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RAMBLER Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan RAMBLER 1984 Where It Ali Although a building is only part of a school it is an important part, for this is where it all takes place. Classes are really the hub of school life around which all the other things move. Those favorite classes that make extra work seem worthwhile and those that seem to drag are both elements. But while classroom work mainly makes up our life from 8:00 to 2:30, there is a great deal more to school life than this. There is the referee ' s whistle at the Fri- day night game, sweating teenagers working out for the team, the band director’s baton tapping to the beat, young actors being prompted at rehearsal, inevitable homework, and the sound of music as another dance begins. A school is this and much more in the hearts of those who walk these halls. Takes Place Here halls are filled as classes pass and voices chatter ... athletic and academic students alike strive for recognition ... boys meet girls ... tests are passed and failed ... The Rambler is published . .. teachers make their living ... The Parliament carries out the necessary business ... laughter is heard as friends share their experiences ... term papers are assigned ... balls are dribbled down the gym floor, carefully controlled by practiced players ... disappointments bring tears, and success brings unlimited joy ... students spend their time reading plays, novels, and working the trig problems ... surprise quizzes are groaned over ... elec- tions are held ... school spirit is aroused at pep assemblies ... and alumni return to greet old acquaintances. In this building, in this school year of 1983-1984, these things happened. Table of Contents Administration and Faculty. 11 Classes. 17 Organizations. 41 Sports. 55 Events. 87 Advertising.109 They Guide Our Steps John Wagar Superintendent r ?0 i Parker Principal Bob Cretsinger Assistant Principal Vern Cranter Judy Scott Wanda Hartman Counselor Secretary Secretary 12 Nancy Emmerich English Dick Havey English Dee Hoard English Cathy Woodrow English i J Jim Daily Mathematics Maurice Hicks Mathematics Dave Heavy Biology I Scott Taylor Science Gary VanGiessen Chemistry and Physics 13 M i ke Pasche Social Studies BobDuke Social Studies Dave Hanna Government and Psychology Sandy Smiddy Martin Benstein Elaine Hansen Librarian Band Spanish 14 Sandra Grabe Art Bruce DeVries Kevin Smith John Hoard Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanics Industrial Arts 15 J Carol Mclntosh Attendance Officer Bill Fiest Special Education Marie Arrick Carol VanderLugt Cafeteria Cafeteria Not Pictured Ovanah Warner Computers Bruce Juergens Community Education Classes Class of 1984 Flower: Red Rose Color: Pink and Gray Motto: Our eyes have been opened, now we must see. Michael James Askew Annette Marie Baker Sharon Lynette Conner Baker Julie Anne Barrett This page courtesy of class of ’84 Jeffrey Alan Cox Debra Lynn DeKam Thomas J . Doerr Deborah Sue Dunithan This page courtesy of class of ' 84 19 Karen Kelly Angie Drobny Doug VanderLugt Diane Roof Tom Shirley Lynette Baker Debbie Dunithan 20 • T " Angic Fry John Vcttcr Julic Barrctt Amy Morrison Cindy Hamilton Viltki Lambcrt Karen Lewis Craig Whitehead - - V Jill Pcrkins 21 Thomas H. East J r. Angela Jean Fry Andrew Thomas Godde Brian Daniel Godde Charles Timothy Godde Mikel Paul Graham Todd Lewis Grubb Cynthia Denise Hamilton Todd Alan Hough Susan Marie Angela Howes Stephan D. Huyck Dale E. Israels This page courtesy of class of 84 Carrie Lyn Jock James Allen Joyner Karen Ann Kelly Rick William Knight VikkiAnn Lambert Karen Marie Lewis Robert A. Little Michael J. Livendale Angela Marie Lockwood Amy Sue Losure Stephan L, Macomber Douglas D. MacPherson 22 This page courtesy of class of 84 Fred Klinger Angic Lockwood Brian Godde Mike and Jeff Cox Todd Grubb Robin Watson 25 Tracy Lynn Markos Timothy J. McKeown Vincent H. Molica Jodie Lynn Morgan Amy Sue Morrison Josette Lynn Mussulman Jill Lynn Perkins Simon T. Peters Kimberly Lynn Rhodes Thomas P. Rice Diane Marie Roof Shana Michelle Schmidt This page courtesy of class of’84 Lee E . Schultz Tom Lee Shirley Michael James Simmons Lisa Smith Lorrie Jo Smith Traci Ann Stamey Robert S. Stewart Lisa L. Sullivan Nancy S. Tolmacs Douglas Jay VanderLugt Christine Anne VanFleet Amy Marie VanLinder This page courtesy of class of ’84 2 Tom Docrr Lisa Sullivan Tim Godde 28 Jim Joyner om ce JeffVanPelt John David Vetter Jerry Michael Vorva Robin Lynn Watso " Theodore Lee Whalen Kellie Sue Whipple Craig Whitehead Not Pictured Dau n Marie Forster Patrick H. Garrett Michael Allen Kroeg James M. Maxwell Kenneth James Oliver Tracy Leigh Waber Kayleen E. Whipple Richard Lee Whipple William W. Whipple As the 1983-84 schoolyear closes, leaving behitid many fond memories, the halls echo with the silence left by departing feet. For a few months the halls will sit quietly, awai t i ng the beginning of the new school year and the sound of young voices and nterry laughter. This page courtesy of class of ’84 Mock Election MOST INTELLIGENT Carrie Jock and Tim McKeown MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carrie Jock and Craig Bugg MOST RELIABLE Bonni Bogema and Tony Bowker MOST POPULAR Cindy Hamilton and Jim Joyner MOST ATHLETIC Diana Roof and Jim Joyner MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Jodie Morgan and Rob Stewart MOST ACCIDENT PRONE Chris Morrison and Brian Godde MOST INVOLVED IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Jodie Morgan and Fred Klinger BEST LEGS Angie Drobny and Dale Israels BEST PERSONALITY Bonni Bogema and Tony Bowker BEST BODY Vikki Lambert and Jerry Vorva BEST MUSICIAN Lynette Baker and Paul Bryant BEST WALK Carrie Jock and Jim Joyner BEST SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Karen Kelly and Doug VanderLugt BEST DRESSED Tracy Markos and Jim Joyner BEST CLASS SKIPPER Kellie Whipple and Doug MacPherson BEST LOOKING Cindy Hamilton, Vikki Lambert and Jim Joyner BEST BUDDIES Mike Nourse and Troy Peters BEST DANCER Shana Schmidt and Fred Klinger TALLEST Diane Roof and Troy Peters SHORTEST Tracy Markos and Andy Godde CLASS CLOWN Shana Schmidt and Todd Grubb CUTEST SMILE Tracy Markos and Lee Schultz PRETTIEST EYES Amy VanLinder and Lee Schultz NICEST HAIR Vikki Lambert and Jim Joyner CLOSEST FRIENDS Cindy Hamilton and Jim Joyner ALWAYSTOGETHER Kellie Whipple and Amy VanLinder FUNNIEST Shana Schmidt and Tony Bowker CLASS FLIRT Angie Drobny and Todd Hough STRANGEST LAUGH Carrie Jock and Jeff Cox PARTIERS Amy VanLinder and Doug MacPherson MEANEST Angie Fry and Randy Bortolussi FIRST TO GET MARRIED Angie Dry and Tom Rice TEACHER OF THE YEAR Mrs. Emmerich, Mrs. Smiddy and M r. Havey This Was Your Life — Class of ’84 You, along with M r. Parker, entered your first day at G-A High in September, 1980. Ninety-four students strong, you elected Tom Doerr as president, Annette Baker as secretary, and Vince Molica as treasurer. Fail Homecoming revealed your first at- tempt at float building; the float ended up in fourth place. In case anyone still questions, it was supposed to be the McDonald’s arches. You elected Dale Israels and Cindy Hamilton to the Homecoming Court. Also during the football season, you witnessed Coach Maskill’s 200th win on the grid iron. Winter Homecoming you elected Rob Stewart and Lynette Baker to represent the Freshman Class. The Clock Ticks On ... Your sophomore year began with a class enrollment of 84. You elected Bill Livendale as president, Doug MacPherson as vice presi¬ dent, Angie Drobny as secretary, and Vince Molica as treasurer. As sophomores your second attempt at float building showed im- provement, and it placed second. On the Fail Homecoming Court you elected Jerry Vorva and Chris Morrison to represent the Sophomore Class. You finally ordered your class rings and couldn’t wait until they ar- rived in March. You watched your J.V. basketball team set a new record for wins and losses, 15-4, and a new school record for the most points scored in one game, 86. For Winter Homecoming, you selected Jim Joyner and Angie Drobny. And On ... As Juniors, your class of 86 students elected Kellie Whipple as president, Amy VanLinder as vice president, Annette Baker as secretary, and Fred Klinger as treasurer. For the Fail Homecoming, you elected Jeff Cox and Shana Schmidt to the court. With help from some of your classmates, Coach Maskill became the winningest coach in Michigan. For Winter Homecoming you elected Doug MacPherson and Jodie Morgan. Most of the year was spent on fund-raising projects and arguing about the prom. The prom, “Somewhere in Time”, was a huge success despite the two-hour late ar- rival of the band. At Last! Finally you were seniors with an enroll¬ ment of 84 and elected Bonni Bogema as president, Chris Morrison as vice president, Angie Drobny as secretary, and Fred Klinger as treasurer. Fail Homecoming you elected Jim Joyner and Sue Howes as prince and princess and Lee Schultz and Cindy Hamilton as king and queen. Your basket¬ ball teams recorded winning seasons and shattered school records. You spent your ex- cess prom money on color pictures in the yearbook, and you were hoping for a class trip. You made it! You completed the beginning of your life. Look fondly back on these high school days, but look ahead, too. These were your friends gathered around you. There will be a class reunion later on when you discuss your good ’ole high school days. Our best wishes to all of you as you go your separate ways. This Was Your Life! Autograohs 33 Class of 1985 Christy Arndt Ed Avis Terrv Bargo Jcff Barnes Mark Baxter Tim Bccker Sabine Beckers Wendy Bird Brien Boniface Toni Braden Lisa Carlton Ken Casc Vickcy Christy Tamara Cleavinger Craig Clingan Bill Coleman Trina Collick Bonnie Cook Mike Cox Don Daniels Rick Daniels David Davis Michelle Dean Steve Doerr Julie Dolan Nan Dunmire David Dunn Sherri Eadler Shawn Emmons Theresa Fenwick Peter Fonken Barb Forster Greg Forster Caren Freemire LeeAnn Garcia Karen Gervais Tracy Godde Terry Goodman Amy Gregory Chris Grove Tom Gunther Bruce Haase John Hammel Brent Heighton Brad Heldt Kristen FIoffman Ron Hoffman Tom Jones Don Kershner 34 Chris Lahti Jeff Landers Kim Larimcr Gary Leach Randy Lee Mark Lewis Rick Liskovec Lisa Livingston Randy Lowe Diana Lynn Laura Martin Rachel Martin Terry Mason Lincoln Matties Jeff McCauley Denise McDermott Shawn McMeekan Lissa Melbow Mary Milligan Chris Monroe Cathy Needham Amy O’Halloran Wendy Packard Mick Pierman Walley Pierman Lorey Piper Jim Priest Val Reitenour Cindy Robbins Sarah Rodeheaver Lorrie Roof Alonna Ruger Lisa Shadwick Tim Sigourney Rhonda Stace Joyce Stevens Beth Striebel Chris Sutton Becky Terry Renae Thomas Marilee Upson Kim VanAmeyden Jamie VanZandt Mark Wedel Valerie Whitley Bill Whitman Rod Wilson Rhonda Wood Not Pictured Rick Ashby Mark Newton Tony Cronkhite Mallette Palmer Dave Damron Dave Vaughn Robert Hainer Todd Whipple Chris Hawkins Joe Zimmerman 35 Class of 1986 President: Reg Loveland Vice President: Laura Loveland Secretary: Tina Bargo Treasurer: Becky Telfer Brett Beatty Paul Berky Cindy Best Eric Blakeslee Gail Bresson Dawn Brown Jim Byer Shari Carpenter Tim Carpenter James Clugston Kevin Coleman Andy Cronkhite Angie Crummel Donnita Curry Dale DeYoung Bobbi Drobny Bill Dye Laura Dyer Keith Eldcr Alan Fish Eric Forrester Doug French Wade Gervais Rob Gillespie Scott Green Gary Haase Missy Haist Amy Hartman Bill Heath Jon Holloway Jody Hopkins Tim Huyck Jenni Jefferson Kim Jones Mike Keeler m Rob Kitchen Maureen Knight Jim Laske Katrina Leininger Kathy Leng April Luedecking Scott Madden John Mason Cathy McAlear Karen Mclntosh Dave Meadows Richard Melbow Tim Mielke Cathy Miller 36 Mike M?- nc’ Melanie Molica Jcff Moorlag Jcff Moran Ron Morrison Jim Nicolow Amy Notcboom Chris Phelps Darryl Phillips Jcrry Picrman Kelly Rhodes Michelle Rhodes Kevin Roomsburg James Root Todd Root Bill Schultz Tracy Shirley Suzanne Simmons Amy Smith Brad Smith Sherry Smith Mike Soule Brian Spencer Mandy Sprick Todd Stinnctt Nick Stoken Chris Taylor Don VanderLugt Joe Visel John Vorva Kathleen Warner George Watts Denise Weld Not Pictured Davc Crampton Lisa Daniel James Nixon Rhonda Oosting Carrie Smith Ron Triece 37 Class of 1987 President: Paul Mielke Vice President: Joe Laske Secretary: Lisa Sullivan Treasurer: Sue Duggan Rick Arndt Colleen Atchison Keith Baird Tom Barnett Matt Becker Teressa Becker Sherri Bell Heidi Best Stacey Bird Chris Bissett Jerry Blakeslee Dave Brock Tammy Byer Ray Campbell Mike Carlton Dan Chapin Missy Chapin Brian Cleavinger Jim Cook Brian Coon Steve Delano Lisa DeWolff Darius Dlugoss Chris Dunn Amy Dyer Norbert Ellard Tony Fenwick Rick Fontaine Paul Forster Kristi Freemire Gail Gazdag Matt Gordon Ray Grenilio Jeff Hammel Matt Hanna David Flead Jeff Higdon David Hill Rick Hopkins Tracy Flunt Paul Huyck Jackie Kelly Doreen Kershner Dana Klosterman Trina Kuhnle Andy Leeson Mayra Lewis Daphney Macomber Michelle Martin 38 Dick Martinek Chris Matlics Mike McAlear Amy McKeown Mike Moorlag Todd Morgan Ailison Muir Tammy Murphy Lisa Murray Craig Mussulman Mike Needham Becky Newton Misti Nuyen Troy Pierce Mike Pierman Pat Priest Kristin Roelof Lisa Rose Amy Rutherford Jamie Schmidt Rachael Schultz John Schwartz Amy Shanahan Todd Shorb Paul Sigourney Kevin Smith Scott Smith Yvonne Snook Ron Srackangast Rory Stace Kim Stager Jamie Stephenson Jeff Stephenson Andy Stevens Nancy Stevens Jody Stewart George Striebel Mike Tackett John Townsend Lori VanAmeyden Kelly VanBruggen Mike Vetter Tammy Vorva Chris Wendland Chris Wenzel Jack Whipple Cheri Williams John Williams Tammie Wilson 39 Autographs Organizations KVA Exchange Front Row: Tina Echard, Hackett; Teresa Thomas, Paw Paw; Mary DcWolf, Parehment; Kim Brown, Mattawan; Naney Padget, K. Christian; William Warner, Delton. Back Row: Jill Perkins, Julie Barrett, Amy Gregory, Sabine Beckers, Karen Kelly, Craig Whitehead. 42 Parliament Front Row: Karen Kelly, Shana Schmidt, Todd Whipple, Tom Doerr, Vince Molica, Mike Livendale, Marnie Kitchen, Lisa Patterson, Tina Bargo, Nancy Stevens. Second Row: Mr. Parker, Craig Whitehead, Tim McKeown, Steve Doerr, Chris Hawkins, Jodie Morgan, Fred Klinger, Jodi Mussulman, Bonni Bogema, Ed Avis, Becky Telfer, Sherry Smith, Stacey Whalen, Laura Loveland. Back Row: Doug VanderLugt, Ron Morrison, Scott Campbell, Mike Cox, Angie Drobny, Terry Bargo, Rachael Schultz, Gail Gazdag, Lisa Sullivan, Lisa DeWolff, Joe Laske, Julie Barrett. Library Front Row: Doug VanderLugt, Chris Hawkins, Tom Doerr, Mrs. Smiddy, Karen Lewis, Bcckie Terry, Jill Perkins, Mick Pierman. Back Row: Theresa Fenwick, Terry Bargo, Bruce Haase, Meg Collins, Mike Cox, Cindy Hamilton, Mike Livendale, Andy Godde, Barb Forster, Ken Case. 43 Exchange Student Sabine Beckers was our exchange student from Essen, Germany. While attending G-A, she made her home with Joe and Bev Kleinhans. Sabine enjoyed being a part of the jazz band and many other school activities. Sabine Beckers Ski Club Front Row: Lori VanAmeyden, Todd Whipple, Tom Doerr, Terry Bargo, Mike Livendale, Bill Schultz, Tony Fe nwick, Jim Nicolow, Barb Forester. Second Row; Laura Loveland, Lisa Patterson, Kim VanAmeyden, Chris Hawkins, Jodie Morgan, Cindy Hamilton, Jodi Mussulman, Tony Bowker, Angie Drobny, Rhonda Wood, Lisa Livingston. Back Row: Andy Cronkhite, Ron Morrison, Steve Doerr, Scott Campbell, Jim Joyner, Alan Fish, Tim Carpenter, John Townsend, Donnita Curry, Amy Shanahan. 44 Co-Op Front Row: Rob Stewart, Todd Grubb, Dianc Roof, Debbic Dunithan, Tom Rice, Angie Fry. Back Row: Chris VanFlcct, Anncttc Baker, Amy Morrison, John Vetter, Tony Bowker, Sue Howes, Steve Macombcr. Cadets Front Row: Pat Garrett, Lynette Baker, Fred Klinger, Debbie Dunithan, Carrie Jock, Cindy Hamilton, Doug VanderLugt, Angie Fry. Second Row: Meg Collins, Karen Kelly, Amy Morrison, Jill Perkins, Robin Watson, Brian Goddc. Tony Bowker, Kcllie Whipple, Mike Livendalc, Shana Schmidt, Scott Campbell, Karen Lewis. Third Row: Angie Drobny, Tom Shirley, Jodie Morgan, Dale Isracls, Mike Askew, Deb DeKam, Tracy Stamey, Mike Nourse, Steve Huyck, Ron Case Back Row: Sue Howes, Jim Joyncr, Vikki Lambcrt, Lisa Smith 45 Yearbook Staff Front Row: Mary Milligan, Renae Thomas, Cathy Needham, Karen Lewis, Lynette Baker, Marnie Kitchen, Lisa Patterson. Back Row: Mrs. Whitehead, Jamie VanZandt, Ken Case, Craig Whitehead, Christy Arndt, Julie Dolan, Vikki Lambert, Jodic Mussulman. Not Pictured: Jami Schmidt. Jobs for Michigan Grads Front Row: Jodie Mussulman, Scott Campbell, Angie Drobny, Robin Watson, Karen Lewis, Lisa Smith. Back Row: Miss Normandin, Sue Burton, Angie Lockwood, Todd Hough, Brian Godde, Andy Godde, Mike Graham. Quiz Bowl Front Row: Joyce Stevens, Rachel Martin, Cathy Miller. Back Row: Todd Whipple, Tim McKeown. Melanie Molica, Christy Arndt, Vince Molica, Ed Avis. National Honor Society Front Row: Diana Lynn, Rachel Martin, Terry Mason, Christy Arndt, Kristen Hoffman, Carrie Jock, Joyce Stevens. Back Row: Jeff Cox, Doug VanderLugt, Vince Molica, Tim McKeown, Ed Avis, Dale Israels, Peter Fonken, Craig Whitehead. 47 Drum Major, Twirler Mark Baxter Flags Front Row: Rachel Martin, Nancy Stevens, Laura Martin. Back Row: Amy Gregory, Sherri Eadler, Kristen Hoffman, Amy O’Halloran, Lorey Piper. 48 Front Row: Terry Mason, Karen Gervais, Kim Larimer, Lisa Patterson, Marnie Kitchen. Second Row: Peter Fonken, Valley Pierman, Mark Baxter, Christy Arndt. Third Row: Paul Bryant, Mr. Benstein, James Clugston, Jon Holloway, Mallette Palmer, Sabine Beckers, Chris Lahti, Jeff Moran. Back Row: Ed Avis, Mark Lewis, Greg Forster. 49 Amy Losure Seniors Paul Bryant Symphonic i 4 M K f r Lynette Baker Front Row: Missy Chapin, Valley Martin, Lorey Piper, Matt Hanna, Martt Becker, Christy 4rndt. Second Row Klosterman, Mandy Sprick, Joyce Stevens, Mamie aura Martin, Brian Vetter, Lynette Baker, Kevin Smith, Karen Gervais, Diana L Jin, Jim Nicolow. Thiri Kathy Leng, Mike McAlear, Tammy Cleavinger, Lisa Pattei Mark Lewis, Shawn McMeekan, Scott Green, Gail Gazdag Mark Baxter, Ed Avis, Kevin Coleipan, Jeff Moran, Chris L VanBruggen, Mark Wedel, Jon Holloway, Mike Moorlag. St Benstein. n, Cathy Miller, Eric 3reg Forster, Mayra ti, Mallette Palmer, ding: Amy Gregory, Hoffman, Terry Mason, Gretchen Zahn, Rachel Newton, Kelly Rhodes, Jami Schmidt, Dana leavinger, Chris Wendland. Vickey Christy, Kim Row: Brian Coon. Andy Stevens, Nancy Stevens, orrester, Peter Fonken, Rick Arndt, Joe Laske, is, Alan Fish, Shari Carpenter. Fourth Row: Bill Schultz, Tim Carpenter, Brett Beatty. Kelly Paul Bryant, Kristin Roelof, Rick Fontaine, Mr. 51 Europe ’83 52 ITUL TIM MCKEOWN NATIONAL MERIT HOLARSHIP FINAUST 54 Varsity Football Front Row: Mike Cox, Bruce Haase, Terry Bargo, Brad Heldt, Tim Sigourney, Chris Sutton, Bill Coleman, Dave Vaughn, Don Daniels. Se- cond Row: Mike Askew, Dale Israels, Jeff Cox. Lee Schultz, Ken Case, Greg Forester, Dave Meadows, Stcve Doerr, John Vetter. Back Row: Coach VanZandt, Coach Morgan, Jeff Landers, Denny Wood, Mike Nourse, Mike Livendale, Steve Huyck, Jim Priest, Ron Case, Jim Joyner, Coach Forrester, Coach Maskill. COACH ES — Bob Morgan, Jeff Landers, Alex Forrester. Standing: Bill Maskill, Ken Buelow, Jim VanZandt. Captains SENIORS RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 16 Leslie 22 18 Hackett 13 40 Parma 13 22 Western 6 37 Mattawan 8 12 Paw Paw 7 28 Parchment 0 33 Delton 8 48 K. Christian Constantine K.V.A. Champs 13 56 LALESBURG — Mattawan should know better than to wake a ping giant. he Wildcats shocked Galesburg-.Augusta into action Friday and Rams went on to score a 22-6 win in a Kalamazoo Valley Asso- ion game Vfter a scoreless first half, Mattawan’s Jim Lord took the sec i half kickoff and raced 72 yards for a touchdown. That woke us up,” said G-A r h Bill Maskill. ‘Tm just happy et out of this game with a ' ,10 injuries. v h a pair of its own in the The m s drove 56 yard V ' j? ' ith Bruce Haas getting into end zone on a ° dike Askew i to put C rter on a game, but Maskill credited Mattawan’s defense. “They played igh in the first half. 1 knew they would. They always get up for iis defense wasn’t bad either as it allowed Mattawan just 56 ds in total offense for the game, 42 of that coming on the und. Steve Doerr and Jeff Cox led the Ram defenders. oyner hit on 8 of 17 passes for the night for 84 yards. —Gazette Photo bv •sburo Auousta ' s Dave Meadows (32) can ' t shake a Parchment defender. • » JU - G-A, but loses lalesburg answered Lo A a pair of its own in rter Jim Joyner V v ,ith an interception. T “ -—1 Sr ith Bruce Haas getting i b . • sev n play drive with a 4-vard f V e VV ms ca PP ed the scoring in the final . •VrP . _ t __ a _ n:n r _ i__ a _ i y ry ■ ' ' flu i S . O» cd - .c S S - 3 JG g % S s 0- c l a es“ll £ i ■ V f°m Joyner to Bill Coleman. That was seventhplay ard march. lalesburg fumb ? the ball away on its first two possessions in ' O c «o O P O =3 ©. J; «o CTJ O 03 — 0 C o °o c U g -1 -S B 0 ■c S3 -n ' O G-A relies on passin g.8 « ' g |3J§ Q QjjQ (4 7 ; £■ o ' Z! jc o -22 i Jr O S u w p 25 , n i 2 a u t: j 1 g ? g • s o c CTJ a. d a. o s o | § o - I :£ oa as » 8 . O Third-quarter score beats Parchmer K S o £ §•« 8 S2 g Bv PAUL MORGAN Gazette Sports Writer rk Friday night in the are a football record book. th Parchment and Galesburg-Augusta, two run- ted teams, had more passing yards than rushing for the first time in recent history, but it was a drive dominated by runs in the third quarter gave G-A a critical 12-7 victory over the Pan- in a Kalamazoo Valley Association game played rchment. • ‘ remains in first in the KVA with a 4-0 record s 5-1 overall Hackett, with 35-7 victory over tian, issecond by itself at 3-1 Parchment fallsto rerall and 2-2 in the league. rushing defenses on both teams were incredi- Parchment wound up with a minus 11 yards ng in 28 attempts and Galesburg-Augusta had Parchment made life Jim Joyner as he lost 49 acked five times. worked real hard on defense all week, ” . tment head coach Jack Koch. “We only once.” it once put G-A on the scoreboard in the er. G-A went 50 yards in seven plays with two being crucial pass completions. Joyner hit Mike v on the right side for an 11 -yard gain and a first during the drive er, Joyner lofted a perfect aerial to Askew who with 5:14 left in the second quarter. J kicked the extra point and Parchment had a on homecoming. Quarterback Matt Koch used the p ' the drive. He completed a 14-yard r other 14-yarder to Larry Edmor to DanChopp. Head coach Koch and some razzle-dazzle o» back handed off t ' y %J o v tossed a pass ' time, it gair ta’s 1 yar next rs ' 5 g s « © n ' Z % u -C O J3 X “ Ot =3 ' O i 2 43 , vl. c?. ' q n vjk lesourg-Augusta had ' C} o 1 miserable for qu ' ' ' a. % yar on 10 , »A ' cr co «sj o c» W % % ' sA d 6 VA t % ■ - %% % ■ 4 i v WAV •sVoV amv. iT ' 4 vJTL ta tr, a 59._ plei coach vl X} O O % 4 «u. . _ j__ - ...u r« % Leslie stuns G-A wi SLIE — Leslie dashed Galesburg-Augusta s n o; an unbeaten football season Friday night Jeff Chappell raced 75 yards for a touchdow n + Z ' Va , o. 19 .V ' o %. ' V 0 o RockvSprauer ' Leslie padded th G-A again ri Meadows. Askew score come when Ch. aaata Dave Meadows and Mike Askew scored a pair of touchdowns to lead Galesburg-Augusta to a 33-8 football victory over Kalamazoo Christian Saturdav night at CAA Stadium The win gave coach Bill Maskill s Rams an unble- hist M The afte 8v JOHN BLOCK _ ne Sports Writer y. »G — Galesl O V £3 2£ • = 7-7 airaTTacK Iips£TacKei Rams hold off Irish to win 18-13 KVA thriller S ' o t Q 0u ' Qi w r A h ' 0 k ' S r o y C % % VfcT«? hJ% VA Vi ' V % v - % ' I X " ' . : ( v X " v;q, K W ' - - % o g +S ' i. ’ O ' VVV % V 6 • A O v» vL _ 9? r . H- V ' £ V % A ' e, Ga ' eS nigW «vs and vuntV 6 am e . k jtiU? wS ' ' - ,rds ne)l ° ,.a 41 V atds .,«. yy m e . , he vvctory w er caugW bo ne l ° veT Ts ards. S itn SvgourneV ?« £ M _ for 79 at s ' — Gazetre Photo bv F __ .n Wl pass - vav UH ,ards to Mike nit Bill Coleman O. ' f«4 +4 C%V 0 « .ekoff and prompt V a chance to blow the jpen when Steve Doerr in- cepted at his own 35 and re- turned to the Hackett 41, but two plays later Hacketts Bobby Len- non stnpped the ball from Bruce Haase to give the Irish possession at their own 30 catch. put the ball at the G-A 31 The Ram defense stiffened then and took over when Tim Doerr’s fourth down pass from the 24 was dropped in the end zone. G-A was forced to punt and Hackett had the ball back just 49 yards from the lead Tim Doer hit Bobby Lennon on a pass-run play for 31 yards, but again the Irish were stymied. G-A went on a long drive then, e e vuv -- laf S- — Gazette Photo .m wm over Hackett Fridav. bv Phil Mit desperation pass on the final of the game. Joyner hit on eight of 13 p i for 159 yards while Askew ac 67 on the ground. Ketten ha yards rushing and Lennon ac 60 on the ground and caught t passes for 42 more “We had our chances, we didn t capitalize ’ said Hac coach Dick Soisson In addition to catching .at late touch- received the sec t --u:— - Irtd IV» » Dor .n the field on a 70-ya es KVA vice in 33-8 win iJ-A clinches title share 00 Askew scores four times for winners pomtmaking vs tallied twice on runs of 4 yards and Bruce mged 2 yards for another G-A six-pomter s were up 12-0 at halftime and by a 26-0 ouarters G — It was the Mike Askew show here he senior halfback scored four touch- sburg-Augusta clinched a share of the lley Association football championship Iton, 28-0. •d on runs of 15, 6 and 6 yards and rd touchdown pass from Jim Joyner to of G-As six-pointers. laskill’s Rams led 14-0 after one quar- G-A back had gone over the century mark in rushing. It was the 222nd w ' in for Maskill, the State s all-time winningest prep football coach, and sixth in seven games this season for the Rams, who stand 5-0 in the KVA with a game next week against Kalamazoc Christian. G-A s defense also played a key role in the win over Delton as Ron Case blocked a punt, setting up the Junior Varsity Football Front Row: Dick Martinek, Paul Forster, Todd Shorb, Steve DeLano, Mike Moorlag, P J. Mielke, Matt Gordon, Jim Zuidema. Second Row: Rory Stace, Ray Campbell, Jeff Hammel, Todd Morgan, Paul Sigourney, Keith Baird, Darius Dlugoss, Andy Leeson, David Hill. Baek Row: Mike Pierman, Paul Huyck, Craig Mussulman, Mike Vetter, Chris Wcnzel, Gcorge Stricbel, Ron Srackangast, Dan Chapin. Front Row: Bill Heath, Alan Fish, George Watts, Mike Minne’, Andy Cronkhite, Chris Taylor, Rob Kitchen. Back Row: Kevin Coleman, Wade Gervais, Jerry Pierman, Troy Pierce, John Hammel, Brian Spencer, Gary Haase, Scott Madden, Rob Gillespie. Not Pic- tured: Coaches, Steve Smith, Marty Born, Kevin Standley, Scott Pierman, Art Grccn, Mark Taylor. RAM S RECORD C-A 14 Opp. Leslie 0 6 Hackett 0 26 Parma Western 14 22 Mattawan 0 32 Paw Paw 34 52 Parchment 6 28 Delton 20 38 K. Christian 0 21 Constantine 6 K.V.A. Champs 60 Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Front Row: Gail Gazdag, Lisa DeWolf, Stacey Bird, Tammy Vorva, Lisa Sullivan, Sherry Smith. Back Row: Dava Noud, Jackie Kelly, Becky Felfer, Melanie T Molica, Tina Bargo, Kathleen Warner, Rhonda Oosting, Coach Monroe. RAM’S RECORD G-A 23 Climax-Scotts Opp. 15 11 Centreville 21 7 Colon 39 9 Athens 19 16 Comstock 32 7 Bellevue 23 19 Delton 42 9 Hackett 49 21 Parchment 19 21 Mattawan 30 19 Paw Paw 36 15 K. Christian 35 19 Delton 34 13 Hackett 42 18 Parchment 22 34 Mattawan OT 28 22 Paw Paw 18 18 K. Christian 33 Girls Varsity Basketball Front Row: Kim VanAmeyden, Marilce Upson, Diana Lynn, Lisa Livingston. Back Row: Beth Stricbcl, Chris Monroe, Valcrie Reitenour, Toni Braden, Rhonda Wood, Coach Cramcr. RAM’S RECORD G-A 30 Climax-Scotts Opp. 25 26 Centreville 57 9 Colon 88 35 Burr Oak 22 32 Comstock 73 31 Bellevue 43 13 Delton 70 19 Hackett 41 22 Parchment 47 23 Mattawan 22 23 Paw Paw 46 17 K. Christian 43 10 Delton 73 13 Hackett 46 17 Parchment 50 39 Mattawan 48 22 Paw Paw 52 27 K. Christian 38 14 Districts Bellevue 35 Varsity Volleyball Front Row: Marilee Upson, Lori Roof, Kim Larimer, Toni Braden, Cathy Needham, Renae Thomas. Back Row: Coach Cramer, Wendy Packard, Nan Dunmire, Tracy Godde, Beth Striebel, Chris Monroe, Diane Roof, Wendy Bird, Debbie Dunithan, Coach Garrett. SENIORS Captains G-A 1 RAM’S RECORD Hackett Opp. 2 0 Comstock 2 2 Kal. Central 0 2 Plainwell 0 0 Comstock 2 0 Berrien Springs 2 0 B. C. Central 2 0 Marshall 2 2 Otsego 0 1 Mattawan 2 2 Climax-Scotts 0 2 Paw Paw 1 0 Bronson 2 0 Olivet 2 0 Pennfield 2 0 Springfield 2 1 Parchment 2 1 Colon 3 2 Delton 0 2 Climax-Scotts 0 0 K. Christian 2 3 Colon 2 G-A Invitational Tourney ' 2 Semi Finals Maple Valley 0 2 Finals Bloomingdale 1 Captains Junior Varsity Volleyball Front Row: Donnita Curry, Amy McKeown, Tammy Wilson, Shcrry Smith, Stacey Whalen, Lisa Sullivan. Back Row: Coach Grcen, Trina Leiningcr, Angic Crummcl, Becky Telfer, Dava Noud, Amy Hartman, Rhonda Oosting, Kathleen Warner, Jody Stewart, Coach Green. G-A RAM’S RECORD Opp, 0 Hackett 2 0 Comstock 2 0 B. C. Central 2 2 Otsego 0 2 Mattawan 1 2 Climax-Scotts 0 2 Paw Paw 1 2 Oli vet 0 0 Bronson 2 2 Springfield 0 0 Pennfield 2 0 Parchment 2 2 Colon 0 2 Delton 1 2 Climax-Scotts 1 2 K. Christian 0 1 Colon 2 2 K.V.A. Tournament Semi Finals Delton 0 2 Finals Hackett 0 K.V.A. Co-Champs 66 Junior Varsity Basketball Front Row: Mike Pierman, Paul Huyck, P. J. Mielke, Paul Sigourney, Kim Stager, Todd Morgan, Steve DeLano. Back Row: Andy Cronkhite, Dave Meadows, Reg Loveland, Rob Kitchen, Jeff Mc- Caulcy, Joe Visel, Chris Taylor, Coach Sharp. RAM’S RECORD G-A Opp. 57 St. Philip 41 48 Climax-Scotts 18 72 Delton 75 56 Hackett 20T 54 60 White Pigeon 50 62 Lowell 52 57 Parchment 56 52 White Pigeon 31 53 Vicksburg OT 62 60 Mattawan 44 66 Hopkins 46 41 Paw Paw OT 49 57 K. Christian 51 Delton 73 46 Hackett 57 72 Centreville OT 73 40 Parchment 45 55 Mattawan 44 53 Paw Paw 48 39 K. Christian 72 ★New school record: Most points scored in one game 67 Varsity Basketball •HIU» Front Row: David VanderLugt, Brian Patterson, Mike Cox, Mick Pierman, Steve Doerr, Ken Case, Mike Whitehead, Skip Smith. Back Row: Coach Morgan, Doug VanderLugt, Tom Doerr, Mike Nourse, Troy Peters, Doug MacPherson, Steve Huyck, Jim Joyner, Coach Smith. RAM S RECORD G-A 50 St. Philip Opp. 20T49 53 Climax-Scotts 56 58 Delton 65 55 Hackett 39 53 White Pigcon 49 56 Lowell 62 74 Parchment 59 50 White Pigeon 49 71 Vicksburg 58 53 Mattawan 47 74 Hopkins 58 41 Paw Paw 29 43 K. Christian 54 58 Delton 64 60 Hackett 47 56 Centreville 43 58 Parchment 55 53 Mattawan 50 51 Paw Paw 40 55 K. Christian 80 76 Districts Bellevue 63 17 K. Christian 44 69 , : V : . Steve Huvck a jump shot with 16 seconds ieft »give Calesburg-Augusta a 50-49 -m over White P lge0 n i„ „igh , hool basket bal) act.on here Sal- J mght After the baske,. White Pigeon I r, d tlnie but " didn ' t have anv % Val° ' r " ? Wh ' S,led for a ‘« ' h- jf cal G-A missed. but got ft rebound and was fouled lt a- n nnssed the free throw and „ rebounded. however ouldn tgetoffalastshot « oug MacPherson had 14 points I s Tohh ? U Tk 13 for the i ToddSnookied White Pigeon 1 15 Chns Cast added 14 and ' ,s p helps added 10 G-A nips White Pigeon gwi GALESBURG - St „. u_ i GALESBURG - Galesburg-Au- | gusta rallied tn the fourth quarter Friday to score a hectic 53-50 bas- ketball win over Mattawan in a Kalamazoo Valley Association thriller The Rams were down by five points, 42-37, heading into the final period, but came on to puli the game out and hike their record to 13-5 for the season and to 7-3 in the KVA. Mattawan dominated most of the first half play, leading by two or three points until late in the second period. The Wildcats w- 14-10 after one quarter V G up burg ran off six points late in the take a 27-26 halftime Mattawan came i the third quarter and lead with two minutes segment. The Rams ™ their defensive stri a pressing man-to-i Mattawan into a lot o|i That helped G-A . five points at ♦ l od. The • , h ' ’ C v . V d y t 0 VO A V .«$ V V x o , V « . .,o ? a c V VV ' • G ' ■ s » »: — Gazette Dhoto bv Jerry Car g MacPherson of G-A contests John Paul Oosterbaan In du 1 of KVA blg men. ■hristian G-A en byPar lontinued from Page C l) mes to Chnstian ' s 15, crept to in five points late in the final ed eight of the last 10 points as terbaan accounted for four of r r»ry r»f t i o» L- c GJ w U) H ft S S XI «M £ rj ;r , w 50 £ C D c CL 5 ft with 11 and Oosterbaan nine The big guv was 3-of-8 from the field and 3-of-4 at the line. He also bloeked four shots, although grabbing just two rebounds. Huyck, G A s 6-4 senior forward with the soft southpaw shooting touch laiH in 1 r nintc fter a 7-Of- e field. : the ball to lamented rebounds as the Rams bounded Christian, 29-23 Jeff Meyer, Christian s 6 museleman, had seven reboum also for the Comets, who shot 47 percent (18-38) from the field G-A, which had a six-gam winning streak snapped and noi —T GALESBURG — Twenty-five ga ° Utr endUstmghtasGalesbur Aug Kalamazoo Valley Asm«- utionlwA Steve Huyck pumped m a cai» Morgan s G-A quintet toitsfourt over Parchment dating back to markto2-l- Huvck scored 12 of hisbigt added 10 more in the third § £ S V5 2 — c c ' v ' O 5 o 5 « CC C3 ■s h o c w QJ XI r T W) 8 O B § GJ 0 C ° ‘S 2 S •§ - B C “ £ «M c o §2 f C O -3 y O SW 3« 3 O 3 X w CT5 C 3 T3 ° S CL 03 £ 3 ' O CL GJ r- n Huyck’s the last 16 8 5 m NJ GJ s 3 _ X3 s 41 «a M If) C O O S 0 35 XI o o X3 V m o x Z ’O g •- 5 3 ti tn ►T- ” — £ 00 § S-gS 8 H E .S ° g o Q x o o § S3 v- C o, o E E 3 X, CJ0 e’s leading while rap- ters, G-A’s ints and six sports highlv respectable 9- “““T The bieeest lead by t» overall and 4-2 KVA records, wa away The 88 - droDf Gai just as hot shooting in the stiflinj Parchmen. Ram gym, meshfng 18 of 3 ! to an 8-2 lead A delay d Tl]( launches for 48 6 percent advantage ' p arc h r Th “That s the best I veeverseena then outscore 9ua r . ( ' v t vu tl,r „ . ,Haof ba S L r a, praised Bill Maskill. the school‘s Trov Pe ers n s •• ts ty lecendan football ■ Boh bounded sma Morgan did a great job coaching 20 field goa a fr (Jt p K those kids tomeht. ' ' John Creek ha a ftj.% ■C - 5 § c - co ' O v) 3 O 0 p w -Co _.. 75 CL JO JTZ ' -• flJ — 3! JU O w UI W 2 w u gt " 1 5 I- ' O S ' 7? xi r3 oi 6 - QQ .S ou0 C m o cj CxC gj O 3 O X3 0 3 ' 5C o o S «,L 2 o O »- w t 1 o £ S C O rt 1 8-gg Steve Huyck leads hot-s G-A to victory over Vicl GALESBURG — Galesburg- Augusta had too much firepower for Vicksburg Tuesdav night as four plavers scored in double fig- 24 points, grabbing 15 rebounds and making five steals. Huyck had plenty of help as Tom Doerr added 12 points, Doug -v’:» ' • half, ir quartei G-A to 6-: f ered odto e ig in 40-30 n the inged ng to irced apto pe r late in the final period. Tom Doerr and Troy Peters led the winning attack, eaeh tossing in 13 points. Steve Huyck added 11. Emmett Spencer was high for Mattawan, which drops to 11-7 overp - ' d to 5-5 in the KVA, with 18 • ' d Kevin VandenBerg SBLRG - The free throw “ 0 j nts out to be Delton s best ot exceptionally Jesday night 53 from the ’anthers didn t make as V« -leshed 23 ield goals as Galesburg- ' -28 re-. but they did hit 22 of 33 ia, S rs tosses to kev a 64-58 Kal- Delton’s best friend % %, Valle v Association victury •h school basketball ac- - C " t v IV V , . - v% % v ‘ — - nder first-year nd 7-1 in the ' ‘ight from «5U o r ee •. - o(, h t n ' r •: ' ’ 0 v. •4 ' 4 - ' a ‘a, v v r c.. ' Cf «. V % .% 5 % r d . ' V sta O S 4 •f, v 4 % ' 4 X , ' dL. V 5 , 4y hex iment rth of frustration came to a ed off Parchment. 74-59. in ' S % » - A C A ned two ral- to 46 38 7 d the Pan- .nrows in the o .necontest a balanced Pan n 16 points Steve ,t McBeth both added its balance was solev .iooting touch of Steve who had 23 points, 16 .g in the second half. «ivck made 8 of 14 floor shots u linps } x • me ' oints to lead coach B Third Gazette Photo bv Car! Ber ■♦on ' s Steve Tuin grabs rebound from 6-7 Trov Peters. ‘ iis season and f i n AL ESBURG — A Galesbur, Ga J esbur e° A TO ' a iIs ' , fi °h U f!’ . - i“ " ier gave . • r’a 5£ " K«oV " re Sf ) h ' " ™ »»»h!g h 7e« r? " y ‘ a jli " 1 ' H,.pk!„?2?M m h ' . G.;, - SSZ an ° nl “ ' M “” t0 4 • r ar,w ’--“ - • z ,he - a «s: sr V J ' A ' . K »” ' »», .. A f -rmi ler r ° . but clinch V . °‘-i , Panthers as he l ' e - ™ Ahich outre- H j netted 14 of S»ve Huyck MacHUc " s r or Hopkins 4-s thi n Of h!. ,r ?e )ting 23 in the second 21-13 in the fourth Varsity Cheerleaders Front Row: Marnie Kitchen, Valley Pierman, Jodie Morgan, Lynette Baker. Back Row: Shari Carpenter, Lisa Patterson, Angie Drobny, Annette Baker. Front Row: Valley Pierman, Lisa Patterson, Jodie Morgan. Second Row: Lynette Baker, Annette Baker, Shana Schmidt. Back Row: Shari Carpenter, Marnie Kitchen, Angie Drobny. 72 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Girls Tennis Front Row: Amy Rutherford, Kim Vetter, Trina Collick, Missy Haist, Stacey Whalen. Back Row: Mrs. Smith, Valley Pierman, Karen Kelly, Dava Noud, Laura Loveland, Cathy Necdham, Sherry Smith. 74 Boys Tennis Front Row: Todd Shorb, Craig Mussulman, Tony Fenwick, Mark Lcwis, Todd Morgan. Back Row: Coach Smith, Mikc Livcndalc, Tom Doerr, Dale Isracls, Reg Loveland, Chris Lahti, John Townsend. 75 Girls Track Front Row: Amy Shanahan, Missy Chapin, Amy Dyer, Michelle Martin, Coach Forrester. Second Row: Amy Gregory, Becky Newton, Kelly VanBruggen, Lori Roof, Laura Loveland, Lori VanAmeyden. Third Row: Amy McKeown, Mayra Lewis, Karen Mclntosh, Laura Dyer, Karen Gervais. Back Row: Trina Kuhnle, Christy Arndt. 76 Boys Track Front Row: Rory Stace, Troy Pierce, Bill Coleman, Steve Huyck, Mike Askew. Second Row: Darius Dlugoss. Matt Gordon, Dave Meadows, Brad Hcldt, Coach Coates. Third Row: Mark Baxter, Ed Avis, David Davis, Tim Becker. Back Row: Joc Laske, John Hammcl, James Root, James Clugston. Varsity Softball Front Row: Lisa Livingston, Rcnae Thomas, Rhonda Wood, Sherry Smith. Second Row: R Honda Stace, Wendy Bird. Tracy Godde. Marilee Upson. Back Row: Coach Taylor, Wendy Packard, Teresa Vargo, Chris Monroe. Not Pictured: Kim Larimer. 80 RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 3 Vicksburg 14 6 Hackett 12 14 Guli Lake 12 4 Comstock 3 3 Comstock 10 15 Springfield 2 14 Springfield 12 5 Paw Paw 8 5 Paw Paw 3 8 Mattawan 21 1 Mattawan 15 2 Schoo lcraft 11 13 Colon 16 1 Parchment 5 3 Parchment 2 1 Hackett 10 1 Harper Creek 16 9 Delton 7 11 Delton 12 2 K. Christian 8 1 K. Christian 14 3 Plainwell 5 Pre-District 14 Watervliet 16 14 Gobles 3 81 Junior Varsity Softball Front Row: Lisa Sullivan, Tammy Vorva, Chris Matties, Tammy Wilson, Gail Gazdag. Back Row: Coach Green, Kathy Leng, Rhon da Oosting, Michelle Rhodcs, Dava Noud, Stacey Bird, Lisa DcWolff, Kathleen Warner, Coach Green. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 12 Vicksburg 22 4 Guli Lake 11 2 Comstock 17 3 Comstock 13 19 Springfield 9 29 Springficld 11 21 Paw Paw 4 11 Paw Paw 9 1 Mattawan 22 3 Mattawan 22 5 Harper Creek 15 13 Parchment 12 i 1 Parchment 10 22 Delton 5 18 Del ton 4 9 K. Christian 3 12 K. Christian 13 5 Plainwell 8 14 Plainwell 4 15 Gobles 12 82 Junior Varsity Baseball Front Row: Andy Leeson, Paul Forster, Mike McAlear, Rick Arndt, Jim Zuidema, Chris Wenzel, Coach Miclke. Back Row: James Clugston, Rob Kitchen, Wade Gervais, Joe Visel, Jim Laske, Scott Madden, Paul Berky, Jerry Pierman, Rob Gillespic, Kevin Coleman, Coach Thomas. Varsity Baseball . — Front Row: Jeff McCaulcy, Terry Bargo, Joe Zimmerman, Chris Sutton, Jeff Cox, Mike Soule. Back Row: Coach Taylor, Jim Joyner, Steve Doerr, Mick Pierman, Chris Taylor, Mike Cox, Greg Forster, Mike Graham. 84 |V " I ris K 86 Fail Royalty Juniors: Chris Lahti and Marnie Kitchen Scniors: Jim Joyner and Sue Howcs Escort Ed Avis and Honorary Queen Sabine Beckers King and Queen Lee Schultz and Cindy Hamilton Winter Royalty Juniors: Lincoln Matties and Christy Arndt Seniors: Tony Bowkcr and Vikki Lambert Spirit Couples Freshmen: P. J. Mielke and Dava Noud For the First time, G-A added spirit couples to the Winter Homecoming Festivities. Couples were selected from each class by the faculty according to their citizenship and leadership. Sophomores: Reg Loveland and Karen Mclntosh Scniors: Jim Joyner and Karen Kelly Juniors: Mike Cox and Kim Vetter 92 97 Cedar Point 100 Honor Students DAR Student Vince Molica Senior of the Year Ted Whalen Top Ten -- — —— —. « w rw Front Row: Dale lsraels, Tom Doerr, Carrie Jock, Doug VanderLugt, Craig Whitehead. Back Row: Ted Whalen, Vince Molica. Meg Collins Jcff Cox, Tim McKeown. e 102 Advertisers Compliments of Reasonable Prices Free Estimates C.L. CONSTRUCTION Augusta, Ml J. C. (Red) Cari (Bud) Landers Van Bruggen 731-4087 731-4313 T YYLOR PUBLISHING C OM PAN Y millsap h s On April 23, Rambler adviser, Mrs. Kay Whitehead, and editor, Craig Whitehead, and family visited Taylor Publishing Company, the printer of the 1984 Rambler, in Dallas, Texas. The 1984 Rambler Stafff would like to thank everyone who helped make this book possible. Compliments of LENG’S HARDWARE 1984 RAMBLER STAFF Congratulations and Best Wishes Seniors! DYER AUTO BODY 5917 Kings Hwy. Comstock, Ml 49041 Phone 342-4049 Fast Delivery of Diversified Stocks KALAMAZOO MILL SUPPLY COMPANY 1820 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 Phone: 616-349-9641 Steel and Supplies coMPirrc I CUTTWG SHtVKt | Complete Line of Industrial and Steel Supplies Kay Maxson Lisa K. Maxson-Wilson KAY MAXSON AGENCY General Insurance 1 E. Battle Creek St. Galesburg, Ml Daily 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Phone Saturday 9 A.M. Till Noon 665-7192 m Design Build ★ ★ WHITEHEAD TOOL DIE, INC. Dies — Jigs — Fixtures — Prototype — Details 53908 Buckhorn Road Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 “Since 1977” 112 Congratulations Class of1984 Congratulations GALESBURG VILLAGE DRUG o FIRST°F AM RICA- AND SUNDRIES 16 W. Mich. Galesburg 665-9727 665-9694 TIRE ENGINEERS «iSSi, W 5571 Kings Hwy. Comstock, Ml 49041 (616) 344-6171 Owned and Operated by Coach Bill Maskill 114 ROELOF DAIRY Galesburg, Ml 49053 Congratulations Seniors! RUTHERFORD’S TEENS TO OUEENS 63 E. Battle Creek St. Galesburg Compliments of BILLY’S BIKE SHOP 108 E. Ml Ave. Galesburg Phone 665-5202 Good Luck Seniors! A. M. TODD COMPANY Kalamazoo, Ml 115 In the hcartliind of America, thene’s a company whosc healthy troditional values iH ' lp you IKv a hcalthier life. Rw rn-arly WOyi-ars. The I pjnhn Gmipanv nas thrived in a style thal is peculiarly American’ a» a tamily of empJo ves whnsc efforts. in tum Mp imprme yiAir fanuJy s quality of life. With the 1 nuKin. 1 t ion thal pmduces in- novatkin and the heritage of a special -Vountry «tor cannii that puts your uvlfarv above all. the story of our piripe» has been written Fnan the inyention in W84 if the friahle pill. the first pill tlut woaid readily dissohv; to the first oral digitalis for heart patients in 1919: to the first highly effecthe antiowKulant and the mass pmductMm rf peniciliin during VViirld War M: to the intm- duclion of oral anti-diabetes tmduinr m 1957: totoday. when l’pjohn ispKHk erinKthe dewl ipment of pmstaKlandins... «i ing us VTist insitfhts into mans biochemical univvrse and (iffering the pnniuse of rk w and moa effective ways of combatinK disease. The futua will be nothing but fruitful. Because fmm tik beginian . what has consiituted our unigueness also has sown the seeds of our success—the willingness to pmbe arxi, nk t import ant. to neverpe up. Uhen we put our patlicular brand of elear thinking and persrvenmce to work. (jikstM His find ansuvrs. And fmm a perspective suih as this. «iur second century of taring cant help lxit pmve even moa exciting than tik first. For moa- infomution. write CARJNG, I kpartnunt H W, RO. Bok 2497 . Kalania io. Ml UplOflll 49tXI3. M M 116 Astro Lounge Food Cocktails Complete Pro Shop Automatic Bowling Scorer Baby Sitting Facilities 3645 Van Rick Dr. at Sprinkie Road Across from Fisher Body 343-2626 Congratulations Seniors KALAMAZOO SANITARV SUPPLY COM PA N Y HO Eost South Street Flreside 9-6637 KALAMAZOO. MICHIGAN 49007 SUPPLY COMPANY 410 East South Street Fireside 9-6637 Kalamazoo, Ml 49007 Cleanliness is Our Business 117 Congratulations Graduates A. D. MADDEN Plumbing, Heating, Contracting Good Luck 1984 Graduates GALESBURG AMBULANCE SERVICE 10044 East “G” Ave. Galesburg, Ml 49053 Phone 665-9973 Best Wishes RICH’S SOFT WATER SERVICE Galesburg Plaques Trophies Ribbons rflidwest flthletic flwards Co. 285 W. Baltle Creck St. p .°. Box 626 ST Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Jljr A 616 665-9290 .-A Good Luck 84 Graduates Bob Morgan Jim Sullivan HARDING’S GALESBURG LOCKER and MEAT COMPANY Rich Christian, Owner of GALESBURG 58 Mill Street Galesburg, Mich. 49053 Ph. 665-9501 Congratulations Seniors COLUMBIA INN WEST for Dogs and Cats 3203 West Columbia Battle Creek Compliments of Phone 968-6128 THOMAS W. DOERR Attorney at Law GRANT’S GENERAL STORE 65 W. Battle Creek St. Galesburg, Ml 49053 Phone 665-7001 33 West Battle Creek Galesburg, Ml 49053 JL ScAiefoi Insurance _ A FUL L SE R VIC E A GENC Y (»mfer) 47 West Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Phone 665-7700 LOU-DON FARMS LIFE - HEALTH - AUTO HOME Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hanson 4115 North 36th, Galesburg, Ml 49053 Hunters and Jumpers, Boarding, Training, Lessons, and Showing CHAMPION’S HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Phone 665-9782 7142 E. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo, Ml Phone 344-6839 or 665-9813 Senior Year Our year has passed and time did fly. It’s already time to say good-by To skipping classes, roaming halls, football games, and late night calls. Good friends say, “We ' ll keep in touch But it really doesn’t happen much. We’re growing up now, maybe too f asi, I wish we could turn back the clock — into the past. It’s time we leave our old friends behind. . . New places, new schedules, and people to find. We’re scared of our future and what it will be. Is anyone else as nervous as we? Life without you will seem so wrong. Yet we wish everyone the best now, take care — so long. Lynette Baker

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