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Galesburg High School - Reflector Yearbook (Galesburg, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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4131, w N-QA". --Q ,:. , , -2 .W . ., -4- W'-.-. ' Q in-wCww.f3 , vc. - -' V V' H - ' v- - ."f:' ' ij . ' . , . -, , , ,, -. H., .a, 1-.. ., ... -- A' ,K .W ., -1 1.1-1' "., . 1, ' 4. A' ' 1 W, V - -K, ,- hh , ,Q ,- 5, ,K . ,vnufc V Admba 3'-1,,,d5,V,'A,-V , ,, . ,M , 1. ,,?.-if .Lfg-f.--w -,:,,,..,.1g,,,r -, wg-.--A 'gt-Jiiaqfzgfw -3,,,,,,. '.ujg'3,.,,, f,....w,w:.-e5.f.,,4.gs1.,f. - V ' ,- .,, 4- '- ,N L 1, W t. , , xgL, L,' ,fn 44, ., Wim, :,'.Q-pL1.,f4.q1 tl 'YA-'fi-,'P1 ,:v:'Tv' :lf :6Y2f.:'m? 4.5-4: f.-y, f:l,,V v Q 1 9 ? T' ,- ' 4 ' ' P7 ww 5.-,,.sy,f , '14-Hrs"-. ,. -W 'vw efvpim-1' W ' f ...r X 4- --ff. :W ,, 4 , . ,V V-If,-. h .,,.-.V .- ,,,, 1 , ,,,,. -uf ,,, .X W . - , 3 .I .. -V M Q .Aw J 1 ' I., , , ,,,, ' N- -, f . , ,, . V .....j- c . .Ik , M - ...-. , -- ' ' . X ffyg. . K ..-nk.. 1 W .xvA- -..Qt---.""'A.,. - - -iga-3-r:v'14'-..-1'.- ,A . ,U...'..-5, 11,4 I . - , -,qppsbnfwanypggfr . ',, M., N.,-,. f 1 fy ,,f.uM-gebecm . :V ,lla ,xQ,,L,,.:..5v, ,x..-- zfqagrqiuvhvv, ..,.w-flmivis-weak 1 1-Q .-.,,.,.-....,. .,M,,,1yf-,. ,fy Vw :pau ,,..,4,..a ' . 5 -.v ,, . 4-1 R- V 4,-Q.. ,.h-, ,JQ A W, , . 4 ,. X fu 1 .. - ' a ' 1 f . V A: ' ,X ' ',:wg.,-.- V .v-1-,V fn ,.':' v-,f-in +1 .-0. A. 1 -,liz , ' f 1,-4,',,:4. 5 ,.. .. 41... , r L .gps -5-,..s,.,'-. If -, 14 -,Z A ,inggi-A ,. F- H nwl.. - -.., -,4 .mf ng., 4 ' '- ,H ,w f -, ., ..,, Y? 4... , f., 3,..vS-in .I L 1 -1, Assisi, - V - ,. wifi? sw"-11 f g,,.:::,fa,,1 M,-1 , : .-, an- NAM., Nw., A iffy- ---f . ,M 3' HA, . wr, , xl. .h , M M ,LV -z L , . dx , , , , L- A- Y .. A- , M- ,g k,-Wm.. :.vvf.,,7L ,,,l,5,- , N, 5Mk-7- .. "f "gpg" ' Q, N ' ' --fa m ? Z W ' A+'-" W 5-q:41?iv:v.'4Ws " fir, 'z51t,-wznfviaq 'yiiuff.f.,.vlf-fbwafffxis, 'mn 1 '-1,-szg 26,z,. u39r.9-hly fgi ' "" ' 9'3" -A il ' 'rc vw-.2 vip -5 e- . -. -' V'-. s. un.-.-al'..g5,, L, ,L.5.,5,,,.f,,,QNaf:,-.,- 4 ,. AQ,-jf ,.,,-,:N,,,g,-,,,.31,4,",3,Aq,5,l4,pTpv,f,aq55gi..9?-.:r1,:-.,qua: .g 51l?fv'f. ' "' -, - N - --wg Y , .4 .4 '-f,.:55'53,j.f-,df vp .gm-na , 'X ,-- , , , . .- , .,,,, xr -f..,.,f'g:,..Ji,,y,-.,',,,-,1,a,.-.'4 Q.,.:f..',g-'.fh-fnfvqyw,. Al .-4 H 5. .4 -V gm -5, 5m,.,,,,l -M.. , 3 My - -- ' ,5,,. ,,-.wg HY 5 ,,'+f,, ,,k,g,, X-,.y,P.,p-, :Jun .'y4,-.tfgqya Wig, 4- -, , x 4 , ,x,,,.,,. ' 1 ,f , , fa Y YW! K I C- 7fze 7939 Q ---f-H... 0' 9 4 LJ I , 'Q ,, , , 2354 Af! :A si ng ,.,,'f, 14' ' ai SQ 4 ' 4 1 9 fl 1 U A I 4 .' ,ff V I ' 7-.5 W f Y f , 1 ,J Q li 4 I f f' 5 : 3 Z 1 4- I 1 I 1 f 3 0 5 ' , f , f L- f ,z f v' 5' ' X 'Q 1 . f ' . : P ' L A. V"'H"""U' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Barbara Wynn ASSISTANT EDITOR Ioan Hinchliff BUSINESS MANAGER Gordon McLain ASSISTANT BUSINBS MANAGER Harold Secrest ADVISEB Miss Babbitt ART ADVISER Miss Belshaw PHOTOGRAPHY Rodney Carley Ned Landon Mr. Damberg Printed by the WAGONEB PRINTING COMPANY Engravings by the PONTIAC ENGRAVING COMPANY Covers by ROVER KRAFT 7!w R PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Galesburg High School Galesburg, Illinois 14 - B - G The Reflector this year honors the ABC's, With their presence we hope you'11 ever be pleased. Perched on each page for your eager inspection, 'I'hey'1l guide your way through our cmnual "Ref1ection." 7939 As the alphabet torrns the foundation of our language, so the basis for the l939 "Reflector" is laid upon the ABC's. Actually, though bashtully and cautiously, from every possible page, a letter will hop happily into a brilliant corner of your memory. Simply ABC may be somewhat dull, But in our love for GHS there s never a. lulll V.. -,....,-,,.....,,..-.- ..,., ...,..-,...v,.., ,.. ,. ,..,. . .... ,c........ ..., -.-..,.....-.,...,........,-.....,.,.......,.-.--.e r -,,,,,........,.. . , ,.,...,: , gre.-.-.-..-Te-tn., , - , WW 3,3-, ........,.....,.,....,..............,,.r....,...,M-. .,.,, A , .,,- ,,,-.-, .. .,., . .,. ..- , .,. ,M.N,...,.......-...d....-.......iW,:--.e.,.......e-- -A 1.47,-afffefx..-4-..,..- , ,,-..f. , f- .. . 4--ffm, .,......-fm, , fe-frff,..,.v W ': in I :S 1 X 'iS"2f1't -A Tryin -,f3b3.1,jJ-N ,-H , V ,MM s, , "df ' -'ix m ,xxihgtg - Alu'-L - . i"' ,A N ll if, xxx?-fffmix 7 '- 1 1 5f. '42T?i ve ,fe f ,vw , Q. , 1 . f 5 ww 4 ' ,I ,vig , v 'N E:iE!Qf,, ,-f' gg , ' Ig-., in if if- l A We -,R f 5, A ,v V t,,,.4.. 792. K D3 -0 I-Old Ildlll ,......,....-.-......-......-.,,....,.., .---... .-..... ... .... . .. A.. . ,,,,,,. .,.. . ...A .mv -., . .,...-......,,--........,- H f,-- ,::.f..,.e. 1, ,., ,ma , 1 r . Y, - Y V , L -r-1-e-Y . :-f-e,-v-.-f-- few ,if-, ,f . Y....,,2. -... Y V W ,,...-,,,,,-Y..,, ,,f1-L---V:-,-,,,......:..-.-W -- 4 if ,..,.-.,-.-,-W- .-,-.--.-amf-FF-are--.-------f.:-' H: -: W .---wa ' -V W- ' V - ' df- W r' '---- -fr: -' V---. YVYYY -neveeeee ., .-- .lg-gg.-.r mp.-1,-vq.y.r.vp-,..wn-,pm-,..,..-,..- . ,... ..... ....,.. ,., ..-',,.,.,-...Q . ...- .....,..,...,......,.-,..,,....,.,.v, -W...-,-:,f-re. -- +1.11-, , ...,.....,......-.......m,,-,.,.m, . ..... ..,, ....,.,........ ..... .-...,...........,..., .... .W - -W ,, , Appetizing apples, bouncing beetles, and cunning cats were Well known characters of our first ABC books, but, "the old order changeth yielding place to the neW," and in their stead, activities, belles, and curricula now hold sway. Although our premier primers have long been forgotten, We hope that the alphabetized annual of '39 will keep burning forever all the reverence and enthusiasm the sons and daughters of Galesburg Senior High hold for the letters, GHS! l 44 Q -gvvv--v ..Y, ww, WK,-YHW,-'ik fswix, XX x X X X XX Q X ,mx Q... . ix X :S 4 v .3 r Q. xx Q K, X W Q5 fa-'lv' EM v ai Q XXN F XX X XX X SX X ' f' X S N Ex QQ' X 9 x XE XXX X a We Gas 31 X X - XX X XSX gf , ASK X N .,.gC'2 f RQ . X! I D X null P , There-'s many cm 'O' cmd many an 'A' Excluimed about heroes who here saved the day! 6 - I A. B. C M. N. O. P Administration Melody, Band Board Notes, Orchestra Counselors, Faculty Operetta D P10'Y3 Dlgnlfled Seniors Q E. F. G Questinq, Sophomores Efficient Girls' Service League, R. S. T BOYS' Pom Rousmbo-.ns Football Fluent, Declamp Debate: Extemp, splinters Tgack Oratory: Radio ' , Guides, SAA: Student Council Triumphant' Golf' Tennis H U. V. W Half-way men, Iuniors . I Index I. K. L Iacks-of-all-trades, Sophomore clubs Klubs Undaunted, Basketball Vigor, Girls' Sports Water, Swimming X.Y Xray, Budget Yearbook, Reflector Leaders, National Honor Society Zero, The Had! .. I. gl- rag .,..., -A I. .UA - .- .- 42s.,.4- , - 'xg ' X gr r A sw' I www XX. , n wwgwrf " 4 b , t ' fl xgwg. qracv. Ms ge 1 1- .,.,.: .. -' ,,. j -M or .,.... ew f!! ' , Q F l 5 14-B-0 A is for Administration Head of our schools. B is for Board They pay for the "tools." C is for Counselors Who know all the rules. r ,' "JZ ,-L, , Q- U Af-, fd --'rdf' u EXIF mai Wifi fag , it X ' . Richard Xl' . Lindsey 1454 Y, E. Pmdersofx My, C, Hinchmcx 1 U M W iii? A Q? 55 21- K, 3.51: ir. 5 f f. P.. in rs. Cioire Chondier 14 B is tor Board n they A is tor ctioiiity, oitruisrn, oc i depict d triend, our Superintendent ot Schoois, Mr. Richdrd V. Lindsey. X-ie cdrne in the toit ot i938 to heod our educottiondi systern in Goiesburq. His tine persondiity ond cornpiete understondinq ot ony sit- udtion have won tor hirn ct worm pioce in our heorts. "There ore two kinds ot peopie on eorth, i Ween, the peopie who hit dnd the peopie who Xeon." And surety there ore no better "iiiters" thon our Bodrd ot ' To those untirinq workers behind the the students ot t'on and in tur Educottion. ' ittie oppiouse, ' te. scenes who receive so i ' t wish to poy cr sincere tribu Goiesio urq trhqh Schoo Mr. I-X. Nystrom Mrs. Louise O'Connor Mr. G. Loiqren C. X. Lcxqerqren Mr. E. W. Mureen ' v fftt R il'gllw:'li'4!m K1 S L Y sl, r -, b e', 1 '5 f ff. - ' l'g.f,exQS+s I N 'VKX r -" n I X gf' L -4 x 5, f 35' 1 .LA 1- fn .. ii: 1,: if tilt . .X : :.A --lui: it 5'f gli . fm l5,'v1 A -P Q 6 W gg Mr. F. F. Robertson 12 1:15040 lt's "Please, Mr. Robertson," "Thanks Mr. Robertson," "We appreciate that, Mr. Robertson," and his answer is al- ways the same, a smile and a cheery "Glad to help you." That's our prin- cipal! Little do we realize the numer- ous niceties our fine friend and guide is always planning and seeking. 'Would any assembly be complete without an announcement or two, or a word ot praise? 'if 6 l-lis is the most difficult position of all. The task as educator and coun- selor for twelve hundred students re- quires wisdom, knowledge and a deep understanding, and merits all of our admiration and respect. This has been a successful year, Mr. Robertson, and we, the Senior class of l939, wish to thank you for all the help and consideration which you have shown us. Suzy and l were in a pensive mood, wondering, thinking, discussing. But there was one thing that we absolutely agreed upon and that was our ad- miration for two people who are just about as engrossed and entwined in Galesburg Senior High School as the very name itself, our deans, Miss Cox and Mr. Snyder. We truly found it quite impossible to discover anything they had not done for us, from skill- fully bandaging a wounded finger to helping us choose a vocation or plan an important speech, club party, meet- ing or banquet. lt is because of their guidance that we have "Service League" for the girls and the "Forum," an organization for boys. All the student body can say is "Thank you, deans." Miss Cox Mr. Snyd Top Row John Aitchison, Physics Peeve-Shiftless students Favorite--"Winterset" Harry Aldus, Commercial Peeve-Chewing gum Favorite-My wife Hazel Anderson, English Peeve-Talking while I'm talking Favorite- 'Basketball games Rachel Anderson, Librarian PeevefNoisy library Favorite My books Marjorie Babbitt, English Peeveflndecision Favorite-V-A good laugh Charles Bednar, History Peeve-Lack of responsibility Favorite-V Reading Flo Belshaw, Art Peeve-Cold weather Favorite- Going someplace Svcunrl Row Thomas Brooking, Industrial Arts Peevew -Losing a fish Favorite- Fish and hunt Clara Cypreanson, Physical Education Peeven -Sarcasm Favorite 'Fat little kids Roy Damberg, Industrial Arts Peeve-Chewing gum Favorite Pastries Marion Duke, Home Economics Peeve-Selfishness Favorite---Sports Second Row Kcont.J Ross Freeman, Biology Peeve-Pupils lacking respect of others Favorite-Hunting and fishing Iohn French, English Peeve-Teachers repeating his favorite ioke Favorite-Hunting lrrna Gale, History Pe-eve-Indifference Favorite Young folks 'l'l1ii'll ROW Harry Garst, Mathematics Peeve- Noisy assemblies Favorite "Time" Iohn Gillespie, Physical Education Peeve Rainy weather Favorite 'fGoli William Goodwin, History Peeveiliunning in the hall Favorite "The West" Jeannette Hilker, French Peeve-W -Snowball throwing Favorite--Glace chocolate Royal l-larshbarger. Commercial Pee-ve'---People talking when I'm talking Favorite--Flowers and gardens Ellen lrvine, English Peevefwhispering Favorite- New York City Mildred Iohnson, Commercial Peeve-Writing on the desks Favorite Good book F-f 3 G- T5 6 Top Row Paul Iohnson, History Peeve-Alarm clocks Favorite-Riding in his car Vesta Keach, English Peeve-Late Budget stories Favorite-"Time" magazine Flora Lamb, Latin Peeve--Carelessly written tests Favorite-To read Roy Landon, Industrial Arts Peeve--'Wasteiul students Favorite- Home made apple pie Edwin Lantz, Music Peeven Dischord Favorite Good book Helen Motiitt, Spanish Peeve--'My golf Favorite Sense of humor Frances Moser, Commercial Peeve- Gum chewing Favorite Traveling Sucriml Row Helen Olson, English Peeve-To be interrupted Favorite Touring country with a good driver Ray Peart, Agriculture Peeve Loitering in the hall Favorite Flower gardening Gerald Phillips, Physical Education Peeve---Urging people to work FavoritefTraveling Richard Ftadke, Mechanical Drawing Peeve Waiting for a movie Favorite Basketball Lucy Rich, History Peeve Run in my stockings Favorite' Good play Sylvia Ryin, English Peeve-Students who ruin my ink Favorite -Poetry Frank Seiler, Chemistry Pee-ve-Make up students Favorite-Good cigar Third Row Florence Sheldon, Spanish Peeve-Students who will not work Favorite-Musical comedy Prince Slaven, Latin Peeve-Sophisticated girls Favorite-My Work Charles Smith, Mathematics Peeve-Pessimist Favorite-Fishing Ruth Stickle, English Peeve-Poor posture Favorite--Planning my next trip Martin Swanson, Commercial Peeve-Flat tires Favorite' Good basketball game Vtfayne Swinton, Economics Peeve-Tipping chairs and then falling Favoriteflfocal music Grace Terry, Music Peeve-Get up early in the morning Favorite-Symphony orchestra limlrtli Row Velma Whipple, Biology Peeve -Dishonesty Favorite-Travel Velma Faye White, Mathematics Peeve-Tardiness Favorite--People Paul Williams, Dramatics Peeve-Lack oi sufficient rehearsal time Favorite--Dependable people Alta Youngblood, Home Economics Peeve -Run-over heels Favorite-Art Carolyn Haggenjos, Clerk Peeve-Pink slips FavoritefDrama Betty Husted, Registrar Feevefpupils who change enrollment Favorite--Beading Mary Ellen Rennie, Treasurer Peeve-Carrying slips Favorite--Dancing M 69 va 'lr RQ Me dh' me buddy! Goin' my Way? We'ye qot iii Everybody pose. Oh, my poor puppies. You're orrl Mon before the piqeoh holes. Must be qood. Double talk. Mon with the broom. News from home. Clortiermq keys. That hotel My Worthy opponents. See the birdie? 1E M H21 5 'SF' , H Q A, 1 ,Z 5 3 inn fi 6? rw 9 i , 9 if 5 'DU' bi A ww I ff K 6 l f L . W1 K fr'-x ' f Ql- 6 b W A K 1 I 'ls -33 fll F ' In ,t? f 7 k h ' gl 1 ffl Top Row Abrahamson, Leonard "Ole" Favorite-Basketball Future-President Adcock, Ioe "Iojo" Favorite-Ice Cream Future-Law Albers, Dorothy "Dorci" Favorite-Motor boats Future-Business College Albro, Lysle "Sciencer" Favorite-Tapedancing Future-Fred Astaire Albright, Lee "Hunt" Favorite-Baseball Future-Butcher Aldrich, Robert "Aud" Favorite-Buicks Future-Army Engineer Second Row Allen, Martin "Tiny" Favorite-Motorcycle riding F uture-Fuller Brush Salesman Allen, Patricia "Patti" Favorite-Dancing Future-Iournalist Anderson, Richard "Red" Favorite-Tennis Future-Mechanical Draftsman Second Row Ccont.J Andrews, Shirley "Five Ton" Favorite-Eating Future-Designer Armpriest, Lucille "Lucy" Favorite-Singing Future-Clerk Asbury, Lyle "Ozy" Favorite-Sleeping Future-General Third Row Atwood, Phyllis "Phyl" Favorite-Tower Hill Future-Cartoonist's Model Augerson, Harriett "Snouse" Favorite--Gardenia F uturw-Cashier Bainter, Kenneth "Red" Favorite-Hunting Future-Politician Baker, Dorothy "Dot" Favorite-Ice cream cones Future-Marriage Banks, Selma "Mae" Favorite-+Dancing Future-Stenographer Barrow, Iohn "lohnny' Favorite-Ronald Cole- man Future-Iournalism Fourth Row Bayless, Dorothy "Dottie" Favorite-Kay Kyser Future-Dress Shop Bell, Robert "Speed" Favorite-"Shag" Future-Furrier Benson, Dorothy "Twerp" Favorite-Hamburgers Future-Home Economics Teacher Binz, Carl "Charlie" Favorite-Chicken Future-Bookbinder Birdsall, Betty "Betts" Favorite-Dogs Future-Teacher Blixt, Vernon "Vemte" Favorite-Golf Future-Radio work Fifth Row Bloomberg, Lillian "Lil" Favorite-Iokes Future-Stenographer Booth, Maxine "Mickey" Favorite-Corresponding Future-Dress Designer Bouqhan, Harold "Chubbins" Favorite-1Dramatics Future-Theatrical work A. l r For .ff . ,V all xg L., L9 'l 'lift .' : Wil' fir. MVN' ,LMI W at E If N y fq,trfDi ' - xx., Fifthmbtf capmq ,-7 f Q Bowen, izdbeth "Dogff'g, ' ' 'C Favorite ff Future-Lawyer Bower, Iulia "Iudy" Favorite-"Gone with the Wind" Future-Beauty operator Bowes, Arlo "Bo" Favorite-Debate Future-Taxidermist Sixth Row Bowles, lo Anne "Iojie" Favorite-Tap dancing Future-Nurse Bowman, Merle "Red" Favorite-Hot doughnuts Future-Own a ranch Boyd, Alice "Allie" Favorite-English Lit. Future-English teacher Boyd, Mary L. "Shortstuft" Favorite.-Radio Future-Secretary Boyd, Ruth "Ruthie" Favorite-Insect collect- illq Future-Doctor Bradley, Ethel "Brad" Favorite-Swimming Future-Nurse K ,1- 5 ww-5 Q 'Q' as '1-Q, 'UF i 8. 'S ,Y 1 2? 5? Q A iw Top Row Brann, Lorain "Rain" Favorite-Cherry pie Future-Artist Breedlove, Shirley "Scotty" Favorite-Tennis Future-Travel Brow'n, Iames "Iirnmy" Favorite-Tommy Dorsey Future-Orchestra leader Brown, Margaret "Marg" Favorite-Poetry Future-Business College Bruner, Marjorie "Gertie" Favorite-"Alice in Wonderland" Future-Stenographer Burford, Beverly "Burkie" Favorite-Music Future-Teacher Second Row Burkett, Durwood "Pete" Favorite-Tapioca pudding Future-Millionaire Play- Boy Campbell, Betty "Squirt" Favorite-Ice cream Future-Own a dress shop Carl, Clarabelle "Dimp1es" Favorite-"Mutiny on the Bounty" Future-Mathematics Teacher Second Row fc0nt.j Carlberg, lean "Sophie' Favorite-Knitting Future-Dancing Carley, Rodney "Rod" Favorite-Salmon salad Future-With Douglas Aircraft Corporation Carlson, Barbara "Bobbie" Favorite-Radio Future-Nurse Third Row Carusi, Dick "Dick" Favorite-Roller skating Future-Professional sportsman Catron, Florence "F1ossie" Favorite-Tennis Future-History Teacher Chandler, Betty "Nibs' Favorite-'Chevy coupes Future4Nurse Chapman, lack "Charley" Favorite-Hockey Future-Ag teacher Clary, Margaret "Maggie" Favorite-Cats Future-Secretary Cline, Mary Alice "Mac' Favorite-Malted milk Future--Secretary Fourth Row Coe, Robert "Cobber" Favorite-Basketball Future-Coach Collier, Marian "Cofly' Favorite-Hotdogs Future-Nurse Cooper, Mary Frances "Francie" Favorite-Parties Future-Teacher Corbin, William "Willie" Favorite-Swimming Future-Best ice skater Coughlin, George "Coach" Favorite-Boxing Future-Coaching Courtright, Gracelily "Gracie" Favorite--Movies Future-Radio Singer Fifth Row Coziahr, Elaine "Cusie" Favorite-Baking cakes Future-Nurse Craft, Anne "Annie" Favorite-Skinny Ennis Future-Spinster Crozier, Iarnes "Fritzie" Favorite-Scouting Future-African Explorer lr cf, x f ,,,, ff, W ,' JM Q 1 W, is 14' 1,f""" lf!-. xz my 59 N: rl QQ X xx 1' , - e a.4-49124 it .. , ' Q4 'v , ' ffm. f'- fQe1,?555.sgi3 with -- Mai:-assert ,HL pf.:-gifglirlfiifign ,f::+Zt:1f: .3215-f?:,..:fM 'l ,:Lf'1J5!.:2':glm?!:.4 'u5f!5?5!fi. .. .,, -:ggi-:fag - 'Q1Cv."i' ZI'qEb7'-. I: ygygdfga V-::m1'm:r'-?J11:f-4:.4:,:,v-S21 . ,::::m,,.- .Earvmctgy-m.?,35534e'r3321. :J-, 1 ,:f egg:35e::'::1-.W ---" ziizzaftmzes -1-.i'ss1-fwxiqqv X . -5E3:-.E:..vrQ-..e.1.n- Fifth Row Dahlstrom, vwlililig WHO., Favorite-Lime cokes Future-Teacher Davies, Robert "Bob" Favorite-Rifle Shooting Future-Stenographer Derby, Dorothy "Dot" Favorite-I-like Future-Housewife Sixth Row Dickinson, Ieanne "Neenun" Favorite-Indian brace- lets Future-Fashionable flirt Dixon, Betty "Dixie" Favorite-Movies Future-Housewife Doran, Ruth "Edna" Favorite-Basketball Future-Dress designer Dowell, Frances "Frannie" Favorite-Candy Future-Housewife Downie, William "Bil1" Favorite-Pictures Future-Press photographer Duerre, Dolores "De De" Favorite--Skating Future-Clerk I Une A an J, 2 Eff if Wg I 'iw-'S - 'F' A lil," 1 1 "' V56 ,X -Nz, ,- ,1,,.,. , W ' 'I + i'1 g iw f :mx - P A Q f ' ". ., , L 19 QW ,,-' iff 1 'ex 1 i A11. , A jf' , Hifi X 1+ Q .- ' ? 4f Q ,A.A, 4 ' 2 2 R A 51 ! A if als. i 525 , 24 Top Row Dunlap, Dorothy "Dub' Favorite--Collecting signs Future-Farmer's wife Ecklund, Beverly Iune "Puffy" Favorite-Tennis Future-Music teacher Elphick, Lisa "Lee" Favorite-Mushrooms Future-Nurse Eppsteiner, Margaret "Eppie" Favorite-Cokes Future-Interior decorator Erickson, Arlene "Arlly" Favorite-Hiking Future-Photographer Erickson, Marian "Marnie" Favorite-Marshmallow cokes Future-Dress Designer Second Row Fairbairn, Robert "Bob Favorite-Woodworking Future-Engineering Finley, Dorothy "Dot" Favorite-Playing piano Future-Librarian 11 Flickinger, Barbara "Barb" Favorite-Roller skating Future-Artist Second Row Ccoutj Foreman, Alice "Allie" Favorite-Gadding Future-Artist Forstrum, Charles "Chuck" Favorite-Hunting Future-Tropical explorer Foster, Bettie Ann "Bets" Favorite-Snow ball tights Future-Social worker Third Row Freese, Phyllis "Phyl" F avorite-Hamburgers Future-Air stewardess Gans, Iuanita "Garbo" Favorite-Fibber McGee Future-Hair and dress stylist Gardner, Gerald "Ieck" Favorite-Cherry cokes Future-Deep sea diver Gardner, Harold "Heck" FavoriteaPing-pong Future-Tennis Player Gibbs, Margaret "Margie" FavoriteeChocolate cream pie Future-Physical Ed teacher Gladielter, Kenneth "Curly" Favorite-"Iosephine" F uture-Bachelor Fou rth R o w Glasco, Ioe "Iosh" Favorite-Mystery books Future-Accountant Glasnovich, Anthony "Tony" Favorite-Fishing Future-Advertising Manager Glass, Cynthia "Sympathy" FavoritefTrees Future-Bespectacled school teacher Glass, Mack "Max" Favorite-Driving car Future-University of Illinois Goedeke, Orville "Goedey" Favorite-Movies Future-Agricultural work Goehrig, Charlotte "Chuck" Favorite-Movies Future-Home Ec teacher Fifth Row Goodman, Stanley "Stan" Favorite-Baseball Future-Travel Gordon, lean "Gordy" FavoritekHorseback riding Future-Iournalist 1' ' o 71 X V 'ly 5.9 il 57 A 1 'X 'N KZ EY ki xx s left l J L' Ya l - i slr . S 'V . X X f , N3 if new r elist ' A . , Xtilkt Grider, Paul " FavoriteiFootbal'i ' T Future-Diesel e n e Grogan, Iames Iim "" Favorite-Malted milks Future-Big League baseball player Grogan, Roberta "Bobs" Favorite-'Ice skating Future-Travel Gustafson, Leone "Sonny" Favorite-Candy bars Future-Private secretary Sixth Row Gustafson, Stanley ,.Gus., Favorite-Hunting Future-Band leader Hadden, Rosemary "Rosie" Favorite-Olive nut sandwiches Future-Old Maid Hall, Willa Belle "Bell" F avoritef-Singing Future-Stenographer Hampton, Barbara "Blondie" Favorite--Fried chicken Future-Librarian Hand, Iames "Handy" Favorite-Swing Future-Chemistry Hanlon, lack "lock" FavoriteiTrigonometry Future-Conservation I I mc! f f .M mn is x Q? If x 5 Q24 :ff N K 'TQ A A '.,,.1 ' 'E' ,..7v We 26 Top Row Hanna, William "Joe" Favorite-Fried chicken Future-WPA work Harnest, James "Jim" Favorite--Graham cracker pie F u ture-Critic Haroldson, Robert "Bob" Favorite--Football Future-Man of leisure Harshbarger, Alice "Allie" Favorite-Music Future--Singer Hast, Betty "Bets" Favorite-"Two Sleepy People" Future-Business College Hawthorne, Stanley "Pete" Favorite-Benny Good- man Future-Drug store work Second Row Hawthorne, Stewart "Repeat" Favorite-Malted milks Future-Pharmacy Hendricks, Carl "Clod" Favorite-Ice skating Future-Druggist Hinchliff, Joan "Jo" Favorite-Clark bars Future-Annie's spinster sister Second Row fcontj Hodson, Arlene "Arky" Favorite-Driving a car Future-Secretary Holmes, Richard "Dick" Favorite,-"Star Dust" Future-Chemist Holst, Jack "Cotton-Top" Favorite-Baby Snooks Future-Lawyer Third Row Hudgel, Kathleen "Kay" Favorite-Parties Future-Beauty operator Hughes, Lloyd "Bus" Favorite-Baseball Future-Railroad Brake- man Hunt, Bessie "Pete" Favorite-H. Nelson Future-Infant Nurse Hurbul, James "Jimmy" Favorite-Roast Beef Future-Movie Actress' husband Hurlbut, Carol "Hurly" Favorite-Dill Pickles Future-Wealthy widow Janes, Helen "Janie" Favorite-Piano Future-'Bookkeeper Fourth Row Jewell, Anna "Ann" Favorite-Reading FuturewBeauty specialist Fourth Row fcont.J Johnson, Bernyce "Bunny" Favorite-Strawberry shortcake Future-Dress buyer Johnson, Clarence "Emo" Favorite-Peanut butter sandwiches Future-Mail clerk Johnson, Donald E. "Don" Favorite-Traveling Future-Government work Johnson, Donald L. "Swede" Favorite-Swimming Future-Electrical engineer Johnson, Eric "EJ" Favorites-Swimming Future-Theatre owner Fifth Row Johnson, Erlyne "Tootie Favorite-Hill billy music F uture-Cowgirl Johnson, Ilah "Corky" Favorite-Sleep late F uture-Farmerette Johnson, Lois "Peggy" Favorite--Chocolate pudding Future+Fashion design- ing is ,K 1 V ' 'I y ' , i j lf X 11 2, rw Hey Y r ' 1i'i?'f, jl X H. Y 15: 47' , 4 X if -'44 ' U- Eff- Fifth Row 1 14554, Johnson, Marjo -'L,,f' "Marge" Favorite-Walking Future--College Johnson, Paul "Swede" Favorite-Traveling Future--Automobile engineering Johnson, Phyllis "Pokie" Favorite-Potato chips Future-Kindergarten teacher Sixth Row Johnson, Shirley "Shirl" Favorite-Spring formals Future-Dance band's mascot Johnson, Thelma "Pudgie" Favorite-"Johnny" Future-Nurse Johnson, Wayne "Jim" Favorite-Math Future-Mechanical engineer Joneson, Lloyd "Tug" Favorite-Baseball Future-Radio engineer- ing Josephson, Max "Speed" Favorite-Football Future-Auditor Jurjevich, Kathryn "Katie" Favorite-Famous orchestras Future-Stenographer I fVa. V . Y if-YY Ji-is 'ik me-, 1, ff ,fx ii ,Q Y. J Q ' M '5" "4: 5:2 , na W W Q J av at . 'Q' , ,4 W 5 nl 1 K X W, ,, -M. FQ , ne, ,A iw 2 if 1-, M W, ,X .fx 'SIL' A V V nqnvzv if As, ,I I 'V - 'EF A ,A - ' - ' , jii 5? UA ' 'A" :Q "'2'A I 2 1:1-2 AQ'A ' ... H w- Sdwaldelh 22 if Top Row Kahler, Maxine "Max" Favorite-Tyrone Power 1-'uture-Dress maker Kanan, Rosalyn "Rosie" Favorite-Eating Future-Dancer Keefer, Sheridan "Mouse" Favorite-Dancing Future-Actor Kemp, Robert "Whizzer" Favorite-Eating Future-Doctor Kenney, Chauncey "Curley" Favorite-Collecting money Future-Electrical engineer Kite, Richard "Dick" Favorite-Red Future-Swing band leader Second Row Klein, Dorothy "Venus" Favorite-Black cats Future-Dress designer Klott, Violet "Vi" Favorite-Sleep late Future-Secretary Koffer, Barbara I."Barby" Favorite--Reading Future-Dietitian Koons, Maribelle "Kconie" FavoritehMovies Future-Secretary Second Row Ccontj Kramm, I-lartzell "Hart" Favorite-Fried squirrel Future-Airplane Mechanic Landon, Ned "Hy Hoe" Favorite-"The Budget" F uture-Politician Third Row Lane, Dorothy "Dot" Favorite-Shorthand and typing Future-Browns' Business College Larson, Elsie "Lars" FavoritefBicycle riding Future-Infant nurse Larson, lack L. "Shorty" Favorit?Wayne King Future-Bachelor "Champ" Favorite-Cokes Future-Aviator Lester, Clarence Favorite-Myrna Loy Future-Coach Levinson, Curtis Favorite-Golf Future-Business Manager Leonard, Earl "Pick" "Curt" Fourth Row Lewis, Mary Louise "Louie" Favorite-Shoes Future-Secretary Fourth Row Ccom.J Lindstrom, Barbara "Bob" Favorite-Golf Future-Stewardess Linrothe, Donna Mae "Snorky" Favorite-Reading Future-Stenographer Logsdon, Marie "Dutch" Favorite-Reader's Digest FuturwBusiness Train- ing Long, Eldon "Shortie" Favorite-History Future-Printer Lowry, Ruth "Rufus" Favorite-Tennis Future-Secretary K Fifth Row Lundeen, Shirley "Seelee" Favorite-Fudge Future-Commercial Artist McCaughey, lohn "Major" Favorite-Hludgment Day" Future-Radio Announcer McCullough, Eugene "Gene" Favorite-lackie Cooper Future-Hamburger Smasher 's II V1 f . H v'A --f . Fifth Row K n. McLain, Gord A N 'x J ll 1- ' :, t. it t ., a 7131 : W i N V flll f WC X ffff X lk he Waantll. tp Q l I on 1 Q Favorite-Ora Future-Lawyer McLain, Richard "Sharky" Favorite-The Country Future-Millionaire McLaughlin, Donald "Tiner" Favorite-Basketball Future-Telephone Man Sixth Row McMaster, Iames "Iim" Favorite-Reading Future-Architect McMillion, Leonard "Iohn" Favorite-Cake F uture-M illionaire Magnuson, Dorothy "Dany" Favorite-Piano Playing Future-Nurse Mallery, Dorothea "Dolly" Favorite-Dogs Future-Commercial Artist Manley, Ruth "Scamper Favorite-Violin Future-Filing Marshall, Doris "Snorky" Favoritef"Gone With the Wind" Future-Nurse n . . fad LM . , N A . 4 'ix U if 7 W Dm I Wi- x L 3 A A ' - .,.V 5-'JJ Y A K, f jg f h : I ,.. fi., Q S ? QQ, gas. fm J, . :,.. , Xa ,L , .nb ik 1 , , K4 if G1 55 ., xx .....,,. -wk S 6 1 1 3 iw Q as QA Q 1 m 'UQ in 1+ 1 W' 'M' 3 V Q . Q: , W A A ji ' EL .x mf QI . , .. - '1-, 1 S I - V l"f,,1 A 4' K ' "" ,, A 3 :QI A fm ff Q 61 y r ,A , ,M ,ffl G M . , I ' u5"fw,, A ,,,, , . 'Av'v'v QQ 5 A. 5 1 P ,.1- ii M Wx 'T qzzv L F , E - M !Va 'im LM 30 Top Row Marvin, Robert "Marv" Favorite-Chili Future-Diesel Engineer Meadows, Ralph "Mouser" Favorite-Banana Cream Pie Future-Cartoonist Melton, Roy "Melt" Favorite-Strawberries Future-Welder Metz, Carolyn "Metzie" Favorite-Butterscotch Pie Future-Librarian Miles, Theodore "T.O." Favorite-"Sixty Seconds Got Together" Future-Industrial Arts Teacher Miller, Harry "Slim" Favoriteelisguire Magazine Future-Business Man Second Row Miller, Rupert "Iiggs" Favorite-Arguments Future-Naval Career Mills, Ralph "Rolo" Favorite-Strawberry Sodas Future-Electrician Moon, Lyman "Lee" Favorite-Swimming Future-Diesel Engineer Second Row Ccont.J Moore, Bill "Willie" Favorite-Baseball Future-Minister Moore, Cora "Coco" Favorite-Errol Flynn Future-Artist Morrison, Bernard "Ice" Favorite-Hockey Future-Wealthy Man Third Row Mudd, Kenneth "Kenny" Favorite-Sports Future-Business Man I Munson, Leo "Honey' Favorite-Baked Ham Future-Engineering Mureen, Marian "Reener" FavoriteHChocolates Future-Home Economics Mureen, Virginia "Ginny" Favorite-Dogs Future-Ship Hostess Mustain, Rolland "Flash" Favorite-Movies Future-League Base- ball Player Nelson, Edsel "Ed" Favorite-Dairy Cows Future-Farming Fourth Row Nelson, Harriett "Sparky" Favorite-Piano Future-Librarian Nelson, Iune "Suzy" Favorite-Basketball Future-Work! Nelson, Katherine "Katie" Favorite-Dancing Future-Airplane Stewardess Nelson, Rosalee "Rosy" Favorite-Clark Bars Future-Teach n Nesbit, Grace "Gracie Favorite-Bracelets Future-Kindergarten Marm Nicholson, Betty "Nick" Favorite-Chili Future-Teacher Fifth Row Nordhielm, Berndt "Swede" Favorite-Malted Milks Future-College Norquist, Betty "Bets" Favorite-Dancing Future-Dress Designing Norstrom, Gladys "G1adie" Favorite-Debate Future-Private Secretary N s X .4 9436. 9 5 Q Nym V 6 C I f F5413 ' Gigi ft f Gy J X J ' 523,42 Y 'Q 5 1 . . 'Z .fl r Fi L - Q, I. .--, . V, Aff "fr Favo Chicken and Noodles Future-Ieweler n Nystrom, lane "Ianey Favorite-Hot Fudge Sundae Future-Stenographer Oberling, Lois "Lodie' Favorite-Potato Chips Future-Rich Lady Sixth Row Ohlsson, Gunnard "Rusty" Favorite-Tenderloins Future-Aviator Olson, Bernice "Bees" Favorite-Fashions Future-Hostess on Zephyr Olson, Dwight "Bunk" Favorite-Chess Future-Science Olson, Iohn "Rick" Favorite-Studying Future-Taxes and Death Ostrom, Percy "Curly" Favorite-Ice Cream Future-Carpenter Parkinson, Dean "Parky" Favorite-Golf Future?-Chemist 'llhem 31 , gf'swf wwpq,z Q... ,. 2 I 2 X XE ,M in 5 :L , 5 L J iv 'M W' l 'nf -f Q' Z SBK 'gm A' 5 f 'M H 8, 2 ? , ,E Q , is FQ- ,qg5,,f jggqf' . f iq. ,, . - . ,L .n 1 Swell 32 Top Row Parkinson, Robert "Parlay" Favorite-Music Future-Draftsman Parks, Barbara "Barby" Favorite-Dancing and Wayne Kir1g's Orchestra Future-Singer Parnell, Evelyn "N. O." Favorite-Zippers Future--Commercial Art Payne, Edith "Pinkie" Favorite-Collecting Samples Future-Nurse Peabody, Phyllis "Shorty" Favorite-Foreign Languages Future-Work in Peoria Pearson, Willard "Butch" Favorite-Chocolate Cream Pie Future-Carpentry Second Row Pease, Verna "Pete" Favorite-Tyrone Power Future-Private Secretary Pendergast, Robert "Bob" Favorite-Baseball Future-Baseball Perschnick, Bernadine "Bernie" Favorite-Swimming Future-Air Stewardess Second Row Ccoutj Peterson, Vincent "Vinnie" Favorite-"Them sensible and good look- ing" Future-Diesel Engineer Poe, Donald "Don" Favorite-Kay Kyser Future--Husband Poole, Betty "Mamma Poole" Favorite-Sleep Future-Swimming Instructor Third Row Pople, Betty "Betsy" Favorite-Donald Duck Future-Infant Nurse Puckett, Dorothy "Tisker" Favorite-Singing Future-Wife Pumfrey, Eleanor "Rosie" Favorite-Pansies Future-Children's Librarian Raaen, Ralph "Rolo" Favorite-Banana Splits Future-Forest Ranger Reem, Dorothy "Dot-Dot-Dash" Favorite-Sewing Future-Nurse Reeves, Arlene "Duchess" Favorite-Radio Future-Dress Making Q bf? W f i t A Q : rx -7 T n ., ' J' I 5 "' X" , iz' 9' W if f 'X I 1 g fl Q ' Q ' f :iff QA 3 ess X ' ',..fs:y5.1' t ' by!! 'srl A KRW Q!- C B . W e W' " Wiatr Fourth Row Ccifdtv-I 4 vfirgu Reinhold, Robert 4 odenhouser, Cleo Q 9 "Cheezer" Favorite-Roast Turkey Future-Play Boy Reno, Hugh "Reno" Favorite-Ice Skating Future-Army Renow, Doris "Dorrie" Favorite-Lemon Cakes Future-Commercial Teacher Reynolds, Alice "Allie" Favorite-Hawaiian Guitar Futurc+Radio Star Riley, Fern "Tom" Favorite-Celery Future-First Grade Teacher Riley, Vaughn "Von" Favorite-Ping Pong Future--Airplane Pilot Fifth Row Ritter, Wanda "Wan'f Favorite-Eating Future-Secretary Roberts, Ralph "Bob" Favorite-Music Future-Engineer Robinson, Don "Killer" Favorite-Roller Skating Future-Bookkeeper "Cleopatra" Favorite-Geometry Future-High School Teacher Rogers, Patricia "Patt" Favorite'-Day Dreaming Future-To be a "Non- forgetter" Ruth, Richard "Dick" Favorite-Hamburgers Future-Tennis Player Sixth Row Ryberg, Richard "Fuzzy" Favorite-Bowling Future-Oil Executive Sandberg, Russell "SWoondee" Favorite-Ping-Pong Future-Printing Sargeant, Lloyd "Knox" Favorite-Swing Music - Future-Clerk Sarver, Dale "Red" Favorite-Eating Future-Honest Politician Saum, Mary lane "Saumy" Favorite-Dark Blue Eyes Future-Advertising Sauter, Marian "Annie" Favorite-Baseball Future-Singing career of q.,41.s. ,L x 5. Qswwaeiisfn - W N asa. W -V . l' 'fin - N Jw .E New 'LK IRD! sys X We , .4-,..,.,4, F- Way ,- 'W ,, . wg ..f,1.+. .. ,W .Mg ,,,.. gs A Q. .,.,4 - , W? 3 ?bfj H , - WR . K ,Q 1 We qv-Qx kwa... . , A vm 1 x 44 -A SZ' V 1 I tix . gf' Y 5 51 , 153 L 'rbi .. z M ' W g f' A If GK Vg J Ji? X f Ts, X KRW 5- 4 ,Nmvucm 1 .L " FQ A i lrfx Riu if M1 maiiea Top Row Scannell, Harry "Bud" Favorite-Photography Future-Electrician Scholes, Harold "Iunior' Favorite-Stamp Collecting Future-Engineer Schultz, Bettye "Betts" Favorite-Dancing Future-Secretary Schurtz, lack "Iackie" Favorite-Sports Future-Iournalist Scneder, Ruth "Sneezy' Favorite-Cherry Cokes Future-Nurse Scott, Mary "Scottie" Favorite-Toasted Cheese Sandwiches Future-Secretary Second Row Searl, Islea "Lila" Favorite-Clothes Future-Artist Searles, Orlie "Squirrel' Favorite-Ice Cream FuturehGardener Secrest, Harold "Shorty' Favorite-Fried Oysters Future-Agricultural Engineering Second Row fcontj Seifert, Edward "Bud" Favorite-Basketball Future-Mathematician Selk, Grace "Gracie" Favorite-Reading Fiction Future-Travel Sells, Clark "C1uck" Favorite-Chewing Gum Future-Aeronautical Engineer Third Row Severns, larnes "Iimmy" Favorite-Roller Skating Future-Auto Racer Shafman, Henry "Hank" Favorite-Dick Powell Future-Clerk Sharp, Ralph "Ralphie" Favorite-Sax Future-Business Administrator Sharp. Roy "Sharpie" Favorite-Fast Basket- ball Game Future-Business Manager Shaw, Benjamin "Bennie" Favorite-Pinochle Future-Chemist Sheeley, Dale "Sailor" Favorite-Charlie McCarthy Future-'Humorist Fourth Row Sherman, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Favorite-"Gone With the Wind" Future-Laboratory Technician Smith, Bernard "Barney' Favorite-Boxing Future-Boxer Smith, Iean "Smitty" Favorite-Shorthand Future-Air Stewardess Smith, Marian "Pat" Favorite-Dance Orchestra Future-Librarian Snapp, William "Bi1l" Favorite-Edgar Allan Poe Future--Chemist Sowder, Dorothy "D. M." Favorite-Christmas Future-Physical Ed Teacher Fifth Row Sperry, Mary "Slim" Favorite-Riding fast Future-Travel Starr, William "Bill" Favorite-Food Future-President of U. of Illinois Stegall, Frances "Kitty' Favorite-Skating Future-Bookkeeper XM' il Fifth Row J x lf 5, fti l Stevens, Lest r te ie" Favorite-Hot Dogs Future-Grease Monkey Stites, Edward "Curly" Favorite-Pocket Full of Money Future-Auto Racer Stivers, Loretta "Tommy" FaVorite+Clothes Future-Country School Teacher Sixth Row Stoerzbach, Helen "Stoerz" Favorite-Toasted Cheese Sandwiches Future-Librarian Stoneking, Eddie "Curly" Favorite-Apple Pie Future-Airplane Owner Stotts, Harold "Man-Mountain" Favorite-Sports Future-Wrestling Swank, Charles "Chink" Favorite-Pipes Future-Forestry Struble, Roy "Strub" Favorite-Moonlight Future-Astrologist Swanson, Alice "Allie" Favorite-Sweets Future-Dietitian W' Iffze bus , , M A Ui n ' . lk V J f Q1 'X S S Q .. xw'fT':f -f we iv- O , K X, V 1. X as-1 . 'U 'K 3 :QI h ,,AVA JB a " ig A ah' 93 .4 , ',-, I J 4- ww- r fi. "' . ,kabixifgk V V !::j'3 . 5. 'Eg 3, , Q-- I' A nf' K' W A EE 'f '7 1 r X I L M N nf fbi. . f, 'f ., 'ywgze W M x .- 33. fr, '42 Q .Q 4 . -" , I i 'S Wa K fr Sim .,.: is zf . V New Top Row Swanson, Lois "Swanie" Favorite-Sleep Future-Housewife Swanson, Robert C. "Bob" - Favoriteelce Cream Future-Ball Player Swanson, Robert L. "Swany" Favorite-Airplanes Future-Pilot Tabbone, Iennie "Teabone" Favorite-Swing Music Future-Air Stewardess Taber, Beth "Bethie" Favorite-Dark Men Future-Happy Housewife Tapper, Raymond "Emery" Favorite-Milk Shakes Future-To be a Man! Second Row Theobald, Philip "Ted" Favorite-Sports Future-Sports Editor Thomas, Charles "Chuck" Favorite-Selling Frigies Future-Traveling Salesman Thomas, Mildred "Millie" Favorite-Candy Future-Infant Nurse Second Row Ccoutj Tingley, Ruth "Terry" Favorite-Ice Cream Sodas Future-Housewife Tolbert, Margaret "Toby" Favorite-Shoestring Potatoes Future-Business Woman Tracy, Virginia "Ginny" Favorite-Spencer Tracy Future-Social Work -Third Row Trait, Virgil "Pappy" Favorite-Sports Future-Farmer Trebbe, Eugene "Gene" Favorite-Steaks Future-Ballistics Treffer, Brough "Treff" Favorite-Spring Future-Flying Trout, Hurlene "l'lurly" Favorite-Woodworking FutureYMechanic Trulson, Marjorie "Margie" Favorite-Perfume Future-Math Teacher Turnbull, lack "Trix" Favorite-Red Future-'Painter Fourth Row Turner, Lila "Li" Favorite-Dill Pickles Future-Stenographer Turpin, Evelyn "Evie" Favorite-Ianet Gaynor Future-Teach Spanish Upton, Howard "Uppie' Favorite-Shaggin' Future-Stock-broker Van Gieson, Iames ' 'limmie" Favorite-Ice Cream Future-Lawyer Wagher, Dean "Pete" Favorite-Mechanics Future-Diesel Engineer Wagher, Richard "Dick" Favorite-Sundaes Future-Mechanical Engineer Fifth Row Wainright, Harvey "Nop" FavoriteeFootball Future-Engineer Waldron, Robert "Wally' Favorite-Basketball Future-Sophisticated Vagabond Wallace, Richard "ShadoW" Favorite-Cars Future--Bookstore Proprietor if-il 5 'Jil I 'ill , l X, f ' y Y. ,M ,tt 'fr :il 7 h Xiu- ' tx , T x t L llf - - a e.- S. fl",:'i5vf K Fifth Row qc ., WL- Webb, lrlortenae- iax , x Puqqie Favorite-Dance Future-Singer Webster, Esther "Webby" Favorite-Music Future-Teacher Wedan, Carl "Cully" Favoriteenlfranklin D. Roosevelt Iones" Future-Business Man Sixth Row West, Barbara "Bobby" Favorite-Plain Cokes Future-Masseuse Westfall, Winona "Nony" Favorite-Black Dresses Future-Child Psychiatrist Wheeler, Wanda "Wan" Favorite-Pickles Future-Teacher White, Coyleen "Coy" Favorite-Roller Skate Future-Professional Roller Skater White, Leonard "Dodo" Favorite-Apple Pie ae la-mode Future-Textile Chemist Wilcox, Keith "Wil" Favorite-Swimming Future-Warehouse Manager uit ng-ga ll 0 l I fvv Seniors whose pictures do not appear: Bruner, Walter: Cook, Kenneth: Darrah, Duane: Ekstrom, Iohn: Frank, Ojie: Harding, Edwin: Howe, Lynn: Howe, Mac: Iohnson, Robert L.: Leiqhty, Robert: Reser, Homer: Steele, Charles: Tolle, lames. Our pilots have been: President, Bob Fair- bairn: Treasurer, Bob Kemp: Secretary, Theresa Wilson: Vice-President, Barbara Wynn. Vile fear it's time to bid adieu- And so our captains and the crew Take this opportunity, though lost in obscurity, To qive, Underclassmen, the anchor, to you! Top Row Wilder, Lucille "Lu" Favorite-Singing Future-V Vocalist Wilkins, lohn "You Old Bag" Favorite- Money Future -Fruit Business Willer, lam-es "Mn" Favorite--Dogs Future-See the world Second Row Williams, Emma FavoritefDancinq FuturefNurse Williams, Warren "Bill Favorite --'- Driving Futurefliflayor of E. Galesburq Wilson, Theresa "Tee Hee" Favorite--Prize-fights Future- -Surgical Nurse Third Row Windom, Carolyn "Carrie" Favoritef Movies Future Teacher Windom, Eileen "Windy Favorite-Dogs FuturefPianist Winters, Hugh "X-y" Favorite-APie Future-Petroloqist "Bill" Fourth Row Vtfitherell, loyce "Re-joice" Favorite---Alcott's Books Future--Girls' Orchestra Witherspoon, Shirley "Tulley" Favorite Baseball Futura -Librarian Wong, Homer "Won" Favorite-Strawberry Shortcake Future- --Lawyer Fifth Row Wood, leanne "Woodie Favorite-Malted Miiks Future-Nurse Wynn, Barbara "Barbie" Favorite- Cookers Future-Dietitian Zefio, Marie "Shorty" Favorite-Swimming Future-Stenoqrapher Sa. Sa K r 5 L.g 1, ,LJ Top Row: Iecm Gordon, Phyll Stoerzhcxch, Evelyn Parnell, Mc M. Wcxtsonp Ioan Hinchliff, Shirley Iohnso V Theresa Wilson. r Smfaice feague Presenting the "March oi the Service League!" directed by Miss Cox. Listen, the com- mentator is speaking. "Last ' , tall the Girls' Service League opened its season with impressive induc-A tion rites. At that time all girls in the high school who wished to join were allowed to do so. The main project oi the year was the Christmas play, "Dust of the Road," which was presented with the cooperation oi Miss Bel- shaw, Mr. Williams, and the Speech department. Many interesting programs were enjoyed throughout the year. Some ot the outstanding speakers included: Mrs. Gale, Mrs. Bednar, Miss Stickie, one ot the Visiting Nurses, and in a joint meeting with the Boys' Forum, Mr. Fitzsimmons from the l7Bl oiiice in Peoria. The girls especially liked the movie ot the English Coronation and a musical hour presented by sev- eral of the League musicians. May 6, the senior members were honored with a banquet which brought to a ciose another chapter in the history of the Girls' Service League. 4C Johnson, Anne Craft, Heli Second Row: Barbara Wyni p R W: lim Harnest, Roy h p Cl k S ll D l e d Row: Bob Stoerz- h Phil Mariner, Vin- t Peterson, Aaron ar e s, cz e Charles Boydstun. Morton Hotchkiss. l -me aw' aww The year of '38 and '39 is a memorable one in the history of the Boys' Forum. Under the leadership of our new dean, Mr. Snyder, the structure of the group was modernized. Early in the year it was voted that soph- omore boys be allowed to join. At the start of the second semester, an executive council of fifteen boys was set up. The formulated purpose of the administrative council is to give more adequate representation to all the boys in both planning for and participating in educational programs, and still further, to help forward in the Forum a spirit of Worthwhile fun and sociability for all of the boys in the organization. The capable officers who headed the council were: President, Ed Seifert, Vice-president, Ralph Sharp, Secre- tary, Bob Kempg Treasurer, Clarence Lester. The remaining eleven boys were members of one of three commit- tees: Program, Social or Publicity. Wayne Anderson Audrey Benedict Bob Bayes Keith Catferty Clarabelle Carl Rodney Carley Betty Cassen George Coughlin Mae Curry Robert Dickerson Mary Louise F leharty Eugene Fosberg Aaron Freed Mary Fuhr George Gardner Stanley Hawthorne Virginia Hough Clarence Lester Marvin Linner Iane Lundeen Robert Lundeen Mary McElvain Delwyn Myers Forest Olsen lean Parks Dolores Ryner Mary lane Saurn Marian Sauter lane Soper Helen Stoerzback Rosemary Strawn Virginia Tracy Lila Turner Roy Unzicker Robert Waldron Leonard White Maxine Vtficall Dick Wyland 5 Gamez! Salesmen, boosters, guides-many are the titles which could be applied to this energetic group of thirty-seven students. Officially, how- ever, they are called "student councilmenf' and each represents an advisory. The coun- cilman is the voice of his advisory in student affairs, and he is also the financial "go- betWeen" who collects SAA dues, handles l'Budget" and "Reflector" subscriptions, pub- licizes coming events, and does the multitude of other odd jobs which are indispensable if our activities are to prosper. That the student council had a successful year is indicated by the fact that l939 was a successful year for all extra-curricular activities. The leaders of the council for this year Were: President, Rodney Carleyg Vice-president, Robert Waldron, Secre- tary, Helen Stoerzbach. To such able leader- ship and to excellent co-operation on the part of other members goes credit where credit is due as SAA payments usually Were throughout the year. G Nesbit, Barbara Wynn, Bob , 1-1aro1d Secrest, Mr. Brook- swwf Aww, The students demanded that they be given something to save them moneyt The answer to this demand was solved very easi1y and effectively by the organ- ization of the Student Activity Associa- tion, better known as the SAA. 1t was founded in 1937, improved much in 1933, but in 1939 a new goal was reached in membership as we11 as in the benefits received by the students. This year's officers, assisted by Mr. Breaking, the athtetic, speech, art and journaiistic departments, have provided an interesting and worthwhi1e program. The "Three Musketeers", Speechos, Athietos, and Authoros, started the series of events at a 1ive1y pace. Then came footba11, "First Lady", deciam, oratory, bas1cetba11, pep assembiies, "The Ace 1s Trumpedu, debate, extemp, "Budget", "The Ghost Fiys South", awards as- sembiy, and 1ast but not ieast, the "Re- f1ectorl" 149-l991'S: Happy Membersp Top Row: Rupert Miller, Ned Lan' don, Bob McClelland, Vincent Peterson, Ioe Adcock, Hugh Win- ters, Mr. Garst. Second Row: Marjorie Lersch, Ioy Webster, Gladys Norstrom, Maxine Wicall, Geraldine Kling. HM? WMMV ll With the return of four lettermen from last year, Marjorie Lersch, Vincent Peter- son, Ned Landon, and Rupert Miller, winner of the prized Shoemaker award, Galesburg High carried out a more ex- tensive debate program than has ever before been attempted. They made Behnke, Roberta Tupper, , , , , Eileen rumey, cams several long trips and participated in Pozvers, Rebecca Giles. four tournaments. One of these was the State District, which was entered for the first time this year, GHS placed third in this event, The first tourney of the year Was in competition With eighteen schools at l-lannibal, fifth place honors were Won here. lncidentally, this was the longest trip ever made by such a group. The negative team scored a perfect record, only one other school in the meet was able to gain such dis- tinction. Cn February 2, 3, 4, the debaters contested in the annual Augustana meet, here winning five of twelve decisions. The teams, Marjorie Lersch and Ned Landon, affirmative, and Rupert Miller and Vincent Peterson, negative, augmented by alternates Bob Mc- Clelland and Maxine Wicall, and coached by Mr. Garst, were hosts to the NWC tournament February 25. lt was won by Moline, with the locals taking fourth. 7fze Spam Www! in Sid! S The NWC declam contest, this year held in Moline on October 21, was represented from Galesburq by Winona Westfall. Her rendi- tion of Maxwell Anderson's "Eliz- abeth the Queen," received fourth place. ln fulfillina her duties as alternate, Barbara Wynn pre- pared Bobert Frost's "The Death of the Hired Man." Boys, too, have a contest paral- lel to declam in which they rep- resent GHS' in boys' oratory. lohn McCauahey Was our "Demosthe- nes" in East Moline, December 3, his oration was "Spartacus to the Gladiators." Harold Bauahan, alternate, aave "Steel Spikes." The outstandina mem- ber of the extemp squad at the NWC meet in Mon- mouth, March 3l, was Bob McClelland. ln prepara- tion for this battle it was necessary to be familiar with the articles in the "American Observer". Bob drew "Lima Confer- ence." His alternate was leanette Elphick. GHS was fourth in this event. Winona Vfestfall, Barbara Vvfynng Mar- jorie Lersch, Betty Ruth Firth, Dorothy Bayless, Mary Martha Watsorip Ger- aldine Klinq, Kenneth Morss, Dolvvyn Myers, Bob McClelland, Ioan Fryrnirey leannette Elphick, Betty Ruth Firth, lohn McCaughey, lim Harnest: Miss Anderson, loe Adcock, Miss Byin, Charles Thomas, Iohn McCauqhoy, Mr. Vfilliamsy Bob Boyes, Harold Bouahan. Declarners, Extemp. fi 1 Q- Orators and Coaches. Bolw Boyes, Ieanette Elpt yrm. Zlfehe Un Me 14171, "Galesburg High School is on the air! " An entirely new enter- prise this year, the "Fourth B" treading, 'riting, 'rithmetic, and now radiol, has taken its place among the leaders in the realm of extra-curricular activities. Through the fine co-operation of station VVCJL, the production staff, headed by Ned Landon as promoter and Miss Babbitt as adviser, has formed the nucleus for the Saturday morning pro- grams. Timed to the split second and punctuated with ingen- ious sound efiects, the presentations have ranged from horror to comedy, from music to thought provoking guestion bees. The two broadcasts which are undoubtedly tied tor top honors are: "The Fall ot the l-louse oi Usher" and "Christmas Carol". The broadcasts brought to GHS a new field oi adventure, and the whole heart of the school was behind them. Several pro- grams were devoted to the Quiz Craze. Others depicted the music and speech projects oi the school year. Outstanding among these are the sneak-previews ot the "Mikado" and "She Stoops to Conquer". The aim ot the "Fourth B" was to bring to the public the enthus- iasm ot the students ot Cfl-lS. This being ably done, we say, "Three cheers to the Fourth B' committee." l l G i I H tiff N i L d M 1 Lersch, Bob McClelland, C McLain, Rupert Miller, N t Peterson, Mary lane Sau H o d Secrest, Ioy Webster, B b 47 Jfffladffffwffwfcf X P5 I!gM!Q,1l F-- N I Top Row Adams, Duane Adkisson, Mark Albright, Lee Allen, lohn Allensworth, Buth Anderson, Bill Anderson, Dale Ecklund, Curtis Second Row Anderson, limmie Anderson, Lois Anderson, Bobert E. Anderson, Wayne Arie, Muriel Arnold, Albert Babbitt, Bob Babbitt, Garnet Q Third Row Barker, Lloyd A f Third how CCODLJ Benedict, Audrey Benson, Patricia Berguist, Dale L. Berry, Norma lune Betson, Betty Billings, Lee Fourth Row Bothamley, Betty Bowles, Chiguette Boydstun, Charles Boyes, Bobert Bracker, Don Bradley, Delvina Briggs, Barbara Brown, Evelyn Fifth Row Brown, LaVern I3 Burton, Wayne Carley, David Carlson, Marian Fifth how rcohu Carlson, Willard G. Cederoth, Georgene Chatterton, Margaret Sixth Row Cherrington, lsal Clark, Virginia Cline, lohn Cochran, Buby Cole, Betty Leone Colville, Edith Conlon, Melvin Cook, Kenneth Seventh Row Coughlin, George COX, Eugene Craig, Daryl E. Craig, Maxine Crandell, Dwight Cratty, lane Cunningham, Marilyn Barns, Daleifgr 6 Carlson, Martha lean Danforth, Ioe 3 X 1" Y 1 flptq 1 ill Ylfff, w el, l' 5" 'la with " :elm l ' 'arg he' Kiwi 4351 359 ef " A WJ-ww ffm. X w Vx -, I A, . W , . 1 X X r"' ,, fb! lfx-NO X fx 'M 5 , , Q -- fi" s . 1 .. , fi is 1 , tl i k': , e 'is . V. N ,uhh I V: , K i K 77,5 x sn vm. 1 Nl 5 F F 'r, .fk . 4 K 'I ,A ' Q3 4 444110 K il .Q gi - ' eff' If "- Y L, ,., W 3 W y W 44- M , 'fy J This is the Class that is in between, But next year well hold ihem in esteem uniafzd N Top ROW Danner, Sara Davies, Willard Davis, Iohn Dawson, Lowell A. Dickinson, Maurice Diefendorf, Robert Dietrich, Mary Helen Carlson, Agnes second ROW DiPrima, Agatha Dixon, Dorothy Doyle, lim Duerre, lanet Dulaney, Robert Duncan, Lena Mae Durbin, Irene Dutch, Henry S. Third Row Duvall, Ruth Eckhoff, Merle --.vs e -5, ,xt fl L lwllt f gay 'aecallecfhf Third Row fcont.l Elliott, Harriett Elphick, Ieanette Ensley, Madalyne Erickson, Lorraine Essex, Paul Evans, Raymond Fourth Row Evans, Robert Ewalt, Richard Fields, Mabel Firoved, Robert F itzsimmons, Robert E. F leharty, Mary Louise Foertsch, Iune Fogarty, Eugene Fifth Row Foreman, Delorse Forstrum, Charles Forsythe, lames F rederickson, Marjean Freed, Aaron Fifth Row tcont.l Friedman, Maurine F rymire, lanet Fundenberger, Bob sixth at-,W Garver, Dale R. Gattermier, Iohn Gayman, Arthur Gianakis, Sophie Gifford, Guinevere Gilliland, Edward Glasnovich, lohn Gregory, Lillian Seventh Row Griffith, Don Grimes, Leola Guenther, Dayzie Hadden, Louise Haines, Russell L. Hall, George Hamilton, Bill Hamilton, Colletta 'Y 0 0 0 " ,.k 1 V u ll Lg .I .Q ,,. fy .5 ': , p. as i l 1 U- Q, TC. .W ' ' 3' 1,: V - , -1 Q - 6 ml Q Tb , ff .I fs xx W M X 51 J' xt u :0 7.1 K :ff f . Q X 2 V ' V U 'UT 'iw ' z I' mmf. ri M 1. 4, '- fa wzpl .. H f V 5 , 4 1 ,, fl 'fi . ,K Two years they'Ve had of learning the art el Of tubinq, apple-polishing, cmd how to be smart. X9 x .Q X1 X W1 W"Nf?fY5if' Alla: AW YV mv-f-L QMJAJ-'fa'-'H 7!L6q,fL6 well an First ROW Harman, Marilyn Hartley, Clayton Harvey, Marilyn Hawkinson, Dorothy Hazlett, lean Healey, Marcile Henning, Hazel Dolinsik, lulius Top Row Herrnetet, Marilynn Hertenstein, Phyllis Heule, Wendell Hibbard, Imogene Hickman, Eloise Hicks, lohn Hicks, loyce Hix, Alvin Third Row Hohl, Doris Horn, Kenneth if, M 4, I x f X , A if ll f Third Row fcont.l Horton, Lois Hotchkiss, Morton Houchens, lack Houlihan, Robert Hunt, Ruth lngles, Pauline Fourth Row 'r' acobson, Dorothy ennings, Elizabeth ensen, Dorothy ohansen, Ray fohnson, lohnson, lohnson, fohnson, Fifth lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, lohnson, Barbara lean Barbara L. Donald E. Dorothy Row lva loan Martha Robert C. lones, Muriel Fifth Row fcontl losephson, Walter H Kennedy, lrene Kennedy, Lowell sixth Row Kenney, George Kidder, Lowell Kimpton, Marjorie Kjellander, Gertrude Klapp, Virginia Klinge, Geraldine H. Knousse, lirnmie Kramrn, Maurine Seventh How Lagerstrom, lrene Lannholm, David E. Larson, lack L. Lashbrook, Vaughn Lawrence, lack Lersch, Marjorie Lieber, Dorothy Lohrnar, Diana F, I' 54 Q we --J. O O O f 'K . Q .,.,. , -1- -ff ,,, i , j 'H 5- 2 5 Y at at X K ' E U S if E? 9 'K 'll , z N -- P Q , , t IK ,Q U .N Ml I E vi v Q .1 7 ec' 6- g 'GN 9 K 1 'S . G . - . X f K 9' Q s Q IJ x l 1 - -'ef' , L x . il di, 3. xx A J ,. h iz -, V 4 54 1 , 3 6 11- V ' ? Y if 'F 7 W U :Ab 2,0177 fVlJ,fLThey've been crth1eTes, actors, debqters, cmd such-V XS: CL My From these varied cxcuvmes we hope they ve learned much. X1 bi'- SXJ EW 9 0. 7a Je Top Row Lohmar, Robert Long, lirnrnie Lundeen, Bob Lundeen, lack Lundeen, lane Lutes, Robert L. Lyons, Shirley De Bauah, Richard Second Row McAuley, Frances McCarthy, lessie McClelland, Robert McClure, loan McGill, Earl McLaughlin, Donald McNeil, Iune Malrn, William Third Row Malrnrose, Lois Martz, lohn Third how lCO1'1l.l Mason, Lloyd Meqqinson, Corrine Mejia, Avelina Melin, Howard G. Meyer, Robert Miller, Earl Fourth Row Miller, Ruth Milroy, Lois Minnick, Martin Mitchell, Dorcas Mitchell, Fred Mitchell, Howard Moon, lda Marie Moreland, Armor Fifth Row Morris, Betty Eleanor Morris, Betty Eileen Morrison, Martha Morrissey, DeWitt Myers, Delwyn M . Fifth ROW tCont.l Nelson, Bob Nelson, Dale H. Nelson, Gene Sixth Row Nelson, Marjorie Nelson, Mary Nelson, Melvin Nelson, Richard Norburq, Louise Northrup, lack Norton, Stanley O'Brien, Kathryn Seventh Row Olsen, Forrest W. Olson, Francis Olson, Richard Owens, Larry Palrnrose, Carl Parkinson, Merrill L Parmenter, Allen Parrish, larnes af ,fi 'L Q K. A,. 3 Q .41 15. l ' ,: r , Msg ' Q H , V ff .' f 4 . 'E : ' ' - SX I ,355 In W A . K r ' L Q ww A 6 ' 'Q A fa A W z s- 4 -gg 5 , sd ' 3 1 q P 4, r AV? ll ,ff f kzfq L ry X n r e 'H -F Q' 4 " -ff r ' i ' rr KF X rf .J hiffiff A r 2? X ' gf' ' Emu Q K Y" 1 X f ? A .ary 5 P? ',,,.,.:ee , Nm bg I I f l A ,-: t W- t , kA- L , N -,k. 3 I ff W 4-4 BA -E A U 2"L 'P . - r A 'Q . VY .,. ,E., -A ' If f L They've dined and rhey've danced, dnd merry they've been, Q With our qdy socicd life they've entered right in. K 3 X 55 vzw,,,,1.mza4e X, .,-1 f 1 1 , . , If ff . if 1 4 Q 9' 4 1 01 x. A QA" Ill Top Row Pearson, Virginia Peck, Bill Peck, Robert Perschnick, Helen Peterson, Ted A. Porter, lean Preston, Marjorie Second Row Pumtrey, Herbert Quick, Catherine Raaen, Ralph Randell, Arlene Rasmussen, Paul Reynolds, Ralph Rehn, Betty Mae Revis, Iohn Third Row Rhykerd, Harriette Rickords, Bob 1, -.49 ' ' l X R st Q t-wx ,Q X K P i 'A - ...Li ff 5:1 Third Row cconu Rodgers, lla Ross, Shirlyn Rowen, lack Ruth, Charles Sackey, Gene H. Sand, Darrel Fourth Row Sandall, Albert E. Sanford, Doris Saul, Lowena Saville, loyce Schlaf, lohn Schmidt, Mary Schneider, Eugene Scott, Marjorie Fifth Row Seaburg, Patricia Secrest, Robert Severns, Iames Shafman, Myrtle Shamon, losephine O I Fifth Row fCOI'1l.J Shamon, Martha Shaner, lohn Shay, Eileen Sixth Row Sherwood, Claire Showers, Glenn Sims, Forrest L. Smith, Marian Snow, Clifton Soper, lane Stephens, Minnie Stevens, Charles Seventh Row Stiarwalt, Meda Stiles, lohn Stiles, Elizabeth Stoftel, Alice Straub, Carol Strawn, Rosemary Stroops, Clarice Suitts, Robert Ellen g hex 1 But no longer now can they be Carefree, For the diqnified class of Seniors t11ey'H be. 7 vJ Q,-Pl Top Row Suydam, Delmar Swanson, Delores Swanson, Doris Swanson, Margaret Tabbone, Nick Talbert, Mary Tate, Betty Iane Second Row Tederman, Rosemary Terpening, Kyle E. Tinkham, Virginia Thiery, Roy Tolle, lames Torley, Margot Turner, Marjorie Turpin, Betty Third Row Turpin, Howard Voigt, Rosemary wax Xwi egsgi XX ! -Q: i A . .5 A CX u , .M h I t iv J T' . " ft 0 t 1,4 x , , s,.e-'Q-9553? 51: 'vaiffk'-ff 3. Q - Bmw? Sai ,aff ' Third Row iConl.l Wager, Georgetta Walberg, Gordon Wallace, Don Wallace, lohn C. Walters, Carol Walters, Donald Fourth Row Warner, Wanda Warren, lames Wasson, Kathryn Watson, Leroy Watson, Mary Martha Way, Doris Weaver, Harry Webster, Gloria Fifth Row Webster, loy Wedan, Wilbur G. Welsh, Robert West, Bill West, lack Fifth ROW fcontl Whiteside, Lydell Wignall, Evelyn Wilkins, Charles sixth Rew Willis, learldean Wilson, Bill Wilson, Earl Windish, Dale Windom, Catherine Winters, l-larry Wirt, lohn Wischhusen, Robert Seventh ROW Witherspoon, Robert Wolff, lim Woolsey, Esther Worcester, Russell Young, Harold If Q. 6, ,R gr I 1 A A I, r , If ji ' , A ' me rtdlin is rising, it's time for your cue- ' J . l Milli? ffwfglqnwxxv, our dear Iuniors, it's C111 up to you! . ' 5 ' O C-W-,.7 K' -Q" ,f' ,,g-,- V . , .. X51 -'40 H, Kgujbrff AROUND-ABOUT Sink it, girls! Dectdlineg Thumb Work? Net smilesg Letter Cwoelmen out! Dead-eye The crowd was tense! Straws. 1 Abrahamson, Leonard, 20,82,86, 120,123 Adams, Duane, -19 Adams, Donna Jean, 68, 101 Adcock, Joe, 20, 44, 45, 77, 86 Adcock, Marjorie, 68, 101 Adkisson, Mark, 49, 79, 112, 113, 116 Aitchison, Mr. John A., 14 Albers. Dorothy, 20 Albright, Faye, 68, 92, 101 Albright, Lee, 20 Albro, Lyle, 20, 82, 92, 93, 95, 9 Aldrich, Anne, 68, 101 Aldrich, Robert, 20, 77, 93, 118 Aldus, H arry, 14 Allen, John, 49 Allen, Martin, 20 Allen, Patti, 20, 83, 96 Allensworth, Ruth, 49, 73 Altine, Marjorie, 68, 101 6 Anderson, Bill, 49 Anderson, Bob, 69, 101 Anderson, Dale, 49 Anderson, Donald, 68, 90, 91, 92 Anderson, Donald L., 101 Anderson, Donald R., 68, 101 Anderson, Miss Hazel, 15, 70, 45 Anderson, Mr. J. E., 10 Anderson, Jimmie, 49 Anderson, Lois, 49, 85 Anderson, Marilyn, 68, 92, 101 Anderson, Miss Rachel, 15 Anderson, Ray, 68, 101 Anderson Richard. 20 Anderson, Robert E., 49, 91 Anderson, VVayne, 42 49, 71, 113 Andrews, Jeanne, 69 101 Andrews, Shirley, 20, 85 An lund Marion, 68, 101 Berry, Norma June, 49 Betson, Betty, 49 Billings, Lee, 49, 82, 116 Binz, Carl, 20 Birdsall, Betty, 20, 75 Bledsoe, Harriett, 68, 92, 101 Bledsoe, Russell, 101, 115, 124 lllixt, Paul, 101 Bloomberg, Lillian, 20, 72 69, 101 Blust, Eugene, Bogard, Louise, 69, 101 Boostrom, Cleo, 68, 101 20, 70 Booth, Maxine, Booth, Rex, 69, 101 Botham, Robert, 68, 101 Bothamley, Betty, 49 Boughan, Harold, 20, 45, 71, 92, 93, 95, 133 Elizabeth, 20, 78 96, Bowen, Bowen, XVallace, 68, 101 Betty, 68, 96, 101, 130 Bower, Bower, Helen, 101 Bower, Julia, 20, 72 Bowers, Esther Rose, 68, 101 Bowes, Arlo, 20 Chiquette, 49, 78 Bowles, Bowles, Jo Anne Louise, 20, 83, 96 Bowles, Paul, 101, 116 Pauline, 68, 101 Bowles, Bowman, Donald, 68, 101 Bowman, Edwin, 68, 101 Bowman, Merle, 20, 83 Boyd, Alice, 20, 8-l Boyd, Jean, 68, 101 Boyd, Marion, 68, 101 Boyd, Mary Louise, 20, 73 Boyd, Ruth Elizabeth, 20, 84 Boydstun, Charles, 41, 49, 7-74 86. 94, 96 This is the part that we call the index, its really another type of appendix. Carley Carley: Carlson, David, 49, 77, 87, 92, 95, 130 Rodney, 22, 42, Agnes, 51, 85 77, 87, 93, 133 Carlson, Barbara, 22, 84 Carlson, Betty, 68, 101 Carlson Bill, 101 Carlson George, 68, 113, 115, 120, 124 Carlson Marian, 49, 78 Carlson, Martha Jean, 49, 78, 92, 93 Carlson, Phillip, 68, 101 Carlson Robert, 68, 101 Carlson, XVillard G., 49, 79 Carmichael, Katherine, 101 Carusi, Dick, 22, 79, 116 Cassen, Betty L., 42, 68, 90, 101 Cates, Florence, 69, 92, 101 Catron, Florence, 22, 72 Cederoth, Georgene, 49, 70 Cederoth, Mary, 68, 101 Champion, Bob, 68, 101, 116, 124 Chandler, Betty, 22, 83, 87, 96, 133 Chandler, Mrs. Claire, 11 - IZ i Arie, lluriel, 49 Armpriest, Lucille, 20, 73 Arnold, Albert, 49 Asbury, Lyle, 20, 81 Ashby, John, 101 Asplund, Ronald, 68, 101, 124 Atwood, Phvl, 20, 76, 93, 96 Augerson, Harriett, 20 Auglund, Marion, 101 Averitt, Constance M.. 68, 92, 101 Avey. Jack, 68, 101, 115, 124 Aydelott, Virginia, 101 Babbitt, Bob, 49 Babbitt, Garnet, 49 70 Babbitt, Margaret, 101 Babbitt, Miss Marjorie, 15. 68 Bainbridge, Dorothy. 68. 101 Bayes, Bob, 42, 45, 46, 49, ff,S6,95,l30 Boynton, Jean, 69, 101 Bracker, Don. 49, 77, 90, 91 Bradley, Delvina, 49, 96 Bradley, Ethel Fae, 20 Brann, Lorain, 22, 84 Breedlove, Shirley, 22, 96 Brenneman, Agnes, 101 Brenneman, Loretta, 101 Briggs, Barbara, 49 Britton, Edward, 101, 116 Brooking, Mr. Thomas V., 14, 43, 93 Brown, Amanda, 101 Brown, Bob, 101 Brown, Evelyn, 49, 84 Brown, James P., 22, 71, 90, 91. 95 Brown, James D., 49 Bainter, Kenneth, 20, 80 Baker, Banks, Dorothy, 20 85 Selina, 20, 73 Barker, L10 rl 49 Barlow, Y 1 Jesse, 68, 101 Barnes, Dale, 49 Barrett, XVayne, 68, 90, 91. 96, 101, 116. 124 115, Barrow, John, 20, 77, 92 Bates, Bill, 101 Bauer, Richard. 69, 101 Bayless, Dorothy, 20,45,78,92.93,95.96 Becker, Sarajane, 68, 92, 101 Bednar, Mr. Charles, 15, 124 Behnke, Verne. 44, 68, 92, 96, 101 Bt-ll. Robert. 20, 96 llelshaw, Miss lilo. 15 Benedict, Audrey. 12. 49, 76 Benson, Dorothy J.. 20, 85 Benson, l'ali'icia, 49. 85 Bergstrom, John, 101 Bt-rn, Harold, 69. 101 Bt-rquist, Dale L., 40 Brown, La Vern, 49, 91 Brown, Margaret, 22, 83 Brownlee, Jean, 68, 92, 101 Brubaker, Gilbert, 69, 101 Bruner, Marjorie, 22, 85 Bruner, VVa1ter Buckley, Kathleen, 68, 92, 101 Burch, 1Vi1ey, 81 Burford, Beverly, 22, 78, 92, 93, 95, 96 Burke, Bernard, 122 Burkett, Durwood, 22, 77, Burkhalter, Robert, 92 Burton, XVayne, 49 Button, Eddie, 68, 101 llnzick, Merlyn K., 101, Byi-rly, Leonard, 68. 101 118, 123 115, 116,124 ckiffttny. Ktliili. 42, fn, nn lizmipbell, Betty. 21 fanipbell, llerline, 68, 101 l'ainpbell, Maurice, 69, 101, 116 l':intit-ld. Marilyn. 68. 101 Carl, Claralvelle. 22, 42. 87 C':irllwerg. -lean. 22, 85 Chapman, Jack, 22, 79, 96 Chase, Keith, 101 Chatterton, Margaret, 49, 76 Cherrington, Isal, 49, 78, 92 Cherrington, Verna, 68, 92, 101 Cills, Mary, 68, 101 Clark, Thelma, 68, 101 Clark, Virginia, 49 Clary, hlargaret, 22, 73 Clayburg, Rachel, 68, 101 Cline, John, 49, 176, 77,1 92 Cline, Mary Alice, 22 Cochran, Ruby, 49, 75 Coe, Robert, 22, 123 Coffey, Louise M. 68, 92, 101 Colburn, Clarice, 68, 96, 101 Cole, Betty-Leone, 49 Cole, Robert, 68, 101, 116, 124 Collier, Marion, 22, 84 Colville, Edith, 49, 78 Cunard, Josephine, 68, 101 Conlon, Melvin, 49, 82, 91 Conner, Robert, 68, 103 Cook, Kenneth, 38 Cooper, Mary Frances, 22, 76, 87, 93, 96 133 Corbin, VVi1liam, 22, 74, 91 Cotton, Phyliss A., 68, 103 Coughlin, George, 22, 42, -19, 74, 112, 113 Courson, Keith, 68, 103 Conrtright, Grace Lilly, 22, 75, 90 Cox, Eugene, 49 Cox, Miss Margaret E., 13 Coziahr, Elaine, 22, 73, 92 Coziahr, Doll, 68 Crabtree, Bette Irene, 68, 103 Craft, Anne, 22, 40, 76, 87, 93, 133 Craig, Daryl E., 49, 79 Craig, Maxine, 49, 72 Crandell, Dwight, 49, 77 Cratty, Jane, 49 Crouse, Harry, 103 Crozier, James, 22, 79 Crump, Hubert, 68, 103 Cruys, George, 68, 103 Cnllura, Mary, 68, 103 Cunningham, Marilyn, 49, 78, 92 Cunningham, Richard, 103 Curry, Mae Elizabeth, 42,68,92,96, 103 Curtis, Barbara, 68, 96, 103 Cushman, Susie, 68, 103 Cypreanson, Miss Clara, 14 Dahlstrom, Florence, 22, 76, 87, 92, 93, 96, 133 ff' g-1 ' , 'i l Hendricks, Damberg, Mr. Roy, 15, 79 Damitz, Geraldine, 69, 103 Danforth, Joe, 49 Danforth, Robert, 68, 103 Danielson, Harry, 69, 103 Danner, Sarah, 51, 84 Darrah, Duane, 38 Daugherty, Albert, 68, 103 Davies, Robert, 22 Davies, Yvillard, 51 Davis, Jean, 103 Davis, John, 51, 82 Davison, Gene, 103, 116 Dawson, Dora, 68, 103 Dawson, Lowell A., 51, 74, 91 Dawson, Shirley A., 68, 103 De Baugh, Richard, 55, 71, 92 Delong, Melba, 68, 103 Derby, Dorothy, 22 Derry, Jean, 68, 103 De Spain, VV'ilfred, 68, 103 Dexter, Robert, 68, 91, 103 Dickerson, Robert, 42, 103 Dickeson, Jimmie, 68, 91, 103 Dickinson, Jeanne, 22, 78, 96, 133 Dickinson, Maurice, 51, 90, 91 Diefendorf, Robert, 51 Dietrich, Mary Helen, 51, 76, 96, 125 Di Prima, Agatha, 51, 78, 92, 93 Di Prima, Josephine, 68, 103 Dixon, Betty, 22, 73, 92 Dixon, Dorothy, 51, 85, 96, 125 Dolinsick, Julius, 53 Dowell, Frances, 22 Doran, Ruth, 22 Downie, Bill, 22, 71, 90, 114 Doyle, Jim, 51, 77, 123 Duerre, Dolores, 22, 85 Duerre, Janet, 51, 73 Duggan, Leroy, 68, 95, 103, 115 Duke, Miss Marian, 15 Dulaney, Keith, 103 Frank, Bonnie Jean, 103 Frank, Ojie, 38 Freberg, Elizabeth, 68, 96, 103 Frederickson, Marjean, 51, 85 Freeburg, Russell, 68, 103, 124, 130 Freed, Aaron, 41, 42, 51, 71, 86 Freeman, Mr. Ross, 15 Freese, Phyllis, 24, 78 French, Mr. John, 15 Friedman, Maurine, 51, 78, 92 Frymire, Barbara J., 103 Frymire, Janet, 51, 78, 92 Frymire, Jean, 45, 68, 103 Fugate, Ralph, 68, 103 Fuhr, Mary, 42, 68, 92, 103 Fundenberger, Bob, 51, 71 Gale, Mrs. Irma R., 15, 85 Haggerty, Evelyn, 68, 103 Haines, Ru ssell L., 51, 82 Hall, George, 51 Hall, Sam, 68, 103, 116 Hall, VVilla Bell, 24, 73 Hallas, Bill, 69, 103, 124 Hallberg, Eleanor, 68, 103 Hamblin, Curtis, 69, 103 Hamblin, Dorothy, 103 Hamilton, Bill, 51, 77, 95, 96 Hamilton, Colletta, 51, 85 Hamilton, Velma, 68, 103 Hampton, Barbara, 24, 70 Hand, Betty, 68, 92, 103 Hand, Burton, 69, 103 Hand, Jam es, 24, 91 Hanlon, Jack, 24, 77, 123 Galyean, Mary Elizabeth, 68, 103 Gans, Juanita, 24, 83 Gardner,'Gerald, 24, 42, 77, 92, 95 Gardner, Harold, 24, 77, 95 Garman, Juanita, 68, 103 Garman LaVerne, 74 Garst, Mr. Harry, 14, 44, 82 Garver, Dale R., 51, 77, 95 Gattermier, John., 51 Gayman, Arthur, 51, 82, 92, 93 Gayman, Lucille, 68, 103 Gianakis, Andrew, 68, 103, 115, 116 Gianakis, Sophie, 51 Gibbs, Margaret, 24, 70 Hanna, 1Villiam, 26, 80 Hanson, Paul, 103 Hardine, Harold, 69, 103 Harding, Edwin, 38, 80 Harnest, Jim, 26, 41, 45, 77, 92. 93, 94 95, 130 Harman, Marilyn, 53, 83, 92, 93 Haroldson, Robert, 26, 112, 113 Harris, Mary, 68, 103 Hartley, Clayton, 53, 77, 91, 92, 93, 96 Harshbarger, Alice, 26, 85 Harshbarger, Jack, 68, 103 Harshbarger, Louise H., 90, 92, 103 Harshharger, Mr. Royal A., 15 Gifford, Guinevere, 51, 85 Giles, Rebecca, 44, 68, 103 Gillespie, Mr. John, 14, 113 Gilliland, Edward, 51 Gladfelter, Kenneth, 24, 80 Glasco, Joe, 24, 81, 96 Glasnovich, Anthony, 24, 31, 93, 95 Glasnovich, John, 51 Glass, Cynthia, 24, 76, 130 Glass, Everett, 68, 103, 116 Glass, Mack, 24, 80, 95, 116 Harvey, Marilynn, 53, 73, 96 Hast, Betty, 26, 90, 91 Hausman, Mary Louise, 69, 92, 103 Haussmann , George, 68, 96, 105 Hawkinson, Dorothy, 53, 75 Hawkinson, Kathryn, 68, 105 Hawthorne, Stanley, 26, 42, 91 Hawthorne, Hazlett, Je Stewart, 26, 90, 91, 92 an, 53, 85 Healey, llarcile, 53, 73 Carl, 26 Dulaney, Robert, 51, 82, 90, 96, 113 Duncan, Lena Mae, 51 Dunkle, Carolyn, 68, 103 Dunkle, Dunlap, Frances, 68, 103 Dorothy, 24, 75, 96 Dupuy, Beulah, 103 Durbin, Irene, 51, 72 Dutch, Henry S., S1 Duvall, Ruth, 51, 85 Eaves. Earl, 68 Ebv, H len 68 103 Goedeke, Clarence, 68, 103 Goedeke, Orville, 24, 80 Goehrig, Charlotte, 24, 75 Goodman, Stanley, 24, 80, 95 Goodwin, Mr. XVilliam, 15, 77 Gordon, Jean, 24, 40, 46, 76, 86, Gray, Orlo, 68, 103 Green, Lois, 68, 103 Gregory, Lillian, 51, 85 Grider, Paul, 24, 80, 130 90, 130 Henning, Hazel, 53, 78 Henning, Vivian, 68, 105 Henry, Betty, 68, 105 Hensley, Eugene, 68, 105 Hermetet, Marilyn, 53, 70 Herndon, Leon, 80 Hertenstein, Phyllis, 53, 75 Heule, XVendell, 53, 82 Hibbard, Imogene, 53, 78 Hickman, Eloise, 53, 78 e , ., EckhoH, Merle, 51, 74, 91 Ecklund, Beverly June, 24, 73, 90, 91 Ecklund, Curtis, 49 Edwards, Gerald, 69, 103 Ekstrom, John, 38 Elliott, Harriett, 51, 85 Elphick, Jeanette,45,46,51,76,87,93,l30 Elphick, Lisa, 2-1, 93, 130 Ensley. lkladalyne, 51, 78 Eppsteiner, Margaret, 24, 70, 92 Eppsteiner, Frances, 68, 103 Erickson, Arlyne, 24, 92 Erickson, Clarence, 68, 103, 115, 116. 124 Erickson, Eugene, 68, 103, 124, 129 Erickson, Lorraine, 51 Erickson, Marian, 24, 70 Essex, Paul, 51 Griftith, Don, 51, 74, 113 Grimes, Leola, 51, 73 Grogan, James, 24 Grogan, Roberta, 24, 85 Guenther, Charles, 69, 91, 103 Guenther, Dale, 103 Guenther, Dayzie, 51 Gummerson, Howard, 68, 103 Gustafson, Leone, 24 Gustafson, Stanley, 24, 91 Hadden, Louise, 51, 83 Hadden, Rosemary, 24, 83, 86, 93,96, 133 Haggenjos, Miss Carolyn, 17 Hicks, John, 53, 71, 113, 116 Hicks, Joyce, 53, 70 Hivizins L . , ois, 68, 105 Hilker, Miss Jeanette, 15, 78 Hill, Robert Lee, 68, 90, 91, 105, 116,12-1 Hinehliff, Joan, 26, 40, 46, 76, 86, 93, 96, 133 Hinchman, M r. Claude, 10 Hix, Alvin, 53 Hjerpe, Marcel, 105 Hodgeman, XViIlis, 68, 105 Hudson, Arlene, 26, 73, 90, 92 Hohl, Doris, 53 Evans, Brice, 68, 103 Evans, Raymond, 51, 116 Robert, 51, 71, 113, 116, 122 Evans, E'walt, Richard, 51 Ewing, James, 68, 103 3 Fairbairn, Robert, 24, 46, 77, 87. 118, 1 3. 143 Ilabel. 51 Dorothy, 24, 72, 96 Robert, 51 Ruth, 45. 68. 90, 103 Robert E., 51, 82. 96 Louise. 42. 51. 76. 92 24, 84 '70 I O U U O l1U1l'0ml1, 11171111 09, 105 Jnlinson, XYayne H., 26, 71, 95 llolmes, Ricllard, 26, 811. 91 Jones, Cleo, 68, 105 llolst, Jack, 26, 82, 911, 111, 133 Jones, Glen, 69, 105 Horn, Kennctli. 53, 82, 91, 113 Jones, Blary Belle, 68, 92 llorton, Lois, 53, 78 Jones, Muriel, 53, 78 llotehlciss, Morton, 41, 53, 77, 06 .I1111CS1ll'l, Lloyd, 26, 79 ll11ll1SllL'l151 ,luck 53 :lUl'1l!1l1, Garrett. 69, 90, 91, 105 ll'11114l1, Yir1:i11i:1, -12. 1115 ,inet-plrsoii, Max, 26, 79, 114 lloulihan, Rriliert, 53, 82, 116 -165,-p1150n, NV31ger H., 53 Hifwe. R1ly1lI1.3l?4 Jnrjevich, Kathryn, 26, 75 6 " . 1 ', r - 11f1l1'i1l11f1. limlier, rn, vs, 105 :1i'l1lf'fii,Mf'fQ1"e: 281, 850. 1111111m11, s11if1e,', w, 1115 ,Ej11f"C ji- fSS'fbf'w,1 ' llinlgel, liatlilecn, 26, 84 lffflfllll' H953 5.81. 18' 791 93 llndson, NY. l1., 69, 116 If'i'l't lf -,IES .d85tf"2a6'8g3 Hughes, Lloyd, 26, 81, 95, 116 'Mehr' ', en an' 1' llnghes, Louise L., 611, 1115 Fellry' Lathe' 68' '05 lnigheg. snr-1111, ms, 1115 1SC'N'Uff1 'MQYY 08-,105 llnnnicutt, Robert. 68, 111, 1115 Ifemmer' R0 en' HJ - - Hum' Ucsbip' 20. NS. ,H xenni, Robert, 28, -11, fl, 87, 90, 91, 111161, Ruth, 5-3, 85 I. 'f-1 9",,96' Mfg, llnrlvul. J1111111111, 26, 7-1 Ivjmlfcly' luitty' .3'73 592 lliirlbut, Carol. 46. 72, 86, 92, 133 IrgxSi155'3 ' ., 1, . - , 4 , . Hmnd' M109 Mtn' ll mnncy, Chauncey, 28, 79, 90 llli,1111l, 111-tty, 68. 1115 Ingles. 1511111111-. 53, 75 Irvine. Miss Izllcn, 15, 13 Jacob. Jae1l111-li11e, 68, 96. 1115 lzicobs. l111n:1ld. 74 llacolmson, Dorothy, 53, 76 ,1:1ro11son. l11111141'11e. 118, 1115 Janes, Helen, 26, 85 Janes, Mary 111-lle, 1115 Jennings. lfilecn, 68, 1115 11111111 s l'l17'1beth 13, 16, 81. 116, 125 . 1 14.. . .. , .. -luiison, l161'11tl1y. 53. 83 ,lt-11'ell, A111111 Loise, 26, 73 11-well, llirdie, 1115 linienez, 1.11111-, 68. 1115 ,111l11lllSCl1. Ray. 53 ,l11lll1501'l, ll:1r11:1ra. 68, 1115 J11l1nso11, 1!:1r11:1r:1 Jean, 53. 73 K enncy, George, 53 Kent. Robert, 79, 92, 93, 105, 115 Kidder, Lowell, 53 liiinptoii, Marjorie, 53, 75 Kipling, Norma, 68, 91, 96, 105 Kite. Richard, 28, 71 lijellander, Gertrude, 53, 83 lilapp. Virginia, 53, 73 Klein. Dorothy, 28, 83 6 lilinge, Geraldine H., 4-1, 45, 53, 70, 93,9 lilott. Oliver, 105 lilott. Violet, 28, 72 linauss, Jimmie, 53 liolift-1', llarbara Jean, 28, 76, 87 Kooiie, Maribelle, 28, 83, 139 liraniin, Hartzell, 28 lXl'Zll11ll'l, Maurine. 53, 70 -I6l111sf111. .I ohnson, 111l111son. Jnlinson, ,ll1lll1S0l1, Johnson, J I1l1l1S1'111, wl11l11lS0ll, Johnson, ,l11l11lr0l1. -141l111w11. lolinson, -I 1-linson, Jnhiison, Johnson, Jnlinson, johnson, Johnson, jnlinson, Jolinson, Johnson, Jnlinson -l11llllS0l1. Johnson, ,111l1115011, flnllnsmi, Jnhnson, Jolinson, lolinson, Jolinson. Jolinsoii, Tolinson l11lI11Sf111, Johnson. 1..., l1.1111.1r.1 l... 53. llvvo. 611. 1115 lla-1'11vee, 26, 711 83 C1111 rlotte, 68, 105 Clara. 68. 1115 1'l:1r1-nee F., 26, 81 l1on:1l1l, 26 111111 li.,6f1, 1115 ll11l11ll1l lf.. 53 111111 l,., 26, 71 l1111'11Il1y. 53, 83 li'1'iC, 26, 91 lCrly11c, 26 1511-1le1'icl:, 92 llarolrl, 69. 105 ll:1l1, 26 lva. 53 Joan. 53 Joyce, 68, 90, 105 l 1 ,nis '1., 26. 87 Lrniise, 68, 1115 Marjuerite, 116, Marjorie, 26. 75 Martha, 53, 83 Nlax, 105 105 Miss Mildred, 15 Muriel. 69. 1115 Mr, l'aul, 16. 7-1 l,ill1l L., 26. 711 Phyllis, 26, 411. 70, 81, 1311 R11l11'1'l C., 53, 71 Robert L., 38 Sliirlev, 26, 411, .. 'l'hvln1:1, 26, 84 83, 81 l.affe1'ty, Harold, 68, 92, 105 l,:1g4ergre11, Mr. C. J., ll l41l14L'1'Sll'0ITl, Helen, 105 Lzigerstroni, Irene, 53 l.llllll1, Miss Flora, 17 l.J1.l11l2ll1, Barbara, 69, 105 l.1l1l1lCl'lDCfgCl', Bob, 69, 96 1115 ll.Z1111l11ll,NCf1, 28, 44, 46, 77,87,9l,93,130 .z1n1l6n, Mr. Roy S., 17, 68 .ant-. Dorothy, 28, 8-1 .JlI111llOll1'l, David li., 53 allllll. Mr. Edwin, l7 'son ack 28 .ar , J , , 81 .ZlI'S11lL,lHCli L., 53, 82. 90, 91, 92,216,125 , . I l l Larson, Elsie, 28, 73 l l :,:1sh111'ook, Naughn, 53, 77 .a11're11ce, Jack, 53, ff, 81, 92, 93, 95, 911, 125, 130 Lee, lietty, 68, 96, 105 Leighly, Robert, 38 Leninions, Betty J., 68, 90, 105 Leonard, llenny, 69, 105 l.t'Ol11ll'fl, Earl, 28, 80 :.L'1'1l12lI'll, Ethel, 68, 105 .1-rscb, llarjorie, 44, -15, 46, 53, 78, 87, 91 1, 125, 130 l.cster,Clarenc1e,28,41,42,77,92,114,11 l.t1'l11h01'l, Curtis, 28, 74 Levinson, Donald, 68, 105 1.1-wis, Blary Louise, 28, 70, 90 Lieber, Dorothy, 53, 70 Lindbeck, Ivan, 68, 105 Lindsey, lfr. Richard V., 10 Lindstrom, Barbara, 28, 76 8 Linn, Marjorie, 68, 105 Linner, Blarvin, 42, 68, 95, 105, 115, 124 Linrothe, Donna Mae, 28, 76, 86, 133 Lithander, Lee, 69, 105 Lofgren, Mr. G,, 11 Logsdon, Louise, 68, 105 Lo gsdon Logsdon , Marie, 28 , Ronald, 69, 105, 116 Lohmar, Diana. 53 Lohmar, Robert, 55, 116 Long, Eldon, 28, 112, 113 Long, J Lovell, Lowry, immie, 55 Dorothy, 68, 105 Ruth, 28, 83, 86, 90, 92, 96 Lundeen, Rob, 42, 55, 71, 122 Lundeen, Jack, 55 Lundeen, Jane, 42, 55, 83, 95, 125 Lundeen, Shirley, 28, 83, 96, 133 Lutes. Robert L.. 55 Lynch, Darrell, 68, 92. 105 Lynch, Vera, 68, 105 Lyons, Shirley, 55, 84 McArthur, Ruth, 68, 105 Mc.-Nuley, Frances, 55, 85, 92 McCarthy, Jessie, 55, 84 McCaughey, John, 28, 45, 92, 93 95, 96 McClelland, Robert, 44, 45, 46, 55 so, 93. 130 McClure, Joan, 55, 75 McCollum, Frankie Lee, 68, 105 McCracken, A. Joan, 68, 105 McCullo ugh, Eugene, 28, 82, 91 McElvaine, Mary Adaline, 2, 90, 105 llclflwa McGill, i11, Bill, 68, 105 Earl, 55, 81, 91, 96 , 119 , 94, 1 McGill, Fred, 68, 96 McKinney, Albert, 68, 105 McLain, Dick 28, 96 McLain, Gordon, 28, 46, 79, 86, 93. 95, 96,l12,113,133 McLaughlin, Donald, 28, 55, 79 McLaughlin, Jeanne, 68, 92, 1115 McMahon, Genevieve, 68, 107 McMaster, James, 28 McMillion, Laura, 68 , 107 McMillion, Leonard, 28, 71, 74. 114 McNeil, June, 55, 84 McVey, Ralph, 69, 107 Blaciel, Mary, 68, 105 Blagee, Mildred, 69, 105 Magnuson, Dorothy, 28. 73 Mallery, Dorothea, 28, 70 Malm, VVilliam, 55, 79 Malmrose, Lois, 55, 85 Manley, Betty, 68, 90, 105 Manley, Ruth, 28, 85, 90, 96 Mariner, Phillip. 41, 68, 90, 91, 96, 10 Marshall. Doris, 28, 78 Martin, Beverly R., 68, 105 Martin, Leona. 105 Hlartz, John, 55 llarvin, Rob, 30, 79, 112, 113 Mason, Howard, 55, 69, 105 llason, Lloyd, 55, 71, 86, 113, 116 Mathias, Tack, 69, 90, 96, 1115 hlaupin, hliles. 68, 105 Klaxwell, Blilrlred, 105 Mead, Bill, 68, 107 Meadows, Ralph, 30, 74 Mecum, Charlene, 68, 107 Megginson, Corrine, 55, 70 Mejia, Avelina, 55 Melin, Howard G., 55 Melton, Roy, 30, 81 Mentzer, Dale, 68 lNIercer, Bill, 69, 107, 116 Merrill, Donald, 68, 107 . ,,,, , hletz, Carolyn, 30 Meyer, Robert, 55 Middaugh, Ruby, 68, 92, 107 Miles, John, 68, 107 Miles, Theodore, 30, 74, 90, 91 Miller Dick, 69, 107 Milleri Dorothy, 107 Miller, Earl, ss, 71, 92, 113, 116 Miller, Harry, 30, 79, 95, 114 5 ,123 Behind the scenes of every ploy The crews make Moon, while the cost makes "hay" ii. The track oi ct high grade seems to lead To spelling the word success, suck-ceed. Miller, Jerry, 68, 107 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller. 87, Miller Madeline, 107 Mildred, 107 Ray, 107 Rupert Stevens, 30, 44, 46, 82, 92, 93, 96. 133 Ruth 55, 92 niiisfiaob, 2.9, 107 Mills, Ralph 30, 71 Milroy, Loisl ss, 70, Qs, oo, 125 Minium, Robert, 68, 107 Minnick, Blartin, 55 Mitchell, Dorcas, 55 Mitchell, Fred, 55, 122, Mitchell, Howard, 55, 82 Mitchell, Patricia, 68, 107 Moberg, llert, 68, 107 Mofhtt, Moon, I Miss Helen, 17, 69 da Marie, 55, 83, 87, 90, 92, 130 Moon, Lyman, 30. 79, 116 Moore, llill, 30, 77, 96 Moore, Cora, 30, 76, 87, 92, 133 Moreland, Armor C., 55, 91 Moran, Ralph, 69 Morris, Betty Eileen, 55, 90 Morris, lletty Eleanor, 55 Morrison, Bernard, 30, 74 Morriso n, Martha, 55, 84 Morrissey, De1Vitt, 55, 74, 114 Morss, hloser, Kenneth, 45, 74 Miss Frances, 17, 83 Mudd, Kenneth, 30, 71 Mumme y, Tom, 68, 107 Munson, Leo, 30, 71, 87, 91, 93, 95 112, 113, 133 Mureen, llr. E. XV., ll lllureen Marian, 30, 75, 87, 96 BIUTCCIII shifiey, es, 107, iso Mureen, Virginia, 30, 76, 93 Murphy Thelma, 107 Mustainy, Rolland, 30, 79 Mustain, XVende11, 69, 107 Myers, Napier, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, N elson. N elson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson NeShii,' 3'o, 43, 76, sf, oz, on Delwyn, -12, 45, 55 Clarence. 107 Bob Dale, 55 Bob L., 69, 107 Dale, 68, 107, 115 Dale H., 55 Edsel, 30, 81 Fred. 69, 107 tiene, 55 Harriet, 311, 73 John, 69 Iune, 30, 78 Katherine, 30, 78 Lois, 68, 92, 107 Marjorie, 55, 70 Mary, 55, 84 Melvin, 55 Ray, 68, 107, 124 Richard, 55, 115 Rosalee, 30, 75, 93, 96 Russell, 68, 107, 124 Shirley 68 107 Nicholson, lletty Lee, 30, 78 Norburg, Louise, 55 Nordhielm, lierndt, 30, 82, 87, 93 Norquis t, lletty, 30, 70, 92 .133 Norquist, Robert, 68, 92, 107 Norstrom, Gladys, 30, 44, 70, 87, 92, 96 Northru C A p, Jack, 55 21 77 1 1 Y n , ' J. K -u ' v 1 - - ,r X 1 p A -f 5 1 Norton, Leila, 68, 107 Norton, Stanley, 55, 71 Nyman, Fred, 30, 77, 93 Nystrom, Mr. A., ll Nystrom, jane, 30, 70 O'13rien, Kathryn, 55, 83 U'Connor, Mrs. Louise, 11 Oberling, Lois, 30, 75, 87, 133 Ohlsson. Gunnard, 30, 80 Oliver, lletty lane, 68. 107 Oliver, lletty June, 68, 107 Olsen, Forrest NV., 42, 55, 71, 113, 116 Olson, Bernice, 30, 78 Olson, Chester, 68 Olson, Dwight, 30, 82, 92, 95 lirancis, 55, 77, 113 Olson, Olson, Miss Helen, 16 Olson, john, 30 Richard, 55, 91, 92, 93, 95 Olson, Orwig, Jane, 68, 107 Osgood, Marguerite Maye, 107 Osmer, Mary Ieannette, 68, 107 Ostrum, Percy, 30, 74 Owen, Barbara, 68, 107 Owens, Larry, 55, 79, 116, 123 Palmer, George, 68, 107 Palmer, Mary Ellen, 68, 107 Palmer, Mary Phyllis, 107 Palmrose, Carl, 55 Parkinson, Dean, 30, 71, 86, 91, 120 Parkinson, Merrill L., 55, 116 Parkinson, Robert, 32, 71, 90, 91, 96 Parks, llarbara, 32, 76, 86, 92, 96, 130 Parks, jean, 42, 68. 90, 91, 107 Parmenter, Allen, 55, 79, 116 Parnell, Evelyn, 32. 40, 75. 86, 92, 133 Parrish, James, 55 Paton, George, 68, 107 Payne, Edith, 32, 73 Peabody, Phyllis L., 32, 84 Peak, llillie, 68, 96. 107 Pearson, Eugene, 68, 107 Y Pearson. Robert, 68, 90. 91, 107, 115 Pearson, Virginia. 57, 73 Pearson, XYillar4l, 32, 82 Peart, Mr. Ray, 16. 68 Pease, Verna, 32, 78 Peek, llill, 57, 79 Peck, fliarles. 69, 107 Peck, Robert, 57, 77, 112. 113. 116, 122 Pendergast, Robert, 32, 79 Perschnick, llernadine, 32, 72 Perschnick, Helen, 57, 72 Peterson, Maryan, 68. 107 Peterson, Ted A., 57, 79 Peterson, Vincent. 32, 41. -14, 46, 77, 86, 91, 93, 133 Phillips, Mr. Gerald, 17 Pine, Lorraine, 68, 107 Poe, Donald, 32, 74 Poole, lletty, 32, 72, 92 Pople, Betty, 32, 73 Porter. Jean, 57, 76, 86, 92, 93, 119 Porter, Mary Ann. 68, 107 Puckett, Dorothy, 32, 73, 96 Pumfrey, Eleanor, 32 Pumfrey, Herbert, 57, 84 Quick, Catherine, 57, 75 Raaen, Ralph, 32, 57, 80 Radke, Mr., 17, 69 Rahn, Carol, 68, 92, 96, 107 Randell, Arlene, 57, 70 Ransom, lletty, 68, 107 Rasmussen, Paul, 57 Reed, Dewey, 68, 107 Reed, Earl, 68, 107 Reed, Elizabeth, 68 Reed, Shirley, 107 Reem, Dorothy, 32, 72 Reeves, Arlene, 32, 72 Reeves, Frances, 107 Reinhold. 11012. 32, 96 Rehn, Betty Mae. 57, 84 Rennie, Miss Mary Ellen, 17 Reno, Hugh, 32, 79, 87, 115, 116 Renow. Doris, 32, 73 Reser, Homer, 38, 79 Revis. john. 57 Reynolds, Alice. 32. 84 Reynolds, Iiilly. 69, 92. 107 Reynolds. Ralph. 57 Rhykerd. ll:1r1'iettc. 57. 84 Rich, Mrs. Lucy. 17 Richards. lnnu. 68, 107 Richardson. -lo.Xnne, 68. 96. 107 Rickards. llob. 57, 74 Riggle, llonalll. 69. 107 Riley, l"ern. 32. 84. 90, 92 Riley. Yauelin. 32 Ring, Merrill. 68, 107 Rios, -lvdslls, 107 Ritter, lfrant-is. 74 Ritter. XY:iinla, 32. 83. 130 Roberts, llorotliy. 68, 91, 1417 Roberts. Ralph. 32. 79 Robertson. lit-tty jane. 68. 107 Robertson. Mr. 17, lf.. 12 Robinson. lion. 32, 91- Rodenliouser. 1'leo Mae, 32. 711 Rodenlionsrr. llorotliy. 90. 92, 10 1 Roclg'e's, lla. 57 Rogers, l':itriria, 32. 76 Rosenbere, lziines, 68. 107 Rosint-, liziiliryn. 197 Ross. Shirlyn. 57, Roulanil. liiziniia. 68. 107 Rowen. 71:11-l,. 57. 82, 92. 95. 96 Rupert. 111-1-iii.-ct-, ns, 161 Ruth, tllifirles, 57. 77 Ruth. Ricllziiwl. 32. 77 92 Ryan, llorie, 78 Ryberg, Dick. 32. 75, 79 R' Nli S11 'i 17 1' 76, si. 96 yin, . ss . U' viz. . -5 Ryner. llolorvs. 42. 1.8. 109 Ryno, llnli, 1.9, 1117 Ryno. Diel., 69 Sackey, tiene ll.. 57 Sallee. l.ueili-, 68. 107 Sand, llarrel, 57. 71. 96 Sandall. Allnfri lf.. 57, 111. Sandberg. lillssvsll. 32. 80 Sandburg, Marjorie. 68. 107 Sandeen-. llzirbzira J., 68, 96, 107 Sandeen. t'li:irles. 68. 91, 107. 12 Sanford. Doris, 57. 83 Sargent, Lloyd. 32. 81. 95, 116 7 " " 1 1 Sarver. 111110, 3-, 41, 7 1, sf, M, Jr.. 1211 Saul, Lowena. 57, 92 Saum, Mary jane, 32, 12. 46. 75. 87. 130 Sauter. Marian. 32. 42. 83. 87. 96, 130 Saville. Joyce. 57. 78 Scannel. llarry. 34 Schlaf, John. 57 Schmidt, Mary, 57. 76. 130 Schmidt. Tlioollore. 68, 92. 107. 130 Schneider. liuct-ne. 57. 91, 912 Scholls. llarolll. 34. 71 Schultz, llvttyr, 34, 78 Schurtz. lack. 34 Scneder. Rutli. 34, 73. 91 Scott, Helen. 107 Scott, Marjorie. 57. 72 Scott, Mary Lee, 34. 83 Scott, Robert, 69. 107 Seabure, Pritricia. 57. 78 Scarl, lslt-a. 34. 73 Searles. Orlie. 34. 74 Secrest. llarolil. 34. 43. 46. 77, 8196. 133 Seerest, ob--rt, 57 R Seifert, Ellwziril. 34. 41 . 77, 87.96.115 17' Seder, Mr. lirank ,l.. lf. 69 Selander. llonxild. 69, 107 ,- Vassar, Smith, Harvard and Yale, XVatters, Ardean, 68, 109 Showers, Glenn, 57 Selle, iiraee, 34, 84 Sells, Clark, 34, 41, 77, 96, 133 Sepich, Emma, 68, 107 Severns, james, 34, 57, 74 Shafman, Henry, 34, 81 93 Shafman, Myrtle, 57 Shamon, Iosephine, 57 Shamon, Martha, 57, 85 Shaner, john, 57 Sharp, Ralph, 34, 77, 91 Sharp, Roy, 34, 41, 77, Shaw, llenjamin, 34, 80 Shay, Eileen, 57 Sheelev, Dale, 34. 74 , 96, 133 87, 96, 133 Sheldon, Mrs. Florence, 16 Sheldon, Nellie, 68, 109 Shelton, XYil1ian, 109 Sherman. Elizabeth. 34, 75 Sherwood, Claire Ellen, 57, 78, 92, Sherwood, Marilyn, 68, 109 None can tell where one may sail! I' him ' Suydam, Donald, 68, 109 Swank, Charles, 34 Swanson, Alice, 34, 75, 86 Swanson, Dale, 69, 109 Swanson, Delores, 59, 70 Swanson, Doris, 59, 70 Swanson, Eugene, 68 Swanson, Lois, 36, 72 Swanson, Margaret, 59, 76, 92, 93 Swanson, Mr. Martin, 17 Swanson, Richard, 68, 109 Swanson, Robert, 36 Swanson, Robert L., 36 Swartout, Shirley, 68, 92, 109 Swigart, Dick, 109, 124 Swigart, Robert, 109, 116 Swigart, XVilliam, 115 Swinton, Mr. XVayne, 17, 80 Tabhone, Jennie, 36, 84 Tabbone, Nick, 59 Taber, Beth, 36, 70 XVarner, Mary Jane, 68, 109 XVarner, XVanr1a, 59, 73 WVarren, Iames, 59 Vllasson, Helen, 73 XVasson, Katheryn, 59, 70 Vtlatson, Leroy, 59, 82, 114 XVatson Mary Martha, 40, 45, 59, 7 s7,'92, 93, 96, 130 Showers, Harold, 68, 109 Shroyer, June, 68, 109 Silver, Francis, 68, 109 Sims, Forrest L., 57 Sims, Ruth Marie, 68, 109 Simmons, Dale, 109 Simonson, Jack, 69, 109. 115 Talbert, Mary, 59, 70 Tapper, Raymond, 36, 81 Tate, Betty Iane, 59, 90, 92, 96 Tederman, Rosemary, 59, 84 Terpening, Kyle E., 59 Terry, Miss Grace, 17, 93 Theobald, Phillip, 36, 74 . Richard, W'ay, Doris, 59, 76, Weaver, Harry, 59, 92 VVebb, Hortense, 36, 72 72 73 VVatters 69, 115 93 VVebster, Esther, 36, XVebster, Gloria, 59, XVebster, Joy, 44, 46, 59, 76, 87, 130 XVedan, Carl. 36, 79 XVedan, Wilbur G., 59 VVeinberg, Lois, 68, 109 XVeir, Barbara I., 68, 109 XVe1sh, Robert, 59 YVenstrom, Irene, 68, 109 VVest, Barbara I., 36, 75, 87, 130 XVest, Bill, 59, 82, 92, 95 W'est, George, 68, 109, 115 XVest, Jack, 59, 71, 95, 96, 118 XVestfa1l, Donald, 68, 109 VVestfa11, Winona M., 36, 45, 75, 92 Slader, Eugene, 68, 109 Slaven, Mr. E. Prince, 16 Sloan, lietty, 68, 109 Sloan, Maxine, 68, 109 Smith, Bernard, 34, 74 Smith, Mr. Charles, 17 Smith, Claudia, 69, 91, 109 Smith, Ellen, 68, 109 Smith, Ernest, 68, 109 Smith, Jean, 34, 72 Smith, Marian, 57, 72 Smith, Marian Frances, 34, 73 Snapp, XYil1iam, 34, 77 Thierry, Mary, 68 Thierry, Roy, 59, 112, 113, 116 Thomas, Charles, 36, 45, 79, 93, 95, 96, 112, 113, 133 Thomas, Mildred, 36, 84 Thompson, Marie, 68, 92, 109 Thompson, Ruth I., 68, 109 Tingley, Ruth, 36, 73 Tinkham, Virginia, 59, 75, 96 Toland, Betty, 68, 109 Tolbert, Margaret, 36, 76, 86, 90, 91, 119 Tolle, Iames, 38, 59, 74, 112, 113 Tonkin, Dorothy, 68, 109 94, 95, 96 1 VVhee1er, W anda V., 36, 73 XVher1ey, Margaret, 109 XVhipp1e, Mrs. Velma, 16 XVhite, Coyleen, 36 White, Greta, 68, 109 NVhite, Leonard, 36, 42, 82, 87, 130 White, Miss Velma F., 16, 76 VVhite, VVi1liam, 68, 91, 109 NVhite William, 90, 92, 109, 116 xviatekide, Lydell, 59 Snavely, Helen Ruth, 68, 96, 109 Snow, Clifton, 57, 81 Snyder, Mr. F. F., 13 Soper, Jane, 42, 57, 76, 93, 95, 130 Sowder, Dorothy, 34, 76, 87 Spenader, Robert, 90, 109, 115, 124 Spencer, Stanley, 68 Sperry, Mary, 34, 78 Torley, Margot, 59, 76, 90, 91 Tracy, Grace, 69, 92, 109 Tracy, Virginia, 36, 42, 76, 86 Traff, Virgil, 36, 79, 112, 113 Trebbe, Eugene, 36, 74 Treffer, Brough, 36, 82, 90, 91, 95,96, 113 Trout, Hurlene, 36, 80, 91 Trulson, Marjorie, 36, 78, 87, 133 XVica1l, Maxine, 42, 44, 68, 109 NVigna11, Evelyn, S9 XVilcox, Keith, 36 NVi1der, Lucille, 38, 72, 96 VVilkins, Charles, 59 NVi1kins, John, 38, 79 Willer, James, 38, 82 VVi11iams, Emma, 38, 73 XVi11iams, Mr. Paul, 17, 45, 93 Williams, XVarren, 38, 74 Ullrieh XYinters, Stevens, Charles, 57 Harry, 59 Spillman, George, 69. 109, 115 Stanton, Marvin, 68, 109 Starr. llill, 34, 79, 115, 124 Steele, tiliarles, 38 Stegall, lfranees, 34, 73 1 Steller Edward, 68, 101 Stephens, Minnie, 57 Stepllciis, Patricia, 68, 92, 96, 109 Stevens. l.i-ster, 34 Stevenson, Lorene, 68, 92, 109 Tupper. Roberta, 44. 68. 109 Turnbull, Turner Jack, 36, 71, 123 1,1111 A. 36, 42, 10 Turner: Marjoriie, 59, 70 Turney, Eileen, 44, 68, 109 Turpin, lletty, 59 Turpin, Evelyn, 36, 76, 87, 133 Turpin, lloward, 59, 77 Evelyn 68 92,109 Stewart, llelen, 109 Stiarwalt, Meda, 57, 85, 92 Sticlile, Miss Ruth, 17 Stiles, john, 57 Stine, lX'al1aee, 71 Stites, Edward, 34, 80, 95 Stites, Elizabeth, 57, 73 Stivers, Keith, 68, 109 Stivers, Loretta, 34, 78, 96 Stocrzbacli, Helen, 34, 40, 42, 83, 86 Unziclcer, Roy, 42, 68, 96, 109, 115 Upton, Howard, 36, 71, 123 Van Clit-son, lletty, 68, 109 Van fiieson, James, 36, 77, 93, 95, 96 Varner, fi. lVinona, 68, 109 Voigt, Rosemary, 59, 76 Vourgias, Mable, 68, 109 lYager, ficorgetta, 59, 73 XYagher, Dean, 36 XYagher, Richard, 36, 74 XYagencr, Rena, 109 XYainright, llarvey, 36, 71 XYalberg', Gordon, 59, 82 Mzillis, Iezirldean, 59 XX ilson, XYi1son, liill, 59, 81 Earl, 59, 79 Theresa, 38,40, 70, 87,92,93,133 XYindis11, Dale, 59 YVi1son, Vl'indom Caroline, 38 3311115101112 Catherine, 59 XYindom, Eileen, 38, 70 XYinters, XYirt, jo lliigh, 38, 44, 79 lin, 59, 77, 91 Stoerzbacli, Robert, 41, 68, 90, 91, 96, 109 115 124 Sroffc1,'AlieQ, 57, rf, Stonelring. Eddie, 34, 79 Stotts, llarolrl, 34, 71 Straub, Carol, 57, 75, 90 Strawliaelier, Mildred. 68, 109 Strawn, Rosemary, 42, 57, 76, 90, 92, 96 Strickland, Louise, 68, 109 Stroops, Clarice, 57, 85 Struble. Roy, 34. 77, 91 Suitts, Robert, 57 Snydam. Delmar, 59, 71, 86 XYa1dron , lYa1laCi-, XYa1lacc. Wallace, XYa11ace, Walters, Walters, YVa1tcrs, XYa1te-rs, XVa1ton, 1 16, Robert, 36, 42, 71 Jolin C., 59, 82, 113 lion. 59, 113, 116. 123 Norma Lea, 68, 109 Richard, 36 Carol, 59, 84 Ililly, 69 Donald, 59, 79 Richard, 109 Robert, 68, 91, 96, 109, 115, 124 XYaril, Victor, 68, 109, 115 XYischhusen, Robert, 59, 82 ,. 2 Nlitherell, joyce, 38, 75, 90, 91, 9 xVi1thL'fS170011, Robert, 59 lVitherspoon, Shirley, 38 llvolff, Jim, 59. 82, 95, 96 lVong, Homer, 38, 82, 87, 91 lYootl, jr-anne, 38, 83 XYoo1sey, Esther, 59, 76, 119 XYorcestcr, Russell, 59, 96 XYorman, Esther, 68, 92, 109 YYrig11t, Fern l., 68, 109 XYright, llt-len Marie, 68, 96, 109 6. 93, XVyland, Richard, 42, 68. 109, 115, 124 1 ' 7 46 76 M ynn, ltarbara, 38, 40. 43, 45, , 81, 133 Yarde, Marge, 68, 109 Young. llarold, 59 Youngblood, Miss Alta, 17 Yountluist, Carol, 109 Youngquist, Maryan, 68, 109 Zeffo, Marie, 38, 84 Zefo, 178111, 68, 109 Zelrles, Sidney. 82. 96, 125 y E37 77 I X fi ff: xry 3 W. KE? f JKT? J txmih - xwrx f , L Camera Study: Fore: Take a letter, pleaselg Rangers in the making: Test-tubesp Armed with hammer and nail: Metropolitan, bewareg "A stitch in time saves nine." CS' 00444 March eighth, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine was the beginning for the new Sophomore clubs. This year for the first time Sophomores were not allowed to become members of the old established clubs. So for the benefit of those tenth graders special clubs were organized. Each person was allowed to belong to the one of his choice. The club leading in membership was the Personal Typing Club, so this club was divided and put under the supervision of Miss lohnson and Mr. Swanson. Miss Terry is adviser of chorus and Mr. Lantz took those sophomores whose hobby is stamp collecting. Miss Youngblood, Mr. Seiler and Mr. Peart stayed in their own teaching fields: Miss Youngblood encourages needle work, Mr. Seiler, science, and Mr. Peart, forestry. Opposite to the Girls' Needlework Club is the Handicraft for boys under the supervision of Mr. Landon. The Sports Club for girls is golf and for boys is tumbling. Golf for girls is directed by Miss Duke and tumbling by Mr. Radke. Those sophomore students whose present interest is travel have organized their club with Miss Moffit. The photography club has as its adviser Miss Belshaw. No longer can the adjective, unlucky, be put before the word sophomore. Each student now has his chance of belonging to one club. If a tenth grade student wishes not to belong to the Sophomore clubs, two study halls are at his disposal. Tumble-boys, Dreams of foreg adventure: "Stamping" it out Garnet Babbitt Maxine Booth Georgene Cecleroth Marion Erickson Margaret Eppsteiner Bettie Ann Foster Margaret Gibbs Barbara Hampton Marilyn Hermetet Ioyce Hicks Bernice Iohnson Phyllis Johnson Geraldine Klinq Maurine Kramm Dorothy Leiber Mary Louise Lewis Dorothea Mallory Corrine Meqqinson Lois Milroy Betty Morris Marjorie Nelson Betty Norquist Gladys Norstrum Iane Nystrom Arlene Randall Cleo Rodenhouser Dolores Swanson Doris Swanson Beth Taber Mary Talbert Lila Turner Marjorie Turner Kathryn Wasson Theresa Wilson Eileen Windom Miss Anderson Adviser fwfffwr ' LLS is on parade! Maiorette Miss Anderson led the march to victory. The crowd roared as the debaters went by with the Championship Cup won in the "Battle ot 'N'Vits". To celebrate the victory, a leave ot absence was received and a Carnoutlaae party was enjoyed. The annual Mothers' Tea was another triumph. Spring-time called the troop's attention to another party, and on lune 8, a banquet celebrated the success of the year in a perfectly thrilling rnanner. "The meeting will please come to order! "Today we've set aside tor a brief review of the year. We want to consider some of the things you members have done tor the Franklins, and what the club has done tor you. "First there are social activities. We've had two good parties this year, and our banquet was a big success. "Then there're sports. We always seemed to have been good in this line. Basketball and baseball teams proved again to be winners. And debate, too. The FDC came up this year, getting into the final contest. "But l think that the real things that make the Franklins are Mr. Bednar and the people who belong to it. When you have good members and a good adviser, you have a good club." Wayne Anderson Harold Boughan lames Brown Richard DeBaugh g Bill Downie Robert Evans Aaron Freed Robert Pundenberger Iohn Hicks Robert C. Iohnson Wayne Johnson Robert Kemp Richard Kite Robert Luncleen Robert McClelland Leonard McMillion Lloyd Mason Earl Miller Ralph Mills Kenneth Mudd Leo Munson Stanley Norton Forrest Olson Dean Parkinson Robert Parkinson Darrell Sand Dale Sarver Wallace Stine Harold Stotts Delmar Suydam lack Turnbull Howard Upton Harvey Wainright Robert Waldron lack West Q, wr' . Mr. Bednar Adviser N A It Lillian Bloomberg Iulia Bower Florence Catron Maxine Craig Irene Durbin Dorothy Finley Carol Hurlbut Violet Klott Bernadine Perschnick Helen Perschnick Betty Poole Dorothy Reem Arlene Reeves Lowena Saul Mariorie Scott lean Smith Marian Smith Lois Swanson Hortense Webb Esther Webster Lucille Wilder Miss Lomb Adviser un Left, right! Left, right! The Polyhymnia Club marched on this year to the tune oi activities. The first measure saw them swinging in a "Trailer Camp," lanuary 28. Following this came another measure oi entertainment in which they gave a Martha Washington program and tea for their mothers. The climax came with a colorful spring banquet. Now, they are still marching on re- calling the happy days oi this club year. 7wffM Early in September, the "Magic Carpet" of the Thespian Literary Club was ready to launch forth upon a flight to the "Land of Pleasure." The first landing was at Steele Hall where dancing and music were enjoyed. Still flying high, the members were reminded that a "Kid Party" in the recreation room was the next stop. Circling suddenly, the keeper of the magic Wand indicated that it was-time to come down for the annual Mothers' Tea, the theme of which was springtime. Such a flight would be incomplete Without a basketball tournament. The team showed great spirit in this event. The trip of the "Magic Carpet" was concluded with a banquet for the seniors. Ruth Allensworth Lucille Armpriest Selma Banks Mary Louise Boyd Margaret Clary Elaine Coziahr Betty Dixon lanet Duerre Beverly Iune Ecklund Leola Grimes Willa Bell Hall Marilyn Harvey Marcile Healy Arlene Hodson Anna Louise Iewell Barbara Iohnson Irene Kennedy Virginia Klapp Elsie Larson Dorothy Magnuson Betty Morris Harriet Nelson Edith Payne Virginia Pearson Betty Pople Dorothy Puckett , Doris Renow Islea Searl Marian Smith Ruth Scneder Frances Stegall Elizabeth Stites Ruth Tingley Georgetta Wager Wanda Warner Helen Wasson Gloria Webster Wanda Wheeler Emma Williams Miss Irvine Adviser George Couqhlin William Corbin Lowell Dawson Merle Eckhoft Charles Forstrum La Verne Garman Donald Griffith James Hurbul Donald lacobs Donald Iohnson Curtis Levinson Ralph Meadows Leonard McMillion Ted Miles Bernard Morrison DeWitt Morrissey Kenneth Morss Percy Ostrum Donald Poe Robert Rickords Francis Ritter Orlie Searles Harold Scholes Iames Severns Dale Sheely Bernard Smith Phil Theobald Iames Tolle Eugene Trebbe Richard Wagher Warren Williams Mr. Iohnson Adviser Under the expert captainship ot Mr. lohnson with DeWitt Morrissey and lim Toile as iirst mates, the Sequoia Club was a great success this year. lts membership was nearly doubled. Many unique programs have been witnessed. Mr. Snyder, Mr. Phillips and Mr. French have given most interesting talks. Baseball, basketball, and swimming were participated in by most oi the boys. ln lanuary, the Sequoia Club joined some oi the other clubs in presenting a "Trailer Camp" party. GW QW' 5' ln the beginning, in the nineteen hundred and thirty-ninth year, in the ninth month, and on the tourteenth day, there enter- ed into this school the members oi the Girls' Science Club. These same members did give a tall party, Kodak Kapers. Likewise they did entertain their mothers at a Colonial tea on February 23. And as they stayed long in GHS they met with other inhab- itants and did have a joint meeting with the FDC. Now it happened that the girls had so enjoyed the tall party that they did take council and agreed to hold another on April 22. And, atter some time, their eyes were turned upon the annual senior banquet on lune 8. And so did this club end another year in GHS. Betty Birdsall Ruby Cochran Dorothy Hawkinson Phyllis Hertenstein Pauline Ingles Marjorie Iohnson Marjorie Kimpton Ioan McClure Marian Mureen Lois Oberling Evelyn Parnell Catharine Quick Mary Iane Saum Elizabeth Sherman Carol Straub Alice Swanson Virginia Tinkham Barbara West Ioyce Witherell Grace Lily Courtriqht Dorothy Dunlap Charlotte Goehriq A Kathryn Iurjevich Rosctlee Nelson Winona Westfall Miss Ryin I H - Adviser Phyl Atwood Audrey Benedict Margaret Chatterton Mary Alice Cline Mary Frances Cooper Anne Craft Ieanette Elphick Florence Dahlstrom Mary Helen Dietrich Mary Louise Fleharty Cynthia Glass lean Gordon Ioan Hinchliff Dorothy Iacobson Elizabeth Iennings Rosalyn Kanan Barbara lean Kotfer Barbara Lindstrom Donna Mae Linrothe Cora Moore Virginia Mureen Grace Nesbit Barbara Parks lean Porter Patricia Rogers Shirlyn Ross Mary Schmidt lane Soper Dorothy Sowder Alice Stotfel Rosemary Strawn Margaret Ann Swanson Margaret Tolbert Margaret Ann Torley Virginia Tracy Evelyn Turpin Rosemary Voigt Mary Martha Watson Doris VV' ay Icy 'Webster Esther 'VVoolsey Barbara Mfynn Miss White Adviser ELS presents its tableau for the most successful lQ38-39l Cn the fateful night ot November ll the gates ot "Swing- Swingn were open to the members and their guests. ln the merry month of December, pro and con opinions determinedly rolled from the mouths ot the debaters. A St. Valentine Mothers' Tea and spring party with the Annies tended to enlarge their social calendar. 'Mid many laments, the seniors were bidden farewell at a banguet, lune 7. loe Adcoclc Robert Aldrich latin Barrow Charles Boydstun 1 Robert Boyes Donald Bracket Durwood Burkett David Carley Rodney Carley Iohn Cline Dwight Crandell Iames Doyle Robert Fairbairn Gerald Gardner Harold Gardner Dale Garver Bill Hamilton lack Hanlon Iames Harnest Clayton Hartley Morton Hotchkiss Ned Landon Vaughn Lashbrook Ia k Lawrence Clarence Lester B111 Moore Fred Nyman Francis Olson Richard Olson Robert Peck Vmcent Peterson Charles Ruth Richard Ruth Harold Secrest Edward Seifert Clark Sells Ralph Sharp Roy Sharp William Snapp Roy Struble Howard Turpin James Van Gieson John Wirt l939 marks the thirty-tiith anniversary oi the school's oldest club. During the year, the Lincolns were consistently successful in holding the top position in scholarship among the boys' clubs. ln the field of sports, basketball, tennis, golf, and track, the Lincolns had a great many representatives. Cn the statis oi the publications, debate squad, and on the stage at GHS, Lincolns were invariably among the outstanding participants. As has been the custom for the past tive years, the Eli Graham award Was again presented to the senior Lincoln who was out- standing in scholarship, service, and character. The memorable social events oi the club during the past year Were: the Hlnjun Summer" tall party, the annual Lincoln banquet in February, and the spring party. Mr. Goodwin ' ' Adviser Q A ' Dorothy Bayless Elizabeth Bowen Chiquette Bowles Beverly Burford Marian Carlson Martha lean Carlson Isal Cherrington - ,Edith Colville Marilyn Cunningham Ieanne Dickinson Agatha DiPrima flviadalyne Ensley Phyllis Freese Maurine Friedman Ianet Frymire ' Hazel Henning Imogene Hibbard Eloise Hickman Lois Horton r Muriel Iones Marjorie Lersch - Doris Marshall June Nelson . Katherine Nelson Betty Nicholson - Bernice Olson Verna Pease . . L ,Doris Ryan Ioyce Saville ' ' Betty Lou Schultz A Patricia Seaburg . V, ' Claire Ellen Sherwood U 4 V Mary Sperry Loretta Stivers f Marjorie Trulson ' Miss Hilker Adviser Prokorama, a Greek word meaning "Purpose", was chosen as a Literary Club name by a group of girl students on February l7, l9l7. The "Purpose" ot the organization was: To acknowl- edge character and scholarship, participation in literary activities, and to sponsor social affairs. Appreciation is due Miss l-lilker tor the success oi V338-39 activities, which have consisted ot tall and spring parties, Mothers' Tea, inter-club debates, basketball, and the annual banquet honoring the graduating senior members. Mark Adkisson Vernon Blixt Willard Carlson Dick Carusi lack Chapman Daryl Craig Icmes Crozier Robert Diefendorf Euaene Fogarty Paul Iohnson Lloyd Ioneson Max Iosephson Chauncey Kenny Gordon McLain Donald McLaughlin Billy Malm Robert Marvin I-'arry Miller Lyman Moon Holland Mustain Lawrence Owens E111 Peck Allen Parmenter Robert Pendergast Ted Peterson Hugh Reno Homer Reser Ralph Roberts Pichard Ryberg Bill Starr Eddie Stoneking Charles Thomas Virgil Traff Don Walters Carl Wedarn Earl Wilson Iohn Wilkins Hugh Winters 1 C' C' The Collectors accomplished much during their fifteenth anniversary. The club presented the school bound volumes of BUDGETS for l934-38. They published and presented tourna- ment programs to the REFLECTCR. The members donated S575 towards another movie-projector. lnter-club golf found them participating with a veteran team. As has been their custom for years gone by, the Collectors collaborated with the members of the Laurian Literary Society in presenting a fanciful Camouflage party on November l8. They also found the joyous days of spring the perfect setting for another dance frolic. To close the activities of the year, they and their alumni attended the annual picnic lune 9. Mr. Damberg Adviser Kenneth Bcrinter Kenneth Gladfelter Mack Glass Stanley Goodman Orville Goedeke Paul Grider Wfilliam Hanna Edvtiin Harding Leon Herndon Richard Holmes Emil' Leonard' - Gunncrd Ohlsson Ralph Ramen Russell Sandberg I Beriiqmin Shaw Edward Stites Hlirlene Trout Mr. Swinton Adviser 1 i. Iii 15' ,Pill l ' s Every two Weeks oi 1938-39 saw the braves ot the Seneca tribe gathered for a pow-Wow. The perfection ot their assembled circle Was superintended during the year by Orville Goedke, Richard Holmes, and Leon Herndon. The medicine men oi the tribe, Benjamin Shaw, Hurlene Trout, and Mack Glass, presented numerous showings oi their skill in entertaining a group ot tun- loving warriors. Extra diversion was provided in sport and social activities. .H . The American Literary Club had a Well rounded year of social and educational activities. The topics of the reports given in the club meetings during the year ranged from "Big Guns" to "Motor Safety". A number of interesting and educational reports on American poets and authors Were also given. The American Club was one of the sponsors of an intriguing party in a GHS "Trailer Camp." Sports, too, had their place in the activities of the club. The Americans were represented by a basketball and a softball team. Both squads offered their opponents stiff competition and proved themselves outstanding in sportsmanship. The chief aim of the club Was to make its members better acquainted with the lives of our American literary figures. E t Lyle Asbury I Wiley Birch F Ioe Glcxsm Anthony Glcrsnovich Lloyd Hughes Clarence Iohnson lack Larson Earl McGill Roy Melton Edsel Nelson Lloyd Surgeczni Henry Shaffmun Clifton Snow Raymond Tapper Bill Wilson Mr. Slczven Adviser . f 'aww Leonard Abrahamson Lysle Albro Lee Billings Melvin Conlon Iohn Dcnvis Robert Dulaney Robert Fitzsimmons Arthur Gcxyman Russell Haines lack Holst Kenneth Horn Robert Houlihan Wendell I-luele lack Larson Eugene McCullough Rupert Miller Howard Mitchell Berndt Nordhielm Dwight Olson Willard Pearson lack Rowen Brough Treffer Gordon Walberg Iohn Wallace LeRoy Watson Billy West Leonard White James Willer Robert Wischhusen Iames Wolff Homer Wong Sidney Zeldes Mr. Garst Adviser The Boys' Science Club continued its school leadership in its twenty-seventh year With inovations, parties, a banquet, debate, and sports, club basketball and baseball. The Science Club led a trend to return to their stated objectives by having several lectures supplemented by student reports on recent developments in the realm of research. The Science Club, under the guidance ot Mr. Garst and proud ot its reputation as responsible gentlemen, leads on! Niki! Last night I was listening to the radio and heard, "I Must See Annie To-night." It flashed into my mind that I hadn't talked to Annie tor a whole year. I dialed her number and asked her what she had done during '38 and '39 I-Iere's what she said. "November 6, I Went on board S. S. Analotos for a delightful tall party. I had a grand thrill participating in inter-club activities, such as debate and basketball. March lo, my sisters and I entertained our mothers at a St. Patrick's tea. "Cn May 29, Lizzie and I invited our escorts to enjoy dancing in Steele I-Iall. We had such a good time! "I said farewell to my senior sisters Iune 9 at a lovely banquet," concluded Annie with a sob. Patti Allen Io Anne Bowles Merle Bowman Margaret Brown Betty Chandler Juanita Gans Louise Hadden Rosemary Hadden Marilyn Harmon Dorothy Iensen Barbara Iohnson Dorothy Johnson Martha Helen Iohnson Shirley Iohnson Gertrude Kiellander Dorothy Klein Maribelle Koons Ruth Lowry lane Lundeen Shirley Lundeen Ida Marie Moon Kathryn O'Brien Wanda Ritter Doris Sanford Marian Sauter Mary Scott Helen Stoerzbach E. Ieanne Wood Miss Moser ---w--f Adviser Alice Boyd Ruth Boyd Lorain Brann Evelyn Brown Barbara Carlson Marion Collier Sarah Donner Barbara Flickinqer Kathleen Hudqel Thelma Iohnson Dorothy Lane Shirley Lyons Iessie McCarthy Iune McNeil Martha Morrison Mary Nelson Phyllis Peabody Eleanor Pumfrey Alice Reynolds Betty Mae Rehn Harrietle Rhykerd Fern Riley Grace Selk Ierrnie Tabbone Rosemary Tederman Mildred Thomas Carol Walters Marie Zeffo Mrs. Rich Adviser '1 A- ,,--1" it Maxima ' With Mrs. Rich as the elevator operator, our iirst stop was tor a Weiner roast. On the next floor, we attended a Christmas dinner party. Wandering on, We visited a trailer camp for dancing. On tourth floor, our mothers were entertained at tea. Finally, We arrived at the penthouse for the senior banquet. We are back on the ground iloor now. The elevator is Wait- ing to take the members on another trip next yearg the graduat- ing seniors Wish the attainment ot greater heights to their fellow members. Gaye A three-season motor trip iound the Castalians, with Mrs. Gale as driver, starting on the road to success last tall. They traveled along many interesting roads, enjoying sociable gatherings and delightful club meetings all the Way, On lanuary 28, they made their iirst stop at a "Trailer Camp" in Steele Hall, GHS. After enjoying the dancing, the little caravan oi sight-seers traveled on. Once again they stopped ior tiny, "souvenir", scroll club pins for their new members. Next, we see them participating in a thrilling inter-club basketball tournament. When they finally reached home in the spring, a farewell pot- luck supper was held in the recreation room for the graduating senior members. Lois Anderson Shirley Andrews Dorothy Baker Dorothy Benson Patricia Benson Marjorie Bruner lean Carlberq Agnes Carlson Dorothy Dixon Delores Duerre Ruth Duvall Hariett Elliott Alice Foreman Dolores Foreman Marqene Frederickson Guinevere Gifford Lillian Gregory Roberta Grogan Colletta Hamilton lean Hazlett Alice Harshbarqer Bessie Hunt Ruth Hunt Helen lanes Maxine Kahler Frances McAuley Lois Malmrose Ruth Manley Clarice Stroops Meda Stiarwalt Martha Shamon Mrs. Gale Adviser I Je l'rrst Row Leonard Abrahamson Toe Adcock Charles Boydstun Bob Bayes Clarabelle Carl David Carley Rodney Carley Betty Chandler Mary Frances Cooper Anne Craft Florence Dahlstrom leanette Elphick Robert Fairbairn Second Row Aaron Freed lean Gordon Rosemary Hadden loan l-linchliff Carol Hurlbut Elizabeth lenninqs Lois lohnson Phyllis Iohnson Shirley lohnson Bob Kemp Barbara lean Koifer Ned Landon lack Lawrence Marjorie Lersch Thirel Row Donna Mae Linrothe Ruth Lowry Bob McClelland Gordon McLain Lloyd Mason Rupert Miller Ida Marie Moon Cora Moore Leo Munson Marian Mureen Grace Nesbit Berndt Nordhielm Gladys Nordstrom Lois Oberlinq lwmrtli Rmx Dean Parkinson Barbara Parks Evelyn Parnell Vincent Peterson lean Porter Hugh Reno Shirlyn Ross Dale Sarver Mary lane Saum Marian Sauter Harold Secrest Ed Seifert Roy Sharp Dorothy Sowder l'lttl1 Row Helen Stoerzbach Delmar Suydam Alice Swanson Virqinia Tracy Margaret Tolbert Marjorie Trulson Evelyn Turpin Mary Martha Watson loy Webster Barbara West Leonard White Theresa Vtlilson l-lomer Wong Barbara Wynn me 115 4 1 As the keystone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in perpetual stability, so the structure of our education and of our lives may be held firm and true by the four cardinal vir- tues, scholarship, leadership, character and service, upon which the National Honor Society is founded. Each year to those people who have most nearly fulfilled the positions of scholar, leader, servant and good citizen is conferred the distinction of being a member of the National Honor Society and the privilege of Wearing the keystone and the flaming torch which are symbolic of a Well rounded personality whose desire is to keep burning in his school, "a high ambition for the endur- ing values of life, and to serve with unselfish loyalty to truth and honor!" American Literary Club Presidents--Ray Tapper: Lyle Asbury. Vice-Pres.-fLloyd Sargeant: Clarence Johnson. Secretaries-XViley llurch: Henry Shaf- man. Sargeauts-at-arms e Anthony filasno- vich: Bill VVils0n. Analotos Literary Society Presidents--Shirley Johnson: Rosemary l-ladden: Helen Stoerzbach. Vice-Pres.-sl-leleu Stoerzhach: Ruth Lowry: lietty Chandler. Secretariesfhlarilmelle Koons: Shirley Lundeen: Margaret Brown. Treasurers-JoAnne llowles: XVanda Ritter: Marian Sauter. Sargeants-at-Arms - Doris Sanford: Gertrude Kjellander: Marilyn Har- mon. Monitorsefiertrnde Kjellander: Dor- othy Johnson: Marilyn Harmon: Kath- ryn 0'llrien: Doris Sanford. Historians-e Barbara Johnson: Louise Hadden: Gertrude Kjellander. Boys' Collectors Club Presidents-W-Charles Thomas: Gordon McLain: Virgil Traff. Vice-Pres.-Dick Ryberg: Eddie Stone- king: Mark Adkisson. Secretaries - Eddie Stoneking: Dick Carusi: llarry Miller. Treasurers-Lawrence Owens: Hugh M'inters: Max Josephson. Sargeants-at-Arms-Lyman Moon: Vir- gil Traff: Roland Mustain. Boys' Science Club Presidents -- L e o n a r d Ahrahamson: lierndt Nortlhielm: Leonard VVhite. Vice-Presf---llerndt Nordhielm: Jack Rowen: Jack Larson. Secretaries-Homer XYong: Billy XVcst: XVillard Pearson. Treasurers-Sheridan Keefer: Bob Du- laney: Arthur Carman. Sargeants-at-Arms--James XViller: Bob VVischhusen: Howard Mitchell. Castalian Literary Society Presidents-Marjorie Bruner: Shirley Andrews. Vice-Pres.-Shirley Andrews: Marjorie Bruner. Secretaries - Maxine Kahler: Alice Harshbarger. Sargeant-at-Arms-Naxine Kahler. Historian--Maxine Kahler. Elizabethan Literary Society Presidents-Joan Hinehliff: Barbara XVynn: Anne Craft. Vice-Pres. - Anne Craft: Barbara Parks: Mary Frances Cooper. Secretaries-Grace Nesbitg Mary Alice Cline: Dorothy Sowder. Treasurers- liarhara Kofferg Donna Mae Linrothe: Jean Gordon. Sargeants-at-Arms e Mary F r a n c e s Cooper: Jean Porter: Florence Dahl- strom. Monitors-Cynthia Glass: Shirlyn Ross: Margaret Swanson: Eliraheth Jen- nings: Margaret Tolbert: Virginia Tracy. llistorian -Mary Martha M'atson. Franklin Debatina Club Presidents -Dale Sarver: lloward l'p- ton: Leo Munson. Le Vice-Pres.-ellob Kemp: Harold lione- han: Bob M'aldron. Secretaries - Howard Upton: Dean Parkinson: Richard Kite. Treasurers v- Hob Vtlaldron: Ralph Mills: Jim Brown. Monitors-llob Evans: Earl Miller: Delmar Suydamg Jack XVest: lloh LI Johnson: Hill Downie. Historian--Boh McClelland. Girls' Science Club Presidents-Mary Jane Saum: Marian Mureen: Evelyn Parnell. Vice-Pres.-lietty Dirdsall: Marjorie Johnson: Lois Oberling. Secretaries - Evelyn Parnell: llctty liirdsall: Dorothy Dunlap. Treasurers-Barbara M'est: Mary Jane Saum: Marjorie Johnson. Monitorsellorothy Hawkinson: Paul- ine Ingles: Kathryn Quick: Phyllis Hertenstein: Ciracelilly Courtright: Marjorie Kimpton. Sargeants-at-Arms - Joan Mt-t'lnre: Ruby Cochran: Phyllis Hertenstein. llistorian-Marian Mureen. Illinae Literary Society Presidents- Kathryn Hudgel: Shirley Lyons: Alice Reynolds. Vice-Pres. g Alice Reynolds: Ruth lloyd: llarbara Carlson. Secretaries - Alice lloyd: Evelyn llrown. Sargeants-at-Arms-Fern Riley: Rose- mary Tederman: Barbara Flit-ltinger, Laurian Literary Society Presidents-Theresa M'ils0n: Phyllis Johnson: lieth Taber. Vice-Pres.--Gladys Norstrom: Marian Erickson: Lois Johnson. Secretaries-Lila Turner: Beth Taber: Maxine Booth. Treasurers - Phyllis Johnson: Mary Louise Lewis: Jane Nystrom. Monitors-Geraldine Kling: Lois Mil- roy: Kathryn XVasson: Garnet liab- bitt: Marilyn Hermetet. Historian-Corrine Megginson. Lincoln Debating Club Presidents-Rodney Carley: Herald Gardner: Bill Moore. Vice-Pres.-Ned Landon: Bob Fair- bairn: Ralph Sharp. Secretaries--Ed Seifert: Harold tiard- ner: Vincent Peterson. Treasurers-Clark Sells: Roy Sharp: Jim Harnest. Sergeants-at-Arms -- Harold St-crest: Durwood Burkett: Fred Nyman. Historian-Bill Snapp. Polyhymnia Literary Society Presidents-Betty Poole: Violet Rlott: Bernadine Perschnick. Vice-Pres.-Carol Hurlhut: Jean Smith. Secretaries-Esther NV'ebster: Marian Smith: Lois Swanson. Reporters-Carol Hurlbut: Dorothy Finley. Monitors - Violet Klottg Ilernadine Pcrschnickg Nlarjorie Scott: Esther XVebster: Arlene Craig. Prolcorama Literary Society Pl'L'SlflL'l'liSix'0TllZl Pease: Jeanne Dick- enson: Marjorie Trulson. Yice-Pres. -U lleverly Ilurford: llctty Schultz: Phyllis Freese. Gavel wtelclers, Capable true, adinq others, following, tool J! Secretaries- Marjorie Trulson: Doro- thy liayless: Doris Marshall. Treasurers Katherine Nelson: Yr-rna Pease: 1-lavel llenning. Saret-ants-at-Arinse Imogene llibbard: Marjorie Lersch: Muriel Jones. Monitors Hazel llenninc: Muriel Jones: Claire Slierwoodg Joyce Saville: Marian Carlson: Janet lfryntire. Seneca Literary Club Presidents Orville tioedke: Richard llolnies: Leon Herndon. Yiee-Presf Ilenjaniin Shaw: Hurlene Trout: Mack tilass. Secretaries- -Russell Sandburg: Paul tirider: Ciunnard Ohlsson. Sargeants-at-Arms- lid Stites: Ken neth fialdfelter: Russell Sandburg. Sequoia Literary Society l'rt-sitlents-- DeM'itt Morrissey: -lnrnes 'I'olle. Vive-l'1'es. llarold Scholes: Donald Poe. Secretarit's 'l'ed Miles: Kenneth Morse. Sareeants-'nt-Arms liernard Morrison: Donald tiriftitlt. Thespian Literary Society Presidents lleverly Ecklnnd: lletty Dixon. Yic't'-llres.- llctty Pople: Marian Smith. Secretaries- lslea Searl: Frances Stee- .r11. l Monitorsf- Frances Str-gall: Dorothy Magnuson: Virginia Pearson: llarlmara Johnson: Irene Kennedy: M'and:i M'arner. llistorians li'dith Payne: Selina llanlts: lslea Searl, Boys' Forum President lid Seifert. Vice-Pres. Ralph Sharp. Serretary Ilob lientp. Treasurer- Vlarence Lester. Girls' Service League Presidents Joan lliilchlitt: .Xnne Craft. Viet-fPres. W- llarbara XYynn: Phyllis Johnson. Secretaries -- Shirley Johnson: Helen Stoerzbach. 'l'reasnrers-- Theresa M'ilson: Evelyn Parnell. National Honor Society President- -Ned Landon. Vice-Pres.- llarbara XYynn. Secretary-llob Fairbairn. 'l'reasurerfMary Jane Saunt. Senior Class Officers Presidente--llob Fairhairn. Vice-Presf llarbara M'ynn. Seeretaryf Theresa M'ilson. Treasurer-ellob Kemp. Students' Activity Association l'rt-sitlentfellob Fairhairn. Viet-fPres.e--llarbara XYynu. Secretary-tirace Nesbit. Trl-asurerfllarold St-crest. Student Council Presidentfn Rodney liarley. Vice'Pres.---liob XValdron. Secretaryf-llelen Stoerzbach. faraway' 'T f M tr . 1. lv It 'I A .At ,- . ,sg Y- ,S-gm -ati? . sas, wg-:-31"-1-' ' J . Q 5 ff Q t , f ' "'f-' , Q T VV.,,,. , KW! I -,',. .---- A , ,f ,-M ' wi A Y M -!V ' 0 ' P M is for Melody That the orchestra boasts. N is for Notes On which our band dotes. O is for Opera That music promotes. P is for Plays That fill us with "quotes." D. Anderson: W. Barrett: D. Bracker: I. Brown: B. Cassen: G. Courtright: M. Dickinson: W. Downie: R. Dulaney: B. Ecklund: B. Firth: E. Freberq: I. Gordon: L. Harshbarger: B. I-last: S. Hawthorne: R. Hill: A. Hodson: I. Hoist: I. Iohnson: G. Iordon. R. Kemp: C. Kenney? l. Larson: B. Lemmons: M. Lewis: R. Lowry: M. McElvaine: B. Manley: R. Manley: P. Mariner: I. Math- ias: T. Miles: I. M. Moon: B. Morris: R. Parkinson: I. Parks: R. Pearson: P. Riley: D. Roden- houser: R. Stoerzbach: R. Spenader: C. Straub: R. Strawn: B. I. Tate: M. Tolbertp M. Torley: B. Treffer: W. White: I. Witherell. We During this school year the orchestra was kept extremely busy preparing for the numerous activities and programs in which it participated. The members treated the three junior highs, as well as the senior high, to several musical assemblies that were greatly appreciated. A smaller group, selected from the orchestra, helped the chorus department present its operetta, "The Mikado," and make it a bigger and greater success with its accompaniment. April 21, found the entire body oi music lovers at the Steele Gym listening to the "Instrumental Demonstration" given by the several orchestras and bands oi the grade, junior high and senior high schools. Also upon the orchestra's schedule was a program for the union PTA meeting. The impressive strains oi "Pomp and Circum- stance," which yearly add dignity to the National l-lonor Society induction ceremony, were again due to the Work oi the orchestra. A "Spring Concert" on May 5, was a fitting climax to a busy, truly successful season. March! The Galesburg Attention I Forward l D. Anderson: R. Anderson: W. Barrett: D. Bracker: I. Brown: L Brown: K. Cafferty: M. Conlon: W. Corbin: L. Dawson: R. Dexter: I. Dickinson: M. Dickinson: B. Eckluncl: M, Ekhotf: C. Guenther: S. Gustafson: I. Hand: C. Hartley: B. Hast: S. Hawthorne: R. Hill: R. Holmes: I. Holst: K. Horn: R. Hunnicutt: B. Hunt: E. Iohnson: G. Iordon: R. Kemp: N. Kipling: N. Landon: I. Larson: E. Mc- Cullough: E. McGill: P. Mariner: T. Miles: A. Moreland: L. Mun- son: R. Olson: D. Parkinson: R. Parkinson: I. Parks: R. Pearson: V. Peterson: C. Sandeen: E. Schneider: R. Scneder: R. Sharp: C. Smith: R. Stoerzbach: R. Struble: M. Tolbert: M. Torley: B. Treffer: H. Trout: B. Walton: W. VVhite: I. Wirt: I. Witherell: H. High School Band goes Wong' stepping on! Under the splendid direction of Mr. Edwin Lantz, plus the ability of sixty-five mem- bers, the Band has be-- come one of the most out- standing organizations in school affairs. With its true school spirit, assem- blies, games, parades and the commencement exercises have been made more thrilling by its presence. Early in the fall this group of musicians opened its concert season by giving an exhibition before the Gilson School. Other outstanding programs rendered by the Band were the excellent assembly on February 24, the all-city music concert April Zl, and the "Spring Concert" May 5. Another unigue act was the striking effect made by the petite "majorettes." With the close of l939, the Galesburg High School Band marches on to even greater heights! lovely Inman at GHS - - n7he Zin Dear Diary: "You'll find there are many who'll wed for a penny-there are lots of good fish in the seal" But there was only one fish in the sea for lover Nanlqi-Poo in tonight's thrilling "Mikado" A story of love and execu- tion and mystery and intrigue, the op- eretta hit a new high in musical per- formances on Galesburg l-ligh's stage. The story, hinging onthe love between Nanki-Poo and Yum Yum, grows excit- ing as a "he-heading" is ordered hy the lolood-thirsty Mikado, who little realizes that his son is to he the victim. I But Ko-Ko saves the dayland promises to marry Kitisha, a heretofore ardent lover of NankifPoo's, and nowqhe and Yum Yum are to be married. So, diary ,a perfect play and day have ended. r :Shag Two outstanding After an absence of six years from the Cfalesburg High School stage, the senior class of '39 again revived the ever-popular play, "She Stoops to Conguerf' lt was received with just as much enthusiasm as the former production and proved to be one of the outstanding events of the year. More interesting than the pursuit of literary sources is to discover that two episodes of "She Stoops to Conquer" are based on incidents from Oliver Goldsmith's own life. These are the mistaking of a private house for an inn, which is based on a youthful experience of Goldsmith while still in native lrelandg the other is an allusion to the tying of Mr. Hard- castle's wig to a chair, a trick that had been played on Goldsmith while he was writing the play. A great deal of fun was had watching the predicament of the two lovers, Marlowe and Hastings, when the hero, Tony Lumpkin, after giving the impression it was an inn, directed them to their fiancees' home. Kate Hardcastle cleverly captures the "apple of her eye," Cyoung Charles Mar- lowel by stooping to the position of a barmaid. Everything ends happily, however, when Constance Neville, Mrs. Hardcastle's ward, and Hastings, her lover, are married, and Sir Charles Marlowe, with his old friend Hard- castle, has succeeded in bringing their two children together. ter ec interpreted Oliver Goldsmith! performers, le P t d Iohn McCaughey Mr. Williams gives the final touch n7Ae, of Rodin "Put the joy of living in pawn for thirty pieces of silver?" Leaving Peter Steele thinking on this question, the tramp goes as he came-silently as the dust of the road. A lame beggar has been turned away and a friend's trust can be broken, but the strange visitor's impression on the grasping hearts of Peter and Prud- ence Steele changes love of money into love of man as the cold Christmas morning dawns. ln this lonely farmhouse another grain of dust has been added to the scale weighing against the burden of Cal- vary the tramp bears. The lame beggar shall not be turned away again. Powerful and moving, this inspirational play again dramatized sincerely the Christmas spirit. lmpressively staged, the splendid lighting and directing served to accent both scene and characters. Despite Bob Leighty's last-minute accident, excellent performances were pos- sible with lohn McCaughey taking over the role of the tramp. Winona Westfall as Prudence, lim I-larnest as Peter, and Charles Boydstun, the old man, deserve highest praise. A guilty cons C rtain Call ui fb ll Hludgment Day" is a powerful drama laid against a European political background in a country ruled by the iron hand ot a dictator. The story concerns itselt with the trial of a man and Woman charged with the attempted assassination of the dictator. They are leaders of a political party which is admittedly hostile to the dictatorial regime and they protest their in- nocence, contending that they are being tried tor their political opinions and tor the purpose ot discrediting their party and arousing popular sympathy for the dictator. The entire action takes place in the court- room, in an atmosphere ot tenseness and excitement, and reaches its climax in a startling and unexpected denouncement. The play is Written primarily tor its theatrical effectiveness, but those who Wish may tind more than one reminder ot the recent political happen- ings in Europe. Hludgment Day" was given on the first and second days of February. Bouquets to the Whole cast who showed remarkable talent in this dramatic play! Uns Finale H ,awe 5 ff Again it was a tremendous success, again it offered two nights of hilarious entertainment. The Beflectavue, known as the "Green House Shamblesf' rated a place among the highlights of our school. The Bevue, that centered around Mr. Bloom's green house, had everything from chorus girls to Ferdinand. lt gave opportunities to lO5 students, and every- one agrees they made the most of them. But, do not forget the silent Workers Who never receive due praise-the crews. Without their assistance the production would not have been nearly as success ful. Miss Belshaw, Miss Babbitt, and Mr. Williams displayed great ability in pro- ducing and directing this super-colossal extravaganza. The dances Were direct- ed by Shirley Breedlove and Lysle Albro, While Barbara Wynn, l-ly. D. Hoe, Vin- cent Peterson, and Bupert Miller Wrote the continuity. Maestro Balph Sharp led a superb group of fourteen musicians in some grand orchestrations. -Mmli-. Hint 7 . ington Society u Mall The lights are dimmed and the curtains parted, and in our memory We find ourselves seated in the auditorium of GHS. This time we see before us "First Lady," a clever satire on governmental Washington which stirs up a hornet's nest of hilarity. A glitteringly bright business, filled with unholy joy, is this battle of Wits Written by Katherine Dayton in collaboration with George S. Kaufman. The plot concerns Lucy Wayne, Wife of the Sec- retary of State, and lrene Hibbard, whose latest husband is Iustice l-libbard of the Supreme Court. ln the competition between these two most glamor- ous women in Washington for the title of "First Lady of the Land," subtle but cutting remarks fly their well-aimed paths much to the discomfort of the innocent bystanders. We find ourselves very tense as the final curtain falls on "First Lady" with the successful and re- sourceful Lucy in full possession of the title. Lights are up! We salute the cast and Mr. Wil- liams! They have given us a grand production! Skaters' Waltz: We aim to pleasu Conqlomerationg Oh, my dearly Har Iemitesp A candid shot: Smile a whilei Backstage crews: Stormy Weather. 551, f ri .J lk' VQna.uvnuun"- Q is for Questing Sophomores new and untried Wondering. creating. Bursting with pride. Top Row Adams, Donna lean Adcock, Marjorie Albright, Faye Aldrich, Anne Rupert, Berniece Altine, Marjorie Anderson, Bob Anderson, Donald L Anderson, Donald R. Anderson, Marilyn Second Row Anderson, Ray Andrews, leanne Anglund, Marion Ashby, lohn Asplund, Ronald Averitt, Constance Avery, lack Aydelott, Virginia Babbitt, Margaret Bainbridge, Dorothy Third Row Barlow, lesse Barrett, Wayne Bates, Bill Bauer, Richard Becker, Saraiane Behnke, Verne Bergstrom, Iohn 'L Third Row tCont.l Bern, Harold Bledsoe, Harriette Bledsoe, Russell Fourth Row Blixt, Paul Blust, Eugene Bogard, Louise Boostrom, Cleo Booth, Rex Botham, Robert Bowen, Wallace Bower, Betty Bower, Helen Bowers, Esther Rose Fifth Row Bowles, Paul Bowles, Pauline Bowman, Don Bowman, Edwin Boyd, lean Boyd, Marion Boynton, lean Brenneman, Agnes Brenneman, Loretta Britton, Edward Sixth Row Brown, Amanda Brown, Bob Brownlee, lean Sixth Row tCont.J Brubaker, Gilbert Buckley, Kathleen Button, Eddie Buzick, Merlyn Byerly, Leonard Catterty, Keith Campbell, Herline Seventh Row Campbell, Maurice Canfield, Marilyn Carlson, Carlson, Carlson Carlson, Betty Bill Phillip Robert Carmichael, Katherine Cassen, Betty Lee Cates, Florence Cederoth, Mary Eighth Row Champion, Bob Chase, Keith Cherrington, Verna Cills, Mary Clark, Thelma Clayburg, Rachel Cottey, Louise M. Colburn, Clarice Cole, Robert Conard, losephine Off to school one morning they went For all their thoughts on learning were bent Top Row Conner, Robert Cotton, Phyllis A. Courson, Keith Crabtree, Bette Irene Crouse, Harry Crump, Hubert Cruys, George Cullura, Mary Cunningham, Richard Curry, Mae Elizabeth Second Row Curtis, Barbara Cushman, Susie Damitz, Geraldine Danforth, Robert Danielson, Harry Daugherty, Albert Davis, lean Davison, Gene Dawson, Dora Dawson, Shirley A. Third Row Delong, Melba Derry, lean DeSpain, Wilfred Dexter, Robert Dickerson, Robert Dickeson, limmie DiPrima, losephine Third ROW tCorit.l Duggan, Leroy Dulaney, Keith Dunkle, Carolyn Fourth Row Dunkle, Frances Dupuy, Beulah Eby, Helen Edwards, Gerald Eppsteiner, Frances Erickson, Clarence Erickson, Eugene Evans, Brice Ewing, lames Firth, Betty Ruth Fifth Row Flickinger, Dale Folsom, Elmer lr. Foreman, Charlotte Formhals, Carole Fosburg, Eugene Foster, Ruth Frank, Bonnie lean Freberg, Elizabeth Freeburg, Russell Frymire, lean Sixth Row Frymire, Barbara Fugate, Ralph Fuhr, Mary Sixth ROW tCont.l Galyean, Mary Elizabeth Garman, luanita Gayman, Lucile Gianakis, Andrew Giles, Rebecca Glass, Everett Goedeke, Clarence Seventh Row Gray, Orlo Green, Lois Guenther, Charles Guenther, Dale Gummerson, Howard Haggerty, Evelyn Hall, Sam Hallas, Bill Hallberg, Eleanor Hamblin, Curtis Eighth Row Hamilton, Velma Hamlin, Dorothy Hand, Betty Hand, Burton Hanson, Paul Hardine, Harold Harris, Mary Harshbarger, lack Harshbarger, Louise Hausman, Mary Louise Ioyous and carefree theyie marching along For life to them is CI qlorious song. Wham Top Row Haussmann, George Hawkinson, Kathryn Henning, Vivian Henry, Betty Hensley, Eugene Higgins, Lois Hill, Robert Hierpe, Marcel Hodgeman, Willis Third Row CCont.l lohnson, Donald Iohnson, Harold lohnson, Ioyce Fourth Row lohnson, Louise lohnson, Marguerite lohnson, Max lohnson, Muriel Holcomb, Dean Second Howl 4 Hough, Virginia Howland, Walter Hubbard, Shirley Hughes, Louise Hughes, Sheila Hunnicutt, Robert Huston, Betty lacob, Iacaueline lacobsen, Imogene lanes, Mary Belle Third Row Iennings, Eileen Iewell, Birdie Iimenez, Lupe Iohnson Barbara lohnson Bevo lohnson, Charlotte Iohnson, Clara lones, Cleo lones, Glen lordan, Garrett Kalpackes, Bessie Kelley, Beebe Kemmer, Betty Fifth Row Kemmer, Robert Kennedy, Betty Kent, Robert Kipling, Norma Klott, Oliver Latterty, Harold Lagerstrom, Helen Landau, Barbara Landenberqer, Bob Lee, Betty Sixth Row Lemmons, Betty I. Leonard, Benny Leonard, Ethel Sixth Row CCom.J Levinson, Donald Lindbeck, Ivan Linn, Marjorie Linner, Marvin Lithander, Lee Logsdon, Louise Logsdon, Ronald Seventh Row Lovell, Dorothy Lynch, Darrell Lynch, Vera Maciel, Mary Magee, Mildred Manley, Betty Mariner, Phil Martin, Beverly R. Martin, Leona Mason, Howard Eighth Row Mathias, lack Maupin, Miles Maxwell, Mildred McArthur, Ruth McCollum, Frankie Lee McCracken, loan McElvaine, Mary Adaline McElwain, Bill McKinney, Albert McLaughlin, Ieanne 4 The future is bright, these YOLlDQSf6TS are gay But Wise! they're qrowinq dey by day. fVe'ml'aJe 5-yalzzf Top Row McMahon, Genevieve McMillion, Laura McVey, Ralph Mead, Bill Mecum, Charlene Mercer, Bill Merrill, Donald Middaugh, Ruby Miles, Iohn Miller, Dick Second Row Miller, Dorothy Miller, lerry Miller, Madeline Miller, Mildred Miller, Ray Mills, Bob Minium, Robert Mitchell, Patricia Moberg, Bert Mummey, Tom Third Row Mureen, Shirley Murphy, Thelma Mustain, Wendell Napier, Clarence Nelson Bob Nelson Dale Nelson, Fred Third Row lCont.l Nelson, Lois Nelson, Ray Nelson, Russell Fourth Row Nelson, Shirley Norquist, Robert Norton, Leila Oliver, Betty lane Oliver, Betty Iune Orwig, lane Osgood, Marguerite Osmer, Mary Ieannette Owen, Barbara Palmer, George Fifth Row Palmer, Mary Ellen Palmer, Mary Phyllis Parks, lean Paton, George Peak, Billie Pearson, Eugene Pearson, Robert Peck, Charles Peterson, Maryan Pine, Lorraine Sixth Row Porter, Mary Ann Powers, George Rahn, Carol Sixth Row lCont.l Ranson, Betty I. Reed, Dewey Reed, Earl Reed, Shirley Reeves, Frances Reynolds, Billy Richardson, lo Anne Seventh Row Riggle, Donald Richards, Iune Ring, Merrill Rios, lesus Roberts, Dorothy Robertson, Betty lane Rodenhouser, Dorothy Rosenberg, Iames Rosine, Kathryn Rouland, luanita Eighth Row Ryno, Bob Sallee, Lucile Sepich, Emma Sandburg, Marjorie Sandeen, Barbara I. Sandeen, Charles Schmidt, Theodore Scott, Helen Scott, Robert Selander, Donald Soon they will earn The right to rule The underclcssmem of Gclleshurq High School Seventh Row We'ae Une ,figfzl Top Row Sheldon, Nellie Shelton, William Sherwood, Marilyn Ryner, Dolores Showers, Harold Shroyer, lune Silver, Francis Simmons, Dale Simonson, lack Sims, Ruth Marie Second Row Slader, Eugene Sloan, Betty Sloan, Maxine Smith Claudia Smith, Ellen Smith, Ernst Snaveley, Helen Ruth Spenader, Robert Spillman, George Stanton, Marvin Third Row Steller, Edward Stephens, Patricia Stevenson, Lorene Stewart, Helen If! 6 U 32 ff? 9 1' cg' -lx rt .nY' . Y ,, Q' . ff t Mft t w x' vs .. i n N ' X L .4 'JO' Third Row tCont,D Stivers, Keith Stoerzbach, Robert Strawhacker, Mildred Strickland, Louise Suydam, Donald Swanson, Dale Fourth Row Swanson, Richard Swartout, Shirley Swigart, Dick Swigart, Robert Thompson, Marie Thompson, Ruth Toland, Betty Tonkin, Dorothy Tracy, Grace Tupper, Roberta Fifth Row Turney, Eileen Ullrich, Evelyn Unzicker, Roy Van Gieson, Betty Varner, Winona Vourgias, Mable Wagner, Rena Fifth Row tCont.l Wallace, Norma Lea Walton, Robert Ward, Victor Sixth Row Warner, Mary lane Walters, Richard Watters, Ardean Weinberg, Lois Weir, Barbara l. Wenstrom, lrene West, George Westfall, Donald Wherley, Margaret White, Greta White, William Wicall, Maxine Worman, Esther Wright, Fern Wright, Helen Marie Wyland, Richard Yarde, Marjorie Younquist, Carol Youngquist, Maryan Zeto, Paul QW Wag They're just what we need, this we confess To tectd our school to future success. gg. TT X Number please: Lochi Good old s F nvorg ummer timeg Dois rom ulollp lust lo Everyb y Chaim oysp Good? Pyromidg ody happy: Already? Pull. Lorzy bone-sg Ooey G Snake do ooeyg S noep The ' Heorve l Weet dreams. qulsy Look ot th ' lo, my lad. e budie, l 1U .. kb Y R'S"7 R is for Roustabouts, F rom first team to sub. S is for Sprinters Next yecxr's tec:m's hub. T is for Triumphant With racket and club. "We don't expect to do much this year but next year we are really going to town." This opening statement of Coach Gillespie's at the first practice session has a very good chance to be prophetic. The "Tigers" didn't do a great deal this year in the way ot wins, they opened their season with a 6-U victory over Bushnell. Then followed a period of eight straight weeks, when they lost eight games, scoring only six points to their opponents' one hundred forty-nine. They, however, closed the season with a l2-O victory over Monmouth. But just to show the loyalty ot the GHS Tigers, out of thirty-nine players who survived the first cuts, there were still twenty-eight tellows practicing varsity football at the end ot the season. Twelve of the sguad will not be back next year, and only tive of this number were reg- ulars, so - the "Tigers" have a better than aver- age chance ot doing great things in l939! Jlmau OQHKQBN Y 'HF 3 A-f?4f'1.v w Gb K 'fa gsm f 7 , ga . , -A 1 f+-Q1 5 'A ' X. . . X 9 , g. J 8 YE 5 -J' 'A :gif-'4 f if 'i T MXMWQQ ff 3. Y We 'x Q 'v' ii. Q N f J x. X A 9 . 4 51,6 ,K HQQQXL: A41-. 'f VM ,n ,waxy ,LQ I NA, I . if . ,Af +0 eff? 32 X X . . -,,..g aj? :iff :?-- VWGPQI Ji "W, A- .Al 74-f 'limi "Qin: 4 Q Nl 31 K Y vm ,, W, " S K , ,P ff 'ww fn f Ma ! X Top row: L. McMillion, D. Morrissey, B. Downie: Seco row: H. Miller, M. losephson, C. Lester, L. Watson. Off to 41 fast start Q Coach Ross Freemans Harriers had a fairly successful season. The team started working to get themselves into condition early in the fall months. The first meet of the season was an invitational meet at Lafayette. The next meet, which the Gales- hura men paced, was the annual meet spon- sored by the Northwest Conference Associa- tion. Clarence "Pick" Lester, star traclcster for the past two years, completed his athletic career hy winning the NWC Cross Country run in ll' lU.2" for a new record held for- merly hy Roaula of East Moline. Endinq the Cross Country season, the squad traveled to Kewanee on Armistice Day to take third place honors. Row: B. Starr, D. Nelson, V. Ward, L. Duggan, R. Nelson, B. Peor- . toerzbach, R. Kent, G. West, C. Erickson, R. Unzicker, A ' S' R S d I S' M s R S G1 naktsp Second Row: G. pillrnan, . penn er, . lmonson, L er, R. Bledsoe, R. Watters, B. Walton, R. Wyland, M. Buzik, S son, B. Swigart, I. Ave-y, W. Barrett. W- .',.s . 3. .. '7lze Baby 7u7ew1 The Ponies, unable to match their powerful opponents, came through to win but two out of six games. Nevertheless, not once considering themselves beaten, they fought hard to the end of each game to show their fine sportsmanship. And if weight and size are any indication of good material, Coach Gillespie can look forward to this for the varsity next year. The sguad started the season by clashing with East Moline. Fighting valiantly and with little experience, they heard the gun sound for the end of the game with their opponent in front l9-U. Next week, playing a night game, they were downed, 3l-O by Moline. Rock Island also proved to have too much power. They chalked up a 27-O win. With two weeks of practice to their advantage, the boys came back to win from Canton, Galesburgs old rival, l3-O. The next game, played with Kewanee, brought the Ponies out again on the losing end, 27-U. The following Friday, ,N in their final game, they pounded away at Monmouths line to come out on top, l9-O. Hugh Reno, Manager The track team this year got off to a load start. ln fact, We can't boost of a single victory. However, the team gave its best and was in there fighting all the time. At Geneseo, the boys managed to file up enough points to come in third. The Bradford meet, held by GHS since they began three years ago, was also lost. The defeat at Galva closed a very uneventful season except for the Northwest Conference, Where We managed to stay out of the cellar posi- tion and take fifth place. Adkisson, Marky Barrett, Wayne: Billings, Lee, Bowles, Pauly Bril- ten, Edward: Buzik, Merlynp 1 Ca D k Campbe l, Maurice: rusi, ic : Champion, Bob: Cole, Bob: Dav ison, Gene, Erickson, Clarence, Evans, Raymond: Evans, Rob- t G k A cl G1 ery ' 1cma is, n rew: ass Evereilp Glass, Mack: Hall, Sam, Hicks, Iohnp Hill, Robert: Houli- han, Bob: Hughes, Lloyd, Logs- don, Ronald: Lohmar, Robert: M 1 ason, Lloyd: Mercer,,Bi1: Mil- ler, Early Moon, Lyman: Olsen, Forrest: Owens, Larry: Parkin- son, Merrill: Parmenler, Allen' Peck, Bobp Reno, Hugh: Sandell Albert: Sergeant, Lloyd, Swigert, Bob: Thierry, Roy: Wallace, Don' Vlfalion Bob: While, Bill 17 Zzleel' of Qual' 50 Yd. Dash . . . Shawler, 1934 . . 100 Yd. Dash . . . T. Murphy, 1932 Pole Vault . . . L. DeWitt, '35, Dutton, '33 . Mile Run . . . Schroeder, 1926 . . Shot Put . . . Howard Lundeen, 1937 . . . lavelin Throw . . . R. Scott, 1935 . . . 440 Yd. Run . . . N. Horton, 1935 . . . . High lump . . . I. Doyle, 1935 . . . . . 120 Yd. High Hurdles . . . I. Tulin, 1933 . . Discus Throw . . . Howard Lundeen, 1936 . . 880 Yd. Run 1. . . C. Lester, 1937 . . . . 2 Broad lump . . . lack Doyle, 1936 . . . . . 5.6 sec . 10.1 sec . . . 12 it 4 min. 36 sec 49 ft. 9V2 in . . 169 it . 51.8 sec .'5it.l0in . 15.3 sec 119 tt. 2M in min. 1.2 sec . 21 it. 9 in 200 Yd. Low Hurdles . . . K. Hardine, 1937 .... 23.2 sec Hop, Step and lump . . . H. Smith, 1926 . . 220 Yd. Dash . . . T. Murphy, 1932 . . . . . 43 tt. 3 in . 22.4 sec Mile Relay . . . P. Pruett, R. Gunther, I. Tulin, M. Robertson, 1933 ...... 3 min. 32.5 sec Half Mile Relay . . . T. Murphy, R. Klinger, W. Anderson, I. Tulin, 1932 .... 1 min. 33.6 sec Two Mile Relay . . . Cederoth, H. Schroeder, 1. Murphy, G. Schroeder, 1927 . . . 8 min. 22.6 sec ' Medley Relay . . . 1. Tulin, T. Murphy, Steele, R. Klinger, 1932 ....... 3 min. 45 sec. Um B The l938-39 season opened the fourth year of Galesburg's participa- tion in the realm of tennis. lt was most encouraging when forty play- ers responded to Coach Bednar's fall call. After several Weeks of intense practice a sguad of six players was chosen to take part in the NWC meet at Kewanee, where Galesburg captured second place. ln the sin- gles, while Bob Aldrich was easily imc west Winning first place, lack West was Bob Aldmh getting fifth. Competing in the doubles' division was the veteran team, Ed Seifert and Pete Burkett, also Pick Lester and Bob Fairbairn, they captured fourth and fifth respectively. This spring, besides competing in the District meet, Galesburg played matches with Monmouth and Won the meet 4-2, with Bock Island, Whom they tied 3-3, and Canton, to win the right to state competition. A new feature at Cfalesburg High this year mas a table-tennis tour- nament. Sixty-four boys contested for the championship, but when the tourney was completed, lohn Mc- Caughey was declared Winner, with his name engraved in glory on a plague to decorate the halls of GHS for posterity. Bob Aldrich, Gene Nel- son, and Ole Abrahamson finished behind him in that order. lohn McCaughey A Bob Aldrich R . YQ Q1 '5 0 4-4, A 1.4. ' 'if '31 ,,,. A t 'W Raquel' Rep! J' lt wots cr glorious doy, thctt October l, l938, gnd to four vivctcious young lotdies on the tennis tegm, it wots or doty to uphold the honor of the feminine portion of GHS in the only conference sport open to girls. lt wgs the dcty when our skillful tennis tegrn wos to trgvel to Kewornee to rnortch its gbility with thctt oi other schools. And CI fine showing they displgyed, for our doubles, Ruth Lowry gnd Mctrgotret Tolbert, took third plorce, while lednne Porter plgced fourth in the singles. Esther Woolsey, the only undercldss- mgn on the squgd, wos the dlterndte. Lgter in the yeor ctt the ctwgrds' dssembly, these some girls took their shorre of the honors by receiving letters. Mgrgg- ret Tolbert won cr letter with ct bgr for hctving done ct grond bit in the tourneys for two consecu- tive yecrrs. leon Ruth leon Porter, Mgr Lowry, Esthe 'W l y Q . . af , "Golf," says the dictionary, "is a game." but at GHS golf is a form of competition and very successful, competition at that. For during the l938 and l939 season, Galesburg High's golf team, composed of two veteran seniors, Captain Dale Sarver and Leonard "Ole" Abra- hamson, augmented by two sophomores this year, "Skip" Carlson and Eugene Erickson, have had a most uniformly successful season. Coach Aitchison selected the above mentioned four boys and with Dean Parkinson as alternate they journeyed to Kewanee for a dual tournament, which they won by l3-2. After more practice, the boys entered the NWC meet at Davenport on October l, where Skip Carlson came within two points of being medalist. That their efforts were successful can be proven by the fact that they carried off the championship. With two players back again next year, GHS can look forward to continued success on the field-or links of golf. Dean Parkinson, Leonard Abraham- son, "Skip" Carlson, Dale Sarver, Eugene Erickson. X. 1.-, ,.g.g.g.g.g.g.g. 4. ' -1-:-:-:-vs 'jg Ffflfl. aff , Q14 NQK M f , 1 ' ' 1 Z x ff I f'7'r5 'A H .1 ' ,,.g:-' f fr X ffffiif' ',ff ' :-: f ,fy ' ff :iz- " ,425 25 ' ff 4'-: 'ff va '1-ffl :QI . 4 423, , 0 f Ah." fi, Qj1V529vv-jjigflf " 32: 'Zi-7140 U is for Undaunted. Our basketball teams. V is for Vigor, Young ladies supreme. W is for Water-nymphs Held high in esteem. F Q 7h efgilam SZ "l-leigh-yo Silver, away" from l939. This year proved to be a rather sad one for Galesburg in basketball. However, the team's record of only winning nine out of twenty-one games, was counteracted by several startling victories. Cpening the season by defeating Macomb Sl-20, it looked as though Cfalesburg would be hard to beat. The next five games were lost, however, to Woodruff, E. Moline, Peoria Manual Covertimel, Burlington Ctwo overtimesl, and Rock lsland. At this point the Streaks broke this string of losses by win- ning a close game from Monmouth l5-lil. Then after losing to Canton, Kewanee, Moline, winning from E. Moline and losing to Rock lsland, they came through with a surprise win over Quincy l8-l7. The Silver Streaks after drubbing Monmouth, losing to Canton and Kewanee, came through to down Moline, the Northwest Conference champions, 16-l3. Entering the Regional as favorites, they won from Cneida, Brimfield and Abingdon by rather large margins as indicated in the schedule Because of these easy victories, high hopes were held by most Gales burg fans to repeat their appearance at the State Tournament. l-low ever, when they entered the sectional tournament as probable winner, they were rudely up set by Galva, 24-22l Despite these dis- couraging defeats throughout the sea- son, the team was en- thusiastically sup- ported by its loyal followers. "l-leigh-yo Silver, away" to l94U. Seifert sinks it Burke aims Peck guards Evans pauses Mitchell stalls L undeen plays cautiously Nov. 23 .................. Dec. 3 ..............,...,. Deo. 9 .................... Dec. 10... Dec. 12 .................. Dec. 16 .................. lon. 6 .............,...... Torn. 7 .................... lon. 13 .................. Ion. 20 .................. lon. 27 .................. Feb. 3 .................... Feb. 4 .................... Feb. 10 .................. Feb. ll.. Feb. rl7.. Feb. 24.. March 2 ................ Morch 3 Motrch 4 Moron 8 Motoomb 20 ..... ......... Woodruff 27 F. Molme 13 .................. Monuol 31 ..... Burlrnqton 24 ................ Rock lslond 27 .............. Monmouth 14 ................ Ccrnton 30 ...................... Kewonee 26 .................. Mollne 26 ......... ......... E. Molme 24 .................. Rock Tsloncl 37 QUlHCY 17 ..............1....... Monmouth 3 . Ccrnton 33 ....... Kewotnee 24 Moline 13 ....... Fteqionol Tourney Qnelclot 15 .................... Brlmfleld 12 .................. Ablnqdon 2U ................ Sectional Tourney Golvot 24 ..................... Gotlesburq Gorlesburq Golesburq Golesburq Golesburq Golesburq Golesburq Golesburq Golesburq Gctlesburq Golesburq Gctlesburq Golesburcg Gotlesburq Golesburq Gctlesburq Gctlesburq Golesburq Golesburq Golesburq .Gorlesburq Abrczhcxmson watches Burkett gets reody Upton aims Turnbull cove p Coe shoots or posses Owens eyes the enemy Wallace dribbles Mcxson bothers ' m Doyle gets set H l dyt p Couch Phillips O O They say that a person has a slim chance of winning if he plays the "ponies." Many schools in this vicinity can verify this statement because when their teams played our Ponies, they had a mighty slim chance of winning. This year the Ponies, with Mr. Bednar as a most suc- cessful trainer, nosed out their opponents by winning nine out of seventeen games. Their conference average was six wins and four losses. The Ponies outscored their competitors 352 to 326 with one-fourth of their points made from the free throw line. They averaged high on gratis shots, making fifty per cent of them good. "Skip" Carlson, Clarence Erickson, Bay Nelson, Bob Cole, and Merlyn Buzik were the starting "Colts" These five were aided by the excellent performances of Bob Walton, Buss Preeburg, Bob Hill, Bob Stoerzbach, lack Avery, Bob Champion, Buss Nelson, and Bob Spenader. The Ponies averaged almost six feet and were clever ball handlers along with their height. The total points for the opponents show that the Ponies played a very defensive game. They didn't allow any team to run up a lop-sided score. Galesburg is guaranteed a good ball team next year! Bill Starr Ronald Asplund Russell Bledsoe Bob Walton Charles Sandeen Wayne Barrett Marvin Linner Russell Nelson Dick Swigart Eugene Erickson Bill Hallas Skip Carlson Bob Cole Bob Stoerzbach lack Avery Bay Nelson Bob Champion Dick Wyland Russell Ereeburq Merlyn Buzick Bob Spenader Clarence Erickson , Bob Hill l Coach Bednar ffr ' I lane Lundeen, lack Larson, Marjie - Lersch, Sid Zeldes, Lois Milroy, lack Lawrence. Elizabeth lennings, Mary Dietrich, Dorothy Dixon. .. Three cheers to the juniors, because this year they have given us nine outstanding people. ln- spiring to the teams, both basketball and football, as well as a wonderful institution for the explosion of enthusiasm of the cheering sections, are our six cheer leaders, consisting of three girls and the like number of boys, and all juniors. Their names? The damsels-eLois Milroy, lane Lundeen, and Marjorie Lerschg the beaux--lack Larson, lack Law- rence, and Sidney Zeldes. We now come upon another setting. The band is playing, the crowd is buzzing, all of a sudden a hush comes over the audience, no one makes a sound. Then a colorful pageant takes place. There is a brilliant flash before the eyes of the spectators, and standing arrayed in silver and gold are three young ladies, who take a place in the records of GHS as the first Majorettes to grace our school with their thrilling twirling exhibition. Mary Helen Dietrich, as a newcomer, brought with her a talent which we have not witnessed for several years. Her colleagues are Dorothy Dixon and Elizabeth lennings. Mary Helen made her debut here in the fall at the very first football games, where she led the band through its paces, later in the season, an entire corps of charming young ladies paraded on the gridiron. Their final appear- ance was in the music department concert May 5. ior class was awarded The Lizzie Basketball Heroinesg 223, Sophomore Champions: 113, the Iun- ior Queens: 200, Winners for 1939 in advisory competition. The boys of GHS aren't the only ones who participate in sports. Although tennis is the only sport in which a girl may win a letter, there are other sports such as swim- ming, inter-club and in- ter-advisory basketball and volley ball. Ad- visory tournaments in basketball are held each year to decide the Sophomore, lunior and Senior champions. This year the Sophomore Winners were advisory 220, who were headed by Betty Henry. The honor in the lun- to advisory ll3, who for three consecutive years have held this position. The Senior class victors, who were as Well the all-school champions, Were from advisory ZOO, their captain was Bessie l-lunt. The annual girls' club tournament met with its usual success and attract- ed the attention oi many oi the loyal club boosters. The l939 pennant was awarded to the Lizzies ior the first time in three years. lt has been held during' this period by the Annies. The championship game was played by the Girls' Science Club and the Lizzies, Whose deadly attacks were lead by Dorothy Dunlap, GSC, and co-captains leanne Porter and Margaret Tolbert for the Elizabethans. The Sciencers were defeated after a hard, iast game on May 3, lU-4. The guarter-finalists in this tourney were iine teams from the Polyhynmias and the Prokoramas. .. ln the gym classes, besides the maior sports oi basketball and baseball, the girls take up various minor sports such as volley ball and badminton. When spring came and the weather ceased to be "wet," these iair damsels went out on the newly assigned "play lot," between the Home Ec and Main building, to do some out door practicing. lt's at this time ot year, too, that spring tennis comes into its own, with county, district, and state meets. GHS is proud of her "letter girls", lean Porter, Ruth Lowry, and Margaret Tolbert. Some day girls' sports may become nearly as important as the boys'! This might be possible, anyway we hope sol Q Mystic Circle, Lift! Www, Wdm, L' Though not a great deal is ever heard about it, swim- ming is an important sport and many are the mermaids who are seen splashing in the clear, sparkling waters of the pool. Perhaps "splashing" isn't the right word, as most of the girls are very adept in the crawl, the side stroke, the various dives and the under-water swim. As in tairyland, there are also "water queens." Per- haps you might care to know just who are these fair rulers of the blue. Shirlyn Ross is the best all-around swimmer and diver, but Lisa Elphick, Lois Milroy and Esther Woolsey are mighty close seconds. Then, too, we must not fail to mention the most persistent begin- ners, Betty Poole and lsal Cherrington. After these latter two have mastered the dives, have perfected the many strokes and successfully passed life-saving tests, they, too, will be reigning monarchs, for this is the road all would-be Katie Rawls must travel. Hil, Mermaid ue X 1 I f. 7 ' 1,4-V x v M --N.w.,..f.N.NNwMNQw4w W' X Ag. 7? . Q? 92153 fy ' 3 wwf? , - gl. .V JI-mme Dm.-mo 5 , Q J . W X is for X-ray Found in the "Budget" Y is for Yearbook We hope you'll just love it , YY ' ll fn ewd, 2125 1. - .t fr l , To those tolli who are continually seen with pencils, ,. . notebooks and "noses for news," we dedicate the l ,N 5- "Budget" pages! ln order that the students might have f ' hh . g QN .' everything new in the world oi sports, society, educa- tion, art, and even gossip, hard and tast and tireless energy has been expended by the twenty-nine members of the statt. Under the expert direction ot Miss Keach, with Ned Landon as editor and Leonard White oi the mercenary mind, Galesburg High has had a publication with "news" and anything but "ancient history." You've done a splendid job, congratulations "Bud- geteerslu Top Row Phyllis Iohnson lean Gordon lack Lawrence Mary Martha Watson Ieannette Elphick David Carley Barbara West Third Row Mary Schmidt Leonard White lane Soper Shirley Mureen Buss Freeburq Marian Sauter lda Marie Moon Mr. Darnberq and Miss Keach, helpiul suggestions are ever on the tip of their tortques. Second Row Bob McClelland Betty Bower Mary lane Saum Bob Boyes ,W Barbara Parks loy Webster lim Harnest Fourth Row Ted Schmidt Lisa Elphick Wanda Bitter Paul Grider Maribelle Koons Marjorie Lersch Cynthia Glass Ned Landon The editors assistant and the second keeper oi the qold. The Editor and the Financierl "Good advice is a precious jewel!" Miss Belshaw, Miss Babbitt. cl M' ' H l nn, oan Hin-chlifi fl, Hanna! Re ' Simple as ABGS? Not that simple, to be sure, but With the leadership oi editor, Barbara Wynn, the super iinancial ability oi Gordon McLain, the careful guidance ot Miss Babbitt, and Miss BelshaW's artistic inspirations, not to overlook Mr. Damberg's "snapping" lens, the l939 "Reflector" has been reduced to its simplest terms. And yet those simplified terms mean activity, variety, and something beside print and pic- tures. There were gay times at the matinee dances, and the candy sales atter school, along with the ones at the basketball games, were iun for all, besides satisfying hungry appetites. Clever pins were sold to adorn loyal GHS mem- bers, pennants to Wave, and the greatest ot all musical productions, the "Reilectavue," better known as "Green l-louse Shamblesf' was a grand success. All these things helped to build the thirty- second "Reilector". We have tried to enclose every memory of your high school days. Gur hope is that you'll really like it! -1--1-1. Editors and Money Men: Gor- 16 ll? ulluimgf Ill l'lll1'f l 1 f b1 X F :cj V . ' 5, ,B P " Q Q --- , e .iw W A 1,1-ml!-316: 1 an wllxli gli? X , in X r xv l A 'li 4 i 1 v x ii" ri 'l : N Mbrixzlllgi: X wggrvllgd. it-3 ! N ' . ,X '4 TUV Po' .'.' 3 Donna i-,ffae l,inrC'he, lcrfk Hclsf, lrlarorie frulson, Clvirles lhcnias, lflorence Dahlslroni, Roy Sharp. Sovoncl Row: Huperf lflillor, Grace Neslrit, Ralph Sharp, Anne Crafr, Pfzfiney Carley, Mary Frances Cooper. Third Row: Theresa Wilsori, Vincent Peterson, Evelyn P rrnell, leo Munson, Cora Moore, Harold Bouqhan. Fourth Rox-,': Gordon McLain, Lois Oiverlinq, loan Hinrhiifi, Shirley Lnndeen, leanne Dickenson, Bob Fairloairn. Pifh Ro ',',' : Hrrrolfi Sefrresl, Eefty Chandler, Carol Hurllzut, Evelyn Turpin, Barbara Yfynn, Rose-mary l-ladden, Clark Sells. jmg .. 165 lcd r "O wud some Powlx the qiftie qie us To see oursels Us ithers see us!" , 1, , Q 1, . lzwl , z 4 H' H fX,,f" 592: - .. f ,ai ,, .,,, K. ..,. .:.q - A, a X "F .- .Ng Q -.w-.Ap-1' '4-:--. Z: ' W- f j I .:5.,k, 5... urs. :V-E5 i 1. N, F , --- .83 ' 1 z.,: 'ff 21, . M V 5' ,4:- - , 15, gg: - " Pxw frv "3 2-.5 "':3?b':. V- . -.1:-:SfE'I- 'SIRIZSIEQ ' "" 33:12:24 -,-ll. :ip E--in , 3 Y .,, xx -. f f 4, -Q -'- 5 . f "" - ' ' ' X -51:5 a nm ll 'is Z is for Zero The end it must be. So a fond farewell To all zealous zcmies. . . of 2 V f. iw.- gx f r V-.-I-C-Z-Z .-I-. . o 51- X f 1-:-:-144-:':-:-' "4-- : " I I 1 1 f , T I fu A .1 "ff ' . 1 . 5 ,. , Q '.7i31E" . ., ' X. fr, ,Q , ,, .1 ' , 1 2' , 1 , I 1 4 'i , ' ' 1 v, . ,, , , a 4 f 4,5 W , 'J- - ', w ",, ,jug . A " ff".- Q, .- . 1 X. .I f . x , ,. n, , if , 'V , f , , 1 My 5. ."? ' a -, Q , ..-M . . . , .- .. . . . ,, . W.. J... ..1,..,.,w ., ,,A.,,.. ..,.:,h.,,,.+..1,-.-,..,..-H.1..,.x .4-....vn1 ..u.'f-. hmm.. . . ...,.- . . If

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