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.,,,.,1 :rT.A- -.......,::,f,- -,, ..-....... . -1 . ..-, - ::-a ,..:- -. N S L 5:4 1 El' 1 2555 5 .::pz. :il sg: . K -..,. . my ,W ag: ,ESF mg. Eiiia geese ' :I ....P. EES ..g. ....: :sl ii! J fig ?f,Q?gs 5 Qfifigfiyfi Pyifuff ,, d l Q ' xao V 'i5liQ-.L.:.1.L1.Lg,,f,XA-K , 9 b - ' ,L ' 'uf -H... . . ig- ,N A v Ni, Y x , w , - -., -X K . - ,. ,. We-n I - - M x.f,-.,-,:,--5,3 ' l ' ... K - . - N . , . - x X -' 1.x- , . .r x. .- x .4 Q-. - f .-4" -- -iii-ef 1. 'X M-V x.. . I . v- -T .- , . ..,t. L- QL. ' Q, , , ,.. K,, X , N xsN,. A , ,J-,,. S. u V.w,., ,-- K . +,- ,- K- ,N Q, w ww .-,- . 4.A 5 5 I f N -Vx-.. 4. i 4, f T' . ,pl -.. .bln , f V- Q4 . T f f ilfilj 'T -X :A ' fr -1 -1.5 J - I-J? ., tg: 5: -1 V Jfeigi ' ffl" -k 1. ' ,SL . ' Q'-Q. Ij.J - J I ' . .WN 1 1, if- H I ,E 1. '--,,-fc' . .-x-.. x 2-A -- -fi-1. - ' --425.21 'Y P'-Q-'fl' , . . - In .-.N --V ,.. '1 -. A 1 N2 'Q :55 j ,Q 31 X , , - -uv- ., :pg- , 115- :A , 45- ,gi fg. ' lx, L.. - iii? r fikfrby, xl.,- Ai..-jfw ' ' "3" 14,-,Q L.- A y MM.-- ,-- -V iw..-45: --C km- . .4-, 95 v,, Qu- ., IV, b , n. ak. - li. 0 Q ' o ' 0 g ' . - ' Q PL . Q. ' 0 , - o lf . , -' Q- ' Q LL.-W' . . X - H if ' -U- 'V .E .. Q ...f . ,W 5 1 ' A Eli be mrs . D iw. Q RF M., N all L , Q L 13 xr.: L- . 1 't , xg' 1 1 X : Q L n Q . a . K f e' 1 . .1 gm, U i I e ir: l i 5 W L.... iw," wlxxsu tuulml K ,. Nw. 7'-.. ., -I L A fl I LL 1. .. , "J L-'-H-' "" v 'uw' " " ""' ' ' '- ...N : """ L ' ' x . ' ' 3 ml W.. unuh... slums i T KF- t f.. 5, 1 L is U"'m"" l uw... X . 4 K ' , A 5 - , 1 'Qlv ' - .- rg.- . - . ... p.. . -. wh my Q 'v' ' choose something like ll star Reflector 1971 Volume 64 D 1 . ' . l Qqo Cnlesburg Senior High School 1135 W1 Fremont Gfll8SbUFg', Illinois tori haring staff sue jacobs ........ ................... o o-editors dave bivens ............. business manager tom larson ....................... layout editor sharon eisernann .... . ........... copy editor anita nelson ........ activities copy editor mike godsil... phil leeson ..... janet cable ..... bob blanchard don bowen ..... pattie muller.. carrie kenney mr. kenney. .... . ............... . .photographer . .photographer editor . .sports editors .......senior editor ......sophomore- junior editor faculty advisor sv .f S I S8qll8nC8 sentiments ...... scholastios ....... sages ............. societies ...... sports .......... seniority ...... spirit ...... 8 ..16 U38 ..54 U66 126 156 204 ':1:. wx N! , ,M A Y 1 , 5? K. ' S Wiz J' vi . .,,.,..-.rf -- - Y--6?!"L-J----nm ,er-:if-K I-U , i .A L VW" .-nf ,.E,,,49..9a'- Nwikss A Q. : 1 - 4 ' f5'f?f?"'? V A' ' .ff 4 ,V ,Q 1 Y S, 1 ,V -' ,,,..'-W" ' ' Ar A 1 'S-. 1 -,rw W W., and ,J nuff? 1 6' I S MQW l K. .,,., ,w gg. ,. x Y' 4" ,4'A , ,A--W' V f gd J.. i 5 . .. f. , 5: n t 5 5 There are millions of stars in the universe, just as there are millions of people on earth. Each person has his own special goal, his own special star in life. And though he may follow a few detours along the way to his star, that one destination is what he is heading for. "It asks little of us here. It asks of us a certain height so where at times the mob is swayed to carry praise or blame too far, we may chose something like a star". Robert Frost I sometimes wonder what it would be like, ifl couldfly to the stars andjust see what it would be like up there. I would like to look down once in awhile instead of looking up all the time. A Sophomore 'Mhz FA If you can, look for the moon, right after sunset. Look above it and there you will see my star, the first one in sight. A Senior Throughout our lifetime we are reaching for a distant star, o remote goal to achieve. A Senior w1f.? 'Divx- .Nm- f . xx! , 5. ,wx ,X .X N Q X fx .fi K ,, W. W ,eff S . X gp if k 1 ' ' X. EQ ' , his If . W 'ak',Y . 1 - . -.Q 1, W J. 1 A, ,t,'..-,.-ng.,kk ". 4 o'n V ' . . , s , a 1 u - 1 . u , n 1 . , Q Q I, , 4 Q . o 1, ,, 1 a o .nn,,,, ,',',"nnIu -,Quinn -nun, 'nun funn n"lulun 1 'I Aw- 7 wx ESV fu-'I if 'N 'X MX X Q NK - sl 1, 9. XX X y K E 2 - W Qi' x ,i,.. , "1 .X vw A X Q x ,L 3. v.,, , L 2 'Q is if in--..- fiw V ' K 'l. :Wi ', .. - .l. "' . . , 3 . M an-11 ,, ..ufdlH2l'iRa2a: W 624.1f1!e11'g21ffZf,., 'aff'25f'1f,'1fig f'1-- ,. "fm . I fa' H153Ekilfilli-:".!?f:'i' ' 'Wi ilvfzifff was 'xHx'1ls2xlfH1iffF41142 :SHR -Q 1 sL1:'2i'::I:,fr ri .1 Wigefiilme 5 fig TE' si 1' No ,,-ul, JL, 54 5253292 gg: . - 532' pi ux'1E'h.':. :-il-viirziqiiii , I.: igggggflgflgagff fsgsfhn.. 4 I! :Wifi--2: -2 :Zin K5 Jl2E952sIa2iEsEas5!r liiw -Iq5'Iiffg,2illg!fEilQlEm 51'-Q22 51? 'film rim, F3 ::f'1::f:.: .nh L EW? :iu!h3i1flslsasniixfi14.5H ima 'uifigissfssfsifiwasniii 'fziik rs- i'112:zHfrJ ::.,:::f 'Swiss X J "sz'ii!'MuE"i "i' Q , ,. , .,:1E'1"?' ' if ,hal ' Y. rx' M 1 - HI!! 2,-f?'lfE ., tifiimfffifgiifs i,'3Q11!, slissiliqziieiiamm A " ! . :-::e':::mr..,:ufe.'gm-iii f -ues - . .vu-. , 5'-Q -lflxml'-912' ri!i5fu5igsfiiMmi.- ....:.. ,,, 1f fl ig1 1a Q A,,! , f'--- , Q - ' 1 :2-15+-- - , 1 ' -le -i.,2n 1 ., N H-! , M i fngfm- iQk1.."4sQf fame-2!Ei!'!51zQi:'1a,"ma-',iiisig1i?:fy22mieai5f!.:s,fsgg5fi?'s! 'SSE' fig li ' F" 'il - , .-., In .3111-35911:-5' --ur.. 5515.-5-.,-141-um, 1 f-- 1 -. .- lf! , ,, 5. -I, Q IJ?-Hp, YayifiiiSRF'.f.I-4131315354my14is5!iE?3l:g15E575i3Yfii?iigg! .,H2!!!" " in . '.-rr 1 "1 I W ffgi:?Q'S95!5g2g9w1.. W55fffiiixfiffefH?22!!l?H12f"Q"!1:is:2r1eiss'f:' .gn fi 1 - 'i5I11 E'Es4.?3i5E. z5eHs5,'::, ,,gff?f5:.5?Z5Sif?ff'53E SFR tim .. . . .:....,....,!..E1 .. f, 5, 'fe , .. .1 2,4 .4 ..,..,,. K . .. ,, fx 'Hi' , :zu!i.-:lik 5!l:'1Il,l 3. .,+f,.'q,-A-. .. T.. -,Ia :els :E esmmf: 1 . . :av - . Mgf Ef E5s1s:f-sfff ffm" 'mf-may 1515?-'5 f. elim ,geiiig " . -arf an --.'fg-- -1 F5E:V'--?i'-- 'fit usda: e,e,55"f.a? . " ':::".'i:.".' H' mfg? ' , ' i2".gsPlfvHf'?-s' 'isfi!.zm?fif , i El' H ' 'w'l':l1 , 1ifIfQg'E5fQ. ' -gal". "'d'!'!!qlnA1 E-fllslii 13,5-,f K. fi S2215 Ag, ieg ' fl Rf 1 i Q ' 5s3iig:Hg'?i5Qfjfi?a52..gf25!E" Wi,WS:'LZi,9EiSi91g, "Wifi TV- f 25' , ' f '22 .3 2 5 ? Lfi:gQ.-' gig 1 lil: j 'im TWE5 ,gl Gif: ' E: 1 HE, ' ' Hg fgxv- 6, p.. wiki? 51 I In A 1 ff-H , - wm.,,Eu.-g 5-SW' fi: X. , - L 2, ' " 1 M Fluifftgg 53 in in 3? 'H'- 'Pu s ' H A ' h' h' A 135 Equlh' ' -'- J ' 'li h ' L L A. .. -1 . qi agp, - 5 . - r r..mP m MMI QB laq. .,1l!W" 'I+ . . . .ul if .W ,,., .mf wif- A . 41 A 'A H - 1 -5 kk ,.:EIfii,,,1,Q..... n..f.,.E.. . .. ,. L 'X f 11 I Q ,,.-- . 'N six wg: K 'W , . .v ,g- f -his ,, wnfg 4 , H, K -my L- M Y S N iv, M .g fury-A - f -tn , w W. -Q, we .SMX W ig J, fi' 2 ,, L sr A rg Stu., 55' -- Qi fy fV,, lfik Z, iw 1 wf'1i,i,,4.f4-24 'fx' ,Neff W5 ly . 'T' WX T sf N Q ' 9 . '33 "ku ' Qu gt Y -Us ': ng . X 5 x 41. .Q 3 3 Q 'N X '55, x bg wx r' 5 iv- mdvhg, K? R 1 NA K. x is Q S hristy Tolbel IQ itiii A .,..x. 3 N xx V Memories of the Mardi Gras- Mardi Gras, a joyous, festive celebration in New Orleans, was the theme of Galesburg Senior High's 1970 Home- coming. The excitement began with the planning and building of the class floats and the decorations for the assembly and dance. Great anticipation and enthusiasm were displayed as everyone worked towards completion of their tasks. The real celebration began on Thursday afternoon with the King and Queen's coro- nation and the presentation of the court. This year Sylvia Trimble and Rick Main reigned over the festivities with Amy Gamble as Junior Attendant and Karen Martin, Sophomore Attendant. That night a large crowd gathered on Main Street to view the Mardi Gras parade as it proceeded towards Van Dyke Field. There students congregated for the traditional bonfire, snake dance and the burning of a 1 ls? Junior Attendent Amy Gamble and her escort, Bob Baker "Quincy Blue Devil." The floats were judged and the winners announced. The Seniors took first place with the theme "Streaks Reign Supreme" and the Juniors came in second. Friday night brought the football game with Quincy. G.H.S. was defeated '7-0 in the final minutes of play. All things must come to an end no matter how wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable they are. Galesburg brought its weekend to a close with the Mardi Gras dance. The decorations of a large dragon and a model of an old New Orleans street added to the atmosphere of the dance. The couples danced to the music of the "Next to None," a rock blues band. Intermission entertainment was provided by Tori Haring on her guitar. The memories of this festive occasion are beautiful ones of an- other very successful G.H.S. Homecoming. Sophomore Attendant Karen Martin and her escort, Kit Wilcox Bon ire, Balloons, Royalty, Pomps.. . '19 19 4 'ri' , 1 , 5 .. G.H.S. descends to the Devil, Has anybody seen my date? . X eq l Here comes Excedrin Headache 19471. The Senior float captures first place. They've finally found a use for the Budget. 4 , e m And the band marched on. 11 ' The 1970 Homecoming Court. There was more in that glass than punch! eermg, Dancing, Ch ' ' Has anybody seen the ball? 22 X xx "Nant X v... :fir 'fl Q r S, 2' N' wf.'4.. The Juniors descend to second place. Cold Feet and Hot Coffee... But Syl, this is my first! , Hey, there's a. girl down there! A 23 Gosh darn, we're out of gas. 7 ' aw, ...xx 4 .E . 5? Q How come the girls are getting all the applause? x. '.- . r e ' fa I if ng , v xx ffg f 5 ' l f 9 . im ' e . . k,- ' 'EF E if K 1 If you don't come out of that bathroom... "Plaza Suite" Mrs. Hubley-Julie Crisman Mr. Hubley -Wendell Unsicker Mimsi-Jan Cable Borden-Bob Erffmeyer Comedy and Drama One broken arm, one rented ripped suit... We stand around for five hours and she comes out for, Put it out of your mind, Eddie, can you do that? "Cool it"? Share the F all Play Stage You animal, on your knees to me! You think I am so desperate? This year, G.H.S. opened up its fall season with two one-act plays, View From the Bridge, an intense drama, and Plaza Suite, a light- hearted comedy. In "View From the Bridge", the Carbones take on an even greater responsibility than they had been expecting by harboring two illegal immigrants in their home. Their ward, Catherine, falls in love with Rudolpho much to the dislike of Mr. Carbone, In "Plaza Suite", Mimsi, the bride, has locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out for the wedding. Have you ever thought of the words "Cool it!" in relation to a marriage? Those words made the climax to the well performed play, "Plaza Suite Act III. "View from the Bridge" Mr. Alfieri-Don Bowers Eddie Carbone-Steve Torrence Louis - Dean Hawthorne Mike-Geoff Cox Catherine - Pattie Muller Beatrice Carbone- Margaret DeMott Rudolpho - Dan Artz Marco-Tom Lytle Immigration officers - Pete Anderson, Marvin Reem Neighbors -Tori Haring, Anita Nelson 25 66Students Work To ether," ,X y e I Has anybody seen.. . You'11 never find him that way, Syl! You're a. real theewtie! CL if 41-'ws xi Y t A Modeling the look for this year. . . Why don't you come up and see me sometime. 26 or the Show Must Go On The 21st and 22nd of November were the dates set for the 1970-1971 Reflectavue. The theme this year was "Those Were the Days." A great deal of work and excitement went into making this year's traditional Reflectavue a big success. Many thanks should be extended to all people who contributed their time and efforts to make Reflectavue possible. The Reflectavue has been a favorite form of entertainment for the audience because it offers such a variety of talents. There are the colorful dance lines, by all three classes, including a boys' kickline, musical exhibitions by the Stage Band, Kazoo Band, and Choral I didn t call him, Mother. One little, two little... Girls with their mouths shut?! 27 selections by the various choirs at GHS. The Reflectavue is an excellent chance for all the students at the school to display their talents, while present- ing excellent enter- tainment for the public. The Reflector Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making this show possible. 1 1, , i. g. "Kit" Carson arrives in Gale burg. Stars are beautiful. They put peo- ple in different moods. Poetic, imaginative, romantic, and dreamy moods. They make your dreams so real that peo- ple wish that they couldjust reach out and capture a star for their oery own. Hoping their dreams to come true. A junior I run a, tight teepee. Reflectav ue Draws While the ca.t's away the mice will play. Oh, really Krista! 28 NE if 4-A N , Q 4 'Q 'Q ff fS .lg Y i' if will 4 b sRp. .fe was mx. Q Q x J 1 Q 'I N , Q sg I - n, r . ,. QV . Q- X' in ' QV -51' fi,-fx. fs. 4' nn 4,2 mf' N-:'4.Yw'-A 9 1131, in Xin. ' J 'WZ' A sf?- is C f gg e , . I 2 5 Q -.L.L SQ 3 Winter Formal was a night to remember especially "Once in a Blue Moon". Going along with the y theme, blue moons l were spaced around the cafeteria, one under which Bill Kirkendall and Georgia Scott, King and Queen of the formal, were crowned. Ray Foster was the performing band and at intermission, Ronnie Smith sang' a solo while Jeff Sandborg and Gloria Bohan sang' and accompanied themselves on the Georgia Scott, Queen, and Bill Kirkendall, guitars' The night King. was truly "Once in a Blue Moon." W l K . Rays of the Blue Moon Good grief. It's Superman! S 0 Godsil, don't you dare! 3 1 Student Directs Mid-Winter Play A first for GHS was the mid-winter play, "Goodnight, Mrs. Puffin." Although Mr. Krause was sponsor-advisor the play was directed by Tori Haring with the help of another student, Dean Hawthorne. The plot centers on the amazing' predictions of one Amelia Puffin. One week before the wedding' of Jacqueline Fordyce to Victor Parker, Mrs. Puffin pays a call on the Fordyce family and completely flabbergasts them by calmly stating that the wedding will not take place. w N w What do you mean she's not your type? Try a little American technique, old boy! CAST Ethyl Fordyce Janet Leahy Jacqueline Fordyce Connie Fako Pamela Fordyce Anita Nelson Nickolaus Fordyce Steve Torrence Annie Julie Wilds Amelia Puffin Margaret DeMott Henry Fordyce Don Bowers Stephen Parker Wendell Unzicker Victor Parker Bob Erffmeyer X Roger Vincent Dan Artz Family portrait, plus two. 32 Ahhhhh! It's Conrad Birdie!! Albert and Rosie work on Mama to dissolve Almaelou. Bye, Bye Birdie Produced by A Cappella I'm on my way, Lou. This year Bye, Bye Birdie was presented by the GHS A Cappella choir for its annual musical. The story develops when Conrad Birdie goes into the army and Rose Alverez is climbing all over Albert Peterson's back to make him dissolve Almaelou Music Corporation in spite of his overpossessive mother. In accordance with Rose's plan, Conrad journeys to Sweet Apple, Ohio to bestow his one last kiss upon Kim MaCafee, a devoted member of the Conrad Birdie Fan Club. Trouble arises when Kim's boyfriend, Hugo, decides not to let the kiss take place. When Rosie and Hugo plot together, some exciting events take place. But all ends well Th8,t'S Tight. COI1I'8.d Birdie VO1l1I1- When Conrad and Mae teered' Peterson leave Sweet Apple, Hugo proposes to Kim and both Albert and Rosie realize they're in love. Jan Cable was originally cast in the part of Kim but due to a case of mono, the part was accepted by Tina Behrents. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the students and responsive audiences, the play was a great success. This page sponsored by Lanes Glass Co. Galesburg Glass Co Got a Favorite Star? Put a Penny in his Jar Penny Prance-annual event of the super stars. Got a favorite star? Throw a penny in his jar and see him crowned king for doing his favorite thing. This dance, sponsored by the G.A.A. is held after the last home game of the basket- ball season. The Freedom Field provided the tunes for the Streak fans While Otis Porcia, Silver Streak star, was crowned king. The voting took place in the main hall with each penny representing a vote and at the conclusion of a given time, the athlete with the most pennies wins. Otis Porcia, King of Penny Prance, and date Terry Wilburn. Larry Lucas, one member of the Freedom Field. This page sponsored by Belscot Family Center Swinging to the tunes of the Freedom Field 34 The cage team for the faculty. The teachers received a good workout this year when they were challenged to two basketball games. The student teachers defeated the faculty team before one of the largest audiences the faculty games have had. On the 29th of March, the faculty put up a great fight against the Winning intramural teams. The final score was Faculty 56, students 57. Facult Puts Up a Fight --. , FRONT ROW: J. Seiberlich, R. Kimble, C. Hayes, T. Beck, BACK V ROW: D. Nelson, B. Shaver, J. Robinson, S. Nelson, S. Robison, Two freaks are better than one? S- Line, M- J0h8I1r1- LEFT TO RlGNT:J.Trulock,C.Cox,J. Pearson, C. Ankenbrant, FRONT ROW: T. Beck, T. Cowen, K. Burger, G. Quick. This page sponsored by Belscot Family Center SECOND ROW: L. Pattison, B. Zimdar, J. Glasno- vich, M. Steblein, N. Blevins, D. Jachim, G. Yocham, A. Ramirez. Reflector Marches Past Stage Band With the coming of mid-March, the great REFLECTOR basketball squad, a die-hard bunch of roundballers, took to the floor once again after two agonizing losses earlier in the season to the Budget C33-313 and to the Sly Sickle C104-623. Of course, the scores were often disputed as the IHSA officials just could not make it on the nights we played. The third game, however, turned out differently, with a magnificent 56-55 win over a tough Stage Band team. During the season, the REFLECTOR's two non-staff players, Seiberlich and Betsworth, turned in tremendous performances. In the Sickle game, it was Jeff Seiberlich, with an astounding 45 points. In the clash with the Stage Band, Jim Betsworth put in 20 points, to take high-scoring honors. From there, it was Tom Larson with 15, Dave Bivens 13, Self 1. The REFLECTOR wishes to express its appreciation to referees Mr. Kessler and Mr. Rodeffer for taking time out of their evenings Y011 mean W6'vS actually W011? for the games. Thanks also to the cheerleaders, the opponents, and the Coaches, Duane Spillers, Bill Bailey, and Dave Bayless for making a most interesting season. FRONT ROW: J. Seiberlich, C. Ferguson. SECOND ROW: D. Bowen, D. Bivens, D. Bayless, T. Larson. THIRD ROW: B. Self, M. Godsil, L. Lehman, S. Gore. This page sponsored by O. T. Johnson Co. Look at the hole in the bottom! 36 In memorandum to the Kazoo Band of 1971. With kazoos and corres- ponding T-shirts, the Seniors struck out on their own to form the 1971 Kazzo Band. Danny Griffith and Dan Lind- Strom started the whole thing which eventually landed a picture in the town paper, a position in the Christmas parade, and a one-night stand in Reflectavue and from past reports, they were greatly missed on the second night. The band will long be remembered by both participants and observers. 971 Seniors : Imagination and Initiative The Sly Sickle first appeared in the halls of GHS in late autumn of 1970. First it seemed destined to be only an insignificant short-lived paper, but before the year was half spent the Sickle had truly become a real part of the life of a great majority of GHS students. The writers have the reputation for being always truthful-even when the truth is not pleasant. The paper says what they mean and they mean what they say and this is why they are the tremendously successful and respected organization that they are. THE ackLE This page sponsored by K1i11e'S Halperrfs The home of Lantern Publishing. 37 ii 1 ir i o '- .X ,., 1.-,I -I ..1,., I 1-141 M1 .. Q --IIIIIIIII gifg, I III- II 11111 IIf1I11fII1gIIg1111111I1I1 -Wmwwmm new III II IHIIH ..., 211-.11I11 --IIIII11-:II- 1-I 'A 'A --'I-I 3. 1 . . . 1-M1111-:1:. '.2!!., ':'.11 'ss-2119111221121 Tr." 2 1"I-911 15-i..'1 '-115: I1t:1.?:!ItI1gf.1111.11:11.-'1.1,11,.1 ,I L1 1 I- .1 1. wwwmwmm I 1' I IIIIIII 11-I1--1111 IIII "Ia '1sII11II511Ia1II11I111IE:1:.11'II111-III1 1. 1.-I1.1!.:: .1 .11 1.1 3111 1:fI1 Img . 11, -11-1' -i1-in '1 'ggmig 11 1,'1.1 11,1 ,1, I' . 11 I 1' 112 1' -IIEIII 511115 ,.1.111:51. ..1 111.1111--I E11-I-If? 11111-11QIIIII1I1111II1III1.If111-f11I IIIAIIISIfQ55'sI5I5I?II'I " " -1.-.!I"5"I M1mmWWW .12 I1'I1II1III1!II1.II-1f1I1F1111II1g5I5I jifs 111I1?1Iki11s3i1'iif11fgf111is-'1I111--1111. '11--'11n111HI1111-1111 1 - UI IIII1IIIWIIIfIIII-IfIII1IIfI:'lI.IIIIPIIIIIIT' mmwwwwwwdw 'I .1i 1' 1. 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' KMI"'f-- ,,11 1 1 II1 1'II1fI1 IIM III 1 "'I 1" 1 txsl .1 223 'I .. 1.1. 1 ' 5' LI1 ff' English 0 ers Wide and Varied Courses i The students of Galesburg Senior High School do not feel limited when enrolling in an English class for there are fifteen various courses offered. This is one of the most advanced and wide ranged programs of its kind in the state of Illinois. Along with the basic literature and grammar classes which the sophomores are required to take, are a number of other interesting courses from which they may choose. Those students interested in the newspaper field may take a course in Journalism where they get extra practice by writing articles for the Budget. . College bound students can Peek'a'b00! find excellent preparatory classes offered. I Q Yes, Anita, c-a-t. This page sponsored by As excitement sets in... Kanartex Coatings Palmgrerfs Floor Covering 40 History- The Outline 0 a Better World A special American Studies program has been added to the Social Studies department of Galesburg Senior High School. American Studies is an attempt to blend American History with American literature. This is a two hour course as opposed to the regular one hour allotted to other . classes. American History is a prerequisite for graduation and gives the student an understanding of the founding and development of our country. As well as World History and Economics, American Problems and Current Events are offered for the study of American and world affairs. S With the knowledge gained from these courses we are on our way to a better world because we learn from the mistakes and accomplishments of past history. Jolly John. History marches on! Ah, yes. 'Q' mwwj Let's hear it for History! This page sponsored by Glas Real Estate R Sz B Distributing Co. J 41 .qi You've got the wrong eye open. The exact approximate weight is Somewhere around... Science-A Look Inside In a science course at Galesburg Senior High School there is no end to what can be accomplished. In Biology, frogs are disected as well as crayfish, grasshoppers and maybe even a pig. The student learns about living things as well as his own heredity. Half of the time spent in Chemistry is used for laboratory work and the other half is lectures. In Physics class, one can complain about almost impossible problems and on the side learn about force and energy. Advanced Biology is offered for those students who want a more detailed knowledge of life. In all courses, individual projects are attempted. Oooh, how can you touch that? it e Just a. little more Whipped cream and a cherry. This page sponsored by Alton Box Hawkinson Mfg. Co 2 ' --LL - ki ' he S In 20 minutes, this class will be over. Mathematics Developes Concentration You've got to be kidding! There are no required courses for grad- uation in the mathematics department at G.H.S., but the demands and interest in courses are well above average. Algebra is a. prerequisite for any course which you wish to enroll in in the field of mathematics. When working with such complex numbers, your power of concentration is greatly developed. Mathematics is an important asset and necessity in modern day life. x:y3+3z+563 ifandon1yify553+VT+W K10+f'VM5 Language-A Mixture of Club and Class The Galesburg High School Language Department has four foreign languages to offer to its students: Latin, German, Spanish and French. The department is well equipped with Language Laboratories which give the students an oppor- tunity to listen to the spoken pronunciation of their language. Each of the different languages has its own club where they have meetings and activities designed to inform the student of the customs and events of the language of their choice. f Nice hair but that dandruff! This could be better than I thought . , 3 iff-fist 5 g H if .fif,f, X SHN-x I'm sorry your line is disconnected. 44 Business Aids the College and Job-Bound I told you not to take it. It really can't be my fault. Our world of business is forever growing and so are the number of courses offered to the students in the business program of G.H.S. For college bound students, the skill of typing is imperative and shorthand will come in very handy for note taking during those long college lectures. Other courses offered for the business-minded student are bookkeeping, stenography and accounting. A great part of the Business Program is the Distributive Education and Cooperative Office Occupations courses by which students earn graduation credits and experience. The Fuzz? ,., Q This page sponsored by D Russell W. Fox- y ft X JA... General Contractor 45 Women's lib? Move in! Vocal Music Enjoyed by All In the Vocal Music Department of Galesburg Senior High School there are A Cappella Choir, Concert Choir and Girl's Glee Club. The Glee Club is directed in two sections by Mrs. Graffouliere, while the other groups are directed by Mr. Hegg. From the A Cappella Choir come the three ensembles, Senior Girls, Junior Girls and Singing Streaks. These groups perform - at various times for the enjoy- ment of the entire community. V s x M What a day for a daydream. 11 This page sponsored by If YOU think W9'1'e going to Sing that-H The Farmers and Mechanics Bank 46 I nstrumentul Music Serves Community ' And the walls came tumbling down. And the beat goes on. This page sponsored by Galesburg Sheetmetal Works For the third year in a row, the Instrumental Department is under the direction of Miss Sally Rynott. The band consists of '73 members and a drum major. This year they have increased their marching pace to 180 steps per minute. The band performs in concert three times a year in the Winter, Spring and Christmas Concerts. They also provide music for all the home football and basketball games. From this large band the Stage Band is selected. This band meets during advisory and performs when the large band can't. Who put that there? You're funny, Hog, you're funny! 47 rm-"4 Art is Relaxing Creatifvely Art gives students a chance for self expression and relaxation. Every day during class, records are played while the students express themselves in their many forms of art. Pottery, sculpture and sketching are some art courses which are offered. As you walk through the school around Christmas time and enjoy all of the decorations, you can be sure the Art department has been hard at work. To measure the student's individual progress each student is required to turn in a certain number of sketches or paintings. The students of Galesburg Senior High School owe a great deal to the art department. The Sistine Chapel it's not! This page sponsored by Coumli 'mm t X Hertenstein Loan F.-K T hi 1 I "' x. - A-L 4uf Let's see, number 5 is red... They say a. housewife's work is never done How come your brush is bigger than mine" Call me a. dirt farmer will ya? Tomorroufs Farmer-Scientist and Specialist . Ll . X ,Aux 2 T R Yea, tha,t's dirt. This page sponsored by Galesburg News Agency Meadow Gold Dairy The business of agriculture demands a trained man to be successful in serving both his family and the world. The Agriculture department at Galesburg Senior High School trains students toward this goal. The curriculum offers courses in farming, agricultural economics and engineering. In class, students learn to judge soils, grains and stock. The classes take trips to farms in the Galesburg area to see their studies put to practical use. Today's farmer must be a scientist and a specialist to succeed. You crossed a what with a what? 49 Y He attacked it tooth and nail. An industrious Industrial Arts student. Industrial Arts -Mechanical Minds at Work At any time of the day you can walk into the Industrial Arts classes at G.H.S. and see the mechanical minds of the boys at work. They are busy with carpentry, metal works, printing and gas engines. Technical skills in drafting design and scale drawing are developed. The boys learn the fundamentals as well as the intricate skills involved in each course. Towards the end of the year, the department displays , its work in an Industrial Arts Fair held in the high school gymnasium. Industrial Arts interprets the industrial world in the student in terms of his abilities. The old-fashioned meat grinder routine. This page sponsored by J. C. Penney's The Labor News with tender loving careu' 50 Needles and Pins, Pots and Pans So that's where she keeps it! Needles and pins, pots and pans, cottons and wools and tables and chairs are all a part of the G.H.S. Home Economics department. Girls are taught to plan and prepare well balanced meals in classes of food and nutri- tion. Family relationships, child develop- ment and interior decorating are all touched on in a home and family studies course. An open house for the students, faculty and counselors is held just before Christmas. This wide variety of courses prepares girls home-making careers inside the home and out. If she makes us eat it again, I quit! Ooo, sour milk! This page sponsored by Weber, Griffith 8: Mellican, Inc. '5Z.a",'..'ESiF' HAWTHORNIQE DRUG nano. The maustare TITS 51 Wlzo Could Forget...P. E.? Summe-r's over and it's time to get back in shape again. There is no better way to do this than by taking the Physical Fitness tests which are required for both boys and girls. Classroom Work as well as the usual sports are required. This work includes health studies, first aid and personal adjustment. Physical Education courses play an important part in the lives of the school's students. After all who could forget the fetching' gym suits and the special scent of the locker room. 45 X Y, I- . f. The Statue of Liberty he ain't. Just five more minutes? Q i'N"'1"xs.1: V Heads it's mine, tails it's yours. 52 X 1 Really, that isn't the way I heard it I don't want to look, I don't want to look. Turn the Key and Panic Today the key, tomorrow the accelerator. Just think, no more classroom work, you're actually behind the wheel for your first time. You look at your instructor for the go signal, turn the key and panic! But there is no need to worry, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Albright and Mr. Hickey are all highly experienced and qualified instructors. Besides, they all have a special brake pedal which comes in very handy at times. Now that you're on your way, try to remember all those things you've learned. If your mind draws a blank, don't worry-you have nine weeks to remember while you drive. ,r If only this were Friday. Mother always told me there would be days like these. This page sponsored by Thomas Electric McGrew Ba McGrew 53 'EiE5iiieEai11Iq:igf1.5,,,,,, , gg K: -ffq,,- ,, , b : 5W?lb2ii:E1B11!iis?'!?!i!itEl',IiE:EiiaEE31e!ii!?'li'E1 .lm-ga:!ig,lvEWf13wi12: 1,-n1iiH:.'s5',5v1 Q--H ai .if F22 W- ii '--1."'1?-l'u!.I'l::1e,' .::'I?':fE5 'LN "fn Hfzfiawgfxi 'mu wwf VT in 5' "'I'l"1"l! -I 'I 1 1 Minn ?'!5g'5jI.Lific'u grggslfzgg Siiii ?l'H1!i9l:.??efi 48 -'1s2sfqa fikfi 9 ms! If ,Q 1s rf! ff :' LEM? ' ' .TSW an ,1,: WEE ig-Q ?!f!!F11i L!! :IifI!'gg fl: vsrkebl -35 355531 E.: Wizf' 5 tgp gf 41,533 fiEEf2 wqu ': inn!-:ld.EW-E111-'lx-:2:elE:3:5:54HEfM:'2::!1!5 !'!"l7 !V""W!' 221.- ,.A.,,. K, A.,,. ,:... '!U'57'i3:7"ffF:::V?'V!f:':'5i iE5!':?ifEilfifi-i'f515Tf1'!'5' EF: .fuuvnb-:Q WI:4 Ena,!:!u!z:,1f Um-.mul. 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W5 milk? ,L '-555 ,fp ,, -.wh . . 2125! fum IH :', W shi. 223552222421 1 i 1 ' N' ,"H!21!:?1'ii,' I 51 M: Q. :hgg:5:!--gpgzai .w:g1,u:,. :QI f. iw, qgmgg-my--sa,aif,.-nainlxhfxii: mn-lu-1 Hn SfhigfaiatiieMwiiwfheziii? 1 :zefasnskniWe.iiiifiiiiiiiliiiiifl fffisflh 'L ' H ' -bmi ' ,Qjhgil5Eii1f5'1i-:f'5- A .i:-:,nir'ug::a:"r,'1- ' 6HlE!lE!EQ!fE3nfi3'.! 5e!5:.!j:5.. .1mf!Eli5E1fS5iEi!2'r1fii?32Lif?A 1 2'- U 3 1 y liki1ili!1i'xeia J x3gQf,5he-.E. - -JYEWE-1 fffifi'iii?i!Qii4ii3525i35?i2?Qi5EiE 4 M4 1 .VH1"fii!!'!-Wiz-'iilis-iff wiuiifasmm2135misiQfnQQssmfff: fw 1-,., wfiym n!m,,. xg.i.g::fw ,- -g iz 'le'Wea-EY'asef2:p:M , -:QQ mfg:megaiiQ?figziifalazliiqaggieaig' , :LL guy elmll :fic 11514 A f3353!iii?EZ?E1551125521552355iiiiiiiiiiiiixii .iRn5E.im5iE-1 5-23:35-5:551:-m::z::a --1-x iliwriule-up---:I --l- f- 1 ,,sezM1112212913335152 :Hi :!!!s "fi31E5:'Zl!iq' lj' y1f-l1Iuz!!1: ' Eeaeiblligfff' flffffl J! '1 iii . digit 3:1 'i5i: 'ugm M52 Emi . 1 . is 3 E5 E., mi, 31. Mesa 5: z-fu lil H5525 wuiizi 5 ll!!!-1. figizgfaa-if :::. E-Mih- 391:15 Y .5 gfiiiiii il!-2113 fifiifiiiiiifiiiiimi iEE55H'H! 5.ii11f!g!fE.f- nu- iEg3!,g,s3:g,lpslgiuf-:E 3:21 !! ' 52IS!!1S!!!!!!E!!!"-CIEEEEEZ fn13iE5!faf!ii!2!'fi.51?: KI 4 . 1:En.'52!f2:-is1ss21i:- a:RQHQza331::-::fbwffffsmsx s.1ssns"frr:" ' :L-. ,!:'..e.!:vg' W: gr11gfl1:ik1 I '- K :'Q:EE,isgi!fii55g5g3'iE5' 3 'iii 'L 3e'!2:Ei:.sfeJ51.faf. za afu..,1: --1-1' mz.i1u:!l'?feEs!'f5 W . .N wi. 1.2 I!il!!!52525J2551w::Qm:::.2!!E:5e:s5i VI' " " ' ' ' :fE'nlHi:ii15'f School Board -Link Between Community and School Seven local citizens chosen by the public, make up the Board of Education for Galesburg School District 205. The board works closely with the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Barney C. Parker, and provides a link between the school system and the com- munity. A few of the duties of the Board of Education are to select the faculty members and personnel, to approve the buying of supplies for the school district and making' the rules and regulations for the operation of the school system. Mr. Barney Parker, Superintendent of Schools FRONT ROW: Mr. L. Westcott, Mrs. W. Kelly, Mr. Sauter. SECOND ROW: Mr. R. Mustain, Mr. J. Lillie, Mr. J. Davis, Mr J Odell. 56 , . It Mr. George Miller, Principal Individual Responsibility Stressed by Administration Mr. George Miller is now in his third year as Principal of Galesburg Senior High School. The responsibility of running a school the size of GHS is a great one and Mr. Miller is well qualified and very experienced as a leader in the field of education. He has taught industrial arts and math for five years as well as being principal for 17 years. Mr. George Lundeen, the assistant principal, is a great help to Mr. Miller in the enforce- ment of rules and regulations of GHS, while Mr. Dunn heads the Business Education at the school. Mr. George Lundeen, Assistant Principal Mr. Ray Dunn, Vocational Director . Kp- i QNDQQ... Mrs. Anne Byram Mr. Willam Collis Mr. Gene Denisar Counselors- The Problem Solvers There are six dedicated and well trained individuals in the offices at the high school who are willing to advise the students when needed. Mrs. Kraft and Mr. Collis spent their time advising the Sophomores, Miss Westefer and Mr. Shover with the Juniors, and Mrs. Byram and Mr. Denisar with the Seniors. The Sophomore counselors spent most of their time getting new students adjusted to the life at high school, while the upper class counselors busied themselves supplying college information to interested students. Many students think of their counselors as "their parents away from home." Mr. Doug Fitch 1 .. we l. knees: tiiir. 5 f 1 wt . Mrs, Grace Kraft Mr. Stan Shover Miss Nancy Westefer 58 Mrs. Betty Anderson Mrs. Dorothy Folger Mrs. Pansy Mendez gy . 4'--'Q Mrs. Carlene Benson Mrs. Leah Chapman The Office -Efficiency in Action Where do the students go for books, tardies, and aid at GHS? Why, the office of course. You can be sure they do for it's a very busy place. The office workers are well qualified and usually know what to do Ceven in case of a bomb scarej. Mrs. Folger and Mrs. Anderson handle the many secretarial duties and Mrs. Mendez is tucked away in her bookroom keeping track of the treasury. As attendance clerk, Mrs. Benson keeps detailed records while Mrs. Stine spends her time making schedule changes and sending college applications. Mrs. Petrie assists in Learning Center. These workers are always ready to give needed assistance. ' -5 Mrs. Mary Petrie Mrs. Wanda Stine 59 Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Dark of Night . . Where would we be today without teachers? Those brave souls facing the snow, cold, and freezing rain to further the education of the youth of today. QOutside having fun, but that is besides the point.J The teachers at G.H.S., on the most part, are very much involved with the students. Many of them sponsor various organizations and serve as supervisors for sports events and dances. No one should knock the teachers of G.H.S. for they go far beyond the call of duty to serve the student body. MR. JERRY ALBRIGHT Physical Education MR. DALE ALLARD English MISS CAROL ANKENBRANDT Language MR, JOHN AUGUSTON Industrial Arts MRS. MARY BANGERT Business Education MRS. LOUISA BARASH English MR. ROBERT BEAL Driver's Education MR. RILEY BOWEN Science MR. PATRICK BOYLSON English A I X A MISS CAROL COX Business Education MR. DAVID CRAIG Science MRS. BETTY CREEKMUR Home Economics MR. BILL CREEKMUR Industrial Arts MR. JIMMIE CROWN Art MISS VELMA DENNY Social Studies MR. HAL DEVORE Social Studies MRS. HELEN DUNN Mathematics MR. GEORGE EACOTT Work Program MR. JOHN BROWNING Science MR. GARY BRUINGTON Physical Education MR. DAVID CASS Mathematics MR. MARVIN COCHRAN Science MR. TERRY COLBERT English MR. JOHN CONNER Agriculture 4 1 4 Q HH NLR 49' MR. DAVID GUNDERSON Business Education MRS. DIANNE GUNDERSON Social Studies MRS. NANCY HARLACHER Physical Education MR. STEPHEN I-IAWES Social Studies MRS, CLARICE I-IEGG Language MR. ROLAND HEGG Vocal Music MR. BOB ERNST Physical Education MRS. RUTH FINN English MR. ART FISH Physical Education MRS. PATRICIA FOX English MISS GRETCHEN GATES Math MRS. ELIZABETH GRAFFOULIERE Vocal Music MR. JOHN GRIFFITH Director of the Learning Center MR. ROBERT GROVE Librarian MR. ROBERT GRUBA Industrial Arts MRS. SUSAN HERMAN Librarian MRS. LAMORNE HICKEY School Nurse MR. MIKE HICKEY Driver's Education Miss VIRGINIA HINCHLIFF English MR. LEWIS IRWIN Industrial Arts MR. ROBERT JOHNS Physical Education MR. CHAUNCEY KENNEY Science MR. JOHN KESSLER Mathematics MRS. MARY KOHLMAN Physical Education MR. CHARLES KRAUSE English MR. FRED KUSTER Social Studies MR. THOMAS LENTZ Industrial Arts MISS ANNE MC KENZIE Business Education MRS. MIRIAM MC NIEL English MR. TED MANSAGER Social Studies MRS. DELORES RYNER Business Education MISS SALLY RYNOTT Instrumental Music MISS DENA SAAIJENGA English MR. BILL SARGENT Special Education MISS RUTH SCHWARZ Home Economics MR. ROBERT SELF Science MRS. JANET SHELLY Language MRS. RENNIE SMITH Art 1 ,acl MR. KENNETH MAURIZI Science MRS. BENITA MOORE Social Studies MR. DAVID MOORE Social Studies MR. JOE PATTERSON English MR. RAY PEOPLES Industiral Arts MR. RICHARD PORTER Social Studies MR. HOWARD PURCELL Social Studies MRS. GAYLA QUICK Business Education MR. HOWARD REUTER Language MR. JOE RODEFFER Mathematics MR. WILLIAM ROEHLK Business Education MRS. BEVERLY ROSINE Physical Education MR. ROGER SOPER Social Studies MR. BRUCE SPENCER Science MRS. MARJORIE SPERRY Physical Education MRS. JUDY STANDARD Home Economics MRS. MURRELL STEPHAN Health Occupations MR. BOB TORLEY Industrial Arts MR. DENNIS TWITTY Business Education MR. JOHN THIEL Physical Education MISS JANET TRULOCK Mathematics MR. WILLIAM TURNER Language b MRS. MARY WADE Business Education MR. R. E. WALLACE Driver's Education --'Q' 'Q I if ' i 5 my :ui - - ' --te ,Y 1. 3 ' I 5 . L, t . 1' Li ul A. mx L I MRS. DOROTHY WATT English MR. RICHARD WHITE Work Program MR. ROGER WILSON Industrial Arts MRS. LINDA WOOD English MISS JOYCE WUEHLE Home Economics MR. EUGENE YOACHUM English I 1,1 s N' , 1 Soczetles Even though a star ss truly only a mass of gaseous elements man for some reason has to place a personal value to it. His life is centered around attaining his own stan his private goal. A Senior ' V . " Jr,Q9+,.. Wm FRONT ROW: D. Galloway, C. Alters, N Shearer D Wilburn D Stanley P Muller C Light R Derry Griffith, T. Anderson, SECOND ROW: K Olmsted T THIRD ROW D Tamimie B Turvey S Trimble Student Councll Buzzes Wlth Actwlty When the students of GHS have a gripe or request they turn to the Student Council for leadership. This year Student Council really freaked out the school with the intro- duction of an even more relaxed dress code allowing the girls to wear slacks to school. The goal was set for an open first and seventh hour study hall system and the purchase of two student bulletin boards proved to be an effective means to attract student attention. Besides the new membership this year's Student Council experienced a new Sponsor, Mr. Lundeen, who contributed greatly to the organization of business. This page sponsored by Arthur J. Nyman Thomas Plumbing 8: Sons and Heating Another student council member hard at work. LEFT T0 RIGIIT: R. Sundberg, Treas., D. Bayless, Pres J. Buck, V. Pres., D. Peterson, Sec. nder The Sponsorship of Mr. Lundeen FRONT ROW' L Vitali T. Beck D S iker R.McCarth - - , , - P . Y. C. Faulund, L. Gottenborg, D. Mathews, D. Steven- son. SECOND ROW: M. Tolley, M. Jordan, P. Anderson R. Cunningham, D. Allensworth, T. Rowen, S. Wil- liamson. THIRD ROW: M. Demott, J. Willander, M. Barstow, S. Bean, P. Berg, V. Stevenson, R. Cook, D Bullock. FOURTH ROW: R. Hartley, G. Smith, S. Saul M. Johann, M. Chivell, M. Reed, G. Walters, A. Prina P. Birmingham. FIFTH ROW: P. Collins, D. Halpern R. Stout, G. Purcell, J. McCollough, J. Betsworth, T Johnson, R. Blythe, M. Dierdorff, G. Duffy, B. Roit- burd, C. Hunderford, S. Peters, T. Larson. Along comes February and people ask, "Has the yearbook been started, yet" And all that the staff could say was "You'd better believe it!" Before the leaves fell from the trees, the Tori Having Co-editor REFLECTOR staff had selected the theme and was looking forward to the last Dave Bivens dead line. Since September, almost every Business Manager Saturday from ten to ten has been spent Tom Larson in To's backroom amidst typewriters, Layout Editor pictures, croppers, layouts, copysheets, Pepsi bottles, records, three dogs, two cats and a turtle. Each editor had its own little section in the chaos. Getting the Juniors to sell ads brought out the Hitler in Bivey and having to change the layouts time after time drove Tom up a utility pole. The Senior information sheets added a bit of excitement to the day when they were used in an all out paper wad war. After all the hours of work, the editors have grown very close, and as they look back to what was once frustrating and tiring work, they'll realize how really beautiful those hours were. 1971 Reflector Chose Its Star Bob Blanchard Don Bowen Mike Godsil Phil Leeson Sports Editor Sports Editor Photographer Photographer Janet Cable ' Pattie Muller Carrie Kenney Mr. Kenney Art Editor Senior Editor Soph-Jr. Editor Faculty Advisor '70 ' ,A li Susie Jacobs Co-editor Sharon Eisemann Copy Editor Anita Nelson , Activities Editor and with United E ort Attained It FRONT ROW: C. Davis, N. Parkinson, M, Hartley, S. Campbell, R. Cook, J. Wil- lander. SECOND ROW: M. Rogers, C. Rue- dig, C. Kayser, E. Schubach, S. Miller, J. Long, M. Bick. THIRD ROW: N. Morris, P. Minnie, J. Stoerzbach, M. Hennen- fent, S. Saul, R. Hartley, F. Smith, S. Ruedig. '71 choose somethin like a star This page sponsored by GRANT BULLIS AGENCY The Sophomore Money- aking Machine FRONT ROW: M. Abrahamson, J. Peterson, C. Curtis C. Fa.ko, M. Brown, R. McKie, P. Lietsch, V. Williams. SEDOND ROW: M. Franson, J. Lindberg, M. Bates, J. McCullough, L. Chapin. THIRD ROW: P. Birmingham, "ACH TUNG!" shouts Dave Bivens and the Sophomore money-machine is set in motion. Faithfully braving the cold at the football games and the multitudes at the basketball games, these Reflector staff workers put forth the supreme effort to bring in the money that helps to pay for this publication. Their goals are the stars as their hopes of a possible editorship increase as their sophomore year nears its completion and their junior year looms ahead. FRONT ROW: R. Hacker, J. Bennett, M. Carlson, K. Mc- Lauglin, K. Carr. SECOND ROW: J. Kenney, R. Self, V. Clevenger, D. Bevard, T. Adams, V. Ginther, P. Henry, C. Wolbers, R. Hartley, D. Venard, M. Leeson, T. Poulos, D. Spiker. S. Higgins, D. Steck, T. Pscheidt, M. Sandoval, M McLaren, J. Nelson, L. Jackson, S. Douglas. x. FRONT ROW: B. Denly, K. Kennedy. M. Wong, D. Moulton, D. Anderson, P. Muller, M. D. Bevard, D. Simpson. SECONDROW:C.John- Bick, C. Butler, C. Humes, V. Ginther. son, J. Leahy, R. Shryack, C. Drake, THIRD FOURTH ROW: P. Gottenberg, D. Bixby, R. ROW: S. Erickson, J. Sandberg, B. Poulos, Hacker, L. Lincoln, J. Morris, D. Fensterer. Arte Clubbe Paints Future l T. Lytle, Pres., C. Ferguson, V. Pres., G. Scott, Sec., C. Strader, Treas. The artistic talents of students at GHS are given recognition by admission to the elite ranks of Arte Clubbe. Display cases are always filled with the efforts of enthusiastic members: charcoals, oils, watercolors, and everything else imaginable. Unusual background scenery was designed for the Christmas Concert which was so fantastic that it was used again as decoration for the Winter Formal. Demonstrations and exhibitions were given at the Civic Art Center which displayed the many forms of artistic media which members have mastered. This page sponsored by Loraine's Restaurant Mr. Quick Richard Ney - Editor-in-chief ' udget 4.41 Kathy Newburg Tom Holst News Editor News Editor 1970-'71 was a year of many innovations for the Budget. Other firsts included a junior as Editor-in-Chief, an amazing accomplishment and a new sponsor, Mr. Gene Yoachum. The paper was published Weekly and contained up- to-date feature articles, sports coverage and schoolwide news. The Budget also chose a student who had currently excelled in athletics for the honorary position of "Streak of the Week." In addition to the duties of publishing the Budget, the staff found time to partici- pate in sporting challenges with the Reflector staff. Jeff Fox Eugene Grubaugh Sports Editor Sports Editor Janet Stoerzbach Copy Editor W W , t Q . Agnes Haklar Tom Lytle Mark Johnson 8a Bob.Erffmeyer Circulation Manager Cartoonist Staff Writers '74 This page sponsored by one e n Leath and Co. '71 was a Very Good Year The Inter-Club Council is an organization at GHS which consists of the heads of all the organizations and clubs. This club holds a banquet at the beginning of each year. They plan the various activities and meetings for their clubs. The school calendar is set up with the cooperation of these students. At the beginning of the school year, an orientation program was given for the sophomores. This year proved quite interesting for the speeches were vidio-taped. A Cappella Choir ....... ...... R oger Callahan AFS ....................,..... ....... S andie Watters Arte Clubbe ..... ............ T om Lytle Band ................ ..... J im Weyerns Boys' Forum ...... .........Rick Main Budget ............... ...... R ichard Ney Concert Choir ........ ..... D iane Bailey CWT ................ ......... T im Stewart DE ......... ..... D arrell Moody Debate ...... ...... S teve Wilson FFA ....... ..................... R ichard Kelly FHA ...... ...................... J eralyn Finney FNA .................. Mardel Patch, Julie Talbert FTA .................................... Terry Schubach French Club .......................... Dave Tamimie G-Club ........... ................ B ill Westfall Pep Club ................................. Gloria Bohan GAA .............. ................ T ina Behrents Reflector ............. Tori Haring, Susie Jacobs Gadettes ................... Jan Cable, Cathy Irsch Senior Council ...................... Dave Peterson German Club ...... .................. C hris Kayser Stage Call ..................................... Jan Cable GSL .................. ............. T erry Wilburn Spanish Club ........... ...... G eorgia Scott Latin Club ,...,... ....,....... T om I-Iolst Student Council ....... ....... D ave Bayless NHS ................... ...... D ave Tamimie Thespians .............. ....... G ayle Goolsby OO ........................ ...... J udy Calhoun VICA ........................................ Rick Harvey Pasteur Society ......................... Beth Fifield 1 T. Lytle, 2 B.Westfa.l1,3 G. Bohan, CD Q CD CD 4 T. Schubach, 5 J. Finney, 6 S. Wil- Q son, 7 T. Wilburn, 8 B. Fifield, 9 R. Q Main, 10 T. I-Iaring, 11 J. Talbert, 12 CD CD Q QD S. Jacobs, 13 J. Weyerns, 14 D. Tami- Qjj mie, 15 D. Bayless, 16 T. Behrents, Q 17 J. Cable. QD QD QD Senior Council Works to Make Prom a Success T The 1970-1971 Senior Council centered its attention on the project of earning money for the Senior Prom. The council consists of any interested Seniors who wish to donate their time and ideas to the various projects that Senior Council undertakes. Aside from the prom, the council concerns itself with graduation. They measure the Seniors and order the caps and gowns for this ceremony and also set up a system of ushers for Baccalaureate. A few of the money making projects were rumage sales, bake sales, car washes, pop bottle drives, and after game dances. In previous years the representatives had been elected in their home rooms. This year the system was abolished and the council was opened to all Senior students. It was discovered that this type of "volunteer" The Senior Council sponsored after game dances. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Whittles, Vice-Pres., N. Schearer, Treas., C. Alters, Sec., D. Peterson, Pres. FRONT ROW: K. Davis, C. Alters, S. Norris, J. Harris, T. Engholm, C. Coughlin, N. Shearer, C. Miller, C. Ruedig, D. Bayless. SECOND ROW: D. Peterson, S. Whittles, N. French, T. Schu- bach, P. Bocox, T. Behrents, C. Kayser, C. Light, L. Bailey. THIRD ROW: D. Tamimie, R. Kimble, P. Bernier, G. Bohan, J. Sandberg. '77 councilwas more effective than the traditional elective council. 1971 has brought many changes to GHS and this is one of the best. This page sponsored by Holcomb Studio Varsity Cheerleaders Encourage Pep and A little razzle-dazzle from the basketball cheerleaders kept audiences around the state in awe. Seniors Chris Ferguson, Sylvia Trimble, Laurie Lehman, and Terry Wilburn, with their perfected acrobatics, led the younger girls through a tough season. Games are expecially tough for cheerleaders when the score gets close, and Galesburg certainly had their share of close ones. The last event of the year is the "G" Club banquet where all of the varsity cheerleaders, lettermen and parents are honored for all the hard work of the past year. LEFT T0 RIGHT: S. Gore, T. Wilburn, C. Ferguson, L. Lehman, B. Roit- burd, S. Trirnble. X uw ,,k,:. K , . .QAM , ,Q NE ,gg .. , 1 . . no i . , . Qi' ., if 'f L Q J . I Qt , -- fm g ff .. - S' s. Z . e.... ' - t . -. X h xx ' f. Y ' . ' ,S - K. . . ,f i 4 :S L I 1 -1 Susie Gore, Junior ST This page sponsored by Martin Landscaping and Excavating Sylvia Trimble, Senior Stern Bs Field '78 Enthusiasm Throughout the Basketball Season Laurie Lehman, Senior Terry Wilburn, Senior Chris Ferguson, Senior Beth Roitburd, Junior '7 9 LEFT T0 RIGHT: T. Behrents, S. Norris, C. Light, N. French, J. Crisman, C. Miller Cheerleaders Activate Frozen Fans d Veteran football cheerleaders Tina Behrents and Connie Miller led the 1970 squad to a busy season. The girls and their coach, Mrs. Rosine, decided to take on a cheering job for the cross country team as well as their normal football schedule. Other activities for this years squad include the homecoming parade and bonfire, pep assembly, and a demonstration at the state cheerleading clinic. The cheerleaders being all seniors were well experienced in their field with five of the six having been on the varsity basketball squad, the JV's, or the sophomore squad of two years ago. The only rookie was Julie Crisman who did a fine job all season. The Reflector staff wishes to congratulate all the girls on a vivacious 1970 football season. This page sponsored by Wilkinsons Office Supply Joey Browning, 1971 football mascot The ,IV's ,lump into '72 With hopes of making a 1972 varsity squad, this years JV's have Worked hard on improving both acrobatics and jumps. Their season activities include the home games of the junior varsity basketball team, and one out of town game for the sophomore team and helping out the varsity in the second game. Good luck to all of the girls in their try for a varsity stop next year. LEFT T0 RIGIIT: S. Watson, M. Derry, P. King, C. Johnson, T. Johnson Pony Cheerleaders Horse Around 343-2844 This page H w EA Dressed in beautiful new uniforms, the Sophomore Cheerleading squad made their debut as G.H.S. cheer- leaders. The little seen pony games give the girls a fine opportunity to gain experience for their future attempt at the varsity squad. LEFT T0 RIGHT: K. Martin, T. Scott, C. Johnson, K. Burger, C. Haulk, M. Jordan sponsored by A 8 1 FRONT ROW R Hartley P Davis D Friend J Cable C Whlttles, J. Willander, P. Mueller, Coughhn S Jackson L Ehrenhardt SECOND ROW S Saul, C. Irscli, C. Tolbert, K. Here lS Preclslon Plus A new group, the Galesburg Gadettes, was introduced at GHS this year. The Gadettes is a drill team composed of twenty girls selected on the basis of ability, by sponsors, Mrs. Kohlman and Mrs. Harlacher. The girls rehearse two hours weekly to work up routines to drum cadences and music for performances at assemblies, parades, game intermissions, and Reflectavue. Their uniforms are black and gold plaid jumpers, berets, and pompons. With their bright smiles and precision marching the Gadettes are a welcome addition to GHS activities. Debbie and Deana. Youngren -Hif- FROHT ROW: J. Bugg, S. Jackson, V. Clevenger, C. A1- gren, C. Fako, T. Scott, K. Smith, J. Griffith, B. Eyre. SECOND ROW: J. Colburn,C.Wolbers, S. Dixon, J. Peter- son, D. Mathews, D. Joyner. THIRD ROW: A. Humphrey N. White, N. Howard, D. Spencer, D. White, C. Powell, R. Barragan, B. Robertson, D. McKillip, R. Hartley, B. Fifield, D. McKillip. FOURTH ROW: M. Bick, S. Eise- mann, J. Inman, J. Stoerzbach, K. Gulson, G. Han- nam, K. Haulk, M. Hennenfent, J. Tapper, S. Miller, S McGuire, R. Ponce, C. McFarland. FIFTH ROW: B Munson, K. Wells, M. Clark, L. Bailey, C. Bruntmyer S. Dwyer, D. Bennett, C. Tolbert, N. French, V. Der- rick, S. Gibbs, J. McMillan, C. Coughlin, T. Smith SIXTH ROW: T. Wilberding, K. Dugan, P. Jones, R. Mc- Carthey, C. Schiele, P. Hiles, R. Myer, C. I-lumes, S Ruedig, L. Nyman, D. Bailey, D. Patty, M. Bugg. Girls Service League Aids Projects , Girls Service League is exactly what the name implies-an organization of girls dedicated to the service of their school and community. In the fall, a style show is given to inform the sophomore girls of the proper dress for the many school functions. Decoration of the goal posts at the home football games and the hoop through which the basketball team bursts before home games inspire school spirit. Christmas service projects include the decorating of the school Christmas tree and the packing of cookies to be distributed to nursing homes. The sponsorship of a Korean student is just one more GSL project. The year concluded with a. beautiful banquetg a Well deserved reward for a year of enthusiastic service. This page sponsored by Grandview Drive In Imperial '400' Motel 84 w 1 And we've only just begun .... Hey, who ate the cookies? in chool, Communit , and I LEFT T0 RIGHT: C. Light, Sec., S. Trimble, V, Pres., Mrs. Byram, Spon., T. Wilburn, Pres., J. Leahy, Treas. This page sponsored by Doyle Furniture Ellis Jewelers 85 A GSL project in action. W orld So much for that finger FRUM LEFT T0 RIGHT: T. Adams, P. Lietsch, L. Boynton, K. Burkhalter, C. Irsch, -D. Ketterling, K. Davis D. Finley, M. Bullis, J. Webster, C. O'Bryant, M. Reed, S. Beckham, P. Mendez, L. Bailey. S. A. A. Sports And Assemblies The Student Activities Association, the largest student organization at GHS offers its members a wide variety of entertainment ranging from sports to cultural enlightenment. Students gain admission to football and basketball games, the fall and spring plays, and special assemblies which feature artists, musicians, and scores of other fascinating people, by flashing their S.A.A. identification cards. This year's system of S.A.A. identification has been vastly improved over previous systems. At the suggestion of Dave Tamimie pictures are taken the day of registration and the I.D. cards are distributed. Cards are punched at the entrance to programs which eliminates confusion. A featured artist performs for students FROM l.EF'I' T0 RIGIIT: P. Crocker, L. Hasselbacher, K. L. Ehrenhardt, P. Hayes, N. Ahlberg, K. Southwell Cook, J. Sportsman, C. Kenney, L. Evans, S. Osborn, V. Davis, B. Wilson, H. Ewing, M. Abrahamson D. Line. 86 .Wu ' si-.. Pep Club Encourages Participation FROM lEFT TO RIGHT: S. Johnson, Treas.g G. Bohan, Pres., M. Patch, V. Pres.: C. Ruedig, Sec. Pep Club is an organization designed to inspire the school spirit and team support necessary to boost the "Streaks" on to victory in any competitive sport. Members are represented at meetings by students elected from the homerooms. These representatives participate in the membership drive and money-making projects which enable Pep Club to sponsor buses to out of town games and to offer this service to its members at reduced rates. Pep assemblies are organized in cooperation with the cheerleaders and band to build up enthusiasm for "big" games. Pep Club does a. great job setting and maintaining high standards of good sportsmanship and school spirit. FRONT ROW: M. Mackey, T. Byerly, C. Cecil, B. Glass S. Hoopes, B. Collinson, B. Williams, J. Pillsbury SECOND ROW: R. McKie, T. Poulos, C. Barnes, C. Brown, L. Standard, C. Curtis, J. McCullough, J. Frazier, M Bates, E. Spinks. THIRD ROW: C. O'Brya.nt, K. Munson D. Lakis, P. Carroll, V. Zefo, T. Rink, M. Arnold, D. Knight, C. Ferguson, A. Maciel. FOURTH ROW: D. Steck, M. Reeder, C. Phipps, J. Palmgren, S. Douglas, S. Johnson, J. Powelson, D. Norris, D. Makeever. This page sponsored by Alexander Lumber Co. Galesburg Concrete Materials Co LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Sundberg, Treas., J. Swedlund, Act. Chair., R. Main, Pres., R. Icenogle, VP B Westfall Sec Bo s' Forum Assists in Bene icial Projects Boys' Forum is a. service organization that participates in projects beneficial to the school by providing financial assistance. Two Christmas trees were provided this year for GSL to decorate. Students are grateful for the pop machines that are sponsored by Boys' Forum. Although students hear little of the good Boys' Forum does, it is nice to know that this organization can be depended upon when their help is needed. This page sponsored by McFa1l Monuments Karl's Mens Wear FRONT ROW: J. Taylor, S. Carl- son, E. Leahy, J. Deets, D. Line, D. Volmer. SECOND ROW: K. Lithander, J. Olson, D. Hawthorne, D. Ronk, K. Web- ber, B. Parker. THIRD ROW: D. Hennenfent, R. Donaldson, D. Trask, J. Severens, M. Jacobs, C. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: R. Sparling, B. Stellar, R. Ferguson, T. Peddicord, M. Addis, R, Larson, M. Johann. FIFTH ROW: B. Poulos, J. Weaver, M. McCall, J. Bar- ker, C. Griffin. SIXTH ROW: G. Shannon, B. DeForest, J. Sterling. SEVENTH ROW: D. Malmrose, B. Owen, S. Har- ris, F. Peterson, J. Strader. 88 "FX I People still drink pop? Science Praeticed Outside Class 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Dickeson, Treas., B. Ward, Sec., B. Fifield, P!'9S', J' Fifield, Vice-Pres. Science is a vital part of life and the Pasteur Society's activities emphasizes this. Interesting speakers deliver lectures on their research projects and answer the questions of the members. Field trips are also an important and Very popular part of the club's activities. The Pasteur Society also sponsors the Elroy Smith Science Award. Chosen through a competitive exam on Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, the winner receiving' a monetary award of 350. FRONT ROW: D. Carr, B. Fifield, K. Carr, B. Ward, J. Hacker, R. Durbin, D. Parke, B. Evans. THIRD ROW: P. Miller, B. Simmons, T. Shryack, M. Diekison, J. Sports- Leeson, J. Fifield, M. Ligg-ett. T, Squire, T. Parke, S. man, D. Myler. SECOND ROW: S. Johnson, S. Douglas, R. Lotz, V. Qualls, J. Carlson. This page sponsored by Brouillette's Burgland's Youth Fashion FRONT ROW: T. Haring, S. Watters, S. Brown, C. Ruedig, Marshall, R. Kimble, T. Behrents, G. Bohan, D. Bow- V. Yarbro, G. Mohr, N. Steck. SECOND ROW: K. Nelson, en, D. Tamimie, C. Kayser, W. Westfall, R. Derry. ational Honor Society I nducts New Members One of the highest honors that students can receive is acceptance into the National Honor Society. A list of the scholastically eligible students is circulated among the teachers who are asked to comment on the leader- ship abilities, standards of character, and degrees of service of the nominees. In the spring, when new members are announced, an induction ceremony is held in assembly to award the certificates of recognition. Later, a banquet was held at which the results of the election of officers was announced. This page sponsored by Davis Food Stores C. D. D. J. R. J. J. S. C. J. C. R. C. N . 1 Students Elected tn 1971 SENIORS Alters Anderson Bowers Calhoun Callahan Campbell Carlson Carlson Coughlin Crisman England Evans Ferguson French M. Goodell D Griffith W. Gustafson C. R C. Headley Heath Irsch N. Jacobs S. S. G. J. J. C. Jacobs Johnson Kimmitt Lannholm Leahy Light S S T D. Line D. . Lotz . Lundquist Lytle Moeller J. Morris H. P S G. V. S Muehe . Muller . Norris Pottorf Qualls . Quanstrom J. D. Robinson A. 13. N Rommel Shaver Shearer J. Sportsman C. Strader D. Swigart J. Weaver K. Yard D. J UNIORS Artz P. Berg P. Best J. S. Betsworth Christiansen R. Cook M. DeMott M. Derry G. Duffy R. Erffmeyer L. Evans J. Fifield R. Hartley M. Hennenfent M. Herr S. Hoopes T. Holst J. Horn M. Johnson T. Mariner K. Nelson S. Nelson C. Norris M. Phillis B. Roitburd J. Stoerzbach S. Swanson S. Torrence J. Whitaker J. Wilds J. Willander D. Young Students Receive Individual Honors Patriotism, citizenship, and scholarship are the criteria the faculty uses to select one senior girl and one senior boy to recommend to the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution for the good citizenship awards. Tina Behrents and Dave Tamimie were the 1971 recipients of the DAR and SAR awards, respectively. For Tina, this was a special honor as she had received the DAR award in the ninth grade also. Tina Behrents, DAR March brings the Merit Scholarship Qualifying Tests to the junior class accompanied by severe cases of test jitters and anguish on account of the difficulty of these tests. GI-IS was honored by having three students qualify as finalists. Peggy Bocox, Finalist Tori Haring, Finalist Dave Tamimie, SAR Steve Wilson, Finalist FRONT ROW: B. Ward, B. Rewald, B. Fifield, R. Main, T. son, Marshall, M. Dickeson, P. Bocox, J. Tamimie, N. Schubach, S. Trimble, S. Whittles. SECOND ROW: S. Nel- Collinson, T. Anderson, D. Bayless. 4 .1 Q, V. .5 A Q k Y . f . "rs -,.,' 532. ,. I ,..f,.. K Q A Y r S -4 . ,t - s 5 5 as XZ. ,sf ,Xa E 9 1 This page sponsored by Louis Lakis Ford LEFT T0 RIGHT: B. Goolsby, P. Muller, J. Cable, D. Anderson, J. Crisman, S. Norris, T. Haring. Thespians Show Theatrical Talent But, Dear, Bordon likes legs. Thespians, the NHS of theatrical arts at GHS, became an international society this year. Membership to this group is obtained by earning 10 points which are accumulated by working on the stage and lighting crews, as directors, as committee members, or by performing on stage. Many good times and quantities of hard work go into the realization of every high school actors goal: admittance to Thespians. Induction takes place in May as well as the Best Thespians award, which is given to that person who has shown excellence in all fields of theatrics. This page sponsored by Gerwig's Rusty Country Fried Chicken FRONT ROW: B. Rewald, C. Wickline, L. C. Davis, B. Prough, P. Minnie, M. Bick, G. Goetsch. J. Wilds, A. Nelson, T. Adams. S. Gillham, L. Reynolds, D. Tamimie. Johnson, R. Cook. BACK ROW: W. Jewsbury, AFS Journeys to Greece. The American Field Service is a student committee at GHS that sponsors foreign exchange students. Unfortunately this year AFS was not able to sponsor a student in Galesburg. However, Sandra Watters spent the summer of 1 970 in Greece and Linda Brown is the first person ever to be chosen as a guaranteed finalist from GHS. She will be taking her trip in the summer of 197 1. Athens...the acropolismbeautiful mountains. . .clear blue sea. Greece is all ofthese things and I certainly eryoyed them but my summer was Sandra. Watters, AFS student to Greece enriched with an aspect even more important. . . the Greek people. I lived the daily routine ofthe people, and became just as a Greek myseK The friendships, knowledge and understanding which I acquired are permanent and I 'Il cherish them forever. My only regret is that more people cannot have the same ex- periences which I was so lucky to ' Zzeizw This page sponsored by haue. Lincoln Mercury Goodyear Service Store LEFT TO RIGI-IT: J. Tamimie, Treas., S. Eisemann, Corres. Sec., J. Shaw Vice-Pres., S. Watters, Pres., P. Muller, Rec. Sec. 94 Lie, Cheat and Debate? LEFT T0 RIGHT: R. Ney, D. Artz, S. Johnson, S. Willson, D. Bayless. Having a member of the GHS Debate team in a class makes discussions very interesting. The ease with which they conduct their arguments baffles their opponents into submission. Seriously, though, with the aid of their new coach, Mr. Colbert, the debate team works very hard research- ing their topics for debate and compiling endless stacks of index cards. Besides trips around the intermediate competition the Debate team travels to the state debate tournaments. Quoting once again from Professor Terrence G. Carp This page sponsored by GATE S X C 8a I Sandwich Shop TI Fl E S 95 Cinderella Swings to the German Polka FRONT ROW: B. Ward, K. Petentler, T. Teval, L. stow, P. Ferris, C. Wickline, T. Anderson, T. Bean, C. Curtis, P. Jones, I. Muller, M. Phillis, Coley, D. Artz, S. Torrence, S. Wilson, J. Ander- S. Johnson. SECOND ROW: D. Schockey, M. Bar- son, V. Qualls, B. Blomquist. 'Deutsches Verrein Uber Alles" This enthusiasm towards their traditional wait for the train to Chicago. They never l did get on it. German club adds to the l country. Along with two enjoyable slide shows, the third year class added to the year the German club worked with tour of German Town and Chicago. Many of the students will always remember their two and a half hour student's knowledge of the German entertainment by a production of Cinderella in German. FRONT ROW: J. Seiberlich, S. Johnson, M. Reeder, J. Crisman, B. Fifield, N. French. SECOND ROW: S Burger, A. Gamble, S. Ruedig, C. England, B Wilson, E. Schubach, S. Miller, P. Minnie, L. Ny- man, B. Rewald. THIRD ROW: B. Shaver, J. Sand- l.EFT TO RIGNT: C. Ruedig, Sec., P. Bocox, Treas., C Kayser, Pres., P. Muller, Vice-Pres. borg, D. Boydstun, J. Johnson, S. Eisemann, K McLaughlin, J. Stoerzbach, D. Lindstrom, M Herr, M. Bugg. FOURTH ROW: T. Molburg, T. Sin- gen, D. Stinson, W. J ewsbury, G. Walters, R. Ney G. Duffy, D. Young, C. Griffin, B. Hepburn. FRONT ROW: J. Dowers, J. Webster, C. Phipps, K. Munson, S. Dixon, J. Pillsbury, K. Cook. D. Friend, D. Spiker, R. McKie, P. Birmingham D. Bevard, P. Tharp. SECOND ROW: D. Steok, R. Petrie, D. Smith, B. Foreman, M. Bohman, T. Rowen, C. Henry, M. Franson, D. Lindbeck, T Wilberding, N. Borst. TNIRD ROW: M. Messmore M. Liggett, J. Kohl, M. Brown, D. Hawthorne D. Pearson, J. Olson, R. Stout, S. Williamson T. Pscheidt, C. Johnson, B. Collinson. LK. ,, ?-gl When In Latin lub, D0 as the Latins Do P Latin Club is a. social organization for those students that have studied W the language of ancient Rome for one or more years of their high school career. A greater under- standing of the language is gained from the lectures of guest speakers on the customs, daily life, and beliefs of the people of Rome. Money-making projects go on all year to finance a field trip and the annual "Roman Style" banquet in the spring with typical Roman fortitude. P .4-nl LEFT TO RIGNT: B. Hepburn, M. Phillis, J. Stephenson, R. Cook, Calpurniag D. Artz, B. Rewald, M. Derry, Scribag J. Wilds, K. Ascher, M. Franson, Midas, J. Willander, G. Duffy. Not pictured T. Holst, Caesar. FRONT ROW: S. Jackson, B. Long, J. Colburn, Kilpatrick, M. Carlson, G. Bocox, G. Cox, N. L. Pearson, S. Brown, K. Carr, G. Smith, V. White, J. Van Fleet, R. Cunningham, M. Williams, K. Jackson, T. Adams, P. Crocker. Abrahamson, D. Suryk, K. Lange. SECOND ROW: P. Farrell, T. Williamson, P. This Page sponsored by Tucker Swanson Realty -4.1 Mr. Steak W-'lj Spanish Club Donutes Time to Community and N Spanish Club filled the year 1 with parties, programs, and service projects executed with Spanish flair. Christmas activities included an entry in the Christmas parade as well as a party, south-of-the-border style, with dancing and a pinata. Many informational lectures were given at meetings, including one by Mr. Turner about his trip to Spain last summer. As a service project, members collected Clark gum wrappers for UNICEF. The year ended with a banquet at which officers for the coming year were elected. , LEFT T0 RIGHT: G. Scott, Pres., J. Shaw, Vice-Pres., L. Lincoln, Treas., G. Hannam, Sec. French Club Gains Vivid Ideas of the A French dinner at Pam McKie's house started another fun filled year for French Club. Besides experimenting with fondue, members played charades using French phrases. Meetings combine social events with interesting guest speakers. At the Christmas party, a French teacher from Carl Sandburg gave members a vivid idea of Christmas in France. Concluding the year was a party that truly did justice to the gay nature of the French. This page sponsored by I-leart's Jewelers The Olde Music Shoppe LEFT T0 RIGHT: S. Nelson, Vice-Pres., D. Tamimie Pres., K. Nelson, Sec. Noi Pictured: M. Dosing, Treas. 98 World A airs Along with Activities of Their Own FRONT ROW: D. Pick, J. Nelson, N. Dykeman, B. Mc- Coy, J. Johnson, L. Goetsch, M. Ross, M. Hennenfent B. Hacker, C. Colclasure. SECOND ROW: S. Hoopes, F' Smith, C. McFarland, P. Sanford, L. Chapin, J. Grif- fith, D. Damm, M. Sandoval, V. Yelm, T. Pscheidt, J. Stegall. THIRD ROW: N. Joyner, M. Hungate, J. Smith, R. Hoopes, R. Hartley, A. Humphreys, L. Jackson, J. Nelson, C. Fako, J. Bugg. Customs o France Through Participation FRONT ROW: M. Crump, I. Puffer, N. Shinn, M. Hen- ROW: T. Ring, L. Granskog, C. Light, R. Cates, V. nenfent, J. Wilds, R. Cook, K. Kleinkauf. SECOND Hoyle, M. Dierdorff. This page sponsored by Dick Blick Co. Education, Experience and Ideas When will I get my turn? LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Evans, Corres. Seo., S. Jacobs, Rec. Sec., T. Schubach, Pres., J. Leahy, V. Pres., M. Hutchison, Treas. FRONT ROW: C. Strader, K. Hardgrove, D. Ketterling, C. ROW: M. Rogers, K. Bliss, D. Bowers, D. Danbeck, J. Coughlin, S. Wong, C. Alters, D. Galloway, D. Bayless, Sandborg, D. Lindstrom, R, Chellice, B. Evans FOURTH S. Johnson. SECOND ROW: S. Gunther, S. Whittles, N. ROW: B. Poulos, D. Griffith, D. Boydstun, T. Lytle, T. French, D. Geeseman, L. Lehman, J. Browning, K. Anderson. Swanson, K. Blackledge, B. Ward, B. Rewald. THIRD This page sponsored by 100 North Side Drug D8zD Automotive rom Future Teachers of America FRONT ROW: P. Minnie, M. Bick, S. Loveland, J.Shaw, C Davis, F. Smith, L. Goetsch. SECOND ROW: C. Markivee J. Inman, M. Fuson, R. Cook S. Hoo s D. Dred e L , P . E' , - Evans. THIRD ROW: J. Sterling, S. Campbell,J. Willander, The GHS Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is a very active organization. Its main objective is to give members a wide variety of opportunities to learn about teaching as a profession. Monthly meetings are scheduled with programs featuring guest speakers, films, and panel 1 S. Nelson, C. Wickline, M. Phillis, S. Alden, B. Hutchi- son, J. Wilds, B. Prough, K. Nelson, R. Cates, M. Bar- stow, S. Tate. FOURTH ROW: G. Gillham, B. Patanella, S. Hull, B. Kraul, D. Hoffman, C. Graham, J. La Rose. discussions. Members participate in workshops, conferences, and community educational programs and experiments. Money-making projects enable FTA to award a scholarship to a deserving senior. The six officers and 167 members FRONT ROW: M. Papke, C. Calmer. SECOND ROW: T. Smith, T. Beck, B. Eyre, D. Hillman, B Hoben, C. McFarland, V. Wilson, D. Lakis, D Smith. TNIRD ROW: B. Collinson, M. Jordan, L Gottenborg, S. Algren, D. Toal, K. Munson FOURTH ROW: J. Colburn, L. Pearson, N. Miller, Williams, V. Ginther, K. Smith, T. Poulos, D Bevard. FIFTH ROW: L. Jackson, J. Nelson, C Douglass. N. Goff, D. Steck, K. McLaughlin R. Petrie. SIXTH ROW: R. Hacker, G. Stegall, T Pscheidt, C. Fako, M. Franson, J. Bugg, D Spiker, P. Anderson. represent teachers of tomorrow. M. Reeder, M. Tolley, J. Smith, T. Adams, B. This page sponsored by 1 01 LaSalle Electronics Rogers Shoes "Areas Largest Hifi Distributeru LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Ward. Vice-Pres., C. Johnson, Sec., B. Nelson, Treas., R. Kelly, Pres., B. Patanella, Sentinel, L. Heck, Reporter. Future Farmers Compete in Ag Contests It's easy to recognize a Future Farmers in agricultural and livestock contests. of America by their blue jackets with They also send delegates to the state gold emblems. This club is an FFA convention at the University of organization for the boys who are Illinois. FFA ended the year with interested in farming or related a Father-Son banquet. occupations. The boys in FFA compete FRONT ROW: B. Nelson, L. Fones, C. Johnson, R. John- mond, L. Heck, J. Strom, B. Lincoln, D. Steck, G son, B. Nelson, D. Harshbarger, J. Sutor, R. Kelley, Hager, M. Gurnm, J. Hanson, B.Pata.ne11a., R. Kidder G. Shinn, D. Shinn, T. Johnson. SECOND ROW: G. Rich- G. Ward, J. Ward, R. Hanson. This page sponsored by 102 Lundry Flying Service People-'s Material and Supply Future Homemukers Bake and Make for You mean you brought the eggs in your purse? Community The FHA is a very active organization at GHS. Contrary to student belief, it is not an organization for cooking and sewing. Its purpose is to help serve the community in any way it can. FHA has various money-making events, the proceeds from which are channelled back into the com- munity in one way or another. The group sold oranges and grapefruit, held a, yum-yum shop, and a bottle drive to earn money. This year they are sponsoring a Korean girl. On Dec. 8 they held their Christmas open house and the Mother-Daughter banquet was held in the spring. FHA had a great deal to do with the Pollution Solution group. FRONT ROW: C. Newcomb, S. Christiansen, lor, L. Reynolds, D. Steck, J. Kalpackes, Miss SECOND ROW: D. Olson, J. Finney, D. McMahon, Schwartz. B. Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Standard, M. Tay- 103 This page sponsored by Car Country Gibson Products Co CWT is another of the work programs at GHS. Through the Cooperative Work Program, the students are able to acquire a position in their desired field of interest. The students have field training along with class room courses. They are graded both by their teacher and their employer. The Future Nurses of America is an organization designed for girls who plan on entering the field of nursing. At meetings the girls discuss the various opportunities and requirements for jobs. Lectures were given by registered nurses, and an x-ray technician. The girls work at bake sales, track concessions, morning breakfasts and held a Halloween clean-up to earn money for their In the fall FNA took a. trip to LEFT TO RIG Students are Involved in field trips. Augustana College. FRONT ROW: J. Talbert, Pres. SECOND ROW: D. Alexander, Vice-Pres.. N. Shinn, Sec., I. Puffer, Treas. K. , K. .... . k,k, ig., FRONT ROW: A. Swank, R. Danley 1' J Stewart Pres L Cassini Vice Pres V Villarreal T Due,-re 5550759 'ww S Fhgk H 3 . , ., . ', ' ., . , ' . g . ' - '1'1'S2-S-. S- E1'i0kS0n. SGC- inger, L. Livermore, L. Hart. 104 4 Community through School Urganizations FRONT ROW: A. Fundenburger, R. Starr. SECOND ROW: M. Bullis, D. Lishman, D. Cree, V. Pacheco, M. Patch, D. I-Iawkinson, S. Johnson, R. I-Iauver, C. England. Another organization which the students from the Home Economics Department take part in is Food Service Occupation. The students in this club attend their classes in the morning and in the afternoon they go to work in their assigned positions in a foodservice. This program is open for both boys and girls but this year contains only girls. FRONT ROW: J. Derry, D. Jarvis, R. Olson. SECOND ROW: R. Cronkhite, P. Oakman, J. Kraft. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Harshbarger, Treas., D. Reese, Pres Cnot pictured D. Courson, Sec.D. This page sponsored by Doy1e's Gift Shop 1 05 Scandia Bakery and Lunch Distributive Education is a program at GHS that few students know about. Twenty Seniors are enrolled as DE students and participate in its three phases: classroom business training, on the job training, and the club activities. Classroom training consists of courses and display work in the Signs Shop and decorating the display case in front of the DE room. Students leave school in the afternoon to get on-the-job training at stores in the downtown area. Club activities this year included the sale of Christmas candles and bows, workshops, and an area conference where three members of the GHS CLUB captured the offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary. FRONT ROW: M. Beaird, L. Lockhart, M. McGa.rry. SECOND ROW: K. Kemper, D. Lobb, D. Williams, S. Hanson. TNIRD ROW: J. Webber, C. Schiele, M. Kohorst, P. Lester, D. Geeseman, D. Glavas. Students Gain Experience or Future jobs Office occupations offers the opportunity for students to work in business offices in the Galesburg area. Conferences and special meetings give members a chance to learn new techniques in job skills and to understand their jobs better. The sale of Christmas gift items helped to finance various projects during the year and the spring banquet. FRONT ROW: C. Williams, P. Harrelson, K. Groff, M. Griffith, L. Anderson. BACK ROW: P. Lucas, C. Hen- dricks, D. Legge, M. Leath, D. Moon, J. Suydam. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Twitty, Sponsor, K. Greene, Rec. Sec., D. Fansler, Parl., B. Allen, Corres. Sec., G. Scott, Treas., K. Webber, Vice-Pres., D. Moody, Pres. LEFT TO RIONT: T. Flickinger, Vice-Pres., J. Calhoun Pres., S. Muselman, Treas., J. Van Unik, Reporter, L Howard, Sec. 1 06 This page sponsored by Sandys of Galesburg VICA -A Bridge to Emplo ment FRONT ROW: V. Oliver, J. Henning, L. Morgan, C. Whet- ROW: R. Hensley, M. Littlefield, W. Bradford, D. Zefo, K. stine, D. Rednour, C. Thompson, L. Bacon, L. Severns. Morris, G. Olson, J. Robinson, D. Damitz, B. Mundy, C. SECOND ROW: V. Bean, C. Wilkins, B. Farris, T. Redfern, Peters. D. West, E. Adcock. R. Harvey, C. McGi1vary, L. Bledsoe, M. Behrens. THIRD VICA is a national organiza- tion associated With the DO program. Students spend'a half day in class and a half day on the job gaining practical experience in trade and industrial fields. VICA attempts to bridge the gap be- tween high school and gainful employment by providing educational, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities. J. Priest, Sec,. D. Coffey, Parl., R. Harvey, Pres., R. Hensley, VP, C. Peters, Reporter. FRONT ROW: M. Schneider, R.. Rash, M. Coffey, B. Knight, Priest, K. Mahnesmith, D. Poole, R. Layton, J. Cramer, C. Cozad, F. Theobald, A. Bowers, E. Culver, S. Skinner, D. Alexander, G. Stevens, D. Barbero, D. Coffey, M. Bru- L. Cecil, R. Kilby. SECOND ROW: S. Paxton, G. Goolsby, J. get, L. Bruget. 5 7 107 This page sponsored by ' Steak-n-Shake Puckett American Motors Girls Are Active LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Coughlin, Corres. Sec., J. Willander, Hist. T. Schubach, Rec. Sec., T. Behrents, Pres., S. Watters, Vice-Pres., C. Kayser, Hist., J. Cable, Sports Mngr. The Girl's Athletic Association provides the opportunity for girls to participate in their favorite sports after school. Points are given for the state awards according to the number of hours girls spend enjoying volleyball, bowling, table tennis, badminton, basketball, swimming and archery. The kick-off encourages interested sophomores to take part in the GAA program. This year the sale of Silver Streak seat cushions and the income from the annual Penny Prance provided the money necessary for distribution of the many different awards at the Mother-Daughter Awards Picnic. Ring-around-the-rosie? This page sponsored by LeGra.nds Service Public Square FROHT ROW: S. Norris, L. Lehman, C. Frank, Collison. THIRD ROW: M. Mackey, D. Dredge C. England, N. Morris, C. Miller. SECOND FOURTH ROW: D. Steck, S. Saul. FIFTH ROW: ROW: K. Casteel, L. Reynolds, K. McLa.ugh- M. Ross, R. Cook. lin, D. Finley, M. Melton, D. Hillman, B. 108 Intramurals Uffers Sports and Sportsmanship Just wait 'til I get my hands on that ball. The intramurals program is one which is set up for boys who oan't put in the long hours which are necessary for the school sports. Under the direction of Mr. Fish, the intra- murals program attracts a great many participants and provides a chance for boys to compete in several sports. In the fall, the ping pong tables are in use while Robin Hoods practice their archery. When the snow lies on the ground, the main sports are basketball, bowling, and handball. When spring rolls around the planned sports are golf and track. Confusion. The game for today. Don't just stand there, do something! 1 O 9 Phis page sponsored by Bres1in's Floor Coverings 'N Sheraton Motorlnn G-Club Earns Money or New Equipment he i FRONT ROW: T. Darrah, R. Murk, J. Lehew, R. Main, R. Kilby, J. Addis, J. Morris, B. Spitzig, S. Carlson, J. Lannholxn. SECOND ROW: G. Hoffman, J. Aldus, M. England, D. Peterson, D. Griffith, R. Partin, D. Lindstrom, J. Bronson, R. Derry, P. Ponce, B. Poulos, D. Fensterer. THIRD ROW: D. Spillers, O. Porchia, B. Kirkendall, C. Newcomb, G. Rouland. One of the highest honors bestowed upon an athlete is the presentation of the varsity letter. All of the G-club members have worked hard in their chosen fields l of sports to earn the letters which they O proudly display on Streak jackets. New . athletic equipment is purchased with the profits earned from the sale of score cards and the checking of coats and hats for basketball fans. The G-club banquet gives the boys a chance to celebrate the accomplishments. LEFT TO RIOIIT: R. Sundberg, Vice Pres., R. Partin, Treas., B. Westfall, Pres., D. Peterson, Sec. FRONT ROW: M. Herr, J. Whitaker, M. Finley, D. Steck, R. Clark, R. Blythe, B. Tracy, J. Betsworth, R. Gustine, B. Fennig, R. Icenogle. SECOND ROW: S. Benson, S. Warren, T. Mariner, J. Davis, R. Ramirez, J. Lester, M. Austin, P. Hickey, D. Stinson, J. Fifield, C. Johnson, M. Thiel, M. Chivell. TIIIRD ROW: L. John , J. Swedland, B. Johns, S. Swanson, M. McClure, T. Toa.1, S. Rooney. S 110 This page Gale Products sponsored by ' Audio-Visual Aides Offer Assistance X LEFT T0 RIGHT: A. Coleman, R. Woolridge, G. Garza., D. Starr, J. Vacek, C. J ohnson, R. Kidder, J. Kimbrough, G. Green, B. Poulos. The boys of the Audio- Visual Department, under the direction of Mr. Griffith, deliver films, supply material for students, and act as projectionists. Their job also includes keeping equipment in order and making minor repairs. Their service is rewarded with a field trip in 1 the spring. Lab Assistants Demonstrate Skill and Patience Al Si F S Cl Ar 16.98 28.09 30 'f 3106635.61 39.944 I Q gf: as as Go Ge A ae Br Kr 69.72 72.60 74 5.96 79.916 0.80 T' EQ S ri if ii I1 I1 e 6 04.82 ll8.70 UI, so 1.6! l26.9l l3l.30 Q' ' Ri '55-., as lt Rn 0 21.6 01 mm 567 68 LEFT T0 RIGHT: P. Bocox, B. Fifield, C. Strader, B. Ward, P. Hiles. 111 The dedication of the highly skilled lab assistants is amazing. With unending patience they explain calculations, distribute equipment, and lend moral support to those students in beginning Chemistry. Their duties include keeping chemicals and equipment ready for use and mixing, weighing, and labeling solutions and solids needed for future experiments. This page sponsored by Giant Foods l O 'ce Cadets Trek Through Halls on Regular Dutie FROIIT ROW: C. Phipps, V. Frank, K. Blackledge, S. Welch, P. Roberts, C. Conn, S. Matson, B. Culver, M. Sandoval. SECOND ROW: L. Hasselbacker, P. King, J. Mahnesmith, R. Cook, R. Hartley, L. Robinson, N. The bell rings, the teacher puts out the attendance slip, and the hall cadets start their trek around the school to collect and talley the number of absentees. Cadets run errands, distribute Dykeman, R. Rupert, P. Fields, A. Humphrey. THIRD ROW: G. Shannon, D. Kniss, P. Masterson, C. Graham, S. Miller, M. Neal, S. Osborne, A. Maciel, M. Reed, B. Nelson. messages, answer phones, and wave at their friends in the classrooms. Administrative duties are executed swiftly and competently thanks to the services of these students. Librarians Donate Time to Aid in Learning Center This dedicated volunteer group of students serve in the learning center every period of every day and before errands, handling mail, and shelving books. These Student Librarians are always ready to help the students to and after school. A few of their duties include checking out books, running This page sponsored by Galesburg Builders Supply Co. find their necessary materials F , . ............,. .m..,..x.........ssam-mamma K LEFT TO RIGHT: S. McGuire, M. Duckworth, M. Taylor, R. Reveles, M. Thompson, S. Frakes C. Booton, P. Lopez, B. Hobbs, G. Jones, G. Gillham. 112 Third Row This Wa A Two groups that assist the sports department at GHS are the Usherettes and the PE Senior Leaders. The nom now:D.smm1,K.Be1-ry,D.Fin1ey, F. smith. seconn now: c. Kayser, s. Jack- first EPOHP S. Johnson, M. Patch, G. Bohan, L. Bailey, son, M. Hungate, C. Ruedig. gives diI'eCti0I1S Senior Girls Lead During PE Classes FRONT ROW: G. Kimmit, P. Mendez, S Gunther M. Patch C Li ht J. Crisman, , 1 - 8' , S. Jacobs. SECOND ROW: C. Strader, S Johnson, A. Rommel, S. Trimble, P Davis, C. Miller, D. Sparling, D. Gallo- way, M. Mackey, J. Wainman, K. Yard, M. Paisley THIRD ROW: J. Brownin B . g, . Fitield, J. Harris, C. Harsbarger, N. Jacobs, L. Jones, B. Simmons, C. Alters, N. French, D. Patterson, N. Parkinson, S. Norris. FOURTH ROW: L. Lehman, V. Derrick, S. Watters, C. Kayser, C. Tolbert, G. Bohan, T. Behrents, K. Irsch, S. Whittles, T. Engholm, P. Muller. FIFTH ROW: T. Schubach, P. Hiles. SIXTH ROW: M. Mullenix, J. Cable. SEVENTH ROW: B. John- son, K. Olmstead. 113 and guides basketball fans to their seats. In appreciation for their service, the girls are invited to the G-Club banquet if they have worked at five or more games. The second group of girls assists the girls' PE teachers and students by keeping records and demonstrating sports techniques. Their reward is the fact that they are excused from regular PE classes. Both the Usherettes and PE Senior Leaders volunteer their help to make school sports activities run smoothly. This page sponsored by Community Bank FROHT ROW: D. Lersch, M. Barstow, C. Carpenter, E. Riley, B. Witherell, C. Newcomb. FOURTH ROW: P. Stoneking, K. Munson, R. Gulson. SECOND ROW: K. Ponce, J. Powelson, G. Glass, M. Johnson, B. Erff- Lundholm, B. Lindstrorn, D. Smith, K. Nelson, L. meyer, D. Hawthorne, T. Christy, G. Shannon, D. Perkins, S. Bergman. THIRD ROW: S. Bean, L. Clayton, Boydstun, B. Stegell. K. Boyton, C. Carlson, T. Brown, D. Pearson, B. GHS Band Beats ut its The Symphonic Band is the main performing band at the high school. This band is both a marching band and a concert band. They perform at football games and march in various parades throughout the year. Four major formal concerts are given as well. This group competes in state contest where they are judged on three R selections and sight reading. The Pep Band is made up of symphonic band members. They perform at the home basketball games and at pep assemblies. Concerts were also given at the two junior high schools. L 2 This page sponsored by Y. . f- -5 Wolfsie's Flasher LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Bantz, Treas., N. Parkinson, Vice-Pres., J. Weyerns, Fabric Shop House of Music Pres., S. Brown, Sec. 114 has . DDJ -.-....,,..,, if 1 as 'J -X 'f A' E E 3' Q A , f I Q.. QV f' f ' K ' Y ' , s x ' X M . N ' A . 5 .' X Q QQ is , xx E Q c ! ' s ' A - 4 - I fx k W .A f 6 . ' R -X ' 'ff' 1 4 A V ' 59 IQ? ' .. ' :5 1 1 y wx: qx .3 :Q-,Y Riw -' 4:-fi, 1 2 'h 'N H 1. Q A Y I C 5 I ' , I 5 M MK ' X ' I ' ' F kqwrwvjsf 'my X f. . X '45 . T2 J , . , gy ,Q - rx lfh - . mysx 5 3 Q X.,5 Q ,.+,,,,,x,-, 5.1, H, .- ax Jazz Band Swings in the Seventies 5 W w N LEFT T0 RIGHT: L. Evans, S. Buck, S. Morris, T. Reager, Weyrens, D. Howland, K. Bantz, G. Hannam, B. Self, J. Spencer, D. Tenhaaf,R. Gulson, T. Hepburn, C. New- B. Witherall, G. Glas, M. Klebert, M. Johnson, G. Cox, ' comb, G. Gummerson, S. Steller, K. Rutledge, J. S. Anderson. T l When we skip, we take everything! 116 Twenty-five music students l get together during advisory and every Thursday night to comprise what is known as the Jazz i Band. This group plays for T various school and l community functions. They J provide accompaniment for I the Reflectavue and the musical. The band is made up of brass instruments, . drums, and a piano. They competed in a jazz contest against many groups and received an excellent rating. The music played by this group is mainly Jazz and Rock. These exceptional l performances are worthy of , their long practice hours. 7 This page sponsored by Butler Manufacturing Co. 1 1 t ml 1 FRONT ROW: D. Moran, S. Showalter, D. Starr, J. Frazier, K Dugan SECOND ROW T Williamson R Johnson K Swanson, S. Douglas, J. Long, M. Wynkoop. Concert Band Trained by Mlss Sally Rynott Concert Band is a training' band where students can work under the excellent instruction of Miss Sally Rynott to improve their individual skills. Most of these students Work extra hard to improve their skills so they would graduate into the Symphonic Band. The Concert Band performs in the two school concerts and also marches in the Homecoming parade. They help the Symphonic Band earn money by selling' candy bars and participating in other money making projects. This page sponsored by Protexall 117 FRONT ROW: S. Boydstun, A. Gamble, N. Parkinson, C. Ruedig, C. Strader, J. Willander, C. Morgan, T. Mariner, S. Morris, R. Callahan. SECOND ROW: M. Harper, S. Gore, P. McKee, C. Irsch, K. Ascher, S. Gun- ther, D. Adcock, G. Petrie, S. Cassens, P. Moon, W. Unzicker. TIIIRD ROW: C. Johnson, S. Trimble, J. Leahy, K. Davis, N. Tate, B. Rewald, D. Dredge, T. Schubach D. Phipps, R. Henry, J. Buck. FOURTH ROW: J. Cris- man, J. Cable, T. Behrents, C. Tolbert, S. Whittles, C Kayser, M. Finley, R. Johnson, J. Betsworth, S. Ben- son, J. Fox, J. Sandberg. A Cappella Choir Performs or School, For those students at G.H.S. who like to sing, one of their main goals is to be a member of the A Cappella Choir. Throughout the year the choir performs at various events. "Which Way America," was performed at the Reflectavue with the choir doing a simple dance routine in red, white, and blue. During the Christmas season, the choir sang its traditional "Song of Christmas" at the annual Christmas Concert. It spread a little Christmas cheer by caroling on the staircase of the Home Savings and Loan Bank. In December, a field trip was taken to three neighboring towns where concerts were given for the schools. Future plans for the choir are to perform in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at the Galesburg Vocal Depart- ment Spring Sing,and other various functions performed in March in place of the original proposed folk Opera. No one can say the officers are not energetic. For instance, Jeff Sandburg, treasurer, has written Johnny Carson for the possibility of an appearance on the show. The officers this year are Roger Callahan, president, Jim Buck, vice-president, Sue Johnson, secretary, and Jeff Sandburg, treasurer. And the girls Went wild! 1 18 This page sponsored by First National Bank of Galesburg 'K 2,3 ,E . g fps V YY V v - if 'f.'4 f,9.:vQf 'Q 5 4.1 1 In f Q .. .-1:' K 1 , , Vx . I a I A IS' 'K ix 1 t P' 6 P' 'Q It 1 U 'S 5 is .W ,. I X- 5 ..3' . . - X x A si' , 5 Y s Q ' H132 3 : ' . I ' 1 f f 1 ' , P ' 1- 3 J ' ' . Q f . f 4 3 5 r f r 'Yi K s f "'ff'?"""w'f 'O 'Q We X 1? X-Q 4' k X . J . 5 i 2 f - :S K . 9 . 6 5 V ' 2 ' Q , . . 1 x Q his-Q ,Eg 5 3 gs y X is F W ,pf ANW-wmv Q Concert Choir hows Musical Concert Choir is a large group of musically inclined students hoping for a chance to make A Cappella Choir. All three classes are represented as students strive to perfect tone quality, rhythm, and sight reading. Concert Choir displays the skill which comes from earnest rehearsal by participating in the Christmas Concert, Spring Sing, and Reflectavue in which they performed "Country Style" a square dance number with good old back-home enthusiasm. The officers are Diane Bailey, President, Craig Johnson, Vice President, Mary Bugg, Secretary, and Kevin Jackson, Treasurer. I've heard of rotten songs, but this is ridiculous. FRONT ROW: D. Olson, D. Geeseman, K. Brumer, J Wi1ds,B. Snodgrass, C. Kenney, B. Wilson, C. Savidge R. Sparling, B. McGahey. SECOND ROW: C. Long, P Frakes, C. Hartley, C. Wickline, K. Nelson, S. Saul M. Phillis, S. Nelson, S. Buck, S. Rouland, B. Huber. THIRD ROW: C. Crouse, V. Wolfe, A. Nelson, G. Perez, L. Ehrenhardt, D. Bailey, F. Smith, M. Duckworth, M. Franson, R. Miller, G. Coleman. FOURTH ROW: B. Roitburd, N. Dykeman, K. Carlson, P. Best, K. Klein- kauf, M. Sherwood, G. Wilkinson, K. Carley, D. Greene, M. Smith, D. Berntson. This page sponsored by 120 Hinchcliff, Pearson and West Funeral Home P o 0 Ablllt and Determination FRONT ROW: J. Sterling, P. Krause, P. Anderson, M Bohman, M. Kidder, R. Bledsoe, J. Stegall, G. Myers R. Lewis, C. Haynes. SECOND ROW: D. Hatch, M. Jacobs y S. Nelson, J. Coley, J. Lindberg, K. Jackson, D. Fran: seen, M. Bugg, J. Abron, L. Wilson, B. Gerstenberger. THIRD ROW: B. Self, C. Johnson, M. Perez, S. Hendricks x K. Miller, B. I-Iutson, J. Moore, J. Stoerzbach, M. Mc- Garry, S. Ruedig, J. Lee. FOURTH ROW: D. Hampton, S Williamson, J. Peck, D. Bullock, M. Stump, M. Abra- harnson, G. Kennedy, J. Olson, M. Barstow, M. Bick J. Inman, N. Finley. gi I This song and I were not meant for each other. .4-"' . , 1 Can you pick the future Elvis Presley? This page sponsored by Arlans Department Store Dom's Sporting' Goods 121 Glee Club Offers Sophomore FRONT ROW: M. Walker, C. Phipps, L. Gottenborg, M. Bullis, V. Clevenger, P. Birmingham, K. Berry, M Miller, M. Horaney, P. Tharp, L. Jackson, P. Guerrero K. Dugan. sscono now: v. Wilson, B. Madden, K. cai steel, R. McCarthy, A. Prina, C. O'Brya.nt, C. Meyer, C Wilder, R. Childers, G. Luttrell, J. Nelson, C. Knowles. THIRD ROW: P. Sargeant, L. Pearson, D. Smith, M. Reed- Many changes have been made for the Sophomore Girls Glee Club this year. First of all, a. new director, Mrs. Betty Graffouliere, has taken over the task of drilling the fundamentals of music into the heads of more than 100 giggling girls. Because of the large number, the group has been divided into two, one meeting sixth period and the other meeting seventh period. Another change is that Glee Club now meets five days a week. The girls study breath control, tone, music terms, and they even learn to play their parts on the piano by means of key- board posters. The Glee Club performed at the Holy Week service at Trinity Lutheran Church as well as the Christmas Concert, Spring Sing, and the Reflectavue. Sixth period girls did a beautifully choreographed routine with fluorescent umbrellas and black lights, to "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." Seventh period girls reminded everyone of the gabby, boy-crazy teen- age girl with their performance of "A Telephone of My Very Own." Both numbers added a happy flair to the Reflectavue. This page sponsored by Ray Anderson Cleaners The Huddle Inn er, C. Fahlund, S. Hendricks, T. Wilberding, C. Phipps, S. Higgins, M. Reed, K. Burkhalter, M. Papke. FOURTH ROW: D. McKnight, C. Henry, S. Dixon, D. Stevenson, D. Snyder, A. Terpening, M. Smith, D. Moran, P. Kil- patrick, R. Miller, M. Rhodes, R. Petrie, P. Lietsch, P. Webber, M. Mackey. A smiling Glee Club member. EK, I5 x gf W .N .ug -:iw 1 gOt to be kidding! Q' mf 7 5' H "V Q . 'ng V 5. .t '? Mx ,,,, ,J if Q. 11,4 4,3 Q 7, gp Q I Q 46 V 'S K ' S fm X 8 Q 4 Q G ff r 6' I I. , y., . R xx, .K K , s 3 E ai I x Q Q ' Y ,A . if X .Wm Q 1 .4 N. 4 nk 4' 2 ' . 1-Af , Q 5' 5 - E 0 ,Vt ' sw V ' gy .. K 2- l' iv. -' sl . " '-fam 3035? 'fav Ki' X53 fur 'J 2 .C .S W 4, 3 x G 2 1. '42 - , - Y ' ! 'gay' ig N :sa K 'L'L lk' .Lrg ' 5, .1 'N 'S '15 AAP!! 41 qt f Q4 x wx asf 3, fx '51 yisgi. X 'iii , ' My YY,,f ! 5, f :lf ' ff K X Q mn. M xw 1 if jf .9 1 'i L EEE iff xy? --,' ,xg ,Zn fx V1 , ,V 1, K ,4, , fi., Ji fw Q ' , L QQ 35 iA f 3 ' V, .4 3 3, U Q ' n - A ' K 9 fx ,li LEFT T0 RIGHT: J. Sandborg, J. Swedlund, M. Finley, T. Coley, J. Hardine, R. Smith, T. Mariner, G. Petrie, S Benson, W. Unzicker, R. Callahan. Ensembles Dance, Create, Bake The three ensembles at G1-I.S. are very select groups. Members are chosen from the A Cappella Choir for Senior Girls Ensemble, Junior Girls Ensemble and the Singing Streaks. Once chosen, these students are seen dasing in and out of classes and rushing to finish assignments for they are always flooded with singing engagements at various community functions. This year, the Senior Girls and Singing Streaks combined their talents and really made a hit with a song entitled "Fruitcake." State contests provide these groups with deserved recognition as they receive excellent and superior ratings. This page sponsored by Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Assn. 124 Another Indian joins the rands of peace ', L. ff V -'s':.,--:-11. '-41.f..' ls..'.,f xl z' ' ,1 ,LJ : .s. 15.12-i,':f 1.f.54Q.-v1:.F,q:f'f'!?'?:1yel- l'i,1rlJ'2' -ali: .1 I ff ' " ,g'.g -3 .Sf K-1115,n,, 'L fs !L I H+ l EM 'l gi if 'ff Di Y" -,'.?'.Q5ffi.7":'f'-i'?f,.1CL'1 ' I' ' fri I 1115ifr'3::QfieE"i225321252IfZ?I1'. "-'- :S -.f ' ' ill M "I L H ll .' 1 ' ' K ' .-" '-- fd, I':2fffix-f,'l- ' sei na .,,l'!'451-" 4 "Ii' " ffl , Zz. 22E.!i55:iiiS'E' KL 1 D 1 Q-Ml pl' gl 'M " 3 ' Sports Star, brighten up a moonlit night, Celestial bodies burning for- ever bright, They watch our world waiting Our impending doom Because the stars will be there forever. N!!!- "ihu.. g:!'3l!Ei!' m,,,a-ua , A -sez-P . -,,,,h,-sl' n . W L. , EH: .... ..... , ..!,,mm I A U., - ..wl'alli!,,,,gasi1u11xs1f. H,-L, un... Quwwlhlllmmmemmamu.i,,,.,m,.1, ' " -- A11l1aneu:1t:xxu2iq,,,,, " A H 128 Spring Sports Winter is gone and those athletes who participate in track, baseball, golf or tennis come out of their short hibernation and begin their long and tedious workouts to get in shape for their respective sports. You may see them practicing after school as you are taking off to enjoy that fresh sunshine and good weather. The Work is hard and the reward may seem slight to the layman but to the athlete the satisfaction of hitting the ball the farthest or jumping the highest is enough. AX Fw-4 Mai? v -QQIIY I gy, 'Qt The stars hold the secrets of the universe as well as the mystery of other life forms. The stars hold discovery, adventure, and advancement in many flelds... A Sophomore 129 1970 Track Squad Hurdles The 1970 G.H.S. track squad came through the season with a three win-one loss record in dual and triangular meets. The final season under the late Coach C. C. Van Dyke began with the Western High School Invitational, in which the squad did not place. From there, it was an 86-41 sophomore win over Geneseo, an 84-42 loss to Richwoods, a 103-38-16 win in the Canton- Galesburg-Monmouth triangular meet and fourth place in the Kewanee relays. Following this, the Streaks sparked to a string of second places in the Monmouth Relays, the Northwest Conference meet, the Illini Conference Varsity meet, interrupted only by by 96-44-29 win in the Canton-Galesburg-Monmouth sophomore triangular. To finish the season, there was the Western Big 6 meet, in which the Varsity placed fifth and the sophomores placed fourth, the disastrous Geneseo Relays, in which the squad placed seventh, the District which was won, and finally, State in which the squad tied for eighth. Great individual performances included Gary Icenogle's third place in the mile and Mike Doy1e's first place in the long jump at State and Terry Mitchell's track record in low hurdles. ...S if Up and over he goes. Where's the rest of the team, fellas? FRONT ROW: J. Finch, R. lcenogle, G. Icenogle, D. Billups, J. Bronson, B. Gustafson, O. Porcia, C. Doyle. SECOND ROW: C. Johnson, A. Coleman, E. Couteen, L. Smith, L. Rippatoe, G. Williams. M. Finley, J. Lehew, R. Wessels. THIRD ROW: R. Gustine, D. Asencio, J. Sandoval, M. Clebert, M. McClure, B. Tracy, J. Morris, J. I annholm. FOURTH ROW: D. Howland, J. Sandborg, C. Newcomb, J. Dowell, B. Wilke, M. Godsil, J. Ziegenhorn. 130 This page sponsored by ' Nuclear Publishing Co. .A 5 I Hugh and Low or G.H.S. ,, .-.....vsannlnnnnwu Isn't everyone suppose to run? rf B XL A 2. -' 'Ax -- -- 1 M . s - f f Q r.. lf ,sf .f A . " - . - f' R ff f :. .-f'fxr'isS5e?"' .M pd , , LSB 'll ri-w.f Q I QMWFE Lk HBBWQQX S X ,ffm "? . Jf' Minis 5' Come on, touch those toes! FRONT ROW: J. Yeomans, T. Mitchell, D. Simpson, R. Sundberg, B. Spitzig, B. Poulos, D. Peterson. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, D. Moulton, D. Allan, B. Gustafson, M. Logan, M. Austin, S. Warren. THIRD ROW: B. Simpson, T. Mariner, G. Rowland, M. Liska, D. Nelson, D. More- head, K. Hamilton. 131 Track in one of its funny moments This page sponsored by McFa.11 Monuments LaSa.11e Electronics FRONT ROW: M. Thiel, P. Hickey, S. Robison, B. West- L. Vitali, R. McCarthy, R. Johnson, E. Leahy, L. fall, R. Wilder, R. Derry, K. Jackson, R. Clark, R. Johns, D. Spillers, T. Darrah, R. Ramirez, Coach Main, G. Purcell. SECOND ROW: Coach Beal, G. Vallero, Hickey. Gale sburg' Opponent A R Streaks Blaze 12 When's the movie going to begin? If I miss, it'll be all over. 8 Farmington ..... ............. 1 9 4 Pekin ............. ...... 6 2 Richwoods ..... ...... 3 4 Quincy ......... ...... 6 1 8 Monmouth ..... ...... 3 6 E. Moline ..... ...... 4 8 Moline ....... ...... 9 1 O Canton ...... ...... O 8 Canton ......... ...... O 2 Alleman .......... ...... O 3 Rock Island ...... ...... 2 3 Monmouth ..... ...... 1 1 0 Moline .......... ...... 6 6 E. Moline ..... ...... 9 1 3 Alleman .............................. ...... 5 District Tournament 1 '7 Alwood ................................ ...... O 3 Monmouth .......................... ...... 0 Regional Tournament 1 1 Princeville. .......... ........ ....... ...... 1 O Alleman ....... . .... .3 M, , , -2. .1 . Coach Beal shows how. Win Victory Trail When March blasts its way into G'burg, a GHS'er will begin to see a group of guys in striped white uniforms just outside the gym putting on shoes and burning in balls. This signifies the beginning of the baseball season. In the spring of 1970, Coach Bea1's squad, although sluggish at first, picked up during the season to finish with a 12-'7 win- loss record. The season began with four straight losses. However, this did not discourage the Streaks, as they rallied to nine wins interrupted by a mere two losses to finish the regular season. The squad continued to roll in the tournament with two impressive wins over Alwood and Princeville. However, the 1970 squad saw its last inning during the Regional Tournament, tasting defeat at the hands of Alleman. 'U LEHHY I . if Q The G.H.S. answer to Babe Ruth. If we don't look, maybe they'11 go away. This page sponsored by Lincoln Street A Sa W Ange1o's Italian Restaurant 133 Streaks Success ul on the Green f . The 1970 G.H.S. Golf Squad acted as fitting representatives of Galesburg Senior High. Under the direction of Coach Roger Soper, the squad ended the season with an 8-3 dual meet record. When tournament time came, Coach Soper's tournament men were ready for action, placing, 1st Western Big Six lst Champaign Invitational lst Illini Conference 1st Northwest Conference 2nd Quincy Invitational 4th Illinois State Tournament K K This one will take a lot of thinking. Weaver and Deets utilize their study halls. FRONT ROW: J. Chivell, D. Armstrong, J. Weaver, S. SECOND ROW: Coach Soper, J. Coleman, S. Swanson, M. Swanson, J. Deets, J. Ahlberg, J. Harpole, J. Patanella. Chivell, B. Titus, T. Toal, B. Finney. This page sponsored by 1 34 McDona1d's FRONT ROW: B. Hutson, F. Peterson, D. Halpern, C. Norris. SECOND ROW: R. Gustine, J. Fifield, D. Hampton, Coach Gruba. A Tennis Racket in Second Year at GHS .QQ W-M----A-is Right this way, folks. This page sponsored by Coca Cola Botlg Co. 8a Mil1er's Confection In Ga1esburg's second year of varsity tennis after its reinstatement at GHS, Coach Gruba worked hard to gain valuable experience for his 1970 squad. The 3-10 win-loss record of the squad hardly reflected its diligent practice. After beginning the season with a stunning 9-O victory at Canton, the Streaks dropped four in a row. Following another convincing Win at Limestone, the squad lost three more. After a final victory over Canton, it was three losses to complete the season. In tournament action, Galesburg tied for 5th in the Western Big Six and 5th in District play. .. 4.11 U , . Norris in action. 1 3 5 136 F all Sports In August, as another school year begins and the part time student exchanges his carefree summer life for books and a classroom, so begins another season for those athletes who partake in the demanding' sports of either football or cross country. These activities require strength, stamina, and above all endurance as any cross country man will tell you, and the only way to attain such physical perfection requires hard work and practice, practice, practice. I 5' When I was a child I had a star. It looked bright and promising to me. The star was close and coming fast. As that star passed by, I tried to reach it. In the process I had my hand burned and scarred for life. .tk BI A Senior hx .e. Q it Ns' 4 Y-Q A .ur -, .. W , ,R 5 gf,.f+- i, Misa.. ' .,,. .amy fd fr NIJ' f 'I gd, Q,, A 'rw f vt ,' 4 . -aww J' Raef'- flw-f of . ..,. Q .M I A Wd ' . K. ,--,, 5 I MJ' , ee ,fwfr 9 M , . X -.., M-VS-S L ,- ogy ,, 5,,,iW A4 Q, :Jil Q-'Y w si A Ava f - 1 ..'.,'f -.A , 4' Q . . G-vw" A -s wi' mag' :SS N .I ,wwe .I frm! fr' if V' 'xfw Qi, . ' J' ' fx .N , W ,Q V., 3, rf' ' 1 Q, 5 . w ' 'al' -.5 A 1 715 . 1,1 K ni Q ofa W fwytfd ,,"QQ. :A f , Fw! ,tw . S I J I--n t!, if T351 ,Q ir' x . nf: o s 2 ' " -f in N W.-0-s.a-annum-msflnm - , ...,..-...-... With a slow start against Pekin, Galesburg found itself back in the fold with consecutive victories over Woodruff and Canton. The football squad gave a gallant effort at the homecoming game, but fell to a last minute TD by Quincy. Competition became a little too much in the final four outings for simple mistakes were the worst opponent Coach Johns and the team faced all year. The 1970 season was plagued with injuries almost every game with seven Streaks being sidelined by knee injuries. As Jeff Morris says, "The knee is meant to bend one way." Other injuries sidelined starters throughout the season. Mark Thiel led the Galesburg offense at his quarterback position with Randy Clark adding to the offense. The Galesburg defense, who saw most of the action, was led mostly by Seniors. Next year's team will lack a lot of experience Varsity Football Opens W Get off my back! in both the offensive and defensive lines. 1 R00 This page sponsored by Register Mail' mil 138 Rock-a-bye baby. . . 70 Season on Van Dyke Field FROHT ROW: J. Morris, R. Main, R. Clark, M. Thiel, S. Robison, J. Buck, J. Davis, M. Smith. SECOND ROW: Coach Johns, P. Hickey, M. Yohan, D. Snyder, D. Les- callett, S. Nelson, M. Klebert. THIRD ROW: Coach Wall- Gotcha! V ace, M. Chivell, M. McClure, P. Ponce, K. Hamilton, R. Smith. FOURTH ROW: D. Fensterer, D. Wade, B. Good- low, C. Mayberry, J. Taylor, N. Mims. FIFTH ROW: E. Rockhold, R. Standley, T. DeMoss, E. Derry, T. Hillier Varsity Football Record Galesburg 14 Pekin 49 Galesburg 13 Woodruff O Galesburg 27 Canton '7 Galesburg 0 Quincy '7 Galesburg '7 Quincy Christian 22 Galesburg' '7 Moline 4 1 Galesburg' 6 Kewanee 36 Galesburg' 7 Richwoods 27 FRONT ROW: R. Murk, S. Carlson, J. Bronson, D. Steck, B. Westfall, J. Allen. SECOND ROW: R. Gustine, J. Whit- aker, R. Johns, J. Lehew, L. Smith, L. Sandall, Coach Albright. THIRD ROW: D. Howland, K. Boynton, D. 139 Stinson, J. Betsworth, M. Toal, Coach Bruington. FOURTH ROW: S. Mixon, R. Rameriz, G. Vallero, B. Fennig, Coach Lentz. FIFTH ROW: C. Peters, B. Hillier, D. Lindstrom. -----Q-.-..........,.. -......,.. X x S i L . X . -" 5 f N , is X 1 ix 1 X Q , 3 "', gr as f ' in fx nm :L L L L - xv X - j K K K x..., .xxx . iff?-N xv M N Q X gf X , 3 -'R 1 N X Qw f Nx x X Y X 5 K X S X XQX X :Jw f is Nm N 4, sg? X .. E, -N! Si wg Sis' E, s., x..- Ll Kg M,4-v- ,.-r- X,--f 88 'N Mg S ophs Show Great Promise The defense played a key part in this year's sophomore squad. Galesburg's defensive men held their opponents to an average of only 8.5 points per game. Offensive players managed to come up with an average of two TD's per game, with a final average of 14.5 points per game. The class of 1973 football players will be a welcome addition to the 1971 and 1972 varsity squads. The Reflector congratulates the team and coaching staff for their fine five wins, two loses, and one tie record. They overcame a tough schedule. Do you think we got him? FRONT ROW: G. Peters D. Mart R. Patch G. Coleman . Y, . , D. Doss, S. Buck, R. Stout, B. McGahey, D. Kimmitt, L. Vitali. SECOND ROW: J. Droke, K. Adair, M. Perez, K. Ekiss, C. Bowers, D. Vollmer, R. Gulson, S. Nelson, C. Pacey, Coach Hickey. THIRD ROW: G. Alderson, M. Bohman, M. Addis, J. Johns, C. Stromson, S. Carr, J. Smith, B. Paton, B. Foreman, G. Gustine, Coach Den- You hit him from one side and I'1l hit him from the other. Sophomore Football n Record Galesburg 20 Pekin 6 Galesburg 14 Woodruff O Galesburg 36 Canton 8 Galesburg 14 Quincy 6 Galesburg 6 Burlington 6 Galesburg O Moline 14 Galesburg 26 Kewanee 20 Galesburg O Richwoods 6 142 isar. FOURTII ROW: M. Kewley, M. Pittington, B. Self. J. Palmer, L. Lashbrook, J. Windom, T. Shinn, Un- known, B. Reed, S. Johnson, J. Peck. FIFTH ROW: L. Littlefield, J. Van Fleet, G. Humes, R. Connour. SIXTH ROW: K. Knowles, B. Owen, J. Smith, K. Jackson, J Sandberg, Coach Devore, B. Donaldson, B. Parker, D. Bullock, M. Skyrzypek. FRONT ROW: B. Tracy, T. Mariner, J. Robinson, R. ROW: T. Beck, D. Schwab, J. Sandoval, D. Trask, B. Icenogle, G. Rouland, J. Lester, C. Newcomb, M. Aus- Lincoln, J. Lannholm, S. Chase, B. Wesse1s,J. Dowell, tin, R. Sundberg, C. Johnson, Coach Ernst. SECOND D. Wilson, B. Poulos, J- BPOWII, S- Shotts. J. SUt0l'- Cross Country Races Un I'd run a, mile for a... S Randy Icenogle, a junior, was undefeated in his first 13 runs leading the team to a '7-4 record. Randy also led Galesburg to first in the Northwest Conference, second in the Illini, second in the Western Big 6, third in the District, and third in the Sectional. Other fine runs by Rick Sundberg and John Robinson led Galesburg to the state meet as a team for the first time in five years. Freshman coach Bob Ernst was, with good reason, extremely pleased with his team's performance in 1970, although he did have one remark, "Spectator support was at all times, at best, poor." With a fine team coming up in 1971, the Reflector encourages students to go out to Lake Story and take a look. Congratulations to Coach Ernst and the team for such a fine season. This page sponsored by Wagoner Printing Park Drive Dairy Stores 143 Managers -Men Behznd the Scene FRONT ROW: K. Knowles, J. Smith. SECOND ROW: M. Herr, D. Griffith, R. Henry. The functions and responsibilities of the managers are most important in order to keep the Silver Streaks running from game to game in top-flight condition. Although it might not be noticed, these fellows are play- ing every game as much as our men on the court and on the field are. These are the people who issue equipment to the players and are responsible for the condition of equipment. They also are the "medics" for the Streaks, helping to sooth the games ups and downs. This is a dedicated group of managers who deserve the praise of the entire student body. Westfall Shows Scholarship and Stamina Bill Westfall, 1971 recipient of Phillips Award. w 145 The Gerald D. Phillips award is given each year to the senior boy who has won a Varsity letter in his junior year and has the highest grade point average of all lettermen. This year, the honor went to Bill Westfall, an outstanding letterman in football and baseball. As Well as being a great Streak and a great scholar, Bill is the president of G-Club and the secretary of Boys' Forum. This page sponsored by Bob Miller Insurance Moorman Manufacturing Co. 146 Winter Sports Although the snow might be on the ground, with temperatures reaching ghastly lows outside, there is still much activity in the G.H.S. Gym during the winter. The two great Winter sports at Galesburg High School are the ever-popular basketball and the ever-gripping wrestling. When it comes to basketball, everyone knows that it is difficult to find a team consistently greater than the Galesburg Varsity squad, Neither are the J .V.'s and Ponies to be forgotten. Although not as much in the limelight, they are impressive teams which the school and community can be proud of. The wrestling squad must not be overlooked, either. This is one activity in which participants can really Work individually, Winning honors for the squad and high school. The following pages are devoted to these two fine activities. if .1 tg! , :LQ-5 - L 1 R - ,. 4. x C i .mtg v' "Y ,A Ahfvmf V A Nws 0' Q vi 'avr' 'x. Galesburg Silver Streaks Hand Out In November, some people called it a "building year". The Galesburg Varsity Basketball squad, however, proved that it was much more than just this, compiling an overall season record of 18 wins and 6 losses. The team can be proud of its perfect season on the home court. Experience went all around this year, as the starting line-up changed by three men in midseason. After five wins to kick off the season, there came three losses in a row to Rock Island, Richwoods, and Quincy and two losses later in the season to Moline and East Moline, followed by five straight wins to end the season. However, after two wins in the Regional, the Silver Streaks could not cut it against Macomb in Regional Final heartbreaker. And Porcia wins the jump ball again. This page sponsored by Fesler N OLDSMOBILE 148 Kirkendall wins the game with one basket All alone a.mI... Perfect Season on Home Court FRONT ROW: R. Johnson, R. Callahan, G. Williams, M. OND ROW: Coach Thiel, J. Swedlund, S. Mixon, D. Spil- Theil, D. Brannon, B. Kirkendall, S. Swanson. SEC- lers, L. Johns, D. Woodward, O. Porcia. Two guesses which one of them has it. All he wanted was the ball. M., .M . MMHMM Galesburg '72 Galesburg 65 Galesburg '78 Galesburg' 63 Gale-sburg 56 Galesburg '74 Galesburg' 68 Galesburg 65 Galesburg' 68 Galesburg' 45 Galesburg' 51 Galesburg' '79 Galesburg 82 Galesburg 49 Galesburg' 68 Galesburg' '72 Galesburg' 80 Galesburg' 95 Galesburg- '73 Galesburg '73 Galesburg' 55 -..-. ............ ..... ... ..... ..... ...........CaI1t0I1 ........... Canton Kewanne 67 ,Peoria Manual 55 ...Limestone 51 ..........Pek111 54 45 Rock Island 83 ,,Richwoods 87 Quincy '76 East Moline 62 Moline 42 W,-.Alleman 49 ,m,Marshal1 68 Quincy '78 Moline 64 ,,Monmouth 53 East Moline '75 ,.,,,Du Sable 67 ,.m,Ster1ing' 92 58 Rock Island 65 Allernan 53 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Galesburg' '74 Galesburg 81 ...... ....... Galesburg 54 This page sponsored by ..... ......... ...... ...... Abingdon 67 Monmouth 56 Macomb '79 BANK OF GALESBURG Jump H igh One, two, kick. Up, up and away... Jump Low, If you want it, here it is, come and get it g l, This page X ' sponsored by Son of flubber. 150 ,4 . .,, s.. ,F 4? sa? fl' Q L11 TLE P 5 Nm .A I3 ur- 'Sup ,-L ,-,, fy Q :A Q v 'EQ S71 ,I.V.'s Indicate Bright Future The 1970-1971 Junior Varsity or "B" Basketball squad ended the season with an excellent 8-1 win-loss record in the scorebook for interscholastic play. Coach Bruington and his ball-handlers pushed their way to wins over Canton, Alleman, Peoria Manual, Limestone, and East Moline. The '72-62 loss to Kewanee was thoroughly avenged the next Week, with a convincing 96-63 victory over the same team. Although not as well-publicized as the Varsity and Pony ball clubs, this team is a most important one to watch as an indicator of future Varsity Squads. If this means anything, the immediate future looks bright for the G.H.S. Varsity. Too many hands spoil the shot FRUIT RUW: Coach Bruington, M. Jacobs, B. Herr, S. Emery, F. Franckey, D. Bralnard B Foreman, D. Darrah, R. Dowd, M. McClure, B. Emery, R. Derry, M. Puckett. Titus, Assistant Coach Gatt. SECOND ROW: M. 152 FRONT ROW: Coach Beal, L. Vitali, D. Allensworth, D. ORD ROW: G. Berry, M. Hall, T. Hayden, G. Greene, B. Greene, D. Parker, J. Lewis, W. Mims, R. Wilder. SEC- McKenna, Assistant Cgach Hickey. Sophomores Prove Themselves on the Court Hold everything! I'1l get the ball. 153 This year, the sophomore basketball squad, better known as the "Ponies", ran up an 1 1-8 win-loss record in interscholastic play. Through the Winter, these guys showed their skills to Varsity basketball audiences in some very impressive and exciting' affairs. This team, under Coach Beal, started the season very well, with seven straight wins, including' a most impressive 83-38 win over Rock Island. Following these victories were six straight losses, with two to Quincy, two to Moline, and one apiece to East Moline and Rock Island Alleman. The Ponies closed out the season with four more wins, one of them Monmouth, 105-33, and a mere two losses at the hands of Canton and Alleman. This page sponsored by Orpheum Theatre Weaver-Yemm Chevrolet FRONT ROW: M. England, R. Kilby, M. Rooney, R. Hoffman, J. LeHew, D. Watson, R. Partin, D. Stinson, Kilby, J. Johns. SECOND ROW: H. Spinks, J. Aldus, G. D. Steck. An athletic activity which has truly earned the name "contact sport' comes to G.H.S. in the winter. Wrestling is one sport in which there is absolutely no doubt as to the hard work and will of the participant. It takes a lot of guts and muscle to get out on the mat and face an opponent, when the entire high school is being represented. Individual effort is what it is all about here. This Streak Wrestlers Open wrestling season, the grapplers NOW I lay me down to Sleep' " battled their way to a six Win-ten loss-two tie season, with wins over Limestone, Peoria Central, East Peoria, Princeton, Winola ' and Peoria Manual. Galesburg placed 3rd in the Illini Conference, lst in the Northwest Conference, 4th in the Western Big "6" Con- ference, and 3rd in District Play. This page sponsored by Anderson Florists 154 Please don't leave me. It takes two to tango. Action in New Con erence Galesburg 22 Galesburg' 34 ......Richwoods . . . . . . .Limestone 34 16 Galesburg 10 ..............,....... Pekin 39 Galesburg' 30 ........ Peoria Central 19 Galesburg' 27 ............. East Peoria 21 Galesburg 24 ........ .......... C anton 24 Galesburg 14 ................... Quincy 25 Galesburg' 12 ............ East Moline 32 Galesburg' 21 .......... Allernan 21 Galesburg' 3 ............ Rock Island 42 Galesburg' 20 ..... ......... K ewanee 24 Galesburg 9 .......... Moline 37 Galesburg 28 ..... ........ Pr inceton 23 Galesburg 13 ..... ...... B urlington 28 Galesburg 44 .................... Winola 10 Galesburg 42 ........ Peoria Manual 8 Galesburg' 17 .................... Moline 29 Galesburg 16 ............ East Moline 31 Representing' Galesburg' in Sectionalsz Mike England Russ Kilby Ron Kilby Jim Aldus Gary Hoffman Me and my shadow . . . The wrist bone is connected to the CHIN bone'??'?? 155 This page sponsored by Brown Specialty Co. Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream 1 L ,,,- i--j'.a5f'::-fefwgg He, pu, mg fi ,amy agp pmaagiagiiggai a 1.9! -4J.. ! - L'r:l1:5.-,fffffiiiviwiifkeii - ' 1 158 The Fun is ta- ith ,4 Done For 971 1 lJp I 159 Seniors-The Ultimate Star June is the time of mixed emotions for the Seniors of Galesburg Senior High. They are elated with the thoughts of leaving the school, being free and on their own, getting into the college of their choice, but they are also saddened by the thoughts of not seeing their teachers every day and the kids will all go off in their own directions and they may never see one another again. But all the remembrances of the class of '71 will stay forever in the minds of many. The Senior Class elections, the floats, the term papers, the famous cafeteria food, those early Saturday mornings of the ACT and SAT tests, Commencement and the greatly anticipated Graduation Day. All of these things helped to make the three years at G.H.S. as terrific as the class of '71, There is a great deal of leadership amongst the Seniors. They are always helpful and are glad to give advice for they think they know most everything. The Seniors as a whole are a very responsible class and by graduation, they have been well prepared to go out and face the future. i 160 ........' I P'- JOHN ADDIS Varsity baseball. . . Soph. baseball. . .Boy's Forum. . .G club. . .plans to attend college. . . "B0diS" BECKY AGANS SAA. . .plans include college LINDA ALDERSON CWT. . . Future includes college 161 DEBBIE ADAMS Pollution Solution. . . SAA. . ."Advisory 38" lies ahead SUE ADAMS Senior Council...SAA.. .GSL...Pep Club... would like to go into nursing DAVE ADCOCK Student Council . . . Spanish Honor Society. . . A Cappella...Intramura1s...Boys Forum... WIU in the future I am a typical confused, bemuddled I and befzddled high school Se- nior. At this time I must relate - my future plans to the whole Milky Way. 1 need a whole gul- ' 4 axy of stars to choose from so ' that, at the last moment, 1 may make up my mind andjump on that one star. A Senior JIM ALDUS Varsity Wrestling. ..track. . .G club. . .Boy's Forum.. .Pep c1ub...SAA...future includes college or Navy DAVID ALEXANDER DO...VICA...plans to go into the Navy REBECCA ALLEN DE...DECA...DECI.Ucorresponding' secre- tary of DE...plans to attend Carl Sand- burg and major in management. LINDA ANDERSON Spanish Honor Sooiety...OO...Future in- cludes ministerial or secretarial work PEGGY ANDERSON RICK ANDERSON "Swede" DAVID ARTZ German Club...FTA...Kazoo Band...Pep Club...Boys' Forum...SAA...plans to major in Pre-Vet at Eastern. LYNNE BACON SAA...Pep Club...FNA...GSL...DO...future plans include nursing school LEANNE BAILEY SAA.. .A Cappella. . .Sr. Ensemble. . . GSL. .. GAA . . .FTA . . . Pep Club. . ."Banana". . .College lies ahead -162 CHERYL ALTERS Student Council...Secretary of Senior Class ...Senior Leader. . .Arte Clubbe. . .FTA . . .GSL ...GAA...SAA...ISU Ahead DANNY ANDERSON A Cappella.. .Stage Call . . .Thespians . . .Bud- get. . . Pasteur. . . Pep Club . . .Latin Club. . .SAA ...Illinois State Scholar JEFFREY C. ANDERSON German Club. . .A Cappella. . .Pasteur...Co1- lege plans TERRY ANDERSON Student Council Parliamentarian . . .FTA . . . German Club...National Honor Society... "Carp" . . .college lies ahead WENDY ANDERSON FTA . . . GSL SUSAN ARTHUR Future plans include continuance of work MICHELE BAILEY FTA...GSL...Spanish C1ub...plans to major in elementary teaching at Bethal College BOB BAKER KERMIT EDWARD BANTZ Band. . .Jazz Ensemble. . .Band Treasurer... plans to attend college RICHARD BAUDO German Club...future plans include college JON ALAN BAUGHMAN SAA. ..Pollution Solution. ..Kazoo Band... college plans. . ."B" KARIN E. BAUGHMAN CWT. . . Hall Cadet. . ."Skeeter" DAVID R. BARBERO Senior Council. . . Diversified Occupations... plans to attend Carl Sandburg KEITH BARKER plans to attend college or a technical institute ROSE BARRAGAN GSL...SAA...Pep Clubmplans to attend college DAVID BAYLESS Student Council Pres...FTA...Pep Club.,. NHS...Debate Club V,P .... career in govern- mental administration MARY BEAIRD DECA...DECI...Senior Council...Pep Club... Student librarian. . .future in retail manage- ment VICKIE BEAN GSL....SAA...FNA...GAA...DO...VICA . . . Pep Club. . . Medical Explorers . . .plans to become nurse. . . "Beanie" DAVE BEARD FFA...Ag businessmplans to go to Carl Sandburg TERRIE BEATTY FTA...GAA..,SAA...GSL...Pep Club...RE- living in Lan- caster, Wis. THOMAS CRAIG BECK Cross Country manager...Kazoo band... Boys F'orum..."Adv. 38"...plans to attend ISU. . . "Teece" 163 PAUL BECKER plans to go to IDT SUSAN BECKHAM GAA...GSL...SAA treasurer...Pep Club... German Club.. .college KRISTINE BEHRENTS GAA Pres .... Varsity Football Cheerleader... A Cappella...Sr. Ensemble...NHS Sec.... State Scholar. . .college . . ."Tina" Out of the zillions of stars to choose from, each individual picks the star that shines bright, est for him, to mold his I Ue around. A Senior GARY BERG PETE BERNIER German Club. . .Boys' Forum.. .Kazzo Band... Latin Club...plans to major in law BETH BEVARD SAA...GSL...GAA...Pep C1ub...p1ans to at- tend Bob Jones University 164 MIKE BELL Track. . .Plans to attend Technology School DIANE BENNETT Spanish Honor Society. . .Spanish Club.. FTA . . .GSL. . . plans to attend college ALLEN BENNETT JERRY BEWLEY CWT. . .plans to be an auto mechanic JANICE QBICE SAA . . . GSL DAVID BIVENS REFLECTOR business manager. . . GCLB sec trea. . .Stage Call . . .Boys' Forum. . .FTA .. State Scho1ar...WIU or ISU ahead '. PEGGY BLAKE Arte Clubbe. . .plans to own pottery shop... interested in horses. ..Romper Room Dropout ROBERT BLANCHARD REFLECTOR . . .Spanish Honor Society. . . G Club . . . AFS. . .college plans LEROY BLEDSOE Work program. . .go to college s "Pew" DICK BIXBY Arte C1ubbe...Boys' Forum.. .Amanatee Jr. College - Advertising KAREN BLACK FTA...FHA...SAA...GAA...PepClub... plans to attend Carl Sandburg KAREN BLACKLEDGE SAA...GAA...FTA...Pep C1ub...GSL...Of- fioe cadet..."Shorty"...pla.ns to go on in business KIM BLISS GAA...FTA..,GSL...SAA,..FHA...Pep Club ...plans to attend Carl Sandberg BARRY BLOMQUIST German Club.. .plans to attend Carl Sand- berg . . . career in aviation . . ."Blomo" PAULETTE BLOOMGREN GSL. ..Pep Club..,F'ood Service Occupation ...future plans include marriage PEGGY BOCOX NHS V.P .... FTA . . . GAA . . . National Merit Semi-finalist. . .A Cappella GLORIA BOHAN NHS. ..A Cappella.. .Sn Ensemble. . . Pep Club Pres. . .REF'LECTOR. . .GSL .State Scholar college. . . "Glo SHARON BOOTH GSL. . .FHA...SAA...College lies ahead STEVEN BORST Spanish Club Pep Club Boys' Foium plans for college RENEE BOSHEARS GAA...GSL...plans to enter the secretarial field DON BOWEN REFLECTOR . . . NHS . . . State Scholar.. . plans to attend U of I and become math teacher 165 SUE BRADEN GAA...SAA...Senior Lea.der...FTA...GSL... FHA. . .Pep Club. . .hall cadet.. ."Sid". . .will attend Olivet College BILL BRADFORD JENNY BRAMLETT ROBERT BROWN SANDRA BROWN Band sec...NHS. . . plans to major in music. .. honorable mention in National Merit LYNN BRUGET Pep Club...GSL...DO...SAA...plans to at- tend college and major in X-ray technology 166 DON BOWERS A Cappe1la...Fa,ll Pla.y...FTA...p1ans to at- tend in secondary education . . . "P.T.L." DAVID BAIR BOYDSTUN Stage Call. ..Pasteur Society...FTA...RE- FLECTOR Staff. ..Band...Drum Major. . .Col- lege plans SARAH BOYDSTUN Latin Club. . . SAA . . .GSL.. .GAA. . . Pep Club ...A Cappella. . . plans to attend Knox BETH BRENN AN FTA. . .GSL. . .SAA .. .GAA.. .Plans to attend college DON BRITTINGI-IAM, JR. CWT. . .Intramural Basketball. . .plans to continue schooling JOHN M. BRONSON Varsity Wrestling. . .Varsity Football. . . Var- sity Track. . .Kazoo Band.. .college lies ahead CHERYL BRUNTMYER GSL...A Cappel1a...Pep Club...p1ans to at- tend career school JANET BUCHER GAA...GSL...plans to attend Atlantic Air- line School JAMES BUCK Student Council VP...Varsity Football and Track...G Club...A Cappella VP...Ka.zoo Band...John Lennon Soccer Club..."Joe"... ISU JANET S. CABLE GSL...Pep Club. . .REFLECTOR Art Editor... A Cappella....GAA Sports Manag'er...Senior Council . . .Stage Call President JUDITH CALHOUN Office Occupations President.. .FTA . . . Span- ish club. . .Pep club. . .SAA . . . will attend busi- ness college ROGER CALLAHAN Varsity basketba1l...A Cappella choir... Baseball . . ."Ma.g" . . . college plans JAY BULLIS Kazoo Ba.nd...Plans to attend U of I PAUL CABEEN Plans to become a. Farmer DANNY CABRERA CWT. . .plans for work ahead JANET CAMPBELL SAA.. .Spanish club. . . GSL. . .GAA . . ."Soupy" ...plans to attend Illinois Wesleyan SHARON CAMPBELL Plans to become a. nurse KATHLEEN CAMPER GSL...Pep club...SAA...wil1 enter nursing school 167 Man, being a complicated and intelligent organism, will continue on step by step until he finally reaches the farthest-most planet. So shall I! I will go step by step until I reach my goal and star. A Senior JERRY CARLSON Pasteur Society...Ra.dio Club...plans to study Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University at Ames. . ."Noslrac" RUSTY CARLSON SAA...Ag Business...will attend United Electronic Institute in the fall of 1971... "Russ" STEVE CARLSON Varsity Football and Wrestling... G Club... Boys' Forum. . .College plans THERESA CLAY GAA...SAA...GSL...Ba,nd...pla.ns to attend college DANIEL RAY COFFEY DO Parliamentarian . . . Pep Club. . .plans to major in philosophy at Monmouth College MIKE COFFEY DO...VICA...plans to work on the Burling- ton Northern Railroad 168 RICH CANFIELD CWT...Boys' Forummplans to go to college and become a disc jockey . . . "Gab" CHARLES CARLSON CHARLOTTE CARLSON GSL. . . Pasteur Society. . . SAA. . .Spanish Club. . .plans for college DIANE CARR GAA...GSL...Lab Assistant...German Club . . . Pasteur Society . . . FTA . ..SAA . . .future plans in elementary education . . . "Destruc- tive Chemist" LES CARR LINDA CASSINI Student Council. . .V.P. of CWT. . . GAA. . .SAA ...Pep C1ub...plans to go to airline school TOMMY COLE Civil Air Cadette DAVID COLEMAN MICHAEL COLEMAN TIMOTHY COLEY I A Cappella...Singing Streaks...German Club...plans to attend college NANCY COLLINSON NHS. . .Senior Leader. . .plans to go to Knox CHRISTINE COUGHLIN GAA Sec . . .GSL rep.. .Galesburg Cadettes . .. Latin club. ..FTA...plans include I.S.U. JULIE CRISMAN Varsity Football Cheerleader...SAA...A Cappe1la...Sr. Ensemble...V.P. Stage Call... Thespians . ..Pep Club EARL CULVER Boys' Forum...DO...plans to attend Carl Sandburg GLORIA CURRY 'Q' DANNY DANBECK FTA. . .Kazoo Ba,nd...plans to attend college and major in electrical engineering TOM DARRAH Senior counci1...G Club...Varsity Baseball plans J ANNISE DARTT Concert Choir...DECI...DECA...plans to at- tend Baptist Bible College 169 DEBBIE COURSON GSL.. .Food Service Occupations SHELLY CRAIG CHUCK CRAWFORD DO. . . plans to continue working on railroad PERRY CUTCHER IRENE DAMA SAA. . .GSL. . .Jr. College plans DARRYL DAMITZ DO.. .VICA f' if That came from the cafeteria, too, huh? JOE DEETS Varsity golf.. .Boys' forum. . .G-club. . .Har- vard lies ahead THOMAS L. DEMOSS Varsity football.. .future in data processing BOB DENLY Arte Clubbe. . .college plans 3 K we ? 'We A . Q. ef 170 DIANA DAVIS "Dynamite"...Plans to attend business college KATHY DAVIS SAA representative. . .A Cappella. . .GSL. .. REFLECTOR staff PATTY DAVIS Galesburg Gadette...GSL...FTA...French club...GAA...Pep clubmplans to attend college VICKIE DERRICK GSL representative. . .Pep club. , . Senior lead- er. . .French o1ub...will attend Cottey College JANE DERBY Pep club...GSL.,.fooc1 servioewwill attend Carl Sandburg ROBIN DERBY G club. .Student Council...Va.rsity Baseball ...JV Basketball . . . NHS . . .college plans 1 i DAVE DIEFENDORF Budget. . . Pep Club. . .B,O.D. . . .SAA PATTY DILLIN GSL. . .plans to go into airline work JON DOUGLASS Band...Va.rsity Track Mana.ger...SAA... Stage Ba.nd...pla.ns to major in Business Management and Computer Programing MICHELE DUNCAN Senior Council . . . GSL . . . GAA . . . SAA . . . French Club TERRY DURBIN Y B.O.D .... Pasteur Society...p1a,ns to attend S.I.U .... "Durb" SUE DWYER GSL Representative...A Ca.ppe1la...FTA... Pep Club...Spanish CIub...SAA...plans to attend college 171 RANDY DEVLIN Budget Staff . . . SAA .. .Pen Club. . .plans to be- come a Sanitary Engineer STEVE DEWITT MARY DICKESON NHS...GSL...Lab Assista.nt...Pasteur So- ciety...plans to study pharmacy at Drake University V V J , BRENDA DUCKWORTH Switchboard Operator.. .CWT . . .Office Cadet ...plans to be come a. social worker JOHN DUGAN PAUL DUNBAR Secretary for CWT...Boys' Forum... plans include junior college. . ."P.D." WILLIAM EGENLAUF German C1ub...Ir1tramura,ls...plans to at- tend college. . ."Eg'gy" STEPHANIE EKISS Arte Clubbe...Student Counci1...GAA... GSL...Spa.nish Club..."Stuffy"...plans to at- tend Western BOB EMERY Pep Club...Basketballmplans to go to col- lege . . . "Emo" or "BJ " STEVE ENSIMNGER Plays guitar SUSIE ERICKSON SAA...Artte Clubbe...Secretary CWT... plans to go into the field of art JUDY ANNETTE ESELY Cooperative Work Training Program . . .plans to join Peace Corps DENN Y FENSTERER Pep Club...Arte Clubbe... Kazoo Banda, G- Club..."Fenny"...co1lege lies ahead CHRIS FERGUSON Varsity Basketball Cheerleader...Pep Club ...Strea.kettes...V.P. Arte Clubbe...GAA . .. will attend I.S.U. BETH FIFIELD President of Pasteur Society. ..NHS...GSL. .. German C1ub...p1a.ns to attend college and major in chemistry 172 TERRI ENGHOLM GAA...GSL...Pep C1ub...Spanish Club... plans to attend business college CAROL ENGLAND GAA Board. . .German Club. . . FNA . . .SAA . .. plans to attend college MIKE ENGLAND G-Club...Varsity Wrestlingmplans for col- lege ROBERT EVANS Student Counci1...La.tin Club...Pasteur So- ciety...FTA...Ka.zoo Band..."Ev"...seeks peace in our time MICHAEL FAIRCHILD Band. . .trade Uncle Sam six years of life for an education in nuclear physics DORIS FANSLER FHA...section Nine Treasurer DE...DECA ...DECI...Parlia.rnentaria.n of DE...plans to attend Carl Sandburg GLENN FLEMIN G TARRI FLICKINGER GSL...SAA. . .Pep c1ub...Vice-President of OO. ..plans to continue work in I.B.M. LARRY FONES F 1 l i ,. EA : NANCY FRENCH Varsity Football Cheerleader. ..GAA treas. A Cappella.. . . Streakettes . . .German Club. . . plans for ISU NINA FRIEND GSL...GAA. ..SAA BARB GALLOWAY GAA...GSL...SAA TERRI FOSBURG GSL. . .SAA. . . SDS . . .Pep Club.. .plans for col- lege and social work. . ."Kricket" SHERYL FRANK GAA board membermplans to attend Bible College DARLENE FRANSEEN SAA. . .FTA. . .Senior leader. . .Concert Choir . . . GAA. . .Office Cadet. . . GSL. . . "Grub" . .. plans to attend college DEBBIE GALLOWAY Student Council...GAA...FTA...SAA...GSL ...Senior Leader...Pollution Solution... plans to go to college and be a stewardess THOMAS L. GARDNER SAA. . . Pep Club. . .Camera Crew. . . BOD. . . plans for work and attendance at an elec- tronics trade school MARY GARRISON Pasteur Society. . . lab assistant. . .Usherettes ...GSL...Ill. State Scholarmplans to be a laboratory technologist 173 Stars are beautiful in the way they glow and sparkle, they have that funny little shape which is very dramatic. Look at a star and it gives me a feeling inside like I real- ly care. I'm a star among the stars. A senior JAMES GLASNOVICH DENA GLAVAS MARK GOODELL A Cappella Choir...Pla.ns to attend Illinois Wesleyan University 2 A A P t lei DARLYN GEESEMAN DECI...DECA...Concert Choir-...DE...GSL... office cadet...Future plans include IBM training at Carl Sandburg STEPHEN GERMAN SAA. . . a little fun on Saturday night SANDY GIBBS GSL rep...Budget advertising manager... "Cleona" . . .College plans BARBARA GAYLE GOOLSBY GAA...SAA...French Club...FTA...GSL... Stage Cal1...President of Thespia.ns...VICA ...Plans to become an Interior Designer PHIL GOTTENBORG Budget. . .Boy's Forum. . .Arte Clubbe. . .Mem- ber of "AA"..."Cotton Jr."...Pla,ns to attend University of Viet Nam KAYE GREENE DE area and local secreta,ry...GSL...SAA... "Butch"...Pla,ns to attend business college and go into business for herself DANNY GRIFFITH "G" Club...Senior and Student Council...Di- rector of Kazoo Ba.nd...J'W Lennon Soccer Club...Plans include attendance at Knox MONICA GRIFFITH GSL...OO...Pep C1ub...SAA...Plans to con- tinue in the business field NAN GRIMES A Cappella Choir...GSL...French Club... SAA...Member of FSA...Mr. Turner's ad- visory...WMS 174 KATHY GROFF OO...Pep Club...SAA...GSL...Plans to at- tend Carl Sandburg Jr. College for computer course , N EUGENE GRUBAUGH SAA. . .Budget sports editor.. .Intramurals . .. College lies ahead STEPHANIE GUNTHER A Cappella...GAA...Sr. Ensemble...Ga.det- tes. . .FTA . . .College lies ahead WILLIAM F. GUSTAFSON Track. . . "Gus", . .plans include college AGNES HAKLAR SAA...GSL...Pep Club...French Club... plans to attend Augustana College KATHIE HAINLINE KATHY HARDGROVE French Club..,Pep Club representative... GSL. . .FTA. . . GAA . . . future plans include the University of Iowa TORI HARING Co-editor of REFLECTORNA Cappella. ..Sr. at Knox...Stage Call... Thespia,ns...hopes to attend Swarthmore JAN HARRIS GAA. . . SAA. . .GSL . . . Senior Council rep... Food Services Occupation. . ."Shorty". . .plans to continue working at Cottage Hospital RICK HARVEY President of VICA...SAA...'fTex"...would like to go into sports broa.dca.sting..."Paul" SANDY HARY Plans to be a registered nurse TOM HAULK KRIS HAMILTON CWT...SAA...GSL...Future includes IBM school JON HANSON SHIRLEY HANSON DECA. . .Pollution Solution. . .DECI PATRICIA HARRELSON cadet...F'TA...GSL...Pep Club... Student Council rep...Kazoo Band. .."Trish" ...future plans include college BRIAN HARSHBARGER CONNIE HARSHBARGER SAA...FHA...Food Service Occupation... GSL..."Harsh"...p1ans include Carl Sand- burg and work at Cottage Hospital 175 Stars are bright and beautjul. Their beauty is compel- lingg my desire to watch them is almost trance- like. But that is all I can do to stars, just watch them. I can never get nearer to them, or hold them in my hand and say, "These are mine." A Senior You're my secret admirer? CLAUDIA HENDRICKS OO..."Claud"...plans include Atlantic Air- lines School ROBERT C. HENNIS Boys' Forum representative . . .Band. .. "Henney"...future includes junior college JEFF HENSLEY Track. . .Intramurals . . ."Chump" . . .hopes to become an architect 176 CATHY HEADLEY Future includes Arizona, State University and nursing' RICK HEATH Budget photography editor. . .Kazoo Band... REFLECTOR...Advisory 38...pla,ns to at- tend Bradley University and major in Jour- nalism LEROY HECK TOM HEPBURN Symphonic Ba.nd...Pep Band...Stage Band ...plans to attend college TOM HERRING Senior Council...Cross Country...Ka,zoo Band. ..plans to attend college and magor in physics CRAIG HERRINGTON CWT...future plans include college W J 1 LINDA HILLMAN GARY D. HOFFMAN Boys' Ca1l...Varsity Wres- tling...President of NAORBP and OMS... plans include college and a career in elec- tronics GREG HOHNER CATHY IRSCH Galesburg Gadets . . .GAA . . .SAA . . . GSL. . . A Cappe11a....Pep Clubmplans to attend Au- gustana College CONNIE JACOBS GSL...CWT...HO...GAA...Pep C1ub...hopes to go to college and become a LPN NANCY JACOBS GAA. . .FTA . . . SAA. . . GSL. . .Pasteur Society Senior Leader. . .college looms in the future , .,, HL.-. PAM HILES Senior Leader. . .GSL representative. . . mem- ber of the "J.T. Clan"...Advisory 38..."PJ" or "Pudgy". . .future holds ISU or WIU BILL HILLIER Spanish C1ub...Varsity Footba11..."G" Club ...Boys' Forum..."Nick"...pla.ns to attend SIU and go into data processing SHERRY I-IILLIER Plans to go into the field of business LINDA HOWARD GSL. . . SAA. . .Pep c1ub...oo see . . . "Lindy" future holds Carl Sandburg and business BRAD A. HUNT "Byrd"...p1ans to attend Carl Sandburg MARY HUTCHISON FTA treas . . . GAA . . . Pep Club. . . GSL . . . college lies ahead SUSIE JACOBS Co-editor of REFLECTOR . . . FTA sec . . . SAA. .. Senior Leader...GAA...Pep Club rep...GSL ...Illinois State Scholarmplans for ISU SONDA JAMES BECKY JOHNSON Senior Leader. . .GAA...GSL. . .SAA. . .3 years in Streakettesmplans to attend Elkhart ln- stitute of Technology l iw u .Ya A gf ibiaxgnx . Mb .wi vc Y . r 4. It Xgsf? Q4 . CARL JOHNSON FFA Secretary...SAA...Agri Business... Plans to attend Carl Sandburg Jr. College GARY JOHNSON Arte Clubbe...Intramurals..."Sven"...C01- lege lies ahead SUE JOHNSON Pep Club Treasurer. . .A Cappella Secretary.. . Sr. Ensemble. . .German Club. ..State Scholar , ...FTA. . .Sr. Leader. ..Plans for Bethany Col- . 491- lege I SYLVIA JOHNSON SAA...GAA...GSL...Secretary of FNA...Pep Club...Student Council...Nursing plans lie ahead LU ANN JONES GAA...FHA...SAA...Pep C1ub...CW'I'... Senior Leader...GSL...Will attend Burling- ton Beauty Academy in June NICK J OYNER Varsity Wrestling. . .Varsity Track. . . Stage Call. . .Spanish Club..."Pooch". . .Plans for US Coast Guard Academy RICHARD KELLY President of FFA. . . SAA. . . Section IV Report- er. . .plans to become an airline pilot KATHY KEMPER DECA . . . DECI. . .SAA . . . "Blah" . . . plans to at- tend Carl Sandburg TOM KENNEDY 178 CYNTHIA SUZANNE KARVER GSL...College lies ahead CHRIS KAYSER GAA I-Iistorian...Sr. Ensemble...A Cappella Choir...Ger-rnan Club Pres...NHS...RE- FLECTOR. . . Pep Club . . . GSL. . . Sr. Leader... "Kraut" . . . Colle ge MARY ANN KELLY GAA...GSL...Pep Club...plans to study at Western Illinois University to be a social worker DENNIS KETTERLING SAA Representative...Budget Photo Co- Editor. ..plans to attend college and become a photographer. . .seek peace through broth- erhood DIANE KETTERLING GAA. . . GSL. . .French Club . . . Pep Club . . .FTA Program Committee Chairman.. .SAA. . .col- lege plans BONNIE KILBY "G" Club . . .DO. . .Varsity Wrestling. . . plans to go to college PAM KIMMERLY GAYLE KIMMIT GSL. .. GAA. . .FTA.. .Senior Leader. . . college lies ahead BILL KIRKENDALL Varsity Basketball...Varsity Golf. . .A Cap- pella. . ."G" Club...future holds ISU RUSS KILBY Varsity Wrestling. . C1ub...colleg'e lies ahead RON KIMBLE National Honor Societymfuture plans in- clude college DEBBIE KIMBROUGH 5 ED KLAPP SAA...Boy's Forummmid-term graduate to attend NIU RODGER E. KLUMP SAA...pla.ns to attend college and hopes to earn a Ph.D. in Anthropology and work in Africa BILL KNIGHT SAA...VICA...Pep Club...plans to attend WIU and major in special education I needed to go on a diet anyway. 179 When I was a little girl I used to watch the stars at night from my bedroom window. There was one star in particular that I liked. This star was always the first one I would see and 1 would wish upon it. Now as I am older I still look out at my star and instead of wishing upon it I say, "Oh,just you wait, myfavorite star, andsoon I'lI be out in the sky with you doing just what I want to in lifef' A Senior - - KAREN KRAUSE Budget feature editor...Arte Clubbe...A Cappella. . .Stage Call. . . "Alice" TERRY LAMB DENNIS LANGDON "Wink"...likes tennis and poetry. . . plans for college f. RICHARD LAYTON DO. . .Vocational We1ding...VICA. ..wants to go to Diesel School and become a diesel mechanic DENNIS LEAHY ED LEAI-IY Senior Council. . . Boys' Forum. . .Latin Club .. .Varsity Baseball.. . Soph and JV Basketball ...State Scholar. . .plans for ISU , 2. D sg Q l 4 180 DIANNE KNISS MARK KOHORST JAN KRAFT GSL...Pep Club. . .Food Service Occupations ....plans to attend college JIM LANNHOLM Cross Country. . .Track . . ."G" Club.. .future holds college and archaeology TERRY LANNHOLM Varsity Football..."G" Club..."Big Sweden... plans include Nashville Auto-Diesel College KARLEE LAWSON CWT...GAA...GSL...Pep Club...hopes to be a beautician JANET LEAHY Senior Council...Budget news editor...FTA vp...GSL treas...Arte Clubbe...A Cappella ...Stage Call...GAA...plans for college in special education MARCIA LEATH OO. . . SAA. . .Pep Club rep. . .plans to continue in the business field CLIFF LEE Footballmfuture plans include college GEORGE LEINER PATRICIA LESTER DE...GSL...SAA..."Do-Do"...plans to become an assistant manager CONNIE LIGHT Varsity Football Cheerleader...Sec. GSL... GAA...SAA...Pep Club...Student Council Representative-at-large...Senior Leader ...Pep Club. . .College DONALD LOBB LINDA LOCKHART DECA...DECI,..GSL...PepC1ub..."Muff"... plans to enter either the field of social work or retail management STEVEN LOTZ Pasteur Society. . .plans to attend college 181 DIANE LEGGE SAA. . .GSL. . . GAA. . . OO. . .college lies ahead JON LEHEW Varsity Football. . . Varsity Wrestling. . .Var- sity Track...SAA...Senior Counci1..."G" Club. . .French Club. . .plans to major in bio- logical science LAURIE LEHMAN Varsity Cheerleader. ..FTA...SAA. . .Home- coming Queen Candidate..Streakettes... Senior Council . . .Spanish Club.. .REFLEC- TOR. . .college DAN LINDSTROM Senior Council. . .FTA . . . Kazoo Band. . . Ger- man Club. . ."Lindy". . . Baseball. . .Football . . . Basketball...Soccer...p1ans to enter min- istry DAVE LINE Boys' Forum. . .SAA Representative.. .Illinois State Scholar. . .plans to attend college MICHAEL LITTLEFIELD DO...VICA...plans to attend vocational school SHARON LOUDERMAN Pep Club Representative...GSL...Kazoo Band . . . plans to attend Western Illinois Uni- versity PATTY LUCAS OO...plans to continue in the field of busi- ness STEVE LUNDQUIST Possible attendance at Faith Baptist Bible College Q A star has a lifetime to shine as I have a lifetime to live. A Senior JEFF LUVALL Chemistry Lab Assistant...Senior Council... attending SIU in the fall TOM LYTLE President Arte Clubbe...Stage Ca11...Budget Cartoonist. . . Kazoo Band. . .plans to at- tend EIU with a career in commercial art MARGARET MACKEY GSL. . . Senior Leader. . .Pasteur Society.. .A Cappe1la....plans to attend Moline Lutheran and become a registered nurse RICK MAIN President Boys' Forum. . .Homecoming King . . . NHS . . . Senior Council. . ."G" Club. . .Var- sity Football. . .Varsity Basketball. . .college 'IOM MARVELLI Senior Council...Boys' State Delegate... Kazoo Band..."Wop"...Ace Club Reporter... plans to attend University of Hawaii PATTY MATHEWS GSL Representative...Cooperative Work Training. . . "Chipawouski". . .college lies ahead A Bomb? 182 JOYCE MAHNESMITH plans to become a. nurse KATHLEE MAHNESMITH ROSE MAHNESMITH REGINA MAYBERRY GAA...GSL...AFS...LatinClub...PepClub... plans to attend Weaver Airline Personnel School ROBERT McCOY Spanish Club... plans to attend Blackhawk East College MARLA McGARRY DECI...DECA. . .Concert Choir... plans to at- tend Baptist Bible College DIANE M. MCKILLIP GSL Representative. . .GAA . . . FTA . . . SAA . .. Pep Clubmcollege plans leading toward a career of teaching GARY McLAREN College lies ahead KATHY McLAREN CW'I'...GAA...GSL...Pep C1ub...would like to become a beautician PAM MENDEZ SAA rep...Senior leadermfuture plans for Data Processing CONNIE MILLER Varsity Football Cheerleader...GAA board member, . .Arte Clubbe. . .Kazoo Band.. .GSL . . . SAA. . .Pep Club. . .plans to attend college JIM MILLER OO. . .VICA..."Mr. Ford"...plans possibly in- clude junior college. . .California bound RICHARD MCGARRY PAM MCGEE CLIFF McGILVARY DO...VICA...future plans include architec- tural engineering career and Army Engi- neering Corps LARRY MQLAREN CWT..."Jax" lies in the future GREGG MCOLGAN Intramurals. . .224 South Seminary Street Gang. . ."Mac". .. plans to enter Air Force after graduation PAT MELIN "G" Club. . .Latin Club. . .Boy's Forum. . .Wres- tling..."Weasel"...plans for SIU and med- icine A VIRGINIA MOI-IR Budget assistant editor.. .NHS treas . . .Stage Call. . . GSL . . .Senior Council.. .Student Coun- cil.. .A Cappella. . .State Scholar. . . "Gina". ,. college ahead TERRY MOLBURG Spanish club...invo1ved in Spanish class newspaper DARRELL MOODY DECA chapter president...DECI...area. of- ficer of DECA...future holds college ROBERT B. MINK DARRYL L. MOELLER College lies ahead DAVE MOELLER Pasteur Society. . .plans for University of Illinois DEBBIE MOON SAA. . .GSL . . .OO. . .Pep Club. . .college plans KATHLEEN MOORE CWT. . .plans for marriage and a career as a beautician MIKE MOORE PAMELA MORAN GSL. . .library cadet...future includes a ca- reer as an airline stewardess or bookkeeper DAVID MOREHEAD LEANN MORGAN Senior Council. . .VlCA. . .GSL. . .DO. . . may go WAF 184 Kazoo Band. . . intramurals . . . SAA . . ."Dewey" ...plans for University of Illinois MARY MORGAN GAA...Pollution Solution. . .University of Wisconsin and a career as a psychologist lie ahead JEFF MORRIS Varsity Football . . .Varsity Wrestling. . .Var- sity 'l"rack..."G" Club...Arte Clubbe...Kazoo Band. . ."Walrus" ahead KENNETH MORRIS CATHY MOYERS Spanish Club...GSL...Pep Clublnfuture holds college and elementary teaching HERMAN L. MUEHE Plans to attend Bradley University and study Electrical Engineering MARY MULLENIX SAA rep...PepClub...GSL...GAA...Senior Leadermhopes for a career as a dental as- sistant NANCY MORRIS GAA board member...GSL...SAA...RE- FLECTOR...plans for Patricia Stevens Ca- reer College and a. career as an airline stewardess STEVE MORRIS Band...Jazz Ensenib1e...A Cappel1a...SAA plans include college DOUG MOULTON Varsity Track...Arte Clubbe...pla.ns for college PATTIE MULLER German Club vp . . . AFS sec. ..Stage Call pub- licity chairman. . .Thespians. . .Arte Clubbe ...A Cappella...Senior Leader...Sr. editor of REFLECTOR. . . Gadettes JAYE MULLIN ROBERT MUNDY Did you hear Dow Jones is down two points? 1 85 I haue been told from early childhood to set high goals and then accept the darkness willingly until l reach the stars. Some- times the going gets fought, but after all, if one aims at the bull's eye in archery, he generally at least hits the target. A Senior . K . E6 WILLA MYLER "Willard" . . . Mr. Turner's advisory 243 KATHY NEAGLE Pep Club...Senior Lea.der...GAA...GSL... French Club. . .Senior Kickline.. .wants to go to college BILL NELSON FFA officer . . . SAA . . . Intramurals . . . WIU ahead 1 I will chase life to the sun. When I reach the sun I will clutch life and I will keep it with meforeoer. I will not stop to rest for the sun will send me strength and reassurance. I will never let life stop to rest because it will grow fat and lazy. It will lose its vitality and I no longer will want lyfe. All of my running will have been in vain. A Senior 186 BEVERLY MUNSON College lies ahead ROD MURK Varsity Football . . .Track. . . Pep Club. . .' 'G' Club. . ."Mercury" . . .Kearney State College looms ahead SANDY MUSELMAN GSL...Pep Club...SAA...OO treasurer... wants to work as a. secretary F JOHN NELSON SAA...Spanish Club...Spanish Honor So- ciety. . . Intramurals. . .college plans CHARLIE NEWCOMB Track.. . Cross Country. . .Stage Band. . .plans for college SARA NORRIS A Cappella... .Varsity Football Cheerleader... Streakettes . . . Thespians . . .Stage Call. . .GAA board member...Senior Leadermcollege bound l GALE OLSON DO...Student Counci1...will enlist in the service VICKY PACHECO CINDY OLIN cadet...plans for nurs- ing' KAREN OLMSTEAD Pep Club...GSL...GAA...Student Council rep...SAA...Senior Leader..."Scruffy"... wants to become a dental assistant DEEDIE OLSON Pep Club.. .GSL representative. . . GAA. . .of- fice cadet...future lies in nursing Spanish Club...FNA...Pep Club...GSL... plans for Carl Sandberg' and a. career as a, LPN MARY PAISLEY GAA...SAA...Pep Club...GSL...A Cappella ...future holds Carl Sandburg and a. career in radiology RICK PARTIN Pep Club..,"G" Club trea.s...Boy's Forum... Pollution Solution...Va.rsity Wrestling and Baseball. . . "Pa.rtino". . . Creator-editor of Sly Sickle. . .college MARDELL PATCH FNA president...Pep Club vice-president... GSL...Senior Leader...Student Council... cadet . . . Homecoming Queen candidate.. . plans to be RN DEBBIE L. PATTERSON GSL...Pep C1ub...Food Service Occupations 187 JOHN PAMPEL DANIEL PARKE Pasteur Society. . .plans for SIU NANCY PARKINSON Band vp.. .A Cappella. . .Sr. Ensemble.. .GAA ...Pep Club rep. . .GSL. . .Senior Leader... REFLECTOR. . . SAA. . ."DOT". . .college in the future DEBBIE J. PATTERSON GAA...Senior Leader. . .GSL...French Club ...attends Carl Sandburg. . .future holds col- lege JIM PATTERSON Varsity Track . . .Golf . . . "Loner" . . .interested in music and rides a cycle JIM PATTON FFA...CWT...SAA...Ag'ri Business...BOD... plans for St. Pau1's Jr. College to study the- ology and social work . I do not care to follow the star that is millions and billions of miles away. I have no plans to be a big, im- . portant person or to have some big, W executive job, so I do not need to try to reach that faraway star. I only hope that I can reach my own star. A Senior Some Seniors learn to sleep standing up. SUE PAXTON DO. . .hall cadet. . .Budg'et. . . office worker. .. wants to do secretarial work and enjoys music and writing RONALD PEARSON LINDA PECK JACK PEREZ SAA...hopes to go into the field of tech- nology CARL PETERS Varsity Football . . .Senior Council. . . Boy's Forum. . .DO reporter.. ."Corky" DAVE PETERSON Senior class pres...Student Council sec... "G" Club sec...Varsity Deba.te...Varsity '1'ra,ck...Varsity Cross Country..."Pete"... plans for ISU 188 MARSHA PETERSON KATHY PETTIT GSL...Pep C1ub...Spanish Club...Senior Leader. . . SAA. . .college plans LINDA PITMAN SAA...GSL... plans for Carl Sandburg or a beauty school DEBBIE POOLE FHA...VICA...Pep Club...SAA...pla.ns to go to Midstate College and study fashions OTIS KING PORCHIA Varsity Basketball...Varsity Track..."G" Club. . ."Lover" . . .college lies ahead GAYLE POTTORF Streakettes...GSL...Senior Leader...DO... GAA...p1ans to become a. RN SUSAN QUANSTROM FRED RAMIREZ RICK RASH DO. . .Vocational Automechanics . . . VICA . . . "Reve1ation". umechanics school in the fu- ture. . .wants to be a hot rod builder 189 RICK PITTINGTON AFS student committee...oolleg'e lies ahead . . .wants to have 15 kids and plan for more WILLIAM POLLARD "Wilbur" . . .wants to attend a college and major in physics or go to an art school PHIL PONCE Varsity Football. . .Boy's Forum. . .Band... "G" Club.. .plans for a junior college BILL POULOS 'I'rack...Cross Country..."G" Club...Arte Clubbe...Boy's For'um...FTA...wants tocon- tinue his education JOANN PRIEST VICA secretary-treasurer. . . Pep Club. . . SAA . ..GAA. . .Senior Council . . . GSL. . . plans to go to college and major in social studies VERN QUALLS German C1ub...Pasteur Societymfuture in medicine TOM REAGOR Band. . .Jazz Ensemble. . .plans to attend Carl Sandburg RICHARD REEMS TED REDFERN DO. . .junior college plans BARB REWALD FTA...AFS...SAA...GSL..,German Club... NI-IS...Latin C1ub...Stage Call...A Cappella Honorary Mention in National Merit Compe- tition GARY RICHMOND BEVERLY RINCON Plans to become a beautician after attending- Carl Sandburg Junior College JOHN ROBINSON Captain Cross Countrymtaking' courses at Knox. . .Mid-term Graduate.. .plans to attend Colorado College . . ."Hippie" STEVE ROBISON FTA.. ."G" Club.. .Varsity Footba,ll...Varsity Baseball. . .Student Council. . . "Peach" . . .col- lege lies ahead MARY ANN ROGERS FTA. . . GAA. . . Student Council . . . GSL. . .Busi- ness Manager for Budget...Kazoo Band... REFLECTOR staff member. . .plans to attend Western 190 DEBBIE REDNOUR Vice President of ENA . . .VICA. . . DO . . .Senior Councilmhopes to become a nurse... "Cuddles" MARVIN REEM A Cappella Choir...Pla.ns to attend college and major in music DEBBIE REESE Student Counci1...GSL. -Honor roll. . .Secre- tarial plans LEE RITZ RANDY ROBERTS Senior Council...Wrestling'...p1ans may in- clude attendance at Carl Sandburg Junior College JOHN A. ROBINSON DO...VICA..."Tex"...future career as a welder ANGELA ROMMEL P.E. Senior Leader..."Augie"...future plans include owning a western store PAT RONK CWT...A Cappella Choir. ..p1ans to go to col- lege GARY ROULAND Cross-Country. . .Varsity Track . . . "Rollo" . . . college lies ahead X LAYTON SANDALL Varsity Football...Va.rsity Track..."G" Club JOHN SANDBERG German Club...'l"rack...plans attendance at Illinois State University JEFFREY SANDBORG A Cappella Choir Trea,surer...Singing Streaks...Senior Counci1...FTA...Ba.sket- ball..."Sa.ndy"...co1lege lies in the future CAROLYN RUEDIG A Cappella Choir-...Sr. Ensemble...Gerrnan Club Sec...Pep Club Sec...Ka,zoc Band... "Dot". . .State Scholar. . . college plans ROBERT D. RUPERT DEAN RYBERG German Club.. . Intramural basketball . . .Sly Sickle. . .plans to attend CSU JOHN SANDOVAL Cross - country. . .Wrestling . . . Track . . .Boy's Forum..."Ching Chang" DAVID SCHIELE CAROL SCHIELE GSL Representative. . .DECA . . .DECI . . .col- lege plans Wait! Did I hear a sound? 191 There are millions of stars in the sky and me, 1'm just one little guy these stars make realize that he lSf1,f as big as he thinks he is. A Senior JEFF SEIBERLICH German Club...Intra,murals...pla,ns to at- tend ISU DAVID SEILER Plans to attend Carl Sandburg or a technical school PAMELA ANN SENN ER GSL Rep...CWT...GAA...FHA...Pep Club... plans to attend fashion school in Quincy KEVIN L. SHAWGO Intramurals. . .hopes to attend college NEAL SHEARER Class Treasurer...Student Council Board... Varsity Golf. ..Ka.zoo Band. . . plans to attend ISU and major in speech GENE SHINN FFA. . .AgeBusiness...plans to join Army 192 TERRY SCHUBACH FTA Pres.. .Strea.kettes. . .A Cappella... Senior Ensemble...GAA Recording Sec... NHS ,... "Schubie" . . .college in Colorado GEORGIA SCOTT Spanish Club Pres...Arte Clubbe Sec... DE Treasurer. ..Stuc1ent Councilmplans to attend Patricia Stevens PAT SCOTT CWT...Mid-term gradua.te...plans to enter field of business PHYLLIS SHANNON CWT. .."Shortie". . .plans career in data pro- cessing BARRY SHAVER German Club. . .Intrarnura,ls. . .plans for college TERI SHAVER CWT. . .Pep Club. . .Medical Explorers... "Mouse". . .plans to become airline stewardess MARILYN SI-IIPP SAA Rep...GAA...GSL...Pep Clubmplans to attend college RI-IONDA L. SI-IRYACK "Rhonda Honda,"...p1ans to attend college TONY SIBLEY "Hawk" REBECCA SIMMONS GSL Representative. . . Senior Leader . . . GAA ...Pasteur Society. . .college lies ahead DANIEL B. SIMPSON Footba11...Wrest1ing...Track.. .Boys' Forum C1ub...FTA..."Monk"...p1a.ns for college LARRY SIMPSON Boys' Forum. . .Wrestling Manager. . . CWT ..."Whitey"...pla.ns for art school or Navy enlistment MARLENE SKILLMAN FHA...FTA...CWT...GSL..."Po"...pla.nsto attend Marion College and major in teaching SHIRLEY SKINNER GSL...VICA...SAA...Pep Club...ISU lies ahead with a major in therapy CAROL SMITH GAA...VICA...SAA...GSL...Pep Club... Spanish Club . . .plans to continue education QQ? 193 - DAVE SMITH LEA ANN SMITH CWT...GSL...SAA..."Smitty"...future plans will include attending college and airline school ROGER SMITH Wrestling. . ."Lil Farmer". . .plans to enter the field of electronics Lying out in the open meadow it's pitch black out, I am alone, thinking Looking at the star Sometime I am lonely, f thinking of the pastl Stars give me hope C thinking of the future! When I am like this I am happy I feel free. A Senior Until I find my goal in life I will keep goingg maybe to the stars. Ifl do strioefor the stars, it is be- cause 1 am not satisfied with my- seM The star I am striving for, then, should be called "satisfac- tion." A Senior w 1 Wayne, Why are you smiling at your milk? CINDY SOUTHWELL DAWN SPARLING GSL...SAA...Pep Club...pla.ns to attend col- lege and enter the medical field JOE SPENCER ' BOD member. . .an architectural future lies ahead 194 RONNIE SMITH LINDA SNYDER Pep Club...SAA...GSL...FHA...plans for nurses' training at Carl Sandburg BECKY SOTTOS JEFFREY C. SPENCER Band. . .State Band . . ."Spence" . . . Boys' State ....pla,ns for law enforcement career DUANE SPILLERS "G" Club...Spanish Club...Varsity Basket- ba,11...Varsity Baseball. . .plans to enter college J ANICE SPORTSMAN Pasteur Society...French Club...SAA Rep- resentative...GSL...Pep C1ub...plans for Carl Sandburg Jr. College RHONDA STARR Future Nurses Treasurer. . . GSL. . . Pep Club . . .Pollution Solution... plans career in nurs- ing NANCY STECK Junior year graduate now attending Illinois College in Jacksonville. . .Honorary Co- Editor of REFLECTOR KAREN STEELE Spanish Club. . . GSL. . .plans to attend Mary- crest College and become an English teacher BRENDA STEWART CHRISTINE STRADER Arte Clubbe Treas. . . A Cappella. . .Senior leader. . .Pasteur Society. . . State scholar- ship finalist. . .college JAN C. STROM FFA...Ag Business..."Buck" is college bound NG? RON STANDLEY A Cappella...VarsityFootball..."Bear Grease". . .plans for college DEBBIE STANLEY Student Council. . . GSL . . .member of the J .T. clan. . ."Wongette". . .plans to attend college PAULA STARKS FHA...GAA...GSL...Pep Club...plans to attend college and becorne a psychologist BRAD STELLER Band...Jazz Ensemb1e...Boys' Forum... Senior Council. . .college plans LOU ANN STEPHENSON Pep Club rep. . . GAA. . . GSL. . . office cadet.. . plans to attend Carl Sandburg to study data processing GARY STEVENS DO. . .Vocational Machine shop DAVID STURGEON CWT. ..hopes to attend college and stay as far away from Viet Nam as possible EUGENE J. Sullivan Spanish Club . . . Intramurals. . .CWT. . .col- lege lies ahead RICK SUNDBERG Student Council Treas...V. Pres. of "G" Club ....Track...Cross Country..."Sunny" plans for college at CSU ix H. DAVID TAMIMIE Pres. NI-IS...Pres. French Club...AFS Stu- dent Council Member-at-large...hopes for international law diplomat JOSEPH R. TAMIMIE NHS. . .AFS Treasurer. . .Senior Council. . . French Club. . ."Arab" . . .Young Columbus Award Finalist. . .plans for U of I DAVE TATE Spanish Club...FTA...Footba.1l...Track... plans to attend Western Illinois University as a Physical Education Major JUDIE SUYDAM Senior Council. . . OO. . . GSL . col- lege lies ahead KATHI SWANSON FTA...GAA...GSL...SAA...Pep Club... Pollution Solution. . . Spanish Honor Society lies ahead DENNIS SWIGART Spanish Club...E1 Cid Chapter of Spanish Honor Society . . ."Swig" . . .college plans BEVERLY JO ANN THURMAN CWT . . . "CKBP" JUDY THURMAN GSL...GAA...SAA...Pep Club...plans to attend Carl Sandburg Jr. College ALICIA 'IOLAND FRANK THEOBALD Vocational Machine Shop...VICA...DO... "T-Bone"...plans to attend DeVry Technol- ogy School JOHN THOMAS CARLA R. THOMPSON DO. . . SAA. . .CWT. . .Concert Choir. . . wants to enter data processing field CHRISTY TOLBERT Sr. Leader...Homecoming Queen Candidate . . .Sr. Ensemble. . .A Cappella.. .Gadettes . .. plans for dental technology SALLIE TOMLIN ' FHA...FTA...GAA...GSL...Student Coun- ci1...Sr. Leader...Pep Club Representative . . . "Sam" . . .interior decorating SYLVIA TRIMBLE Homecoming Queen...Varsity BB Cheer- leader...GSL VP...Streakettes...NHS Stu- dent Council. . .A Cappella.. . .College ALBERTA TURNER JEAN TURNER PHIL TURNER Pollution Solution. . . "Freak". . . wants to travel and attend college JOE TRISILLA ""...p1a.ns to attend college and go into the field of oceanography TODD TROBAUGH SAA . . .plans for medicine in college JOHN W. TROUT SAA. . .SAC committee. . . "Egger . .plans to attend college for training' in NASA BRAD TURVEY SAA. . . Student Council... Stage Call. . . BOD ...plans to go into the Navy DEBRA UHLMANN Senior Leader. . .GAA Board Member. . . GSL . . . plans for marriage WENDELL UNZICKER A Cappella....Singing Call . . . "Wendy". . . plans to attend college Those girls are still looking, Bill! 197 Look in the sky and what Do I see a small twinkling Light blinking back at me. A light so small so dainty So free alive with spirit And pride with nothing to Hide but what does it mean To me? So pure and so Clean and such a little Thing maybe one day when I 'll finally be free I'll go to my star for some peace and serenity. A Senior VICTOR VILLARREAL DONALD WADE ' . Varsity Footbal1..."G" Club...Va.rsity Track . . ."Rat". . .may attend junior college or trade school ' JOIE WAINMAN Senior Counci1...Carl Sandburg lies ahead Stars represent something that pan't be reachedflfhey will always be a mys- tery. So numerous and far reaching that man will never know all of them. That 115' adescription, I sup- pose, of mygoals in life. My future r. seems to meinowras distant as the stars andju-st use mysterious. My future' could turn out- to be bright, Q or explode intodarkness, and never be remembered. If-o'nly'I could see ahead and besure, meanwhile I will just stumble through. 1 - . 5 ., A Senior JULIE VAN GIESON CHRIS VAN METER G-SL...VICA...DO...Secreta.ry of FNA...fu- ture includes attending Carl Sandburg in the field of nursing J ANICE VAN UN NIK GSL Rep1wesentative...Reporter of OO...Pep Club. . .SAA.. .Hall Cadet. . .college plans WILLIAM WALKER , V ' WAYNE WALLACE Pep Club...Boys' Forum. ..Spanish Club... Intramural Basketball. . , "Al" . . .college lies ahead BARBARA WARD , FTA....NHS...Gerrnan Club...Lab Assistant ...Pasteur Society...SAA...Illinois State Scholar...Knox College plans i 198 JOHN WEAVER Varsity Golf. . ."G" Club. . .Homecoming King Candidate. . .Boys' Forum. . ."Weav". . .Har- vard lies ahead JEFF WEBBER DECI . . . DECA. . . DE . . .would like to enlist in National Guard after graduation and then become a police officer KEVIN WEBBER DECA Vice-President. . . DECI. . . SAA. . . Boys' Forum.. .Varsity Track. . . "Rocky" . . . plans toward being a chiropractor BILL WESTFALL "G" C1ub...Boys' Forum Sec .... German Club Varsity Football. . . Varsity Basketball . . .NHS ...plans for college JIM WEYRENS Jazz Band. . .Band President.. .NHS . .. GALESBURG Orch .... learn enough about life to make the world less messed up CONNIE WHETSTINE GAA...SAA...GSL...FNA...DO..1Pep Club Senior Council. . .Medical Explorer. . . Nurs- ing. ..mid-term graduate , JOHN WARD FFA Vice-President...SAA...Agriculture Business...hopes to attend Carl Sandburg Junior College DICK WATSON Pep Club Representative...Varsity Wrestler ...plans to graduate and become a profes- sional water colorer SANDRA WATTERS Streakettes. . .GAA VP. . .Sr. Ensemble. . .A Cappella.. .NHS . . . FTA . . . Student Council "Sandie". . .plans major in music DEBI WEINBERG GAA...SAA...GSL...Pep Club...Office Ca- det. . .future plans include going to college BECKY WENDLANDT DAVID WEST DEBRA WHITE GAA...GSL Representativemplans to con- tinue education in the field of business or interior decorating KAREN WHITE SAA. . .GSL Representative. . .Pep Club... GAA...pla.ns for Knox College SUE WHITTLES A Cappe1la...Sr. Ensemble...Sr. Class VP... Gadettes..'.NHS...FTA... Senior Leader State Scholar. GSL. . .college plans SHARON WILKINS GSL..."Pebbles"...wants to become a writer CONNIE WILLIAMS GSL...Pep C1ub...OO...SAA...plans to con- tinue working in the business field DEANA WILLIAMS DE.. .DECA. . .DECI. .."Deanie".. .Wants to at- tend beauty school RON WILSON Kazoo Band. . .T.I.N.A. . .future plans include law enforcement PRESTON WINDOM Boys' Forum. . .Intramuralmplans to go out West and go to school MARK WINGO Member of the I-Iilman Racing Team 200 TERRY WILBURN Varsity Basketball Cheerleading. . .GSL Pres . . . Artte Clubbe . . .Streakettes. . .Student Council.. .airline school ahead KAREN WILDER Arte Clubbemfuture plans include fashion illustrations and painting' CHARLES WILKINS VICA . . .DO. . . "Rhuta.baga," ROGER WILLIAMS STEPHEN WILLSON President Debate Club . . . German Club . . .FTA plans to become a shepherd RODNEY WILSON A Cappella Choir DEBRA WOLFE Pep Club. . .SAA. . .FTA...French Club...GSL ...Library Cadet. . .college lies ahead LISANNE WOLFF GSL . . .GAA . . . Pep Club Representative . . . plans for college at University of Santa Clara SUE WONG FTA. . .SAA . . . Lab Assistant. . . Budget Circu- lation Manager. ..would like to look into the airline field KATHLEEN YARD GAA. . . GSL . . .Pep 'Club . . . Senior Leader.. . Office Ca.det...SAA...Plans for Carl Sand- burg to enter the accounting field DEBBIE YOUNGREN GAA. . .GSL. . .Majorettes . . .college plans lie ahead DEENA YOUNGREN Pep Club . . .French Club. . . SAA. . . GSL. . .Ma- jorettes. . .plans for Elkhart Institute of Tech- nology 4 MARILYN WOODS Pep Club.. .GSL. . . GAA. . .Office Cadet. .. plans to attend college JERILYN WRIGHT GAA...GSL...SAA...Pep Club..."Jeri"... plans to attend Burlington Beauty Academy VICKI C. YARBRO SAA Representative. . . GSL Representative . . . NHS...Spanish Club...Editor of Spanish Newspaper. . .plans for Knox e DAN ZEFO DO. . .Intramural Basketball.. . "Zip" . . .Ju- nior college or trade school lies ahead MARY ZEFO IN MEMORIAM Theresa Gutierrez 1 953-1 970 201 My star in lyfe 1 f I 'fn to reach that goal Would be to give to others A piece Ofmy soul. A Senior X Q. .'1x.'s'v' l A S .ef cs To Proud, Misty-eyeal Seniors and Now . . . ' l ' e ' lzoa They must learn to feach out for stars. They must try to reach the unreach- able, "dream the impossible dream." They must try for the impossible U anything is ever to be changed. They ' must reach for stars, but not just one, they must grab a handful. They must do it all. They is we. - A Senior 4 I . ':4L1,",l' "2 .AEN Qs: w'.ir3"' 13' C- .r' l a I 1 '. I' 5 2 I E i 1 6 1 i 9 1 i f G u I 4 E 5 X ,E 1 i! 5 s A s E E Y ll V E Q li f i J 3 2 n E E Juniors-A Step Closer To That Star For a high school student his junior year is his most important year academically. It is the year when one begins to look into what he plans to do with his life. College boards are given for those students planning to go on to a higher level of education. Special consideration is taken in selecting classes which will be beneficial for the students own field in the future. For college bound students it is a year spent looking through various college catalogs and pamphlets. This year the juniors were successful in collecting the most money for the Christmas basket project. They also received second place in the contest for constructing the best float for the Homecoming celebration. The juniors still have one more year at GHS to look forward to and with their past experiences as underclassmen they are sure to make their senior year the best. 206 207 .il j , .oi '3 -Q 1 .l Stars are speaks of light scattered through the sky at night, which the sun left from the day floating above my head. You entrance me and others to reach out and touch but just laugh and say "sometime, but not now" A junior vvsifi Austin, Mike Bailey, Dianne Bale, Dave Barfield, Roger Barker, Jeff Barstow, Marti Barton, Don Bass, Susan Bean, Linda Bean, Sandra Bennett, Debbie Benson, Steve Berg, Pat Bergman, Scott Berry, Vickey Best, Pam Betsworth, Jim Bick, Marti Billups, Steve Blake, Mary Abron, Jackie Adams, Steve Ahlberg, Natalie Alden, Sarah Aldrich, Joe Alexander, Mike Alfaro, Steve Allen, Debbie Allen, James Anderson, Carol Anderson, Steve Arnold. Ed Arnold, Mary Artz, Dan Ascher, Kathy W , 1495? Qty.. A 208 Brown, Lynne Bruget, Marcia Bruner, Karen Bruyn, Dick Bugg, Mary Bullock, J anet Burger, Susan Bush, Tim Butler, Chris Byerly, Mark Cain, Carl Caldwell, Chris Cameron, Lynne Campbell, Steve Campbell, Sue Canada., Jim Canfield, Jackie Carley, Ken Carlson, Kim Carmody, Carla 209 Bledsoe, Marianne Bleuel, Clay Blythe, Rick Boettcher, Sandy Boone, Artie Bowers, Allan Boyd, Chris Boyd, Tom Boynton, Kevin Briggs, Rob Brighton, Larry Bronson, J eff Brown, Chris Brown, David Brown, Linda. Stars are unreachable, untouchable it seems to any human that wants to get awayfrom his troubles for awhile, but a person can imagine. A junior he a a X ' e. Qt.. gg . ' .... - f, ,. K-j f--1 x.b, LVAQ eq., , 4i,'L , W V.a.a W yt-. X fi -QNL ' -9 Carmody, Joel Carpenter, Cyndy Carroll, Phyllis Carruthers, Tom Carter, Lou Ann Cassens, Scott Cates, Rita Cecil, Linda Chambers, Laura Chapin, Dan Chivell, Mike Christiansen, Sal Clark, Randy Clay, Dan Clay, Lonnie Goan, Tricia Colclasure, Carol ly W K 'af Q' at 'QF 5 4 ,Q Coleman, Allen QQ Coleman, Danny Coleman, Jeff Coleman, Kathy 1 Collier, Cindi 'Q r. . Collins, Charlene 1, M U f Collinson, Joe ' 3,-f - i I - Conn, Clarrissa F , if x Cook, Rose Ann iii ' y C , L ' ' Courson, Roxanne , mv in , X f a' , : , Q."-'llr gr , 5, l L '1e'1a..4f'g-att' 5, Cowan, Jim Cozad, Charles , t A , Cozad, Maddy A C Cozad, Mike 1 A -fyt Cronkhite, Rose :gl 33 l as K A 'T Q8 Y V, 3 if 5 as J X -.Sl - S . ' iffy 210 fl ,, , -- ra- Q. Hg - are .1 W Crouch, Cindy Crouse, Connie Cudd, Mark Cummings, Chris Danbeck, Gary Danforth, Donna Darby, Herman Davis, Cindy Davis, Jim Dawson, Mike DeMoss, Beth DeMott, Margaret Dennis, Barb Derry, Marsha DeVorce, Gary Dierdorff, Marsha Dillin, Becky Dillon, Kay Dosing, Margo Douglas, Cathy his N ik r X55 x-,NX , 5 I Sire s if r in 'Nb i xg 3 sg? 1 fx. , A S X ,'-F5 if X if Q A 3 rr., . Qf Douglas, Gil Dowd, Raymond Dowell, Jim Downard, Gary Drake, Carol Dredge, Diane Duckwiler, Jeff Duckworth, Mary Jo Duerre, Trudy Duffy, Gary Dunn, Mark Dykeman, Nola. Ehrenhardt, Linda Eisemann, Sharon SK Ekin, Dave 211 if-'ei' Elder, Brad Elledge, Bob Erffrneyer, Bob Ericson, Terri Evans, Cindy Evans, Laurie Farris, Peggy Farmer, Kevin Ferguson, Marsha Fifield, Jeff Finch, Jeffrey Finney, Jeralyn Fishell, Sally Fisher, Jackie Fitzsimmons, David Flickinger, Sharla Fox, Jeff Frakes, Pam Frank, Barb Frank, Vickie YE lc, ii Franklin, Keith Franseen, Tom Frantzen, Debbie Fuson, Mary Galyean, Rhonda Gamble, Amy Gargano, Mike Garman, Debbie Geraci, Becky Gerstenberger, Be cky Giles, Dick Gilham, George Glass, Beverly Glass, Greg Godsil, Jane 212 fn, Hannam, Carol Hannam, Gail Hans, Rita Hansen, Dale Hanson, Mark Hanson, Rod ix 9 .i goings Q if nr, i sp 0113? ,. 'Qi , X 213 Godsil, Mike Goetsch, Lori Gonzales, Phyllis Goodlow, Bill Gore, Susie Gould, Jane Gould, Richard Grahm, Connie Grey, Cyndi Griffin, Craig Griffith, Curt Guenther, Cindy Gulson, Krista Gumm, Mike Gummerson, Greg Gustine, Reddy Hager, Gary Hamilton, Kent Hammond, Michael Hampton, Dave 5' S, 1,v,24,gv ,fp 1 . Hardine, Jim Harper, Missy Harris, Stan Harshbarger, Desi Hart, Linda. Hart, Liz Hartley, Michelle Hartley, Rhonda Hasselbacker, Linda. Hatch, Dean Hayes, Chris Haynes, Cherilyn Hays, Pat Hays, Paula. Hays, Ray is fLeg.L:'l if fi ' . A-M 1 Y-gift ' K SQ? 'Q W i 351, 'w 1, if 3 4 1 reign o'er the world, I'm on my throne from night to I see all that everyone does for I reign o'er the world l'm on my throne from night to V I could be the moon or sun for I reign o'ef the world, but I chose a star. .S .F dau day A junior il Gil ' I I 214 Hendricks, Stan Hannenfent, Mary Henning, Jill Henry, Rich Hepburn, Bob Hepner, Terry Herr, Mike Hickey, Pat Higgins, Raymond Hill, Mike Hillier, Gloria Hillier, Tab Hinton, Sharon Hoffman, Debbie Holcomb, Margo Holst, Tom Hoopes, Shawn A 4 , s a ,Q K Q f '."". A5 Kms X, NX 'Q is N , ? , . 5 G wi K' sf! , , if ,Wy 'Ao x' tif' J . If 'F ' A 5 . 'FY Q. Jacobs, Charlie Janes, Jackie Jarvus, Diane Jennings, Ron Jesper-son, Jill Johann, Mark Johns, Bob Johns, Leroy Johnson, Buelah Johnson, Chris Johnson, Craig Johnson, Dan Johnson, Daryl Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Jamie . 'Q . Q . ,s-.X ' Y b r af I ia 'Fi lk ,c if Qs Q FX Q, SQ, Horn, Judy Hoskins, Debby Howarter, Chris Howland, Dave Hoyle, Vickie Hroziencik, Bob Hull, Sally Humes, Chrystal Hungate, Mary Hungerford, Chuck Johnson, Lois X 4 ' J Johnson, Mark 1 Q. , . ' Johnson, Robbie . - f,,, , CC , g Johnson, Ron ii,,, a , m Johnson, Ruth ii 1 J V y +. sf: Hutching, Kathy Hutchison, Becky Icenogle, Randy Inman, Jean J ackson, Juanita 215 Kalpackes, Julie Kane, Rick Keith. Bill Kell, Jim Kemp, Beverly Kemp, Rosemary Kennedy, Kathy Kenney, Carrie Kidder, Dick King, Patty Klebert, Mike Kleinkauf, Karen Kraul, Barb Lanholm, Roger Lannholxn, Tina. Larkins, Dave La Rose, Judy Larson, Dave Larson, Tom Lavender, Steve fffiiaf' Lk N .. Q33 SW Q -9 2 b xy E MQ 25 3 as A 216 Johnson, Steve Johnson, Terri Johnson, Tim Jones, Peggy Jonsson, Sandy Kalin, Kathy ,. ?i'15"Wi 'W' Q -:givin , 'Q - Lee, Jackie Leeson, Phil Leigh, Sandra Leon, Mary Lersch, Diane Lescallett, Dan Lester, John Levingston, Shirley Lewis, Rosie Lincoln, Bruce Lincoln, Larraine Lindbeck, Bruce Lindberg, Julie Lindstrom, Betty Line, Steve , L, " fx ii if Linn, Debbie Linner, Sandy Liska., Gary Litchfield, Jeff Livermore, Linda. 'Nu "-Q.,,,,f".a?h 217 Logan, Mike Long, Carol Long, Gerry Long, Janet Longcor, Phil Lopeman, Jenny Lopez, Phillip Loveland, Sherry Luna, Debbie Lundquist, Tom Lytle, Mike Maciel, Anna. Malmrose, Dave Mangeri, Sam Mariner, Tom Markivee, Cindy Marshall, Curtis Mathews, Wayne Matson, Starr Mauer, Richard Mayberry, Charles McCarthy, Rick McCarthy, Terry McClure, Mark McCoombs, Rosemary McCoo1, Diane McCullough, Jeff McCulloch, Tom McE11en, Matt McGarry, Richard um M f e 3335 ii 218 McGuire, Sue McKie, Pam - McKillip, Donna MoKinzie, Mary McLaren, Terri McMahon, Debbie McMenirnen, Kim McMillan, Judy Meadows, Greg Melton, Vicki Meyer, Rose Mary Miller, Rick Miller, Sandy Miller, Shelly Milroy, Ginger Miner, Bonnie Minnie, Pam Mitchell, Linda Mize, Roger Modglin, Jan L k'A if Nelson Steve Nelson Steven Nemeth, Terry Newburg, Kathy Newcomb, Carol Ney, Richard Noe, Marcia Norris, Chris Norris, Denise Norris, Rollie Nyman, Linnea Oakman, Pat Oliver, Virgie Olson, Diane Olson, Rosemary Olson, Steve Osborn, Sue Pacheco, Tanya Padilla, Cathy Park, Denise 0 ' 4' 3 0 . Q C .--' , . '-i-i V - s - i'-' . ' A Q. :EN j , 5 a as Rx , Q.. 469 l 1 ,pf . -X, sy' in p r, f ...Lv O Y -O ..QQ1 X ,,Ls.v,.,...-.s-H"--M xl Mohr, George Mooney, Susan Moore, Rick Moore, Susan Moreno, Lanie Morgan, Craig Morss, Tim Muller, Ingrid Myler, Debbie Nelson, Anita Nelson, Becky Nelson, Dave Nelson, Karen Nelson, Mark Nelson, Sharon 17 U 2:11 219 Q K N"1.,..vWl.f "'-' .. A. ii , ,. wi , ., X , ' M' ,Q .. .. s : Navi, g,s"::.--,N,, . . .. ,. , , I no sr ' f .. 1 4 X ,. x... .,. .,,X. ,, . A i K ,Q-. 4 QE . : --1' Qi 'iw Pitman, Ken Pittington, Jackie Polillo, Bill s 5 Ponce, Renee L gi fi, f . Porter, Brenda gg: x :, i Poulson, Debbie ,V i h nn 220 ., s ,, , KN am!! e L Parsons, Deana Parsons, Diane Patanella, Brian Pattison, Lynn Patty, Dawn Peck, Nancy Pedigo, Rhonda Peer, Clarice Penrose, Debbie Perez, Gayla Perkins, Linda Petentler, Kathy Peters, Carol Peters, 'Pat Peterson, Fred Peterson, Jim Petrie, Gene Phillis, Marj Phipps, Don Pick, Donna Powelson, Jim Prina, Steve Prough, Beth Purcell, Gary Rabenau, Mike Ramirez, Rick Ramirez, Sy Reed, Debbie Reed, Mike Reveles, Ramon Richardson, Vicki Riley, Bill Riley, Roberta Rinehart, Karen Ring, Trudy Roberts, Patty Robinson, Phyllis Rockhold, Eddie Roitburd, Beth Ross, Warren Ross, Cathy Ruedig, Susan Saul, Sylvia Savidge, Carol Schubach, Ellen Selander, Nancy Selfridge, Robert Shannon, George Shaver, Dennis Shaw, Julie 221 Sherwood, Gary Sherwood, Melinda. Shryack, Terry Shumard, Rick Simkins, Carolyn Sm1th Smlth Srmth Dorothy Fran Jeff if 59 Sm1th Larry Smith Larry Sntnth Mike Snodgrass Becky Snyder Daniel Standard Laurie Standley Valerie Starr Duff Steck Dave Stephenson Jun Sterling Jeff Stevens Danny xfii Qs. KIM? 222 Stevens, Danny Stewart, Earl Stinson, David Stites, Jane Stoerzbach, Jan Stoneburner, Becky Strader, Jon Strand, Marc Stranger, Jeff Stremmel, Duane Stroops, Ron Sullivan, Shannon Suman, Phillip Sundberg, Vicki Surratt, Chris Sutor, Jeff Swank, Amber Swanson, Mary Jo Swanson, Sam Sward, David Thomas, Mike Thompson, Brian Thompson, Joe Thompson, Mitzi Thompson, Polly Timmons, David Titus, Bill Toal, Tim Tolle, Mark Tolle, Mary Tomlin, Gary Torrence, Steve Tracy, Bruce Tracy, Connie Traff, Don Trask, Leah Trobaugh, Karen Underwood, Jon Utterback, Terry Vaoca, John Swartz, Douglas Swearingen, Patty Tadie, John Tapper, Jeanne Tate, Nancy Taylor, Jan Taylor, Jeff Taylor, Marilyn Tenhaaf, Doug Terpening, Dillion Terpening, Louise Teval, Tricia Theobald, Ann Thibodeaux, Jo Ellen Thomas, John 223 Vacek. Paul Vallero, Greg Van Dell, Mary Van Fleet, Dave Van Gieson, Pete Van Unnik, Derek Vericella, Bob Viane, Donnie Walker, Jeanne Wallace, Jim Walters, Gary Warren, Scott Watson, Sarah Welch, Sarah Welty, Janis Wessels, Mike Westcott Bruce Whitaker, John Wickline, Cheryl Wiekert, Geralyn 224 4 Wilcox, Kit Wilds, Julie Wilke, Brad Wilkinson, Gail Willander, Jane Williams, Gary Williamson, Jill Wilson, Becky Wilson, Linda Windom, Vicki Winter, Denise Witherall, Barry Wolfe, Vickie Wolford, Elaine Wong, Melinda Woods, Da,1e IN MEMORIAM Terry Wilberding' 1 954- 1 970 225 Woodward, Dave Worman, Stacy Young, Don Zefo, Bob Ziegenhorn, Jim Setting stars watching us As we live Reflecting back past to present Yet never changing themselves. Stars that guide us When there's no other way to wallc- Paths we'ue never taken. Lighting these paths to remind us That we're not alone. A junior Sophomores-I n Search of a Star The sophomores play an important part in the success of another rewarding school year. They are always ready and able to work when they are called upon. They just didn't work quite hard enough, though, when they took third place in the judging of the Homecoming floats. They didn't take it too badly when they found out they had to sit in the balcony. If they are real good, next year they will be able soon wore off and they all settled down to the routine of high school life. The sophomores did start school with some extra little treats, though. Open lunch and pants on the girls were two items which were greatly anticipated by not only the sophs, but by the whole student body. The graduating class of "19'73" will be a great one and one which all of the sophomores can be proud of for they to move up in the world and come down made it that way. towards the stage. The first day flusters 226 L ,,,, wa ii 5 'Yb- is il X t . A ' 5- I h .LAA N Q E-If Asahi, 11 X Y Qs, Q I f E gt i hx '... I . ,x,. " ' lg I ' .... . x , s ..:, A 'Q- o-'f-4.9 '-.,.,,,m ,bf Q X t ' fs Ma N if Q k 5 I km-1 5 5 'Inf 5 . -.1 Q I i . fv- ,. W 3' Bates, Marilyn Bean, Bev Beck, Terri Bell, Mark Bennett, Becky Bennett, Jana Benson, Barbara Berg, Eric Bernston, Dave Berry. Kaye Best, Doug' Bevard, Diane Billings, Bill Birmingham, Pam Blake, Steve Bledsoe, Ransome Bocox, Gail Bohman, Mark Booton, Cheryl Borst, Nancy Abrahamson, Mark Addis, Mike Adair, Kevin Admire, Debbie Adams, Mike Adams, Mike Adams, Rod Adams, Terri Alderson, Glenn Alexander, Dianne Algren, Sherrie Allensworth, Doug Anderson, Dale Anderson, Pete Anderson, Richard Appleby, Cathy Arnold, Robert Barnes, Carol Barnes, Denis Barnes, Gary 228 Bowers, Clif Bowers, George Bowling, Jack Boyer, Rick Boylson, Mike Boynton, Karen Boynton, Lori Brasche, Rosemary Breasaw, Bill Breedon, David Briggs, Mary Brittingham, Linda Brown, John Brown, Mark Brown, Mike Brown, Ron Brown, Sue Brubaker, Mark Buck, Stan Bugg, Jenny Bullis, Marcia Bullock Burger, , Dave Kindal Burke, Jane Burkhalter, John Burkhalter, Kathy Bybee, Carol Byerly, Tammy Calhoun, Janice Calmer, Chris 229 Carlson Carlson Carlson Carlson Carothe , Derek , Jean , Mimi , Tim rs, Jim Carr, Kay Carr, Steve Carson, Thurman Carter, Lawrence Cassini, Sharon Casteel, Kathy Cecil, Cathy Cecil, Tim Chambers, Mike Chapin, Lea Ann Chase, Steve Cherrington, Dorene Childers, Rhonda Christy, Ted Cisco, Francis Clark, Mary Clark, Pam Clark, Verne Clayton, Diana Clayton, Lori Clegg, Donald Clevenger, Vicki Clifford, Mary Colburn, Jo Anne Coleman, Greg Real people with real feelings probably get high on stars. But why shouldn't they? Stars are great, who else could you share a secret goal or dream with and still have that dream for your very own? A Sophomore 230 Coley, Jeff Collins, Pat Collinson, Barb Collopy, Barb Collura, John Colwell, Danny Condreary, Dave Connour, Cindy Connour, Ralph Cook, Kim Cooley, Mike Coombs, Nancy Coon, Danny Cooper, Kent Cox, Daryl Cox, Geoff . .W f x - N .wvwf MN Ax 'Sz - ir lx X V - , 4 rrri in Y S' Si A ig' I ,, ef -RSFFI'-'X Q , qx Eff A-lk iii .- 1 .30 Qgx it K V+ 1 ia. E V' SS! SF ,ffl-fy, a s ' 5 T' mf? l Q3 333 Dillin, Wayne Dixon, Arlyn Dixon, Sharon Dolan, Mike Donaldson, Robert Doss, Danny Douglas, Charlene Douglas, Steve Dowers, John Droke, James Duckwiler, Jena Duerre, John Dugan, Kathy Dugenske, Dale Duvall, Phil Eaves, Kenny Eokland, Larry Ekiss, Kevin Ellison, Sue Elmore, Rosa K oeee as Q b K +1 A . N g ,. ik 2 fc .f -s lss .Rl H552 , xiii X 85.32 1 1' xi, x :mit If ins , my ax ,Q ,- Crain, Karen Cratty, Mike Cree, Debbie Crouch, John Crow, Karen Crump, Mary Culver, Beth Cunningham, Rusty Curry, Mike Curtis, Chris Cushman, Cindy Damm, Dorene Danna, Lu Ann Darrah, David Davis, Jane Davis, Kim Davis, Vickie Dee, Mary DeForest, Brian Dickinson, Karen 1 :V ii- W W 1 I x x, sf saws-' S ki V a. g f 2 , u,i 'N K . 'ESQ K , ,'L,. : 4 t -- s iff W X ls- , vars' ,S - 'v', 2 Q ,jp 5 , -, is ' 2 .efegqsf r x ml is f.-gig.-qrfg Q 3:35 '. 'si' A Pa ,Sw xx 231 M , ' :fr Q V ir erik Q-ie' x Frazier, Julie Frazier, Mike Friend, Debbie Fuller, Bill Fundenberger, Ann ' N 1 i 1 Ga.isford,j.ynn Garza, George George, Debbie Gerard, Greg Gerstenberger, Debbie Gibbons, Dick Gibbons, Rick Gilson, Chris Ginther, Val Glenn, Ralph .. 1 Emery, Steve England, Gary England, Pam Ewing, Heidi Eyre, Barb Fahlund, Chris Fako, Connie Farley, Bill Farrell, Patty Faulkner, Charles Ferguson, Roger Ferris, Drew Fields, Patty Finley, Diane Flater, Steve Foreman, Brian Fox, Randy Frakes, Steven Franckey, Forrest Goad, Greg Goff, Nancy Goodin, Don Goodlow, Pam Gotenburg, Lynn 232 Fransen, Marc 40:3 Goudy, Larry Granberg, Linda Granberg, Lois Greene, Dave Greene, Gary Griffith, Elizabeth Griffith, J anita Groff, Janet 'fr A .e..L I , Guenther, Cheryl Guerreo, Helen Gutierrez, Henry Gulson, Rex Gustine, Jerry Hacker, Robert Hall, Mike Hall, Mike Halpern, Dave Hankins, Terry M..-Q bile xx., X S ,.....r., 1 , M W, jg 233 Hans, Herbie Hare, Debbie Harrelson, Sylvia Harris, Jeppie Hartley, Rochelle Haulk, Kris Hawkinson, Debbi Hawthorne, Dean Hayden, Tim Haynes, Cynthia 6 In another way, stars represent complete knowledge, the answers to my unan- swered questions. But they also represent more questions, also unan- swered. . A Sophomore , r. lzsf, ssxrue . , Ms xt x Q Ri. . R me 1 seroef J Q , j , .rl W' J ,iw Ci E .. 1 ME I ' A 3 K E Ri ,,,. . ,,,L , to , , ss ' . o, fm M is K, , ASX? SR sa , .. rif fs ? . .e-- ,L Horaney, Mary Horn, Mark . Hornbeck, Susan Howard, Nancy Howerton, Mike Huber, Bill Humes, Gary Humphrey, Angela, Hunger, Rick Hunt, Lenore Hutson, Bruce Ingels, Jon Interial, Martha Jackson, Foster Jackson, Kevin Jackson, Linda. Jackson, Stephanie Jacobs, Mike James, Charlie Jamison, Dale f. ex . 1 5 Sf? N K W l"" Tf: ti' L 'aes f "1 QE: 5 -at 1- -Aga we wi r C Heiser, Harold Hendricks, Susie Henley, Shan Hennenfent, Dan Henry, Cheryl Henry, Pam Hensley, Chuck Henson, Steve I-Iepner, Rita Higgins, Susan Hillier, Polly Hoben, Rene Hoffman, Joe Hoopes, Robyn Hoo en, Ken Horaney, Kim ' K jf 3 r QQ is fe 'R' ' 1-1451 , 'ka I 1' Q yi S 'Q 1 234 X- . 151 5 fi .. Jennings, Debbie Jewsberry, Wil John, Chris Johns, Jim Johnson, Chris Johnson, Dale Johnson, Dave Johnson, James Johnson, Lee Johnson, Mike Johnson, Rod Johnson, Steve Johnson Terry Jones, Beth Jones, Cathy Jones, Greg Jordan, Mollie Joyner, Debbie Kauffman, Pam Keith, Alice 235 Kenney, Jeff Kenny, Don Kewley, Mike Kilby, Karen Kilgore, Chris Kilpatrick, Patricia Kimmitt, Dave Kinsman, Pam Knaack, Angie Knapp, Mary Kniss, Dave Knowles, Cindy Knowles, Ken Kohl, Jeff Krause, Paul Kukuk, Barb Kunkle, Royce Lagerstrom, Luan Lakis, Denise Lange, Kevin Lannholm, Danny Larson, Rick Lashbrook, Larry Lavender, Rick Lawson, Jeannie Leadbetter, Kristy Leduke, Kieth Leeson, Mary Lewis, Pat Lietsch, Peggy Liggett, Mike Likes, Diana Lindbeck, Beth Lindbeck, Debbie Lindberg, Jim Lindner, John Lisenbee, Barb Lishman, Debbie Lithander, Kirk Littlefield, Les Livingston, Mike Lockwood, Kenneth Logan, Bill Long, Barb Lotz, Rick Louderman, Steve Lundholm, Kathy Luttrell, Gaye if McGahey, Brad McGarry, Sherry McKenna, Craig McKie, Roselyn McKillip, Mary Ellen McKinney, Keith McKnight, Debbie McLaren, Melissa McLaughlin, Kathleen McMeen, Debbie McNa.ught, Dan Meline, Carl Melton, Myra Merriman, William Messmore, Mark Meyer, Cheryl Meyers, Cheryl Miller, Becky Miller, Jayne Miller, Kurt -' is-we 1 xist? K' f D- an uf , ek C , , e X eefl, he he , N . , We ., . Ax . 1 L Q A, J. kia....-...,- lung., Lytle, Jackie Lytle, Roger Mackey, Mary Jo Makeever, Don Mehensmith, Jeannie Merchant, Brent Martin, Karen Marty, Dave Masterson, Peggy Mathews, Dianna Mathews Shiela Mayfield, Mark McCall, Mike McCa.nts, Rod McCarthy, Rhonda McCarthy, Rick McCoy, Kevin McCu11ogh, Janis McCorrnen, Sheril McFarland, Cindy 237 E Nelson, Tony Nesbitt. Albert Nichols, Georgia Norton, Cathy Norton, Chris Novell, Lynda. Norville, Nick Oa.kma.n, Donna O'Brien, Nancy O'Brya,nt, Cynthia Oeth, Mickey Olmsted, Stuart Olson, John O'Nea,l, Pam Osborn, Allen Owen, Brad Pacy, Craig Palmer, Jeff Palmgren, Jeff Papke, Margaret ? 111- 1351? sg if fs 'K' QS .es S ess.-45' Miller, Mike Miller, Nancy Mims, Willie Mink, Bryan Mixon, Steve Monson, Debbie Moore, Vickie. Moran, Debbie Morrissey, Tony Morrison, Judy Moyers, Vicki Munson, Betty Munson, Kim Murray, Debbie Neal, Melinda Nebe, Cheryl Nelson, Bob Nelson, Janet Nelson, Karen Nelson, Steve U :- Z' A :gi Q sig. amb- "" af .f i v V 238 erg- 'Fi PS1 1 Q is Park, Donald Park, Doug Parke, Tom Parker, Bob Parker, Dave Parker, Pam Parker, Pam Parker, Wes 'NR -w 5, ,L .P 7 fi K Q X X .L xv: 32. J ay. vw ai as A YW' YF G 'V X , I also think the stars keep the man in the moon company, cause sometimes he needs it, like when he doesn't come out that means he's sad or something. You know, stars make pretty good friends. A Sophomore Patch, Richard Pates, Linda Paton, Bill Patty, Debbie Peake, Barbara Pearson, Clair Pearson, Dave Pearson, Lori Peck, John Pessi, John Pedigo, Debbie Pedigo, Jean Perez, Mark Peters, Steve Peterson, Janet 12-2 sf' s 3 e - , 1- 5 i . 3' . ' . A fee ' ' , " A Q .. 5- ,. of-0 ,, , I , ek Q31 9 A C . 3 H Q 1 o o 0 i Q?- 3 .1 o, - if i., be ff A ,f 239 Peterson, Pam Petri, Ralene Pettit, Dottie Phipps, Carole Phipps, Cathy Prina., Ann -ei' R sig l Q is gn 'X' ,1 :sl , I "' '-'35 Sf .x, ,Kea Pierce, Larry Pillsbury, Jeannie Pittington, Mike Polillo, Ann Pouche, Rochelle Poulos, Trish Powell, Cherie Powell, John Pscheidt, Tom Puffer, Irene Rabenau, Tom Raymond, Greg Beckman, Connie Reed, Bill Reed, Bob Reed, Bob Reed, Mary Reeder, Mary Reese, Mike Reynolds, Danny Reynolds, Linda Rhodes, Mae Richardson, Dave Ring, John Robertson, Barb Robertson, Debbie Robinson, Linda lv' 240 1 f :l1 R YNY . .. v, . ,sei 3-.M M YES ,QZQE X, -f XX 'NM New , SS we M Q Roe be J it ,K has A Qs 'W at f if Sargeant, Patrice Sauter, Lyndy Schoonver, Linda Schrodt, Carma Scott, Harvey Scott, Terry Self, Bob Selfridge, Vonna Severns, Jim Sharp, Russell Shaw, Chuck Shelly, Tim Shin, Nancy Shinn, Don Shockey, Larry Shotts, Jim Shotts, Steve Showalter, Dave Showalter, Steve Shumard, J ack Robinson, Susan Rodriguez, Victor Ronk, Dave Rooney, Mark Rosenburg, Charles Ross, Merille Rouland, Steve Rowe, Pam Rowen, Tom Rupert, John Rupert, Richard Rushing, Rick Rutledge, Dave Rutledge, Kathie Ryber, Marty Sampson. Carol Sandberg, Greg Sandberg Jim Sandoval Martha Sandford Patti r. S J 1 '- 'ff " L it it he E: K 1 Q , , f w we , ,, ,v Q fag, 'Z cf QQ ,f y ,ff W f c ,Af MM. 5 ' , 1 lh, 241 'SZ . we xsri xeghs, . ' ' I fi' . .L Si' e - sg ..L. ex S ,, 5 5 , Q . , Q, , , ., we .L W ,S . E ' S - 5 ,. , X ., xi 1 X I '71 5 K S' Spinks, Ester Sportsman, Denise Squire, Tim Stafford, Peggy Stanley, Roger Stanton, Ronnie Steck, Debbie Stegall, Brian Stegall, Jan Stephenson, Vickey Stevenson, Deana Stewart, Ralph Stoneking, Edward Stout, Robin Stranger, Cindy Strode, Val Strom, Mary Stromson, Chris Stroops, Carl Stump, Mike af' get ' 24:1 ef- Simkins, John Simmons, Harold Skrzypek, Mike Smith, Amy Smith, Bessi Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Debbie Doris Gayle Jack Joe Joyce Kay Melanie Tara. Snodgrass, Joe Snyder, Debbie Southwell, Karen Sparling, Ralph Spencer, Denise Spiker, Debbie 242 -4 i ,L Ng fx, -, ' 3 X z. 2 4 'ISETYQ 5 N"75ew:?:5f5'N-'I fx is Q. I A E:-Q ev Suryk, David Sullivan, Kevin Sundberg, Chuck Swank, Vickie Swanson, Ken Swanson, Luan Swegle, Kathy Tabone, Steve Talbert, Jolie Tate, Debbie Taylor, Sarita Terpening, Alice Tesch, Connie Tharp, Pam Thiel, Mark Quai.. Stars have been the object of our eyes an the past and always wall be an object of fascination in our mznds A Sophomore Thomas, Sheryl Thompson, Mike " mW".l'tiT:5ET?',3TP ii F5 X . 'df Q 243 Toal, Denise Tolley, Martha Tonkin, Joe Tracy, Steve Traff, Dianne Trask, Dean Turley, James Turner, Kathy Turner, Nate Turpin, Richard Tyrell, Sharon Underwood, Don Van Fleet, Becky Van Fleet, John Vennard, Debbie Vitali, Louie Vollmer, Denny Voyles, Kevin Wainman, Jean Wagner, Sherry Walbert., Kathy Walker, Melissa Walker, Peggy Wallace, Cathy Wallace, Terri Ward, Gary Webber, Patty Webster, Julie Welch, Fred Wells, Birdie Wells, Kathy Wessels, Bob West. Dale Westfall, Marlene White, Mary White, Nancy Wignall, Suzy Wilberding, Toni Wilder, Cindy Wilder Rick A if 'Qi' K Tl C Q , QL' Q 1 s in wr? kgs , ,lf Q1 Hz, ,ox " l -'if' P-Q 92 '-'sig , They are attainable only by imag- ination and never to be touched by human hands. A Sophomore 244 Wilkins, Linda Williams, Bonnie Williams, Charles Williams, Doug' Williams, Terry Williams, Valerie Williamson, Steve Wilson, Janis Wilson, Mike Wilson, Vicki Windom, Jeff Wolbers, Connie Woolridge, Ron Wong, Suza.nne Wright, Jackie Wynkoop, Mike Yelm, Vicki . ,, Q. y . ' W X ' V N. ' N W gk 245 York, Larry Yourison, Jeff Zefo, Chris Zefo, Sue Zefo, Vicki ew' Q Q Aw .ef- Q al 5 1 i,,,gww1 ek -rw!" My eggs W D, . - -..w....M,...N.. . J, x..isf" 3 W--'iw . Q - M . .v X . . ..L. - ,, , ,vi Q X M Q, ,X :sl S' 1? fm? "f'M........avQ" S ,....,.x Q Qi, R 5 M, wg, :S ii, .L if ,Sgr ,val X Senior Boys Adcock, Dave 118, 161 Adcock, Ed 10'7 Addis, John 110, 161 Aldus, Jim 110, 154, 161 Alexander, David 107, 161 Anderson, Danny '73, 92, 93, 117,119,162 Anderson, Jeff 96, 1 19, 162 Anderson, Rick 162 Anderson, Terry 68, 91, 96, 101,162 Artz, David 92, 96, 162 Baker, Robert 20, 162 Bantz, Kermit 1 14, 115, 1 16, 162 Barbero, David 107, 163 , Barker, Keith 163 Mn. Baudo, Richard 163 ' Baughman, Jon 163 7 he Bayless, Dave 36, 69, '76, '77, 91, 95, 101, 163 ri- Beard, Dave 163 Q Beck, Tom 35, 143, 163 Becker, Paul 163 Bell, Mike 164 Bennett, A1 116, 164 2 Berg, Gary 164 Bernier, Pete '77, 164 5 Bewley, Jerry 164 2 1 Bivens, Dave 36, '70, 92, 164' Bixby, Richard '73, 164 6 Blanchard, Bob '70, 164 1 eB1edsoe, Leroy 107, ,164 1 Blomquist, Barry 96, 1 Borst, Steve 165 Bowen, Don 32, 36, '70, Boydstun, Dave 92,,96, 1914, 115,116,166x ,B Bradford, Bill 107, 166 Brannon, Don 149 ' ,Britting'ha.m, Don 166 Bronson, John 1 10, 130, Brown, Robert 166 Carr Cole, idiiiia ' Q fBane, , 3 E gi, lf , , , f if ? - L94 fr 3 ' , ffhgilli-3 - .- 5, . ,. i Q: . r 1 ' Q dl, 1' 11 C V f a- . 5 ' 89 1 . 443- ' , .! r . , 134 N? be-fc,,,,:k, ' yl, ' 'fi 1 f4.:rlff'1a5i.- if FI? S J , . -Q ugh - 14 4 4.5, fb z 5 suffix' fs, " V ff . 1 il 29223-if '-as f? iiimik Rm. - :wg . 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N N N- it . , .-4 , , K ' x ' j ' ' X' 1 t Pk, 11 1 - X79 'ga-215 Vw V . . . 1 g rr, i iv N Wag ,1 'g:i"':, ff migifjz 1?-51.1, - . - , , , .,., ,Q - . , ' mgv- V.-.,... Nil - ' .pl .ff XT. ' N ' ." St," F3 Cl. ' . - ,RFQ- . ,,. Y G, v,X ,x lx. V, , Q 4 .,x. X ,V . ,f 2' f :gk-,fiv 1:4 -' . . nr ef V. ,-4.-. . . , ,,,A,,: ,g,,,. V , A , , . 'fx -'inf-:LQ , , Ax . , ' ' . g ,fi-gif : ' k ,, ,N , 1 6' Lv- M -"ff 5- Q-2' : xg , -. , -, . 4 , if- Q1 L L f if " -M . , : "' ai-' 44 A we-nQ"'.w ,. ' 1 'EKG 1 M-'15'?Q':t - 3352 5 l' "3 -T : " : -' ::.wlI?"' ""b,ii , -rf - - W.-.P . ' ' 925352 1 i -' :.' - Q15 .3 ' ' f 1, W N1 Q.-1.32. Za.-,aw ' ' ' 1" H 1 ,Z 'A iff 'fa . 'mgflwi-?Te,a We-'11 f ' ' M' A 9 , -' :K 11 3 2 513, if V - ax 1,64 . I,-5 - , fit. Q' '11 : x , Q - . .. 'ra,217 ' " A - A i, , '- I -' f , 1: ':'3 'lqglig ' 5: dsx . L ' 'I ' Q . QF - j f , . 215 4, ,,' . - .1 iff s W 5-A-. . . 'X - Y - f" +A f 'Q.,kA ' Q 2 4 3 6 S2 L iiffkf, JWQVV. 5 ' .J " . ar lx V .ax - Aw v--:ix J .-11-u 4 ' . . 214' :P-' . wa, . 1 Y..Q , ,. A A .jf 'I gf ,W , - -95? 5 wa va N. 32 15 , 'IW x , I ig' Y ?v A ' as " tx x 'fn' .. Q it e WM Ixxb N I -Q 'ky -H QNX-' wt A -. , f nes, gsGi : 1 S-Pk 2 8 1 ww V ,David ' Q N urner, - 532, no 2', ,- .. , , Tfiiirk Q ,i 1 W ,1 X, Y ,, : Q heresa.2 - A A A W 'A ' vi iv fygfgx . .515-gr .- 3' 'X vm- -xr: ,gl Wit I' ha A Kimbrough, Joe 1 1 1 153 aaa 2 2 Min1g,.Bz-yan K Mixdii, Steve 139, 149, 238 Morrissey, Tony 238 ' Nelson, Robert 238 Nelsgifn, Steve 121, 142, 238 Nelson, Tony 238 Nesbitt, Albert 238 Norton, Chris 238 Norville, Nick 238 OethQMickey 238 olmgneadgsnxartaaaf' A ' ' :K4 .gy in ft' A '- -Vrff k A , Q- Q wx im, . .x up Q fxfs t?Tu::-.S -512 f, x ,i 4-gmlisibi Rail Lfiifl. ' Q 1 L 82 84 99 101 123 232 Farrell Pat 97 232 Fields Pat 1 12 232 Finley Diane 86 108 1 1 3 1 23 232 Framer Julie 87 117 232 Friend Debra 83 97 123 232 Fundenberger Ann 105 123 232 Gaisford Lynn 123 232 George Debra 232 Gerstenberger Debbie 232 Gilson Chris 232 Ginther, Valerie '72, '73, 101, 123, 232 Goff, Nancy 101, 232 Goodlowi Pam 232 Gottenborg, Lynn 68, 69, 82, 101, 122. 232 Granberg, Linda. 233 Granskog, LOIS 99, 233 Griffith, Elizabeth 238 Gr1ff1th,Jan1ta 84, 99, 1 23, 233 Graff, Janet. 233 HXXXQ. Kilim: ses' ' ' Lagerstroxn Luan 235 Lakis Denise 87 101 235 Lawson Regina 286 Leadbetyer Kristy 236 Lesson Mary '72 236 Lietsch Peg-gy '72 88 122 236 Likes Dianna 236 b Lindbeck Beth 123 236 Lindbeck Debbie 97 236 Lisenbee Barbara 236 Lishman Debra. 105 236 Long Barb 97 236 Lundho1m,Ka.thy1 14,236 Luttrell, Gaye 83, 122, 236 Lytle, Jaokie 237 Mackey, Mary 87, 122, 237 Madden, Betty 122 Mahnesmi't.h,Betty 1 1 2, 237 Martin, Karen 20, 81, 82. 287- V Mast.erson,Peggy 1 1 2,237 Mathews, Dianna 68, 69, 82, 84, 237 Mathews. Shelia 237 4 . 4 2 2 1 93.-, f f - --in :- - ' ' H 5 ' 4' 1if'?'.'i f,"f"i"'L:'A 4' I , n'p,i.- N' 24 h,', , Q ,V n,V,..'1'V1 Q , - v .' W n . A I V s , n W fy 1 1 1 . 1 , ,V s K ' ' n 1 . , . 1 Y In , a 1 a s , if .XV, V - .Y . ' 1 ' ' :' , '. 1 , V V i y V 3, , , , ., ,V :V , . I , C 1" . , 4 . "'. , ' V ll" ' l ' A ' V 1 n Guenther, Cheryl 233 Guerrero, Helen 122, 233 Hare, Debbie 123, 238 Harrelson, Sylvia. 233 Hartley, Rochelle 68,169, '72, 83, 99, 233 Haulk, Kristine 81, 82, 84, 233 Hauver, Rachell 105 , Hawkinson,Debra.1O-5,233 Haynes, Cynthia 233 A Hendricks. Susan 1 22, 234 Henry, Cheryl 97, 122, 234 Henry, Pam '72, 1 23, 234 4 Hepner, Rita 234 Higgins,Susa,n'72,122,234 Hillier, Polly 234 Hillman, Debbie 101, 108, 123 - Hoben, Barbara 1 0 1, 234 Hoopes, Robyn 99, 234 Horaney,Ma.ry Jo 1 22, 234 Hornbaok, Susan 234 Howm-d,Nancys4,123,2s4 Humphrey, Angela. 84, 1 12, 234 HuntQLenora 123, 234 Interial, Martha 234 J ackson, Linda 72. 99, 101, 234 J ackson, Stephanie 83, 84, 97, 1 13, 123, 234 Jennings, Debra 123, 235 Johnson, Chris '73, 81, 82, 97, 235 Johnson, Leona 235 Jones, Beth 235 Jones, Cathy 235 Jordon, Mollie 68, 69, 81, 82, 101, 235 Joyner, Debbie 84, 123, 'Ka.uffman, Pam 235 D K9i!.h, Alice 2354 L Kilby, Karen 235 A ' Kilgore, Crystal 235 Xi-ipatriok,Paz 9'7,.122,2a5- W Kinsman, Pam 235 "'. Knaack, Angielque 235 Knapp, Mary 235 ' Knowles, Cynthia 122 McCarthy.'Rhonda 69, 84. 122, 237 McCullough, Janis '72, 87, 123, 237 MoDorman, Sheril 23'7 McFarland, Cindy 84, 99, 101, '123, 237 McGarry, Sheryl 23? McKie. Rosslyn '72, 87, 97, 237 McKi1lup, Mary 82, 237 McKnight, Debbie 87. 122, 237 McLaren, Melissa '72, 123, 237 McLaughlin, Kathy 72, 96, 101, 108, 237 McMeen, Debra 237 Melton, Myra 108, 237 Meyer, Cheryl 122, 237 Meyers, Cheryl 237 Miller, Jayne 89, 237 Miller, Marilee 122 Miller, Nancy 101, 123, 238 Miller, Rebecca 122, 237 Monson, Debra 238 Moore, Vickie 238 Moran, Debra 1 17, 122, 238 Morrison, Judy 238 Moyers, Vickie 123, 238 Munson, Betty 84, 9'7 Munson, Kim 87, 101, 1 14, 238 Murry, Debra 238 , Neal, Melinda 1 12, 238 Nebe, Cheryl 238 Nelson, Janet '72, 99, 1015 122, 238 Nelson, Karen 238 Norton, Cathy 238 ,V Ncrvell, Linda 238 Oaikman, Donna 238 U - O'Brien, Nancy 238 y 0'Bryant, Cynthia. se, , .J 37, 2122, 238 O'Nea1, Pam 238 N , ' Papke, Margaret. 101,, 12s, aaa y Parker,-Pam 239, . A Parker, Pam 115, 239 e Pates, Linda 239 ., ' Patty. Debbie 239 Peake, Barbara 239 , . Pearson, Lori 9'7,' 101, 122, 239 Pedigo, Debra 128, 239 A Pedigo, Jan 239 Peterson, '72,84, 239 Peterson, Pam 239 Petrie, Ralene 97, 101, . 122, 239 ' Pettit, Dorothy 239 Phipps,Caro1e8f7.122,239 Phipps, Cathy ev, 1 12, 122, 239 Pillsbury, Jeanne 87, 97, 123, 240 Polillo, Ann 240 Pouohe, Rochelle 240 Poulos,Pat'72,8'7,101,240 Powell, Cherie 84, 123, 2402 P1'i1'13,,Ann68,6,9,122,240 Puffer, Irene 99, 104, 240 Reokman, Connie 240 Reed,Mary86,1 12,122,240 Reeder, Mary 87, 96, 101, 122, 240 Reynolds, Linda 94, 108, 123, 240 Rhodes, Mae 122, 240 Robertson, Barbara 84, 123, 240 Robinson, Linda 1 12, 240 Robinson, Susan 241 Ross, Merilee 108, 241 Rowe, Pam 241 Rutledge, Kathie 1 15, 1 16, 241 Sampson, Carol 241 Sandoval, Martha '72, 99, 112, 241 Sanford. Patti 99, 241 Sergeant., Patricia 1 22, 241 Sohoonver, Linda 241 Schrodt, Carma 241 Scott, Teri-y8 1 , 82.84, 24 1 Selfridge. Vonna. 241 Shinn,Na.ncy99, 104, 241 Smith, Amy 242 Smith, Bessie 242 Smith, Debra 97,1 23,242 SInith,Doris101,122,242 Smith, Gayle 68, 69, 97, 123, 242 Smith, Joyce 99, 101, 123, 242 Smith, Kay s-4, 101, 242 Smith, Melanie 122, Smith, Tara 84, 101,242 Snyder, Debbie 122, 242 Southwell, Karen 86,242 Spencer, Denise 84, 242 Spiker, Debbie 68, 69, '72,97,101,242 Spinks, Esterline 87, 123, 242- Sportsman, Denise 242 Stafford Peggy 242 Steck, Debbie '72, 87, 97, 1 101, 103,1Q8, 242 Stephenson,2Vickey 68, 69, 123,-3242 E Stevenson, Deana. 68, S ae, 122, 242 Stranger, Cindy 242 - Strom,-iMe.ry J. 242 Swank, Vickie 243 Swanson, Luan 243 Swegle, 'Kathy 243 Talberr, Julie ve. 104, 243 Tate, Debra. 243 Taylor, Sarita 243 Terpening, Alice 122,243 Tesch,iConnie 243 Tharp,Pam 97, 122, 243 Thomas, Sheryl 243 Toal, Denise 101, 243 Tolley, Martha 68, 69. 101, 123, 243 Traff, Diane 243 Turner,NKathy 243 Van Fleet, Becky 243 Vennard, Debbie 72 Walbert, Kathy 123, 244 Walker, Melissa 122, 244 Walker, Peggy 244 Wallace, Cathy 244 Wallace, Theresa 244 Webber, Patricia 122, 244 Webster, Julie 86. 97. 244 Wells, Birdie 244 Wells, Kathy 84, 244 Westfall. Marlene 244 White,Nancy 84,97,123,2-44 Wignall. Suzanne 244 Wilberding, Mary 84. 97, 1 22 Wilder, Cindy 122, 244 Wilkins, Linda 244 Williams, Bonnie 87, 101, 244 Williams, Valerie '72, 97, 123, 244 Wilson, Janis 244 Wilson, Vicki 1 1 1, 122, 244 Wolbers, Connie 72. Wong, Suzanne 244 Zefo, Christy 123, 244 Zefo, Sue 123, 244 Zefo, Vicki 87, 244 Patrons Dr. Frank Huff, M.D. Dr. Dale Glendenning Dr. Duane Willander, M.D. Dr. John L. Boha.n,M.D. McLaughlin and Hat- tery Attys. . 4 - Dr. Richard C. Weste- gren, D.D.S. The Galesburg Clinic Drs. Flater, Vinson, and Allen, D.V.M. Dr. Charles Carman . Dr. James Sellett, D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ross Drs. Sherwood and Chadwick Dr. Fred Stgansbury, M.D. Dr. Arthur C. Watson Dr. Ralph E. Reeds, Jr. . Drs. Contro and Claman Dr. and Mrs. Monte M. Trimble Dr. Kent K. Kleinkauf ! W- E ndword . . . The middle of August came faster than expected for the editors as work on the RE- FLECTOR begang and soon it became eat, drink, and sleep with the REFLECTOR. There were nights after tedious hours of yearbook work that we finally took time to gaze heaven- ward, just as everyone does ever so often, and so our theme was conceived, CHOOSE SOME- THING LIKE A STAR. And now, after infinite number of nights of reaching for our star, the time has come to thank those people who toiled to record the year of 19'71 in this book. Nuclear Publishing Co. should be thanked for putting up with those last minute changes which female editors have the right to make. Dewain Mentor, our publishing representative, listened quietly to our hours of grumbling and carried our wishes to Des Moines. The existance of the yearbook hung in the balance as the decision to continue Reflectavue was considered. Because of the cooperation of the kids and the administration, however, the show was allowed to go on. And as the curtain rose, those people backstage, Mr. Hegg, Miss Rynott, Mrs. Hirst, Mr. 8a Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Graffouliere, and Mr. Krause, helped us in every way. We should not forget the assistance of Mr. Pyatt, of Holcomb Studio, Dale Hum- phrey of the Register-Mail, and Mrs. Folger, who loaned us her desk and patience through- out the year. . This year's staff was not an exception in dedication and patience, and in addition they had that added something from hours of work together that drew them closer and formed lasting friendships. Tom, alias Sweetie, gave up dates and a few hard-earned pennies to manipulate his groovy little tools and design layouts. And even when changes were needed, he growled, smiled, and of course changed them. And in his spare time, Sweetie helped the copy editors, Sharon and Anita., produce copy. These two went beyond their specific jobs by doing almost everything, almost every Saturday. The tasks of co- ordination of the different staffs was undertaken by Dave, who for - the first time, gave meaning to the position of business manager. He signed bills, sold ads, gave beautiful back-rubs, and counted his money. The sophomore staff, tyrannized by Bivey, sold many a refreshing coke to thirsty fans. The juniors were given the job of selling ads and seniors were asked to visit perspective patrons. Phil and Mike, after threatening to quit so many times, really pulled through for us when we needed them, even when we de- manded pictures two hours after they were taken. Bob, Don, Pattie, Carrie, and Jan each did their part to help us reach our star. And behind it all stood Mr. Kenney, ever listening and ever forgiving. As we began work on this book, we chose our star, that of re- cording meaningfully for you the year of 1970-1971. And we hope that as the years to come spread all of us in all directions that you, too, will CHOOSE SOMETHING LIKE A STAR. Peace, 'Eel 255 ,Y ,W ugh. f 5 , qwsulxwcngxw N' gfydg -V 4' 1 OA ,x ,, .. 'Nei fa... sw.. J. WHA moments of eternityg a star A Sefiior Q

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