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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1945 volume:

IH45 HHHIHUH GALESBURG SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL LOIS ANN LUNDEEN Editor-in-Chief JERRY JOHNSTON Assistant Editor ETHEL ROGERS Business Manager DALE ENDTER Photographer MARGARET BARNGROVER LEROY DONALDSON DOROTHY HANLON ROY DAM BERG Faculty Advisors WAGONER PRINTING CO. Printing PONTIAC ENGRAVING CO Engraving HOLCOMB STUDIOS Class Photography H145 HHHEHIH X PRESENTED BY LILEESELJEIQILI QEIilIGEI2lflIIE3EI za ,, W HlIlIUHll To Edgar L. Harden, who in his two years as principal of Galesburg Senior High School, has given to us a greater understanding of human relationshipsg who has through his eilicient ad- ministration provided us with an educational program designed to better serve the needs of youthg Whose friendliness and dynamic person- ality are appreciated by all of usg to this Wise and efficient leader this 1945 REFLECTOR is respectfully dedicated. lg.. 2 'I ifmigwwj if X Yw Sclemgq 1 g . I P M. sb J- --4 5 IHHH IH IIUNHNIS ADMINISTIQATIGN CLASSES AT TICS SC OCD E HHMINISIHHHUN Without those capable leaders who plan, advise, and direct, our school year would not have been a successful one. The Superintendent, the Board of Education, Principal, Deans, and the Faculty who make up this group, are efficient and able administrators. In addition to leading young people, the administration tends to the man- aging and the business part of our edu- cational system. To these leaders of the students of Galesburg High School we wish to express our appreciation-apprecia- tion for their constant service, aid, and Worthy advice. We realize that our school would not be as fine a school without these leaders. To these efii- cient administrators We extend a sin- cere thank you. Of theme who rule us We are irudeed proud It'5 really a iob 'lla handle This Crowd' MR. LINDSEV TI-IE BCDAIQD Superintendent R. V. Lindsey, known to all GHS students for his friendliness and his capable leadership, heads that worthy council of wisdom, the Board of Education. Mr. Lindsey and the Board of Educa- tion, solve many educational problems Concerning our welfare. They also give many hours of work and unselfishly con- tribute "all outn service for our support, To Mr. Lindsey and the Board of Edu- cation We owe the high standards of our school. CDF EDLJCATICDN Mr. E. W. Mureen Mr. John Cox Mr. V. E. Secrest Mrs. R. A. Chandler Mr. Robert Egan Mr. R. D. Lucas Mrs. Louise O'Conner fdcceased MR. FRANK SNVDEIQ Any girl singing the "blues,' who goes in to tell her troubles to Miss Alice Jones, dean of girls, soon comes out warbling a happier tune. Fairness and the ability to see both sides of every question are two char- acteristics of Miss Jones which have endeared her to all GHS girls. She has shown many a girl the road which leads to higher ideals. With Miss Jones leading the Girls' Service League and co-sponsoring the Student Council, both organizations have experienced a successful year. Everything from bandaging a fin- ger to writing admits is this dean's business. Hustling down the hall with port- folio in one hand and Student Council bulletins in the other, Mr. Snyder has a cherry Uhello' for everyone. Always on the go planning Boys' Forum ac- tivities and council projects, this busy dean finds time to hold friendly, con- versational chats in his oiiice, in addi- tion to solving the everyday problems of the boys at GHS. Mr. Snyder helps the boys select certain branches of military service and directs them in choosing wisely their respective vocational interests. This popular advisor is rated A-1 with both the fellas and the girls! MISS ALICE JONES wi ltd 1 12 Mina Johnson Commercial Harryette Salyers Physical Education Sylvia Ryin English Margaret Barngrover Art Myrtle Kainu Social Studies Velma White Mathematics 'Q mv" Q, M ,was .JJ Irene Freeman Dramaties Vera Biddle Mathematics Marion Munn Physical Education Harry Garst Mathematics Wilma Pilger Home Economics Howard Wliitcomb Science J-vm 'Y' ,Q eeai J 1531:-.M Rf! Edwin Lantz Music Valoru Osberg Commercial John Griffith Social Studies Ruth Bond Home N ursing Ray Dunn Agriculture Charles Bednar Social Studies LeRoy Donaldson Com mereinl Ellen Irvine English Irma Gale Social Studies Dorothv Hanlon English Milton Herbst Mechanical Drawing John Aitchison Science U31 Martin Swanson Commercial Royal Harshbarger English Clifford Van Dyke Physical Education Gerald Phillips Physical Education Thomas Brooking Industrial Arts Lucille Robertson Music William Goodwin Social Studies Hazel Anderson English Don Arnold Commercial Helen Olson English Ruth Stickle English Alice Martin Languages Roy Damberg Printing Rachel Anderson Librarian Alta Youngblood Home Economics Grace Hiler English Flora Lamb Languages Lloyd Simpson Science Irene Peterson Secretary Roy Landon Industrial Arts Florence Hawkins Biology Carolyn Haggenjos Attendance Clerk Shirley Gustafson Secretary Shirley Shoning Registrar 15 V ElHS3lS 16 t t Y First come the seniors, old hands at this game of going to school. Next we have the juniors, the in-between group who will capably step into the footprints left by the departing grads. And last, but by no means least, are our sophs, a little new at first, but now well along the road to a successful class of '47. All three classes Worked together and helped make an active student body. Des- ignated by "GU sweaters, "46" caps, and any current fad of the respective classes, the three groups competed against one another in friendly rivalry. Athletics, dramatic productions, and the publica- tion staffs claimed representatives of each class. Intramural teams, War stamp sales, attendance tests, too, were activities in which the sophs, juniors, and seniors vied for honors. All this congenial rivalry brought about close relationships and did much in making a happy school year! 1-1nv7 Drgmifred sensors Plus 1umor5,aH right, Amd sophomorob, Mug rumored They sfudy dr rugh1"' X f SEIXIIGR ,, ESD 7 23-11 at ' ,,-: f f B or Q , '- .,,: - 3' "-A X A B. n B 'I L ' ,, W S i 5 M. Isaacson, C. Gcrstenberger . w R. McClure, B. Crawford, H. Swartout J. Middaugh, E. Rogers D. Fuller r N Q ,. fi B. Loring, D. Pearson J. Evans Q 'U' v e' 5 ' ' - . , U -. 5. W' , ., . ., W - .. , Y" . ' . L... i 'V . 12 1. - i f 18 Brooking, B. Sullivan, H. Sundberg A. Vourgias, L. A. Lundeen STANDCDLJTS . . K , - qw X. "W " ' A5 .. ,. , If . . fig Tags U , . S. J' J 9 0 in "' ' ,, K V f' - ie, - V L 'arf Q. N 4 X , G. Shirck, K. Bryngelson, J. Johnston RH- 1 J 2 B. Bullis, Kelly I A V T B. Linner ---"5 I Stayton, B. Jewsbury, J. WLIIICKS E. Herron, A. S. Johnson . K lkk f f gg:-A Q7 K V . fi nf ir ' ' .. . ga, S 5 ,, . Q 2 I G. Quick, W. Davis, D. Mawby E. Howard, B. Hcsslcr E. Wickersham E191 SEIXIICDRS --1945 5203 ABRAHAMSON, MARILYN . . Blue-eyed miss . . veteran worker on costume crew. ADCOCK, SHIRLEY . . Transfer from Alpha . . future store clerk. ADOLPHSON, ROSEANN . . Permanent landmark in flute section . . "Bangs.,' ALDUS, RICHARD . . Champion diver and swimmer . . plus varsity matman. ALEXANDER, EILEEN . . A smile for all . . secretary-to-be. ALSTEDT, MAXINE . . Stick-to-iv iveness . . Max is a good Worker. ANDERSON, LORRAINE . . "Cathy" is a loc of fun . . driver of '42 DeSoto. APPLEBEY, FRANCES , . Budget news- hound and GSI. worker . . GAA member. ARIE, NELLIE . . Sews a fancy seam . . seldom misses a good laugh. BABBITT, JOAN . . A swim enthusiast is jo . . candy counter kid. BAKER, RUSSELL . . Varsity man on football and wrestling squads . . engineer BANDY, MARY . . This cheerleader is packed full of fun . . Retlectavue. BARBERO, REVA . . hlusic fBLlCl1, fan . . sports a flashy white coat. BARLOW, TERESA . . Dainty little damsel . . laborer in office lab. BASHAM, DOROTHY . . "W'here's your paddle?" . . fit as a fiddler, and is! BATEMAN, AGATHA . . Brown eyes . delights little tots as story lady. BEAUCHAMP, TED . . "Radio broken? Take it to Ted" . . Radar man. BENGTSON. ,IAN . . Rattles along to Cameron in his jalopy . . hall cadet. BOONE, ROSEMAE . . Familiar usher- ette . . planning for a business career. BOYD, EARL . . Six-footer, topped with a butch . . Varsity club. 3 2 E ' ib.. is 2 it i S L BOYDSTUN, JOHN . . Sets quite a Pacefyj in golf . . ping pong champ. BRADBURY, FRANCES . . Math and commercial major . . GAA board member. BRADLEY, .IEANNE . . W'orks at Elsa Marie's . . quiet personality. BRAY, DELSINIA . . "Glad to see ya" . . Art class model with southern drawl. BRENT, DOROTHY . . Dottie hopes to be a designer . . Si, si, senor! BROCK, GALE . . Model A Ford's his favorite . . wearer of a red '45 cap. BROOKING, ,IACK . . Student Council president plus actor, artist . . swell guy. BRUMFIELD, HAROLD . . Takes a tenor lead-Reflectavue . . Stella's fella. BRYNGELSON, KATE . . "Contact-and we're oH," says Kate . . outdoor girl. BULLIS, BARBARA . . Program chairman of GSL . . Reflectavue chorus gal. BURFORD, MARJORIE . . Favorite color -Gray . . small, petite secretary-to-be. BURNETTE, GENE . . Nlachinist in the making . . follower of the Silver Streaks. BURNSIDE, TERRY . . Woolen shirts and just a regular fellar . , "Burnseed." CABEEN, HELEN DALE . . "Cabbage" Who's up to the minutes in GAA . . band. CALDERONE, BERNICE . . Mighty mite with Spanish enthusiasm . . 'iBurnoose." CARLSON, NORMA . . Loves to dance . . "Butch" specializes in commercial, CARLSON, RONALD . . "R.K." is hardf working council representative . . pianist. CARPENTER, DOROTHY . . Ace Bud- get reporter . . can-can eutup-Reflectavue. .,CASSELL, BIZTTY . . Memories of Pitts- burgh . . soft Eastern accent. CATRON, LUCILLE . . Business ed. major . . dark-haired lass. T211 5 fr 4 ?MiQfi.i 4 Eg In if U in ? ff J .f ,ij 1 ,, , ,Q i X 'N W 1 4 -1' Q ii" 43 X mfr 8 , , vi, L . ni' SENIOIQS --1945 i221 CHRISTOFFERSON, ALICE . . Heart's in the Merchant Marines . . mermaid. CLARK, ERROLENE . . Dramatics and radio . . part-time Steno at Lombard. CONLIZY, JAMES . . Aeronautics fan . . .lim will be an engineer. COOLEY, MAR-IORIE . . "W'hen Junior comes marehin, home again" . . retailer. COVVAN, JAMES . . "Carrot-top" Cowan manages Streaks . . "I ain't so good!" COZAD, DOROTHY . . You'll End Dottie ice skating any winter day . . stenog. COZIAHR, DORIS . . Faithful usher and choir member . . basketball stalwart. CRAWFORD, BOB . . NHS Vice-Prexy . . Crawf was leading man in "Arsenic.' DANllfLSON, CHARLES . . just another tow-headed Swede . . runs movie machine. IJARRAH, GERRY . . Favorite is dancing . . ace basketball shark. DAVIDSON, JOAN . . "'Iodie', of baton twirling fame . . RefIectavue chorus gal. DAVIS, WINONA . . DAR Winner . . quiet and efficient is this council member. DEETS, DONALD . . Weariiig the "bell- bottom trousers" . . former Streak guard. DEVLIN, LEE . . Baseball tops his list . . future agrarian. DLXWIEESE, VELMA . . Art editor of Re' flector . . music hath its charms, too! DOMDEY, DXVAYNE . . Landmark by the coke counter . . "To be or not to be." DUGAN, XVAYNE . . Pilot of familiar V-8 . . likeable lad-likeable laughter. DUPUY, PAULINE . . Will manage shoe store some day . . loves to swim. DUTTON, BARBARA . . Costume mistress with efficiency plus . . jivin, hepcat. DUVALL, SHIRLEY . . High scorin' GAA star . . a better sport is hard to hnd. DYER, RONALD . . Mighty bulwark in Streak line . . now in Coast Guard. EASTMAN, BEN . . Buick boy, whiz kid! . . super prop collector. EHLEN, ROBERT . . "Got your physics done?" . . wood-working artist. EHLEN, WILI.IAM . . Ardent basketball fan . . railroading is his "Q," ENGLAND, HARLEY . . Future retail merchant . . intramurals rate his O.K. ERICKSON. -IOAN . . GAA lettergal who swishes 'em with ease . . Navy blue! ERICKSON, IOHN . . Republican go-getter in GHS mock eleetion . , slide trombone. EVANS, yIIM . . "Pigskin-totin' prexy" of Senior Class . . all-state halfback. FAUSET, CHARLES . . Reflectavue and "Arsenic', . . Conky's right-hand man. FORMHALS, CHARLES . . Snappy red suspenders . . Silver Streak fan. FRAMBES, SHIRLEY . . Flishy gym star . . future woman in white. FRANKLIN, MARCIA . . junior Red Cross chairman . . quips, "It ain't easy!" FRANSEEN, CECIL . . Owner of tin Livvie mobile billboard . . hobby? blow-outs! FULLER, DEAN . . Boys' Forum hustler . . GHS gridder with a Navy blue future. FULLER, MARVIN . . Producer of those flashy BF bulletin boards , . humor? FURRY, STEVE . . "How's the air up there?" . . table tennis teamster. GABRIELSON, SHIRLEY . , "Gabby" heads GAA swim . . twirls 11 mean baton. GARMAN, DALE . . Hates alarm clocks . . owns smallest "GU sweater in school. GARMAN, DORIS . . Expert guard on any team . . GAA board member. GATLIN, THEODORE . . A reel man . . soccer and basketball whiz, I23i E e S SENIGIQS --1945 U41 GERSTENBERGER, CAROLYN . . GSL prexy . . pretty blonde Homecoming queen. GLASS, LILLIAN . . Student Council . . "Just look for the green Chevy. GRABILL, PAUL . . Author extraordinary . . singin, "Beer and Pepsi-Cola." GRAHAM, DELBERT . . '1Bobo," ate forward . . "I ain't so goodll' GRAY, RICHARD . . Chief light man of GHS . . hasty hurdle hopper. GREENWELL, LOIS . . 'lOnly a Farmer's Daughtern Cut-up . . art student. GREGORY, JOE . . "Hi, joe, whatcha know" . . hates to get up in the morning. GRIFFITH, LAXVRENCL . . Intramural basketball player . . "Griff'sH an agspert. GUENTHER, HELEN . . GAA board mem- ber, GSL committee worker . . secretary. GUMM, JACK . . The FFA scribe . . with the Streaks as hard-working manager. .,..,k R 'lt' 'W 61... W . GUSTAFSON, WILLIAM . . Two inches over the six foot mark . . basketball fan. HAMILTON, CARL . . Red hair and freckles . . master mischief maker. HAMMOND, VELMA . . Newcomer at GHS this year . . favorite subject? Gym. HANSON, LOIS . . Oil's goil . . follows the Silver Streaks-Qwe wonder whyj. HANSON, MELVIN . . Steele Gym handy- man . . peddler of Silver Streak pins! HARVEY, JANET . . Long-haired smoothie who knits one, purls two . . red Chevie. HASSELBACHER, HELEN . . She's got your "number please" . . trim little cadet. HATCH, HARRY . . Six-footer now in Uncle Sam's Navy . . former DeMolay. I-IAYES, PHIL . . "l'll be workin' on the railroad" . . intramural enthusiast! HAYNES, SHIRLICY . . Soprano vocals . . never a dull moment with Shirley. HERRIN, DOROTHY . . Neatness counts . . Dorothy will be a dietitian. HERRON, ELDON . . Busy money man of GHS . . "El Herron"-everybody's pal! HESSLER, BARBARA . . Hard-working Reflector miss . . plus costume crew, NHS. HEVLAND, MARJORIE . . GAA sports chairman . . baseball batty. HILL, BARBARA . . Twinkling eyes and personality smile . . commercial. HILTON, FRANK . . "Little Eval' has a leave of absence . . blue Studebaker. HOLST, MARILYN . . Johnnie . . radio actress . .Johnnie . . sweet smile . . Johnnie. I-IOUGH, ETI-IEL . . Tricky feet with tapping shoes . . swim star. HOUSE, CHARLES . . Tall, towering Charlie . . chairman of war stamp sales. HOWARD, ELSIE . . Everybody's secre tary . . second chair cornetist. HUNNICUTT, JEAN . . Knit wit of boxy sweaters . . GSL representative. ISAACSON, MARY . . '4Me? Freckles?" . . first lady of stage . . GSL secretary. JEXVSBURY, WILLIAM . . Head man of MGM fMr. Griffith's Menj . . piano stylist. JOHNS, MARGARET . . Swell gal, keen pal . . "Johnnie', looks to business world. JOHNSON, ANNA SOPHIA . . Associate editor of Budget . .National Honor Society. JOHNSON, LARRY . . Future courtroom orator . . !'Achie" chases the blues! JOHNSON, SHIRLEY . . Sweet soprano soloist . . "your number, please." JOHNSON, WAYNE . . "Gimme the pitch, Moose" . . Ace is a study hall major! JOHNSTON, JERRY . . Smooth dancer, fast and slow . . ace-ed. of Reflector. KELLY, JEANNE . . Attractive adver- tising manager . . "Ben and me." im SEINIICDIQS --1945 U61 KEMMER, MILDRED . . Works overtime on play costumes . . "May I help you?v KENNY, RICHARD . . Future tool and die-maker . . "Speed" is a Streak follower. KIDDER, LOIS . . Veteran usher of GHS productions . . secretarial Work. KIMPTON, DALE . L 'lliimpe' of 1'Rhap- sody in Blue" fame . . talented cornetist. KINKADE, JUDY . . "I think itis rather clever myself' . . jitterbuggin, Judy. LAMBIE, MARILYN . . GAA vice-prexy with a flare for athletics . . commercial. LARSEN, MARY . . uspell it with an "cn . . favorite color, blue. LARSON, HAROLD . . The boy on the pop truck . . with the alumna interest. LARSON, JANET . . "Larsonic, an' ol' aee!,' . . more fun than a picnic. LAVELY, EVELYN . . Grease paint and Kleenex specialist . . hard worker. I 11 1 - . '-' ,iq . 1 LEE, DWIGHT . . "Dee-wight" has only one class picture this year! . . Fun! LENTZ, LAWRENCE . . FFA and physics take this boy's time . . ardent Streak fan. LINDBERG, TED. . "Anchors aweigh for Ted" . . Forum representative and band. LINNER, BOB . . In circulation-publica- tions only! . . choir boy, BF member. LITCHFIELD, DELBERT . . "I'm from Rio, where you from?" . . one of the twins. LITCHFIELD, ROYAL . . 'lSeafoam" yearns for the ball diamond . . agriculture. LITHANDER, DALE . . Little man of mischief . . with the curly hair. LITVIN, MARTIN . . Hard working, coke selling Budgeteer . . dramatics addict. LOHMAR, DONALD . . "Pudd,' backficld regular . . familiar G-man around school. LORING, BILL . . Senior class money man . . "Red" hears the Navy calling. LOVELL, CHARLES . . "Chuck" will be a future Rockefeller! . . intramurals. LUNDEEN, GEORGE . . "GencVa,,' an all-around athlete , . GHS merry maker. LUNDEEN, LOIS ANN . . "Homework -what's that?l' . . LoAce is Reflector boss. LUNDEEN, PHYLLIS . . Quiet, attrac- tive radio actress . . fashion designer. LUVALL, MILDRED . . Classy addition to business world . . choir cutie. MCCLURE, RAY . . "Rabbitl' of Silver Streak fame . . Boys' Forum head. MCKINLEY, FRED . . Crew member backstage in GHS productions . . wrestler. MCMASTER, STELLA . . Gal with the golden voice . . "Ta ra boom der a." MAGNUSON, JEAN . . Shorthand spe- cialist. . "Jeannie" harmonizcs on any song. MARLOW, ROBERT . . Fleet half in bacltlicld . . UAW, won't cha buy a pencil?" LW' ' 1 it 2,1 ., I gg MARTIN, JOHN . . "Dr, Martin, there's something in my eye" . . intramurals. MATTHEWS,ROY ..Hwupm Wbf'of the cinder track . . wearer of the UG." MAWBY, RICHARD . . Comedian deluxe of GHS . . experienced stage artist . . NHS. MICHAEL, JIM . . "Mike's" in the Coast Guard now . . Ginny's man. MIDDAUGH, JOAN . . Rounds up props for plays . . "Irish eyes are smilinlf' MILES, NORMALEE . . This trim brunette will fill a secretary's chair . . band. MILLER, JOHN . . Sketches a good like- ness . . Destiny's rot. MILROY, PEGGY . . Home economics major . . dark eyes, dark-haired lass. MORROW, ESTHER . . Horseback riding is her favorite . . all round sports fan. MUNSON, NORMA JEAN . . Nurse Mun- son, call surgery!" . , twinkling gray eyes. f27l SEINIIOIQS --1945 U81 NAPE, JOHN . . Red hair, freckles, plus cute grin . . Marne's Coast Guardsman. NELSON, BETH . . "Would you like to have your hair set?" . . dependable gal. NELSON, CHARLOTTE . . Blonde beauty will be a Powers model . . loves to dance. NELSON, FLORENCE . . Twirls a flag with the greatest of ease . . hobby? books! NELSON, JO ANN . . Dark brown hair with eyes to match . . commercial advocate. NELSON, MARILYN . . Romantic inter- est in "Arsenic" . . red-headed firecracker. NELSON, MARY . . "May I take your pulse?" . . choir, veteran usher. NELSON, MARY LOUISE . . Wears hand- knitted sweaters . . "Leis play bridge." NORMAN, DAVID . . Fishing and hunt- ing enthusiast . . deep-voiced Dave. NORQUIST, VIRGINIA . . "She,S got gobs of love for the Navyn . . Ginny. E 5 5 SQ. f if 95 I . X3 ifsf ffligyggific R -' Q, . uf. .I K W NORRIS, BETTY , . Trudges through the tunnel daily to home ee. . . "Shorty.' OLSON, MARILYN . . Good grooming plus . . with hair so light and eyes so blue. OLSON, MARILYN JEAN . . Puts in long hours on costume crew . . stamp salesman. OSBORINIE, LLOYD . . "Ozzie's" now in the Navy . . I sold books and pencils once! OVERDORE, LEE . . "Off he goes into the wild blue yonder" . . good guy, Lee. PARKE, ELIZABETH . . This smiling miss works hard . . sweet and quiet senior. PARRISH, MARY LOU . . Brown eyes . . 'Let's take the long way home"-but Quick! PARSONS, AIOANNE . . Cute little blonde who says "Wliere's your paddle?" . . jo. PEARSON, DON . . Of many vices-coun- cil, BE, and senior class . . "Donk" is fun! PIEYRON, NVILNIA . . "Billie" will take shorthand notes . . GSL usher. PILCHER, JEAN . . A winning smile . . stirs around in home ec lab. PIPPITT, DOROTHY . . Knits those fancy Argyles . . a swimming Sue. PITTMAN, BEVERLEE . . Another back stage essential . . fashion plate of GHS. POTTER, CHARLES . . Live wire with the continuous chatter . . "Chuck," POVUELI., BEVERLY . . Energetic cheer- leader . . quick with the quips! POVVERS, BETTY . . Handy with a needle and thread . . "Don't call me Bet!" QUICK, GERRY . . Technical whiz . "Mary Lou" is a council representative. RAICH, BILL . . National Honor Society . . a fast kid fon the cinder trackj. REVELEZ, IRENE . . "Laugh and the world laughs with you" . . Pepsodent smile. REZNER, RICHARD . . Dick likes to work with machinery . . pedal pusher. RHYKERD, CLARKE . . Deep-voiced. handsome Clarke . . Currey-flying service! RILEY, DALE . . Little man on ladder- Reflectavue . . window corpse-"Arsenic," RIPPEL, BETTY . . Cheeks out books in library . . GAA board member. ROGERS, ETHEL . . "Eth-L," busy man- ager . . sly wittieisms always welcome. ROSINE, BARBARA . . Future lies in the field of music . . "Eur John's sake ,ii ROSINE, JIM . . "Snappy's', hamburger maker . . Boys' Eorum representative. RUPERT, GENE . . "On the ball" in the band . . favorite color-blondes! SAND, KEITH . . Swings out on the licorice-stick . . vice-prexy of band. SANDBERG, DUANE . . "Weiiiie" with light brown hair! . . alldatime laughing. SANDBURG, ROBERT . . Golf team, basketball, baseball . . Einstein, junior! wi an Q SENIGIQS --1945 U02 2 , SCOTT, MIRIAM . . Life saver . ac tive participant in GAA sports. SEABURG, JOAN . . "Biscuit" is an athletic lass . . GSL cabinet. SHANER, HENRY . . Champaign season ticket! . . Silver Streaks fan. SHARP, JANE . . Always "glad to see ya" . . future doctor's assistant. SHINFR, NADINE . . Test tube special- ist . , ace volleyball player. SHIRCK, GEORGE . . Regular end on Streak eleven . . council representative. SIMMEN, ROBERT . . "Nina, won,t you blow your horn" . . jive fiver. SMITH, NORMA , , Shoe salesman deluxe . . gay little GHS gal. SMITH, PAUL . . Smitty, pilot of that red Chevie . . stage handy-man. SNELL, PATSY . . Pat will take dictation . . petite dark-haired lass. SPERRY, MARGARET . . Distinguished service cross of costume crew . . "Maggie" SPIKER, JAMES . . On the high seas now . . "I drove a Ford, once." SPINK, PETER . . Medical world calling . . good guy, Pete. STANBURY, GLORIA . . asset to any ball team . . violinist in orchestra. STANFORTH, DONALD . . GHS gridder now in Navy . . "Whitey's" a swell guy. STARR, RONALD . . Football fan . . future drnftsman, now in Army. STAYTON, SUE . . pianist . . GSL . . pianist . . Rerlectavue . . pianist! STEGALL, WILLIAM . . "Boogie Boyn landmark in tenor section. STEPHENSON, XVILLIANI . . Budget sports ed . . physics lab whiz . . NHS. STEVENS, FRANK . . "Steve" likes to hunt, "specially quail!" . . intramurals. S V. if 1... , t kv f K, ff". . . iw : H -ffm? 'A f - if , lf 1 . .,,. , .,, . .Q i f I c,c - STEWART, EDXWARD . . FFA . . tiller of the soil . . "I'm Ed!" STEWART, EVERETT . . EFA . . Violin- ist . . I'No, he's my twin!" STEVVART, INEZ . . Basketball! a fav- orite . . jivin' jitterbug. STEWART, LUCILLE . . Pretty Lucy, a born secretary! . . charming lass. STINSON, ROBERT . . Honorable men- tion on state eleven . . Navy man. STINSON, WILLIAM . . "Wanted in the library-ic due" . . quite a guy. STITES, BARBARA . . Property new worker . . veteran flag swinger. STROMGREN, MARGARET . . Cute blonde commercial student . . "Flossief' STRUBLE, PHIL . . Reuben Struben leads the prick! . . Champaign romeo. SULLIVAN, ROBERT . . Hard working Budget editor . . likeable guy, "Sully," I SUNDBERG, HOWARD . . Operator of popular coke machine . . FFA president. SWANSON, MARJORIE . .Corpus Christi . . art student with smooth wardrobe. SXVARTOUT, HARLOW' . . G-Club prexy . . football hero with admiring fans galore. SWIEDLUND, KENT . . Part-time drafts- man at Gale's . . green Chrysler . . NHS. TAYLOR, BETTY . . "Take me out to the ball game" . . hep to the jive! TEMPLETON, GEORGE . . Intramural Sportsman . . slow, easy-going George. THOMAN, YVONNE . . Hardworking Reflectorite . . shorthand and typing whiz! TODD, VVYLLA . . Basketball advocate . . you can always count on Wylla! TRIBLER, LAJUNE . . Art major . . neat and trim senior miss. TRIPLETT, JOE . . Handy man in shop and around school . . Landon's understudyl U11 E Q E SEINIIGRS --1945 U23 .. A m y x :sf of X5 TROPINO, SAM . . Sammy's in the Navy now . . "You can say that againlu VAN WINKLE, VIOLA . . Part time student clerk . . "VickyH loves to swim. VITALI, MARJORIE . . Sweet Scandia cookie . . efficient council vet. VCURGIAS, ANGELINE . . Charming GAA prexy . . Angic's liked by everyone. WADE, BARBARA . . GAA treasurer, Reflector copy editor . . outdoor gal. WADHAMS, ELLEN . . Quiet and thought- ful little senior . . home ec major. WAGHER, ELAINE . . Types diligently away on any typewriter . . GSL worker. WAGHER, HOWARD . . "I-lowdy Llod- dy!" . . mean kid with ping pong paddle. WALKER, GLORIA . . A feminine Hia- watha who hits target everytime . . "Glo." XVALSKE, MAXINE . . Punches the clock at Kline's . . "March likes good basketball. WALTER, ELIZABETH . . Always talks of J-ville . . will be an interior decorator. WALTERS, JOAN . . Budget news editor . . happy, cheery Jo will be a librarian. WARD, VILMA . . 'iRuby Duyl' is lots of fun . . GAA board, GAA swimming. WATKINS, BRUCE . . "Abi, Came from Chillicothe . . moundsman on baseball nine. WEIDNER, WILLARD . . "Vitamin Flint- heartl' . . future engineer is NX'illie. WENSTROM, RUTH . . "Take a letter, please!" . . office lab student. WEST, MARY LOU . . Veteran of the CCC, QCompetent Costume Crewjj . . efficient! WESTFALL, RUSSELL . . i'I,m in the Army nowv . , one time follower of Streaks. WHITESIDE, MARILYN . . "Whitcy,s,' quite a sports gal . . future hair dresser. WICKERSHAM, EDWARD . . NHS fin- ancier . . "Charge! Charge the blockhouseli' WILDS, JACK . . "Curly,' is a Coast Guardsman . . pet pecve-wimmen! WILKINS, MARY ALICE . . SAA chair- man . . l'Check your coat here, pleaseln WILLIAMS, BOB . . "Eggy's', saved the day in many a game! . . Boys' Forum and NHS. WILLIAMSON, BETTY . . Tiny roller skater . . future woman in white is Betty. WILSCAM, ROD . , Flashy sport coat wearer . . barely beats the morning bell. WILSON, RENAMAE . .Efficient typist . . for sure! . . baseball, swimming tops. WISCHHUSEN, ARTHUR . . Driver of familiar blue Plymouth . . flying advocate. WITTEN, VIRGINIA LEE . . uW'llaCha doin,--shorthand?" . . studious senior. WORDEN, EDWARD . . Tool and die- maker . . "I give up-what is it?', says Ed. WORDEN, JAMES . . Freckles and cute grin . . another "pork-pieu wearer! YOCUM, DELBERT . . Lil Abner, elec- tric engineer . . "Good gravy, idle chatter," YOUNG, KENNETH . . Attention, Red- wings, here's your goalie . . homework fan. YOUNGQUIST, BARBARA . . Swim- ming is her favorite . . hates nosey people. ZINK, ROGER . . Boogie man of jive- Eve . . Crooner Zinatra sends 'em alll TNI JUNIQIQS I rife 2. 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Tllmnzts Ilan Stiarwztlt fmt Kofi' loan Yon llralw hlarjnrie Van XYinlclu tlcrtrntlc XVhite LeRoy XYeblJ NYayne NYright Stanton YYilsnn llilly NVay ,lack Zvlflcs Ronzilll Xyoolsvy lack XYztlf.l1 .Svvrrurici Rott' Lois NYill:ins CZil'fJlXYllliHl11S Peggy NYclforfl Charlotte XYils0n Helen XYhite Nlztrtha XYils0n Evelyn XYc1olclriilge Nancy XYils0n Cntlu-rine XYhitc Klftry NYest 1111111 Rott' Lester Yenl Rolu-rt XYillian15 llolm Zcfo Ernest XYrclell Pat XYilltinson Lee NVQ-lmln-r Iohn XYeinlst-rg tlcrulrl XYri:4ht lflizalieth Yiincy XY:1ync XYilfon CLASS CF 1947 HIHHHES Hi Yo Silver-and out on the grid- iron, on the gym floor, and down the cinder track came the charging, speedy Silver Streaks. It all began last fall when the pigskin spiraled around under the floodlights of Lombard Field. It continued on the hardwoods when the Streak five claimed not only the Illini and Northwest honors, but a "sweet sixteen" ranking as well. And it was completed with a successful track team and baseball nine. Yes, that's the sports review of this past year at GHS. The intramural par- ticipants, the pony squads, the hard- working reserves, first stringers, and coaches all worked for better athletic teams-and got them! Champs on ttie gridiron Lettermem great, Our basketbail Quint, it-Vlwe best in the statei' FCDCDTBALI. 89 All-State Halfback Evans Hawkinson XVatkins With six lettermen back from 1943 to serve as a foundation, Coach Clifford C. Van Dyke turned a potentially good football club into a terrihc machine that rolled unchecked to their second consecutive Illini Conference, and was defeated only once in nine games. Led by All-State Jimmy Evans, fullback and held general, the Streaks piled up 212 points be- fore record breaking crowds during the season, while the nine opponents were able to score only 64 markers. Coach Van Dykeys gridders opened the 1944 season in Urbana, and after trailing 6 to 0 at half- time, Bob Williams and Dick Asquith came through with much needed touchdowns for a 12 to 6 victory. The Streaks were home for the next two weeks, winning from Peoria Woodruff, 16 to 7, and East Moline, 25 to 0. Evans scored three touchdowns in the latter game. Four touchdowns by Evans in the first thirteen minutes of play were enough to beat East Peoria, 26 to 12, and then Moline fell before the GHS power, 19 to 7. This was the first Galesburg win over the Maroons in eleven years. Next on the list was a game at Kewanee, where the Boilermakers caused a lot of trouble before falling, 14 to 0. This victory brought the Streaks back to Lombard Field with seven consecutive victories, only to find that their next foes were to be the famed Rock Island Rocks, who were also undefeated and ranked as the best team in the state. Over eight thousand fans saw Rock Island come from behind after a brilliant battle. finished the season in blazing style by trouncing Canton, 47 to 7, and Monmouth, played one minute against Canton. He carried the ball twice and scored both 70 and 45 yards. His substitute, Lloyd Hawkinson, scored three touchdowns and in the game for a total of 22 points. The overwhelming defeat of Monmouth was one of the greatest teams in Galesburg history. to win, 25 to 13, The Streaks 40 to 0. Evans times on runs of four extra points a great finish for Williams Dyer McCoy Stinson T481 i Shirck Smnforrh Lohmar Barstow Swartout Marlow Siren Shrek Crust!! Illini ZWPCA' WEB Scan QI fi-SVG H Q vw This Bunn if Ekelmu Qu! it nr mf! U91 VARSITY RESERVES Galesburg 12 Urbana 6 Galesburg 16 Peoria Woodruff 7 Galesburg 25 East Moline 0 Galesburg 26 East Peoria 12 Galesburg 19 Moline 7 Galesburg 14 Kewanee 0 Galesburg 13 Rock Island 25 Galcsburg 47 Canton 7 Galesburg 40 Monmouth 0 Coach Van Dyke Back Row: R. Johns, J. Mills, K. Moran, E. Boyd, T. Burnside, D. Graham, A. Clary, G. Lundeen, j. Baker, D. Asquith. Front Row: G. Quick, Highlander, B. Loring, D. Fuller, L. Johnson, Smith, B. Serdahl. E501 1 PIGSKIN PCDNIES Lack of experienced players, the handicap that always faces a coach of a sophomore team, troubled Coach John Aitchison no end this year, but by the middle of the season he had developed his Pony football squad into a smooth working aggregation that will see plenty of varsity action in the next two years. Six games were played this season, the Ponies winning three, losing two, and tying one. On the victorious side of the ledger were a 6 to 2 win over Kewanee sophs, a 13 to 7 victory over Rock Island, and a tremendous 58 to 0 drubbing of Monmouth. Losses were to Moline, 25 to 7, and Peoria Woodruff, 7 to 6. The one tie was a score- less deadlock in the second game with Kewanee. Coach Aitchison Back Row: P. Duvall, L. Webber, B. Turner, P. Wilkinson, B. Dredge, Middaugh, A. Benson, H. Fleisher, D. Cameron, Cowan, mgr., J. Carlton, mgr. Middle Row: B. Thorp, D. Hicks, D. Barstow, J. Grogan, P. DiPrima, A. Vallero, P. Lindberg, K. Lundeen H. McClurg, D. Hart, mgr. Front Row: C. Bogard, B. Addis, Hoopes, D. Anderson, D. Boynton, C. Van Dyke, B. Carroll, Gi Rosine, T. McCants, D. Stotts, mgr. li S 1 52 BASKETBALL Coach Gerald Phillips' 1944-45 Silver Streak cage team will go down in the record books as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, outfit in GHS basketball history. This year's team, in winning 24 of 27 games, captured championships in the Northwest Conference, the Illini Conference, the Canton Holiday Tournament, the Regional Tournament, the Sectional Tournament, and came within an eyelash of being state champs. Contrary to the usual slow, deliberate type of play that Galesburg teams had used in the past, this super- team relied on a blazing fast break that completely demoralized many of the foes. Using this firewagon type of play most of the season these Streaks rolled up 1308 points for an average of more than 48 points per game. Leading the individual scoring was Delbert Graham, who scored 253 points during the season. Graham was closely followed by Ray McClure with 249, Muzz Barstow with 237 and Jimmy Evans with 180. The Streaks opened the season with four easy wins over Macomb, Pekin, East Peoria and Monmouth before Kewanee pulled a big 40-31 upset. However, the Streaks ' bounced back with a 49 to 23 win over Peoria Manual the next night, and during Christmas vacation they beat Pekin, 61 to 28, and Canton, 43 to 35, for the Canton Tourney crown. Resuming conference competition, the locals took wins from Moline, East Moline, Canton and Rock Island. After holding a 32-19 lead over Monmouth in the third quarter, the Streaks went cold and lost their second game of the season, 34 to 32. Once again the Phillips' men snapped back into form and won a 51 to 23 victory from Corpus Christi in their next outing. This runaway was followed by other impressive victories over Kewanee, Moline, Peoria Woodruff, East Moline, Canton, and Rock Island in the last game of the season. With the second team playing most of the time the Streaks beat Knoxville 66 to 34, Princeville 61 to 24, and Altona 81 to 33 for the Regional Tournament championship. In the Sectional, played in Steele Gym, the locals had to go all out to beat Monmouth 39 to 36, in the first game, but they had a much easier time in the championship game when they drubbed Canton 81 to 40. This was the fourth victory of the year over Canton, a new record in the old rivalry, and it gave GHS its eleventh trip to the state finals in Champaign. Coach Phillips Evans McClure Johns Graham 39+ Hawkinson Wiitkins W'illiams McCoy The Streaks met and defeated West Iirankfort's Red Birds, the best team in southern Illinois, by a 45 to 42 count in their Hrst round game at Champaign, This victory brought the Burgers into battle with Decatur,s rampaging Big Reds, who had won 36 of 38 games played in the season. After putting up the greatest display of speed and offensive power in state tournament history, the Streaks were beaten 73 to 72 by a last-second, overtime basket. The Decatur club went on to win the championship easily the next day. SCHEDULE Galesburg Galesburg Galesburg Macomb Galesburg Pekin Galesburg East Peoria Galesburg Monmouth Galesburg Kewanee Galesburg Peoria Manual Galesburg Pekin Galesburg Canton Galesburg Moline Galesburg East Moline Galesburg Canton Cralesburg Rock Island Galesburg Monmouth Galesburg Corpus Christi Galesburg Kexvanee Galesburg Moline Galesburg Peoria XVoodrufI Galesburg East Moline Cwalesburg Canton Galesburg Rock Island Galesburg Knoxville Cvalesburg Princeville Cvalesburg Altona Galesburg Monmouth Galesburg Canton Xvest Frankfort Decatur fs E543 Sandburg Lundeen Barstow Quick Dccts Boyd Loring Hayes J. Carlton J. Gumm R. Still M. Hanson PCDNIES Although they failed to give Galcsburg its fourth consecutive NWC sophomore championship, the 1944-45 Pony Cage squad did give the fans plenty of thrills and with a little more luck might have equalled the feats of their predecessors. Coach Charles Bednar's Baby Streaks finished the season with eight wins and ten defeats. Six of the defeats came in the last seven games of the year. Two of the wins were over Monmouthg one, East Peoria: one, Peoria Manualg one, Peoria Woodruffg one, Rock lslandg one, Cantong one, New Windsor varsity. The defeats came at the hands of Kewanee twice, East Moline twice, Moline twice, Rock Island once, Canton once, Joy varsity once, and Corpus Christi once. Coach Bednar K. Lundeen R. Hendricks B. Serdahl P. Wfilkinson -I. Hoopes Bark Rau' B. Zefo G. Rosine B. Schafer B. Turner D. Hunter R. Ragan G. Boynton f:I'01If Rau' B. Carroll A. Clary D. Cameron B. Dredge P. Lindberg H. Fleisher 55 MEET "TI-IE BEST TEAM IN TI-TE STATE" "Who's the toughest?" the question GHS was asking and is still asking toda ! Y Our famed Silver Streaks almost captured the state championshi thi l p s year-a most, but the powerful Decatur Reds triumphed our five 73-72 in an overtime game. Labeled the best basketb ll ' h' h a game in ig school tournament play, the contest went on record as the most outstanding game ever to be played in George Huff gymnasium at Champaign. A "sweet sixteenu ranking was achieved as a result of hard k d ff wor an e ort on the part of our boys. Throughout the season Coach Phillips and the team looked to a state entr as ult' ' y imate success. Fans, too, were hoping to see the Streaks reach Champaign, and followed the team closely, not withstanding the barrier of an out- f-t o own game. Then one day all GHS went wild as team and students both departed for the state finals Puttin all f ' h ' h . g ait in t e Streaks upon hurdling the first obstacle, the hundreds of fans cheered madly for a Silver Streak victory over Decatur Accepting the loss was . a difficult task, but the kids took it like good sportsmen, and proudly dubbed their team "the best team in the state!" 3 551 a 3 Q Q 5 Evans Boyd McCoy Hawkinson McClure Barstow Graham Lundeen QUDULUIHDXW WAN UVCEDN N QEEQE33 WRESTLING .. Back Row: R. libony, D. Aldus, B. Rutledge, B. Harshhurger, G. Courtright, D. Garman. Middle Ifow: E. Griffith, liv. Stewart, Sutor, G. Stewart, B. Quigley, K, Munson, R. Garrett, C. Smith. l'ront Row: P. DiPrima, ml. Rosine, xl. Mavis, K. Moran, H. Swartout, From the standpoint of victories, Coach Cliff Van Dyke's wrestling team did not enjoy a very successful season, but several individual stars made things interesting for the many spectators that turned out to see this up and Coming sport. The GHS squad competed in eight dual , meets with Davenport, Burlington, Pekin, Rock Island, and Maquokita. Three of these meets were won by the local grapplers. - N. .i,. Y i ...wi One GHS wrestler, Gene Courtright, P 5 managed to Win a sectional tournament ,. crown and advance to the state Hnals in 1,1 Champaign. Here he easily downed two good opponents and won the state 115 Pound Championship' Grappler Gene Courtright, state Champion, pulls a fast one on his opponent. l 58 I i I GULF Because of transportation difficulties, weather and other handicaps too numerous to mention, the 1944 golf season consisted of only one meet, the annual NWC championship affair. In this meet the local divot diggers wound up in fifth spot, one stroke behind Kewanee. John Boyd- stun, Bill Pico, Dean Rich, and Bob Sandburg com- peted in this event for Galesburg, with Boydstun carding an 86 and a 93 to lead the Silver Streak scorers. This spring the team was not reorganized because of the aforementioned reasons and the additional problem of no available coaches. All local golf ad- dicts are looking forward to the post-war era when Galesburg can again put an outstanding team on the links and bring home the NWC crown with cus- tomary regularity. D. Rich J. Boydstun R. Sandburg B. Pico E591 TRACK Gray Highlander mi Press time has rolled around just a little too soon to give much of the track team's record, but at the present time prospects look fairly bright. With two meets under their belts, Coach Cliff Van Dyke's tracksters are priming them- selves for the all-important Northwest and Illini Conference meets and the District and State Tournament. Big Bob Williams, who holds the school rec- ord in the discus with a 137 foot, 4 inch throw, is GHS's biggest hope for an individual state title. Other mainstays of the track team are Dick Asquith, Bill Raich, Jim Hoopes, and Ronald Olson in the dashes, broad jump and relaysg Delbert Graham in the high jumpg Bob Rooney, Cecil Franseen, Bud Carroll, and Cliff Van Dyke, Jr., in the distancesg Roy Matthews in the hurdles and distances, Aldus Clary in the 440 and discusg Pat Wilkinson in the high jumpg Paul Lindberg and Ed Middaugh in the hurdles, and Dean Fuller and Bill Serdahl in the pole vault. As this year's team is made up of sophomores and juniors, the next two years should be fairly successful. Asquith BASEBALL At the time of writing, Coach Charles Bednar's baseball team has played only four of their 20 regularly scheduled gamesg but the team, which is made up mostly of vet- erans from last year, has begun to roll and by tournament time should be one of the most formidable outfits in this section of the state. The usual starting line-up for the Streaks shows Bob Johns at first baseg Bill Loring at second, Lloyd Hawkinson at short, Jim Evans at third, and Del Graham, George Lundeen, Merle Barstow and Ray McClure in the outfield. The pitching staff is made Sandburg Hawkinson up of Bob Seifert, Bruce Wzatkins, Merle Barstow, Lloyd Hawkinson, Jim Evans and Ray McClure. Bob Sandburg handles the catching duties. Evans Loring McClure Graham Barstow Lundeen 61 E621 Salyers Munn GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATICDN a , Front Row M. Hevland M, Killingsworth S. Tracy D. Garman H. Guenther J. Kinkade Nliddle Row A. Vourgias M. Lambie D. Peterson G. Powell F. Bradbury H. Cabeen K. Bryngelson F. Appleby Top Row B. Wade B. Ripple H. Cabcen B. Wade M. Lambie S. Tracy A. Vourgias To promote sportsmanship, good lead- ership, and build strong healthy bodies was the threefold objective of the Girls' Athletic Association. The officers, Angeline Vourgias, presi- dentg Marilyn Lambie, vice-presidentg Helen Cabeen and Shirley Tracey, sec- retariesg and Barbara Wade, treasurer, to- gether with the chairmen of the various sports comprised the GAA Board. With the aid of Miss Marion Munn and Miss Harryette Salyers many interesting and varied activities were included in the yearis program. Introducing a new idea into the life of GHS was an all-school carnival, the "Penny Fair." The highlight of the year was a camping trip held at Camp Shaubena. E631 INTIQAMURALS Under the direction of Coach Charles Bednar, the GHS intramural program for the past few years has been one of the finest, if not the finest, program of its kind in the state. This year proved no exception as hundreds of boys and girls com- peted in almost a score of athletic events. Volleyball and basketball proved to be two of the most popular sports during the season. The volleyball tourney was played off in one week while basketball competition was started in De- cember and did not end until late in March. Other successful tournaments were carried out in soccer, ping pong, horseshoes, wrestling, and bad- minton. 64 The Cubs, Senior League champs, struggle for a rebound in a close and exciting intra- mural game in boys' gym. I for a chance at the championship. The photographer catches a close-up of rugged action at Cooke Field as two intramural soccer clubs fight R. McClure and S. Furry, Winners of the ping pong tournament, give the camera-man a break as they rest between matches. Over the net goes the ball in one of the closely con- tested intramural volleyball games in Steele Gym. B. Carroll flings out another ringer as E. Hayes looks on. These two Copped championships in the horse shoe contest. I 65 5. V. mi ',,.il B. Powell Black M. Bandy B. Damberg F. Firth The GHS cheerleaders gained unusual recognition this year when they were celebrated as the most outstanding yell-leaders at the state basketball tournament. Their enthusiasm, ability and tireless practice enabled them to cheer the Silver Streaks to vic- tory game after game. A new yell, "Bow Wowski," gained much approval from both the spectators and the team. One hundred per cent inter- est was created by numerous pep assemblies conducted by the cheerleaders throughout the year. Mr. Roy Damberg and Miss Harryette Salyers were co-spon- sors of the group. CHEERLEADERS The sophomore cheerleaders, not to be outdone by the varsity squad, put plenty of zip and action into the yell routines at the games in addition to plan- ning pep rallies and assembly meetings at school. Working along with the var- sity cheerleaders and practicing just as diligently, the sophs were a great help in introducing new yells to the rooting section, and created plenty of enthusiasm to back up their pony teams. C. Dwyer M. Doran C. Loring C. Bengtson B. Seibert FLAG SWIINIGERS An unusual attraction of both football and basketball games was the performance of the GHS flag swingers. To the accompaniment of the band, these girls swung brightly colored flags in perfect unison. This group, under the di- rection of Mr. Edwin Lantz, was first organized at Galesburg High School five years ago. Another example of half-time entertainment is the baton twirlers. The snappy footwork and excellent twirling ability shown by these girls is the result of long hours of practice together. Led by Beverly Powell and also under the direction of Mr. Edwin Lantz, the baton twirlers completed a successful year and are looking forward to a bigger and better season next year. Top Row: P. Fogarty, B. Bird, D. Norris, D. Holmes, G. Stanbary Third Row: L. Crouse, B. Stites, M. Domdey. Second Row: R Chapin, L. Jordan. Front Row: B. Wagher. BATCDN TWIIQI. ERS . ' ii ' ' . 1 ' ,.,. Q A L, ' , .,.. - wg ' V' , I :.V , ., ,I A. , W " ' , 't" V r . I A 7 I,, a p p: AN . I if , r r arre e r . 3 3 I li gf.. 'g i,'k, lig e f, A 1 g 7- ' M ,xv ' .. 1' A S ,iii f "'i fa A Q 1 - I Q- Q T 1 ? w T . .,v- 1 1 . ' A ' ' ' .' 1 I f.- gf: . D. Pippitt, S. Babbitt, B. Powell, W. Wilson, Davidson, B. Healy, J. Williamson T673 SEHHHl llll This has been a wonderful year at GHS -wonderful not only in the sense of having a good time, but also because of the num- erous successes Galesburg High has claimed. These successes were not due entirely to the Work of a certain department, but to the students and the type of school life they en- joyed. Freshman Alley was always a hub-bub of activity, Streaky,s Place, a center of interest, and ol' Abe the meeting place for many a guy and a gal. Then there was the excitement of going to state, and the thrill as the Streaks were almost rated champs. The Winning streak of our football team, the fun of attend- ing out-of-town games, and the hushed awe of the audience as the curtain went up on another one of our successful dramatic pro- ductions all made for school life. Not soon to be forgotten are the dances, Fun Nites, pie sales, assembly programs, con- certs, in addition to the little incidents of the classroom. These will be long remembered, particularly by the seniors, as this last year climaxed their three-years stay at Galesburg High School. It Was the friendliness of everyone-loiter- ing around the lockers, talking by favorite stairways, and all pulling together for a happy year that made the past year at GHS one of the best in history. Darwceg and Fun Nrtes, Textboaks and Classes, All made up school We For our lads amd leases STUDENT CQUIXICII. 570 "Streaky's Place," the student recreation room, was the big project of the year for the Student Council. Host to the County Conference this spring was another out- standing event in the council's yearly pro- gram. Under the capable leadership of president jack Brooking and his assisting officers, Don Pearson, vice-president, Anne Smith, sec- retary, and Eldon Herron, treasurer, and under the sponsorship of Miss Alice Jones and Mr. Frank Snyder, the representative group of GHS provided many entertaining features for the students. Homecoming last fall was planned and sponsored by the coun- cil. Those ever popular "Fun Nites" held in Steele Gym will be long remembered by the many boys and girls Who attended them, as well as the extraordinary guest dance held April 20. Another event not soon forgotten is the pie sale, which the council claims as its sole sponsor. Besides selling tickets, improving attend- ance records, and sponsoring dances, the council worked for a better school spirit. For this reason the student body is proud of its Student Council. A. Jones A. Smith E. Herron F. Snyder D. Pearson President Brooking Back Row: A. Vourgias, H. Swartout, B, Hanson, G. Shirck, L. Lundccn, B. Sullixan. Middle Row: J. Black, B. Crawford, S. Dean, Boynton, kl. lfvans, C. Gerstenbergcr, B. Chapman. Front Row: XV. Davis, R. McClure, Nl. Xvilkins, Swanson, B. Hanncgan, D. Myers, Not in Picture: D. Lerscli, H. Flcislwr, lf. Howard. Back Row: R. Olson, D. Potts. M. Barstow, L. Glass, G. Quick, D. Asquitli. Middle Row: L. Albert, M. Vitali. B. Swigcrt, B. Barnes, C. Nichols, L. Hawkinson, J. Walsh. Front Row: R. Carlson, Larson. il. Hoopcs, F. Firth, K. Lundecn, B. Larson, S. Savidge. we Ui 436 Y QP? sos? A. jones Middaugh M. Isaacson C. Gerstenberger B. Bullis the Cwirls' Service League with every girl a member. Begin- ning with the impressive induction service last fall and end- ing with the annual banquet in the spring, the League was S E R V I Q E continually planning programs and get-togethers for the K i I R I "It can happen here"-and it did, a successful year for girls at GHS. Carolyn Gerstenberger served as president with Barbara Bullis, Mary Isaacson, and Joan Middaugh completing the executive council. This group worked together with the L E A E cabinet under the capable leadership of Miss Alice Jones, Miss Ruth Stickle, Miss Sylvia Ryin, and Mrs. Wilma Pilger. Q' -Q Top Row: B. Jacobs, M. Thompson, S. Cooley, M. Lucas, S. Johnson, B. Dickinson, xl. Wilson, B. Hessler. Third Row: Hunni- cutt, D. Brent, J. Lindberg, M. Larson, M. Starr, J. Paccy, B. Lauerman, j. Harvey. Second Row: C. Gibbs, H. Milroy, B. Mason, P. Norman, S. Stayton, M. Burford, AI. Davidson. Front Row: C. Thompson, M. Mills, L. Patterson, C. White, G. Cunningham, G. Bowden. l72l Burk Row F. Snyder B. Chapman D. Pearson L. Hawkinson u M. Fuller Frunf Ron' B. Loring R. McClure D. Fuller N S ik Be alive in WSH-the slogan for the Boys' Forum which was well lived up to this year! Everything from staging a "Stag Fun Nite" last fall to sponsoring assembly programs to I suit every boy in school fell into the yearly program of the Forum. Headed by Ray McClure, who was assisted by Dean Fuller, Lloyd Hawkinson, Don Pearson, Bill Loring, Bob Chapman. and Marvin Fuller, the Boys' Forum witnessed a very success- ful school life. The sponsors were Mr. Frank Snyder, Mr. T. V. Brooking, Mr. Charles Bednar, Mr. Roy Damberg, and Mr. Howard Whitcolnb. Top Row: gl. Smith, G. Lundeen, A. Taylor, j. Rosine, P. Struble, L. johnson, B. W'illiams. Third Row: B. Damberg, N. Cab- rera, B. Schafer, -I. McCoy, L. Johnson, AI. Highlander, S. Furry. Second Row: M. Padilla, K. Nelson, G. Courtright, R. Still, J. Carlton, P. W'ilkinson, B. Nordhielm, B. Linner. Front Row: johnson, D. Foster, XV. Christy, B. Marquis, D. Anderson, D. Hunter, Grogan, C. Van Dyke. U31 TI1 Buclgei Editor Sullivan "Extra-Extra-Extra" and once again the Budget was hor off the press and into the hands of its eager readers. Giving its subscribers the latest news of school affairs and extra-curricular activities, the weekly newspaper became the "voice of GHS." With Miss Dorothy Hanlon and Mr. Roy Dam- berg, editorial and technical advisors, respectively, Editor Bob Sullivan together with his associate editors and reporters produced a newspaper of high rating. Serving as associate editor was Anna Sophia Johnson, news editor, Joan Walters, sports editor, Bill Stephenson, feature editor, Anne Smith, and photographer, Gene Cunningham. Chief accountant was Ethel Rogers with Lola Beth Rodeffer as her assistant. Jeanne Kelly and Virginia Jones worked on advertising, while cir- culation manager was Bob Linner, assisted by Shirley Dean and Shirley Saunders. Business staff apprentices were Dean Anderson, Ann Davis, Catherine Dudman, Lois Gullstrand, Joan Kling, Alice Muschler, Delores Myers, Clifford Loring, Kathlyn Luttrell, Bob Seibert, and Gretchen Shirck. f74 Deadlines are discussed by Fairbairn, Barnes, Mason, Clark, Carpenter, McCaughy, Zeldes, Nelson, and Morgan, Hanson, and Englund as they receive Carlson check, type, and rewrite their stories. their assignments. A. johnson B. Linnel' D. Hanlon R. Damberg E. Rogers Berg, Edwardson, En lund, and Johnson plan make-ups .md discuss headlines. Swanson, Beauchamp, Litvin, West, and Quigley get a first-hand glimpse in the print shop. The editorial stafif, Smith s Stephenson, Wtilters, Ap- plebey, and Cunningham, gaze proudly on the fin- ished product, your Budg- Cf. I 751 76 Editor Lundeen IQEFLECTCDR To the student body: Here it is, the 1945 Reflector! We hope you like it and have as much fun reading it as we did publishing it. From the very beginning of school last fall the work of the yearbook staff has progressed. Plenty of time and effort on the part of all the staff members was required. Planning layouts, sched- uling pictures, and writing copy are just a few of the problems, in addition to the shortages and priorities of a war year. You,ve probably seen us many times working overtime in our little Reflector corner in the aft room. Long hours after school, evenings after supper, and Saturday work all were required. This is our cue to sign off, but let us add one afterthought. We realize it would be impossible to transcribe all the good times at school this year, but We hope We've helped you remember a few of the highlights of 1945. Lois ANN LUNDEEN, Reflector Editor. Barngrover F airbairn Thoman DeWeese Bowman Hanson Laucrman Bryngelson Ryberg Norman Jones Webster Barnes Stouffer Edwardson Hesslcr Wade Isaacson Endter Gcrstcnberger 77 V ONLY A FARMERS DAUGI-ITERA' ,-anal! Brooking Johnston Freeman Smith Lundeen Red letter days of the autumn season were Novem- ber 16 and 17 when the 1945 Reflectavue was pre- sented before two capacity crowds. Decked out in handle-bar moustaches and side-burns, up hair does and full skirts, the students of GHS Went "Gay Ninetyn and produced an old-fashioned melodrama "Only A Farmer's Daughterf, typical of Grandma's day. Written by Lois Ann Lundeen, Jack Brooking, Jerry Johnston, and Anne Smith and directed by Miss Irene Freeman, the Reflectavue proved highly entertaining and scored a direct hit as another suc- cessful dramatic production. Peanut venders, barkers, a ten-piece band, and comical stage manager-all were part of the musical comedy as Well as the impromptu "victims" selected from the audience. Clever skits and impersonations comparable to early vaudeville acts received the well- rounded applause of the spectators. Keynoted with gay, lively dances and romantic old favorites such as 'twabash Moonf' the Reflectavue was Well-delivered from the very opening curtain to the grand finale, "The Surrey with the Fringe on Topf, ARSENIC Wickersham Stouifer Firth, QLD LACE Two old maids, an unsuspecting victim, and a decanter of elderberry wine provided the three essentials for the hilarious murder comedy, "Arsenic and Old Lacef' presented on the GHS stage, March 6 and 7. Well enacted by the members of the cast, the all-school play under the direction of Miss Irene Freeman, attracted full houses both nights. The play was a fast-moving one, which cen- tered around the life of the Brewster family. Ed Wickersham, posing as "Teddy Rooseveltv Brewster, Frances Alice Firth as Aunt Abbie, the more ambitious of the two spinstersg and Dick Mawby as the unscrupulous Dr. Einstein did professional acting in the portrayal of their characters. Other members of the cast were Bob Crawford, Marilyn Nelson, Ralph Smith, Peggy Stouifer, Dale Riley, Charles Fauset, Jerry Johnston, Charles Kline, Martin Litvin, and Charles House. fso Fauset, Crawford, Nelson, Kline, Smith, Johnston, Mawby, Riley, Litvin, House Director Freeman SMILIN' THRU "People would go smilin' through the years if they only knew what they'd find at the end of the road," concluded the ghost of Moonyeen Clare as the curtain fell on the commencement play, "Smilin' Through," given May 3 and 4. This touching love story spiced with light comedy which took place in a beautiful, outdoor setting of the English countryside, was the climax of an- other year of successful dramatic productions at GHS. The list of characters included John Carteret, characterized by Jack Brookingg Dr. Owen and Kathleen, portrayed by Dick Mawby and Marilyn Nelsong and Kenneth Wayne, Kathleen's lover, Jerry Johnston. The second act introduced Moonyeen Clare, played by Mary Isaacson, as John's fiance, who was killed by Ted Beauchamp in the role of Jere- miah Wayne. Rounding out the cast were Marilyn Johnson as faithful old Ellen, Charles Kline, tag-along Willie, and Shirley Jenks as Mary Clare. enks, Beauchamp, Mawby Nelson, Johnston Isaacson, Brooking Kline, Johnson hu. tm T823 Kiwi CIQEWS COSTUME Back Row: M. Abrahamson, C. Newberg, M. L. West, B. Dutton, H. Anderson, K. Nelson, M. West, E. Elliott, B. Hesslcr, M. Johnson. Front Row: M. Kemmer, P. Bacon, M. Olson, Brand, C. Wilson. PROPERTY C. Dudman, H. Anderson, L. Patterson, B. Jackson, E. Ogden, S. Dyer, M. Isaac- son, B. Henderson, P. Fogarty. STAGE Back Row: W. Wilson, Middaugh, B Pittman, J. Johnston. Front Row: D Gray, P. Smith, E. Herron, M. Litvin, M Nelson, A. Muschler. Tut! Tut! Sully, no holding hands in the pool! " 'Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at allf' El Herron sells 21 slice. The Beehive in Forty-five. Leg art? Your guess is as good as ours. "Aw come on, Junior, have a bite." What are you smiling at? fC0uldn,t be the ice creamj Peek-a-boo, Mr. Garst. HERE 'N TI-IEIQE iss Director Lantz Healy Powell BAND "Strike up the band" and Mr. Ed- win Lantz swings his baton into action as seventy-nine instrumentalists give musical color to many school activities. Always on hand for half-time en- tertainment at both football and basketball games, the band executed snappy formations on the gridiron and played lively marches in Steele Gym. Pep rallies and assembly programs, community concerts and similar per- formances are all examples of the band's appearances this year, in addi- tion to the music contests in which many students participated. Officers for the year were Dick Mawby, presidentg Keith Sand, vice- presidentg Elsie Howard, secretaryg and Jim Anderson, treasurer. GRC!-IESTIQA Also under the direction of Mr. Ed- win Lantz is the orchestra composed of thirty-nine music-minded students of GHS. The group performed for many civic organizations and community gatherings as Well as presenting pro- grams to the student body. Appearing at the various grade and junior high schools in the city was another service of the orchestra. The members elected Bob Damberg, Bob Edmunds, Frances Firth, and Wanda Huff as president, vice-presi- dent, secretary, and treasurer, respect- ively. This spring the musicians spent many hours of rehearsal in preparation for the music contests in which en- semble groups participated. Then the formal concert, presented May 8, proved a stirring climax for the yearis activities. BAND R. Adolphson B. Ahline D. Anderson J. Anderson M. Baughman J. Beauchamp E. Bergwall O. Bogren J. Bowman D. Boynton G. Brock K. Bryngelson W. Burgess P. Carlson R. Carlson C. Carmichael F. Cooper G. Cunningham R. Damberg V. DeWeese R. Edmonds D. Endter J. Erickson C. Fauset J. Fauset J. Felt L. Furrow M. Gardner D. Green H. Hallberg S. Hawkins C. Healy E. Howard S. Jenks W. Jewsbury L. Johnson D. Kimpton D. Lersch B. Lewis D. Lewis C. Loring M. Lucas K. Lundeen J. Marks R. Marquis R. Mawby N. Miles M. Mills N. Milward L. Nash S. Newberg R. Olson M. Orwig B. Page D. Pearson R. Potts B. Powell D. Riley G. Rupert K. Sand R. Sandberg J. Seaburg B. Silverman R. Simmen J. Slead J. Smith R. Sparling J. Sutor L. Swartout S. Tracey R. Turner R. Upp B. Wade M. Wagher K. Wallace J. Walters G. Wliite L. Wilkerson B. Wilson ORCHESTRA D. Basham H. Cabeen B. Damberg V. DeWeesc B. F. J. Edmonds Firth Gilbert D. Hart S. Haskins W. Huff W. Jewsbury A. Johnson B. Lietsch M. Lindroth K. Lundeen R. Mead D. Mills P. Morrison J. Pearson B. Powell C. Rabenau D. Rodenhouser B. Silverman B. Simmen J. Slead J. Smith G. Stanbary M. Starr L. Stebbins E. Stewart A. Storey C. Swanson B. Wade B. Wagher I. Walters P. Welford J. Whitcomb G. White M. VVilkins W. Wilson A CAPPELIJR CHCDIIQ The a cappella choir of sixty-five voices, under the direction of Miss Lucille Robertson, witnessed a very successful year-making numerous appear- ances in both school and community affairs, in addition to presenting a Christmas concert last winter and a spring concert May 25. The members elected Shirley Johnson, Jean Magnuson,Maxine Britton,Gretchen Shirck, Henry Imel, and Charles House to represent the Choir Board. Receiving first place ratings in the music con- tests were Stella McMaster, Gretchen Shirck, James Leahy, Henry Imel, and Harold Brumield, who brought more honor to the choir's list of successes. D. ll. Allen R. Carroll H. Imel M. Alps V. Coons S. Johnson P. Baars D Coziahr M. Killingsworth R. Barbero V. Deweese j, Larson A. Bateman C. Franscen J. Leahy B. Blanshan L. Frymire P. Levinson ml. Brand L. Greenwell P. Lindberg D. Bray D. Hanson B. Linner M. Britton S. Haskins K. Lundeen H. Brumfleld S. Haynes M. Luvall M. ll. Carlson C. House S. McMaster M. Carlson S. House QI. Magnuson C. Coppoclt D. Hog! V. Mathias X.. .,,,,- Xfi Director Robertson S. Miller T. Morrison C. Nichols M. Nelson P. Nystrom W. Osborn L. Overdorf J. Pacey C. Potter R. Ragan B. Rosine S. Ryberg B. Seibert G. Shirck R Silverman B. Smead C Smith B. Stegall B. Swigert C. Thompson R Thorpe B. Varner J. Walsli M. W'eir pI. Wliitconib C. Wfilliams 86 J Rosine, Brumheld, Johnson, Leahy Cl-IQIIQ CHRISTMAS CCDNCERT The Christmas spirit of festival and song together with its more serious meaning pre- vailed in the halls of GHS Friday, Decem- ber 22, as the a cappella choir and the girls, glee club presented n formal Christmas con- cert to the students. In a beautiful setting of tall, red candles and frosted Christmas trees the boys and girls completed a very picturesque scene symbolic of the holiday season. Traditional old favorites were sung by the entire group, with several selections given by a quartet of carolers. Miss Lucille Robertson, director, her as- sociates, and the two choral groups are to be congratulated upon their fine performance. f87 CADETS J. Potter, P. Norman, B. Mason, NW. Weidner, M. Jones, M. Litvin, G. Darrah, M. Cozad, D. Stiarwalt, B. Raieh, D. Bonehante, R. Ebony, B. Anson, NX' Todd, K. Wilson, J. Parsons, M. Lindroth, D. Basham B. Roman, C. Coppock, C. House, T. Barlow, P Pierson, M. Harbae, D. Bellamy, li. Wadhams, L. Furrow, D. Peterson, Bengtson, B. Crawford, G Boyer, M. Crouse, V. Jones, H. Hassclbacher, R Olson, M. Wagher, M. Olson, D. Anderson, S. Evans, L. Rodcffer, J. Moos, H. Guenther, J. Highlander, L. Midclaugh, Fairbairn, J. Gavillet, C. Smith, If Scott, R. Still, F. McCaughey, M. Gludson, V. Eby H. Baughman, D. Robinson, J. Swanson, D. Shriber, G. Quick, R. Smith, D. Rich, J. Bowman. ISSJ VISUAL AIDS Back Row: Mr. Griffith, T. Gatlin, D. Walton, C. Danielson, K. Moran. Front Row: R. Crummer, D. Stotts, W. Jcwsbury, R. Grabill, M. Han- son, R. Woolsey. FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA Top Row: R. Upp, K. Roberson, C. Morling J. Rosine, C. Rhykerd, B. Stinson, J. Gumm E. Wadell, L. Uhlman. Third Row: L. Lentz D. Sundberg, H. Sundberg, K. Munson, L Wadhams, E. Bender. Second Row: Mr. Dunn E. Stewart, J. Mavis, E. Stewart, W. Mecum R. Rich. Front Row: R. Garrett, M. Flick- inger, E. Eckman, L. Judson, P. DiPrima, G Stewart, D. Garman, J. Haynes, R. Stotts. CLUBS MUSIC HONOR LEAGUE Third Row: R. Carlson, B. Simmen, W. Jcwsbury, B. Silverman, P. Morrison, Mr. Lantl. Second Row: H. Cabeen, R. Mead, D. Mills, A. Storey, xl. Pearson, B. W'ade, K. Bryngelson, D. Basham. First Row: I.. Albert, S. McMaster, P. Oberlander, C. Nichols, VV. Huff. P. Norman, V. De- Weese. In addition to having major activities and organi- zations, GHS has its smaller interest groups and clubs. The Cadet Club, which boasts the largest mem- bership of this group, is in charge of directing hall traffic. The movie operators, under the direction of Mr. John Griffith, form the visual aids department of the school and are in charge of operating the movie projector for classroom Hlms. The Future Farmers of America is made up of boys interested in agriculture. Mr. Ray Dunn heads this group which has accomplished many worthwhile projects during the year. The Music Honor League was formed in order to create a better understanding of music and to provide a club for all students interested in music. Another organization that has become strong the past year is the Varsity Club composed of all boys who have earned a letter sweater. "C" CLUB Top Row: D. Fuller, D. Rich, D. Asquith J. Carlton, J. McCoy, R. Marlow, R. Mat- thews. Middle Row: M. Barstow, R Sandburg, E. Boyd, B. W'atkins,- R. Dyer Front Row: G. Quick, G. Lundeen, R McClure, D. Graham, L. Hawkinson, B Loring, H. Swartout. Not in Picture: ,I Evans, B. Willianis, B. Rooney, D. Loh- mar, K. Moran, D. Garman, J. Boydstun B. johns, D. Aldus, P. DiPrima, R. Fbony xl. Mavis, J. Rosinc, B. Damberg. i891 I-ICDMECQMIIXIG tiff Big Chief and Indian Princess Homecoming at GHS this year was held on October 27-a day when return- ing grads came to visit their alma mater. The day,s activities included an assem- bly in the afternoon, the football game with Rock Island at night, and the tradi- tional Homecoming dance following the game. Steele Gym was transformed into a happy hunting ground as the GHS braves and their maidens assembled at the "Pache Pow-XVow.,' The highlight of the eve- ning was the crowning of .lim Evans and Carolyn Gerstenberger as Big Chief and Indian Princess of the affair. The Dance The Assembly The Game SCDCIALLY SPEAKING Fancy couples at the Hop Debs and dates were the com- mon thing at GHS this year, as the gals and guys went "all outn for vie dances and platter hops held in Steele Gym. Interrupted somewhat by the coal shortage, the social program was resumed again with the "dim lights-smooth Clancingn routine, and everyone having a wonderful time! QQ 41" 1 What's wrong? Punch strong? Promenadin' at the Prom 91 92 Q, NATIONAL HGNCDI? SQCIHY Anderson The Induction Service Character, leadership, service, and scholarship constitute the four-fold basis of the National Honor Society. With Miss Hazel Anderson as sponsor, the group was in charge of the service flag and servicemen's placque, in addi- tion to planning the Induction Assem- bly and the banquet in the spring. Twenty-six seniors and fourteen juniors became members of the society at the annual induction ceremony. Elected in 1944 were ten students who composed the active chapter for the school year. Officers were Lois Ann Lundeen, Bob Crawford, Dick Mawby, and Ed Wickersham as president, vice- president, secretary, and treasurer, re- spectively. One member, Jim Wilkins, is in the service. Wickersham, treasurer Mawby, secretary Luncleen, president Crawford, vice-president Brooking A , Crawford i F7 Evans V Kimpton , 4 ,V 4 - 11 Lundccn Mawby Raich Su Bullis Carlson Davi Er Herron Hcsslcr Plow Isaacson Johnston Linncr Loring Lundeen Pearson Quick Rogc -3 llivan Wickersham 3 s ickson Gerstenbcrger 'is M ard johnson x ' is ij' Micldaugh rs . Sandburg I" Spink , ' li' 52-'EQ vi Stayton Q i ' i Stephenson ' V A f if Swedlund I- 1 Walters ' Q Q W'll' ' 1 iams m k ni Vourgias A . 4 Alps Firth 5 Q Hanson " W ' Mason Mathias McCoy Nichols Pihl Potts A. Smith R. Paccy I f Smith Swigert i s 'W A Q i EU. l XM , r.i,.s lb l 93 STIQEXRKYS PLACE Steppin, into Streaky's Place i941 . . . . sometimes spelled "Streak-ease Place, with its upholstered rocking chairs and com- fortable davenports. "Streaky's Placeu was created as a result nf the need for a social room for the students of GHS. Witla the Student Council taking the lead, printed draperies, rugs, floor lamps, magazine subscriptions, and other furnishings came pouring into the prospective lounge as an all-school survey was conducted. When all the finishing touches had been applied, "Streaky's Placen was ready for exhibition, and an opening party was held. Characteristic of the life at GHS are the youthful figures mounted above the Wall- board. A trophy case is in one corner, and a glass-cased bulletin board extends the length of the side Wall board. Now, com- plete with radio, victrola, popular records, and a piano, "Streaky's Placen is ideal for group meetings, parties, or "just to come in and talkf' Free punch for all -Opening Day 1- ,R :PQ I Jittcrbuggin' on the wall -pf' X just sittin, around iff l'Czm you play Chopsticks?" 95 CUT-CUTS ry.. ,1 . 1 1 1 ,H ., : V. 4 Q 1 I ,'i1 K f,,'Y: 1 1 i F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H - g , 1 1 1 1 1 x- , ,Jn 1 ' ', -U? f E J , , 1 ,,,1 1 1,1 I 5. 1 1 1 1. - I ' 1 1 , , 1 1 -.1 1 i F ,'I 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 N 1 1 W. . N ji 1 I I 1 1 ' 1 i 1 1 1 l 1, -X. , Q 1 . T .1 5 I-CNG SENICDRS We leave our ,45 caps, "G" sweaters, and textbooks behind us. CDur lockers ckme for the last time. The sound of footsteps of the last senior echoes through Freshman Alley. A hushed silence falls over the building, as We the class of '45 go out to help build a better world, pledging that We will keep the faith that has been en- trusted to us iVVelook to the future,to accept its challenges and its hopes. l99l Cabeen, Helen Dale. 20, 62, ss, so Cave. Donald, 42 Cordell. Marilyn. 42 Abrahamson, Marilyn, 20, 82 Adams, Richard, 42 Adcock, Dale, 34 Adcock, Shirley, 20 Addis, Billy, 42, 51 Adolphson, Roseanne, 20, 84 Ahlgren, Faye, 34 Ahline, Bette, 34, 84 Aitchison, Mr. John, 13, 51 Albert, Eleanor, 34 Albert, Lois, 42, 71 Alderson, Lois, 34 Aldus, Dick, 20, SS Baars, Phyllis, 42, 86, 87 Babbitt, JoAnne, 21 Babbitt, Mary, 34 Babbitt, Shirlee, 34, 67 Bacon, Patricia, 34, 82 Baird, Helen, 42 Baker, Jim, 34, 50 Baker, Russell, 20 Bandy, hlary, 20, 66, 78. 79 Barbero, Reva, 20, 86, 87 Barlow, Teresa, 20, 88 Barnes, Bill, 34, 71, 74, 77 Barngrover, Miss Margaret, 12. 76 Barstow, David, 42, 51 Barstow, Merle. 48. 54, 56, 61, 71, 89 Basham, Dorothy, 20, 85, 88. 89 Bateman, Agatha, 21, 86. 87 Baughman, Marthaiean, 84 Baughman, Richard. 42 Beauchamp, Tulie, 34, 75, 84 Beauchamrl, Ted, 21, 81 Bednar, Mr. Charles. 13, 55 Bellamy, Charlene, 42 Bellamy, Dale, 88 Bender, Eugene, 42, 88 Bengtson, Carlee, 42, 66, 79, 90 Bengtson, Jan. 21 Benson, Arthur, 42, 50 Cabrera, Nick, 35, 73 Calderone, Bernice, 20 Cameron, Richard, 42, 51, 55 l 1 12 10 11 Carlson, 11 Carlson, 10 Carlson, 12 Carlson, 10 Carlson, 12 Carlson, Carlton, Dean, 35 Marjorie, 35, 86, 87 Mary Jo, 42, 86, 87 Norma, 21 Paul, 42, 84 Ronald, 21, 71, 74, 84, Jerrv, 35, 51, 54, 73, Carmichael. Charlotte, 35, 84 Carpenter, Dorothy, 20, 21, 74. ll ll 12 11 Carroll, 10 ll 12 Robert, 35, 65, 86, 87 Robert L., 42, 51, 55 Carroll, Carter, Stuart, 35 Cassell, Betty, 21 Jane. 42 10 Cassell, 12 Catron, Lucille, 21 89. 93 89 79 Dail, Shirley, 42 Dalton, Joan, 42 Damberg, Robert, 35, 66, 73, 84, 85 Damberg, Mr. Roy, 15, 75 Danielson. Charles, 23, 30, 88 Darrah, Gerry, 23. 88 Davidson, Joan, 22, 67, 72, 79 Davis, Ann, 42 Davis, Helen, 35 Davis, Juanita, 42 Davis, VVinona, 19, 22, 71, 93 Dean, Shirley. 35. 71 Deets, Donald. 22, 54 DeSpain, Shirley. 35 Eastman, Ben, 22, 30 Ebony. Ralph, 58 Eby, Vada. 35, 88 Eckman, Edward, 88 Edmonds, Robert, 42, 84, 85 Edmunds, Dorothy, 42 Edwardson, Clara, 35, 75, 77 Egan, Mr. Robert, 10 fiooj INDEX A Aldus, Peggy, 34 Alexander, Eileen, 20 Allen, Dorothy E., 42, 86, 87 Allen, Dorothy M., 42 Allen, Louis, 42 Allison, Frank, 34, 64 Allison, Shirley, 34 Alps, Marilyn, 34, 86, 87, 93 Alstedt, Maxine. 21 Amen, Larry, 42 Anderson, Dean, 42, 51, 73. 84 Anderson, Miss Hazel, 14, 82, 92 B Berg, Gloria, 34, 75 Bergwall. Edward. 42, 84 Berry, YVilma, 42 Beserra, Mary Louise, 42 Biddle, Mrs. Vera, 12 Bielema, Patricia, 42 Billups. Delores. 34 Bird. Bernice, 42. 67 Black, Jeanne, 34, 66 Blair, Carlene. 42 Blanshan. Barbara, 42, 86, 87 Bodeen, Ruth, 42 Bogard, Clarence, 42, 51 Bogard, Phyllis, 42 Bogren, Oliver, 42, 84 Bonehante, Dolores. 42, 88 Bond, Mrs. Ruth, 13 Boone, Rosemae, 21 Bowden, Gloria. 42, 72 Bowman, Tim, 77, 84 Bowman, Marjorie, 34 Boyd. Earl. 21, 50, 54. 56, 89 Boydstun, John. 20. 59 Boyer, Gloria, 34, 79, 88 Boyer, Mary, 34 Boyer, Richard. 42 Boynton, Donald, 42, 51 C Chamness, Jo Ann, 42, 79 Chandler. Mrs. R. A.. 10 Chapin, Ramona, 42, 67 Chaoman, Bob. 35, 71, 73 Christensen, Veda, 41 Christofferson, Alice. 22 Christy. Wayne, 42. 73 Clark, Betty Lou, 42 Clark, Beverly June. 42 Clark, Errolene. 22. 74 Clary, Aldis, 42, 50, 55 Clary, John, 42 Conley, James, 22 Cooley, Mariorie, 22 Cooley, Shirley, 42, 72 Coons, Velma, 86. 87 Cooper. Francis, 35, 84 Coppock, Clark, 35, 86, 87, 88 D Devlin, Lee. 22 DeXVec-se, Velma, 22, 76, 84, 85, 86, 87. 89 DeVVitt, Lloyd, 42 Dickerson, Johann, 42 Dickinson, Barbara, 35, 42, 72. 79 Dickinson, Kenneth. 35 DiPrima, Phillin, 42. Sl, 58, S8 Domdey, Dwayne. 23 Domdev, Mariorie, 42, 67 Donaldson, Mr. Leroy, 13, 76 Doran, Marv Margaret, 42, 66, 79 Dowd, William. 42 Doyle, Mary, 42 E Ehlen, Robert, 22 Ehlen, VVilliam, 22 Elliott. Emily, 42. 82 Elphick, Edith, 35 Endter, Dale, 35, 77 England, Harley, 22 Englund, Thelma, 35, 75 Anderson, ack, 42 Anderson, im, 84 Anderson, orraine, 21 Anderson, Miss Rachel, 15 Anderson, Wilma, 42 Angell, Ramona, 34 Anson, Barbara, 34. 88 Applebey, Frances, 21, 75 Arie, Blanche, 42 Arie, Nellie, 21 Arnold, Mr. Don, 14 Asquith, Dick, 34, 50, 60, 71, 89 Boynton, Dorothy, 42, 84 Boynton, Jerry, 42, 55, 71 Bradbury. Frances. 20, 62 Bradley, Jeanne, 20 Brand, Jaylene, 34, 82, 86, 87 Bray, Delsenia, 20, 86, 87 Breck, Eleanor, 34 Breckenridge, Mattie Belle, 34 Brehm, Earl, 34 Brent, Dorothy, 20. 72 Brissey, Bonnie, 34 Britton, Maxine, 35, 86, 87 Brock. Gale, 21, 84 Brooking. Jack, 18, 20, 22, 70, 78, 79, 81, 92. 93 Brooking, Mr. Thomas, 14 Brumfield. Harold, 21, 86, 87 Bryant, Beverlee, 42 Brvngelson, Kate, 19, 21, 28, 62, 77 84, 89 Bullis, Barbara. 19, 21, 72, 79, 93 Burford, Marjorie, 20, 72 Burgess, Willard, 35. S4 Burkhalter. Joan. 35 Burnette, Gene, 20 Burnside. Terry, 20, 50 Byerly, Betty, 42 Courtright. Gene, 58, 73 Cowan, James, 22. 51 Cox, Mr. John, 10 Cozad, Dorothy, 23 Cozad, Mary. 42, 88 Coziahr. Doris. 23, 86, 87 Crain. Joyce, 35 Crawford, Robert, 18, 23, 71, 79, 80 92, 93 Crouse, Lorraine, 42, 67 Crouse, Marcella, 35, 88 Crummer. Rowland, 35, 88 Cullura, Rosie. 35 Cunningham, Gene, 35, 72, 75, 84 Cunningham, Virginia. 42 Currey, Colleen, 35 Cushman, Rodney, 42 Dredge, YVilliam, 42. 50, 55 Droke, Gwendola. 42 Dudman. Mary Catherine, 42, 82 Dugan. VVavne. 23 Duncan. LeNora June. 42 Dunn. Mr. Ray, 13, 89 Dunay, Pauline. 23 Dutton, Barbara. 23, 82 Duvall, Phillip. 51 Duvall, Shirley, 23 Dwyer, Carlyene. 42. 66. 90 Dyer, Ronald, 22, 48. 89 Dyer, Shirley, 42, 82 Englund, VVilma. 35, 74 Erickson, Joan, 23 Erickson. John, 23, 84, 93 Erwin, Pauline, 36 Evans. Jim, 18, 23, 48, 52, 56, 61, 71 90, 92. 93 Evans, Shirley, 36, 88 Fairbairn, James, 36, 74, 88 Fauset, Charles, 23, 79, 80, 84 Fauset, gghn, 42, 84 Fields. ary, 42 Felt, Jim, 42, 84 F Flickinger, Marvin, 42, 88 Fogarty, Patricia, 42, 67, 82 Formhals, Charles, 23 Forsythe, Don, 36 Foster, Richard, 42, 73 Firth, Frances Alice, 36, 66, 71, 79, 80, 85, 93 Fleharty, Bill, 42 Fleisher, Homer, 42, 51, 55, 93 Gabrielson, Shirley, 23 Gale, Mrs. Irma, 13 Fox, Norma, 36 Frambes, Phyllis, 42 Frambes, Shirley, 22 Franklin, Marcia, 22 G Gladson, Marilyn, 36 Glass, Lillian, 24, 71 Galyean, Royland, 36 Gardner, Mary, 36, 84 Garman, Dale, 23, 58, 88 Garman, Doris, 23, 62, 63 Garner, Emil, 43 Garrett, Ralph, 43, 58, 88 Garrett, Ruth, 44 Garst, Mr. Harry, 12 Gatlin, Ted, 23, 64, 88 Gerstenburger, Carolyn, 18, 24, 71, 72, 77, 79, 90, 93 Gibbs, Charlotte, 43, 72 Gilbert, June, 43, 85 Haggenjos, Miss Carolyn, 15 Hall, Mary. 26 Hallberg, Howard, 43, 84 Hallstrom, Elizabeth Ann, 36 Hamilton, Carl, 24 Hammond, Velma, 24 Hand, Barbara, 43 Hanlon, Miss Dorothy, 13, 75 Hanna, James, 43 Hannegan, Betty, 43, 71 Hanson, Betty, 36, 74, 93 Hanson, Dale, 43, 86, 87 Hanson, Lois Mae, 24 Hanson, Melvin, 24, 54, 88 Hanson, VVillard, 43 Harbac, Maxine, 36, 88 Harden, Mr. E. L., 4, 5, 92 Harkstrom, Jean Shirley, 43 Harris, Theda, 43 Harshbarger, Mr. Royal, 14 Harshbarger, William, 43, 58 Godsil, No'rma, 36 Goff, Josephine, 43 Gonzales, Vita, 36 Goodwin, Mr. VVilliam, 14 Gould. Dean, 43 Grabill, Paul, 24, 30, 64 Grabill, Roy, 43, 88 Graflund, Dick, 43 Graham, Delbert, 24, 50, 52. 56, 61, 89 Gray, Dick, 24, 34, 60, 82 Green, Don, 36, 84 Greenwell, Lois, 25, 26, 86, 87 Gregory, Joe, 25 H Hawkins, Velma, 36 Hawkinson, Lloyd, 36, 48, 53, 56, 61, 71, 73, 89, 93 Hayes, Earle, 54, 65 Hayes, Phil, 25 Haynes, Alice, 36 Haynes, gim, 88 Haynes, hirley, 25. 86, 87 Healy, Betty, 43, 67, 84 Heavilen, S irley, 36 Helms, Samalee, 36 Hendricks, Raymond, 43, 55 Henderson, Betty Jane, 43, 82 Herbst, Mr. Milton, 13 Herrin, Dorothy, 24 Herron, Eldon, 19, 22, 24, 70, 82, 93 Herron, Gene, 43 Hessler, Barbara, 19, 24, 28, 72, 77, 82, 93 Heston, Darlene, 36 Hevland, Marjorie, 24, 62 Hart, Don, 43, 51, 86 Harvey, Janet, 25, 72 Haskins, E'arl, 36 Haskins, Shirley, 43, 84, 85, 86, Hasselbacker, Helen, 25 Hatch, Harry, 25 Hawkins, Mrs. Florence, 15 Imel, Henry, 43, 86, 87 Ingraham, Nora, 43 Jackson, Betty, 43, 82 Jackson, Betty Jean, 43 acobs, Beverly, 43, 72 acobs, Shirley, 43 Jacobson, Phyllis, 37 enks, Shirley, 43, 81, 84 ewsbury, YVilliam, 19, 24, 84, 85, 88, 89 Jiles, Claster, 43 Johns, Bob, 50, 52, 57 ohns, Margaret, 24 ohnson, Alice, 37, 75 ohnson, Anna Sophia, l9,24,75,8 ohnson, Beverly, 37 Kainu, Miss Myrtle, 12 Keene, Kenneth, 43 Kelly, Jeanne. 19, 25, 76, 79 Kelso, Catherine, 37 Kemmer, Mildred, 26, 82 Kenan, VVilliam, 43 Lamb, Miss Flora, 15 Lambie, Marilyn, 27, 62 Lancey, Betty Jo, 43 Landon, Mr. Roy, 15 Lanstrum, Jean, 43, 79 Lantz, Mr. Edwin, 13. 84, 89 Larsen, Barbara, 43, 71 Larsen, Mary, 27 Larsen, Miriam, 37, 72 Larson, Dorothy, 43 Larson, Harold, 27 Larson, Janet, 27, 71, 79 Larson, Joyce, 43, 86, 87 Larson, Richard, 44 Lasser, Marilyn, 43 87 5,93 Hickle, Marilyn, 36 Hickman, Jack, 43 Heiks, David, 43, 51 Higareda, Sophia, 36 Higgins, Marjorie, 36 Highlander, Jim, 36. 50, 60, 73, 88 Hiler, Miss Grace, 15 I Irvine, Miss Ellen, 13 I Johnson Chloetta, 43 ohnson, Larry, 25, 73 ohnson, Lawrence, 37, 50, 73 Johnson, Lester, 43 Johnson, Lois, '43 ,ohnson Lorraine, 36, 84 Johnson, Marilyn, 43, 79, 81, 82 Johnson, Mary Lee, 37 ohnson, Max, 37 ohnson, Mildred, 43 ohnson, Miss Mina, 12 Johnson, Quentin, 43, 73 Johnson, Richard, 37 Johnson, Robert, 43 K Kenny, Richard, 26 Keve, XVilliam, 37 Kidder. Lois, Z6 Killingsworth, Marv Anna,37,62,8 Kimmitt, Robert, 37 Kimpton, Dale, 26, 84, 92, 93 L Lauerman, Barbara, 37, 72, 77 Lavely, Evelyn, 20, 27 Leahy, James, 43, 86, 87 Lee, Dwight, 26 Lee, Virginia, 43 LeGrand, Donald, 37 Lentz, Lawrence. 24, 26, 88 6,87 Franseen, Cecil, 22, 86, 87 Freeman, Miss Irene, 12, 78, 81 Frymire, Lewis, 36, 86, 87 Fuller, Dean, 18, 22, 50, 73, 89 Fuller, Joanne, 43 Fuller, Marvin, 22, 73 Furrow, Lee, 36, 84, 88 Furry, Steve, 23, 64, 65, 73 Griffea, Mabel, 36 Griffith, Earl, 58 Griffith, Mr. John, 13, 88 Griflith, Lawrence, 25 Grogan, Jim, 43, 51, 73 Guenther, Dorothy, 43 Guenther, Helen, 25, 62, 88 Guenther, Richard, 43 Gullstrand, Lois, 43 Gumm, Jack, 25, 54, 88 Gustafson, Bill, 24 Gustafson, Robert, .43 Gustafson, Mrs. Shirley, 15 Gutierre, Mary L., 43 Hill, Barbara, 24 Hill, Blanche, 43 Hillier, Don, 43 Hillier, Velma, 37 Hilligoss. Verna, 43 Hilton, Frank, 25 Hjerpe, Joan,.43, 79 Hocratfere, Virgil, 43 Holcomb, Frances, 43, 79 Holden, Buddy, 43 Hallowell, Leroy, 43 Holman, Betty, 43 Holmes, Donna, 37, 67 Holst, Marilyn, 25 Hoopes,NJim, 43, 51, 55, 71, 93 Hoots, arilyn, 43 Hough, Ethel, 25, 79 House, Charles, 25. 32, 79, 80, 86, 87, 88 House, Sally, 35, 86, 87 Howard, Elsie, 19, 20, 25, 84, 93 Hoy, Frances, 37 Hoyt, Donna, 86, 87 Huff, Wanda, 36, 85, 89 Hunnicutt, Barbara, 43 Hunnicutt, Jean, 24, 72 Hunter, Dean, 43, 55, 73 Isaacson, Mary, 18, 24, 72, 77, 79, 81, 82, 93 Johnson, Shirley, 25, 86, 87 Johnson, Shirley Ellen, 43 Johnson, Shirley June, 43, 72, 79 Johnson, Wayne, 25 Johnston, Jerry, 19, 22, 25, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82,93 Jones, Miss Alice, ll, 70, 72 Jones, Lillian, 43 Jones, Marilyn, 37, 88 Jones, Monte, 37 ones, Virginia, 37, 77, 88 ordon, Loretta, 43. 67 udson, Louis, 43, 88 Kinkade. Judy, 26, Kline, Charles, 80, 81 Kling, Joan, 43 Leonard, Leo, 37 Lersch, Don, 37, 77, 79, 84 Levinson, Phyllis, 37. 86, 87 Lewis, Beverly, 43, 84 Lewis, Dorothy. 43, 84 Lietsch, Bill, 43, 65, 85 Lind. Annabella, 43 Lindberg, Bonnie, 43, 51, 55 Koons, Robert, 37 Kost, Mary Ann, 43, 79 Lindberg, Juanita, 37. 72 Lindberg, Paul, 43, 86, 87 Lindberg, Ted, 26 Lindroth, Mildred, 37, 85 Lindsey, Mr. R. V., 10 Ling, Helen, 44 Linner, Robert, l9,26,73,75,86,87,93 Litchfield, Delbert, 26 Litchfield, Royal, 27 Lithander, Dale, 27 Litvin, Martin, 27, 80, 82, 88 Lohmar, Don, 27, 48 Lohmer, Gretchen, 37 Loring, Bill, 18, 27, 50, 54, 61, 73, 89, 93 fioij 10 Loring, 12 Lovell, 11 l 10 Clifford, 44, 66, 84, 90 Charles, 26 ,ovitt, Louie, 38 Lucas, Martha, 44, 72, 79, 84 Lucas, Mr. R. D., 10 10 Luna, Antonie, 44 McCall, Dorothy, 44 McCants, Ted, 44, 51 hy, Fred, 38 McCaughey, Frances, 38, 74, 88 10 10 11 McCart ll 12 McClure, Raymond, 18, 61, 65, 71, 73, 89 27, 52, 56, Magnuson, gean, 27, 86, 87 Marks, Jac , 44, 84 Marlow, Robert, 27, 48, Marquis, Robert, 44, 73, Marshall, Richard, 38 Martin, Miss Alice, 14 Martin, ack, 44 Martin, ohn, 26 Mason, Beverly, 38, 72, 74, 88. 93 Mathias, Verna, 38, 86, 87, 93 Matthews, Nadean, 38, 79 Matthews, Roy, 26, 89 Matthews, Russell, 44 Mavis, Jack, 58, 88 Mawby, Richard, 19, 26, 79, 80, 81, 84, 92, 93 May, Pans , 38 Mead, Barliara, 44 Mead, Rose Ann, 44, 85, 89 Mecum, William, 44, 88 89 84 Lundeen, Donald, 44 Lundeen, George, 26, 50, 54, 56, 61, 73, 89, 93 Lundeen, Kenneth, 44, 51, 55, 71, 84, 85, 86, 87,93 Mc McClurg. Howard, 44, 51 McCoy, Jerry, 38, 48, 53, 56, 73, 89, 93 McCulloch, Ruth, 44 McCutcheon, Richard, 44 McHugh, Shirley, 44 M Metcalf, llarilyn, 44, 79 Michael, James, 26, 30 Middaugh, Edwin, 44, 51 Middaugh, oan, 18, 26, 28, 72, 82, 93 Middaugh, orraine, 38, 88 rl Marian, 44 Miles, Miles, Normalee, 27, 84 Miller, Jack, 44 Miller, John, 27 Miller, Mac, 44 Miller, Patty, 44 Miller, Sally, 86, 87 Mills, Darlene, 44, 85, 89 Mills, Jack, 38, 50 Mills, Margery, 38, 72, 84 Mills, Robert, 38 Mills Shirley, 44, 79 Milrdy, Helen, 44, 72 Milroy, Peggy, 27 Lundcen, Lois Ann, 18, 22, 26, 71, 76, 78, 92, 93 Lundeen, Phyllis, 26, 54 Luttrell, Joyce, 44 Luttrell, Kathlyn, 44 Luvall, Mildred, 26, 86, 87 McLeish, John, 44 McLennan, Janet, 44, 79 McMaster, Stella, 27, 79, 86, 87, 89 McNaught, June, 44 Mobcrg, Marion, 38 Modglin, Rose Marie, -14 Moos, Jackie, 42, 88 Moran, Kenneth, 38, 50, 58, 88 Morgan, Nancy, 38, 74 Morgan, Patricia Lee, 44 Morling, Curtis, 38, 88 Morrow, Esther, 27 Morrison, Paul, 44, 85, 86, 87, 89 Moulton, Ray, 38 Mummey, Marilyn, 38 Munn, Miss Marian, 12, 62 Munson, Charles, 44 Munson, Kenneth, 44, 58, 88 Munsen. Norma, 44 Munson, Norma Jean, 27 Mureen, Mr. E'. VV., 10 Murray, Doris Ann, 44 Muschler, Alice, 38, 82 10 Medina, Tillie, 44 Nape, ohn, 28 Nash, Lois, 38, 84 Nelson, Nelson, Beth, 28 Charlotte, 28 Dolores, 44 Nelson, Florence, 28 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, James, 44 Jo Anne, 28 Kathleen, 44, 74, 79, 82 Milward, Norma Jean, 38, 84 N Nelson, Marilyn, 29, 34, 80, 81, 82 Nelson, Mary, 29, 86, 87 Nelson, Mary Louise, 29 Nelson, Richard Lee, 44 Newberg, Catherine, 82 Newberg, Shirley. 38, 84 Newboe, Inger, 44 Newboe, Lou, 44 Newcomer, Joe, 38 12 11 12 12 10 Nelson, 12 10 12 10 10 Nelson, Keith, 44, 73 Oakes, Kathryn, 44 Oberlander, Patricia, 44, 79, 89 O'Conner, Mrs. Louise, 10 Ogdon, Edward, 44, 82 Olson, Betty, 44 Olson, Miss Helen, 14 Pacey, Joan, 39, 72, 79, 86, 87,93 Padilla, Manuel, 44, 73 Page, Barbara, 44, 84 Pahlow, Georgia, 39, 62 Pahlow, Ronald, 39 Palmer, Meredith, 44 Palmeter, Margaret. 44 Parke, Elizabeth, 29 Parker, Naomi, 44 Parrish, Mary Lou, 29 Parsons, Joan, 29, 88 Pascoe, Phvllis, 44 Patterson, La VVanda, 44, 72, 82 Peabody, Claire, 44 Pearson, Don, 18, 29, 64, 70, 73, 84, 93 Quick, Gerald, 19, 29, 50, 54, 71, 88, 89, 93 Rabenau, Clarence, 39, 85 Ragan, Rex, 44, 55, 86, 87 Raich, WVilliam, 29, 92, 93 Ramirez, Teresa, 44 Reed, Kenneth, 39 Revelez, Irene, 29 Revelez, Michael, 44 Reynolds, Ruth, 44 Rezner, Richard, 29 Rhykerd, Charles, 44, 88 Rhykerd, Clarke, 28 Rhykerd, Nola, 39 Rich, Dean, 39, 59, 89 Salyers, Miss Harryette, 12, 62 Sand. Keith, 29, 84 Sandberg, Duane, 29, 64 Sandberg, Pauline, 45 Sandborg, Robert, 39, 59, 84, 93 Sandburg, Robert, 29, 54, 61, 89 Sargent, Don, 39 Saunders, Shirley, 39 fiozj Nichols, Carlene, 38, 71, 86, 87, 89, 93 O Olson, Marilyn, 28 Olson, Marilyn Jean, 28, 82 Olson, Max, 44, 88 Olson, Patricia, 38 Olson, Ronald, 44, 71, 84 P Pearson, Jeannette, 44, 85, 89 Pearson, Violet, 39 Pedigo, Louise, 44 Perschnick, Katherine. 39 Peterson, Doris, 39, 62 Peterson, Genevieve, 39 Peterson, Miss Irene, 15 Peterson, Richard, 44 Peterson, Rosemary, 39 Peyron, Wilma. 29 Phillips, Mr. Gerald, 14, 52 Pico, Bill, 59 Pierson, Paul. 39 Pihl, Nancy, 39, 79, 93 Q Quigley, Bm, 39, ss, 75, 78 R Rich, Ralph, 44, 88 Riley, Dale, 28, 80, 84 Rippel, Betty, 28, 62 Roberts, Vcrnice, 44 Roberson, Kenneth, 88 Robertson, Miss Lucille, 14 Robinson, Dean. 44 Robinson, Donald, 39 Rodeffer, Lola lleth, 39, 88 Rodenhouser, Don, 44, 85 Rogers, Ethel, 18, 20, 24, 28, 75, 93 Rogers, Lillian, 44 Roman, Robert, 39, 88 S Savidge, gack, 45 Savidge, hirley, 45, 71 Saxer, Shirley Mae. 45 Schafer, Bob, 45, 55, 73 Schlof, Barbara, 45 Scott, Edith, 39, 88 Scott, Jacquelyn, 40 Scott, Miriam, 30 Myers, Delores, 44, 71 Nichas, Christo, 44 Nordhielm. Bert, 38, 73 Norman, David, 29 Norman, Patricia, 38, 72, 77, 88, 89 Norquist, Virginia, 29 Norris, Betty, 28 Norris, Donna, 44, 67 Northey, Carol, 44 Norton, Richard, 44 Nystrom, Phyllis, 44, 86, 87 Orwig, Margaret, 38, 84 Osberg, Mrs. Valora, 13 Osborn, Lloyd, 28 Osborn, Wendell, 38, 86, 87 Otten, Claudia, 39 Overdorf, Lee, 28, 86, 87 Pilcher, Jean. 28 Pilger, Mrs. Wilma, 12 Pippitt, Dorothy, 28, 67 Pittman, Beverlee, 28, 82 Pittman, Donald, 44 Poole, Betty. 44 Potter, Charles, 26, 28, 64, 86, 87 Potter, Jack, 44, 88 Potts, Richard, 39. 71, 84. Powell, Beverly, 28, 66, 67, , 85 Powers, Betty, 29 Pratt, Vernis, 77 Price, Betty, 44 Puckett, Ruth, 39 93 84 Quinlan, Bill, 39 Rooney, Bob, 39 Rose, Robert, 44 Rosine, Barbara, 28, 86, 87 Rosine, George, 44, 51, 55 Rosine, James, 29, 58, 73, 88 Ross, Colleen. 44 Rowe, Bill, 44 Rowen, Beverly, 39 Rouland, John, 44 Rupert, Gene, 29, 84 Rutledge, Robert, 45. 58 Ryberg, Shirley, 39, 77, 86, 87 Ryin, Miss Sylvia, 12 Seaburg, Joan, 30, 84 Secrest, Mr. V. E., 10 Seibert, Robert, 45, 66, 86, 87 Seifert, Bob, 44 Serdahl, Bill, 45, 50, 51, 55 Sereno, Ellen, 40 Shaner, Henry, 30 Sharp, Jane, 30 Sharp, Vera, 45 Shaw, Eleanor, 45 Shaw, Thelma, 40 Sheldon, Donald, 45 Sherrill, Gertrude, 45, 79 Sherwood, Dorothy, 45 Shiner, Nadene, 30 Shirck, George, 19, 31, 48 Shirck, Gretchen. 45, 86, 87 Short, Robert, 45 Showers, Patricia, 45, 79 Shriber, Donna, 45, 88 Silverman, Bob, 40, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89 Simmen, Robert, 26, 31, 84, 85, 89 Simpson, Mr. Lloyd, 15 Skinner, Mildred, 40 Slead, Joan, 40, 84, 85 Smead, Barbara, 86, 87 Smith, Anne, 40, 70, 75, 78, 93 Sm,th, Charles, 45, 58 Smith, Cherie, 40, 86, 87 Smith, Donald, 45 Smith, Jack, 50, 73 Smith, ,uanita, 40, 84, 85 Smith, Louis, 45 Snyder, Marvin, 45 Sparling, Ralph, 40, 84 Spencer, Dorislee, 45 Sperry, Margaret, 30, 34 Spiker, James, 30 Spink, Peter, 30, 93 Stanbary, Gloria, 30, 67, 85 Stanforth, Don, 30, 48 Starr, Marjorie, 45, 72, 85 Starr, Ronald, 31 Starr, Shirley, 40 Stayton, Sue, 19, 31, 72, 93 Stebbins, Loane, 85 Stegall, Bill, 31, 86, 87 Stegall, Shirley, 45 Stephenson, William, 31, 75, 93 Stevens, Don, 45 Stevens, Frank, 31 Stewart, Edward, 30, 88 Stewart, Everett, 30, 58, 85, 88 Stewart, Gene, 58, 88 Stewart, Inez, 30 Stewart, Jim, 45 Stewart, Lucille, 30 Stiarwalt, Bob, 45 Stinson, NVilliam, 31 Stites, Barbara, 31, 67 Storey, Anita, 45, 85, 89 Storm, Mickey, 45 Stotts, Richard, 40, 51, 88 Stouffer, Peggy, 45, 77, 78, 80 Strader, Dick, 40 Stromgren, Margaret, 31 Stroo s, Carl, 40 Strublye, Phil, 31, 73 Sturgeon, Dick, 44 Suitts, Ann, 40, 63 Sullivan, Robert, 18, 31, 74, 92, 93 Sundberg, Dale, 40, 88 Sundberg, Howard, 18, 24, 30, 88 Sutor, John, 40, 58, 84 Suydam, Louise, 40 Swank, Marie, 45 Swanson, Mr. Martin, 14 Swanson, Beverly, 45 Swanson, Courtney, 45, 85 Swanson, Don, 40, 75, 79 Swanson, James, 40, 71, 88 Swanson, Marjorie, 30 Swartout, Harlow, 18, 30, 48, 58, 89, Norma, 31 Smith, Paul, 31, 34, 82 Smith, Ralph, 40, 80, 88, 93 Snell, Patsy, 31 Snyder, Talbert, Mr. Frank, 11, 70, 73 Herman, 40 Taylor, Ansel, 73 Taylor, Betty, 30 Taylor, Joan, 45 Taylor, Norma, 45 Taylor, VVanda, 45, 79 Templeton, George, 31 Teske, Charles, 45 Theobald, Robert, 45 Theobald, Rose Mary, 45 Thierry, VVilliard, 40 Uhlman, Leon, 41, 88 Vallero, Albert, 45, 51 Van Dyke, Mr. Clifford, 14, 50 Van Dyke, Clifford, 45, 51, 73 Van Winkle, Marjorie, 45 Van YVinkle, Viola, 32 NVaile, Barbara, 32, 62, 77, 84, 85, 89 VVade, VVallace, 41 XVadell, Ernest, 45, 88 NVadhams, Ellen, 33 Wadhams, LaVerne, 41, 88 Stiarwalt, Dan, 45 Stickle, Miss Ruth, 14 Still, Roger, 54, 73 Stinson, Betty, 45 Stinson, Robert, 30, 48, 88 T Thoman, Yvonne, 31, 76 Thomas, Fsancis, 45 Thompson, Carolyn, 40, Thompson, Lim, 40 Thompson, Iary, 45, 72 Thompson. Pat, 40 72, 86, 87 Thorpe, Robert, 45, 51, 86, 87 Tilton, Barbara, 40 Todd, W lla, 31 Tonkin, Audrey, 41 Tourtellott, Evelyn, 41 U Upp, Richard, 40, 84, 88 V Swartout, Lois, 45, 84 Swedlund, Kent, 30, 93 Swigart, Gordon, 45 Swigert, Barbara, 40, 71, 86, 87, 93 Townsley, Albert, 45 Tracy, Shirley, 41, 62, 84 Tribler, Jean, 45 Tribler, LaJune, 31 Triplett, Joe, 31 Tropino, Fannie, 45 Tropino, Sam, 32 Turner, Robert, 45, 50, 55, 84 Turney, Mary, 45 Tyler, Mary, 45 Varner, NVi1liam, 86, 87 Veal, Liester, 45 Venlund, Marian, 41 Victor, Richard, 40 Visney, Elizabeth, 45 XV XVeidner, YVillard, 33 VVeir, Margaret, 41, 86, 87 Weir, Shirley, 41 Welford, Peggy, 45, 85 Wenstrom, Ruth, 33 Vitali, Marjorie, 32, 71 Van Drake, Joan, 45 Vogt, Lyndal, 41 Vourgias, Angeline, 18, 32, 62,93 Williams, Carol, 45, 86, 87 Williams, Robert, 45 Williamson, Betty, 33 Williamson, Jean, 41, 67 Wilscam, Roderick, 33 Wagher, Blenda, 41, 67, 85 Wagher, Elaine, 33 Wagher, Howard, 33 Wagher, Marcella, 41, 84 XValker, Gloria, 33 NVallace, Kenneth, 41, 84 VValsh, Jackie, 45, 71, 86, 87 YValsl-te, Nvalter, Maxine, 32 Elizabeth, 32 NValters, Iris, 41, 85 NValters, Joan, 19, 32, 75, 84, 93 XValton, Richard, 41, 88 YVard, Vilma, 32, 63 1Varren, Zella, 41 NVatkins, Bruce, 32, 48, 53, 89 1Vay, Billy, 45 VVebb, Leroy, 45 XVebb, Ruth, 41 XYebber, Lee, 45, 51 NVebster, Irene, 41, 76 NVQ-dell, Ernest, 45 Ynuum, Delbert, 32 Young, Joyce, 41 Zefo, Bob, 45, 51 West, Mary, 45, 75, 82 West, Mary Lou, 33, 82 NVeinberg, John, 45 NVesterdale, Kenneth, 41 NVestfall, Russell, 33 Whitcomb, Mr. Howard, 12 Whitcomb, Jeannine, 41, 79, 85, 86, 87 White, Catherine, 45, 72 NVhite. Gertrude, 45, 84, 85 NVhite, Helen, 45 White, Miss Velma, 12 Whiteside, Marilyn, 32 Wickersham, Edward, 19, 32,80,92,93 Wilson Betty, 41, 84 Wilson, Charlotte, 45, 82 Wilson, Juanita, 41, 72 Wilson, Kenneth, 41, 88 Wilson, Martha, 45 Wilson, Nancy, 45 Wilson, Renamae, 33 VVilson, Stanton, 45 XVilson, Wayne, 45, 82, 85 NVilson, YVynette, 41, 67 Wischhusen, Arthur, 33 Witten, Virginia, 32 Woll, Mable, 41 Wilds, Jack, 32 Wilderson, Lois, 41, 84 Wilkins, Don, 41 Vililkins, Lois, 45 1Vilkins, Mary Alice, 32, 71, 85 XVilkinson, Pat, 45, 50, 55, 73 XVilliams, Hob, 32, 48, 53, 56, 73, 93 Y Young, Kenneth, 32 Youngblood, Miss Alta, 15 Z Zeldes, Jack, 45, 74, 78, 93 Wooldridge, Evelyn, 45 Woolsey, Ronald, 45, 88 Worden, Edward, 32 Worden, James, 32 Workman, Shirley, 41 NVright, Gerald, 45 XVright, 1Vayne, 45 Youngquist, Barbara, 33 Zink, Roger, 33 71031 , g. I L . . Q . .

Suggestions in the Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) collection:

Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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