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I-UG PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE GALT IOINT UNICDN HIGH SCHOOL , E Editor - RUTH McCORMICK Art Editor - PLORABELLE HAGER Co-Business Mcmcxgers EDNA MICHELOTTI LUELLA ZWEIGLE lllf IRD The year 1946 has opened once more upon a world at peace, and tor this reason the theme of the annual is the happy-go-lucky Teddy Bear, who is tree from bondage, and ready, once again, to cut his capers. This little bundle of fur expressed the fun and joys of the Students at Galt High. The happy times at Galt High are depicted through these pages, and it is with great pleasure that We, of Galt High, have compiled our book of memories for the years to come. Our hope is that it will always bring happy memories of your friends and Work at Galt High. vie 2 X H no vig -if ON I Z., We, the Seniors of 1946 dedlccxte our annual to our fnend and bus driver - George Srmth 9 fav VY gif U 1 'Q ,z 'L 5, ,, ,W PRINCIPAL BOARD OE TRUSTEES FACULTY CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS ACTIVITIES ,QIWWMWQ I Ir af' f 5, 4 PIQINCIP TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1946: e Your graduation comes at the end of a long and devastating war. lt would be foolish "wish thinking" to believe that now the problems of all time are licked and that life from here on will be one of leisure, enjoyment, and stag- nation. Problems of tremendous magnitude are still before us-world peace, economic stabilization, political harmony, and many other equally important difficulties still must be solved. I trust that your high school education will help you to intelligently face these probems along with the other educated and enlightened young Ameri- ZW 'x r y S' aj, Q-4 FLOYD E. TAYLOR cl . Zu-2.53 . ng ,, N f ' cl I IQIJSTIEIES Each member of the Board ot Trustees " has served the school district success- fully for many years. The members are well known to be progressive in their n viewpoint toward education. We, the student body, are grateful for their un- I tiring interest in our training at Galt High. Reading left to right: Christopher N. Adams Egbert Morse Robert Nichols, President Fred W. Wing, Clerk Claude C. Wood EVELYN ALBERTINI, Secretary r" ' -:ti 1 y'-Y. '-'vrx . ,'y i V, '14 1 A 0 1' ,-' ,' X- ,. ,A -5, :. F,--clqfl, . ---- -g .1 ,., ,- EDMUND I-IENDRICKSON LAURENCE E. LITTLETON EELWIN POE I : ,J " "' .. . Juv ,Q . . ,f - ' ' K? :ag ,ELx' K ' .,, .ELA- 1, KATHRYN TAYLOR 39 ' in f . fu-, , , lxv? f . Mg. ' 3 sr :ugh- , X H gnc of 1' fl I i ""' " N55 f:':if 1' s ' JAKQJS "'-If X , f ." 1 ' ' A , - .Si ' 'lf I -'Q I, I I Hu. I M ELIZABETH UIN Q ' . T bAf'15 9 't- ig Ja.: th. I . Q r V l , IN' ' .ax w""1 X LORENE SOBEY E A f , ': , 3, -- .ff5'.5 ." ' , X " 1.-, I Q " iff: . '-f,,:'f3' li- : Y" f H .' -3 . I ,J 1 ' '0fuN42 inrw, A' gg9?ga qm:i,v 1' 9i'f':f3 :?E3f' s f:',fJEMYLMiQf , f I' 1 P . ., : Q L y,f ' " wftf QE- 4 1. if I no F, N 1' 1 5 5, -Q'-gf , J' A 1:21 K, 5 5 Ql'S,'7-l- E' ' ' V 3 55321-2fM '. IEANNE MULLENS z 0' W .E 5,-. - I ,- 5 'Sl- 1 ' .Q .-, I 5 . f. 5, ag X L 1. mx , mnmlf -V b,mMb 6 ig CY Q 5 f ! H y.'..fif.?5, w, 5,673'.LL fs up 34 1 M . ,. 1' H", 3' ' 15!f3f2i.,f-', 3 , :w i V A fix.: X . ,-1, V E? .N ,Am F,-fsezggg,-533.31-.N , f 133 'Mui' -- 1 . . h 1 I . x, . 1 17 E 4 1 s X V 1 W 1 i 1 J Q EVELYN ALBERTINI Iunior , Treasurer ot Student 111, Books keeping Award, Typing to Board ol Trustee MARVIN ALDRICH Galtonion Stalt, Hi-Light Stalt, "A" Basketball 121, "B" Basketball 111, V. Football 131, Baseball 111, Chorus 111,, Band 131. CECIL BOTTIMORE Galtonion Staff, Hi-Light Staff. Student Council 1Rep. at Large1, "B" Football 111, Baseball 121, Band 131. ELEANOR BELLIE Orchestra 111, Senior Yell Leader, Galtonion Assistant Business Manager, Eikiglilt Sgatf, Betty Lamp 111, Basket- a 1 1, Cross 121. aseball 111, Band 111, Red VIOLA BIEDERMAN Galtonion Staff, I-li-Litht Stall, Iuniar Recl Cross 111, Typing Award 111. Cap- tgin GJLA.. Basebal 111, Basketball 1 , 1' '-, tg, - - , ' t B'-T""t'f-'B-. '4 1, 'WL tl? Q N- ,- , LESTER CALDWELL Student Council 1Rep. at Large1, Band 141. . MJ Q . ,Ht E11 MARY BALLIET PATSY CHEW Galtonion Statt Hi Li ht Stalf, Typing TYPiHg A-Ward 1111 BETTY LCUTIP- Award 121, Baikeabqlliqzi. GWENDOLYN DENTON Freshmen Vice-President, Iunior Vice- President, Red Cross Vice-President 111, Girls' Lea ue Secretary 111, Honor Society 121, l-amor Society Vice-Presi- dent, Galtonion Stall, l-li'Light Stall, Tvping Awards 121, Shorthand Awards 1321. Basketball 121, Chorus 111, Band 1 1. ERWIN GROSS President ot Galt Gun Club 111, Treas- urer ot Iuriior Class, Reporter lor F.F. A., F'.IF'.A, 111, Orchestra 121, Red Cross 111, Chorus 121, Band 141. PATRICIA ELIASON Hi-Light Staff. Galtonion Art Editor, Red ross 111, Chorus 111. i .x -'I' l V , lf' 1 .l" , ' ' .,,- fy ti f 'gg9'i71ft5. fy. W ' Ll' WALTER ERICH Student Body President, F.F.A. Vice- President, F.F,A. Secretary, F.F,A. Re- porter, F.F,A. 141, V. Football 131, Baseball 141, Basketball 111, Galton- ion Staff. BETTY LIEBIG Galtonion Staff, Hi-Li ht Stall, Basket- ball 131, Baseball 1l?, Orchestra 111 Red Cross 121, Chorus 111. , Qydlfm 6 , ' X Y WJ! ,tm fi " I-if 'i L if f li x to IAMES LEMASTER President ot Senior Class, President of Iumor Class, Assistant Editor of Galt- anion, Hi-Light Stalt, Basketball, Foot- a . IOE MARENGO President ol Freshman Class, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Vice-President ol Spanish Club. Member of lntermural Basketball Team, Popularity Contest, Band 141. ROBERT MARENGO Vice-President ot Sophomore Class, Galtonion Stall, Hi-Lt ht Staff, Baseball 121, V. Football 131, Band 131. 'I Il will RUTH MCCORMICK Freshman Council Representative, Body Secretary, Student Girls' Secretary Z- W' EDNA MICHELOTTI Business Manaaer of l'Ii-Ligl1ts, Girls' League Senior Representative, Galton- ion Stall, Typing Awards C3l, Basket- ball fill, Baseball Ill, Band t3l. Chor- us MJ, Treasurer of Senior Class. ,grj 'Vw ' H lv - DOYLE MILLER V. Football f3l, "A" Basketball HJ, "B" Basketball I2l, Baseball CZJ, Base- ball f2J, F.F.A, Ml, Secretary of Future Tlfcrrmers, Captain of "B" Basketball eam. tw' , , rw- fg,k1ll'l15T' ANN NICI-IOLSON Secretary of Freshman Class, Art Ecl- itor ol I945 Hi-Lights, Galtonion Staff, - WALTER PRICE Senior Class Representative Ill, Rep- resentative at Large Ill, V. Football t3l, "A" Basketball 131, "C" Basket. ball ill, Baseball f3l, Football Cap- tain fll, Future Farmers Ill, Band Ml. . I Class Yell Leader, Baseball, Basket ball, Red Cross. Xt X I t BEULAH OTTO Girls' League President ill, Represen- tative at Lcrrfge Ill, Hi-Light Stall Galtonion Stat , Red Cross CZJ, Basket ball, Typing Award, Chorus tll. r 4'1- SIMON RAMIREZ Galtonion Stall, Hi-Light Stall, Base- ball ill, "B" Football f2J, Typing Award Ill. 1 l Q I WILMA SIEBEI. Secretary of Red Cross Ill, Galtonion Staff, H1-Light Stall, Red Cross C3l, Typing Award Ill, ,Orchestra Ill, Chorus CZJ, BasketbalI'.I3l. l 1 1 t ,.A.,-,Q Tw R. lr tl l , , I -7-1 if -i fr 2 HOMER SIEWERT Student 'Body Treasurer 111, Future Farmers 121, Orchestra.1l1, Band 141, Honor Society 111, Basketball 121. .LY w - L.. DOROTHY WAGNER ,y .,.- J- ,f 4 n nr I I, 1 fl" I, ' Q1 ' 'Y ' -fs P -1.15 , ' v , ' we U- y . ,X X ,':-, ,l " It '.' .- "'.i W 1' V W 1'-1 . - ' TED WADE Athletic Manager of Freshman and Sophomore Class, Rvaresentative oi Student Council 121, . Football 131, Baseball 131, "A, B, C" Basketball 141, Band 141. l . BILL SULLIVAN Galtonion Staff, Football 131, Baseball 111, Band 131. i l l GENE SULLIVAN Sophomore Class President, Freshman Class Vice-President, Senior Class Sec- retarys Honor Society 141, Honor Soci- ety resident 111, Mand 131, Band Awards 121. Secretary of Iunior Class, Honor Soci- ety Torch Bearer, Secretary of Red Cross 111, Basketball Captain 111, Bas- ketball Team 121, Honor Society 131, Tgping Awards 131, Shorthand Awards l 1. Galtonion Staff, Hi-Light Staff, Red Cross 131. IAMES MENTINK Transterred from McClatchy High School. Football Manager 131. VM f 1. 1 1 I l CHARLES WIPFLI Future Farmers 141, Orchestra 111, Basketball 131, Band 141. J LUELLA ZWEIGLE Galtonion Staff, Hi-Light Stall, Red Cross 121, Red Cross Secretarg, Red Cross President, Typing Awar s 131, Shorthand Awards 121 Bookkeeping Award, Basketball 121, Band 141, Band Awards. lJN Left to Right: Firsi Row-I. E. Polk, A. Sieferi. ' Second Row-I. Schulz, E. Winn, A. Iohnson, I. Melhafl, D. Pratton. Third Row-R. Sieweri, B. Spencer, L. Henin, D. Mingo, H. Buck, R. Shively, L. Dixon, Caldwell B. Israel Morse, A G. Mingo Ward, W A. Shulz. Left to Right: First Row-F. Hager, B Angele, A. Epp, I. Thomas, M. Crosson, C. Maberto, I. Rodrigues, D. Sievens. Second Row-N. Baroni, A. Wither spoon, R. Reiger, H. Albertg, R. Haus childt, E. Nelson, M. Billick. Third Row-D. Tinsley, F, Scxre, G Rivas, Z. Brashear, M. Nelson, M. L Young, R. Powell. 1' -:1'.-.'4"z.J-.. . ' . 5,3 Quill' ' JP UN 1 f-nf W c DON PRATTON DANNY MINGO ELSIE NELSON MARY LOU YOUNG President Vice-President Secreiary Treasurer 1 ONES -Q --mv- Left to Right: First Row-D. Berreth, F. Rosin, C. Zweigle, H. Vaughn, I Keller, M. Turner, A. Lopez, I. Nicholson Second Row-B. Loudermilk, N. Chit- tenden, B. Evers, F. Bellie, L. Schock I. McEnerney, E. Schaal, D. Siebel. Third Row--A. Wagner, M. Sullivan A. Casey, E. McCrorey, E. Masdonati M. Weatherman, V. Iackson, V. Wagner Fourth Row-B. Koyama, A. Castro D. Furtado, E. Fromm, C. Diaz. Left to Right: First Row-D. Steiner. V. Pratton, B. Steiner, I. Fukurnoto, V. Holt. Second Row-R. Tindlef B. Wright, L. Horning, R. McCormick, E. Miller B. Denton, P. Holt, E. Maberto. Third Row-D. Nelson, G, Case, E I-lilder, V. Ciecini, B. Ryan, I. McKenzie B. Portertield, F. Ferriercr, B. Mori. Fourth Row-R, Stevens, V. Mottern F. Wolstenholrn, E. Brietmier, V. Wag- ner, C. Stoddard, G. Peters. ' Q., JA.,- ,1 , . KIM., f r--5 5 .'.. - f tg A W . 4 I f.! '- 3 -sig ' if XJ H, - 'xx Y -s2.s.'.ffu w... ' 2:31 ni! Y- . . R: ROGER MCCORMICK BILL RYAN NORENE CHITTENDEN CAROL ZWEIGLE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 4 Sl-I Left to Right: First Row-N. McEner- ney, G. Lang, N. Potter, H. Doering, l. Iohnson, V. Rouch, M. Cass, N, Dunni- gan, L. Rouch, P. Gill. Second Row-M. Runsick, M. L. Wood- ard, E. Mullens, I. Nelson, W. Crosson, D. Marengo, R. Urben, D. Balliet, F Abraham, H. Hawk, C. Henin. Third Row-D. Quashnick, E. Price D. Konrad, V. Clevenger, P. Loustan, M. Rameriz, V. Gold, C. Wilcox, D Hinks, M. Siebel. Fourth Row-M. Soiya, L. Schaffer R, Keim, D. Marks, G. Fleshman, D Colombo, L. Chapman, H. Van Houtin L. McMullen, L. Stowward, S. Sullivan. Left to Right: First Row-I. D. Lewis, F. Barnes, D. Iohnson, F. Adkins. Second Row-L. Morse, O. Gross, G Knee, F. Koyama, F. Harbert, K. Schulz, C. Stemler, I. Denton, D. Berreth. Third Row-S. Lerma, I. Schwartz, W. Kiser, B. Pierce, C. Pearson, R. Gil- lean, P. Nailen, B. Carroll. Fourth Row-B. Shively, L. Ascheris I. Harper, G. Melhafi, L. Kaundt, I. Pos kett, C. Peterson, V. Bateman. r 5, gl., . I I 4 Q . ,Gu i'i5gQi5fff7 34311: 'Li ' . H - 92.2 x O ' rn -1 j A ,- . 1--gif. , m i'-Lg.-Z,.,fo:.' V 2' MLP-nf ffm' ,Z-5. "au f.ef1f.:'u..i.4 snr. . g'trJ I.i3ef3gifgJf,, ., 51,-g.,.,f! Hg Q.. - 1 U7 vii Zfkfl. 4 . ' I I, ' ,, ,A.d.i"fz' ' . U g! 1.f3i5, S5 . . nw Q I 'fl gh' Lf" ' 3 Q .Q-irq gugm wgi 'l 9- f"f EMU. ' W T' D-Z ,- 11 i .I -, ,q. so . ttfsfigt Hz .- f ' . r - 'Wai 'Q-Q, r if ' ., 2 I, K . 1 2 IP' mi gl iv- 9- Q Q Q 9, rn G Z I U ES E Ez ru 53 3 f: 5 - 5 av- H E Z Q O I ut 4. Wh. rl i.'f v,,f' .1 IQ' u 1 aimxbifx DE UNCH Left to Right: Buck Row-G. Mingo W. Price, V. Wagner, C. Bottimore T. Wcrde. H. Doering, R. McCormick. DOC" ERICH, President HOMER SIEWERT, Treasurer RUTH MCCORMICK, Secretary Front Row-H. Siewert, W. Erich, X I GALTONION OFFICERS HI-LIGHTS OFFICERS .F RUTH MCCORMICK Editor NA PAT ELIASON Editor SM GALTONION STAFF lOURNALISM CLASS M. Aldrich, E. Bellie, V. Bieder- rnan, C. Bottirnore, G. Denion, P. Eliason, F. Hager, I. LeMaster, B. Lie-big, R. McCormick, E. Miche- lotti, S. Ramirez, G. Rivas, W. Siebel, D. Stevens, T. Wade, D. Wagner, A. Witherspoon, E. Wy- rick, L. Zweigle, D. Tinsley. 'I ' fri ar- f Y.. .lj g DOROTHY WAGNER Make-up Editor AN RUTH MCCORMICK FLORABELLE HAGER EDNA MICHELOTTI LUELLA ZWEIGLE Ediior Art Editori Business Manager Sales Manager .,..,4.,.. N fs? 91:i'95'-2--'.- 1 ,- . Y 3 QQ we ... A 9, 'n fi-lie 5 Cf .4 PEP Lett to Right: First Row-D. Colom- bo, D. Tinsley, W. Seibel, l. Iohnson B. Liebig, P. Eliason, H. Van Houtin Second Row-G. Denton, D. Wag ner, G. Lang, B. Koyarna, H. Hawk C. Henin, E. Masdonati, C. Diaz. Third Row--Mrs. Mullens, Advisor, E. Nelson, R. Hauschilclt, L. Zweigle B. Evers, F. Bellie, N. Chittenden, C Zweigle. Fourth Row-D. Hinks, D. Quash- nick, A. Nicholson, G. Rivas, A. With- erspoon, P. Louslan, V. Biederman B. Otto, E. Mullens. Us Lett to Right: First Row-B. Angele C. Zweigle, D. Wagner, D. Berreth C. Herrin, R, McCormick, E. Nelson B Liebig. Second Row-M. Runsick, M. Wood ard, R. Urben, C. Diaz, M. Billick, A Wagner, B. Otto, E. Michelotti. Third Row-L. Schaffer, G. Denton W. Seibel, P. Eliason, H. Alberg, R Reiger, E. Schaal, M. Bippus, D. Bal- liet, W. Crosson, D. Marengo, M Seibel. Fourth Row-Mr. Littleton, Direc tor, E. Gross, M. Aldrich, V. Mottern F. Ferriera, I. McKenzie. CROSS LUELLA ZWEIGLE President 5. ,J ,. fs? tl we N Si if . at ii' .ff V . Q ' - .' . 1. A eil hi F21 GWEN DENTON DOROTHY WAGNER Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer LAURENCE E. LITTLETON Direcior -SIP? 9 If E! F. Bellie I. Nicholson N. Chittenden B. Evers Left to Right First Row-M. L. Young, S. Sullivan, H. Doering, C. Bollimore, L Gillean, I. Keller, G. Denton, T. Wade, E. Gross, R. Urben. K. Schulz. Second Flow-B. Sullivan, C. Pearson, L. McMullen, C. Henin, L. Schock, A. Sielerl B. Murengo, M, Aldrich, S. Lermcx. ' Third Row-L. Zweigle, D. Quczshnick, L. Coldwell, N. Potter, G. Peters, l. Nelson E. Nlichelolti, G. Mingo, V. Mottern, L. Dixon, D. Prcllon. Fourth Row: R. McCormick, Z. Brashecr, E. Morse, G Fleshmcxn, M. Sullivan L. Morse, D. Tinsley, F. Sore, I. Mcxrengo, G. Lang, D. Mingo, Mr. Liitleton. Filth Row-D. Siebel, C. Zweigle, L. Sioddard, B. Shively, C. Wiplli, R. McCormick H. Siewerl, E. Price, W. Price, G. Sullivan. 4050 Cade! Corps members are: I. Adams, G. Alves, L, Aschieris, F. Barnes, V Baieman, D. Berreih, C. Boone, H Buck, V. Cecini, B. Denton, I. Fuku. moto, I, Gross, I. Harper, P. Holt V. Holt, B. Israel, A. Iohnson, P. Ken- nedy, W. Kiser, F. Koyama, S. Lerma I. Marengo, I, Melhali, I. Mentink, A Murray, P. Nailen, D. Nelson, C. Pear son, G. Pelers, C. Peterson, I. Schulz K. Schulz, I. Schwartz, H. Siewert, R Siewert, W. Spencer, B. 'Steiner, D Steiner, R, Stevens, G. Sullivan, C Wlpfli. -T IN l FU CU 252 gm? - I3 QTJ 'T'-1' 3. rw? EBSQ 5' 3 :fp-p U . F91 Egg Q cn 535 . ,-JO irfw m rn 0 o :1 o. 'JJ o S 3 rn 9.. 5' 3 Leit to Right: Top Row lesser. Rameriz, D. Wagner, G. Denton L. zweig1e, H. Alberg, v. lack: son, M. Nelson, B. Angele, E Z 0 v'T o P FU IC Q c UI U ET E FU 2? N? Q . er, E. Fromm,.V. Wagner, grashear, A. Wiiherspoon. ZLDZ Third Row-I, Iohnson, Bippus, V. Roush, A. Casey Diaz, M. Sullivan, F. Rosin, Crosson, A. Epp, I. Thomas, Rivas, E. Wyrick, D. Murray. U O 0 :. D EQ 5 '-5 C. '1 IJ TD :' P' F' O :. 3 7? Boiiom Row -L. Schock milk, A. Lo es, I. Rodrgues, B Evers, N. Chittenden, . Zwei gle, P. Chew. . Y Y . .,r..., 4 t, LP.. -'l' r. 3' I J f . ' ' . ff' . .. 34, ',gqgL3eff5'Li:.EE: ,ugh " '. 'ff Eff X 5221 li .REQ gl 1 ., p f? iffff 'WL Ak fffxwe l r H1 1. ll 1 9 5. -M P Er 1 3 is J, 'fu :ali ' 1' ,, rv, ni ,Q . -N 5,1-, . Y-vw - ,.. ,, , - Left io Ri ht: Top Row- E. Schaal, Fleshman, C Maberto, G. Lang, F. Hager, A. Wagner, D. Stevens, V Biecierman, M. Billick, F Abraham. Second Row--B. Koyama, D. Siebel, E. McCrorey, L. McMullen, S. Sullivan, L. Sioddard, D. Colombo, L. Chapman, R. Keim, H Hawk, D. Konrad, V. Gold B. Sieelman. Third Row-A. Castro, M Runsick, D. Quashrxick, M Woodard, H. Vau hn, M Balliet, W. Siebel, Bellie D. Tinsley, F, Sare, D. Fur- tado. P. Gill. Bottom Row-D. Balliet, E Masdonati, C. Henin, D. Ber- reth, I, McEnerney, I. Nich olson, M. Cass, N. Dunni- gan, L. Schaffer, C. Wilcox ALICE EPP GWEN DENTON MELBA CROSSON BUELAH OTTO Treasurer Secretary Vice-President Presiden! mee.,- F.F.A. OFFICERS Left to Right: George Mingo, Sentinel, Leslie Dixon, Secretary: Walter Erich, Reporter, Arnold Siefert, President, Charles Wipfli, Trectsurerp Doyle Miller, Vice- President. Left to Right: First Row-B. Wright I. Foskett, R. McCormick, E. Miller A. Murray, I. Denton, D. Berreth, F Koyama, R. Lawley, E. Mabel-to, B Mori. Second Row-L. Dixon, D. Miller, A Sielert, W. Erich, G, Mingo, F. Ferriera D. Mingo, B. Ward, E. Brietmier. Third Row-G. Peters, B. Pierce, F Harbert, R. Shively, L. Morse, B. Den- ton, C. Stemler, I. Fulcumoto, L. Henin Fourth Row-Mr. Pappas, Advisor R. Stevens, E. Polk, C. Stoddard, G Knee, W. Kiser, P. Nailen, F. Barnes B. Porterlield, V. Mottern, I. McKenzie V. Cecini, I. lvlelhafl, A. Johnson. Fifth Row-L. Ascheris, C. Wipili, L Kaundt, V. Pratton, I. Harper, V. Wag ner, G. lvlelhaif, R. Ceineiga, I. D Lewis, C. Peterson. V. Bateman. sin. n, H 1' Z4 gg , . . . , V X ' W. , I, 4. 'J I1 A A I E 5 P p ' VARSITY FOOTBALL Left to Right: First Row - D. Mingo, D. Miller, W. Price, V. Motiern, B. Shively, B. Mori, L. Henin, F. Wohlsienholm. Second Row-Coach Poe, M. Aldrich, I. LeMaster, B. Sullivan, G. Mingo, G. Melhaif, T. Wade, B. Marengo, A. Siefert, W. Erich. 5 FOOTBALL GROUP PICTURE ' Lefi io right: Firsi Row-G. Mingo, I. LeMaster, M. Aldrich, D. Mingo, D. Miller, W. Price, V. Moitern, B. Shively, B. Mori, L. Henin, F. Wohlstenholm, A. Sie- fert, W. Erich, B. Marengo, T. Wade. Second Row-R. Sieweri, O. Gross, L. Morse, G. Knee, R. Cien- ga, G. Case, F. Adkins, G. Mel- haff, B. Carroll, A. Schulz, B. Sul- livan, B. Ward, I. D. Lewis, E. Brietmier, B. Ryan, R. McCormick, B. Pierce, E. Miller, L. Horning, Ili. Harbert, V. Bateman, Coach oe. B FOOTBALL TEAM Left to Right: First Row-E. Brietmier, E. Miller, R. McCormick, B. Ward, G. Case, R. Cienga, L. Morse, A. Schulz, R. Siewert Second Row-Coach Poe, B. Carroll, O. Gross, F. Harbert, V. Bateman, F. Adkins, I. D. Lewis, B. Pierce, B. Ryan, L. Horning, G. Knee. I , 5 . WALTER PRICE TED WADE WALTER ERICH DANNY MINGO iii?" " E - 412,45 . ls. W JAMES Le-MASTER and ARNOLD SIEFERT DOYLE MH-I-ER 1: .' -I.-f-,, , -' , 1 GEORGE MINGO and ARNOLD SIEFERT BILL SHIVELY ond BOB MARENGGE -V1 f i. 2 , ,r . , - . . ,,..,. V. 4 A hr., , , . .. .f .59 , Left io Right: First Row-B. Shively, B. Marengo, M. Aldrich, A. Siefert, V. Mottem, I. LeMaster, T. Wade. -Second Row-W. Erich, D. Mingo, D. Miller, W. Price. Q Coach Poe and Doyle Miller, Captain of the Team Ted Wade t '- , ' ., 4 ' 4. 1. .1..- V.- W. E. . ..: LQJ , , - --5-.9 e::-'ai-gi-. +..:f"'Nrr,y.:.:-A.:-' 15.-fig.. . 5 - - , 1-' 1 . .Q-.W :- ,Ly ja'--'1f.'..:.z' . -zi ' .gg '32-gilr: J.. .. ., , . 45 - ' N wrrf' -T. . -4 " rx-gf,--q 3,25 ,--A " 'gf' J-rs?" .' " '-- ?i.2ff"vi 3" ' - 4 . 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'..-.,i..m,, -.J Q Q, ,u ,-4-1, 4,'y,.., ff ffmmf-nl.H-5-9'w-Qffafvfif .1-V. '-25:gfgfk--.-. -ff f. '. zf-AP rf 'f" ia. .. . 11. , ' 3 f .f wha' ..-vifabC"""Qfc1'.-.flifisvf. -gps' '. .pa-.f1" t .:t.'-r2'- -ir'--.fri iz' uf.. Q T 2' ig gHF:m'a!si:e5"' "2ifFP?i0i'sf.wa:JZ'3'5Tn?1'. V we ,- if-VIQLLQI-'5Pl'iL. ff' ff' '7"'-Ti" if-F :A " ,'iQ'9Ff'--Q?1'Fff-iv' 'ii'-1."u'.fi"'ff'U14if".-WE' Ti? P "1-if H".-' N' 'fl-1. Zhi., . . -1,2 "Q , -'ZZQL-flgflfifal?""-'1T9,f,,.,fZ,if-.5 X' qyjiai---Q-.J-f-" I1-.. ' .Q 4" ' ' M' - E wi f i.-wi, -,1L ..f1gi,?'jgyA,.,,gf.573 F- gvfifi' "Ti" "f" 'W ,":,f 1 ,K-if V ' 1 1- - ' ---Q Ag., , 'uf 1, f- we -1, Q ' iii:-F - E ik'--. 4?f4:y'l'i',ne',u1.:Rf.fP-'-'-I'e.u1. my--Q My J: . . ., W swarm. .Q -Rudi V Fri: V C 1 1.13 i,ghx5e-Y.. V . . p.. ,-.fxjqzl -.xx A t -, ., . vf1-!!w?' -.-i.?4aiff':ggfv- .. -f-'2.,f"-:,. 2.1. . Y-N .- 'T-i'."'iL.' - ."He.':. ' - '-. ff.: ., Agfa-334. . ., f-ff:-Q. --FQ-4 , , .lay if, 1 vpgfgfi , f , 'l-r?f?Pf.". 'r', ' f'f Q., r.'! hi' "-'.Q1,i,'f Ni. 'N P' 4 ff jf .25 ' jg. '.. , ' 3v"'1f':,L '1' 'fu Lv 'if if- wiv' ruff " 31 -5:32 .iff-31:1' 4 3, "-' 'f Lefi to Right: First Row-B. Shivelv, B. Marengo, M, Aldrich, A. Siefertj V. Mottern, I. LeMaster, T. Wade. Second Row--W. Erich, D. Mingo, D. Miller, W. Price. XX ff Left to Right G. Mingo :W. Price D. Prcztton M. Bddrich T. Wade D, Miller H. Siewert Left to Right: E. Breitmcxier C. Stoddard V. Wagner C. Wipfli V. Prcriton A. Siefert Coach Poe Left io Right: L. Horning E. Miller B. McCormick E. Polk V. Bute-mcm B. Pierce B. Ryan B. Wcxrd Couch. Poe , Q-i,,, l I I I Ta 5 V! i A ,fu W 9 J I F 5 I .,. 1 .J . . ' 30 A C I M Q9 GIRLS' LEAGUE FASHION SHOW A i -1--id YELL LEADERS Dick Steiner. Carol Zweigle Bob Steinef GIRLS' LEAGUE FASHION SHOW i Annucrl Future Farmers Bcxrn Dcmce Queen - Darlene Williams. Attendants: Bottom Row- Norene Chittenden and Viola Bieclermcm. Top Row-Melbcf Crosson and Elsie Nelson, last yeur's Queen. Best Dressed Couple: Dorothy Wagner and Doy-le Miller Corniest Dressed Couple: Helen Alhberg cmd Ruth Urben Compliments from DR. IRVING RIDENOUR Lodi, California CALVIN J. LOSSER, O. D. T 8: D Jr. Enterprises, Inc. LODI and STATE THEATRES A. J. MEALY, Manager DR. W. H. CROSSWHITE CORRECTIVE OPTOMETRY OPTOMETRIST 10112 447 218 F- 'Sf M- Bank Bldg. ,V Phone 827 3 south School street LODI, CALIFORNIA LODI, CALIFORNIA DR. W. J. COFFIELD DENTIST Phone 1040 - Masonic Building LODI, CALIFORNIA CONCRETE PIPE O I CLS ire .ermart . 2:40. Q C . 3 .7 l In BLEWETT DAIRY ICE CREAM AND MILK Manufacturers of PEEK-A-BOO Ice Cream Quality and Service Freezer Fresh Phone 1280 - 221 S. Sacramento Street LODI, CALIFORNIA H BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1946 IAN' LODI FLOWER SHOP CHOICE FLOWERS At Reasonable Prices Phone 703 5 West Elm Street LODI, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF FOSTER 6' WOOD CANNING CO. LODI, CALIFORNIA THE GALT H ERALD 525 C Street NEW TYPE -.'- NEW EQUIPMENT For Fine Printing ' GALT 5 AND 10 SCHOOL SUPPLIES - NOTIONS PAINTS - HARDWARE R. E. FOOTE, Proprietor GALT, CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATED SERVICE STATION 236 Old Highway 99 GALT, CALIFORNIA GAS - OILS - TIRES - TUBES Lunch and Bakery Supplies Ice Cream - Tobaccos MARY JOHNSON, Proprietor CARDS Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mentink GALT, CALIFORNIA DR. F. W. HARMS Office 42 - PHONES - Residence 27-J GALT, CALIFORNIA FOR PERMANENTS, FINGER WAVES, SHAMPOOS, MANICURES Visit the DARLENE BEAUTY SHOP hone 24 Galt, California MARION E. MILLER GENERAL INSURANCE BEST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF '46 Phone 19 215 4th Street GALT, CALIFORNIA 35 ,SHU- QUENELL'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Gas, Oil and Cleaning Fluid ' ' , ,, wJ va u -if l- H . A I ps if ' N 1 ' Phone 52 Galt, California , I vi. , v , n , , ' .' f w f. . ' . V A, Q' .' ' ",..' , ,l f 'Q' ,- iw - Q- -' .PH 'wife an l I ln Xl!! v 1 5 . , J if .e I-1--:ff , 5 -I z 4, Y fry . : Mi,-A -i ,.1j-5531 4 ' IAS H 'V li A 1 v - : Q." " - L A ' ' xi COMPLIMENTS OF McFARLAND'S LOCKER SERVICE COMPLETE BUTCHERING AND CURING SERVICE Box Phone 56 GALT, CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO CLASS OF '46 IRMA'S SPECIALTY SHOP A 9 North School St. LODI, CALIFORNIA Outstanding Values Kuppenheimer Suits SCHUMKE'S LODI, CALIFORNIA l CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '46 D U B O I S HEADQUARTERS Ron JUNIORS is west Pine street Lodi, California CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '46 THE TOGGERY Lodi's Leading Store for Men and Young Men Home of Stetson Hats, Arrow Shirts, Florsheim Shoes. Corner School and Oak Sts. LODI COMPLIMENTS OF PERSONALITY SHOPPE MILLINERY - ACCESSORIES LINGERIE - HOSIERY o Phone 1328 Lodi, California Mrs. Helen Morton HOTEL LODI LODI'S LEADING HOTEL Richard Light, Manager Every Room Air Conditioned Buffet and Coffee Shop Cocktail Lounge LODI COEY'S Good Shoes Lom FULLER 8: SONS Our Advice is to Continue to Play and You Will Continue to Live YOUR SPORTS HEADQUARTERS Lodi, California 36 MEET YOUR FRIENDS tat... RICHMAID -and- KARE N'S LODI, CALIFORNIA STEINER'S MARKETS Two Complete Food Stores General Merchandise Electric Appliances GALT THORNTON SUCCESS TO GALT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS FINK CLEANERS A Phone 415 112 West Pine Street Lodi, California VIC ABRAHAMSON The Printer A Complete Printing Service PHONE 752 Hotel Lodi Building Lodi, California CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '46 G. 8: E. DEPARTMENT STORE LODI, CALIFORNIA Compliments of ZIMMERMAN'S DRUG STORES LODI, CALIFORNIA FRENCH CLEANERS LODI, CALIFORNIA' SERVING THE ENTIRE GALT AREA EAST SIDE DRESS SHOP DRESSES-COATS-SUITS SPORTS WEAR Open Evenings 502 E. Oak St. Phone 594 LODI, CALIFORNIA WOOD'S School Supplies Social and Commercial Stationery Gifts and Greeting Cards 20 South School 'Street Lodi, California CONGRATULATION AND BEST WISHES For Continued Service to the CLASS OF '46 M. NEWFIELD 8: SONS LODI, CALIFORNIA TOKAY AUTO 5K TRUCK WEIST 8: BETTERMAN SERVICE DOUGLAS GASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS On Highway 99 Open 24 Hours LODI, CALIFORNIA LULU MAE GREGG K 8z K CLEANERS CLEANERS OF QUALITY Phone 1310 12 West Oak Street Lodi, California JEWELERS Watch and Jewelry Repairing Jewelry of All Kinds 25 West Elm Street LODI EDW. J. AMBROGIO GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 45 u o Sawyer Building Galt, Califomia GAUB'S FOUR STAR FOUNTAIN SOFT DRINKS - ICE CREAMS Candies and Notions GALT, CALIFORNIA THE CLUB JOHNNIE VALLEYO, Manager Come and Meet Your Friends Here GALT, CALIFORNIA 39 Compliments of WASHlNGTON'S MARKET Galt, California o Buford, Washington COMPLIMENTS OF 417 CLUB FINE FOODS AND LIQUORS Ted Veach CHEVROLET Motor Cars and Trucks Complete Automotive Service Greasing and Washing Fender and Body Repair CASE Farm Equipment O GALT MOTORS Phone' 63 E. J. HALL STENSTRUM 6' SCHOPP BANK OF GALT4 BUILDING GALT, CALIFORNIA PHONE 10 REAL ESTATE I AMBROGIO'S ELECTRICAL SHOP EDWARD J. AMBROGIO Proprietor RADIO SERVICE REFRIGERATION SERVICE NORGE AND FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS APPLIANCES IRONRITE IRON BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY MAYTAG WASHERS PHILCO AND R.C.A. RADIOS Sawyer Building Galt, California Henderson Bros. Co Incorporated O HARDWARE SHEET METAL STOVES AND RANGES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PAINTS AND OILS o "Since 1896" o Phone 52 Lodi, California CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '46 We invite you to help us and work with us this coming canning season on this important production work. Good working conditions prevail. We will help minors who do not have their work permits to obtain them. Apply at Employment Office of THORNTON CANNING COMPANY Thornton, California Telephone 7 BUCKHORN V' J- ALL HOME COOKED FOODS Distributor for SIGNAL OIL COMPANY FISHING INFORMATION St D 1 , P ' t Phone - P. O. Box CVC O C f0pI'1C OI' THORNTON, CALIF. Phone 27 Thornton, California S 51 S FOOD MARKET THE FAMILY STORE THORNTON, CALIFORNIA EVERYTHING FOR THE Brands that you know at prices that FAMILY you can afford to pay - f R. A. Lee Galt, California FROZEN LOCKER SERVICE BANK BARBER SHOP Compliments of J' H 'NICHOLSON Booster for G. I-I .S. DR. JoHN R. wATsoN A Bank l 0 CHIROPRACTOR Phone 1436 F. 8: My Bank Building AND LODI, CALIFORNIA A 4- ' J TO THE CLASS OF '-46" 42 . ' r' ' fzjfgj . Y -Qs ',, ., m 'ai V mygrq . ,fn IL X' 'H ' . ,IAN N. 'QU My mbjfll ,. F..-sf ful' I ' J 5 if KX , R .xx u ' ' x I- x .V X AUTOGRAPHS w' 1 DEV' g , 'fr I, ' , X R NXQ fl if YA K Q - Q ' 5 'lag N-,Sly 6 rf -R Q ' , F xl 'i ,L 6,64-'ffylfffj F F 1: , ,, I Nah 20 M ' -2154 X, f Lf rf ,Sf KG I' ,f , A2616 6 L r - f V X T I gk HQ J x Q ,tin ,,:XT"JK'a X T-1' N x ' W ji' ,. x xx". . KQ-EK' ' ' ki: , ' -' 9 g I .L L, , X J px, I 5 gg ' 3 H 2 , Us ff S 0 J f G J Q'2 X-Q. 'R , j, X. nv'! . L4 ,, .Wi we t XX! K Ma wb 5 . A, ff X di if W K Y' Q 3 ? ' L' f . , HT f 'vi F I g fc A. jn01!R.w.f"' QL j ' w 3 5 Q BQ JM X iff f Q ix ' ww f , li VX X J if

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