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Xs 5665 , H 1 k qw, JMX' x. fx xx' 'V 3 M , uw XX Wcgifffkffzm Y M fm EQ 13 'W' wi 11425 31 W V JAG! 1-1 gil Aff 'cU'Lf0 0948 six Q I'J' 3 Nxr' 6 FV X mu 'fn 5 6' xx 06' QXV A 550 Published Anzzually by tba Sfzufrrzts of tho Gulf joint Union High Scbool Editor . . . Lc'Roy Hornirzg Art Editor . . Frieda Rosilz Business Manager . Mabel Turmrr Co-Manager . . Edna Scbaal U 1 Wifhin fhe pages of this Annual you will find a record for fhe year iusf pasf of your CAMPUS LIFE al Gall Union High School. The .lournalism class and fhe Annual sfafl, ably and generously assisfed by fhe arf and commercial deparfmenfs have worked sincerely fo bring you Hi Lighfs of 1948. May if give you pleasure now and happy memo- ries always ORD Dedication . . Principa1's Message . Board of Trustees . Faculty ..... Bus Drivers, Custodiarxs, Cafeteria Cilasses ..... Organizations Activities Sports . Advertising . CON7' . Page 4 . Page S . Page 6 . Page 7 . Page 8 . Page 9-22 . Page 23-28 . Page 29-32 . Page 33-38 . Page 39-56 nu To Charlie Johnson fhis 1948 annual wifh sincere appreciafion and affecfion for his friendliness and service as cusfodian of Gall High School. QN Aff To The Class of 1948: Now that you have completed your high school education, some of you will go on to other schools but probably the majority will go to work. In either case you will be called upon to assume greater responsibilities than ever before. You will soon have to earn a living for yourselves and othersg you will become active citizens in your communities and as such you will make your influence felt. l This institution,s educational policies have been designed to help you orientate yourselves to the problems which lie beyond graduation. ' I know that you will take your places in che community along with the many other fine members of the Galt Joint Union High School alumni. K Q72 Wwwqsg, ir?"- . ,... " VA,. . ' Lvkf 5 A . , . ,,,, y .. PT gifs: lug is Left to Right: Egbert Morse, Robert Nichols, Christopher N. Adams, Cloude C. Wood, Dr. Donald H. lrelond Knot presentj ' TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees of the Galt joint Union High School is made up of five members. Mr. Robert Nichols is the president of the Board. Fred W. Wing who had served faithfully on the board for sixteen years resigned during the school year. Dr. Don Ireland was appointed by the Couty Superintendent of Schools to jill the position. We owe our hne teachers and equipment to these men, who devote so much of their valuable time to provide better learning conditions for us. ,., .. ,,...-..,....K5T,,:. . ,Qff . L ' q V Kuna-wg K, K . - , . M ' s ":" ik ' '. "2 :', SQ 5321 vg?s? ' .f '7 ' 5 H fx MRS. BORTIN x MISS FLOR MR. LITTLETON gf., fy . . E X , VJ M .. W MR. BOYARSKY i' if MRS. BUNKER .I -.X MX ,B , if 3,,-K N .X A an-'M x X , - Jswmk I Y Ai I I SLAUGHTER L-w,Q,.,.Q, -.N ' 1 ' Q ,,.,,-.2 ..-5 .,.,.,.. -,tm,k, Q EQL t M155 STEINNAG I BUS DRIVERS CUSTODIANS :inn , ! 'fX6jx,A N-K left to righf Mr. Hansen, Mr. Smith, Mr. Maple, Mr. Eggen. leff fo righf Mr. Johnson, Mr. Hansen . Q ETB? left to righf Mcmcger, Mrs. Enright, and chow line. CLASSES i CLASS, OFFICERS W F Z' t N-'18, gp, . 'afri i ut N14- Qn 3 M .A 4 . i ' ' ,,,., l'sAsi , 4 il: - 7 . I -- . Q-W4 l P l ' xj sn- i " '- , 5,2 l. M..-fa . . 'tfx XXX KX SOPHOMORES Left to right-Second Row: K. Whittemore, Treasurer, R. Schulz, President First Row: V. Rodrigues, Yell Leader, R. Pahl, Vice- President, H. Jackson, Secretary, E. Brown, Representa- tive Cnc' picturedl FRESHMEN Left to right-Second row: B. Bippus, Representative, T. McKenzie, Treasurer First Row: H. LaRoe, Vice-President, F. Field, GirI's League Council, G. Young, Secretary, G. Harrison, President SENIORS Left to right-Second Row: G. Case, President, J. Fairchild, Treasurer, E. Breitmaier, Yell Leader First Row: R. McCormick, Representative, P. Boyd, Secretary, C. Stoddard, Vice-President Qnot picturedj JUNIORS Left to right--Second row: D. Johnson, Vice-President, C. Pearson, Secretary, O. Gross, Representative First Row: M. Isaacson, Yell Leader, K. Shulz, President R. Lawley, Treasurer fnot picturecll 1 '-'rs vv F., AR BILLUPS SHIRLEY N x EMIL BREITMAIER BETTY LU I Q j 'M 1 Q-:W GLENN CASE 5 f fl! X if ' w,.,..f""E V 'V E f ..7, , ' 3 v --.' ,I :-. gif f"" 5 HAS' -517224 i .,,,. " JAMES DOROTHY FURTADO ' 51... - " Eli . Lf' lx K A K ' 2 BILL GIDDENS BETTY fl BERNICE KOYAMA -E W 154 3. T T E T T E YD ' f ' ED HILDER T T K 5 XTTT ..... O T :f E, a PAT HOLT VAUGHN HOLT X JEROME HOULIS LeROY HORNING EMILY MASDONATI ROGER MCCORMICK n0'W5"IH-I QW fm EVELYN McCROREY BRUNO MORI VERN MOTTERN -:Q U, . . -Ji? W My . W ' Q 12 s -' H, V - . we H I Q N A wif if . :LT I .. I I . I JIM McKENZIE ri" kzsk' '0lP""""" ,,,. ,X 5 ,gs ff ' ELVIN MILT.'ER'naD fi DOROTHY MURRAY GLENN PETERS 'Y 2 g wmv' QF' II BOB PORTERFIELD , R, V32 L ,. I f -f fm,-1 . 2 VERN PRATTON V f I ' , I ' F Q 'NR I I f f " -I IiR f 1 FRIEDA ROSII? 1121 aw, 1594. l I A ,rf , BOBSTEINER DORIS EI L 1 K an V,L- f gl 1 4. DICK STEINER f ILI .11 RUSSEL CLARENCE STODDARD Q19 avi' ' W z I ,W b QI ' Ixus ' ' A .4 ' I' CAROL ZWEIGLE VIOLA WAGNER -ei- ' - Y ? Q if f ,Q s V .f 'ifgn' 'ani QI: 'S EDNASCHAAAN BILL RY N I W X H 1. by . I of VA, ff! MARGARET SULLIVAN . BETTY TURNER Qf MABEL TURNER Axis' VERNON WAGNER HAZEL VAUGHN Bellie, Florence Girls' League Pres. Q11 5 Majorette Q41 5 Galt Herald Rep. Q11 5 Student Body Yell Leader Q115 Band Awards Q415 Typing Awards Q215 Shorthand Award Q11 Red Cross Q115 Annual Plany Q115 Basketballg Baseball Biederman, Shirley Typing Awards Q31 5 Chorus Q115 Jun- ior Sec.5 Galtonian Assis. Ed.5 F.H.A. Billups, Edgar Cadet Corps Q21 Football Q11 Bippus, Margaret Chorus Q11 5 Basketball Q11 5 F.H.A. Pres. Typing Awards Q21 5 Girls' League Freshman Rep.5 Oiiice Q11 Bothman, Elaine Librarian" Q115 Basketballg Red Cross Q 1 1. Boyd, Patty Chorus Q115 '48 F.F.A. Queeng Senior Sec.5 Red Cross Q21 V.P. Q115 Major- ette Q215 Galtonian StaH5 Latin Award Q21 5 Annual Play Breitmaier, Emil Senior Yell Leaderg Basketball Q31 5 Football Q21 5 F.F.A. Q41 5 Athletic Awards Brooks, Roy Student Body Pres.5 Basketball Q31 Football Q21 5 Baseball Q21 5 Future Farmers Q41 5 Treas. Q11 - Case, Glenn Senior Pres.5 Basketball Q115 Football C319 Baseball Q31 Red Cross Q115 Chorus Q11 Typing Award Castro, Alberta Red Cross Q115 Chorus Q21 Diaz, Carmelita F Chorus Q415 Red Cross Q215 Basket- ball5 Galt Herald Rep. Evers, Betty Freshman Yell Leader5 Red Cross Q31 Pres. Q115 Girls' League V.P.5 Typing Awards Q215 Band Q41 Awardg Major- ette Q215 Student Council QI15 Annual Play Q11 5 Office Q11 5 Basketballg Base- ballg Student Music Director Fairchild, Jim Manual Arts LA Varsit Track 3 , - is Y Q J: Varsity Football Q215 Senior Treas.5 Annual Play5 Athletic Awards Furtado, Dorothy Chorus Q215 Basketball5 Baseball Giddens, Bill Football Q31 5 TrackQ31 5 Basketball Q115 Red Cross Q11 F.F.A. Q41 Hilder, Ed Football Q215 Basketball Q215 Baseball Q11 5 Typing Award Holt, Pat Basketball Q115 Cadet Corps Q215 Typ- ing Award Holt, Vaughn Band Q11 5 Cadet Corps Q11 Horning, LeRoy Honor Society Q115 Football Q315 Bas- ketball Q31 Annual Playg Galtonian Staffg Hi Lights Ed. Houlis, Jerome Boxing Q11 5 German Club Pres. Q11 5 Junior Play Kelly, Jim Basketball Q31 Awardsg F.F.A. Q41 Koyama, Bernice Honor Society Q115 G.A.A. QI15 Freshman Sec.5 Red Cross Q215 Girls' League Junior Rep.5 Typing Awards QS15 Shorthand Award Q115 Galtonian Ed.5 Basketballg Baseball5 Band Lopes, Angelina Galtonian Staffg Red Cross Q315 Typ- ing Awards Q21 5 F.H.A. Loudermilk, Betty Typing Awards Q41 5 Majorette Q21 5 Red Cross Q11 5 Basketballg Galtonian StaE5 Office Q21 5 Annual Play Masdonati, Emily Typing Awards Q315 Galtonian Staff5 Red Cross Q415 Baseball5 Baskerballg F.H.A.5 Chorus 4 l l McCormick, Roger Annual Play 111 5 Basketball 141 5 Football 141, Captaing Baseball 1315 Senior Rep.5 F.F.A. 1115 Band 141 McCrorey, Evelyn Typing Award5 Red Cross5 Chorusg Basketball McKenzie, Jim F.F.A. 141 5 Junior Yell Leader Miller, Elvin Basketball 1315 "C" Team Captain 1115 Football 1315 F.F.A. 141 Sec. 111 Pres. 1115 State Convention Dele- gate 1115 Junior V.P.5 Red Cross 111 Mori, Bruno F.F.A. 131 5 Football 111 5 Baseball 131 5 Band 131 Mottern, Vern Football 1415 Band 1115 Junior Pres.5 F.F.A. 141 Murray, Dorothy Red Cross 1415 Galtonian Staif5 Chorus 1215 F.H.A.5 Basketball Peters, Glenn F.F.A. 1115 Band 1415 Cadet Corps ill Porterfield, Bob Cadet Corps 1115 F.F.A. 1315 Base- ball J Pratton, Vern Freshman Treasg Sophomore Yell Lea- der5 F.F.A. 1415 Baseball 1215 Basket- ball 1415 Cal-Poly Convention Dele- gate '48 Rosin, Frieda Red Cross 1115 Typing Awardsg Girls League Senior Rep.5 Galtonian Art Ed.5 Hi.-Lights Art Ed.5 Basketballg Base ball Ryan, Bill Freshman V.P.5 Sophomore V.P.5 Foot- ball 1315 Basketball 111 Schaal, Edna Office 11 1 5 Librarian 111 5 Chorus 111 5 Red Cross 121 5 Hi-Lights Ad. Manager5 Typing Awardg Annual Playg 121 5 Galtonian Staff Seibel, Doris Band 141 AWard5 Red Cross 1315 Chorus 111 Steiner, Bob Freshman Rep.5 Cadet Corps 1215 Stu- dent Body Yell Leader 1115 Basketball CBP Steiner, Dick Cadet Corps 1215 Student Body Yell Leader 111 Stevens, Russel F.F.A. 1215 Cadet Corps 1215 Red Cross 1215 Student Body Yell Leader 111-, Stoddard, Clarence Basketball 1315 Football 1215 F.F.A. 141 V.P. 1115 Senior V.P. Sullivan, Margaret Band 131 Awardg Red Cross 1115 Basketball5 Baseball Turner, Betty Spanish Club 1115 Sophomore Hop 1215 F.H.A. 1315 Red Cross5 Typing Award Turner, Mabel Red Cross 1315 Chorus 1115 Galtonian Staff5 Hi-Lights Business Manager5 Basketball5 Baseball5 F.H.A. Treas. Vaughn, Hazel Typing Award Wagner, Viola Wagner, Vernon Sophomore Rep.5 Student Body V.P.5 F.F.A. 1415 Sec 1115 Basketball 141 Captain 1115 Baseball 131 Captain 1115 Cal-Poly Convention Delegate ill Zweigle, Carol Baseball5 Basketballg Sophomore Treas.5 Student Body Yell Leader 1115 Band 141 Awardg Chorus 1415 Typing Awards 1315 Office 1115 '45 junior Prom Queen L p-ulgp X, F , IEE: Q l 4 nf? QL f-2 f 1 - W 'weil i' N lllgdjll L' Y If ' X, .fa an W Sy 35l.EE5 x0 ESQ? Xffx o Q 7 M1 59 WZ' FLowE M CQ? .5555 68 Edie I a ou, gggai ,J 'W V xl 0 5 Ky? Q9 ES: K f-""' iw r' g I Q ,JA Qxlqxxg m,Xf mi Q Eyj qqggprr Mfr iggi 45- . X K' L5 W J3+Vf 5555 JMK k. ............. ............. ""-'.i":."" L7 X i .gg xy 3- 4 i 1-.1 Q K if x I fa f ' ig I W lf ,.. S +- ' 'X 1 f 1 "T Z .1 s Q69 f V, V 1k a A s fu f' Q ' x M V, ff! ,ix IWLJQ M 'W N' N- 3 W, X 'Uk rf -- A ' i A 2 X 'bww 5 6 25 1 f PX- f , 2 R1 Bm N 411 ,X lj K7 f my Q ,m , ,,,,Q , CW gf? B 4 l,,,, ""f'---' gg C39 H 5 J ef , 3 NW .. 42,14 fxfj QE-xi iq,-L2 is--R ggi if My 3 CLASS 0F 71- left fa rig hf Third Row: B. Shively, B. Pierce, J. Barton, J. Harper, C. Slemler Second Row: R. Gillean, E. Keogh, W. Hartsock, G. Lang, K. Shulz, Firsf Row: H. Doering, D. Quasch- nick, M. Isaacson, D. Hinks, W. Loftin :eff fl. fghl, Third Row: G. Giddens, G. Knee, S. Lerma, J. Alves, D. Johnson, O. Gross t Second Row: B. Bryant, I. John- son, D, Brunmeir, M. Seibel, L. Morse, C, Pearson. Firsf Row: M. Rameriz, F. hrs- ham, K. McMullen, L. Jaymot, L. Stoddard, D. Marengo aw. ...........Qi 1 wil iw-' -...U-..... leff io right Fourfh Row: F. Koyama, D. Ber- reth, R. Hessler, H. Shipley, E. Eclerra, C. Peferlson, G. Melhaff Third Row: W. Crosson, B. Fuqua, D. Marks, E. Bolhman, V. Clev- enger, N. McEnerney, S. Sullivan Second Row: E. Mullins, C. Lleblg, P. Lausfen, G. Fleshman, R. Ur- ben, M. Woodard, M. Whiit Firsf Row: L. Kanclt, F. Harbert, R. Lawley, L. Grossi N--u ii. .2 l CLASS 0F 50 L. M , fx ww, ieff fo righf Third Row: D. Lang, D. Fvechlhold H. Huuschildt, W. Younger, P Head, P. Murray, H. Giddens. Second Row: C. Henderson, J Kelly, L. DeWiV1', K. McMullen L. Lopes, J. Campbell. Firsl Row: M. Bawcom, S. Cos- odo, W. Engel, E. Seiferi, G Thompson, D. Neff. -n leff fo righf Third Row: M. Kiesz, V. Moberio E. Anderson, H. Singh, J. Tinsley R. Perry. Second Row: B. McPheorson, N Reiger, T. Reeves, S. Low, C. Poi ion, N. Trolfer, J. Chew. Firsf Row: T. De Volld, T. Shaffer L. Hinks, E. Fromm, T. Lola, Fi Pierce, L. Rodrigues. ---1-sl m lefi fo righf Fourfh Row: R. Keim, B. Brown, L. Fleshmon, C. Van Sleyn, B. Cox, C. Rundle, V. Ruiz,B. Smith, Third Row: G. Goldsberry, N. Smith, D. Morris, L. Wise, l.. Fronison, H. Munger, J. Werre, G. Weber. Second Row: E. Brown, K. Whit- femore, H. Jackson, R. Pohl, R. Schulz. First Row: D. DeVolld, W. Lihke, G. Hendricks, F. Boyd, D. Seibel. 120 CLASS OF '5l left to right Fourth Row: W. Case, B. Weaver, J. Quaschnick, W. Meeks, D. Kel ler, M. Koyama, M. Bradley Third Row: F. Hilder, l. leichl, A Shaffer, V. Nelson, I, West, M Murray, E. Lang, R. Cuyno. Second Row: F. Field, G. Young, T. McKenzie, R. Bippus, H. LaRoe, E. Harrison First Row: W. Machen, R. Weath- erman, B. Munger, D, Harbert. left io right Fourth Row: B. Seibel, A. Gevock, B. Vass, B. Link, J. Sullivan, B Hemings, H. LaRoe Third Row: N. Cazine, L. Grossi, B. Redman, T. McGarrah, J. Cle- venger, L. Mendoza, D. Hillson, B. Gallagher Second Row: B. Stenstrum, A. Sofye, B. Boyd, A. Turner, E. Fer- reira, J. Hagans, L. Vinyard First Row: H. Roberson, J. Neff, R. Lindberg, H. Fitzgerald, W. Mqsterson . wi? Pl .X left Io right Fourth Row: F. Liebig, M. Prather, D. Gross, R. Bippus, W. Hale, E. Pinkham, J. Colombo Third Row: R. Lavagnino, C. Woodard, L. Ramirez, H. Tindle, K. McGarva, M. Hauschildt, M. Smith, C. Clark Second Row: M. Linneman, W. Younger, D. Markey, G. Hadley, D. Pohl, M. DeVoIId, A. Addi, D. Johnson First Row: B. Mertz, R. Middleton, R. Pearson, F. Ederra, R. Reeves - .wwf 1. Zh . gmfea. 3-on W' M lf: .1359 N Kin 1. M., J., and S. Sullivanp 2. C. Zweiglep 3. M. Smithp 4. D. Colombop 5. J. Clevengerf 6. A. Lopesp 7. J. Campbell- 8 D. DeVoIIdp 9. N. McEnerneyp 10. A. Schafferp 11. C. Stoddard 8. V. Wagnerg 12. D. Seibelp 13. D. 8. B. Steiner- 14, M: DeVolldp 15. F. Rosinp 16. B. Eversp 17. P. Headp 18. D. 8. B. Balliefp 19. S. Casadoy 20. L. Lopes 8. V. Rodrigllesp .21 R. Urban 8. B. Marengop 22. B. Bippusp 23. M. Pratherp 24. J. Chewy 25. W. Engelp 26. C. Diazp 27. B. Loudermilk 28. E. Schaalp 29. L. Gilleanp 30. B. Fuquap 31. F.E.T.g 32. D. Quaschnickg 33. B. Ryanf 34. M. Isaacsonp 35. H. Jackson 36. F. Abrahamp 37. L. Horningp 38. E. Miller, 39. P. Lausten. I I 122 1 GRGANIZATIONS W 4 X A RM 1 ,AW N ffl f x ff' 'J W 492 KM Am fjfw 5 ,NW ' .NQN 5 Xfffb' V' 'WMN4 Vai X- N65 N Awjffgwg Wv AQ N' ,f X It Q40 P3 'W fctfoq Qfff- ff yy? IAO JJO 4 1 I STUDENT COUNCIL Left fo righf: R. McCormick, I.. Morse, D. Marengo, E. Brown, R. Brooks, W. Crosson, B. Bippus, V. Wagner, O. Gross The Student Council consists of president, vice- president, secretary, treasurer, and seven representatives. Betty Evers, Bill Shively, and Larry Morse represent the Student Body as a whole. Representing their classes are Roger McCormick, Senior class, Otto Gross, junior classg Eugene Brown, Sophomore classg and Boh Bippus, Freshman class. Meetings were held when it was necessary to discuss important matters for the good of the Student Body. During the year the Student Council performed numerous generalities including sponsoring the Christmas Dance and the selling of Student Body Cards. COUNCIL OFFICERS Leff Io right: President, R. B r o o k sg Vice-President, V. Wagnerf Secretary, W. Cros- senp Treasurer, D. Marengo f K l MR. LITTLETON ' Director Galt Fair, July 27, 1947, Lodi Grape Festival, September 14, 19475 Sutter Creek Football Game, October 3, 1947, Escalon Football game, October 10, 19475 San Juan Football game, October 17, 19475 Halloween Party at Fair Grounds, October 31, 19475 Elk Grove Football game, November 7, 1947, Christ- mas Concert, December 20, 19473 Courtland Basket- ball game, February 6, 19485 Boy Scout Parade- in Sacramento, February 14, 1948, Lincoln Basketball game, February 17, 1948, February 20, 19485 San Juan Basketball game, February 27, 1948, Hi Jinks, March 13, 19485 Easter Sun- rise Service, March 28, 19485 Cal Aggies Picnic at Davis, April 17, 19485 Band Concert, not definite, Oakland Contest, May 8, 1948. 0 . ...T . ,yyssiis F . Q .. , Left to right-Fifth Row: F. Bellie, K. Schulz, G. Lang, S. Lerma, G. Brown, G. Hendricks, J. Hagans, D. - Seibel, B. Cox, P. Head, Director, Mr. Littleton Fourth Row: B. Loudermilk, R. McCormick, L. Morse, B. Shively, L. Gillean, R. Pahl, D. Lang, R. Perry, E. Pinkham, O. Gross, C. Van Steyn, R. Schulz Third Row: L. Joymot, J. Alves, E. Ederra, M. Sullivan, L. McMullen, H. Tindle, D. Bechthold, D. Johnson, L. Fleshman, N. McEnerney, J. Quaschnick, H. LaRoe, E. Summers Second Row: L. Lopes, M. Koyama, E. Ferreira, A. Turner, E. Seifert, J. Chew, M. Bradley, C. Leibig, C. . Zweigle, D. Quaschnick, D. Morris, G. Peters, W. Brown First Row: V. Rodrigues, F. Abraham, D. Seibel, H. Doering, K. McMullen, L. Stoddard, S. Sullivan, G. Flesh- man, B. Mori, J. Colombo, C. Pearson Folsom Basketball game, Q24 Left to right: B. Loudermilk, L. Lopes, L. Joymot, V. Rodrigues, F. Bellie TTES cnonu Left to right-Fifth Row: L. McKenzie, C. Van Steyn, V. Ruiz, H. Singh, J. Tinsley, W. Littke, R. Perry, B. Mori, G. Case, L. Gillean, Director, Mr. Littleton Fourth Row: G. Long, D. Seibel, S. Casado, M. Bowcom, N. Trotter, E. Fromm, W. Hartsock, C. Diaz, E. McCorey, I. Johnson, D. Bechthold, L. Fleshman Third Row: V. Rodriques, M. Seibel, N. Reiger, L. Lopes, K. McGarva, M. Hauschildt, D. Johnson, M. Ramirez, D. Murray, B. McPhearson, D. Hinks, H. Tindle, D. Pahl Second Row: N. McEnerney, D. Marks, M. Turner, C. Henderson, W. Loftin, J. Scott, A. Addi, M. Whitt, M. Woodard, R. Urban, M. Lavagnino, C. Woodard , Firsf Row: C. Patton, L. Ramirez, J. Kelley, F. Shaffer, F. Field, M. De Volld, M. Linnman, W. Younger, C. Zweigle, P. Boyd, F. Pierce, A. Castro, D. Furtado left to right Fifth Row: H. Jackson, C. Woodard, M. Lavagnino, R. U r b a n, M. Woodard, M. Whitt, A. Addi, A. Gevock, D. Johnson, L. rlilder, P. Freitas, D. Markey Fourth Row: L. Lopes, V. Rod- rigues, P. Lausten, H. Tindle, N. Smith, D. Morris, R. Cuy- no, S. Lota, L. Mendoza, F. Lota, C. Clark Third Row: I. Reeves, D. Hill- son, W. Younger, B. Redman, T. McGarruh, I. West, M. Murray, E. Lang, E. Seifert, l L. McMullen, M. Bawcom Second Row: D. Pahl, M. De V o l l d, J. Clevenger, G ff Weber, M. Smith, D. Neff, J 1 A Campbell, L. Frantson, L Wise, H. Vaughn. First Row: F. Shaffer, B. Boyd D. Seibel, B. Turner, G. Flesh- man, N. Trotter, S. Sullivan K. McMullen GIRLS LEAGUE u B Fourth Row: E. Ferreira, J Hagens, G. Thompson, V Nelson, M. Bradley, G. Golds berry, J. Young, D. Marks Third Row: K. McGorva, F Liebigf E. Mullens, C. Patton C. Henderson, J. Kelley, G Hadley, E. Bothman, F. Pierce P. Boyd Second Row: B. Seibel, G Lang, J. Scott, W. Hartsock l i E. Keogh, E. Fromm, H. Doer ing, D. Quaschnick, M. Isaac- H son First Row: A. Lopes, M. Tur ner, A. Turner. F. Abraham, B. Vass, M. Sullivan, B. Koy- ama, E. Schaal, B. Louder- milk. left to right Fifth Row: E. Bothman, M. Bippus, S. Bierderman, D. Brunmeir, M. Koyama, J. Chew, A. Sofye, B. Stenstrum, L. Grossi, B. Bryant Fourth Row: M. Linneman, M. Ramirez, A. Schaffer, I. Leicht, W. Loftin, D. Furtado, A. Castro, C. Diaz, D. Murray, B. Gallagher Third Row: M. Haushhildt, B. Fu- qua, E. McCrorey, M. Prather, L. Stoddard, L. Joymot, D. Hinks, L. Hinks, B. McPhearson Second Row: L. Vinyard, L. Ra- mirez, H. Munger, S. Casado, W. Engel, L. DeWitt, I. Johnson, M. Seibel, N. Reiger First Row: F. Bellie, C. Marengo, W. Crosson, F. Rosin, C. Liebig, F. Field, N. McEnerney, V. Cleven- ger, Mrs. Taylor Leff Sec Firs P f res we 4. to righl-Third Row: l. Leicht, F. Shaffer, D. Murray, N. Smith, D. Neff, J. Campbell. ond Row: Mrs. Sobey, E. Fromm, D. Brunmeir, B. Turner, A. Lopes Row: M. Turner, Treasurer, J. Werre, Secretary, W. Horisock, Vice-President, M. Bippus ideni HDMEMAKERS Jumon REQ li K 'Q f Left fo righf-Fourfh Row: M. Turner, A. Lopes, A. Gevock, F. Hilder B Fuqua D Quaschnick H D r' , . , . , . oe ang, G. Thompson, H. Munger, H. Jackson, W. Engel Third Row: B. Vass, E. Lang, N. McEnerney, B. McPhearson, D. Murray, M. Woodard, P. Lausfen, R, Urban, D. Neff, J. Campbell, S. Casado, N. Reiger, B. Koyama, B, Seibel Second Row: C. Zweigle, B. Turner, D. Seibel, D. Mar Treasurer, F. Pierce, V. Rodrigues, L. Lopes ks, Secrefaryg P. Boyd, Vice-President, M. lsaacson, Firsl Row: R. Sfevens, E. Hilder, J. Fairchild, B. R cn, B. Sh' l O. G y uve y, ross, D. Johnson, R. Gillean Future Farmers of America were hosts at their annual barn dance Novem ber 19 and sponsored the contest for barn dance queen, won by Pat Boyd, Senior. The group enjoyed a skating party, February 10, and a ski trip to Soda Springs, February 29. They have had a number of feeds: chile, oyster stew, ice cream and cake following the regular business meetings. The members have made many field trips for demonstration and practice of pruning, spraying, and measurement of water and pump eihciency. They bought this year a pair of FFA pennants, a gavel, and other necessary equipment for meetings and record keeping. They equipped their classroom with black drapes so that motion pictures may be shown there and purchased a fine camera with flash attachment for use in photographing projects and progress stages. FUTU Lefi io righi-Fourfh Row: G. Knee, W. Meeks, B. Weavers, C. Pearson Third Row: C. Stemler, J. Barton, F. Koyama, W. Hessler, B. Mori, B. Munger Second Row: L Kandi, E, Anderson, W. Case, F. Harberf, G. Giddens, R. Lawley Firsf Row: E. Harrison, D. Keller, D. Berreth leff fo righf Fourth row: E. Summers, V. Mo berfo ,H. Giddens, P. Murray, J Tinsley, H. Singh, J. Kelley, G Melhaff Third Row: Mr. Eggen, J. Quasch nick, H. Hauschildf, D. Lang, V Praiton, B. Pierce, E. Breiimaier Second Row: J. Harper, Reporter R. Brooks, Treasurer, C. Stod dard, Vice-President, E. Miller President, V. Wagner, Secretary D. Seibel, Watch dog Firsf Row: W. Machen, D. Har bert, W. Case, B. Porierfield, R Weafhermon y l ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION e""'1' limi -va N. ga HI-LIGHTS Left to right: S. Biederman, L. Horning, Editor, D. Ball-, iet, F. Rosin, Art Editor, E. Schaal, Co-Manager, M. Turner, Business Manager, D. Marks, Mrs. Bortin, ad- visor, P. Boyd ff L JOURNALISM CLASS Back Row: E. Keogh, C. Diaz, M. Whitt, D. Seibel, E. McCrorey, F. Bellie, E. School Second Row: W. Hartsock, E. Bothman, G. Lang, M. Sullivan, H. Vaughn, P. Boyd, Fashion Edi- tor, Mrs. Bortin Third Row: B. Koyama, Editor, S. Biederman, Assistant Editor, A. Lopes, Exchange Editor, M. Tur- ner, Social Editor, D. Marks, Fea- ture Editor, N. McEnerney, Girl's Sports, F. Rosin, Art Editor GALT HERALD Through the courtesy of Editor Axel Grube of the GALT HERALD, the Journalism Class noi- maintained a weekly column of high school news. Carmen Diaz, left, and Florence Bellie, right, were the reporters. BARN DANCE CANDIDATES Lell to right: P. Boyd, D. Marengo, N. Smith, M. Houschildt L fa QUEEN P. Boyd is CHRISTMAS DANCE HICKIEST COUPLE R. Urben, M. Woodard V . Y 2- 5 ,. pill' Aff f 942 B25 7 4 M .1 -g g A , Q c? V., , fm . fsi . YF L l Z ANNUAL PLAY Left to right-Bock Row: G. Young, B. Ryan, L. Horning, J. Fairchild, R. McCormick Second Row: E. School, L. Jaymot, B. Louder' milk, P. Boyd, Miss Gouin Sponsor Sir Hector Fish Phoebe Beebe Billy Laidlaw Agatha Laidlaw Maude Mullen Dlucie Dumble Anno Hampton Sheriff Perkins Brisky Briscoe CAST Betty Miss Gouin Roger McCormick Ellen Loudermilk Elvin Miller Geraldine Young Loraine Jaymot Pot Boyd Edna School Jim Fairchild LeRoy Horning .lomes 'Rocker' Slammon Bill Ryan 1 , 311 M SPDRTS JUL, Swan! W V -Y - -- V ---Y .- -'- rf V---M W ---'Y' -'T' - Y '--M" --' ""'- ff---1-ffvn ' 155 l""""""""""""""""""' Wwfv 2 l . .WW-f 5? 5 f cv E S i V pijZp4?QU Ygfwnhxlf6QQ7i?p+Ci,fQQfQQf7 QWW 2 MQW gk :Ed f gQ5E 52 5? Q , tg ' , I' , 4 W N Wy 5 E3 17W-6:4-.4..y fri, L,.....,,., ,..WM MMAH . , W MM WM WAMwwW M mW WMMMM5m , FDOTBALL ac. -N bg -' Left fo right-Fourth Row: E. Harrison, G. Case, W. Younger, H. Ha uschildt, E. Hilder, C. Sfoddard Third Row: E. Breitmaier, J. Quaschnllu,1DaDeSilva, F. Boyd, G. Knee, D. Bechihold, J. Palma, R. Pahl 5' Second Row: C. Peterson, D. Lang, O. Gross, D. Johnson, E. Miller, L. Horning, P. Head, E. Sunlfnersu' First Row: Coach Slaughter, J. Fairchild, G. Melhaff, V. Motfern, B. Ryan, R. Brooks, R. McCormick, S 3 W. Case, Coach Boyarsky 'L Q' CAPTAIN MCCORMICK "' 3 ' I ' WW GALT VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE A Qi: , ' J Galt Manteca 25 . , Galt St. Maryfs 0 h , Galt Sutter Creek 14 f ' L Galt Escalon ' 7 " , Galt San Juan 0 ,P Galt Courtland 0 We "' it Galt Elk Grove '. 12 Galt Clarksburg 1' 6 Galt Grant I 0 Galt Linden 4.0 I G 1' E , 1 1 1 L.. 37 - A . , '12'54ff, 1 ' f W ff., , .Q , . , V , . .V ,,,,r' ,I Mel 0 1 A V' . '74, . -.. , . gg, fr-'r -,fe A '55 ,iff A- - X, 5' Q g i, :www , ' Q . 'f fw'ffi..f K , A f. vwww "T 4' 71 f'7,'542 ix, 'f'f,l.-if '6'5,J- 'T . Z 'L f,--' 1, - - KN "' H V , . .Q mf, E ,.,' . ,,,,q: fy J xml ' A ff?c.fh,.:w:fQR!3?f5iwfQw Am , 2. fx Q Ve w , ' -f' .tlfiiyi Aw ' . ., ,.,. , 55'?ffi,:,L , ' Left io right-Third Row: C. Stoddard, E. Brown, G. Melhaff, Manager Bechiold Second Row: G. Case, E. Hilder, H. Hauschildt, J. Kelley, E. Anderson Firsi Row: V. Wagner, V. Prahon, R. McCormick, E. Breitmaier, W. Liitke Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt A BASKETBALL 24 lone 2 8 Edison 22 Sutter Creek 19 Lincoln 47 Ione 5 4 Courtland 3 1 Elk Grove 2 3 San Juan 3 0 Folsom 3 2 Courtland 3 7 Elk Grove 29 Lincoln 3 7 Folsom 41 Sutter Creek 30 San Juan CAPTAIN PRATTON 4 :ff , ,f 1- w l . W5 s s 55 B ' 'WfWfw52se A A Slfh UW els Aves lslll :wf 99 ll' am f 2 3,7 ,Mgr U 3 5. Y , l l Q , u.3,, Q 3 2 A Qsfinfs. fwT .ff Q 2 S 4 f g, in . .4 - . w"' 7 f j lgi. JK .M C3 Sk iflw 3 lNeN lllf 2 Q , shi? 2 f Qay3 BQ? x . A 5353 4 gm left fo righf: E. Harrison, W. Younger, R. Pohl, J. Alves C. Pearson, D. DeVolld, E. Miller, E. Eddera Galt Gals Galt Galt Galt Gil: Galt Galt Gal: Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt Galt B BASKETBALL 3' 24 lone 16 Edison 3 S Sutter Creek 2 1 Lincoln 39 lone 6 8 Courtland 19 Elk Grove 1 S San Juan 22 Folsom 2 2 Courtland 48 Folsom 3 2 Elk Grove 23 Lincoln 26 Sutter Creek 16 San Juan 16 33 28 49 27 20 35 23 53 50 33 46 38 43 25 CAPTAIN MILLER C TEAM Galt Galt Galt Galt TEAM 14 5 9 5 Leff fo righf-Bac 0 D. Seibel: D. DeVolld: R. Schulz: D. Gross Front row: K. Schulz, C. Rundell: E. Ederro, cqpfqin, D. Berreth. C TEAM SCHEDULE Galt 1 9 Courtland 3 S Galt 19 Elk Grove 22 Galt 9 Courtland 39 Galt 21 Elk Grove 29 SCHEDULE Elk Grove 15 Courtland 29 Courtland 31 Elk Grove 27 D TEAM lefi fo righf: W. Mcchen: R. Weatherman: F, Boyd: E. Pinkham: B. Brown, Capioin: D. Keller: R. Pearson. ' l BASEBALL Leff fo righi-Third Row: B. Pierce, E. Billups, E. Brieimaier, J. Kelly, G. Melhaff, V. Wagner, V. Prahon G. Case, H. Hauschildr, B. Porierfield, Coach Cooley Second Row: W. Lifike, C. Pinlzham, R. Hessler, O. Gross, R. McCormick, J. Alves, R. Weorherman, E. Eddera C. Rundell, D. Keller, D. DeSilva Firsf Row: L. Morse, B. Munger, B. Weaver, J. Case, J. Quaschnick, B. Mori, B. Shively, D. Gross, L. Gillean D. Johnson Q Left fo right-Third Row: E. Harrison, B. Ryan, E. Summers, J. McKenzie, J. Fairchild, H. Singh, G. Hendricks l. Grossi, W. Younger Second Row: D. Hurberi, B. Schulz, D. Steiner, F. Harberi, H. Shipley, D. DeSilva, J. Roberson Firsf Row: E. Miller, G. Giddens, F. Boyd, E. Sleiner, M. Kiesz, S. Lermo, E. Anderson T TRACK TOLLIVER PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing 27 S. Sacramento Street Lodi Calif. KRIEGER MOTOR CO. FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN SALES AND SERVICE 117 S. Sacramento St. LODI, CALIFORNIA B 8: W Motor Sales Cushman Scooters Hudson Cars SALES AND SERVICE Specializing in Body and Fender 216 S. Sacramento St. Phone LODI, CALIFORNIA 8 Crosley-General Electric-Crane HOWEN HARDWARE and Plumbing Supply 21 North School St. Lodi Calif. J. L. WINCHESTER Morcwear Paints PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING 108 West Oak St. LODI, CALIFORNIA Phone 1086 "Maurices Debs" for Style "Happy Hikersn for Sports "Smart Maidv Wedgies for Casual Wear MAURICES SHOES Shoes for the Family 11 N. School St. "CLASTON" BROGUES FOR YOUNG MEN UWEATHERBIRDU Shoes for Children "Fabric is First in Fashion" THE FABRIC SHOP Lodi Everything in Yardage 395 CONCRETE PIPE CO Ecl.S ire ,ermazm Concrete Irrigation-Drainage Culvert Pipes--Silos-Septic Tanks Building Materials Peerless Milling Company 4th and F Sts. Poultry Feeds Grain Mill Feeds Hay GAUB'S FOUR STAR FOUNTAIN SOFT DRINKS - ICE CREAMS Candies and Notions GALT, CALIFORNIA BANK BARBER SHOP J. H. N1cHoLsoN Booster for G. H. S. Bank Building Galt, California COMPLIMENTS OF McFARLAND'S LOCKER SERVICE COMPLETE BUTCHERING AND CURING SERVICE GALT, CALIFORNIA Phone 56 C. W. McDorman, Prop. 'Phone 3762 THE RADIO SHOP Sales and Service Sparton-Emerson-Hoffman Radios Electric Supplies and Fixtures Electric Appliances Galt Calif. johnson's Associated Station 236 Old Highway 99 GALT, cAL1FoRN1A Gas - Oil - Tires - Tubes Lunch and Ballery Supplies Ice Cream - Tobaccos E. A. 8: MARY JOHNSON Proprietors WEATHER'S HARDWARE Fuller Paints - Work Clothing General Hardware Good Line of Bolts GALT, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF' PERSONALITY SHOPPE MILLINERY - ACCESSORIES LINGERIE - HOSIERY o Phone 1328 Lodi, California M rs. Helen Morton CONGRATULATIONS Drs. Pallesen and Pallesen C1288 Of '48 Physician and Surgeon Gifts at Phone 794 LODI HARDWARE ' Lodi, California 27 S. School Street Phone 3 New and Used Saddlery-Leather Goods Hand-Carved Belts Western Boots Silver Buckles "GUS TRADIN' POST" UTI-IE RENDEZVOUS FOR HORSES 81 YOU' 99 Highway Acampo Signs and Art Wfork is of All Kinds , if 4 5 55' JOI-INSON'S TIME SERVICE Watches and Clocks Guaranteed Repair Work 4th and C Street Galt, California 4 You,ll 0 fa Ice Cream IF IT'S BORDEN'S IT'S GOT TO BE GOOD Enjoy LIVESTOCK YARDS JACK GUTHRIE P. 0. Box 732 and Phone 2762 CLYDE GRIMSTEAD Res. Phone 2931 High Dollar Galt Auctioneers Farm Sales Solicited GALT LIVESTOCK SALES YARD GUTHRIE BROS. OPERATORS Auction Sale Every Wednesday We Have a Cash Market for Anything You Have to Sell and We Receive Livestock Monday Through Friday CARL W. HARTMAN AUCTIONEER V In Charge of Miscellaneous Department Can Sell Anything for Something itkttitktttitttitkttt' GALT DEPT. STORE Mary 86 A. P. Hansen GALT, CALIFORNIA 'k1l"ki"k'kk'ki'i'iri"k'k'k'k'A"k'ki"k' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO CLASS OP '48 IRMA'S SPECIALTY SHOP 9 North School St. LODI, CALIFORNIA THE TALLIMAR SHOP Ladies' and Childrenls Ready to Wear Phone 2 662 Thornton, California Charlotte Smith Mary Tally Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '48 SPROUSE-REITZ CO., In LODI, CALIFORNIA Best Wishes to Class of '48 bm Mama Lodi's Smartest Men Store Hotel Lodi Bldg. Lodi, California G. F. and K. B. Livingston Licensed REAL ESTATE BROKERS We Specialize in Farms P. O. Box 504 LODI, CALIFORNIA Main Office Branch Office C, 7 West Pine St. Galt, California Phone 1420-J Phone 58-W INSURANCE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF THE TOGGERY LOdi's Leading Store for Men and Young Men Home of Stetson Hats, Arrow Shirts, Florsheim Shoes. Corner School and Oak Sts. LODI '48 FRENCH CLEANERS 5 West Pine St. LODI, CALIFORNIA Serving the entire Gall urea for over 25 years SCHAUER Cr SPIESS REAL ESTATE Insurance Tax Assistance GALT, CALIFORNIA Phone 2 342 Henderson Bros. Co., Inc. "Since 1896" 21-25 South Sacramento Street HARDWARE SHEET METAL STOVES AND RANGES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PAINTS AND OILS 0 LODI, CALIFORNIA AMBROGIO'S ELECTRICAL SHOP EDWARD J. AM BROGIO Proprietor RADIO SERVICE Norge and Frigidaire Refrigerators Appliances Ironrite Irons Bendix and Maytag Washers Philco and R.C.A. Radios Byron jackson and jacuzzi Pumps Sawyer Building GALT, CALIFORNIA MEET YOUR FRIENDS lat-- RICHMAID -and- i KAREN'S LODI, CALIFORNIA C443 4 I K -wugigf he ,g ., . y ' f..k' ' , mi. COMPLIMENTS OF DOWDELL IMPLEMENT CO Galt, California , Phone Galt 2861 SUNSHINE CAFE and FQUNTAIN 205 Old 99 Lincoln Highway Proprietors Mary 81 james Vass GIANILLPS MIDWAY CAFE At the Galt Y Good Eats and Drinks CONGRATULATIONS REST PCINT Twin Cities Chevron Gasoline S 86 H SERVICE Gas-Oil Automotive Repairs Thornton California Let Us Do Your Dry Cleaning A SC B CLEANERS Free Pick Up 86 Delivery Phone 2221 Galt Prompt Service CONGRATULATION AND BEST WISHES For Continued Service TO THE CLASS OF '48 M. NEWFIELD Sc SONS LODI, CALIFORNIA Outstanding Values FULLER 8: SONS Kuppenheilnef Our Advice is to Continue to Play and You Will Continue to Live SCHUNKE'S YOUR SPORTS HEADQUARTERS LODI, CALIFORNIA Lodi, California Congratulations 86 Best Wishes To Galt Hi Class of "48" WASHINGTONS FOOD MARKETS Galt Lockeford Valley Springs Quality Feeds ROBINSONS Galt Lodi Purina Chow Albers Feeds Douglas Gasoline and Oils Tires ' Batteries Accessories STElNER'S MARKETS Two Complete Food Stores General Merchandise Electric Appliances GALT THORNTON ff . 'f' ,S l f I Y Y 1 5 - , if-WEE - H M f . : 2 A ii VGSSLER BROS. MILLING CO. LARRO FEEDS FOR DAIRY CATTLE - HOGS - POULTRY - TURKEYS RABBITS - SHEEP - DOGS HAY - GRAIN - MILL FEEDS - SEEDS Fourth and A Streets - Galt, California Locally Owned and Operated 14 49y CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '48 We invite you to help us and work with us this coming canning season on this important production work. Good working conditions prevail. We will help minors who do not have their work permits to obtain them. Apply at Employment Office of THORNTON CANNING COMPANY Thornton, California Telephone 2501 A l r ' . v' gl-'I' PARK AND SHOP MARKET Groceries and Meat Phone 2412 Th0I'Ht0I1 California SUPER MARKET Groceries--FruitslVegetables Quality Meats Notions Everyday, Low Prices Galt, California Phone 2111 Compliments of FOSTER G WOOD CANNING CO. LODI, CALIFORNIA 0 R. W. STENSTRUM GALT PHARMACY Bank of Galt Bldg. Real Estate 86 Insurance Salesmen Nick Listini Reinhold Koehn 5 Telephone 3101 L17 The Diamond Match Company "Where a Dollar Does Its Duty" LUMBER HARDWARE Phone 22 H. Knecht, Mgr. Galt, California O GALT, CALIFORNIA O Ray H. Arlin CHEVROLET Motor Cars and Trucks Complete Automotive Service Greasing and Washing Fender and Body Repair GALT MOTORS Phone 3161 E. J. HALL GALT FURNITURE CO. Phone 2191 Quality Furniture Reasonable Prices 119 4th Street THE GALT HERALD Job Printing A. E. Grube S35 C Street Galt, California Phone 321 1 PAHL'S SHOE SHOP SHOE REPAIRING AND SHOE SUPPLIES o Galt, California 55 GALT BEAUTY SHOP 325 4th St. GALT, CALIFORNI4 Phone 2121 Q ' 11- -'Q X - t he ' 5' FOR PERMANENTS, FINGER WAVES, SHAMPOOS, MANICURES Visit the DARLENE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 2311 Galt, California DOLE'S CAFE Restaurant and Bar Steve 8: Lucille Dole Thornton, California Phone 2711 DR. W. H. CROSSWHITE OPTOMETRIST Phone 827 3 South School Street LODI, CALIFORNIA S 8: S FOOD MARKET THORNTON, CALIFORNIA Brands that you know at prices that you can afford to pay FROZEN LOCKER SERVICE 2 COMPLIIVIENTS CLAUDE C. WOOD CO. LODI Phone 2 0 8 S Ready-mix Concrete Sand-Gravel Crushed Rock Plaster Cement Excavating Home Phone 370M VIC MYERS SHEET METAL WORK 212 So. XWashington St. LODI, CALIFORNIA ODERN UPHOLSTERING 209 4th Street Galt, Calif. Reupholstering of Living Room Furniture, Bedroom chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Antiques, Also New Furniture V. E. Greer Jr. M. D. Physician and Surgeon 8th and B Streets Galt Calif. 532 Portraits Cameras CONGRATULATIONS LOWRY CAMERA SHOP STUDIO 229 W. Yosemite Phone 346 Commercials SL Wedding Manteca California GUPTILL'S JEWELRY JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRING Work Guaranteed Lodi California 22 South School Street JOHN SHULIE Watchmaker and Jeweler Elgins-Gruens--Longine Wittnauer Watches 103 S. School St. Lodi, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To THE CLASS OF '48 HOLLY DEPARTMENT STORE ZlMMERMA.N DRUG Lodi California Lodi California MODE O' DAY Dresses Lingerie Hose Lodi Calif. BEST WISHES To Class of '48 LODI FLOWER SHOP Choice Flowers at Reasonable Prices Phone 703 5 West Elm St. Lodi, Calif. CALVIN J. LOOSER, O. CORRECTIVE OPTOMETRY Phone 447 217 2 8: M Lodi Bank Bldg. D. COMPLIMENTS OF DR. IRVING RIDENOUR Lodi California COMPLIMENTS Galt Watch Repair Service OF A. F. BETTFREUND 417 CLUB CAFE Expert Watchmaker of 40 years' Experience Fine Foods INEZ VEACH 1 Mile North of Galt EDW' AMBROGIO Dr. Donald H. Ireland '21 GENERAL INSURANCE Dentist Phone 45 A Sawyer Building Phone 3741 Galt, California Galt, California THE CURVE DR. F. W. HARMS TEXACO SERVICE Phones Oilice 12811 Residence 3232 South of Phone 2511 AL N G T' CALIFOR IA Fair Grounds Galt, Calif. We build anything and Guarantee Satisfaction Kitchen Cabinets Stove Fixtures W Mile North of Galt Y Unfinished Furniture WEST CABINET SHOP Galt Calif- 215 Old Highway 99 Galt BRUCE PAINT CO. Dealer in Sherwin - Williams Paints, Enamels House Paints-Varnishes-Painters' Supplies Brick and Stucco Paints When there is need of a Painter see or call--Geo. Bruce, Paint Contractor Phone 1976R LODI 18 Welm GUILD CLEANERS 112 W. Pine Lodi, California Serving those Who Deserve the Best The Best There Is In MAYTAG SALES AND SERVICE Hamburgers Phone 120 7 W- Elm Chili Beans , Milk Shakes Lodi, Calif. Maytag Home Freezers-Maytag Washing Machines Maytags Dutch Ovens-Electric' Refrigerators 86 Ranges Famous Packard Bell Radios K Q KSZK CLEANERS 12 W. Oak Street Phone 1310 Cleaning of Quality Free Pickup 86 Delivery Leo Marchand 85 Sons 1- HARBINS ORANGE STAND for 15 Years 27 N. School LODI EAST SIDE DRESS SHOP DRESSES-COATS-SUITS SPORTS WEAR Open Evenings 502 E. Oak St. Phone 594 I LODI, CALIFORNIA Congratulations FEED S Otto E. Beckman To The Class Of Lodi Lockeford '48 Phone 688 Phone 25 W ff is MM d, Lxfucfyudgmwf 1 QNJQDN ' My? 'iefgfig N E MM Wfr1f 5 ' K ' 3U M XRWN S NAM 9-My K . ff w 2541 to x , . ,, . MW ix SX Q 4.3. Lwfyfwf Sm L -Zn, of? , '-df 1 l. ,. Lift 54 I. 'C LS y XYXX 1 1-., f , .- '-'4 N722, '1 YIL4 VA ew rx J 'F ,f W! l V 3 E f J, f f 1 f J' if vi X. ' v .

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