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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan Rambler 1985 Please get off my foot! 4 Seniors bake a potato. Timber! Let’s go Michelle. D-U-C-K, Bill! Ingenious G-A minds. Next time, use a fork! Hang on tight. Hum I saw that. Movin-on What are you doing? Whee Smile, Mr. Morgan. G-A fans It’s hard to keep step on crutches. It works like this. Ready on the right. Look out. I’m coming through. Hams This program should work. Taking a break. Jeff, the ball, the ball! Administration and Faculty John Wagar Superintendent Ron Parker Principal Mike March Assistant Principal Vern Cramer Counselor Carol McIntosh Attendance Officer Wanda Hartman Secretary Judy Scott Secretary II Nancy Emmerich Dick Havey Dee Hoard Cathy Woodrow En 8 lish English English English Dave Heavy Scott Taylor Tim Howell Biology Science Chemistry and Physics Bob Duke Social Studies Mike Pasche Social Studies Dave Hanna Government and Psychology Martin Benstein Band Elaine Hansen Spanish Beverly Stokes Typing and Shorthand Evelyn VanDeLaare Office Block Virginia Winter Phys. Ed. 12 Chris Katz Computers Sandy Smiddy Librarian John Hoard Industrial Arts Carol VanderLugt Cafeteria Ovanah Warner Computers and Math Phil Hurst Art Sandra Grabe Art Arlend Thompson Custodian Bus Drivers Vern Cramer 24 years Judy Curry 11 years Allen Curtiss 6 months Jean Franks 13 years Dan Godde 8 years Nila Godde 15 years Dave Hanna 27 years Vern Hoyt 4 years Bob Kelly 17 years Judy Lemon 2 years Keith Martin Joan Murray Lynn Roe 19 years 15 years 7 years Clinton Scott 3 years Lolene Smith 6 years 14 Clyde VanAvery 16 years Bert Williams 20 years Class of 1985 Flower: Forget-me-nots Color: Pink and White Motto: If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it. President Secretary-Treasurer Lincoln W. Matties Lisa Marie Patterson Christina Lee Arndt Ricky Lee Ashby Eduard Bruce Avis Karin Birgitta Back Terry L. Bargo Jeffrey L. Barnes Mark Robert Baxter Timothy Ray Becker Wendy Sue Bird Brien Kurt Boniface Vickey M. Christy Trina Louise Collick Michael James Cox Donald Ferrel Daniel Richard W. Daniels, Jr. Nanette Marie Dunmire David Clayton Dunn Sherri Lynn Eadler Shawn Alan Emmons Peter Joseph Fonken „J§ JL. Barbara Jovea Forster LeeAnn Kay Garcia Karen Ann Gervais Gregory Paul Forster, Jr. r 0 1 j L ineGodde Terrance Kevin Goodman Amy Lynn Gregory Christopher Brian Grove Thomas Stephen Gunther 19 Jeffrey Carl Landers Richard A. Liskovec Lisa Carol Livingston Diana Jean Lynn Laura Sue Martin Christine Renee’ Monroe Ron Moss Catherine Marie Needham Mark Daniel Newton Amy Susan O ' Halloran Valley Ann Pierman Wendy Lynn Packard Mallette Marie Palmer Lorey Lee Piper James W. Priest Michael Robert Pierman Valerie Ann Reitenour Cindy Marlene Robbins Sarah Elizabeth Rodeheaver Lorri Roof Alonna Jean Ruger 22 Christopher Edwin Sutton Renae Sue Thomas Scott E. Tomlinson Marilee Doris Upson Kimberly Sue VanAmeyden Jamie Sue VanZandt Teresa Ann Vargo Kimberly Kristine Vetter 23 Not Pictured: Brent M. Heighton Randy Ray Lowe Jeffery Jay McCauley John A. NeSmith Michael A. Powers Jean Kay Semelbauer Elisa Jylana Shadwick Dave M. Vaughn Todd Anderson Whipple Joseph Peter Zimmerman Rhonda Wood Gretchen K. Zahn Friends A shoulder to cry on. An ear to bend. Money to borrow. Clothes to lend. Friday night at the movies. Afternoon walks, Being together, Our " private " talks. Mending our hearts, Crying those tears. Planning our futures. Voicing our fears. Our memories togther, May they never end. Always together. Forever friends!! Chris Jones 24 Class History As the largest freshmen class in a decade, you entered G-A High in September, 1981. To lead your multitude of 119, you elected Denny Wood president, Mamie Kitc hen vice president, Lisa Patter¬ son secretary, and Joyce Stevens treasurer. To everyone ' s surprise, your float took first place with the catchy theme “Casta Spell on You started your sophomore year with 107 students strong. You elected Kim Vetter president, Mamie Kitchen vice president and Bruce Haase secretary-treasurer. Your float building abilities slip¬ ped a little and you took third in the competition. For Fall Homecoming you selected Steve Doerr as prince and Diana Lynn as Your junior year started out like every other year. You once again elected Kim Vetter president, Lisa Patterson vice president, Mamie Kitchen secretary, and Denny Wood treasurer. For Fall Homecom¬ ing you selected Chris Lahti as prince andMarnie Kitchen as princess. Fall passed quickly, almost too quickly for you, theupcom- ing seniors. Winter Homecoming proved to be awesome. You Well what do you know, your senior year is upon you already. It is hard to believe after all the years you spent together it is almost to an end. You elected Lincoln Matties president, and Lisa Patterson vice president. For Fall Homecoming you selected Jeff Landers as prince and Gretchen Zahn as princess, Greg Forster as king and LeeAnn Garcia as queen. The next thing you knew you were getting ready for Winter Homecoming. You selected Terry Bargo as prince, Terry Mason as princess, Mike Cox as king and Tracy Godde as queen. You ordered your caps and gowns, and many of your classmates were involved in Those Panthers. " To reign over Fall Homecoming you selected Bruce Haase as prince and Trina Collick as princess. The new sur¬ roundings made time fly and Winter Homecoming came quickly. To reign over the activities, you selected Denny Wood as prince and Wendy Bird as princess. princess. Steve and Diana, along with everyone else, looked on as Coach Maskill became Michigan’s most winningest high school coach with 213 victories. For Winter Homecoming you selected Mick Pierman as prince and Lisa Patterson as princess. During the summer, your fellow band members enjoyed threeweeks touring Germany and the Netherlands. selected Lincoln Matties as prince and Christy Arndt as princess. The load of putting on the promwas upon you. You spent many hours running paper drives, selling shirts, sweaters, and cheese and sausage. The prom was May 12 at KVCC and was the first prom ever to have a DJ. For the first time in many years, your fellow band members put on a play. The play, Grease, was a huge success. the play, “Once Upon a Mattress”, which was also a huge success. Meanwhile, as the year progressed, the time drew near for the Annual Dreaded Term Paper. There were a few early birds who flew through their term papers with ease, but as for the rest of us we struggled and sweated through the last late nights of torture nested behind a typewriter, which became our closest companion- throughout the duration. It is hard to recall all of the times you have shared on paper, but these timeswill be remembered in your minds throughout your lives. Good Luck to you all as you begin a new part of your life. 25 YUvlLuJ ' ,.. J ? Lj f l s V ( rz c %ZcZ Vus J. h %jL0 A« AA CA- • r j p " PHi y j 0Usr O 26 % Chris Monroe Christy Arndt Lisa Livingston Karen Gervais Toni Braden t Valeric Reitenour Diana Lynn Nan Dunmire Chris Lahti Jamie VanZandt 29 David Davis Mark Baxter Kim Vetter Rhonda Wood Alonna Ruger Vikki Christy Mallette Palmer Amy O ' Halloran 32 Amy Gregory Joyce Stevens 33 Class of 1986 President: Reg Loveland Vice President: Laura Loveland Secretary-T reasurer: Tina Bargo Brett Beatty Paul Berky Cindy Best Eric Blakeslee Gail Bresson Shari Carpenter Tim Carpenter James Clugston Kevin Coleman David Collins Dave Crampton Angie Crummel Donnita Curry Dale DeYoung Bobbi Drobny Bill Dye Laura Dyer Keith Elder Alan Fish Eric Forrester Doug French Wade Gervais Rob Gillespie Scott Green Gary Haase Missy Haist Amy Hartman Todd Hayner Bill Heath Ron Heckman Jon Holloway Jody Hopkins Tim Huyck Jenni Jefferson Kim Jones Mike Keeler Rob Kitchen Maureen Knight Jim Laske Katrina Leininger Kathy Leng April Luedecking Scott Madden John Mason Val Mason Cathy McAlear Dave McGee Karen McIntosh Dave Meadows v 4 Tim Miclke Cathie Miller Mike Minne’ Melanie Molica Jeff Moran Joe Moorlag Ron Morrison Jim Nicolow Amy Note boom Rhonda Oosting Chris Phelps Darryl Phillips Jerry Pierman Karen Powers Myra Pruitt Kelly Rhodes Michelle Rhodes James Root Todd Root Bill Schultz Tracy Shirley Amy Smith Brad Smith Sherry Smith Sue Simmons Mike Soule Brian Spencer Mandy Sprick Todd Stinnett Nick Stoken Chris Taylor Beckey Telfer Doug Thompson Don VanderLugt Joe Visel John Vorva Kathleen Warner George Watts Denise Weld Paul Wendell Stacey Whalen 35 Class of 1987 Rick Arndt Colleen Atchinson Keith Baird Tom Barnett Kevin Bassett Matt Becker Teressa Becker Cherri Belt Stacy Bird Chris Bissett Jerry Blakeslee Ray Campbell Mike Carlton Dan Chapin Missy Chapin Cindy Cherry Brian Cleavinger Steve DeLano Jim DeLoach Lisa DeWolff Darius Dlugoss Chris Dunn Amie Dyer Tony Fenwick Rick Fontaine Kristi Freemire Gail Gazdag Matt Gordon Tim Guhl Troy Hamlin Jeff Hammel Matt Hanna David Head Mark Hendricks Jeff Higdon David Hill Rick Hopkins Tracy Hutchins Paul Huyck Kathy Jennings Doreen Kershner Dana Klosterman Joe Laske Andy Leeson Mayra Lewis Daphne Macomber Michelle Martin Dick Martinek Chris Matties 36 Not Pictured: George Braymer Dave Brock Amy Buck Tim Clifton Jim Cook Brian Coon Paul Forster Ray Grenillo Jim Zuidema Mike McAlear Amy McKeown Mike Moorlag Todd Morgan Allison Muir Lisa Murray Craig Mussulman Mike Needham Becky Newton Dava Noud Mistie Nuyen Troy Pierce Mike Pierman Ray Preston Pat Priest Dean Psalmonds Kris Roelof Lisa Rose Amy Rutherford Jami Schmidt Rachel Schultz John Schwartz Amy Shanahan Todd Shorb Paul Sigourney Kevin Smith Rose Smith Scott Smith Yvonne Snook Ron Srackangast Rory Stace Joey Stephens Jamie Stephenson Jeff Stephenson Andy Stevens Nancy Stevens George Striebel Lisa Sullivan Mike Tackett John Townsend Lori VanAmeyden Kelly VanBruggen Mike Vetter Tammy Vorva Chris Wenzel Jack Whipple Cheri Williams John Williams 37 Class of 1988 Terrie Adams Shelly Askew James Bargo Steve Barnes Amy Barrett David Batey Tonya Birdsong Ricky Blink Becky Bowling Debbie Broten Corrinne Burton Andy Campbell Lorraine Cleavinger David Clock Chris Clugston Brian Coates Bob Coleman Laurie Collick Chris Cox Steve Curry Nickie Curtis Debi Daniel John Daniel Troy DeLano Jeff Dennis Hunter Dodge Joan Drallette Rob East Jennifer Edgar Sue Gillespie John Gillman Greg Gordon Christi Gray Randy Gray Jennifer Gunther Brendan Hageman Heather Head Richard Heighton Stuart Hewitt Michele Hitchings 38 Dan Hopkins Christi Hunt Marcia Jenson Michelle Jones Crissy Knight Cindy Kroeg Darrell Landers Steve Landers Duane Lantis Laura Lemmien Denise Little Dawn Livingston Tim Livingston Ted Long Rob Luedccking Steve Lynn Tracy Maki Dianne Martin Terrie Mason Tonya Mason Kristen McGee John McIntyre Terri McMeckan Brad Miller Steve Miller Nicole Mitchell Jill Mussulman Todd Osborn Chris Ostermann Beth Oviatt Brian Patterson Barry Pelton John Perkins Darcy Pierce Preston Pitko Brad Post Brent Post Shirley Psalmonds 39 Jon Reeder Michelle Reitenour Tracy Rhodes Melissa Richards Stewart Robinson Christy Root Sheri Rose Kevin Rowley Kelly Shira David Shilts Lisa Shirley Karrie Sibbersen Tamara Simmons Lester Sims Richard Slater Troy Sleeman Amy Smith Sherry Smothers Kevin Snook Rusty Stace Lynda Stevens Heather Striebel Jerry Thomas Jeff Thomason Russ Uithoven Sandy VanBruggen Mike Weber Arron Webster Dassa Weld Mike Whitehead Palis Whitley Tamela Whitley Mike Woodard Not Pictured: Scott Blanchard Duane Fish Ed Lemon Michele McCormick Scott Smith Tracy Williams 40 Varsity Football Front Row: Jeff Moran, Gary Haase, Kevin Coleman, Bill Heath, Brad Heldt, Chris Sutton, Joe Zimmerman, Terry Bargo, Tim Sigourney, Scott Madden, Coach Alex Forrester. Second Row: Jerry Pierman, Bruce Haase, Bill Coleman, Dave Meadows, Reg Loveland, Chris Phelps, Mike Soule, Wade Gervais, Mike Cox, George Watts, Alan Fish, Troy Pierce. Back Row: Coach Ron Presley, Coach Bob Morgan, Rob Kit¬ chen, Greg Forster, Dave Vaughn, Denny Wood, Jeff Landers, Jim Priest, Ken Case, Brian Spencer, Steve Doerr, Chris Taylor, Coach Bill Maskill. SENIORS Front Row: Bill Coleman, Bruce Haase, Brad Heldt, Mike Cox, Chris Sutton, Tim Sigourney, Terry Bargo. Back Row: Dave Vaughn, Denny Wood, Jeff Landers, Ken Case, Greg Forster, Jim Priest, Steve Doerr, Joe Zimmerman. G-A RAMS RECORD OPP 18 Leslie 7 18 Hackett 28 26 Parma-Western 13 30 Mattawan 6 34 Paw Paw 6 40 Parchment 0 22 Delton 0 6 K. Christian 12 12 St. Philip 21 42 Junior Varsity Football Front Row: Keith Baird, Andy Leeson, Paul Forster, Steve DeLano, Paul Sigourney, Craig Mussulman, Matt Gordon, Todd Morgan, Coach Steve Smith, Pepper Pierman. Back Row: Coach Marty Born, Jeff Hammel, John Mason, Darius Dlugoss, David Hill, Ron Srackangast, Chris Wenzel, Mike Moorlag, Mike Tackett, Mike Pierman, Coach Scott Pierman. Not Pictured: Coach Kevin Standley. G-A RAMS RECORD OPP 25 Leslie 14 16 Hackett 0 42 Parma-Western 8 34 Mattawan 16 41 Paw Paw 26 35 Parchment 0 29 Delton 12 23 K. Christian 14 38 St. Philip 8 44 Freshmen Football Front Row: Ray Preston, Mike Weber, Rusty Stace, Brad Miller, Brian Patterson, Mike Whitehead, Dan Hopkins, Mike Woodard, Duane Fish. Back Row: Jerry Thomas, Troy DeLano, Rob East, Duane Lantis, Darrell Landers, Steve Landers, Scott Smith, Bob Coleman. G-A RAMS RECORD OPP 26 Leslie 0 12 Hackett 0 6 Parma-Western 26 8 Mattawan 0 0 Paw Paw 6 26 Parchment 12 0 Delton 8 36 K. Christian 0 45 Girls Varsity Basketball Front Row: Jean Semelbauer, Diana Lynn, Marilee Upson, Toni Braden. Back Row: Chris Monroe, Tina Bargo, Melanie Molica, Kathleen Warner, Valerie Reitenour, Rhonda Oosting, Coach Bill Monroe. Captains: Diana Lynn, Chris Monroe. SENIORS Front Row: Jean Semelbauer, Diana Lynn, Marilee Upson. Back Row: Chris Monroe, Valerie Reitenour, Toni Braden. G-A RAMS RECORD OPP 24 Climax-Scotts 26 35 Centreville 78 26 Athens 66 39 Burr Oak 36 41 Springfield 36 28 Pennfield 58 34 Springfield 26 37 Delton 61 37 Hackett 62 34 Parchment 47 30 Mattawan 35 33 Paw Paw 44 38 K. Christian 46 25 Delton 72 45 Hackett 64 28 Mattawan 18 44 Paw Paw 54 32 K. Christian 48 26 Maple Valley 31 28 Parchment 29 46 Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Front Row: Tammy Vorva, Gail Gazdag, Lisa Sullivan, Stacy Bird. Michelle Jones. Back Row: Coach Milton Starkey, Michelle Reitenour, Sue Gillespie, Heather Striebcl, Jackie Kelly, Lisa DeWolff, Amy Shanahan. Captain: Lisa Sullivan. RAMS RECORD G-A OPP 19 Climax Scotts 17 23 Centreville 37 10 Athens 26 25 Burr Oak 14 36 Springfield 17 14 Pennfield 43 30 Springfield 27 25 Delton 54 23 Hackett 64 26 Parchment 10 15 Mattawan 24 25 Paw Paw 32 17 K. Christian 49 44 Delton 58 24 Hackctt 68 26 Parchment 21 23 Mattawan 35 35 Paw Paw 45 28 K. Christian 45 Cross Country Front Row: Dianne Martin, Ron Moss, Amy Barrett, Brian Coates. Back Row: Coach Ken Coates, James Root, Tim Becker, Ed Avis, Tom Gunther. Seniors: Tom Gunther, Tim Becker, Ron Moss, Ed Avis. Varsity Cheerleaders 50 Front Row: Missy Haist, Mamie Kitchen, Nancy Stevens. Back Row: Laura Loveland,Shari Carpenter, Coach Casey Hamilton, Lisa Patterson, Kim VanAmeyden. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Front Row: Christi Gray, Laurie Collick, Amy Smith. Second Row: Jody Stewart, Teressa Becker. Back Row: Kristen McGee, Missy Chapin, Jill Mussulman. Soccer Front Row: Tim Becker. Matt Hanna, Brendan Hageman, John Townsend. Dan Chapin, Jim Nicotow, Eric Forrester Dick Martinek Lori VanAmeyden Back Row: Coach Scott Forrester, Ed Avis, Tim Carpenter, Dave Davis, Chris Lahti, Rory Stace, Mark Baxter, Matt Becker, Pete Fonken, Joe Moorlag, Greg Gordon. Seniors Tim Becker Ed Avis Dave Davis Chris Lahti Mark Baxter Pete Fonken 52 Girls Tennis VARSITY Front Row: Nickie Curtis, Amy Smith, Amy Rutherford, Sherry Smith, Stacey Whalen. Back Row: Coach Rhonda Smith, Jill Mussulman, Valley Pierman, Laura Loveland, Dava Noud, Kristen McGee, Cathy Needham, Coach Tom Smith. Seniors: Valley Pierman, Cathy Needham This years tennis team had a very successful season. They placed se¬ cond in the Regionals, which qualified them to go on to State. JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row: Allison Muir, Shari Carpenter. Back Row: Coach Rhonda Smith, Karen Rutherford, Jackie Kelly, Christy Root, Karen McIntosh, Coach Tom Smith 53 Varsity Basketball Front Row: Phil Doerr, Skip Smith. Back Row: Chris Taylor, Dave Meadows, Jeff Barnes, Jim Priest, Jeff McCauley, Dave Davis, Mark Bax¬ ter, Reg Loveland, Mike Cox, Coach Ron Presley. Not Pictured. Chris Lahti. Seniors. Mike Cox, Jim Priest, Jeff Barnes, Dave Davis, Jeff McCauley, Mark Baxter. Not Pictured: Chris Lahti. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 50 Gobles 58 44 Climax-Scotts 37 39 Delton 46 32 Hackett 51 66 Parchment O.T.61 St. Philip (Forfeit) 42 White Pigeon 68 58 Mattawan 55 56 Paw Paw 50 48 K. Christian 86 62 Flarper Creek 72 37 Delton 53 34 Flackett 36 39 Parchment 33 29 Mattawan 44 68 Springfield 61 36 K. Christian 74 53 Paw Paw 57 50 Centreville 85 66 Maple Valley Districts 86 55 Olivet 69 54 Junior Varsity Basketball Front Row: Todd Morgan, Paul Sigourney. Back Row: Coach Randy Sharp, Matt Gordon, Todd Shorb, Steve DeLano, Kevin Bassett, Rory Stace, Scott Smith, Mike Whitehead, Brian Patterson, Sean Ryan. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 51 Gobles 39 44 Climax-Scotts 36 43 Delton 41 38 Hackett 53 44 Parchment 43 48 St. Philip 49 46 White Pigeon 47 46 Mattawan 58 36 Paw Paw 39 27 K. Christian 66 65 Harper Creek 46 50 Delton 54 60 Hackett 76 36 Parchment 35 43 Mattawan 48 72 Springfield 64 44 K. Christian 64 49 Paw Paw 53 42 Centreville 62 67 Maple Valley 72 Freshmen Basketball Front Row: James Bargo, Pat Coleman, Dan Hopkins. Back Row: Coach Alex Forrester, Brad Miller, Bob Coleman, Darrell Landers, Duane Lantis, Troy DeLano, Ted Long, Mike Woodard, John Gilman. Not Pictured: Chris Ostermann. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 29 Colon 49 23 Dclton 42 37 Martin 42 35 Parchment 40 26 Mattawan 59 29 Centreville 64 40 K. Christian 43 40 Delton 54 34 Parchment 47 36 Mattawan 67 44 Springfield 57 35 K. Christian 38 32 Paw Paw 92 35 Martin 59 Varsity Volleyball Front Row: Sherry Smith, Karen McIntosh, Kim Larimer, Toni Braden, Angie Crummel, Renae Thomas. Back Row: Rhonda Oosting, Tracy Godde, Chris Monroe, Lori Roof, Kathleen Warner, Amy Hartman, Wendy Bird. Seniors - Front Row: Kim Larimer, Toni Braden. Back Row: Tracy Godde, Chris Monroe, Lori Roof, Wendy Bird, Renae Thomas. 58 G-A RAMS RECORD Opp. 8-15, 4-15, 5-15 Hackett 7-15, 12-15 Otsego 15-10, 15-10, 17-15 Springfield 1-15, 9-15 Pennfield 14-16, 11-15 Tekonsha 15-7,15-11,15-7 Mattawan 15-10,18-16 Springfield 15-11.3-15,15-4,15-8 PawPaw 15-5,15-9,15-10 G-A Invitational Climax-Scotts 15-10,15-10,15-3 Bloomingdale 10-15,9-15,14-16 Springfield 15-4,17-15 Climax-Scotts 14-16,7-15 Springfield Finished Second 15-13,3-15,13-15,15-17 Parchment 12-15,8-15,13-15 Delton 15-1,10-15 K.V.A. Tournament Paw Paw 15-5,3-15 Delton 16-14,10-15 Hackett 12-15,11 15 Parchment 15-5,14-16 Mattawan 15-12,15-10 K. Christian 9-15,11-15 Parchment 15-11,14-16,9-15 Hackett 15-11,10-15,15-13 Finished Fourth Jackson Northwest 4-15,12-19 Harper Creek 4-15,9-15 Pennfield 8-15,15-3,13-15 Bronson 15-12,3-15.15-3,15-10 K. Christian 15-4,15-6 District Bellevue 12-15,15-10,15-3 Springfield 15-8,4-15,8-15 Hackett Finished Second 59 Junior Varsity Volleyball Front Row: Jill Mussulman, Lisa Sullivan, Tammie Wilson, Terrie McMeekan, Amy Smith, Nicki Curtis, Christi Gray, Cori Burton. Back Row: Dianne Martin, Amy McKeown, Shelly Askew, Dava Noud, Kelly Schira, Kristen McGee, Tonya Birdsong, Sue Gillespie, Debbie Broten, Coach Michelle Green. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 0-15,15-7,16-18 Hackett 15-13,16-14 Otsego 15-3,15-13 Springfield 13-15,11-15 Pennfield 15-12,15-7 Tekonsha Portage Northern Invitational 3-15,6-15 Portage Central 15-7,15-12 Comstock 15-6,15-12 Sturgis 0-15,2-15 Portage Northern Tied For Third 15-9,15-12 Mattawan 15-1,15-5 Springfield 15-10,15-13 Paw Paw 15-10,6-15,8-15 Parchment 6-15,15-5,15-13 Del ton G.A. Invitational 15-5,15-8,15-12 Climax-Scotts 15-2,5-15,7-15 K. Christian 15-3,15-5,15-8 Springfield 15-13,9-15,15-7 Climax-Scotts 15-5,5-15,13-15 K. Christian Finished Second 0-15,6-15 Jackson Northwest 11-15,15-11,11- 15 Harper Creek 5-15,1-15 Pennfield 1-15,10-15 Bronson 16-14,6-15,12-15 K. Christian Junior Varsity Softball Front Row: Mayra Lewis, Michelle Jones, Gail Gazdag, Lisa Sullivan, Chris Matties, Tammie Wilson, Shelly Askew, Tammy Vorva. Back Row: Coach Michelle Green, Kristen McGee, Beth Oviatt, Dava Noud, Stacy Bird, Lisa DeWolff, Kelly Schira, Coach Art Green. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 13 Gobles 8 10 Comstock 25 3 Gull Lake 6 14 Hackett 4 19 Hackett 11 6 Mattawan 5 8 Mattawan 6 15 Vicksburg 5 9 Paw Paw 5 19 Paw Paw 2 20 Centreville 7 24 Centreville 8 18 Parchment 8 16 Parchment 6 31 Gobles 10 21 Colon 11 6 Colon 7 13 Delton 3 11 Del ton 10 15 K. Christian 3 6 K. Christian 12 Finished First In League Varsity Softball Front Row: Sherry Smith, Lisa Livingston, Kim Larimer, Renae Thomas, Marilee Upson. Back Row: Kathleen Warner, Rhonda Oosting, Rhonda Wood, Tracy Godde, Wendy Bird, Chris Monroe, Coach Scott Taylor. Seniors: Lisa Livingston, Kim Larimer, Rhonda Wood, Tracy Godde, Wendy Bird, Chris Monroe, Marilee Upson, Renae Thomas. 62 Boys Tennis Fronl Row: Steve DeLano, Jeff Barnes, Chris Lahti, Mike Whitehead. Back Row: Coach Tom Smith, Steve Lynn, Jon Reeder, Todd Shorb, Arron Webster, Reg Loveland, Coach Dale Israels. Back Row: John Townsend, Kevin Bassett, Tony Fenwick. ] 65 Girls Track Front Row: Missy Haist, Karrie Sibbcrscn, Laura Lcmmien. Back Row: Coach Tim Howell, Amy Gregory, Ronda Stace, Laura Dyer. Not Pictured: Lori Roof, Michelle Gilman, Tracy Rhodes. 66 Boys T rack Front Row: Kevin Rowley, Matt Gordon, Ricky Blink, Brian Coates, Kevin Coleman. Second Row: Tim Becker, Darius Dlugoss, Jim Nicolow, Rusty Stacc, Troy Pierce. Back Row; Todd Stinnett, Tom Gunther, Brett Be atty, Rory Stace, Mark Baxter, Stuart Flewitt, Coach Ken Coates. Not Pictured: Ed Avis, Bill Coleman. 68 New school record holders: Troy Pierce, Matt Gordon, Rory Stace. New school record holders: Tim Becker, Jim Nicolow, Tom Gunther, Not Pictured: Bill Coleman in the 440 relay. Rusty Stace in the 2 mile relay. 69 Varsity Baseball Front Row: Rob Gillespie, Steve Docrr, Tim Sigourney, Lincoln Matties, Terry Bargo, Mick Pierman, Scott Madden. Back Row: Coach Jack Campbel l, Mike Cox, Greg Forster, Mike Soule, Jeff McCauley, Chris Taylor, Bill Schultz, Coach Mark Taylor. 70 Junior Varsity Baseball Front Row: Duane Fish. Dan Hopkins, John Gilman. Brian Patterson, Mike Woodard, Ted Long. Back Row: Coach Vic Hopkins, Mike Vetter, Steve Landers, Darrell Landers, Bob Coleman, Chris Wenzel, Scott Smith, Jerry Thomas, Coach Al Thomas. Not Pictured: Paul Forster. 72 Symphonic Band Front Row: Missy Chapin, Valley Picrman, Chris Ostermann, Terry Mason, Martin, Gretchen Zahn, Tracy Rhodes, Matt Becker, Laura Lemmien, Lorcy Piper, Christy Arndt. Second Row: Sherri Eadler, Kelly Rhodes, Becky Newton.fcandy VanBruggen, Jami Schmidt, Mandy Sprick, Terri Adams, Marnie Kitchen, Joyce Stevens, Laura Martin, Tammy Cleavenger, Chris Wendland, Kevin Smith, Lorraine CleavAger, Karen Gervais, Matt Hanna, Diana Lynn. Third Row: Nancy Stevens, John Reeder, Brian Cleavenger, Kathy Leng, Lisa Patterson, Eric Forrester, Pete Fonken, Cathie MillermMark Lewis, Joe Laske, Rick Arndt, Shawn McMcekan, Scott Green, Gail Gaz- dag, Greg Forster, Shari Carpenter, Melissa Richards, Mayra Lewis, Dianne Martin. Fourth Row: nmie Bargo, Jeff Moran, Chris Lahti, Mallette Palmer, Steven Lynn, Brett Beat¬ ty, Russ Uithoven, John Holloway, Mark Wedel. Fifth Row: Randy Gray, Stewart Hewitt, Kevin Coleman, Ed Avis, Kim Vetter, Mark Baxter. Standing: Amy Gregory, Rick Fon¬ taine, Mike Whitehead, Kris Roelof, Conduct or Martin Bcnstein. Seniors Front Row: Valley Pierman, Lorey Piper, Sherry Eadlcr, Kristin Hoffman, Amy O’Halloran, Gretchen Zahn, Joyce Stevens, Laura Martin, Marnie Kitchen, Tammy Cleavinger, Diana Lynn. Back Row: Rachel Martin, Amy Gregory, Karen Gervais, Lisa Patterson, Mark Lewis, Greg Forster. Pete Fonken. Chris Lahti, Mark Baxter, Ed Avis, Shawn McMeekan, Terry Mason, Christy Arndt, Mark Wcdel, Mallctte Palmer, Kim Vetter. Jazz Band Front Row: Terry Mason, Karen Gervais, Pete Fonken, Kim Larimer, Lisa Patterson, Eric Forrester, Amy Shanahan, Mark Baxter, Jeff Moran Back Row: Mr Benstcin, Rick Fontaine, Jon Holloway, Mallctte Palmer, Ed Avis, Scott Green, Greg Forster, Chris Lahti, Christy Arndt. 75 Drum Major, Twirlers Kathy Leng. Mark Baxter. Chris Wendland Chris Wendland. Kathy Leng Flags Kristin Hoffman, Amy O ' Halloran, Sherry fcadler, Melissa Richards, Christy Arndt, Amy Gregory, Lorey Piper, Laura Martin, Gretchcn Zahn, Rachel Maritn. Library Front Row: Ron Morrison, Mick Pierman, Bruce Haase, Lincoln Matties, Sue Duggan. Second Row; Theresa Fenwick, Kathleen Warner, Cathie Miller, Dale DeYoung, Don VandcrLugt. Back Row: Donnita Curry, Sherry Smith, Jeff Landers, Gretchcn Zahn, Mrs. Smiddy, Chris Taylor. Student Council Front Row: Mamie Kitchen, Nickie Curtis, Chris Matties, Amy Gregory, Ed Avis, Lincoln Matties, Kim Larimer, Lisa Sullivan. Second Row: Karen Rutherford, Jackie Kelly, Jody Stewart, Eric Forrester, Greg Forster, Dave Meadows, Laura Loveland, Stacey Whalen, Monica Max- son, Sue Duggan. Back Row: Reg Loveland, Lisa DeWolff, Joe Laske, Lisa Patterson, Tina Bargo, Gretchcn Zahn, Amy Hartman, Nicole Mitchell, Dianne Martin, Amy Smith. Quiz Bowl Front Row: Ed Avis, Christy Arndt, Lincoln Matties, Joyce Stevens, Karen Gervais, Rachel Martin. Back Row: Kim Vetter, Pete Fonken, Cathie Miller, Greg Forster. Not Pictured: Mike Keeler. Computer Club Front Row: Mandy Sprick, Kathy Leng, Kim Larimer, Marnie Kitchen, Matt Hanna, Valley Pierman. Back Row: Jon Reeder, Steve Lynn, Todd Morgan, Dale DeYoung, Scott Green, Mike Keeler, Brent Post. 78 Co-Op Front Row: Teri Vargo, Nan Dunmire, Cathy Needham, Julie Dolan, Michelle Dean, Caren Freemire, Sarah Rodeheaver. Back Row: Scott Tomlinson, Mark Lewis, Rick Liskovec, Rod Wilson, Jeff Landers, Chris Grove, Gary Leach. Cadets Front Row: Mary Milligan, Wendy Bird, Kim Larimer, Karen Gervais, Joyce Stevens, Terry Mason, Diana Lynn, Laura Martin, Amy Gregory. Second Row: Lorey Piper, Sherry Eadler, Renae Thomas, Rick Daniels, Lisa Patterson, Mamie Kitchen, Mike Cox, Tim Sigourney, Steve Doerr, Mick Pierman, John Hammel, Teri Vargo. Third Row: Rachel Martin, Trina Collick, Bonnie Cook, Michelle Dean, Nan Dun- mire, Rhonda Wood, Kim VanAmeyden, Toni Braden, Lincoln Matties, Mark Lewis, Barb Forster, Rick Liskovec, Mallette Palmer. Fourth Row: Cindy Robbins, Ronda Stace, Cathy Needham, Jeff Barnes, Chris Lahti, Terry Bargo, Lori Roof, Chris Monroe, Dave Vaughn, Jeff Landers, Caren Freemire, Char Fleacock. Back Row: Beth Stricbel, Theresa Fenwick, Valley Pierman, Shawn Emmons, Jeff McCauley, Ken Case, Scott Tomlinson, Chris Grove, Dave Davis, Sarah Rodeheaver, Tom Gunther, Jim Priest. Yearbook Staff Front Row: Lisa DeWolff, Lisa Patterson, Marnie Kitchen, Kim Larimer, Shari Carpenter, Jamie Stephenson, Mike Whitehead. Back Row: Teressa Becker, Melissa Richards, Gretchen Zahn, Amy McKeown, Rachel Schultz, Cathy Needham, Mrs. Whitehead. Not Pictured: Michele Hitchings. Ski Club Front Row: Stacy Bird, Amy Shanahan. John Townsend, Jill Mussulman, Rachel Schultz, Kathy Jennings Ntckie hurt ' s C0 " f Teressa Becker, Lori VanAmcydcn. Joe Laske, Lincoln Matties. Mike Cox, Sherry Smith. Laura Loveland. Stacey Whakn John HammeL Third Row. Kim VanAmeydcn, Karin Back, Craig Mussulman, Paul Forster, Marnie Kitchen, Lisa Patterson. Rick Liskovec Tim Mielke Joe Viscl, Barb Forster, Jackie Kelly. Mike Moorlag. Fourth Row: Cathy Needham, Todd Morgan, Dave Davis. Tim Sigourney, Steve Doerr,.Mick Picrman. Jeff Landers, Terry Bargo. Wade Gervais, Rob Kitchen, Scott Madden, Tim Carpenter. Fifth Row: Terry Goodman, Ronda Stace, Alan Fish, Dale DeYoung, Don VanderLugt, Jim Nicolow, Bill Schultz. 80 Exchange Students Joao Nelson Alvares da Silva e Silva is from Serra Do Navio, Amapa, Brazil and is living with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hayes. “J.J.” came to G-A to learn English. He has been in the band and likes playing bass guitar. He also likes to play soccer. Karin Back is from Halmstad, Sweden and is living with the Duane Moran family. Karin likes winter sports. She also had a part in the play Once Upon a Mattress. Chris Ostermann is from Essen, West Germany and is living with the Martin Benstein family. Chris played in the band, played on the freshmen basketball team, and had a part in the play Once Upon a Mattress. KVA Exchange 8 ] Science Olympiad Team Front Row: Lincoln Matties, Chris Lahti, Joyce Stevens. Back Row: Terry Mason, Diana Lynn, Ed Avis, Mike Keeler, Amy O’Halloran. National Honor Society Front Row: Rachel Martin, Diana Lynn, Eric Forrester, Kristin Hoffman, Christy Arndt, Jim Nicolow. Back Row: Cathie Miller, Terry Mason, Shawn McMeekan, Ed Avis, Pete Fonken, Tim Carpenter, Amy Hartman. Not Pictured: Joyce Stevens. 82 Fall Homecoming King and Queen Honorary King and Queen Greg Forster and LeeAnn Garcia Chris Ostermann and Karin Back Sophomores: Joe Stephens and Lori VanAmcyden Freshmen: Dan Hopkins and Nickic Curtis X4 Homecoming Floats Juniors: Third Place Sophomores: Fourth Place 85 Winter Homecoming King and Queen Mike Cox and Tracy Godde Seniors: Terry Bargo and Terry Mason Juniors: Jim Laske and Tina Bargo Freshmen: Steve Curry and Dianne Martin Sophomores: Andy Leeson and Stacy Bird Honor Students DAR Student: Ed Avis Senior of the Year: Lorey Piper Top Ten Front Row: Pete Fonkcn, Joyce Stevens, Diana Lynn, Shawn McMeekan. Back Row: Ed Avis, Terry Mason, Amy O ' Flalloran, Kristin Floff- man, Christy Arndt. Not Pictured: Rachel Martin. Cast Chris Ostermann Sandy VanBruggen Rick Fontaine Amy Shanahan Vikki Christy Eric Forrester Shawn McMeekan Rachel Martin Laura Martin Tom Gunther John Townsend Scott Green Kathy Leng Joyce Stevens Mandy Sprick Joe Laske Chris Wendland Mamie Kitchen Laura Lemmien Karin Back Amy Rutherford Missy Chapin Tracy Rhodes Becky Newton Kelly Rhodes Joyce Stevens 89 97 Congratulations Class of 1985 Galesburg Locker and Meat Company Rich Christian, Owner 58 Mill Street Galesburg, Ml 49053 Ph. 665-9501 GALESBURG LAUN-DER-RITE Insurance Self Service and A FULL SERVICE AGENCY Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning 47 W. Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Ml 49053 Ph.665-7700 Life — Health — Auto Home — Business and Group Insurance Dr. K.R. Hamlin Chiropractor Congratulations Graduates 86 South 35th Street Galesburg, Ml 49053 GALESBURG Phone (616) 665-9372 VILLAGE DRUG and Congratulations Class of 1985 HALLMARK REALTY SUNDRIES 16 W. Michigan Galesburg 7 W. Battle Creek St. Galesburg, Ml 49053 Member Kalamazoo Board of Realtors Phone 665-9727 or 665-9694 V—_ - T7 5J MC LUMBER FUEL,INC. Ronald M. Smith Manager 401 Hamblin Ave. Battle Creek, Ml Ph. (616) 963-5588 JIM’S TOTAL SERVICE For All Your Automotive Needs Located at the Point in Galesburg Ph. 665-4420 Congratulations Class of 1985 O FIRST °F AMERICA. Galesburg Office Congratulations Class of 1985 THOMAS W. DOERR Attorney at Law 65 W. Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Ml 49053 Phone (616) 665-7001 Compliments of LENG’S HARDWARE 665-9810 Congratulations Class of 1985 Billy’s Bike Shop 108 E. Battle Creek St. Galesburg, Ml Phone 665-5202 CWtuA£i«ta£- Complete Pro Shop Automatic Bowling Scorer Baby Sitting Facilities Learn to Bowl Programs 3645 Van Rick Dr. at Sprinkle Road Across From Fisher Body 343-2626 Good Luck 1985 Graduates BUDD% CROSSROADS 323-019 MAPLE HILL 349-2752 EAST TOWNE 343-0280 HARDING’S of GALESBURG tJou’s Don’s Card Hut — Southland Don’s Card Hut — Corklane Don’s Hallmark — Crossroads Don’s Hallmark — Kalamazoo Center In the heartland of America, there’s a company whose healthy traditional alnes help you live a healthier life. For nearly 100 years. The Upjohn Company nas thrived in a stylo lhai is peculiarly American: as a family of employees whose efforts, in turn, help impwve your family ' s quality of life. With tlx imagination that produce in- nmation and the heritage of a special " country doctor " caring that puts your welfare above all. the story »f our pngrvss has been written. Fmm tlx invention in 1884 of the " friable pill, the first pill that would madily dissolve; to the first oral digitalis for heart patients in 1919; to tlx first highly effective anticoagulant and the mass production of penicillin during Wirld War II; to tlx intn duct ion of oral ;inti-diabetes medicine in 1957; to today, wlx n Upjohn is pioneering the develi pnx nt f prostaglandins... giving us vast insights into mans biochemical uni verst and offering the pn muse of new and more effective ways» 1 a unhatmg disease The futuiv will be nothing but fruitful. Because from the beginning. what has constituted our umqueix ss also has s rwn the seeds of our success—tlx willingness to pn4x and. n t important, to never give up When we put our particular brand of clear thinking and perseverance to wvirk. questions find answers. And fn»m a perspective such as this, our second century of caring cant help but pn we even mon exciting than the first. Ft i mmv mlm tuition. write CARINfi. departmentHW __ m id . b«» lm 97 Ininnn Katana . Ml UPJCPIIIl 49003. Ill Memories h ut Fresh out of middle school And full of fears. We came to the high school As underclassman for the first three years We took our lumps Even after gfla friendships will never die Turning my back And walking out this door Will be the hardest thing 1 have ever done before. Leaving a part of me behind inside this building of brick and stone. Later in life with new friends and a family of my own. I’ll remember the sweet memories of these days of old.

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