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I J : .......-H.. 1 n A H N ...1..,,v.. 1-.N -,.', ,,!. .- A - , .--. -. ..,....L.... ..-.- . X ng . r-W-..-NA. A-1. ,Q-:,L..?.g S Galosburg Hzglz School SIX E F LE C TOR Ga lesburg, I llinoi 7735 W Fremont Who can forget the time that the German and the Latin students sang Christmas car- ols on the steps in the main hall, the night the old high school burned, and the visits of the famed Marine Band and the New Christy Min- strels? The wild volleyball games and dancing at the fun nights will not easily pass into oblivion. The memory of the senior boys who cheered "bo- daciouslyv at the basketball games will be revived each year around tournament time. The dreamy music, soft lights, and the memory of the girls in long sweeping dresses will be cherished for years. Students will remember the impor- tant events of the year 1966, and above everything else they will remember the innumerable times that the gym echoed with the cry of "Hi-O-Silver, Away!" Tau!!! always have these the memorable Christmas Concert all in 2 if? . . door-to-door survey undertaken by the Social Studies department. -W . 13, RL. H L, I , jiffsiam -S,,i:Q:15..v--7.1 4, . N ' D "nm fi K 'Q M V ,rg J- 1 up N C ll , W A K. 4 ' . Q.. 'N ' lt. xi V... W r ,. 1: ' ' I i 1' " 4 - 'wgwih-P, X y I f ,1"' . :A js. X Alu-.M pi-31 n:"'i .-.H , K f, w"'B 'YQ Lid-I-' an 5 i ........ .. qz... N.. ,,,4-an-rd M-ra. f Rx 'r Qi 9 ' ff f Hi , , f rm, - 1. ' f ' ' lair'- Q- ., .- 1. dl ..-.?i,,.,.p f it L. i.. ,K , A,.f..," 1 .4 141' '1 3 'le . V -1 4, Grin" ,Y JT 'Y 6S'X0- i 'ff 1 Q- Throughout a school year there are many times to remember. Students soon forget the everyday events such as the scramble for classes after the bell rings and the general exodus after school lets out, but there are many important events which will live in memory for many years to come. The time that the junior class float burned just before the Home- coming parade, the 'Proon' dances given by those uncoordinated senior girls, and the time that Dale Kelley scored 52 points against Rock Island will certainly be remembered as high points of the year. Who could ever forget being let out of class for the Christmas Tea or the many times coming home from out of town basketball games or a sleepy choir singing lullabys from Moline to Galesburg? 'ln aaglting, Cgnng f N A V D E -il ,, 151 - Ag y M,-,., . . . decorating the cafeteria for dances .4 . . . thc leurs shed or "Old Gnlcsburg High" Ib, pl 5-1.. cma' Chewing . FIRST NE SIJHRUEF UI I"Ih.S35'3 CREMATE CAN " CLASS OCTOBFR I965 . . . "first prize for resourcefulness, Homecom- ing Hoat 'Crematc Cantonf Junior Class, October l965." . . . those time consuming chemistry tests. . . . the senior boys cheering "bodaciously" at tOllI'IlHIT1Cl'lt. 411- Y . , V 1- , . N" " . " .i ' , 'Q . 'f 1 -levy - -- s ' -W 1 4- ,. - 1.-fre 'lf gfrmggf Y ., fr , .l-Q1 ' irrsiwifi-.1-1 ' f:N"'T.' " -'is-' VV ' .vf',", HA, t' LW AT,-,144 'H "hh , .T-1, nf." ,L- . ,V , ,vw A-i 3 Qfqijl :PW . ,M 4,1 ... A ' a-.V Y ,-- 5,743 EM I r, . V I ire., ,,4-r' 5 Q -, f- ' Q1 H' ' K ' 4 ,. ,--r :+h . -L...,,, 'Nye " 1-1 ' Zn.. Slaving, Stuaying . Remember the mad weeks in March when the school was possessed by tournament fever or the time that Galesburg finally got revenge over Pekin? Who can forget the clean up day at Lombard Field after the crepe paper from the Homecoming iioats blew all over? It is impossible to forget the pep assemblies with their Noriginali' skits put on by members of the student body. Also the inspir- ing sacred music of the Christmas Concert leaves a lasting impression. The year goes quickly and many things will be forgotten, but there are many times to remember. . . . the crazy senior Proons in the Reilectavue. All 1 172 le a teachers' coffee break, finally a quiet moment. and Playing Senior Dale Kelley-"NOW TAIK" . . . cold nose, warm heart. . . . those dam research papers. our hole-y parking lot. the amazed look of study ha boredom. x xp Q ll ' uf' ,,,.-4 7 Table ff Contents f if WK Emi!! Eff-I ff' Szfajjf Barb Bronson. . ,Editor-in-Chief Jan Gchring .,..... Copy Editor Becca Szerlong. . ,Layout Editor Henry Wong ..,,.... Art Editor Gregg Blankenship . . . . , , . . Photography Editor Linda Betsworth . . . . . . . . , .Business Manager Jack Feldman .... Sports Editor Jane Anderson . Activities Editor Kathleen Chambers Senior Editor Betsy Harris ...,.. Junior Editor Cindy Lindquist . . . . . . . . . Sophomore Editor Mr. Kenney .... Faculty Sponsor Gary Levinson . . . . . .Assistant Photographer Entertainment Enviromnent Enlightenment Extracurricular Enthusiasm Exhaustion Eagerness 10-29 30-43 44-55 56-109 110-135 136-173 174-200 9 ! W' M Y I w 11' n Nz v M Entertainment GHS drama department gives A Ah Wilderness was the name of the spring play put on by the Galesburg High School Drama Department. A humorous play by Eugene O'Neil, Ah Wilderness was well ac- cepted by the students and the community. The story is based on a young manls rebellion against the propriety of his family and their life. He decides to get a taste of the seamier side of life before he makes his choice. Prob- ably the most well remembered scene in the play is the one in which Tim Holst, portraying the son, returns home after a night on the town. He decides that the prim life is far better for him. Ah Wilderness was given in the high school auditorium in April of 1965. This enjoyably funny comedy provided a nice evening's entertainment for all who saw it. The entire cast, the stage crew and, of course, Mr. Kraus should be congratulated on a job well done. This play as have been many others was a grand success. Now you listen to me! This page sponsored by KIMBLE KARPETS 132 E Simmons lMPERlAL M0TEL 343 9260 260 w. Main sr. 342-5174 Don't you understand Mat? zZa'erness! " Mat Miller, played by Roger seems ready to explode. If you SA Anglia A tense moment as father and son confront each other. Nelson, won't let me, I'll pout. Ah Wilderness! Cast Tommy Miller. . . Mildred Miller, A . Arthur Miller .... Essie Miller .... Lily Miller .... Mat Miller ,..... Sid Miller .,..,,. David McComber Nora ...,......, Wint Selby .,..,, ..A......Paul Kraus Karen McLaughlin .A..A..ATomAldrich , A A . . .Barb Stegall , . . Janet Robinson . . .Roger Nelson . . , . .Tim Holst ..A.A..,Russ Gilford . . . .Mary Papke . . . .... Rick Cannon Muriel McComber ..l..... Sheryl Riggs Richard Miller. . . This page sponsored by . , A A A A .Jeff Hindricks LORAlNE'S RESTAURANT GALESBURG NEWS AGENCY 5 - 29 E. Simmons iiggfi----'il SRM 343-5214 of Galesbug, Illinois - Rt. 150 North 342-2151 9 fl. ',:u."i , .lv , 1 X A ai .H 'iilf av' 0 ' ezr Majestzes ana' tlzezr court. Dec Ann McQuillen, junior attendantg Tom Johnson, escort. This year's Homecoming royalty was chosen from a group of well qualified nominees. The candidates for queen were: Martha Johnson, Debbie Hinkle, Polly Gamble, Susan Doores, and Sheryl Riggs. An all school election was held several days before the assembly at which Polly Gamble was announced as queen. Polly is a very active member of the GHS student body. Much of her time is occupied by Student Council, German Club, Girls' Octet, and as vice president of the Girls' Service League. "Most of us will have mixed emotions about graduat- ing from Galesburg High School. We are constantly told to live each day as it comes-not concerning ourselves too much with the past or with the future, but it is a good thing that it is not against the rules to save happy memories because I'm sure I could not help myself. I believe I said in the Homecoming assembly that I wished every girl could have the experience that I had. It must have sounded insincere, but it is exactly how I feel. It has been a wonderful three years and Lily Wong, sophomore attendantg Jim Schlas, escort. here's wishing for all of us a wonderful time ahead. Let's always give Galesburg good reason to be proud of us." Larry Watters, the 1965 Homecoming king, was chosen from a group of nominees consisting of: Tom Johnson, Roger Yates, Larry Watters, Bob J asperson and Jesse Ponce. Larry spends most of his time working on the Student Council of which he is president. Larry is also a member of several other organizations. "The senior year of high school is probably the year most looked back upon by high school graduates. I certainly expect to prove to be no exception. Among the most memorable of my school experiences was serving as Homecoming king for 1965. It was an honor for which I can never fully express my gratitude." N Ldctliiimzb Fired up omecoming sjbarksyear Homecoming was the spark that ignited the entire year. Prep- arations began Weeks in advance With the meeting of com- mittees to plan the dance and the highly secretive class floats. The voting for the royalty was done early in the week. The assembly on Friday afternoon marked the be- ginning of the festivities. Polly Gamble and Larry Watters, as this year's queen and king, together with the junior at- tendant, Dee Ann McQuillin, and the sophomore attendant, Lily Wong, reigned over the festivities. In the early evening, the floats were judged with the seniors taking first place in the contest and the sophomores taking second. Unfortunately, the junior float burned while being drawn from the building in which it was assembled. How- ever, the ingenious members of that class donned black veils and mourned the f'Cremation of the Giants." The pre-game activities, complete with bonfire and a snake dance helped the team rack up a victory. The climax of the weekend Was the Homecoming Dance. The theme, Romanesque, was made effective by a bubbling fountain in the center of the gym floor. The whole weekend was a grand success from the first cheer at the opening assembly to the final dance that marked its close. 1 Mr. Van Dyke congratulates the royalty. This page sponsored by THOMAS ELECTRIC SHOP ELLIS JEWELERS 16 664 W. Brooks 219 E. Main 342-1195 342-6518 Mr. Spencer, do you really think it will be alright? img si F" . , Tv V .T k , Y. 4. ,Gigi K V x ' 1 -j av' Y ' .7 -:'f'Wi'i all GX. Fw N .Q wsgg. tt 1 , Q The junior float-a little worse for wear-but t sentiment is still there. jr Arlene Curr decorates a car for the motorcade. A roaring bonfire ignites 1965 Homecoming activities. Sophomore llozlt displays optimistic Homecoming, spirit. "Li'l Giants all washed up," first prize-Seniors. This page sponsored by PALMGREN'S FLOOR COVERING 429 E. Main 343-9296 WOLFSIE'S FABRIC SHOP 337 E. Main 343-8312 17 " y three Angels" is a hilarzous success My Three Angels is one of the funniest plays that has ever been put on at Galesburg High School. The characters are not only hilarious, but also very warm and human. My Three Angels is the story of three con- victs who, while working on the roof of a house overhear many of the problems of the family within, and decide to take them as their own. They descend from the roof into the house and into the hearts of the family and the audience. By the time the convicts leave, all is again well with the family. This year's fall play will be re- membered as a well cast and a well acted play. Mr. Krause deserves a large portion of the credit for the success of My Three Angels. The cast, Mr. Krause, the stage crew and all who helped with this play deserve congratula- tions on a fine production. These convicts show their rougher side. CT. Aldrich, J. Hurst, and J. Armstrongj. F " '-A t-24' iff 1 A1 ,. F, f-aw if M 1. I , f x 1. Oh yes, yes, let's have some of that! CM. Papke, C. Ericson, and R. Giffordj. 18 Jim Armstrong, Tom Aldrich, and Tom Johnson haltingly leave through their private xit. C ' -. X 'L . I A -rr .r-.l K.--, 1. x HX if -' f -QC .vie f .,',. we f. '- I 'vs ' . 'fr' ,,. - 1 1 We lk it P' or G., y . K1 Ti' --1 son practices the art of picking Get a load of those fancy white duds' My Three Angels Cast Madame Parole .,... Jules .......... Alfred .... Joseph ....... Lieutenant ,,...,. Henri Trochard ..,.. Emilie Ducatel ...... Marie Louise Ducatel Felix Ducatel ....... Paul Trochard ...Q eng dresses grace Winter Formal Even the cold, crisp weather contrib- uted to the fantasy world that sur- rounded the Winter Formal. The girls in their llowing dresses complemented the pastel decorations which trans- formed the cafeteria into a world all its own. Don Clute and his orchestra provided music for dancing and the future Homemakers of America sup- plied the refreshments. The Winter Formal is planned and sponsored by the Galesburg High School Student Council. On Saturday morning the cafeteria was the scene of vigorous activity as Council members put up the decorations and made the last minute preparations for the dance. The Student Council deserves credit for the decorations and for every- thing about the dance that made it absolutely perfect. Decorating can be fun too. Steve Ferguson assumes a precarious position to admire his handiwork. , 7 ,Ll , U i. I 1 7 l A large crowd of students atteni f Eff? " the atmosphere. he Winter Formal. is i I : Student Council members pitch in to make the Winter Formal zz success. lights and sweet music do much to GHS students dance to the music of Don Clute and his orchestra. Beautiful long formals are very much in evidence at this year's Winter Formal GH Rqliectavue presents 'Fanfares or '66', Near capacity crowd attended this year's 1966 Reflectavue, "Fanfares for '66." This year a majority of the acts are of a humorous nature. A representation of each of the three classes and all of GHS,s musical groups participated in the production. The three brightly costumed kick lines and the many original individ- ual acts helped to make the Reilectavue a success. Also, Russ Gifford, master of ceremonies, added his own inimitable charm to the success of the production. The hilarious hula done by the Boys' Octet, and the "Medicare Maids" per- formed by the Girls' Octet, set the humor- ous pace for the following acts. Senior kicklinc members are transformed N from hoboes to broadway dolls. Girls' Octet members make charming "Medicare Maids." Karen McLaughlin and Janet Augustson perform at "Carnegie Hall." This page sponsored by COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ROBERT EICHHORN JEWELER Berrien at Seminary 226 E. Main 342-0197 342-2415 22 Never were there such devoted sisters! i "And the little old balloon man whistles far and wee." Sophomore kick line members are great fans of "Jubi1ation T. Cornponef' This page sponsored by DICK BLICK CO. OZARK AIR LINES Knoxville Road "Get up and go Ozark" 342-4177 The senior girls are the happiest hoboes at GHS. A "bushel and a peck" of junior girls sing in the Reflecta- vue. 23 he Rwectavue is GHSE onb variezy show Doug Devoss and Iris Aleshire present the 2nd movement from Oboe Concerto. Sorry, Susie, I was really aiming for your eye. 1 ' 4 Q - .- X - f , f eg, V . w. The "Bikini Babes," those dainty dancing junior 5 f e---N 1 , ' c K "We are the girls from teacher's college!" ll 1 -' 'V S "Smiles versus Frownsf' presented by Janice Patterson and Sharon Safford. The background of brightly colored balloons adds a cheerful note to all of the acts. The A Cappella Choir, dressed in formal attire, sings a medley of songs from the Fantasticks, which was a show popular in New York during the World's Fair. Such other well known organizations as the Proons perform also in the 1966 Reflectavue. All of these acts are of a musical nature with many being a combination of both dancing and singing. Without the hard work of Mr. Hegg, Mr. Krause, Mrs. Hurst, and Mrs. Kenney this show could not be a success. Polly Gamble makes a hit with her novelty act. . ,v.- Y, T , , X Ll tsl 7 ' 4 "xx I n -I all Q lt f "A gl ' ' '-a" . L .X X x 1 1' in , 1 'X X . , X T ., w TQ T l X E-v . . ..-f - ..' ,, vu ' -'. rl -. GHS's answer to Peter, Paul, and Mary. QLarry Wood- son, Martha Massingill and Gary Levinsonb. 1 lx l F? if i , p The natives were restless that night as . '--" Boys' Octet members burst into song The state championship cheerleaders displa their iirst place trophy. ale Kalb, Penny Pmnce king An annual event following the last home basketball game of the season is the GAA Penny Prance. All senior varsity "G" Club members are eligible for the title of king. Voting is done before and after school and during the lunch periods during the week that precedes the dance. At this time, large glass jugs, decorated to comically resemble each of the nominees, are placed in the main hall to receive the pennies which represent votes for each candidate. At this yearls Penny Prance, basketball star Dale Kelley was crowned king. Few students who attended the dance will ever forget the happy grin on his face as the well deserved crown was placed on his head. "They're so cute, I voted for them all!" King, Dale Kelley, and Shirley Taylor grin happily fol lowing his coronation. , 4 I af I, v -,4 gl' .- for rl ' . tjfrf JV -:-L5-5'-lYl?-'I1"" ' L4 .Kd :V 1, A "ffm ,".' sh Dale Kelley receives :1 standing ovation a e ' . 2' presents the Streaks second place tu. Elite Eight Queen, Polly Gamble, grins happily as she is crowned by Ed McMahon and Jim Dawson, captain of the U. of I. basketball team. Galesburg's cheering section explodes with joyful shouts following Streaks victory over Belleville. Streaks return home with three trophies No Galesburg High School students will ever forget the thrill of this year's basketball tournament. To some students the highlight of the weekend was the breathtaking victory over Benton, to others it was the coronation of Queen Polly, and to still others it was the announcement of our championship cheerleaders. Perhaps the most moving spectacle of tournament was the tremendous reception that awaited the Streaks and their caravan as they arrived home number two in the state of Illinois, but number one in the hearts of all citizens of Galesburg. University of Illinois Assembly Hall. 27 Charlie Crowell. Conductor ..,., Harold Hill .,.. Mayor Shinn. . . Ewart Dunlop. . Oliver Hix ..... Jacey Squires. . . Olin Britt ..,,,..., Marcellus Washburn Tommy Djilus. . Marian Paroo. . Amaryllis .r,,.. Mrs. Paroo .... Winthrop Paroo. Eulalia Shinn. , . Zaneeta Shinn. . Gracie Shinn. , . Alma Hix ,,... Maud Dunlop . . Ethel Toifelmeir Mrs. Squires. . . . . . . . . .Nancy Buck Constable Locke. . . .....Jim Hurst Larry Anderson . . . .Roger Nelson . . . .Art Stevens ,Barry Swanson Tom Stoerzbach . , .Bob Davison .,...Bob Dahl . . .Tom Aldrich . . .Bob Cannon . , . . . .Polly Gamble . .Diane Dredge Linda Betsworth . .Steve Johnson .Janet Robinson , . . .Suzy Brock . . .Laurie Hurst , .Gail Zumwalt . . . . .Suzy Kelly .Trish Slaughter . Mark Hamman As one of the best musicals ever given at GHS, Music Man will rate high on the list of times to remember. The leads, Polly Gamble and Roger Nelson seem to actually live their parts. The many backstage experiences will never be forgotten by any of the crew. One in particular happened to Janet Robinson when she had to make up Indian numbers from six to seventeen, because of a faulty iirecracker. The many realistic sets were thought, by some members of the audience, to be professionally made. At both perform- ances the cast was honored with a stand- ing ovation, a great tribute for a fine performance. The lilting songs and gay costumes set the stage for two hours of rollicking good fun. Words seem trite in an explanation of this fantastic production, but Music Man was simply great! "Have you heard about usic Man recieves a standin "Pick a little, talk a little, cheep, cheep, cheep." 5 I . ' A J' ' w 28 "Professor Hill, I am not accustomed to speaking to strange men." who cwlls himself Professor Harold Hill?" vation Vlarian Paroo and Professor Hill find momentary iappiness as they sing "Till There Was You." Wouldu't that make a beautiful picture? ii-DV' "Yes, Amaryllis, you may begin your piano lesson." Higher Roger, hit those high ones! wx J w ., l f 1 A w w . f 4 .Jw , Environment 5 riculture tyfers cz variety qfolbportunities On the count of three, you may begin. Agriculture is one of the many courses at GHS which offer training in a future career. Students of this course work on individual projects related to this field. Part of the program for the year includes the judging of grains, soils, and also of stock. Agriculture students are given the practical experience that will one day be a great asset in farming or in any related agricultural job which they may choose. Agricultural economics and engineering will also give a broad and general background for further study. Students of agriculture are also given the opportunity to participate in field trips to farms where they may see the projects which they study put into practical use. There are innumerable job opportunities offered in the field of agriculture other than farming. Agriculture is perhaps one of the most beneficial courses offered to Galesburg High School boys. It is not necessary that a boy live on a farm before he is eligible to study agriculture. This page sponsored by GALESBURG NEW CAR DEALERS Grain judging is an important part of agricul- tural training. " C pq Q' 0' ', 11-L The selection of the highest quality seed corn requir close examination. Art students donate time The students of Galesburg High School owe a great deal to the art department. Mr. Crown and his classes willingly perform such services as making signs to advertise the games and the after game dances. The artists work hard to make scenery for the plays and musicals. In the course of the year the art students work on many projects. One of the enjoyable parts of study is the making of ceramics. Students are taught valuable tricks of keeping pieces of work smooth. They then glaze and bake each work to give it the desired color. In art class each student is encouraged to develop his own style and orig- inal compositions. Painting is an important par-t of any study of art. During the Christmas season the classes make beautiful and unusual decorations for the school and for their homes. Sketches are required each week from every student. They give the teacher an idea of the progress each student is making. A11 gives students a chance for self expression and relaxation. .N J -v Say, Jodi, did you hear the one about . . . This page sponsored by ARTHUR J. NYMAN SONS 56 N. Prairie 33 Five plus five equals . . . let me see now . . . Typing and shorthand are an important part of busi- ness education. These courses are assets no matter what career a student may choose to follow. For the college student, a knowledge of typing is imperative, while short hand is beneficial in note taking. The courses offered in this department are directed to- ward the teaching of secretarial and office skills. Students are educated in the efficient methods of bookkeeping and filing. Business mathematics teaches quicker and more accurate accounting systems to students interested in office work. As an additional benefit, some students attend school for part of the day and work in an oiiice for the remainder. This experience will enable a student to secure a better job in the future. Also in the business education department there is a course involving office machinery. Business Englishis a detailed study of mechanics. In this course students are taught formal business composition. This page sponsored by FIRST GALESBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. 200 E. Main 34 Students learn speed and accuracy usiness benqfits students ,mea :F I' Practice makes perfect? rom Shakespeare to debate "To be or not to be The English department of Galesburg Senior High School is one of the most advanced and diversified departments of its kind in the state of Illinois. Fifteen different courses in English are offered to the students. These courses advocate the study of numerous types of literature as well as opportunities for oral and written expression. In addi- tion to the class work, the students are ex- posed to a variety of unusual activities. Along with the literature and grammar of the sophomore classes is a short study of jour- nalism. Other classes tape, and even perform, on a stage, short plays and readings, some of which are of their own composition. As a semester course for seniors rhetoric is be- coming increasingly popular among students. All students of English are urged to par- ticipate in the Winter essay contests. These contests require essays on unusual and pro- vocative topics. The junior classes are fur- ther encouraged to compete in the National Council of Teachers of English impromptu theme contest. In my opinion . . . What in the world is onomatoptxzia? This page sponsored by GALE PRODUCTS A Division of Outboard Marine Corporation 35 The way to a mans heart This time I won't sew the sleeves together. The home economics department teaches the girls to become future homemakers. Classes in foods and nutrition teach the girls to plan and prepare well balanced meals. Students learn to sew in clothing classes and also learn the styles most flattering for each type of figure and what materials are of the highest quality. Other courses offered are housing, family relationships, child develop- ment, management and interior dec- orating. Guest lecturers are invited to talk and to give demonstrations to the classes. Every year just before Christmas, the home economics de- partment gives an open house for the entire community. This page sponsored by ARLAN'S DEPT. STORES, INC. 1280 N. Henderson 36 S-u-c-c-e-s-s - thutfs the way to spell success. when 4 'll ! il -5-1' You taste it first. W5 learn valuable skills Bullseye! The industrial arts department exists at GHS for the purpose of interpret- ing the industrial world to students in terms of his interests and abil- ities. Mechanical and architectural drafting include projects in the scale drawing of machine parts and the drawing and designing of model homes. In metals, boys are taught to work with sheet metal and Welders. Some students are attempting to de- sign and make decorative railings for porches. In this department students are taught the arts of car- pentry and furniture design. Jobs in machine metals await students who are able to solve the problems of gear cutting and threading. In the spring of each year an Industrial Arts Fair is held to display the projects of the students. d Everything seems to be in order. Have you found the screwdriver yet? This page sponsored by ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 212 E. South 37 Languages can befun Four years of Latin, two years of German and French, and four years of Spanish are otfered in the language department of Galesburg High School. In the three modern languages, vo- cabulary and speech are emphasized. The grammar comes during the second year, but is hardly ever stressed. One day a week the students are given the opportunity to listen to tapes of each language, thus learning proper pronunciation. Part of learning a for- eign language is the understanding of the land in which each language is spoken. Students are encouraged to become familiar with as much of the history and geography of the land as is possible. Latin has no lab- oratory study. Since Latin is not spoken, emphasis is placed on grammar and reading. Along with the study of Roman history goes a study of Roman mythology. This helps the students to appreciate the culture of this ancient civilization. Often students of these languages understand word roots and endings better than the average student. Rhonda Mott and Mary Norton listen to a German tape. See! It's not impossible! Now listen here boys! This page sponsored by BENNET'I"S UNLIMITED CLARK DRUG Float and Decorating Your Favorite Cosmetics Material and Toiletries 38 Stop! Susie, did you hear a crunch? This is called an equation. fy... 53 Q 1-pref ' ,- s ,. A lzexalzexa exagmmf The math department has some of the finest courses of- fered at Galesburg High School. First year algebra exposes the students to new types of mathematical termi- nology, simple graph, and the square root. The geometry course offers plain geometry and also a small amount of solid geometry is studied. If a student wishes to continue his education in math he may take second year algebra which deals with func- tions, graphs, exponents and logarithms. Students planning on college may wish to take the combined course of algebra and trigonometry in their junior year followed by analytic geometry and calculus. From this background students are better able to understand college math courses. Trigonometry and analytic geometry are also offered as separate courses. In several mathematics courses the work is made easier with the use of the slide rule. The students are taught what problems may be done with a slide rule and how to manipulate it. Mathematics classes, like other classes in the school, undertake special projects which are on display. Mathematics, unlike many other subjects, is an important part of everyday life. Miss Gehring illustrates her point. 39 The A Cappella Choir, Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club and the octets are all part of Galesburg Senior High School. The members of the World's Fair A Cappella Choir entertain for various organizations throughout the town. Concert Choir and Girls Glee Club dedicate themselves to the enjoyment of the student body. The Glee Club meets each day for the purpose of learning the understanding and appre- ciation of music. Another course offered in the music department is music theory. They become aware of the names of the famous composers and the style of each as well as the basic theory behind the different types of music. This department provides a service not only to the school, but also to the entire community. Mr. I-Iegg takes roll AGAIN. Music department entertains school EI? Mr. Donald prepares for band practice. Art Stevens sings "Mi Me Ma Mo Mu." This page sponsored by BACHER'S CLEANERS 53 E. Simmons BERG'S T.V. AND APPLIANCE 258 E. Simmons 40 -"i"7t 'Ar de- X tt, . "W X V- .' if al 1' Sports and lblzysicalfitness See who can hit the apple. ff? My serve! '-g..f- - gif" 1' 5' The physical education department touches the lives of most of the students at Galesburg High School. A wide variety of physical activities are offered to the student body. In the fall of each year, both boys and girls are required to take physical fitness tests. Throughout the year the students are trained until, in the spring, the tests are repeated with hopes of improvement. Students participate in such sports as basketball, volleyball and soccer. The girls practice archery and badminton while the boys concentrate on track and wrestling. An important part of any physical education course is the weeks of classroom study. For sophomores this study is known as personal adjustment. This concerns methods for handling teenage social problems. For juniors this study is health and for seniors it is first aid. Both boys intramurals and the Girls Athletic Association are related extracurricular activ- ities. Five pounds can't be that heavy! This page sponsored by C Sc E SUPER-VALU 1330 N. Henderson 41 Frogmen or chemists? Among the courses offered in the Science department of Galesburg Senior High School are biology, chemistry and physics. Soph- omore biology is a comparatively general study of botany and Zoology. During the course of the year, students dissect How- ers, worms and frogs. The chemistry study course is divided into two parts. This program includes large lecture courses supplemented by small lab sessions twice a week. Physics, which is the detailed study of forces and energy consists of lab and lecture sessions. Another course offered only to seniors is advanced biology. The purpose of this course is to give a more detailed and comprehensive study of living things. The students are encouraged to attempt projects of special interest. Science in the space age ,.'4!' I can still see my eyelashes! Doesn't anyone know the answer? This page sponsored by CHURCHILL CHEMICAL COMPANY South Chambers 8L Knox 42 Students learn rom You can't mean the Triple Alliance! 1821, he loves me . . . He loves me not . . . What, you don't understand military strategy? """' "'-' " " irg'?f7f ' ' - .ii , e-1-.. ' gf I . 1 ,- --1. -ct. , 1 I- ,X .. lil the past The social studies department of Galesburg High School offers students a wide variety of courses. With the exception of American history, which is a prerequisite for gradu- ation, all are electives. Two electives of- fered to seniors are economics and government. The purpose of these subjects is to acquaint the student with the functions and economic system of the American government. World history, which covers all important events since the beginning of recorded history up until the present, is taken by many students during the sophomore or senior year. An in- tegral part of the study of social studies is current events. In some American history classes each day is begun with a report on current happenings. These classes are di- vided into committees to study the major areas of the world. Learning from the past, teenagers can learn to correct these mistakes and form a better future. This page sponsored by ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS 121 S. Prairie St. ANDERSON FLORISTS 128 N. Broad 312 E. Main ,,.,.f-G' Fl-A Enlightenment Dr. Cannon, Mr. R. Mason, Mr. R. Mustain, Dr. R. Way, Mr. J. Green, Mr. R. McLaughlin, Mrs R Leasure oem! administers to needs The Board of Education is dedicated to providing the highest level of education possible to the students of school district 205. Headed by Mr. Robert McLaughlin, the board works to determine the educational needs of the students. The board is a policy making organization made up of seven unpaid public servants. The superin- tendent, Dr. Orval Trail, is employed by the board to administer these policies. Every deci- sion made by this body is based on its effect on the students under their control. The Board selects the faculty members for district 205. The Board of Education deserves a great deal of admiration and respect for its dedication to the principles of this modern educational system and to the needs of the students, faculty and adminis- tration of district 205. Miss Lindberg, administra- tive assistant to the superintendent and recording secretary of the board, and Mr. Smith, the treasurer and accountant, are of great service to the Board of Education. This page sponsored by HOLCOMB STUDIO 5 E. Main 46 Dr. Orval Trail, superintendent -1 H xy -I It 3 1 'EJ - s u l , ll W .F 1 Jr w S Q Mr. Betsworth, principal Behind the eflicient mechanism of our school stand three administrators, highly respected by students and teachers alike. Completing his second year as principal of Galesburg High School, Mr. Betsworth is continuing to generously share his time and talents. The eiliciency of the entire school rests squarely upon his shoulders. The dean of girls, Miss Ryin, is the Girls Service League advisor as well as a member of the American Field Service Committee. As GHS girls well know, she is an understanding friend to all who seek her help. Another indispensable member of the administration is the assistant principal, Mr. Franson. As Student Council sponsor and an AFS committee member he is a very busy and well liked man. Mr. Franson and Miss Ryin help to enroll students in courses for the coming year and also aid in career planning. These three people shoulder a great deal of the responsibility, but with all of the work to do they are always willing to help the members of the faculty and the student body. Administrators load school lui If Miss Ryin, dean of girls Mr. Franson, assistant principal This page sponsored by BURGLAND'S YOUTH FASHIONS BURLINGTON TRUCK LINES, INC. 45 S. Kellogg 796 S. Pearl 47 Counselors give a lzelbing hand Mrs. Byram, Mr. Lundeen and Mr. Shover are three of the busiest people around GHS. Their duties are many and varied. Mrs. Byram and Mr. Shover keep records of students who are absent and personally call these students to check on their health. They help to enroll students for the coming year and also enroll students new to the school. These coun- selors are always willing to listen and to help solve the problems of the students. The guidance coun- selors are able to foresee the academic as well as social problems of the student body. Mrs. Byram and Mr. Shover jointly counsel underclassmen while Mr. Lundeen concentrates on the seniors. He keeps senior class records in his office so he may advise seniors as to their vocational abilities. He arranges conferences for students with the admis- sions oilices of the colleges of their choice. Mr. Lundeen sponsors the annual College Night which is arranged to acquaint students with colleges in this area. Without these three busy and helpful people the school would not be able to run as efli- ciently as it does. Mr. Lundeen stands guard. i i i 1 l me ' I Mrs. Byram, counselor Mr. Lundeen, counselor Mr. Shover, counselor This page sponsored by ALTON BOX BOARD CO. ALPS INSURANCE AGENCY Linwood Road Cherry 8a Simmons zce staff lends a hand Mrs. Chapman Secretary Mrs. Folger Secretary Mrs. Hickey Nurse late again! Mrs. Mendez School treasurer Mrs. Smith Attendance clerk Throughout the day, while students and teachers are busy with their studies, the office staff carries out the behind the scene duties so important to our daily life. Indirectly, each student has been affected by the helping hands of the staff. It is up to the office staff to handle the attendance counts, admit students late to school, give the announcements, make schedule changes, and to give out many bits of general information. The office staff members also take care of book distribution and of the lost and found department. These jobs are only a few of the tasks handled by the staff members and their helpers. The demands of the students are so frequent and numerous that they are kept continually on the move trying to fulfill requests. These women are perhaps the busiest people in the school. The entire student body owes a debt of thanks to these friendly and helpful members of the office staff. Miss Sharp Registrar This page sponsored by CROWN OLDSMOBILE, INC. IDA ANN SHOPPE 120 N. Chambers 76 S. Prairie Margie Burgland, dont tell me you re MR. CHARLES BEDNAR Director of Athletics and Driver's Educationg chairman of P. E. de- partmentg "G" Club MR. JAMES CROWN teaches Arty chairman of art departmentg spon- sor of Art Club MR. MAURICE BECK teaches American litera- ture, rhetoric, debateg debate coachg drives the Batmobile Miss BENITA BLACK teaches World History and American History MR. WILLIAM CREEKMUR teaches Electricity, Ma- chine Shopg sponsor of Radio Clubg hobby is woodworking MR. ARTHUR DAMERON teaches Industrial Artsg enjoys all sportsg likes reading, horseback rid- Ing MRS. MARY BANGERT teaches Business Eng- lish, personal typingg enjoys music, reading MR. ROBERT BEAL teaches Driver's educa- tiong assistant basketball coachg head baseball coach MR. RILEY BOWEN teaches Biologyg chair- man of science depart- mentg co-operator ice cream factory MRS. BETTY CREEKMUR teaches Home Econom- icsg pastimes are knit- ting, sewing MIss VELMA DENNY teaches World Historyg likes to readg avid sports fan MRS. BEVERLY DUNN teaches P.E.g sponsor of GAA, Pom Pom girlsg pastimes are knitting, swimming, sewing MR. RICHARD BAYLOR teaches Woodworkingg sponsor of Industrial Arts Clubg hobby is woodworking Miss JANE BURGER teaches Advanced Alge- bra, Business Arithme- tic MR. ROBERT DONALD teaches all Instrumental Music, Band, Orchestra, Stage Bandg member of Knox Symphony MR. RAY DUNN teaches Agriculture, chairman of ag depart- ment, sponsors FFA, enjoys golf, boating Miss GRETCHEN GATES teaches Adv. Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, chairman math dept., NHS MR. ROLAND HEGG teaches all Vocal Music, Music Survey, likes to Mas. HELEN DUNN teaches Geometry, Ad- vanced Algebra, likes to play golf Mn. GEORGE EACOTI' teaches Industrial Arts, chairman of industrial arts department MR. SANFORD FLICKINGER teaches Library Science, IS the school librarian Miss HORTENSE GEHRING teaches Algebra, Adv. Algebra, sponsors scrap- book committee for GSL, likes to play bridge Mas. CLARICE HEGG teaches Latin II, helps with Latin Club, enjoys bridge, sewing, reading, camping Watch baseball: PIHYS Miss VIRGINIA HINCHLIEE golf teaches English, chair- man of English dept., sponsors FTA, favorite sport-basketball MRS. RUTH FINN teaches English, enjoys basketball, football, swimming, likes to trav- MR, ART FISH 01, Cook, read teaches P.E., director of boys' intramuralsg sum- MR, CARL FLAK5 mer pastimes are tennis, teaches American His- SW1mm11'1E tory, Economics, Gov- ernment, interests are folk music, books MR. JOHN GRIEEITH teaches American His- tory, director of audio- visual aids, raises chin- Chiuas as hobby MR. DAVID GUNDERSON teaches Stenography, Typing, Notehand, cross t h MRS. EDNA HALLADAY Colm fy coac teaches English Litera- ture, enoys reading and music 51 MR. FRED KUSTER teaches American His- toryg senior class ad- visor, enjoys fishing, carpentry, hunting MRS. MARY ANN MEIER teaches American Lit- eratureg sponsor for MR. CHARLES KRAUSE teaches English, Speechg sponsors Stage Call, Thespiansg head of dra- matics MR. THOMAS LENTZ teaches Adv. Drafting, Printingg sponsors SAAQ supervises lighting and sound MR. KEN MAURIZI teaches Biology, Senior Scienceg hobby-stamp collecting Q Q9 :A MR. DEAN HooANsoN teaches Biology, spon- sor of Pasteur Societyg likes to fish and watch all sports MR. CHAUNCEY KENNEY teaches Physicsg spon- sor of the Reflectorg an avid flying enthusiast Miss AMY LINDAHL teaches French, Ger- mang sponsor of Ger- man Club MR. TED MANSAGER teaches American His- toryg chairman of social studies dept.g an ama- teur builder MR. R. P. JOHNS teaches Physical Educa- tion Oc-ru' MR. JAMES MACDONALD teaches Biology, Adv. Biologyg helps coach football, track: likes to hunt, fish homecoming assemblyg likes bridge, books MRS. BETTY MOODY teaches English, enjoys swimming, piano, read ing, traveling, and hik ing MR. DAVID MooRE teaches American His- tory, American prob- lemsg assistant baseball coach MR. HOWARD PURCELL teaches World History, also likes to read, en- joys watching basketball MRS. MARY PETRIE assistant to the librar- lang likes to read MR. HOWARD REUTER teaches Latin, German, sponsors Latin Clubg likes to bowl, golfg col- lects coins, stamps MR. RICHARD SRYLES teaches Englishg advisor to the Budgetg hobby is working with hi-li equip- ment MR. LOWELL SPIRES teaches Geometry, Adv. Algebrag builds and re- models housesg hobby -amateur radio Miss TALITHA RANES teaches Englishg pas- times are reading, mu- sicg likes to travel MR. WILLIAM ROEHLK teaches Business Math, Salesmanshipg likes to bowl f'Q'I Miss ALICE SCHILTZ teaches P.E.g sponsor of GAAQ likes all sportsg knitting is her pastime Miss RUTH SCI-IWARZ teaches Home Econom- icsg chairman of home ec. dept.g sponsor of FHAQ collects records MRS. MARJORIE SPERRY teaches P.E.g sponsor of GAAQ likes to spend time entering sweep- stakes, has won Miss JANECE STARWALT teaches 'American His- toxyg enjoys reading MRS. BEVERLY ROSINE teaches P.E. and Driv- er's Educationg Spon- sors cheerleaders, GAA, and baton Miss DENA SAAIJENGA teaches English, faculty advisor for Baccalaure- ate Serviceg likes to cook, read Miss DOLORES RYNER teaches Typing, Adv. Stenographyg likes to read MR. ROBERT SELF teaches Chemistryg sponsor of Photography Club, training dogs is his hobby MR. BRUCE SPENCER MR. ROGER SOPER teaches American Prob- lems, Varsity golf coachg ticket manager teaches Chemistry, Physical Scienceg likes fishingg favorite pastime is softball MR. C. C. VAN DYKE teaches P.E.g head foot- ball and track and field MR. WILLIAM TURNER teaches Spanish, Frenchg chairman of language dept.g sponsors French Clubg enjoys camping coach MRS. MARY HELEN WADE MR. GEORGE STUCKEY teaches English, Span- ishg sponsor of Spanish Clubg likes to play piano, reads MR. JOHN TIIIEL teaches P.E.g head Var- sity basketball coach MR. MARTIN SWANSON teaches Bookkeepingg chairman of business education department MR. WAYNE BEACH teaches Driver's Educa- tiong interests are golf, coin collecting, fishing teaches Typing, Book- keeping, Business Mathg pastimes are music, bridge, swimming MRS. LOUISA BARASI-I teaches Literature Com- positiong member of Junior Women's Clubg plays bridge MR. PATRICK BOYLSON teaches Englishg likes to play tennisg hunting is a pastime MISS MARILYN WALBERG teaches Ofiice Labora- tory, likes to travelg enjoys bowling, reading MISS JOYCE WUEHLE teaches Home Econom- icsg enjoys sewing, knit- ting MR. RONALD DODGE teaches Social Studies MR. JOE RODEFFER teaches Geometryg en- joys bowling, tennis, golfg collects coins MR. R. E, WALLACE teaches Driver's Educa- tiong Varsity line coach, wrestling coach MR. WILLIAM HAR'r'r teaches English Do I get a lollypop too? I'll give you my own personal recipe. I . A , i , . 1 v ' I s .f Please pass the grapes. -vs.. f -iq, To tell you the truth, I don't know what that is either. This page sponsored by THE STYLE SHOP STERN 8: FIELD 419 E. Main 346 E, Main 55 Extracurricular Front row: D. Hinkle, C. Stone, P. Gamble, G. Zumwalt, N. Buck, K. Thompson, A. Hardine, C. Pabon, S. Riggs, M. Bernie Second row: B. Wood, J. Lillie, S. Doores, S. Clark, M. McMeen, T. Webber, S. Ferguson, L. Austin, J. Hix, R. Mott. Third rovm J. Sherwood, L. Watters, T. Johnson, B. Menke, J. Nyman, B. Swanson, P. Nyman, T. Aldrich, R. Gifford. :xl ., . 'I .IZ ,. it ff? i gl . wh, Student ouncil members erm the Zegzlvlativa Front row: C. Chapman, L. Redfern, E. Gardner, P. Collopy, I. Aleshire, L. Ewing, B. Adams, N. Johnson, B. Lauerman, L. Won Second row: M. Burgland, M. Whitcomb, C. Behrents, J. Blixt, A. Milroy, B. Wicks, C. Robinson, J. Carter, M. Kirkendall, Stegall. Third row: S. Light, K. Crisman, D. Hicks, P. Galloway, J. Price, H. Bowman, S. Watts, M. Stansbury, P. McCulloug M. Sherwood, M. Trimble. Fourth row: S. Gossard, H. Hawkins, B. Doyle, N. lobe, S. Olson, B. Maring, M. Hunter, D. Sherwoo J. Swanson, B. Hinrichs, K. Nyman, T. Timmons, J, Patterson. This page sponsored by PROTEXALL, INC. ORWIG'S HARDWARE 58 77 S. Henderson 719 N. Henderson oo'y qv the school. Il The Student Council finally decided . . . T. Johnson, make up Student Council Board. X s , - I The Student Council of Galesburg Senior High School acts as a governing body for the entire school. The students present many of their problems to this body which discusses them and hands down decisions in the best interest of the students. It is a very hard working organization that receives little of the recognition it deserves. The members of the Student Council are elected by advisories with one representative from each. They meet in the auditorium for one hour each two weeks. However, special committees organize to solve or to investi- gate problems. The Student Council sponsors many activities for the benefit of the student body. They sponsor fun nights in which students come to the school in the evenings to dance, engage in sports or maybe just talk. These are a great service to the school. The Winter Formal, which is one of the highlights of the social year, is planned and given by the Student Council. This organization exists for the purpose of creating a better understanding between the students and teachers of the school. Student Council president, Larry Watters This page sponsored by PARK DRIVE DAIRY, INC. PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS 595 N. Whitesboro 142 N. Seminary B. Hinrichs, J. Nyman, L. Watters, M. Hunter, C. Stone -to ea First row: P. Padilla, T. Slaughter, S. Poole, L. Wessels, D. Dalton K Chambers R Gilson Second row B Bronson M Johnso B. Bohan, J. Lillie, S. Doores, L. Leahy, J. Robinson, B. Napier. Third row M Michelson K Augustson S Fox T Stoerzbac T. Johnson, S. Marshall, B. Haraldson. Senior oancil plans graduation The organization at Galesburg High School which is dedicated exclusively to the class of '66 is the Senior Council. Made up of a representative from each senior advisory, this group of students is headed by Tom Johnson and advised by Mr. Kuster. An organization of this sort is necessary to plan the many unusual activities of the third year students. Among the activities handled by the Senior Council are senior play day and baccalaureate services. The Council aids in the planning and actual giving of both. Another very important job of this organization is to aid in planning the prom. It takes a lot of hard work on the part of the many committees that help with these social events. They give the seniors a helping hand in choosing graduation an- nouncements and are in charge of the graduation ceremony. The Senior Council acts as the voice of the class in school matters of concern to them. Why don't we just call the whole thing 05" This page sponsored by RAY ANDERSON CLEANERS Seminary at Fremont RANDALL BUS COMPANY 1652 Monmouth Blvd. 60 The Inter-Club Council is an organization made up of the heads of all of the clubs in Galesburg Senior High School. They meet frequently to discuss and make regulations for all of the different clubs. This way the regulations are the same for all organizations with no special privileges for any individual or for any club. They also discuss the problems common to all school leaders. Through these conferences they reach a better understanding of the students in the school as well as each other. The meetings of this group also serve to help coordinate the school activity schedule so that the club events will be spread out evenly throughout the entire year. Also the members of the Inter-Club Council work together on many all school projects. In most cases, the Inter- Club Council works closely with the Student Council on projects of importance to the whole student body. This is only the second year that the Council has been in existence, but already it is proving to be one of the most active and beneticial organiza- tions in the school. Tom Aldrich .... Steve Ballard .,.. Bridget Bohan . . . Susie Brock ..... Barb Bronson .... Kathleen Chambers Tami Curtis ..... Russ Gifford .... Mary Hinchman . . . Bob Jasperson . . . Martha Johnson , . Tom Johnson .,.. Dan Murphy .... . . . . Budget Editor ...NHS GSL President President President . . . . . . Reflector Editor . . . German Club . . . , . French Club Stage Call . . . Boys' Forum Pasteur Society Senior Class FFA President President President President President President President President President Roger Nelson . . . National Thespians John Nyman . . Student Council Vice-President Pete Nyman ,.... Kathy Thompson . . . Barb Sanville .... Glenn Showers . . . Mary Walsh . , . Sally Watkins ...... Larry Watters ..... eads work to better school 7 - T -. .-- v 1 - zz T, . . . . , "G" Club Pep Club . . Spanish Club . . . Stage Band Student Council President President President President President President President Front row: B. Bronson, K. Chambers, M. Johnson, B. Sanville, T. Curtis, S. Brock. Second row: K. Thompson, M. Walsh, R. Nelson, B. Bohan, M. Hinchman, R. Gifford. Third row: T. Aldrich, G. Showers, T. Johnson, J. Nyman, B. Jasperson, L. Watters, S. Watkins. This page sponsored by ROGERS SHOES RAY'S HOBBY SHOP 230 E. Main 181 N. Cherry 61 Y7ze American iela' Service lzeQb5 to slzrin ' fs V 2. not 4 r e a N i.: iii Front row: S. Grimes, B. Harris, S. Hegg, J. Anderson, C. Pabon. Second row: C. Stone, C. Gibbs, P. Pettit, B. Wicks, C. G. Leon. Third row: J. Gehring, J. Robinson, D. Moberg, R. Nelson, L. Betsworth, J. Lillie. Fourth row: T. Aldrich, M. J. Nyman, J. Pinkerton, L. Watters. Clara Pabon-Salas better known to the students as Lita, is enjoying her year as an American Field Service student at GHS. Lita is our exchange student from Lima, Peru. She has already graduated from secondary school and will attend the famed University of San Marcos when she returns to Peru this summer. Lita's black hair, brown eyes and mis- chievous smile have become familiar to the students of the high school. Throughout the year she enter- tains many local organizations with her talks about her country. Upon being asked what she likes best about the USA she answers, "GHS basketball." R. Nelson, D. Loring, C. Gutder, C. Pabon, J. Gehring. Lita enjoys her Brazilian Friend Cesar's music talents. 62 world. 5 Roger and friends at Heidelberg at the Castle of Wienstubeschloss. This past year Galesburg High School sent one of its own students to Germany as an American Field Service Stu- dent. Roger Nelson spent the summer in Germany representing the USA. Roger spent his time with two diiferent families, one in Calw, the other in Munich. He took many beautiful slides of this country that he is now showing to various organizations through- out the community. Roger was chosen as an AFS student on the basis of his intelligence, warm personality and his ability to leave a lasting impression on all people with whom he comes in contact. F l 1 Lita's favorite meeting place is next to "Old Abe." The Nagold River running through Calw, Germany. This page sponsored by MEADOW GOLD 363 S. Kellogg MECHANICS HOMESTEAD dc LOAN 250 E. Main 63 The REFLECTUR stayjf works ham' t Linda Betsworth Jack Feldman Business Manager Sports Editor The Refiector staff is made up of some of the most dedicated and hard working students in the school. These individuals, under the expert direc- tion of the editor-in-chief, Barb Bronson, are faced with the responsibility of piecing together the Reflector in time to meet each deadline and of distributing it to the students. Members of the staff are faced with many difficult tasks. They sell advertisements to local firms who spon- sor the individual pages. Later, the staff mem- bers are divided, according to interests and abilities, into smaller staffs where they aid in the actual assembly of the yearbook. The assembly of a yearbook as large as the Reflector involves the dedication of a great deal of time to the many intricate processes and small details which are of such vital importance. As an end result of all of this work, the Refiector which is produced is well worth all of the time, effort and headaches that went into its making. l fa., 510- My-5 -.Y -..f.,v' 'tin' PW' . .51 .-K F Jane Anderson Cindy Lindquist Betsy Harris Activities Editor Sophomore Editor Junior Editor We have to sell more ads! Reflector meetings stir up wild ' if enthusiasm. y .,.. A yin -A we My 'l 1, .5 'TG' L4 Gary Levinson Assistant Photographer oduce a greatyearbook O I r X " ,.' fl -rv " 'fir ., , fi' ig- W Henry Wong Jan Gehring Becca Szerlong 1 Art Editor Copy Editor Layout Editor 1 " I ' , , gl Barb Bronson Editor-in-Chief Gregg Blankenship Photographer Kathleen Chambers Senior Editor Mr. Kenney Faculty Sponsor f id J' V , Xl 1 row. K. Chrisman, J. Grupe, S. Hegg, K. Abrahamson, M. Burgland, J. Proffer. Second row: S. Clark, J. Wilmot, K. Hardine Page, N. Buck, C. Barker. Third row: K. Thompson, L. Morris, D. Johnson, J. Augustson, K. Kleinkauf, B. Wicks. Fourth row Wilkins, G. Umbeck, S. Carlson, D. Sherwood, S. Carlson, R. Fritz, M. Peterson. This page sponsored by D 8a D AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP FIDELITY FEDERAL SAVINGS :Sc LOAN ASSN. 2192 Grand Main ac Cherry 65 343-1771 342-4184 fi N 'Qji INNO!!! Front row: L. Wong, C. Wilder, S. Grimes, C. Hans, B. Johnson, M. Massmgill M Engman Second row V Hartley P. Partin, J. Carter, J. Tucker, B. Conlon, J. Kirkpatrick, M. Trimble. Third row C Gibbs C Thompson P Pettit C Walberg, I. Abell, G. Anderson, S. Race. Fourth row: B. Moore, L. Zuck B Blake J Anderson T Courtney sophomore photographer, R. Hardine, M. Kane. Sophomores sell concessions The sophomore members of the Reflector staff have many important duties. To become members of the staff, they must submit applications stating Why they wish to work on the Reflector. From these appli- cations, members are selected on the basis of enthusi- asm and ability. In the fall, during football season, the sophomores work in the concession stands at the games. The proceeds are an important part of the financing of the Reflector. At a time of the year when everyone is busily working to organize the Reflectavue, the sophomores not only participate in the actual production, but also put up advertisements and sell tickets. Another common sight during the basketball season is the sophomores selling popcorn and cokes at the main hall concession stands. As you can see, the younger members of the Reflector staff are a vital part in the mechanism of this organization. From this group of eager sophomores will come the staff members and the editors for the coming years. This page sponsored by CHARLES S. GAMBLE MUSIC CO. 564 N. Henderson 342-4105 GALESBURG ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO., INC. 739 S. Henderson 343-4112 66 rt lub 23' a talented group ...Q '.Q.f.i..r 1. H' -' 1 - iv ..,, 1 . I' ' x f I . I O S. Ferguson, president, C. Alps, secretary, J. Pounds, vice-president rf-::-7 1 . , a" The 1966 Art Club is one of the most active groups around Galesburg High School. Under the direction of Mr. Crown, they fill the requests of many of the other organizations. They make posters advertising games, dances, and all sorts of social events. They make campaign posters for school elections. They even make signs for Reflector pictures. Art Club meetings are very noisy and very messy. Members are allowed to create whatever they want using almost any available material. Members of the Art Club represent some of the most talented students in the school. Examples of their work can be seen all over the school. The bulletin boards and display cases are full of art exhibits. Even the oflice has several interesting pieces on display. Art Club is certainly not all work and no play. Members have loads of fun working on projects. During the year they have many parties and take trips to observe other artists' works. The year is always climaxed by a fun-filled picnic. Art Club members perform a great service to the students and faculty. E T 5 Front row: R. Young, B. Simmons, T. Maupin, A. Carr, C. Alps, D. Hinkle, R. Randall. Second row: A. Hardine, J. Gray, 3. Campbell, K. Young, I. Ramsey, K. Cox, B. Olson, W. Smith. Third row: C. Lindquist, H. Wong, B. Crouse, P. Paisley, 5. Ferguson, J. Roberson, S. Doores, D. Larson, P. Swann, J. Lillie, P. Pickrel. Fourth row: D. Murray, K. Kleinkauf, C. Fennig, D. Griffith, S. Greenquist, G. Newburgh, B. Blake, J. Pounds, D. Phillips, R. Gifford. This page sponsored by GALESBURG ENGRAVING CO. GALESBURG GLASS CO. 47 E. Simmons 85 N. Broad 342-0317 342-1171 67 mfs Forum members donate tzme ez i i Front row: D. Gregg, M. Shearer, R. Berg S Ferguson A Alderman R Thompson Second row B Crouse M Pe Lewis, J. Vanier, R. Yates, C. Whetstine, I Anderson Third row B Dickerson R Lott P Olmstead J Kirkpatrick I C. Hawkinson, K. Cox. Fourth row: G. Maupin G Burgland S Johanson B Swanson T Newburgh F Harris C Whittom Membership of Boys' Forum consists of a boy from each advisory in the school. Like GSL the Boys' Forum goal is membership of every boy in the school. Through this organiza- tion the boys are informed of ac- tivities and projects of special interest to them. The elected advisory representatives form the vital link between the administration and the male members of the student body. The Boys' Forum donates funds to the various projects being carried on by other GHS organizations. They donate the flocked Christmas tree that the GSL cabinet members decorate for the school. They also sponsor the soft drink machines that are so very popular with the students. The Boys' Forum truly benefits the student body. 68 CZZEHZLS to the school . t, I ' :I :rl J., row: M. Sturgeon, T. Foster, J. Price, R. McLaughlin, S. Nelson, S. Hoffman. Second row: D. Traif, B. Hick, S. Reischling, wartz, N Louderman, D. Downard. Third row: G. Levinson, L. Finley, D. Priest, J. Chase, J. Schlaf, D. Shafer, D. Johnson. row: M. Doores, D. Imler, J. Anderson, J. Buckner, J. Cooke, D. Wood, M. Grane. 3:20 means Pepsi time! This page sponsored by LANE'S GLASS CO. LUKE'S 18 W. Main Skelgas Westinghouse 342-2915 45 S. Prairie Bob Jaspcrson President of Boys' Forum 69 ep ,Club supports the team g Front row: P. Padilla, C. Stone, R. Connour, S. Rose, L. McGee, B. Szerlong. Second row: T. Slaughter, K. Yourison, P. C. Gregg, J. Hawkinson, L. McGarry, M. Roberts. Third row: D. Baumgartner, L. Erickson, M. Wessels, B. Reams, J. G. Wagher, K. Hardine. Fourth row: L. Wright, D. Litvin, T. Blaine, B. Menke, T. Childers, D. Peck, M. Hunsley, R. Pep Club is another all school organization. Although each ad- visory elects a representative, membership is open to anyone who wants it. The purpose of this organization is to increase students' interest in GHS competitive sports. With purchase of a Pep Club membership card a student is allowed reduced rates on all buses to the out of town games and to the Pep Club after game dance. Pep Club works closely with many other GHS organizations to promote school spirit. Pep Club representatives help raise funds by selling Silver Streaks banners and pins. This business is really good during tournament time. Of course, those terribly noisy pep assemblies are planned and sponsored by the Pep Club. Another important duty of this group is to sup- port the cheerleaders by helping the students learn the cheers. B. Sanville, S. Norris, S. Doores, J. Nyman Front row: T. Stebor, R. Christy, B. Conlon, P. Partin, Y. Jones, S. Davison, T. Curtis. Second row: D. Hawthorne, C. Fenni D. Underwood, J. Ferguson, S. Salford, J. Stanley, J. Kalb. Third row: T. Webber, J. Slromson, D. Nichols, V. Lopeman, C. Ream A. Carr, M. Yelm, C. Fundenburger. Fourth row: L. Morris, P. Lundeen, L. Grieme, J. Menke, F. Archer, J. Huff, B. Buswell, Augustson. .si it i tickets are real bargains! row: C. Lashbrook, B. Allen, S. Wetherbee, V. Barragan, L. Snarr, P. McCullough, M. Engman. Second row: N. Butts, C. M. Morris, J. Kirkpatrick, C. Erickson, B. Moore, D. Scott. Third row: D. Sanville, B. Foster, P. Pico, B. Yaw, J. Tucker, Hunter, P. Rednour, J. Johnson. Fourth row: M. Hannan, K. Hardine, P. Bohan, M. Beckham, D. Wood, K. Swanson, T. Peterson, Dahl, K. McLaughlin, C. Wallace. Ok Miss Brock, take it! At the beginning of each year, students are given the opportunity to buy a Student Activity Association card. This card entitles the student to admission and reserved seats at home basketball and football games. In this organization, a student representative is elected in each advisory to bring news of the Student Activity Asso- ciation to the student body. An SAA card also entitles students to all editions of the Budget and a copy of the Reflector. Susi Brock and Mr. Lentz work hard to provide the school with interesting and educational assemblies. As is quite evident, an SAA card is a real bargain! Front row: K. Randell, D. Hinkle, A. Coleman, J. Gray, R. Hanson, J. Anderson, P. Padilla. Second row: J. Ramsey, M. McNeair, C Norris, J. Grone, J. Bondi, C. Campbell. Third row: K. Tribbey, R. Yates, M. Wessels, C. Deppe, D. Larson, J. Gardner, K. Yourison. Fourth row: M. Shearer, J. Bennett, S. Fogel, B. Lindstrom, B. Swanson, C. Carman, J. Kreps, B. Cills. 71 udget stajjf compiles bi-montlzl Tom Aldrich Editor-in-Chief Every two weeks, seventh period class is inter- rupted by the arrival of the Budgets. Class work is forgotten as the students begin to catch up on the latest news. The Budget staff, under the excellent leadership of Tom Aldrich, has pro- vided Galesburg High School with an accurate and up-to-date newspaper for many years. The com- piling of a newspaper every two weeks involves a great deal of hard work. The wide variety of articles contained in the Budget makes it neces- sary for a large staff to labor for many hours. The Budget dedicates itself to bring school news to all members of the student body. Budget edi- torials are written on many controversial and provocative topics. From time to time, there is even a guest editorial. The sports page records the news of the latest Silver Streaks victory. Another interesting feature is the interview sec- tion. In this section, students are allowed to give their own opinions of amusing subjects. In order to finance the Budget, staff members sell ads to local businesses. This page sponsored by HALPERN'S HAWTHORNE DRUG 137 E. Main 15 E. Main 72 Doug Youngren Jack Feldman Kevin Cox Managing Editor Associate Editor News Editor swf ff- 'nk V - -I , 457' . ' l uf A N V U, - ,,. .-.z' Janice Patterson Dave Hicks Karen McLaughlin Feature Editor Sports Editor Activities Editor It must be a new game. i wspalber F5-'A f" ,-3 r- i. F "' . n ' .F l . ,i :,V y 5 i , .-2.-if ' ,- 'Ap f f"': .,"' ,.A. Alf' Nw f ' gf? , ' 1 AL, , E, ' 5 .5 Baumgartner Linda Betsworth Cheryl Drake Chuck Carman Dave Litvin Mani er Business Mana er Exchan e Editor La out Editor La out Editor S S g Y Y -. Rick Hansen Mr. Skyles Mr. Lentz Now listen, Janice, you're only an editor! Photographer Facility Sponsor Faculty Mechanical Advisor 4 1 e L row: M. Johnson, M. Papke, S. Smith, K. Abrahamson, C. Lindquist, C. Barker. Second row: R. Young, D. Dalton, M. Sults, Hurst, R. McLaughlin, J. Donaldson, T. Hillier. Third row: H. Hawkins, A. Colville, B. Buswell, D. Moberg, M. Peck, P. Lundeen, Umbeck, D. Thierry, E. Dowdy. Fourth row: B. Davidson, T. Peterson, T. Blaine, B. Swanson, M. Maring, D. Sherwood, M. , F. Bloom, R. Fritz. Front row: T. Aldrich, R. Nelson, J. Lillie, S. Doores, N. Bumstead, S. Ballard, D. Stegall. Second row: C. Hawkinson, E M. Michelson, R. Fritch, T. Bowling, D. Moberg, H. Hawkins. 1 ami. ' A ,. l f Tl I "f ., -. lf. V i , H K Id Q If , Q I , X Y I . A reams .533 ear STP it rea f K fl i ' I X Membership in the National Honor Society is a goal for all i serious minded students at GHS. Membership is limited to junior and senior students with a grade average of a "B" or above. Students must have also participated actively in 1 extracurricular activities. The National Honor Society stresses moral standards as well as scholastic excellence. Only students who rate high in both areas are admitted to the society. The National Honor Society induction cere- mony is a very beautiful and moving spectacle. Students who have been members of this honorary society for two years are clothed in white caps and gowns. Behind them march the small number of juniors that are to be inducted. Each year the two sophomores with the highest grade average are given the privilege of escorting the NHS members to their seats. During the induction the members are asked to repeat an oath dedicating themselves to character, scholar- ship, leadership and service. A banquet is held for the members and their parents. NHS pins are also available to the members. NHS president, Steve Ballard This page sponsored by DEETS REALTY AND INS. DAVIS FOOD STORE 741 N. Henderson Grand Ave. 177 E. Simmons 1621 N. Henderson 74 S stresses character, sereie Tu row: R. Gilson, D. Baumgartner, J. Robinson, J. Winicker, M. Johnson, G. Zumwalt, P. Gamble. Second row: A. Jagow, rner B D L Betsworth S Safford HT' tl " Q Vjijii '. tri, 1 , T9-S QP N r. Kb li ii f na' sclzolarslzzlb. Dale Moberg Roger Nelson Susan Doores Ray Fritscli Merit Mnners In March of each year members of the junior class take the Na- tional Merit Scholarship Qualifying Tests. Out of the large number of students who take the tests only a small percentage qualify as semi-finalists. Both Roger Nelson and Dale Moberg are still in the competition for these scholarships while many other Galesburg High School students received honorable mention. The final winners of the National Merit Scholarships are an- nounced in the spring of each year. Congratulations are in order to both Roger and Dale for the high level of scholastic excellence which they have achieved. DAR ana' SAR Each year two Galesburg High School students receive awards for leadership, patriotism and scholarship. This year's winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award is Susan Doores, and the winner of the Sons of the American Revolu- tion Citizenship Award is Ray Fritsch. Both Susan and Ray take part in a wide variety of activities in the school. Award winners are selected by the GHS faculty on the basis of scholar- ship. patriotism, and leadership. Along with this award goes the responsibility of living up to the high ideals they symbolize. 75 1-3 ' ff Front row: J. Anderson, S. Weaver, J. Robinson, D. Hinkle. Second row: T. Bowling, D. Sandburg, T. Aldrich, R. Nelson, R. Gifford. Thespians signw the best Membership in the Thespians is a goal for all Galesburg High School students seriously inter- ested in dramatics. Thespians is a national honorary organization designed to give special recognition to high school students with un- usual talent in dramatics. This includes singing, all types of speech, and, of course, acting. A student becomes a member of this rw' r organization by invitation only. Because of this fact the membership is kept very small. Any student who has been accepted as a Thespian has received a very high honor as well as a great responsibility. Members must stand for all of the best in dramatic excellence. The student body is continually aware of the high quality of talent represented by this organ- ization in the forms of entertainment they produce. This page sponsored by GEORGE'S MEN'S WEAR 54 S. Seminary 343-2618 DOM'S SPORTING GOODS 700 S. Seminary 343-8988 President of National Thespians, Roger Nelson 76 Front row: R. Gilford, President. Second row: T. Bowling, Historian, T. Aldrich, Publicity, S. Weaver, Vice-President, S. Brock, Secretary-Treasurer. An extremely large and well-known organiza- tion at Galesburg High is Stage Call. The members of Stage Call are students who have participated in or have actively helped to stage a performance. Membership of Stage Call is determined by a point system. Par- ticipants are awarded points for each job they do, and they are inducted in to the organ- ization when they have accumulated enough points. Each year they spend a day touring Chicago and climax it with a stage play in the evening. Students are not on this trip solely to observe techniques of famous actors and actresses. Among the club's other ac- tivities are the selling of student directories, sponsoring of an after game dance, and bake sales to raise funds. The year is climaxed by one of the largest and most elaborate banquets that are given at Galesburg High School during the year. Curtain goes up an Stage all H row: P. Nelson, S. Riggs, R. Miller, C. Ericson, A. lrwin. Second row: P. Gamble, D. Hicks, J. Hurst, J. Robinson, M. Papke, mkle. Third row: J. Anderson, K Thompson, K. McLaughlin, D. Sandberg, P. Gliessman, R. Nelson, J. Meldrum, B. Moore. row: J. Armstrong, J. Patterson, J. Graham, H. R. Bohman, D. Youngren, T. Johnson, S. Lohmar, R. Fritz, R. Bartlett. .f This page sponsored by W. T. GRANT CO. HEART'S JEWELERS 225 E. Main Huge Assortment of Class Rings 342-0158 316 E. Main 77 ebaters talk way into wins - . Q? r 7. , Y- -.f W-T . 7 7, Q I tiffglui Ig 5' : , Magi vf 1 Front row: M. Ruedig, 'D. Traff, R. McLaughlin, T. Bowling, I. Phillips. Second row: B. rl jill I lip Yaw, R. Lott, C. Carman, R. Nelso F. Kimble, R. Elliot. Third row: K. Young, M. Fox, M. Peck, J. Carmody, M. Hunter, E. Ubben, D. Osborn, J. Pounds. Another of the many competitive organizations at Galesburg High School is Debate. Unlike other clubs in the school, Debate involves a great deal of detailed study and hard work. Members are expected to accumulate a file of reference cards that is large enough to completely and accurately cover the topic under debate. They are able to take a controversial subject, state their opinions, and give proof to back up each argument. The two debate squads travel all over the state of Illinois to debate their topic. The goal of all high school debaters is a place in the state rating following the tournament rounds. Under the direction of the debate coach, Mr. Beck, students learn the valuable art of talking in front of large audiences. The students also have the opportunity to enter the other public speaking contests which emphasize extemporaneous speaking. In con- nection with the Debate Club, Mr. Beck offers a course in debate to a limited number of interested students. Both the debate course and the Debate Club are well worth the time and effort they require. This page sponsored by GALESBURG DUNSWORTH SHEET METAL WORKS BOOK 8C STATIONERS 237 E. Tompkins 220 E. Main 343-1136 342-2718 F. Kimble, B. Yaw, C. Carman, J. Carmody, E. Ubb 78 J. Nyman, S. Harshberger .V .Xl Soezezy members enjoy hikes row P Nelson M Massingill M Johnson, S. Janes, B. Sanville, L. Ewing, D. Inman, A. Irwm D Hinkle Second row R I Aleshire J Kirkpatrick B Augustson, N. Wright, N. Buck, P. Wilkerson, I. Higareda, B Hrles K Lotz Third row Papke J Johnson N lcenogle K Cox, R. Lott, B. Buswell, J. Lillie, B. Colburn, L. Fields, R. Magee Fourth row G Graham Gerstner S Hendricks D Youngren, N. Stegall, B. Weaver, R. Fritz, M. Michelson, L. Dosing B Canada This page sponsored by CANTON CAFE CANADA DRY BO'I'I'LlNG CO Main at Grand 1538 Monmouth Blvd. 343-6319 342-4914 H. Bowman, S. Clark, D Moberg M Johnson The members of the Pasteur Society form one of the most active and worthwhlle orgamzations in the school. Their yearly program cons1sts of a wide variety of activ1t1es The Pasteur Society meetings are educational as well as fun Many well known speakers entertaln the students with talks about subjects of special mterest Mem ' bers work on special projects and Submlt the1r efforts to the science fair with hopes of wmning awards. The students also lend their support to the Elroy Smith Science Award In this organization the members are encouraged to ques tion and to find answers One of the h1ghllghtS of the year for Pasteur SOCICIY members 1S the field trip. At this time the students retreat to a secluded area and study nature Front row: P. Nelson, D. Root, M. Koch, M. Gross, B. Bernier, P. Smith, A. Delawder. Second row: B. Harris, L. I. Waller, C. Carlson, D. Pecsi, J. Anderson, A. Bessera, K. Chambers. Third row: S. Hegg, L. Morris, V. Jones, J. C. Norris, J. Lillie, P. Pickrel, M. Heckel. Fourth row: J. Wilmot, J. McLaren, L. Wilkins, M. Hinchman, C. Tabone, Napier, C. Ericson, N. Morehead, K. Kleinkauf, J. Reveles. Eg' GSL cyjhs eveiythingjiom Front row: J. Chapman, N. Gollehur, J. Tribbey, S. Stripe, J. Hurst, S. McOlgan, J. Wessels, C. Pattison. Second row: Anderson, I. Emery, B. Cherrington, C. Conroy, N. Hawkins, J. Brown, L. Shaw, B. Roberts. Third row: J. Henning, P. G. Barton, L. Zuck, P. Minnie, V. Gregg, T. Strange, M. Walker. Fourth row: C. Nelson, C. Johnson, V. Lopeman, S. L. Mathews, E. Weaver, V. Appell, P. Kendall, C. Clay, J. Gardner. This page sponsored by PURITY BAKING COMPANY PRUDENTIAL INS. CO. OF AMERICA 30 240 S. Chambers 799 N. Henderson 343-1712 343-2164 Shick aren't they? j , The Girls Service League is one of the most active or- ganizations in the school. Membership is open to all girls who wish to join. Each advisory sends a repre- sentative to the cabinet meetings so that news of cur- rent activities can be passed on to everyone as rapidly as possible. The GSL year is begun with a style show introducing the new students to proper attire for school and for social events. GSL sponsors the Pigskin Prance, which is the first after-game dance of the season. Through GSL the students of Galesburg High School sponsor the education of a Korean girl, Ki Myung. Girls are invited to participate in the decorating of the iiocked Christmas tree and the packaging of homemade cookies for the nursing homes. Work begins in February for the GSL banquet which is held in May. Over a hundred girls serve on the different planning committees. The GSL banquet is a beautiful and exciting highlight for the year's activities. We show If0 cz banquet S. Riggs, J. Gehring, B. Bohan, Miss Ryin, faculty advisor, P. Gamble. Jody Lillie models for GSL style show. This page sponsored by SCANDIA SCHWARZ BROTHERS BAKERY Sc LUNCH MFG. CO. 326 E. Main 584 E. Brooks 343-9396 342-5814 l 8 1 FTA plans Christmas box supper si if i X vw to ' 5 ,1l,'. ' l :L , 4 , l ' ..l. Front row: L. Wong, M. Massingill, J. Wessels, S. Wetherbee, C. Watts, S. Janes, M. Engman. Second row: S. Light, M. T J. Turpin, B. Hiles, C. Hans, L. A'Hearn, B. Hall. Third row: N. Jones, C. Watson, L. Aelberg, C. Thompson, V. Darrah, K. G. Shane, R. Hampton. The Future Teachers of America enjoy an educational as well as interesting variety of activities during the year. During the Christmas season FTA held a large party to which the members brought their own box suppers. The plans for the year include several parties and picnics. The annual FTA banquet is a gayly decorated and fun-filled social event that is enjoyed by all who attend it. Many well known educators are invited to attend the meetings and advise the members in matters concerning the teaching profes- sion. K. Thompson, president: S. Smith, vice-president, V. Hender- son, recording secretaryg S. Spires, treasurer, S. Salford, cor- responding secretary. Front row: R. Costin, C. Wilder, J. Petrie, S. Steck, J. Proffer, S. Molburg. Second row: L. Rowley, N. Icenogle, N. Buck, Carlson, J. McGrew, P. Buck, E. Gardner. Third row: L. Wessels, D. Dalton, J. Page, G. Rexroat, F. Hallam, N. Wier, L. Field D. Reem. Fourth row: R. Fritsch, C. Chase, R. Linroth, T. Bowling, R. Bjorkquist, A. Odell, J. Patterson, C. Reams, L. Trai mr - i 'fi a E 'il t - .- ' 1' A S sg How does it taste? Latin Club members form one of the school's busiest organizations. Membership is, of course, limited to students of Latin. They even have a typical Roman slate of officers complete with a Caesar and a Calpurnia. The Latin Club after- game dance is a much anticipated annual event. At this time, Caesar is carried in by slaves and also receives a shower of iiowers from his sub- jects. In the spring of each year the Latin Club holds a large banquet as do many other school organizations. Romans recline and eat their food in the typical fashion, with their fingers! First year students, the slaves, wait on the patricians. The highlight of the evening is the program in which each class presents a Roman skit which usually depicts modern situations as they would have appeared in the time of Caesar. Latin Loop-de-Loop is a success. i v 1 is row: E. Gardner, P. Pettit, K. McLaughlin, D. Shaver. Second row: K. Abrahamson, S. Janes, D. Johnson, Crisman, R. Gilson, S. Molburg. Third row: T. Bowling, C. Carlson, G. Umbeck, M. Baumgartner, R. F. Hallam, N. Wier, J. Petrie. Fourth row: W. Hepburn, C. Hawkinson, B. Yaw, B. Maring, H. Hawkins, J. Hurst, D. Kirk. This page sponsored by LAWRENCE D. JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY Fidelity Building 342-4181 or 343-8839 S. Hendricks, secretar -treasurer' Y , Chambers, presidentg M. Michelson, vice president. German Club members are in for another great year. Under the direction of this year's president, Kathleen Chambers, and of the sponsors, Miss Lindahl and Mr. Reuter, the German Club has planned an interesting program. Speakers who have visited Germany are often invited to attend the meetings and to talk and show slides of this country. Club gatherings are designed to be edu- cational as well as enjoyable so that the students will truly benelit from membership in this organi- zation. This year's German Club after-game dance, the Fraulein Frolic, was a hugh success among Galesburg High School students. A newly added attraction for German Club members is the spring German banquet. It is the hope of the students that this will become a tradition at Gales- burg High School. As in the other language or- ganizations, membership is restricted to students who 'study the given language. erman lub gives mulezn rolzc :Pei Front row: M. Norton, M. Papke, S. Smith, K. Chambers I Gehrmg A Coleman C Alps Second row A Unsicker G P. Gamble, C. Norris, J. Robinson, B. Colburn, L. Wessels N Buck R Mott Third row S Shihey J Augustson R Watters, T. Blaine, D. DeVoss, D. Hicks. Fourth row: B Swanson S Hendricks C Olson S Carlson S Lohmar M B. Hepburn, M. Imhoff, K. Colwell. This page sponsored by STEAK N SHAKE TEMPLETON ROOFING CO 981 E. Main 43 S Academy 343-9538 342 2195 84 row: S. Parkinson, C. Barker, B. Johnson, T. Curtis, K. Palmer, P. Marvelli. Second row: P. McCullough, B. Conlon, B. Foster, C. Carlson, L. Ewing. Third row: M. Qualls, C. Hilligoss, S. Spires, J. Earley, D. Swanson, M. Ferguson, K. Fourth row: L. Trail, M. Walsh, N. Downard, C. Apt, W. Pillsbury, C. Thompson, C. Clay, C. Fundenberger. ranch Club sponsors dance . . -.1 ARE A noon LOOK AT FRANCE tg D. Munson, secretary-trcasurerg B Curtis, president. 5 PE 1 Foster, vice-presidentg Tami The progressive dinner is becoming an annual event for members of the French Club. This year the dinner was held a few days before the Christ- mas holidays. It was complete down to the last detail with a wide variety of delicious foods and even a Santa Claus who spoke French. The club meetings of this organization often center around interesting guest speakers. Slides and pictures which accompany these lectures are enjoyed by all who attend. The French Club after-game dance to celebrate the Streaks' spectacular victory over Rock Island was appropriately titled Rock Island on the Rocks. This organization of students of the French language is again sponsored by Miss Lindahl and Mr. Turner. Together with this year's president, Tami Curtis, they are attempting to make French Club an interesting and enjoyable experience for all of the students who participate in this activity. This page sponsored by O. T. JOHNSON CO. 125 E. Main 343-21 12 85 Spanish Club erjoysfiesta The Spanish Club members are an alert 'Y Q ' 'ji ' 1' W i and fun loving group. They offer many ' ' 1 " ip 5 y lg educational and entertaining activities to students of Spanish. In the fall of each .- . 1 . ' year they have a fiesta in which only " it spanish food is served. During the Christmas holidays they carol for the hospitals and nursing homes. The Span- L ish Club after-game dance is another activity eagerly anticipated by all students. Also during the course of the year, they are given opportunities to hear talks and to see slides of the Spanish speaking countries. One of the main goals of the Spanish Club members is to be admitted into the Spanish National Honor Society. Only students with special interests in the field and high grades are admltted Into SNHS' M. Peterson, vice-presidentg K. Smith, secretaryg P. Wilkerson, treas- urerg G. Showers, president. iyi " 5? J if x li Front row: D. Hinkle, I. Higareda, R. Magee, J. Reveles, B. Hiles, P. Alfaro. Second row: M. Koch, V. Barragan, G. Rexroa1 J. Bell, K. Lotz, J. Donaldson. Third row: T. Webber, S. Ponce, G. Shane, L. Grreme, J. Gardner, V. Gregg, L. A'Hearn. Fourtl row: J. Ponce, L. Wright, J. Smith, B. Rosenberg, D. Turner, P. Gliessman. This page sponsored by SHANE Kc SHOWERS SHOES SINCLAIR OIL 153 E. Main Fourth at Holton 86 342-6712 343-9183 FHA gives hristmas Coffee, tea or milk? 1 5 row: M. Koch, J. Livingston, N. Johnson, G. Leon, Miss Schwarz. Second row: N. Neubauer, C. Saul, D. Root, G. Pearson. row: S. McClure, J. Page, M. Hinchman, P. Carlson, S. Langenbahn. tea FHA is a service organization in every sense of the word. Members of the Future Homemakers of America are called upon to help plan refresh- ments for all of the major dances as well as for the GSL tea. These girls who are skilled in menu planning often suggest tasty and nutri- tious snacks for after school meetings. During the holiday season the Future Homemakers present the hospitals with hand made favors for the trays of the patients. They also give a tea for the students, the faculty and the public a few days before school is out for Christmas vacation. The Sweetheart Swirl, the year's only turnabout dance, is one of the main projects of the Future Homemakers of America. This spring dance is a favorite of all girls. This page sponsored by WILKINSON'S OFFICE SUPPLY W. A. JORDAN 107 E. Main Red at White Food Stores 343-3101 342-6117 Danny Murphy, president The Future Farmers of America organization is an intra-curricular part of the agriculture program. FFA offers many activities to agriculturally-minded boys. Each year they hold a parent and son banquet which is eagerly anticipated by all concerned. Another highlight of the year is the all day field trip which members of the organization take to observe new and effective farming methods. The boys are en- couraged to participate in the various stock judging contests. These contests, which are held at the Uni- versity of Illinois, give the boys the opportunity to become acquainted with the state school. The Future Farmers of America sends delegates to the State and National Agricultural Conventions and also partici- pates in the public speaking events. Unlike many other organizations the Future Farmers of America are seriously studying in this field. It is not an or- ganization for fun only. The boys are learning the business that will become their life's work. FFA teaches agricultural skzlls fair? 'M 14 Front row: A. Leath, sentinelg M. Watters, vice-presidentg T. Johnson secretary D Freberg L Johnson J Smith L Lucas treasurerg D. Stegall, D. Murphy, presidentg Mr. Dunn. Second row D Strom T Hoffman G Abbott J Squire B Peters R. Chasteen, T. Reams, R. Woolsey, B. Stanley, T. Guenther, T Underwood R Calhoon Third row D Tipton B Olmger B. Burger, D. Bledsoe, B. Hendricks, J. Sherwood, E. Adams, S. Tenhoaf B Ghdfelter S Pouche J Powell 88 mfs learn manual skills The Industrial Arts Club, which is still a new or- The Industrial Arts Club produces beautiful pieces ganization at Galesburg High School is continuing its of metal and wood work. This is both an educational popularity. The boys are encouraged to enter their and "fun" club. In this organization, boys learn skills projects in regional and state handicraft contests. that can be used for life. I row: S. Tolle, R. Gothenborg, R. Berg, D. McCormick, J. Wixforth, B. Gibbs, B. Watson. Second row: T. Zielke, T. Wisshack, Johnson, L. Rosine, D. Kuhn, D. Randell, T. Carlson. Third row: Mr. Lentz, J. Powell, T. Johnson, L. Banks, S. Ritter, G. L. Watson, Mr. Baylor. Fourth row: J. Farris, J. Huff, D. Knox, A. Puckett, G. Owen, T. Golden, R. Baughman. rf!! gfJ4 l .a Tlze unsung heroes 0 GH 'ront row: J. Hinkson, B. Carlson, R. Young. Second row: O. Allen, M. Johnson, P. Rupert, G. Blackledge Cl-lead-operatorj. Third row: C. Chase, R. Wiley, B. Kemper, Wixforth. Some of the unsung heroes of Galesburg Senior High School are the members of the visual aids department. They are continu- ally scurrying through the halls to transport projectors and to deliver films. They are called upon for all types of emergen- cies imaginable. They also provide classrooms with records relating to the material that is being studied. This page sponsored by HASKINS ELECTRIC 120 W. Main 342-1917 or 343-1259 89 The students of Galesburg Senior High School owe a great debt to the librarians. The members of this dedicated group donate their study hall periods to help Mr. Flickinger in the library. Their duties are many and varied. The primary duty of the librarians is to handle the check-out desk. They check on library numbers and assign numbers to those students who do not already have them. The librarians are kept busy straightening and . . shelving the books. Part of their duties include number- ZTZQS. 6 ing and checking the new books to be put on the shelves. ig They keep track of the many periodicals that are on display in the center of the room itself. Members of this ' ' group take a special course in library science before they T C 0 are allowed to begin actual work in the library. Thus a trained librarian is on hand at all times to help the student body. a b 0 0 Front row: P. Price, D. Eaves, S. Rose, N. Lince, J. Elam. Second row: V. Stromberg, L. Arnold, B. Reams, C. Borth, D. Isherwood. Third row: M. Greenstreet, G. Hoots, B. Murk, L. MCG:-irry, D. Logsdon. During the basketball season the Usher- X , i C f V ettes provide a great service to the T public. They are strategically stationed throughout the entire gym area to direct spectators to their seats. The Usherettes are members of the junior and senior leadership classes who are willing to donate their time to help the townspeople of Galesburg. The girls rotate the nights in which they usher so each girl may have her chance to act as a spectator. Each girl is assigned to a specific part of the 5 '1'-:ii at . gym area so that she may become well A O acquainted with seating arrangement. The V, U, Usherettes are the pretty girls in the 3.fh5A jifk' bright gold vests that stand eager and L 3 ff ' , ' willing to give aid to confused newcomers A L 4 to Galesburg High's Silver Streaks basket- I ball games. Front row: P. Nelson, B. Szerlong, B. Colburn, V. Gregg, A. Johanson, D. Reem, B. Hall. Second row: M. Papke, J. Grupe, S. Heg K. Crisman, B. Carlson, M. McNeair, D. Murray, L. Fields. Third row: S. Norris, B. Foster, G. Umbcck, M. Baumgartncr, J. Patteg son, K. McLaughlin, L. Morris, C. Fennig, R. Mims. i J e i -it A .sf l'14'!,f I ' ' N 'frm ll 49' A Front row: S. Boehcher, R. Mims, C. Carlson, V. Stromberg, C. Borth, C. Pascoe, A. Wingo, S. Guardalabene. Second row: L. Snarr, M. Norton, J. Northrup, B. Carlson, L. Ziegenhorn, D. Dalton, S. Cassens, J. Stanley, S. Rose. Third row: C. Ericson, C. Pettit, C. Hull, J. Theobald, L. Morris, C. Tabone, B. Adams, V. Chivers, C. Powell, E. Denly. Fourth row: D. Arnett, C. Stegall, A. Nelson, B. Nelson, M. Greenstreet, F. Archer, B. Murk, C. Hughes, L. Arnold, J. Chance, N. Morehead. ,1 A l R i 'i Front row: D. Hinklc, S. Harshbarger, L. King, J. Hix. Second row: D. Allensworth, G. Burglancl, D. Kelley, F. Hallam. Third row: S. Hendricks, J. Carmody, G. Showers, D. Blake. In each chemistry class there are two seniors who act as lab assistants. They arc selected from the previous year's chemistry students on the basis of interest and ability. During lecture sessions they 'help take attendance, but during lab periods their work really begins. It is their duty to help students with their experimentation and keep the students continually aware of the necessity for safety precautions. The lab assistants perform many services that are of great help to the teachers. They help mix the many solutions needed in this type of course and also measure and weigh some of the solids. The lab assistants keep the chemical llasks and the distilled water bottles full. The hard working lab assistants are a great help to students and teachers alike. This page sponsored by GALESBURG BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Quality Ready Mixed Concrete 600 E. Main 342-4155 Part of the eiliciency of the oflice work of GHS is a result of the work of the student monitors. These students give up their study halls to devote themselves to helping the members of the ollice staff and the administration. Monitors are con- tinually on duty answering telephone calls and collecting attendance slips. However, their duties do not end here. Monitors help to check on tardies and absenses as well as run all necessary errands. These students willingly act as guides to all visitors and offer their services to all who need assistance. onate time and talent t0 school. 91 Q15 in Streakjackezfs win ame . - A .,, ,. .fe Q r . .,. 1 Y " f -' 4 : . 2: - - 4 V -s VL: f A I, gm, V .. it P Front row: M. Lewis, M. Davison, B. Crouse, T. Enes, R. Crandall, B. Davison, D. Levene, C. Apt. Second row: T. D. Stegall, B. Haraldson, M. Peterson, S. Ferguson, R. Fritsch, J. Ponce, R. Munson. Third row: H. Wong, M. Plank, S. C. Colwell, C. Whittom, L. Watters, R. Goedeke, P. Paisley, G. Blackledge. Fourth row: M. Michelson, G. Burgland, G. B. Swanson, T. Newburgh, B. Menke, D. Boyd, T. Webber, J. Vanier. The "G" Club is made up of boys who have won varsity letters in any of the many sports offered at GHS. "G" Club members are in charge of the coat check at all home basketball games so that they may ac- cumulate the valuable points that they need to merit free admittance to the spring parent banquet. "G" Club members are often seen selling score cards and pencils at both football and basketball games as a money raising project for their organization. Funds that are raised are applied toward the purchasing of new equipment for the athletic department. D. Allensworth, vice-president, D. Kelly, treasurer, B Jasperson, secretary, P. Nyman, president. Front row: D. Downard, M. Roitburd, M. Tate, D. Bloom, B. Dickerson, T. Coziahr, T. Foster, S. Hoffman. Second row: P. Chris- tiansen, D. Hebenstriet, C. Pico, D. Nichols, B. Doyle, K. Bowles, T. Hillier, H. Schroeder. Third row: B. Watt, P. Gustafson, T Peterson, G. Johnson, T. Timmons, S. Knuth, T. Stewart, A. Stevens, J. Cato. Fourth row: L. Wright, H. Hawkins, D. Lipskyl J. Buckner, T. Childers, D. Sherwood, B. Weaver, J. Kreps, T. Blaine. ri et 9 Q .il .-i a . if -nl, 1 an ri 5 E, 1 t . , ii . .1 it .ix inflii Q31 Fx .-'2-. A ll.. . ' V ' ll? ii 3 Leaders lzegb out PE. teachers rv? l row: S. Brock, D. Hmkle, A. Irwin, P. Slaughter, C. Stone, B. Wood, I. Hlgaredo, P. Gamble, R. Gilson, J. Taylor. Second M. Koch, J Robinson, C. Norris, K. Chambers, L. King, C. Carlson, C. Drake, A. Hardine, G. Zumwalt, P. Padilla. row: M. Johnson, S. Clark, A. Nelson, V. Stromberg, J. Whalen, B. Colburn, B. Carlson, D. Larson, P. Pickrel, N. Bloomberg, Sanville, J. Winicker. Fourth row: .l. Lillie, M. Hinchman, L. Betsworlh, B. Reams, D. Blake, B. Murk, S. Doores, M. Walsh, Sornberger, P. Hilligoss, L. Wilkins, K. Yourisen. l VS f -if -51- Let's drop it and try again! The Senior Leaders are a group of senior girls who have participated in a year of detailed study so that they may assist the teachers in the instruction of gym classes. In their junior year, the girls attend a special class that em- phasizes the rules of the important sports. The Senior Leaders have many duties. They lead all of the regular gym classes in their daily exer- cises. In the actual sports events, the Senior Leaders act as oliicials. However, they are required to take the same tests as the other classes. The Senior Leaders, the girls in the green shorts and white blouses, are often seen helping girls improve their athletic skills. Every few weeks, the Senior Leaders rotate classes so they may become acquainted with stu- dents in all classes and with the sports partic- ular to each section. The Senior Leaders are representative of the most athletically skilled girls in Galesburg High School. This page sponsored by PARKWAY RESTAURANT 1223 N. Henderson 343-9621 93 To kick off every year the Girls Athletic Associa- tion holds a fun night that is restricted to girls only. At this party, sophomore and new girls are introduced to this organization. The purpose of GAA is to give girls an opportunity to participate in competitive sports outside of formal gym classes. GAA functions on a point system. 'The girls attend and participate in the sports events as well as help with other related projects in order to win enough points to merit awards. A girl need not be unusually athletic to join GAA. She need only have enthusiasm and an interest in sports. This organi- zation offers a wide variety of activities through- out the entire school year. GAA girls participate in outdoor sports as long as the weather permits and then move indoors for winter activities. Basketball and volleyball are among the favorites of the members. The Girls Athletic Association provides the female half of the GHS student body with an enjoyable means of recreation and also with a chance to become better acquainted with other girls. GAA girls stayjit Competition at its best Front row: S. Stripe, D. Hinkle, S. Clark, secretaryg J. Lillie, M. Walsh, presidentg M. Hinchman, treasurerg R. Gilson vice president B. Hall. Second row: M. Johnson, B. Foster, D. Dalton, V. Stomberg, A. Johanson, B. Colburn, C. Behrents, M Morris D Gardner A. Delawder. Third row: J. Brouillette, C. Pillsbury, V. Henderson, N. Clay, L. Greime, P. Sornberger, S Doores C Wallace J. Winicker, A. I-Iardine. This page sponsored by 94 MCDONALD'S DRIVE IN 1100 N. Henderson 'fn f 1 '. , V' ' x E .2 QP' 112 4. W Lv 'viii il 17 I ,1 . .f-V' K 1rJ 19 m f 'iff V1 2:54, - ,.-I x F n M .r f 5 X. , al .J ,r 1 Bottoms up' The Streakettes are the female gymnastics team of Galesburg Senior High School. Their performances are eagerly anticipated by people in the surrounding area. They perform for many different organizations throughout the state. During half time of several basket- ball games they go through their graceful routines for the entertainment of both students and adults. The Streakettes' act in the Re- ilectavue, Motion in Blue, was a good example of the precision work that they do. This act consists of a series of gymnastic stunts set to music. Under the direction of Mrs. Rosine these girls practice long and hard to reach the perfection that they desire. Not only does an activity of this sort require skill and coordination, it also necessitates strict discipline and cooperation from the girls. The Streakettes are another of the athletic organizations of which the students and the faculty of Galesburg High School are exceedingly proud. oungf girls practice tumblmg Front row: J. Tribbey, J. Taylor, A. Milroy, K. Mudd. Second row J Hawkmson C Fenmg S Norris A Irwm Third row Norris, C. Stone, D. Murray, A. Johanson, D. Hinkle. This page sponsored by gLA,..,....LW EBXQIQ or GALESBURG 96 North Henderson Street U S 150 North Twirlers present ez new look C. Lashbrook, L. Griffith, N. Gollehur. X tiinqq, li-me '1' ..' "1 -7 - .-ii A'Hearn, J. Pruett. row: D Pecsi, P. Kendall. Second row: P. Hainline, D. Betts, J. Shay, row' D. Pinkerton, R. Johnson, K. Galyean. Second row: C. Peterson, J. Brown, B. Conover, N. Tratf. Third row: S. During seventh hour study periods the main hall can be seen filled with girls going through intricate routines. These girls make up the two performing squads known as the Majorettes and the Pom Pom Girls, Both groups of girls often perform at basketball and football games. During the football season both the Majorettes and Pom Pom Girls, together with the band, provide the half time entertainment. They march around the field following difficult and detailed patterns that they have practiced for many weeks. They also march down the aisles dur- ing pep assemblies to lend their enthusiastic support to the teams. The Majorettes in their sparkling blue outfits add the feminine touch to the masculine sports. The head Majorette, Judy Shay, leads the girls in their beautifully timed routines. The Pom Pom Girls in their cute white outfits carry the traditional gold and white pom poms. Both of these groups are highly trained so that they may provide the students with the best entertainment possible. This page sponsored by GALE WARD ATHLETIC AND SPORTING GOODS 39 N. Prairie 97 343-3115 ii 4 , 4, r. X! 'KU m . .H M N H 1 at b Q 1- 1: ,, wg. 4 A 'Q' ff 'Q PEN v. 53 fl HL: row D Wood T Mcldrum T Stone A Alderman J Robinson S Shiliey J Johnson S Hegg G Zumwalt B Harris row B Swanson R Nelson B Davison J Hurst J Augustson K Crismrm, J. Grupe, F. Conard, B.S1nv1lle, J. Anderson, s Third row C Lear B Stegall L Anderson J Gronc D Thierry M. Wessels, D. Larson, M. Hinchman, C. Norris, M. S Brock Fourth row T Aldrich H Hawkins B Cannon W Pillsbury, J. Patterson, L. Betsworth, I. Aleshire, L. Wilkins, Only sixteen members of the World's Fair A Cappella Choir are returning this year, but the choir continues to be as great as ever. The A Cappella Choir sings for all types of community events. For the Re- flectavue, the choir sang a medley of songs from The Fantaszicks, which was a popular production in New York during the World's Fair. The singing of carols from the tops of the benches of the Burlington Depot during the Christmas party will never be forgotton by Mr. Hegg, the choir members or by the surprised people departing on vacations. The highlight of the annual Christmas Concert is the singing of the Song of Christmas, which is one of the most beautiful collections of sacred music ever assembled. This page sponsored by GERWIG'S THE PRAIRIE 228 E. Main PRINTING CO. 342-5718 135 S. Cherry 342-0019 99 Front row: P. Bennett, M. Papke, C. Ericson, C. Wallace, J. Wilmot, L. Morris, B. Braden, J. Ahlberg, P. Christiansen. Second rc S. Steck, N. John, C. Barnstead, S. Safford, G. Rexroat, C. Gregg, J. Meldrum, H. Cole, J. Swanson, K. Michelson. Third row: Johanson, C. Campbell, J. Page, K. Kirkbride, C. Thompson, H. Peterson, C. Walberg, S. Moody, S. Clague, J. Swanson. Four row: J. Proffer, P. McCullough, J. Reveles, D. Arnett, L. Troland,P. Sargent, S. Ferguson, S. Gossard, D. Peterson, P. Allen. W 1 . ., ., A1 4 . i 93 .J Mk. -rf 1 4 nf Ill 1 'fc S 11 The Concert Choir turns lzillbilb Another group of Galesburg High School students who are especially talented in the Held of music are the members of the Concert Choir. Taught as a credit course, the Concert Choir offers students the valuable musical training that may later help them advance to the A Cappella Choir or to one of the ensembles. To become members of this choir the students must first try out, after which they are selected on the basis of musical talent and ability. The Concert Choir plays an important part in the Christmas Concert and the Reflectavue. Their Reilectavue act, Barefoot, was a rol- licking, fun-filled, hillbilly number. The . Concert Choir also participates in several all-school assemblies during the year. The performances of the Concert Choir are a wel- come addition to the School's social calendar. Miss Schertz gives instructions to the Concert U Choir. This page sponsored by MARTIN PEOPLES MATERIAL ,1 LANDSCAPING AND SUPPLY CO. 100 1260 Moshier 434 E. Berrien 342-0521 342-6151 ont row: R. Weaver, B. Coleman, B. Bondi, K. Abrahnmson, C. Lindquist, B. Szerlong, N. Collopy, J. Hurst, D. Roberts. Second W: J. John, A. Johnson, K. Smith, S. Gould, E.. Weaver, S. Norris, B. Adams, P. Nelson. Third row: J. Parsons, M. Grane, D. itburd, D. Rosenberg, N. Wier, D. Murray, A. Milroy, N. Johnson. Fourth row: N. Jobe, J. Cooke, B. Gorham, L. Finley, J. Ulm, Fennig, B. Chcrrington, J. Huwkinson. g J 1 W. ,Q 9 rg' J. .4 i i ri J ll' ig lllgl t l 1 l lg! S la . qflectavue " Ain't noth'n more fun than go'n barefoot. Th' d b Concert Choir under the direction of Mr. Hegg. ROBElE,?aie Srgiicmici-ENS YJR W Yearbooks Class Rings 101 Senior Graduation Announcements Front row: M. Engman, B. Roberts, S. Stripe, S. Wetherbee, P. Pettit, M. Stansbury, J. Tucker, C. Gibbs, J. Kirkpatrick, M. Sherwoo Second row: J. Chapman, J. Blixt, S. Grimes, C. Patterson, P. Parton, S, Jacobson, E. Manlove, K. Galyean, J. Carter. Third rox. M. Swanson, P. Steck, P. Collopy, S. Westberg, C. Lynch, M. Mussengill, B. Lemmer, D. Drake, B. Nelson, C. McLaren. Four row: M. Johnson, C. Icenogle, N. Traff, L.Verene, A. Hawkinson, L. Rowley. B. Willson, L. Park, V. Lopeman, S. Shafer, C. Zauhauel iris Zee Club members dorm tails an This page sponsored by LE GlIEQ3i?Eq5rE5VICE Glee Club performance of Alley Cat 102 342-7344 ront row: S. Kniss, C. Sands, C. Johnson, L. Engle, J. McGrew, B. Stewart, I. Aleshire, C. Pillsbury, C. Robinson, N. Gollehur econd row: L. Trail, P. Rednour, C. Thompson, L. Oelberg, M. Kirkendall, C. Behrents, S. Light, E. Gardner, L. Payton, C. Wilder hird row: L. Wong, J. Wessels, B. Stewart, C. Watson, S. Makeever, T. Meldrum, C. Nelson, B. Olson, B. Hennenfent, L. Robert- n. Fourth row: V. Garman, E. Brodie, S. Bowman, L. Hughes, B. Blake, P. Lundeen, C. Reams, M. Smith, M. Walker, B. Buswell . McCullough. lzzskers or 7966 e eczfavue 'Q The Girls' Glee Club is made up of a group of sophomore girls who have a special interest in music. As freshmen they were given the opportunity to try out for this group if they so desired. Girls' Glee Club is a credit course, not merely ah activity. These girls are given the chance to study and also to learn to ap- preciate many types of music. While members of this group perform occasion- ally for the student body and for the public, their primary goal is to learn the fundamentals of music. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Hegg, these girls strive for the perfection necessary to become mem- bers of the other choirs. Not only have they participated in the Christmas Con- cert, but also have added their enthusi- asm to other musical productions. This page sponsored by L. A. LINMAN AGENCY 1134 N. Henderson Mr. Hogg directs Glee Club practice. 343-3113 103 Front row: B. Dahl, A. Stevens, B. Davison, R. Nelson. Second row: T. Aldrich, T. Stoerzbach, J. Nyman, B. Swanson. Q? If Q4 13:3 W3 nsembles lbegform .4 or many civic Q 7 7 T ' ' T . 1 . 45 2 K -F K Q -. Q. . . N , A 2 - 1 Q s I, l '1 Front row: S. Kelley, S. Smith, L. Magee, K. Chrisman, I. Grupe, B. Harris. second row: C. Latus, V. Henderson, K. I . Augustson, J. Johnson, S. Hegg. 104 This page sponsored by LINDSTROM'S HIGGIN'S DAIRY 224 E. Main 135 E. South 342-2181 342-5514 I think you goofed! Galesburg High School is lucky enough to have three excellent singing groups to her credit. The first of these is made up of eight pretty senior girls. The Girls' Octet is a favorite of a great many local organizations. As the "Medicare Maidsi' in the Reiiectavue, they were a hilarious success. These girls are often seen attired in bright green dresses preparing for a community performance. The male answer to this group is, naturallly, the Boys' Octet. This group also performs for many school and community activities. They pro- vided intermission entertainment for several events including the Winter Formal. The Boys, Octet members are well known for the 'foriginal" hula that they did for the Refiectavue. Twelve junior girls also get into the act with the Junior Girls' Ensemble. These girls performed in the Refiectavue and entertained many different groups. The members of the Girls' Ensemble are easily distinguished by their winter white dresses with the soft green accessories. Front row S Riggs P Gamble G Zumwalt Second row Clark, P. Buck, L. Betsworth, J. Robinson, N. Buck. KLINES DEPARTMENT STORE HUDDLE DRIVE-IN AND RESTAURANT 105 309 E Main 1487 N. Henderson 342 4012 343-1133 Front row D Johnson P Sargeant D Dalton L Flynn W Woodson, I. Shay, prcsidentg W. Smith, D. A. Logsdon. Second I Aleshire L Hare Mr Donald sponsor A ODell secretary Orchestra works to zmprove skills One of the more serious-minded groups of musicians around Galesburg High School is the Orchestra. A great deal of dedication is required of the students to master the diiiicult types of music in which they specialize. With the help of Mr. Donald the members work to im- prove their individual techniques. On January 18, the entire Orchestra went to Chicago to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under the direction of guest director Andre Previn. They also were hosts of the Eighteenth Annual Mississippi Valley Orchestra Festival in March. Orchestra members from several other schools participated in a concert which was held in the evening, following a day of rough practices. Each year the members also participate in several music contests. While members of the student body are given the op- portunity of hearing the Orchestra only a few times each year, the performances are always well received by the many local audiences for which they play during the year. This page sponsored by I-HNCHLIFF AND PEARSON FUNERAL HOME 287 N. Broad 343-2101 That was a sour one! An organization which is only in its second year at GHS is the Stage Band. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Donald, this group practices many hours to provide the public with the music they enjoy. This group, which is better known to the student body as the Silver Chords, is famous for its music with a "beat" All of the back-up music for the Reilectavue is the work of the Silver Chords. From songs that "swing," such as Alley Cat, to the beautiful and tuneful medley of songs from The Fantasticks, the Stage Band provides the enjoyable music that is a vital part of any Retlectavue. The Silver Chords also play for several civic events during the year. For an organization which is still comparatively new, the Silver Chords are making quite a name for themselves around the school and the community. Stage andlblaysfor Qlleczfavue 'Q V. 1 if o l ti .Q-. sl. . L 4 - I .1 if Front row: R. Nelson, R. Magee, K. Lotz, S. Watkins. Second row: P, Anderson, B. Peters. Third row: M. Morris, K. Kayser, E.. Nielson, S. Harrison, G. Graham. Fourth row: R. Yates, Mr. Donald, S. Parkinson, D. Johanson. This page sponsored by Wmmff 565 W. Main 343-3191 107 .u 1 'W' 1 Q' Q 3? EF ff 51 , W I fx , . gl? N 4.j.,5,, 'n -if . , . - in . an f'.,:-4, I A ,rl 4 x vw 'sf ' L-Y Q, f A- my .M ji X Z 2 , A , XX ' :Biff I ' 1 xws, , . x 4 CB - W. -I 'H' 3' - X ff - fy! ' as 1 ront row: K. Lotz, J. Pinkerton, K. Magee, K. Ward, M. Swanson, C. Behrents. Second row: L. Rowley, M. Morris, D. Gardner Parrish, T. Meldrum, J. Stinson, K. Bryant, K. Kayser, G. Graham, S. Harrison. Third row: L. Ewing, J. Pearson, P, Anderson . Peters, L. Rosine, P. Gustafson, S. Thomas, H. Duncan, D. Shaver, T. Selander, E. Nielson, S. Lincoln. Fourth row: A. O'Dell r. Donald, B. Canada, F. Harris. Flag wirlers are new GHS group Front row: B. Hiles, D, MacKenzie, C. Soper, K. Neeley, N. Butts, S. Stripe. This page sponsored by MCFALL MONUMENT CO. 180, W, Mai., 2 may 342-6512 HE5.'Ifl"..,5"UB 109 Enthusiasm Senior Mike Davis fires, en route to another shut-out victory. THOMAS PLUMBING 342-0155 1 12 GHS' 1965 baseball team holds a place of its own in the memory books of high school sports. The squad, 63 members strong in March, showed evident signs of championship form, hitting, speed, defense, poise, and team unity rapidly developed. Galesburg, under the helm of Head Coach Tru- lock and Mr. Moore, concluded the season with a 12-0 mark, seven of those on shutout conquests. GHS copped first place as well in the Illini Con- ference race. The Streaks rolled over early tour- ney competition, then hammered Northwestern Sciota, 11-1, before falling to Peoria Manual, 2-0, in the sectional finals. Mike Davis, shortstop converted pitcher, set a school record, striking out 18 Moline Maroons. Dale Kelley, Streak second baseman, led the offense with a .468 bat- ting average. Congratulations to the entire squad on a mighty fine season. Trulocl-is Szlver Streaks record 4.15 1 Blodgett Field sets the scene for another Streak win Another Pekin rally subsides as Steve Ballard hauls in an elusive pop Hy. This page sponsored bl' 81, HEATING CO. 2262 Grand 343-1 101 CHRISTY COAL co. sexi-gg, 465 E. Berrien ' Q 1 --...,.1...... .14 Auf., ,, ,.,, , ow F lunmons, R. Brockway T Encs M Ebbmg R Sthzsler S Marshall D Kelley and S Ballard Bfmck row Coach L Wxllcr J. Ponce, C. Brody B Durbm M Davis B Swanson B Menke B Lewis B Swanson B Lmdstrom and Co wh M1 Moore. eeona' best season ever Streak first sucker, Louis Waller, loses this c'1ll to the umpire against Peorm Manual 'mt Knoxs GALESBURG Farmington East Peoria Moline Monmouth Canton Moline Monmouth Peoria Manual GHS Linksters take 70th at State EQ I I ik V 'x 2 L . In front: B. Nelson, S. Johnson, D. Lundstrom, G. Burgland, T. Hicks, R. Marshall, R. Weaver, M. Davison, M. M. Harshbarger, and A. Stevens. The linksters of Coach Robert Self returned to interscholastic activity for the nrst time since 1963, when the Silver and Gold captured first place at the state finals. The fourteen team members put in long hours on the local golf courses, with the results convincing. The . Streaks compiled an 11-2-1 season record, finishing third in the Illini Conference Meetg GHS trailed first place Richwoods by only five strokes. In state competition, Galesburg, vying for that coveted title, defeated Moline to win the rugged Quad-Cities district. The Silver and Gold finished a solid tenth at Champaign, twenty-five strokes behind first place Blooming- ton. Individually, Dave Lundstrom tied for eighth with a 36-hole total 159. At the North West Conference Invitational, the "putters" parred-out a disappointing second, two shots behind Kewanee. GHS' "B" team compiled a 5-1 season record. I v 9, I Streak linksters amble across the fairway to ma 114 'llleng 1:1 icki Worllis hard on Perfection of Seemingly unaware of spectator in background, Junior t e O OW! mug ' Art Stevens approaches the ball. second shots in seasonal dual meet competition. Coach Self offers some constructive advice to a bewildered Streak. Czrzdermerz return overdue zfrolbhze ii -gf' T Civ A 'C A - ., .-2,-f5:se.,s1 Front row: E. Glass, L. Watters, J. Payton, S. Fox, B. Haraldson, T. Newburgh, M. Klusman, S. Hendricks, C. Jobe, M. Holem CL Whittom, D. Knotts, I. Feldman, T. Hainline, C. Pico, R. Crandell, B. Davison, J. Nyman, T. Peterson, B. Dickerson, B. Crou Third row: B. Watt, P. Nyman, D. Allensworth, S. Ferguson, J. Pratt, M. DeWitt, L. Doyle, C. Colwell, D. Pacheco, H. VanDyke. Fourth row: Assistant Coach McDonald, D. Bjorquist, S. Flickinger, T. Stewart, A. Alderman, D. Litvin, T 1. Buckner, D. Lovell, I . Fike, G. Gohlinghorst, S. Clague, T. Rutledge, R. Lott, H. Hawkins, T. Foster, S. MacNeair, Monmouth Triangular Meet GALESBURG 100W Canton 33M Monmouth 14 Kewanee Relays Sterling iirst GALESBURG second Monmouth Relays GALESBURG, first 100-M Burlington 813A Northwest Conference Meet GALESBURG, first 89 Kewanee 62 Illini Conference Meet GALESBURG, iirst 69 Pekin 51W Macomb District GALESBURG, first 55 Havana 29 Geneseo Relays GALESBURG, seventh-15 points State Finals GALESBURG-one point Martin DeWitt fifth in broad jump Woodruff Relays GALESBURG, fourth j, Larry Doyle uses size, agility, and overall experience to propel him to victory in the high hurdle event at Lombard Field. Martin DeWitt, GHS'er who finished fifth in the '65 state broad jump event, has this jump closely watched. 116 H HS case! 1 Hardine, M. Plank, and M. Peterson, manager. Second row: Boyd, M. Tate, T. Rabenau, D. Hicks, and R. Fritsch, manager. Paisley, J. Hallock, T. Doyle, T. Bent, H. Wong, and Coach Childers, D. Bouton, J. Allen, B. Jasperson, B. Maring, Pouche, S. Watts, G. Johnson, and Assistant Coach R. Johns. Weather proved to be an unwelcome nemesis to Coach Van Dyke's track and field unit. The squad's first two meets were called off because of adverse weather conditions and practice until mid-April was rather restricted. None the less, the seventy-five GHSers who comprised the squad worked earnestly through- out to help bring Galesburg High School one of its better track records in recent history. With a nucleus of fifteen returning lettermen, the cinder- men had many distinct advantages-meet experience being a major factor. The Streaks walloped Canton and Monmouth in the Monmouth triangular, then captured top honors in the Monmouth relays, Illini Conference, and Northwest Conference meets. In tournament competition, GHS trounced Havana in the district, 55-29. Galesburg sent a number of individuals to the state finals, with senior Martin DeWitt leaping to a fifth in the broad jump, Pete Paisley set a school record, running the 100-yard dash in ten seconds. The sophomores garnered third in the Illini with a first place Monmouth triangular showing. The cinders fly back as sparks and Streak Senior Peter Paisley is off to another sprint record and victory. 117 Streak barriers irzislz at Q 7 0 Calisthenics, running, endless time-trials, and more calisthenics . . . the work is hard, but if you can master it and overcome the blockades to fitness, self-confidence and victory are the con- clusive results. This year's cross country team, seventeen brave Streaks coached by Mr. Gunder- son, concluded the regular season with a 9-1-0 record and a third place finish, behind Pekin and Richwoods, in the Illini Conference Meet. Gales- burg's most impressive win was a 24W-30W tri- umph over the then undefeated Pekin Chinks, fol- lowed by a 19-38 conquest of Woodruff. The Streaks finished first in the Northwest Conference Meet, swamping Geneseo, 17-61, and captured top honors in the Farmington-Canton-Galesburg cross cormtry triangular. In tournament play, GHS placed a high 3rd at the Moline district, down- state's roughest. Juniors Bill Dickerson and Tom Peterson, and senior Bill Crouse led the GHS unit. Sophomore Pete Christianson holds a two step lead in varsity competition against Kewanee. Coach Gunderson's men groan through calisthemc exercises Streak ace Bill Dickerson, '1 Junior crosses the finish line well ahead of the pack This page sponsored by FLESHER House or MUSIC LUNDRY'S FLYING SERVICE 64 s. Cherry R R 2 343-7018 343 1719 118 r K . V . V ."' ... .T N fff" L" I 1 "A I 1 ' . ' - . . . .-XA -uf Harland Schroeder and Tom Peterson make faces at Reflector photographers while other members of the squad engage in warmup exercises. Bill Dickerson, Tom Peterson and Harland Schroeder finish one-two- v four for an impressive victory in tour- ney competition. D12 .-4 row: T. Hillier, T. Foster, H. Schroeder, B. Dickerson, T. Peterson, P. Christianson, B. Watt, T. Blaine, B. and S. Flickenger. Buck row: Conch Gunderson, C. Whetstine, S. Watts, D. Hicks, T. Stone, L. Austin, Woodson, D. Shimel, B. Norris, and T. Rabenau. The burden of racing against time shows itself in the grimacing of these GHS'ers. This page sponsored by GALESBURG ORDER BUYERS C. B. 84 Q. Stockyards 342-2112 J. P. BENBOW PLUMBING 8a HEATING CO. 1191 S. West 343-2156 Sjymtea' veteran underclassmen spar Front row R Crandell K Bowles G Showers L Anderson D Nxchols B Doyle B Davlson B Haraldson T B Jackson Second row T Stewart I Bennett,D Stegall I Strck M Plank L Wrxght T Rutledge L Watters G Blackled e M Rrchards and B Menke Thxrd row Assistant Coach McDonold Asslstant Coach Wallace J Hallam G Johnson R J Buckner T Gntlith J Kreps B Elhot P. Bums J Ponce M Lewrs Assrstant Coach Lundeen Sophomore Coach J D Peterson J Allen R Coleman D Goodman M Hammon T Newburgh R Weaver P Gustafson H R Bowman R 7 0 6 13 21 41 18 6 20 6 12 30 S success Downard, B. LaViolette, J. Cato, D. Bloom, and J. Vanier, S. Knuth, R. Goedeke, Bouton, M. Johnson, D. Lipskey, H. Hawkins, Coach Van Dyke. Fourth row: M. Tate, Bryant, A. Stevens, D. Boyd, S. Ferguson, and The immediate future for Silver Streak football looks great and the sophomore and "B" teams make it so. While the headlines and newspaper clippings are not nearly so glamourous, these boys work just as hard and with as much determination and finesse as the varsity and have improved greatly. The sophomores compiled a 6-1 season record, four of those victories coming on occa- sions when the opposition was shut out. The soph- omores' lone defeat was a 27-7 setback at the hand of a rugged, much bigger Burlington ball club. Coach Johns' "Ponies" averaged over 23.4 points per game, while limiting the competition to seven. The junior varsity, under the helm of coach Lundeen and coach Wallace, rolled past Rich- woods and Central, losing only to Quad City powerhouse, Moline. Experience on the junior varsity has frequently been a key factor in many a player's development. 7.77 F- ' Mercado, A. Bayless, R. Levinson. PONY RECORD GALESBURG 18 Peoria Central 6 16 Peoria Woodruff 0 7 Burlington 27 row: J. Wood, R. Stewart, E. Barragan, J. White, F. Pecsi, R. Pacheco, T. Mallack, D. John, S. Gossard, and J Huff Second Coach Johns, D. Wickman, P. Gustafson, M. Hammon, J. Swanson, N. lobe, J. Cooke, J. Anderson, M. Grane D Hebenstreit Coach McDonald. Third row: J. Main, D. Nichols, B. Doyle, R. Canada, D. Kuhn, H. Brannon, G. Levinson G Wagher Monmouth 0 Canton 6 Peoria Richwoods O Kewanee 0 enzfialgives GH ff is . 1 '4 rg. ,V 1 EVP. Nl. 5 K . ,A x Nfg ,X , ...4 .xq R . .E ,fr -, 'r ' 'XR Sr iw fl . 1 as 'fu' ,AAN -fl' xv, 'VM 1 -f 5 5 i .W ' L I ridiron strength. Injured Streak gridders, senior halfback Doug Allensworth and senior center Dave Stegall, observe action from the sidelines. Physician Dr. Crowell looks on intently. Senior halfback Steve Ferguson faces a tough, abrupt ending to a successful offensive drive against Pekin defense. Junior fullback Cato bulls through the faltering Chink forward Wall as a host of Pekin defenders give chase. The cumbersome protective padding, coupled with almost unbearable summer heat, scared a number of gridiron hopefuls, but the strong and determined stayed around to give Coach Van Dyke's Silver Streaks a successful 5-4 season. With only eight returning lettermen, GHS relied heavily on underclass potential and the sophomores and juniors rose to the occasion. Following a loss to Richwoods, the Silver and Gold racked up three impressive victories against Wood- ruff, Canton, and East Peoria. Lacking size and Senior end Tim Webber stands alone as he gathers experience, Galesburg battled Quincy to the gun, bow- in fl touchdown P355 Cf' mule t0 H GHS ViCf0fY- ing, 18-13, but concluded with victories over Kewanee This page Sponsored by and Danville. Clutch performances from sophomore WERTHEIMELR CATTLE CO-, INC- Dave Nichols and juniors Jerry Cato and Gary Johnson C' B' 32-2220? Yards make optimism for 1967 seem rather conservative. MCCREERY MOTOR SALES 123 Kellogg 8a Tompkins 342-0177 761117101675 M672 orzflzwest, istric l The method is unorthodox, but it is a pin none the less, and Galesburg moves onward to victory. WRESTLING RECORD GALESBURG A 39 Kewanee 1 1 40 Peoria Limestone 8 9 Pekin 29 46 Peoria Central 5 33 East Peoria 13 28 Canton 14 46 Peoria Woodruff 6 18 Peoria Richwoods 24 14 Moline 2 6 23 Burlington 1 6 32 Peoria Manual 13 10 East Moline 32 Varsity first in Northwest Conference Varsity third in Illini Conference Varsity iirst in District Larry Woodson, senior, placed fourth in 127-lb. competition at state Sophomores won Illini Conference 124 A Streak grappler twists and turns to ease out o Sophomore Mark Grane prepares himself for a giant size ' with the mat in action against Moline. ff .2 A ' lf"-ww gifnili ff , xix 4 v, 1 fy , .. - -4a.. I 'E if tg: Q-QM 6 ,Q Q e if I 4 3, V y 5, f V V 'Q' Q . 1 V KVI QP 2' -if if Q Z, , I C A Y' ,px M66 'QI 409 i 109 VARSITY RECORD GALESBURG 78 Kewanee 59 81 Peoria Richwoods 62 84 Peoria Limestone 75 80 Pekin 76 74 Peoria Manual 56 70 Monmouth 51 62 Chicago Marshall 73 61 Quincy 69 89 Kewanee 72 East Peoria 68 73 Sterling 49 77 Canton 63 96 Chicago Tilden Tech 68 81 Monmouth 5 8 73 Moline 70 71 Chicago Crane Tech 57 98 Geneseo 85 Silver Streaks have best seaso GALESBURG 70 Canton 84 Rock Island 90 East Moline 86 Washington REGIONAL TOURNEY 107 Macomb 108 Monmouth 78 Galesburg Costa SECTIONAL TOURNEY 61 Quincy 65 Hamilton SUPER-SECTIONAL 69 Springfield STATE FINALS 73 Benton 65 Belleville 60 Thornton Senior forward Bob Jasperson spots Swanson in the clear and sets to Front row: Dale Kelley, Barry Swanson, Roland McDougald, and Steve Marshall. Back row: Dave Wood, Mike Drasites, Bruc LaViolette, Terry Childers, Coach Thiel, Bob Jasperson, and Lugene Finley. 126 1 i fi:-,H J ,eh .'Ef- fq .5 Zyl ,I , Bobby from the defense. little Roland McDougald pro- , Senators. The 1965-66 Varsity basketball season was indeed an amazing one. From early October Coach Thiel and his assistants knew of the untapped potential and in late February the rewards of determination, dedication, and stamina began to fulfill them- selves. Galesburg's mighty Silver Streaks roared through their first six contests undefeated and a victor over Pekinis Chinks, 80-76. Marshall of Chicago and Quincy dampened the holidays, sting- ing the Streaks with their only losses. Not being superstitious, Galesburg reeled off 13 successive victories to conclude the season at 19-2. Many memories pervade those nineteen wins: GHS wal- loped East Peoria, 109-68, scoring 57 points the first halfg Dale Kelley rammed 52 points through the nets against Rock Island, sinking twenty free throws in that many attempts, and Coach John Thiel's charges "upset', second-ranked Moline, 73- 70, at Moline, then rolled past East Moline, 90-76. The Silver and Gold ran up eighty or more points in eleven of those contestsg the opposition scored eighty just once, as in the season finale, GHS, with a 54 point outburst from its two great guards, turned back a line Washington ball club, 86-81. At 19-2, it seemed time to quit, but, then, there was the state tournement . . . Bushnell-Prairie City was the first stop. Barry Swanson nets two points for GHS as Gales- burg's Dale Kelley and Pekin's Fred Miller C433 observe the action. Dale Kelley hits for two against the Barry Swanson and Bruce LaViolette pull down the Hvictory nets" after Galesburg's 78-66 Regional win. ' ! Coach Thiel offers some important advice during semi-final action in the Assembly Hall. Fantastic Silver Streaks, 27-3 It began in February at Barry Swanson, senior forward, ties up the Bushnell They Said We Belleville Maroons in state semi-final action. couldn't do it this year, uh-huh! The Streaks bombed Macomb 107- 59, unzipped Monmouth, 108-66, and captured their twelfth straight re- gional crown, dumping Costa, 78-66. "We Want Quincy!" We got them, 61-49, in the best team effort ever by a Silver Streak unit. Hamilton fell nicely, 65-45, and we faced a forest. Springtield's Senators lined up at 6-7, 6-6, and a 6-5, 250 pound thing. Our Streaks mowed them downg the offense was great and our defense kept Springfield outside. The Streaks won that cliffhanger, 69-65. At Champaign, mighty Galesburg stole the show. Benton's Rangers, undefeated and number one, succumbed 73-71g Satur- day Belleville, wracked by Dale Kelleyis 37 points, fell, 65-64, and we just about beat a mighty Thornton team! No kiddin', though, we were great! The trophy says number two, but in our hearts, man, you're ALWAYS number one! 128 Defensive specialist Mike Drasites blocks ri shot against Hamilton's Cardinals. Junior forward Mike Drasites arches a jump shot over the outstretched hand of Springfield's Dave Robisch. W. , W .- V A, W x ..- . tg V 1 f 3 0-.ff vp il , It , Kiji, .1kx 'f't t Minh " 'if t . e - n s c-ft air . 1 af it ' 's w ., 8 Q .-f I J A 4 Capture secondlblace at lzamlbaign Coach Thiel offers thanks at the home- coming reception. Soph. Rol McDougald swipes the ball from Pekin's Don Gilliam. Jale Kelley's fabled tourney play nets three points 'or the Streaks against Benton's Rangers. 129 t ynamic duo sparks alesburg Front row: D. Bair, L. Wallace, M. Fleming, R. Stewart, R. Bitts, and J. Price. Second row: G. Wagher. S. Abron, I. Cooke F. Carson, D. Hebenstreit, Coach Johns. This page sponsored by RUSSELL W. FOX, GENERAL CONTRACTOR Cedar 8L Ferris 130 343-4901 Competition, experience, dedication, and stamina make men out of boys and 1965-1966's Silver Streak "Bn team worked quite successfully to that end. The junior varsity, coached by Mr. Beal, in his first year at the high school, compiled an amazing 13-4 record, while operating with an ever-changing unit week after week. Galesburg's varsity reserves earned sev- eral impressive wins, including an 85-61 "shellacking" of Peoria Manual and a 77-75 squeaker over a big Rock Island quintet. The delusions of a 14-7 season's record certainly must be overshadowed by the developing basketball potential which will be on display in the 1966-1967 campaign. This year's sophomores, guided by Coach Johns, played in "streaks" of perfection and medi- ocrity throughout the year, but showed a polish and finesse that fifteen-year-old boys should never have. GHS' Ponies garnered impressive wins over such roundball stalwarts as Quincy, Rock Island, East Mo- line, and Washington. Congratulations to a fine team. antigen behind GHS victmy ni" . X t I ' xi- N' ' 'ff' i 1? .f - A ' i is . Front row: L. Rosine, R. Linman, R. Munson, S. Hoffman. Back row: M. Peterson, F. Archer, T. Kelley. 1 1 The credit usually doesn't come and the work is harder than most people realize. This year's managers, a most integral part of the GHS athletic department, worked throughout the year making sure the equip- ment for each sport was in shape, counting towels, keeping score, packing equipment, and taping injuries. Under the guidance of Mr. Earl Crabtree, these ten boys provided the organization and know-how to keep Galesburgis high-flying Silver Streaks looking their very best. Each of the boys devote study halls and after school hours to arrange necessities for GHS's athletic encounters. Congratulations to Mr. Bednar, Mr. Crabtree, and the boys for a job well done. Though seldom said, "Boys, we appreciate it!" Senior manager, Randy Munson, packs equipment for Varsity. 131 jf V vital link to varsizy From top to bottom: Susie Shitley, Sue Norris, Barb Hund, Connie Chapman, Kendra Mudd. While the Junior Varsity cheerleaders are not as well known as the other two cheering squads they are equally talented and enthusiastic. Since their games are not connected with those of the Varsity, they have far less connection with the general public. They take an active part in the pep assemblies and also participate in all school events connected with sports. These five bouncy junior girls have a completely individual style that they have developed through many hours of practice and experimentation. The year that they spend as Junior Varsity cheerleaders will provide the experi- ence that is a vital link toward becom- ing a member of the Varsity cheering squad. Time out for some constructive criticism. 132 --...,,, Ifig I xg it ......7. I .....,L l . I ,l ,. i i 1 ' ' "Get that ball!" cheer Paula Pico and Patsy McCullough during a Pony game. - uf 1 f lui onies cheer at Soplz. games Perhaps the liveliest group of sophomore girls at Galesburg High School form the Pony cheerlead- ing squad. Their overwhelming pep and enthusiasm contribute greatly to the following of the sopho- more team. They take many of the old familiar cheers and liven up the cadence to meet modern standards. The sophomore cheerleaders combine with the other two squads to put on the ever popular pep assemblies. At this time they are given the opportunity to teach students the new and also the revised cheers. Like the other squads they devote seventh hour study halls to practice sessions. These are usually filled with suggestions of new ideas and constructive criticism. Follow- ing the games at which they cheer they return to the stands to aid the Varsity cheerleaders for the remainder of the evening. The entire Pony cheer- leading squad is working hard to attain the perfection which they hope will entitle them to a position on the Varsity cheering squad. Front: Lily Wong. Second row: Linda Naugle. Third row: Sara Wetherbee, X Patsy McCullough, Paula Pico. fx ' .12 ' ' 'lc W 'if' y -Q X tiill 1 HIT ,K 3534 ,L V .,4,i . flew-Q55 . J - N , 3 . ' -1 zu -1---1 " , , , ,y .Q-ug' , , Q X , 1 fix! ,. N A Q -3' N V. l -x , 1 v. - gi V021 ,N 'L'- q pr .1 U. Q -1 r'-" Y Q Q., ' ' aj ,, H-.. Hi ., P. 1, A Q? V Senior Cathy Stone y Wood vecial chugging along to another victory. 5 . , ' i 1-- . I, tv- ' f li l . " 'e -..J' . Galesburg High School is the proud home of the State Championship cheerleaders! The squad of four senior girls and one junior is coached by Mrs. Rosine. Many hours are devoted during and after school to the practice of precision movements for which they strive. Several days a week, during seventh hour study halls the halls are full of cheerleaders going through their routines. The varsity cheerleaders lead yells at all football and basketball games. These cute and peppy girls deserve the credit for most of the school's sportsmanship and enthu- siasm. It takes a great deal of courage for the girls to be happy and bouncy under all types of conditions. At the state tournament in Champaign they were judged the very best that the state of Illinois has to offer. Pictures of the Varsity cheerleading squad appeared in papers around the state and they were also given a personal interview on tele- vision. The enthusiasm, pep, and re- freshing appearances of the Varsity cheerleaders are a credit to the school and also to the state of Illinois. 135 t Exhaustion TOM ALDRICH editor of the Budgetg vice-president of NHSg Boys' Octetg Stage Call Thespians. SAM ALBERT Pep Club representativeg Boys' Forum member. IR1s ALESI-IIRE belonged to A Cappellag French Club memberg Orchestrag plans to be a music major in college. KENN ANDERSON JIM ANDERSON member of wrestling squad track Boys Fo rum representative has college plans LINDA ANDERSON belonged to GSL and SAAQ plans on a busi- ness career. GARY ABBOTT PAT ADAIR belonged to GSLQ Pep Club memberg SAAg will attend beauty school after graduation. DOUG ALLENSWORTH vice-president of "G" Clubg Caesar his junior yearg on the football and track teams. JANE ANDERSON member of A Cappellag AFS Boardg Activities Editor on Reflectorg Stage Callg Thespians. MARY ANN ANDERSON belonged to GSL and SAAQ plans to attend business school. CLAYTON APT belonged to "G" Club and French Clubg was on the golf team. Drx1E ABEL member Of GAA: FHAQ has plans to be a secre- tary. CYNTHIA ALPS Art Club secretaryg member of German Clubg received an art scholarship at Allerton Parkg to major in art. PETE ANDERSON member of Concert Bandg Latin Clubg Boys' Forumg plans to go to collegeg future architect. LINDA ARNOLD belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg active in GAA: plans to go to a business college. GENE BARFIELD was on the track team: belonged to Spanish Club and Boys' Forumg has college plans as a science major. RONALD BENNETT JIM ARMSTRONG "Army"g a convict in "My Three Angels"g likes golfg plans to go to Western. PATRICIA ARNOLD member of Pep Club and GSLQ would like to bc a psychiatrist or so- cial worker. STEVE BALLARD President of NHSQ "G" Club rnemberg Varsity basketball and baseball playerg has college plans. CINDY BARKER belonged to GSL and French Clubg partici- pated in GAAg wrote for the Budgetg wants to be a social worker. JOHN BENNETT Varsity football playerg likes to play the drumsg plans to attend college and major in medicine. ROGER BERG Boys' Forum represent- ativeg Industrial Arts Clubg Pep Clubg wants to go to dafting school. KENT AUGUsTsoN was a member of Boys' Forumg a Senior Coun- cil representativeg plans to study medicine. LESLIE BAKER likes pool and carsg wants to join the Ma- rines after he graduates. I LYLE AUSTIN "Buddy"g Student Coun- cil memberg on the track and cross country teamsg has college plans. V F JACKIE BAUGHMAN belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg plans on a career in business. KAREN BECKHAM DONNA BAUMGARTNER Pep Club representativeg ad manager for the Budgetg member of NHS. JIM BEVENOUR belonged to Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Clubg wants to become an electrical engineer. DONNA BETTS was a majoretteg a mem- ber of Spanish Honor Societyg participated in GAAg GSLQ plans to go to business school. ED BJORKMAN was in Boys' Forum and Pep Clubg participated in intramuralsg plans to go to trade school. FRANK BLOOM Boys' Forum Cabinet memberg member of Spanish Clubg on the Budget staffg has college plans. PAUL BLEDSOE NANCY BLOOMBERG member of Tri-Hi-Yg senior leaderg active in GAAQ GSLQ plans to be a PE teacher, MARTHA BERNIER "Marty"g Student Coun- cil memberg GSL mem- ber at largeg participated in GAAg has college plans. LINDA BETSWORTH sang in A Cappellag Girls' Octetg NHSQ senior leader: business man- ager for the Budget and Reflector. ANGELA BESERRA belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg was a hall cadetg likes to sewg plans to go to business school. DIANA BLAKE lab assistantg senior leaderg Latin Honor So- cietyg was active in GAA. GREGG BLANKENSHIP head photographer for the Reflectorg has col- lege plansg wants to be a physics major. SANDRA Boeucns belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg plans to at- tend beauty school. BRIDGET BOHAN GSL Presidentg mem- ber of Senior Council and French Clubg plans to attend Barat College. GARY BLACKLEDGE played on the football teamg visual aids head operatorg member of Boys' Forum. SUE Bomrcuen hall cadetg participated in GAAQ member of Tri-Hi-Yg GSL. CoNN1E BORTH was a librariang ofiicc cadetg member of Pep Club and GSL. JANE BOND! member of A Cappellag on the Budget staffg be- longed to Stage Call and French Club. TOM BOWLING FTA publicity chair- mang NHSg Stage Call historiang Thespiansg Debateg Latin Club. 4:9 DAN Bow member of "G" Clubg Pep Clubg Boys' Forumg TED BRAND played footbnllg plans to belonged to Boys' Fo- rumg likes flying and huntingg will someday attend college. WANDA BRANNON be aleacher' member of SAAQ Pep CAROL BRYANT member of GSL and Pep Clubg enjoyed be- ing a senior: will bc going to beauty school. Clubg likes to danceg fu- ture plans indefinite. CATHY BROWN Pep Club representa- tiveg plans to attend a business school. BARBARA BUCK member of GSLQ SAAg plans to attend n busi- ness school. ROGER BOWMAN was a member of Pep Clubg Boys' Forumg en- joys archeryg will attend Southern Illinois Uni- versity. KENT BowToN enjoys working on cars and swimmingg will en- ter lhe Army after grad- uation. SUSIE BROCK president of SAAQ sen- ior leaderg sang in A Cappellag secretary- treasurer of Stage Call. Bos BROOKS "Gus"g member of Boys' Forumg likes cars and footballg plans to be- come a tool and die maker. WILLIAM BOWEN member of Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Clubg will attend business college. BARR BRoNsoN editor of the Reflectorg Senior Council memberg Interclub Councilg GSLg Pep Club. BRUCE BURGER Boys Forum memberg Pasteur Societyg is inter- GEORGE BURGLAND ested in taxidermy. Boys' Forum represent- ativeg "G" Club mem- berg on the golf and basketball teams. STEVE BURKHALTER a member of Boys' fo- rumg after graduation he will become an elec- trician's apprentice. BETTY CARLSON senior leaderg Spanish CARLENE CARLSON member of "Usher- ettes"g belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg wants to join the Peace Corps. Honor Societyg GSLQ likes sports and reading: has college plans. CAROL SUE CARLSON senior leaderg GSL cab- inet memberg FTAQ hall cadetg Latin Honor So- ciety. NANCY BUCK sang in A Cappella Student Council Girls Octet Reflector statf FTA Proon Club NANCY BUMSTEAD was on the Debate team is now attending Knox College. RICHARD BUSH a Boys' Forum mem- berg played football while at GHSQ will be- gin work after gradua- tion. GARNETT CANTRELL PATTY BUCK sang in A Cappella Girls Octet FTA GSL Pep Club CAROLE CAMPBELL SAA treasurerg sang in Concert Choirg Art Clubg GSL3 wants to go to Eastern Illinois Uni- versity. DAVE CARLSON likes modern music and artg also interested in cars. PAULA CARLSON an FHA oliicerg be- longed to Pep Club and GSLQ wants to attend business school. JANET CARLSON hall cadetg participated in Pep Club and GSLQ wants to attend beauty school. JOHN CARMODY member of Debate Squadg Pasteur Societyg Latin Clubg likes the Chicago Cubs. TED CARLSON member of Pasteur So- cietyg vice-president of Industrial Arts Clubg will attend an engineer- ing school. JEANETTE CARTER belonged to GSLQ Latin Clubg plans to attend Eureka College. SUZA-NNE CLARK "Suz1"g senior leaderg A Jo ANN CHANCE member of GSLQ likes to drawg plans on at- tending art school. Cappella Choir: Girls' Octetg plans on a polit- ical career. BETTY CLAY belonged to GSLQ par- ticipated in GAAg will attend beauty school. TERRY COLE ANN COLEMAN belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg Tri-Hi-Yg German Clubg plans to attend college. CARL COLWELL member of "G" Clubg on the track teamg plans to attend business school. DENNIS CASE visual aids helperg inter- ested in golf and bowl- ingg wants to be an auto mechanic. KATHLEEN CHAMBERS president of German Clubg secretary of Sen- ior Classg senior leaderg Senior Editor of the Reflector. SANDY CASSENS "Streakettes" memberg sang in A Cappellag has college plans. BARBARA COLBURN senior leaderg member of Pasteur Societyg Ger- man Clubg plans to at- tend college. HERBERT COLE member of Concert choirg will attend busi- ness school. GAYLORD COLE "Buddy"g would like to attend a trade school. 4 RUTHANN CONNOUR BARE CONNOUR Pep Club and GSL memberg FHAQ plans to Pep Club repfesenta- rest Hflel' gl'2lClllZ-1ll0l'1. tiveg Latin Clubg par- ticipated in GSL. BILL CROUSE Boys' Forum represent- ativeg "G" Clubg Var- FRANKIE COOLEY REECE CRANDELL sity track, football, and MARY CROUSE wrestlingg Art Club. mid-term graduateg be- longed to FHA and Pep Clubg likes to sew. DAVE COLWELL GAYE CONLON belonged to Pep Club and GSL. KEVIN Cox News Editor of Budgctg NHSQ commended by National Meritg likes to play the harmonica. MARILEE Cozmrm participated in GAAQ belonged to Tri-Hi-Yg GSLQ Pep Clubg would like to be 21 nurse. ly DEBBY DALTON GAA Board memberg Pep Clubg GSL: FTA Board memberg Orches- tra. JERRY DAVIDSON v belonged to Radio Clubg Boys' Forum. FAYLENE CONARD sang in A Cnppellag participated in GAAg belonged to GSL3 Pep Club. LUCINDA Cozfm DENA DARBY Tri-Hi-Y memberg GSL Pep Club and SAA. Bon DAvIsoN A Cappella Choir: Boyts Octet: track, football, and wrestling. DANNY DAVIS MICKEY DAVISON played golf: member of "G" Club: wants to study electrical engi- neering. CAROL DEERE Refiector staff: SAA representative: hall ca- det: wants to go to busi- ness school. DOROTHY EAvEs "Dottie": member of GAA, GSL, and Pep Club: would like to teach P.E. GARY DENISTON likes diesel mechanics and racing stock cars. DOUG DEVoss band and orchestra: German Club: would like to become a pro- fessional musician. JOYCE EARLY French and Pep Club: plans to go to Southern: wants to be an anthro- pologist. MIKE EDWARDS wants to be 21 mechanic: likes girls, cars, and money. JACKIE DEEF Pep Club representa- tive: member of GSL and French Club: wants to be a nurse. ANNE DELAWDER GSL cabinet member: GAA Board: Tri-Hi-Y: has nurses or secretarial school in mind. LARRY DEFORD likes cars: wants to be a machinist. SUSAN DOORES vice-president of Senior Class: DAR award: sec- retary of NHS: senior leader. CHERYI. DRAKE senior leader: Budget exchange editor: French Club: will be going to Northern. EDWIN DORRIS Boys' Forum: SAA: plans to attend college JoYcE ELAM Pep Club GSL sang In A Cappella Choir TONY ENES Varsity baseball G Club Spanish Club SUE EPPERSON Boys Forum plans to member of GSL plans further his education to 'Ittend a junior col lege then will go on to '1 university CYNTHIA ERICSON Stage Callg Tri-Hi-Y: hall cadetg GSL cabinet member. LINDA ERICKSON Tri-Hi-Y treasurerg GSL cabinet memberg Pep Clubg loves to read. JOYCE EVANS FI-IAg GSLQ Pep Clubg would like to be an IBM worker. JIM FARRIS Rdd1O Club Industrlal Arts Club Pep Club Boys Forum JACK FELDMAN Reflector staff associate editor for Budget likes STEVE FERGUSON Joumahsm president of Art Club Club Concert Choir' Student Council. PEGGY FIKE GSLQ Pep Clubg would like to be a receptionist SANDY FINCH and a housewife. Vice-president of Tri-Hi- Yg Pep Clubg wants to attend a business col- lege- SHARON FINDAHI. GAAg GSLQ Pep Club representativeg has col- lege plans. STEVE FOGEL Spanish National Hon- or Societyg FTAQ plans to major in math or en- gineering. MARY FOSTER STEVE Fox trackg on Senior Coun- cilg played basketballg has college plans. RAY FRITSCH SAR awardg athletic managerg Concert Choirg NHSg football. Russ G1FEoRD president of Stage Callg Thespiansg Art Club: VICKY FRINSTHAL Concert Choirg Tri-Hi- Yg Spanish Clubg plans to attend Illinois State. CAROL GAINES GSL memberg wants to get married after gradu- ation. GEORGE GIBBS Boys' Forumg Pep Clubg future plans are unde- cided. R ANGILN antique dealer. .Um F' so MARCIA GOFF Concert Choirg Reflec- ior staffg GSLQ Pep Club representativeg GAA. vice-president of GAAQ senior leaderg Senior Councilg NHSQ Latin Club. Ron GOEDEKE Varsity footballg Stu- dent Councilg "G" Clubg has college plans. ToM GOLDEN belonged to Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Club. POLLY GAMBLE . senior leaderg vice-pres- ident of GSLQ NHSQ Girls' Octetg Homecom- ing Queen. JAN GEHRING Secretary of GSLQ copy editor for Reflectorg German Clubg Pep Club. BILL GLADFELTER Boys' Forumg interested in cars, food, and mon- eyg future is undecided. J ACK GODSIL JILL GARDNER Concert Choirg Tri-Hi- Yg Spanish Clubg FTAQ Pep Club. lm. PERRY GLIESSMAN stage lighting and soundg treasurer of Ra- dio Clubg Stage Call. Cnvm' GREGG Pep Club representa- tiveg secretary of Tri- Hi-Yg on the Reflector staifg GAA. MARLENE GREENSTREET hall cadetg belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg li- brariang wants to be a nurse. DEAN GREGG SAA treasurerg on the Reflector staffg Boys' Forum memberg was out for debate. MARLENE Gnoss a GSL cabinet memberg Spanish Clubg Tri-Hi-Yg future plans in the busi- ness world. Eiga? , 1 JOHN GRONE sang in A Cappella Choirg SAA treasurer Boys' Forumg is college bound. DoN GUMMERSON member of Boys' Fo- rumg Industrial Arts Clubg played basketball. JOEL GRAHAM was on sound and light- ing crewg Stage Callg Boys' Forum. BILL GREEN ERIC GRAY Boys' Forumg SAAg in- terested in vocational automotives. JIM GRIFFITH was a wrestlerg belonged to Boys' Forumg inter- ested in cars and food. Tom GxuFFm-1 Varsity footballg Boys, Forumg "G" Clubg has LARRY GRIFFITH new this year from Quincyg belonged to FTA. college plans. JIM GUSTAFSON belonged to Boys' Fo- rum and SAA while at GHS. JEAN GUENTHE11 SALLY GUARDALABENE a GSL cabinet memberg belonged to Pep Club and Spanish Clubg her future plans are in busi- ness. FRAN HALLAM Latin Honor Societyg LINDA GUENTI-IER likes to read and sewg wants to be an evangel- ist or secretaryg FHAQ GSL. Illini Girls' 'Stateg lab ROBERT HAMPTON assistantg Latin Club. ll! I, l L, STEVE HARDINE participated in trackg Boys' Forum membcrg plans to attend the Uni- versity of Denver. CARL HAwIcINsoN Boys' Forum memberg plans to attend Olivet College and major in P.E. ANNE HARDINE Art Clubg a senior lead- erg student council mem- berg PROONS' presi- dentg GAA Board. LESLIE HARDING on Reflector staffg GSL memberg would like to attend a junior college. DOUG HARVEY an SAA representative: liked intramuralsg played baseballg has member of NHSg Boys' College Plans- Forum representativeg played basketball and Clqmg HAWKINSON golf. belonged to Industrial Arts Clubg also a mem- ber of SAA and Boys' Forum. ROLLIE HANNAM member of Spanish Clubg a Pep Club rep- resentativeg has future college plans. ROBERTA HANSON business college in the futureg was an SAA treasurer and a member of GSL. ELAINE HARE participated in GSL3 likes to danceg wants to become a beautician. MARK HARTLEY Pasteur Society and French Club memberg on Reflector staffg will further education. RICK HANSEN the Budget photogra- pherg Teen-Age Repub- lican presidentg German Club. STEVE HARSHBARGER member of Pasteur So- cietyg commended by National Meritg Ger- man Club. :QV 4 1 BILL HEPBURN German and Latin Club memberg wants to go into the field of elec- tronics. 4 , ROGER HILLARD belonged to Boys' Fo- rumg Pep Clubg wants to work in the auto- motive industry. 150 PAUL HENSON BOB HERALDSON on Senior Councilg foot- ball, track, and wres- tlingg likes to hunt. IRENE HIGABEDA a senior leaderg GSL cabinet memberg GAAg Spanish Honor Societyg will major in math. PAM HILLIGOSS a majoretteg senior lead- erg sang in A Cappella Choir. DEBBIE HEBENSTRIET a member of Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, and FTAQ wants to go to Western Uni- versity. STEVE HENDRICKS secretary-treasurer of German Clubg member of Stage Callg was on the track team. SUSAN HERB belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg wants to con- tinue in the field of business. PAUL HEVLAND played football: be- longed to Industrial Arts Club: may be a me- chanic. MARY HINCHMAN president of FHAg treas- urer of GAAg senior leaderg sang in A Cap- pella Choir. JEFF H1Niuc1-is member of Stage Call and Thespiansg was on the cross-country team. MARY ANN HECKEL sang in A Cappella Choirg a GSL repre- sentativeg belonged to Latin Honor Society. CxNDY HERRINGTON a member of GSL and FHAg plans to attend a business schoolg likes to travel. DEBBIE HINKLE a Student Council mem- berg senior leaderg Thes- piansg candidate for Homecoming Queen. JANE HODGEMAN belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg would like to become a beautician or secretary. Boa Honicsrnolvi likes bowling and mo- torcyclesg was in Boys' Forum and Pep Club: may join Navy. CHRISTINE HUGHES belonged to Spanish and German Clubg FHAQ FTAg wants to be a special education teacher. JERRY Hlx member of Student Councilg wrestling squadg wants to major in business. J ERRY HODGEMAN Boa HOPPING member of Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Clubg would like to go to trade school. ROSELYN Honksrnoivr participated in GAA and GSLQ likes to water- skig wants to go to art school. ED HOWARD played basketball and footballg track teamg looking forward to mili- tary service. COLLEEN HULL CHUCK HODIERNE vice-president of Teen- Age Republicansg French Clubg study psy- chology. GAYLENE Hoors library and hall cadetg belonged to GSL and FHA. CHARLES I-IoscHEK Pep Club representa- tiveg played footballg was on track and wres- tling teams. JANET HOUGH participated in GAAg GSL memberg likes horses and oil paintingg may be a nurse. MIKE HOLEMAN played in the orchestrag trackg in Pasteur Soci- etyg has college plans. ROSEMARY HOUCHIN member of GSLQ sang in the choirg plans to go on to college. DIANA ISHERWOOD ANITA IRWIN president of Streakettesg belonged to Pasteur So- cietyg a senior leader. ANNA LEE JACOBY new this year at GHSQ belonged to GSL and Pep Club. yi. JIM HURST sang in A Cappellag be- longed to Latin Clubg was in "My Three An- gels." PAT IMLER member of Boys' Fo- rum. ALLYsoN JAGOW senior leaderg sang in A Cappellag NHSQ secre- tary of PROONS. Boa JASPERSON Boys' Forum presidentg played Varsity basket- ballg NHSQ likes numis- matics. JANET ICENOGLE hall cadetg participated in GAAQ wants to go to a business college. CAROLYN JANES active member in GAA and bandg wants to be a nurse. BOB JOHNSON STEVE JOHANSON belonged to Boys' Fo- rum and Radio Clubg future is undecided. Dick JoHNsoN new this year at GHS3 likes chemistryg wants to go to Monmouth College. DIXIE JoHNsoN Pep Club representa- tiveg sang in A Cappel- lag wants to go to Uni- versity of Iowa. LARRY JoHNsoN member of FFAQ Boys' Forumg Pep Club. KATHY JoHNsoN was a member of GSL and SAAg wants to go to a business college. TERRY JOHNSON secretary of FFAQ be- longed to Industrial Arts Clubg a Boys' Fo- rum member. JER1 KALPACKES belonged to Stage Call and GSLg future career in nursingg likes to sew. MARTHA JOHNSON president of Pasteur SO- cietyg sang in A Cap- pellag senior leaderg NHS. TOM JOHNSON Senior Class presidentg Student Council treas- urerg in "My Three Angels." GREG KALETCH EVERETT KANE sang in A Cappella Choirg is interested in joining the Air Force. WILDA KERSEY was a member of GSLg plans on going to busi- ness school. TERESA KELLY belonged to GAA and Tri-Hi-Yg wants to be a secretary. LINDA KING Reflector staffg GSL memberg lab assistantg senior leaderg college in the future. I I VENITA JO JONES GSL cabinet memberg belonged to FHAQ plans on going to business school. MARLA JOY member of GSL and SAAQ wants to become a secretary. ARTHUR JORGANSON has college plans. LINDA KANE participated in GAAQ Pep Club and GSLQ wants to become a com- mercial artist. DALE KELLEY treasurer of "G" Clubg secretary of Boys' FO- rumg played basketball and baseball. BILL KEITH football playerg Intra- muralsg likes to do the least work for the most money. DON KNOX KAREN LENSMEYER came from Peoria Cen- tral this yearg Tri-Hi-Yg French Club. BRIAN KNOTT MELVA KocH GSL and Pep Club rep- resentativeg Pasteur So- cietyg senior leaderg wants to be a nurse. LAWANA LEAIIY Senior Councilg GSL cabinet memberg French Clubg wants to be an X-ray technician. DAVE LEVENE a Varsity wrestlerg mem- ber of "G" Clubg wants to be an engineer or architect. BETTY KIRKBRIDE PHIL KNEEBONE LINDA KIIEUTZER GSL cabinet memberg belonged to Pep Clubg wants to be a beauti- cian. DEBBIE LARSON senior leaderg member of Art Clubg sang in A Cappellag has college plans. MIKE KLUSMAN KAY KUNTZ participated in Tri-Hi- Y and GAAQ hall cadetg wants to be a nurse. MIKE LEWIS Varsity wrestling, foot- ball, and baseballg "G" Clubg wants to be a coach. NANCY LIND member of Pep Club and GSLQ participated in GAA. JODY LILLIE treasurer of Senior Classg member of Stu- dent Councilg NHS3 AFS Board. Boa LINDSTROM Varsity basketball and baseballg SAA treasur- erg plans on going to college. THERESA LORENZ AUBREY MACCANNELL was new this year from St. Louisg participated in track and cross- country thereg Spanish Club. JAYNE LINDBLOM Pep Club representa- tiveg member of Span- ish Clubg wants to be a dental hygienist. RICHARD LINDSTROM plays in Knox-Gales- burg Orchestra and GHS bandg member of German Club. DEE ANN LOGSDON plays in the orchestrag member of GSLg wants to be a librarian. KATHY Lo'rz member of Spanish Honor Societyg plays in the bandg has college plans. JANIE LUCKER GSL memberg enjoys dancingg wants to be an airline stewardess. VERNETTA LUCKETT member of SAAQ plans . to attend a business college and become a secretary. NANCY LINE I wants to be a beauti- clan. RALPH LINROTH member of FTA and Boys' Forumg plans on going to college. CARL LowRY interested in sportsg contemplating joining the Air Force. LEE LUCAS ofiicer in FFA and a member of Boys' Fo- rumg has college plans. f-'Y KATHY LINN GSL Cabinet memberg Pep Clubg wants to go to beauty school. JoHN Loi' wrestled for GHSQ mem- ber of Boys Forum. .---v--- - LINDA MCGARRY was a Pep Club repre- sentativeg member of GSLQ wants to go to business college. LINDA MARIER member of GSLg was a hall cadetg has college plans. 33 V" 'I 'l JUDY McCooL member of GSL and Pep Clubg wants to be a beautician. JUDY MCLAREN ROBIN MAGEE played in the bandg be- longed to Spanish Hon- or Societyg wants to go to the University of Iowa. STEVE MARSHALL played basketball and baseballg on Senior Councilg likes to build Hoats. QDONALD MCADAM Interested in becoming a machinist. CHUCK MCCLURG played the drums in the bandg belonged to Pep Club and Boys' Forurng music career. STEVE MCLAUGHLIN French Club memberg a Boys' Forum repre- sentativeg has college plans. MILLICENT MCNEAIR belonged to FHA,g GAAQ GSLQ wants to be a nurse or fashion designer. PAUL MARTIN belonged to Boys' Fo- rumg plans to go to IBM schoolg likes cars. GREG MAUPIN played in intramuralsg wants to go into archi- tectural engineering. SANDY MCCLURE secretary of FHAg loves to ride horsebackg wants to be a nurse. MIKE MCMEEN was on Student Council three yearsg likes basket- ballg has college plans. ANNA MARTINEZ member of GSLQ plans to go to beauty schoolg likes to dance. BRUCE MENKE Student Council mem- berg played football and baseballg "G" Club member. KATHLEEN MILLER member of GSLQ SAAg future plans are indefi- nite. NANCY MOREI-IEAD hall cadetg GSL cabinet memberg interested in dramatics. VICKI MAYEIELD belonged to Spanish Honor Societyg German Clubg plans to be an in- terpreter. CECIL MESECIIER belonged to Boys' Fo- rumg plans to further education in the service. Eu MILLER belonged to Boys' Fo- rumg Pasteur Societyg French Club. Bon MILLS Student Council repre- sentativeg has college plansg likes to have fun. ITLA MOORE member of SAA and Pep Club. KAREN MORGAN belonged to GSLQ has plans to become a beau- tician. ad' MARK MIcI-IEI.soN Budget news staffg vice- president of German Clubg AFS Boardg "G" Club. LINDA MILES member of GAAQ Tri- Hi-Yg GSL and Pep Club member. RUTH MIMS GSL cabinet memberg hall cadetg usherettesg plans a nursing career. MARK MIDDLEWOOD Varsity wrestlerg has college plansg wants to be successful and retire early. l Bon MINER played in Intramuralsg Latin Clubg likes pro- test music and Bob DALE Moa ERG National Merit semi- finalistg AFS Boardg Budget: plans to go to Swarthmore. Dylan. 157 RANDOLPH MUNsoN member of G Club was a sports manager, went to Boys' Stateg is college bound. JUDY MUNDWILER belonged to GSL and Pep Club plans on be ing a secretary BAIQBARA MURK senior leader' on Re ec 1 fi ' tor staffg GAAg wants to be a legal secretary. DAVE NELSON member of Boys' Fo- rumg likes cars and swimming. ANITA NELSON GAA Board memberg senior leaderg hall ca- detg wants to go to beauty school. PAM NELSON on Student Councilg member of GSL and Spanish Clubg plans to go to Southern. BECKY MORTENSON won the Betty Crocker school awardg GSL and Pep Club member. STEVE MoUL'roN plays in the "Fugitives"g member of Boys' Fo- rum. DAN MURPHY president of FFAQ Boys' Forum representativeg college in the future. BECKY NAPIER member of GAA, GSL, Tri-Hi-Yg wants to be a dental technician. ROGER NELSON president of Thespians and A Cappella Choirg AFS student to Ger- manyg NHS3 Boys' Oc- tel. NANCY NEWBAUER treasurer of FHAQ mem- ber of Pep Club and GSLQ wants to go to Iowa State. RHONDA MOTT Student Council mem- berg German Clubg wants to go to Southern. LINDA MUSELMAN belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg secretarial career in the future. TERRY NEMETH Boys' Forumg SAA memberg sees career in Marines or Air Force. ERNEST Nix intramural basketball, likes football and draw- ing, college bound. LINDA OLIVER PAT PAGE TERRY NEWBURGI-I football, wrestling trackg went to Boys Stateg has college plans. 9 v CONNIE Nomus Varsity cheerleaderg Streakettesg senior lead- erg sang in A Cappellag GSL. PETE NYMAN president of "G" Clubg Varsity track and bas- ketballg plans to contin- ue in math. CHRIS OLSON Latin and German Clubg Pep Clubg will go to the U. of l. JANET PAGE officer of FHA, FTAg Spanish Club, Reflector staffg likes life savers. PETE PAISLEY Varsity football, track, wrestlingg "G" Club, Art Club. JACKIE NORTHRUP . hall cadetg FHA, hopes to go into nurses' train- ing. JOHN NYMAN vice-president of Stu- dent Council, Pep Club, and A Cappella, Boys' Octetg track. 'iv JERRY OWEN ELIZABETH PADILLA senior leaderg GAAQ member of Senior Councilg has college plans. ff MARY NORTON FHAQ Latin and Ger- man Clubg GSL, Pep Club. CLARA PAEONE AFS student from Peru: "Lita", good dancer, loves sports. SUSAN PAYTON "Susie"g GSL and Pep Clubg wants to go to a business college. JOHN PETERSON member of Boys' Fo- rumg plans on attending college. JOHN PARTON "Johnnie"g FFAQ wants to be a cartoonist. JIM PEARSON Pep Clubg Boys' Fo- rumg likes golfg wants to go into electronics. HELEN PETERSON member of GSLQ sang in Concert Choirg has future plans in the busi- ness field. MARC PETERSON vice-president of Span- ish Clubg Spanish Honor Societyg college bound. JOHN PALMGREN wrestling member of Boys' Forumg is going to Iowa State. JEFF PARSONS Concert Choirg Boys' Forumg looking for a career in National Park Service. MIKE PECK Budget staffg debateg Boys' Forum cabinet member. BILL PETERS a stage band memberg in Spanish Clubg FFAQ has college plans. PAT PICKREL a GSL representativeg Spanish Club and GAAQ senior leader. JESSE PONCE "Amigo"g "G" Clubg Varsity football and baseballg Spanish Clubg college in the future. GARY PAMPEL DONNA PENNINGTON GSL memberg SAAQ wants to get married and be a housewife. MARTY PLANT: in "G" Clubg member of Spanish Clubg foot- ball and trackg college bound. SUSAN POOLE Senior Councilg GSLg SAAQ wants to be a secret agent for the FBI. JIM POWELL Boys' Forum repre- sentativeg wrestling and track teamsg won the archery contest. ANTONIA RAMIREZ GSL memberg likes to danceg plans to go to a business college, SAM PONCE Spanish Clubg likes music and sportsg is a member of the Crystals. MERYSS POTTER GSLg Pep Clubg SAAg plans to attend the Bur- lington Beauty School. CATHY POWELL Pep Clubg GAAQ GSLQ plans to go to beauty school. PAT PRICE hall cadetg librarian: GSLg Pep Clubg is in- terested in making busi- ness a career. JAMES QUINN belonged to Boys' Fo- rum and Industrial Arts Clubg wants to be a mechanic. JANIE RAMSEY SAA treasurerg GAAg Art Clubg French Club: plans to become an in- terior decorator. JEAN POTTORF Pep Clubg GSLQ plays in the bandg plans to be a beautician. J ON PoUNDs ALICE POWELL GSLQ SAAg future plans are undecided. i F, SHARON PRICE was a member of GSL and Pep Clubg plans on going to cosmotology school. RICHARD QUALLS a member of Boys' Fo- rumg after college he plans to go into busi- ness for himself. vice-president of Art Clubg bandg, Boys' Fo- rumg plans to be a com- mercial artist. JEAN PRUETT GSL cabinet memberg majoretteg GAAQ mem- ber of Tri-Hi-Y. 161 MARY RAY GSLQ participated in GAAg Pep Club mem- berg would like to go to beauty school. SHARON REED GSL memberg would like to be an art or history teacherg likes to paint and read. BARBARA REAMS senior leaderg GAAg member of FHAQ Latin Clubg plans to be a mis- sionary nurse. STEVE REESE JOYCE REESE Tr1 HI Y member GSL French Club Latin Club would lIke to be a nurse RONALD REFFETT a Boys' Forum memberg plans to be a mechanic. SHEILA RITTER participated in GAAQ was also a GSL mem ber. SI-IERYL RIGGS Girls' Octetg Student Council memberg treas- urer of GSLg will major in French. TERRY ROATE JANIS REYNOLDS was on Student Coun- cilg GSL memberg Latin Clubg wants to be a teacher. MIKE RICHARDS CRAIG RIGG Boys' Forum memberg liked his Senior yearg can't wait for gradua- tion. JEROME ROBERSON Art Club memberg track teamg played basketball: has further educational plans. BILL ROBINSON likes sportsg wants to go to drafting schoolg was a Boys' Forum member. "Sandwich-Man"g a football player and a wrestlerg says he wants to be a GHS janitor. 4,...f' as BETH ROBERTS belonged to GSL and Pep Clubg plans to re- tire after graduation. PHIL ROBISON Boys' Forum represent- ativeg Varsity baseball: college lies ahead. JAMES SACKEY Boys' Forum memberg SAAg enjoys reading and travelingg plans to be a radio announcer. DAVE SHAVER on stage crewsg likes biologyg is considering the Navy. JANET ROBINSON senior leaderg NHSQ sang in Girls' Octetg Senior Councilg AFS Boardg Thespians. DAVID ROITBURD sang in Concert Choirg played in intramuralsg plans to major in P.E. ANGELA SACKEY member of GSL and Pep Clubg likes to danceg interested in a career in fashion. BARBARA SANvII.I.n president of Pcp Clubg sang in A Cappella: senior leaderg AFS Board. Rum SHARAR GSL memberg Latin Clubg Pep Clubg plans to attend college. LINDA Sl-IAW member of SAA and GSL3 her future plans are undecided. fu- DENISE Roor vice-president of FHAQ GSL cabinet memberg plans to study interior SHARON Rose decoration in college. CONNIE Ross was a member of GSLg also belonged to SAA. ROBERT SCOTT a member of Boys' Fo- rumg enioys sports. PAT SI-IANI5 Boys' Forum memberg track and wrestling teamsg college lies ahead. Pep Club representa- tiveg member of GSL' plans to attend a busi- ness college. MARY SETZER Pep Club representative GSL representative plans to be a cosmotol ogist. R N - X JUDY SHAY head majoretteg presi- dent of orchestrag likes to danceg her future plans are undecided. ALICE SHERWOOD GSL memberg Pep Clubg plans to become an air- line stewardess. MARK SHEARER SAA representativeg Boys' Forum represent- ativeg Pep Club mem- berg likes to shoot pool. JOHN SHERWOOD Boys' Forumg FFAQ Pep Clubg enjoys coin collecting and cars. JIM SHERWOOD Boys' Forum memberg on Student Councilg plans to attend college. JIM SHIPP member of Boys' Fo- rumg SAAg plans to go on to college. GLENN SHOWERS Varsity footballg presi- dent of Spanish Clubg lab assistantg has college plans. JOIIN SIBLEY Varsity wrestlerg likes BEV SIMMONS Art Clubg GSL3 Concert Choirg plans to attend a school of commerce. music and eatingg his future plans are unde- cided. JERRY SIMS DAVID SIMMONS Pasteur Societyg going on to college to study biology or chemistry. TRISHA SLAUGHTER A Cappellag senior leaderg college lies ahead in the field of writing. 017 LINDA SMALL has college in the fu- tureg likes airplanes. DIANE SMITH GSLg Pep Clubg FHAg plans to attend a busi- ness school after gradu- ation. DALE SMITH a member of Industrial Arts Clubg SAA. KAREN SUE SMiTH sang in Concert Choirg Spanish Clubg partici- pated in GAA. PEGGY SORNBERGER GAA Board memberg senior leaderg hall ca- detg GSL cabinet mem- ber. KAREN ANN SMITH Spanish Honor Society: Spanish Club secretaryg GSLQ wants to be an art teacher. PAM SMITH GSL and Pep Club rep- resentativeg GAAQ mem- ber of Spanish Club. EVELYN SNYDER president of Bible Clubg member of FHA and GSL. TERRY SPETS Boys' Forum memberg oliice cadetg has college plans. ROSEMARY SMITH WANDA SMITH played in orchestrag French Club memberg GSLg has college plans. TOM SMITH BOB STEGALL sang in A Cappellag member of Spanish Club and Boys' Forumg college lies ahead. SANDRA STEELE participated in FHA and GSLg wants to go to business school. DAVE STEGALL played footballg NHSQ member of "G" Clubg wants to go to the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. JAN SQUIRE member of FFAQ will be going into the Navyg will later be a farmer. CAROL STEED member of GSL and Pep Clubg likes to writeg business school in the future. JOHN SQUIRE Tom STOERZBACI-I Boys' Octetg member of Senior Councilg NHSQ sang in A Cappella. JIM STINSON played in the bandg Boys' Forum memberg likes sportsg will be go- ing to college. VICKI STOMBERG hall cadetg GAA Board memberg senior leaderg librariang college in the future GARY SUYDAM on the Wrestling teamg member of Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Clubg has college plans. 166 KENNETH SUNQUIST member of Boys' Fo- rumg visual aidsg wants to work on the railroad. BARRY SWANSON Varsity basketball and baseball playerg Boys' Octetg "G" Clubg Stu- dent Council. NEIL STEGALL was on the Budget staffg belonged to Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Club. HARLAND STINE Boys' Forum memberg likes poolg has college plans. F? CATHY STONE Varsity cheerleader Student Council secre- taryg senior leaderg member of the gymnas- tic squad. ROBERTA SUP-YDBERG hall cadetg member of GSL and Pep Club: plans to go to IBM school. BROCK SwANsoN Boys' Forum represent- ativeg SAA treasurerg played Varsity baseballg college lies ahead. Rouen SWIGERT Varsity wrestlerg in In- dustrial Arts Clubg may go to a junior college. JIM STICK Boys' Forum and Pep Club memberg football playerg plans to attend college. JACK STRUM JIM SWANSON ' sang IH Concert Choirg belonged to Boys' Fo- fum. JOAN TAYLER senior leaderg sang in A Cappellag on gymnastic squad. SANDRA TRAFF ERIC UBBEN a GHS debaterg Pep Clubg member of NI-ISg Boys' Forumg college plans. Cams TABONE GSL cabinet memberg hall cadetg participated in GAA. JANILEE. THEOBALD hopes to be a nurseg was a hall cadetg mem- ber of GSL and GAA. STEVE TOLLE CAROL TRASK member of Tri-Hi-Yg Spanish Clubg likes to sew and cook. Douc TURNER Pasteur Societyg NHS: Spanish Club and Span- ish Honor Society. REBECCA UHLMAN Tri-Hi-Y memberg Pep Clubg GAAg future plans in the business field. RONALD THEOBALD plans to be a machinistg likes pool, swimming, and footballg "T-Bone." DAN THROCKMORTON KEN TRIBBEY Student Councilg a member of the golf teamg SAA treasurerg wants to study medicine. JIM TROLAND Senior Councilg Pep Clubg Boys' Forumg likes to play golfg col- lege plans. l KATHY THOMPSON president of FTAQ mem- ber of Stage Callg Stu- dent Councilg hopes to be a teacher. DAN TRIBLEY member of Boys' Fo- rumg wants to be a P.E. teacher. JOHN VILLARREAL KEN VARNOLD was an SAA memberg enjoys all of his "little played football. plans sisters"g had fun in high to go to work after School' graduation. MARY WALSH GAA presidentg senior leaderg GSLQ wants to teach P.E. KATHY VITALE ISA WALLER GSL cabinet memberg Pep Clubg participated in GAA3 wants to go to SIU. ALAN WARD member of SAA and Boys' Forumg plans to go to trade school. LINDA UNDERWOOD member of GSLQ likes to readg future plans are undecided. JAY VANIER MARSHA WAGGONER Senior Councilg Pep Club representativeg wants to be a legal sec- retary. MIRALEE WALKER sang in Concert Choirg GSL representativeg member of German Club. i' 1 LINDA WARD likes to sew and cookg wants to go to cosmo- tology schoolg belonged to GSL and Pep Club. SALLY WATKINS band presidentg GSLQ secretary-treasurer of Bible Clubg has college plans. JOSEPH VANCIL GLENDA WAGPIER GSL and Pep Club representativeg Reflector staifg wants to go to business school. RICHARD WARD TERRY WATSON member of Boys' Fo- rum and SAAQ college lies ahead. Boa WECHSLER member of Boys' For- LARRY WATSON president of Industrial Arts Clubg member of Boys' Forumg has col- lege plans. LARRY WATTERS president of Student Councilg "G" Clubg Homecoming Kingg sings in A Cappella Choir. TIM WEBBER Student Councilg "G" Clubg Varsity footballg member of Spanish umg plans to attend the Club' Culinary Institute of America to become a chef. JOYCE WHALEN senior leaderg partici- pated in GAAg GSLg has colege plans and a major in P.E. LARRY WEECH DONALD WESTFALL JACKIE Wmrcomn participated in GSLQ future plans include nurses' training. RONALD WATTERS belonged to Pep Club and Boys' Forum. CONNIE WEBB member of GSL and Pep Clubg in FHAQ and hopes to be a dental assistant or an IBM op- erator. Liz WESSELS Senior Councilg Ger- man Club' GSL cab- SUE WEAVER GSL cabinet memberg belonged to Stage Call and Thespiansg French Club. 'Q - ' , MARGIE WESSELS Hfgonwgggsfra wants to Pep Club representativeg g ' sang in A Cappellag fu- CONNIE WESTFALL ture lies in nursing. 4 LINDA WILKINS GSL cabinet memberg senior leaderg Reflector staffg sang in A Cap- pellag future teacher. JUDY WINICKER senior leaderg NHSQ be- longed to GSL and GAAg college is in- cluded in her future. CAROL WILKINS BRUCE WILLIAMS member of Boys' Fo- rum and Pep Clubg after graduation will attend college. ARDITII WINoo belonged to FHA and GSLg likes to sing and dance. JERRY WIXFORTH Industrial Arts Clubg visual aidsg Boys' Fo- rumg future with Uncle Sam. CAROLE WHITE GSL: Pep Clubg partici- pated in GAAQ plans to attend a junior college. PEGGY WILKERSON treasurer of Spanish Clubg participated in GAAQ Pep Club and GSL memberg has col- lege plans. TERRY WILLIAMSON T W C L WHITTOM Varsity trackg Boys' Fo- rum and SAA repre- sentativeg wants to be a dentist. JOHN WILSON Boys' Forumg Pep Club OM ILSON memberg likes golfg will Boys' Forum and Pep Club memberg plans to further his education in welding. HENRY WoNG Pep Club representa- tiveg Art Clubg "G" Clubg trackg art editor for Refiector. ELAINE Woops SAA and GSL memberg is looking forward to business college and traveling. be going to college. BECKY Woop Varsity cheerleaderg Stu- dent Councilg GSL rep- resentativeg A Cappella senior leader. I DEWEY WRIGHT Boys' Forum memberg SAAQ plans to go to Southemg loves to do his own English proj- ects. TERRY WORMAN Varsity baseballg likes biologyg would like to further his education. NANCY WRIGHT A Cappella Choirg GSLQ Pasteur Society: Pep Club: one of Mr. Lun- deen's girls. LAURA ZIEGINHORN hall cadetg Tri-Hi-Yg participated in GAAg GSL memberg plans to go on to college. GAIL ZUMWALT Varsity cheerleaderg sang in Girls' Octetg Student Councilg NHSQ senior leader. ROGER YATES stage bandg Boys' Fo- rum representativeg Lat- in Clubg wants to go to Southem. KAREN YOURISON sang in A Cappellag GSL memberg Pep Club representativeg French Clubg college plans. DoUG YOUNGREN managing editor of Budgetg NHSQ founder of "Fern Finckley"g has college plans. Rub-a-dub-dub two seniors in a tub. lu. , yr 49- .34 ' I ,,,-I sb' 's Z' ,l 5 .u -ruff , J , If T Seniors are not all work and no 1191491 Budgets have many uses. Uncle Sam wants you! George Larry Woodson finds a new way to cross the country. This is the year of the class of 1966! In August, a group of sen- iors took over the student offices vacated by the previous class. This began an eventful year for the class of 366. Few students will forget the time the senior class Homecoming float won Hrst place. This was a beautiful, but sad Homecoming for the seniors be- cause it was their last at GHS. They will look back and remember the friends and teachers that made their years at GHS so enjoyable. They can not help but remember the fun nights and after game dances they attended as well as the glorious time the Silver Streaks basketball team defeated Pekin. Who will ever forget the uncoor- dinated senior girls known as PROONS. Well, the year is almost over now, but they will have these TIMES TO REMEMBER. Brock Swanson relaxes after a rough day of classes. 173 Eagerness JUNIORS Kay Abrahamson Bob Ackman Becky Adams Jerry Adcock Linda A'Hearn Alan Ahl Alan Alderman Rueben Alfaro Bobbie Jo Allen Carol Allen Charlotte Allen Jim Allen Orrie Allen Larry Anderson Lois Anderson Vickie Appell Elaine Armstrong Debbie Ashby Ed Asher Janet Augustson Dave Baird Joann Bloomgren Vicki Bohlander Harold Bohman Jamie Boone Jerry Boone David Booth Dennis Booton Penny Bouseman Gloria Bower Kenton Bowles Rich Boyer Dick Bradley Julie Brouillette Kenneth Bryant Jerry Bucher Joe Bucher Jim Buckner Margie Burgland Laura Burke Nancy Burrell Kathy Cable v rl , 1:3 l , , r .fc . f 4 N Tig A I 3 'WS 73 will e F . 5 , ' -' M- .2 V, !,,7g5.':-'X Q F UI? .-,TH . 5,0 L , J. Ti' , A, .54 Qi-27 , ,Q mi Q I 2, 11' L.. A .5 -li f1'-- - gf,i ,ir',,,'f', f Q' . A , .ff ,,,. i.., ie 1 our 1 1, , LL, J- .gl .b 5' . '- Xl Af, ,VP '- , , . l. ff " s X'-F, . 'qw if B P' ' 1 lfflf .if i W3 ,, .Wt-'U' , It , -J au, .9 .2 - 1-:lr A X47 1 l 1'- ,'4 A i . 'Z V l 'ii Kxvv4 ',, R he-il ,. it i J fi ll A' Lo Sandra Baldwin Charles Bale Steve Bangert Les Banks Claire Barnstead Vicky Barragan Rodney Bartlett nk r H N A andy gaughman - - J lm 1, -' y l I. ff- H- ary aumgartner x X '55 X i -C55 ' - , Gladys Bean ' , 'I' A Q Y 11.5 ' M Edward Beardsley ' ' B 1 A ' Jim Bell X ' ' - 'I b 67' K Phylis Bennett ,-lla-3: 3 Bob Bern I , gm Barn ' 5 4 . ,--. , , , .Q .i ary lgglillll "gg X J I - Q Gary Billings f' l , Dick Bjorkiuish f,' , , I i I J Bl K W0 ,J W 1 'l?on1ii:sBlai1rie we Ir ilillll af l A .ga 5.5212 :A Dave Bloom 'ff' ""l5"?U" ivii- , B ',"i W V-V fi? M' bi 'QT' reign .".' fk Y ' ' , I, Q il Cx' 5 B' i l f l, .W ri, 1 i V Fl y i A ,Q N , it ..2FiTw43 A '.,f, 4, o.f9w1ss'fr:+::a I "lu .j l iv i ""."' .E f, f' ,4t,5.exf.g,,,g-41, 5 .- , X -4 - . Y ol. o ,gif X I ' ma y ,,, GT: ,A I1 6,5 , X V I l l V , f V i .,-I Vx i 'A li l 1 v l- , ' "Pj in ' , i, H ", -, f f A , ir are wtf, f 64 u ' 7 'ff' ' - i "3i'iii' 1' " ai" Q"- ' J gb jf: K2 F3--J A Qc .1 X'fif,' :Lk 3- .fc 3 Y. 1. X , ,A Q 4 "',: . -Jp--:'. si Liiai-I. jiijf -N- ...M 1' tg, , V v-.1 is lr? . I . 'xx ,F .N ,A 1 3:11 ffgiti , 1 -7 L91 M 1 'ig JU NIORS Roger Calhoun Leon Campbell Mike Campbell John Camren Cindy Carlson Patrick Carlson Stephen Carlson Ii i , 1 i Y ' L W Steve Carlson , nd Lg I: 'G " 53 T' ' - ' , X A ' 1 Trudy Carlson Wg f A A ' 4 i -3,4 Chuck Carman f' f ' , f 'ii V Tony Carothers 1, f 7 -f" , '-,. I' ,X ' " Arlene Carr - - f , V f 7 1 Dean Carter K A-M f l A ' "i Vi , Gene Carter 4' A , Cary Catlin af 1 A 'tif ' 'K .i Jerry Cato 'J-V " Q, . LQ .L as Betty Cecil ,K "' w E A, ' 'dx ,,i, VF? Danny Ciil ' ,gf " , JA ' , ' ' ,I Connie C apman 3-1'..?!fQ ' ll J X A, Chris Chase il.-:f f r-ai,-: x ' l ' . i I Jeff Chase Brenda Clherrington 'J 9 A ,,, .M .N f-4' it ,V Terry Childers ' 1' L . .SA Q -33 ' 'ci' it Vicki Chivers ' if Q X J- if "C Chris Christiansen -.. ', I' ., 4, , 4 ' ' I ' Bruce Cills -f A ,' y f ,' ' W 'X J , ' - Stewart Clilgue if X N Ylyfyzfagx Charlene Clay If-f 1 ll 4 - 1 I T, 0' Nancy Clay ,-it ' ,. . Rick Clay .1 r J 'fgg , " if it 7.3 , J' Jim Cody Q 'Li' .Q 5' -U, 27 i ' 'CT -' Tom Colclasure -W 'C' ' i' '15, ,X A pq' Bobby Coleman Q Us Q- ,A , A ' l 7 A , .1 Nancy Collopy 1,2 ?1,..?:fr if ,flak if , 'Yi haf V ' K - 'S , Kenneth Colwcll " " f:"vf" I .a1ll' riff' ' if 2 . ll f' K A 2.5-iiref, Carl Conlon 5 . ,- . ., Dave Cooper ep -1 -ir Q . , 2 F' Q. 9 i , K gon Cooper, -JK ' 'A .J A Joi onnie Cor in ' 'L' ' fs -"' -L 1 , -"' , ' "?'- jj Dana Costin R' 15, -' ' ' , f S If I ' f ' Diane Courson .' ' p it It ll , , Q- 'n,.,3 4 I., , i ' l f ' " 'ifjliff ll fi" I Agnes Cozad 1 ii: ,N -Pb. ,n -' 'J 1. ' I 6? ii' , N -9' 1:3 r J 1 ns L Nil 1 J l 0 P g , lcv' ' . f- ' , Q" ,- T .'i!f:, . 4 1' -Li ' Tim Coziahr Kathy Crisman Rick Cross Jerry Crowell Cindy Crummer Connie Cunningham Tamie Curtis Roger Cutts Bob Dahl Pat Daly Barry Damitz Curt Danielson Pat Daugherty Connie Davis Paula Davis Joyce Dawson Eva Denly Marie Denly Gerry Dennis Xi1EiniaDDenton o ert err Y 177 JUNIORS .-is ,vi F ...- J' Ml W 5 'T " f l ,,, V 1'-s ' -.-I 4 Q40 N 4 H ff E -2 sz ff-T31 ' tl Carol Fennig Marcia Ferguson Alice Fields Linda Fields John Fike Paul Fisher Steve Flickinger Becky Foster Tom Foster Verne Foutch Bob Fox Stan Fox Janet Frakes Dale Freberg Ron Friend Randy Fritz Carlee Fundenberger Shirley Gabel Linda Galloway Patty Galloway Debby Gardner Valerie DeWitt I"-" ea,i Q i Bill Dickerson 1- 1- U z-W' F7 1 Ar: , ,W ff' A . Dorothy Dickerson 3 , Q ft V '- g, I li Adrin Dillin G 1 , ,V ra l if Tir. J v Janet Ditto x , ,rf 5 " ' ' yi Janet Donaldson fy 'I - . . ff- f fl 0 f F' ,1' Linda Dosing i Ji "pf H f VV ri 'lf Mike Dougherty , Elizabeth Dowdy i",-F .. -. .2 F' y A , Dave Downard Na+. 3 V 4.52, ' La- i. Nancy Downard I ,V i "", - f " 3 -N V 11' Mike Drasites V ,f A ' A Q J' Henry Duncan QM I , X "V V V N , 1' ,Q , Patty Ebblng 'I V N V VV!:6L V W i-Q ' 'V 3 Rhea Edwards l 'I Bin Elliott , 1' , H , . ,, - , Tim Ellison A '36 M: 1 A - Q . "... Jim Erickson 'ff X I I N A x ff' Chris Ericson Nt, 1 V V , 1 K. V V A ' . Lynn Ewing , ' ,W F ff' A " Stan Farmer . f. ' ' v F W V 'aff' is - a- f ' 'Z Tl 1? if -f-A 44' 'lj gi. ' lf' l ..' V . H J 'V l f i . ' V XM ' lin I - . 4 V , V: K VV fills' 4 , -.y J X l ' .1 I -9.03, F,-ri. My . F? A of if -' -Q '-2' F 7 ' ::- -- ,V 5' -Z'Q:f.3g ., -if-1y"fg,, ' f V Vffgigi, A' I V ll, V' i'i',1:fVV rbkansaigi S! 1 X-' il F J t F lids 2 1, 9, t. M 7. J , L " 'is i tr'-'ri 10- A r J 4 lf' uf,- t . VV , V V! 9 V x VNV 1 V V V , I .V 1 ,V Y Vf!V,V' 'V VEV ,M .n , v , ,L , . . V W Zi--. fi 'T' f 1 fi. 9' 1. 23511 ff, - Y 7' ,'3 ,1Y5-- Q12 Q ' A - ,, "' 1' "' za- fu' V.: g-f J I ' 1' L, jf Q., jg!-?,V U , fn WV 'v jug V VV , Va 3' 1- VV cs VV . , it f F 1' fill . I "' N ' ' i . s gffffiif . 1 L".-if - YYS?-igfiiiiffiiiiilf if ' Q ,I ' - K' il Jeanne Gardner ,T , Y ' V . Dave Gates 'QQ ' A Q 5 K 1, - - , f A -- r N, . Pam Gattermeir -av ,, Kg , --rl -V-,em Bin Gibbs .wh 1 N JM 1-.. y Gail Glass , ,VJ i ffl A V . ' ' Q' I -, Gary Gohlinghorst - ' Q. ' X, Frank Goodin ' I ' 178 David Goodman Sharon Gould Jack Gowler Jesse Gowler Roxy Grant Judy Gray Steve Greenquist Vicki Gregg Dave Griffith Gordon Grifiith Jim Grives Suzette Gross Jo Grupe Paula Gustafson , wi 2 U bfi .V kwa: 3? flaw rv. . V A, - 4 1' i is ff f 4 , , P , I' V3 ' if!:iffl'ff fxlimcsiiii l sl-0 ,m as i Ti fT"?" - 1Faif,P 1 Q' " - ,'i"Lf:' J VV VV 1 . - 5 l i 3 ' , 1 :ag W I rf "A: :xl 4 fin . S dvui aj r V I l Joan Henning Sharon Henson Dave Hicks Bonnie Hiles Tim Hill Tom Hill Chris Hilligoss Steve Hilman Terry Hopping Kathy Horst Cynthia Horton Tom Howerter Stan Howerton Rhonda Huddleston Georgia Hughes Barb Hund Mary Hunsley Janet Hunter Mitchell Hunter Judy Hurst Nancy Icenogle v' . "f l . W 4, PM I I-I 4 .. J 'r r B 2-:il ' ' 'il I' - f' ' ,n A -I I A I, - 0. -n, , 4. ' V. . gf, -... .. A W A ' LIE!! nu I 1' 1 .L Yxefi f- Q Y 7225?-J 'la-f'lf" , 'N N X ,lm Q F' if ,t nails? r -. wr'-4' l H T .Q v9'z .A .5 ,.. .x,. . J ,Zin J -l IX ' 2' "if X 1""4 G -- av- -2- ,-.- h 41 "if f ,mlm , , , -. . 1 i ll ,Pe f l'-?.V,' ' !' W 1, 'LMS rf IN E it AYAMM.. '.. ' .1 4'-1 ' ' ' Q77 e s w "4 ff L, B f I 'fi T , ' if L :-, , 1 ll'4 l 'S 7'-MF fi V ,. xx 1 if fall . ' I A F V1 A: K I W Y A sl . sa? .Ja . 'tt.e iafiifiais. at vt' J Wx JUNIORS Pam Hainline Terry Hainline Bobbie Jo Hall John Hallam Virginia Hamilton Kendra Hardine Leroy Hare Betsy Harris Fred Harris Ken Harrison Steve Harrison Jim Hartshorn Jim Harvey Hugh Hawkins Dave Hawkinson Judy Hawkinson Cheryl Hays Brenda Heck Susan Hegg Vicki Henderson Jerry Hendricks 15 4 W Mike Imhoff Diane Inman Bill Jackson Kurt Jackson Linda Jackson Barb Jacobs Susan Jacobs Charles James Susan Janes J osee Jennings David Johansen Anita Johanson Jay John Nancy John Bill Johnson Chris Johnson David Johnson Diane Johnson Gary Johnson Janis Johnson Joanne Johnson JUNIORS Mickey Johnson Nancy Johnson Steve Johnson Gary Jones Judy Jones Nancy Jones Walter J osephson Jean Kalb Candy Kane Suzy Kelley Wayne Kempton Patty Kendall Lyle Kersey John Kightlinger Diane Kilby Brent Kilgore Dave Kimball Fred Kimble John Kinder Frances King Dorothy Kirk J 'A , "A ,Sl . 145-7-fave 1 r 'f , A .4 r 3 45' fair J lf" f r-. r li 3:11. . J ll ill' 'T K i' 3 9" , -a-4 . 4 i ' .elf Qr '. X.-5-rA.4i'x11 1,-jr, mwfg .-.r.1 49 f -:Q F I Q- , '- iii :Jn . L., ",1 ' k R i J P 5 0 H . A Li L liliilih i,QLlI5x!!lll fi: I Don Lipsky Gary Lishman Dave Litvin Larry Logsdon Steve Lohmar Bob Lott Darrell Lovell Rosemary Lovett Sheila Lynch Bob McCommons Clair McCormick Dan McCulloch Pam McCullough Carol McGee Linda McGee Sharon McGill Sharon McLaren Karen McLaughlin Sheridan McNair Dee Ann McQuillen I 80 Terry Maleck ' f YQ' "I ,ery .A -. it 'K' :ff -f ' iw f "' 3 v J ligvzi ul-fl, H' -' Y :L 1' in I-li xv A, k , if so x24 I r- f'f'f '.,I 44 ."r,,m,, F ' . 'M .Hrs as , , ' ' .AF cas- l . . Lag , A? I X naar- 1 i -.. :il L C flii 'ra an J 'za T ' ' i ' ' l L72 :if I ' " .. ' lbrl!"!J15' "V If-.1 i'- 'fill' ld -M , . ,r,:Y.x 51- ,J I ... 9, iw 5. .fe .J fl M11 ' r 4. 4 P? 45 L k If ., i I il' A 1 'W'-2 1:1 " lf ' I l":'TI!' fl"!'Q':-3 057' 'O, 'T,a9'gg,:i'.,Vf' wel f s Jim Kirkpatrick Kay Kleinkauf Marilyn Klossing Steve Knuth Judy Knutson Jim Kreps Shari Langenbahn Steven LaPorte Cheryl Larrmen Cathy Latus Betty Lauerman Bruce LaViolette Sam Law Charles Leath Gwen Leon Gale Levene Diane Lewis Frances Lewis Pat Lietsh Larry Linder Cindy Lindquist P54 g is :r-in ,ft u if 1' I J X llveiliil 1 'Il .L ,..- I I i ' JUNIORS .-rl, f Brad Maring ' Dave Martini I -f rg. Otis Mason A -' ' A Stan Mason Bernard Mates - :x - Linda Mathews l l T' . f ,I lil 13 L. l 41, 4 rl ' 'J ,iff-+vi,a,tf'f1 iii . 1 ' ' Terry Mayfield ,--.s.,.,..-,.7?...-.5 1- .- qt M Bin Meiefs l 5 "' 72 Jim Meldrum We Q - Terry Meldrum -I V 1 l Mike Melin gjif ' David Messenger 1 X .n Donna Miller 1 ' ' -34 Marilyn Miller ' Ralph Miller il H 3 . 7, 1? 'S 3' ' we . Alice Milroy. 5-,Q ' .5 - ' gl :L Patricia Minnie wg t K X Y :Ha Y -. V I git Miami A --- ' " , 1 f V we , 'ti oria ize ' ,fri 3 A 9 I A' ' , ". .. X fm ' Shirley Molberg ' , A in 'I - I , f , , Lois Moore "QQ .,,, ,P is 'NW' if, l Meridy Moore Q. , . ll Linda Morris .3 - ri N 3440!-liis W' V 'v-- ai K Q J' I V 'fill' wr 5 , 1 e ornson I iv 3,91 lfym . l,f,,,,f,r,.15 A K d' M dd 1,1 'ff "L,-,jii,C5?f l" 'f'il?'Z K ,f,,,""'N,"f.f"9Uf ' 1 Dggbie Miunson I i iv, X ,J liLqH Qf"'Z2-H V -ffl! K Donna Murray ' ' " 'rf " ' ' V L x Roger Musselman -, if 1 , '-'T' - S Art Nelson 'ifily ' . A ' li " .a - Barg Nels? I E7 J--' If A. " , Bar - nn e son ,.5g,4, Jg,,"lj'f'.'a1h ' , f,, P - f Pam Nelson . " "1 f'?'.-5?-W::'f-P I Y-.45-Vai ?r'cf90il fr iii r Q W Gary Newburgh Q g Y 2 Alberta Nichols 'QA-' Sue Norris A ' .- ' 1 fi J' .33 'L Mike Nulph " - 'IJ Y Kenneth Nyman ' , Andy Odell X - wnf Q Bob oiinger lf! I 14 . 'N A 7 I ' '- 5' X i - P i f ..' l Paul Olmstead 1 E , 1 J, ,, ff . 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YEA., A... . I Q - 1 hh t, R :ar-A ' A5 i -'tai w 4 A, ig '317,7fi?13xf-'f?fQ5i'45i s off - l' H 6 is , ,A--f, l ' 3 5 Y -3 i ra K i ' :- iaiflij N" 5 ' 'ijMjf. ,f i J l M fig , , in l , Q: T " if, -PQN 7 as if 'I gf? !"7 It W ' i '.i1 1 'r' vc xy .-r.. m W if 'ge K. tr -I M- .- ,, Q-5 1' A, -- i A 1 i X 'x in li hifi! Steve Reischling Betty Reynolds Evelyn Rhoades Richard Rincon Ken Ritter Donald Roate Bob Robbins Brenda Roberts Ronnie Roberts Ginger Robertson Cay Robinson Dave Roelle Gary Roller John Root John Rosenberg Lyle Rosine Dave Rouland Darrell Rouland Linda Rowley Mike Ruedig Don Rupert . A H ' :iii VE' 1 .. 9' , X - -1 ' . VFP' bn-yi I' if 'X ' 41 f Ol Q lf .I . K., 11 f , 6 , f, 4... L V' I 1 1., 1 1' 1 H X.. Chris Ryberg '-'gy 4 Lyle Rylander ..:- . , Cindy Sands ev' A XG Dwight Sandy ui, ' . Doug Sanville , A37-,Hg " -x Cynthia sam it Dan Sauter 'WF'- iff' Jim Schlaf Mike Seastedt f Tom Selander Susan Shafer Dave Shane lg , V Yvonne Shannon If ,s J , ' Laura Shaw f . Kathy Shay Marsie Sherwood Dennis Shimel Janet Shinall Rick Shriber Perry Shumard Jim Shuta ai. V I . as 1 - 1 .K :Q-... i pg Q U, T- f X . V X I .X I I lt 'Z ,X,,H-':fy- 1"-I'-1 ., ,555-Q' l:::X v , , f +7 .. ".LJ'Q- ."L':1-' F tif 0'-v-lib J . L G at - ' 2 9 X-5 ' TQ 'J :F '-ffl S A X1 fr' XXX ., X. 3234-Q 111' 3 UH: ,x , f , f, , llfil' 1- l T " '. X "ga " " 1 X' ,. nf X 'KL' X : xA l , ' r the J fp at - A y X35 J X .3 M '.,. 'fi' V , Lv' , "'. A- 'J' -' "' U' we - V., .. -fig , rat -..,- ff' X X - ,- I X Xf 3 .. 11 ' X Russ Stewart X, N - ' x .7 Q Dale Stickle ff , 'J 13" ,. - Linda Stinson "' if "" ' X-'IQ 'fl Terry Stone 'F' -, X " - Danny Stoneking ' , T' " A X ' X . -X -4' X' -' Vicki Strange .X 'j ' sw v XE."-. t I Joyce Strawhacker V 'wr A, ,, ,,, H M M r V , l ' ' Pam Stremmel .,. 1 Sherry Stripe L1 X ' ' 1 ' f,-"L X Dugan Strom " , i X ,gg John Stromson '- I If X ' ' , J J Don Sullivan ' 1 - . - V Glenda Suydam I S' -gif s. nl I Y ' Rosalee Svenson - . 'Z' ' 1. . SOPHOMORES Lynne Simmons Cathy Simpson Eugene Smith Lyle Smith Mary Smith Randy Smith Debbie Spencer Gary Squire Dale Standard Dodie Standard Steve Standard Bill Stanley Mary Stansbury Terry Stebor Paula Steck Gloria Steede Karen Stegall Janice Stein Spencer Stevens Becky Stewart Bonnie Stewart Dave Swanson . rw Debby Swanson ,,, ,- Q ,R J Jim Swanson 3 "ni, , " Q , " XL, Mary Swanson f- , -4 ,X QL. ' ' X X' ' Bob Swanson -fi ,. ' ' Bill Swanson A 43 f 0 , Eric Swartz N X ' A f J, ,.s, . J mu - . , . Z - ,v X XX Linda Tabone "Xin t 'J' , , ' ' -'P' ai ag . Annette Tanner X ,' C' X5 . 'Wil alan Tapper ' Y ' ,. ' ' ' ' ' , J, '-'i , enda Taylor S' ' efiwkfi J l it 'tif ' Peggy Taylor I - ' ,. i fi ,- ,X , ' 2 Q Rick Tenneson .. L N 1 asf? Margie Terpening ' X Jig-4iI':',Yiv ix A ,h X . Q ' ' Brenda Thompson ' -t i 'iw K 1 V ,, , X - - Q H p 1 . ef, ' Chris Thompson it-Y , , ,:,. - 19? if ji. X , Q, l ' Marcella Thompson f' X , l ' ' i " X Ig' f 9 , Sid Thrailkill X if ' J g f' 3 -' , Dave Tipton 31 -,Q 5,1X',gX.j'X X , 'f ' f . ff! ' 1 ' Linda Tracy ' s lg. Y-. Y V - -Y gg A mfg-X Xi Y A H I , X Phyllis Tracy X XX ,vll ' A X ' Dave Traff X . 'fl X X f 4' , " ,, Nancy Traff - 1. fi J XWXX X .v 'JL X ' X , Lora Trash af - ff' . - ' V- " - Janet ri ey -,' 'Y' , f r ' - A -i L 1 Mona Trimble "fl I X J- 5, X ' Ve X. 1 qqyfirffiil l ui ,Q Joyce Tucker i I.. ' ie ' 1 J ' Q.y,i.,'i , ' Pam Turk 192 SOPHOMORES Chris Turner Janice Turpin Cathy Tuthill Ellen Ubben Jerry Ulm Dave Underwood Tom Underwood Steve Van Fleet Janet Vanier Gary Van Unnik Louise Vcrcne Mike Voyles Gary Wagher Chris Walberg Donna Walker Jo Ann Walker "sa cf ,il Mary Walker -.W m 5, Larry Wallace ei. I Richard Walter .Q -' Gregg Walters i ' "' Mike Walters ' . .Q "' Tl? D 'L " , 3 Ai' -4' ' t, ' "' ' 1 l f , - 44 I ' X I W t j J ...L x . "-" 17-' ,r i ' 5 VJ ut ,, Q A xx 15 0 "vc I' , , , no V ,I I li I I ' ' Carol Wilder Rick Wiley Carolyn Williams Beth Willson Bob Wilson Rick Wingo Kathy Wojohn Findley Wong Lily Wong David Wood John Wood Tawny Wood Sarrah Woods Mary Woodside M'1rgie Yelm Ronnie Yutesler Carol Zauhar ,gl X qw' .QT N, 1 YI 1 n .,-9 91 4. X G, 7- G ETA' rN"" y, I 15 ?' ' x 11, 3-g?fi ,, , , , . ...l y, X ' e V, -Q! Xe-n.,',, sy 4. -- ' :ul 1. fairli ' ' EX I ,V '. 4,3 -gg. I lf. 4, W", 'L' 'fr' - t' .Ji A iA.ihl1-l if f,"", f UG' - P' ' Y? . . "5 C X XQIJ 5 1 ' f' f L, L - ' 1: ' -v is-4 D we fi-Ii' . 7' JZ- ff. P- B 'jf' PLS 126:45 2 -.i ff ai 1 ,ky y 'JM 1 I l Y ib I' I -1 . '. fl I X 4 ri 5- J x .4 , 1 I! I, x '13, i 'Q If --fm, ,I M ,,,, .i, it Gary Ward Karen Ward Susan Ward Roger Warren Bob Watson Charlotte Watson Chris Watts Steve Weber Sharon Weinberg Steve Weinberg Joyce Wessels Dennis West Sharon Westberg Sara Wetherbee Max Whitcomb Darryl White Jeff White Alan Whiting Ron Whitman Dick Wickman Terry Wignall 4 i 'j ' ' I U I , ' 7 ,, f.. ., ,U X bf , ,W-31 Joe Wundcrlich ,cn ,-Q 1 K Q b Fig? L ' 4 , , :V I Q. J b H, -X JV I X. - ' Liv", l vj Lorraine Zuck I 'K' ' , M 1' f Alice Ziegenhorn Senior Index A Abbott, Gary 88, 138 Abel, Dixie 138 Adair, Pat 138 Albert, Sam 62, 138 Aldrich, Tom 18, 58, 61, 72, 74, 76, 77, 99, 104, 138 Aleshire, Iris, 24, 99, 106, 138 Allensworth, Doug 91, 92, 116, 120 123, 138 Alps, Cynthia 67, 84, 138 Anderson, Jane 62, 64, 71, 76, 77, 80 99, 138 Anderson, Jim 68, 138 Anderson, Kenn 138 Anderson, Linda 138 Anderson, Mary Ann 138 Anderson, Pete 107, 108, 109, 138 Apt, Clayton 92, 138 Armstrong, Jim 18, 77, 139 Arnold, Linda 90, 91, 139 Arnold, Patricia 139 Augustson, Kent 60, 139 Austin, Lyle 58, 119, 139 B Baker, Leslie 139 Ballard, Steve 74, 92, 112, 113, 139 Bartield, Gene 139 Barker, Cindy 65, 73, 139 Baughman, Jackie 139 Baumgartner, Donna 70, 73, 75, 139 Beckham, Karen 139 Bennett, John 71, 120, 139 Bennett, Ronald 139 Berg, Roger 68, 89, 139 Bernier, Martha 58, 80, 139 Beserra, Angela 80, 140 Betsworth, Linda 62, 64, 73, 75, 93, 99, 105, 140 Betts, Donna 97, 140 Bevenour, James 140 Bjorkman, Ed 140 Blake, Diana 91, 93, 140 Blackledge, Gary 89, 120, 140 Blankenship, Gregg 92, 140 Bledsoe, Paul 140 Bloom, Frank 73, 116, 140 Bloomberg, Nancy 93, 140 Boelkes, Sandra 140 Boettcher, Sue 91, 140 Bohan, Bridget 60, 61, 81, 140 Bondi, Jane 71, 98, 141 Borth, Connie 90, 91, 141 Bowling, Tom 74, 76, 77, 78, 82, 83 141 Bowman, Roger 141 Bowen, William 141 Bowton, Kent 141 Boyd, Dan 92, 116, 120, 141 Brand, Ted 141 Brannon, Wanda 141, Brock, Suzi 61, 70, 77, 93, 99, 141 Bronson, Barbara 60, 61, 65, 141 Brooks, Bob 141 Brown, Cathy 141 Bryant, Carol 141 Buck, Barbara 141 Buck, Nancy 58, 65, 79, 82, 84, 98, 105, 142 Buck, Patty 70, 82, 98, 105, 140 Bumstead, Nancy 74, 142 Burger, Bruce 88, 142 Burgland, George 68, 91, 92, 114, 142 Burkhalter, Steve 142 Bush, Richard 142 C Campbell, Carole 67, 71, 100, 142 194 9 Cantrell, Garnett 142 Carlson, Betty 91, 93, 142 Carlson, Carlene 142 Caflfin, Carol Sue 80, 82, 83, 91, 93, Carlson, Dave 142 Carlson, Janet 142 Carlson, Paula 87, 142 Carlson, Ted 89, 142 Carmody, John 78, 91, 143 Carter, Jeanette 143 Case, Dennis 143 Cassens, Sandy 91, 98, 143 Chambers, Kathleen 60, 61, 80, 84, 93 143, 173 Chance, Jo Anne 91, 143 Clark, Suzy 58, 65, 79, 93, 94, 98, 105 143 Clay, Betty 143 Colburn, Barbara 79, 84, 90, 93, 94, 143 Cole, Gaylord 143 Cole, Herbert 100, 143 Cole, Terry 143 Coleman, Ann 71, 84, 143 Colwell, Carl 92, 116, 143 Colwell, David 144 Conard, Faylene 99, 144 Conlon, Gaye 144 Connour, Barbara 144 Connour, Ruthann 70, 144 Cooley, Frankie 144 Cox, Kevin 68, 72, 79, 144 Cozad, Lucinda 144 Coziahr, Marilee 144 Crandall, Reece 92, 116, 120, 144 Crohlie, Bill 67, 68, 92, 116, 119, 125 Crouse, Mary 144 D Dalton, Debbie 60, 73, 82, 91, 94, 106 144 Darby, Dena 90, 144 Davidson, Jerry 144 Davis, Danny 145 Davison, Bob 73, 92, 99, 104, 120, 125, 145 Davison, Mickey 92, 145 Deef, Jackie 70, 145 Deford, Larry 145 Delawder, Anne 80, 94, 145 Deniston, Gary 145 Deppe, Carol 71, 145 DeVoss, Doug 24, 84, 108, 145 Doores, Susan 58, 60, 67, 70, 74, 75 93, 94, 145, 173 Dorris, Edwin 145 Drake, Cheryl 73, 93, 145 E Early, Joyce 85, 145 Eaves, Dorothy 91, 145 Edwards, Mike 145 Elam, Joyce 91, 99, 146 Enes, Tony 92, 113, 146 Epperson, Sue 146 Ericson, Cynthia 18, 77, 80, 91, 146 Erickson, Linda 70, 146 Evans, Joyce 146 F Farris, Jim 89, 146 Feldman, Jack 64, 72, 116, 146 Ferguson, Steve 58, 67, 68, 92, 100 116, 120, 122, 123, 146 Fike, Peggy 146 Finch, Sandy 146 Findahl, Sharon 14,6 Fogel, Steve 71, 146 Foster, Mary 146 Fox, Steve 60, 116, 146 Frinsthal, Vicky 147 Fritsch, Ray 74, 75, 82, 92, 116, 147 G Gaines, Carol 147 Gamble, Polly 3, 14, 16, 58, 75, 77, 81, 84, 93, 98, 105, 147 Gardner, Jill 71, 147 Gehring, Jan 62, 81, 84, 147 Gibbs, George 147 Gifford, Russ 18, 58, 61, 67, 76, 77, 147 Gigsgi, Ruth Ann 60, 75, 83, 93, 94, Gladfelter, Bill 88, 147 Gliessman, Perry 86, 147 Godsil, Jack 147 Goedeke, Rod 92, 120, 122, 147 Goff, Marcia 147 Golden, Tom 89, 147 Graham, Joel 77, 148 Gray, Eric 148 Green, Bill 148 Greenstreet, Marlene 90, 91, 148 Gregg, Cindy 70, 100, 148 Gregg, Dean 68, 148 Gritlith, Jim 148 Griliith, Larry 148 Griflith, Tom 92, 120, 148 Grone, John 71, 148 Gross, Marlene 80, 148 Gummerson, Don 148 Gustafson, Jim 148 Guardalabene, Sally 91, 148 Guenther, Jean 148 Guenther, Linda 149 H Hallam, Fran 82, 83, 91, 149 Hampton, Robert 149 Hannam, Rollie 70, 149 Hansen, Rick 73, 149 Hanson, Roberta 71, 149 Hardine, Anne 58, 67, 93, 94, 149 Hardine, Steve 116, 149 Harding, Leslie 149 Hare, Elaine 149 Harshbarger, Steve 91, 149 Hanley, Mark 149 Harvey, Doug 149 Hawkinson, Carl 68, 74, 83, 149 Hawkinson, Chris 149 Hebenstriet, Debbie 150 Heckel, Mary Ann 79, 80, 99, 150 Hendricks, Steve 84, 91, 116, 150 Henson, Paul 150 Hepburn, Bill 83, 84, 150 Heraldson, Bob 60, 92, 116, 120, 150 Herr, Susan 150 Herrington, Cindy 150 Hevland, Paul 150 I-Iigareda, Irene 79, 86, 93, 150 Hillard, Roger 150 Hilligoss, Pam 93, 97, 99, 150 Hinchman, Mary 61, 80, 87, 94, 99, 150 Hinkle, Debbie 58, 67, 71, 76, 77, 79, 86, 91, 93, 94, 96, 150 Hinrichs, Jeff 150 Hix, Jerry 58, 91, 151 Hodgeman, Jane 151 Hodgeman, Jerry 151 Hodierne, Chuck 151 Hoffman, Ted 88 Holeman, Mike 116, 151 Hoots, Gaylene 91, 151 Hopping. Bob 151 Horkstrom, Bob 151 Horkstrom, Roselyn 151 Hoschek, Charles 151 Houchin, Rosemary 151 Hough, Janet 151 Howard, Ed 151 Hughes, Christine 91, 151 Hull, Colleen 91, 151 Hurst, Jim 18, 73, 77, 83, 99, 152 I Icenogle, Janet 152 Imler, Pat 152 Irwin, Anita 77, 79, 93, 96, 152 Isherwood, Diana 91, 152 J Jacoby, Anna Lee 152 Jagow, Allyson 75, 152 Janes, Carolyn 128, 152 Jasperson, Bob 61, 68, 69, 75, 92, 116, 126, 152 Johanson, Steve 152 Johnson, Bob 152 Johnson, Dick 83, 152 Johnson, Dixie 65, 98, 152 Johnson, Kathy 152 Johnson, Larry 88, 152 Johnson, Martha 60, 61, 75, 79, 81, 93 98, 153 Johnson, Terry 88, 89, 153 Johnson, Tom 15, 19, 58, 59, 60, 77 153, 173 Jones, Venita Jo 108, 153 Jorganson. Arthur 153 K Kaletch, Greg 153 Kalpackes, Jeri 153 Kane, Everett 98, 153 Kane, Linda 153 Keith, Bill 153 Kelley, Dale 26, 27, 68, 91, 92, 113 126, 127, 129, 153 Kelly, Teresa 153 Kersey, Wilda 153 King, Linda 91, 93, 153 Kirkbride, Betty 154 Kluseman, Mike 116, 154 Kneebone, Phil 154 Knott, Brian 116, 154 Knox, Don 89, 154 Koch, Melva 80, 86, 87, 93, 154 Kreutzer, Linda 154 Kuntz, Kay 154 L Larson, Debbie 67, 71, 93, 99, 154 Leahy, Lawana 60, 154 Lensmeyer, Karen 154 Levene, Dave 92, 125, 154 Lewis, Mike 68, 92, 120, 125, 154 Lillie, Jody 58, 60, 62, 67, 74, 79, 80 81, 94, 98, 154, 173 Lind, Nancy 154 Lindblom, Jayne 155 Lindstrom, Bob 71, 113, 155 Lindstrom, Richard 155 Line, Nancy 91, 155 Linn, Kathy 155 Linroth, Ralph 82, 155 Logsdon, Dee Ann 91, 106, 155 Lorenz, Theresa 155 Lotz, Kathy 79, 86, 107, 108, 109, 155 Lowry, Carl 155 Loy, John 155 x Lucas, Lee 88, 155 Lucker, Janie 155 Luckett, Vernetta 155 M MacCannell, Aubrey 155 McAdam, Donald 156 McClure, Sandy 87, 156 McClurg, Chuck 108, 156 McCool, Judy 156 McCormick, Don 89 McGarry, Linda 91, 156 McLaren, Judy 80, 156 McLaughlin, Steve 156 McMeen, Mike 58, 156 McNeair, Millicent 71, 90, 156 Magee, Robin 79, 86, 107, 108, 156 Marier, Linda 156 Marshall, Steve 60, 113, 126, 156 Martin, Paul 156 Martinez, Anna 156 Maupin, Greg 156 Mayfield, Vicki 157 Menke, Bruce 58, 70, 92, 113, 120, 157 Mesecher, Cecil 157 Michelson, Mark 60, 62, 73, 74, 79, 84, 92, 157 Middlewood, Mark 125, 157 Miles, Linda 157 Miller, Ed 157 Miller, Kathleen Mills, Bob 157 Mims, Ruth 91, 157 Miner, Bob 157 Moberg, Dale 62, 73, 74, 75, 79, 157 Moore, Itla 157 Morehead, Nancy 80, 91, 157 Morgan, Karen 157 Mortenson, Becky 158 Mott, Rhonda 58, 84, 158 Moulton, Steve 158 Mundwiler, Judy 158 Munson, Randolph 92, 131, 158 Murk, Barbara 90, 91, 93, 158 Murphy, Dan 88, 158 Muselman, Linda 158 N Napier, Becky 60, 80, 158 Nelson, Anita 91, 93, 158 Nelson, Dave 158 Nelson Nelson ,Pam 79, 80, 101, 158 , Roger 61, 62, 63, 74, 75, 76, 77, 98, 99, 104, 107, 108, 158 Nemeth, Terry 158 Newbauer, Nancy 87, 158 Newburgh, Terry 68, 92, 116, 120, 125, 159 Nix, Emest 159 Norris, Connie 71, 80, 84, 93, 96, 99, 134, 135, 159 Northrup, Jackie 90, 159 Norton, Mary 84, 91, 159 Nyman, John 58, 59, 61, 62, 70, 79, 98, 104, 116, 159 Nyman, Pete 58, 92, 116, 159 0 Oliver, Linda 159 Olson, Chris 84, 159 Owen, Jerry 159 P Pabone, Clara 58, 62, 63, 159 Padilla, Elizabeth 60, 70, 71, 90, 93, 159 Page, Janet 65, 82, 87, 100, 159 Page, Pat 159 Paisley, Pete 67, 92, 116, 117, 120, 125, 159 Palmgren, John 160 Pampel, Gary 160 Parsons, Jeff 101, 160 Parton, John 160 Payton, Susan 160 Pearson, Jim 109, 160 Peck, Mike 73, 78, 160 Pennington, Donna 160 Peters, Bill 88, 107, 108, 109, 160 Peterson, Helen 100, 160 Peterson, John 160 Peterson, Marc 65, 68, 92, 116, 131, 160 Pickrel, Pat 67, 80, 93, 160 . Plank, Marty 92, 116, 120, 160 Ponce, Jesse 68, 86, 92, 113, 120, 160 Ponce, Sam 86, 116, 161 Poole, Susan 60, 161 Potter, Meryss 161 Pottorf, Jean 161 Pounds, Jon 67, 78, 161 Powell, Alice 161 Powell, Cathy 91, 161 Powell, Jim 68, 88, 89, 161 Price, Pat 91, 161 Price, Sharon 91, 161 Pruett, Jean 80, 97, 161 Q Quall, Richard 161 Quinn, James 161 R Ramirez, Antonia 161 Ramsey, Janie 67, 71, 161 Ray, Mary 162 Reams, Barbara 70, 91, 93, 162 Reed, Sharon 162 Reese, Joyce 162 Reese, Steve 162 Retfett, Ronald 162 Reynolds, Janis 81, 162 Richards, Mike 120, 162 Riggs, Craig 162 Riggs, Sheryl 58, 77, 81, 98, 105, 162 Ritter, Sheila 162 Roate, Terry 162 Roberson, Jerome 67, 162 Roberts, Betty 162 Robinson, Bill 162 Robinson, Janet 60, 62, 75, 76, 77, 84, 93, 99, 105, 163 Robison, Phil 163 Roitburd, David 101, 163 Root, Denise 80, 87, 163 Rose, Sharon 70, 90, 91, 163 Ross, Connie 163 S Sackey, Angela 163 Sackey, James 163 Sanville, Barbara 61, 70, 79, 93, 99, 163 Scott, Robert 163 Setzer, Mary 163 Shane, Pat 163 Sharar, Ruth 83, 163 Shaver, Dave 109, 163 Shaw, Linda 163 Shay, Judy 97, 106, 164 Shearer, Mark 68, 71, 164 Sherwood, Alice 164 Sherwood, Jim 58, 164 Sherwood, John 88, 164 ShiPP, Jim 164 Showers, Glenn 61, 91, 92, 120, 164 Sibley, John 125, 164 Simmons, Bev 67, 164 Simmons, David 164 Sims, Jerry 164 Slaughter, Trisha 60, 70, 93, 98, 164 Small, Smith Smith smifhj Linda 164 Dale 164 Diane 164 Karyn Ann 165 Smith, Karen Sue 101, 165 Smith, Pam 80, 165 Smith Rosemary 165 Smith, Tom 165 Smith Wanda 67 106 165 Snyder, Evelyn 165 Somberger, Peggy 93, 94, 165 Spetts, Terry 165 Squire, Jan 88, 165 Squire, John 165 Steed, Carol 165 Steele, Sandra 165 Stegall, Bob 99, 165 Stegall, Dave 74, 88, 92, 120, 123, 165 Stegall, Neil 79, 166 Stick, Jim 120, 166 Stine, Harland 166 Stinson, Jim 109, 166 Stoerzbach, Tom 60, 98, 104, 166 Stomberg, Vicki 90, 91, 93, 94, 166 195 stone, Cathy ss, 59, 62, 70, 78, 93, 96, 134, 135, 166 Strum, Jack 166 Sundberg, Roberta 166 Sunquist, Kenneth 166 Suydam, Gary 166 Swanson, Barry 58, 68, 73, 84, 92, 99, 104, 113, 126, 127, 128, 166 Swanson Brock 71 , ,113, 166,173 Swanson, Jim 100, 166 Swigert, Roger 125, 166 T Tabone, Chris 80, 91, 167 Tayler, Joan 93, 96, 98, 167 Theobald, Janilee 91, 167 Theobald, Ronald 167 Thgnpson, Kathy 58, 7 61, 65, 77, sz, Throckmorton, Dan 167 Tolle, Steve 89, 167 167 167 Traff, Sandra Trask, Carol Tribbey, Ken 71, 167 Tribley, Dan 167 Troland, Jim 167 Turner, Doug 75, 86, 167 U Ubben, Eric 74, 78, 167 Uhlman, Rebecca 167 Underwood, Linda 168 Bangert, Mary 50 Barash, Louisa 54 Baylor, Richard 50, adv. to 89 Beach, Wayne 54 Beal, Robert 50, adv. to 126-130 Beck, Maurice 50, adv. to 78 Bednar, Charles 50, adv. to 92 Betsworth, Lowell 47 Black, Benita 50 Bowen, Riley 50 Boylson, Patrick 54 Burger, Jane 50 Byram, Anne 48 Cannon, Dr. 46 Creekmur, Betty 50 Crown, Jimmie 33, 50, Dameron, Arthur 50 Denny, Velma 43, 50 Dodge, Ronald 54 Donald, Robert 40, 50, Dunn, Beverly 50, adv. Dunn, Helen 51 Dunn, Ray 32, 51, adv. Eacott, George 51 Finn, Ruth 51 Fish, Arthur 51, adv. 126-129 Flaks, Carl 43, 51 Flickinger, Sanford 51, adv. to 67 adv. to 106-109 to 94, 97 to 88 to 95, asst. to adv. to 90 Franson, Ray 47, adv. to 58-59 Gates, Gretchen 51, adv. to 74-75 196 V Vancil, Joseph 168 Vanier, Jay 68, 92, 120, 168 Varnold, Ken 168 Villarreal, John 168 Vitale, Kathy 168 W Waggoner, Marsha 168 Wagher, Glenda 70, 168 Walker, Miralee 80, 168 Waller, Isa 80, 168 Walsh, Mary 61, 85, 93, 94, 168 Ward, Alan 168 Ward, Linda 168 Ward, Richard 168 Watkins, Sally 61, 107, 108, 168 Watson, Larry 89, 169 Watson, Terry 169 Watters, Larry 3, 14, 16, 58, 59, 61, 62, 84, 92, 98, 116, 128, 169 Watters, Ronald 169 Weaver, Sue 76, 77, 169 Webb, Connie 169 Webber, Tim 58, 92, 120, 123, 169 Wechsler, Bob 169 Weech, Larry 169 Wessels, Liz 80, 82, 84, 169 Wessels, Margie 60, 70, 71, 99, 169 Westfall, Connie 169 Westfall, Donald 169 dminiszfmtion Gehring, Hortense 39, 51 Green, Mr. 46 Griflith, John 51, adv. to 89 Gunderson, David 51, adv. to 118-119 Halladay, Edna 51 Hartt, William 35, 51 Hegg, Clarice 38, 51, adv. to 83 Hegg, Roland 40, 51, adv. to 98-105 Hinchlitf, Virginia 51, adv. to 82 Hoganson, Dean 52, adv, to 79 Johns. Robert 52, adv. to 126-130, 120- 123, asst. to 116-117 Kenney, Chauncey 52, adv. to 64-66 Krause, Charles 52, adv. to 76-77 Kuster, Fred 52, adv. to 60 Leasure, Mrs. 46 Lentz, Thomas 52, adv. to 71-73, 89 Lindahl, Amy 38, 52, adv. to 84, 85 Lundeen, George 48, adv. to 68-69, 70, asst. to 120-123 MacDonald, James 52, asst. to 116-117, 120-121 Mansager, Ted 52 Mason, Mr. 66 Maurizi, Kenneth 52 McLaughlin, Mr. 46 Meier, Mary Ann 35, 52 Moody, Betty 52 Moore, David 52 Mustain, Mr. 46 Petrie, Mary 52 Whalen, Joyce 93, 169 Whitcomb, Jackie 169 White, Carole 170 Whittom, C L 68, 92, 116, 170 Wilkerson, Peggy 79, 170 Wilkins, Carol 170 Wilkins, Linda 65, 80, 93, 99, 170 Williams, Bruce 170 Williamson, Terry 170 Wilson, John 170 Wilson, Tom 170 Wingo, Ardith 91, 170 Winicker, Judy 75, 93, 94, 170 Wixforth, Jerry 89, 170 Wong, Henry 67, 92, 116, 170 Wood, Becky 58, 93, 98, 134, 135, 170 Woods, Elaine 170 Woodson, Larry 25, 125, 171, 173 Worman, Terry 171 Wright, Dewey 171 Wright, Nancy 79, 98, 171 Y Yates, Roger 68, 71, 107, 108, 171 Youngren, Doug 72, 75, 77, 79, 171 Yourison, Karen 70, 71, 93, 98, 171 Z Zieginhorn, Laura 91, 171 Zumwalt, Gail 58, 75, 84, 93, 99, 105, 134, 135, 171 Purcell, Howard 52 Ranes, Talitha 53 Reuter, Howard 53, adv. to 83, 84 Rodeffer, Joe 53 Roehlk, William 53 Rosine, Beverly 53, adv. to 93, 94, 96, 97, 131-135 Ryin, Sylvia 47, adv. to 80-81 Ryner, Delores 53 Saaijenga, Dena 53 Schlitz, Alice 53, adv. to 94 Schwarz, Ruth 53, adv. to 87 Self, Robert 53, adv. to 114-115, 90 Shover, Stan 48, adv. to 68-69 Skyles, Richard 53 Spencer, Bruce 53 Sperry, Marjorie 53, adv. to 94, 90, 93 Spires Lowell 53 Starwalt, Janiece 53 Stuckey, George 54 Swanson, Martin 54 Thiel, John 54, adv. to 126-130 Trail, Dr. Orval 46 Turner, William 54, adv. to 85, 86 Van Dyke, C. C. 54, adv. to 116-117, 120-123 Wade, Mary Helen 54 Walberg, Marilyn 54 Wallace, R. E. 54, adv. to 116-117, asst. to 120-123, 124-125 Way, Dr. 46 Wuehle, Joyce 54 Sponsorships Accounting Systems Anderson Florists Alexander Lumber Co. Alps Insurance Agency Alton Box Board Co. Arlanis Arthur J. Nyman 84 Sons Bacher's Cleaners Bennett's Unlimited Berg's T.V. and Appliance Brouillettes Brown Specialty Burgland's Youth Fashions Burlington Truck Lines, Inc. Canada Dry Bottling Co. Canton Cafe C 84E Super Valu Christy Coal Co. Churchill Chemical Co. Clark Drug Coca-Cola Conky's Confection Crown Oldsmobile Davis Food Store D84D Automotive Machine Shop Deets Realty 84 Insurance Dick Blick Dom's Sporting Goods Dunsworth's Book 84 Stationers Eichhorns Ellis Jewelers Fidelity Federal Savings 84 Loan Assn. First Galesburg National Bank 84 Trust Co. Flesher House of Music Fox General Contractor Gale Products Gale Ward Galesburg Auto Dealers Galesburg Builders Supply Co. Galesburg Electric Supply Co., Inc. Galesburg Engraving Co. Galesburg Glass Co. Galesburg News Agency Galesburg Order Buyers Galesburg Sheet Metal Works Charles S. Gamble Music Co. George's Men's Wear Gerwig's Gliessman Halpern's Haskins Electric Hawthorne Drug Heart's Jewelers Hertenstein Loan Co. Higgins Dairy Hinchliif 84 Pearson Funeral Home Holcomb Studio Holiday Inn Huddle Drive-in p. 105 Ida Ann Shoppe p. 49 Imperial 400 Motel p. 12 Intra State Telephone p. 98 J. P. Benbow Plumbing 84 Heating p. 119 Kimble Karpets p. 12 Kline's Dept. Store p. 105 L. A. Linman Agency p. 103 Lanels Glass Co. p. 69 Lawrence Johnson Insurance Agency p. 83 Le Grand's Service p. 102 Lindstrom's p. 104 Loraine's Restaurant p. 13 Luke's Appliance p. 69 Lundry's Flying Service p. 118 Martin Landscaping p. 100 McCreery Motor Sales p. 131 McDonald,s Drive-in p. 94 McFall Monument Co. p. 109 Meadow Gold Dairy p. 63 Mechanics Homestead 84 Loan Assn. p. 63 Newsphoto Publishing Co. p. 101 Northgate Lanes p. 68 North Side Drug p. 68 Orwig's Hardware 84 Supply p. 58 O. T. Johnson Co. p. 85 Ozark Air Lines p. 23 Palmgren's Floor Covering p. 17 Park Drive Dairy, Inc. p. 59 Parkway Restaurant p. 93 People's Material 84 Supply Co. p. 100 Pittsburgh Plate Glass p. 59 Prairie Printing Co. p. 99 Protexall, Inc. p. 58 Prudential Ins. Co. of America p. 80 Purity Baking Co. p. 80 Randell Bus Co. p. 60 Ray Anderson Cleaners p. 60 Ray's Hobby Shop p. 61 Red 84 White Food Stores p. 87 Rogers Shoes p. 61 Scandia Bakery p. 81 Schwarz Bros. Mfg. Co. p. 81 Shane 84 Showers Shoes p. 86 Sherman Health Club p. 109 Sinclair Oil p. 86 Steak n Shake p. 84 Stern 84 Field p. 55 Style Shop p. 55 Templeton Roofing Co. p. 84 Thomas Electric Shop p. 16 Thomas Plumbing 84 Heating Co. p. 112 TraveLodge p. 107 Wagoner Printing Co. p. 95 Wertheimer Cattle Co. p. 131 Wilkinson's Office Supply p. 87 Wolfsie's Fabric Shop p. 17 W. T. Grant Co. p. 77 18th 27th 1st 2nd 7th 10th 18th 21st 27th 28th 1st 2nd 4th Sth 25th vents gf 7966 AUGUST Gemini 5 launched, set an 8-day space record. First day of school SEPTEMBER GSL Tea 8a Style Show Student Council elections Activity Heads Kick oil Dinner at Lake Bracken GAA kick off Election of Boys' Forum and GSL cabinet members Student Council induction First football game-Richwoods First cross country meet-Richwoods GSL after game dance-"Pigskin Prance" FTA "Hawaiian Luau" FHA kick off wiener roast OCTOBER Homecoming game-Canton Fire at the "Old" GHS building Homecoming dance-"Romanesque" Pope Paul called for peace in an appearance at the United Nations President Johnson had his gallbladder removed FTA induction 28th Fall play-"My Three Angels" 29th lst quarter ends NOVEMBER 1st First fun night 2nd Marine Band assembly 9th New England power failure 25th-26th Thanksgiving vacation DECEMBER 2nd First wrestling meet-Kewanee 3rd First basketball game-Richwoods 4th Gemini 6 launched 15th Gemini 7 launched 18th Christmas vacation begins-dress-up day 25th Christmas JANUARY 1st New Year's Day 3rd End of Christmas vacation 15th Wrestling-wins lirst in Northwest Conference 21st Semester ends FEBRUARY 12th Wrestling-wins District 22nd New Christy Minstrels appearance 198 25th "Penny Prancev-Dale Kelley crowned king State wrestling-Larry Woodson wins 4th in state 28th Regional Tournament-GHS over Macomb MARCH 2nd Regional Tournament-GHS over Monmouth 4th Galesburg over Costa 78-66, Regional Champs 10th Sectional Tournament-GHS over Quincy 61- 49 11th Sectional Tournament-GHS over Hamilton, 65-45 15th Galesburg over Springfield, 69-65, Super- sectional Champs 16th Gemini 8 launched 18th State final-Galesburg over Benton 73-71 19th Galesburg over Belleville 65-64 Galesburg wins Second in State 74-60 25th 3rd Quarter ends 29th Junior leadership field trip 31st Musical-"Music Man" APRIL 1st Musical-"Music Man" 2nd "Sweetheart Swirl' First baseball game 6th National Honor Society Assembly 84 Induction 7th First golf match Reflector goes to press. 8th Good Friday 9th Grand Old Opry 10th Easter Sunday 16th Ozark Opry 18th First track meet 21st National Honor Society banquet 28th-29th Spring play-"Our Town" MAY 5th Tri-school band festival 17th GSL banquet 19th "G" Club banquet 20th Art club-"camp out" 23rd Senior play day-Lake Storey FTA picnic 26th Senior party 29th Baccalaureate 30th Memorial Day JUNE 2nd Graduation of the class of 1966 3rd Last day of school Senior Prom-Hanover Ski Lodge 4th Return home from Hanover rz gratitude. . The 1966 Reflector is now completed, after a long year of hard work on the part of many people, and the Reflector now be- longs to the students of Galesburg Senior High, it is a record of people, places and happenings during our 1966 school year. Although there are more people than is ever possible to men- tion for their much appreciated help, I would like to extend a personal thank you to our advisor, Mr. Kenney, for his always available, never ending help, advice and patience, to the well overworked editorial staff for their hard work and stick-to-itiveness, to Henry Wong for his beautifully executed cover and division pages, to the junior and senior staff mem- bers for their patient cooperation, to the sophomore staff members for their fearless selling of concessions at football and basketball games, to Gregg Blankenship, Gary Levinson and Tim Courtny for making it possible to present the pictorial coverage of the ,65-'66 school year, to Holcomb Studio for the much appreciated senior portrait and club pictures, to Mr. Hegg, Mr. Krause, Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Kenney for putting on one of the best Reflectavues we've ever experienced, to help finance our yearbook, and to Mr. Lass and Wagoner Printing Co. for their quiet headaches, advice and assistance. I would also like to extend my grateful thanks to Becca Szerlong and J an Gehring for a wonderful year of hard work, patience, help and forbearance. I couldn't have made it without them. It was a rough year and at times we wondered if those sixteen pages could get any longer, but through it all I know that we on the Reflector staff would never exchange our feeling of great pride in presenting this 1966 Reflector to you, the student body, with all our hopes that you can experience the joys we had in putting it together for you. Thank you again for your loyal support and never ending attention, and the best of luck and "strength" to next year's stall. We hope you will always have these "Times to Remember." BARB BRONSON Editor-in-Chief T0u'ZZ have these "Times to Remember 200 -l ,flf X H, . r . - 1 w ' .N 'f 5' " fa., x9 y -'aw . 1.1 1 V x V " ' A .., '2.'.,,.,f ' ... A Wm.-,, .., ,.,,, 1, ,:1x... ,M -...,..w:nrnp....,... , , 1 L- y , , .....,,. U.. , .E . . 2 V . , ,.... ....,.f.m.H,1.-1A1..Mf.-2f,f,.,1",' ffm' P"W-1v'v' .f--...-mnnf-Iv ummliffiiiflflzllfmn ,faluign-'BUF'-,Nmuuhdh-u....l.1, -m.-nm-mu.T,,g,g',g,m:u,:!nmuvn1g"'f- -'5 mf -1 vw nf. Q: . w -.-...m-nm-......un ,ly U " -'-U' Ui'-'111-A..--U.:mms:mm.. . . . -v . V N , UV vl lnnvxllunrvvmgnma nnun U. .- . , -0 UWHH' L14 '4"I-'uuvr.funmn-.- n - H . , - , -.-..1,.,....-0. .-,...,.,,, ., , y ...,.-y I A- ww,-v m....q1.u..... .,, 'Q . 1 I 1 .M H- 1 vw 5-'mm ..........w.... .. ,. . Lvq, A mu-H A 'ibm Q ,---1,........ , ,.,., ,, l, ,mm N lm Am: :tmp1,:mnnunuv1:m--.-.umm m,A,n.. w-mum... Kgnu ..::L::::n::-.:.5nK::::l:?1:x.v.5-..-.vmn,. mm. yup-.1.'.'uu..,.,,,,4:Il,!l Quinn, mnnmnfffnxtfnisrxw-....sq-l4ur1-nf ,. ,....'....' -.... - .M ,..l.A..- ' """4 ' - .-.- .v- un -.H --an--u.. ....., .2 , . , , - , g v . p .: . - . J' - ' -- , . 1. 1. .. 1. .. , ' , .. .,:..,..:n.,..::... .. :::':' -x v,,..,::u. .,:.: 9.52:-gg "wg '- --M--.--1,-fb...1.m...Q... .,x.:.:..::"':,::::f.:,:m::.g:g,4g.g,gg,gum-,W-1-N-Am. -0.......n. ........f::.n:u::.:::z.':g:.. L , .... ... nn., , ,.,..,......,.,, , U ,----.TLIIH .1-1-nl... .-......,..,.,i.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.m'I-Um. -mmmiyjmuxflln mmm -'rllr--mum. nw. 1.-.1--,Km-.m. u.u..a.....-W, ....1...,..1,""'E' 4""""':. -'Q'-nw--.-..A-smm-....,..mmm nf ,.,,,,,.,,J,.,,,,,. .,,.,m, ml, th: ffff I--H 4--' :Y latex..-n uu:,.,,,,f,H,,l:..,,,.gp.,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,ml.'hA'm.:::::::i:::i,..1-iv:l::.::::-1:...--1-..n8Q.2,.wr--.wwun-yu-.1-1,-:.....fmunnff:1lG:i,5fI'f"fly!"'A'pun:am2:11323-nuunuvnnzv fm . -.u-,-...- ... .... , . ,i -'gg'-53-gg - - - -------.U ......... .....' . ,, , .-M... ... , ,, my "g,:,, Um.,-..1. .. -1.-n,....,..., Nm., I 1.- .. . ,... -.. .'..I.' v.' Z l' -- ..,. - ,......--.r-,-1.. 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Suggestions in the Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) collection:

Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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