl.-'fi' IRI I-iff ff." T Y. If Q If ' I ggi 'ix . I I -Q , 5:3QEffI5ggf.f52 "Y:?5fjA MAY III' -G. IX. .L party. 1-I-Home lic. lizlnqlwt. 2II7IJI'?lIIliiIIK' Club party. 8--Plmynical Iicluczition D8IIlilI1StTIlIIllIl. 22---Junior-Senior Prom. A very delightful Better known as the 'ICirc'us Nite". and enjoyalwlc affair. 8-Henry County InITvrsc'lmIusti1' Mex-t. 25--Alumni party. QQII C'unlnlellm-Im'nI. 1936 GA LAHI E 'BHP E 5 K R u N E s 'll ' I dl +I- --f- - '--- ------ ' 1 ---- --I-----f +---m--- --H ---- w-----'------'-- ----'--n-+ . G4 V -I I IE I lil- ' i jones Road ITJS lVl21Cl1l1'1CI'y COYP. Galva, Illinois IN THE f Builders of all types of I ROAD MACHINERY i Q 55 Extend their COI1g'1'2llflll3lQl0I1S to the Class of 1936 l I I - - - - - - - -----------I------+ fm-------1-----I--A---H----.--w---------- - --------+ AUTOGR API-IS BISHOP HILL EDITION V72 1 W A3 3. fir Q ll I jf 5 xi V Vx " M FW W 'X R Q J X- yn I N 5. ,QS B 55 251. 2 iw S., WW z rg 1,x,.. J of nfl!" L, 5 ...AM f' 'ND' X N X yfgf J in N ' un. .X vN .f4msm.- , Q- -V 'NX X 'Ne 7' Wy jf .. ,Ilkff f -- Y. 4 .. , V ,-11",-If, 41-K ' 7' JH ' P .511-5' HL!" ' ,,.x....... ,,.- LIRJMPYQ R , 5 , . , A , . . x q. . , by ' f. lilfm nfifc .x .".,.5 ...WA wi g Jig. 'Xi Q . lqxii 19 vx New WW? X - W: .,.. Nh HV H W mm' I N, x' ' . .ll -, . ..... Y .h . ,,,A:.- 5.5 .fflw 1 U. K, - - , , v . -- if fl i 16 .V xl'-A " 5' x Q Q .-5'-'RR . 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