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G ALESBURG-ACIGGST A HIGH SCHOOL G ALESBURG, MICHIGAN RAMBLER 1983 Legend: Coach Maskill breaks State record with 213 victories; finishes with 216 . . . cy. These qualities and " Pr de” are only a few of Coach Maskill’s fine tools with which he brings out the best in his players. These tools many of us took from the field and are using successfully in our careers today. Many of Coach Maskill’s teams lacked in size but never in heart and “Pr de.“ Maskill’s teams never walk on the fields in mid-August wondering if they’re going to do well enough that season. They walk on the fields with a strong pride in Galesburg-Augusta’s past. Maskill’s teams have been legends, and as long as Coach Maskill remains on the fields at G A, he will pro duce more outstanding players and teams. All of us who had the opportunity to play for coach and G-A are a proud lot. We are proud to have had such a fine coach and to have contributed to the “win ning tradition” at G A. Today there is a new generation of players — our brothers, cousins, nephews and sons. These players already possess the Pride of G A, and with Michigan’s finest coach behind them, Galesburg-Augusta’s football tradition will live on for years to come. Jim Kent Many of us at Galesburg-Augusta are proud to have contributed to the winning tradition of Coach Maskill. During our school years at G-A, we were able to pride ourselves on being part of a school that had won 4 State championships and 11 league titles. Our school years were filled not only with studies but also with football games at recess, after school, and on weekends. We imitated the stars of the times and waited for our chance to play ball for the legendary coach, Bill Maskill. Coach expects the most from his players. He teaches discipline, sportsmanship, and 110% efficien- 1976-78 ... and still going strong 2 Retiring: After 30 Years at G-A The second person we are honoring is Mr. Wayne Berger. He has been working for the Galesburg-Augusta school system since 1953. He started teaching in the junior high, then moved to the high school where he taught for a year. After a year of teaching he returned to the junior high as a counselor for two or three years. In 1962 he again was assigned to the high school as a counselor. For the last seven years he has been both counselor and assistant principal. During his years at Galesburg-Augusta, Mr. Berger has taught biology and social Science. He also has coached baseball, basketball, football, and golf. As a high school counselor, Mr. Berger has always been interested in the students and their problems. He has advised students in ways to improve their education and their lives. Around G-A Coach Maskill became the winningest coach in the State. Basketball team had a winning season — lst time since the late 1960’s. 65° on Christmas Day. 2nd snowday on the lst day of spring. Music Fashion Journey Mini Skirts Alabama Boots The Stray Cats Punk Hair Cut Sports Pat Benatar Baggies World Series Cardinal over the Brewers Men at Work Izod Super Bowl XVII Washington Redskins 31 Miami Dolphins 17 Heisman Trophy Movies Herschel Walker E.T. NCAA Tournament N.C. State 54 Rocky III Houston 52 Tootsie Started CJSFL Spring Break Paul “Bear” Bryant Died Poltergeist Ghandi Video Games Donkey Kong Pac Man Frogger Centipede Pit Fail 4 TflBLE □F G0NTENTS People.11 Clubs .41 Sports.53 Events .91 Ads.113 5 Coke’s to go, please! Future Allstate quarterback?? Now I lay me down to sleep ... New wave hits G A 6 On Golden Pond Say what? Now, this is how it’s done . . . Bald is beautiful. Must be a tennis match. The Dynamic Duo 9 RAMBLER ' 83 PE0PLE John Wager Superintendent Faculty and Administration Ron Parker Principal Wayne Berger Vern Cramer Judy Scott Assistant Principal Counselor Secretary Wanda Hartman Secretary i Carol Mclntosh Attendance Officer Nancy Longton Home Economics 12 Sandy Smiddy Librarian Cheryl Lemmein Career Center Nancy Emmerich English Dick Havey English Dee Hoard English Cathy Woodrow English Dave Hanna Govemment-Psychology Mike Pasche Bob Duke Social Studies Social Studies 13 Dave Heavy Biology Scott Taylor Science Elaine Hansen Spanish Evelyn VanDeLaare Office Block Beverly Stokes Alex Forrester Typing-Shorthand Business Department 14 John Hoard Industrial Arts Roger Boomershine Graphics Kevin Smith Auto Mechanics Bill Fiest Special Education Ada Manwarren Cafeteria Arlend Thompson Custodian 15 Class of 1983 Flower: White Rose Color: Light Blue and White Motto: Set me adrift on a sea of hope, and 1 11 set my sail for a new horizon. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Allen E. Warner Hurdler, D.A.R., Sweet Lisa K. Lynn (, Musician, Drama Robin Sue Schmidt K.V.C.C., Sincere, Thoughtful Daniel Allen Arrick Marilyn Jo Bailey Trans Am, Football Captain, Karen Mo-Jo, Sparkling Eyes, Nice Complexion 18 Jack L. Baird Football, 71, All Around Guy Michael D. Baker Bubba, Fishing, Egg Breaker Lori Anne Beadle Skier, Talkative, Tennis Lori (Blue) Wood Frizz, Bob, Tina’s Best Friend Timothy Dale Born All K.V.A., Dunker, Hands Jill Ann Bowers Rowdy, Coke, Dave Sharon Marie Bresson Tonette M. Card Nice, Pepsi, Races ' Toni’ Quiet, Danny David W. Clough Julie Ann Clugston Later lar, Pig Farmer, CluffStuff Army, ' Cluggy " , Kathys Friend Brian Paul Colles Daphne Kristine Cox Truck, Football, Chowhound " Daph”, Runner, Enthusiastic Sherry Beth Crummel Soctt William Writer, Helpful, Soft spoken Cunningham Runner, U of M, Carefree 19 V J m Dan Arrick Mike Sprick Beth DeForest Tim Kellam Pete Whipple Roxanne Stickney Dan Wakefield Brenda Landers John Howes Gait Loveland Adair Jay Dacey Mouth, Junkfood. Old Spice Freak Lisa Dot Duggan Pretty Hair, Ziggy. Jim Michelle Ranae Green Short-Stuff, Captain, Athletic Elisabeth A. DeForest Dawn Marie Degenkolb Mary Charlene Dinzik " Beth”. Preppie, Organizer Giggles, Helpful, Jeff Endless Wardrobe, Long Locks, Designers Michael E. Evarts Lori Renee Freemire Matthew John Godde Ski Bum, Comedian, Rhonda Straightforward, Friendly, Rick EMT, Bowler, Cadet Patrick Robert Griffln David Brian Hartman Stcven W. Hawkins Grif, Superman, Our Kicker Faughty, Sky Puncher, Ali- Gentleman, Cars, Witty American Guy 22 Kjersti Hembre Norway, Athletic, Friendly Steve Charles Hoffman Silver Chevelle, Slick, Rock ' n Roli Christina Lynn Hopkins Quiet, Horses, ‘Maynerd’’ John Harold Howes V.W., Final Curtain, Loves to Rock Robert John Howes Partier, Comedian, Chris Judith Carol Kasson Fashionable, Hair, Outspoken Timothy S. Kellam Drummer Boy, Hunter, G of M Cindy Sue Ann Kent Cindy Sue, Pretty Eyes, Outgoing Brenda Kay Landers " B.K.”, Rock Roll, Sporty Gail Elaine Loveland Spirited, Enthusiastic, Caring Charles S. Lubitz Richard J. MacPherson Bill Knapps, Architecture, Weight Skier, Quiet, Easy Going Loss 23 Jack and Cliff Sharp Val and Eric Moran Shawn Minee Tina Root Brent Webb Karen Townsend April Rose Julie Clugston Pat Griffin Steve Hoffman Toni Card Pam Mclntosh George VanLinder Robin Schmidt Michellc Gre«n 25 Dawn Marie McDermott Pamela S. Mclntosh Cheerful. Chatterbox, Giggles Nice Clothes, Petite, Rah Rah Mark Dewey Maxson Manwell " , Ford Van, Booga-loo Cara Marie Mitchell Eric H. Moran Horses, Track, Clothes Nice Eyes, Endless Tan, Northwestern Valerie L. Moran Endless Appetite, Artistic, Shawn’s Buddy Timothy Raymond Oosting Dune Buggy’s, Lawn Equip., Wendy Janet Marie Osman Blunt, Clowns, California Elaine Jill Osterling Flutist, Preppie, Rowdy 26 Shawn Marie Minne Cheerleader, Val’s Buddy, Country Giri Ernest Al Nelson Rebel, Carefree, Rambunctious Randy Len Packer Sveden House, Nova, Dependable Raymond A. Pierce, Jr. “Raymie’’, Yvonne, Record Setter Kathy Lynn Robertson Shy, Helpful, Julie’s Friend Jack E. Sharp Candid, CO OP, Bill Knapp’s Dawn Janean Post Harold W. Priest, III James R. Reynolds Mountain Dew, Rowdy, Teri’s Billy Bob, Parties, Space Cadet Rowdy, Skipper, Rebel Friend Alan C. Sieting, Jr. Scott Michael Smith Michael W. Sprick Sweetie, Firebird, Great Smile " Smitty " , All KVA, CoCaptain T Bone, Sci R, Intellectual 27 3 u£n. t . x Guoa. Oujcjp K . C x v ni c ' V niULA £ctC-f cCcKY r 0 ' . fc %. M JUl %■ sU 4 nuHOlJ), ' k? ?«% L -sxLmaF % fc, $Fc, y f s ' ' ®C . vIULOijt C- 9toj JLrtV- THIS WAS YOGR LIFE — CLASS OF ‘83’! September 1979 — As you entered your freshmen year at G-A, everyone soon realized that you were a class to be remembered. 106 strong, you elected Dan Arrick as President, George VanLinder as Vice President, Pat Griffin as Treasurer, and Beth DeForest as Secretary. Penny Pat- terson and Karen Townsend were your Student Council Representatives. Fail homecoming led to float building and raiding. You were acused of cheating on your float which resulted in your taking third place. You elected George VanLinder and Tina Root to the Homecoming Court. Winter homecoming saw Scott Smith and Karen Townsend representing the freshmen. THE CLOCK TICKS ON ... With an enrollment of 103, your sophomore year continued where your freshman year left off. You elected George VanLinder as President, Dan Arrick as Vice President, Pat Griffin as Treasurer, and Penny Patterson as Secretary. Homecoming floats were moved to the school to prevent raiding and inspire school spirit. Your float (G-A is moving up!) takes first place and you win homecoming after a spirited pep assembly against your arch rivals — the seniors. Tim Born and Yvonne Vorva are elected to the court. The fail is highlighted by Coach Maskill’s 200th win. Soon you order class rings which are finally received in March. Tim Kellam and Shawn Minne represent your class on the winter court. AND ON ... As juniors, your class drops to 98 and George VanLinder was once again leading your class as President, Penny Patterson as Vice President, Gail Loveland as Treasurer, and Beth DeForest as Secretary. 27 members of your class skipped last hour to go out for pizza and you all ended up in detention. Much of the year was spent on fund raising activities such as car washes, paper drives, cheese and sausage sales, spice sales, and other projects to earn money for the Junior-Senior Prom. The prom, “Moments To Remember”, was a great success. Prince and Princess for fail were Mike Baker and Penny Patterson; for winter Dan Arrick and Brenda Landers. AT LAST! Finally you are seniors and with an enrollment of 106 you elected Allen Warner as President, Lisa Lynn as Vice President, Penny Patterson as Treasurer, and Robin Schmidt as Secretary. Fail homecoming you elect Mike Baker and Judy Kasson as Prince and Princess and Jeff Scott and Penny Patterson as King and Queen. Coach Maskill became the winningest coach in Michigan High School history. For winter homecoming you elect Dave Clough and Mary Dinzik as Prince and Princess. King and Queen were Dave Hartman and Karen Townsend. You have $2,330.00 left over in the class treasury. You want a senior trip, but they say NO! You end up paying for color senior pictures in the yearbook and blowing the rest on various charities. You’ve made it! You’ve completed the beginning of your life. Look fondly back on those days in high school frequently, but look ahead too. These are your friends gathered around you; there will be a class reunion later on, as years go by, when you discuss your good ’ole high school days. Our best wishes to all of you as you go your separate ways — THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! Julie Christine Stevens Expressive, Band, David Beckey Jo TerBerg Cats, Dancer, Pat Roxanne Stickney Genial, Dreamer, John Johnny E. Terry Rebel, Storyteller, CJnpredictable Martin W. Striebel Polite, Nice, CJnassuming Karen Jean Townsend Dan, Rah-Rah, Artistic Kari Lyn Turks Softball, Blunt, Parties 30 George Harry VanLinder Soccer, Girls, World Traveler Teri L. Vogel Coke, Rowdy, Dawn ' s Friend Yvonne Marie Catharine Vorva Personality, Athletic, Spontaneous Nels R. Vosburg Tron, Nice Hair, Doberman Daniel Bryan Wakefield Gentleman, A.S.G., Friendly Brenton Dean Webb Karate, Chemistry, Insanity Linda Lee Wellington ‘Tm Sure”, Bubbles, Friendly Paul A. Wenzel Legs, Nice, Quiet Peter H. Whipple, Jr. Chevy Luv, Whip, Rock ’n Roli Not Pictured: Lorainne lla Conrad Jeffrey Scott Brown Richard M. Haase Joseph T. Kalin, Jr. Michael W. Lemon Anson Francis LoBretto, Jr. Clifford R. Sharp David J. Wayne 31 Autographs President: Kellie Whipple Vice President: Amy VanLinder Treasurer: Fred Klinger Secretary: Annette Baker Mike Askew Lynette Baker Julie Barrett Bon n i Bogema Randy Bortolussi Tony Bowker Paul Bryant Craig Bugg Sue Burton Ron Case Jean Cole Meg Collins Jeff Cox Kali Curtis Debbie DeKam Tom Doerr Angie Drobny Debbie Dunithan Julie Dumont Tom East Dawn Forster Angie Fry Pat Garrett Andy Godde Brian Godde Tim Godde Mike Graham Todd Grubb Cindy Hamilton Brenda Holt Tim Holt Steve Huyck Dale Israels Carrie Jock Jim Joyner Karen Kelly Rsck Knight Vicky Lambert Karen Lewis Rob Little Bill Livendale Mike Livendale Angie Lockwood Doug MacPherson Tim McKeown Steve Macomber Vince Molica Jodie Morgan Amy Morrison 34 Chris Morrison Mike Nourse Ken Oliver Jill Perkins Troy Peters Tom Rice Diana Roof Shana Schmidt Lee Schultz Tom Shirley Lorri Smith Rob Stewart Nancy Tolmacs Doug VanderLugt Chris VanFleet John Vetter Jerry Vorva Robin Watson Ted Whalen Craig Whitehead Not Pictured: Kayleen Burrus Sue Howes Mike Kroeg Tracy Markos Jamie Maxwell Jodi Mussulman Kim Rhodes Tracy Stamey Jeff VanPelt Tracy Waber Biil Whipple Lori Whipple Richard Whipple 35 President: Kim Vetter VicePresident: Marnie Kitchen Secretary-T reasurer: Bruce Haase Christy Arndt Rick Ashby Ed Avis Terry Bargo Jeff Barnes Mark Baxter Tim Becker Lori Bell Wendy Bird Brian Boniface Toni Braden Matt Cagle Bryce Cain Lisa Carlton Ken Case Vicky Christy Tamara Cleavinger Craig Clingan Bill Coleman Trina Collick Bonnie Cook Mike Cox Tony Cronkhite David Damron Don Daniel Ricky Daniels David Davis Michelle Dean Steve Doerr Julie Dolan Nan Dunmire Sherri Eadler Shawn Emmons Theresa Fenwick Pete Fonken Barb Forster Greg Forster Caren Freemire Lee Ann Garcia Karen Gervais Tracy Godde Terry Goodman Amy Gregory John Hammel Chris Hawkins Brent Heighton Brad Heldt Kristin Hoffman Don Kershner Class of 1985 36 Stephanie Kitzmiller Chris Lahti Jeff Landers Kim Larimer Gary Leach Mark Lewis Rick Liskovec Lisa Livingston Randy Lowe Diana Lynn Jeff McCauley Denise McDermott Shawn McMeekan Laura Martin Rachel Martin Terry Mason Chris Monroe Ron Moss Cathy Needham Kelly O’Brien Amy O’Halloran Wendy Packard Mallette Palmer Lisa Patterson Jesse Pickett Mick Pierman Valley Pierman Lorey Piper Jim Priest Denise Rathburn Val Reitenour Cindy Robbins Sarah Rodeheaver Lorri Roof Alonna Ruger Devenia Schmitz Terri Scott Lisa Shadwick Rhonda Stace Joyce Stevens Beth Striebel Chris Sutton Renae Thomas Richard Thomason Ron Triece Marilee Clpson Kim VanAmeyden Jamie VanZandt David Vaughn Mark Wedel Bill Whitman Rod Wilson Denny Wood Rhonda Wood Gretchen Zahn 37 President: Reg Loveland Secretary Treasurer: James Root Tina Bargo Paul Berky Clndy Best Gail Bresson Shari Carpenter Tim Carpenter James Clugston Angie Crummel Donnita Curry Lisa Daniel Cheryl DePlanche Dale DeYoung Bobbi Drobny Alan Fish Eric Forrester Doug French Wade Gervais Rob Gillespie Scott Green Melissa Haist Amy Hartman Bill Heath Jon Holloway Jody Hopkins Kim Jones Mike Keeler Rob Kitchen Maureen Knight James Laske Katrina Leininger Kathy Leng Laura Loveland April Luedecking Cathy McAlear Karen Mclntosh Scott Madden David Meadows Tim Mielke Cathie Msller Mike Minne Melanie Molica Joe Moorlag Jeff Moran Ron Morrison Jim Nicolow Amy Noteboom Rhonda Oosting Chris Phelps Darryl Phillips 38 Jerry Pierman Kelly Rhodes Michelle Rhodes Kevln Roomsburg Todd Root Andy Schmitz Bill Schultz Tracy Shirley Sue Simmons Brad Smith Carrie Smith Sherry Smith Mike Soule Brian Spencer Amanda Sprick Todd Stinnett Nick Stoken Chris Taylor Becky Telfer Don VanderLugt Joe Visel John Vorva Kathleen Warner George Watts Denise Weld Paul Wendell Stacey Whalen Amy Whitmore Brett Beatty Dawn Brown James Byer Kevin Coleman Bill Cook Not Pictured: David Crampton Andy Cronkhite Gary Haase Tim Huyck Jenny Jefferson 39 RAMBLER ' 83 GLUBS 41 Parliament This year’s student council was revised from previous years. Any in- terested person who attended the in- itial three meetings qualified for m embership. The members then voted among themselves to elect of- ficers and a new name — Parlia- ment. Basically, Parliament’s prin- cipal purposes resemble former stu¬ dent governments, but its member¬ ship is not limited to officers. Koni Telfer, President Front Row: Koni Telfer, Penny Patterson, Sandy Smiddy, Cindy Kent, Adair Dacey, Laura Loveland. Second Row: Fred Klinger, Kellie Whip ple, Amy VanLinder, Elaine Osterling, Ed Avis, Mike Livendale, Vince Molica, Tom Doerr. Third Row: Kim Vetter, Linda Wellington, Lisa Dug gan, Reg Loveland, Dan Wakefield, Marnie Kitchen, Lisa Patterson, Gretchen Zahn. 42 KVA Exchange Front Row: Vicky Bregger, Bangor; Laura Le Duke. Parchment; Laurie Grevenstuk, K. Christian; Jennifer Engeman, Hackett; Amy Hoak, Delton; Kurt Lucas, Paw Paw; Missing: Sandy Toxopeus, Mattawan. Back Row: Lisa Livingston, Elaine Osterling, Lynette Baker. Beth DeForest, Michelle Green, Koni Telfer Missing: Janet Osman. KVA Exchange Day involves two days in which seven people from each school visit the other seven KVA schools. It is a very interesting trip in which you learn about different schools, and what makes them tick. You also get to meet people from your competitive schools on a friend to friend basis. It is two days in which these people on this page will always remember. Front Row: Amy Gregory stayed with Kim Brown at Mattawan, Fred Klinger stayed with Jenny Eason at Paw Paw, Shawn Minne stayed with April Randall at Parchment. Back Row: Kim Vetter stayed with Terri Maddox at Bangor, Craig Whitehead stayed with Jim VanHoose at Delton, Karen Kelly stayed with Anne Soisson at Hackett. Missing: Beckey TerBerg stayed with Lisa Wenke at K. Christian. 43 Library Front Row: Jeff Cox. Mike Livendale, Meg Collins, Carrie Jock, Annette Baker Second Row: Bill Livendale, Tina Toot, Pat Taylor, Sandy Smiddy. Craig Whitehead, Karen Lewis, Fred Klinger. Third Row: Kari Turks, Dawn Degenkolb, Brent Webb. Mike Sprick, Stormy Conrad. Ski Club Front Row: Tim Kellam, Mike Evarts, Rob Howes, Steve Hoffman, Lisa Patterson, Kim VanAmeyden, Bill Schultz. Second Row: Rhonda Stace. Andy Cronkhite, Scott Campbell. Tony Bowker, Lori Beadle, Barb Forster, Lisa Livingston, Laura Loveland Third Row: Mike Sprick, Jeff Brown, Tony Cronkhite, Rick MacPherson, Dan Arrick, Karen Townsend, Penny Patterson. Not Pictured: Cindy Kent. 44 Co-op Front Row: Charles Lubitz, Brent Webb, Jack Sharp, Gail Loveland, Karen Townsend, Brenda Landers. Back Row: Paul Wenzel, Anson LoBretto. Ray Pierce, Mark Maxson, DaveCIough, Tim Oosting. Cadets Front Row: Toni Card, Dan Wakefield, Elaine Osterling, Mary Dinzik, Dan Arrick, Pat Griffin, Dawn Degenkolb, Brent Webb, Mike Sprick. Second Row: Val Morgan, Scott Smith, Jack Baird, Paul Wenzel, Scott Standley, David Wayne, Tim Born, Dave Hartman, Al Sieting, Mike Lemon. Third Row: Roxanne Stickney, Daphne Cox, Robin Schmidt, Lori Beadle, Nels Vosburg, Kari Turks, Tina Root, Shawn Minne, Julie Stevens, April Rose, Chris Hopkins, Pam Mclntosh, Ray Pierce. Fourth Row: Michelle Green, Teri Vogel, Dawn Post, Lisa Duggan. Linda Well- ington, Koni Telfer, Dawn McDermott, Sherry Crummel, Julie Clugston, Kathy Robertson, Dave Clough, Mark Maxson, Eric Moran. 45 Exchange Student Kjersti Hembre is from Oslo, Norway. She has been involved in many activities during her stay at G-A, such as basketball, volleyball, and track. She also en- joys skiing, swimming, and just being with people. Kjersti has brought much insight into the lives of many students, and the friendships she has made here will last a lifetime. Kjersti Hembre Chess Club Front Row: Mike Keeler, Rachel Martin, Jeff Moran. Back Row: James Clugston, David Wayne, Mike Sprick, Pete Fonken, Mr. Daily, Rick Daniels, Tim Becker, Ron Moss, Mike Evarts. 46 National Honor Society Front Row: Penny Patterson, Cindy Kent, Kellie Whipple, Carrie Jock, Lisa Lynn, Sherry Crummel, Mike Sprick. Back Row: Allen Warner, Jeff Cox, Doug VanderLugt, Tim McKeown, Dale Israels, Vince Molica, Rob Little, Craig Whitehead. Yearbook Staff Front Row: Craig Whitehead, Karen Lewis, Mrs. Whitehead. Back Row: Penny Patterson, Cathy Needham. Not Pictured: Cindy Kent, Tina Root, Lori Blue. 47 Symphonic Band The band consisting of 70 members, is made up of 7 seniors, 5 juniors, 29 sophomores, and 28 freshmen. Despite the inexperience of the young members, the band did well this year, receiving a I at district festival. They attended the State festival in April. The band has had a busy year including marching season, pep bands, festival performances, and three concerts. A trip to Europe in June and July will serve as a grand finale. SENIORS — Front Row: Lori Beadle, Elaine Osterling, Penny Patter- son. Second Row: Lisa Lynn, Julie Stevens, Mike Sprick, Tim Kellam. Front Row: Elaine Osterling, Terry Mason, Karen Kelly, Sherry Eadler, Rachel Martin, Gretchen Zahn, Lori Beadle, Dawn Forster, Lori Piper, Julie Stevens. Christy Arndt. Second Row: Kristin Hoffman, Valley Pierman, Kelly Rhodes, Amy Hartman, Amy O ' Halloran, Maureen Knight, Mandy Sprick, Cathy McAlear, Amy Noteboom, Jody Hopkins, Alan Fish, Donnita Curry, Michelle Rhodes, Sherry Carpenter, Karen Gervias, Vicky Christy. Barb Forster, Diana Lynn, Jim Nicolow. Third Row: Joyce Stevens, Marnie Kitchen, Laura Martin, David Crampton, Penny Pat terson, Kim Vetter, Lynette Baker, Chris Lahti, Jeff Moran, Andy Schmidtz. Shawn McMeekan, Mike Keeler, Mark Lewis, Scott Green, Gerg Forster, Kellie Whipple. Fourth Row: Paul Wendel, Doug French, Kathy Leng, Tammy Cleavinger, Cathie Miller, Lisa Patterson, Eric Forrester, Pete Fonken, Ed Avis, Mark Baxter, Kevin Coleman, Mallette Palmer, Billy Schultz, Tim Carpenter, John Holloway, Robbie Kitchen, Mark Wedel, Mike Sprick, James Clugston. Standing: Rhonda Oosting, Tim Kellam, Amy Gregory, Paul Bryant, Lisa Lynn, Mr. Benstein. 50 Drum Major, Twirlers Marnie Kitchen, Karen Kelly, Gretchen Zahn, Chrlsty Arndt, Lynette Baker, Amy Gregory, Laura Martin, Rachel Martin RAMBLER ' 83 SP0RT1 53 Varsity Football Front Row: Scott Standley, Jeff Scott, Tom Doerr, Jeff Cox, Mike Askew, Ron Case, Tim Holt, Denny Wood. Second Row: Coach Morgan, Paul Bryant, Tim Oosting, Mike Livendale, Jack Baird, Dan Arrick, Jim Joyner, Pat Griffin, Scott Smith. Third Row: Coach Forrester, Steve Huyck, Mike Nourse, Tim Bom, Mike Baker, Dave Hartman, Anson LoBretto, Raymie Pierce, Brian Colles, Coach Maskill. CAPTAINS — Mike Baker, Dan Arrick GA RAMS RECORD Opp. 47 Springport 0 6 K. Christian 9 8 Hackett 6 22 Bangor 20 28 Mattawan 13 41 Paw Paw 12 35 Parchment 7 40 Delton 6 43 Constantine K.V.A. Champs 0 54 55 Junior Varsity Football Front Row: David Vaughn, Jeff Barnes, Jeff Landers, Bruce Haase. Steve Doerr, Tim Sigourney, Mick Pierman, Chris Phelps. Second Row: Chris Taylor, Chris Sutton, Tony Cronkhite, Reg Loveland, Dave Meadows, Brad Heldt, Paul Berkey, Gary Haase Third Row: Greg Forster, Bill Heath, Wade Gervais, Jerry Pierman, Andy Cronkhite, Scott Madden, John Vetter. Fourth Row: Jim Priest, Rob Gillespie, Jim Byer, Ken Case, Joe Zimmerman, Vince Molica, Don Daniels, Jeff Moran. Fifth Row: Kevin Coleman, Brian Spencer, George Watts, Mike Cox, Craig Clingan, Bill Coleman, Terry Bargo, Mike Minne. CAPTAINS — Jeff Landers, Bruce Haase, Steve Doerr. COACHES — Front Row: Kevin Standley, Steve Smith, Marty Born. Second Row: Art Green, Mark Taylor, Jack Mclntosh. RAMS RECORD GA 40 Springport Opp. 0 32 K. Christian 19 22 Hockett 14 38 Bangor 0 36 Mattawan 8 30 Paw Paw 0 40 Parchment 18 36 Delton 0 29 Constantine 0 K.V.A. Champs 56 Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Denise Rathburn, Toni Braden, Marilee CJpson, Kathleen Warner, Melanie Molica, Coaeh Monroe, Tina Bargo, Rhonda Oosting, Lisa Livingston, Kim VanAmeyden RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 10 Guli Lake 16 13 Comstock 44 17 Centerville 25 12 K, Christian 22 9 Bangor 23 15 Delton 47 11 Hackett 21 9 Parchment 20 4 Mattawan 13 12 Paw Paw 30 15 K. Christian 26 6 Bangor 15 23 Delton 43 9 Hackett 26 16 Parchment 7 14 Mattawan 16 15 Paw Paw 41 5 Climax Scotts 12 57 Girls Varsity Basketball Diana Lynn, Daphne Cox t Val Reitenour, Kjersti Hembre, Kari Turks, Yvonne Vorva, Chris Monroe, Brenda Landers, Coach Cramer. SENIORS GA RAMS RECORD Opp. 15 Guli Lake 52 18 Comstock 53 18 Centerville 39 18 K. Christian 38 59 First Assembly 8 19 Bangor 25 21 Delton 50 25 Hackett 46 20 Parchment 29 24 Mattawan 22 17 Paw Paw 55 22 K. Christian 50 13 Bangor 35 30 Delton 43 22 Hackett 37 20 Parchment 37 18 Mattawan 31 22 Paw Paw 64 31 Climax Scotts 39 20 Districts Pennfield 52 58 Girls Tennis Front Row: Lori Beadle, Robin Schmidt, Shawn Minne, Michelle Green. Second Row: Stacey Whalen, Sherry Smith, Valley Pierman, Cathy Needham, Kim Vetter, Karen Kelly. Not Pictured: Lori Blue, Coach Smith. SENIORS Lori Beadle Lori Blue Michelle Green Shawn Minne Robin Schmidt RAMS RECORD GA Opp. 0 Comstock 7 2 Vicksburg 5 0 K. Christian 7 0 Hackett 7 4 Springfield 3 3 Springfield 4 3 Comstock 4 1 Pennfield 6 6 Vicksburg J.V. 1 60 Cross Country Front Row: Renae Thomas, Ron Moss, Tim Mielke, Tim Becker, Pete Fonken, Tracy Godde. Second Row: Al Warner, Scott Cunningham, Ed Avis. Brett Beatty, James Root. Soccer Front Row: Rick Daniels, Eric Forrester, Tim Carpenter, Jim Nicolow, Pete Fonken, Randy Packer. Second Row: Mark Baxter, Ed Avis, David Davis, Rick MacPherson, Al Sieting. 61 Homecoming Week 62 63 V J vv Jeff Cox and Shana Schmidt Fail Homecoming Court Freshman Prince and Princess Junior Prince and Princcss Steve Doerr and Diana Lynn Senior Prince and Princess Kjersti Hembre and Pat Griffin - Mike Baker and Judy Kasson Honorary Queen and Escort Dave Meadows and Bobbi Drobny 64 67 Varsity Volleyball Front Row: Wendy Packard, Dawn McDermott, Michelle Green, Kim Larimer, Theresa Fenwick, Renae Thomas. Back Row: Chris Monroc, Debbie DeKam, Diana Roof, Kjersti Hembre, Tracy Godde, Debbie Dunithan. 68 RAMS RECORD G-A Opp 0 Comstock 2 0 K. Christian 2 0 Hackett 2 0 Potterville 2 0 Pennfield 2 Guli Lake Tournament 0 Colon 2 2 Bangor 0 0 Springfield 2 B. C. City Tournament 2 Mattawan 0 0 Colon 2 0 Paw Paw 2 1 Guli Lake 2 1 Parchment 2 1 Del ton 2 K.V.A. Tournament 6th Place 0 Union City 2 0 Potterville 2 2 Bellevue 0 69 Junior Varsity Volleyball Front Row: Angie Crummel. Stacey Whalen, Sherry Smith, Shari Carpenter, Toni Braden. Kim Vetter, Cathy Needham, Marilee Clpson. Kathleen Warner Back Row: Coach Green, Julie Dolan, Amy Hartman, Lori Roof, Wendy Bird, Beth Striebel, Nan Dunmire, Rhonda Oosting! Kathy Leng, Karen Mclntosh, Coach Garrett. RAMS RECORD GA Opp. 1 Comstock 2 2 K. Christian 0 0 Hackett 2 2 Potterville 0 2 Colon 0 2 Bangor 0 2 Springfield 0 2 Mattawan 0 2 Colon 0 1 Paw Paw 2 1 Guli Lake 2 J.V. Tournament Semi-Finals 2 K. Christian 1 Finals 2 Springfield 0 2 Del ton 0 KVA Tournament 1 Potterville 2 2nd Place 70 Junior Varsity Basketball Front Row: Don VanderLugt, Reg Loveland, Tim Sigourney, Mike Cox, Terry Bargo, Andy Cronkhite, David VanderLugt. Back Row: Coach Sharpe, Chris Taylor, Jerry Pierman, Bill Coleman, Tony Cronkhite, Ed Avis, Mick Pierman, Steve Doerr. Not Pictured: Dave Meadows. RAMS RECORD GA Opp. 47 St. Philip 46 39 ClimaxScotts 55 50 K. Christian 62 57 Bangor 39 42 Delton 66 43 Hackett 59 43 Vicksburg 48 60 Parchment 53 60 Centerville 64 41 Mattawan 44 37 Paw Paw 38 42 K. Christian 50 66 Bangor 41 34 Deiton 67 61 Olivet 62 46 Parchment OT 44 65 Mattawan 53 58 Climax Scotts 49 59 Paw Paw 38 34 Hackett 63 71 Varsity Basketball Front Row: Tom Doerr, Jim Joyner, Scott Standley, Doug VanderLugt, Scott Smith. Back Row: Coach Morgan, Tim Born, Doug MacPherson, Troy Peters, Mike Nourse, Steve Huyck, Mike Baker. RAMS RECORD GA 59 St. Philip Opp. 45 75 Climax Scotts 51 41 K. Christian 65 63 Bangor 47 75 Delton 65 56 Hackett OT 60 73 Vicksburg OT 77 56 Parchment 62 61 Centerville 59 54 Mattawan 56 69 Paw Paw 45 39 K. Christian 40 41 Bangor 45 87 Delton 67 71 Olivet 62 48 Parchment 63 55 Mattawan OT 58 78 Climax Scotts 60 64 Paw Paw 49 58 Hackett 46 47 District Pennfield 56 72 Winter Homecoming Seniors: Dave Clough and Mary Dinzik King and Queen Freshmen: Reg Loveland and Karen Mclntosh Dave Hartman and Karen Townsend 76 77 This year’s Varsity Cheerleadjng squad kept fcusy with many activities. Jhey won awards at cheerleading camp and also became the winners of the 1982 Westmain Mali Spirit Award. Their cheerleading careers were highTighted when they received first place at the Allegan County Fa i r Cheerleading Competition. Varsity Cheerleaders Pam Mclntosh, Penny Patterson. Shana Schmidt, Jodie Morgan, Judy Kasson, Beckey TerBerg, Karen Townsend, April Rose, Cindy Kent, Shawn Minne, Mrs. Morgan. 78 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Front Row: Bobbi Drobny, Shari Carpenter, Renae Thomas. Second Row: Lisa Patterson, Laura Loveland, Tracy Godde Back Row: Amy Gregory, Missy Haist, Amy Hartman. 79 Boys Track Front Row: James Root, Tim Mielke, Jim Byer, Brad Heldt, Kevin Coleman. Second Row: Tim Born, George VanLinden, Tim Becker, Ron Moss, David Wayne, Mark Baxter, Ed Avis, Pete Fonken Back Row: Roger Stace, Brian Col- les, Mike Askew, Scott Cunningham, Pat Griffin, Allen Warner, Jerry Vorva, Paul Bryant, Dave Hartman. Not Pictured: Coach Coates. 80 Girls T rack Front Row: Missy Haist, Trina Leininger, Kathleen Warner, Becky Telfer, Karen Mclntosh, Melonie Molica, Coach Forrester. Back Row: Diane Roof, Cara Mitchell, Karen Townsend, Tracy Godde, Amy Gregory, Rhonda Stace, Kjersti Hembre, Lori Roof. 82 -’ Varsity Softball Front Row: Renae Thomas, Marilee Clpson, Lisa Livingston, Michelle Green, Sherry Smith Back Row: Chris Monroc, Brenda Landers, Pcnny Patterson, Shawn Minne, Kari Turks, Coach Cramer. - -• 4|U. - r - J RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 3 Gobles 14 13 Gobles 3 1 K. Christian 12 0 K. Christian 9 7 Vicksburg 12 5 Hackett 11 3 Hackett 11 21 Climax-Scotts 9 14 Mattawan 8 4 Mattawan 6 20 Climax Scotts 9 5 Gobles 7 3 ClimaxScotts 3 3 Bangor 10 7 Bangor 9 2 Paw Paw 12 4 Paw Paw 8 18 Springfield 4 15 Springfield 5 9 Delton 5 10 Delton 9 PreDistrict 5 Bronson 1 District 4 Maple Valley 7 SENIORS — Penny Patterson, Brenda Landers. Kari Turks, Shawn Minne ' , Michelle Green. 85 Junior Varsity Softball Front Row: Wendy Bird, Cathy Needham, Kim VanAmeyden, Laura Loveland, Michelle Rhodes, Kathy Leng, Coach Taylor. Back Row: Wendy Packard, Rhonda Wood, Valerie Reitenour, Kim Larimer, Diana Lynn, Lisa Patterson, Rhonda Oosting. RAMS RECORD G A 8 K. Christian Opp. 18 15 K. Christian 5 10 Vicksburg 17 12 Hackett 11 11 Hackett 7 15 Mattawan 14 9 Mattawan 14 15 Bangor 1 13 Bangor 17 4 Paw Paw 17 11 Paw Paw 12 18 Springfield 3 28 Springfield 2 7 Delton 9 20 Delton 21 86 Junior Varsity Baseball Front Row: Jim Laske, Darryl Phillips, Rob Gillespie, Bill Schultz. Second Row: Wade Gervais, Scott Madden, Mike Soule, Bill Coleman, Mike Graham, Terry Bargo. Back Row: Tom Shirley, Chris Sutton, Tim Sigourney, Mike Cox, Greg Forster, Jeff McCauley, Chris Taylor, Don VanderLugt. RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 4 Gobles 2 5 Gobles 3 7 K. Christian 10 7 K. Christian 5 7 Pennfield 6 13 Vicksburg 7 2 Hackett 8 18 Hackett 14 5 Mattawan 7 4 Mattawan 4 1 Bangor 3 6 Bangor 2 9 Paw Paw 4 13 Paw Paw 3 8 St. Philip 6 7 St. Philip 10 4 Delton 8 4 Del ton 7 Gobles Tournament Bangor Champioship Game Gobles 1 Varsity Baseball Front Row: Jeff McCauley, Tim Kellam, Ted Whalen, Rob Stewart, Bill Coleman, Tom East, Jeff Cox Back Row: Coach Taylor, Steve Doerr, Jim Joyner, Scott Standley, Dan Arrick, Scott Smith, Dave Hartman, Tim Born, Coach Campbell. 88 RAMS RECORD G-A Opp. 2 Gobles 3 4 K. Christian 13 5 K. Christian 4 10 Pennfield 11 8 Vicksburg 10 2 Hackett 5 4 Hackett 2 6 ClimaxScotts 13 7 Bangor 2 3 Bangor 2 4 Mattawan 9 0 Mattawan 10 15 Comstock 16 0 Climax-Scotts 8 7 Paw Paw 10 8 Paw Paw 7 8 Springfield 10 0 Springfield 3 6 St. Philip 11 5 St. Philip 15 7 Delton 1 12 Delton 6 8 Parchment 7 Pre District 6 Parchment 0 District 0 Watervliet 4 SENIORS — Tim Kellam, Scott Standley, Dan Arrick, Dave Hartman, Scott Smith, Tim Bom. 89 Boys Tennis Front Row: Mark Lewis, Dan Wakefield. Mike Livendale, Mick Pierman, Reggie Loveland. Back Row: Tim Oosting, Chris Lahti Randy Bor tolussi, John Howes, Tom Doerr, Bill Livendale. Not Pictured: Coach Smith. GA RAMS RECORD Opp. 5 Otsego 2 4 Springfield 3 6 Comstock 1 5 K. Christian 2 4 Pennfield 3 0 Hackett 7 5 Otsego 2 5 Pennfield 2 7 Bronson 0 4 Parchment 3 2 Vicksburg 5 1 Guli Lake 6 lst Place Bronson Invitational 3rd Place Regional Tournament 90 Prom Fashion Show 92 Somewhere in Time 95 Ofall the years we spent together It almost seemed it would go on forever. The happiness and sadness we all shared Showed just how much we really cared. The dances, games and homecoming floats All those wishes and all those hopes We will keep thoughts ofeaeh other in mind. Hoping we will meet again ... Somewhere in Time. 97 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Allen Warner, Sherry Crummel Top Ten Front Row: Linda Wellington, Koni Telfer, Lisa Duggan, Lisa Lynn. Back Row: Allen Warner, Sherry Crummel, Cindy Kent, Penny Patterson, Mike Sprick. Absent: Beckey TerBerg. Commencement 1983 99 Senior Trip Senior Directory Dan Arrick — Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4; Basket ball 1; Cadet 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2. Marilyn Bailey — Band 1, 2; Commer cial Club 2; Ski Club 2. Jack Baird — Cadet 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3. Mike Baker — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot ball I, 2. 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Library Club 3. Lori Beadle — Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Cadet 4; Flag 3; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Lori (Blue) Wood — Commercial Club 2; Drama 1; Grappelettes 1; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4. Jeff Brown — Ski Club 4. Tim Born — Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1,2, 3,4; Cadet 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2; Track 4. Jill Bowers — Volleyball 1. Sharon Bresson. Toni Card — Cadet 4 Dave Clough — Cadet 4; Co-op 4; Homecoming Court 4 (Climax-Scotts). Julie Clugston — Cadet 4; Track 1, 2. Brian Colles — Football 4; Track 4; (Guli Lake 4) Stormy Conrad — Choir 1; Grappelettes 1; Library Club 4. Daphne Cox — Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Cadet 4; Ski Club 1; Track 1, 2, 3. Sherry Crummel — Cadet 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Salutatorian. Scott Cunningham — Cross Country 4; Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3, 4. Adair Dacey — Softball 1 , 2; Parliament 4. Dawn Degenkolb — Band 1; Cadet 4; Choir 1; Library Club 4. Mary Dinzik — Cadet 4; Homecoming Court 4. Lisa Duggan — Cadet 4; Parliament 4. Mike Evarts — Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 1,2,3; Ski Club 3, 4 Lori Freemire — Basketball 1, 2; Home Ec. Club 1.2. Matt Godde — Band 1; Library Club 3, 4; Photo Club 1. Michelle Green — Band 1, 2, 3; Basket ball 1, 2; Cadet 4; KVA Exchange 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1,2,3, 4 Pat Griffin — Basketball 1; Cadet 4; Drama 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecom¬ ing Court 4; Ski Club 3; Parliament 1, 2; Track 1,2, 3.4. Richard Haase — Band 1; Baseball 1. Dave Hartman — Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Cadet 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4. Steve Hawkins — Football 1. Kjersti Hembre — Basketball 4; Homecoming Court 4; Track 4; Volleyball 4; (Oslo, Norway 4). Steve Hoffman — Band 1, 2; Baseball 2; Football 1; Ski Club 2, 3,4. Chri» Hopkins — Band 1,2; Cadet 4. John Howes — Football 1; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1. Rob Howes — Band 1,2. 3; Baseball 2 3 Ski Club 3, 4. Joe Kalin — Band 1, 2; Baseball 1; Ski Club 3, 4. Judy Kasson — Band 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 4; Commercial Club 2; Homecom¬ ing Court 4; Ski Club 2, 3. Tim Kellam — Band 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Homecoming Court 2 Jazz Band 3; Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4. Cindy Kent — Basketball 1 , 2; Cheerleader 4; Drama 1; National Honor Society 4; Parliament 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3; Yearbook 4. Brenda Landers — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-op 4; Homecoming Court 3; Softball 1,2,3, 4; Volleyball 1. Mike Lemon — Cadet 4. Anson LoBretto — Co-op 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Gail Loveland — Basketball 1; Cheerleader 2; Co-op 4; Ski Club 2, 3; Student Council 3. Charles Lubitz — Band 1; Co-op 4. Lisa Lynn — Band 4; National Honor Society 4; Parliament 4; (Negaunee 4). Rick MacPherson — Ski Club 3, 4; Soc- cer 4. Dawn McDermott — Cadet 4; Cheerleader 2; Home Ec. Club 1; Track 1; Volleyball 1, 4. Pam Mclntosh — Cadet 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Mark Maxson — Basketball 1, 2; Cadet 4; Co-op 4. Shawn Minne — Cadet 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 1; Homecoming Court 2; Home Ec. Club 1, 2; KVA Exchange 4; Ski Club 2; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Cara Mitchell — Cheerleader 1, 2; Home Ec. Club 1; Track 2, 3, 4. Eric Moran — Cadet 4. Val Moran — Cadet 4. Al Nelson. Tim Oostling — Baseball 2; Basketball 1; Co-op 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 4. Janet Osman — Cheerleader 2; Home Ec. Club 2; KVA Exchange 4. Elaine Osterling — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet 4; Commercial Club 2; Home Ec. Club 1, 2; KVA Exchange 4; Parliament 4; Ski Club 2, 3; Track 2; Twirler 2, 3, 4. Randy Packer — Band 1; Soccer 4. Penny Patterson — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. 4; Commercial Club 2; Flag 1, 2; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3, 4; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2. Raymie Pierce — Cadet 4; Co-op 4; Foot ball 1,2,3, 4. Dawn Post — Cadet 4; Track 1. Bill Priest — Football 1. Jim Reynolds. Kathy Robertson — Cadet 4 Tina Root — Cadet 4; Homecoming Court 1; Library Club 4; Yearbook 3, 4. April Rose — Cheerleader 3, 4; Cadet 4. Robin Schmidt — Band 1, 2; Cadet 4 ; Commercial Club 2; Flag 1,2; Jazz Band 2; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Jeff Scott — Football 4; Homecoming Court 4; (Southfield 4). Cliff Sharp —Band 1. Jack Sharp — Co-op 4; Foreign Language Club 1. Al Sieting — Cadet 4, Football 1; Soccer 4; Wrestling 1. Scott Smith — Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 1; Tennis 2. Mike Sprick — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet 4; Chess Club 3, 4; Jazz Band 2, 3; Library Club 4; Ski Club 1. Roger Stace — Track 4. Gary Stamey. Scott Standley — Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Cadet 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Dave Stanfill. Julie Stevens — Band 1,2, 3, 4; Cadet 4. Rozanne Stickney — Cadet 4; Cheerleader 1; Photo Club 1. Marty Striebel. Koni Telfer — Cadet 4; Commercial Club 2; KVA Exchange 4; Parliament 4; Soft¬ ball 1,2. Beckey TerBerg — Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Home Ec. Club 1, 2; KVA Exchange 4; Ski Club 1. John Terry. Karen Townsend — Band 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 2; Co-op 4; Homecoming Court 1, 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1; Track 1.2, 3, 4. Kari Turks — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet 4; Library Club 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1. George VanLinder — Band 1; Homecom ing Court 1; Ski Club 2; Soccer 3, 4; Stu¬ dent Council 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 4; Year¬ book 2. Teri Vogel — Cadet 4. Yvonne Vorva — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2; Track 1,2. Nels Vosburg — Cadet 4. Dan Wakefield — Band 1, 2, 3; Basket ball 1; Cadet 4; Jazz Band 2, 3; Parlia ment 4; Photo Club 1; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4. Allen Warner — Basketball 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 4; Football 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Valedictorian. David Wayne — Basketball 1; Cadet 4; Chess Club 3, 4; Track 4. Brent Webb — Band 1; Basketball 1; Cadet 4; Chess Club 3, 4; Co-op 4; Library Club 3, 4. Linda Wellington — Cadet 4; Commer cial Club 2; Parliament 4; Ski Club 3; Yearbook 2. Paul Wenzel — Cadet 4, Co-op 4. Peter Whipple — Football 1. 106 ■ RAMBLER 83 H D S 113 Outdoor Power Equipment Sales — Service SNAPPER LAWN-BOY ItIWi» Congratulational BODDY’S CRAFT LITTLE ENGINES, INC. 3834 Lake St. at Sprinkle Rd. SHOP Kalamazoo, Ml AND Telephone 342-0544 Full Line of Chain Saw Accessories GIFTIOUE 205 S. Webster Art and Craft Supplies Art and Craft Classes The 1983 RAMBLER STAFF Phone 731-4881 wishes to thank everyone who made this book possible. Mon. — Fri. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sat. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ASTRO LOUNGE FOOD AND COCKTAILS COMPLETE PRO SHOP AUTOMATIC BOWLING SCORER Gnituf iiSsii at Sprinkle Road Across From Fisher Body 343-2626 114 Good Luck 83 Graduates Compliments of LENG’S HARDWARE 665-9810 HARDING’S OF GALESBURG Air and Hydraulics Belting and Hose Bearings Electric Motors Gears Roller Chain Drives Speed Reducers 424 Mills Street Kalamazoo, Ml 49001-2595 (616) 349-7737 WATTS 800-442-5086 1520 East Columbia Battle Creek Ml 49017-5197 (616) 968-1533 Congratulations Graduates THE ARGUS 665-9156 47 W. Michigan, Galesburg CLASSIC HAIR STYLES Augusta 731-4806 Marsha Bowker Mon. Tues. Sat. Jill Born, (Owner) Wed. thru Fri. Congratulations GALESBURG VILLAGE DRUG AND SUNDRIES 16 W. Mich. Galesburg 665-9727 665-9694 115 TIME OUT LOUNGE Your Host Bob and Jan Wilson Congratulations Class of1983 Cocktails and Sandwiches Open Daily 10 AM to 12 PM Sun 12 Noon to 8 PM o Kay Maxson Lisa K. Maxson-Wilson KAY MAXSON AGENCY General Insurance 1 E. Battle Creek St. Galesburg, Mi. 49053 Office Hours: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM Telephone Sat. 9 AM to 12 PM 665-7192 FIRST °F AMERICA Congratulations Grads Congratulations and Best Wishes Seniorsl LISKOVEC’S LAWN AND GARDEN AUGUSTA TELEPHONE Galesburg COMPANY 212 S. Webster Augusta, Mi. Phone 731-4101 - TktyGmy — 2033 Oak Industrial Drive N.E Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505 Good Luck Seniorsl A. M. TODD COMPANY DOINGMORE FOR MOREPEOPIE Kubota Tractors THAN EVERBEFORL KALAMAZOO SAV1NGS A DMSION OF RRST FEDERAL OF MICHICAN Simplicity Chain Mowers Saws GALESBURG LAWN EOUIPMENT, INC. 92 E. Mic h. Ava. Galesburg, Ml Ph.5-7654 GALESBURG SERVICE CENTER 144 W. Michigan Galesburg, Mich. 49053 Duane Bowker Owner State Certified Mechanic Our Complete Auto Service Includes Tune Ups — Cooling Systems — Tires Alternators — Generators — Starters Mufflers and Talipipes — Wheel Balancing Brakes Including Disc — Shock Absorbers — Springs Bali Joints and U-Joints — Batteries 24 Hour Towing Days 665-7066 Nites 731-5386 117 Best Wishes BELL’S UNION 76 Compliments of on the Point in Galesburg ROELOF DAIRY Galesburg, Mi. 49053 Congratulations S cAie6e t Insurance A FULL SERVICE AGENCY 47 West Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Phone 665-7700 LIFE - HEALTH - AUTO HOME - BUSINESS and GROUP INSURANCE Mutual Fund Investments Compliments of WAYNE HOME FURNISHING Fashion Corner Factory Outlet (01 d Burqess Bldg.) Downtown Galesburg Teensand Visit Our Ladies Clothing Queen’s Corner Tues. — Sat. 10-5 GRANT’S GENERAL STORE 33 West Battle Creek Galesburg, Mi. 49053 119

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