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N kuxNILwX-W I x 1 , fx n .Z ' A' T if 1 I I s I , w . --,..-1 Q . B , .A X .g X, . xx- . ,X A? Mg x XXx fx uhhh' Abi! U Cu W 59' If P 1 w N X . A 1 ' rw , .- 3 'f ni X1 ,ff W H ,fzfqijy ,iw X W, f km QM , , f Q' , rf? 3' , 'WT 7 A if Ny , Arg ,w gg-9 :Mm X SM ,, RV, Tuff WT kW KPN? at fifj i ' 5 Fx ' V gi N, Y I X6 I A Qi X ' mul' 9 ,Lm,0v-Aw 1'5" X 0 I W 'X ,J , ff ' ' fb ilu fig W' WT H X - li 'S - 9 , fm- V !,,,N - K firm i E M- Epwflit K6Ek4'Pw?! ?.f'7'1 'X 'I ' f. 55X W 'Q ' Q ff X? ' Jxifi f QE!! l Exp! T ' 15, 5 J f N N 1 77 ' X XXLX X X W W M?-V LL Nlktpqx .ug if J Q JE N D J lhh-N J. A. CMJ VV R WMQX my My V-Xlfwnm U JUJ f , X ,W Ny, ' NX , Lzfw N X ff WM xx 1 ? A, ...U flv- "" L " ' k' 5-J L"'.7N 5.7: fm SX ?' , 'me semows QALUXTKN H1611 mlm GAXLATKN M155 QHESENT me Z, i xY,e'J'1SE"3ELE3b EEETILLDOG Lijxgqgujsbg F3545 v Y A -Q A 3 F in Y , 1 H Y, , - Aix 'il E .Y Q 'QC Q4 SYS VC - ! :J v Y V nn----'M We, the Senior Class of Gallatin High School, wish to dedicate "The Bulldog for the year of 19511 55 to the Student Bod o Gallatin High School May this record of our theme SCHOOL D YS afford you many happy memories. 5 K . ' . -I . A N Y I! - If Iv Z N 0 Ifqb VF, 1 cllylwz! I N . 'fl mg! 1 I f"N lk . 3, 9-. 49 TRATIO ..,- .,,.,, - , ..- WY. ,. - , M.. ,., ,Y ,,,3q,.,M K, 'x f QW f C' i W , 'z Xi f ., . , R F' 5' 1 if w N A -A ,f"' Ren G Foster Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION Ren G. Foster, Superintendentg Vincent Runnelsg Robert E. Paul, Secretaryg John Dickey, Presidentg Marvin Blackburn, Treasurerg J. H. Bashfordg and Robert A. Hill, Vice President. ,wk Robert Bandelier INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial arts includes mechanical drawing, leather work and woodworking for both bofs and girls This course can give the students a chance to do some thing with their hands artis ticly This course can also lead to an enjoyable hobby or help in selecting one's vocation. SHOP 5 L MATHEMATICS MATHEMATICS The general mathematics course includes improvement and study in addition, sub traction,multiplication, and division Along with these, a small amount of algebra and geome- try is taught. This course is invaluable to most everyone. Page Sponsor GALLATIN HARDWARE North Side Square Phone 25 Gallatin, Missouri SOCIAL STUDIES There are three classes in the social studies department American History, world history, and civics Through these studies the student learns of east and oresent event and is thus better prepared to oar Harriett Cravens ENGLISH IV The fourth vear of English is classed as a fine arts course. It consists of a study of English lit erature and a review of grammar Classroom study of 'Current Events Scene from play 'Mhcbethn SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH IV Page Sponsor GALLATIN PUBLISHING COMPANY Commercial Printing Publishers Gallatin Democrat-Gallatin North Missourian Q , - 5: ticipate in a democracyt L I I! UUWAIH ERIVERS' TRAINING The purpose of drlvers' training is to promote a sportsmen 11 e Q titude in drivinv so our young drivers will willingly develop safety habits on the road SCIENCE Biology, chemistry, physics, and general science make up the CHEMISTRY science department. These courses are essential to those who plan to enter the scientific field such as scien tists, chemists, diatitions, and home economists Waldo Roberts GEOMETRY Geometry is the study of the erriv ing et the truth by deductive and induc tive methods using plane figures as ex amples. PAGE SPONSORS "Always at your Service' BRANDON an BRANDOM LYNCH MARKET Attorneys at Law Jack Lynch Abstracts Loans Insurance TYPING COMMERCE The classes included in this department are typing, shorthand, book keeping, and secretarial practice. A knowledge of these skills is of personal val ue to the student as well as a preparation for the business world. Marian Mitchell BOOKKEEPING PAGE SPONSORS Beauty Services a Specialty WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE MARY PAUL BFAUTY SHOP E B Vaughn Z' A vt , Q U nr- S M L A ff: ' ' 1 I ,wwf John Conner Principal Athletics GIRLS' GYM ATHLETICS The athletic department is made up of the football, basketball, and track teams and physical education. Athletics furthers the interest of the student in outside activi- ties ana proviaes recreation Boys ' GYM , s K Page Sponsor TURPIN YOUTSEY, AGENT M F A Mutual Insurance Company Auto, Liability, Fire, Hospital Gallatin, Missouri Ruth Ramsbottom English I and II Library ! English II and III N Speech 15" Algebra 4 ENGLISH 1, 11, and III In the first three years of English the student becomes acquainted with the rules of English grammar, sentence structure, and he learns to use these rules to his advantage Each year selections from contempo rary literature and from the earlier traditional 'classics are read These seek to develop in the mind of the pu pil a greater understanding of himself, his family, his friends, and his place in modern society Each student is required to read a certain amount of literature outside of class and then make reports on them This helps the student to have a great er appreciation and wider viewpoint of literature Jean Hudder ENGLISH PAGE SPONSORS MINNICK MOTOR COMPANY LEOPARD R LEOPARD Sales Buick Service Attorneys Abstractors Gallatin, Missouri Gallatin, Hissouri 'P' Levis W snop ui I, AGR ICULTURE BUILDING eb9ta AGR ICUL TUBE In agriculture the student learns more about successful farming and how to improve the methods that are now used. In this course the students also engage in shop work. In shop, much of the work that is done is in some way beneficial to farming. FF The FFA was organized and is run in conjunction with cational agriculture with the aim of developing better farm eaders. PAGE S PO NSORS PLACES FOOD MARKET Quality Chicks-Poultry Supplies S3 316 DICKEY HATCHEHY gs 'QP Margaret Bodle HOME ECONOMICS The home economics course is made up of the domestica ted arts such as child care, cooking, sewing, home manage ment, home finances, and money management These courses will prepare the girls for the future that lies ahead whether they have their own homes or go into the business world "QE -.4 wif COOKING SENING 4 u L. Lj I PAGE SPONSORS FARMERS FEED Ind PRODUCE D. H. DAVIS DRUG COMPANY 'H' 2 efwel wwe ' + 2 . v 5 ,f ,jf A if K Qfjgg fig-,fXa,gf,. - . -- ff7A afwww , g 45 v -, ,4 i- a engine 4 ' . Z P i ' n , , . Pl ' .. Q . . , "' "wi . . . ' , 1 ,Q 4 ' , . 1 - is ' M K O , . . P . , I Y 0 Y ' M K I , In . - I K Y Third place trophy for marching band at Liberty Homecoming , Liberty, Missouri. MUSIC The music department con sists of concert and marching band, grace band, glee club, mixed chorus, vocal end in strumental solos The music department f the school provides activity and helps promote interest in music MARCHING BAND DRUM MAJORETTE Sharon Alexander FLAG BEARERS GQ Dean Wright Rita Gatenby Janet Carter MAJORETTES Scherryl Dunnington Carol Wilkerson Anne Bodle Betty Dilley Judy Burns PAGE SPONSOR LAHBERT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturer of Cape Gallatin, Missouri OFFICE SECRETARY YI" Sherlene Tague LUNCH ROOM STAFF ff" i 1 x.41n Eva McCa111ster Ruby Ransbottom Ethel Hiatt PAGE SPONSORS GORDON STANDARD SERVICE STATION OUTLET STORE JANITORS 1-u Carey V Terry Claude Schwyhart George Caldwell BUS DRIVERS Osc r Tague, Ike Swofford, Ardv Hatoawav, C ester Cfates, John Carter, Dean wr1gfxt isubstltutel, and Robert Tague Two other bus drivers, George Handley and Lewis Burke are not included in the oicture. PPGU SPONSORS K'IGFT O L COTPA'Y MARSHALL FARLVAFE Jn Y Ki'- CLARINET Dunnington Schmitt Case Bodle Naylor Nixon Watson Wilkerson Caldwell BASS CLARINET D Dunnington FLUTES S Ramsbotton L Bodle P McDonald ALTO SAX A Marshall S Alexander BASSOON J Carter BEN FRANKLIN CONCERT BAND TENOR SAX S Dunnington BARITONE SAX K Helton BASS F Rader TROMBONE Day Cecil Chors Yates HORNS Tolen Gray . Stretch . Tolen PAGE SPONSORS DRUMS Ray Fromen . Hughs BARITONE e Smith Schmitt Helton CORNETS Walton Jones Gray Tate Carter Naylor ALTO CLARINET Me Walton HASS JEWELRY Je O Do J. K. N. N A. J. B. B. , C. N. K C. D. H. McNeal C. M. D. S. . C, P. . V. J. I De S. G. E. V N FIRST ROW V Stretch, N Tolen, S Alexander, S Dunnington, F Rader K Helton, M. Walton, P Hall, V Cecil. SECOND ROW C Wilkerson, K Smith, J Dunnington, A Bodle, C. Schmitt, G. Shafer, J Schmitt S Yates, L Bodle, THIRD ROW D Frost, C Walton, J Barton, T. Ram bottom, G Osborn, B. Hershberger, L Burke. FOURTH ROW K. Marshall, MIXED CHORUS and GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The mixed chorus and glee club provide musical training Each spring they enter the district music contest at Chillicothe Vocal ensembles are chosen from these groups to represent our school each year in the contest. FIRST ROW V Stretch, N. Tolen, S. Alexander, S Dunnington, F Rader, Helton, M Walton, P Hall, V Cecil. SECOND ROW J. Dunnington, Bodle, K Smith, C Stroup, C Schmitt, I Hiatt, G. Shafer, J. Schmitt, Lynn, M Eads, Mr. Wright THIRD RON C Wilkerson, S Holcomb, Whitt, B Whitt, S. Wathen, P Townsend, L Bodle, R Gatenby, S. Yates, Carter, N Hughs, J Hill, S. Hershberger. PAGE SPONSORS DAY LAUNDRY MITCHES CAFE Glen Day Frank Troxel, Proprietor : O O U O O , 0 0 e 2 c 0 0 0 q 3 0 0 1 ' 2 o o Q S- - 0 I J. Clements, R. Ham ond, I. McLey, L: Bashford, C. Holbrook, G. Tolen. C O S n o 0 K! 0 O I : Ao I I I Q C. 9 o Y 2 Q o Mo O O C O JI U I D Ray, Editor, S Wathen, Business Manager, J Dunnington, Publicity Mana ger J. Eads, B Watson, L. Bodle, G Tolen, J Terry, P. Hall, I. Hiatt, The yearbook was published by members of the senior class Hrs Mitchell sponsored the work of the 1951+ 55 edition YEARBOOK STAFF and GALLAMO STAFF ff 1 osed of juniors and seniors who have S averages The GALLAMO sts s comp and desire to work on the paper The GALLAMO is a member of the Missouri In terscholastic Press Association Charlene Schmitt and Kay Helton were representatives at the M. I. P. A. convention held in Columbia They won first in news writing and grand prize in newswriting, copy reading, and headline writing Schmitt, Editor, J Schmitt, K Helton, D. Cohrs, V. Cecil, F Rader, Dunnington, C. Teal, L. Bodle, S. Alexander, S. Holcomb, B. Watson, M Sag, K. Smith, P. Hall, J. Burns, J. Esds, J. Dunnington, S. Uathen o B ton. PAGE SPONSOR LONG STUDIO The Yearbook Staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation, patience, and skill of Mr. Hubert Long as photographer for our Yearbook. K lv Q e e e C. Schmitt, J. Burns, K. Mort, C. Lynn, S. Holcomb, M. Walton. C O I D O S. D. A FIRST ROW K Helton, Reporter, V Stretch, Treasurer, C Lynn, V President, Dunnington, President, P Hall, Secretary, M Beds, Parliamentarian, Schmitt, Song, Leader, M Walton, Historian. SECOND ROW S Holcomb, Cohrs, V Cecil, J. Vaughn, L Bodle, D Dunnington, S Fershberger, Murry, J Hill, B Dilley, R Gatenby THIRD ROW N Tolen, G Shafer, Vyrostek, D Culver, F Rader, I Hiatt, S Dunnington, C Teel. FOURTH ROW J Carter, N Hughs, B Nixon, C Schmitt, M Whitt, D Shuler, F Q FIRST ROW U Clevenger, Reporter, D Wathen, L Bashford, F Cleycomb, L. Gray, B. Wilson, J. Fromnn, C Vaughn, L Brown, J Harris, SECOND ROW K Milstead, F Dilley, J Elliot, B Watkins, F Schweizer, N Whitt, Secretary, I McLey, L Burke, D Frost, W Youtsey, Mr Webster. THIRD ROW W Burris, D Vyrostek, J Terry, President, K Mort, D Holmes, G Osborn, V President, L. Beck, F Houghton, Treasurer, G Troxel, D Redman, C Remsbottom. PAGE SPONSORS FARMERS STORE YUILLE CAFE J.. ' . .. ' ' J. . : . D0 l O O Q 4 No l O 0 O : 0 D Bi O O Q O I C. Stroup, J. Warden, P. Toansend, V. Cecil. Sponsor, Mrs: Boole Fl Ho Ae and e Fe A A e o o I 0 - O O C O 0 o e e 0 e 2 0 O O I O O G CLUB Front Row F Houghton, C Day, K Mort, B Barlow, T Ramsbottom, G Osborn, D Vyrostek, G Carder, and J Barton. Second Row B. Holbrook, R Hammond, D. Frost, D Holmes, L Burke, B Fershberger, B Worley, and Coach Conner, Sponsor Third Row J Eads, C. Schmitt, I Hiatt, S Dunnington, J Burns, N. Fughs. Not Pictured Dean Wilson The G Club is organized by the varsity lettermen and women of the Gallatin High School Its purpose is to promote sportsmanlike conduct on and off the athletic field STUDENT COUNCIL Eads, Sec , and K Mort, Parliamentarian First Row Hall, Bob Hershberger, S Dunnington, F Rader, Schmitt, K Smith, and S Barker Back Row Woody, T Ramsbottom, R Penniston, and Mr Foster, Sponsor. The Student Council is composed of representatives from each class. The president is elected from the senior class by the student body PAGE SPONSORS GALPIN AUTO SUPPLY ounces MILL a PRODUCE 2 o o 0 0 A o O O 0 I e o o 0 : -Ol I I O s O Sitting: S. Yates, Reporter, G. Osborn, V.Pres., J. Eads, Pres., M. . . . : P. . . C. . . . : R. . . . O CH ERLEADERS Jean Eads, Mary Eade, Dolores Shuler, Pati Hall PEP SQUAD FIRST ROW S Dunnington, S. Alexander, F Rader, J Eads, D Shuler, Eads, P Hall, I Hiatt, J Burns, B. Nixon, SECOND ROW J Naylor, Wathen, V Cecil, D. Cohrs, B Watson, S Holcomb, S. Yates, Schmitt, L Bodle, J Carter, N Hughs, D. Dunnington, A Bodle, Hershberger, Mrs. Mitchell, Adviser, FOURTH ROW B Vyrostek, C Lynn, Shafer, C Schmitt, J Warden, P Townsend, C Pughs, D. Culver, G. George. PAGE SPONSORS MODEL TAILORS J. K. R McBROOM C. J. Stout Television, Radio Phone M3 Electric Service Me .0 . Q o . ' 2 .0 Se O O I K. Daniels, F. Barker, THIRD ROW: C. Teel, J. Dunnington, M. Walton, Je O l O O Sl : O I Go O O I O SLUDY HALL The Library Staff is composed of students who have a free perioa they wish to use to work in the Library. Miss Ruth Ramsbotton is the Chief Librarian B Watkins, Miss Ramsbotton, R. Gatenby, J. Burns C. Teel, Tolen, S Holcomb, J Terry LIMRARY STAPV A 5 PAGE bPONsOh berving Faithfully a Faithful Community HOPE FUNERAL HOME Since 1917 16 5 4 .. 41 2 2 THLETIG The had one seasons tory of tb School. GALLATIM Dean wilson, Tom Ramsbotton, Glen Osborn football team of the best in the his- Gallatin High The Bulldogs won eight games, and lost one to finish as Grand River Champions. TILY Bethany Kin City Stanberry Grant City Hamilton Alblny Naysville Braymer Pr1nceton TRI cAPTA11.., 11111 19514, CHAI P1011 11112 TROPHY 0 t b FOOTBALL LETTERMEN FIRST ROW L Burke, C Day, J Barton, D Wilson, F Houghton, R Hammond, D Frost, SECOND ROW Coach Conner, T Ramsbottom, D Vyrostek, B Barlow ROW B Hershberger B Worley, K Mort, G Osborn, G Carder, THIRD , B Folbrook in 'I PAGE SPONbOR 'We Call and Deliver SWOPFORD CLEANER Phone I5 Gallatin, Missouri Q? ,v 7 V 20 .13 ,IA ' M 22 o ' 13 o G 1 G no 0 V 0 7 5 V 19 o ' lil 13 . 41 13 13 6 - T R' 3 1 J- !V ' 1 of 9 R no 1 I fr , . 4 O- i 1 1 f If ' 1 - we gi lf ll A TEAM FOOTBALL FIRST ROW T Ramsbottom, K Mort, L Burke, B Barlow, B Worle G Carder, C Day, SECOND ROW B Mead, D Wilson, D Vyrostek, G Osborn, R Hammond, F Houghton, D Frost, C Wynne NOT PICTURED B Hbrshberger, B Hblbrook, and J Barton JR FIGH FOOTBALL FIRST Row M Caldwell, B Wilson, J Mort, R Schweizer. L Brown, J Honey, J Harrls, R Gibson, S Swofford, S Thte, J Houghton, SBCOND PON J B Wilson, Coach, J Froman, J Clements, C. Ramsbotto NOT PICTURED Claude Wright PAGE SPONSORS Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery SCOTT APPLlANCE STO4 New Idea Farm Equlpment Frigidaire, Philco, Dexter, Skelgas BXKLR IPPL I NT COL? NY Phone 386 Gallatlny MiSSOUTi Gallatin, Pissouri T : Q 0 Q c 0 yy L Liz. O O . .I O. . mf D, Redman, D, Scott, D, Gordan, Mr. Swofford, Coach. A T1AV BASKETBALL FIRST ROW' B Mead, F J Claycomb, D Stark, L Burke, D Grav, C Vaughn SFCOLD ROV D Frost, L Beck, J Barton, B Barlow, C Walton, D wilson, B Pershberger JR YIGP BA KETBALL J Froman, SECOND RCW D Gordon, J Clements, R House, R Collins, J Houghton PAGE DPONBORB BAPTCh'5 APIL ITC V TRIVB and VCVILLIIIS Y Q 0 Q o s u a M n , F1RbT ROW: YS. Syofford, J. Roney, B. Groxes, C. Wright, B. Wilson, A ll' ,J f IHS 53 Xa in I x c 'S fi 45.b,4,Q5 W 4, :fif- ,. fa - if :Ziff :Aff 1 JEAN EADS Homecoming Queen busle Baraer, Presrvan Attendant, bckerryl Dunnlngton, Junior ACCGDQSDU, Jean Eeos, Queen, Pati hall, senior Attendant bettv Dillev, Sophomore Attendant, Francie Earxer, Freshman I-.tten ant. i - 'Whe "I-omecor'-lnp Festivities toon place on October lp le brlrrtlv decorated . floats paraded arodnd the square at 2 OO Frioav afternoon lke crownlng of tre qdeen and att idents was Feld n tte football field at the half of the Gallatin nlhanv gawe The hON9COW1Ng t v t M re ended with a darce re o in t e hip? school grmnasium. C o , J ot an r 9+ U Pho xe O7 W J Gaon W Gann Gall tin, Miss Ari The FFA and FHA nBarnwarming' was on November 12. Barbara Nixon and Glen Osborn reigned throughout the evening as Milk Maid Queen and Corn Cob King The old tradition of square dancing was carried out thoroughly Doughnuts and cider were served as refresh ments. 'fa' O .f'C1. PAGE SPONSORS RICHARD'5 CAFE WILDFR'S Southwest Corner of Square Blzcksmithlng R Welding Shop Uertler Veals from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Portable Gas and Electric Sandwiches-Pie-Chili welding Lquipment Homemade Gallatin, 'iaeou.4 Shirley Yates, Joyce Schmitt and Rita Gatenby are their way to attend the model United Nations General Assembly at Warrensburg October 25 Charlene Schmitt, Kay Helton, Judy Burns, and Donna Ray are in front of the School of Journalism building at the University f Missouri during the Missouri Interacholastic Press Association convention. Charlene Schmitt, and Kay Helton won first prize in news writing at the convention They are shown below with plaque they were awarded for Grand Prize in all contests. -1 ,L Zi' Jean Eads was chosen as our schoo1's candidate for 'Good Citizenship award sponsored by D A R f' 41' 0 4 dawg -11.- 2555157 i-,:..f---""X PAGE SPONSORS SALE BARN CAFE LEE PILPCE J H Hiatt Auctioneer on on . . . o . , lm a- v ig f '6. lX Qff M pays lu I W l 0 V In ., 5 V vs.:-"'- ' ll The annual 'Career Day tea was given for junior senior girls by the American Association of University Women on November 8 nes from senior lay 'The Perfect The cast was as follows Kenny Mort, Charlene Schmitt, Tom Ramsbottom, Bud Holbrook, Judy Burns, Millie Walton, Donna Ray, Junior Terry, Glen Osborn, Jim Barton, Patl Hall, Gary Tolen, Shirley Wathen, Dean Wilson, Donnie Vyrostek, and Floyd Houghton PAGE SPONSOR Prescriptions Filled Russell Stovers Chocolates HARLOW ' S PHARMACY Phone 58 Gallatin, Missouri ll f Sce p Idiotn which was presented March 3-M. U x 41 if X ix- 7'-X5 f if ,af if 56 flagimffvr 0,1 , gg gf: 1' W I V 4- 5? " ,,,f' h Q f vr 5 'fl - Axe' SE IDR .awww ,www ft ...ff """" ,A ,M"""k ff' ff f ...f ,ff ff!! ,ff x "4",'n, Jw 5 ,- x N Q! An J' X-,-fix, - : fl .- 2. ,lv f 4' l "1 A , i f mf f bf' ' :M ' , I ld, and -,,x.N': I my ,. vfgfypg a VV f ,V .A 1 , . PV QL ,T :! Vr?i., i A gn . A, ., i . w, x W , 1.35 . ,, .Y T ., A :1,,'..t , . ,- Z' -wx- f f H , .ffl M, ,fy 1. , - . ' ,yy 1 , f , Q' J' ,z . f 554 ,f A+!! 2 Q ., J, , , 0 Q , I A 1,5 I ff f xi , K Y lf. . jg: y. K 5 'X K' M ix I , . . ,-' ' w 34 K J f, fffryf V i W 1 ,fgfgzg L ,. IM V ,. ,, , , 3 K LkVM.MwL4LL,j1M3,Q4,W . .W K MLW M - 'Wm W A , M., ..h.v.,w,, V --'M , ,,M,...,,,,,,,- ,,.,,N.. ,' ,V,5.jy,ggjM- A, - wM,.,,,. ., W, V " "W WMM" "' T 1 fu w. ,, '-'W.,A,H, 'X """- W , WWMW -W W, M N X if .i K1-.ik - AMMMNM V t . " 1,1 ' , my -xy 4 4 My ,.- .f M., ' 4 1 4' ' ' A-1. swf , W . 1, xl -...N ,. 5, Y, vf , ', ' HN A WWW. f' xr ' ' 1 qw f 'K xx Q. .13 ' mm-www' f' ff' 3 h'ff.,w ' ,H Q I . k N - -, ,xl ,f A , ,, E' 2 x . ' - , 'Y 1 sy R K . w. 7 -Q If l . 4 ,f I E 'Q ,, f , ' ' J' X ., ' 1 F' .f rg- ' ,' X X If 4 , X, .X ', A 'X ' V I4 I ' . f x x 1 AM,...b X X '74 CHABLENIL SCHMI FI' PHPSIL NP Student Council l Band 5 Glee Club A Pianist Boys' Glee Club Mixed Ckorus Volleyball 2 Gallamo M Yearbook l Pep Squad A G Club 2 DONNA RAY VICE PRESIDENT Pep Squad Band 3 Glee Club 3 Gallamo l Yearbook l Mixed Chorus l JO ANNA DUNNINGTON SECRETARY Band 7 Glee Club M Gallamo 2 Yearbook l Pep Squad 2 Mixed Chorus SHIRLEY WA1nnN TnEPSUhER Band 3 Glee Club 3 Gallamo 2 Yearbook 1 Pep SQUSQ M Flag bearer l Congratulations, Seniors FIRST NATICNAL BANK Gallatin, Missouri :JM Wir F. H. A. 3 iw. 1 A lx F. H. A. 1 14 F. H. A. 3 hiv A I+ F. 131. A. 3 GLEN OSBORN Football M Track 3 Band 2 G Club 2 JUDY BUFNS Pep Squad A Cheerleader Volleyball Gallamo 2 Yearbook 1 G Club 2 Majorette 1 Library 2 915 Page Sponsor A K MOTORS 'We service all makes Plymouth Chrysler Dealers South No 13 Highway Gallatin, Missouri Basketball M MASTER-AT-ARMS Student Council Mixed Chorus M 1 BETTY WATSON REPORTER Gallamo 1 Yearbook l Pep Squad A Glee Club 3 Band 3 Mixed Chorus 2 KENNY MORT Student Council Football 3 Yearbook l G Club l Basketball 'im DEAN WILSON K F. F. A. M 1 Football M Basketball Q Track A Baseball 2 G Club 2 4spJx 2 'VI-1-" o PATI hALL Attendant 2 Cheerleader 2 Gallamo 2 Yearbook 1 Pap bquad M Glee Club 3 JI. LOB EARTO Q Football 4 Glee Club 1 Cldb 2 rack 3 Basketball Baseball 1 Student Council 2 Student Councll Mixed Cnorus A yllpv ALATT ' ILAH F. u. A. 3 T an Band 2 Glee Vollewball 1 T? Pep Squad Q , ' Yearbook I ,,'m All ,C Club 3 G Club 2 f5gH?75Li 1 xi Mixed Chorus M rLOYD dOUJd1ON Football A Track 1 G Club 2 BETTY WHITT X "' Yearbook 1 S X Glee Club f Pep aquad 1 t PAJE SPONSORS MERRIGAN SUPEP MARKET GALLATIN MOTOR COMPANY 1 F BUD HOLBROOK Football M Basketball 3 Mixed Chorus Band 1 Glee Club 1 CHARLFNE LYNN Pep Squad M Glee Club M Yearbook 1 DON VYROSTEK Football G Club 2 Track 2 Baseball LL SHIRLEY HOLCOM Glee Club M Gallamo 1 Yearbook 1 Pep Squad M Library 1 TOM RAMSBOTFOM Student Council Football M Basketball M Track 3 G Club 2 Mixed Chorus JEAN EADS Football Queen Attendant 2 St'd Coun. Pres Student Council Cheerleader 3 Pep Squad M Volleyball 1 G Club 2 Gallamo l Yearbook l May the Lamp of Knowledge Just L The Way to That Success You've Dreamed about. BANK of GALLATIN Gallatin, Missouri 2 ight eeeeaz 'QQ F4552 GARY CARDER 9,4 Football 3 G Club 2 Track 2 MILLIE WALTON SHARON ALEXANDER Drum Majorette 2 Majorette 1 Band 7 Glee Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Pep Squad M Gallamo 1 Yearbook 1 Student Council 2 Glee Club M Mixed Chorus 3 Band 7 Gallamo 3 Pep Squad M Yearbook 1 GARY TOLEN Band M JUNIOR TERRY Football 1 Yearbook 1 Track 2 Library 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Yearbook 1 Library 1 LINDA BODLE Student Coun Band 3 Mixed Chorus Glee Club 2 Attendant 1 Gallamo 1 Yearbook 1 Pep Squad 2 Success to You' SAM T. EVANS cil 1 3 1 Wm "Quai ORS ..,,.s xg ,Qin X wwf .ff f ,fr "lF'! M he M F Central Cooperative PAGE SPONb0RS Feeds Seeds Fertilizers Wire Pain Roofing Phone 86 Gallatin, Missouri Scherryl Dunnington Larry Harlow Vivian Stretch Kay Helton Frances Rader Bob Hershberger Karen Smith Karla Smith Bob Worley Joyce Schmitt Bob Barlow Velma Cecil Gary Troxel Donna Cohrs Jim Elliott Nancy Tolen Bill Watkins Dolores Shuler George Bradley Georgia Shafer Larry Hester Carolyn Teel Fred Dilley Don Holmes Betty Vyrostek Ivan McLey Wayne Burrls MORRISON 8 MILLER Real Estate Insurance Loans Gallatin, Missouri OPI-I UMD RE S ff f X f . . ,fff f fl W 5 .ffl n,....,. 'im ,ffff 1 1 w , .5 , -154 x u A il! 1 ff 1 2 -5 tg 2 V- ?, f f X M. 191 Mary Eads Connie Day Duane Frost Darlene Dunnington Ronnie Woody Shirley Yates Rita Gatenby Roy Hammond Betty Dilley Darrell Gray 5 Larry Bashford Janet Carter Charles Wynne Carol Wilkerson Mildred Bradley Tommy Eskridge Nellie Murray Connie Vaughn Connie Halton Judy Hill Frank Batinick Norma Hughs bfi!! PAGE SPONSORS Ladies' and Children's Ready to Wear C and B GROCERY THE PHYLLIS SHOP Quality Foods Free Delivery Lowest Prices Phyllis Coon Phone 151 Phone 37 Gallatin, Missouri 5??W Y S ,:WQW3'V 1 ' 5 Q' i I .A 7 gy- - 'V ,. ' 1 , 1 nga , 6 , ., vm, , , ' " o n PAGE SPONSORS Automobile and Tractor Repairing Shirley Hershberger Norman Whitt Peggy Townsend Donald Wathen Barbara Nixon Wayne Clevenger Judy Naylor F J Claycomb Judy Toney Marion Albrecht Mary F Whitt Charlene Stroup Larry Burke Janice Warden Don Stark Kenny Milstead Bobby Mead Marshall Jones Larry Beck 99 Phone - 99 Phone 56 Groceries 8: Wholesale Meats DOUELL GARAGE Heat Processed for Home Freezers Lial Dowell LOCKER Gallatin, Missouri The Elliotts and The Whittens 1 1 3 Kenny Marshall I FRE I-I vI ME fqff iid? jf, 3,1 K.. ,qi-1 '5,,,.,A4' 'IN 0-S ll' 5-4 Susie Barker Frances Barker Martha Worrell Marlene wilson Billy Wilson Martha Albrecht Connie Holbrook Patty McDonald Edward CSpeed7 Nixon f" 1 " Christlna Pugh Bill Grove Betty Huffman Charlotte Lent Wayne Youtsey Virginia Cecil Joe Froman Janet Thompson James Harris Z' Jewell Brown Carl Ramsbottom Ruth Macrander John Clements nf Gracle George 'pi ..- Roy Peniston Dolores Bassett Ronald House Bonnie Boyer Marvin Caldwell if-' PAGE SPONQORS Stevens Hats, Arrow Shirts RUSQELL HERBERT Key Work Clothes Munsing Hear, Intorwoven Socks Insurance DEAN CLOTHING COMPANY Phone 6 Gallatin, Missouri 'W , , Q I 5 f . , x X V ' 6 Q qkagrg gif 1 'nf "' " 3 ' ' ' ,C 3 C '-4. fb- fb V' 2 fo, 5 5 ,, ' , 'fi Jim mf' Q A .....,Wf, Hg.. A aiu ,.--s,,. wifgif gg? g 'F' J lsn i A Q 9. aww L 1 L g ' .., rqffi , 773' ,ff ' - J'f I 1 LohvtPwHU5 Ill' .T li ,'F I " f nd 'S Y 1:1 lm-A F' f 555 And now on this final page, we Seniors of Gallatin High School wish to express our sincere gratitude to all teachers parents, patrons, and advertisers who have made this book possible We hope that it meets with your approval Somebody said that it couldn't be done, But he with a chuckle replied That nmaybe it couldn't,n but he would be one Who wou1dn't say so till he'd tried So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin On his face. If he worried he hid it He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and he did it Edgar A Guest Paula wilson Larry Brown Kay Daniels Dale Redman Patsy Carter Richard Schweizer Dora Lou Culver Sammy Swofford Hazel McNeal Claude wright Florence Vegel Robert Colllns Jewell Vauvhn Dean Gordon Anne Bodle gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty Puzfihew fue' Murufaiwvwx BON B':f' FAKTOHY HUME OFHKE 1?- K YD-I+ 5 WV rx... il-p-v--H FW Q W, Q ,iff C X 'W P-Ax N, if SN ff M li L3 X s mb f N MP ffxqgf Yr! ,XM f 'NL yjigfi H V-J W' ZX-XLJQ XX! qi, J Lam iff J' X J W7 lf ' Y I -f f X 1 X X 2 Xl , I 1 , ,, ! I 4 if-' 2 4 , X 1' ' -' ,7,rx I ' X It I xt!!! K .4 .2 'fl' 'I-rf' -1.1-ffff V I S K 4 1- 5 fl 2. I! gl: if 1 R' X. X J I ' f' .1 f ' 1 r' f. x .-v if - .VJ 3 3.1 A, .. . h . M M A b 5 ...., fi -N F vi, Q W fl, 75,2041 4-4 V may wk fy E --.--,.f--J-- A --'- X W"Tf, ' wh' ' I 1' IU! 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Suggestions in the Gallatin High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Gallatin, MO) collection:

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Gallatin High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Gallatin, MO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 23

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