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1 .f-..,-' 1 1 Vw-.u--1' x ' 1 ' 1 Us Q x ' I ii-Qu Q T-x -, 4 if E F iii? T- Q-I Sf L . XV. FQ: 1 '2 4 ,I xiii T Hs- '- it -T iff? . '-?i Sf" Q3 1 ,-:Z - . X .R A, , , cil- Vb F: .ijqh A XL. , .yi -sse- . At: lxrx-I 189- xzr X. gg, - ,-1 Eli' V a I . -,-4' -9 Q ,, n Q 5 5 . .311 w. I ' 1. S 1? . ,QQ ' 4+ 5 il G fu A 1 . fa 4 --,Q 1-nr, K - 1 f - ,nw--QA f fn' v " """ ,-pf, me ' " f1" "v'- cu , '1 - f' -' f -- 'rw "T 'H'- , 1,- l , - K' , ' -,- Vl. 'Q an V-P12-, wiki' 4 1 JE'-,La ,,4,,,: an eel?-' i iw, S993-2 I V A, :cr 54 ' 4.4 M-.V 'H Lf? r Y.. , ' - ,H - V A :vii L WI, :-F! '. A , - " 1 J. .kiuwf . ' - Q Q V 7. t -aff ' My rfb fQ"'f'1' - 4 - V 1 'lf . ,viii 1 - , . ' 'Ig' j'f'f-'ir' : zjjgg, A I V- -.V., wr , . , .- ' f Q A - ,V rs ' . TM ' 'Qi-: , ' ' VVQ' f '51 -, - ' ' 1 Q 7 , - , .. . V , .. . A -- r ,P , f. 1 ' .f , 1 ' Jr' - vm. -, '15 Y - R V . Q A , . D II? :- - , Af - V f - - wx- az X. 0 Vg , -KV? ,- -f 3 "'-'Q , T-Q '- - A - Y G' ' T lf Q QQ Lag, -V .Q, ' 51 , , - ' . ' f . 1 ' V ' U' - 7. , i - I A , . . Q . -, :iff 'ggi ,, X n lx ' f 1 Q ya. .- .- V .: -"f.,.?f' J uw --H' 1 ' . V lex . ,Q ' , Q HPS.. " 72:--,V7'3 ' H -J "fl""'lFf 'H 5 -' V. .-s' V' .V YL . ,. . 5, 4 , ' ' ' , 'A , ' 1.12. LZ . ,V , . V' V-'AD' ,V A .- -.M V . :aff ,Q .Jw . D Egg - ,Ja , , V, I, '.V-4 ., -.L " N- 2 V -, 1 , . 5 H . 4, A M I ' -V -iff A ' ' 1- , I lv, - K i - 1 3 . V . 2.-,Q - , Qfif .' .' -"fe : " 1 . ' . ' L V -V 1 ... ' ' r I , - . ' . , " ' - 1 , w I- , , J . , hx fi - ' , vi ,f if V ' Q " ' ' x - iff I 1.,, -Vi' VV,.g, ' ... 4 ,I . . , A , , ral.-L1 ' . if 5 1' " r Q'-Myth .' 'r?- V 1. GE L . A 4 'f' -ng.'.k ' . A-rv 4 5 , 1- -t.agI'5' I L ' . .V -' .' 'r Jil, - .Cf ' A' ' is-Lp, -V 1 " - ' ' " - 'K . ' fr ' N , 3 ' ,D ' J!! ' 'il N v-M jx. ,, V, I r V-Ig V J ,V ,1 , ' ' A ' -wV.Vw. vf 1' 3. Y 5 ' ' 33 '- ,, VV I' f .V 9 H. 1 2' ' -. V ' ' 51 .- s-v , ' t .JV . .. 5 . V Y .. 0 , 1 ' " J .' 1 , ' Q . V 4 , , ,gif-V HZ' V V ' sf V rgf- 2 ik , A --, W, , . . . . -, . . 5 . 1 rf Q. A , w 5 ,K nf 'I . wr. - V X 7 , V , V ' , X 5 I, . J- , , 1 ,- , V ' 'J-4 - ' t " it 1? 4 mmm: ...D is- . -' if Q, wr ' . 5, M, H4 1 ...mugavn ,.. 1 1 V-ki ,--xi 11:- -n, f JL. 3" is 1-j-I 9' ff "1 . f. i . ' " 1, L ' 4?l V?- "xl - J1- A . 1517" 7 T H 'te . ' :J - - f- - qt.. 5 .ag 'f. , A 1 12:11 aa' f .JSI 5 ' Y. Y .4 .A . , ,Ll -gn, Ffa. if 4 N494 .. A 1 . F' 1 -V .5 -'T x .-4- ' iff". 'g' ' . 1 "-"S ' ' f -11, f-.114 . ' -. V zhlgvg ,,g7qrrQf9' ,, '- gms' '-. -wg..-Ar , ' -1 f -'ri , -'1' iff - W sv " "fi, .Am . if g3i"ff-H' 2'-: rl V .5 ij." -it iv , -Q.---f-,x,.,,g L , .ri-.55,. 4 :Lp , ,-rl nw- r -, ,x,,.-1 rw , .. f ' kfffT4"5.'14"' " f ., . A ffl. A tffiax.-if! if ',,ji2ga f. 1..N," '.g' ff' -- vgfgkf V 1"" 1 21?fN 652 iiaf -f A f" I it 1 ' 1. 3 .1 ' ag ig yy-x . 1.1 ,xi - , 9, .5 '. . yu' " ,.'g.-.fs-Q ,, 3 1 " EEZLM A ' 4 'Z vi 1 '3 ' , "i'f"' .. '- -as, use.-, Q .: f 3' ,- ,H IH' 3 4 - V wgwlilfi 5 15 7531 , "i?i3QL. w Q 19 IW .1:ir',.1 i AW?- V -V ' Y' "'?' "",1u- 5 - .Q tj:-1 z be 'el A if.-5f1sgg .1 xQ"Z'iE:rS2. - 2 , f-few if 'T -A 1 f ,. , .. .,.,. ...U . , ,, A 4 ' Q L, fi?-rf" A,.T,,.f,-E - .., f -ww' if " iw' A if -7 L. '. .1 ' - , ' .11 F f1nI-- .,.IS' - -1 1 - as N f K 1 t ' . I" 4 . affix: 5 ' CT' 1- -. J v-0 'ff iiqgf, in ,,.' w ak-i:,:'..:1-.'.. -I" f 1 - QQHA '9- fa.. galeshurg senior high school galesbwrg, illinois s . . . the 1954 volume 47 . . . portraits and patterns C Ed Ch f S S S Ad MwyMc 14 L Q -+1-L ww.. ' Q Agif 1-Q' K' 'vim -X mwww .MN table ot contents Hi there! I've just arrived from Paris to paint some of my famous Portraits and Patterns. You may wonder why live Come to GHS in- stead of some great big place like New York. . . Well, you see, live found that most everyone likes pic- tures of ordinary, "honest to good- ness" people who are happy in their surroundings. I'm just starting on a self-con- ducted tour to show you how Por- traits and Patterns apply to the art of learning right here at GHS. So with palette and brush, the 1954 REFLECTOR paints a picture of a year at school. Care to come along? portraits and patterns portraits personified . . ttttttttttt masters . craftsmen . . faculty and administration . seniors . apprentices . . gIIil6lS . ttgtttttttttt and ttttttttat m8li2liStS . tttntttttt . abstracts . . ttttttt pages . IiFe's masterpiece . . ftttwttt tt ,cttw appraisals . . tttttttttt . 3 1, Dedication . . . . . . . portraits personified We dedicate this yearbook to a fine team .... By dedicating Portraits and Patterns, the '54 REFLECTOR staff wants everyone to know that the coordinated efforts of Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Wooley deserve a lot of praise and a grateful "Thank you." We look about us at GHS and see our school as one that is managed smoothly with cooperation between student and teacher. Besides conducting Galesburg Senior High School with careful thought of the present, MR. ARNOLD SALISBURY this team focuses keen eyes to the future anticipating the problems it may present. These problems prompted Mr. Salisbury to refer GHS,s growing enrollment to Mr. Wooleyg and since that time, both men have continued working in earnest for greater educa- tional opportunities for all students. Dreams have been dreamed, and plans have been made that Galesburg students might have advantages second to none. The building program is one example of their constant fight for improvements. While awaiting results of the building proposal, Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Wooley have seen to it that the best practical use was being made of all existing facilities. Classrooms were remodeled and new light fixtures put in many of them. A beautiful improvement on the auditorium stage was the addition of new silver and gold curtains. A current change for which they are working is a suitable curriculum program to coincide with the enrollment needs in ag- riculture, business education, and shop classes. The very apparent harmony which exists between these two friends of ours might be compared to the blending of two comple- mentary colors to form a workable unit. Their energy, determination, down-to-earth natures and friendly attitudes have won for them a first-place rating with the students of this high school and people of our community. MR. WESLEY WOOLEY 5 0 f 6' -Q I U Url -sl 6, -safffaf if it , ' Q N xi' if X. Xfgfv 042 19 The masters, our teachers, are designated by the richest, bright- est color in the spectrum - the spokesman for their unceasing efforts in the field of education. Gold's luminosity represents the very highest form of intellect, it depicts power and. glory, and is a symbol of what IS valuable or much prized. Gold also represents honor, loyalty and high ideals. Our education, whether it be "book-learningn or learning to get along with others is as important in the everyday work of our teachers as it is to us. Faculty and Administration . . . masters Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Wesley Wooley Everyone says "First things come first", so I decided to start my tour off with a visit to the Superintendent of School District 205. In the Public Library, just a few steps from "dear old GHS", is thc office of the superintendent, Mr. Wooley. When I entered, he greeted me with a smile, and soon I really got to know him. Mr. Wooley told me that this was his first year as superintendent, but I believe the effectiveness with which he carries out his duties has already been felt by the majority of citizens. The main objective of his work is to promote the development and growth of the educational system in Galesburg while working along with the Board of Education. After finding out about his many duties, I was inter- ested to hear that he is active in civic projects 100. Talking to Mr. Wooley made me feel that his wisdom and ability to understand everyone around him are assets to his character which help him in his important W" work. ' Having talked with Mr. Wooley, I became anxious to see the Board at work. It happened in the strangest way, too. One Monday night, I was just wandering around when I heard voices coming from a nearby room. Naturally my curiosity got the best of me, so I tiptoed up to the door and peeked into the room. There sat seven men and one woman who I immediately recognized as School District 205's Board of Education. I've heard so much about the Board and its constant efforts in trying to gain benefits for Galesburg schools, but I've never seen its members in action before. Since they were working so hard on the schools, problems, budget, and improvements, I silently made my exit, leaving them undisturbed. Board of Education Top row: Mr. Curtis Erickson, Mr. Kenneth Holmes, Mr. Forrest Moberg, Mr. William H. Moon. Bottom row: Mr. Charles Smith, treasurer, Mr. Thomas G. Storey, Mrs. Chris Wallace, Mr. Harold Whitman. 8 Principal, Mr. Arnold Salisbury re D 4 4 5 962 4 X aa On my tour through GHS, I met lNIr. Arnold Salisbury who holds one of the most important and respected johs of the community-that of hcing high school principal. His joh is one which is essential to the efficient management of a modern high school systcin. Some of his duties are to promote public relations, supervise and guide students and faculty, operate the school within a budget, lead curriculum changes, and maintain the high standards of GHS. After a chat, Mr. Salisbury introduced me to his secretary, Mrs. Eileen Damberg. Aside from her secre- tarial duties, she takes care of the calendar, hook rentals. daily hullctins, has charge of lockers, and makes out eligibility slips. Then I was introduced to Mrs. Pauline Werner who has charge of the attendance and tardiness. To complete the office staff, I met Mrs. Elva li. Donaldson who schedules classes and keeps each pupil's permanent record up to date. The students here at GHS are very fortunate to have a principal and an oHice staff as fine as this. Office Staff Mrs. Eileen Damhcrg Mrs. Pauline lVerner Mrs. Elva E. Donaldson Sccrctary Attcndanfc Clerk Registrar 9 x S'Whoops!" That was all I could say the day I ventured into the' wrong room at GHS. I looked up and saw the smiling face of Miss Ryin, the very capable Dean of Girls at Galesburg High. She asked if she could help me with something, but I told her that I had just wandered in by mistake. You should have seen those papers on her desk! She surely has many responsibilities that go with being co-sponsor of Student Council and the busy advisor of Girls' Service League. I canit understand how she can have such a fine disposition with all that work! Like everyone else in the school, I enjoyed talking to Miss Ryin very muchg but then I knew that I had some business of my own to attend to so I gathered up my brushes and left. JOHN AITCHISON HAZEL ANDERSON RACHEL ANDERSON MARY BAKER Physics English Librarian Nurse Miss SylVl2l Ryln, Dean of Girls . . . Facult ARTHUR DAMERON Industrial Arts ROS DAMBERG Printing l EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN Industrial Arts RILEY BOWEN Biology CHARLES BEDNAR Physical Education V VELMA DENNY Social Studies LEROY DONALDSON Commercial RAY DUNN Agriculture GEORGE EACOTT Industrial Arts JON EDWARDS Dramatics Mr. William Goodwin, Dean of Boys Yesterday I was caught redhanded in an act that nobody seemed to appreciate-but I just couldn't resist decorating the main hall with my paintings. Immediately I heard, UGO see Mr. Goodwin!', Hesitantly, I started thc trip to the ofhce -shivering in my boots. I got a big surprise from talking with Mr. Goodwin awhile. I really liked him icause he was so understanding and had a Hne sense of humor, too. Mr. Goodwin has been Dean of Boys for eight years. Besides that, he is advisor of Boys' Forum and co-sponsor of Student Council. During each year, he helps the fellows at GHS solve their problems. It is easy to see why hc receives such a huge quantity of respect and admiration from everyone in Galesburg High School. ARTHUR FISH GRETCHEN GATES JOHN GRIFFITH ROYAL HARSHBARCER Physical Education Mathematics Visual Aids Commercial and Debate axial: ,,1gfg3,fv - , Q 5 ROLAND HEGG VIRGINIA HINCHLIFF DONALD HOUSER ROIST, HUNGERFORD ELLEN IRVINE Music English Physical Education Commercial English J. D. LESTER BARBARA LITCHFIELD VVAYNE MCCORMICK TED MANSAGER Social Studies Physical Education 'Iournulisrn Social Studies I ,,Wf,,,,,f. f, K .. V M A bg 1 ,t, I s K W. ll, REUTER Lzmguagcs GERALD PI IILLI PS Physical Education DOLORES RYNER Commercial I sf ,2 .y if E DENA SAAIJENGA English HELEN SORNBERGER RUTH STACY MARTIN SWANSON WILLIAM TURNER DOROTHY UTTER ' ' ' I ' ' l Languages Physical Education Physical Education Lomincrcial Commcrcia 12 he l W- W V is FRED JONES INEZ JORDAN Mathematics English Social Studies Social Studies Music . i ii S l i KENNETH MENKE LENA NOBLE Physical Education Home Economics DOROTHY O'CONNOR English HELEN OLSON English 25 Y, , , X, f H, ,VL zg.f 55?f - ' ii iii: il '... T' ii"i i 5 :,. - X S 3 Q' RUTH SCHWARZ VERNE SHELTON LLOYD SIMPSON ROGER SOPER Home Economics Art Chemistry Driving MYRTLE KAINU FRED KUSTER EDWIN LANTZ r F K - 5 , ' xx L ' S . . W I , , . i i. K. , i V LIFFORD Physical Education Biology Mathematics Home Economics Mechanical D, 13 VAN DYKE HOWARD WHITCOMB HELEN YOUNG ALTA YOUNGBLOOD HOMER ZUMWALPIT awing Q Purple, the color depicting the cmftsmenftlie seniors of 754, is a symbol of royalty and wisdom. After combining the fiery ambi- tion that red stands for with the cool-headedness blue indicates, a balance of dignity, wisdom, and royalty is obtained between these two opposing extremes, and this combination brings forth purple. The violet tinge not only gen- erates an idea of rank and author- ity, but also gives oil a radiance of splendor and dignity. eniors. . . craftsmen 11 CLASS .L OF 1954 Left to right: Clark Lofgren, Helen Nichols, Jack Lindberg, Mary Dyer. CLASS OFFICERS President: Serretary: Helen Nichols Mary Dyer Vive-President: Treasurer : Jack Lindberg Clark Lofgren SENIOR COUNCIL ...- we i First row: Ruth Ann Monson, Helen Nichols, Fred Reed, Donna Hix, Mary Dyer. Second row: Edward Clark, Tom Thoureen, Jark Lindberg, Ronald Teel. Third rnw: Bruce Bcyaert, Clark Lofgrcn, Betty Smith, Jim Cond, Suxan Lowe. 16 ALEXANDER, KENNETH BF member . . . FDA . . . ice cream spe- cialist . . . looks forward to real estate business ANDERSON, BARBARA Brown-eyed pianist . . . "Oh brothcrf' . . . future nurse . . . quite at home at the rink ANDERSON, DONALD nDon,' . . . BUDGET Editor-in-Chief . . . excells in baseball . . . master of magic . . . Northwestern bound ANDERSON, RICHARD uAndy', . . . expert bowler . . . active in intramurals . . . future carpenter ANDERSON, RONALD "Andy" . . . BF . . . hunting for a hobby . . . strums the guitar . . . swell guy to know ANDERSON, THOMAS Bradley beckons . . . cars, cars, cars . . . quiet, blue-eyed lad . . . friendly smile A ff!" ARMSTRONG, MARIORIE Embroidering is her hobby . . . FDA presi- dent . . . strawberry shortcake . . . llrown's Business College ASHER, ERMA FDA . . . plans to follow a business career . . . likes dancing and skating ASHER, IACK Staunch supporter of BF . . . cars are his hobby . . . brown eyes . . . chicken is tops BABCOCK, CALVIN k'Cal" . . . visual aids head . . . superb in electronics . . . NTS proxy . . . Stage Call . . . Stage manager BARTON, fOE BF . . . Lewis Aeronautical College , . . interested in cars .... French-fried shrimp . . . friendly guy BARTON, ROBERT "Bob" . . . steak is top dish . . . member of the orchestra . . . "crazy man!" . . . Brown's . . . future salesman BAUGHMAN, CAROL 'L-lo" . . . member of GSL . . . likes danc- ing best . . . "I'll clue ya" . . . sweet little redhead BEDNAR, CHARLES 5'Cliuck" . . . "G" Club prexy . . . BF scribe . . . BUDGET sports writer . . . U of I . . . architecture awaits BEYAERT, BRUCE Senior Class rep . . . BUDGET . . smooth swimmer . . . adroit actor . winning smile . . . U of I ' 17 BROOKS' MARY ALICE Our Miss Brooks loves 'irt book keeping beckons Brown s Business College BROWN IOY Choir prexy Assist mt hd of BUD CET NHS Trio oy boy s a smooth singer Swim club see F irlharn BROI1 N MYRA Writes memos for ID X Dont knoii do ya? Cl'1lClxCI1 is her llvorite L is BROW N MYRL Micki CS delights m thnken ie svs eet brown ey ed sk iter ie other half BRYANT DONALD Deke BI' member trick stir steak is tops b isketb ill enthusi ist BURC ER DONAID Roller skating holds fast mation thinks shrimp is dCllClOLlW future m in of the Air Force BYIAND KENNETH high up in the sky You dont know do ya? BYIAND RONALD Navy draftsman . . . ust the f'1ets erazy about the h'1rmonie'i . . . delights in ears CALDWELL MARY ANN Beautieian next . . . delights thinks tenderloins are best . in skating ..GSL 18 , of BIELEMA, LINDA fi' REFLl'iC'l'AVUE , . . boss for SAA . . . J sweet singer . , . NTS . . . dramaties draws L her attention . . . Veep of Stage Call A BILLUPS, TWYLA "Bill" . . . SC member . . . fondness- for S eheeseburgers . . . brown-eyed swimmer . . . future in business S BOCKSERMAN, .IAY Q 81 S prexy . . . NHS Veep . . . super pereussionist . . , keen head for business 0 . . . eollegian soon F BOCOX, THERESA Loves to sing . . . blonde hair, blue-eyed gal . . . "Ferry" . . . l5rown's for business 1 BRACKETT, IIOYCE "Jo" . . . IOOA . . . GSL . . . likes stork 9 ear raving . . . future housewife . . . happy 5 lass HRAIWLETT, AIUNE 44 GSL . . , adept aeeordion player . . . future housewife . . , hamburgers rzlte high with her for CALDWELL, MARY LOU She cheers them along . . . "Oh, you know it" . . . lVestern beckons . . . future PE teacher CAMPBELL, BETTY Finds ping-pong and swimming fun . . . likes cherry pie . . . heading into secre- tarial field CARLSON, MARIAN Records and art are a favorite pastime . . . animal lover . . . future reveals office career CEBERT, VINCENT NTS . . . Stage Call sec .... mcmber of SC . . . painting hobby . . . U of Arkansas . . . A Cappella . . . always smiling CHANEY, RUTH SC representative . . . "Ruthie" . . . bas- ketball is her favorite . . . plans to be a future distributor CLAEYS, FRANK "Steak sounds swell" . . . carpentry is his hope . .. blue-eyed singer of western songs . . . car mechanic CLARK, ANNA Fewent gridiron fan . . . FDA . . . graceful skater . . . "Annie" . . . business world beckons CLARK, EDWARD "Eddy', . . . Senior Class rep . . . baked ham is specialty . . . electronics engineer- ing . . . "You don't know, do you?,' CLARK, MARY Active in FHA . . . Indiana Central Col- lege soon . . . serene and sincere . . . missionary work calls CLARK, PATRICIA 'SPatty" . . . blue-eyed whiz at shorthand . . . Brownis Business College . . . wants to be an airline hostess COLWELL, HENRY BF . . . "Hank" . . . says hot dogs are super! . . . not sure of future plans . . . handy and helpful COWELI., fOHN Mechanics are this lad's major talent . . . active member of BF . . . willing worker COWMAN, HOWARD "You know it, Dad" . . . future carpenter . . . lill have steak, please . . . comic cut-up CRANE, WILLIAM K'Steak,s my dieti' . . . "Willie,' . . . am- bition: sheet metal worker . . . Shines in shop . . . dark-haired dreamer CUL VER, BARBARA FHA prexy . . . IOOA veep . . . future homemaker . . . brown-haired seamstress . . . spaghetti and meatballs are it! 19 fa N 'Q ,agixw , DENLY, GENE Steak is his favorite . . . sandy-haired member of BF . . . plans to be a tiller of the soil DUNBAR, GARY Football and track athlete . . . lookra for- ward to coaching . . . brown-eyed N Cap- pella asset DYER, MARY Sr. Class secretary . . . cheerful pepster . . . French Club officer .... North Park College soon EVES, CHARLES 'lChuck's" a BF cabinet member . . green-eyed trackster . . . nice to know "Who did?" HLKINGTON, RICHARD 'gDick" . . . FDA . . . career in aeronau- tics . . . Tulane College . . . hPlay it cool, Dad" ELLIOTT, CLAUDE "Claudie,' . . . runner of the reels . . . Bradley collegiate . . . architectural crafts- man . . . harmonica fancier EMERY, WILLIAM "Wild Bill', . . . blue eyes . . . printing is hobby and future career . . . merry malt- maker ENLOW, MARION "Mary" . . . private secretary . . . faithful GAA gal . . . collects salt and pepper shakers EWING, CARL BF . . . chicken eater . . . Future Distribu- tor of America . . . lspects to be a salesman 20 ,,,..v-if CURREY, KAYE DON BF cabinet member . . . g'Oh, you're kid- ding" . . . Bradley next . . . to be an aviator DAGEN, DONNA Reading and drawing are favorites . . . faithful to GSL . . . secretarial work calls . . . quiet DALTON, fANET Senior Council . . . future secretary . . . blue-eyed music lover . . . pet peeve: g'Ya donit know, do ya?" DARWINE, jOAN Secretarial field . . . 'Slow . . . loves black- eyed peas . . . Monmouth College next . . . sharp dresser DA VIS, FLORINE Dancing is fun . . . PUBLICATlONS . . . physical education . . . teaching sounds interesting . . . lively DAWSON, WAYNE Drawing takes his spare time . . . Iowa State calls . . . plans to be a veterinarian ...-me-""'l I . f FAY, DEAN Intramural enthusiast . . . future mecltanic . . . chocolate malts . . . swell sports sup- porter FIELDS, DALE BUDGET Circulation Nfanager . . . foot- ball . . . likes to hunt . . . tl1ere's a farm in his future . . . "I reckon" FITE, THELMA 'lFifi" . . . Pep Club member . . . scene and sign painter supreme . . . natural comedienne . . . Stage Call FORSHEE, fOYCE A dancing brunette . . . 'fYou just don't know, do you?" . . . merry mermaid . . . job hunting next FRAKES, MARY Stage Call historian . . . SC member . . . GAA . . . business college soon . . . hazel- eyed secretary FRETUEG, fANE Stage Call booster . . . will be secretary . . . 'Tll never tellv . . . member of GSL FRIESEN, RICHARD "Dicks, . . . hobby is electronics . . . senior float helper . . . blue eyes . . . BF GAMBELL, DANITA f'Pug', . . . active in CSL . . . talented pianist . . . WAVE or WAC? . . . rolls around the rink GASWAY, DONNA iiDfJl1HlC,i . . . has a love for popular music . . . likes tennis and swimming . . . future office worker GILLENWATER, IOANNE Sunny smile . . . GSL booster .. . personal- ity . . . dark-haired friend . . . competent reader GILLETTE, CAROLYN "Gigi', takes part in FHA . . . blonde artist ambition: clothes designer GILLETTE, KATHRYN "Kate" . . . Brown's ahead . . . skating fan . . . brown-eyed secretary . . . GSL . . . "Fried chicken is delish!" GIMENEZ, RACHEL "Rae" . . GSL cabinet member . . . look- ing forward to selling . . . dimpled smile GOAD, fAMES "Pete,' . . . man of music . . . Sr. Class rep . . . Cadets' secretary-treasurer . . . sports rate a big OK . . . REFLFICT- AVUE . . . Octet COULD, jOHN Motorcycle mad . . . favors French frics . . . West Point . . . architectural future . . . friendly man 21 1, p 5, , . X, GUTMAN, MARTHA "Martyn . . . orders shrimp . . . Burlington School of Beauty . . . demure dancer . . . short and sweet . . . loves to talk HAGENS, MARY LOU Take a letter, Miss . . . 4'Oh, for heaven's sake" . . . drawing divine . . . hopes to write . . . radiant red hair HAMBRECHT, HOWARD Cross country trooper . . . Purdue or not Purdue? . . . golf greens enchant . . . sparkling personality HANSON, MARILYN REFLECTOR . . . SAA money collector . . . secretarial plans . . . Knox co-cd to be . . . make-up co-chairman HANSON, NANCY GSL . . . Scholastic poetry winner . . tennis rates tops . . . advertising field in- terests . . . Eastern State HARDY, ALLEN Triangle-and-ruler future . . . collects sou- venirs . . , fried chicken . . . motor- cycle madness HARRIS, STANLEY Steak satisfies "Stan" . . . photography flash . . . machinist of modern world . . . "What's new with you?" HARVEY, IEAN Reflectavue dancer . . . GSL cabinet . . . booster of Stage Call . . . GAA . . . aquatic ambitions . . . office work HAR WOOD, GARY CHS's gain . . . football, basketball, base- ball . . . "Howdy,' . . . Hawaiian dancer . . . University of Illinois 22 GRAENZER, RANDOLF k'Randy" . . . likeable lad . , . SC . . orchestra asset . . . friend to all . . . grac- ious conversationalist GRANT, ROGER Chemical engineer . . . rolls around the rink . . . "Rufus" . . . sympathetic friend . . . autos take spare time . . . lamb GREENHALGH, RENNIE Says it with pictures . . . REFLECTOR . . . sizzling steak . . . GAA Board . . . Spanish Club . . . 'LGee', GRIFFITH, MARY ANN Music Honor League . . . Macomb follows GHS . . . TV fan . . . saxophone player . . . teacher of tomorrow GROVER, VIRGINIA VVell known as "Bonnie" . . . lady in white . . . U of Columbia . . . sweet skater . . . piano pastime . . . quiet GUSTAFSON, WILLIAM Mr. G's boy . . . "Gus" . . .visual aider . .. Stage Call . . . equipped for electrical fu- ture . . . collects coins IIECHLER, ROBERT "Heck" . . . favors swimming . . . lowa State .... A Cappella ehoir . . . "Some- body goofedu . . . oh, that eurly hair! HECK, H. BL.-IINE 'fTex" . . . future plow-driver . . . reading enthusiast . . . horse lover . . . lil" , , . malts HEFLIN, RACHAEL FHA . . . to teaeh the tots . . . GSL . . . movie fan . . . Wfestern . . . "Oh, firldleil . . . brown-eyed '6Rae" HENDRICKS, PH YLISS Girls' Service League . . . quiet . . . see- retarial field follows . . . new GllS'er . . . affable friend HERRON, CAROL GSL . . . REFLIQCITOR . . . eoninrereial art is her goal . . . whiz on wheels . . . delights in drawing HIGAREDA, DANIEL "Danny" . . . Nfajor League baseball . . . talented drummer . . . musical entertainer pllll pie comic tl 'S-Q Zig HILES, DONNA GSI ,... "Donnie" . . . heading into the business held . . . "Oh, George" . , . movies appeal to her HILL, PATRICIA BUDGET news ed . . . NHS . . . Freneh Club , . . U of Iowa . . . hazel-eyed history teaeher . . . Stage Gall HILLMAN, HERBERT "Herby" . . . eornetist . . . takes part in intramurals . . . golf is l1is hobby . . . tree surgeon HIX, DONNA National Thespian . . . prop head . . . Sr. Glass rep . . . dramaties is her dish . . . Spanish Glub reporter HOLMES, HAROLD Rugged rim-dropper . . . baseball boy . , . Drake University . . . Bowling booster . . . aclroit aquatic' HORANEY, CHRISTINE "Chris" . . . aetive in GAA , . . golf is a favorite, hopes to turn pro . . . delights in daueing HOWARD, PAUL Mighty mite . . . rautious ear-owner . . . BF member . . . carefree and happy . . . quiet boy IIOYT, fANET S-Jim" . . . eurly haired skater . . "Oh, George" . . . eheeseburgers on order . . . stenography seems suitable HULL, LEO Gross-country . . . plays away on the Ha- waiian guitar . . . North Park College . . . plans to be a minister . 23 ik Q- , ,m,,. 'hw 'PWA 3 IAMESON, SANDRA "Sandy's" going to be a lady in white . . . mint-minder of FHA and Swim Club . . . efficient cadet IENSEN, ELAINE CSL vecp and assembly head . . . RE- FLECTOR staff . . . SAA treasurer . . . Spanish Club . . . GAA gal fOHNSON, CAROLEEN Keeps NHS pennies . . . REFIFCTOR Composition Editor . . . Swim Club . . . SC . . . nursing next fOHNSON, DAVID "Dave', . . . 'AGN Club . . . zealous foot- ball player . . . RICFLECTAYUE en- thusiast . . . SMU IOHNSON, SALLY "Jean" . . . competent cadet . . . future medical gal . . . delights i11 chocolate cake . . . GSL'er fOHNSON, WILLIAM 'fBill" . . . active in FFA . . . horse riding is hobby . . . plans to plow the fields . . . blond boy KEITHLEY, CLEORA GSL . . . an office job seems just right . . . she's learning to skate . . . consistent colleague KENNEDY, BETTY LOU 'gFlea,' . . . last seen at the roller rink . . . f'Oh, I'll say" . . . CSL . . . auburn locks KENNEY, IO ANN Lady on horseback . . . FDA . . . luscious red hair . . . musically minded . . . future holds a farm 24- HUND, DALE C Engineering beckons . . . blue-eyed har- moneer . . . likes steaks an inch thick . . . L tinkers with cars . . . U of I A HUNTER, .IOYCE Science-conscious . . . Swim Club sup- S porter . . . REFLECTOR . . . dreamy drawer . . . fascinated by photography S IILIEL, CAIQMEN Vice prexy of GAA and FTA . . . A Cap- pella choir . . . French Club . . . full of 0 fun . . . future leads to teaching V60 F 1Nr:1zA11AM, NANCY "Nan" . . . loves to eat chicken . . . sec- retary supreme . . . S'You don't know, do 1 youf"' . . . cute and quiet . . . CSL 9 IACKSON, EDWARD "Big Edw . . . REFLECTOR Sports Ed. 5 . . . those famous feet . . . choir boy . . . crazy about basketball 4 -IACKSON, RICHARD 'LDick" . . . sandy-haired choir member . . . Spanish Club veep . . . Pep Club sec. KIDDER, ROBERT "Hob" . . . veterinarian . . . pie, please . . . University of Illinois . . . quiet but quite exact . . . friendly guy KILBY, VERA 'lVit'kie" . . . Girls' Service League . . . "Zat sof"' . . . selected skater . , . major- ette . . . hot fudge sundaes KINNEY, BETH Swim Club . . . Curly loeks . . . qualified secretary . . . CSL . . . "Sing it real sweet" . . . U of I KLEIN, DONALD Hobby of honey bees . . . faithful FFA'er . . . gridiron guy . . . 4'Don" . . . U of Oklahoma . . . chemist to rome KI.U.S'IVIEYER, LOUIS Enjoys lobster . . . dislikes pl'IlCIli'2ll jokes . . . radio interests . . . FFA . . . whiz at math and science LANGDON, IOHN "Johnnie" . . . smooth lad of basketball fame . . . I,atin Club . . . give him ham . . . goes for golf LANGDON, PATRICIA Dark-haired swimmer . . . na certain someone" . . . graeious spat" . . . U of I . . . shines on the skating rink LA RSON, .IOHN l'Long Johnu . . . hot-rodder . . . BF . . . no giggling girls for him! .. . likes the quiet . . . bring on the food LARSON, PHILLIP k'Phil" . . . MHL . . . music, musie, musie . . . competent band leader . . . fun-loving . . . medical career to come LARSON, THOMAS "Porn" . . . Silver Streak follower . . favors baseball . . . ears, of course . . quiet and reserved LAIVSON, fANET Prefers skating . . . uIs that right?" . "make mine Cherry pie" . . . "Jan" . . strikes and spares LEATH, NANCY Corresponding seeretary for FDA . . . seller supreme . . . lively lass . . . lots of fun . . . baseball booster LEON, SAIVIUEL "Sammie" . . . l'l'lay away, joel' . . . HG" Club . . . stoek ear driver . . . favors the pigskin . . . steaming steaks LINDBERG, fACK "Ruek-a-ehuek" . . , "G" Club . . . Miami, maybe . . . Senior Class veep . . . gridiron star . . . uUn amigo bueno' LINDLEY, MAIUORIE IOOA prexy . . hard worker . . . reliable FlIA'er . . . eolleets for hope chest . . . loves long letters . . . GSI, 25 LOWE, SUSAN REFLRCTOR Co-lid . . . Q Sc S, NTS notekeeper . . . NFL prexy . . . Senior Council . . . NHS . . . REFI,EC'l'AVUIf . . , Drake University LUCAS, MARY GSL prexy . . . talented musician . . . "Be alert, hangerli' . . . rates in sports . . . heads Board of Controls LUDWIG, PATRICIA "Pat', . . . FDA veep . . . eolleets novelties . . . GSL . . . "Get that" . . . a real eu ie . . iee eream fan LUTTRELL, MARC 'lElmer" . . . football enthusiast . . . in- tramurals manager . . . BF member . . . onward to the U of Illinois MrBRIDE, IAMES 'ljinf' . . . future meehanieal engineer . . . steak is tops . . . goes for golfing , . . great guy to know MCDORMAN, DONALD "Little Mat", . . . BF member . . . craves fried ehieken . . . baseball seems to be the best MMIAHEY, PATRICIA "Patsy,' . . . GSL member . . cnthusiastie skater . . . l'Is that rightlw .... A ir Force bound . . . bowling beats all MCGRAW, ROBERT NHS . . . 'gBrother Bob" . . . BF eabinet member . . . Quill and Seroll . . . engi- neering next McKEE, MARILYN "Mieki', . . . REFLECTOR Circulation Editor . . . GSL eabinet member . . . Macomb ealls 26 LIPSKEY, DONNA GSL member . . . apple pie suits her fine . . . singing is tops . . . "Lunskey" . . . plenty of pep LIVINGSTON, IAMES Musie has eharms for "Jim" . . . MHL prexy . . . BF . . . English enthusiast . . . fan of dramaties . . . band LOFCREN, CLARK Coin eolleetor for Senior Class . . . 1-MDI-I ehorister . . . U1 see the moon" . . . engi- neering ealls . . . Stage Gall LONG, fOAN Future pencil-pusher . . . 'lNo, no, Fm Joan!" . . . REFLECTOR . . . "Jo Jo" . . . faithful crew worker . . . GSL LONG, IOYCE REFLECTOR . . . crew worker . . . see- retarial or history career . . . "Fm Joyce " . . . aims for U of I LO ll 'E, HAROLD Master musieian . . . taste lor watermelon . . . stock ear racer . . . MHL . . . versatile violinist MCKEO WN, WILLIAM Pep Club rep . . . interest is in printing . . . nfirother Bills' . . . cherry malts are it . . . friendly fellow MCLEOD, SANDRA "Cloudy", . . . ardent swimmer . . . danc- ing rates high . . . secretarial work beckons . . . blondie MALTBY, ANN Quill and Scroll . . . "Annie:' . . . "Check that" . . . BUDGET staff . . . Knox fol- lows . . . sweet and understanding MANWORREN, DONALD '4Don" . . SC . . . "G" Club veep . . . Drake or Yale . . . Latin Club . . . Boys' Octet . . . the ministry calls MARTINEZ, RALPH Spanish Club minute keeper . . . intramu- ral interests . . . to herd a Zephjr . . . "Mantle,' MAXWELL, SHIRLEY Prefers popular music . . . A Cappella addition . . . CSL . . . hot dogs with pickles . . . SAA . . . "Max" MEDINA, IOHN Intramuralist . . . devotes time to reading . . . indulges in fried chicken . . . U of I ahead MEIIA, ROSIE Lookgforward to nursing . . . brown-eyed artist . . . swimming enthusiast . . . fried chicken, please MELTON, PAULINE GSL member . . . wonderful seamstress . . . fried chicken is best . . . Browifs in the future MEYER, IOYCE ANN SAA treasurer . . . "low . . . 'iOh, Cheese" . . . she takes to water . . . secretarial work follows MILLER, ERMA 4'You know it!" . . . reading is her hobby . . . brown-eyed skater . . . CSL gal . . . a cheery smile MITCHELL, BETTY GSL . . . future in the business world . . . pert and peppy . . . a whiz on the rink MITCHELL, ELEANOR Pep Club veep . . . BUDCETEER . . . modern dance enthusiast . . . craves the outdoors MONSON, RUTH ANN GAA prexy . . . 'iRuthie', . . . NHS . . Stage Call . . . commercial artist . . Bradley . . . sweet little blond MONTGOMERY, LEWIS "Louie" . . . centers the pigskin . . . Knox . . . NGN Club . . . sports are supreme . . . worthy worker 27 MORROW, THIRLEY Booming band member . . . blue-eyed skater . . . dotes on dancing . . . FTA . . . talented twirler MOTZ, VERA Future housewife . . . strawberry shortcake is it! . . . loves to read a good book MUNSON, IACK Football enthusiast , . . hamburgers are the best . . . intramurals . . . YVestcrn of Macomb MUNSON, ROSE '5Rosie" . . . future girl in white . . . en- thusiastic Latin student . . . steakfs the best for her NELSON, CARL Blue-eyed baseball fan . . . FFA . . . roast pork is first on his menu . . , the ministry . . . Augustana College NEMETH, PHYLLIS uPhil" . . . French fries are favorite . . . . . . "You don't sayi' . . . business field beckons NEW, SUSAN "Susie" . . . 'KNO kidding" . . . hobby is sewing . . . GSL . . . future nurse . . . quiet but ambitious NICHOLS, HELEN Homecoming Queen . . . music and swim- ,ming . . . NHS . . . Sr. Class prcxy . . . 6'Snookie" . . . SC . . . Stage Call NODEEN, GORDON Treasurer of FDA and SAA . . . interested in selling, electrical trade . . . "Some women drivers!" 28 MOONEY, DANIEL C Future draftsman . . . hunting is pastime , . . approves of strawberry shortcake . . . BF member A MOORE, DENNIS Denny . . . hall cadet . . . to be :1 musie teacher . , . saxophone interests . . . on to Macomb S MOORE, DOROTHY "Dot'5 . . . SAA treasurer . . . GAA Board . . . REFLECTOR Composition Staff . . . 0 U of I . . . personality plus F MOORE, FRANK S lntramural interests . . . collector of coins . . . prepares for printing . , . hunting rates 1 high 9 MORGAN, ROBERT Spanish Club . . . "GS Club . . . varsity 5 basketball . . . blue-eyed Harmonecr . . . Knox College coming 4 MORRIS, RICHARD Sandy-haired oboist . . . Western State beckons . . . "Dicks, an Mkllfer . . . BF member NORMAN, IAMES f "Jun" . . . trombonist in band . . . reading interests . . . likes basketball . . . HF . . . studious worker ODELL, CHAR LES "Digger" . . . BF . . . swell supporter of intramurals . . . aviation . . . basketball S backer O,NION, fANICE "Jan" , . . GSL . . . nursing next . . . de- lights in dancing 'S Xlritrht . , . bas- ., . . 1 . . . .M ,, y ketball is best . , . hazel-eyed gal OSGOOD, CHARLES Mechanically minded . . . Boys' Forum . . . interested in wrestling . . . wonder with cars . . . Lhuck PAGE, GEORGE Intramuralist . . . longs to travel . . . sin- cere sports fan . . . friendly and lots of fun PATTERSON, AIAXINE "Max" plans to teach history . . . GAA . . . Macomb College . . . green-eyed gal . . . likes lemon meringue pie PELTON, MAX BF . . . automobile mechanic . . . um- steak! . . . nice to know . . . basketball lover PETERSON, EDWARD i'Eddie', . . . Stage Call . . . A Cappella top comedian, dancer . . . show business beckons . . . noted for dimples PETERSON, OTIS BUDGET . . . engineering and physics brain . . . L'Oats" . . . U of I . . . model ship building hits the spot PETERSON, SUSAN Prexy of Future Nurses . . . blue-eyed blond . . . L'Susie" . . . music, painting . . . what a smile! PEYER, EDNA Pres. of Stage Call . . . trio . . . RE- FLECTAVUE . . . MHL . . . A Cap- pella choir . . . dramatics PFISTER, ROBERT BF . . . "Bob" . . . cars, cars, ears . . . basketball . . . future in printing . . . sold on steaks PICKREL, RAYMOND "Ray" . . . intramural enthusiast . . . dili- gent machine operator . . BF . . "Oh, boy!" PITMAN, DONALD Tops in intramurals . . . interests: cars, money, girls! . . . sincere but shy . . . "Don" likes watermelon PRESLEY, FRANCES 4'Fran" is the REFLICCTOR Art Editor . . . Stage Call . . . first-rate fashion fixer . . GSL representative 29 ROBERSON, FRANKLIN "Ronnie" . . . a career in mechanics . . . keen on racing motorcycles . . . chicken hits the spot ROCHE, JAMES flint" . . . member of visual aids . . . "Cool, Dadw . . . says apple pie is best . . . destined to be a draftsman ROSENBER C, EVELYN "Rosey', . . . GAA board member . . . blue-eyed baseball fan . . . future chemist . . . Knox bound gal ROSS, LANNY Future Bradley U student . . . brown- haired skater . . . waffles on the menu . . , BF supporter R UGGLES, WILLIAM uBillU . . . "Prove it!" . . . will work with metal . . . blue-eyed sport fan . . . steak is a favorite RULAND, PATRICIA L'Pats" . . . FDA . . . red hair and fancy skater . . . all food is tasty . . . basketball follower RYAN, DONNA nBlondie" . . . likes to skate . . . "Oh, yeh" . . . potato chip crazy . . . GSL gal SARGENT, IEANNE LEE IOOA . . . 4'Oh,,boyl" . . . future secre- tary . . . has a hope chest . . . thinks meat- balls are delectable SARGENT, WILLARD BF prexy . . . King of HC .... A Cap- pella bass . . enjoys football . . roast pork 30 PRICE, CHARLES "Charlie" . . . FFA minute-mindcr . . . hunting happy . . . a farm in his future '...eherrypie...UofI REED, FRED "Fearless" . . . Senior Council representa- tive . . . wittiness personified . . . always at home in water . . . Knox next RIDER, PARK NHS prexy . . . MGH Club mint minder . . . chicken is tempting . . . busy BUD- GET sports editor . . . flashy tracksler RIGG, RICHARD "Dick's" a future distributor . . . spends time developing film . . . fried chicken . . . fascinated by cars RIGGS, DONNA SAA treasurer . . . likes to read and cook . . . Macomb holds interest . . . skater supreme RILING, FRED BF cabinet , . . deep blue eyes . . . prefers cherry pie . . . deluxe draftsman . . . nicc IO KHOVV 'CHORL SANDRA "Sandi" . . . NHS . . . MHL . . . terrific tenor sax player . . . enjoys band contests . . . dramatic blonde CHOTT, IOSEPH Future tiller of the soil . . . root l 1 .' are favored . . . crazy about hunting EELYE, GOLDIE Member of GSL . . . "Sifronia" . . . chop suey is tops . . . "You bettcr believe it" EPICH, fACK HG" Club . . . Mighty Menkeman . . . ' activity chairman . . . shines at tinkering with cars . . . football famous HANK, NANCY GAA board . . . NNance" . . . nicmbcr of GSL . . . brownlcyed music lover . . . base- ball enthusiast HEETZ, FRANCIS l'Tink" for a nickname . . . handy guy to have around . . . hep at building things from wood SHEPHERD, IERRY BF member . . . future flyer . . . expert hunter . . . swimming is OK . . . SAA sup- porter . . . barrels of fun SIMMONS, PATRICIA "Pug, . . . top artist . . . A Cappella . . . butterscotch pecan sundaes are really smooth . . . good friend to have SINCLER, JOAN Member of Swim Club . . . GSL . . . inter- est is modeling . . . football fan from 'way back SMITH, BETTY fANE "Hot Rod' . . . FDA . . . loves hamburgers . . . future saleswoman . . . nice smile SMITH, VERLA i'Toots', . . . FHAier . . . future phys. ed. teacher . . . member of GAA . . . neat little new gal SMITH, WAYNE Quill and Scroll member . . . "1-Vnat's happeningf' . . . NG" Club. . . diligent concessions worker SNIDER, fAMES 'ljinf' . . , member of BF . . . winning smile . , . fishing is a hobby . . . Armed Forces next sQU1RE, QIEANINE "Jeanie" . . . Future Homemakers' money keeper . . . "Don,t ya know?,' . . . GAA funlover SPRINKLE, GERALD "Jed" . . . BF supporter . . . "OK you guys" . . . there's a farm in his future 31 SUTOR, GEORGE BF , . . band . . . outstanding bowler . . friendly fellow . . . wait till next year SWANSON, DAVID Student Council prexy . . . MC" Club . . . loves to sing . . . "Swede" . . . football . . . West Point or Northwestern SWANSON, DORIS Pep Club . . . FHA . . . blue-eyed blonde is "Swanie" . . . beautieian . . . chicken and French fries SIVANSON, PHYLLIS "Phil', . . . See. of SC . . . Swim Club veep . . . NHS . . . GAA see .... RE- FLECTOR Sr. Copy Ed .... sparkling laugh SWANSON, SUZANNE 'gSuzieU . . REFLBCTOR Co-ed . . . NHS . . . Refleetavue Co. Mgr .... Q SL S set' .... stage struck . . . college calls SWITZER, DOLORES "Punk', . . . BUDGET . . . NTS . . . an agile acrobat who sparks the team . . . Stage Call . . . 'cJo" . . . dizzy over drama TAPP, DONALD Photo Ed. of BUDGET . . . HNCW Mex- iro A 8: M, here I come" . . . future chem- ist . . . colossal cameraman TEEL, RONALD 'LGU Club . . . Senior Council . . . "Suzie,' is a team manager . . . sports . . . might follow farming profession THOMAS, SHERRILL "Sherry" . . . sparkling singer . . . operctta fame . . . uOh, no" . . . Stage Call mint- minder 32 STE VENS ON IOANN C GSL member . . . 'iCrazy" . . . 'floanie L button Collector . . . volleyball is tops wit her A STICE, WILLIAM S uStack" . . . MG" Club notekeeper . . . B' Cabinet member . . . steak lover . . tear S manager STITT, QIAIVIES 0 "jim" . . . future newspaper man . . . hal radio operator . . . socrer enthusiast F STORIVI, fAME.S' BF follower . . . i'Jin1" . . . era-a-zy abol 1 ears . . . likes the wide-open spares 9 STRADER, CLARK BF . . . 'gIf something's to be done, do 5 right!" . . . ambitious and likeable fello' 4. STROIVIQUIST, ROBERT Pres. of Band . . . "BuZzy,' . . . loves 1 eat . . . NGO, you eat!" . . . danee ban trombonist VHOMPSON, LORETTA SAA member . . . supreme swimmer . . . active GSL member . . . niee to know THOMSON, RITA FTA prexy . . . Swim Club . . . GSL note- keeper . . . NHS . . . future teacher . . . U of I RHOUREEN, THOMAS "TognmyH . . . HG" Club . . . BUDGET sports staff . . . football stalwart . . . Senior Council rep. . . Oklahoma A SL M SIPTON, INEZ '6C00kie,, she's called . . . SAA gal . . . lover of hamburgers . . . field of nursing awaits SRASK, ROBERT 'LAuggiel, . . . intramurals . . . hamburgers rate high . . . "Go ahead" . . . engineering at U of I 'URNER, KENNETH "Alonzo" . . . "G" Club . . . SC vice prexy . . . ardent octet and choir member . . . aims for Knox and West Point TURNER, LA WANDA ':Wancli', . . . superb elarinetist . . . Music Honor League . . . thinking about Knox TUTHILL, PATRICIA "Pat', . . . WAF's the life for her . . . skilled in sewing . . . loves French fried shrimp . . . GSL'er ULAVEGE, BETTY REFLECTOR photography staff . . . ar- dent basketball fan . . . GSL . . . nursing next VILARDO, DARLENE "Darn . . . neat and petite . . . heading for U of I . . . plans to be a white collar girl VILLAREAL, EDWARD 'iliddie' . . . superlative dancer . . . Span- ish Club . . . REFLECTAVUE fame VOGEL, MARIORIE S'Margie" . . . GSL member . . . peppy basketball enthusiast . . . GAA . . . future lady in white WALKER, IAMES Loyal to BF . . . Kilim" tinkers with motors for fun . . . quiet and friendly . . . willing to help WALLACE, BEVERLY "Bev" . . . treasurer of GAA . . . always smiling . . . terrific basketball player . . . nursing next WANEK, MYRA REFLECTOR . . . French Club prexy . . . future eo-ed of Butler U . . . secretary . . . vivacious GSL'er 33 WEA VER, WARD 4'Wardie,' . . . outstanding athletic ability . . . BF representative . . . on to Mon- mouth . . . coaching future bright WENZEL, SHARON A S Sweet and snappy cheerleader . . . Stage Call . . . REFLECTOR . . . GAA . . destined for dictation . . . long brown hail S WILLIAMS, SALLY IO S'Sal,, . . . tap dancing . . . PUBLICA- TIONS . . . T-bone steaks . . . versatility, vitality and vivaciousness 0 WORK, KATHRYN "Kathie" . . . GSL money keeper . . . expert pianist . . . "Be alert, hangerli' . . . Swim Club prexy . . . Earlham WYATT, SANDRA USandy', heads Pep Club . . . archery for her. . . GSL. . . cuts a rug . . . crazy, crazy, crazy . . . fun for all WYMAN, GARY Probable printer . . . Harmoneer . . . likes to hunt . . . blondie likeable and lots of fun YOUNGREN, DAVID "Dave" is a member of BF . . . hunting holds his interest . . . swimming is the sport YOUNGREN, DONNA Active in IOOA . . . GSL . . . "Donnie,' loves clothes . . . office job ahead . . . a real beauty ZOST, DELMA "Suzie" . . . snappy head majorette . . . sweet on the saxophone . . . University of Illinois . . . MHL booster F 1 9 5 4 WILSON, CAROLE REFLECTOR . . . active in Stage Call . . handy with the grease paint . . . NTS . . GAA Board . . . florist to be WILSON, EARL "Mickey,, . . . football linesman . . . Ma- comb bound . . . "What's happening?" . . National Thespian member WILSON, MARGARET "Marge,' . . . Girls' Service League mem ber . . . tenderloins are tops . . . arden' bowler ,AP- gi 3 I v X ',lTnc'i. un , 4 V 2 2 If 53" as N- N , f f 1 1 , 'QNX x ' x 5 f ' fa is J 555 , f w. . Q v i 3 5 I iv ., . 5 xie lx A X W X fx M' J 3' f 'gin B -31" Q mi' QQ 042 QQ Green, the hue representing thc a p prentices, symbolizes something full of life and vigor, something fresh and vitally alive. This cool, vibrant color is a symbol of sym- pathy and charity as well as an emblem of learning and ambition unfulfilled. Although we think jokingly of our underclassmen as "greenhorns,', it is their many potential talents that will soon prove them leaders of the school. The youth, hope and promise seen in both the students and the color are important factors in the making of masters. Underclassmen . . . 0 0 o GYYIUIIIIUUQ Q9 j u n i or waiting for the janitors at Central door 3 8 Adams, Cary Allen, Glenda Allen, Linda Allison, Barbara Alter, Susan Anderson, Barbara Anderson, jerry Anderson, Rodney Babeoek, Carolyn Bages, Gus Baker, Dolores Beldon, Janiee Bern, James Bledsoe, Norman Bloomgren, Lee Blueker, Dale Boden, Walter Botruff, Mary Bowles, Naney Boyd, Lawrence Brenihorst, Sandra Brewer, Gertrude Britton, Betty Brown, vvlllllllll Brown, David Brown, Patricia Brown, Robert Brubaker, Harvey Bryant, Naney Bullnian, Max Bureliell, Richard Burford, Bonnie Burns, Michael Burton, Anna Mae Butler, James Callison, Herbert Carlson, Barbara Carlson, Lois Carlson, Naney Carlson, Robert Carlson, Shirley Carpenter, Nliehael Carroll, Beverly Carroll, Mary Cawkins, Marjorie Cbarlson, Patricia Christofferson, june Clapp, Fred Clark, Robert Clevcnger, Dwight Coffman, Mary Colburn, Barbara Colver, Nanry Cox, Janis Cozacl, Ira Curry, Donald Daniels, Doris Daniels, Luvillc Darwine, lVilliam Davis, Donald Dawson, Delores Deatherage, Ralph Deulen, Ellamae DCVVCCSP, Jerry Donovan, Tad Douglas, Velda Downard, Donna Dugan, Edward Duke, Gary Dunn, Barbara Dunn, Nanvy Dupuy, Ronald Ecklund, Diana Ellison, Jerry EIIIPSOII, Sandra Endler, Mary Erickson, Larry Erickson, lVayne Erlandson, Karen Ewing, Jaek Faneher, Dorothy Fay, Carroll Feather, Dale Fcnelon, Ann left to right: XY. T. Nelson Lliailu 'Nnlson 'llion I . Qhortid' Lainnerts, Mort Dawson Q, Oh, what a chilly night for a football gocmzel . . . Forsythe, Charles Foster, Roger Fral-nes, Mary Agnes Frazier, Bobby Frazier, Wanda Fuller, John Gage, Mona Galyean, James Galyean, Shirley Garst, Roger Garton, Janice Gill, Allan Gilson, Jean Glavis, Mike Goethe, Tom Goodwin, Gloria Gotehef, Edward Gould, James Green, Dorothy Greene, Kermit Griffith, Lowell Guenther, Harvey Guenther, John Guenther, Norma Haneghan, Leon Hansen, Margaret Harding, Robert Harris, David Harris, James Harvey, Janet Harwood, Anne Hauser, Ray Hawkins, Delores Hawkinson, Andrew Heffern, Jean Hickman, Robert Hill, ,Sue Hix, Audrey Hoffman, Martha Hogan, Ronald Hollis, Vernon Horkstrom, Barbara Hoskin, Gerro Howard, Darlene Huff, Jim Huffman, Roger Humes, Janice Inness, Joanne Isaacson, Carol Jepson, Sharon Johnson, Anita Johnson, Gene Johnson, Gerri Johnson, Larry Johnson, Howard Johnson, Roger Jones, Rita Kane, Barbara Kay, Carolyn King, Ronnie Klemm, Jane Koloski, Judy Kunkle, Richard Lalfollette, Carol La'Grow, Rosalie Larson, Betty Lashbrook, Pat Lavender, Anna M Lawson, Pat Leasure, Robert Leath, Mary Sue Lee, Nancy Leinharh, Daniel Lcpper, Dennis Lester, Gerald Levins, Suzanne Little, Dorothy Little, Marlene Livingston, Shelby Lott, Charles Lovitt, Dixie Lundgren, Dorothy Lundquist, Sue MC'fi2lfthJ', Larry EIC Invaders from outer space at the GSL Costume Party . . . 3:59 p.m, McClain, Mary Lou McCullocl-1, Patricia McCunc, Thomas McKelvie, Sharon McKenzie, Robert McKnight, .ludy McMillan, Joyce NIcVcy, Edward Majors, Donald Malone, Miltina Marshall, Cynthia Martinson, Julian Mathers, Ronald Matthews, Dolores Mealman, Patricia Melton, Wfilliam Mendez, Eugene Miles, Marvin Miller, Marjorie Mitchell, Donna Mitchell, Gail Modine, Darold Moody, Margaret Moore, Virgil Motz, Carl Muck, George Murphy, Marvin Myler, Lois Nelson, Carol Nelson, Carol M. Nelson, Donald Nelson, Donna Nelson, Frances Nelson, Gale Nelson, Kenneth Nelson, Richard Ncvius, Nancy Nichols, George Norquist, William Uhenlander, Edward Olmsted, Rodney Olson, Ethelyn Olson, Franris Olson, Joyce Olson, Karin Olson, Marjorie Osborne, Jon Palmer, Naney Pankey, xvlllllilll Patton, Marjorie Pedigo, Joe Perelli, Miehael Peterson, hlary Louise Peyer, YVilliam Pileher, Harriet Pinkle, Sandra Prewitt, Raymond Ray, Loretta Reetor, Edith Reece, Harry Reed, Darlene Rhea, David Robinson, Robert Roach, Shirley Rogers, Mary Lon Rosenberry, Elaine Ross, Marcia Rury, Rosalie Rylander, Verla Sage, Gloria Sage, lVillialn Sand, Joyce Sehinnnel, ,Iudith Schott, Edmund Scott, Phillip Searl, Janice Shcetz, Betty' Shephard, Betty Shephard, Joe Sholl, Richard Shulnaker, Donald Shumard, Roy Skinner, Riehard Smith, Edwin 4:00 p. m VValworth, Mary VVeer'h, Terry VVestlJerg, Betty VVilder, Atoinette W'illiams, Donnalee VVillis, Lynn VVood, Fred Vlfright, Deanna VVyman, John , , Yarde, Sandra Y eager, Mary Youngquist, Gene Youngrcn, Raymoi Ziehr, Harold I Smith, Fred Smith, Lawrence Smith, Leveta Smith, Marcialee Smith, Norma Snider, Bonnie Snyder, Beverly Snyder, Charles Solomon, Judith Sornberger, Caroline Spencer, Robert Spring, Peggy Stake, Cary Steele, Kay Stewart, Larry Stoltie, James Storm, James Stuart, Barham Suydam, Eugene Swadley, Carolyn Swanson, Carole Swanson, Kathryn Swanson, Louise Swanson, Ronald Swanson, Sue Swartout, Carolyn Swartz, Rita Symmonds, James Taylor, Charles Thompson, Robert Thoureen, Janice Throckmorton, Sharon Thurman, Patrieia Timmons, Sandra Torley, Robert Trusrh, Betty Tueker, Jarqueline Van Dusen, Joyce Van YVinkle, Danny Verenc, Donald Villarreal, Margaret Wald, Sylvia sophomore class... Top row Cleft to rightlz Virgil Bigham, VVayne Bradley, Douglas Curry, VValter Bjorkman, Bill Blaine, Mike Curran, Bill Briggs, Charles Allen, Merle Banks, Ronnie Benner, Herbert Allen, Charles Brokaw, jack Crouch, Lloyd Allen, Barry Barash, Bob Boughton, Bob Davis. Middle row: Donna Benson, Janet Allen, Mada Beauclianrp, Betty Adams, Sharon Baker, Bar- bara Bellis, Judy Boothe, Eleanor Bogard, Marlene Brodriek, Teresa Benz, Mary Lee Blalr, Mary Beauchamp, janet Blakexvell, Peggy Brooks, Betty Anderson, Ronnie Cnrtiss, Howard Armstrong, Ned Anderson. Bottom row: Maxine Dawson, Marilyn Deal, Viola Davis, Connie Daniels, Karen Curtis, Barbara Barnstead, Linda Allen. Nancy Baker, Betty Bean, joan Bram- lett, Mary Barton, Phyllis Banghman. l Top row Cleft to rightlz Ruth Ann Clark, Mary Clark, Connie Conner, Ioan Coffey, Gene Combs, Shirley Conrad, Dick Clark, Rodger Cross, Sharon Crawford, Barbara Ioan Craig, Bernie Crane, Ronnie Courson, Roehelle Cozad, Frances Cross, Ann Patricia Cooper. Middle row: Sandra Brown, Jodene Carlton, Maurice Claeys, Phyllis Carlson, Sue Brown, Betty Burg- land, Barbara Brown, Rose Ann Calderone, jack Carns, Rodney Moore, Carol Burton, john Richard Carlson, Larry Cedex-oth, Leon Cecil. Don Campbell, Jim Bnrrell. Dena Cebert. Bottom row: Ken Bushnell, Dave Wallace, Bill Bryant, Donna Byland, Brnee Carmitchel Eddie Buekmaster, Carol Burger, Ellf' B 'h Di. C Harry Cowell. , is nm, ian ,ebert, Don Brown, H1llHlll'l1Cfl, 45 Top row fleft to rightb: John Flaherty, Dave Fleming, Kent Ericson. James Grady. Gary Anderson, Boh Donnelly, Boh Grabill, Charles Gilhert, lioll Douglas, Edward George, Bill Graning, Jim Ballew. Sam Fox Dave Friend, lien Goad, Frederick Dutton, Bob Bradley, Lonnie England. Middle row: Jnne Elliott, Marilyn Dimlevey, Mary Jean Goodlow, Eleanor DeVVitt, Gretta Dmm, Carol Frampton, Jackie liifield, Jeanette Donaldson, Tim Benson, Ronnie Beasley, Diana Downey, Sandy Flesher, Janet Dress, Anna Gilhert, John Dupay, Edgar Fronia- harger, Bradford Dykeman. liottom row: Rosalie Einspahr, Marilyn Devena, Janet Gollehnr, Charlotte Dodge, Valerie Ellison, Joyce Fisher, Nancy Ewing, Mary l.on Allen, Jeannie Gittings, DeAnn Donovan, Charlotte Eaves, Dixie Garfield. Top row: Gary Johnson, Steve Johnson, Larry French, Dirk Johnson, Bob Douglas, John Erwin, Tommy Gunn, Allen Johnson, Terry Evans, Rex Jamison. Rodney Horton, Ronald liields, Glenn Gahhert, Rohert llinderliter, Don lliatt. Jim Hamilton. Middle row: Sarah Hasselhaeher, Sharon Johnson, Sheris Jaeohs, George Henipfing, Fred Johnson, Terry Holmes, Myron Hovind, Eddie Gerk, Terry Hix, Jim Greene, Kent Edwards, George Dohson, Larry Heller, Eugene lnele, Janette Hatch, NN'alter Griffith, Joanne Jaeohs, Nancy Johnson. Bottom row: VVanda llarris, Janice Eaves, Dorothy Grant, Margaret liriesen, Virginia Foster, Joann Goedeke. Jackie Gittings, Jean Given, Margo lmel, Diane Erickson, Marilyn Harris, Mary Ruth Holmes. Top row: Peter Meyer, Charles Morrow, Don Pettit, George Perrigo, Jerry Odell, Ernest Oakes, Gary Mitchell, Bill Powell, Larry Milan, Mike Owens, Rollie Nordgren, Lester Pedigo, Roger Peterson Jim Miller, Alan Morgan, Edward Mitchell. Middle row: Marylinn Mont- gomery, Dolly Poulson, Madeline Morse, Elliot Nelson, Nancy Murdock, Helen Nickas, Rita Nordstrom, Phyllis Paul, Carabeth Plummer, Shirley Patterson, Joyce Pascoe, Everett Mitchell, Frank Mills, Anastacia Perales, Eloise Patrick Barbara Newkirk. Bottom row: Barbara Motz, Lucinda Miller, Nola Miller, Pat Moriarty, Ruby Milligan, Elizabeth Meier, Shirley Mitchell, Margaret Meyer, Gwen Peterson, Jackie Meriwether, Patsy Myers, Marcia Muelder. Top row Cleft to rightb: Uick Smith. Bob Simmons, Joe Roberson, Oscar Shragal, Ronnie Robbins, Bill Reeves, Bill Rosenberg, Roger Samuelson, John Sedgwick, Don Smith, Jim Skiles, Don Roach, Richard Medin, Tommy Riggs, W'alter Reisenbigler, lion Roberts, Brently Smith. Middle row: Joan Rosenberry, Pat Richardson, Frances Quinn, Barbara Ruland, Audrey Preston, Betty Riggs, Carol Robertson, Dixie Price. Ann Smith, Judy Spilman, Barbara Roach, Sydney Shuman, Sandra Schoning, Virginia Reiber. Carolyn Riddington, Joyce Ralston, Rose- marie Riling, Betty Remaly, Esther Price. Bottom row: Lorna Shanks Cecile Shaw, Sandy Stephens, Donna Ryden, Pat Smith, Sharon Simkins, Sandy Ryan, Joan Stewart, Joyce Schafer, Linda Soderquist, Barbara Sholl, Ruth Ann Showalter. Top row lleft to rightl: Gary Yancil. Philip Swanson, Ronnie Smith, Harvey Templeton, Tom XYilson, john XN'eiclenhamer, Mickey Smith, Gary Toller, Raymond Young, Charles XYilliains, Miclclle row: Anne Thompson, Suzanne Streeflain, Mary Townsenrl, Genive Vfoods, Holm Snnrlell, Larry Stotts, james NYil5on, Greta XYnnclerlich, Martha N'Vhittlesey, Deanna Nlilliainson. First row: Ruth :Nnn XVhi1npcy, Sharon W'hite, Nancy Thompson, Ruth Ann XYCL'llIllLlll. Gayle Yanllcll, Nancy Youngren, Peggy Yancey, Miriam VYallick, Joyce Swucllunfl. Top row: Mike Snider. Uave Vl'hite, Roger N'Yyatt, Joel 'l'uclcer, Charles Keith Taylor, john Sward, Ken Price, john XYatt, jack Stoneking, Donavon 'l'nc'ker, Mirlclle row: Mary Teel, Don XYhite, Frank Rogers, liilly Stitt. Stanley Sophcr, Dt-an Vignall, Chuck XVilliams, Don XYorley, Don Xl'eax'er, Larry Lfffehnan, jiin Stevens, lfclwarcl Swanson, jean Tingley. First row: Billie .Xnn VYhite, Ruth XYessels. Carol NYest, Ruth Ann Swanmon, Mary Swanson, Mercedes White, Diane White, Kenlyn XYilltli5Cl1, Norma XYatters. 49 ta, fis- i 0 0 CQ As the symbol of courage and zeal, red is a true emblem of the guilds. Iust as this Vermillion hue signifies the physical phase of mentality, health, vigor, love and friendship, so also do the guilds of our institution signify these qualities. Nowhere but in the midst of our many school activi- ties is so much vigor and friend- ship shown. Charity and gener- ous sacrifice, also portrayed by this brilliant tinge, are thc vital essences shown in every member of our guilds. Our guilds are pre- dominate in the traditions of school life just as red is predom- inate in the traditions of all peoples. LDT Q , H1 "'w'5f l 'xy I M 3 fo' '34 o""':-' ix MQ 1. 3 Q r ' xt W - , ., if s fl X-,Y f if , 's ' f,, I . . 'X fs - f , F. . af xr JI V A My f L. 'fi We 1. .fAw,, Ah- 'V 4 Q W, N KH 5 fb, ,AF may ,,. ,Q- :ff '39 4 '1- .Y . . . . guilds R ennie Greenhalgh Ann Frances Helen Phyllis M altby CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Susan Lowe Suzanne Swanson Standing in the center of the group were Susan Lowe and Suzanne Swanson, Co-editors-in-chief of the REFLEC- TOR, and Mr. Wayne McCormick, faculty advisor. Also discussing the many activities of the staff members during the current year were Helen Nichols, copy editor, Phyllis Swanson, senior copy editor, Caroleen johnson, who had charge of mounting and identifying pictures in her posi- tion as composition editor, Rennie Greenhalgh, photog- raphy editor, who had charge of scheduling class and organization pictures, Ed Jackson, sports editor, Frances Presley, art editor, and Marilyn McKee, circulation editor. Having invited myself to listen to their conversations, I found that the year had been a busy one for them with fall tryouts for the staffs, the sponsoring of the annual variety show, the L'Reflectavue," with a few mixers and after-game dances squeezed in, besides the actual prepara- tions for the printing of the yearbook. Soon the dizzy jabbering in the halls outside faded away, but things were still ajive in the REFLECITOR hive, and not wanting to disturb the eds further, I timidly said 'iGood-bye" and left the room with more ideas for painting my PORTRAITS and PATTERNS of GHS. Edward Caroleen Marilyn Jackson Johnson McKee i Presley Nichols Swanson REFLECTOR STAFF Bless my brushes! I certainly had a very harrowing experience the other day. It was 4:00 p. m. when I foolishly happened to be walking around the lower halls of GHS. Then a hell rang. Suddenly I found myself sur- rounded by swarms of sophomores and juniors rushing for their lockers .At first I thought that I was viewing a scene from "Panic in the Streets." Soon enough though, I gathered my palette, brushes, and wits about me and ducked for the nearest cover. My refuge was a room known as the "Publications Roomf' However, I soon dis- covered that this was hardly a refuge, for rising from one corner was the industrious clamor of the REFLECTOR editors getting the annual ready for publication. QQ SCE W First row-K. Frlandson, M. Wariek, E. Jensen, Joyce Long. Second row--D. Hix, R. Lafirow, J. Schafer, R, Hellis, S. VVE-nzel, Joan Long. 52 Ilrst ron I3 Colburn D Moore, M. Hansen, C. M. Nelson. Qeconcl roxx I qoclnruuzst lx Kctzlc. H. Ulavc-gc, K. Lowe, SENIOR COPY lean Gilson Donna Hix Myra Wanek Suzie Streedain Karen Erlandson SPORTS Dave Swanson , 9 W , J VL , . H I f K . - ,, f W Jef CIRCULATION X . Marilyn Hanson Sally Io Williams Carole Wilson Elaine Iensen Barb Carlson Diana Ecklund PHOTOGRAPHY V Ioyce Hunter 1 Dee Donovan ,fffiygg I .1 1 Terry Benz F, "fly ' f I-'lorine Davis , 4. Deny Ulavage ART Ruth Wessels Marge Hanson Carol Herron COMPOSITION Dot Moore Anne I-'enelon Barb Colburn Joyce Long Miriam Wallick COPY Kay Ketzle Shafon Wenzel Carol M. Nelson Rosalie I.aGrow Kay Lowe Barbara Bellis Ioan Long Linda Soderquist Joyce Schafer Q J . . I First row: S. W'illiams, M. H1nson B Carlson, R Wessels Second row: D. Ecklund, D Donovan 1 Benz, C, Wllsoll j. Hunter, F. Davis. 53 ...THE BUDGET... 'fi :J . ED1ToR-IN-CHIEF: 1 f Don Anderson ' A ASSISTANT EDITOR: Joy Brown PUBLICATIONS FACULTY ADVISORS: Mr. Wayne McCormick Mr. Roy Damberg Miss Dorothy O'Connor Mr. John Aitchison Joy Brown, Don Anderson It was after overhearing some kids talking in the halls one afternoon about a special BUDGET meeting to be held at 4:05 that I remembered that the BUDGET was GHS's school paper. I had already met the REFLECTOR editors, but not the BUDGET staff so I made arrangements to be there. At the meeting Mr. Wayne McCormick introduced me to the BUDGET's other two advisors, Mr. Roy Damberg, who supervises the printing, and Mr. John Aitchison, head of all photography. The student editors were busily discuss- ing deadlines and the whereabouts of a small can of rubber cement that they thought some of the REFLECTOR eds might have borrowed. I talked with the advisors awhile, and one of them told me, 'gThe purpose of the BUDGET is to keep each reader informed on all GHS activities. Besides reporting the general news about school affairs and sports, editorials and features are also included in each issue." As I said "Good-byei' to the advisors and editors, I thought to myself how fortunate the students of GHS were to have such an efficient group of people publishing their paper. S. Alter B. Beyaert V. Cebert D. Fields P. Hendricks P. Hill O. Peterson P. Rider I. Schimmel D. Tapp ...THE BUDGET... First row: R. Calderone, P. Myers, Y E. Olson, E. Bogard. ,btsfdig Second row: C. Isaacson, N. Nevins, 519,9:ss":'D" G. Peterson, J. Meriwether, I. Gunn, L ' " M. Imel, D. Switzer. .toe xv og .0 V' . 'sf' B MDV? Qcwffw .ff Us First row: M. Meyer, G. Johnson, M Gage, J. Stewart. Second row: V. Ellison, D. Erickson A. Smith, B. Brown. E. Mitchell, C VVest, P. Carlson. U w i gags' ,I fp s"0G .ff wa .9 JNQJ- Q ,J . 9 +06 r sf' G+ 3If'i13f'f'i"" - v 6 A V Q15,af,:xf,g.g2Q.x1. 02,-wt. ' te y ' 'fx' 1,,',Q,9f'Q2g Arif CYP' if? .ri-"f'.S"5P'WW.. 1-".Tw'5i.":f' ffm v ,,.w'.wif:'f.. 'H f". X ,'x"w'f4F" Me 'K' ' r W' vw N'-"'5',3'Y,:1f" 'f1f5".?3fif:-rr Y q'5f"'.9"' aff' -'- 'nffiiia . f ,www 4-,,3,f.g, ,-'of fmgiff waz- 3. .Hi ,yy 4,.,..4J,5, egfxgldzf-fq,.5,.c,tfc5:s Q' . S' "4 Gfffff' 'f MFWP' First row: G. Mitchell, P. Lashbrook, B. Barnstcad, C. I. Nelson. Second row: S. Shnman, D. VVhite, B. Beyaert, M. Muelder, G. Goodwin. K ..-I My 4-'ye Q-,u..v""-Q K If qw 0.513 ft t5:1fff1:i-H" f 'X if -' ,-MM" :fi 'fsi.5"' Aj! 1 ,9 ...f f,. '??l'l:'ff N M' 4' .gdf'5f"'f'fgJ" s M-ff Elf' 'av . ,sm lf' First row: K. Turner, P. Rider, T. Thoureen. Second row: L. Griffith, D. Modine. I st low: M, l.llF1lS. S. Swanson. cond row: S. l.owc, IJ. .Xnclcrson. Concessions :Xl a footlxall ganna' I hoard two girls shouting, "Got your lrvsh popcorn hcrvli' Having no salvs rvsistanvv - Cspc'vially from girls, I purrhascd six hoxvs. Shortly, I funn' out of my voma and hvgan wondvring what to do with xiv hoxvs of pop- corn. I clccimlvcl to try my own salvs powc-r hy vvllinq thx' familiar hattlv vrv. "I'Ul'CORN! ITRIISII l'IU'l' I'0I'ClURNl" SIIIIIVUIIF, almost Publications' Board of Controls I hurst into thc' I'ulJlim'ations room thc othvr night and found an unusual sight-a formal nwc-ting! Scatftd around thc' solvmn cirulc wcru Nlr. Arnold Salisbury, lVIr. Wlaync' Mt'- Cormick, Mr. John Aitchison, Mr. Vvrnc Shvlton, Mr. Roy IJQHIIIJCTQ, Miss Dorothy O'Connor, thc cditors-in-vhitff of thc RE- FLICCTOR and BUIXIET, and Mary Lucas, studcnt hcracl of the Board of Controls. The discussion u'11tc'1'c'cl around thc' operations of staffs and ronrc-ssions. By sponsoring thc "I'I0acllinv Hop," two after-game dancvs, and daily hot dog salcs, this group hvlpvd I'uh- lications solve its c'vc'r-prvscnt monvy proh- lcm. Perhaps thc- greatest job of the Board has Im-n insuring thc' bi-monthly publication of thc BUDGET and thc meeting of RIC- FLl'1C'I'UR dcadlincs. As I litvrally rrawlvd out thc door, I knew I would ncvvr hurst into thc I'uhlications room again without knocking first. omv, dashvd up to nn' saying that only Jlications mt-mhvrs could bark thc warts sold at ganws. I was sont to Cal lialurock, Convcssions lWanagc'r, with my promise that I would uvvvr still poprorn again at gamffs. Aftcr having Pating tha' six hoxvs ol pop- rorn, I considvr myself authority Cnough to s'1y that I'ulmlit'alions' popcorn is vvry good! Second row: Xl. laieas, A. Maltlmy. It was one morning last fall when I witnessed a strange occurrence. Water, desks, books, and paper were flowing out of the Publications room. I found Quill and Scroll members inside thoroughly cleaning the room for an induction ceremony to be held that same night. Why, I thought to myself, didnit they save that job for the new initiates! This organization, which promotes high school jour- nalism, took charge of publicity for REFLECTAVUE QUILL and President : Vice-Presitlent: Jay liocltserman .-Xnn Maltby Recon-dinff Secretary: Corres vondin. Secretary: 5 1 I 1 Suzanne Swanson Susan Lowe Treasurer : V ' First row: S, l.owe, I. Bockserman, S. Swanson. MHVY LUCHS and sponsored an animal spring breakfast, but perhaps the best remembered event of the year was the chili supper. Its members are students who have done outstand- ing work on REFLIZCTOR or BUDGET staffs. Special awards were given at the end of the year for meritor- ious work. I think that anyone who helped clean out the Pub- lications room deserves two or three awards, donat you? First row: A. Maltby. J. Boekserinan, S. Lowe. ,cr4 ,, IKM Second row: S. Alter, C. Babcock, R. McGraw, C. il. Nelson. Third row: l.. Griffith, J. Sehimmel. IJ. Anderson, IJ. Tapp, H. Nichols. 57 First row: C. liednar. K. Turner, D. Swanson, P. Swanson, P. Rider, T. llillnns. Second row: P. Myers, D. Vvhite, ll. Donovan, M. Frakes, R. .fXnderson. R. Chaney, M. lniel, M. Caldwell. lflesher. 'l'hird row: K. Curtis, li. Bogzird, S. Sehoning, M. Perelli, K. Nelson, l.. Cederoth. H, Nichols, VV, tiritlith. C. johnson, S. Patterson. Fourth row: R. l.ind, R. jackson, R. firaenzer, VV. Gmiiiiiiig, L. Erickson, vl. Butler, ll. Reece, R. Lezisnre, F. llfood, E. Gotehef. STUDENT COUNCIL Did you attend any of the big night dzinees this year? Well, I did too, and when my toes weren't being stepped on by my girl friend or the other dancers. l had 21 wonderful time-thanks to GI'lS's Student Council. Besides sponsoring the three inzijoi' dances, this organi- zation held fun nights, square dances, und ll noon-day recreation program, whieh wus started just this yezn' under the direction of lllr. Art Fish und the Student Council members. Student Council meetings were held every lVed- nesdziy noon in the library to disenss the business of the school. The lIlffll1lJCl'S were elected from ezieh advisory, and four IllK'lIllJt'Y'S-Elf-l2lI'QC were elected from the entire student body. l'Vith Miss Sylvia Ryin and Mr. l'Villiznn Goodwin as its faculty sponsors, Student Council has allways acted us at medium between the GHS students and the fucultyg :ind this orgnnizzitioii promoted :ind encouraged numerous good will eunipziigns. Various district and state eonventions were nt- tended during the yeur to obtain ideas to inlprove GHS and its CXKFZI-t'lIl'l'lC'llllll' zietivities. The benefits obtained through such cooperation have certainly done niueh to nuike the teacher.: :ind students happy in their surroundings. President: Secretary : Dave Swanson Phyllis Swanson Vice President: Treasurer: Kenneth Turner Park Rider D. Swanson, K. Turner, P. Swanson, P. Rider - BOYS' FORUM President : Secretary 3 IYillarfl Sargent Marvin Murphy Vice President: 'l'reasnrer: Chuck Iiednar Carroll Fay Program Chairman: Jack Scpich Being an artist myself, I am particularly interested in the work of fellow craftsmen. That is why I was in the Steele gym one day last winter admiring the color- ful design on the gym floor. IVhen I looked up and saw a stream of boys pouring in one of the doors, I thought a basketball game was about to be played. I hurried off the gym floor and picked my favorite scat, ready to see the game. My disappointment came fast, though, because the fellows quickly assembled, settled down, and began some sort of meeting. IVell, I thought this procedure was certainly strange for boys usually want to play some fast-action game when thcyire in the gym. I crept over to where First row: VV. Sargent, C. Bednar Second row: I. Sepich, M. Murphy they sat, hoping Mr. Goodwin, who I found was this group's advisor, wouldn't see mc. Their business meet- ing began, and soon I caught the words "Boys Fortnnu. Oh, so this was the boys, organization that met to promote their general welfare by establishing higher ideals in home, school, and social life! Some committee reports on the coke machine and water cooler that lloysi Forum recently installed at GHS were given, and it was announced that a professional trampoline group would appear at one of those joint assemblies that Boys' Forum holds with thc Girls' Service League. As I found out later, it was really a good assembly too. fa:-'ft 'Q I l First row: j. Lopcman. Il. Stice, H. johnson, D. Curry, J. Odell, tl. Harvey. Second row: F. Riling, K, Taylor, IJ. Carlson, R. Samuels, K. pXlexander, li. ti. Iilinek. Third row: ll, Mcfiraw, S. johnson, I.. French,VK. Greene, H. Zier, B. Briggs, K. IJ. Carrey. Fourth row: D. Anclerson, ll. Hickman, l., Stewart, M. llanks, DI. Mitchell, B. Peyer, bl. Shepherd. -'38, cv . in fp 4 'fag A 1 Wi GIRLS' SERVICE LEAGUE w. nw Q 2 i '-:Sf it xx A .. i H x gy ,t President: 1 " Y '3': s is I i Mary Lucas E , K. VVork, M. Lucas, E. Jensen, R. Thomson During my tour through Galcsburg lligh I found many clubs which wcrc outstanding in their work fol the individual. One of thcsc was Girls' Service lmaguc, commonly known to most studcnts as GSI.. illllis organivalion is open to all girls at Galcsburg lligh. lhliss Sylvia Ryin, thc sponsor of HSI., briclctl int on the basic principles of thc Lcaguc. "'l'hc goals sct by all GSL incmbcrsf' shc said, "arc to promotc bcltcr fellowship and fricndlincss on thc part of thc girls at GHS and to uphold Christian standards of living for the school and community through social, mental, physical and spiritual dcvclopmcnl.', I then asked Miss Ryin if shc would tell mc sonic of Yice-l rcsiclent: Elaine Jensen Secretary : Rita Thomson Treasurer : Kathie Vllork thc activities GSL sponsorcd this year which helped the organization to carry out these goals. She said the Leagut-'s big project was the "Milk for Millions" drive for which money was collected to buy surplus powdered milk from thc govcrnmcnt. This milk was sent to Korca to nourish thousands of small children. mln addition to this," shc said, "there were after-game dances, assem- blics, and annual cvcnts such as thc All Girls' Basket- ball Ciamc, thc Get-Acquaintcd and Orientation Tca, thc costumc party, and the spring banquet." As I linishcd my interview with Miss Ryiu, I thought to myself, "lt's no wonder with such a bene- ficial program as this that practically cvcry girl at Galcslnirg' lligh School belongs to GSL! First row: J. Harvey, R. Thomson, li. XYork. M. Lucas, E. llcnscn, M. VVanek, J. Searl. Second row: M. McClain, Lundeen, P. Hendricks, lf. Nelson, R. fiimencz, li. Ketzle, M. Moody. Third row: l-. Soderquist. B. Bellis, V. Ellison, J. Schafer. S. Baker. C. Herron, D. Switzer, R, XYcssels, li. Anderson. lfonrth row: M. McKee, E. Mitchell, S. Swanson, N. l.ce, S. l'inkle. lf. Presley, M. Mucldcr, B. Dunn. 60 STUDENT ACTIVITY ASSOCIATION . .. Guess what! Last fall I got a little green card with my picture on it for only 5157. It's called an SAA ticket. Linda Bielema, presi- dent, and Homer Zumwalt, sponsor, arranged it so that by showing this card I was admitted to all the games, plays, and lyceum assemblies. That wasnit all, I got the BUDGET, RE- FLEGTOR and insurance too. It certainly was a good deal and 70-75 per cent of the kids at Galesburg High belonged this year. Well, Fm off to see another lyceunl assembly, on my SAA ticket, of course! Hanson. Second row: S. Ryan, Blucker, F. McGune, Fuller, ald, E. Jensen, M. Lucas, S. J. Boothe. Fourth row: R. Carlson, D. Pettit, IV. Gran- ing, R. Hanson, G. Nodeen, B. Beyeart, R. Junkin. Boy! My ears were surely ringing one night last fall! Those kids on that Pep Club bus really whooped it up. No wonder we won that game! The spirit of the officers, Sandy Wyatt, presi- dent, Eleanor Mitchell, vice-president, Dick Jackson, secretary, and Joyce Olson, treasurer, was really catching. Under the supervision of Mr. Fred Kuster, they and the thirty-seven other Pep Club representatives elected from each advisory, painted aisles on the stands at Lombard field and sponsored "color daysu during the basketball scason, in addition to sponsoring buses to the games. I hope I'll be able to attend one of their Monday night mectings next year. Judging from their actions on that bus, llll have to bc in good voice to keep up with them! . . .PEP CLUB First row: E. Peterson, R Jackson, S. NYyatt, J. Olson, E. Mitchell, G. Goodwin, J. Git- tings. Second row: B. Campbell, VV Sage, R. Johnson, D. Modine, M. Allen, M. Meyer. Third row: S. Ryan, T. Benz T. Fite, S. Brown, J. Brown M. Caldwell, R. Showalter Fourth row: D. Swanson, L. Johnson, B. Levins, D. Van- VVinkIe, J. Cox, M. Carpenter D. Erickson. 61 First row: M. Caldwell, R. Galderone, D. Moore, L. Bie- lema, Squire, Sands, M. L. lVillis, S. Shuman, D. J. Hix. Third row: B. Barn- stead, J. Tucker, M. MacDon- lVhite, G. Nichols, Solomon, A First row: W. Weaver, P. Rider, C. Bednar, D. Manworren, VV. Stiee. Second row: R. Anderson, L. Griffith, G. Dunbar, G. Nichols, K. Steele. Third row: C. Fay, E. Obenlander, C. Lott, D. Higareda, R. McKenzie, S. Leon. Fourth row: J. Riley, I.. Stewart, L. Erickson, D. johnson, J. Lindberg, J. Shepherd. "G" CLUB President : Charles Bednar Secretary : William Stice Vice President: Donald Manworren Treasurer : Park Rider J . O W. Stiee, C. Bednar, D. Manworren, P. Rider. While visiting the various clubs of GHS, I found many delightful wonders, but never one quite like the "GP men-in action. To achieve entrance into this friendly organization, I was told that a fellow has to earn a Varsity "G" in a major sport. As I am an artist, the fellows thought I might have some talent in the "art,' of selling pencils, pins, and transfers, a project which helps to support the club. Under the competent guidance of Mr. Charles Bednar, two highlights which the club sponsored were the parent-son banquet and the Gerald Phil- lips Scholastic Trophy. This is earned by the junior letterman with the highest scholastic record. After gathering these facts, I agree that "Gu club has had a profitable and en- joyable year. "Strik0! YVow, look at those girls! I soon found out that lcznning to howl likc that was just ont' of thc many sports whivh GAA sponsored, Any girl may join GAA zmcl partiripzltc in basketball, volleyball, baseball, :1rc'l1Gry, swimming, and many other sports. One of the intcrcsting fcuturcs of GAA was its Swim Club or the "lJCnguins", who gave 21 wutf-r show vzirly this spring. The activities of GAA, which this your includocl the annual "Penny Pruncv ' and il slumhvr party in Swfclc gym, are planned by thc' presi- clvnt, Ruth Ann Monson, und thc other officers, Miss Litrhfield, and the GAA hoard. I thought playing all those gznncs would bc lun, and that I might join GAA, but I was promptly in- formvcl that "G" stood for girls, and girls only! First row: C. Intel, R. Monson. Second row: J. lnncss. P. Swanson, ll. XYz1llz1Cc. G I R I H T l C ASSOCIATION l'irst row: Shank, I. Inness, C. Imel, R. Monson, P. Swanson, I5 Wfallace, M. Hanson. Second row: J. Brown, K. Vlfork, J. Cox, E. Rosenberg, D. Moore, R 'lIl1UlTlSUl1. Third row: J Hcffern, J. McKnight, R. Greenhalgh, C. Wilson, D Howard, C. Babcock, IJ. Iicklund. CS A CAPPELLA XV xx'- OX Q5 xx . . f v g-515 IMI yu: Q41 lu llu' sprung 4-ul11'c'l'l Many III., Why, X I i'Il-IIPXVII it 541 muvh I visitvcl clmir llw vvry nvxl clay CIlll'IIlg X lhircl pvriucl lu gvl il vlfvsvr Imrk LII llmsc' I2lIC'lllk'lI kiclw NVIHII' II1l'I'l', I Immcl it vcry il1l0rcwIi11g to wzltvll llw vxprm sium on ull wxvllly-n'igI1I Iawvw and IIIUIIQIII tllq XYHIIIC nunkm' Ll dvliglltful slllsjwt In paint SIUIIIUIIIIIU. Ihr' Iwll mug, 2lIllI I finally mm Mr. Ruluml III-gg wlmm Ikvc' q1Iuuyw IIIUIIQIII lu ln' r1nII1m-1' I,4'l'Ul'IUllS wlxilv xvuv ing llml xlivk 2ll'UlllllI. 'Illv llIIIl'l'lN, -Ivy IITUXNII, prn'sicIs'11t ITIINI rum: 5. II1Il, Ix. Ixrlnmlwu, IN, fNux'111x. X. IZIIIMDII. NI. Imul. -I. SXYKTIIIIINI, la, IR-tux li. I'.lm1mI11', 5. Mzxxxu-II. 5L'l'1lI14I nm: XI. IX4lL'K'Ixl'1', .X. I,2lYCIlfIk'I', L. Xlnrslmznll, Xl, Nlnlu VI, SVIIIIIIIIICI, I', IIIZIVINHII, XI. xIllL'IfIR'I'. II111'4I xwrxvi tl. Inlwun. II, IZIVISUII, I. Immmx IC. flzllwt, II. c1ll'lIl!It'IIL'I, 5. Nzplu-13 I., IIllllIr1lI', Xl, LUIIHIIIII, K. ,I. NVINIIII. 5. :NIU-V, XI. L 1 SXXZIIIFHII, IJ. SWJIIINHII, I", Ilrillwll, Vs. 3:1124-111, Il. xIIllIIY1ll'I'l'II, I.. I'Il'Il'Ii5Hll, li, DIZIVIQHIHI Ii, I'vyur'. 6-1- CHOIR ,hh Cwui'g'v Nuluilx. Ylt'l'-IJIil'NlCl4'I1l1 :uul "1't'I'4'llll'f'Il'L'1lNllI'1'l', L..iuil fv ,J Nvlsun. quivkly llll-UI'IlH'Cl nu' tlmtf ztltluwugh lu' litiw luwii '44 x's'i'x' htm with gill tlu' t'lPllt'L'l'IS, tlu' trip tn Clliimlgn, tlu' X 5 ' . . 1 spring ttillr. :mtl gvtting tlu' vzxruitix t'IlM'll1lDl1'9 rvqicly lfir tht' ff iiuisu' t'tiIlll'Xl5 -lu' Ntill lxt'lIl2llll4 vvrx niiiizilmlv. A llvfcin' l rritxlcl lrzlw' tlu' rumu. l wan lm't'm'cl hy s1'v1'i'zil vlurir Illt'IIllJ4'l'S In lmuy an CQIIS tif' xxhivh tlu' cluiii' wax xvlling an il I1IUlIt't'-lI12ll'ilI1Q pmliwt fur tlu' ptiiwliam' of lu'u lllllftlflll mlwx with tlu' uhitt' mtin wtultw. Nwm vlurii' iuit only NUllllClN gmail lillt Imikg Qfuifl tturl l'tII'IIL'V. ll.0.XllvI1. ,l. Afwiul. 1. lit-flnzir. C. lnu-l, S. l"lt-Nluw, Xl. XX'1tlwm'tli, fi. tifmclxviii Nickzu. Ml. 5lIllII1HI1h, L. Xxillllllllli. l. ,lil1L'lix'I', X. kiL'lM'l'l, ll. Iilfkilill, IZ. llt-vklt-iz S, lliwiuii ct-r,-Nl. Xlclltmztlfl. ll, Slivplu-rfl, ll. Xivluils, I.. tiL'llk'l'UllI, lf. XYuful. XY. liuff, ll. ll0mu'i l, lt. llugztrfl. l'f1111'tli win: S, ililllilllilx S. llzxlcvr, I. lului-tm, S, Svluniiim, l.. llit'lt'lIlJl, C -c'tu'. Xl. Xlttrpliy, lx, Xt-lwu. 1, l.urgi't-11, li. xxitifli. K. I.tiu't-, Il. l,1mflg,-K-my .I. ll,-,mln 65 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB . . . 'U -u A W'hile on third floor one day, was suddenly engulfed in the swec strains of musie. Naturally, l follow ed the sounds and soon found foe rows of delightful girls! Boy, wet my paints upset! After I finall gathered my wits about me, it didn take long to learn that this was th Girls' Glee Club. Their eapabl director, Mr. Hogg, met with ther three days of every week to trai their voiees for possible partieipatio in a eappella choir. First row: Diana Cebtrt, M. Dunlevey, D. Garfield, K. Ketzle, K. Larson, B. Remaly, C, Conner, C. Mathews, Jean LeRoy E. Lindberg. Second row: Dena Cebert, K. Swanson, D. Ryden, I. Meriwether, J. Fifield, P. Gunther, B. Bellis. B. Allison, C. M. Nelson, Janet LeRoy, J. Robertson, A. Gilbert. Third row: J. Gollehur. P. Richardson, M. Peterson, VT, Rramlett, H. llurford, R. Nordstrom, B. Sholl, Ii. Grover, M. Devena, M. Montgomery, D. Harper, M. Meyer. Fourth row: P. jones, M. liarton, li, Roach, S. XVhite, M. Swanson, j. Spilman, K. Lowe, A. Smith, G. W'underlieh, P. Paul, j. Schafer, J. Gunn, J. Paulsgrove. Although I didn't find the mem- bers of the I-larmoneers quite as ap- pealing as the Girls' Glee Club mem- bers, they can sing every bit as well and are also preparing for participa- tion in the choir. Most of the boys in Ilarmoneers don't have time for a scheduled music group, so they meet two noons a week to praetire for appearanees throughout the year. I hope Mr. Hogg didnit get peeved at me for being around so often, but I really enjoyed seeing and hearing his choral department at work. ...HARMONEERS V" 5 5 Z. ,.yt. .t g 533, ,iii . A , 5 .I get I , ,,,, tgg' . Q AE ie get Q A I .. -5.5 it M, 5, . ga ge , . x , lt? . I ,. rf if fl W , r p, wg . ff? ti A A V --.- A 5 First row: XY. Hall, R. Young, R. Ht-ehler. li. Peterson, N. Bledsoe, K. Turner, VV. Blaine. li. CZlI'l1llt'llHCl, K. Nelson, S. xlohnson, R. Curtis. Second row: Ll. Simmons. XY. llradley, K. Goacl, IJ. Lepper. R. Lind, R. Benner, T. XVilson, C. Gilbert, C. Vtallaee, H. Lozier, C. Lofgren, VI. Stoltie. 'lhird row: G. llempfing, VY. Griffith, VV. Vtignall. li. Friend, H. Ziehr, J. Allen, Ii. Clark, L. llull, IJ. Ylfhite. R. Garst. ll. XYorley. G, Dunbar. Fourth row: J. Roberson, E. liuneli, ll. Rhea, P. Rider, R. jackson, VV. MeKeow11, li. jackson, C. Bednar, L. Montgomery, D. Swanson, M. Carpenter, F. Britton. 66 OWIFSTRA- - - ?5 I T? First row: M. Luca 3 Curlst un. XYinclisch, A Z 5 I I A A .. 3 f I 2 it , si .wg 4: 5 to , tg f 4 fl tilt 5 2 Y s, R. litlirow, M. Vl'ztllit'k, O. Peterson, J. lilemm. C. lktnicls. Second row: N. Murdock. S. lx, Morris. R. Lind. -I. Livingston, M. W'alwortli, I.. Ttnner, l.. Ifnglznicl, M. Griffith, C. Dotlge, K. H. Nichols. 'l'hircl row: IJ, Lepper, M. Luntx, ll. llztrton. nl. Huff, G, Sutor. C. Crouch. Xl. Carpenter, li. tiotrlit-f, ll. Collnirn, nl, Norinan, R. Stroinquist, N. Youngren. Ifourth row: S. Wald, H. Guenter, IJ. Rhee, I.. Mayer. PV" Having visited the ehorztl department, I decided to look in on Mr. Lztntfs instrumental- ists. Finding the members of the orellestrn loaded clown with stands and instruments on their way to give an assembly at one of the grade schools, I wus invited by the president, Mary Lucas, to join them. On the way I got zleqtizxintecl with Rosalie I,21fiI'UXV, the sem'retzn'y, and Rztndolf Graenzer, treasurer, who told me of their orchestral ztsseniblies. trips, parties, :md ensembles. I really had at good tiine, espeeinlly when at little girl at the grade school, taking me for Z1 tnusicizm, asked what instrument was in my pttint box! lVhile visiting the music' depurtnient, I anne :lei-oss Musit- llonor League, an organiza- tion whivh combines the instrunientatl and vocal departments. The purpose of MIIL is to give its members more t'onficlenc'e while performing. This objective is carried out at the monthly meetings, during which the members display their talents before the others of the group. The officers were: Jim Livingston, presidentg Eddie Gotehef, vice-presidentg and Phyllis Swanson, SCCl'C'f2ll'y-IYCLISUTCF, with Mr. Edwin Lzmtz and Mr. Roland Hegg as fznelilty advisors. Members earned points for pins :md guards by pei'forinunt'es. Although my urtistiti talent is fur from musical, l'm sure I would enjoy being at IIICIIIIJCI' of this club. ...MUSIC HONOR LEAGUE Ifirst row: R. I.2lIYil'0XV, E. Got chef. J. Livingston, P. Sw: son, Ill, l.ue:1s, H. Nichols. Second row: lf. Peyer, ji. Gil son, S. johnson, M. Wlalworth L. Hit-lt-11121. B. Colburn, B Carlson, K. Iirlandson. Third row: IXI. W'alliek, C. J Nelson, R. Morris. S. XN'ald N. Youngren, G. johnson, B Lingwall. Fourth row: L. Turner, H Nickas, XV. Duff, D. Manwor ren, IJ. Larson, T. Weech, J Stoltic, K. Lowe. 'nr 67 ill- T N' ,gm X W XX XQ9, S' Q Q sp ,. SQ f' Q? .bf Vs 44 and x 5 k . N560 v .Q- Qf- .Q- S WG 0 ,s Iluriug thc' fuutlxzill SULIFQUII I survly c'11juy4'cI NVLIIVIIIIIQ tllr' lizmcl IIIl'IlIIJl'I'S go lIll'UlIIjI1 tIu'ir snappy fminutiuns, didnit yiblli' Tlmsn' nlzijur- C1105 wcrc vcrtuiiily :nn UYPIIIII whmi Ivzuliiig pamlclvs down tha? strcctl I Imvf' always Iwcu fz1scinutCcI by lmiids 2lllyXK'2ly, so I was more than dvlightccl wlwn Mr. I,z111tx invitcd me to visit thc clams mu- cluy and play thc big buss drum. But, sinfc thc wquirciliclits for incfmbvrship in thc IJQIIICI anrv prcviulis phiying c'xpC1'ic'm'0 and musivzil ' ' 'I 1 S I'Is Iifx R M irris Ifirst row: LIVIIIQSIUII, M. IV11IwortI1, I.Swg1mm1, I,. Iurm-f, .. ' 'S V, . 1 I' IIIIIIIIIIIII IN Iiiiclicy M I'ill1rs1m I IIIICIIXIQ, Ix XXIIICIINKII II Nil I 'XI XII . I , , I -'H I, g -, , 1. ,' I, I' , , 'r1us,g"..' CH Iliird row: D. I'1lm'I1c'r,'M. Ilvzll, I'. Ciimpvlg Ciittingx, M. I'II1KIl1'I'., Slvwzirt, II. Smith , . , . I. IM'c'c'I1, M. IXl'i1lIIl'I', IW. IIm'inCI. U. XVZIIICII, II. LIUNYIIIZIII, NUYIIHIII. R. SIFUIHCIIIISI S, IVAIKI, XIUIIIIQYPII, CQ. Iiziclgvs, I.. LYII-l'II1ILllI., CI. Sutmg C. Ci'mn'I1, M. C2ll'lJ1'IllFl', Ii. -Irnws 08 MAJORETTES 6300: I 0,72 ' If 404, zxluiliiy, I tlmwiclvcl to just sit :incl listvn to thc QQ ji Alb lllllSlC. i f2vdnfr0 Aftvr llf'l1I'lIlfI, tlw bzulcl. I now lIIlLlK'l'Wl1lI1Cl 'ff why CHS is nlwnys so wvll rvp1'c'xc'11tt'tl at tln- 4' - .gb wh, gzunvs. z1ssvrulJlis's, tours, in tlu' All-State' QQ, 'J musim' urtivitivs hr-ld :nt llllzunpztign, and by 'C 4 ,i 'rf solos and misc-imilulvs vntvrvfl in thc' district 'fy 'fr and stutv IllL1SlF Cuntcsts. '- 7 I Clicln't rcnlizc' how much tulrnt was walk- 4 -S250 ing around thc' hulls of GHS until l'cl lu'- cmnc :u'quz1intrd with thc' nlzxny II'Ill,ilI'fll QI'UllIJSl Gittings, S. Carlson. Sccrmcl row: H. Nickns, S. Julnisun, IS. I,ingu'uIl. C. figunpton . Fislivr, R. llinspahr, R. liluncllvy, lNlrKnigl1t, D. Mmwrv. M. Holmvs, D. Zust, Strmltit' R. Curtis, P. Larson. Huff, D. Wztlkcr. D. Clrzult, ll. Gott-hcf, R. W'l1i1npPy, C. Duclgc' Ollflll row: D. Brown, C. Allvn, D. lVllll2llIlSUll, N. Hvlltfr, clllf'Illlllll', I". Quinn Mr. Lzintl. Stmivking, Pvcligu, H0l'l-iSi'I'lllllll, fh1c'11tln'r, D. rIllll'l'il'l', D. Pettit. 69 . . . CADETS CADETS First row: M. Ross, M. Patter- son, R. Leasure, D. Moore, S Hill. Second row: B. Kane, D. How- ard, B. Snider, M. Hoffman S. Galyean. Third row: J. Harvey, N Nevins, F. Davis. S. Peterson I. Inness, F. Nelson. Fourth row: B. Ulavege, L Swanson, M. Hanson, J. Swed- lund, S. Pinkle, J. Tucker. One day I saw several students bustling around the halls taking slips of paper of vari- ous colors from the hooks on the doors. Fol- lowing them into the office, I found that they were cadets who have a very important part in seeing that the school runs smoothly. The cadets give up their study hall periods to greet guests and assist the office staff and teachers in various ways. The next thing I heard was a cadetis voice booming kindly but firmly from the other end of the hall, "Where's your paddle?', Whoops! Wonder what that cord is that I just tripped over? Why, it goes into the Vis- ual Aids room, and there's Mr. John Griffith, the faculty sponsor, and Cal Babcock, head operator, busy as usual. The thirty-five other members must be showing movies to classes or else planning one of their dances. During the winter they sold Christmas cards to their friends to work towards a spring Chicago trip that thc twelve top operators get to enjoy. "Will my palette do?i' I meekly asked. VISUAL AIDS First row: E. Wilson, W. Gus- tafson, C. Babcock, C. Elliot Second row: G. Johnson, H Guenther, R. Torley, Bur- rell. Third row: W. Griffith D. Weaver, R. Hare, Guen ther, D. Lepper. Fourth row: L. Heller, E. Ingle, Roach, T. Ingle. VISUAL AIDS un wbf 7 O . . . FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA First row: M. Myers, S. Hill, S. Peterson, S. Jameson, P. X Hendricks. Second row: N. Youngren, K. Lomax, G. VVoods, D. Lund- gren. J. Belden. Third row: J. Fifield, G. W'un- derlich, M. Swanson, M. Ma- lone, A. Harwood. Ow! My hand! That's what I exclaimed the day it got caught in the locker assigned to me. A cadet directed me to the Future Nurses room where Mrs. Mary Baker, the sponsor, introduced the members and the four officers of the club who were Susie Peterson, presi- dent, Pat Hendricks, vice-president, Sue Hill, secretary, and Sandra Jameson, treasurer. I quickly called .their attention to my mangled hand, and while bandaging it, they 'told me that the requirements for Future Nurses were a "B" average and an interest in the field of nursing. The activities spon- sored this year were an after-game dance and a trip to the Cottage Hospital. Because of the fine first aid treatment they gave me, I can continue painting PORTRAITS and PATTERNS. PHOTOGRAPHERS . .. Say kids, I'm afraid your Photography Depart- ment is going to cut my portrait business down. Ably directed by Mr. John Aitchison, Don Tapp, Lowell Griffith, and Barry Barash, the photo- graphers were always on the job, covering all school events for such outstanding journalistic works as the REFLECTOR and BUDGET. Along with being photography advisor, Mr. Aitchison teaches electricity, radio, and physics. He also fills the position of head of the Science Department. My, what a busy man! Publications photogrophy represents a lot of hard work and a job well done by the members of the Photog- raphy Department. I'm getting worried! Some of the work of the GHS cameramen is better than mine Cbut please don't tell anyone that I actually admitted itll B. Barash, Mr. Aitchison Don Tapp, L. Griffith Running up the stairs, I almost dropped ...FRENCH CLUB First row: L. NVillis, M. Wanek, E. Mitchell, R. Monson. Second row: M. Dyer, Solomon, C. Imel, Sand, P. Hill. Third row: Williams, R. King, Mr. Turner, T. Bocox. "Bonjour!', Now according to Myra Wanek, the French Club president, that means 'lHello!', As a Frenchman, I'd also be quite willing to vouch for that. During one of the club meetings I overheard Myra, along with the other officers, 'Eleanor Mitchell, vice- presidentg Tad Donovan, secretary, and l.ynn Willis, treasurer, planning an after-game dance. Monsieur VVilliam Turner, the spon- sor, added suggestions for the pep assembly and the bake sale. I was told that the club's purpose was to further the knowledge of France and its language. lVell, "Au Revoir." lBy the way, that means "So longfj SPANISH CLUB... be R I- 4 Q? . I ' V ., -is! -Q W my paint brushes when a voice shouted "Buenos Diaslw Investigating this language that was foreign to GHS, I found that it came from a Spanish Club meeting, at which the members were planning one of their many activities. Under the direction of Mr. William Turner, the club increases knowledge of the Spanish language and customs. The officers, Eddie Villarreal, president, Dick jackson, vice-president, Ralph Martinez, secretary, Margaret Villarreal, treasurer, and Donna llix, reporter, really helped to make the Spanish customs appeal to me, especially the "sicstas.', Q 'EEE' .sr Q' 4- I ff Nelson. First row: D. Creen, Ilumes M. Coffman, D. Hix, Mr. rlinner Second row: D. Zost, L Sage M. Carpenter, R. Creenhalqh M Hansen, B. I-lorkstroni. Thnd row: M. McKee, N. Lee, I Co chef, C. Kay, D. Howard C M . . . ROMAN SENATE ff' , 'C IVhile looking into room 321, I was aston- ished to see Mr. Wlilliam Renter involved in a game of leapfrogg hut, I soon discovered that he and several Latin Club members were only painting welcome signs for the basketball games. In the middle of the floor sat Chuck Bednar, Caesarg Robert Robinson, second counsel, and Patsy Myers, scriba. Also, they were busily making plans for a spring dance and their annual Roman banquet. Wlhen they saw l had my paints and brushes with me, they invited me to come and join them. I couldnlt resist the inx itation, either. 3 - A W' r First row: S. Johnson, C. lied- ner, R. Robinson, J. Stewart. son, S. Swanson, M. Friesen S. Flesher. Third row: R. Thomson, T Benz, R. XVyatt, Mr. Renter S. Baker. You're going on a trip to see the Caterpillar? "That's silly!" I remarked. "You can see many caterpillars right here at GHS, and all you have to do is go to the biology lab." Marjorie Lindley, president of IOOA, promptly set me straight. She told me that the Caterpillar was a factory that students who work in offices in the afternoon were planning to visit this spring, and not the fuzzy thing that crawls along the walk. Mr. Robert Hungerford, sponsor of this industri- ous club, informed me of the club's other trips and many business and social meetings. In addition to the president, Barbara Culver, vice-president, and Joyce Meyer, secretary-treasurer, do a great share of the planning of these events. ILLINOIS OFFICE OCCUPATION ASSOCIATION 'D -4 'K First row: KI. Dyer. M. Lind ley, H. Culver, N. Hanson, D. Ililes, B. Cainpbell. T. Billnps. Second row: J. Sargent, J Hoyt, P. Nemeth, J. Rrackett, J. Meyer J. llalton, Mr. Hun gerford. Second row: S. Hill, S. Peter- : u o . . . FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA At liirxt row: NIV. llunn. II. Ni-lwn. I". lh'ic'q-, lf. Smith, Ii, Muck, XY. johnson, A, llawkinson. SUIWQIVIIII t'oWI bl. Xyyllllill, Nl, Nlili-5, XY. Klclton, rl. Schott, ,l. Syinmonrlx, hl. Spullnutn. YY. Iirilhtll, ll. Ilylccinzui, II. Illuu 'ljhirfl row: li, XL-Iron, II. l'lt't'l4, IQ, liclly, bl, Shaw, IQ. Rolmlmins, IJ. lilinc. Li. Klotz, C. Nelson, I1.'lohnson, IJ, NL-lson. Ifoutth row: XY Iiccvvs If. llugztn, il. XXvClllllZI'lIlL'l', NI. lllllllllilll, Ii. Yonnqquist, Ii, johnson, I lxlttnuvu' I XY'itt Y llollix IJ lliut llzlvt' you vvvr wvn or llvznrcl of an VIlI4'li4'll playing lnsnvlmlll' WWII, thc' I"I".'X lmrought Suvh ll novvlty to IIIIS lust XYIIIIVI' unrl s'w'1'ytltll1g wzu going llnn' until ilu' t'lum'ki'n go! LI llttlc' clatxlgwoxls with tht- lmt . . . llut soon lfrvcl Smith, prvsiclvlitg Ilvorgt- Muck, virt--p:r'siilt'11tg Clllztrlt-Q I'rii'v, sc't't't'tz1r'yg Rirltuixl Nvlwn, lt't'2lslll'l'l'1 .-Xnclrvw lluwkinson. 1't'portvrg liill -lollnwon, xvntinvlq Mr, Roy Dunn, liilI'IllIy xponxorg :intl Illlfly-t'lQ'llI lIll'IlIlJl'l'S ol FIFA hglcl things unclvr vonlrol. I c'm't:iinly wus lmusy this yc'm'kt't'pi11g up with lhow boys. This orgtniimtion is quilt' Cliffcr- vnt front tht' usual vlulus ant UIIS. You sw, its tnvxnlwrs not only Iuka' x'1u'ious trips to I,4'lIl'lIl, Dztvrnport, :incl othm' plttvvsg but tlwy also run tht' school inilk l1mrl1ii1I', vntvr scvvrul von- ttfstw, work for vurioux stzuc' :intl nzttionzil I"I1'.-X inwards, :incl wll hog troughs. living zu puintvr hy tmclc, I wins not vligihlc to hvlong to Iiuturt' I"airlm-mg lwvztitsv, onc' must liztvt' i'nroll4'cl lor tlnw' yc'1n's ol' x'oi'zttio1111l 1lQl'lI'lIlIlll'I'. I clo wiwh I voulcl lulw' joinvcl, though. 74 group. Mary I'Il'llI'iCS, vivc'-px'cwiclc'11t. amd -Io Squirv. fI'C'219lll'CI', :md Margie' JXTIIISIYIIIIQ, thc pzxrlia1m'ntzxrizm. my arms. Th projvvts. opvu Iiouscw. fIul1rc's, zlssvnilblivv. :md mum' OIIIPI' proivcls FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . . . 3. I I. g V A . ap Q., I . I-.. A j f Q , W ' 'Q ,I r Q I g m Il , f N AXE ,,..., furi"Qf ,I 5' if' 100 NEW Ifirat row: Miss SWZIYIZ, 'I Sand, II. Culver, M. Ifralxcs, J. Squirc. Scuonfl row: Ii. RIlSL'llIJCI'I'I', S. IIiII, P. Ilcnclrivks, Il. Sago M, I,iucIIcy, M. .'Xr111str011g. I.uwl wwk I wus XYQIIIQIIIQ' :Hong zi I'o1'l'IcIor wha-u I I1c'zlrCI ll sI11'if'k from IIN' fvmzxlvs who go uudcr tllv titlc of Ifuturv I'Il7IlIQ'lll2lIil'l'S of A1m'rim'z1. I tried to nmkv mysvlf us unnoticv- LQIJII- nw possiblv, but I5m'Ix1ru Clulwr, prc'sicIc'11t, spivd mv and invited mc lo mvvl thc group. M1-I Among :III thosf' girls! rIILll'llIl1I' rvd from I1Cz1cI to lov, I IIIIIIICCIIQIICIV said "No . . L . , IIl21IlIi9.u Im! ll vvry imporlzmt Iooking' group vzunf' up and "t'sCorlc'CI" mc' to IIIO front of thc ycc Sand, SCC'I'CI2ll'y, took my fmftg Jcnninc 4' rcst of me was cIix'ifIm'cI t'flllilIIf' Iwtwvvxl thc' olhvr FIIA Iu'z1fIs: Iilznim' Rosviilbrrry, Ilistorizmg Gloria Sagv, progrzmlg flzxil MIIVIWII, prolirwlsg Suv Ilill, cle-grvrg M2lI'QIK' Lincllvy, public' rvlzationsg undI'z1t Hc'ncIrif'ks, 1'w1'vz1Iio11. Misw Ruth Srliwurl, thc' ZICIVISUT, provc'0cIc'cI to ICII mc of thc vivif 1 Q lllzll lllvy sponsor. 'I'lu-sm' I'I,IlIlIl'lIl2lI'ii'I'S 2lI'l' w1'tz1i11Iy ll Imrcl-working Imunvh of girls. ZITCIIII thvyi' Vcry IQQITNNIYI' too! "I'I1'usc'I I-IIIIi'l'i'IS CIIIIIIQII of mr' for .III IIIIICII'-CIQIII of you. I'ICz1sm'I fIirIsI" 75 They say you learn something new every day. FUTURE DISTRIBUTURS OF AMERICA . . . President: Marjorie Armstrong Vice-President: Pat Ludwig Recording Secretary: Myra Brown Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Leath Treasurer: Cordon Nodeen First row: N Leath, P. Ludwig, M. Armstrong, G. Nodeen, Mr. Donaldson. Second row: A. Clark, P. Ruland, R. Cimenez, B. Smith, R. Chaney. E. Asher, V. Smith Third row: M Carlson, R. Elkington, C. Ewing, F. Sheetz, J. Kinney, K. Alexander. "Going! Going! Cone! Sold to the little lady in the corner for 25 cents." Well bless my brushes! What's going on over there? 'Why it's the FDA members using the magnetic sales talk that they learned in their Co-opera- tive Selling classes. It must be their annual Odds-N-Ends sale, which is only one of the various projects they sponsor. This club, which tries to increase interest and respect for the commercial field, annually S'distributes" itself to Chicago, under the supervision of Mr. LeRoy Donaldson. Well, I certainly did! When I went to a Future Teachers' meeting one Monday night, I heard a special guest speaker talking on his phase of teach- ing. Afterwards, in one corner of the room, Miss Alta Youngblood and Mrs. Inez Jordan, the faculty sponsors, were listening to a group of seniors who were making plans for practice teaching at other schools. Visualizing those kids behind teachers' desks seems kind of hard right now, but then you never know what the years will bring. Incidentally, those FTA members have almost convinced me to become an art teacher. . . . FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA President: Rita Thomson Vice-President: Carmen Imel Secretary: Barbara Colburn Treasurer: Rosalie LaGrow Refreshment Chairman: Nancy Culver First row: C. Dodge, R. l.aGrow, C. Imel, R. Thomson, B. Colburn, J. McMillan. Second row: J. Fisher, j. Odell, C. Odell, C. Perrigo, C. lVoods. Third row: M. Noecker, D. Zost, J. lnness, P. Paul, K. Larsen, M. Griffith, I.. Soderquist. 76 1 O O O NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE f fx af' Flrst row: E. Peterson, D. Donovan. T. Donovan. Mr. Harshharger. beeond row: R. Robinson. A. Hawkinson. R. Hanson, S. Lowe, G. Nichols. DEBATERS . . . CIIS is proud of its clebatcrs who have learned how to analyze situa- tions and not to live on their emo- tions. This activity is designed to teach its participants how to disagree without becoming disagreeable, how to put thc proper evaluation on words, and how to think on their feet. This year students proved their ability to present sound arguments at debate tournaments held in various Illinois high schools. Their coach and NFL advisor, Mr. Royal Harshbarger, gave them good practice at critical expression the day he let them discuss the merit of one of my masterpieces. After I heard a very important sounding name around GHS, Na- tional Forensic League, I went to the organizations president, Susan Lowe, to have her tell me its purpose and anything else about NFL. She said, i'The real purpose of the organization is to recognize proficiency in speech and debate. Points for membership are obtained through participation in dramatic interpretations, debates, original orations, and service speeches given at PTA meetings, luncheon clubs, or any other group where twenty-five or more adults are presentf, Robert Robinson, vice-president, Tad Donovan, secretary, and Andrew Hawkinson, treasurer, told of the jeweled degrees of honor given for points earned. Quite a busy and worthwhile organization, I'd say- wouldn't you? First row: B. Barnstead, Mr. I-Iarshbarger, T. Donovan. Second row: G. Nichols, R. Robinson, R. Hanson, A. Hawkinson. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY . .. Imagine the thrill I received when the NTS secretary, Susan Lowe, sent me an invitation to become an honorary member of the inner circle of Stage Call-National Thespian Society. You see, I directed the 5 , cal production, the Reflectavue, and the officers must have thought that entitled me to membership. At the candlelight initiation cere- mony Cal Babcock, president, Vince Cebert, vice-president, Linda Bie- lerna, treasurer, and Sherrill Thomas, scribe for troupe No. 811, explained more fully the purpose of the or- ganization. NTS tries to further the apprecia- tion of dramatic arts among the students of GHS and the people of this community. The first require- ment for membership is to belong to Stage Call and then to work on crews or act in plays. After receiving 10 First row: S. Lowe, C. Babcock, L. Bielema. Second row: D. Switzer, E. Peterson, D. Hix, T. Donovan, S. Thomas. painting of all thc sets for the musi- points, a person is eligible and may receive as many as four stars for com- mendable service. This year the Four-Star Thespians were: Cal Babcock, Vince Cebert, Donna Hix, Susan Lowe, Suzanne Swanson, and Dolores Switzer. ... STAGE CALL "To be or not to be, that is the question? TVhat's that now? Oh, it's only an actor cutting up at one of the Stage Call meetings. Edna Peyer, president, with the help of Mr. Jon E First row: M. Hanson, S. Thomas, E. Peyer, M. Frakes, R, Monson. Second row Third row 1 Fourth row E. Peterson : M. McKee, P. Swanson, C. Babcock, H. Nichols, T. Donovan. P. Hill, J. Harvey, D Hix, S. Wenzel, M. Wanek, D. Switzer, G. Goodwin. : T. Fite, S. Swanson, F. Presley, S. Lowe, C. Herron, C. VVilson, 78 dwards, the sponsor, really had a time introducing me to the other officers who were vice-president, Linda Bielcmag secretary, Vince Ce- bert, and treasurer, Sherrill Thomas. Things quieted down, however, as soon as liclna called the meeting to order. The business centered around plans for the Chicago trip Cwhcn the mem- bers really "paint the town redvl, and the recipient of the S100 scholar- ship to be presented at the banquet along with Oscars given to the out- standing actors and actresses. QAs I found out later, Cal Babcock, Vince Cebert, Donna Hix, Susan Lowe, Don Manworrcn, and Suzie Swanson were awarded Oscars, while Susan Lowe received the Stage Call schol- arship.l I was told that membership into this organization is obtained by par- ticipation in plays or crews and that during the year, two initiations were held, along with a pep assembly, Bar- B-Q sales and the "Twirp Twirlfl Through the uproar, I heard a motion to adjourn, so I left too. fircciilmlgll, C. jululm CREWS AND Th Q VSIIIZRS-Ifirst ruw: Miss Dcmiy, J Ilclcluu, R. Nord- strum, Min IQZIIIIII. Sr-mnirl rmv: IQ. -Iinics, IXI. II:1rtim,j. Xlclinight, Ii. Sage. AI. Szmcl. I'I1ir1I ruw: II. Iizinc, KI. Yillnrul IJ Viuu I' i I ZA'I, .1"1, L ul mm. L9 G? ,yi C. STUDENT DIRIiCTURS--Ifirst ruw: S. SXVZIIISUII, D. Switzvr. Sccfnlel row: Ii. Gmnrlwiil, IJ. Iliv f fp I ...J 'U' S fX.1iXKIiiL'P-Ifirst I-.fiv IXI. Ilzlmsnm. C. Xvilsrm, IXI. lmgc. SLTUIHI rnw: fi, fiUUfIXYIIl. II. SXYIIIISHII, M. Ilan- wn, C. Isaacsmi. Third rmv: I'. Ciunthur, II. Xidmls, Ii. ll. 79 ujsnerzs 6 "' -26 0 pw I'RfJI,I2K'I'IIfS- Ifirst ruw: S. IXICI4-url, II. L'I21vL'u'c, IJ Ilix. Xl. , Switzer, S. Swzumm, S.'c, IJ. NIUU11-. W C'OS'I'L'XIIC--First row: P. I.ZlllQ'IIUII, IXI. Klclicc, M Iirzmkcs. Fr-rm1rI ww: S. IYcuzi-I, C. IIL-rrim, I". Pruslcy C. Iizly. if I Q.. fi v I A W le gn. I ' High g- f 'A I , I' I" 9: J,- I I I A .1 gp. ' li-. .... ia. iw if 'I' ' I ii . is r aff I E 'Y' f f. ' '. gu- ' .- f L f:'f",:L "b 3 E..-1 Q., sr-'fx .. 'f f . " W iz: ::. . gil, iv L .agfa-gr!!x:.,,5i:,.: ' 'I' Q- 'ff' I I ' , K I l5?15fQ"f,:"'.?o",i ..'. is . . V I4 , :gh :Kin ha 'H .. " - iw 4 'IQ 71 "9 2 .N I , , - . .. ,X STXHII ZlllKI I.IfiI'ITINfi-- Ifirst row: IQ. 'I'4rrIL-V, C IIz1I1rm'Ic, IQ. II11rcI1cII. Sccuml rmv: T. Iuglcs, R. SIrum qimt, Ii. juI1ns4m, Q. I.uIt. TI1i1'rl ruw: R. Imlrpcl' I.. IIcIIcr, DI, XX'iIsin1, IQ. II:IrrIi11g. XTZIIIUK, It Ilzivis. 5cr4w11cI row: S, Izllucsmi, IJ SPRING PLAY... g un M. McKay, C. lfofgren, D. llix. S.SXY1-lll5HIl,lJ, Al2lllXVIH'l'L'll. Mr. Banks . Mrs, Banks Tommy Banks B011 Hanks .. Kay Hanks . Dun Ma11wm'rv11 Suxanuc' Swanson . Milw Nlcliay Clark Lili-QITII . Dianna llix llurklvy Dunstan Dani Swanwn Delilah ,,,, Pal Langdon Miss livllruny ,,,,, . . Susan Lowa CAST ml g'l7athc'r of thc llriclvf' thc' spring plax x 1 prvsvntccl April 2 ancl 3 unclci thc clnulion of Mr. .Ion liflwarcls. Urcurring cntirvly in thc- lwnw of M1 inc Mrx. Stanlvy Banks tllf' Zlfllflll of tlw pl IX ic vvrl around thc' llllIllOl'UllS l'C'2l4'ilUl15 to lianlwl liilcxpvvlvcl alinulilnrinvlii ul lui in QIQCIIICIII tra lilivklvy Duustan. Aftfn' 1 clral ul vmlflwimi. IlllNllllCli'l'SI2lIlClll1Q, IYIQI 1 lUC'lllLll'lly, plans for an Clalmratc' wrclrlin wmv finallx' zimwvplvcl by all. I really cnjuyccl "Father of thc' Bridc tx pc'c'i11lly wllc-n it ranw In panning tlw fun of ilu' caxt INC'llllJl'I'S, cvs-n though mln' up vrcw clidnl apprvriatr' my hvlp. lwm' Hull laylen' Nlilssolllzl Joi' . Rm-cl Pvtm' Mrs. Pulitski Tinfs Man .. Vcrla RylllllClCl' Ronniv Swanson Vimwf Cclwrt lfclclir' l7K'IC'l'SOIl .Galv Nc-lson . lid Dugan . Susan Alter .Tmn 'lil1OllI'PCIl L. Lotgrcn. Left tn right: D. Hyland, R. Swanson, X". Cclmcrt. P. Langclnn, S, Lmvc, li. Dugan, S. Altrr, ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' T , , , f J , , ll. lllx, C1 Nclson, 5. Swanson, D. fXlanw:n'rcn, U. bwaimni, X. lxylanclrr, L. lrtrrbun, 80 fs? , E Vw pv- A t i4 ,f 4 j i f ,jg il G.-MW' ti 'N...q1 if i i i i ,.,,.4-- f-gh.. .awvf ...-q W. 6. H. S. DAY Mutt powirit- gom-rzilly think thzit un Sziturilzly stu- fivnls vnrnpivtvly' sum' :ill t'tmn0r'ti4ms with sviimrl. wr putt 1-em imuginh my nurprist- wht-n HThis is your Chili-siiumg High Svhuul zinriwmurim-i"' blztrvtl out ul' my :mlm fin Xi2ll'l'h iii, 'l'ht- strzuigc part wsu that L-x't-ry l'i1'tt-on minutos tht' wmivt' rhzimgt-112 Thvn I rvnlizwcl that this was tht' tiny that thc' mztnugcnia-nt nf rtuliu stzitiun WGIL had ht-t-11 turnt-fi owl' to tht- high sc'houI students. Thvy wt-rv giwn tht- twppurtunitg to run tho station and tu Ivztrri at Iittlm' iihwut vurh tlupztrtme-nt. Studcnts zmtcd .ns .1imuL1m't-rs. vuntinuity wI'itv1's, tiist' jnvkvys. :ui- vt-rtisiug ll11lI't2l,QL'I'S. t'ngint'0i's. :incl fillcri all uthvl' pnsititms. K4-n TL1I'IN'l' ztvtvcl its station iminugtw. Vinvv Ct-hm-rt .ts prugrztin mztiiztgt-r', :mul Cul Idzihmvk was ht-.ui viugim-t-1: livoiyum- invulvuti clirl xx fimt juli :mtl 11-vt-iw-tl :i pin ut' r't-c-ufgnitiun hir' his pz1I'tic'ipzxtinn in turning VYGIL into VVGIIS. 81 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . haracter, Scholarship, liarly this spring l received an invitation to the N. H. induetion assembly held on April 9. Of eourse, that didn't mean that I was asked to join the honorary organization, but I figured if l went to it some of that hstuffu that makes high school students N. H. S. material might rub off on rne. Did you know that juniors and seniors have to live up to four different qualities to attain ll1CIIllJf'!'SlllP? These four eharaeteristies are leadership, seholar- ship, character, and service. The members chosen each year are 5 per eent of the juniors and 15 per eent of the seniors who possess qualities such as: leadership in class work, class projeets and sehool aetivitiesg niaintenanee of a B averageg willingness to render service in any wayg responsibility, honesty, eourtesy, and good school and soeial attitudes. This assenthly I was talking about proved to be one of the most impressive assemblies of the year. The speakers who talked on the four virtues were Mary Lucas, eharaeterg Rita Thoinson, seholarshipg Suzanne Swanson, leadershipg and Phyllis Swanson, service. Joy Brown repeated the pledge with the new rnelnlmers and Jay Boekserlnan explained the pur- ..Q Vv594r2 1 'www ,,MWM, O , .t, '-".:. ..t- . S 5 1 4. ssh. .af izltfft First row: l", Rider, P. llill, R. Mcfjraw, Miss Anclerson, R. Monson, j. Brown. Second row: Mr. VYooley, M. Lucas, li. Wlork, S. Swanson, Mr. Salisbury. 'l hird row: H. Niehols, R. Tltolnson, -I. lioekserman, C. johnson, I'. Swanson, S. Schori. 82 First row: S. Lowe, S. Peterson, U. Moore, Wenzel. Second row: O. Peterson. C. Price, D. Swanson, E. Peyer, M. VVanek. Third row: L. Montgomery, R. Graenzer, T. Thoureen, J. Norman, K. Turner. Leadership, and Service pose of the society. Park Rider, the president, introduced the speakers including the guest speaker, Reverend Earnest B. Fisher. Mr. Wooley and Mr. Salisbury presented the new members with their membership cards. The new junior members included: Susan Alter, Barbara Colburn, Karen Erlandson, Ann Fenelon, Roger Garst, Gloria Goodwin, Lowell Griffith, Ann Harwood, Andrew Hawkinson, Joanne Inness, Robert Leasure, Nancy Lee, Carol Jean Nelson, Ken- neth Nelson, George Nichols, Mike Perelli, Harry Reece, and James Stoltie. The members and their parents were invited to the annual banquet which was held on April 22 at the Galesburg Club. The class speakers were Clark Lofgren, senior speaker, and Nancy Lee, junior speaker. i EH ter-I I d UC11' 118' .' 15161- - L x I oclrsf-rlfrown. 61111 ,. yy--L. I 5 l ir . V Y 3 i fo h,,,On First row: B. Culver, T. Fite, M. Frakes, M. Dyer. Second row: E. Jensen, C. Bednar L. Bielema, C. Lofgren, R Kidder Third row: J. Livingston. B. Beyeart, R. Grant, T. Anderson, P. Larson. C3 Perfect hue for the medalists is the tinge of blue. Blue, the sym- bol of sincerity, truth, hope, piety, clean-living, and glory de- picts the exact meaning and pur- pose of sports in our school. This azure tinge represents integrity and sometimes is known to sym- bolize bodily preservation. More common usage of the blue tint occurs in the valued blue ribbon which the medalists are constant- ly striving to attain. Blue being a cool color significantly portrays the cool-headedness of the med- alists in face of either defeat or victory. N Q Q9 Q2 Q63 QED gg 9 84 Athletics... medalists Meet the Atl1letieCoael1es... Coach Gerald Phillips One of the most unforgettable assemblies GHS held this year was the "Phillips Farewell Assemblyf' I learned that 'Sour coachw had racked up quite an impressive record while he was basketball mentor, but I was most impressed with the air of intelligence, understanding, sportsmanship, friendliness and good character that surrounded our retiring athletic di- rector. Mr. Gerald Phillips, one of GHS's most valuable and best-loved men, will stand out in the memories of all future classes just as he stands out in the memories of past gradu- ating classes. One day, while walking through the gym, I discovered a little room hidden away in a corner of the Steele Gym. My natural curiosity led me to find out the purpose of this small place. It served as the office of the former athletic director, Gerald Phillips, as well as all the coaches at GHS. Peeking my nose in the door, whom should I find but all the coaches sitting around a table discussing-of all things- athletics! After explaining to them who I was and what I was doing peeking in the door, I was introduced to all of them. Here's who I met: Mr. Bednar, the new athletic director, ex- intramural sponsor, and present baseball coach Mr Menke the varsity basketball coach, Mr. Houser, the new assistant track coach, Mr. Fish, the sophomore football and track coach and intramural director, Mr. Mansager, assistant foot- ball line coach, Mr. Hungerford, golf coach, and last of all I met Mr. Van Dyke, the varsity football and track coach and also pony basketball coach. My impression of these men led me to realize that they really put in a lot of time and conscientious effort to get the fine results with the athletic teams that they get! Mr. Beclnar W Mr. Fish Mr. Houser A Mr. Hungerford Mr. Mausager Mr, Mgnke Mr. Van Dyke VARSITY FOOTBALL... Ifirst r-1w: Mr. Klz111sz1gc1'. IJ. Swz111s1111. I.. KI1111tg'11111cry, XY. XY1-aw-1', XY. IJ:1r1x'i111', 12. IJ11l1I1z11', IQ, fJI1L'1lI2iIlfIL'l'. R, Cz11'Is11i1. 11, IIg1r11'11111I, IQ. Iilgin, C. I":1y. Mr. Yzui Ilykv. S1'1'11111I1'11w:1i, Nichols, IJ,-l11I1i1s1111, Ii. N1-Is1111, BI, Ihitlgr. H. ,I11I111s1111, I., S11-wznrt, -I. S1-i1i1'I1, IJ. I'IL'IfI5, -I. 5I1c11I11'r1I, Ix. I111'111'1', I. III1IlII'l'L'II, I'. I.:11's1111, Ii, XYiIs1111. 'I'I1ir1I r11w: XY. M1-It1111, S. I.1-1111, R. Nulsnn, T. I':11IiIIz1. IJ. ,I11I111f1111, I. I.1111II11-1-11 IQ II11II111'111 XX Sztrgn-111. VI. Iiiling. lf I'AHTSj'tIIL'. I", IIritt1111, Li. N'YiIIiz1111s, IJ. II1g':11'1-1I:1. IYI11111 Zl IZIFQC 1111111I11'1' of 1'1111CIi1Iz1t11s t111'111'1I 11111 I111' p11si1i1111s 1111 tI11' GHS varsity I'1111lI1:1II 1111 O O O 11' by - 1 . . 11'z1111, 1h11r1' w1'1'11 sp1'1'11Iz1ti1111S that this XYIIIIICI I11' :1 g1111cI s1'z1N1111 111 I1'9lX'1'I 111 tI11- XVIII 1'11I1111111, B1 11IIJ1fIIJ11'1I1x 11 IIINI th1 111011, 111111, tI11 11 1111 VIN 1hI1 111 1f7lJ 1111Ix 11111 l1llllI 111 '1'2lIlNl' 2 ' 2 2 bi 1' ' 1.1 - '1 k.i ,.- 'y. fjlll' QQIIII1' wus 111111, I111w1-x'1'r, In' I111I1 11 I111111 1h1 I'1-111111 C.1'11t1'11I 1111111 s1111'1' 1I11'v 11 l'l'l' I'1'11riz1 In' ll s1'111'1' 11f 38-I2 x1I11'11 f1'1I1wI1111Q IIII 1II1 chxpl Illillll I111' s111111' 1i1111'. I11r1'1'cI 111 1'11111'1'cI1' I11'1':111s1' thfty pI11y1'1I with :111 i111'IiQiIJI1' l7Illy1'I'. 'IiI11' 11111' Xflll 11111 11x'1'1' I'.z1s1 2ly1'CI thv t11I1'11tx 111111 hz11I I:1i11 1I111'- II111 QQ11111' t1'1'1111'fI th1' S11'1'11ks I11 N1 g,11111' nf 1I11' X1"ll' wus ZIQZIIIISI R111'k IxIz1111I. who 111-111 u111I1'f1'z1t1'cI z1II yP1lI'. I'i1'1'11 1I11111gI1 th1' Strvzuks x1'1'1'1' lIIlllI7I1' 111 911115 th1' fmt 11111x'i11g Il111'ka, ...- th1t 111 87 1111-1 cIispI:1y1'cI II111' 1111111 play IIIICI 1I1111'1'111i11z1ti1111. cmlll 11I IVZ 11'11111 1111'111IJ11' 11'1'S. 'IQW11 pIa1yr1I St1'1'11kw 11, 19 1'1'1'1'1v1'1I xultsity I1'1- "I3" 11'11111 gz11111':. 111111- thix y1':11'. rI'I11' -I1111i111' 1'AlI'll1'CI th1'i1' first will fi-11111 .-XI1i11gcI1111 I3-15g 1111cI LIIICI' 11'z1v11Ii11g 111 I'1z1s1 I'1'111'i11 111 fight il IILlI'CI NIl'lI11iQ'I1' with 1h1' Rz1i1I1'1's th1-yz1g.1i11 CIIIIIK' Ulll Hll IUp"' I3-IZ. I.1t1I1 1111'111i1111 1101'1l IJ1' giv1'11 thc' QZIIIIK' with M11111111111tI1 I111' 1h1' Mnplc City 1'I1'v1'11 I11'z11 CHS I111' tI11-I1r1tt11111- III 22 Yl'llI'S l1v11 scurc' 11I 211-15. 'I'I1ix QL11111' 1'111I1'1I 1 II11' 1953 Sl"lS1lII I111' 1I11f Uz1I1-sIJ111'g Silvvr S11'1'z1kS, El s1'11s1111 11I I1z11I Ill1'Ii hut I 1z1rcI-I1111gI1t g'z11111's. I s1111I1 1x'11111'cI 111 111111 thc I1'2lll1 :111cI du IIIY pz11'tg IJIIY si111'1' I was 1111CI1'1siv11cI, i1 was 1I1'1'icI1'1I Ivy 1I11' up1111'111's 111 Iwi' that s1'II- mg' p11p1'111'11 w1111I1I hc' Iwst for IlI1'. I cI1cI yf'II 111 IIIII top 11I ll1y x'1111'1', 1I1111w'h, for thc I1'II11ws P1 11111 1111 tI11 QI'lCIII't,1Il 1I1,1111g z1II 111 D. Johnson LETTERWINNERS . . . VARSITY FOOTBALL QGGHS lg Peoria Central 0. GHS Og Peoria Wfoodruff 13. GHS 195 East Moline 32. GHS 38g East Peoria 12. 'X'l"orfcit J, Lmdberg kr L. Mxlan L. Montgomery K Turner R. Nelson Cd.VCl.' GHS Og Moline 12. GHS 75 Kewanee 32. GHS 65 Rock Island 3-l. GHS 325 Canton 0. GHS 6g Monmouth 26. ' " L. Stewart D. Swanson Wilson 89 All lg CFay VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL GHS 50g Macomb 46. GHS 405 Peoria Manual 46 GHS 415 Monmouth 37. GHS 455 East Peoria 52. GHS 52 Kewanee 57. Sterling Tournament- GHS 545 Dixon 55. GHS 375 LaSalle-Peru GHS 423 Moline 55. GHS 29g Canton 37. J. Landon 90 544 gp- 'W' ., Y Sh W? E. Mendez U. Granin LETTERWINNERS QQ! Q 'Q gr Z ff 'N 6 AV W E M. Murphy H. Reece f? Qzfhiq ofnw g i , If J. Sepich SCORES GHS4Q GHS53 GHS53 GHS4Z GHS35 GHS55 GHS 52 GHS 54 GHS 38 GHS 44 VVon 75 Lost 12. Rust lNI0linc 50. Sterling 49. Rock Island 80. Monmouth 54. Pekin 60. Kcwzincc 48. Dixon 46. Mrmlinc 52. Canton 34. East Molinc 45. next tc GHS in the upset of the year. Moline was Coach Ken Menke came to Calesburg in 1948 as head coach at Corpus Christi High School. After holding this position for three years, he came to CHS in September of 1951 to take over the varsity cage post, succeeding Gerald Phillips. A native of Dundee, Illinois, Ken Menke first made basketball fame there as an all- state eager. He entered the University of Mr. Menke Illinois, and was a regular member of the famed "Whiz Kidsf, With this team he at- tained honors as an All-American basketball player in 1943. Mr. Menke has earned great respect from all the Illini and Northwest coaches in this area and is considered one of the best in prep circles. Galesburg High is very sorry to see Ken Menke leave. HARDWGOD HEROES First row: I-I. Holmes, C. Fay, K. Steele. J. Langdon, R. Morgan. Second row: R. Hickman, G. Youngquist, J. Sepich, I.. Erickson, H. Reece. Third row: M. Murphy, J. Shepherd, W. Graning, G. Harwood, E. Mendez. The Galesburg Silver Streaks started the 1953-1954 basketball season with their annual Macomb opener by winning 50-46. They looked impressive as they downed a well experienced Monmouth team 41-37. During the holidays, the Menkemen traveled to the Sterling Tour- nament where they lost to Dixon and LaSalle-Peru. Coach Menke had some trouble picking his starting five in the seasonal games around mid-season, because of the large number of hard working boys who showed fine ability in the holiday practice. The Streaks pulled through on Gerald D. Phillips night by throwing off a long overstayed slump and beating a good Sterling quintet. The team seemed to catch fire again in late season as they pushed past the Kewanee Boilermakers, a team which had beaten Calesburg earlier. Moline fell one of the two teams to beat last ycar,s state cham- pionship team, LaGrange. In addition to this, the Mo- line team was also a member of this year's "Sweet Six- teen." The Streaks won another upset the next night over a surprised Canton team. The Galesburg winning streak was ended by powerful East Moline in a closely fought battle. The Silver Streaks ended the regular season after losing to Peoria Woodruff, 55-63. At this time, they had a 7-15 record. The Regional Tournament saw Calesburg winning easily over and outclassing a Knoxville five. A heart- break came to CHS as they lost to their intense rival Corpus Christi 51-48. This was the first win for the Friars over the Streaks in 13 games played between the two teams. S. XYCIIZCI. NI. Czilrlwull, NI. Ilycr. P. Ilicktfstni. IJ. Switzer. "HI HO SILVER AWAYI" f I Hi Ilu Silvvr, IXXYZIYIN rung out :III ovm' Stc'n"Ic Gyni and tht' IIPXI g I sim' was fin" c'Iic's'1'It'11fIm'1's in Immcl nvw silvt-r und gold outfits itwI1c'f'IinQ clown thc fIum'. IWNIIIIIIIIIIIII IJuyI Thix is Im' mv, I tlwuglltl It was IIlI'll I 111-I-iclt-cl tu I .14q11.11ntccI. IXIy Irl4'11cI, Mr. Ixllstvr, tI1c' fz1c't1Ity NIJUIIYUI' uf tllt' t'Iu'r'1'- idvrs, IllII'UlIlll't'CI tm' to tllv vtirrgvtiv girls. I mvt tllt- varsity t'Ill'I'I'Ii'2lfI- I Dfulnrvs Switlvr, IXIz1ry Imu Clultlwa-II, Slizmui IY1'1m'I, IN'I1lry Ilyvr, CI Put IIit'kf'1'srm. Tlwn mlm' tht' puny c'Iit'4'i'Ic'zncIt'1's: 'Illini' I'IIIiott, tnrvs firms, Iiztrlnurzt Rultmcl, Ilvtty Jo I.tmcIql1ist, zmcl Ilvm- II 'z . fmmd out that thvsv girls wvrt- t'Ic'ctc'tI ztftcr I-xhilaiting thc-ir 'R'Ii4's'r- 1 IZIICIIIY this IQIII IJc'frn'c' thc' SIIIKIPIII IJnfIy :mtl IIIILIIIIQ' in tm LINTIVIIIIJIY ICI in tht' Stvvlv gym. Ns thc' strains of ulytxlll' UILI Ggtltwlulirg High Srlimmlu rung nut :Incl I tx tht- VlV2lt'ltILlS pm'p4tv1'm CIIISII out Ullltl thc' flour, I rc'ztIixt'cI that without t'Iic't'1'I4'11cI0i's' vim, vigur, tmcl vitality cIixpIny4'cI :tt nut-of-ttmn, its wvII home- gmiws and pvp ztssvntlilivs, tht' utlilvtir tunnis and thc- studvnt dv would Iiuvm' had Ivw illvciitivc' tu win! IU. Iluiitwztii, II. Iiulztml. VI. Iilliutt, Ii. Llruss, I1.I.umIqnist 9.5 5 PONY FOOTBALL First row: D. Carlson, J. Weidenhamer, J. Erwin, B. Douglas, G. Mitchell, D. Griffith, J. Flaherty, D. Johnson. Second row: Mr. Fish, J. Crouch, S. johnson, 'l'. Gunn, R. Cross, H. Allen. A. Johnson, B. Grabill, Mr. Menke. Third row: j. Odell, J. VVilson, C. Morrow, l... French, E. Oakes, H. Rosenburg, R. Smith, l.. Milan, li. Houghton. liourth row: G. Perrigo, J. Peel, D. Worley, E. liunch, ll. l.ittle, S. Sopher, D. Clark, rl. VVestfall, G. llillier, R. Young, B. Hartman. Starting the l953 football season off with a bang, the CHS Ponies defeated Canton l9-0. They lost their footing, however, and came out on the short end of a 32-0 decision at the hands of powerful Peoria Wcnodrtiff. East Moline was the next conqueror of our Pony squad and they scored two touchdowns and made one conversion for a total of 13 points, while Galesburg was held scoreless. A strong Pekin team brought another victory back to the Peoria area at the expense of our sophomores with a 33-7 score. Next, much to my disap- pointment, I found that a tri-city team, Moline, was another victor over Coach Fish and his charges as they rolled over the team to the extent of a 28-7 verdict. Pm glad 1 didn't lose faith in the guys though, because the Ponies came back in stride to edge Kewanee 6-Il. They were beaten by the powerful and undefeated Rock Island Pebbles 39-0. Bouncing back, however, they overcame the Baby Zippers I8-0. There were several sophomore players on the varsity squad who received their varsity letters and will be a def- inite asset to Coach Van Dyke next year. Galesburg 19, Canton fl. Galesburg O, Peoria Wood- ruff 32. Galesburg 0, East Moline 13. Galesburg 75 Pekin 33. Galesburg 7, Moline 28. Galesburg 6, Kewanee O. Galesburg ll, Rock Island 39. Galesburg l8, Monmouth 0. 94 ...PONY BASKETBALL Opening against Monmouth, the Pony basketball squad came Ullt the loser with a 48-43 score after a hard-fought game. The team's first win came against Kewanee in a runaway game. The team then fell into a losing streak that lasted until the Kewanee game. Next the Ponies traveled to Dixon to win, making two wins in a row. Then came three heart- breakers: Moline 51, GHS 49, Canton 31, GHS 29, and East Moline 47, GHS 46. Macomb came up then and gave the Ponies no trouble at all in a 62-39 victory for the Silver and Gold. The last home game of the season was with the Rock Island live, who completely swamped the Ponies 68-45. The last game of the season was joyous for the Ponies as they pushed by Peoria Woodruff 58-41 in a very outstanding game. This pony team has shown great prospects of fine future varsity material. The boys have worked hard for Coach Van Dyke and have shown admirable floor poise and ability. , as at X , ,M ,Q 4 4 ., 5 f 'K : ' 9- ' 5 .. V H V - 'P - ' ' - 5. .523 .. f.-ni X . . -,vga P K .:,,i. 1 1551, 5 i i'ii it 5 " ' M " . if if '-,e 55 , ,. . 4 Q: ,,.v N 25: 1 '-,,,k Q K .-. ' -52,1 -Y 5. .- 5. ' ' 3. 'Q P 4 4 4 1 1 ' i 'l'::i ' is 'T' 'J .ff-Q. ' , T 4 T 5 i 5 5. . 55 A M., V : X Y ,if YW? a n . f if . 4 S", A .5 . i m if 5 1.. 5 .it . Vi K3 E.- : I buy., . . :qi-Z V57 A I ,... . T 32 K K I in :,: 5 K . gk . V, I ' i I I 5 J it. 5 5 K 5 S - ff ,.- f ' if it 4 i5 T . 5 P V , 5 tg A ' 5 r frfx,-.1 , , Q V , 5 i' ---. , 5 5 1 ..-. . t - -f f' j rg n . 15 Y iriir 1 lril .5,5 i t P W W, First row: R. Courson, R. Junkin, R. Lind, M. Owens, R. Clark. Second row: R. Young, VV. Briggs, H. Templeton, -I. Odell, lJ. Fleming. Third row: K. Price, T. Gunn, R. Douglas, li. George, A. Johnson. 95 I O O Geneseo 22 ,, ,,, Pekin 39 ,,,A,,,,,, .,,,,,,... Kewanee 45 ,,,, ,,,,,AA,, Peoria Wcnodriid 28 ,, , East Peoria 23 .. , Northwest Conference Results lflst place-Galesburg 28 2nd place-Moline 48 3rd place-Rock Island 51 HARDY HARRIERS . . . Calf-sburg ,, Galesburg Galt-slmurg Caleslnlrg Culcsburg 34 Standings in District: Q0 lst place-Geneseo 15 42nd place-Calesburg Ql 3rd place-Princeville 22 4th placefMoline 5th place-Rock Island State: "fGalesburg-l5th place The team with the lowest total of points wins. Under thc fine direction of Coach Hungerford, this year's harriers enjoyed another successful season. Dropping their first meet to Ceneseo, the Streaks came back Stl'0I'1g, by defeating Pekin and Kewanee. After losing to Pcoria Woodruff, Galesburg bounced back again by winning the Northwest Conference title for the second consecutive year and also placed second in the Illini Conference meet for second year in a row. The GHS cross-country team earned the right to go to the State cross country meet by taking second place in the District meet in Sheffield. The 1953 version of the cross-country team was the first CHS team to be represented in the annual state cross-country meet, and the first Galesburg team to qualify for state com- petition in many years. Iam really proud of them, aren't you? First row: Il. Sedgewiek, D. Curry. T. Donovan, H. Hambreeht, R. Lind, E. George. Second row: P. Rider, R. Anderson, H. Templeton, R, Morgan, L. Cederoth, L. Adams, R. Junkin I. Langdon, C. Bednar. Third row: Mr. Hungerford, H. Reece, K. Steele, E. Mendez, K Price, R. Shumard, L. Erickson, E. Jackson, VV. Graning. 96 ...CINDER CHAMPS... First row: L. Stewart, K. Steele, Stanners, D. Manworren, Cunningham, D. Wlallace, R. Wenstrom, Colver, L. Thomson, T. Ramirez, Shepherd, Todd. Second row: R. Huffman, D. Tingley, Cv. Nichols, Bern, B. Culp, L. Erickson, P. Johnson, R. Anderson, G. Dunbar, P. Rider, T. Donovan, J. Butler. Third row: B. Morgan, E. Wilson, T. Anderson, J. Tyler, F. Britton, L. Montgomery, D. Bryant, H. Ewing, J. Sepich, R. Grant, F. Riley, W. VVeaver, C. Taylor. A rebuilding job faced Coach C. C. Van Dyke at the outset of the l95Hl- track season but the Silver Streak tracksters held their own against the usual array of tough opposition. The loss of such outstanding performers as Dave Wallace and Jerry Stanners plus others due to graduation, presented a definite problem. However, the rise of junior Larry Stewart gave this school one of the top shot putters in the state. Stewart set a new District meet record with a 53 feet 7V2 inch toss and placed fifth in the state meet, competing against the best prep tracksters Illinois has to offer. Larry also set a new record in the Illini Conference meet with a 49 feet 5M inch effort. Sophomore Ernie Oakes and junior Kay Steele were involved in a four-way tie for first place in the pole vault at the District meet in Rock Islancl and also made the trip to the State. However, the competition was too tough and they failed to qualify. The Galesburg track team a whole was strong in the field events but a little weak in all-around team balance. March 3l+Abingdon at Caleshurg April 9 April l5-Calesburg-Canton-Monmouth Varsity and Sophomore at Caleshurg April 20-Soph. Northwest Conference at East Moline April 22-Kewanee Relays at Kewanee May I-Illini Conference at Peoria Woodruff May 4-Soph. Illini Conference at Canton May 8--District at Rock Island May I4-Geneseo Night Relays at Cencseo May 14-15-State at Champaign May 18-Galesburg-Monmouth-Kewanee May -Kewanee-Ceneseo-Calcsburg 22-Northwest Conference at Moline at Kewanee Sophomores at Calesburg 97 April 6 April 7 April 10 April 13 April 14 April 17 April 20 April 24 April 27 May 1 May -l May 22 Farmington East Peoria Moline? Pekini Limestone Rock Island' Monmouth" East Moline" Peoria Vifoodruffi Cantonti 1WUll11't01,1t1"llk Kewaneeii Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Away 4 :OO 4:00 12:30 4:15 4 200 12:30 4:00 1:00 4:15 1.00 4:15 12 :30 "Northwest Conferene illlini Conference District TournamentfMay 7-15 Sectional Tournament-May 17-22 State Finals-May 27-28 . . . DIAMOND DEPENDABLES C First row: H. Holmes, R. McGraw, L. Huffman, R. Jackson, C. Fay, E. Obenlander, Lester Second row Mr. Bednar, R. Fay, C. Bcdnar, W. Sage, J. Fuller, P. Thierry, P. Johnston, D. Higareda, S. Leon E Mendez F Wheeler. Third row: D. Carlson, T. Childers, D. Howard, J. Lindberg, H. Johnson, R. Hickman H Reece D. Johnson, D. Anderson, Perez. Coach Charles Bednar guided his 1954 edition of the Silver Streak baseball team to a very successful season although the campaign opened with several inexperienced players holding down key posi- tions. They ran into a bit of trouble early in the spring but quickly rounded into shape and with a few games under their belts proved one of the powers of this area. Defeating the Monmouth Zippers 6 to 0 at Roseville, the Silver Streaks repeated as Sub-District champions and advanced to the District finals in Rock Island. However, they moved on to the sec- tional via a forfeit win over Moline in an involved situation. Meeting Pittsfield in the first game of the Sectional at Canton, the Streaks lost a heartbreaking decision, 4 to 3. Galesburg clubbed out a total of nine hits while Danny Higareda was holding the op- position to three, but 12 GHS runners were left stranded on the base paths. With the squad made up mainly of sophomores and juniors the outlook is bright for next year. Hod Johnson, who excelled both as a pitcher and first baseman is one of the many who will be back in ,55 98 April April April April April April April May 8 14 17 20 23 26 28 1 . . . LUSTY LINKSMEN . .. PekinfHere Canton+There Kewanee-Here Knoxville-Here Pekin, Freeport-Pekin Kewanee-'lihere Peoria lVoodrufl'-There Illini Conference- Peoria Wloodruff May 5 Moline-There May 6 Peoria Woodruff-Here . Nlay 8 District-Moline May 10 Canton-Here May 14-I5 State Meet-Urbana Moline-Here Knoxville-Here Northwest Conferences May l7 May 20 May 22 Moline First row: L. Griffith, H. Hambreeht, B. McKenzie. Second row: G. Malstrom, Mr. Hungerford, K. Nelson, Odell, B. Briggs, C. Nichols. First place in the district meet and a trip to the state golf Finals in Champaign highlighted the season for Galesburg High School's l95-l linksters. Working under the tutelage of Coach Bob Hungerford, the Silver Streak golfers started slowly but finished strong as they tied for eighth fwith Quincyj in a tough field at the state meet. Scoring balanre played a major role in their success at the end of the year and all five men on the team were Capable of shooting in the middle 8O's. In the district meet at Rock Island, this scoring balance was very much in evidence and enabled them to take the title. Prospects for next year look especially good since only one player, Hod Hambrecht, graduates this spring. Other members of the '54 squad are Bob McKenzie, Gordie Malstroln, Lowell Gritlltli, Jerry Odell, Ken Nelson, liill Briggs and George Nichols. 99 li E is if E .5 First row: R. Tot-l, B. Stivc, C. Lott Sccfmcl row: R. XV0llI1gI'K'I1, D. lwl2lllXN'lJI'l'i'Il, R. l.uutlquisl. MANAGERS The IIIZIHLIQPTS are tht' boys bchincl thc s1'c'11vs who rc- vcivc very littlc' rvcogiiiticm for tht' tr0111c11clr111s :111111u11t of timc and work thry put into thvir jobs. 'l'l1Csc' boys 1llXN'1lyS c'c1n1c' to pI'2ll'llC'C Carly to l111x'0 11111 c'quip111m1t rvacly to go when p1'z1cti1'c starts. They must c'o11ti1111z1lly i11spm't illlil l'l01lIl thc' cquipmcrlt so it will llc' in good shapt- for thc plz1yv1's. MLIIIZIQCETS are skillvd i11 first aid und ll1llSt l1z1vc tlu' 11f'1'1'ssz11'y I'l1CCllt'2lll0IlS ready whvn the boys nvccl tht-111. 'liht' following IllIlIlllgC'l'S nrt' lcttvr XVllllllxl'SI Rlly'IIllJllCl YYOlll1gI'CI'l, Dlilllllil M2lI1NN'17fl'Cll, Rr111z1ltl 'l'Pc'l, Clmrlt-s l,c1lt, and Bill Sticv. Dirk LllllClfllllSf tmcl Rullic' NI1l'ClQl't'll, suplm- 11101-0 111z111:1gcrs, wort' lvttvr XYlIll1C!'S. Mr. xvllllt'UlTllJ is in 1'l1:1r51t' of tht' group. Q J, l INTRAMURALS l11clivicl11z1l Clll:ft'l'l'l1K't'S :111cl nvtftls in l'l't'l'C2Illf7l1 :uv c'Ftv1'- tivvly curvrl fur, l fountl, lay tlw i11l1'z1111111'z1l z1tl1lctirs and 1't't'1'0z1tic111 IUFOQFLIIII. 'l'l1is ymr tht' PI'UQl'LlIll, wl1ir'l1 cr111sist0d of llllllly vurivcl lypvs uf z1ll1lc'ti1' 111'liviti0s, i11clufl1'fl tllirty-six cliflt'rv11t sports. .X11 :1Il-st-luml tr41pl1y is 2lXN'2lI'ClCCl cz11'l1 yt'z1r to tht- buy 1't'rt'i1'i11g thc' lurgvst llllllllllxl' of points fflllll z1t'tix'C p11rti4'ip11tir111. I111-l11tlvcl i11 tl1is yi'lll'iS prog1'z1111 wvrc swi111111i11g, nrcl1t'ry, rlwss, volIGyl111lI, lmuwling, cl11'ckc'1's, wrvstling, :mtl 21 lurgc vurivty of ntlwr sports. 'lll10 11111i11 zwtivity of tllc IJI'0gl'2lll1 wus, 11s usuul, lx1sk4'll111ll. .Xftvr st'vc'rz1l lllll'l't'l2lSS g.1111c's, thc 1'l1z1111pir111sl1ip s1111ir11' 1121111 1111lclislz111c't'tl thc' 1'l1z1111pionsl1ip i1111i111' tt'z1111. 'l'l11' 111t111z1g1'1s who w111'k1'cl with Mr. livclnzur, lX4r. Fish :mtl lXl1'. l'lOllSt'l' tl1is your wvrc CTl111c'la Uclc-ll, lXlz1rc' Luttrcll :mtl litlll ll111't'. 100 4 5 9 ' K' flea 1 51 A 4 L. - x .KN 55,5 'vfyxg 1, , , fi kt ,J x ,. 4, W, 'Q R ' Q , 'e N , 5 KVQQ f 'Q In 5 . V ,Mwna QL US? Ax 1.1 Q 23? f dn- I ' .5191 fy ,M A.., Lrfif' nf ll 5- X if-A 71, ' ' is iff fy L'-M., . . . . life's masterpiece just as in my work the apprentice is approved by the masters to be- come a craftsman, and after a long period of hard work the craftsman himself becomes a master, so in school life are we constantly being trained to become masters of our particular fields. Even in the Middle Ages the craftsman had to pass many tests be- fore he could become a master, just as the seniors are doing now. In those days each guild would give him some piece of work to do which was called his masterpiece. The craftsman had to complete his master- piece expertly and entirely by himself in the presence of the masters who acted as judges. Only then could the craftsman be promoted. The way was long and hard and the tests of character and intelligence were severe, but once promotion was attained, the glory that accompanied it was well worth all of the craftsman's hard toil. So it is that our seniors have seen twelve years of heartaches, head- aches, hard work, aecomplishments, thrills and joys. just three years ago these same students entered the doors of GHS as meek, confused sopho- mores. During their apprenticeship these students accepted the model- ing tools offered by the masters. These tools included scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship, character, clean-living, and service. Many of the guilds cherished highly these tools and constantly reminded the apprentices of their value. Soon these students became craftsmen. During this period they knew they must complete their masterpiece. So using these same tools theysbegan to mold their futures of either wisdom, success, health, hap- piness or contentment, or perhaps all of these. I Finally the half-desired, half-dreaded time of promotion has come -graduation. As the seniors ehed their caps and gowns, they go out into the world to face new challenges, meeting them confidently with the tools they have learned to use in school. After hard work, heartaches, and even disappointments, the seniors have finally reached their goal and the well-deserved glory that goes with it. Even though the seniors leave this building for the last time as GHS students, I know that they will never forget the pictures that have been painted in their minds-pictures that I could never equal with my own paints and brushes. Thoughts of the parties, the games, good old senior alley, the classes, and the assemblies will linger always. As the seniors of 1954 say their last good-byes, they will always remember the excitement thrills, heartaches and fun they had at "dear old GHS." Each time they hear the familiar strains of the school song, they will re-live in their minds those happy days. Now that the masterpiece is completed, we can watch these seniors attain even higher goals. They will always remember, though, their high school days, the "Portraits and Patternsl' painted there, and GHS will never forget "her seniors" as she bids them a fond farewell. Farewell to eniors... AUTOGRAPHS APPRAISALS . Scarecrow fun APPRAISALS . . . Farewell! C9 .mann v -, . 'I A - -inf? W, . ., 1' M? ga- . w wg.-r:.s.,4:.u5u.1.f3,r.y..,1r. ,.:.m- '-A.-.41 X- L-ff ,fy--.-mi,-pg, .: 1, .. ,, . ., N .A , . - v-:V .nf gm w. - , . . - N ,-N, -- 1 , . 1 ,,..-:z 14 ah: 1. mfg.: - -Q, . 4-1 - 2 mln-. Lrg ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO . . . Galesburg Labor News, Printing Ferm Mustard, Class Pictures Mr. John Aitchson, Organization Pictures Galesburg Engraving, Engravings Pfisterer's Bindery, Binding ii Li an i -,-ae-41--f S is ,. 52,3 ri' fr. qs 74 1 21" . xv , f .- - 5' I ,.. 4. il' 3, -Q Q-, ' '- A 3252.1 I ' ,iii Q - uf Q?"lYfzPlx.r, '31, -L ,'1 .." ' ' I .344-i ,-qi' . ap-pg 1- L ,i ' - xg!-it J A ' iff, af' ." ., " 5 . ix ., V., ,firing i. . ,5 . fx Y , Q I ' ' jd", 1 I 'q V 1 , g V . Eiffik 5 An, , -r 135 1 ' ,Q V -ef' ' . Q 1 s n C ' Y' 'Q K, 3 . . ...S .F I, fi-H axis-i 5 inf . .K-545 -1 i, '21 . QL- ik-' A s. ' l .. .. L3 .gin F -I' i -rs ' js, E 'ff' ,A , , EY " E .rj 5 . ,NAT X J -1- u u Q U 9 o 1 , Ji. K- -4i5'G.- fg.-if .gk 9 S IA! ' ,, . if, :- SI .. ' ." T'k- , E14 .. rfixkf ' -agp-.,4 A .ni lv ' ,,... nf- . I .

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