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4 13- ' ell' Pg., fn W ! I xx 1 v 'a,., .N U' . 4 DVA. X XL: iz T q, '- -X , Ll, . .' " 6 A !-A OWJ5 g,fNLL Identification Card X Armed Forces of the United Stateg wwf? 4 I . NAME: USS GALLANT OCCUPATION: MINESWEEPER DATE OF B1RTH: COMMISSIONED 14 SEPTEMBER 1955 PLACE OF BIRTH: TACOMA, WASHINGTON MEASUREMENTS: 173 FEET LONG, S5 FEET AEEAM WEIGHT: DISPLAGES Soo TONS OF SEA WATER HULL NUMBER: 489 COLOR: GRAY U.S. NAVY, ACTIVE F A LCDR R. L. FREEHILL, USN Commanding Officer 'X The Midni ht il Most often heard quote: Fix it. " LCDR ROBERT L FREEHILL USN A native of Melvin, Illinois, Captain FREEHILL received his commission from the U S Naval Academy on 8 June 1960. His first tour of duty was in Destroy ers on the West Coast, first in USS JARVIS QDD 7995 as EMO, then in USS WILKINSON QDL 55 as CIC Officer. In September 1961 he commenced flight training at Pensacola, Florida and he earned the wings of a Naval Aviator on 21 December 1962. He flew F-8 jet fighters with VF-174 until October 1963, when he was voluntarily redesignated as a Surface Line Officer. Upon grad- uation from the U. S. Naval Destroyer School in May 1964, he joined USS DAVIS QDD 9373 homeported in Newport, R. I. as Operations Officer. After two years in DAVIS he attended the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, earning his Masters Degree in Oceanography in June 1968. LCDR FREEHILL assumed command of GALLANT on 25 July 1968. He is married to the former Charlyn Kelleran and they have three children. When relieved in August 1970, he is scheduled to attend the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. LT. LR. LAMPING, EXECUTIVE OFFICER LT James R. LAMPING, USN A native of Park Ridge, Illinois, Lieutenant LAMPING received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Notre Dame in June 1964. He was a member of the NROTC unit there and was commissioned on 24 August 1964. In Decem- ber 1964 he reported to USS HANSON QDD 8325, homeported in San Diego. Serving as ASW Officer and Nuclear Weapons Officer, he made two Westpac deployments in HANSON be- fore reporting to Coastal Squadron One in Vietnam as a PCF Officer-in-Charge. After nine months in-country Vietnam, he served a three-month tour in Sasebo, Japan, supervising PCF overhauls. LT LAMPING reported aboard GALLANT on 11 September 1968. He is scheduled for rotation in Novem- ber 1970, to attend Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. LTIG John W. YEOMAN, USNR A native of Wilmette, Illinois, and a graduate of Denison University in June 1967 with a BA degree in History, LTJG YEOMAN received his commission from ocs in November 1967. He .mended Mine Warfare School in Charleston before reporting aboard GALLANT on 3 March 1968. He served as First Lieutenant, MCM Officer, and Supply Officer throughout his tour on board. He departed GALLANT on 28 October 1969, just over halfway through the deployment, under orders to Swift Boats in Vietnam. LTJG Donald B. MEA KIN, USNR A native of Yeadon, Pennsylvania, LTJG MEAKIN graduated from Penn State University in June 1967 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He received his commission from OCS in April 1968 and attended Mine Warfare School at Charleston be- fore reporting aboard GALLANT on 4 June 1968. He served briefly as DCA and Communications Officer before relieving as Operations Officer in March 1969 He served in that capacity throughout the cruise. LTJG MEA KIN is married to the former Sharon Donaghey. LTJG Jonathan C. Prccruoto. USN A native Ofyrugugte, Georgia, LTJG PICCIUOLO re- eeived his Bachelors Degree from Georgia Tech in june 1968, having majored in Aeronautical Engin- eering. He was a member of the NROTC there and was commissioned upon graduation. I-Ie attended Mine Warfare School at Charleston before reporting aboard GALLANT on 10 September 1968. He has served as Engineering Officer throughout his tour aboard GALLANT. LTJG PICCIUOLO is scheduled for transfer from GALLANT in September 1970, hope fully to a Naval Research and Development activity ashore. LTIG Richard EDE, USNR A native of Burbank, California, LTJG EDE received his Bachelors Degree in Physics from UCLA in Decem- ber 1968, and received his commission the same day through the NROTC program. Thereafter he attended Mine Warfare School in Charleston and reported aboard GALLANT on 24 February 1969, relieving LTIG MEA KIN as DCA and 3M Officer. ln October 1969 he relieved LTJG YEOMAN as First Lieutenant, MCM Officer, and Supply Officer, serving in that capacity through the remainder of the deployment. LTJG EDE is scheduled for release from active duty in July 1970. T... I 1 I 1 I i 6 ruise A enda CONN-tents June-July 69 Jume 16 Underway for Pearl July 14-30 Import Guam for upkeep August-September 69 Aug 7-20 Import Subic for upkeep Aug 20-Sept 30 Market Time Patrol October 69 1-16 Market Time amd Salvops in Tomkim Gulf 17-27 Import Subic, upkeep November 69 1-16 Import Damamg 8-19 Salvops 23-27 Salvage Operations, Damamg 27-30 Market Time December 69 1-3 Market Time 8-10 Import Taiwam-Rest amd Recreation 14-17 Import I-Iomg Komg, R amd R 20-30 Import Subic Bay, drydock January 70 8-19 Import Guam for upkeep 23 Kwajaleim fuel stop February 70 2-3 Import Pearl 12 Arrive Long Beach SUBJECT PAGE Ship 's I. D. 1 C aptaim 2 XO 4 Officers 5 , 6 Crew 8-22 Quotes 23 Departure 24 Softball 25 DMZ 26 Whaleboat, color 28 Kowloon, color 29 Subic 30 Salvops 32 Transit 34 Cartoons 35 Awards 36 Statistics 39 Postscript 40 USS Gallant 6672 Can-do" Crew EMC John Heredia and EN2 Larson -if ,35- ' -nr 5' K ff , "N--.,., EN1 Wayne QScoote S hr , U C Oeder' IC1 Ronald Thofln, DC2 Ted Hoey, and ENC Robert Waters r 1 E I 'L iw 6 7 A! X, f ff . A W fi RD1 Richard Kabel BM1 William Holt after a winning game of softball QM1 Johnny Jerome Jackson, on the bridge EN1 John Cole Slvll Donald Taylor EM1 Clifford Evans T i Fa. 2, E Si X s 1 X Ir. :ff , x E , A I. 4 A, -. f' g 4 T 1 ,- ' ' Q, , N of .ls ,fgff if - 5 f Q? - J 4 4 h Fla! We 5 332: 1.' Qc .'i' 5 We fw7i .VQ. N H ff X 1 ' f , N ,, ,N,, , ,S .M - s'f NQQf Sli' fw' 2W'wMcseqf' 1' . . aah-,,i.slQi2 X ' 7 " , w- W. 1 -f -K W1 5 X, X Q 3 W' i i if SKl S. C. Batucal Qupper lefty BMl Martin Hargraves frightj iv I ' Doc QI-Ilvilj Stevens takes a coffee break I Securing the blob, below, Chief Waters, BMl Hargraves, and SN Mark Lucas ff VV ,,fl1 X41 , ., , pw? 4 5 1 I lg- lj, ff 4, F A Q ' f L aff' EN2 David Goodemote qupper lefty on sound-powered phone EN2 Leslie Hendry Qupper rightj on his way to shore patrol headquarters ETN2 James Rosensteel fbelowj takes a break f - x j t a GMG3 Robert Mencin and GMG2 Ralph Roe our gtmnery crew. ' 12 s ,ff l C82 Douglas Pennington fabovej indicates that he would like to see the passageway swabbed--one more time SA Frank Disimile fupper rightj BM3 George Brown and SA Lloyd Holloway Qrightj STC-2 Bob Hughs and QMl Jackson take a break on the mess decks iffw fyalg f , I .RN--4-m I ,Z '....::,.,,:::-Q--"-Aff' MW M X is , M 1 JN 1 4, 1,9 1 3 y f we 2 M X 2 L, f J M V X ff? qv V f -fm X L r f A H , f 2 n 'T,'.q.:rf D- - F ' , , gWA f s 'L f- l ' f L., I? '- f XYZ! J rwfe f 'X ,, 5'wf I A .. -H:-4. -:sr f.-L, ywkwwgt mmsvw NW N 'WM M mf girlie K 'JW ff? f, 2 5511 1315? -X ---H...--,.......YV... -,.. -4.-- N., - W. ...,-.... MH... . .-. if FU-, V E' SN Sam Campanella checks out a life preserver line I5 Ll ..,.5 lv Nu BM3 Delbert Durfee and SN Lucas 14 , Q , Y mlyplfm XO makes important adjustmentg behind him, PNSA Jon Myers SN William Salley, amidships ,Q-Q-5.16 "' Q a , SN Larry Fellows carving for a meal Relaxing, l to r, TN Eduardo Montanano, SN Lloyd Hollo- way, and SN Calvin Leblanc In the galley, SN Larry John- son, left and FA Melvin Thomas Working on menu, CS3 Jona- than Sabo 15 OPS gang, upper left standing, RDSN Phil Kelly, ETN3 Bob Simonsg below SMSN Pat Potter and STG3 Ed Mahler Shhh. Nooner time for SFP2 Rickie Greeson Quarterdeck, left, manned by ETR2 Paul Moore and SN Lloyd Holloway Splicing line, SN Wilfred Woollard passes the times during a long sea de- tail Upper left, RM3 Ken Davis and RM2 Rich Gillett Upper right, QMSN William Morgan Left, FN Gary Morton and RM3 Dale Fournier Below, left, RM3 Tom Hawkins, cruise book editor and a portable typewriter named I-lawk's Beast Below, right, YN3 Carlton Pollock 2 V f V i 'xl v SZ X , N D . . . 1 BM3 Paul Demersg shlp 1n drydock EM2 Tom Wemzler SKSN Wayne Nelson and EN2 Larson BM3 David Mangin wif you speak German, then you call your foxtail broom "mein Sweeper. " 18 FN John Kerby and FN Pinkie Sutton STGSN David Young and Ernie Sutton FN SM3 Ralph Russo M iffy V 1 A .1 S wr' ,A f M Y FX? 577553 ., ,wir 'S 1b , . N, ,, ...,,,-.dpv-Q- ' I7 f 7, W 2 , W ,MW ing? w MQ' X M WW 'QL ,W ,,,, ,,,, , V7.7 RD3 Jim Felton RD3 Peter McComiskey and ETR3 Duane Sorlie FN Ron VanV1iet FN' Ray Taylor givin, is ,Qi WSNNVSE. :Vs a MSRQA X E FN Gary Boatner and EN3 Billy Williams FN Douglas Moisenco EM2 Ed Schulz and EN2 Larson EM2 Dennis North V TN Fernando Rosario 1 Q K v so DC3 Kenneth Dawson RD3 Duane Brown Every crewman has his own story Q just ask himj. Here are a few select quotes- "secure the H1655 decks: SCCUFC the C0mP2Lr1Imentsg secure the head. Fantail is secured. Water over the forecastle. Where'n the hell are we supposed to go?" QM1 jghm-ly 5, Jackson A -'Very stimulating. " RD3 I im Felton ' "Best chow in Westpac. just ask ole Moore. " ETR2 Paul R, Moore "My EM's kept the gear running so well, I was able to take a fall vacation. " EMC John I-Ieredia "And the recruiter said this was the life. . . " EMFN Douglas Moisenco "Worst cruise I've ever been on, but, because I'm a lifer, I really enjoyed it, and would like nothing more than to go on another one. " RDI Richard Kabel "Any person who can hack aWestpac cruise on a minesweeper can handle anything the Navy puts out. " DC2 Ted Hoey "Missing Japan? That brings an unquotable comment. " RM3 Dale Fournier "Gripes? No use griping. If you don't like it, don't join. That's what the Navy Is! " SKI S. C. Batucal "Combat reported a contact tracking on course 090 degrees at a speed of 12 knots. The bridge visually identified the contact as Triton Island. " LTJG Donald B. Meakin "Conn: 'House the anchor. ' Foc'sleg 'The anchor is fine. "' LTIG Jonathon C. Picciuolo The Crew Speaks. While Schulz Swims EM2 Ed Schulz succumbs to the traditional initiation for making rate-an involuntary morning swim - fy. ,-M -. Y J, ,Q , 1- 4 ," Mba- M 33, ' 4 'L 1, gr!! ' , ' ' ..z,.. , J -ng fs W and Farewell 'Aff 'fl Hail DEPARTURE FROM LONG BEACH 16 JUNE 1969 " ""f5F?fW'3Q. .Q '- 'x lv wi frees,- ,. v- .-mad u l , 3"31'?3'Jf'?'f?f7" 4 .- f ' H .414 ,- . ' -mv- , V Y ' K ' ' 3112742251 -:ff,fff,yf' f s,,,m2,V 31451, , 4. Q. ,':,w, jg-1: 5 ,Q tgps'-'f:gb1, , ,qiggm jf: 4,7 ,, ,X-an-f nh ..-1 :J 'L """'- R li if 4t " -1 'J' 1 ,Q 1 4.- 1 SQ. iz? -K' . F- ' , 'Q ii E i 3 I 3 y 13 25 ii I 4. Q 4 1 22 .gi X fi . hamps n Land r Sea GUAM SOFTBALL TOURNEY Champs fl to rj Chief l-leredia, Moore, XO, Wyatt, Thorin, Lucas, Holt, Woollard Qlfrontj Vasko, Hoey, Felton, Salley, Campenella ' On the DMZ, whistle blasts and warn- ing shots were sometimes needed to bring jtuiks alongside rr DMZ Junk Search 4 1 , l 1 ii ii -fx ix fb 1 I 1 .P .1 Z 3 3 4 3 4 3 K i 5 2 3 if 1 2, 'Q 1 a sw W 1 4 1 1 4 i4 1 W! W x YI Following color pages: Page 28, launching the whaleboat. Page 29, a E street in Kowloon, Hong Kong ap ,. It W fb fb Alta, rw Q. W r A' l E, iw 4' . We ,ij ,, .5 .. I 4 ,P-gun J, ,- .-2 V21 Q ., r' ' , H E I ' "-fp ' .Q-'ga M gi IMA V. - H mmm, 'Wg A ' uf -4- M if .qfQip,, 1' My up '4 f - m3 'Ni X' V 6 - L ' ' H ,Wx . V L , s , ' W. Vp..- , 1 -,A1,N my ..,- gum Jw' Vt A V imilf' ' ,Lf ' ibm-mf -faayg , wg, mul" . X A '.'9ff.wa ,W f w 1 sf' N, V"'w'mn! D III: ' T: ,ima iw K., fi! ,W V.Q.'ew ,W f 1 ,,. , WA., 6 'riff' 'v Lr- X 28 r :Wag ,F 1 2 x ervlceo 155 -fm .- - ,,Ff+3fM1fQ I EEN I Q Q?-5.53 'iix N -Q. , A .1 A fx . ,Q ff S ' NL M! 5 a V L3 fx ' WF ' .Ll gag' K , , , i ' ' 3? , .4 A fi. I! 1, Af , - S N -f hihu Wy? - ,mg - 1'--M -A f ww -- ff 1 H-Hsftrzblw Q T' ,"""' " - . Q ,.- Q j . 0, , 5 . V' -. N -64: .M- MQ X NT? 5X1 2 -gr 1 Q . ,x f"'Y5 "1 V A - f'-in-. -xrF:."'v V Y ALQQ lf' , . N-w g x A.,Q, . Aq.e fini e K 5 ,',, A Aq 4 , V 515 ,,:. ,,. L' fi -w-k-v-'-f---- . -x '- 11 A X T'QUE""5-'9,.'1ff"': . azfrif- ' XE . 1 l 14 ., l in L., ,v W vtmflffl in 3 X X7 ixxgxn 5 Pi' A 1 ' 5 P ' if? '- ifff ' 5 Qi Q . ,.,, il... 1 .l v Q... , .1.f-Vs., 37,2 3 ,5-12' .1 .Q 1 A .1-., ,Q I . i . g if J -q,,,, Q - i' ... vs-M -,-Q. T., nfs L! . XM A 'fi ..3.,,,, .7 ,A , ,, bag, Ida ,411-, ,.,. FIFTH AVEN HEHWNS, W? THE CH 'HHN' -9530 ' ' H221 na. M55 A l vs Q wwf Wtibgxg' ubi pkee F 1 Y x 1 5 Y 1 L f We All Celebrated in Our Own Way DC2 Hoey Helped Some Kids e Celebrate Christmas C 3 '3GDwww"W""""""" WZWWM Sal op Salva eflperatlons Belng reheved Mall Drop Fantall durmg operauons equlpment and technlcnans were flown ,Ao-g-f 'WW' 32 A HINT TO IVAN A RUSSIAN TRAWLER AN ODE TO OUR SA LVAGE OPERATION Last October A whale swam by, The look of hunger In his eye. After snacking He swam awayg In his gut Was the CZA And as we search As search we must, Somewhere a whale Is burping rust. -Anon. 7 1. LEAVING SUBIC, astern are USS EMBATTLE, USS REAPER, USS EXCEL, USS COHOES QANL-78, net laying shipj and USS FIRM, far right. ' Can't Believe . . . We're Goin Home Pilot boat astem, Kwajalein Barrels all over 34 , eunuvus TDEMQ Ferns, TUST' ,ff IWW Sw mm-QTHQ 'N THE? Navy 'N CALL. ME Q fc 72 I-finp Mau I s. ' it xxx P . 'S' J X i E-:xx dx L' 6 x uw , 'af " New ser we " ,Q ouoenwnv REPLENIJH mem' vtfnw. 'HMI' 1s'..- "' 'rue WROMG- :wm a W ,- ..... .- P , f f -' Q I i Hfua? 'Was IS 'THE CAPYNU 35 Award Ceremon CDR SCHMIDT decorates SK1 BATUCAL CDR G. E. SCHMIDT, USN, COMINEDIV SEVEN TWO ADDRESSES CREW X A X CDR SCHNHDT CONGRATULATES EN1 COLE above AND QM1 JACKSON Award Recipients EN1 Cole SM1 Taylor EN2 F1tt1ng SFP2 Greeson EN2 Hendry QM1 Jackson Front RM3 Davls RD3 Cormskey EM3 Vasko and GMG3 Mencln Mc 9 9 3 I J ' 7 9 . . , , 1 ' . Statistics The following are not necessarily official statistics, but give some idea what goes into an eight month cruise on a minesweeper. The ship's beefy Packards burned 233, 198 gallons of fuel, and ' soaked in 16, 047 gallons of lube oil. Spare parts for all departments netted about 340, 840. And the crew consumed 10,000 pounds assorted fresh meat, 800 gallons of ice cream, and 5,000 gal- lons of fresh milk. Also, 6,000 pounds of bread. No one bothered to record how many times Doc Stevens suggested we clear the mess decks, but responsible estimates go into the millions. Men in the engineering department who stood sound and security watches in three sections through- out the cruise, logged in 325 watches each. Each radioman worked about 1, 900 hours on watch. Throughout the cruise, 1, 300 messages were sent out and 200 relayed for other stations. Roughly 350, 000 broadcast messages were screened ,by radiomen and electronic technicians. The. teletypes unraveled 360 rolls of paper. Meanwhile, the Combat Information Center obtained 2, 880 radar fixes on the DMZ, and 4, 232 during the deployment. Underway, the crew snorted down over 24,000 cans of soft drinks. And ashore, we spent a recorded 323,494 37 on purchases, as declared to customs. 1 l POS TSCRIPT On Friday, 1 May 1970, the following were awarded USS Gallant officers and men, in order of presentation: 1969 White Hat Award: SK1 Bafucal C. O. Gallant Letters of Commendation: SN IOIUHSOD ETN 2 Rosensteel EN1 Schroeder SFP2 Greeson Com Seventh Flt Letters of Commendation C52 P611HiI1gI0l1 , , ' STG2 Hughes EN2 Larson DC2 Hoey S K1 Batuc al Good Conduct Medal: STG2 Huges fFirst Awardj RD1 Kabel fSecond Awardj Combat Action Ribbon: SN Fellows fPrevious commandsj BM3 Mangin HM1 Stevens LT. Lamping Navy Achievement Medal: RM3 Gillett EN2 Goodemote RD1 Kabel LTJG Picciuolo SM2 Bisenius fPrevious commandj Navy Commendation Medal: Lt Lamping BM1 Boyce fPrevious commandy Bronze Star Medal: LCDR R. L. Freehill THE EDITOR wishes to express thanks to photo editorNeal Larson. Some of his pictures are of best professional quality. Also, to the XO who supervised and assisted. And most especially, thanks goes to the crew, without whose collec- tive sweet tooth the financing of this book would not be possible.

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