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Galion High School - Spy Yearbook (Galion, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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F OREWORD Everyone should know that such thlngs as school annuals are usually put out by a small group of vartously motxvated students who dont know what they are tn for unttl tt IS too late for them to back out The usual result IS that by the trme the copy 1S due at the prlnters all those who thought they had lrterarv ab1l1ty are aware of tts absence and the edrtor ts found stlently starrng rnto the 1ve lust when everythrng troubles look very small Bu suddenly thmgs start to chck and from chaos and confuston emerges the l943 SPY and so the students get another annual wrth the usual plctures and the usual patter Should some of the thtngs on the followtng pages app ar a httle d1fferent a bvt unlque or a trttle humor ous know that a ltghter style was thought to be of some small beneftt to those who are faung tte tn none too happy ttmes , . . I. In . looks blackest, something else comes up, making all former . l ' ' 9 ' ' , l. ' , ' - 4-l tt llll 't lil fi? lf GALION SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL The class of 1943 IS the twenty hfth class to be graduated from thrs beautl ful bulldrng lor a quarter of a century thrs structure has stood as a symbo' of the farth of the Amerrcan people rn the 1deals oi freedom and equahty 1n educatlon Thrs burldrng rs our Alma Mater and as we 1o1n the ranks of 1ts alumni we realrze how much 1t has meant to us W1th1n rts walls for twenty frve years students have tolled over lessons have formed hte long fr1endsh1ps and have been prepared to meet the p oblems ot lrfe Its halls have echo d the laugh ter of youth the cheers of enthus1ast1c boosters the arguments of class meet mgs and the solemn tones of the organ as a Commencement processlonal was played Perhaps some of us have not made the most of our opportun1t1es but many of us have caught the spark of a hrgher 1deal1sm and we are grateful for the years we have been pI1V1leg9d to spend rn th s school May Gahon Hrgh School have reason to be proud of us as we are proud of her our Alma Mater We smg thy prcnse Our dear old Gaho To honor thee Wrth heart anc mnd Thy colors glorxous We rarse on hrgh The orange ana blue Agamst the sunllt sky TO GALION rgh we ll y Tune Fmlan HIGH dra And now farewell Our Alma Mater true Through all the years Our thoughts wxll c mg Our 'ovalty nd love wrll Prars ond goodbye Our dear old Gahon I-hgh n vcr d1 . . A - I -' ' a . . . N. I I ' , , . . . Q . . V' T. ' ' ra H' , ' ' i ' tr . ' l' to you, . a ' e Q , . , Q Y H DEDICATION 1 L0'11111111c1 I1 1 5 1 11110 01 0 WUI 11151111110 101 1119 QIQSQI 111101 01 0111 C1QI'I1OCICICN 111111 'he 0e1111e1uc111011 01 1110 1C1QCl15 w111c11 SCIVG Us 1110 fOL11'1C1CI11OIl of 11113 SL1lOO1 11111 1111 01116 1 11ee 111s1111111011s T0 1110 10111101 51111151115 fclculkv 11111 11111 1 Ill 11190113015 N110 CI Q 1 111 111111911 101195 01 OLIY 10111111 C1151 0 0111 C1055 1111162-3 0 Q00 JF 111 101 10 110 10 0 1 11111 'T1Q1'I1'J9"'S 0 116 1 as 0 11 0111111 01 1110 i' t T112 ' 1 .- yr: U11 73515011 01 19-lfc 1111155 115 111 1111 ' Qs w11 1.'.'111 Q I1 1 1- ' 1' .1 1 f ' 1 1s , . 1 ,. f 1' 1 C1 f 151-11 'IICI1 f1111y C1OC11C'fI1F' 111154 1 . 1 ' 1 ,. SPY. IN MEMORIAM The Class of 1943 dedrcates thrs page to the memory of Carl Derfler a member of the class who dled December 12th 1938 when a student of the seventh grade We remember h1s frrendhness w1th gratltude and regret that hlS untrmely death prevented h1s f11'11Sh1l'1g school w1th us the Class of 43 Q if ' 1 Q Q Q - 1 , ,rtta ,, g A fi 41 B P Mansfield Louise Iohn C Adams Pres Earl Logan cmd Helen Monroe BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Edu atron has the difficult job of maintaining the school During the war it is even more difficult Several of our teachers have gone into the armed servrces and it has been the task of the board to select competent teachers to take their places Their work has been hindered this year because of lack of funds and the shortage of teachers Dr Clarence Pdams holds the office of president and Dr B P MJHSfl9ld s vice president Other members of tle Board of Education are Mrs Helen Monroe Mr Earl Logan and Miss Lourse ohn Miss Iohn and Mrs Monroe are both 'ormer teachers of Galion High School SECRETARIES Galion High School is fortunate to have three very etlicient secretaries. Miss Isabel Monroe is secretary to Mr, Povenmire and is alsn clerk of the Board of Education. Miss lane Enjel is assistant secretary to the superinteident. Miss Vivian Berry, one oi last year's graduates. is now secretary to the Senior High Principal E. R. Pickering. M A POVENMIRE Superintendent ot Schools E R Pickering Ohio State Universrtv B S in Ed M A Principal ol Galion Senior High School Better known to the class ot 43 as the warden Mr Pickering has fulfilled his iob beyond the line of duty Due to lus eflorts Mr PlCkel'l!lqS brain chtld make up" work has become the scourge ot the school and his chief occupa- tion. He may often be seen in the hall joking with students and his good nature has caused him to become favored among them. -v.'r'- A Povenmxre Ohio State Umver sry M A Superintendent ol Galicn Schools M Povenmires high ideals I education have been commumcat eo to the students and he is liked and respected by all The admin lSlICl1OI'l of a school system in such choatlc times constitutes a truly serious problem but Mr Pov enmire has dealt with drastically changing conditions in a compe tent and cheerful manner and stu dents are grateful for his under standing and sympathetic interest E. R. PICKERXNG High School Principal QC .-1 -sv as 'T' 48 as as lst Row Mr Lymper Mrss Tracht Mrss Smrth Mrs W Kesler Mrss Engel Mxss Welsh Mr Roth Znd Flow Mtss Slocum lVl1ss l-larrts Mrss Sayre Mrss Emmenegger Muse Mann Mr Rule 3rd Row Mr Wrdrtg Mr Swxck lVlr Babb Mr Cushman Mr Long THE FACULTY LUCY AILEB Ohto State Unrversrty B S rn Fd Health BAILEY CUSHMAN Ohro Northern Unrversrty B S rn and Vrsrtatron Mrss Arler feeltng better than any trme before tn her hte lS perlormmq her dutres wtth an added zest She has the 1ob ol truant otttcer and school health nurse both lobs wmch exact more than a good of trme L W BABB Asbury College A B Btology and Senror Scrence Sentor Class Sponsor Mr Babb has the dtsttn tror' of holdtng two post trons at the same t1me he ts not only teacher fo the Bxology and Senror Sc ence clcsses b t he also a mtntster at the Nlethodtst Church tn Bloom mg Grove Asrde from hese postttons he has been the Semor Class Sponsor prestdent of th Class room Teachers and chnrmar' ot the Com mencement Commtttee OLLIE BRICK Hetdelberg College A B Co umb Umversrty M A Plane Geometry S td Geom etry and Adv nced Algebr 'Vlathemattcs becomes u tasctndtmg sub ect vvhe MISS Brrck ep planns tts mtrtcacxes She ts lso erv talented spool-ce nd because ot her wears s c mtssxonary rn Iapan she has on xnexhaust ble store of nterestrng anecdotes ana expe tences Fd Ohto State Major rn lndustrral Arts Voca tronal Shop Related Subjetts A newcomer to our shop department thts year Mr Cushman IS well known and well 111-:ed bv both students and fellow laculty members ln addrtron to hts regular school schedule Mr Cushman has arded rn rmportant delense work by conductmg ntght classes 'or men and women ARVILLA EMM NEGGER Blrss College B S Com m rctal Subj cts Gm Reserve Sponsor As spon or of the Glrl Reserves Mrss Emrneneqger assumed the responstbtlrtv of the Chrtstmas Pag as Commercral teacher ot Galtcn l-hgh School she ts responsrbl for the man ttne secretartes whrch have come from our school MRS IANET KESLER Ohto St te U uersttv B S Ed Gtr s Pfvsrca Educa an Th1s popular teache h nge her .une urtng the ho tdaw s oson She h s ecte 1 tne program ot sports an health utcng acttxttles and hos so gtxen t1me to the defe se proaram DN drrect 1 g mght classes ., oi Y V' I W ,, .N A .rg . 's t' Y 3 Y , . loghfg- .1 ' L .....-. - 1 r I I - t I A ,I A v, I . . I - I A . , - - ' , - it t . c . - ' ' , e ' 'e , ' . ' ' t . , U ls 5 - V A u - A l eant which has become a tradition in Gallon. Also - - Q . . Y I M K' A V . . e A Y . . ,, . ' A . , ' ' . ., l E: ' ' , ', ol' ..- . .' , a nl' Q' . . in , a a. Al' ty' ' l ' tic . 1 a ' ' ' 1 ' n ' ' r C a d n' ci ' ' J " A ' a Q: l -' e , . L: ii: ti . t A ' r a ' A' ' a' ' :Q I b 1' 'i " - ' ' 1 ' -. ' 'J '- ' A H vs ' . i ' ' ' r . . n ' . KATHERINE HARRIS Indrana State Teachers College A B rn Englrsh and Foreign Languages Col umbra Umversrty M A rn Ed and Speech Spamsh Club Sponsor Dramatrc Coach Havmg come here thrs year from Carhsle Indrana Mxss Harrrs rs already a popular member of the faculty She has Sophomore Englrsh and Spanrsh I and II As Dramahc coach she was responsrble for the Iunrors successful class play Each Tues day evenmg Mrss Harrrs has an adult class rn Spanrsh and she also sponsors the Spanrsh Club MRS WARD HARTMAN Herdelberg College B A Lzbranan We were fortunate to secure Mrs Hartman as our lrbrarran when Mrss Long resrgned at the end of the frrst semester Mrs Hartman IS patrent wxth questronrng students and rs very etfrcxent rn her work Havrng spent many years as a mrsstonary rn Chma our new lrbrarran rs rn demand as a speaker and speaks very mterestrngly of her ex perrences PINER LONG oledo Unrversrty Electrrc Weldmg Shop Co ordmator Mr Long as head of the Shop department super vrses the operatron of lathes and varrous other types of machmes He has Iumor and Semof Shop boys and has the trtle of Shop Co ordmator Mr Long rs gemal courteous and eftrcrent Dur mg the summer he turns mto a gentleman farmer a recommended method for rehevmg the tedrum of teachrng I L LYMPER Unrversrty 01111111015 B S Ohro State Unrverszty M A Football and Baseball coach Physrcal Educatron Mr Lymper rs now called Commando Gym be cause of the new commando tactrcs whrch he rs teachrng rn boys gym classes He has been do mg a fme 1ob wrth the football squad Hrs frrend lmess and great confrdence rn the boys rnsplred them and arded rn renewrng Gallons football prowess GERTRUDE MANN Ohro State Umversrty B S rn Ed M A Englrsh and Iournalrsm Qurll and Scroll Sponsor It has been sard of Mass Mann that she rs always chasrng celebrlhes Thrs has been qurte true as rt has been due to her efforts that such famous peo ple as Rrchard Hallrburton Lours Bromfreld Cor nelra Otls Skmner Alfred Noyes and others have been presented here rn our school She rs the sponsor of Qurll and Scroll and the Lantern she teaches Englrsh and Iournahsm E A ROTH Bowlmg Green Umversrty B S rn Ed Ohro State Umversrty M A Commercral Sub jects. Drrector Athletrcs Drstrrbutrve Educatron Drrector Thrs year Mr Roth has assumed the dutres of Drs tnbutrve Educatron Co ordmator and has arded many students through hrs course rn securmq 1obs The course correlates study wrth work so that the students knowledge may be used rn a practrcal manner He also has the fmancral worrres of the Athletrcs department smce he rs Drrector of Ath letrcs MIRIAM SAYRE Ohro State Umverszty A B B S rn Ed M A rn Englrsh and Speech Sponsor of Spy Englrsh and Speech Mrss Sayre well known to all the students came to Semor Hrgh from the Iumor Hrgh thrs year and has become the lrstenrng post for her many stu dents Due to her kmd dxrectron and fme co opera txon the Semors have been able to prepare and edrt thrs Spy Under her duectron the speech class presented a radro program at the frrst of the year each Monday rn whrch school problems news and feature rtems were presented to the school She also taught Sophomore Enghsh and the vocatxonal shop Englrsh GEORGE RULE Crncmnatr Buble Semmary Bell Canto Musrc School Band and Instrumental Musrc Musrc rs both Mr Rules vocatron and avocatron In addrtron to hrs excellent work as band dxrector he has appeared on assembly programs as both vocal and rnstrumental solorst ROBERT SHEFFER Bowlmg Green Unrversrty B S rn Ed Ohro State Unrvers ty Graduate work m Physrcal Educatron Basketball coach Although he does not teach any classes rn Senror Hrgh Mr Sheffer seems one of us because he coaches the basketball t am and assxsts wrth the football coachrng H put a real basketball team on the floor for Gallon thrs year and we know that wrth Sheffs spmt behrnd them the Orange and Blue basketeers wrll always be frghtmg men IEANETTE SLOCUM Indrana Unrversrty B M Musrc A Cappella Chorr Drrector A great asset to our musrc department Mrss Slo cum has developed a frne A Cappella Chorr pro duced the Easter Cantata and arranged many frne musrcal numbers for assembly and outsrde pro grams HELEN SMITH Asbury College A B Home Econo mrcs Sophomore Class Sponsor Mrss Smrth and her students are responsrble for the tantalrzrng odors that emanate from the krtchen and detract us when we should be studyrng She rs also sponsor of the Sophomore class and F H A Mrss Smrth IS always cheerful and depend able L SWICK Ohio Umversrty B S m Ed Ohio State Unrversrty M A Scrence and Math Head of our schools Chemrstry department Mr Swrck has been responsrble for some frne Chemrs those sometrmes not so pleasant odors ongrnate He also teaches Mechamcal Drawrng Physrcs and Trrgonometry Because of hrs kmd and fnendly manner Mr Swrck has become one of the stu dents and rs favored by the name ol Pop to many IOSEPHINE TRA HT Ohio Northern Umversrty B S rn Ed Englrsh Latm Amerrcan and World Hrs tory lunror Class Sponsor and Assembly Chatrman Mrss Tracht has added to her dutres thrs year the tasks ol As embly Charrman and Iunror Class Sponsor She rs a person everyone admlres for her fnendly mrle and qurck wrt Thrs year she has taken over all the American Hrstory classes as well as teachmg World Hrstory Latm and Engllsh MARY CATHERINE WELSH Ohro State Umversrty B S rn Ed Vocational Commercral and Boolckeepmg School Treasurer Drrector of Coop course As drrector of the work rn co operatrve educatron Mxss Welsh rs responsrble for launchmg many grrls rn busmess careers In addrtron to these dutres Mrss Welsh AS our fmancral wrzard and as school treasurer rs constantly bothered by orgamzatron treasurers brrngmg her therr penmes to bank R WIDRIG Ohro Unrversrty B S rn Ed Ohro State Unrverr ty M A Problems ot Democracy H1 Y Sponsor To the members of Hr Y and to hrs classes rn Prob lems ol Democracy Mr Wrdrrg rs better known as Prof He has been an enthusrastrc sponsor of the H1Y smce 1931 and may often be seen sympathe trcally lendrng an ear to student troubles Hrs good humor has grven htm the abrlrty to chase away more tl'an one students cares . . . . I ' ' 2 - . - , , D .- , , l ' try students. It is from his Chemistry Lab that C , . . . ' S ' ' D - . 1. 1 ' - . I .S i A I V - ' -I 1 D . 1 K I G Byron M sselman VcePres1dent Bla Musselman Pres de t Agnes Harbourt Secreta y R th Ulmer T easurer SENIOR CLASS OF 1943 The Sen1ors have had a very progressn e year Although they have en toyed the1r last year they regret that the1r pleasant trmes are gone and the1r school days are over In the1r Freshman year thrs class chose the followrng as therr offrcers Pres1dent lure Thayer V1ce Pres1dent Shrrley Self Secretary Bette Duke man Treasurer Ruth Ulmer The Freshman Prom was held May 24th 1n the Iumor Hrgh gvmnas1um The decorat1ons were wrne and whlte the class colors Let us go on to the Sophomore year where they were the greemes of the senlor h1gh The offrcers for that year were Presldent Col1n MacAdam V1ce Presldent Val Ramsey Secretary Ruth Ulmer Treasurer Ianrce Egner The Sophomore Hop was held May 24th w1th decoratrons rn keepmg wrth a gar den theme and was held m the Senror Hrgh gymnasrum The muslc was fur n1shed by Dtffy s Star Dusters The party was semlformal The Iunror year was the opportun1ty for the class to show 1ts dramatlc ab1l 1ty 1n the Iunlor Class Play The play was ntrtled The Sunshlne Tw1ns whrch proved to be a great success Those tak1ng part 1n the play were as follows Ralph Pollock Martha Hltzhaupt Col1n MacAdam Betty Hawkrns Byron Musselman Genevreve Prckermg Robert Kump Shrrley Self Betty Po land Chnton Wlclfarland and Adelalde Huber The Iunlor Sen1or Receptron was held at the Gallon Country Club and was the outstandmg event of the year A late buffet luncheon was served and the V for Vrctorv theme was used rn decoratmg Gu1d1ng us through th1s vear were the following OHICGIS Robert Kump President Ianrce Egner V1ce Pres1 dent Donna Moore Secretary Ruth Ulmer Treasurer In the1r hnar year they chose as the1r Of'f1C9 s Presrdent Blarr Musselman V1ce Pres1dent Byron Musselman Secretary Agnes Harbourt Treasurer Ruth Ulmer Early 1n the year the three senror home rooms sponsored assemblles that were hrghry entertatnrng Another worthwhlle progect was the Sen1or's sponsorshrp of courtesy week and although tt was a wear and tear on the students nerves rt proved a bless1ng to the long sufferrng teachers U , 1 - I ll' , I nf . 1 I U , Y . . . l 1 , , . I N I A I I I ' 1 - , - . . ,, . ,, I 1 1 I ' , , , . , . I . I ' T . ., . , ,, . r . . . . . . ,, . . ,, IJ . , , , . I V I I - I 5 I ' - , ,, . ., . . . . . A I - ' I I I - ' , . , , - 1 . . . - I I I I I . , . . . . . , , . . . :of 0? DJ 'sf if AUDREY CHAMBERS IVAN BECK AAQE OXAAL CARL MOORE MARIORIE SLOOP KENNETH DEISCH IEAN REHM WAYNE SHERMAIX AGNES HARBOURT RICHARD FABIAN ROSELLA SAND SIDINEY FELLENBAUM MARCELLA HELFRICH CLYDE WINDBIGLER MARCELLA WISLER . -0 3 . '5 - 5 , - tl 1 3 ' gf, it g fb I EE - . V 2 , y 1, J 9 3 s " , ' 1 'vin VIRGINIA HERB ROBERT POOLE PHYLLIS LINGO ROBERT DURNWALD KATHLEEN SCHRECK HARRY MCELHATTEN EUNICE COCHRAN EARL HEIBY VERNA MAE LOWE WILLIAM HUBLEY BETTY HAWKINS BERNARD WISLER PEARL NESS RICHARD PLUMMER ETHEL WILSON ,Q I 29' OC fi -of af If 'S Q3 l mg-1 41 ke ,gg X MIRIAM GWINNER CLINTON MCFARLAND GENEVIEVE PICKERINC' DUANE KINNAIVION IVIARIORIE MELLOTT SALAVDOR CHINNI SHIRLEY SEIF BLAIR MUSSELIVIAN IUNE THAYEH RALPH POLLOCK RUTH ULMER BYRON IVIUSSELMAN EDNA CARIS HAROLD PLOSS DOROTHY SMITH GLORIA BAUER TREVELYN PLACK GLORINE BRITTON VIRGINIA MILLER GEORGE BROOKS VIRGINIA SCHERER CALVIN QNYDER HELEN WRIGHT IOSEPH FOLTZ VIRGINIA GRANDSTAFF ROBERT EPLEY IOSEPHIINF LEGG DOROTHI KURTZMAN IANICE EGNER MARTHA SHARROCK 35 Q3 'L' A BERTADEAN COLL BETTY TR ACHT BrVEHLY CAMPBELI I5 1 1' mlm 19 EDITH BALLIFTT Q- A LBEHT HOLDERNFS9 NIAPTHA RITZHAUPI CHARLES PEARCE 9 03 .-:7. SHIRLEY TUTTLE IOHN BURDEN GERALDINE POOLER BFRNAHD ERNST 1' BETTE DUKENIAN i ELAINE KOONS MIRIAM LOGAN LILLIAIN CHASE KENNETH PITTMAN MARIORIE SMITH ELLIS SWICK FRANKIE PARRIS HARLAND ECKSTINE OY RIDER VAL RAMSEY LEONA ARMSTRONG ROBERI KUIVIP ARLENE BUTTERFIELD ST CHARLES HFSKETT CHRISTIIN A VOSSERS ROBERT RICHARDS QC VIRGINIA SHAVN HOWARD SEUBERT I X J I f All , A ,f I a 4, an 1 17 I fa 'Q I I 1 Y : ra! H 'Q f 'N f if . . 9 I . 'I- LORENA WILLIAMS MARIE IOHINSON IUNE MONAT FRANCES IOHNSTON RUTH GANSHORN ROBERT LUCKEY ETHEL HARRIS IAMES WENNINGER MARILYN BAKER BETTY POLAND CAROL LEMLEY DONNA MOORE IANE VVAGNER ARTHUR KECKLER BIOGRAPHIES LEONA ARMSTRONG Leona rs a mce qulet blond the type all home room teachers pray for She ts never n a hurry but she accomplxshes much As a Coop student she worked part trme as secretary to the lun or Hrgh prxnclpal A Capella Chorr 2 3 4 F H A 4 Spmt oi Peace MARILYN BAKER She has he dxstmctron of bemg one of our smallest seniors She seems to be havmq un wherever she rs Lyn eems to have plenty actwmes outsrde of school to keep her busy A Capella Choxr Z 3 4 Receptron Com 2 EDITH M BALLIETT Toots has been seen a lot after school hours thls year ln box offrces of the local theaters Whrle rn school she takes an actrve part rn the F H A and rn her spare txme wrxtes letters to keep up the morale of her servrcemen Fresh rsh Club 4 GLORIA BAUER Th SOUI of good nature rs Glona a pleasmg comblnatxon of sunny chsposrtxon and brams She gets her work done and fxnds trme for fun besxdes and trme for her favorxte recreatxon readmg A Capella Chorr I 2 Spy Staff 4 Spamsh Club 2 4 IVAN BECK Beckxe IS another of the senxor boys wrth a Job He puts rn tlme at Caldwells after school ant at Mar ones an the evemng Iv rn IS e dom seen wrthout a snnle no matter wh lt sltul tron he may be engaged rn Varsxty Football 2 3 4 Varsxty Track 2 Intramurals l GLORINE BRITTON Red harr rs not always a s1gn of a temper whrch has been proved by Glorrne She IS a good bas ketball forward and lrkes all sports She has been a member of the band for four years Band 4 Intram s IOHN BURDEN Iohnny as manager of the varslty basketbal team for three years was very falthful A good manager xs almost as ess ntral for a w1nn1ng team as a good coach Iohnny s frlends number many Fresh Prom Com 1 Band I Intramu rals 1 2 Soph Hop Com 2 Latrn Club I Re ceptxon Com 4 Varsrty Basketball Mgr 2 3 4 ARLENE BUTTERFIELD One of the few students of G H S who get thelr work rn on the day lt rs due Cneeds no prompt mg rn P D For two adyectnes whrch accur ately descrxbe Arlene we suggest steady and dependable G R 3 Soph Hop Com 2 Usher REVLRLX CAMPBELL Bev has proved that not only men make effxclent and amxable flllmg statxon attendents She has plenty ol mmatrve her favorrte recreatron ms roller skatrng In prlvate lrfe Bev rs Mrs Mel vm MCKDIQIII Freshman Prom Com l G A .A 2 I.at1n Club Z Chorus Z 3 IIJNA LARI1 Eddle ts one of the few gtrls who dared to llX her harr m the coxffure or1g1n,rted by Veronrca Lake In fact a large percentage of her frrends have mck named her Veronlca Slse lrkes to Img 1 a me f I er 1 F cepuon Com I L, A I,mr.mL 2 Fresh Prom Com l Soph Hop Com 2 Choy us 3 ' ' , ' . , 5 . .A . 1, 2. 3. 1 ural 1.2.3. 4 1.2: G. R. 5" " "4. . 4 I E 1 . Q 9 .I 4 , . ' . " " s of ' I H ' Prom. Com. lg F. H. A. 1. 2, 3. G. A, A.A2: Spani 3: "Spirit of Peace",-1:'Spy Staff, 4, I 4 l j A ' ' . . ' , c ' s ly l l, tl 1 ' and 'ht tti . Sty Stuff. 45 , H - ' I t " I A, 45 Re ' . , If A. . L13 '1IullS BIOGRAPHIES AUDREY CHAMBERS Audrey works at the cosmettc counter ln the Woolworth store She poses as a cymc but her ever present smrle beltes thxs pose In tact she and Arlene hnd plenty to gxggle about tn home room Spy Stafl 4 LILLIAN CHASE Chasre IS one ol those semors who IS always saymg and dorng the unexpected She has a laugh that has a way ot makmg other people laugh and once she gets started tts hard to get her stopped But when there IS some real work to be done you can count on Chasxe to be rn there prtchmg Fresh Prom Com l G A A Z G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Lantern StaH 3 Usher 3 Receptton Com 3 Spmt t Peace 3 4 Spy Stat! 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 Flag Bearer 4 SALVADOR CHINNI Sam rs one of our mxghtrest and best football players Whenever he IS rn the crowd you are sure of a good tlme He IS slow easy gomg and has a droll sense ol humor As sports edt tor lor the Spy he proved very efhctent Var murals 1 2 3 4 Recephon Com 3 Spy StaH 4 EUNICE COCHRAN Her hobby thxs year ts collectmg trophres from the South Seas where her brother rs located Room 309 especrally hked the grass skxrt E nxce rs always ready lor fun and ltkes to laugh H KENNETH DWIGHT DEISCH Kenny rs one of the boys who made our football season a success He xs also an ardent basket ball tan It you want to know anythmg about athletics m G H S just ask Kenny Varsxty Football 2 3 4 Varsxty Track 3 Intramurals 2 3 4 Receptron Com 3 Spy Staff 4 Commence ment Com 4 BERTADEAN COLE Bertadean has spent a large part ot her semor year rn Pennys show wmdows She has work ed very hard to make a success of her course rn dlstrlbuhve sducahon F H A 3 BETTE DUKEMAN Bette has the xmtxatrve tt takes to get somewhere She has been rn all extra curncular acttvttxes from her freshman year on She also has that certam somethmg rt takes to attam populanty and keep tt Mlrror Staft l Fresh Prom Cam l A Cappella Chou 2 3 4 Class Treasurer l Intramurals 3 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com Lantern Staff 2 3 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Recep hon Com 3 Spxnt ol Peace 3 4 Natxonal Honor So tety 3 4 Spy Staff 4 ROBERT DURNWALD We havent seen much ol Bob thrs year as he rs another of those shop boys Because ol hrs quxet and pleasant manner Bob has acqutred the tttle of the xdeal boy to have rn home room Fresh Prom Com l Intramuralsl HARLAND ECKSTINE IR Harley w1ll long be remembered by the class ol 43 not only lor hrs fme showmg on the bas ketball tloor but for the many laughs and mls chxevous acts so characterxstlc of htm Room 309 wrll also mxss the many packs ot gum and sacks of candy he wxllmgly drstrxbuted there Polk Hugh School 3 Booster Club 1 Varsxty Football 4 Mxrror Staff l Fresh Prom Com 1 Varsxty Baseball 1 4 Varsity Basket ball 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Commencement Com IANICE EGNER Grvc her a chance to argue and shes happy She IS contmually rushmg from place to place u thrs srmply shows she xs amblttous Iamce has been very actxve rn school actxvrttes and has ots of sp1r1t Mlrror Staff 1 Fresh Prom Com 1 A Capella Chotr 2 3 4 Class Vxce Pres 3 Class Treasurer 2 Malorette 2 3 4 Intramurals 3 4 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Lantern Stn 2 3 Qunll and Scroll 3 4 Reception Com 3 Rmg Com 3 Spmt ot Peace 3 4 Spy Stall 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 2...2'.: .U sity Football, 2, 3, 41 NI c. o. team 32 Imm- so .. .. ., . . 7 - -I ui 4. ' I ' 1 F. .A. 1, 2,3. bt A A ' '- . " ' l ' 5 . . Ah' . . .' . ' .: . . , :I . lf BIOGRAPHIES ROBERT EPLEY RUTH GANSHORN Bob rs another one rnterested rn sports on the second shrft lrne seems to hare of orr senror boys who are He takes shop and at the North Electrrc an attractron for hrm Galron doesnt offer Varsrty Football Varsrty Golf 3 Intramurals 1 2 BERNARD ERNST works Crest whrch Bernre rs our rdea of a football hero havrng been grven the honor of a berth on the N C O Team He also recerved an All Ohro ratrng from one press Outsrde of football nothrng bothers Bernre unless rt mrght be passrng Fresh Prom Com I Varsrty Football 2 3 4 Varsrty Baseball 1 2 3 4 Varsrty Golfl 2 3 Receptron m 3 Rrng Com 3 Spy Staff 1 RICHARD FABIAN Drck rs seen around G H S only rn the morn rngs He spends hrs afternoons drlrgently work rng at the North Electrrc rn connectron wrth the shop course but he usually frnds hrs way back to hrs alma mater for the extra actrvrtres Fresh Prom Com l Football Manager 1 2 Intra muralsl 2 Soph Hop Com 2 Receptron Com 3 SIDNEY FELLENBAUM Srd has a frne corlectron of chemrstry equrp ment he just found lvrng around He lrkes to tease the qrrls but doesnt care about regu lar dates Srdneys eyes are hrs outstandrng features and they usually betray hrm when he has been up on some mrschref Intramurals 3 4 Spanrsh Club 3 4 IOE FOLTZ Ioe has a sense of humor whrch he uses to ad vantage He rs well known to hrs classmates and teachers for hrs wrtty remarks Ihe erghtl' perrou class rs the one Ioe seldom rnrsses Fresh Prom Com l A Capella Chor 2 HrY -I Brol ogy Club -1 Ruth rs on of tho e very fortunate senrors who takes everythrng as rt com s and nothrna ser rously She has been a farthful member of de tentron class thrs year Her lollrty rs welcomed everywhere F H A l 2 3 4 Intramurals 2 G A A 7 3 Broloqy Clu VIRGINIA GRANDSTAFF Grannys sparklrng wrt and humor have made her many frrends throughout her hrgh school career She s an all around athlete and a good sport Her favorrte actrvrty outsrde of school rs ro erskatrrvg F H A 2 Intra urasl 2 3 A A 2 Latm Cubl MIRIAM GWINNLR Mrrram has a captrvatrna personalrty and lrkes nothrng better than a good trme but she can be serrous rf the occas on calls for rt N matter where the gang goes they always seem to end up at the Gs house Mrrror Staff I Fresh Prom Com I A Cappella Chorr 3 4 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Lantern Staff 2 3 Qurll and roll 3 Receptron Co'n 3 Sprrrt of Peace 3 4 Spy 'Staff 4 Student Councrl 2 AGNES HARBOURI Aggre rs worlrng hard for the trtle Perfect Secretary and seems to be accomplrshrng t very well by workrng as Secretary at the Ele mentary chools But to Agnes rts pretty hard to decrde between a car er and a certarn boy who has a car wrth enough gas to brrng her to school about every day Mrrror Staff 1 Fresh Prom Com I A Cappella Chorr 3 Class Secre tary 4 G P 3 1 Soph Hop Com 2 Latrn Club 2 Usher 3 Receptron Com 3 Sprrrt of Peace 1 Mayorettc 2 3 4 Honor Socrety 4 ETHEL HARRIS Ethel rs a co op tudent ana rs employed as a cr txry I e Iron Wo: s She never 11 rch o s rs out of our brurny senrors G R 3 4 G A A 2 Mrrror Staff l Fresh Prom Com 1 Receptron Com 3 Honor Socrety 4 ' ' . ' 2, 3, ..., A , . . : , Q : . . 3: , , . ., 7 ' b 2. , ' . . . ' ll f ' . A . , 1 m 1 , , 1 , - . ' . ' ' G. . . : ' l , 2, . . . : ' . . 3 ' Co A I . , i .. O ' "' - V Sc A ,4: I f' .. 2" " ,. . . i I ' ' ' , " . ' , se 61' ul h M ' lc' .' h ' A ' '. ' ' Illi ' I 'try sitltl 3 - ' ' BIOGRAPHIES BETTY HAWKINS Betty rs active in all activities She is a member of the G R Cabinet and has fulfilled this iob well She rs also a soda ierk at Barrs Drug store this rs a good excuse for getting out of school rn the afternoon Mirror Staff l Fresh Prom Com 1 A Cappella Choxr 3 4 Chorus 2 Orchestra I Intramurals 2 3 G R 3 4 So h Hop Com 2 Latm Club 2 Lantern Staff 2 3 Quill and Scroll 3 4 Usher 3 Reception Com 3 S rrrt of Peace 3 4 Spy Staff 4 Iuntor Class Play 3 Spanrsh Club 3 4 Honor Society EARL HEIBY Served as Drum Ma1or in hrs Senior year which proved an cdtstandrng event Although very flrqhty he has enloyed his school work He also cimty Mirror Staff l Fresh Prom Com 1 Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 Intramurals 4 HrY 2 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Lantern Staff 2 3 Reception Com 3 Spy Staff 4 Drum Mayor 4 MARCELLA HELFRICH Marcella 1 an enthusiastic outdoor girl She does excessive reading and is xery high rn her scholastic standing Fresh Prom Com 1 CHARLES HESKETT Chuck rs well known for his ability as a basket ball forward He s our star player and Captam of the varsity team He came here from Grove City rn hrs yumor year and since then has been active rn school activities He rs popular with teachers and students alike Grove Clty Leadership Group 4 Varsity Basketball 3 4 ALBERT HOLDERNESS Al is me hanrcally inclined and lrkes motor cycles He IS quret and likes outdoor sports such as hunting He works at the North Electric Al is one of cur nicest semors Fresh Prom Com 1 VIRGINIA MAE HERR The future for her should be settled She was a mayorette for three years and also belonged to many school organizations She rs quiet and well liked by everyone Booster Club 1 Mrrror Staff 1 Fresh Prom Com A Cappella Choir 4 Orchestral Intramuralsl 2 3 G R 3 4 Latin Club A Usher 2 3 Reception Com 4 Spmt of Peace 4 Invitation Ccm 4 Commencement Com 4 Maiorette 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Honor So crety 4 ADELAIDE HUBER Adelaide always lnows the latest news inside and outside of school She rs very friendly and rs always laughing Fresh Prom Com I A Cappella Choir 3 4 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Reception Com 3 Spirit of Peace 4 Spy Staff 4 Iuntor Class Play 3 Am Legion l:.ssay Winner l WILLIAM HUBLEY Brll follows the old saying the least said the better rellgrously More of us could use such a trart especially after the quiet bell has rung We dont see much of Bill since he rs taking the shop course Varsity Football 3 Varsity Basc ba 3 HrY 3 MARIE IOHNSON Marie is a very amiable person who has a smile for everyone everyday She has domestic rnclin ations we are told but whatever she undertakes her happy drsposrtron will assure her success F II A 4 FRANCES IOHNSON Quret rn marner Frances rs always courteous to everyone She lrkes to wear slacks and chew gum A Cappella Choir 2 3 Chorus I Recep tion Com 3 : ' .: p. l.A: ' : ., p. . ' : ' I ', . h 4. . holds the position nf Gus Man in the Galion vi- 7 I ' - 7 H I I 7. II 7 '- . 'I . J l, 2: - 3- - . BIOGRAPHIES ARTHUR KECKLER IOSEPHINE LEGG He is quiet in manner and is always a gentle- She Came to our school from Florida this year. man. A man with a car and just a bricklayer Iosephine is quiet and reserved. at heart. He has earned his apprenticeship in brick laying DUANE KINNAMON He is one of the determined leaders of our school acting as President of our HiY shows that he is always enyoying himself by hrs smile and snappy brown eyes Fresh Prom m 1 HrY 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Staff 4 Iunior Class Play Spanish Club 3 Am Legion Essay Winner Stage Manager 3 4 Lead ership Group 4 ELAINE KOONS She usually catches on to lakes five minutes later laughs and then asks what the joke was She is a member of the Coop Class Has pretty red hair and ts handy with a needle Fresh Prom Com l A Cappella Choir 3 4 G A A G R 3 4 Spirit of Peace Spy Sta ROBERT KUMP Bob rs one of our many shop boys who should be given credit for his work in the war effort He is a lone wolf in his romantic ideas His favorite phrase is l can take them or leave them Fresh Prom Com l Class President 3 lntrxmurats 2 3 H1Y 2 3 Soph Hop Com 3 Biology Club 2 Reception Com 3 lunior Class Play Varsity Basketball 2 3 DOR OTHY KURTZMAN Dorothy is the combination of brains and wit She likes all kinds of sports When on a com mittee she always does her part Fresh Prorr Com l A Cappella Choir 3 G A A 2 G R Inn n :H Oni an S roll 4 te tion Loni .3 pmt o eace 3 N :tio Honor Society 3 4 Spy Staff 4 Assembly Com 4 Chorusl 2 CAROL LE.MLI'Y Carol rates among the highest tn scholasttc standing She worked hard on all her activrties and deserves much credit She is 1ollv and friendly to everyone Mirror Staff I Fresh Prom Com 1 Intramurals 3 4 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Latin Club 2 Lantern Staff 3 Quill and Scroll 4 Reception Com 3 Usher 3 Spirit of Peace 4 Spy Staff 4 Commencement Com 4 Spanish Club 3 4 Honor Society 4 PHYLLIS LINGO Phyllis is another of our small but nice seniors She has had some trouble with chemistry but has escaped without any scars She has a very infectious smile which rs usually followed by laughter Fresh Prom Com 1 Usher 3 Recep tton Com l Spy Staff 4 Maiorette 2 3 4 MIRIAM LOGAN Miriam is in the Distributrve Education Class and works at the Morris store She h is nrovecl her ability as an artist and will no doubt carrv out this work after graduation Soph Hop Com 'P Usher 3 Reception Com 3 Spy Staff t VERNA MAF LOVM F Although Verna has the entire responsibility of the house she still finds time for fun She stands high scholastically lntramuralsl 2 3 4 G A A l lantern Staff 3 Ouill and Scroll 3 t Usher l Rete Oil t 1 J tt! e AC 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Spy Staff 4 Mayorette 3 4 Spanish Club 3 4 , ' ' 1 . He ' '- - - Co. 5 '- 2, , : . I .-: Spy - 7' ' I 4 ' 'f 'I 3, if .1 ter srl .35 'll' 5.6 'sf fag . f. . ff ' , A 4 f ' p ' , 'Q "S f P " ', 45 t nal 1, 3, -, ptr Cori. J, "Fri nf P . e' A, BIOGRAPHIES ROBERT LUCKEY Has seemed to be made lor one glrl and you see them together qulte often Bob llkes hls work ID the Gallon Hlgh School but llkes better hls lob as an asslstant to a local MOIIICICH Fresh Prom Com 1 Soph Hop Com 2 Latln Club 2 Blology Club 3 Spanlsh Club 3 HARRY MCELHATTEN Harry IS ln the Dlstrlbutlve Educatlon Courses and the only one to pass the Mathamatlcs exam lnatlon whlch seems to proxe hls GbllllY He laughs and lokes most ol the tlme B nd l 7 Orchestra 2 Intramurals 2 3 4 CLINTON MCFARLAND Mlck IS one ol our best dancers Besldes hls Electnc He has been popular all through hlgh school MIIYOI Staff I Fresh Prom Com l Varsrty Football 3 Varslty Baseball I 2 Int murals I 2 HlY 2 3 Soph Hop Com 2 Recep tlon Com 3 Commencement Com 4 ROBERT Mcl-IENRY Bob 15 one of those boys who ll let you do the talklng but wlll always llsten lntentlvely Most of hls tlme out of school when he lsnt work mg at the North seems to be occupled wlth a certaln llttle Sophomore Intramurals 1 2 COLIN MacADAM Better known as Bralns or GENIUS He was the only boy ln school to pass the Navy Exam lnzxltlon He reads constantly and IS usually well v rsed on all sublects Class Pres 2 l'llY 3 4 Latln Club 2 Lantern Stafl 3 Qulll and Scroll 3 4 Iunlor Class Play Spanlsh Club 3 MARIORIE MELLOTT Marlorle IS only ln school every other week be cause she IS talclng the Coop course She has proved hersell a great leader ID many GCYIVIIIES Mlrror Stall 1 Fr sh Prom Com 1 Soph Hop Com G R 3 4 Lantern Stall 3 Oulll and Scroll 3 4 Usher 3 RGCGPIIOD Com 3 Splfll ol Peace 3 Nat oncll Honor Soclety 3 4 S nlor Class Play Leadcrshlp Group 4 VIRGINIA MAE MILLER VIIQIHIG has remalned VIIQIHICI Mlller to us al though durlna the term she changed her name to Mrs Ralph Perrln VIIQIHIG plays a good game ol basketball and has carrled on wlth her work although her heart IS overseas MIYIOY Staff I A Cappella Cholr 3 F H A 1 2 In Q u P1 Iune IS a member of the Dlstrlbutlve Educatlon class and manages to keep her scholastlc stand lng above average She IS qulet except once ln a whlle you are able to hear a laugh from her MIIIOY Stall 1 A Cappella Cholr 3 F H A l ramulals 2 3 4 G A A 2 Stall 4 CARL MOORE Carl came to us rom Marlon and IS on the conservatlve slde He wa a shop student ln IS lunlor and SQHIOY year and later worked at North Electrlc Mtg Co Marlon Ir Hlgh 1 DONNA MOORE She came here from Marlon and has worked hard as a cheerleader She IS the only SEHIOI recelvlng 1 lett r lor thls GCIIVIIY Marlon Ir Hlgh l Cheerleader 3 4 A Cappella Cholr 3 4 Class Secretary 3 G R 3 4 Receptlon Com 3 Lantern 3 Splfll ol Peace 3 4 Spy Stall 4 I I A . G I 1 I: I J . . . . summers 2. 3, 4: G. A. A. 52: sh-5 sQe..'4.: ' school work he also maintains a job at the North MARTHA IUNE MONAT A . 7 I' I l. I I ral V ' . ' - 2: Int ' , , : . . . :'Spy I I . ' . A ' ' ' . s ' h' . . ' ' ' A the BIOGRAPHIES BLAIR IVIUSSELMAN Blarr rs the model boy student cmd rs looked up to by all He has partrcrpated rn extra currrcu lar actrvrtr s and rs noted for hrs abrlrty rn lead ershrp Booster Club 1 Freshman Prom Com I Class Pres 4 Band I Z 3 4 Intramurals 1 H Y 3 4 Latrn Club 2 Receptron Com 3 Spy Staff 4 Commencement Com 4 Varsrty Basket lx 2 3 1 Honor Socrcty 4 BYRON MUSSELMAN Barnre rs lrked by all because of hrs outstand mg wrt He worrred many of the boys who came to bat by hrs alertness rn rrght held and thrrd base Barnre lrke hrs twm has great lead ershrp abrlrty He has brought a new marchrng beat rn the band by hrs orrgrnal drum numbers Freshman Prcm Com 1 Class Vrce Pres 4 Band l 2 3 4 Orchestra I 2 Varslty Baseball 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 4 H1Y 3 4 Receptron Com 3 Iunror Class Play 3 PEARL NESS Pearl rs very quret and studrous person B srdes workrng hard at school she lrnds trme to work at Fckstems Grocery Store Receptron Com 3 AASE OXAAL Aase rs a grrl wrth a Happy Go Lucky attr tude Comrng to Amerrca rn her seventh grade lrom Norwav she soon proved her capabrlrty to read and wrrte the Englrsh language She al ways seems to make thrnqs hum no matter whether at work or play lVIrrror Stall l Fresh Prom Com 1 Soph Hop Com 2 Latrn Club 2 Lantern Stall 3 Usher 3 Receptron Com 3 Spy Stall 1 Muyorcttc 2 3 1 Spanrsh Club 3 1 FRANKIE LEE PARRIS Frankre slaves away at the Woolworth C when she rsnt rn school She also looks nrce rn that brrght red swe rter wrth the B A Cappella Orr 3 I' H A A 2 3 Lantern Staff 3 Receptron Com 3 Am Legron Essay Wrnner l CHARLES WARREN PEARCE Charles has worked hard to try and keep hrs assrgnments up to date although sometrmes un successfully We were afrard we were gornq to lose Charles to Trro Hrgh School but he man aged to recerve hrs drploma from G H S Mrr ror Staff l A Cappella Chorr 2 3 4 Intramurals 3 Latrn Club 2 Lantern Start 3 Ourll and Scroll 3 4 Rcccptron Com 3 Spanrsh Club 3 1 GENEVIEVE PICKERING lessre has a smrle lor everyone She has been very outstandrng rn all actrvrtres even wrth her work at the State Theater Her pet peeve rs berng referred to as The prrncrpal s daughter Mrrror Statf l Fresh Prom Com l A Cappella Chorr 2 3 4 Honor Socrety 4 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Latrn Club 3 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Usher 3 Receptron Com 3 Rlng Com 3 Sprrrt of Peace 4 Spy Staff 4 Iumor Class Play 3 Malorette 3 4 Spanrsh Club 3 1 Intramurals KENNETH PITTMAN Kenny sold the most Qurll and Scroll trckets lor Alfred Noyes malcrng hrm Busrness Manager ol the Lantern rn whrch he proved hrmself capable ol hfrnalrnc, such a posrtron Fresh Prom Com l Var rty Track 2 Intramurals 3 Lantern Stall TREVELYN PLACK Te rcher s delrght rn recervrng Trevelyns papers srnce her oenmanshrp rs so beautrlul lrevelyn pr lers the srdelrnes rnstead ol the lrmelrght but nevertheless rs strll a olrd supporter of G H S A Cappella Chorr Z 3 1 F H A 3 1 Rcccp on C rn 3 Spy Stall l HAROLD IAMES PLOSS Harold has proven hrmsel' an outstandrng chem rs ry studert d ll n doubt go lar rn P red rs ry net rs ner-n vt busy photographer Spy St rft 4 Commencement Com 4 Honor Socrety 4 . : , . . : 1 ' ' ' , . . ' - rll ,I , I 3 l, I 3 ' r , 5 ' ' , 1. 2, 3, 4. ' ' ' ' . . . V E- sf ' I 1: ' V , ' , ' ,,-5 . . ,",: It-il 0 , 3 ., ' . . ' o, ' ' - ' . ' t 1 an wi 0 ' th Ch ' 3 ', , . 35 lntr-rrnurals 2, 3, 4: C. , A t l . He ' ve qt trntt ln - l rr Qry BIOGRAPHIES RICHARD EUGENE PLUMMER Drck rs famous for hrs long basketball shots whrch made everyone breathless He rs one of the lrvelrest boys rn G H S and hrs favorrte pastrme rs playrng prnochle and makrng qrrls lrves mrserable Fresh Prom Com l A Cap pella Chorr I 2 Varsrty Basketball 3 4 Intra muralsl 2 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Assembly C m 3 4 BETTY POLAND Betty of the sweet smrle rs a whrz at basketball and lrkes all other sports Wrth her happy go lucky nature she rs welcome rn any crowd Mrrror Staff I A Cappella Chorr 2 3 F H A 1 Lantern Staff 3 Invrtatron Com 3 Iunror Class Play 3 Spanrsh Club 3 Chorus l RALPH POLLOCK Ralph rs a person who has a mrnd of hrs own and has been one of the mam leaders of our class He has been actrve rn all sports and rs known to everyone Mrrror Staff 1 Fresh Prom Com I Bandl 2 3 Orchestral 2 Intramurals Z HrY 2 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Lantern Staff 2 3 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Receptron Com Spy Staff 4 Iunror Class Play 3 Spanrsh Club 3 4 Varsrty Football 3 Varsrty Baseball 3 Varsrty Basketball 2 3 4 Honor Socrety 4 ROBERT POOLE Sonny rs one of our patrrotrc boys and rs now rn the Unrted States Naxy Hrs jrtterbuqgrng always pepped up our dances and he wrll be re membered by all Fresh Prom Com I Intro murals 2 3 Soph Hop Com 2 Latm Club 2 Rcceptron Com 3 Rrnq Com 3 GERALDINE POOLER Gerry rs one of our quret qrrls but en1oys herself very much when she rs playrnq basketball Srnce she has come to Golron she has made many frrends and rs well lrked Bucyrus Hrqh School l 2 F H A 4 Intramurals 3 4 VALENTINO RAMSEY Val rs one of those exceptronal boys that are few rn thrs world He had hrs heart and soul rn hrs sports and he proved to be outstandrnq rn our school Hrs prrde and 1oy rs coachrnq the Iumor Hrgh football team whrch we are sure wrll be lust as good athletes as Val rs Fresh Prom Com 1 Class XrcePres 2 Varsrty Foot ball 2 3 4 Varsrty Baseball 3 4 Varsrty Bas all 3 4 HrY 2 3 4 Soph Hop Com Spanrsh Club 3 4 IEAN REHM Another captrvatrnq blond rs lean Shes de mure but loads of fun We lrke the gestures that accompany her speech we lrke her loyalty Any one who has her for a frrend rs certarnly lucky Booster Club 1 Mrrror Staff 1 Fresh Pro V' 2 S ph Hop Corn Latrn Club 2 Usher 3 Receptron Com 3 Spy Staff 4 ROBERT RICHARDS Bob rs one of the boys workrng for Uncle Sam He has become a corporal rn the Crvrl Arr Pat rol and we are sure that he has worked hard for thrs posrtron Where you see Bob you see hrs camera Photography rs hrs mam hobby and he took some of the prctures for our Spy Boos ter Club I Fresh Prom Com I Varsrty Track 2 Receptron Com 3 Spy Staff 4 LOWELL RIDDLEBAUGH Lowell rs known for hrs devrlrsh acts rn home room but under thrs surface he rs one of the boys that helps make G H S tops Intramurals I IOX RIDER Ioy has a very pleasrng personalrty and has made many frrends srnce she has gone to Golron Hrqh As we say Good thrnqs come done up rn small packages F H A l G A A 2 Soph Hop Com 2 Receptron Com 3 Spy Staff 4 . :I ' . : - 4 'A - I Z o . . . . . : ' . : ' - ketb . 1 '- . . : . . 2: 1: Orchestrah.: -0 . -- ' . : ' . : ' .3. ' . : ' . . 2, 3. BIOGRAPHIES MARTHA E RITZHAUPT Marty rs an exceptronally good leader rn our Hrqh School and has a smrle for everyone She has been a very effrcrent prestdent of the Gtrl Reserves and rs an rnvaluable member of our new Leadershrp Group Mtrror St.1H I Freshman om Com I G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com Latrn Club 2 Lantern Start 3 Qurll and Scroll 4 Usher 3 Receptton Com 3 Sprrrt Peace 4 Spy Stall 4 Invrtatton Com 4 lunror Class Play 3 Spanrsh Club 3 1 Honor Socrety ROSELLA SAND Rosella showed her supersalesmansmp wher she sold war stamps durrnq the drrve sponsored by the Outll and Scroll Shes always rushrnq always snulrnq and those who know her best say that she has talents for thrngs domestlc Mrrror Stafl I Intramurals 2 G A A 2 3 G R 3 4 Lantern Staff 3 Ourll and Scroll 4 e ceptron Com 3 Sprrrt of Peace 4 Spy Staff 4 VIRGINIA SCHIRIR Ilus as Grnnys Irrst year rn our school but slu has proved to be a swell qrrl and rs lrked by everyone Sandusky Hrqh School I 2 3 KATHLEEN SCHRLCK Katys smrle puts sunshrne rnto the darkest day She has personalrty plus charm plus qood loo s Mrror Stall I Fresh Pom Corn I A Cappella Cholr 3 G A A 2 3 Intramurals 3 A I 2 3 4 Receptron Com 3 Spy 4 Assembly Commrttee I HOWARD SLUBLRT Howdy rs one of the Chemtstry students who rs always trymq to Irnd something new Maybe thrs rs a srgn of genrus He has a grand per sonaltty and rs a very good sport Fresh Prom Com I Iunror Class Play 3 Spanrsh Club 3 4 Assembly Com 4 SHIRLEY IOAN SEIF Shrrley rs always rushmq around after someone or somethrng but she deserves much credrt for thts Spy Shrrley has worked very hard rn all of her actrvrtres has attarned a hrqh scholarshrp ratrnq and her musrcal abrltty has delrqhted many school audrences A Cappella Cholr 3 4 Chorus I 2 Class Vrce Pres I Intramurals I 2 3 4 G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Latrn Club 2 Brology Club 2 Honor Soclety 4 Receptron om 3 lrrt 0 eace 4 Spy Sta Iumor Class Play 3 Spanrsh Club 3 4 Semor Play Com 4 MARTHA CAROL SHARROCK Marty rs a very jolly grrl and rs always havmq lun She has been a member of the band for Iour years and deserves much credrt lor her work Fresh Prom Com I Band I 2 3 -I O chestra 1 F H A 3 Latrn Club 2 Spy Stafl I VIRGINIA SHAW Gtnny rs very Irvely and always has a good trme She has many Irrends and has worked rd rn a o her actrvrres IVIrror Strfl I Iresh Prom Com I A Cappella Chou 3 4 In tramurals -I G R 3 4 Soph Hop Corn 3 Bo logy Club 2 Lantern Staff 3 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Receptron Com 3 Sprrrt of Peace 3 4 Spy Staff 1 Iumor Class Prompter 3 Flaq Bear WAYNE SHERMAN tryne q ret and takes Ile easy tl Drstrrbutrve Ld student Wtthout hrs ar doubt If Wayne and a certarn person would make rt to school on trme Booster Club I In tramurals I Btoloqy Club 7 MARIORIE SLOOP Marlorre rs helprnq to keep up the morale ol the armed forces by wrrtrng letters every day She ts always ,okrnq and helps make everyone appy FHA AA23Assem Com I A Cappella Chorr 2 Pr , A: . . 4. 5 . ' . 2: ' . A 1 - 3, 2 I 1 ' I . : " ' ' Of . , 1 I. I . : .I I I . : ' I I : ' l , 1: A I ' . : "Sp' ' P " 3, J I H 4: 4- ' . : ' . : ' ' . . ', . . 5 , , , 5 rv , : I : 'l I I I I I: AR A ' ' ha I' II I -' 'I' -. 1 'I 5 ' ' ' I I I . I. 1. I . ..-fl I - cr 3. 1. I I k A i . I I I I I ' A lv A W is u i 1 - , un 1:4 tr P. H ..l,, J ' , 1 stan I , - ' 4 ' C 1 W0 . : ' 5 I' I . : h . , . . 1: G. . , , : bly BIOGRAPHIES DOROTHY SMITH Dorothy IS seldom heard but rs always there wrth a smrle Receptron Com 3 Spy Start 4 MARIORIE SMITH In Mr Swxcks home room all know Marlone by her lolly laugh whrch helps keep up the good spmts of everyone A Cappella Chorr 3 4 F H A 2 Soph Hop Com 2 Receptron Com 3 Assembly Com 4 CALVIN L SNYDER Cal IS known for hrs abrlxty to blush Everyone thrnks Cal rs a grand person and all we wxsh rs that there were more lxke hxm Sycamore Hrgh School I Varslty Baseball 2 3 4 Varslty Track 3 Soph Hop Com 2 Bxology Club Z Rlng Com 3 Spy Staff 4 LLLIS SWICK To be or not to be Swrck Cyou know hrs mxd clle name IS Hamletj and from the looks of very successful rn thrs professron because h has hrs whole heart rn rt Dtrt has been a taxthful member of the band for tour vears Fresh Prom Com I Band l 2 3 4 Orchestra tramurals l 2 HIY 2 IUNE THAYER Iune rs half of the smgmg team of Seri and Thayer lavontes on assembly programs Iunre also plays the organ works for the Spy and as Mr Swxck says Shes the most drrhcult grrl to keep track ol Ive ever had rn my home room A Cappella Chorr 3 4 Chorusl 2 G R 3 4 Class Presldent l Soph Hop Com 2 Latin Club 2 Usher 3 Reception Com 3 Ring Com 3 Spmt of Peace 3 4 Spy Start 4 Matorette 2 3 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 BETTE ROSEMARY TRACHT Bette was new rn our school thrs year but proved to be a leaaer She was Presrdent ol the F H A Bette made many Inends and has as her hobby Horse back rldrng Crestline Hugh Sooll23ACappella1"hor4FHA4 Leadershrp Group 4 SHIRLEY TUTTLE Shrrley rs one ol those merry people who always looks happy She was c member ot the Co op class thrs year and partrcrpated rn other actrvx tres Fresh Prom Com I Intramurals 2 G R 3 4 Latrn Club 2 Usher 3 Spmt ol Peace RUTH W ULMER Ruth was a great asset to our class She IS very high rn the scholastlc standlng and has been a leader ln many actrvrtres Ruth has a good dls posrtron and w1ll be hard to replace A Cap pella Chorr 3 4 Fresh Prom Com 1 Class Sec ary 1 2 Class Treasurer 3 4 G R 3 Soph Hop Com 2 Latm Club 2 Usher 3 Recep tron Com 3 Sprrrt of Peace 3 4 Natronal Hon or Socrety 3 4 Invltauon Com 4 Am I.eg1on Essay Wrnner I 2 CHRISTINA VOSSERS Chnstma plays the organ and has been very ac txve ln the chiterent groups She was one of the saleswomen at the war savmg Stamp and Bond booth for the Ourll and Scroll She rs always ready to co operate when there rs work to be done Mlrror Staff I Freshman Prom Com I G R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Latxn Club 2 Lantern Start 2 3 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Ushe 3 Receptron Com 3 Sptrrt of Peace 3 4 Spy Start 4 Commencement Com 4 Honor Socrcty 4 IANE WAGNER Iane has been actrve rn the many acttvrtres throughout her hrgh school years and 15 always ready to co operate She IS always pleasant and full of pep Spanrsh club 3 Booster Club l Freshman Prom Com l A Cappella Choir 3 R 3 4 Soph Hop Com 2 Latrn Club Chorusl 2 Usher 3 Sprrrt ol Peace 3 4 In VIIGIIOH Com 3 Ir Class Play Com 3 Am Es say l 2 Spy Start 4 Honor Socnety 4 ch , , J -I i 5 . . . : sf 4.' ' ' I A . l A ret , : l 1 I , A: I . . , 45 things now he will be a farmer. He should be , , ' . . . e A 4 2: In- ,' 1' 1 .'3.'4.' ' ' ' I f A l ' f I 7 ' . . ' ' , 41 BIOGRAPHIES . 'F :' f':,. '21, J.-1' . .I Q If-X?" .-f 'I :.r . ' ',y r ,. , -AA, ' 9' :. 1. ' F 1 1, . ,. ' " - '.,, , , , K - ,, m I, 1 fl ':t. .5 zz, ,. I .A y ' V 3 '. Il ' - -4' ' A I " Nw "'1x'f- Q' I!- ' 'X 1 ' I H ' fry- AUTGGRAPI-IS IUNIOH CLASS OFFICLRS CSeated1 Ca ol Hooker Secretary Em ry Shaffer V1ceP esrdent fStandmg Henry Stough Treasurer Harold Hoffman Presldent CLASS OF 1944 Robert Fab1an Shrrley Knable B111 Stoner Harold Hoffman Rosemary Self and Iean Cowl were members of the nom1nat1ng comm1ttee whrch chose a group of students best qualrfled for the offtces of the Iunlor Class The entlre class voted selectmg the IOl1OYV1I'1Q for off1cers Presldent Harold Hoff man V1cePres1dent Lmery Shaffer Secretary Carol Hocker and Treasurer Henry Stough The Iunxor Class Play 1 Wnl I Won t' by Iuhan Lee was QIVGH Decem ber 9th and was a great su cess Wllh Wlnona Lehman rn a dual role the followlng peorsle represented the remaxnder of the cast Barbara Boyd Ioan Korb Paulrne Tuscan lean Cowl DCII119lR11C11 y Herbert Durtschr B111 Cook and Lawrenc Schreck The Iun1orSen1or Recepuon was held May 21st at the Galron Country Club w1th an orchestra Dlaymg for th danc1ng Earl Dye was general chalrman other comm1ttee cha1rmen were Food Shrrley Ynable Decoratlon Barbara Boyd Muslc Erleen Tracht Program Barbara Casey Invrtatlons Ieanette Sperrv and Recept1on Earl Dye The Iunlo Class has done rts par rn keepmg up the h1gh standards that w1ll be long remembered by Gallon Semor Hlgh 1 1 1-1 ,Z I 1 I 3 . A I . . N' V . 1- 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 , , . , - . . . 'Q s 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 11 .1 1 11 . . 1 1 - 1 ' 1' 1 v . , - ' ' p 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 . ' 1 9 . 1 - 1 B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 'A . A . . . 1 1. fQ'nrY455 5 1 9 -7 .7 ' 3 Q E 2" 2 'ri 3 ,A Q A, 4 -3.3 Y ,9 'QF' wi' 63255 A515 3 1 in Q in 3 gi we I G 1... xf ,iii ' Y? ii-5 1 fm: in my K X PERSGNNEL GF CLASS OE 1944 :Wu-.' fl, f'XI1Q"Zfff H f,h1iQf-3' P .4F.1f.C'Q' I. Firiwrypf B ':.'f-ffm ff w T 14. Q'1f:Et::1..f-: r",w I.. ff".'f-f-1 I3 Vfllf 'f f,:'.' g' Eg 'liz f V :1 "Nm I 41.5, -1. ' H QQ run-J 2. rx." Ei ff.'A:11 1: E Hp- F , . H. Pfwfn., fi Hr-rsh fp Hn:l,le Pf. Pfgeifizzzxfi B PY:-atv ii ,11k I C H :iw Huw Ii Hx:-1:1-5 I If-In-firms H Putt. ' wl-1 Ei :YJ':f'I VI f,f.:', ' ' 'f l I' I fx:.f-1w'f-: fi My'-I nv IX fi:l'jI1f'2' H f-73' V Hlnrif' Ei Lf1':1 P' Fi 5:1 iff. 'W-if "'. 1 " 1' I If N, ' 1 ' ' Ib: V PM '-1,1'- F- F '- F' fi Ii .'.' M 5 2 ffm'-vi if fl: ::3:::' '- ,131 'i Fi F if ' ' 5 " - E, Imfff-:X in-.' G F' f iff ri if H1111 ui P "E..II 3' Ti tif' f-f f' '-f P' Eiwrr v.-.- H f'::1.'.-. :i.1 E. f1:'A.'-- Z' ': ' Ei ' .:' .1, f ,:. I .-'X Hia-.' H 51115-if F fezlxiizi- fl '-'Vpsizi 5 'f:.5?i' P 'JI fl 1 x ' H 'I X:V"sf Q fr :Cixi 3 '.-.' .- .f 1, 4" ii :Lf-7 ff :'Z L.-1 ' . 3,1 Q .1 . 1. 11. ' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Peggy Smith President Chuck Ness V1cePres1dent Ioe lack Treasurer Paul Fmrcal Secretary CLASS OF 1945 Due to the war conditions few activities were undertaken this year by the Sophomore Class The outstanding event of the year was the Sophomore Hop which took place May 7 It was held rn the form of a barn dance the gym being decorated with straw and the tables set in cornstalks bound with rope The chairmen and co chairmen of the various committees who prepared for the party viere Refreshments Genevieve Shumaker and Dorothy Smith Service Delores Guthrie Decorations Elaine Roop and Ronald R1Ck Games Milton McHenry Program Persis Townsend and Shirley Kirtland lnvitatrons Marilyn Beck and Barbara Lerby Music Grace Huy Advertising Dick Arnold and Maryorre Tracht Finance Donald Wolfelt a moving picture at the State Theater to raise money for the Hop The home room teachers of the four sections were 101 Mr Cushman 10 2 Mlss Emmenegger 10 3 Miss Welsh 10 4 Miss Smith Miss Smith was also class sponsor for the Sophomore Class The class offrc rs for the year were Peggy Smith President Charles Ness Vice President Paul Frnical Secretary Ioe lack Treasurer The Sophomore Class was well represented by students taken into the H1 Y and G R also by students on the football and basketball squads for this year There were twelve students who served as assistants on the Lantern Staff During one week in November a nation wide scrap drive was held and a prize was won by sect1on 10 2 for turning in more metal scrap and rubber than any other home room The prize const ted of a ten cent war stamp presented to each member of the winning class The Sophomore Class has had a very uccesstul year and is looking 'orward to a brighter future in Gallon Senio High School Y 2 , . . i , : ' . ' ' 2 . : ' , : ' ' . ' Dues were paid and the Finance Committee arranged for the sponsoring of ' , 1 I ' , l I ' , l 1 I . 1 l . ' e : ' ' . ' : , ' - ' : ' ' , I . - . ' 's S . . Y . . ' ' r ' . mi F 1 " 4- 9 Q '-- 5 YA Q pale l 3,3 . il 5--... 1 V , 1 4' . . .5 Ni, 9 Q , 3 3. ,, Ae ' I 1 - ,?i.E.9"g?? m,f in if ' 9 . ,.s. Q M 1 +1 S- ki- 212 1 -9' . f Q -ilu 1 Q0 3 9 I-.. ,WI st Row Left to B q PERSONNEL OF CLASS OF 1945 from prcrurcs on prcncd nq page ht D Wrcox Thatcher Z Vrnoerkool V Wl D Smrtn V Svwunk V So' V Thatcher M Trochl L Somerlot 2nd Row P Smxth P Townsend M Tuscan W Wolf I WV rsler D Xuncker W Thomcn 3rd Row B Txmpson D Younce I Wertthofl D Wollelt I Zoller lst Row C Grreblrnq P Frnrccrl D Guy I 2nd Row D DQSIDQQY E Cross D Crnder I Cook B Aukermm E Toos I Dumel 3rd Row M Boker I Deriler B Dunne R Brllrett II By Grrton M Dxqen D Douqlus r M Beck H Burden A Croner P Brown B Clork C Gates Epley D Chrrstmcxn E Berry lc M Bcclson M A Drouqh Pow I Gettyes e Bolonce W Bcxyles H C Ness L Kelloqq B Krmcs Row B Bertrnq P Iones L Oxool Irrck M M enry l L K B Lerbv D Guthrxe S Krrtlcrnl M Knorr M Hanlon H lrelunc nd w M Kohls B Mxler rme I Gundrum E K l' G Hu M Metzocr L Henkel G lboch 3rd How I McCorm1ck D Helfrrch E Lowe D Molhros e y y I Hocker 4th Row R Ness R M uth W Herndon G Hcrthcrvxoy R Lenncrt I Hcekstrcz F Krnq T Holmes H Hon lon W -lorper lst Row E Hoop R I Pzerce Shook D Boss D Shefler P Srpes I Pov ers M Bmdlebcuqh R Roesch M Palmer I B Srfums M I Rrtzhout C Phlll1PS I Rrchcxr s nd Row R Rrck G Shum ker M Sertz O Promos ,, Sh lbercer H Rrcker G Plummer D Post H Post R P orster G Pershmg I Homme 3r How D c neges 1 W Shaffer l .i . 'l . B. ' . . 1 ' " Q . Tx ker. . ' ', '. ' ' , . 'l om. C. ' ' , . ' ' . . ', . Gunshorn, E. Carmel, . I ' , , rns. 4th . . , H. B ck. D. Duqhmun. D. Borretl. ll. Durtschz, B. Gcrrvcrrc , . , . . , F. . . . lst . ' , . . , I. , . C , '. , . ' 2 Ro . , . A . . ' , . A. . ' , '. ' . , . , . , . l, CLASS OF 1946 On the e1ghth day of September 1942 the present Freshman Class started on 1ts journey through the last year at Gallon Tumor Hrgh Each student took the subjects whrch he beheved would best flt h1m for h1s future l1fe The studles newest to them were Lat1n algebra ,ournahsm and general mathe matlcs When the e student frrst started to school ln 1934 the country was 1n a great depressron These students were 1o1ned 1n one large class ln the seventh grad When they started however they had Mr Bemrller as the Supermtendent who helped them step by step to reach the goal The Iumor Hrgh Mrrror whrch was publrshed four t1mes by the journahsm class 1S a fm example of what can be don w1th a group of earnest and w1ll1ng boys ond glrls The staff was headed by Iean Chapman and Glorra Saperstern who were the co edltors and Mrss Elrzabeth L1ne as a n1ce able sponsor The Mrrror was mlmeographed by the ever farthful Mrss Cronen wett Thrs group should be congratulated on therr splendld efforts The class of 46 chose Coach Robert Sheffer as thelr sponsor Candrdates were then non 1nated for the varrous class offlcers When the votes were counted on electron day the returns showed that Ioe MCGUIIG had been elected President lean Lohr V1cePres1dent Betty Andrews Secretary and Joanne Carmel Treasurer The mam socral event of the year was the freshman class party whrch IS better known to everyone as the Prom It was held on the fourteenth of May It was a great success w1th decoratrons good food and good musrc These thrngs were l1m1ted because of the war cond1t1ons The frnal event 1n thelr Freshman year was the commencement exercrses held rn the lun or Hrgh Audrtorrum on Frlday May 28 at 2 00 P M Talks were grven bv Glorla Saperstern Ianet Hertzman lohn Vossers loe McGu1re and Magdalene Drckerson The presentatron of Booster Awards was then made by Mr Patterson who rn turn presented the class to Mr Prckermg The promot1on certlfrcates were then presented by Mr Povenmlre, who made re marks Musxc was furmshed by students of MISS Slocum and Mr Rule By lean Chapman , , - . . w . . . , . ' I I I n C .., , Q ... , , . , Q D , .., .. I - I I ,, . ,, . . . , . . 1 I I - I I I , . 1 If 1, . , , . 1 , , , . . . - 1 , 1 , . , . . i lst Row CLelt to Rrqhtl H Meyers W McCartney A Medrano G Wrsler R Thomas P W1ll1ams I Tyner I Wrlson V M Henry D Wrnclbxqler R Mahler D Potter D Shaw gnu now u nuulg u ouperslem I omlln N Wrlgnl I1 HICHCICISOH IVI H36-Ile U Leonard V TCIVIOY U bnyder N Mauer E Nelson F McCartney C Sebastran Grd Row M Nagelhush C Phrpps V Smrth I Spaxd H Roush T Wrrght B Rogers D S1pcs I Robrnson H Moore D Newland F Metzger M Teetrrck R Lyons 4th Row D Steffee L Ross D Pugh A Mxller B Poole M McV1ckcr S Nrchols I Murphy I Lohr T M1llcr N Myers A Maloy D oqan Yockem G Stoner B Lamb C Mlller C Muth Sth Row I Wmdsor I VanMeter C Lucius H Sprqgle I McGu1re B N if W Monroe 'Z ltRow A Farrna C Herser C Herndon I Haas D Heskett P Kragh I Fendrrck K Iones D Klockner I Wxeland R Kunkel Zncl Row M Gr nds .rff P Iones L Krbler B Brrtt C Durnwald L Cole D Butler V Buchan.rn L Carrs I Chap man B Benbow A Durtschr M Craner B Andrews I Davrs B Beck I Walker 3rd Bow M Herr IV' Gorverrck A Grnder V Althouse B Allens C Chlnnr B Bolllett I Common R Coberly I Beecher A forest B Durtschr D Hordmq V Dysmqer P Eclcstern M Gurtner 4th Row E Hollmom P Lalforest B Keckler I Court L Dezlter M Drckersor I Berger I Bates B Gee I Boyer M Chambers n-,,n-.Yvs4n,-'uvf-In . V.A-. 4.1--- . 5th Row--W. Shifley, I. Smith, E. Stroup, G. Rinehart, G. See, G. Ruhl, P. Reindl, I. Lillo, L, Feidncr, I. Vossers, I lst Row. Betty Tra ht Peqqy Smith Mr Povenmire Mr Pickering Marlene Mellott Martha Ritzhaupt 2nd Row Blair Mu selm,rn Harold Hotlman Charles Heskett R.1lph Pollocx Duane Kinnamon Val Ramsey LEADERSHIP GROUP The Leader hip Group was a new organization in G H S this year It met once a month during the activity period on Monday afternoon Many on the matter Some of the topics were Social activities beautifying our school deten' on hall make up slips hall passes and school organizations This group was made up of the leaders of the different organizations in ludinq the Girl Reserves H1Y F H A National Honor Society Basketball Team Football Team and class officers We hope that this club will develop more each year and that it will be a very influential qroup problems of the school were discussed, and the students gave their opinions OFFICERS OF GIRL RESERVES Ulmer Treasurer MUIIOIIC Mellott GIRL RESERVES The purpose of the Grrl Reserve IS to create an atmosphere of frlendlmess 1n the school to create a Splfll of good sportsmanshrp and wholesome fun to make each grl a srster to every other g1rl to develop her sp1r1tua11y mentally and physrcally and to prepare her for that wonderful 1deal woman hood As they have done rn the past years the grrls entertamed the faculty at a banquet whrch was held rn the gymnaslum Posture was the theme of the decoratrons and was carrred out by small frgures showmg the rlght posture At Chrrstmas trme the grrls presented the Splrrt of Peace Th1S was grven at he regular Frxday assembly for the tudents and guests On February 13 l943 was the Valentlne Party whrch was held 1n the gvmnasrum The ocral program and servrce commrttees had charge of th1s party The Grrl Reserves entertarned therr mothers on Apnl 26th at an mformal party The budget rrng and pubhcrty commrttees had charge of thrs party The Semor Fa ewell was held rn the l1brary on May 4th Wh1Ch ended the actrvrtres for thrs year The hrst Sunday or each month was set asrde to attend church rn a group The H1 Y went to cnurch wrth the Grrl Reserves twrce tms year and had one romt meetrng when Mr N L SW1Ck spoke to hem on Boy and Grrl Relatron shrps Secretary, Agnes Harbourt: Advisor, Miss Emmenegqer: President. Martha Ritzhauptf Vice-President Ruth i Y . . . Y - . H - - H . ' I ' Q l , D . I . . S I I I ' 1 , . . I A . . I . . t . , . , . - - - w ,- Q 11 . . - GIRL RESERVE CABINET lst Row Agnes Harbourt, Miss Emmenegger, Martha Ritzhaupt, Ruth Ulmer, Marjorie Mellott. Incl Row Miriam Gwinner, Genevieve Pickering, Virginia Shaw, Betty Hawkins, Iune Thayer, Ianice Eqner. Carol Lomlev Dorothy Kurtzman GIRL RESERVE MEMBERS st Rom Betta Pav kms lane Thayer Miri m Gwinner Genewiexe Pcferina Aanes H bout Mariorie Me"ott Mis Emmenegger Martha Ritzhaupt Ruth Ullfner Janice Egner Virginia Shaw n Row irici lxer Dorothy Ktirtzmon Adelonce Huber Elaine Koons Donn Moore Shirley Sell Bettx Dulter rf Verna Mae Lowe Loren Williams Christin Vossers Leona Armstrong Caro Lem vu le i v. e lt Price 'rotnce Iillicn Chase Barrio B c Rose to S a Vircini err A ere Bu te tie a Vi a ni Tracht Caro Hocl-ce Carolyn Brooks Mano e Wilson Ruth Ricl-cer Edith Santa Shirley Kn ble Rosemary Sei! Gr ce Heiser , YV V V Y I v . N . v. 1 L , . M. Y , Zia ' Pct' a Wa" , ' . , fl , , .a . ' ' , A' ' . .a ., i ' , a ' ' , ' ' a , f , l Ley Miriam Logan, Barbzzra Casey Margaret Bloch, Elaine Berry Eunice Chubb. Sri Ro ' :xr 'QL 'l Ieann lfrner 1' ' '. , . , ' 'ra oy , i' ' san ', ' X' cz H , rl . t, r l ', 'r i 'a , ' I r, ". .' ri , ' Q .' I ' ' a , , a ' . HI-Y OFFICERS CSeatedl Byron Musselman Bla1r Musselman Val Ramsey Ducno Kmnamon QStand1ngj Ell1s SWlCk Mr Wldrrg HI Y CLUB S1nce the Gallon H1 Y Club was organ1zed 1n t1e fall of 1921 wrth W1ll1am Geer Frederlck Mackey Theodore Polster and Ivan Zaebst as the four charter members 1t has grown unt1l th1s year there were forty two members The club lh1S year was headed by Duane Kmnamon Wllh Val Ramsey as v1ce pres1dent Bla1r Musselman secretary Byron Musselman treasurer and Ellls SW1Ck sergeant at arms Club sponsor was W R W1dr1g The meet1nas were held each Wednesday afternoon dur1ng the Home Room perrod A bus1ness meetrng was held one week and a program the next week The follow1ng fellows served as comm1ttee cha1rmen for the year Ralph Pollock proaram Paul Cronenwett servrce Ell1s SW1Ck church Byron Musselman mance Herbert Durtschr devotlorrals Val Ramsey membershlp and Colm lVIacAdam pubhctty Srnce 1931 the H1 Y has had charge of the Thanksg1v1ng assembly Ar rangements for th1s year s program were made by Val Ramsey W1ll1am Neff and Co11n MacAdam Rev Carl V Roop was the speaker The Potlucc Supper an annual affalr was on Ianuary 18 1943 at 6 30 ln the downstarrs corrxdor Mothers of the fellows served the meal M A Povenm1re E R Prckeung and lames Lymper were the guests Mr Povenm1re MISS Oll1e Br1ck and Mr Lymper were guest speakers dur 1ng the year Mr Povenm1re talked on the "19C9SS1lY of the club members 11v1ng up to the standards of the club Clean Llvmg Clean Speech Clean Sports and Clean Scholarsh1p MISS Br1ck and Mr Lymper both talked on Japan MISS Br1ck tell1ng of the strong and weak pomts of the race and Mr Lymper on the 1mportance 1n the l1fe of the Iapanese of physlcal development The club at ended church ID a group four t1mes durlng the year Wllh an average attendance of 85 percent The churches attended were F1ISl Reformed F1rst Method1st F1rst Unlted Brethren and Peace Lutheran Song books were purchased 1n March and group s1ng1ng was enloyec' durlng the re t of the meetrngs th1s year The 18th Annual Sweetheart Party was held on Saturday May 18 1943 The banquet vtas served by the ladres of the F1 st Reformed Church In add1t1or to these GCl1V1l19S the fellows had charge of the refreshment stand at the football games gave generous donatxons to the Red Cross and the school for the bl1nd, and performed many other serv1ces for the school and commun1ty . A I 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 -L 1 1 1 ' ' 1 . . . J 1 d 1 1 1 1 1 I. ' . . l . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . . 1 I ' . ' I 1 1 1 1 . , . . . . , . - . . A - 1 1 1 . Q . . . . - 1 1 -f . . 1 S . - 1 1 1 1 ' 'v 1 . 1 ., 1 HI-Y CABINET Ist How Byron Musselmun, Paul Cronenwelt, Mr, Widriq, Herbert Durtschi, Colin Mc1cAdcrm, n1 Row B1 ur 1NLs elmcrn Vol Roms 5 E11s Swrck Ralph Pollo k Duome Krnnrrmon I-II Y MEMBERS t Bwron M se1m'm Pxul Cronenwctt Herbert Pmschr Colm lV1C'cAcmm ow err er B1Or M s r- 1 r 1 e Du ne Kxnnwnor Hrs Svuck Er1Hb 3rc Row E R Prcfcermc Ice Fotz IO1'1'1I9I'1K1I'1S Rrchcr urls hr Drck Xoomce Fr r'k1x Kmc Cbc1es 'Jess Anorew P C on Rrck Ioe I ck Bob Gn er IJ n Ho ker Irm Tynpfms M A Powenm1 e t Rox Bog C rrs EoJ'11r'xso1 Bob Mver Eugene H xps Drck Sprow B b Porster Clur-an e Crmssmczer B111 N911 H 'pb PM ocr1 Im P-1rqe11 Iohn VNe1tho'f Bob Gurverlck 2 . C ' 1 3 , Q ', 1 ' , C , f ' , . 15: How A' L15 ' 1 , 5 ' , ' 11 ', A 1 i . Qnci R - I 5' Izmcs Earl M111 , 11 us elm: 1, W. H. Wk! ig, V31 Rims cz 1 1 E'1 ' , 5: ' ei 3' ' ' . , " '1A. 1 1 " , ' d D C ', ' ' 31 n '1,, 11 r1 1 , 4 ' 1:1 14, R C151 ' ', :1 , 1 d , 11 C , 1 I , , . ' 'r 411 ' 11 ' ' . 1, A S 11 gh"-, ' ', L C 4 1stRow Georg Brooks Howard Seubert Std Fellenbaum Charles Pearce Robert Myers 2nd Row Aase Oxaal Genevreve Prckerrng Betty Hawkrns Martha Hrtzhaupt Mtss Harrrs Carol Lemley Iune Thaver Shrrley Seri Ianrce Egner 3rd How Barbara Boyd Isabelle Cronenwett Glorra Bauer Verna Mae Lowe Ralph Pollock Lrllran Chase Paulrne Tuscan Edrth Balllett Betty Kesler Vrrgtnla Kreps Gertrude Snyder Evelyn Detfendoll 4th Row Danrel Frtchey Emery Shaeter B111 Stoner B111 Cook Irm Tompkms Herbert Durtschr Val Ramsey SPANISH CLUB The Spanrsh Club reorgamzed th1s year and gave the club a new name Los Espcmoles Amrgos Ralph Pollock was elected Presrdent Wllh Genevreve Prckerrng as V1C8Pf9S1d9Hf and Glorla Baue as Secretary Treasurer Thrs club meets every second and fourth Thursday durtng the act1v1ty perrod On February ll 1943 Los Espanoles Arnrgos held the1r formal 1n1t1at1on 1n the audrtorrum Twenty one new members were taken 1nto the club Iamce Egner acted as master ot ceremomes at the 1nrt1at1on assrsted by Verna Mae Lowe Sh1r1ey Serf and Aase Oxaal Many verv mterestmg program were turmshed by varrous commrttees throughout tho year I W , , . . Sal Medrano, Eugene Hayes. Dick Sprow. .F . . v , . . . - . . Y - . . . F , . . . . . I I 5' , , , - FRrrDOlTl MEMBERS OF QUILL AND SCROLL qLeit to nghtj R Pollock I Egner I Cowl B Casey C Cnssmger L Baylor M Wllson G Herser V Lowe C Pearce C MacAdam M Rxtzhaupt C Vossers D Kurtzman M Mellott V Shaw B Hawkms R Sand P Walker I Sperry I Angell B Boyd R Rrcker Mxss Mann G Plckerlng B Dukeman QUILL AND SCROLL As a leader rn the Schools at War Program rn the Gahon Semor Hzgl' School the Qulll and Scroll Internatxonal Honorary Soclety for Hlgh School Iournahsts had for 1ts mam actxvxty the sellrng of War Sav1ngs Bonds and Stamps Th1s orgamzauon has sold enough bonds to buy three Jeeps and has kept Gahon s school bond quota on a par wrth otner schools By sponsor1ng wo ld renown celebrrtmes th1s orgamzatron has become famous In prevlous years the orqanlzatlon has presented Rrchard Halhbur ton Lours Bromfxeld Corneha Ol1S Sl-rlnner Dr Alfred Noyes Smclalr LEWIS and Lewrs Browne The Qurll and Scroll hopes to contrnue th1s practxce after the war as 1t has greatly axded th1s commumty A chapter of the Qu1ll and Scroll was orgamzed 1n 1933 and had ten charter members In order to become a memb r of Qurll and Scroll a student must pass tour tests He must be scholastlcally 1n the upper thxrd of hrs class he must have done outstandrnq work 1n hrgh school journalrsm he must be recommended for membersh1p by the supervl or of yournahstrc work m the hrgh school and he must be approved by the soclety s natronal ofhcer The organlzatlon IS under the leadershlp of Mrss Gertrude E Mann At Thanksglvrng t1me the members sent boxes of cookles to all the boys ln the armed forces who have been Qulll and Scroll members The formal 1n1t1at1on was held March 18 1943 wlth Mrs Robert Moulton as the guest speaker Her top1c was Opportunrtles 1n Newspaper Work The fust evemng meet1ng of the year was held at the home of Mrs Myron Stowe 1n the form of a welcome to the 1un1ors At the second evemng meet mg or the Senlor Farewell the electron of new oftlcers resulted rn Iames An gell belng elected pres1dent Ruth Rrcker v1cepres1dent Patr1c1a Walker ecretary and Barbara Boyd treasurer The ofhcers for the past year have been 'Presrdent Ralph Pollock VICE pres1dent Ianxce Egner secretary M1r1am Gwmner and treasurer Gene vleve Prckenng '-1- .- ff u' 'E 1 ,z 1 ' Af 7 ' . ' S' fi! '3 i J ' E - I, .. .3 - V l ',l . 1 ' if-1 1' - .A . V1 '.4. if: al L 1 . ,,, 1 f 1 1- . , . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . . . 1 . 1 . . . . . 1 . , . . . 1 . 1 . . . 1 . 1 .1 , . 1 . , . 1 , . 1 . . t 1 1 A 1 - 1 . 1 . Y - .. . . . - 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 . D . . D - 1 I S . . . 1 . . 1 . . . . , . 1 1 - . ,, .. . ,, 1 . - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 , S .1 , , . . , , - 1 1 1 1 1 ' i DRUM MAIOR EARL HEIBY MAIGRETTES Winonu Lehmor Phvllis Lingo Iunice Eqner Vxroimc. Show Lillian Chase, Virqinicx Herr. Genevieve Pickering, Arise Oxcicxl, Agnes Hcrrbourl, Verna Moe Lowe, Iune Thayer Shelter Vrrgmta Kreps Altce Younce BAND PERSONNEI Alto Saxophone-s Earl Hexby Drum Malor Mary Ann Gledhrll Martha C Shorrock Earl Dye Patty Eckstem Betty Andrews French Horns Ioan Court Wtllram Neff Robert Myers Charles Herser Barbara Auckerman Trombones Robert 'Vluth Edward Byrns lean Ulmer Barbara Casey Ioy ce Durtschr Bob Neff Iohn Somerlot Bells Chrmes Tympam Shlrley Krrtland Barrtones Iames Angell Ruby Shook Russell Lemons Cornets and Trumpet Clarence Crxssrnger loan Korb Iean Cowl Frcmklrn Krng Peggy Smrth Ellrs Swrck Vtvran Thatcher Glorrne Brltton Gene Hathaway Robert Werner Kenneth Hetser 'lm Yunker Drums Byron Musselman Doyle Post Gene lbach Robert Ttmson Drum Mayor Earl Herby Tenor Saxophone lssrbelle Cronenwett Flutes Magdalene Drckerson Ioanne Carleton Ellnorah Huber Ioan Spaxd Bass Iohn Ienkms Vrolet Swank Iohn Monroe Denms Beech Clarmets Blarr Musselman Dorothy Ross Persrs Town send Elarne Roop Ie-an Lohr Patrrcta Walker Kenneth Klockner Crrolyn Brooks Iames Fendrrck Iames Smrth Davrd Gly Marlory Staub Betty Kester Dorothv GALION HIGH SCHOOL BAND One of the most outstandrng musrcal events of thrs school year was the splend1d concert grven by the Galron Hrgh School Band on Tuesday March 2 1943 under the drrectron of George N Rule Earl Herby drum major led Galrcn s colorful band rn many drfferent and entertarnmg formatlons durrng the football season Several members organ rzed a pep band whrch provrded the musrc for the basketball games On May 13 the band agam made a formal appearance rn therr second concert of classrcal musrc for the school year Trarnmg to become members of the hrgh school band are 54 students of the juruor hrgh They are practrcmg drlrgently and wlll provrde materral for future bands Congratulatrons to the band of 1942 43 and best wrshes to successors MAIORETTES Th1s year we agarn saw those hrgh stepp ng matorettes marchmg across the football freld Very pretty rndeed were the twrrlmg batons and the flag twrrlrng They have helped to add much color and sprrrt to our band For three years now we have watched them strutting at games rn parades at the basketball games and some twrrled at the band concerts Th1s year ten graduate ard to therr successors we wrsh the best of luck The mayorettes wrll be chosen from a large group who have been farthfully practrcrng th1s last year at the Junror hrgh .. . . . . F , . .. . . . f . , ,, . . , . - . . . . . . . ., . , , , , , -I . - r , . . . MEMBEl'lb OE A CAPEL'A CHOIR lst Row Shrrley Seri Iune Thayer Vrrgrma Shaw Iamce Egner Donna Moore Ann Srckmrller Rosalmd Kuenzlr Martha Graham 2nd Row Bette Duk man Genevreve Pnckermg Mmam Gwmner Betty Hawkrns Marcena Sertz Drck Younce Eddre Foos Rrchard Ness Marrlyn Beck Patrrcra Brown Elcnne Berry Naomr Grrton Margaret Thoman Bette Tracht 3r ow Mrss Slocum Helen Newland Lorena Wrllxams Dorothy Smlth Genevleve Shumaker Ruth Ulmer Vzrgmra Herr Leona Armstrong Gene Nrgh George Foos Roland Lenhart Bob Gmder Charles Pearce Bob Tucker Franklrn Pty Andrew Plack Rosemary Kuenzlt Shrrley Kersh Adelatde Huber Elarne Koons Trevelyn Pla lc A CAPELLA CHOIR The A Capella Cho1r under the d1rect1on of Ieanette Slocum has added a areat deal to the enyoyrnent of the many programs held throughout the school year The chorr dlsplayed therr attractrve new maroon colored robes for the hrst trme at therr splend1d Easter cantata on Apr1l 20th The chorr turnrshed several musrcal numbers for the baccalaureate serv rces along wrth leadmg rn the group s1ng1ng of many of our regular school assembhes Members ot the chorr provlded specral muslcal offerrngs for the pre Easter assembhes The accompamsts for the group have been Iune Thayer organ1st and Bette Dukeman pranrst r. clR-' . , ". '. ' . , c, , , J . I I - , V , . MEMBERS OF LANTERN STAFF lst How Paul Cronenwctt Barbara Boyd lean Cowl Mtss Mann Ruth R1cker Barbara Casey Patncxa Walker Lnd Marjone Wrlson V1rg1n1a Tracht Elleen Tracht Wxnoncx Lehman Mary Ann Gledh1ll Ieannette Sperry Vrramxa Kreps VUQIDIG West Alxce Younce Marjone Staub Isabelle Cronenwett Shxrley Kersh 3rd Row Ierry Iames Andrew Plack Bob Gmder Ilm Angell Clarence Crlssmqer Franklin Pry leanne Ulmer Glona Selby Lorena Baylor Betty Shaefer LANTERN STAFF The school may well be proud of the fme work done by the Lantern Staff th1s year They have ed1ted and pr1ntecl SIX lssues of the Lantern th1s year The edmng of the October lssue was headed by lean Cowl the November xssue Barbara Casey the December and February ISSUES Ruth Rrcker and the April 1ssue ed1ted by Iean Cowl The Staff also publxshed a very clever Apr1l Fool paper contammg statls t1cs that were too good to be true Thxs paper was under the supervlslon of Patr1c1a Walker and Mar1or1e Wxlson Members of the Lantern Staff are chosen from those of the 1un1or class w1sh1ng to enter the held of lournahsm Ass1stants are also chosen from the sophomore class accordlng to the1r work on the M1rror Staff The membershrp of the Qulll ana Scroll Natlonal Honorary Society for Hlgh School Iournahsts IS made up of students dolng outstandmg work on these staffs SOPHOMORE LANTERN ASSISTANTS Seated' D1 no Hellr ch lune Pearce Pegg, Smlth Shxrley Kxrtland Arlene br net Faxthe Bez y Dorothy Smrth Stancnngt Franklxr Kmq Robert Garverxcl. Rxchard Durtschl Iohn Werttnoft Paul Fxmcal , .,., , 1 . 1 f , , . ,- t - a 1, . " , , . 'a . ' r, THE SPY ,N 41 THE SPY EDITORIAL STAFF cLeft to Rxghtq Vxrgxmu Show Icxmce Egner Iecm Rehm Iune Thayer Rosellc Sand Sam Chmm Shlrley Self Colvm Snyder Mmom Gwmner Genevleve Plckermg Morthu Hltzhuupt Chnstmcl Vossers L1ll1c1n Chu e Il II 3 .3 7. 4? N C A V 3 T, I, . V Q ' ' ' .1 . 9 ' . 1' X ' ff- "N ,Q H U - , . g THE SPY BUSINESS STAFF seated Iean Rehm Betty Hawkins Ralph Pollock Bette Dukeman Donna Moore Logan Elaine Koons Adelaide Huber lane Wagner Carol Lemley Blair Musselman 2nd Row Kathleen Schreck Robert Richards Dorothy Smith Trevelyn Plack Iune Monat Arlene Butter field Harold Ploss Virginia Mrller Martha C Sharrock Virginia Shaw THE SPY STAFF fo produce a book of great interest to the Students of Gahon Senior High School has been the paramount interest of the Editor and Business Manager of the 1943 SPX Plans of this year s annual have been under way for some trme and the result has been th1s yearbook presenting the hrghhghts of the years act1v1t1es in picture and story Because of the war the staff found themselves facing a harder task than 1n previous years Miss Miriam Sayre whose cheerful smiles and kind suggestions had more than a little to do with The thousfrrds of details which go into the make up of a modern annual must be done by a capable group of assistants In so doing these staff members deserve special recognition for without their complete co operation and assistance an annual of th1s type would never have been possible The Editor and Business Manager felt that our school yearbook should be a portralt of the year as a whole In presenting this annual they hope they have succeeded in making it one to remember The members of the staff to whom is owed the production of our book are Editor 1nCh1ef Shlrley Self Business Manager Ralph Pollock Associate Editors Iune Thayer Miriam Gwmner Earl Heiby Genevieve Pickering Calvin Snyder Society Editor Ianice Egner Sports Editors Sam Chinni Virginia Shaw Humor Editor Rosella Sand Music Editor Christina Vossers Literary Editor Verna Mae Lowe Class Editor Phyllis Lmgo OIQQHIZGTIOH Editor Martha Hitzhaupt Art Editors lean Rehm L1ll1an Chase Bernard Ernst Photography Staff Duane Kinnamon Robert Rlchards Harold Ploss Circulation Manager Betty Hawk1ns Circulation Staff Blair Musselman Gloria Bauer Kathleen Schreck Edna Carrs Aase Oxaal Donna Moore Trevelyn Plack Ioy Rider Advertising Manag r Bette Dukeman Advertising Staff Kenneth Deisch Carol Lemley Dorothy Kurtzman Adelaide Huber Elaine Koons Martha C. Sharrock Dorothy Smith' Secretarial Staff Audrev Chambers Arlene Butterfield Miriam Logan, Iune Monat Virginia Miller. H - ., lst Row KStandingJ Sam Chinni, Duane Kinnamon, Ioy Rider. Audrey Chambers, Gloria Bauer, Miriam . . ,. . . . . , this production, was a new sponsor of the SPY this year. -. h . I . .: . , i . V I . I . . : . . . - . . I3 I I . . , f . MEMBERS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA lst Row Trevelyn Plack Edna Cans Ethel Wxlson Bette Tracht Carol Hocker 2nd Row Betty Shaeler Dorothy Cook Marte lohnson Betty Shrfley Geraldme Pooler Irene Sulser Naomx Grrton Mona Palmer Vrolet Walker Belva Strnehelfer ard Row Kathleen Schreck Helen Beck Dorothy Dvsmger Genevieve ahumaker Martha Cass Evelyn Deftendoll Thelma Lamb Erleen Mxller Shrrley Martrn Iosephrne Legg Ethel Kelly Edrth Ballxett Ruth Gnshorn Connre Phtllxps 461- D I ser Ruth Sanderson Lucrlle Somerlot Catherrne Koschruck Alrce Spraw Dorothy Wxlcox Betty Thatcher Kathryn Smxth FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The motto of the Future Homemakers of Amenca 1S It takes a heap of a lot of 11v1ng rn a house to make a home The club meets on Wednesday every two weeks durmg therr Home Eco nommcs perrod Each class has rts own offxcers The purposes of thrs club are To prov1de means for settmg up records for present ana future use tn homemakmg to promote vocat1onal educat1on 1n home economrcs and to encourage recreat1onal and educat1onal act1v1t1es for students rn vocatlonal educat1on The p1ns th s year are made of wood due to the shortage of metal The outstanchng act1v1ty of the club was the annual Chrrstmas party A WV . . ,- ... ..i'.' I. Gcttycs, Gloria Selby, Ioan Kerb, Betty Kesler, Virginia Kreps., Patricia Ventrcne, Marlene Sul- . . H . . . 1. Y. . . ., . . , . . . . . I , . . . .. ' 2 l . fSeated1 Herbert Durtschr Winona Lehman Barbara Boyd Hele Newland Iean Co 1 Dan rel Rrtchey CStandrngJ Paalmc Tu can Lawrence Schreck Wxllram Cook Ioan Korb IUNIOR CLASS PLAY I WILL I WON T' On December 11 the lunlors presented therr class play a snappy college comedy entrtled I Wrll I Wont' It IS a fast movrng play full of actron and h1lar1ous comphcatlons and 1t was handled rn an excellent manner by the well cho en cast It can not be sard of the Iunror cast that any one member stole the show but every one made hrs role outstandmg The cast was as follows Dr Anthory Kmg the school doctor Herbert Durtschr Mr Howard a lawyer Dan1el Rrchey Carney Underwood a man about town Lawrence Schreck Elhott Fletcher an Lnghshman W1ll1am Cook Ioan Stevens her cousln Wrnona Lehman Lynn Patton her roommate Barbara Boyd Glad Howard a snrppy co ed lean Cowl Mrss Stevens Lucrlle s grandmother Helen Newland Dean Wrllrs Dean of GITIS Ioan Korb Georgette a mcud of Culluh Paulrne Tuscan V- ', ' , , n , w , - I. I II , . S . . . . A I , ............... I Lucille Owen, a coed ............................ Winona Lehman I . I , I 1 ..,......... . .............. . . --lo MEMBERS OF HONOR SOCIETY F1rstRow M W1lson D Kurtzman R Ulmer M Mellott V Lowe B Duke man B Boyd V Herr Second Row S Knable C Le nley I Vllagner C Voss rs M Rxtzhadpt B Hawkms S Seri G P1Clx9Ill'1g B Casey Thud Row Blaxr Musselman W Karnes H Ploss R Pollock D Shttley In 1939 twenty tzve members recelved the coveted award of becomlng the hrst members of the local chapter of the Natlonal Honor Soclety The credxt for the formatlon of th1s chapter ln Gallon IS grven to the Lantern who through 1ts ed1tor1al pollcy sponsored a df1V9 for 1ts organlzatron Belng a member of th1s soclety should be the goal of every student because no other honor as hxgh as th1s can be bestowed upon you Members are chosen from the Iumor and Sen1or classes by the faculty accordlng to the1r rank ln scholarshlp leadershrp serv1ce and character Ftve per cent of the Iunrors and flfteen per cent of the Semors may become members The Off1CeIS of the Natlonal Honor SOC1elY are as follows Presldent Marlorle Mellott V1cePres1dent Dorothy Kurtzman Secretary Treasurer Ruth Ulmer Chapla1n Bette Dukeman and Sergeant at Arms Verna Mae Lowe Thrrteen Semors and SIX lunrors were added to the ranks of membershlp They were Ca1olLemley Sh1rley Self Harold Ploss Betty Hawk1ns Chr1st1na Vossers Ethel Harrls Agnes Harbourt Iane Wagner VIIQIDIG Herr Martha Rnzhaupt Blalr Musselman Geneweve P1cker1ng Ralph Pollock Barbara Casey MGIJOIIS W1lson Sh1rley Knable Walter Karnes Donald Shrtley and Barbara Boyd NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lst Row Ernst Wennlnger Musselman Daugherty Shaffer Thompklns R Plummer B Stoner Snyder Ramsey R Stoner Carmel G Plummer Rlter Tucker Wolfelt Coach Lymper BASEBALL Thls year has been a most successful one for the Gallon Hlgh Baseball team under Coach Iames L Lymper The team had elght vlctorles and one defeat The scores of the games were as follows Marlon 7 Gallon 2 Shelby 5 Gallon 6 Upper Sandusky 1 Gallon ll Ontarlo O Gallon 7 MGIIOH 2 Gallon 7 Marlon O Gallon 3 Iberla 3 Gallon 5 We hope the baseball team of 44 wlll be as successful as thls vears team has been UDOfflClUlly Gallon won the N C O champlonshlp CALVIN SNYDER Cal ploved to be a great pltcher for the Tlgers curmg hls two years at Gallon Hlgh and also won great lame at Sycamore Ohlo RICHARD PLUMMER Dlck was the greatest catcher the Gallon team has had ln years and hls graduatlng wlll be a great loss to the team IAMES WENNINGER Ilmmy though not hurllng ln many games dld hls share ln wlnnlng many games for Gallon I-Ilgh School BERNARD ERNST Bernle one of the best pltchers on the squad proved not only to be a great pltcher but got hls share of the hllS when needed IAMES TOMPKINS Ilm speed ball artlst had plenty of con trol and always had the opposlng team Swlhglhq at alr BYRON MUSSELMAN Barney a very good out flelder and plenty of power at the plate won many games by hls lmp0SSlbl8 catches DONALD WOLFELT Don a very good IH flelder was very good on hls plvot on the double plays from short to second to flrst VAL RAMSEY Val a great spark plug to the team whlle on defense and a very good hltter on offense overcame the handlcap of poor eyeslght and played good ball EMERY SHAFFER Emery held down the hot corner ln good shape and got hls share of hlts ln tlght games EDMOND DOUGH"RTY Eddle a very small boy who could cover the out held ln very good style pulled games out of the flre more than once WILLIAM STONER Although thls IS Punks llYSl year out for the team he proved to be a great cog ln the squad llne up ROBERT STONER Bob a very lanky lIfSl baseman played a very lmportant part ln the double play com blnatlon FDWIN CARMFI Lddle was a great lnllelder and had power at the plate Much wlll be expected of Eddle thls year , V . A A , 1' I I-l -L, Q I I at n .ste V ' l f' , 5 I ' ' 2 ' . ' : , : , : . : , : , : , . . , L FOOTBALL THE VARSITY SQUAD 1stRow S Medrcmo R Stoner R Slpes V Romsey S Chmm H Durtschx C Grxeblmg K Dersch I Tompkms 2nd Row H Stough A Tuscan E Shotier H Hoffman W Stoner MEMBERS OF THE TEAM lst Row R Stoner E Shaffer H Durtschx C Grreblmg V Ramsey I Tompkms S Medrcno H Hotlmun A Tuscan 2nd Row I Lymper H Stouqh A Pluck D Wolfelt W Stoner H Eckstem S Chmm F Stcxub 3rd Row H Durtschx R Srpes I Iuck K Dexsch I Hoekstrc R Gcxrvenck I Iomes . rf. I S. I 4 M i"' -t l if V4 , V TT I . e ' f' ' ' ' " H 4 6 . I, THE FIGHTING ORANGEMEN The Gallon football team of 1942 wasnt a great team but one of the best flghtlng teams ln lts hlstory It has been a long tlme s1nce the varslty brought a vlctory to Gallon but from thls year on under the coachlng of Iames L Lymper and Ered Staub Gallon wlll produce some of the best Gallon has won four games and lost four games and ln future years wlll glve better results The Senlors W1Sh luck to Lymp and Fred and hope that the future teams brlng to Gallon the N C O tltle CAPT VAL RAMSEY Val was elected Captaln ol the 42 squad because of hls ablllty and leadershlp was honored last year by belng named on tne AllN C O and Ohlo A P Squad Gallon loses a good man and we wlll have trouble llndlng someone who can llll the va cancy he leaves by graduatlng thls sprlng BILL STONER Punk one ot the most valuable men on Gallons squad recelved N C O ratlng He too wlll make plenty of trouble for G H S foes next fall HENRY STOUGH Hank was one of the best tackles and blockers on the Gallon team He was hon ored wlth N C O mentlon Hank wlll also be back on the team next fall HAROLD HOFFMAN G H S grldlron It IS uncertaln whether he wlll don a unllorm next year because Uncle Sam comes flrst SALVADORE MEDRANO Sal one ot the toughest ends to come from Gallon wlll be ln the thlck ot lt from klck oft to gun next season He proved to be a good end thls year belng strong on the de lense and offense both HERBERT DURTSCHI Herbs llrst year on the Varslty was not to be overlooked for he played one of the best delenslve games any guard could hope to play You wlll see hlm on the held next year dlshlng lt out IAMES TOMPKINS Tom was a very Important man on the squad belng one ol the toughest men He was hard to tackle once he got the ball ln hls hands Tom lS also uncertaln whether Uncle Som wlll let hlm play next tall RICHARD SIPES Dlck was a very good substltute and wlll play flrst strlng next fall He wlll flll a very blg hole left by the graduates ANDREW PLACK Andy wlll dexelop IHIO a lme center lor next year and glve the opposltlon many wor rles SAM CHlNNl Sam was a very good defenslve plaver as well as offenslve Many tlmes he stopped plays that would have been good for large galns Sams posltlon wlll be hard to flll next year as he graduates Sam was honor ed on the N C O team th 1941 ARNOLD SMITH Arnle played a rugged game of footbal' thls year Arnle wont be playlrlg next lall but he IS stlll ln there wlth plenty of llght now flghtlng wlth the U S Navy IVAN BECK Ivan played Varslty thls year comlng up from a flne Iayvee team Iran IS a senlor and wlll graduate thls year HARLAND ECKSTINE Harlle was on the Varslty although he was handlcapped by lack of experlence and team plenty of hard workouts durlng practlce sesslons EMERY SHAFFER Emery was elected captaln ol the 1943 squad He was on the N C O team and re celved All Ohlo A P mentlon Emery wlll be the boy to watch tn future competltlon ROBERT STONER Bob was an excellent pass recelvlng end and wlll also be ln there playlng next year ARMANDO TUSCAN Monty played second strlng blocklng back last year He does not expect to be back next year because he lS volunteerlnq hls servlces to Uncle Sam alter school IS dls mlssed thls sprung CHARLES GRIEBLING Doc wlll be one ol the best players ln commg years He proved to be the man for many POSIIIOHS SUbSIlILlIll'lq for many boys He was the only Sophomore to recelve a letter BERNARD ERNST Bunlon was one of the lastest and toughest guards ln the N C O League He was honored by N C O scrlbes and also placed on the N C O team and Ohto U P thls year Bunlon also leaves a place to flll ln the Gallon llne up A ' ' ' . He ' . ' A I Harold Completed his third Yegf on the Clldllll play mUCh. But he did gl'Ve Ihe flrst KENNETH DEISCH Kenny played a flne dependable game thls year He was exceptlonally tough on the defenslve by stopplng many touchdown threats around rlght end He also was hon ored on the N C O team Mr Lymper loses a good man when Ken graduates thls sprlng RICHARD DURTSCHI Rlchard was Cl flne llneman He has S129 and a good wlll to get ln there and flght He wlll prove valuable durlng the next Couple of years DONALD WOLFELT Don played a good hard type of football but because of lack of experlence he dldnt play much ln competltlon Don wlll be back Wllh more talent next year PAUL HARSH Paul would be one of the flnest backs Gallon could develop but because of an lnlury dur lng the season he was forced to glve up He left school to take a defense lob FOOTBALL SCORES Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon Gallon Tlffln Calvert 19 Crestllne 12 Shelby Bucyrus 0 Mt Vernon Ashland 2 Marlon Hardlng 34 THE CHEERLEADERS Much can be sald for thls year s cheerleaders They re tattered brulsed and worn but never the less at every game they were always ready to lead our cheerlng sectlon All through football season pep rallles and basketball season they kept the mo ale of our student body at a hlgh pltch The cheer leaders for thls year were Donna Moore Bob Glnder Glorla Selby and Barbara Boyd . -do - - - - v n . . s ' K--13 ------- ' -- ' -38 -------- -O . W7 i v . h y h h - - ' -0 ------- . -7 ' -6 ------- - O Galion--7 ------- Willard-0 . -0 h . - - - . . - ,Q if f ,R 'vm-Q of R BASKETBALL The basketball team tried hard this year and were finally wlnnlng 10 games and loslng 10 games The team under the Captaln Charles Heskett succeeded ln breakrng the Jrnx that Gallon for several years rewarded by leadershlp of has followed The team was lnvlted to the home of Coach Sheffer to dlscuss and future games on Sunday afternoons They worked as a team and enjoyed practlce SGSSIOHS and wlnnlng games past present The season was closed on March I9 wlth a game between the faculty and the senlor varslty The game ended wlth the senlors wlnnlng 109 to 26 THE SQUAD CAPT CHARLES HESKETT Chuck was one of the best basketball players ever to play on the Gallon courts He flnlshed 3rd ln the league SCOIIHQ a total of 343 polnts and was placed on the IIISI team of the N C O Also he recelvd honor able mentlon of the All Ohlo Team RICHARD PLUMMER Banana was one of the best guards ln the N C O He made the N C O team because of hrs ball handlrng Qblllty We lose B nana through graduatlon thls year VAL RAMSEY Val was one of the Gallon flremen who was always the one to cool the other team off He was also a great ball hawk lose Val by hrs graduatlng We wlll HARLAND ECKSTINE Harlle was the other llreman used to ettle down the opponents tall and used hrs helght to a great advan tage Well lose Harlle through hls gradu atlng thrs SPIIHQ who was Harlle IS WILLIAM STONER Punk had the YBPUIGIIOH of a thorn ln the Gallon defense The opponents were always cautlous when worklng the ball ln Brll s zone Brll wrll be back next year to help form a RALPH POLLOCK Ralph IS a blg 6 3 boy who usually had no competltlon gettlng the ball on rebounds Ralph graduates thls sprlng and leaves a spot for Coach Shefler to flll EARL DYE Earl was one of Gallons passlng flxe H was noted for hrs abllrty to handle the ball and make polnts Earl wlll be back next year WILLIAM NEFF l played most of the games and has garned a lot of experrence Brll wrll be back next year to cause plenty of trouble for the G H S opponents EMERY SHAFFER Emery IS one of those boys that you can always depend on Hrs ablllty to handle the ball was always useful to Coach Shelter Emery wrll be back next year BLAIR MUSSELMAN Blalr was the speed demon of the squad al though he was handrcapped by hrs srze he was always the boy who showed up when he got hrs chance to shrne EARL MILLER Peanut rs one of the smallest boys on the squad but he doesnt let srze handrcap hrm He Wlll be out for basketball next year and great team November December December December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary February February February February C l 9 NICO ' ' ' ' ' . e . . , . . ., G. ' "B'll" 25 Gallon 41 ---- Iberia 21 " ' 29 '--A ' 39 4 ' 9 - - - Mt. ' I7 8 ' l-- 2 ---- ' --29 I8 ' ' g . - - . 1 . f32 ' ' - . ---4 -31 8 ' ' - ---- ' -46 9 ' - - - - ' -7l ' I5 ' ' -4- ---- ---30 22 ' ' Y ---- --47 26 ' -- ---- ' 29 ' ' - - - - . A23 B ' ' - ---- e-18 ' ' - ---- ' -23 12 ' ' -' -,-4 ' - -37 15 ' -- - - - . ' -45 ' '- r . , . I THE Galron Gallon 3 Gallo l 4 Gallon 24 Galron 39 Gallon 33 Gallon 51 Gallon 46 Gallon 40 Gallon 59 Gallon 40 Gallon 50 Gallon 27 GGIIOII Z7 Gallon 35 League gam ought to be a lot of help SCORES Edlson Gllead Wlllard Mt Vcmon Bucyrus MGIIOH Llma Central Shelby Ashland Crestllrl 9, Mt Vernon Bucyrus Crestllne Marlon Mt Gllead 36 .1 V 3 .1 A 'fr V 'j fmifgf'-' 2 ,,'."'if, 'Ju f :T Q , qAwg:gy?,ggrw. W 4 ff. ' ' 'Wg M 1-G3 Q,-21-ff' Q' -K "" ,4 f -"'hkjE:,3iw I . '- , W .. , Rf f 5 ' .Af :uw Mx, , - 5 2,15 ' 3fJbi'k:'iffS:'i tk 1 4 '3 , N! - sf! Y' Earl Miller, o sselm Lymp came to Galion from Versailles Ohio BOYS SPORTS Owing to the war, the boys' physical education classes were mostly de- voted to getting the fellows into shape for the service by the way of Iirn Lymper's Physical Fitness Program. In this course Mr. Lymper has the boys go through ten or fifteen minutes of calisthenics which consist of push-ups, stationary running, and general exercising. The rest of the period consisted of running the obstacle course. This was hurtling, climbing ropes and ladders, crawling through barrels, and walking on poles. The commando course was required on Mondays and Wednesdays, and on Fridays the boys engaged in some sort of competitive sport, such as baseball, basketball, and football in their respective seasons. An intramural tournament was enjoyed at the end of the regular basketball season for all Senior High boys who wished to participate Now that the weather is warmer the commando course has been given up and the boys go to the park to play tennis and soft ball GALION HIGHS COACHING STAFF X ROBERT SHEFFER Sheff has shown Gallon one of the best IAMES LYMPER He was assistant coach last year and this year head coach Lymp has set up a new system which we think will produce some Lymp lots of luck with his tams in the futur FRED STAUB Fred who is lust one of the boys from Gal ion is we'l liked by everyone He comes from Ro nest r University where he starred on the footoall teorn H was assistant foot ball coach basketball teams we hate seen in a long time Sheff has always been a favorite of the boys who played for him Sheff comes MR E BOTH If it was not for Mr Roth our teams would be at a loss for it is he our Athletic Director who s hedules the games obtains referees arranges transportation facilities and also makes arrangements for all meals I . l 5 -5 , good football material for Galion. We wish from Tipp City. Ohio. 1 GIRLS SPORTS We have found that th1s year the g1rls have partrcrpated rn drfferent sports They began the year by playrng freld hockey on the football freld Wrth the comrng of wmter classes were agaxn held 1n the hrgh school gym where they played volley ball Some other wrnter sports whrch were played were badmrnton shuffle board and plng pong Basketball was the most popular spor of the school year Teams played durrng classes and after school Seven 1ntramural teams competed for the champronshrp The grrls of Verna Lowes team obtarned that great honor The other men bers of her team were V1rg1n1a Shaw Shrrley Serf Marcella Wrsler Ruth Ulmer Carol Lemley Edrth Ann Lowe and Ianrce Egner Thru team played by skrllful handl1ng of the ball and drsplayed much team work and sportsmanshrp The1r last game was w1th Hesketts 1ntramural champs Hesketts team proved v1ctor1ous Selby Cowls team galned second place and Hanlon s team was the thrrd place wrnner Other teams 1D the tournat For a period of trme the grrls were taught the Conga and SChOfl1SCh9 and some of the classes enjoyed tumblrng Further use of the park was made when th grrls partrclpated rn baseball games and tennrs On October 24 srxteen grrls from Gahon Hrgh attended Play Day at Crest l1ne Durrng the afternoon the grrls played volley ball badmmton deck tennls soccer and other games Schools reoresented were Bucyrus Cresthnc Upper Sandusky and Gahon Those attendrng from Gahon Hrgh were Helen Newland Rosemary Serf Naomr Glrton Ruth Sande son Naomr Prosser Eunrce Hanlon Betty Kester Alrce Younce Shrrley Klrtland Peggy Smrth Manan Parrrs Dlana Helfrlch Iune McCorm ck Elame Boop and Ruby Shook The Gym classes were mstructed by Mrs Wrllram Kesler, a graduate of Oh1o State Thls was her frrst posrtron as a Physrcal Educatlon teacher K 1 : . . . I . . I ment were Lehman's, M. C. M.'s, and Swank's. I 9 . . . . . 3 . , , . , . . . Y . . l , ' , . CALENDAR SEPTBMBER Scflool start rl rn C luert footb 11 r thr-re re t1ne ootball g 1m OCTOBER Shelby football game here 1FlC1lCIH,IOh1O of rte football game Hrgh School students Bucyrus football game here Mt Vernon football game there G R Faculty Brnquet Ashlmd football aame there NOVEMBER W1ll1ra football game there lVlar1on football game there T Ba ketboll game wrth Iberra L lrson 27 Thanksgxvrnq vacatxon or here FEBP UARY T Bu yrus basketball gc me there Crestlrne basketball Q rr'e he-rr' Orchestra program Marron basketball game here G R Valentme Partv Mt Grleacl basketball game there Qhelby basketball game here T Ashland brslctball gam there MARCH Band Concert Baslfetball tournam nt rt frnfllr y ton vs Gallon Basketball tournJment ct Fmcllay na ss Galron Defense Dance Physrcal Educatron festrval Defense Dance Z West P T A Mms e Qurll and Scroll Imtratron Faculty Intramurals P T A Counsel Founaers Program Ken el1 Q , C 4. Z P. . A. Tiff 3 ' . ' l 1'1me , ,. 5 5 5 1 - C sl . f 1 e here. 3 - A - '1 1 4- ll , , 12 ' 1 . 13 . . ' A. 16 . ' - . ' 1 ' 19 - , . , ' '1 ' C" sf f 23 P. . A. lv ' 26 . 1, : e . l Q 1 ' 2 . . Y 4 I 3 . , Q 1 1 1 . 5 ' ' 1 ' C W C 1 n 6 , - V 12 ' ' ' . pl A A. 13 , 3 - -I -L- b 15-17-O . , . . ' tr l. f 4 18 ' ' ' ' . 19 f A , 23 . . . ' . 25 Teachers Association party at Ir. Hrah. DECEMBER 26 Basketball Banquet. ' - 6 . . ' ' to . P. . . Tea. 9 U Y A . . 1 ' , . . 16 ' 5 I - - 20 ' f . 1 - - 23 . . . l - F 75 t' A 26 . . , -. Z7 P. . A. ' a I " yr . h , ef G. . ' . ' .. iz , . 5 . A. ' ' " ' I . 7 . 1 L 1 1 ' ' ,"' ' . 13 :1 1 grfzzn 22 .' .. . 21 . . . ' land 1 ' :1 1. 23 , es ' : 1 . 25- .1 . . 2 k : e . . . Mt G1 eaa basketball aame here Brsketbalr game nere vuth Wrllar Ir Class Play T A G R Pageant nrght rehearsal Mt Vernon basketball game there G R Pageant an 3 C11YlS1ITlI Vacaron IAINUARY Basketb ll g rme wrth Bac as ere Nl rxon basketball game there Mrss Toacs rec1t1l Brs-cetbil game wrth bhe-my there Exa"1s Asn bascetbatl g me here Cr tlme basketbrll game here Mt Vernon b1s etb1ll gam here APRIL G R lnltrar n Para Assembly Easter Assembly 1-hgh School Contxta Easter Assembly G R Mother and Daughter banquct T MAY C R Sr Farewell Assembly Sophomore Hop B nd Cpprecatlon pro Ir and Sr Receptron Baccaluareate 26 'xams 27 Corrmencement the P A and we were saved agarn one of these A DAY WITH IOSIE AT GALION HIGH By lane Wagner Iosre Wattsamater a senror at Galron Hrgh was chosen as typrcal of all the students rn the school and so that you may know more of her and one of her typrcal days we have prrnted Cwrth her permrs sronj a few pages from her most rntrmate frrend her Drary Aprrl 3 1943 Dear Drary Another day over gleeps what a day and what a relref' School was a mad house today of course rt always rs but you should ve been there today The thrngs that drdnt happen you could easrly wrrte rn a thumbnarl sketch You know rt s a wonder the teachers dont lose therr mrnds---or maybe they have? Sayyy now that rs a thought Ive sometrmes wondered rf-oh well Got to school early thrs mornrng rt was such a shock to some of the teachers that they had to be revrved Mr Wrdng got hrs frrst chance to use hrs Frrst Ard trarnrng by brrngrng them to We had more drversron when Calvm Snyders dog came rnto the hall thrs mornmg Hes the cutest thmg the dog mean Then there was the usual locker drrt Cgossrpj and I just got to class wrth the bell that must have been the only un usual thrng that happened The usual krds came rn late-Iune Thayer Bernard Wrs ler Ianrce Egner Phyllrs Lrngo and others all from 123 practrcally Dont know why we should hurry anyway never could see why About the trme we started to calm down rn home room and Pop was ready to grve us all detentron for the rest of days we re not gorng to be' After the bell rang for frrst perrod class rt took about frfteen more mrnutes for the arr to clear rn Chemrstry Crust a lot of blowj we had a test to get rrd of a small amount of our excess steam Frsh just frsh and rf you thrnk I mean easy then you re good BAIT for them' One good thrng anyway Phyllrs Lrngo drdnt get a chance to get her RIGHT arm burned and Aase Oxaal and Shrrley Self drdnt cause any excrtrng explosrons Wasnt anythmg too excrtrng rn Spanrsh thrs mornrng the usual thmg Spanrsh and more Span rsh We drd learn how to COUNT to ten thrs morn rng mstead of usmg our frngers course I admrt THAT rs somethrng Cguess she got trred of seemg us use the same old frngers over and overj Oh yes we drd get Mrss I-Iarrrs off the beaten track at that and rt was really rnterestrng to hear about Mexrco the way she told rt to us that got us all started on day dreamrng Next perrod Mandy Rrzwell and I HAPPENED to be passrng down the hall and we heard some of the most terrrfymg norses ooooo gee thats rrght you guessed rt Mr Babbs had fallen rn the frsh bowl agam thats only the thrrd trme rn two weeks now' Thrs rs really gettmg senous He erther leaned over too far or else he slrpped agarn anyhow after we rescued hrm he sure had to do SOME reparr lobs not 1ust to the frsh bowl erther We rntend to recommend earnestly NOW that a collectron be taken among the faculty and students for a swrmmrng pool for Mr Babbs so that frsh etc wrll not have to suffer so much By the trme we recovered the bell rang for drsmrssal a men' We had assembly frrst thmg thrs afternoon unrforms wrth the usual men that go wrth them only slrghtly rmproved After therr program several teachers passed down the arsle to the front and they were soon yorned by the Warden who cleared hrs throat and began to speak Hrs frrst words were It grves me great pleasure today etc etc Frnally about the trme my head began to nod I heard my name called and I shot to my feet then the krds pushed me down the arsle and as I walked that 20 odd mrles Cso rt seemedj to the platform my face slowly turned brrck red Mr Prckerrng pre sented me when I frnally got there wrth a BEAUTI FUL blue rrbbon and told me that rt was hrs prrvrlege to notrfy me of my electron as typrcal of all students rn Galron Hrgh School What a chorce maybe I WAS rrght about the teachers after all to choose ME Cof all peoplej as an example to set up before everyone' CAm I embarrassed J After that we ALL passed out to our classes In Speech we had another wrnd storm Chot drs cussronj about thrngs we thought could be rmproved upon and boy drd we go to town If all our sua gested changes were rnstrtuted thrsd be qurte the school well we can dream cant we? Some of our rdeas were really revolutronary and I do mean thered be a REVOLUTION Next perrod was study hall and of course we drdnt get anythrng done Rosre and I sat and looked out the wrndow trll a fly came rn and srnce s e thought rt woula prove qurte a drversron to try and catch rt she drd from Mrss Harrrs Anyway we frnally got the fly only to turn slowly around and come face to face-wrth Mrss Sayre whod been holdrng her breath and leanrng forward watchrng the procedure rn suspense That fly sure drd prove to be a DIVERSION as generally everybody goes to sleep but you can be sure that they drdnt today Lots of thrngs happened rn P D today poor Prof aged about 5 trmes and then lost 20 years growth all rn a few mrnutes Qurte an accrdent you see Lrncoln fell from hrs pedestal and scared hrm half to death and of course that provrded en tertarnment for Bob Luckey and Marcella Helfrrch who sat and laughed Kathleen Schreck all the Ernest went to sleep as the wrndow to wake hrm class plans to rnstall a sprrng mattress for hrm somethrng there wrth Ruth Ganshorn and rest of the perrod Bernard usual so we had to open up One of these days the bed complete wrth rnter Oh well maybe hes got What a day rs rt any wonder that we re gettrng gray? So much excrtement ALL rn one day' I just had to come home and tell you all about rt and sayyyy the day rsnt even OVER yet My books are wartrng for me maybe I could rgnore them for awhrle Ho hum the hard lrfe rs catchrng up wrth me guess Ill have to get some shut eye and then get to work So ends one of my TYPICAL days and DEAR Drary here I shall leave you to draw your own conclusrons trl the end of another of my TYPICAL days Yours Ever losre Authors Note Any srmrlarrty between persons lrv rng or dead IS we assure you entrrely rntentronal . . . I - Q , - . the year. announcements started to come in over . ' - ' ' P R O P H E C Y We All DUY Bonds' Tomofww SATURDAY MAY 27 1963 Who Cafes? Publrshed only Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Frrday Saturday and Sunday Prrce-Two Much Mother of Thrrty erght Wrns Drvorce For Neglect Battered brursed and bent as the result of ceaseless torture Vrrgrnra Herr model at Swank 6 Swrngs rs recuperatrng at We get em Well hosprtal She was krdnapped two weeks ago by two notorrous gang sters Byron ISlugJ Musselman and Blarr ISprkej musselman no rela tron just brothers Vrrgmra gave them the slrp last nrght whrle Slug and Sprke were lrstenrng to Super man Earl H rby salesman of Fuller brushes found Mrss Herr lyrng along the road on hrs return home H summon d detectrve Charles Heskett and hrs two stooges Lowell Rrddlebaugh and Wayne Sherman who took charge rmmedrately Sprke and Slug denred every thrng untrl therr gun moll Martha Rrtzhaupt broke down under the thrrd degree and confessed every thrng All three accomplrses wrll be brought to trral the second Tuesday of next week Iudge Valentrno Ramsey wrll presrde over the hear rn Howard Seubert M D reports Mrss Herrs condrtron rmproved and frrends may call anytrme FIRE AND FIREMAN DEMOLISH CITY BLOCK Ian Wagner who rs strll carry rng the torch for Irm dropped rt last nrght causrng her one room apart ment to burst mto flame Frre chref Ellrs Swrck lumped rn to hrs lrttle red frre truck and raced for the flamrng scene Thrngs were well under control untrl he got there tres except the death of one I Robert Rrchard s tramed fleas Sam Chrnnr proprretor of the smolderrng rums had nothrng t say Blackout Vrrgrnra Shaw arr rard warden drd more than her duty last nrght durrng the blackout when she res cued Marrlyn Bakers goldfrsh Zenobra The poor frsh was frrght ened hrgh and dry by the blastrng srren FIRST WOMAN SUFFHAGE NOW THIS' Havrng entered the Future Home Makers contest for the 13th consecu trve year Brll Hubley lrnally won honorable mentron for hrs apple dumplrngs As usual frrst prrze was carrred off by Drck Plummer The grrls dont have a chance IN HOSPITAL Edrth Balllett rs rn crrtrcal con drtron She fell on her ratron cards ond was badly stabbed by the pornts AWARDED MEDAL Pfc Harland Eckstrne who en tered the army 20 years ago was awarded a medal for bravery Plc Eckstrne unarmed and alone advanced deep rn the heart of Tex as to delrver a vrtal message to General George Brooks Eckstrne was attacked by a Iapanese Beetle and after a struggle he krlled the monster wrth hrs bare hands Bleedrng and trred he delrvered the message safely We quote hrm sayrng Shucks' It was nothrng SUCCESS STORY' At the advrce of Trevelyn Plack palm reader Calvrn Snyder sold hrs rnterest rn a dude ranch and went to the crty srx months ago After a long and drffrcult struggle he has revrved the starvrng young busrness enterprrse Glad Rags to Bags formerly owned by Robert Durnwald Bob has retrred to the slums Calvrn made a fortune yester day when hrs frrst cash customer bought a half yard of grosgrarn rrbbon 5c per yard If the check rs payable Calvrn mt nds to close the shop and lrve off the profrts SHHHHHHHHH' Srster QMarjorreU Sloop slrpped on the slrppery srdewalk Sunday and snagged her srlk stockrngs She shrtered slrghtly smrlrng srck ly as sho sard sweetly to sard snagged srlk stockrngs Darn' Betty Hawkrns age 38 has the leadrng role rn the Broadway hrt Wrns Drvorce The part portrays a krndly old mother Dont neglect to see rt Cyclrsr Has Close Shave Albert Holderness organrzer of the up set motorcycle rrders had a narrow escape when hrs motorcycle collrded wrth an ambulance dnven by Robert Luckey owner of Dead? Let us frx you up ary Feelrn Mortu Everyone was frned and rn court thrs mornrng handy Employees Dorng Good Aase Oxaal rs workrng fo photographer and oh' How she rs developed Iune Thayer worked for a phar macrst but the boys they drug her away Leona Armstrong rs a steno grapher and they lrke her type Arlene Butterfreld rs only cr shoe reparrmans daughter but shes not to be run down Mrrram Logan works rn a bank and oh' how she holds therr rnter es Verna Mae Lowe works rn a bakery Does she pull rn e dough' Carol Lemley rs employed by a young doctor because of her patr ence Audrey Chambers who has a ne gatrve personalrty has been deve loped rn a dark room Wrll Pav Income Tax Iames Wennrnger has lust won S5 000 98 He wrote the best 25 word essay on Why I Lrke Uncle Lesters Peanut Brunkle Testers COURT NEWS Beverly Campbell rs rlorng ttme rn the pen for black marketrng gasolrne at the Texaco I I . . e. I . gl I .. . e 1: ' ' ' . - . , . . r o However. there were no casual- . ' . O - . - , w f - D as . 1' . . . O - , . . . - - a I t' . . . ' ' ' . - ' th . , I 3 ' - . . . ' , PROPHECY MAY 27 1963 SHE DID IT AGAIN After several unsuccessful deb utante partres Shrrley Serf herress to the Krddy Kar Korp came out agarn rn her late thrrtres Her beautrful golden shrmmer mg grass skrrt was desrgned by Srdney CAndreJ Fellenbaum and her corffure was constructed by Rrchard Fabran Lovely' Lovely The menu consrsted of Bread A La Mode and sparklrng water After thrs enlrghtenrng lunch musrc for dancrng was furnrshed by Frankre CHotLrcksJ Parrrs all grrl orchestra Durrng the course of the evenrng Glorrne Brrtton and Mane Iohnson drd an amazrng thrng They left before refreshments were served The party was 99 and 44 I00ths per cent females It Stunk' Conse quently Mrss Serf wrll rndubrtably come out agarn next year The only masculrne frgure pres ent was Bernard Wrsler and he was a poor excuse for one He has trred of hoborng and has 1ust re turned to the states Other out of town guests were Vrrgrnra Mrller actress Dorothy Kurtzman bubble-dancer Frances lohnston school teacher all from Boomtown Pearl Ness housewrfe from Drnkelvrlle Those from Bugs Q Bertadean Cole both employed at Woolworths ACCEPTS POSITION Harold Ploss has accepted the posrtron of laboratory techmctan He rs workrng on a solutron to re move the norse resultrng from eat rng celery CLASSIFIED ADS WANTED A car for Clmton Mc Farland wrth good trres FOR SALE Swrmmrng pool busr ness Present owner Robert Kump has been rn rt for seven years LOST Ladres wrrst watch bv Adelarde Huber wrth a cracked face FOUND A fountarn pen by Char les Pearce wrth engraved rnrtrals WE GUARANTEE TO BREAK YOU' If you are uncertarn of the future rnvest your money here Then you can be sure youll be poor ONE HALF NATIONAL BANK fOther half rs rn the armyj Ruth Ulmer Pres Mon Wed Frr Mar1orre Mellott Pres Tue Thur and Sat Closed all day Sunday WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN Mrss Glorra Bauer and Colrn MacAdam were on a teetertotter when Mrss Bauer slrpped off and her end flew up resultrng rn Col ms fracturrng hrs vertebrae Items of Interest to Lovers of Sports Kenneth Dersch the Iaycees great lrneman put hrs srde out rn front rn the second penod Bette Tracht won another race rn the Kentucky Derby She rrdes her 20 year old mare herself Arthur Keckler came rn thrrd rn a two man race Robert Epley came rn frrst and second The boys ran the drstance of two and one half yards Arthur should have come rn second at least but he stopped to grve hrs autograph to that autograph hound Geraldrne Pooler Consequently Bob passed Art twrce puttrng Arthur thrrd place Shrrley Tuttle and Marjorre Smrth have gone to the Great Lakes on a frshmg expedrtron The grrls were last seen bartrng therr hooks when Shrrley famted and fell out of the boat Maryorre rs strll screamrng for help PERSONALS Ioy Rrder has returned to Galron after an unsuccessful performance rn Malor Ettes amateur show Ruth Ganshorn has gone to the mountarns to rest after her partrcr patron rn the 7day brke race Vrrgrma Grandstaff has vrsrted her dentrst twrce thrs year Mrs Robert Lucky the former Iean Rehm has flown to Reno agarn Ethel Harrrs who puts the con tent back rnto drscontented babres went for a walk thrs mornrng Lrllran Chas formerly a news paper reporter on the Scandal Sheet rn Stumpvrlle rs now devot mg her trme to wrrtrng Rosella sand Vrrgrnra Scherer and Kathleen Schreck have-Nope' Cant prrnt rt Too personal QUIET HOME WEDDING Mrss Mrrram Carol Gwrnner the only chrld of her parents was unrt ed rn marrrage to Bernre Ernst Ken neth Prttman and Ralph Pollock The trrole nng ceremony was read by Rabr Harry McElhatten-and a very good job too The bnde was attended by her close frrend Iessre Prckerrng a nv eter at Lockheed Both were attrred Before the ceremony Chrrstrna Vossers presented an organ recrtal rncludrng such number The Cow Cow Boogre and Got a stuff rn my Cuff Solorst was Clyde Wrndbrgler A receptron was held after the weddrng and Helen Wnght and Betty Poland presrded at the hot plates An added attractron was a baton twrrlrng performance by Ianrce Eg ner and enjoyed bf everyone All rn all the affarr ran smooth ly except when the paperhanger Ivan Beck sprlled hrs paste on the brrdes guest of honor the noted novelrst Lorena Wrllrarns After the honeymoon the brrde and her husbands wrll resrde THEATER TELL TALES Marcella CMadame La Zongaj thrs evenrng at the Olymprc Thea er She zrggled when she should have zagged and her hrp has been drslocated Frnder please return Dorothy Smrth has replaced Peaches the shrmmy queen at the Coxy Theater rn Shystervrlle Ken tucky Bette Dukeman has once agarn donned her roller skates and rs racrng from one key board to the other playrng her arrangement of My Frrst Waltz It rs wntten or two pranos and she masters rt by herself Mrs lohn Perrto the former Ethel Wrlson rs now playrng the star role rrr Broadways most popular Musrcal Hepprn It Up wrth Har monrca Hetty whrch her husband a multrmrllronarre from Wall Street has wntten and produced rn hrs spare trme CURLS FOR GIRLS at Iune Monats Beauty Salon Harr shampooed and waved whrle you wart DINE AND DANCE at the Drrnk All You Can Hold Carl Moore Prop THE CASTLE Features Elarne Koons Marcella Helfrrch and Edna Carrs rn A Sweater a Sarong and a Peekaboo Bang Also Shorts Last show starts whenever the pro lectron operator Robert McHenry gets back from lunch . - - - ' ' . e F an . . . .' ' , ' - ' in ' . . bu! Were Eunice COCIUUH Und - ' ' - Wisler is incapacitated to perform '- I 1 . : - - , ' ., , . ..' . . f . . 3 D . . . . . . . l F - . ' ' .- . I ' - ' APRIL, THE 16TH MONTH OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR By Colin MacAdam After enjoying twenty-three years of peace, we again entering the maelstrom of war. Twenty-three years, years in which we, the people of the United States, degenerated into slothfulness. Years of plan- ning for our enemies. Years of training for more wars. Does history repeat itself' Will we again enloy a few years of peace calmly assuring ourselves that we are invincible? Or can the present day stu dents enter the world of tomorrow determined to brmg about world union and keep world peace? Perhaps we do not now know of the troubles and vrcrssitudes entrapptng the diplomats who are neces sary However we as students can and should en ter the world with a sincere determination to better the condition of the world to the limit of our abili ties We should enter into active participation of political affairs World peace can be obtained by co operation between peoples co operation between races co operation between nations statesmen and religions All persons must put aside their petty differences and settle down to peaceful speedy and yustrfied arbitration If world peace can be attained through eco nomrcs sociology or politics all efforts must be directed toward attaxmng the end Several prominent people have advanced plans for world peace The chief defect in them is that no one wishes to act They wish to talk and not to do Woodrow Wilson a statesman of the First World War attempted to bring about peace Elaborate machinery was set up magntficrent palaces were built, the League of Nations was to solve all prob- blems. From the start very major countries entered into the League. The U. S. being instrumental in forming the League stayed out of it. lapan ignored it when she took over Manchuria. Mussolini laughed at its protests when he used poison gases to over- come the Ethiopians in an attempt to bring back the empire which was Romes The League of Nations was unsuccessful because of the lack of co operation of the various nations Are we going to become again a world of snarling nations at each others throats or will we tom together in a Federation of Nations? Let us hope the peoples can and will unite together soon and keep united Perhaps Tennysons prophetic words In Locksley Hall may come to pass For I drpt into the future far as human eye could see Saw the Vision of the world and all the wonder that would be Saw the heavens fill with commerce magic sails Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bales Heard the heavens fill with shouting ram s a ghastly dew From the nations airy navtes grappling in the cen tral blue I-'ar along the world wide whisper of the south wind rushing warm With the standards of the peoples plunging thro the thunder storm Till the war drum throbb d no longer and the battle flags were furl d In the Parliament of man the Federation of the world argosies of and there OUR MODERN VOCABULARY By Eileen Hoffman and luamta Davis If high school lingo makes you a little daffy we ask you sincerely to skip this article for the good of yourselves and us Lets put the show on the road Sugarpuss an invitation to dance Saying hello is out of style Iust say Hi' What say? or youll know that nothing much is doing If the one questioned feels bad he will probably say I feel like the walking dead Agreement on a subyect is Certainly has that s no drearr or You can say that again I aint woofin or I aint hummin means Im not fooling A nice boy is known as doll superman glamor puss or Cassanova His car fif he is lucky enough to have one after the scrap collecttonl is a tintype meat grinder or iron A boys best girl ts known as a cookie cup cake dilly or sweetie face Boys who do not meet with approval are drools meatballs or drips By the way you all know that a drizzle rs a drip going steady An ugly boy ts a dog face or some of Hitlers work no doubt An un popular girl may be a crow black widow zombie or a poison pan A Wolf snatches other boys girls A B T O is a Big Time Operator who takes the girls out for Hash Ill eat anything that dont bite me first indicates hunger To cut a rug means lets dance while boil the beef means to tease your girl When you hear the phrase lm sinking a sub you know that someone is dunking a doughnut Thresh the hay is to get a hair cut and To skin a cat is the same as getting even with someone you dislike When you want a mxlkshade you simply ask for a Ierseybounce Well this chatter had better end now before we all go crazy AUTQGRAPHS 4. - ,... - ..,. -..,-..... ,,,, - ,.,. - ,.,. -...- ,,.. -...- .,.. .. ..,. -......-...-..-..-..-.......-..-.-.- .... - -...-..-.-.,......,.-.. 4. In the pages of this final section we present to our readers the advertisers whose cooperation has made the publication of this book possible. We realize that the business men of the city are constantly asked to support local en- terprises, and we greatly appreciate their cheerful willingness in purchasing advertising space. Three of Ga1ion's leading industrial plants have been even more than ad- vertisers. We choose to call them sponsors of the book. Realizing our difficul- ties in meeting our budget in these difficult days of rising prices, these com- panies gave large contributions in addition to their advertisements. We wish these companies, The Galion Iron Works and Manufacturing Company, The Galion Metallic Vault Company, and The Perfection Steel Body Company, to know how much their aid has been appreciated. To the readers of the 1943 SPY we wish to recommend all of these mer- chants and manufacturers who have advertised in this section We hope that you will do business with them often and kno N that you will find them cour teous and kind and loyal to worth while undertakings We also vush to thank the following Boosters for their contributions MILDRED ADAMS MART L HELFRICH M D DORIS L SICKMILLER LLOYD W BABB IANET KESLER IEANETTE SLOCUM R C BRATTON IUNE KING FRED STAUB ALBERT N COX R M MALONE M D IOSEPHINE TRACHT BAILEY CUSHMAN E R PICKERING HERMAN VOLK W A DICKERSON M A POIENMIRE IAMES L WALKER ARVILLA EMMENEGGER DR Z P SAPERSTEIN MARY CATHERINE WELSH KATHRYN E HARRIS MIRIAM SAYRE BARBARA R WISE LQGAN coMPL1MENTs or FURNITURE STORE Lemley Grocery WILLARD LOGAN Prop QUALITY FURNITURE CARPETS MEAT MARKET 526 Hmdmg Way East 123 West Parson Street canon ohio GG11011 01110 H 81 K DRUG 'fl FOR BETTER COSMETICS Helena Rubmstem Elizabeth Arden f 0' Chen Yu Sofskm . . .. I.. X I I U . S - 'li 4'-. A , .,...,.,...,... . W D X' n l -152.1 IIII. ---tf Q 1, ffl , . n 4' 'I ,YY C 175 UI. .'-' px: V 0 : w R X A ' atstr I 1 ll u - I of ' ifiiz 5555: ' ff ' ' ' 17" o I -.:.,. RX . N I' . 11l'i --tt' + .Q .... ,,,. T ,.,, 1 ,,,, T ,,., imi ,.,. Tmi .... ... .,,. ....1...1 ..,. iwi...1.,.,v......-1.-1.-H1--1-1H411I-1-M---hir--1---uw--..,,t.-. 4, 1- - 1 ' -I- ---- ------ + COMPLIMENTS OF The Kroger Grocery and Bakmg Company I fi :K ' RINGS WIITCHES DIAMONDS IEWELRY NATIONAL MAILING SERVICE Th H fGfz 2823 S M I CHOICE OF TERMS C q B dq 1 A My 'maxi 5 gg I Gxj ill-jr FOLLOW THE CROWD 1VI111er s BEST WISHES FROM The Home Apphance Co l -vmrx s , -fe Alf ig - I ' V, :S gk Q" QHLY-4? X a 1 1 1 Congratulations " e ouse o i s" Telephone 134 . cxrke St ' C sh ' hor e ' e ' Lcxy y , If 'T' 5 - I -.. ,P ' X i -FQ f-3 gg 1 ,ti , 5 A2 X 1 I ' 1, '. I I ' ' ,,'1i.l'x 34 C fx- 'Q t 4- '---N- '1-- --- I,-1 - ',-4 ----I -,-H--- -IQI -W- ,4.. -.-.H-.....,.-..... I.r. ..,.r-..-..-. -.,- ,.,. -4,.-,.....r.-.,I.-....-. 4, + ------------------------- ----- + KLOPP'S FOR Dry Goods and Accessories GALION, OHIO Bob s News Stand ROBERT BIANCHI Propnetor GALION OHIO Replace Your Present Kztchen Equzpment Wlfh cr TAPPAN RANGE ELECTROLUX REFBIGEBATOR The Ohro Fuel Gas Co Drck Lower DRY CLEANING PRESSING Phone 1611 2046 HARDING WAY EAST GALION OHIO and cm 5 . I I + ----f1---- --- '111 ---- - -A ------- --- -- - -I -1- - .- ---,- - - 4. Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 194-3 The Ga11o11 Iron Works and 1VIanufac:tur1ng Company GBIIOR 0111.10 P E R F E C T I O N Steel Body Company and Pertec:t1on Bur1al Vault Company Congratulates the Class of 1943 ythbt t Ma e es of luck follow your foo steps through life. E. 1VI. Freese 8c Co. Clay Working Machinery GALION, OHIO We lnv1te You to V1S1l Our New Glft Dlsplay of FOSTORIA GLASSWARE Floral Centerpleces R10 Grande Wooden Salad Bowls F 'W Woolworth Latest 1n Noveltv Glassware Company Famous Francnscan Dxnnerware PUBLIC SQUARE Open Stock Dlnnerware Casey Hardware GIFT SHOP 123 HARDING WAY BASF 3 . Y w . . + -rr-r-l-rr-lr-r- -l-r-- -rr- --r-- -r-M-M-- -1- COMPLIMENTS OF Colonial Finance Company PUBLIC SQUARE FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS Wholesale ond Retail ALSO COLD STORAGE FOR MEATS. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Store Your Furs at Buckeye Frozen Food Lockers HARVEY C HUY The U S Steel Grave Vault Company GALION oH1o BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 43 Gw1nner s Home 8: Auto Supply FIRESTONE PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS OF Aureha Brown I 9 1 I -1- ------ ----- -T ------ r-- ---- -l----r-- + Best W1shes to the Class of 1943 The Ga11on MGta111C Vault Company T G LI M I I l --L. X ' Q ""'-' 1 If J , A A E N ' TNI LXDFR IVRULND V-XL Slllflq , I, 1 4,0 gf, 'Q . D 0 - ' 0 Q 'P A Af, Q f 9' ffa X59 ix KT? Q 1 456-L',,f' V -. I -1- ---- I-I ----- 1- + -tt-tt-t- -tt-tt-t--t-- - t--t- -I-I-I - -- - - I- -1- De Vito Studio SHELBY, OHIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR "THE SPY" COMMERCIAL AND HOME PORTRAITS 38 EAST MAIN STREET T LEPHONE 1401 COAL AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 'READY MIXED CONCRETE HOEKSTRA Coal and Supply Co Matthew I Hoekstra 228 East Parson Street GALION OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Butterheld s Shoe Repan shop 232 HARDINC1 WAY EAST The Watch Shop 1 C GILL Pmprero Dlamonds Watches Iewelrv Watch Repatrmq Sheet Musxc and Suophes E M . ' 1 . . I r Phone IIUU , , I27 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio 'f' ---' -----'-------- ' --'- '---'--"--- 4' Compliments of The North Electric Manufacturing Co. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 43 The Midland Insurance Service Corp W L WALKER 116 No th Market Street PHONE 1885 WISH SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 43 FAIR PRICE STATION ETHEL M RICHARDS Mg PHONE 4710 417 Ha d q Way East GALION OHIO . r rin + - ----- -E ------ V-E ------- w-M- ---- -- - -1- I GET AN Andrews Milkshake Noted for Its Quahty COMPLIMENTS OF STRATBURY Manufactur1ng Co OVEHCOATS AND TOPCOATS I GALION OHIO BEST WISHES GOOD LUCK Barr s Drugs COMPLIMENTS OF MORRIS 5 10 6. S1 OO STORES I AND FROM 1 East Church S reel ' , . , Inc. ERNEST PFLAUMER, Mgr. -1- - - -- --------------- - E- -E ----- - - - + CAMPUS SWEATERS IERK SOCKS MUNSINGWEAR IARMAN SHOES WALK-OVER SHOES PENBROOKE CLOTHES The Hub Where Oualxtv Clothmq and Foot e are Solfi at Reasonable Irres Always Bachelder 8: Biehl Insurance Agency P. L. HOLMES, Mgr. GENERAL INSURANCE 203 Wyandot Bldg. TELEPHONE 1281 Snlgfe 70 VIFIOII Huy More BOITFIS McElroy Furmture Store QUALITY FURNITURE BUGS CARPETS LINOLEUIVI VENETIAN BLINDS FEATURING BETTER FURNITURE FROM THE BETTER MARKETS You Can Buy on Easy Terms OPEN EVENINGS Corner H W E and L1berty Street Western Auto Assoc1ate Store 1 F GIL R 128 South Market Street GALION OHIO CARMEL S 3 I WG' .,-. . 1 A - , Ji. . . LE a PHONE 1541 + -I---I----I-----I ----- -r---.-------r--r-- + The Central Ohio Steel Products Company Subsidiaries The National Grave Vault Company The Galion Allsteel Body Company Extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1943 COMPLIMENTS OF Ruth's Shoppe to the CLASS OF 1943 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio U1mer's The Ideal Gift Store FINE WATCHES A SPECIALTY Elgin Hamilton Waltham Gruen GARLAND DIAMONDS I. H. ULMER HARDING WAY EAST COMPLIMENTS OF SSIVICQ Tax1 PAUL DOWNING Prop Automobile Fire and Wmdstorm Health 6. Accident and Life INSURANCE Lloyd A Casey 305 Wet Ch rch Street PHONE 1423 Our Specialty EVFRYTI-IING WASHABLF Monroe s Laundry South Market Street . 1 1 S Ll l I H . H . , . ... I 5 -1- ++4 -II-I--I- -I--II- - - -I-I- --I- I- I---II-I--I-- -I- BEST WISHES OF he First National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE DEPOSITS UP TO S5000 INSURED BY The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. REAI ESTATE COMMERCIAL AND PERSONAL LOANS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Seemann s Kelley s MODEL BAKERY 108 Hardmg Way East PHONE 1248 Gal1on Ice 8: Fuel Company PURE ICE NEW MODERN REFRIGERATORS Phone 1851 Gahon Motor Sales SERVICE ALL MAKES OF CARS SUN MOTOR ANTITIZIERS BODY AND FENDER REPAIR GENERAL REPAIRS BATTERY SERVICE LUBRICATION DEPT RADIATOR REPAIR I I l l n I 1 4' 'I' LOYAL ALWAYS, TO THE CAUSE OF BETTER YEARBOOKS JAHN 8: OLLIER Engraving Co. Makers of FINE PRINTING PLATES FOR BLACK AND COLOR ARTISTS PHOTOGRAPHERS '7 IRI IXYACPIKTFTKWRT CPPFFT CHICAGO ILL COMPLIMENTS OF A 1VI Carter ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR PHONE 1549 740 Boyd Blvd GALIOIN OHIO HOTEL TALBOTT FAMOUS FOR FOOD BEST WISHES FOR A FINE PROSPEROUS FUTURE Harnet E Campbell s DRESS SHOP O1 ' vv. vv -1 u1vu1J.x.Jn ui u..1..1 I . I I IV II N 1 l 5 v , - Kodak Films Developing and Printing YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCHEONETTE GALION SHOE HOSPITAL 111 SOUTH MARKET STREFT ANDY S MODERN MARKET ANDY ANKER P p GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS PHONE 28524 FREE DELIVERY 324 South Mcxrket Street GALION OHIO John K Engel I WELER HAMILTON ELGIN AND BULOVA WATCHES 127 Hcrrdmg Wcxy West BENNETT SHOE COMPANY SHOES AND HOSIERY For the Entlre Fcm1ly 200 HARDING WAY EAST GALION OHIO 5 , YO. 1 1 I E I -1- - I-I -rr--- -1- First Federal Savings and Loan Association GALION, oH1o THE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THAT HAS EVERY BOY AND GIRL AT HEART We Are Back of You Both In and Out of School. Through Our Complete Financial Service, There Are Many Ways We Can Help You. ALL SAVINGS ARE INSURED UP TO AND INCLUDING S5000 OUR HOME IS YOUR HOME COME IN PAUL NOLLEN Ex Vice President BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 43 Galion Billiards RECREATION CENTER C I F ortney OPTOMETRIST Eye Examined Glasses Fitted 110 So MARKET STREET GALION OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Martha s Beauty Shoppe THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN BUY MORE FOR LESS Homer Hayden s S . - . S 5 4. .... - ,,,r -H... ..,, - ,.. -,.- ,... 4, Compliments of The 01110 Cvercoat Co IVIANU ACTUH S OF Topcoats and Overcoats Gallon oh1O I 3 -1- tl- lttt - -' -1- --' - 1 '+ -l-l- -- - -H-ll-'-l-t- - ++ - + - L -+ - '+ - ' 4+ - 1' v ---l-lt-at-tt- -- - - -- - '-'- - - " -I-I--It--I-A-I-I-A -1- FRENCH Dry Cleaners GLENN L. SIVIITH, Proprietor PHONE 1340 OFFICE AND PLANT 116 West Atwood Street GALION OHIO Maklng a httle go a long way IS a fascmatmg game Many Penney customers are adept at 1t Theyd been playing 1t long before 1t be cam a patr1ot1c duty Penney s whole plan has always been to help people get what they need for what they have to spend Penneys de pendab1l1ty and 1I1SlSl9I1C9 on h1gh standaxds are mak1ng xt the favonte of more and more thrlftv Amerlcans And the sav1ngs make 1t poss1ble for you to buy more WAR BONDS I C Penney Co INCORPORATED ALL KINDS OF SOFT DRINKS GALION BOTTLING WORKS I A Ienklns Prop The Thomas Hardware Company GENERAL HARDWARE 110 Hard1ng Way West PHONE 1651 GALION OHIO I . 1 . . 1 G . ' 1 I I I LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS F w HEITZMAN DIRECTOR 126 S MARKET PHON E 2 2231 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1943 The Eagle Crusher Company, IIC GALION OHIO Herman says HERES SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1943 Plack s Auto Supply A M Metheany INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Office Pubhc Square Phone 1602 GALION OHIO . K BA- 'wx- X IX A' ' Q - 5? l1 p ' 1 S . A 9 If ooooo EETETT oil- oo,oo ' 1 I . . . COMPLIMENTS OF The Tri-County Savings 8: Loan Co. PHONE 1111 115 Harding Way East AVON owe BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1943 The Galion Inquirer COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON S Servrce Stat1on Hu dmg Way West GALION OHIO HOOVER CLEANERS GLASS INLAID LINOLEUM Frank Hardware WISHTNG ALL 1943 GRADUATES A REAL SUCCESS Wnght s Sandwrch Shoppe G. M.. ., ,O a . . 745 Y ' - - 5 -1- I-I-H- -I ----- --Q- - ----A ---- I--- -I w--- L-I- -- - - + Compliments of Schaffner-Myers Co. Style Store for Men and Boys HERES SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1943 BEST WISHES TO THE Baumgartner s WALL PAPER PAINTS CLASS GF 1943 The G1edh111 SHADES GIFTS PICTURES Road Machlnery Co S Wilson Printing Company GALION'S BEST EQUIPPED COMMERCIAL PRINTING PLANT Printers of The Spy Phone 1403 248 SGUTH MARKET STREET ' ll S! -4- -'- ------------------- r-r- -'--- -1- The American Steel Grave Vault Co. Manufacturers of Quality Burial Vaults Gal1on Oluo SOHIO The Gallon Equlty The Standard O11 Co Exghange C0 OILS GAS AND TIRES COPL AND FARM SUPPLIES Art Manzer PHONE 1861 DRY CLEANING REPAIRING GALION OHIO PHONE 1501 1 V, W. LOHR, . Suits Made to Your Measure HARDING WAY EAST COMPLIMENTS OF The American Steel Abrasives Company GALION, OHIO STATIONERY PARTY GOODS FOUNTAIN PENS BOOKS SCRAP BOOKS GREETING CARDS GIFTS PENCILS PHOTO ALBUMS SCHOOL SUPPLIES CALDWELL'S Phon 1520 121 S Market Street COMPLIMENTS OF REECE S BEAUTY SALON MILDRED FLICK Prop COMPLIMENTS OF Saul s BFST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1943 C L Morkel COMPLIMENTS OF Klem s Klothes FOR MEN AND BOYS S . S , . . ' 5 I n + ,TT i ,11 T11 TU.. 1, .-.11i1,-11-L11-T-1111.--111.111 - --- 1 T + SPORT CLOTHES FOR YOUNG MEN OXFORDS FURNISHINGS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT The Globe Clothing Store WHERE SERVICE STILL MEETS So e By Decrlmg Here ond In est THE PECPLE m War Bonds S HARDWARE HARNESS TGXHCO Se1'V1C9 PAINTS Fred Hooker Hardware COMPLIMENTS OF PHONE 1811 Gahon News 201 South Market Street Agency GALION OHIO v ' v . 1 . . , 4. -, ,. -M.. ,,.. - .,,. 4, BEST WISHES OF Helfrich Florists Cut Flowers, Plants and Floral Designs PHONE 1938 S GALION OHIO Alvo Spark Plug Company WISHES SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1943 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1943 MILADY S BEAUTY SHOPPE Alfred Sentieri s Studio MONUMENT BUILDER 1660 539 NORTH COLUMBU STREET l n ij Phone H E ' G WAY WEST GALION, OHIO

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