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 - Class of 1962

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Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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C' , SX' I V . K 1 ,fall ' . off wp A , Af, ' Yu 1 Y X' ' 'XE S ' i ' W Sf 579 figfgsil W aQQ J 4 .. WWW K xqiiqxiyxx x . ' .x N R 5 QQ by ESS? gif N A L , M E '- ' M Eb -az, 1, N 4 f ,lf . K' Mf,11,.1 '..'A' ff' ' M t ' f . A ,K 1 P ,VAI ,L.j,I. K .J'1Aff1',f0 A I X QQ. qfff' ' ig1 LJIU if 'fE"'1'Vw'Q Md f Tuff P CQQ ' 7 -N 3" ,,.-L,fv"' j fr " ff ,414 . J V 4" -. fvfl L' LVN. if? Li ,-T7if42,o OVLAAV My QQ m Q5 Qjw Q ,Q f X61 be X R56 .J V' JV ,iff N- X N, 'wviv ,if A 9.4.1. ,.-'A A 'A'1 Mylan A I .,fx 4'L: L'!,L QR X, R A7 giwbgi-Wgb M ' Q- Slew- Y, 5, , RQ 2553339 GN, M X W -rv "N Jw "4 I? Y57, xbvifz- ' Q5 C' 5 .1 by . Q , Qs N L Xllx .auf :X GNJQ9 CD ww X A Q Y 'D' N 51- JN ' ' gg? ei' 5' KLQMX 'au ' . 3 qxJ4Js,L,q' Qi' Q ,-' , ' Ni 1 ? 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I I I 'Ki AI QW iv - N K' 'N 'X - Cl 5 X ' x ,guy I W KN, 0 IW lk in I V XP, - fl, V' fl XIII My ff? mf' f I f' ij XS Rf U7 LQil7fU ff if "Im ., MMMQ U"Xf N U Ji' A"'lA,xV' A.x,f fly fniu KW ,fm ,1 14 ff' ff' I . ' XXX X. KI, Aja? 551,749 4,5j,fgfIQ4j ,QfU,,.w,,Q?4VW I f157g:IIffZff,ZM-,I fmffi CML fiWCIW"fW5-fWHWiIIii.if A 7 ' ! I u R El I+ I ,HL 1 0 I lfi ,, QB I I f H S I Nl ALESBURG SENIOR IGI-I Ql:lQ QLIa I ' I I II ' . , II I GALESBURG, ILLINOIS 1962 if Y I I X V 19. ,A C L I ,V , '77 if -I ,A 4 1 a i N my Jvjlf ,fLc.fff"'!dC'6324.1-Zfgf J '-' Q"-ef -fff4'4"07 -f' Q' it-of 'lf' .- f f f f,,4'4 - Ls ,' .7 , fy A, , I -fag, I V f , a , eae QCZLZL ,MQ 4-7' ff ' " 4' fr' fy A D ff -.,f fi' ,. , H, M , ,1 41: ,K . G! j?qffjlfii?153 !,.fk:f9L'Q2Z'0776eLf:f'f-ff For his outstanding,contribution to the maicing of a pictorial R t .,:i,....,g..i ,i 5, I, VA e n u u lj ,7 f if ti-E'!i.L' -is 1.1-f.,,1.l.,'f'fb!4'i so 577 -'I Z"-fklfg' ' f? B' V , A Y will :iss-Zfpflgicf - Lgfv eiidlflflwi ."?4"V'L'gy LV fin!! yp. :QUE Lv? vfrfbbffv-f"ff1' . . 1. ,. ., sum ., . For his devotion to the education and time stimulation of the mwaydviy minds of his students . . . as QXOQHE smmkmfissmimww X7 g ' "' 7 For time wgarmtij and spontaneity of iigifp rs Xriimam , t cy?.4wt 4f1?? ki-84 66 Argigsvjgf . . N- ' V J ,fa P 'gamwa 45 k A . W A0524 Jwfffwffj is ff ,, 5 V-F I Qzwwmyngsffa 45 ' wwawm Q ff 4. KQUUZ Ozfgflfvvd . LYJM Q vie-Q? rf ffm QW 'QM ,.4.e'f5f1, JW? 94' J Wyivw' M Zu af? s CMJ? ft 1 Legg We dedlcateAtte'1dg2 Relilecgitg' .. we 5 Mr. A oi1n Aitchison 41 MAS wi QBWLWJW 'K EDGE? fy 'X ifgwpw LE' fig, i 5 SJ W GWGO 'Vi v psy? it V0 htlfiggf ,begs Q9 Q, 3 ...A -.., ..,- , ..."' ',..q .., W - 1-11.- -Q..-fw-'ea-9.-...wff r -- .. ,, ,- ,,,,, '-'N' lv! J-5, ,,. , ,. l "' J ,L.,.,g'4.". 4 ij-4 - I . 21-.Q -' v I 'j?f: ,EQ-Nw, , '59 --if ff fm 'Z fi ' ' M ' - 'A" ' W 5 'f,'f"" --.H-'Qi' .. A - -H-my M- " W- ., X T252-M ff! ,,..- 1 l ff! ff, ,l,,,..,-f:1'f'f"'lZ'f' f 1 l i Q i 'J 'Q o,' 0 ll ,f ,I ' ' lo' M '. I D lk ,, HU J J ,fl Llflljjtsjfblldkj I JJ, 1 Av , 'frilly-' f1'4f'l', ix 314, l. C - 4941, 9 , Q W we SEYUIDWQXQ ju ,lXj,,r- A lf, it lgJxMxc9cfL U M " y Qy1,'-twiki? Lilo TL lJfQQg'Ml QQJXX SAEHJL U 9 of REFLECTCR STAFF Editor-in-Chief .,...... Copy Editor .A,... Art Editor ..o..,o,4,.. Business Manager ..... Sports Editor ,....,..... h Photography Editor ., Senior Editor ....,i.. A. Layout Editor .rr.. Concessions Manager Secretary .r,... Junior Editor .r.r.,r. Sophomore Editor ..... Faculty Advisor .,..... Dick Mariner Alfreda Carlson di Kathy Jagow Tim Rhea Harold Fuson K f Brenda Carlson Marsha Buncher Debbie Bailey? ,..,.,..Jill Crowell Marilyn Findahl Renee Ross 1 Jane Hill Chauncey Kenney H7-q'vUVZWVNm?f 'FP 5pliQ'343 Q13 WOW 'fzfumf 'X,J'Xf'yxn-AXQ 5 QP elf 5 CV K 0373-'IJ.8.IZx www WW fM S ZMMUF sv? fzujgl Tre-- I X x U 7,pfz'Mf5mM,wwwxQmM f f 7WWkA , 2? WE? I 122.4062 S P P E 5 s 4 5 ' . 0 'ys ' ?5J5Ki'-nfZffM'74mc,?Z3m" V f59,A4u042..fLg,e4!4Ja.,e6vf7-f?'.foQ64 - H15 4ee.,7MfaM,e,.f , Mmwwdyddmwuwwayav- , . may QEEEEQQQ AQ ,Km . EI bfgj 3 2 I , ml 1 is sr? 5 1 Q , Era Q +2 5 31 Qqigm . 333g 3535! . Q NVQ Sff, sQ WQWXN ' IKQLOXQDXQIKQQ SSS W is N555 '10- we f J9'0t44O 55Q' I 9-ffw1MLfKa,JZfA1f'fV"3i VQJQJ N OZJMAJAJ ww-rftfif f' VV: ' 'Q' 'T ' I f 92 WWC- fv- V i ' 0' l KQ!1LegJu7v 7,ea"?A1vLi A 4-f-vw-Af i J W Qwv ' L Realizing that Galesburg was founded for the primary purpose of providing educa- tional opportunities for the youth of the community, we can readily understand why our public schools have played such an important part in Galesburg's Century of Progress. One hundred years ago-in l86l-Professor George Churchill founded the Gales- burg public school system under a special charter of the Illinois Legislature. Since that time, many changes have taken place in Galesburg High School. The first GHS was located on the northwest corner of the Square where the Broadview Hotel now stands. During the past century the school has occupied seven different buildings and has grown into a three and a half million dollar building which houses over 1300 students. ln the first school, a student would have been enrolled in a Latin-centered course which was geared for college-bou-nd stu.dents This course included not only Latin but also such subjects as geometry, physiology, and astronomy. Later, English and business courses were added for those students who did not plan to attend college. ln l887, Galesburg became the first school in Illinois to initiate manual training. At first it was an extracurricular activity, but later it became a full credit subject. Two years after the program started, the first "power" machine, a foot-operated wood lathe, was installed. ln I898, Galesburg High School had the beginnings of an athletic program. Foot- ball and baseball teams had been organized, but the sport of basketball was not intro- duced until later. ln addition to the athletic teams GHS had a Mandolin and Guitar Club, a Teachers' Male Singing Quartet, and a Boys' Chorus. How different things are now at GHS. ln modern times, the curriculum includes a variety of courses. Students are able to prepare themselves not only for advanced work in college, but also to go into the business world or to practice a special trade. The extracurricular program includes not only athletics and musical activities but also special interest groups in such fields as science, foreign language, art, journalism and homemaking. During this Century of Progress of Galesburg High School many changes have taken place. As we scan the record of the l96l-1962 school year we can appreciate the advancement that has taken place. CALENDAR 1961 SEPTEMBER 5 l2 19 25 28 30 OCTOBER l 2 ll I5 20 Zl 31 8 - 1962 Truant officers begin yearly stint. Mr. Beck falls off his chair for the lst time this year. Bobo the Magician presents lst SAA assembly. "Man who jumps through window screen is likely to strain himself." Blossom Frrrump breaks scale in gym class. Custer's last stand bought by Howard Johnson, 1958. Mr. Self performs first lab experiment. Insurance company refuses to pay for restoration of lab. Fall play: "Arsenic and Old Lace." Aldo Schmutz invents new delicacy: ltalian Yo-Yo-one strand of spaghetti attached to a meatball. Homecoming game. End lst grading period. Homecoming dance. Blossom receives stern reprimand from local con- stabulary for stealing candy from 5-year-old trick-or-treater. NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY College night. Halley's Comet visible today from 6 to I0 P. M. in Irving Halley's driveway. Mr. Flickinger forgets to push in his chair. Reflectavue-Cafe Internationale. Y The Dutchman attempts to save town: gets finger stuck in water faucet. Cache of Kleenexes discovered in Laurie Doyle's locker. Turkey Day. End of Znd grading period. Miss Frrrump breaks Santa's leg while trying to tell him what she wants for Christmas. Vocal Christmas concert. Harlem Clobetrotters appear in gym. Christmas vacation starts. Christmas vacation ends. Mr. Aitchison presents physics classes with more dam problems. Western Gymnastics Team presents Boys' Forum all-school assembly. End of first semester. Winter Formal. Barry Goldwater comes out for Rutherford B. Hayes, 1876. CALENDAR 1961 FEBRUARY Q 9 I ,1HL7l-l-L1 I .4 devil Kala ,WO Jgfwlhbfcyrliyefczos ll 'CD -21-:1fL"'87"iA" .f 'DVD 'wil' A I I ..-xg. tea g-Afefdf 'AVG' 'X Agn! G ,iifpaf eff ,A?L!a,.A,f'13 tj fi Q J if Iliff WP 4 C7 7L!, ED' 'fl ,N 1 if -I Q ,,f , K M -Q 1 f zo fp , wif' bij 9 Zl ffkzl? , 'Z w m'i,ff'4' ,Vw-f 24 Y ,' 8 vjxffi' . .Aff J MARCH 6 9 lO l7 Zl 24 29 lO - 1962 Teacher's "lnstitute?" Attendance at Mr. Weinburg's early morning English class hits new high: 302, of students show up. Abraham Lincoln given purple polka-dot necktie by wife on his birthday, I858. Lincoln decides to grow beard, 1858. Valentine's Day. Mr. Sullivan comes down with mononucleosis. Bruce Lauerman receives a quantity of chiffon dessert in his face. "Li'l Abner" presented. District Music Contest. National Merit Exam. Championship game of Regional Basketball Tour- nament. End of 4th grading period. GAA Penny Prance. Sectional Basketball Tournament. Blossom blossoms into spring. State Basketball Tournament. "Man who falls into mimeograph machine is easily impressed." APRIL MAY JUNE Blossom has her day. National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. State Speech Contest. Marcia Callahan and Mrs. Hazelett attempt to throw each other in the shower. State M usic Contest. Spring Vacation begins. End of Sth grading period. Easter Sunday. Spring Play, "Anastastia." Orchesis Show, "Memorable Moments in Mo- tion." Spring Formal, "Over the Rainbow." State Golf, Track, and Field Tournaments. Spring Concert-vocal groups. American Kennel Club, led by Mr. Self, puts down Boxer Rebellion, l899. Memorial Day. Everybody remembers not to come to school. Baccalaureate. Senior Play Day. Commencement. Senior Prom. H , rf ff ' ,HQ-'W' if XNQV, Wm E M W ' ?3fxfjfW WAP WMF J L dgiwqe W pvfifffwv fifwim KW WZW Q jffzj QW UL V Aw! 1 ' 4 4Mf,,MMW W 3,1255 QL . BQL JUVJ, MW 1 V , MM LU I g 91 CONTENTS 74 84 A H0 A hl 140 H ghl gh 158 10 0 O 0 100 100 101100 1Q10 100 ?g0ff1 100 100 100 1 0 1 100 10 100 11100 CLASSES 100 W ,. , ,,,,,,,, nr-,-, nz 'I OO W N5 QW RWM W f 5 ww Mx wwf MW Nj jfgf E ,W M M M OK My WM? ywg 0 f GV 3363 wk! QWQM QW xWwQwXf5Mf NOW www .UNM UJMQMUX KN Mx JYOJ M W W6 , bk M21 X 0 - I M X x E K W M WMQWB wi ff Www ily fx Q vw WQJX TOJW ' DN ' Q-f - JMD MU Uv NW Wiywdjwm VWAPGAW lc!!! Qi? fi K ggi QJYYQKX X 'PV ' i 1 W DA 'j,i B AjIQkLS P3 Lx W NWN kgwJ5M Q5 X' Lyn 0 J QV! mm W, N rxwjqfp A W f WW W mwah W M W PU W W WQWJX ' Qfvijsjfj 'U Dhww fd OQJV ,WY WJ xx' XNJNADK gg 551 Q5 ' Q f '1QwSfN W fivwu QM A IM NN nv, I Y W WOO HWJ EAQUQWW WfMfMwM55 fp WMA 'IQQ 1 if B ww. Bw Q fy A W U gym Wliw ,Q W Q MEM My E my , N QW? WL www WW QM? WW 0' by Q ff an W CYWZNQ NLHFWU Sgwkxj LNQQWZQ 5x NMR" 9' XXQMSW Wlppsx J VIKWJSV IMJQ Hgkll .DV 'VSV jx WQXW .xg jig 0,0 my ,UP wwf ifyQfY 'T15ygw Q , UN? Ovwgfv M M 4 j-SX Xi QUN' X , X9 K N1 wr? -2 X Q GM' bygxmuxfxpx' f HJ ww ',4- ' V X- A V V , f 0 X N 1,59 Av X ki", sxilw ' T' 2 J A Sw X. 4 3' r N . xl? A .ijylx NIE? 'Nl QQEIXITSJ ,A ww ,X 'XFN 555 WJ ad M' W O QA H955 Gif? W JK mx ..J4 'X T, ix!-VJ JBC, IVN: ' , . Q , N A lx i I QXUQQAQX' M' NUR 1630 D - . 1-AQ '-.-. - l XHQQJSUQWQ J js? Q9 Q ,ML M Qu ,, w ,Xg9v ,J . ' A - '-.wQ,Q ww V ' X-'L' ' wk ' 1 WDQ Seniors Mike Albert avid car enthusiast . . . pizza is a favorite food Gwen Allen takes Homeliving . . . GSL member . . . interested in sports Pamela Allen "Shorty" . . . Secretary of Pep Club . . . member ot Stage Call Sue Agans CSL member . . . interested in business Priscilla Ahline President of FHA . . . a choir member . . . plays the piano Pat Akines enjoys all assemblies . . . BF member SR June Anderson "June Bug" . . . RRSS member , . . sees nursing in her future Audrey Arie plans to enter the business world . . . in CSL and SAA Larry Arnold mechanics is his interest . . . SAA member David Anderson enjoys physics . . . "Andy" , . . in A Cappella Choir Dolores Anderson Dee . . . loves to drink Pepsi , . . avid basketball tan Joan Anderson in GSL . , , has a pleasant personality Caroline Bailey Latin Club Senator . . . a future diplomat . . RR.S.S. an everything it includes Lyle Bair "Pistol Grip" . . . collects money icoinsl likes sports Carroll Bantz plays tennis . . . "Bangs" . . . future vocation as an airline steavardess Seniors vo' 'C7 IJ , -1' John Beasley "Beas" . . . Band president . . . plans to college Fredricka Beever interested in swimming . . . "Jeanie" . . food Ann Behrents President SAA , , , NHS secretary . . . . , dislikes semester tests ihistoryl E-L' attend . likes Octet XQ- James Barger numismatist . . , belongs to Boys Forum Sharon Barlow wants to be a housewife . . . dabbles in painting Kay Barton DO participant . . . looks toward nursing . . friendly smile Daniel Bendixon , called "Side Pipe" . . . crazy about cars. . . future career as a commercial artist Pamela Bent collects records . . . loves pizza . . . Pam . . sweet as candy James Beregi plays the cello . . . wants to go to college Seniors Earl Blakewell enjoys cars . . , loves anything that is edible Rita Bland sees Cosmetology in her future . , . loves swim- ming and dancing Paula Bledsoe plans to be a nurse . , , member of choir . . likes athletics Donald Bettisworth hates report cards . . . great musician . . . plays any instrument Roger Bird Red . . . philatelist . . . likes sports and cherry pie Roger Black likes dragging ldragging what?l . . . is a member of choir Catherine Bond petite . . , takes home economics . . . nice smile , . . likes records Dorothy Boone "Dot" . . . plans to be a hospital aide . . . likes art Georgean Botruff known as George . . . on the Budget staff . . . loves her advisory . . . crazy T37 , 'Cl 'ff- . ! Larry Blixt "Farmer" . . . plays football and basketball . . loves advisory time Billie Bogeart interested in nursing . . . likes to read Angela Juline Bohman Julie . . . member of NHS and Cirls' Octet . . wants to teach . , . Sheriann Botruff likes swimming . . . vocation undecided . . . a member of GSL Paul Boynton interested in cars , . likes malts Janet Brackett "d.B." . , . member of SAA and CSL . . . likes pizza Carolyn Brown "Shoes" . . . wants to be a housewife in Hawaii Thomas Brown takes printing . . . likes anything edible David Buckmaster electrical personality , . . a member of Boys Forum Seniors I' David Bradford participates in DO. . . "Gus" . . . hates liver Donald Bradley in Boys Octet . . enjoys sleeping under Mr. Aitchison's desk . . . craves intramurals . . . a regular Scragg Robert Brining likes science fiction . , . wants to loin the armed service . . . enjoys wrestling 41 W? Marsha Buncher adores clean lockers and pickled pigs . . . "Bog" . . . treasurer of NHS . . . allergic fo pizza . . . on Senior Council Coleen Bybee likes records and dancing . . . a favorite is banana cream pie William Caldwell enjoys sports and fixing cars . . . adores food , . . radio broadcaster in future Seniors ap l 6' Robert Cannon belongs to Boys Forum . . . plays football , . wants to join Air Force Alfreda Carlson "Alfie" . . . copy editor of Reflector . . . member of Nl-iS . . . plans to teach Gerry Carlton likes sports . . . a member of "G" Club . . . wants to enter a trade school '12-'f if Marcia Callahan Girls' Octet . . . hates people who make a moun- rtiin out of a mole hill . . . loves sports . . . Daisy ae Dale Campbell alias "Tiny" . . . interested in business John Campbell "Soupy" . . . enjoys fishing . . . interested in cars David Catlin a member of Boys Octet . , . Senior class presi- dent . . . wants to be a psychologist . . .Li'l Abner Judy Cebert a member of choir . . . loves spinach John Chaney "Rover" . . . dislikes overbearing people , . future architect Donald Carr plays basketball . . . collects coins . . . likes to eat sour apples Rolf Carriere Foreign exchange student from Holland . . . hates to be asked if he is German . . . likes dramatics Thomas Cates plans to enter the army . . . likes food . . . inter- ested in cars Joyce Christianson Secretary of FHA . . , a member of Senior Council . . . bowling is a favorite pastime Lyall Christy likes to eat waffles . . . has a nice smile William Clark nicknamed "Skylark" . . . his pet peeve is lack of money ap uw an 'i Robert Coffey participates in DE and plans to go into retail selling . . , his pet peeve is high school students who don't act their age Bernard Cokel plans to work , , , works on cars . . . loves dill pickles Alice Colwell hopes to be a housewife . . . member of GSL . . . loves cake Seniors Lois Crouch GSL member . . , enjoys drawing and painting Linda Curless sees a future in beauty culture . . . "Curly" . . supporter of Pep Club Robert Cutts hopes to be an airplane or automotive mechanic . . , known as "Cobby" . . . enjoys target shooting Roberta Davidson active in CSL and SAA . . . enjoys swimming and dancing in her spare time Bettilee Davis "Betti-Lou" . . . hates conceited people . . bowling is her favorite hobby Deborah Davis has college plans . . . likes swimming and golf . . . member of A Cappella Choir . . . loves pickles and ice cream . . . R.R.S.S. Linda Craig . member of FHA . . , loves bowling . . . pet peeve-people cracking their knuckles Judith Crookham GSL representative . . . likes to paint . . . plans to become executive secretary Carol Crouch "Jody" . . . hates fat, flabby PE teachers . . . plans to be an X-ray technician Mary Dameron pet peeve-semester tests . . . Budget staff member . , . sees her future in education Larry Damitz claims no nickname . . . loves scalloped potatoes R. Thomas Daniel known as "Rick" . . . hopes to be a radio repair- man , . . loves to tinker with cars Dorothy Davis active in FTA . . . hates people who copy . . . interested in music and sports Janeen Davis sings in the choir and Girls' Octet . . . plans to be a P.E, teacher Melinda Davis sees a future in education , . , member of French Club . . . loves bubble gum Seniors QF avi 4 '--3-..,w,,"' Michael DeWitt goes for the "arts" . , expert at Mercuries . . . president of Boys' Forum , , , sings in Boys' Octet Gene Diericks farmer . . , likes fast cars Sarah Doerschuk hates bubbles that burst . . , voluminous writer . . . wants to be a nurse . . . Royal Rodent Sandra Dawson nickname of Daws . . . enjoys pastime of skating . . . has an aversion to tests Michael Denniston industrious photographer . , . "Flush" . . . wants to be an analytical chemist Catherine DeWeese looks toward the medical field as a nurse . . . likes the water . . . SAA and C-Sl. mn, Douglas Donovan "Doggie" . . . wants to be an Army and RR. engineer . . . collects stamps Neal Donovan interested in the Air Force . . . "Lizard" . . Boys Forum Sharon Dorsey likes to dance . . . favorite pastime is roller skating Seniors 'frxf' Vicki Drake Senior Leader . . . pep club . . ."Vic" . , . collects pink poodles David Duke likes sports . . . undecided vocational plans . . . collects iwl'rat?l Cheryl Dunbar wears pink lipstick . , . likes food , . . fun Donald Edwards "Tank" . . . jazz fan . . . loves Blue Island pizza Nancy Egan GSL member . . . enjoys dancing . . . likes to collect money . . , "Eggie" Marna Eik Sin s in A Ca ella Choir . . "Red" GSL 8 no - - - - member , . has read Beowulf five times Rita Dougherty lookatoyvard secretarial work . . . enioys skating . . . ,S. . Michael Douglas wants to manage a restaurant . . . enthralled over semester exams Laurie Doyle "Louie" . . . on CAA board . . . collects Kleenex boxes . . . student council Michael Dysert member of Boys Forum . . . wants to be a mechanic . . . likes hot rods Virginia Eck representative for Student Council . . . "Punk" . . . likes sports Bonnie Edgar FHA member . . . nursing appeals to her . . . GSL Z-Z' ar Suzi Elam enjoys volunteer hospital work . . . CSL member . . . wants to be a teacher Maurice Eldert participates in DO . . . "Cr" Club member . . . wrestler Becky Erickson Apassionata . . . sings in A Cappella Choir . . . secretary of GSL Pamela Fackler member of A Cappella Choir . , . a charter Ricky Rat , . . expert curb jumper . . . loves butter Dave Farrell called "Barrel" . . . wants to go into a nuclear field Dan Fash drives a Renault . . . member of DE . . . Danny Boy Seniors 3 fk 'HQ KY in? Darrel Ericson member of A Cappella Choir . . , Little John . . . loves report cards Terry Ernstein likes Italian food . . . French student . . . enjoys dancing Anthony Ezzo plays in the band . . . likes to play pool . . . inter- ested iri electrical engineering 1' L ., , fb Xglllpt Linda Ferguson future field-education . . . Stage Call member Candace Fields "Candy" . . . dislikes know-it-alls who can't be told different . . . likes to sew Roberf Fields likes intramural basketball . . . future interest is the Air Force Seniors Alan Fones loves fried chicken . . , nicknamed Butch Linda Foster adores bowling . . . dislikes nosy people William Foster likes to dabble in chemistry . . . tuture career in the armed service 'CYP' Dixie Freeman interested in business . , , enjoys home economics Carol Fretueg pet peeve-sophs who don't believe in Santa . . . member ot FTA . . . very active in CAA Sharon Gaffney member ot the band . . . hates people who talk in assemblies , . . plans to go to college Dorothea Fish known as "Dodie" . . . head majorette . . . NHS A . on Senior Council Curtis Fisher familiar to all on the sandlot . . . loves astronomy , . . and works with ham radio George Fitch patrick "Rusty" . . , is a member of Boys' Forum . . "G" Club member Marilyn Foust hopes to be a private secretary . . . avid radio fan Prue Franey likes art . . . sweet personality Ronald Frank crazy about intramural basketball . , , plays golf . . plans include engineering fx. Terry Galloway known as "Fuzzy" . . . his future is undecided . . . loves barbecued raccoon Charles Gardner "Chuck" . . . pet peeve-five year olds . . . active in Boys' Forum . . . plans to go to college Paul Gattermeir known as "Wong" to everyone . . . an athletic manager . . sees a future in the service Alan Gilbronson nickname is "Larry" . . . collects coins . . . hopes to enter electronics as a vocation Teresa Gladfelter loves to eat anything that's edible . . . active as a senior leader . , . hates to get up early Martha Glendening Red Cross volunteer , . . likes cooking and baking , . , dislikes lots of homework Seniors Jeannine Gensini hates big purses . . . loves to eat popcorn and buy clothes . . , Student Council representative Cheryl Gerard collects horse figurines . . . takes part in IOOA . . . likes swimming Sheila Geske enjoys fishing . . . known as "Butch" to her friends . . . plans to be a clerical worker David Goedeke nickname is "C-oad" . . . enjoys intramurals . . . plans his future in raisin picking Linda Gonzales hopes to be a private secretary . . . member of FTA . . . loves to eat Mary Goodman "Luigi" . . . thinks the lunch hour is too short . . . hopes to be a dress designer Seniors Maurice Hamilton Budget editor . . . member of NHS . . . on varsity debate squad . . . plans a future in chemistry or physics Paul Hanger known as "Vanguard" . . . sees his future in avia- tion . . . enjoys sports Constance Hanson hates gum poppers . . . member of Orchesis . . . loves to travel Robert Harris works on stage lighting . . . enioys teen hops . . . likes photography Rex Hatfield the sea lures him . . . member of SAA . . . loves archery and fishing Robert Hawkins "Hawkeye" , . . plans his future in agricultural engineering , . . hates talkative sophomores Constance Guenther active as a senior leader . . . loves roller skating and bowling Roland Guenther per peeve-not enough homework . . . member of Boys Forum A . . enjoys fishing Dolores Gutierrez "Dolly" . . . hates rib ticklers . . . wants to be a secreta ry 'Qt r F ... John Hare known as "Yogi" or "Bouncer" . . . has college plans . . . loves basketball Nancy Harmon member of GSL . . , loves stewed pigs' feet Rita Harris hates noisy eaters . . . member of Student Coun- cil . . . plans to work after graduation l l l l David Hendricks has college plans . . . "Bubbles" hates to be hit on the head . . . tall James Hendricks hobbies are making money and driving , . . wants to be an agricultural engineer . . , nickname is "lVlinnie" - Helen Hendryx known as "Tooti" . . . active in Pep Club . , . sees a future in secretarial work Seniors sf' fs Judy Hicks plans her future as an X-ray technician . . . takes part in DO . . . member of Thespians . . . likes to talk on the phone Victoria Higarida expects to enter nurses training after graduation . . . president of FTA . . , hates cluttered purses Joyce Hight her friends call her Joy . . , hates sloppy people jx 111 Q11 -a Constance Henning loves to water ski and knit . . . plans to go to college . . . active as a varsity cheerleader Richard Henning nickname is "Owl" . . . loves to water ski and hunt lhunt what?J Karen Henry has red hair . . . member of CSL "Sv H! i 'J u as Ani Thomas Hilgenberg "l-lilgee" . . . dislikes walking his girl home on a cold day . . . wants to go into refrigeration . . . on the wrestling squad Terry Hilligoss likes water skiing . . . "Terror" . . . is interested in electronics Phoebe Hogan member of CSL . . . sweet personality Seniors Gaylord Horn Boys Octet , . , Boys Forum officer Roy Howard "anchors away" is future plans . enjoys sports Charlene Huff Cherie . . . Orchesis member , , , participates in DO Michael Hussey hates crowded school buses . , . wants to attend ISNU Terry Jackson plays basketball . . . would like to be a state policeman Ruth Jacobson called "Rufus" . . . loves to knit . . . active in CAA Patricia Holmes eats salads . . . GSL cabinet member . . . ice skater Harlan Honeyman plans to be a farmer . . . loves to hunt and fish . . . member of FFA Kathryn Horkstrom future as a cosmetician , . . on Budget staff . . . plays golf Kenneth Huffaker a member of Boys Forum . . . likes to fly Shirly Huffaker likes sports . . . a friendly person C'arol Huffaker loves to skate . . , plans to be a clerk . . . SAA member Rama James vice president of CSL . , . member of German Club . . . loves tennis . . , a great girl Barbara Jennings loves l?l school lunches . . . wants to be a house- wife or a beauty operator . . . enjoys ice cream E. Kristine Johann dislikes crowded halls . . , "Tina" . . . a regular kegler Joyce Johnson Student Council member , . . wants to go into airline work . . , GAA . . . Orchesis LaVerne Johnson a future architect . . . Harmoneers and Choir . , , Boys Forum Marian Johnson member of Fl-lA . . . French Club . . . future includes Calesburg Beauty School . . . bowling is a favorite . , . hates oysters Seniors Iv I f 1 Beverly Johnson present owner of the Brooklyn Bridge . . . FHA . , , in French Club David Johnson "l never pet -peevesg l prefer girls" . . . plays a cool horn . . , intramural participant James Johnson looks to future in government service or law . . . tennis champ l?l . . . a band member Richard Johnson a "C" Club member . . . likes to hunt . . . plays varsity basketball Russell Johnson it's the "call of the sea" after high school . . likes shop work David Jones known as "Dog Biscuit" l?l . . . member of Latin Club . . . hates noisy study halls Seniors 'CV John Kemmer Boys Forum and SAA member . . . likes cars . . . hopes to be a mechanic Terry Kendrick called Art . . favorite pastime is sleeping in study hall James Kern likes to play golf . . . his pet peeve includes advisors who don't believe his excuses ,l i Ida Jorganson likes to dance . . . enjoys sewing . . , plans to go into the business field Max Josephson "Slim" . . . in Boys Forum , . . future undecided Dennis Kelly active in sports . . . plans to enter college ROTC , . , nicknamed Pocahontas Judy LaBrash likes horses . . . sees future as a secretary . . . collects miniatures Terry Langdon president of Future Distributors . . , member of Boys Forum William Larsen likes sports , . ,member of "G" Club . . plans to attend college l GQ' jsut Kristine Klemm Kay A . , wants to be a teacher . . . loves to knit . . . hates people who "cut up" in the lunch line Willa Dean Klinck Deariie . . , intends to go to airline school . . member of CSL and SAA William Kobush hates to make unnecessary trips . . , member of Boys Octet and choir , . . leisure time spent bowling ' Rebecca Larson sings alto in A Cappella choir , , , member of C-SL , . , likes pizza Samuel Larson "Senator" . . . treasurer of Student Council , . . likes baseball Sarah Larson nickname is "Proxy" , , . copy editor of the Budget . , , on Senior Council Kent Leasure active in A Cappella choir , , . has a fire engine red Model A Ford . A , campus bound Robert Lengh "Bobo" . , , active in dramatics and choir . , wants to enter the medical field Sharon Leonard known as "Shari" . . 4 in French Club , 4 . GSL member , . . active as a senior leader Seniors 'vm Bruce Lauerman loves the cafeteria's lemon chiffon pie , , , mem- ber of National Thespians . . . affectionately known as "Teddy" . , . wants to enter the Coast Ciuard Linda Lawrence enjoys music . . . future plans include secretarial work . . . CSL member Susan Lawrence president of Stage Call . . . A Cappella choir member . . , sees her future in speech therapy Susan Lillie likes horses , A , plans to go to college Richard Lindstrom reporter for the Budget . . . "Rocking Richard" . . . likes athletics Cynthia Lippert a rrgember of CSL , . , has a fancy tor strange oo ,. Seniors Bev Lozier member of IOOA . . , participates in GSL . . . likes music . . . on Senior Council James Lundquist interested in cars . . . active in Boys' Forum . . plays basketball William Lutz "Stub" . . . would like to be a printer . . . likes to work with cars Lois Livermore member of G.S.L ..., interested in business . . likes to eat Eva Lloyd enjoys dancing . . . active in IOOA , . . wants to be an airline hostess or beauty operator Wayne Lox enjoys football . . . "Ci" Club member . . , dislikes late lunch period fi.: L5 Robert McCornack loves to play bridge . , . drives a convertible . . . favorite hobby is eating David McCreight president of German Club . . . member of Pasteur Society . . . in NHS . , . plans to be an engineer Howard McCullough "Micky" . . . active in choir and Boys Octet . . . a Student Council member Richard Lyons participates in DO . . . a member of Boys' Forum . . . enjoys mechanics William Lyons plans to go lgo where?l . . . likes all sports . . . loves pizza . . . Dennis Joyce McCombs interested in beautician work . . . her pet peeve is exams . . . member of GSL and SAA Roger McGee "Rog" . . . a member of FFA . . . wants to go into the Air Force Douglas McGrew plans to be a commercial artist . . , "Quick Draw" . . . in A Cappella Choir Terry McKay in Boys' Forum . . . has a hobby of cars . . . par- licipaies in sports Seniors James Magnison plans to be a mechanic . . . "Maggie" . . , likes to hunt . . . enjoys working on cars Terry Malcolm hopes to become an auto mechanic . . . likes to play basketball Mary Mallin active in C-AA . . . Mary Lou . . . her pet peeve is being called Mary Lou Marlene McMenimen treasurer of French Club A . . "Marlenus" , likes to horseback ride Judith McQueen likes to read and draw . . , in CSL . . . a friendly person William Magnison future undecided . , . a favorite food is swiss steak '16 uv 'ff' 'S Marilyn Malstrom "Mouse" . . . likes golf and swimming . . . a member of GAA Richard Mariner loves to toboggan . . . editor of the Reflector . . . "I could swear Kennedy was on that trainl" . . . president of NHS Margaret Markland in liep Club . . . CSL member . . . has a friendly smi e Seniors Larue Meehan hates having flat tires . . . wants to be a baker . . . "Rudy" Karen Michael member of CAA and French Club . . . "Mike" . . , dislikes Coach Thiel threatening to flunk her in advisory Michael Milan in DO . . . wants to be a steamfitter . . . likes to hunt and fish Mike Mills likes wrestling and swimming . . . wants to work on the railroad Virginia Mills cheerleader . . , active in GAA and Senior Council . . . "Ginger" . . . campus bound Steve Minteer "lviinkle" . . . N,H,S. and "G" Club member . . . in A Cappella choir . . 4 wants to enter a vocation in science Lupe Martinez wants to be a Spanish or typing teacher , . . mem- ber of Pep Club . . . likes records and dancing Jerry Mason "Mase" . . , wants a career in communications in the navy . . . in DO Jo Matson in DE . . . GSL member . . . plans to be a housewife if-dl John Michael Miles business manager of the Budget . . . likes chess and golf . . . wants to enter the field of veteri- nary medicine , . . hates drivers who don't use turn signals Deanna Miller "Stretch" . . . NHS and CSL Cabinet member . . . hates people who call her "Stretch" Gary Mills likes sports , . . future vocation as a chive raiser Linda Mitchell GAA member . . . "Mitch" . . . wants to be a dental hygienist . . . hates people who sneeze Gregg Monson wants to be a mechanical engineer . . . enioys baseball Sandy Sue Monzo interested in the business field . . . pleasant personality Seniors E' Michael Moriarity "G" Club member . , . Mort . , . intends to go to college Connie Morrissey SAA and GAA member . . . would like to be a beautician David Moss future vocation as a railroad clerk . . . "Elmer" i' Judith Moore wants to be a teacher . . . FHA member . . "Little Miss" Terry Moore "Wall" . . . likes baseball and hunting . . . plans to teach shop Lois Morgan has a quiet disposition , . "Lo-Lo" ta, is 1 Q Leon Muck likes to throw parties , . . outstanding in his field . . . "Noel" Dennis Nelson hates to be rushed . . A wants to be a doctor . , . member of "G" Club , 4 4 in football and wrestling Elizabeth Nelson active member of GAA , , . "Betsy" . . . wants 'ro be a teacher Seniors -3 H -1, Connie Nicholas interested in business . . . skating is a favorite hobby Patricia O'Field sloppiness is her pet peeve . . . in DE . , . plans to be a secretary Joe Ojeda enioys dancing , . , likes to travel and play base- X ball . . , future undecided all Lloyd Page coin collecting is a hobby . . . surprise tests are his pet peeves . . . future plans are in civil engineering Alice Palmer enjoys dancing . . . GSL member . . . sees future as a sales clerk John Palmer president of Art Club . . . enjoys skiing . . . plans to be an art teacher John Nelson plays basketball . . . "Swede" . . . plans to attend college Marilyn Nelson in Senior Council . . . FTA member . . . likes to bowl . . . is a senior leader Ted Nelson plans to be a farmer . . . hates snow Joan Olson belongs to GSL . . . sees future in selling . . . DE member Patricia Olson Pat . . . bowling is her favorite pastime . . . in Pep Club and GSL Louise Ostrom on Budget staff , . , Student Council . . . "Poca- hontas" . . . CAA. . .plans to be an airline hostess I Judy Palmer leisure time spent bowling . . . hopes to be IBM operator . . . in Pep Club Ronald Palmer in DE . . . "Red" . . , plans to go into wholesale distributing Robert Parke "Parkie" . , . wants to go into West Point or law A . . hobbies include chess and coin collecting Susan Plummer wants to be called Sue, not Susie . . . likes to sew. . , in CSL Rhett Polson hates rain and snow , . . intends to be a pharma- cist Loretta Porter FHA member . . . Lori . . . wants to be a dental assistant Seniors Nancy Parrish treasurer of Band . . . in Orchesis . . . future plans are music or art Marcy Pilcher plays in the band , . . likes to bowl , . . a mem- ber of FHA and Pep Club Sandra Pinckney Student Council representative . . . DE secretary . . . plans to be an Alaskan mermaid Gloria Potter I wants to be a receptionist , , , sometimes called "Potsy" l?l Connie Price in band . . . likes to horseback ride and skate . . . plans to be a nurse Richard Price enjoys swimming in spare time . . . "Lloyd" . . participates in intramurals Seniors James Reischling plays intramural basketball . . . "Greasy" . . participates in DO Sharon Reuter R member of Ciirls Octet . . . in A Cappella Choir ,,, . . . an usherette . . . sometimes called Sherry X Ka Richards Y wants to be a nurse . . . spare time is spent bowling and swimming Betty Roate participates in DE . . . future vocation Judith Colleen Roberts "Coke" . . . in A Cappella Choir . . . leadership . . . hates morning classes James Roberts enjoys water skiing and swimming . . . . . . wants to be a math teacher -.,n.,f. , J l I A as a clerk in senior "Cliffie" Edward Probst "C" Club president . , . on Senior Council . . football and wrestling are favorite sports . . Eddie Larry Raaen enjoys playing baseball and basketball . . . hopes to be a coach Brenda Reed on the Budget staff . . , in Pep Club . , . likes to write . . . loves jazz Mary Rigg plans to be an airline reservationist , . . hates show-offs . . . enjoys reading Susanne Rigg in A Cappella Choir , . . future includes becom- ing a secretary . , . hates to have people ask, "What is it?" Helen Riggs a maiorette . . . member of GSL . . , likes to listen to records I at l Larry Roberts "Tiger" . . . plans to become a businessman . . . his pet peeve is sophomores Ira Robinson a member of "G" Club . . . "Ike" . . . takes part in football and track Kathleen Roche F,H,A. member . . . plans to be a secretary . . . "Kathy" Seniors ' 'Ili i .lon Ryberg nicknamed Whitey . . . sees his vocation as a forester . . . likes to hunt and fish John Samuelson likes ice skating . . . "Jack" . . . is a lab assistant Karen Sanburg in IOOA. . , likes to swim and bowl Tl David Rodgers Student Council member . . . plays intramurals . . . future vocation as a teacher Janet Rouland hopes to be a beautician , . . member of C-SL . . . "Rolly May" Earl Rury plans to become a mechanic , 4 . likes shrimp Paul Sandberg hates late buses on cold mornings . . . in "C-" Club . . . takes part in cross-country Lory Sandburg petite . . . present interest business . . . likesyto dance Priscilla Sanville Prilly . . . president of C-SL and Thespians . . . secretary of French Club . . . loves to knit Seniors Barbara Scott in Nl-lS and Latin Club . . . dislikes people who tell her she has plenty of time . . . likes to horse- back ride Susan Seastedt enioys drinking diluted water . . . likes CSL assemblies Walter Sedgwick Latin Club member . . . hates to wait for people who are always late . . . likes photography Sue Simmons GSL member at large . . . in Stage Call and Science Club . . . CAA board member . . . wants to go into medicine Leola Simons sees her future in airline work . . . in GSL and SAA Rex Slaughter participates in track and football . . . "Mule" . . . Student Council member . . . in Boys' Forum Anita Sauter in IOOA . . . "Nitie" , . . likes to skate . . member of CSL Douglas Scherer plans to be an artist . . . is a member of art club . . . "Doug" John Schlaf a student council representative . . . likes to draw , 4 r plans to go into the air force Donna Shively in Orchesis and French Club . . . "Shives" . . likes to water ski Richard Sholl "Skip" , , , wants to go into the navy George Schragal future vocation is navy . . . "Schrageal" Kristine Smith enjoys tap dancing , . , in GAA . . . a future Secretary Loretta Smith "Reita" . , , plans to attend Brown's Business College Robert Smith likes to build model airplanes , . . enioys sketch- ing . . , Air Force bound Linda Staff member of Fl-IA . . . Lynn . . . collects stuffed animals . . . Pep Club member Howard Stamm Howie , . . Boys' Octet member . . . on Senior Council A , , in A Cappella Choir. , A General . . , future in medicine Bonnie Standard likes to read . . . Pep Club , , . plans to be a nurse Seniors ttf' Edith Southwell usually called Mary , . . NHS member . . . in Latin and German Clubs . . . plays ping-pong Theresa Sparks "Sparky' . . . in IOOA and FTA . . . likes to roller skate Val Spencer president of IOOA . , , a future secretary . , enjoys dancing Gary Stewart Stu . . . intends to go into the Navy . . . likes to hunt and swim Nita Stewart in GSL , . , friends call her Jo Ann . . , likes to collect records Helen Stinson member of NHS . . . in Girls' Octet , . , on Senior Council . . . hates pessimists Seniors a 3, . Linda Ann Stroops likes to horseback ride . . . plans include being a secretary Janet Sundberg dances for fun . . . CSL member , . . likes picnics , . . would enjoy owning the Taj Mahal Nancy Suydam on Student Council , . , Nan . . , NHS member . , . collects tropical fish . . , hates to sit in squeaky desks Nancy Swanson in Girls Octet . . , a maiorette . . . Orchesis member Peggy Swanson sees future as a secretary . . . in CSL . . . likes to write letters Karen Sward in A Cappella Choir , , . favorite pastime is sleeping , , . likes cooking and sewing Robert Stomberg enjoys water skiing in his leisure time . . . in DE Susan Strand Pancake Queen . . . likes chocolate covered bee's knees John Strawhacker enjoys drawing . . . plans to be an artist l' 'H X Madalyne Swadley loves to eat and dance . , , sometimes called "lvlad-dog" t?l Jill Swanson expert on the subject ot Federal aid to education . . . likes home economics Judy Swanson loves pizza a la mode . . . in CSL . . . likes dancing Roger Sweborg spends leisure time bowling . . . likes model cars Linda Sweet likes candy , . . owns a kangaroo . . . enjoys reading Terri Tenneson treasurer of IOOA . . . SAA representative . . . her pet peeve is liars . Ronald Theobald consumes pizza . . . is looking for the abominable snowman . . . plays pool Donna Thor DAR award winner . . . treasurer of GSL . . . on Senior Council . , . secretary-treasurer of FTA . . . ice skates Sylvia Thoureen a real wit . , . enjoys knitting. . . in GSL lm " l If Seniors Jerry Terpening plays the zither . . , likes cars , . . Boys' Forum member Judy Thacker in NHS . . . participates in choir , , , FHA member . . . loves to read and sew Linda Theel in Latin Club . . . likes to horseback ride . . . hopes to be a psychiatrist William Tomlin known as "Frog" . . . hates people who leave gum in water fountains . . . participates in intra- murals Pete Toureene likes Italian food . . . disassembles cars . . plays pool Russell Tracy likes sports . . . in Boys' Forum . . . loves lunch room activities Seniors ul' "-5" Terry Tulin interested in science . . . his ambition is to ride a giraffe . . . in Boys' Forum Julia Turner enjoys all sports . . . dancing is a pastime . . likes strawberry shortcake Leona Utt in Fl-IA . . , volunteer Red Cross worker . . . has a pleasant smile Juanita Trevino plans to either work or enter business school . . enioys eating Nancy Trulock a majorette . , . "Nance" , . , in FTA and GAA Cary Tucker "Tuck" . , . plays basketball . , , winning per- sonality . . A dyes his eyes blue 41" John Vilardo in DO . , . hopes to be a mechanic Ann Walker likes to dance . . . collects records . . . hopes to be a kindergarten teacher Joe Walker a member of "C" Club . . . "Jo-Jo" . . . takes part in football and wrestling Judith Van Dell in choir . . . doesn't like exams for seniors . . . hopes to be a teacher Rebecca Vancil "Becky" , , , plans include college . . . a major- ette Gloria Vargas in Orchesis . , . called "Windy" . . , IOOA member Bonnie Wall in Pep Club , . , "Bon-Bon" . . . likes to bowl in her spare time LeRoy Watters president of FFA 4 . . in Boys' Forum . . . plans to go into agriculture Martha Way Student Council secretary . . .treasurer of GAA , , Marty , . . future vocation in dental hygiene Seniors Wendell Westfall Windy . . , vice president of NHS . . . in stage call . . . enjoys football Edward White plays basketball . . . member Thomas Wilhite "Cr" Club member , . , cross country Whitey . . . "G" Club Willie . . . takes part in La' 04'- 11' Loistine Weaver Pep Club member . . . collects records . . , wants to be a beautician Susan Welch likes sports 4 . . wants to go to airline school . . . in GSL Thomas Wessels likes to swim . , . wants to be a nightclub owner . ll Sharon Williams charming personality . . . in GSL , . . has a banana seed bird feeder Linda Williamson "Red" . . . wants to be an author illustrator . , . has a hobby of training horses . Kathryn Willson in FHA . . . likes to read . . . plans to be a nurse . . . enjoys sewing Seniors Carl Witherell wants to be a machinist . . . "Speedy" , . , likes CBTS James Wood sees his future vocation in the Air Force . . collects records Larry Wood called Woody by his friends . , . in Boys' Forum 'EP James Wilmot i loyes to travel . . , future vocation as a printer Malcolm Wilson "lvl D." . . . a future photographer . . . enjoys listening to stereo in his spare time Trudy Wilson in CSI. and SAA . , , her pet peeye is people whO t rl-:rn'l use turn signals when driving Sharon Zahora "Bubbles" . . . NHS member . . . sometimes called Wrinkles . A . feature editor of the Budget Don Zinsmeister called "Xmister" . . . on the Budget staff , . . wants to be a minister Q Lyle Wright enioys sports . . . plans to become a draftsman upon graduation Debra Wyckoff "Deb" . . , in Thespians . . takes part in speech contests , . . wants to be a police detective Mary Young has a hobby of collecting records . enioys bowling in her spare time ,QX l Q Adams, Margaret Adams, Phil Addis, Pat Allen, Dale Allen, Joann Allen, Joan Lee Allen, Mary Jo Alps, Robert Anderson, Carol Anderson, Dixie Barnstead, Jocie Baughman, Linda Bayless, Jeff Beam, Bill Beamer, Don Bednar, Rick Beers, Vickie Bennett, Carol Benson, Ray Bettisworth, Alan 4 Anderson, Judy ii Juniors ,,1- 112- " A A f. I . ' ' L I., , Ul u:- :J J w 1 'la' , in , " ir 1 Agia - --,-Ltr ' , , v J ,J i 7-. ,1 -3 ' lf'-S?" ' r d' -45' t Anderson, Miriam Anderson, Terry Ashton, Dave Ator, Marilyn Bailey, Carol Bailey, Debbie Bainbridge, Frank Ballard, Rene Barlow, Barbara Betts, Nancy Beveridge, Andrew Biggiam, Linda Bizzari, Victor Black, Carole Blevins, Terry Bloomberg, Vicki Boettcher, Steve Bolton, Ruth Bond, Linda Juniors Bryant, David Bryant, Dixie Bryant, Gloria Buck Sall 1 Y Burch, Missy Burgland, Bill Bushnell, Robert Cadwell, Ernie Campbell, Arlene Campbell, Tom Colclasure, Karen Cole, Dale Colvin, Jim Connour, Lloyd Cowan, Elvira Cozad, Paula Coziahr, Rodger Crain, Brenda Crooks, Bob Crouch, Dina Boone, Tom Bradley, Merlyn Bradenberg, Mike Broadfield, Jean Broadhead, John Brock, Joe Broderick, Judith Brokaw, Opal Brown, Larry Brown, Pete l 1 l .l Lu ,5 , I H H . 13 .Wneei -Jlr , Q I J , ' .t".v, Y, ,. ,,f Us l 4' 14 B ,Ml Canon, Ronnie Carlson, Brenda Carlson, Dale Carlson, John Carmody, David Carr, Kenny Carson, Marguerite Catlin, Linda Christy, Natalie Clausen, Rick - Ll l " r J ," 4 iii? ,ii N 4 J li L l is ' ...Q 5 l .l Crouch, Robert Crouch, Tom Crowell, Jill Currens, Curtis, Daniels, Helen Danna, Robert Doerschuk, John Dorethy, Roger Downard, Rose Driffill, J Duke, Patty Dutc Dyer, Karen Chuck Kathy Daves, Pat Daves, Robert Davis, John I Dawdy, Pat Delawder, John Denly, Judy Dennis, Bob Deutsher, Alfred DeVena, Bill DeWitt, Mike Diefendorf, Susan Diericks, Marilyn Dillon, Terry erry her, Darlene Early, Steve I Eaves, Linda Eaves, Sally l , ' N Ekstrom, Roland Eldert, Dennis f I' Engstrom, Paul 1' Y ll Erickson, Becky 13" ' Erlandson, Nancy Etzel, Jim 'T Eyre, Joff at ' Fahlund, Larry j, Findahl, Marilyn Finn, Glenna Juniors RE, Q N 1 'fm S3545 .. . iF " , lm Ier Polly endrrcks, Jerry Hennefent, Mike Cy , Herrin, Mary Ann Hull, Jane Hill, Judy . Hinkle Terr .,, . fl ,. " v . .YT ,,.--. , V P V 1 R gy 1 L x '.., 3.33 . 11, A A ' ' ,, --' .N -, N f V. -T h fi'-'45, . w ll r' ' ,l 'B p JV lll! 'Q' I H. ' 'Q wg' " , f Hunt Ruth Ann Hunter Steve Jagow Kathy Lffkf James Larry lobe, Marcy Johnson, Barb Johnson, Jackie M, 1 , .I :fi 'lx . l v . LEM mwkhbfinll Juniors Larimer, Glenda Larson, Jack Larson, Jerry Larson, Richard Lashbrook, Linda Lashbrook, Mary Lawrence, Larry Lay, Anna Lester, Teresa Levene, Beverly Magnuson, Sandra Majors, Nancy Marine, David Melton, Diane Melville, Jim Meriwether, Dan Metz, Mary Beth Meyer, Thomas Miles, Tania Miller, Kathy Kalpackes, Jolene Kimbrough, Sheila Ann Kincade, Patricia King, Gary Knott, Mina Lamb, Charlotte Lamm, Roger Landes, Cheryl Lanier, Mike Lannholm, John Lindberg, Becky Livingston, Warren Louthan, Elaine Luckett, Marsha Luker, Julia MacMillan, Joann McDowell, Carol McLean, Paul McMeen, Gene Madison, Bonnie Miller, Larry Miner, Connie Mitchell, Bea Kay Mitchell, Jim Miyler, Sandra Moberg, Bob Moe, Rickey Moore, Carol Moore, Tina Moore, Jack Nelson, Charles J. Nelson, David Nelson, Nadine Nelson, Ron Neveln, Bob Nieder, David Nocella, Mike Nyman, Nathan Oliver, Joe Olson, Carol Juniors 'ly u .ln 1. ravi ,iffy Moore, Janice Moore, Kay Morris, Charles Morrison, Gary Morrissey, Andy Mustain, Doug Myers, Connie Napier, Pat Neice, James Nelson, Chuck Olson, Joanne Olson, Joyce Orozco, Andres Otten, Carolyn Owen, Janice Palmer, Nancy Palmer, Dick Parker, Willis Parmenter, Colleen Parr, Roger Juniors Peterson, Wayne Phillips, Eddy Pico, Jeanine Pierce, Tom Plym, Donna Plympton, Vernon Porter, Roger Portillo, Netza Powell, Patty Pratt, Judy Rennicks, Edith Rhea, Tim Richards, Connie Richardson, Bob Riggs, Marla Riley, Dorothy Rincon, Dan Robinson, Barb Robinson, Pete Root, Jim Pavel, Larry Peacock, Sharon Pecsi, Sharon Pedigo, Vicki Pendry, Judy Pennington, Karen Perdue, Claudia Peterson, Carol Peterson, Joe Peterson, Mary V Pumfrey, Jim Quigley, Judy Ramsey, Linda Randolph, Rosalie Reathafard, Bob Reed, Phyllis Rees, Joan Re ffett, Nancy Reischling, Larry Reisenbigler, Ken Rose, Bruce Rose, Roxie Rosenberg, Glenn Ross, Renee Roth, Roberta Rudman, Danny Ruland, Connie Rylander, Lola Ryner, Tom Sage, Shirley .lf-Ubgufjvxdfylt' ig ff! l ,IL Shepherd, Sandra lj., 1, ' J Shell, Janet fffffff. ' 4 jf Short, Connie ,A A, 1 if A smack, Rita , A,,,,fP .li 1 1ifAff,4, Simmons, Danny N i In M4 1l7"d'n! Simpson, Carol imyffv. 1 Smallwood. Sharon ' jc lwifba Smgth',thDoj1na K " mi , err KJV: "'l""l' . smirh, Lhida Juniors Sage, Skip Sargent, Shirley Schmalz, Steve Schnell, Mary .lane Schurtz, Kathy Searl, Tom Shafer, Vicki Shane, Warren Shaver, Francis Shelly, Virginia 1 Smith, Robert Smith, Sidney Smith, Van Sorensen, Steve Spellman, Linda Spillers, Brian Sprinkle, Dale Squire, Judy Staff, Mike Stake, Mike J . . V Uv' Juniors . WM Swank, Judy Swanson, Barb Swanson, Betty Swanson, Carl Swanson, Ron Swanson, Bill Swartz, Marilyn Swinger, Nancy Syrkel, Shirley Tate, David VanDusen, Bill VanFleet, Mary Jo VanFossen, Sue Vilardo, Linda Villarreal, Gilbert Voeller, Terry Wagher, Earlene Wagher, Steve Walker, Jennie Walker, Larry JVM lf' Stepper, Tony Sterr, Gary - fn' Stgvens, Paz k ' - ,QW ' l 3 l', 3 f ?l'ewarf,'JllrlilY LpV dry JY, 1 S. ff zmzL,..,a::r,, W' W Straker, Joel Q K Stranger, Judy , Stromsted, Sharon ' Taylor, Steve Toureene, Tim Townsend, Bob Tracy, Rodney Tropp, Michael Trotter, Gary Turpin, Judy Umbeck, John Unger, Louise Urban, Betsy i 11 Washburn, Floyd Watters, Robbin Webb, Janet Webber, Ronald Weiss, Marsha Westfall, Karen ' Whitcomb, Linda White, Connie White, Sandy Williams, Jennifer Juniors .fl fp ' ll Willsie, Robert Willson, Larry Wilmoth, Danny Wilson, Gary Wilson, Mollie Wixforth, Gary Wolfe, James Worley, Wesley Zefo, Zoe Ziegler, Dan 4 2- x .fl - 1 Lt. Col. John Glenn, Jr. February 20, l962 Sophomores Allen, Paul Anderson, David Anderson, Joe Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Marilee Anderson, Mary Jane Anderson, Nina Anderson, Roy Anderson, Sandra Anderson, Shirley Jane Bangs, 'Roberta Barker, John Bashor, Gregory Bates, Roger Baughman, Ronnie Beamer, Myrna Bell, Barbara Bell, Cindy Benson, Peggy Bent, Eugene Ackman, Bill Adams, Linda Adams, Patty Adams, Tom Agans, Henry Alderman, Leslee Aldus, Myra Alfaro, Richard Allen, Darrol Allen, Donald L E 4 1 Apsey, Steve Arie, Helen Arnold, Patty Asbury, Doris Atkinson, Sharon Autmon, Terry Axline, Bill Baillie, Donald Bainter, John Ball, Jim 1 .pg Y , Y .f .8 11 1'3" . U '- '. -4, 1 ' YD' .' E N. - 1 A 1 .LJ Bern, Sharon Bernier, Susan Bishop, Bob Bizarri, Della Blake, Susan Blixt, Marlene Blundy, Cliff Brackett, Ellen Brannon, Fred Bridgewater, Edgar Sophomores 'LWQ1 , -l F- 'i Briggs, Arthur , -Q Briggs, Richard 1 fa- ff -, Brown, Louise ' 4 Brown, Ronnie 5' 1-13 " Brubaker, Phillip 'E Buckner, Mike ' V 1. Buncher, Bob 5, T Burkhalter, Garry g y Burquin, Janice I '- ' ff Bush, Dixie . l i -fr' Cabeen, Larry Caldwell, Neal Calhoun, Tom Callahan, Rick Campbell, Danny Campbell, Larry Carley, David Carlson, Jacqueline Carlson, Rodney Carr, Christine Carr, Terry Carter, Wanda Catlin, Cheryl Cawkins, Jeanne Chapman, John Chase, Gary Cheesman, Ed Chesney, Anne Christiansen, Richard Church, Christine Sophomores Cooke, Diane Cooper, Lucy Cooper, Sue Cotton, Judy Courson, Nancy Crayton, Janet Crouch, Byron Crouch, Larry Cunningham, Michael Dagen, Mike Denisar, Gene Denney, Jerold Dekuiter. LaVina Dexter, Frank Disbennett, Virginia Doty, Doug Dougherty, John Downard, Grace Drasites, Sharon Dugger, Janet Clark, Bonnie Clay, Darrel Cleland, Mona Clement, Deanna Colbert, Terry Cole, David Conard, Twyla Conlon, Melvin Connor, James Copeland, William Dalton, Sue Danielson, Anita Danielson, Richard Darrah, Robert Davis, Betty Davis, Dick Day, Tom Dean, Ralph DeForrest, Michael Denisar, James Dunlop, Beverly Dunn, Donna Edwards, Elaine Eiker, Charlotte Ekstrom, Earl Elliott, Roger Enes, Carol Engman, Raymond Enlow, Sharon Epperson, Roger Foster, Gary Foster, Vicki Fox, Betty Fox, David Franklin, Sharon Frazier, Jack Friedricks, Eugenia Friend, Karen Fuller, Stewart Calbreath, Vera Sophomores lj Erickson, Leroy Fairow, John Farrell, Sharon Fesler, Helen Fields, Arlene Fields, Fred Fish, Barbara Flaherty, Mike Fonger, Robert Forbes, Ada Gaines, James Caley, James Galyean, Rodney Garcia, Gloria Gardner, James Gardner, Sally Gattermeir, Robert Gensini, Neal Gerstner, Jan Gibb, Mary Sophomores l V LI i 1 A 1 Gowler, Rossie Grabill, Phil Graham, Bonnie Greene, Judy Greenfield, Beverly Greenquist, Ted Greer, Sharon Grimes, Terry Grupe, Allan Guardalabene, Tim i i I er i ,,,1,,r.,! , 1 ,-Af, ,, in fi 1 ii, Hawkinson, Charles Hawkinson, David Hawkinson, Jeff Hawkinson, William Hemmer, Klaus Henderson, Shirley Hennefent, Peggy Hernandez, Yolanda Higgins, Dan Higgins, Janet Gillenwater, James Cilson, Mike Gladson, Kathy Glas, Jerry Glas, Sandy Goad, Steve Godsil, Donald Gonyo, Vicki Goodale, Barbara Goshart, Martha L 1 E Guenther, Kathy Guiterrez, Esther Hackspacher, Lorenz Hamilton, Sharon Hankins, LaVonne Hanson, Nancy Harper, Ann Harrison, Ed Harvey, Rita Havens, Carl Sophomores , N x.,,. i at y ,, J A ,Q I fi' ' f ' if A tiilligoss, Cheryl 'H' 1 , Hiwgoss, Willard X ':-, , 51" .:, ':" if? ogan, Terry 4-e 1 ' i-f -w , ' L5--g,f'5"jf .- 1- rl .. l- UQ-'fb iprf -f ' lfff' 1 1,4 ""' if, I ' 1 , ' Sf" f '-Q.. Holuard, Jeinh A J i -' 'gli i ' ' 1 OITIES 0 I1 Jr, '- l ' A :TQ l Y. fix, Z- A ., Honeyman, Rudy I, - 1 Hopping, Pam 1 -i A a ' ff-an , lv, Horton, Bob ,Y U Ni' 5lf,i jig., "" f', j E, yr , , ,. F , A ag iQj.lff:,? i?5 " ,L N wh, . 1 . i f LA. ..f' . H.. ' JT' - :-.UFS LQ rl QQ- 7 1 . ,. A K stil Jennings, Nancy John, Gary Johnson, Alan Johnson, Carol Johnson, Colleen Johnson, David Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Frank Johnson, Jack Johnson, Janice John Jo I -1 , 2 Hosier, Alan 1 Houchin, Don Housh, Darlene Howland, Kathryn Hulse, Harold Humes, Connie lmler, Mike Jackson, Maybelle Jacobs, Jim Jacobson, Candy Johnson, Larry son, Lucy hnson, Lyle Johnson, Mattie Johnson, Mimi Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Pam Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, Victor 'I 2 I rr. Sophomores 'Q ear - M I I ,glial ll! P 1 W All lk lb l '3' -v iniieav de - A ff , 1 0 ln Knutson, Barbara Lammerts, Kay Langdon, Kathy Larson, Gary Lawson, Sue Lemmer, Joyce Libby, Ed Lindeen, Sonia Lindsey, Ed Lithander, Dennis a a r 5 f are r , ,W r an i r r i f- E sa- 2 'veil so L f 'F' ' f Nr? 'ltr Nj 2:55-' - '- 5 IL . L, ,-, tr . VJ.: N 5 41: ,- H :1 "f " 4' .' .' be, 1 ,2 ,I ' 1 Av i as sl ST A l I G Fi' F' ' ' :. -as "rf - ' -f 1" -1 l 1 I-ls" ' , REQ-f" I -flffif ' lf, , a- 2, -' McGraw, Sandy McKenzie, Ann McKnight, Karen McMaster, Suzanne McNamara, Pat Mace, Beverly Magnuson, Diana Mallory, Eddie Malone, Gloria Maxson, Stan Jorganson, Anita Kaletsch, Connie Kalin, Billy Kelley, Ann Kemp, Eugene King, Laquita Kirkpatrick, Linda Klingman, Berry Kniss, Terry Knuth, Shirley ' ' . ' l 4 lil 5+ I 4 , 1 'L Hifi. . -Q -Q' 5. 1 'fy 17.39, , . ., f ,AJ ' f ' ,Ir 3 f fs, l , i QF' f ', , l ' l ni .N 4 ras ' H- Eff. Little, Kaye Lowry, Marvin Lundeen, Judy Lundeen, Kathy Lutz, Rose Mary Lyon, Chris McAuley, Frank McCreight, Mike McDowell, Dixie McGraw, Carol , ,,, r ', . ' ,ii if L' 1-1:4 AAA. l JI if N .5 'I il .A 2.4, 1' I Maxwell, Donald May, Lqnnie Maze, Donald Meldrum, Mike Melville, Diane Mendez, Patricia Menke, Fritz Miller, Alan Miller, Greg Miller, Robert W :Qi gf, . 1 41 gl 5 .. 1 H- J ..- l' F " '-' 'C' 1 - 3' I 1 A c - A , 1, , , ' l , 5232,-,g1Ea Xl" N , . -t ff' ' N f, me ,A ri , 'fa , - . . I ,V 'f , C' ' . ' 7 ' - w l 5' " - T ' ' ., " Nj? Ng. "jf my vi AQ. ,xl l J A .HA , ff , -e ' -1 '57 i-,, "" - 4: x M- ' , 1 T-AQ 4 Jifl..3,9 A 1' ' Q: ,V Qty ,li Morrow, Nora Morton, Richard Moss, Dwain Mower, Linda Mundwiler, Russell Murphy, Maureen Neice, Marjorie Nelson, Janet Nelson, Rosalie Nelson, Terry .Qs D :rl Sophomores r A V 1 ' V ' -, ,f - f' - 'Nj " " , ',, 'l H e I 'N V H -' i D u ' C393 ,muh ,ie 4 fr. 'V Q "N ' .ir ,Q ' ,' 1.1, J 5 in 'A -, A 1' il " 3 l 1 f' f " - .5 ' 5 ni' 1. Q u f -'r , 'V 15, ri -.- wr th 5' ' G' all H 'Q 'F ,f 'fel , :w.,4n A' .V l , I Q V , ' 1 'A l " f , e 3. ff ' Mills, Eddie Mims, Dorothy Mims, Gloria Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Ray Monroe, Bill Moore, Darrell Moore, Lela Morris, Dicky Morrison, Steve , e L1 4 ,n 1 ,fl Sf 3 '-7 'UW 3, il, 1, ,M "P H, . , I ' E K an if :g'15'f,' V' V' ifw, fjffpl, ,Ta AV I x 'L il 1 f aff-4 Newcomer, Marcia Nicholas, George Nicholas, Donna Noecker, Tommy Oberg, Nancy 0'Connor, Kathy O'Dean, Malcolm Olinger, Phyllis Olson, James Olson, Myrna Sophomores , V 1? - - f elf -l ,Q J Q' if - 3 .y-- - 5, li ,wi 'J A .. ,gi l ' It V -qi... 'lv if . K Q V , . ' ,., ki- ' l Y- if V 57 'xx' - Q VL ,Mx n... H fl, ,N I , is-.f 'VJ 2 -.1 fm V "e Peterson, Richard Pettit, Diane Phillips, Gene .Pickrel, Larry Plummer, Nancy Plym, Ronald Polson, Connie Portillo, Joe Pouche, Carol Pounds, Joel 4, ' 1, , sl W. f Reinschmidt, Dorothy Reno, Judy Rexroat, Cynthia Rhodes, Beverly Richards, Christine Richards, John Richardson, Charles Richardson, Jim Rickords, Danny Riddell, Danny Osborne, Louis Painter, Clinton Palmgren, Diane Park, Virginia Parker, John Parr, Karen Pedigo, John Pendry, Karen Peterson, George Peterson, Leonard ik. I - 1- ' ' is ,E F' 4, , 11' ' , Y Q 'T'i-46541. ,524 il X , W -, J f . A A of J tg - "A b' ,aj it A ' ng' A 1 , lx fi l Powell, Dick Prather, Charles Price, Larry Price, Linda Purl, Les Ramirez, Martha Randall, Joyce Reed, Janice Reed, Karen Jo Reinschmidt, Betty :: Ring, Ricky Roberts, Don Roberts, Jeannie Roberts, Loretta Roberts, Terry Robertson, Elaine Robinson, Dave Rodgers, Ken Road, Katrina Roos, Janice l , ' ', V 1 ' A ll 5- .. V ' l 1 3 ' . v' Q , . V I ,aw 'W xl .,k' ilk- 'FT' idx. - f , Q U , ' Y ' 1 ' . ,nf 1 y ' - ,fl 1 . ll-,i , ' ht' U ur, ,Al , gl 3 - ' if , W in-I y' . I V J - uid, nv ' A1 J. ' " 'fl Q' 2' - rv-,, ax.. .lr ' Sargeant, Micheline Schacht, Charles Schiewitz, Dena Schleifer, Elaine Schofield, Bob Schumann, Barry Schwarz, Bob Scott, Judy Scott, Richard Scott, Robert 3' f ., "wi " - 11- 1 wi Iv ' J " 1,1 .1 - 'ei ev . . . f- , 1. . 4' , , .mi . - ,IA . kr. .k f . , Q. - , 1-:rl ' 1 Sf fi uf 3' 'fu' J. --- . r u i .W ur. r r J, Ir.: 1, l I X 1 . , rr I -1, , 41,1 - ,ea-5, ,. '3 .I 3 H E11 L ,fs fl , -,,::Q .lg 5. -.., 3 51:3 ff. ' J' N g. -. .QWU 3 3 . 4 7-:lj 1 Sli fr? ,QL I 1 ' if ' , A ' Ae Sophomores 'Z - K. l 4: .:l. ls-fat, 'i ' V411 53, ,Qi M- I, WP' gg. , gf' I 'af -' 1' 121153 4, 'lf f A If mp l l lff " T ' ,V--rnif.i.:J.4LA "I Y .5 Lg, , 'W 'L f uv L L ' ' I !4g'H A2 17 3 f I V 313 2 aol , J X, , . Rosenberg, Sandy Rosine, Cordon Rowe, Howard Rowley, Larry Rury, Chris Russell, Henry Rutledge, Francis Ryberg, Judy Samuelson, Hattie Sands, Patty A, T. R 4 .J f ish .l '92 ,' : 4 el -:Jai F..-D Y' xg .S -Lflisak f Serven, Carl Settle, Diane Shane, Daniel Sharick, Butch Shaw, Don Shay, Margo Shellnut, Barbara Slierwood, Don Short, Jack Shrader, Jane v l i . - Q 69 Sophomores - I 1' 7' .:.1.. . -fi f if" 1' -il ' ' ef . 1 i i F' Z l -,,.., ,ter ' 19- ri' ,Ls 1, -...f Yx - V , Q 4. 4 1. RQ, H as-4 CJLWQI 'll Smith, Al Smith, Dale Smith, Doug Smith, Janice Smith, Martha Smith, Tom Snarr, Earlene Sneddon, Charles Sopher, Jon Southwell, Bill , , "ag " -4: Stewart, Danny Stewart, Lonnie St. George, Cindy Stiarwalt, Georgia Stillwell, Marie Stinson, Larry Stone, Jeff Stotts, Allen Strawhacker, Nancy Strawn, Sue Shragal, Irene Shriber, Bob Shumaker, Steve Simmerman, Sue Simmons, Danny Simpson, Joe Siron, Steve Skillman, Kris Sloan, Harvey Small, Herb o r , ff' rf f I I 'r Y'- Zl W ia ' . . ,iltygjfit-J 4, 1, , ,. :lv ,A r- "" '- ' "K -L ,ry S , il r gill! 1 'l r , L S, l v IH Y BY, . L A , ,,,4l,': , i , , , ,F . Spencer, Neil Steck, Becky Stegall, Jeffrey Stegall, Linda Stegall, Rick Sterling, Ted Stevens, Cindy Stevens, Ed Stevens, Mary Stevens, Sydney J 1 ' l fi 2 , I V l s as i rl S. .i V' QAM" 1' Il. A v ' J j kg Y if lf ei -..-+L W1 v . r i , 2. sz' J lg , .fl l . rr' ua? f-'N ,- ily x ' ff-i ll . , at . if e FII I xi X 4 l 'Q . llqffful rw , liar, , , r Qi 'gi It l -."' 'W' ' ' - -"- - ' .i '1- , ' We r -, ,, ilu Us is nl Vey, 1 - iw .fi Q .Q -veri fi- .r ' E-" 5 ' , ii. x- si , ' I ' , - f , .f. 9 ff yy , . . l' fn X .:..fil' - 1 ,yr - , '51, 1 lu. , -xl. 'C' Q .,. -pa Strawn, Vicki Sullivan, Marie Sundberg, Judy Sundquist, Jeff Swanson, Don Swanson, Cordon Sward, Martha Swigart, Bob Swise, Sally Swope, Edward I A A Y - Q A il 19 Ji, i' "' ' 4 X fi "V A v I ' 1' I My . 'I i ', T . as T - 'a 5 'N' 4- , -. 0 x, X 7 -f' l in 7'w'1.u 37 si. Tracy, Terry Tribley, Jerry Tucker, Bill Tulin, Rodney Turner, Jim Uhlmann, Dave Underwood, Kristine Unger, Terry Unzicker, Judy VanFleet, Bill Sophomores Tapp, David Taylor, Beatrice Taylor, Ella Taylor, Shirley Tennant, Harriet Thompson, Pam Thrailkill, Judy Thurman, Barb Tingley, James Tracy, Susan -2 1 W l a- X br e , H 1" ,, . 'v L., s', 'r ..g ii:-2,5 VanUnnik, Dennis Vargas, Yolanda Vollrath, James Voss, John Waggener, Gary Wagher, Susan Wall, Sharon Wallace, June Wallace, Sandy Waller, Frank 4 . ' - Shi a . ,. 1 l 4 .J -Q , ...,.-. 1 .L ' I fb ' l tif? Q, l di gg X 'flu' ,sa-., HI, 1 l , , . L if fl. 1, ' L f S if Rv lah- 1 E 1 f Sophomores Wells, Jack Wells, Ronald West, Ted West, Trudy Wetherford, Diana Wheeler, Dan Wheeler, David White, Debbie White, Rebecca White, Steve Woolsey, Jack Woolsey, Mary Ann Wright, Alice Wunderlich, Carole Wyman, Dorothy Wyman, Wilma Zahora, Nancy Ziengenhorn, Jean Ward, Juanita Ward, Raymond Watkins, Kay Watt, Richard Weaver, Weave Bonnie r, Bill Webber, Madalyn Weber, Sandy Weech, Connie Weedman, David Whitt, Diane Wicks, Carol Wilkins, Jim Wilkins, Pa Williams, ul Vincent Wilson, Ed Witherell, Sheila Wood, Dick Woodson, Mary Woolsey, Gary 72 I AFS STUDENT Although our centennial year was marked by many "firsts" and "biggests" probably the biggest first was our participation in the American Field Service's foreign exchange student program. An atmosphere of good cheer and international understanding reached a new peak with the warm heart and friendly smile of Rolf Carriere, our exchange student from l-lolland. Cl-lS students learned much about customs and concepts in the European hemisphere, and mutually, Rolf will be able to carry back to l-lolland a more accurate picture of America. It is impossible for me to express how grateful l am for the opportunity which was given me through the American Field Service to stay here in Galesburg and to attend Galesburg Senior High School for a school year. It is due to AFS that l am able to correct the many false impressions of America which l had before l came. lt was my understand- ing, promoted by American movies and tour- ists, that every American would own at least three cars and two television setsg another impression was that all Americans would be stubborn businessmen, "sitting on their money." On the contrary I found wonderful people, working hard to earn a good living. When l go back I will try to explain the differences in the manner of living between the United States and the Netherlands so that there will indeed be more understanding between the nations, which is the basis for peace in the world. Especially l want to thank all the students, the faculty members and the AFS Chapter members for all the efforts they made to make this year one of the richest and most rewarding experiences in my life, WW? S '- . Happy Birthday, Rolf! 73 100 md 101100 1 l 'Q 1 11 100 100 190 10 ,O 100 110 00 100 11.00 100 ' 100 MUSIC OO N ' Dk. avptj 'X ' Q My mf MWQSMMTQW 2 X Ann 5 A C 'J -M gfWfjEig,ff5Qf3jEljjl5fff7Qfd j I .V Q . A"2gt.n 3gfx ,ifWf J' fy uw ' jyww' lf' MVK 6 1OQQW Q69 To O , . 0WRQpUf?fjU5mf6ffi,Q4M'fQW W Z mO 10C5 W I 10 C?OO I I TOO IZ 4. 100 0 N, ,u,.f--. ..'.g:.4:, ,..., -'.' f 341, - v . " W L " , Front row: R. Shunick, J. Barnstead, S. Reuter, V. Shelley, J. Bohman, T. Gunther, S. Sage, L. Stinson, R Johnson V Smith Second row: J. Webb, M. Goodman, J. Hill, P. Fackler, M. Johnson, S. Lawrence, J. Davis, R. Clausen, N. Genslnl J Holmes Third row T. Miles, J. Cebert, M. Eik, C. Roberts, J. Hintz, M. Callahan, M. Huddle, C. Bailey, B. Tomlin, R. Johnson B Lengh Fourth row: L. Ramsey, S. Rigg, C. Henning. P. Bledsoe, K. Sward, L. Weaver, L. Unger, D. Catlin, S. Minteer, D Mariner A CAPPELLA CHCIR Our candidate for the SPEBSQSA is the Boys' Oc- tet, whose harmonizing won them a superior rating at the district music contest. Can we ever forget when the Boys' Octet sang for the cheerleaders at the Naper- ville basketball game? D. Catlin S. Minteer H. Stamm M. McCullough M. DeWitt D. Bradley B. Kobusch G. Horn 76 , .a.,..,., BOYS' OCTET This page sponsored by BUTLER MFG. COMPANY First row: B. Tucker, D. Bradley, B. Kobusch, C. Horn, M. DeWitt, D. Bettisworth, P. Sanville, M. Way, J. Crowell, N. Swanson, B. Urban, D. Davis. Second row: D. Anderson, F. Gattermeir, B. Moberg, D. McGrew, B. VanFleet, B. Larson, M. Mallin, C. Miner, M. Rigg, L. Rylander, D. Davis, P. Ahline. Third row: L. Stewart, R. Black, K. Leasure, J. Doershuck, D. Ericson, S. O'Dean, M. McCullough, B. Erickson, H. Stinson, S. Johnson, V. Shafer, J. Pico. Fourth row: D. Hanson, D. Bryant, M. Lanier, B. Rose, H. Stamm, L. Johnson, A. Behrents, M. Carson, K. Jagow, N. Majors, L. Catlin, J. Williams, J. VanDell. The versatility of the Choir vvas shovvn when they appeared in the ragged Clothes ot typical Dogpatchers in the presentation ot "Li'l Abner." They responded equally well to Mr. I-legg's direction vvhile singing the deeply religious Latin verses of Cantate Domino at Christmas. Throughout the year the choir has appeared not only at various school assemblies but at numerous civic events. We loved the Girls' Octet when they sang "Hello, Young Lovers" at the Home- coming Dance. ln the Re- flectavue, they sang one of their favorite songs: "Birth of the Blues." "Fa Una Canzone' brings back mem- ories of the district music contest when they won a superior rating. N. Swanson S. Reuter H. Stinson M. Callahan J. Davis A. Behrents J. Bohman C. Henning GIRLS' OCTET This page sponsored by 77 WAGONER PRINTING CO. Front row: M. DeWitt, V. Smith, R. Moberg, D. McGrew, W. Kobusch, G. Horn. Second row: R. Carlson, J Anderson, S. Minteer, D. Bryant, R. Tulin, J. Parker, Third row: S. Sage, D. Catlin, D. Anderson, R. Carriere D. Bradley, M. McCullough. Fourth row: W. Van Fleet, T. Tulin, W. Tomlin, D. Hanson, H. Stamm, L. Johnson HARMONEERS This fine group of enthusiastic boys, under the direction of Mr, Hegg, enjoyed harmonizing three times a week as they rehearsed and appeared in musical produc- tions. This page sponsored by BACHER'S CLEANING CO. and HIGGINS' DAIRY Front row: K. Colclasure, S. Peacock, K. Lundeen, S. Atkinson, E. Snarr, M. Goshart, P. Godsil, B. Johnson, P. Gemmel, J. Reed, J. Johnson, S. Enlow, A. Harper, M. Newcomer, C. Catlin. Second row: V. Strawn, N. Palmer, S. Rosen- berg, D. Cooke, B. Graham, C. Jacobson, B. Weaver, M. Stevens, B. Davis, G. Malone, M. Beamer, S. Tracy, J. Burquin, J. Hodgson, S. Franklin. Third row: S. Glas, K. Watkins, R. Bangs, M. Sullivan, L. Alderman, G. Park, V. Conyo, S. Sargent, J. Dugger, J. Thrailkill, M. Anderson, K. Parr, B. Lindberg, E. Renniks, E. Schliefer. Fourth row: K. Lammerts, M. Blixt, S. Racovski, T. Gardner, L. Lashbrook, H. Tennant, L. Eaves, L. Kirkpatrick, M. Stillwell, C. Rexroat, N. Anderson, J. Wallace, T. Lester, S. Swise, M. Sward. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Visitors to our halls during sixth hour might have heard soprano and alto voices blending together as the Girls' Glee Club rehearsed. The "in" group of GHS in 1898 was the incomparable Mandolin and Guitar Club, which was no doubt very popular. My, how times have changed! This page sponsored by 79 BANK OF GALESBURG and HAWTHORNE DRUG CO. Performing what seemed like magic with their silver wands, the maiorettes have led the band proudly in pa- rades and at football games. They're sharp! That's what we said about the Trumpeteers when the clear rhythmic notes of the William Tell Overture reached a climax with the shout of "Hi-yo, Silver! Away." D. Johnson D. Wilmoth 'uf Front row: 5. Elam, R. Downard, W. Carter, A. Fields, R. Nelson, E. Scheifer. Second row: B. Lindberg, N. Parrish, L. Stegall A. Johnson, L. Brown, J. Moore, T. Noecker, L. Peterson. Third row: Mr. Lantz, L. Baughman, S. Morrison, M. Beamer, D. Brewer ORCHESTRA These eighteen members of the orchestra enjoy combining their musical talents tvvice a vveek during the sixth period. They have made appearances at various grade schools throughout the city and participated in the Mississippi Valley Orchestra Festival in Rochelle, Illinois. This page sponsored by BENEDICT MUSIC C0 . . I d SKRIVAN QUALITY GIFT SHOP Everything for the Musician an Largest Selection of Gifts is Front row: D. Bettisworth, S. Weber, R. Alps, M. Beamer, A Johnson. Second row: R. Epperson, R. Shunick, R. Hunt, D. Rudman C. Price, S. Simmerman, B. Lindberg, N. Parrish. Third row: M. Schwartz, J. Hodgson, M. Smith, D. Magnison, J. Johnson, L. Stegall C. Hallberg, J. Crayton, R. Harris, N. Jennings. Fourth row: M. Pilcher, B. Rhodes, J. Beasley, M. Murphy, J. Broadhead, P. Adams S. Morrison, G. Rosine, D. Beamer. BAND Remember seeing our quick-stepping band in neatly dressed rows of blue and silver as they marched out on the football field at halt-time? The band represents Cl-lS well, whether they march in parades or play at other schools on one of their many trips. This page sponsored by MIDWEST MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Front row: S. Sage, B. Robinson, K. Zuck, S. Perschnick. Second row: R. White, G. Stairwalt, M. Sward, S. Gaffney, R Morton, J. Moore, T. Noecker. Third row: D. Johnson, D. Swanson, J. Davis, J. Delawder, R. Dean, L. Rowley, R. Ekstrom A. Smith, S. -Wagher. Fourth row: D. Uhlmann, M. Sharick, S. Ruller, B. Bishop, W. Worley, L. Brown, T. Ezzo, L. James, J Johnson, D. Wilmoth, D. Johnson. Fifth row: Mr. Lantz. ' This page sponsored by J 6 P OIL COMPANY Woo II OO 100 WOO I , S 10D , IQ MV 'QQ Mm ACTIVITIES M 9 ff an 1 A ff 6 'f"f s 3 J tj ' , gf ffffcff "64,4-0-'zfQ'5.f,ff:,Mffc,cf'fQ " -J-ff'-'Cf' XL,-.f' ' ffpyff, nf 7 I fg: :Q1, X J J ,6C,4,4g.,f.,f Q-if ' Qyffyv mx 779 5a.a-11.2 ,gyf-pf-af.,- A UE -df da-XL, f f Q 3 f ,f , V . 'C2,!,4fJf1'g,fQfaf.L,4,f'..,f' lx. I ' 'W' "1 f9vf:, x, -S!-JfLf:fs...-I 'i,p'-J-4.4 ,I . M274 gf 5' V ' .xJ..'5'i's,,5 'L -4,6-f-1 . f do,,..,,'-6.1 WOO mo MMD WOO 100 100 1OqO01OO M 100 'IOO I 100 REF LECTCR ig. U - ,, Dick Mariner Editor-in-Chief Marsha Buncher .f-'Y -wi Senior Editor 1-' ,Zi i FW' i 'x ' I x ' is , , " wr' Q- Tim Rhea Business Manager ,f-E 'Y' " '-,,, be , MN h ,Q H A xi ,.. Debbie Bailey Layout Editor 86 Jill Crowell Concessions Manager ,- nn. gf' - Q - A wiv' i Marilyn Findahl Secretary Brenda Carlson Photography Editor Renee Ross Junior Editor 'i Kathy Jagow Art Editor ,L G' in 'KE 'pl vs- . J- Harold Fuson Sports Editor ls" . A", hw, I. Jane Hil l Sophomore Editor Row 1: R. Rose. S. White, S Tracy, C. St.George, B. Swanson, M. Fite. Row 2: J. Stewart, N Betts, D. Crouch, C. Bailey, M Metz, V. Bloomberg. Row 3 B. Levene, M. Jobe, C, Bennett, R. Ekstrom, M. Johnson, G Larimer. Row I: K. Watkins, M. Ander- son, M. Cunningham, J. Bur- quin, V. Strawn, H. Samuelson J. Scott, Y. Vargas. Row 2 D. Schiewitz, M. Johnson, C Humes, S. Enlow, J. Schrader. D. Reinschmidt, B. Weaver, J Dugger, D. Palmgren. Row 3: C. Jacobsen, J. Thrailkill, B. Reinschmidt G. Malone L Kifkpanick,'M. Stillwell, sf Ari kinson, S. Dalton, M. Stevens. 1- l l I i ,.l - -,.. IIN' Through the theme, "A Century of Progress," the staff of the i962 Reflector has worked zealously to achieve a finished product that we hope the student body will enjoy. The challenge -of this theme has kept the staff busy in gathering facts, pictures, and art work to compile this book. Working on the Reflector has been a truly valuable experience for the staff members, who have sincerely tried to make the Reflector a Worthwhile contribution to the heritage of Cl-lS. l l Row 1: R. Carriere, S. Larson lTreas.l, W. Westfall lPres.l, M. Way lSec.l, D. Catlin lV. Pres.l. Row 2: V. Eck, S. Pinckney, J. Johnson, R. James, M. McCullough, R. Harris. Row 3: L. Doyle, M. Dameron, S. Reuter, L. Ostrom, H. Stinson, D. Fish. Row 4: L. Muck, A. Behrents, J. Gensini, N. Suydam, D. Rodgers. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Who would have guessed in H362 that Cl-lS would ever have an international student body? A chief factor in bringing the'AFS program and an exchange student to Cl-lS in l962 was the Student Council. By industriously promoting AFS and sponsoring various activities to raise the necessary funds, the Student Council added new zest to our school life. Everyone remem- bers the Homecoming dance, the Winter Formal, "Blue Reflections," and the fun nights given by the Council. l-lowever, we should not forget the small services rendered to the school-a clock in the cafeteria and a new handle on the drinking fountain in the upstairs hall, 88 This page sponsored by WERTHEIMER CATTLE COMPANY, INC. C iss- ..,. 1, vu ,-M55 'Q Q ,r I I I l 1 My V l l Ili swf: v . 1 P V l L . ' , I W? Front row: T, Guardalabcne, C. Landes, B. Carlson, M. Ator, J. Pico, N. Maiors, V. Shelly, P. Mendez. Second row: R. Anderson, C. Nelson, B. Erickson, P. Dawdy, J. Pumphrey, D. Cooke, J. Harvey, J. Humes. Third row: C. Jacobson, N. Gensini, G. Denisar, L. Kirkpatrick, J. Eyre, L. Stegall, V. Smith. JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES 1 l , First row: C. Polson, J. Shrader, R. Nelson, H. Fessler. Second row: K. Rodgers, P. Benson, S. Strawn, S. McGraw. Third row: R. Callahan, C. Wicks, B. Tucker. This page sponsored by ELLIS JEWELERS soo'rHE CLEANERS 39 Class Ring Headquarters and l56 North Broad Street 1 fl . iff L I 1 Front row: A. Behrents lsec.l, C. Clay, R. Lengh, M. Buncher ltreas.l, J. Bohman, M. Southwell. Second row: W. Westfall lv. pres.l, A. Carlson, D. McCreight, C. Henning, M. Hamilton, B. Urban lmarshall. The officers of Nl-lS had the honor ot presiding over the first induction ceremony ot a new Nl-IS chapter at Western l-ligh N H S School in lvlacomb. New members were also honored at our own induction assembly in April, followed by the banquet at which time the new officers tor the coming year were announced. ,, . A 4' , Y l I l X I fs. -NR' 5 ' "Wh Q5-Q. F me X .X if ' ' , 4 l ' - ' " X Front row: S. Zahora, N. Suydam, D. Miller, J. Thacker, B. Scott, J. Robinson. Second row: H. Stamm, L. Muck, D. Mariner lpres.l D. Fish, S. Minteer, H. Stinson, J. Bayless lmarshall. f V THESPIANS Named after the Creek actor, Thespis, this organization honors those aspiring young dramatists who have accumulated the ten points necessary to gain entrance to this nationally knovvn organization. Pam Allen, Bruce Lauerman, Sue Lawrence, Betsy Urban, Prilly Sanville, Robert Moberg, Debra Wycoff, Robert Lengh. .1 STRAIGHT"A's" To earn A's in all subjects is truly a great accomplishment. We tip our hats in salute to these seventeen students who were able to accomplish this at the end ot the tirst semester. Front row: C. Humes, K. Jagow, Dodie Fish, A. McKenzie, J. Reed. Second row: J. Ste- wart, D. Rudman, B. Hinrichs, D. Brewer, T. Rhea, T. Colbert. Third row: M. Southwell, J. Melville, T. Noecker, B. Urban, Y. Vargas, M. Cunningham. STAGE CALL By Participating in speech and dramatic events, students gained election to Stage Call and thus were eligible to attend a Chicago stage production in March, Novv the melodies ot the "Sound ot Music" bring back memories, just as do the lines from the Cl-IS productions ot "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "Anas- tasiaf' Front row: J. Barnstead, C. Bailey, B. Lauerman, S. Lawrence, M. Way, P. Allen, B. Urban. Second row: W. Westfall, D. Wycoff, R. Lengh, P. Sanville, B. Moberg, S. Larson. Third row: V. Shelley, L. Fergu- son, M. Hamilton, B. Hodierne, C. Clay, B. Rose N. Nyman. bl C, TW.. 63 I if alll l Row l: P. Sanville lpres.J, R. James lvice pres.l. Row 2: D. Thor ltreas.l, B. Erickson lsec.l. The first important event for CSI. was the candlelight ceremony, at which the new cabinet members were inducted. The style show and other assemblies followed, with the Boys' Forum being invited to some ot the events. To turther international understanding, the CSI. contributed to the AFS fund and sponsored the Korean chil- dren. Our contributions help keep the children in school. The CSL year closed with the banquet in the spring. l-leld at the Custer Inn, the event attracted most ot the members ot GSI.. Row l J Barnstead J Van Dell K Smith D Thor, P. Sanville, R. James, B. Erickson, K. Klemm, D. Miller, C. Freutag. Row 2: C Hallberg L Catlin J Olson J Swanson J. Anderson, B. Bogeart, P. Holmes, S. Simmons, J. Richmond, M. lobe. Row 3: D. Crouch B Levene N Parrish V Crookham C Miner, T. Gunther, V. Drake, L. Craig, B. Larson. GSL CABINET MEMBERS Row I: J. Higgins, P. Reed, L. Roberts, B. Swanson, J. Matson, E. Schleifer, D. Bush, S. Myler, M. Gabel, T. Moore, S. Farrel. Row 2: S. Swise, S. Glas, J. Reed, N. Johnson, B. White, D. Palmgren, M. Schnell, Y. Vargas, D. Mims, M. Blixt. Row 3: C. Black, C. White, M. Stevens, N. Anderson, G. Malone, S. Drasites, S. Cooper, N, Thrailkill, K. Holland, J. Stewart. GSL CABINET MEMBERS This page sponsored by BURLINGTON TRUCK LINES, INC. HOLT PLUMBING Er HEATING "Serving All of the West" and "Getta I-Iolda Holt" Front row: C. Fisher, M. DeWitt, C. Nelson. Second row: Mr. Franson, R. Watters, G. Horn, Mr. Lundeen. The Boys' Forum is one of the few organizations that has remained popular over the years, This is the result of increased service to the school and the individual plus a greater variety of assemblies and projects. Assemblies presented by Boys, Forum this year featured the agile gymnastics team from Western and the well trained dogs of Mr. Self. Boys' Forum also made i962 a "cool" year by donating some of their vast resources for the placement of air conditioners and a vvater cooler in the school, . I.. Front row R Johnson D Hallberg R Watters C Fisher M DeWitt C Nelson G. Horn, I. Robinson, M. Lanier. Second row: R. Frank D Mustaln D Bradley S Minteer R Slaughter T Hilgenberg K Huffaker, J. Barger, J. Davis. Third row: D. Wilmoth, J Brock B Tomlin D Farrell J Lunclquist T Wlllhlte T Daniels T Jackson C. Swanson, J. Heck. BOYS FORUM of 1 an f ' Q. M r Front row: D. Shaw, D. Robinson, J. Pedigo, L. Stinson, B. Buncher, J. Anderson, T. Pierce, R. Honeyman, M. Mitchell. Second row: B. Alps, J. Tribley, D, Powell, J. Wilkins, T. Stepper, R. Crooks, C. Roberson, R. Baughman, D. Rudman. Third row: R. Elliot, E. Checscman, F. Johnson, G. McMeen, D. Stewart, F. Dexter, D. Florcr, J. Gardner, A. Grupe. BOYS' FORUM gas 'W Gb +V' unsrcn, iii FHA A Flea Market! What's that? Well, you had your chance to find out when the FHA conducted their flea market sale of books early last fall. They col' lected and sold books ranging from Westerns to philosophy. Everyone agreed it was a great success. A great number of "ohs" and "ahs" were heard at the Fl-lA's style show, "Swing into Spring." Row l: S. Van Fossen, J. Christianson, P. Ahline, G. Finn. Row 2. Miss Albright, C. Hilligoss, Miss Schwarz. Row 3: K. Westfall. J. Moore, T. Moore. Row 4: L. Utt, K. Roche, K. Willson, L. Porter. F i K W . . i FFA While waiting for the first green sprouts of spring, the FFA kept busy by attending stock sales, judging contests, and conventions, Each boy had a project, such as raising cattle or cultivating corn, and during the year the group discussed farm problems and new farming R. Hawkins, R. McGee, C. Miller, G. Hendricks, J. Campbell, R. Johnson. methods. 96 Front row, left to right: D. Roberts, T. Nelson, D. Carlson, B. Devena, L. Watters, M. Hennenfent, J. Terpening, A. Stotts, R. Dunn. Second row: R. Stegall, J. Peterson, J. Gardner, F. Rutledge, C. Morris, F. Shover, L. Guenther, T. Swanson. Third row: C. Serven, D. Sherwood, R. Anderson, G. Denisar, M. Miles, R. Mundwiler, L. Johnson, D. Hawkinson, K. Agans, H. Honeyman. Back row: S. Franklin, D. Mustain, J. Stegall, Front row: Mr. Rochlk, C. Bond, B. Caldwell, S. Pinckney, T. Langdon. Second row: J. Matson, B. Roate, P. Hogan, P. O'fieId, S. Dorsey, B. Stomberg. Fourth row: A. Palmer, S. Monzo, C. Brown, D. Fash, J. Olson, C. Nicholas, S. Seasteadt. The Future Teach- ers ot America is an active organization made up ot Gi-IS stu- dents vvho are consid- ering teaching as a career, The members meet regularly and discuss various class- room situations. The club programs include panel discussions, films, and outside speakers - all giving valuableintormation to one interested in the teaching protes- sion. 4.1 The Galesburg Fu- ture Distributors club had a very active year. The students under the guidance ot lvlr. Roehlk and their em- ployers had the oppor- tunity to learn through practical experience. An enjoyable and edu- cational trip to Chi- cago climaxed the year. 'A l I. Jorganson. Third row: T. Wessels, B. Harris, R. Palmer, B. Coffey, Front row: M. Southwell, D. Thor, V. Higareda, R. Nelson, P. Mendez. Second row: B. Ackman, J. Ryberg, P. Reed, N. Egan, D. Gutierrez, L. Smith. Third row: E. Gutierrez, S. Strawn, J. Burquin, D. Riley, L. Gonzales. Fourth row: D. Davis, C. Price, M. Nelson, D. Miller, M. Stillwell, E. Friedricks. .-sr--' This page sponsored by THE FARMERS G MECHANICS BANK and PARK DRIVE DAIRY 97 VF' "7 'lf' Front row: M. Dameron, P. Sanville, B. Spillers, M. McMenimen, C. Fields. Second row: K. Miller, P. Fackler, M. Johnson, S. Strand, M. Davis, S. Leonard. Third row: M. Glendening, C. Lippert, M. Stake, D. Shively, P. Ahline. Fourth row: Mr. Turner, K. Michael, D. Hanson, M. Nocella, B. Johnson, S. Stromsted. FRENCH CLUB Those of us vvho don't parlez-vous Francais might have had some difficulty understanding what the members of the French Club vvere talking about at the many soirees they held during the year. The group also took a trip in May to see some of the famous sites of Chicago. A bit of French flavor was added when they dined at an authentic French restaurant. .X J Front row: C. St. George, C. Hawkinson, D. Schiewitz, E. Gutierrez, C. Jacobson, G. Garcia, J. Reno, G. Peterson, B. Rhodes, Mr. Turner. Second row: C. Humes, D. Clement, E. Robertson, A. Harper, C. Rexroat, M. Metz, J. Voss, S. Strawn, K Watkins, Mr. Stuckey. Third row: L. Gonzales, D. Gutierrez, M. Flaherty, S. Disbennett, F. McAuley, V. Higareda, S. Strawn C. Wicks, M. Beamer, J. Gerstner. Fourth row: B. Gattemeir, S. Dalton, M. DeForest, J. Ryberg, B. Tucker, M. Stillwell B. VanFIeet, L. Kirkpatrick, S. Maxson. SPANISH CLUB S This year Senors and Senoritas of the Spanish club, under the guidance of Mr. Stuckey, had an even more active organization than in the past. One special occasion was a fiesta at which everyone dined on spicy Spanish food, and enjoyed the customs of the Spanish speaking vvorld. 98 This page sponsored by BLACK BROS. and GALESBURG NEWS AGENCY L Q. 115.1 Front row: M. Buncher, J. Hicks, J. Bohman, D. McCreight-Pres., D. Fish, S. Lawrence, D. Mariner, J. Anderson. Second row: R. Ross, T. Gunther, R. Lengh, S. Larson, D. Nelson, R. Parke, M. Jobe, L. Smith. Third row: M. Southwell, K. Jagow, C. Bennett, M. Johnson, W. Peterson, P. Johnson, N. Christy, Mr. Reuter. Fourth row: S. Sorenson, H. Fuson, R. Gordon, J. Eyre, C. Swanson, B. Scott, A. Deutcher. GERMAN CLUB ' Composed ot students from three German classes, the German Club meets once a month. Under the sponsorship ot Mr. Reuter, the Club also participated in the lvlulti-Lingual Banquet. . ii' i i i i A ie ls- 5 ' i .a -A A . . ", 1 'Z L iff- 1 if' 5 A S-J i -H 'fi A g 15 ' l I 7 -X H J Q 5 ..- X, 1 1, ,fi XX X g M If ix - . ,y , f X F J if 5 ' If n l J' n t i i S T i L F . l -..Q f S :T A' HJJ J lf l Front: Tim Rhea-Caesar. Second row: Judy Thacker, C. Clay, C. Bailey, R. Nelson, B. Fish. Third row: Z. Zefo, LATIN CLUB The Latin Club has sponsored several important activities during the past year, In September, the group traveled to Champaign vvhere they visited the University ot Illinois historical museum and attended a football game, The Latin banquet vvas the highlight ot the year. First year students, as slaves, served the sumptuous meal, second year students provided the entertainment, and third and tourth year students enjoyed it all, T. Cuardalabene, M. Buncher, M. Southwell, B. Scott. 99 ici l A-I -1 Front row: C. Fields, S. Strand, A. Behrents, M. Way, S. Larson, C. Bailey, P. Fackler, B. Urban. Second row: D. Davis, T. Tenneson, N. Trulock, C. Roberts, J. Crowell, G. Botruff, D. Smith, C. Bond. Third row: D. Harrison, M. Peterson, G. Finn, B. Kobusch, D. McGrew, B. Rose, V. Higareda, J. Green. Front row: C. Catlin, M. Cunningham, K. Langdon, M. Newcomer, M. Burch, S. Tracey, E. Robertson, L. Moore, B. Madison. Second row: R. Harvey, S. Enlow, R. Roth, N. Courson, S. Atkinson, M. Anderson, J. Glas, C. St.George. Third row: L. Lash- brook, D. Swanson, R. Moe, P. Brown, L. James, C. Schacht, D. White, H. Hulse. l. Under the capable leadership ot Ann S A A Behrents and Mr. Lentz, the Student Activity Association brought many and varied pro- grams to the Cl-IS stage. Other SAA benefits include the Reflector and admission to the home athletic events. Ann Behrents, President Mr. Lentz, Advisor This page sponsored by PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. and RED 6' WHITE FOOD STORES 1 l l , ,df LJ gf -'1A- ere? if' :P-'Y"""'1g2L: A "' JK , lr- S ix. 'I , ' 1 . fv F5 fx., X . 'D Q fl Fig y fl f Front row: J. Johnson, L. Sandburg, D. Bradford, G. Clark, J. Smith, J. Hicks, N. Nelson. Second row: M. Eldert, M. Milan, D. Lyon, C. Huff, L. Mitchell, Mr. Damberg. Third row: K. Barton, F. Shaver, E. Rollins, B. Magnison, M. Jarrett, J. Reischling. Fourth row: B. Cokel, J. Mason, D. Tate, D. Campbell, G. Mills, J. Vilardo. D G These organigations, sponsoring a new, Practical aDDroach to education have made Q M it possible for members to gain worthwhile l bo W experience in their chosen field by actually Q Q l O O A working on the job While attending Cl-lS, Front row: Mr. Hungerford, T. Tenneson, V. Spencer, J. Crookham, V. Eck, G. Vargas. Second row: J. Brackett, A. Sauter, C. Gerard. L. Frakes, T. Sparks, C. Potter. Third row: D. Freeman, E. LIoyd,S. Huffaker, C. Conroy, K. Sandburg, B. Lozier. f? '7 This page sponsored by INTRA STATE TELEPHONE CO. and ARTHUR J. NYMAN AND SONS Tl l li Front row' F Walle S R' izbh .AA . . r, . rgg, K. Jagow, D. Scherer, J. Palmer, B. Erickson, L. Ramsey, L. Stewart. Second row: Mr. Crown, M. Fite, D. Crouch, P. Heller, B. Haines, L. Bond, J. Rees, Z. Zefo, D. Pettit. Third row: C. Lyon, D. Higgins, J. Schlaf, R. Cozaihr, J. Strawhacker, C. Currens, G. Anderson. The Art Club is composed of a group of serious art students who meet once a week, under the supervision of Mr. Crown, to further develop their talents in various media. They provided posters and banners for special elvents and placed many interesting exhibits throughout the school during t e year. S l' -e, ,if li Hlirgx 5 fieisafr fr Front row: M. Hamilton, C. Clay, J. Stewart, D. Mariner. Second row: T. Noecker, S. Simmons, A. Behrents, T. Rhea, M. Johnson. Third row: Mr. Sullivan, P. Johnson, M. Jobe, W. Peterson, R. Neveln. Fourth row: J. Umbeck, D. McCreight, A. Beveridge, H. Rowe, T. Tulin. The Pasteur Society has had a very successful year. Interested members have enioyed their hiking trips through Green Oaks, where they studied the woodland fauna and flora. During their regular meetings, the group has profited from such worthwhile experiences as viewing scientific films, hearing interesting speakers, and preparing for district state science exhibits. 102 Hows ANDERSON BAKERY This page sponsoreo Dy X and BULLIS HORN INSURANCE AGENCY F-i Q ti it Front row: J. Swanson, S. Taylor, A. Carlson, B. Rose, S. Tracy, S. Simmons. Second row: J. Hawkinson, J. Larson, R. Ballard, J. Bayless, M. Hamilton, D. Zinsmoister, L. Theel. Third row: L. Stickell, R. Ekstrom, D. Hendricks, R. Gordon, J. Eyre, A. Beveridge. Fourthrow: H. Fuson, B. Hodierne, N. Nyman, R. Neveln, C. Nelson, J. Umbeck, B. Smith. The debate squad, consisting of the varsity debate team and the other members of the debate class, has had a challenging topic this year on the proposition, Resolved: "That the federal govern- Lniinfhf ' -ti T 1 --':..-..... This page sponsored by ment should equalize educational oppor- tunity by means of grants to the states for public elementary and secondary schools." Members of the entire class have participated in practice and con- test debates and have made a number of public appearances before community groups. Their overall record includes 79 vvins and 35 losses. The four varsity squad members had a season's record of 45 vvins and I9 losses. They vvon the first place trophy in the Northwest Confer- ence and qualified for state competition. Maurie Hamilton, Rene Ballard, Bob Hodierne, Nathan Nyman MECHANICS HOMESTEAD 6' LOAN ASS'N and GALESBURG GLASS CO. lO Dedicated to keeping school spirit high, the Pep Club stresses sportsmanship and loyalty to the team. ln connection with the latter, the club sponsored buses to all of the out ot town football and basketball games, PEP CLUB Pam Allen, Vice Presidentg Nancy Swanson, Presi- dent, Barbara Swanson, Treasurer ad. '11 11? Y.: Front row: M. Buncher, J. Bohman, D. Miller, S. Zahora, N. Suydam. Second row: J. Johnson, J. Moore, B. Scott, J. Thacker, L. Theel, Mr. Self. Third row: J. Samuelson, B. McCornack, W. Sedgwick, B. Lauerman, D. McCreight. LAB ASSISTANTS This able group of seniors gives its time and "experience" to help in the education ot other struggling young chemists. Peeking over shoulders and making helpful contributions to the experiment at hand, they are soon known to all chemistry students. lO4 This page sponsored by BERG'S T.V. AND APPLIANCE and BROWN SPECIALTY CO. feali ,HTF-ti , 4 if The hall cadets are a great help to the office statt, Front row:'R. Rose, L. Ferguson, K. Michael, C. Black, D. Guiterrez, D. Klinck. Secondrow: O. Brokaw, S. Strand, M. McMenimen, D. Wycoff, M. Davis, S. White, E. Louthan. Third row: Z. Zcfo, D. Settle, P. Wilkins, J. Hare, J. Wilkins, S. Eaves, B. Coffey. tor they pick up attendance slips and run many neces- sary errands. The ottice statt and taculty members appreciate the assistance ot these cadets, who relinquish their study hall time in order to give their help, '67 .4-' 47 Front row: T. C-ladfelter, S. Dawson, K. Barton, L. Fer- guson, M. Frost. Second row: J. Barringer, R. Harris, P. Franey, B. Jennings, C. Morrisey, A. Walker. Third row: C. Crouch, B. Edgar, L. Roberts, N. Stewart, J. McCombs, C. Guenther. '77 --7 ' J C27 GHS is very proud of its student librarians. Not only have they given assistance and help students find books and library information, but they have also been responsible for selling paperback books in the bookstore. This page is sponsored by HAWKINSON MFC. CO. and EKSTROM PLUMBING fr HEATING IOS PHOTOGRAPHERS Front row: R. Nelson, Mr. Aitchison, M. Denniston. Second row: S. Morrison, J. Gerstner, M. D. Wilson. The Reflector is in- debted to these busy shutterbugs vvho have taken many pictures tor our year book, Mr, Aitchi- son has coached them in the techniques ot photog- raphy and the product ot their ettorts has provided us with a pictorial record ot our school year, VISUAL AIDS GPERATGRS T. lr- 1 Front row: D. McCreight, G. Wixforth, D. Rudman. Second row: P. Allen, G. Sterr, D. Shane. Third row: E. Lindsey, D. Lithander, G. Rosenberg, J. Doerschuck. This page sponsored by The staff ot audio-visual aids operators, under the direction ot Mr. Crittith, serves not only the high school, but all the schools in District 205. This statt cares tor the library ot 400 sound motion pic- tures, i500 tilmstrips and l2'5 recordings, and main- tains the equipment in good operating order. These boys deliver, oper- ate, and pick up the audio-visual equipment ot the schools. STEAK 'N SHAKE and GALESBURG ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. l l i i RV' x 1 ' J i ig 1 1 1 l USHERETTES 5' , ' ' il I Front Row: J. Walker, S. Taylor, V. Shafer, L. Whitcomb, E. Taylor. Second row: C. Hill, B. Lcvene, C. Landcs, E. Friedricks, L. Stevens, A. Walker. Third row: J. Thrailkill, L. Bolton, - T. Lester, C. Peterson, L. Eavcs, M. Huddle. ll The loyal followers of our basketball team have greatly appreci- ated the aid ot the usherettes in helping them locate their places high in the bleachers. ., i sf :qi .at 5: . , rf I V, i 2 'K I- -p -4 '-r' -. 'li' 'A NX , F' r fs , l ,,-J' . N 3,3 .-I 'CI Front row: S. White, D. Bailey, M. Jobe, S. Reuter, C. Bailey, G. Larimer, G. Bryant. Second row: E. Edwards, N. Erlandson, Y. Vargas, M. Dameron, R. Nelson, S. Farrell, V. Strawn, Third row: J. Reno, B. Ericson, B. Robinson, M, Swartz, S. Forbes, B. Fish, K. Parr, C. Price, C. Bailey. This page sponsored by GALESBURG l HOUR DRY CLEANERS and FASHION BOOTERY IO7 l T l 1-7 T? s Z' ...d T . Front row: D. Crouch, V. Shelley, B. Rose, N. Christy, R. Roth. BUDGET R. Ross. Second row: M. Dameron, H. Stinson, S. Sage, Miss Sandfort. Third row: K. Jagow, C. Nelson, Every Friday morning, GHS students look forward to the most recent copy of a school publication-the BUDGET. Special features this year were the baby pictures of the week and the "Flossie Openheartn column, Excellent coverage of all school events was evident throughout the year. Miss Judith Sandfort was the faculty advisor. l::l ' ' 4' A T I? 4.54.3 Front row: J. Anderson, G. Botruff, L. Ostrom, D. Bailey, C. Miner. Second row: K. Horkstrom, B. Edgar, J. Webb, C. Guenther, B. Reed, Third row: A. Beveridge, P. Robinson, D. Lindstrom, D. Zinsmeister. lO8 This page sponsored by FIRST GALESBURC NATIONAL BANK G TRUST CO. , "- 114.3 'R 1... ' N .f ,K 1--'rf V NATHAN NYMAN Managing Editor DAVE HENDRICKS Sports Editor BOB McCORNACK Advertising Manager X' ' MAURIE HAMILTON Editor-in-Chief .V SARA LARSON Copy Editor A SHARON ZAHORA Feature Editor MIKE MILES Business Manager fb ' A - 32' "-.QQQ ,Qf me Q 2 lQ 1 as , 09,1 IZUQ V: D J-,Ax or .5 In 5-5 9 jf 4,2 0- XB J 6 cox 01 ya QD? QQ-32595-X' 5 4' !i D F ' 4 -W . 99' 790' ' Q1 W- o 5 J' ' - J . A '- -' 1-wav: ' . " Q u, j"1u"7, 'IOUQ WOO v TOO 1 on 0 . 'ICO 1o H WOO ' 100 ATHLETIC M e1 OO fljfffn 7 1 KX-N' fly 'if ,0 l0M, fgf W04 QQW "X ,V ,1 f f XX , If' 1 J fi if? q f ,f 2 , f -0 ,Q f if I3 - .. ff . - f: LIAAL'-' -ii-ig! ,jr 1-if UA' 1 c ,X .,0C'fZf'lrZ g'ci.!cf-CiQ0 .Q 56709 fbi!! J fi ' . , Nm E rn. ' ' A IL jf J,.74L . Q! ,fei' ffm ffza zz'-"Q" L1 HF gg? .5 5 if 2,fg7Zjf6,V Ciil 1 As Xi ,? , J 17 'fff - 7 f ,ff -" J 9.. , AfufLQ340v2,Q, fn f f N,-e'fjfff,fQ-TflfC,f" fyf 1 , ,f .. L I ff' Y' X' Y-'zfgifa .J 'fff' fij,-lifi Z, 100 'FOO . 100 1OO l . w . PN ff' 5: V r J, iw . gy W Q4 Af? "fi ,QSM Ji? ' fx? ff' x X 1 0100 100 TOO 100 M03 0 WOO TOO 160 100 '51 A A F5 ,i ,, 1. . .5 ., v. t.-+ A 1 in f .fx .. Front row: S. Maxson, R. Watt, D. Scherer, B. Hinrichs, B. Brining, T. Willhite, J. Broadhead, C. Nelson, B. Alps, J. Pounds, R. Carriere J. Davis. Back row: J. Geist, L. James, A. Grupe, R. Elliott, T. Hogan, B. Parke, R. Galyean, N. C-ensini, J. Hawkinson, T. Greenquist P. Sandburg, Mr. Hungerford, Coach. CROSS COUNTRY Although composed largely ot underclassmen, the Streak cross- country team still managed to compile a commendable record ot tour wins and two losses in dual competition and gain sixth place in the district contest at Peoria. One ot Coach l-lungertords boys, Dick Watt l'64l, earned a trip to the state meet by placing fourth at Peoria. This page sponsored by WERTHEIMER CATTLE COMPANY, INC. Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg C-a!esburg FOOTBALL "4.. Galesburg Galesbuyg Calesburg Galesburg 27 Manualn... I5 woksfuff' 40 Canton ...i.. 40 - East Peoria 7 Richwqods 39 A Pekin 7. 'Champaign 33 Kewanee ,. I9 Central K1 1.: ,gziz 5 53' . ig 'Q ! 1 li 5 !:I't"'vx.j,.vu.-,Q '.!.f" , I "wg ., ,fig ,Ay - u ui" l A' I :Ag ,Q In 3 l in :1 5 lt ,bis T""F"'.L.l. - -f-,V .JI.,.-, .. .-.., . Front row: R. Parr, G. Fitchpatrick, R. Watters, J. Beasley, S. Smith, J. Humes, P. Napier, L. Walker, P. Engstrom, D. Eldert, B. VanDusen, G. Sterr, E. Sage. Znd row: A. Morrissey, V. Bizzari, J. Heck, I. Robinson, M. DeWitt, R. Slaughter, B. Larsen, D. Catlin, D. Hendricks, L. Blixt, D. Stewart, D. Hallberg. 3rd row: Mr. Bush, coachg Mr. Mansager, coach: M. Lanier, W. Westfall, L. Muck, S. Minteer, T. Hilgenberg, D. Edwards, J. Harris, G. Horn, W. Lox, J. Brock, G. Tucker, E. Arnold, Mr. Lundeen, coach. 4th row: T. McKay, D. Mustain, E. Probst, B. Spillers, B. Cannon, C. Swanson, J. Moore, J. Walker, T. Hinkle, J. Mitchell, R. Theobald, Mr. Van Dyke, head coach. FOOTBALL Combining blazing speed with tremendous size, the l96l edition of the Silver Streak foot- ball team must go down on record as one of the finest in the history of Cul-IS. Its excellent record of seven wins and two losses was enough to give it the lllini Conference crown. Not only did nine Streaks make the Illini all-conference team, but three of them, Cary Tucker, Larry Blixt, and Eldon Arnold, made the All-State squad and one, Arnold, make the nationwide All-Prep team. The season saw coach Van Dyke run his string of victories to a grand total of one hundred as opposed to only sixty defeats as head coach at Cl-lS. Cer- tainly coach Van Dyke and his entire staff must be given a great deal of credit for the Streaks' performance. The JV. and Pony squads also turned in excellent records for the l96l season. The J.V.'s managed to remain undefeated in six outings while the Ponies, handicapped by the loss of Fullback Dan Stewart to the varsity, won five and lost three. All in all the l96l football season will be long remembered at C-l-lS. Congratulations to all concerned! si ' 9 L . Y, r 2 xg P! 5' J fe ff ti ' fe X X 5 Z l f ad S Kr X-4.1541 A-anan,BL......f i E. Arnold L. Blixt J. Beasley J. Brock B. Cannon D. Catlin 'infill '15 V' V A k, Q.. 4. xv l Z L -J ul!! Rnnl .4 L.- M. DeWitt D. Edwards G. Fitchpatrick D. Hallberg J. Harris J. Heck Y --nr ,L CL .v K b A3611 I Dr' x ' 4:-l'7:l . f 4 , N' iv' 4' ' -1 'l71t'1R' 1 an of 1' . nf l, f pall f' X. Lp! llll D. Hendricks T. Hilgenberg G. Horn J. Humes M. Lanier B. Larsen 'f ,f , l X e 1 'F Qgbff? -J i'l?5,,'Y Y Z 5 ' "-:R U ' I.. T '-ip 5 '- " fl A S I 'Rf' vi" j if its is ll. l'17. rc 1 .- nr.'1D T. McKay S. Minteer A. Morrissey L. Muck P. Napier D. Nelson .es me 'rn M1 eff' I B X J X J 15 1 R452 B! 12-7 .I. Pacheco E. Probst l. Robinson R. Slaughter L. Stewart R. Theobald in ,M - .3455 . 2 ST. " 3 H? uasikvf GE.-N A' 2 we ai x "U 1 .sf Sw N. .L gd lan! ll...-.,. vm! 7. G. Tucker B. Van Dusen J. Walker R. Watters W. Westfall H5 This page sponsored by GALE WARD ATHLETIC GOODS SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Row Wal Mr. J. H I '31 . -ESL r IPI . ,Ej!v. ,uk x 113 'GN - az nk ' M -F .T , ' Af J 'Avi Y J l: L. Erickson, R. Scott, R. Stegall, J. Chapman, D. Swanson, C. Hawkinson, C. Phillips, A. Hosier, D. Allen, G. Swanson. Row 2: Mr lace, coach, V. Conner, G. Denisar, G. Schumann, R. Anderson, T. Autmon, T. Smith, J. Short, J. Gardner, E. Chessman, J. Parker Frank, coach. Row 3: B. Weaver, B. Sharick, L. Stinson, J. Class, T. Kniss, P. McNamara, D. Maze, M. Buckner, C. Blundy, B. Copeland olmes, F. Menke, T. Sterling, C. Havens, A. Smith. H6 Galesburg Galesburlg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galodaurg Galesburg Calesburg Galesburg Calesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesbuyg Calesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesbuyg "Gs BASKETBAL 68 ' Manual 61 Moline ...,.. 1, 70 Burlington ,. 68 Macomb .,.A. East Peoria , Monmouth . Richsyoods Blue Island . 77 Kewanee A 1 69 Macomb .t.,. X90 Sterling Twp 71 Canton .l..,. 65 52 55 41 72 Pekin l.,.,,l., . x56 Monmout A 1---- Rock lslan . 84 Canton ....t., 75 Kewanee .4,t. 67 Washington 69 4 Naperville 80 AEast Moline . 69 Limestone Regional 62 Bushnell .. 91 . Union .....,...,. 59 Monmouth . Sectional 68 ' Bluffs ....,., ., 65 Quincy ,. QQ? STQ KS Row I: R. Callihan, J. Heck, D. Carr, V. Smith, R. Johnson, F. Dexter, G. Tucker. Row Z: Mr. Thiel, coach: L. Blixr, M. Nocella, J. Eyre, E. White, J. Nelson, D. Johnson. ln spite of preseason forecasts of an off year in basketball, CHS enjoyed another fine season on the hardwood in l962. Never losing a game by more than 8 points, the Streaks roundballers finished the year with an excellent record of l8 victories and just 8 defeats. Lacking the exceptional height of former years, Coach John Thiel's charges were forced to depend on superior speed, defense, and shooting ability to quell their opponents. As a result the season saw the Streaks finish 2nd in the lllini Conference. ln tournament action the Streaks continued strong. ln the final game of the Macomb Western Sectional the Streaks finally fell to highly touted Quincy, but only after staging a tremendous fourth quarter rally. All in all it was a season long to be remembered as one of the most exciting in the history of basketball at GHS. The JV. and Pony teams also turned in excellent records in l962. The J,V.'s finished with 8 wins and 2 losses while the Ponies ended up with lil victories and 7 defeats. This page sponsored by WESTERN ZERO LOCKER W 1,74 xr' tts- " PQI elf? eel 5 Y. In. m 5 iii? K,- fg..,.- - .4 A Front row: C. Anderson, C. Nelson, T. Jackson, 8. Darrah, C. Schacht, R. Bates, C. Roberson. 2nd row: Mr. Frank, coach, R. Watters P. Frinstal, R. Cordon, J. Geist, C. Swanson, J. Harris, J. Lundquist. 5 A X...,.u X Pony Basketball. Row I: E. Cheesman, J. Tribley, B. Copeland, T. Smith, J. Conner, T. Autmon, J. Hawkinson. Row 2: Mr. Bush, C. Havens, G. Rosine, M. McCreight, D. Clay, B. Weaver, D. Stewart, L. Pickrel. coach ll9 CHEERLEADERS SOPH. Janet Higgins, Sandy Anderson, Betty Davis, Sandy Glass, Elaine Schleifer. Roberta Roth, Mary Lashbrook, Marilyn Ator, Mary V. Peterson, Natalie Christy. i2i VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ,. , nr ,Qt-., T A . , - mx E ' X A if + 7 f ,jak .gl NA milking' Q! -I , ' Y . ' -f ', ' . . 'X tml ' it ' 5 I if l,.-t5f..-fii.1wai'5e--55 E345 iii- , - Connie Henning The '61-'62 edition ot the CHS cheer- leading squad was without doubt one of the finest in the state. The skill and enthusiasm with which they executed their complicated routines are beyond the power ot words to describe. Congratulations to all the cheer- leaders and especially to their sponsor, Mr. Kuster, whose guidance contributed im- measurably to their success! 122 Ginger Mills Missy Burch Jennifer Williams Tina Gunther Z J' Z :P Q rn 5 l 1 9 FV Fiefi, 1 A A rc - ,iii c fa ll sfiiir- ' " H .gli 522 ah" Tv f D 'Ryu ,-KJ . 5:41, QM a , - iaigdrwg - ., ,V llfiswef-'K ,, Z if - N we G 1 wfiill-wg ,N . ,. Irs-ret. W i Ib, ' T mu. fig Q, A W , - ' ' ' it M ' rl- gr , ' L 'V JF f -- f 1 , - ir' r L IE., ,551 jf: if sf flu 2: f?ePf.f?,e,: ,H il . - 'T' r , , :L.- V . : , Z- , ,V l24 B. Richardson, E. Bridgewater, Mr. Crabtree, P. Gattermeir, G. Carlton, D. Shaw The athletic managers, directed by lvlr. Crabtree, perform an indispensable, it little noticed, function at Cl-lS. They put in long hours at their largely thankless task ot keeping our athletic equipment in top shape. Certainly they deserve a great deal ot credit, tor without them our teams would not be able to operate at peak etticiency. To the managers we give thanks tor a job well done. This page sponsored by KLINES DEPARTMENT STORE and LlNDSTROM'S QS Galesbu rg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesbu rg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesbu rg Galesburg Galesburg ii H gift ,N 4 WRESTLING E , W -, . s... Y xg Geneseo ..4A.... . ........ Kewanee ..,..........,.. n Pekln ....,...... ...,.... Woodruff ....,......... Limestone ....., .... Rlchwoods ...... .... Moline ..,...,.. ........ Canton ....,..........,.. ,East'Peorla ..,. Burtington ...,.,,A.,.... Manual ,.........,,...... East Molme ...,,,..,... , ,v 3 i 2 Q-.,,-,www www. we mmqw 5 1 55' Q, wfe V . 'Q' Q . .N i nm, ,in MH ,.,., ,U I A .fl 'WW r . A ff., Q91 Il' , Wu x 'ul - 4' 'T 'V "fri il M4 - L U l i I Af li j 4K Q wi- X l lg ' , x .5 --rv XN,xk",! so mt .. we 'i 1 4 tx.. fc.: l Front row: J. Melville, L. Connour, J. Umbeck, T. Meyer, L. Brown, D. Scherer, M. Eldert, D. Eldert, R. Ballard, P. Gorham, B. Swanson. 2nd row: D. Mustain, B. Burgland, R. Reathaford, D. Ziegler, B. Hinrichs, T. McKay, J. Mitchell, B. Brining, J. Walker, C. Sterr, J. Fogelsong. 3rd row: B. Hawkins, E. Arnold, D. Hallberg, D. Nelson, T. Hilgenberg, A. Morrissey, G. Horn, D. Catlin, E. Probst, J. Brock, M. DeWitt, Coach Wallace. The Streak grapplers compiled an excellent record ot lO wins and 2 losses plus a tirst place finish in the Calesburg District Tournament. This sport is rapidly growing in importance at Cl-IS as more and more students and adults become aware ot the tense excitement which it provides. Congratulations both to the team and Coach Wallace on a job well done! W tm QL! l-is su " fl Qt' 4 1? 'l Front row: J. Barker, R. Baughman, J. Turner, H. Sloan, J. Pounds, K. Carr, L. Stinson, B. Southwell, J. Chapman, R. Anderson T. Guardalabene, G. Denisar, B. Axline. 2nd row: D. Higgins, R. Elliot, B. Schumann, J. Wilkins, J. Ball, R. Scott, D. Palmer, P McNamara, B. Bishop, D. Lindstrom, S. Minteer, R. Slaughter, B. Van Dusen, E. Phillips. 3rd row: M. Lanier, A. Grupe, T. Grimes S. Coad, F. Menke, C. Hawkinson, L. Erickson, B. Lauerman, D. Swanson, T. Kniss, J. Holmes, M. Buckner, J. Glas, J. Doerschuck S. Smith, J. Broadhead, P. Brown, R. Porter, Coach Wallace. M84 1 l W83 Xl. . ,ga l W S . . l ff' , . ,,. 1:14 N X W8-'F , v 5 1 Xl xx Sir Front row: J. Melville, L. Connour, D. Ziegler, M. Eldert Second row: E. Probst, G. Horn, A. Morrissey, E. Arnold. 5 W f , 1 SPRING SPORTS S TRACK Row I: Coach Van Dyke, L. Goodman, R. Hallberg, L. Wood, M. Watt, D. McGrew, C. Kelly, L. Leiber, R. Hight, B. Howell, J. Geist, I. Robinson, M. Dewitt, S. Minteer, Mr. Schevermann, coach. Row 2: J. Wood, W. Lox, D. Kelly, G. Horn, R. Lengh, R. Ekstrom, S. Smith, R. Johnson, J. Harris, B. Lapsey, D. Pickrel, B. Nelson, D. Carlson. Row 3: E. Arnold, E. Rose, R. Dorethy, J. Doerschuk, W. LaPointe, G. Tucker, R. Watters, J. Heck, B. Van Dusen, T. Anderson, P. Sandburg, L. Hendricks, R. Vancil. Row 4: D. Edwards, B. Larsen, D. Catlin, J. Brock, D. Fillman, J. Pumphrey, J. Davis, J. Broadhead, C. Sterr, L. James, A. Morrissey, D. Hallberg. Row 5: J. Nelson, E. White, J. Lundquist, T. Tulin, M. Lanier, B. Willsie, B. Hawkins, D. Tate, T. Willhite, T. McKay, J. Carlson, R. Gordon, P. Adams. Last year's track team came through in excellent fashion with another fine record to add to the annals of Cl-IS. Among the many achievements of the '6I aggregation were second place finishes in the Illini Conference Tourney at both soph and varsity levels. Two boys, Marvin Watt and Ira Robins-on, competed in the State Tournament at Champaign. lra placed third in the broad jump while lvlarv placed sixth in the 880 yard run. Although somewhat lacking in balance, this year's team is very strong in some areas and looks forward to another fine season. This page sponsored by MCGREW 6' MCGREW AGENCY, INC and BEATRICE FOODS CO. BASEBALL I . . gms.. . 1 . .is k we Front row: C. Nelson, C. Roberson, A. Orozco, D. Eldert, T. Pierce, R. Ballard, J. Bayless, R. Frank, L. Raaen. 2nd row: H Stamm, C. Swanson, M. Feldman, G. Bruington, L. Blixt, D. Carr, D. Johnson, S. Larson, W. Westfall, V. Smith, F. Lundeen D. Dunham. 3rd row: Coach Thiel, J. Peterson, G. Monson, D. Lindstrom, M. Baylor, T. Williams, J. Moore, T. Moore, L. Broad- hurst, D. Mustain, D. Johnson, M. Nocella, B. Spillers, T. Jackson, J. Beasley, T. Willis, C. Fisher, G. Anderson, Coach Frank. The l96l CHS baseball team turned in another fine record last year, finishing the season with ll Wins, 7 losses, and l tie. This year will mark the first use of the new diamond north of the school building, and with 9 returning lettermen, it looks like another fine season ahead. l3O fi Mike Feldman Baseball was initiated - as an interscholastic sport j Q -W at GHS in l908. ln this " ii B 1 i first year, the squad de- , feated all the teams it 1 encountered, such as - ' ti"a i Oneida High School, and Lombard College. Brown s Business College, We hope the interest and pride in baseball continues to be as strong as expressed in the l908 Reflector . . . "This spring the athletes of the silver and the gold began to seek their customary laurels in a new field. By the organization of a representative baseball team they instituted a new branch of inter-scholastic athletics in our school, and discovered that football, basketball, and track work are not the only sports in which they are able to down their rivals. l-lereafter, baseball also is to hold a place in our school life, and it is certainly fully deserving of our hearty supportfl l3l GGLF "Tl ' .---- Y ' , ' +L-, i-In-,L:a'. .H ,, . ' L'9!Qf L. .29 ' ' ' .-ginjivgg ' Coach Hungerford, J. Malstrom, J. Lundstrom, P. Boynton, M. Moriarity, G. Trotter, J. Eyre, S. Sorenson, D. Beamer, D. Johnson Last year was a great one for the Cl-lS golf team. Ending the regular season with a record of l6 wins and 4 losses plus a second place finish in the lllini conference tourney, the Streak linksters went on to take first in the Calesburg district and fifth at state. With three letter winners, Joff Eyre, Mike Moriarity, and Cary Trotter, returning, this year's team looks forward to another successful season. 132 This page sponsored by Specialists in Fabric Care and ANDERSON BROAD STREET FLORIST THE KNOX Leonard 5 Don Anderson Laundry Dry Cleaners 128 North Broad Street ,V J l Front row: L. Muck, B. Larsen, D. Carr, E. Probst, T. Willhite, G. Horn, G. Tucker, R. Slaughter, J. Nelson, l. Rob inson. Znd row: M. Eldert, W. Westfall, R. Lengh, T. Hilgenberg, J. Carlton, E. White, P. Sandborg, B. McCornack, T. McKay. 3rd row: D. Edwards, M. DeWitt, P. Gattermeir, S. Larson, D. Catlin, W. Lox, S. Minteer, R. Theobald, M. Miles. 4th row: M. Moriarity, J. Walker, 8. Cannon, J. Beasley, D. Nelson, D. Hendricks, T. Moore. "G" CLUB Directed by Mr. Bednar and presided over by Ed Probst, G Club is an organization composed ot all varsity letter winners at Cl-lS. ln addition to their regular activities aimed at promoting athletics, the members spent part ot their lunch time patrolling the cafeteria area and the boys' rest rooms. This action was taken in an ettort to stop the rash ot smoking and rovvdiness which has broken out among the less responsiblie students ot Cl-lS. C Club members should be commended tor giving their time in this way, although in the tuture vve hope it will not be necessary. Among G Club's other activities are the annual banquet and the publication ot scorecards tor all home football and basketball games. MERWYN F. HILL This page sponsored by P and M D. Johnson, L. Blixt, Front row: J. Melville, B. Richardson, B. Van Dusen, P. Napier, D. Hallberg, D. Zeigler. 2nd row: B. Alps, C. Nelson, D. Watt, P. Adams, J. Humes, L. Connour, R. Ballard. 3rd row: A. Morrissey, S. Smith, J. Brock, M. Lanier, J. Smith, J. Davis, G. Trotter. 4th row: R. Watters, J. Heck, J. Eyre, J. Geist, C. Swanson, D. Stew- art, J. Harris. 134 LAKE W. SANBORN INSURANCE AGENCY and ACCESSORY CO.. INC. CRCHESIS Depicting holidays throughout the year, the Orchesis show entitled "Memorable Moments in Motion" culminated the year tor this organi- zation. Every member was given an opportunity to exhibit her talents in modern dance. Front row: N. Parrish, J. Gensini, D. Shively. Second row: L. Sand- burg, J. Swanson, C. Henning, G. Vargas. Third row: J. Sundberg, J. Johnson, C. Huff, J. Hicks, N. Swanson. Front row: R. Ross, S. White, M. Ator. Second row: M. Schnell, T. Gunther, N. Christy, M. Peter- son. Third row: A. Lay, B. Carlson, M. Findahl, B. Swanson, J. Williams. Front row: J. Burquin, M. Cunning- ham, K. Watkins. Second row: B. Stick, C. Wicks, L. Cooper, P. Mendez. Third row: P. White. C. Enes, L. Kirkpatrick. 135 INTRAMURALS Under the capable leadership of that ancient pillar of physical fitness, lvlr, Art Fish, Intra- murals performs an important function at CHS. Its varied program of athletics is open to all boys vvho do not participate in regular interscholastic sports. ln its vvide variety of activities, which includes such events as basketball, archery, bowling, vvrestling, handball, badminton and even chess, opportunities may be found for any boy to excel. Ribbons are awarded to those vvho place high in each sport and results are published in the Budget. Congratulations must go out, not only to the vvinners, but to everyone vvho participated in intramurals throughout the year. 'Ax S B, Hawkins, B. Bishop, J. Jacobs, H. Sloan, R. Elliot l36 J Beasley, B. Cannon, A. Fones, D. McGrew, D. Farrell BASKETBALL CHAMPS D. Johnson, B. Kobusch, D. Lmdstrom, D. Hendrrcks, D. Bradley, M. Dall L D t BASKETBALL RUNNERS-U P Front row: J. Williams, M. Way, C. Fretueg, J. Censini, M. Ator, M. Schnell. Second row: L. Catlin, C. Huff, M. Peterson, C. Henning, L. Doyle, L. Ramsey. Third row: C. Black, S. Simmons, M. Malstrom, B. Nelson, M. Mallin, B. Carlson, C. White. GAA Many girls of Cl-IS have enjoyed the varied activities of the Girls Athletic Association. This fall they had a chance to demonstrate their skill in such activities as archery and hockey. Bowling was a favorite sport during winter months and as spring approached basketball and soft ball completed the season. CAA offers to the girls of Cl-lS an opportunity to participate in their favorite sports. This page sponsored by WHO L. A. LINMAN INSURANCE AGENCY and MATTSON-REYNOLDS ELECTRIC 782 North Henderson Street 62 South Henderson Street xm, --, .gap .tru -fx- -,,f' LH N Vik 9-9 ,-. Q TOO NW O 1 0 l ' 100 , , . ' Y 1 'ICO 0 100 CO Q 1040 HIGHLIGHTSM ,Q-2 -ie.,Qo Ju'c"'57-' QCIA-0f2,SMJQ.J K1AxMALf.ZlwG 04JaQ4ouJ 7iwm QUALQXQJ Cb, ISFJLQQ40-CZflf0V'L'6"0--' A -f9?.r.uJC7ia4J WW fp ff fzwfiif-M' fagxww 7.190 .Vp , Z,L, Q 0Zf7J My lQTE?w LLL'S44J Y Agg. n Q ' 21.1 Q60 lid Jud-,f ,,,,.,,,J,YfL.a,04J YQKJ V' A , 4Qj ax! qZkL0AAuM,jY20UgJ. DLL, wa LJ., 74,6 Aww jqQl+f4MJ.,nQuiJ 41f.lQJC C7f7gL4bi lm fwW477fT'2f1QfQQ-an-O97iM'ld,' 'W' Z kqpJ,,CWQC 6WlmJL Wqfjflpmj QUMQLCD-lafj mf-f2.wJ ,710-'J Qgvfww, ClA,,,f ?QnJffI3U0- D I .2QpuLC lfawmdj 6U'4 WkM45"'ik-J-OMQUi'7yLUC fggx Lbulz-riyfi.-'"l,J:f':1FlZ-"'Q..A , . - ' . H - -fiQQ2C, V QTQLJ to I 5'9"-J Q,-LL! 25 '.,A I ,L -.M ' ' VM: ca1wMLJ f41iAMggu5gwmj. 100 N50 Q7i -g2gQiVm0vxbwMMJ A FTSJ?4.- E N100 1OO ' 75' 100 f ,, 1.1. .. HOMECCMING xkv' l J v""" zu--i-,A Prilly Sanville and Mike DeWitt, Queen and King T. Hinkle, D. Cooke, J. Lundquist, G. Mills, R. Slaughter, C. Henning, S. Reeves, P. Sanville, M. DeWitt, D. Pont, S. Botruff, C. Tucker R. James, G. Horn, M. Ator, J. Heck. l42 The Homecoming festivities were impressively begun with the crowning of the King and Queen at an all school assembly. Prilly Sanville and Mike DeWitt were chosen to reign throughout the busy weekend. The night of the big game our colorful floats, the spirited parade, and the bonfire reflected the eagerness with which we encoun- tered and trounced Pekin, The concluding event of the homecoming activities was the well attended dance at which alumni as well as students had a great time in spite of tired feet. The l96l homecoming will always be remembered for its lasting impressions of gaiety, delight, and enthusiasm. E PFXNUMN ND HERE ' Sophomore Class Float This page sponsored by CARROLL'S BOOK STORE and NORTHC-ATE LANES Q J ...,. Y, A.. wx.: N, .4 , ., , ,...b:, Jxlygbzi-A fr. 54 ri:.u -1-W 1-ff ,Mr - This page sponsored by THE CHURCHILL CHEMICAL CO., GALESBURG, ILLINOIS and RANDELL BUS CO. 146 M C. Sandburg, Representative Charter a Randall Bus for Your Next Group Trip -H. f This page sponsored by JACK'S SUPPLY STORE DOM'S Army G Navy Goods, Western Wear and BMT ' SPORTS ' SHOP On the Square Your Favorite Sports Store ARSENIC and CLD LACE The air of mystery that surrounded the young Russian girl provided Cl-IS with a highly dramatic performance in the play, "Anastasia" The true identity ot this girl, vvho claimed to be a Russian princess, still remains an unsolved riddle. ANASTASIA Although the tvvo elderly ladies, Abby and Martha, seemed to be normal, they proved to be just a little eccentric in the play, "Arsenic and Old Lacef, The con- fusion the ladies caused plus the occa- sional outbursts from "Teddy" resulted in a light and witty tall play for Cl-IS. This page sponsored by FIDELITY FEDERAL SAVINGS fr LOAN ASSN. "Save Now-Have Tomorrow" r N ww- 1, hh: ATU' , "'N.. , gr A , ,H-,, 150 X v 4 eine- 5-.J .5-'j , - - , - Y K 4: , .,.. ' ,,.. , . . ,.e4.' -. ,. STRAND, INC. This page sponsored by Insist on Harvest Cream Bread and Western Illinois' Largest Drive-ln 4a"91 12 A A ., .:... - -. gage i l A foreign flavor came to Cl-IS with the l96l-62 Reflectavue, "Cafe Internationale." Through skits, songs, and dances, different portions of the world were displayed to the Captive audience. This page sponsored by GALESBURC BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. and QQI4 CALESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING C0 ' 'I 154.42-, A W' 1 V j Je 'df' X? ' ' ,ff 'x ' Q +- i ,!. 1' JH, - , . W x A4 ,xi f . X. .1 -5 nigga Residents ot Skunk Holler are the only people we near tell of that didn't have a vvlwoopin' good time at the Cl-IS production ot Li'l Abner. Shore nuff, members of the A Cappella Choir did a treernendous job in presenting the rol- licking hillbilly comedy. 6 U vgvonsm 6 ,, 'lx ,- f -'34 'N -'QED' , - K 1 'E ' This page sponsored by THOMAS PLUMBING 5 HEATING and CONKY'S CONFECTION CO 9 This is the result of 100 yeors of progress? CLASS OFFICERS ' SR. COUNCIL -in Seated: Sarah Larson, secretary, Helen Stinson, treasurer. Standing: Dave Catlin president, Don Bradley, vice-president. 1 tvl T ,yu .3 5 ,ppm- 3 Front row: Ginger Mills, Marsha Buncher, David Catlin, Helen Stinson, Don Bradley. Second row Pam Allen, Bev Lozier, Howie Stamm, Donna Thor, Judy Van Dell, Dodie Fish. Third row: Joyce Chrlstlanson Terry Jackson, Marilyn Nelson, Dick Johnson, David Hendricks, Bruce Lauerman. This page sponsored by YOUNGREN PLUMBERS 100 H Woo III I I ' H I I I . ,. ' ' . .X A 1 -V WOO 0 TGO f Im 100 100 ' TOO . I ADMINISTRATION 1- Q: f' .,,,.LQ4,QgLJfLJ Xxx J 1 LM? Q -L Y L5'YL,5 0 -1! ht- U-'JV X'J ziygvsi OX tjQ9 ? bULwMvE4iE? EiE'Q . 'XJf . A221-4 M www ouwuJ CR-lf:,f'yo.J C P4-fCIL4,,J a-1-n.m q.,-.Vie QLMMJJQJ Cp,a,41j,,J " H 1 '-. lei., 'wuwucxo .'tj"4xf -D ' Q Q R-wil 0 QL' 'N J Q59-fqfw:-0-1 31w.s,5,.WvVJ.k.m.,fvY 100 ffwfw! 100 100 Mm 100 TO-O 10900 100 P I .flQQ SUPERINTENDENT i ..,....-4 i l l l l ,Qs BOARD 0F EDUCATION -li. Seated: Florence Lindbergh, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent: W. James Green: Dr. Robert Way: Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick, Secretary: Everett Bruington, President: Kenneth Holmes: Dr. Robert Cannon. Standing: Joseph West, Attorney: David Read, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Finance: Dr. Bell: Lowell Bettsworth, Assistant Superintendent of Schools and Director of Elementary Education: Robert McLaughlin. MR. VERNON BROADH EAD Principal MISS SYLVIA RYIN Dean of Girls xvxd N ui MR. WILLIAM GOODWIN Assistant Principal MR, LUNDEEN College Counselor - .:,Q.'. . V- . ,-V, -A: al- n '- o A-1 X ,. , fQ.Qi.f5 V I V - ."1f:?.. 1' 1 VLIY1 s o , , Inlfsf T 1,12 1, ,, -QQ. 1:21. w 13:45-lfs:",'3 ,X ag-fag? x 1 f -. iff' LY Q 2221 . . ,x-4.5. MR. FRANSON Vocational Counselor -i. ,. L. "H" ? Ji? M , 1 wif' ,- ui . xvqgkil- K , .HA -11552, -'Luv Q 'iii , :n 1 . I J .R Xl ax W 1 x A I V, -' i 3 'Ll' I i ,t 5, . t 2, .. - ,.' . , I L. ,. 1 I . MR. JOHN AITCHISON MISS JACQUELYN ALBRIGHT MRS. MARY BANCERT Physics, Photography Home Economics, FHA Business English 4. MR. MAURICE BECK MR. CHARLES BEDNAR MR. RILEY BOWEN English, Debate, Rhetoric Director of Athletics Biology MR. DELBERT BUSH MR. WILLIAM COMBS MRS. BEVERLY CROUCH Driver Education, Coach American History English MRS. CLARICE HEGG Latin MR. ROBERT HUNGERFORD Office Occupations, Coach tif' N I ! CHARLES cf-X' MR. ROLAND HEGG MISS VIRCINlA HINCHLIFF Vocal Music English MR. FRED JONES MR. CHAUNCEY KENNEY Mathematics Science, Reflector MR. FRED KUSTER MISS ELIZABETH LACY History, Cheerleading Physical Educalion MR. RICHARD LEFORT lnstrumenial Music English MR. EDWIN LANTZ if MR. TED MANSAGER MISS HELEN OLSON American History, Coach English 3 MR. HOWARD REUTER MR. WILLIAM ROEHLK Latin, German Disrributive Education MR. THOMAS LENTZ Drafting, Machine Shop, SAA MR. HOWARD PURCELL World History MISS DOLORES RYNER Typing, Stenography, FTA Q.. MJ ,Jaya ISJ vip-5 M' Q, . ' 1- WD' iffy? Lfv ADZZVU 'Ja mbbdc. QL 71? A Z, WDLLI I 7 77f1,0"'L V f- :uf MISS DENA SAAIJENGA MISS JUDI H"SANDFORf'I9z ,Tir MARVIN SCHEUERMANN LII'eI'ature Enghsh, Journahsm, Btldgetofvlygpnhff' 'V yjwg, Wcnodworkingi, Cnach I"""M jvhldul !,V,L 0 IW f AW' MISS RUTH SCHWARTZ MR. ROBERT SELF Foods, Nutrition, FI-IA Chemistry MRS. MARJORIE SPERRY MR. GEORGE STUCKEY Physica! Education, GAA English, Spanish x jf-QfQ,.aLfK,- jgnfn J 22 f1!:':i.m53w- MR. ROGER SOPER American ProbIerns, Ticket Manager - ', ! A-Y' 'lg ,X MR. WILLIAM SULLIVAN BIoIogy, Science ub MQ ' X 4 1 fw .,-nv """"? MR. MARTIN SWANSON MR. JOHN THIEL MR. WILLIAM TURNER liooklqeeping Physical Education, Coach French, Spanish MR. C. C. VAN DYKE MISS BARBARA WADE Physical Educaiion, Coach A Physical Education, CAA v 1,-ffefri I-oy MRS. MARY HELEN WADE MR. R. E. WALLACE MISS JOYCE WUEHLE Business Driver Education, Coach Home and Family Living MRS. EILEEN DAMBERG Secretary '22, MRS. PAULINE WERNER Attendance Clerk MRS. DOROTHY BON ESTEEL Treasurer MISS DONNA SHARP Registrar H5 MRS. LaMORNE HICKEY Nurse MISS BEVERLY SWARTZ Secretary of Visual Aids MAINTENANCE STAFF . 1. El L. rl it uk-L1 wb. Shi ' ig :i ,YI ,J '11 F 5 .. l. . i . 21:35 if , 5 11- Tin' 4 wi .4 i , 1 r," -fl so s, 1 K ,.,- RITTX- N-'.,S,L'i'x, AX lst row: B. Schurtz, C. Benson, V. Swanson, D. VanFleet, L. Deulen. 2nd row: J. Carruthers, B. Huey, B. Brock, L. lnness, L. Burns. CAFETERIA STAFF ' x 1: . l I ,AL vu.. 1 xl First row: Mrs. Stillwell, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Matson, Mrs. Schafer, Mrs. Hund, Mrs. Ellison. 2nd row: Mrs. Lundgren, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Stinson, Mrs. Weaver, M. Eldert. 1-71 SENIOR INDEX A Agans, Carol Sue I6 Ahline, Priscilla I6, 77, 96, 98 Akines, Pat I6 Albert, Mike I6 Allen, C-wen I6 Allen, Pamela I6, 9l, I04 Anderson, David I6, 77, 78 Anderson, Dolores I6 Anderson, Joan I6 Anderson, June I6, 92, 99, l08 Arie, Audrey I6 Arnold Eldon II4, IIS, I26, I27, I29 Arnold, Larry I6 Bailey, Caroline I7, 87, 9I, I00, I06 Bair, Lyle I7 Bantz, Carroll I7 Barger, Jim I7, 94 Barlow, Sharon I7 Barringer, Jeannette IOS Barton, Kay I7, IOI, IOS Beasley, John I7, 82, II4, IIS, I30, I34, Beever, Jeannie I7 Behrents, Ann I7, 77, 88, 90, IO0, I02 Bendixon, Danny I7 Bent, Pamela I7 Beregi, James I7 Bettisworth, Don I7, 77, 82 Bird, Roger I8 Black, Roger I8, 77 Blakewell, Earl I8 Bland, Rita I8 Bledsoe, Paula I8, 76 Blixt, Larry I8, II4, IIS, II8, I30, l34 Bogeart, Billie I8, 92 Bohman, Julie I8, 76, 77, 90, 99, I04 Bond, Catherine I8, 97, I00 Boone, Dorothy I8 Botruff, Ceorgean I8, l00, I08 Botruff, Sheriann I9, l42 Boynton, Paul I9 Brackett, Janet I9 Bradford, David I9, IOI Bradley, Don I9, 76, 77, 78, 94, I37 Brining, Robert I9, lI2, l26 Brown, Carolyn I9, 97 Brown, Torn I9 Buckmaster, David I9 Buncher, Marsha I9, 86, 90, 99, I04 Bybee, Coleen I9 C Caldwell, Bill I9, 97 Callahan, Marcia 20, 76, 77 Campbell, Dale 20, IOI Campbell, John 20, 96 Cannon, Robert 20, II4, IIS, I34, I37 Carlson, Alfreda 20, 86, 90, I03 Carlton, Crerry 20, I24, I34 Carr, Donald 20, II8, I30, I34 Carriere, Rolf 20, 73, 78, 88, I I2 Cates, Tom 20 Catlin, David 20, 76, 78, 88, II4, IIS, I2 Cebert, Judy 20, 76 Chaney, John 20 Christianson, Joyce 2l, 96 Christy, Lyall 2I Clark, Bill 2I Clark, Guy 21, ioi Clay, Carole 2I, 90, 9l, 99, I02 Coffey, Billie 2I, IOS Coffey, Robert 2I, 97 Cokel, Bernard 2I, I0l Colwell, Alice 2I 6. I37 I29, I34 2531 gaycoz g N "1 D- SQQ1 .Q C r 2 V CC I ggi-7 Q -E Conroy, Carole 2I 6? - Cf ' J Cook, Clary 2I 7 1 'ff 4-f Cooper, Mac 2I Craig, Linda 22, 92 Crookham, Judith 22 Crouch, Carol 22, IOS Crouch, Lois 22 Curless, Linda D Cutts, Robert 22 D Dalton, Mike I37 Darneron, Mary 22, 88, 98, Damitz, Larry 22, I37 Daniel, Tom 22, 94 Davidson, Roberta 22 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Davis Bettilee 22 Debbie 22, 77, I00 Dorothy 23, 77, 97 , Janeen 23, 76, 77 , Melinda 23, 98, IOS I06, IO8 Dawson, Sandra 23, IOS Dennison, Michael 23, I07 DeWeese, Catherine 23 DeWitt, Michael 23, 76, 77, 78, 94, I42 Diericks, Cene 23 Doerschuk, Sarah 23 Donovan, Douglas 23 Donovan, Neal 23 Dorsey, Sharon 23, 97 Dougherty, Rita 24 Douglas, Michael 24 Doyle, Laurie 24, 88, I38 Drake, Vicki 24, 92 Duke, Dave 24 Dunbar, Cheryl 24 Dysert, Mike 24 E Eck, Virginia 24,88 Edgar, Bonnie 24, IOS, IO8 Edwards, Don 24, II4, IIS, I29, I34 Egan, Nancy 24, 97 Eik, Marna 24, 76 Elarn, Suzie 2S, 8I A Eldert, Maurice 2S, IOI, I26, l27, IBA Ericson, Darrel 2S, 77 , Ernstein, Terry 25 '. Ezzo, Anthony 2S "-I I - kr! -55 1146 LQ? QED .Q C31 3 Sag ff, 7 D? 'C K. 'Sb Sp I l26, I29, I34, x M f, , x, .K , I E , li '- i .fx il - fa iid' lilx N I ' I ifml 'I fa Erickson, Rebecca 2S,77,92, I02 I B QI, NX it VII it I lf ' i I l I I I If I I It LII r .R ' i M Facklerfl? he 2 98, i .. fl, YR T"-' Nfl ,fa I I J, Q xl KN XX qi? IX f ly arte a itliis fiaf ,I is ,,i A FSI Is Riiiiraa Q , 9I,Nt0S It - Field I Xdyft2m98, IOOI If 'X f I I . L I 5Fields, ertr25 - t fi , S S i Qprsh, XretheaN is so, aaxboba,-99 I V, IX . .X Iishdgf-xqgtii-,2gQfl,IBO ' ' I N l FIIAlI26I7' 'X DUE Bn roSf4Xwiiiia-m'2elI " 11" I a ' 1 . Fitdh aitilick Geese. 26 'JI U , A I , E MX i X I 3 , ,, Pl Eoust, Marilyn 26? I -' ' I , I l Franey,Prue 26 IQ . lf" ll 'NK N i Frank, Ronnie 26,5 , U ' Freeman, Dixie 2 ' if ,f Fretueg, Carol 26, 92, I38 'A Gaffney, Sharon 26, 83 ' Galloway, Terry 27 r v Gardner, Charles 27 I Ciattermeir, Paul 27, 77, I245"N 214i G ig ti, ,BBB ilfil XIQI iii' Ciensini, Jeannine 27, 88, l3B,BI38 Us Gerard, Cheryl 27 Geske, Sheila 27 Gilbronson, Alan 27 Glaclfelter, Teresa 27, 105 Glendening, Martha 27, 98 Goedeke, Dave 27 Gonzales, Erlinda 27, 97, 98 Goodman, Mary 27, 76 Guenther, Constance 28, 105, 108 Guenther, Roland 28 Gutierrez, Dolores 28, 97, 98, 105 H Hamilton, Maurice 28, 90, 91, 102, 103, 109 Hanger, Paul 28 Hanson, Constance 28 Hare, John 28, 105 Harmon, Nancy 28 Harris, Rita 28, 88, 105 Harris, Robert 28, 97 Hatfield, Rex 28 Hawkins, Robert 28, 96, 129 Hendricks, David 29, 103, 109, 114, 115, 134, 137 Hendrix, Jim 29, 96 Hendryx, Helen 29 Henning, Connie 29, 76, 77, 90, 122, 135, 138, 142 Henning, Richard 29 Henry, Karen 29 Hicks, Judy 29, 99, 101, 135 Higareda, Victoria 29, 97, 98, 100 l-light, Joyce 29 Hilgenberg, Torn 29, 94, 114, 115, 126, 134 l-lilligoss, Terry 29 Hogan, Phoebe 29, 97 Holmes, Pat 30, 92 Honeyman, Harlan 30 Horkstrom, Kathryn 30, 108 Horn, gjaylord 30, 76, 77, 78, 94, 1 14 Howard, Roy 30 Huff, Charlene 30, 101, 135, 138 Huffaker, Shirley 30 Humphrey, Carol 30 Hussey, Mike 30 J Jackson, Terry 30, 94, 130 Jacobson, Ruth 30 - James, Rama 31, 88, 92, 142 Jennings, Barbara 31, 105 Johann, Kristine 31 Johnson Beverly 31, 98 Johnson, David 31, 80, 83, 130, 137 Johnson, Jim 31, 83, 104 Johnson, Joyce 31, 88, 101, 135 Johnson, LaVerne 31, 77, 78 Johnson, Marian 31, 98 Johnson, Richard 31, 118, 130, 134 Johnson, Russell 31 SENIOR INDEX L Langdon, Terry 32, 97 Larsen, William 32, 114, 115. 129, 134 Larson, Rebecca 33, 77, 92 Larson, Sam 33, 88, 99, 130, 134 Larson, Sarah 33, 91, 100, 109 Lauerman, Bruce 33, 91, 104, 126 Lawrence, Linda 33 Lawrence, Susan 33, 76, 91, 99 Leasure, Kent 33, 77 Lengh, Robert 33, 76, 90, 91, 99, 129, 134 Leonard, Sharon 33, 98 Lillie, Susan 33 Lindstrom, Dick 33, 108, 126, 130, 137 Lippert, Cynthia 33, 98 Livermore, Lois 34 Lloyd, Eva 34 Lox, Wayne 34, 114, 129, 134 Lozier, Beverly 34 Lundquist, James 34, 94, 129, 142 Lutz, William 34 Lyon, William lDennis1 34 Lyons, Richard 34 Mc McCombs, Joyce 34, 105 McCornack, Robert 34, 104, 109, 134 McCreight, David 34, 90, 99, 102, 104, 107 McCullough, Howard lMickeyl 34, 76, 77, McGee, Roger 35, 96 McGrew, Douglas 35, 77, 78, 100, 129, 137 McKay, Terry 35, 114, 115. 126, 129, 134 McMenimen, Marleen 35, 98, 105 McQueen, Judith 35 M Magnison, William 35, 101 14, 115, 126, 127, 129, I34,Ma2niS0n. James 35 Malcolm, Terry 35 Mallin, Mary 35, 77, 138 Malstrom, Marilyn 35, 138 Mariner, Richard 35, 76, 86, 90, 99, 102 Markland, Margaret Ann 35 Martinez, Lupe 36 Mason, Jerry 36, 101 Matson, Jo 36, 97 Meehan, Rudy 36 Michael, Karen 36, 98, 105 Milan, Michael 36, 101 Miles, Mike 36, 96, 109, 134 Miller, Deanna 36, 90, 92, 97, 104 Mills, Gary 36, 101 Mills, Mike 36 Mills, Virginia 36, 122, 142 78, 88 Minteer, Steve 36, 76, 78, 90, 94, 114, 115, 126, 129 4 Mitchell, Linda 37, 101 Monson, Gregg 37, 130 Monzo, Sandra 37, 97 Moore, Judy 37, 96, 104 Moore, Terry 37, 134 Jones, David 31 Jorganson, Ida 32,97 Josephson, Max 32 K Kelly, Dennis 32, 129 Kemmer, John 32 Kendrick, Terry 32 Kern, Jim 32 Klein, Kay 32, 92 Klinck, Willa Dean 32, 105 Kobusch, William 32, 76, 77, 78, 100, 137 La LaBrash, Judith 32 Morgan, Lois 37 Moriarity, Michael 37, 132, 134 Morrisey, Connie 37, 105 Moss, David 37 Muck, Leon 37, 88, 90, 114, 115, 134 N Nelson, Dennis 37, 99, 115, 126, 134 Nelson, Elizabeth 37, 138 Nelson, John 29, 38, 118, 134 Nelson, Marilyn 38, 97 Nelson, Ted 38, 96 Nichola O'Field, s, Connie 38, 97 OI Patricia 38,97 ,JWWW if SENICR inns ' ,ray J , DIS , X yi O NS M er , 7 X Yr! gjedliloe 338 97 W t rand n " ' 10 l05 M' lson, oan , 5 i ' , - 2' di," Olson, Patricia 38 .4 0 49' f 0DSr da EH ' by oarram, Louise 38, ss, l08 Lind :- Jan r- 135 0 Eu I ,Nan ,88,9 , lO4 0- P Q 4 ey, yne 44 page, Lloyd 38 y Swan n, Ji 44, 92 4 0' Palrriar, Alice 38,97 Swa Udv I 0 4 Palmer, John 38, lO2 Swa 1 N CY r 1 80- i '35 - , Palmer, Judy 39 Wa On- Pe 44 Palmer, Ronnie 39, 97 s ld KP 4' 75 I Parke, Robert 39, 99, 112 Web f a r 45 Parrish, Nancy 39, al, 82, 92, l35 o fwee- da 45 Pilcher, Marcy 39 . ' K Pinckney, Sandy 39, 88, 97 V5 T l Plummer, Susan 39 . enneso. e l 45 OO Poison, Rhett 39 Terp , er 4 .26 Porter, Loretta 39, 96 1 Th r, Jud 45. 90, , 4 Potter, Gloria 39 T el, Li 45 04 Price, Connie 39, 82, 97, 106 eoba d, ona , ll4 ll5. Q Price, Richard 39 Thor, onna 2, 97 J Probst, Edward 40, ll4, ll5, l26, l27, l34 T I een, S lga7gl5 A xml l , l , ' in, 'l , , 7 4 fi J. R ur' ' 'ete 5 Tl A l Raaen, Larry 40, l3O I C , ssell Db 3 Raarl, Brenda 40, l08 Tre 1 0.1 ni QP M Reischling, Jim 40, lOl T UOCJ4 . lOO BJ Reuter, Sharon 40, 76, 77, 88, l0G uclcer , l 4, llS, ll8, l29, I34, HZQ X , , Rifjhardgy Kay 40 Tullrt, 46 7 , lO2, l29 1 Eichmond, Jeajn 792 TUFHGF. lla 4 M l ' mx igg, Mary 4 , 7 Eigg, Rita' Suzanne 40, 76, l02 U My WM M 0 iggs, He en 40, 80 , ' Roate, Barry 40,97 UH' Leona 46- 96 P llpxg cP-Q!VWYl- . Roberts, Colleen 40, 76, lOO O95 0.1 Roberts, James 40 3 Q X Roberts, Larry Lee 4l, l05 , y , 77, Robinson, lra 4l, 94, ll4, ll5, l29, l34 ' ' ' Roche, Kathleen 4l, 96 ' 1 Rodgers, Dave 4l, 88 R 46 L Rollins, Ernest lOl PC . Ca ' Rouland, Janet 4l I Vilga Jima 'I 1 Rury, Earl 4l ar ' O n ' Rvberg. Jon 41 , - 9 Samuelson, John 4l, l04 Wallcer,J 46, ll4, ll5, 34 l s m l lO6 QMVQQA Sandberg, lcararr 4l 0 all,B nie 47 6 9-Ax 1 saridborg, Paul 41, 112, 129, 134 irarabkzitky 4 6 ' Sandburg, Lory 4l, lOl, l35 4 , 8, 9l, l , l38 G sarryilla, Priscilla 41, 77, 9l, 92, 9s,E er L35 47 76 - Sauter, Anita 42 Scherer, Douglas 42, l02, ll2, l26 Schlaf, John 42, l02 Scott, Barbara 42, 90, 99, lO4 Seastedt, Susan 42, 97 Sedgwick, Walter 42, IO4 Shively, Donna 42, 98, l35 Sholl, Richard 42 . Shragal, George 42 Simmons, Sue 42, 92, lO2, l38 Simons, Leola 42 Slaughter, Rex 42, 94, ll4, ll5, l26, l34, l42 Smith, Kristine 43, 92 Smith, Loretta 43 Smith, Robert 43 Southwell, Edith Mary 43, 90, 97, 99 Sparks, Theresa 43 Spencer, Val 43 Staff, Linda 43 Stamm, l-loward 43, 75, 77, 78, 90, l30 Standard, Bonnie 43 Stewart, Cary 43 Stewart, Nita 43, l05 Stinson, Helen 43, 77, 88, 90, l08 495. essels, To 4 I esttall, W 47, 88, 90, 9l, l I4, l IS, l l White, Edwa d 47, ll8, l29, 134 willhira, Tam 47, 94, 112, l29, 134 . 9 Williams, Sharon 47 U Williamson, Linda 47 Willson, Kathryn 47,96 Wilmot, Jim 48 g Wilson, Malcolm Douglas 47, IO7 Wilson, Trudy 48 Witherell, Carl 48 Wood, Jim 48 Wood, Larry 48, l29 i Wright, Lyle 48 Wyckoff, Debra 48, 9l, l0'5 Y Young, Mary 48 Z Zahora, Sharon 48, 90, l04, lO9 Zinsmeister, Don 48, l03, lO8 etch, Su 4739 9152390-vcsc 4 f ' f N I -5 if' Y 40.52 v -uf if' I , 2 ei I I s.. 1 ff JK, 1 'R xv ' N 1 V I - - -:wa .. if A Li -:Wg V, ,V Wu! - if ,ffl gm .X1 - -1- A P1 :Ll .B O , X Qu Zfa: Q X X ggi: ,ni We wish to give our sincere thanks to the following business establishments who sponsored pages throughout the book. Anderson Broad Street Florist Bacher's Cleaning Co. Bank of Calesburg Beatrice Foods Co. Benedict Music Co. Berg's TV and Appliance Black Bros. Hardware Boothe Cleaners Breslin's Carpets Brown Specialty Co. Bullis, Horn Insurance Agency Burlington Truck Lines, lnc. Butler Mfg. Co. C. fr E. Super-Valu Grocery Carroll's Book Store Conky's Confection Co. ' The Churchill Chemical Co. Doms Bait Barn fr Sport Shop Ekstrom Plumbing 6' Heating Sales Ellis Jewelers Farmers 6' Mechanics Bank Fashion Bootery Fidelity Federal Savings fr Loan Association First Galesburg National Bank Cr Trust Co. Gale Ward Athletic Goods Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Builder's Supply Co. Coca-Cola Bottling Co.- Electric Supply Co. Glass Co. ' News Agency l Hour Dry Cleaners Halpern's Women's Clothing Hawthorne Drug Co. Hawkinson Mfg. Co. Higgins Dairy Holt Plumbing 5' Heating Howe-Anderson Bakery The Huddle lntra State Telephone Co. J. Cr P. Oil Co. Jack's Supply W. A. Jordan Co. KIine's Department Store Knox Laundry and Dry Cleaners Lagomarcino-Grupe Co. Lindstrom's Records L. A. Linman Insurance Co. Luke's Appliance Mattson-Reynolds Electric McCrew G McGrew Insurance Agency, Inc Mechanics Homestead and Loan Association Merwyn F. Hill, Lake Sanborn Agency Midwest Manufacturing Corporation Northgate Lanes Arthur J. Nyman and Sons, Jewelers P. and M. Accessory Co., lnc. Park Drive Dairy Pittsburgh Plate Class Co. Randell Bus Co. Skrivan Quality Gift Shop Steak 'n Shake Strand Bakery Thomas Plumbing and Heating Wagoner Printing Co. Wertheimer Cattle Co., lnc. Western Zero Locker Wolfsie's Fabric Shop Youngren Plumbers Ni ff J2f 1Uff2fCf"f ff 5VJjivV!rlFQjNMf"FLMJ10J N A pfrjw ,MM ,9,w" J VL WLKMWQW ,M A WL M.w W M 'W WM W5Mg?fpf' wWW Q W M' gsm' M ' Rf we H. JA MMM ,W My M www if W Q54 C-MW' .V W W WSW ff? N ,L ff, A Xgxsiiibimflwfsf mfrwfww ,W 'jpg 'W' vffvff iffilgf? yfjw MZWQJQ Mfza5UQfMQ+1f W WW M J ww 77 CAWX jf MQW gffmhfigffu M MvZ k W ,M Jwyf wel Www ,ZM W2 ,QQ .4 + Wpfjprkgww 'cs - W wvffgg L Qfffk 5523? "1zfg?'m W , Qi fybg W ?9g, x'57f h W WC! fkblaghuzilfwjw 02. .-.- ..., -.A ,.,..,, n ,M-.1 . Wf1,yA5fLuf1'T - M JL ll arp 5 fjwaf HWM , UJYL I ' - Jw ' fax' -7 - C N W 1 A 1- gk ff 5 Q W ,J QQ! f . f Al' ' H 4 . X , ff W3' ' W ay M V, A5645 ' 'E QQGS,-'E ' 0 5 . Q QP Q5 MW , , 4 gtg' .JH-.UQ2 Ivy' .1 -5: P it J' K -.LV F ' I I-fl" - . 111. 1 1 ' .J-'J N X xl x lug! A51 , ,. ik I -V1JJJ. Ay, . L J- . L- 0 1 T' . Vf r X . . , N 'X Aki! .Mrk "J, Vw . 'mill , IC ' , I' - ff H UL- , N X 'f pa' VI XV I ,rv ' , V fy . Nh , x IV- x i 1 V 4, my - - - .. ' . , f X ,- ' ' ' ., 1 . M. , , , -' '-"T .I -'7 - J' I I -1 , Y' , 1, ' . ' 'I ,.. V L W ,X -, AJ V V. ,f W f I , . V' 1, 1 I ' ' ' .5 A X W ,1 J . 'f - 1'- .,' x 1 f. '-w - K 'S 2 , ' ft f- A ,J , . I -- .A- A . -. QL, Y , T2 ' 1 X yi E V, Q -' 1 - , , " L! ' I xg " ' A V1 1 . xx W 1 X V , Y 1 . X . . V A ' - H l , 1 1 ' , V - A Q 3 ' ' ,LL 1 T71 , L Q pf vk f H f f y LM Q 4 -' f XP L, 1 I Y bg, K kb lid' 0 k K rv 0 ' if , lx." I iff, W, P ' "1 UU: : 'f7'i1':A ,1w' I., 'MXL ' J Xb ' mf' JL-1 v 'I' QL J fx U11 .s ' ,tr ,l WL' L- X' W1 - L Q I 'q , z UM f -,fx - gbkff. 1 " ff f Q ' Y XJ' 'if D. XJ bm n I-. A f -. "yi A 'I .. ,MMI '. v' til I' XA I' "2 'T' W L, , , V xmvsrf , MULSU- 2 .1 7 A I n eu , . kxxfwlxfx- U I. sl fi L t 1 1, ' :fx I 1 AI, kv ' A ,EQ E '!Rfw5i'15Lr QMW f 'fC'M YV , A f LX I . ,y Q I m igh' H xx ,vlw In I . , ffl? ' 'l-AQKVBUI 5 ' LU A , ff' 1 'wx-H 'VX 'I ,XJ 'f .- .., . rj, U' .A ASL X W " W . , 'W' x . 72 g D , xv . . A K xx, . E ' I x .fi 1' A IL! I U fiklwlllvr bf ll? X Q L V 'A - I ' J' . ' A . , . L. if fl X V W! " , x - S N Q .I .I 'H ' V V In ,I Q-'JU' X721 1 I 5 . 'am' V J fffxr f 9 if - f f , Q! 4 .X 5" pf'k" f , 0 " ' AA "i ,f s KW :Aff "I, U 144' i A ' .. J V , ,f V A ff, V , ' F 3 ' W ' -P ' ' , ' af' 1 -1 AX si ' f .,wy lk -E Eel, , ., Hifi. E qua X, v 15 6 ' gf ,m 1' Y 0 TH MI? I eff!! WVVVAUV '

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