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4 f 5 F A , . L V' X. E , L 'E 1 i Q si . V 2 Q 'f lg' V z if 3. H Q V 1 1 M ? I 1 A A A ' L, 13 Mr. F L Q 1 2 t f J 5 X ,A M My My MMS 611 ff? 'X S.. 1 was 5, ' 3 4. b,'. 4Q -A "f1i". 3 . . i . E x Q f sf M 3 , W JE NM WJQX W I l -, Rn t . - , 1 . ,ix . v si Nil x F...-. 'I hold the World, but as the world, A stage, Where every man must play a part Shakespeare Setting wf 1 1, 'H,L1N 1, THURSDAY Prologue . . . Galion High stands high and lofty on the corner of North Union Street. Within its walls we have gained ever increasing knowledge for the past three years. We have tried in this annual to' give to the school the honor we feel is due. This year's Spy is entirely new and somewhat unconventional, but We are confident you will find it well worth while. Throughout the Spy we have carried out the theme of a play by using various stage terms and effects. To tell more of the story here would be unfair to the reader for we would be depriving him of the enjoyment of determining the value of this book for himself. We hope you will enjoy reading our book as much as we have enjoyed gathering the material for it. We have put into this year-book things which we think will in future years bring pleasant memories of your days in Galion High School. We are dedicating this year's Spy to Miss Donna Daniel, who because of illness will be unable to graduate with us. Although Donna is far from us we hope her thoughts are with us as all of ours with her. This dedication is only a small thing we can do to express our appreciation for all Donna has done for us. We know we can never forget the won- derful music that she made a part of Galion High. Congratulations to the Class of 1950! Your graduation from the Galion High School marks the achievement of an im- portant goal in your lives. We hope your experience here will be a never ending inspiration for each of you to keep on growing and learning. You have our best wishes for all of the good things of life. M. E. SHANK. Superintendent of the Schools of Galion Twelve years of your lives have been given over to preparation for better living. It is our wish, as you continue living, work- ing, earning and striving for the higher goals, that you enjoy every possible suc- cess on life's highway. May you find that the greatest happiness in life comes to those who work and serve for others as well as for themselves. Work hard, play hard, up- hold high standards and your life will be one worthwhile. Good luck and may you always feel that the office of the high school principal stands ready to be of service to you at any time. E. R. PICKERING, Principal Producers . . . M. E. SHANK, Superintendent E. R. PICKERING, Principal The Galion Senior High School administration has the responsibility of handling the student's records, guiding them personally, and managing the business of the schools. The administration's purposes are to supply the basic needs of the student body and to create the best learning environment for each individual. The administrative staff consists of the superintendent of schools, principal, secretaries to the superintendent and secretary to the principal. The complete responsibility of the administration falls upon the Board of Education with the Superintendent acting as executive officer. The admin- istration and personnel have recognized the close relationship between education and civic interest and have been on the whole, engaged in various civic activities. The student council serves as the connecting link between the adminis- tration and student body. This group has the responsibility of details in the growing list of all-school activities. BOARD OF EDUCATION ,fri 53? HOWARD ROBERT MRS. FLORENCE ROLLAN D MALCOLM N USSBAUM CORRY SHAW FLOWERS SWITZER Prompters . LUCY AILER H. N., Lakeside Hospital B. S. and M. A. in Ed.. Ohio State ERNEST COOK School Librarian B. S. Ed. Findlay ARVILLA EMMENEGGER Typing I and II Shorthand Il M. A. Kent State School Treasurer ROBERT IACKSON Plane Geometry Algebra Il, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry B. S. Ohio State, Ohio Univ. and U. of Chicago Sponsor of Math Club Co-Sponsor of Hi-Y Club Head Track and Asst. Football Coach CHARLES APLAS Machine Shop Penn State, Lebanon Val- ley, B. S. Ed., Ohio State GRACE DEWITT Latin II A. B. Heidelberg Sponsor oi Latin Club MYRON R. FERRIMAN Biology G Senior Science B. S. Ed. Ohio State, Univ. of Alabama FREDOLPH A. W. LIDDELL Band. Orchestra, Choir. and Boys' Chorus Wittenburg, Ohio U., Northwestern, Ohio State B. S. Mus. Ed. Muskingum CAROLYN BEACH Spanish English Literature B. A. Ohio Wesleyan Sponsor G. R. Club IOHN C. DURANCE Business Math Problems ot Democracy Ec. Geography New York University B. S. Ed. Ohio State Sponsor of College Club and Student Council Co-Sponsor of Ir. Class EDWARD HIXON Safety Driving Industrial Arts B. S. in Ed.. Ohio Univ. M. A.. Columbia Univ. MARTHA LIDDELL Fine Arts B. S. in Ed. Ohio State Prompters B E. B. HANNOW Physical Ed.. Health A. B., Pacilic Univ. M. A. Columbia Univ. Athletic Director Baseball Coach MARGARET SENTIERI English and Iournalism B. S. in Ed.. Ohio State Sponsor ol Lantern and Spy IOSEPHINE TRACHT American History World History . S. in Ed., Ohio North- ern U.: M. A.. Ohio State Sponsor of Sophomore Class ISABELLE MONROE Secretary and Clerk ol Board ol Ed. MIRIAM SAYRE A. B. and B. S. in Ed., M. A., Ohio State English, Speech Director of Dramatics HELEN SMITH Home Economics A. B., Asbury College Post Grad., Ohio State. Miami U., U. ol Colorado Co-Sponsor of Sophomore Class: Sponsor of P. H. A. ORA TRAC!-IT Trades and Industries Related B. S. in Ed.. Ohio State: Ohio U., Muskingum and Toledo Univ. Sponsor oi local and district Hi-Y CAROL HOCKER Secretary ROSE SIEFERT Girls' Physical Education Health B. S., Ohio State Sponsor of Cheerleaders Sponsor of G. A. A. WILLIAM L. SWICK Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Drawing B. S. in Ed. Ohio Univ.: M. A. in Science and Math, Ohio State Sponsor ol Senior Class HELEN YEITER Commercial Courses B. A. Ohio Wesleyan U. Capital Univ. Sponsor of Iunior Class Sponsor of Blue-Tri Club DOROTHY MILLER Secretary to Principal I DONALD ALTHOUSE "The boy with the sleepy walk." Hi'Y 3. 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 4: Track 4: Football 1: Shop 3. 4: Ir.'Sr. Recep- tion Committee 3. PAT I EAN NE BALLANCE "A rose by any other name . . . Tabu" Blue Tri. cabinet, 3: G. R. Sec'y. 4: Class Sec'y. 1: Booster Board 1: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Mirror 1: Lantern 3: Spy 4: Class Play 3, 4: Usher 2, 3. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Photo Club 4: Homeroom Vice President 3: Home- room Pres. 1: College Club 4: Homecoming Com- mittee Chairman 3: Bas- ketball Committee Chair- man 3: GAA Intramurals 3, 4: Nat'l. Honor Society. WILLIAM A. ANDREWS "l never saw a purple cow . . ." Hi-Y 3, 4: Homeroom Treas. 4: Track 3: College Club 4. MARILYN RUTH BARR "A quiet disposition and the kindest of hearts." G. R. 4: Blue Tri, Cabinet 3: College Club 4: Future Teachers Club 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror 1: G.R. Glee Club 4: Nat'l. Honor Society. GERALD F. BAEHR "Ierry can be counted on to liven up the dullest class." Hi-Y 3. 4: cabinet 4: In- tramurals 4: Spy 4: Track 3: Math Club 4. MARY BASHOFF "Her lriends there are many, her toes, are there any?" Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4. IVA L. BAKER "She's prim, she's neat. she is pleasant and sweet." Blue Trl 3: G. R. 4: G. R Glee Club 4. DONALD E. BEACH "Don has a big broad smile we will always remember." Hi-Y 3, 4: Intramurals 4 Track 2, 3, 4: Football 4 ars . . . SENIURS After struggling for over two thousand school days, a small Weary group ot seniors survive for Graduation Day. When the seniors march proudly down the aisle, all must agree that it is the survival of the tittest. PATRICIA ANN BEECH "The artist's touch is a revelation." Mansfield l: Math Club 2: Class Sec'y 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: cabinet 3: Blue Tri 3: Class Play 3, 4: Choir 3. 4: G. R. Treas. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Spy Stall 4: College Club 4: Photog- raphy Club 4: Varsity Vol- leyball Team. Usher 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Hop Com. Chairman Z: Ir. 6. Sr. Dec- oration Com. 3. 4: School Tiger 4: Red Cross Rep- resentative 4: Nat'l Honor Society. GENE BERSINGER "Women? Bali!" Intramurals 4. DONALD B. BOOTH "Always a lot of lun? That's Don!" Class Play 4: Montrose H. S. 2, 3: Intramurals. 1. 2. 3: Band 2. 3: Boys Chorus Z, 3: Basketball Cmgnj 2, 3: Hi'Y 4: Math Club 4: College Club 4: Com- mencement Committee 4. CRUSE CAMPO "He takes lite as it comes." Decorating Committee Ir. 6. Sr. Reception 3. IEAN BERCAW "A maiden bright, witty, and quick of tongue..." G. R. 4: Home Room Offi- cer 1. 2: Usher 3. 4: G. A. A. Club 3. 4: President 4: F. H. A. 2. 3, 4: Band 2. 3, 4. ROBERT CARL BLANZ "You can make a molehill out of a mountain." Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Bas- ketball 1. Z. 3. 4: Choir 1. 3: Buckeye Boys' State 3: Class Play 3. 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: Pres. 4: Spy 4: Lan- tern 3: Mirror 1: Home Room Pres. 1, 3. 4: Col- lege Club 4: Honor Stu- dent 4: Math Club 2. 3. 4: Assembly 3, 4: Student Council 4: Nat'l Honor So- ciety. CONNIE LOU BUSKIRK "A coed who loves to smile." Band Z. 3. 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: Spy 4: College Club 4: Usher 3: National Honor Society. BETTY I OAN CASS "A sweet gal, and a real pal." G. A. A. 3. 4: F. H. A. Z. 3: Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: In- tramurals 2, 3. 4: Usher 3: Ir.-Sr. Reception 'dec- oration com. 3: Home room Sec'y 1. BEVERLY ANN CASS "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you." G. A. A. 3: Cabinet 4: Blue Tri 3, Treas. 3, Cab' inet 3: Class Vice Pres. lt Spy 4: Choir 2, 3: Math Club 3, Sec'y-Treas. 4: G. R. Cabinet 4: Mirror 1: Homeroom officer 1: Col- lege Club 4: G. A. A. In- tramurals 2, 3. 4: Basket- ball Queen's Attendant 3, 4: FRANCES COLEMAN "Quiet in appearance with motives unknown" Cheerleader 1, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. Cabinet 4: G. A. A. Cab- inet 4: Usher 3, 4: Home- room Vice Pres. 4: Spy 4: Basketball Queen 4. BETTY MARIE CHASE "Happy am I. from care I am tree!" G. A. A. 3, 4: G. R. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Blue Tri Cabinet 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Buckeye Girls' State 3: Choir l, Z, 3, 4: Class Ot' licer 2: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror 1: Usher 2, 3, 4: College Club 4: Class Ring Committee 3: Class Play Committee Chairman 3: Booster Board 1: Recep- tion Committee Chairman 3: Choir Accompanist 1, Z: Homeroom Officer 1: G. A. A. Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Varsity Volleyball Team 4: Football Queen's At- tendant 3: G. A. A. Dec- oration Committee 3. DOROTHY LEE COLLEY "Dot's southern drawl will long be remembered by all her chums." G. A. A. 3, 4: F. H. A. Z. 3. 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: Choir 3: Spy 4: Mirror 1: G. A. A. Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Usher 3. :J Q Av L Si' v ., 4. . .,a 1.- IOHN CHASE "Sma1lness is no hindf rance to Iohn in holding his own." Hi-Y 3, 4: Math Club 2. 3. 4: Photography 4: Col- lege Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 4: Spy 4. ROBERT MERT COOK "johnny on the spot!" Band 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Photography Club 3, 4: Cabinet 4: Vice Pres. Pho- tography Club 4: Spy 4. ANN CLARK "She hath a continent of undiscovered character." G. A. A. 3, 4: G. A. A. In- tramurals 2, 3, 4: G. R. 4: G. R Glee Club 4: Blue Tri 3: Math Club 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Spy 4: Usher 3: College Club 4: Ir. Class Play Committee 3: Sr. Class Play 4: G. R. Committee Chairman 4: Ir. Class Committee Chair- man 3. MIRIAM A. CRANER "She makes more prog- gress than noise." Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4: Fu- ture Teachers Club 2: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: Lantern 3: Spy 4: G. R. Glee Club 4. Stars . . . SENIURS On the throne of leadership, Robert Malone casually rules the seniors with an iron hand. The excellent worlc of the Class of 1950 could never have been possible without the outstanding job done by the officers. Xe K A HAROLD CRASE "Slow and easy on the drawl . . Softball 2: Baseball 3: Basketball 3: Intramurals 4: Couch H. S.. Myrtle. Mo. 1. 2: Tiro H. S. 3. DONNA DANIEL "Let there be music." Future Teachers Club Z: G. R. 4: Music Chairman 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Ac- companist 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Trea. 4: Blue Tri 3: Ir.- Sr. Reception Decoration 3: College Club 4. BERT DOWN ING "He's outstanding where- ever he may be." Choir 1, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Captain 4: Booster Board 1: Math Club 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4: Assembly 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y Cabinet, Pro- gram Chairman 3, 4: Ir. Class Committee 3: Lan- tern Staft, Editor 3: Spy Staff 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: College Club 4: Student Council Pres. 4. CAROL ANN DURTSCHI "l never laugh till l hear something." G. A. A. 2. 3: Blue Tri Pres. 3: F. H. A. 2. 3, 4, Sec'y. 4: G. R. 4: Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Sr. Class Olticer 4: Usher Ir. Class Play 3: Intramurals 2, 3: Home Room Treas. 1. 2. IAN ET SUE CRAUN "Why can't they all be as happy as 1?" Blue Tri: G. R. Cabinet 4: Glee Club 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Officer 4: Spy 4: Mirror 1: Prom Com. l: Reception Decora- tion Com. 3: Ottice Assist- ant l. 4: Homecoming co- chairman 3: Booster Board 1: Class Play Com. 3: Na- tional Honor Society. ELEANOR MARY DECKER "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." F. H. A. 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. R. Glee Club 4: Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Usher 3: College Club 4: Recep- tion Retreshment Com. 3. ALICE MARIE DURNWALD "She commands the cour- age ot her convictions." G. A. A. 3, 4: F. H. A. 2: G. R. Glee Club 4: Blue Tri: Mirror 1: Lantern 3: Spy 4: Future Teachers Club 2: College Club 4: Usher 3: Intramurals 2. 3, 4. THEODORE EISE "Ted-or is his name Darwin?" Hi-Y 3, 4: Football Mgr. 2. 3. 4: Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 4. CHARLES ANTHONY FARINA "He has the strength ot ten." Intramurals 1. 2: Hi-Y 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Track 2: Class President 2: Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 1: Home- room Pres. 1: Homeroom Vice Pres. 2: Student Ath- letic Board Z. l OYCE ANN GATES f'Her handicrafts in home economics have won her many honors." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orch. 4. LARRY FRANKS "ln music or argument, Larry exce1s." Glee Club 4: College Club 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: Band 1, Z. 3. 4: Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 4: Class Finance Committee 4: Photography Club 4. PATSY IEAN GERHART "Gracious in manner- Reaching toward the best' Blue Tri: Choir l: G. R. 4 F. H. A. 4. GARY DEAN GALE "Work to be done? Find Gary." Hi-Y 3. 4: Choir 1: Boys' Glee Club 4. MARY IEAN GINDER "Even the corniest joke can bring forth a giggle." Mirror l: Lantern 3: Spy 4: F. H. A. 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. R.: G. R. Glee Club 4. RAYMOND GANSHORN "A man's heart is like the moon-always changing, but forever wth cr woman in it." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Vice Pres. 3: Glee Club 4: Choir 1: Student Librar- ian 1. 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Treas. 1: College Club 4. BEVERLY GLAUNER "Where there is athletics, fun, or Bert, you will find Bev." G. A. A. 2. 3, 4: G. R.: Blue Tri: Mirror 1: Cheer- leader 1: Lantern 3: Spy 4: Usher 3: G. R. Glee Club 4: Choir 4: Class Play Com. Chair. 3: Col- lege Club 4: Prom Com. Chair. 1: Math Club As- sembly 3. 4: G. A. A. Varsity Volleyball 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3, 4: Soft- ball 2, 4: Intramurals: Homeroom Treasurer 1: Homeroom Sec'y 2. ars . . . SE l0RS On the able shoulders of Iohn Moore rest the responsibilities of helping "Doc" keep the seniors in line. Secretarial duties rest on Carol Durtschi, While lack Tucker hoards the seniors' ducats. Efficient committees completed the crew of the ship of 1950. RICHARD GRAHAM ."He mixed reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth." Hi-Y 3. Cabinet 4, Chap- lain 4: Class Play 3, 4: Spy 4: Homeroom Pres. 4: Hi-Y Delegate 4: Class Ring Com. 3: Class Play Selection 3: Homeroom Sec'y 1, Z: College Club, Com. Chairman 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Math Club Assembly 4: Homeroom Treas. 3: National Honor Society. ROBERT S. GRUBAUGH "He that hath a beard is more than a youth . . ." Choir Pres. 1: Booster Board 1: Football 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: Home- room Pres. 1. 2: Intra- murals 1, 2, 4: Decoration Com. Chaim-ian 2, 3: Shop 3. 4: Physical Fitness 3. 4: Class Play Com. 3. LOUIS G. D. HACKWORTH "Hut, two, three, to' rings lorever in his ears." Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Class Play Com. 3: Intramurals 1, 2. 4: Shop 3, 4: Reception Com. Chairman 3: Phys- ical Fitness 3, 4. BETTY IEAN HARTWELL "Slender, tender, and tall . . Choir l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2. 3, 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: Lantern 3: Usher 2, 3: Class Ring Com. 3: Future Teachers Club 2: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Spy 3: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Class Play Com. 3: Class Play 4. HELEN GROGAN "Helen has a sense of humor that everyone envies." Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 3, 4: G. R. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Class Play Com. 3: Re- ception Committee 3: G. A. A. 3. BARBARA ANN GUN DRUM "Brown hair, brown of eye, Winsome Miss, but rather shy." Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4, Cab- inet 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: College Club: G.R. Sweet- heart 4: National Honor Society. RALPH HANLON "A good sort and a good sport . . ." Intramurals 1, 2, 4. MARY IANE HENKEL "Liked here, liked there, liked everywhere." G. A. A. 3. 4: F. H. A, 3. 4: Usher 3: Varsity Bas- ketball Team 3. HAROLD HUGH HESSENAUER "What shall I do to be forever known?" Hi-Y 3. Cabinet 4: Photo- graphy Club 3, Cabinet 4: Math Club 2, 3, Cabinet 4: Class Play 3, 4: Orch. 1: Choir 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: College Club 4: Lantern 3: Mirror 1: Spy 4: Buckeye Boys' State 3: Math Club Assembly 3, 4: National Honor Society. RUBY V. IOHNSTON "Her patriotic 'specs' became her mark of distinction." Prom Com. 1: Hop Com. 2: Reception Com. 3: Mir- ror 1: Lantern 3: Spy 4: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. A. A. 3: Class Play 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: College Club 4: G. R. 4: Glee Club: Trio Z, 3, 4. IACK EUGENE HOLLANSHEAD "He packs a mighty personality punch." Hi-Y 3, 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Spy 4: College Club 4: Cross Country 4: Boys' Glee Club. 4 WILLIAM M. IONES "Bill will always get cz 'charge' out of lite." Intramurals 1. 2, 4:lAShop 3, 4: Booster Board 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Basketball 1: Re- ception Decoration Com.: Physical Fitness 3, 4. IANE Hoovsn "She's always neat: she's always sweet." Choir 1. 2, 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. R.: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4: G. R. Glee Club: Future Teachers Club 2: College Club 4. IOHN KARNES "His honor follows true scout fashion." Mirror 1: College Club, Committee Chairman: As- sembly Committee: Nat'l. Honor Society, Pres. 4. RICHARD C. HOWMAN "I envy no man who knows more than I, but I pity him who knows Iess." Football I: Hi-Y 3, fl: Track 3. 4: Glee Club 4: College Club. VINCENT KIBLER "Chemistry formulas and hotel work embrace most ot Vincent's problems." Intramurals 1: Glee Club 4: Political Speech 3: Math Club 2. -I F. H. A. 2, 3. 4: B. P. W. HTS . SENIURS Most ot the social events enjoyed by the Seniors are given by the various organizations. Two special parties are dedicated to the seniors. The Senior Party was held by the seniors and was informal, while the junior-Senior Reception was held on the 19th ot May and gave the Seniors a time to be remembered always. HOWARD E. KOCHHEISER "The man with the golden throat" I OYCE ANN KIME "Be silent and safe: Football 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 4: Math Club Assembly 4: Shop 3, 4: Em-Cee Ir.-Sr. Reception 3. silence never betrays you." ARTHUR EDWIN LACE "We do not want him BILL KOHLS any longer. . . "A modern Huck Finn" he is long enough." Trades G Industries 3. 4. Hi-Y 3, 4: Choir 1, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club President 4: Photography Club 3. BONITA M. LAKE JUNE LAMB "l never let my studies ,, . interfere with my H YO? hefff G giggle' educauony thats bnqht eyes! ' Future Teachers' Club 3: Brown' loan Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Varsity Volley- ball, Basketball, Baseball 2. 3, 4: Intramurals 1, Z. 3, 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Choir I. 2. 3, 4: Ass't. Di- rector ot Ir. Class Play 3. CHARLES WILLIAM LAMB " 'Nui sed!" Hi-Y 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Intramurals 1: I-Iorneroom Pres. 3. 4: Homeroom Vice Pres. 1, 2: College Club 4: Math Club Assembly 4: Student Council 4: Band 1, 2, 3. President 4: Pep Band 1, 2: Sr. Class Play 4. Server 4: Choir 1: Class Play Committee 3: Recep- tion Committee 3: F. H. A. Committee 3: Decoration Com. 3: College Club 4. GERALDIN E SECKEL LOGAN "Ierry's poise, beauty, and charm will long be remembered by her triends." F. H. A. 2: G. A, A. 3. 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: Class Play 3: Band I, 2, 3: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror 1. MARY ANN LUCIUS "There is no secret ol success but work." G.A.A. 3, cabinet 4: Blue Tri: G. R., glee club, hal- loween com. 4: Choir 3. 4: F. H. A. 2. 3, 4: cab- inet 3: Class Play Ticket Com. 3: Decoration Com. Ir.-Sr. Receptor: 3. PATRICIA RAE MARTIN "Every inch a queen..." Choir l, 2, 3: Math Club Z. 3. 4, Sec-Treas. 3: Pro- gram Chairman Assembly 3: G. A. A. 3, 4: Blue Tri. cabinet 3: G. R.. glee club 4: College Club 4: Cheer- leader 1: Ir. Class Play: Spy 4: Mirror 1: Usher 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. Varsity 4: Football Queen 4: Sr. Class Play. RUTH E. MCELHATTEN "Embarrassment she quickly shows with blush as red as any rose." G. A. A. 3. 4: Blue Tri: G. R., glee club, commit- tee chairman 4: Band 1. 2, 3: Usher 3: G. A. A. ln- tramurals 3, 4: Homeroom Sec. 4: Class Play Com. 3: Decorating Com. 3: Sr. Class Play. BARBARA MITCHELL "What is so lair as a day in Iune." P. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Blue Tri: College Club 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: G. R., glee club: Choir 2, 3, 4: Class Play Prompter 3: Usher 3: Intramurals Z, 3, 4. ELAINE MCHENRY "The hand that made you fair made you also good." Blue Tri 3: Girl Reserves 4: G. A. A. 4: Usher 3. BEVERLY IEAN MONAT "She's set her cap for a nurse's." Choir l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. R.. glee club 4: Future Teach- er's Club 2: College Club 4: Office Ass't. 3, 4. ROBERT E. MALONE "He speaks everybody's language." Hi-Y 3, 4, treas. 4: Math Club 3, 4. president 4. assembly 4: Senior Class Pres: Buckeye Boys' State 3: Class plays 3, 4: Foot- ball l, Z, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 4, captain 4: Mirror 1: Lantern 3: Spy 4: College Club 4: Homeroom Pres. I, 2, 3: Physical Fitness Z, 3: Basketball 1: Nation- al Honor Society 4: Stu- dent Council 4. IOHN WILLIAM MOORE "He is the very essence ol courtesy." Hi-Y 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Class Decoration Com. 1: Sr. Class Vice Pres.: Choir 1, 4: Track 1: Foot- ball Manager 3, 4: Col- lege Club 4. ars . SENIURS Seniors, regardless of race, creed, or political belief, are obliged to attend a certain class, namely, Problems ot Democ- racy Clixemptions shop boysD. In this course all gain a lasting appreciation ot the strength ot democracy, besides ways of applying it to everyday life. FRANK I. MORALES "Can you learn Spanish with a closed book?" Track 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Football 3: Class Play, Stage Crew 3. DOLORES MUMAU "Her clothes are the envy of all who know her." Sandusky 1, 2: G. A. A. 2: Choir 1. 2: Intramurals 1, 2: Class Treasurer 1: Year Book Salesman 2: Usher Z: F. H. A. 3, 4. lOYCE ARLENE NELSON "She Iinds an opportunity in every calamity." Future Teachers' Club 2: College Club 4: Blue Tri 3: G. R. Cabinet 4: Spy 4: Choir 3. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Decorating Com- mittee 3: National Honor Society. IUANITA IOANNE PALMER "Trust Thyself' Blue Tri 3: G. R. 4: G. R. Glee Club 4: Band 1: Or- chestra 3: College Club 4. BETTY IO ANN MULBERG "Small-like the atom bomb." F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres- ident 4: Blue Tri 3: G. A. A. 3, 4, Finance Chair- man 4: Usher 3: G. R. 4. KENNETH THEODORE MURPHY H Bless the man who in- vented sleep, leisure, and friendship." Hi-Y 3, 4: Football 3: Track Z: Band 1: Spy 4: College Club 4: Intra- murals 2, 4. RICHARD L. NEUMANN "Man of many distinctions . . ." N. Robinson 1, Z: Choir 1. 2: Class President 1, 2: Baseball 1, Z: Basketball 1. Z. 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3, 42 Choir 3, 4: Vice President 3: Hi-Y 4: College Club 4: Glee Club 4. BETTY PUGH "Betty is always ready lo add her share to a chat." F. H. A. 2, 3. 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Choir l. 3. IOHN QUAY "For who not needs shall never lack a friend." Hi-Y 3, 4: Math Club 2. 3, Cabinet 4: College Club 4: Spy Staff 4: Mir- ror Staff 1: Glee Club 4: Class Play Com. Chair- man 3: Nat'l. Honor So- ciety: Class Play 4. ROBERT EUGENE REEKS "Connoisseur of the fountain" Hi-Y 3, 4: Choir 1, 3, 4: Intramurals 4: Boys Glee Club 4: Photography Club 3: Decoration Committee l: Refreshment Com. 3. SHIRLEY ANN QUAY "Five feet two, eyes of blue" Booster Board 1: F. H. A. 2, 4, Sec'y 3: G. A. A. Intramurals: G. R.. glee club 4: G. A. A. Com. Chairman 3, 4: Usher 2, 3: Spy Staff 4: Refresh- ment Com. Chairman 3: Girls Varsity 2.3, 4: Blue Tri, Sec'y 3. IANET RENSCH "Her very frowns are fairer far, than smiles at other maidens." G. A. A. 3, 4: F. H. A. 2. 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. R. Glee Club: Choir 1, Z. 3, 4: Latin Club 4: College Club 4: Usher 3, 4. WILLIAM W. QUAY. IR. "His words are double edged" Intramurals 1, 2, 4: Shop 3, 4: Class Play 3: Dec- orating Committee Ir. and Sr. Reception 3. MARILYN M. REVERT "Measure her for friend- ship and she surpasses them all." F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Future Teachers Club Z: Blue Tri: G. R. glee club 4: Latin Club 4: College Club 4: Math Club .4: Spy Staff 4: Band 1, 2. 3: Finance Committee 4: Usher 3, 4. RUTH RANNOW "It Ruth isn't a member, the group is unblessedf' Cheerleader 3. 4: Choir 1, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, secre- tary 3. Varsity 2, 3, 4: G. R. 4, president 4: Blue Tri vice pres. 3: Math Club 2. 3, cabinet 4: National Honor Society: Class Play Selection 3: Future Teach- ers Club 2: College Club 4. DARWIN R. RICK "I hold the jewel of a maiden's heart." Choir 4: Class Committees 1. 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 4. Stars . . . SENIURS The Spy Staff, being of a curious nature, did a little research. They found that the year-bool: was not always priced the same. Back in 1909 the seniors were able to publish the Spy for 35c. Now the seniors sell 350 copies at 32.50 and lose money in spite of that. Quite a change in our economy in 41 years. DOROTHY RITZHAUPT "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Choir 1: Blue Tri 3: G. A. A. 3, 4: G. R. 4: F. H. A. 4. PAUL G. ROSS "He travels fastest who travels by motor-scooter." Intramurals 1, 2: Machine Shop 3, 4. ROBERT SHEFFLER "Ambition is a wonder- tul thing." H1-Y 3. 4: shop 3. WALTER H. SECKEL "For he's a jolly good fellow." Band 1, 2, 3: Intramurals 2. 4. CAROL ANN ROBINSON "She's sure to be seen wherever tun and mis- chief beam." Homeroom Pres. 2: G. R.. glee club, social commit- tee, financial committee 4: Spy 4: Usher 3: Cheer- leader 1: Choir 1: Mirror 1: Intramurals 2, 3: Pho- tography Club 4: Program Com. 2: Prom Com. 1. MARCELLA ANN SCHALIP "Music, music, everywhere" G. A. A. 3. 4: G. R.. glee club director 4: Blue Tri cabinet 3: Band 1. 2. 3, 4, student director 4: Choir 1, Z, 3. 4. student direc- tor, vice pres. 4: Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 4: Buckeye Girls' State 3: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror 1: Col- lege Club 4: Math Club 4: Class Play Music 3: Homeroom Pres. 3: Future Teachers Club Z. BEVERLY IANE SEBASTIAN "How tar that little candle throws her beams!" Band 2, 3: Orchestra 2: Spy 4: G. R.. glee club 4: G. A. A. 2. 3. 4: Blue Tri 3: College Club 4: In- tramurals 2.3: Class Play Committee 3. COLLEEN MAE SHARROCK "When Irish eyes are smiling . . ." P. H. A. 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4, vice president 4: G. R.. glee club 4: Blue Tri 3: Usher 3: Intramurals 3. 4: Varsity Volley Team 4. Hg' I- KENNETH SHROLL "Sing, Brothers. sing. 1 say" Hi-Y 3, 4: Choir 1. 4: Boys' Glee Club 4. ALICE MARIE TREISCH "She eateth not the bread ot id1eness." F. H. A. Z, 3, 4: Blue Tri G. R.: G. A. A. 3, 4 Usher 3: Varsity Volley- ball Team 4. MARIANNE F. SNYDER "She is one who knows more than she says." Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Math Club 2. 3, 4: Future Teachers Club 2: Usher 2. 3: College Club 4: Mirror 1: office Asst. 3, 4: Nun Honor Society 4. TED TREISCH "The pen is mightier than the sword." Choir 1. DAVID F. STONER "AII's right with the worId." Intramural Basketball 2. 4: Spy 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers Club 2: Class Play 3. 4: College Club 4: Horneroom vice- pres. 1, 2, 3, 4: Physical Fitness 2, 3. IACK TUCKER "For in his eyes his fortune lies." Hi-Y 4: Class Treas. 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball Mgr. Z, 3, 4: Intra- murals l, Z, 4. CAROL TBACHT "A soft answer turneth away wrath." Band 1. 2, 3. 4: G. H. vice pres.: F. H. A. 2, 4 vice pres. 3: county treas 3: G. A. A. 3, 4: Blue Tri service chairman 3: Fu ture Teachers Club 3 Usher 3: Reception Com 3: spy 4. JEAN A. TUCKER "One must give one's tongue much exercise." F. H. A. 2, 4, treas. 3: Blue Tri: G. H.: Usher 3: Reception Com. Chm. 3 Stars . . . SENIURS There have been many binding activities which have held the Class ot 1950 together. The first major project of the class was the Freshman Prom. The success of the Prom with its beautiful Blue and White decorations was achieved by the splendid team spirit of the class. Capable officers have high- lighted the class history. DONALD ULMER "For his are words ot wisdom." Booster Board 1: Class Treas. 1: Mirror 1: Dec- oration Com. 2: Invitation Com. 3: Hi-Y 3, Sec'y 4. PHYLLIS IOAN WEST "Whatever she attempts she accomplishes" Blue Tri. cabinet: G. R.: Math Club 4, assembly 3. 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Z, 3, 4: Lantern 3: Spy 4: Class Sec'y 3: Mir- ror l: Homerocm Sec'y 3: Class Ring Com. Chm. RICHARD G. WILLIAMS "He 'lens' his knowledge to his work." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Photo- graphy Club 3, 4, pres. 3: Math Club assembly 4: College Club 4: Lan- tern Photographer 3: Spy 4: Track 4: Class Com. 4. MARTHA WINCH "ln sports she excels" North Robinson 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2. 3, 4: Choir 3: F. H. A. 3: Class Play 3: Band 1, 2. 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Usher 3. MICHIEL VENTRONE "1n his wake are many women." U. S. Navy 1948-49: Choir 1, 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4: Shop 3, 4: Intramurals 4: Track 1, Z, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. PATTY IEAN WHITESELL "Loving favor rather than silver and gold." Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. glee club, trio, service Chm.: Homeroom Pres. 2: Math Club, assembly 4: Photography Club 4: F. H A 2' G A A 3 4' Ir. Cadet 3: College Club 4: Booster Board 1: Class Play Com. Chm. 3: Home- room Vice Pres. 1: Mirror 1: Prom Com. Chm. 1: Hop Com. Chm. 2: G. A. A. Decoration Committee 3: Blue Tri. IOHN HUNTER WILSON "Man of many talents" Mirror 1: Math Club 2, 3, assembly 4, cabinet 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, cabinet 4: Pho- tography Club 3, 4. pres. 4, treas. 3: College Club 4: Class Play Com. Chm. 3: Hi-Y Bowling Champ 3: Class Play 4: Spy 4: Glee Club 4: Lantern 3: Student Council 4: Future Teachers Club Z: Nat'l I-lanor Society vice pres. 4. PATRICIA ANN WISLER "Fair and true and seasoned with love." G. A. A. 3, 4: Varsity 3. 4: Blue Tri: G. R., glee club: Future Teachers 2: Mirror 1: Lantern 3: Spy 4: Class Play 3, 4: Col' lege Club 4: Usher 3, 4: Intramurals 2. 3, 4: Class Play Selection Corn. 3. WILLIAM WISLER "Captain, my Captain" Hi-Y 3, vice pres. 4: Class Pres. 1. 3: Class Pres. 2: Football Z. 3, 4: Basketball Z, 3, 4: Base- ball 2, 3, 4. Vice- DORIS ZAGER "Happiness is the natural flower of duty." G. R., glee club: Blue Tri. RUTHELA WRIGHT "There is only one proof of ability . . . action." G. A. A. 3, 4: Blue Tri: G. R., glee club: F. H. A. Z, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Mirror 1. PAT YOUNCE "The quality of mercy is not strain'd" Band 2, 3. 4: Orchestra Z, 3. 4: Blue Tri: G. H.: Spy 4: Usher 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: College Club 4. TOM ZAGER "Men are masters of their fates" Choir 3, 4: Class Play 3: Intramurals 1. 2. 4: Class Committees 1, Z, 3, 4: Hi- Y 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Foot- ball 1: Basketball 1: Band 1, 2, 3. 'k Future Stars . . .FRESHMEN Although the Freshman Class is not closely connected with the Senior High, they certainly have made their presence known to all, and we feel that they should be included in the 1950 Spy. The freshmen have had championship teams, both in football and bas- ketball. The football team was honored with a banquet last fall. And recently the basketball and track teams and scholarship students were given a splen- did banquet followed by the presentation of awards to those who qualified. They also have sponsored two dances, one in the fall and one in the spring. These were sponsored that the class might raise money for the annual Freshman Prom. The Party is the first party of importance in the lives of the freshmen. The Prom was May 19, and that night will long be remembered by every freshman for years to come. One reason for such a successful year was the fact that they had a reliable group of officers. Bob Marshall was class president and Iune Honen- berger was a capable vice-president: Carol Hathaway was secretary, while Iack Frederick served as treasurer. Their class colors are green and white, while their class flower is a white carnation. The class of 1953 is made up of very promising material. Even though they are tender in years, the freshmen are measuring up to the standards of other classes which have gone before. We know these freshmen will have accomplished their goal and three years hence, maintained the standards of Galion High at the apex in all its departments. Bob Marshall, Iune Honenberger, Carol Hathaway, Iack Frederick Q at 7 R , - 5 L, Future Stars . . . FRESHMEN Bottom Row-A Ioyce Logan, Marilyn Palmer, Lenore Franco. Dorothy Eusey. Alice Stahl, Catherine Swain, Mary Treisch, Beverly Hensley. Second How- Ioan Landy, Catherine Wagner, Georgia Dye. Alice Io Bishop, Phyllis Wycott, Phyllis Rcnsch, Nancy Griebling. Third Row- Allan Sarqel, Gerald Thoman, Thomas Harmon, Edward Fortney, Billy Duncan, Raymond Weithman, Paul Shitley, David Keckler. Top Row- Richard Shaw, Ronald Haymonk, Robert Mayer, Iames Neumann, Philip Bunyard, Edwin Chandler, David Monroe. Bottom Row- Dorine Kehrer, Suzanne Hocker, Patricia Auer, Marjorie Bonen, Phyllis Corlin, Almira Payne. Second Row- George Montague, Dale McClenathan, Anita Durtsche, Constance Rick, Barbara Schultz, Baverly Warwick, Patricia Sherer, Ianet Sickmiller. Third Row- Billie LaRue, Kenneth Thoman, Blossom Wirick, Carol Stevens. Mary Lou Thoman. Dixie Rebel, Carol Hathaway, Ioyce Schreck. Top How' - James Miller, Bill Threisch, lack Fendrick, Iohn Steinke, Edward Chillik, Iames Ginder, Paul Prosser, Kenneth Gelsanliter. Future Stars . . . FRESHMEN Bottom Rowe Shirley Rinehart, Anne Mae Swank, Iack Mortland, Iohn Heitz, lack Pfeiier, lim Engel, Don Mc Clenathan, Bill Mackey. Second Row- Phyllis Kruger, Iune Honenberger, Iohn Korn, Darrell Sherman, Marilyn Dermyer. Edna Diaz lim Grogan. Dick Thompson. Third Row-- Marilyn Ulmer, Evelyn Sipes. Ianet Miller, Beverly Clark, Ianice Carpenter, Ioyce Gerhart Peggy Scott, Margaret Lentz. Top How-- Bill Martin, Tom Grutsch, Kenny Durtsche, David Ometer, Iudy Breese, Nancy Weaver. Bottom Row---- ' Dolores Iewell, Charlene Timson. Connie Pickering, Charlotte Bily, Betty Landin, Betty lean Isles Shirley Lamb, Geraldine Batten. Second How-- Bill Goshorn, Randall Vance, Bill Carpenter, Marcia Iamieson, Ioyce Epley, Patricia Durtschi Martha Pace. Third Rowe Don Halsey, Bob Bateman, Bob Marshall, Bill Stultz, lim Fink, lim Downing, Merlyn Sharrock, Wayne Quinton. Top Hows-- Sherman Liddell. Paul Spoon, Bill Switzer, Bob Kohls. Glenn Shilley, Bob Hass. Stand Ins . . . SOPHOMORES The Sophomores came to us this year as champs both in football and basketball. CA record that will be hard to beat, Freshmenlj This year they have gone on to even greater heights. Their Ir. Varsity has won all but three games. FIRST PICTURE-- These sagacious Sophomores have just been in English class: Dorothy Kohls, Marilyn King, Nancy Laser, Mary Kuhn, Iohn Knisely, William Kibler, David Lace, Paul Krauss. SECOND PICTURE- Viewing the spacious Galion High campus are Earl Black, Iohn Bennett, Harold Beach, Betty Brown, Erma Garger, and Bonnie Lee Clark. THIRD PICTURE- Sixteen sparkling eyes stare at the cameramen: Ted Freeman, Bill Enders, Dick Eusey, David Gill, Karen Glass, lane Gardner, Gailya Garverick, Kathryn Hessey. FOURTH PICTURE- Future lads and lassies of the Senior Class: William Debolt, William Crall, Bernard Dewalt, Mike Dougherty, losephine Eggelston, Nancy Im- mormin, Colleen Downing, Carolyn Edwards, Ted Dickerson. FIFTH PICTURE- With grim determination youth faces the future: lane Ann Ieter, Elaine Hottenroth, Ethel Martin, Byrdell Kempf, Ronny Ireland, Dick Kelly, Norman Hook, Richard Kerr. Stand Ins . . . SOPHOMORES The Sophs are a very active cmd energetic group. They are the originators of the fund to pur- chase a new luke Box, also they made early plans for their Hop which was held April 28. This was a glorious affair, as any Sophomore will tell you. The dance was informal and decorated in their class colors, blue and white. The Sophomores are really very lucky people. Unlike the Seniors, to our great sorrow, they have another two years of giving the teachers a "rough time." Any Sophomore who has taken biology from Mr. Ferriman or plane geometry from Mr. Iackson knows what the author is referring to. FIRST PICTURE- X Two more years and they will leave forever: Harvey Mulberg, Harmon Mansperger, David Mar- shall, Lee Myers, Ioyce Muth, Iune Nauftizinger, lane Metz, Margaret Morrison. SECOND PICTURE-- Thinking about the Sophomore Hop are Richard Beck, Gary Britt, Bob Black, Mary lane Bean, Sara Chapmen, Iune Baker, Dolores Bloch, and Marlene Bender. THIRD PICTURE- With smiles the sophomores that are cutting classes are George Lee Clark, Richard St. Clair, Donna Snyder, Evelyn Spoon, David Spaid, Iohn Stump, and Phyllis Shadley. FOURTH PICTURE-- Thinking about the latest field trip are Beverly Turner, Ann Weaver, Patsy Tupps, Alice Voss, Charles Vanderkooi, Pauldon Wagner, Edward Tucker, and Ted Vaughen. FIFTH PICTURE- With solemn dignity and confidence these soph- omores are Phyllis Smith, Harrietta Sief, Doris Smith, Ioan Schnegelsberger, Ioel Seckel, Raymond Smith, Robert Shaw, and Paul Schuttera. Stand Ins . . . SOPHOMORES The Sophomore class had as President, Hoyt Hathaway, who has done a splendid job leading them in their class activities. Hoyt's capable assist- ant was lack Callender as Vice President. Keeping the books and taking notes was lane Ann Ieter as secretary and keeping them out of the red was Shirley McManige1l, treasurer. We expect to hear a great deal more from the Sophomore class during their stay at G. H. S. We are sure they will succeed at anything they try. FIRST PICTURE- A study in character: Patricia Cotton, Ioanne Crowe, Mathan Davies, Ioann Daniels, Boninie Clark, George Clark, Robb Corry, Richard Cope. SECOND PICTURE- Dazzling smiles belong to Iames Treisch, Robert Woolensnider, Iess Wagner, Ellery Weir, Hatie Windbegler, Norma Wittibslager, Ianet Younce, and Irene Wright. THIRD PICTURE- Salubrious and contented are Hoyt Hathaway, Bill Haas, Dick Hinesman, Kenneth Henkle, Robert Shaw, Dwight Haas, and Curtis Hirnlick. FOURTH PICTURE- "Doctor, lawyer, indian chief": Naomi Rhodes, Esther Philips, Dorothy Neumann, Luna Payne, Carol Powers, Donald Quay, Marilyn Ritzhaupt. FIFTH PICTURE- Springtime beauty bedecks these Sophomore belles: Shirley McManige1l, Betty Lear, Dorothy Lisse, Gail Lucas, Iulia Lillo, Virginia McElroy. Theresa Lillo. Stand Ins . . . IUNIORS "George Washington, 1789 to l793," This phrase will long be familiar to the juniors' ears, since they burned the midnight oil many nights studying the long list of presidents. Who knows? This class might eventually add a name to the list of the celebrated first men of our country. FIRST PICTURE-- These smiling faces belong to Richard Host, Nellie Wolf, William Wiggins, Iohn Wittibschlager, and Betty Wolf. SECOND PICTURE- "Ful1 of Christmas spirit": Annette LaForest, Vera Iune Kellog, Shirley Ireland, Marilyn Iones, Ioan Koschnick, Iack Kreps, Robert Iourdan, and Francis Lake. THIRD PICTURE- On the brink of a new day, these bright faces belong to Tom Livingston, lack Hathaway, Dale McHenry, Donna Thatcher, Ioan Ventrone, and Nancy Tracht. FOURTH PICTURE- I In the gymnasium we find William Rhinehart, Ray Seif, William Schindeldecker, Albert Sheldon, Beverly Rogers, Evelyn Sargel, Ioan Sanders, and Martha Sautter. FIFTH PICTURE- Holding up our faithful lockers are Norma Raney, Carolyn Revert, Carol Ness, Richard Powers, Merrill Price, and Ioe Poland. Stand Ins . . . IUNIDRS This class has been successful with previous ventures in its Freshman and Sophomore years, and under the brilliant leadership of Kenny Mc- Manigell, they proved themselves again able to come out on the top. Working with Kenny was Ann Swords as his "Woman, Friday," and wielding the pencil was Gloria Grosh, while the gal toting the money bag was Shirley Ireland. Combining the clever ideas of everyone, the class held the reception for the seniors on May 19, with a theme that met with everyone's approval. FIRST PICTURE- Thinking of the time when they will be seniors are Dave Columbus, Franklin Craner, Dale Cron- ewett, Louis Corwin, Barbara Clark, Mary lane Cook, Phyllis Chillik, and Patsy Cass. SECOND PICTURE- These juniors haven't had American history yet: William Beach, Dale Bonsteel, William Carter, Helen Blackhall, Mary Ethel Casto, Nadine Bosler, Phyllis Cassidy, David Brown. THIRD PICTURE- Summer vacation is only 234 days away for Wendell Haddox, Frederick Durtschi, Ronald Gehr- isch, Ronald Grauer, Eugene Grover, Gloria Grosh, lane Gallentine, Pat Ertly, and lean Findley. FOURTH PICTURE- Standing in front of the trophy case with pride are Bernard Elliker, Esther Dawson, Douglas Dele- hooke, Betty DeWolf, Sally Eckstein and Howard Dixon. FIFTH PICTURE- "Laziness ain't the word for it": Iames Beecher, George Abraham, Dean Baird, Iirn Beech, Emma Allen, Aileen Bashoff, Eileen Barrett. Stand Ins . . . IUNIDRS Handsome escorts protected themselves from swerving rocketships and swirling formal dresses at the Iunior-Senior Reception. Many considered the "Flying Saucer" theme the most unusual of the year. Side stepping the beaten path, the Iuniors chose rings this year that were of a new and unusual design. The class is not as large as many of its predecessors have been, but good things come in small packages, so we wish them the best of luck in future years. FIRST PICTURE- Then seconds removed from the tardy bell and a detention are Marilyn Hart, Howard Hocker. Shirley Heitz, Bob Hinesman, Dorothy Hildabrand and Gene Hencye. SECOND PICTURE- Another smiling group from the junior class are Bill Stewart, lim Sipes, Iohn Simons. Ioyce Stebbins, Betty Dysinger, Norma Snyder and Ann Swords. THIRD PICTURE- This smiling five have yet to attend American History: Beverly Meehan, Sue Murray, Mary Ann Muth, Rebecca Martin, Carmels Morales. FOURTH PICTURE- Iunior class executives are Kenny McManigell, president, Ann Swords, vice-president, Gloria Grosh, secretary and Shirley Ireland, treasurer. FIFTH PICTURE- r Surrounded by boolrs are Kenny McManigel1, Ioanne Liscano, Gene Leppert, Margaret Lamb, and Mary Lee Butts. Act I, Scene I . . . BAND After the sounding of the gun, a triumphant noise, supposedly a fanfare, came from the north end of the field. Guess who? Yes, it was the Galion High School eighty-piece marching band led by Nancy Tracht, our drum majorette. Nice work, Nancy. The performances were well received by the audiences on Friday nights, but during the week, well . . . they didn't look or sound like anything extraordinary. If it weren't for the drums being off beat and everyone playing a different note, it might sound like music. Of course, the seniors never play wrong notes, it's always the underclassmen. On parade, the band looked excellent until lack Hollanshead and Richard Williams got out of step or Carol Tracht or Iohn Chase forgot to march. The band paraded at Crest- line, Mansfield, and Galion in the annual Hallowe'en processions. When football season ended, we found our energetic musicians turning to the large sheets of music. Although to many of the students concert season was more added work, it was enjoyed as much as marching season. At the time of a concert, everyone seemed to be a perfect angel, but, during rehearsal, Bob Cook, Larry Franks and Phyllis West played the role of the little guys with horns and a pitchfork. Under the capable direction of Mr. F. A. W. Liddell, the band has shown much im- provement from last year. To you, he seems very patient, but LOOK OUT when the bass section blurps at the wrong time Cwhich is all the timeb or the drum section plays at the most opportune time Ca measure restj or the cornets blast, or just lots of things. All things happen but Mr. Liddell is one of our most patient and congenial teachers. Rolliking fun was had by all at the dance following the delicious banquet, held on January 23, honoring all Galion music students. Interlocutor Bert Downing introduced the different members of the faculty and student body. Bill Lamb, president, brightened the evening with humorous remarks. At our president's right hand was Vice President Iean Bercaw and Secretary-Treasurer Bernard Elliker. Fine job, kids. On May 5 the band traveled to Bucyrus for the Band Festival. Schools participating were Norwalk, Upper Sandusky, Bucyrus, and Galion. The Galion band traveled to the Lima Band Festival, May' 27. It surely was fun, but a five mile march was a long walk. How about it, band? During the absence of Mr. Liddell, the band is under the direction of Marcella Schalip. She was honored at the winter concert by being presented the Kiwanis Arian Award. This award is given to the most outstanding musician in the band. She was also featured in our spring concert as piano soloist. The Memorial Day program and parade ended this year's activities for the seniors, of whom Ioyce Gates, Connie Buskirk and Pat Younce are some of the happy ones. Last Row-Lamb, Hacker, Delahooke, Beck, Chillik, Thatzher. West. Lal'-'orrest, Bosler, Martin. Seckel, Harmon. Second Row-Longstreth, Cole, F. Sargel, Timson, Eaton, Wagner. DeBolt, Bonsteel, R. Cook, N. Neumann, Schalip. Gates, Hollanshead, Elliker, Beach, Dickerson. Third Row-Tavens, Talbott, A. Durtschi, Hall, West, Flannery, W. Durtschi, Howe, Auer, Stump, Livingston, Buskirk, Runge. I. Neumann, I. Younce, Tupps, Barr, Muth, Black- hall, Barrett. Fourth Row-Kerr, Stulz. Chase. F. Sargel, Liddell, Clark. Meeks, P. Younce. Fifth How-Stewart Bercaw, Ertley, Casto. Sixth Row-Franks, Martin, Ness, Grosh, Eise, Brooke. Weber, Kruger, C. Tracht, N. Tracht. This year the band was very fortunate to have with them, Paul Yoder, nationally known arranger and composer. The band worked under him for one-half of their Winter Concert and made a fine showing. Another highlight of the year was the appearance of the Ohio State Concert Band under the direction of Manley R. Whitcornb in Mansfield. This trip was sponsored and financed by the Galion Booster Board. Buses are used on the trips to the out of town football games and other out of town activities. You would think that the long rides would be very monotonous but things are just the opposite. The students enjoy these rides and the time is passed by singing, joking. sleeping, and . . . l The action pictures on this page were taken during a rehearsal. Do they give you an idea of how they look during the seventh period, five days a week? The picture in the right center is an action shot of our senior band students at work. This is an unusual picture, as we very seldom see them working this hard. lean Bercaw and Iohn Chase were absent at this time. As a summary ot this year's work, the band has made a fine showing at all the foot- ball games and has done splendid work in concert season. I Q Ill 1 f I-ict 1, Scene 2 . . . CHOIR , t ,-, . 3 Last Row-Neumann, Schroll, Lace, Cronenwett, Reeks, Rick, Eise, Bonsteel, Downing, I. Schalip, Baird. Poland, Simons. Second Row-T. Zager, Wiggins. D. McHenry, Mulberg, Hessenauer. Third Row-C. Revert. Mitchell, Block, I. Wright, Ballance, M. Cook, Nelson, Hannow, Grosh, Whitesell, Glauner, Hartwell, King. N. Tracht, Snyder. Hoover. Fourth Row-Turner, Metz, Ieter, McElroy, Lucas, Crcxun. Rensch, Monat, Lucius, Kellogg, Butts. B. Chase, Iohnston, Rogers. Fifth Row--Wittibslager Stebbins, Rhodes, Powers, Snyder, Lake, Durtschi, Hottenroth, Beech, Bean, Mcltllanigell, B. Clark, Bender, Edwards. Marcella Schalip at the piano. lt's 10:47 on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Five seconds before the bell rings, you leave your seats and hasten toward choir. The high school choir is open to all students who want to sing and enjoy singing. Some of our second sopranos enjoy the thought of trying to drown out the first sopranos. During the coldest part of the winter, our faithful singers trudged through the knee-deep snow Ctruthfully it was rainingj so that they might give their beautiful renditions of Christmas music for the Children's Horne Program. Under the expert direction of Mr. F. A. W. Liddell, the choir presented their annual Christmas and Easter programs. Not only did they present their evening programs and assemblies for the high school but they also sang for the Galion Kiwanis Club. The choir enjoyed a fine banquet and dance, which was given for the band, orchestra, and choir students and their parents. On March 31, the choir traveled to Upper Sandusky to participate in the Choir Festival. Schools participating were Bellevue, Crestline, Upper San- dusky and Galion. Marcella Schalip, a member of the choir, was honored at the Easter program by receiving the Kiwanis Arian Award. National Music Week was observed during the first Week of May. The choir also took part in the Baccalaureate services. Since the choir has done little a Capella Work, we have needed the assistance of our faithful pianist, Marcella Schalip, She is student director of the choir and band and is always ready to fulfill her duty as vice-president of the organization when their capable President Bert Downing speaks. Shirley Ireland served as secretary-treasurer. I Ili i ' t k Act 1, Scene 3 . . . ORCHESTRA What is that terrible screeching and scratching sound that comes from the band room at four o'clock on Wednesday? Oh, yes, now I remember. The high school orchestra practices then and there. Even though it is called the "high school orchestra", it is composed mostly of junior high students. Every year the orchestra improves by small leaps and bounds but the day is coming when Galion High will have a mag- nificent orchestra. The orchestra Worked all year in order to make a good appearance at the Orchestra Festival which was held here, April 21. Schools. attending were Bellevue, Upper Sandusky and Galion. The Kiwanis Arian Award was given to the most outstanding musician in orchestra. During an assembly in the latter part of the year, this presenta- tion was made to Marcella Schalip. It seems that orchestra is the noisiest class that Mr. Liddell has. The senior high students tell jokes and make noise while the others work. Of course the seniors think they are so good they don't need to play but an or- chestra isn't an orchestra unless everyone plays. During the past year the orchestra has made numerous improvements and has had a successful year. Keep up the good work! Act 1, Scene 4 . . . BOYS' GLEE CLUB Standing- Shroll, Lace, Zager. Wiggins, Clark, Abraham, Cronenwett MacHenry. Rick, Reeks, Beach, Poland. Simons. Seated at piano-Kerr. The newly-formed boys glee club found a warm spot in every heart this year. The group is composed of juniors, seniors, and a few sophomores. The members have prepared a charter for the group: they hope their club will grow and prosper with the school's other activities. These fledglings have been under the direction of Ken Schroll and the guidance of Mr. Liddell. The boys presented a program of carols at Christmas time. On March 3, they entertained the student body with popular and semi-classic songs. During the first week of May the club took part in the National Music Week program. As can be imagined, the rehearsals were not always the serious busi- ness-like affairs that performances indicated, but the spirit of mischief was quelled to that of good fun. The membership has been at a minimum and the boys hope for replace- ments next year. Edwin Lace with the aid of vice-president Tom Zager has kept the boys on their toes. Richard Kerr served as secretary-treasurer as well as capable accompanist. Y,N.'N'A33N.xN'XYX'YN'N'xX'A.N3.N3.'YXYxX'X.'x3X'AN',gx3, x5,'q,g,'1,g,-N'5,-g,N-g'5,-g,X,-g-x,-x-5,'g'A,-g-53, -X-A, -v,X,-N-3,-N, 'N'.X-'N'A.."N".A.'Y'A.,"Y.N."N".B..'YX."Y.N.. 'N'.N."N".k..'N'.N,'N'.B..'N'.X,'N'.N..'Y.X.'N'.x."YN.'Y.X.XXKXYN.X3.YX.'XXYN,'N'xXX.NXN'XNL'YX'N3NXYX'N3,KXN3.N'AXXKXYN, 'XX,'x"3,"g',5,'N'5,'N'-g-,"g'-x,'g:g,'g, 'v,x,'x, INTERMISSION Our school life is not complete without a SPY, our SPY is not possible without our advertisers. In the following pages you will see the names of the contributors-men and women- who have made this book a reality. We sincerely thank them for their generous and co-operative spirit. TUXEDO FEED STORE Feeds and Poultry Equipment Rear 137 S. Pierce St. Phone: 2-3975 Congratulations to the cms of so The City Loan HI SPEED SERVICE STATIDN S10 to S1000 Auto Financing 112 North Market Street u WILL ARD, S Personal Loans 'YX.'X. R'XXYXYXXNY.NXXYLNXYXNXNkNXYXX1XYN.'YXiXYYYSN3YX.'N3X1.'Y.N..'YN.'N3.."Y'.N.."Y'.N.."N'A.."N'N."N, "Y'.N."N'A.."N'k."N.. CSfYSS. QSoQSS, 'QSSV A C 'C 5. so NQSSSQSSQSSSLQSQQS, 5 5 5 5 5 f 5 f X 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 5 5 2 2 5 K BOB'S NEWS ROBERT BIANCHI-, Proprietor "The Friendly News Dealer" Buckeye Lockers, Inc. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CHOICE SMOKED MEATS - GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS f Harvey C. Huy, Pres. Harley N. Lust, Sec.-Treas 3 "Y'.X.'V.-N.. -NA,-N-3,'q,g,-g,g,'Ngg,"g, - - , 'N'A."Y'.X.'Y',N.'X'A.'N'.N..'Y'.X..'NXY.N."Y',N.'N'A,'N. Compliments of Iersild Sweaters Jarman Oxford Western A1-11:0 Justin Leather Goods Assoclate Store Ierks Socks Shapely Shirts I Home owned and op rated Campus Slacks Munsing Wear Sewell Suits 128 S. Market Phone 2-5593 1 1 E. R. GLEDHILL L. E. MAISON 1 G. 8: M. ELECTRIC E R. C. A. VICTOR, PHILCO DEALER 1 RADIOS-TELEVISION SETS-REFRIGERATORS FREEZERS-WASHERS 3'-N-'Y'-N .... -'xx-X, "A Complete Line of Home Appliances" 'Y.X.'N'XX3.'Y.Y'N1.X3,N3.N3.'N1.X'NK1.N'A.N'x'iX'N'A3'XXXX'N, 'Y,NN3Y.XK'XK'kX'X,X1x,'Y,1Y,xx'A33,-v,XxN3'-x1'333'x, S L S 1 111 South Market St. Phone 2-4102 1 1 'N.- INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE COMPLIMEN TS 1 I 1 1 Rl Bl 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 I 106 S. Market St. 1 1 Dial 2-6021 1 or 1 1 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'Y'.N.'Y'.N."N'1N.'X'.3.'Y.N..'Y.N.'NB.."N'.N.'Y'..N.,"N.. 'Y'.N."N'3YN.."NB.."N".B.."N'.N."Y.N..'Y.N.. I C GILL Jeweler DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SMOKE HUUSE Watch Repairing Sheet Music 61 Supplies 127 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio 1 k'.N1K'AX'xX'XiNiXN'.NX1X'xX'A.'NBK3.'N3.'NR13X.XYXY.X 'N'.X-'iQx..'N'N.."Y'..N."N'.N,"Y'.N.'N. 'N"N. 'NT.N..'Y.NN'.N.."N'A..'Y.X.'X".X,'NB..'Y.X. 1 'Y'.X.."NX..'N'.B.,'Y'.X."N'.B..'N'.N.?N.."N'.k.."X. 'N3.."N"A.."N'3.."N'.X."N'A.."N.. "NB..'Y'.X."N.. 'Y.NN'.N.'N3N'A3'.XXX.'Y'.X.'X'3.'X'3N'AN'.N3'A.'Y.NN. "Xk.'X'.X.."X. 'N. "X".A.,"Y".,X."X"A.."Y..X. 'XX.'YX.. 'N'ZN."N. 'X'-3-, - "N, "v.x.'v.x..'N'.x.-xa.'x':.'x'x,'v.x.'x. N.. 'x'.x.'v.x.'xx.-mx.-N-A,-N-A,-N, Congratulations to Compliments of The Class of 1950 SHOE REPAIR SHOP Reed's Market 232 Harding Way East SheI'I'1'lCII'1 G-Qlionl COMPLIMENTS OF N A T I O N A L MAILING SERVICE The House of Grits JEWELRY - DIAMONDS - WATCHES - APPLIANCES THE FRIENDLY STORE WITH THE CLASS DOOR BEST WISHES TO THE GBADUATING CLASS OF 1950 MALOY'S PASTRY SHOP 224 HARDING WAY EAST GALION OHIO -'X3.."!XT.A"NB..'Y'.X. 'N-A,-Nix-'Y-,g,'g5,-g,g,'x',g,'qg,'g-A, I I I I I I I I ' 11 I rr 2 I I E I I I I I 2 I 1 :X ' I I Z Q 2 1 ' k".NN.."X.. "QN"A."N.'N."N.."N."N.."N.."N..'X.'N,'N.."N.'N.-'X. "N."N."N."X."N. "N."N.,'N.."N.."N..'N..'N.'N..'N..'N..'X, "N."X.'X."N."N. 'N'N.'N.'N.'X.'N,'N.'N.'N.'XN.'X'X'N.'Y'X.'N.'N.'N,'N'N.'X'N.'X"N, NA.. N.. Q4 , 1 0 'YX..'N'A.."X'lX..'XX..'Y..N. 'NXX'A.. 'N'.B.'YX.'Y'.X.'Y.X.'X'.X,'Y'..X.,'Y'.X..'Y.XXN.'YN.'X'.k. YNZX.. 'Y.N."X'A..'X'A. 'Xk.'X'.k."XA..'N'.X..'X3..'XXYX.'XB."YX..'Y.X. I , K 5 Good Luck, Class of 1950 1 'Ir I A HALF CENTURY OF ACHIEVEMENT 52 IS OVER. WE ENTER A NEW ERA. Q fl YOU AND YOU ALONE CAN MAKE IT I A HALF CENTURY OF PEACE AND HAPPINESS. 6 WORK HARD, PLAY FAIR WITH YOUR 3 FELLOW MAN-YOUR DIVIDENDS WILL lx BE A FINER, STRONGER AMERICA, A GREATER, FULLER LIFE FOR YOU AND YOURS IN THE GRANDEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. , ir I I THE OHIO UVERCUI-IT CUMPIINY I Welding 81 Tool Supply of Galion, Inc. .i q 9 '1 'mg fm:- Aumomzsn 4 h umm fi-dv N rnonucls -- E Everything for the Welder Best Wishes from Tiger's Den Neal 8: Ferrall Where Friendliness Prevails Congratulations to the Class of 1950 SERVICE TAXI CARMEL'S RESTAURANT On The Square Galion, Ohio TOM MCNEW, Owner TERRI TYLER SHOP "Famous for High Fashions at Budget Prices" 132 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio Phone 2-7711 HARTWELL'S RADIO T E L E V I S I O N SALES AND SERVICE 230 South Market Phone 2-1561 Auto Radio Service Station 'Q 'XX."Y'.N.."N"A..'X. 1N',g,'g',3,'w,x,'x'.3,'N'5,'N'A,'g'5-'g'A,'g'-g,'g, 'N'-x,'g'5x-513,xg,'g'A,'g"l3,'N'3,'g'-N-,'g-N-,'g,x,'g'3-g-A,'X5yg,'g-A,-g-5,'g'5,-g-,g,'g3,'g-3,-g,g-X3,-g-3,-gg'N3,'g'-x3-XN333x'53'5,'gQqe313,'g'A33y-ggg'Q'-X, 'qg,-gg, - ...... -- -- ---- "KAN, "YN.."YN.'N'A.."N".A..'N'A.'X.. ,,,,,,, , Congratulations of Scheiber Motor Sales, Inc. To the Class of 1950 Compliments of PteiIer's Tractor Sales 225 South Market St. Galion, Ohio Compliments of uallty Coal Company LOUIS KLEHM P p. h t 2-1331 Compliments of KERIYS MARKET ShC GROCEBIES MEATS PRODUCE Hopkins Real Estate . g . FHA d GI App C. L. HOPKINS OWEN CARMEL MALTS SHAKES SODAS Hamburger Grllle BROWN cows ROOT BEER 2HdgWyEi aondqwywt G11 Oh 'X'X."N. "N'A.."N.."YN.."NB.. "XXX, 3 3 2 5 .Q z 3 2 O O2 'sf - 3 Q 0 Q 53' ' 5 Q' 3 3. 5 5 Eg s 0 2 IJ CD S 3 Q 3 :ZS Z - 5 90. H 5 .6 -1 3 3 ' 5 3 0 3 3 3 - 3 I 3 Q -' 2 0 N 3 Q 2 2 3 5 3 Q " 2 Q on ... 5 33 R 2 Q 3 M Q Q 1. 97 5 3 O 5 5 Z 8 an w 3 R f' Z 3 3 3 2 4 C LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS QCSXNAA Lg: K 'yfjfifvgy K- if X .1 :T "'. I N N ,, As , V1 -art-9 .1 II I lem X f' 13fQ:e?L snee r f K x j gggiu-iPfi:?, his K lt ,Q ?K K I . ,, ,,.t J T .ff . " .H-wemm-M. me :.- --'.- ---,-44 , 11: .-:,1 tr if W1 H, nm , I ff ' """' ' 1 355 W' Z te - ,E I ' ' it ' -if 3' rrsitrsfsmsigfenx Er' I IQ., ei I E W. HE I TZ MAN. DIRECTOR I z'.'::t-.:. 1.-'-gpg'.:Q'b:rc.!1vl.':'::g:-1-::ltjgg,'.g.gjrj- -12' -, -fy-ff::-5: ,I,,,,44, X" ' wx-'I t . .., D., jffg ,. I e.f?,?ge,,- :ze s. MARKET rm U Phone 2-2231 I CONGRATULATIONS Weber s Jewelry Store TO THE CLASS OF 1950 THE DIAMOND STORE OF GALICN Sweet Gardens OUR SPECIALTY Compliments of EVERYTHING WASHABLE I Amann's Drlve-In Market 5 Monroe S Laundry 860 Harding Way West South Market Street Phone 25542 N'-x..'YN.'N'Ax.x.'N"x'v.x..'v.x."x'.x.'x. 'x'x."x".x."1,x,'x'xv..x.'v.x..'w.x."xx'x-x. N'.x.'v.x.'x'.x.N.x.'x'.x.'x'.x,'x'xx'.x.'v,x.'x'xx'A.'x. 'xx Nm,-x. -x. -g3,'q',g,-Q-g,'g'5y',gxf3,'-g-N-'N- -..-"N. "X'k."N'A..- -Ng,-N, "NN.'X'X. 'N. vN'.xx,g,'g',3,'g'A,-yX3'3,x,g,-gg,-QNX -g'A,-g',3,'g-3,'g,gx-3x'33'5g-,g,'g,ggggg-,yx-33'3,-y Galion Body Shop COMPLETE AUTO RECONDITIONING SEEMANN S DRUG STORE H. I. SEEMANN P p. Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 QUALITY CLEANERS 3-1802 G. W. STAUB W t f 950 The SSIVICS Corp W L WALKER N th M k St Ph 23301 The Gallon Bowlmg Center Inc GOOD FOOD COCKTAIL LOUNGE 8Ch1St D1333 BENNETT S SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY WOMENS WEARING APPAREL "N".B.."N'.N..'NB.."Y'.X."N".N.'X.. XXNBXNY.NXX'NXYN.'NR1KT.N.'X'N'iN.'YYY.XYXXXYNXXXgQgQNX "N,-N'-3, "Y'.N."YX.."N".B..'N.. "YN, "N'A."Y'..N.."Y.N..'Y'.N.."X'.N..'Y'.X..'Y.X,'YN.'YN. 3 " """"' ""' ' "" 5 5 3 5 Z E.. se 5 U' 57' 5 5 5 2 ' 'J 8. " 5 s - - Q- La H. 5 'D S I-I Q 11 5 ' .D 3 . I H C 0 H. H 2 a 5 H 5 0 - 9 9. I. 5 2 0 5 m 5 , 5 5 3 5 Q A 5 S M 5 5 E ' 3 3 53: 5 - x U gi .- 5 B . 2 5 . 5 5 5 5 ...L, .,... E L- 'g',g,'g-3,-g1x,"g-Ig,-'N-5,'N'3,'x, -N-'A,-N, 'N'A,"qN,-q,g,'qx,'-N-5, -gfxg, 'N-A-X, 'X-xg, -'g'A,-N'3,-'x-5,'q3,'N-A,-g'3,'g'A,"N1N,'g'A,-g, -N-A,-N, -gg, Y: "NB."N.. "Y'..N.."N.. -q-,N,-g-3,'g-A,'gg,-N-A,-N-3,-x,-N,'g,-q,g,'5, 'v,g,A -gg, 'g'xN, wx. "v.x.'x. N'.xx.x.'x".s.'x, 'x-'xx-A.-x's.'x'.s.,'w'..x."v.x..-x. Meet the Gang. at I Square Billiards Wright's Sandwich Shop Compliments of Delicious Hamburgers LARRY PoUL'roN Milk Shakes French Fries Best Wishes from Hercules Steel Products Corp. and Galion Metallic Vault Co. Compliments of Compliments of United Plumbing Supply Co Arch Unckrzch 111 Harding Way W 5 Z 5 5 5 e I .. 5 . I 3 5 5 Z I 5 5 . K 5 5 5 i"N.'X.'X.'N.'X."X.'X.. 'X."N..'N-'Na 'XXQ "N.'N.."N.."N.."X.'Na'N. A A A CSS QSbC AQ! TQXTQQ,-C C'EkQ"'lEl.3Lx. ARROW SHIRTS GRIFFIN SUITS Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Class of 1950 Schaffner-Myers Co. Headquarters for School Fashions IN TERWOVEN SOCKS MALLORY HATS We extend our Best Wishes to The Graduating Class of 1950 We hope that your future will be as successful as your school days. SAUL'S Iack Graham Baumgartnefs Wish Success to All Members of The Class of 1950 WALLPAPER GIFTS GREETINGS Compliments of GALION MOTOR SALES INC. Where Customers Send Their Friends GOODYEAR TIRES AND BATTERIES 2N'AB."XA..'N'.N."N'.N. 'Y.X."iX."NX'X'X.'Y'..N."Y'.N.."Y'.X.'Y'.N. "NX."Y'..N .. 'X'X.."N'A.'Y.N.."N'.B.-'N'A. "N'A.."Y'.N.'Y.N.'Y.X."Y.N.- "NZB, "NZN.- "NB.."X'A."N. "X, - -- Y- S. C SSCA CxQ,SQ,t,f,v 1 4 SESS., SC A ORC, 'I' 'Ni4.VS4,X C LINCOLN MERCURY PHONE 2-0844 EARLE A. WIENER CO. 126-32 North Washington Street GALION, OHIO McEIroy's Furniture Store Harding Way Easi at Liberty Phone 2-7841 GALION'S COMPLETE HOME FURNISHING CENTER BEST WISHES FROM KARNES' CLEANERS "COMPLETE CLEANING SERVICE" 144 South Riblet St. Phone 2-4752 'XN.'XN.YN.."N'.N.'X'.A."Y.X.'XX.'XX.'N.. 'Y.N..'N'.B..'Y.N.."N'3.. Y.NXXY.N.X'xY.NNXYXKXN3.'iXNBXN3XKXN'xXXK3.X3XXYXXXX333."Y'.N.,"N".x.'Y.N.,'Y',X, 'x'3,'g'3,'q,x,'g3x'.g,'g',3,'Q',g,-g-5,'g3,'Q',g,'X, Compliments of Compliments oi Monument Builder Ga1ion's Kentile Dealer Harding Way West MGnSfie1d Road Phone Phone COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 The Old Corner Restaurant ROBERT S WATSON S PARTY STORE MODEL BAKERY TRY oUE BAKED Goons- DELICATESSEN THERES A DIFFERENCE ' mc: dD ' 2-2911 D'f Hd'gWyE CARTER ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING HOTPOINT APPLIANCES ST CHARLES KITCHENS -g.X,"g',g,-gig,-gig-'Q'-g,'gg,"g',g, -gg, , 1 Fine Co u s an ehcates Ph'-me For Your ehgh 108 Gr In G ast 1 I I 1 1 Phone 2-7406 208 Harding Way East kN.N.."N. 'QN'XX1Y'.N.'iYiX,'V,NY.XX3X?35.'N'XY,N.'iX31.'YN-'1?N.'iX 'N'.N.,'Y'.N..'Y.N..'Y'.N.'N'A.'Y',N.-"N'B.."N'ZN.'Y'..N.. 'N".N.,"V.XX3.'Y.X.'Y.X."Y. "XA. "X, REECE CHARM SOLON State Theater Building MILDRED FLICK, Prop. IOHN K. ENGEL I eweler HAMILTON, ELGIN, OMEGA AND BULOVA WATCHES SEWING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS DRESS FORMS SEWING COURSES Singer Sewing Center Compliments of Tri-County Savings 8 Loan 115 Harding Way East GALION SPGRTING GOODS 237 Harding Way East HUNTING - FISHING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Congratulations of Dickerson Motor Car Company TO THE CLASS OF 1950 'gg' -gg, -N, -X-3,-gg, 'gg -, 'gy-xg-33' -'N-5.3-gx, -X-A,-X, -X, 'X-X,-N13 -g'g,"g-X,-'Q'-N,-qx,-gg-. 'Nix 'X',g,-qg,-X3.-gx,-X, -N, "NT.N..'YN.."N.. ,,,, XXX.. ,,,, v, - - "N"A.."N'A.. 'N'.N..'N'.X.'Y.N.'N'A,'N'A,'YX.'N'.N,'Y.N.'Y.N.'X'.A.'X'.X,'N, 'Y'.N.."X. "YA 'xx.N.x.'x'A.'x'.x.."x".x."r,x.."x'.x."v.x."x".x..'xT, 'v..x..'v.,x.,"v..x.,'x'xv..x.'x'.x. 'w.x.'x'.x.'x'x.'x'A.'x'.x,'x'x.,"Y'.x.,'x".xv.x."Y.x..'x. xx.NxNxXxxxN'xNxxxxg,-g3xgx-,NQN,-4x,-gNN-,NxgN-N-X3xgx -N-5,-N-A,-4-A,-N, 5 31 'U 3 Us 2 C 'U 0 o Q -4 -- "1 rg H 5 9 5 S 3 O lun 5' 9. 'D 5 3 DI Q m S 3 3 9. Q 2 G 5 5 1,1 H5 m Ei pq nr H 5' 2 "U cr' O 4 pu .. 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'v.x.'xmx.x, PUBLIC SQUARE w.xN'AN'xN'Ax.xNmxxN'Axx.'xa.N'.xNmNmx'xxa.'mxNxxx. N'A.'x'.xN'x,'v.xNxN'.xcx.'xxN'AN'AN'.xNm.N'Axxw.xNxx BEST WISHES FROM Baehr's Service Station Compliments of EARL T. HOLMES and JOHN G. HOLMES STANDARD ELECTRIC 216 Hordmg Way Ea t F. vv. Woolworth co' XN.."Y.X. k'.X..N.."N. 'Y4'N.'N'5.."Y.N..'N. 'N'.N."Y'.N."N5."Y'.N.'QN."N'.X.-'X'N."N- 'N'.N..'Y..N.-"N.. N. "N'L."Y.N..'N'.X."N'A.'Y..N.'X'A.."N'.B.,'N., 'NX 'YN..'N'.N.."YX."YX."Y'..N."Y'.X.."Y'.N.,"X'.N.. 1 Good Wishes . . . Seniors May you enjoy success and the best in life AQSN. ' 0 For the Best in Printing, it's FISHER PRINTING C0. Where Galion Buys Its Printing Since 1945 "It Pays To Belong" Galion Automobile Club 139 Harding Way West The Galion Bottling Works Soft Drinks of A11 Flavors EARL R. LEAR, Prop. 813 H. W. W. Phone 2-7175 C ANDREWS DAIRY OFFERS BEST WISHES N "bLPQ.y 'WL to the CLASS OF 1950 X-:x-'X'-X-5,-N-X-X--xt -Qxx-Ngixg-5,-QX-gX,k,X,x-,g,'X'x,'X'3, -N. 'gg-ggx-Q-Xxx,-gg, -N-5,-'N-3-N-3,-g,N,'q,x,'g'5-eg, -'X' 'N15,'Qg,'g'A,-'N-, - - - Xk.'Y'.N.'Y,LN'.X.'Y3s'iXN3.'X.XNBX.N3'AN'XN'.xX'XY.N. 4 I 4 4 P P I -1N- .... 'N---- "N"A..,"N..,,"Y'.X.. ,,,,, 'XB."iN.. -,-3.,- For Men and Boys VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS GLOVER PAIAMAS ALPAGORA TOPCOATS THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTS -4 DICK LOWER DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING Willard I-'9gan Phone 2-6261 Furniture Store 204-206 Harding Way East QUALITY FURNITURE CARPETS DRUG STORE 516 Harding Way East Rexall Drugs 4 4 1 1 I I I 4 . 'Y.N. "X. NLX, """ 5" ""' 'xxxx """" -X--X, . "Y.X.'X'A..'Xk.'X'.N 'Y.X.'Y'.X.'XX.'YX.'Y'.N.'Y.X.'Y.X."X'.B..'Y'.X.'Y.N.-'X. "NA."Y'..N.,"Y'..N.."Y'.N..'Y'.N.- 9, 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Z 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 2 5"N."N.."N, LT 'x".x,'v..x..'v..x.."x'.x.'xx., 'x'.xN:,x, 'xx N'.x.N'.x.-x'.x.'x'.x.'xa..-xx.'x'A.'v,x,"w.x.'x, -xzx,'xxv..x.-v.x.,-xzx. xg.. -x-.N,-xx,-x,x.x3.-:xx-5,-x-X,-N-xx, A m QSSSBO AQ-ISK. A ,Qu RX cg,-N, ULlVlER'S The Ideal Gift Store Fine Watches a Specialty ELGIN - HAMILTON - GRUEN - BULOVA I. H. ULMER Harding Way East BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Ritchey Food Bank 'lr Galion Ice and Fuel Co. 138 E. Parson St. Phone 2-8511 A. C. GLEDHILL LUMBER CO. Mill Work and Building Supplies GALION, OHIO Phone 2-8341 1 7 J ,J 3 3 5 J in 1 I fi J Q V2 5' 5 5 x:,xx.'x'x.'v.x.'x'x. -:x1.x.'Y.x.'w'.x.'x':x.'v.x.':,x.'x':,x'x'A.'x'.x,-x'.x,'x.. 'v.xN',x'xa.'xx., "x'n.-xx.'x'nx'.x..'x'.x.. 'xx N. 'x'A.'xm.'x'A. - ----':x.--- SCHOOL SUPPLIES PICTURES DIARIES BOOKS SCRAP BOOKS GREETING CARDS GIFTS BILLFOLDS PHOTO ALBUMS CALDWELIJS 133 Harding Way East GARDEN SUPPLIES POWER AND HAND LAWNMOWERS Lawnmower Sharpening and Repairing Ginder Equipment Supply Co. 1305 Harding Way E. Dial 2-3973 Compliments of Stone's Grill 225 Harding Way East f J Compliments of E F. I. Egner 81 Son, Inc. THE GALIUN EQUITY if P ffinspofffsdoft EXCHANGE C0. E3 Galion, Ohio Q COAL AND I , FARM SUPPLIES fx I H a K Phone 2-8611 CAMERAS FXDCMAA DRUGS -- COSMETICS Galion, Ohio 3 J I?x,'NS?S CQPQ- 9 3 9 2 S 9 2 I 9 5 3 5 5 6 2 3 2 6 5 2 5 5 K xx. 'x.'x.'x.'x."x.'x. 'EC X M m X W W W W m m m m W m BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 1 11E rt No he XXX, 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 g T 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 Z 11. I1 aC'L'I. rr U H a M "NSN, "N.."N."N."X..'X,"N..'N.."X.'N."X.'N.'X,"N..'X.'X.-"N.'N."X,"N.."N."X.."N.'N..'N.'N.'X.'X. 'X."X,"N.,"N.. I 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 4 4 , 2 ectnc 5 t ' g Co. 44 4 4 'XX-4 ""'31iC QSC Ocitlzx. O S-S8355 E. M. Freese 8: Co. CLAY WORKING MACHINERY Gcxlion, Ohio BESSINGER S NEWS ON THE SQUARE The Beauty Nook IOYCE DURTSCHI, P p French Cleaners A11 Woolens Moth Proofed at No Extra Charge RUG CLEANERS FUR STORAGE ongra u a 1ons o The Class of 950 The Thomas Hardware Company 11 Harding Way West GENERAL HARDWARE PAINTS :S GLASS ' Q. 'X 3, 3'3,-'g',g,"g'-N, "g,x,"gg,'g5,-N-5,-g-'N-gx, 5 FE C: 0 0 : O 3' E 1 'Ft O I o E 1 .. 5-D-ac 1 Dull 'R 0 S 1 5 Q. 1 n-I 2 l ,. Q 9- 1 9. ff s - ' Q I ID: 5' - 1 Q I I 1 1 i . "N.'x.."N"x.."Y'.,'s.."s:s., "N..'N'.n.'Y.'x..'N'A.N..x.'x'.x.'x."i'.x.N'.x,'x'x,"x.., I, 'XXN. 'N.. "NX'YN. .."N.. "Y'.X."N'A.."Y'.X. .x, 'X'.k.."N'.N."X. "N'2.X.."Y..X..'X'.X.."N".A.. Allen 8 Shetler, Inc HARDWARE MAYTAG APPLIANCES 20SMktSt T12 51 d C1 f 1950 HOLT'S RESTAURANT FEDERATED DEPARTMENT STORE GALION, OHIO Comphments of C pl t f Malo Brothers Dealers m Scrap Iron xx,'y,X3'3-'g-33'.x,'gN,'Qgq,N,-g'5xgg3-3x'3,'q,gx-A, 'gg'-gg,-gg-'g, -g-,g,-g3,-gN,-'x-X,"x-'3,'g'3,'X-3,-xx,'Q,g,'X-X , -N-X' I Compliments of 1 . ou' e . e . -11 Goo Luck to the ass o om imen s o -Qxv GALION LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. 408 South Market St. South St. Phone 2-1321 A 8: B Carry-Out 253 South Market St. Phone 2-9101 Gcxlion, Ohio FREE DELIVERY 'X 'N'A..'X'h..'N'.x.,"Y.X."Y.X.."X'.x."X'k..'N'.x.'N. 'X'A..'XL.'Y.N.."Y.X.'NA.."N. 'X'A..'X'.A.."XL. 'X'X.'N'LN'A.'X'.XN'AN'AN'A.'N'AN'A.'X1X3'.N.'X'A.'Y'.XX. "X'1N."N. 'X- 'Y,YN1YV.XN'xN3.N3N'xN'xYN.'YYYNY.XY.XY.XY.NX'AN3.Y.N. "N'.k."N1,N."N'A.."X'X.'N'L.,'Y.X."X'h..'Y'.N.."N".B. 'N'A.."X'.A., "X, 'X'3-'N'-N-'N'-3-'Y'-N-"N'-N-"Y-N-'Nk.'Y'.X."X'L..'X. "X'A.'N'A.."Y'.X..'N'A.."N. 'N.. Compliments of Galion Galion Tire Shop Farm Service, Inc. C. H. and O. W. CRONENWETT INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER EQUIPMENT 325 Harding Way East MYERS PUMPS GOODYEAR TIRES Compliments of "A Complete Farm Line" Loyal Order of Moose N O 322 South Market St. Phone 2-3151 Congratulations to The Class of 1950 CHRI. D WEITHMBN 'x'xv.x.."x'.x..'w.x.'x'x, 'w.x.N'.xN'.x.'x'.x.N'.x.'xm,'v.xY.xN'A.'v.x.'w.x.'w.x.''cx'x-.NN',xxx.Nxxxxx,'xxcxxxwx'xwxxx "xmN'.x."x'.x..'v.x Wx, I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I k'.X'.N."N. 'X'h."Y.N."Y'..N.."YX.."N'.X..'N'.N.'NB.,"N1N.. 'N'.X..'Y.N.."Y'.N.'Y',N."N'A.."Y'.X.'Y'.N.'iXN'XN1Y.X11.'YXX1X'NY.NY,N.'iXX3.'X'xYNY.XN3.'Y.XN1X 1 - -- 5. -- GALION DIN ER Home Cooking and Home Made Pies Compliments of Qi Fair Prices NEW MANAGEMENNT YOUR GAS COMPANY G' D- Palme' THE 01-110 FUEL Hoffman Paint Co. Ga1ion's Largest Display of Paints and Wallpapers A Phone 2-9273 Mansfield Rd., Galion, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 GLEDHILL ROAD MACHINERY co. GALION I fi tv 4 vOQ:"P:'l:x XX Cwzlibiliieo J "N, "CN,"NIN.."XK.."X'.N'N.. "N'.NN'.N."Y.X.."N'.N."N".N.. X. 'Y.X.'Y.'N.'N'.N..'N'.B..'N.. "NA.."N".A.'N1N.'YX."Y'.X.. "YL, "Y'.N."XZN."Y'.N..'NA.'X. CENA S-.AA QC 'YOxK.'?Ox. Wmi -'SSEO I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 PORKY'S DRIVE-IN "ALWAYS THE BEST" 640 East Church Street Gulion, Ohio Best Wishes of C' ON GRI! TULA TIONSI THE CLASS OP '50 WILL BE THRIFTY WHEN THEY SHOP AT Sharrock's Marine 81 Sport Shop 900 Harding Way West S Galion, Ohio I. C. PENNEY CO., INC. "The Sportsmarfs Paradise" BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 TUSCAN RECREATION -- Xa A- Wm X K X W W - HES BEST WIS TO THE 2 5 2 5 5 2 2 5 2 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 1 950 OF1 CLASS Y H B P m 0 C Iron and turing ufac 2 3 S 5 5 5 5 5 5 I 5 5 5 2 5 2 5 5 2 . 5 he Gallon 5 2 5 M 5 2 5 5 5 5 2'N.'X..'N.."N.."X. 'N..'N.'N..'N.'N..'N..'N.'x."X.'N.'N.. 'N."N.'N."N."N.'N.'N..'X.'X."N."N.'N.."N,'N.'N."N.'N.'X. "N."N.'N.."N."N.,'N."N."N,"X..'N."X..'X..'X.'X."N."N..'N.,'N.,"N.,"N."N,"N..'N.,"N.."N..'N.."X.. 'N.."x.'N.. "N.. I 5 5 t 2 t 2 ' 5 2 v -. .5 .F I c it 5 tctt sssers 5 5e M 5 c 5 E t , ,. -5 5 5 5 , ., cl 5 ,, , , I s t 1 K I 1 ,, ' ,fer 'I F, Ln - N V r X f if b , , X X X X it , J " fix 'Xt I K ' H 'V N f 1 l' I' A his 15:5 Mt ww I 4 'X'-:f5Nv 51 2 :fV.i'qX ,if"9 2 1 XXX t 2, I 'WN '31 tl E," I V 1 il w x For God cmd Country We associate ourselves together For the following purposes: To uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States of America' To maintain law and order' To foster and perpetuate A one hundred per cent Americanism' To preserve the memories and incidents our association in the Great Wars' inculcate a sense of individual obligation the community state and nation' combat the autocracy both the classes and the masses' make right the master of might promote peace and good will on earth safeguard and transmit to posterity m To consecrate and sanctify our comradeslup By our devot1on to mutual helpfulness AMERICAN LEGION f 2 E M 5 e ' 5 5 ' 5 , 5 . 5 . f Of . 5 To 4 To , , 5 To 5 Of , I To i l To : l ' To . . g The principles of Iustice, lireedo and Democracy: 3 , - 5 5 5 I 2 ' SCARBROUGI-I POST, 243 g 2 : 5 2 5 r 5 5 - A..A.. -- 5 "N, "N, "ix, ix, -'g,, 'Y,N,"q,x,'g'-3-,"g, 'gxigv -gg,-gg,-N-xxx-x:g'q,g,x, -N-5,-N-N,-X-A,-Q-nx,-N-3,-xxx-X-X-xp 2 5 5 ,, 2 5 N.. I 41 4 45 I WILSDN PRINTING CUMPANY I PRINTERS or The Spy Phone 2-5031 Q X I Z Q 54 Q 248 SOUTH MARKET STREET I ' , ,, , "XZ'.N.. ,,,,, "N'k."YN.."N".N.."Y'.N.'N.. 'X'.x,'X'A.'Y'.X."X'A.'N".X'X. 'X3.Y,X..'XB.."XXX'A.'X'.X'XXX..X.."XXX',X" SSSS?SS?SsXSSSbC -WITH HIGH HOPES AND BEST WISHES W. E. LOTT, Inc. 'QSO GALION AA DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS OWDEGSSX, YUNKER SPORTING GOODS 116-18 North Main Street Mansfield, Ohio QSC n QX. QSO 'N-Qs, WHOLESALE-RETAIL SPORTING GOODS Dealers in Iohnson Motors Century and Larson Boats Phone 4546-6 Mansfield , "Team Outfitters" BEST WISHES FROM MORRIS 5 8. 10C to 51.00 Stores TI-IE AMERICAN STEEL ABRASIVES COMPANY GALION, OHIO 1 I 1 I l J IJ 1 IJ 3 J 3 5 3 5 'J J 3 5 1 J J 7 Tzy- 3 3 3 3 3 g 3 In 3 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 Z 3 3 Z 3 3 8 'V,N.'N'xN'AY.X'iXN3X'N.N3N3X1.N3.'1NX3Y.NX'AXKN3.Y.N. "X'A."N'B.."X'N.'NX."N'x.'N'X.'X'k,'NIN.'X'A.'XB..'N'A . 'YX.'X. 'X'X.'X"x."N.. 'N.. , 1N".X.."NZN.,'X'.B..'Y.N.. LN.- ZN- ..... -'N- .... ,,,,1N'.X..,,,1N.,,,,,'V.N.. 'X'A."Y.N."Y'.N."XA.'X"A..'Y.N.'Y.N."Y.N."Y'.X..'N.. X'XV.XN'.XN3.'iXN'A,'QSY.N.'1N.'X3.'N'XiXN333N3X3.'iNYX I' HOEKSTRA COAL AND SUPPLY CO. Matthew L. Hoekstra COAL AND BUILDING SUPPLIES READY-MIXED CONCRETE ASPHALT FOR DRIVES Phone 2-7111 228 East Parson Street SPORTSMAN GRILL PAT 6: IOE PANGALLO Galion Cabinet Shop FINE CABINETS AND MILLWORK East and Charles Streets Galion, Ohio Compliments from Gerrow Motor Sales Ga1ion's Ford Dealer CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1950 FARM SUPPLY STORE, Inc. IOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM MACHINERY 1251-53 Harding Way East, Galion, Ohio Phone 2-1811 I I I 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 g"N.."N."N."N.'N.'X.."x. 'X.'N.'N.'X.'X.'N.'N.'N.'X.'X.'X.'N.'N.'XN.'NN.'N.'N.'N.'X.'Nf A S.- --- --- Alma 8: Irma Flower Shop APPROPRIATE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 137 N. Market Phone 3-1632 Compliments of RHINEHARTS Coal 81 Building Suppiles 391 South Market St. Phone 2-4451 Compliments of Don's S-Quire Shop 203 Harding Way East DON YOCHEM Compliments of BENDER'S CITIES SERVICE Complete Line of Tires. Batteries, Accessories So. State Rd. at H. W. W. Phone 2-0133 Compliments of ISLAND MARKET B. M. LEMLEY 1. H. ROBINSON Cor. Parson and South Union Dial 2-6781 Galion, Ohio HUTEL TI-ILBUTT A Friendly Place to Stop ENIOY DELICIOUS FOOD IN OUR PLEASANT DINING ROOM ON THE SQUARE --,X. -.w:.--- 'X 'XL 'C 2'X-'N.'X.'X.'X.'X,'X,'N."X,'N..'X.'X.'X.'X.'X..'X.."N.,'X-'X-'X..'X.'X..'X.'X.'X.'N-"X.'X5.'Xx."N..'X.'N.'X.'X. 'X.'X..'N.x.5,"XT.T.'X.,'X.,'N..'X."X..'X.'XX.- 'X.."N.,"X..'X-"N.'X.'X.'X.'X,'N.. 'X.'N,"X,'X.'X. 9 3 3 3 3 3 X 2 Congratulations to 3 3 2 3 c 1' f 3 5 The Class of 1950 omp lments 0 5 3 3 3 FAIR PRICE 3 3 STATION 3 3 ' . 3 QUAYS , 5 B. F.2T-I-C3OD1lICH- TIRES 5 2 - our ennce 42 5 Phone 3-1103 1 3 5 5 HOOVER 8: BAUER QN THE SQUARE 2, 417 Harding Way East 5 3 3 3 : 3 E Q 2 Z I 3 3 3 3 3 fotocraft stud1os X 4 3 5 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 3 Q 2 3 3 3 3 3 SINCERE THANKS AND APPRECIATION TO EVERYONE g 3 FOR THEIR PATRONAGE 2 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 Q 2 T 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 X 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 'X'X.'YX.'Y'.N.'YL."N".N. "Y'.N.."N".N., 'N'.A.'N.X.'Y.X.'Y'N.'N'IN.'N'.N.'X'A.'Y'.N.'N'.NYN.'NL, N1XX'.xXX.'Y.NV.XYXY.X'i.CY.NN1XN'.X.'Y.XX'XY-LN'3.'X1. Congratulations to J' a H Store J The Senior Class Ga1ion's Better Shoe Store . IACKSON'S Q 5 Texagg Sgrvige Statign Southeast Corner Public Square , Galion Produce Congratulations to Poultry and Country Eggs The Class of 1950 All Poultry Dressed Miladyss Beauty Strictly Fresh N I Best Wishes to i The Class of 1950 f 5 Q STRRTBURY MFG. C0. , gg t' ALPAGURA C Topcoats and Overcoats 2 2 3 ff 4 t 5 2 2'N..'N..'X,'N.'N.."X. "N.. "N.."N.,"X.."X.. "X."X.."X."X..'X,"X.."X,"N.."X."N.. "N, "N.."X..'N.."X"N..'X.,"N.,"N.."N.."N., 'N."X,"X."X.,"N.."N."X.'X."X."X,"N.,"N.."N, "N.X.'X."X.,"N.."N.."X,'X.X. 'NCQ 'iN.X'XX'A.'Y.XY.X'N3.'1XX3.'N'A33X3.NBN3,'Y.NR'xK1X'3,N3, 'x'A,'Y,N,'N1x,'g5,-g'lx,'g-3,'q:g-'g,g-'g,g,'g'.N,'N-5, 'N3,,"g-gg, xxx 'N' "N'A..'X'A.."X."A.."N'.N."Y.N..'N.. 'Xk.'Y.X.'Y.N.."X. 'YX,'N'B..'N3,'N'L.."Y.N.'Y,N,'N'B.- "Nk.'N'A.'N'1X.'XB.."N'A..'N'.X."N".N.. 'N'.N,"Y.N.. 'Y-X.'NkYN."X'.A.'N'B..'N.. 'X3XL.K1,'iiN'.XXXK3x3x3xg,'g5x-,Xx33g33,'gq1g,xggX,g, The First Federal Savings and Loan Association GALION, OHIO THE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THAT HAS EVERY BOY AND GIRL AT HEART We Are Bcrck of You Both In and Out of School. Throu h Our Com Iete Financial Service, There Are Many Ways We Cai Help You.P ALL SAVINGS ARE INSURED UP TO AND INCLUDING 35,000 OUR HOME IS YOUR HOME. COME IN. PAUL E. NOLLEN, Ex. Vice President CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 The Flick Bollerer Lumber Co Coal and Builders Supplies I 1 1 I 1 1 1 A 1 5 2 5 5 5 5 A 5 2 5 5 . 2 5 Q I 5 5 X I 5 3 . 5 5 3 . 5 5 5 5 . 5 . 2 5"N.f'N.."X,"N.."N."N.. 'X-"N.."N.."N.'X,"N."N.'X, 'N-"X."X,'X."X."N.."X.'N.."XX,'X.'N.."N."N. "X.."N..'X.."N.."X."N-'XXYX-'Xe --A-AAA "N,'X."NT. A vv1Y'.N."Y'.N.-1Y.N. 'XX -'N"A.-'YN.,,'N'A.'N'A."Nk.'X'A.'N'A..'N.-1N..,,,1Y.X.,, 6 'v.x..N',x."v..x,'x'A.,'x'x.N'.x.'x'.x."x's."x'.s."f, "x'x.'x'xx'.s.'x-.x..-x:.x.'v.x."s'.x."s.x., R.. NNN., ,,- ,,,,,, 'N. ,- Let Us Solve Your Gift Problems with "FOSTORIA" GLASSWABE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Gt Casey Hardware and Gift Shop Compliments of Home Appliance Co. Where Music Lovers Gather 215 South Market Street CRAUN 'S MARKET QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone 2-7011 401 South Boston Street Galion, Ohio Tubby's Cleaners 230 Harding Way East IVIen's Toggery Dial 2-5651 Congratulations to The Class of 1950 Haas Pattern Works MEJSOLET 4 I M6666 I 6 6 THE U. S. STEEL GRAVE VAULT CO. 'N ----- 2 6 6 6 6 6 2 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 X 6 6 6 2 6 2 6 6 6 6 6 6 2 6 6 5"N.."X..'N."N.."N.."X.."X.."N."N.. X.'N."X."N."X.."N."N.."N..'N..'N."X.'N."N.'X..'N.. GALION, OHIO 553,-N. NS-X 'NIB- QSS4 YS, QSC C 'TA :x.FF A , VN. 'YX-'Y.X..'YN."N"L.XX, "N"x."N, "X'x. 'X'A.'X'.3..'XK.."QX."XZN."Y'.X.N".N,"X1.,"YN.,'N.. A "Y'.N.. "YX.."N'A..'X'X 'X'x'Nl.'N'A,'X'L.. Best Wishes of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Real Estate, Commercial and Personal Loans N'.X.N.'Y.X,'YX.'Y.N.. "X3."X".N."NB.."Y'.N.."N.. "Y'.N,"X'.N."N.. "YX,"Y'.N."Y'.N.."X. "N'A.."N'.N."NZN-'Y.N.,"N. 'YN."YN..'NIN."Y.X."Y'..N.."YN."N.. WWWWW1f , ieeere1 eliai , W ' 131 ll, V, Hllfl i 'fahn 61 Olllliezr Again" A familiar and reassuring slogan it has appeared in thousands of the country's finest year- books for lbs pas! half century. RrsAssunlNc...becausc ilzase years of specialized experience bring complete with whom we work. ",, + Q JAHN In OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 1 - B17 V Washington Blvd. 1 Chicago 7, llllnois l l m l-l l W llllll'l,lll.'lx QR' service, outstanding quality and de- pendable delivery to the yearbook sfajfb, lll llll I-tct 2, Scene 1 . . . FO0TBALL If Upper left-Managers Iohn Moore, Ron Grauer, Ted Eise, David Lace. Right-Coaches Bruce Morehead, Harold Friar, Robert Iackson, Fred Evans, Richard Bokensto. Bottom Picture: Row 1-Sr. Manager Eise. Spaid, Beecher. Lake Sipes, Schalip. Beach, Myers, Gill, Vaughan, Shaw. Row Z-Ir. ,Manager Moore, Dixon, Hackworth, Stoner, Wisler. Schuttera, Durtschi, Malone, I. Hathaway. Beach, Columbus, H. Hathaway, Corry, Grauer. Row 3-Coach Friar, Iones. Corwin, Blanz, Powers, Carter. Gehrisch. Kochheiser, Mansperger, Henkle, Clark St. Clair, Cronenwett, Morales, Krauss, Coach Moorehecrd, Ir. Manager Lace. Coach Bob Iackson. Inside the door amid the shouts and men there is the frenzied excitement that comes only with the winning of a game. The Galion Tigers had knocked Willard out of the league championship by beating them 14 to 6. But let's look back to August when first the coaches watched the boys work out. The mentors were surprised to discover how much human flesh could stand under a hot sun and several layers of clothing. After a month of intensive practice on the basics, the time of the first game drew near. That game was with the Tiffin Calvert eleven. Galion proved to be more than a match for the Tiffin boys as they Whipped T. C., 31 to 7. This victory was the first since Oct. 30, 1947 when Galion beat Willard 24 to O. On the following Friday, the Tigers beat Crestline 20 to 13 in a game that featured brilliant backfield running as the Tigers fought to their second consecutive victory. BILL WISLER, captain Bon BLANZ DoN BEACH HOWARD KOCHHEISER Quarterback End Guard End Z letters 2 letters 2 leneyg BOB MALONE DAVID STONER BILL JONES LOUIS HACKWORTH Center Halfback Tackle Halfback 3 letters 2 letters Z letters Z letters The following week, Galion traveled to Shelby to meet the much-under- rated Whippets. To the amazement of all, Shelby scored on the third play of the game. These boys completed the tonsorial operation by clipping the Tigers' claws 21 to O. This upset placed Galion sixth in the league. But Galion was just beginning to fight. Galion's master mechanic, Coach Harold Friar, taught the Bengals how to disable trucks and the Tigermen traveled to Norwalk to practice on the second-place Truckers. The 26 to 12 win boosted the Tigers to a tie with Shelby for third place. After the next encounter the Tigers dropped to fourth place as they were defeated by the thrice-downed rival, Bucyrus, 19 to 0. The statistics showed neither team was outstanding. Then Galion outbucked the Upper Sandusky Rams 27 to 14. Although trailing twice, the Tigers came back and drove ahead with lightning plays in an inspiring performance. Following the spirit-building Upper game, the Tigers journeyed to Belle- vue to battle four long quarters to a 13-all tie. The Tigers made football history the last home game when they knocked Willard out of first place. By holding the league aces to one touchdown, the Tiger giant-killers at peak performance closed the classic 14 to 6. Still reveling in victory, the local gridders faced the Ashland A's who were at the apex of efficiency. The Tigers couldn't get started when the A's applied the pressure even though they fought back all the way. The gun finally sounded as the A's gave our boys the worst defeat in eight years. The yearly resume could be said in a few words: Excellent leadership, plenty of spirit, and the ability to keep the chin up in defeat and the nose down in victory. Act 2 Scene 2 . . . BASKETBALL How One-Rhinehart, Seii, Wisler, Neumann, Gehrisch. Hencye. Row Two-McManigel1, Krepps, Blanz. Hinesman, Hathaway. How Three-Coach Backensto, Enders. Mcmsperger, Livingston, Mgr. Tucker. Managers Ronnie Grauer, lack Tucker Coaches Harold Friar, Richard Backensto The Tiger netmen faced a rugged sixteen-game schedule at the beginning of their season this year. Coach Dick Backensto starting his second year at Galion had four re- turning lettermen, three seniors and one junior. The season for Galion started at Mt. Vernon with Galion losing by a 36-35 score. Galion started the home season by meeting and bowing before the big Marion Hard- ing Presidents who aspired to be tops-ranking in the state. The game ended with the Tigers on the short end of the 57 to 38 count. By sheer drive and the ability to make 25? of their field shots were the Tigers able to stay in the game with the superior Ashland I-Vs, although neither team was passing up to par. The Ashland men hit 4071 of their action shots for a decisive victory. The following week Galion was host to Bucyrus. The over-capacity crowd saw Seif leading the Tigers with 30 points. The final score read 73 to 58 in Galion's favor. Playing on an unfamiliar floor the Tigers made a valiant fourth quarter rally at the Shelby auditorium only to tall short of their goal by six points. Score 53 to 47. Bucyrian C Upper Leftj IUNIOR VARSITY CUpper Rightj IUNIOR HIGH How One-Mgr. Grauer, Beach, Mansperger, En- Row One-Coach Evans, Pliefer, Mackey, Monroe, ders, Schuttera, Cozry. Marshall, Vance, Engel. Row Two-Coach Friar, Dougherty, Hathaway, How Two-Mgr. Bill Carpenter, Fortney, Thompson, Smith, Kempi, Ireland. Miller, Stultz, Mortland, Fink, Mgr. Bill Treisch Redmen bit Tiger streaks as they clipped Galion 46 to 37, but Galion received revenge as we tilted Crestline 58 to 29. Proving their home floor prowress, the Tigers beat the Bellevue Redmen 42 to 37 in an evenly matched game. Neumann, Seif and Wisler led the team in points and along with Gehrisch and Ken McManigell, they tallied a victory. Galion subdued Norwalk 76 to 54 as the Tiger men sank 33 baskets in 32 minutes. Upper Sandusky Rams were the victors of a foul shooting display as they won 68 to 57. Plagued by an unfamiliar iloor the Tigers bowed to Crestline. The inspired Bulldogs turned the Bengel Boys back as Crestline got their only win in eleven games. Still trying to break the foreign floor jinx, the Tigers traveled to Marion Harding only to lose 54 to 48. Although playing a better game than when they first met the Presidents, the Tigers couldn't cope with the superior team. Attempting to avenge the defeat handed them by the Shelby Whippets earlier, Galion dropped a thriller to Shelby 51 to 46, setting Shelby in a tie for first place in the league. Without the services of their play maker, Bill Wisler, who was sidelined with bron- chitis, the Tigers lost to the Canton South Wildcats 50 to 42. Avenging a returning football defeat, the Willard Flashes whipped the visiting Tigers 80 to 49 as the Flashes set a home floor scoring record and copped a share of the N. O. L. title. Finally breaking the foreign floor jinx, the Tigers battled the Manseld Madison Rams out of the gym with Galion scoring 59 points to their 47. It was the first foreign floor vic- tory since Ianuary 4, 1948, when Galion beat Bucyrus. Entering the tournament at Mansfield, Galion drew the Shelby Whippets who had twice defeated the Tigers in regular season. The Tigers, losing Seif and Neumann via the foul line, leaned on Ron Gehrisch who was playing his best game. Other juniors and soph- omores who played gave the Tiger fans much to look forward to in sports at G. H. S. 5 , HAY SEIF Junior BILL WISLER Senior Guard two letters GENE HENCYE Junior Guard one letter KEN McMANIGELL Junior Guard one letter HOYT HATHAWAY Sophomore Guard one letter Center three letters DICK NEUMANN Senior Forward two letters RON GEHRISCH Junior Forward one letter BILL RHINEHART Junior Forward one letter ROBERT BLANZ Senior Forward one letter Act 2 Scene 3 . . . TRACK First Row, kneeling-Mgr. Kelly, David Spaid Louis Corwin, Dick Powers, Dick Neumann, Bob Hinesman, Gene Hensey. Howard Kochheiser, Bill Shindledecker, Frank Morales, Paul Kraus and Mgr. Brown. Second Row-Mgr. Beach, Ioe Poland, Don Althouse, Dick Host, Dick Howmcm, Bill Stewart, Bernard Elliker, Paul Schuttera, Dick Cope, George Abraham, Dick Beck, Coach Ferriman, and Head Coach Iackson. Third Row-lim Beach, Iim Beecher, Dean Baird, George Clark, Dale Cronenwett, Howard Hocker, Ray Smith, Gene Leppert. Below-Head Coach Robert Iackson, Coach Richard Ferriman, Louis Linta. Starting off the spring sports program was the triangular track meet with Galion competing against the swift Holmes Liberty squads. Coach Bob Iackson relied heavily on his four lettermen: Howard Koch- heiser, pole vaulter and high jumper, Frank Morales, half miler, Dick Neu- mann, hurdler, dash and broad jumper, Dick Powers, middle distance runner and broad jumper. These boys with alot of help from the many Iuniors and Sophomores are the nucleus of the Tigers' Thinclads. Starting the year off right was Dick Neumann setting a new track record of 16.2 seconds for the 120 yard high hurdles. Neumann, Gene Hencye, Don Althouse, Don Beach, Howard Kochheiser, Bill Shindledecker, Paul Krauss and Frank Morales ac- counted for the majority of Galion's score, of 53M points as compared to the 18M points for their opponents. Mt. Vernon and Galion almost needed snowshoes for their meet as Neu- mann copped four first places accounting for 20 points of the 585 points Galion received. Mt. Vernon also happened to eke out 49M points. Koch- heiser tied for first in the pole vault at l0 feet 4 inches. Neumann came in first in the high and low hurdles, 220 yard dash, and the broad jump. i -M f ' ' V we is -ff r ,.,?.2f1. gif-53 ? 'pi Senior track men contesting in respective track and field events are as follows: Dick Neumann, 120 yard high hurdles, 15.5 sec.: Frank Morales, half mile: Don Althouse, mile, Howard Koch- heiser established a NOL league record with a pole vault of 11 feet 4 inches. Don Beach, Senior distance man, is not pictured. The Bucyrus Redmen felt the sting of defeat as Galion romped over them 73-45. Once again Neumann led the scoring with four firsts giving him 201 points from the high and low hurdles, broad jump and the 220 yard dash. Helping to show the Galion supremacy as N. O. L. track champs were milers Hencye and Althouse and weight man Louis Corwin with the relay team of Hinesman, Krause, Host and Powers, and vaulters Kochheiser and Schuttera. Coach Bob Iackson then took his thinclads to the Mansfield relays, the top relays in the country where Dick Neumann took fifth place in the hurdles giving Galion their only two points. On May 2, the Uper Sandusky Rams took the N. O. L. track champion- ship with Galion, Bellvue, Shelby, Bucyrus, Norwalk, and Willard trailing in that order. Neumann set a record on the high hurdles at 15.8 and tied the old record of 23.3 on the 220 yard dash. Howard Kochheiser broke the old pole vault record of 10 feet ll inches set by Moses of Upper and an opponent of Kochheiser's in the meet, and set a new record of ll feet 1 inch and then broke that one a few moments later by jumping ll feet 4 inches setting the new N. O. L. record. Kochheiser also won the high jump at 5 feet 5 inches. Also present at this meet were five queens, Beverly Cass, Ruth Rannow, Pat Whitesell, Gloria Grosh, and Carolyn Revert who presented the ribbons to each victor. Other Tigermen who scored points were Shindledecker who took second in the high jump and third in the high hurdles, Morales who ran third in the 880 yard dash. George Abraham tossed the shot 40 feet l0Mr inches to come in fourth. Spaid, Stewart, Cope and Schuttera were fifth in the 2 lap relay and Schuttera also 'took third place in the pole vault. Galion took the track crown from Upper Sandusky last year who held it for three previous years. The track boys also attended the Marion Harding invitational May 6, and the Springfield relays. Act 2, Scene 4 . . . BASEBALL Seated-Harold Beach, Kenny McManigell, lack Tucker, David Stoner. Bill Wisler, Ray Seif, Bill Enders, Hoyt Hathaway, Bill Rhinehart. Standing-Coach Backensto, Ronald Ireland, Mike Dougherty, Robb Corry, lack Kreps, Sonny Mansperger, Bill Crall, Richard Thompson, Paul Spoon, Kenny Gelsanliter and Head Coach Rannow. Galion's baseball season was getting off to a slow start as the weather- man kept .throwing snow and rain instead of sunshine. After having many skull sessions and practices in the gym the weather finally permitted the Bengal nine to have outside practice. The Baseball Tigers, well on their way to a fine record under the leader- ship of their able coach, E. B. Rannow, were in top mental and physical shape for concentrated season play. Holding the title of "League Defending Champ- ions" the titlists opened their season with Willard and behind the steady pitching of Ray Seif and good hitting on the part of the whole team, the game ended S-0 in favor of Galion. t The following game with Mansfield High featured the pitching of Bill Enders and after a beautiful diving catch by Tucker, right fielder, the game soon ended with Galion on top 5-2. Ray Seif held the Marion boys to only three runs the next game and Bill Enders came through to hit a home run with the bases loaded giving Galion a 6-3 victory. In the next game which showed the supremacy of Galion team, the Mans- field Madison Rams were the victims of a 17-3 score with Enders and Bill Rhinehart pitching on the coldest day of the season. Seif, appearing to be one of the top pitchers in the league, held the Wil- lard boys to a two run game while Galion romped over the plate eight times. On May 5 the Orangemen traveled to Ashland. Bill Enders, sophomore hurler, allowed Ashland only four hits. It seemed to be the sophomores' day as another sophomore, Hoyt Hathaway, came through with three of Galion's nine hits out of three times at bat. Of these three hits one was a home run. The other hits were 'two for Wisler, two for Stoner, one for Tucker and one for Seif. The game had numerous close plays, especially at the plate, where Galion's senior ace, Catcher Bill Wisler, ably demonstrated the champion- ship form our boys had in winning the league title. Dave Stoner also got into the limelight by a beautiful slide into home plate, scoring the tying run. The Northern Ohio League championship was easily captured in an un- eventful game on May Sth, when Galion met the Shelby Whippets on Shel- by's home diamond. Marking his first appearance on the mound, Bill Rhine- hart held the Shelby nine to four hits, while striking out five. The Tigers were hitting freely, running up a total of twelve hits, winning by a score of 10 to 2. Thus Galion finished its regular league season undefeated to win the second consecutive league title. In view of the previous games the Tiger men looked forward to the tour- nament at Mansfield May ll, where Galion first met Ashland and four other teams including Shelby, Mansfield High, Mansfield Madison and Willard. The success of the season guaranteed increasing interest in baseball com- petition. Act 2, Scene 5 . . . INTRAMURALS Winners of the intramural competition "Stoner's Boners." Iohn Chase, Captain Dave Stoner. Don Althouse. Harold Crase and lack Tucker. Absent, Bob Grubaugh. The intramural program was resumed this year for the first time since 1947. The team captains chosen by E. B. Hannow. athletic director, were David Stoner, Mike Ventrone, Robert Malone, Bernard Elliker, Tom Zager, and Bert Downing Cin finishing orderj. The high point man was Mike Ven- trone with 174 points, the second high, Bob Grubaugh of Stoner's team with 119 points and third high was Dave Stoner with 114 points. The teams of Stoner and Ventrone were very well matched and although none of the teams were outclassed at any time, these two seemed to prevail. Ventrone. Stoner, Grubaugh and Bill lones were the main players followed by Elliker, Host, Malone, Tucker, Harold Crase, Dale McHenry and Dick St. Clair. The Hi-Y cup for the Championship Intramural team, which was pre- sented in 1948, was awarded to Dave Stoner's team- Act 2, Scene 6 . . . GIRLS' SPURTS I-lct Girls' athletics, while often overlooked, are a very important part of a high school girl's life. Many hours are spent both in practicing fundamentals and actually playing familiar sports. Keen competition, while not publicized like boys' sports, is to be found in all athletic events. , The 1949-50 season lines up as follows: In Hockey 70 girls participated with Bonnie Lake's team taking first place. Two bowling leagues were formed, Alice Durnwald's and Nancy Tracht's teams chalking up high scores in the two leagues. Over one hundred girls actively participated in basketball. Ruth Bannow and Ianet Younce headed the winning teams in the two leagues. Volleyball and softball also were among the seasonal group sports. A table tennis tourney was held with Mary lane Bean, Vera Iune Kellogg, Fran Cole- man and Ruth Rannow among the winners. Competition was not limited to our own school but volleyball, basketball, and softball teams experienced successful games with teams from surround- ing schools. Points are scored on various activities. The required point scale is as follows: Sophomores 100, Iuniors 125, Seniors 150. A trophy was award- ed to the "Girl Athlete of the Year." The honor went to Shirley Quay this year. 2, Scene 7 . . . CHEERLEADERS This year's cheerleading squad changed their uniforms in the late Fall and showed up at the first basketball game with bright and shiny new uni- forms. We all know the cheerleaders. Next to the boys on the athletic field, the cheerleaders are gazed upon most, when they stop moving about in mad adieu. The Senior cheerleaders that will be leaving us this year are Fran Coleman, Ruth Rannow, and Betty Chase. Fran Coleman was probably known throughout the school as the most explosive cheerleader on the squad: she seemed to go all ways when she gave a cheer. Ruth Rannow was a natural candidate for cheerleading, being tops in girls' athletics, super-sensitive in balance and stamina. Betty "Boop" Chase was the smallest of the group and showed plenty of pep and an ample abundance of action. The Sophomore cheerleaders that were chosen by the student body with the assistance of the Student Council and the cheerleaders are Mathan Davies and Iune Nautzinger. These girls will make up the squad along with Marilyn Hart and Ioe Poland. Ioe and Marilyn have done a fine job this year and we're sure that they can do as well next year as the Senior cheerleaders did this year. www Ei W M 'Re ' , ,ea 3,Q,,9ww Q EERE XFX is 26213, w BX? X412 25 Fgli 2223 ER g EE? 235 X, EW 132 wig 2 3 E SF Whig Qi H 1 AK N wr? iff? 32 mg? 56,55 E5 5 iggiqc R11 Tii'f5Q E I-lct 3, Scene 1 . . . GlRL'S ATHLETIC ASSUCIATIUN Left Section, First Row-Ritzhaupt, Coleman, Lucius, Liscano. Second Row-Colley, B. Chase, Sebastian. Glauner, B. Lake. Third Row-Mclillhatten, A. Clark, Rannow. P. Wisler. Durnwald, Betty Chase. Fourth Row-Blaclchall, Swords, Haney, Monat, Saunders. Fifth Row-Morales, Daw- son, Thatcher, N. Tracht, Sautter. I. Ventrone. Right Section, First Row-S. Quay, Mulberg, Bev. Cass, Grosh, Barrett. Second How-Mitchell, Henkel, Pugh, Rensch, Logan. Third Row-Gallen- tine, N. Wolt, Sargel, M. Revert, C, Tracht. Fourth Row-Beech, Ballance. Kneeling-Sharrock, Bercaw, LaForrest, Daniels, Miss Rose Seifert, Sponsor. Interested in athletics? We have just the place for you, the Gir1's Athletic Association. This club is just full of energetic girls who never seem to tire of being in the game. This year's club chose the athlete of the year. The honor was earned by Shirley Quay. It you have ever watched Shirley play it won't be hard to guess why she was chosen. The annual Christmas formal was held in the Senior High School gymnasium. The decorations were rather unusual this year. The theme carried out was that of a cozy room, and the girls did very Well at it. How We all Wanted to open those beautiful packages! In order to qualify for membership in the Girl's Athletic Association you must earn a certain number of points. These points are earned through participation in school sports. Sophomores who wish to become members of the G. A. A. must earn 100 points, juniors must have 125 points, and the seniors must have 150 points. Sophomores who have earned enough points are initiated into the club at the end of the year. Ah! those initia- tions! This year's club was composed of 72 junior and senior girls under the able leadership of lean Bercaw, the club president. Colleen Sharrock, Annette LaForrest, Donna Daniel served as assistants to lean: they served in the capacity ot vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. Act 3, Scene 2 . . . HI-Y Kneeling-Ulmer, secretary: Graham, chaplain: Malone, treasurer: Wisler, vice-pres.: Blanz, pres, First Row-Dixon, Ventrone, Lake, Carter. Wilson, Sipes, Bonsteel, Baehr, Downing, Powers, Abraham, Iackson, sponsor, Tracht, sponsor. Second Row--Shroll, Shettler, Gehrisch, Murphy, Tucker, Booth, Andrews, Delahooke, Host. Hocker, Poland. McHenry. Third Row-Hessenauer, Hackworth, Althouse, Shindledecker, Stewart, I. Beach, D. Beach, Franks, Baird, Morales. Cronenwett, Cook, Lace. Fourth Row-Gale, Hollanshead, Lamb, Eise. Moore, Quay, Ganshorn, Durtschi, Howman, Zager, Beecher. Hanlon, Neumann. The 1949-1950 secretarial books of the Hi-Y bulge with an impressive record of worthy activities. Impressive service projects challenged the integrity of every one of the fifty-nine members. Clean-up on the Saturday mornings following the football games was not the easiest task in the world, but the boys felt proud of their responsibilities when the football teams thanked them for the abundance of food the Hi-Y supplied to players after the game. The good food and oratory devoured and consumed at the Father and Son Banquet: the lasting inspiration gained at the Findlay Conference, Camp Nelson Dodd and Camp Pittenger: the blessings counted at the Thanksgiving Assembly: and the reverence procured from the chaplain's candle light service all will never be forgotten by the members. The ghost house, Don Beach's head and a thousand donuts all were part of the suc- cessful Hallowe'en Party. This project showed that it is possible to do a lot of good and have a lot of fun at the same time. Other projects included drafting a new constitution: having joint meetings with the Blue Tri and G. R.: serving as waiters at the Masonic Temple: attending various churches: and having a bowling tournament. . The Galion Hi-Y was host to the district Hi-Y Conference, where the election of Bob Blanz as state secretary-treasurer was formally announced. On April 21st the 1950-51 officers, who were elected in February, were formally in- stalled in front of the student body. Bill Shindledecker will pilot the 1950-51 club. The Bucyrus co-ed swimming party and the Sweetheart party guaranteed that the graduating members will be proud to say, "I was a Hi-Y member." A llct 3, Scene 3 . . . GIRL RESERVES Front Row-Beech. C. Tracht, Miss Beech. sponsor: Rannow, Ballance. Gundrum, Daniel. Second Row-Nelson, Bev. Cass, Craun, Logan. Coleman. Third Row-Bercaw, Ginder, Triesch, R. Wright. Craner. Zager. Monat, Colley. B. Chase, S. Quay, Sebastian. Buskirk, Robinson. Fourth Row- Betty Cass, M. Revert, Rensch, Iohnson, Glauner, Lake. Tucker, Ritzhaupt. Gerhart, Kime, Lucius. Mitchell, Barr. Fifth Row--McHenry, Winch, Grogan, Mulberg, Sharrock, Younce, Durtschi, Hart- well, Hoover, Pugh, Decker, Bashoff, Schalip. Sixth Row-Palmer, McElhatten, A. Clark, Wisler, Durnwald, Bercaw, West. The Girl Reserves have set a mark this year which should serve as a worthwhile goal for its incoming members. The girls, in conjunction with the Hi-Y and Blue Tri, gave the community a Hallowe'en Party for the youngsters of Galion. The girls donated and decorated the beautiful tree, which you saw in the hall, at Christmas time. In an effort to do something for the school the Girl Reserves donated five sets of Christmas tree lights for future use by any and all organizations. The girls did something new when they organized a glee club this year- The glee club made two public appearances, and added to the enjoyment of many club meetings. The club has made a donation to the assembly fund which enabled a few more students to see Hamlet. As their final project for the year, the club sponsored a bake sale, the proceeds of which were donated to the juke box fund. Now as we delve into the G. R. social calendar We find the annual Sweetheart Party. This party introduced a new trend in decoration and entertainment which was carried out by others the remainder of the year. The club held a hobo party which was quite a con- trast to the refined air of the Sweetheart Party. The final social event of the year was the Senior Farewell which was held May 8. These projects were made possible only through the co-operation and interest of the club members and officers. Miss Beach the sponsor gave new life to the club with her many new ideas and suggestions. Club officers for 1950 were: Ruth Rannow, president: Carol Tracht, vice-president: Pat Ballance. secretary: Pat Beech, treasurer. Members of the cabinet were as follows: Ianet Craun, Frances Coleman, Beverly Glauner, Pat Whitesell, Barbara Gundrum, Ioyce Nelson and Donna Daniel. Act 3, Scene 4 . . . BLUE TRI ...W - -- Y - ,. ,., --H-e qi . mgmg V. 4 A -QQ , . Front Row-Dawson, Murray, Meeham, Luscano, Morales. Bashoti, Sanders, Haney, Jacobs, Muth, Findlay. Second Row-Cook, Blackhall, Thatcher, Walnum, Grosh, Sautter, Martin. Sargel, BL Wolf. Third Row-Miss Yeitter, sponsor: Ertley, Allen, Bosler, Cassidy, Tracht, Kellogg, Casio, Ireland. N. Wolf. In Doorway-Rogers Barrett, Hart, Swords. Seemingly endless events have kept each Blue Triangle member on her toes this year. To start the ball rolling a hobo party at Heise Park provided a sportive evening of enjoyment during which the Girl Reserve and Blue Tri members became better acquainted. The G. R., Blue Tri, and Hi-Y clubs joined to provide the tots of the town with a Hallow- e'en party at the park. This was the first time a project of this sort was adventured by the clubs and proved very successful. Later the clubs joined to go Christmas caroling. At Christmas, food was packed, and taken to the Crawford County Home as a service of the Blue Tri. The G. R. and the Blue Tri joined to plan a sweetheart party which provided a gay formal evening of dancing and entertainment for all. An assembly was presented to the student body by the Blue Tri. Its theme was a hu- morous radio and television show. The members took part in the various programs. Half of the stage was the home scene which was entirely in pantomime with the exception of Gloria Grosh's "Snazzy", a small dog who played his part, nevertheless, very well. Once a month the Blue Tri and G. R. unite to attend services at the various churches of Galion as a matter of training for themselves. Eileen Barrett, president of the organization, has done a wonderful job of leading the girls. The other officers are: Vice President Ann Swords, Secretary Beverly Rogers and Treasurer Marilyn Hart. Act 3, Scene 5 . . . Ml-lTll CLUB Front How-Dickerson, Powers, Elliker, Beecher, Abraham, Baehr, Williams. Second Row-Beck, Rannow, Snyder, M. Revert, West, Ann Clark, Thatcher, Allen, Chase. Third Row-Robert Iackson Qsponsorj, King, Martin, seated, Delahooke, Malone Cpresidentj, Bev. Cass Csec'y-treas.j. Downing Cvice-pres.D, Cronenwett, standing Lucas, Hottenroth. Fourth Row-Bonen, Whitesell, Carter, Quay, Hessenauer, Tracht, Stewart. Filth Row-Booth, Clark, Wilson, Bonsteel, Blanz, Sipes. " .......... If we're never successful, it won't be distressful, 'cause we don't care." Such are the final words of the grand finale of the Math Club Play. From the small germ of an idea, the show took favorable turns, until it became one of the most successful one night stands ever presented in Galion. This play, the major project of the year for the club, was an original three- act musical mellodramatic farce. It was written by Mr. Iackson and members of the Math Club. The scene was laid in a haunted insane asylum and gave the cast leeway to do anything. The rest speaks for itself. The production also was given to the high school students of Galion and Bucyrus. The club, under the leadership of Robert Malone, has an unusual type of government. The year's activities were divided among different com- mittees each composed of club members and each with a junior as chairman and a senior as advisor. Dues of five cents a meeting are accounted for by Sec'y-Treas. Beverly Cass. The vice president is Bert Downing. Weekly programs are prepared by the club members for the education of the members on problems concerning the mathematical or scientific fields. Two socials also highlighted the agenda for the year. One was an in- formal dance featuring an egg throw and an ice dance. The other was a picnic featuring torn clothes and rare steaks. Act 3, Scene 6 . . . PHOT0 CLUB Hessenauer, Stewart, I. Beach, Beck, Franks, Treisch. Stump, Dickerson. Debolt, Kelly, Seckel: Mr. Ferriman. sponsor. Seated-B. Clark, Robinson, Williams, Wilson, R. Cook, Turner, Block. Wittibslager. The high school photography club is a relatively young organization. Despite the handicap of a short history, the club's two year existence is filled with many vivid exper- iences. To gain prestige quickly, the club began doing unusual things and so it has be- come famous for its "radical" functions. The club's constitution was adopted in the fall of 1948 with twenty interested charter members enrolled. No sooner had the club taken root with the other school clubs than it dove headlong into its first deep mystery. Many of us remember the "Miss Student" con- test at the annual Photo Club Dance. This year the dance was again revolutionized to a photographic theme with name bands being flashed on a screen at the end of the dance floor. Football high-lights were shown at intermission time. Various tests were given at in- tervals to find cumulative photographic skill. The deep mystery of picture-making and re- producing is no longer a mystery to a photography club student. This spring the club put on an assembly which featured a home-made film, the "School Essay". The governing body of the club was headed by Iohn Wilson. His cabinet included Bob Cook, vice president: Ioyce Stebbins, secretary, and Bill Stewart, treasurer. The programs were planned by Richard Williams the first semester and Bonnie Clark the second. Act 3, Scene 7 . . . F. H. 1-l. Kneeling-Hoover, Durtschi, Ireland, Mulberg, First Row-Hartwell, Bercaw, Colley, Sharrock. Quay, C. Tracht, Tucker, Mitchell, Koschnick, Heitz, P. Younce, Buskirk, Miss Smith. Second Row- Weaver, Cass, DeWoli, Eckstein, Findey, Muth. Stebbins, Casto, Sautter, Liscano, LaForrest Ventrone. Third How-Cramer, Hoffmann, Morales, Walnum, Revert, Ginder. M. Lamb, Lucius. I. Lamb, Mumaw. Pugh, N. Wolf, R. Wright. Fourth Row-Lillo, Hessey, D. Kohls, Hart. Murray. Rogers, Meeham, I. Wright, I. Younce, Bloch, Smith, Voss, Downing. Filth Row-Gallentine, Sanders, Snyder, Brown. Henkel, Decker, Barger, Allen, Gerhart, Shadley, Robinson, Phillips. "Better homes for better living" is the aim of the Future Homemakers of America. All members in this club have had at least two years of Home Economics. There are no other qualifications for membership. Any girl who has an interest in becoming a good homemaker may join. The club this year held two rallies, at Holmes-Liberty and Bucyrus. At the county ral- ly in Bucyrus, Iane Gallentine was elected county treasurer. Under the leadership of their president, Shirley Ireland, the Club has undertaken many worthwhile projects, among which was aiding the Red Cross during its blood donation campaign. Other officers are Betty Mulberg, vice president: Carol Durtschi, secretary, and lane Hoover, treasurer. Miss Smith acted as club advisor and helped the girls in planning their rallies and the senior farewell, which was held the last week of school. Act 3, Scene 8 . . . CULLEGE CLUB The College Club, a new born organization, has brought many new and strange faces into our school. These new faces were not those of students but those of college workers. Numerous talks of college work and training were heard in the past year. Mr. Durance did most of the arranging dates of speakers and the club members sat back and gath- ered in the good advice of the versed orators. The club had no formal officers and seldom had a full membership on hand for any one speaker. Committees of the several more popular occupations and professions were made to thoroughly study them and report back to the club. Act 3, Scene 9 . . . LATIN CLUB The Latn Club is another of our newly organized clubs this year. The membership is now twenty and it is steadily growing. The purpose of the club is to promote a better understanding of Latin through a study of the background of the early Romans. The club has adopted a constitution, and under the guidance of Miss DeWitt, has taken its first faltering steps. The club officers for 1950 were Elaine Hottenroth, president: Marilyn King, vice presi- dent: Robert Corry, secretary, and Gail Lucas, treasurer. Stage Decorations . . . ART CLASS For the first time we would like to present to you a group of people who are certainly worthy of recognition-the art class of Galion High School. You have probably seen the clever favors at the school banquets. the original posters for all occasions, and the colorful programs at the school concerts. All of these are the re- sults of the work of these people. Perhaps you have admired the small hand marking through show case last year and the stained glass windows used behind the choir. The windows alone took three months of planning and hard work. This year color was added to the football games by the many animals parading across the field. These were just another product of the class. Not only do they perform services for the school but also for various organizations of the city. Included in this group is the American Bed Cross. None of these activities would have been possible without Mrs. F. W. Liddell, whose skill is known to us all. Seniors in the art class and the number of years they have taken art, are as follows: Pat Beech, 47 Beverly Cass, 1: Betty Chase, Z: Ianet Craun, 1: Eleanor Decker, 1: Bonnie Lake, 2. Stage Crew . . . Sli0P For those who prefer the manual art, we have the shop, just for them set apart. The shop has taken on the new look. Since last year all machines have been rearranged and motorized. There is one thing they forgot to motorize-the broom-isn't it a pity! The shop boys have taken several field trips this year, visiting the Galion Iron Works, Per- fection, Freese Works, and the Ohio Seamless Tube Company at Shelby. As a result of their work in the shop five senior boys have been placed in jobs. Next year Mr. Aplas plans to revise the shop program by having junior and senior boys work together. But don't get the idea it's all work and no play in shop. The boys had a big pic- nic May 5 at Pleasant Hill. This project gives you an idea of the versatility of these boys: they do everything from repairing cars to setting up Christmas trees. One Night Stand . . . IUNIUR CLASS PLAY Smiles oi accomplishment are rightly written on the faces of Arm Swords, Director Miriam Sayre, Shirley Ireland, Bill Stewart, Nancy Tracht, Phyllis Chillik, Carmela Morales and Dick Host. Hidden behind their makeup are Iames Beecher, Gloria Grosh, Bill Shindeldecker, Carol Ness. Ioe Poland, Aileen Bashofl, Louis Corwin, Phyllis Cassidy. Presenting the juniors in their first starring role, "Old Doc", a comedy in three acts. The juniors put on a show as would old stage veterans. The play starred Bill Stewart in the title role. He was supported by an all-star cast, consisting of Gloria Grosh, Aileen Bashofi, Carmela Morales, Phyllis Cassidy, Shirley Ireland, Nancy Tracht, Phyllis Chil- lik, Ioe Poland, Bill Shindledecker, Louis Corwin, Carol Ness, Iim Beecher, Ann Swords and Dick Host. The play was a huge success and played to a capacity audience. The story was built around an old country doctor who wanted his son to take over his practice when the old doc was no longer able to keep up his practice. But as will always happen, there were complicatons. After many trials and tribulations, however, everything was worked out to a happy climax. The play was under the direction of Miss Miriam Sayre, who is in her own right an accomplished actress. - Stock Company . . . SENIDR CLASS PLAY Receiving detailed instruction from director, Miss Sayre, are Blanz. B. Wisler, P. Wisler, Wilson, Clark, Hollenshead, Durnwald, Stoner, Martin, Malone, Nelson, and Ballance. The courtroom scene included: Graham, Lamb, Quay, Booth. Hessenauer, Hartwell, Beech, Mur- phy, Moore. McElhatten, and Gundrum. The lights dim and the curtain rises on "Ladies of the Iury", a comedy in three acts. The play was acclaimed a success, and why not, with such accomplished actors as: Pat Beech, as defendant, on trial for murder: Pat Ballance, a wealthy society woman, who changes the minds and votes of the jurors: Bob Blanz, a jury foreman. Wonderful character portraits were given by Pat Wisler, a likeable old Irish woman: Joyce Nelson, as Miss Pratt, bigoted spinster: Pat Martin, as a flashy box-office queen, who falls in love with Bob Malone: Iohn Wilson and Alice Durnwald, young lovers: Bill Wisler, as an Irish gardener. Witnesses were Betty Hartwell and Iohn Moore. The lawyers were well played by Bill Lamb and Richard Graham. Iohn Quay gave an excellent portrayal of the judge. Humor was added by Harold Hessenauer, officer, and Don Booth, clerk of courts. Long remembered will be David Stoner, ex-soldier: Ann Clark, as the southern belle, and lack Hollanshead, as a real estate broker, Publicity . . . LANTERN 7 2 ' T y ,V N . , e N V ' L 6: se GALION, or-no Fflunirf-nricfinfunn 23, 1949 T' H" HQ., , First Picture-Abraham, Hocker, Beecher, Mrs. Sentieri, Ireland. Second Pic1ureMBosler, Barrett, R. Martin, Swords, Powers, Wiggins. Third Picture-Cassidy, Grosh, Jones, Iourdan, Corwin. Fourth Picture-Thatcher, Carter, Elliker, Tracht, Casto, Blackhall. As the guiding light for Galion High School, the Lantern has been pub- lished this year for the enjoyment of all students. One of the staH's many activities was the sponsoring of a dance follow- ing the Willard football game, at which they honored Pat Martin, this year's Football Queen. They also journeyed to Kent State University on April 22, for the annual Iournalism Convention. ln order to raise money for the luke Box Fund, the staff sponsored a contest which attracted many participants. Five seniors have been honored by the Lantern in the publications this year. They were Bob Malone, Bob Blanz, Howard Kochheiser, Ruth Rannow and Bill Wisler. Although many problems arise with the publishing of the paper, these have been overcome and the paper has been a success. Under the editorship of Eileen Barrett and Dick Powers, and the supervision of'Mrs. Sentieri, the staff can again be proud of their paper. Management . . . STUDE T CDUNCIL "We the student body of the l Galion High School, in order to promote the general welfare, to instill a sense of responsibility and self-control, and to create harmony in all student activities, do establish this constitution." Many years of both dreams and hard work have gone into the establishment of student gov- ernment and better student and faculty co-ordination, which the preceding preamble represents. The council is composed of one representative from each home- , room and the three class presi- T dents. The constitution gives the council the following powers: to recognize, charter, and regulate all student organizations, to reg- ulate all student activities, to pro- vide for the election of the cheerleaders, to present all recognition awards, to raise money as speciiied, to approve assemblies, and to enact any legislation necessary and proper in carrying out the purpose or powers of the constitution. Top How-Blanz, Malone. Lamb, Wilson, Mr. Durance, sponsor. Second Row-Lace, Rhinehart, Stewart, Neumann. Third Row-Spaid. Hathaway, Enders. Fourth Row-McManigell, Downing. Barrett. An elected senior member of the council may be president. Bert Downing served as the first president of the new student council with capable leadership. Kenny McManigell was vice president: Eileen Barrett was chosen secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Durance served as advisor. The class of 1950 is proud to have helped form the council and hopes the fu- ture will be full of achievements. Celebrities . . . ll0NOR STUDENTS No distinction can excel that of being chosen a member of the National Honor Society. This so- ciety has nation-wide acclaim. Members are chosen on the basis of their measurements of the four national standards: scholarship. leadership, character and serv- ice. Not more than 1521 of the senior class, and SW of the junior class is eligible for membership each year. For the past several years the Galion Honor Society has not been a member of the national organization. The Honor Society l this year had the Galion chapter reinstated as a national member. The Galion Booster Club has Top Row-Graham, Karnes, Blanz, Wilson, Wisler. Second Row-Malone, I. Quay, Hessenauer, Rannow. Third Row-Snyder, N. Tracht, Barr, Gundrum, Younce, Buskirk. Presented this Yearls members Fourth Row-Craun, Ballcmce. Barrett, Grosh. Cassidy, Nelson, Beech. their society pins and furnished the annual banquet. The Nation- al Honor Society, under the leadership of President Iohn Karnes, and with the assistance of Vice President Iohn Wilson and Secretary Marianne Snyder, has been very active dur- ing its comparatively short existence. Production Scenes . . . "HIST KIDS" I Everything free, with plenty of prizes Bloob-bloob-be-bob. "Mouthtu1" Youth Center polka Hcr11owe'en pie eaters Production Scenes . . . "What-No Lights?" Time Out ln the center is the Basketball Court escorted by Q members of the basketball team. Slugger "As I Was Saying ...... Production Scenes . . . is GIRL RESERVES GLEE GLUB Back Row, left to right-Gundrum, Baker, M. Bashoii, B. Lake, P. Martin, Palmer, Nelson. Second Row-Crcrun, D. Daniel, Decker, Mitchell, Lucius, Ginder, Monat, R. Wright. Third How-Durn- wcxld, Hoover, Durtschi. Sebastian, McElhatten, A. Clark, Whitesell, Glauner, Mulberg, Sharrock, Quay. Fourth Row-Ballance, Beech, Robinson, M. Revert, Chase, Rannow. Wisler. BUYS AND GIRLS STATE Left to right-vMalone, Hessenauer. Schalip, Chase, with Blanz seated. Production Scenes . . . Inside Looking Out "Cute, Isn't He?" ,, , ,, Senior Class "Hi-yo Silver" Calling Doctor MCKOY President Q Bud Gcrnshornj "I Don't Care" "I Now Pronounce Thee... Production Scenes . . . "Whc1t's Up, Doc?" Between Classes "Well, Actually . . . How Dry I Am Temptation "What Do I Do Now? Taking It Easy "I-Immmmm! ! " "Hello There! Producers . . . SPY STAFF ' ' '-FBT?-Il? L 1- !!9!!.!!i- . 1' ' izlk A , -mms., . --I A N Front Row--Clark, West, Revert, Monat, Coleman, Pugh. Second How--Stoner, Rannow, Blanz, J. Quay. Malone, P. Wisler, I. Chase. Third Row-C. Tracht, Buskirlc. Younce. Glauner, Craner, Hartwell, Sebastian, Ginder. Craun, Nelson, Colley, Palmer. Fourth Row--Murphy, S. Quay, Barr, Baehr, Cook, Graham. For over fifty years the Spy has been the medium through which the seniors have depicted life in Galion High. Having reached the mark of the mid-century, the staff again has the privilege of bringing the Spy to you. The production of the year book is a com- plicated procedure, which has been equally perplexing to all members of the Spy staff. Scarcely had school begun when Bob Blanz, along with the staff began the vitally import- ant job of securing advertisements. With a complete filing system and the city divided into zones, Ierry Baehr, Bev. Cass, Ann Clark, Ianet Craun, Bert Downing, Bev. Glauner, Pat Martin, Ruth Rannow and Dave Stoner completed the job of contacting all the business places and factories of Galion. Bob Malone and Dot Colley, sales managers, gave a group of ambitious seniors last minute instructions. The sales staff includes: Connie Buskirk, Mir- iam Craner, John Chase, Ann Clark, Frances Coleman, Beverly Glauner, Mary lean Gin- der, lack Hollanshead, Ruby Iohnston, Beverly Monat, Ioyce Nelson, Ioanne Palmer, Betty Pugh, Shirley Quay, Carol Tracht, Pat Wisler, Phyllis West and Pat Younce. Mrs. Sentieri and Mr. Swick instructed the various editors as to their jobs. Iohn Quay, business manager, carefully figured out the budget to the penny. Pat Ballance, Marcella Schalip and Carol Robinson, activities editors, made arrange- ments for taking pictures Qincidentally, the Photo Club members nearly missed having their pictures takenj After many group meetings the general framework of the Spy was set up. Time flew. Soon editorial copy and pictures began to pour into room 315. Pat Beech ordered the cover. Richard Graham and Alice Durnwald searched high and low for feature pic- Producers . . . SPY STAFF A picture is worth a thousand words, agree Pat Martin, lack Hollanshead, Bert Downing, Richard Graham, Mrs. Sentieri, sponsor, Ted Murphy, Richard Williams, and Geraldine Logan. Grouped around editor Harold Hessenauer are: Pat Ballance, Betty Chase, Iohn Wilson, Marcella Schalip, Carole Robinson, Pat Beech, Beverly Cass, and Alice Durnwald. tures. Bert Downing and Ted Murphy followed the athletic teams to the four corners of the earth. Betty Chase and Bev. Cass made sure that all the seniors appeared at Foto- Craft Studio to have their glamorous faces recorded for posterity. Pat Martin kept in con- tact with the outer world and made sure the staff remained alive. Iohn Wilson diligently finished his administrative section. Then the day arrived: the Spys were in. Marilyn Revert and Ruth Rannow saw that the Spys were delivered. Meanwhile Harold Hessenauer ap' plied hair restorer to his recently-bald head. Dcn't take the Spy staff wrong, they aren't complaining about their jobs. Each staff member is secretly proud that he or she had a part in producing "the 1950 SPY". , lf qw. ' -mg +:' 4Te'LDf'J-:A--'Er' P, fi. , -:f s .- , 41 ,- -- . 3 -.i.:FZ.EL..,..:,.,., - f"'fJ:.4.:,, 4.'s'L'?? f' ZZPEBIL..

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