Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL)

 - Class of 1956

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Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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E 5 5 fi 5 1 ffl S S 1. K ,IE 2 54 U ii 1, AI f fi X ,Q 25 as fi 2 2 f- Q, Qi 52 ai E5 55 3 fe .W 5 3 ws Q E Q 2 s. E 3 Y E2 E ii E .2 gn E22 3 R? E ,Q S 12 5-f 25 E i Q a Q 3 i E 2 ai ,i 5 ii IL ,ff""4 H. ----1" w ij -Q The publications department of Galesburg Senior I-Iigh School presents the e F I e c t o r 1906 FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY EDITION 1956 EW Co-EDITORS SUE BROWN KAY KETZLE ADVISOR WAYNE McCORMICK GR TH E past fifty years it has been the policy at Galesburg High to provide for a school yearbook. The purpose of this book is to present to you, the students, the life at GHS in form of words and pictures. Confined Within its covers are memories of the happiest times of our lives, our high school days. Found in its pages are reminders of the hectic, fun-living, Wonderfully spirited days of our youth, days We can never relive except through reminiscence. With a flick of the Wrist We can recall the fabulous night of our first formal dance, the excitement of a Homecoming victory, the feeling of loyalty and co-operation as We rehearsed for a school production, the disappointment of a tournament we almost but not quite Won, or the serious splendor of the ultimatum of our last twelve years, Commencement. lt is the particular purpose of this book, Which marks our fiftieth anniversary to give you a resume of not only this year, but also a glance into the past fifty years, and to illustrate the development and advancement of the Reflector from that first paper-covered annual to the yearbook we now know. We have attempted to insert into this book the outstanding spirit that prevailed at GHS this year. We hope that looking over the past year Will be a pleasant and delightful experience for you. And now, without further adieu, We present to you, students and faculty. alike, the fiftieth anniversary edition of the REFLECTOR. EUNIINIS DEDICATICN ......... ACADEMIC ........ ACTIVITIES ....... ATHLETICS ......... INDEX .............,........ ADVERTISEMENTS II E- 5 at ' a if-U1 LL Lusk, i .FW 5 Q9 I: rw 'Z E5 we xx' Q 'OF TJWK 231 3? 3 . M,,!m - f wr urnunnum 5 . . . lt seems both fitting and proper to dedicate this issue oi THE REFLECTOR to the basketball heroes ot l956, The Silver Streaks. Never before in the history ot our school has a team ended a season with such a brilliant record. --Yet, tar more important than the won and lost record ot the team were the individuals that made up the team.-Each boy a gentlemaneand each boy a scholar-and each working together endeared themselves in the hearts of all Galesburg. To the team and coach lohn Thiel, THE REFLECTOR, volume number titty, is greattully dedicated. How l: Tom Wilsoii, Ray Young, Russ Liud, Coach lohri Thiel, Mike Owens, Bill Grari g I Odell Row Z: Stan Strader, Larry Ruggles, E. Kimbrough, Al Williams, Bob lunkin, Bob Do gl A Kimbrough, Don Witrrier, Larry Stotts Seated: Margo Vitale, Carol West, Sandy Brown Seated: Sandy Marshall, Susan Davis, Betty Fisk Standing: ludy Anderson, Mary lo Ostrurn, Iucly Standing: Ianet Meyer, ludy Schaiei, Sharon Iohn- lohnson, Connie Schirnmel son -v Seated: Suzie Streedain, Kay Larsen, Sandy Soderguist Standing: Ieanette lensen, Rodney Sherman, Roger Wyatt, Betsy Thompson Seated: lune Elliott, Donna Gullickson, Darlene Vogel Seated: Mary Fenelon, lo Hawlcinson, loyce Stover Standing: Elaine Lindberg, Betty Lingwall, Kenlyn Standing: Carol Brockway, Nancy Alderson, Ann Windisch, Sylvia Willets I-linchrnan, Phoebe Lohrnar .b iff! iii? -as lHl Illilltlllll To relive our school year for us is the main purpose of our year- book, the REFLECTOR. It is a record of students, teachers, events, and clubs at GHS. Under the direction of Mr. Wayne McCormick, the REFLECTOR staff summarizes and condenses the entire year and makes it available to us in book form. Much preparation and "elbow grease" goes into this tidy little package. The staff is selected at the beginning of the year from students expressing a desire to serve. Large portions of their time and efforts are devoted to each individual task which contributes to the publication. The greatest satisfaction is theirs when at last they receive the final product, the HEFLECTOR. U , , If , -i., v f , fa V . , il I :EI -: ::1 ., . j my if S X' L . :.,.' N .. 9' fy Q, Sub-edi tors: K. Lowe, L. Scderquist, B. Be-llis, I. Shafer, M. VJall1ck, I. Baker, Bill Pearson Emi iff, QQ afternoon scrimmage at Lombard na' preparing for the big night criticism is he-lpful so-lo you can't hear it 1119 H119-1111 CI9fT1I1CIpL1IlC'hY look ff1111ilie1? IIIUA-'Y the press rickety hit 'ern rickety hit 'ern rickety ree in the knee! rickety rass in the other knee!" nothing like a coke chip, chin, chip I'm forever blowing bubbles M1 Viv +0 W ,,.f 'si' "K jus1 anmher Monday l"'1CII1lIlG vauqht red-handed i w x ' X ,Mf-E+ 1 C .Z I ml fx ,ll ' Q ' N "-"-1+- . J jx fx. 'LL yr pi-ffvxifgf N-?- digg: Y' HZ ill W xx 'S ' if QL m W'V E v Z ,QL Lx , V I ' Q Q SM fx N" 'E 515 ea ly Q an Ei A AQ'! Z W' is "l M XA Z V 55 1 ix A7 xfx dm ld AQ zdxi QE f H N ' X- M K 'X Xxwfj bf X1 ' v X xo 1 X A w A X E' KT?-NX 'N N wh IQ 2 S f if 'g ,wiiffig 9 i . v i X If 1 4 m f " V "' X f i U2 i XX x , 5. 4 - O 1 X .Cx 0 , f ' 51-4 '-l?L.1,1, ' ww lg 5 ff we X :fp ? f f QQ , 1 0 W7 X J X f f go y ' LJ J WJ X X ECB . -0 - f X ' 01 5 'I 7 ff f J I iuxm Q-XZ aR,2 a1' 552 r li 1 ! f 57 2' if X 5 X 1 Fr- Aii, -N A-N !'x . E3 fg J Egg, - ,--, J W ' 1:5-2 R M-tt S f x Eg i lHt 3lNIHH HHSS It is not until he receives his diploma that the senior realizes he has spent his last days at GHS. The first football game, Russ presides Mary MacDonald, Walter Griffith, loyce Schafer losing his Way in the halls, the Spring promfeall seem like yesterday to him. Even though he has chosen his college or vocation, he never really believed this day would come. He pauses a moment . . . then goes out to meet the world. BAKER, SHAREN Feminine, Versatile BALLEW, HM Brilliant, Aqreeable BANKS, MERLE Interested, Passive BARASH, BARRY Masterful, W'itty BARNSTEAD, BARBARA Enthusiastic, Sincere BARTON, MARY Earnest, Vtlorthwltile BAUGHMAN, PHYLLIS Mild, Willitiq BEAN, BETTY Ouiet, Definite BEAUCHAMP, MADA Meritorious, Refined l7 ADAMS, BETTY Silent, Sweet ALLEN, BERT Athletic, Likealsle ALLEN, CHARLES Carefree, Clarinctist , ALLEN, MARY LOU lovial, Vivacious ANDERSON, ELAlNE Charming, Reliable ANDERSON, NED Hot Rodder, Calm G Collected ASCENSION, BEN Calculable, Independent ASHDOWN, TANET Gay, Stuclious BAKER, NANCY Eager, Friendly BEAUOHAMP, MARY Refined, Meritorious BELLIS, BARBARA Considerate, lolly BENSON, DONNA Alert, Elfish BIORKMAN, WALTER Ouiet, Agricultural BLAINE, BILL Diligent, lndependent BL AKEWELL, IANET Fun-loving, Agree-able BLlXT, SHARON Kind, Dutiful BOGARD, ELEANOR Active, Alluring BRADLY, BOB Mischievous, Definite BRADLEY, WAYNE Trustworthy, Quiet BRAMLETT, IOAN Thoughtful, Polite BRIGGS, BILL Clever, Sinvere BRODlNE, LOUISE Pleasant, Determined BRODRICK, MARLENE Carefree, Laughing BROWN, BARBARA Sparkling, Spirited BROWN, SANDRA lnclustrious, Magnetic BROWN, SUE Original, Blithe BRYANT, BlLL Moderate, Sure CARLTON, IODINE Loyal, Sincere CARMITCHEL, BRUCE Businesslike, Keen CARNS, lACK Boisterious, Active CEBERT, DEANA Cute, Pluclcy CEBERT, DlAN Plucky, Cute CEDEROTH, LARRY Candid, Controversial CLARK, CHARLES Uarinq, ldcal CLARK, MARY Relite, Pleasant CLARK, RUTH ANN Beistercus, Genial BUNCH, ELLIS Nifty, Carefree BURGER, CAROLE Cornical, True BURGLAND, BETTY Lively, Aquatic BURRELL, HM Loyal, lirdependent BURTON, CAROL Amiable, Obliqinq BYLAND, DONNA Mischievous, Carefree CALKINS, ELI Friendly, Calm CARLSON, RICHARD Handsome, Adventurous CARLSON, PHYLLIS Diqnified, Sweet COCI-IRAN, BETTY Earnest, Cute CONNER, CONNIE Petite, Particular CONRAD, SHIRLEY Undecided, Fun-loving COOPER, PATRICIA Inspired, Colossal COURSON, RONALD Mannerly, Pleasing COZAD, ROCI-IELLE Observant, Friendly CRAWFORD, SHARON Calm, Apprecietive CROSS, FRANCES Confident, Cute CROSS, RODGER Seaworthy, Snappy at ,Nfwzvsd , ..., A , Wag:- .r ., CROUCH, IACK Happy, Dependable CURRAN, MIKE Scientific, Vtfise CURRY, DOUGLAS Friendly, Considerate CURTISS, RONNIE Discerninq, Musical DANIELS, CONNIE Loyal, Energetic DAWSON, MAXINE Respectalvle, Devoted DEAL, MARILYN Quiet, Determined DEATI-IERAGE, BETTY Industrious, Deservinq DE VENA, MARILYN Sweet, Gentle DUNLEVEY, MARILYN Neat, Sincere DUTTON, DONALD Ouiet, Vfitty DYKEMAN, BRADFORD Constant, Thoughtful EAVES, CHARLOTTE Congenial, Artistic EAVES, IANICE Gay, Polite EINSPAI-IR, ROSALIE Decided, Thorough ELLIOTT, IUNE Petite, Lively ELLISON, VALERIA Interesting, Attractive ENGLUND, LONNIE Genteel, Capable DE WITT, ELEANOR Dutitul, Kind DODGE, CHARLOTTE Neigliborly, Grateful DONALDSON, IEANETTE Friendly, Agreeable DONNOLLY, ROBERT Frank, Helpful DONOVAN, DE ANN Oueenly, Charming DOUGLAS, ROBERT Certain, Intelligent DOWNEY, DIANA Patient, Thoughtful DRESS, IANET Refreshing, Cordial DUFF, WALLACE Musical, Brilliant ERICKSON, DIANE Artistic, Festive ERICSON, KENT Adventurous, Dauntless ERWIN, IOI-IN Celestial, Cute EVANS, TERRY Iovial, Friendly EWING, NANCY Carefree, Smiling FIELDS, RONALD Vtforkinq, Loyal FIFIELD, IACOUELINE Innocent, Gay FISHER, IOYCE Riotous, Loyal FITCHPATRICK, BILL Relaxed, Easy Going FLAHERTY, IOI-IN "Today", Witty FLESHER, SANDRA Maqnetic, ,Talented FOSTER, VIRGINIA Earnest, Happy FOX, SAM Light-hearted, Dashing FRAMPTON, CAROL SUE Efficient, Helpful FRENCH, LARRY Sincere, Obeclient FRIEND, DAVID Rliythrnical, Athletic FRIESEN, MARGARET Learned, Gentle FRONIABARGER, EDGAR Talkative, Iovial GOODLOW, MARY IEAN Clever, Miscliievous GRADY, IAMES Culm, Eriterprismq GRAHAM, KEITH Liqlithearted, Diliqem GRANNING, BILL Scholastical, Outstanding GRANT, DGRGTHY Quiet, Laudable GREEN, GEORGANNA Pretty, Fun loviiiq GRIEEITH, RICHARD Clever, Reasonable GRIEFITH, WALTER Agricultural, Original GRGVER, CAROL ELLEN Polite, Demure GABBERT, GLENN Reserved, Corisiderate GAREIELD, DIXIE Hearty, Clever GEGRGE, ED Foot-loose GILBERT, ANNA Devoted, Cheerful GILBERT, CHARLES Controversial, Tcasinq GITTINGS, IACQUILYN Intricate, Faithful GITTINGS, IEANNE Faithful, Intricate GOAD, KENNETH Devoted, Crooner GGEDEKE, IOANN Iovial, Able GULLICKSON, DONNA Sporty, Gracious GUN N , IEANA Tom's Sister GUN N , THOMAS Ieana's Brother GUTMAN, RUDOLPH Handy, Appealing HARE, ROBERT Moderate, Bold HARKNESS, IERRY Manly, Sympathetic HARPER, DORAGRACE Vigorous, Cheery HARRIS, DON industrious, Agile HARRIS, MARILYN Carefree, Dauntless HARRIS, 'VVANDA Observant, Reliable HARVEY, GARY Brilliant, Splitter HARTMAN, ROBERT Nice, Good-looking HASSELBACKER, SARAH Reserved, Blonde HEALEY, GERALD Friendly, Mannerly HELLER, LARRY Bold, Dynamic HELLER, NANCY Athletic, Active HEMPFING, GEORGE Knowing, Likeable HENDRICKS, LAWRENCE Viqilent, Humane HUSSEY, lON Helpful, Happy IMEL, MARGO Affable, Curious INGLE, EUGENE Agricultural, Rustic INGLES, TERRY Handy, Efficient IAMISON, REX Restless, Hazy IOHNSON, ALLEN Dynamic, Promising IOHNSON, FRED Agricultural, Different IOHNSON, GARY Agrarian, Agree-able lOl-INSON, RICHARD Manly, Dashing HIATT, DONALD Laudable, Agricultural HICKS, TERRY Refined, Cordial HILLIER, GEORGE Handsome, ldeal HlX, IEAN Confidante, Interested HTX, SANDRA Brislc, Knowing HOLMES, MARY RUTH lntellectual, Pleasing HOLMES, TERRY Engineering, Sensible HOVIND, MYRON Appealing, Candid HULL, 'VVAYNE Friendly, Up-to-date ,t , D SE PM f Q X IOHNSON, SHARON Pleasant, Ioyous IOHNSON, STEVE Viqorous, lnsidious TONES, LARRY Literal, Awesome TONES, Pl-lYLLlS Debcnair, Reliable IUNKIN, ROBERT Admirable, Duiiful KELLY, COLEAN Kind, Cheerful KELLY, RONALD Aqriculturalisi, Radiant KENNEDY, KAREN Helpful, Mercurial KETZLE, KAY Deservinq, Vivacious KILBY, NELLIE Calm, Nice, lusi KLINCK, K. G. Handsome, Ideal KLING, EARL Wise, Honest, Keen KNOWLES, SANDRA Gay, Sunny, Iolly KRANS, ROBERT ' Erivolous, Lucky LA GROW, MARVIN Mechanical, Masierful LAMOREE, IO ANN Iaunty, Happy-go-lucky LARSEN, KAY Energetic, Dlliqeni LENTZ, CHERYL Aqreeable, Eager LOPEMAN, lAMES Happy, Aclive LOWE, KAY Patient, Thorough LOVVERY, DELORES Helpful, lust LOZIER, HOWARD Faithful, Collected LUNA, IESSE Genuine, Willing LUN DEEN, IOYCE Wholesome, Appreciaiive LUNDOUlST, BETTY IO Poised, Aspiring LUNDQUlST, RICHARD Lilceable, Calm LUTZ, HM Free, Dutiful LE ROY, IANET Easy-going, Lively LE ROY, IEAN Lively, Easy-going LEVINS, BERNARD Lucky, Likeable LIBY, SANDRA Appealing, Gentle LIND, RUSSELL Outstanding, Memorable LTNDBERG, ELAINE Affeciionate, Radiant LINGWALL, BETTY Dependable, lnclustrious LITTLE, WlLLlAM Gentle, Calm LOOKE, ROBERT Conteni, Loyal LYTLE, BARBARA Worthy, Merry MCCUTCHECN, MARY E Promisinq, Devoted MCKAY, MICHAEL Mischievous, Slirewd MCLAREN, CHRISTINE Petite, Gay, Precious MacDONALD, MARY Persistant, Reliable MALSTRCM, GORDON Spirited, Steadfast MARANVILLE, RICHARD Unassurninq, Fearless MEDINA, PAUL lust, Frank MERFEN, NADINE LLEN Careful, Economical MERIWETHER, IACKE Enterprisinq, Resourceiul MEYER, MARGARET Cooperative, Earnest MEYER, PETER Curious, Class-cut-11, MILLER, LUCINDA Considerate, Atiectionate MILLER, NOLA Praised, Reasonable MILLIGAN, RUBY Willful, Affabie MITCHELL, GARY Easy-qoinq, Genteel MITCHELL, SHIRLEY Pleasant, Determined MCDGLIN, IAY Iaunty, 'Whimsical NELSON, lACK Hardy, Candid NEWKlRK, BARBARA Small, Cute NICKAS, HELEN Iovial, Constant NOECKER, MARY IEAN Accomplished, Reliable NOLAN, TED Restless, Cynical NORDGREN, ROLLIN Eager, Controversial NORDSTROM, RlTA Happy, lust NORMAN, lUDlTH Kind, Gentle ODELL, IERRY Amiable, Honest, Loyal MONTGOMERY, MARYLINN Audacious, Cooperative MORIARITY, PATRlClA Refreshing, Merry MORROW, CHARLES Eager, Willful MOTZ, BARBARA Small, Gay MUELDER, MARCIA Outstanding, Scholastical MURDOCK, NANCY Calm, Sure, lust MYERS, PATSY Amazing, Mysterious NElCE, EDWIN Reflective, Whimsical NELSON, ELLIOTT Agrarian, Collected ' OLSON, NANCY Curious, Content PATTERSON, SHIRLEY Sincere, Energetic PAUL, PIIYLLIS Thouqhiful, Discerninq PAULSGROVE, IOANN Kind, Helpful PAVEL, IOAN Patient, Cordial PEARSON, BILL Original, Amazing PEEL, IACK Brisk, Earnesi PERRIGO, GEORGE Loyal, Daring PETERSON, GWEN Nice, Deliqhiful l I . . ,,.em,i-uns-1-1. . . v., , PETERSON, ROGER CaIni, Credulous PETTIT, DONALD Brilliant, Genieel PLUIVIIVIER, CARABETH Cheery, Courteous POWELL, WILLIAM Boisierous, Active PRICE, DIXIE Sensible, Spiriied PRICE, ESTI-IER Small, Gracious PRICE, KENNETH Resiless, Free PULLEY, PHYLLIS Crisp, Iaculeiive QUINN, FRANCES Eager, Conqenial ' ROBERTSON, CAROL Aqreeable, Calm ROBERTSON, lANlCE Bensllole, Capable ROGERS, FRANK Lucky, Collected ROSENBERG, WlLLlAM Gigantic, Greqarmus ROSENBERRY, IOAN Silent, Sweet RUBlSON, PRED Helpful, Carefree RULAND, BARBARA Cfracious, Devoted RYAN, SANDRA Content, Kinrl RYDEN, DONNA Serene, Charming RALSTON, lOYCE Efficient, lnxiocenf REIBER, VIRC-1lNlA Fiery, Fun RICHARDSON, PAT Vfistful, Emotional RIGGS THOMAS Concise, Candid RlLlNG, ROSE lVlARlE Cheerful, lust ROACH, BARBARA Economical, Devoted ROACH, DON Appealing, Keen ROBERSON, IOE Lively, Athletic ROBERTS, DONALD Loyal, Mechanical , , , , , , RYLANDER, CONNIE Efficient, Benign SCHAFER, IOYCE Sincere, Mirthtul SEDGIVVICK, ION Easy-going, Steadfast SEIBERT, NICK Deliberate, Certain SHAW, CECILE Small, Kind, Silent SHRAGAI., OSCAR Unassuminq, Collected SHUMAN, SYDNEY Vivacious, Allurinq SIMKINS, SHARON Energetic, Dependable SIMMONS, ROBERT Businesslike, Moderate ff if SMITH, ANN Reliable, Accomplished SMITH, BRENTLEY Musical, Certain SMITH, PAT Small, Cute SMIDER, MICHAEL Restless, Calm SODERQUIST, LINDA Sincere, Aspiring SOPHER, STAN Mocleraie, Laudable SPELLMAN, IOHN Aqriculturalist, Williiiq SPILMAN, IUDY Likeable, Consideratc STEVENS, IIM Sterling, Eager SVVANSON, RUTH ANN Captivatinq, lust SWARD, lOl-IN Resourceful, Wise SWEDLUND, IOYCE Eiiicie nt, Respectful TAYLOR, DON Calni, Aqreeable TAYLOR, KEITH Crooner, Noble TEMPLETON, HARVEY Consistent, Nice THOMPSON, ANNE Ouiet, Reserved THOMPSON, NANCY Moderate, Sweet TINGLEY, IEAN Aqleealsle, Willful STEWART, IOAN Economical, Helpful STONEKTNG, lACK Enterprisinq, Logical STOTTS, LARRY Deservinq, Promising STREEDAIN, SUZANNE Praisinq, Loyal SUNDELL, ROBERT Aquatic, Certain SWANSON, EDWARD Energetic, interested SWANSON, KENNETH interested, Frank SWANSON, MARY ANN Consideiate, Quiet SWANSON, PHlL Genteel, Thoughtful TOLLER, GARY Natural, Reasonable TUCKER, DONOVAN Musical, Talented TUCKER, IOEL Handy, Eager UNDERWOOD, SHIRLEY Capable, Content UPFELMAN, LARRY Honest, Reflective VANClL, GARY Cooperative, lnterestl cg VVAGHER, DARLENE Silent, Friendly WALKER, DOROTHY Energetic, Valuable WALLICK, MARIAM Cordtal, Memorable WATT, lOl-IN Agricul turallst VVATTERS, NORMA Content, Devoted TVVRAVER, DON Deservinq, Maste rtul VVEEDMAN, RUTH ANN Patient, Gay WEIDENHAMER, IOHN Businesslilce, lust VVENSTROM, LARRY Mischievous, Faultless ' WESSELS, RUTH Attractive, Kindly VVEST, CAROL Vtforthwhile, Earnest VV'HlMPEY, RUTH ANN lolly, Faithful WILSON, TOM Striking, Faultless WINDISCH, KENLYN Fun, Desirinq WOODS, GENIVE Capable, Vtfillir-q WORLEY, DONALD Handsome, Blithe WUNDERLICK, GRETA Nice, Kind, Gentle WYATT, ROGER Available, Different YOUNG, RAY Friendly, Dutiful YOUNGREN, NANCY Eeniqn, Content WHITE, BILLIE ANN Willing, Cheerful WHITE, DAVID Brilliant, Understanding WHITE, MERCEDES Pleasant, Determined WHITE, RICHARD Helpful, Moderate 'WI-IITE, SHARON Dauntless, Aifable WHITTLESEY, MARTHA Knowing, Calm WIGN ALL, DEAN Unexcelled, Sandy WILLIAMS, CHARLES Managing, Efficient WILLIAMSON, DEANNA Small, Sure, lust i JHNIUH ElHSS. ROW 1 Adams, Barbara, Anderson, Burl, Anderson, ludy, Anderson, Robert, Ander son, Sandra, Baker, loanne, Baker, William, Barber, Carol ROW 2 Basham, Charles, Beasley, Bill, Beasley, Ronald, Billups, ludy, Brewer, loe Broderick, Raymond, Broderick, Richard, Brown, Barbara ROW 3 Brown, lerry, Brown, Kenneth, Burger, Mike, Campbell, lerry, Cannon, lan Charlson, Kay, Carley, Cherrill, Carlson, Bonnie A ROW 4 Carlton, Sandra, Carr, Nancy, Carson, Lynn, Cawkins, Sandra, Cecil, Stella Cervantez, Rachel, Chaney, Donna, Cherrinqton, lames ROW 5 Coe, Patricia, Coiiey, Phyllis, Collinqnon, Bill, Collinson, Helen, Conner, loan. Copeland, Sandra, Courson, loyce, Crittenden, Norman ROW 1 Crouch, Kenneth, Currens, Wayne, Dagen, Kay, Daley, lames, Davis, Charles Davis, Donnie, Davis, loyce, Davis, Susan ROW 2 Dawson, Michael, Deatherage, Laura, Deatherage, Terry, Delaynes, Harvey Dennis, Wayne, DeWaele, Walter, DeWeese, loan, Dickerson, Richard ROW 3 Dodge, Kay, Doom, loe, Douglas, Barbara, Douglas, Sandra, Downard, Dor othy, Drake, Becky, Drinkall, Keith, Duffy, Connie ROW 4 Duncan, Howard, Dutton, Alvaree, DuVall, Thomas, Dyer, Dorothy, Earley Rollie, Easley, lack, Eaves, Robert, Eck, Beverly ROW 5 Eck, Roslyn, Eftland, Robert, Emery, loyce, Emery, Richard, Ensley, Michael Enz, Carol, Erickson, Philip, Eskridge, Ronald SET! L A SS ,,'FY'Zi,Z,Q V 153352 SME ' 1 ' X 4' H 1 1 1 ROW 1 Ewing, Dorothy: Fash, Carolyn: Faust, Allen: Fenelon, Mary: Fiacco, Dominic Fields, Mike: Finch, Nancy: Findahl, Harriet ROW 2 Fisk, Betty: Foutch, lesse: Franklin, Diane: French, Wanda: Friend, Sharon Fuller, Raymond: Galyean, Preston: Garrison, Gerald ROW 3 Gaston, Robert: German, Gary: Gillenwater, Donald: Godsil, loan: Goodwin Gregory: Griffith, Pat: Gosclaude, Dennis: Grossman, Harry ROW 4 Guenther, David: Gunther, Pamela: Gustafson, Lois: Hall, Cecil: Hallstrom Wayne: Hambrecht, Terry: Hamilton, Andrew: Haneqhan, Carl ROW 5 Harris, Esterlene: Hart, lack: Hartman, Sharon: Harch, Robert: Hawlcinson, lo: Hayenja, Marlene: Haynes, Nancy: Heller, Robert ROW 1 Hess, Charles, Hiclcok, Marsha, Hiles, Patricia, Hillman, Franklin, Hinchman Ann, Hix, Ellen, Hoffman, Bobert, Holcomb, Carolyn ROW 2 Holmes, Evelyn, Horlcstrom, Bonald, Horst, Melvin, Housh, Bobert, Houstan Alix, Hroziencik, Betty, Huddle, Bobert, Hudson, Terry ROW 3 Huffman, David, Humphrey, Sharon, Hunnicutt, Loren, Inness, lane, Iverson Bryce, lacobson, Barbara, Iensen, Ieanette, Iohansen, Lynn ROW 4 Iohnson, Craiq, Iohnson, Donna, lohnson, Florence, lohnson, ludy, Iohnson Loretta, Iohnson, Marcella, Ichnson, Marjorie, lohnson, Mary ROW 5 lohnson, Nadine, Iohnson, Nancy, lohnson, Theodore, lohnson, Vicki, Iohn ston, Boberta, lones, Barbara, lones, Milton, lones, Phyllis, lordan, Bobert . ' - 3' ffm' 7 'fwlwafmvamxailxif Q gain-MMM ,., . spy, ww- W- Us ROW 1 Kaletsch, Mary: Kalin, Sharon: Kane, Violet: Kelsey, Carol: Kennedy, Gary Kensel, Richard: Kidder, Nancy: Kilpatrick, Forrest ROW 2 Kimbrough, Elbert: Kimbrough, Laura: Kinietz, Rosalie: Kness, Mary Lou Krans, Linda: Langdon, Barbara: Lannholrn, Alan: Larsen, Ronald ROW 3 Larson, Stuart: Lavely, Nancy: Law, Linda: Lawson, Marlene: Leaf, Larry: Lee Darlene: Lee, Doris: Leighton, Virginia ROW 4 Leinbach, lulia: Leonard, Robert: Likes, lack: Lindquist, David: Lingwall Robert: Lohrnar, Phoebe: Lohrnar, Phyllis: Longcar, Eva ROW 5 Lopez, loseph: Luker, Stanton: Luxrnore, Betty: McDorman, Iunior: McGraw Beverly: lVlcGritf, George: McLean, Darlene: McPherrin, Iudy ROW l Mackey, Margaret, Magnison, Madoline, Magnuson, Fred, Mallender, Sharon Marshall, lo Ann, Martin, Larry, Martinson, loanne, Marvel, Suzanne ROW 2 Mathers, loanne, Mathers, Larry, Mathers, Sally, Mathias, Billy, Melton, Sue Milan, Thomas, Miller, Barbara, Miller, Claudia ROW 3 Miller, Helen, Miller, Stanley, Milligan, Ruth, Mills, Mary Ann, Mitchell, Iudy Moloerg, Larry, Monroe, Donna, Moore, Anita ROW 4 Moore, lanet, Munson, Charles, Myers, Mary, Neave, Nancy, Neave, Sharyl, Nelson, Beverly, Nelson, Gerald, Nelson, lanet ROW 5 Newcomer, Pat, Newlon, Neil, Norton, Bose Marie, Olson, Diana, O'Nion, Sharon, Gstrom, Mary, Page, Linda, Pappmeier, Bill f lmgziem, ,,.,m:sss A , if 1 nfgzfhan., 1' ,,...1..,L . 5 ,mmm M, ,,,,,. ww ' 1 ROW 1 Parks, loyce, Pattison, Patty, Peterson, Barbara, Phillips, William, Plummer Dorothy, Pontitex, ludy, Pottcrt, Dorene, Poulson, Ruth Ann ROW 2 Prewitt, Marion, Priest, Suzanne, Purchase, Christine, Ransom, Donald, Ray mond, Robert, Reed, Dianna, Rhodes, Ruby, Richardson, Ruth ROW 3 Rider, lim, Riley, Marlene, Riner, Larry, Rippel, Lorette, Rissing, Miriam Roach, Kenneth, Root, lanice ROW 4 Rosine, David, Rowe, Bruce, Rowe, Marlene, Russell, Shirley, Sage, Daniel Sandborg, George, Sandburg, Karlene, Schantz, Sara ROW 5 Scherer, Terry, Schondelmayer, lody, Schultz, Kathleen, Seibert, Martha Shanks, Helen, Sherman, Rodney, Siers, Virginia, Sippel, Larry i ,.f,.r.,,,...... ' W ' ROW 1 Skinner, Maynard, Skrivan, Rita, Smith, lerry, Smith, Linda, Smith, Patricia Smith, Sue, Sorenson, Laurel, Squire, lacqueline ROW 2 Staggs, Howard, Stein, Stuart, Stroops, Terry, Swanson Donna, Swanson Sarry, Swinger, Darla, Taylor, Eunice, Taylor, Richard ROW 3 Teach, ludy, Terpering, Elbert, Thompson, Martha, Toureene, William Tracy, Clitiord, Tracy, Connie, Trent, Larry, Triloley, Myra ROW 4 ' Trout, Edna, Tucker, lames, Turner, lean, Twidwell, Lorena, Vilardo, Patsy Vitale, Margot, Vogel, Tom, Wade, Sally ROW 5 Wagher, Linda, Walker, Ruby, Walker, Virgil, Watson, Patricia, Way, Susan Weaver, Nancy, Weedman, Edward, Weidenhamei', Drusilla 'L , 'NLE ff A': ' vfdf-W JI-'K f ROW 1 Wensirom, Alice: Westfall, Barry, Willeits, Sylvia, Williams, Albert, Williams Linda: Williamson, Roger, Wiseman, Eugene, Vxfitmer, Don ROW 2 Zeio, PatriciagWrigl'1t, Sandra, Youngquist, Frank HIlHHltHHlS Row 1 Adams, Charlotte Adams, luanita Alderson, Nancy Allen, Nancy Allensworth, Sara Allison, Peqqy Alps, Richard Row 2 Anderson, Bill Anderson, Edith Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Neal Anderson, Sandy Andrews, George Ano, Genevieve Row 3 Baqos, Mary Bair, Dean Banks, Dolores Barnes, Lois Barnett, Iohn Barnstead, Baleiqh Barrowman, Larry Row 4 Bartlett, Duncan Barton, Mike Bean, Betty Bettisworth, Denny Beyart, Bob Blaine, Don Boqrad, Virginia Row 5 Boyd, Kenneth Boynton, Terry Bracke-tt, Charolette Bradlord, Iudy Carol Brockway, Carol Sue Brodie, Bill Brooks, Torn Row S Brown, Mike Bruington, Bill Bruinqton, Ted Bryant, Sharon Buchanan, Pat Bunch, Rodney Burton, Marilyn si ,QVX .L 5 r X V ,-: Q f 9 g 3 is 3' li l 4 A M , Fa I fi i Row 7 Calderone, Carol Calkins, Susan Campbell, Marilyn Campbell, Sally Carlson, Betsy Carlson, Pat Carlson, lr., Boy Row 8 Cherrinqton, Ioanne Chesney, Gary Clark Diana Clark, lean Ann Coffey, Connit Coleman, Ola Mae Colver, Gerry 157 F Y 46 if N . f Row 7 Frakes, Dale Frakes, Patricia Franklin, Philip Franseen, I. Willard Freeman, loyce Friday, Mavis Friend, Marlene Row 8 Fuller, lanet Galbreath, Joyce Galloway, William Galusha, Robert Gambell, Suzanne Gard, Ellen Gait, Ruby Row 1 Cook, Bonnie Cossart, Ronald Colton, Lois Cozad, Harold Coziahr, Howard Crouch, Pat Crouch, Wanda Row 2 Crouse, Larry Cunningham, Bob Cunningham, Pat Cunningham, Roger Curren, Wade Currens, Bill Dana, Gary Row 3 Darnell, Robert Davidson, Peggy Davis, Bill Davis, Marilyn Davis, Sydney Dawson, Howard Dawson, Pat Row 4 Decrane, Betty Dickerson, Leah Diesron, le-rry G Dougherty, Helen Dowdy, Marilyn Downey, Nancy Duckwiler, Bob Row 5 Duke, Donna Dykeman, Tuni Eokland, Sandy Egan, Roberta Engman, Richard Ernstein, Bill Evans, Gary Row 6 Farrell, Kay Ferrier, Gary Findahl, Howard Finley, Bill Firsi, Dick Fisher, Alice Florer, Dick Row 1 Gilson, Duane Godsil, Dave Goclsil, Gail Goeqeke, William Good, Kyle Goodale, Michael Goodlow, Helen Row 2 Gordon, Carolle Grady, lack Graflund, David Graham, Larry Grariinq, Robert Green, George Greene, Robert Row 3 Griffith, Bette Griffith, Earlene Griffith, Karen Griffith, Mary Ellen Grimes, William Gustafson, Leonard Hacker, lack Row 4 Haqqenjos, Robert Hall, Richard Hallberq, Mary Hampton, Gary Harding, Sharon Hardy, Garry Harshbarger, Carol Row 5 Hart, David Hasselbacher, Iames Hawkinson, Harold Heady, Gerald Heiman, Geraldine Heiser, Sharon Henderson, Susan Row 6 Hendrickson, Madalyn Hendrickson, Richard Hiatt, Dorothy Louise Hilqenberg, Kaye Hippie, Ann Hogan, Herschel CMontyl Hogan, Roger Row 7 Hollis, Rol Hollis, Sharon W Holst, Annette f Hoots, Ed Horn, Nancy Hoyt, Ethel Hucldle, Dave Row 8 L Huff, Barry Huffman, Sandra Q' 5 if? Huqes, Dean ' " 'Q Hussy, Mike - Isaacson, Robert ,- lackson, Louvenia , P Jackson, Sandra is wx Row 7 McMeen, Gary McPherrin, William McQueen, joel Madigan, Edward Madviq, Wayne Majors, lo Ann Mangieri, Charles Row 8 Marshall, Sandra Martinson, Ieannette Mathews, Pauline May Anne Medina, Ray Mellican, Paul Melton, Palsy Row 1 lacobson, Deanna lennings, Nina johnson, Anne johnson, Cosetta johnson, David johnson, Ioyce johnson, Kendall Row 2 lohnson, Larry johnson, Loran johnson, Robert johnson, Robert johnson, Sharon jolly, Torn jones, Barbara Row 3 Jones. Richard Kelly, Ruth Anne Kennedy, Donald Kimbrough, Nancy King, Patricia Knight, Sonja Knox, Kenneth Row 4 Koski, Cathryn Lackey, Ann Lalfollelte, Crosiar La Grow, ludy Lane, Bill Larkins, Lillian Lester, Richard Row 5 Lieber, judy Lindberg, Bea Line, Tom Little, Karen Lopeman, William Lucas, Fred Luna, lim Row 6 Lundeen, Thomas McBride, Louis McCutcl'ieon, Sheryn Mclfarling, Sonja McGriff, lean McKay, Patrick McKee, Shirline Row 1 lchn Merriman Charles Meyer lanet Meyer William Miles Daniel Miller Edna Miller Gary Miller Row 2 loyce Mills Iudy Minnie El'en Mitchell Cora Sue Monson Gary Moore Glen Moore Robert Moore Row 3 Tina Mae Moore Linda Morrison Charlotte Morse Maurice Morse David Moss Carol Most Barbar Motz Row 4 Allen Neave Barbara Nelson Bruce Nelson .Maribelle Nelson Ronald Nelson Gary Nesbitt William Newbill Row 5 Helen Newton Davie Nichols Ronald Norton Nancy Oakes loyce Ogle Darlene Gverman Amy Painter Row B Iohn Painter Charles Palmer Lewis Palmer loseph Parrneter lames Patton Oscar Patton ludy Pavalat 5 si x sq .W ., .,,. w an v .!'i 6, Ei.: L i , au , ,.:.1 r. in qt n 1 ,,. 5,4 H i-'E-I A 7 lj .,:...:. 3 K . lt aff Iwi? 'V Q ,Wifi vs ,t Row 7 Roger Pearson Elaine Pedigo Tom Pence Dale Peterson Cole Pierce Charlotte Pilcher David Powell Row 8 Marilyn Priest Wallace Prince Marshall Purl Ruby Quinlin Floyd Randolph Wanda Ray Iudy Reed Row 7 Earl Smith Guy Smith Sandy Soderquist Iarnes Sparks larnes Spellrnan y Delbert Sprinkle Dixie St. George Row 8 Ronald Stacker David Stackhouse David Stamm Sharon Stanforth Iudy Stanners Dorothy Starling Ronald Stebor Row 1 Sally Reed Zorina Rennicks Chris Richard Darlene Richardson Kay Rickords Suzanne Ringler Ramona Rios Row 2 Donna Roate Carol Roberts Maxine Rollins Bonnie Rose Joseph Rosenberry Norma Rosenberry Larry Rowe Row 3 Iames Ruggles Parry Ruggles Barbara Rury Sally Rutledge Deanne Ryden Gary Sage Patricia Sage Row 4 Sue Salisbury Edward Sargeant Iudy Schafer Connie Schimmel Larry Schwarz Iohn Selkirk David Severns Row 5 Marylue Shepherd Gary Shively lean Sholl Robert Short lanet Shover Sandra Shragal Lowanda Shreeves Row 6 Barbara Shriber Donna Shriber Rodney Simpkins William Simmons Loretta Sloan Margaret Smith Richard Smith Row l Kirk Stevens Marie Stewart Mervin Stewart Paula Stewart Dick Stinson Helen Stouffer Joyce Stover Row 2 Stanley Strader Bonnie Stronigren lris Sundberg Gary Sundell Eldon Swadley Barbara Swanson Carol Swanson Row 3 Gary Swanson Joyce Swanson Michael Swanson Rex Swanson Tim Sward Iohn Symmonds Christine Taylor Row 4 Margo Templeton Ed Terpening Phillip Theobald Roger Thomas Betsy Thompson Iudith Thompson Nedra Thomson Row 5 Gerald Thoureen Gene Thurman Clifford Tinsley Gary Toller Mary Treadway Roy Trulson Dorothy Tucker Row 6 Dixie Tyer Norma Underwood Willie Unger 5 Susan Van Trump Esmeralda Villarreal Darlene Vogel Edward Walker MQ' Row 7 Beverly Wall Edward Wall lim Wall Delores Warren Bob Washington Mary Ellen Watt Marion Weber Row 8 Kay Weidenhamer Shirley Wessels Tom West Gary Westfall Duane White Roger White Vivian White Row 1 Barbara Whiting Boyd Whitt Karen Wignall Larry Wilcoxen Eldon Gale Wiley Gwen Williams lim Williamson Row 2 Ion Wilmot Selma Wilson Denny Wise Sharon Wood William Woodson Curtis Wright Donna Wyman Row 3 Dale Yeager Iames Youngren Ioan Youngren Iune Bancly Sue Frinstall Dolly Lawson Mike Morrison Row 4 lohn Walters nw' .K ,,..d' wb 'fu fa.. S Mr. Arnold Salisbury 3 'T SlIiiiiaiINllNIllNl Hi SEHHIHS Serving in the capac- ity oi Superintendent of Schools is Mr. Arnold Salisbury. l-le, along with the Board of Education, negotiates with the com- munity to provide an everv improving school system. He is held in high esteem by the entire student body because oi his sincere in- terest in student respon- sibilities and because ot his active participation in school events. HHHHH Hi lIlllEHlIllN Seven men, elected tor terms of three years, make up the school board for District 3205. They Work directly with Mr. Salisbury to promote improvements tor the public schools ot Galesburg. Their duties include selecting teachers, approving the budget, and, at present, working diligently on the proposed new buildings. 53 PHINEIIlHl Mr. Vernon Broaclhead ln his first full year as principal at Galesburg High, Mr. Vernon Broadhead has proved himself to be a conscien- tious and capable leader. His position requires, among other things, consider- able understanding and resolution. l-le is expected to work together with faculty and students in building and maintain- ing good school spirit and harmony. l-le must also take the responsibility of promoting good relationships between the school and the general public. These duties he performs with admirable efficiency. The principal meets wi h senior council IllHN Ht Hlltll Miss Sylvia Ryin To serve as Dean of Girls in a high school, one must have patience and understanding. Miss Sylvia, our Dean, possesses not only these but many more such qualities. Her duties include sponsorship of Girls' Service League and co-sponsorship of Student Council. ln the calm manner by which we know her, she carries out her daily tasks and quite naturally commands the respect of the entire school. lllHN Ht BUYS Mr. William Goodwin Mr. William Goodwin, Dean of Boys at GHS, has been our able and respect- ed leader for the past ten years. He acts as sponsor of Boy's Forum and co-spon- sor of Student Council. His duties are assumed with the confidence and under- standing required of one in his position. His quiet, efficient manner is respected and admired by all who know and Work with hirn. fairies K. " Ellllllllll Miss Ryner, Mr. Hungerford, Mr. Donaldson, Mr. Harshbarger, Miss Stacy, Mr. Swanson Hlllll Slllll Mrs. Damlourq, Mrs. Donaldson, Mrs. Werner Mamas S W .. lNIlHSlHlHl HHlS Mr. Zumwalt, Mr. Hild, Mr. Damer- on, Mr. Darnburq, Mr. Chamber- lain, Mr. Eacott Mr. l-leqq, Mr. Lantz, Mr. Shelton Q. 'I S X ltr c .ir HllMl HIUNUMIES Standing: Miss Youngblood, Miss Noble Seated: Miss Schwarz, Miss Con- nelly Q 'N PHYSIEHl lllUEHlIHN Mrs. Macdonald, Mrs. l-lild, Miss Quads iHNHHHHi Miss Irvine, Miss Anderson, Mr. Turner, Miss Hinchcliff, Mrs. Hog- hiem, Mr. Reuier MHiHiMHHES Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Van Norman, Miss Gates, Mr. Iones SliEIHl Silililii Miss Kainu, Mr. Kusier, Mr. Soper, Mr. Mansaqer, Miss Denny NHHIHHI SllIiNEiS Mr. Bowen, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Whiicornb, Mr. Aitchi- SOI1 ENEHSH Miss Olson, Miss Saaijenqa, Miss Anderson, Mrs. Tarver, Mr. Mc- Cormick, Miss C'Conner 59 ACTIVITIES HJ L f IQ 1- EQN Q Q- ' ix A N - "H I Zi I ,fb S FI -XJ, if KQI 'Q I XIIIILII i I A IxSQI'IIi 'IK WSJ Qs- f 1 Ut? A I i Iizilj J if --IIN , IIMI :IBN IIT I IIIf4IIIII I w I I 1'f'CI'IIIf.II5QIfI I I 4 !I I 1, rp N I I I IINII 1 Q I I...L.1 IvII1IjII'I5QkgXPIIII I-I I 9' I QA V E2 CLIIITIIIEJII I I N' NIJ' -W lII ka I If F6331 MQ ' .1 iii, ,N 'im 1 h .Z-Z' ,- ,-, -V Y , 'P fi- H, nf Q II f ff It 4 L Af MQW f In X X , X ff 1 X M ff! , N Y ff S , Jsfm ZMX J X I A V W XX ffl f X X X XX 599533 fi 7 S X X K , , f Zffx ukxigs dl 1 K XI f I N X fy , X x 4: N7 .056 ' E A f. g5f fff N j K -L wwf! x 1 f 1 Q S N f J ' X Q 'Nix fflwj x W L , xx x-if N 1, H Q-5 I Ejfr K?ixQ Nz X, F mi' Z, N f M l dy K9 Standing: Bill Briggs, Alan lohnson, Tom Gunn, Russ Lind, Bill Graning, Don Roach, KG Klink, Nancy Thompson Rosemarie Riling Seated: Don Worley, Sharen Baker, Dee Donovan, Linda Soder quist, Marcia Muelder, Sandra Flesher, Betty lo Lundquist noon meetings in the library t "lf elected, l will . . These are familiar words as Student Council election time nears. Each advisory elects one representative who is to attend each meet- ing and report back to his advisory the happenings of that meeting. Four members-at-large are elected by the student body who attend meetings and report to the advisories whose members are not present. Many duties rest upon the shoulders of the Stu- dent Council. ln the autumn they sponsor the two- day Homecoming festivities which include the bon- fire, motorcade, and the dance. As snow begins to fall and the Christmas Spirit makes itself evident, Stu- dent Council begins its work on the Christmas F or- mal. VVinter soon leaves and as students begin to get spring fever, Student Council busies itself again planning the Spring Formal. These school programs along with the Student Council fun nights and after- game dance require hard work and planning on the part of the members to insure success. Our Student Council serves as a linkage between the faculty and the student body. lt helps the stu- dents to grow towards a more active intelligent cit- izenship and also provides a means whereby their viewpoints and opinions may be learned by the faculty. When other organizations appeal to Student Council for aid, it readily helps solve any perplexing problem. As in many organizations a need for com- promise often arises, but these matters are usually settled because the students and faculty learn to stand together for important things. J Standing: loan Conner, Dave Lindquist, Bill Toureen, Bruce Rowe, Ann Hinchrnan, Susan Way Seated: ludy Billups, Ruby Milligan, loan DeVV'ee-se, ludy Pontifex, Carol Kelsey, Harry Grossman, Phil Ericson . . . H IlHHElIEHl IHMHEHHEY Standinq: Charlotte Pilsner, Cathryn Koslci, Dick Schnefl, Bill Finley, Gary Dana, Linda Morrison, Doug Mills, Ted Bruington Bob Graninq, Dick First Seated: Sharon Wood, Connie Coffey, Peqqy Allison, Tylco Slireeves, Nedra Tlionipson, David Hart, Dick Stinson T. i. Row lackie Peifield, Mary lo Ostrum, Carol Calderone, Barbara Brown, Sandy Brown, Kay Lowe, Susan Henderson, Nancy Youngren, loyce Swedlund, Maiy Clark, Dixie Price Row 2: gren, Row 3: Stewa Bow 4: Y Mar 64 Ruby Gait, Karen Griffith, Dorothy Plummer, Nancy Downey, Shirley McKee, Phyllis Carlson, Karen Kennedy, Bonnie Strom, Sandy Soderguist, Bonnie Bose, Susie Bingler SlhtlLllT1OlV:CKG9,CdlClEliZ,lLll1l Leinbcch, Mary lean Nceker, leana Cunn, fanet Dress, lo Hawkinscn, ludy Thompson, loan rt Ioane Mathers, Ianet Nelson, Nancy Allen, Sharon White, Linda Soderquist, Carol West, leanette Martinson, Alice Wenstrom, Barton Hllili' Sllilltt llHHlIl 3 WM, lt on some icy Winter night you see a peculiar looking creature making its Way toward G.H.S. A don't be atraid, for it is only a girl decked out tor the G.S.L. Cos- tume Party. This is one oi the many G.S.L. events which provide iun and entertain- ment for the girls at G1-l.S. To help the G.S.L. Christmas project 5 , t this year many students gave "Pennies tor Pablumf' These pennies bought iood tor needy children in toreign countries. The Bed Cross, March oi Dimes, and Disabled Veterans are other organizations greatly helped by G.S.L. in its many worthy pro- jects. At the beginning of the year G.S.L. is introduced to the girls when it presents its annual Grientation Tea and Style Show. Many girls also participate in the talent assembly which is given each year. The Cabinet members who are select- ed in each advisory manage the business and plans of the organization. The new GSL. members are inducted each autumn at an impressive candlelight service: the old members take a pledge ot reaitirma- tion. At this induction the girls are in- structed on the toundations tor a touretold lite which the league strives to develop. These are: clean living, clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean scholar- ship. With these, G.S.L. strives to make a richer and iuller lite in school and come munity tor high school girls. Row l: Howard Duncan, lim l-lasselbacher, Mike Morrison, Dave Stamm, Dick Thompson, Richard Fngman Bow 2: Elis Bunch, Dick lohnson, Dean Bair, Dale Yeager, Chuck Mangieri, Donovan Tucker Bow 3: Ba ry VVestiall, Keith Graham, Bernard Levins, Don Weaver, Tom lolly, Denny Bettiswoith, Roger Thomas Bow 4: lchn Wreidenhammer, Iohn Erwin, Merle Banks, Bob Douglas, Terry Hudson, Rod Sherman, Ken Brown Have you heard about the Boy-ot- the-Month? This is one oi the traditions ot Boys' Forum, the organization tor all boys at GHS. Each boy elected Boy-ot- the-Month has done some outstanding work tor the school, in sports or in some other way. The one main purpose ot BF is to try to stimulate interest in school activi- ties among the boys. They sponsor monthly assemblies tor all the boys in school. Each advisory has a representa- tive in the council so that all members have a part in the organizations work. Membership is acquired in the annual tall drive. Larry French is president ot the organization, while Phil Erickson serves as vice-president, Mike Gwens as secre- tary, and Danny Sage as Treasurer. The officers were elected in the tall by all the boys in school. Sponsoring Boys' Forum is Mr. William Goodwin, dean ot boys. BUYS' HIHHM an ... ' , --,--., , ,.., . I - .-: W X V 13,2 '-"' 1-""' W was , T1 Q ,rfflgf xr. fszkfg . ffffff Y , - ff ., .f ' a, it milf-iii' 5' : ww If S' " X lr' ',..Qr, ff pi- - 'E L 7 f ' . . 4 gf . i,- f ,F mg -:Z H Sita' , , 1. 1 -I was 5 ' m '::E. sf QE: .L 'lfffr 1 me I 5' " Q ' - A . ' T. ' . - ' 2f:",1.l,L'.' ' I " X 5 1' -4 -':E:1 -:' fi. ' ' 'f 5 il F 5 yi ' If? ..., . ff M f xiii N ig A A 2,11 b f M A Q 4555? A " 'V-5 1lQr'N 'M '1 -S gf, E Qi FE H5150 0 W , ..,V L S ss "S F , gm ' W ' fy in M. ,, .5 fi , c. .J Dave Guenther escort, Sharon Wood, Sophomore attendantg Lon Shelton, crown bearer, Dee Donovan, Queeny K. G. Klink, King, Richie Hegg, crown bearer, ludy Billups, lunior attendantg Tom Riggs, escort EHMHX HHH IHHH HlIMlIIHMINH WtlKtNlIt Homecoming! the most traditional time of any high school year, was a brilliant success at GHS. A Week before the festivities, the entire school is in a tizzy voting for the king, queen, and attendants and preparing for the pep rally, assembly, dance, and motorcade. The afternoon before the big game the king and queen of Homecoming are crowned in the most gala assembly of the year. lust before playoff time a gaily bedecked motorcade of cars filled to the brim with enthusiastic stu- dents starts Winding its way toward Lombard Field. Following this is the traditional pep rally complete with a mammouth bonfire. As the seconds tick rapidly by before the starting whistle, a tremendous "Hi-O-SilVerfAway!" is heard and play is begun. On the following night a semi-formal dance is held in Steele Hall which provides the final touch to a perfect Homecoming. Hi-lighting the rnotcrcafle were our Sophomore float, lunior float, and Senior float - 4 1 .. in 4 As Ginger, Sandra Flesher is both football star and glamour girl Hill Hill lllt liINHlH The same old story of, "like father, like son," took a new twist, "like father, like daughter," in our fall play, "Time Out For Ginger." lt involved the typical family of which Ginger was the youngest of three girls, but Ginger added a great deal of spice to the family by being a torn-boy. To the humilia- tion of everyone Ginger Went out for football and made the scrub team. At the most important game of the year, Ginger scored the winning touchdown and much to father's delight became famous overnight. Her father nearly lost his job at the bank, her boyfriend almost quit her, and her sister's love life took a turn for the worse. So Ginger quit football, became a little lady, and life resumed its normal pace. THE CAST Standing: Bill McPherrin, Barb Brown, Denny Bettisworth, Selma Wilson, Larry Cederoth Seated: Sandy Marshall, Don Vtfeaver, Sandy Flesher, Iacke Meriwether, Ann Smith 68 SlHHl HHH "And now may I present . . everyone anxiously leans forward in their chairs as the annual Oscar pre- sentation begins. These coveted golden statuettes, awarded for outstanding per- formances, are the highlights of the year for all Stage Call members. To obtain membership in Stage Call a student rnust have a total of five points, gained by having a speaking part in a play or working on crews, and also he must express the desire to be- long. Stage Call's principle project is sell- ing Bar-B-Q's on Wednesday noons, the proceeds of which go toward a field trip to Chicago. Row l: Terry Ingles, Kay Dodge, Betty Burgland, Ann Smith, Barb Brown, Carol West, loan Stewart Bow 2: Sharon Iohnson, Suzie Sireedain, Kay Ketzle, Eleanor Bogard, Sandy Brown, Frank Boadifer, lerry Colver, Anna Gilbert Bow 3: Sandy Huffman, Mary Barton, Selma Wilson, Susan Davis, Rosalie Kienetz, Iacke Meriwether Dick Hendrickson, Sandy Flesher Bow 4: David Selkirk, Don Vtfeaver, Denny Bettisworrh, Chuck Davis, Bod Sherman, Gary Kidder, lim Burrel, Mike Currens Row l: Kay Dodge, Ann Smith, Don Weaver, Kay Ketzle, Barb Brown, Sandy Flesher Flow 2: Sharon lohnson, Susan Davis, Rosalie Kienetz, Betty Burgland, Iacke Meriwether, Mary Barton, Anna Gilbert Row 3: Terry Ingles, Prank Roadifer, Chuck Davis, Mike Currens, Gary Kidder, lim Burrel NHHHNHI lHlSIlIHNS "Act well your partfthere all the honor lies", is the motto of the National Thespians. Thespians is an inner circle of Stage Call and is one of the two nationally organized organizations in G.l-l.S. lts membership is limited to those students who have done excellent work in productions, both on and off stage. Each of these members must have gained points and been a member of Stage Call at least one semester. The National Thespians have two big events yearly, a banquet in the spring when "Oscars" are given to the best preformances of the year. Also, the Stage Call along with Thespians gives a scholarship to a senior who wishes to further work in dramatics or English. This is a great honor to the student who receives it. The second event is an annual trip to Chicago to see a current play. Serving as officers are Kay Ketzle and Don Weaver, along with Mrs. Eleanore Hoogheem, faculty advisor. 69 Seated: Kay Ketzle, lean Gittings, Barb Bellis, Sue Brown, Barb Barnstead, Barb Brown, Diane Franklin Standing: Margo lmel, Diane Erickson, Marcia Muelder, Bruce Rowe, Bill Pear- son, loane Baker, joyce Schaffer, Barb Miller, Sue Smith there has been a new project and a very big one too. lt was the New School Magazine. Another one of the big pro- jects is the Reflectavue promotion. Quill and Scroll members also help with the Publications Banquet which is given for the members of the staffs on both the Budget and Reflector. The pin that is given is the National design. Mljjlll UIWHHIHHS Roll 'eml This might be an appro- priate motto for the GHS Movie Qpera- tors Club. These are the boys and girls who take the responsibility of procuring and showing the visual aids available in our classrooms. Their work includes not only switching the starter on the projectors, but also setting up and tak- ing down all the necessary equipment. The climax of their year comes in the spring when they enjoy a twoeday trip to Chicago. Points are awarded for service performed, and the top ten point earners, along with their leader, Mr. john Griffith, are those who make the anticipated trip. Harry Meier, Beverly Wall Prewitt 70 Utlltt HNH SEHUH "Pen and Paper", that may not sound so familiar, but it could be the modern name of the more familiar phrase "Quill and Scroll". This is an organization of the publications staff to promote student journalism. Wayne McCormick is the sponsor, and the of- fices are held by students. lf you have ever wondered, to be on Quill and Scroll you must first serve one one of the two staffs of publications the Budget or the Reflector. By being on the Budget staff you earn points through articles to become a member. lf you are on Reflector staff you are asked to join if you show any outstandf ing work. Quill and Scroll and one other club are the only two National organizations of Galesburg High School. Quill and Scroll is the Ernie Pyle chapter which has its National Headquarters at the Northwestern Universityi lt was found- ed in Galesburg in l946. The meetings vary in time and place. There have been several pro- jects this year for the club. This year Row li Raliegh Barnstead, Richard Hendrickson, Terry Ingles, Frank Rodifer, Row 2: Mr. Griffith, john Barnett, jim Burrell, Sydney Davis Row 3: Don Weaver, Mike Curren, Howard Dawson, lorry Colver, Marion Bow l: Donna Benson, Mary Ruth Holmes, Mr. Eroadhead, Miss Anderson, Mr. Salisbury, Betty lo Lundquist, Sandra Flesher Row 2: Bob Douglas, Barbara Barnstead, Marcia Mueldcr, Sue Brown, K. G. Klink, DeAnn Donovan, Carol West Bow 3: Kay Ke-rzle, Sandra Brown, loyce Swedlund, Russ Lind, Don Petit, Kay Lowe, Betty Ling- wall, Bill Graninq NHllHNHl HUNHH SHEIHY One oi the highest honors at GHS ' is to be selected for membership to National Honor Society. Membership is gained through superior character, ser- vice to the school and the community, leadership in class, and extra-curricular activities, and scholarship, which re- quires a "B" average. The organization consists of twenty per cent seniors and tive per cent juniors who are selected by the faculty on the basis of the above qualities. ln the spring ot the year the new members are inducted at which time they receive the coveted N,H.S. pin, a keystone with a ilaming torch. A ban- quet follows later in the year. Bob Douglas, Don Petit, Ioyce Swedlund, Donna Benson I Bo If li H. Nikas, B. Bradley, B. Lingwall, S. Iohnson, S. Marshall, S. Flesher, B. EL-k, D. lacobson, B. Scrivan, A. Holst, S. 'Vtfillets Row 2: C. Allen, S. Campbell, K. Hilgenburg, C. Coffey, H. Stouffer, P. Coope, I. Stewart, I. Squire, M. Brown, E. Lindberg, M. Hall- burg, I. Leinbach, K. 'Windislm I. Fisher, M. Hendrickson, N. Horn, 1. Shondelmeyer, C. Dodge, M. Holmes Bow 3: W. Grimes, S. Eckland, B. Darnell, B. Lingwall, I. Moore, M. Macky, A. Lacky, B. Ion-as, D. Beed, M. Magnison, D. Walker T. Smith, C. Pilcher, I. Symmonds, B. Franseen, L. Dickerson, B. Sherman, B. Detherage, B. Wimpy, B. Whit, D. Moss, M. Morrison C. Meyer, B. Cunningham, M. Hovind, B. Phillips, G. Vancil, P. Youngguist Bow 4: E. 'W'alker, I. Beed, F. Quinn, S. Stein, L. Uffleman, C. Harshbarger, G. Colver, L. Sipple, B. Smith, D. Morgan, L. Hunni cutt, D. Guenther, I. Bandy, B. Barnstead, I. Stoneking, D. Luker, D. Hendrickson, Director: Mr. Lantz HHEHlSlHH Sweetest music this side of heaven! The fine playing of our orchestra this year reminds Do you have study hall in room lO5 sixth period? lf so, you have had a preview of many performances of the Galesburg High School Band. One main project of the band is to provide moral support at games. At half-time during the football season, they exhibit their outstand- ing marching formations. When basketball rolls around, the organization divides into two everyone of the many hours of work by its members under the direction of Mr. Lantz. We have been proud to hear our orchestra in assemblies, open house, and in the annual spring concert, Then to, their musical back- ground added to the success of "Oklahoma" and the Beflectavue. shifts so that each member plays at every other game. District and state music contests find many entrants from Galesburg, either as soloists or in ensembles. Try-outs for "chairs" also inspire the instrumentalists to practice. Bow l: M. Wallick, I. Mathers, M. Ensley, M. Badges, C. Holcolmb, S. Luker, B. Lindberg, C. Daniels Bow 2: S. Willetts, B. Skrivan, S. Flesher, S. Iohnson, H. Nikas, B. Lingwall, I. Stewert, E. Lindberg, B. Deatherage, K. Windisch, D. Whitmer '- Bow 3: loan Frinstahl, Mr. Lantz, E. Walker, G. Wiley, B. Raymond, l. Spellman, C. Pierce, D. Walker, G. Vancil, M. Hovind, F. Youngquist, D. Guenther, D. Hart, N. Youngren Bow 4: L. Leaf, G. Hampton, D. Godsil g. 'W . Bow l: M. Meyer, S. Flesher, B. Bellis, B. Barnstead, V. Ellison, I. Swedlund, G. Goodwin, F. Magneson, B. Hziddle, B. Lind, B. Allen, D. Taylor, I. Shatter, I. Conner, D. Donovan, B. Lundquist, E, Bcgard, Ml. Dawson Row 2: M. Noeker, L. Williams, M. lmel, C. Kelsy, M. Ostrum, I. Baker, K. Goad, C. Davis, I. Rider, D. Petit, B. Finley, D. Huddle, D. Erickson, I. Anderson, M, DeVena, B. Eck, B. Einsparh, I. Pavel Bow 3: C. Tracy, I. Nelson, K. Ketzle, I. Eitield, S. Friend, I. Eaves, I. Smith, G. McGritt, G, Thurmond, B. Blaine, I. Sward, P. Erickson, C. Williams, W. Hull, D. Bettisworth, D. Kensel, B. Iacobson, I. Hawkinson Row 4: D. Byden, S. Baker, S. Wade, M. MacDonald, H. Nikas, T. Iolly, L. Martin, I. Myers, D. llkfhite, W. Dutt, L. Schwartz, B. Pearson, D. Worley, S. Larson, I, Tucker, L. Cederoth, K. Lowe, S. Brown, A. Smith, lvl. Muelder H lHlllllH "sleep . . . sleep . . . sleep . . The classes on third iloor are just about to drowse when someone in a cappella remembers a birthday Creal or imaginedl and the teaming chorus oi "Happy Birthday" jars them back to reality. Under the direction ot Mr. Roland Hegg, this lively group prepares programs for various organizations in the community, and presents the annual Qpen House, Christmas, All-Sacred, and Spring concerts. Within the choir are various ensembles: boys' octet, girls' octet, mixed octet, girls' sex- tet, and girls' trio. These groups also perform in the annual concerts and in many appear- ances separate from the choir. "ati ed Standing: Sharen Baker, Treasurer, Ioyce Shatter Secretary Seated: Sandy Flesher, Presiden: 73 , Bow l: S. Knowles, I. Ogle, I. Marshall, S. Campbell, L Stanners, C. Schimrnel, M. Barton, D. Clark, C. Moore, D. Vogel, B. Griffith, S. Wood Row 2: E. Gard, B. McGraw, B. Bose, S. Cawlcins, E. Mitchell, M. Smith, P. Smith, V. Bcgard, C. Taylor, G. Williams, K. Wignall, l. MCGriff, K. Farrell Row 3: B. Carlson, C. Brockway, B. Lindberg, C, Coffey, M. Hendricks, B. Thompson, S. Bingler, S. fieiser, S. Salisbury, P. Paul, S. Wright, B. Luxmore, E. Anderson, T. Moore Bow 4: B. Stromgren, D. Banks, I. Thompson, E. Hoyt, I. Meyer, S. Huffmar, L. Law, B. Carlson, l. Martinson, C. Harshbarger, S. lohnson, l. Schaffer, S. MCFarling, D. Wager, A. Gilbert Biff HHH HNH HHHMHNHHS Interested in singing? If so, you have probably heard of Glee club and Harmoneers. Glee Club for girls and Harmoneers for boys are the first stepping stones toward member- ship in the a cappella choir. Besides preparing songs for various performances the members Mr. Boland Hegg directs both organiza- tions and works with them on songs for the annual Christmas and Spring concerts. Glee Club also sings at the GSL induction While the Harmoneers accompany the choir on their tour of the lr. High Schools. of these two organizations learn the fundamen- tals of singing and how to apply them. How l: I. Patton, D. Sage, G. Goodwin, B. Toureen, I. Youngren, S. Larson, T. Sward, W. Hull, G. Kennedy, T. Iolly, D. Stamm Bow 2: D. Lavendar, C. Meyer, N. Anderson, I. Sward, D. Petit, l. Bider, B. Blaine, G. l-lillier, D. Worley, I. Myers, L. Cederoth Bow 3: D. Taylor, M. Prewitt, B. Finley, D. Moss, L. Swartz, C. Gilbert, D. White, L. Martin, G. Thurmond, D. Stinson, B. Gaston, D. Whitrner it iff? P .,. . 2 .... : . 2 ,. , st rg 1-525 Q fkyit iff. li t rs Q. A Q .i""w-.4-v' lHlIN ttllll "Vent, vidi, vici!" These are the immortal words ot Caesar, l came, I saw, I conquered. lt you have been near room 32l any time this year, you might have heard many phrases that you didn't understand, for this is the Latin room. Here, every second Tuesday, Mr, Beuter the sponsor ot the clubs holds a meeting with the representatives elected from each class. ln the meetings busi- ness is discussed and new plans are made for future meetings and pro- jects. To be in Latin Club you must be taking Latin, there are lO7 members this year. Every year the Latin Club holds a Latin Banquet to which all the members are invited, Each Boman comes dress- ed in a toga. Food is served by the first year Latin students who act as slaves. The Latin students that take second, third, or iourth year Latin are the nobels, and they are waited on hand and toot by the slaves. Other projects include the after game dance that is sponsored by the Latin Club and the Latin concert. , . . 1 ,."' .ri M f Q Bow l: Billy Pappmeier, Bobert Gaston, Norman Crittendon, Don Davis, Mr. Turner Bow 2: Beverly Nelson, ludy Pontitex, Nancy Weaver, Kay Dodge, Iudy Ander- son, lackie Gittings, Bose Kane Row 3: Kay Larsen, Chuck Davis, Phil Erickson, lo Hawkinson, Keith Graham, Nancy Carr Row l: Kirk Stevens, Cole Pierce, Larry Martin, Horrald Larsor., Barb lacobson, Anna Gilbert Bow 2: Harry Grossman, Sue Smith, Mary Holmes, loyce Fisher, Margaret Friesen, Ianet Dress, Tom West Bow 3: Barb Nelson, Pat Sage, Site Salislwurv, Ann Hinchman, Sanity Anderson, Barb Miller, Pam Gunther SPHNISH Ellllt "l'm going Poco loco en el coco." These strains echo through the halls of G.H.S. every other Friday noon from Senor Turner's room. Presidente Phil Erickson opens the Hispanol meeting, while Vice Presidente Chuck Davis is there on hand. Secretarias Io Hawkin- son gives the minutes and Tesouro Keith Graham handles the money with care. With a closed membership ot sec- ond year Spanish students, the enter- taining meetings begin. They turn to Spanish traits for their program. At one meeting they came dressed with Mexi- can hats and apparal for a Mexican dance. They also played Spanish games. One, by name, is ACBOS. A trip is taken each year by about ten members to the state convention. Each school brings their yearly project. Our Spanish Club had the job ot revis- ing a detailed outline of lllinois. This is given to some Latin American country, in exchange for something similar. They also attend three or tour Western district meetings a year, tor much tun and irolic. 75 Standing: Bob Simmons, Bruce Cazmtcheal Seated: Dixie Garfield, ludy Norman Who said that . . . Did I hear some- one say that Galesburg National Foren- sic League attended the Northwest Debate Conference, the State Sectional and State this year? Well, you're right! They have also received the state Sec- tional Trophies, Annual Debate, and Pekin Invitational Debate awards. Debate club has a closed member- ship consisting of teams composed of the nine members. As you can see, it is an honor to be a member of Debate Club and is only open to those taking Debate course. ln order to actually debate in competition you have to earn twenty points. This is done by Winning class debates. Some of the various debate meets they have attended this year were held at Cfeneseo, Blooming- ton and Augustana College. The purpose of this honorary organization is to debate about national or international affairs. Before compet- ing in debates, they have to learn how, via the classroom. All the debaters were beginners this year but they learned quickly and Were really suc- cessful. 76 llllllltt IlISlHIHIHUHS Ut HMtHIEH "May l help you, Sir?" are Words often used by our Future Distributors of America. The FDA is organized for those who have decided to make retail- ing their career. The club members and their sponsor, Mrs. Mary Wade, attend monthly meetings, each of which fea- tures a speaker from the Galesburg business district. Membership is open to those stu- dents Who take a three-year curriculum of retailing subjects. The proceeds from such projects as selling Christmas cards. basketball tournament programs, and sponsoring an after-game dance all go toward their annual three-day trip to Chicago. lltHHlt HUB Standing: Lynn Carson, Larry Moberg, Roger Williamson, Ken Brown, Tom West, Harry Grossman Seated: Boberta Egan, Bill Simmons, Mr. Harshbarger, ludy Lieber IIHHHS Get lost in GHS? . . . not while the hall cadets are near to help a stranger find his way. Running errands, collect- ing attendance slips, checking lockers, and delivering emergency bulletins, just a few of the cadets' tasks, are done with the aid of their sponsor, Mrs. Pauline Werner. When the cadets donate their ser- vices at the beginning of the year, they are instructed of the importance of their work and the need in a larger school for the best organization and routine pos- sible. Some of the cadets Work in the of- fice while others are stationed at various posts throughout the school. All the cadets play important roles in the daily tasks around school. Hlllllt Nllllilt 'CSV f-v--1 133mg Mary Fenelon, Mary Barton, Iackie Fifield, Miss Connolly, Iocly Schonedelmayer nts. 411' Bob Graning, loyce Swedlund, lane lnness Have you heard about Mrs. Chase? They say she's been kept quite busy this year. You see, Mrs. Chase is a "dummy" nurse used at the Cottage Hospital by the girls who are practicing to be nurses. The girls in the GHS Future Nurses club have been up to see her too. ln FN the girls learn what college of nursing they will want to attend and also decide for sure if they really want to be nurses. At meetings, there is usually a speaker from one of the hos- pitals or clinics, to help promote the high ideals of the nursing profession. These Future Nurses often help out at the Blood Bank and in this way get some practical experience. Field trips are taken to Galesburg hospitals as well as to the Research hospital. 77 :.- at ig . S5555 S is fav- P6 E, I .,L.,., H, A ' ., . ,, 0 , ? -Q, B .- fwtfa ,gk s T 1. 592 ' ' is we Q W-st' a -E T it Q AKE or it ..., . . AMERICA r Row l: ludy Mitchell, Earl: Roach, Ruth Wessels, Anita Moore, Icyce Fisher How 2: Mary Ruth Hclmes, Carol Enz, Sue Melton, Miss Schwartz Hlllllll HHMlMHlllHS Ht HMlHIEH "Toward new horizons" strives the Gales- burg chapter ot Future Homemakers of America. This is one ot the most active organizations in the school and is capably sponsored by the head oi the Home Economics department, Miss Schwartz. At the section rallies and state conven- tions to which they send representatives, the Galesburg Homemakers receive many awards. Mary Ruth Holmes was this year elected sec- tional president. One delegate is sent to the state convention which is held in the summer and lasts a week. The main social projects on the FHA calandar are the Family Night Potluck, Christ- mas Open House, Daddy-Date Night, and the Sweetheart Dance. The girls are always anx- ious to promote good school spirit. As usual, they presented the teams with good luck charms tor the season. 5. Row l: Roger White, Terry Scheer, Preston Galyean, Ronny Kelly, Elliott Nelson, Walt Grittith, lack Fasly, Daniel Miller, Mr. Duin Row 2: Larry Molosrg Roy Carlson, Gary Davidson, Robert l-loush, loliii Spelltiian, Iames Youngren, Harold Hawkinscn, Brad Dyke man, Ronnie Stacker, George Green Row 3: Gerald Hcaoy, Donald Hiatt, Ed Swanson, Tcmniy Line, Ioel McQueen, Bill Bruington, Iarnes Spellman, Dave Nichols Row 4: Gcrald McQueen, Neil Anderson, Nc-il Newlon, Larry French, Frank Younqguist, Gerald Shrilgor, Gone Thurman, Russt ll Alexander, lack Crouch, Robert Greene HllUHl tllttttttl Ut Httlltllltl "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve." This, the motto ot the Future Farmers of America, is exactly what its members strive to accomplish. The GHS Future Farmers, under the sponsorship ot Mr. Ray Dunn, are organized to increase the in- terest, knowledge, and skills ot our youth in the art of farming. When a boy tirst joins FFA he is classified as a "Green Hand." From this he may advance to "Chapter Farmer," "State Farmer," and to the ultimate ot "National Farmer." The FFA boys are constantly on the go. One ot their projects, the milk machine, is a service we all use. This year they also have conducted a magazine drive and held a FarentfSon Banquet. Seated: Walter Griffith, Ronny Kelly, Elliott Nelson Standing: Terry Scheer, Prestor. Galyean, lack Easly, Mr. Dunn VVv1'1Q1'1 we were very young . . . now ihai we SIE older. sonqsiresses from ihe boardwalk beauiy in the rough- and we mean rough HlHHllHVlIl "And whatever you do, 'Keep It Gay!"' As these eleventh-hour instructions are issued by the directors, and last-minute make-up changes are made, the cur- tain opens on the 1955 Reflectavue, "Keep It Gay!" Two stage hands are featured throughout, one reminising about the old days and one bragging about the present. The first act is a replica of a vaudeville show, melodrama and all. The second act depicts a modern setting with its teenage handout, lonesome sailors, and haunting "blues" number. Down comes the curtain on "Good Night, Ladies" and the members of the cast can chalk up another successful Reflectavue. Steven got even . . "Nothing like a dame . . "Baby sister blues E 5 ? ,, Y it Ht HMlItIEH HllIlHfllHEHlHS PHlllllBHHIlHlHS llIlH Line them up by the east Wall and shoot! This may sound alarm- ing but is really very innocent as it merely cites an illustration of the GHS photographers on the job. These boys, with the help of Mr. lohn Aitchson, assume the enorm- ous responsibility of taking all pictures for the Budget, Reflector, and other school organizations. This requires so much of their time and patience, yet they go practical- ly unrewarded. A word of com- mendation, therefore, is definitely in order for the members of GHS Photographers Club. Good morning, dear teacher, good morning to you." This little song may, in time, be directed to some of our own GI-lS'ers . .. namely those belonging to the Future Teachers of America. The club, sponsored by Mr. Van Nor- man and Miss Ryner, devotes its time to furthering interest of high school students in teaching. This is accomplished by featuring speakers, discussions, or films at their regular meetings. Through this organization it is hoped that more students will seriously con- sider and enter the teaching pro- fession, and, by all indications, FTA appears to be succeeding. Photographers: Larry Moberg, Mr. Aitchison, Barry Vifostfall, Tom Vtfest I Row Row Row Row "Ouchl Go easy with that pin!" This was a familiar phrase as colored tags were pinned on all Student YQ -vm Bette Griffith, Mary Lou Allen, Carol West, lane lniiess. lune Elliott Cole Pierce, Roslyn Eck, loanne Martinson, Tom Vtlest, Mary Macdonald Connie Tracy, Diana Ecklund, lris Sundberg, Dorothy Tucker, Sandy Huffman, Peg Allison Peggy Smith, Terry Hambrecht, Gary Vancil, David Rosine, Don Roberts SlIlIllNl HEHVHY HSStllIHlItlN Activity Association members at basketball games this year. SAA cards, besides admitting students to the games, also entitle them to copies of the Budget and Reflector. A treasurer for SAA is elected from each advisory. lt is his duty to promote membership in SAA, and keep the advisory members posted on all SAA events during the year. Under the supervision of Mr. Homer Zum- walt, the organization also sponsors a variety of as- semblies throughout the year for the enjoyment of the students at GHS. Carol West, President How l: lune Elliott, Mary Macdonald, Sue Salisbury, LaWanda Shreeves Row 2: Sandy Huffman, Diane Franklin 1 ll ky ii, F 'W' "',2 f:.,tKgi: il i i r M E, Mm. Q aff : ,-,. - .Q V I 1 A ' A li ' a ll-55' 1 ..aEM' 3.,, , Eu r ..., , Barb Iacobscn, Alix Huston, Jeanne Giilinqs 84 ler Row 2: Phyllis Lohmar, Row l: Sara Allensworfh, Margo lmel, Marilyn Campbell, Belle Griffith Row l: Sandy Flesher, Barb Mil- Bea Lindberg, lacke Meriwether Margo Ternplefon Editor-in-chief Barbara Barnstead HUHHH Oops! Pardon me. This is a common occurrence every two weeks around GHS as students and teachers alike bury their noses in the most recent edition of our school newspaper, the BUDGET. Each paper is awaited with anticipation, but very few students are aware of all the preparation and work required for publishing a schoolpaper. The staff members, with the supervision of Mr. Wayne McCormick, are always on the go to meet the oncoming deadlines. Their work is by no means in vain for the top five reporters, determined by a point system, are eligible for membership on Quill and Scroll, an honorary literary society. This and the satisfaction of a job well done sparks our BUDGET staff to produce the best high school paper possible. M W ,,,f, . , 3 Q izi, y ,i -.,:-::: ,,V,, V E .luiti v .,,,,., ,- -- ff,. it' ,,,, .::, 1 ,.,,,,:,:.2 f is Sub-Editors: Diane Franklin, Marcia Muelder, Diane Erickson, Phyllis lones, Ann Smith, Sue Smith 'Q' Row l: Sandy Knowles, Carolyn Fash, Carolle Gordon, Rosalie Kienetz Fvow 2: Margaret Friesen, Claudia Miller, Carol Enz, Mr. Turner I.Il.ll.H. Combining education with a career has become a reality for the members of the lllinois Office Occupation Associa- tion. These boys and girls, all Seniors, attend regular classes in the mornings and devote their afternoons to working in local business offices. This gains for them not only knowledge of the man- agement of an office, but also the valuable experience of co-operating with fellow workers and employers. Throughout the year, they, with their sponsor Mr. Hungerford, take fieldtrips to various business concerns in this area to get a glimpse of many types of of- fices. 86 gn' iHtNEH IIHIH "A bit of old France" highlights Monsieur Turner's room when the French Club holds its monthly meet- ings. This organizations interest in the French customs, people, language, art, and writings can be seen in the creative work which has been done by the mem- bers on their scrapbook. This year French Club has sponsored a bake sale and an after-game dance which had the quaint French name of "Francey Prance". These and many other activi- ties illustrate that the club definitely ful- fills its purpose to create interest in the study of French. Row l: Dian Cebert, Delores Lowery, Ioyce Lundeen, Ioyce Ralston, Lucinda Miller, Deanna Williamson Row 2. Mr. Hungerford, Rita Nordstrom, Anne Thompson, Sharon Blixt, Elaine Anderson Row 3: Gwen Peterson, Charlotte Brodine, loan Pavel, Virginia Ptieber, Dena Cebert, Pat Richardson E U., Pg it 1. ,. if UKlHHliMH "O-K-L-A-HQO-M-A, Cklahoma! YeowI" As this rousing shout sounds and the curtain closes, we bring to an end the most celebrated and colortul success' ot the GHS year, "Oklahoma!" This brilliant, sparkling show was chal- lengingly undertaken by our students. The captivating story, taking place in the Oklahoma Territory, in- volves mainly the hesitant romance between Curly and Laurie. Adding color to the show were Aunt Eller, Ali Hakim, Iud Fry, Will Parker, and the lovable Ado Annie. These, together with an unmatchable troupe ot directors, supporting actors, dancers, and singers, were responsible tor the thundering success ot "Oklahoma!" 2 1 4 4 - ff ' f X V1 4 X N -f zlfi?--:E 5 Y A lf' - -EAl':iA X 'M 1 1 . A ' 2551" Muff ix ,lg YY ' 7 Q - X 3 QYY x Lf I 1' QQ? Jw, x fi Qi' W I A f , 2 ' ff X R 6 :Z Z-X f Y W Q X M , X y X 9 55 X 'ff' ' 1 M 5 1 S, ' 6 M i ff bQ1 Q I M R l lg--gf 9 iff? ,i Row l: B. Lillle, I. Range, B. Boyd, T. Vogel, M. Fosler, I. Nelson, B. Hoffman, D. Lindquist, B. Toureene Row 2: R. Young, E, Kimlorouqh, A. Iohnson, T. Gunn, C, Pach, I. Wilson, G, McGriff, I. Flaheriy, G. Mitchell, I. Rider, A. Kimbrough D. Iehnson Row 3: 'l-, Hudson, B. Anderson, R. Cross, T. Duval, R. Wyatt, D. Fiacco, M. Iones, B. Housh, Coaches, T. Mansaqer, G, Lundeen, C, C, Van Dyck Row 4: T. Milan, L. French, S. Iohnson, R. Larson, E. Terpeninq, N. Newlon, T. Hilliqos, P. Coe, I. Crouch, G. Shrilzer, N. Critlendon, IHHIHHH R. Rayzncncl Galesburg Opponents Galesburg 6 ....... .....V, P eoria Central 18 Galesburg 0 ....,.. ....... P eoria Woodruff 20 Galesburg 0 .....,. ....... E ast Moline 14 Galesburg 20 ....... ....... E ast Peoria 0 Galesburg 27 ....... ....... M oline 21 Galesburg 31 ....... ....... K ewanee 6 Galesburg 13 ....... .....vV R ock lsland 20 Galesburg 26 ....... ......, C anton 12 Galesburg 25 .V..... ....... M onmouth 0 The Galesburg Senior High School Squad compiled a record of five wins and four defeats through the 1955 season. Paced by the fine backfield com- bination of Doug Mills at quarterback, Ray Young at halfback, and the Kim- brough twins, Al operating at a half back position and El at the fullback spot, the Galesburg machine began rolling about mid-season. After losing their first three games to Peoria Central 18-6, Peoria Woodruff 20-0, and East Moline 14-6, the Streaks came back to down East Peoria in the homecoming encounter 20-0, upset Moline 27-21, and blow up the Kewanee Boilermakers 31-6. After losing a tough ball game to Rock lsland 20-13, the Silver and Gold Wound up the season with wins over Canton 26-12, and Monmouth 25-0. Carol Kelsey, Dee Donovan, Betty lo Lundquist, lune Elliot, ludy Billups First Row: Bette Griffith, Sharon Wood Second Row: Sandy Soolerquist, Linda Morrison, Nedra Thompson lHl lIHtlHlfHIllHS "Absolutely the greatest! " This describes our cheerleaders here at GHS. Anyone who has attended our garnes this year knows and is proud of the terrific work they have done in promoting school spirit. The cheerleading squad took on a new . look near the end of the basketball season this year when they got their new gray, gold, and white outfits. lt really was a change from the old ones which were pretty well worn from their constant use in pre- Vious years. When a spectator sees the squad in action he does not realize the work required to perfect each cheer, but one thing he does realize is the great praise which our cheer- leaders deserve! Q i R 1 J in f gf N it ll xii.-Ta? is ...uni Row l: lr. Mclforman, lohn Flaherty, Al Iohnson, Bill Graninq, Ray Young, Larry French, lerry Odell, Gordie Malstrom Row 2: Larry Stotts, Terry Hambrecht, Ed Froniabarger, Larry Cederotlr, Torn Wilson, Doug Mills, Gary Vancil, Ncal Newlar cl Dom inie Fraccc, Mike Mcliay, Danny Sage Row 3: Ron Kelly, Don Vtforley, Goorqe McGriff, Steve Iohnson, Bob Anderson, Mike Owens, Torn Vogel, lack Peel L rry Mcberq Dick Taylor Row 4: Rcqer Wyatt, Phil Ericson, Charles Fach, Russ Lind, Gary Miichell, Bruce Rowe, Bob lunkin, Bert Allen lack Crouch Hiqhliqht ot the year tor "G" Clubbers was the annual "G" Club Banquet, held late in the sprinq lor all members and their parents. This feast was tinanced by the sale oi various items dur- inq the year. The "G" Club this year started plans tor a Galesburq High School Hall ot Fame, which will honor famous Gales- burq athletes. A Worthwhile purchase by the group was the Little Gem loint Buzzer, a vibrat- inq machine which may be used by all GHS athletes. Al "G" Elllll -nb Q I T... A f r 9 2 ,V,, Q , 'ina lohnscn, Bill Graninq, lotin Flaherty, Ray Young F1 f-: Row l: A. Kimbrough, Ray Young, Russ Lind, Bill Graning, lerry Odell, Bob lxtnkin, Mike Owens Row Z: Mr. Thiel, Bob Hoffman, E. Kimbrough, Al Willianis, Bob Douglas, Bill Briggs, Keith Graham The students at Galesburg High School this year witnessed by far the most out- standing basketball team the city has prod- uced. Winding up the regular season with a terrific 2l-2 record, the Streaks held the distinction of beating every ball club which they competed against and never being defeated on their opponents home floor. Paced by the finest guard combination ever to bounce a basketball in Steele Gym, Mike Owens and Russ Lind the Streaks upended some of the finer teams in the state. Gales- burg will miss high-scoring center Bill Gran- ing, who winds up three years of varsity competition. lerry Odell was nothing short of sensational as a high scoring forward, and the best rebounder in the state for his size. Ray Young operated the other forward posi- tion and was perhaps the scrappiest man on the team, as well as excellent on defense. Mike Owens, the play maker, according to many experts could handle the ball better than any other man in the state, and was a constant scoring threat. Russ Lind, the highest scorer on the squad, with his terrific jump-shot was called the finest defensive player by many state coaches. Owens was named to the second team All-State, while Lind rated the third squad. Galesburq 81 ........,.,.......,......,...... .. .... .... M acomb 48 Galesburg 57 ........ ..,..... T hornton 50 Galesburq 78 ........ ,. ,..... Manual 55 Galesburg 55 ..... , ....,,... Rock Island 53 Galesburg 52 ....... . ....... .East Peoria 47 Galesburq 83 ....,.... .. ...... Monmouth 42 Galesburg 64 ........ ......... P aris 56 Galesburg 77 ........ ........ K ewanee 46 Galesburg 62 ......,.. ....... . Canton 48 Galesburq 72,,. .... ......... M oline 78 Galesburg 58 ,,,,.,.. ......... S terlinq 48 Galesburg 56 ..,... ,. .....i... East Moline 45 Galesburq 88 ,.,..... ......... G eneseo 48 Galesburg 79 ......... ,.,..,... R ock Island 82 Galesburg 88 ...,..... ..... Pekin 55 Galesburq 93 ........ .....,,., M onmoulh 43 Galesburg 89 ........ ..,,,.... L imestone 66 Galesburg 92 ........ .....,,,, K ewanee 47 Galeshurg 71 ......., ........, C anion 53 Galesburg 59 ,.,...,. ......... M oline 53 Galesburq 87 .,,,..., ........, M acomb 52 Galesburg 65. , ...... ...,,...,,......... E ast Moline 31 Galesburg 82 .. ................,, ...,,........ W oodrufi 61 .688 - 1,207 Won 21: Lost 2 Co-champs Northwest with Moline Illini conference champions PHNHS The Galesburg Ponies Wound up a suc- cessful season with 12 Won, 8 lost record. Doug Mills the high scoring forward, aver- aged 21.1 points per game until he was injured after nine games had been com- pleted Ted Bruington took up the slack and the ponies Went on to Win their share of hall games. The high spot came with a 56-48 victory over a Very fine Moline sophomore quintet. Galesburq 61 .....,. ,.,,,,, R ock Island 45 Galesburg 68 ....... ....... E ast Peoria 52 Galesburg 64 .,..... ......, M onmouth 43 Galesburq 58 .,,.... ,...,,, P aris 52 Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Galesburq Galesburq Galesburg Galesburg Galesburq Galesburq Galesburq Galesburg Galesburg Galesburq Galesburg Galesburg Row l: lim Hasselbacher, Chuck Mengieri, Croziar LaPollette, Rodney Bunch, lim Ruggles, Rex Swanson, Bill Herrin Row 2: Dick Snell, Doug Mills, Dale Yeager, Dave Stamm, Ted Bruingion, Bill Finley, Richard Enqman Kewanee Canton Moline Sterling East Moline Geneseo Rock Island Pekin Monmouth Limestone Kewanee Canton Moline Macomb East Moline Woodruff Row 3: Duane White, Dale Peterson, Dick Firsi, Donald Blaine, lack Grady, Clifford Tinsley, Gene Thurman, Dick l-lall , , ,, , , Wm, F, I 1 J 1 lHIlHNHMlNlS The hardwood heroes of Galesburg High School, after Winding up a very suc- cessful regularly scheduled season, entered the Regional tournament as the favorite. They started on Avon 82-53, Abingdon 75- 64, and finished up with Galva 92-56. Travel- ing to East Moline for the Sectional, that they were also favored to win, the Streaks dump- ed Little York in the opener lO2-64, and fol- lowed this victory with the drubbing of Moline 64-57, for the title. Then the Silver and Gold took on the number l rated team in the state, West Rockford, Rockford had tremendous height with two of the first five standing six feet seven inches tall. This game was played at Moline's Wharton Field House as the first game of the State Tourna- ment. This marked the beginning of the elegant eight in which only eight teams competed at Champaign instead of the original l6. The first eight games were played as Super-Sectional games at various positions around the state. Galesburg was defeated in this contest 66-64 in a sudden death over time. Rockford Went on to cap- ture the title Without much further difficulty. Regional Galesburg B2 .,,,,..,, ........,.,,... A von 53 Galesburg 75 ......... ................... A binqdon 64 Galesburq 92 .........................,.,,,,, Galva 56 Sectional Galesburq 102 ......................t..,.,...t Little York 64 Galesburg 64 .,....... ...........,....t., M oline 57 State Galesburg 64 ....,,.., ........,.,.... W est Rockford 66 idol A wvvL as-m . u fm. Row l: Phil Ericson, Ellis Bunch, Gene Mendez, Larry Cederoth, Russ Lind Row 2: Tad Donovan, Doug Currey, Rod Anderson, Kay Steele, Bill Tale, Roger Garst, Ron Kelly Row 3: jerry Odell, Don Roach, Larry Ericson, Bill Graninq, Harry Reece, Ed George, Mr. Hunger- Clnss EUHNIHY Bow i. D. Ha ffis . 0. sewage. B. Andersen. B. Hoffman. L. Mime H H S H Row 2: G. Mendez, E. Obenlander, R. Young, R. Lind. M. Owens, C. Fay Row 3: Mr. Thiel, L. Iohnson, B. Allen, B. Graninq, B. Hickman, H. Iohnson, B. Carlson, B. Iunkin, M. Perelli, Mr. Becinar Row l: loanne Baker, Nancy Weaver, Donna Gulliclcson, Donna Benson, lane Inness Row 2: Pai Cooper, Connie Conner, Linda Soderquist, Linda Williams, Ruthann Vv'himpey Bow 3: Miss Quade, Sue Salisbury, Kay Lowe, Mary Badges, Sandy Brown, Carol West HIHIS' HlHlHIlI HSSHIIIHHHN Strike two! lt ever anyone says girls don't go in tor sports he'd better look again. GAA has one of the largest, most active memberships of any school organization. The club is divided into three sections, Orchesis, Penguin Club, and the Sports Division. Row l: Connie Schimmel, lo Hawkinson, Blanche Carlson, Ioanne Baker, Diane Erickson, Sandy Brown, Sandy Anderson Bow 2: leana Gunn, Nancy Weaver, Barb Miller, Betty Fisk, Pain Gunther, lackie Fitield, Marv lo Ostrum, Sharon White, Kay Lowe Bow 3: Betty Burgland, Ne-dra Thomson, Linda VVilliams, Carol B:ocl1xvay,Peggy Davidson, Sandy Flesher Orchesis is comparatively new at GHS. The girls meet once a week to practice their modern dance exercises. This year they plan to stage a recital in the spring. The girls are directed by Mrs. lohn Macdonald. Penguin club, sometimes called Swim Club is directed by Mrs. l-lild. The members, chosen by tryouts practice rhythmical swimming with a climatical swim show in the spring, -sfx INlHHMIlHHlS Mr. Fish's ambitious intramural program was Well received again this year, as a large number ot students participated in the many activities otterred. After an extensive tall program ot golt, tennis, horseshoes, archery, badminton, and others, Winter saw basketball, swimming, chess, and other sports take the spotlight. Bill Pearson's squad won the all-school basketball championship, generally regard- ed as the high point ot the intramural sea- son. There was also a tull schedule ot spring sports. PHYSIlHl lIlHEHlIHN SHIH Seated: Art Fish, lohn Thiel Standing: Charles Bednar, Bob Frank, C, C. Van Dyke 1:..t.,,g 'T'-Q . 5 e, it, T ii if ff 4 TJ, fl l i Tr f s . Y 5 Row li D, Stinson, M. Mcl-fay, P. Meyers, G. Malstrorrr, B, Housh, Bob lolrnsori Row 2: I. Flaherty, D. Fiaccc, T. Hilligoss, C. Fam, T. Gunn, R. Larsen, A. lotu- Row 3: D. Davis, B, Boyd, G. Mc-Triff, E. Terps-ning, L. Boyd The wrestling team of this past year could term its campaign as a success. lt was only the second year in which the team has competed in stiff mat competition. Taking As usual, the hardest working mem- bers of the varsity squads, the Managers, turned in fine performances at their respective jobs. Representing the Man- agerial staff this year were: Tom Wilson, Larry Stotts, Don Witmer, Larry Ruggles, Stan Strader. third place in both the lllini and Northwest Conferences, the streaks looked impressive and next year should be a threat for top honors in both conferences. Row l: Starr Stradsr, Larry Huggies, Larry Sictts Pow 2: Torn Wilsorr, Don Witrrier, lohn lflfaltors, lar y Not or - iii' , . . My E Q., I if f if f' L sam Ei at 2 3 wx' Y Mr. Hungerford, lieu Nelson, Bob McKenzie, Lowell Griffith, lerty Odell, Gordie Malstrom HHH Coach Hungerford and his linksters are looking forward to a banner year this year as many fine prospects should provide Galesburg with a fine squad. Comprising this year's quintet are: Gordie Malstrom, Keith Graham, Bill Briggs, Charles Brown, and Greg Goodwin. 1 SlNIlIH INlllX 1 A Adams, Betty, 17 Allen, Charles, 17 Allen, Bert, 17, 73, 93, 97 Allen, Mary Lou, 17 Anderson, Elaine, 17 Anderson, Ned, 17 Ascensio, Ben, 17 Ashdown, lanet, 17 B Baker, Nancy, 17 Baker, Sharen, l7, 62, 73 Ballew, larnes, 17 Banks, Merle, 17, 65 Barash, Barry, 17 Barnstead, Barbara, 17, 70, 71, 73, 84 Barton, Mary, 17, 64, 69, 74, 77 Baughman, Phyllis, 17 Bean, Betty, 17 Beauchamp, Mada, 17 Beauchamp, Mary, 18 Bellis, Barbara, 18, 19, 70, 73 Benson, Donna, 18, 71, 98 Benson, Timothy, 18 Bigham, Virgil, 18 Bjorkman, Walter, 18 Blaine, Bill, 18, 73, 74 N Blakewell, lanet, 18 Blixt, Sharon, 18 Bogard, Eleanor, 18, 69 Bradley, Robert, 18 Bradley, Wayne, 18, 72 Bramlett, loan, 18 Briqqs, Bill, 18, 62, 94 Brodine, Louise, 18 Brodrick, Marlene, 18 Brown, Barbara, 18, 68, 69, 70 Brown, Sandra, 18, 64, 69, 71, 98 Brown, Sue, 9, 18, 70, 71, 73 Bryant, Bill, 18 Bunch, Ellis, 19, 65, 97 Burger, Carol, 19 Burgland, Betty, 19, 69, 98 Burrell, Iames, 19, 69, 70 Burton, Carol, 19 Byland, Donna, 19 C Calkins, Eli, 19 Carlson, Dick, 19 Carlson, Phyllis, 19, 64 Carlton, Iodene, 19 Carmitchel, Bruce, 19 Carns, lack, 19 Cebert, Deana, 19 Cebert, Dian, 19 Cederoth, Larry, 19, 68, 73, 74, 93, 97 Clark, Dick, 19 Clark, Mary, 19, 64 Clark, Ruth Ann, 19 Cochran, Betty, 20 Conner, Connie, 20, 98 Conrad, Shirley, 20 Cooper, Pat, 20, 72, 98 Courson, Ronald, 20 Cozad, Rochelle, 20 Crawford, Sharon, 20 Cross, Frances, 20 Cross, Rodger, 20 Crouch, lack, 20, 79, 93 Curran, Mike, 20, 69, 70 Curry, Douglas, 20 Curtiss, Ronnie, 20 D Daniels, Connie, 20 Dawson, Maxine, 20, 73 Deal, Marilyn, 20 Deatherage, Betty, 20 DeVena, Marilyn, 20, 73 DeWitt, Eleanor, 21 Dodge, Charlotte, 21, 72 Donaldson, leanette, 21 Donnelly, Robert, 21 Donovan, DeAnn, 21, 62, 66, 71, 73, 92 Douglas, Robert, 21, 65, 71, 94 Downey, Diana, 21 Dress, lanet, 21, 64, 75 Duff, Wallace, 21, 73 Dunlevey, Marilyn, 21 Dutton, Fred, 21 Dykeman, Brad, 21, 79 E Eaves, Charlotte, 21 Einspahr, Rosalie, 21, 73 Elliott, lune, 21, 84, 92 Ellison, Valeria, 21, 73 England, Lonnie, 21 SlNIHH INIHX Erickson, Diane, 22, 70, 73, 84, 98 Ericson, Kent, 22 Erwin, Iohn, 22 Evans, Terry, 22 Ewing, Nancy, 22 F Fields, Ronald, 22 Fifield, Iaquiline, 22, 64, 73, 77, 98 Fisher, loyce, 22, 72, 78 Flaherty, lohn, 22, 69, 93, l0l Flesher, Sandra, 22, 62, 68, 71, 7 98 Foster, Virginia, 22 Fox, Sam, 22 Frampton, Carol, 22 French, Larry, 22, 79, 93 Friesen, Margaret, 22, 75, 86 Friend, David, 22 Froniabarger, Ed, 22 G Gabbert, Glenn, 23 Garfield, Dixie, 23 George, Ed, 23, 97 Gilbert, Anna, 23, 69, 74, 75 Gilbert, Charles, 23 Gittings, lacquilyn, 23, 75, 78 Gittings, leanne, 23, 70 Goad, Kenneth, 23 Goedeke, Ioann, 23 Goodlow, Mary, 23 Grady, lim, 23 Graham, Keith, 23, 65, 75, 94 Graninq, Bill, 23, 62, 7l, 93, 94, 97 Grant, Dorothy, 23 Green, Georgianna, 23 Griffith, Richard, 23 Griffith, Walter, 23, 79 Grover, Carol, 23 Gullickson, Donna, 24, 98 Gunn, leana, 24, 64, 98 Gunn, Tom, 24, 62, l0l Gutman, Bud, 24 H Hare, Robert, 24 Harkness, Terry, 24 Harper, Doragrace, 24 Harris, Don, 24 2, 73, 84, Harris, Marilyn, 24 Harris, Wanda, 24 Hartman, Robert, 24 Harvey, Gary, 24 Hasselbacher, Sarah, 24 Healy, Gerald, 24 Heller, Larry, 24 Heller, Nancy, 24 Hempfing, George, 24 Hendricks, Lawrence, 24 Hiatt, Don, 25 Hicks, Terry, 25 Hillier, George, 25, 74 Hix, lean, 25 Hix, Sandra, 25 Holmes, Mary, 25, 7l, 72, 75, 78 Holmes, Terry, 25 Hovind, Myron, 25, 72 Hull, Wayne, 25, 73, 74 Hussey, lon, 25 I lmel, Margo, 25, 70, 73, 84 lngle, Eugene, 25 lngles, Terry, 25, 69, 70 I lamison, Rex, 25 lohnson, Allen, 25, 62, 93, l0l lohnson, Fred, 25 lohnson, Gary, 25 Iohnson Richard, 25 lohnson Sharon, 26, 69, 72, 74 Iohnson, Steve, 26, 93 lones, Larry, 26 Iones, Phyllis, 26, 84 Iunkin, Robert, 26, 93, 94, 97 K Kelly, Colean, 26 Kelly, Ronald, 26, 79, 93, 97 Kennedy, Karen, 26 Ketzle, Kay, 26, 69, 70, 7l, 73 Kilby, Nellie, 26 Klink, K. G., 26, 62, 66, 71 Kling, Earl, 26 Knowles, Sandra, 26, 74, 86 Krans, Robert, 26 SlNIllH INIllX L LaGrow, Marvin, 26 Larnoree, IoAnn, 26 Larsen, Kay, 26, 75 Lentz, Cheryl, 26 LeRoy, lanet, 26 LeRoy, lean, 27 Levins, Bernard, 27, 65 , Liby, Sandra, 27 Lind, Russell, 27, 62, 71, 73, 93, 94, 97 Lindberg, Elaine, 27, 72 Lingwall, Betty, 27, 71, 72 Little, William, 27 Locke, Robert, 27 Lopernan, Iarnes, 27 Lowe, Kay, 9, 27, 64, 71, 73, 98 Lowery, Delores, 27 Lozier, Howard, 27 Luna, Iesse, 27 Lundeen, Ioyce, 27 Lundquist, Betty Io, 27, 62, 71, 73, 92 Lundquist, Richard, 27 Lutz, lim, 27 Lytle, Barbara, 28 Mc McCutcheon, Mary, 28 McKay, Mike, 28, 93, 101 McLaren, Christine, 28 Macdonald, Mary, 16, 28, 73, 84 M Malstrom, Gordon, 28, 93, 101, 102 Maranville, Dick, 28 Medina, Paul, 28 Merten, Nadine, 28 Meriwether, lacke, 28, 68, 69, 84 Meyer, Margaret, 28, 73, 78 Meyer, Peyer, 28, 101 Miller, Lucinda, 28 Miller, Nola, 28 Milligan, Ruby, 28 Mitchell, Gary, 28, 93 Mitchell, Shirley, 28 Modglin, lay, 28 Montgomery, Marilyn, 29 Moriarity, Patricia, 29 Morrow, Charles, 29 Motz, Barbara, 29 Muelder, Marcia, 29, 62, 70, 71, 73, 84 Murdock, Nancy, 29 Myers, Patricia, 29 N Neice, Edwin, 29 Nelson, Elliott, 29, 79 Nelson, lack, 29 Newkirk, Barbara, 29 Nikas, Helen, 29, 64, 73, 82 Noeker, Mary lean, 29, 64, 73, 82 Nolan, Ted, 29 Nordgren, Rollin, 29 Nordstrom, Rita, 29 Norman, Iudith, 29 O Odell, lerry, 29, 93, 94, 97, Olson, Nancy, 30 P Patterson, Shirley, 30 Paul, Phyllis, 30 Paulsgrove, Ioann, 30 Pavel, Ioan, 30, 73 Pearson, Bill, 9, 30, 70, 73 Peel, lack, 30, 93 Perrigo, George, 30 Peterson, Gwen, 30 Peterson, Roger, 30 Pettit, Don, 30, 71, 73, 74 Plurnrner, Carabeth, 30 Powell, William, 30 Price, Dixie, 30 Price, Esther, 30 Price, Kenneth, 30 Pulley, Phyllis, 30 Q Quinn, Frances, 30, 72 R Ralston, Ioyce, 31 Reiber, Virginia, 31 Richardson, Pat, 31 Riggs, Torn, 31, 66 Riling, Rose Marie, 31, 62 Roach, Barbara, 31, 78 Roach, Don, 31, 62, 97 102 StNIHH INIltX Roberson, Ioe, 31 Roberts, Don, 31 Robertson, Carol, 31 Robertson, Ianice, 31 Rogers, Frank, 31 Rosenberg, William, 31 Rosenberry, Ioan, 31 Rubison, Fred, 31 Ruland, Barbara, 31 Ryan, Sandra, 31 Ryden, Donna, 3l, 73 Rylander, Connie, 32 S Schater, Ioyce, 9, 32, 70, 73, 74 Sedgwick, lon, 32 Seibert, Nicholas, 32 Shaw, Cecile, 32 Shragal, Oscar, 32 Shuman, Sydney, 32 Simkins, Sharon, 32 Simmons, Robert, 32 Smith, Ann, 32, 68, 69, 73, 84 Smith, Brently, 32, 72 Smith, Pat, 32 Snider, Michael, 32 Soderquist, Linda, 9, 32, 62, 64 Sopher, Stan, 32 Spellman, Iohn, 32 Spilman, Iudy 32 Stevens, lames, 32 Stewart, Ioan, 33, 64, 69, 72 Stoneking, lack, 33, 72 Stotts, Larry, 33, 72 Streedain, Suzanne, 33, 69 Sundell, Robert, 33 Swanson, Edward, 33 Swanson, Ken, 33 Swanson, Mary Ann, 33 Swanson, Philip, 33 Swanson, Ruth Ann, 33 Sward, Iohn, 33, 73, 74 Swedlund, loyce, 33, 64, 71, 73, 77 T Taylor, Daniel, 33 Taylor, Keith, 33, 73 Templeton, Harvey, 33 Thompson, Anne, 33 Thompson, Nancy, 33 Tingley, lean, 33 Toller, Gary, 33 Tucker, Donovan, 34, 65 Tucker, Ioel, 34, 73 1 U Underwood, Shirley, 34 Uttelman, Larry, 34, 72 V Vancil, Gary, 34, 72, 93 W Wagher, Darlene, 34 Walker, Dorothy, 34, 72 Wallick, Miriam, 9, 34 Watt, lohn, 34 Watters, Norma, 34 Weaver, Donald, 34, 65, 68, 6 Weedman, Ruth, 34 Weidenhammer, lohn, 34, 65 Wenstrom, Larry, 34 Wessels, Ruth, 34, 78 9,7 W'est, Carol, 34, 64, 69, 7l, 98 Whimpey, Ruth, 34, 72, 98 White, Billie Ann, 35 White, David, 35, 73, 74 White, Mercedes, 35 White, Richard, 35 White, Sharon, 35, 64, 98 Whitlesey, Martha, 35 Wignall, Dean, 35 Williams, Charles, 35, 73 Williamson, Deanna, 35 Wilson, Tom, 35, 93, 101 Windisch, Kenlyn, 35, 72 Woods, Genive, 35 Worley, Don, 35, 62, 73, 74, 9 Wunderlich, Greta, 35 Wyatt, Roger, 9, 35, 93 Y Young, Ray, 35, 93, 94, 97 Youngren, Nancy, 35, 64 3 The following friends of Galesburg Senior High School have helped to make this REFLECTOR possible by their contributions. We hope that you will remember their names and give them your support in the years ahead. MUREEN HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware-tools-Paint Shopsmith and De Walt power tools WGIL 1400 on your dial Hill Arcade Building BENEDICT MUSIC COMPANY 64 S. Cherry Street Everything for the musician LABOR NEWS COMPANY Printers 56 N. Cherry Street GALESBURG GLASS COMPANY 85 N. Broad Street "Service is our greatest asset" BOOTHE CLEANERS l56 N. Broad Street Distinctive dry cleaning HOWE-ANDERSON BAKERY Bakers of Hobo bread Danish rolls and other bakery goods THE MULBERRY HOBBY SHOP 88I Mulberry Street Bernice Rose - Dial 2633-U SUSIE'S STEAK HOUSE Fine Food Knoxville, Illinois ZESTO DRIVE-IN I88 W. Losey For the tastiest treats in town KLINCK MORTUARY K. G. KLINCK CHARLES M. FRICKE Knoxville Phone 6006 YOUNGREN PLUMBING AND HEATING I3 I5 Brown Ave. "Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary" GOLDEN CREAM DAIRY STORES Galesburg Ouality Dairy Products ILLINOIS CAMERA SHOP 84 S. Prairie "Remember The Day With Snapshots" PARK DRIVE DAIRY E. Losey and Whitesboro "OId Fashion" Vanilla Ice Cream GALESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Galesburg, III. Bottling Coca-Cola, Flavors and "76" THE GALESBURG CLINIC 320 N. Kellogg St. CHRISTY COAL COMPANY 465 E. Berrien St. "Ouality Fuels" GAMBLE STORE 420 E. Main "The Friendly Store" MODEL CLEANERS 44 S. Chambers "Beautiful Dry Cleaning ' VICTOR CASKET HARWARDE CO. 560 S. Chambers "Best Wishes to the Class of '56" HAWTHORNE DRUG CO. 15 E. Main Cralesburg, I11. THE FARMERS AND MECHANICS BANK In Galesburg Since 1869 Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. HINCHMAN BEAUTY SALON 402 Bondi Building "Best In Beauty Care" BABY BUNTING 45 S. Kellogg "Everything for Baby" IACKS SUPPLY STORE North Side of Square Galesburg, Ill. MECHANICS HOMESTEAD ci LOAN ASSN. 250 East Main Street Insured Safety For Your Savings MONARCH CLOTHING CO. Public Square Where Every Day Is Sale Day ROWE MGF. COMPANY Galesburg, Illinois Best Wishes for class ot 1956 GERWIGS 221 East Main Latest in Ladies Apparel GLIESSMAN STUDIOS 315-16 Bondi Bldg. For Fine Portraits RAY'S HOBBY SHOP 181 North Cherry St. Galesburg's Most complete Hobby Shop COKE MILLS MOTOR CO. 230 West Main St. Dodge-Plymouth Sales And Service KLINCK RADIOELECTRIC South Side of Public Sguare Knoxville, Illinois MEADOW GOLD DAIRY l28 S. Chambers Galesburg's finest dairy products PEOPLES FUEL AND COKE COMPANY 434 E. Berrien Street The best coals from each field THOMAS PLUMBING AND HEATING 497 East Berrien Street The best in plumbing LUKE'S 45 South Prairie Westinghouse appliances FRED SCHUBACH Street floor Bondi Building Galesburg's Finest Shop for Men RANDELL BUS COMPANY ZIO W. Simmons Street Chartered busses our specialty , QUINT'S SERVICE 642 E. Main Street Distributors Goodrich tires and batteries BROWN MOTOR COMPANY IZO N. Chambers Oldsmobile sales and service BEST WISI-IES FROM BROWN SPECIALTY COMPANY IZOU Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg VVHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF Del Monte and Stokely fine foods GALESBURG BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY GOO E. Main Street Ready mixed concrete Compliments ot: GALESBURG ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY 739 S. Henderson MIDWEST MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Subsidiary ot Admiral Corporation Galesburg WETHERBEE SPORTING GOODS Galesburg, Illinois Headquarters For Sporting Goods RED CROSS DRUGS Corner of Main and Seminary Complete Drug Service ,, m I ARTHUR I. NYMAN AND SONS 56 North Prairie Street IOU Years Ot Service CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY Springfield, Illinois Engravers For Your Yearbook CHURCHILL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Maintenance Engineers Ouality plus Skill H. L. HANSEN LUMBER COMPANY l6l North Academy Street Phone 469l BANK OF GALESBURG Corner ot Kellogg and Main Bank With Confidence THE NEW SPARKS SHOP I37 East Main Street Clothes For The Fashion Minded FIRST GALESBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Galesburg, Illinois Member ot Federal Reserve System C 6: E GROCERY 187 West Losey Street Home Oi Good Foods RAY BROWN FLORIST Hill Arcade Say It With Flowers MAURITA DALE l38 East Main Fashion First NEVIUS PRINTING 71 East Simmons Galeshurg, Illinois O. T. IOHNSON COMPANY Galeshurg's Greatest Store Since I862 Compliments Ot A Friend WAGONER PRINTING COMPANY Galesburg, Illinois Printers For The Reflector -' 5 9' if .Y V'..VV .. V . i"if-ig Vg. V V , ,V.VgV: .A-V -V, V-5'-4-V-2.1,-5 - 5.-,,' .A fungi -S ' V V?eV:'NTVf:W ff V ZW- - 'fx-ui '.f9Q1Q9?9L3 W YQ QQ. Wai? xiw- jifgfiii. EW ' 1 , 14, .VJwfV9,.s:g3-gjmf. V ,. -,'p1:V3z.'zum? -1 a 3755.1-. wwf gg kjFAF:" fy f , if -- gsm 5 fb ,g2VA5'?11m4' 'L-15' -J5'k1, 3 -uv L52 'I' . ,-V..g+,v+frVs?g?:.. 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Suggestions in the Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) collection:

Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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