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I , THE SENIOR CLASS AND THE ANNUAL STAFF PROUDLY PRESENTS I H1-LIGHT GALT HIGH SCHOOL I GALT, CALIFORNIA LINDA SPAANS Co-Editor LANA WILLIAMS Co-Editor EDITO RS' MESSAGE Holding the positions as Editors of the I963 HI-LIGHTS has been a great honor and experi- ence. Each member of the staff has done his best to give you an annual you canbe proud of. The i963 HI-LIGHTS staff now presents this annual to you in hopes that its pages will help you recall your treasured high school memories. To everyone who has had a part in the publica- tion and success of this annual, we sincerely thank you. Linda Spaans Lana Williams Editors ,. F.. , L. .3,,.-1... I, ,,, M .grvp ,1 +1 :swag I ' ,L 1-1--.-u1- I ,' a ss an mnam1H'-mLmxmK-ZMWEEBrdsismwmfmwfblwsm-mv nf, Q-pgsm www. l,-5-3 Q 3 ggi ASM H Q 2 E3 wg H H M M fgggiggia Q5 2 ' mm! ,I gmmmmaggm - gggmmmg MgMWQfgsg-,f-1:?g.k gm ... .. Q. :.: -- -EE ,Emma-1fv5Qgg5EQnss ESWEEEaKEEmmm55WW55QQSE3',m , nwmmmwmggggwn mmwmmm MBEEQS SEQ :Mg'gf'Jf"""'g mmnwg - mms ummm : wmwmw Hmmgg: gggg Ewmfsnaggs-mm as mwmmmwmwwaggwwg1gMQgi'i5'Q mga was-ss-ss:-1 ,www wasmy-fwnxmmfaggggigpggni gig? I as sgxngaw n mnmamamn:mmnwmgggfgmE4xf,QxgxgL"g'Mi-nl H ss -mamma, 1 ss ss mum ss f:5WM2,y'gigav:Q?gK gg-E. wxmfwmmm- mmfmsmmss-ss Rayz EEE'W g4gEMW- - ss--mum nmxxf. ss Xa nz-.mim5ggnmnms3g'EMg 55 .3 mgamnmn -qmwxnm xzmnmnbunm-Q-gixnzmznyw-Exgw K M nmnmf:v-mwmmwmmsgmn-: Q R F X W, H. :::.:.:.::::::.::::::::::::f:- sii . N X , Z ga M T 5 """"'"""'Z1Z1Z1Z1Z1ZSix' Maw H ff A--iffy M H H H-HHXEEQSEEEQSQS saws nggnggm sm Q H 5 in Q A li ' Qi me K Q B wk 1 5553 41 ,X Eg - uyffgferrfmgfmgiiw i Fw f i I , W : . . 1'. Q 5 Q. :C .,:.:1.:. sf MQ., Q' ss H Wm MLMLUQQQ-,ml-f g,3E3 'fm .-' -mam- ,sg- l H ii ' andghonor we dedicifb- to Mass: gn-IERESA slu6A.'--- w35rHSi'know hiarnfs ga teacfier is liipd, gatient, :aqd ueaicafedi fiilfzm gi? W Eof' of cbfftripiiioh 4em6h, fm I lifeflieri svimpgaiifvl 'E'55'5,f'b955W'i Sk 'WF - 5993? 2' EY31iiiWiili Wfor65 5ii6lc! a spgcialiplagefx W iii ou ii:g1Qg5npri M QV Q2 " 52221 2 Mft, f F A H M H H 5TE3::Qi51g E 555555 HHH- U' Bimini' TMWMEQXE , .WH Ls:-QSM S H M EVE A " H 5 E I Q l2Qf"?"5f25.? .fs ' ,222 ,ggswi E.: fgx- 55353975 1 H H2 1 2 H H A W H f - A 2 Q - 1 'swims N 'HMP Mfiig QM.. M ........... , . ..,.! , !: 5:!: Mama-wi 1g,p,Q,,2iB '-f"1W'3U'X ,.giglIE,g5KEE?L E " H U: Q Ji!fW'Ff1H f W E S M J QHZQQQJQ Saw? ,J W Q we , - nxggwszl 17, .3-:-:5:.:. 7 j J Q A jfugmmggg my H :-gp s:-: : J 3 Qgzzfififi Q 5 :a1zis5a:.: ' Q 8f1"IB'Sf33s5?gs ,Q M '11 E, . xziamsi, Q . .. N. 5 X M :. 4 1 .5512 K? X331 A' , - . K ' 5 ME'?'fff-f-Q1fwf5:iw?f PEER ' 7 7 I 14--na.. :zu-fl-ug Q W L W j 4 -'wg---ag-fmfgxg gg M qwgggagnmsgg H M A Q12 3 E iw--is . T, . Q ss P R 1 N c 1 P A L S M E S S A G E TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1963: Nothing in this world is as bright as tomorrow. Yesterday had its defeats, today is filled with problems, but tomorrow always holds great promise-the second chance, the new way, the improved method, the better person, the more satisfactory human relationships. As you build toward the future there seems to be an endless array of tomorrows, each with its promise. But we live in the world of today. It i-s the present which must work out right, too. We cannot spend our time daydreaming for tomorrows which never come. Your teachers, administra- tors, parents, board members, and friends have all had their day in assisting you to live for the present, in facing reality, and in planning ahead. We are glad we had the chance to influence your lives, now we wish you well as, you build toward the future, based upon the solid founda- tion of today. Orvell K. Fletcher District Superintendent and Principal in . fe Xafng f- -mga .. f .- .Ter H . , - Q fw - , , - ., , Av ' - ,. K, . 'Q . M5 Q .NY mai i, .sf Q- I , . X E :eff , ,J l .V ' ..,,f. H-, f- ww M g Q... .- 4 .. wx ss Hmmm ms 55,5 ,- V. if N Nl 4 ' fl.. , ,.,L ff: M Left to Right - Mr. William Spaans, Mrs. George Kenefick, Mr. Gus Gerling, Mr. Verne Hoffman Mr. Alex Dambacker. Row 1 - Mr. Orvell Fletcher, Mrs. George Schlotthauer, President: Mrs. Leland Templeton, Mrs. Francis Jacobsen. Row 2 - Mrs. Oscar Diede, Mrs. Ted Schauer, Mrs. Lester Henkes, Mrs. John Wheeler, Mrs. Kenneth King, Mrs. William Spaans. .3 X E C I il 5 ku '-. ZX 8 Q 1 ' n mums f? asks? E51 .VE f . Av: E .5 B 1 Bmw ,-1 Q-1 Z '-Ixgms 1. W,a,A,,n 1: sirgffrw- A fm "W fm 4.55 ' NV um ":XQ,'mw - ,Q Q ?, ss gs ,X I-gm. :W .-as 2 W - . E E ,4 ms ' 1 mf B is - my ss .rj VW ,QV -Kms fn -mn ,-fm ms -iv H- QMf5?1w"E -Hfggw. Mmm Mama g 21.51 EWR ,awgg-QEX FQ. ss5g2,HxnQS':wng , - gain ,Mm ggvmagaxsi is -I. fm Law 'f'QFn'?Bm WH ZF -:HBS X322 ummihfs my an awe W M wfww 59 AM E I 5-wdM BSS Lim HWMM R x awww! ,WSH 15 s ,W Ev HHH 4 5 V BAKED! 1 FL an ' xxmnmw 'S ggi H msd na mg - ,. - mf 'QESQVH vHM"v::nw7giMu as xx-Im K-H Q-m ,,,, :N :fn ,, Qgg, " E1 ,REQ su fn mf a' L4 7 ww-, ms- ,BA .mg B M mm, nf? ,X B fm Q m ,sms M ss--'ss ' ss hw my 154: . sam mmm: Q wsu x ' s X K -a ms ss . X a wma ,img N an ms -is ISDH in M mmm ., Q EMI fi gm if HQ xg mama QMSSQQW W wg M W M Hamm 5 gsm Hams E H 5 E H EH Y?-A7 RESP BSE H wri 5 N as , AZ E ,. ig www W 5 .. E .MN M HL EH? ,315 mf 'SS a an E. 'a HAROLD FULLER World History Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Physical Education HENRY HERTZ German General Science Audio-Visual aa sz ami my W Q. aaaaw K aa wel - X 2 aailiivf galil 2 2 if a-a a: asw- ax 2 S an EE is awww ALLEN B. GRAY English Journalism Dean of Boys PAULINE HERTZ Algebra Geometry Trigonometry a B .. W- an JOHN D. CASEY DOROTHY DEHR English Social Studies Civics PAUL DENTON Woodshop Electricity General Shop DOROTHEA DIRKS Typing Bookkeeping Record Keeping Office Practice mi, an ws COLIN KING Art English ROBERT LOOSE Track General Math Varsity Football Physical Education LAURENCE E. LITTLETON Band Vice-Principal Student Council JOAN MATHIS Homemaking 'Q :"? RONALD NIKAIDO Band Chorus EUGENE NUNEZ Track Algebra Pre-Algebra J. V. Football General Science Physical Education DON NOTTOLI English World History U. S. History Varsity Basketball Director of Athletics DAVID OLSON U. S. History World History J. V. Basketball Physical Education EUGENIA OLSON Drama English Speech Arts HANNAH PARSONS Physical Education WILL IAM OWE N Physics Chemistry Photography BERNARD PAUSBACK Biology as V751 u E5 AUDREY REED Shorthand Dean of Girls PHYLLIS ROCHE Sales Typing Clerical Training SHIRLEY RICHESIN English Yearbook Social Studies ROBERT SAPP J. V. Football J. V. Baseball General Business Mechanical Drawing Physical Education e , cgi, JACK SCOTT BEN SELOVER THERESA SILVA Landscaping Woodshop Spanish Vocational Agriculfure Carpentry lnfermediafe Typing OUR FACULTY Before you Turn This page, Think back over The pasf year, and recall The many Times Thai The faculTy has helped us personally. As The school grows, so do The compIexiTies of iTs faculry. The growTh of GalT High during The pasT fifTy years would have been impossible wiThouT a progressive faculTy. DespiTe The burden of day-To-day problems, The adminisTraTion has been able To look ahead and prepare us for The fuTure. - They've sTruggled with us, worked wiTh us, yeT remained cheerful To us. For These reasons, we admire Them greaTly! OUR INDUSTRIOUS OFFICE STAFF CLEO McALLLlSTER VESTA ULLRICH AMY YOUNG Librarian Clerk Financial Secretary School Secretary nissan ' ' ' "m"mf'jg Asst. Cook: Carolyn Arrants, Head Cook: Ruth Left to Right - Rick Ferris, Julle Pullen, Tina Dimmig. Peters, Shirley Beasley, Cheryl Acock, Barbara Milburn, Brenda Beasley, and Leiloni Sieglock. COOKS CAFETERIA HELPERS .rua .Nm , ia is aa,- , imma Eg 0, :aaa 1 an , am 1 'E asm manning C A . , is B A l f 1 U im E . Exam 'f aw at I' 'TEE i Fatwa I Wea ' me ' as A wa - ' V aaa 1 ima . we H WEE' 'i gms EWR a . W W D E , 2 is as 4 I A N Head Custodian S Left to Right - Walter Hering, Omer Pennington, and EMIL ZWEIGLE Edwa rd Frey. B U S D R I - V ea. V I Lett to Right - Clark Churchwell 119521, Betty Johnson 119611, Bennie Cass 119591, E R S Ruth Rosa 119571, Nell Fowler 119521, and Chuck Fowler 119521. T x SENIORS E YE R I BLAZE BOB ERMAN President OF GLORY LANA wu.LlAMs 55 IRENE ADAMS Vice-President Q Secretary PATSY CALIBO MARILYN GUMP DAWN GUDEL Cheerleader Treasurer Cheerleader , .kiwi-5 2' Hof FJ. if J' FRANK BLEVINS California F.F.A. JAMES LAWRENCE BOHR South Dakota F.F.A. CHRIS BOTTIMORE California Football, Basketball, Baseball, B Rally Committee JIM BOWLES owling, IRENE ADAMS South Dakota F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls' League, Warriorettes, Quill 8. Scroll, Block G, Varsity Yell Leader, Galtonian Asst. Editor, Bowling, Senior Class Sec., Barn Dance Attendant RUDY ALLEN BALLESTEROS California Football, Baseball, L.H.S. MIKE BALLEW California Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, C.S.F. Pres., Quill 8. Scroll Pres., Principal's Honor Roll, F.T.A Rep., Galtonian Editor, Junior Prom Comm. Chairman RON BAXTER California Football, Track, L. H. S. Historian, Rally Committee, Audio-Visual iii? HSE Mississippi Foofball, Baseball, Bowling, L.H.S. fd' RONALD BREESE Washington Football, Basketball, Bowling, L.H.S., HI-LIGHTS Advertising Manager DAVID L. BURROWS California Football, Track, Band, Spanish Club, Principal's Honor Roll PATRICIA ANN CALIBO California G.A.A. Pres. 8. Rep., Girls League Rep., Spanish Club Pub. Manager, Sophomore Class Treas., Band, Senior Class Cheerleader, Song Leader, Junior Prom Comm. Chairman KAREN LEE CHENEY California Block G, G.A.A., Bowling, Warriorettes Q7-yr 1 I I Basketball, 1-K- Fii .Eff GARY CINQUINI California Track, Spanish Club, Band Vice-Pres., Eng. 81 Math Awards GEORGE LYLE COON California Football, Track LANCE C. DORMAN California GREG ELITHORP California Football, L.H.S., Audio-Visual 41 'Il 'VT l i l I TOM W. GEREN California 1962 tranfers from Santa Ana Valley H ARLITA GOEHRING California G.A.A., Girls' League ROD PHILIP GOEHRING California Football Co-Captain, Baseball, L.H.S. GALEN GRIBAUDO California' Football, Track, F.F.A., L.H.S. Treas. igh ROBERT A. ERMAN California Freshmen Class Pres., Junior Class Vice-Pres., Senior Class Pres., German Club Vice-Pres., Junior Prom Comm., Football Co-Captain Basketball, Track, All-Conference Football RAY FAY California 1962 transfer from Valleio Senior High School JACK FLAGG California Bowling, Chess Club YVONNE MARIE GALISTE California G.A.A., Girls' League, Block G, Bowling Treas., Band Sec., Quill 81 Scroll, Honor Roll, Galtonian Feature Editor, Student Body Cheerleader, Junior Prom Comm. W JOHN WILLIAM HAGEL California Spanish Club, Baseball, Foctball, Leadership Conf., Student Council, F.F.A. Rep. and Convention Delegate JOHN HAINES California Football, L.H.S., German Club DALE HAMBLETON California Football, Basketball Captain, Baseball, All- Conference Football, Bowling, L.H.S. President, Junior Prom Comm., Student Council WILLIAM F. HARMER California Football, Bowling, Chess Club, Audio -Visual JUDITH DAWN GUDEL California Rally Committee, Bowling, Block G, Girls' League Asst. Sales Manager and Rrepresentative, Spanish Club Treas., Senior Class Yell Leader, Junior Prom Comm., Principals Honor Roll, G.A.A.,'Junior Prom Comm. MARILYN JUANITA GUMP California G.A.A., Girls' League Historian 8 Publicity Mgr., Bowling Sec., Senior Class Treas., Galtonian Reporter CURTIS ALLAN GUTHMILLER South Dakota Band, Bowling, Spanish Club Treas., Chess Club Sec.-Treas., C.S.F., Honor Roll JAMES EDWIN GUTHMILLER South Dakota Bowling, Junior Prom Committee 4' ai, E1 sg SHEILA HARTMAN California Chorus RICHARD WILLIAM HECKLEY California Band Sgt.-at-Arms, Bowling JOHN HENRY HENKE, JR. California Track, F.F.A. Treas. 8. Pres., Football PHILLIP D. HENKES Iowa Spanish Club, Band Pres., Chess Club, Track, F.T.A. Treas., Galtonian Staff, Quill 8. Scroll if -ef DANIEL A. HENSEL California Bowling, Football CAROL ANN HENSON California DAR Award, C.S.F., F.T.A. Frosh Rep. 8: Treas., Cadet Teaching, G.A.A. Senior Rep. 8. Recorder of Points, Block G, Girls' League Frosh Rep. 8. Sales Manager, Jr. Class Yell Leader, Oratorical Contest, Band, Bowling, Barn Dance Attendant, Student Leadership Conf., Honor Roll, Student Council Sec. HELEN ANN HOFFMAN Pennsylvania F.H.A., Chorus, Drama JUDITH ANN HUGGINS Oklahoma Bowling, G.A.A., Girls' League, Spanish Club Pub. Manager and Pres., Student' Council S it JOHN E. HOWARD California Transfer from Davis High School FRED F. IMMOOS California F.T.A., Student Council, Director of Buildings 8. Grounds, Soph. Class Pres., Student Body Pres., Junior Prom Comm. GERALD B. JACOBS California 1962 Transfer from Pescaclero High School Basketball THOMAS J. JARDINE California Football, Baseball, L.H.S. Sec. rig I I I I I. I .1 LEROY JOSEPH California Hi-Lights Photographer KATHLEEN SHARON KELLEY Utah F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls' League, F.H.A., Sec. 8- Treas. JOE KISER, JR. California Basketball, Track, F.F.A. Awards RICHARD CURTIS KNOWLES Idaho Bowling 1 I IQ is 3 U' x Q""' ROSEMARY ANN MATRANGA California Student Council Vice-Pres., J. V. Yell. Leader, Song Leader, F.H.A. Pres. and Song Leader, Asilomar Delegate, F.T.A. Rep., Cadet Teaching, Homecoming Princess, Bowling, C.S.F., Girls' League, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Chorus, Rally Comm., Block G JOYCE McDONALD CAIN California G.A.A., Girls' League Sec., Thespians, Bowling Sec., F.T.A. Vice-Pres., Oratorical Contest VIOLET McKEEHAN California G.A.A., Girls' League, Asilomar Delegate, Jr. Class Sec., Quill 81 Scroll, Galtonian Staff KAY MELLO California F.H.A., Chorus CARL ROY KOELLMAN Kentucky Spanish Club, F.T.A. Historian and Pres Thespians, Contest Winner, C.S.F. Treas., Honor Roll RAMONA KUSLER California German Club BRENDA J. LAFFERRY California F.N.A., G.A.A., Girls' League, Song Leader Bowling, Dramatics, Block G, Band FELIFA ELIZABETH RABANAL LOK California Warriorettes, G.A.A., Girls' League, Spanish Club Bowling, Galtettes ft. Oratorical Contest, VFW Speech -rw ,5 -A ','2zfw'1 V 1 Rafi, RAYMOND BRUCE MORGAN California Dramatics, Thespians coNsuEl.o Muifoz MoNToYA Baia, California Spanish Club, G.A.A. BEN NAYLOR California Basketball, Baseball, Junior Class President LYLE DENEAN NIMMO Missouri Football, Basketball, Baseball, Chess Club, L.H.S. Vice-President, Junior Prom Committee JOHN R. MILLER North Dakota F.F.A. - RENIE MILLER California Bowling, Rally Committee, F.F.A., Spanish Club HELEN MONDRAGON Colorado G.A.A., Spanish Club BARBARA E. MORRIS California Warriorettes, G.A.A., Publicity Mgr., Girls' League Pianist, F.T.A., Bowling, Band, Honor Roll, Student Council, Publicity Manager, Galtonian Staff .UM lla ..':'.. RONALD A. OVERLAND California Football, Basketball, Track LIANA MARIA PEREIRA Azores, Portugal Spanish Club, G.A.A., F.T.A., Cadet Teaching, Honor Roll TINA LYNETTE PETERS North Carolina G.A.A., Girls' League, German Club, Bowling, F.T.A., F.H.A., Chorus, Dramatics, Assistant Librarian JULIA MAE PLILLEN V Iowa G.A.A., Girls' League, F.T.A. W! HH TERRY QUASHNICK California Honor Roll, Baseball, Football, L.H.S., Junior Prom Committee JEAN RICHARDSON California Transfer from James Marshall High School DENNIS RADFORD Washington Track, Basketball DOROTHY CAROLYN SCHAUER California I F.T.A. Vice-Pres., F.H.A. Treas. 8. Historian, G.A.A., Bowling, Student Council, Girls' League Thespian Treas., Chess Club, Spanish Club, Block G, Dramatics BARBARA ANN SHULZE California Warruorettes, Band, Bowling, F.T.A. Sec., G.A.A. Rep Girls' League, Homemaker of Tomorrow Award Spanish Club, Honor Roll, Junior Prom Committee ALYCE FAYE SHIRLEY Texas Bowling, G.A.A., Girls' League LEILANI J. SIEGLOCK California Honor Roll, Cafeteria Staff EUGENIE IRENE SIEWERTSEN Michigan G.A.A., Girls' League, Bowling is l 3 LINDA SMITH California F.T.A.. G.A.A. Treas., F.H.A., Girls' League., B0wlin9Treas.,Spanish Club, Warriorettes, Quill 8. Scroll, Junior Prom Committee, Cadet Teaching Hi-Lights Copy Editor 8. Section Editor THOMAS ALLEN SMITH California Transfer from Elk Grove High School F.F.A. SHARON LOUISE SNYDER Ohio G.A.A., Girls' League, Bowling Pres., Song Leader Jr. Class Yell Leader, Student Council, Block G F.H.A. Barn Dance Attendant LINDA NELL SPAANS Michigan Frosh Class Sec., Soph. Class Yell Leader, Homecoming Princess, G.A.A., Girls' League Recorder of Pts., F.T.A., Spanish Club, Leadership Conference, Asilomar, Varsity Cheer Leader I2 Yrs.J, Oratorical Contest, Thespians Sec., Quill 8. Scroll Vice-Pres., Dramatics, Jr. Prom Comm. Chairman, Block G., Bowling, Hi-Lights Photo Editor and Editor, Honor Roll, Cadet Teaching, Warriorettes fN f 1 2.1 DELORES TAYLOR California Girls' League, G.A.A. Representative, Spanish Club, Honor Roll NANCY TAYLOR California F.H.A. Recorder of Points, Girls' League ROSE MARIE TAYLOR Idaho G.A.A., Girls' League, Bowling MELBA FAY TEMPLETON Indiana C.S.F., Band, Bowling, F.T.A. Treas., Thespian Pres., Girls' League, G.A.A., Chess Club, Dramatics NOLAN SPENCE New Mexico Chess Club, Spanish Club, RacquetClub, Transfer from Pacific High School JOE STAMP California Bowling Awards, F.F.A.- MARI FRANCES STARKEY California Band, G.A.A., F.T.A., Freshm'an Class Vice-Pres Girls' League President, Soph. -Class Yell Leader Asilomar Delegate, Songleader, Leadership Conference, Block G, Jr. Prom Comm. Chairman Rally Comm., Cadet Teaching, Honor Roll, Spanish Club MIKE STIEHR -California Basketball, Track, Football, Baseball X. he as I NANCY C. WHEELER WILLIAMSON California G.A.A., F.N.A., F.T.A., Girls' League, Chess Club, Block G, Jr. Class Treas., BandTreas., Bowling, Spanish Club, Jr. Prom Comm. SANDRA KAYE WILKERSON Illinois F.H.A., Girls' League, Hi-Lights Staff, G.A.A., Bowling, Chorus LANA KAY WILLIAMS California Freshman Class Cheer Leader, Soph. Class Sec., Senior Class Vice-President, Song Leader, Girls' League Rep., G.A.A. Recorder of Points and Rep., Block G, F.T.A., Hi-Lights Copy Editor and Editor, Homecoming Queen and Princess, Barn Dance Queen RAYMOND WINSOR California Bowling, F.F.A. LINDA THOMAS Californi-a G.A.A., Girls' League WILLIAM R. WAGNER X California Basketball, L.H.S., F.F.A., Baseball ROSEMARY ANNE WATRQUS Colorado Honor Roll, C.S.F., G.A.A., Dramatics, Spanish Club, Quill 8. Scroll Sec.-Treas., Chorus, F.H.A. Sec. and Vice-President HOWARD ALFRED WEGAT JR. California Football, Baseball, Woodshop Trophy LYNDA GEAN WILHITE Florida G.A.A., Drama, Girls' League, Bowling ' lla! XX Aj-I5 'in N 'gs'- 1 , -1' ,n ' , 'Alf R sf E 5 " , 'W' wr -B-A mf , mf. B .,. a'hFm'A'N-5.1 'Q :.:.:. Q4 K 1 wg ,. 3 .1 W, KKK am as sm as ma sg Hmmm s 14 xx EERE as Bm N E , EERE M w E H awfiiiwm ,MM W 'iimmms ss A wa 45 E M M, H E W E mrs E -Arai X ss? ! 4 X4 1 ul , Pr 4 len f YI' F ' ,iw , fm WA., ' up lv--'W-J 4 . . - i' L ,xl by M - X I QFWQQ. r ,,,,,,,. ,, .W ..: . I I W ,,,, ' -bf ' f .gf , it ,,,,.,, +11 5 . M wiv. WL. . +1-Q" W. 'l ' .,,..--m-- ' xi'-, 1 5 ' x" J Q "Y "l'!u ,,,-,.Q.N- , -V H-- 1 " , , " x A ,,,,L.,.. ly-f Q :3 -W i - .an . ' 15 1 , t . .Y x I ,, H - qt., , ,1 V A ww-,ww -pw, ma.Q,,x vw.- M , ,AL J v v 5. . , .: P' fy .- I ff Q , A , ww? f .Qi wifi . 111- 114- . . N, u I ww , 315,17 f Jw, 1 ,, N ""'Mg, ,-: i'Ef'2'12? X yy , X - I 31 3 ,.q ,.,. 4 f ' f' , A PEEL... 1. f X A , ww f www f, M, I ...ggi E 3-1! hw. GRADUATION I Our graduation marks the completion of one part of our iourney through life. Our diploma certifies our past accomplishments and qualifications for future achievements. This phase of our travels was one of pleasant days and friendships that gave meaning and purpose to our labors. We would here share our honors, and acknowledge our debt to our parents, teachers, ' and friends whose generosity, kindly interest, and sincere help, has let us know this day. s ' ww -1,-L wa , X - -M ,fn , 1 .- 3- 'HM '-T-H' my f---we---awww vr- ' - Y mamma --5:5-:5:f.:::,:f: Eu-5' 2:2 5.5:::ni!iQiiI":!iA!E!2i!E.V.'.:::: 15125515 ' Wiiigww R55 -Riga" .MMHHWRERW ' - ' 2 X , H M WEBBQBEE 'E -1-- KN EE - 3 S Qi BE ERE 1" ' -, mm EEQHEQFEM ,W W New W QM ya 1, . R RR REQ 11.1. 5:5 'Q5z" Eg i gymg, 'ggg ' ggg ugf .:.:.:.:.:.:.:,:,:.:.:.:.:.: - MES 3 g:g"5gg -. Q, amammsmma MWMWMWE 5.5 g,, M -.- 3.4 Q ,gg mn En W 1, R In gmmmgggw W Q 35, MW g gggssn M E gf Mg : ERERER ER E E H15 E ERER R W W 5 ::.-:-:..f- B 2-fm 5 L R E . MM mums? gwggm y mmmggms B gggmmn Haag Q wa mamma R mEigEaHR'gRm E555 LE " ., WHERE? 'Q EHMH ZEESZZQZHWEQRQSH 555EZEQWHHMEQZZZQMQREW 'TY WEEE EREREBEEEEEEE ERERSRER magma? RERERE SEEKERS REER ' anemia QQRERER WM xmas RE -mamma! M 3 2 .Y 3-mE WMWM EREREERRE QERERERE RE-58 , mmmmm Smmwmmmmmmmms Bgaiamw mamma Swing mm -mms E , - MMMM W B . ,. X mmmmmwwwm mawmm Smmmsgg wwmmswmm N WHERE WM wwmw :M mwmwm -gamma 'fs ERER EERRERER V--Aw RERQEERE RERERERE -:-:-:-:::-:-:-:- ERE WRER MWMWM REREEERE W ERERE ERER-'RE :-:'- ms Rmmmmms Mwm nmwamwmg- maxaman M: gg H vs mamma RRR -MWMWMW nmgmnmn nmngx-wma swamps E MU: , N H mm,HBRM5ggggmwmmmvgfgwggfxgw Hmwgggwjwv mmmgm gq 4, K QEZNEZQSQS HQEQQQM BEZEZEE-H HHEH ZEZEZ Hggggwmmiiiigibi H HZEEZEEZB H2223 WEST BRETT? M 2 an EHEE 2222222 E 22222 H 22222 MB E PM mnmumnm msmmssgmnf mama mmm! E :.:::.s:E:.:::.:. mgsmsws mam mag- , Hmmm aw sm M 2 -:E 22 2 2222 2222222 2222222 , E . 22 5222: 2 mmmwggggwwm .' 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M R. ms mmm R W H mm mm -W K1 mm Mmm Us H -mm N Hmm R. mm mm Mm H HM Mmm mm Ugg mm H HH MM WH Hung: R HR mm Mm , RE mask RE L' ' RE:E' BEER RERER E Us mm H ms mm ms Hwang mm mm? mm HH M HH mm E HHH Mmmggg RERER BEER RE Kms RER EE ERER ER EERE RER E E ERE RER ERE EEEEEEERE mama amass E mn mums .' mnmnms T mms - fix at OFFICERS: Michael Erich, President: Noel Wealhers, Vice-President Terry Talcoft Secretary Laurie Sfouffer, Treasurer: Michelle Parame and Judy Fox, Yell Leaders JUNIORS WILL LEAD The Junior year is probably the busiest at Galt High, with its Home- coming rally, parade, and dance. To promote school spirit the class sold pins and penants at the foot- ball games. In May, under the lead- ership ot Michael Erich, the class sponsoredtthe most fabulous dance ot the year, the Junior Prom. Late in May the class gave a Senior break- fast. This activity brought to an end the busiest, but most enjoyable year of all, the Junior Year. Yah, Juniors! 3 , Row 1 - Bill Baufisfa, Kathy Anderson, Lorraine Ballesleros, Edward Biros. Row 2 - Gary Barr, Bruce DeAlberfs, Fred Brooksher, Peter Charles T, LEE f .nf I Row I - Beverly Burton, Judy Fox, Dol' Faulkner, Mary Weible, Penny Fleming, Donna Dohn, Sherann Brooks, Madeline Burrow. Row 2 - Neal Davis, Tony Sousa, Dennis Carson, Mike Erich, David Carson, Dennis Arranfs, Craig Ahlsfrom, Mike Baker I - .fjil Row l - Roberta Gibson, Angela Goldman, Alice Gerling, Beverly Geurin, Connie Fromm. Row 2 - Tino Rafola, Harlan Adams, Harry Denier, Larry Freitas, Frank Azevedo, Alfonso Decanay amz n -Zinilygff 1 , -5 ,ch it Q We Q 5 Maui?-Q Mk Ji-A:iW"' H' igaeqwewm we XSL is Eg M"fl.ff.F: ' f?l'5Q W'?'5'EE,7 li? ,L fu..,LI-i,,iswEfa:1f- I 33.M.,,J-,,geL-,zszw gi ii EQ. 5 wr 5 ,... .L ,j..l..7?J J - fffiifj if T , . I si . f'AL..l-.. I - ' "' 1' ' A Jai 1 .ii Ai LVL - ul Row 'I - Vickie Huber, Peggy Linneman, Jorita Hambright, Charlotte Lok, Linda Kelso, Cheryl Lewis, Sharon Gump, Sharon Fox, Marilyn Hessler. Row 2 - Clifton Frasier, Tim Greer, Kurt Frey, Bob Hardaway, Gary Geist, Leroy Farmer 115 E53 Na Q ' at 2 ,- s - W E me We if Row 1 - Kathy McDonald, Hazel Maguire, June Lopez, Patricia Machen, Bev Little. Row 2 - Eddie Mozley, Stanley Mote, Luther Hoffman, Tim Kelley, John Moyer 2 we ai? ?QWQ wg SM v 8? ar m wxi?:f'l'A2:Q.""' 1wa.wiM..ava.:'.,r- EETHA2-f H licfigu if--1' in l , n.,, l.2lu...m , .1 ...J . ig ,Eb -1 67, i .ii Row 'l - Jim Robinson, Eugene Sulamo, Shirlee McCarver, Dennis Anderson, Fred Daniel. Row 2- Elmer Thompson, Bob Mori, Ron Tucker nan sin J , Lum' S- l Row I Joe Gonzales, Jornta Hambrlghl Judy Keller, Dwight Weathers Row 2 Gerald Jahnsen, Cralg Evans, Davld Holloway, John Maggy Loune Azevedo E E Q S Q 5 Q gs ms gm N sm ,LE ii Y, Q? 35 ,mu ME ESE LEW ,sz M arie as .6 m an ss la ss mm-Hn ww an ss sf ss n ss na ss na ss na as na H na :nu A UR BEM- uwxm H Hx Mwmmmnmvwmmnv .qmswwx :grmmgamx M .M W f .1:.wfm1.f -mwssgmww MMM A ,,W,f, V-1 mffZ?f?fffH-, HH--1 .f', f-15,5 fW?v?W:W?'g?-IK--wif! 4 , . . W,W,W,U,W,n-,w v Q a ann MwMwum :A Q . T N 'ff' aww - a P , 'Y www ww 9 www m x:nnm zmnmnm g:,mam umngsw :nam M 1 xjl - -wQ X M ,,. mm MM 5 aww mm W Mm Qi? A X u NWN' 5lM Qtwff gi: 2 , Mr? gdy5WNk,., M., 53' -AT.A.',!X.!,.5,.,,J4w-. QT' .:LJV,f' fiwqjfwi - - v f- QMHQL,.fwMfq.w'T iw, ,A M- ,L . 'M M v. .guiulisli,Q-f,vQ:fTb2ZiffEf1f2gvivQg55l'4 mmaxggfgggbgkgvi gig, M. ,xv Mr'lM,,:k:,M,f- ,LlL,QM5MS2325f4ifQr.a,2fw:x:3?Qg5i1g5.:s?mkE. M ,.N. MMM M . I is 1 1 1 .1 'Qs arraaa .:. :-: -:- ia a a a at mmm- - an .aa a .mime - as M 33572---ST pam- .f. Wei -f f rs ' aaa rfssswvr 45:53:13:-:-Q, . s s iss. Qg2gEE.s':.eTf f I 5? , . ' fai rer-5.15. 5: sr?-va, e as ' ad z fgnanv- raw- " T as Q--' Dave Roberts, Presidenfp Sharon Erman, Yell Leader: Sandy Gribaudo Treasurer Barbara Sanders, Yell Leader: Linda Mafranga, Secrefaryp Greg Mori, Vice-President GPHOMORES SHGW SCHOOL PIRIT' This year The Sophomores have proven Themselves To be well adiusf- ed sTudenTs. Under The capable leadership oT Dave RoberTs, They have worked hard To achieve Their desired goals. Due To many hours of deTerminaTion and hard work, The Sophomore Class FloaT Took second place in The Annual Homecoming Parade. Adorning This TloaT was Chris Johnson. The Sophomore Class also sponsored a Spring Dance in order To raise money Tor Their Tol- lowing years. The Class of '65 has proven iT has The kind of school spiriT ThaT GalT High needs. wig -'fa-A a ii wffagfm H 42-J 41' sam E af am a mfs a aa as E a aa a a E a a a N at a nmgima ses alia a gifs? ' Eflizmmil -5 5 '5iF.,a, we . aa lsr. N aging MIKE S ' . I ,V ,Ting M T :-: X What did Y Ta ou say? 'HF-SYHYW lillli P4 H .Qii-sill if Row 1 - Lorene Allen, Karen Gaffke, Jewell Bennett, Arleen Berg, Patricia Keller, Dinah Alcoriza. Row 2 - Larry Harrison, Creston Baker, Alan Robbins, Danny Freitas, Lee Dorman, Jerry Stribling, Bill Azevedo, Neil Adams. Row 1- Linda Crosson, Sharon Dause, Reba Blevins, Mary Burke, Carol Cowley, Elisia Bulahan. Row 2 - Larrie Cain, Chris Clem, Larry Casado, Ron Betz, Harvey Cochran,James Hoffman, Pete Bulahan, Bruce Bishop, Mike Carver Row 1 - Judy Dozier, Sue Evans, Sharon Erman, Sharon Flory, Isabel Denier, Jane Dick, Sue Dye. Row 2 - Leslie Doty, Ken Crum, William Cope, Ken Diede, Thomas Fayard, James Eoff, Gerald Aguilar Row I - Louise Foster, SandriGribaudo, Diana Gaffke, Marian Cass, Teresa Gonzales. Row 2 - James Flagg, Richard Galiste, Dick Garrett, Stan Froehlich, Bill Fletcher, Dick Ferris 221130 ami .yy-TQ .f ' , . f-J--- L.3H 'I . K Il .il ....g... 11.1 J. -J ..,l -A Row 1 - Diana Linneman, Bonnie Massey, Patricia Mahaney, Linda Matranga, Sandra McWilliams, Stacey Ladd, Connie Henderson. Row 2 - Ron Marriott, Larry Mondragon, Joe McGuire, Mike Loftin, Roger Madsen Row 1 - Helen Neal, Virginia Milburn, Kay Nakao, Diana Mackey, Barbara McFarland, Terry Olson, Sharon Nicholson, Virginia Ogren. Row 2 - Ron Olsen, Greg Mori, Dave Roberts, Robert Pitcher, Earl Murray, Bob Olsen, Keye Perry "WUI ' 'Y' ' 8561" 1- H f , x T A , if . yd N El g f X 5 B f i RAE - 5 it s Row 1 - Dee Lawrence, Sylvia King, Kathleen Huntsman, Beverly Perez, Susan Hoffman, Dorothy Leonard, Kathy Kenefick. Row 2 - John Vroman, Albert Keller, Steve Martin, Dennis Keller, Gary Hoffman Tilt? ,iz Row 'l - Fran Hicks, Shirley Beasley, Cheryl Acock, Sue Leonard, Darlene Pace, Leona Padayhag, Sharon Nevins. Row 2 - Dennis Quashnick, Greg Rausser, Mike Hodges, Bob Posey, Dennis Roberts, Allen Amaro ' fri 'tl 'Cv ,.-v J! Row 'I - May Belle Williams, Joan Zavattero, Barbara Wilder. Row 2 - Gary Chittenden, Pat Stiehr, Larry Twardy, Mike Wilburn, Paul Wheeler, Bob Wold, Sam Wilkerson Row 1 - Barbara Sanders, Karen Pruitt, Christine Johnson, Donna Huggins, Carol Kelley, Katherine Johnson, Dolores Sewell, Sharon Hensley, Jeannette Winterowd. Row 2 - Donuial Syrock, Art Gomez, Jimmy Henke, Stanley Wegat, Erwlin Weeks, Bill McCall Row 1 - Carolyn Shoffit, Phyllis Watts, Connie Steele, Linda West, Joan Van Vliet, Naomi Schock. Row 2 - Russel Sharp, Jim Robinson, Paul Russell, Al Sartini, Bill Stanley, Tom Schaffer oi ' . Wi Q on oo' I Q1 5 QW' owe' es . Yi 509 off"'e5 xx 509 2 'F ,V , M -,M vw--5 m mmm-in--R-X-:---A: swag- SYS m HM-H Q---aging Hs?-1-2:35 1--wa1n?iQ1r.,?a?W Q-Qia-ffgfazlimfflff-gf A-www E H-was aww-gf-wg ,MM-,MTE Us-H1--U-Ewxfgygi .w,m, HQEQH .gvgvgg-MMwewrWwkEW-Q.gM::HMgmqQ5g, , NH MQ U .W:WMg:--iiywfeaj --2Q3qmHQvgE Q32 Q V fv?W:-Iiygazeewi ri M:M5rg:5aaJwg? fK'- Wigs-LQ,JLHQQW -F if:q:WMg:Waw4wHw: M" ' WTWT'7,WJ1U1,' STN.WMWTWTWT'EHi'4WEtJ,,-w Mwfg.-,A-5-,L---1-'uW?M'M3M,f1wMw3:?3 fmmwuwf LV. 'Qilffi' TAT9Mf,Q'ffBW5' ,3g9:iE'?23i1fi3WS? rw. Egggg .nM-f,Mp,MM wr-1-'FQ-ilffsgwigaf W. JZQML M.9WM1MgfMWM M iaCfZffff1:31sfSg5WXf3'2r T M-M ,..ffmD-ffw----Lzzaifiw---HW 52:55 1 'TLMA ..-.mzjwivif--M, g,5:Q1P1f'Bfg,QQEggT,g,g v - WM WMWMW,-,L x- -x-:DM WTWM-EW - M -mpg 1 . :W r -sugiygsgx -- -fmvww W wxzszsgw R W WTWMWT QEEELHEE . -izigiif ,,-rf ,7 . . U - X fi X ' 4 tl I .1 I V, 1: . . ,,, "' V, dl f N f -'T . KE , , 2 2 ..-L F' Qfnzvk' A , 4 as -, -,.-qs.. N -giv- 5 . - if .' 'Iii' 4-11" V, ,...-1: upaori -- X, -!.f.f', .- 1 0 ,r ,, Egsfr ,--J' - . ..-f"' - -3,4-'pt' , Ax-A'g' V I .IN v. fr, - 5- 11 ' -1 'Ng 3 m- ' y - O . s v 7 ,gn--fx - so M 1, !!5 .B f, ,,..' ' . 'I y ' 1, 'sn v -200' . mn ms x 1 M-as 1.. W mv 1.4 -1 Ai X - H. -2 -as wa ss gggafia- -sw,-MW . QMW .,M, -,igw -im fa Mgfbw.-'sf MLMWEER ws: :gn X -,ws H -an , 45? ,gm -sms .fm N-as xm- ' if WBT M.-E, w A. H Wm mm f -1 ..-I n 'Vx-n nu --,an .1 ' mm? -W-.-, . -. ww--x e,. W:-fr :He -H --KH 2 -' a Xi . n nu.. ' n gamma W :xx M3 ww- ' ,. 5 W Y M .,, .,,-1 ms x :- I- - -: mn ,,MwMW'w,,- -Wg- -,V -,Q J w n xi - 1 H H' mw'e'f.:5e'Q?'?E?w'tf'Wii.Hai 'iiwfiui mffswfntfbaaisaa HW w,..,"a ' FTW I T. is jim'-sa is W .TNQ--as A v. .1 as Y I Row I - Jerry Jardine, Vice-President: Nathan Loll, President Peggy Wageman, Secretary Row 2 Carol Zavattero, Yell Leader: Lynn Galiste, Treasurer: Mary Aldridge, Yell Leader FRE HME LEAR TRADITIO The Freshmen of The Class ot '66 have proven themselves To be reli- able and willing to learn. They have adapted Themselves to the traditions ot Galt High, and it is evident that they will make competent leaders. They elected Nathan Loll to be their first president,and under his leader- ship the class participated in the following activities: a very success- tul magazine saleg a Freshman car in the homecoming parade, and a gitt of book covers and letters to the library. They have had a very suc- cessful and prosperous year. fir! Row 'I - Barbara Attebery, Susan Baxter, Barbara Azevedo, Beth Ballew, Patricia Acock, Mary Aldridge, Nancy Adams. Row 2 - Charles Beach, Charles Blodgett, Don Cochran, Donald Bettencourt, Roderick Bradley, Bob Barclay, Ronnie Baroni, Gerald Barnes 2' Row l - Elsie Davies, Shirley Boschee, June Dutra, Darlene Eoff, Brenda Beasley, Glenna Bender, Juanita Bentz. Row 2 - Laurence Brookins, Charles Bullington, Wesley Burk, Charles Brummr-tt,Malvin Cheney, Lon Brooks '- f iv lwu-wI"'1' Row 1 - Regina Gardner, Dinah Fischer, Susan Gerling, Carol Galiste, Linda Geist, Kaye Fair. Row 2 - James Elithorp, Don Frasier, Joe Farren, Mike Garrett, Tim De Priest, Don Doty pp: -1-ww-y ' Qi ' 241'-sql -C' Row l - Susette GisIstrap,RacheI Henkes, Shirley Hauschildt, Hammon. Row 2 - Richard Hatton, Ron Griffith, Thomas Ha Giovannoni E' Terry Barbie, Debbie Hembree, Della ines, Randy Harris, Steven Glover, Steve ge V ages- 5' liksafsi g l Wifi JL gli , L"h".uT. ,J if 5 H3335 Row 1 - Leslie Horst, Susan Hoff, Donna Hoffman, Joyce King, Cynthia Jacobson, Marilyn Kearney Row 2 - Joe Hummel, Bobby Jones, Russell HeckIey,Sherman Hawker -i Q be mme Row 'l - Lynn Galiste, Jean Guthmiller, Barbara Kratt, Luella Gomes, Bill Dohn, John Lanza, Jerry Jardine JHHE. iii - JI: Gevock. Row 2 - Tom Irwin, Bryant 4 l ' -3? 1-as Q' ,xy as essrslmwc M, M Row l - LaVonne Mondragon, Karen McDonald, Sandie Pantoia, Connie Overland, Konnie Nelson, Sheila Nicholson. Row 2 - Kerry Manus, Nathan Loll, Daniel Malone, Gary Melton, Bill Martin, Thomas Low, Nelson Morgado J 4 l . LKB 4-nc"" , X -Ll:-nl ,. A . Row l - Susan Peters, Pat Perry, Arlyce Schnaible, Pamela Shinn, Judy Shamblin, Carol Silva, Sandy Schlotthauer, Marilyn Shoffit, Lynda Shotfit. Row 2 - Curtis Schmidt, Franz Schmidt, Nathan Schock, John Sessions, Charles Ross, Johnny Rocha, Steven Robbins, Tim Reich ,..-:'41J,fa,1aA1La1. .141-5. A VE-l VWWS..- Qi . ' 1 'L lf' 'ff i ,eg Q0 A , 'I l 1 .J y 'I' L J " ' RMK 5 ..f Row 'l - Rosie Pulido, Patricia Russell, Anita Pulido, Delia Perez, Terry Richison, Wenona Rhodes. Row 2 - Carl Gross, Walter Pfyl, Louie Pfyl, Gary Ogren, Leroy Reich, Robert Neal, Douglas Pinkham la i. Ffms QHNHYEVQHEQ Z-Q"f, ' S-L-7, EIB ff A- L31 ' .ff H3 ' I a J nw,-BNA v 1 ...BI E Row 1 - Mary Stewart, Robin Williams, Charlotte Winsor, Linda Tucker, Jerry Talcott, Peggy Wage- man, Vickie Wallace, Francine Tarvin. Row 2 - Bob Snyder, Darrell Sheffield, Joe Silveira, John Valensin, Paul Sobrepenia, Rodney Wiley, Dale Steele, Allan Trueman, Cippie Sulamo, Leon Smith as' n ...e .J -f. . , lkismig Row l - Carolyn Main, Gail Taylor, Sandy Warddrip, Kathy Lawrence. Row 2 - Gus Wilkerson, Rob Lawrence, Charles Brummett, Leon Smith, Neil Johnston. Row 3 - Garry Liebig, Richard Lamb, Larry Weber, Daryl Lamb, Nelson Morgado Row 1 - Jilg Douglas, Carol Zavattero, Diana Swafford, Sandy Whitley, Donna White. Row 2 - Tommy Watts, Larry wood, Charles Woodson ANK OF AMERICA AWARD WINNERS ow 1 - Fay Templeton, Rosemary Watrous, Arlita Goehri-ng, Dorothy Schauer, Rosemary atranga, Carol Henson. Row 2 - Ron Overland, Curtis Guthmiller, John Henke, James Guthmiller i ' CARL KOELLMAN - Bausch 8. Lomb.Award, Aero Jet Finalist, and Lion's Club Speech Winner I p STANLEY MOTE Mathematics Award SCHULZE -.- Future DOROTHY SCHAUER - VFW Award W.inner Speech Winner E . C.S.F. LIF EMBERS Fay Templeton Carl Koellman Native Sons of the Golden West Gratorical Contest Finalists iff if 2' ffm? U ' '.f"xii1l:'amw Qi H5 W Barbara Wilder, Terry Olson, Dorothy Schauer, Fay Templeton, Bill Fletcher Asilomar Delegates s V' fri , fri' N gg 517' Laurie Stouffor, Martha Mize, Sheila Miller, Michelle Parame "TW Wviif.-T.ffIi .sl-f Q,,?'-'s lim'-' A 1 X M s s ss s s s s s m ss s s s s s s s s sm , ..... .... , ,Q-1.9 - .vs sr-1 , f ur-yfyfvsfs mf-s"ss 3155: 555-E:E s :f::.:. MP smgjm Nm , , - . ' ' 4' ' 'WQLEAWUM wwwgf Neff' H '?X H?XSEsEgg?WS ggisgw swag H--,- 'X-' -zd?Tr NH- v W W . - s xggggsgsswwigg 3? sss ' J :HE sssg in sg? gg s as s,, s sss ,Q s WM :BBW :M KKK V--sv' E E 2 sss Eigmssss ss sss WM ssss s ssss ss s 2 H SNES Jim s gg? ss M3 Emma M sssgmm2Es sg W3 ss s Egeiss msgssm Bm ss : HERE awash! sss 22:58 ss HBH if s s s 4 E ss ss X s 3, sss ms His W B f ss ssss M Y mm sss s sms? s s :IRISH f ssssiiimsif s B mmsssgs ss sss -s sg sss sss s QE s sss s H zz ss -'GS' ss ss s s ss ss ss sss s ss si ssss ss s anim Es QE Q : s ss E sssssgs EEE si E EE sss 'si gssz sss as BEER!! ss ss s ss sis ssswg ms s E s sss EmBuE 1 s ss sssss gg s ss s s s ss s ss H s s E s ss s s BBE 31- s ss sss ss :ss ss s ss ss ns s w E ss s E s ss . .ss sss s s ss ss ss ss sf s s ss sss E Q . M-.s sss ssm ss sss sss sss ss. ss s ss ss ss ss s gmm si ss ssss ssfss ssssg ss Eggs szsg Z5 EB ss ss w s sss ssss HHH sm s s gs s 2 ss sw sss ss ss s sss ss ss ss ss ss s B: ssss HZ Q, sss ss s 3 B s ss ss ssss ss sss: xi ss sssss sss msg sss A ssss gs sw ss Hs ss B s ss ss M ss ss s E ss ss :ssss if ss Hs M Eli!!! E' B"Hx nl ss ms ss ss SSB H sms E, ax KE s sss swssss s. M misss V sss s, ss mil 'ms nl ssss s .ss ss Q k ss Him ,ss ss E s ss' .s . sv, s s-,gysss s Basins w E H ,L as s,ss.WQ., s s s s s sss sss sss ws ss s mmm sswx ss s STUDENT COUNCIL TAKES SCHOOL LEADERSHIP Row 1 - Mr. Laurence E. Littleton, Dolly Naylor, Carol Henson, Fred lmmoos, Rosemary Matranga, June Lopez, Dale Templeton. Row 2 - Barbara Morris, Isabel Denier, Angela Goldman, Patsy Calibo, Dawn Gudel, Bob Erman, Dale Hambleton, Mike Erich, Dave Roberts, John Henke, Nathan Loll Mr. Laurence Littleton Advisor Being Student Body President this year has been a truly won- derful experience. It gave me the opportunity to meet and work with students in other schools. lt also gave me a chance to meet many persons in many other walks of life. The best and most wonderful experience, however, was to be able to work with a wonderful group of eighteen students in Student Council. These eighteen students have performed a variety of services for their fellow stude-nts. For these many activities I, in behalf of the students of Galt High School, would like to take this op- portunity to thank them for their extra hours of work. Among the services the Council has performed in the past year are included: representing Galt High at Leadership Con- ferences, sponsoring the Christmas Dance, promoting rooters' buses, and acting as the voice of the entire Galt High School Student Body in the every day policies of the school. ' FRED IMMOOS Student Body President THEY P VED THE RGAD TO SUCCESS FRED IMMOOS President ROSEMARY MATRANGA Vice-Presidenf DOLLY NAYLOR DALE TEMPLETON Treasurer Director of Buildings 81 Grounds CAROL HENSON Secretary JUNE LOPEZ Sales Manager as gum xi ,. U9 a fi 1-,L Row 1 - Jorifa Hambrighf, Lana Williams, Palsy Calibo, Linda Spaans, Mari STarkey, Rosemary Mafranga, Von Galisfe. Row 2 - Dorothy Faulkner, Carol Warddrip, Michelle Parame, Sharon Snyder, Irene Adams, Brenda Lafferry, Nancy Williamson. Row 3 - Angela Goldman, Sherann Brooks, Karen Cheney, Dawn Gudel, Penny Fleming, Carol Henson, Judy Fox GIRLS EXCEL IN SPORT These girls picTured have earned IOO sporTs poinTs by Trying ouT for The various sporTs The girls Take parT in, such as: volleyball, baskeTball and baseball. A girl receives IO poinTs when she Tries ouT for a Team, 5 poinTs if she makes The Team, and 5 more poinTs if her Team wins a championship. The girls who have earned Their award in G.A.A. may serve as honor guards aT our "pep" rallies. Beginning This year The lOO poinT sporTs award has been changed To a block GAA. Row 1 - Lana Williams, Brenda Lafferry, Linda Spaans, Mari Starkey, Rosemary Mafranga, Von Galisle. Row 2 - Karen Cheney, Dawn Gudel, Patsy Calibo, Sharon Snyder, Irene Adams, Nancy Williamson, Carol Henson S E N I 0 R S ,f f' - if '51, if ' Qgii x .. A i A BQ' Row l -Galen Gribaudo, Terry Quashnick, Tom Jardine, Rudy Ballesteros, Dean Reich, Craig Ahlstrom, Bill Wagner. Row 2 - Tim Kelley, John Haines, Greg Elithorp, Rod Goehring, Ron Baxter. Row 3 - Mr. Loose, Lyle Nimmo, Bob Erman, Dale Hamblefon, Mr. Fuller ATHLETES MOTTO: 'CTEAMWCRK AND SPIRIT" The L.H.S. is a club that was designed to give recognition to those boys who have lettered .in a varsity sport. It is an honor organization. The purpose ofthe Letterman's Honor Society is to promote good will and spirit between athletes of different sports. Some ot the high- lights of the year for the club were the L.H.S. vs.. faculty basketball game, an after game dance, and a ballpoint pen sale. ' B OFFICERS - Ron Baxter, Tom Jardine, Galen Gribaudo, Dale Hambleton, Presidenfg Llye Nimmo 01- ' me . wi p ,,., Row 1 -Palsy Windsor, Sharon Erman, Mari Starkey, President: Michelle Parame, Sheila Miller. Row 2 - Lana Williams, Arlene Berg, Dawn Gudel, Linda Spaans, Marilyn Gump, Betty Melton, Sherann Brooks, Carol Warddrip GIRLS PROMOTE HIGH STANDARDS Girls' League is an organization that pro- motes friendship among the girls of Galt High, Activities this year included a Hallowe'en party, Christmas party, a special speaker on Boy and Girl Relationships, the Squaw Hop, and Mothers' Tea. Mari Starkey, headed the organization. Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Dirks were the spon- SOl'S. it Mrs. Dlrks Mrs. Reed 5 i Row 1 - Angela Goldman Lana Williams, Carol Henson, Palsy Calibo, President, Dorofhy Faulkner, Michelle Parame, Stephanie Reynon, Kay Nakao G.A.A. BENEFITS SCHOOL THROUGH SERVICE AND SPO RTS G.A.A. sponsors girls sports and organizes baseball, basketball, and volleyball Tournamenis flnterclassj. G.A.A. also sponsors girls bowling. The club's largest money raising proieci is Hs candy sale. This year's club advisor ' was Mrs. Parsons. The club was led Through 'rhe aciiviiies R of the year by Patsy Calibo. f'-s 1 W .- 5 .. ' - 3:7221 ' i KT U Mrs. Parsons ,-Advisor . .1 J T. w..J Row, 1- Alfonso Decanay, Mike Erich, Robin Williams, Dorothy Schauer, Pat Perry, Alfred Drewry, Ronnie Marriot. Row 2 - Rick Ferris, Allen Amaro, John Vroman, Bob Wold, Dennis Anderson, Richard Hicks, Russell Sharp, Ron Befz, Mike Wilburn, Bob Posey, Keye Perry, Mike Hodges, Jerry Jardine, Dennis Keller STUDE T MATCH WITS! The Chess Club on the Galt High Campus is a well organized club. A "chess ladder" - a challenge in game improvement, is offered to the members of the club. They also have tournaments within their club, and with other schools. This year they have had tournaments with Elk Grove and Lodi clubs. Checkmatel Mr. Owen, Advisor -,Mfg 5 i 3 mg, 1 - Terry Olson, Carl Koellman, President: Joyce Cain. Row 2 - Fay Templeton, Sherann Brooks UTURE TEACHERS DEMONSTRATE URPOSE THROUGH ACTIVITIES The year 1962-1963 was a very active year for the Future Teachers. Among its many activities were: Cadet Teaching for Juniors and Seniors, county fair booth, community fund raising activities and service, Christ- mas card sale, after-game dance, Homecoming float, and a S100 scholarship to a deserving Senior continu- ing 'in the field of education. The main purpose of the club is to learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, and its important role in our democracy. ADET TEACHERS i Mrs. Olson Advisor Mrs. Hertz Advisor GIRLS PLAN AHEAD FOR FAMILY LIFE Left to right - Karen Cheney, Karen Pruitt, Rosemary Watrous, Paulette Knecht, President Mrs. Mathis, Advisor The Future Homemakers of America experi- enced a very busy year. Their first proiect was to enter a float in the Homecoming Parade. The P.T.A. invited them to act as hostesses for their February 26th meeting. Mrs. Mathis, the club advisor, and tvvo representatives at- tended a conference in Sacramento. The last and rnost thrilling event of the year was the installa- tion of officers. The purpose of the club is to promote further interest in home economics. The clulo strives to be of service to the school and community. Row 1 - Ronnie Westermark, John Henke, Gary Geist. Row 2 - Bob McFarland, Richard Strange, Greg Rausser :FN T -t'i7AW' F. F. A. ACTIVITIES The Galt Chapter of the Future Farmers of America has a wide variety of activities which lead toward developing a well rounded individual. These activities consist of educational, recre- ational, and money making efforts. rMr. Scott is advisor and John Henke served as president. The iudging teams iudge livestock and dairy cattle throughout Northern and Central California, and the Parliamentary Procedure team matches wits with competing teams in two or three contests each year. There is a points award trip during the summer for the most active members, in which three days of camping and fishing are enioyed by all. Displays during National FFA Week ancl project competition within the chapter are also some annual ac- tivities. Their Fund raising activities consist of selling refreshments at basketball games, sponsoring a donkey basketball game, and putting on the annual Barn Dance which is one of Galt's big dances. , During the year, students exhibit their animals at three large fairs, competing with the best schools in the state. The highlight of the F.F.A.'s year is the annual Parent Son Awards banquet, where awards for the year's activities are presented. Angela Goldman, Stephanie Reynon, Allen Amaro, Sharon Nicholson, Joan Zavattero THE SPANISH INFLUENCE The Spanish Club of Galt High School has had a busy and successful year. Under the leadership of their President, Judy Huggins, they par- ticipated in the following activities: they made confetti eggs and sold them at the P.T.A. carnival. With the help of their advisor, Miss Silva, the club worked diligently to achieve their goal of greater fluency in the Spanish language. Olel Miss Silva, Advisor ,ax , wiv, - W t '-ic. OFFICERS: Judy Fox, Roberta Gibson, Luther Hoffman, Vickie Huber, and Dennis Roberts INTEREST IN GERMAN UN IFIES STUDENTS The German Club, under the leadership of Luther Hoffman, is furthering the members' knowledge of the German language by activities involv- ing German customs and traditions. With the help of Mr. Hertz, the club advisor, the Germa-n Club has had an educational and successful year. Mr. Hertz, Advisor WE EDIT THI ANNUAL LANA WILLIAMS Co-Editors LINDA SPAANS CAROL WARDDRIP Photo Editor K KATHY ANDERSON Circulation Manager 5 SHERANN BROOKS MRS. RICHESIN LINDA SMITI- Advertisging Advisor Manager REBA BLEVINS Art Editor KN Copy Editow LEROY JOS EPH Photographer V alla iaw Volume VI - No. 6 Galt High School, Galt, California January ll, 1963 The students pictured above are the staff of the school paper, the Galtonianf' They are, from left to right in the bottom row - Michelle 'arame, Vickie Huber, Irene Adams, Von Galiste, and Violet McKeehan. Iliddle Row - Barbara McFarland, Barbara Morris, Sharon Snyder, Peggy .inneman, Sharon Nicholson, Marilyn Bartelt, Linda Main, and Dee Lawrence. n the last Row - Mike Ballew, Phil Henkes, Pete Charles, and Stanley Mote. ADS AVAILABLE IN BALTONIAN ATTENTION - Those running Nor student body offices may use he Galtonian for publicity purposes. Two pages of the next issue will be levoted to student body elections. f you want to advertise via the laltonian, see either Mike Ballew lr Phil Henkes on or before Friday, ffarch 1. Please come prepared with n idea as to how you want your d to appear. F.F.A. TO SPONSOR DANCE Tonight the Galt High chapter of the Future Farmers of America will sponsor an after-game dance to be held in the new gym. The dance will immediately follow the end of the Varsity game. This game will see Galt face Benecia. The first game ended in a win for Galt. This Will be the second and last time the two teams meet this year on the basketball court. NEW IDEA FOR "HI-LlGHTS" The head used on this page was actually used in the "Galtonian" on the date mentioned. The idea of using a page from the "Ga1tonian" is novel to this year's issue of "Hi- Lightsf' Not having been used be- fore in the annual, it offers a change. The "Galtonian" staff as pic- tured here consists of 17 members. The staff puts out an edition every second week throughout the school year. The "Galtonian" offers to the reader both entertainment and news of school life. One special feature of the "Galtor1ian" is that political ads for student body of- fices are run in the paper. MIKE BALLEW, Editor iw rs! is FF- UZ F7075 z' 'I Row 1 - Mike Ballew, Rosemary Wafrous, Llnda Spaans, Irene Adams, Phil Henkes x Row 1 - Sherann Brooks, Vickie Huber, Peggy Linneman, Michelle Parame, Irene Adams, Bar- bara Morris. Row 2 - Mr. Gray, Advisor: LeRoy Joseph, Phil Henkes, Linda Spaans, Rosemary Watrous, Carol Warddrip, Stanley Mote, Mike Ballew uThe Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword" Quill and Scroll is open To Seniors an Juniors only. The members musT'be i The Top Third of Their class, based o G.P.A., and have a B or beTTer averag in Their iournalism classes. They mu' also have had aT-leasT one semester ci experience on The yearbook sTaTT, or 7 column- inches published on The new: paper, for membership. The members of Quill and Scroll hav worked hard To obTain Their membership Their efforis have helped To produc This year's GalTonian and This year ecliTion of The Hi-LighTs. I ls... S T S E S T E R Row 'l - Pat Stiehr, Kay Nakao, Isabel Denier, Mike Ballew, Dennis Arrants, Keye Perry, Allen Amaro. Row 2 - Rosemary Matrainga, Rosemary Watrous, Laurie Stouffer, Terry Olson, Charlotte Lok, Fay Templeton, Dave Roberts. Row 3 - Carol Henson, Sharon Nicholson. Row 4 - Stan Froehlich, Gary Hoffman, Bill Fletcher, Carl Koollman, Dale Templeton X E . Row 1 - Sandy Pfeifer, Patricia Mahaney, Naome Schock, Sandy Schlotthauer, Robin Williams, Pat Perry, Charlotte Lok,'Kay Nakao. Row 2 - Carl Gross, Allen Amaro, Keye Perry, Linda Kelso, Carol Henson, Laurie Stouffer, Rosemary Watrous, Fay Templeton, Dorothy Sihauer, Terry Olson, Barbara McFarland. Row 3 - Chris Clem, Bob Wold, Gary Hoffman, Bill Fletcher, Dennis Arrants, Noel Weathers, Dave Roberts, Stan Froehlich, Dennis Roberts, Curtis Guthmiller, Mike Ballew "BEAUTY, BRAINS, BRAWN" - ALL IN C. S. F. This year has been a very active one for C.S.F. an On November 7, l962, the members of C.S.F. took a trip to Berkeley to visit the Berkeley campus of the , University ot California. On January 10, 1963, they ,1 wen-t on an ice skating party at lcebed in Sacramento. Q C.S.F. also held 'a successful after-game dance, fea- turing a real "swinging band." QFaculty, that isll ln addition to this, each day two members of C.S.F. sacri- ficed their noon hour' to watch 0 the halls of our school. This F service to the schoolywas great- F ly appreciated. I C All in all, C.S.F. amdfits mem- E bers have kept themselves R busy and active throughout S the entire school year. Row 'I -- Linda Crosson, Darlene Pace, Susan Peters, Tina Peters, Sue Dve, Sharon Wininger, Darlene Eoff, Billie Sue Massey, Cleo Snifzer, Sue Leonard, Virginia Ogren. Row 2 - Mr. Nikaido, Advisor, Connie Over- land, Paf Machen, Sue Hoffman, Mary Burk, Kathleen Hunfsman, Kaye Fair, Bev Liftle, Connie Fromm, Dorothy Faulkner. Row 3 -- Donna White, Sharon Gump, Arlyce Schnaible, Robin Williams, Jilg Douglas, Elsie Davies, Connie Henderson, Diana Linneman, Sandra McWilliams, Lorene Allan, Kay Mello. Row 4 - Sharon Flory, Judy Frilzzell, Virginia Sullivan, Pam Shinn, Diana Mackay, Sheila Hartman, Helen Hoffman, Sandy Panfoia, Connie lsreal, Judy Keller, Paulette Gribaudo GALT HIGH This year has Tound The Cl y X busy and acTive. Along vviTh - Band and Drama DeparTmenT, The: Chorus pariicipaied in The Annual ChrisTmas Program. Then, in The- laTTer parT of The school year, Th Chorus presenTed a fine array o Q-SLK' XX ' '-A ' melodies in The Spring ConcerT. OFFICERS A X , Q Aside from These Two maior con- cerTs, a small group of Chorus mem- bers Took part in The yearly Arbor Day ceremonies. They also provided music for Two P.T.A. meeTings in March. -D -C 53 WF Susan Hoffman, Judy Keller, Jo Sfeelc Row 1 - Rosemary Watrous, Terry Olson, Barbara Morris Lmda Spaans Dorothy Schauer Penny Fleming, Roberta Gibson. Row 2 - Betty Melton Fay Templeton Linda McCulstion June Lopez Brenda Lafferry, Beverly Little. Row 3 - Richard Hicks Dennis Anderson Dennis Arrants Dave Carson, Ron Davison, Edward Biros, Bill Fletcher Thespian Members Pract1ce And Present The aim of Thespians is two-fold: first, to establish and promote standards of excellence in all phases of the Dramatic Arts, second, to create an active and intelligent interest in Drama among stu- dents ot the secondary schools. The Thespians, in co-operation with the Drama Department, co-sponsor all dramatic productions. The Thespians also make it possible for all the members to see at least one excellent performance a year. There are bi-annual initiation ceremonies, and an annual presentation awards. Row 1 - Linda Spaans, Terry Olson, Dorothy Schauer Betty Melton Penny Fleming Row 2 Fay Templeton, Dennis Arrants, Carl Koellman Joyce McDonald SHARON SNYDER ROBERTA GIBSON CAROL WARDDRIP KATHY ANDERSON 1963 SONG AN HEER LEADERS SCHOGL SPIRIT PROMQTERS! The i963 school spirit promoters have proven themselves capable of leadership qualities. They could be seen at all the games, rain or shine, rooting our boys on to victory. Our two mascots - Chris and Luther - -were always full ot plenty of pep and spirit. 'Our attractive song leaders - Peggy, Vickie, Roberta, and Sharon - lead the singing with much confidence and enthusiasm. Gur peppy cheerleaders - Kathy, Sherann, Carol, and linda - kept the rooters, yelling throughout the game. Their bright red and white check :sweaters were an added attraction to all the -games. This year's rallies were well attended and unique, due to the efforts of our capable rally -committee. Many hours of hard work and racticing were given to make school spirit lshe "best ever!" Yes indeed, school spirit was at its peak in 1963! LINDA SPAANS SHERANN BROOKS new 1 VICKIE HUBER PEGGY LINNEMAN 1 , a MB-hv"""""fv-......,, ay, 1, TN Wf1wxf ww -J! y uf 'fx -Wu fl-ITL :': 1:2 Ni ggi Q . W. .r' i Es ms was-H , ,ig "QSM - an sg f 1 Vi :Q 3 ...Ez 2 f . f V L xx I , L, 'ik 2 . M :,, . xx ' A x H . A ' K WEN --4 Q, VD , M ,-,1Qg:i2H NESS? W-M ,,,.:,j,, ,, ' Qkjjd ivy ,T ,,,. , r, H L M .. , , 1 vs - f: f V gf Q 5 Q 2 3 1 H . V' H 35 S xv M 5 N Y 3 Q 2 1 Y ss m V f , . A ,, - - Q ei - , 4 ' I 55 , v . v i X a ' , V I 1 1 1 14 . , u X Ya Q- . , gem' A . 4 ' 'f ' , K ' p 1 K' 5 51 .. Q . 'G . M m K , H MQ , .,.,, 9 ,M X., , f H Y. M .Y - ,gg :-- . ., .. 'N 1 1 ., ,I 'VJ an X A N, , . ww S 1 ,sf xx x . ---"' " . 3 2 QI? . 1 Q , ff ,gg " 6 , 'sf ,- .:. :.:.:.. f R yu .. is Q? h ., ll . .f L- f W X B K as V I as 1 na L u we--2: Q2 5 ' E E my ' ct ., X' E , .W-3,-A al " ' Tummy, 45gW 'mgwwwa , '12-'-N Qu' ' ,f A 9, ., ' - QC .. 4'-Hvwijil,-WW i '1 ' ' X --W -xmgwiv . . 7 H, i. . in smwz- My ,I ww ,W.2if, Mal A , 4.54 ,-,. sf uf, .4 X fa 'ue y W' V X K' ETD, .fgy ,Q W fw' "'. , . 14 TM, 'sm . 5 ,: ', X '.'E,,',Lys:'Mi X 5 . .f , ., My ,X !,. Y. g5'3-gwiw-w 1 'H '- -9 9' X I -zzl i ,i Q A - , 1 112:-ff I. -253 F 1 , ff- . . fx Him, 5 2 1. q W ' , X "Tastes 5 X in ' V L, Kang BT 1 ' "' , '51 -9. Y. ' E - X X : 4 I ' K ff!-,jT:? QQ17 f .4 .M M' 'WJ' 5551,-Qligg iivw. . , ,. ' H955 ' if mmm ' ' 111543 gtg, mg- isgnsf V "X L . 0 , M . ff :::.-.5252-sfagefse W' 1 K H .E 'A WF YS '- Q N 'R . Q , is 53 54:57 - . . wiv Tiff ,E ' 5 7 3 1 A " fi 455: Is" W 'I ' W lf P53525 r Q K A R H' s H 5 M Q K :.: ::- ..:.:.: :- " if W ' fy, K ,M .I ' ' ' ,wif sis :' fsiEf?5sg::a,e'::a fi 222 ' ' f -1 Y X M - gym 5,5 W. 3 fs N .. ,N ,I 4, S ,I Y A 1 A-W G LF: . - H i 33 4 Q-g 5 'F S' if .Y , Q 1 W f A " H ,' B E , fam. .:. - " ::1::aE:2:f'i:i,!Es re-Iiuzw 1' ' f N an F .e1"f' Q AMW.-. 1: 4:i"i' 1::a ':2' . y - " ... as , -,,..,,,. Mah-. Eu , ., EW, --A.. :WJKZ "isp, QA mf is 'J QW Q 1 Aga, ff .QQ ...... H, S .. a M M 5 SQ? L ,, 5 E H 'ee 3 sig 3- 3 A-fa at .555 A as , 7 ,Q M y ,E 5 1 K M ., ,K nga. ., 4 is gi if 5:3:.:W E.,: :- gl,.,: A of 55 S R we AY f Y xy if 5 W f L x 1 .av QM air. W W ' 53' ff " 5 -f lf 35 3 " W 'E N45 1 ' 9 ana Ls- , eQ531-ffm, Nga 1: ,A::y, a,f,,f?Q5mgg,1 l2v'?lSL51x3QB?2?'r!'s"B'15s",, , V A ,, fig? 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W Q w ' fm-- '4 4 J iw 11 5 ' ' fi f 26 if f Lis L N x NSW- ' F- KK W ful kllllllllf' E911 Y P' we A ref w.N-asm n A 'P GI RLS' LEAGUE PRESENTS Dean Reich, Craig Ahlsfrom, Bob Erman, chief: Tim Greer, Gary THE SQUAW HOP X E ,',,j. mwww Af, We QA3'hmaEM'Mm Ngsgy Yann:-wi 1 4. ,s R11 I-. fm' 0, ,., s "ll: I husk ,ef xx, Q 'bf' " y'if5Y. , ' . -fx , 1-Q.: ,V ,U giggffyu w A' 1? vi' page . HS Eg, Q . 1' ,' ' lfisy DALE? M7 M .W 1 2:1 E xx wy , ms, ,-'Il - I U. " " E f F9 PGI. ! M New ' 3 AU- .,f, M M M M M M MM M M M M E M M W M 5, M M M M - W M M MW : X M M X X Q M X X X M 2 XX 2 S X X HEZQMESM X 1:32255 Wm ilfre ' X M XX XX XX XX XX GX XX XX XX XX XX XX u ww W M X XXX bw : Q W QXXX SXW MX mm wq f 5 my I MJ .W iw? . 2 was XMZMWQ fy:e:SgXX.5'F'f:'"g"35QgM?f'1,Xg5X2MMX2wK25XjjgsM,2Jfg?l.-:sgfg5EMXX M, M M M f ,X XX M ,XM L -5.-:MT X Q MXYM- -1,0 rs? laws :M X1 Wx Mrs: vi X'-!zFM1wX-fri,-QMQMH.MMMMMW2' ' u M M - M M MM J M M XM Mf fx: My gPg,5?h M PTH-J W'..H'Mf',?5e , , .., M L, M M W M . 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XX " XX , X .1 XX mms H Vw' XX Hasan " ' EEE SSB X, ' swim-M sm? H N M X XX M X- A B 'BRAKE B 5588588 B B BSS BEER Emilia XX H". XX, M -X XX sn HXWZZXXXXTXXEZEXXXX XX magma E 'E H 'EN H MKS? H nl H H EB M X X X X M 3 X 5, X Ragga ,M m w wf, - X -X - 'ge -. K.-M M--.anis-M 5+ TH .-FZ 530.5 ' -K MQW HM QMS 5 a a M a .X wma XX 1 M Bs Q :Em XX XX W M XEXXXXEEQEEEQ MM ., . , ,Q MWM Mil M MM .M it , . . ' XX 1 x,. M. M ' ,. MTW! -M Maw W 4 X' M.M,fM .M ,M M ,. ' MX' -X wMx..M M M MM, M . A X X K M ' W ., JM if ,. 5 M M E M , M . M MM WXM :M , , J , X M XM MVWM M- 5 MM r M I .' . -. 4' 1: .mf K Km '. M M, , X -.X n - '-MM., X, - .'-1asXw1XsMX.s1!T.a..W,fXM3Xa1X xp gm X X X -N X X XXX! gi :XX V M5 Wag ww AR ITY P TS FORTH E 1g'W'??mM ,ff 55555. ' M msn , H lm BO B E RMAN 'j1gfjg.:m.:Eg Co-Capfa i n BOB WOLD Manager KEYE ,.PE RRY Manager ROD GOEHRING Co-Capfain RANCE AN HAROLD FULLER Assisianf Coach TFORT TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL SEASCN iff .W A wi ii . .1 T.: ROBERT LOOS E Head Coach l rli' 'E Season Scores Galt .,....... ........ L iberty Galt ......... ,....,,. E Ik Grove Galt ......... ........ E scalon Galt ......... ........ S l. Marys Galt ......4.. ........ L inden .. Galt ......... ......,. R io Vista Galt ......... ........ B enicia. . Gall' ......... ........ D avis . Galt ......... ........ P reston S-EASON SUMMARY The Galt High Varsity Football Team for 1962 63 had a good season. Coaches Robert Loose and Harold Fuller led the Varsity Warriors to six wins and three defeats. The season was highlighted by a stirring victory over our arch-rivals Elk Grove with a score ot 27 to 20. In the annual Homecoming Game, the Varsity Warriors were defeated by the Davis Blue Devils by a mere five points. ln league standing, the Warriors wound up with third place in our own league. Four Varsity Warriors were elected for the S.C.A.L. All- League selection. These four Warriors were: Bob Erman, fullback, Galen Gribaudo, halfback, Dale Hambleton, end, and Tim Kelley, tackle. RON BAXTER End Q AQ h - 9 Q x 8 ,gi "M, we 4 X JIM BOWLES X Ai ' E ., -H, 151 2 . 5' gig? H IE T, . . X :Q i : W RUDY BALLESTEROS Halfback VAR ITY DALE HAMBLETON All-SCAL End 1 N In I ' , Q, , ' if if-Q4 sf - rig, -lsr IS SUCCESS :S MIKE STIEHR Halfback EUGENE SULAMO Guard e,. I - M V E TOM JARDINE Halfback 1 wt LYLE NIMMO Quarterback ., ' . ' ROI OVERLAND ' H , A Halfblck ' T- "N '19, fx-4 'df' Eur- -. -fn TERRY QUASHNICK USORQQP ' -,a End MIKE STRIBLING Halfback LOUIS AZEVEDO Fullback HOWARD WEGAT Tackle GARY BARR Fullback AL SARTINI Center MIKE ERICH Fullback DANNY WARD Guard TIM KELLEY All-SCAL Tackle E . ,, SH 2-.1211 fvz.f.r,zq, GARY RAUSSER Tackle DEAN REICH Guard , wa-,.,y -H GLEN RUTH Quarterback RICHARD STRANGE Guard a Row 'l - Sam Crane, Bryant Gomes, Jerry Jardine, Billy Azevedo, Charles Beach, Cippie Sulamo, Douglas Pinkham, John Lanza, Richard Galiste, Sam Wilkerson, Gabe Gomez, Pete Bulahan, Dennis Quashnick, Greg Rausser. Row 2 - Rodney Wiley, Ron Olsen, Chris Clem, Mike Knecht, Dwight Sullivan, Larry Weber, Leroy Reich, Russell Sharp, Larry Twardy, Bill Dohn, Larry Cain, Bob Olsen, Art Gomez. Row 3 - Asst. Coach Eugene Nunez, Bill Martin, Richard Garrett, Jerry Aguilar, Gary Chittenden, Nathan- Loll, Mike Wilburn, Randy Harris, Bob Pitcher, Greg Mori, Jerry Stribling, Allen Krantz, Charles Bullington, Danny Freitas, David Graham, Larry Mondragon, Head Coach Robert Sapp V's ARE FUTURE GRI-SATS OF G.H. . Galt ...... ...... 1 2 Liberty .... Gall' ...... ...... 'l 9 Escalon Galt ...... 'I3 Elk Grove Galt ...... ...... 1 9 Linden ..,.. Galt ...... ...... 'l 2 St. Marys Galt ...... ...... 2 6 Rio Vista Galt .. 7 Davis ..... . Galt ...... ...... 3 4 Benicia ..... Galt ...... ...... 1 3 Preston The Galt High Junior Varsity Football Team for 1962-1963 had what was probably one of its best seasons in many years. Coaches Robert Sapp and Eugene Nunez guided the team to a total of seven wins as against only two defeats. The season was highlighted by a victory over our arch-rival, Elk Grove, which hadn't been done in close to a decade. ln league standings, the team finished second to Davis, only after losing a hard fought game to the Davis Blue Devils. Dennis Quashnick was voted the team's most outstanding player of the year. Q,-ef wk. 3: ' . XNQQE me fum A wffpw 1 Q he as fx Bvw si is ,MPR-, . ,s,.J Ev W5 .Bde 5' pf x .ff xi' sw as Q' - R ITY CAGERS SH RE LEAGUE CROW Left to Right,- Jerry Jacobs, Ron Betz, Bill Wagner, Chris Bottimore, Greg Mori, Dennis Radford Lyle Nimmo, Dale Hambleton, Bob Erman, Ron Breese, Mike Erich, Steve Stiehr, Mike Ballew, Joe Oswald missing -Ben Naylor. Front Row - Stan Froehlich, Mgr., Coach Don Nottoli, Gary Hoffman, Mgr. Season Scores Galt lone ......,.. 30 Galt Courtland Galt Jackson ...... ....... 2 4 Galt Winters .,.. Galt lone ......,......., ...,... 2 9 Galt Rio Vista .. Galt Elk Grove ................ 51 Galt Davis .,.,..., Galt Bret Harte 43 Galt Clarksburg Galt Calaveras 40 Galt Benicia ...,,. Galt Clarksburg 42 Galt Courtland Galt Elk Grove ..............,A 69 Galt Winters .... Galt Lincoln .....,.., ....... 4 9 Galt Rio Vista .. Galt Lincoln ..A... ....... 4 8 Galt Dixon ........ Galt Davis .,.A.,....,.. ......., 7 0 Galt Dixon ....,,.. Galt Clarksburg 33 Galt Dunsmuir ,. Galt Benicia ......,,..........,. 43 Galt Mt.' Shasta SEASON SUMMARY The Galt High Varsity Basketball team had one of the most successful seasons in school history. The l962-63 Warriors were Co-Champions with Davis High in the Superior California Athletic League. Both schools finished with identical T3-l records. After losing to Davis 7O-48 in the first league game, Galt went on to win l3 straight, including a 49-48 thriller over the Davis Blue Devils. The Warriors also were winners of the Calaveras Invitational Tournament in December, defeating Clarksburg 45-42 for the championship. Galt thus carried a season record of 2l wins and 3 losses. only to lose to Dunsmuir 49-43 and to Mt. Shasta 53-52, at the post- season Siskiyou County Tournament held in Weed, California. Individual honors this year went to Lyle Nimmo, chosen most valuable player at Cala- veras Tournament, and Dale Hambleton who was chosen on the All-Tournament team. Nimmo and Jerry Jacobs were picked on the Sup. Calif. Athletic League lst team, and Ham- bleton was chosen on the 2nd team. Bob Erman received honorable mention. Coach Don Nottoli was chosen as "Coach of the Year" in the Sup. Calif. League. Galt High rooters can truly be proud of their championship team and coach of the year. Q - . 1 1 .. I .g,L- L E MIKE ERICH I I 2, l ' 'a 3.2 :':, CHRIS OTTIMQRWE ' 2 ,. Tw" GREG N10Rl' iz ,:. nank , A 'ELI' . Vss , -1 wifi ,J A J' MIKE STIEHR - 5 ,.. . , Sw-sv riffx-'Z , ' -- - ' ,cwffam . -mf .:. Q I iq Joe oswA1.o 'i " 2 6 3 PJ.-'Y fs- u n 111 ff ALERT REBOUNDIN FLOOR. PLAY HELP . 'I -ax T XAET x ': tv Vs" E if-fl 22 QBLYH BILL WAGNER Ron sgrz Ag Ll f TERMINATION, AND PTURE OF TROPHY . 5 1 " 'a Q-. il 4 RON BREESE W x1 .1 ir 5 , -'sg - r ,I . ,P:l'-nik? " II? ' ."- u,4 it.. W 5 " LYLE NIMMO ' FDI. 9l-141. THE CHAMPS am-, s ,M R V.'s B ILD FOR THE FUT RE -if N- .l. Row I - Mike Weber, Robert Pitcher, Mike Wi-Iburn, Rob Lawrence, Jim Henke, Alan Robbins, Chuck Bullington. Row 2 - Don Frasier, Noel Weathers, Cliff Frasier, Larry Casado, Jim Craft, Earl Rempfer, Larry Mondragon Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Game Scores 53 55 Jackson 49 lone 49 Elk Grove 64 Elk Grove 62 Lincoln 34 Lincoln 31 Davis 51 Clarksburg 57 " Benicia ........... .... . 57 Courtland 54 Winters ........ ..... ffff 46 ' Rio Vista 45 Davis ........ 57 44 Clarksburg 61 Benicia 47 Courtland Winters .... 65 46 ' ' 44 Dixon lone ......... .. .... . Dixon . .,,.,..... . .... . Rio Vista ..... ...,.. COACH DAVE OLSON The Junior Varsity came up with its first winning season since l955, as they won ll games and lost lO. The team finished 4th in the league standings. This was a high scoring team, averaging 51 points a game. The team was led by Earl Rempfer and Cliff Frasier who averaged 17 and 14 points a game respectively. They were also both chosen on the All-Conference Team. X A --W .sa Row 'l - John Hagel, Glenn Ruth, Neal Davies, Dwighl' Weal'hers,. Noel Wealhers, Alfonso, Decanay, Richard Strange. Row 2 - John Vroman, manager, Coach Fuller, Lyle Nimmo, Jim Bowles, Mike Sliehr, Dale Hamblelon, Terry Quashnick,Craig Ahlslrom,BillWagner, Rod Goehring, Russell Sharp, manager BASEBALLERS INVADE OPPONENTS HAROLD FULLER, Coach RUSSELL SHARP - JOHN VROMAN Managers S SE IOR . ef Terry Quashnlck IWII11 Mnke Stiehr . wif Ben Naylor AX V ff Ro , . Bowles John DIAMO . nga... L ea - .m.A W -,ef 31? igffl 5.9.5. 5 . HQ--Y -wxu I wwf. www' -39 .4-m March March March March March April April April April April April April 15, 19, 22, 26 29, Tuesday 2. 5, SEASON SCHEDULE Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Friday 16, Tuesday 18 , Thursday 19, Friday 23, Tuesday April 26, 30, Friday Tuesday May 3, Friday May 7, Tuesday May 10, Friday May 17, Friday Burbank Sf. Mary's Davis Clarksburg Benicia Courtland Winters Rio Visfa Lodi Dixon Clarksburg Davis Courtland Benicia Rio Visfa Winters Dixon There There There Here There There Here There There Here There Here Here Here Here There There Q . wb N was mmsssb ' 44: - , v - as 'WWW ,,,, ' Xxx" K , ,. V A NWN ,,,,.,syg,, V, U.. ., . , ' Q ' l Row l - Gary Chlffenden, Don Beffencourl, Don Frasier, Sieve Marlin, John Lanza, Jerry Jardine, Carl Gross, Manager. Row 2 - Jerry Stribling, Bill Azevedo, Tom Watts, Roger Madsen, AI Keller, Richard Galiste, Pete Bulahan. Row 3 - Mr. Sapp, AI Sarfini, Dennis Quashnick, Alan Robbins, .loe Hummel, Greg Mori, Rob Lawrence, Greg Rausser, Nathan Loll BASEBALLERS LOOK FOWARD TO SEASON CARL GROSS, Manager ROBERT SAPP, Coach 1 L. - - L Q MUSCLES AND DETERMINATION BREAK RECORD WQDPPUH D-JONNOP-' Oufsfandi T Men: Ro 1 - Chris GI J s Flagg, Sam Wilkerson, L Mondraqo A Gomez R 2 -- Ron O I d Mike Ballew, Bob Er B Il K l Fred lmmoos Make Ballew 1 Bob -Erman K 11 Dennis Radford oach Bob Loos MEMBERS, MANAGER AND COACHES Coon Denms Roberts Mg Nune O-ZFJUJ WW WGHZC PIO mwz - -,'f - ' if ig: F sQm!'!!l Q 4 "' N. f' . W1 - J GIRL CO PETEI MSL!! A .Awn- Row l - Dawn Gudel, lrene Adams, Sharon Snyder, Liana Pereira, Rosemary Malranga. Row T- Pal Calibo, Carol Henson, Lana Williams, Mari Starkey, Linda Spaans OLL l'X Penny Fleming, Alice Gerling, Laurie Sfouffer, Sherann Brooks, Judy Fox, Carol Warddrip, Vickie Huber, Kathy Anderson, Roberta Gibson TERCLASS SPORT Kay Nakao, Susan Hoffman, Sharon Erman, Barbara Sanders, Terry Olson, Kathy Kenefick, Marilyn Bartelt, Dee Lawrence, Sandy Gribaudo, Chris Johnson LL Row 1 -- Elizabeth Galiste, Mary Aldridge, Patricia Windsor, Patricia Perry. Row 2 - Susan Gerling, Jerry Talcott, Kathy Liss, Sandy Warddrip, Carol Zavaftero, Charlotte Winsor 0EwOw mmWOZ Zmwrnvvm Zm CDPUO'-'ZFJV5 Cn7UO+-ZC . . .GIRLS SHO J, y K' 4 S z im E i 514 " illu- :., Q ,,... , ,L- E1 N Dawn Gudel, Pai' Calibo, Carol Henson, Dorothy Schauer, Mari Starkey, Linda Spaans, Rosemary Mafranga, Yvonne Galisfe S TN , -S , mf 73 Row 'I - Judy Fox, Vicky Huber, Marilyn Hessler, Terry Talcotf. Row 2 - Sharon Fox, Penny Fleming, Sherann Brooks, captain, Carol Warddrip, Roberta Gibson, Peggy Linneman LE T GN CGURTS y X. v U' ..- Y . 5 ff ' S' xx J , I x f':', I 1 f ",f .., ,. Row 1 - Carol Cowley, Sharon Erman, Barbara Sanders, Sandra Gribaudo, Chris Johnson. Row 2 - Kathy Kenefick, Arleen Berg, Terry Olson, Marilyn Barlelf, Dee Lawrence ' LL Row l -- Mary Aldridge, Elizabeth Galisle, Joyce King, Pat Windsor, Carol Zavaflero. Row 2 - Susan Gerling, Jerry Talcoft, Susan Baxfer, Sandra Warddrip, Charlotte Winsor CINUZDPECD w7UOZOCEI"UCDcn Zmimcnp-r17::'21 GIRLS PATRON IZ LODI BOW OFFICERS: Row 'I - Sharon Snyder, Marilyn Gump, Sue Hoffman, Sharon Erman. Row 2 - Linda Smith, Regina Gardner, Stephanie Reynon ' Bottoms UPI Girls Bowling? Spectator Sports! Watch YOUI' 'UN' N NE GIRL 'I I The Cast PENNY FLEMING JANE ....... FRIEDA ....,. ..... D OROTHY SCHAUER BETTY MELTON LINDA SPAANS ALICE ...... EVE .........,............................ SHARON IGlamorpussI ........ ....,.. L INDA MCCUISTION SHIRLEY ............................ ........ V IOLET MCKEEHAN BETTY IT-ennesseel ....,. ..,..,. B ARBARA MORRIS STELLA IShofpu1'I ....... ...,.... F AY TEMPLETON MARY .......,. ........ , ........... J OYCE CAIN PHYLLIS ....... , ...., BRENDA LAFFERRY DIRECTOR ....... ...... M RS. EUGENIA OLSON 1. ' , g'1'fR"F -1 ., wwf -' 1 1 - I - - - . , , ..-, F R GALT HIGH PRE E TS ITS SPRING PL Y C LE I I 7 7 The Cast CLEMENTINE KELLEY .,.S..,.......,.......,, TERRY oLsoN MARY KELLEY .,.,, ....S4,, . DOROTHY SCHAUER GERALD KELLEY ...... BERTHA ...,...,......A,.. ABE CARTER ..,,.....,.,.. HANK MATTHEWS . .. PETE ..,,........,...... ...,.,,,., TUBBY ...,.., CATHY .......... JANE ANN ...,.,Y MISS PURNELLA PRINGLE Directed by Mrs. ANN MCNEIL ..,...,........,............,.......... ED BIROS JUNE LOPEZ DENNIS ARRANTS CARL KOELLMAN RAY MORGAN RON OLSEN LINDA SPAANS BARBARA MORRIS . PENNY FLEMING . FAY TEMPLETON Eugenia Olson a ss -n L . I 6 5 1 :aw .39 5, , . :?3?3lg!L EQW' ,X , amz? H ' SSN H Q Mn ,X WMI, ' A 0 F Eng iw W. , wav: 3' l J-'E 1, 0 ' D , o ' Iv 5 A -1 K X ,Q RUMPLESTILTSKIN The Cast Jo-Jo the Clown ..,,,... June Lopez Rumplestiltskin ..,. Dennis Arrants The King .....,,....... Carl Koellman Elsa ............ ....... B arbara Morris The Miller ............ Fay Templeton The Duke ............,... Bill Fletcher Lady in Waiting ........ D. Schauer The Page ............ Penny Fleming ' Asst. to Page ...... Roberta Gibson Pixie I ................ Brenda Lafterry Pixie ll ................ Beverley Little Student Director .... Betty Melton Director ..,,............ Eugenia Olson DRAMA CLASSES PRE E T CHILDRE PLAY SLEEPING BEAUTY The Cast Queen .................. Barbara Wilder King .,,,,,,,,,,, ......,,.,. B ill Fletcher Princess .............. Roberta Gibson Prince ..... ,...... T erry Quashnick Emily ,,,.,,,....,. ..,... C arol Cowley Prudence ................ Beverly Little Penelope ...........,.. Kathy Johnson Black Fairy ,,..,..... Jewel Bennett Duke of Thimbland D. Anderson Duke of York ....,..... Mike Hodges Storybook Lady .. Dee Lawrence Courtiers ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ben Naylor Jim Hoffman Student Director ........ ...... C arl Koellman Director .,...... ..... E ugenia Olson XII: if . . OUR SCHOOL A building . . . with a special purpose, and more than an ordinary structure. It was made for we who study now and for those who will follow, as it was for those who preceded us. Our friends are here, with whom we study and play. And our teachers, who inspire and guide us in search of wisdom and truth. Our school is an integral part of the stream of our heritage and its influence touches us all, lt is part of our legacy of freedom, and may it forever remain so. 1 11 GALT HIGH HISTGRY The 1962-1963 school year will mark the fiftieth graduating class of Galt High School. It was October 20, 1911, that the vote of the citizens formed the district, with school first conducted in a two-story house at the corner of Oak Avenue and A street.J Five rooms of the old house were used for classes. An old stove heated the building. The teaching staff con- sisted of three people, the principalland two teachers. There were very few social events due to the lack of transportation. The only social events which took place were a parade and a play. ORIGINAL GALT HIGH SCHOOL School opened in September, 1924, in temporary buildingswhich served until the au- tumn of 1927.'The corner stone of the third Galt High School was completed in this year and was dedicated on February 8, 1928. The school was 'originally built to accommodate 300 students, but it was also constructed so that new additions could be made from time to time. The present main building, of California Mission style, has been in use since 1927-36 years. 2ND HIGH SCHOOL - DESTROYED BY FIRE - 1924 School was held in this old house for two years. On April 12, 1913, the cornerstone for the new school building was laid. The new school was built at the place where the present one is situated. lt was a beautiful two-story brick building with a basement, Greek columns supporting the entrance, a lawn, and a drive lined with palm trees. This Grecian columned building endured until June, 1924, when it was destroyed by fire. BUILDING TOWARD THE FUTURE In 1954, a new wing was added to the east of the main building. This wing- had four class- rooms. In the sipring of 1958, construction of another new wing began. This is our present Homemaking Wing. It consisted of three complete classrooms and one larger room which was used for storage. Two quonset huts have also been obtained through the Navy. The athletic department used these for dressing rooms and as a storage building for athletic equipment. This past year has been another year of construction. ln April, 1961, the citizens passed a S360,000 bond which enabled Galt High to continue growing. Due to a'union construction strike, the completion of the building was delayed by 41 working days. In January, 1963, we occupied the latest addition to our educational facilities. We are now benefiting from new Homemaking areas fsewing and cookingl, Science and Photography laboratories, a com- bination Multi-Purpose Room Cafeteria Cwhich is doubling as a girls gymj, and an improved boys locker room. We are also benefiting from a much needed new heating system and elec- trical distribution system. 'it ' ' Construction on Our Newest Addition Through the years, the story of Galt High has been one of growth. School started in 1911 with 22 students and 3 teachers. In 1963 a peak enrollment of 602 students was reached with 26 instructors. This year's graduating class is to be the largest of Galt High's history . . . ap- proximately 100! Today, fifty years after its inception, Galt High is still making plans to expand both in physical facilities and in the curriculum offered, to meet the increasing demands of a changing world. The estimated enrollment in the next ten years is approximately 1000 students. Which means -Galt High School will always be: . "BUILDING TOWARD THE FUTURE!!" K+ 'N '1"7 , f4!a,1, . . E ' 'Lag' qyw.. Sv INTRODUCING sf, sa f'ivki, -agvx 5 . OUR NEW ADDITICNS DP, 90:1 M M Q M M X X iff H ' A M ' ME - 'EM15 'if' sf - M W. ' M ' 3 Jf?'1fg'? ' MX M ' ' Q WMF an 'Mi 3 M A ' '- . MMM-Muse? M -A M .-MMXMMMM. 1 M' M M.,.7M MFME ' -W M 13515 . E- sh'- voil 61095 X- " ' Agn M .. 15 'A ' W goh, I DMM -- A 965 , Xf Mzlf - 5,9 pti h M M s M M.. . MJ .-:Ag 3 Ecu ...X. -1' X . 7 M .X of .X . . :1 M 1 A155 M , s .X , X. yunlifah ...M " ' M- ' 4 .I 'T I gill ' " ' ' AM X 90 H N ...- hc is .f7'f? X.f".X.-1.'.'- . ,.,,X., X M X wi- ' 1 V is ...XM V, 5 W 'nv F A' M X K' Jf' K . .XX 1. , M V .f K M.. Hbff. X -M' . X. AX. X .. X .M f IX- ix - LX... . Q' - ' rgsf fz i 4 I M 'R . A MM ,I Z' Q xx Q 'W l.7A I W ,M H 'X X :':...':' H ': :- ,M 11 QX. . M . X, Mx QQ!" M .M Tw if X ip. M . - , 'XE .:.ff:fZi'. My-f XX X., QM. XX M '. M W X M M M - if z M M2 MJ 95251 , . 7, M . ' Y if MW, M-XXMM X, .5 ,ug xx MX, .A ,XXX ., . ,sg MMM fue .. a., . -. ..,. 1 M .XM MMM. .wMX.MMeX,X5m' is, .M . My 4 3 'P 5 5 f ,fQZ.'jM'.Mf K 1 ,Li 2: M52 M 5 B 5 .M -X 4 MTM- in X. X X- .mm x-1-' lik' A - El M wg MW Q '. MHMMMQXMWL -,-E,m'f1Mi2ig-MEQHMM XV X- M' .XXX 1 A M ggi' fix Mfiailiwg , 'W M M . SHX,sfffpg2wg,ig,Xw M -ff' .M ,154 -M HM.-M M-MMM. HMM--M .. MM,,M,zPWi:i.,,S1M1'M-,ffXf' 34? ' ' 2 Y - M 5 M M X. w,M.f'1M'X ,Nj - X .X M ,X . QM 3 sgj,g45'1,,Xf-2"T'fM'f'?'3.f :QRS -' M M if M NL M . M' M' MX- M 'M 5S:M"zEi1LfL S L- "M f?XfJ'MWM3f3ffM"M' M5671 fig: M if 4.15 M . M . M MXM 555 'M'M'.,M.flfgi-mg:gMWMg-QMKf2w1E,.,XW1fM9MM 'M ' M.' :M M-MMM M1 . MM M M-.MMXXM' 4':,,,,M:MM11.lgf,gf5'SM' M M M' M MM'xlM M .. Mg ...,.5 MM M. 5-MEM MMMM M M M MM MX .MM.M .. -X - M-MLMMKM MQXXMNMBWXMMWWMF M . M M . M. Mx M. MM if M5-MM M J M M M'.M M X M . ., MM., .M.,M,. . X. X M... X . . - M XXX M X X ,X WX M.. . .M M . -,XXM ' D M 'Q' K . ' Q 7 bfi? . I ,Maw . M M MMXMQXQX J -,.f M M M .MMT-Arg. ,Xe X .,M,-fMM M. .LM M -:fm ,M f -ww' Q n.M M WE? ff I ' 1 .. M X . 39 MEM M M" - MX M Q'- ' 7 Q. . ff? Tv. K . .M .EV . . M - . M gf W . i M M 135 7 XX u' . -5 M ,, M X M M 9 3 . I 2 T A 5 E4 i .Z .H W.. .. Q 37 M EM I . A M ,gn W'X :X .gif M M M XM - 2 5 - .I - X X- X gigs?-'ESE , xv XX, X, sr- is WX 2 W nl ,H - 'T 'E M- V E X E . .X E 5 H. X . X . . X XM.-Xw.1gMgM2,g M -A nal'mmXL' XX -U 'MMM as E M K." xnxx and-Emma nsgismafssss MMM . SMTM N gm MMT -ZZHMHEM TM SM Mlm? TM SNZMEM 5-mBgmEKE,?ssHfiZ2sMg5s M- ss 'nw ss ss as ss ss xx ss ml' m nm ss M my -XM-. ..-MA- 911:11-1 1 1,101 ii: 11111111 iz: 1 irnininc-m3rn1u1u1 31:1 gn fir 111: ini: Claude C. Wood Co. 686 Lockeford Street N Lodi, California Phone ENdicoI1' 8-5183 "Quality and Service" Our Motto BIIY READY-MIX CONCRETE Claude C. Wood Co. OUR COMPANY is also equipped To handle all of your grading and paving needs from driveways and parking areas To sireeis or highways. OUR MODERN GRAVEL PLANT is equipped To manufacture all of your rock, sand, and gravel requiremenis. OUR CONCRETE is Time-Tested and backed by our years of service in this community. 1 ini: 1 iiuouininim 101 11 1 1110311014 ina: iiugngnioi 1 x1 ixuii ini inqpuxnaunxuzui anuenm-qmuqsuxanq-:unusual LATEST FASHIONS AT . . . The Fashion Shop ERMA LISTINI, Owner .3 207 Lincoln Way - Phone PI 5-1695 Gall, California :zum-mum:lllfeznucwi-en-an:eralurn1lc:1xxuenuexsncznuzl-ini-a.: 1:-il-:minimis-14-exp"az 1s.vf-215.101-ao'-zzz. 1,1 leaning nqnnqpninini can :wings-msnniuin 4..- -.. -. -1 ..- Q- - .- North Stockton Swim and Golf MINIATURE GOLF and SWIMMING POOL Shirley and Charles Richesin, Owners GRaniI'e Z-4658 Lower Sacramento Road Sfockfon, California .g. ....-.- .. ....,. .. GAL1' MOTOR IMPALA - CORVAIR - CHEVY ll Greasing - Washing - Special AAA Service COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE SERVICE Phone EN 9-6688, Lodi ALLEN HERR Phone Pl 5-1147, Galt ini: :nilu14110:1-1091111131.31145113111503 FURNITURE RUGS A 8: It Cleaners and Laundry Where the Best of Clothes Meet to Come Clean .95 Phone Pl 5-1678 N 229 Lincoln Way Galf, California iuzuz xi namxirxeznznx 11:3 31.2 1-141-0:0 .-csuinqnninqxp-rx ,f.....3 .g.........,. .D .- Galt Retreading Tire Service GOODYEAR TIRES 8-HOUR RECAPPING SERVICE 69 412 E Street - Phone Pl 5-2012 ep.-1.11 1.Q1...,.l-...qu-p 1 -11 1111:111Iin1aux:1:0101-fgnzuiirzu 1 an nqmuzmznnapuiuqnm in 3 'xmas 11 11 O ... Qz 0 Robertis Richfield navld Lo Low, novoMo VETERINARIAN VIRGIL - SKIP - MERK Q' A or Highway 99 and Boessow Road Pl'o"5 Planes' 54103 Gan' California Highway 99 and Simmerhorn 11111501 1 201014 irxizriixiasiaricvicriivzsicvicriao' rioinioicxioioiarioioioi rinioioioioioic 10101031 ioicriuicxioioioicxicrioicrioirnicricricricri xioioioioioicni m1rin14ri1 custom and COMMERCIAL ,TRACTOR WORK Licensed by City of Galt BACKHOE WORK DITCHES - SEPTIC TANKS - ROTOTILLING By Acre or by Hour - 7 Days a Week ,Lawn Leveling and Mowing C. Chism, Lodi EN 8-5243 C. Pruitt, Galt, Pl 5-1343 01411113 101 11341 icicirixioif CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 Boothis Motel .x North of the City Limits Galt, California ri xioidnioioioioicxioioi 910101011 Q zoiuinzfozo 1 010101010 0:0 11 0:0 ii 101 1 sinil 1 ri: 1 11010301 120101011 uzorioioiuinii in 1 1 1 ini 11102 Lili 1 Frostie CAFE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE .ar HATCH, MARTHA, DODY and Staff "C" and Lincoln Way - Galt, California ogviolricllrilrqtlicicrilicaiririiaicvlicvif 0:0 0:01101 1201014 1010101011 ioinioiuioioicrit Towne 8: Country ! i Beauty Salon Avenue Drugs TINTING - BLEACHING - HAIR CUTTING Q ,k STYLING - PERMANENT WAVING ! PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST -S 3 A' MYRTLE SMITH Phone ENdicott a-me - no west Lodi Ave I oik Avenue A-f Gln, Cllifbfhti 5 Lodi, california i PHONE Pl 5-1314 l ! 5 ! ! 5 0 5 ! 5 2 E "LODl'S SMART MEN'S and BOY'S SHOP" Q 'I00 West Pine Street Locli, California Q Phone ENdicott 944594 I SIL LEONARDINI ! 6010201 111xi4vi0:n1o101oiu1cn1ni: 1 in in 0? Quin: in 31 1011n141141iuioiuicricrimynuioia Q Zo q ! Q llIlIll0l'lllllll'S I 9 !q Pharmacy ! WRIGIIT S ! ! 105 South School Street f- Phone EN 9-2743 Q owl. REXALL Dnucs Q Lodi, California 5 if , -A-. i I6 West Pine Street - 121 S. School Street g OFFICE FURNITURE i Lodi' Ca'i'0"'i-1 i MACHINE EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES, : 4 3 ! Complete Prescription Service and LUGGAGE N PICTURE FRAMES Q ! We Fix Typewriters and Adders Complete Cosmetique Department o 'Q' vie11.1011-14,xcvzanxanzcvioiozuioxoznznlxoxwzo 'o'r1fxioi1v1o11sicbi4b11vicv11rioi4ri4xi-cs11r14rix11 Food S 8 S Market .99 FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS COMMERCIAL Smoking of Hams and Bacons I I 'U .. I 0 2 ! i - 2 1 i 3' F 1 i 5-'i ' 1 i 9.2 4 ' 1 3' 3 I I F' 11 gi Q I Q11 E i 1 if - - 23 2.0 0 3 1: 12 1 I 2- 3. Q i' 2 i. s N 1 1 I 'i':411z1:11:111111 o:o 114114 1111141141 3, 11011111114 ' Galt Mission Chapel DElDE'S APPLIANCE 667CStreet - Phone 745-1593 - Galt, California G.E. APPLIANCE - UNIVERSAL PUMPS - APPLIANCE REPAIRS PUMP REPAIR - PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES COMMERCIAL ancl RESIDENTIAL 1112 1 1 i11i11g11i04p11i1111111i11 111 ini 1 31211111112 111 111111 1111111 Erie H. Spiess Insurance Agency Theatre Building - Phone Pl 5-1658 Galt, California 69 COMPLETE INSURANCE PROTECTION 1111111111 111131 1 1111 1 1 1 111111 1 1 3111 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1111101111311 1 21111 1 1111 2111111010 0:01 11131111 1 11311 1 111113 11131311 3 'shammi J imis Cafe 450 C Street - Galt, California 13 BREAKFAST N LUNCH DINNERS "AIR CONDITIONED" - Eat in Comfort JIM and GERRY CALDWELL, Owners 'U 5' O 5 mn 'I'I 'UO C -., z 3 l'II 9-2 su 1l Q If af- 5 3' 3' 11111 a emi FEL' U G2 9 Z wi - 0 F1-2" cn 9. :I E. 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MELHAFF i Flat Beds and Bulk Beds i For ALL TYPES of HAULING anywhere in California I :r FAST - SAFE - INSURED HAULING Pay Less Cleaners 201192 GALT STOP and SHOP 3 MINN I E RYAN, Manager I ! u n mg.: I i! 32 'E I QI QI 'S a aI I I I u I I I 101014 4:1 nic 9 goiozuiozl "C" Street N Galt, Cainornia I I I .I I ! i CONGRATULATIONS TO THE i CLA.SS OF '63 . . . 417 Club I I vi' ! I I I 11021 Zuioioioinialitrininiojoioitrioicricozo Z4 201014 10101193 usonioxa I s bic lai4ri4b:4ricrl1ifri1,:, r14si1r:ni4r:s14ni1s11vicr14x1cvio: i Q' P41193 Beauty Shgp coNoRATul.ATloNs g ' i GRADUATES . . . 846 Ayers Lane N Phone PI 5-1972 I g Galt. california Brocleettis Variety as 3 i '2' 5 i 911 C Street - Post Office Box 487 i Pat Rochester and Sandra Parker Phone PI 5-H07 N Galt, California Q , l S . 5 FARMERS Q MERCHANTS BANK : GALT BRANCH I fzt. M ! g - , g Banking E, -' ' fi 1' A Saving e 5 , Fl 4 4 1, S ! BY 1 is T S r f 1 bv 4 E i Z - T V W f ' , Q ., 1 I . A 3- . m 1 : !!. li El l iid ffff ' ,M . K, X 'N My 2 -'-W-A mmm . ,. g Automobile Loans - Savings Accounts - Commercial Loans - Farm Loans i Mortgage Loans - U. S. Savings Bonds - Travelers Checks 1 Safe De osit Boxes - Bank Mone Orders - Personal Savings P Y 2 Personal Checking .fini 11191:-1:11 -11:-1.114ivaniinilrzzxiirirfzlm-fr ' A 1 - - - Q BUILD . . . PLANS BEST FOR THE FUTURE'by , . . ! I Q HAROLD WILLIAMS : GENERAL CONTRACTOR G HOME - BUSINESS -A DUPLEX g Phone Pl 5-1317 Galt, California 05.011111 ini 1 101 11 xi ,Q .1 ioioiniuiinzuepux :Quiz 1 si :nz in 1 xzuisnininxoiaxgoi 114 is :ox o is 101111. izlxuannxuzningxfqpf 2:-cp: 1 Diamond National Corp. 0 LUMBER 0 HARDWARE 0 PLUMBING SUPPLIES i I .99 Galt, California naiixuincsuesuiiucnummruixiqaniuiinnzi cn iniaqbo H1111-1 11:31:11 1 ax ni 111111111 iq: nas: as ian 1 nc: ! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE g CLASS OF '63 . . . i i can F0041 Bank ' i L 4th and B Streets - Phone Pl 5-1331 I I Galt, California I I 1 Q 3 Q ! EARL and LEROY ARRANTS, Props. AMBROGIO'S ELECTRICAL SHOP MAYTAG - RCA WHIRLPOOL - BERKELEY PUMPS Sales and Service O Frigidaire O Philco O Television O RCA Victor O Zenith ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 229 4th Street - Phone Ploneer 5-1531 - Galt, California N anegfs Sunshine Cafe 205 Lincoln Way Galt, California 1,99 CAFE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE T1-1101 1.111111-ii :ini 11.920 Q . .0 ! ! Q Q CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I cl.Ass OF 1963 Q Galt Department Store g Galt, California i i C - ev ! ! g "EVERYTHING Fon THE FAMILY" ' 0:01-11.1.1-T..-1.-..111.1 .111 101 ,zur 1 1 Q...:.,:, .g.5.....:...T..,:..:,... .:,,-..:.,:,.,-.-::.:l,:-..::..- 0:1 cznnrxm-anyHenna:-1103:T34,za-zniuiniuiuirii 1 - .- - .-..- .-. .....-..- -..... - .-. - qu..- - -....,... .- ... -... ini 1 111 1 1 11 1111111 11 111111 111111: 1 1:1i11i111 11111111 111 11111 111 1111 1111111111112 1 1: 11 1:11 1111 1 114136, ozuioinx 3 11111111111 11111111111 1111111 Q Q ! ! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Q Q cLAss OF 'aa Q ! . . Q ! Twln Cnty Cafe Q 2 . ! 1 Crystalmte Block Co. i g 19' A i g oPEN 24 Houns TIGHTWEIGHT PRECISION i sLocKs V 1 ! ! 19' ! Q 9' Q Q 1v1EA1.s - 1.uNc1-1Es ! Q A Growing Industry . . . Serving a i E DRAFT BEER Growing Community 5 Q Q ! W1 .11 ! ! Q Q Junction Highway 104 and u. s I Crystal-Way N Galt, California 2 E Gan, California Q ! ! ! Q Q I I 11 1 un an 11-1111111 1 1111111 1 an 4-91111111024 01011111 11:11 111 111 1111111 1111111 Q iQ H1211 Q Q Q iQ Q D IQ 1, Q Q 2021 Q Q lil QI D IQ! 2 IQ! Qi QUCKIQ 11113 W ED'S SEAASIDE SERVICE MOTOR TUNE UPS - BRAKE WORK - LUBRICATION - MUFFLERS TRAINED MECHANIC PICK UP ancl DELIVERY 129 'I5 Years Experience Bankamericard - "S 81 H" Stamps 4th and A Streets - Phone Pl 5-1180 - Galt, California 1141211i11io:0io1oi0i0i41i41i41i1114ri4vi4 111111 xii 1 11:11 113 1011111031014 Western Auto Family Store 'A' Phone PI 5-1140 Gall, California 1111412111 1 1 1111111 101 141111110 iiuozo rioinicxioioioicriirimii Weathers' Hardware 1143, ozasioioioicxigvieiia E 1 1 l I Q GENERAL HARDWARE FULLER PAINTS "They Last" ir Shopping Center - Phone Ploneer 5-1656 Galt, California 020101411111 111o1111oiu1n111io1 1 111011 THE PRINCESS K. WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S APPAREL Galt Stop and Shop Center ic 1112111 111111114 1 11 5111111113 1 3 11 111 111211 111 3 1 311112 111 11113 111 V. E. Greer, J r., M. D. Gerald W. 0ehler, M. D. Phone Ploneer 5-1049 N Galt, California 1:1010 v ef 10101011 5 1111 020110111 The Toggery if "LODI'S LEADING STORE FOR YOUNG MEN" A if School and Oak Streets Lodi, California ri riaricxicriiifxlxicsiciciiiavifriaric CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 Dr. Keszler, D.D.S. D E N T I S T et Phone EN 9-2681 - 816 W. Lodi Avenue Lodi California 111111 111 11vi111u111qDo1111111 112111111 11020 Q: 111311111111iuiuiuiui 101 io111iu1111u1u11p E111 jerry cook studio 224 w. pine street - phone 368-4633 Iodi,' california . fthe photographer of this yearbookl 11111 1111111112111111111111ni1111lirxiuioiuinilrzo 1111 1 1 311:12 1 11 3119111111 112 znann l.h1'15tens1rn 5 1 of Loo' "1- FASHl0NS-APPAREL f 'WV' SPRING ASSEMBLY OF NEW !If X - open .. U a 11121: --' 6' NIIBISS 'ni 9 Z 1111114y3111111o1111113o111qso1o1n1 11113 erm:- inc: uczsnan 0:0 14:01211i11gn111i111111o2u1o10in1 1 11203 1011 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 From . . . Ace Lumber Company Free Estimating - Financing Available For LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS See Us Ray and Minnie Ost North 99 Highway Acampo, California 4:61011 11 1 11 1 Z1 as 1 bind! 15010103.12 11111 C.ONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 G 8: E Shell Service ev 104 North Lincoln Way Telephone Ploneer 5-1321 Galt, California 32111111113 1 191113 111 111111 111 11111111 Club Bottle Shop 4th Street Galt, California -.99 SPUDE and JAKE KELLER u11111ne:11i111u1111:D1 1oq:n111i111uqau1u11 11 inauzocznxznxi ic 213 vi 1 in: 2 111: 1101111011 wg. ofa nm I .., I ., I C I U I O I B e i E i e i ci i 10: We Q i v e.u111:r114::r11cn11cz1: 11:1 cn 31111111 1 1 1 111119, up was on 1411111410101 110111: 11014 cruz:-xncnninxnui in 101 1 1014 1 vin in Super Market GROCERIES - FRUITS VEGETABLES - FRESH MEATS .99 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 .99 Charlie, Rita, Willy, Wally, Olive Gayle, and Alice Phone Ploneer 5-1397 Q Galt, California ini 31112 ini ini 1 iuiuiiliuiniuii CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 EN II-KIAN Publishing Company PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS LITHOGRAPHERS All Types of Printing Produced on Modern Presses .99 PHONE ENdicott 8-2478 Oscar Katzakian - Vin Benson E. R. lMikel Enderlin ioininivi 1:14 in: ni nioi 11 i 3 301 1-1: 0:01 vzo 121 er I ! 4 i i i I I i i E n Q 9 3 Q.: , ! ! ! ! ! I Q ! Q ! ! ! E ! I E ! I I in in 110301 ni 3 1:1 11:14 3114 101 1:01014 TO THE SENIOR OF '63 WE EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS Galt Furniture Co. 3 LANE CEDAR CHESTS LINOLEUM N WINDOW SHADES 3 905 C Street -1 Phone Pl 5-1156 Galt, California 111:12 1 crux 11: 1 4-ui 111111111111 34:41 1 :iz -9 xc 1 1 14:11 1111111111: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 Spaans' Bakery .AC YOU'VE TRIED THE REST . . . . . . NOW TRY THE BEST 3 456 C Street Galt, California ibl4 l'i1ll1PIlDlCDlCll1Pi4!14Pi1 llillliflg. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST wlsHEs fo CLASS of '63 Jack fr. Jennings, II.D.S. I neN'rls'r i Stop 8. Shop Center Cbehind F 8. M Bankl i Phone PI 5-1917 f. Galt, California I 101014 52, ozoiiujoioinioioiar iioioioioioiirioixricrioicriinicvif 31 Irvin R. Bender REAL ESTATE BROKER .59 For Your REAL ESTATE Needs See Ruth Mori, Licensed Salesman 233 S. Lincoln Way -f Phone PI 5-1558 Galt, California 3 xi 1 ni rzuiniuiuiuim 1 mini 1031 GALT BAKERY BREAD - PASTRY - CAKE Bill and Dorothy 241 Lincoln Way - Galt, California -- Phone Ploneer 5-1168 Q Q ! ! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS i ' Jelvplers OF ma . . . Q Q Q ART-cARvEo DIAMONDS Goods of Woads ! ! JEWELRY , GIFTS ! ! .90 Q at ' i HAROLD E. BESHEY 5 i 23 S. School Slreel' N EN 8-5475 Gall' California ' i Lodi, California i i 10101 1 xi 1110111 ni: 11 1 ri 1 11111111 u 0.0 o 7111141 isis: 1 1 101 1 1011 11110: r:4si1xicni4n: viii, The Galt Herald "Serving the GALT area for more- ihan 50 years" PRINTING and PUBLISHING .99 Phone PI 5-'I551 N Galt, California ioioioininioioi inioioiuiuizxiuic 11 ii 1 102011 is ii 103014 20:01 is ini: 14 103 9 0,4 P1014 01010101011 rio Guptill's Jewelry and Hi Fi Diamond Setting N Special Orders Watch Repairing , 5' 1: If 0 : PU E 512 ai' 2,9 lnmvg' .0 0 cl' 2219 o-4-, 3 ua I :- 1--3 11 ro P0 Y' ur O :r 0 '2. I' 'S' 9:0 'cn 'O' 9 :I 'h 31 E.:- mb : o ITI Z 'P o UI UI so icuii 01024 30101010101 101021 1n10i010Q0ii I'IESSI.ER'S FEED STORE POULTRY and DAIRY SUPPLIES and ALBERS FEEDS SANITATION SUPPLIES 05020101 1010201010101 514 101 1301 N :J 'um 3 " 'C I m 2 EE gs" ' I P09 C . E2 i ! --0 5'25'4 El Zvi i 'u 8 n-" P 'fr - I ' .. mu- ma-1 v 0 F2 5- Q v- ! Q ga ni 3,1 2. Q 8 x 25 E4 .v 4 Q 3 3'l mg zb 3 ' g W :UI nl- : : E. n-5' IE Q I I 'I' 99' 34 : I ! I 92,5 w H I I ,,..n -4 3' G Q 0742 O I I x g n 2, i i 'U S 2 7' G - : 3' NI -1 ! ! 3 I I Oil IlUIll10KIIlI'!.IIl0l0l010l!I14Ds ni E , 0 ' :x . i 5 i ! 9- i ! G H Q I T1 BD E ' i I - E on -- i 1 I gg S m 3 i Q ::'U Q I' I - len .210 sum ' I :Eg O D a : Q n'5- 297: 9' I 'L a'.,.2Z.5"" QQ j I I' -in UIQ b Q , : nl so " 3 I : --- 2 - 1 I -. 'S F051 i I 2 5 rz ge i 2, Q U g I , na I 3. i i -I I o 55103 1 9101011 riwrilriabiflifvicridrimridnifrit o2r:c:1oi1 ri4ni4ri4xicr11xi4 gi i i 6 04 Ilarriet's Beauty Shop 1 For Complete BEAUTY CARE . . . 'A' PERMANENT WAVES i' HAIR CUTTING ir HAIR STYLING ak MANICURING Specializing Helene Curtis Permanent Phone Ploneer 5-1388 - 125 A Street Galt, California 10101011 3ix10i010i014r10i01010i4 10101000 vioigz, 02011 v20i01oi011r11li0i0i0i0i4?i1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 Dr. Donald H. Ireland 921 Hnemlsrf' Phone Ploneer 5-1369 - 600 Lincoln Way Galt, California U 010101 1201010101 34 1010103 sic if 2 1 1014 ioiozoioihx 10101 vi 10301 51014 1 13010101 vi rioiocnioii ini CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 . . . MAR-VAL STORES 908 C Street Galt, California 3011 31301 vini 1011 4911201010101 1101010301021 FOR ALL INSURANCE NEEDS CALL . . . I Ken Williams I FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP i 8 Q 816 C Street - Phone PI 5-1318 . Galt, California 2101010101411 ioioioioioioioiojoiojoiioze 0 rife. i Din 1210101011 52010101 Texaco Curve Station COLD DRINKS LUBRICATION - SPARK PLUGS TIRES - TUBES SMALL ACC ESSORIES J LELAN D TEMPLETON Galt, California rininiuioi 10 1010101014 1 :ui wsu: ziiuiux 111 1 :epointz 11 is 1 ni: 1:14 xv: 1:3 1 quxnioiuzogu CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 24 AMF Automatic Pin Setters N Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant FREE INSTRUCTION N Supervised CARE for CHILDREN vk 620 South Cherokee Lane N LODI, CALIFORNIA N EN 8-5164 r1oii4i0znQzx:ie1ni11n1:o2:io:o1oi2x21ci1la11om14z11lv1o:o1a FAREWELI. UNDERCLASSMEN from the GRADUATING CLASS of '63 Seniors 1 1 1 111 iuixirnpninini 1:1311 1111111111 ini 11 xiuioioioi 111: 1 1 1 1 1 1110143 GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1963 From the FUTURE SENIOR CLASS 142221111-iliiiiiiiiiiirii uniors 10111111141 1 11111010311 101 1 1 inc: 1111101011020 9:03031 103 3' 11' 31- 301 il 3 "THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER WISHES THE 'TOP RUNG' SUCCESS" Freshmen CLASS OF 'I966 rioiuioiulnioinioilri 111 1:1111 103010 THE RISING CLASS OF '65 EXPRESSES ITS BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '63 Sophomores ':'i1n1n1i11li4r14bi4.bi0i0i0i010Z I: L Avenue Florist and Gift Shop 506 West Lodi Avenue - Phone EN 8-0034 Lodi, California .99 COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE LOUISE and BOB WAGEMAN 10111110101 uinxnioiuioioiozni 14,140.0 0201: 101014 in 0511010101014 ioioidrioioioioicxioioioio Burtonis Shoes 17 West Pine Street Lodi, California -99 QUALITY SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 WINN 81 BREITMAIER CONCRETE CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 155 - Galt, California - Phone PI 5-1617 ABE BREITMAIER Phone Pl 5-1617 ARLAN WINN Phone Pl 5-1609 Holly Department Store "GOOD MERCHANDISE AT MODERATE PRlCES" .25 Phone EN 8-0856 - 16-18 North School St. Lodi, California 1:01014 201011 1 fini 11 nic 101 ri: 13011 101 si 11014 viuininioioiui vioioinininii Parrettis 213 South School St. - Phone EN 8-2186 Lodi, California .3 FINE CHINA N CRYSTAL SILVER N FOR GIFTS Consult Our Bridal Register v 0:0 59101014 iarinianilvioianicxioioicricnioicnicri 2 1 1010101014 1 1 ni 1303 1101010101014 20101011 rininiui 1 1 1:11014viuiuiuiniuguzrax-livin MOBII. uxnzuzuzuiuznzozu1vininin-010:11-1---.giini: 1 34 111 ra-:oi qoiozniui 3 ED ERMAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 Phone EN 9-9619 Refrigeration Service - Norge and Kitchen Aid Appliances Maior Appliance and Electrical Repair Piekrell Refrigeration HAROLD PICKRELL 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 215 4th Street - Phone PI 5-1830 111 1 10101 Z 31111111 1 I 11111 finial 1 1 10101 1 11113 in: in 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 . . . Registered Appaloosa Horses .99 MR. and MRS. Gus AHLSTROM s. sons Arno Road Galt, California unzip. s rixoza 0:01 in 1 111 ini 10141101021-2 ini 3 Distributor TMOBIL PRODUCTS Woodbridge, California vi ri 11 2 vi 142010101011ninxnxozozoiuiuiozui 13020 0:01034 ini 1 141 1 2 1 1111411141 1 ri E Q g CONGRATULATIONS TO THE i i cl.Ass OF 1963... i i g Valley Pharmacy i i i i 6' ! ! I ! Galt, California l I Q ! ! ! ! ! , Q Q The Fabrze Shop g g 21 North School Street i i Lodi, California i i ,,. Q i j I "BETTER FABRlcs MAKE BETTER Q FAS:-nous" I 10141103 1 nicrii1if111nicfini:xisr11I34n1:111:Quiz114niuifn1o1rn1niu3u3ucvn111103 in 14 if 3 34 TAU NTON WHOLESALE and RETAIL LOTS LUMBER SALES - LUMBER TRUCKED DIRECT FROM MILLS Materials for Ranchers and Farmers - Contractors and the Home Owner Molding of all Kinds - Pine - Mahogany Phone PI 5-2065 llf no answer call PI 5-I 1981 Franvston and Crystal Way Gust off U. S. 991 Galt, California inxuznifugniuguzni inir1uinilx1uiniu14:i:1:111 THORNTON CANNING CO. BEST WISHES . . . TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '63 " Your Perfect Party Time Treat " THORNTON CALIFORNIA ri 1111101014 ic in 1011 14 1 nil 1 si 3114 ioioioioioioinioiuilnq 114 ini 10301 31101 DOI.E'S CAFE HOME COOKED MEALS BREAKFAST N LUNCH N DINNER THORNTON CALIFORNIA 5 i Q A GOAL "Have Rigs . . . Will Dig" i achieved . . . t Q we SALUTE YOU! 'QQ' ' 0tto Gross 2 " Well Drilling - Q U, N A' Q el ug I A Rt. I, Box 266 N Twin Cities ' d b - Phone PI 5-1347 g u a . . i i fine fashion apparel rioi4v11L101izlMri1ri4rioi4vi4bi-mbixsii 5101014 1014110101 1 xi V3 , a ,-1 .I V' N: zi, .W A M Egg? Ellyn ' is? FW, N L' H1 hr X ,Q A 5 N81 .-5.5 ' 'V L -:Q gigiggi ' N.: H 5- MM B H my Zggfw E 22' -we : ,I 522' -ww U, 4, :., K, K ' M151 -'H Q. 1' mu 2 -5 W s - Y , ' bn L-. J' 'W K' - .. ,, . E . A 1 .E VTE: .5 .. H .T .... as , x 1 gf 1. ,455 zzz E IS-iw , 3554, Q ,gym S s 1 Q mn. nw. 191 3 K B , S g spin 4 wgk : if f' mn , kai wgm EASE m,EMw Emma + - n R 1 .pw lu Y ,ga ., 1.: Q. S1553 Q . lg, F' . A B wwf .fx ,uwsigg 9 1 "'--.,.m:,zm . A ...,.wa!m ' Www M - , R EF? W New Q , - 1 E J.. ,Q-wg ff U? w QQ .. wi ' , fue I F ' M ww 'V -Q. 92 4 -W -2 hw ' .. V- ',f,.-- QQWBQQQHQQW mw afggs ,M gi fwgk gk Wm .gg mx W V -HM -11-:iv HQ? X-aim W . :s::,,-:gf E 4 S ff M WQ Q55 N 5- rgqfj ' ,- - my H .5 Q , E vm MBAR, ., , . L av ' is mmm ag Q35-Wi, f 9 M 5tnHW 'Li.QfjLfa.m.i:s5 H .ix 1, . g ! .. w 4- ' I ' , 114, lf Llfif gk Y? ' 1 v F m Jw- ,K E x H AP M 5 'll Q 52:1 "' H 2 w ' :J . ,Q 1 mm 1 . 1 , , Q ' . K Q . m , , Q 7 'I 'J' 1' " 4 W fi Q 6 I r 5 'V . , 1 'Q syfij. inf - wa 5: 7 I ' J 1, 4 Q Q W4 7 B K Q f, A all: ' A , Il m ' :- .,. I V - E i' X. 11 K we .-sqm V E15 . I V ,Vg V H- . 'I I 4,-TT' fr 1 I, 5. 6, W QSM Q Q K?" f K i' 1 xg 95 9- f Lf f I K Q' W ' ,4 Q ' B ' ' A .ag P Q3 ip' :SY L lv if W B 'V --, ,. .f-2. M W1 1 w 1. y W ? ' ,g Q ,X 5? 1 Qt -'Y 4 l Us K ng E E e , 3 , xxx R 3 , W E A Q M k ,N , , ' . - QL -: 5: -:-1:-: -5 . - 1- H f K has 4 ff ' ""'- ,155 1 ii W 'V , 45 M fx N W yi' - . , " ' - sm 5: gy ms- ' f ' ' i i- inf' 'Q MEZN W WA - . 5-rr15a5 2.:ww, mggQg i 2, E Q M M-M X n H if m ,I ms 3 W W L . 2 Q' Your Yearbook Staff? Finally Finished . . . . . . Hope You Like It! mm"UD'PUC3GHC!D' LJ-5, . 1' .4.., UQ.- x 1-ps.: 4..,1.....A..-. 1051 L.axis5:.,-.1 nwalaul.'s1u::Qf-1lr:!: ,. . , ,.-.. -.. -,...,,. .--...... . Q.- .-...,... . A

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