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i u 5 HlSi595ix"!kE3WlzTE7LA'?x'2 . M 1-'E AV v., W , ', -1 ' ' A .nl 5' , M .'. ' -. " ""M"':',i J ,TT ff? x v '."1fTW. ' ,x-L ,.1x.J!1,.: A' , V , ' 4 ' - aff!-H9iR'15 , Iss. 0 w In gf' i 1 Q A' hi 7118 194 7 SW Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of GALION HIGH SCHOOL GALION, OHIO Dedication It is with great pride that the class of nineteen hundred and forty-seven dedi- cntes its Spy to a member of the faculty, Mr. W. L. Swick, who has been with the Galion school system since 1922. During his twenty-five years of teaching, "Pop,,' as he is so commonly called, has made a brilliant record for himself. From l925-26 to 1938-39 he was principal and did a great deal for Galion High School. We students of today are still profit- ing by his work as the students of yesterday have clone, and as they still will be doing many years hence. Mr. Swick has lon been an ideal and an ins iration to ever student who has 5 P .,, , Y ever attended the Gallon Schools. Because of 'ipops influence many a student has attained for themselves a fine place in the world, especially in the scientific fields, such as chemists, doctors, professors of chemistry, and numerous others. Science, of course, is his first love as he has taught chemistry and physics ever since he first began teaching here. But "Pop,s" hobby for many long years has been carpentry and the care of his farm. Every Saturday you see him clad in overalls and heading northwest toward the Brandt Road with the trailer behind his car full of tools for work on his farm. Besides his farm he likes to read a great deal, par- ticularly the works of Shakespeare. We are thankful to have had you as our friend and sponsor. We know you will continue to mold the futures of many students in numerous years to come as you have done in the past. We salute you, Mr. Swickl You make us extremely proud to have known you and hope you may long continue to be an inspiration to the students of our Alma Mater. MR. W. L. SWICK f ff "Cosmo" "Cosmo is typical of any wolf from G. H. S." Cosmo, the mechanical robot of the future, paid a visit to G. H. S. this year, from the planet Turania. He is, as everyone expected, typical of the average student, but extremely intelligent and always looking forward to the broad expanse and a new era of mechanical and scientific development. Cosmo wishes he could stay longer and become a part of us, but he must get back to his laboratory and Finish his experiments on his robo-ship, which in- cidentally travels as fast as light rays. On the following pages we will learn more of Cosmo and his experiences in the various activities. Secretarial Stajf Krop to bottom? ISABEL MONROE CAROL HOCKER DOROTHY ROSS Faculty LUCY AILER GRACE GLENN L. W. BABBS KATHRYN HARRIS E. L. BAILEY E. M. HIXSON LOIS BURKART MARTHA LIDDELL ARVILLA EMMENEGGER F. A. W. LIDDELL 'i M. A, POVENMIRE Superintendent 1 Faculty P. E. LONG GERTRUDE SPINK HILDA MILLER HELEN SMITH E. B. RANNOW W. L. SWICK Board of Education EARL LOGAN, Prcsidvnr PAUL DURTSCHI JACK GAY ANNE WEBER FLORENCE SHAW f . x Q' R. PICKERING MIRIAM SAYRE ' .uvprirfcipal I' JOSEPI-IINE TRACHT ROSE SIEFERT O. B. TRACHT W hen September Comes SEPTEMBER 4, 1946 Students are again crowding the ever-familiar corridors on the first day of school. At 8:40 A. M. everyone rushes to homeroom, mainly to see if the subjects signed for in the spring were actually secured. Cosmo arrives early, quiet and refined as usual. The time shifts a few days and Cosmo, like Vince DeCain and Joe McManes, arrives at any time after the tardy bell has rung. Qlncidentally, Joe has set a school record, a total tardiness of 113 times.j Following the Ashland football game, Phyllis Ehrhart was chosen Homecoming Queen. Congratulations, Phyllis! Her court consisted of Barbara Shaffer, Ruth Steffee, Nancy Ritzhaupt, Beverly Logan, Ann Faber and Irene Kottyan. The F. H. A. presented an outstanding assembly, using as a basis the styles grandma wore and the clothes her granddaughter wears today. The Misses Hawaii, Teresa Martin, Eva Althouse and Kate Bercaw did a superb job of the tropical dance. Ask the boys. Other events were several weddings and numerous events in the lives of these two people, including a trip to China. Joyce Durtschi wrote and directed this gay and stylish event. Beatrice Shockley was chosen by the student body to serve as queen during the Mardi Gras season. During the Christmas season the Girl Reserves did an admirable job of decorat- ing the tree in the main corridor. The young ladies and their chairman, Barbara Shaffer, worked long and tediously to keep alive the annual tradition. . Dr. Ronald Thompson, registrar of Ohio State University, spoke to the entire enrollment on "World Peace Today" and to the seniors on "College Entrancef' "Cosmo treads wearily along the route to school bravely dragging his unfinished assign- ments behind him." 7 Q? H 52 5 Q VM w- ix, .N by sc E S 0' 0 ff ' J- YA. , Z., , X S 3 W W. .Ax ' N4u.,x.x A 'W Q E .. 5 V xg ., "E S? OFFICERS Seated-BATES, KELLER Standing-MYERS, DYE Sophomores Where's room 306? The poor, bewildered sophomores entering Galion Senior High School had a time becoming adjusted, but they came through magnificently. It seemed to them they got the blame for all mishaps occurring around the school, but then we all had our turns at that. These future grads of "49" are a grand group of boys and girls. They have shown us that they are quite capable of doing big things, for on February 24th, they brought Professor Isely, a hilarious magician, to our school. In the Spring they put on the annual "Hop" which was an ambitious and satisfying undertaking. One reason for such a successful year was the fact that they had a reliable group of officers and a splendid sponsor. Richard Keller was class president and Ronald Myers was a capable vice president, Dick Bates was secretary, while Dick Dye served as treasurer. Miss Tracht was their efficient sponsor. Everyone wishes the class of "49,' a prosperous future in the years to come. lii-ont row, left to right-Barbara Decker, Jane Ann Craun, Judy Boyd, Helen Bayles, Evelyn Barger, Esther Cline, Barbara Ehrhart, lnd rowfllelen Daniels, Beverly Dickerson, Dorothy Champion, Wilnma Englehart, Adeline Downard, Nancy Allen, Joyce Baxter. Srel row---Jack Allen, James Cass, Dick Bates, Dick Dye, Richard Caudillio, Max Crow, Junior Black, Ted Cameron. -illi row Ray lifichhorn, Dick Cass, Robert Cronenwett, George Benbow, Everett Dysinger, Hai-old Baker, Richard Elliker. Front row, left to right--Alice Hoover, Janet McCartney, Marjorie Nlontgomery, Wyncvid Kempf, Mary Johnson, Joan Howman, Charlotte Monroe, Elva McClure, Betty Kohls, Avis Price. lnd row- -ldella Norman. oan Kunkel, Nanc Gates, eanette Lucius, can Mortlaild. Y 3rd row- -Howard Glenn, Clair Hofmeister, Benny Kozik, Ivan' Oxaal, James Kurtzman, David Nliller, John Gay. 4th row Ricliard Marshall. Richard Keller, Robert Lake, Morris Martin, Ronald Myers, Paul Mahler, Robert Ploss. r we ,d Baum Hifi! lfront row--Joyce Senn, Jane Mitchell, Beverly Schmitt, Naclene Smith, Carol Sherer, Donna Sherer, Ber- nadine Rauth, Mary Rogers, Helen Shifley, Oneata Smith, Pat Koschniclc. lnd row' Violet Smith, Mary Lauer, Luella Shifley, Louise Shadley, Marcine Sautter, Lucille Goldsmith, Elaine Sipes, jean Riedesel, Mary Raypole, Beverly Greenawalt. 3rd row--Harold Shaffer, Robert Sheatfer, Peter Martin, Donald Ryan, Frederick Seif, Virgil Simon, junior Reelcs, Joseph Roelle, James Jones. 4th row- James Schwartz, Junior St. Clair, Robert Schelfler. 'JL it yu , ' v gl F J L' v ' i ' q ' Front row, left to right---Dorothy Weir, Joyce Vfoodburn, LaDonna Yeitter, Shirley Sleinhelfer, Jenn Steb- bins, Geraldine Wilcox, Glenna Wfallcer, Donalene Teetriclc. .Intl row 'Donald Taylor, Robert Yochem, Charmaine Wise, Sharon Ferrall, Donna Fabian, Peggy Whitt-V sell, liileen Tracht, Edward Wisler, Varion Wirick. lid row--l.nrry Tavens, George Zaebst, Ted Fuller, Robert Fink, Walter Treisch, Eugene Voss, Michael Vcntrone, Edward Fiedner, Richard Wiggiixs, James Flowers. Not pictured-'Gertrude Strauch, Norman Ganshorn, Herbert Fink, Helen Cook, Donald Siebert, Robert Siebert, Betty Darrow. J Sophomore Daze .sv-Q Front row, left to right-Hofmeister, Mgr., D. Heskett, Fendrick, Rogers, Povenmire, Ramsey, Beck, L. Heskett 2nd row Eichler, Riter, Tuscan, Britt, Ventrone, McManes. Azaebst, Mgr., Oxaal, Price, Miller, Marshall, Lake, Helfrich, Stringfellow, St. Clair, Rhodebeck M. Ventrone, C. Smith, Caudillio, Dye, Mgr., Cass, Mgr. 5rd row-Coach Rannow, Haas, Sief, Wisler, Carmer, Stowe, L. Smith, Glauner, Fink, Schwartz, DeCain, Cass Schreck, Coach Hixson. Football This year the Tigers ran into rather stiff competition in the Northern Ohio League and came out fifth. Galion had a much better team than the won and lost column shows. They managed to partially hold down the highly rated and high scoring Shelby team and came out in a tie with a state-wide rated Ashland. The Tigers' 32-7 scalping of the Bucyrus Redmen was a highlight of the season. Coach Rannow was sincerely liked by all the boys and showed to Galion he really had what it takes to master a group of players. He truly worked hard with the smallest squad in the league. We are expecting the team of next year to really go places. RESUME Galion 13 . . Tiffin Calvert 19 X Galion 19 Crestline 0 'k Galion 0 . Shelby 14 25: Galion 0 Norwalk 27 'K Galion 32 Bucyrus 7 :li Galion 7 . . Upper Sandusky 19 5: Galion 7 .. .... .. Bellevue 14 :li Galion 19 . . Willard 19 Galion 12 Ashland 12 Denotes League games. I Football Lettermen RICHARD BECK-Dick was probably the smallest tackle in the school's history, but he proved to be a very efficient defensive player and was a constant threat to the opponents' defense. DICK BRITT-"Little Dick" was the small man of the team with the large spirit. He was placed on the second team of the Northern Ohio League. The team elected him next year's captain. DICK EICHLER-"Ike" had the honor of being placed on the second team of the N. O. L. and proved to be one of the most outstanding lines- men. We will long remember his uncanny ability of snagging passes. JIM FENDRICK---jim, a Navy veteran, was the mastermind of the works. His tackling in the secondary saved many touchdowns. He also had a good passing arm and could toss them long and far. HERB HELFRICH-"Hap," playing his first full year following an ankle injury, proved himself to be a tough tackle. His great defense in the Norwalk game was a highlight of the season. DON HESKETT--"Pearly," another Navy vet, proved to be one of our most aggressive guards. Many a boy who played opposite him will re- member his vicious blocking. LYNN HESKETT-Lynn was chosen on the N. O. L. first team and proved to be an outstanding end. His lengthy arms saved many a way- ward pass for Galion. CLAIR HOFMEISTER, Mgr.-Clair proved to the coach he was an efficient and dependable manager by taking charge of the little de- tails which are essential in satisfying the players. DICK MARSHALL-As understudy at fullback, Dick was used mainly on defense in backing up the line. He will still be with us next year. JOE MCMANES-Although hampered by a knee injury at the beginning of the season, joe had that spirit which makes a team and showed it to everyone the latter part of the season. He was elected honorary captain of the year. RONALD NIYERS-"Ronnie" was the fastest man on the team, but was stopped in mid-year with a broken collar bone. His weight and speed will be something to watch for in future years. DALE POVENMIRE-Dale was one of the best tacklers on the team and always a constant threat. Big things are expected of him next year, especially in backing up the line. BOB PRICE-Bob started the season at end and then was switched to halfback because of his speed and passing ability. He will still be carrying the mail for Galion next year. HAROLD RAMSEY-"Chunk', was one of our most consistent ground gainers and gave the added power needed on defense. He kicked G. H. S. out of many serious predicaments and will still be with us next year. MAURICE RITER-"Big Maurief' a returned veteran, was the largest man on the squad. He did most of the place-kicking for Galion. Remember his vicious tackling in the Bucyrus game? DON ROGERS-Don's first year as a regular proved he greatly enjoyed the game, and showed he had plenty of drive. We will long remember his brilliant runs in the Norwalk game. CLYDE SMITH-"Smitty" played quarterback and halfback, mainly being used on defense. Clyde's team spirit helped out in many a situation. LEO TUSCAN-Leo, being a starter last year, again held down his berth. He played his greatest game against Crestline and being a junior will still be around next season. JIM VENTRONE-As the season progressed, "BibsH also became more steady. We will long remember his bone crushing tackles from the line backer position. This showed he has what it takes. 3 The Night of the Game Q ' -in , Q The Tigers were off to a flying start in August I A! with strenuous practice twice a day. Finally the game night arrives. As usual the cheerleaders are on the job. i I The oin is rou h and tumble and in the locker-room , g g g at halftime the coach ives them renewed s irit, Mean- g P :J . while the band strikes up into appropriate formations ,F ,U ofa' and as a htting finale, "I-lail to the Grange" and the "Cosmo, in football logs, ' ' ff 57 is ready for anything." fmnlllar Xvcnningcr, Hayden, Kottyan, Murphy, Goodman, Bearden, Our Cheerleaders The shouts and shrielcs which came from the student body were directly due to the efforts of our cheerleaders. They composed some new cheers that proved to he extremely satisfactory. Our cheerleaders this year have been exceptionally inspiring. They seemed to be able, through their enthusiasm, to instill into the student body as a whole a genuine school spirit. They were untiring in their efforts to do their share for our Alma Mater. Nearly every Friday before a game, rallies were held in the auditorium where yells were introduced and practiced, and school songs were sung. I 9 Q Q W f. , ' viii, Q, X ww fig? STV fiifwiivf 1 K A q1,: Q -Q ' "ggi x x . iiij: - 4 A Q., j b ' '12, : , fgg V i 5g S A xi Q ,, , Q. Q 3 ' 4 - :fr 1" glad-xx 156: . 1 495. N 'Q 4 -056 K 4 ' ' '.' 5 -5 ' -L 1 ' J . f " Big Q 'fix 3 Q : M, wa.. ff-4 I S . Q , . :egg k . .-.- if mf V' f L . , .zaif tm i K K ' ' b L- . L L XI A v 0,,' Q.. Q of , O ,N ,f s 0000 O . 5 2 -1 .34 F 3 ' gp N. Qifsk vi 'S x Winter Rolls In "In the Spring a livelier iris turns on the burnished dove: In the Spring cz young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." -Alfred Lord Tennyson. When wintry winds begin to roar and blow and then gradually become calmer, everyone knows spring is just around the corner. In the meantime, the season of joyous and festive parties has arrived and every student at G. H. S. is eagerly excited and waiting in expectation for their big night. Whether it is the Hi-Y Sweetheart Party or the Girl Reserve Sweetheart Party, romance is in the air, and Dan Cupid is one individual who doesn't take "No" for an answer. The first step in the procedure is for you, the starry-eyed, love struck lad of seventeen, to invite your heartbeat to go with you. It is here that Cupid uses arrows in very lavish quantities. The suspense is breath-taking while you wait hours, even days, for your hopeful reply. Finally, with temerity you again approach her and she surrenders with an appropriate "Yes" and you both are now caught in Young Daniel's crafty snare. As depicted by the pictures on the preceding page everyone enjoyed them- selves immensely. The moonlight drives and fond "Good-Nights," will in future years strive to bring back the never forgotten memories of your teen-age dates. When Cosmo returns to his native planet he can interpret the established universal custom of love and affection. I 2 Z if fer? f 3 LTV- X Jw v f fs' 44' smwf, f' "Cosmo falls for a beautiful female and braves 7, wintry winds to go courting." Y U. 1:::- M- -:ua -' "1" 42351 ,iff 1:7 f cf 'cn J P 111. if-N I ,Zh Z , , tk ,fp ' ,hf'7,lv. ., I 1 fx f flglil 11 .' 1!" ""i4rq ' 'I , ' '1 1 ' " X , . f , ir' N 'gf -1 X P M 'Hai' ! 5 Q S54 Q F Q . , I , 5 -,.Q- S K y NM Q S . W ,- x 'sv Q1 'Q A gm www k +1 K - 'H OFFICERS THATCHER POVENMI RE LOGAN BERCAW luniors My, hut the juniors certainly have shown aggressiveness this past year with a lot of hard work as well as fun. In December they presented their class play which was a huge success. In Feb- ruary they had something new in the line of parties, a twin party. It was a lot of fun and it was surprising how they all looked when dressed as twins. Then, as a truly fitting farewell to the seniors, they gave them a stupendous reception. Dale Povenmire was their president, and helping him keep things in order was Beverly Logan as vice president. Writing the minutes every meeting was Gerald Thatcher, while Kate Bercaw was the one who saw to all the financing and kept them out of the "recl.', Miss Spink ofliciated as their sponsor and Miss Siefert was the co-sponsor. When looking for good things to come, watch this class of nifty workers go to town. """""' " Qi numiif f maint!! to-v ff t . xnxx gnnunuv uint' "" 11351 RMK -maxi!! nyguroun 1131 maxi smarts iium 111 inn: :naman ff'-'-H'-' mmmuunff VV' mann Mun lun N A , A m ji, alliilllmssfre-A ' Y 9 uf". w un, 'stamina Y --- Wag , ,. P , , t H Q Front row, left to Fighf-HEVEI Althouse, Beverly Baker, Katherine Bercaw, Mariann Baird, Gwendolyn Arter, Ann Faber, Lois Berg. Znd rowkfivclyn Bearden, Joan Brooks, Joanne Carleton, Doris Eggleston, Betty Lou Cronenwett, Esther Downard, Carol Fabian. 3rd row-joan Bonsteel, Dick Durnwald, Sam Chinni, Gordon Cline, Bill Foreman, Dick Britt, Leona Barrett. 4th row+VVillmond Cook, Everett Bracker, Robert Beegle, Dick Eichler, Howard Decker, William Carmer. 1,11 W, Front row, left to right-Dorothy McManigell, Gertrude Holclerness, Ellanorah Huber, Eileen Kelly, Teresa Martin, Shirley Langford, Sue Kraner. Znd row-Mariann Liggett, Beverly Logan, Barbara Haspeslagh, Joyce Hayden, Mary Ann Jacobs, Marilyn McHenry, Wfanda Meeham. 3rd row--James Heiscr, Richard Goorley, Donald Hocker, Eugene Haas, Willianx Harrison, James Kriegel, Merle Haas, William Galland. 4th rowgjolmn Haas, Eugene Henkel, Tom Glauner, John Hatter. Front row, left to rightfAlherta Rhinehart, Priscilla Palmer, Dorothy Pugh, Wilma Reclcs. Mary Moralles, Pauline Scherer, Nancy Murphy. Znd row-APat Poistcr, janet Pfeifer, Ida Marie Sautter, Marilyn Raypole, Pat Rhodes, Nancy Ritzhaupt, Pauline Phillips, 3rd row7Albert Miller, Edward Reidesel, Clarence Schncgelsbergcr, Bob Price, Harold Ramsey, Ted Schrcclc, Theodore Rehl. 4th row ---- Dale Povcnmirc, Robert Pollock, Arthur O'l.cary, James Rhodcbeclc, Maurice Ritcr. lfront row. left to right--JoAnn Xvindbigler, Ruth Steffec, Barbara Wilson, ,Ioana Secver, Dierdre Watkins, Bonnie Staub. Barbara Smith. Ind Carol Smith, Arlene Vaughcn, Patty Thomppson, Barbara Schultz, Dorothy Smith, Patsy Timson, lllfxf Mary l.ou Stough. Brel row---Kenneth Somerlor, Jack Wilson, Arthur Weiininger, Richard Wittibschlager, Tom Spaid, Lynn Wagstaff, Leo Tuscan. 4th row--Robert Stowe, James Tucker, Gerald Thatcher, Leo Smith, Jack Williams, Richard Young. Not pictured---Richard Fiolthouse, Bruce Rogers, Albert Treisch, Deltna Weir, Robert Windbigler, Robert Gale, Joyce Eckstein. New "Spring Green"--- unior Class Play Being centered around earthworms and a costume dance, the junior class play proved to be a decided success. Capably directed by Miriam Sayre, the three-act comedy, "Spring Greenf' was presented to an enthusiastic audience on the evening of December 2. Barbara Haspeslagh presented organ selections during the intermissions. THE CAST Nina Cassell ,, Mrs. Rumble Scootie Cassell ,,,,,, Mr. Putnam Tony Cassell ,,,r Pinkie Ames . , Patti Thompson H Eileen Kelly Nancy Murphy Tom Glauner Ellanorah Huber Mary Lou Stough Dunk Doyle .,.,, ,,,,,..e.,. L eo Smith Bing Hotchkiss . .. ..,,, Dale Povenmire Genevieve Jones ,, , ,,,,, , ,,,,,, Joice Hayden The Voice of Mrs. Jones ,,r,,,,r, , Pat Poister Major Todd ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. , ..., ,,.,.. R obert Pollock Newton Todd .... Eula Hotchkiss , Dr. Luther Blodgett H ., , Officer Ryan . ,,,, Billy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gerald Thatcher Ruth Steffee U , Tom Spaid Maurice Riter Leo Tuscan The committees which helped to make the play a success were: Stage Manager-James Rhodebeck. Make-up-Nancy Ritzhaupt, Eva Althouse. Property-janet Pfeifer, Mariann Liggett, Ted Schreck. Costumes-Betty Lou Cronenwett, Mary Ann Jacobs, Pat Timson, Pat Poister.. Stage Furnishings-Lois Berg, Joan Bonsteel, Leona Barrett, How- ard Decker, Joan Brooks. Stage Crew-Arthur O'Leary, Bill Carmer, Richard Wittibschlager, Harold Ramsey, Dick Britt, Donald Hocker. Prompters--Ann Faber, Wilma Reeks. Publicity-Gordon Cline, Beverly Logan, Beverly Baker, Bill Fore- man, Sue Kraner, Sam Chinni, Dick Goorley. Tickets-Bob Beegle, Barbara Wilson, Bill Gallancl, Bob Stowe, Shirley Langford, Wanda Meehan. Program-Eugene Henkel, Arlene Vaughan, Joan Carleton. Play Selection-Lynn Wagstaff, Patti Thompson, Leona Barrett. We 525151 -he .wwmau V W2 ij? ' if s o-f WN This year the Hi-Y had the most active and busiest in ,7 program of recent years. The club served the school I, V, and community faithfully, thus living up to the name 4 6 of a service organization. . A The group had charge of the concession stand at ' Q the football games, the Thanksgiving Day assembly, E and dedication of more names to the honor plaque. i " The Hi-Y Father and Son Banquet and the Sweet- ,QETQ A l T heart Party were gay and festive occasions and were Hcosmo does an excellent job assisll enjoyed by all members. The club sponsored three ing with me Hi,Y Cgncessign sfandj' community projects and enjoyed two parties at the Y. M. C. A. in Bucyrus, the latter being a Co-ed Party. Clyde Smith did a commendable job as president and with the cabinet assumed most of the responsibilities of the club. He had able assistance from Lynn Heslcett as vice president, John Monroe as secretary, Richard Beck as treasurer, and George Treisch as sergeant-at-arms. The club owes a large part of its success to its co-operative sponsors, Mr. Tracht and Mr. Bailey, who have helped in every way possible. Unforgetable to any member will be the initiation at the very beginning, fol- lowed through the year by enjoyment and hard work. MEMBERS Front row, left to right-Mr. Bailey, Cass, Wisler, Heis- er, K. Heiser, Ramsey, Han- lon, Haas, Dye, Durnwald, Ellilcer, Mr. Tracht. 2nd row-Flick, Helfrich, Poven- mire, McCormick, K e l l e r , Carmer, Myers, Rogers, Mon- roe, Karnes, Kempf, Schreclc. 3rd row-Malone, Stowe, Britt Price, M. Ventrone, Bates, C. Smith, Carleton, Yunlcer, Enqlehart, Fendriclc, String- fellow. 4th row-Schwartz, L, Smith, L. Heslcett, McManes, Young, Miller, DeCain, Ventrone, D. Heslcett, Beck. Last row--Beegle, Trcisch, Eichlcr. CABINET Seated, left to right-Povcnmirc, Treisch, L. Hcslcetr, Smith, Monroe, Beck, Malone. Standing-Stowe, Bccglc, Carleton. lst row, left to right-Hoover, Bauer, Schmitt, Kottyan, Forrest, Mulberg, Ritzhaupt, Place, Romine Mc Cune, Cronenwett, McCormick, Watson, Davids. Znd row-Durtschi, Dougherty, Glenn, Deaton, Pickering, Hart, Miss Emmenegger, Shaffer, Gow, Ehrhart 3rd row Davis, Daniels, Fogle, Steffee, Thoman. Poland, Shockley, Finical, Heffelfinger, Klingel, Lenhart, Smith, lVlonat, Finney, Anker, M Ross B. Ross, Quay, Ruby, Rick. Girl Reserves One of the most active organizations in our school this year was the Girl Re- serves, which entered into more activities than the preceding years. The G. R. held its first meeting at Heise Park, and it was jointly with the Blue Triangle in the form of a Hobo Party. Cther social events of the year which proved to be successful were the Christmas Party, the annual Mother-Daughter Tea, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The latter was a great success, at which time the two clubs and their guests were clad in stocking feet and the boys wore vegetable corsages, which were destroyed during the strenuous square dancing. During the Valentine season the G. R. and Blue Triangle held their annual Sweetheart Party in the gymnasium, which was decorated in Valentine motif. The G. R. also attended various churches in a body once a month. At Christ- mas time they erected and decorated a large tree in the main corridor, and sold Christmas cards. In March they presented an interesting assembly program, which was enjoyed by the entire student body. The organization was under the capable leadership of Barbara Shaffer, ably assisted by vice president Betty Hart. Minutes were recorded by Meroe Rick, and Marian Smith took care of the financial matters. CABINET Seated, left to right-Ross, Smith, Shaffer, Hart, Rick, Ankcr. Standing-Gow, Pickering, Klingel, Heffeliinger, Schmitt, Kotry1n Row I--Faber, Langford, Scherer, Moralles, Steffee, Liggett, Meeham, lVlclVlanigell, Huber, Phillips, Bercaw B. Smith, Kraner, Murphy. Row Z-Berg, Beardon, Wilson, Staub, Stough, Brooks, Ritzhaupt, Rhodes, Miss Harris, Logan, Cronenwett Poister, Carleton, Holderness, Palmer, Reeks. Row 5--Moore, Vaughen, Raypole, D. Smith, Haspeslagh, Schultz, C. Smith, Jacobs, Barrett, Hayden, Thompson, Bonsteel, Timson, Althouse, Pfiefer, Downard. Blue Triangle The Blue Triangle, one of our up-and-coming organizations of two years, has really reached their highest achievement this year. Thru the co-operation of each and every member of this junior club of the G. R., they have been able to worlc out an interesting, varied and well developed course of events. Following the slogan, purpose, code, and pledge set before them, they could be found doing many helpful deeds during the year. Ar Christmas time, they collected toys and gave them to the Children's Home. They also made favors for those who spent Christmas at the hospital. Each meeting they had was interestingly planned and among these were their Mother-Daughter Tea, Christmas Party and the Farewell to the Senior members. Together with the G. R. they helped make both the Sweetheart Party and the Sadie Hawkins Dance, as well as their assembly, overwhelming successes. CABINET Scatcdf-Barrett, Timson, lVlclVlanigcll, Rhodes, Steffec, Schultz. Standing-Staub, Mccham, Hayden, Thompson, Haspeslagh, Carleton, Faber. lst row, left to right-McCartney, Arter, Baird, Kochniclt, M. Hoover, Bauer, Scherer, Langford, Allen, Mont- gomery, A. Downard, Pugh, Martin, Carleton, Phillips, Moralles, Liggett, Forrest, Bercaw, Teetrick, Price, Weir. Znd row-Siebert, Bearden, Monroe, Sipes, Wilcox, Shifley, Senn, Rogers, A, Hoover, B. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Ruby, Althouse, Romine, E. Downard, Norman, Greenawalt, Cline, Bayles. 5rd row--Lucius, D. Fabian, Daniels, Howman, Whitesell, Farrell, Durtschi, Dougherty, Shadley, Goldsmith, Shockley, Strauch, Monat, Eggleston, Watkins, C. Fabian, Timson, Ehrhart, Champion, Vaughen, Hart, Heffelfinger. Future Home-Makers 0 America During the school year of ,46 and '47 the Future Home-Makers Club of Amcr- ica, held their meetings once a month on Thursday, under the capable guidance of Miss Helen Smith, supervisor of Idome Economics in the High School. The ofhcers who helped lead the club thru a successful year are: President, Shirley Monatg Vice President, Kate Bercawg Secretary, Eva Althouse, Treasurer, Pat Timson. Highlights of the club this year were the Christmas Exchange Party, the Spring dance, and a very novel assembly. These activities were carried off to great suc- cess, which promises that future years will see a truly great organization, the F. H. A. F. H. A. CABINET Seated, l. to r.+Durtschi, Timson, Bercaw, Monat, Althouse, Dougherty. StandingiSchmitt, Forrest, Romine. Fabian, Hart, Scherer. Seated, left to right-Mr. Bailey, B, Schultz, Gill, Watson, Mr. Tracht. Standing-Kempf, Monroe, D. Schultz, Englehart, Beck, Rehl, Goorley. Math Club An organization in G. H. S. which has not been in existence long, but is creating a great deal of interest, is the Math Club, under the supervision of Mr. Bailey. This is the second year for this organization and it is for the purpose of further research in mathematics. They held weekly meetings and were responsible for the successful dance which was held following the Marion Harding basketball game. The Math Club was organized for all students interested in increasing their knowledge of mathematics and desiring certain advantages and miscellaneous short Cuts. From this association, opportunity is given for presentation and discussion of mathe- matical subjects of interest, such as the slide rule, graphs, brain teasers, tricks, and short cuts. The officers of this year's club were: John Gill, Presidentg Beverly Watson, Vice President, and Barbara Schultz, Secretary and Treasurer. VARSITY Scared, left to right-Fendriclc, Price, Thatcher, Treiscli, L. Heslccrt, Smith, Eiclxler. Standing-Britt, Mgr., Tuscan, Ramsey, Pollock, D, I-leslcett, Rogers, Stringfcllow, Mgr., Coach Rnnnow. JR. VARSITY Seated-Dysinger, Benbow, Lake, Glauner, St. Clair, Fink, Ventrone, Reelcs. Standing-Price, lVlgr,, Ellilcer, Bates, Hofmeister, Glenn, D. Cass, Marshall, Dye, Cass, Coach Hixson N Top-Fendrick, Treisch, Thatcher. Middle-Price, Hcslcett, Smith. Bottom-Eichler, Pollock. Basketball Resume Findlay Lima Central Delaware Ashland Mt. Gilead Bucyrus Crestline Shelby , Galion 15 :':Bucyrus Galion 33 41Bellevue Galion 35 :':Norwallc , Galion 39 xUp. Sandusky Galion 54 laffrestline Galion 55 Marion Galion 42 "Shelby Galion 29 zliwillard Tournament Game-Findley 43, Galion :xc League Games Galion Galion Galion Galion Galion Galion Galion Galion we 'Sf 7 . if? W ,,.V'. , A' 'i7"i?,if'7?: 5. Q as AM ' ' ' 'U -as 35 A ? Hi fl fa. Gy Q Q 12 NA, X is S , -v kr' 5 Q Y- ' 'iw , iw ' E' 'M 11 f YV, QV .' fn 'A '- 5: -Zvi 1 it " ,V5?"' 1 x , f L ' J f uf Q A bf: W V A w'I X' ii' '.-. .Q Kg m..m.i. f 'wwf MH . " A Yi - . 3 Q: x . I L . , . Q , Q 1 3 ,Q Q up ziggy Z iH i?ili1w ' ,Q A - 1. -f. - VW' -2 -,C . I C Q f U 241 ' if ' -.. .J WIQPIT " Q gl ' "'- W K t F H VVV,h U :ZV www? J ' '1' f 1 , Q ' ' A ' 'W A , I ,, s. ,ip 2 Qwg lgi ea, 1 H ,,, . Q, 159 4 Q .Q rw ,Q . . MSX - .V .s. W , JA" ix 4 :Wg 1 uf 52 , A ' 1 H. Y """""' 2955 rw, 9' -+ K5 Game Time Promptly at 6:45 o'clock the -Iayvees appear on the basketball floor. After a few minutes of sharp ball hand- ling and shooting, the game commences. Untiringly, they do their utmost to uphold the prestige of the younger squad and usually prove their forth-coming abilities with- out doubt to any spectator. Following the reserve game the mighty Tigers make their appearance amid wild applause. We have no doubt of the fierce Bengals, accuracy and team spirit. Both teams worked long and hard for the ultimate victory. s Basketball Lettermen F 1' aa - A ey l l W , A f? "Cassie needs plenty of Jub- rication during cz strenuous game." Lynn Heskett--Capt. Heskett proved to his teammates and to the fans of Gal- ion High, they made a wise choice as a leader. Being an expert defensive player and foul shooter, Lynn's loss from the squad will be greatly missed. George Treisch-Big George, the southpaw, was always there for the rebound. A crack-shot from his pivot post, George usually kept G. H. S. in the game. Using his height for an advantage, George very seldom missed with those left-handed pitches. Gerald Thatcher-"Thatch" is famous for his long shots. With an eagle eye for Held goals, Gerald soon became one of the crack shots on the team. He was an expert defensive player, and will still be with us next year. Bob Price-Bob was, no doubt, the fastest and the smallest person on the team and was also one of the highest scorers. Using his speed for advantage, Bob ac- quired remarkable shooting and defensive ability. Bob will be with us next year. Jim Fendrick--Jim, a veteran on the hardwood after a two year lay-off, had a one-hand shot that couldn't be beat. Using his speed and size, together with his clever manner of handling the ball, his marksmanship was always deadly. Leo Smith-Leo, another junior on the starting five, was the highest scorer on the team. Getting most of the rebounds, Leo was always accurate from any place on the court. "Smitty" will be back next year, ready for a bigger and better season. Dick Eichler-Dick, playing his first year of Varsity basketball, proved that the "sub" is one of the main players on a team. His ability at defense was a high- light on the hardwood. His clever ball handling carried him to his first Varsity Basketball letter. Bob Pollock-Near the close of the season Bob really showed promise for next year. His eagle-eye shots and rebounds will make him one of the future's high scorers. He was a very capable understudy at center. wav l Zncl row 5rd row- - lst row, left to rightflnloover, Kottyan, Liggett, Faber, Phillips, McCormick, M. Cronenwett, Shaffer, Lang- ford, Pugh, Steffee, Reeks, Meeham, Bercaw, Murphy. -Ehrhart, Gow, Logan, B. Cronenwett, Glenn, Place, N. Ritzhaupt, Hayden, Thompson, Althouse, Pickering, Berg, Davis, Wilson, Staub, Huber, Holderness. Finicnl, Bonsteel, Heffelfinger, Klingel, Hart, Ritzhaupt, Barrett, Lenhart, M. Smith, Monat, Ankcr, Timson, Schultz, Jacobs, Quay, Ruby, C. Smith, Downard, Pfeifcr, Stough. Even Cosmo cc1n't resist temptation." "ll ., ff i . X Q l , . 1 , f f Wwffhfihfff .f1Wm'f'c"fff' E Q Girls' Athletic Association Without the Girls' Athletic Association G. H. S. would be at a loss, for they would have no school boosters. It was the G. A. A. girls who sold those swell tiger car plates and other novel school emblems. This was not only a means of keeping the students in good school spirit, but also was a means of securing funds for the club. The girls have had a busy year, not only in athletics, but in presenting social and other kinds of programs. In December they held a formal Christ- mas party which was the first of its kind in the history of the club. In Jan- uary they presented an unforgettable assembly, displaying their talents in tumbling and calisthenics. At the close of the year they had a "Sports Day" and invited all the schools with whom they had exchanged meets. The club has competition among the juniors, seniors and sophomores in hockey, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, softball and archery. They also have a varsity team which plays the various towns in volleyball and softball. The G. A. A. has certainly put Galion on the map as far as girls' sports are concerned, for they have played games with teams ranging in proximity from Crestline to Sandusky. Congratulations, Girls' Athletic Association! You've done a good job this year and have shown that clean sportsmanship is also an admirable trait in the truly 'iAmerican Girlf, - G. A. A. CABINET Seated, left to right - Berg, Shaffer, Miss Sicfert, pick- cring, McCormick. Standing-Ruby, Klingcl, Hay- den, Monat, Thompson, Lv nh a r t , Heffclhngcr, Stough. MN! Marching Band Every Friday night as the crowd sat on the bleachers awaiting the beginning of the football game, a faint drum beat was heard in the distance. It grew loud- er and louder, and finally the strains of our school song were heard. As the peo- ple rose to their feet, the splendid marching band, consisting of 82 members, came into view. Thus is a scene viewed by any G. H. S. student during the fall SCRSOII. -V One of the added attractions for each game occurred when the band made their intricate formations in a blacked-out stadium. The band was fortunate in being able to attend all games in Galion and those which were away. At every game the band performed with unique perfection. We hope our expectations for a band such as we had this year are not in vain, but can become a fulhlled reality of future years. UPPER LEFT UPPER RIGHT lst row-Huber Rehl Carleton Tracht. lst row-Holclerness, Eichhorn, Yeiter, Decker ' ' i Walker, Rauth. 2nd row-Faber, Glenn, Lenhart, Dickerson. Znd rowtlcunkel, Liggen, Franks! Pickering, A Ritzhaupt. 3rd row-Englehart, Haspcslagh, Logan, Pfeifer Thompson, Finney. UPPER CENTER, LEFT UPPER CENTER, RIGHT Jack Williams lst VOW-Cl Woodburn, Woodburn, lst row-Deaton, Wilson, Butts. Gates, Schalip, Fortney. Znd row-Taylor, Clark, Barrett, Tav 2nd row-K. Heiser, Malone, Yunker, ans Martin, Myers, Wittibschlager. ' CENTER C. Scherer, Rhinehart, Poister, Williams, Wilson, P. Scherer, D. Scherer. LOWER CENTER, LEFT lst row-R. Williams, A. Rhinehart Murphy, J. Rhinchart. LOWER LEFT lst row-Kempf, Cronenwett, Goorley. Znd row-Timson, Ross, Pollock, Gin der, N. Ritzhaupt. i Znd row-D. Bonsteel, Schultz, Young, LOWER CENTER, RIGHT lst row--1. Bonsteel, Seckel, ,McElhat ten, Durtschi. 2nd row-Gay, Rogers, Povenmire, El liker, Heiser. LOWER RIGHT lst row-Monroe, Scherer, Gill, Riede sel. 2nd row--Beach, Englehart, Lamb. 'wwe SKA Q my ll x X B sf ' .gf 5' X Q! is Q. NX 5 fifll l' i X Z fp "Once in a while Cosmo lets cz note drop which is purely flat." Concert Band During the concert season two programs were presented by the G. H. S. band. The first was given on January 30, and was directly in honor of all senior members. This concert consisted of many different varieties of music. Among them were "Brazil," "Tea For Twol' and "Brazilian Folk Songf' There were also three senior piano soloists who were accompanied by the band: Joan Dougherty playing "La Rougetteng Ann Deaton presented "The Clock and the Dresden Figures," and john Monroe favored with "Repartee." The second erformance was much more serious in nature. The ro ram fea- P P S tured "Prelude and Fugue in G" by Bach, "Pastel Moods," a novelty presentation of "Case ones 'l the Boo ie-Woo ie rendition of "Auditorium Sessionf, and the Y v g g o ular Sousa march 'QThe Stars and Stri es Forever." P P P The band has also participated in the Band Festival at Bellevue and the district auditions at Bluffton. The band and their director, Fredoff Liddell, are to be congratulated for a magnificent piece of work, and truly it can be said, they had a collosal repertoire of musical entertainment. lst row, left to right-vBrooks, Poland, Rhodes, Gow, Kottyan, P, Schmitt, B. Hoover, M. Hoover, Palmer 13. Ehrhart, B. Schmitt, Huber, N. Smith, Downard, Ind row Ciates. Ray-pole, N. Allen, Craun, Baird, Cronenwett, Teetriclt, Davids, Foos, Stough, Alt house, Derrow, Shitley, Kelly, Davis, Vaughen, Anker. Grd row G. Treisch, l.. Smith, Schultz, D. Smith, Durtschi, Sauttcr, Moody, P. Ehrhart, Sterfee, B Smith, Forrest, Bercaw, Rogers, Glenn, Goldsmith, Carmer, Decker. ith row Heslcett, Trautman, W. Treisch, Fliclc, Ginder, O'Leary, Qxaal, Marshall, Cameron, Ryan Scif, Allen, Wiggins. The Choir This year the choir was an outstanding performing organization of G. H. S., and was superior in many qualities. The Choir consists of seventy voices, together with their director, Mr. Liddell and accompanists, -Ioan Dougherty and Ted Rehl. Their first performance of the year was at the Christmas P. T. A. meeting. This program consisted of a varied selection of music with secular and religious num- hers heing sung. This year the Choir was host to the Choir Festival, with choirs from Bellevue, Crestline, Buc rus and Galion. The entire wro ram was iven in Y l S g the Senior Hi li Auditorium and was acclaimed a hu e success. g S ln addition to the mixed choir, Mr. Liddell has organized a girls chorus. This is the second year the girls chorus has been in existence and again they have been deemed extremely successful. Baseball Starting another season under their new coach, the Galion Tigers ball club boomed into action with two victories before meeting Mansfield, fDistrict champs in '461 on their home field. Playing on a wet and slippery diamond, the Bengals failed to hit when needed and errors were costly. This was Galion's first loss, 4-1. Playing in their newly organized basaball league, the Tigers are out to win the trophy that will be awarded to the winning league team. This newly organized league consists of: Upper Sandusky, Willard, Shelby, Bellevue, Bucyrus, and Galion. It is similar to the N. O. L. except that Norwalk and Crestline do not support teams. Starting the season with 9 lettermen, two of which were pitchers, Coach Ran- now is building his team around a small but mighty squad. Quoting Coach Ran- now, "We won't win them all, but will get our sharef, SCHEDULE April 6 Ashland April 15 Willard April 17 Mansfield April 21 Marion April 24 Ashland April 28 Bellevue? May 1 Shelby? May 5 Mansheld May 6 Upper Sandusky? May 7 District Tournament May 8 Willardx May 12 Bucyrus May 13 Marion May 26 Bucyruszl: il: League games Kneeling, left to right-Elliker, Cook, Schwartz, Wisler, Cass, Hofmeister, Bates, Dye. Standing--Rogers, Price, Fendrick, Heskett, Treisch, Smith, Weixninger, Tuscan, Coach Rannow Ist row, left to right-Deaton, McCune, Flowers, Davis, Mul- berg. 2nd row-Kottyan, Shaffer, Miss Harris, Watson, McCormick. 3rd row-Daniels, Rick, Anker, Ross, Finney, Lenhart. 4th row--Heiser, Flick, Palmer, Derfler, Karnes, Rogers. Spanish Club "Los Chicos de Espana" fthe Spanish Club to youj enjoyed another successful year as they portrayed many Spanish customs in their meetings, which were held every two weeks. Their most enjoyed social event was the Christmas Party. Everyone had a marvelous time, "even though most of the members had saw-dust in their hair immediately following the fiesta." The club also held an assembly early last spring which proved to be both interesting and entertaining. As their leaders for the year the club elected the following: President, "Rafael', Flowers, Vice President, "Maria" McCune5 Secretary, "Maria Elenav Davis, Treasurer, "Estrellita,' Mulberg, and Program Chairman, "Anita" Deaton. Miss Harris has sponsored the group and proved herself to be a very worthy advisor. Students have seen members of the club wearing their novel pins. These are yellow gold and have on them the inscription, "Los Chicos de Espana". Any student who owns one can be proud when he says, "Fm a member of the Spanish Club." Kellogg. Shop Here is a group of boys who are out to conquer the industrial world with an early start. They are very practical fellows and nearly always become mechanical geniuses, under the able instruc- tion of Piner Long, co-ordinator, and Ora Tracht. Among the related subjects which the shop boys study are history, problems of democracy, shop math, science, and drawing. These added items help to broaden the field of machine shop endeavor. The young machinists thus receive excellent prepara- tion for vocations in local and other industries. Aside from the humming of the familiar old machines and apparatus are the sounds of some additions to the other equip- ment. Several new machines and accessories have been secured through the War Assets Administration by merely paying the shipping costs. Among these are a new milling machine, a large airplane engine, and numerous airplane parts. Objects and machinery of local manufacturers and individuals are periodically brought in to the shop for repairs or alterations and this practice gives the shop boys actual experience. While the boys do not have any parties, two hay rides were enjoyed by all. Left to right-Carleton Ross Cameron, Lillo Holtshouse Tucker, Mr. Long Vcntronc 1 Not picturcdl Rirzlnupl Seated---Stowe, Smith, Miss Trachr, Ross, Hayden. Sltll1tlll1g'KCllCf, McClure. Assembly Committee The assembly committee was Very active during the school year and presented a schedule to the student body, which was enthusiastically received and acknowl- edged as superb by everyone. Every student will remember "The Cornfield Follies" and the Karnes, Mc- Nlanes and Ness interpretation of the "lVlartin's and the Coy7s". An outstanding speaker of the year was Dr. Ronald Thompson, registrar ol' Ohio State University, who spoke on "World Peace Today", and with the seniors on "College Entrancen. Their greatest achievement of the year was the musical program, using stu- dent participation. Outstanding soloists, duets, and trios were the highlight of the afternoon, Edward Riedesel received high acclaim for his version of Q'0ld Man River." Others included a brass quartet, composed of James Yunlcer, Ray Ma- lone, Kenneth Heiser and David Schultz. Comedians John lx!I0l'l1'0L' and Wil- hert lfnglehart presented a tribute to the girls attending the Hi-Y Sweetheart Par- ty, followed by their version of "You Bring the Wlmiskey, I'lI Bring the Rye". The assembly committee should be congratulated on their splendid work throughout the year. This group was capably sponsored by Nliss 'liracht and was represented by two members of each class. Spring is Never Far Behind "Though April showers may come your way: They bring the flowers that bloom in May." Ar G. H. S. everyone seemed refreshed when March 21 rolled around. Even the teachers could be seen applying cosmetics, before school commenced, of course. Every student in Coach Rannow's physical education classes remembers the strenuous days of tumbling and wrestling, followed by an aftermast of bruises and a more rigid realization of the events. In physics and chemistry classes experiments continued as usual, followed by the usual section test. During the third period chemistry class, everyone lived in fear after Mr. Swick explained the formulas for preparing T. N. T. and dyna- mite, mainly because Vince and Herb were always playing with dangerous com- pounds and any bottle of acid they could lay their hands on. No one really considers the great task done by our janitors. Always faithful, Mr. Hershner spends a nice, quiet evening in the custodianls office. Mr. Hershner and Mr. Dewalt are to be heartily recommended for the services they rendered throughout the term and vacation periods. Each period Tuesday the faithful movie projector operators show films to the various classes, including biology, literature and P. D. "Cosmo and another individual who doesn't desire to live do a little experimenting of their own. May they rest in peace if any- thing blows." ln Y Ol gg " Z we i. A lil' :Siu ESQ X3 W N. K ! 3l r - o sw ,gm X ,gei?iNFg'v?sa!Q gi - 1-1:1093 Wi I U I . , QF Q55 , I 3 fa Seated Cleft to right, Cronenwett, Carmer, Staub. Standing-B. Smith, Raypole, Downard, Stough. Beverly Logan, cditorg Mrs. H. L. Glenn, sponsorg Bill Carmer, business manager. Seated-Holclerness, Carleton, Thompson, Logan, Poister, Pfeifer, Murphy. Standing-Ritzhaupt, Wilson, Vaughn, Haspeslagh, L. Smith, Pollock, Povenmire, Bonsteel, D. Smith, Rhodes, Huber, Faber. Lantern Each year brings a group of juniors who, because of their journalistic interests, wish to attempt the publication of the school newspaper, the LANTERN. This year Mrs. Glenn assumed sponsorship of the Lantern and proved herself quite competent as established by the various issues. Although they were faced with numerous obstacles as well as the joys and experience of working as a group, they proved their ability to master the taslc set before them by editing four issues of school news and happenings. The staff sponsored a dance following the Ashland football game at which time Phyllis Ehrhart was chosen the Homecoming Queen of G. H. S. They also had a photographic contest which was won by Sam Chinni. Under the capable editorship of Beverly Logan, the Lantern this year was a huge success and we give them our hearty acclaim and desire in their edition of the 1948 Spy. Track For the third straight year the Galion Thinclads started off the season with early training. Seven letter- men will be back this year to inspire the Tigers down the home stretch. Ronald Myers, undefeated in the 100 yd. and 220 yd. dash last year, except at the district meet, will be attempting to break the Galion record in both. Other lettermen in order of their events are: John Monroe, low hurdles and relay man, Herbert Helfrich, high hurdles, relay man and clash mang Junior St. Clair, 440 yd. dash and relay man, Mike Ventrone, pole vault, Gerald Thatcher, high jump. 50 X , TM W 1 K . lb Cosmo starts training tor the mile run early in March in an etlort ot better Galion's star, Smith, who travels the stretch These boys will carry most of Galion's hopes this in gzog' year, as the Tigers have 9 dual meets, besides attending relays all over the state. Some of the relays that the thinclads will attend will be: Ashland, Delaware, Mansfield, Toledo, and the Dis- trict meet at Upper Sandusky. Starting their training early in March, the thinclads worked long and hard to bring another successful track team to G. H. S. The boys who commenced this season were the largest number ever out for track at Galion. Other boys participating this year included: Clyde Smith, Dick Schreck, Bob McCormick, Vince DeCain, Dick Marshall, Harold Ramsey, Bob Fink, Albert Miller, Ted Schreck and Dick Britt. lst row, loft to right-Beach, Marshall, Kocheiser, Yochem, Durnwald, Moore. 2nd row-T. Schreck, Monroe, Myers, Ventrone, Helfrich, Ramsey, Fink, Fiedner. 3rd row--Loyer, Reeks, D. Schreck, McCormick, O'Leary, DeCain, Coach Hixson, Stringfellow, Hockworth, Farina, Allen. Spy Staff Loft to right-Herbert Helfrich, associate vditorz Nlcruc Rick. nrt vdilui Wilbcrt Engcllmrt, editor. Imlit lu right Plncc, Klingcl, Pickering, Gill, Slmnffcr, Smith, Denton, Nlcfjunc. Dougherty. l,s-lit to riglit. svnu-cl'---Hvflivlfingcr, Flick, R, Nlccormiclc, Mr. Swiclc, Hart, B. Mc- Cormick, Hciscr. SIilI1dil1g'KOIIY3l1, lVlclVlanes, Ness, Treisch, Flowers, Durtschi, Rogers. JW "Cosmo worked long and strenuously to make the deadlines." The Spy The old proverb "where there's smoke there's firei' could easily be changed to "where there's Spring there is a Spy being rushed to the printers so that it can make the deadline." An old tradition of G. H. S. is once more being performed by the seniors in their publication of the Spy. As juniors, when the staff is elected, everyone feels that he is overflowing with novel ideas, but far be it when the senior year rolls around and you are assigned your topics and then all your brainstorms seem ucornyn and Nunoriginalf' You try feverishly to forget the deadline, at the same time attempting to make the editor also forget it. flt failed every time., Finally after wrestling many nights with dictionaries, rubber cement, centering pictures, and figuring out unusual pages, the big day arrives when the engravings and copy are once more in the printer's hands. All the work is then completed except for the distribution, and after reading through it you realize that maybe all the work wasnit completely futile, that all those dreary hours were not spent in vain. Furthermore, you have the privilege of saying, "I was on the Spy staff of 1947." junior-Senior Reception SPRING '46 Under the direction of Josephine Tracht and Rose Siefert, junior class spon- sors, the senior class of 1947 will long remember their greatest achievement, the reception of 1946. Using a style never experienced before, the balcony was decorated for the first time in the history of G. H. S. Decorated in pink, light blue and light brown, the class carried through a tropical climate pattern with greatest accuracy. Palm trees lined the walls blended with one of the largest sea shells ever built by any organi- zation in Galion. With dancing to the music of Metcalf's orchestra, this reception was truly the highlight of our career. The decoration committee worked two weeks in hanging wire and crepe paper, besides the months it took in preparation and planning. This committee included: Lynn Heskett, Chairman, Charles Karnes, Herbert Helfrich, Carol Klingel, Joyce Durtschi, Marvin Derfler, George Seeds, Jane Place, Jim Ness and Joe McManes. THE PROGRAM Girls' Quartet: Carol Pickering, Irene Kottyan, Barbara Shaffer, Dawn Forrest Accompanied by Joan Dougherty Tap Dance ,,,,,, ..,,.., ..r,,,.... . . . ...... ., Nancy Murphy Accordian Solo ....,........ ....... .... ..... , ....... ........... B a r b ara Ross Novelty Bass Selection .,e... ........,.,...... ...... J ohn Monroe, Wilbert Englehart Trumpet Trio ,,,,,,,, ,,.... J im Yunker, Jim Wittibschlager, Raymond Malone THE MENU Hors D'Oeuvres Chicken Sandwiches Martha Washington Cake Nuts and Mints Punch X fi ra , L lst Znd 3rd row-left to right-Gow, Pickering, Deaton. row-Klingel, Anker, See- vers, Finney, Glenn. row-Smith, Flowers, De- Cain, Derfler, Karnes. "In a House Like This" U The senior class presented as their annual production Lewis Beach's "In a House Like This", a sequel to the one presented in 1926. The play is a comedy in three acts and the plot is built around a typical American family and home, a place where congenial hospitality is found by everyone. Brad Ingals, leaving college because of financial difficulties, soon becomes in- terested in an amateur theater and runs into difficulty when Bertha, a member of the cast, decides to take a vacation. Finally, after much worry, the family decides that Granny could portray the part perfectly. However, she has her own ideas concerning the way the part should be acted. But on the opening night Gran is too impressed by her family to disappoint them and play the part as Brad wants it. The plot also develops a couple romances, one between Ronald and Mary, and the other between Lois and Giles. However, by the close of the third act all prob- lems are solved: Granny, ,,.,, , Lois ,, , , Julia .,,.,,, Eunice. Bernard, ,,,, , Ronald., Rhoda ,. Giles.. . Bradley ,, Doty , Mary, ,.,, , Noel ....,,, ,, Hugh , , THE CAST Marilyn Glenn ,Ann Deaton Carol Pickering .. Joan Anker Ralph Flowers Marvin Derfler . ...Beryl Gow ...lim Seevers ,Charles Karnes ,Carol Klingel Pat Finney ,, . Clyde Smith .,,,,Vince DeCain McManes, McCormick, Shaffer, Rogers. Seniors Commencement at last l l l This was the sigh of relief that every Senior breathed on the night of his last appearance at G. H. S. As we reminisce of our past experience we wonder if it is really a relief or would we again like to relive those precious mo- ments. In the sophomore year we had a gay and festive gypsy party. As juniors we presented the junior class play. "Ever Since Eve," followed by a stunning and magnificent reception. Finally, as a fitting finale we presented a stupendous senior class play and senior party. It was all wonderful and moreover, it certainly wasnit wasted. We've grown and learned a great amount from our arrival as noisy sophomores to the more reserved seniors of the present. Congratulations, Seniors! Herels hoping you make your ideals become reality as you have done in your high school career. "At last the graduation arrives and everyone is exceedingly X i joyous." ,, X JOAN ANKILR Bli'l"1'Y BAUER DENNIS BEACH RICIIARD BECK RONALD l3U'l"I'S JACK CAMERON ROBISRT CARLETON MILDRED CRONENXVETT JOAN ANKER G. A. A. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 5: Spanish Club 4: Lantern 3: Mirror lg Choir l. 3. 4: jr. Class Play 3 : Usher 2. 3. ,loan has completed her education except for one fact: she still thinks school begins at nine o'clock. All joking aside though. on gloomy. rainy mornings. when life seems darkest and most foreboding for everyone. there is one ray of sunshine expelling all surrounding gloom. We refer to joan. DENNIS BEACH Intramurals 3: Choir l: Band l. 2. 3. 4. Behind that blatant horn which has sounded forth last period in the afternoon is one of the most friendly. smiling. and good-natured boys in the senior class. Loma rcmemberd will be the nickname Miss Harris pronounced on him: "chicklet." RONALD BUTTS Mirror l: Band 2. 3 4. Ronnie is known as the little man with the big deep voice. Long remembered will be the way he was able to read the Gettysburg Address. Who wrote it. he or Lincoln? ROBERT CARLETON Hi-Y 3. 4: Shop l. 3. 4: Mirror lg Intramurals 33 Jr. Class Play 3. Being of a quiet nature. Bob's deeds have gone unheralded and unlauded: but let it be said that whether it be I-'li4Y or Shop duties. both were equally well-done and appre- ciated. BETTY BAUER G. A. A. 3: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: li. I"I. A. 3. 4: Band l: Usher 3. 4. "Little girls should be seen and not heard" seems to he Betty's motto. She is one of the senior girls who is certain of the occupation she wishes to follow. She is working up to it by being a nurses' aide at the hospital. RICHARD BECK I-li-Y 3. 4. Treas. 4: Math Club 3. 4: lfootlull 1, 5, 4g Track 3: Choir I: jr. Class Play 3. Dick has proved to everyone he is a mental genius. when it comes to such studies as chemistry and physics. Hc is a pal to the opposite sex. but a "steady" to no onc. JACK CAMERON Shop 1. 3. 4. jack is known by everyone for his jolly disposition and easy-going manner. and is well-liked by his fellow shop- mares. jack is also talented at making noises during homeroom period. MILDRED CRONENWETT G. A. A. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: Lantern 3: Mirror 11 Choir 1- 2. 3. 4: Usher 3. 4: Victory Singers 2. Alias "Nlidge." "Queen-H iNo. we won't mention that one since Mildred doesn't particularly claim the nicknamel. Midge is one of the peppiest girls in our class. To sum it up: she's loads of fun. RITA DANIEL G. A. A. 3: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 3: Spanish Club 4: Usher 3. 4. Rita is by far one of the quietest girls in the senior class: however her silent way does not detract from her friend- liness, She is very active in our school activities, belong- ing to a number of clubs and girls' organizations. MARY ELLEN DAVIS G. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club! 4: Lantern 3: Mirror l: Choir 1, S. 4. Mary Ellen is one of those girls who believes in going steady, However. Dick isn't her only "steady." as she has a date every two weeks with her Spanish note-book writing the minutes for the Spanish Club. VINCENT Dt-CAIN Hi-Y 4: Football 4: Track 4: Intramurals 4: St. Ignatius Cleveland l. 2. 3. Vince came to us this year from Cleveland where he at- tended St. Ignatius. He's made many friends in the short time he's been here by his goodenatured personality and by ralfling off radios. JOAN DOUGHERTY G, A. A. 3: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 3, 4: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror 1: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. Pagent 3: Victory Singers 2. "Crowbait" has always been active in musical programs. There's never a dull moment when Joan's around, Her corny jokes change many a dull time into a fun fest. Her attendance in P. D. class has been perfect this past year, hasn't it? BETTY DAVIDS G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Choir 1. 2, 3, 4: Usher 3, 4. Bctty's size prove the fact that smaller objects travel faster because Betty must have moved swiftly to acquire a lot of her out-of-town friends. Maybe she has a formula for it. By the way. she also has plenty of Galion friends. ANN DEATON G. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4: Spy 4: Lantern 2. 3: Mirror 1: Booster Board 1: Choir 1: Band 3. 4: Jr. Class Play 3: Usher 3, Ann is one of our talented seniors. She's been active in the band and plays the piano. She's our "southern belle" whom everyone likes and knows will be a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. MARVIN DERFLER Spanish Club 4: Mirror 1: Baseball Mgr. 1: Basketball Mgr. I. 2: Basketball 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Class Play 3: Assembly Committee 3. Marvin is well-known for his ability to hold his own in any argument in many a history class. He might also be called our "sweater boy of the class of '47i'. JOYCE DURTSCHI G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 3. 4: Spy 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3: Choir 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: G. R. Pagent 3. Joyce is one of our beauties. She's had an outstanding place in the trombone section of our band for six years. Wherever Joyce goes there's always an air of good will. RITA DANIEL BETTY DAVIDS MARY ELLEN DAVIS ANN DEATON VINCENT DeCAIN MARVIN DERFLER JOAN DOUGHERTY JOYCE DURTSCHI . i PHYLLIS EHRHART WILBERT ENGLEHART JAMES FENDRICK BEVERLY FINICAL PATRICIA FINNEY GENE FLICK RALPH FLOXVERS MARY FOGLE PHYLLIS EH RHART G. A. A, 2. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: li, H. A. 3. 4: Choir 2. 3. 4: Chatfleld High I: Jr, Cadet 3: Homecoming Queen 4. Phil. our home-coming queen this year, is one of our few red heads. but doesn't like to be reminded of it. She's really a swell kid. and has the magnetic personality. Wlier- ever Phil is there's always something brewing. JAMES FENDRICK Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Booster Board l: Baseball Z. 3. 4: lioot- ball 2. 3. 4: Basketball I. 2. 3. 4: Band I. 2. jim's one of our vets back to finish school. He picked up where he left off a year and a half ago. Showing great ability not only in sports but also in making friends. -lim is considered an all round good fellow by everyone every- where. PATRICIA FINNEY Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4: Lantern 2. 31 Mirror I: Band I. 2. 3. 4: jr. Class Play 3. . Pat is one of our few "steady" girls, This last year she spent quite a lot of time with a certain ex-gunner. Pat also has been active in extra-curricular subjects besides being a good student. RALPH FLOWERS Spanish Club 4: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror I: Intramurals 2: Choir I. Ralph is the bashful silent type. He has what's commonly known as the "Flowers Flivverf' He's a swell fellow and should go far. for he's got the "pet up and go" that is fwhen his llivver will start. XVILBERT ENGLEHART HiAY 4: Math Club 3. 4: Shop I: Spy Editor 4: Mirror Editor I: Treas. class 3: Orchestra l. 2. 3: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Class Play 3. Willy. our little man who so capably toots a sousaphone in our band. is quite famous for his bass horn duets. He can take a joke anytime. whether it be on himself or someone else. He has gained many friends with his jolly manner. BEVERLY FINICAL G. A. A. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: Mirror I: Choir I. 3: Usher 3. Beverly is an active G. A. A. girl and is especially accom- plished in basketball. She's also that charming character it the show who sells you your tickets. or sometimes your pop corn. GENE FLICK Hi'Y 2. 3. 4: Spanish 4: Booster Board Pres. I: Intra- murals I. 2. 3. 4: Choir 4: Jr. Class Play 3. Who runs our movie projector? Whos always there to lend a helping hand when you need it? That's Gene. Yes, Gene's an all-around good fellow and works hard at what, ever he attempts. MARY FOGLE Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H, A, 3: Usher 3. 4, Mary Louise is one of our quiet. serious girls who are looking towards the future, She'll be a good catch for some lucky boy as she learned all the correct. easy ways of home-making from her home economics course. ESTH ER FOOS li. H. A. I, 1: Choir 4: Usher 3. 4. Although Esther seems quiet to her fellow schoolmates, it's been said she can carry on quite a conversation. es, be-cially during classes. She also seems to be able to find plenty of time to keep up with her correspondence. EDGAR FORTNEY Shop I: Intramural 2. 3: Band I, 2. 3. 4. If youire looking for some new way to get out of work. ask Edgar, especially when it comes to band. He's really quite capahle of working hard. though. as his car has often experienced. RICHARD GINDER Mirror I: Choir Z. 3. 4: Band Mgr. 4: jr. Class Play 3. Dick could usually he found trying to catch a few winks of sleep in any class. Being musically inclined. he has proved his ability by singing in the choir and doing solo work. He was quite valuable to Mr. Liddell. CAROLE GOODMAN Ci. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4: Lantern 3: Mirror I: Cheerleader 3. 4: Choir l. After two years of cheering for others. Carole is highly recommended for a hearty cheer for doing such an ex- cellent joh not only in her cheerleading, but also in partic- ipating in other school activities. DANWN FORREST G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 4: Choir I. Z. 5. 43 Usher 3, 4: Victory Singers 4. Dawn's another girl with a friendly smile. You can always depend on her willingness to offer some vocal assistance. oven on short notice. Many a social entertainment has lween endowed with a rendition of a favorite song by Dawn. JOHN GILL Nlath Cluh 3. 4. Pres, 4: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror l: Ilooster Board I: Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Band 3. 4: Student Senate 4. Can't solve that problem--Chemistry clear as mud? John never had such worries as he has the highest intelligence of our class. He is also an ardent nature-lover, and has proved his musical ability in band and orchestra. MARILYN GLENN G. A. A. 3, 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 31 Choir 3. 4: Colum- hus North I. 2. Looking for someone clever. genial. and ready for fun? Marilyn is a good choice, Coming to us in her junior year. she brought along a lot of new ideas and a willing- ness to help in anything she was asked to undertake. BERYL GOW Cv. A. A. 3. -I: Ci. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Lantern 3: Mirror I: Choir I. 3. 4: Usher 5. Beryl is one of our active church girls, almost every Sun- day you can lind her playing the organ. She is active in thc G. R, and G. A. A. but this does not affect her studious manner. 4 ESTHER FOOS IDAWN FORREST EDGAR FORTNEY JOHN GILL RICHARD GINDER MARILYN GLENN CAROLE GOODMAN BERYL GOW wx JOEl. HAAS RICHARD HANLON BETTY JEAN HART LORA JEAN HEFFELFINGER KENNETH HEISER HERBERT HELFRICH DON HESKETT LYNN HESKETT JOEL HAAS Shop 1. 2, 3: Baseball 2. 3: Basketball 2. 3: Choir 2. 3. Joel. one of our returning G. Ifs. can be found making the regular rounds in the morning and noon picking up some of his many admirers. Although attending G. H. S. only in the morning. this didn't affect Joel's social stand- ing. Did it. Betty? BETTY JEAN HART G. A. A. 3. 4: Girl Reserves Vice Pres. 4: l3lue Tri Secy. 3: F. H. A. 4: Spy 4: Usher 3. Betty is a quiet and stuclious senior. especially quiet and studious in study hall. She is not at all reticent at other times. though. and is a loyal and active member of the G. A. A. KENNETH HEISER Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 4: Spy 4: Mirror l: Or- chestra Z. 3: Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Pres. 4. Wlierever the gang is. there Kenny is. He is a very ami- able and good-natured senior. and a loyal mainstay of the Cornet section of the band, He will probably somedav have his own "Corn Cobblersi' or "Hoosier Hot-Shots." DON HESKETT Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Shop I: Booster Board I. Class Pres. 3: Football I. 2. 3. 4: Track l: Basketball l. 2. 3. 4. Don is one of the thoughtful veterans of World War II who has returned to complete his education with us. He is a faithful member of the Cialion Tigers, What student of his speech class will ever forget his perfect Negro dialect? RICHARD HANLON Ha-Y z. 5. 4. Being quite active in attending school activities. especially those of the Band, keeps Dick quite busy. He has never had to worry about his transportation as he's one of our lucky boys who drive their own cars, LORA JEAN HEFFELFINGER G. A. A. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Blue Tri 3: lf. H, A. 4: Spy 4: Mirror I: Choir l: Usher 3, Whenever a person needs some help with anything he is sure to get it from Lora. She has a very friendly person- ality and is quite active in clubs and sports. Music has been a favorite interest for her. HERBERT HELFRICH Hi'Y 2. 3. 4: Shop l: Co-Ed. Spy 4: Lantern Z. 3. Bus. Mgr, 3: Mirror I: Booster Board l: Football 2. 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Class Play 3. "Hap" is the super-personality business drummer-upper for Seemann's Drug Store. which would be helpless with- out him. He is also a member of many of the school clubs and is an ardent athlete. LYNN HESKETT Hi-Y Z. 3. 4: Spy 4: Mirror 1: Class Sec'y, l: Baseball 2. 3. 4: Football 2. 3. 4: Track 3: Basketball 2. 3. 4: Intramurals l: Choir I. 4. Lynn is a member of the six-footers' club Iheight. that isl and an active athletic star. He is seemingly bashful but nevertheless has made many friends during his high school career. MILDRED HOOVER Ci. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 5: F. H. A. li Booster Board li Choir l. 2. 3. 4: Usher 3. 4. A pleasant. friendly, and easyvgoing girl is Mildred with a love for sports, She is quiet. calm. and unruffled having been a very etlirient assistant in Mr. Pickering's office. CHARLES KARNES Hi.Y 5. 4: Spanish Club 4: Mirror l: Jr. Class Play 3. Chuck is another senior with a good-natured. easy going personality and a knack for making friends. Who can forget his magnificent performance in the "Cornfield liollies of l946"? f'lAROLD KELLOGG Shop 3. 4. Harold is mechanically inclined. and. being on the prac- tical side. has taken the shop course. Harold is known lor his bashful smile which has won him many friends. We wish you luck. Harold. in your future work. CAROL LOU KLINGEL G. A. A. 5. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Secy. F. H. A. 3: Spy 4: Editor Lantern 3: Mirror 1: Booster Board l: Choir l: jr. Class Play 3: Student Senate 3: Usher 3. When you heard a weird sort of a sound ringing through the halls. that was just Carol. Laughing at just about every joke that was ever made. Carol is liked by everybody be- cause of ir. Her friendliness and willingness to co-operate made her one of the most popular girls in the school. KENNETH JONES Shop l. 5. 4: Spy 4: Track 2. 3: Intramurals l. 2. 3, 4. A magnetic personality has Kenny with a special talent for wisecracks. None of his classmates will ever forget his good-natured humor. DOYLE KELLER lli-Y 4: Intramurals l. 2. 3. 4. Doyle's chief interests in high school have heen basketball and the fair sex. He is usually reserved in his classes and has a friendly sense of humor. SYVONNE KEMPF HLY 2. 3. 4: Math Club 3. 4: Intramurals 3, 4: Or- chestra 4: Band 2, 3. 4. Syvonne has a heart warming way of telling things that tickles tne funny bone. His favorite activities are mathe- matics and music. and he is an accomplished drummer in the band. He is also a Fine hardware salesman. IRENE KOTTYAN G. A. A. 3, 4: G. R. 3: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Cheerleader 3. 4: Choir 3. 4: Usher 3: Whetstone High l. One big smile. thatls Irene. Rain or shine she always has a smile for everybody. She also kept up the school spirit by being one of our cheerleaders. MILDRED HOOVER KENNETH JONES CHARLES KARNES DOYLE KELLER HAROLD KELLOGG SYVONNE KEMPF CAROL LOU KLINGEL IRENE KOTTYAN BARBARA LENHART ROLAND LENHART RALPH LILLO RAYMOND MALONE RlTA Mt-CORMICK ROBERT McCORMICK MARY MCCUNE JOSEPH McMANES BARBARA LENHART G. A. A. 3, 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Band l. 2, 3, 4: Usher 3. Barbara is one of our quiet sort of girls. but was always on hand when there was some prank to be done, She also rooted a mean clarinet in the band. We can always re- member her as a lot of fun. RALPH LILLO Shop 1. 3, 4. Ralph is one of our quiet shop boys. He has been in- terested in manual training and no doubt will continue it through later life. He also likes those shop hay rides. RITA McCORMICK G. A. A. 3. 4. Treas. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4: Spy 4: Usher 3, 4. Rita is one of our excellent girl athletes. who is very active in the G. A. A. She also has a quiet little way of blush- ing that she uses on the boys. Don't forget those dimples. MARY McCUNE G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spanish Club 4. Vice Pres 4: Spy 42 Lantern 3: Mirror I. Choir lz Usher 3. Mary, who has been very active during her school days. likes sports and also gets good grades. She is a hard worker on school projects. but she also has some charm she turns on the boys. Right. Dick? ROLAND LENHART Intramurals 3: Orchestra 3. 4: Choir 3: Ontario Higli School 1, 2. Roland is one of our boys back from the Navy and is quite the Romeo. We know he is a hard worker by his coming back to Finish school. He certainly does give that Ford a run-for-the-money. RAYMOND MALONE Hi4Y Z. 5. 4: Intramurals 3. 4: Orchestra 3: Band l. 2. 3, 4: Student Senate 2. "Doc." who is planning to be just that. was always having girl trouble. but then again he did all right. He was a member of nearly all activities and a willing and hard worker. ROBERT McCORMICK Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Spy 4: Booster Board 1: Class Treas. 4: Intramurals 3. 4. Robert is one of the silent kind of Casanovas. He also got good grades in physics. That must be because he lived on a farm. just the same, though, he was always ready for a good laugh. JOSEPH McMANES Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Spy 4: Class Pres. 1, 4: Football 2. 3. 4: Track 2: Intramurals 2. 3. 4: Assembly Com. 4. joe went to school 12 years and never did find out when it started: having a total of 49 tardinesses and 85 deten- tions. joe always has an answer for anybody and can keep the gang in a laughing mood. He is one of our best-liked boys. SHIRLEY MONAT ii. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: lf. H. A. 3. 4. l'res. 4: Choir l: Usher 3. Shirley. who is President of our lf. H. A. girls. must l-e looking forward to a little home life later. Her pleasant ways have made her everybody's friend plus her willingness as a good worker. STELLA MULBERG Ci. R. -I: Illue 'liri 3: Spanish Club 4: Choir l. Stella is one of that quiet type of girls. you might say. or a teacher's paradise. but she also likes In-r fun. She is a willing and conscientious worker on all school projects. JAMES NESS lIlfY 2. 5: Spy 4: Mirror l: Booster Board lg fzlazss Vice Pres. 1. 3: Football 2: Intramurals 2, 3. 4. "Sam" as he is called by his friends. has an endless sense of humor. His popularity led to his being elected Vice President ot Sophomore and Junior classes, Nice going. Jiml CAROL PICKERING li. A. A. 5. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror I: Orchestra 2. 4. 4: Band I. Z. 3. 4. Carol has proved her ability as a clarinet virtuoso by play- ing first clarinet in the band and being one of the audi, tion soloists. Carol. as vice president of the G. A. A.. helped the organization through a successful year. JOHN MONROE Ili-Y 1, I. 4: Nlath Club 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Basketball J. 5: Intramurals 3. 4: Orchestra 1. 3. 4: Band l. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Class Play 3. John is one of our bashful type boys. that is. he gives you that impression. He also can pound on the piano. besides being a fast man In the hurdles. We can always lAK'l'1l'n1I'7cr JKYIIII as fl Iift ilf ,All II. BEATRICE NEIGHBARGER Although Beatrice is quiet and seldom heard. she is well- liked and has gained many friends since she arrived at Ci. FI. S. I"Ier excellent artistic ability has made her a class- mate we will long remember. ROBERT ORTHXVEIN Intramurals 2. 3. Hob is the quiet. proverbial woman-hater of the class and has proved that women are not necessary in order to have fun. Bob's many friends predict that some day he'll fall prey to them. JANE PLACE Ci. A. A. 1. 4. G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror lg Intramurals I. Z. 3. 4: Orchestra 3: Choir I: Band 5. Janie has acquired the name of "Flash" around home. Canlt imagine the reason why. as she's never slow or late. All kidding aside. Jane is quite active in school events and shows much speed when participating in all school sports. SHIRLEY MONAT JOHN MONROE STELLA MULBERG BEATRICE NEIGHBARGER JAMES NESS ROBERT ORTHXVEIN CAROL PICKERING JANE PLACE U . "ii, -1? BARBARA POLAND PHYLLIS QUAY MI5ROli RICK ALICE JEAN RITZHAUPT IJWAIQD RITZHAUIYI' DON ROGERS BETTY ROMINE BARBARA ROSS BARBARA POLAND Ci. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Nlirror l: Usher 3. Barb has shown her exceptional talent in art through her high school years. The gay little favors most of us received at our class parties were usually the product of her artistic hands. MEROE RICK G. R. 4. Secy. 4: Blue Tri 3. Treas. 3: Spanish Clula 4: Spy 4. Arr Editor: Choir I. lVleroe is one of our class artists. Those ferocious looking tigers we saw posted around were drawn hy Meroe. As Art Editor she suoplied the staff with many novel ideas and drawings. This won her many friends. EDXVARD RITZI IAUPT Shop I. 3. 4 . Ed has the honor of being one of the tallest boys in the senior class if not the tallest. Nlayhe that's why he always has that confident. self-assured loolt on his face. Whatever it is. it's won him many frinnds. BETTY ROMINE G. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 4: Lantern 3: Nlirror I: Booster Board l: Class Secy. Z: Usher 3. 4. Bi.-tty's little blue car has provided many happy hours for her friends. Her exceptional ability as a seamstress has made her an envied personality by her classmates. Is it any wonder she has so many friends? PHYLLIS QUAY G. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Usher 4. In any group of girls' sports the girl most likely to lead the parade is Phyllis. Her ever-present smile has made her welcome in almost any group. She also does all right with the boys. since many a car has been seen parked at her house. ALICE JEAN RITZHAU PT G. .A. A, 5. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Orchestra 2. 5: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Usher 3. Through the halls comes a girl that immediately attracts everyone by her poise and pleasant smile. Yes. it's no other than Alice. always where the crowd is. Incidentallv. that big green car she drives is in perfect condition be- cause of her meticulous care. DON ROGERS Hi-Y 4: Shop 1: Spy 4: Class Vice Pres. 4: Baseball I. 2. 3, 4: Football l. 2. 3. 4: Track 3: Basketball l. 2. 5. 4: Intramurals l. 3: Orchestra l: Band l. 2. 3. 4: jr. Class Play 3: Student Senate 2. Don has shown all of us that he is an all-around fellow. His ability in sports can hardly he surpassed. His quick wit seems to come just when it is needed most. BARBARA ROSS G. A. A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Orchestra 2. 3, 41 Band l. 2. 3. 4: Usher 3. Barbara has a way of surprising us by producing a hand- some male at some of our parties. She is very efficient as a secretary since she is generally helping her sister in the office. Maybe it runs in the family. LLOYD ROSS Shop l. 3. 4. Another nf our Rosses is a shop boy, Although most of his spare time is devoted to the shop. everyone knows him by his friendly smile and warm personality. EVELYN RUBY Ci, A, A. 3. 4: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 33 F, H. A. 4: Usher 33 Iberia High School 1. "How about refereeing a game tonight?" is a question often asked hy Evelyn. She has been very busy this year planning various sports events. This is hecause she is sports manager la capable one. tool of the G. A. A. RICHARD SCHRECK Intramurals 3: Choir l. 2. 3. Dirk owns one of those "limousines?" which we see parked in front of school every day. It lthe carl is unusual in that it changes color every once in a while. But Dick is always good for a laugh. ROBERT SEBASTIAN Football l, 2. 3: Track l. 2: Basketball l. Bob is another one of our returned servicemen. He served in the Marine Corps but decided that an education was necessary. too. We notice that he always keeps that "leatherneck" appearance by heing one of the best-dressed hoys in Senior High. MARY LOU ROSS Ci. R. 3. 4: Spanish Club 4. Mary Lou is known by her friends for the "garbage" parties she throws. Maybe this explains why she and a few other seniors seem to have "hang-overs" on certain days. PATRICIA SCHMITT G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: F. H. A. 4: Choir l. 2. 3, 4: jr. Class Play 3. Pat is the girl in our class who wears a sparkling ring on her left hand. Do you suppose he was influenced by her wonderful voice which she uses so capably? DAVID SCHULTZ Math Club 3. 4. Pres. 3: Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Band 3. 4: jr. Class Play 3: Student Senate 33 Oak Park H. S., Chi- cago. Ill.. I. David is one of our intellectual seniors. He always has an answer to every question. even though some of them are a bit "witty" and sometimes "corny." Really. though. he has some marvelous ideas about the school system. JAMES SEEVERS Jr. Class Play 3. Full of "vim. vigor and vitality" describes Jim except when he sleeps in certain classes. He is also known far and wide for that "Chevy" he drives around. Where do you suppose he acquired "Beaver" for a nickname? LLOYD ROSS MARY LOU ROSS EVELYN RUBY PATRICIA SCHM1'I"I RICHARD SCHRECK DAVID SCHULTZ ROBERT SEBASTIAN JAMES SEEVISRS BARBARA SHAITFER JOSIEPHINIS SHARPE liliATRICli SHOCKLIEY NAOMI SIBERT CLYDE SMITH MARIAN SMITH JUNE S'I'lilfl5liE VIRGINIA STEVENS BARBARA SHAFFER G. A. A. 3. Secy. 4, Pres. 4: G. R. 42 Pres. Blue Tri I: V. Pres. Spanish Club 4: Spy 4: Lantern 3: Mirror l: Class Secy. 3, 4: Choir l, 2: Usher 3. Whenever you hear a loud cheer at a sports event. look around and you'll see Barb. She's one of our most en' tl-iusiastir fans and is noted for her own sports ahility. No. there's never a dull moment when she's around, BEATRICE SHOCKLEY G, R. 4: li. H. A. 3. 4. Bea was chosen as our high school queen in last fall's Mardi Gras and reigned capably. as she does in all other school activities. She is planning to he a model and we know she-'ll succeed because she has what it takes. CLYDE SMITH HLY 2. 3. 4. Pres, 4: Spy 4: Mirror I: Football Z. 3. 4: Track 3. 4: Basketball 2: Intramurals I 2. 3. 4: Choir 42 Class Play 3: Assembly Committee 4, "Smitty" is the pride and joy lmostly joyl of our as- semblies. He can always draw a laugh from the students whether he intends to or not. If you want to hncl him anytime. just look in the "middle" of a group of boys and he'll be there. JUNE STEFFEE Choir I. Z: G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Usher 3. June is one of those students whom the teachers like he- cause of their quietness. She has a very nice personality and really has a keen sense of humor when you heroine acquainted with her. JOSEPHINE SHARPE Josephine. with her big blue eyes, is one of our more quiet type: but she likes to have her fun. too, She blushes quite easily. but that doesn't affect her personality. NAOMI SIBERT Abilene High Schobl. Abilene. Kansas l. 2, 3. Although this is Naomiis first year at G. H. S.. she didn't waste time in making friends, She has proved to be a hard worker. and because of this and many other talents she will always be remembered by the class of "47". MARIAN SMITH G. A. A, 2. 3, 4: G. R. 4. Treas. 4: Blue Tri 3: Lantern 3: Mirror l: Choir I: Usher 3, Our other "Smitty" is also very well-liked and has served as a capable treasurer of the Girl Reserves this past year. She is also active in sports and enjoys going to all of the dances around the school. VIRGINIA STEVENS Usher 3. Keeping in time with Mr. Swick during many a hilarious home-room period is Virginia. Nothing seems to bother her and, when she is near everyone seems to have a good time. KENNETH STRINGFELLOW HLY 4: Football 4: Track 4: Basketball Mgr. 4: Stock- ton High School. Stockton. Calif. 1. 2. 3. Coming from sunny California and having a sunny dispo- sition. Kenny has won many friends in a short time. Kenny, already one of the tallest members of our class is sure to reach great heights. WILLIAM THOMAN Math Club 4: Shop 3. 4: Track l. Red is one of our quiet shop boys. He exchanged his coat of navy blue for civvies and joined our class in order to receive his diploma. We are very glad that William was able to continue his education with us. JACK TUCKER Shop l. 3. 4. We have not seen much of Jack this year. since he was a member of the "shop gang." We have heard much of his enthusiastic and ambitious activity out of school. how- ever. including his many trips to Crestline. JAMES VENTRONE Hi-Y 5. 4: Shop 3. 4: Football l. 2. 3. 4: Track 2. 3: Intramurals 2. 3. 4: jr. Class Play 3: Usher 2. Bibs is the center of attraction on the football field. or wherever he may be. His coal black hair and sparkling smile have made him the Casanova among the girls. Jim was our basketball manager this year. ANN THOMAN G. ll. 4: Blue Tri 3: Mirror l. Choir Z. One of our senior girls who craves excitement is Ann. Her abundance of vitality makes her an unforgettable member of the sorcalled "garbage parties." lf it's a good time you're looking for. just find Ann and you're all set. JOHN TRAUTMAN Urrliestra 3. 4: Choir l. 4: Junior Class Play 3: Usher 3. One of our calm senior boys is john. who has a number of varied talents. He excels in playing the violin and we are told he is a great fisherman. having the everlasting patience required for this sport. GEORGE TREISCH Hi-Y 3. 4. Sgt. at Arms. Hi-Y 4: Spy 4: Baseball 3. 4: Track 3: Basketball l. 2. 3. 4: Choir 4, Pres. of Choir 4: Athletic Board 4. "Shorty" is well known for his basketball ability and happy-go-lucky nature. Big George has gained much popu- larity through his likeable personality and his active par- ticipation in sports. All of G. H. S. looks up to George. DAVID WADDELL David has proved himself a scholar among his classmates. Being a very studious and ambitious fellow, we know he will achieve great things. Although he did not join our class until this year he was fast in gaining a host of friends. KENNETH STRINGFELLOW ANN THOMAN WILLIAM THOMAN JOHN TRAUTMAN JACK TUCKER GEORGE TRIESCH JAMES VENTRONE DAVID WADDELL BEVERLY XVATSON JAMES XVITTIBSCHLAGER JAMES YUNKER BEVERLY WATSON G. A. A. 5. 42 G. R. 4: Blue Tri 3: Math Club 5. 4. Vice Pres. 4: Spanish Club 4: Lantern 3: Nlirror l: Choir 1: Usher 5. Beverly is our mathematical heroine. being the only senior girl to attempt trig. She is small and quiet. but has many friends. She seems to he rolling in the dough this year since she has a job at her father's bakery. JAMES WITTIBSCHLAGER liand I. 2. 5. 4: Shop I. "Witty" is one of the two senior boys who are taking second year shorthand. Although being far out-numhered hy the fem, sex he still holds his own. james has musical talent. heing an important member of the brass section of the band. JAMES YUNKER Hi-Y 3. 4: Shop I: Mirror 1. Art Editor: Orchestra 2. 3: Band I, 2. 3. 4: Student Senate 2. jim is always the life of the party. and has won many an argument with his clever wit. He has been a valuahle member of the band and his vacancy will he a hard one for G. .H. S, to fill. OUR .f mmmuzf 51' HSE 2 Z Z., ' 'I i 'I ' i " I 'W' 4..-..-.....I.............,..,I.....-.I-..,.- .... - ,... -.,.,.......,..,...-,.... ..., -.,.-,......,..I..-....-...-.... ..,. ..M-.n-..-n.....-I.....-,.g. lr I ! I I , I gd CI Z 5 QL IPI 21 Z O U2 'Is cn Q3 H a CI Q.. U 6 5 5 cn II.-M-I -I......I.,....-.... ,.,. ..I.,-,.1I..-I-,!. .!,-1-.1------ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 3 l"l'l I I IU I I If E 0 I I 23 :U I I 8 E 9+ I I -I o ' I 0 :B I I 0 fvj I I' as Q I O cu I I O 3' H I I 3 Z I I -I I pa I I 3 Q I I 'I' g I-'h I I I I U' f 'l" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I.. ........I.- .-.. ..I......-..-..g. . I ,M TQSSYX, , . , I, I TQQQ-o LII g Sincere Thanks and Appreciation I I to Everyone for Their I Patronage I i E I Photographic Service I I 1 Z I i PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL TQSSSSSQQV c in-I--...1.-.1.I.I .., .U-I. I IZ I E I an I I- I I I G o I I5 I 'EI I H1 Iv 91 E I "" rv If gf I Q I: I ,T 'D I U1 9' 2 'L I '-' fn E '11 I 'U N1 I 5 5 I-1 Q' I 0 2 I '11 I E I E73 I E I z I GD I +.-,.- I... -I... .... N we f I I fy-N-fgxg-lg,-N, R ' -N'-5-N'-X,-g1N,'-N-3,-N, Ai E N.. "N3..'Y.N.,"Y'.X. x NYX- ,XA "gg-,'g-X, 'Q-lg,-X, xxxxx A X, 'N' 'N'-3-'gf-3-,'Q.N-,'g,fX'A -N'-Xxx, Z, xxxxxxx I I "'X. "Y'.N..'X. 'I' ' I"Skx' " + I I I n1n.-un1nu-I... 1 1W1....1n..1m.--ml...-m1.m1.m... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I GOOD CLOTHES AND SHOES I I I I I I I -1- .g..-...-.,-I.-,....I.-...-...-......................-....-...-..I... I I I 5 The Watch Shop I I I I KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS I I LUNT STERLING SILVER I I ELGIN AND DRIVA WATCHES I I I I 1 J. c. GILL I , 127 Harding Wcxy East I F Golion, Ohio I I 'I' 4111.111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-IHI1.. ln..u.1...1..1..-1.1-1..1n1uu1uu1 1 1m1.w...un1n FOR MEN AND BOYS 4 THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE I VISIT OUR ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Complete Equipment For All Sports .-In-r11...1111111111 n1uu1-m1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.11-In-. CARMEL'S RESTAURANT On the Square TOM MCNEW, Mgr. -!'--"--'-'-- "-' - -'-' --'--'--"- "-' - "" - "" - "" -H'-""-" , X, ., EE X. 4..-........-....-.......,........-..-..-......t........t......-..t-.4. 1 x T f n Q C- J- FORTNEY HOOVER CLEANERS 1 OPTOMETRIST GLASS T 3 EYES EXAMINED INLAID LINOLEUM i GLASSED FITTED I I 110 south Market street Frank Hardware i I Gczlion, Ohio i L.- ..,. -,,- ..,. - .... - .,., -..,-,..-,,-...-n,- ..,. - ..,. - .,., .,,-, .,-..- .... - ..,. - .... -..,-...-..-..-..-..-t.-M-..-..-.i 1----' ---- --- - -'-- '--- - ---- - - -'-' - --'- -n----"-T--- '--- - '--- - - -'-- ------ - - - - -M-"-r Q ! Compliments of N I . 7 T F Z T T QUAY's DRUG STORE 5 i E I E CN THE SQUARE I 5 T P Q..-..-.. ----- .,-..t- .... .. .... ... .... .. .... ... .... .... .. .... - .... .. ..., .. .... .... .. ......-ug. E .,..-..-..-.,-,.- .,.. -...-,t..n..- .,.. - .... - .... - .... -t..-..t-. .-..- .... - .... ..u,-..- .... -.,-...-.t-,..-..-...-....-...-...!. l ! E Compliments of OUR SPECIALTY l K g i EVERYTHING WASHABLE Y: K1ein's Clothes 2 T . l LAUNDRY ZA' For Men and Boys South Market Street b TE- ,TTT - ,TT, -Rn TTTT - .TTT E TTTT E ,TT. , ttt. , TTT. -T,-T-n-. R- tttt - t.T, - Tttt -RE - tttt -E - -.R,- -T -n.-,.-.T : ,,-..-m.- .... - .... -,.- .t,t - .t.t - ,t,, - ,ttt - ..., - ..., - .,., E.- ,t,t -.. - ..., -..,-,n- .t,t - .t,, - .... - ..., -,n-,.n-.t-..,- - -n.-M, ' l 5 ! 3 : J. C. PENNY COMPANY, Inc. 2 5 2 DEPARTMENT STORES 5 E 1 Youthful Clothing for Young Americans - l i.t-..t- ,.., -.,.- .,., - .t.. -,t.- .t,. - .t,. - .... - .... - .,.. - .,.. - .t.. - .t.. - ,t.. - .tt. - .,t. - ,... - .... - .... -.t- .,.. - .t.. .. .t,. -T.-,..-..-.,.-w,-,.-..-..2. i"9k'e,+.'i ' R R'419eQX6?oL R'36 ' 'YMM I X X R I ' ' I ui. ni. .lin ini'-n1nu--mr-an-ll1n'-nninn-nn1n..1n.1u,1,.,..-,.,.1,..,-...,.1,....,,,,,1 ,,,, .. ,,,, 1,.,.1,,.,1,,,,1,,..,..1,,,,.. .. 1 1 1 .-,,,,, I ! ' WILLARD LCGAN ! FURNITURE STORE Q QUALITY FURNITURE CARPETS sis HARDING WAY EAST 1 GALION, OHIO il. ....... -T- - - ,- ,..W -.T.-n.-..-T..-T..-...-i.-..i-,, - - - - - - - -.,..-..- cr:-11a -1111111 nn-vu-1 v-4' iw'--m1un1nu1nn-minl-in--nn1u.-minv-1- - 1 1 1 1 in.-nn- , Q 2 WISHING ALL 1947 GRADUATES 3 A REAL sUccEss i O E N ' s Q SANDWICH SHOPPE ..... ,.-.,-i-.,-..-.,-T,-,.-...- L.,. -..- ..,. - ,L.L -,.T-,..- .LE. - .... - .,.. -,M- .L,, -.,.,-.,.,- -.T..- - T1--1.n--.1 1-n1n-1n-1uu1-.-u--'- 1 vuuvui. ogon1uu-uu1-u1un-uf-11-uiLain.--I...--W1-...ii-nim1..n E BEST WISHES B A E H R l S I 1 TO THE i Q SERVICE STATION J, CLASS OF 1947 cor. H. lyv. Qgijaqf Rd. 1 SINCLAIR PRODUCTS yi VOSSGIS a Sons "Service With cz Smile Since 1923" I "Pop", "Ted", "Ellie" and "Gerry" E .i..-.. ..-.......... l..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-,.-..-..-,.-..-..- , inn--:nina 1111 nn1minn1pm1 .... 1.1-.1'n.-pm1uu.-nu-uu1 l.l. -un1l-ninliw.1n..-n..1n-n:u1nn1nn-un-uu1nlinn-..u.- l I HOTEL TALBOTT g A Friendly Place To Stop ENIOY DELICIOUS FOOD IN OUR PLEASANT DINING ROOM ON THE SQUARE L..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-T-..-..-..-..-.,-L-T,-.T.-T.-,.-,.-..-..-,.-,,- - - - - - - -..-. YS' 1 A ,, 'NlN.."N.X."Y.N.'Y'.X. 'NR..'N'.K..'Y'.N.."X'B..'N. "N3..'Y.XXN.'Y.N..'X. A 'X "N, - 'Y.N.'X. A 'Y -x'x-x'5,'Ylg,'Y,X,-v.N,'Y-N-N, 3 l 2 l 43 A xxxcxcxc A ., -.-......-111-1--1-I-nu1n.!n We extend our Best Wishes to The Graduating Class of 1947 We hope that your future will be as successful as your school days. SAUL'S lack Graham Congratulations from THE OHIO FUEL GAS COMPANY Let GAS Do The 4 Big Iobs COOKING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION HOUSE HEATING 1 .. lnnim.-. ..-.m.- 1.m1n.1 1. ..m1....1y- Compliments of VOLK'S FUNERAL HOME 208 South Market Street 1 .,1.,,1, Galion Auto Supply I. F. GILLER 128 South Market Street Galion, Ohio STATIONERY PARTY GOODS DIARIES BOOKS SCRAP BOOKS GREETING CARDS GIFTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES BILLFOLDS PHOTO ALBUMS CALDWELL'S 133 Harding Way East Phone 2-1141 q!u1un-m- flv. -M1 .-.- -M--n1--.1m1u.-nn-nn- -um- Nell Kelly Hat Shop MILLINERY PURSES SWEATERS PEGGY IEAN COTTON DRESSES ll3 Harding Way West 3rd door West ot Public Square film.-. .. .- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.inninu1...- Q-SQ SebB+eX ' XQSCQQSSBE. ' X K ' 'V ' ' BEST WISHES OF TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL I BANK I Member Federal Reserve I I I I DEPOSITS UP TO 55,000 INSURED BY I 1 THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP I I I I I I REAL ESTATE, COMMERCIAL AND PERSONAL LOANS I I I 1 +I- .... - ...I - .... -....- I... .....-I.-...-....- ..,, .... - .... - .... - .... - .... .. .... - .... .. .... - .... - .... ......- - - .. - ... - C, 1n1nn The lFirst Federal Savings and Loan 1.11-...111111111...-11..11..1..111-.1..-'mln -I I I I I I Assoc1at1on GALION, oH1o I I THE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THAT HAS EVERY BOY AND GIRL AT HEART We are Back of You Both In and Out of School. Through Our Complete Financial Service, There Are Many Ways We Can Help You. I ALL SAVINGS ARE INSURED UP TO AND INCLUDING 55,000 I OUR HOME IS YOUR HOME. COME IN. I PAUL NOLLEN, Ex. Vice President rf I I I QI I -.......,. ........ .... . .-...-, .......... .....- ...,-.....i, 3 vin-qu 1111ii1111- m1nn-I in Ogililll-vw 11111-- nw:un:nn1uu1un-nniuip I I I I I . I . I I I I I Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS 'f i i TO THE 5 ' I CLASS or 1947 Gahon Motor Sales I I I I .2 1 I I If I I I ' Where Customers Send Ready-to-Wear Clothes for the rf Their Friends up-to-date teen-age girl. I Frocks suitable for all 1 school activities. , 5 S g I CHEVROLET ' I I I BUICK 3 3 Homer Hayc1en's g 1 GOODYEAR TIRES "Feminine Apparel" I I I I ' I I I I I -...... ----..-.-.- .-....-.+ 4......-.. ..... ..-..-.....-..-..-.-..-.+ 1 I Gif. ?xx!l'l'l'L'x. I in 'XA IYEIXYIIQ I 2 ,,.-.I- - - ..-..- -.. ....................... ...-....-,..!. I I I I I I f I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I "For God and Country, I We associate ourselves together i For the following purposes: y To uphold and defend I The Constitution of the United States of America: Q! To maintain law and order: I To foster and perpetuate I A one hundred per cent Americanism: I' To preserve the memories and incidents i Of our association in the Great Wars: I To inculcate a sense of individual obligation 4 : I I I E To the community, state and nation: E I To combat the autocracy I Of both the classes and the masses: I To make right the master of might: i To promote peace and good will on earth: I I To safeguard and transmit to posterity The principles of Iustice, Freedom and Democracy: I To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship K . I By our devotion to mutual helpfulness." Ir, i I- E E 4 . , ' I I I SCARBROUGI-1 PCST, 243 AMERICAN LEGICN v-, g f f 1 T ' 'X' 'xx' 'xg-,'N3g'g:x-X-N, "q,g,'x13,"g',5, ' T 'vw -X-x'g',g,-N'-N,'g'-X, -N, 'N-A'-g3,'g-,g,'g,X,'N'A,'-g-N,fN3,fy,N,-g',gX,g,'g,N, 1- ! i i ! Let Us Solve i Your Gift Problem l GIFTS FOB ALL OCCASIONS E T I Q Q Casey Hardware and Gift Shop 1 E I 4- '!' I E 101-IN K. ENGEL i IEWELER I 2 HAMILTON, ELGIN AND BULOVA WATCHES I, ! -1- a!w-n.-- -lvl 1 1 vv.- 1 -1-- 1 '-.- 1 --.. 1-1. 111111 M-.- l Compliments of FIRESTONE l 114 Harding Way East 1 1 -1- n-.nn1nu1uu1.m1....... 1 .- .- 1 1 .... 1 Z... -1uu11m1.miM1M..M1mi.H1M.-n..1.1..1u..1.n....m,.-I ,,..m.1,,.,1IIH1.-u.-.m..-.,,1..,1.m1m......-n.1n 1 ,ni- .-nn1.m1..1 1 .- .- 1 1 1 -. 1n1n..1.m-.1 .--In-.,...-. 1 1.1 .. 1 1 .. 1 1 1,1-111-n -.1.m1-nn1...1 1 1.1 1 .. 1 1 .-,--......n-1.-. u1nu1m.1W1....1.....-0...-vm-W1I...-.....1l...-.I-I-1.1.1-un .1.n1nui.u1 .---ty.-m.1,...,,..1.-m.1nn1 1..i..w....m1v- im.- -tm,U-.-.nt..u-Iim.-..v.-vu.-.u.1.u1-.u.1 in .I...nn1lm-m...-I-....u.......1....1.-1.1.1.-1.-n1n.-. .-vm...-..n 1- ! Reece Charm I Solon i 1 State Theater Building MILDRED FLICK, Prop. i 'i- '!' 1 I i SEEMANN'S DRUG STORE 3 i H. I. SEEMANN, Prop. Q I 1 ! 'I- -5- I 1 1 BEST w1sHEs i i AND i BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1947 I I I Q Q I EDLER'S T BUS STATION 2 I i T .gm-...-T..-.. .. - .. --.. ...........-......-...-.4. ? , , CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 47 2 They say Clothes Make the Man and it s a big help no doubt but Clothes merely l represent the Outer man. I Your best asset towards a successful life i is a good education--that's something no one can ever take away from you. ! ! Q Don't be satisfied with what you have i 'Y'.N.'N'A.."YN.'Y.XA.'N. 'Y'.N."Y.N. 'X.. "YX.'N'.N.'Y,X..'N'A.. "N, "Y'.N.."YN..'X. 'XXX "X.-"NXN..'N..- -"'Y.X. b A A 7 l X X A A 7 1 'N."X.'X..'X.,'X.. 'X..'X.'X."N.'X . A k A "X."X..5..'X.."N., 'XX "N.'X.'X,'X..'N.. XXX. 'SQ' q.....,.-M-...-.......-..-.- - -.......-...- - - ..,. -n..- ,.,. ...n...M.....-n.-M-,.n....,.....,...n-.......-n,-..-.,.-,..!. 1 l l l 1 I l ' I I - Q l , l 1 I 1 1 l I l I . X , . Q ' l l l l l ' l I u Il-- I ' I I I I ' n u , i learned but keep striving to know more --it's going to take a lot of knowledge for you boys and girls to straighten out this old 5 world -- and we're all betting on you. i l E l , . , I i E 5 THE or-no ovERcoA'r oo. ! I ! I -1- 1.1...1un1.i..-...1....-.M11...-.uu...un1nu1u..-1nn1nu-...H1-I-.111-I,un1un11n-1Mtuu.-.....,,1.,,,1l.u-...-. 1 1 .-M1 1 1 1,0 1 1 1 1 F 1 I - -,,-,,- ,-,,-,,,,,. .,,,,,,-..-,.,............-...-..!. .!.....-..-...-.,.....-,...-.,-.....,.....-,.!. .gn-..-...-.n-..-..-......-......-.......!. 6 1 z : 2 : 6 g : .. 1 : 2 1 2 2 : : 5 : H 'Fl 2 3 G ,.- . . K , C 9, I f , Q m , z 3 QB Q s X , P u 2 S 2 : 2 . 1 X l H D 2 Z 5 5 5 5 1 1 , 2 i . 1 . Q 2 E 4. -...- -.... ----- 1...-. .......-..5. 4. - - .. ------ .. - g .!.......- . ----- ..-. - - .... .!. Q...-..-.. .... .. .... .... .,... - -....... H... .!. : : w s 3 N X U S 5 5 O z , F 2 6 5 'E Q Q O I 5 2 E Z 5 6 Q E 3 if Q 5 E Q 4 , O , O Q z : 9h : 3 1 3. fd E 3 S 2 U 5 E I P A A A 4 2 : Q s Q 2 --.,..,...---......-...-......!, .l.-..--............1...............g. 4.-.----------.--4. "Y.X."Y,X. -XXX, "X.3.:i.N..'X'.X.,'X. , , QYXSX, "X'A."iX- -- O BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 Baker s Drug Store 5 MORRIS 1 , W' th f 947 1 - Weber .Iewelry Store : . PERFECT DIAMONDS : ELGIN WATCHES i BUTTERPIELD s 1 SHOE REPAIR SHOP 5 10 8: 31.00 Stores Inc. P bl' Sq 1 Hd'gWyE KLOPP S FOR DRY GOODS AND ACCESSORIES 116 HARDING WAY EAST PHONE 2-3221 I ! +,,,,,,,,-,,,,.. --.--- 1,---1 ----- - ------- u n -M-un-.H-.--I Q. 'N. "YX."N".NN.. "Y'.,N..'Y',X.. 1 I 1 J a Y'Y' af:-W K Y an 'n n an ' ' NM Q 1 g CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE 5 CLASS OF 1947 1 GLED1-IILL 1 RCAD MACHINERY CQMPANY a Q Manufacturers of Road Making Machinery 2 GALION, OHIO ' - -5-..-..u-u..-..u..,..-W-..-........u.-....-..u-,.u-....-...-,...- - - - - .. - - - - - - - - - -.........g. Xxx. 'x.'x'.x.'v.x,N'.x.'v.x.'x'.x.'x'x.'xm.'v.x,N',x.N'.x. N.x'nx.N'x,'v,x'x'z.'xx,'Y,x-x:xN,x.xxm,'x.x.N.x':x'x:uw.xx 'x'x.Nm.'uyw,xxNx'xxN'xxx'x'Nx':x:xNm,-x'.xxm.xm.N'.xv.xx J I . , , Si 5.511 E,, , .gf-...-...... .. .. 1 3 Compliments of I I Galion Cigar Store .I 218 Harding Way East 1 4' 'E' 1 Baumgartner's I WISH SUCCESS TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE 1 CLASS OF 1947 Wallpaper, Gifts and Greetings 1 -1- 'Q' L ULMER'S 1 THE IDEAL GIFT STORE Fine Watches a Specialty 1 HAMILTON 3 ELGIN GRUEN I WALTHAM 1 1. H. ULMER Harding Way East 1 -1- . C . C, -.............1 1..1...1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1....1- ..1....1....1..1 1 1 1..1 1....1.1.1 1 .1.....-.. .1....1....1....1....1 1....1...........1....1....1....1....1....1nn1.. ..1....1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1....1,. Congratulations to the Class of 1947 COLCNIAL FINANCE COMPANY Phone 2-1021 Public Square ..1..n1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u n1m.1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 .1.... The Thomas Hardware Company GENERAL HARDWARE Phone 2-3651 110 Harding Way West Congratulations of Dickerson Motor Sales to the Class of 1947 .......... .... ---- . ------- . -...-..g. .g...-...-.-..- -- ..-. - .... - .... - -...- -.-. -...- - - .... PSCW g,'eiSL' " x'i?eL5le-X ' e,L'A. 'X 'X K ' ' ' ' DC ' 1 gf.1ul1u.1uu1,.n-m1m,- -.v. -.M-M-.m-M1-m1nn1n-1-ni nga-:in 111-1v1 1 - 1 1 --Iw1v-I-1woIv I D i g H 8C K RUG F. W. WOOLWORTH i HELENA RUBENSTEIN T .Qi i i ELIZABETH ARDEN 3 5 COMPANY 1 2 PEGGY SAGE 7 i i g 126 Harding Way East PUBLIC SQUARE i Phone 2-6664 I A .i..-..-.... - -.,-t -.-..-.,- .... -.t-..,-.,.......g. +..------ ------- - - -M--M----4. ,!,,-,,-,,,,-,,,,,,,,,-,,,,-,,,-,,,-,,,,-,,,-,,,-,,,,-,,,,,-,,,,- ,,,, -,tr .!..-..... .... -,.,.-..,.-....-.....- ...- - ..,. -.1..---.-.-m.-.m--M-an-ni, ! 1 1 it Q Compliments of the A 5 1 1 Art Manzer . ' I I E Marshman 8: Nlchols E I DRY CLEANING H 5 Beauty Shop REPAIRING i 11495 South Market Street Suits Made to Your Measure l T I ! ' . GALIONI OHIO Phone 2-5651 E ' I .-.. .... ..-..-,.-t.- .... -..u-.,,-..,-...,-i 4..- .... -, - - - ,.,. -..,- - .... - ,.,. -n..- - -..-..-..g. ' f--n--- ----------- ---' - -1-M------W ------------- ------+ . ! E I 1 . LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS E I 5 I , I i ' : ' i E , 2 E 1 I L I I I Q ' T 1 ! H ! l I I It l Q ! I in w. HElTzMAN, DIRECTOR : Siiifs MARKET P I I g E 'R Y - E ti E 2-223' i ' ,, T I 4..-........u-.,-t.-.....u-...-.t- .... -tt ....-.--. ...-...-t.....-.. ---- .H-E.-....-...-.......i. 1-vu --i-111111 M.-m.-nf--nr c!ou1nn1n-'1m 1-111111-1 ---- 1 flu- -- ! Q l l E L l f . . GREETINGS The Ga11OI'l Equlty i E 1 Q Exchange Co. TO THE I i Q Q COAL AND CLASS OF 1947 ! i FARM SUPPLIES I I Phone 2-8611 C. L. MORKEL g 5 . . Gallon, Ohlo I i 1 ! ! I -...... ---.---..- .........g. 4-.-.. --..-----.-- -..- CCNGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 The Flick-Bollerer Lumber Co. Coal and Builders Supplies 1 1. 1 1 .. 1 1 i -. -.nn1..-.Mlu.,-.vm1....-nn1nl.1,,..uu.-ml1M-.m.1,.,.1..,,1,,,-.un.-,,.. .. -...Q ' r . f, 1 4, 2 11 I 1 . I I b, x , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 I I I 1 I I 'Y'.X..'Y'.N.'YN."?N.. "Y'..N,"N'.N. 'X.. 'X'.A.'X'B.."Y.X.."Y'..N..'Y'.X.,'Y.N.. 'X"YX."Y'.N..'Y'..N.'Y'.N."N'3.. "N".N."N'X.'N'A.."Y'.-N.. agen- ---- - ---- - vvl- - ---- - vlvl - --.- -m- .-I-4--...-.....-.M-..-. ,... -..1- .... -..,.....-..- ,... .- .... -y..-.......,.........-.....,.,,-..,.1..,.-,,,,-,,,,-,,1, H I I I I I I I I 2 ' I rf I I I I I K I I 1 I f I 1 I I I I I I I I 2 1 1 A 5 I I Perfection Steel Body Co. ' and Perfection Burial Vault Co 1 I 1 I 4-u-....-..,..u..-.u-,,-,u-..-,,-M....u-..u-....-....-....-,.............M-...-...-........,-...-....-...,........u,-u,- .. - ....-. 1 1 Xbbp Wal D I 1 -1 A o-so A of-A H A 1 1 I 8 Wbpxb JSE! I I -11111.-.1111111111111111111111.-1111111111111...1111111111111111111111- FEDERATED STORES GALION, OHIO +-- ---- - --1- - ---- - 11-- - 1--1 - ---- - ---1 - ---1 - --1- - ---' - ---- - ---1 - ---- - ---- ---+ I I WILSON BROS. FURNISHINGS DOBBS HATS SNYDER'S MEN'S SHOP 1111111111111111111111111111111111111-.1111111111,1,11111111111111111111111 11111111111111111...1111111111111111111.-.1111..1111111111-111111111..11111111.11 CRAUN'S MARKET QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone 2-701 1 401 South Boston St t Gcrlion, Ohio Q1 5 I 4? I I E I 5 2' I 5 if SJ +111 I-1- 1 -1-1 -1111 -1-1 -1----------1- 111- -11n1n+ 0fow-un- - --u- -1-v 1-1111 - 'Iuv -I ----v---- 1---vHv1I 11111111 111 1 1 ... 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111111111111111 1 1 1 111 1 1 11111 1 1111111111111 COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL MAILING SERVICE " The House of Gifts " IEWELRY - DIAMONDS - WATCHES - APPLIANCES THE FRIENDLY STORE WITH THE GLASS DOOR -in 11..111.1111111111111111111111111111111111111111...111111111111.111111111111111111111.-1111111111111.111111111111111.111111111111111111.111111111111111111111.1111.i. 1 1 1 I 1 , DQR 1 gfitblb I II , tw-I f. I If I in ." -Y Lk -L, " " . 'lr . . Mk 5. ' 7 ,- '9 C EV n fs , I ..... N , X If' U ,PI 2?-"H-a"-1 I J f- I 'mm W Q1 if , "iw, ffl ' Xxx 0 , Tl NG N' 5, IUJAHN S QLLIER AGAIN" The slogan tl13t'S lzacleeci ivy genuine gooclness in K quality anti service, the result of 43 years successful If gf experience in the yearlaoolz fielci. I We fincl real satisfaction in pleasing you, time year- book publisher, as well as your photographer anti your printer. C c L I 'IJAHN e oLLlER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color CC. Commercial Artists - Photographers 2 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. I I I I lik. 'Q-,N,'g,N,-gg-gg,-g,N,'X'x,-gy "gg,'g-X,'X-5,-qg,'g, 'Q-,N,"gg,"gN,-N-lx, -N, M "N, "YX.."Y.N. 2 "Y'.N."N".A.,"N'A."iN.'N".N.'X. "N.. "YN, .. -3-5,-x, ' X-ls, 'I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I- 1..- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! 4' COMPLIMENTS OF SCI-1AFFNER-MYERs COMPANY STYLE STORE FOR DAD AND LAD ANDREWS DAIRY OFFERS BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1947 ..-....1.I.I..I-I.-..w1.-I.-III.1.III1III.1.I.I1.I..1I.I.-Im-.IIII.-II..-...m...I -...mlnulunl...IiI...-.I.n.-Im.-..II.1I.I.1,.1..n1....1I.I. Z D95, 'SS T "S3SS9bO L T?-DQ'-T339 'NQKTQSQ I I I I I I A 5 as-1 ' i'X9b X agua-:nina-u-inntu-1,-.1nn-M-1M-In-mfinn --11 1 4 ! l I E BOB'S NEWS , ROBERT BIANCHI, Proprietor . "The Friendly News Dealer" l.,-,.-.. .............. ,,-M,-,, .,.,, - - , - - , -5.-----nh ---- -..... . ..-,.-,.5. .g..-..-.. .... .... ,. ., ,- ! ! Q 1 i COMPLIMENTS or i I Majestic Electric l Appliance 1 Company, Inc. i Q I . GALION, OHIO I 1 I E. M. FREESE 6- CO. Clay Working Machinery GALION, OHIO m-.mln 4..-u..-....-.........-..,-...-...-...-....- - - -....-...-..'. -In-...-.......-...-.N-...-....-..-...-....-..-M..-.......-..q. "Y'..X..'Y-X'N3..'Y.-N.-"N.'X. "X".A.."N'.N."Y.N..'Y.X,'N.. 'XR."X"A.'X'.A.'XB.'X3.. 'XXX "N'N.."Xk.'Y.N..'Y.N. "N"A.-'N' , ""ixp"X,"X-'Q-ixx-'gX"'x, 1 I I 4 1 1 If f C C 12 e 3 3 P 'gg-'X-5,'g, "Y'.X.'Y'.N. XXX. Z "Y, 'N'L."X. 'N'.N. 'N'.N.'X. 'Y'X.."N.. "XB.."N'k.'x. 'N'A.."i.X.'X"A..'X'A.."YX.'X'.X.'X.. "N, ' A ' 'Y.X..'X. X 'YNIQQ ..... ?"X..'X.. 3 3 3 3 3 X 3 3 3 3 2 2 3 3 3 3 Y 3 THE U. s. STEEL GRAVE VAULT 3 COMPANY i ! 3 GALION, or-no 3 Q 3,,3 .......,.,............. - - ug.-1-n-an ----.11111-1-- -11------ 1 1 - i CONGRATULATIONS 2 'ro 'rl-IE 2 CLASS or' 1947 2 SWEET GARDENS I I 1 ! 'I' n1un1nn1un1m.--.UI1 1 1 1 ,. -. .- .- .- 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 inn.-...1nn1nu1un-.nn... -1un1m....-331n, 'N..'X'R.'XL.."l 'NI 'Y'.-N-"Y.N.."X'.X,'N.. "N3'.N.,'N'.X."Y.I 'Y'.N.. ? Nm.'mx.'x'A.N'.x.'vxxm.'cx.'v.x'v.xN'.x.N'.x.xm,'c.x.'x:xx -xx. Nx.N'.x."x'A., N.,x."x'x'x'xw.x.."x'.x.'xm."x'.x, "x, "xxv.x.'v.x.'v.x. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 194-'Z V 'NXYN."Y.N.'YX. 'X'.h..'Y.X.'Y'.N."Y'.X."NB., "N'.N.'N.. "NN.'Y'.N.,'YX.'YN..'X. "YX."X'A. xx AAAAA I I I I 'x..'xx.'x. ' 'N..'x.'x.'x ., f A 'X xxx N . "x.'N."x."x."x."x."x,'x.'x.'x. 'xx.'x.'x.. 4.--.I-...-...-..-..-,.- -..-.,.- .. .-.. ..-M-,-......-.......-..-..-..-..-,.-.,-..-..-,...-..-.,-..5. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I The Central Ohio Steel Products Co. Galion A11-Steel Body Co. I -I,,- , , -I.I-..-..-.? E 32 I I 'Q O If N W Q I IP U1 2 Q 3 I 3 O - I W I . . I . , E I- ,. . - IIII - . . - , ,, -I....,? f I: 5 I 5 O I l W i CI I , cn I I E2 I 2 U1 l D.- , . -I-,.-..-.,il Yale, OQRQQE Ng, 5 SUPER SERVICEI IOE MCMANES I I l E g : I I I! !1 I I 1 I FIRESTONE TIRES I ui. + , wx Ok I I I, X I CU S 53 '-I 5 EE 'U " m Fi :- 53' gl zz: U' S 'I 5 fb Q 5. .4 no Q 8 O Q2 3 In 5-I' Z 2 U' gg 5 sr 2 O U1 -ni III- -I.-I1-In1'n1un1 nlll -In.-- lvll -.fn-na? L 2 I IF1 "'1 Q gg -.Q I." 1 on C-', DH I In "' I ar 'U Z I gg: 5 Z i H 'D D1 I W E- W i E- .4 i to 8' . 1 H U! I " ! -..-I..-...-..-I.-..-,I.-I.-..-..-.,i N5 , A PQ5, , , I NGYX .i..-..-,..-..,.- .... .. .. ..,I-,...-,.- - ....,-......-..i. .i.I-I.-..-..,-I,-..,......,I-...-,.-..-..-.- -..-..5. x'ik19,'9L'bv gk.-qui...-1 .-l. inninninvl--nII1 unun 1 vvnv 1 nvn- -nn-nngnninnlngg Qnlqqyn 111i111i - 1 n1nninn-ug? I ! , I L I Ga11on Ice and I Fuel CO. I i OOMPLIMENTS I , . 1 . x51'b15Bx. O"i'3QiS I ! , ! I PURE ICE I TO THE Q ! NEW, MODERN ! CLASS OF .1947 I ' EEERIGEIIATORS i i I 5 Q Phone 2-8511 Q Q 5 I I I I , -I-,..,...,I- - ..,. - .... -..I-I.-,.-......-.I.. ..II....-..g. R C gf ' -g------ .--. --I-----I--M ,--- - .-f- - .--. - .--- -I-'- --.- ---------I Q ! 5 l ! Q 3 I ' Q HOEKSTRA COAL I I I R I I I ' E AND SUPPLY CO. I I es auran Q I Matthew L. Hoekstm I I IA COAL AND BUILDING SUPPLIES ! 2.5 E READY-MIXED CONCRETE i CRESTLINEI OHIO I I Phone 2-7111 I I I I 228 East Parson Street I I I , . I .... - .... - .... .... -....-...-....-M.-..,...........i. 4-..-....-....-N... .... -II.-...-I.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..--4. 5 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 The Galion Iron Works and Manufacturing Company x ' 1 Nke. ' X SOO .g...-....,.-....-,.,.-..,.-...,-....-....-.W-....-..........-..,.-,,.........-....-M-..........-....-....-..,.......-I..-....-...,-n..-,.,.-,...... I I 1 I I 5 1 I I 1 ALLEN 8: SHETLER I HARDWARE - - PAINTS - - ROOFING E MAYTAG APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS i Phone 2-1151 201 South Market Street l - III. 1---- I H- IQI- - ---1 qw- .... --m-un-.m- .... 1.-u.-.m-..-....-....- 1.1 2 THE BEST WISHES i I TO THE I AMERICAN I CLASS OF 1947 j I I STEEL I I ABRASIVES I THE COMPANY SPORTSMAN ' GRILL GALION, OHIO PAT AND IOE PANGALLO I E- I.II -I ........... IIII - u.,-.i iw- I.II - IIII ...... - - - - -T I BEST WISHES , TO THE - CLASS OF 1947 Q TROJAN PRODUCTS CO. 1 .i.,,-I..-....-.,..-..,.. .. -..-....-.... .......... .... - ....- .. -....-....-..I-I,-..-W.. - .,. "xm..-v.x..'x'x.'x'm.N'.x.."v'..x.."x'.x..'x., ws- -'x'.x.'x':.x.'v.x.,"v.x. "xx, 'v.x,'x:x."x. wx. N. 'w.xx'xx. 'x:xx.x."x:x.'x:x."x'a. N',x.,N'x."x'x."xA.'x".x. 'xxx N. Nzx. xx. fxxxx. "xxv.x.'x'xv.x.,'x:.x..'x. A NA w ,.,,gm 5331 Y, v -g----'-.--.--- ---- --I-I--M--.--I ----- ---.... .... . . .-M-.,..-I..-..............-n....,.!. 1 I I' I g' I I ' I I I I BEST vv1s1-ms 1 I 5 , TO THE I I I : CLASS OF 1947 1 I i I I . 1 1 The North Electnc I 1VIanufactur1ng Co I I I I I I I I I f I I I I n I I I I I - I I u I I I I I I I I . Ulm- lfln - ---- --- ----- I- ---- -f---- l--- - l--- - vvl- - --1. - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - ...- - .... - .... -..,.- .... - .... - .... - I... - .... -. .... - .... -,.,.-...P ax.. I , 'XX '-Mex 'K 9L'l.'L'L'la X?-REED, I YBLSBLSL'-X, f 1 1 1 f 1 q..-..-..-...-,.-...- .... .. ,.,. .. .... -.,.-...,.....-1-1,... ..,. ..,.,l, .g...-...- .... - .... - .... 1 1 1 1 GOOD WISHES I Best Wishes to th TO THE 1 j CLASS OF 1947 Graduating Cla f 1947 3 f I Th A f FAIR PRICE e , Q Midland Insurance I f Z STATION Service Corp. Q ff 417 Harding Way East W. L. WALKER GALION' OHIO 116 North Marker se 1 l E Ph 2-9103 Phone 2-3301 Q 1 I i 1- .... - ,... -1.... .....---. 1......-..5. 4-.... .... - ,... --..-- . ---- . - .... -..-..g. .-4.-11.111111-1111... 1111 . 11111 11.11 11'1 1 1111 1 1.11 - 1.1- 1-111-111-111 n v-u,? ! i CONGRATULATIONS 5 TO THE CLASS OF 1947 Q PALLADIUM A Q l 5 I OE AND AL TUSCAN A Q Q I - 1 q..-..... , 791,111.1-..11...,-11..11.......-..1.,..w.-..,..1,.,. -.vm-1...11-1.-....-...1-.......w-m.1....1....-....-...-.. 1 2 1 ? X 'Nj-X331-Q-.Xi-N-3-4-g,g'-XN,'XX,'g-X, 13,533 'v.x.'xm.-x. xx. 'mx Nxxx., 'xa.X:x.xm.-xx.xx.'xx.xmxxxx.-cx.'xa.x'.xw.xcx.'N:x.Nxxx. N'.x.'x'm.'x. "X".N.'N'.X..'X3."X3.."X'lX..'X'.N.'NK?.N,'X'.A. ninim,..mI1IIULMI1M1.miIm-IIII..IIII1nII1IIII1I.II-.II.I1IIII-n-Im,Im1II.I1IIII-.III-III11M1.III-...Im-.IIII-.III-II...-Imim..-I..I1IIII- 'Q' I BEST w1s1-IES TO I THE CLASS or 1947 I STRATBURY MANUFACTURING COMPANY 5 ALPAGORA TOPCOATS AND OVERCOATS ISLAND MARKET GROCEHIES MEATS I FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES I dStU Q D 12 781 I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I I I In 111i11 UTM, ,,,, ... ,,,, 1 ,,,, , ,,,, L ,,,, .. ,,,, 1 ,,,, 1 ,,,, ,Hi ,,,, ..- ,,,, 1 ,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,, .... ,,,, i ,,,, 1 ,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,, ii,1 ,,,, 1 4, ,,1.+ '!"-" ----- ---- - ------ ------------- - I - "'- - '-'- -4' Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I I I Q I I I Q B. M. Lemley - I. H. Robinson I Q I Corner Parson an ou h nion Q I , I Q ICI -6 Godion, Ohio Q Q I Q I , I 4.,.-,,.- .... .. .... ............-...-I.-II- .... - .... - .,,. - .... - .... - ,.,, - .,.. -,..- .... - .... .. I... - .... - ..,. - I... - .... - .... .. .... - .... - .... - .... - .... -.,.,-,,,-ul, fgggrgaxxww-zxw ' X "X. +......-,.-....- .... -,..- ,... - .... - .,., - .... ......... .... .. - .... -.. Qs .!..-..- ..,. - .... - ..,. - ,... - .,.. -....- .... - ..,. - .... aiu COMPLIMENTS OF DICK LOWER I GALION NEWS I DRQRQQ-NNSNG AGENCY Phone 2-6261 j GALIONI OHIO 204-206 Harding Way East I T 4..- ,... - ,... - .... -...-...- .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - ..., -. 4..- .... - .... - .,.. - .... .. .... .. .... -...- -...- -.-....-.... nga-1111 ullf T1T11ii1111-1 1- 11111111 11 1111 11 1 - 1 1 11-1 1111-111 Q J - I Tuttle s COI'l.f9Ct1OI'l9IY 1 1 BEST WISHES TO THE J GRADUATING CLASS OF 1947 1 Q E STOP IN FOR THAT AFTER SCHOOL SNACK ya . YQ I Tn1nn1 uvuu LTTT vnun 1 ffvn 1 vllv 1 vvlu 1 y-lv 1 11 11114111 .l.l 1 llll 1 lll, 1 lll- 1 lvlv -M11 nllv 1 vnrl 1 rnyn 1 nvn' 1 nrn' 1 vv-nvu 1 ruul 1 1 11111-111' A. O. GLEDI-IILL LUMBER CO. z MILL WORK AND BUILDING SUPPLIES GALION, OHIO T Phone 2-8341 .5....-..-....-...................-.............-....-....-....-....-....-....-,....1...,........-....-....-....-....-....-....-.........-....-1.-......... BUCKEYE FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS RETAIL AND WHOLESALE CHOICE AND SMOKED MEATS GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS BEST WISHES from HERCULES STEEL PRODUCTS CO and GALION METALLIC VAULT CO. GALION, OHIO X ' -Y-X-XXX'-5.-N-X-X:' X-'X-xx . ,X- Y..N..N.YX..'N. 'X'k."X'A. 'xtxl 'Y.X.."N'.k. 'XXX3-N, xx. 'v.x."x:x.'N. N. K.. -X-XX-A--X--X--X-:X-X' xx . N NK M oo no 1- I I I I I I I I I Wilson Printing Company I I I l I I I PRINTERS or 1 ww sp, Phone 2 5031 248 SOUTH MARKET STREET , I I I I I I I I I I I I 3 - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .'.M-,...-......,,.-.,,.- .... ......- .... .. .... -....- .... -.................. .... - .... - .... -...-....-.........-..,,-I..-....-..,..-..-...-.-..-...-I-.-..- ,mx W I , wo'-1QQ'-'w,fosNQwwwa N-HQQ-1-N-IQQQQK 'NX Y, .--, ' ,lx 2A:L'r. Lkfgilwi MIKE lid i.'3.iihi.'f'E,Zf!i'x- A5 ,:'1T'L"J3: 'af ' LL, . :Q F, P.Viit'.3'. 1' ' ' A x , v I 1 , w I , ,M t 4 X .. 4 , J. .', - 1 , x N uf 1 ,. f 1 4 , ? A r px.-. QL, J- .-eJk'k3, . Fda G ' ' ' Z' A ' -'f"' FMS ' "if fi". x ' ' fi 'ff' R'-k1'iL Tiff iJ'+L.'A:x,' VE' 'J , .-. f' - -'ifnmf 3 .,4.:c'xh,,,g ,Lf , X ,1.x.x,,- . . ,,, ,Q-w:f.5.,5 . c-, r - - . K Ari-, . var ' m.::', - 'K. .M ., T , , xx: 1 x , . Q x H , K 1. .. Hr- Q .X 1 I ,K . -I ,. ,V 'L, w . s ' . v ,-f-,- f H Qs' : Y V lr: .fan .4 - .1 Nw I-.,,' -1-,:..f -5. H I . 1 'A L L y ff ' 4 .. .7- I 7474- S"jm2uIEi.h SJR! ,. 111351 1535: 1 1 i E X 7 h A A I i 1 i ! i I x 5 3

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Galion High School - Spy Yearbook (Galion, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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