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QZZOQQLZIS 1961262 gafi' O2j1'1'i JZ Z1 HTOIL Qjcfzool gaff, Gyafzjfgv-zfzzzicl I A ma Zeaf GAL OUR ADINA NIA RI TO IIIRE OUR VOICES RING 0 PRAISE YOUR IvI TY SPIRIT ND THET fu-Q 0 IN N :a w MEMBRANCE M :II I I I HEIIII ouR on Eso II' IE I E ,U I I I ll "' oss Jo II s DAYS VER I . - f 1 v,-0' , it l . - f- I. I 1 ' I Q IVY' 1l.I . y Lf I V"'n,, 4 , I-Il,'v'I' L E: .l 'ami' " -'.vI,j.,,., fff'iIaifIg'ff I ' ' ' ESS I 'II ' , III-III I I III III' D I ,,. ,Q Il:f'L'I'...I5AI".f'fII IIIA DE' Q 4.Nm.' I ' -.Ja " , . TAI KX . If-Iyk W' F . ' I I, U, IW In Ju I . . L 5 . 1 HAIL ALL I-IAILI IL' W: E me gm ia A lmgg is E a a 'n ,ma H mgmaafs Qwest ,-as ss , a a i ss ,mx-:E mama .. H an E H. af Ei :Q: H H .,.. H Katia , sf 'V ss ra mg I maya sm Q B m .Baa WT, EEE a mms B m5 mam we E,- ss wi a mia a ss ss a ss giant E E E gggma sa? H as ' a is ni WLOEQWSQMQWQMQQQJQ W E3 0 0 22 5 'u . 'P' 0 0 YZ g3.j?356EQ gag cation 53ll9k9gjf?i9Qf76Qjt9f5Q , 5 ss M sw g:,:H:a-aw L w gcgjsagggma E I Lasts ig ,1 Qledica fzlom To you, Mr. and Mrs. Hertz, we, the class of 1962, dedicate this issue of the Hi-Lights. We honor you because of your unfailing service and loyalty. Busy as you have been, you are still known by students for your earnest and untiring support of student rights and activities of every nature. You have upheld the traditions of our school, and we thank you for all you have done. gcjilorls age SHIRLEY HUSTON CAROLYN GOLDSMITH Business Manager Editor ' 6072 ' 1, or s essage As editor of the Hi-Lights annual, l hope you as students thoroughly enioy this summary ofthe past year. We tried to keep your ideas in- mind as we prepared this yearbook, and we sincerely hope you are satisfied with our product. It has been fun working with the students, faculty, and the yearbook class in putting out this annual. Thank you for being so co-operative. Sincerely, CAROLYN GOLDSMITH, editor A V l Q . f ,ij we 7 '2 L...-1 CC2"1l'IiCtIlpCl X18 QQXZKZQSSCLQQ Silhouettes suggest shadows. All of us create images of ourselves as we move forward in life. These images may not be literally the shadows of our bodies, but they are the impressions we leave with others, based upon our success or failure asa person. To the graduates of 1962 we say: lt has been a pleasure to have had a part in molding you in your image of the future. Trustees, .Administrators, and staff have joined in this continuous process for four years. Now it is up to you. "Coming events cast their shadows before--" What kind of shadow will you cast? It is the hope of each person who has worked with the Class of 1962 that all its young men and women will continue the mold begun on this campus, and that the shadow cast will be the finest of which each person is capable. O. K. FLETCHER District Superintendent and Principal Row 1 - Mrs. Leland Templeton, Mrs. Jean Sarfini, Mrs. William Spaans, President: Mrs. George Schlotfhauer, Mrs. John Wheeler. Row 2 - Mrs. Calvin Lahman, Mr. Orvell Fletcher F5 ' fflpocznf of A C fruslees N -A" I , , f fi 1 e l l e ,lgl 4 ' ,H 1.21 - Wg ' ' , hulgfiff-f., . i 9 M " ' 'S 1 - . l li or'l Left to Right - Mr. Alex Dambacker, Mr. William Spaans, Mr. Gus Gerling, Mr. Verne Hoffman, and Mr. Charles Bellie IP ,L K. QW? : mf I im, ,wig iffy , , Q?E?Eif'?i?5i?f5fi5f:'fi'W 'XR' WH? PM f:fHf?'viifEf'32?? f5,E-E 2'-25,515 M 1Ef:?iZ's La 9 SAW H W5 ii H 5 5 435535.25 H Q? ' w ,, H M H N H H 7 15545 Q2i'?:5ffL2ffsifis?5Q?"?fsWQ'i7i WWWQQEQQE-Hziiiliiifi 3555 335955-3-K gf 56-S 5' K H " wikis 1 iq-sw, N, ,A Q-.w Wiz mf: LL ' WH Wfrvswsiiikifikiix . :-su ms' ......,1 , 1' S? M , x acmfzy CLEO MCALLISTER Clerk Librarian VESTA ULLRICH Financial Secretary LAWRENCE LITTLETON Student Council Vice-Principal Band ALLEN GRAY Journalism Yearbook Dean of Boys English l ss -sy., ss .EE mam s na ESTHER BRUNETTE English Reading JOHN CASEY English U. S. History AMY YOUNG School Secretary AUDREY REED Shorthand Transcription Dean of Girls DOROTHEA DIRKS Typing, Bookkeeping Record Keeping Office Practice HAROLD FULLER Social Studies General Math Track Driver's Training World History DOROTHY DEHR Social Studies Civics and Family Life English PAUL DENTON Electricity Woodshop General Shop I HENRY HERTZ German Science PAULINE HERTZ Algebra Geometry Trigonometry RICHARD GUNN Typing, i Clerical Training Sales GEORGE HEBERT Varsity Baseball Varsity Football General Math Boys' Physical Education COLIN KING English World History JOAN MATHIS Homemaking DON NOTTOLI U. S. History World History Varsity Basketball Director of Athletics EUGENE NUNEZ Science General Math Pre-Algebra Algebra WILLIAM OWEN Chemistry Physics Photography Advanced Science MARILYN PARKIN Girls' Physical Education DAVID OLSON General Business World History J.V. Football EUGENIA OLSON Speech Arts English If :IMP HANNAH PARSONS Girls' Physical Education Homemaking BERNARD PAUSBACK Biology ROBERT SAPP Mechanical Drawing Boys' Physical Education Varsity Football BEN SELOVER Woodshop Carpentry I RUFUS POSEY Vocational Agriculture Farm Mechanics Landscape Gardening SHIRLEY RICHESIN Social Studies English THERESA SILVA Spanish Typing BARRIE WELLS Instrumental Instruction Band Chorus RUTH DIMMIG Head Cook Q Q W In . l . CAROLYN ARRANTS Asst. Cook fl fl fo a 'kvl-r 3 94+ ' ll 'Q .P W. E49 1: H A .A lmlddlel ED FREY H ' . J, JJ. is C J lfopl EMIL ZWEIGLE head lboffoml EVERETT BAXTER i lfirsl' rowj Bob Olsen, Ron Olsen, Sharon Rempfer, Leilani Sieglock, Diana Gaffke, Kay Mello, Diane Schnaible 1,l,SZOC!llCLll'lS, Clfl-'I N US Q1f"L176'lf'S " 1 P I E.. , ,., 449' 'L ..- ,. A ,, .,,. . ,ex f-' QV.. nr ,' -, 5 X ll A 4 'Kg fi. if im.. - l X A :",..-Q ' 1 ,W I M 2 M W , ETX l ew : '11 L W Q . . B ms Q . E Ewgm m H If Jw W Af f Q: ss Q E E 5 sf K ',. 'f' 1 .X WL HHH' 5 - . - ' - 1 re af U H Q 1 . W X . ALJ... , nr Q L T L 1, ' A ,fi 4 fi: ' ,L W SEHMW L I - l x X .1 S8 H H S E I rx , - Magma M L . -i f w .- I m ,Emu E W .i T Q, . K -'E , V X i- 4 w . , . A M . 15 L g T be , . " 1 'V sx ef M 5 x 5 L Q L-:ig , N - 2 5 1- A E , - B , 4, . , M X, , ,. -4 I fp- fl.e'fM ,way - ' 5 Y' ,,, - V, lfopl OMER PENNINGTON lmiddlel KEN KING lboffomj EMANUEL OSWAL lfirsf rowl EMIL ZWEIGLE H9531 RUTH ROSA l'l957l BENNIE CASS l'l959l NELL FOWLER H9561 CHUCK FOWLER ll952l CLARK CHURCHWELL ll952l fi' QVLZOVS GLORIA JEAN AGUILAR California G.A.A., Girls' League, Spanish Club Majoretteg Warriorettes RON ALCORIZA California Football, Baseball, Bowling, Band Pres., Golf, Chess Club JENNY ALLEN California Girls' League, G.A.A. PATTI BALE California Warriorettes, Bowling, G.A.A., Girls' League F.H.A. Sec., Freshman Vice-Pres., Rally Committee, Block G JOE BAXTER California J .V. Football CYNTHIA YVONNE North Dakota Girls' League, F.T.A., Warriorettes, G.A.A. Treas., Bowling, Vice-Pres. Soph Class, Rally Committee, Student Council Sales Manager BERG TERRY MARTIN BERRETH California F.F.A. Vice-President, Bowling WAYNE BRAND California Football, Track, L.H.S. Vice-Pres., Bowling Treas. ,, I l GARY BULLINGTON California Spanish Club, Bowling Club, Golf ARTHUR F. CARSON JR. California KATHLEEN DALE California Spanish Club Pres., Student Council, Senior Class Treas., Girls' Leasfue. Galtonian Asst. Editor 8: Exchange Editor, Principals Honor Roll NYLA JEAN DAVI ES Wisconsin Girls' League, Chorus CLINTON DISCH California L.H.S. Treas., Basketball, Track, Baseball, All-Conference Basketball 1960-1961 ELAINE CASTILLONES DAWAL California Chorus ff! , ,MZ M , ROSA CASTELLON California F.H.A., G.A.A., Girls' League, Dramatics WILLIAM PIERCE CLARK III Washington F.T,A. Pres., German Club Pres Track, Galto-nian Production Manager, 'Cadet Tear-her, Quill 8z Scroll, Hi-Lights, Chess Club 'Y-Us my E KATHY DREWY California CAROL EHRLICH California G.A.A., Bowling, Chorus, F.F.A., Barn Dance Attendant GINGER FLETCHER California Bowling, Cadet Teacher, Girls' League Pres. 81 Pianist, C.S.F. Treas., German Club Treas., Band Treas., Honor Roll, F.T,A. Senior Rep. DOYLE FLORY Arkansas Football, Basketball, Baseball, L.H.S. Pres., Student Council, Spanish Award, Rally Committee, All-Conference Football JOYCE FRASIER Colorado C.S.F. Sec. 8a Vice-Pres., G.A.A. Vice-Pres., Warriorettes, Bowling, F.T.A., Girls' League VALERIE ILENE GALISTE California Girls' League, F.T.A., Bowling, Block G, Queen Candidate, Junior Class Yell Leader, Soph. Class Yell Leader, Block G Treas., G.A.A. Sec., Senior Rep., Frosh Rep., Soph. Re Asilomar Delegate JANNETT FAIR California G.A.A., Girls' League, Chorus, Band Sergeant-at-Arms SHARON ANDREA FERNANDES California Frosh. Class Yell Leader, Jr. Class Treas., Spanish Club Presl, Student Council, G.A.A. Sports Manager, Galtonian Staff, F.T.A., Girls' League, Block G, Bowling, Dramatics P-, LARRY GARCIA Califomia Rally Committee, Photography, Dramatics TERRY GERLING California F.F.A. Sec. 8: Pres., L.H.S., Football, Track, F.F.A. State Convention Rep. GORDON GLOVER California Track, Spanish Club,Basketball SHARON GOEHRING California F.T.A., F.H.A., G.A.A., Bowling, Girls' League, Block G Pres., Queen Candidate, Honor Roll, Student Council See., Senior Class Yell Leader, Homecoming Attendant, Varsity 8: J.V. Yell Leader W " Bayview JEFF HANSON Minnesota Bowling, Golf, Chess Club JENNE HICKS Illinois Chorus Sec. 8a Treas., Queen Candidate CAROLYN GOLDSMITH California Varsity Yell Leader, Hi-Lights Editor, Galtcnian Asst. Editor, Frosh. Class Yell Leader, Girls' League Song Leader 81 Senior Rep., Spanish Club Pub. Manager. Honor Roll, Bowling, G.A.A., Blcck G, F.N.A. F.T.A., Asst. Teacher, Student Leadership Conf.. Queen Candidate, Cratorical Contest Winner ANITA GRAHAM California G.A.A., Girls' League, Queen Candidate JEANETTE HIGHFILL Kansas G.A.A., Girls' League, Warriorettes, Senior Class Sec., Block G SHIRLEY HUSTON California Cadet Teacher, Student Council, Hi-Lights Business Manager, Homecoming Queen, Student Leadership Conf., Spanish Club, Student Council Vice-Pres., G.A.A., Block G Pub. Manager, Soph. Class Sec., Mascot, Girls' League, German Club Social Dir., Warriorettes, F.T.A., F.F,A. Attendant, Honor Roll 'fm as aka s fa s as BETTY IRWIN "N California W" CHRIS JARVIS California Basketball, Track F.F.A. Regional Reporter Qui 1' is mam is BOB JOHNSON California Football, Baseball MAURICE JEFFRIES JR. Washington Band Executive Council, Football, Chess Club, Bowling Sec., F.T.A., L.H.S. Sec LARRY EDWARD JENKINS California Spanish Club Vice-Pres., Quill ISL Scroll President, F.T.A. Jr. Class Rep., Thespians Vice-Pres., L.H.S., Hi-Lights, Basketball, Football Kstudent trainerl, Galtonian Co-Editor PRISCILLA ANN KENEFICK California Spanish Club, F.H.A., Glock G, G.A.A. Treas., Girls' League Rep., Asilomar Delegate BRUCE D. McKEE Illinois Football, Basketball, Track, Frosh. Class Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Senior Class Pres., F.T.A. Treas., L.H.S., All-Conference Basketball 63-61 LEWIS McWILLIAMS California Band Vice-Pres. , G. RUTHE KRATT Texas G.A.A., Girls, League, Pep Squad, Bowling, C.S.F. BOB LIEBIG California F.F.A., Football, Baseball, L.H.S., Photography KENDALL W. LOK California C.S.F. Pres., Chess Club, Senior Class Vice-Pres., Student Council JAMES MAIER California F,F.A. CAROLE MOORE California A.A., F.H.A., Bowling :V 4 .'-, - ' . ,f - 1,13-WA, , ,. ,F ,. is miss Girls' League, Varsity Song Leader JERRY MOORE California German Club Pres., F.T.A., :gs l LINDA POTTER California Girls' League, G.A.A., Chorus BOB PULIDO California Basketball, Football, Track, Band, Bowling ALVIN ROBERTS California Football, Baseball, Bowling Soc., Soph. Class Treas. CAROLINE ROGERS Wesl' Virginia G.A.A., Bowling, Dramatics AKI NAKAO California Soph. Class Pres., Dir. of Buildings and Grounds, Student Body Pres., F.T.A., C.S.F., L.H.S.. Student Council, Football, Baseball, Honor Roll RUDY NORTON California Bowling Treas., Football, Galtonian Staff, L.H.S. VERA MARGARET OGREN California Girls' League, G.A.A., Chorus Pres., Sec., Treas. ARNOLD PHILLIPS New Mexico Chess Club, Basketball, Football, Track LORETTA ROLES Oklahoma VESTA ANNE SARTINI California Frosh. Class Sec., Yell Leader, G.A.A. Recorder of Pts. Br Pres., Girls' League, F.T.A. Asst. Teacher, Band Student Council, Youth Leadership Conferences, Spanish Club, Bowling, Quill 8a Scroll Sec. 8: Treas. Bowling Sec., Dramatics ED SAMSON California WANDA KAY SCHMIER Colorado Warriorettes, Rally Committee, Girls' League, G.A.A., Bowling, F.T.A., Block G Girls' Football, FRED SCHLOTTHAUER California F.T.A. Pres., C.S.F., Student Council, Spanish Club, Track Scorekeeper. Honor Roll, Band, Chess C1ub,Student Leadership Conf EDWARD A. SHELLENBARGER California Dramatics, German Club, Track, Thespian Pres. SANDRA SIMONI Ohio League, Bowling, G.A.A,, Warriorettes JOHN SNIDER California Baseball, L.H.S. Historian, Bowling RICHARD WATROUS Colorado Chess Club, Track, Math Award JEAN WEBER Nebraska Chorus Pres. 821 Vice-Pres Bowling, G.A.A., Girls' League LOCHIE WILDER California FT.A., Spanish Club Sec., Girls League GAA Bowhng Cadet Teacher, Warriorettes Honor Roll H1L1ghf,S Sports Editor, F.H.A Galtonlan Staff HAZEL WILLIAMS California G.A.A., F.H.A., GIIIS League GAIL WINTERS California A Block G Vice-Pres., Student Council Treas., Varsity Song Leader, G.A.A., Girls' League Song Leader, Bowling, Rally Committee, F.H.A. FRANCES WOEHL California Student Council Rep, for Girls' League, Class Yell Leader, F.T.A., Girls' League Treas., G.A.A., Honor Roll CAROL YOUNG California ' G.A.A., Girls' League, Bowling, Warriorettes, Chorus, Dramatics PAUL ZAVATTERO California Student Council Publicity Mgr., Basketball, L.H.S., Hi-Lights Staff, Galtonian, Student Leadershiv Conf., Student Council Baseball A11-Conference, Football A11-Conference, Audio-Visual K Looks like he's had if emiovfs C3 ei me CQDCLCQ BRUCE McKEE President SHARON GOEHRING Yell Leader JEANETTE HIGHFILL Secretary VESTA SARTINI Yell Leader KEN LOK KATHLEEN DALE Vice-President Treasurer ,. .yo .,.a. Q if mu su' :'-- -:l sucqg 'xl Senior girls plan for Career Day of, l I i? ' ru, :- l .aa l , i' QEf'A,' E . M A popular senior activity Merry The iudge will decide vQv- Fr-3 If wwf A 'r , 1' 1 V' ., A .H L ' E ji . . ' , V , ,:,-:xg . y I f 155131555 l '5- g.':?L if V 'Y Chrisfmas BEST LOOKING Clinton Disch 94 'vi ' . 4 E570 Jeanette Highfill ...J BEST DANCER Paul Zavatfero Wanda Schmier BIGGEST FLIRT John Snider Caroline Rogers BEST AL L-AROUND Bruce McKee Vesta Sarfini BEST PERSONALITY Rudy Norton Val Galisfe CUTEST COUPLE Merk Roberts Shirley Huston OUTSTANDING LEADERS Aki Nakao Sharon Goehring WJ A Q "1 'I M a 2 m IM... Q f, N U 3 5:59 gi-iff T Q 'S ' ..'Zi' X emu Y- ,QEWU mTW.:,Qt L -- .,, 5 g :ai .W 'K" ,wwf J U' -X ri T si? 'A ' Q am M 5 2555: M . 251, Q 1 ,W M Q tl H , B . - A H E K n ts H f 5 might ' S551 Leek , .y Hgh Q E if ? E H E 28 is of as L H ' N- 5 Q gf 5' if fi g W -X2 .L QE m ,K atm - Q :aw ' ,Mi w N ge it - 3 im 1 4 'za s CLASS CLOWNS Maurice Jeffries 0 .Q MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ken Lok Chikako Ueda Jeannie Sova B7 MOST ATHLETIC Doyle Flory Carolyn Goldsmith sr C188 WIKI? The -Rough and Ready Boys! Aren't I Cutel fx , ' T' 4 'QWN Well, Ta Ta l I X1 1 -g ,N LEE . wa Lucky Maurice l l l Yell, Seniors, Yell l l ! ww M ww Q 'Wd'- H6 Q I vw in l 9 1 I v I I MVZZOVS OFFICERS - Ben Naylor, President, Bob Erman, Vice-President: Violet McKee-lhan, Secretary: Nancy Wheeler, Treasurer: Sharon Snyder, Carol Henson, Yell Leaders Row 'I - Dawn Gudel, Irene Adams, Carol Henson, Patsy Calibo, Dean Burton, Judy Douglass, Arlita Goehring, Judy Huggins, Joan Gibson, Von Galiste, Marilyn Gump, Sheila Hartman, Sheri Jennings. Row 2 - Douglas Conner, Mike Ballew, Chris Bottimore, Greg Elithorp, Lawrence Cluff, Dave Burrows, Gary Cinquini, Harlan Adams, Ronald Breese, Ron Baxter .,, mf ,, , Q ff V Z j-3 :iffy - ,..:.:.g. r .ZIZL EI - 1 A 'E 'L 4 .2 ', i 1 ..,, - v ,J X. Z i TR' .L ,554 - " j ""Tm-- f-1.55 - if 1 1 I , i F q W Q 'f tis"-1 ' f"H,.R5521f:QA. W':fd: :ef?'fmf -W., - A 1 I A f 33 1 V A , Q E ' 'gg 4' 1 M11 -'A M -, nga r ,-,Q E "Nr 'W ,ji+:V,,,1ff4a' r"'K'KfK':-5--1-522i 1' - .0549 Q, . , Y-,, ,-..,,-,.,,, Q -' cjf N C5"?'Z?21f1g ' ,AV W. -WQf-J:+:-?f:f: A L. ' "rl-viii-4 '--.,.A A--3 'M WW .' W" 9 Q Z if I " ' 2 ' L Vifif- WH 5" M: 14'---:yiimm,W1i-, ,w JW' """L'?"","'f'v--M Z' T "SW . . ' 'T 'ffti , 1 Tiimfbf il f H V M.,,y.,4,i2 A x V. . MMT. ,, 153+-f--W .-.Q....,1, ,Y Q . ,.v V'-fw - lx- :.: I.: l ,. 5 2 4 5!g'5ii+fwv-wfe4.,..,..,,,, H yu iz, I Q-fy: A------.,-,.Q,gYvw'-0 5,1 ' "' --7 - w-,,, ,--was-H Y v-"--Him! 3 Egg ,. P35 S ' f W - f' TM" 'f"'a?1r----f. V-P , HL 4 'Q' 4"' 5-F+f,m.'-Q-...f, 2 '!"'h" - , -----. AA'A '- , My Wg Q ' ', 7l"l" ff 'ir'1Q.g.9', is -3-wl:f""'l 'mf 1 H-P+ f .-if ' M - .... , - ' A . -J-1 .. ' 'T',i"m -I W ' W :,L3,.,,,, . 1 f. 3 ww .... 4 .J 5 L .JY ' A Xl' ' Y . "A" AJ , L- . S?'jwg,ggE2 i A- M b F N EW5f.,.,M an "Q VZ- 2 f-pig- A -Jgffjm ,,.,l: . ,L . .. .1 ,L H s M 4--DW. . . --.- nm- F1 f ' ' "L, . ' - " 5 -H x . 1 ig " r . f '-rf--MMQWV A, f-V -if . Q, x V I , , .., -, - V : - - ,,,-Q A., - .- A, A gp sie" '5Wg51+Q'frf1' 1, Q, ,, "1 - , I L V , ,W HH- -- 'fngsgwcqf ii- 42 ' f I I, it A -, .J if-1? 5 gf' ,X -- -gf-A : -. M -rm .' '7 ' '- ' - - '! g..f'LA gxg' ,,, ' f41,gj3gUp- . I I ' ,lv ..,, A ' Sk -5 W xiii., 1" 1 , -. 2: ,, A . ,., - ,g -. ..,.,,n, 1' ' ' - 'V , ' ' , L -- ' , ,, 'tw 'Q ' A , ' w , 5 . ' ' -' 1 1 I H y.,g v . X., T252 525 :M 11" .V 'I' , " f-ji -- s mg ., f ,C , w ' Q., f 2-if 3 f 1 . W 2 I m Q 'lu 1 n W-1+ I . Q Q M3 if R W ' . ' --. -Of , - "J..,Q.. fx 'Q Q51 4 V ' XX . 3' 5,- qj M , f 'UW 553531: 4 - 1 Nv,1?.' 119, :W Iiyvagggdff .f x .g 'Q swf fm ,Qi 'rf wwf 1 f ' R ,. he K " -. , K IV- -- 7' . '. ' "' if ,gf : M I f , , .: D3 g wg ' M-, ,-. '- X M Leyfag . ,K V. UW. rf . ,gh - xdx L2 5- 'T-' '- ' -:S-. 5' ' f A - ji, ' if' HB ' - "Zz: , f""' 'Q' I ,. MM- .f': ' A A Q4 ,Q ,L g,.i if, Q. -K A M V , " .1 ' ' ff TW" V, ., 7 T . , 1, H ' ' cw? 1' 1 Q,"v,fmXj1 Tx ' Q -A A : ,, ,Q - , M l, A y 'A iff" Tk'r1Tff7if1:f"W".m f-ff' T . 35171. 'ff Wi, Af' I A J f 'gvffr 5 fT""'T 1 -1 '---H 1 gf- -"ff-1 2 fr gg ' E ..L .---- ---- ,-..., ......,......,...-.,.,1,. , r ,g.,,,., "1 Q -. 1 . ,M A.., ,, .wfx , .W . Ml V, , 1 539, :jf 'li If 2 H W' Juniors, Rah, Rah, Rah! Bob wants to fight, Aren't I cute? Remember Fall, Fun, and Football, the 1961 Homecoming, the Prom: and the colorful red and white pom-poms through the past year? All these were brought to you through the efforts of the Class of '63. The class was led through the year by Bob Erman, who succeeded Ben Naylor as President after the latter transferred from Galt. Violet McKeehan recorded the activities of the class as Secre- tary, and Nancy Wheeler kept the budget in order. Sharon Snyder and Carol Henson led the class in yells at the rallies. Next year the Juniors are looking forward to heading the school by being Seniors and partici- pating in student leadership activities. -QA! - f lyk' I lf- 5:- .c -3 f Stop picking the apples off our free. ,qv Crowded isn'f if? Phil's a two timer Cheese IFJ? if-1 Ride 'em, Sharon I Cha, Cha, Cha! R in 2 L .iii Y ifx 1 v'af"wB11bvwr-esqavdvfvgqvmwff Y BMW? six Q ss w Q XS 24 Q55-Hviv - gsi51'2f?i'h"'X'gx fwiww VF55'Q25M5'5!5V 'fRsL?'iiJQv.31xiaQ4fL55P43GS,qarQIi : 1-N f-505519. P Y- w W W ,a . Q W- Fr ' g .Q , I1 , X Q is X . T - I fi Y ' 4 8? 'H x I um W 1, E" gl ., . l X - Wtjsarfa -lysis 5 2? , d 34 5 Hig,,g,,:f 'frjfsagfm 4 ,,1,5g4:g,gxi Elly wwf- ww , , Vfaiziffi gyiii TNQ if 5371: f . -' , V M '- 1' V giiiifhz , , W .A A . f M OVVZOVQS P526-al 59' 4.37 sw-if in Row 1 - Tim Greer, President, Kathleen Anderson, Vice-President, Vickie Huber, Secretary, Peggy Linneman, Treasurer, Roberta Gibson, Sherann Brooks, Yell Leaders ei I GJ 0jJlLo1f1f1,o1fes spar! scliool spwzif. Row I - Lorraine Cluff, Sherann Brooks, Karen Cheney, Beverly Burton, Betty Adams, Kathleen An derson, Donna Dohn. Row 2 - Dennis Anderson, Eugene Bolick, Gary Barr, Louie Azevedo, Frank Azevedo Craig Ahlslrom 235'- '040Y- -- V,..,.., -M ai, vE...l.-.lf:.-1.fyl'. T - 4 ,M .Nik 4. .7 w,- A,., , I sew f X' ,. ,F-iff, if !Vf1p.., . , i N EFS? -' YQ BKIMR4 4. f..1,,h I ,Q v ,M - ir. -ul n -qs 0'- sw vb xr I 5. VT ...gpg---.,-3 -f--M E, 1 1 .-. .Q -v '1 4 fn I ,, 1, 1 r " "" Y' 5 Jas. an ' W x, . 5 X, -4 .m , .,.. ..K my .lv 'H 'J ,vl- 1 EE 'u. af . 4 K W J. .Y 1 9 si? fx-mg. ,aww 'KM "nm ' , if an 5 A . sf if , w pk If I Q Q Eg -f.g. Q U I W ,.1. l In 5, 5392 an .kim WEL LL? Jw 41. 4-f M A I I .--,,m5,,....,... - ,. . ,.,, N M ZEN, M 'X 5 MW -1, 1 Ir 1- 4 NW- ml ,--1-mf'xv- --W-7 W-1 --ii Qwwinvw-.QfEL? ..g:Q1fw:, W,,1,,,,WW A N E. v r M, ff ,R-Q .lgwi ,4.53m,.1.wffw V - adam ' ,E -4, fm -f A WH . :W fM,:W.v,,J,m WY ,v P., 2 Ah, :- - - Y N' 'E ' ' BM in -A-' wwf-f ' ,...... ' , ,, ' R ' k :f' I H ' 1 " ' W WM? ,.. wg mm, . ' f.-nf fw. , W -. ,... WSH ' Si .-f.. m Q 'V' it l 1 ' I , , mill .1 V X V ..-,fps If M - w sa x A D M M .,4h 6 , 0, ,M 1 1 H K lb 4 A Q f M 5 . ' N A' 1 is , I A ' f .. 5 U sh . H i 1 , 'eu . . E 'i:'.'::'-9. , . ' ' 1 gt ..:.1.: 7 , . - gf f . 1- j .11 'Q .5 ' . A ' sw n X . 5:.:.,- 2. r,.5:.::5:f5j 6 f ,f f 4 . 1- ' " ul? sb ,. is W x' W ,X 5-, Rl .:::.. .A W v' I ,I ' km ff. ,,, pi. min., F' ' S P B 2,1 N - K , A l I , A ,Y 1,- ,r -, 4, A I f ' avi., . W 'a H X B rf' 3 an . .Lfff M .. if ,F V w.. ,k, lf., E .,:,. , N -', 'ff ,Em '1 ww' ew QP avg H " 2"V'5' fx si .1 :yi 4-'in nm ss .tu E W .an '-ir ' r . . I .VJUQN Row 1 - Dorothy Sulamo, Virginia Sullivan, Mary Sanchez, Marie Williamson, Geneva Whitley, Carol Axtell, Sherry Matthews, Terry Talcott, Donna Wallace, Carolyn Starnes, Carol Warddrip. Row 2 - Richard Strange, Ronnie Westermark, Dan Ward,John Rodriguez, Tony Sousa, Dale Templeton 1 "Might as well, can't dance!" fi 7 C7055 or The Sophomore Class, headed by energetic Tim Greer, ended their year in a whirl of excitement. Many of them are preparing for leadership duties which take place in their Junior and Senior years. They have finally crossed the line which enables them to be considered upper classmen. The Sophomores sponsored a dance in March, which was termed a big success. They also presented a skit at the February 'l6th rally. The Class of '64 has been extremely active this past year. They've given tremendous support to our teams and have great school spirit. They've made a good name for themselves so far and have two more years as upper classmen to end their high school career in a blaze of glory! Ai l I , A S. 1 ..-, C9295 VVLQVZ OFFICERS: Craig McKee, President, Dee Lawrence, Vice-President: Karen Gaffke, Secretary: Karen Pruitt, Treasurer: Carol Cowley, Sandy Gribaudo,YeIl Leaders fires zzfnen ace gag 1 QCZIOOZ Row 'I - Sharon Erman, Lorene Allen,Jewell Bennett, Mary Cordray, Melody Cluff, Linda Crosson, Arleen Berg, Sue Dye, Judy Dozier, Shirley Beasley, Reba Blevins, Marilyn Barfelf, Isabel Denier. Row 2 - David Cooley, Gary Chiffenden, Sharon Flory,Dinah Alcoriza, Marian Cass, Sue Evans, Cheryl Acock, Sharon Dause, Carol Cowley, Bruee Bishop, Larry Casado, Neil Adams. Row 3 - Larrie Cain, Chris Clem, Bill Azevedo, Ronald Betz, Jerry Aguilar, Bob Anderson f . na ,y 1 4 : waz: Q ' N l 0. , ' " 1 , I y Q 2 A' 7 E . 1+ , 4 5 Y v X 21 1 5 xx E , H rw 5 , E' ,M ug, ' Q, -LW Y' 9 I. .1 3:32 V if .gf ...f WE? ff PF : -1 -1 L tw ,, 3, ur ",,' nf , fig W v qi ig I 1 a , . , .M s 13 .u,-A.L,,. , A nn...-.Nl 9 " :zz gg -A4 - 1 u Q' -" 1' Jhfilh, A 1.4. pm? I . I . j- 5 ' 614 W I? Q M, M 5 fx " NP Ei be gjik y as 'Pk gy IK! 4 51, . -vv' N- 'f -U. UT. Q, aj I 6.1 A ir. V wr 52' Fu' Daw! Q vw mr: . Q f 117' .I ,i 1.14 '49 i Q M .9 . X 1 Q., W S il? w Row 1 - May Belle Williams, Gwen Pennington, Lorinda Sheldon, Leona Padayhag, Hazel Smith, Sharon Nicholson, Joan Zavattero, Terry Olson, Sandra Richison, Barbara Wilder, Jeanette Winte- rowd, Virginia Ogren. Row 2 - Ronald Olson Bob Posey, Ronnie Marriott, Alene Schnetzer, Gin Twitty, PhYmS wins, Barbara Sanders, Karen Pruitt, Joan Van Vliet, Dolores Sewell, Steve Martin, Dennis Quashnick. Row 3 - Keye Perry, Mike Lottin, Greg Mori, Craig McKee, Odell Swafford, Larry Mondragon, Robert Pitcher, Bill McCall, Earl Murray, Larry Pacheco, Robert Olson, Roger Madsen Row l - Tommy Schaffer, David Graham, Dennis Roberts, Patrick Stiehr, Bill Stanley, George Arm- strong, Bill Janney, Greg Rausser, Sam Wilkerson, Earl Rempfer. Row 2 - Alan Robbins, Erwin Weeks, John Twardy, David Roberts, Bob Wold, Paul Wheeler, Kenneth Beach, Sid Smith, Russell Sharp, Jim Robinson. Row 3 - Jerry Stribling, John Vroman, Wayne Billingsly, Gerald Russell, Bill Stephens, Stanley Wegat, Rodney Schubert, AISartini, Dave Riddlesperger Twist" The Freshmen Class President? Oh, my hea rf! X-Af 511118 17615585 Nl CHIC! !lOlILQlUOl'4 S!Q8p5.! I On that mysterious and frightful September 5, l96l, the Fresh- men started their first memorable day of high school. The Freshmen were welcomed by the friendly faces of Galt High students. At first they were meek and shy, but soon lost their shyness and proved them- selves loyal to the school and capable of asserting themselves. On May 4, the Freshmen sponsored a successful dance, through the united efforts of the students in the class. They will undoubtedly make competent and responsible Sopho- FYIOFSS. W U 'W H555 drift CXQ Vlf AKI NAKAO President Z.k- SHIRLEY HUSTON Vice-President SHARON GOEHRING Secretary Row l - Mr. Laurence E. Littleton, Fred lmmoos, Shirley Huston, Aki Nakao, Sharon Goehring, Gail Winters, Cynthia Berg. Row 2 - Tim Greer, Dorothy Schauer, Sharon Fernandes, Fred Schlotthauer, Doyle Flory, Bruce McKee, Ben Naylor, John Hagel, Dee Lawrence, Francis Woehl, Rosemary Matranga Y 1536- . ,.-4 OMVZCZ FRED IMMOOS Director of Buildings and Grounds cvN'rl-HA BERG 2 Sales Manager GAIL WINTERS Treasurer Being Student Body President this year has been a wonderful experience for me. lt gave me the oppor- tunity to work with a select group of students on the Council. It also gave me a chance to meet different people in and out of school. Student Council is considered a service group for the school, but I consider it as a service group for the students on the Council, in that it helps educate them in leadership. Activities of Student Council this year included sending delegates to the Governor's Conference, pro- moting rooter's buses, and our annual Christmas Dance. MR. LAURENCE LITTLETON AKI NAKAO Advise, " f .t .. V' ' i 1 : ,tp I 2 ' info, - I Row l - Maurice Jeffries, John Snider, Doyle Flory, Wayne Brand, Clinton Disch Row 2 - Larry Jenkins, Aki Nakao, Bruce McKee, Paul Zavaftero, Dale Hambleton, Terry Gerling Bob Erman, Lyle Nimmo f Officers: Clinton Disch, Wayne Brand, Doyle Flory, President, Maurice Jeffries, John Snider Letterman's Honor Society is an honor society for those boys in school who have earned a Block "G" in the field of athletics. Sports in which these boys participate are: football, basketball, baseball, and track. The Letterman's Honor Society sponsors an annual basketball game between their members and the faculty. They also brought to our campus the well-known Harlem Clowns which always proves to be a humorous event. We should all appreciate the efforts that these boys and Coach Nottoli put forth to make our games exciting, thrilling, and eventful, and for their excellent examples of self- discipline, fair play, and school spirit. Row 1 - Sharon Goehring, Gail Winters, Vesta Sartini, Valerie Galiste, Shirley Huston, Von Galiste Row 2 - Carolyn Gold- smith, Jeannie Sova, Brenda Lafferry, Patsy M Bale, Priscilla Kenefick, Jeannette Highfill, Virginia Fletcher, Wanda Schmier, Toni Olson, Linda Spaans, , i Carol Henson, Lana 'Q williams OFFICERS: Sharon Goehring, President: Gail Winters, Vesta Sartini, Valerie Galiste, Shirley Huston The Block "G" Society's membership is made up entirely of girls. These girls must obtain at least l0O points in order to be eligible for their Block "G" and membership. The Block "G" can be earned only Through individual achievement in the field of athletics. The sports included are: volleyball, basketball, and baseball. The members serve as honor guards at Galt's rallies and as score and point keepers during our fall and spring sports. Under the leadership of Mrs. Marilyn Parkin, these girls have learned the import- ance of sports, school spirit, and perhaps most important fair play. ' Yue . - at M . Row l - Gail Winters, Virginia Fletcher, Jorita Hambright, Joyce McDonald, Marilyn McFarland, Frances Woehl, Carolyn Goldsmith. Row 2- Dawn Gudel, Sandy Pfeifer, Penny Fleming, Charlotte Lok, Carol Henson, Patsy Calibo I, X8 GCLQUQ VIRGINIA FLETCHER The Annual "Squaw Week" is one of Galt's most memorable events. All week the girls take over at being gentlemen, while the boys sit back and retain as much of their feminine selves as they can. You can bet chivalry was never expressed like this before. The high-light of the week is the annual "Squaw Hop." Here again the girls make the dates, prepare a suitable coursage, and, of course, buy the bid. lt's all in fun, and what fun. For the Mother's Tea, held in the spring, mothers are invited to attend a fashion show and witness the installation of the new officers of Girls' League. .ea GX President MRS. A. 0. REED, Advisor Row 1 - lrene Adams, Jeannie Sova, KarenGaffke, Marilyn Gump, Isabel Denier, Rosemary Watrous, Violet McKeehan, Von Galiste. Row 2-Barbara McFarland, Sandy Richison, Beverly Geurin, Toni Olson, Carolyn Rogers, Larry Jenkins. Row 3 -- Rudy Norton, Kit Carson, Mike Ballew, Billy Clark, Philip Henkes TONI OLSON Editor 555 a H . ,P . H EH E e an .1 H H K Q1-mgixgqmg me if',5,FE3-ge 1 w swam? . a - fgrczffozfziafzfl. fa jf The Galtonian Staff has worked hard this past year to furnish our student body with a complete, interest- ing, and eventful newpaper. Many hours of behind-the-scenes work went into each addition that was published by the staff. Under the able leadership of the editor, Toni Olson, pictures were published in many editions for the first time in many years. Thank you, Galtonian Staff, for your efforts and achievements in the field of iournelism. QQ' Q 5. MR. A. B. GRAY Advisor -gy SHIRLEY HUSTON Business Manager PAUL ZAVATTE RO r F' A ,M , BILLY CLARK Editor of Miscellany +1-J -9' Boys Sports Editor CAROLYN GOLDSMITH Editor-in-Chief f we 1 f fzf, wg fzfs i x 't' I JEANNIE SOVA Advertising Manager LARRY JENKINS Photographer LOC',HlE WILDER Girls Sports Editor W'-mmf? WEE QQ . - W mxvf hlf 2'2- La! Advisor wa mx LINDA SMITH Senior Section Editor LINDA SPAANS Photo Editor 'V R tag " , . . .2 -. i2.,'f.'13, ' 5 r ,JKXNI REBA BLEvlNs 355575 SANDRA WILKERSON Senior Section Editor Art Editor K x s I QE DONNA SILVA Circulation Manager -.f-f 'VF- RONALD BREESE Advertising Manager ILANA -WILLIAMS Copy Editor Xson iher , f lo-no Fraixer, her, Chxv-av-o Oesla, Sorha Bambrighk, e991 Cxrmerhars. 9-owl 'L f Hama Dawn, 'Yorix 0 lxrrahks, xien hov-, Cad xkqehman, Codis Gukhm aoer Rokhe Xirah, Chadokke Lok 9-ov! X ng Hake E P rhs 6 Schhqkh ' or CNR , Deo Gr 18x08 hrW-e , Y' r e Lor XL o Xekoh , Seann Dah 1 amp GL Aevcfckom Q ' ' 05 N X X ' Qmxmgjowf-xfxma we C fm mfs msg 6 Q members oi CSP A deserve hxgh honors for Khekr ahihfxes ko an P. grade average Aorkng the -gear. Thea set an 01-BKVQXB to kohovl. advksor, Nkr. wNKWxam Owen, Rave wo armuaX orooses, the okher skrkchq Ror 9Xeasure QI skodenis, Vm sore we ah agree The aknkakn dose to shook! ah Kd bers and 1heKr e6uea'lKorxaX 9 Q6 bi 'these ieho I0 Khak -ole The mem he hrs! is ior vlewdeserv trips. 'Y Both krkos are CH IKA Ko UED A I Pl'CSlden' MR 1 EN I A dvlsor The C1304 'P-kwekkc Radon, undef We arkwo Pawfm, has Yfxs isnt. P4-.kwikkes es, GKQX4 59065 ooeq at games, P-ssoc. sugenlkdxon oi gh row been an ackwe dub K R16 Bo-ciYm9, Candi 5aX img goaX posts, Kavfmg K5 orskfxp oi "BXoc.V. GI' .As J pods ' 1 I 1.' lf 'K cwdez G s decota 06 sgons Ko tournament , 8 '. j vovvvoqees 'f"?1 mg Q, 4 W f we , 2 cesx BMX 4 di' P Sher ' Aenkg Y Bron :Aka xieoeikcv, Sbaton 06 Nl dede Gdxske 65 Vs, a :gl ,. O 1 s X Mx J f OYFXC-69.5 Bo c a-ixet, Nleska Sun Gaewkog, Baba: SCYWUYLO, pagan Gokhoan, "5-906' Aiwa' f ny W 'W YN A -wk M . Z W 552 'my LW -1 W -1 W l , Q as lvfczma ll'l4Cl6l'lllS Vacifice am! Cq31f'8S81fLf OFFICERS: Larry Jenkins, Linda Spaans, and Ed Shellenbarger ' llli it ' - P F Thespians is a National Dramatics Honor Society. To become a member you must have had 100 hours of stage experience. The organi- zation is small and limited because stage ex- perience is hard to obtain. Under the leadership of a new sponsor, Mrs. Clson, the club again became active and had many activities. Their motto: "Act well your part, there in all the honor lies." PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! -I . J Jn.. 1 - , Linda, Larry, Vesta and Cindy recite lines for the Christmas Play, "Song of Glory," which was termed a big success! g"1'7f P l' 5 2? 3 Q Qelzierxs lI!JO'l'I ,ja-rrze N, N OFFICERS: Wade Miffelsteadf and Curiis Gufhmiller The Chess Club meets during The lunch hour on Tuesday and Thursday. Anyone is welcome to come To learn To play.'A continuous Tournamenf is con- ducted To determine the outstanding players of The club. This year's club consists of forty members, both boys and girls. The advisor is Mr. William Owen. I'm trapped! '31 gifig 'ga regex rx si' se A. ., gm Quiet please! x X mv A iv '71 ' fgfgfrag 1' -'V' ,,, way! -A will f ffpfxiigi K + Q X: ' Q ,. jimgg 2 1215: 'G In mf? nu . Rf -1 .-as Gjlwging ant! Cyelling Ogearl Zzezm ' 3, 124 ff .mf-'F 'a ,C V P ,A--, A 1 ' .. ' 'iff' ' H ' GQ - 1 ., ,,,,,,-...V .., Lfwww - -'fww .rgw may " ' ' 'N M 5957? ' H Q5 ' 'W b' ' , ful -93 ' - 3, H L Z La as y fy H:-MM ' AM , 17 Q. W , Q, io wicfory x Sfziiwi' g'2gw- fir .. , Q V x 4.-Q, Q T s W N mb . 3 ., , N wg . , 'IW-5E'1?f 2, 2 r Vvfi, -. 1'x.:jZRfQ':. 1 -,ww 3 ,,,., .. ....,, , Q, 4 f Q i , 7 ' 1 -,J A Q 1?N5wv-!-- X Q lf Q -ya inf Eff ' ,4 125,15 if Nfl, A- f - ,. ,vw N 9 35, if ' , gnmy. w S W MM ,JM , ggi 5 W ff Wwe? wk? 1 fffew W gflfwayl gain ff? 'Y iiwfifwf ii. mf: www' Y 53? 5,9 mgwy if f 5 an 5 gf' We ,gf Bbw, 4' 1 ,' My q 9-ffsfwli' Sb Q ,lqg Q- 1 4 , 'Vi' 1"Qn 'x as ' ,Q ? L4 I -'ii 5 I ef -5357 46' 1 , 1-,,. 1 ., 1 I I I F ' .jim 'w . Ev ,s W V 13 ILT -v Q. Ai ,ggi Iii? f 5.3.23 7.4.42 ll ff? 1 MJ f! :W -J x ,lg , 'W FM ff 5- V, 1 I . KC? . ?'Lfz,f1,1'r'e eczc 'ze-rs l'l179Sil1,gCli8 frojlizsszozfz MRS. OLSON, Advisor "Mr. Nakao, I don't understand!" F.T.A. initiation Future Teachers is one of the most active clubs on our campus. Its many activities include Cadet N Teaching for Juniors and Seniors, various community fund raising activities, county fair booth, Christmas card sales, and a S100 scholarship to a deserving Senior continuing in the field of education. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Olson, the students in the club completed a very successful year. OFFICERS: Bill Clark, Dorothy Schauer, Angela Goldman, Barbara Schulze and Phillip Henkn :Ba flfgeuguu, fu gL'll,C cfm' F' 7 C' C' Cfspunu IIIUVUSCIII cr Cwslos Cflslum 'lU'l'lll'S -...,.-- Q - ,, ,E E, is-, E a is Ms , ma EEE? -:--:...: -- a a ax, J.: W.:-: :E-ag I 2: B K :EH ss 59512, 57. OFFICERS: Row I - Curtis Guthmiller, Judy Huggins, Sharon Fernandez, president, Adam Cobarrubio. Row 2 - Stephanie Reynon, Michelle Parame SENORITA SILVA Advisor .Q-'ff W , .,.:. .,.: E " :-: E! ,, kd. Spanish Club is an organization intended to stimulate interest in the Spanish people and customs, as well as the Spanish language. Membership is open to students who have had or are taking Spanish I and who have maintained a good grade average in the subiect. Spanish Club has worked hard this year to be better than ever before. The club has worked on various proiects. Miss Theresa Silva is the club's advisor. Olel fs.. f-xv CX fJl4.i'1.4.r'e Cl'l'tI-11,813 Glxfcef! I.l'l' gl'ITCIl!ILIIl'C OFFICERS: Terry Gerling, Kurt Frey, Richard Strange, Louie Azevedo, Gary Geist, Gary Rausser The Future Farmers of America is an organiza- tion striving to develop student leadership and to improve the field of agriculture. Membership is open fvfah--yi-gl to any student who is enrolled in a class of agriculture. MR. POSEY, Advisor The F.F.A. has been very active this year: many of its members have received awards in their respec- tive fields. The cIub's advisor is Mr. Rufus Posey. "So Rare" l . ,.,. X V E ' "' 1 ' ffzlf-111'e .1 g X, v' gui -ll 'W' 2 dh ici ,Il f J - 5: ip ' 'L to "W '79 ' 5' '- ' "fj167l-ll8l'IelCl 'ers 0 - -' if X I v '- 7 fix - 1 3 0 K g a t Lgizmeveiccz F.H.A. lFuture Homemakers of America! is a national association to which Galt High School's F.H.A. organization is affiliated. Goals of the club are to instill a growing appreciation of the ioys and satisfaction of-homemaking and to encourage democracy in home and community life. During the year the girls worked on their home-coming float, the F.H.A. Carnival Dance, Variety Show, and Spring Dance. Dorothy Schauer, Rosemary Matranga, Rosemarie Watrous, Sharon Kelley Paulette Knecht, Nancy Taylor "- ,Nc 125-3 ana! -Qgcincjjes m'r ss Q 1 OFFICERS: RONLY ALCORIZA, President LEWIS McWILLIAMS, Vice-Pres. CHIKAKO UEDA, Secretary GINGER FLETCHER, Treasurer MAURICE JEFFRIES, Manager JANNETT FAIR, Sgt.-af-Arms IIL I I rv' X' Q ' ' 'Q i . J. Q - ,. xx I ff N :W 'ZW ' 4 - .v u' ,. Nr JTVZZOOZ JZ.1f'Z.ll ., in , M l. 4 - Cana Saw Al , - ., .S jfs! v was mx Waals aa-W af W, .X .,,.,M W, Meal. savanna was B E E M E V .M E is 4 n "w m w C L. ll E Ml QF' 7 Z Band trains students on musi- cal instruments in order to form a musical organization of high stand- ards. Our band participated in half- time stunts for the home football games, a Cal-Band Day at Berkeley, the Christmas Concert, Baccalau- reate, and at all noon rallies, and as Pep Band for the home basket- ball games. The band contributes a great deal to spirit and to the school by these many activities. X I M r Three girls skilled to the use of the baton were maiorettes for this year. No one ,saw them practice much, but their performances were very good. These girls were at most games in the red and white velvet uniforms which they made themselves. It was agreed by all that the maiorettes added a great deal of color to the entire band. The girls in this group were Linda Matranga, Chris Johnson, and Gloria Aguilar. Five other girls who really did a great iob at the games were the flag girls, Karen Cheney, Karen Pruitt, Darlene Johnson, Felifa Rabanal, and Diane Schnaible. Peggy Linneman, our drum maior for two years, smoothly led the band through their complicated maneuvers. 'fi s if fi CHORUS OFFICERS - Bess Stoddard, Jennie Hicks, Johanna Steele, Vera Ogren QLOVMS Under the direction of the music teacher, Mr.WelIs, chorus expanded its repertoire and increased its knowledge of music. The chorus is made up of65 members. The chorus sang at the Christmas concert, P.T.A. programs, the Mothers' Tea, and the Spring Concert. A Some of the money-making activities this yearincluded a car wash, cake sale, and a candy sale. Their vocal efforts were enioyedby all. Under the able sponsor- ship of Mr. Henry Hert-1, the German Club became a fine medium for the members to become acquainted with and to appreciate Germany and the German people. The one main activity of this year was the German Club dance. The officers of the club were: Ken Lok, Lu- ther Hoffman, Donna Wallace, She-i'Ia Miller, Roberta Gibson- and Linda Kelso. an 1 .MM ,ff . W X 3 , W 2 aa rf fm 5 . 1 ' M ,U . , . .1f,.'Jl-' '94 , ,Y ,, -, ,.,.... ,MJ . ,.,.,.N.,.- ,LLWANLMLWWM-'VM-335,-Ag"',"" M ', """""""""',......"'.,.......--""" A W, ,, -Meww -f H , N - M , f-vw. ,ani - ,ww Y ' A, ,bw F Mlkm, . cii1J1,.fe.s ms a sf Z .E if ill! ss xx ms gms ms w ,wmv -. vu K ms mn nw x mms -1 WM, . ,aww umm ss MW , 1173353 Yah mam Jw 5 'H E . FC- L 'GH' L 7 . lx as 5 W gg: :.:.,. um mnwyx- xanax: was n my Q' H:g, Wi. S, , Q5 Q If ' 'I 5:5 is ? E xv W Q E 4 U Ia 3 5 Ti T' H ff in um W - wma 1 as MH ak B B mm Us .w my 1-2 mf a mn- ms MISS CHRISTINE JOHNSON MISS LANA WILLIAMS my I x ,F . i ' ' ! y 0 r "' r - T- What did you say? wmWFl' Q j 'M 'M A ff rr r "So Ra re" I .if-f f' . 'na . I M You got me into this! Heil Hifler! OOPS, wrong float! l'll never fell! lj,KOl'VI-6COH111lg b . Tj 11 afm in Was fha? our rear tire? eczzzzlzes 011 jczrczafe "Smoke gets in your eyes" .-JE Tryiiflglfo get rough, huh? Isn't that u shame? 'ww 'Wild Irish Rose" What did you expeci,,Queen Elizabeth? They went that-a-way! C1 18.5 lf! CAIZNMEU K azfzmg Who's Blocking the View? Hi Ho Silver! The Line-Up IM hm mm IU Si,,Si, and all that iazz "Hand Jive" K, z ii 53 3 zo Mule Team? 3 5 Gift!! jglfll CL1fl Y l al-jgoigaf go 1.11 X1 Cl 'zfzc'! Bottoms Up! really not the mushy type. Holy Mackerel! o turned on the lights? Last year's Queen Z , he 3 Q Z Val Galiste enior Attendant Christine Johnson Freshman Attendant Queen Carol Wardrip poses with F.F.A. President Terry Gerling Sharon Snyder Junior Attendant fi IC flf' Kjgczrn flux lgls 5 fjDGClZtfI.0S, 100 .lust .luniorsll If that's not expression, I don't know what is. You mean it's really dead?!? Q lx Man, look at those legs! A little louder gang! Those are our girls! ,, f 'W W when ,V ,se., it 'Ny '11 , 0 arfms HQ Q v m Hi, Yogi! ga . "Hokey-Pokey" SX. ,. ,wg--, Oops-Davis made if! Campus Sfeppers What a bunch of hams! Oj9fcz.1'-1"1f01's in CZ'I.O'l'l Colne on Freshmenxyem! Get'em Warriors! ,, Nw iii W Man, what a crowdl What's wrong boys, no Just a little faster class! gms to dance W' th? ff 1.88 - ss X m , ss NS X 1, . 7 ,I 81flfI,L8'lf'S Row I - Aki Nakao, Joyce Frasier, Chikako Ueda, Virginia Flefcher. Row 2 - Fred Schloftheuer, Ken Lok CALIFORNIA SAVINGS AND LOAN SCHOLARSHIP CHIKAKO UEDA VIRGINIA FLETCHER D.A.R. and Future Homemaker Awards Winner AERO JET FINALISTS FRED SCHLOTTHAUER Mafh Award a , KOA d KEN Lolc QIQIDNQCHLOIIHAUER Bausch 8- Lomb Award 'adii Y ,ago -1 --a CAROLYN GOLDSMITH, CARL KOELLMAN and Gall' High School Quill and Scroll Chapter TONI OLSON Lion's Club, VFW, and UN Speech Contest Winners Row 1 - Linda Spaans, Fletcher, Fay Templeton, MARI STARKEY, VIOLA McKEEHAN, and TONI OLSON Asilomar Delegates Qqa.ii've 0 1 1 s O! fine fgjoiclen GDrc1f01'lca.I I f-Q, Q01-zlesi gfTj1'11aIlsfs Jeannie Sova, Carol Henson. Row 2 - Bill Dorothy Schauer, and Dennis Arrants LINDA SPAANS, Bank of America Award Winners CWMQ A Vucaticma Zcflurcd Flair T11 5 I L U CC l.n ilu, gluhl A CONVENTION DELEGATES FACIT TYPING WINNERS F-H-A- CCNVENTION DELEGATES John Hagel and John Henkes Carolyn Goldsmith, Val Galiste Pdvleffe Knechf and and Anita Graham Rosemary Matranga QD D fvamaiics The year 1961-62 was a year of ex- citement for the Drama Department at Galt High. Something entirely new was attempted by the two dramatics classes -a children's theatre presentation. Each class chose a different play to present, and each play was to be geared to the interests of the children of the commu- nity. What started out as a experiment resulted ini a huge success with over four hundred children attending the perfor- mances. The spring play was "The Clown Who Ran Away," featuring Larry Garcia in the title role. Once again the Drama Department decided to experiment, this time in staging. 'No front curtain was used throughout the performance. Toys marched down the aisle to Mr. Frump- kins' Toy Shop and characters in the story seemed to appear from almost anywhere. The dancers and songs performed by the dolls, as well as the appearance of Ru- dolph Bernard Boo Uenny Hicksl, the meanest man in the world, and his side- kick, Ugly Uerry Olsonl, added to the enioyrnent of the audience. Mr. Frump- kins fLarry Jenkinsl and his assistant An- drew fDennis Arrantsl added many good moments of humor to the tale. I ,T 'k.n ,j In the first venture, the seventh period class chose "Cinderella" The production starred Terry Olson as Cin- derella and Arthur Carson as Prince Charming. The royal ball with all its color and pageantry seemed to steal the show. The second performance was the play "Hansel and Gretel." Jeannie Sova starred as Gretel, and Dennis Ar- rants played her brother, Hansel. The colorful forest scene and the appetiz- ing gingerbread house captured the imagination of the audience. Little children sat on the edge of their seats as Jenny Hicks, the Wicked Witch of the Dark Forest, captured poor Han-sel and Gretel and made preparations to change them into gingerbread cookies. The year l96l-62 was definitely one of excitement-and of success for the drama students who lived up to the famous saying, "Act well the part, for there the honor lies." li I in N , owls Head Coach Manager GEORGE HEBERT -Q BILL NAYA-RRO QQ Co-Capfain f cz V5 1? fy Aki' NAKAO Anxious Warriors watch action! :- w If Q ff c1wf1o1fs Co-Captain DOYLE FLORY All-SCAL Guard nu Qg'N if 3-1 I- .rlhg " Student Trainer LARRY JENKINS Assisianf Coach Roseau' SAPP ALVIN ROBERTS Halfback MAURICE JEFFRIES All-SCAL Center WAYNE BRAND Halfback PAUL ZAVATTERO All-SCAL End TERRY GERLING Tackle RUDY NORTON Halfback ,Q 2 2 f f 1 EQ aa V 12:5 , ' :Mi K i BOB LIEBIG Guard BOB ERMAN Fullback X KE X 4 1 x 9 x x x x 1 Exam h-: ' sgnigix H gms Q2 f E A 1 .Q' bag: .diggs NE ?"'T xg swf W riws E H H E 5, -,B ,.:.: x f w mn 135- xx .f'ZL!,1u: H n s Q55 E M E KWSN mv: Q E Ei Eg mm Q Hggda wggm X H P ug ' N Y mu ,H , aw 'ME x 9,1 k 5:5-S T312 W, Spam .mm M .LSW msg wx Si HBS H Begg' WM gpfgfvi W Us gangs as H B mm ss 52351 an Wim LZWZESH E Kms ss mm -X L s ss H E Wfili: Sf SH xx T ss as :ini :Tim 1 is xx a is unix X mx an N22 nn? M u - is mama xm an mx M51 waging n xx' ss ROD GOEHRING X- 5553 'main- mwiaswffgsr ggi? mms' Bw, miss gfixs ss sum gggug wa H588 ' a X 1 DEAN REICH RON BAXTER GREG ELITHORP Guard End Tackle J T x 7' 'Z-LH llIlCll"1f I The Warriors' l96l-62 Football season came to a finis with 2 wins and 7 losses. Hampered by iniuries and inexperience, the Warriors stilllhad a good team, a good coach, and a good season. To top off the season, the Warriors defeated the Elk Grove Herd in the annual pigskin rivalry by a score of 27-7. The Warriors were defeated in the annual Homecoming game by a strong St. Mary's of Stockton team by a mere three points. Three Warriors were elected to the S.C.A.L. all-league selection. They were Doyle Flory, guard falso voted linesman of the yearlp Maurice Jeffries, tacklep and Paul Zavattero, end. All three were Seniors. RON BREESE GALEN GRIBAUDO JOHN HAINES Tackle Halfback Guard fb! . Q J-E-, I If . ' . L t N K J H --.. : eff" . ,,.. me 1 ....!'- - . K5 c I I. d . .5 f-jzgju' .gggainsi . f E mama E S E n m H a , I W H me H M pa - a a 'QQEE m KBS-m was I mx - fvffsiiw -We gsm- Q-M sas m we-ss ,ss me n kgs Q on ag LWM- is- M- N -s w moms msgs snag V i HL .X Bm E B-mam ami a me m - HH g M M E r. ,ww E WEMWB wQQm Row l - Mike Stiehr, Danny Ward, Larrie Cain, Art Gomez, Sam Wilkerson, Danny Freitas, Dennis Quashnick, Billy Azevedo, Allen Krantz, Greg Rausser, Ron Olson, Dennis Palmer, Bob Olson, Russell Sharp. Row 2 - Keye Perry, Manager: Jerry Stribling, Mike Erich, Richard Strange, John Henke, Bob Pitcher, Craig McKee, Dick Garrett, Larry Mondragon, Mike Knecht, Greg Mori, Mike Wilburn, Cliff Frazier. Row 3 - Coach Harold Fuller, Alfred Sartini, Larry Freitas, Bruce DeAlberts, Louie Azevedo, Glen Ruth, John Moyer, Tim Kelly, Gary Barr, Gary Rausser, Gerald Russell, Fred Brookshire, Coach Dave Olson HAROLD FULLER Coach Eat mud! You dogs! Coach Harold Fuller, assisted by Dave Olson, started his 1961 Football season with two consecu- tive ties--one to Liberty High of Brentwood and the other to Escalon High School. Despite the lack of experience, the J.V. team was able to come up with a 3-4-2 seasonal record. omecoming clion f,.-r- The game begins l Get off my back, buddyl Neither one has the balll Peek-a boo! You almost did il, boysl Please win, Doylel Row l - Coach Don Noffoli, Joa Oswald, Bill Wagner, Chris Jarvis, Lyle Nimmo, lfdnnis Radford, Ra Schulfs, Raul Zavaflero, Dale Hamblefon, Gordon Glover, Ron Breese, Doyle Flory, .lim David, Mike Ballew, Clint Disch, Knot shownl Bob Erman, Bruce McKee mis Us nw am san r"v,f, as x x an 1.4 .ikeiifgf 45 E vgsgfgii? wsmsmgyigy' aww E' . W, PAUL ZAVATTERO DOYLE F LORY za is H, is nwnmmfz B1 is .5954 ng: 13? aww S' f mmf, .LM 1, ew is nga QB E img! ggi CEACH non' NOTTOLI T M mxgggj :ggi grim .5 W awfas, ww, ua Hb? JTQHEQQ KAW- ,K My -dm amass E awww Qifiifgw 'Fei A ff 3' j M Q B' CAPTAIN CLINT DISCH CHRIS JARVIS an n as ,pi ms ...Q- 1-'vw in-1 1. ,M n Wy K' NPSLJ L 'I' --ff: r. 5' ' H E ...JE P A , ... H E . 5 6 5 - V: W . ' ' . :.:. ,Q ' -0 ,gif-fi, vi I ' ' ,Al -' 1 ' ' ' ' "E V ,wx ' -'mf A , ag - ' t -,- i A ' ' QL.. I k PNN I T." , l. . -AH . C..-C: ,. Y Y J .. , gf ---'sf r if Q, ...L - ' f- --BLA " ,. , : 'W 'f fi . .X : '- 1 ' . V A : 5 - 1-in -r a. ' ' ' - V 1 '. ASQ? 1,19 ' E w ut " 'ft .Lani J mfg ,,pv 1 .A-Qi I' ,ff mam an a- DALE HAMBLETON 12' ' as JK ' FT ' 2, A T. ' , J RAY SCHU LTS .3 nil. V .. la. A BILL WAGNER Ji U +5 ' Q - r . ll . may :.. . 5, .ci BRUCE McKEE GORDON GLOVER 'lfL'lWL1fVLCl'l"'y, a Aj , -Hr W Ik' a 'maaa Wma ara Earaxigsz z wh .. -P if a E a QF? ma f 5 H -fa is :TS 11-l'.,m,,ia 5'f. a .. 2 2 1 :5 a is H is a " it - ---' 1' 5 ii 5 B ' :il iii ,:: -L ' -., 54 ii .:.Q:.:Q 5255135 aaa 2: E f 53,5 E - . ' 5- ' Kalftitgli Q 'Q S"""' 522.55235 M K it W aaesfaa E a H SE Zia gig. if ,I i '- , asia F . fs' E ' azz: a H a : fa asa-A H -- L C a Y 5 5 .. " H a E E ' ' "mBsw'aaU-w- 1 K iii H aa E S 21. - ' wg a a L X a aa at " :.: .:. 5: -- : -ra A - EB :sm aa ,aft-east.. B D WEBER W az.: -I fa F- .ae ,:,,,.: . , , Coach Don Nottoli's Galt High Warriors finished the T961-62 season with a 13-ll seasonal record. They finished fourth in SCAL with an 8-5 league record. The Warriors brought home the consolation Trophy from the Mother Lode'Tournament at Calaveras where Galt's Clint Disch was voted the tournament's Most Valuable Player. The Warriors were led by Clint Disch who scored 388 points this sea- son. They also broke the school scor- ing record with a neat 85-67 win over Winters. MIKE BALLEW RON BREESE JOE OSWALD A a ,EH SB 55? SQ? . as- BOB ERMAN W . gg , " - Q W ' , is ii' l if 5 - T ' . 55 S" ' THQEMTEQQ' gg aa -. 'f ifnr: a ' ' ia ,555 EEE Ha -afaaa . aaaa a . ' - W -gaaaaaaaa M " 1,5215 aaaa f' a Y? m f .1 aaaaa fmlffff Z aaa. :- .- await- Tawe-'H - -: - ,N MW - - Qmw 5332355.25 gy.-Mama :N V.,M:M ,sg Q, a '- ' Yale aaa? ji -f4""'-ll lieu-aaa - 5 -, aa 7 aa a H L, aaniafa aaa if fsawafaa at .-. . a.x., 'T is S-axis T n . . 4 Q -- 5:5,.,.5f:,gaSi5L aa E -E aa Q ws . ai s ,aa aaa K Q 1 , aaaaaaaraaaaa annum H aa aaaaa a a H aifaaaaa a maaa a W B Baaaaaaa H 3 3 E H ga aa B ,, ,r K, gf gaaaaa a .. at Z ,rg aa use .5 Q Tlx gn zz aw 5 . Q " 1 N 'E:l - V , '- aaa as a LYLE NIMMO DENNIS RADFORD i HT f A fllmewhat Y I k 9 H 1 h 9 BaIlef?l First Blood K 0, U K fcz1f '.s 1, fy Las 2' 7 ,fl M mmlg QCISOVL L ft 1' gainl? Okay ,fake if! Go way, you b fh SEHVW V-'sfgtaa,,,f'irz3w5 mean V f55E?,l?:sss:'fg ' as 2 Z Q 7 YE-'4 -. 1233 lE2f Back Row - Coach David Olson, Earl Rempfer, Cliff Frasier, Joe Kiser, Noel Weathers, Larry Mondra gon, Dennis Quashnick, Mike Stiehr, Richard Strange. Front Row - Danny Freitas, Ron Betz, Mike Erich, Stan Froehlich, Craig McKee, Stephen Stiehr, Chris Bottimore , !, to 3 XX Q VT lf DAVID OLSON Coach czsgofdafj A C3j11z1f1fwmmfy Due to lack of experience and height, the Galt High J.V. team ended the season with an unim- pressive 4-I5 seasonal record. The small Warriors finished seventh in an eight team league. Among the teams defeated by them were Benicia and Court- land, both of the SCAL. Of the 15 members on the J.V. team over half of them were freshmen and will be returning next year. At least three freshmen started for the Warriors. S Ba. .. Catcher, Paul Zavatfero ,f . 4 6?lIIlDl' yflflcfzzzfyelw He's out! kj I ' 111117 N cfimfz, ouffielderl Bob Liebig lnfielder, Alvin Roberts f .Ali- Two away! 'S ax R ff Azz czw1's1,f1f Ci-base cz infix i Back Row - Dale Hamblefon, Paul Zavaftero, Lyle Nimmo, Bill Wagner, Rod Goehring, Jim Bowles, Coach Hebert First Row -- Richard Ferris, Tim Kelly, Bob Liebig, Alvin Roberfs, Craig Ahlslrom, Terry Quashnick, Keye Perry Keye Perry, Richard Ferris GEORGE HEBERT, Coach ix Q MUNHUBYS ,, X I X -QT... X X M, f in iz xx: M262 . GSQACL!! QCI!Z.O1fl L L ' iw 1 A fx, K din' Smile! You're on Candid Camera! .., . BL -Q F CCISOH It must be a! homer! III! CQECZMVQS . LT In Are you ready? 5 ,L ..u . W ,. JM! imalmmsmsi .Um W nal af' H :i f if Here comes a curve! H GSQAG!! Row 1 -- John Hagel, Noel Weathers, Steve Martin, Jerry Stafford, Al Sartini, Richard Strange. Row 2 - Coach Sapp, Chris Bottimore, Jerry Nevins, Glenn Ruth, Howard Wegat, Mike Stiehr, Greg Mori, John Vroman, manager ROBERT SAPP, Coach JOHN VROMAN, Manager 2 Q ii A a Em LlQ62 maigvi E HM H M --E swim ,Vg Us ss mr mms , Msg W BB EK i-EASE' HHH!! BS EZHEHH . ,yi ss mmf' a swag a mn mn n -:za EES? E ms a L L KNEE: 5 Q mm: - ms ss E-nm 1,83 XXMW " .:.:.: - W :.: is HAROLD FULLER Coach ff ' I ,f Vac Dc XZiQG,1fIfl, Wigwam Q 5 U Q . m is 'Y ' a ' H m PE , 1 is N is 1 " -'Q ss Q S 5 FF.: E E E 1 . J '1 'T' :- , .wa is WYE - ss is mm ss ms ww a W . L nu ss gi ms ms su Outstanding track men: Phil Henkes, Ron Betz, Bob Erman, 'Ron Overland, Craig McKee, Larry Mondragon mn mn ww-QW.. -- mn w SHE T33 mms ms 1 QE-1 ,- W sawn, .ami -.- X -i V X1 sw" Q Does if huri? .134 From here to eternity . . . A Man, look af fhose muscles! 1-4' 1 i 'hu Look, Mom! No hands! Ahhh'h'h'chooo! 295'-1 N Senior Tumbleweeds take Northern League Championship i fl. We N Our Editor? gal? girfs pafzf'0111'ze Ogofli QW! Go, Anita, Go! To the right iust a little Looks like a ' strike! Concentrating, Vesta? Better luck next week olli0,.S 73718 S! 900 Row 1 f Sharon Goehring, Vesta Sartini, Shirley Huston, Jeannie Sova, Frances Woehh Back Row 1 Chikako Ueda, Carohln Goldsrnith,'Carol Moore, Val Gahste if in Row 1 f Sharon Snyder, Mari -, .loan Gibson. Row 'L f Linda Spaans, .Lana Wilha Olson T K unjorg Cahbo, Dawn Gudei, Von Gahste, Marranga, Toni Starkev Patsy ' ms, Rosemary p0V!sfy,, J . f !1.zp01fL L lflxllg 120.9 y CL, COMING Row l f Carol Warddrip, Dorolhy Faulkner, Angela Goldrnan, Judy Fox. Row '1 Jenny Fleming, Sherann Brooks, Kathleen Anderson, Nancy Jacobson Row Al f Kathy Kaneiiclc, Dee Lawrence, Barbara McFarland. Row 2 f Joan Zavatlero, Sandy Grlbaudo, Chris Johnson, Sharon Erman, Terry Olson ff I 708 Huw, C3 I I 'Os me P . . W ,LL , I n l l'lllUl'H H0111 70119 011.1011 Q V- k. - , Em ., 5 ga Si -""' 25-Q' ' Q ,,, 'iii -'Ya-1 1 Lett to Right -f- Chikalco Ueda, Valerie Galiste, Jeanette Highfill, Vesta Sartini, Carolyn Goldsmith, Frances Woehl, Wanda Schmier, Jeannie Sova Row 1 f lrene Adams, Patsy Calibo, Dawn Gudel, Von Galiste, .loan Gibson. Row 7. - Lana Williams, Linda Spaans, Carol Henson, Rosemary Nlatranga, Toni Olson, Sharon Snyder fs F Imiom 621111111 1 15 - f 5 T.-.!DCl.5Ae1l!9U cj' I - r7lfr10m0,.c,'Q YW ' af + .I 'la .ludy Fox, Carol Warddrip, Sharann Brooks, Doroihy Faulkner, Roberta Gibson, Alice Gerling, Kathy Anderson, Penny Fleming, Angela Goldman, Michele Pararne 5' x Sandy Gribaudo, .loan Zavatiero, Barbara McFarland, Arleen Berg, lsabel Denier, Kathy Kenefick, Barbara Sanders, Sharon Errnan, Terry Olson, Chris Johnson ffm I les 1111014 .Ikeda 5 -A V134 Ming., -3 ?""B'-ii' .F 483,55 1 ' R -TRW W K Y X. :f..L,1. 'x'-"a,k xi,Y'- 1 U 'N I ll-ti I vit 55594. x SA" riff, -48 J ixhm x -az., 29' 31' 1 is n-. 91" .mf Hrs Q 4711 ' UIIIOVICIIII- BONNIE MERRIE SCHAUER JOY RADELLE LISTINI So long Thy power hath blest me, sure it still Will lead me on, O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent till The night is gone, And with the morn those angel faces smile Which l have loved long since, and lost awhile. THE PILLAR OF THE CLOUD by John Henry, Cardinal Newman Q1 Claude C. Wood Co. 686 Lockeford Street N Lodi, California Phone ENdicott 8-5183 'f:5?i'EYi5lE "Quality and Service" Our Motto BUY READY-MIX CONCRETE Claude C. Wood Co. OUR COMPANY is also equipped to handle all of your grading and paving needs from drive ways and parking areas to streets or highways. OUR MODERN GRAVEL PLANT is equipped to manufacture all of your rock, sand, and gravel requirements, OUR CONCRETE is Time-Tested and backed by our years of service in this community. 1 114 ini vivo-ii ni in: 1 3 rin ini in in 1 115:11 111111:-iuiniiniuiai 3 1 1 csnzuii 1 1: ax 11: 1: 'Q iuiuioxo o2cviozo1cn1u::i1iiqpn1:-if11-xiii:-zuxziiuxuxlo .Zo o EVINRUDE MOTORS N SALES - SERVICE A I I , . BOATS N MARINE SUPPLIES i i The labru. Shop Randomphss Marine I Q 21 North School sifooi I l L d' rf ' 1102 Turner Rbad iBy The Lakel 5 i 0 " Ca ' """' Lodi, California Q if .. ,, I L' C' :andyE RQNEQSLPH i "BETTER FABRICS MAKE BETTER P one N '2 Q FASHIONS" i I Congratulations to the' Class of '62 . . . MEYEIYS FUIID GIOMPMIY Elk Grove California Zuioi1v1o1ugo101o?n.Qiiiai2 iz 1011 1 1 :z 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 is ini: in iizniniuiuiuixni BUILD . . . PLANS BEST FOR THE FUTURE by Harold Williams GENERAL CONTRACTOR HOME -I BUSINESS N DUPLEX PHONE Pl 5-1317 Galf, California nic 111 ri Lain: 11:1 iugniuiui-11014i1.z1uiu11:1ni14x1nic: iq: 9111101111 1 vie 3014 ii 1 1414141111 ii ilqiioiuvitrioioioiuilii 2 P101 ri vi 910.431 xzoiogiiz-ig-ig-.1 -1 iz fini: 11.11 113:-101411011111-1o1ocpiica4-10104: Gragfs Quality Gas Service BUTANE - APPLIANCES - PROPANE WEED FLAME CONTROL SALES and SERVICE Phone ENdicoH 8-0681 A- 106 W. Elm Sireef Lodi, California ncpoinzoioic ioioisrzoioiiricrioz 1 fini: 01014 Q Q Q Q Q ! Q ! Q Q ...- ! Q 4 Q Q ! 5 Q Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q I Q i goxicrioioioi David L. Low, D,V,2ll. 'A' VETERINARIAN 'A' 235 Lincoln Way Gall, California oz: 5 vin-an 1 esncnuazwznzuzn zu: 1301010201 GALT PIIIIIIMIIOY MEDICINES N SODA FOUNTAIN - vun 111111 ICE 4- 1119 . we '- G W,j, - Y 1 ,.4-v--'2 RAY H. ARLIN, Owner California Galt N Phone Ploneer 5-1063 N 1 is icqnsicnievinxmniizsnria 1 rzuioioioioic 201: 1:1111 1:1021 in 1 :ini in 1011114 is Avenue Drugs 'A' PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST ik Phone ENdicoH 8-2788 - 730 West Lodi Ave. Lodi, California xinioiuii riuioioinioiui xi ningni-,icing :ini rggzq 20101413 1 1:5 if 1024 2 Roberfs Richfield Service VIRGIL - SKIP - MERK - CHUCK PHONE Ploneer 5-1103 Highway "99" and Simmerhorn Road Galf, California ciozua 1- ann-:nz mn: 1 10:4 xi 1- 1 vim: 11.11410 0:01111 an en: 10111 uit' in ini:nioio1oi01oi4xicr2e ani 11110541 11114 1 Qznxixiuinivzi easing in 14:11.14 1' ax:-1n1u1o1u1u1o1n1a 1: 1:11 1018. a WRIGHT 'S 'I05 South School Street N Phone EN'9-2743 Lodi, California 'A' OFFICE FURNITURE MACHINE EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES LUGGAGE N PICTURE FRAMES We Fix Typewriters and Adders 101 11.1111 1n1n1u1nqsuqp inqmozuxr-1 11 quam: n1u1n1o11 1 1:1 s1n1u1::iu1 :-1:I1:-1 Western Auto Family Store 'Ir Phone PI 5-II40 Galt, California 0:01:11-11 on 11 -pl: 1 1011-1 101011: 1 111101:-11.1 11 11111 1 1 11 1: 1111: 1 1 14 1:1u1o1o1o1n1o111u1 11u'cpu1x1o1u1 11:1 1 1 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of '62 from . . . DOWDELL IMPLEMEIIT GUMPIIIIY P. O. Box 426 Galt TRACTOR and FARM EQUIPMENT Welding - General Blacksmithing - Repairing of Grading Equipment Phone Ploneer 5-1075 1411411 r111u1n1u1u14 pu1u1u1o1u1 1 1 rin 111: 1: 1: 1 1:11 1 1 1x1:1m1:sarq'::iuq:pcn1nscn-15111 Nielsefs Automotive 'A' AUTO REPAIRS s TIRES BATTERIES 'k Phone Ploneer 5-1315 Galt, California 1011 1n1o1i:1: 111: 1:1 1:14 inane 1:'i:1:rcpu, 1:1 rc: up ,111 1: Art Dowdell, Prop. 11:14-11.101-x1n1o1n-1 1:11 ganglion: 1-cn: 10111 111111 ix 11- 11 umm,-in "L ODl'S The Toggery 'k LEADING STORE FOR MEN" ir School and Oak Streets Lodi, California YOUNG . 4.nn1u1n1u1o1n1n1 1011 1 1 211113 11111111 3011 llarriet's Beauty Shop For Complete BEAUTY CARE . . . -A' PERMANENT WAVES -k HAIR CUTTING -k HAIR STYLING if MANICURING Specializing Helene Curtis Permanent Phone Ploneer 5-1388 - 125 A Street Galt, California 0111111301111111111113111111111111o:1viui111o14 SQIIIIIE I GLDTHIEIIS I .k 1 111v11s14v1111ni11:41in2oi1nie1io1n1o11 ioioininiixini 11 2111011111111 13111313 Thornton Beauty Shop MABEL HOLCOMB 3 PHONE PYramid 4-2451 Thornton, California 2111131 111xu1u1111411111111111o1 111 1 in 02113111111 1111 3 2 1 11 1114111114 i4 141113 11111 11111 is 111111311111 1011 1 101114 1 1111111 PENDLETON 1 MANHATTAN I SHIRTS 1 .k 1 LORD JEFF SWEATERS ETC. if f "LODI'S SMART MEN'S and BOY'S SHOP" Lodi N Hotel Lodi Building N California Zimmermanss Lagfs Restaurant Pharmacy Open Monday thru Fri. - 4 A.M. to 9 P.M OWL REXALL DRUGS Saturday - 6 A. M. to 3 P. M. uk 16 West Pine Street - 121 S. School Street Lodi, Califonria -V- Complete Prescription Service and Complete Cosmetique Department Q 111-1'-11115-iuxninx' 11111: 11-1011-11111121 9,5 191121121 :nz Sunday - 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. Highway 88 81 12 N Phone'RA 7-9930 Lockeford, California FRED and ALICE up1-211:11z11111:111n1111n:11:o11 11111114 if-3. 1.1:1I:31p14,q9II1.,1.,1.,1,,i4,.,,,i.o, ,:,,1,. -, -. 1 1. ,,, 0 i i i 4 Q V- E- Greer, JI'-S M- D- i 5 Texaco Curve Statlon Gerald W. Uehler, M. D. i j COLD DRINKS 0FF'CE H0'-'RS 2 LUBRICATIQN - SPARK PLUGS Monday ......4.......A 10-12 A. M. 2-5 P. M. 2 - , Tuesday ..,...........4 10-12 A.M. 2-5 P.M. I URES TUBES Wednesday .......,. 10-12 A. M. 2-5 P. M. - i SMALL ACCESSORIES Thursday ..1.......,.. 10-12 A. M. Only - Friday .................. 10-12 A. M. 2-5 P. M. I I -9 Saturday ............. 10-12 A. M. Only LELAND TEMPLETON Phone Ploneer 5-1049 N Galf, California Gan, california l - GALT BRANCH iF.-1RNlERS 5 MERCHANTS' BANKING . SAVING Il'-E155 E E l ' BY S-'-15 I - '- Em fo I B ' BY MAIL ' 'I A P5 ii - -3 --gf Qi, I 'I I "WL W" H A' I Commercial loans - Farm Loans - Mortgage Loans U. S. Savings Bonds - Travelers Checks Safe Deposit Boxes - Bank Money Orders Personal Savings - Personal Checking B Q FOR ALL INSURANCE NEEDS ! Q Schhauefs CALL ' ' ' 319 4th Street N Gall, California Ken Williams i i .n FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP MEN'S WEAR ,X : I I -Q' 816 C Street -- Phone Pl 5-1318 . Galf, California MR. and MRS. TED SCHAUER, Props i ! ...I -. -1 - Q ..-..-..g. .g. :nz-:an-:cm-can :ap-up-:1 Iegauzuz-1-111-:queen 1 nano:-if-1 '-2'-1111:-411-1311111 41301910 0:01:0ifvimu1u3n1oio1c1ioi111aaic11cr14v1cviivi411o Diamond National Corp. 0 LUMBER 0 HARDWARE 0 PLUMBING SUPPLIES of Galt, California CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '62 . . . Galt Food Bank 4th and B Streets -1 Phone Pl 5-1331 Galt, California of EARL and LEROY ARRANTS, Props. 14114 1 111in1oi111oiu1oqa 1:94 are -anim 1011020 0:1 1 snap: is 1 713 11 11 ri 1:11 vioioioiuiui AMBROGIO'S ELECTRICAL SHOP W Frigidaire W Maytag W Berkeley Pumps W RCA Whirlpool W Sales 81 Service W Television 'A' Philcg t VICIOI' W Bendix 3 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 229 4th Street -J Phone Ploneer 5-1531 N Galt, California ! I I ! 2 I I E B ! ! ! I E ! I N aneyis Sunshine Cafe 205 Lincoln Way Galt, California 3 riuiutoiuioiojojc CAFE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE lain: 'v14111:1':1wviui1 1112111112 014 0:01 110:02 ii 111111101 1 11111113113 2 1 11411111 ioniaiioiestocpnxcniog 51 an 1014 14 ini: Q31 101' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS oF 1962 . . . Galt Department Store Galt, 'California .3 "EVERYTHlNG FOR THE FAMILY" iz' icvabenxnfrzocnnag1:i1n1e:1412oiu1a1i111arintniui ini: 2 11:14 1 11 ii 11034 our inns 1 :incur-gif, 64.311111 . The Galt llvrald "Serving the GALT area for more than 50 years" 'A' PRINTING - PUBLISHING ir Phone Ploneer 5-1551 Galt, California 1111.izuiucnniuinguxuni-can-it,ii-xzvqnu-:sitio 3 11:31:15 I1 24111111111-iqznz 103 341111 Q 1150 2 in xoxox. in 1nqmia:u2 Qu: 111:- ozc aims-:winamp Avenue Florist and Gift Shop - 506 West Lodi Ave. - Phone ENdicott 8-0034 Lodi, califorhia ul' COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE ir LOUISE and BOB WAGEMAN 1111: an iii:-1 rin: 11:11:11 nine.-cpl 1 -q:o:n3n1-11 IIELLERS AND HESSLER POULTRY and DAIRY SUPPLIES and ALBERS FEEDS KELLERS f, HESSLERI ,- Pesos 5' SANITATION SUPPLIES P. O. Box 65 N Phone Ploneer 5-1167 N Galt, California I I F ' 2 J - 1 Bus. Ploneer 5-1553 Ploneer 5-1062 ! lrlvlll 8 QILP ry pe n , , I ! Bettgfs Gift Shop M. N. Jack" Inuthrw Q Q MOUNTAIN -'VALLEY sTocK - I KEEPSAKE DMMONP DAIRY RANCHES I . ' ' f All Real Estate Broker - Live Stock Auctioneer Qualgrcgggzs or Closed Saturday and Sunday ! 2 ! ! ir P. O. Box 306 207 S, Lincoln Way Galt, California uxuxnroznxnziix-1-1. 1 1---v.1:u-ni up 1151.119-num.. G . o 0.4 235-237 South Lincoln Way Galt, California 1-lingua: 1 -1 1i11.1n1u1u: 1-.ini 1 111-'zuitmxpuqsnqsuioxnniocpivi 1 0:1 .311 4:01301 an 19111 q:11111:1111111qp 11,1 c ozotvu Clab Bottle Shop 4th Street Galt, California i' JAKE KELLER 1:1114 11-112-Qvdzxri s a:11x1111111o.o 9.o1ioio1z11e:su11111:1411111u1v1o1u1oioi4 1413 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Dr. Donald H. Ireland 921 "DENTlST" Phone Ploneer 5-1369 - 600 Lincoln Way Galt, California oil :11z11cz11z11sn1z11,:p11cn11z11:11z11g11g 11 111 11 111 111111111-,:11zu211:n:uE11111211ca11241-L- 11: q 1.1. 1 1 .1 11 111111411 Glll.T MOTORS Greasing - Washing - Special AAA Service E. J. HALL and ALLEN HERR COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE SERVICE N NEW CHEVROLETS Phone EN 9-6688, Lodi, California Phone Pl 5-1147, Galt, California 1111411 11111111n311111i1 n1:11114.1.:1-11113111.13111111111.1.,1:.i',341cnu111z11i41:41i11iu1u1ir.iu1 1111101 11413111111121111111zs11cuv114c.13.::1q:1:1cn114: 5:4 :fini Weathers, Hardware ir GENERAL HARDWARE FULLER PAINTS "They Last" 'A' 211 4th Street - Phone Ploneer 5-1656 Galt, California r1u1o141i1111 3111111111 Frostie J CAFE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE -3 Hatch, Martha, Shirley, Lela, and Dody C and Lincoln Way - Galt, California oz. 0:4 in gp-1: 111 : : 1: .31 1 111: 11 nam..-1-9.1.-111,049 -12 :1 11. 412113412 1312 1 rin? in 2 11111 E 1 zo 0:5 0 riozoinioioioioie 30101014 5 Food s at S Mm-iw: can Mission Chapel i FROZEcNo'5gggcmCKERS S FUNERALS N WEDDINGS Smoking of Hams and Bacons I Meats - Vegetables - Groceries Q I Q l Corner of 7th and B Streets Q P' 0' Boxrliiiniorf caliiligi-iiiaPY Mm S Phone P' M066 N G"" C"l""'l" .!.'fQl1lPi0lI!i0l0l0l1 it liiflillilil I Illlilblilg Ozl it ini lllii lilili 10190111 P101 il0lIli0Q01 1 5 names E 667 C Street N Phone Ploneer 5-1083 N Galt, California E ! ! ! ! Q ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I . Q PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT and SERVICE i Universal Pumps and Installation N General Electric Appliances Ozvnoiwvxoioxuiuiozngux .D inzozozozozuz 101011 iorioioioioinioxuvisxinniuioioioiurioi 1:01 3 'o Eric Il. Spiess Insurance Agency Theatre Building - Phone Ploneer 5-1658 Galt, California uk COMPLETE INSURANCE PROTECTION rxicx1:x21zic1x1icv:x: ri ri 110101 r1oio1n11n1o1oi4r1o11x:4ii1iiu1 vioioio1o10i4 Q Q O!O 'H 0:4 1 nic if1101411014iiinianiaiiuuioiuarnioicrioioi Jimss Cafe 450 C Street N Galt, California -k BREAKFAST LUNCH - DINNERS i' JIM and GERRY CALDWELL, Owners ni 'cpe:ini-aininiuiuin1u1niui:rZn:o1o1 vioioioioiuiq n1n1n1o1-u1n1o1en1::11 1 1 11: callin CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES . . . Brockettis Variety 911 C Street Post Office Box 487 ll-formerly Lincoln Way Varlotyi Galt, California 10101 ,', 4 e'a-znzuxniuzix zz zz 11191 ni: 1 1111111111 Galt Bakery .al BREAD - PASTRY - CAKE .20 BILL and DOROTHY 241 Lincoln Way -f Phone PI 5-1168 Galt, California 0:0 cp 1 lzlxqp-1411119111111 11-11 1 1101 1011141111 ni r1u1u1n1u1n1n1u1 14 1 11 -1::1o1u1u1n1o1u1111010101 111 r1n1nq 1 1 1 1 111110101 TIIE PRINCESS ug? WOMEN'S and CHIl.DREN'S APPAREL Galt Stop 8. Shop Center ininioinini 11.1111 511111:141n1n1u1u1n1u1.r1l.1u11.1z.1x.1..1..1. 1 .1 1 111 .1 1 -1.1. 101 11:14:11 1 ,111 ni .1--an-wanna:-11 1:1 nun anne: P. CONGRATULATION CLASS OF 1962 . . . GOODS of the WOODS 8 Harold E. Beshey Galt, California -....-.-......-..:..: : .2 -..:.,: If.: ,...:..f. v1 :1 1 1:1::1:1 1n1:1 1 1 1n1v1:r1i1o1 Twin City Cafe al MEALS N LUNCHE5 DRAFT BEER JI Junction Highway 104 and U. S. 99 Galt, California QI' in 11 1.11.01 yznqpnqu ran :nan 11.1 Q. .1 .1 11 .qv Galt 'Retreading Tire Service .ai GOODYEAR TIRES 8-HOUR RECAPPING SERVICE 3 412 E Street N Phone PI 5-2012 fovioioix 1413010101021 ioioinioioioioioio i Jack T. J ennings, B.lI.S. DENTIST Stop 8. Shop Center behind F 81 M Bank Phone PI 5-1917 N Galt, California 5:4 Amuiuzux -mm-qzuz 114-1 1 1101 :icuii 301414 1 THORNTON CANNING CO. BEST WISHES . . . i'.. TO THE KINGS AND QUEENS- Frnmrfl' THE CIIASS OF 1962 ,NN 2 'Ii -1. ,c S mm... ' 'll I I "Your Perfect Party Time Treat" il I ,, UQEAIFASIUIII Q ' L ' ' 3 'Ir EJ THORNTON CALIFORNIA s.,,,H,,u Airplane Dusting, Spraying, Seeding, Fertilizing Atwood Crop Busters Lodi Pilot - Bill Ryan Airstrip - Lind's Airport Phone EN 9-5698 Salinas, California N HArrison 4-7497 . 6 Qinzozozui :ing 31:1 .-gm.: ninizzizninic 1 :rcn4:1::gn:a:::r-L-annuity: x11x1oj01lnj0joIo1oioi4r 0:0114 :ego Refrigeration Service - Maior Appliance Repair, Electrical Repair Piclerell Refrigeration HAROLD PICKRELL 24- HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 215 4th Strut N Phono PI 5-1830 x:nc:.:i:2"1:ivxi1:i:1. 3 1 ninxoini 'Q sin: Burtonis Shoes 17 West Pine Street Lodi, California 'k QUALITY SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 114 11114 1 1 1 111111111111 14141411 1 1495 o:a 'Q 030114 1411o1o1o1411o14r14r1o11 c:m1111a.n4 Smith's Gun Shop "CUSTOM GUNSMITH" COMPLETE SHOOTER SERVICE 665 C Street N Phone Pl 5-1933 Galt, California HORACE W. SMITH 111114111142 11 11:11::1 1 1 1: 1411 111114 14 14111141111411411 MELIIIIFF Tlllllilllllli COMPIIIIY P. O. Box 792 N Galt, California PHONE Pl 5-1566 GUS ll. MELHIIFF Flat Beds ancl Bulk Beds For ALL TYPES of HAULING anywhere in California FAST N SAFE N INSURED HAULING Pay Less Cleaners GALT STOP and SHOP .al MINNIE RYAN, Manager 1111 1 111114111111qn,114.1,-1 -1-14114114 0,9 111 1 141 1111141 1 1111111 111 111111 0211111 1411 14 14114111 11114114111 14111111 1 11 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '62 . . 417 Club "C" Street Galt, California 11014114114 1014 1101 11111 1141141-1 111114111 11114114 1 1 1101-viuzniugoir inzoioi 1 .1 ni-11:19 aanxvancnixebznqprri vin: Qin: 3:1011 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 fig . .HN 24 AMF Automatic Pin Setters N Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant FREE INSTRUCTION N Supervised CARE for CHILDREN it 620 South Cherokee Lane N LODI, CALIFORNIA N EN 8-5164 1ninio1oio1 94:11 iuioioinioic -Y 11.1-.1-mi ,1 inioioz-.ini loin: 10:01 2, A mimic E i Q ! ! ! l v:asj4s:av11x11v1ax:4i11n14pjevj4 51914 .xx nioqn in 1 .105 -101 11:13 :iq 1 111211 1 nguoi 11:05 vjoinini' 10:4 111411 .icinini n 059011111121 ini: 101 ,tg l ! l 1 1 LATEST FASHIONS AT . . . Super Market 3 The Fashion snap oRocERlEs N FRUITS 3 l VEGETABLES N FRESH MEATS Q ,. 1 l 1 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 1 1 A Q ,T ! ' 2 Charlie, Rita, Willy, Wally, Olive, g i Gayle, and Alice i i ERMA LISTINI, Owner Phone Ploneer 5-1397 N Galt, California Q 207 Lincoln way N phone pioneer 5.1695 g E Gall, California i 1 0:4 1010292 2 1 1 1: 3 1 1010101111 :lain axe.: ! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 . . . Wlllll 8: BREITMAIEI1 CONCRETE CONTRACTORS ir P. O. Box 155 N GALT, CALIFORNIA N Phone Pl 5-1617 ABE BREITMAIER ARLAN WINN Phone Pl 5-1617 Phone Pl 5-1609 441101014 i4v14:101oi1.vioio10i1r141ioi4vi4ai4xZq 1 1311111111 ,Q iwinxnzoiniuxa in 1 :1 1 ni pings:-:xnzuz sguiozninioz :ini-.annie 1u11:1a114r1'J1ar1oe3o1o1f- 1 'ioiozv 111 1:11 .14 .1111 1 10111101 11 11 111 101014 11111111050 Congratulations to the Class of 1962 I AMR. and Mas. Gus Al-n.smoM s. soNs IIEGISTEIIED APPALOOSII IIDIISES Arno Road 1 14111141101Q11r11r1o1op4r1cr1o11x1o14v1o14s1oiux1cv:4:1o11i14,10101014114-xuzuienzoiozoi 1014 11: 11141111 1 101014110101 101491 1 bca ,za I T0 THE semons OF '62 i WE EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS g Galt Furniture Co. ,. I I I LANE CEDAR cHEs'rs I Lluousum .. wmoow sl-moss I Q , I 1 i I Galt, California 905 C Street -1 Phone Pl 5-1156 i 101014114 1010101 1 1 riocbazznzn-1o1o1"q0 P10 if 101010101011 10101 15011714 Galt, Califomia iov1o1u1o1o11:1e:1011111111: 1 u1n1u11:1o1::1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 . . . Mar-Val Stores 3 908 C Street N Gait, California i .L niu n1u1u1u1o1c1 v14o:o 0:1-1: 1114111411 1111: 14 O11 .J errg Cook Studio 0 PORTRAITS ' WEDDINGS 0 FAMILY GROUPS .bl PHONE EN 8-4633 .3 312 North California Street N Lodi, Calif lThe photographer of this yearbook! -..-.:.,: : ::e1..:......:..:1:.- :Z-wg. G .dr E Shell Service 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 .93 104 North Lincoln Way Phone' Ploneer 5-1321 Galt, California 1u1o1::o1u1o17o1oq:o1o1oqa r1ev1u1n1a 1: 1 v1 14 14 1 14 111 111411 i101-501010101 ,101 1111111111111 1 0311101014114 1 1. 1: q9:r1:x1:-1x:1o1o1oiu1o1o1q Ed's Seaside Service MOTOR TUNE UPS - BRAKE WORK LUBRICATION - MUFFLERS TRAINED MECHANIC PICK UP and DELIVERY .H 15 Years Experience Bankamericard - "S 8. H" Stamps 4th and A Streets N Phone PI 5-1180 Galt, California 0:01411-1 111111111111 1 1 1:1 1,111.1 .1 1 v111u1n1u1n1 1 111 101 1' 101-11 1: ionic CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Spaanis Bakery 8 YOU'VE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST . . .3 456 C Street - Galt, California n1n1e1:nqrul:o1c 1: 1:r1oc:1: 1 :: 11-14111011114 1 ni Quin: nap 1: 1114111112 an eawznep as: if 4130::ai-.1u2x1iu1u1r1o1 as-1111311455 vcsnaznui Peardonis Shoe Repair .5 BRONSON SHOES HALL WESTERN BOOTS .bl 501 "C" Street N Galt, California uennazau-zuqsuzuznqa'cmlqnuxuiucv1114150311111 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 . . . Boothis Motel North of the City Limits Galt, California -1 - -- -..V ... .-...,.....,-..g. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 EN D-KIAN Publishing Company ,AZ PRINTERS -1 PUBLISHERS LITHOGRAPHERS -3 All Types of Printing Produced on the Modern Presses PHONE ENDICOTT 8-2478 OSCAR KATZAKIAN N VIN BENSON E. R. CMikeJ ENDERLIN lg 1 , 1 1 --...qw-4'-pf-q-gwg-life viii -.-...fini -.. .1 1 qn...v . 1 0:0 ucn ini ui rin 1 sg 11 annie ie ia 20102030 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1962 Don's Barber Shop Eff-fi-'LMI 1 ,. I. ' w es. ,. . ' :V r . , ,. .1 6 'i 1 , . J I DON HOWARD Specialize in Flat Tops Stop 8. Shop Galt, California aug :aux en:-qs 1 cpl 111: 1-11.1-.1 1.111411 5011111 if-:nil 10111-51:11-an 111 1:11-wg'-inquiring Irvin R. Bender REAL ESTATE BROKER For your REAL ESTATE needs see Viola D. Arms, Licensed Salesman el 233 S. Lincoln Way -f Phone PI 5-1558 Galt, California qi-..-.,...... ,-.,.. -..- -..- ..-. - ..- .-.,-. .. ...l,-.,-,,...,..,,-.,-., . -I -..-- Towne 8c Country Beauty Salon TINTING - BLEACHING - HAIR CUTTING STYLING .8 MYRTLE SMITH 136 Oak Avenue N Galt, California PHONE Pl 5-1314 ozo :ni gn: :iq in-iogniuinnilxioizxi 1:11010 S I 95 O 001 E if cn viii? l VIUQIIIIII 10.011 02011 i Taunton Lumber Sales WHOLESALE and RETAIL LOTS N LUMBER TRUCKED DIRECT FROM MILLS Materials for Ranchers and Farmers - Contractors and the Home Owner Molding of all Kinds - Pine - Mahogany Phone PI 5-2065 Ilf no answer call PI 5-H891 N Franston and Crystal Way Just off U. S. 99 - Galt, California u Q I 5. OQDIOID 5 S 5 E I Q.-

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