Gallatin High School - Green Wave Yearbook (Gallatin, TN)

 - Class of 1940

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Gallatin High School - Green Wave Yearbook (Gallatin, TN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 12 of 58
Page 12 of 58

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Page 12 text:

- i by A Ce . V, 5 9 iii. Q I L X S P ,W U J uv ,- X, ' LILLIAN ANNE EAvEs Beaumont High, St. Louis, Dramatic Club, '-105 Science Club, 'lo Then happy I, that lore, and am heloL'eIi, ROBERT BYARS ELIZLR Future Farmers. '58, '39, Treasurer, '40: State Planters Degree '?9: Trip to Kansas City, '39, W'ho loves not uint, lL'0lPH'll, aml song, He is a fool his whole life long. FLOYD STROTHER ELLIOTT Player, '40, It is good to he out on the road, Anil going, one knows not where. E' KATHLEEN FERGUSSON Oak Park High School, Oak Park, Illinois, 'TL Latin Club, '?8g JOLl'l l1llISX'I'l Club, '59: Library Club, '592 French Club, '40, Dramatic Club, '40. Then gin' to the uorla' the best you have Ami the hes! u'ill Come hack to you. DOROTHY LEE FERRELL Latin Club, '3', '38, Commercial Club, President, '39, Con mercial Club, Reporter, '40g Librarv Club, '40g Pep Squad. '31 '59, '59, '401 Band Sponsor, '39, '40, If eyes were marie for seeing Then hr-auty is its own excim' for being. ELIZABETH FITTS Home liconomits Club, '3', '38g Commerfial Club, 59, 40. Heart-rr holrls all for whirh you sigh. EDWARD LEE FOLLIS Rifle Club, '5': Manual Training Club, '5'. '38, '39, '40g Cheer- leader. '59, A rvarlirzg machine always wouml up ana' going He mastervrl u'hateI'r'r u'as not worth the lznou'ing. 6'B,?4,1-14:1 ' 'fc-f11.,Q,,F,.,t, MARY ALvER FRANKLIN atin Club, '31 Treasurer, 381 Band, '38, '39, '-403 Beta Club, '39, Vice-President, '40g Science Club, Reporter, '59, French It Club, '59g Dramatic Club, '40, Face as fresh ana' fair as Maytime A Dreaming lightly of the future M fi I With a heart sincere am! true. ' 1 - SUMNER FRANKLIN Future Farmers, '39, '403 Basketball Team, '40, District Future Farmer Basketball Team, '40g Bethpage, '37, '38g Club. '40, - I would that my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me. BRUCE GALBRAITH Henclersonville. '5', '58, Seience Club, '59g Dramatic Club, '403 Senior Play, '40, A man's a man for a' that. HOLLIS GANT Future Farmers, '31 '38, '59, '4og Future Farmer Basketball Team, '39, '40, A ilorile disposition will, with application, surmoimi every difficulty, JAMES JOHNSON GARRETT Rifle Club, 383 junior Craftsman Club, '39, '40, I' I form! this thought to he gramlly true, That a nohlr- deed is a step towanl God? xl' WILMA DEAN GREGORY V hurt-nt Events Club, '38g Commercial Club, '59, Dramatic Club. X '40, Science Club, '40g Senior Play, '40, X Q K A merry heart maketh a cheery cormterrarzcef' - Xi MYRTLE LUCILLE HALL xjliethpage, '5', '38, Commercial Club, '39, '40, ,M A' A smile for all, a greeting glad, 5 An amiable, jolly way she had. Futuie Farmers, '56, '5'g Rifle Club, 383 Commercial Club. '1, G Club, '59, '403 Football Team, '59, '403 Most Valuable -'KJ

Page 11 text:

RUTH Cox Stlcncc Club, '58, '39, Commcrtinl Club, '59, '40, Home Eco! numics Club, '5'. A good bvart is bettcr tban all the In-mls in tba' world. SIDNLY CRABTREE Mu-ntc Club, 58, 39. The svrrvt of JIl!'l'l'5.l' ix ronxtanfy to f111rp11.w.' KATHERINI' Suu CRlfNSIiAW' Hume litorlmnins Club, '5', '58, Cummcrcial Club, '59, '-IU. QI AItb0ug!J not shy bt-r munnrrs wrrc not bold. ' DoRo'ruY Cnuwul-rx It x Cumrnurtml Club, '58, '39, HJ, V Il' Silrm'r ix oftun mon' rlmlnvnl than uvmllf' ,X 1 If J l SARA Cr.-n clROVl'lJlR Latin Club, '51, '58, Frcntb Club, '39, '40, Llbrnry Club, '40, HL-t.1 Club, '59, Sccrctury, '-40. Full nmny n flo'u'vr ix barn to blnxb 1nm'c'n. f ,- bint, Sl.l.M,x l.l,l' DARNALL Humu llkilllltllllkfi Club, '58, Curnrnurtigll Club, '59, 'blllg Scniur Pl.xy, '-50. She ix prvtty to uulk with Anal witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think un. FLOKLNQL DAVIDSON Hcntlcrsnnxillu, '5', '58, Cummcrtial Club, '59. '40, Hnmc lit-r' numlu. Klub, -50. Snr will or right, or wrong, what funn' into lan Mull. DAVID SYI.v1-,sT11u DICKERSON 6 f 1 Future Farmers, '37, '38, '39, '40, G Club, '38, ' EFI: Squad, '3', '98, Glu: Club, '56. We grant, althougla he ban' much wit, He was wry :by of using if. DIMPLL. L. DODSON Cummcrtial Club, '58, '59, '40, Dramatic Club, '-10: Pep Squad. '56, '5'. '58, '59, Senior Play, '40, Tbcre's nothing bulf so sure! in lift-, As I0l'U'S young alrz'an1. jol. GKIMM Domus, JR. juni-sr Cmttsxnnn Club, Prcsnlcnt, '591 Club, '38, '59, '-IO: Football Team, '58, '59, Science Club, bcrgeant at Arms. 581 Altcrnntc C.1ptn1n, Football, '39: Senior Play, '40, Those flowers rvmiml me of some girl I wish I knew whifb our. JOHN D, Douuuxss Future Farmers, '5', '58, '59, 'lug Dairy judging Tenn, XX'inncr ul Mnldlc Tcnncssqc, '58, '59, President, '58, State Plantem Dcgrcc. 'F9: Band, '58, '59, '40, Stlcncz: Club, Trcasurcr, '59, Who think too Iifllc, null mlm talk too mnvb. R1 nu. Duxri Corlmrrucmlnl Club, '58, '59, '-40, Hume linonmniu Club, '59, '40, Iluu z'r it bv, it xwnzs to nw, 'Tix only nolzlr to ln' good. RAT: GMU ll DUNKLIN l..lflIl Club, '38, '39, Rxtlc Club, '5': Library Club, 39, 'wg S.-tr,t.1ry .xml 'l'ru.xsurcr, Suuntl Drnmatif Club, '-H11 l.llQl'dIQ Club, 'S', '38, '59, Pep Squad. '1x', '58, '59, WL B-lml. '591 Buskgtlmll, 'i', '58, Class Secretary, '99, Hilltop Stntl, '59, Shu is tbr' llungbtvr of tbz' goals Dizinrly tall, and most llirinvly fuirf' SLLMA CHRlS'IlNl, DURHAM Curnrncrlml Club, '59, Hume liumnunmics Club, '-40, Little I ask, my wants are few.

Page 13 text:

WILL ALLEN HARRISON Future Farmers. '3'. '58, '39, '40, W'haf manner of man is fhiX? IDA ELLEN HAYNkS Latin Club. '5'. '59, French Club, '59, '40, Library Club. '59, '40, Pep Squad, '58, '59, There is nolhing so qneenly as kindness, Anal nolhing so royal as frulhf' AMELIA JOSEPHINE HEARN Literary Club, '5', '58, Commercial Club, Treasurer, '59: French Club, Srcretary, '40, Glee Club, '39, Dramatit Club, '40, My heart is whole, my fancy free Run on small man, rlon'l holher mv. JACK Hinton Cilee Club, '5', '58, '59, G Club, '59, '40, Crvmmertial Club. '58, journalism Club, '58, '59, Dramatit Club, '59, '40, Fruit- lall. '50. '3'. '58, '39- BlesseJ an' Ihr innorenl, for lhvy hare luis lo learn. EVELYN HIGGASON Band, '58, '59, '40, Stience Club, '58, Commercial Club. '59, Home Economics Club, '57, Gorl's rarest blessing is, afler ull, a goorl u'oman. BYRON HINTON Bflhmlge, '5', '58: Future Farmers, '59, '40: Distritt F. F, A., Basketball Champs. '59, Basketball, '40, True wil is nalure lo arlranlage ilressnl, Whal off was lhoughl, bu! ne'er so well e.x'prrssml, JANE ROGERS Hrx Literary Club, '5', Basketball, '5', Manager, '58, '59, French Club '39' latin Club '58' journalism Club '59' Hilltop Stall, '39Z Cirrulation Mana er '40' Annual Start '5 40, B cl ' ' .fz', . '.',9', . . '58, '59, '40, Dramatic Club, '40, Pep Squad, '5', '58, '39, 6?, Lore lo one, friendship lo a few, M! Ana' goozl will lo all. , 1 SAM HONLYCUTT ' Future Farmers, '5', '38, '59, '40, junior Crafts. . u '40, Men are noi measurerl by inc'hes. DAVID HQWELL ld!! Current Events Club, '5'1 Silence Club, '58, junior attsman Club, '58, '39, '40, Trainer, Football Team, '58, '59, Manager. Basketball Team, '58, '40, G Club, '40, W'hr'n fishes flew anrl fnrasls uualkarl Anil jigs grew upon lhorn Some moment when the moon was bloorl Then I was surely born. LUCILLE HUMBLE Glee Club, '5'. '38, '39, '40, Serretary and Treasurer ot' 1 Club. '58, '59, '40, Basketball Team, '5', '38, '59, Captain, '40, Football Queen, '40, Cheerleader, '40, Stienee Club, '5'1 Literary Club. '40, Pep Squad, '3', '38, '39, '40, Home Fcnnumits Club. '5', Senior Play, '40, ,.C.. Kindness in anolheris trouble, fourage in her own. PARSON HUNTER junior Craftsman Club, '39, '40, Whafez'er he did was :Iona with so muah ease To him alone 'lwas natural Io please. PRUDY MINERVA HUTCHISON Literary Club, 'f8, Latin Club, '3', '58, Home Economics Club, 'f9, Commertial Club, '40, Literary Club, '40, Earh rainzlrop makes some flowerel blou' Each struggle lessens human woe. FRANCES JENNINGS Home Economies Club. '59, '40, Pep Squad. '59: Hcntlerwnville, 58 y IIs wiser being goorl ihan being bail, It's safer being meek lhan fiereef' WILLARD D. JILES Home Economics Club, '58, '59, Glee Club, '39, Dramatic Club, U The unspoken word never Joes harm.

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