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f .- 6 km. 1 ' 'V V '. ' ' 'ft fvf Q X X 'V' 1 t x W are just a small portion of the Class of '58, but we are pictured here to help lead you on a tour Through the 1958 Hi-Lights. May you share all the memories that we, the Senior Class, have experienced in our four years at Galt High, as you iourney through this year's re- view of events. For a brief summary of some of our accomplishments, we would like to say that in our Junior year we won the Sportsmanship trophy and the Inter-class Track Meet. We were also the first class to have started Homecoming at Galt High. This year we are very proud that a member of our Senior Class placed in the top l or TZ: in the National Merit Scholarship Contest. Congratulations, Jim Erman! In addition to this achievement, over one half of our entire class plans to attend college. i1T6liIGHTS qalzyaafzitamifzgdsedwl 646495544414 I' '-4 .5 ' I ram ww MARLENE HUETHER Editor 5 4 lt has been a pleasure to be Editor of the 1957-58 Hi-Lights, and I sincerely want to thank every- one who was connected with the publication of this annual. We, the annual staff, sincerely hope as you look back through the pages of this yearbook you will fincl many happy memories, and that it will help you to relive your high school days here at Galt High. -MARLENE HUETHER , sus Bo'rTiMoRE , 'j.f'QllL Business Manager V PAT MOR! Advertising Manager ia tea FE 1 m is Us s was 1 em EB sa- i 35325 Wifi,-it .asa ,News ,WSH-1 MVR: -lace, S . .-W egg ' V. ,5x,ezx'iiM5j Q M 9 2598 M-,ff Tw? M we ' 4.5, ti T 5' sm Q sf if It is with pride and gratitude that we dedicate this book, the Hi-Lights, to an individual who has contributed so much to the students of Galt High. For your helpful and friendly attitude toward all . . . we dedicate this 1958 annual to you, Mrs. Audrey O. Reed. all 91 '99 4 V, Ham r ORVELL K. FLETCHER District Superintendent and Principal ,f-x n my desk is a polished piece of black stone. A million years ago it was a portion of a grow- ing oak tree. Now it is a piece ot petrified rock, round and rough on the sides, polished on the ends, still showing the exact outline of a branch. It is a source of wonder to me that a rough, unattractive rock can become so -beautiful when the arts of the skilled craftsman are applied to it. The change from rough exterior to polished finish is accomplished by the artisan. Symbolically enough, this is exactly what has been happening to the graduates of 1958. Four years ago you came to us seeking the refinements of an education. The artisans are your in- structors, your administrators, and your Board of Trustees. "As the twig is bent, so it the tree inclined." As we have been able to influence your learning, so have we been able to mold your character, your attitudes, your future success. But the polishing process is only partially complete. A number ot you will continue your training. We are proud that the group which seeks college training is growing larger each year. Whether you enter college or the world of work we wish you the best in the years to come- the best, based not upon luck, but on making the right decisions, the best, based upon the knowledge and experience you have gained at Galt High. Graduates of T958-you are now your own artisans! You must complete the polishing process! Wwe- MR. LAURENCE LITTLETON Vice-Principal General Business, Band: C.O.P.7 'I936 MRS. A. 0. REED Counselor 1928: A.B. Zami Shorthand, Typing, Dean of Girls: University of California MR. ALLEN B. GRAY Counselor English, Journalism: Sacramento State, 1953: B. A ?acvza!a,f7 MRS. J. HILDER Secretary MRS. A. YOUNG if ' Secretary BOARD OF TRUSTEES A. E. Dambacher, Verne Hoffman Jr., Jim Barber, Gus Gerling, Charles Bellie MARGARET ALDRIDGE JUNE BEEBE English, Speech.Di-amatics, College Typing 1 and 2. Business English, of Pacific, 19g4Q A. B. in 1954, General Bus., English II and III Z, .M, A, in 1956 Stanford University, 1952g M. A. QW' DOUGLAS L. BREIEN Gen. Math, Mech. Draw., P. E. Coach Football, Track College of Pacific, 19515 B. A. General Secondary ANDREW DiGIROLAMO General Science, Algebra, Geometry San Jose State, 19565 B. A. DOROTHEA DIRKS HAROLD FULLER ROBERT HARDING Typing I and II, Bookkeeping, P. E., Dr. Trg., World Hist., Crafts U. S. History, Social Studies Clerical Training, Office Practice Sacramento State College, 19573 A.B. San Jose State, 19523 A. B. Linfield College, 1935, B. A. 1 Q i , I . H, i ly -X' I .. Y K1 J . i A1 , 1 .I '- . , .J 'x J ..J l . . X' l " K . n 'N , 9 X - W. I ri is n n s is - n l -fs GEORGE HEBERT RAYMOND LIPPERT General Math P E.g Band Chorus COP 1956 B Sacramento State College, 1955 Gen Sec Credential HUMEMAKING IS AN! ART K+ j, 4? I " , L' 3, EL-its EALVH EAUT Nl NTERTN mums a QE 2 Q V 1 BOBBIE McLAUGHLlN Homemakmg LSV 19513 B. S NORWOOD MITCHELL DONALD NOTTOLI C1v1cs Famxly L1fe Soclal Studles U S H1St0I'Y P E COP 1950 St2l1f0l'd 1952 M A EUGENIA OLSON A B Enghsh Semor RGVIGW, Student Councll Immaculate Heart College WILLIAM D. OWEN Physics, Chemistry, Photography, Algebra, University of California, 19385 A.B. MARILYN SPOSITO Physical Education, Sacramento State, 19539 A.B. RUFUS H. POSEY THOMAS REYES Vocational Agriculture, University Biology, Applied Scienceg College of California, 1950, M. Ed. of Pacific, 19575 M.A. . ,., BENJAMIN A. SELOVER Wood, Gen. Shop, Carpentryg San JOSe State, 1951g Spec. Sec. VE'-MA WARD Librariang Ohio Westeyan, 19153 B.A. THERESA SILVA Spanish, Stanford, 1937, M.A. rs B.- ss ss ms ,,n E, , . gamggi,-ib aw E.-:gym M .mam H i'iT33'aQ52?i.Z 1 H we SEE Q gf w wigs'--9-BENQ Bin Qin 2 H WEN ww :Ea an E ,.,..:wEg,H .. ,4 ma I -. 'A an -M M '95 iii' JE V ROW .- Airone. LAST ckey ,Mi YO Am rta hy Senner, Albe at m Erman, K s, Ji e Burrow H Charlo gnier. eth D ab uka, Eliz ne lshiz an -Jo ROW RST Fl Sophomore Class President, Frank Jack Grant, F.T.A. President: l'0l'l, Fuller Mary sidentg TB ser, C.S.F. P Ki hnson, Sr. Class Rep.: Rosa Jo Jeanne Sue fi ell sid YE . P Seifert, F,F,A tanley S f, EI1 Presid BH ITI sh Sartini, Fre ck tg Di BI1 sid Ye t Shebulet, Junior Class P en tative: K TESEI1 eP Smith, Block "G" R Olson. rs. Eugenia tgM siden fe G.A.A. P Butterfield ula Pa Yi Presiden League Girls' n Sande, Sharron ntative: S8 fe Rep on, F.H.A. Dr 4-wg KATHY SENNER Vice-President ,A 8 . if , A Y Y X ELIZABETH DENIER Treasurer it' an .5 , 5 066444014 Qan- JIM ERMAN President MICKEY AIRONE Direcior of Building and Grounds CHARLOTTE U BURROWS Secretary ALBERTA AMARO Publicity Manager ANNE ISHIZUKA Sales Manager EMIL ZWEIGLE Head A ZMD' H .Just OMER PENNINGTON ED FREY ARTHUR CHANEY ff si DALE MOZLEY, HARRY ASCHWANDEN, H. E. WILBURN, IVA NELL FOWLER CHARLES FOWLER Head TOM COMSTOC K CLASS ,gui 9 ff GEORGE CORY MARLENE HUETHER RUDY JOHNSON SUE BOTTIMORE President Treasurer Vice-President Secretary RUTH GARCIA Yell Leader MAXINE ALDRIDGE California FBLA, FHA, GAA, Photo Club, Pep Club, Audio Visual, Girls' League so SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JEANNE JOHNSON Yell Leader mx-x 'H ,. smsmxwf- , , , H HE-H an ,. sf? ' W 4 KEN BAUER Oklahoma Pres. of Service Club, Photo Club V.-Pres., Rod and Gun Tres., Bgsketgall, Chess Club, WILLIAM BEAVER Typing War North Dakota Photo Club, Rod and Gun Block "G", Travel Club X EVELYN BERG California FHA, Press Club, Photo Editor of Annual, Galtonian, Girls' 3, Fla F av an it ..' . a n WT? a as Bm 1 gl A 'fbi .-5 H t ass ll ' v 'ff iffy 9' R -if is 1 1 lx L. f f .A xx 1 ,iii WALTER BODE California Service Club, Photo. Club, Tra- vel Club, Science Club, FFA 1 Yr., Chess Club, Boys' Lea- gue, Rod and Gun, Checker Club Champion League, GAA, Pep Club aux WJWPQ SHIRLEY BRADSTREET Texas Girls' League, GAA, FHA, Galtonian Staff CHARLOTTE BURROWS ' Arizona E Warriorette Capt. 2. Yrs., St. Body Sec., Warriorette Rep. to GAA 2 Yrs., Girlsf League, FBLA, CSF, Co-Chairman of Squaw Hop, Chairman Frosh Welcome Dance SUE BOTTIMORE California Rally Committee, GAA, Girls' League Tres., Press Club Sec., Jr. Prom Comm., Bus. Man. of Annual CAROLYN BURTON Oklahoma Girls' League, Photo. Club, Rod and Gun ES' was ' - gifts .1 ala is .:. . E i m. W H ,V .-B . vs , PAULA BUTTERFIELD California Jr. Class Sec., CSF Homecom- ing Queen Cand., FTA 2 Yrs., Sr. Class Homecoming Queen Cand., GAA Pres., Publicity Man. of FHA, St. Council, Girls' League, Soph. Rep. to Girls' League a HOWARD COMBS Texas Jr. V. 2 Yrs., Varsity 2 Yrs., Block "G", Boys' League, Rod and Gun, Pres. Chess Club, V-Pres. of Travel Club, Pep Club, Band 3 Yrs. .5."is'?i! 1 . , - '- xi ,a M, !..,V ,S ,.,. zlz ... , gr.-X,-E Qi- TH . - ap. -' .' i If 3 EB N JN CHARLES CARPENTER North Carolina Travel Club, Science Club, FFA, CSF, Radio Broadcasting, Photo. Club, Audio Visual, Boys' League fum ,. SANDRA CONNER Texas GAA Tres., FHA, Pep Club, Girls Block "G", Girls' League, Galtonian Staff, GAA Pin, Shorthand. Awards, Shorthand Banner. ,,ym, 5- ,. E' f . ,' LINDA CHURCHWELL California GAA, Girls' League, Jr. Class Tres., Band 3 Yrs., FBLA. res. -4 .A5Q GEORGE CORY California Football 2 Yrs., Basketball 3 Yrs., Track 3 Yrs., Sr. Class Pres., Block "G", Dramatics NORA DALE California GAA, Girls' League, Press Club, Travel Club, Spanish Club-Publicity, Editor of Gal- tonian, FTA 4 . ELIZABETH DENIER California Girls' League Recorder of Points, GAA, FBLA, CSF, Bowling, FHA, Homecoming Queen Candidate, St. Body Tres. .,. .. -5,.,,,.,m L , af-J., ima' x I W .. . .. ..U..,, J as 5 +- HOPE DE ALBERTS California GAA, FTA, FHA, Pep Club, Chorus Librarian, Girls' Lea- gue, Travel Club, Photo Club, Chorus, School Librarian "" ' 's:ms"A'E me rgggatasg a Wa-my a Emi was 4 it MARLA DOWDELL California FHA, GAA, GAA Jr. Rep.. Girls' League, GAA Pins, Typ- ing Certificates a - a , mf ,-1 z., it '. JOYCE DELK Oregon Tres. of FHA, Historian of FTA, FHA, FTA, GAA, Press Club, Girls' League 5-2:3 M sewage: um-Eg a aa- ew BEVERLY DUSPIVA Idaho Band 4 Yrs., Girls' League Publicity Man., Asilomar Dele- gate B sw EM .fag JAMES ERMAN California Football, Basketball, Track, Frosh. Class Pres., Soph. Class Pres. CSFX V-Pres., Block "G", Eli Delegate, Oratorical Con- es :ra is xl maasgisgmsssmsaama-ma-flag, E E 'Ri -5 Q s W s M . is s i w as s H1 .- m n H ANGELEAN GEISZLER California Girls' League Asst. Sales Man., GAA Basketball Team, Band, FNA Tres., Girls' Block "G" Sgt. of Arms, FHA fa-eil' MARY FULLERTON California FTA Pres., GAA Sec., Thespian ViPres., Girls' Block "GH Pres., Girls' League, Frosh. Class Sec., Girls Chorus Pres., Lead- ersh1p Confer., GEL Meeting, Student Council, CSF. ,:.:.:- M ,sg .. s sl. ss- V . , M sae s 2 Sass H s H sais sg 1 E . .f-25:-':':s:a:::"?' 2:2 s Q w s s s EEE w- .. Ml' - :Q f s s rw'.f"v" 1.,--1-.. , n ss- ' Y. F. RUTH GARCIA California GAA, Sr. Class Yell Leader, s tu Ui riffs .. :E . ..,.,.,. 5 yi s Ks E 44? F ' :I fig ,,. I ,., ,, CARL GRIBAUDO California Rod and Gun, Boys Cooking, FFA Pep .Club, Girls' League Home- coming Queen TZ.-"" LEONARDX GOLD Colorado Photo. Club, Rod and Gun, Model Airplane Club, Service Club, Boys' League 1 u Lui ' ff, V , i ' 5 , ' ai: GLORIA GRIBAUDO California GAA, Girls' League, FHA PAT HARTSOCK Arkansas Girls' League, GAA, Band. Photo. Club, Music Club, Speech Arts Club 5 Q3 QT ,S CLYDE GRINSTEAD California Rod and Gun Pres., Travel Club Pres., Block "G", Track, Basketball, Baseball, Pep Club, Chess Club, Audio Visual, Boys' League '-s-'Y' RAYMOND HEINRICH South Dakota Football, Baseball, Track, Bas- ketball, Block "G" Pres. GARY HALL California Football, Block "G", Baseball, Track, Frosh Class V-Pres., Soph. Class Pres., Photo Club Pres., Science Club Pres., St. Council, Oratorical Finalists H a ii? it E. GAYLE HENSLEY Idaho Girls' League, Homecoming Program Committee as KV. E? a gags si mal is x a s Z s W . s s W SHARRON HOLLOWAY California GAA, FHA, Pep Club, Girls' League, FBLA, OGA Member- ship Award in Steno 'L , ,. i"' ' W, . ,i..,,W E msn I W , W . M E ...., , sd. W E E -., .g...,.. ' f-as s is Ee s 71 ig! " H 'si V. 2-'i 'VE'-21.5-HH gf --mg-sz , 13 Haus- ,I 15,-,Gs s- ms t :.':1' in . ms s E . . E .: - V mga ' ,sf , a s ll :B Ei ' ,.. Ii ' :Eg ' if I' f'f"'3'1, ' s s as ,I EH '17 - Bw ' '- l . 'rift f - ,. , s , .J ,ff , , s ., .4 .ful .Zi - ,F - at s s E E , , . ski ' Minis?-T I 1' "gv,5,:g'.,. r, 1 ,'i'1'-.1 ', ,- - - " I H I4 "L Kei. , -1 - sk?-' ,I Wx gf w. H gas' sa s H .1 Him' ' u... ' -i' fr ROGER HOUSLEY Iowa JV Football, Photo Club, Rod and Gun, Science Club, Serv- ag-V' ERNEST IMMOOS California Football, Block "G", Rod and Gun, Baseball E-is ice Club, Audio Visual ?1f'ss:'Ef H' s I ' 'M'1"',3 L. " DOLORIA JOHNSON Louisiana GAA, FHA, FNA, YFC, Girls' League HT IW' MARLENE HUETHER South Dakota GAA, FHA, Girls' League, Soph. Class Tres., St. Body' Song Leader, Sr. Class Tres., Editor of Hi-Lights, Jr. Prom Queen Attendant, Jr. Prom Comm., Press Club V. Pres. F.H.A. Queen Cand. for Home- coming JEANNE JOHNSON California GAA, FBLA V.-Pres., Band, Girls' League Frosh, Rep., Sr. Class Rep. to St. Council, Var- sity Yell Leader, Sr. Yell Leader I RUDY JOHNSON California Band, Football, Baseball, Vice Pres. Senior Class, Band Pres. AWN 'Wir TOM KELLEY California V-Pres. of Block "G", FFA Sen- tinal, V-Pres. of Photo Club SCOTT JOHNSON California Football, Baseball, Track, Chr. of Homecoming Sales, Gen. Chairman of Jr. Prom, Block "G", UN Finalist, Chess Club, Photo. Club. -sr f xr' N ROSA MARIE KISER California CSF Pres., St. Council, Jr. Prom Queen, Rally Comm., Jr. Class Yell Leader, Galtonian Staff, FHA, GAA, Sports Man. and Tres., Girls' Block "G", Sec. Girls' League, Girls' State Rep. PEGGY KELLEY New York FTA Historian, FTA Cadet Teacher Chairman, Girls' Lea- gue, GAA, Band, Music Club, Fine Arts Wana PETER HALL California Football Y DAVID LIEBIG California Boys Cooking Sgt. of Arms, Rod.and Gun Sgt. of Arms, Band Sgt. of Arms, Soph. Class Yell Leader, Photo Club, Dance Band, Audio Visual Z' 1 g ' Eff'-1 ROSE LIEBIG California GAA, Girls' League, Pep Club Tres., GAA Soph. Rep. Girls' League Song Leader, Jr. Prom P x x DARLINDA LOTA California FBLA, GAA Volley Ball Team, Photo. Club, GAA Bowling League, Girls' League, War- riorette Man. Queen Attendent PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE TOM MACKEY Oklahoma Block "G", Baseball Football, Basketball, Track, Chess Club Rod and Gun, Thespian Speech Arts, Science Club Photography I 1 u MAX LONG Oklahoma Boys Cooking Tres., Photo Club Pres., Science Club, Rod and Gun, Chess Club, Audio Visual, Fine Arts Club, Boys' League .i""N i 'W' REBEKAH MACHEN Texas Chorus, GAA, Girls' League, FHA ALFRED MAESTRETTI California CSF, Block "G", Audio Visual, Spanish Club, St. Council Dir. of Bldgs. and Ground, Basket- ball. NANCY McFARLAND California FHA Pres., Song Leader, FHA Vice-Pres., Delegate to Asilo- mar, GAA Recorder of Points, FHA, Girls' League L, J 'E AMELIA MATHEWS Nebraska FHA Tres., FTA Scholarship Chairman, FHA Asilomar Del- egate, Girls' League, GAA, Jr. Prom Com., Shorthand Award mimi a M arm JOHN MILBURN California Track, Rod and Gun I W MARIAN MATTICE California Majorette, Band, GAA, FBLA, JV Yell Leader, Girls' League, FFA Queen Cand. for Home- coming, FFA Queen Cand. for Barndance, Bowling Team RUDEN MIZE California GAA, Girls' League, Pep Club Pres., Jr. Prom Comm., Gal- tonian Staff WENDELL MOHR California Photo Club, Science Club, Dramatics, Thespians, Basket- ball, Tennis raw" .assess KEITH O'HARA Missouri FTA, Basketball, CSF, Chess Club, Fine Arts Club ' 'f "-' r ,' 5 V 1 1. Q a S ad 155' PAT MORI California GAA, Girls' League, Pep Club Annual Staff Jr. Prom Comm. Jr. Prom Queen Attendant: FHA, Press Club Flaw awww' DONALD OST California Boys' League, Boys' Cooking, Rod and Gun, Travel Club, Pep Club asa , DORIS NORTON California Girls' League, Oratorical Con- test, Art Editor of Hi-Lights, Art Editor of Galtonian WAYNE PARKER Oklahoma Block "GH, Rod and Gun Pres., Iaep Club, Boys' League, Chess lub GERALD RICHARD SEIFERT California FFA, Boys' Cooking K, ,fa Mi' A rl' 5, ffl' - ,,T,.. ,Q ARNITA RASCHEIN California GAA, FHA, FBLA Sec., Pep Club, Photo Club, Block "G", Co-Chairman of Girls' League Float Comm., Cafeteria Staff V BARBARA PEARSON California CSF, GAA, Girls' League, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, Travel Club LOIS ROPER Arkansas Girls' League, Photo Club, Rod and Gun, Chorus Tres., Cafeteria Staff JANICE PINKHAM California GAA, FHA, Band, FBLA, Jr. Prom Comm., Girls, League, Barn Dance Comm., Hi-Lights Bus. Man. LINDA RONTANI California GAA, Press Club, Girls' Lea- gue, Girls' Block "G", Chess Club, FBLA Pres., Galtonian Staff, Girls' League Float Comm. Chairman 1 I mapa mass za Emma, .. W ,E-.',,,.f -. ..a..,,,,,, ESTER RYLAH Oregon Girls' League mrs .ag ga ggaaegag KATHLEEN SENNER California GAA, St. Body V.-Pres., Girls' League Assistant Sales Man., Jr. Class V.-Pres., Jr. Class Rep. in St. Council, Sr. Rep. in Girls' League, Asilomar Dele- gate in Girls' League, Pep Club Second V.-Pres. S E LW 5 eraaajaaad fi as as v 'K PEGGY SINGH Oklahoma GAA, Girls' League, Copy Ed. of Hi-Lights F .555 ,:,,L,.,.,:,gg,g,lien.: W 'a a - .1 M.. gl,-:ae 3,55 nc-gig a in ggi 'aaa .:. :.:, :.:.-5535-1'LL , -: , ::: a l ' .. F '- V av ,l o f--,, g.ES...r.. f -.' MILO SCHAUER Norfh Dakota Band V.-Pres., Photo Club Pres., Rod and Gun, Spanish Club, Science Club, St. Body Wm? 'il ' SHARRON SANDE North Dakota Girls' League Pres., FHA Tres., GAA Recorder of Points and Sr. Rep., St. Council, Galtonian Staff, FHA Delegate to Asilo- mar, Asilomar Leadership Conf., CSF, FTA, Girls' Block "G" Publicity Man., Future Homemaker of Tomorrow Win- ner Photographer, Annual Photo- grapher, Varsity Manager FRANK SMITH California Basketball, Track, Block "G" See. and Tres., St. Council, Spanish Club, FTA, CSF, Au- dio Visual 161-'T ' QKTE S ' "nlBSa'J"fq swam ,-gf: Emgigzssma WF-if. awww s-as ' Nh' SONYA STANCIL California GAA, Pep Club, Girls' League V.-Pres., Jr. Class Yell Leader, Jr. Prom Comm. JACQUELYN SPARKS California GAA, FHA, CSF, FBLA, Pep Club, Girls' League Tres., Chorus Q , I. If , 'L ' f- -, ' , gn 1 5. it ' Ogg-I 4 ,Ha ,dbz Sl?-1 A ROBERT THOMPSON California Bascketball, Fine Arts, Boys' League BEVERLY TEMPLETON Indiana GAA, FTA, Music Club, Band, Fine Arts, Girls' League, Bowl- mg GAA, Tres., Song FTA I Pres. 'aa Sana amass amass sau:- an a a -wa LONA STEELE California Photo Club, Travel Club Pep Club, Girls' League Leader, Frosh. Sec. to Cafeteria Staff, Chorus and St. Leader LARRY TIMMONS Oklahoma Football, Baseball, Track, FFA, Block "G", Rod and Gun i?l'vw-sfi., , DON WALKER Oklahoma Football, Boys' Cooking Sec., Science Club, Photo Club, St. Photographer, Annual Staff, Galtonian Staff ARVARD WINTERROWD California FTA Tres., FFA Reporter ,P-?w?'igif.l CARROLL WEBER California Boys' Cooking, Chess Club, Photo Club, Rod and Gun, Au- dio Visual, Boys' League, Tra- vel Club . ..,.,,,,,, E ,, , A -. .. j .,:n .:.-:.: E an ' - 4 I 1 t Q,,g,m W mms x 1 A ja ui' li DONALD YOUNG California Football 1 Yr., Photography JEAN WEINRICH North Dakota FTA Sec. and V.-Pres., Girls' League, GAA, Band, Music Club, Fine Arts EDWIN RALPH STEELE California Pres. Rod and Gun, Track, Sec.-Tres., Boys' Cooking, FFA, Football CLASS ,f11""'-" -l- -M A, MI-Q,j!frgI,,f. In V ' W-,mf -f N CARL BONAR Vice-President P1 e P 'I 'We 'Ile P5,e22,,x"' UNIOR CLASS orncens ff,,f,uf1-f,,,ss f V .5 ,..., f if I : I E W 'vsgifirr ,I KENT SHEBELUT Presidenf JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW Lena Archulefa Ellen Behm Jerlen Brodehl, Alberta Amaro Carol Bradsfreef Joyce Cooper Shirley Azvedo SECOND ROW Stanley Bode, Shirley Adams, Judy Beffencourt Judy Arlln Carol Both more Betty Cowley THIRD ROW Charles Compton, Jim Bates Phll Brockelf Jlm Barber Carl Bonar -IIN 1" 77 . 'H - 0 fa. , . muffin. ' .. - ' ' W? .Jw 'Vi n fv .Y i . xx 4 , . ., L ' ' . ': ' "" 'H " P N V ao: 'e-L. 'Lf' ri ' ' QQ, "":'1..4gk. 1.14 'LII I' 1 'ig' 'N , iii' NI- Q 'L g , :.,. 5 U s I X 0 f'L.-., RQ X -M, . Inf L. 'Af 'S 'ig 4. .Q FJ?-t - ' ' rf, W ' 1 X5 .V ,. ' 11 , ' f- "' '1 ,G - . ,N fi we ,f ' , ami: I' 'S .I is 'N 5. -A Aw N . -f " A1 I k m 6 ,AH D in . KJ?- Q EU 'fi ' :., , , -1 - -4 r ' Q A 'X' . ' rs 4 P Q: K" , m we' A ' su '5 3 3 - i . , .N V l xg. Y' 3.4 X tvifu in MA U M. in -1'3" 1' T: ' A .K Ag' ' . Q, .. - A A... Zi, I , 4 .A 1 'Lax f X, fl Z 5 N an n 4 X ai V ha , , ml N - if g2..W54'2:.ig.:L41f A , ,ff4-gs1xQefw,fsfaf?:xgsQQiZ.ss1114f4. r, . . A fi'-9: , f' ' 'La If . .-'SLU ' El' ,xg I ,W 1 ,fi '. 'si F. :,. Y .-. wx .f'i:" - -1-53!vWJ', ly . 4 A ' 1- 1 '-' -fp ,JE . ff ,, . ' ,- . " ' . J" 1 N 1, ' 4 .3 ,- . . -1 I. , U o I , -' 5 , M- k- . 1- . f . .f.: 9 A A: 'Y P I N 1 K X U . 7:-T-1 . N Xlf Q . xx .- -, Q -. T 3 4 7 f fl g. X if . . ' . W WE . Q 1 - 'mF'w-:34- x 1 N,,,,...,.I.: L, , Q:-if dx .5-.nag f' X 'N ., f ,' , g,. 'F ' ua: ji 71,3514 x 1 ?"' 1 wuvf-A f X, 'i'-'pq-zvp, :H -as , -, 'W fi, N :" 7 b K .:. - 1 N mf-+ , u . I. . .- N Q. V ,. ' L sw '-7? -,sg . -' 1 N , '?i1rg9,k ' S g wg " W 1 . ' IC T5 . -W ,, f - , . -1 . 1 , X - r -. , 1 - , ' L- , 1 A . -lf.-fx , ""m' "'ff'! - X . 'U A .f 4 in - AA 3 lx t Aw, " - I 4L .U YI' v ."s5s:iE.' A 4 v , H ' : 2212231 . 'H QQEQEE: pg X 1 K - x 1 ::- - 1 1- lk. if A . . 1' i 4 ' ' 5 ' ? A G : : K X , 3 'iff' N S A " f ,N " ,I . Q. Q. Fi -A-ff fi? X X. L - Q K" . M A" 3 4 Z MX, f A l .iff Q-gr' X V . -fag ,, ' ' . ' -22" in JA' 1 ' ' 'I 2' Nl 53' X I T-flfig"fQf,':.Yg ' , 1. 11 1 ng , ' ' 5, 5:1 Eff 5-ff'f-"1 Wsl. :ww ws fy, i W 'f' 1? .5 'W' .. 'K' .mi .' ff' .., W,.- ., 'Mft . - Q h ,.. 4. -sw iliyfaf- 1 ,2- N ' 1 " F ' -" '1 ,ff 'K' -W N . 251. 7 "saw A V 1 A L,,igQ,g,.-gum, 1 11"::s!f2'3Z3i ' I - 4 7 - I, 4 gd: ,wx gf, Q' - "' ii th . . , K I , ' wf..-gf . WJ.-'fw. "1--af' ,MA 'Y-I:f.11.,-,.' X i'.'ff-aw,Qff'?5H?3a2.g,:'gig -- ,ffgfsfiivg , .fifgiygim 'Eff' - ,A , -A fm, A 1 5: Tigfzswlxi-x:1'fif'vEs:1l?-..'u9s'Vs:g-5 - . . .Iam --V : .M " CLASS fN .-wg-f 'IS I I X, S . JACK GANT fe rr-f I . V President 'II If sf-9' , vilovx isnt YZ? 'VID Ii by " :': Sow- 160- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Lowe? ,.,- - fa' rr 0 "1 I .-1 ' : : : : ' or S 5 fa ,,, X- I ' S14 xi x iii? ,, .I ,. CAROLYN BURROWS RONALD LENCI ANNIE MARTIN Secretary Vice-President Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: Doug Bacigalupi, Marlene Cinquini, Betty Adam, Louise Anderson, Glenda Foley, Norma Beach, Bill Combs. SECOND ROW: Richard Bradley, Violet Denier, Jane Dickison, Caroline Dale, Wanda Faulkner, Carolyn Burrows, Gerald Butterfield, Hugh Clubb. THIRD ROW: David Burton, Tom Cannon, Harold Cochran, Bill Blevins, Arvid Behm, Bob Barber, Bill Rafferty. nr P L x 1 ,J 1 wal! Q N A., Q nf Q ,u-95' 30355 ,ff if ' . L Q .K-,H Y Q 1 1 x -mu .. P , , '55 wwf," .iw.. if r , 'ff rf k .H 2 Q ., 1 JL, 5' 6' mnhi. H5 ' . if X W . -.- Y . Y ' f Q-If U K X Y ,LW ..h-.J f . :E . sf .A ,W ,g qtggdbal -. I 'FN tg Hr .'-rx ,Qi H.v5.if:,2-1.?" 4 in 'N Q , wx. Q W-3.349-,E-f'w3-5,-ff: LA , ' '. 4 - 1 -s RA I ,QW ,K 4. Y- in . Q.. . ,H r, .1 few W "-Hfgwliavkgf ,2 2-.sdgfgggg 1 'fs A-- 4341 1 11 -..,,.'A. ,' ,A,fjfV755 ..-.,-,4.-v,- 1..u.,Q??fQ pm. hw. 'S-df. K 53 Q .. ,Q " 4 ww I V z J' 'V LP' ' ,. ww .iff Asw- .',,. , .:':-.X .Q Wi f-m'f'2'.- ,,:- ., x """W' ' I Q- wsu? .,--1, 1. ,V ,-.1 f 11 , ,. Fw k, , -W -fa J wg - . yy' -1 --v. 4- Q., .. I J G .. ,., . I . In ng- M f , "'?'3V - .A . M4 , -1 apt' ' - be -Q s 5: si ' ' "EP ,. - M 1 u-5-Fifa, J.. , ' - ,germ .Q 145-1-.f ' if 2 1 . xl ifkfy l Q . 4 4? ' 1 x 5.1 x , w Q , xx , -N 4, X - A V lx -wx , he - 'QS ."' x 1 I 45 I 'UNL 57?' w' H.: 'G N f ' ' - ' ". " QQ ' - ' ff, pn . Q J i gp- ,, .. . i K- . ,l xr I "' W, ' f W sm- - X--. - 5--.., --ff. . ""j , "' W' if YV ' J hi-:M . -Agp -1. - I ' 'Z o 0 Ji 'WL A, 0 -..:'.iiZi5' rd' ' 2'i3f'ff:r'- .Y Q ' ' s :'1'. J ' f 5 fakafeif' N my ' W V ' ,fn vw- ,H-K r - Civ.-aim-. ff ' Q'fz,1v.xig.u -12.a'fgW!NX Q ' ' -- r, . 'Eff-QQ--pf1"f' , 1.11 'XXX-'.yX XJ-:W 2: I: , "5L3':E .' . -',- -9 -. 'pf-' V- ,., ., -' ,,- -. H mfavzem :Q :' ' '.gi:1:v-,M-f..Qb.'xi?:,g ,"vf2'v?'gi: ff :wif '- ',:P.'v.5g.-'.',f.Rf'-225:15 -' ""' ' Q .f ' , g.g.- f . 5' :'l ."'f5" . . . ., . .. -, W an is ,f ., 1 - - - 1. , -- . ,, rf ' W" 'Nw "'1"' K 'AMF .,. . .. . -4 fs - . A , 1' fW 2 if .. l ,V . ,if 1W?QSSQSQLFQP-2,ff.w,f' 1 1f? -Rza.:-jg.. . g D uw, fl Wig.: - : 4.2 55ggy?jQQ!2fg3fJA-'23 5 w, Fi, g:5'x?!f.5i iJ'3L-..Qig!ei',igTA J'f'2,.f?,fv:x.ilW,L.,, ,.'.1!?5:Qi?MNx3y::0 h.l.,L-,gflqlk-5 H 3'f"1 , ' H . ,wg ,Lm,'y,, :V -3"-" .- ' f, '::-,-,1d,4'...',.:' ff, C J,-'L ' -I " - ' ,- .1 fx W Y. ,, ', N' "':ff- H. ' JA H- 1fff'.'-f E. ."' P'1'l'-?i'?1zfisEL-2'Lf.ig1.J 2"39. .J-, a.:Q, ..1B-.?fi2Lgwxi.1'5 . ' -'lr v -N ' ' -.-aw -. '4"'1'..x?,5' a -1 ,A--1-L-1 an -2.23-1 U GLASS SYN ,fa , f'-we jfjflm, , -, I Ik BW S 'I ' It .' Q'-15' , . ,V Q f. I IJ : I V A ie Ay: eaa , '-Q U . ' MYRNA MILLER X, 4 Us e 3 Yell Leader f N :- I 'NUI ,vw DON .I If I 05P'x V. 241, , 01 1 .I - , 0 1 XGYIPSQSIAQ ce'pre:l,r7'5l? f V' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS '0'e,,, 0 PAMELA GRUNDY Secreiary L JI I as -wiv ROMILDA RAUSSER Yell Leader FRESHMAN CLASS f ,a-Q. L- SANDRA JARDINE Treasurer FIRST ROW: Faye Bowles, Fred Boffimore, Glenn Brooks, Harold Bowles, Mark Bausch, Richard Beftencourf Gary Baker, Pafiy Barber. SECOND ROW: Kit Arlin. Linda Cole, Earlene Barrick, Sandra Butterfield Joy Casado, Elaine Casfillonas, Barbara Barneif, James Coker. THIRD ROW: Linda Billick, Alfine Behm Janice Alderson, Virginia Bohr, Deanna Caiibo. ,V 5 1 . ' nv fl 'A 1'-Isle, Y .fn , o c A Q in i ' ' gli v vt i I x . .,- 42 W , ,, 5 X W .. . f an , , f ffTa'+9ga if 1 23 2 . q' -T l x A , V , .ri 'Ami - " T 1' .' 4 .. X. 5,2 i 5 glzlfg 4 P iii K 571'L-.rzlfag 514' 4, ' i ff? 1 f B . , 714, Y MQW' ' JU r 'Q' 6-1 I 5. 1 9 J' 1 fr, - kb un. ,. W , -f ' 'rw a 1 a'.' .,.' L-.' by 5-.V,. . P gif-1.1 ,H-.' hav. .r , .1-1 fry' ai. 5 , A .,,4. 1' F iv A AA! V1 X Qff D Yr - - 1 R 7 ' 1, 1 vp 5 b Q 1 . 1, -Q .fyjgic 'J A-'1 5- M.,1f. .f-24-fvwxrw, . . , ' t V 'A lv X I ,f,Liq5u1g-lg ,f 51',j.:QQf A if f If Ny, 5.5.15 'X . ' :W 1, V xv-'yd 4 , ' 'ggi' 4 F mm W 4 f ,Jiffy in :' A I N , ,M XC? f v.1Siw5f!?25'.-.f.:'f'ffK3'1"3ii ' ' WY! ' 'i y X 2 ': 1 "ZA "z:'Q?Zi-.iikf gf?" X - M K 'ii HFS' J' .. Aw- -'ws dia-1. ,Q-I . 1 v, 'SH , fs I I ' W' . Q. 21 45"-" r ls.: .Qu 1. aff , F M y W Y I .. . x at ' ,-4. -: , ss- 1A V4 . LA .xf+.,. . K - I J , 1 ' 4 ,Q l ' an 1,5 b . F! -" vszgzu' in . ' . ' I ' 1 , 1 x j I 'ip 1 5 'R -fr r 1 J' A E Q 'Y ,il t L ! I I A .RSS AL. xr, gy ' 'F' mg I us at X7 Maia Q Q 'gf Q I Sz i 5 R 5 Q rn4 E r 5 Q v I H! ' . , Kiwi -::.:.-g5::. 1.5 ' ti N :.: W I ,-,-v ,Q ,,. , ,. . .:. N - ,, 4 .,., S, ,1..-. ,',' -. " 5 - '-."z. v. --X' gif: '. , 1 .3111 U' f 1 ' Q ni '.,iGi -I+ - E F Lg, tm 4? Q, .Q fb ' AE if N ' ,,., Ax x, 365 if 1525 fi sw' if N l iff A 'R' ' ' is A' -E iw if ., ,,, ks V! . X.. A W. M? F5 6 H, 4 . l 'IWW- wf . xg L' T? 'mf' - E i lx' 4 , ' -"i.,':,,... X 00 0RGhNzzAfzous if fqafmkt If 4 -lt 115 if ,H 4 fffrgfflf g F.H.A. OFFICERS Sue Reid, Joyce Delk, Marie Wolff, Darlene Pearson, Alice Kiser NANCY MCFARLAND MRS- MC'-AUGHI-'N Presidenf AdV'59" E ,-1 LOREN PERRY, STANLEY BODE, JIM BARBER, KENT SHEBULET F. F. A. OFFICERS if as R433 ,sm-W Lawn STANLEY SEIFERT ' MR. POSEY President Advisor FIRST ROW: Ted Wilkerson, Charles Goodwin, Don Perry, Lewis Marty, George Pacheco, LeRoy Gribaudo, Ronnie Lenci, Gordon Rausser, Richard Hardesty, James Coker, James Wilder. SECOND ROW: Bill Blevins, Mike Kenefick, Charles Compton, Ronnie Drake, Stanley Seifert, Nick Peart, Gary Berreth, Stanley Bode, Larry Timmons. THIRD ROW: Floyd Bechthold, LuVerne Schnaible, Jim Barber, Tommy Dozier, Kenny Wageman, Kent Shebulet, Loren Perry, Dennis Windsor, Duane Wehunt, Mr. Posey, Advisor. 'CMT FIRST ROW Pauline Schultz Janice Timmons Karen Grenz Stella Starkey, Shelba Pruett, Alberta Amaro Mary Ratola Jean Welnrnch Judy Bettencourt Edwuna Schmler Sandra Jardine. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Burrows Judy Arlln Darlene Pearson Nancy Goldsmith Ellen Behm, Viola Wheeler, Violet Denier, Judy Anderson THIRD ROW Jack Gant Paula Butterfield Altme Behm Sharron Stiehr, Alice Kiser, Mary I4 1 CADET TEACHERS FIRST ROW: Jean Weinrich, Shelba Pruett, Peggy Kelley, Judy Arlin, Judy Bettencourt. SECOND ROW: Alberta Amaro, Mary Fullerton, Judy Henson, Sharron Sande, Joyce Delk, Allen Behm. THIRD ROW: Frank Smith, Nancy McFarland, Dennis Sartini, Keith O'Hara, Jack Jen- kins, Beverly Templeton, Mary Steiner. .3 A 14' FIRST ROW: Carolyn Weber, Jackie Sparks, Rasheeda Farhaf, Lena Archulefa, Darlinda Lola, Maxine Aldridge, Lorraine Simmerman, Marian Matlice, Jeanne Johnson. SECOND ROW: Joyce Cooper, Vir- ginia Erich, Sharron Holloway, Linda Churchwell, Advisor Mrs. Dirks, Linda Rontani, Arnifa Raschein, Elizabeth Denier, Marlene Cinquini. W4 v Z 1 FIRST ROW: Kenny Weber, Melvin Schmierer, Ray Heinrich, Don Walker. SECOND ROW: Carl Gribaudo, Max Long, Leroy Gribaudo, Norman Taunton, Philip Brockef, Bill Sarfini, George Dambacker, Richard Bradly, Melvin Bacigalupi. FIRST ROW: Officers: Pat Nevin, Amy Koyama, Angie Andrade, Serena Lum Mr. Reyes, Advisor. if 'Msg jg 'Ib- K B E ss 'Y ss H W S8 E g, H .Q H H B E E E iw H M E w E was E Im nl T we EB. E E E H H , E H E H an ss ss ss ss m ss ss sm sa' um k Hg wa- mg H mm H gg H T53 :SE gms Sharron Fernan is mn UE OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Angelean Geiszler, Jeanne Nelson, Sonya Sfancil, Kathy Senner, Elizabeth Denier. SECOND ROW: dez, Shelba Prueff, Linda Ronfani, Sue Boffimore, Carol Van Vlief, ofo. GIRLS' LEAGUE MEMBERS rum?-Ei? l f?- -fi' Q"'1'fq Fz Qf'7?"?'Y ' .. H H V H 'af .W .I ig .... ,I me ' f" fl ' . ' -rx.-M :T-1 .. . SW -me H we M .. 1 - ww HM M fp EE. , , - ws. mamma 55551.53 Q. gjisjga Hasan gf I. Em as B B H K- ' , ma E Q E H B H . . H M E E E H sgmwgf 53 E is Swwgn-F: H E E H H H ' a mms Q-M Hmmm K an E K a as , ,gr 'gin --Ml H n w na n wa mn lLeff to rightl: Barbara Pearson, Wendall Mohr, Mary Fullerton mmaldce ,ll mow i 5 . ly ii? ll I N1 23,4 fiiflf ,gl 1 a 1 . FIRST ROW: Barbara Pearson, Doloria Johnson, Jeanne Nelson, Lola Plumlee, Lona Steele, Marla Dowdell, Mary Fullerton. SECOND ROW: Judy Henson, Shelba Pruefl, George Cory, Ray Heinrich, Peler Hall, Bob Matranga, Clyde Grinstead, Mary Steiner, Anna Gerling, Oreafus McQuilliams I 5- I' I V B FIRST ROW: Karen Grenz, Rasheeda Farhat, Barbara Rochester, Charlotte Burrows, Sharron Sande, Mary Fullerton, Shelba Pruett, Rosa Kiser, Joann lshizuka. SECOND ROW: Judy Henson, Mickey Airone, Jim Erman, Keith O'Hara, Carl Bonar, Arlene Woehl, Mr. Owen, Advisor I I I : 1 nl SECOND SEMESTER fc:- 325952 WW FIRST ROW: Alyce Denier, Mary Fullerton, Shelba Pruett, Judy Henson, Carolyn Burrows, Annie Martin, Joanne Ishizuka, Carolyn Dale. SECOND ROW: Barbara Pearson, Charlotte Burrows, Sandra Butterfield, Rasheeda Farhat, Judy Engel, Janet Miller, Sue Reid. THIRD ROW: Sharron Sande, Arlene Woehl, Mickey Airone, Carl Bonar, Jim Erman, Glenda Foley, Mr. William Owen, Advisor 614.14 A JIU FIRST ROW: Shirley Adams, Kathy Senner, Nancy McFarland, Shirley Azevedo, Lela Hafchell. SECOND ROW: Shirley Hafchell, Kathy Sharp, Marian Mattice, Amy Koyama, Elizabeth Denier, Pat Harfsock, Carol Boftimore. THIRD ROW: Sarah Grammer, Judy Engel, Wanda Faulkner, Sue Mollering, Judy Hensel. FOUR ROW: Marlene Cinquini, Lola Plumlee, Donna Marrioif, Sharon Fernandez. FIFTH ROW: Shelba Prueff, Miss Sposifo, Advisor, Judy Henson, Azalee Hale. I The girls in acfion Why are sisters so slow? Thaf Shirley! "WeII, fha? was close-anyway! THE OFFICERS THIS YEAR ARE: Angie Andrade, President Kathy Senner, Secretary Nancy McFarland, Secretary Amy Koyama, Treasurer Miss Sposifo, Advisor 1 2nd Place Team-"Pin Queen' Darlinda Lola-High Average Marlene Cinquini-High Game Shelba Pruett-High Series Lela Hatchell-Sweepstakes Q.,-14' FIRST ROW: Miss Marilyn Sposito, Advisor, Mary Fullerton, Paula Butterfield, Nancy McFarland, Shar ron Sande, Mary Steiner. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Burrows, Sandra Jardine, Judy Bettencourt, Anna Marie Gerling, Ronica Rausser, Charlotte Burrows, Rosa Kiser, Sandra Conner ' 'aww FIRST ROW: Nancy McFarland, Mary Fullerton, Linda Rontani, Sandra Conner. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Denier, Sharron Sande, Rose Liebig, Arnita Raschein, Pat Nevin, Kathy Senner. THIRD ROW: Rosa Kiser, Charlotte Burrows, Judy Bettencourt, Shelba Pruett, Paula Butterfield. FOURTH ROW: Angelean Geiszler, Mary Steiner, Rasheeda Farhat. lf' ge. wp.-,,.4-S"- " - Qffffwjgir a R Q 1, - if a n A e E'si 1s':i? PAULA BUTTERFIELD President GAA gm 2 ,, ,k-,1fqf,- - - f at B ,. ,, 11 il SH H iwgwm- -N 7-meme? -' .-.WH L H a FIRST ROW: Jim Bates Howard Combs, George Cory, Clyde Grinstead. SECOND ROW: Gary Hall, Jim Erman, Ray Heinrich, Frank Smith, Jack Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Wayne Parker, Jim Barber, Larry Timmons, Robert Thurman, Stan Seifert, Aaron Hawker, Scott Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Kent Shebulet, Herb Wither- spoon. Wwe lLeft to Rightl Frank Smith, Tom Kelly, Ray Heinrich, Rudy Johnson, Howard Combs 'Ear FIRST ROW: Marilyn Fox, Margaret Gerling, Viola Wheeler, Violet Denier, Judy Kidd, Stella Starkey, Carol Bradstreet, Mary Steiner, Anna Gerling, Arlene Woehl, Joanne lshizuka, Barbara Theissen. SECOND ROW: Ronald Arrantz, Sandra Butterfield, Kathy Sharp, Donna Marriott, Sue Mollring, Joyce Dozier, Alyce Denier, Linda Zeeb, Judy Engel, Lynnette McKenzie, Sharron Stiehr, Serena Lum. THIRD ROW: Gary Warddrip, Bob Barber, Gary Baker, Janice Ruth, Virginia, Bohr, Judy Anderson, Sharron Reich, Romilda Rausser, Janice Timmons, Sharron Steiner Nancy Tipling, Jackie Sessigns. FOURTH ROW: Bill Fernandez, Norman Main, George Schlotthauer, Nancy Goldsmith, Carolyn Burrows, Joy Listini, Sandra Jardine, Lynette Mc- Water, Miss Silva, Advisor: Mary Ratola, Mickey Airone, Jack Jenkins, Jessie Samson. 0 OFFICERS 1 Q-J, ,,..-, Z J J ai J. I 7" MM, .L - - ' :Q x 2 - w,zfj1?f ,. " Q A , ' ' we ' H of f - V J ff ' I fl ', ' J C J .:, 1 ..., , J ifa egt it is Q V, fi! 1 W FIRST ROW: Joanne lshizuka, Anna Marie Gerling, Carolyn Burrows, Mary Ratola. SECOND ROW: Nora Dale, Frank Smith, Nancy Gold- smith. r rf AW ff K I J 1. L l - , , 7? kms: 2 -4 'YP nz B 9,15 . 2:1 N! 'V ' -AQ. ,1 ' .K VH L Mn, Q rf-if V , w , .Q xx Wa iw 3 QF' W, O 4, ,w -QF'-NW -4.,ues,Mwp... . .-, ..Jn,,..W . L , .,....,.s if-Q-.QJQL -mmm.-fd-N' -dvyliw w"!k . -w N Mr. LITTLETON 5 rr ' " Q' " Director I .- J.--.-1'--, 4 ..-ww ' .--.2W,.--fr 2 Q . ,- ., Q 4 9 .A A", an v if ...Mi f Q 'Saw S .f MR. LIPPERT Asst. Director A . 11 M51iQQg.5iQgQi?-Siiikzrlkj-'P'-A' -. R ':f..f,,LgfPa ' Q, , O mmm wrf' f Rf 6" A ut? w 21 ,. sm -f'r mv' . ,v .rrih , :will DON MOORE Drum Maior ' ELPH! if ijim .311 ,4 . 5, N1 w-An-..-Nwtbaa V .15 as mu-nuipidl Aa-han-.L --un .inn s-P' "W 'Hi SHARRON FERNANDEZ AMY KOYAMA XC Ie awe "' ' "4,,,,e BAND OFFICERS Rudy Johnson, President: Linda Churchwell, David Liebig, Beverly Duspiva, Milo Schauer 415RM4 mesa ,. fgrnrg. av f 167, u I A: ' .' A922 V CHARLOTTE BURROWS Captain SHIRLEY AZVEDO Assistant Captain - f MISS MARILYN SPOSTIO Advisor FIRST ROW: Lynette McKenzie, Edwina Schmierer, Judy Arlin, Deanna Calibo, Lena Archuleta, Charlotte Burrows, Captain, Shirley HatcheII,.CaroI Van Vliet, Jo Ann Lewallen, Andrellita Zavala, Irene Sanchez. SECOND ROW: Lola Plumlee, Marlene Cinquini, Susan Mollering, Bet-ty Young, Shirley Azvedo, Assistant Captain: Joy Lisfini, Linda Zeeb, Lela Hatchell, Katheleen Kelley, Louise Anderson, Carolyn Weber. W W A nay? .V- E ...r. ,rw- L. K 7:9- 3 E 5212 'fi 2 you n K4 H m ,Z 1 K K ie- K2 V2 .ww wwf'-I E H ,....-P -.- n a a mn V 3531:-:.. Y-: f M .4 'L W, T e Q ur ' 'ff wg 155 I T L qi' ' 555.45 f L- , r' L , -JI-T+LAJf:.A..ta r -- ' 3, 5' 31 2 E Ai 'rn in xi! ' J.. 19 - lm I A . l 53:-R f , X gjjwjg g K . yi,-17. 1. 'Ffa f A " - it if - f- ' " J If 4 ' ' ix T? FRONT ROW: Joanne lshizuka, Marlene Huether, Pat Mori, Shirley Brad- street, Alberta Amaro, Barbara Theissen. BACK ROW: Sue Bottimore, Linda Rontani, Joyce Delk, Nora Dale, Alice Kiser, Evelyn Berg, Carol Bradstreet, Arlene Woehl, Mr. Gray, Advisor. panda t Miss Hat, Advisor, Kathy Senner, Ruden Mize, Rose Liebig, Ruth Garcia. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Haddox, Macario Oyog, Ken Weber, Andrellita Zavala Edwina Schmier, Pauline Schulze, Irene Sanchez, Linda Cole, Joyce Hatch Jeanne Weinrich, Charles Weisner. SECOND ROW: Mike Lopez, Mark Bausch Pete Girard, Keith O'Hara, Pamela Grundy, Kathy Kelley, Frances Marks Harold Hausauer, Jean lrland, Linda Billick, Annette Campbell. We-V Jawa l S l I MARLENE HUETHER MR, GRAY Edifvl' Advisor ln w +9 Eli L X191 mall NNI 1 E5 Tom Kelley Don Walker 1 ? ll 'ri lf 5 HFS? 53 Sue Boltimore Evelyn Berg Pat Mori Judy Arlin Margaret Gerling Alberta Amaro El? Q e r we . I. H A-A A mn-,H ,f?:,5 : Ll ...i1.... -7.- . Y H- Y Sandra Conner I ' I T! Shirley Bradstreet I., II I ' If I II' Ig II I I I II I I I I NoREI:n5:LE Linda Ronfani I I Ii II IUIII I I I :'I 'II I ,Ii I II I-I ak R058 Kiiel' Sharron Sande ' I I ss Ruden Min Carol Bradstreet Barbara Theissen Joanne lshizuka Rliheeda Farhaf I 4--AA FIRST ROW lleft to rightl: Frances Ortega, Mary Ashley, Carolyn Burton, Jean Morelli, Charlene Potter, Lillian Saguindel. SECOND ROW: Doloria Johnson, Pat McBride, Wanda White, Pat Brosso, Ruby Potter. THIRD ROW: Shirley Hatchell, Raynette Steele, Beckie Machen, Wanda Knecht, Thelma Harrison, Brenda Minner. FOURTH ROW: Hope DeAlberts, Joyce Flory, Virginia Wageman, Lona Steele, Sheela Gaydon. OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Hope DeAIberts, Shirley Hatchell, Jean Morelli SECOND ROW: Raynette Steele, Lona Steele, President, Wanda White C S L Kent Shebeluf crowning Queen Ruth Garcia . 74... if i an LQ . 4 y .NF ll! 4 , A A ix. ",.' A r - 1 . i rx, ,i .K -4 V X ,nun A' f . Queen Rufh Garcia and Atfendanfs Judy Beffencourf, Virginia Erich, Shelba Pruett, Marlene Cinquini I . 1 I 1 5 Vs L ,bb . E an Fr .um Q Q 25592 M. ,sz M, Q I Y Nb 32-f? ' " ,I 3 WY ' 7: E r 'EIT '- , a' vu rf 6 I- ' 1, 1 L . .n I , A .N 7 7 R- 1 T. - 1 A , 3: Q "diff ' ' ,. ' PM fn 4 W ,rf , I , ' I xx- 5. 3 0 H ' ' 9. . M . '-4074, .- -, , L V' . In-be A-"""'t -..- :r 'llll n- l 5 mefmwf 'Y .1 F -L-L31 1 1-i-1' - 'F Il ll Y , 77:4 11i' ,IIIIY I VW X V 1 ,r ' lFm 1 ,lI 1" rr' W ,IU A s gs ,KE Qs 5, :IN ,M fi!! mi ?W??f?f3f Qi? 2- , a jv ,H we .i. X, A "Hyip wgi, Q. 'wr X fl-Q "1 I, . - w 1 , W , LX Q ,Q '.v. UFS? ,N Wggil, iw M I ll II 'IIN rx I orcv -'Nu fm L:'.'Ezz!--?g 1" ' ig nail 151 ,N uv Wfmwf. -wwsf ,N M. tim n mn ,Ah f. 'Bai ,, .gyms A' ,H nu s wk ff X11 'v 'V 2 1 5A .2 R 1 v , 1 X Ku Y W A , A X f A MEA gm xi B' r fe, 'a ff Q 'lt Q '65 -ff! EY Slwq' 55' Exim mn ms a K was-,f gm N Q , W . wk W is Y- Q ' X - Q Xa, I XV. xi V g ' . -,W 1 fi, I H mf " 'Q ow 1' Yu ' "ff, mf ' .-, A546 iw!! '-2 'Q aff, - L H" swf H 1 'ffl ft f Y 2 ' s-4 - f -5-...- ,W , Q am, 3 I Il 9 a T15 F , uri 13,3 5 vvfar., J , 1 SS V Q A . 1 vi ' m Q 'Ei' - ' ' ' W ::,.:. ,zzz , H W Www 'N H h Eff FI . 'I' I 5: 32 mgrsiiaii B' , . " ' Sissy i V t iz- EJ.: am .:.: ' .Wi 'wmif y-. 1 wg in HA, X - - :.: ,wr H V we 3 X i, fs A -Q gg 1 F t , , lQ:kLmW fwmgf M 3 W Y sas -Tw , ' V- ' -' 5 211 mv I ' . -0 , - sl ,-:az Igasiisi " . I 3 ' 'E -if ,,. ff, A W H Zi, M 5 V11 ,, zz- iz, zz, 1. .fs-Q-25 F Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Lona Steele Lois Roper, Mrs. Ruth Dimming Ellen Behm, Arnifa Raschein, Alfine Behm CASHIERS Joyce Delk, Linda Rontani DISH WASHERS Stanley Bode, Tom Cannon Glenn Howard COOKS Mrs. Ruth Dimming, Mrs. Ruth Johnson Loafing at lunch Hurry! You'II be late for class Pose, pretty Sue That good "ole" senior bench Working hard girls? Yeal another touchdown ,nw 'nigh QS? Q o.,,,, f Drag-gfice f Og ha , cyyoox b rd girls Hof me 5 ,. . , 9 wawm V Anivousw End of another day f-an xL"""'PNLL... V Whlf l WY' Look at that face, Tom K Smile pretty boys! 1 Wx I I i I 1" .1 I A S 's K4 3 ififaaffz J, ' 1' Q '4 .V ef ,WWA 2 J. K - M s B i W 3 ii-5,513 ,fi iff. 'N X Vw PM ' Q Q31 . Q 5 if-in 'X H 5 gf, N fag si it' ,f Qin-1, 1: 'fy sf' - H SQ E lia U, RWM X Wgej., amiga ps ST K, ftgggnl sd 1 fs" 5 K- 3,555 Q K E:5,S,g?wq za- K as wi' E l5"??1'f Rik N , gag 'gm I . un? 'Q . E -19-awww -mx. . y-amzg-A 33. ,K Wg H 1525252 as W mg 1 nzgggwg z My 1 255 2. 5, v gsm' za, M f .ff.,s,,.. fl K -Timqtf K f MQW! 'f L if pa iw, ,: ggi wg: ai? ml? gy, Q55 if .Q ff M , Qs, gm' 5535 12 ggi Wg .R 5, -V 5? uf' fig: 1.4511 1 -if Mya gl "'.-...1.'-+.i.. B X n A V 1 , H: ' X 5 V. lx M -,Q ,,V .af P-MJT, - ' W W Spin. A . 1 X uf ""A Y , I f f" , ' N5 is' 5 mf 1 ' um. A V 'g-4,1 "nz il, ff' 1? A- - " -1 A V - ' f ni :: ,'.'.' : 'L' l nf - I ' 5 ' "LN 1 ' '1 Q Alai .r I ' ,, :inf 1 L . A -w,- - A wi, . 'CQ' gL5'p:'lQ .K . if ' 4' AH" ,215 og: , vs. , ,. .. fe-I 9 is 'B .55 a jf!! a '15 WW? ?' .xt Nu, Qing I X , Y , ' Ek 1 M, sv f w 'zum , , Q X F Q - sim . Y B 0 H .,.., iii? :.: z .uzl is . 5 , - nz- gvg4sVw13f?5,,, i:,, V ., ' -. L 2" A '.,-'In -:- ' .... If 'Q 'T ' .Hi-v :.. -y E :E-E ' rw 'V 3 - , ,Ab,. 5 X . ,I ,I A QiW'5'5v1'2fff 35 - , , H J LLL -2 , Prmcess Myrna Muller Prince Frank Lopez Freshmen Initiation Dance Look af those muscles! Haas? Oh! Sing to her Do a good iob now Thaf's if, David Come on Freshman, shine if up good now! Poor freshman! Thai was a very cute skit girls I I I Lona Steele-"De haf I got for Christmas is too big!" 5 ll 1 - . Q . 5 gf 'nz ku gf , 4 QL? gy Q3 ,gg Y ' nf 4, I 1 ,., .... F QM N, 4 rw mx ff?-.5- . ,H .1 6. an 19 4 k A 1 ' 'fl ..f , x 11 'I ' 1 7 Y- fm V24 , ,M ,li .,g,m,,, ,I Digg . ,,. 3181- 'Tl A X F K A3921 1 I 7' .IEW ' "-41 4 ,.l.A- B. K -I-4 45 .A Q. . . .t., r-Q ul 4' ff 1 'SX f , 1 'al' Wu U 'L' x .f 5 I EQ' f.. M 17' ' x film -1 nf .' ' 1 ? BEST DANCERS MOST POPULAR Sonya Sfancil - Howard Combs MOST HANDSOME - PRETTIEST : D ,, Q we . 42 .X 3 George Cory - Marian Maffice Gary Hall - Marlene Huefhel' OUTSTANDING LEADERS BEST SENSE OF HUMOR 41' A V .g - T! F qu Q A ,I-A 93 ' ,- Z' .- ., ,., 1 ,3 -L - J 0,5 A-'A' .Q , "4 " ge J K ., , VH Sharron Sande - James Erman Rose Liebig David Lieblg MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED I l H T' ., S . '19 f Of' . ,.. ' C ,L , . E' f-4' E " Q-gl, f :KW . . ' T l 'Q' . 1 ' 'A' if ' .fur 4-,:' fiff 'Y f ' f.T . "Mi T 7 f + :H 4 1 , vi' 1 -y .At 'A 1,14 H ' Y I Y T T T 7? ' 0 E E ii' ' H . A A - .WT wwf Iii W! . 'L + 1 2 EF' , V hwy ' 5 49. , 1.1 , .J ' N .5 ' V .r W L4 , ' : 1 1 Tau Z . C, , , A1 , 16 'A f 'A Q E VA 1:7 1 ,Hz ' x ,, M I V T DJ ' " X. --v- YM" . H yxr ,f ,v ,,. - E - if -., - , U I I -I , I, - A ' ., ' x .- V if T ' ' n Keith 0'Hara - Rosa Kiser Ray Heinrich Mary Fullerton mm H Seniors doing their infer-class yell at a rally , A-f f can A skit done by Rose Liebig, Bob Mafranga, and Rasheeda Farhaf at a rally. F .,, t n An after game dance "Go man go." Half f"'1e af the Elk Grove game Make if Tom Wow! Look at that. Af the Elk Grove basketball game. ' 1 SHARRON SANDE Betty Crooker Homemaker Award 4S,....... TF' 'S S A Judy Henson, Anna Marie Gerling, Darlene Pearson, Joanne Ishizuka 'Saeed ' ,dead FIRST ROW: Nancy Goldsmith, Shelba Pruett, winnerg Janet Miller. SECOND ROW: Keith O'Hara, Mary Steiner, Peggy Kelley, Judy Henson, Frank Smith. 7 240.6 of Hmmm Www .,..-.,iS"'T4g SHARRON SANDE FIRST ROW: Max Long, Industrial Arts: Mary Fullerton, English: Jim Erman, Lab Science: Sharron Sande, Business: Tom Kelley, Agriculture: Barbara Pearson, 2 I Foreign Language. SECOND ROW: Beverly Templeton, Music: Peter Hall, Math: Nancy McFarland, Home Economics: Bob Thompson, Art: and not pictured, Rosa Kiser, Social Studies. 1446100144 D ,Q JIM ERMAN Rash Judy Bettencourt. ' ' a wen' eeda Farhat, Barbara Thiessen, Mary Steiner Judy Henson Shelb p 1: S' 5 ' .-ws:-:, g., g .: ,, 1 t . ,g .,,,:o,:,,..,. . Y -, .: ,M , . .. K3 . Q I L . 1 0, j gg 3 LQ ,gs Q3 rr' L 114 13 S we : f 7 -'se' A 73 age M -f . , gf.-,Q , 1 2? , K5 , 3 Z .agljgm W '- ,Q 21 5 5:3 5 Q HE 5:-2 W 5 .5 .5 f F ' av I ': 'ff 'fi' 3255 ' ,. git- 'Q if I 'Fl' Q 1 "H , ' :wt . vial 5,33 Y ' I ' .Qi , ,1,, f -Vj -fm - ff' .E . , , , :.::q K r 7. , f ' H 5 ' ff. gf. , Y 1 Q Egan it ' 1 Sf 91 as Y. 12 is an N 1 A t H H , n ' , 3 5 " ' ,, ., fl - P:-2 f - " ..., Z Nga 5523415 . A , Lager' H F 1 V1 A ki, Ez:-: . . Z "H - Y 'I' . 1 .Q 1 r we R K 1 ..: T , 5 35:m5Ee.s:i!i"'1 ::- 'Y 5 1 ' vii? ,. f W . . 1 2 Q gf . W V M, 2 Mmm 4 . 1 Ek" H Q. E M J' Z Q 5 2 I Wff ' .5 A N 13 1 M, , . xi P., ' 5 lf in 4 'X A gi E ,.. I it ' , "y it , i, 1 . ' V' Hits .3 F' -fL'm3,wES.8- 3,-.e-LE! lf Ii- 'I1 I' '- Wanda White Enter the Villianl fmzzgS V . ' " ffjfv- Exit the Hero! X Master of Ceremonies P Real gone music Bob Miffanga Undaunted Donna Delimits 'de Action Walter Dowdell, Linda Zeeb, Joy Listini if r 1 EET ff Q H 52 -AHA . , ' ErL l'L' "Y ' T- : W' . :.: ." '.' - 1- .1 4-w"' 1 . 54 ' f i f . ga E-T1 manga am ' W " 1 yn ' ww, ,W-I ss a ' , ss ' ' E ss H ss z A is B lr B B B QM ,Q an ff mg Bw ,- ssdfmswaaw B Haw a magma xl ' X Q K as pg E A ... 5 L H H H B B B HB an B gag H www .Aww Hwawfgf H mm H B Kilim as H ss E B H rw . B Bagan m B H xwnlm B SE 1 Q . ka xr ,EK Us Lx X xx R . ogg vx 9- 950226-'co 0 oz ,a 68 5030! Q9 o'-'99-'seo Y' . 5 69 10" P1 ofaaf' vga K0 lLeft to fightl: Judy Beffencourf, Joanne lshlzuka, Amy Koyama, Yvonne Johnson, Margaret Gerling, Alberta Amaro, Ronlca Rausser Pai' Nevm Ma I F Anna Marie Gerling, Captain .,..-l . .A -'Wagga :. --fag -w-2+-we H- N ss a Ja a a . m-.-of 5885 . . Ffggm Fw FW. M as sndss af H Emma mam an - V1.1 E W " , M . . ,..m ,m,B sngiga .4 Nw - New , Wa W H -L B Q 1, 1? - ' H WJ' I e Y n as :- am num? M E vb' 5 .x,,x'5' 309 . 3, ss E , . Q mm B Z ' H Z H J na B . ,.: SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL Captain Sue Reid. Firsf Row lleff fo righfl: Mary Rafola, Annie Marlin, Darlene Pearson, Carolyn Burrows, Judy Kidd, Sharon Fernandez. Second Row: Joyce Mather, Nancy Siribling, Alice Kiser 1. sf"'Njf9' eve 1 go o Xfxgaie ab I e iw' oiexxd' . 063 KXX1 Qxaxtxvilp G9 wee fixexa' 5' L 1 xgf XJXG 09" xv' 50 e Xie ga' 50 mY- 0- , no flgveaqao Q26 .amiga .i , V-oss 45 . Q . X Q9 xy3 I 965 O06 01 qs se' FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL c.v"'x Q JUNIOR BASKETBALL Captain Alberta Amaro. Second Row: Judy Betfencourf, Judy Henson, 4Carolyn Weber,, Mar- garel' Gerling, Mary Steiner, Shelba Prueff, Anna Gerling, Pal' Nevint' SENIOR BASKETBALL Captain Paula Bufferfield. Sec- ond Row: Rosa Kiser, Rose Lie- big, Kafhy Senner. Third Row: Sandra Conner, Marla 'Dowdell, Linda Ronfani, Sharron Sande, Mary Fullerton, Ruden Mize I I I FRESHMEN BASKETBALL First Row: Myrna Miller, Edwina Schmier, Sande Jardine, Captain: Lynnette McKenzie, Susan Keim. Second Row: Carol Van Vliet, Deanna Calibo, Kathy Kelly, Alyce Deiner, Linda Zeeb -H14 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL First Row: Carolyn Burrgwg, Janet Miller, Captain: Sharon Fernandez. Second Row: Alice Kiser, Anne Sue Martin, Glynda Foley, Sue Reid, Darlene Pearson E FIRST ROW: Bill Fernandez, Manager: George Cory, Raymond Heinrich, Howard Combs, Carlo Rasmussen Billy Combs, Ronald Drake, Jack Jenkins, Ronald Lee, James Bates, Clifford Hardesty, Manager. SECOND ROW: Douglas Breien, Coach, Larry Timmons, James Barber, Bob Matranga, Ernest Immoos, Lloyd Russell Tom Kelley, Thurman Roberts, Carl Bonar, George Hebert, Coach. THIRD ROW: Don Walker, Scott Johnson Kent Shebelut, Peter Hall, James Erman, Gary Hall, Lee Mize, Dennis Sartini, Arvard Behm, Manager. Wwlfi' VARSITY FOOTBALL PLAY - 1957 The 1957 football season saw the Galt Warriors finish with an even record of 4 wins and 4 losses for the year, and a three way tie for third place in the Golden Empire League. Although all players deserve credit, special credit goes to those selected to the Golden Empire League All-Star Team. Those selected were Tom Kelley, guard, Howard Combs, guard, and Ray Heinrich, halfloack who was co-captain of the team. The Warrior's squad chose Ray Heinrich and Tom Kelley as their co-captains. Players selected to the second team were Jim Bates, fullback, Thurman Roberts, tackle, and .Jim Erman, center. 925, - A Visi""s 39 Elk Grove zo l4 St. Vincent 7 12 San Juan 26 6 ESCal0"1 12 13 El Dorado 14 34 Valleio O ..-... ..-- 26 La Sierra 7 150 118 6 James Marshall 32 v kim H .. is , ,555 F 'Q ' 3 ., H-1 Jw , 4 -Sr V, , 'V 9-F? 523 :.: 2' ,.: . '. :ai A :- 'X S , E H ...f 35' WAN - F X X . Si X :X 'Hi E X .L X 1 F X . ' 31 -.: -.. x .N J N ,E ' N fri 11 J ,J ,f Q z 'SQ , . F1 k Q. -S ,IK we by 3 LP 1'-3 gi 'Q +-A ..f!'f' Krzsi -, mfr--H xv--rn--N--:--1-:Ja '--- - -. ,fu -.N M-Q TW ,D mfg v-. ,W N., szlxxvs my as Yi- m sz. VJ' - .-HWVM, QW ws 'f"' fa :QR X211 iw -M? SQQN 512' . 'gfmfxg ,JV 9 Q 5:1-s 5 m H L 4wWmn.mH 5. A , .52 S4455 MM H, . w VFYN , 2 Z A MA Egg., I Mfge-.WH M 'fygjjgm S , 7 , vw W ' my f ,M gx . A- .X P - , L1 1 , if Q H 1, if ' all L1 V W Mlwxh ' A P wpiyis xi :Ji ?'?1w ,gy E R , A751 555 m Q E 1 ss " E mfg Rm? gig gg is Sai., -Ig n K If Kimi 'Nm f ' '-: .:. "' U, W, 2 grggfkw '- A A H W N X A 5 1 A - 5, .... ad -V 5, " 43 ff ,1 u k 4:-ZH' 'gwmg fu' ' rw ' , "Y?91'fY5" ' A '. ggiplx 5 ,K Aww! M .F .T S W: wha X afv V 5 S N, ',f"'mmsswgE,g"i' - ' f' - , V 'WJ ,Bs vamp w M - --w sn HU". E' - 'HK' vi - 1 Q-xx VV- B W' mem? -1 . ml dev 6,54 F--' A ' 55' Q 4- . S 0 .. N' ' f WMM A C H ' E I I I I M S 2 Lf, DOUGLAS BREIEN, Head Coach GEORGE HEBERT Backfleld Coach CO-CAPTAINS RAY HEINRICH TOM KELLEY Easy does if, fellowsl Break through that line! - Y my. v., . 0 'x JL 9 ,x .il ... ,-. A -1-v-,u.:!':. ,"' , -M 4 ,-.ww ' x D k :rf I "' ' 1 Il K W ,MQ 1 n 2, P E? " 49 Q31 I O 9 ai A35 Ts 1 PQ iff? ' I I... wt 4 2 - vu- .. - 5 GQ? 3 " g fu Z' gijgyzy. My-35? I-L EQ if mff+" as '-r- us, jg, 5 ZZ? FIRST ROW: Don Zavaflero, Ronald Walker, Louis Marty, Ronald Sfickel, Ronald Williamson, Gordon Rausser, Ted Salazar, Pat Clark, Russel Pinkham, Harold Bowles. SECOND ROW: George Schloffhauer, Ronald Lenci, Loren Schmier, Dennis Harmer, Dennis Winsor, Bruce Elifhorp, LeRoy Gribaudo, Nick Peari, George Dam- bacher. THIRD ROW: Ray Davis, Bob Barber, Bill Sarlini, Rod Erich, Coach Harold Fuller, Tom Dozier, Dick Sarlini: Managers Jack Ganf, Jessie Jaynes. . W . sfkarg' 7 HAROLD FULLER Coach x"' ROD ERIC... 'Q yi f RONALD LENCI Co-Captain , C0'ClPf0ill 3 1-4 FIRST ROW ,Left to righti: Tom Mackey, James Erman, Carl Bonar, Herb Witherspoon, Keith 0'Hara SECOND ROW: Manager Milo Schauer, John Erich, Albert Cloutier, Aaron Hawker, Frank Smith, Dick Sar tini, Coach Mr. Nottoli. DON NOTTOLI Coach SUMMARY OF PLAY f'The Galt Union School Varsity basket- ball team finished their 1957-58 season with 8-15 win-loss record. ln, ,league play the Warriors were tied for sixth place with La Sierra with a 3-9 record. , J fEarlier this season the-.Ga-It men were second in the Golden Empire League Tournament, de- feating current league champs San Juan 49-46 and second place ElkxGQrove 35-33 while losing in the finals to Lincoln High 43-34. In league play, Galt's three wins came against Armijo 51-49 and James Marshall twice 45-44 and 48-34. Wazadtg pkzgac SW - '. I , ,, L, ... zzhlk., N '., 2-1 Herb Wilherspoon Tom Mackey Aaron Hawker Alberl Clouluer Dick Sarlini John Erich Carl Bonar Frank Smith Jim Erman Keilh O'Hara Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall' Gall' Gall' Gall' Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall Gall SCOREBOARD 39 Courlland 63 Clarksburg 45 Courlland 34 Sonora 43 Clarksburg 28 Rio Visla . 49 San Juan .. 35 Elk Grove 33 Lincoln 53 Rio Visla . 32 Elk Grove 39 El Dorado 51 Armiio 45 Marshall 46 La Sierra , 49 Sl. Marys . 47 San Juan . 36 Elk Grove . 43 EI Dorado . 44 Armiio 48 Marshall 34 La Sierra . 41 Sl. Marys . 46 San Juan 'N K KD 1,5 ,gf . xl.. ' 'iw " o I? Q xl!!! ' 310.1 fw- yivi m pr .-11-iq-. " ...... ' 9.5 .na f X H4 I , 4 ,Q '- Ci Q' if MWn 5,,,,,.g - .iff if M 'S' i. is EAW' ff-'Q' 'Fi L 1 V 91 E wx 5:1 ll gil ' if gan f X, ,,,.-, 'L O pf 'F" Nr -n -af A 4ljf O 7 9 x if IH , 4 il 'h 1,1 'ia If? 1 .1 p. ,.. f 'll s Killa Wig' QQ N 2' 1 if .4 Q z fm- M -f -,N V! V , , 14, A B , A ' .fg fi A 1 Sl'-QQ ef- - 1 : ' X VE is , his A 5 , T i7 - -f1,. 51 1 ig . 2 . J f- ig gf 104 J . , . f 1 Q F A Vi I i Wx A L ' X QM v 1? ld' 'I gi ' '11 :ff ,Z Vfiff! my i 5 if fm, . Ny 'wg fry, .L - . J. ,Q L , My A . V . Zi, , L -fm 'iff K if sy' JF! .4 g k WA' 'im a an wwf, ::: 'Q ,Sf 17 3 ff 1 FIRST ROW lleff lo righfl: Thurman Roberts, Larry Timmons, Willy Weatherford, David Van Steyn, Darrell Davidson. SECOND ROW: Jack Jenkins, Kenl' Shebeluf, Harvey Keller, Jim Barber, Tom Mackey, Clyde Grinstead. THIRD ROW: Billy Combs, Ken Bauer, Ronnie Lee, Ernie lmmoos, Scott Johnson, Ray Wrighl, Coach George Hebert 0 E We SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERS TOM MACKEY CLYDE GRINSTEAD COACH GEORGE HEBERT N SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERS Sggff Johnson Larry Timmons Ernie lmmoos KENNY BBUGI' ' Waucltq 5, 151' -q,,1v I ggyl-MNQQLJL-"I ,I f 4 f ,iff X .FALQ L FIRST ROW lleft to righll: Ronald Sfickel, Don Zavaltero, Ronald Lenci, Bill Sarfini, Waller Dowdell, Dick Sarfini. SECOND ROW: Ronald Noriega, Nick Pearl, Jessie Jaynes, Rod Erich, Mike Lopez, Pete Girard. THIRD ROW: Melvin Bacigalupi, Bob Salazar, Garry Baker, Lloyd Russell, Darrel Joslin, Fred Botlimore. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Harold Fuller, Coach: Ted Salazar, Bruce Elithorp, Harold Bowles, Thornton Bates. Q A DOUGLAS BREIEN Coach ,1 girl I gg lyvsigy V 'xfwiiflfi , n 1, ,, "T M V as ,, ,J ' I- WG f 41 "5 D219 x V , lgggw V., , ,, , 21,1 . ., gL,n,2,, W 1 N a .SHN X ,- K N, A' ,, H W ' 1 , a. W in ,um A zf., L.. - FIRST ROW: Richard Hardesty, Ronald Coker, Kit Arlin, James Patron, Leroy Gribaudo, Tommy Reich, Gordon Rausser, Bill Farren, Richard Beffencourt, Harold Bowles, Ray Davis, Tom Cannon.'SECOND ROW: Al Maesfretti, Tom Kelley, Bruce. Elithrop, Norman Main, Glynn Payne, Bill Combs, George Cory, Ronnie Lee, Johnny Milburn, Lee Smith, Lee Mize, Rod Erich, Dick Iwamiya, Bob Barber. THIRD ROW: Frank Smith," Jack Jenkins, Howard Combs, Ray Heinrich, Jim Barber, Kent Shebeluf, Jim Erman, Aaron Hawker, Ray Wright, Dennis Sartini, Jack Ganl, Nick Pearf, Coach Doug Breien. B X :Q S- A 5 an MM-QAMxx5 new x, xmgw Em B fm H5 all , w?HQ.M gmimmigwg Q N H igsfwn g m gnq K Jw ' ff Q wig? rss 5 5 wi Q gf, 3. 2 fiiglm Mmffaw? wg ' sig? 1 Kiwi Hawk f 1 as 2 . V wigrff .. li .X. 1 1 1 f 1 . L ., 1: Eg wwf ,a'Hffr, , ig. ' WI ,, yx , ug : J' : W . ff . K A X A K Q 'yxl W 7 H I vo' V rv MODELS OF THE BAND FASHION SHOW Zami S JEAN WEINRICH PEGGY KE'-I-EY BEVERLY DusPlvA I g 4,,, . ,,.,,,,,LL1-za. ,...-Ew.w 1v ffaLg ., - U , I MW? 1 1 , , fffig'-'Q :mx "fx, Y 7""'1 , 1 gf yr - f ,fit Sa A 1: Ai' . 1 f , U -fa 0' 8 - aw", my F ' '- f I -. -1 , '7 W5 4- 7 :QI Q- 2,1 H . Q 9 L A, 5' W " A . . 44, W ?':-l V i x ' A - '7 .A ,Y ,, '9 'f f N AI I "'f'f-Lin, fr ' 1 lf' Q' 7, A A it . ,tl at ,. If ' Q E: L ff D, k F M117 'rin 5 U f QQ ' I' It T4- ded was some blocking. . -k k 2 .,.. ,, 1 ,- 5 'Wx -131 va n, 'S' N if ww, 1 win gr.. wg-'a:a. if f "' 'A' :iif 'A wgrzgx as ,X ' 'jx 3' .. .Q T I G SUE and WAYNE faamalddm Wap Dance ALBERTA and CARL It looks like the girls were really on the ball. ai gz,W.L,,.Wm , VE E . :ii . . I A ' 53125 in A fs' mr. , n :Ia X 1 "We finally made it." H 'Rigs To Adveaffsey I MOTOR CARS and TRUCKS GREASING - WASHING - SPECIAL AAA SERVICE Ill ver- U U Q fill 1 E. J. HALL, Owner Complete Automobile Service N New Chevrolet Phone PI 5-1397 Galt, California oasaoaoonanantowoomnooon '4'00l"""0'9 pane: 1 .. OI '- 1 -gi., 'T' f L... PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT AND SERVICE UNIVERSAL PUMPS AND INSTALLATION HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE N AUTO PARTS 667 C Sfreel' Phone Ploneer 5-1083 Galt, California h6lU CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '58 FROM INIWIIELI. IMPLEMENT WMPMIY TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT ss ss ss ss ss ss s ss s s ss s ss Essw is ss ss m B B lm ass ass wa wsssass ssss sswss ' ssgss ss mx s ss A H m as E ass Bass -1 nga sssss H N s s s ss ss ss ass s ss --3, si xg mm ssmm mm H ss s W 3 X ss ' ss s E . ss ss ss ss ,ss - ss s ss s swsssws ss Hss Qs sg ss , ss ss ss W ss msgs ,HE ssgsssmssvifss as ss ss ss ss BN as Buss Enss mg gs ss as 'Es ss fs ss ss ss ss B B ss. s Rss ass ss s ss ss., 2 H E s H H -s W H 5. s s s s ss s miss as 5 - ss ssss ss, ssessss ss ss fa s s s s s s ss s ess wmss mss ss - as sa QE SW is Q E5 Eg Q' 5 sm ss ss zz ss B . ssw ss ss ss ss s s ss ss ss M ss ss ss ss ss sm xg ssgsssgss Qsses sss ss E? as sf sf if mass ss ss ss E 5' s s ss ss ss ss ss ss Wa -5 E 5 ss ss ss ss ss s ws sri K gssssass ass ass ,ess ssxss sa ss K ssmss ass mss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss s ss ss sn ssiss Xss iss iss ssssss 55 ss sss'isBssH.,Hss ass ass ss ss B B 3 - ss ssx ssa X as ,ss s ss wss ss ss ss SS SS sm his BB K-58 XSS B SS i E Es sss R588 B' B Bam H ESS M 1 . s. . ss sse Ms :ss s ,s s - Zi B BE BE B E E - H. S as-. , . ss s s ss ss s ss s . . .5 M ss S is is :ss B ms ss ss s ss is H mga 'Ei ?5s?'?E?'msf Eff, SS . ' s ss ss ss ss s s 1 ss s ss ss s -ss ss. s ss ws ssx - - " ., .As ' ' MH M ' . -' W G gsm ssm ssgss 5,5 Huw was B ss s ss , ss - ,ss . H E 5 V" -.. ' W W H K hzzxsmssll-sssisssg-ss s s , .1,. as ss ss ,E l . C. ' ,Si SS E E S8 3 ' ss , . K ss: ssesssses ,ss .s ss s. E. ssasssgfss was,ss mi mfg .snags s:ss ss ss ss X ' ,ri W . ss Tractors and Farm Equipment - Welding - General Blacksmithing Repairing of Farm and Grading Equipment ART DOWDELL, Proprietor P. 0. Box 426 N Phone Ploneer 5-1075 N Galt, California GALT BAKERY BREAD - PASTRY - CAKE Decorative Cakes for All Occasions "Our Speciality" If you are planning a wedding, you will need a beautiful cake for that special occasion. Bill, Dolores, and Rose Phone Ploneer 5-I 168 N 241 Lincoln Way f-f Galt, California L GALT PHARMACY MEDICINES N SODA FOUNTAIN RAY H. ARLIN, Owner Phone Ploneer 5-1063 Galt, California GROCERIES FRU ITS SUPER MARKET A if -QMJ I' SAM and HILDA, Managers FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES Phone Ploneer 5-1397 Galt, California pc-ar IIOBlIISOII'S FEEII STORE , ., H V FOIUVOOOOOQOAQOOUOO GALT CALIFORNIA l0Q GALT PHONE PI 5-'I 120 STEIIIEIYS MAIIKEITS "TWO COMPLETE FOOD STORES" GENERAL MERCHANDISE N ELECTRIC APPLIANCES THORNTON PHONE PY 4-2356 'Fridgidaire 0owNnoNN KELLEII'S Mill IIESSLEII POULTRY ancl DAIRY SUPPLIES - ALBERS FEEDS KELLERS fs. HESSLER F E E US SANITATION SUPPLIES P. 0. Box 65 Galt, California Phone Pioneer 5-1167 CCNGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF "58" . . . Electrical Appliances Philco Bendix Maytag RCA Whirlpool Pumps N Berkeley-Byron Jackson Television Philco RCA Victor Sales ancl Service AMBlI0lil0'S ELEGTIIIGIIL SIIIIP EDWARD J. AMBROGIO, Prop. 229 4th Street N Phone Ploneer 5-1196 N Galt, California 'ncaa-ooh? FIIIIMEEIIS 81 MLEIIGIIIIIIVTS BIIIIK GALT BRANCH COMMERCIAL LOANS FARM LOANS U.S. SAVINGS BONDS MORTGAGE LOANS BANKING BY MAIL TRAVELERS CHECKS SAVINGS BY MAIL SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES BANK MONEY ORDERS PERSONAL SAVINGS CHRISTMAS SAVINGS PERONAL CHECKING HOME FINANCING AUTOMOBILE LOANS N 09 -SZ- SQ' " I - -445 CONGRATULATION AND BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESS TO THE GALT HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF "58" SEDO MILK PIIDIIIIGTS 00. GALT, CALIFORNIA 4 90004 OO Club Bottle Shop SENIORS OF 1958 . . . 4th Street N Galt, California JAKE KELLER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Victor Hoag Mull Phone Plnoeer 5-1137 N Galt, Cahfornua VICTOR HOAG ,Owner JESS BEAM, Manager Sunshine Cafe 205 Lincoln Way 'A' Galf, California CAFE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE WARREN and ROBERTA KITTERDGE Owners THE DIAMDIID MATCH GUMPAIIY LUMBER N HARDWARE N PLUMBING SUPPLIES SEE US FOR BUDGET LOANS TDIERUMBER ' ' eN5IMITCHSQ5:'-ww GALT CALIFORNIA CLOVER N GRAIN GRASS SEEDS CHN LANE CEDAR CHESTS LINOLEUM AND WINDOW SHADES QUALITY FURNITURE Galt Furniture Co. 215 Lincoln Way N Phone Pl 5-1156 9l'Ol04 Texaco Curve Station CAFE - COLD DRINKS LUBRICATION - SPARK PLUGS TIRES - TUBES - SMALL ACCESSORIES Weatheris Hardware 211 4fh Sfreef N Galt, California 'k FULLER PAINTS THEY LAST 'A' Phone Ploneer 5-1656 Galt Radio 8: TV SALES and SERVICE LELAND and LOREN TEMPLETON Galt, California Zenith, General Electric, Hoffman Phone PI 5-1140 N Galt, California VERNON HOFF Carlo's Chevron TIRES - BATTERIES - -WASHING ACCESSORIES Food S and S Market FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS COMMERCIAL Smoking of Hams and Bacons Meats - Vegetables - Groceries Phone PY 4-2492 Thornton California T C Post Office Box 126 hornton PY 4-2412 California ONGRATULATIONS Frosty GRADUATES or 195s . . CAFE and FOUNTAIN SERVICE Variety C and LINCOLN Galt, California Hatch, Martha, Shirley, Lela, Doty 237 South Lincoln Way LEN and GERTIE Phone Ploneer 5-1107 ,4 The Galt Herald PRINTING - PUBLISHING "Serving the Galt Area for More than 50 Years." Erwin's Jewelry 237 South Lincoln Way KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Elgin, Wilder and Bulova 231 Soufh Lincoln Way Phono Pl 5-1313 Galt Cglifomig G 8: E Shell Service 104 N. Lincoln Wqy - Phone PI 5-1321 GALT, CALIFORNIA Galt Department Store EVERYTHING FOR THE FAMILY Galf, California David L. Low, B.V.M. VETERINARIAN 'k 235 Lincoln Way N Galf, California cocoon-nb, J im's Cafe 450 C Sreef N Galf,: California BREAKFAST - LUNCH DINNERS JIM and GERRY CALDWELL Owners Dr. Donald H. I reland-21 "DENTlST" 'A' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 'A' 600 Lincoln Way N Phone PI 5-1369 Galt, California G. F. and K. B. Livingston REAL ESTATE AGENCY 211 South Lincoln Way N Galt, California Phone Ploneer 5-1669 Peerless Milling Co. POULTRY AND DAIRY FEED 'k Phone Plonoor 5-1084 N Galt, California V. E. Greer, Jr., M.D. PHYSICIAN-SURGEON 'k Sfh and B Sfroefs Galt California Erie Il. Spiess Insurance Agency Theatre Building - Galt COMPLETE INSURANCE PROTECTION Phone Ploneer 5-1658 Lester 0. Knowlton Galt Insurance Agency REAL ESTATE INSURANCE - NOTARY Phone Ploneer 5-1016 P. O. Box 125 - 403 C Street Gall' California :wood Pahl's Shoe Shop FOR THE BEST IN LEATHER REPAIP 'A' Corner of Sth and C Streets Galt California Club Cafe "HOME-MADE PIES and COOKING" 'k JAKE KELLER - POLLIE KEMP 4th Street Galt California J erry's Market "THE BEST IN FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES" 'A' 502 C Street Galt California A and B Cleaners 8: Laundry PHONE Ploneer 5-1678 'A' GOLDIE and AL FERNANDEZ Galt California N iehel's Garage AUTO REPAIRS - TIRES BATTERIES if Phone Ploneer 5-1315 Galt California Harrietis Beauty Shop For Complete Beauty Care . . . ir PERMANENT WAVES 'A' HAIR CUTTING -A' HAIR STYLING al' MANICURING Specializing Helene Curtis Permanent Phone Ploneer 5-1388 - 125 A Street Galt California GLAIIIIE, 0. WWII GUMPMIY 686 LOCKEFORD STREET N LODI, CALIFORNIA PHONE ENdicott 8-5183 ffissi- R 'versus H "QUALITY AND SERVICE" OUR MOTTO BIIY IIEAIIY-MIX 00II0lIETE GLAIIIIE G. WO0II GIIMPAIIY Be assured of high quality, high strength concrete. Every batch designed by a leading testing laboratory. Our Materials meet alI tests. Our Concrete is Time-Tested and backed by our years of service in this community . FIIUUPBS BEST OF LUCK, GRADUATES . . . 'A' "THE HOUSE OF PLEASURE" The Toggerll SPORTS N TOYS i' GAMES 'A' LODl'S LEADING STORE FOR "If it is for pleasure, we have it" YOUNG MEN 'k 'k Fullergs School and Oak Streets 12 S. School Street - Phone EN 8-1589 i 0 . Lodi' california Lodl, California 'Ov l"lOl5l g Pendleton - Manhattan Shirts Lord Jeff Sweaters Michael Stern, Timely, Louart Clothes Scully Suedes N Phoenix Socks 1 I t 1 "LODl'S SMART MEN'S SHOP Hotel Lodi Building Lodi, California 0014 NQUOl?O0 The Elizabeth 'k SKIRTS and BLOUSES BRIDAL TROUSSEAUX FORMALS JEWELRY BELTS LANZ ORIGINALS EXCLUSIVE APPAREL at Phone EN 9-9046 N 112 South Church St. Lodi, California ELIZABETH EMERY, Proprietor LODl'S DESOTO - PLYMOUTH DEALER Mitchell 8: Koenig 525 W. Lockeford Street Sales and Service 'A' 200 West Pine Street Sales Only NEW and USED CARS Phone ENdicott 8-0659 Lodi California CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the SENIORS of "58" lll0llMlllll l0E GREAM 00. "Next time ask for RlCHMAlD" Owned and Operated by HENRY HANSON Plant and Office - 10 S. 99 Hiway - Phone ENdicot't 9-4793 locli, California LATEST FASHIONS AT The Fashion Shop 207 LINCOLN WAY Phone Ploneer 5-1695 ERMA LISTINI, Owner Ladies' - ChiIdren's - Infants' Wear Lind's Airport Cafe 8: Service Station Delicious Home Cooked Meals and Pies 99 Hiway and .Iahant Road WERNER and MRS. TONEY Phone Ploneer 9-9126 Lodi, California Il 0TEL LOD'l ALL NEW 'A' Banquet ....... ....... ...... G o Id Room Breakfast ......... ....... D ining Room Luncheon ........ ...... D ining Room Dinners ........ ...... D ining Room Cocktails ...... ........ ........ F I ame Room 'A' HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS 'A' Phone ENdieott 8-0654 Lodi California Zimtmermanis Pharmacy "PRESCRIPTION SPEClALlSTS" 16 West Pine Street and 101 South School Street "FREE DELIVERY ANYTIME" Lodi California Baheris Nursery, Inc. 118 West Lodi Avenue and 2321 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento Phone EN 9-2457, Lodi Phone WA 5-3139, Sacramento Lodi California A P IH BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF ll58ll BEST IN . . . 'Ir CRYSTALS 'k CHINA 'k HOMEWARE 213 South School Street Lodi California .NZ O BUTANE - PROTANE WEED FLAME CONTROL APPLIANCES SALES and SERVICES GRAY S LODI - QUALITY Gas Service I 'WHERE SERVICE COMES FIRST Phone ENdrcott 80681 106 W Elm Lodr Calrforma I ri ' n ll O in n .I . . Woodrow Mitchell CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 431 South 99 Hiway Phone ENdicott 9-4758 Lodi California YOUR WARDROBE HEADQUARTERS 'I' Catalina at Darlene Sweaters 'A' Joanthan Logan i' Jerry Gildon Du Bois 18-20 W. Pine Street Phone EN 9-6874 Lodi, California rnrzixmn Aurionisefrnrrsn , xN"o:fC"'e5 rlmtfgx P-I' 8' R ME c0"' D,-0 D . m and dt Befferu C A I. I 226 W. Pine Street A 9 F Phone Enaieorf a-san 3 ,- cuss Yo Vilyes uf ne Avenue Drugs PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Phone ENdicott 8-2788 703 West Lodi Avenue Lodi California Don't Miss Shopping . . . Wrightis, Lodi 105 South School Street Office Furniture Machine Equipment and Supplies Luggage - Picture Frames We Fix Typewriters and Adders LODI HOME OWNED SPECIALITY SHOP . . . Town House 703 West Lodi Avenue l-Odi California Portraits - Commercial Photography Rummefs Photo Studio Candid Weddings Bus. Phone ENdicott 9-6207 Res. Phone ENdicott 9-6940 ll0 South School Street I-Odi California HERB RUMMEL Mar-Lena's MOTHER and DAUGHTER SHOP GLADYS and MARIAN MATTICE Phone ENdicott 9-6949 531 West Lodi Avenue Lodi California XQX. qi? -3 - g lr:-' , aus. Phone EN 94207 E 9 ' Res.Phone EN mass W" fag? 'Li'ii ., g i E Rummelis Camera Shop 'll0 South School Street KEN sTARK Lodi, california plone. Lad's Boys' Shop 25 North School Street EVERYTHING FOR THE BOYS FROM 4 TO 20 YEARS OF AGE Phone ENdicott 9-6720 Lodi California CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1958 . .. Lodi Stationery 20 South School Street Lgdi California 'VW' U9 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of "58" Lodi's Big Home Owned Department Store M. N ewfield 8: Sons Lodi California Bitterman's Jewelry Orange Blossom Diamonds Q Birthstone Rings Parker and Sheaffer Pens Watch and Jewelry Repairing Dial ENdicott 9-4593 I3 West Pine Street Lodi, California Li-Mai, Shop 'lr CUSTOMJEWELRY 'A' SWEATERS if HOSIERY 'A' ROBES 'A' LINGERIE Phone ENdicott 9-5566 110 South Church Street Lodi California Guild Cleaners KNIT GARMENTS ARE OUR SPECIALITY SERVING THOSE WHO ENJOY THE BEST 112 West Pine Street Lodi California The Fabric Shop "BETTER FABRICS MAKE BETTER FASHlONS" 21 North School Street Lodi California Burtonis Sh-oes QUALITY SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY I7 West Pine Street Lodi California Lodi M edieal Laboratory Phone ENdicott 9-3751 802 West Lodi Avenue Lodi California Iladen Jewelers Successors to Jack Labes Jeweler Fine Watches and Diamonds Glass, China, Silverware and Gifts Complue Bride's Registry Service Phone ENdicott 8-5475 23 South School Street Lodi 610744444 1 1 1-..-.-,..--..- ..-..,. , -UM , V .ai-34 ' .... -. . , .,... ,..1.k..-,-....:1., ....-.- .....4..i,s,, Q 1 -....... ,w4..A..,S1,J Jim, . JZ' Z,i..TIii:L1,: a.......1:.-:Stal-.........-. -.... -......... -..-..., ,-..,..i. 1 1 1 1 -1 '1 V 1. f j, 1? :fi 'I 1. 1 1 5. 1 '1 1 1 1 1 - I E n I !1 - w 4 '-"n-'--- -A f-- ---n--1.--.-,,. - -W - '- . f..-..1--,......., , , .f-,....,- .ffw......qw,,,,,,f,,,3,1-,...:.,.nq-5, , !-if-,.....g1f,.,.,4...5g 11 A ' -, 11 v v x -..--.-'- .-. .A., . .uh K, x n.,v.-up. -- A . . . . , -, . . .. . , . , . , . , , f - , , Q.. 4 . Y- M , . . , , , , , A ,. - . ggmf.. A .- ,.,, , A, -.. -H .W ,, ..-, V .--Y 1,7 - . - Y. --, fv..--,M4 Q.. V , ...- Y-,....-.,,

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