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‘Might ’ For IH-Ymr-OMs _ Filth Ueatn in Pro " T Lions 1 JEFF FENHOLT IN TITLE ROLE Broadway’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar -UP. PONTIAC POLICE CUT FREE WOMEN WHO CHAINED THEMSELVES TO Superstar’ Gives New w-—n g Broadway Season Lift School k ' " ■ V lHt ul aUxi - viHMiii,! IIILITIOCLV E3 io ifoep ' School Buses From Leaving Storage Area Th« , UistMA PF 1 mchitka Bl rr - i»amP 2 Feature 6 . . . Sports 17 . . . Organizations 43 . . . Freshmen 73 . . . Sophomores 77 . . . Juniors 81 . . . Administration 61 . . . Faculty 65 . . . Seniors 85 . . . Activities 103 . . . Advertisements 117 ootball History TournLoss Of Hughe 1 - 5 ' ® o :nce 3 Going to school, studying, laughing, having friends, disappointments, activ¬ ities, and just doing nothing; these and more are all included in the experiences we as students have. Each school day goes on; each incident meaning someth¬ ing to someone ... We hope that through the pages of your yearbook you will fondly remember all these happenings which are a part of living . • . LIVING TODAY. CO-EDITORS Sue Burris and Jim Reese 4 OUR LEADER Thelma Edwards 5 Pregame Action Faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases. Tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces. There ' s always excitement before the game, but when it ' s homecoming week things really start moving. The Senior ' s emerged victorious in the powder puff game, and hall decorating competition, but had to take a second to the Junior’s first place float. The Sophomores and Freshmen followed in float awards. Slave day was a profitable adventure for the Junior’s and all too soon the game was here. $ THE COURT King Todd Blake Queen Toni Bastin Senior Princess Teresa Bozarth (opposite page) Honorary Queen Francie DeBoe Freshman Linda Thompson Sophomore Terri Landers Junior Vicki Mills Gridiron Royalty •I w ft { W i " Who will it be?” A question so dominate in the weeks before homecoming. A few decisions, the voting, much tension, and the royalty begins its gridiron reign. The week has arrived and festive activities blossom, as do excitement and decorated halls. All too soom the new athletic field is alive with fans and players - both cheering for a win. And then it’s half-time. For a few brief moments the band is in command, and then the royalty - prin¬ cesses and escorts, king and queen - step in to be honored. A noble crowning and the tension subsides. A new field, a good band, the crowning, and a win¬ ning ball team, all help make up the icing on the homecoming cake. Moments of Concentration 13 Talking Things Over SENIOR PICTURES: Buying needs major discussion. PARENT-TEACHER CONFRENCES: What a discussion! to wake al in mis work what hap RAMS COACH MASKILL 18 MR. VANZANDT 3rd ROW-L TO R; Mr. Morgan, Mr. Cox, G. Tolmacs, B. Hamilton, D. Stringham. 2nd ROW-L TOR: Mr. Heavy, D. Thoms, T. Blake, T. Von Eitzon, J. Ranes. 1st ROW-L TO R: T. Haines, S. Slager, M. Terberg, J. Mussleman. 1971 3rd ROW - R to L: Mr. Ford, R. Roth, D. Norman, B. Hinson, R. Young. 2nd ROW - R to L: Mr. Maskill, Mr. Forester, J. Chapin, M. Moreland. 1st ROW - R to L: B. Adkins, K. Ostlund, M. Cutler, R. Powell, Captains COACH FORESTER Gridiron A 60-6 win over rival St. Phillip on our new home field, ended six years of after-school workouts, but¬ terfly stomachs and the aching bones and muscles that accompanied foot¬ ball for these twelve seniors. They leave a great record behind them. It is hoped that in these six-years spent under the direction of our fine coaches, that these players continue to accept wins and defeats in stride. 20 G. TOLMACS T. BLAKE R. ROTH J. CHAPIN B. ADKINS K OSTLUND Grads 21 J.V.’s and Frosh L. to R. 3rd ROW: Coach Ford, G. Stevens, D. Mendenhall, C. Kasson, M. Champion, T. Cross, Coach Cox, Coach Livingston. 2nd ROW: T. Morrison, G. Pattee, D. Schimel, D. Dolph, J. French, K. White, J. Hughes. 1st ROW: J. Coburn, E. Manning, J. Groh, T. Von Eitzen, B. Osterling, R. Dunithan. MR. LIVINGSTON MR. COX MR. FORD 22 Cop K.V.A. Titles L. to R. 3rd ROW: Coach Morgan, B. Jolly, J. Terberg, N. Meyers, M. Prescott. 2nd ROW: Coach Craven, J. Gross, J. Ranes, M. Ambs, T. Cox, E. Smith, S. Chapin. E. Bennett. D. English, C. Noteboom, Coach Martin. 1st ROW: W. Patterson, J. Bishop, M. Born, M. Makowski, C. Ballan. New Coach; Change of Season TOP ROWL. toR.: M. Wilson, M. Coleman, J. Shrackangast, D. VanDeLaare, Coach Berger. BOTTOM ROW L. to R.: T. Guthrie, M. Higgins, S. Howes. Golf 71 The golf team went through a rebuilding season this year. Along with a new coach, Mr. Berger, and a change from spring to fall season, and up and coming crop of freshmen- the seasons ahead look very bright. WiM, COACH BERGER “Basketball” 25 Varsity BASKETBALL COMES INTO ITS OWN THIS YEAR! The win loss record was the best in five years. The team won the District title and advanced to the Regionals held in Watervaliet this year. This was the first season for Mr. Morgan as varsity coach. He will be losing five lettermen, but there will be a strong younger group coming up next year with more height than we have had for some time. G-A 49 Comstock 62 75 Gull Lake 65 59 Springfield 49 63 Parchment 62 57 Bangor 66 70 St. Phillip 72 91 Bellevue 54 54 Mattawan 60 45 Del ton 49 64 Springfield 65 81 Bellevue 54 62 Parchment 75 49 Maple Valley 53 56 Bangor 54 57 Mattawan 50 58 Delton 53 DISTRICT G-A 72 St. Phillip 61 75 Athens 55 80 Union City 58 REGIONAL G-A 46 Bangor 99 FINAL KVA STANDINGS Bangor 9-1 Parchment 6-4 G-A 5-5 Mattawan 4-6 Springfield 4-6 Delton 2-8 27 “Junior Varsity 99 BACK, (Left to Right): G. Stevens, D. Mendenhall, C. Kasson, R. Youngs, M. Wilson, Coach D. Havey. FRONT, (Left to Right): E. Manning, D. Dolph, D. VanDelaar, D. Adams, D. Hall, J. Groh. “Freshmen ” 1st ROW, (Left to Right): K. Murray, T. Cox, E. Smith, L. Finkey, W. Patterson, B. Haycook. 2nd ROW, (Left to Right): J. Kieser, D. Patterson, A. Curtis, J. Terberg, M. Makowski, M. Garrett, R. Carlton. 3rd ROW, (Left to Right); Mgr. S. Kelly, R. Scott, J. Hughes, H. Hagadone, K. Clay, C. Pierman, M. Kis- senger, Coach J. VanZandt. Wrestler ' s Take “5th” in State BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Cox, Steve Roe, Tom Von Eitzen, Bob Hinson, Dale Pettigrew, Mike Born, Coach Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Coach F. Cox, Dave Howes, Gary Pattee, Rany Dunithen, Kevin Ostlund, Coach Janus. FRONT ROW: Steve Howes, Joel Coburn, Ken Simon, Barry Kirk. We had five qualifiers for state, a 1st, 2nd, 3rd individual places, and the team finished in 5th place. This successful state tourney climaxed a highly successful season. With a record of 7-4. The future outlook is as bright as it has been in the past, because we will only lose two seniors, Kevin and Bob. The return of Steve Howes, and Dennis Book plus our talented sophomores and freshmen should keep realizing our success in the mat sport. Coach Cox 32 The Victors STEVE HOWES - 1st “J.V.’s” Gain Experience Left to Right, BACK ROW: Nelson Meyers, Bill Wilson, Robin English, Jerry Ranes, Chris Noteman. 1st ROW: Jerry Gates, Mike Smith, John Gross. 34 23 Consecutive K. V.A. Titles STANDING, From Left to Right: Coach VanZant, M. Wilson, J. Reese, G. Tolmacs, M. Keast. KNEELING: H. Hagadone, M. Makowski, B. Adkins, J. Manning, D. Howes. SEATED: T. Guthrie, E. Smith, B. Kirk, K. Murray. Coach VanZant The ' 72 tennis team kept alive the string of KVA Titles which now totals 23. The team also set a new dual match record with a season total of 18-2. The two losses coming from class A schools. With the new court facilities G-A hosted its first invitational. The host walked away with all honors. Manning winning the 1st flight singles, Wilson the 2nd flight singles and Adkins and Reese the doubles. In a two-man tournament in Belding, Adkins and Manning won the doubles and Manning the singles was crown victor. In the KVA, Adkins won the singles by defeating fellow teammate Wilson in the finals. Manning and Reese were doubles runners-up. The team defeated its Regional Title by qualifying Manning in singles and Adkins and Reese in doubles. Traveling to Stowe Stadium in Kalamazoo with its fourth straight state title on the line, the Rams ended up second; being nudged out by one point 6-5 to watch its fourth title slip away. G-A left Stowe with a Singles Runner-up in Manning, and State Double Champions, Adkins and Reese. Adkins and Reese State Doubles Champions State Doubles Champions 36 State Singles Runner-up Varsity Baseball J With the opening of the new baseball field and the starting of a Junior Varsity team, baseball is on the upswing at G-A. Junior Varsity BACK ROW, Left to Right: D. Dolph, L. Taylor, B. Osterling, J. French, J.Croh, J. Terberg, B. Jolly, D. Mendenhall, T. Hill. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: R. Scott, J. Cross, C. Bellan, M. Garrett, J. Hughes, T. Cox, Coach Jeurgeps not pictured. 39 New Track Initiated STANDING, Left to Right: R. Powell, M. Champion, R. Youngs, S. Kohl, T. Guthrie, S. Mc- Michael, G. Taylor. SEATED: J. Ranes, P. Emerson, B. Adkins, T. Blake. KNEELING: J. Cobum, D. Dolph, D. Merriam, J. Groh, E. Manning, P. Johnson. A DEDICATED MAN The Mile Relay team of Powell, Youngs, Adkins, and Blake qua¬ lified for the state meet at Mt. Pleasant this year by winning the mile relay in the Regional held for the first time at G-A. Adkins also qualified in the 880 yd. run. At the state meet the Mile Relay team placed 5th with a time of 3:35.2. Adkins placed 10th with a time of 2:02.5. Two school records were broken this season, one by Adkins in the 880 yard ran with a time of 2:02.1; and the second by G. Taylor in the 440 yard run with a time of 52.1. 40 3RGANIZATIONS hanging-a- lantern on a bl os soming -bough, what p ains I tooid - Commercial Club FRONT: L. Lindsay, M. Dorgan, K. Ingram, L. Keast, K. McConnell. SECOND: S. French, K. Snook, N. Chapin, C. McMichael, S. Storteboom, J. Hagadone, V. Gordy, L. Abbs. THIRD: D. Meadows, E. Pierce, J. Bowers, C. Cox, C. Perez, L. McGuire, S. Ranes, D. Reed, P. Batey, S. Shanley, J. Skidmore. STANDING: Mrs. Edwards, Advisor; C. Reitz, C. English. OFFICERS Pres. R. Daniels, V. Pres. L. Lindsay, Treas. L. Keast, Sec. M. Dorgan. FRONT: D. Nuyen, V. Mills, K. DeGrush, G. Wilson, T. Landers, K. Banghart, T. Bozarth, L. Brennamen, J. Whitehurst, G. Liskovec, S. Haines. SECOND: S. Rayman, K. Moleski, A. Fish, F. DeBoe, D. Armstrong, T. Cutler, B. Mattimore, K. Grimm, J. Tupper, M. Lambeck, J. Champion. STANDING: L. Gettys, Mrs. Stokes, Advisor; T. O’Donnel, C. Stoker, C. Chapin, V. Liskovec, S. Ambs. Doughnut races, baby bottle races, skits, pantomines, " can-can,: charles¬ ton contests, and lots more make up the Commercial Club banquet. Following a wild scavenger hunt, the initiates have a formal candlelight initiation, where they recite the club pledge and are pinned by their " big sisters. ” The Club combines both fun and learn¬ ing to further business education and pro¬ mote social poise. JACK: D. Kuhn, D. Mills, D. Thomas, P. Rogers. FRONT: M. Kuhn, S. Wayne, B. Waber. Science Club T Concessionaires V i 7 ' h L. TOR.: P. Emmerson, L. Ward, J. Greene, Advisor: Mr. Heavy, L. Birkenmeyer. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club instills in its members the thirst for further knowledge of Science. Under the supervision of Mr. Heavy, the members expand their knowledge, by building projects and taking field trips to various places of interest. During the course of the year, they will be involved in var¬ ious money-raising projects to support their undertakings. 1st ROW: V. Mills, L. Keast, B. Camburn, D. Boomershine, L. Lindsay, M. Dorgan. 2nd ROW: Mr. Heavy, S. Shanley, J. Henson, J. Greene, D. Jones, E. Osterling, M. Reese, L. Ward, C. Perez. 3rd ROW: C. Ward, L. Weise, D. Maupin, D. Nuyen, P. Emmerson, M. Vindendahl, A. Dinzik, A. Jones, A. Holloway, L. Birkenmeyer, J. Reese. Choir 1st ROW: S. Lukins, A. Campbell, D. Kissinger, B. Mattimore, C. Balkema, J. Champion, C. Linhart, Mr. Forrest, Director. 2nd ROW: C. McMicheal, S. Brown, K. Grimm, J. Moleski, G. Wilson, C. Luman, J. Bowers, C. Noordhof. 3rd ROW: L. Hewett, J. Tupper, C. Van Dyke, T. Morrison, C. Cody, L. LcCourse, C. Coleman, P. Rogers. 4th ROW: D. Bresson, R. Brackett, J. DeGrush, S. Storteboom, D. Kitchen, D. Flint, B. Cochran. Co-ops A Co-op is a student who spends one- half day in school and the other half learning to be " gal Friday " by applying her skills on the job. Our office trainee program has been in operation since 1952. MARY DORGAN RE MILD A DANIELS DEBBIE REED 47 A.F.S. We get and give a lot of " smiles between the miles " in the American Field Service. Their goal is to raise enough money to sponsor a for¬ eign student to the Unit¬ ed States. Our school has enjoyed students from all cultures and walks of life throughout the past 8 years. Through Fran- cie and others more and more students have learned what it means to " walk together, talk together " with our for¬ eign neighbors. BACK ROW: L. Ward, J. Henson, J. Hagadone, M Kirklin, N. Pratt, L. Liskovec, Mrs. Anderson, R. McGuire, T. Eldridge, Mrs. Stager, L. Birkemeyer, S. Ambs, J. Reese, P. Emerson, M. Reese. MIDDLE: L. Lindsay, J. Greene, B. Dorgan, E. Pierce, M. Lambeck, D. Cox, D. McGuire, L. Keast. FRONT: F. DeBoe, C. Perez, E. Osterling, N. Fowler. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Birkenmeyer, Treas.; L. Keast, Historian; C. Perez, V. Pres.; R. McGuire, Sec.; J. Reese, Pres. French Club BACK ROW: D. Bishop, D. Cox, L. Breneman, S. Haines. MIDDLE ROW: M. Neeley, C. Ward, S. Rarick, D. Maupin. FRONT ROW: P. Stauble, E. Osterling, S. Thunman, P. Hollanbough, S. Wayne. BACK ROW: D. Boomershine, B. Larimer, J. Henson, L. Birkenmeyer, F. DeBoe, L. Bell, Mrs. Andreson, Advisor. FRONT ROW: L. Ward, B. Camburn. Library Club OFFICERS: L. Keast, C. Fry, B. Hoyt Mrs. Burrell, ADVISOR P — • v 1 l BACK ROW: L. Neal, V. Moore, Mrs. Burrell, D. Cox, C. Fry. FRONT ROW: B. Flint, J. Greene, S. Wayne, L. Keast, L. Smith, B LIBRARY CLUB Learning library procedures, go¬ ing on field trips, decorating Christ¬ mas trees, having a booth at the A.F.S. fair, and working in the high school and elementary librar¬ ies, are all the things that will bring back memories to the Library Club in the years to come. 49 Girls’ Athletic Association BACK ROW: M. VanVranken, S. Kelley, L. Liskovec, D. Wilson, J. Hagadone. THIRD: D. Meadows, M. Vindendahl, A. Dinzik, L. Rarick, J. Bennett, T. O ' Donnell, K. Atkins, N. Chapin, S. Haines, K. McConnell, W. Salters. SECOND: B. Shanahan, P. Soule, C. Linhart, S. Haycook, S. Burris, S. Shanley, S. Smith, T. Landers, K. Mosses, V. Gordy, L. Brenaman, F. DeBoe, S. Wilson, B. Beardsley. FRONT: 50 T. Terryn, S. Block, J. Skidmore, D. Armstrong, C. Cox, K. Banghart. FIRST ROW: K. Armstrong, R Miner, T. Cutler, L. Thompson, L. Cobrun, D. Dunithan, M. Neely, L. Haist, C. Reitz, L. McGuire, MIDDLE ROW: M. Simmons, M. Eppstein, D. Cox, M. Moreland, D. Garrett, G. Eldridge, G. Wilson, S. Storteboom. LAST ROW: K. Snook, C. Gray, C. Wilson, L. Keast, A. Kasson, S. Rayman. Mrs. Winter, SPONSOR 51 Cheerleaders CO-CAPTAIN: Cathy Stoker l ers CAPTAIN: Cindy Shupp J. V. Cheerleaders CENTER: Jane Barrett, Sarah Emerson, Jody Bowers, Terri Whitman, L. Carolyn Ward, R. Kim Grimm. F.N.A. Candy Striping . . . helping others help themselves . . . parties . . . working with the Red Cross . . • field trips . . . and volunteer work are all a part of the Future Nurses Club. Not only do they have lots of fun. but they learn about they vocational opportunity in nursing. OFFICERS SEATED L. TO R.: V. Mills, J. DeGrush, T. Eldridge, D. Nuyen. STANDING L. TO R.: M. McBride, C. Noordhof, P. Garrett, P. Sieting, S. Rayman, W. Hinson, B. Hoyt, L. Hewett, D. Groat, B. Morrison, C. Linhart, K. DeGrush, D. Phillips. TED: L. TO R.: V. Mills. STANDING L. TO R.: J. DeGrush, Hoyt, T. Eldridge, Mrs. Stager, Advisor, F.H.A Mrs. King, ADVISOR SEATED: B. Y ' aber, D. Nuyen, P. Sieting, C. Linhart, N. Walkers, S. Wilson, D. Kissinger, M. Simmons, D. Phillips. 1st ROW: S. Hewett, D. Kline, S. Shafer, N. Fowler, B. Beardeley, K. Grimm, M. Clemens. 2nd ROW: B. Waber, L. Hewett, D. Meadows, G. Wilson, P. Garrett. 3rd ROW: M. Hall, N. Book, M. McBride, S. Meadows. 55 Concert Band Teamwork . . . practice . . . enthusiasm . . . memorization . . . just plain hard work-all ingre¬ dients of a Divisional Band. The Galesburg- Augusta High School Band has found just the right combination of all these and used the formula to their advantage. In the year 1971, the high school band has brought home two district division one ratings in concert and marching festivals, and a state divi¬ sion one rating in concert band. The band performs all home pre-game and FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: M. Reese, M. Neeley, C. Pierman, K. Burks, A. Kasson, Mr. Benstein: Director, J. McKeel, T. Cox, T. Pierman, B. Larimer, C. Whitman, M. Miner, S. Stamper, E. Pierce, L. Ward, C. Noteboom, B. Camburn, L. Birkenmeyer, K. Ingram. ROW 3: J. Green, D. Bishop, S. Kelley, S. Storteboom, D. Thomas, C. J. Bishop, M. Kissinger, T. Eldridge, K. Henson, T. Whitman, B. Sherril. FRONT ROW: D. Maupin, J. Henson, C. half-time shows during the football season. When the basketball season arrives, the pep band adds to the excitement of the game. Also, performing for the first time, is the Na¬ tional Cherry Festival in Traverse City. This in¬ volved three parades and one half-time show per¬ formance. The band holds the potential of becoming one of the finest bands in the state under the direction and leadership of Martin Benstein. B. Abbs, D. Kissinger, B. Hoyt, L. Abbs, C. Perez, L. Keast. 4th ROW: D. Leng, J. Keiser, R. Robbins, T. Hoffman, K. Hendrick, L. Wilson, A. Jones, D. Jones, M. Garrett, R. Oldham, A. Holloway, C. Kasson, J. Rodgers, P. Barrett, Genung, D. Dunithan, J. Scott, D. Linhart, N. Fowler, D. Nuyen, C. Linhart, B. Schieber, C. Harman, K. Murray, Luman, L. Rarick, L. Lindsay, P. Shroyer, M. Gladysz, S, French, L. Pierman, E. Osterling, S. Thunman, L. Wiese. L. Abbs, B. Abbs, B. Hoyt. On October 1, a caravan of 4 busses, truck and 215 males rolled into the G-A parking lot. They were here! It was the Spartan Marching Band. For the first time in the history of Galesburg-Augusta, a college band was going to perform on our field. They shared the spotlight briefly with the G-A Band for the pregame show, and then . . . " Ladies and Gentlemen, G-A Band are proud to pre¬ sent the Michigan State Spartan Marching Band. Featur¬ ing Drum Major Pat Valderman and twirler Dan Williams. Under the direction and leadership of Kenneth Bloomquist and assistant director David Cathron. " With this a spec¬ tacular and much liked half-time show is started. After their post-game show, the weary guests were invited to stay with various members of the G-A community before leaving the next day. “Student Council” Treas. Ginger Liskovec, Pres. Ted Gutherie. ADVISOR, Mr. Juergins BACK ROW; S. Shanley, K. Ostlund, B. Hinson, A. Warsop, T. Bastin, S. Shanley. 2nd ROW: J. Champion, C. Stoker, J. Whitehurst, T. Whitman, M. Kirklin. 1st ROW: J. Gross, E. Smith, T. Haines, T. Moulten. 60 ADMINISTRATION the long night the sound of water says what I think “At the Helm” To the Class of 1972 As each class graduates, it faces an ever changing and more difficult society. Now that the age of majority has been lowered to eighteen, this years’ class will be asked to make decisions that no other group has been faced with. It is my firm hope that you will use all the knowledge you have gained to make the right choices. Sincerely, To the Class of 1972 Byron R. (Whizzer) White, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, in a recent speech said, " There is not ashadow of doubt these days as to our need for men and women of intellect, energy, and character. Change in our country has ridden on an unfolding tech¬ nology which has left nothing untouched ... " The world you are entering will demand much. Our hope is that your school experience will give you the formula to provide the energy, brains, character, and motivation needed for a sue cessfu 1 life. May God guide all your efforts and be with you in the years ahead• Sincerely, HimiULlJJ lwJL Kenneth W. Ward, Principal John H. Wagar Superintendent 62 R.D. BIRKENMEYER F. VETTER School Board The Galesburg August School Board is a very busy organization with the interest of our community school at heart. Responsible re¬ presentatives are chosen from many different walks of life to work to provide quality education throughout the system. Decisions and problems which confront the board include the addition of new teachers t o the faculty, the athletic field proposal, new and old programs, and financial matters. TOP: J. P. SCHULTZ BOTTOM: J. E. BEADLE E. M. JOHNSON H. BEATTY School Employees Mr. Piper Mr. Mazur OFFICE SECRETARIES - Shelly Tassell and Mrs. Rogers. Mr. Thompson o o FACULTY in the midst of the plain sings the lark free of all things French and English 66 MR. HAVEY MRS. EDINGER Who says English is Old World? A new concept in the presentation of English is now offered to Sopho¬ mores. Presented this year are 9-week sessions in Romantic Poetry, Shakespeare, Speech and Fiction, with grammar included in each. This change will hopefully prepare each student for further studies in many areas of English. MR. JUERQ1NS Science and Math Mr. Heavy Science and Math are a whole world full of ex¬ citement and discovery as man probes ever farther and deeper into the mysteries of the universe and man ' s future role in it. Mr. Chatters Mrs. Stager Shop and Home Economics MR. HOARD MRS. KING Home Economics takes on a new image this year. Instead of the old sequence of general courses, Home Ec. is offering semester courses in Housing and Home Furnishing, Consumer Education, Child Development and Home Management. In woodworking and metals classes this year the students learn the basic procedures in using the various machines and the techniques used in metal and woodworking. Drafting is also offered for those interested in architecture, and industrial drawing. Nails, torches, saws, and a cut finger now and then are all familiar reminders of shop classes. 68 MR. KRUSKA Special Education Graphics Graphics is a new class added to our school curriculum this year. This class gives both boys and girls an opportunity to develop their interest and skills in printing and photography. It may be described as being the basis for students interested in further developing their skills in this field. Among the machines available to the students in this class are offset press, process camera, and headline and text composing machines. MR. BOOMERSHINE Mr. Forrest Art and Band MR. BENSTEIN MR MASK ILL 70 Social Science MR. BURRELL Social Science is a study of Human Relationships and its effects on today ' s society. History, social studies, civics, and orientation are all included in this field. A new addition to our social science de¬ partment this year is Psychology. Psychology is a study of human be¬ havior and characteristics. MR. HANNA 71 Business MRS. EDWARDS Keep your eyes on the copy- Debits must equal credits - Is it a sh, ch, or j, fact or opinion - These sayings will bring back memories to all business students. Seriously, learning skills that later will lead to a career for many students is the real " driving power " in the business department. MR. FORRESTER simple trust: do not the petals flutter down just like that? Subjects and New Activities Monopolize Freshman Conversation B. Abbs B. Adkins M. Ambs K. Armstrong C. Belland E. Bennett J. Bishop N. Book M. Boomershine M. Born A. Branham H. Brown From L. to R: Advisors: Mr. Hoard, Mr. Court, Vice Pres,; Ed Smith, Pres.; Barry Kirk, Treas,; Mark Makowski. Missing from picture: Clayton Belland, Mrs. Edinger; Advisor. A. Campbell S. Chapin K. Clay M. Clemens M. Cochran C. Coleman T. Cox B. Crandell A. Crutiss D. DeVries C. Duggan D. Dunithan R. Dunithan C. Ehlers D. English L. Finkey C. Fontaine D. Franks M. Garrett P Garrett D. Gates C. Gray D. Groat J. Gross C. Fry D. Garrett M. Garrett J. Gates C. Genung K. Good H. Hagadone T • Haines L. Haist M. HaH C. Harman J. Harrell B. Haycook K. Henson L. Hewett M. Higgins T. Hill W. Hinson P. Hollanbaugh M. House R Howe J. Hughes C. Johnson D. Johnson M. Jolly A. Kasson S. Kellay D. Kline B. Larimer C. Lewman D. Martin S. Meadows R. Miner S. Kelly B. Kirk M. Kissinger M. McBride M. Makowski G. Majewski J. Moleski M. Moreland B. Morrison 75 J. Rodgers C. Sampson J. Scott R. Scott B. Shanahan J. Shelton C. Shupp E. Smith M. Smith M. Story K. Taylor L. Taylor R. Smith S. Smith P. Soule J. Ter Berg T. Terryn D. Thomas L. Thompson S. Thunman D. Tolmacs G. Van Kersen M. Van Vranken B. Waber N. Waltz D. Weld J. White E. Williams L. Wilson D. Wortinger Not pictured: D. Anderson E. Hall R. Carlton J, Keiser 76 Sophomores ... a Searching a Yearning to Be Part of. L. Abbs D. Armstrong C. Balkema S. Baxter D. Bishop G. Blunt L. Breneman D. Bresson S. Brown J. Champion M. Champion S. Clark R Cochran C. Cody C. Cox M. Dimock D. Dolph D. Dutton M. Eppstein A. Fish D. Flint L. Gettys V. Gordy K. Grimm 78 K. Banghart J. Barrett P. Barrett M. Bolton J. Bowers R. Brackett R. Burns D. Bushouse J. Carpenter J. Coburn L. Coburn B. Cochran T. Cross T. Cutler K. DeGrush G. Edridge S. Emmerson R. English J. French B. Gardinier G. Gates J. Groh J. Hagadone S. Haines D. Hall B. Higgins J. Hite B. Jolly C. Kasson R. Kent L. LaCourse T. Landers J, Lantis T. Holdstock D. Howes P. Johnson M. Kirklin R. Kohl D. Kuhn L. Liskovec M. Lockwood K. McConnell Officers L. TOR.: Sec. Linda Weise, Treas, Joel Coburn, Pres, Tom Von Eitzen, Advisor, Mr. Forrester, V. Pres, Anjie Warsop. Not Pictured: Mr. Chatters, Mrs. King, Advisors. L. McGuire J. McKeel C. McMicheal J. Martin B. Mattimore D. Maupin D. Mills M. Miner K. Moleski T. Me Nett O. Mann E. Manning D. Mendenhall D. Merriam P. Mezo V. Moore T. Morrison M. Mulder 4 R. Neal R. Niedzwiecki T. O’Donnell R. Oldham B. Osterling G. Pattee L. Pierman N. Pratt S. Rarick S. Rayman M. Reese S. Roe P. Rogers W. Salters M. Scott V. Sherri 1 D. Shimel P. Shroyer K. Simon S. Snook R. Stamper P. Stauble S. Taylor J. Tupper L. Underwood C. Smith P. Smith R. Smith G. Stevens S. Storteboom G. Taylor D. Van De Larre C. Van Dyke T. Van Sickler K. White T. Whitman L. Wiese 80 B. Wilson M. Wilson D. Wilson S. Wolford M ■ G. Wilson D. Worst Not Pictured t 1 f 1 A. Bower J. Thigpen B. Boyd J. Torrey B. Clemmens R. Warner B. Stout Juniors . . . Our Time for Preparation Is Growing Short D. Adams K. Adkins L. Barker P. Batey B. Beardsley L. Bell D. Book D. Brody D. Boomershine B. Camburn D. Bresson N. Chapin M. Coleman J. DeGrush P. Cutler R. Dentler R. Daniels A. Dinzik T. Echtinaw T. Eldridge L. Farrow N. Fowler C. Franz S. French J. Gentry T. Gentry J. Greene T. Guthrie p. Hall A S. Haycook Officers L. TO R. ADVISORS: Mr. Daily, Mrs. Soule, Pres; Joyce Henson, Vice Pres; Sandy Shanley, Tres; Jane Greene, Sec Lois Ward. Not Pictured Mr. Krusko, Advisor. K. Hendrick C. Henson J. Henson T. Himmelein D. Hite T. Hoffman A. Ho 11away S. Howes B. Hoyt K. Ingram D. Jones M. Keast D. Kissinger D. Kitchen D. Leng L. Lindsay C. Linhart G. Liskovec A. Mezo V. Mills R Miner J. Moore L. Neal M. Neeley C. Newton C. Noordhof S. Perkins G. Pierman T. Pierman R. Powell F Jacobs S. Johnson A. Jones G. Knight S. Kohl M. Kuhn S. Lukins M. McMichael D. Meadows M. Moreland T. Moulton J. Mussulman D. Nuyen !• Parks D. Patterson S. Ranes L. Rarick D Robbins 83 R. Rogers G. Roush S. Shafer S. Shanley S. Shanley P. Sieting S. Slager M. Simmons K. Snook J. Skidmore S. Stamper D. Stringham M. Terberg M. Vindedahl B. Waber W. Wagar J. Walker N. Walker L. Ward S. Wayne J. Whitehurst C. Whitman S. Wilson R. Youngs M. Zahn NOT PICTURED M. Abbott B. Peugh s. Colvin J. Srackengast D. French M. Stamey s. Hewitt J. Taylor B. Hinson R. Vallance R. Mulder R. Vaughn S. B. Mulder Nichols D. Norman 84 Joy Loveland was the salutatorian and D.A.R. pilgrim this year. She majored yi English, Math, and Social Science. She plans to go to the Bron¬ son School of Nursing. Ellen Osterling was the valedictorian for the Class of ' 72. She majored in English, Math, Sci¬ ence, Social Science, and Band. She plans to attend Michigan State University. National Honor Society BACK ROW: T. Bozarth, E. Pierce, R. Haase, L. Birkenmyer, P. Emmerson, J. Reese, and B. Adkins. FRONT ROW: Mr. Burrell, T. Bastin, M. Gladys, L. Keast, J. Loveland, C. Fry, E. Osterling, C. Perez, and R. McGuire. TONI ANN BASTIN " Sweet Simplicity " JOHN ROBERT ADKINS " The mildest manners with the bravest mind " SANDRA KAY A MBS " To be awake, is to be alive " JULIE ANNE BENNETT " Silence is more eloquent than words " TODD WILLIAM BLAKE " Men of a few words are the best men " SUSAN ANN BLOCK " But you were something more than young and sweet and fair " LARRY G. BIRKENMEYER " He had no malice in his mind " 88 GORDON BOOK " All experience is an arch to build upon " BETH ANN BOWERS " Go and catch a falling star " TERESA JEAN BOZARTH " She can take the darkness out of the night time " SUSAN LYNNE BURRIS " Beauty and wisdom are rarely conjoined " CYNTHIA LOUISE CHAPIN " I stood out in space upon a star " JAMES ROBERT CHAPIN " It ' s a rough road to the heights of greatness " 89 STANELY L. CODY " The difficulty in life is choice " MICHAEL GLENN CUTLER " He said little but to the point " ROGER CUTLER " When in doubt, do the friendliest thing " DEBRA ANN DAM A TO " Such joy ambition finds” REM1LDA DANIELS ”What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness” FRANCOISF DEBOE " And she speaks both Languages” MARY ANN DORGAN " A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought alone " DANIEL L. DUGGAN " Then give the world the best you have " VICTORIA ROSE DUNITHAN " Life is but thought” PETER J. EMMERSON " He stands erect in manhoode might, undaunted, undismayed” 91 CONSUELA ENGLISH " Speech is great, but silence is greater” BARBRA JEAN FLINT " Now I ' m beginning to live a little” MICHAEL ALAN FRENCH " Each mind has its own methods” CAROLYN JEANNE FRY " Appearances are deceptive " JEFF GARRETT " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm " MICHAEL K. GARRETT " No limits but the sky” MARGEAN V. GLADYSZ " She that hath knowledge spareth her words” 92 ROBIN TONI GRAY ’’Look thou not down but up” MARY ANNE HAYCOOK " My mind is gay but my sould is melencholy " HARRY R. HAASE, JR. " Earth sounds his wisdom, high heaven his fame " GENE HARRY " If music be the food of love, play on SCOTT ALAN HILL " Man lives by habits indeed, but what he lives for is thrills and excitements " ROBERT WILLIAM HINSON " My strength is made perfect by weakness " 93 DONALD L. HITE, JR. " I exist as I am, and that is enough” SUE M. JONES " Friends are born not made " LINDA SUSAN KEAST " A hope beyond the shadow of a dream” MARGIE LOU LAMBECK " Example is the best policy " DAVID R. LANE " Youth comes but once in a lifetime " PATRICIA ROSE LEMON ”Her heart within her did not fail " DIANNA MARIE LINHART " Patience and gentleness is power” 94 VICKI ANN L1SK0VEC " Better to be small and shine, than large and cast a shadow” DONALD L. LOCKWOOD " A good fellow among fellows " MARY LOCKWOOD Til speak to thee in silence " JOHN HENRY MANNING " The mind of the man, is the man himself " SHIRLEY MARKO " I greet the sky face to face " JOY LYN LOVELAND " Soft peace she brings wherever she arrives " RUTHANN LEE MCGUIRE " Her eyes are homes of silent prayer " 95 DEANNE I. MEEK ’’Love understands love, it needs no talk " MIKE MILLER ”1 stand on the brink of time " VON DA J. MOORE " There is a time for all things " SHERRY MARY MYERS " Every choice is mine " ELLEN LOUISE OSTERLING " I look at all things as they are " KEVIN PETER OSTLUND " He does nothing, but he does it well " 96 CHERYL LYNN PEREZ " Brown eyes of beauty, laugh to me again E1LENE SUE PIERCE " How near to good-is what is fair " DON PRESCOTT " I let my conscience be my guide, sometimes " JOHN R. RANES " My thoughts and I were of another world " MICHEAL I. RARICK " The first thought is often the best " DEBRA KAY REED " What I can’t see, I never will believe in " 97 JAMES HAROLD REESE " I ' ll find a way or make one” CAROL LOUISE RIETZ ’’Her voice was very soft and gentle " PAMELA DIANE ROE " Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace " RANDY B. ROTH " On what stuff Ambition fe eds " BRADFORDS. SCHIEBER " The mind is the standard of the man " LINDA MER1A SMITH " The heaven of each, is but what each desires " 98 VALERIE JEAN SOOTSMAN " Be thou faithful unto death " CATHERINE MARIE STOKER " Happly am I, from care I m free " PAMELA MARIE TAYLOR " Unto you is paridise open " DEBBIE LYNN THOMAS DAN THOMS " These flowers " To be stong are the pure pleasures is to be alive " of the world " GARY ALAN TOLMACS " I am as free as Nature first made man " RICK TUPPER " That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest " MARK D. VANDERMOLEN " He can, who thinks he can " ROBERT JAY WABER " All truths are not to be told " ALBERT ERNEST WATTS " 1 know what ' s what " NOT PICTURED DAVE COLLINS BRUCE HAMILTON KATHY HOLDSTOCK BOB MATT1MORE SAM NEAL LON SHUPP TAB SMART ALLAN SMITH BILL STAUBLE MARK VUKOVICH Class Officers SENIOR ADVISORS, Left to Right: Mrs. Stager, Mr. Boom¬ er shine, and Mr. Hanna. CLASS OFFICERS, Left to Right: Pres. Sue Burris, Vice Pres. Toni Bastin, Sec. Sandy Ambs, Treas. Joy Loveland. 1972 Class 3lotto C We have the power to make this the best generation of mankinds o to make it the last. Class Colons Class S ' lower lavy CBlue and Qjellow Qjellow Qcse . . . And So We March on . . . Ninety-two men and women . . . behind them memories . . . ahead of them dreams and ideas. the first dream of the year I kept it a secret and smiled to myself Winter Homecoming 1972 WINTER HOMECOMING ROYALTY (Fol¬ lowing Page), TOP LEFT: King and Queen, Kevin Ostlund and Carol Fry. TOP RIGHT: Senior Prince and Princess, Bob Adkins and Pam Reynolds. BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Prince and Princess, Dennis Stringham and Sue Shanley MIDDLE: Sophomore Prince and Princess, Tom Von Eitzen and Sherry Rarick. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshmen Prince and Princess, Randy Dunithun and Brenda Adkins. The Importance of Being Earnest Remember . . .two Earnests . . . a lost baby • . • cucumber sandwiches . . . what confusion! The fall play presented by the Thespians of G-A High School, showed the " Importance of Being Earnest. " The Spiral Staircase A stormy night . . . two, almost three murders ... a drunk housekeeper ... an invalid mother ... a mute girl. All of these are me¬ mories of the house with the " Spiral Staircase. " Ill Seniors in Action The yearbook staff is very grateful for the picture taking done by its student photographer this year Albert Watts, and our professional photographer from R. S. Sutula Studio. This year Mrs. Thelma Edwards, oneof Galesburg Au¬ gusta ' s finest teachers, retired after 24 years of service. She has done much for the promotion of the Business Ed¬ ucation Department and has been yearbook advisor for the past 12 years. The Yearbook Staff of 1972 would like to deeply thank Mrs. Edwards for all the help and advice that she gave, not only to this year ' s Yearbook Staff, but to the Year¬ book Staffs in the past. Yearbook Staff of 1972 Congratulations to Class of ' 72 TITUS CONSTRUCTION 12105 East Michigan Galesburg, Michigan the bank that helps you make things happen Clothes for Men and Young Men Downtown Kalamazoo Mall Southland Plaza, Maple Hill Mall Just stop at any ISB office. We’ll gladly discuss in confidence how we can help you fulfill your plans. You’ll discover our full staff is ready to help you every weekday, Monday through Friday — right up to closing time. ISB INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation H. R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY Grand Rapids, Michigan Official Manufacturers of Galesburg-Augusta High School Rings " The Finest in Class Rings " The Staff greatly appreciate the services of R. S. SUTULA STUDIO ELKHART, INDIANA GALESBURG-AUGUSTA z yi-i-icat “Se4t 7 « tyou 118 9 - Pitch iq r fi) HITE0AK5 OPEN TO PUBLIC Sun Javs lto 5 p. w. 119 Grant’s General Store HOWARD VINDEDAHL 33 West Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 49053 PHONE 665-551 1 raimiiG Compliments of Kal-Qale P renting BARRETTS GROCERY Coleman Skiroules Snow Mobiles Jacobon Garden and Lawn equipment 88 West Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Phone 665-7193 FRANK’S AUTO REPAIR 119 Beckwith Drive Compliments of Phone 665-8971 Compliments of Your Hoketown Newspaper 183 W. Battle Creek Galesburg, Michigan Phone 665-9156 Compliments of INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK ISB INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK TRUST COMMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AUGUSTA CLINIC GERALD D. RUTLEDGE D. O. W. R. SPEERS D. O. Congratulations to Class of ' 72 ' Augusta, Telephone Michigan 731-4171 101 RANCH MOTEL INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK and TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Augusta Branch New Modern Motel- Gas Heat Kitchenette Cottages- Day or Week Restaurant Beautiful Play Grounds Just off 1-94 1 Mile East of Galesburg- Michigan Compliments to the Class of 1972 PAUL’S BIG LEAGUE GAS Save Cash on Gas 169 E. Michigan Avenue Galesburg Phone 665-9917 24hr. AAA Road Service 121 The symbols below are the language of the ‘ ' art " of A lchemy. While the practice of Alchemy itself has disappeared, its symbols remain immutable. chemical abbreviations used through¬ out the world. The following symbol is another whose influence has reached around the world. A symbol devoted to the health of mankind. Upjohn, Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 COMSTOCK BEER SERVICE Commencement means beginning 6086 E. Mich Comstock, Michigan Graduation means you’re starting-heading for the lifetime of career and family associations which everyone hopes will lead to a full and satisfactory way of life for you and all who depend on you. Consumers Power Company suggests that it has career opportunities of all kinds to appeal to today’s accomplished young people. Come in and talk to us about job opportunities at Consumers Power Company, Phone 342-9632 where serving the public can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Consumers ICOI Power Company Best Wishes Compliments of COLE’S CLOTHES OF DISTINCTION SCHIEBER INSURANCE Downtown and Columbia Plaza Galesburg, Michigan J SHIRLE’S HEN HOUSE l 25 E. Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan Complete Beauty Services LENOR and MARIAN Compliments of HARDINGS FRIENDLY MARKET Galesburg, Michigan Everything in Food 6 123 Compliments of McPECK INSURANCE 304 Fayette Augusta, Michigan Phone 731-5562 Congratulations to the Class of " 72 " Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 GALESBURG’S HOUSE OF FLOORS CAP’S STEAK HOUSE of Galesburg offers " Best Wishes to All G. A. Students " INMAN’S Linoleum Tile Carpeting Galesburg, Michigan MOLLET ' S MARKET Spartan Stores Groceries - Meat Morris 5-5161 BELL’S BAKERY Homemade Ice Cream Beer and Wine Take-Out Galesburg Morris 5-9591 124 40 0 E. Mich. Ave. V j V R _ GALESBURG - FRf 7PKi CAAn , rif._ ' Congratulations to Class of ‘72 GALESBURG LOCKER COMPANY 58 Mill Street Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of DON’S SUNOCO UN0C0 1-94 and 35th Street Galesburg, Michigan 665-7988 Compliments of GARYS BARBER SHOP Augusta, Michigan Compliments of ROELOF DAIRY Galesburg, Michigan PUBLISHED BY SU Lwc? With MEMBER. MIcMbm fc NatUnal AimcIMIm P«kll»h»»» 1 1623 East Michigan Ave. Galesburg 125 You Don ' t Have to Be a Millinaire to Own the Home of Your Dream with . . . IAYLOREP PRE-CUT HOMES 126 Drugs With a Reputation " Where You Are Welcome " Ph. Mo 5-4201 Galesburg, Michigan OVIATT’S PHARMACY AND GALESBURG CLINIC PHARMACY Compliments of FRANK’S BARBER SHOP • HOME • BUSINESS OVER 150 FIXTURES ON DISPLAY FlAljUlNG • THOMAS • MOE FIXTURES VISIT OUR NEW CARPETED FIXTURE STUDIO TO G-A SENIORS May your paths lead to. . . happines s success wealth. . . CONTINENTAL CREDIT SYSTEMS, INC. 125 East Michigan Ave. , Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006 (616)382-0560 Wats Line 800-442-4888 Mediacal Accounts Division National Accounts Division Professional Accounts Division 127 Compliments of GALESBURG AUTO SUPPLY Compliments of HARDINGS FRIENDLY MARKET 119 East Michigan Augusta, Michigan Everything in Food GRIFFITH DAIRY BAR Cones, Sundaes, Malts, Shakes, Splits, and Delicious Doughnuts 344-5266 665-8211 665-7704 J. A. TEMPLE CO. INC. 108 Parkway, Kalamazoo SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS AND FABRICATORS JOCK’S STANDARD SERVICE TO THE CLASS OF 72 FROM THE 101 E. Michigan Augusta, Michigan 24 Hour Road Service 731-5588 731-5318 CLASS OF 75 129 Compliments of EVANS FORD,INC. Sales Service 68 East Michigan 665-7015 Compliments of KALAMAZOO MEDICAL P.C. Compliments of J. C. BRENEMA N, M. D. I. R. WEISS, M. D. JOHNS. KOSTIN, M. D. and IHSAN KENT, M. D. BURGESS SEED AND PLANT CO. The Friendly DEJO TAVERN Owner GENE STRATTON Galesburg Open Daily 9 a. m. to midnight Sunday 12 noon to midnight Galesburg, Michigan 49053 CoMplimnls of (WEN MILLING CO. Nidit jAK H O 1 0 - P one UC ' 73 -HI4l Best Wishes to the Class of ' 72 CARLETON EQUIPMENT CO. E. Kilgore Road R No. 5 Kalamazoo, Michigan On the Mall Kalamazoo Inc. 38 W. Michigan Battle Creek TO THE CLASS OF " 72 " FROM THE CLASS OF “74” Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 GALESBURG LAUN-DER-RITE Phone 665-7992 JIM KISSINGER’S GULF SERVICE Phone 665-7979 M-96 at Shafter Road Galesburg Michigan Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 LIL’S RECORD SHOPPE 11 North East Capital Battle Creek, Michigan Records - Phonos - Radios Tapes - Tape Players and Accessories WO 2-0800 PETERS CONSTRUCTION CO Excavating and Gradin 3325 E. Kilgore Phones FI 5-2288 FI 5-8301 Kalamazoo, Michigan 49002 Compliments of BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH corner of Lincoln and Clinton Augusta, Michigan Rev. Charles R. Jones-Pastor Phone 731-4551 132 " A warm welcome awaits you " Compliments of AUGUSTA LUMBER CO. Ill Fayette St. Augusta, Michigan 49012 Phone 731-5152 “SUPER MARKETS " Six Different Stores to Serve You. ROBINSONS OF BATTLE CREEK Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 JIM SUMMERS TEXACO WILSON RESTAURANT Augusta, Michigan 665-991 23 E. Battle Creek St. Galesburg, Michigan Bill Brown Transmissions 731-4617 SCHLUETER — FARLEY Compliments to Class of ' 72 BAYVIEW FUNERAL HOME on the Bay at Gull Lake Congratulations 307 N. Webster Augusta, Mich. Best Wishes, Class of ' 72 GARY’S RESTAURANT Congratulations to the Class of ' 72 Best Wishes to the Class of JOE’S MARATHON SERVICE " 72 " ASKLER’S Augusta Michigan Compliments of DREAMER’S FURNITURE Congratulations to Class of " 72 " CHAMPION’S HEATING Compliments of HOAG — SCHMITTS FUNERAL HOME ALL MAKES CHAMPION 24 HOUR FURNACE REPAIR SERVICE SALES and INSTALLATION • All CONDITIONING • SHUT mFTaL WOII ■ (SIDINTIAC and COmmEICIAL = HI UIIOmL CHIICE i 344-6839 Go ' tiburg 66S 51 1 CHAMPION ' S HEATING SERVICE 7142 E Michigan Galesburg Climax Compliments of JACOBSON’S 134 HILLCREST ORCHARDS WHEELER’S GROCERY Augusta, Michigan Open 7 Days a Week Monday Thru Saturday 10 A. M. - 9 P. M. Sundays and Holidays 11 A. M. - 7 P. M. Compliments of LENG’S HARDWARE Galesburg, Michigan 135 Zenith Television-Radio-Stereo BOB MOORE TELEVISION Complete TV and Antenna Service Compliments of EDWARDS INDUSTRIAL SALES, INC. " w " MICHIGAN ' S ORCHARDS Come pick your own apples Our refrigerated storage operates October through January FARM • 3801 S 36th STREET AT I 94 EXIT 85 • 1 MILE SOUTH • 1 MN AVE - GALESBURG. MICHIGAN MILE EAST • PHONE 665 7283

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