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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1951 volume:

...X 'N Y NY 2'-," kD Q L A "A, .' xx .,' "4V R N 1 I' . llixfxv A . 1 ix ' . X il ' W A64 f' f .J ' Up J A I 1'--4.9L J Ev' iv .,-1 . ykji W ,Azi- , 1 A 1 Fx Q xx . E., ...,. ..,..,, . . 'x ! H , l I' au f-VP Introducing - - - The 1951 Spy! We sincerely hope that all who read this record of Galion High School, which is another chapter in her long and glo- rious history, will enjoy its contents and be able to bring back forgotten incidents or small anecdotes which we treasure so highly. Much work, worry, and perspiration have gone into the making of this bool: but each minute spent in arduous preparation has been well worth while. We of the Spy Staff feel proud of our finished product and hope you, too, will be as glad to carry this issue of our school's Annual as any of its predecessors. Read on, the best is yet to he! TI-IE SPY 1951 We dedicate the 1951 Spy . . . To those who fell the strong hand of Uncle Sam and others whose sense of duty drew them into the armed forces, we dedicate the 1951 Spy. We feel that in this time of crises there is nothing that deserves our praise and prayers more than these boys. To our classmates who have been taken from us and for the many more that will soon go, we say-Good luck and God bless you. Administration . . . The balance wheels of Galion High School are the offices of M. E. Shank, Superintend- ent, and E. R. Pickering, Principal. Every student has at some time or other been in these offices, perhaps not as often in the Central office, but we do find the Principal's office a pretty busy little place. Of course, when students do find an occa- sion to enter these offices, their problems are easily and efficiently solved by Miss Mon- roe, Miss Nelson or Miss Beck. Miss Monroe and Nliss Nelson are quite well known to everyone at the high school, and Mr. Pick- ering's right hand girl, Ruth Ann Beck, who is a newcomer, has become quite a pal of everyone. At the head of the Administrative Depart- ment is Mr. Shank, who has charge of all Galion city schools and is kept busy at this job. Often he puts in overtime to keep our wheels running smoothly. Most students see little of Mr. Shank, but he does appear at many of our assemblies and he always can be found when an individual student has a problem, or a crisis arises at school which requires his excellent judgment and advice. W Perhaps the H1311 who kept US 011. OLII' toes NI. E. Shank and E. R. Pickering most of the time is Mr. Pickering. He has Board of Education . . . Howard V. Robert M. Mrs. Florence Kenneth M. Dr. Malcolm E. Nussbaum Corry Shaw Petri Switzer quite a job with three hundred and fifty stu- dents who often are forgetful about one thing or another. For an example, from the time school starts in the morning, Mr. Pickering is willing at any time of the day, to offer some good advice to a perplexed student who is hav- ing trouble with a schedule or plans for future careers. This help has been greatly appreciat- ed by many students of Galion High. The smaller spokes in our great revolving wheel are the faculty members, who patiently put up with our faces every day and try to invade our sacred sanctums with bits of knowl- edge. This year, Galion High added quite a few new faces to its list of teachers, and by this time they are well known and liked by all students. Most students will agree that Galion has a fine list of faculty members who have helped them over rough spots during the year. These teachers have a sense of humor even though their jobs do get nerve wracking at times. We must also give credit where credit is due to these teachers who have helped in club and social activities during the year. OE course, we must come to the big wheel itself which is the Board of Education. The people serving on this board are acting in the interests of all citizens of Galion, and they are vitally interested in the students as a group and as individuals. They are constantly aware of the schools, and students' needs, and they try to remedy these needs by prescribing what they think is the proper procedure. Although the board members are often crit- icized, their actions are for the betterment and progress of our school system, and they should be highly praised by all for their excellent work. It takes quite a few people to make up the school system and keep it running smoothly as we have seen. With all the faculty, admin- istrative members and students together, Gal- ion High School is a busy, but pleasant school. Secretaries Isabel Monroe Ruth Ann Beck Joyce Nelson Faculty . . . LUCY AILER R. N., Lakeside Hos- pital, B. S. and M. A. in Ed., Ohio State. CHARLES APLAS Mach. Shop, Penn State, Lebanon Val., B. S. in Ed., Ohio Stare. CAROLYN BEACH Spanish, Eng. Liter- ature, English II, B. A., Ohio Wesleyan, Sponsor of G. R. and Blue Tri Clubs. JOANNE BERCAW School Librarian, B. S., Findlay College. 'Qi . I Middle LOHNIE J. GRACE JOHN C. ARVILLA Row- BOGGS Com'l Law, Short- hand I, Bkpg., Bus- iness Eng., Office Practice, B. S. in Ed., Ohio State, Faculty Manager. BUUTOITI MARVIN Row- FOGT Band, Choir, Or- chestra, Capital U., Vandercoolc School of Music, Chicago, Ohio State, Sponsor Boys Glee Club. DEWITT Latin II, A. B, Hei- delberg, Sponsor of Latin Club. HAROLD FRIAR Biology, Muskingum Col., Grad. work Kent State, Head Football Coach, Jr. V a r s i ty Basketball Coach. DURANCE Bus. Math, P. D., Ec. Geog., Amer. Hist., N. Y. U., B. S. in Ed., Ohio St., Sponsor of Student Council, Co-sponsor of Senior Class. EDWARD HIXON Safety Driving, B. S, in Ed., Ohio U., lvl. A. Columbia U. EMMENEGGER Typing I, II, Short- hand II, M. A. Kent State, School Treas., Sophomore Sponsor. ROBERT JACKSON Plane, Solid Geom., Algebra II, Trig., B. S. Ohio Stare, Ohio U., U. of Chi- cago, Sponsor Math Club, Co-sponsor of Hi-Y, Head Track and Asst. Football Coach. CHARLES ZARTMAN Guxdance Psycholo B A Hel e lzerg M A Ohlo Smtc U of Ch1c1 go Sponsor of H1 Y 1nd College Club WA X 'S-.-A ROSE SEIFERT Phys Ed Health B S Ohio Stare Sponsor of G A A and Cheerleaders MARTHA LIDDELL Fmt, Arts B S Ed Ohio State Wx MIRIAM SAYRE Englxsh Speech A B and B S rn M A Oh1o State Dnrector of Dramat rcs Sponsor of Red Cross HELEN XVILLIAM L SMITH SWICK Home Econ A B Physics Chemxstry Asbury Col Post S Science Draw Grad Ohio State In B lh Mlaml U U f Ohlo U M A 1 Colorado Co Span Scxence and Math sor of Soph Class Ohlo State Spon sor of Semor Class MARGARET SENTIERI English Journalism B S rn Ed O10 Smte Sponsor Lan tern and Spy Facult JOSEPI-IIN E TRACHT Am Hxstory World Hxstory B S m Ed Oluo Northern U M A Ohio State Sponsor of umor Cl1ss RICHARD KERIN Plays Ed Health B S ln Ed South west Mxssourl St1tc Col He'xd Base ball Coach Asst Footlnll Coach l l I ' . , - ' ' , . . in ' , . , . ' , ' ., gy, . . d bl- ,., . . . .. Ed., . . ., h , . . , ., 9 . 3 . - K , . Q- - . 1 ' a Jr' L . . ,T Eff " , f 1 "W 'Q ' 1 " l ' 1 my H :Nl 5. in - 4 , ll' ll' ll ,ww 5' ll C V 4 W X A ! H, 1 W , --3 Y 1 , ,A r ,A - ,Z j ' Z Z ' '.' I' Q ' U N , -.7 4, If , Q ' V .C 1 1 - Tl an M 1- ' ' 1: , I - . . 1: ' , I 'V A ' ' 3 . L 47 ' ' h '7 7 Y - g . . . - ff L- '. - I c I . -A . , ., . - ., . . L . . . ., 1 , ., . . L Z . , ' . I , h 6 . . ' 5 ., r. , I 1 - , . . . . . . - .V , ga . S. . ., , ., . o ., . . u . . ' I g s - - I I . 9 - 1 . Seniors . . . i CLASS OFFICERS KENNY McMANIGELL Boys' Glee Club 4g Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track lg Stu- dent Council 3, 4g Class President 3, 49 Class Vice President Z. DAVID COLUMBUS Boys, Cvlee Club Zg Hi-Y 3, 4s Math Club 3, 45 College Club 39 Photo- graphy Club Zg Football 2, 3, captain 4, Basket- ball Zg Track 1, Z, 39 Assembly comm. 49 Class Secretary 4. The class of 1951, one of the smallest in recent years, distinguished itself in every pos- sible way in order to compensate for its de- pleted ranksl Although several of the Senior boys this year hastened to help out old Uncle Sam, the majority of the fellows felt they could be of more service by remaining in school till grad- uation. The class participated in many activities as a whole as well as individually. After 12 long, arduous years, we feel very close together as we march down the aisle on the evening of commencement. As Freshmen, with our prom being such a big success and our class at the head of the other school, we felt like pretty big stuff..But JAMES BEACH Booster Board, sec'y lg Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orches- tra Z, 3, 49 Choir 4g Boys' Glee Club 4g Hi-Y 3, 45 Math Club Z, 3, 45 Col- lege Club 45 Photography Club 2, 3g Spy staff 4g Track 35 Class Vice Pres- ident 4g Class Play 4. WILLIAM WIGGINS Choir 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, pres. 49 Hi-Y 49 College Club 4g Lantern staffg Class Treasurer 45 Class Play 4. our pins were knocked from under us when we hit high school. After getting adjusted to high school as Sophomores, however, we had a fine year with such extra-curricular activities as dancing, club life and a beautiful hop. As Juniors, the class came into its own, forming the backbone of many clubs and serving as a staying influence on the new Sophomores. We presented the Seniors a reception that will long be remembered for its decorations and espe- cially for the wonderful music of Sammy Bowen and his orchestra. Finally, battle scarred and weary, we plunged into our last year of high school. For most of us it has been one activity after another till we are run ragged, but who cares? It is all over now. It's been swell and if we all had it to do over again, we would do itl GEORGE ABRAHAM Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Hi-Y cabinet 3, treas. 45 Math Club Z, 3, 45 College Club 45 Lantern StaH:5 Football 15 Basketball 25 Class Play 45 Track 3, 45 Honor Society 4. EMMA ALLEN Blue Triangle, cabinet 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. R. Choir 45 College Club 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Usher 3. DEAN BAIRD Choir 1 2 3 4 Bo s' Glee Club 3 4' HiY 3 4' 9 s s i Y y 1 ' 1 r College Club 45 Football 15 Basketball Z5 Track 35 Intramurals 35 Class Play 4. EILEEN BARRETT Band 1, Z, 3, sec'y-treas. 45 Blue Trangle pres. 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. R. Choir 45 G. A. A. cabinet 3, 45 G. A. A. varsity 45 Lantern Staff, editorg Usher 35 Class Play comm. 35 Football Court 3, Queen 45 Basketball Court Z, 35 Honor Society 3, pres. 45 Student Council sec'y-treas. 35 Assembly Comm. 2. AILEEN BASHOFF Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. R. Choir 45 College Club 3, 45 Usher 45 Class Play 35 Office Assistant 4. XVILLIAM BEACH Math Club 45 Usher 35 Track manager 2, 3, 4. JAMES BEECHER Boys, Glec Club 35 Hi-Y 3, sec'y 45 Math Club 2, 3, vice pres. 45 College Club 3, 45 Spy Staff, bus. mgr. 45 Lantern staff, bus. mgr.5 Class Play 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 4. HELEN BLACKHALL Band Z, 3, 45 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves, cab- inet 45 College Club 45 G. A. A. 3, cabinet 45 Spy staff 45 Lantern staff5 Usher 45 Red Cross Council, pres 45 Honor Society 4. Seniors Seniors DALE BONSTEEL Band 1, 2, 3, reporter 45 Choir 3, pres, 45 Hi-Y 3, chaplain 45 Math Club Z, 3, pres. 45 College Club 45 Photography Club Z, 35 Spy staff 45 Basketball 15 Boys' State 35 Intramurals 1. NADINE BOSLER Booster Boarcl 15 Bancl l, Z, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Blue Triangle, cabinet 35 Girl Reserves, pres. 45 G. R. Choir 45 College Club 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Spy staff 45 Lantern staH:5 Usher 3, 45 Girls' Statcg Class Play 45 Honor Society 4. DAVID BROWN Hi-Y 35 Math Club 45 College Club 45 Spanish Club5 Traclc mgr. Z5 Jr.-Sr. Reception comm. 3. PATSY CASS Girl Reserves 45 F. H. A. 3, 45 Usher 35 Jr.-Sr. Reception comm. 3. MARY CASTO Bancl 2, 35 Blue Triangle, cabinet 35 Girl Reserves, treas. 45 G. R. Choir 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, sec'y 45 Spy staff 45 Lantern staffg Class Play, prompter 3. BARBARA CLARK Girl Reserves 45 College Club 35 G. A. A. 3, 45 G. A. A. varsity Z, 3, 4. MARY j ANE COOK Choir Z, 3, 45 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 G. A. A. varsity 2, 35 Usher 35 Class Play comm. 3. LOUIS CORWIN Choir 45 Boys' Glee Club 45 College Club 3, 45 Spy staff 45 Lantern staffg Class Play 3, 45 Foot- ball 1, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Intramurals 1, 35 Class ring comm. 35 Honor Society 4. FRANKLIN CRANER Jr.-Sr. Reception comm. 3. DALE CRONENWETT Choir 1, Z, 3, 4g Boys' Glee Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Math Club Z, 3, 43 College Club 43 Football 1, Z, 3, 4g Track Z, 3, 4, Intramurals lg Jr.-Sr. Re- ception comm. 35 Class Play 4. ESTHER DAWSON Blue Triangle 3g Girl Reserves cabinet, vice-pres. 45 G. R. Choir 43 College Club 4, G. A. A. 3, 4g Usher 39 Class Play comm. 3. DOUGLAS DELAHOOKE Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4g Math Club 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 23 Track lg Intramurals 3. FREDERICK DURTSCHI Choir 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball lg Track Z, 3. BETTY GEHRISCH Blue Triangle 33 Girl Reserves 4g G. R. Choir 43 G. A. A. 3, 43 F. H. A. 3g Usher 3, Basketball Court 35 Cheerleader 15 Class Secretary 1. SALLY ECKSTEIN F. H. A, 3, 4g Jr. Class Play comm. 3. BERNARD ELLIKER Booster Board lg Band 1, Z, treas. 3, pres. 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Math Club Z, 3, 4g Spy staff, editor 49 Lantern staff, Basketball 1, Z3 Track 1, 3, 45 Boys' State 33 Student Council 43 Assembly Comm. 3, lntramurals 35 Honor Society 4g Orchestra Z, 3, 4. Seniors Seniors PATRICIA ERTLEY Band 2, 3, 45 Blue Triangle, cabinet 3g Girl Re- serves 4g G. R. Choir 4, College Club 4g G. A. A. cabinet 3, pres. 49 G. A. A. varsity 2, 3, 45 Spy staff 4g Usher 3, 4g Class Play comm. 3. JEAN FINDLEY Choir 1, 2, Blue Triangle 3, Girl Reserves 43 G. R. Choir 4g College Club 3, 45 Photography Club 33 F. H. A. 3, 45 Usher 2, 3. JANE GALLENTINE G. A. A. 3, 43 F. H. A. 2, 3, vice-pres. 45 County F. H. A. treas. 4g Usher 3. RONALD H. GRAUER Football, manager 3, 45 Basketball, manager Z, 3, 4. GLORIA GROSI-I Band 1, 2, 3, 4s Orchestra 3, 45 Choir 3, 4, Blue Triangle, cabinet 35 Girl Reserves, cabinet 49 G. R. Choir 4g Math Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 4, cabinet 3, G. A. A. varsity 43 Spy staff 4, Lantern staff, Class Play 3, 43 Football Court 35 Honor Society 3, vice-pres. 45 Class Secretary 1, 3. EUGENE GROVER MARILYN HART Choir Ig Blue Triangle, treas. 35 Girl Reserves 49 G. R. Choir 45 College Club 45 G. A. A. 3, cab- inet 4g Usher 33 Football Court 45 Cheerleader 3, 4. JACK HATHAWAY Football 1, Z, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 4, U. S. Army. CHARLES HEIMLICH SHIRLEY HEITZ Gxrl Reserves 4 F H A 2 3 4 Usher 3 S Recepuon comm EUGENE HENCYE Brooklyn Vlllage Hxgh School 1 Basketball 2 4 Track 3 4 ROBERT HINESMAN Football 1 2 Track 3 4 Basketball 1 Z 3 HOWARD HOCKER Bandl Z 3 I-I1Y 3 4 Math Club 4 College Club 4 Lantern staff Class Play stage crew 3 Football 4 Baseball Z Intramurals 3 Track 3 4 RICHARD HOST Class Play 3 4 Intramurals 3 Track 3 SHIRLEY IRELAND Booster Board 1 Chou' I Z secytrcas 3 vxce pres. 4 Blue Trlangle cabmet 3 Glrl Reserves 4 G. R. Choir 4' G. A. A. 3 4' G. A. A. ca in t 'G.A.A.vaity4' .I-I. . pr . ' Spy staff 4' Lantern staff' Usher 2 3 4' Class Play 3 4' Student Council 4' Class Treasurer 3. MARILYN JONES F. I-I. A. Z, 3, 4g Lantern staffg Jr.-Sr. Reception comm. 3. Semors Seniors . . . ROBERT JOURDAN Choir lg Math Club 4g College Club 3, 45 Photo- graphy Club 2, 35 Lantern staff, Baseball 2g Bas- ketball Zg Intramurals 3. VERA JUNE KELLOGG Choir 1, Z, 3, 43 Blue Triangle, cabinet 33 Girl Reserves 4g G. R. Choir 43 College Club 4g G. A. A. Z, 3, treas. 45 G. A. A. varsity 3, 4, Usher 1, 2, 3, 4. JOAN KOSCHNICK F. H. A. 2, 3, 4g Usher 3. J ACK KREPS Math Club 4g Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 4. FRANCIS LAKE Hi-Y 3, 45 Football 2, 3, Basketball 23 Intramurals 35 Class Treasurer lg U. S. Navy. ANNETTE LA FOREST Blue Triangle 3, Girl Reserves 43 G. A. A. 3, 49 Band 3, 4. GENE LEPPERT Football lg Track 3, 43 Jr.-Sr. Reception comm. 3. JOAN LISCANO Choir 1, 2, 4g Blue Triangle 3g Girl Reserves 4g G. R. Choir 45 G. A. A. cabinet 3, 45 G. A. A. varsity 35 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Spy Staff 43 Usher 1 2 3 4 7 a 9 - . TOM LIVINGSTON Bancl 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Boys' Glee Club 45 Hi-Y 45 Math Club 45 Spy staff 45 Baseball Z, 35 Bas- ketball 2, 35 Intramurals 15 Class Play 45 Track 4. DALE McHENRY Choir 1, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 Intramurals 2, 3. REBECCA MARTIN Band 2, 35 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 College Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Lantern staff 35 Class Play 4. BEVERLY MEEI-IAN Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. R. Choir 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 F. H. A.- 3, 45 Spy staff 45 Usher 3. CARMELA MORALES Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 College Club 45 G. A, A. 3, 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3. SUE MURRAY Choir 45 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. R. Choir 45 College Club 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 F. H. A. 3, 45 Spy staff 45 Usher 35 Football Court 3, 4. MARY ANN MUTH Choir 15 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves, cabinet 4: G. R. Choir 45 College Club 45 F. H. A. 35 Usher 35 Class Play comm.5 Bancl 2. JACK NELSON Seniors CAROL NESS Band 1, 2, 3, 49 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir Z5 Blue Triangle 3g Girl Reserves, cabinet 45 G. R. Choir 43 College Club, sec'y-rreas. 45 G. A. A. 43 Lantern staff, Usher 3g Class Play 3, 45 Class Treasurer 2. RICHARD POWERS I-Ii-Y cabinet 3, 4g Math Club 3, 4g Spy staff 4g Lantern staff, Football 1, Z, 3, 43 Basketball 1, Z, 33 Track 1, 2, 3, 49 Class Vice President 1. NORMA RANEY Choir 1, 45 Blue Triangle 3, Girl Reserves, cab- inet 4g G. A. A. 3, 4. CAROLYN REVERT Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Blue Triangle 3, Girl Reserves, cabinet 45 G. R. Choir 4, College Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 49 Spy staff 45 Usher 2, 3, 4g Class Play 3, 4g Track Court 3. WILLIAM RHINEI-IART Photography Club Z5 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball Z, 3, 4g Student Council 3. BEVERLY ROGERS Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Blue Triangle, sec'y 3, Girl Re- serves fl-g College Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 4g F. H. A. 2, 3,' 43 Cheerleader 1. D EVELYN SARGEL Bancl 1, 2, 3, 4g Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 43 G. A. A. 3, 45 Usher 3. MARTHA SAUTTER Choir 1, Z5 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 4g G. R. Choir 45 College Club 45 G. A. A., cabinet 4g F. H. A. 2, 3, 4g Usher 3, 4. Semors '42 5--x A Y 1 DONNA THATCHER Band 2 3 4 Orchestra Z 3 4 Choxrl 3 Bluc frlangle 3 G1rlReservcs secy 4 G R Chou' Spy staff 4 Lantern staff Usher 4 Class Play 3 4 NANCY TRACHT B1ncl1 Z 3 v1ce pres 4 Orclxestr1 Z 4 Choir 1 3 Blue Trxangle cabmet 3 Gu-l Reserves G R Chou' dxrector 4 Math Club Z 3 secy treas 4 Latin Club 3 College Club vlce pres 4 G A A 3 cabmet 4 G A A varsnty 3 4 Spy smff 4 Lantern staff Usher 4 Class Play 3 Football Court " 3 Honor SOCICIY 3 4 JOAN VENTRONE Cl1o1r4 GAA 3 4 GAA vars1ty2 F I-IA 4 BARBARA WALNUM Blue Trlangle 3 Glrl Reserves 4 College Club 3 F I-I A calzxmet 2 3 4 Usher 3 Cheerleaclerl JOHN WITTIBSLAGER N ELLIE WOLF Choxr 1 Z Blue Triangle 3 Gxrl Reserves 4 AA3 FI-IA23treas4Usl1cr BETTY WOLFF Blue Trxangle 3 Gxrl Reserves Cablllet 4 Latin Club 3 RAY SEIF Booster Board, pres. 15 Football, captain 15 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, captain 45 Stu- dent Council, pres, 45 Class President 1, 25 Class Play 45 Honor Society 4. WILLIAM SHINDELDECKER Hi-Y 3, pres. 45 College Club 3, 45 Class Play 35 Basketball 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Intra- murals 3. J OHN SIMONS Orchestra 3, 45 Choir 1, 2, 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Class Treasurer 35 Usher 3. JAMES SIPES Hi-Y 3, 45 Math Club 35 Class Play stage crew 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Track 25 U. S. Navy. NO-RMA SNYDER Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr.-Sr. Reception comm. 73 YCE STEBBINS Band 35 Choir 3, 45 Blue Triangle 35 Girl Reserves 45 G. R. Choir 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Photography Club 2, sec'y 35 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Usher 3. WILLIAM STEWART Bancl 1, Z, 3, 45 Choir 45 Boys' Glee Club 45 Hi-Y 3, vice-pres. 43 Math Club Z, 3, 45 College Club 3, 45 Photography Club, sec'y Z, treas. 35 Spy staff 45 Class Play 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Student Council 35 Intramurals 1, 3. EVERETT SPARKS, JR. Frankfort High School 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 45 College Club, pres. 45 Basketball 45 Track 45 Class Play 4. Seniors E325 :sw l 'ww mf- ' M "I-Iow,s it look, boys?" !tF.' d I - 77 UH H ! ! Q77 uen sup ey, oyt Whats so funny. "C'mon, EB" "Big Robby' "I was dancing with my darling" Classes, Activities and Clubs . . . Our Illustrious Math Teacher This year we have dealt with our extra-cur- licular program in perhaps a different manner than is generally used. By doubling two clubs on one page, we feel we can cut down a bor- ing Writeup and give you the plain, simple and interesting facts as to what each club has and hasn't accomplished through the year. In these brief sketches also, we give particular attention to the officers of each organization who are so frequently overlooked. The section of the Annual into which you are about to plunge includes organizations and honors outside of regular club activities. We have given considerable space to these, for achievements outside of the scholastic realm are not to be overlooked. Our clubs and societies had a vigorous schedule this year and a few failed to accom- plish all that was expected of them. However, this is to be expected from a group of students who belong to almost every organization in Galion High School and cannot divide their attentions equally. For the most part, Galion High School has had a very successful year in regard to club assemblies, talent shows and various other extra-curricular feats of skill. Not to be forgotten are the splendid and many times thankless jobs of our sponsors who spent many hours of deliberation over the policy of a club or extra rehearsals for an assembly. If it hadn't been for certain faculty advisors, several organizations would have died at the very beginning. We hope you'll enjoy our presentation of the 1950-51 activities at Galion High and will have many hours of enjoyment and remem- brances after reading this account. Girls' Athletic Association This year the Girl's Athletic Association was composed of 62 junior and senior girls, under the able guidance of their sponsor, Miss Rose Seifert. In order to be a member of the Girl's Ath- letic Association, the girls have had to give much of their time and effort in earning the number of points required. These points are earned by participation in school sports, and by selling basketball and football schedule pencils and running check rooms at basketball games. Sophomores who wished to become members of the G. A. A. had to earn 100 points, juniors and seniors 125 points. By earning these points the girls were given awards at the pot luck dinner on May 8. The sophomore initiation was also held at this time. Sophomores received the numeral "53", jun- iors the six-inch "G", and the seniors the eight- inch KG". The girls varsity volleyball and basketball teams have had a very successful season. The volleyball team boasts a record of seven wins and one loss. The Social Highlight of the G. A. A. was the annual Christmas formal, which was held in the Senior High School Gymnasium on the evening of December 9. The theme of the dance was a winter wonderland with the atten- tion centered on a snow scene across the east end of the gymnasium. The girls and their escorts danced to the music of Ken Brague's orchestra amid sparkling stars and festive Christmas trees and lights. THE OFFICERS SHIRLEY IRELAND President JANE GALLENTINE Vice-President MARY ETHEL CASTO Secretary NELLIE WQLF Treasurer ALICE VOSS ANNETTE LA FORREST Reporters THE OFFICERS PAT ERTLEY President SHIRLEY IRELAND Vice-President J UNE NAUFZINGER Secretary VERA KELLOGG Treasurer MARILYN KING Corresponding Secretary Future Homemakers ofdmerica "It takes a heap of a lot of living in a house to make it a home," is the motto of the Future Homemakers of America which meets every second and fourth Thursday of each month. Some of the projects the FHA have accom- plished this year are: A style show featuring the garments that were made by the home economics classes and also clothing from dif- ferent local storesg a party for the whole school which featured all kinds of dancingg they pro- vided a Nursery for the Gasco Cooking Schoolg contributed to the FHA scholarship and camp fund, attended the FHA rally in Mt. Zion and sent this year's officers to the Mt. Gilead Workshop last fall. The Galion Club acted as host for the spring Rally. Betty Brown was chosen as president for the county. The clubs present were Bucy- rus, Holmes Liberty, Mt. Zion, and Tito. The FHA held their annual Spring Dance on April 13. The theme was a Kids' dance. The club's social program was brought to a close by the annual farewell party held for the seniors early in May. As a means of raising money the girls sold plastic towels and other items. lst r ow-l to r-Barrett, Sautter, Tracht, Hotrenroth, Nauftzinger, Kellogg, Ireland, Errley, Blaclchall, Hart Powers, Daniel, King, Neumann. Zncl row--Muth, Morales, Jeter, McElroy, Cotton, Revert, Ritzhaupt, Gehrisch, E. Allen, Dawson, Schnegels berger, Voss, Downing, Clark. Casto, Glass, Lille, Laser, Ventrone, Weaver, Bean, Bosler, Lisse, Mchflanigell, Meehan. 3rd row-Raney, 4-th row-Immormino, Stebbins, Morrison, Ness, Brown, Gallentinc, Chapman, Davies, Nlurray, Sargel, K Allen, Grosh. 5tl1 row-Younce, Bargcr, Lucas, Clark, Cook, Lear, Wolf, Liscano, Lalzorest, R. Martin, Thatcher, E. Nlartin lst low lto r Helfrich Rebel Lamb Youn N Weaver Breese Ulmer Epley Bily Click Gerhart C1r Znd I r 6t FOW FOW I OW 1'OW pentcr Miss Smith Kneeling Wolf Casto Gallentine Irel'1nd Lillo Plullxppi Eusey Cass Durmyer Bonen Thoman Franco Lanclin Stebbins Eckstein Payne P Smith slaget Kosclmniclc Brown Ch-ipm1n Wycoff Wagner ones I-lc1t7 Miller Iles Cox Carlin Durtschi Shadley T lilo 'Vleelrm lVlurr'1y l1Forest Walnum Ventrone Nlomles Wright Burger Younce Wilcox VV-ilters A We1ver Timson Fmdley Rogers ' - - ' , , I , an - ,h , ', , ' , ' , , C , . - , , , c . , . . 3rd row-Wirick, Treisclx, Schreclc, Sipes, Hensley, Rensch, Sautter, Liscano, Tupps, D. Smith, Voss, Wittib L ', '. 411 -, , - , ,J , ', , , ', ', , , l . . -1 , . h - ' , . The Hi-Y Club The Hi-Y's first project of the year was its very effective Thanksgiving Day assembly in which Reverend Paul Walter delivered the major portion of the program and Mr. Fogt directed the group singing. The induction of the new members was in the capable hands of Harold Beach. The elec- tion of next year's officers was held during the sixth six weeks period, so that the last few weeks the new ofhcers could take over and have a taste of the responsibility that goes hand in hand with the glory of having their names linked with these titles. The Hi-Y organized a basketball team this year participating in several contests with the Galion Jay-Vees. A tournament for the Hi-Y teams of this district was held at Marion. On February 25, the members of the Hi-Y, G. R., and Blue Tri attended a District Tri- Hi-Y and Hi-Y conference at Marion. The final affair of the year 1951 for the I-Ii-Y was its annual Sweetheart Party held March 16 at the East School Gymnasium. The outstanding event of the evening was the pro- gram presented according to the maxim "some- thing old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." The Tigerettes, Miss Sayre, Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Firestone, plus a grand finale kept the guests busy listening to and enjoying the entertainment. TI-IE OFFICERS DALE BONSTEEL President JIM BEECHER Vi cc-P resident NANCY TRACHT Secreta ry-Treasurer THE OFFICERS BILL SHINDLEDECKER President BILL STEWART Vice-President JIM BEECHER Secretary GEORGE ABRAHAIW Treasurer DALE BONSTEEL Chaplain The Math Club The Math Club this year was practically a thing in the abstract. The old members started the club in fine spirits and with ambitious pur- poses for the year including another assembly. Ofhcers were elected, programs planned, and new members inducted. Somehow these plans fell through. Meetings began to lag and about the middle of the year the club was dissolved. This, in brief, is the record of the 1951 Math Club of Galion I-ligh School. Although it d0esn't sound too im- pressive, they did sponsor a dance and con- tributed to various service funds. Better luck next year, folks! lst row-l to r--Sipes, Hathaway, Beecher, Powers, Beach. Bonstccl, Stewart, Shindledecker, Abraham, find 3rd 4th 5th Host, H. Hathaway, H. Beach. row-Treisch, Cronenwett, Columbus, Durtschi, Mansperger, Smith, Cope, Dclahookc, Dickerson, Vaughen, Elliker. row---Kelly, Hocker, Baird, Dougherty, Corry, Sptiicl, Callencler, Livingston, WiggillS. row-Shaw, Schuttera, Staub, Vfagner. row-Gill, Lewis, Clark, Beck, Stump, Schalip, Dcbolt, Kerr. -.. ir ,M f uw-wg -g r-"H if - if- xi W. ' 'Gif -' -f Q lst row-l to r-Breese, McElroy, Elliker, Beach, Bonsceel, Tracht, Beecher, Delahooke, Hottenroth, Allen, Znd row 3rd 4-th Sch Honenberger, Cronenwett, Alnxnham. -Wagner, Dickerson, Mayer. Haas, Powers, Stewart, Cope, Hatlwaway, Pickering, Logan, King, Clark. row-lVIcClenathcm, Brown, Jourclnn, Host, Columbus, Thatcher, Sherer, Lucas, Liclclell, Lisse, Auer, Chaney, row-Halsey, Harmon, Neuman. 1'ow-Mr. Jackson, Clark, Kreps, Livingston, Smub, Callcnclcr, Schalip, Delnolt, Bunyarcl, Beck, Kerr. Girl Reserves To start things off right, the G. R. girls combined with the members of the Blue Tri- angle club in giving a tea for incoming Soph- omores early in the fall. Once again, the G. R. choir had a banner year, with Nancy Tracht performing in the role of director and doing a fine job of it at that. They participated in a Christmas program given with the Blue Tri for the Hi-Y members. Some of the school projects included a one act play presented before the student body in November. The play was directed by Gloria Grosh. Also, the girls, as is the custom, dec- orated the Christmas tree in che central hall. Many times the girls were asked to worlc in a bake sale and sell candy and popcorn at basketball games. The members of the Blue Tri and G. R. at- tended church once a month, each time visiting a different church. The Hi-Y also joined them in attending services at St. Joseph's church one Sunday morning. The highlight of the year came on February Znd. The G. R. and Blue Tri formal was a tre- mendous success and the girls and their escorts will never forget the fine time they had on this lovely evening. THE OFFICERS MARILYN KING President BETTY BROWN Vice-President JUNE NAUFTZINGER Secretary DOROTHY KOHLS Treasurer THE OFFICERS NADINE BOSLER President ESTHER DAWSON Vice-President DONNA THATCHER Secretary MARY CASTO Treasurer Blue Triangle Marilyn King, President of the Blue Tri club, led her members through a very success- ful year. Early in the fall, the Blue Tri mem- bers met with the G. R. Girls for a hobo party. The mixer proved a good idea and a hilarious time was had by all. The girls held a balce sale as one of their projects to raise money for war weapons. They combined forces with the G. R girls in going to church en masse once a month. These ventures were well rewarded with huge turn- outs. Blue Triangle members also had a hand in the assembly which the G. R. and they pre- sented for the Hi-Y. Several members took part in the program, reading selections or giv- ing a few choice remarks. Finally, the most outstanding of all events -to the members, anyway-came in February. The formal dance put on by the Blue Tri and G. R. members proved to be the finest ever and who will ever forget the heavenly music of Ken Brague's orchestra. lsc row-l to r-Grosh, Cook, Blaclchall, Dawson, Bosler, Rainey, Wolff, Nluth, Thatcher, Ness Revert, 2nd row-Clark, Bashoff, Allen, Gehrisch, Marcin, Ertlcy, Lisczmo, Sargel, Stebbins. 3rd roxv-Miss Beach, Morales, Findley, Rogers. 4th row-Barrett, I-Ieitz, Walnum, Trachr, Wolf, Sautrer, Kellogg, Ireland. lsr row-Immormino, I-Iortenroth, Davies, Jeter, King, Bean, Kohls, Daniel, Metz. Zncl row-Muth, Naufrzinger, Bender, Cotton, Glass, McElroy, Weaver, Ritzhaupt. 3rd row-Brown, Bloch, Baker, Scif, Voss, P. Smith, Bonen. 4th row-Phillips, Turner, Younce, Barger, Wright, Martin, D. Smith, Neumann, Lisse, Allen. The College Club Under the excellent guidance of Mr. Zart- man, sponsor, assisted by President Everett Sparks, Vice President Nancy Trachtg and Secretary-Treasurer Carol Ness, the work of the College Club came to a successful close. The most profitable and interesting project of the school year was Career Day held on February 23 at which time all students in the 9th-12th grades attended discussions of their first and second occupations. Members of the college club acted as guides in making sure that students reached the correct rooms. They introduced the speakers who, in turn, explained their jobs and the education required to reach these positions. Ar the regular meetings of the Club, which were held the first and third Wednesdays of each month, various representatives of colleges throughout the State of Ohio explained the functions of their particular schools. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to acquaint ourselves with several colleges which we might be interested in attending after graduation. The College Club, one of the most recently organized clubs in Galion High School, has proved itself to be a very profitable addition to the extra curricular activities of the school. We sincerely hope it may be continued in the future. THE OFFICERS ELAINE I-IOTTENROTI-I President MARILYN KING Vice-P resident ROBB CORRY Secretary GAIL LUCAS Treasurer THE OFFICERS EVERETT SPARKS President NANCY TRACHT Vice President CAROL N ESS Secreta ry-Treasu ter MR. ZARTMAN Sponsor The Latin Club The Latin Club, this year has engaged in many activities and shows promise of becom- ing one of the school's most active organiza- tions. Ar the first of the school year the mem- bers of the club decided to apply for member- ship in the Junior Classical League, a national organization. The purpose of the League is not merely to promote interest in Latin but also in the fine arts. The club has undertaken several projects this year. One of the most interesting of these was the formal initiation for the new members. This was the ofiicial initiation of the Junior Classical League and was a very impressive ceremony. The club also planned an assembly for the student body and a Roman banquet. In the future, the banquet and assembly pro- gram will be a definite part of the club's curri- culum. The customary picnic was held at the close of the school year. Miss DeWitt is the very able sponsor and advisor of the Latin Club. The newly elected ofiicers for 1951-52 are as follows: President, Jack Mortlandg Vice President, Elaine Hottenrothg Secretary, Alice Stahl, Treasurer, Jim Neumann. 77 Tough, ISH t xt, boys?" Blurp, Blurp Now smlle "Troubles, Dale? "Arwf" "Boy, this tastes terriblev 1 1 - s - ec as ee ' sa Student Council "To instill a sense of responsibility and self- control, and to create harmony in all student activitiesv IS the motto of the Student Council. This is the second year for the Student Council and the student body feels they have accomplished many things. They have provid- ed each student with a copy of the consti- tution, sponsored a novelty all-school dance as well as the school-talent' assem- blies. This year Ray Seif served the Council as president, with Vice- Seated, l to r-Elliker, lVlclVlanigell, Schuttera, Treisch, Callender. Kneeling- Mortland, Seif, Enders. Standing-Palmer, Durt- schi, Taylor, T u r n e r , Neumann, Ireland, Mr. Durauce. Kneeling, l to r-Elliker, Hathaway, Corry, Schut- tera, Abraham, Corwin, Beecher. Standing-Miss Tracht, Bosler, McElroy, Black- hall, Tracht, B a r r e t t , Grosh, I-iottenroth, H. Seif, R. Seif. National Honor Society On March 12 the induction ceremony was held for the new- ly selected members of the society. The names were held in strict secrecy until the middle of the program when the selectees were assembled on the stage by the tapping method and sworn in by Mr. Pickering. This year's society is comparatively small, seven seniors and six juniors. The officers, Ei- leen Barrett, ptesidentg Gloria Grosh, vice- 7 I president Kenneth lVlclVlan1ell, and Secretary- treasurer Shirley Ireland. Mr. Durance served as the Council advisor. The members of the class of 1951 are proud to have done their part in helping to carry on the Student Council. 1 l w president, Nancy Tracht, secretary-treasurer, Miss Josephine Tracht, sponsor. Membership in the Honor Society is based upon four points-leadership, character, serv- ice and scholarship. Grades alone are not sufii- cient to merit a place in this select aggregation, Senior Class Play . . . The Senior Class Play, "You Can't Take It W'ith You," was a howling success. The laugh packed play was witnessed by a capacity crowd. A great deal of hard work by the cast and its director, Miss Sayre, went into making the play the success that it was. The cast included: Penelope Sycamore ...., ,,,. Carol Ness Essie ,...,. L ..,.,.,,...,.... , ,, Nancy Tracht Rheba .,.,........... . ...,,.. Gloria Grosh Paul Sycamore - ..... ..,..., . Bill Stewart Mr. Depinna ...,., ,,,,.,.,,,,,, , ,, 7, Dick Host Ed ,,.,,,,,,,,,..l,,,,, H .,,..l .,...... Everett Sparks Donald ,,,,,.,r..,,.,.,,,..,. - ,,..... Dean Baird Martin Vanderhof .,-,.... ,,..,... R ay Scif Alice .,.....,,,,.,t,,. , ,,.,,,., ...,,,, C arolyn Revert Henderson .L ..,, L ....... ,,,,..., ..., B i 11 Wiggins Tony Kirby .,.... ,,... ....,. T o m Livingston Boris Kolenlchov ....,, ,..,, Y . George Abraham Gay Wellington ,... Becky Martin Nlr. Kirby .... ........,., ,,,.,,,, . , ,. .,.,,.. Louis Corwin Mrs. Kirby H, ...,....... ...i....,...,.,.,,,. N adine Bosler Four Men ,,,. ,.,.......,,.r J im Beecher, Jim Beach, Dale Cronenwett, Jack Kreps Olga .,..,..,....,..,....,,...,.......,.......... Shirley Ireland L to r-Host, Cronen- wett, Livingston, Corwin, Wiggins, Ireland, Grosh, Baird, Ness, Beach. L to r-Abraham, Stew- art, Beecher, Bosler, Rev- err, Martin, Sparks, Seif, Kreps. Standing-Miss Sayre Not pictured- Nancy Trachr. I Boys and Girls State Using a new location last year, the American Legion presented Boys' State to the public with a bang. Camp Perry, on Lake Erie, was the site of the vigorous activities involved for two weeks here. Although the largest ever, with 1005 boys attending, Boys' State again ac- complished what was expected of them. Every boy that attended came away feeling richer in friendship and the laws of the land. Living quarters consisted of small army huts with four fellows in each. Two rows of cabins made up a city. Boys' State is organized in dupli- cate of our state government with its House of Representatives, Sen- ate, Supreme Court, Governor, his cabinet and appointees and county and local oliicers. The boys attending from Galion and the positions they held were: ' Dale Bonsteel, Senator, Bill Stew- art, State Highway Patrolmang Bill -. Shindledecker, City Councilman, Q 'X Louis Corwin, Art Editor on the newspaperg and Bernard Elliker, ' ,- State House Reporter on the news- paper. -- I 1 Cheerleaders Football or basketball game, near or far, it made no difference, our girls were there. Weire talking about our chic little cheerleaders, of course, who kindled the spirit of Galion's fans at athletic events the year through. Clad in orange and blue cordu- ory outfits, the girls presented a very colorful and inspiring sight as they cheered us on to victory with cartwheels and acrobatic feats. Our senior cheerleader this year was Marliyn Hart, who lead her two companions through the long grind of football and basketball games including their many practices and student assemblies. Mathann Davies and June Nauft- zinger, selected by the students last year, will carry on next year with the addition of one or two of our present sophomores worthy of the honor. Well done, girls-hereis hoping you'll keep up the good work next year! Girls' State, upholding the same ideals as Boys' State, was held on the campus of Capital University. Many trees and buildings awoke one morning to find themselves covered with campaign posters as the girls set out in earnest to capture the prize offices. The American Legion Auxiliary,s represen- tative to Girls' State was Nadine Bosler, who was a member of Secretary of State's Cabinet. Standing- Corwin, Bosler, Stewart Kneeling-Elliker, Shindledecker, Bonsteel is v I A 0 Nlathann Davies, June Nauftzinger, Marilyn Hart junior Class Play The Class of 1952 presented a class play that will long be remembered around G.H.S. Their choice was "Mother Is a Freshman," a three act comedy. The cast, under the superb direction of Miriam Sayre, gave a performance worthy of praise. The cast was as follows: Abigail ,,,,....., ,......., .,,,. M a thann Davies Professor Michaels .... ,.........,., D avid Spaid Susan ...,.. . ........., .,..,. Virginia McElroy Bobo ,... ,.,.. .... P a ul Schuttera Helen .......,.. The Dean .,.,.. Mrs. Miller Bill ....,..,....... Marge ...... Gail ,, ..... . Howie ,...... Sylvia ..., Jack ...,..r Bunny ....... Carrie .... L- Jane Ann Jeter ....--..-. Jack Lewis I-Iarrietta Seif ,--,Rohb Corry Gail Lucas Elaine Hottenroth Richard Kerr L ,,.......,, Katy Allen Mike Dougherty Norma Wittihslager -.--- Dorothy Lisse JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Seated-1 to r - Spaid, Davies, McElroy, Schut- tera, Allen, Jeter, Lisse. Standing-Seif, Lucas, Dougherty, Corry, Kerr, Wictibslager, Hottenroth, Lewis. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY STAGE CREW AND PROMPTERS Scared - I to r - Much, Glass, Powers, Lear, King. Standing-Miss Sayre, Manspcrger, Shaw, Hinesman, Staub. The Spy Staff The 1951 Spy seemed an unsurmountable task and had Editor Bernard Elliker sweating up till the very last, when the books were fi- nally finished and delivered. Putting out a yearbook. is always a tremendous job and this year with prices rising steadily, materials get- ting scarce, and fewer staff members, the Spy was definitely a challenge. Those who worked the hardest, however, felt great relief and satis- faction when the book finally came out. Qur sincere thanks and appreciation go to two juniors who we feel did more than their share in helping to complete the annual. Shir- ley McManigell mounted nearly all the pictures and Bonnie Clark sold about 80 Spys. Also we would like to thank many of the girls who gave up several free nights to proofread and type copy. Nadine Bosler, Classes editor, made sure that all Seniors had their pictures taken and their activities recorded. She then proceeded to the rest of the classes, making arrangements to have the pictures taken and the stories written. Nancy Tracht was in charge of the copyreading and helped with the typing of copy. Helen Blackhall saw to it that pictures were taken of the clubs and other societies and that these stories were written. Paul Shuttera, Sports editor, did a superb job on all the sports write-ups. All others who helped are too numerous to mention, but everyone that had a part has profited greatly from it. Our Business Manager was Jim Beecher who would make a very fine King Midas. I-le knows how to stretch that green stuff and make it last. Dale Bonsteel had the diflicult job of Ad- vertising Manager. After a little difliculty in getting his cohorts to get out and sell ads, all came to an agreement and the 1951 Spy is now a reality. Hope you like it! JACK CALLENDER BETTY BROWN Co-editors MRS. SENTIERI Sponsor BERNARD ELLIKER Editor-in-Chief JAMES BEECHER Business Manager DALE BONSTEEL Advertising Manager MR. BOGGS MRS. SENTIERI Sponsors The Lantern Staff This year a lithographed paper has been introduced to Galion High School. Due to weather and printing difficulties the first issue of the Lantern wasnlt published un- til March. The second issue came the first of April and the students were well satisfied with the many excellent pictures, sketches, and stories in the succeeding issues. For one of their money-making projects the Lantern Staff sponsored the football home- coming dance honoring the queen, Eileen Barrett. In order to increase their knowledge as au- thors, printers, and photographers, the staff attended a Journalism conference. With Mrs. Sentieri as the sponsor, Jack Cal- lender and Betty Brown, Co-editors, led the staff to a very successful year. Smndxng lto r Mrs Sentxerx Beach Livingston Corvun Scluxtrcra Beecher Elllker Bon steel Powers Blaclclnll Mr Boggs Seated McMan1gell Ertley Clark Casto Ireland Murruy Revert Bexrrett Boslcr Tr1cl1t Grosli Hotrenroth -1 Standxng lro r Spaxcl Callender G Clark McElroy Metz Gl1ss McM1n1gell Dxckerson Shaw Stump Seated Brown Jetez Allen Kxng Llsse Phlllxpe Daniels Bean Neurrnnn Nauftzmgcr B Clark The juniors . . . This year,s Junior Class, the class of '52, stepped into a phase of class history excelled by few classes before them. Led by a fine group of officers, the class started the year with the presentation of the annual Junior Class play. The selection was "Mother Is a Freshman." The night of the play was a milestone in class history in itself. Playing to the largest group ever to attend a class play, the play was a tremendous hit. The cast will long be remembered by their fellow classmates for that evening's entertain- ment. After the performance, a hilarious party was held at which these Juniors gave vent to their feelings, produced by doing such a grand job of acting. Greater things were yet to come. For some fifteen years, Galion High School has tried to establish a traditional crest class ring-a crest that would be as much a part of G. H. S. as the famed Galion Tiger. Class President Paul Schuttera and ring committee chairman Jack Callendar presented the matter and were awarded a unanimous vote in favor of the crest. Much of the success of the class came from the fine guidance and help given by the class sponsors, Miss Tracht and Mr. I-Iixon. They were always willing to help the officers iron out the rough spots. The line leadership displayed by the class officers, President, Paul Schuttera, Vice-Pres- ident, Bill Enders, Secretary, Carol Powers, and Treasurer, Dick Cope, was shown in every class project. They worked together with en- thusiasm and vigor through the entire year. Co-operation was the key-note to the class's success. Not only the ofiicers and sponsors, but the class as'a whole worked well together. Every member of the class worked on some project and the fine co-operation they dis- played shows that the class of '52 is fully ready to take over the vacancy left by the graduat- ing seniors. The "Spy Varieties of 1951", presented on April 5th, featured many Juniors, such as Jane Metz at the piano and Dick Kerr with his bat- on, to mention only a few. Without the help of the class of ,52, this show would never have L. to R.-Cope, Powers, Enders, Schuttera gone over the way it did. Paul Schuttera, class president, was master of ceremonies for the show when it was presented to the student body. Ray Seif took over the job for the eve- ning performance. Climaxing the year's activities, of course, is the Junior-Senior reception-the grandest of all the formals. The Juniors sponsored sev- eral dances during the year in order to raise money for the wonderful reception given for the Seniors. They are certainly to be com- mended for their fine spirit in prompt pay- ment of class dues and always being ready to lend a helping hand to make the class of '52 more efficient. The Class of '51 was honored by a beauti- fully decorated gym. The theme was that of the famous Stork Club. The real thing coulcln't have been more attractive. The Stork. Club complete with' padded punch bar, waiters and all the trimmings the Seniors were welcomed in fine style. Many hours of preparation went into the project, and the Oh's and Ah,s of the amazed guests were tribute enough to the committees who worked so untiringly. Juniors here! Juniors there! was the cry heard throughout the school. Few activities were missed by the ambitious juniors. So, in concluding this brief review of these marvelous things accomplished by this year's Juniors, we say: Well done, Class of '52 -but remember, there are some mighty line folks who are graduating this year and you're going to have to .keep right up there on your toes to 611 their shoes. This is your challenge, Juniors. Go to it! lst row Bender Baker Bloch Zncl row Allen Bean Barger Bonen 3rd row Beach Barkley Bennett Beck Black lst row Danlel B Clark Zncl row Brown Chapman Cotton 3rd row Crowe Callender Britt BCld8I1I1'll'1 lst row Glass Davles Downlng Edwards Znd row Dewalt D Haas Dlclcerson Debolr Dougherty Eusey 3rd row G1ll Freeman lst row Hook Ireland Henkel Hathaway Henry Hlnesman Znd row Kelly W Haas Immormmo Jeter Hoffman Hottenroth 14711075 I 0 l 0 "-' 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1- A 7 . 1' 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 . ' 1 , G. Clark, Crall, Corry '1 1 b 1 l 1 ' 1 ' 1 l 1 1 1 1 l , 1 T 1 Q 1 1 1 1 T 1 ' 1 l 1 1 1 uniors lst row-I. Lewis, D. Lewis, Kibler, Kempf, Kerr Zncl row-J. Lillo, Kohls, Lisse, Lear, King, Laser, T. Lillo lst row-McElroy, McManige1l, Metz, Lucas Znd row-Nauftzinger, Martin, Phiilipi, Mutlm, Neumann 3rd row-Marshall, Nlansperger, Mulberg lst row-Seckel, Spaid, Shaw, Staub, Treisch Znd row-Schalip, Stump, D. Smith, Schnegels- berger, Shacliey, Scif 3rd row-Phillips, Ritzhaupt, P. Smith, R. Smith Ist rowf-Wright, Windbigler Znd row-Walters, Voss, Wilcox, Wittibslager, Younce Evrd row-Tupps, Wagner, Vaughan, Weithxnan il! ,L "Ummm-Good" "VVhat a drive" "Tired?" tt 39 rt 7: M Q ' 3 ' J Another lousy day ends The three eggs Dave Billy Batson Glll Sophomores . . . Who got the blame for eating and talking the loudest during the assemblies? The Soph- omores, of course. Who didn't know where the right rooms were? Again it was the Soph- omores. But they took it lightly and finally be- came accustomed to Galion I-Iigh School. The Sophs came to us as Junior High cham- pions in both basketball and football, which is a hard record to beat. Their Junior Varsity has also done very well this year in basketball. The Sophomores were alert and very active. The whole class got together and worked hard to sponsor a dance which was held during football season and proved to be very success- ful. The proceeds from this dance were com- bined with the class Clues to finance their class party, the annual "Sophomore I-lop." In order to have more fun at the Hop, the Sophs decided to learn how to square dance. Many activity periods were spent in the gym by the class while learning to "swing your partner." After many months of preparation and dec- orating, the Sophomore Hop was held on April 27th, 1951. Green and white, their class colors, were artistically carried out in the dec- orations at the I-lop which featured both round and square dancing. The night of the Hop will Breese, Carpenter, Treisch, Pace long be remembered by the Sophomores who enjoyed themselves immensely. Although the Seniors are unlucky because of leaving dear old Galion High School, the Sophs have two more years to get well ac- quainted with the teachers. The teachers are looking forward to this and we are sure the Sophs will follow in the footsteps of classes which have gone before them. Then when they are Juniors and Seniors they can watch the Sophomores wandering around and getting lost. The class is composed of good material and was ably led by their officers who kept the class informed, appointed committees, trans- acted business matters and planned the big events of the future. Bill Treisch led the class as President, and Bill Carpenter assisted him as Vice-President. Judy Breese took care of the records and Martha Pace handled the class treasury. Miss Emmenegger was the class spon- sor and her assistance was greatly appreciated by all. The class of '53 has high ideals and intends to measure up to the good examples set before them. We are expecting a lot from the Soph- omore class and we're sure to hear from them in the future. . . . Sophomores lst row-I to r-Auer, P. Durrschi, Chaney, J. Carpenter, Gerhart, Carlin, Bily, Brccsc. 2nd row-Franco, Eusey, Dye, Click, A. Durrschi, Clark, Cox, Bishop. 3rd row--Forcney, Downing, Epley, Diaz, Bonen, Dermyer. 4th row--Chillik, Engel, Fink, Bunyard, Davis, Camp, Anderson. 5th row-Gelsanliter, Chandler, Ginclcr, B. Carpenter, Deilnig, Bateman, K. Durtschi. lst row-l to r-Kehrer, Lamb, Hathaway, Iles, Logan, Lentz, Kruger, Hensley. Zncl row-Dale McClenat11an, Korn, Grover, Landin, l'lone1-ilaerger, I-locker, Jane: Miller, Jewell. Ercl row-Harmon, Mayer, Mackey, Myers, Liddell, Haas, Goshorn, l"lzllsey, Nlonroe fNor pictured-Dave Lace, 4th row-Heitz, Don McCIenathan, Kohls, Mortland, Jim Miller, Grogan, Grutsch, Keckler. .sophomores . . . lst row-l to r-Smith, Sipes, Rebel, Sherer, Sloan, Pace, Palmer, Schultz. Zncl row-Rinehart, Scott, Pickering, Payne, Rensch, Schreclc, Rich. 3rd row--Ometer, Neumann, Sargel, Sharrock, Quinton, Shaw. 4th row-Sherman, G. Shifley, Spoon, P. Shifley, Prosser. Ist row-l to r-M. Thoman, Young, Timson, Stevens, Todhunter, Swain, Wirick, M. Treisch Zncl row-Weithn1a11, Wycoff, Taylor, Swank, Weaver, Ulmer, Wagner, Stahl, Williaxns. 3rd row-G. Thoman, Stultz, Switzer, K. Thoman, B. Treisch, Vance, Thompson, St. Clair NO SLEEP TONIGHT AT LISSE'S The Band . . . Strike up the band! Did you ever stop to think how dead a football game or some civic occasion is without the old band blowing forth some stirring march or playing the sweet strains of our national' anthem. Marvin Fogt came as a new band director last fall with a tremendous task before him. The band had had no previous practices before school started and many new members were poorly versed in the art of marching fas a few still arell. Nevertheless, in two weeks he had that band stepping high and mighty as though old Ohio State itself were here. Many intricate formations were mapped out by Mr. Fogt and successfully executed at the halftime ceremonies. Finally, a gala show was presented on homecoming night and the band presented roses to Eileen Barrett, Queen. Swinging into concert with its overtures and classical music, the band found it rather hard to pull away from blowing their brains out, but finally calmed down after a few weeks. A winter concert was presented in December, along with the Choir and Glee Club. The band Drum Majorette, Nancy Tracht participated in several civic occasions honor- ing noted personages who came here for one reason .or another. In the spring, another concert was given and finally the band traveled to Willard for the annual NOL Band Festival. The ofiicers for the year 1950-51 were Ber- nard Elliker, Presidentg Nancy Tracht, Vice Presidentg Eileen Barrett, Sec'y-Treas.5 Dale Bonsteel, Reporter. Our drum majorette was Nancy Tracht, whom Galion is very sorry to see leave. She is a fine twirler and knows when and how to use that whistle of hers. However, there is some consolation in the fact that Richard Kerr, who co-starred with Nancy two years, will probably come into his own next year. Dick is recognized as one of the best twirlers around. All who were in the band this year enjoyed themselves immensely and we know that Mr. Fogt will produce even greater aggregations in the years to come. 4 I ,, Accompanist-Jane Metz. lst row-1 to r-Bender, Immormino, Pace, Logan, Murray, Powers, Hathaway, Pickering, Scott, McElroy, Mar' vin Fogt, director. Znd row-Gerhart, Liscano, Rogers, Young, Weaver, Taylor, Tracht, Kellogg, Cook, A. Weaver, Schreck, Snyder, Raney. 3rd row-Rinehart, Sipes, Wagner, Edwards, Grover, Carpenter, Stahl, Lentz, Scherer, Grosh, Hottenroth, Bishop, Griebling, Swank, Durtschi, Glass. 4th row-Ventrone, Bily, Dye, Chapman, Epley, Bean, Ulmer, Brcese, Treisch, Hensley, Ireland, S. McManigell, King, Jeter, Schnegelsberger, Allen, Wright, Walters, Stebbins, Revert, Wittibslager, Turner, Bloch. 5th row-Kelly, Camp, Ometer, Decker, Staub, Livingston, K. lVlcManigell, Baird, Bonsteel, Corwin, Beach, Clark, McHenry, Wiggins, Stewart, H. Beach, Cronenwett, D. Decker. The Choir From the walls of the music room on third period Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, could be heard the melodious music of Pro- fessor Fogt and his choristers making with the strains of a spiritual or a secular number. The Choir had a very prosperous year under the inspiring direction of Mr. Marvin W. Fogt. They presented a winter and spring concert along with the band and the boys' glee club. The choir also had a part in the Baccalaureate services, and presented the Christmas and Easter assembly programs. Jane Metz proved herself a very able ac- companist. Galion was the host for the Choir Festival which featured a mass choir of three hundred voices in which were choirs from Bucyrus, Nor- walk, Upper Sandusky, and Galion. At the beginning of the year, the girls badly out-numbered the boys, but the boys picked up strength as the year went on. The choir went to the Children's Hoine to join in their annual Christmas program and afterward went to the Griebling home for a party. The officers for the year were Dale Bonsreel, president, Shirley Ireland, vice-president, and Shirley McManigell, secretary-treasurer, with Katy Allen and Kenny MCM:-lnigell serving as reporters. Front row, l to r-Erfurt, Edwards, Epley, K. Palmer, Christman, M. Palmer, Bily, Dye, A. Durtschi, Kerr, Cox, Metz. Second row-Robinson, Maloy, Weber, Brooke, West, Hartman, Liddell, Tavens, Muth, Gledhill, Sloan, Bosler, Breese, Ulmer. Third row-Tracht, Flockerzie, Grosh, Ness, Ertley, Hall, Auer, Stump, Delnolt, Wagner, Ellilcer. Back row-Nlr, Fogt, Hutchinson, Craner, Schalip, Timson, Lentz, Thatcher. Members not in picture-Beach, K. Durtschi, Simons, S. lVlclVlanigell. Front row-Kelly, McMax1igell, Decker, Camp, Ometer, Wagner, Baird, H. Beach. Second row-Stauls, Livings- ton, Corwin, Cronenwett, Stewart, Wiggins, MCI-Ienry. Back row-Mr. Fogt, Bonsteel, J. Beach. Pianist-Metz. Orchestra . . . Under Nlarvin Fogtys direction the orchestra really went all out to earn its rightful place in the music department of our school this year. After presenting several local programs and many strenuous rehearsals the members of the orchestra traveled to Norwalk for the N.O.L. Orchestra Festival where everyone had a won- derful time and really gave a fine performance. The members should be congratulated for giv- ing up their time and talcing such an interest for the majority of rehearsals were held after school until hve o,cloclc. Boys' Glee Club . . . After almost falling apart last year, the Glee Gluh made an amazing comeback this year, the shot in the arm being provided by Mr. Fogt. The boys appeared often in school programs and various civic occasions. They became well-versed in the art of close harmony. Wfe will never forget their renditions of l'The Old Song" and !'Ain,t That A Shame." Bill Wiggins served as president of the organiza- tion. We are looking forward to the time when the Glee Club will lJe a well-established mu- sical organization. Football . . . Head Coach Friar, Assistants Kerin, Jackson , 'lu are t I .. Managers-G rauer, Kelly, Trei sch The Galion High Tigers embarked on their 1950 football season full of the old football spirit. The team, although rather short on size as well as man power, showed plenty of possi- biliries. The opening game with Tifiin Calvert turned into a bleak start, but the old varsity Tiger kept his head up. The following week, the Tigers dropped a heart breaker with an old rival, Crestline, after leading for three quarters. Better things were in store for the Tigers though as they came back from a three-game losing streak to open a three-game winning streak. Bucyrus was the first to drop under the spirited Tigers. The next week Norwalk. top- pled. The following week the fighting Tigers downed a top seeded Upper Sandusky team. That game will long be remembered. It was said by Coach Friar to have been the best game a Galion team has played in many seasons. Crisp blocking and vicious tackling were the keynotes of the evening. But-the victory trail was short lived as the Tigers dropped their last three games in suc- cession. RESUME Football Dave Columbus was elected Honorar Cap Opposxtlon Galxon Y Txffm Calvert Crestl1ne Shelby Norwalk Bucy rus Upper Sandusky Bellevue W1ll1rd Ashland The T1gers may have been out scored but nev er out fought The T1gers, although not boastmg a hlgh league standlng, placed s1x men on the all league team Harold Beach fullback on the first team, Dave Columbus, guard and honorary captam, second team, D1ck Cope, end, second team Paul Schuttera, halfbaclc, Hoyt Hathaway, taclcle and ames Slpes end, recelvecl honor able mentlon Thxs I1 1tself IS a flne record tam of the year Dave played guard and filled 1n the backheld when needed The team as a whole made a fme showmof To the seniors that are gracluatlng as well as to the underclassmen, we say, well done The Txgers, although wmnmg only three games and los1ng SIX, showed a Splflt at times that would have warmed the heart of any coach The season held many br1ght spots for both the coaches and the players coachmg staff, headed by Harold Fmar HSSISC ed by Bob Jackson who worked with the backs and D1clc Kerm a former Mt Vernon athlete who coached the lmemen They put rn many hours both on and off the field An expressxon that wlll be remembered for a good many years by the fellows IS It s not the s1ze of the dog xn the fight but the SIZE of the light 1n the clog A resume can be made 1n a few words The heads were never hlgh 1n vlctory or saggmg xn defeat lsr rom lto r Beecher H Hathaway Columbus Schuttera Beach Cope Durtschx J Hathaway S1pes Znd row Grauer, Croncnwett, Thompson, Mansperger, Monroe, Corry, D Hathaway, Henkle, Coach Kerm 3rd row Kelly, LEWIS, Carpenter, Powers, Krauss, Crall, Hocleer, Chandler, Coach Harold Iqrmr 4th row Tucsch, Mackey, Corwm, Clark, Sm1th, Shaw, Dleblg, Sherer, Coach jackson . I . ' ' C - - - 21 0 - l ' ----- 18 13 - - - - - 46 14 ' s- - - - - - 0 34 I . . 1 .,... 0 rt 1:- - - - - 7 21 U l . - - - - - Z8 7 ' . . . . . ' . ----- zo 14 - - - - 27 o , - The.recorcl is more impressive than it looks. Much Credit for the season must go to the s' 9 . ,I ' 7 U ' . I K Varsity - -- lst row, 1 to r-Beach, Hencye, Nlonroc, Dougherty. Zncl row-McMa11igell, Sparks, Maxaspergcr, Rhinchart, Enders, 3rd row-Grauer, I-Iinesman, Foraker, Kreps, Coach Backcnsto Not Pictured-Raymond Scif. junior Varsity lsr row, 1 ro r-Gill, Engle, Morrland, Vance, Heirz, Pfeifer. Znd row-Coach Friar, Forcney, Miller, Dicbig, Fink, Fendrick Championship Basketball Team . . . The Galion Tigers, under the watchful eye of Coach Dick Backensto, made Galion cage history this season. Paced by the high scoring All-Ohio Ray Seif, the Tigers won their first title since 1931. The Tigers copped their championship by downing the Willard Flashes 65 to 47. By vir- tue of this win Galion gained a share in the League championship with Bucyrus. The team also compiled the best won-loss record in the last twenty-one years. The team closed the sea- son with a record of 14 victories in 18 con- tests. Fine teamwork and high spirit keynoted the season's play. The Tigers played the last three games of the season without the services of Captain Ray Seif. Still, they tried to keep up the torrid pace. Mansperger, Bill Enders, Ken McManigel1, Everett Sparks and Bill Rhinehart showed they were still championship bound by their fiery play. The final game with Willard was one of the finest shows of hardwood teamwork any Gal- ion team has displayed in many, many years. Losing but one league game during the sea- son, the Tigers showed teamwork plus. Galion fans were thrilled by the sharp passing and shooting of the Tigers during the season. Af- ter winning the opener with Mt. Vernon 54 to 51, the Tigers set their season goal sights on a championship, and kept eyeing this mark all the way, as the record shows. Galion dropped their second game to Ash- land after a slow first half, 68 to 64. The Tigers then started onward in high speed and paced by the 24 point average of Captain Ray Seif, they went on to win the next seven straight games. They were stopped in the next game by a two-point margin. Washington Court House stalled the Tigers and the clock to a 71-69 victory. Never to be daunted, the old tiger came roaring back! This time to boast an eight game winning streak before being halted by Shelby. The Tigers hit the season's rough spot in the Marion game when Ray Seif suffered a torn knee ligament which sidelined him until the tournament game. Nevertheless the Tigers squeezed by Marion, 47 to 46. But it was only to lose a heart-breaker to Shelby the next week. This was even worse because it became the Tigers' only league loss. They slumped just a little, but when the chips were down and the championship at stake, the team stepped back into the victory trail and produced the needed results. We can be sure that G. H. S. will always think. of the 1950-51 basketball squad as champions in every sense of the word. Climaxing the terrific season was the pub- lication of the All-Ohio and All-Northern Ohio League selections. Ending a four-year campaign on Galion cage teams, this year's captain Ray Seif re- ceived a first team berth on the All-Ohio team. I-le is the second Galion athlete to re- THE 1950-51 RECORD Galion Opposition Mt. Vernon - 54 51 Ashland - - 64 68 Marion - - - - 5 1 47 Bucyrus ---- 63 53 Mansfield Madison - - 54 42 Shelby - - - - 72 55 ":Bucyrus - 78 58 Crestline - - - 60 36 Bellevue ---- 65 50 Washington C. H. - - 69 71 4'Norwalk - - - 77 46 ":Upper Sandusky - - 58 38 Mansfield Madison - - 66 52 ikCrestline - - - 65 35 Marion - - - - 47 46 YShelby - - 29 45 Canton - - 42 56 yfwillard ---- 65 47 Lost first tournament game to Shelby. il: League games ceive that honor. With his nomination to the NOL team as co-captain, Scif became the first player to make the team three times since the league was formed. Ray was also chosen the 1eague,s most val- uable player. Speedy Bill Enders, the team's long shot artist and general iloorman received a second team rating. Bill wasn't the highest scorer but was a ballhawk on defense and showed real floor prowess. The team's second high scorer was tall Har- mon "Sonny" Mansperger. He received hon- orable mention on the NOL team. Mansperger boasted a 17-point average. He dic1n't hit his stride until mid-season but aided the cause greatly. Both Enders and Mansperger are juniors while Ray is a senior. Congratulations Champs! Basketball Lettermen Reading clockwxse from center-Capram Self Coach Backensto McMamgell, . . . . , , . Enders, Mansperger, Rhinehart, Hencye, Sparks, Kreps, Monroe, Hinesman. Track Team . . . Stanchng lto r Gmder manager Beach manager Camp Ellxker Clark I-locker Lwmgston Abraham Sparks Columbus Beecher Mortland Mr Fernman assxstant coach Kneelmg Butt manager Powers Omerer Goshorn Cronenwett Corwm Schuttera Spaxd Vaughen Mr Jackson head coach The Gal1on T1ger thlnclads opened what Aprll Coach Bob ackson bu11t h1s squad around seven returnlng lettermen and a HRC Held of prom1s1ng cand1dates Frve sen1ors, mcludmg B111 Slundledecker, one of the best h1gh Jumpers 1n th1s area were on hand to do the b1gger share of the chores George Abraham and LOUIS Corwm were the ma1n we1gl1t men and also heaved the d1scus Dlck Powers eyed the WIHUCIS c1rcle ln the quarter mxle and broad Jump events Everett Sparks a new student from Indlana this year, gave the team balance 1n the d1stance events Two jumor lettermen, Dave Spa1d top hurd ler, and Paul Schuttera ace pole vaulter, rounded out the leaders Many other prom1s1ng canchdates helped 1mmense1y and the unclerclassmen d1d thexr best to be top fllght next year Ted Vaughen, the Txgers Hne sprmter, seemed to be a c1nch for many Hrsts next year ack Morcland and Held of hlgh hurdles and h1gh jumplng Bet nard Elllker, also a h1gh jumper, showed the form to put h1m over wmnmg he1ghts The Tzgers had the1r eyes on the North ern Oh1o League champ1onsh1p th1s year Last season they placed second 1n the league com pet1t1on behmd Upper Sandusky the 1950 champ1ons The league schedule follows Apr-11 Apr11 Apr1l Apr1l May May 4 May 8 May 10 May 18 19 Sul Sprmgs and Holmes Llberty W1llard Mansfield Relays Shelby Northern Ohlo League meet Hardmg Relays MHFIOH Hardmg lV1'1nsl:1eld DISIFICI meet :SW ms H Sl Bm E HB H H Q En xl ' c' f I , - A Q a 1 5 - X 1, W . T 'I I s 1 9 1 y I 1 5 9 - 7 . 'Y Y I I Y , . , . l 1 V J . 1 1 1 1 7 D 1 3 Y 3 ' 7 ' promised to be a very good season early 'in Bill Stultz, sophomores, loomed high in the , X . . . . ' 3 . . , . . I 1 , l . 1 s . . ' - , 10- . . . . ' 17- ' 1 ' ' 21- ' ' 24- . ' l- ' . , . 1 . .T .C . Baseball Team . . . -'wav . 'i ,' fhtzzzitc .Y , M Mg f ss W ...ia ' ,ifwtzf K ' f---as MH sss,w.,,s. ,E , -,its . H as sm 'Hi T 2 -x A' . 1 f Standing-l to r-Rhinehart, Cope, Corry, Vance, Beach, Thompson, D, Hath- away, Mr. Kerin, coach. Kneeling-H. Hathaway, Callender, Scherer, Crall, McManigell, Enders, Dougherty. The Galion Hi Tigers embarked on another promising baseball season March 29th. Field- ing almost the same team that won the State runners up title last year, the Tigers are again out for the championship trail. Under the di- rection of their new coach, Dick Kerin, the team shows the same spirit, speed and hitting power that won them honors last season. Catcher Bill Wisler, third baseman Dave Stoner and outfielder Jack Tucker were the only losses through graduation. Returning let- termen who will pave the way will include: Bill Enders, the clul:-'s ace pitcher and Versa- tile inhelderg Hoyt Hathaway, hard hitting left Helder who will handle some of the catch- ing dutiesg Ken McManigell, a real speed mer- chant and great second baseman, and Bill Rhinehart, the Tigers' reliable first baseman and pitcher will round out the infield. Harold Beach will be counted on heavily in the out- field this year. Ray Seif, star letterman from last year's squad, will aid the cause greatly if he recovers from a severe knee injury received during basketball season. Many others players complete the squad. Mike Dougherty, a clever infielder who saw some action last year, is holding clown second base when McManigel1 takes over at short- stop. Bill Crall and Jack Callender are doing a grand job at third base as Dick Cope and Hoyt Hathaway are on the catching chores, alternating with Robb Corry. Dick Thompson and Randy Vance are two promising sopho- mores on the squad this year. Thompson is an outfielder and Vance a pitcher and first baseman. Two Freshmen who show promise for future Galion squads are Glenn Scherer and Don Hathaway, outfielder-s. Because of the early publication of this book, no individual scores or records were available at the time this story was written. The 1951 schedule follows: April 2-Cardington April 5-Shelby April 9-Tiro April 13-Tiro April 17-Shelby April 19-Mansfield Higlm School April 24-Marion Harding April 25-Cardington April 27-Mansfield Madison May 1-Ashland May 2-Marion Harding May 14-Willard May 15-Bucyrus May 22-Ashland May Z3+Willard ' May 5-I2-District Tournament May 18-19-Regional Tournament May 25-26-State Tournament The Football Court lst row-I to r-Sue Nlurray, Marilyxm King. Znd row-Nlatlmxwu Davies, Eileen Barrett, Queeng Marilyn Hart. 3rd row-Karen Glass, June Nauftzinger. FU' 'ECT 'ifis Y'-7 9, Q IQ' if. if uv' The Basketball Court lst row--I to r-Shirley lVlclVI:migell, Mary Jane Bean, Joyce Schreck. Zncl row-Shirley Ireland, Patricia Ertley, Queeng Escher Dawson, Alice Stahl PATRGN S DR. R. C. BRATTEN 119 North Market DR. ROBERT R. HEUDORF Public Square DR. D. W. POSTANCE Public Square DR. Z. P. SAPERSTEIN 201H Harding Way East DR. JOSEPH H. STEIERT 125 North Columbus T. C. PILLIOD 213 Harding Way East DR. H. H. ROUZER 128 South Boston LEE AND JENKINS Room 1, over Western Union JAY F. NICHOLS 1044 Harding Way East JOHN A. ANKER City Building W. T1-IATCI-IER fD. C. N. D.j MOULTON AND RICKSECKER 204 Harding Way West ZELLER AND YEAGER 125 North Columbus Public Square GEORGE H. DAVIES Public Square . . . unior High An excellent sports record this year is only one of the many achievements of our Fresh- men and their understudies. Under the guidance of the class sponsors, numerous dances were held for the enjoyment of the students of the Junior High. Other ac- tivities included a Junior High choir and a Junior High band under the direction of Miss Bowdle and Mr. Fogt, respectively. These students have made an outstanding impression and we feel that they will make a Fine addition to the Senior High School. Freshmen . . . lsr row-l to r-Reed, Gates, Love, Glaze, Grimwood, S. Robinson, C. Robinson, Cook, Bedson, Clark Znd row-Hall. West, Sebring, Allen, Meek, Dye. 3rd row--Hutchinson, Jones, Fisher, Sargel, Smith, Muth, Cunningham, 4:11 row-Cotton, Harsh, Law, Karla, I-Iottenroth, Delahooke, Freeman, Butterneld. lst row-l to r-Bessinger, Menges, Snyder, Stansloerry, Sickrniller, Thatcher, Potter, Critzer. 2nd row-Raypole, Holloway, Wolf, Schwartz, Twigg, Columbus. 3rd, row-Adams, Sanders, Buslcirlc, Lorens, Ritzhaupt, Foralcer, Mountz, Youngblood, Foos. 4th rom'-Weir, Vifasserman, Scherer, Hamilton, Herr, Sl-iarroclc. No: pictured-Jolley. . . . Freshmen fTop Photoj-lst row--l to r-Else, Flannery, Weber, Coughlin, Seckel, Rhinehart, M. Lewis, Denton, Flock- ' erzie, Brook. , Znd row-M. Martin, Garrett, Haas, McCoy, D. Ness, Gleclhill, Iams, Bonen, Kibler, Haymand. 3rd row-Longstreth, Moore, Neumann, Chinni, Cole, Rannow, Craner, Rose. fMxddle Photoj Ist row l to r Britton W WIIIIBIHS Wrlght Stover Halsey Rumery Sprlnger Shafer bautter Znd row Balclwm Garclner Crawford Clark Morrxson Henkel uanlta LEWIS Schmitt Flowers 3rd row W Martln Sherman Weaver Tucker Gow Rausch Hetrxck Dewolf L Ness, acolus Not plctured Looker Vanclerkoox Lovser Photo lst row I to r Smith Mlller Carver Schreck Wolf Law Gerhart Eusey Kelly 2nd row-Sharrock Evans Grogg Shadley Walnum Urban Remcll Hobson Debolt 3rd row Rose Cooper O Wlll13mS ohn Sautter Hathaway Hoover Spoon 4th row Rhxnesmxth, Tracht Pty, Stltzel, Maas, Frye Not pxctured Bloom Grogg Nelson l 1 w 1 J A 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -r , , , ', , , J , , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J - T , . C 7 y-- ,i it . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - , , - , I , 1 , . 1 ' 1 1 ' th Grade row l to r M ers Duke1n'1n Rensch Wrlght M Kelly W1l cox Trexsch Sharp Hay mond Hackworth Hum phrey Znd row Black Rlzor Shxrley Smlth P Spears Sautter M SIPCS Payne Sh1Hey Black Nelcler m1er Yunkcr 3rd row Lewxs Mackey McCalla St Claxt Fm ney Garvcnck Barnett Beech Armstrong Cunnmgham lst row I to r W1 es pes S a Spears Tracht Sharrock Kmpp Woolensnlcler Eusey Vance 7nd row Allen Rapata Patton ohnson A Kel ly Crase Cllck Balllett MacKay Mltchell Gets tenslager 3rcl row Rlcker Young C a rl 1 n Everly Sam Smlth Gre'1nya Frxze Long Beary Bxrd Down mg Holloway P Schra mek st row to Ashcroft Booth Bender Yunker Znd row Krum O t t Talbott West C Cun nmgham M Beach Bed son C Mlllef Mulberg Cook Ward Durtsche Wxlhelm 3rd row Stowe Cole Brubaker Harmon Wag ner E1chler Gelvln Sherer lVI'1cAclam 4th row Sw1tzer Marks Adams Flowers Tuttle F1sher Ruth R Neu mann Slufley lst row l to r Snyder Patrxcxa Smxth Ander son Beach Klbler Thoman Gates FlSl1EI' Gottfrled Lamb Shock e Zncl row Eater Hencye S Muller acobs Bcs smger S Cunnxngham Pat Smxth Palmer C Smith Rogers McCul loch B Neum1nn 3rd row Stall Sloan Long Callencler West Brown Sharrock Pm yard C Scl1r'1mek L to Burrell Atkm son Bl1!'LCl'11 Bob Atkm son DeWolf S m 1 t lx Garverlck R 1 d e n o u r Wllllalhs Coykenclull Nllllcr Kxncllcr lst - - y , c I -7 h 1 1 - 1 ' Y 1 Y . a 1 ' .W 7 Y I I Y ' r 7 l v - ' 1 K' 1 . 1 r ' 1 1 T1 ' Y A I Y Y 'I 7 - Y S 9 1 1 .l- - - 'lk , J. Si , t h l , M. l 1 1 I 1 1 1 , . '- 1 s s 1 .I I 9 ' t ' Y Y . Y Y 1 5 A W I Y Y 1 , y 1 Y K' t Y 1 . I 1 Y . Y Y ' 1 -l r- , Y Y 1 Shetler, Dawson, Keckler, 1 1 - . - , ' l 1 . - 1 ' 7 ' 5 7 I Y 7 1 W Y Y 1 , , . . 1 1 1 , 1 . W ' Y Y A 1 1 1 1 . 1 - ' , . 5 . . . , I - , J. , t , . Y Y Y Y Y - I y. . T Y Y , , J , 1- 1 ' ' . Y 1 y , I 1 v ' , . . . W Y L Y Y Y Y 7 7 ' - ' , . r . rl -' . s I' -1 V 'I ' 1 . -1 1 I ' 1 1 I Y' ' c 7 , . junior Higlz Football Team lst row-l to r-Adams, Flowers, I-larry Garvericlc, Sharroclc, S.lVIi1ler, Evcrly, Carlancl, Schramek, C. Miller, Barr. Znd row-Brubaker, Callender, Thoman, McClenathan, Quay, Johnson, I-lanson, Shiclner. 3rd row-Law, Nichols, Baldwin, Locker, Harold Garverick, Foralcer, Ritzhaupt, I-lortenroth, Muth, Mansperger. 4-th row-Herr, Rannow, Quay, Lorens, Johnson, Bianchi, Fisher, Scherer, Tucker. junior High Basketball Team lsr row-1 to r-Lorens, Johnson, Scherer, Adams, For-aker, Garverick, Rhincsmirh, Znd row-Quay, Rarmow, Hathaway, Ritzhaupt, Neumann, Hottenroth. o Autographs I 1 9 311,429 an WM MM ,EI I PX :if 9 wma n A W x 1 'VX ,YR E A VXX TEEJF dx . E1 Mk KLLXKYH 1 'X 5 XV- 4 fx!! J JJ 'J X an ,J . X Qwfifgf 1 YJ , xx L M ' - nm L4-Q. 'V,,, X N' Q QP Q Q, Q' X n R TRI-TEEN STUDIOS Professional Building - Phone 2-1704 f X Thanking you for your patronage . . Each member of the High School looks forward to the pub- lication of his or her SPY, but rarely takes into account what makes its publication possible. The annual could never become a reality without the line co- operation ancl generous spirit of our local business and profession- al backers and all others whose financial aid did so much to make this book a success. We of the SPY Staff would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to ancl appreciation of these people and wish for them all the luck and success in the world in their various lines of endeavor. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 C0mPlime"'S of CHARLES L. DYE GENERAL CONTRACTOR M0nr0e7S Laundry 857 Charles Street Phone 24563 South Market Street GALION, OHIO A R B Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 - 253 South Market St. P1-one 2-9101 REED'S MARKET Galion, Ohio 318 Sherman Street FREE DELIVERY X, l Compliments of Hamburger Grille 231 Harding Way East Compliments of PLACK'S Auto Supply Wholesale and Retail 35 Years of Service "Same Old Place" Dial 2-2771 120 South Columbus Str t FEDERATED Department Store Baker's Drug Store GALION, OHIO REXALL DRUGS GLEDHILL LUMBER CO. Mill Work and Building Supplies GALICN, OHIO Phone 2-8341 Compliments of Saylor's Mens Wear 203 Harding Way East JACK SAYLOR Swalley Motor Sales KA1sER-FRAzER PACKARD Parts, Accessories and Service DEPENDABLE USED CARS BEST WISHES FROM MORRIS 5 86 10c to 51.00 STORES 100th Anniversary SEWING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS DRESS FORMS SEWING COURSES After 100 years of service the Singer Sewing Machine is still the Best Buy Singer Sewing Center 217 Harding Way East The Beauty Nook JOYCE DURTSCHI, Prop. "Your only head of hair needs professional care Compliments of Gerrow Motor Sales GaIion's Ford Dealer X I Gallon Auto Wrecking Co NIAX LEVANT 86 SONS USED AUTO PARTS AND SCRAP IRON Gallon, Ohio Compllments of Farm Supply Store, Inc JOHN DEERE uallty Farm Machmery 1251 53 Harding Way East Phone 2 1811 Compliments of E A I-'IOCKER 620 S Unlon St Phone 2 7971 Ross Supply Co 1227 Harding Way East Phone 2 0812 PLUMBING ELECTRICAL HOME AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Open Evenings BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1951 FROM Patterson Pontlac PONTIAC CARS GMC TRUCKS l Q . . BOX 292 Phone 2-6001 GENERAL CONTRACTING I K I Congratulations from BEN N ETT'S SHOES WOMEN'S WEARING APPAREL CHILDREN'S CLOTHES ULMER'S The Ideal Gift Store Fine Watches a Specialty HAMILTON - GRUEN ELGIN - BULOVA J. H. ULMER Harding Way East KLOPP,S for DRY GOODS AND ACCESSORIES 116 Harding Way East Phone 2-4561 Best Wishes of Sharrock's Marine 86 Sport Shop 900 Harding Way West GALION, OHIO "The Sportsman's Paradise BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1951 MALOY'S PASTRY SHOP GALION, OHIO X f Congratulations ro the B Class of 1951 TRY OUR BAKED Gooos- D1Ck61'S011 Motor THERE's A DIFFERENCE Car Company phone 2.2911 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 108 Ha'd"'g Way East of C. L. MORKEL APPLIANCES AMAN N 'S DRIVE-IN MARKET FURNITURE 860 Harding Way West 121-123 S. Market St. Phone 2-5542 Herff - Jones Co. 1411 Capitol Avenue INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Class Rings and Commencement Announcements JOE COX, BOX 5225, AKRON, OHIO Ohio Representative K I I X Congratulations of Schieber Motor Sales, Inc. To thc Class of 1951 Compliments of W. P. WEAVER QUALITY MARKET 356 N. Market St. Congratulations to The Class of 1951 Milady's Beauty Shop Compliments of ISLAND MARKET B. M. LEMLEY J. H. ROBINSON Cor. Parson and South Union Dial 2-6781 Galion, Ohio N A T I O N A MAILING SERVICE "The House of Gifts" JEWELRY - DIAMONDS - WATCHES - APPLIANCES The Friendly Store Witlm The Glass Door Allen 86 Shetler, Inc. HARDWARE MAYTAG APPLIANCES 201 S Market St Tel 2 1151 Compliments of Home Appliance Co Where Music Lovers Gather 215 South Market St Weber s ewelry Store Fmest Selections of the Finest Watches THE DIAMOND STORE OF GALION R B SMITH INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 106 S Market St Dual 2 6021 LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBA fxxyw wk ,L A MTTIF1 -as W , Q M LMERS E F U N E RAL H 9 M E l- Q fn la' 1 F w HEITZMAN DIRECTOR -QAAWJSA ML-mn,-mAM,A.,1...4.-----1--J l26 S MARKET !,.. Phone 2 2231 . . - ' . 7 J . . . . -4 x f ' ESQ 7 If wi 1' i ii f - I A N i' 1 .' 5'.',- AN ll- f fl -',!,Yf:- w 1 w L I '- ,IW 'b -131 fvewgh-5 ,v lv' ' If ,' -Y 'icky' -Q-qpygqi K ' J -"JY 1 -1- 1 zmpessasseaasiessu ..,.. ,.,.. 1 nfsezaeemazeeaieaaeaeszeeaefazrefeai :Hsafessz::yeasmasfs'zzz5rs-m::::::ss5::::1:messsasezszassiiii . Q ggi lggqgjw m' H 'Mn 'sassisszmzsssssas X z .. I l E - .1 'nest 'z 2 as a ass 5 ' 55523551 : ,T J 'H 13 ILM . .... .r i i - :QE- A , T:"XWwMyvf.:y: .,.-.:. Af:1.412125-B.-1.1--':.S:T?7?x1' - - , X. "'leieizsrfii-Iiff.ff'Pl-9?-1fa1fs?1f3':a1swf?4-I-fiifzfffiI--Wax?-iff'fa-f--ff.-, ' " "" -"'M ' - Q?"-lVf'f'.""5','1:.':'q,ym'..'.x'.': ---14" ' " -mw- .,Y-, M L, ----- X W ,,. gif? Xi ' ' wif:-,""' ' M4 f eff- - ' ' f -LLC-'7J!, 1-:,, iLQ'1-"" , - Y-:,-1 ii- W -"- I X Compliments of Alfred Sentieri's Studio Monument Builder Harding Way West Phone 2-6801 HOEKSTRA COAL AND SUPPLY CO. Matthew L. Hoekstra COAL AND BUILDING SUPPLIES READY-MIXED CONCRETE ASPHALT FOR DRIVES Phone 2-7111 228 East Parson Street THE AMERICAN STEEL ABRASIVES COMPANY GALION, OHIO -WITH HIGH HOPES AND BEST WISHES W. E. LOTT, Inc. 850 Harding Way West Galion DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS Baum gartnefs Wish Success to All Members of The Class of 1951 WALLPAPER GIFTS GREETINGS Galion Sporting Goods 237 Harding Way East HUNTING - FISHING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT I X ARROW SHIRTS GRIFFIN SUITS Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Class of 1951 Schaffner-Myers Co. Headquarters for School Fashions INTERWOVEN SOCKS MALLORY HATS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 The Flick-Bollerer Lumber Co. COAL AND BUILDERS, SUPPLIES GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF 1951 Our country has always come through trying times with 'flying colors' and now in this world of uncertainty we are confident that you, the Youth of America, will work together and give your best to obtain the goal of Peace On Earth THE OHIO OVERCOAT COMPANY French Cleaners S I ill!! Lanlalw IQIUIE.-'IEINJ All Woolens Moth Proofecl at No Extra Charge SUNDAE Enjoy Genuine DAIRY QUEEN in CUNES - SUNDAES o MALTS RUG CLEANERS SHAKES 0 GUARTS - PINTS FUR STORAGE 800 Harding Way West Galion, Ohio x, 1 TERRI TYLER SHOP f H'glFh' ' tBdgtPf 13zH d'gwyE AND SUPPLY CRAUN S MARKET QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES P 2 7011 S k S BEST WISHES FROM Hercules Steel Products Corporatlon 311 Gallon Metallic Vault Company I X "Famous or 1 1 as :ons C Phmems of a u e rzcesv ar m a ast Gallon, Ohio Plion 2-7711 ' CO. hone - 408 outh Mar et St. 401 outh Boston S Gallon, Ohio d ll I X f f X 'ii-Zgp-f1'f:i4!lQ . WE CAN D0 IT STANDARD ELECTRIC CO. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 Ritchey Food Bank Galion Ice 86 Fuel Co. 138 E. Parson Street Phone 2-8511 Congratulations to The Class of 1951 Sweet Gardens HOME-MADE CANDY Glenn Richardson Real Estate and Insurance Office: Phone 2-0144 134 S. Market St. Galion, Ohio KENNY AND LAYTON CITIES SERVICE Bryan Ireland 86 Son PAINTING CONTRACTORS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR 4 M f '- Wallpaper Hanging and Steaming Wall Phone 2-4081 Paper Cleaned Headquarters fOr Bryan Ireland James Ireland GALION DELIVERY Phone 2-8971 Phone 2-6162 X I For Men and Boys VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS GLOVER PAJAMAS ALPAGORA TOPCOATS THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTS THE CITY LOAN g PERSONAL LOANS S10 1000 AUTO FINANCING METZ GIFT AND BEAUTY SHOP SEEMANN S DRUG STORE QUALITY DRUGS DONS SHOES I07H d gWyE C l ' to the Seniors to .S 211 South Market Street , C mpliments of 7 ar in a ast I X CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1951 F. W. Woolworth Company PUBLIC SQUARE Compliments of Tri-County Savings 86 Loan 115 Harding Way East Reece Charm Salon State Theater Building MILDRED FLICK, Prop. Meet the Gang at Wright's Sandwich Shop Delicious Hamburgers Milk Shakes French Fries Compliments of BUTTERFIELD'S sl-1013 REPAIR SHOP 232 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio HSLK CAMERAS DRUGS - COSMETICS X f I X We extend our Best Wishes to Best Wishes from The Graduating Class of 1951 We hope that your future will be as successful as your Tiger's Den NEAL 86 FERRALL school days. SAUL'S Where Frienclliness Prevails Jack Graham ANDREWS DAIRY OFFERS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 Compliments Of Compliments to the Seniors WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE W' Home Owned and Operated REAL ESTATE 128 S. Market Phone 2-5593 209 S. Market Phone 2-5711 Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 TUSCAN RECREATION BOWLING FROM 1 TO 11 P. M. K I f X Compliments of CENTRAL OHIO STEEL PRODUCTS COMPANY THE GALION ALLSTEEL BODY CO. The First Federal Savings and Loan Association GALICN, OHIO THE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THAT HAS EVERY BOY AND GIRL AT HEART We Are Back of You Both In and Out of School. Through Our Complete Financial Service, There Are Many Ways We Can Help You. ALL SAVINGS ARE INSURED UP TO AND INCLUDING 310,000 00 OUR HOME IS YOUR HOME. COME IN. PAUL E. NOLLEN, Ex. Vice Presiden X ! Let Us Solve Your Gift Problems with "FOSTORIA" GLASSWARE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS at Casey Hardware and Gift Shop Compliments of YOUR GAS COMPANY THE OHIO FUEL GAS COMPANY ALMA 86 IRMA FLORISTS APPROPRIATE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 137 North Market Street Phone 3-1632 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1951 The Midland Insurance Service Corp. W. L. WALKER 116 North Market Street Phone 2-3301 I X CARTER ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING HOTPOINT APPLIANCES ST. CHARLES KITCHENS Phone 2-7406 208 Harding Way East Compliments of GALION MOTOR SALES INC. Where Customers Send Their Friends GOODYEAR TIRES AND BATTERIES NEW LOCATION- 126 North Washington Street TOM McNEW'S RESTAURANT CARMEUS ON THE SQUARE Galion, Ohio Robert's Party Store THE HUB DELICATESSEN Jersild Sweaters Jarman Oxfords justin Leather Goods Fine Cold Cuts and Delicates Jerks Socks shapely Shirts F Your Delight Campus Slacks Munsing Wear or Sewell Suits f X Congratulations to The Class of 1951 CARL D. WEITHMAN BOB,S N EWS ROBERT BIANCHI, Proprietor "The Friendly News Dealer" K I HOTEL TALBOTT A Friendly Place to Stop ENJOY DELICIOUS FOOD IN OUR PLEASANT DINING ROOM ON THE SQUARE JOHN K. ENGEL Jeweler HAMILTON, ELGIN, OMEGA AND BULOVA WATCHES Finest in Diamonds Compliments of United Plumbing Supply Co. 111 Harding Way West GALION PRODUCE Poultry and Country Eggs All Poultry Dressed Free Strictly Fresh Compliments of Lowe's Accessory Shop The Finest in Ladies' Accessories Compliments of QUAY,S DRUG STORE ON THE SQUARE X l I X McElroy s Furmture Store Menmber National Furniture Service NATIONALLY KNOWN FURNITURE BEDDING CARPETS ARMSTRONGS LINOLEUM ASPHALT TILE, QUAKER WALL CROSLEY SI-IELVADOR REFRIGERATORS Phone 2 7841 Hardmg Way at Ilberty St Galzon 5 Complete Home Furmshmg Center MALO BROTHERS E M FREESE Dealers m Scrap Iron H South St Phone 2 1321 CLAY WORKING Complnmems of MACHINERY BENDER S CITIES SERVICE Complete Lune of Tires Gallon Ohm Batterles Accessories So State Rd at H W W Phone 3 2023 , 0 , 4 9 5 9 ff ,Q ' 4 n . , . . Compliments of I I . 9 I . , l , n 9 X 4 in-4 ,, .. ,f -, . 'Ffiq 33 1' I' ff"" f , 1' .rjlclfi gli 1:9 'Nf 'QLEQ 1-5' 'F f-wi--:L f,f-'Xsi 1 ' 3274, yin wp 5 j-11.33 E5 iff iiiiliiff EP! ff:-3' 4 ffffsf' 'Q -iii.. - s ,tx - iff!! ,lif xfzr wi 3' Iii: s LA, ,mp I "Z 125- " .Gift-175 '1f 1- fc 2' gffp-rlsgfrfit--Q H-1 p- lff1fQ'3.sV M'f5Q-f'f'7'fiT5QffQ33 U Ql 1:?T'3Q"7r, lr aw '-,, A',1,f H '- uf 'I li l it "For God and Country, We associate ourselves together For the following purposes: To uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States of Americag To maintain law and orderg To foster and perpetuate A one hundred per cent Americanismg To preserve the memories and incidents Of our association in the Great Warsg To inculcate a sense of individual obligation To the community, state and nationg To combat the autocracy Of both the classes and the massesg To make right the master of mightg To promote peace and good will on earthg To safeguard and transmit to posterity The principles of Justice, Freedom and Democracyg To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship By our devotion to mutual helpfulness." SCARBROUGH PCST, 243 AMERICAN LEGION X I I X Best Wishes to The Class of 1951 Stratbury Mfg. Co. ALFA GORA Topcoats and Overcoats Buckeye Lockers SCHOOL SUPPLIES PICTURES DIARIES Wholesale and Retail BOOKS CHOICE SMOKED MEATS SCRAP BOOKS GREETING CARDS GROCERIES GIFTS FRESH VEGETABLES BILLFOLDS PHOTO ALBUMS AND FRUITS CALD W ELL'S ROLAND H. FLOWERS Qwner 133 Harding Way East K 2 f X Perfection Steel Body Co. GOOD WISHES . . . SENIORS I . . May you enjoy success and the best in life FISHER PRINTING CO, Hartwell Radio Service Where Galgcigciitiyglihsfts Printing Phone 2-1561 Compliments of Compliments of Art Schreck, Inc. JAY P. NICHOLS CRESTLINE, OHIO EAST SIDE GROCER Phone 6761 X I f X Galion Farm Service, Inc. INTERN ATI ON AL HARVESTER EQUIPMENT MYERS PUMPS GOODYEAR TIRES "A Complete Farm Line" 322 South Market St. Phone 2-3151 Welding 86 Tool Supply of Galion, Inc. M490 H-w 9 I fill! Aumomzsn H , amen ! .l. I W 4 PRUDUCIS - Everything for the Welder SPORTSMAN GRILL PAT ac JOE PANGALLO Compliments of RHINEI-IART'S Coal and Building Supplies 401 South Marklet St. Phone 2-4451 Compliments of Tubby's Cleaners 230 Harding Way East M en's Toggery BEST WISHES FROM Baehr's Service Station N ! f X BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 'A' The North Electric Manufacturing Co. X I I X BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 PORKY'S DRIVE-IN "ALWAYS THE BEST" 640 East Church Street GALION, OHIO Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 FAIR PRICE STATION B. F. GOODRICH TIRES AND BATTERIES 24-Hour Service HOOVER 86 BOWER Phone 3-1103 417 Harding Way East The Galion Equity Exchange Co. COAL AND FARM SUPPLIES Phone 2-8611 GALION, OHIO BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 QUALITY CLEANERS Phone 3-1802 G. W. STAUB K I BEST WISHES OF T e First National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Real Estate, Commercial and Personal Loans Lloyd A. Casey DICK LOWER DRY CLEANING INSURANCE AND PRESSING 204-206 Harding Way East 365 Wfest Church Street Phone 2.6261 fotocraft stucllos BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 SINCERE THANKS AND APPRECIATION TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR PATRONAGE oe and Dee Donahue Swltzer Heating C0 Gallon Tlre Shop SALES AND INSTALLATION 325 H d g W Y E t O . Compliments of O ' ar in a as K I Congratulations to The Class of 1951 THE THOMAS HARDWARE COMPANY 110 Harding Way West GENERAL HARDWARE PAINTS 86 GLASS Bessinger's News 3 Public Square MAGAZINES CONFECTIONS MODEL SUPPLIES PIPES 86 TOBACCO GREETING CARDS COMPLI MEN TS OF SMOKE HOUSE PENNEY'S CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1951 J. C. Penney Co., Inc. IT DOESN'T COST-IT PAYS TO BELONG GALION AUTOMOBILE CLUB HOPKINS REAL ESTATE C. L. HOPKINS Phone 2-8881 f X BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 if The Galion Iron Works and Manufacturing Company X I MAUSOLET E Elllllhe THE U. S. STEEL GRAVE VAULT CO. GALION, OHIO J ac 1-1 SHOE STORE Galion's Better Shoe Store Southeast Corner Public Square J. C. GILL, Ieweler DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Watch Repairing Sheet Music Bc Supplies 127 Harding Way East Galion Cement Block Co CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS THE MORTAR STONE "WEE-FOLKS" SHOP CEMENT SAND Kroft St. Phone 2-9211 Congratulations to The Class of 1951 Lisse's Food Center 121 S. Jefferson St. Phone 2-5521 Compliments of Galion News Agency Phone 2-3001 I X Wilson Printing Company Our 25th Year of Service PRINTERS OF THE SPY Phone 2-5031 248 SOUTH MARKET STREET X I I X I l N X . rr .ef D 5' V, 2, , . is ,217 -Z ,, ?'fi,::f , -si .isles s H .ih- I . , "8 allm 6511 Olllier Again Q A familiar and reassuring slogan 5 FA.mxLrAR...because if has appeared in ' , thousands of the country! finest year- U QM books for the past half century. ' K REAssuR1Nc...lJecause those years of ' specialized experience bring compleie f , service, outstanding quality and de- l pendalzle deliveryto ibeyearbook staffsj l , with whom we work. 1' 2 wi, + i 'A 1 JAHN 1. oLuER ENGRAVING co. W : 817 W Washington Blvd. 1 ,il l Chicago 1, Illinois iii. ' i W M -1-i 1 If Hale' l-J' it illrslil .l E liixix ixlliii -Sliif X I 1 w v

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