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Q. 1 F! I D?" O . . 0 c I ' 2 COMPILED AND EDITED BY Eugene R. DeSilets - - - Editor Vaughn Wm. Volk - Business Manager ASSISTED BY Margaret Tracht - Associate Editor Eugene Kirtland - Art Editor Herbert Bodley - Alumni Editor Marjorie Johnson Literary Editor Genevieve Sloane Chronicle Editor Gertrude Stevens - - Feature Editor Elizabeth Seckel - - Social Editor Eugene Cass - Boys' Athletic Editor Ruth McCluer - Girls' Athletic Editor Charles Line - Advertising and Sales Mgr. Susan Bessinger - - - Typist Norma Amann ---- Typist O2 SP3 D2 G'GreG -Q98 3111 1929 SPY PUBLISHED BY 'run GALION SEN! OI2 H I G I-I CLA S S SCHOOL , 'WHIP' 433 'law v Qamoy GAJLJION ,, OHIO l fl I z 3 ej- 'UCF UCL Ci Q Ci Q Q Q Q 607 0: QQGQ auf' UD Lg up U. K U in U DEDICATION UUUUQJUCJUUQ7 The Senior Class of 1929 dedicate this volume to Miss Bessie Todd, for her un- tiring efforts in promoting the apprecia- tion of music in our city, for her in- fluence in bringing to us some of America's renowned musiciansg for her enthusiastic zeal in making her dream of a Pipe Organ a realityg and for her kind, friendly and generous attitude to- ward our school. 31 MISS BESSIE TODD Uwwwwowoww X ff C2 , I Q ' Z I Cf Q Q U U .Qin Q U 5 'bqb fi 5 UU U05 Q Ci 0 Q07 F90 ca an Q an clung Dafa U X D e cu Cl Qc FGREWGRD UC7EDQl7'Q7"tQf7QQ7Y27Q1'7Q2. It bas been the aim of the class of 1929 to publish a, volume which brings before the minds of the students of G. HQ S. a vivid recollection of past events both in pictures and in words. CONTENTS A UUUUUOUUUU 1. The School Campus Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ' 2. Activities ' 3. Athletics Football Basketball 4. Alumni 5. Feature 6. Advertisements Views Es we-Q, Q C? G G Cf Wann an C' -. can F .'.Tf1Il x Q F g U 9"sq54'J C2 G d wwUUUv ' uullgihi 'tv' ,mag In U U X' ' ? ' :E I,- lllml' Q U Q A Q XUEIIV 'Ah IIN IL ,Al 3 IIQ6 D 23215 yr- 19,-el 0 11'22k!L':2.',o42Z D D D D D D 23 D Wx 2 L 9 0 n' 'DP I AD Q Q Q l 0 o THE X 1-1001, ll I v Huff 1 004' 924. 0200 ' 6- 4 -5394 11,0991 9,399 9992 : 4 1 Q99 -. :- I III'-I: ff XJ Y Aiillh CAMPUS VIEWS gp ...,...........,-.......i..,..Y., W. .. Q ' ' ' ' . 001, 62. 0000 4 9 6 C QQQQC 95 , 44399 I' J Q1 999 Q 'N I I -III JY 45 Q 92 E 39 l:l:l ll VW" E- A FACULTY O i O cl ' It Mrs. Kate M. Casey Mr. A. J. Monroe Dr. F. C. McGa.ugl1y Mr. R. C. Arter Mr. S. Motsinger RESPECT FOR LA.W In response to your request for a sentiment, I would call attention to A1nerica's great problem, Respect for Law, which is engaging the best thought of our nation today. It is an issue so momentous as to merit the attention of everyone interested in the orderly and lawful continuance of all established customs. Disrespect for law is gnawing at the vitals of our national Well-being, and requires the combined effort of all people and of all organizations of people, regardless of creed or sect, to combat it. May the Class of 1929, both collectively and individually, be faithful to their school and home training in this national crisis and ever make it a vital part of their lives to uphold the Majesty of thc Law, to the end that the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" may never be placed in jeopardy. A. J. MONROE, President, Board of Education. IR c- Qfeg 543 O o 5 O 1,1 V C I U J , I SUPT. J. F. BEMILLER J. F. Bemiller, Superintendent of the Galion Schools has been with us just one year, but we are sure he will be with us many more, as he has proved to be a great friend of all the students and teachers. He held the position as Superintend- ent of the Fairfield County schools be- fore he came here and had become a friend of one of our former Superin- tendents, J. J. Phillips, and it was through his recommendation that Be- miller came here as head of our schools. Mr. Bemiller is a graduate of Ohio State University with a B. S. degree and last summer he received his M. A. degree in education. He is a member of the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity which is very exclusive at Ohio State. Mr. Bemiller has a very pleasing per- sonality and has found his way into the hearts of all who know him. He is rather quiet and has an "easy going" way about him. He is very tactful in handling most any problem which con- fronts him. No one has ever seen him angry as he has a wonderful Way of controlling his temper. So, here is a toast, to the man who has proved himself a very able leader of the Galion Schools. I9 PRINCIPAL W. L. SWICK W. L. Swick, known more familiarly to the students of G. H. S. as "Pop" Swick, is finishing his fourth year as a brilliant, successful and jolly principal. Mr. Swick is well liked by all of his students and teachers. He is always on hand with a new joke to fit the occa- sion. He stands for the highest type of ideals and will not tolerate anything which would be degrading to the school and community. He is a real pal to all and instead of sparing the rod and spoiling the child, he spoils the rod and spares the child. He believes in the social kind of High School life and not in the strict, military types. He serves in numerous capacities. Besides being the supervisor of over three hundred and fifty students, he teaches Chemistry and Physics, is Spon- sor of the Spy Staff and Senior Class, advisor of the Hi-Y, manager of the Athletic association, and the treasurer of the High School. He performs his many duties very efficiently and those who Work under him know that his management is flawless, and that debts do not occur. . We are thoroughly convinced that our High School is very fortunate in possessing such a man as principal and We sincerely hope that he will remain in this capacity for many years to come. D 68,60 Qs'-C3 O O tel- lf MISS GRACE WESTON Mathematics, Ph. B. Oberlin. Miss Weston is assistant principal of the High School, sponsor of the Senior class and organizer of the Girl Reserves. She is the instructor of mathematics and has the reputation of being one of the best mathematicians of the state. MR. D. E. SHAFFER Manual Arts. Valparaiso Normal School Mr. Shaffer has made a name for himself dur- ing his teaching in Galion High. His work is very thorough and is of the highest type, as is shown by the exhibits that his students display. MISS MARY MATHER Latin, A. B. Ohio Northern Another one of Galion High's renowned teach- ers is Miss Mather. Every student loves her be- cause of her jolly attitude toward everyone. She stands for the highest of ideals and she is success- ful in everything she promotes. She is very valu- able to the Juniors in guiding them through their trials and tribulations. MISS LOUISE JOHN Spanish, English Literature, Ph.B University of Chicago One of our busiest teachers is Miss John She has been very successful in creating for us our library. As a coach of the- debating team she has been influential in leading them to victory She also is sponsor of High School bi-monthly The Lantern". 20 9-25 Q cG5:?G -SLG O o Q C , ,N4 C I I 3 .- . I .f MISS ESTELLA ENGLEHART History and Civics B. S. and Education Ohio State Miss Englehart is the teacher who so patiently slaves with the Seniors. When some poor unfor- tunate Senior is failing, Miss Englehart comes to the rescue and tutors the straying one. She has been with us for two years. MR. V. H. OBERLANDER Shop, Ohio State You can always find V. H. in the shop, and he is always a friend to everyone. V. H. is also movie operator and the school mechanic. His shop has grown so, that a shop building is being plan- ned. Good luck! ' MR. C. D. MOLDER Social Sciences, A. B. Ohio Wesleyan Prof. the students, friend has been with us for four years and has proved himself to be an effi- cient leader of the Hi-Y and oratory. Prof. is unique in arranging our Hi-Y chapels which always make a hit. MISS BEATRICE L. HOFFMAN English, A. B. Hood It is Miss Hoffman who trains the poor Eng- lish speaking Juniors, and after one year in her - class reading MacBeth and Writing compositions, they have become experts in this subject. 2l 5Q?Q 6,6 o ' o 'cl 'llc MISS HILDA SCHOOLEY English, History, B. A. Ohio Wesleyan When someone is seen flying down the hall, and always going some place in a hurry, it is always Miss Schooley. All the students like her as she is a friend to all of them. MR. R. R. EHRHART Music, Salesmanship, Mechanical Drawing A. B. Otterbein The band and orchestra have prospered under Ehrhart's leadership. Music! That's his hobby. He is a member of the Hobo Quartet that has en- tertained the students a number of times. His singing is always Welcome as he has a good bari- tone voice. MR. F. A. EATON Athletic Director, A. B. Wittenberg Our basketball team was better this year than for a number of years, as it came out second in the League championship. Other than acting as coach for the football and basketball teams he also conducts gym classes. A MISS HELEN MANDEVILLE! Athletic Director, A. B. Wooster and Ashland Chautauqua School of Phys. Ed. This is Miss MandeVille's first year here but she proved to be a very competent coach. Her smile has made her many friends, not only among the girls but also among the fellows. VVe hope she is here next year to help the girls in Athletics. 22 c G 16:0 4,243 MISS ADA GREGG Biology, Household Arts B. S. Ohio University, Athens Whenever eats are mentioned, Miss Gregg is always the one We think of. What tempting odors can be smelled when Miss Gregg has cooking classes. She is one of our jolly little teachers. MISS ISABELLE BURKI-IART Commercial Subjects, Bach. of Com. Science, O.T.S. Ohio Northern University This is Miss Burkhartis first year in teaching Junior and Senior Typing and Shorthand, Can't you just hear her, "a, b, c, d, e, f, g, space". She's a good teacher and that's all that's necessary. MISS ARVILLA EMMENEGGER Bookkeeping. Business English This is Miss Emmeneggens Hrst year as an in- structor in our High School. Besides her regular classes she helps with the Lantern and the Girl Reserves, and she has proved to be a valuable teacher. gg MISS ELIZABETH BLAND Superintendent's Secretary Elizabeth is the handy girl around the school. Whenever anything is Wanted it is Elizabeth who gets it and she is a real, true friend of all the students. MISS VELMA RESCI-I Assistant Secretary It seems like Velma is still a student as she just graduated last year. Her pleasant disposition makes everyone cheerful and she is always glad to do her part. 23 9 cr GGG G43 obo 0 4' 4 96409 6000 as QQQQ Q 0 944 , 79 4 9 o x,g,,Y o 9 V5 ll SENIORS O . ' 0 Ralph Cornell James Aukerman Charles Line Eugene Kirtland President Vice President Secretary Treasurer OUR SCHOOL DAYS ACT I. The curtain is drawn and we see before us, Galion High in its picturesque set- ting. Students are strolling up the walks-school has begun! Our attention is centered upon the Freshman class, larger in number than any other that has ever entered G. H. S. We notice that this class goes in for the ex- tremeABob Zinn and Ronald Sebastian are examples. As the scenes are shifted we see the various activities of the class. The election of class oflicers had the following results: Bob Zinn, Presidentg Charles Line, Vice Presidentg Eugene Grubaugh, Secretaryg Norma Amann, Treasurer. The Sophomore- Freshman party was a scene to gladden the eye. ACT II. The first scene shows the election of the class oflicers, Bob Schupp, Presidentg Helen Laughbaum, Vice President: Charles Line, Secretaryg and Eugene Kirtland, Treasurer. The scene showing the Christmas party, which was the social atfair of the year, was brilliant. ACT III. The Hrst scene shows the election of the class officers, Robert Schupp, President: Bob Zinn, Vice Presidentg Kathryn Peebles, Secretaryg and Eugene Kirtland, Treasurer. The next scene shows a moonlight night, a blazing fire and a score or more of famished students. The Juniors are having a Weiner roast! From the noise and excitement we infer that they are having "one grand time". A following scene shows the Junior Class Play, "White Collars". There are not enough words to describe its wonderful success. The thunderous applause more than shows the appreciation of the audience. Other scenes show the work of the Junior Class preparing for the Junior-Senior Reception. We see in the distance a trim yacht from which soft music is coming. Couples are dancing beneath a gleaming moon and a star-filled sky. It was a glor- ious reception! ACT IV. In the first scene we see a moonlight night. Queer figures are moving to and fro, throwing colored papers into trees, telephone poles, etc. We see a future steeple- jack climbing a trembling flag pole. What can it be? Why of course, the Seniors are hanging colors! The next scene shows the election of the class ofllcers, Ralph Cornell, Presidentg James Aukerman, Vice Presidentj Charles Line, Secretaryg Eugene Kirtland, Treasurer. The Seniors hold a Weiner roast in the next scene. To one side we see Bob Zinn with five marshmallows in his mouth and a Weiner sandwich of huge proportions in both hands, discussing the Einstein theory! Then?Commencement! ---Jack Sherman, '29. 26 DQ Di -cr Q so fe-.1 .W I .NY ' K, .: ,, 55521, N f?'LC' ,f v:i'iQ....-F H NORMA G. AMANN To laugh and dance and tlirt with boys, are three things this Senior enjoys. Chorus 13 Debating Society 15 Gym Exhi- bition 1-3: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Var- sity 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Cabinet 4: White Collars 3: Favor Com. Jr. Sr. Reception 3: Lantern Staff 2, 3: Spanish Club 4: Treasurer of Class 13 Spy Staff 43 Hockey 1. JAMES M. AUKERMAN Oh! how music effects him. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, 52 Cho- rus 1, 2, 3: Student Music Director 3, 4: Gypsy Rover Orchestra 13 Minstrel Or- chestra 2, 33 Director of Orchestra for Junior Play 43 Pres. Student Council 5: Vice l'res. of Class 5: Director of Orange and Blue Orchestra 5. SUSAN K. BESSINGER Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit. Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2: Gym Exhi- bition 1: Christmas Cantata 2: Favor Com. Jr. Sr. Reception 31 Usher 43 Spy Staff 4. NATHAN BECK A quiet, sturdy football man. Johnsville High 13 Bellville High 2: Foot- ball 4, Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY E. BEENER Onward to Leesville! Chorus 1, 23 Gym Exhibition 3, Latin Club 2: Menu Com. Jr. Sr. Reception 3: Usher 43 Spanish Club 43 Girl Reserves 43 Christ- mas Cantata 2. ROBERT P. BIANCHI A comedian is generally a public character. Chorus 1, 23 Minstrel 3, 4: Ath. Mgr. 3: Asst. Mgr. 23 Stage Mgr. 3 ETHEL D. BILSING An innocent appearance, but looks are deceiving. Girl Reserve 4: Chorus 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Class Basketball 43 Love Pirates of Hawaii 3: Christmas Can- tata 2, 3, Hiking Club 4: Baseball 43 De- bate Club 1. BERNICE C. BISHOP Sober, steadfast and demure. Harding Hi, Marion 1: Chorus 3: Love Pirates of Hawaii 3, Girl Reserves 4. urls" fl, . ,. O 0 0 C I ' 3 Qcococn cocncnocncne i O L! cw bi i L i D P Q , I . - 3 OCDCDCDCD CDCDCDCDCDC? C2 HERBERT D. BODLEY For he was more than over shoes in love. Palm Beach High School 13 Band 2, 3, 43 Vice Pres. 4: Orchestra 2, 33 Electrician Decorating' Com. Jr. Sr. Reception 33 Spy Staff 43 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Minstrel Orchestra 23 Latin Club 33 Class B, B. 23 Varsity B. B. 3, 43 Jr. Hi-Y 23 Orange and Blue Orchestra 43 Orchestra for Jr. Class Play 3. HOWARD BURWELL Nothing more useful than silence. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 43 Class B. B. 1, 2, 3, 4. JACK CALLENDER Quiet everywhere except on the Basket- ball floor. Chorus 1, 3, 43 Love Pirates of Hawaii 33 Varsity B. B. 2, 33 Capt. 43 Varsity Base- ball 3, 43 Football 33 Class B. B. 1, 23 Class Baseball 2, 3, 4. l'. EUGENE CASS The only woman hater on the football squad. 3 Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Class Football 23 Jr. Hi-Y 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 Spy Staff 4. ELLENORA E. CHRISTMAN Gentle of speech, benelicient of mind. Latin Club 2, 33 Chorus 2, 33 Girl Reserves 43 Volley Ball 43 Love Pirates of Hawaii 33 Basketball 4. DORIS P. CHUBB She does her part, she knows her art. Gym Exhibition 33 Hiking Club 43 Volley Ball 43 Girl Reserves 43 Baseball 4. ESTHER COHEN Gained her Wisdom in three years. Latin Club 2, 43 Lantern Staff 23 Class Historian 23 Gym Exhibition 23 Girl Re- serves 43 Chorus 13 Class Basketball 1. RALPH L. CORNELL Behold! Leader of the Seniors! Junior Hi-Y 1, 2, Secretary 13 Senior Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 43 White Collars 33 Trysting Place 33 Chorus 23 Lantern Staff 33 Latin Club 33 Pres. of Senior Class 43 Basket- ball 3, 4. F2 3 'GEL Qclqcgvcza cp Qc: CD come HOMER CURFMAN ' Fords are his hobby. GAYLORD F. DANNER Flaming youth. Band 4. EUGENE R. DeS1LETS The man who drives the "Asthma" car. Oratorio 13 Jr. Hi- Y 1, 23 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Lantern Staff 33 Chr. Program Com. for , Jr. Sr. Rec. 35 Editor-in-Chief of Spy 4. . MARY ALICE DICKERSON Silence is the genius of fools, and one of the virtues of the wise. Orchestra 3: Chorus 3. 43 Love Pirates of Hawaii 35 Hiking Club 43 Spanish Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. ERNESTINE DINKEL Much could be said-but what's the use? Chorus 1, 3, Christmas Cantata 23 Latin Club 23 Spanish Club 45 Usher 43 Menu Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Gym Exhibition 1, 3, Hockey 1. 4 4 JOHN F. DOUGLAS 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Ora- 1 G torio 1, 2, Election Board 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2. T The woman Chaser! 4 4 4 FRANIQ H. DURTSCHE Fords, Fords, nothing but 'Fords 4 4 FLORENCE ECKSTEIN ' The mildest manners and the gentlest 1 heart. . 1 Oratorio 15 Chorus 3, 43 Hiking Club 4, , Love Pirates of Hawaii 3. 1 ocncscoco cmcmcncmcio 29 9 c O g O C l. 5 ' 2 mmwmomooco 0: Cf 4 1 if l I 1 l 1 ,s 1 1' tr 1 Q L i 1- r 9 , OQQQDQQQQQQ MARILYNN HARRIET FELLENBAUM God's gift to despondent men! Chorus 13 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Lantern Staff 23 Class Basketball 2, 33 Gym Exhibition 1, 3. DOROTHY LOUISE GERSTNER Giggles, giggles, giggles! Chorus 1, 23 Gym Exhibition 13 Favor Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3, Usher 43 Hiking Club 43 Spanish Club 45 Girl Reserves 43 Christ- mas Cantata 2. AL GRAHAM All prodigies die young, and I feel sick. Chorus 2, 3, 4, Minstrel 2, 3: Lantern Staff 2, 3, Christmas Cantata 1, 25 Love Pirates of Hawaii 3, Sophomore Play, Quintet, Pres. Chess and Checkers, Advertising Mgr. Jr. Class Playg Pres. Sophomore De- bating Society. PAUL J. HANLEY The hard-boiled stage manager. Band 43 Stage Manager 4. CHARLES R. I-IEINLIN The wailing saxophonist. Hi- Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Class Basket- ball 43 Orch, Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Junior Class Play Orch. 3. THELMA L. HERSHNER One of Wrig1ey's best customers. Usher 45 Favor Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 35 Christ- mas Cantata 2, Chorus 1, 2, Gym Exhibi- tion l, 33 Hiking Club 4. MARJORIE A. JOHNSON These new Ford roadsters are lovely. Chorus l, 23 Latin Club 23 Spanish Club 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Chr. Favor Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3: Spy Staff 4. WILMA B. KELLY English is my favorite. fe: cr es EUGENE KIRTLAND Our sleepy Art Editor. Class Treasurer 2, 3, 43 Art Editor of the Spy 4. HELEN LAUGHBAUM Men, men, more men! Chorus 1: Daddy Long Legs 13 Debating Society 13 Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Gym Exhibi- tion 1, 3: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Var- sity Basketball 33 Vice Pres. 43 Head Usher 43 White Collars 33 Trysting Place 33 Chr. Ring Com. 33 Dec. Com. 33 Volley Ball 4. CHARLES HENRY LINE 1 know I'm right, 1. can't be wrong. Vice Pres. Class 13 Secretary Class 2, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Lantern Staff 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y 1, 2, Vice Pres. 13 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Secretary 33 Dec. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Gym Exhibition 13 Advisory Council 23 Love Pirates of Hawaii Orchestra 33 Class Historian 33 Orange and Blue Orchestra 43 Trysting Place 33 Class Basketball 1, 43 Minstrel Orchestra 23 Subscription and Advertising Manager of Spy 4. FRANCIS LONG A master mathematition who never studies. RUTH A. MCCLUER To pleasure and to sport inclined, a woman still who knows her mind. Hockey 13 Varsity Basketball 2, 33 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Usher 43 Spy Staff 43 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Volley Ball 43 Hiking Club 4. FLORAMAE DOROTHY McKELVY 1 am very merry when 1 hear sweet music Gym Exhibition 1, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Love Pirates of Hawaii 33 l'ioneer's Papoose 43 Christmas Cantata 23 Girl Re- serves 33 All State Chorus 33 Octette 3. BEATRICE G. MENGERT She was just the quiet kind whose nature never varied. ROBERT MOLLENKOPF As innocent as a new laid egg. Basketball 4. O . 0 iw.. C X I I I ' 12 OCDCDCD CDCDCDCDCDC90 'r . in In Pl IL! it Cl , Vp lu P ir 1 U I fl LJ cw bi 5 i oocnoooocmancjo FLORENCE D'ESTA MOSER Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in women. Glee Club 1, 23 Chorus 3, 4g Love Pirates of Hawaii 3, Girl Reserves 3, 45 Hiking Club 4. - HELEN MARIE NEWHOUSE The rule of my life is to make business my pleasure, and pleasure my business. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Oratorio 1, 2, Christ- mas Cantata 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Var- sity Basketball 3, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball, Capt. 4, Baseball 43 Hiking Club 4: Gym. Exhibition 3, 4: In- vitation COIH. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Latin Club 2: Spanish Club 4. HAZEL MARIE NICKOLS - A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair. Chorus 13 Cantata 2: Usher 43 Girl Re- serves 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 1, 33 The T1-ysting Place 3: Promptor of White Col- lars 33 Chr, of the Invitation Com. of the Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Latin Club 25 Hiking Club 4: Echo Staff 2. VIOLET L. OBER Sweet in all walks of life. Chorus 3, 4: Love Pirates of Hawaii 31 Girl Reserves 33 Senior Hiking Manager 4. ALMA DALE R. PATTERSON NVhat sweet delight a quiet life affords. Chorus 2, 3, 43 Love Pirates of Hawaii 35 Girl Reserves 45 Oratorio 1. KATHRYN PEEBLES lf she's not in love, there's no believing in old signs. Lincoln Hi, Cleveland 1, 23 Latin Club 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 3: Pianist Chorus 4, Girl Reserves 3, 43 Pianist Orange and Blue Orchestra 43 School Organist 43 Orch. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Class Secretary 3. ELIZABETH M. PETRI Shc's all my fancy painted her. she's lovely, she's divine. Daddy Long Legs 13 Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Latin Club 23 Class Basketball 13 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 43 G. R. Secretary 45 Spanish Club 4, Usher 45 Class Historian 2. CHESTER REED The only Way to have a friend is to be one. Q-?D-?f'2 2 ,SL ROBERT J. REID Knowledge is power. Band 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Jr. Hi-Y 1, 2: Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4. EVELYN RENSCH Best of pals: best of friends, as a debater her views she defends. Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 3: Latin Club 2: Spanish Club 4: Chr. of Refresh- ment Com. of Jr. Sr. Rec. 3: Hockey 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4: Gym Exhi- bition 1, 3: Class Basketball 1: Debate 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: White Collars 3. JOEL P. RIBLET I might be better if I would, but it's awfully lonesome being good. VIVIAN J. RIGBY She's here, I heard her talking. Chorus 1, 2: Daddy Long Legs 1: Debating Society 1: Latin Club 2: Gym Exhibition 1, 3: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Cabinet 4: Debate 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 4: White Collars 3: Chairman Play Com. 3: Chair- man of Decorating Com. for Jr. Sr. Rec. 3: Lantern Staff 3: Mgr. Sr. Volley Ball 4: Spanish Club 4. JOEL SAMES A true believer in the conservation of energy. Hi-Y 4: R. O. D. T. 1, 2: Latin Club 23 Chorus 2, 33 Basketball 3, 4. VIRGINIA SCHRECK If words could describe her, wc'd hire a band. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 3: Chorus 1, 2: Decorating Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3: Lantern Staff 3: Latin Club 2. RONALD E. SEBASTIAN Little things must be seen, not heard. Chorus 1, 2, 3: Lantern 2, 3: Band 3, 4: Class Basketball 2: Orch. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3: Advertising Mgr. Jr. Class Play. EUNICE ARLEEN SCARBOROUGH Small in stature, not in mind. Chorus 1, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Gym Exhibition 1: Hockey 1: Class Basketball 1: Christmas Cantata Tl: Love Pirates of Hawaii 3. c I ' A ' 2 0000 CDOCDCDCDCDQO L Q ? ocncsocm cmcmcgbcmcio AVONELLE SECKEL An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Hiking Club 43 Class Bas- ketball 33 Hiking Club 43 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 33 Volley Ball 43 Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Hockey 13 Baseball 43 Usher 4. ELIZABETH C. SECKEL Joy rul'd the day, and love the night. Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Election Board 43 Usher 43 Spy Board 43 Spanish Club 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Program Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3. LOWELL B. SEITZ No one knew him by his Words. WAYNE A. SEITZ Quiet and unassuming. VICTORIA R. SHERER As brim full of fun and glee, as ever a mortal girl could be. Leesville Hi 13 Glee Club 23 Gypsy Rover 23 Chorus 2, 33 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Girl Re- serves 43 Volley Ball 43 Basketball Mgr. 43 Hiking Club 4. JACK F. SHERMAN Hell is empty, all the devils are here. Program Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3. GENEVIEVE E. SLOANE Poor grades she highly spurns, midnight oils she surely burns. Chorus 1, 2, 33 Cantata 23 Love Pirates of Hawaii 33 Band 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 43 G. R. Cabinet 43 Latin Club 2. 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Echo Staff 23 Gym Exhibition 33 Hiking Club 43 Invitation Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Usher 43 Spy Staff 4. HENRY MARCELLUS SMITH Look at me, I am a man! Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior I-Ii-Y 1, 23 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Class Basketball 3, 4. , fx X-ff . ff, ,, GERALDINE L. SPIGGLE Naturally slow, but a fast friend. Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Daddy Long Legs 13 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Hockey 13 Latin Club 13 Class Basketball 1, 23 Usher 4. FOSTER R. STEVENSON Life is less than nothing Without love. Jr. Hi-Y 1, 23 Senior I-li-Y 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Lantern Staff 33 Band 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 33 Dec. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 3. GERTRUDE M. STEVENS Her air, her manners, all who saw, admired. Chorus 2, 33 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Latin Club 43 Favor Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Spy Board 4. JOHN A. STEVENS Speech is great, but silence is greater. Latin Club 3, 43 Chorus 4. WADE STEVENS ,The .Blooming Grove hero. Blooming Grove Hi 1, 2. MAY E. STINER Dancing is her hobby. Love Pirates of Hawaii 33 Hockey 13 Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Girl Reserves 4. MALCOLM EVAN SW1TZER I can capture anything but women. Doggone 'em! Junior I-Ii-Y 1, 23 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres. of Latin Club 43 Class Football 1, 23 Dec. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Varsity Football 3, 43 Class Basketball 1, 23 Varsity Basketball 43 Orchestra 1, 23 Treasure of Latin Club 23 White Collars 3. HERBERT SWITZER He is just a Junior's sweetheart. 4 i , . X-aa X P, ,N J, fx L! , 'CN , 1 f Q, 1 -.J 3,3 gay 3 Q ,J jfx il .J fx li X ,J MN f I -N fx L! CW LJ Lf N QWJ Tlx E J .-.X 1 V1 TCW 2 f ,X x W X .J ,x .. , .2 -.3 y. " 3' ' -.u..I:.n ..", .R ,I .. ,X .,-.: 3 A 1""+ 1 , 1 f i 2 aj xy fi ,NJ lfri, x 1 J 1 ,ff-1. 'tai fr, . 1 cf 1 an iff-3 fn? ' xl? - ff' 1 J i S f"'r .X ,fp 1i V5 1 ,N ' 1 ' XJ 1 " i 1, 4 y . ', 'NY N 1 1 11 if 1 ' kj 11 1' C1 .1 , 4 1 ,., fx., 1 1 1 XJ 1 'xg 'I 1. 1 C X-ii mmf X.. 1 f". 1 ,fi 1 . 1 1 f-3, L Cf 1 31 Q ,Q 5 ,. -1 ' 11.9.-.f.-r1I1rn-fem:-L2f1:m::L X T5 , W, -1.9. DONALD BURNELL TENNANT He that can't live on love, deserves to die. Junior Hi-Y 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Cho- rus 1, 2, 43 Lantern 2, 33 Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Minstrel 1, 23 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Cheer Leader 3. CHARLES E. THAYER The deed I intend is great, but what as yet, I know not. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 High School Orchestra 1, 4: Minstrel Orchestra 13 Class Basketball 43 Band Pres. 43 Junior Class Play Or- chestra 3. DELMAR P. THOMPSON A new one in our midst. Monroe, Mich. H. S. 1, 23 Libby Hi, Tole- do 3, 4. EDVVARD D. TRACHT He leads a life of quiet and Worth. Latin Club 2, 3, 4. MARGARET TRACI-IT A reader of no mean ability. Gym Exhibition 1, 33 Lantern Staff 1, 2, 33 Editor in Chief Lantern 33 Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4: Cabinet 43 Daddy Long Legs 13 Debate 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 43 White Collars 33 The Trysting Place 33 Usher 43 Latin Club 23 Chorus 23 Class Basketball 1, 23 Dec. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Spy Staff 43 De- bate Society 13 Christmas Cantata 2. RUSSEL TUTTLE No case for me-Women-I wouldn't give a penny for the lot. VAUGHN WM. VOLK Things don't turn up in the World, until someone turns them up. Business Mgri Spy 43 Lantern Staff 2, 33 Business Mgr. 33 Junior Hi- Y 1, 2, Pres. 13 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Chorus 13 Orchestra 1, 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 13 Minstrel Orchestra 23 Love Pirates Orchestra 33 VVhite Collars 33 The Trysting Place 33 Prog. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Spanish Club 43 Class Basketball 3, 43 Orange and Blue Orchestra 4. ROBERT KALTER ZINN Life is a game, of football With time out for dating. Class Pres. 13 Advisory Council 1, 33 Or- chestra 13 Band 23 White Collars 33 Dec. Com. Jr. Sr. Rec. 33 Basketball 1, 33 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Captain 43 High School Min- strel 1, 23 Track 23 Class Vice Pres. 33 The Trysting Place 33 Class Football 1, 23 Class Basketball 1, 2. vWV,...i. .fx 12 ..,. f"-1 A ., .... 1.3. -- 1 ,ar K ' all .-mg! 0 1 RS k a h z MUR c O Li h d . c U O b S C bb 34 37 cDcDc Qo c:n 6:26 cm mme O G D G Q C? D G D O 9 G O G S G O G Q G 0 G EJ C2 D C2 D G S+ G U G+ Cv C2 D G Cv C3 Cr C3 U G U G Oi Q ED C? ED G Q G O CZ O G U G SN G OCD mano cm cm QQQCP gas 9-fe D-28 QEGC :GGG SQ N, . 04.20 4.24.9 6600 9 4 CX 4' 99:4 , - 4 6990. I- Q 92- 9,9 qv 05? 999 Q95 2 89 lIl:l ll YEL E - JUNIORS A O . I 5 0 Kenneth Winetrout Doughlas Young Emma Durtschi Fred Myers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer THE JUNIOR DIARY 1926 Sept. 6. Last day of vacation! Tomorrow school starts. I am disappointed for instead of going to the Senior High School, our class has to stay in the Junior High another year. Just our luck! Sept. 7. The big day at last! The new building is nice and makes up some for staying in it another year. Sept. 27. Old Diary, I have been so busy being a Freshman, ves, that reminds ine, they have the nerve to call us "Ninth Graders". We had a class meeting today. So thrilling! We have colors now. After much debate, Orange and White were chosen. O yes! little Diary, Douglas Young was elected President, of course, he's small, but then you know the saying that 'tgoocl things come done up in small packages". What Douglas lacks in height, Gilbert Herr our Vice President has. Marjory Bosler is Secretary and Daniel Postance, Treasurer. 1927 Sept. 12...Here I am a Sophomore--Yes-S-o-p-h-o-m-o-r-e and in Senior High! It is exciting--they all make fun of us--but we don't care-for we are here at last! Sept. 19. Sophomore Class meeting! Now we have a new president in the per- son of Richard Horn, for we felt that we should have someone who could over-awe by his vocabulary-Gilbert Herr and Marjory Bosler have the same ofhces as last year, while Ulah Gilmore is going to look after the Iinances. Then with Mr. Molder and Miss Engelhart, as sponsors we are sure to have a successful year. Mar. 25. Our class party was yesterday and thanks to Mr. Molder, was a success. play, which thanks to Mr. Molder went off so Well. 1928 Sept. 4. Juniors! It hardly seems possible but today one hundred a11d twenty- iive of us enter the portals of G. H. S. Sept. 16. After some delay we organized-but now as sophisticated Juniors we knew what was coming. We have all new oihcers, the boys seem to dominate things for Kenneth Winetrout will have the arduous task of leading us through the intri- cate paths of this year, while Douglas Young, who has increased in stature will be Vice President, Emma Durtschi, Secretary and Fred Myers as Treasurer. We do have more money now, thanks to our Sophomore year. Jan. 1. Class Rings! Of course we think they are the best ever. Mar. 17. Bab! How we worked and now the class play is also a thing of the past. We felt proud of our talent displayed. In fact looking back over the High School days I find that our class has always been well represented in athletics, debate and music. So little Diary, you have always known all, but for a while I shall forsake you for we are working on the Reception and hope to put on the best one. -Leona. Frank, '30. 40 9:3 c: G ef? GG O o Q 0 W C I I l J Arndt, Aliene Arter, Genevieve Baldinger, Paul Bauer, Mildred Baylor, Lillian Beach, Archibald Bessinger, Carl Bessinger, VVoodrow Booth, Pauline Bosler, Marjorie Brown, Oris Burkhart, Wilma Butterfield, William Callender, Jean Clements, Lucille Cockley, Mary Cook, Ross Conaway, Leota Crim, Mary Crumb, Geraldine Danner, Miriam Davis, Robert DeFluiter, Esther Dieseln, Walter Dill, Robert Doran, Betty Durtschi, Emma Edwards, Lucille Eichler, Kathleen Engle, Mariana Engle, Ruth Ernst, Ignatius Edwards, Pearl Fabian, Rosella Field, Margaret Findley, Mary Frank, Leona Frederick, George JUNIORS I 928- I 929 Freese, Nola Garverick, Donis Gattner, Ivah Gilmore, Ulah Glassner, Russel Goetz, Margaret Goldrick, Lawrence Guinup, Edwin Hahn, Forrest Halsey, Jessie Hammond, Mildred Heiby, Robert Helfrich, Richard Herr, Gilbert Honness, Fred Horn, Richard Houseberg, Florence Hout, Thelma Hulse, Leona Houseberg, Earl Jeter, Ruth Johnston, Lawrence Johnson, Lester Jones, Paul King, Dorothea Kimes, Esther King, Mary Kissel, Marjorie Koppe, Charles Kruger, Henry Laughbaum, Lola Belle Macadams, Anna Mackey, Pauline Mackey, Paul Mattocks, Jeanette Morkel, Ruth Mumford, Erma Myers, Fred 41 McClure, Gerald Patterson, Margaret Phipps, Max Postance, Daniel Postance, Joannah Pry, Martha Resch, Virginia Ricker, Richard Rinehart, Sylvia Ryan, William Ricker, Murray Schnegelberger, Bernice Seitz, Raymond Sell, Mary Shaffer, Ruth Shumaker, Esther Shumaker, Howard Shumaker, Paul Sloane, Victor Smith, Josephine Smith, Mary Smith, Norwood Spears, Katherine Stall, Kenneth Streeter, Lowell Thompson, Fred Trapp, Florence Tennant, David Unterwagner, Carl Vossers, Garret Weber, Murial Weiner, Earl Weir, Richard Wheatcraft, Doyle Winetrout, Kenneth Wisler, Mary Young, Douglas Zeller, Christine D CG,-GG 6163 cffv coo 004' 4 Q 0 0 ' QQQQ Q 0 944 ,, 4 4 69,-9 1' .9 91- gy Of 996 WXQE. 2 QIIIII II llll-Ill fl XV Ailih W SOPI-IOIVIGRES O Q O C ll ' I ' Joe Bemiller Danny Ryan William McAdams Martha Feerer President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SOPHOIVIORE CLASS VOYAGE In the fall of 1927 one hundred and twenty passengers sailed from Grammar Harbor aboard the Ambition. Hearts were heavy for the voyage seemed endless and the sea rough. Their destination was Sophomore seaport, just one year's journey ahead, and the ship was sailing Freshman Sea. Since most of the passengers were not accustomed to ocean travel, there was some confusion at lirst. The boat was commanded by a very able crew consisting of Edward Hoekstra, Captain, William McAdams, First Mate, Joyce Baldinger, First Officer: Ruth Diamond, Purser. After some time the passengers became more used to sea travel and things went along in a more orderly fashion. The sea having calmed considerably and the greater part of the journey over, passengers and crew landed at Seccaium Island where they enjoyed a picnic. The next stop was at Vacation Land where three months were spent sightseeing. The second cruise was begun on Sophomore Sea, sailing under Rainbow colors, with one hundred and thirty passengers and Don Scarborough, Captaing Joe Bemiller, First Mateg William McAdams, First Oificerg Dwight Bersinger, Purser. This tour was personally conducted by Miss Beatrice Hoffman and Prof. C. D. Molder. After sailing the first year, the passengers were becoming more accustomed to sea travel and the second trip was not so difficult. To break the monotony of the voyage, sports and social functions were in- dulged in. The ship's boys basketball team, whenever making any stop asserted themselves and succeeded in winning the intership championship. The baseball team too, made a fine showing. Several of the sailors and passengers won renown as football players and show great promise. Another event which added to the enjoyment of the voyage was a Weiner roast held at Rocky Mountain Farm. There was then a change of crew, Joe Bemiller stepping into the Captain's chair, Martha Feerer taking the Purser's place and Daniel Ryan elected First Mate. One large party was held in the salon where the passengers were entertained by a varied program. Among the numbers given was a one-act play, "Miss Burnett Puts One Over." The cast was Helen Murphy, Martha Goshorn, Dorothy Nichols, Marjorie Casey, Virginia Arter and Ruth Diamond. ' While a number of other small entertainments have gladdened the way, still the journey has not been wholly devoted to pleasure for much benefit has been gained from an intellectual standpoint. Since we know that travel is broadening we all realize the educational advancement we have received during this tour of ,28-9. We are looking forward to the next year's cruise with great anticipation for traveling farther into the fields of knowledge. 44 022- nfs c' Geo so O o Q O C ll ' 2 Alder, Averie Arter, Virginia Baldinger, Joyce Bemiller, Joseph Bersinger, Dwight Bishop, Isabelle Braley, Dale Britton, Helen Black, Louise Cahill, Patricia Campbell, Anna Mae Caldwell, Charles Casey, Marjorie Christman, Elwood Cockley, Kathryn Cole, Mary Cramer, Violet Crawford, Barbara Crissinger, Vkfoodrow Cutshall, Darius Cramer. Ruth Davis, Seibert Dewalt, Doyle Diamond, Ruth Dukeman, Harold Durtschi, Miriam Eckstein, VVarren Edwards, Thelma Engle, Helen Engle, John Ernst, Ralph Feerer, Martha Flannery, Bernadette Feick, Gladys Flick, Josephine Flowers, Roland Ferguson, Richard Garverick, Henry Gelsanliter. Paul Goshorn, Martha Green, Leona Girton, Willard Hampton, Lester Hartman, Loretta SOPHOMORES 1928-1929 Hartwell, Homer Hazen, Garnet Helmer, Maryon Heneke, Kathryn Henry, Virginia Hockstra, Edward ' Holzworth, Gerald Horner, Virginia Tsenhour, Lawrence Johnston, Martha Kelly, Fay Klopfenstein, Mary Edna Koschnick, Marie Knight, Mary Knisely, Luella Kreiter, Victor Lamb, Rose Marie Liggett, Marie Long, Edwin Laughbaum, Donald Macadam, William Mackey, Donald Mackey, George Mattheis, Matilda McClenathan. Kenneth Mengert, VVilbert Phallen, Neils Mittman, Jeanette Moderwell, Isabelle Metz, Jane Murphy, Helen Ness, Alice Jeanette Newland, Evelyn Nichols, Dorothy Ometer, Pauline Pangello, Joseph Vangello, Josephine Philp, Jane Price, Kenward l,1'lIT1, Mary Prosser, Lucille Pfeifer, Carol Rausch, Paul Rensch, Edward 45 Rinehart, Oliver Riter, Elsie Romine, Helen Root, Carey Ryan, Daniel Scarborough, Don Schleenbaker, Florence Schnelker, Alberta Schleenbaker, Wilbert Schupp, Lemona Schwind, Madalene Sells. John Shafer, Arthur Shepard, Altha Shepard, Paul Shumaker, Lucille Simmons, Beulah Sloane, Orville Smith, Harvey Sperry, Melville Stevens, Florence Stevens, Mary Stout. George Strauch, Harold Stuit, Grace Sharrock, Dororthy Thayer, Kathryn Tracht, George Tracht, Layton Tupps, Eugene Ulrich, Wztyrie Upson, Neville Weaver, Velma Whiteamire, Ernestine 'Wilson, John Winand, Veldren Wittibschlager, Ruth Whittrldge, Byrdell Williams, Lowell VVorden, Ruth Yochem, Antoinette Yunkers, Charles Zaebst, Twila Zaebst, Allan U? D-" fix 00:0 GZQQ 6000 95.4 Q Q 964' Q 67,0 Q 'Q oy ,999 Q Qi E Svllnnl ll v ...III- vi N. E... - FRESI-IIVIEN o . o C I ' 3 V ,m Standing: M. Warren, M. Mather, H. Miller, L. Borst. 1JlQffllEf TTT? V 4Sitting': E. R. Beets, R. Smith, N. NVolfe. THE FACULTY E. R. Beets-Principal Mary Mather-Latin Hilda Miller-English--Latin L. M. Borst+Manual Training Millard Wa1'1'en-Science Retha Smith-English--Latin Nola VVU1f6+I'I0111Q Economics Fred McClintock-Coach--Geography Aurelia Meuser-Music FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On a sunny September day, 1928, a large number of small ships embarked upon the rough seas of more advanced education. After a welcome by the f'leet's admiral, Mr. Beetz, the ships settled into their various courses. In the early part of the voyage Mr. Warren was elected pilot. The other officers were Richard Reid, Captaing Edra Arndt, Mateg Francis Bernard, Coxswaing and Eleanor Kirk, Boatswain. Under the guidance of these capable ofhcers, the colors, scarlet and gray, were chosen. In October the ships cast, and the crew went ashore to participate in the inter- esting events of a Hallowe'en party. Duties, however, soon urged them to re-embark and to progress on their way. Among the crew were a number of line athletes, who often stopped at various ports to compete with strong opponents. Sports, however, were not allowed to inter- fere with work. One day the crafts convened to discuss plans for a play to be commanded by Miss Cook. This play is being prepared now, and although it is a very unusual project for a fleet so inexperienced, it is expected to be a great success. Throughout the year the entire crow has shown unusual pep and interest in the voy- May our voyage through life be as en- joyable and successful as this one short year. -Leona Hill, '32. Richard Reid Edra Arndt President Vice President Francis Bernard Eleanor Kirk S0C1'6ULI'y Treasurer 48 CPS Dfb CO 'GG -:sell Aukerman, Clayton Arndt, Edra. Jane Bernard, Frances Bradley, Josephine Bender, Harold Brake, Earl Butts, Dorothy Roterf, Arthur Brown, Harry Black, Dorothy Benner, Elsie Bodley, Lewis Block, Charlotte Burnison, Donald Britton, Hazel Campbell, Chester Casey, James Christman, Laura Alice Charles, Gayle Court, James Crist. Dean Cahill, Erie Caldwell, Marguerite Urispin, Dean Deisch. Elizabeth llyer, Elizabeth lVJ2lllll0I'. Vera Davis, Malcolm llill, Thelma, Dolph, Viola Ellis, Margaret Flrfurt, Paul Eilers, Alphonso Enders, Ardith Flick, Mildred Falvey, Mary Helen Flowers, Anna Belle Flowers, Lowell Flannery, Mary M. Fisher, John F RESI-IMEN l 928-1929 Flannery, Joseph Gibbons, Robert Gilmore, Doris Goldsmith, llelmore Gates, Ivolun Cans, Jerome Gerhart, Erma, Grzilutm, David Ginder, NVilliam Gregg. Belva Gifford, Sylvia flarverick, Ralph Helfrich, Robert Hartman, Harold Henry, Mary Hillls, Nevclla, Hill, Leona Har,fI,an, Lester Johnson, Allen King, Edward Klingelhelfer, Paul Kleinkneeht, Edith Kimes. NVooclrow Kirk, Eleanor Kacliley, lluanc Lusk, Richard Lindley, Kathryn Logan, Virgil Moser, Howard May, Leslie Mains, Anna Belle Mackey, Goo1'i:,'ia Meeker, Richard Myers, Kenmore Mackey, Harry Newhouse, Herbert Neal, Dorothea Pfeifer, Frederick Price, Orlie Plack, Dorothy 49 Phipps, Mary Vletcher, Mildred Quinn, Robert Ridenour, Lloyd Rash, Mary Martha liesh, Franklin Reid, Richard Reid, Robert Snyder, Chester Shehe, Frank Stroup, Gladys Stall. Luella Sipes, Belva Sl-hnegelsberger, Donna Schneg,'elsberg'er, Mary Snyder, George Smith, Eva Shumaker, Hugh Siclar, Nicoline Sectkel, Ilarold Smith, Calvin Sherman. Chester Skahill, William Shillerly, Charles Thompson, Ella Frances Turner, Byram Trapp, Wilma llntcrwagner, Raymond Vo:-users, Francis Violet, Ruth Volk, John Wright, Gilbert XVakefield, Ruth NVilson, Hazel NVeir, Robert Yoeheni, Adelaide Yuukers, Edward Zimmerman, Clark Zimmerman, Harold O' .312 ere gb Jw CJ UTS? :::::'f4i "' Q sf l fllllli' U on - ' ' G .'52S,. i'.:.'i.,'.g:..!E- D Q - - -. Q G 9 Z X " X Z 3 D D Mm Q Q QM n g ACE VITIES X J ' EF' :E- fe.. E N xp klr, ,' HQ fmzil taxi R5 'Z' fn? kr. I 4? Y- ,.f-.,. I l I 5 a .U , gif Pm. xg rj a X,- 9, e 4-2 , g at 1, hill nm, riff. Ka ,,- M J, 'lfiz seg -we 1 , f . uffip., lfe-,WMV f-N 'tr ,KX v,f'W-hxx ,V lxxr- -fA' ' .f:i.-....,4f"'Ty ,..,-.,,.,,,...-..,g,.L ,, ffl it W,-'ff ' A ' 'fxh--JL!W"-!"""g,,,ff"' """ sms: ,FIX ,H lu-""ff""m'4""""""""""L"' "W"-A"""' ' W. we fi 1+ at TJ 41, ,W , ,-V--A-f"?llL. vt Y f fi- Q it W :lf iw fe- as l 4 .L ., V431 rem ,Y 51152 we win 1-'rv 54 Jw .X ' - ' Y 'e- " X - K 4, gfgirntfxfmuftf'1i:'.2f7m:c."iz.L'ww'v1E.ui'at'f',eflQul-4fAi2:4n3a'f:zi'mp::::Spu:15.21s-:H2wifL'!1ILlt it .W .,. ,. ,aff KM 323, THE SPY Eugene R. DeSilets - Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL Margaret Tracht - Associate Editor Eugene Kirtland - - Art Editor Herbert Bodley - - Alumni Editor Marjorie Johnson - Literary Editor Genevieve Sloane - Chronicle Editor Gertrude Stevens - Feature Editor Elizabeth Seckel - - Social Editor Eugene Cass - Boys' Athletic Editor Ruth McCluer - Girls' Athletic Editor Vaughn Volk - Business Manager BUSINESS Charles Line ---- - Advertising and Sales Manager Susan Bessinger - - - Typist Norma Amann - - Typist W. L, Swick - Faculty Sponsor The Spy is the annual which is published yearly by the Senior Class. We have done our best and hope this annual meets the approval of everyone. I on Y Standing: Marjorie Johnson, Genevieve Sloane, Elizabeth Seckel, Ruth McCluer, Eugene Cass, Mr. Swick, Herbert Bodley, Susan Bessinger, Eugene Kirtland, Norma Amann, Gertrude Stevens. Sitting: Margaret Tracht, Eugene DeSilets, Vaughn Volk, Charles Line. 52 'L Q-. ,.,-. N v ,..ffatPa.. B N -vm.. :Av fe-W .H ig! 1 ff x M 1' .an I iw .,...5 v X 1 1:1 Q . . i E W -ef 4"Af'5 wx 3 r . 1 F512 ,' f Q5 fvofx . 1 x . X11 Vg I 2' Q5 1' H 53:2 ip' i0fN"x gf E? . if 3 if fo'-, tb, if E RY, .,-,fn X. A 1. H 22516 l, .1 l vi- 5 . r tr: V, A ' ' ' ,N 1 , " X L, WN . A 41. 1 6,1 an , ,.,a,-.'Y- ..,,,r" ,ev My ' X. l . ' . . ,X ff Aw ..-X , .X ., y . W. X., , ... . , .fm u Y..,l -W . x .G L ,. -af , 1 . e .. ., , ,.,.-f U, 5,1 , ,,,...f NT., V 3, I W Y. T X I V A , H X LN... 4 p X -an--' My . Quj d..wjw,.f' img, 'pgs-5-M 'H 4843 'wap-r 63 S--a.,:..w' A J' f f-,T ts e I 1: .x er. ,.., M, ,,,, L , L, " if ---A -f---- flwf' 2 "---Qs.. THE LANTERN . . . . - Editor-in-Chief - Business Manager - News Editor - - - - - - - - Feature Editor Make-up Editor Marjorie Bosler Richard Horn Ulah Gilmore Helen Murphy Daniel Postance ------- REPORTERS AND CONTRIBUTORS Aliene Arndt, Patricia Cahill, Lucile Clements, Leorna Hulse, Ruth Merkel, Virginia Henry, Leona Frank, Virginia Resch, Ruth Jeter, Jeanette Mattocks, Kathryn Spears, Martha Goshorn, Geraldine Crumb. Robert Heiby, Walter Diesem, Woodrow Crissinger - - Asst. Business Mgrs. William Ryan ---------- Sales Manager Assistant Sales Managers William McAda1n, Lawrence Goldrick, Mildred Hammond, Joanna Postance The Lantern is the school's bi-monthly which is published by the Junior Class. Their publication has been a huge success and the Junior class deserves many con- gratulations for the ability they have shown in writing the school news. Tow Row: H. Murphy, R. Heiby, VV. Diesem, M. Goshorn, U. Gilmore, R. Morkel, L. Frank, R. Goldrick, J. Postance, D. Postance. Second Row: G. Crumb, R. Jeter, J. Mattocks, Miss Emmenegger, M. Hammond, L. Hulse, L. Clements, A. Arndt, P. Cahill. Sitting: V. Henry, Miss John, M Bosler, R. Horn, W, Ryan, V. Resch. 53 1 it -' - ' . . Y- f p f.,-f-:M-'vwfgn if x pmgyqhff W 1 ,f f' . . 1- X, 4 .V ., , I l i .,j. .ffiw Q V 4, J l XJ I , . , X . N, -,mi Q if M1 ref" 4 eff! N 0 2 1 rw" i I ff-vx. 5 4 . . t : I 1 X,! ' N will 1 lfflf S .,,., by 1 . if-f ,3 ilk F11 . .M nz, O n 1 1 I . 5 Back Row: R. Cornell, I'rof. Molder, G lNlcCluer. Sixth Row: H. Zucker, R. Reid, A. Beach, H. Bodley, E. Cass, B Tennant. L. Goldrick. Fifth Row: C. Line, M. Switzer, J. Douglas, H. Smith, V. Volk, D. Postunce. Fourth Row: P. Mackey, E. DeSilet.s, F. Myers. Third Row: L. Johnston, D. Tennant, R. Horn. Second Row: D. Young, IJ. Garvcrick, D. W'heatcruft. First Row: C. Heinlen, W. Ryan, F. Stevenson. HI-Y With the opening of the school term last September, the Galion Hi-Y club opened its season of meetings which were held every Monday evening at 7 o'clock. Under Mr. Molder's most careful guidance We succeeded in accomplishing many worthy deeds which helped both the school and community. We renewed our cor- ridor duty and conducted some very good chapels both under our own supervision and in conjunction with the Girl Reserves. We also attended some church every six weeks in a. body, The fall convention was held in Springlield this year and the club was repre- sented by six of its members. Many new and helpful ideas were obtained. Throughout the year the club has enjoyed several pot-luck suppers and initia- tion luncheons at Hubley's. The crowning social event conducted by the club was the annual Sweetheart Party which was held on April 26th in the Methodist Church parlors. This party was the best ever put on and the club has won much admira- tion through this event. Nine new members were voted into the club during the year. Everybody deems it a great honor to be voted into the club and no boy is taken in unless his character measures up to the standards of the club which are Clean Speech, Clean Athletics, Clean Scholarship and Clean Living. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The work of the club was carried on this year by four very efficient oflicers and seven committees. The ofiicers were Ralph Cornell, President, Gerald McCluer, Vice President, Eugene DeSilets, Secretary, Herbert Bodley, Treasurer. The meetings consisted of business, Bible discussion and plans on helping the school. A joint session of the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y was held in February at which the topic of "Manners and Moralsf' was discussed. The meeting was a great. success. The Hi-Y Wish to extend a vote of thanks to Mr. Molder, sponsor, Supt. Bemiller and Prin. Swick, advisors, who helped them very much With their Work. Those not appearing in the above picture are: NValter Diesem, Charles Thayer, Joel Sames, Nathan Beck, Joe Bemiller, Glenn Potter, Orville Sloane, Harold Strauch, Robert Dill. we 9 ci? -,420 O. o Q 0 C I I ' 3 Back Row: V. Miss Weston, Miss Mather, Miss Emrnenegger. Horner, B. Bishop, J. Mittman, D. Chubb, I-I. Nevvhouse, G. Sloane, E. Mum- ford, D. Beener, U. Gilmore, G. Arter, H. Murphy. Eleventh Row: E Christmin F, Moser, R. Morkel, R. McCluer. D. Gerstner, M. Dickerson, A. Patterson, Bosler J Smith V Sheier V Henry. +., ::,M. . ,.. ,. Tenth Row: G. Crumb, A. Ness, M. Kissell, L. Frank. Ninth Row: V. Arter, M. Bauer, P. Ometer, P. Booth, J. Postance, J. Mattocks, M. Webe1', L. Laughbaum. Eighth Row: E. Riter, M. Goshorn, M. Johnston, V. Resch, L. Hulse, E. Durtschi, M. Fields. Seventh Row: Sixth Row: K A. Seckel, K. Spears, L. Conaway, J. Philp, M. Feerer, M. Smith. . Peebles, G. Stevens, M. Casey, A. Campbell. Fifth Row: E. Seckel, H. Nichols, P. Mackey, M. Tracht, V. Schreck, E. Scarborough. Fourth Row: M. Stiner, T. Trapp, G. Spiggle, E. Bilsing, E. Cohen. Third Row: V. Rigby, H. Fellenbaum, N. Amann. Second Row: H. Laughbaum, E. Petri. First: E. Rensch. THE GIRL RESERVE The purpose of the Girl Reserve is to create an atmosphere of friendliness in the school, to create a spirit of good sportsmanship and wholesome fun, to make each girl a sister to every other girl, to develop her spiritually, mentally and physi- cally and to prepare her for that wonderful ideal. womanhood. The slogan of the club is "To fa ce life squarely" and the purpose "To iind and give the best". During this year we have enjoyed many social affairs among these were the Hallowe'en Party, Faculty Banquet, the first ever given in the school and it proved to be a success, the Christmas Party, Mary Jane Party, Mother and Daughter Ban- quet and the Farewell to the Seniors. Through was the sellin the basketball the year we have done different things to make money, among them g of megaphones at the football games, selling candy and popcorn at games and the Hi Jinx Circus. Never before has there been anything like this given in the school. The gym was made into a regular circus ground. We had many different booths including candy pop corn, animal, Japanese, coffee and sandwiches, ice cream and cake, fortunate telling and other booths. We even had a real clown band. Miss Mandeville put on a Novelty Programme in connection with the circus. Both proved to be a big success. We sent Friendship School Bags to Mexico, this being the project for this year. We also sent a Christmas tree to a poor family in town. Miss Weston has carried on the Girl Reserve work for the past four years. Much credit should be given her for the way she has assisted in the work. Other sponsors of th posed of Eve Amann Treas e club are Miss Mather. Miss Einmenegger, Mrs. Monroe, Mrs. Goshorn lyn Rensch, President, Helen Laughbanm, Vice President, Norma urer, and Elizabeth Petri, Secretary, besides the chairmen of the dif- and Mrs. Arter. They also deserve much credit. The cabinet of the club is com- ' t ferent commit GSS. 55 .fc To i 1 i i i J. O g O C F I 4 J Back Row: V. Winend, M. Stevens, H. Murphy, M. Freerer, G. Hoekstra, A. Alder, Miss Mather, K. Peebles, R. Diamond, G. Sloane, H. Felienbaum. A. Seckle. Fourth Row: H. Romine, R. Wittibschlager, M. Casey, V. Arter, J. Philp, P. Cahill, K. Heneke, M. Goshorn, J. Flick. M. Johnson, V. Sherer, P. Baldinger. Third Row: L. Isenbower, M. Liggett, L. Prosser, D. Nichols. C. Cockley, J. Baldinger, J. Mittman, F. Myers, D. Tennant, E. DeSilets. Second Row: N. Upson, D. Scarborough, E. Bilsing, M. Matheis, F. Kelley, B. Crawford, F. Stevens, G. Stevens, H. Laughbaum, E. Cohen, K. Yvinetrout, P. Shumaker, B. Tennant, E. Tracht, H. Zucker, J. Stevens. First Row: B. Whittridge, E Resch, D. Ryan, M. Helmar, M. Knight, M. Kissel, J, Mat- tocks, M. Hammond, J. Bemiller, M. Switzer, C. Line, E. Long. COMITATUS AENEAE The Comitatus Aeneae, or Latin Club, was organized seven years ago in order to stimulate an interest in the Latin classes Miss Mary Mather has been the able sponsor of the club since its beginning and has created an interest in the study of the language. It is the custom for the club to meet once a month in a room of the high school for the purpose of studying the life, customs, dress, architecture, art, living and iu- dustry of the Romans. In order to carry out this purpose, papers by different stu- dents are read and short talks given. ln February the Freshmen were cordially invited to aticnd a club meeting to see what the Senior High School Latin classes were doing outside of the school. In the Virgil class in December Miss Mather devoted a period in showing pic-- tures on a screen, of the different people whom the class was studying about. This proved very interesting. This year the class consisted of sixty-six members, which is the large enroll- ment ever had by the Latin club. The officers elected for l928-29 arc: Primus Consul-Eugene DeSllets Secundus Consul-Malcolm Switzer Adelis--Marjorie Kissell Aedelis-Aerarus-Mary Frances Knight Ruth Diamond, Genevieve Sloane and Fred Myers were chosen as a committee for the purpose of regulating the requirements for membership. All Latin students of the Senior, Junior and Sophomore classes are eligible. 56 O o Q O ,glyl V C I V , ,. . I. J . Back Row: Robert Reid, Howard Burwell, Miss John, Dorothy Gcrstner, Mary Dickerson, Genevieve Sloane, Helen Newhouse, Vaugh Volk. First Row: Vivian Rigby, Elizabeth Seckel, Norma Amann, Elizabeth Petri, Ernestine Dinkel, Marjorie Johnson. El.. DON QUIXOTE CLUB This is the second time in the history of Galion High that a Spanish club was organized under the direction of Miss John. Only seniors were eligible for member- ship. The fact that everyone became a member, fifteen in all, and the scholarship of the class as a whole was high, the meetings were held every three weeks at the regular Friday recitation period. The purpose of the club was to increase the knowledge of the language, and to study further the country of Spain, its customs, and its people. At the first meeting the following officers were elected: Elizabeth Seckel, Presi- dent, Howard Burwell, Vice Presidentj and Norma Amann, Secretary. A committee of three' was appointed each time to arrange a program. These programs were enjoyed by all and helped to promote a better understanding of the Spanish language among the members of the class. Spanish customs and character- istics, the singing of Spanish songs, and Spanish games or contests were some of the outstanding features of the programs. We named the club "Don Quixoteu after the famous Spanish literary character Don Quixote. Instead of choosing a pin as the club emblem, the novel plan of Wearing a small round piece of orange felt, upon which D. Q. was set in blue was adopted with great favor. Although the club was organized rather late in the term, the Spanish students have pronted by it, and had the pleasure of preparing the programs. Miss John as the instructor and advisor with her untiring efforts and good sug- gestions brought about the success of the club, and the members of El Don Quixote Club have spent many an enjoyable hour at their meetings. There was a keen interest taken in the club this year and We hope that it will prosper in the future. o-5 o-so - cg-so ., f HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The School Year of 1929 brings to a close the year's work of the High School Orchestra. Although this organization has not been so active, it was successful under the capable leadership of Prof. R. R. Erhart. Throughout the year the orchestra has played for various entertainments among them a Sunday Afternoon Concert. A part of the orchestra under the direction of James Aukerman fknown as the Orange and Blue Orchestral have played for sev- eral numbers on the Lyceum Course and also for the Drama Workshop Players and other engagements. At the beginning of the school year the Orchestra was organized with the fol- lowing acting as ofiicers: Charles Line, Presidentg Gilbert Herr, Vice Presidentg Helen Newhouse, Secretary and Treasurer. During the year the Orchestra had a social gathering in the form of a Hal- lowe'en Party. The decorations and lunch were in keeping with Hallowe'en and every one had a splendid time. The following Seniors will be lost to the Orchestra by graduationz Helen New- house, Charles Thayer, Genevieve Sloane, James Aukerman, .John Douglas, Burnell Tennant, Robert Reid and Charles Line. As a iitting close to the season the Orchestra will play for the Senior Com- mencement to gladden their hearts as they leave dear old G. H. S. FIRST VIOLINS Charles Line Joseph Bemiller Helen Newhouse Genevieve Arter SECOND VIOLINS Josephine Smith Ivah Gattner Donis Garverick BANJO Paul Baldinger ALTO SAXOPHONE James Aukerman John Douglas FLUTE Don Scarborough CELLO Burnell Tennant Richard Horn BASS David Tennant 58 TRUMPETS Charles Thayer Howard Shumaker CLARINETS Gilbert Herr Paul Shepherd TROMBONE Robert Reid DRUMS Archie Beach PIANO Marjorie Bosler Qi D-?.f'i'f:? 5 Gc?C5 543 O o 5 O .v .uiW C: I I . I 2 4 U. Heinlen, L. Bodley, L. Johnston, N. Siclar, H. Shumaker, V. Volk, G. Sloane, G. Danner, F. Myers, J. Aukcrman, R. Reed, H. Bodley, G. Herr, A. Beach, J. Douglas, F. Hahn, V. Sloane, D. Scarbrough, R. Heiby, C. Thayer, B. VVhitt1'idgc, P. Shepard, L. Tracht, IJ. Bersinger, R. Sebastian, Prof. Ehrhart, kneeling. BAND Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 'Tis the sound of martial music coming down the street. Who is it? Why Prof. Ehrhart and his High School Band. It has been three years since Prof. called for recruits to organize a meager little band of about 20 pieces. Coming to rehearsals in rain, sleet, and snow, the band has progressed to be a popu- lar organization, playing all the peppy marches for the football and basketball games and all the "pep" meetings, the county fair, and Sunday concerts, and other enter- tainments where the band is always received heartily. Although our band is good enough, we haven't the instrumentation to enter the state contest so we have entered a triangular contest with Crestline, and Mt. Gilead just for the spirit of playing. At the time this annual went to press the result could not be obtained. Just as the athletic teams have their veterans we in the band have our veterans. From the beginning of the band three years ago we have had H. Bodley, V. Volk, C. Thayer, J. Aukerman, C. Heinlen, J. Douglas, G. Sloane, R. Reed, P. Hanley, R. Sebastian and these fellows will surely cause Prof. Ehrhart to lose heaps of sleep in order to have their places filled as they are lost by graduation. Good luck Seniors. And the next time you are approached and asked the question, "Have you a Band in your school?" step right out and say, "Sure!" Our Band is one of the greatest assets to our school and we are proud of it. PERSONNEL OF BAND Solo Trumpets Second Clarinet Alto Horn Charles Thayer Dwight Bet-singer victor Sloane Vaughn Volk X F.. t T t 14111136 Trombone Us rumpe S Don Scarborough Robert Reed Herbert Bodley Orville Sloane Fred Myers Alto Sax Second Trumpet Howard Shumaker Genevieve Sloane Solo Clarinet Gilbert Herr First Clarinet Paul Shepard James Auckerinan Charles Heinlen Layton Tracht John Douglas Tenor B Flat Sax Paul Hanley 59 Bass Nicolino Siclar Drums Archibald Beach Lewis Bodley Robert Heiby Burdell Whittridge O2 c-Sei? O ' Q 0 X C pt 2 ACTIVITIES OF CHORUS I 928- I 929 The work of the High School Chorus this year has proven to be one of the most successful years in the history of Galion High Szhool. The chorus though being only fifty Voices has been a very active musical organization. A Immediately after school began the chorus started working on some special numbers which were given in a series of Sunday afternoon programs. Music was also furnished by the Chorus for the Union Thanksgiving service which was held in the First Reformed Church on the night of Wednesday, Nov. 27, and also at the United Brethren Church on Sunday night, Jan. 13, which was desig- nated as High School night. Various members of the chorus have also furnished special music for all sorts of occasions such as P. T. A. meetings, Kiwanis luncheons, Sunday afternoon pro- grams, and assemblies. The chorus is working on an operetta the "Pioneers Papoose" by Otis M. Car- rington to be given Friday, May 3, as a part of the National Music Week celebration in Galion. The cast for the operetta follows: Chief Tomahawk Prince Whiteface Layemont - Pioneer - Waltzie - Lillalnush Moonfair Starshine Bolwbright Lightfoot William Ryan - Melville Sperry Delmar Thompson - Walter Diesem - - Violet Ober Flora Mae McKelvy Florence Moser Victoria Sheerer Erma Mumford Howard Burwell The work of the chorus has been most successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all 60 D15 c GGG G43 O o Q O MISS BESSIE TODD--Piano Class For many years Miss Bessie Todd has been Galion's outstanding piano instruc- tor as well as director and promoter of many successful musical entertainments for the public. Miss Todd has received much training in Europe under Isador Philipp, one of France's most renowned musicians. She also studied in the Fontaine Bleau School of Music, organized by the French government, under J. H. Gittings who, before his death, was the finest pianist and teacher in Pittsburgh, in the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago and also New York. The following High School students are under her instruction: Foster Stevenson, Miriam Durtschi, Jeanette Mittman, Muriel Weber, Marjorie Casey, Lucile Prosser, Gertrude Stevens, Mary Stevens, Mary Frances Knight, Marjorie Bosler, Catherine Thayer, Twila Zaebst, Iva Gattner, Joanna Postance, Gaylord Danner, Harriet Fellenbaum, Eugene DeSilets, Mary Phipps, Eleanor Kirk, Eva Smith, Leona Hill, Mildred Fletcher, Dorothy Plack, Doris Gilmore, Vera Danners and Duane Kackley. MISS ESTELLA SCI-IULER--Piano Class Miss Estella Schuler has been a life-long resident of Galion. After several years of study under local teachers she took a preparatory course in the Fine Arts Build- ing in Chicago. After completing this course she entered the Chicago Musical Col- lege in the Teachers class. Graduating from that College she began to teach music in Galion. Miss Schuler has her studio at her home on South Boston street. She has been connected with the Galion High School for several years and has done much to help the music department. The members of Miss Schuler's piano class are: Leota Conaway, Lillian Baylor, Martha Feerer, Helen Murphy, Danny Ryan, Averie Alder, Maryon Helmar, Mary Helen Falvy, Adelaide Yochem, Thelma Dill, Annabel Flowers. MRS. I... E. BECK--Expression Class Mrs. L. E. Beck has been the expression teacher in Galion High for a number of years. She is a graduate of Galion High and of Northwestern University, Chi- cago. Mrs. Beck is known to every student in the school as she has directed all of the Junior and Senior plays and has conducted expression classes during the school term. Galion is noted throughout the surrounding country for its dramatics, and it is through Mrs. Beck's untiring efforts, that Galion can boast of this reputation. Mrs. Beck has been giving lessons during just the second semester. Her pupils of the High School for this year are: Evelyn Rensch, Margaret Tracht, Alice J. Ness, Margaret Fields, Luella Knisely, Martha Goshorn and Jane Philp. MISS DORIS COOK--Expression Class Graduated in 1926 and spent one year at VVittenberg. She is a promoter of Elocution in Galion. Besides being an active member in the dramatic club she is directing a Freshman class play this year. This is the first Freshman play known in the annals of Galion High. Although she has only had one year and a half in teaching her elocutionists to-be have showed good talent under her supervision. Her two pupils in High School are Mariana Engle and Mary Margaret Flannery. She has many pupils in the grades. Her work in helping Galion become a dramatist city is appreciated and we hope she will further Galion's standard of producing good elocutionists. MRS. W. W. KOPPE--Voice The training of singers has been largely a matter of voice culture, and the aim of all voice teachers is to produce a beautiful voice though the rightness of this cannot be questioned. A mon1ent's thought should make it clear that the voice is not the singer, it is merely the instrument upon which the singer plays. I For several years Mrs. Koppe has had pupils in voice culture in our High School, that have contributed to various programs for various occasions. Mrs. Koppe has her studio in her home at 316 Cherry street. MRS. DONALD TOWNSEND--Voice In the voice department we find also Mrs. Donald Townsend who has her studio in her home. Mrs. Townsend has long been known in Galion as a beautiful soloist having attended the Oberlin Conservatory. She has proved her ability of teaching by the beautiful singing of the pupils and. the Glee Club she has organized. Her pupils have frequently taken part in entertainment and in all our musical produc- tions. Mrs. Townsend is rapidly placing Galion on the map vocally not only by her own performance but by that of her pupils. She has but two pupils in the High School at present. They are Pauline Mackey and Burnell Tennant. 6I D ?:.f312C e,-G56 G43 O Q C I ' 2' WHITE COLLARS The class of '29, on January 26 and 27, 1928, gave as their Junior Play, the three-act comedy, "White Collarsw, by Edith Ellis. The play proved to be a great success and was under the direction of Mrs. L. E. Beck, with Hazel Nichols as the prompter. 'tWhite Collars" is a story of a family, in New York City, of limited means. They live in a large apartment house which is in a rather poor district of the city. There are six members of the Thayer family living in this apartment. When the curtain opened, the family was found at the supper table. There was Mr. Thayer tRalph Cornelll, Mrs. Thayer CEvelyn Renschj, Frank Thayer, the youngest son, tVaughn Volkl, Helen Thayer, the younger daughter, tMargaret Trachtl, Henrietta Thayer, the aunt, tVivian Rigbyj. Joan Thayer, the older daugh- ter, tHelen Laughbaumj, had just arrived home from work. Her position was that of Secretary to a young billionaire, William VanLuyn. tRobert Zinnj. She surprises the family very much by announcing her engagement to him, but the biggest surprise of all is that he is coming to meet the family that evening. Everyone rushes around trying to put the room in order for Mr. VanLuyn. He comes, meets the family. and he and Joan are married. He- offers to help the family, by giving them clothes, a new home, etc., but the family is too proud to accept such things, that is the whole family except Helen, and she takes anything that William will give her. As Joan is insistent they even live with the family. Imagine a bil- lionaire living in such a place as this. Helen's best beau, Tom Gibney tMalcolm Switzerj came often to the Thayer home and the conversation between William and Tom is very interesting, as VVilliam is very educated and Tom has had barely no education at all. Aunt Henrietta, who is always butting into peoples business starts things going. William is going to give all of his money away, and the whole family is in fear, when Sally VanLuyn tNorma Amannj William's sister, cleverly untangles the whole affair. All the l1lGlllb6l'S of the family get what they have always Wanted and Aunt Henrietta is sent to South America on a business trip. Thus a very interesting play ended. Evelyn Rensch and Ralph Cornell played the parts of Mother and Dad to per- fection. Vivian Rigby was the typical business like Aunt who was always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Helen Laughbaum and Robert Zinn were ideal lovers Margaret Tracht played the part of the flapper very well and Malcolm Switzer as her beau was perfect in his part. Vaughn Volk was very good as the son, and Norma Amann proved a ve1'y good character in the role of the New York Society Girl. 62 o-as .fee co e-so fs-Jo THE. SENIOR PLAY The play committee decided on the Play, "The Lilies of the Field," by John Hastings Turner, to be given for Senior play, on May 16 and 17, 1929. This is an English play and the scenes are laid in Gloucestershire and in London. There are eleven characters in the play, seven females and four males. Tryouts were held for the play and the following cast was then selected: The Rev. John Head ------- - - Ralph C0I'nG11 Ann this wifej ------- - - Evelyn RGHSCU Catherine Ctheir daughterj - Margaret Tffwht Elizabeth itheir daughterl - Helen Lallghballln Mrs. Rooke-Walter CAnn's motherl - Vivian Rigby Barnaby Haddon ---- - Robert Zinn Violet fa. maid at the Vicaragel - - NOTUIB. Alnann Bryan Robes ----- - Vaughn V01k Withers CA manservant to Mrs. Walter - Malcolm Switzer The Hon. Monica Flane -------- H3261 Nichols Lady Susan Rocker ------- - Helen N9Wh0'-156 The two daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth are twins and have reached their twentieth birthday. Their Grandmother gives one some crepe-de-chine for a. gift and the other a trip to London. It is diflicult to decide which one goes to London and linally Mr. Haddon, the Antique Collector, becomes the test. Both girls try very hard to get Mr. Haddon and Elizabeth succeeds and gets to go to London. She is rather an unusual girl and is therefore very popular in London. The' situation be- comes very complicated but it all turns out in just the right way. The play is sure to be a success for it is being directed by Mrs. L. E. Beck. BAB Mr. Archibald - - Victor Sloane Mrs. Archibald - Ulah Gilmore Leila - - Joannah Postance Bab - - Mildred Hammond Jane Raleigh - Pauline Mackey Carter Brooks - Walter Diesem Eddie Perkins Lawrence Johnston Guy Grosvenor - Forest Hahn Hannah - ----- Iva Gattner Mr. Beresford ----- Richard Horn Stage Managers - Paul Mackey, Archie Beach, Dan Postance Prompter ------ Emma Durtschi Bab, a sub-deb came home unexpectedly from finishing school because of the measle epidemic. She is a flapper and her parents are amazed at everything she does as they are very aristocratic. Carter, a friend of the family's, treated Bab as a child but she resents it, she also thinks that he is in love with Leila. Bab, in order to make her parents believe she is grown up, invents a lover but he really turns out to be real but is masquerading as Guy Grosvenor. Hannah, the maid helped Bab to make up a name of a lover. . Eddie a neighbor boy wants to act grown up but Bab doesn't see him as being grown up, just as a kid. Jane a friend of Bab helps her out of all her troubles. Beresford the man Bab has met on the train had come to the Archibald's house as a week-end guest and falls in love with Leila. Leila also falls in love with him but Mr. and Mrs. Archibald thinks he is not worthy of her. Bab made a lot of trouble by making it appear that she was trying to win Beresford's attention. The affairs get very complicated and Bab's parents have threatened to send her to her Great Aunt Veronica, but can't because she gets the measles. After she recovers, she is kept on the grounds of the estate like a prisoner but this doesn't keep her from doing her best to straighten out the complications she has caused. She plans the marriage of Leila and Mr. Beresford by instigating an elopement and making things right with her dad. She lets him know that Beresford is all right and gives him the contract he brought from England. The play draws to a close and Carter comes and tells Bab of his love and that he is going to work and make his own Way. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald are finally con- vinced that Bab is old enough to have low cut dresses and attend grown up affairs. 63 9 for-ees 543 O o O ,, C I N In ' 2 f Standing: Richard Horn, Walter Diesern, Martha Johnson, Miss John, Coach, Vivian Rigby, Robert Heiby, Joannah Postance. Sitting: Evelyn Rensch, Margaret Traceht. DEBATE , The Debate Season for this year was really successful although three debates were lost, three won and one forfeited. The question was one of interest as almost everyone knows about the United States' present position in Latin America. The question wasg Resolved: That the United States should cease to protect by force of arms, capital. invested in foreign lands except after formal declaration of war. This was the first year that Galion has been in the State League, and in the first round Galion drew Bucyrus. Our affirmative team won from Bucyrus and the Bucy- rus Affirmative team forfeited the debate to our negative team. In the second round our affirmative team was defeated thus Galion was eliminated out ofthe contest for state championship, but other debates were secured with other schools, not in the state league. ' ' Every class was represented on the teams as they were upheld by three Seniors, four Juniors and one Sophomore. The teams were as follows: Affirmative, Evelyn Rensch, Captain, Walter Diesem,Ri chard Horn, Martha Johnson, Alternate. Nega- tive, Margaret Tracht, Captain, Vivian Rigby, Robert I-Ieiby, Joannah Postance, Alternate. Three of the members of the teams were new in this kind of work but they proved to be very competent debaters. The three Seniors which will be lost through graduation are all girls and will be missed next year for these three have been on the debate teams for three years, which is quite a record for any debater as it is rather unusual to be on the debate team when only a Sophomore. The members left for next year's team should be very beneficial to the school, and make up a good team and much success is due them which we are sure they Will have. Much success of the team this year is due to the Coach, Miss Louise John. THE SCHEDULE Afiirinative Negative Galion 1 Bucyrus 0 Galion 1 Wooster 2 Galion 0 Delaware 1 Galion 1 Bucyrus 0 Galion 2 Ashland 1 Galion Marion 0 Galion 0 Marion 1 Galion Ashland 2 64 Q:-5 cr 0,6420 4518 O o 5 O , C ,A I I 3 I LITERARY DEPT. As the years pass, things are continually changing. We make discoveries, new friends and learn new lessons. This year the Spy Staff has also made a change in the managing of some of its affairs. Instead of choosing the winner of the essay and poem contest within the Spy board, we appointed a committee, which is not directly associated with Galion High to act as judges and to select the best from the liberal supply of poems and essays which were written and submitted to the committee by the Juniors. The subject this year is, "What Gallon High School Means to Me". Although this is an old old subject, it still holds a great amount of interest for everyone who is concerned with any phase of High School life. By having this subject brought to attention we feel certain that we can show our parents, our friends, and the public, just how vitally interested we are in our school work. At first the Juniors felt a little self-conscious about expressing their views on such a personal subject but linally they overcame such misgivings and handed in so-me exceptionally well prepared work. Then came the real difiiculty. The committee, composed of Mrs. Bemiller, Miss Clara Garverick and Miss Miriam Sayre, made a report which was as follows, George Fredericks the best poem, which is entitled, "The Song of the School Boy," and Fred Myers, the essay on, "What Galion High School Means to Me." We take this opportunity to congratulate the Junior Class on the fine literary talent which they possess. WHAT G. H. S. MEANS TO ME I am old and gray and in my few last years I have been pondering over what my old school really meant to me. I have found that it meant more than one can realize when young and inex- perienced. It was my greatest joy and still is, for when thinking over my school days, my heart yearns to be back again, once more mounting those steps, walking through those halls, studying my lessons, and preparing for future life, all the while associating with my friends, now old like myself. Furthermore, in my business life, I have found it to be invaluable. Since and only since' I have been out of school have I noticed the true value of my High School days. While I sit here andl think it over I wonder if I would be laboring in a fac- tory, as some of those quitters are, had I followed several impulses to depart from my studies and set to work to earn the then coveted money. My education and my school days I would not sell for all the gold in the world, Still pondering, I find it has meant much in my social life. My social life, while there, was small, but exceedingly enjoyable. From it I find I had more pleasurable times than ever since. Again, it has meant the learning of cooperation. Ill my school days my com- panions cooperated to a great extent and this has been of no little value to me throughout my life, for cooperation is a Very great factor in human life. Summing up, I iind that G. H. S. meant to me a joy, the learning of art, a be- ginning of social life, cooperation, and a building of education, from which we depart to be educated. -Fred Myers, '3O. 65 gas Q-afcfr c: 87:6 45163 THE SONG OF A SCHOOL BOY Let me be a dreamer, Let me dream away, Every single period, Every single day. Let me dream in English, i Let me sleep through those Funny little sayings that Alfred Tennyson put in prose. Let me dream in Ancient Historyl Let me snore in peace, When they talk of government I'1l be touring Greece. Oh teacher grant my prayer, Oh teacher please be nice, And I will say a good Word for you If I get to paradise. GEORGE FREDERICK, '30 Q,-fe. rye DJ: c Q61-a20n49Q l O o 5 O . C I ' 3 'T OUR ELECTION On Tuesday, November 4, 1928, G. H. S. conducted an election, under the super- vision of the Student Council. Through the efforts of Mr. Bemiller and Mr. Swick, ballots were brought to us from Bucyrus. The Council chose students to act as members on the election board. These members received instructions from Mr. Perrott of Bucyrus. Mr. Perrott gave us cards of instruction for the voters and these were posted on the bulletin boards. A few members of the Student Council went out and collected some old hat boxes in which the students could deposit their votes. These boxes were labeled, State, National, etc. Mr. Shaffer arranged a few pieces of weatherboard for booths. Mr. Swick acquired some old draperies, these were hung on the front of each booth, thus the voters had absolute privacy. The morning of November 4, came, clear and bright. The polls were opened promptly at 8:30. The line of voters began to come. They were serious and quiet. No one laughed or took the matter as a joke. The line continued all morning till 11 A. M. The polls were then closed and the votes for the morning were counted. By the way I wish to explain something. You see the Student Council selected two groups of election board members, one for the morning, and one for the afternoon. Each board counted the votes which were cast during their service. This vote counting was a real job. There were many votes which couldn't be counted, because the voter didn't mark his ballot right. But considering everything, the students really did fine. After the morning group had their votes counted and had returned peacefully to their various classes, the afternoon group were settling down to their work. The voters continued to stream in, two by two or more. The afternoon polls were closed at three o'clock. Their votes were counted and added to the results of the morning group. In this way the final result was obtained. When I say these votes were "counted", I am only speaking lightly of the real job that it was. There were a few members of the election boards that sweat real perspiration. Mr. Swick just wouldn't be satisfied with the way everything turned out, so they had to be counted and recounted. After the work was all over and the results, which were nearly the same as the big election turned out to be, we found it to be very interesting work and hope that G. H. S. will continue, in future years to hold "mock elections". 67 DPS D ?.f?'CG C' Qelflf G43 1 l 1 HW-. JUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION 1928 The most outstanding event of the 1927-28 school year was the reception which was very splendidly carried out May 22 by the class of '29 for the departing Seniors. The Juniors and their guests assembled in the auditorium when, about six o'clock, they were summoned to the Gymnasium where they beheld the graphical scene, which was attractively designed in green and white, the Senior's colors, rep- resenting a. Seashore. After finding their places at the long tables, diagonally arranged, the guests then enjoyed their favors which were miniature green and white paper ships. The programs and napkins were also in the predominating colors. Twenty Sophomore boys, dressed as sailors acted as waiters and served the following menu: Chilled Fruit Wafers Creamed Chicken in Timbales New Potatoes with Parsley L Peas Olives Rolls Russian Salad Ice Cream Angel Food cake 1 -Nuts Coffee After the banquet the following toasts were given, Mr. C. D. Molder acting as toastmasterz All Aboard ----- Mr. S. S. Motsinger Bon Voyage - - Robert Schupp Knots - Mr. V. H. Oberlander Adois NVillia1n MacFarquhar 68 gp cf? Q18 4543 O o 0 0 ' The guests then proceeded to the Auditorium for the program which the Jun- iors rendered. Organ Solo - - - Selected Kathryn Peebles Song of Love ------- Vocal Duet. Florence Moser, Flora Mae McKelvy Meditation ----- Organ, Piano, Violin Trio Kathryn Peebles, Eugene DeSilets, Charles Line An Old Guitar ------ Trumpet Duet Herbert Bodley, Charles Thayer I Know a Lovely Garden ---- Vocal Solo Flora Mae McKelvy Seniors! ------ Reading Margaret Tracht ' Selection - - - Junior Class Orchestra Play ----- by Booth Tarkington THE TRYSTING PLACE Lancelot Briggs ------ Vaughn Volk Mrs. Curtis - - Hazel Nichols Mrs. Briggs - Helen Laughbaum Jesse - - - Margaret Tracht Robert Smith - Robert Zinn Henry Ingolsby - Ralph Cornell Mysterious Voice - - Charles Line Selection ----- Junior Class Orchestra This selection ended the program after which dancing, music furnished by the "Blue Bird Serenadersn of Bellefontaine, was enjoyed by all. The success of the Reception is given to Miss Mary Mather who acted as Sponsor for this, as well as all other Junior Class participants and also the committees with the following chairmen: Decoration-Vivian Rigby Favor-Marjorie Johnson Refreshment-Evelyn Rensch Orchestra-James Aukerman Program--Eugene DeSilets Invitation-Hazel Nichols SENIOR WEINER ROAST November the 15th the Seniors assembled all prepared for the Weiner roast and other amusements which the committee in charge had promised to try hard to make it enjoyable. After the Seniors arrived at Newhouse's woods they fully believed the committee had kept their promise. JUNIOR WEINER ROAST . Saturday, September 22, following the Crestline vs. Galion football game, a large group of Juniors, chaperoned by Miss Mather, journeyed to Erickson's grove and Oh! how everyone did enjoy the bounteous repast in the grove. SOPHOMORE WEINER ROAST After deciding to go without their regular supper one night and eat weiners, buns, pickles and marshmallows the Sophomore Class set Friday, September 21, for their Weiner roast. At seven o'clock about forty Sophs proceeded to Rocky Mountain Farm where they all partook in the refreshments and entertainment which the com- mittee had so successfully planned. Q 3.560 6,61-QU G43 G. R. MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BANQUET Some account must be given to the divertive Mother and Daughter banquet, at the First Lutheran Church by the Girl Reserve, Friday, April 19. Promptly at 6:30 0'clock the mothers and daughters were seated at long tables, beautifully decorated in blue and white, and partook of the delicious menu which had been prepared and was served by the Ladies Guild of that church. Following this, was a well balanced program consisting of a piano solo by Martha Feererg a toast, "A Mother's idea of what the G. Rfs really mean" by Mrs. Scarborough, a vocal solo by Marjorie Casey, a reading by Martha Goshorng another toast, "The Benefit derived from a girl's or- ganization in the High School" by Miss Matherg a song "Little Sir Echo" by the G. R. octet, followed by two toasts given by Evelyn Rensch and Emma Durtschi. Thus the program ended by the song "Follow the Gleam". We all sincerely hope that all the social affairs in the future will be as successful and enjoyable as this one. . SPY STAFF PARTY The Spy Staif after working hard all year on this volume, laid aside all their ills and gathered at the home of the Business Manager for an evening of frivolity on Wednesday, April 17. During the evening contests and progressive Rook were played. At a late hour Mrs. Volk served a very delicious and dainty lunch. The Staff departed declaring the party a great success and gave three cheers for the 1929 Staff. THE ORANGE AND BLUE ORCHESTRA I need not go into detail on the name of the organization, only that it is derived from our High School colors. Any one having heard the orchestra will know that it has truly deserved that name. At the end of this year the organization will be one year old. When it began it had approximately ten members, at present it has seventeen. From time to time new members were tried, tested, and proved, and thus the number was increased. The orchestra has been very active this year in as much as they have played for several high class banquets and Class plays. They are also afliliated with the Drama Workshop Players, which is indeed an honor. The organization is composed largely of Seniors and as graduation draws near there is an earnest wish in the heart of each, that 11eXt year the organization may be continued. i We would also like to see a Music Club organized from members of the orches- tra, and many more things too numerous to mention. At any rate a continuance of the orchestra would be to our entire satisfaction. It has always been our earnest aim to produce music of a different and highly original nature. We also hope that this aim may be continued also. The city of Galion and vicinity has always been a seat of high class musical activities. In the past few years this standard has fallen off considerable. A great revival of music is in needg the return of the old oratorio, etc. Who knows, maybe this great revival will have its beginning in the Orange and Blue Orchestra. 70 D '?QF3fI' CO 's?O 626 SOPHOMORE PARTY Another enjoyable entertainment was given by the energetic Sopholnores on Friday, February 8. At 7:30 a very interesting program was given in the Audi- torium by some of the talented Sophomores, consisting of piano solos, clog dances, readings and a play. l The students were escorted to the Gym where games were played followed by the serving of refreshments. Every one then departed, agreeing that they had a fine time and were very grateful to Miss Hoffman and Mr. Molder who had planned the splendid party. HI-Y SWEETHEART PARTY Hear Ye! another most elaborate affair appears in the social scene of G. H. S. It was the Fourth Annual Hi-Y club's "Sweetheart Party" given in the First M. E. Church banquet hall, April 26th. Three large tables arranged in a triangle, with a large electric triangle behind the main table which represented the Hi-Y pin, were beautifully decorated with red and white candles and with red and white carnations on the tables. Red and white paper streamers were suspended from the ceiling which also added to the gorgeous scene. Cardinal colored booklet programs were given as favors. At 7:00 o'clock, the following menu was served by the Ladies of that church: Frutas frias y barquillas Potatas majadas Rosbif Guisantes en nata Salsa Neuces Ensalada de Madrid Biscochos - Compota Torta Acorazonada Hilados en forma de ladrillos Cafe Eugene DeSilets, then, acting as toastmaster, presented the program as follows: "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"-Vocal Trio ------- - - - - - - - William Ryan, Burnell and David Tennant Toast--"To the Girls" -------- Ralph Cornell "My Little Gypsy Sweetheart"-Violin Solo Charles Line Toast-"To the Boys" ---- Evelyn Rensch "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi"-Cornet Trio ----- - - - - - - - - Vaughn Volk, Herbert Bodley and Charles Thayer Toast--"Carrying On" ----- President-elect Richard Horn Address-"The Spirit of the Times" ---- Rev. VV. N. Robertson The members and their guests then departed feeling conlident that this banquet had surpassed all the previous social functions of the Hi-Y club and declared it to be a huge success. .Neo cob-seo GQ JEJU U UTD? Q I :::::':i5 nn G lllml' Q cv .5 ' Ulmflr . '95 , -1',-..E..4f.J..EE4:- D -x--1- -'-. -ff ----..---J 'Av D 5 Q D cs D D G fx D G QQ? 0 Q D G '4 G D G 9 Q QQQQ 11" "DP Llgl A ICS fl ' , M I SL , 0 ff" Q69 4' 0 4.43 Qocc QQ- , - 4 -A270 I- .9 91 9,6 HEZE Q9 I:-ll .. llll- AI.. FQGTB L 1. i I Q .Al . l ' COACH F. A. EATON Coach "Dave" Eaton, who is a graduate of Wittenberg, has turned out several fairly good football teams in the past three years that hc had served as Galion's coach. We wish him every success in the future. ASST. COACH FRED MCCLINTOCK The need of an assistant coach of ath- letics has been realized at last. This position was very capably filled by Coach Fred McClin- tock. "Mac", who excelled in all the major sports at Ashland College, proved himself to be a real coach and a line fellow. We sincerely hope that he will remain with us many more y62.I'S. CAPTAIN ROBERT ZINN Bob proved to be a very good captain of the football team. He made his letter all four years which is an unusual record. He was one of the best football players Galion Hi has ever had and will be missed next year. CAPTAIN-ELECT PAUL MACKEY "Bus" has been one of Galion's most valu- able players ever since his entrance on the var- sity squad. He is one of the few players who received a letter when only a Freshman. Mackey has duly been given the honor of Cap- tain for next year and a real team is expected. 76 'I pp gg c'G-sri? GQ O - . o c I ' Q2 it Back Row: P. Shephard, Coach Eaton, F. Resch. N. Beck, M. Switzer, R. Schupp, H. Smith, G. Stout, J. Casey, Coach McClintock, R. Dill. Second Row: G. Callender, F. Thompson, H. Kruger, E. Cass, G. McCluer, M. Phipps. H. Zucker, A. Zaebst, P. Mackey, E. Hoekstra, Capt. Zinn. First Row: J. Ernsberger, J. Pangello, J. Volk, R. Lusk, E. Long, V. Logan, R. Cook. 1928 FOOTBALL RECORD Date Score Opponent Score Place Sept. Galion Crestline Hi Crestline Sept. Galion Harding Hi Marion Oct. Galion Marysville Hi Galion Oct. Galion Mansfield Hi Mansfield Oct. Galion Shelby Hi Galion Nov. Galion Delaware Hi Galion Nov. Galion Ashland Hi Galion Nov. Galion Bucyrus Hi Bucyrus Nov. Galion Findlay Hi Findlay 77 'stares S43 O o O H :C ,l. .'. Ji Robert Zinn, Capt., F. B. After playing three years at end for G. H. S. "Bob" was shifted to a fullback position. He was a hard tackler and a line open field run- ner. Having been in- jured in the Dela- ware game, his loss was keenly felt in the remaining games of the season. "Bob" graduates this year. Malcolm Switzer, F. B. Switzer was a good line plunger and his passing was always dependable. He de- veloped into a good player on pass de- fense. "Mal" has played his last game for the Orange and Blue. Nathan Beck, L. H. Beck played a good game .at a blocking- back position in spite of his inexperience. He was a clean player and his spirit was always high de- spite obstacles. We are sorry to lose such-a hard fighter. FOOTBALL GAMES Robert Schupp, Q. B. The "Fighting Irish- man," although small in size, proved him- self to be a football player of no mean ability. "Bob" im- proved steadily as the season pro- gressed and as a sig- nal caller he was very valuable to the team. He is a Senior. Galion-13 Crestline--0 As it was the first game of the season it was very loosely played throughout. But the Orangemen had no trouble winning. All the reserves had a chance in this game. - Galion-7 Harding-19 This Week the Orangemen traveled to Marion for their first league game. Though leading 7-6 at the half and making eight first downs to Harding's two, Galion was not able to stop McAninch who got away for two touchdowns in the last half. Zinn starred for G. H. S. Gallon-18 Marysville-6 Marysville came to Galion confidently expecting to keep their record of sixteen straight victories intact but the fighting Orangemen spoiled their plans. Galion-19 - Mansfield-36 Galion dropped their second league game to the strong Mansiield team. The Orangemen were entirely outplayed in the first half which ended with M. H. S. lead- ing 18-0. In the last half Galion essayed an unsuccessful but valiant effort to over- come their lead. 78 O o Q U ,, C I I ' J ' .Eugene Cass, R. T. Harold Zucker, C. Max Phipps, C. GeralcLMCcCluer, Cass is another man whose loss on the line will be keenly felt, due to gradua- tion. His tight and determination helped him fill his position and he always play- ed his best for G. I-I. S. Zucker has played two years at a cen- ter position and was always fighting hard, piling 'em at center. He 'also graduates this spring. Phipps is another Senior who is lost by graduation. Max al- ternated with Zucker at center and al- though he said little, he could be depended on to do his best. "Mickey" has com- pleted his football career for G. H. S. in a wave of glory. For his loyalty to the team he was award- ed the Hi-Y trophy cup. His playing at all times was de- pendable and he gave his best to the team. Gallon-13 Shelby-6 Soon after the start of Galion's third league game Shelby intercepted a pass and ran for a touchdown. But the Orangemen came back in the second quarter and scored a touchdown by a series of line plays. Shelby only made one more threat to score and that by completing a pass near our goal. Galion held them for downs. Our second touchdown was made in the last quarter. Thus Gallon won her first league game. Galion--0 Delaware-26 Over-confidence and inability to solve Delaware's passing attack spelled defeat for the Orangemen. As Zinn received a broken collar bone, Gallon was seriously crippled for the remainder of the season. Gfalion--0 Bucyrus-19 Last year Galion was nosed out by Bucyrus by a one-point lead. So this year Galion determined to avenge this disappointment but their hopes were shattered when they returned home on the short end of a 19-0 score. Bucyrus' Hrst touchdown was made in the second quarter on a reverse play. Their other two touchdowns were made in the last quarter. The Orangemen played a steady game and they showed a fighting spirit throughout. i ' Q 79 'I O . Q O I I 9 3 , Henry Kruger, R. E. This was Kruger's first year out for football but he soon became a good end. 'Celery' will be back next year to make a regular berth on the team. Paul Mackey, L. T. Mackey was always, a reliable, c l e v e I' player in tight cir- cumstances. His blocking and tackl- ing were good. The fact that he has been chosen to lead next ycar's grid s q u a d speaks well for him. Fred Thompson, R. E. XVe may feel sure that our "Cowboy from Kentucky" needs no introduc- tion. As the season progressed "K e n- tucky" developed in- to a good end and his punting was also fairly good. VVe hope to have him with us again next year. Allen Zaebst, L. G. Zaebst was the big- gest man in the league. "Tiny" could use his weight to ad- vantage and he held up his share of the defense on the line in great style. Galion-0 Findlay-19 In the iinal game of the season the Orangemen went down in defeat at the hands of the strong Findlay Hi team. Even though they did not win, Galion Hi played one of her best games of'the season. On this Thanksgiving Day Captain "Bob" Zinn, "Mickey" McClure, H. Zucker, M. Phipps, N. Beck, "Mal" Switzer, "Lefty" Schupp and E. Cass donned the colors of their Alma Mater for the last time. The fellows who received a G. r. for football are Burnison, Young, Cooper, Logan, Lusk, Casey, Cook. They all have a chance to get in the line-up next year. G. I-I. S. BASEBALL 1928 Baseball has at last been revived in Galion High School. Last year's team did remarkably well, considering the fact that Gallon High has not been represented on the Hdiamondt' for the past ten years or more. Coached by "Dave" Eaton, the boys made very rapid progress in getting them- selves in condition for the few games on the schedule. During the last Week of school, plans were made for entering the District Tournament at Tiffin. This tourna- ment was played so as to determine the champion of the Eastern half of the North- West District of Ohio, the winner going to Columbus to compete in the State finals. 80 92 D .fe T O o Q O MC ll ' 3 Edward Hoekstra, L. E. Hoekstra s h o w e d himself to be an all around player for he was a fine blocker and place-kicker. In his remaining two years Eddie should undoubtedly p r o v e himself to be a very valuable player. Harvey Smith, R. H. As it was his first year out for football, Smith showed up well. With this year's experience he should do some fine playing next year. Robert Dill, Mgr. Dill kept all the equipment in g o o d condition and he saw to it that the field was always r e a d y for the games. We are glad to have "Bob" back next year. Paul Shepard, Asst. Mgr. The football team extends a vote of thanks to Shepherd. for shining their shoes and brushing the suits, also being the general care- taker. The teams entered, besides Galion, were Fremont, Bellevue and Tiffin. Galion drew Bellevue for their first game and ran away with a 12 to 6 victory. In the finals, the Orange and Blue defeated Tiiiin by the lop-sided score of 8 to 2. Every man on the team played "heads-up" ball and that's why Galion won her first baseball champion- ship. The shining light for Galion during the tournament was none other than "Pat" Stall, the Orangemen's invincible hurler who pitched air-tight ball in both games. Two days after the Tiffin tournament Galion went to Columbus and lost to Aquinas High of that city, 3 to 0. Aquinas scored all of their runs in the first in- of the playing field. "Pat" Stall again proved himself to be one of the best, if not the best High School pitcher in Ohio. Aquinas collected only three hits off of Pat's ning, due to errors that could not have been helped, because of the muddy condition offerings and were very lucky in getting those. 'tBus" Mackey took care of most of the catching and did a fine job of it. I-lis able understudy was "Mickey" McClure. The infield, composed of Clyde Campbell at first, Johnny Burnison at second, Eddie Sawyer at short-stop, and Bob Davis at third, played flawless ball all season. The boys who snared flys and handled the hot ones in the outfield were Jack Callender, Carl Wildenthaler, "Timer" Ernst, and "Pete" Schleenbaker. As the coach of a really great team, t'Dave" Eaton could not be beat. Knowing the fine points of the game as he does, it is no wonder that Galion had a team of championship caliber. l BI ees ode D-fs o ages c peso J 0 :ff 62 bf B 6994, QQ! 'Zio , -o'?5 VJWLQ? QV Q , Nirghr ASKETBAL 0 E 0 O C I I 2 , COACH F. A. EATON Coach Eaton deserves much credit for the team that he turned out this year. Galion Hn- ished the season winning three out of live league games. This team was undoubtedly one of the best in the history of G. H. S. COACH FRED MCCLINTOCK Coach McClintock coached the Jr. Hi this year. The Jr. Hi had a good team and they Won most of their games. As all of the team will be in High School next year, they should strengthen the High School line-up very much. CAPTAIN JACK CALLENDAR "Jack" captained this year's basketball team in a very capable manner. He has played on the Varsity for two years. His playing and also his fight is of the best. We are sorry to lose such a fine player. CAPTAIN-ELECT GEORGE FREDERICKS Fredericks was not eligible to play until the second semester due to the semester eligi- bility rule. He deserves the honor that is his. We are sure he will lead the team to many vic- tories next year. 84 CG 'SO GQ Back Row: R. Mollenkopf, S. Davis, F. HO11H6SS, H. Bodley, Coach Eaton, E. Hoekstra, J. Sames. M. Switzer. Second Row: Capt. Callender, G. Callender, G. Frcdericics, l'. Mackey, R. Schupp, R. Cornell. First Row: D. Young, C. Yonkers, G. Stout: D. Garverick. 1928 AND I929 BASKETBALL RECORD Date Score Opponent Score Dec. Galion 28 Willard Hi Dec. Galion 18 Polk Hi Jan Galion 25 Shelby Hi Jan Galion Sandusky Hi Jan Galion 24 Bucyrus Hi Jan. Galion 21 Bellevue Hi Jan. Galion 24 Ashland Hi Jan. Galion 33 Willard Hi Feb. Galion 21 Marion Hi Feb Galion 26 Mansfield Hi Feb. Galion 19 Massillon Hi Feb Galion 29 'Bucyrus Hi asf-A I Place Galion Galion Shelby Galion Bucyrus Galion Galion H Willard Marion Galion Massillon Galion CD D-afefi C 05:0 GQ W O Q O ., C M I ' O V Jack Callender Callender is the ideal type of man for a captain. He has an uncanny eye for the basket and he is a good floor man. Jack is a hard, clean player at all times. Malcolm Switzer, L. G. As this was Switzer's first year on the team he showed up well on both the of- fensive and defensive part of the game. We are sorry to lose him. Ralph Cornell, G. Ralph is a good bas- ketball player as one who has played against him can tell you. He will be es- pecially remembered for his timely basket in the Mansfield game. He is also an- other Senior. GAMES Herbert Bodley, C. Bodley has played a good game for two years at center for G. H. S. He is a good man on the tip off. He is also a Senior. G. H. s.-28 ' i H 9 l Dec. 21,4928 Willard-19 Galion Hi opened their cage season with a victory over Willard. The game was close and exciting throughout. The Orangemen displayed a real brand of basketball. G. H. S.-18 Dec. 22, 1928 Polk-28 The fast, hard playing five from Polk, who conquered East Hi of Cleveland, defeated the Orangemen. Galion was unable to work through the visitors' defense. G. H. S.-25 Jan. 4, 1929 Shelby-22 The Orangemen journeyed to Shelby and defeated Shelby Hi in their first North Central League game of the season. The game was very close until the last quarter when Galion broke loose and clinched the game with several buckets. 4 G. H. S.-5 Jan. 5, 1929 Sandusky-19 On the night of January 5, Sandusky came to our city and carried off the bacon. Galion was simply outclassed. 9 G. H. S.-24 Jan. 1.1, 1929 Bucyrus-47 In a non-league game Bucyrus defeated us badly, to the tune of 47-24. G. H. S.-21 Jan. 12, 1929 Bellevue-28 Bellevue followed several other teams' examples and defeated us. 86 ofa, o-Q cs- so 0 o 0 O C ll ' 2 Robert Schupp, L. F. Robert Mollenkopf, Paul Mackey, R. G. George Fredericks, Schupp despite his size Was fast and ag- gressive. He dropped in many a goal when needed. Varsity man for three years. We will miss him. F. "Mu11y" has been on the squad for the past two years and deserves much credit for his fine playing. He Was always ready to Hll in and play real basketball. Mackey has been on the squad for three years and has de- veloped into a mighty flne guard. Besides being a good defensive player, he also does his share of the scoring. He has one more year to go. L. F. George got started late in the season. But he more than made up for lost time. He failed to receive his letter due to a little t o u S h luck. Our next year's captain. G. H. S.--24 Jan. 18, 1929 Ashland-18 By defeating Ashland, Galion assumed the lead in the race for the league pennant. G. H. S.-33 Jan. 26, 1929 VVilla.rd-14 Galion journeyed to Willard and defeated their weak team 33-14. G. H. S.-21 Feb. 1, 1929 -Marion-20 Coming up from behind in the third quarter to tie Marion 16-16, Gallon held a small lead during the rest of the game. Marion is the third league team to go down before the Orangemen. G. H. S.-26 Feb. 8, 1929 Mansfield-27 In one of the fastest and hardest games ever played on the local floor Galion lost to Manslleld. Gallon early assumed a lead which they relinquished to Mansfield in the third quarter. But Galion redeemed herself by tying' the score, 26-26 just as the game ended. In the overtime period Mansfield made a foul shot. l B7 loess-fso goes-,Q O Q g O l gg I I .' 3 Ed ward 5-Ioekstra, "Eddie" played a consistent .g a m e at center and he got the jump on most of the op- p 0 s i ri g centers. He has got two m o r e y e a r s to shine for Galion. Sibert Davis, F. This was Davis' first year out for the varsity a n d h e s h o W e d u p W el l. H e h a s plenty of fight and we know he Will make g 0 0 d during his last two years. Gene Callender, G e n e W a s a g o o d player- t r a i n e r. I-I 0 used his spare m o m e n t s s w a b b i n g swollen ankles. etc. He will be back next year to keep up the good Work. Douglas Young, Mgr. "Pug" was a cheerful a n d e f f i c i e n t W o r k e r. All the fellows ap- preciated h i s work. He is only a Junior. Garverick, Asst. Mgr. Garverick co- operated with Y o u n g i n every way pos- sible in keep- ing the equip- ment in good condition. H e has been ap- pointed head manager f o r next year. G. H. S.-17 Feb. Galion was defeated by Massillon 44-17. Galion was somewhat hampered by Massillon's large floor. Ashland defeated Bucyrus on February 16. This gives Galion a tie for the championship with Bucyrus. G. H. S.-29 Feb. 23, 1929 Bucyrus-33 About sixteen hundred fans saw Gallon lose the championship of the North Cen- tral league to Bucyrus. The game was by no means one-sided but close and exciting throughout. 16, 11929 Massillon-44 G. H. S.-24 Dlausfield-40 In the tournament at Sandusky, Mansheld who later Won the tournament, de- feated the Orangemen. We must here mention the "subs" for basketball. These fellows did their best in every Way possible but failed to secure their letter. Stout, Younkers, 1-Ionness, Callender. ' The fellows who received a G. r. for football are Burnison, Young, Cooper, Logan, Lusk, Casey, Cook. They all have a chance to get in the line-up next year. SB i 5 5 ij Q5 6 Ei C? Q M v 6 E v 5 Q3 5 30 E D3 5 E E Gig oe ecgc so A Y y - 1 I -is :ll .iss .azz Y lil: -E5 I 3 xllllflll Q n Q ' j H1151 -190' 'gain : ..EE.1' D -X-' - - --vo-- 0-0 D . Q D D D xfj' B X D 5--I 7 D , Q D L 9 I gfvdwwow., " D A NI I f W 'iff M I G Q G Q ce Q Q Q G, Q - 3 i in Jigs I 065963 I 2 o ' . o C A ,l A ' 3 "'Married 'l'Dead CLASS OF 1871 TPague, S. S. TStentz, W. P. CLASS OF 1872 Bilsing-Reigel, Almeda, Galion TCampbell, Riblet, Ida TDaily, George Duck-Hackedorn, Alma, Galion TKnisely-Ware, Amanda TLeWis, A. W. TOburn-Crafts, Helen Ogden-Stewart, Clara, Columbus Riblet-Wilson, Ellis, Kokomo, Ind. CLASS OF 1873 TMann-Wood, Jess TMartin-Noble, Mary TYoung, Anna CLASS OF 1874 TArmstrong-White, Lizzie Camp-Lee, Hortense, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harding-Meredith, Helen, Santa Anna, Calif. THayes-Wheeler, May McBeth, Charles, Denver, Colo. TVining, .James Whitworth, Wheston, Port Clinton CLASS OF 1875 Kelly, Webb, Piqua Pepper, C. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 'tPepper, Lena "'Smith, S. L., Bellefontaine CLASS OF 1876 Coyle, Estella, Galion A Euler, Carrie, Washington, D. C. Frankenburger-Sawyer, Clara, Mansfield Hoffstetter, Lou, Galion Kinsey, Nettie, Galion ikKinsey, Frank, Fremont Smith, Melvin, Las Vegas, N. Mexico 'i'Linsey-Merril, Sadie Smith-Ridenour, Hester, Clarksburg, W. Va. . Steifel, Anna, Galion i'Stout, Frank TYoung-Badkins, Mary CLASS OF 1877 Cave-Lowe, Emma Camel-Adair, Ella, Cleveland Crim, Ollie, San Francisco, Calif. i Gochenour-Daze, Ada, Marion THayes, Will THosford-Plowe, Lizzie THorner, Lula i'Johnson, Ed. i'Johnson-Riblet, Carrie TMartin, Gene TMonroe, A. W. TTalbott, John TStanford-Lindsey, Emma CLASS OF 1878 Carhart, Gussie, Los Angeles, Calif. Crim-Warrington, Ella, Portland, Ore. TCampbell, Frank TKinsey, Albert, Marion iiMoore, Rufus, Toledo fSnyder, Frank 'l'Young, Jessie TJohnson-Riblet, Carrie CLASS OF 1 879 Bassitt-Spittle, Helen, Bellefontaine Coyle-Funk, Cora, Wooster TBrokau, Frank , Harding, Dick, Santa Anna, Calif. 1 Krohn, Alice, Galion TMonroe, Eugene iMcBane-Golliday, Nettie ' Mann-Manhana, Maybelle TWineland-Snyder, Nina Wernle-Nical, Tillie, Tacoma, Wash. i'Pague-Elliot, Laura Traul-Fate, Ida, Mansfield CLASS OF 1880 Bull-Clark, Addie, Marion 'FEise, Julius, Galion 'FFralic, Frank, Galion "Johnson, Clarence, Chicago, Ill. TKrohn-Seif, Ida TQuigley-Euler, Della TRiblet-Billow, Ella Snyder, Alonzo, Cleveland CLASS OF 1881 Burgett-House, Lulu, Galion TConner-Kane, Ella TPark, Milford TRoWe, Fred Spittle-Hollinsworth, Kittie, Columbus Wineland, Maude, Tacoma, Wash. CLASS OF 1882 Barlow, Kate, Philadelphia, Pa. Carhart-Larkin, Cora, Los Angeles, Calif Detrick-Brown, Mayme, Columbus TDurgin, Jennie TFisher-Marshall, Carrie Smith-Bundy, Lou, Sarasota, Fla. White-Freese, Mae, Bloomington, Ill. CLASS OF 1883 Belton-Booth, Nettie, Greenville, Pa. Chateau-Hassinger, Anna, Los Angeles TKrohn, William ' TMcNeil-Welling, Susie TMoore, Roskin , Ridgway-Hillyer, Maybelle, Oberlin Stewart-Gill, Nellie, Galion CLASS OF 1884 Baldinger, Mary, Galion Claes, Laura, Galion ' Cook-Rowe, Jennie, Galion Connors, Ella, Los Angeles, Calif. Hill-Todd, Carrie, Dixon, Ill. Tliiard, John J' eo c'o,e-go 553 TMackey-Pounder, Sadie Niles-Noonan, Jennie, Garret, Ind. TPaul-Boyer, Anna Reese, Rena, Denver, Colo. TRuhl, Frank TReed, Inez TSpittle-Davis, Carrie Winans-Moss, Sadie, Marion TWineland-Herbold, Mabel, Galion CLASS OF 1885 TCowden-Chipperfield, Zoe TDavis-Diffenburger, Blanche 'tGregg, Prosper, Marion Snyder-Motzinger, Jeanette, Galion McIntosh, John, Philadelphia, Pa. TLogan-Schauck, Jennie McFarquhar-Smith, Ida, Des Moines, Ia. McManus-Rowley, Berle, Columbus Mastick, Addie, Cleveland Mochel-Berringer, Olive, Fremont Rogers, Mae, Cleveland tWineland, John, Elkhart, Ind. Zimmerman, D. E., Galion CLASS OF 1886 Bush-Boggs, Gertrude, Cleveland Camel-Cloakey, Maude, Cleveland Hosford-Roadhouse, Lettiei, Roadhouse, Ill. TJourdan, Edward TKopp, Clara Krohn, W. F., Chicago, Ill. Langenderfer-Winnans, Daisy, Delphos "Lindsey, Charles, Phoenix, Ariz. Cloak, Melvin, Galion Weston, Grace, Galion Helfrich-Gerhart, Cora, Lakewood Krohn-Mateer, Erva, Mt. Gilead TQuigley, Willis TReed-Slough, Maud, Mansfield Shumaker, Francis, Washington, D. C. Traxler-Brinkman, Ella, Bucyrus Walters-Wildenthaler, Bertie, Galion CLASS or 1890 TCasey, Judd Chateau, Kate, Los Angeles, Calif. Faile-Kling, Nina, Ontario iiShaefer, Fred, Galion TWyant-Luddington, Maud CLASS OF 1891 Bryan-Morgan, Grace, Galion TBurkley-Conklin, Nettie Case-Nichols, Laura, Galion Canaan-Roe, Clara, Indianapolis, Ind. Cleverdon, Ernest, Austin, Tex. Ernsburger-Wernes, Nettie, Cleveland Hackedorn-White, Georgia, Galion Mackey-Yeager, Ollie, Galion McClennand-Decker, Ida, Seville Price-Bates, Mannie, Chicago, Ill. Raymond, Grace, Galion Spittle, Fred, Bellefontaine CLASS OF 1892 Alstaetter-Stringfield, Emma, Waynes- ville, N. C. tBarker, Lewis, Columbus Baker, Laura, Akron Morrison-Wineland, Lizzie, Elkhart, Ind. Barlastiefel, Bertha, Galion Miller-Boyer, Mary, Galion Osburn-Collins, Bernice, Detroit, Mich. Tracht, Luella, Galion TOsburn, Mae 'l'Sames, Etta Wooley-Joyce, Berle, Alhambra, Calif. CLASS OF 1 8 8 7 Bland-Irwin, Jennie, Galion TBryant, James 'iBryant, Thad, Texarcana, Ark. tCarhart, Robert tCook, Frank, Galion THoyt-Whittlesey, Emma McCool, Ella, Cleveland Miller, Inez, Galion Mitchell-Johnson, Laura, Mansfield Meyers-Porch, Berle, Passaic, N. J. Quigley, Homer, Bellefontaine Barr, Ed., Washington, D. C. Alstaetter, Caroline, Waynesville, N. C. TDowset, Richard Ledman-Stout, Jennie, Columbus Morgan, Laura, Bellefontaine 'tRoss, James, Lakewood Tuttle-Mateer, Mary, Mt. Gilead Biebighauser-Helfrich, Katherine, Galion TDavis-Bodman, Emma Harriman-Schillinger, Nettie, Ruthland, Va. Morrison, Euphemia, Elkhart, Ill. McCurn-Morgan, Maud, Bellefontaine Meuser-Bucholz, Irene, LaGrande, Ore. Pilgrim, Ernest, Schenectady, N. Y. CLASS OF 1893 Alstaetter, F. A., Orlando, Fla. GCronnenwett-Burt, Eva, Galion Hoag-Weil, Edith, Cleveland Hoyt, Alice, Cleveland Murrel-Faston, Mary, Hinderson, Ill. TPersons, Jay Reisinger-Lovett, Estella, Cleveland Rick-Shultz, Emma, Ashland Uhl-Gettman, Harriet, Bucyrus CLASS OF 1894 Barker, Clara, Akron Castle-Harmon, Lilia, Detroit, Mich. TEverts, Charles Hackedorn, Miriam, Brooklyn, N. Y. Wineland-Palmer, Maggie, Seattle, Wash. H035-Albin. Jennie, Plailliield, N- Y- CLASS OF 1 8 8 9 TLepper-Ritchie, Lillie Miller-Hendrickson, May, Phoenix, Ariz. Barbour-Macglish, Grace, Spokane, Wash. Persons, Lora, Hiram Caldwell-Fink, Mary, Columbus i'Schumaker, Wilbert, New York City 93 9 cr Sei? 4543 O 0 g O - CLASS OF 1895 Alstaetter-Love, Hedwig, Raleigh, N. Ackerman-Maple, Bertha, Galion Atkinson-Snodgrass, Maud, Marion Colley-Busch, Mayme, Cleveland Cook-Risley, Grace, Cleveland Cuthbert-Eberhart, Blanche, Galion Dice-Fralick, Bertha, Galion TI-Iayes, Bess Igon-Highlernan, Senore, Chicago, Ill. Jenkinson, Jennie, Bellefontaine Kunkel, Robert, Piqua Krohn-Line, Edna, Galion Lovett-Knote, Myrtle, Galion TMeuser-Bodley, Anna TMcBeth-Colley, Ethel Marvin-Ward, Aural, Chicago, Ill. McBeth-Perrott, Nina, Pittsburgh, Pa. TRobe, Estella Reisinger-Schumaker, Alice, Cleveland 'kSchumaker, Arthur, Cleveland Sayre-Shumaker, Laura, Galion Shelly, Lester, Michigan City, Ind. Wimmie-Wagner, Ruth, Galion i'Winans, Clarence, Cleveland Wemple-Jones, Nellie, Bucyrus Wilson-Te, Maude, Marion CLASS OF 1896 'iAustin, George, New York City Block-Bradfield, Bertha, Galion 'l'Baldinger-Reed, Kate 'kDavis, Floyd, Cleveland TDavis, Henry liGoshorn, W. V., Galion "'Harmon, Elmer, Stayton, Ore. Helfrich, Fred, Galion Hackedorn, Bertha, Galion i"Kochendefer, George, Mansfield Laughbaum, W. C., Whitestown, Ind. TMcWhirter-Kind, May C. Riesinger-Mathias, Bertha, Cleveland Traul, Arthur, Akron CLASS OF 1898 Alstaetter-Thom, Edna, Newport News, Va. Bryan-Stout, Florence, Parkersburg, W Va. iiChristman, Elmer, Seattle, Wash. Cuthburt, Carrie, Cleveland "'Davis, Glenmore, Detroit, Mich. Flannery, Minnie, Griffin, Ind. Funk, Harry, Cleveland Helfrich-Ellifritz, Elsa, Akron Hagerman-Winans, Ruth, Cleveland 'FKinsey, Harry, Lakewood Kiess-Metzler, Valeria, Toledo TDeuham-Davis-Herman, Mattie Kincaid-Christman, Iva, Bucyrus Koppe, Laura, Galion Noble-Hulscher, Grace, New Rochelle, N. Y. Kline-King-Schemp, Nellie, Spokane, Wash. Klopp-Sayre, Alma, Galion TLewis, Waide Lewis-Fuchs, Georgia, Mansfield McCool, Grace, Galion McNeil-Heisner, Ora, Lorain Miller, Hilda, Galion Monroe, Belle, Cleveland Pilgrim-Reed, Anna, Lima Rick, Karl Reisinger, Rollo, Barberton 'i'Safford-Wilson, Mabel TSayre-Winans, Jessie Simons-Waters-Kurtz, Ada, Niemah, Wi Spraw-Warden, Vinnie, Galion dSauerbrun, Leo, New Washington TZimmerman-Raiser, Iva T S Ness-Blackman, Myrtle, Syracuse, N. Y. CLASS OF 1899 Neff-Herndon, Nella, Galion iiBlock, Arthur, Atlanta, Ga. 'l'Reardon, Ethel Crissinger-Cassel, Laura, Galion TSherod-Mengel, Cora Dice-McKeown, Adelia, Columbus TSimon, Emeline Guinther-Heinlen, Lottie, Columbus Sponhauer-Connors, Grace, Kent Hart, Milo, St. Louis, Mo. Wemple, Georgia, Florida Helfrich-Manzer, Nettie, Galion Hassinger, Dan, Brooklyn, N. Y. CLASS OF 1897 Harmon-Hall, Irene, Cleveland Allen-Smith, Norma, Cleveland lLHo1SoI'f Qhaflos . I Ba,-I--Henkely Olive, Mansfield HeTSk0W1tZ, MHHHIC, Oklahoma City, Boice-Miller, Grace, Galion Okla- Barker-Goshorn, Florence, Galion "'-IGDSOH, Joe, C16VelFfJ1d l'Cook, Samuel i'James-, George, Gallon Colver, Wood H., Kendalville, Ind. 'l'K111Ca1d-McFarquhar, Myrtle ' I Gilmer-Goulin, Evelyn, Cleveland Kelley-Vaughan, Agnes, Detroit, Mich. Gugler, Bertha, Akron 'liKn0.b1e, Carl, Sandusky Helmuth-Blyth, Anna, Cleveland Lo-H1uS'Siha-for: Ora: Canton t"Henkel, Carl, Mansfield 'lLo1'oo1 llfod. "'Hackedorn, Nellis, Cleveland 1- Mofflokl Joslof Lakewood 'fHieser, Harvey, Buffalo, N. Y. 'FRybolt, Clarence, Ashland glggf K3gE3?r1gff 535211 M0 Rhone, George, Kern City, Calif. 1 er, , . , , . . . Moore, Myrtle, Los Angeles, Calif. xschmlfit' Charles' Marlon poistelagahn, Bertha, Galion Ilnckrich-Knoble, Edna, Sandusky Reagle-Breining, Mary, Galion "iWiggs, John, Berwin, Ill. 94 D+? D ,?.--"CC CG 'N-430 GG O 0 5 0 C I I ' 2 CLASS OF 1900 iiBarr, Clarence, Birmingham, Ala. Beck-Klopp, Jennie, Columbus Carr-Taylor, Jessie, Bucyrus fCasey, Earl, Galion Castle-Garberich, Gertrude, Galion fCondon, John, Jersey City, N. J. 'liCook, Dan, Lorain Colley-Andrews, Catherine, Cleveland fFreese, Herb, Galion Funk, Claude, Cleveland Graham-Tracht, Bertha, Galion fGugler, Carl, Galion Hollister-Southard, Mary, Columbus TJohnson, Alfred Kleinknecht, John, Galion fLaughbaum, Edwin, Pellston, Mich. Mitchell-Casey, Kate, Galion TMiller-Simpson, Laura Monroe, Otho, New York City fMoore, Will, Birmingham, Ala. Ridgeway-Brown, Gayle, Lewistown, Mass. Slough-Neuman, Ada, Galion CLASS OF 1 9 02 'fBaldinger, Edward, Galion fBarr Ernest Los An eles Calif , , S , - Bracher-Cunningham, Mabel, Pittsburgh, Pa. Brown-Williston, Marie, Ashland Ely-Houloose, Tressie, Hondo, Calif. Grebe-Miller, Ida, Toledo Gugler-Osman, Anna, Akron Hart, Blanche, Akron Hassinger, Dana, Brooklyn, N. Y. i'Hagerman, Roy, Cleveland Hunter-Dennich, Myrtle, New York City Hollister-Thompston, Emily, Cliffton, Ariz. TJacoby, Maude t'fLongstreth, Earl, Turlock, Calif. Kelly, Mayme, Galion Marcus, Lydia, Galion Poister-Middleton, Cora, Galion Rexroth-Desilets, Emma, Galion Rusk-Romig, Adra, Galion Reisinger, Ethel, Calif. Sayre, Horace, Colfax, Calif. Sharrock-Phumphrey, Ethel, Canton Stowe-Cameron, Ruby, St. Thomas, Canada CLASS OF 1903 Burgett, Blossom, Galion Burger-Kahen, Nina, Cleveland Burgener-Sherer, Emma, Mansfield "iCrissinger, Earl, Galion Davis, Harry, Detroit, Mich. Eysenbach, Lianna, Galion 'l'Dull, Gayle TFOX, John Humberger, Frank, Troy Jackson-Sennet, Mildred, Crestline Jackson, Bertie, Sandusky Kates-Cook, Grace, Lorain Kern-Dickerson, Hattie, Shelby 'kKoppe, Ben, Uniontown, Pa. Kreiter, Cleo, Galion Kreiter-Smith, Carrie, Galion Kunkel-Swisher, Etta, Sawtelle, Calif. Lovett-Miller, Mae, Galion 'kMetheany, Aldon, Galion Monnette-Smith, Mary, Nevada fMonroe, Paul, Galion Nelson-Plack, Bertha, Galion "'Riblet, Roy, Arlington, N. J. Schumaker-Philp, Georgia, Galion 'iSchneeberger, Boyd, Cleveland Stentz-Henderson, Minnie, Mansfield TSweeney, Jay f'Unckrich, Clarence, Galion CLASS OF 1904 TAnderson-Wilcox, Enid Barr-Dinkle, Jessie, Galion Ricksecker-Cathers, Elizabeth, Marion Cronenwett, Clara, Galion fDiamond, Allie, Galion fElser, Wilbur, New Mexico Ely, Entie, Whittier, Calif. Freese, Arthur, Galion TF1annery-Ruse, Edna Gledhill-Smith, Tacy, Galion Grindel, Rose Ila, Westerville 'rGuinther, Paul Holmes-Meuser, Naomi, Ashland Jones-Durbin, Mabel, Columbus Kincaid-Dye, Ethel, Galion Lanius, Carrie, Galion Larkworthy-Marlow, Vivia, Lakewood TMiller-Cathers, Clara Miller, Wesley, Phoenix, Ariz. "fMeuser, Courtland, Ashland fMahla, Edgar, Marion TPitkin-Elser, Ruby Poister-Hughes, Edith, Mansfield fReese, Rodney, Pittsburgh, Pa. Shuls-Diamond, Dorothy, Galion Wilson, Ethel, Barberton CLASS OF 1905 Armour-Unckrich, Marguerite, Galion Barker-Goshorn, Alice, Massillon i'Braden, Glen, Galion 'l'Boice, Abba Burgener, Herbert, Los Angeles, Calif 'l'Cronenwett-Court, Inez i'Farnsworth, Marco, Jackson, Mich. Gommel-Stoker, Selma, Cleveland Hackedorn, Howard, Pullman, Wash. Green-O'Neil, Inez, Cleveland Hollister-Voegel, Helen, Japan fHumberger, Gaylord, Springfield THunter, John Knight-Metheany, Naomi, Galion' Lanius-Williams, Florence, Willard fLaughbaum, Earl,'Galion I Marvin-Hazlett, Beatrice, California "'Miller, John, Phoenix, Ariz. TModerwell-Biemforde, Bessie Parkinson, Helen, Akron Plack-Hartman, Frieda, Dayton Poister, Laura, Galion 95 'CPS Q '3,.5f'2C S0126 4545 O 0 O ,C Ill 'I 2 Rexroth-Kurtz, Carrie, Bucyrus "'Ricker, Herman, Galion Rogers, Clifford, Cleveland TShelley-Orr, La Rena Schreck-Laser, Tony, Shelby iiTamblyn, Harry, Cleveland CLASS OF 1906 Adair-Murphy, Ethel, Willoughby Baker, Herbert. Cleveland Berger-Snyder-Pemberton, Edna, Cleve- land Block, Maurice, Pasadena, Calif. Brown, Mert, Columbus Brown-Bayer, Hazel, Indianapolis, Ind. Bryfogle-Smith, Laura, Auburn, Wasli. Colmery, Sylvia, Mt. Gilead Dressler-Moore, Vassar, Medina Freese, Horace, Galion Gillespie, Cora, Columbus Monroe-Snyder, Lena, Akron Morton-Phallen, Stella, Marion Gottdiener, Francis, Cleveland Green, John, Hazard, Ky. tl-Ielfrich, Mart, Galion Flagle-Day, Grace, Oneila, N. Y. Guinther, Fred, New York City 'iJa1nes, Russell, Chicago, Ill. Keiffer-Eichhorn, Blanche, Galion Krieter, Minnie, Galion Larkworthy, Helen, Cleveland Lowe-Kirk, Edna, Cleveland Manzer, Clara, Galion Maines-May, Hazel Shelby iiMarch, Kenneth, Cleveland Priest-Wilson, Lois, Akron Reese, Virginia, Detroit, Mich. 'l'Rowe, Harold, Huntington, Ind. i'Schneeberger, Clark. Alliance Sndyer-Jenkins, Norma, Galion Sickmiller, Hilda, Mansfield Sutter, Gertrude, Cleveland 'tTracht, Carl, Marion "Talbott, Dean, Galion CLASS OF 1907 t"Arter, Roy, Galion "Barr, Howard, Cleveland Bechtol-Kane, Mary, Galion Brick, Ollie, Galion Critzer-Holt, Edna, Geneva Cronenwett-Holmes, Mary, Kenton Dressler, Esther, Marion Gledhill-Beck, Cleo, Vermillion tGuintl1er, Robert, Akron Hale-Bush, Ethel, Cincinnati Holmes-Ness, Garda, Galion tHuffman, Foster, Cleveland Kline-Krieger, Hazel, Minn. i'iLaughbaum, John, Elwood, Ind. iiLe1nley, Albert, Mt. Gilead Lonius, Cleo, Galion TMeuser, Hugh Neff, James, Youngstown Pfeiffer, Asta, Galion Pilgrim-Davis, Dora, Findlay Pletcher, Nina, San Jose, Calif. iFPorter, James, Chicago Ricker-Thayer, Edith, Galion Rowe-Kile, Hazel, Cleveland Rick, Chauncy Snodgrass-Smith, Fanny, Crestline -'Socin, Roy, Muncie, Ind. Socin-Campey, Hazel, Cleveland i'Unckrich, Arch, Toledo Wyne, Jeanette, Peoria, Ill. sf CLASS OF 1908 'tAlbrecht, Harry, Marion Allen, Miriam, N. Y. City iAllen, Maurice, Cleveland iiBoyer, Edward, Galion Beck-Kishler, Esther, Junction City Bersinger-Ricker, Etta, Cleveland i'Cleland, Fred, E. Akron TConner, Joseph Davis-Moorman, Pauline, Galion Draa-Pierce, Edna, Akron Ebert-Eyler, Beatrice, Euclid Village Grebe-Grobe, Edna, Terre Haute, Ind. Hollister-Rousch, Anna, Seattle, Wash. Judge, Helen, New York City 'l:Knisley, Calvin, Galion 'kK1'6it9F, Fred, Toledo 'tKunkle, Joseph, Galion TGrindell-Richey, Nellie Gugler, Edna, Akron Larkworthy, Milton, Lakewood Marsh, Donald, Jackson, Mich. iiMarsh,Torry, Cleveland "iMitchell, Hugh, Hawaii Morton, Shafftel, Lena, Cleveland Morton, Ansel, Plainfield, N. J. "iPounder, Reuben, Galion Poister-Arter, Lela, Galion Price-Berringer, Ulah, Marion Schupp-Crissinger, Nellie, Galion Smith-Jolly, Louise, Bucyrus Snyder-Junghans, Maud, Norwood Weaver-Sherer, Ida, Cleveland Walker-Freese, Marion, Galion CLASS OF 1909 Baker, Guy, Galion 'fiBarr, Fred, Galion Berry-Skiles, Florence, Phoenix, Ariz. Critzer, Ruth, Delaware itCook, Irwin, Galion Dapper, Herman, Cleveland Dean, Helen, Cleveland Dice-Boyd, Gladys, Galion Daugherty-Ryan-Smith, Helen, Galion Edington-Hankel, Fleta, Marion Eise, Mary, Norfolk, Va. Eisele, Nina, Galion Erfurt-Sloan, Marie, Galion Ebert, Stewart, Los Angeles, Calif. Garberich-Johns, Cleo, Mansfield Gelsanliter-Garver, Olive, Rockford, Ill Gottdiener-Leon, Florence, Cleveland Gugler, Carrie, Akron Gregg-Cleland, Doris, Marion 'liGuinther, John, Galion Hackett, Helen, Huntington, Ill. fed? ?Ggs'5G 6143 O n Q 0 c ' 3 Helfrich-Stoner, Loretta, Galion Jacobs-Sloan, Grace, Galion Keiffer-Sullivan, Hazel, Ashville ftKinsey, Roy, Buffalo, N. Y. McClure-Thrutchley, Esther, Mansiield 'Ocker, Earl, Turtle Creek, Pa. Poister-Turner, Marguerite, Barberton Price-Alline, Blanche, Cleveland Price-Beck, Edna, Galion Schneeberger-Beall, Bertha, Galion Rowe-Pfeifer, Isabelle, Galion ifSimon, Vance, Galion Swaney, Lita, Struthers Umberger-Cotton, Fern, Galion TVan Meter, Annabel Wisterman, Joe, Galion 1. CLASS OF 1910 itAnderson, Carl, Barberton fBrick, Perry, Rome, N. Y. Cullison, Ralph, Baltimore, Md. TCrissinger, Addison TBurger-Williams, Bernice Cooper, Grace, Marion Clark, Beatrice, Powell, Wyo. TDiamond-McIllyar, Ethel Fox-Pelton, Blanche, Cleveland Freer, Nelly, Marion Gelsanliter, Norma, Cleveland Guinther, Ethel, Galion Haynes, Ruby, Marion Howard, Paul, Galion Huffman, Beatrice, Galion Jacobs-Mitchell, Inez, Galion iiKing, Wilbur, Galion Krieter-Smith, Elfreida, Crestline Miller-Godfrey, Alma, Galion TMatthias-McNeil, Frieda McLaughlein, Hortulana, Galion TPorter-Gmld, Roberta Reynolds-Ness, Ruth, Galion vfRichey, Porter Schaefer-Pounder, Clara, Galion Sweeney-Schelb, Maud, Marion TSharrock, Bess CLASS OF 1911 Artman, Chas., Youngstown Bell-Ginder, Leona, Galion TCovault, Ethel Benberger, Ethel, Dayton iiCondon, VVayde, New York City tC0ok, Howard, New York City i'Casey, Lloyd, Galion Clark, Warren, Frannie, Wyo. Diamond-Boyd, Jean, Galion Daze, Anne, Marion TEise, William Ernst-Kelly, Violet, Marion Freer, Isabelle, Marion tGuinther, Lawrence, Akron "iHall, Edward, Galion Harding-Ricker, Ruth, Galion iiHickerson, Ernest, Cleveland Kiddy-Sanderlin, Susie, Galion tMansf1eld, Bernard, Chicago, Ill. Marlow, Roy, Detroit, Mich. Miles, Maude, Galion Price, Arthur, Martel 'liPlace, Lawrence, Galion tPfeifer, William, Cleveland 'iRobbins, Paul, East Cleveland iiSief, Ralph, Galion Smythe, Esther, Dayton Smith-Gugler, Menzenita, Galion Thompson?Eichhorn, Clara, Galion Shealy-Knauss, Florence, Marion tWilson, Fred, Galion Zimmerman-Broadsword, Mabel, Santa Monica, Calif. Sommerside-Landstraite, Lucile, Winter Garden, Fla. Sweeney-McGinnis, Florence, Marion CLASS OF 1912 tArnold, Roy, Galion TBiebighauser-Fisher, Nellie Cook-Beck, Ada, Galion 'l'Crew, Chas., Dayton Dallas-Strother, Mildred, Galion Dressler-Mapes, Helen, Marion i'4Dye, Lewis, Mt. Gilead Ebert-Ritz, Estella, Texas Franks-Shaw, Florence, Galion "iGeiger, Harold, Ruggles Graf-Carmel, Blanche, Galion Green-Taylor, Arlene, Haxard, Ky. Green-Tillman, Helen, Lakewood Heidelbaugh, Elmer, Galion Hess-Winbigler, Guida, Cleveland Hess-Penhorwood, Helen, Mansfield Hottenroth, Earl, Galion Houston-Bohler, Mary, Toledo Klein, Meyer,' Cleveland i'Kreiter, Louis, Galion Lanius, Esther, Marion Menges, Edgar, Crestline i'Lewis, Robert, Akron Martin-Meuser, Aurelia, Galion Martin-Knisely, Naomi, Fairfield, Ala. i'fMansHeld, Marshall, Pittsburgh, Pa. iiMaish, Jay, Marion McClure, Dwight, Galion :iMiller, Geo., Galion Ness-Beck, Anna, Warren Neuman, Lawrence, Galion Resch-Martin, Erma, Warren i'Schreck, Irvin, Cleveland Townsend-Johnson, Hazel, Cleveland Strode-Marsh, Bessie, St. Cloud, Fla. Shawber-Kochheiser, Bessie, Mansfield iiShaW, Carl, Galion Spraw-Wertz, Ella, Marion Stewart, Chas., El Paso, Texas Stoner, Geo., Galion Tracht-Haley, Olah, Crestline 'iWise, Clyde, Galion iiWilson, Bert, Galion Woodward-Milligan, Carrie, Niles, Mich Worley-Eckert, Rachel, Marion Volk, Mary, Galion 97' I O12 Q afefi G45 O Q O . C l,li ' J ' ' 'J CLASS OF 1913 TAllen, Harold 'l'Appleman, Floyd "Arter, John, Copley "'Barret, Harold, Galion Brobst-Dye, Marjorie, Mt. Gilead Burkley-Knisely, Amelia, Galion Costello, Agnes, Galion Devenney-Rizer, Edna, Galion "'Ebert, Arthur, Galion tEbert, Paul, Columbus "'Edler, Herbert, Chicago, Ill. i'Franks, Clem, Chicago, Ill. "iFetzer, James, Columbus iiGelsanliter, Chas., Galion 'tHessenauer, Walter, Galion "'Homer, Lewis, Coral Gables, Fla. Jacobs, Llaine, Tiro 4'Marsh, Robert, Galion Mollenkopp, Dorsey, Galion Nichols-Cronenwett, Mary, Galion Neuman-Haspeslagh, Melinda, Galion "'Poister, Kelsie, Galion Reese-Boker, Mary, Denver, Colo. Rick, Theckla, Cleveland "Schaefer, Robert, Bucyrus 1 Schultz-Barnhouse, Pauline, Marion Shumaker-Wiley, Esther, Berlin Heights Seifert-Boehm, Josephine, Galion Smith, Walter, Ashley Wisterman-Gorsuch, Jennie TSwaney, Harold Urich, Althea, Cleveland Virtue, Raymond, Bucyrus Zimmerman-Stanley, Edna, Marion CLASS OF 1914 Allwardt, Elizabeth, Galion Barr-Weisseling, Ruth, Tipton, Iowa Baird, Eston, Climax Beck, Lois, Galion Dapper, Elsie, Galion tDecker, Clarence, Galion Dean, Dorothy, Cleveland tDulin, Harold, Cleveland Dye-Thomas, Grace, Galion Fry, Warren, Turtle Creek, Pa. Gerhart-Poister, Marie, Lakewood Graham, Mary, Galion Green-Holmes, Ethel, Galion Grissel-Ebert, Amy, Galion Hilton, Floyd, Galion Holmes, Ruth, Galion Huffman, Gaylord, Mansfield Kelly, Veronica, Galion Kieffer-Stump, Gladys, Lakewood Knauss, Esther, Los!,Angeles, Calif. 'fLace, Arthur, Bellefoiitaine Lambert, Ruby, Delaware Laughbaum-Leonard,.'Velma, Thackly Martin, Miriam, qaiionh ' McCune, Harold, Galion McKinley, Clyde, Cleveland "'McManes, Joseph, Columbus Mueller, Illa, Toledo Meckling-Crew, Grace, Dayton Murphy, Virgil, Columbus 'l'Mumford, Donald, Galion "'Ocker, Howard, Turtle Creek, Pa. O'Hara-Keeler, Eulalia, Galion Pensinger-Weber-Connolly, LaVern, Miami, Fla. "iPoister, Ralph, Lakewood i'Poister, Paul, Toledo Priest, Garrett, Massillon , Resch-Secrest, Miriam, Galion Ricker, Mayme, Galion "'Ritz, Lester, Galion Schaff-Patterson, Mabel, Mansfield Sargent, Dilton, Edison Smith, Edith, Galion Spraw, Henry, Marion Snyder-Ritz, Gladys, Galion 'kStoner, Arthur, Galion Treisch-Lee, Laura, Galion 'kWirick, Jay, Galion 'tVan Meter, Dudley, Galion CLASS OF 1915 'l'Biebighauser, Eloise "Boyd, Findlay, Galion Breese, Helen, Delaware i'iCraley, Clarence, St. James Dickerson, Wilford, Galion Dukeman-Myers, Theone, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Eusey-Eckstein, Coral, Bucyrus "'Edler, Robert, Tifiin Ernst, John, Mt. Vernon, Washington Eckert, Clara, Marion Frazee-Stock, Mina, Tiro "'Fry, Gurney, Canton iFrank, Percy, Mansfield Freer, Jean, Marion . Guinther, Mildred, Cleveland Garverick, Mildred, Monnett Garverick-Smith, Alta, Mt. Gilead Holmes, Florence, Galion Hoffman, Fred, Cleveland "Hooker, Oscar, Galion Hartman-Millit, Mary, Chicago, Ill THoward-Christman, Nora iiKiddy, Clair, Cleveland "'Kehrer, Arthur, Galion Linseman-Wagner, Meta, Youngstown Marsh, Emily, Galion Muth, Esther, Cleveland 'tMcLaughlin, Ignatius, Dayton Neff, Lillian, Merrill, Wis. Pfeifer-Guinther, Clarice, Galion Place-Hessenaner, Queenie, Galion Ricker, Laura, Mansfield Ricker, Mildred, Galion Richardson, Wayne, Cleveland Romine-Lemley, Florence, Delaware Schaefer, Anna, Cleveland Schuler, Catherine, Galion iSchaefer, Lorraine, Detroit, Mich. Seith, Robert, Columbus Swabb-Dickhart, Grace, Galion Snyder-Upson, Marjory, Galion Sweeney, Lillian, Galion Tropf, Esther, Martel "Todhunter, Bennet, East Orange, N. J. GQFQG S42 tUpson, Chas., Galion Unterwagner-Schnelker, Marguerite, Galion Weidemaier-Williams, Lois, Martel tWagner, Wade, Lexington tWoodward, Reese, Dayton Young-Smith, Christine, Galion CLASS OF 1916 Albrecht, Helen, Tokio, Japan Baker-Berry, Daisy, Canton fBerry, Mack, Canton TBates-Woodburn, Leona 'tBeck, Wallace, Detroit, Mich. ii Cass, Melvin, Galion Crew-Cullison, Lelah, Mt. Norris, Mich. Erfurt-Phillips, Laura, Galion tDurtschi, Robert, Galion Freese-Stoner, Florence, Galion Gelsanliter, George, Galion Green-Volk, Grace, Galion Jacobs, Ferris, Tiro Herndon-Boyd, Martha Belle, Galion Kreiter, Lorenzo, Galion Gugl-er-Marquart, Mildred, New London Monroe-Wilson, Ernestine, Galion McMahon, Paul, Turtle Creek, Pa. - Logan, Edna, Galion tMaidens, Tom, Galion Matthias-Amick, Matilda, Galion tLashley, Algerton, New Casington, Pa. Mitchell-Miller, Gladys, Galion tMotsch, Joseph, Galion Myers, Clarence, Galion tf:Peacock, Willard, Patchogue, Long Is., N. Y. Reese-Beck, Eleanor, Detroit, Mich. i:Poister, Arthur, Redlands, Calif. 'fRick, Leon, Galion Wisler, Mary Katherine, Cleveland Reynolds, William, Galion Smith, Edna, Galion "4Plack, Gilbert, Galion Shumaker-Ruhl, Florence, -Mt. Gilead ifSmith, Argail, New Castle, Pa. Smith, James, Cleveland Young-Wittibslager, Marjorie, Galion Woolensnyder, Beth, Galion CLASS OF 1917 :tAllwardt, Henry, Brodsteat, Wis. Boyd-Stewart, Ruth, Galion fBlack, John, Sandusky Biehl, Frederick, Shanghai, China ttBurWell, Chester, Detroit, Mich. Christman, Cleo, Galion Deibig-Sharrock, Hilda, Cincinnati tDye, Kenneth, Columbus Eckstein, Pauline, Cleveland Englehart, Estelle, Galion 'tEusey, Fred, Galion Freeman-Rick, Louise, Galion Graham, Wilfred, Galion . Gauweiler, Marion, Cleveland Hanlon-Edgington, Arline, Galion Heischer-Cook, Wilma, AkI'0I1 Herr, Erman, Galion Hoffman, Lloyd, Berea Homer-Motsch, Lucille, Galion Huffman-Stevens, Rhea, Fredonia, N. Y. Helfrich-Klopenstein, Gertrude, Galion Lisse, Geo., Galion Maple, Georgia, Galion Mason, Eileen, Galion McCann, Margaret, Galion McClarren, Ted, Galion Miller, Alta, Hayesville Monat-Heiser, Hilda, Galion Muth-Post, Maude, Galion i'Mueller, Rev. Don, Cleveland Motsinger, Stentz, Galion TNewman, Ralph TPfeifer, Walter Pfeifer-Hayes, Anna, Galion tPounder, Donald, Galion i'Rettig, Carl, Galion Richardson, Howard, Bucyrus Riblet-Keintz, Mae, Galion i'Ritzhaupt, Albert, Galion Rusk, Donald, Cleveland Schaefer, Annabel, Shelby Sams-Feight, Neva, Cleveland "'Schreck, Arthur, Galion Schaefer, Paul, Toledo Stone, Ethel, Galion Sherer-Hass, Beulah, Galion Shuey-Utz, Clara, New Washington Sharrock, Rollo, Cincinnati Vannatta, Tom, Iberia Wisterman-Heiser, Florence, Galion Wirick-Epley, Mildred, Galion Wisler, Blanche, Galion Wilhelm, Audrey, Galion Weber, Lillian, Galion Snyder-Beck, Florence, Galion Zimmerman-Sherer, Edna, Galion Zellar, Carl, Galion CLASS OF 1918 tAngell, James, Indianapolis, Ind. "'Bates, Chester, Galion Bersinger, Clyde, Galion i'Berger, Roland, Cleveland Cass, Ralph, Dayton Crotty, Mildred, Galion Dallas, George, Cleveland Dunn, Geo., Cleveland TEnglehart, Bertha Finney, Irell, Galion Fink-Arnold, Cecil, Galion Garverick-Ritchel, Ivah, Lexington Gelsanliter-Schreck, Norma, Galion Goorley-Beegle, Sarah, Charleston, W. Va 'tHelfrich, Herbert, Galion Herndon-Ritzhaupt, Ruth, Galion tHottenroth, Lee, Galion H'Kunkel, Clyde, Galion Ketchum, Ora, Galion Linsenmann-Place, Esther, Galion tMarsh, Carl, Ann Arbor, Mich. Miller, Robert, Galion 'kMonroe, Charles, Galion Heinlen-Biebighauser, Mildred, Lakewood fNess, Ralph, Miamisburg 99 o-ages eggs 493 0 0 O C I I ' 2 Motz-Angell, Modjeska, Indianapolis, Parks, Harley, West Point, N. Y. l'Pfeifer, Arlie, Galion Riblet, Luella, Galion Rick, Herbert, Kent Reid, Dorothy, Columbus 'T Rhinehart, Dale Rist, Joseph, Galion Romine, Herbert, Galion Sanderlin-Smith, Dora, Galion Schaefer-Shawber, Freita, Galion Sief, Ivan, Galion Sells, Helen, Galion tSmith, Arthur, Bellefontaine tStewart, Lee, Cleveland Stone-Bender, Maud, Lexington tTracht, Elra, Mansfield Zeller-Kurtzman, Anna, Galion Wisler, Clarence, Galion Young, Ruth, Galion Weber, Neol, Galion Whalen, Eileen, Cleveland CLASS OF 1919 tAckerman, Edwin, Coldwater tBaker-Carey, Thelma, Galion tB1ack, Herbert, Galion Copeland, Marjorie, Galion TDurtschi, Oscar Dye, Marjorie, Galion Emmenenegger, Rose, Galion Freeman, Marian, Cleveland Garverick-Eckert, Catherine, Lexington Harrington, Grace, Chicago, Ill. TKreiter, Ruth Huffman-Sullivan, Dorothy, Toledo 'l'Logan, Earl, Galion Mann, Ivan, Galion :l'Lonius, Ralph, Detroit Lisse, Anna, Galion Marsh-Black, Zilpha, Galion Ledman, Kenneth, Columbus Lepper-Rhodebeck, Edna, Galion Moore-Christman, Isabelle, Galion Monroe-Miller, Rowena, Galion Patterson, Beatrice, Memphis, Tenn. Nungesser-Pounder, Cleoda, Galion Poister, Eleanor, gSchreck, Robert, Rowe-Heitzman, 'tSeckel, Wallace, tRhinehart, Otto, Schaefer, Lewis, Shumaker, Paul, Galion East Canton May Belle, Galion Fort Wayne, Ind. Galion Tipton, Ind. Mansfield Smith-Wagner, Lelia, Galion Sweeney, Frank, Marion Tracht, Edna, Galion 'l'Tracht, Robert, Galion Wirick, Jacob, Columbus CLASS OF 1920 tBates, Carl, Galion Bersinger-Cook, Pearl, Galion Burger, Ralph, Galion Cheap-Snouffer, Cleo, Chillicothe Crawford, John, Detroit, Mich. Crawford-Shafer, Tillie, Galion Ind. Culler, Reba, Cleveland A Dickerson, Dean, Alton, Ill. Dunham-Roberts, Pauline, Columbus Emmenegger, Paul, Galion Engle, Constance, Galion Eusey, Gordon, Galion Ernst, Victor, Galion Ferguson-Harris, Grace, Galion Franks, Helen, Galion Ganshorn, Gertrude, Galion Gelsanliter-Larrick, Alice, Washington D. C. Hocker-Brown, Aurelia, Columbus Helfrich-Daugherty, Bertha, Galion Keiffer-Findley, Mercil, Cincinnati Kile, Wilma, Cleveland Leppert-Unterwagner, Helen, Detroit, Mich. Miller-Celestia, Marion Morgan-Townsend, Eleanor, Galion Quiggle, Mary Catherine, Joliet, Ill. TRick-Rhinehart, Mildred ' Ritzhaupt, Kunkle, Luella, Galion :"Robinson, Austin, Galion Sebring, Virginia, Manslield tSeif, Dale, Cincinnati SeithfOrgan, Marguerite, Joplin, Mo. Sells-May, Orpha, Mansfield Shaffer-Logan, Marie, Galion Sherer-Hart, Katherine, Bucyrus Shumaker, Garland, Kent Stone-Newman, Myrtle, Galion Stone, Thelma, Panama Canal Zone Thomas-Daugherty, Ethel, Galion Tamblyn, Russel, Galion Tucker-Rettig, Elsie, Galion Thomas-Smith, Ruth, Cleveland Wallace, Gerald, Cleveland Weber-Leppert, Louise, Manslield Williams-Hoffman, Doris, Galion CLASS OF 1921 Beach-McGarvey, Esther, Ft. Dearborn Lodge, Mich. Biebighauser-Thieret, Isabelle, Cleveland Bollerer, Myron, Columbus Casey, Kenneth, Galion Cass, Clyde, Galion Castle, Ruby, Galion Cole, Mary Agnes, Cleveland Cole, Ralph, Zanesville Davis, Gerald, Galion "'Diebig, Edward, New York City Deibig, Leona, Cleveland Dye, Lester, Mansfield Englehart, Edward, Wooster Engle-Barrows, Capitola, Galion Fabian, Agnes, Galion Feight-Evans, Esther, Galion Fetter, Geraldine, Galion ai: Findley-Longbrake, Louise, Detroit, Mich tFink, Gregory, Cleveland Flood-Jones, Anna, Galion French, George, Barberton Freeman, Norman, Galion 'tGledhill, Wayne, Orlando, Hass, Joseph, Manslield Fla. OJ'-S' cr Qs5G Q-543 O o Q O -C il ' 2 Helfrich, Paul, Galion Hoffman, Ralph, Antwerp Jeter, Helen, Galion TKincaid, Fredia TKnight, Lorin Knote, Margaret, Galion Kries, Pearl, Elyria Leach,Snyder, Isabelle, Galion Leppert, Victorine, Galion Lisse, Robert, Galion Marshall, Viola, Galion McMahon-Klingenberger, Helen, Bucyrus Moore-Shumaker, Dorothy, Kenton Mochel, Clifford, Berea fMochel, Donald, Galion Mochel-Koschnick, Mary, Galion Molder, Dayle, Galion TNeville, Helen Riblet, Agnes, Cleveland Rhinehart, Helen, Galion Ritzhaupt, Ada, Galion Robertson, Carl, Galion Schaefer-Gledhill, Francis, Orlando, Fla. tShaffer, Stewart, Muncie, Ind. Schnautz-Gombert, Catherine, Cleveland Sherer-McElhatten, Ruth, Galion Smith, Retha, Galion Tuttle, Velma, Galion Wiggins, Earl, Galion Wisler, Cyril, Athens, W. Va. iZeller, Joseph, Galion Young-Ritzhaupt, Clarice, Galion CLASS OF 1922 Amann-Richardson, Isabel, Galion Bates-Berger, Clarice, Wooster i'iBender, Lloyd, Galion Bloomer-Cox, Elizabeth, Galion 'liBerger, Frank, Wooster Castle, Donald, Oxford Chambers-Dughman, Irene, Dayton Christman-Bowlby, Leah, Galion iiChristman, Mervin, Washington, C. H. Cochran-Seckel, Inez, Ft. Wayne, Ind. il'Cleland, Lowell, Galion Cronnenwett, Kenneth, Galion Chubb-Sherer, Lois, Bucyrus Cole, Wanda, Cleveland Coyle, Elizabeth, Wooster 2iEise,A Robert, Galion Evans, Arthur, Galion iiFaber, Eugene, Galion Fabian, Clementine, Galion Flannery, Isabelle, Galion Freese-Gerhart, Mildred, Bucyrus Gelsanliter, Thelma, Chicago, Ill. Gugler, Robert, Columbus Harding-Dickerson, Yula, Galion Haskins, Wilma, Los Angeles, Calif. Holmes, Kenneth, Michigan City, Ind. Ireland-Herrick, Lucille, Mansfield Klingelhafer, Ruth, Galion Kehrer, Clinton, Galion Kunert, Frederick, Galion Lepper-Fink, Nellie, Cleveland Lisse, Paul, Struthers Mackey, Frederick, Delaware Mains, Bernard, Galion McMahon, Bernard, Galion McCammon-Day, Helen, Mansfield Miller, Boyd, Galion Miller, Harold, Galion fMonroe, Chas., Galion Mueller, Ray, Berea Myers, Marjorie, East Palestine Myers-Zuber, Maxine, Galion V Newhouse-Dawson, Florence, Sawtelle Calif. i Nichols-Reese, Miriam, Galion Nichols, Melvin, Springfield Norris, Alice, St. Clairesville Ploss, Edna, Galion TPartridge, Lawrence Poister, Theodore, Canton Quay-Piiefer, Evelyn, Shelby 'tSebastian, Robert, Galion Sanderlin-Marsh, Sylvia, Ann Mich. Sawyer, Helen, Columbus Smith, Robert, Galion 'fSnydeI', Walter, Marion Seckel-Underwood, Magdalene, Berea Sickmiller, Doris, Galion Shumaker, Mildred, Cleveland i'Strippy, Harry, Cincinnati 'fTracht, Ora, Iberia Trautman, Paul, Berea iWeiner, Edwin, London i'Wisler, Joseph, Cleveland tWisterman, John, Columbus Zaebst, Ellwood, Berea tZaebst, Ivan, Lakewood Arbor, CLASS OF 1923 Amann-Bristow, Jessie, Galion Andrews, Walter, Galion Atkinson, James, Galion Burkhart, Isabelle, Galion Butterfield, Margaret, Galion Baker, Donald, Lorain Berger, Jeanette, Galion Bowers, Velma, Galion Bradiield, Mary Louise, Columbus Butterfield, Holland, Galion Carter, Robert, Pullman, Wash. Chambers, Alice, Galion iiChubb, Lloyd, Galion Chubb, Lola, Galion Cole, Frieda, Galion Copeland, Rosalia, Galion Crider, Harold, Galion Davis, Martha, Galion Dickerson, Philip, Mansfield Dinkel, Esther, Galion Doran, James, Cleveland Engle, Miriam, Galion Ernst, Genevieve, Galion ifFlowers, Ralph, Galion Finical, Charles, Galion Garverick-Maple, Edna, Lexington Gattner, Lawrence, Galion Gerstner, Lois, Galion Geer, William, New Haven, Conn. 2'Gledhill, Loren, Galion l0I 2 Q2-2, Q -crQs?O S43 Goorley, Melvin, Galion Gottfried, Edna, Galion Graham, Alice, Galion Hammond-Ness, Dorothy, Greenville Harding, Roy, Galion Helfrich, Dorothy, Berea Helfrich, Lawrence, Galion Heinlen, Iva, Cleveland King, Katherine, Cleveland Keifer, Wreatha, Galion Lonius-Zaebst, Vivian, Lakewood rMaple, Joseph, Lexington McClure, George, Galion McClure, Pearl, Galion Moderwell, Mildred, Galion Eichler, Nina, Galion Eichler, Lester, Galion Everly-Faber, Ruby, Galion Fabian, Martha, Galion Findley, Robert, Detroit, Mich. Flannery, Bernard, Mansfield Flowers-Dickerson, Florence, Galion French, Jeanette, Akron Garverick, Edward, Galion Garverick, Mildred, Galion Geer, David, Pittsburgh, Pa. Gelsanliter, Leola, Galion Heneke-Jenkins, Eleanor, Galion Hill, Joe, Galion Hill, Ruth, Delaware Moderwell-Gledhill, Marjorie, Galion 'l'Hoffman, Leonard Modie, Dorothy, Mansfield Nungesser, Clayton, Galion 1' Myers, Walter, Fostoria Ober, Helen, Galion Pearson-Youngblood, Evelyn, Mt. Gilead Pittman, Alta, Galion Postance, Marjorie, Cleveland Poth, Ralph, Galion ii Rehl, Lloyd, Galion Rhinehart-Sloane, Gladys, Marion Riblet, Mary, Cleveland Romine, Bertha, Galion Schaffner, Katherine, Cleveland Sohalip, Carl, Galion Schnegelsberger, Ruth, Galion Smart-Lue, Henrietta, Toledo Sherer-Sipes, Myrtle, Lindsey Stone, Alvier, Galion Switzer, Edith, Columbus Thomas, Helen, Galion Tracht, Naomi, Galion Tracht, Opal, Galion Tracht, Oscar, Crestline Trodt, Russel, Detroit Wallace, Helen, Galion Warner, Garsa, Galion Weiler, Margaret, Akron Williams, Opal, Galion ffWilliams, John, Galion Wisler, Dorothy, Cleveland Wisterman-Dodds, Frances, Irvington, N. J. Yochem, Angeline, Galion CLASS OF 1924 Auld, Gwendolyn, Mansfield Badgley, Isabelle, Galion Baldinger, Lawrence, Cleveland Bauer, Arthur, Galion Berry, Dorothy, Galion Block, Samuel, New York City Bollerer, Geo.," Columbus ' Bosler, Gerald, Galion 'l'Butts, Leonard, Cleveland Craun, Almeda, Galion ' Culler, Mary Alice, Galion Curren, Doris, Galion ' Deibig, Grace, Galion "'Dagan, Ronald, Galion ,- Howard, Ethel, Mansfield Keller, Walter, Columbus Keller-McPeek, Ruth, Newark Kile-Weber, Ethel, Cleveland dries-Durtchi, Ruth, Galion Kunkel-Shook, Edna, Galion Line, Elizabeth, Delaware "Martien, Myron, Galion McCune, Wilbur, Cleveland Moak, Everett, Delaware Mochel, Edna, Galion Mullenkopf, Huber, Galion Moore, Margaret, Galion Myers, Esther, Columbus Newman-Miller, Harriet, Galion tNewhouse, Stephen, Los Angeles, Calif Nickols, Russell, Galion Nungesser, Georgia, Galion Patterson, Marian, Buffalo, N. Y. Paul, Helen, Galion Pry, Wava, Galion Phillips, Paul, Galion Rausch-Martien, Doris, Galion Reese, Ruth, Galion Reed, Lavone, Galion iiRick, Maybelle, Galion i'Riblet, William, Cleveland Sargel, Myron, Galion Sawyer-Wisler, Gladys, Cleveland Schnegelsberger, Naomi, Galion Seckel, Lois, Galion Shook, Walter, Galion Shuniaker-Hocker, Alma, Galion Sipes, Charles, Los Angeles, Calif. Shumaker, Forrest, Oxford Smith, Mabel, Galion Smith, Nellie, Galion Swartz-Hill, Naomi, Galion Thuma-Gill, Olive, Galion Tracht, Josephine, Chesterville Tupps-Thatcher, Dorothy, North Robin- son Weber, Florence, Galion 'fWeiner, Robert, Greenwood, Miss. Wildenthaler, Loretta, Galion Williams, Ercel, Galion Wirick, Laura, Galion Dickerson-Tracht, Marjorie, Galion Wistefman, Harriett, GS.1i011 Durtchi, Florence, Galion TWO1ff, Edward l02 9 -3,566 665:50 G43 CLASS OF 1925 Amann, Mary Alice, Galion Amann-Tuttle, Mildred, Galion Andrews, Mary, Mansiield Anderson, Marjory, Galion Atkinson, Ruth, Baltimore, Md. Baylor, Helen, Galion Bender, Florence, Galion Bersinger-Hayden, Arleen, Peoria, Ill. Bessinger, Roy, Galion Bland, Elizabeth, Galion Bonnel, Grace, Columbus Burwell, Aldon, Ironton 9FCass, Ivan, Galion Cheap, Norman, Mansfield Cohen-Weisman, Jeanette, N. Y. City Cornell, Wade, Galion Cronenwett, Frieda, Cincinnati Culler, Laura, Galion Curfman-Schreck, Hazel, Galion Curtis, Annadale, Galion Degray-Wise, Mary, Galion Doran, George, Akron Eckstine, Reve, Shelby Eckstein, Rufus, Akron Engle, Matie, Delaware Fehr, Gerald, Galion Flowers, Maurice, Galion Foltz, Catherine, Galion Garverick, Bernice, Galion Goorley, John, Columbus Groh, Glen, Galion Gottfried, Esther, Galion Hamberger, Sam, Columbus Helfrich, Ernest, Galion Hockstra, Anna, Galion Hocker, Gertrude, Columbus 'kHorton, William, Galion Kelley, Ralph, Galion Kiddy-Ness, Fern, Lexington Klingelhafer, Robert, Galion Knudston, Eleanor, Columbus Kreps, Edna, Galion Kruger, Stanley, Galion Mackey, Clarence, Emory, Va. Maines, Harold, Galion Meeker, Arnold, Galion 'l'Montgomery, Kenneth Moulton, Robert, Delaware i'Ness, Kenneth, Lexington Ott-Baylor, Helen, Kilbourne Petri, Kenneth, Cleveland 'fPhipps, Robert, Galion Plack, Alice, Galion TPorter, Elberta Postance-Phipps, Virginia, Galion Ransdall, Miriam, Athens Reese, Ralph, Columbus Reynolds, Eleanor, Galion 'FRicker, Charles E., Galion Ricker, Chas. R., Galion 'fRobins0n, Clarence, Galion Schalip, Christine, Galion Schleenbaker, Gerald, Mansfield i'Schreck, Wayne, Galion Schull, Esther, Galion Shumaker, Edna, Cleveland Sipes, Ruth, Wilmore, Ky. Smith, Lois, Galion Smith, Edna, Galion Smith, Helen, Galion Spiggle, Miriam, Cleveland Stuit, Cornelius, Galion Todhunter, Paul, Cleveland Todhunter-Fink, Annabel, Galion Tracht, Anna, Galion Tracht, Ethel, Galion Weber, Wayne, Cincinnati Whitsell, Wilbur, Cincinnati Wilhelm, Paul, Galion Wilhelm, Pauline, Galion Young-Thompson, Doris, Marion CLASS OF 1926 Auld, Dorothy, Galion Badgley, Harry, Galion Baylor, Elizabeth, Galion Bernard, Helen, Galion Bersinger, Alberta, Galion Bianchi, Victor, Ada Block, Gertrude, Cleveland Bowers, Ella, Bowling Green Bradfield, Margaret, Columbus Burkhart, Mildred, Galion 'tCallendar, Joe, Greensburg, Ind. Carleton, Gordon, Ashtabula Clements, Dorothy, Dayton Cook, Doris, Galion Crider, Ruth, Galion Coulson, Frieda, Galion Crosby, Edmond, Springfield Delph, Wilma, Galion Dewalt, Elwood, Galion Dickerson, Paul, Galion Eichler, Ida Ruth, Galion Emmeuegger, Arvilla, Galion Ernst, Pauline, Galion Everly, Ralph, Columbus Fehr, Linus, Galion Flick-Cass, Mary, Galion D 35:0 crQ,eG 496 , o . to V. C , ,. lr. ' 3 Foltz, Shannon, Berea Frye, Myrtle, Bucyrus Gale, Forrest, Galion Garret, Ethel, Galion Garverick, Hazel, Galion Garverick, Henry, Galion Garverick, Miriam, Columbus Gorsuch, Harold, Galion Goshorn, William, Wooster Gottfried, Paul, Galion Grebe, William, Galion Heiby, LaDonna, Galion Hill, Lucile, Delaware Hillis, Newella, Galion Hoffman, Evelyn, Galion Isenhour-McClennon, Marjory, Jeter, Draper, Galion Jeter, Sam, Galion Kelly, Rex, Galion Kensinger, Edna, Galion Korner, Macie, Galion Kruger, Martin, Columbus Lisle, Budd, Columbus Logan, Howard, Galion Lewis, Mary Louise, G-alion Lonius, Deane, Galion Maple, Roderick, Galion McCartney, Margaret, Galion Meeker, Ruth, Galion Miller, Dorothy, Galion Montague, Florence, Columbus Mount, Marian, Galion Nickols, Ruth, Galion Nungesser, Justine, Cleveland Nungesser, Kenneth, Galion Ometer, Robert, Galion Patterson, Forrest, Galion Patterson, Richard, Galion Pflefer, Kenneth, Galion Prosser, Edna, Akron Resch, Robert, Galion Romine, Ben, Galion Sayre, Miriam, Galion Seitz-Keller, Edythe, Galion Schreck, Doris, Detroit Sherer, Donald, Galion Shumaker, Ralph, Akron Stoller, Eunice, Columbus Smith, Clifford, Galion Stout-Decker, Mabel, Galion Swartz, Ava, Galion Thoma, Paul, Mansfield Timson, Katherine, Galion Tracht, Lovina, Galion Galion Tracht, Toletha, Galion Warner, Robert, Delaware Weber, Ruth, Galion Woolensnider, Charles, Columbus Wheatcraft-Klingelhafer, Edythe Gallllll Wise, Geraldine, Galion Wolff, Mildred, Galion Zinn, Kenneth, Tiflin CLASS OF 1927 Amann, Esther, Marion Balyeat, Ruby, Galion Bauer, Howard, Galion Beach, Kenneth, Galion Beck, Homer, Mansfield Bishop, Lester, Galion Boterf, Dolores, Galion Boyer, James, Alliance Garnier, Bonita, Galion Casey, Helen, Galion Christrnan, Herman, Galion Clements, Mildred, Galion Craun, Franklin, Berea Cronenwett, Gladys, Galion Crumb, Rosemary, Galion Cutshall, Walter, Galion Dawson, Arthur, Galion Diebig, Ralph, Cincinnati Edler, Gerald, Cleveland Erfurt, Robert, Galion Everly, Gerald, Galion Fabian, Loretta, Galion Franks, Herbert, Akron Garverick, Loren, Galion Garra, Clark, Galion Graves, Max, Galion Graham, George, Ft. Wayne, Ind Gunn, Aris, Galion Hamburger, Sadie, Cleveland Hathaway, Kent, Galion Heiby, Geraldine, 'Galion Heiser, Dorothy, Cleveland Helfrich, Robert, Galion Honness, Marie, Galion Horton-Tucker, Nellie, Galion Keller, Edna, Dayton Klingelhafer, Mary, Galion Krieter, Thelma, Galion Kunkel, William, Galion Longstreth, Murral, Springfield McCluer, Thelma, Westerville McElroy, Merritt, Springfield McMahon, Ruth, Galion Mittman, Mildred, Cleveland I A c G 'SO G26 Muth, Harold, Gallon Newhouse, Ray, Gallon Pliefer, Russell, Angola, Ind. Phalen, Warren, Columbus Raiser, Charles, Gallon Rensch, Kenneth, Gallon Rhlnehart, Wilbert, Gallon Rule, Loleita, Gallon Schalip, Francis, Gallon Schreck, Mozelle, Cleveland Schafer, Anneva, Gallon Shaw, Agnes, Gallon Smith, Helen, Mansileld Spangler, Robert, Gallon Spiggle, Helen, Gallon Stofer, Joe, Gallon Thayer, William, Gallon Tlscher, Mildred, Gallon Tuttle, Doris, Gallon Ulmer, Arthur, Berea Weiner, Julius, Tliltln Wlttibschalager, Marjorie, Gallon Wolff, Ruby, Gallon Yeager, Kenneth, U. S. Marines Young, Pauline, Sprlnglleld Young, Neil, U. S. Marines Zimmerman, Chester, Gallon CLASS OF 1928 Allenbaugh, Helen, Gallon mer, Ethel, Ft. wayne, Ind. Auld, Martha, Gallon Baldlnger, Hazel, Crestline Bernard, Mary, Gallon Brenenstul, Louise, Columbus Burnlson, John, Tiffin Castle, Bernice, Gallon Campbell, Clyde, Gallon Campbell, Mabel, Gallon Cohen, Ralph, Pittsburgh, Pa. Conoway, Mary, Jeanette, Gallon Cook, John, Gallon Coyle, Charles, Gallon Cunningham, Charles, Gallon Curren, Juanita, Ashland Cutshall, Marjorie, Columbus Dapper, John, Gallon Dickerson, Robert, Bloomlnggrove Durtschl, Lloyd, Cleveland Ferguson, Anabel, Gallon Flndley, John, Gallon Fink, MaeBelle, Columbus Foltz, Isabelle, Gallon Freeman, Theodore, Gallon ICE Frank, Katherine, Gallon Garverlck, Vesta, Ashland Goshorn, Walter, Annapolis Hampton, Chester, Gallon Hannewald, Vera, Gallon Harding, Vaughn, Gallon Hoard, Herman, Gallon Horn, Mary Catherine, Ft. Wayne, Ireland, Roland, Gallon Jones, LaRonald, Gallon Kersh, Dewight, Gallon Kersh, Dewitte, Cleveland Koschnick, Elmo, Gallon Leech, Harold, Columbus Lindley, Arthur, Akron Lowmiller, Virginia, Gallon Marshall, George, Gallon McFarquhar, William, Gallon McAdams, Francis, Gallon McClure, Virginia, Gallon Meyers, Floyd, Gallon Monroe, Isabel, Gallon Montague, Roger, Westerville Myers, Maurice, Gallon Myers, Velma, Gallon Neuman, Robert, Gallon Newman, Dorothy, Gallon Nickols, Margaret, Delaware Phillips, Elmer, Gallon Quinn, Geraldine, Gallon Resch, Velma, Gallon Rlter, Esther, Gallon Raiser, Harriet, Gallon Rlzor, Ira, Mansfield Rizor, Mlntle, Mansflel d Robinson, Arthur, Columbus Sawyer, Edward, Marlon Sawyer, Evelyn, Westerville Schaefer, Theodore, Gallon Schaffner, Martha Carol, Oberlin Sears, Robert, Gallon Shaffner, Ruth, Gallon Sharrock, Harold, Ontario Smith, Dorothy, Gallon Snyder, Dixie Belle, Delaware Sperry, Mary, Gallon Streeter, John, Gallon Staton, Virginia, Gallon Stevens, Eleanor, Ashland Riblet, Delmont, Gallon' Tracht, Miriam, Gallon Tracht, Ruth, Gallon Wagner, William, Cleveland Zucker, Milton, Columbus Ind D ?.f'cG cGgs:C G45 dw U UEJL5 .V 910 My D iimjga :::: hlllfll' Q u 5 ' Ah. , IIA, uflglm D '::::s yr- :gg 1:0 a'.Q2:::j.--Zi: D o D D .. D X' ill, D X x Aj si D D 9 G G Q G -1 V , If UQ' 'S F URE , ,fig 1 I7 f fr, ey Q Ci Cf Q G 50 3020505-4GC5iO CPS oe D-fs C Qs: WEATHER I D I Q I , I I I We! moon tonight. 0 Q Ram and dry sun tomorrow' SUNDAY, JUNE 33, I955 PUBLISHED EVERY DAY EXCEPT DAILY AND SUNDAY PRICE TU-LIPS Big Divorce Trial Near End WVIFE SUES MULTIMIL- LIONAIRE FOR STEP- PING OUT The sensational divorce trial of Mrs. Kathryn Pee- bles Aukerman, formerly leading chorus girl in Bur- nell Tennant's Follies, ver- sus her husband James Aukerman, the dandelion king, has created excitement throughout this territory as both formerly attended Gal- ion High School. The famous lawyer Mr. Eugene Cass is handling Mrs. Aukerman's case while Frank Durtsche, leading at- torney of Iberia is defend- ing Mr. Aukerman. Mrs. Aukerman charges that her husband has been running around with other women. The most famous of these characters is Miss Harriet Fellenbaum, dancer at the exclusive night club, "Doug's Place," owned Y by John Douglas. Mrs. Aukerman claims that James has been going night to this Night to meet Miss Fellen- every Club baum, while Miss Fellen- baum denies such occur- ances. These two women have been rivals since their high school days. Mrs. Aukerman is suing her husband for a divorce with 55,000 a month ali- mony. The case goes into the hands of the jury at mid- night. The decision of the court will be put in the morning paper. LATEST AEROPLANE RECORD A new endurance record has been made by the avi- atrix Miss Genevieve Sloane. She stayed in the air for 1,250 hours which is 1,249 hours longer than anyone else has ever done. The wonderful feat could not have been accomplished if it would not have been for her very efficient mechanic, Vaughn Volk. This record was made directly over the North Pole. Miss Sloane states that they kept with- in distance of the Pole all the time so they would not get lost. When they were Hnally forced to land they did so on the new aeroplane iield which has recently been built by Joel Sames, just off the Florida Coast. Miss Sloane and Mr. Volk states that they were kept alive by using the canned goods which Mr. Robert Schupp cans and also by using his new can opener in- vention which takes off the bottom of the can at the same time it takes off the top. We want to congratulate both Miss Sloane and Mr. Volk and wish them future success both in aviation and love. 109 M OTORISTS HAVE NARROW ESCAPE Quite a good deal of ex- citement was raised around these parts late this morn- ing when Homer Curfman and his newly wedded wife, Marjorie Johnston, narrowly escaped death after plunging over a 50 foot embankment in the deep waters of the Whetstone. Mr. Curfman was driving one of Ford's latest creations and he made a statement shortly after the accident happened that he was running about 150 miles an hour at the time of the mishap. The car was completely demol- ished but was covered with plenty of Howard Burwel1's Accident Insurance. His beautiful wife was slightly injured although her face had to be relifted by her beauty culturist, Victoria Sherer. PARTY The two leading society ladies of Renschville, Miss Bernice Bishop and Beatrice Mengert entertained a num- ber of their friends at their home back of the filling sta- tion, last night. A delicious dinner was served consist- ing of tooth picks and water. D-"3.g"2fffiCiQ1SLO GG . O 0 X0 PROPHECY Q. DAIRY MEN MEET At the recent Dairymen's Convention at the Smith Model Dairy Farm, Mr. Henry Smith, manager and general overseer of the farm announced to the collected dairymen ' his successful plans of conducting such an enterprise, and gave them many helpful hints on how to milk cows the fast way. Henry's output is 8 quarts of condensed milk a day and this large production has brought the price of milk down on the stock market. The model condensing plant is used exclusively for con- densing milk. Evelyn Rensch is the head condenser and she, with her efficient staff of co-workers has made the plant what it is. Henry's chemical department has found that the milk contains 50 per cent butterfat which is outstanding in such lines. PERSONALS Prof. Charles Henry Krohn Line, instructor of the art of bow playing in the Gertrude Stevens Conserva- tory of Music, has just ar- rived in this city for a short visit with his wife, formerly Hazel Nichols. Mary Dickerson has just returned home after suc- cessfully conducting a min- ing expedition to the South and North Poles. Geraldine Spiggle, fa- mous beauty culturist and swimming champion left this morning for an extend- ed swim up Whetstone Falls. Ernestine Dinkel, Ameri- ca's foremost Pancake pro- ducer, went for an auto ride late this afternoon. Herbert Switzer, dentist for the Whale hospital on the coast of Nova Scotia, ar- rived this noon for an ex- tended visit with his fiancee. S U CCESSFUL IN BUSINESS The Prophecy is always interested in finding out how men succeed. This morning the oflice received a letter from a former employee who has opened a Ladies' Clothing Store in the South Sea Islands. He is none other than Harold Zucker. His chief fitter is Helen Laughbaum. Grass skirts and red flannels are predom- inant. His store has a daily sales of 25c While his ex- penses are 10c, thus making a profit of 15c. His advice to those living in the North is that a person doesn't have to worry about eats, shelter or anything else. His skirts are made to or- der according to size and the clothes have satisfied all of his customers. He also sells assorted sea shells, rings, beads, gun shot and many other important articles. He needs many letters of con- gratulations because of his great success. MAN SAVES WOMEN AND FOUR TOTS A woman and four small tots were miraculously saved from a terrible fate by Mr. Murray Ricker. A banana peel was' lying in plain view on the pavement and the woman failed to no- tice it and was about to step on it when Ricker who was passing in an automobile noticed it. Jumping quickly from the machine our hero threw himself at the lady's feet and pushed the peel out of the way. Ricker, being modest, dis- appeared immediately after the accident, but he had been already recognized. ll0 CHALK TALK TO BE ' BROADCAST Miss Doris Chubb, famous chalk talk lecturer and trav- eler, will broadcast her fa- mous illustrated talk on "WVhy Men Leave Home," tonight at 7 o'clock over the Orange and Blue Network. Miss Chubb has received many compliments on her splendid works and it is hoped everyone will tune in on their Super Iodine ra- dios and listen to Miss Chubb's stirring advice. Miss Chubb's husband, Russel Tuttle, will accom- pany her and sing some old selections over the radio at different intervals in the lecture. Mr. Tuttle is ac- companied at the piano by Florence Eckstein. FAMOUS PARTNERSHIPS To and Fro Up and Down Pro and Con Through and Through So and So Now and Then High and Dry and Go and More and True and Woof Come More Tried Warp wnvs CUP RACE Miss Alma Dale Patter- son Won the beautiful cel- luloid cup offered by the Dumb Bell Club of Crawford County. Miss Patterson on 11 e r famous kiddy-kar, Ophelia, raced against five strong contestants. The covered course was the cement walk in front of the Galion High School. C' C' 0.50 493 O o 5 O C ll ' 3 f PROPH ECY DOUBLE SOCIETY WEDDING Miss May Stiner and Miss Vivian Rigby, both returned Missionaries from Africa, where they taught the Ne- groes how to neck, were married to the famous bro- kers of Wa.ll Street, the Seitz brothers, Wayne and Lowell. They were married by the Rabbi Edward Tracht in the county jail at On- tario, Ohio. The brides were dressed in grass skirts with accessories to match and carried beautiful bouquets of skunk cabbage and baby's breath. After a short honey- moon to the Whetstone Falls near the Galion Water Works they will reside in their old furnished homes in the cemetery. WANTED The Rev. Ralph Cornell, pastor of the Fiftieth Chris- tian en Divils Church is still looking for a wife to write his sermons for him, cook his meals and take care of his yellow cat. So far, there has been one applicant, Elizabeth Seckel, but Rev. Cornell feels that she would not make a good pastor's wife as she has had no spe- cial training for the caring of cats. Don't all the women rush at once as it would af- fect the Rev. Cornell's heart. ACCEPTS POSITION Miss Thelma Hershner has just accepted a iine posi- I tion as chewing gum tester in Dorothy Gerstner's Chew- ing Gum Plant on the cor- ner of Maine and Colorado Streets, Spokane, Florida. Miss Hershner has had much experience along this line and much better gum is ex- pected to be produced. NOTED HOBO RETURNS HOME After Wandering over the entire world for over 25 years the noted Hobo, Eu- gene Kirtland, has returned to this city to settle down and enjoy life. His wander- ings led him through many adventures, and took him into every country of the world. He was the artist on "The Spy," back in 1929 when the class to which he be- longed graduated. By his unexcelled art he earned many a wanted meal. He stated that he met many of his classmates in his travels. Among them the champion shoe shiner of Paris, Wade Stevens, the celebrated art- ist who Won the admiration of all Europe for her won- derful violin playing, Helen Newhouse. He also was per- mitted to visit the court of Jack Sherman, King of Scan- dinavia. For this great man he performed his works of art and received the Al Gra- ham art award of Poland. Mr. Kirtland intends to wed Violet Ober and live on Smith street to enjoy life. ENJO YING LIFE The former Editor-in- chief and Associate Editor of "The Spy", have settled down on opposite sides of Main Street and are quietly enjoying life watching the activities of their class- mates. Both were unable to get Dan Cupid's arrow so they converse daily on the past events of their grand old class of 1929 of the Gal- ion High School. Ill GALION GIRL HONORED Miss Norma Amann was complimented by the Mayor of this city, Mr. Francis Long. Miss Amann has been very active in social reform work and has just persuad- ed the family in Bank Alley to Wash behind their ears. Although many have tried this diflicult feat, Miss Amann is the first to accom- plish and have any success along this line. Q U IET MARRIAGE SOLEMNIZED The Prophecy has just been notified by Justice of the Peace, Robert Zinn, of the marriage of Miss Vir- ginia Schreck and Mr. Her- bert Bodley, this morning at 9 o'clock. Witnesses of the marriage were Dorothy Beener and Charles Heinlen. The couple will reside in Robert Reid's furnished fiat on High Street, Cape Town, South Africa. AUTHOR PUBLISHES NEW BOOK Miss Eunice Scarborough has given to the general public her latest Work en- titled "Diiferent Varieties of Thrills" as a sequel to "How to Bake Biscuits" which was published in 1945. She will receive something in the neighborhood of a half dozen swift kicks for this lot of bunk. STENOGRAPHER ELOPES Miss Avonelle Seckel has succeeded in eloping with her employer, Mr. Ronald Sebastian. She convinced the man she was an heiress in disguise. After the Wed- ding she informed her hus- band that the only fortune she had was her face. The minister, Rev. Cor- nell, is suing the couple for the marriage fees. Q ages eros:-Q G-as , O i s O ...C ll ' 3 I PROPHECY AGED ASTRONOMER MAKES PREDICTION According to the Leesville Times, Ignatius Ernst, fa- mous astronomer, has made a startling discovery and prediction in his observation tower on the top of the sec- ond story of the Stone Quarry at the edge of town. He predicts that exactly two weeks, seven days, twenty- four hours, sixty minutes and ninety and four-fifths seconds past four o'clock on the day of July the Twelfth, the earth and moon will collide thus causing an eruption of the earth. He bases his theory on the fact that While studying the stars on a certain day last February, he saw a star very close to the moon and through these many months has iigured the exact days until the end. He also states that the inhabitants should not be afraid since he will be there to assist them. ONLY 274 313 DEWEY DAYS Until Washington's Birthday Cut down your Cherry Trees Early. 1 MOTION PICTURE STARS IN GALION Mr. Joel Riblet, owner of the Roxey Theater, in this city, has secured the famous play, "The Love of a Red- Headed Man," with "Red" Danner and Ethel Bilsing playing the leads. Chester Reed is acting the Villain and in the end he kills the heroine, so if you have never seen a mur- der before, why don't miss this picture. Ethel has play- ed in this play eight times before and this makes her ninth time, so if she's any- thing like a cat, this will be the last time the Villain can kill her. Don't miss this thrilling picture. RADIO PROGRAM. TONIGHT Station S-P-Y-Gailion, Ohio .00 A. M.-Rising Exercises by Nathan Beck, Y. M. C. A. instructor. 00 A. M.-Organ recital from High School Auditorium on the Frcese Memorial 4:00 A. M.-Time Signals. 6. 10: organ, by Esther Cohen. 12:00 M.-Dinner Program from Main Thayer's orchestra of 10 pieces will 2:30 P. M.-Drama from auditorium. Friend" will be acted out by Foster man, Ruth McCluer, and Florence I'I13,I1a,g61'. . 4:30 P. M.--Baseball scores by Robert Molienkoif. Dining room of Hotel Central. Charles furnish dance music. Wilma Kelley's stirring d1'21l1121MTll0 Stevenson, Mal Switzer, Eleanore Christ- Moser. Paul Hanley will act as stage 6:00 P. M.-John Steven's orchestra from Hotel Galion. 8:15 P. M.-Miss Elizabeth Petri, noted. Contralto will sing from the studio of S-P-Y on top of the First National Bank. 9:30 P. M.-Jack Callender will lecture on "The Reason Youth Should Play Basketball." 10:00 P. M.-Robert Bianchi and Flora Mae McKelvy will give the latest dance steps in clogging, toe dancing and ball room dancing. Their studio is in the basement of the city jail. 10:30 P. M.-Delmar Thompson, the noted Philosopher, will give his daily lec- ture on "How to care for the toe nails." 11:00 P. M.-Susan Bessinger will close the broadcasting by telling a bed time story. ll2 C G 20 4:16 i 5 4 ?Q?G-5-6 ?'G S90 E10 O 5 O .. C ll ' 2 i CHRONICLE Sept. 4-School starts today and everyone is happy. Supt Bemiller talk- ed to us and we are all sure that We are going to like him very well. There are two new teachers, also, Miss Mande- ville and Miss Emmenegger. Sept. 7-All the classes have meet- ings today and start to elect their of- iicers. Sept. 10-The first G. R. cabinet meeting was held today. Sept. 11-Miss Mandeville talked to the girls today and gave them instruc- tions for gym. Sept. 12-The Seniors and Juniors pulled the poor Sophomores through the mighty Whetstone this afternoon in a tug-of-war. Sept. 14-Senior Weiner Roast at Keiffer's Grove. Everyone had lots of fun and plenty to eat. Sept. 18-Senior Class meeting was held today in order to start electing The Spy staff. Sept. 20-Chapel today. Miriam Sayre read to us and Theodore Schaefer played several organ selections. Every- one enjoyed it immensely. Sept. 21-Rally was held for the Crestline game this afternoon, and we all wish them good luck. Sept. 22-The Crestline game was played at Crestline today and we won 13-0. Hurrah! Sept. 25-The Lantern Staff was elected and the Juniors are determined to put out the best Lantern ever. Sept. 26-The faculty explained the numbers of the lecture course to us in chapel today. The numbers all sound very interesting. Sept. 27-Chapel was held today. Doris Cook read and Theodore Schaefer played several organ selections. Sept. 28-No school today. Every- body went to the Fair, Sept. 29-Galion played Marion at Marion and lost 19-7. Oct. 1-All those interested in de- bating, met today. Oct. 5-Senior class meeting was called in order to elect some more of the Spy staff and rally was held for the Marysville game. Oct. 6-Marysville game was played here and Galion won 18-6. Keep up the iight Team! Oct. 8-Our old friend Brooks Fletcher spoke to us today and every- one surely enjoyed his talk. First G. R. meeting was held at 4 P. M. Oct. 9-The first number of the lec- ture course was given by Mr. Herman Rosen, a well-known violinist. Oct. 10-We have a new plan of studying now. We study three days a week and recite the other two. Peggy Tracht and Bob Schupp went to sleep in 4th period study. Oct. 11-Senior class meeting was called today to elect a few more oliicers of the Spy staff. The Sociology class went to Marysville to inspect the wom- an's reformatory. We hope they all get back safe. Oct. 12-The remaining oflicers of the Spy staff were elected. Oct. 13-Galion High played Mans- giZld9Hi today and lost. The score was Oct. 15-Mrs. Cartwright, who spoke to us last year, talked to us again in assembly this afternoon. b Oct. 16-The Chemistry class made chlorine and tried to kill the whole school. Oct. 17-The grade cards are to be given out at 4 o'clock today and nearly everyone is shaking in his shoes. Oct. 19-Rally was held today for the Shelby game. There was a pep meeting tonight and quite a few stu- dents were out. Oct. 20-Hurray! Gallon defeated Shelby 13-6. Keep up the good work, Team! Oct. 22-Assembly was held at 10:20 today. The Lantern staff had charge. Miss John introduced the staff and then they asked for the support of the student body in order to make their Lantern a success. Oct. 25-Well, the Lanterns are out and we are all sure that the class of '30 will make a great success with the Lantern. Oct. 26-No,school today, the teach- ers all went to Cleveland. Oct. 29-Some of the senior boys are starting a new style and have taken to painting their faces with cosmetics. What next? Oct. 30-Our band played at Crest- line tonight at a Hallowe'en celebration and most of them were frozen stiff when they got home. The Juniors had their pictures taken for the Spy today. Oct. 31-Today for the first time the Sophomores had charge of Chapel. They did very well and G. H. S. can surely be proud of them. Nov. 2-Class meetings were called to ask for volunteers in selling tickets for the Lecture Course. Nov. 3--Today Mr. Bemiller enter- tained at a dinner the volunteers who sold tickets for the Lecture Course. Nov. 6-The Seniors will have a His- tory test the thirteenth. Oh! Nov. 9-We had Chapel and Mr. Cox the lawyer, spoke to us today. He talked on how the government is run and his talk was very interesting. :Cer ef? 645 xx L f 4 VI s V, Q K 5 r 1 r, r v 1 U Y 1 1 w . ln, Y X I P. 0 A 'Ig J K fx 7,-WI-P f 1 V ,.- Y XV Y :gf R 5 wxkim 3 ,, .,,m..,.m,,mM.-,,,,,Lf A . LX LW N 5 , . Wa , f '1 .Wm ' a - 1 - A. x ,, , 1 K., M.,..mA.m.,..m...,,MA.m,,,m, 3 , '- Y , 1 1, M I . ,L -- ,, Q-4, ,QL 7 . Q V V K AH-.,,,,.., , 2 -b -M , f if Ks! AE Q Twffhw 1 3, . " W4 V1 1 A , -k' , QW-faiwffw-1, , Nvgxififfm.-d..M,,..3:its,,-,'i:iTif,, 1 ,. V X, 4 ' 5 wf 1 ' -ii J f 2 ,rye 1 f N 5 , E 1 1 1 , 1 ,, AN x Wa"-. yi' ' ' 5 E X' I 'if 3 iz! af' ki 3. . G ' - 1 V.. Nt' K 5 5 aft 5 f S W' u 2 fi figli iifwk. 5 Qfifi. S , i xg! sx , . fu 5'w,,.X , SM yfw. , 'wifi icy 2 , k ', . 'X Q i W1 N Z. E 3,14 fmt i A -. V 3: - ,A N E 3 2' ' g ' S fs. 5 A 311 so Q Us isa A 'if' A fx W2 3' 5 U ay Q5 li J '- Q ,. ., . Q. 2,4 E w, 1-wg tm , HL! 5 K5 if A rfw, U X V 3 xx W I i g 5 9 Y H www 43 at .H j 9 Mari! 5 ' QE w if 3 Q Q ff,-w Q 2 if P XJ? IE! Tl 1. - , ,L . f 1 ,E 4 4 5 Xiig? QT tb . ffiq' R-Y! W 2 ff xx 3 1 Lg 11 f D ' 413 Q! I ,S L. i 5 gl T' 5' if Q fi fimtfi mf" 5 QQ! F 1 A 3 WR? 5 gif, 7 2 ,N f if Q , yr ' ,nv , ,5- -0 : f 4 I V'.,ff?' X if J : 5 1? f RR-f'!e 2- 3 'XJ K' 1 Vx , 2' - V ,, :A 2 Q 'El -' ' 1 -fy, f Q ' y L Y Q:.gfH-1mQi..,.Y,,,., ,m,,,,Y, W Q I P EL f' , - ini' "5""""' ' ' -----4--1-1..,,1:,:,Y,, Z ,VYY .WY V 1 -3,1 Uwae fx if "S'J'f1.jX'1'f-2LM--M-Lya-wwm.gM,,L,-Q,.M, M x .V MW-'M-'M . V zf""4' ,. 1 M wwf'm.4,,Q?,. 2 ,,,.M , , . , , M W 2 3 X..,,,,W4 X 1 'Mwwrlrff--W ----- ,, , , in , gg' KJ X4 , fy, kfg .4J.x An ,L ,MMM O -' O .cl 'lat Nov. 10-Ashland defeated us 7-0 but our team is becoming reconciled to its loss and they worked together pretty good. Nov. 12-No school today! Hurray! Nov. 14-History test papers were given back today. Oh, dear! such grades. Nov. 14-Dr. Fenton of the Red Cross spoke to us on First Aid. His talk was very interesting and every one enjoyed it. Nov. 15-Assembly again. James Aukerman's orchestra entertained us with several pleasing numbers and we hope that they will play for us again, soon. We had a pep meeting tonight for the Bucyrus game, there surely was a. lot of pep too. Nov. 16-The Juniors picked their rings this morning and they all seem to be enthused. A Spanish Club was organized today by the second year Spanish students. Our football squad journeyed to Bu- cyrus braving the wind and rain to meet their old rivals but the victory was not to be ours and they defeated us 19-0. Nov. 19-The G. R.'s held a banquet for the faculty in the gym this even- ing. Everyone had a good time. Nov. 20-The Latin Club held their monthly meeting tonight in the study hall. Nov. 22-The Spy staff had charge of the chapel today and everyone liked their program very much. The Lantern staff is giving a line party tonight. I don't know much about it but that's what I heard. Nov. 23-The Seniors had a class meeting today and many important business propositions were brought up and settled. Nov. 26-The Junior girls beat the Sophomore girls in the first game of the volley ball tournament. Nov. 27-The magician entertained us in chapel, and every one is discuss- ing how the tricks are accomplished. The Senior girls won from the Junior girls in the second volley ball game. Nov. 28-The pastor of the Ontario church talked to us in assembly. The Senior girls won the last game of the tournament from the Sophomore girls. Nov. 29-Today's Thanksgiving at last and we have two days vacation. Our football team played at Findlay and were defeated 19-0. Hard luck! Dec. 4-The Band has decided to give a party and what a party it will be just wait and see. Dec. 54In assembly today Gerald McCluer was presented with a loving cup for being the best all around sport during the football season. Dec. 7-The Seniors had a class meeting and looked over some sample caps and gowns. Dec. 10-The Baldwin Wallace quar- tet entertained us this afternoon and the vice president of the Baldwin Col- lege gave us a very interesting talk. Dec. 14-A Senior class meeting was called today and the folders were de- cided upon. Dec. 18-The Latin Club had a Christmas party and every one had a good time. Dec. 19-The Farmers' Quartet en- tertained us in assembly today and everyone certainly enjoyed the program. Dec. 21--The chapel services were held today in a little different manner. The scriptures were read by Rev. Zinn from the balcony and the numbers were announced by a white card being trans- mitted across the stage by some mys- terious power. The Galion Hi B. B. team Won from Willard tonight after a hard-fought game. A good start boys! Keep it up! , Dec. 22-The B. B. team was defeat- ed by the Polk team. Jan. 4--Galion Hi team played their first league game at Shelby tonight and won 25-22. Jan. 5-Sandusky defeated our team. Hard luck! But don't worry boys. You'll come out on top yet. Jan. 8-The third period study has made up a new game. It consists in the several students bringing small bells to school and rolling them down the front of study hall while Miss Gregg goes around in search of the small silvery bells. Jan. 9-Miss Gregg gave third period study quite a lecture on the subject of getting down to studying for the ex- amination. ' Jan. 10-The girls took their iirst exam today which happened to be the gym exam. Some say it Was easy and others say that it was hard. Jan. 11-Galion Hi affirmative de- bate team won from Bucyrus negative here this evening in the auditorium but our B. B. team did not do so good and went down to defeat at the hands of the Bucyrus team. Jan. 12-Bellevue B. B. team played our team at Junior Hi gym. The boys lost again but they had a good workout and are improving. Jan. 14-G. R. meeting and Miss Mandeville gave a very interesting lec- ture on health. Jan. 15-Everyone is studying hard for exams as no one is excused from mid-year exams. Jan. 16-Exams! Oh what a day! Jan. 17-The torture is almost over. Thank Goodness! Jan. 18-No school today. The teachers are busy grading papers. Galion Hi B. B. team Won from Ash- land and now we are at the top of the CPS ,.f'e'G C Q X520 4543 fa E Q 5 g K v ii Q CP U U Q I5 uf S? Q v Mr O ' X W k 1 v 5 T3 .35 Q E ' 0:9 Die D150 93:0-c'Qs?G GQ V o . . o . c ln, ' 2 'F league. Work hard boys and stay there! Jan. 21-The fourth entertainment of the Lecture Course was given last night by Stoddard King, the humorist, and everyone who attended, enjoyed it very much. Jan. 22-Today is the third birthday of our pipe organ and in honor of it the school obtained Mr. Pilcher, the de- signer of the Pilcher organs, and Mrs. Pilcher, an accomplished violinist, to give a concert. Jan. 25-The B. B. team journeyed to'Willard this evening and easily de- feated the Willard team, returning with colors flying high. Jan. 28-The G. R.'s had a Mary Jane party this evening in the gym and all children and their dollies certainly had a good time. Jan. 29-The band had a cold time of it this evening when they took the job of going down to meet the train for the Bellefontaine B. B. team. Jan. 31-Harold Zucker must have been out late last night since he fell sound asleep in civics class and kept leaning over until his head almost touched the floor. Miss Englehart final- ly disturbed his pleasant dreams and kept an eye on him the rest of the per- iod. Feb. 1-G. H. S. B. B. team played at Marion and won so now they are still at the head of the league. Hooray! Feb. 5-Certain members of the band have got new girls and are getting anx- ious for the postponed band party. Funny isn't it? Feb. 6--G. R.'s had charge of chapel today and gave a little play. Evelyn Rensch had the part of the talkative old maid and she surely makes a good one. Feb. 7-Miss Mandeville made every girl who missed a word of spelling in gym class stay after school this evening and there were so many that she thought that she would have to take them up to study hall. Feb. 8-The Spanish Club held their third meeting and every one had a line time. G. H. S. B. B. team played Mans- iield at Jr. Hi gym and were defeated by one point. Talk about hard luck, that certainly was it. Feb. 11-The G. R.'s and Hi-Y held a joint meeting this evening and they got through without an argument for once. Feb. 13-Rev. Porter spoke in chapel today on "Why Young People Should Seek Christianity." His talk was very interesting. Feb. 14-Yes, today is Valentine day and all the little Juniors in Miss H. room sent valentines to their sweet- hearts. Feb. 15-Sr. class had a class meet- 'IIS ings and tried to decide on their invi- tations, with a great deal of discussing. Feb. 19-The Latin Club met this evening in Study Hall and every one had a good time. Feb. 21-We certainly had a good chapel. Mal Switzer took the part of Geo. Washington and Peggy Tracht, the lady, who caused his one defeat. Feb. 22-Galion B. B. team was de- feated by Bucyrus by only four points. Too bad! Feb. 25-G. R. meeting and the girls are very busy planning for their Hi Jinks Circus. Just wait till March S! Feb. 27-Prof. Ehrhart was very much out of humor at orchestra prac- tice and consequently Gib Herr and Paul Shepherd were seen marching it off back to study hall this P. M. Mar. 1-The Seniors decided on their announcements today and they are cer- tainly nice looking. Mar. 4-A radio being loaned to the school everyone had the chance to hear Hoover's inauguration address in as- sembly. Mar. 5-Prof. Ehrhart informed the band today that they are to enter into a contest with Crestline and Mt. Gilead bands so now they have to get down to business. Mar. 7-Our negative debate team debated here with Ashland tonight. Mar. 8-Well, at last it is Novelty Night and the Hi Jinks Circus is hav- ing a grand success. Mar. 11-The G. R.'s had a meeting and found that their Hi Jinks Circus went over big. Hurray! Mar. 15-Senior class meeting was called today and the class decided to wear caps and gowns for commence- ment. Mar. 18-The Hi-Y boys gave a ban- quet for their mothers this evening and certainly showed them a wonderful time. Mar. 20-Rev. Patterson spoke to us in assembly on "The Mission of Chris- tianityf' His talk was very interesting. Mar. 21-The Senior girls had a Sen- ior Tea this evening after school in the Home Ec. room. Miss Bemiller talked to them about college and a social time was enjoyed by all. Basketball letters were awarded to the team and managers. Mar. 25-G. R.'s elected new oiiicers and members. Mar. 26QMiss Mandeville is certain- ly working the girls gym classes hard for the gym exhibition May 10. Mar. 27-Rev. Porter talked to us in chapel today on "The Living Christ." Everyone enjoyed it. Mar. 28-Easter vacation starts to- morrow. Hurray! 6,0550 GG i 'U 45:0 QGQ-G-QGQQ 30 SO 2630 Q70 O 0 O C .I ' 9 2 JOKES "Smile a smile, While you smile Another smiles, And soon there's miles And miles Of smiles, And life's Worth while If you but smile." Jack Callender-"Waiter, what kind of meat is this?" Waiter-"Spring lamb, sir." Jack-"I thought so. I've been chew- ing on one of the springs for an hour." Burnell Tennant-"My girl has lots of personality." Richard Wier-"Mine isn't good looking either." Eugene Kirtland-"What are those holes in that board?" Joel Riblet-"Why those are knot- holes." Eugene-"Well, if they are not holes, what the heck are they?" Kenneth Winetrout - "Hear about the fellow who invented a device for looking through a brick wall?" Victor Sloane-"No, what does he call it?" Kenneth-"A window, sap." Richard Horn-"I could dance on like this forever." Helen Murphy-"Don't say that, you are bound to improve." Photographer to Violet Ober- "Would you rather have your picture taken sitting or standing?" Violet-"I expect I could stand still better if I was sitting down." Miss Weston fto Geometry classy- "How many sides has a circle?" Weak Voice from the Rear-"Two." Miss Weston-"Ahem! and what are they?" The Reply-"Inside and outside." What European nation likes night better than day? The Italians, because they like it when their Dagoes. "A car?" stormed the angry father. "Of course you can't have a car! Why you would be absolutely helpless if you found yourself with a fiat tire." "Oh, no, I wou1dn't daddy," Eliza- beth retorted confidently, "I have given flat tires the air before." Mother-"Why son, what do you mean by feeding the baby yeast?" Son-"Why he swallowed my half- dollar and I'm trying to raise the dough." So They Say Be it ever so homely, there is no face like your own. -"My rose," said he as he pressed her velvet cheek to his. "My cactus," said she, as she encoun- tered his two weeks stubble. Judge-"I cannot conceive a meaner, more cowardly act than yours. You have left your Wife. Do you realize that you are a deserter?" Sam--"Judge, if you knew dat lady as well as Ah does you wouldn't call me no deserter. Judge, Ise a refugee. Norma-"May I get a drink?" Miss Burkhart-"You don't need to go for a drink during school hours, there's a spring in every typewriter." Students who attend gym classes are requested not to speak to the "dumb bells", join the "Indian clubs", or let the "horses" run away with them. Gerry S.-"Oh, dear, no! I simply could not Walk a step in shoes that pinch like that." Shoe Clerk, Foster S.-"I'm sorry, but you've tried on all our different styles. These are the shoes you were wearing when you came in." Helen L. Cas a nurse going off dutyj -"Is there anything else you wish, sir?" I-Iarold Z. Ca patientl-"Yes, kiss me good night." Helen-"Call an orderly, he does all the dirty work." Ralph-"Seeing is believing, you know." Mal-"Not always. I see my girl often, but, heck, if I believe her." "Like my new plane?" "She's a bird!" "She, my eyeg this is a mail plane." Jack-"I've lost all confidence in women." John-"Why?" Jack-"I put a matrimonial ad in the paper and one of the replies was from my fiancee." A cr Geo 4526 H. Bodley fSomewhat embarrassed, after the car had stopped on a lonely roadl-"I can't start my engine: the thing won't spark."i Virginia S.-"Must be like some peo- ple I know." I'm the boy that to others would seem Fairly infatuated with Josephine, I am a Senior, and a Junior is she, But after school's out, real lovers we'll be. -John Douglas. Kissing a girl just because she ex- pects you to is like scratching a place that doesn't itch. Foster S.-"Your father is unreas- onable." "Why?" asked Elizabeth. Foster-"Tells me not to lose sight of my object in life and then kicks be- cause I call seven nights a. week." She was only a photographer's daughter, but Oh! how she was de- veloped. She was only a banker's daughter, but Oh! how she held their interest. She was only a pharmacist's daugh- ter, but the boys, they drug her away. She was only a stenographer but he liked her type. Mr. Swick, the absent-minded pro- fessor who rolled under the dresser and waiter for the collar button to find him. Charles Thayer-"Dick, you're going to get into trouble, one of these days." Charles Heinlin-"I-Iow's that?" C. T.-"For trying to impersonate a man." Jimmie A.-"Every time I kiss you it makes me a better man." Kathryn P.-"Well, you needn't try to get to heaven tonight." Jack S.-"Would you call your mother if I should kiss you?" Geraldine S.-"Now, Jack, you know very well that I have such a cold that I can barely speak above a whisper." Mrs. Casey-"Marjorie, go wash your face and neck." Marjorie-"Neck who, mother?" I2I Preacher fat baptismb-"His name, please." Mrs. Beach-"Archibald Percival Al- fred Henry Worthless Lathrop Smith- son Beach." Preacher fto assistantl-"A little more water please." Prof. Molder Cto new salesgirlj- "Where will I iind a silk lingerie?" Salesgirl-"Search me." Byrdell W.-"The girl I marry must be one who can take a joke." Don S.-"That's the only kind you could ever get." "Why the truck in front of Matilda's house?" "Haven't you heard? They are go- ing to remove her appendix." "Engaged to four girls at once!" ex- claimed the horrified uncle. "How do you account for such conduct?" "I don't know," said Eugene Cass, 'tCupid must have shot me with a ma- chine gun." Wayne Seitz-"Give me a round-trip ticket." Ticket Agent-"Where to, please?" Wayne--"Back here, you fool!" Charles Line says: "Many a girl with a. negative personality may be de- veloped in a dark room." Leona Franks-"Hey, you boob, how do you expect us to see the game up here? Sit down in front." Joel Sames-"Can't do it, lady, I ain't built that way." Fred Myers-"Boy, I got a kick out of kissing J. Mattocks last night." Pug Y.-"More than usual?" Fred M.-"Yes, the old man caught us." Virginia Resch--"Do you think that long skirts will ever go out?" Lawrence Johnston-"Not with me." Mr. Rensch-"Can you support a whole family, young man?" Walter Diesem-"Why, certainly!" Mr.Rensch-"Think it over carefully -there are eight of us." Miss Englehart-"The first date in history was about 4000 B. C." Bernice Bishop-'tWho had it?" Nathan Beck-"Prof, what would you give for a face like mine?" Prof.-"Chloroform." J' I Qs'-G , Il -X-.. f my EE 1' muff, :::: , ' lllu :- Ot 'QA D K. :: Q n I ,. Illlfllv Q cv , XAHMV 'lin Il nz I , lil 21:16 !!- 12 tl 0 .1'.22:,':3.'1'i1 EK Jw U ESQQTQH MEAT Q ops O KB Q QQ u"l g ADV EIVIENTS X X f e ,w Q GWB G en one shaft ther l ' O szlrcrml ours may of lurk. Bu! when one T arm' sllrrzusfill Almzml "by Crm-A lon" is followml inmmllnlfly by nvrolber- and rmollzvr uulfl tlwy rcjrrfufcnl zz roll- fmnonx rrfonl of arl1iv1'r11m1l, Ibm il must muon "good l!1l1fIiSllI.'IIISZ7l17.U Delnils of lbe surtrxsfzll Cmrfou plan ull! glrzrlly be giwu 1L'fIl70IIf Obllgdflflll fo any Amuml mfifor, or mamvgcr, who is iulcrcxlerl, -woo-4,-wo THE CAN 5,,5.m GRAXIING D COMPANY A 1-110 PIANOS RADIOS PHONOGRAPHS Budd Music: Co. 200 Harding Way East RECORDS SHEET MUSIC SUPPLIES C O IVI M E R C I A L S A V I N G S Iweet Your Friends at--- B A N K Quay's Drug Store - flgency for Mary Lee Home Made Candies The Bank With The w2wm Chime Clock S. W. Side Square Phono Main I234 Galion io Comp1iments of 1-1oc1ier's Paint and Radio Shop 222 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio Sales and Service Phone Main 1284 f. A. Farnwortlr C9 Son FLORISTS Flowers for All Occasions Phone Main I367 Members of Florists Telegraph Delivery Associatio 1V1onroe's Laundry 252 South Market St. Main I243 I. N. HILL Fresh and Smoked Meats Groceries, F ish and Oysters. Best for Less Galion Electric and Luggage Store 133 Harding Way East Electric Supplies, Luggage and Leather Goods. J. H. HERR FANCY GROCERIES 401 South Boston Street Phone Main 1270 TI-IE ALLEN SUPPLY CO., Inc. W T ' V3Y?f5'5Wi if M945 5 Q 'NA Automobile Necessities, Garage Equipment, Raclios, Radio Supplies, Electric Ranges, Washers, Smeepers, Ironers, Winchester Guns and A mmunztion, Spraying Equipment, Lacquers, etc., G. E. Refrigerators. 322-28 Harding W ay East Qalion, Ohio BEAUTIFUL GIFTS will he found at Gelsanlitefs. Books, Stationery, Table Sets and a wicle variety of special things. if " We are glad to be known on T:?ff?7g EL1 as headquarters in Galion for School Supplies, as 3 l '- f-Via. 'VE . well as for Ofjhce Sup- !! W plies, Stationery and Wall 1,11 fr. "l2Qls'Qt. 'reavsezif Pam" . ltilirriziai' .ROBERT w. cnmsggs, You'll Find A Welcome Always at CELSANLITERS , L an .gin we it exe nu - an, vmuic mu -1:-1-I -r t4n1- A Iftf orlfjzng Plans For New Homes at Little or Nothing Price Bungalows 1: Garages Goocl Material Good Workmanship The Galion Lumber Co. Phone Main l84l CARMEL 'S ...EAT... The Galion Equity Exchange Co. I-Iay, Grain, Flour and Feed COAL, BUILDING SUPPLIES, FERTILIZER AND FENCING H. F. EICHORN, Mgr. GaIion, Ohio E. IVI. Freese Sl Co. CLAY WORKING MACHINERY Galion. Ohio C. H. Hebfrich FLORIST 639 North Columbus Si. CentraI I-IoteI Gaiion, Ohio Southern I-IoteI Mansfeld, Ohio N. O. WEAMER, Prop. IT. S. Wlsterman 81 Co. C. I FOTfn6y O P T O IVI E T R I S T VVOIVIENS APPAREL STORE -1 Eyes Examined and'Glasses Fiileci Qalion, Ohio I l3I1 Mail-my St. :: GaIion, OI1 Where Correctness Preolominates 1 , F ,, --- X Ly x X - ,. P E a E sim: 'iw Xi 1 f x - .-2.4 1 1 f .- - .- fe f Z,- 4 4 - 'W' 5 1 C E. ra E -a 5 0 Ea gg Ei ' Illllhumk r r Il ell lllllllllllllll 1 5ID' ' 1 en ..- "' 'fm :TI-as Il, Ogg In ll, .4'!' f H K AA "Um ll K ..gsfuHn,!L: ,glnf N 1-r Q, ug UQ ua -H Q Ka' S E ' 'SDE' - 5':-'- U1 R 5 PS Q, D Q va CD H- D -..Q H- H en O-5 O S O S 'U 9:- F12 Q S2 iff' Z 2 o 3 rn :nm N- 4 5 U. :s :v D O 3-no ,D 511 910 D- S' 2 2 GLS 8 5'm'g Q .Q Z5 Q2 3 f' 5 ff 21 'SG 9'-o 0 2462.2 FD ,,,,r-r V 'R . Qin K4 as E Q 5',.gS 2 Fa. . UQ CD CL'-1 'fl cf' Q Q x ,ir :Ig :r SUITS TOPCOATS For Men and Young Men Wegre fully prepared to correctly outfit men in just what they S CHAFFNER-M YERS CO. STYLE STORE Compliments of The First National Bank Galion, Ulzio ESTABLISHED 1864 470 AND SAFETY The Bakefs Drug Store G i O n In q u it I e r PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Save with Safety at your Rexall Drug Store All Kinds Of Congraiulalions Printing Ex1fenc1elaI9g9CIass of , ,sat lm 35? kgff , A L 4, ,. Ev 1. as , if iilniffticyahw Y 7" ikis , 1 2' f E-13.7 Market Street Mills Grain, Flour and Mill Feed Over a quarter ofa century manufacturing White Rose Flour Furniture and Floor Coverings BOEI-HVI'S GaIion's Largest Furniture .Store CARL BOEHM, Prop. Corner Harding Way East and Liberty Street A triat of Golden Krust Bread witt convince you it,s ttie Best Sanitary Bakery 224 Harding Way Eat: Jrarrrvct seen I0-4-I 06 Harding Way West Extends Congratulations V to the Class of t 929 YNI UNDfn'C'ROUND MKUSOLIUFA . .,.,,...w.. . .- . e :gg vm 3-13, l Ttze Qation Metattic Vault Co. GALION, OHIO Spring Coats and Dresses 55.95 to 339.50 MILLINERY, SILK HOSIERY AND SILK UNDERWEAR SA UL ,S ON THE SQUARE f. E. Qratram, Associate French Cleaners and Dyers Chas. F. Tracht, Prop. I 'A 'AID , I QA I I kskndflrloa , .ffasteg 0 Q' Nm 4' Offtcc and Plant 116 W. Atwood Sf. GALION, OHIO KIRKLANUS Shoe Repair Shop QUALITY AND SERVICE Boots and Shoes Vulcanized Hand Bags and .Suit Cases Repaired Neuman C9 Baehr Filling Station 326 Harding Way East "Service with a Smile" Koolmotor Gas and Oils Mohawk Tires Every form of Dependable Insurance IVIAUSOLET THE INDIVIDUAL COPPEFLSTEEL VAULT , , L rx f THE QU ff , ? "Dib-, The U. S. Steel Grave Vault Company GALION :: :: OHIO CC 39 Should Auld Acquainiance be Forgot AULD'S Inc. Manufacturing femelers and Engravers COLUMBUS, OHIO Class Rings and Pins, Club Pins, Emblems Engraved Commencement Invitations f. H. ULMER, jeweler Galion Represeniaiive HPURITY METAL" Burial Vault Manufacturers OPEN END OPEN TOP OPEN BOTTOM VAULTS The Naiionai Grave Vault Company QAL1o1v, OHIO Home Made Candies and ice Cream Where? HUBLEYUS of course Give us your party orders, we deliver IOS Harding Way West Phone Main l929 Why noi a Good Watch for Graduation? l ,Eff -1 ,E it E, Se e P QL '91X1:1'v!z'9'gli?.5- We specialize in the hetter makes of Watches, both in Pocket and Wnst. among them are Elgin, illinois. Hamilton, Helbros and AmericLs, cased in the finest of cases and at prices within the reach of all and sold to you with a guarantee of satisfac- tion or a new one. When you think ofa Walciv, ihink of J. H. ULMER JEWE LER Galion -:- -:- Ohio The Racket Store Where you huy the famous Detroit Jewel Gas Stove They Bake Belief THE NEW CONGOLEUM RUGS WITH SEALEX FINISH IN ALL THE NEW PATTERNS Beautiful Decorated Dinner Sets, Fancy Glass Ware Pyrex Baking Ware, Notions, Dry Goods, Curtains, Window Shades, Novelties, Toys, Hardware, Al- uminum Ware, West Bend and Wear Ever Water- less Cookers. Quality Merchandise -- Low Priced I36-140 H. W. E. Phone Main I40I Z '-l..J"lC'5'-'ZVY S20 ,' K Z . l , f l , -yi: .,,-55:41-E 1' A ' ' , "' ' 3 - 'fg3Zifi5fi5:I:E- fag- , ., l D!! N 4 i xx 4, i . i Nu , en I X O CZ-LSB, 3 l ,, X -xy 01 , ,. y il X E-if El 'i ll en C r 1 c. 1'cl , 'c :fp .f f A ' 15fjewel e t 845. ..v "w Eh. 5, ,,,, ,,, , ,,,. - Lifla r-1-.4iq:j--,E .,..,. z,.,.wr,- i ' ll mzmi ll i wil mm 2,1 l lib E i A new Gtu ar ouche, 4 k engraved sol gold case wi h dus roof non pull out winding stem, i y movem n , E B E- 6 Li f. ,E QQ, 1 g onzo ,ma f f ll E 63 ,. A , .X N 5 FK. ' gnothek iw guild ciratiofia ' Aulllll R gg- . ru roue e,in14 c. ' - A 'N'- ,lxu . g ld with smart silk coifdl , ' X 5 I -"fi, X if , '4 X and gjustalile gold clasps, I sy Q in fifgr ' t " ' 'Q 1 fjewe movement, -, K V .giqfi m l X mga S52. A- jimi J me a x S Y ' 1 1 A Y I 6- -3 . j X . ' kj lk l l M ll" me 0 1 f J 4 fm ll! 5 ' NK J x X ll N :L 7 f ek X xp- X f K 1 K - X fi Mp- ,. GENERAL TIRE -goes a long way to make friends Cltlmli 9 . i E8 a' W li 1 ' li 5 I P ll if 'li s lk 2 Balloon Dual iff Grip GALION TIIEE. SHOP Cronenwett ros. BATTERIES VULCANIZING ,l Raymond Coal and Supply Co. MATTHEW L. HOEKSTRA, Prop. DEALERS IN Coal and Building Supplies Ofce ami Yards opposite Big Four Passenger Depot Phone Main 1392 Galion, Chio PLANKS for Sandwiches, Malted lVlillc, lce Cream, Sunclaes, Parfaits Etc. At Popular Prices High School Pupil's Patronage Solicited ddmoh 0' Sngtn Now You Can Buy A Car m.nAau.n1- 'T 9 Y If 'Inns s as tS'J""Ss"" . Q I ' ' .. xfs' A Du I? fi The wise man alwav h : , ---f and always ll t t , I K, E seek the b t l pOSS1blC I V- for his money. That s Why so ! . , ff-9 ,. ' oigigi' many of them come here for 4,938 a dependable USED CAR. o 'J:t' A Good Stock to J ' Choose From M. F. GWINNER I22 HARDING WAY WEST Open Evenings :-: :-: Best Terms 3' 1 W 5 . f7 f 11 ,!, Met al Our .J Sheei Paironzze Work Tfzaler C9 Son Acloeriisers Sheet Metal Work Roojqng ofAll Kinds HART, SHAFFNER AND MARX eLoT1-1135 Florsheim Shoes Interwoven Sox Stetson Hats GOOD CLOTHES AND SHOES FOR MEN AND BOYS F or Qualify F urn iiure I-Iere's to the Class of May they succeed in llreir endeavors ' :,gi5vJ::.1' I 3 an ee o y ompany GALION, OHIO II8 Harding Way Easl H as' G x, N 44 ' f Wg N' , - I ,,:. in 2 . :1:25a5:: :,.. - ,.'.".5Lg:4:,-H n v, ,,.. , '1s:1:,.,,E5 --1 fn New "ff" 12,-2 - if ,:eEai5E5iei525:' 1-P " 8 - , . ..-. i - .. ,V --.W-:,v - ,,.:.:::,:, , I wt,,A:,N x ,. H --,, 1 3: In , ,.,. . ..,..Q,- ,. N E E' . "":": I ii i ' Ei . -25.1 53255 K :- .A,' 1,' , I ,A : : gg 2 mm i m ,... ,...............................-- ---- '--Y.,A..............N"f"1'-'11 'Wi' ..,.. x i.,-.-14,11 Citizens ational Bank Galion, Ohio agigfgf Welcomes The Opportunity of Serving You 5 u l V K lg ' NEUMANN BROS. ZI3 Harding Way East Plumbing. Healing, Sheet Metal W ork and Electrical Supplies Bradley Sweaters, Walk-Over Shoes Phoenix Hose, Stag Trousers Vassar Hats, R 61 D Caps Munsingwear. i he H uh, I nc. Where Good Clothes and Foolwear are Sold al Reasonable Prices Always Royal Theaire Follow the Crowds and See the Latest and Best Photoplays. 1fil's a Big Picture, the Royal Theatre Plays ii. The Galion News Agency l3l Harding Way West Dealers ln Daily and Sunday Newspapers Phone Main l788 The Dairy Market W. j. GINDER, Prop. Galion,s Largest Market Harding Way East Phones Main l370 - Main l37l Main l 244 Lady Attendant Volk Funeral Home Ambulance Service COMPLETE CHAPEL Personalflllcnlion lo all Services by Mr. Volk lVlueller's Tailors and Dry Cleaners GOOD CLOTHES DONVIW COST, THEY PAY. The Home of Odorless Dry Cleaning : : Valet Service 230 Harding Way East Thane Main 1501 u , Miller s Bakery Our Rolls, Pies and Cakes Harlan Jones are always Fresh and ARCHITECT Exceptionally Good TRY THEM.' BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Day and Night service and storage Galion Moior Car Co. C. 1. SHA W, Pmp. - No Boy or Girl... is properly and safely started without a Savings Account. START ONE HERE! Come in ancl let us tell you what you can do with cne. The Horne Savings 6' Loan Co, Public Square Wyandot Block Phone Main l83S The Galion Shoe Co. l29 Harding Way East I-I O E S THAT ATISF Y The National Standardfor The American Man Dick Lower AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SHOES DRY CLEANING PRESSING SOLD AT REPAIRING Phone Main 1611 204 Harding Way E. Gallon, Ohio HARDWARE HARNESS AND FARM IMPLEIVIENTS Fred Hocfger South Marker Street A Distinctive Line of Young Mens Suits S I 62 Tum Prices Onl I .29 KLEINSK OTHES FOR MEN AN D BOYS l07 Harding Way E. Galion, Ohio The Galion lron Works 81 Mfg. Co. The Worldis Largest Road Machinery Plant Sctznauz C9 Poister Tinning, Plumbing and Heating F or Fir st 218 Harding Way East H51 WISE WISE PEOPLE. BUY FU RNACES , 1 Class Cal Work ancl Qui l Main I 442 That Satisfied Feeling Easily Acquired ...Ar... EHRHAR 'VS LUNCH ROOM 134 Harding Way East AI Graham--Chief Hash Stinger Mystic Theatre Big Cushion Seats High Class Entertainment Always Your Moncy's Worth THE MARSH STUDIO YOUR PHOTOGRAPH is an Acceptable gm for A11 occasions Kodaifs and Supplies Parker Pens ana' Pencils Picture Piames anci Moulding C. BURR MARSH C9 SON 208 H ding Way East : : . : Gal: Ol: We DE SOTO we SIX GOODRICH SOI-HO ETI-IYL TIRES GAS FABEITS GARAGE South Columbus Street Snyderfs Wlngart s Market I H Qualify Groceries and Meats H4 Harding Way West Phone Main i202 Best of Service al Moderate Price INVALID CAR srsrzvrcrs The Thomas Hardware Co. Dealers rn All Kinds of LADY ATTENDANT Hardware, Paints, Oils and Sporting Goods Calls Answered Day or Night . , The W inchesler Store Phones: Mann H64 Res. Mann l389 , , GBIIOD, Ohm SEN! ORS .... We earnestly wish you lyfetime success Roy Flowers Romine Brothers Corner Harding W ay and Union WHIPPET 5 WILLYS-KNIGHT Everything for Your Car F U R N l T U R E l32 S. Market St. Galion, Ohio Congratulations-- To The Class of l 929 ay F. Nichols Home Service Grocery EAST SIDE Desilets Battery Service Why Not? Cor. Grove Ave. and Boston St. FET TER'S Billiard Parlor THATS ALL Brenenstufs Wholesome Confections Home-made Taffy, Pop Com 'Crisp, Buttered Pop Corn, Salted and Roasted Peanuts and Other Confections. Always Fresh Booth N. E. Cor. Public Square Look Over Our Magazine Rack Immediate Delivery on any Model of tlze New Ford CarUTT Welcome news to hundreds of buyers---Come and see these at our show rooms---Come and drive them yourself. . Four Models in Coupes Three Models in Sedans Two Models in Roadsters A Phaeton and a Taxi Cab FreiRg5EAlxlRiller "Try The Drug Store First!! .H M... gf fi 'WWE i -2. H mn! Mun' FRED E. BARR Smoke House Kreiter C9 Wise GROCERY SERVICE zz :: QUALITY 225 S. Market St., Galion, Ohio PFLEIDERER 8: BATES, Prop's. Phone Main Main 173 I Galion, Ohio M. Kmgle, L, Wise If you want the very best paint made--- Try Lowe Bros. CI-IEAPER IN PRICE THE BEST IN QUALITY Diamond Hardware Co. I'Iess Brothers ...DEALERS IN... Fresh and Salt Meats, Game, Poultry, Gjtc. Hess Block, South Market and Parson Sts. GALION, OHIO Hornstein-Newman, Inc. Manufacturers Of STRATBURY CLOTHES Featured By THE GLOBE, Inc. Quality Baked Goods The Tasty Kind The same good quality is always maintained in Stutzman's baked goods---F rom a loaf of bread to the most delicate pastry will he found that deliciousness of flavor that makes Galion follcs ask for more. STUTZMANXS No Matter What You Want To Build. . . . . .we can furnish the materials. Merely tell us what you want and how much you want of it and we'll have it there in no time. A. C. Gledhill Lumber and Building Supplies MAIN 1334 Complete Parts Service Tires, Tubes and Auto Accessories High Grade Gasoline Oils and Greases Authorized Exide Battery Service Always the Best for the Money Placlis Auto Supply CONSULT US FIRST I 900 Whirlpool Washes FAST - CLEAN - SAFELY 551 NO BELTS ' TO SLIP X-L-f NEW ARMORED TUB H SAFETY WRINGER - 1 -III , To 125: -a ,ASK FOR DEM ON S TRA TI ON Resch 81 Casey IZ3 Harding Way East The Waldamar Printing Company Extends Itis Congratulations To The Class Of 1 92 9 210 Harding Way E. Phone Main 1885 The IVIoorman Coal and SuppIy Co. 'People who have a liking for the best in every line will like our IGNITO coat. Eat at the. . . Galion Dining Car Good Home Cooked Food DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 3I3 Harding Way E. Galion, Ohio Boston Street M artget O. Pfebfcr, Prop. ...Dealer In... Home Killed Meats Strictly Fresh Eggs Poultry and Fish Phone Main I3I7 A. M M ettzean y PUBLIC SQUARE INSURANCE of All Kinds PHONE MAIN I602 fizr Economical Transportation ri?-EYES? , r LET A Six in the Price Range of ilze Four The Galion Chevrolet Co. GALION 1: OHIO Earl Sfevenson BRYAN C OAL 627 Harding Way Eas! CO. DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS 40' 5- Mare' 5" Main 1931 Frank Hardware Bachelder C9 Biehl General Hardware -' and General Insurance Automobile Glass

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