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Galesb urg-A ugusta High School 1973 Rambler jS% - 1 - Ta ble of Con ten ts Academics Organizations Special Events 6 54 78 106 Sports Rambler Staff Sherri French Lois Ward min inn , Minn ACADEMICS Our school year was made a little brighter with the presence of Paco in our student body. Paco arrived in August of 1972 from Spain, and increased our knowledge of that country through assemblies and pre¬ sentations in the communities. We were happy to have Paco at Galesburg-Augusta, and wish him the best of luck in the future. 8 Class of 1973 FRONT ROW: Angie Dinzik, Vice President; Todd Moulton, President; Marsha Johnson, Treasurer. BACK ROW: Lois Ward, Secretary, and Mr. Hanna, Sponsor. Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Forget-Me-Not Class Motto: ”Learning to under¬ stand life, seek wisdom, and fear not eternity " . - Senior Class 1973 Our Sponsor - Always Smiling! 9 RICHARD ARTHUR ADAMS KATHY SUE ADKINS LARRY GENE BARKER PAMELA JO BATEY BONNIE BEARDSLEY LINDA S. BELL DIANE SUE BOOMERSHINE DENNIS LELAND BRESSON PHILIP E. CUTLER RUSSELL MERRILL DANIELS JANICE HOPE DEGRUSH ROGER DENTLER ANGELINE KIM DINZIK TERRY LEE ECHTINAW LARRY JAMES FARROW JANE GENELLE GREENE THEODORE WILLIAM GUTHRIE II KEVIN CURTIS HENDRICK JOYCE ELAINE HENSON DALE A. HITE 14 SHELLEY MARIE HAYCOOK THOMAS WILLIAM HOFFMAN ALAN HOLLOWAY STEPHEN K. HOWES KAREN INGRAM SHIRLEY F. JOHNSON MARSHA ANN JOHNSON BETHANY LYNN HOYT ARVIL DEE JONES III DANIEL E. JONES MICHAEL DAVID KEAST DENISE LYNN KISSINGER GEORGE JOSEPH KNIGHT SCOTT KOHL MICHAEL WILLIAM KUHN I 33W . RICHARD D. LENG LINDA MARIE LINDSEY 16 VICKI LYNN MILLS ROGER S. MINER JIM MOORE MIKE MORELAND TODD MICHAEL MOULTON DOUG NORMAN RHONDA L. RYDER PACO SARMENTO SHEILA MARIE SHAFER PAMELA ANN SIETING MARY LOUISE SIMMONS JOANNE MARIE SKIDMORE 20 STEVEN MICHAEL SLAGER KAREN L. SNOOK MARK S. STAMEY DENNIS LYNN STRINGHAM MICKEY WAYNE TERBERG JOSEPH JOHN SRACKANGAST STEPHEN JOHN STAMPER MARY JO VINDEDAHL BILLIE ALBERTA WABER TOM T. WAGER SANDRA KAY WAYNE JOSEPH DOUGLAS WEAKLY JUDY WHITEHURST SUSAN ELAINE WILSON NOT PICTURED: 1. BONNIE HINSON 2. FRED JACOBS 3. BECKY NICHOLS 23 SENIOR DIRECTORY DICK ADAMS: Basketball 9,11; Independent Team 12: Cadet Teacher 12. KATHY ADKINS: Library Club 12; G. A. A. 9,10.11. LARRY BARKER: Wrestling 9; Track 11.12: Auto Mech. 12. PAM BATEY: Commercial Club 10,11.12; Band 9,10,11,12; Pep Band 9.10,11; Co-op 12. BONNIE BEARDSLEY: F.H.A.; G. A. A. 9.10.11; Pep Club 9. LINDA BELL: F.N.A. 9; French Club 9,10.11.12; G.A.A. 9,10. DENNIS BRESSON: Football 9.10; Wrestling 9,10. DIANE BOOMERSHINE: French Club 9,10,11,12; Science Club 10,11.12; G.A.A. 9; Cadet Teacher 12. DIANE BRODY BRIAN CAMBURN: French Club 10.11.12; Science Club 10,11.12; Band 9,10,11,12. NANCY CHAPIN: Commercial Club 11; G.A.A. 9.10.11,12; Pep Club 9.10,11,12; Cheer¬ leading MIKE COLEMAN: Golf 9.10,11.12; Basketball 9.10.11,12. SUE COLVIN: G.A.A. 9.10; Cadet Teacher 12. PHILIP CUTLER RUSTY DANIELS: Band 9,10,11,12; Pep Band 9.11; Select Choir 12; Basketball 9,12; Base¬ ball 11.12; Track 9. ROGER DENTLER ANGIE DINZIK: A.F.S. 9.10; French Club 9.10; Science Club 11; G.A.A. 9.10,11,12; Cadet Teacher 12; Homecoming Princess 9,12; Senior Vice-President; Sophomore Treasurer. TERRY ECHTINAW; Auto Mech. 11; Y.O.U. 12; Cadet Teacher 12. TONYA ELDRIDGE: F.N.A. 9,10,11,12; A.F.S. 10.11.12; F.H.A. 9,10; Pep Club 9; Band 9,10,11.12; Choir 12; Pep Band 9.10.11; F.N.A. President 11; F.N.A. Secretary and Treas- urer 10. NANCY FOWLER: A.F.S. 10,11,12; F.H.A. 10.11; Band 9,10,11; Choir 12; Cadet Teacher 12 . CHERR1 FRANZ: G.A.A. 9,10; Pep Club 9; Cadet Teacher 12. SHERRI FRENCH: F.N.A. 9; Commercial Club 10,11.12; Yearbook 12; Student Teacher 12; Rampages 11; Treasurer of Commercial Club Pep Band 9,10.11.12; Band 9,10,11,12. TOM GENTRY JANE GREENE: A.F.S. 9.10,11,12; Science Club 9,10,11,12; Library Club 11,12; Drama Club 10; Band; Sister of Francoise De Boe; Treasurer of Junior Class. TED GUTHRIE: Student Council 11; Football 9,10; Golf 11,12; Tennis 9,10,11.12; Basket¬ ball 9,10.11,12; Track 11.12; Rampages 11; Homecoming Court ( King) 12, ( Escort) 9; Cadet 12. SHELLY HAYCOOK: G.A.A. 9,10.11.12; Grapalettes 12; Queen 12. KEVIN HENDRICK: Chess Club 12; Band 9,10,11,12; Cadet 12. JOYCE HENSON: French Club 9,10,11.12; A.F.S. 9,10,11.12; Science Club 10,11; G.A.A. 9; Band 9,10,11,12; Student Council 9; Cadet 12; Sophomore President; Junior President. BONNIE HINSON: A.F.S 9,10.11; G.A.A. 9.10; Play 10,11; Select Choir 12; Cadet 12; Cheerleading 9. DALE HITE: Football 9,10; Baseball 9,11,12; Wrestling 9. TOM HOFFMAN: Play 9,10,11,12; Band; Auto Mech. 11,12. ALAN HOLLOWAY: Science Club 10,11,12; Chess Club 12; Play 12; Band 9,10,11,12; Pep Band 9,10,11,12; Wrestling 9. STEVE HOWES: Football 9.10,11,12; Golf 11; Wrestling 9.10.11,12; Track 11,12; Cadet Teacher 12. BETH HOYT: F.N.A. 9.10.11,12; Library Club 11,12; Student Council 9,10; Band 9.10, 11,12; Majorette 9,10,11,12; Freshman Vice-President; Homecoming Court 12; Cadet 12. KAREN INGRAM: Commercial Club 10,11,12; Pep Club 9; Band 9,10,11,12; Co-op 12. FRED JACOBS: Football 10,11; Baseball 9,10; Basketball 9,10,11,12. SHIRLEY JOHNSON MARSHA JOHNSON: F.N.A. 9,10,11,12; Library Club 11; Drama 11; Student Council 10; Sophomore Vice-President; Senior Treasurer; Cadet 12; Play 10,11; Girls ' Basketball 11. ARVIL JONES: Science Club 11,12; Football 9.10; Basketball 10,11,12; Play 12; Band 9,10, 11,12; Yearbook 12; Cadet 12. DAN JONES: Science Club 11,12; Play 11,12; Band 9,10,11,12. MIKE KEAST: Baseball 12; Tennis 9,10,11; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Manager 9,10; Play 9; Choir 12; Select Choir 12. DENISE KISSINGER: F.N.A. 9;F.H.A. 11; Cadet 12; Band 9,10,11.12; Majorette 9,10, 11,12; Pep Club 9,10; Grapalettes 10.11; Choir 11,12; Pep Band 9,10,11,12. GEORGE KNIGHT: Band 9,10.11,12; Homecoming Escort 11; Auto Mech. 11,12; Cadet Teacher 12. SCOTT KOHL: Basketball 9.10; Track 11,12. MICHAEL KUHN: Baseball 12; Wrestling 9; Track 9. DICK LENG: Band 9,10,11,12; Chess Club 12. LINDA LINDSEY: A.F. S. 9.10,11; Science Club 10.11; Drama 9; Commercial Club 10, 11,12; Band 9,10,11.12; Rampages 11. CHERYL LINHART: F.N.A.; F.H.A. 11; Band 9.10.11,12; Choir 11.12; Grapa¬ lettes 10.11,12; Choir 11,12; Select 12. GINGER LISKOVIC: A. F. S. 10,11; Pep Club 11; Student Council 11; Commercial Club 10, 11; Grapalettes 11; Cadet 12. MIKE McMICHAEL: Track 9,10.11,12. DIANE MEADOWS: F.H.A. 11.12; G. A. A. 9,10,11,12; Commercial Club 10,11; Pep Club 9,10,11; Grapalettes 10,11.12. ART MEZO: Play 10; Band 9,10; Auto Mech. 11,12; Cadet 12. VICIKI MILLS: F.N.A. 10,11,12; Science Club 11,12; Play 11; Commercial Club 10,11 ,12; Cheerleading 10,11,12; Choir 11,12; Select 12; Grapalettes 12; Cadet 12; Homecoming 11. ROGER MINER: Rampages 11; Auto Mech. 11,12. JIM MOORE: Auto Mech. 11,12. MIKE MORELAND: Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 10. TODD MOULTON: Football 9,10,11,12; Baseball 10; Wrestling 9; Senior President. JIM MUSSULMAN: Football 9,10,11,12; Baseball 10; Tennis 9,10; Basketball 9,10; Wrest¬ ling 11; Rampages 11. MARLYNA NEELEY: A.F.S. 10,11,12; French Club 9,10.11,12; Drama 9,10; G.A.A. (L), 11,12; Play 9,10,12; Band 11,12; Yearbook 12; Tennis 12; Cadet 12; Pep Band 11,12. CATHY NEWTON: F.N.A. 9,10,11,12; F.H.A. 9.10,11; Library 10,11,12; G.A.A. 12; Band 9,10; Rampages 11; Auto Mech. 11. BECKY NICHOLAS: Cadet Teacher 12. CLAUDINE NOORDHOF: F.N.A. 10,11; Choir 11,12; Select 12; Cadet. DOUG NORMAN: Football 9,10.11.12; Baseball 11; Track 10; Wrestling 9,10. DENESSA NUYEN: F.N.A. 9,10,11,12; F.1J.A. 11,12; Science Club 11,12; Commercial Club 10,11,12; G.A.A. 9,10; Band 9,10,11,12; Cadet Teacher 12. DEBBIE PA TTERSON: F.N.A. 9; Grapalettes 10 i.1. Rampages 11. BILL PEUGH: Football 10. GAIL PIERMAN: Commercial Club 12; Library 12; Student Council 9,10. TOM PIERMAN: Band; Auto Mech. 11. RANDY POWELL: Football 9,10.11,12; Basketball 9,10; Track 9,10,11,12; Rampages 11. SHIRLENE RANES: Commercial Club 10.11; G.A.A. 9,10.11; Choir 12; Pep Club 9,10; Homecoming Queen 12; Grapalettes 10.11,12. LINDA RARICK: French Club 9,10; Commercial Club 12; G.A.A. 9,10,11,12; Band 9,10,11; Co-op 12; Sophomore Secretary. DANNY ROBBINS: Football 9,10,11.12; Track 12. RUSSELL ROGERS: Football 9. RHONDA RYDER: Choir 12. PACO SARMENTO: A. F. S. 12; Tennis 12; Basketball 12; Homecoming Court ( Honorary King) 12: A.F.S. Student from Spain. SHELIA SHAFER: F.H.A. 9.10.11,12; Science Club 10; G.A.A. 9; Commercial Club 10; Cheerleading 10; Auto Mech. 11; Cadet 12. SUE SHANLEY: Commercial Club 10.11.12; Drama 9,10.11; Student Council 11; Cheer- leading 9,10; Band 9,10.11,12; Homecoming Princess 11; Co - op 12. SANDY SHANLEY: A.F.S. 9,10; French Club 9,10,11; Science Club 10,11,12; G.A.A. 9. 10.11; Student Council 9,10.11; Pep Club 9,10; Cheerleading 9; Homecoming Princess 10; Junior Vice-President. PAM S1ETING: F.N.A. 10,11,12; F.H.A. 11.12; Library 12; G.A.A. 9; Pep Club 9; Cadet Teacher 12. MARY SIMMONS: F.H.A. 11; G.A.A. 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Grapalettes 11; Play 11; Choir 11,12. JOANNA SKIDMORE: A.F.S. 9,10; Pep Club 9,10; Commercial Club 10,11,12; Drama 9, 10; G.A.A. 9.10,11; Grapalettes 10,11. STEVE SLAGER: Football 9.10,11.12; Baseball 9.10,11.12; Track 11. KAREN SNOOK: F.N.A. 10,11,12; Commercial Club 10,11,12; G.A.A. 9,10,11,12. JOE SRACKANGAST: Football 9,10; Golf 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9.10.11,12; Rampages 11. STEVE STAMPER: Band 9.10,11,12; Rampages 11; Cadet 12; Pep Band 9,10,11,12; Photo- grapher for Yearbook 12. DENNIS STRINGHAM: Football 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Freshman Treasurer; Homecoming ( Escort) 9,11; Homecoming King 12. MICKEY TERBERG: Science Club 11,12; Football 9,10.11,12; Baseball 9,10.11,12; Wrest¬ ling 9,10. MARY VINDEDAHL: A.F.S. 9,10; French Club 9,10; Science Club 10,11.12; G.A.A. 9. 10,11; Rampages 11; Cadet 12. BILLIE WABER: F.H.A. 9,10,11,12; Concessions 9,10,11. TOM WAGER: Football 10; Baseball 10,11; Basketball 10,11,12; Cadet Teacher 12. JOE WALKER: Football 9,10,12; Baseball 11,12. NANCY WALKER: F.H.A. 9.10,11,12. LOIS WARD: A. F. S 9.10,11,12; French Club 9,10,11,12; Play 10,11,12; Science Club 10, 11,12; G.A.A. 9,10,11; Band 9,10,11,12; Yearbook 12; D.A.R. 12; Cadet 12; Junior and Senior Class Secretary; Pep Band 9,10,11,12. SANDY WAYNE: Library Club 9.10,11,12; French Club 9.10.11; Band 9,10. JOESPH WEAKLY: Science Club 9,10.11; Football; Track 9,10,11,12; Mana¬ ger 9,10,11,12. SUE WILSON: F.H.A. 9,10,11,12; G.A.A. 9,10,11. JUDY WHITEHURST: Commercial Club 10,11,12; Library 11,12; G.A.A. (L); Student Council 11; Pep Club 9,10; Grapalettes 10,11; Cheerleading 9,10,11. CHUCK WHITMAN: Tennis 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10; Play 11,12; Band 9,10,11,12. REED YOUNGS: Football 11,12; Basketball 11; Track 11,12; Rampages 11. MARGARET ZAHN: F.N.A. 11,12; A.F.S. 10,11; Student Council 9; Pep Club 9; Grapa¬ lettes 11,12; Yearbook 12; Cadet 12; Freshman Secretary; Rampages 11; Homecoming Court (princess) 10. TO THE CLASS OF 1973: As the years goby each of us understands the importance of education to varying degrees. As adults you become acutely aware that training of some type is imperative in today’s world. It is my hope that the Galesburg-Augusta Com¬ munity Schools has given you the background and desire to become involved in some type of advanced education whether it be apprentice, technical, or college. On behalf of the school, l would like to con¬ gratulate the seniors personally and wish all of you the best of luck and success in your endea¬ vors of the future. John H. Wagar. Superintendent Board of Education SEATED: James Schultz, Harvey Beatty, Paul Manning, Robert Birkenmeyer, Florence Vetter, E. Martin Johnson, and James Beadle. TO THE CLASS OF 1973: In this world life can often be compared to a ticket for an airplane or a railroad trip. To be successful there must be a destination so that we do not become lost in this life. It is also necessary to have a time schedule which gives us the ability to be aware of the needs of this day, and of a tomorrow which is already ahead of schedule. Thirdly, we must faceup to the route that we intend to take; we are free to choose one that‘is pleasant and provides joy and service to others, or we can go a bitter, rocky, and unpleasant road. Down at the bot¬ tom of every ticket is the price that must be paid. Good intentions will not suffice; in this life we must be willing to pay the price. It is necessary to transform information into under- standing and be willing to carry out a good resolution long after the mood in which it was made had left. Best wishes to each of you as you complete your own ticket to life with its destination, its time schedule, its route, and its price. The hand of God is on the shoulder of this troubled world. Be lieve in yourself. Make sure you have faith. Sincerely, mttkuu uJa Kenneth W. Ward, Principal GALESBURG-AUGUSTA HIGH SCHOOL G-A Administrators 31 MRS. NEIDLINGER, MRS. DANIELS, MRS. JOLLY. MRS. HAIST School Employees MRS. RARICK MRS. ROGERS Faculty Mr. Court Mr. Havey Mrs. Hoard Mr. Burrell Math and Sciences Mrs. Stokes, hard at work. Mr. Kruska and Mr. Hoard Librarians Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Burrell Mr. Berger pr A - Physical Education Mrs. Winters Mr. Maskill Special Education Mr. Feist Mr. Sullivan Mr. Zomer Mr. Rafferty Fall and Spring Student Teachers Miss Adams Mr. Putnam Juniors Learn Leadership L. Abbs D. Armstrong C. Balkema P. Barrett S. Baxter D. Bishop L. Breneman D. Bresson S. Brown J. Carpenter J. Champion M. Champion K. Banghart J. Barrett M. Bolton J. Bowers D. Bushouse R. Burns B. Clemens J. Coburn L. Cobum B. Cochran R. Cochran C. Cox T. Cutler K. DeGrush D. Dutton G. Eldridge S. Emerson C. Cody T. Cross M. Dimock D. Dolph R. English A. Fish 44 V. Gordy K. Grimm J. Groh J. Hite T. Holdstock D. Howes C. Kasson R. Kent M. Kirklin T. Landers L. Liskovec B. Lockner C. McMichael T. McNen O. Mann D. Mendenhall P. Mezo D. Merriam R. Neal T. O ' Donnell R. Oldham THOSE NOT PICTURED: Danny Mills Tom Morrison Sherry Rarick Perry Smith J. Hagadone S. Haines B. Higgins T. Hutchins P. Johnson B. Jolly R. Kohl D. Kuhn L. LaCourse M. Lockwood K. McConnell L. McGuire E. Manning B. Mattimore D. Maupin M. Miner K. Moleski M. Mulder B. Osterling G. Pattee L. Pierman 45 N. Pratt S. Rayman M. Reese W. Salters M. Scott B. Shaffer C. Smith R. Smith S. Snook S. Storteboom B. Stout S. Taylor D. VanDeLaare C. VanDyke T. VanSickler R. Warner A. Warsop T. Whitman D. Wilson G. Wilson M. Wilson S. Roe P. Rogers P. Shroyer K. Simon B. Stamper G. Stevens J. Tupper L. Underwood T. VonEitzen C. Ward L. Wiese B. Wilson S. Wolford Sophomores Learn the Routine at G-A B. Abbs B. Adkins K. Allen E. Bennett J. Bishop N. Book H. Brown G. Buckner K. Burks K. Clay M. Clemens M. Chochran A. Curtiss C. Duggan D. Dunithan L. Finkey C. Fontaine C. Fry P. Garrett D. Gates J. Gates M. Ambs K. Armstrong C. Belland M. Boomershine M. Born A. Branham D. Bushouse A. Campbell S. Chapin C. Coleman T. Cox B. Crandell R. Dunithan C. Ehlers D. English D. Garrett M. Garrett M. Garrett C. Genung D. Gordon C. Gray 47 D. Groat J. Gross H. Hagadone C. Harman B. Haycook L. Hartman M. Higgins T. Hill W. Hinson T. Homan R. Howe J. Hughes A. Kasson J. Reiser S. Kellay M. Kissinger D. Kline B. Larimer C. Long G. Majewski M. Makowski R. Minor J. Moleski K. Moran K. Moses K. Murray N. Myers T. Haines L. Haist K. Henson L. Hewett P. Hollanbaugh M. House D. Johnson M. Jolly S. Kelly B. Kirk C. Lewman D. Lockner S. Meadows J. Miller M. Moreland D. Moses D. Nelson C. Noteboom 48 D. Nuyen D. Pettigrew S. Peugh J. Ranes R. Robbins J. Rodgers R. Scott B. Shanahan C. Shupp S. Smith P. Soule M. Story D. Phillips C. Pierman R. Prescott C. Samson C. Sayers J. Scott M. Smith E. Smith R. Smith K. Taylor J. TerBerg T. Terryn D. Thomas L. Thompson G. VanKersen M. VanVranken D. Watts D. Weld E. Williams L. Wilson Thunman Tolmacs B. Waber N. Waltz D. Welsh J. White 49 Spirit of 76 Runs High 50 C. Allen C. Aspinali C. Bagnell B. Born N. Bowers L. Buchanan L. Chapin S. Clay C. Cody T. Cox R. Cutler E. DeGrush W. Dimock P. Drake D. Dutton D. Finton C. Fish S. Fry G. Geren B. Graff T. Haist R. Harvey D. Henson D. Hewitt W. Hite D. Holloway P. Howes L. Birkenmeyer N. Boomershine D. Burris L. Burton T. Coe N. Collins E. DeGrush L. DeWise K. English S. Farrow J. Garrett S. Genung G. Harper L. Hartman S. Hewitt A. Hinson M. Huyck A. Johnson _ M. Johnson T. Jones T. Kellay O. Lemon M. Leng T. Lewman R. Manwarren A. Marko J. Mason J. Mezo T. Mezo J. Moleski P. Parks D. Parks C. Pierce L. Pratt S. Quinn T. Rankins S. Rogers D. Rutherford C. Sayers K. Shaffer S. Sharpstein T. Sheets L. Kirshman S. Lahti R. Lantis R. Link D. Lockwood M. McDaniel L. Maupin L. Maxson T. Metzer S. Neal J. Newton S. Nuyen J. Peterson R. Pettigrew K. Pitko D. Reese S. Reynolds R. Robbins D. Sales V. Schwartz P. Scott J. Shelton R. Shilts C. Smith J. Smith P. Smith L. Smith J. Snook R. Smith S. Srackangast R. Stamper J. Stevens K. Stewart M. Story J. Taylor D. TenHave C. Tiller D. VanDeLaare V. Vaughn D. Walker R. Ward K. Wedell A. Wayne D. Weld L. Welling R. Westfall L. Williams J. Wilson K. Wilson C. Zahn M. Wortinger 52 5 A.F.S. — Youths’ Pathway to Peace BACK ROW: M. Neeley, C. Harmon, L. Hewitt, D. Jones. J. Henson, D. Bishop, S. Emerson. MIDDLE ROW: N. Fowler, T. Eldridge, L. Birkenmeyer, P. Rodgers, M. Mulder, D. Wilson. FRONT: L. Ward, J. Greene, Mis. Stager, Paco, M. Kirklin, L. Liskovic. G-A “Checks Out” Chess NAMES: Front, Left to Right; D. Leng, G. Stevens, J. Mason, M. TerBerg, M. Reese. BACK: R. Smith, K. Hendricks, A. Holloway. Mr. Daily, D. VanDeLaare, C. Smith. L. Finkey, W. Hite. MISSING: T. McNett, R. Stamper. R. Ward. Lihrary Club Sponsor Mrs. Burrell NAMES: Front; J. Greene. J. Whitehurst, T. Hutchins, P. Seiting, V. Mills. BACK: M. Boomershine, S. Baxter, S. Emmerson, Mrs. Burrell, G. Pierman, B. Hoyt, M. Reese. 57 Commercial Club on the Go!! FRONT ROW: Mrs. Stokes. K. Ingram. L. Lindsey, L. McGuire, S. French. Mrs. Van De Laare. 2nd ROW: L. Abbs. L. Hewitt, S. Shanley, L. Rarick, K. Banghart, C. McMichael. D. Moses, D. Thomas. 3rd ROW: J. Whitehurst, J. Skidmore, G. Pierman, L. Breneman, S. Haines, V. Gordy, C. Balkema, C. Shupp. 4th ROW; S. Rayman, K. DeGrush, K. Moleski, C. Samson, T. Terryn, D. Wortinger, B. Abbs. 5th ROW: T. Cutler. D. Bishop, L. Gettys. P. Batey, J. Champion, V. Mills, D. Nuyen, K. Snook. 6th ROW: S. Storte- boom, G. Wilson, L. Wilson, C. Genung, S. Smith, K. McConnell, K. Moses, D. Dunithan. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Stokes and Mrs. Van De Laare, Sponsors. 2nd ROW: Vice-President L. Mc¬ Guire, Secretary K. Ingram, President L. Lindsey, Treasurer S. French. 58 The Rockettes in action! MR. HAVEY Rampages Get the Scoop at G.A. The Printers Buy one? Wolford, L. Coburn, T. Cutler, T. Whitman, J. Bowers, S. Brown, J, Barrett, J. French, Mr. Havey, Sponsor. Future Homemakers Association BACK ROW: Mrs. King, Sponsor, L . Kirshman, B. Waber, D. Kline, S. Mea- MRS. KING dows, M. Garrett, D. Garrett. MIDDLE ROW: B. Waber, D. Phillips, J. Shelton, P. Sieting, L. Hewitt, D. Nuyen. FRONT: L. Buchanan, D. Walker, C. Dug¬ gan, D. Meadows. RIGHT TO LEFT: Mrs. Stager, Sponsor, D. Dunithan, E. DeGrush, P. Sieting, Vice-Pres. V. Mills, Pres. C. Linhart, Sec. D. Nuyen, K. DeGrush, S. Rayman. 1st ROW: R. Ryder, B. Boon, L. Chapin, S Farrow, G. Gates, D. Flint, C. Kas- son, Mrs. Maxson, Mrs. Adams, L. Smith, J. Shelton, S. Quinn, R. Smith, C. Lin- hart, C. Harmon, C. Noordoff, L. Lis- kovic. 2nd ROW: R. English, C. Cody, M. Mulder, G. Eldridge, C. Balkema, N. Chapin, C. Whitman, M. Keast, K. English, D. Lockwood, P. Parks, J. Mil¬ ler, M. Story, B. Hinson. 3rd ROW: C. Vandyke, K. Taylor, V. Mills, T. Whit¬ man, C. Zahn, J. Champion, J. Barrett, L. Maxson, K. Stewart, A. Campbell, T. Lewman, A. Fish, B. Mattimore, S. Ranes 4th ROW: D. Phillips, S. Storteboom, C. Cox, L. McGuire, B. Gardinier, D. Arm¬ strong, M. Garrett, T. Eldridge, V. Sch¬ wartz, L. Thompson, C. McMichael, J. Bowers, P. Garrett, R. Manwarren. 5th ROW: D. Moses, C. Shupp, W. Hinson, A Jones, T. Rankins, S. Brown, D. Hig¬ gins, L. Maupin 6th ROW: T. Hutchns, T. VanSickle, M. Simmons, V. Vaughn, D. Kissinger, B. Crandall, P. Lorio, T. Jones, M. Story, T. Haist. FRONT: L. Barker, A. Jones, G. Gates, D. Flint, C. Kasson, L. Kirshman, P. Barrett, C. Whitman, M. Keast, R. Daniels, S. Stemper. BACK: C. Zohn, T. Whitman, N. Pratt, L. Maxson, C. Noordhoz, J. Miller, P. Lorio, M. Story, D. Campbell, B. Mattimore. 63 G.A.A. in Action! FRONT ROW: President A. Dinzik, Mrs. Winters Sponsor, Vice-President W. Salters. 1st ROW: D. Moses, C. Shupp. C. Coleman, C. Linhart, M. Simmons, L. Rarick, K. McConnell. S. Smith, N. Neley. 2nd ROW: T. Lewman, S. Neal, C. McMichael, D. Wilson, K. Banghart, L. Breneman, V. Gordy, D. Bushouse, N. Chapin. 3rd ROW: B. Born. T. Haist. S. Srackengast. S. Haines, S. Taylor, C. Cox, L. McGuire, D. Meadows. 4th ROW: D. Garrett, D. Dunithan. A. Kasson, L. Wilson, G. Eldridge, D. Armstrong, B. Gardin- iar, D. Wortinger. 5th ROW: S. Rayman, T. O ' Donnell, S. Kelley, T. Terryn, G. Wilson, K. DeGrush, C. Duggan, D. Kline. 6th ROW: M. Johnson, M. Van Vranken, L. Birkenmeyer, E. DeGrush, W. Hinson, L Liskovic, S. Haycook. 64 Practical Application in the Science Club FRONT ROW: L. Breneman, Mr. Heavy Sponsor, V. Mills. 2nd ROW: D. Jones, C. Fontaine, C. Samson, S. Thunamn, A. Hollaway. 3rd ROW: D. Nuyen, A. Jones, M. TerBerg, J. Greene. 65 The Cadets Take Over FRONT ROW: M. Johnson, M. Zahn, G. Liskovic, B. Hinson. L. Lindsey, J. Henson, L. Ward, M. Neeley, S. French. 2nd ROW: C. Franz. A. Jones, J. Mussleman, A. Mezo, G. Knight, R. Powell, T. Echtinaw, K. Hendrick, S. Stamper. 3rd ROW: J. Greene, G. Pierman, K. Ingram, B. Hoyt, M. Vin De Dahl, S. Shanley. N. Fowler, T. Eldridge. 4th ROW: T. Hutchinson. A. Dinzik, L. Rarick, S. Ranes, D. Kissinger, M. Simmions. V. Mills. P. Sieting, K. Adkins. The Girls Up Front DENISE KISSINGER LINDA ABBS PATTY SMITH 68 FRONT ROW: L. Lindsey, P. Shroyer, .M. Johnson, T. Eldridge, L. Abbs, S. Lahti, B. Hoyt, C. Fontaine, S. Ward, D. Gordon, T. Terryn, L. Haist, D. Wortinger, S. Fry, C. Zahn, P. Drake, K. Henson. 3rd ROW: C. D. Nuyen, C. Linhart, D. Kissinger, R. Smith, D. Dunithan, M. Kissinger, K. Murray, P. Smith, C. Harmon. Moleski, P. Barrtet, B. Camburn, J. Keiser, J. Mason, K. Ingram, D. Reese, L. Wilson, M. Garrett, D. Jones, Daniels, K. Hendrick, A. Jones, C. Noteboom, Mr. Martin Benstein, J. Bishop, S. Stamper, C. Whitman, D. French, S. Thunman, L. Wiese. 2nd ROW: D. Maupin, J. Henson, S. Shanley, L. Gettys, L. Birkenmeyer, L. Moleske, G. Geren, L. Pratt, S. Kelley, J. Greene, K. Wedel, D. Hollaway, A. Warsop, C. Ward, C. Gray, 4th ROW: C. Genung, D. Bishop, J. Scott, V. Schwartz, S. Storteboom, A. Campbell, S. Farrow, P. Batey, J. R. Ward, A. Hollaway. 5th ROW: M. Reese, J. Miller, M. Neeley, A. Kasson, C. Pierman, G. Knight, R. Leng, T. Hoffman, R. Robbins VICKI MILLS TERRI WHITMAN NANCY CHAPIN KIM GRIMM LINDA COBURN SHURRON BROWN JANE BARRETT CAPTAIN, SHIRLEY MEADOWS LAURA HEWETT DENISE PHILLIPS SARAH EMMERSON LYNDA LISKOVEC CONNIE McMICHAEL Freshmen Cheerleaders CAPTAIN CATHY PIERCE KAREN WILSON BECKY GRAFF SUE FRY Special Awards AVANELLE-HUTCHINS-POWELL AWARD " RAMPAGES " MOST VALUABLE STAFFER M. Keast, M. Neeley, T. Eldridge S. Haines D.A.R. GOOD CITIZEN L. Ward BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER AWARD S. Shafer OUTSTANDING BUSINESS STUDENTS Academic Awards, 1973 Salutatorian for 1973 Sandy Wayne National Honor Society BACK ROW, LEFT: A. Hollaway, D. Jones, D. Stringham, C. Whitman, T. Guthrie, B. Cambum, and Advisor W. Burrell. FRONT, LEFT: J. Henson, L. Lindsay, L. Ward, J. Greene, B. Hoyt, and G. Pierman. MISSING: L. Bell, L. Rarick, and D. Boomershine. 77 Hey! I don’t see anything!- 80 nm What! No more Kwell? 84 I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! What is it? Mom never told me about Ultra Brite. You don ' t have to get mad! 86 Blah! I’d like to hide too Royalty Reigns LEFT TO RIGHT: escort Mark Makowski, Sophomore Princess, Patty Soule; Senior Princess, Angie Dinzik with Honorary King Paco Cunquerio; Queen Shelly Haycook and King Dennis Stringham; Junior Princess, Diane Bushouse, escort Mark Wilson; Freshman Princess, Sue Fry with escort David Flint. G-A 34 Parchment 12 88 Volleyball anyone 90 “That lettuce leaf just winked!” OK you guys , lay off would ya? You re late Get it in tune! Clarinets! 93 94 Earth calling Havey Oh no, you re kidding! Patty cake, Patty cake Congruent triangles Can ' t I wear my helmet? These books get crazier every day! 97 Spring Play FRONT ROW: G. Wilson, M. Johnson, K. English, K. DeGrush, Mrs. Hoard, J. Miller, M, Reese, M. Neeley. BACK ROW: C. Ward, L. Ward, L. Liskovic, R. Burns, D. Phillips, N. Bowers, D. Henson, L. Cobum. The Haunted Auditorium Mimsy Were the Borogoves More Perfect Union 99 Senior King and Queen, 1973 - Junior Prince and Princess - PACO and BETH STEVE and LINDA Win ter Homecoming King and Queen - TED and SHIRLENE Homecoming 1973 Sophomore Duke and Duchess - Freshman Count and Countess - BARRY and BRENDA DAVE and KAREN The Court, SEATED: Karen Wilson, Linda McGuire, Beth Hoyt, and Brenda Abbs. STANDING: Dave Flint, Steve Roe, Ted Guthrie, Paco, and Barry Kirk. 101 Graduation 1973 104 “Forget-Us-Not” wars COACH HEAVY BACK ROW: Coach Maski 11, S. Slager, D. Robbins, D. Menden- M. Moreland, J. Mussleman, Coach Heavy. 2nd ROW: Assistant B. Osterling, J. Groh, J. Bishop, J. Weakly, J. Hughes, Coach Smith, D. Dolph, S. Howes, J. Coburn, R. Dunithan, O.Mann, 108 ii 72 99 ■MBI HOTHH ?2 5 £$ hall, D. Stringham, R. Youngs, D. Norman, S. Roe, M. Champion Coach Chase, T. Moulton, T. VonEitzen, M. Terberg, R. Powell, Forrester. FRONT ROW: J. Walker, E. Manning, G. Pattee, C. S. Mulder. COACH CHRISTIANSEN COACH FORRESTER COACH BEULOW 109 Seniors TODD MOULTON STEVE HOWES DOUG NORMAN JOE WALKER DENNIS STRINGHAM DANNY ROBBINS RANDY POWELL JOE WEAKLEY STEVE SLAGER no Co-Captains STEVE SLAGER, DENNIS STRINGHAM, RANDY POWELL Record o i N l c— GA 16 Comstock 22 GA 22 Quincy 12 GA 34 Union City 14 GA 24 Parchment 14 GA 24 Mattawan 12 GA 18 Bangor 14 GA 20 Springfield 39 GA 20 Delton 6 GA 28 St. Phillip 12 III J. V. Football BACK ROW: D. Pettigrew, J. Rales, S. Chapin, D. English, J. Hughes, C. Frye, M. Born, J. TerBerg, M. Makowski, T, Haines. SECOND ROW; A. Curtiss, W. Patterson, N. Meyers, M. Ambs, B. Kirk, T. Cox, D. Watts, J. Newton. FRONT ROW: P. Howes, E. Smith, M. Jolly, J. Gross, G. Vankersen, D. Patterson. RECORD 6-2 G-A 14 Portage Central 30 G-A 30 Loy Norrix 8 G-A 48 Gull Lake 14 G-A 14 Parchment 18 G-A 72 Mattawan 0 G-A 42 Bangor 0 G-A 14 Springfield 0 G-A 8 St. Phillip 0 Total G- ■A 242 Opposition 70 112 Freshmen Gain Experience for Tomorrow’s Varsity BACK ROW: Coaches Dale Martin and Bob Morgan; Randy Cutler, Dan Sales, Bob Ward, Dave Flint, Jeff Taylor, Jerry Shelton, Tim Coe, and Coach Tom Guthrie. FRONT ROW: Joe Moleski, Richard Allen, Earl Williams, Rick Westfalt, Everet DeGrush, Steve Rodgers, and Andy Hinson. 113 BACK ROW: G. Stevens, R. Daniels, M. Wilson, M. Champion, R. Youngs, A. Jones, T. Wagar, F. Jacobs, M. Coleman, M. Keast, D. VanDeLaare, J. Groh. FRONT ROW: T. Guthrie, P. Cunqueiro, D. Dolph and Coach Morgan. Varsity 1973 COACH MORGAN BACK ROW: Managers; M. Garrett, T. Haines, T. Homan, K. Murray. FRONT ROW; Managers; R. Robbins, B. Metzger. 114 MIKE COLEMAN RUSTY DANIELS MIKE KEAST TOM WAGAR Junior Varsity 1973 p r o g r e s s 0 1 v e F r e s h m a n LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Cox, D. Patterson, A. Curtiss, R, Scott, D. Merriam, D. Mendenhall, H. Hagadone, M. Makowski, J. TerBerg, J. Keiser, E. Smith, W. Patterson. FRONT: Coach Forrester. COACHES: D. Martin, B. Morgan, D. Grabe, D. Havey, A. Forrester. 7 FRONT ROW: B. Haycook, D. Burris, C. Belland, A. Wayne, C. Long, J. Stevens, J. Hughes, R. Allen, R. Harvey, B. Ward. FRONT ROW: D. Ruther ford, D. Reese, C. Fish, T. Kelly. o r t 116 K -h tT] S. Howes J. Weakley T. VonEitzen J. Coburn R. Dunithan BACK ROW: Coach Mr. Cox, J. Weakley, D. Pettigrew, T. VonEit¬ zen, S. Roe, D. Bresson, B. Wilson, Coach Janis. FRONT ROW: R. Dunithan, B. Kirk, S. Howes, J. Coburn, K. Simon, P. Howes, D. Howes. Captains: S. Howes and T. VonEitzen. S. Roe t D. Pettigrew J. Bishop J. Gross P. Howes 118 FRONT ROW: A. Wayne, D. Reese, J. Keiser, D. VanDeLaare, M. Wilson, P. Shroyer, J. Srackengast, T. Guthrie, M. Coleman, D. Rutherford, G. Stevens, Coach Berger. SENIORS: M. Colman, T. Guthrie, J. Srackengast. 119 Boys Track FRONT ROW: J. Groh, J. Carpenter, D. Dolph, R. Powell, E. Manning. BACK ROW: P. Johnson, T. Coe, R. Cutler, C. Fry, J. Shelton, M. Champion, and K. Clay. 1st Girls Track Team at G-A High FRONT ROW: P. Lorio, N. Book, D. Wortinger, S. Fry. BACK ROW: K. McConnell, G. Eldridge, C. Johnson, T. O ' Donnell, J. Hagadone, M. Story, and N. Pratt. 121 V a r s • i t y Coach V. Cramer, R. Daniels, C. Kasson, D. Stringham, D. Merriam, D. Norman, B. Osterling, D. VanDeLaare, J. Groh, T. VonEitzen, M. Ter- Berg, J. Mussleman, S. Slager, and S. Roe. B a s e b a 1 1 Coach Cramer and Senior players. . V. Baseball BACK ROW: Coach M. Varricchio, R. Ward, T. Cox, R. Scott, G. Davelis, T. Hill, M. Makowski, R. Carl ton, J. TerBerg, and A. Kasson. FRONT ROW: B. Haycock, C. Belland, M. Garrett, R. Westfall, J. Gross, N. Myers, and R. Allen, FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Reese, T. Kelley, D. Rutherford, B. Kirk, D. Howes, Coach Jim Dailey. 2nd ROW: H. Hagadone, M. Wilson, T. Guthrie, P. Sarmiento, P. Howes, E. Smith. Tennis Team 124 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1973 UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY FORMERLY AUGUSTA TELEPHONE COMPANY MOLLET’S MARKET SPARTAN STORES Spartan Stores fUBLItHEO SV JH Lwc» Soltk MCMRCRi MIchlfM A NaHcod AiMflttlM A4v«rtlili»« Groceries - Meat Morris 5-5161 1 1623 East Michigan Ave. Galesburg Compliments of BURGESS SEED AND PLANT COMPANY Galesburg, Michigan ' 49053 Best Wishes to the Compliments of Class of 1973 101 RANCH MOTEL ASKLER’S AUGUSTA 12382 East Michigan PHARMACY Galesburg, Michigan ( 7 $) UNION KAL-GALE PRINTING CO. Phone - 665-7163 45 West Michigan Galesburg 88 West Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Phone 665-7193 Best Wishes to the Class of 1973 From WAYNE HOME EQUIPMENT COMPANY Galesburg 129 MIDWAY RESTAURANT GARY’S BARBER SHOP 23 East Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan Phone 665-7976 Open 6 to 9 Augusta, Michigan Compliments of STA-RITE BEAUTY SHOP FRANK’S BARBER V g SHOP . Sjjj Augusta, Michigan $i[ BOB’S PARTY STORE JOE’S MARATHON SERVICE Beer and Wine Take Out JOE ' S MARATHON SERVICE Snack Items Augusta, Michigan Augusta, Michigan 24 Hour Service JIM SUMMERS Compliments of Union 76 TED’S RESTAURANT Augusta, Michigan Bill Brown Transmissions Phone 731-4617 Augusta, Michigan 130 Compliments of KNAPPEN MILLING COMPANY Augusta, Michigan 49012 Phone 616 731-4141 JOCK’S STANDARD SERVICE Locations at: 101 East Michigan Avenue Augusta, Michigan 49012 Phones 731-5588 731-5318 6 East Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Phone 665-7297 GRANT’S GENERAL STORE 33 West Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan HOWARD VINDEDAHL Phone 665-5511 DON’S T 1mm TEXACO THE L_ARGUS Your Hometown Newspaper 1584 South 35th Street 183 W. Battle Creek Galesburg Galesburg, Michigan Phone 665-9156 Congratulations to the Class of " 73 " Congratulations to the Class of " 73 " SCHLUETER- FARLEY FUNERAL HOME CHAMPION’S HEATING ALL MAKES 24 HOUR f=l— = 1 FURNACE REPAIR Hl SERVICE Vl J SALfS ° " d ' NSTALLAT.ON v( 1 l • Alt CONDITIONING NA 1 fr • smut mFTaL wott IISIDINJIAL OAd COMMltClAL - 1st HATIOMII CN4IC( 307 North Webster Street 344-6839 e££«»sm ' 1 CHAMPION ' S Augusta, Michigan CHAMPION HEATING SERVICE I 1 - - T 14? r M.rh.anr KAY MAXSON AGENCY General Insurance 1 East Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of GALESBURG AUTO SUPPLY ROELOF DAIRY 119 East Michigan Congratulations, Seniors! Galesburg, Michigan Cub Cadets q IHC Loboy H Compliments of GALESBURG LAWN EQUIPMENT 92 E. Michigan Ave. Galesburg, Mich. AL DUNLAP Proprietor Phone 665-7654 DREAMER’S FURNITURE CENTRAL MICHIGAN HEATING 0 2 E. Michigan Galesburg, Michigan Galesburg, Michigan 133 Congratulations to the Class of ' 73 TITUS CONSTRUCTION 12105 East Michigan Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of HARDINGS FRIENDLY MARKET Galesburg, Michigan " Everything in Food " Compliments of GRIFFITH DAIRY CANTEEN SERVICE COMPANY s ){ BAR 6830 East Michigan 1 Galesburg, Michigan 111 McCollam St. c " " Telephone 665-5266 Galesburg, Michigan 49053 JJ Cokes, Sundaes, Malts, Phone 665-9200 Shakes, Splits, Party Punch and Ice Cream Slices Compliments of GREAT LAKES ELECTRONICS DIVISION KNAPPEN MILLING COMPANY Augusta, Michigan Phone 616 731-4156 Compliments of BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH POST GARDENS FLOWER SHOP 412 West Clinton Street AUGUSTA, MICHIGAN 49012 Pastor - Charles R. Jones “The Friendly Family Church” 3065 West Michigan Avenue Battle Creek, Michigan SERVICES Sunday School Morning Worship Service Evening Gospel Hour Wed. Bible Study Prayer Youth Meetings as Announced 9:45 AM 11:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM Pastor ' s Res. 408 W. Clinton Street Church Parsonage - Phone No. 731-4551 WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS WANTED JFlotoertf Phone 963-1519 PETERS CONSTRUCTION CO. Congratulations to the Class of ' 73 Excavating and Grading LENG’S HARDWARE Galesburg, Michigan 3325 E. Kilgore Phones FI 5-2288 FI 5-8301 Kalamazoo, Michigan 49002 Compliments of AUGUSTA CLINIC P.C. GERALD D. RUTLEDGE, D.O. W. R. SPEARS, D.O. Congratulations to the Class of 1973 Compliments of the AUGUSTA LUMBER CO. Ill Fayette Street Augusta, Michigan Phone 731-5152 Congratulations From SINGREY’S ONE-STOP SHOPPE 12001 East Michigan Galesburg Congratulations to the Class of ' 73 GALESBURG LAUN-DER-RITE Phone 665-7992 Drugs With a Reputation " Where You Are Always Welcome " OVIATT’S PHARMACY Phone 665-4201 Galesburg, Mi. Compliments of BISHOP ELECTRIC 70 East Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Michigan Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1973 A Motto for you to follow: " Less Than Your Best is Failure " t§uaij- uutzrr iFunrral 145 West Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Best Wishes to the " " ’ " N Class of " 73 " CARLETON EQUIPMENT COMPANY E. Kilgore Road R No. 5 Kalamazoo, Michigan MONROE THE CALCULATOR COMPANY 90 E. Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Mich. 49053 Best Wishes to the Class of " 73 " From TAYLOR LUMBER COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 1973 GALESBURG MFG. COMPANY HILLCREST ORCHARDS Congratulations From the bank where people come first SOUTHWOOD CLEANERS 116 East Michigan Telephone 665-7059 Repairing and Alterations Suede Cleaning done in our plant. u First National Bank Trust Company of Michigan MEMBER F 0 1 C Galesburg Office INMAH’S SHIRLEY’S HEN HOUSE JofiwuA. 7r " ■ ' ’ A -fit- Hair Stylist MARION, LENORE, GALE, SHIRLEY Hours Tue. -Fri. Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Compliments of W SCHIEBER INSURANCE AGENCY 9 400 E. Mich. Ave. 95 Fullerton Street Galesburg, Michigan Telephone 665-7700 " A FULL SERVICE AGENCY " Upjohn In a sea of a million miles, where three billion others also live, the most difficult task one must face is to learn to be oneself. To know the boundaries of your personality, the limits of your abilities, the depth of your concern for other men, to care . . . Tomorrow belongs to each of us . . . for each in his own way. 139 EVANS FORD CORPORATION Sales 68 East Michigan 665-7015 Service CDA-,r GALESB(JR 0 F °00 locker co. Congratulations From H. R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY Congratulations to Class of ' 73 GALESBURG LOCKER COMPANY 313 Allen Street, N. W Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 58 Mill Street Galesburg, Michigan 140 for Galesburg-Augusta from Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of ' 73 GARY’S RESTAURANT KALAMAZOO MEDICAL P.C. J. C. BRENEMAN, M. D. I. R. WEISS, M.D. JOHNS. KOSTIN, M.D. IHSAN KENT, M.D. and JUANITO PEREZ, M.D. Complete Auto Repair Coleman Skiroules Snowmobiles Jacobon Garden and Lawn Equipment Yardman Lawn and Garden Equipment YOUR TROUBLES VANISH Compliments of FRANK’S AUTO REPAIR 119 Beckwith Drive Phone 665-8971 Congratulations to the Class of " 73 " Compliments of GALESBURG DRIVE-IN EDWARDS INDUSTRIAL SALES 79 East Michigan, Galesburg Congratulations to the Class of " 73 " Compliments of HYDRECO-MONICO PAUL’S ZEPHYR SERVICE 9000 East Michigan 169 East Michigan, Galesburg Kalamazoo, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of 1973 Photography Senior Color Portraits INDUSTRIAL STATE LANCE FERRARO STUDIO BANK OF KALAMAZOO 1309 S. Westnedge 382-3200 " Best Wishes to the Class of 1973 " .

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