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w.f xy J If jf , fin .H 'iii gh , W w . w K x 'JJ 1: If if rf z ki P , f .l. K 1 I'-eif R 4 L- I ft' 1 Y, x9gf:,4ffcL4,fnL,i,QC4!4c,cf6,efj fgkwddfhgcj !C,4,LZ'ILf 144,11 ' Wyafwwdfwd -Qfwwgizx W MM! QM . fdwidflog ff! M50 X690 Agfffdfdfim, O0f g QLWI Q! 1 4 -fb' .4',: i i'Q , ' 007A 4 V xn A Y N, YY A vs Nxt? 5 X W 0, ggxbwkywwmv Q-,QC XG . QQ M YX ww kN? SXWS J Wu WN xy Uwvw lv Wbvgx NG MX WO M :QV Y qi T Q gm NJ XJ , I SQ X ' X, LA 5'-W N. Nix W , QX Lu THQ Cntefonian PIA. bl' shed Clltfvh Mu gcluool 4 fo h , PQ, 'y lg b , w X X' 'NU N R X35 5 Lf-wk L WSW Y W' Sf W 'XY gk M QW! i XQUN J ,LN f gmYWk 'J X' , XY yi ij gf gf j L. qu! 7, ' 2621 1271 JM an , I f f 4 xvm E fig J awk 1.5, ,f KQ ff 51, ,f f M' me libgfifff A wx A ,X mx ,MV A 65 GfEjQcLh . ' AQ41 Qbedflatwn v A, ,iff SW- ' Z ann' F' ll - K vfsif! I ' if-'f ' mimi . "lf 7 f, ' "' . i f-ff ' V V xgggg M. i",f , " TY- 5. Q f ' 5 i . .'-'- 'WY' Ti A L? 4 "."'s1'- ' U, .f . r 1 A ii! 1. , -, -, .. To our senior advisor, Mr. Nicholas Ostrosky, we the Class of 1969, wish to dedicate this yearbook. Advising and guiding us isjust one of his many duties. He is also the high school principal and teacher in the business department, To Mr. Ostrosky, we wish to offer our thanks for his understanding. f . HUWIHNSHWHUH Sufwwiwtq Twwdpal TBM 8. Ham The Senior Class wishes to thank Mr, Harris for his willingness to help us at any time. We apprcciate his thoughtlulness and his understanding ot' our ideas and opinions. We shall miss his daily announcements that greet us every morning. The popular phrase ot' the moment is "Do Your Own Thing." This seems to suggest that each is an individual accountable to his own conscience alone and responsible only to himself for his acts. By some small extension this could mean each is free to do what he wants to do without regard to others. This attitude in the extreme overlooks a most important fact. Man stands as tall as he does today be- cause he has the privilege of standing on the progress made by other men both living andldead. lf, as .lohn Donne says, airy man's death diminishes us all, then most assuredly our actions touch more than just our own lives, So as you chart the course ofyour life, remember that other people are involved in what you do. "Do Your Own Thing," but do it in the context ofa larger neighborhood than one which is bounded by your own desires. Basil Harris Hiya Sm! Wmqml new 1 ami, We wish to make our gratitude known to Mr. Ostrosky for his helping hand. He has done his best to keep G. H. S. among the high ranking schools of this area. We are proud ofit and wish to thank Mr. Ostrosky. M: ' -Q K ,.,,.,,.,e ...:...g..A,.. gnu ' ' "Stay in school and get a good education," is a grand slogan, but you must realize that there is more to the slogan than meets the eye. John Arbuckle used the line, "You get what you pay for," to sell his products. You could easily apply this to educationfyou get your return in proportion to your effort. l believe we do offer "a good education" at Galeton, but it is going to take a reasonable effort on your part to make sure that you "get that good education." Standing: Clarence Detar, Joseph Kearse, Ronald Dean, Leonard Carlson. Seated: Louise Martin. Margue- rite Cizek, Betty Campbell. School Bom School Board at work. Clarence Detar, President. The controlling power behind the daily activities of G. ll.S, is the School Board. Composed of a very able body ulates thc allowance of money for various school projects. They consider applications presented to them for posi- tions in the administration and choose the most qualified persons to hold these positions. The problems faced by the Board arc often difficult, but their wise decisions hclp our school on a steady course. 6 l of representatives from each school district, the hoard reg,- FW! The high school faculty of Galeton High is not appreciated to the full extent. They are willing to give up time to give a helping hand for students who ask for help. At any time, they will extend a helping hand to the needy student. The seniors of '69 would like to give a special thanks to each member and are grateful for the help and time given to each sludent of their class. Duane H. Allen East Stroudsburg Stale Teachers College llealth, Physical Education 4. ,.. t. '. ,.f 1 F . 't s - ri . 4,- 1 Z'-f Rue B. Allen Battle Creek College Penn State Library Science, Librarian State College Geography, Science 1-N f N ,X John B. Caldwell Evelyn Grant Bloomsburg State College Mansfield State College Business Education Home Economics Gloria Harris John Howard Mansfield State College G Robert Gram Lock llaven State College Art h , , , Health, Physical Education Lock Haven State College Guidance Counselor, Enyish Michael Hoza Lock Haven State W Clara F. Jolmson Lock Haven State College College Math, Driver ' Reading, English ke Educationr ' QU ultofnx. Ve""'l'l . e .M . ,- wut Suv-Ex-tsv gal N 0 l adv Gary Kreisler Mansfield State College Economics, English W Floyd Lounsbury Mansfield State College Alfred University English Adrian R. Rowe Mansfield State College Clifford Means Alfred University Kate Rowe Penn State California State Teachers College industrial Arts, Drafting Chemistry, Physics, Biology Mansfield State College English, French, Latin Patrick M. Smail Richard Thompson Slippery Rock State College james W Schott Milmneld Stale College History, American Government ' , History Mansheld State College Donald Warren Mansfield State College Geography, Science, Math Music Hugh Welfling Mansfield State College Secondary Special Education Speak! Svwicea These are the people that keep our school bustling. Mrs. Moore and Mrs. McConaghay work hard to keep our sehool's business matters in order. Mrs. Lush, our school nurse, is always eager to help when her assistance is needed. We deeply appreciate the efforts they put forth. e. W Kun X w Special Swim These are three of the busiest people at Galeton High School. Our Chef, Mr. Churchill, and Mrs. Rawson put their time and rescources to the best possible use for a well-balanced noon meal. Mr. Fitzgerald, our school handyman, keeps the school facilities in working order. Fine service and experience, possessed by each of these people, help keep our school running smoothly. EHIHHU HH 9' 5 'iii 5' ep' ,X Handvwork. Brethren fm Another One Chicken Man . Hifi Fore ,H -J I Lovel II nv'-s Use Puffs for sensitive skin Whistle while you work. To f6ICh H Pail Of? Girls? Where? Oh yeah? Pucker power !! i Twiggy ! l'd walk a mile for a camel ! But I told Mr. Grant I Finally ! he end ofthe soup. didn't want to take French. Colonel Sanders I didn t do it You're so stupid ! If this was your head I . 5 uae - . .1-2-J , '- H l 3 - -. ffl , , . J , v .Q .V - 4 f- A ,s 4. . ' X , 1-. .. ,A ,rg - f' E fwfizi .. fl- 1"G.,,g:,, jg. ' . flsizff ' n L T . N 'P . X' I didn't exactly steal it . . . And you wanted me to vote for him? GYPSY and Helen both? if , F Oh, baby ! International playboy. Sudden Beauty Groovy ! l'm a little teapot ! 1 'If' Wanna bet? My gosh ! Lollipop Brutis ! Lamont ! A little dab'll do ya ! Just call me nose ! D 1 i t t Who said what? You can't come in ! Come on Judy! ! Cow , . . girls? '? Love at first sight ! 11' hw ,, t 'fii 4 A Oh! Come now. The hand - . . Gootin' off. 94 and bulit like this?'? :mtl Beauty aids. .-1 Well, I try ! Clackers ! Blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere l M Come on boys ! Anyone see lrvie? I lost my mask ! That bad huh? I wish Oliver It gets to ya ! was here now ! V 20 ...Q W' R , ' , 4 X 5- . , 3? if 'Y yn 5 Pens: , .,,5 Y EE cam of 1769 The years in Senior lligh have provided the Class of '69 with many new experi- ences. As we go our separate ways we will encounter many more. For the last four years we have been preparing ourselves for the world outside. Our accomplishments are many, and now we are ready to use this knowledge to reach our goals. Our achievements have left an indelible mark in the halls Qand on , . , XJQFW . af yf if til - Mme-5 N ' rt' df' the desksj ofG. H. S. life? if ff. iiwi 1 l Athur Keaton f!'Ib, JP President Up jj' Sandra Mosch Patsy Parker of Robert P rry Treasurer Secretary Vice-President l My W ,fy M Wg 1 if vi fd Kfv j A , U ,J M MW' W mfr, ff www P ,W W P MQ Sharon Dake Bonnie Dick Frank Dimon Judy Douglas Darlene Earle Dimitrios Farmakides l M' WW9 l l l l ,owne W Qjfmde ,4,x.!-Qvlfflj nf! al 'Nl' John Handwerk hyllis Juv-'fab pa 0. Ll! A471 Wag! Mae 'Jie 'Alf ZMQQ Mxchael Johnson Joseph Kearse Carole Kefover 27 w Haw James La Barr Joyce Miller NVQ' f . X I Q ' Barry Mainus -X ff M - w vs . 01 f , X ,N TP ,MJ 5 W .V pf JL 'Lu 5' L fy JY 3- ing U FN pix Simi Q iw V JJ rrvk-'dl SJ' G' X3 U ff 'J HJ' . 2- - xr John Nelson .,rJ MJ JR Evelyn Fletcher Janet Post Jean Prouty ' J ' Robert Paul ,HL Allen Smith Way ne Putman Kenneth Rachiele Lawrence Rachiele Sally Skvlfki Gail Sullivan Wendy Sykora Lee T Nancy Verbjar 65 ,gli I '5 fn-1 gl . sg 1, : J J ' ff " ' ,:'I"- , Vg. Ai t -x S Said what, Charlie? Just like Grandma ! Dipping into the sauce again? The Alunmi Association was the host of the '68 graduating class on June lst of this year. The yearly banquet dinner was prepared by Lovell Churchill and the helpful Juniors waited on the guests. The money the Juniors received for their willing assistance will help pay for the trip to New York City. Slower, Ken, less foam. What do you mean, I can cook? W00dd0l0L,4 cdlwilillf Tire annual Woodsnrcn's Carnival was held at Cherry Springs Slate Park in August. Once again the park was filled to its capacity with machinery and visiting woodsmen. The Senior girls worked hard selling programs to earn money for their trip to New York City. Care for sonic? Skull ! Here come da Judge Ooooh Cliffy ! Uwe Guam Gaza lcamc from a town of 120.000 population. lt is situated in the center ofa peaceful gulf. We never have snow and the skies are always blue. All these natural beauties plus my parents, relatives, and friends were the things 1 had to leave behind. A few days before I left, I asked a friend from Philadel- phia to tell me what Galeton would be like. llis answer was: NA small town situated in the mountains, had weather, far from big cities, with nothing much to do. DON'T GO". But I came because I like to do the opposite of what I am told to do. I found out then that he was wrong, The small town was very pretty. From the very first day people treated me like an old friend and made me feel at home, l could never imagine people could be so kind and friendly. Nothing will be able to make me forget the plea- sant time I spent and the nice people I met in Galeton. Diinitrios Constantin Farmalddes Dimitrios Farmakides, this year's exchange student, came to us from Padras, Greece. I-Ie has become a friend to all because of his outstand- ing personality and has easily tit into our American way of life. We have leamed much about Dimitrios' country and hope that by tlte close ofhis visit he will have leamed much about ours. We were proud to have Dimitrios with us and we will long remember him. HHUHQELHSEWEH J - P Nfl ill S -9 ' I E ix' . f f iff i K1 .,'-.ei ,ff Rex l 'IIS 1 ig l ill , ....-.4 X 'F f fr' . M... 'fx A..a.u. Bacon, L. Batterson, P. Brown, K. Campbell, J. Detar, S. Evans, G, Fowler, W. Frith, J. Green, D. Hurd, F. Irvine, R. Knecht, C. Kress, T. Lazorchak, B. Leach, M . Leach. M. Levin, L. Long, S. Clauof The class of '70 possesses the qualities of wit, scholar- ship, and versatility. With these abilities they have been ac- tive in cvcry phase of school life during their junior year. They have accepted the responsibilities of holding a Snow Follies, presenting a Junior Play, and aiding the Seniors with the Prom. They are now looking ahead to their final year, and are prepared to take their leading role as Seniors. The class officers are: John Frith, President: Phil Batter son, Vice-President, Martha Leach, Secretaryg and Sarah Sparber, Treasurer. Lecliler, W. ' Leach. V, i k ' Lehman, F. - ll v y rv..-. ..- 5- ,4...1.m , ,jjf I if Lusk, D. Mainus, B. Martin, D. '7' Q' F X WHO-4 B -A ,J M , X. ' 5 A m- .. S+ 1' is 3 x- v ki w V.-is X. sxxlx. Mashula, C. McConaghay, M. McCullough, S. Nichols, F. Olson, E. Paul, J. Peppermnn, B. Peterson, C. Pinquadio, L. Pifer, P. Sulvadge, M. Schounover. D. Simkins, T, Sparber, S. Sullivan. F. Tam Burl, D. Tmub, C. Tubbs, C. Tubbs, S. Welfling, S. Widnikiewicz. A Q' as ska A x I l ...ULF ,S ,., .2 ,A . 3. W, . H- ,aj .- -fgt, Q V nfifs? g e' rf 5 X S Qi? f X :M X -L m 'A .5. ' ' i" 'JM K e ,, fi fty-'Z, 610444 The Class of '71 has had the joy of taking another step toward graduation and entering Senior High. Along with this joy came new responsibilities which they have accepted and handled without hesitation. The high-light ofthe year was receiving class rings. The class officers are: Mike Pagano, presidentg Harry Pagano. vice-presidentg Sally Parker. secretary 3 Jane Perry, treasurer. Hr ' McCloskey. W. 'V - 7,9 nf " l 1 i Anderson, C. McConag,hay, R. si it 1 Anderson, G. ,v Baker, B. Burdick. D. Burrous, M. McCullough, S. . Cimino, R. 1 Close, S. td, Ebersold, T. . -F- Flynn, JA Nordquist, J. Y Geiser, L. Gemiino, J . Glover, A. Gorg, M, Norman, L. Gorg, S. Hanes, M. Hanes, R. Hillyard, R. Pagano, H. , Q James. M. i ' M' Kemer, D, Levin, 1. Long, A. Pagano, M. Long. R. Lychalk, M. Mainus, M. Smith L. ! 7 7 ! S f , Simkins, S. -. ' J E .Da 42 6 i U 1 Pagzmo, T. .bmw f ' Parker, S. I X 'f Pennell, D. , I . N Q ' f Parsing, J, t y. Perry, J. Fsqzw 1 K I Pierce, C. B 523' mx A A Q' Q x " ,B " "" Rachiele, D. XA Rachiele, T. ' S Rawson, C. ff lx , I '- " In Rossettie, J. 'S' A Rukgaber, J. ' - I 'xx' . Schaar, J, X x. xg gr Ni X' , ' 'A L . -4 4 1 5 ' Schneider, M. Q ' " -4 ' Shelley, V. Simkins, P. Tubbs, C. Van Gordcr, T. Yonkin, E. Smith, T. Sykora, G. Sykora, T. Traub, J. ,Rr fr ' ae4?zsi"x . .X -. J v, H-. qw-4 I1 j 1 Y f J?j. ,. -1 X I U 1 ' r Q Q' X 6 -' 1. fm., J. . -1 :X - A M .. .7 lax f l rx A . L sf 4 A fi! .1 L . X 4 if 1 if rf sill fs!-'. if ' l V xi' ' . IN is V Q ,, i n'-f7':?':fi ,, A vu-rv f I A. X l l X ' x L 1 . ii li ii Anderson, S. Blass, C. Brown, A. Burdick. R. Burrous. E. Burrous. R, Burrous, S. Campbell. B. Cizek, S. Clark, M. Clark. W. Duke. T. Dean, W. Duvall. J. Eckrnnn. D. Egler. C. Erhard, D. Greco, G. Green, W. Hollcran, J. Irvin. D. Kurlruu. B. Karschner, D. Knrschner. T. Kerner. K. Kirkendall, lx. Kjelgaurd, K. La Barr, J. Leach. R. Leach. R. Lechler. R. Lehman. S. Lusk. J. Losey. D. Lovell, S. Mainus. D. Clam of We, the Class of '72 have linally crossed thc bridge between the Junior and Senior High. For the first time we elect class of- ficers and ure burning the midnight oils studying our French. Acquuinted with the activities und responsibilities ofupper classruen. wc are eager to follow in their footsteps. H72 N ff X. ., X .,E.,. ,z , .I 43 Matteson, M. Mattison, R. Miles, K. Milliron, F. Monroe, A. Osgood, G. Parker, C. Pennell, R. Perslng, W. Peterson, W. Piaquadio, C. Pierce, C. Platt, J. Pletcher, D. Raymer, J. Rexford, C. Rossettie, P. Salvadge, R. Schoonover, F Shelley, D. Skutski, P. Smith, L. Smith, R. Stamilio, S. Stevens. B, Sullivan, J. Surdnm. R. Taraliori, R. Tarr. C. VanGordcr. C Walters, D. 3 . f ' I' 'M 1 -fn i - O , ' , . ' M, -04 1- . 1 R .. .ff . 4 fi? FB' ,g -P s, .,:- , - .- - ' 'X if .Lf 4 L A ,, l R' if' F Af A 3, G 0 Q' A . . '3 4. . - .R 569' el , 75 Y ' 17- ,.-fp ,, A . 214,65 I , XA K Y I , , 1 ..m:1x:'s.: f- ., W ,214 eff, W A Q1 ' S af? '59 Q if M 5 ' lm '- ,ig W ix. ,A . 3. . rf W , -ve' i 1 'S "1 yi' L' .alfa - 2 x . .fr fn la . . .- we-.sf S.. fl . .V f P- ' l ' V' 1 ' 1 A Q' ff P l V Af ' ff r ,, .,. 'A lf " Ip, Y 5 A : ' : V K 0 I r . T Q 'ij 2 M M 4 . i .1 1- L., . g 1 4,1 ? . - f A. ' li V' ' W eis x Lili A fd X W M , I ,"'f 1 . . ll 11 r l sg. ji rg. .if Q 1 ga: V exif ' 'F R .. ll fr in ' T' Mashula, F. Watts, V. Wood, N. ,.. 0 9- 5' 'Ri P lihliifiizf . I ll 1. " J 5 x 5- X1 ll x f X 4. X 3 Baker, P. Baker, R. Batterson, T. Blass, D. Blass, L. Brecher, D. Bu nous, M. Carlson, K. Chalmers, T. Clark, D. Close, G. Devling, S. Dimon. K. Dingman, J. Douglas, L, Douglas. T. Egler, R. Frome, E. Germino, M. Gorg, P. Heganslaller, D. Hoppe, V. Huntington, L. Hurd, D. Kazimir, R. Kjelgaard, C. Kress, K. Lamont, N. Lehman, B. Leach, B. Long, M. Maitison, C. Clauof This year we gained more experience more knowledge, and more confidence in our second year of Junior High School. Now, wc know we are capable of handling the responsibilities that will be expected of us when we-are Senior High students. H73 ...A , an N V 1 -x. . . ii s 5: Q . fl w L, Y Q, . , 35' Q 'S on L' in l in 6 9'-K , .,. 'A .X ' .. . v , -- J- J -- -. ,S-9 uj f 'J'-,Ms-s .' .M 'l ' V .EfJf1. 5'i:gnMo4 J ff! .X-N J ' . . Q ' . , L Y , rm A 'J I 56-7 1 .jik x 5 as 1 L, Ax X , .,,,. H. L J '55 LZVX . M' . 2 . +5 ' gfef E2 'ig . xi ' , 'F' " -0 frm L 2.23. . if 2. '2"' -3 rp ., : KB A gy mf 5 , 8 ,ff ip' 6b v fi Y ?. xx Q . H 6 Q an 327 f g A W 'N I J 'E bb 1 3 e "' '-kid? if ai' Q 2 - ghm.: . ' McPherson. R. Miller, D. Mosch, N. Newcomb, D. Nordquist, D. Olson, J. Ostrosky, S. Paul, R. Pepperman, N Pcpperman, S. Piaquadio, S, Pifer, J. Skutski, R. Sparber, J. Stiles, D. Swan, D. Swartz, L. Vargeson, R. Welfling, S. Young, D. Zengerle, J. mow mom .xygb l-larry Pagano, Vice- President: Mike Pagano. President: Jane Perry, Treasurerg Sallie Parker, Secre- tary. Sopiamm Phil Batterson, Vice- President: John Frith President 1 Sarah Sparber, Treasurer: Martha Leach. Secre- tary. Fuahrwa U Rick L1echler,Presis dentg Bob Leach, Vice-Presidentg Judi Lusk, Treasurer: Jane Duvall, Secretary. O wi .4- ' vh- a L E L an-4 r. 'Q .gn 'ISI' -a 1 E R2 2? ". , ,ff P 1. 1 3 1 W IZ 1 I . F 1701124 The effort put forth by the Juniors made this semi-formal the event that it was. The Inner Depths supplied the music for the dzmcc. All in all, it was il memorable evening. lm! Fam! Gramm Darlene Earle was chosen to be our candidate for the Laurel Festival by the senior high stu dents. Bob Perry. who is also a senior. will be her escort. We wish Darlene the besl of luck. Flwrukng Foliage ' Our school was represented at the Flaming Foliage Festival by Patsy Parker. Arthur Keaton accompanied Patsy to Renova. Patsy and Arthur are members ofthe senior class We are very proud of them. U h .l N it K X 1 : ,N.,, K4-5 1 'WN kftgia X r .MML mm 27m Ou arf Top Row: Carol Chalmers, Nancy Turner, Robert Paul. Bottom Row: Frank Dimon, Carole Kef- over, Barry Mainus, Phil Osgood. Ed Hoffman Eddie Davis lloward Carol Mr. Wilson Tommy Green Ginger Carol Agnes Carol Joan Carol Joe Kearse W1 1704, Gmac .lack Nelson Arthur Keaton Bob Perry John Handwerk Evelyn Pletcher Judy Piaquadio Merry Milliron Gail Sullivan Darlene Earle ,,., Another enjoyable comedy was presented by the .lunior class. The theme of the tomboy who finds herself ditched by her boy friend for conduct unbecoming a girl leads to some tender moments at the end. And a comedy that not Top Row: Wendy Sykora, Janet Post, Phyllis Hurd, Patti Pennell, Mr. Kreisler- Director. Bottom Row: Peggy Pepper- man. Sandra Mosch, Judy Douglas. only amuses but moves an audience is irresistable. The story starts out with a banker who needs some sort ofcreative release and finds it in lecturing to high school classes. lt quickly develops however. that one of the bank- ers daughters has been very much impressed by her father's lectures. She has decided that her own true fulfillment can best be realized by going out for the football team. Any number of complications result: the fathcr's job is jeopardized because thc bank president docsn't approve: the girI's older sisters insist that their social life has been ruinedg and the girl football player finds that playing foot- ball and being a girl aren't always compatible. After any number of mishaps, the play ends on a happily tender note with the whole family going out to see one of the sister's in the high school play. 'nu Standing: Judy Piaquadio, Darlene Earle, Susan Close, Patsy Parker, Merry Milliron, Gail Sullivan. Seated: John Handwcrk John Nelson, Arthur Keaton, Joe Kearsc. Standing: Patsy Parker, Gail Sullivan, Merry Milliron, John Nelson. Seat- ed: John Handwcrk. Arthur Keaton Gail Sullivan John Handwerk Mcrry Milliron Judy Piaquaclio John Nelson Darlene Earle Patsy Parker Joc Kearsc Susan Close Seam 7104 66. 7. 3. Cl. The Senior class of U69 presented UNHEAL- THY TO BE UNPLEASANT, a delightful com- edy. lt tells how J. Francis Amber, an actor, tried to dispose ofhis old senile mother. His mother, Shirley, is really in her second childhood. Shirley owned a piece of land that J. Francis was trying to get her to sell. She was stubborn and wouldn't give in. ln order to get rid ofhcr he puts some poison in her Geritol and mentions that it might be good if she were to take il. An unknown organization, U.T.B.U., heard of the way J. Francis was treating his mother and sent Mr. Uggims, a blind agent very good at hand- ing out "rewards", Fate took its course and everything worked out for the best. J. Francis Amber Shirley Amber William Uggims Anistasia Amber Connie Tufford Eugene Boyer Valeri Rogers Madge Kemptom .limmy Newton Miss Blank Rogers Standing: Robert Paul, Stage managerg Floyd Lounsbury, Director Seated: Evelyn Pletcher, student direclorgwendy Sykora, Prompterg Judy Douglas, Prompter. sim Patsy Parker and Patti Pennell Cabsentj were chosen forthe B P W ' Girl ofthe Year Award. w N 4 NEDT-Row 1: F. Hurd, D. Lusk,J, Persing,J. Rossettie. Row Z: E. Olson, W M. beach, R. Hanes, S. Sparber, I. Levin. Row 3: F. Nichols, S. Detar, S. Welfling, P. Pifer, L. Gciser. Row 4: J. Frith, L. Levin, M. Pagano. Row 5: W. Fowler, D. Kerner, N i w Susan Detar, Diana Lusk, and Patsy Parker fabsentj attend- ed District Chorus H1 Kane- Jack Nelson and Bob Perry were chosen for Boy of the Year. . 'i V9 -W- Sandra Mosch was chosen for the DAR Good Citizenship Award. Sarah Sparber, Denise Tara Bori and Jackie Parsing attended District Band at Emporium. Jack Nelson and Allen Smith attended Boy's Stale. X Patsy Parker and Gail Sullivan wrote Orange and Black. Wendy Sykora and Evelyn Pletcher wrote Tiger Tales. l i t l 3 l Standing: Lynn Geiser, Alan Frith, Michael Pagano, John Frith. Seated: Rosemary Hanes, Ilene Levin, Joanne Ros settie, Sarah Sparber, Sandra Mosch. WWW Harm Soaztq The Galeton Chapter of the N. H. S, prepared a luncheon for the faculty selection commit- tee, new and old members, and the guest speaker. The dinner menu was prepared by Mrs. Grant and served by members of F. H. A. After the luncheon the old members, under the supervision ofchapter advisor, Mrs. Rowe, put on :i court room scene with tlte new members on trial. They were found guilty on four accounts: Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Service, The defendants were: Alan Frith, Sandra Mosch, John Frith, Sarah Sparber, Michael Pagano, Joanne Rossettie, Rosemary Hanes, Ilene Levin, and Lynn Geiser. Mr. Braun was guest speaker. Vice-President Mike Johnson Secretary Gay Eva n s av -46 President John Nelson xi . M wax' 'M f . 'iii-'i 1 W Q -T.. . 1: A.' iii? , 151-IT W" 6Lf'f'i ' 2 3 1 ga- Q,.v.4" ef 1 yr . ' 'ii kin gil ' - Si x ffl: 7 l 3153922 Q "' . . .-Q-Zjii, .' . ,., A. 4 Advisor Mrs. Rowe Standing: John Handwerk,.lol1n Nelson, Martha Leach, Lyle Levin. Seated: Sally Skutski, Darlene Earle, Mike Johnson, Di- ana Lusk Gay Evans , . Row l: R. Cimino, T. Ruchielc. P. Skutski. T. Puguno, T. libersold. Row 2: N. Langan, L. Parker. K. Dimon. .l. Penncll. C. Dove, P. Dove, B. Lusk. S. Ostrosky, M. Germino. R. Vargcson. Row 3: L. Blass, C. Kefovcr, C. Necfc, J. Runyan. M. Grant L. Hurd, T. Hensley. J. Lusk, C. Blass. P. Rossettie. Row 4: B. Duvall, J. Rossctlic, C. Rawson. G. Osgood, T. Karschncr, J. Parsing, S. Parker, V. Shelley. D. Erhurd. D. TnruBori. Row 5: W. Pcrsing. J. Duvall, C. Traub, L. Smith. J. Sparbcr, M. Ly- chalk, S. Spurbcr, C. Rexford, S. Detar. P. Parker. Row 6: M. hxngaii, W. Fowler, A. Frith, F. Dimon. L. Geiscr, M. Pagamo, J. Germino. J. Frith, M. Salvudgc, D. Farmakidcs. 67 i fam! and Wiqawm The members of the Galeton High School band, under the direction of Mr. James W. Schott, help to complete the musical department of this school. Meeting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, they prac- tice to perform for the Spring concert. They march in the Flaming Foliage Festival, Halloween, and Mem- orial parades. Also they participated in Band Day at Penn State. Their time and effort are greatly appreciat- ed by their audiences. li 3 lyk! Row li B. Lazorchak, V. Leach, C. Traub, S. Sparber, D. Earle. G. Evans, G. Sullivan, M. Leach, D. Lusk, P. Parker. Row I P, Osgood, S. Detar, D. TaraBori, D. Martin, L. Bacon, C. Knecht. N. Verbjur, M. McConugliay, A. Keaton, A. Frith. Row 3 W, Fowler, D. Farmakides, J. Handwerk, R. Paul, J. Kearse, T. Simkins, F. Dimon, B. Mainus, M. Muinus, D. Green. vw :mi Every morning at 8: 25 the members of the Triple Trio meet in the Music Room, practicing for the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Their et'- forls are greatly appreciated by the student body. D. Lusk, S. Detar, J, Persing. R. Cinlino, S. Par- ker, W, Pcrsing, .l, Lusk, K. Kerner, K. Miles, S. ' ' Sparber Caccompanistj. Row 1: Gorg, M., Lychalk, M., Parker, S., Rossettie, J., Miles, K., Osgood, G.,.Persing, W., Karschner, T., Tara Bori, R Du vnll, J. Row 2: Flynn, J., Shelley, V., Cizek, S., Losey, D., Karhan, B., Rexford, C., Campbell, B., Shelley, D., Simkins S Ebersold, T., Rawson, C. Row 3: Cimino, R., Simkins, P., Platt, J., Erhard, D., Kerner, K., Lusk,J., Wood, N., Pagano T Persing, J . ,ll Mr. James Sc t, Director alll! Samoa New The Chorus, now consisting of students in the ninth, tenth, elev- enth, and twelfth grades, continues to strive for excellence under the direction of Mr. Schott. A combination of his directing talent and the talents ot' the students is what makes their bi-annual concerts worth- while. The success of these concerts is due to their careful planning and long hours of practice. jwfllfw Ho The F. H, A. Banquet of '68 was held at Galetnn by thc Galcton Chapter. It was quite apparent that the members spent much time making the gym a won- derland. The decorations were beautiful and displayed thc talents of the girls. S of Hamm They will be making trips to Harrisburg and Phila- delphia this year as before. Christmas and Easter favors for the County Home will take place under the supervision of their advisor, Mrs. Grant. Al? 7. . Standing: Mrs. Grant,advisorg Susan Simkins, Amy Brown, Megan Gorg, Penny Simkins. Seated: Vicki Watts, Violet Leach, Linda Hartman, Alice Long. Seated: Candice Knecht, Vice-Presidentg Bonnie Dick, Treasurer 8a Parliamcntariang Char' lotte Tubbs,Prcsident. Standing: Barbara Lazorchak,Secretary1Connie Pierce, Reporter: Cherie Mashula, Historian. ,,.,,,,,., .,... ., XX '.' in 'V -5 -fi . s- 't v C Row 1: Gay Evans, Diana Lusk. Row 2: Linda Bacon, Sarah Sparber, Denise Tara Bori. Row 3: Evelyn Pletcher, Anne Widnikiewicz, Ellen Olson. Row 4: Janet Post, Martha Leach, Wendy Sykora. Row 5: Susan Detar. Merri McConaghay, Lyle Levin. Row 6: Patsy Pifer, Susan Welfling, Mike Salvadge. aww sag Through the efforts ofthe members ofthe Editorial Staff, the 1969 Galeton- ian should be the best yearbook ever. With the help of Mr. Smail, our advisor, the editor, typists, and staff hope to bring you, the student body of Galeton High School, a small bit of our school life set down in pictures and print. Adamm Staff Team One: Evelyn Fletcher fcaptainj, Diana Lusk, Team Two: Janet Post fcaptainj, Judy Douglas, Susan Carole Kefover, Sarah Sparber, Coleen VanGorder, Close, Linda Bacon, Ann Widnikicwicz, Sharon Dake, Donna Fletcher, Nancy Verbjar, Betty Baker. Carol Chalmers, Carol Traub. Team Three: Wendy Sykura fcaptainj, Gay Evans, Team Four: Sally Skutski Qcaptainj, Mary Ellen Ly- Ellen Olson, Denise TaraB0ri, Terree Ebersold, Jackie chalk. Joanne Rossettic. Jill Platt, Merry Milliron. Persing, Martha Leach, Mike Salvadge, Susan Detar. Susan Welfling, Sharon Gorg, Toni Simkins. To make the possibility of having the '69 Galetonian, S2000 was needed. These four ad teams, headed by their captains, gave of their valuable time to get at least 51300. Their help was appreciated and received with gratitude. If the acl staff had not taken in the needed amount, the '69 Galetonian would not have been possible. sm sag www Wa nam Evelyn Pletclier, Janet Post, and Wendy Sykoru did a fine job on the yearbook this year. Gathering pictures, laying out the plans and editing the yearbook is not an casyjob and they have shown great skill in doing this, Mr. Smail's supervision was also helpful in turning outa good yearbook for our school to enjoy. W-'IV Mr. Smail, Advisor Evelyn Pletcher, Editor lt '-e- 'M '35 1 Janet Post, Business Manager Wendy Sykom, Typing Editor 7am The tennis team, as before, have outdone themselves by having a good record this year. They have come out on top and helped to add to the glory ot' Galeton. This year .lim Campbell, Dave Green, Jack Nelson, and Joe Germino went to Bucknell University and ran away with honors. Dave won first place in the singles, Joe tied for fifth in singles and Jim and Jack took first in doubles. The overall record of this year is 31 wins and 6 losses in the regular season. This shows outstanding abili- ty and is something we're proud of. Row l: Jim Campbell. Jack Nelson, Bobby Perry, Joe Germino. Row 2: Mike Pagano, Mike Simkins, Dave Green, Jim Run- yan, Bill Lechler. l T . x 7am 2- ,ik sf s k K 1 K ' V ' ! 3 4, A-Y x X , x . C 1,15 Q ,, QW V34 'QW 5.4 . l " ff: '--N . ' f ' ' 19 .A Dave Green, Jim Campbell, Jack Nelson, Joe Germino Salem Thirteen players with individual abilities and skills were molded into a team through hours of practice under the direction of Coach Hoza. His ef- forts in striving for perfection were accompanied by hard work, time and sacrifice. The school sa- lutes Coach Hoza and his indispensable assistant, Lyle Levin, for an outstanding job. - . L - - Q- ,Q45'ii'g pg:g"--, 11 . ' W , , ,,,. ',, WH ,V .. w . ' if Gif 4,1 "'M-Wh .A4. . Q Hf'ff V', nuff "' , . why" W M ,... .,. KWH QWCQA Yvf' 3' f 0 6,3524 7 Q 9 o 9 ,1 +3 3 0 ', U' 6? fkfffi QQ' gMjg -Y ' ": 3 1 -J , .I 2 , i ff 1 sf! L 1 1 x 1 Y I TS 6 'E XA Q' fl is Il .Q I S . E I I 1 Y I Heggh S' gn 9 0 gui . ... 'sq P , 1. '53 1 Q Q E E 3 I x .1 . Q I ' Z N! yr ' 1 - 6 gi fra ', -nw E . 5. ,, n Q H : QR- lk' 2 3 I ' S '33 , , I F XY I , Q13 'Q 1 :kg if mam Wayan The '69 J. V. team is showing what a great teaxn they are. With the new skill they acquire at each game, they will continue to make this a great season. Kneeling: B. ltlainus, J. Gernrino, R. Lechler, H. Pagano. Standing: Mr. Small, Coach: F. Sullivan, M, Walters, M. Paganu, D. Kerner, Mgr. Nlut Pictured: D. Karschncr, D. Walters, T. Dake, K. Kjelgaard. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders-Randa TaraBori, Betty Ann Campbell. Sallie Park- er. Sandi Cizek, .lane Perry, Kris Kerner. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders contributed greatly to the team's spirit and arousing the crowd's pep. We feel you have done a grcatjob. 1 79 Gull familial! The girls' team did a good job for the '68 season and tvc're proud of them. We hope that t'o1"69 they will show themselves to be a greater team yet. Practicing many hours, they are preparing to add another trophy to the showcase at thc entrance. Lct us contribute by showing an interest and attend- ing the games. Kneeling: P. Simkins, G. Evans, C. liglcr, J. Perry. Standing: S. Simkins. D. Erhard, C. Tarr, M. ltlilliron..I Post, Coach Howard, F. Schoonover, W. Sykorzt, S. Detar, M. Leach, L. Norman. em uaaqaw This is the tirst yeur Galeton has ventured forth u volleyball team and they were great. They show good potential and great interest. Let us show our interest in their keeping up the good work. Row l: T. Karschner, J. Perry, J. Flynn, G. Evans. Row 2: P. Pifer, D. Earle, D. TarnBori, D, Erltard, L. Ba- con, S. Lehman. Row 3: Mr. Howard QCoachJ, S. Detar, M. Milliron, C. Egler, J. Platt, J. Post, W. Sykora few' Gym Ueam We're glad to see the boys' gym learn back in action again. The boys who are on the team show that they are concerned and interested in the scliool's outside activities. We hope they keep it up. Mr. Allen, Advisorg Larry Rnchiele, Alan Frith, Mike Pagano, Frank Sullivan, Harry Pagano. Absent: Barry Mainus Wt for Bmw Row 1: Jeffrey Lazorchak, Charles Williams, Steven Mitchell, Donald Hinman, Richard Lovell, Richard Smith, Stephen Cochran, William Lusk, Carroll Johnson. Row 21 Gregory Froebel, Kenneth Baker, Kevin Johnson, Robert Penncll, George Dvoryak, Roy Vargeson, Mark Germino, Larry Hurd, Phil Levin. Row 3: Terry Gorg, Stephen Piaquadio, Stephen Ostrosky, James Zengerle, Curt Butler, Stephen Nordquist, John Rossettie, Neil Langan, Mr. Richard Thompson, Coach. Row 4: Leon Parker, Richard Skutski, Tim Batterson, John Pifer, Stanley Welflin, Keith Dimon. Steve Devling, Joseph Pletchcr. The boys on the Jr. High team are preparing for the future years when they will be playing on the varsity team. They work very hard and show good potential and ability. Under the coaching of Mr. Thompson, they will continue to gain more knowledge and skills. Row l: P. Batterson, M. Salvadge, H. Pagano, J. Nelson, R. Lechler. Row 2: Mr. Smail fCoachJ, J. Kcfover, R. Seltz, M. Pa gano, F, Sullivan, B. Perry, J. Campbell. Absent: Coach Detar. The '08 baseball season for the Tiger's team was one ofhard work and fairly good results. Under the su' pervision ofcoachcs Smail and Detar they tinished fourth in the Tioga County League. Leading in batting average this year were Jay Kefovcr with .409 and .lim Campbell with .353. Toward thc end of thc season. .lack Nelson camo on strong raising his average to the .280's. R.B.l. leaders were Bob Perry and Jay Kcfovcr. This summer Jim Campbell, lllikc Salvadgc and .lack Nelson were chosen to attend Ted Kluszewski Base+ ball School. Bama!! , , 1 f ' e . A ,f.,,f'1-fi,'. 4:37.-----' I . f 'x af - Q. . . , 1"wr' -gy'fgG?I'Z,f1.... ', LZ: -. -44' r I ww,-L A . r ' Q 07' hu ,r 1 . . - -- v- . .-.. " "W if-9, -Q' ' ,V t I rr --1-mv.. .1- lb 'f - . ' . ' . :f- r .r 'rn' -,5 . , ,. .i .W . ,.- . . - 5 J. ' F' 55---nr v 1 , 1 nf API Q x-4v'i415' dh so ,V ...Rf l Galcton Galeton Galelon Galeton Galeton Carleton Galcton Galetun Galeton Galeton Carleton Guleton Galeton Bawfall ,Ceayu Scam Mansfield North Penn Elklrmd Cowanesque Liberty Mansfield North Penn Elkland Wellsboro Corning Wellsboro Cowanesque Liberty Uigm For its first season. the soccer learn has done an out- standingjob. With Mr. llowurd as their coach. plus a very fine team, the outlook for the 1969-70 season is promising. Top Row: D. Pennell, T. Van Gorder, R. Paul, M. Pagano, B. Perry, A. Smith, B. Lechler, A. Keaton, F. Sullivan, J. Nelson, J. Frith. Bottom Row: M. Leach. T. Dake, B. Mainus, F. Dimon, R. Lechler, K. Rachiele, ll. Pagano, D. Kerner, S, Stamilio, J, Germino. Som 5 Mansfield l Williamson l Elkland 0 Northern Potter 3 Liberty 4 Mansfield l Elkland 2 Liberty O Williamson 3 Northern Potter Galeton -Sb-'I 5 - 4' L-ffsflix! f4afm on tie Cow THE GALETON SERVICE CENTER Jeep Dealer-Auto Repair-Bodywork Bulldozing-Back Hoe Work-Top Soil Phone 435-6521 27 65 X, Compliments of FRANKLIN E. MILLIRON OX YOKE INN, SNACK BAR Serving Our Community GERIVIANIA WELL DRILLING CC Factory Trained Pump Representatives Financing Plan Available Wells Drilled in One Day or Less! We must go in the Hole to Make Money! Sales-Service-Parts Galeton 435-2561 Phones Williamsport 494-0230 Germania, Pennsylvania to tie Swan Wm tfw Smam ay time Smzm W aw Semw Compliments of w w EARL F. DEAN, INC Bulldozing-Grading-Crushed Gravel Phone 435 6581 Galeton Pennsylvania SNYDER P if as 41, oasis safe seaigliiggg are I QQ.: Sn o Bl n om ' f lx? l Y Of eac er SIOW Qi 2 W- e. X l Q GJ Ei fit WiH!i'?f .E El XJ ..t,.g, if? j El 151 , . ., IB Gi Qi W 6 Q ,ei EE Q ton! 5 it i sl 5 I Q ' Schoolk gmirrullclano .lolnt School System lm A:::'Schools wmmlonulp lllgh School lllgh School goltrlllillluntlngdon Bounty lllgh School govlnllliito: lolot lllgh School ... ., s a wo l ldlloulgjh School nnltglogurg Arla lolnt lllgh School 23:1 Rllhollc lllgh School ... ll o .., n urg o o lil mgzalg School District llocmtlon tutor lgl gllgaogxvullmn lolnt lllgh School grgogirrllllvlon lolnt lllgh School lil lllgh School lllgh School lllgh School :I llomorlcl Floll 'litlmIllhPai'l Stadium fonoolly Athletic fioll ... :mn ., :rr ng lllflll 31:32 County lllgh School ' rtlmlrsraiulzznn lllgh School Valloy Iollt Schools :::ll:.h::'o4!harlostoo lllgh School magna Township lllgh School wk '?::::h':Lr?t5,,i,io,, lr. lllgh School Ir. - Sr. lllgh School Galoton Snyder Bleacher Division is enioying banner sales in the "Keystone" state. 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YOU DAIRY'-EA Compliments of R , DISTRIBUTOR SWAN S ESSO SERVICE -srwuuw Laxizicf Esso Company STATIONS Galetoshone 435-63-gennsylvania Weef Mein Street Galeton Pennsylvania Congratulations to the - class of 1969 Compgfments R 8k R GULF WONDER BAR All Legal Beverages Served Meals Route 6 Galeton, Pennsylvania Union Street Galeton, Pa Compliments of T-C SPECIALTIES CO. Commercial Printing 81 Office Supplies L, Coudersport Pa A little to the left, Judy. lwafw Y SALLADE FLYING SERVICE Cherry Springs Airport Coudersport, Pennsylvania 16915 Area Code 814 Home 274-8768 435-6414 FFA Approved Flight School Private Pilot-Commercial Pilot- lnstrument Flight Instructor-Air Taxi--A8tP-l.A. Approved for Vet. Training Demonstration by Max Factor. Compliments of Compliments of GEJgRsg3pEIx'f'E?JN THE GALETON v.F.w. Galeton, Pa. Home Association Compliments of ZENGERLE'S MARKET Meats Groceries Ice Cream Frozen Foods Phone: 435-2201 Free Home Delivery Best Wishes BOWEFYS PHARMACY, INC. 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CARSON'S Feed Fertilizer Seed Direct Loans up to 33,500 and , Farm Supplies Wellsboro Port Allegany Phone 4352231 , Galeton Pennsylvania Compliments Of HOWLAND'S ESSO STATION PERSlNG'S GROCERY Gaines Pennsylvania Gaines Pennsylvania Best Wishes Compliments of From MOORE'S AUTO SERVICE SYKORA'S GARAGE Engine Tune-up a Specialty Carl J. Syko,-a West Mam Street n Germania ' Pennsylvania Galeton Pennsylvania Phone 8 G I R. E31 ?i2g6?5!La2??S65 814-435-a as aeton, a. Howard 8- Katie Heggenstaller FLAGSTONE :"'G"""' 60 Sherman Street 5 Cutting Stock - Wallstone - Veneer Coping - Treads Sills - Tile - Mantels - Irregular Galeton, Pennsylvania 9 435-2411 '- Best Wishes SHlVERY'S TOURIST CABINS Galeton Pennsylvania Who put pepsi in the onion dish WESTERN AUTO I-EO L- FONTANEI-LA Dick and Wanda Mosher Owners General Contractor Johnson Brook 93-95 West Main Street Phone 435-2203 Galeton Pennsylvania Oh Goober! HOWARD C. PATTERSON Representative Financial Planning in Insurance 8t Mutual Fund Investments CLARK'S BARBER SHOP Where You Really Get Trimmed Compliments of Compliments of HOWARD A. DUELL KnelI's Music Knoxville, Pa. Dr. 8. Mrs. Francisco B. Villa Galeton, Pa. Harry Kinney Crossfork, Pa. Forest View Evergreen Nursery Germania, Pa. Genevieve Milliron's Beauty Salon Galeton, Pennsylvania Gaines Company Gaines, Pa. Elizabeth L. Davis Tioga County Register 8. Recorder PATFZGNS Dewey's Jewelry Adrian Rowe Wellsboro, Pa. Galeton, Pa. TaraBori Plumbing and Heating MCNBVY Shoe 5f0f9 Galeton, Pa. Coudersport, Pa. The First Presbyterian Church Galeton Thompson Lumber Co Galeton, Pa. Galeton, Pa. Carter Camp Store John A, Olson Carter Camp, Pa. Galeton, Pa. Oak 'N Pine Motel Gail Flickerson Galeton, Pa. Galeton, Pa. Parson's Garage 81 Cycle Shop Mahalell and Duvall Wellsboro, Pa. Coudersport, Pa. Flossetties Lab Theodore Sykora Galeton, Pa. Galeton, Pa. John F. Nelson Ackley 8t Son Galeton, Pa, Westfield, Pa. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, longl stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowthg 74mm Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Mr. Patrick SmailLour yearbook Advisor Mr. Adrian Rowe-our Yearbook Photographer Wendy Sykora 81. Mike Salvadge-for the art work Mr. Basil Harris-who made our announcements Mr. N. Jack Coy-Inter-Collegiate Press representative Delmar Studios-for underclass pictures Advertisers-who made this our most successful yearbook. In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the Hrst for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference by Robert Frost 5 fup- wwf? XM ,vi Bjwwxxgakqq UfWlfniQAZwfif5MQQQ2?Q?gw2Rf Wm , if igififjk D, W ,ya yliigfixji' Jay fffjmgggjig QE Q., D 1 JE-3 d'?MJ!j5ffW?'0,fMji 553 V ' -w,,,,,,...-ff .W- HESEE Mi? i4?:8X36N ' E Q,,,f,fo1a'l'fg.,..- ff: ' N M EKXWV Mftz fJ7.k 00 VM F Q6 VCHUUC7 WMV A 42,0 W MM -MM Aiifigzig W I Ap, W4 jgbccgj Wmgw JM' OL ffeigfijfgiiifl W EZQQQ, C, aw MMWB-w.J. ' ' , WM XMB .2CQ4fmI,,,L M N WJWWM MM MW WA - W M6,1M,fMf , M wjiiw ifgv MW . WW Eivtipy-N 'NJ wi ' L ,f 'STWQW vw W ff flP r M fffm f LA uit , MQ Q kc, fi? LJV' WW Pyjipjyf N yi 5 ffjifiifgfi Tiff jyff W 0' gg-f wnJgggj '5 N x Lg' 4, of .p-, ry 3,41 Q10 Am kim A 1? bf of X Mix . Q 2 N77wg"V M wg, M. TMS 23? QW MW We fffgilf Ev UMW MW iiff H 214 fffWQQfQ 332 63 05? PJ Mfg. 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Suggestions in the Galeton High School - Galetonian Yearbook (Galeton, PA) collection:

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