Galion High School - Spy Yearbook (Galion, OH)

 - Class of 1920

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Galion High School - Spy Yearbook (Galion, OH) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 15 of 154
Page 15 of 154

Galion High School - Spy Yearbook (Galion, OH) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 14
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Page 15 text:

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Page 14 text:

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Page 16 text:

Rivet THE LAST SEMESTER A , For the Seniors the last semes.ter in the New High School Build- ing haspassed very rapidly. Although we have been unusually busy, we have nevertheless enjoyed our sample of 'better environment and improvement, and we are somewhat envious of the advantages those in the lower classes will have over us. A , No matter how long we live, we shall always be proud of the fact that ourswas the first class to graduate from the new building. As a class we endeavored by showing .the fright spirit to set -an example for the other clasases. Although we have been handicapped in many ways the class has done excellent work in the selling of tickets and pro- viding money for the many expenses to be met in a time when so much was needed. All the improvements found in a new building have been made. The chemical laboratories are better and more conveniently equipped and we now have a first rate Mechanical 'Drawing rooam. Only our boys can, tell wfhat an improvement the Manual Training department is over the old one. The new department for the girls is very well liked and should 'turn out some first class housekeefpers. N-ot enough can be said of the Gymnasium, 'but it is doing for us physically what the school is doing 'mentally-emaking us stronger and better 'men and women. On Decemfber 19, 1919 the new school :building was dedicated. Many visitors and school men from different parts of the state were present at 'tlhe occasion. Various gifts were presented to the 'building at this time. 'The Woman's Relief Corps and the D. of A., each gave large flags. The Junior Order, a line India paper Bible. Pictures were 'given lby H-ayes Crumb and The 'Camp Fire Gi-rls. Fr-om part of the S500 donated 'by the Alumni Association, the dining room in the model home was furnished. The Round Table Girls will furnish the bed-room. Tlhe Federation of Woman's Clu'bs has given a sum of money to which they will add from time to time to be used for a Ref- erence Lifbrary. The gift of fifty dollars of Mrs. E. M. Freese and that of the Federation of Woman's Clufbs were combined to purchaise a new International Encyclopedia. - We should also mention in this connection the contribution of Dr. L. C. .gNeville, of Seattle, Wash., of a valuable collection which is in it- self a miniature museum. The express alone on this collection was 540, which' was paid by the donor. Resolutions on Standard of Studcntshjp, Department and School Spirit Inasmuch as the citizens of Galion fhave made it possible for the Twelve 'students of Gallon High School to enter the beautiful new 'building the BY first of the year we feel it our duty to show our appreciation by adopting the following resolutions: ' I Resolved, that we will co-operate as far as possible with the superintendent, principal and teachers in maintaining a high stand- ard off studentsihip, deportment and High school spirit. Resolved, that we will not mar the buildingnor willfully destroy the furnishings in any way but do all within our power to keep it in its present state of attractiveness. Whereas, the people of Galion have shown' their extreme interest 'in our welfare as to give freely of their means, thoughts and efforts, BY that we, the young people of the city might have the best possible preparation for our future. Whereas, the building is now 'completed and that we are 'being the first to occupy ths spacious and most completely equipped 'building. GIRLS BOYS And whereas, we do wish to show our heartfelt appreciation for all such efforts. Therefore be it highly resolved: that we, the young people who are to be the first to enjoy these privileges, strive to make our actions in accordance with the ideals of our people. ' Be it resolved, that we endeavor to secure the most complete edu- cation possible, such that their efforts will not have been in vain. Be it resolved, that we work together as one body to uphold the standard of the school and the school spirit and, ' Be it resolved, that each person in the high school show his ap- preciation by standing by the superintendent, principal and teachers in all that they do for our betterment. Finally, be it resolved, that we will not in any way mark or deface the building and that we will do our best to hand this tradition down to the new classes as they enter the building. Rest:-lutic-:rs Thanking the Former Board of Education for Services In view of the tact that the members of the Board of Education who have recently retired from office have given much of their time and efforts for our advancement. Be it resolved that: we as students of the Galion High School extend to them our thanks for their efforts, especially in equipping and beautifying the playground and securing the site for our new building, which we all know was not an easy task, as difficult situations had to be met and much public sentiment of a hostile nature had to be endured. We realize the completing and perfecting of our building is due in a large measure to their efforts, and we will endeavor in the future to maintain high standards in both our school and civil life, so that efforts will not seem to have been in vain. lEditorJ it E. fi

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