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1 Galesburg, Michigan Galesburg-Augusta High School Built in 1961; will be entering second decade of use. Changes seem to be a sign of the times. To us, the Class of ’71, many changes have taken place in the last years of high school. Nevertheless, there will still be many changes that will be a part of each and everyone ' s daily life. With all the changes that we will encounter, we hope that we can advance success¬ fully, conquering all obstacles along our path. Co-Editors Kathy Mezo Carl Chase The Rambler Staff RAMBLER STAFF CO-EDITORS Kathy Mezo Carl Chase BUSINESS MANAGER Tim Von Eitzen SPORTS Rick Lindsay Tom Hogg Dennis Higgins ORGANIZATIONS SENIORS Rosemary Storteboom Rick Lindsay Brandy Twichell UNDERCLASSMEN Julie Hawken Steve Pearce Tom Block FEATURES Karen Reed Barry Noora ACTIVITIES Debbie Longfield Carol Shanley Carol Shanley Sue Meadows Steve Pearce ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Debbie Longfield Karen Reed ADVERTISING Sue Meadows Phil Curtiss Tom Block CIRCULATION Brandy Twichell Barry Noora 4 Are you sure this is the right spot? Bob, is it up to par? Homecoming Homecoming was delayed because of bad weather. However, homecoming ceremonies were held at halftime at the Bangor game on October 13. TOP LEFT: Winning Sophomore Float. ABOVE: Court with escorts. Runner-up Floats Freshman Float Third Place Junior Float Second Place Senior Float Fourth Place 11 12 How do you do! Well, Seniors, you tried. Here are our faithful photographers, Mr. and Mrs. Burrell, who have taken movies of our football games for 12 years. 13 ATHLETICS Enquirer and News, Tues., Nov. 17, 1970 G A finishes No. 1 BACK ROW, Left to Right: R. Curry, J. Chapin, M. Chapin, M. Bolton, T. Guthrie, B. Hinson, D. Thoms, D. O ' Leary. 2nd ROW, Left to Right: D. Overcamp, C. Chase, M. Cutler, D. Simon, V. Eldridge, J. Ranes, T. Blake, G. Tolmacs. 3rd ROW, Left to Right: R. Tupper, T. VonEitzen, J. Blake, B. Noora, R. Lindsay, S. Pierce, K. Ostlund, R. Roth. Scores G 34 H 12 COMSTOCK A 48 H 0 BRONSON LA 40 H 0 FARMINGTON-HARRISON E U 40 H 0 PARCHMENT S G 70 14 MATTAWAN B U 46 H 0 BANGOR US 28 o SPRINGFIELD R T 44 H 6 DELTON G A 58 ■ 0 ST. PHIL 19 Michigan Coach of the Year Bill Maskill Line Coach George McGinnis 1970 Coaches Defensive End Coach Doc Smith Offensive Backfield Coach Alex Forrester Defensive Backfield Coach Jim Van Zandt The 1970 Offensive Team This highly disciplined unit ground out 2691 yards on the ground and 1152 yards in the air while amassing a total of 408 points. Other records achieved by these men were 97 plays from scrimmage and 31 first downs- both in the Mattawan game - and the least punts, (8), in a year. With so few punts the mechanized offense ran off an outstanding number of 663 plays. From this unit came five players of all-state status. Ron Curry and Jim Blake were named to the first team while Carl Chase, Rick Lindsay, and Todd Blake received honorable mention. The 1970 Defensive Team This defensive unit created inpenatrable wall to many of its opponents. Bronson, St. Philip, and Springfield were held to zero or less yards rushing and Delton had zero yards passing. These monstrous de¬ fenders held seven teams to less than 100 yards with one, Bronson, having zero yards total offense. •O Junior Varsity BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Livingston, B. Stout, D. Bresson, A. Jones, P. Norman, G. Offet, J. Walker, T. Wagar, Coach Cox. 2nd ROW, Left to Right: L. Shupp, M. Terberg, J. Griffen, R. Valence, F. Jacobs, T. Shrackengast, D. Robbins. 1st ROW, Left to Right: S. Slager, T. Guthrie, J. Mussleman, D. Stringham, R. Powell, M. Moreland, S. Neal. Freshman BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Hempel, K. Simon, S. Englesby, M. Champion, C, Kasson, D. Dutton, G. Stevens, J. French, R. Neal, Coach Morgan. 2nd ROW, Left to Right: C. Smith, J. Groh, B. Osterling, B. Wilson, S. Dolph, G. Pattee, E. Manning, T. Von Eitzen, P. Johnson. 1st ROW, Left to Right: J. Coburn, D. Bresson, D. Mendenhall, S. Roe, D. Shimmeh, D. Flint, D. Dolph, D. Merriam. Winter Sports They should join the Chorus! Basketball 71 BACK, L. to R.: A. Watts, J. Blake, T. Hogg, T. Guthrie, G. Tolmacs, R. Roth, C. Chase. FRONT, L. to R.: Coach Cramer, T. Von Eitzen, M. Maxson, J. Chapin, T. Blake. Up Up and away! Captains J. Blake Keep it clean! 30 Junior Varsity 32 BACK, L. toR.: R. King, J. Shrackengast, A. Jones, T. Wagar, Coach Maskill. MIDDLE, L. to R.: M. Garret, M. Coleman, F. Jacobs, J. Griffen, C. Whitman, P. Emerson, Coach Barrone. FRONT, L. to R.: J. Mussleman, T. Guthrie, M. Keist, M. Moreland, R. Powel, J. Manning. BACK, L. to R.: D. VandeLarre, D. Mendenhall, G. Stevens, Coach Havey, D. Dolph, M. Champion, T. Cross. FRONT, L. to R.: D. Mills, D. Hall, P. Johnston, J. Groh, D. Osterling, E. Manning, M. Wilson. What are you looking at, Mike? 33 G-A’s First State Champion Is Dan Overkamp Wrestling “71” BACK, L. to R.: D. Norman, D. Simon, D. Bresson, B. Hinson, R. Lindsay, D. Overkamp. FRONT, L. toR.: D. Howes, T. VonEitzen, K. Ostlund, B. Noora, G. Pattee, S. Howes, J. Cobum. 34 This year the GA Wrestlers placed fifth in the State Tourna¬ ment. They took four boys to state, five qualified but one was injured, and all four placed. Dan Overkamp is GA ' s first state cham¬ pion and Kevin Ostlund placed second, Rick Lindsay third, and Steve Howes fourth. Our five State Qualifiers S. Howes, B. Noora, K. Ostlund, D. Overkamp, R. Lindsay Junior Varsity Steve Roe, Doug Bresson, Mickey Terberg, Ken Simon OH! This Hurts This is so easy I can do it with my eyes closed 36 38 L TO R: Coach Van Zandt, M. Vockovich, J. Reese, C. Chase, G. Tolmacs, M. Wilson, T. Hogg, M. Keist, B. Scheiber, M. Maxson, J. Manning, B. Adkings, R. Lindsay, and T. Guthrie. NOT PICTURED: D. Howes. 1971 State Champions 9H State Singles Champ R. LINDSAY State Doubles Champs J. MANNING 40 M. MAXSON Golf 71 BACK, L to R: S. Roe, I. Srackengast, M. Johnson, D. Cabatan, M. Bolton, T. Guthrie, and D. Higgins. FRONT, L to R: Coach Forrester, D. Van De Laare, S. Englesby, F. Keiser, B. Brooks, and J. Carpenter. Coach McGinnis Track 71 BACK, L to R: D. Dolph, D. Merriam, T. Blake, M. Chapin, C. Chase, J. Blake, R. Haase, T. Von Eitzen, Coach Maskill. MIDDLE, L to R: J. Groh, D. Bresson, R. Lindsay, B. Adkins, R. Powell, D. Schimel. FRONT, L to R: P. Johnson, J. Cobum, E. Manning. BACK, L to R: J. Chapin, V. Eldridge, D. Stringham, M. Garrett, F. Jacobs, S. Slager, T. VonEitzen, Coach Vern Cramer. MIDDLE, L to R: D. Mann, K. Ostlund, J. Mussleman, T. VonEitzen, J. Garrett, A. Mills. FRONT, L to R: R. Cross, J. French, M. Terberg, D. Mills, T. Moulten. Baseball 1971 M V ORGANIZATIONS L. TOR.: J. Hawken, C. Perez, P. Roe, S. Ambs, S. Pearce, G. Pierman, B. Hoyt, B. Noora, D. Zahn, B. Carpenter, M. Johnson, S. Shanley, C. Chase, S. Block, V. Dunithan, G. Franz, S. French, Advisor Mr. Jergens, G. Lemmein, S. Stamper, D. Maupin, C. Smith, A. Warsop, J. Reese. Student Council President, Carl Chase 46 M. Maxson with Advisor Mr. Jergens SEATED: Eilene Pierce, Cheryl Perez, Linda Keast, Jim Reese, Kathy Mezo, Albert Watts, STANDING: Sue Vaughn, Don Hite, Valerie Shafer, Rampages SELLING PAPERS Commercial Club Initiation Will you sign my beanie, please?’ TOP ROW, Left: C. Armstrong, S. Knapper, J. Whitehurst, D. Meadows, D. Nuyen. FIFTH ROW: L. Keast, R. Daniels, E. Pierce, P. Batey, S. Ambs, J. Skidmore, S. Shanley. FOURTH ROW: S. Shafer, D. Reed, S. Ranes, F. McDonald, K, Reed, M. Lambeck, L. Newton. THIRD ROW: S. Meadows, C. Shanley, C. Reitz, C. English, G. Liskovec, D. Damato, C. Chapin, C. Stoker. SECOND ROW: C. Perez, D. Longfield, K . Mezo, S. Overcamp, B. Dorgan, D. Mann, L. Lindsay. FIRST ROW: M. Branham, B. Prescott, D. Mann, V. Mills, K. Ingram, V. liskovec, S. French. TOP: 1970-71 OFFICERS: Treas. K. Mezo, Pres. D. Longfield, Sec. E. Pierce. LOWER: 1971-72 OFFICERS: Pres. R. Daniels, V. Pres. L. Lindsay, Treas. L. Keast, Sec. B. Dorgan. Commercial Club Banquet Advisors: Mrs. Edwards Mrs. Stokes 49 STANDING IN BACK: A. Hollaway, J. Greene, B. Cambum, J. Reese, P. Emerson, J. Manning, D. Birkenmeyer. SECOND ROW: R. Stager, D. Boomershine, L. Ward, E. Osterling, B. Englesby, J. Henson, S. Meadows, L. Lindsay. SEATED LEFT: G. Lemmien, B. Dorgan, V. Mills, S, Shafer. Science Club Drama Club OFFICERS: G. Lemmien, Pres. , B. Dorgan, Treas. , Mr. McGinnis, Advisor, M. Gladyz, Secretary. P. Emmerson, B. Dorgan. L. Birkenmeyer, C. Perez, L. Keast, J. Greene, B. Noora, N. Pratt, J. Reese, B. Nitch. R. McGuire, L. McGuire, D. Armstrong, L. Liskovec, M. Reese, Mrs. Edinger. R. Lindsay, M. Kirklin, M. Eppstein. K. Atkins, K. McConnel, K. Mezo, A, Dinzik, K. DeGrush, J. DeGrush, J. Hagadone, S. Hunt, S. Meadows, V. Gordy. S. Lukins, S. Burris, C. Cox, L. McGuire, L. Keast, R. Daniels, J. Bennett, M. Hinson, S. Block. T. Landers, C. Armstrong, B. Beardsley, D. Meadows, J. Henson, K. Moleski, S. Knapper, C. Lin- hart, D. Armstrong. L. Breneman, S. Wilson, K. Ad¬ kins Girls’ Athletic Association C. Shanley, B. Vetter, S. Haines, S. Raymond, S. Storteboom, L. Rarick, M. Vindedahl, T. Cutler. SECOND ROW; M. Neeley, W. Salters, Miss Konklin, D. Reed, C. Reitz, J. Skidmore, D. Wilson. FRONT ROW: L. Ward, S. Wilson, K. Snook, M. Simmons, L. Breneman, C. Ward. Treas. C. Shanley, V. Pres. S. Meadows, and Pres. S. Hunt. Strike one!!! 53 BACK ROW, Left: L. Ward, L. Rarick, J. Henson, C. Ward, M. Vindedahl, S. Haines. THIRD ROW: L. Brene- man, D. Bishop, P. Stauble, M. Neely, M. Kirklin. SECOND ROW: A. Dinzik, J. Loveland, E. Osterling, L. Bell, D. Boomershine, S. Shanley. FRONT ROW: R. McGuire, B. Camburn, S. Wayne. French Club French cafe Mrs. Andressen, Advisor, J. Loveland, Pres., E. Osterling, V. President, Lois Ward, Secretary, R. McGuire, Treas. 54 Library Club SEATED: R. Stager, B. Flint, F. MacDonald, K. Wilson, D. Longfield. STANDING: D. Prescott, L. Smith, G. Lemmein, S. Marko, P. Ashcraft. a OFFICERS: Sec.-Treas., R. Stager; Vice - Pres., B. Flint; Pres. , G. Franz. Advisor: Mrs. Burrell (not pictured) Historian R. McGuire, Treas. B. Dorgan, Pres. S. Meadows, Sec. K. Mezo, V. Pres. J. Reese. Mrs. Andresen, Sponsor A.F.S. Club M. Champion, B. Nitch, L. Birkenmeyer, A. Dinzik, B. Dorgan, B. Nichols, N. Pratt. S. Meadows, M. Hinson, J. Reese, T. VonEitzen, D. Mann, J. Hawkon, C. Armstrong, J Skidmore, S. Bowers, M. Zahn, S. Shanley, M. Windedahl. G. Liskovec, D Damato, K. Mezo, C. Chapin, E. Pierce, J. Greene, L. Ward, S. Ambs, M. Lambeck, T. Eldridge, D. Mann, S. Knapper, L. Keast. V. Liskovec, M. Neeley, E. Osterling, R. McGuire, C. Perez, N. Fowler, J. Henson, L. Lindsay, M. Kirklin, K. Banghart. 56 Concessionaires L. TOR.: D. Kuhn, B. Waber, B. Waber, B. Englesby, J. Kuhn, J. Fontaine, M. Kuhn. Mr. Fiest - Advisor (not pictured). Office Co-ops JUNIOR VARSITY, BACK: Sheila Shafer. FRONT: Vicki Mills, Judy Whitehurst, Nancy Chapin. FRESHMEN, TOP: Terri Whitman. L TO R: Chris Balkema Jody Bowers, Kim Banghart. Freshman Sponsor Mrs. Morgan 59 BACK ROW, Left: L. Keast, M. Reese, G. Knight, A. Mezo, Mr. Benstein, Director, R. Smith, D. Leng, T. Hoff¬ man, C. Whitman, S. Stager, T. Pier- man, J McKeel, D. Howes, G. Pat tee, M. Miner. THIRD ROW: P. Curtiss, D. Mann, D. Bishop, S. Storteboom, L. Gettys, N. Fowler, D Linhart, D. Mann, D. Kissinger. SECOND ROW: J Greene, S. Shanley, L. Rarick, R. Mc¬ Guire, K. Moleski, P. Batey, M. J. Phaneuf, A. Worshop. FIRST ROW: J. Henson, D. Maupin, C. Fry, R. Storte¬ boom, L. Lindsay, P. Shroyer. BACK, Right: D. Dirkse, M. Davidson, K. Hendrick, O. Jones, A. Hallaway, P. Barrett, B. Cambum, C. Brown, L. Birkenmeyer. THIRD ROW, Left: C. Perez, D. Nuyen, E. Pierce, L. Ward, B. Schieber, G. Lemmien, K. Ingram, R, Daniels, J. French. SECOND ROW, Left; C. Ward, V. Sherrill, T. Whit¬ man, S. Linhart, T. Eldridge, S, Hunt, L. Abbs, R. Gray, E. Osterling. FRONT ROW: M. Gladysz, B. Hoyt, S. French, J. Hawken, L. Pierman, R. Stager, L. Wiese. MR. BENSTEIN, Director 61 ADMINISTRATION I have been associated with the Galesburg-Augusta Com¬ munity Schools for over eighteen years and have always believed that we have a fine student body and excellent faculty. Each graduating class takes with it part of every teacher with whom the students have been associated. It is my hope that they will reflect, to others, the hope and inspiration they have received at home and at school. John H. Wagar Superintendent of Schools MR. WAGER - Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Stewart, Paul Manning, Robert Birkemeyer, Florence Vetter, Charles Mendenhall, Marty Johnson. ABSENT: James Beadle. These seven self-sacrificing individuals make up our school board. Coping with common and crucial problems, these individuals have made many decisions throughout the year which they based on con¬ sidering best interests of the school. Their time and energy have made G-A an improved institution of learning and they are deeply ap¬ preciated by students, faculty, and parents! 64 Oi MR. WARD - Principal To The Class of 1971 - Seventy years ago William L. Pearson wrote in the yearbook of 1901; " Before us today stretches the inviting future, like distant mountains whose peaks are only reached by foot-paths, step by step. There is no Royal road to learning or suc¬ cess in life. It is with gratitude that we turn our thoughts at this moment to the past. ' The ropes of the past ring the bells of the future. We hear the music of those bells whose ropes we have long been pulling and which now call us to the service and toil of the great world. " ... would that seventy years later we recognize and understand the future and the past; the foot¬ paths, the ropes, the bells, and the music. A message for the class of ' 71 from an alumni, class of 01, William L. Pearson. Kenneth W. Ward COOKS - Vivian Jolly and Nancy Daniels Missing - Barbara Haist FACULTY MRS. EDINGER MR. HAVEY MRS. ANDRES ON MR. JERGENS English Classes English Department 68 Librarian MRS. BURRELL Social Science MR. BURRELL International Relations Class 69 MR. CHATTERS Not pictured MR. DAILY Biology Class Science and Math 70 The Business Department MR. BOOMERSHINE Ready to Cut Vocational MRS. KING MR. BENSTEIN MR. MASKILL MRS. WINTER 74 4 FRESHMEN L. Abbs D. Armstrong C. Balkema P. Barrett D. Bishop G. Blunt L. Breneman D. Bresson B. Brooks J. Champion M. Champion S. Clark B. Cochran R. Cochran C. Cody T. Cutler K. De Grush M. Dimock D. Dolph D. Dutton G. Eldridge S. Emmerson S. Englesby M. Eppstein R. English A. Fish D. Flint J. French G. Gates L. Gettys D. Gardiner 76 K. Banghart R. Brackett J. Barrett M. Bolton B. Boyd J. Bowers S. Brown R Bums J. Carpenter B Clemens J. Coburn L. Coburn P. Coleman C. Cox T. Cross Advisor; Linda Liskovic, Secretary; Caroyln Ward, Treasurer; Mr, Jergens, Advisor. SITTING; Tim Von Eitzen, President; Anjanette Warsop, Vice- President. V. Gordi K. Grimm J. Groh J. Hagadone S. Haines D. Hall B. Higgins J. Hite D. Holbrook D. Howes P. Johnson B. Jolly C. Kasson R. Kent M. Kirklin T. Landers J. Lantes L. Liskovic E. Manning B. Mattimore D. Maupin K. McConnell L. McGuire J. McKeel C. McMichael T. McNett D. Mendenhall D. Merrian P. Mezo D. Mills M. Miner K. Moleski V. Moore T. Morrison R. D. L. B. P. M. Kohl Kuhn La Course Lockner Lockner Lockwood 77 M. Mudler T. O’Donnell R. Neal R. Oldham R. Niedzwiecki B. Osterling S. Overcamp G. Pattee L. Pierman S. Roe P. Rogers W. Salters P. Simon C. Smith R. Smith P. Stauble G. Stevens S. Storteboon N. Pratt S. Rayman M. Reese V. Sherrill D. Shimerl P. Shroyer S. Snook R. Sprowl B. Stamper S. Taylor O. Thigpin J. Tupper D. Van De Larre C. Van Dyke T. Von Eitzen T. Vansickler C. Ward R. Warner A. Warsop T. Whitman L. Wiese B. Wilson D. Wilson G. Wilson M. Wilson S. Wolford D. Worst NOT PICTURED: A. Bower M. Scott O. Mann L. Underwood SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS, Left to Right: Mr. Forrester, Advisor; Marsha Johnson, Vice-President; Linda Rarick, Secretary; Joyce Hensen, President; Mr. Hoard, Advisor. D. Adams K. Adkins G. Baird L. Bell D. Book D. Boomershine B. Cambum N. Chapin M. Coleman J. De Grush R. Dentler A. Dinzik L. Farrow C. Franz S. French J. Griffin T. Guthrie P. Hall L. Barker P. Batey B. Beardsley D. Bresson Y. Bresson D. Brody L. Cox P. Cutler R. Daniels T. Echtinaw T. Eldridge B. Engles by D. Gentry T. Gentry J. Greene S. Haycock K. Hendrick C. Henson 80 J. Henson S. Hewitt B. Hinson D. Hite T. Hoffman A. Hollaway S. Howes B. Hoyt K. Ingram F. Jacobs M. Johnson S. Johnson A. Jones M. Keast B. Keckler D. Kissinger G. Knight S. Kohl M. Kuhn D. Leng L. Lindsay M. McMichael D. Meadows A. Mezo M. Moreland T. Moulton S. Mulder G. Linhart G. Liskovec S. Lukens V. Mills R. Miner J. Moore J. Mussulman L. Neal M. Neeley C. Noordhof D. Norman D. Nuyen B. Peugh G. Pierman T. Pierman R. Rogers G. Roush S. Shafer J. Skidmore S. Slager K. Snook D. Stringham M. Terberg R Vallance T Wager J. Walker N. Walker I. Parks D. Patterson S. Perkins R. Powell S. Ranes L. Rarick S, Shanley S. Shanley M. Simmons J. Srackengat M. Stamey S. Stamper B. Vickers M. Vindedahl B. Waber L. Ward S. Wayne J. Whitehurst C. Whitman S. Wilson M. Zahn NOT PICTURED M. Abbot S. Colvin N. Fowler T. Hutchins R. King C. Newton B. Nichols D. Robbins P. Sieting B. Stout R. Vaughn P. Snyder JUNIORS B. Adkins S. Ambs T. Bastin S. Block G. Book B. Bowers J. Chapin C. Chapman S. Cody J. Bennett L. Birkemeyer T. Blake T. Bozarth S. Burris C. Chapin D. Collins D. Cox R. Cross A. Curtiss M. Cutler R. Cutler D. Damato R. Daniels D. Dolph Aren t those cars heavy? CLASS OFFICERS SITTING: Toni Bastin, Treasurer; Stan Cody, President; Pam Roe, Secretary; Sandy Ambs, Vice-President. STANDING: Mr. Daily, Mrs. Soule, Advisors. 84 r. j With jelly or without? M. Dorgan D. Duggan V. Dunithan P. Emmerson C. English M. French C. Fry J. Garrett M. Garrett M. Gladysz R. Gray G. Harry M. Haycook S. Hill B. Hinson D. Hite L. Keast M. Lambeck D. Lane D. Launius P. Lemon D. Linhart V. Liskovec D. Lockwood M. Lockwood J. Loveland R. McGuire 85 J. Manning B. Mattimore M. Miller G. Offett E. Osterling K. Ostlund D. Prescott J. Ranes D. Reed P. Roe P. Rowden B. Schieber T. Sootsman B. Stauble C. Stoker V. Moore S. Myers S. Neal S. Overcamp C. Perez E. Pierce J. Reese C. Reitz P. Reynolds V. Schafer T. Smart L. Smith D. Thomas D. Thoms G. Thlmacs R. Tupper S. Vaughn B. Waber A. Watts D. Weld NOT PICTURED; R. Armstrong R. Brooks B. Flint M. Franklin R. Hasse R. Hutchins D. Lanning J. Leedle D. McDaniel S. Marko D. Mulder M. Patterson R. Roth K Sheet L. Shupp M. VanderMolen M. Vukovich 86 SENIORS RICHARD LINDSAY - President BARRY NOORA - Vice-President KATHY MEZO - Secretary Class Advisors MR. HANNA and MRS. STAGER 88 JULIE HAWKEN - Treasurer GARRET M. ADKINS Deep voice ... tough guy. CHARLOTTE K. ARMSTRONG " Char " ... petite ... eyes. PAUL ASHCRAFT Opinionated ... questions. JAMES L. BLAKE All-State ... hard worker ... outgoing. MANN TRIPLETS The 3 D’s ... Donna, Danny, and Debbie. THOMAS P. BLOCK Everchanging ... Determined. MICHEAL D. BOLTON " Burns " ... Arlo s Sidekick. LESLEY K. BONNET " Kitty " ... parties. JERRIE K. BOOMERSHINE " Jer " ... English Cadet . Beautiful Eyes SHERRY G. BOWERS Pretty long hair ... peppy cheerleader. MILINDA G. BRANHAM Park ' s Pop-Corn Girl ... quiet. GRANT W. BRENEMAN Drums ... fun ... smile. 90 CHARLES K. BROWN " Charlie ... nice guy ... sleepy eyes. DAVID M. CABATAN. JR. AFS student from Philippines ... intelligent. MICHAEL J. CHAPIN " Mike " ... thoughtful ... Forestry. MARY J. CODY Pretty Hair ... Pleasant Personality CARL E. CHASE Quarterback ... Trig. Student Council President. 92 PHILIP E. CURTISS Inside-Outside ... Astronomy. n MICHAEL G. DAVIDSON All-Star Band ... White Door Chevy. KEVIN J. DINZIK Blond hair ... calm. ROSS DUNITHAN Wavey hair ... tough. VERNON R. ELDRIDGE " Vern " ... fireball ... Baseball ... laugh. FREDRICK L. DROBNY Red ... trucks ... freckles. iwm DAVID A. DIRKSE G-A ' s Trumpeter ... Got 35tf I can borrow? Can I have a bite? KAREN L. ENGLISH Red hair ... pretty eyes ... Library. THOMAS L. FLINT Wild ... Maverick ... Traffic Points. JULIE FONTAINE Quiet ... shy. GARY L. FRANZ Considerate of others ... Fray ... Gail. THOMAS M. GUTHRIE All-American Boy ... Arlo ... Wise Cracker CASEY D. HARRY " Dan " ... unpredictable ... clowns around. 95 JULIA A. HAWKEN " Julie” ... Majorette ... sweet personality. MARY A. HINSON Likes to talk ... Mrs. Benson ... slacks. DENNISS HIGGINS Cadet-Bio ... blond ... blue jeans. THOMAS HOGG " Hoggy " ... tennis ... Chemistry. DONNA K. HILL Lizies ' s " Friend " ... silent. GARY L. HOLLANBAUGH Determined ... deep voice. 96 SHERRY HUNT GAA Athletic ... pretty. EARLE C. JACKSON " Jack " ... trucks. MARK JOHNSON Opal Cadet ... reserved. FREDRICK KEISER H Fred " ... actor ... nice. ROB KELLEY Short ... silence. T.A.A.B. 97 " Only four more. CARL KING Reader ... Smiley. SHERRY L. KNAPPER Cheerleader ... energetic ... blond hair. JUDY A. KUHN " Racoon ... concession- aire ... giggles. JACKIE LARIMER Always laughs ... nice girl 98 RICHARD H. LINDSAY " Rick " ... brain ... Tennis Tournaments. DEBBY L. LONGFIELD Wedding Bells ... pretty eyes. KENNETH N. McDANIEL " Kenny " ... debater. FRANCES H. MacDONALD " Frank " ... " Girl Friday. " DANIEL B. MANN DEBORAH K. MANN Cars ... triplet ... free. " Debbie " ... cheerleader ... nice personality. 99 GRAIG MAXSON Independent ... Larry ' s Pal. 100 SUSAN M. MEADOWS KATHRYN D. MEZO " Suzie " ... cheerleader ... Nice clothes ... TAAB. DAR. ALLEN R. MILLS " Brillo " ... Plymouth. ELIZABETH NEWTON " Lizie " ... tiny voice. DALE H. NICHOLLS Quiet ... unassuming. 101 DENNIS O ' LEARY " Denny " ... always has questions. DANIEL OVERKAMP Good build ... witty. 102 MICHAEL J. PHANEUF " M. J. " ... French horn ... Long - Lanky. BARBARA J. PRESCOTT KAREN S. REED Nice girl ... thoughtful. Larry ... long hair ... happy. CAROL L. SHANLEY Wendel ... bubbly ... Wedding Bells. BARBARA SHEPARD Quiet ... reserved. DAVID J. SIMON Considerate ... Mollets. RUTH A. STAGER ROSEMARY B. STORTEBOOM Flute ... long hair. " Rosie " ... band ... Happy- go- lucky. ROBERT TAFT Determined ... " Bob. " BRANDY TWICHELL Wigs ... cute clothes. 104 CLAUD VAUGHAN " Junior " ... quiet. MICHAEL J. VAUGHAN Gary s .. good dancer. BARBARA J. VETTER " BJ " ... athle tic ... fun. TIMOTHY D. VON EITZEN " Tim " ... good athlete ... nice guy. SALLY J. WABER Eager helper ... hair styles. 105 KAREN WILSON LOU ANN WORST DEBBIE ZAHN " Willy " ... wool hat ... Artistic ... horse pictures ... Sparking eyes ... nice clothes. Chuck. smart. Camera Shy: Candy Morren William Torrey Tim Wyman Cadet teachers take over!! 106 ACTIVITIES Winter Homecoming COURT: K. McConnell, T. VonEitzen, S. Overkamp, J. Reese. KING: Barry Noora QUEEN: Debbie Mann Pie Eating Contest J. Hawkins, D. Cabatan, M. Zahn, S. Kohl. 108 Workin ' hard or hardly workin ' ? Happenings at G-A Congratulations! M. Hinson and P. Emmerson P. Emmerson and J. Reese Getting Ready!!! The Death and Life of Larry Benson no If A Man Answers - Hang Up!! J. Bowers, P. Emmerson, and M. Maxson. In Paris 113 Senior Skip Day at Silver Lake RICHARD LINDSAY Valedictorian KAREN ENGLISH Salutatorian Honors at G-A Mr. Berger introducing N.H.S. Members. Mr. Burrell congratulates Debbie Longfield on becoming a member of the N.H.S. National Honor Society L. to R.: S. Meadows, T. Hogg, D. Longfield, R. Lindsay, R Stortaboom, R. Stager, B. Twichell, P. Curtiss, T. Von Eitzen. “I’m Not Afraid of Tomorrow for 116 I Have Seen Yesterday and I Love Today” Dr. Reed - giving Commencement address. ADVERTISERS i ' otujvatulalions ! Your friends at Michigan Bell hope that the many years ahead are good to you. And whether you’re thinking of a career right now, or waiting until you’ve com¬ pleted college, we are always interested in young people who would take pride and satisfaction in helping to bring our customers ever-improving telephone service. Miehiyan Hell Telephone Company m A An h.t iuil (tpporlunily Employer Compliments of EVAN’S FORD, INC. Sales Service 68 East Michigan 665-7015 Compliments of HARDINGS FRIENDLY MARKET Galesburg, Michigan Everything in Food CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1971 HYDRECO’ the hydraulic equipment company A UNIT OF GENERAL SIGNAL CORPORATION 9000 E MICHIGAN AVE • KALAMAZOO MICHIGAN • 49003 Gear Pumps Control Valves Best Wishes Compliments of GALESBURG SHEET METAL COLE’S CLOTHES OF DISTINCTION Downtown and Columbia Plaza Compliments of Sheet Metal 665-5461 Heating GARY’S BARBER SHOP Augusta, Michigan PETERS CONSTRUCTION CO. Congratulations to Class of ' 71 Excavating and Grading 3325 E. Kilgore Phones FI 5-2288 FI 5-8301 GALESBURG LOCKER COMPANY 58 Mill Street Galesburg, Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan 49002 121 Congratulations to the Class of 1 7 1 GALESBURG’S HOUSE OF FLOORS Linoleum Tile Carpeting Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of the happy bank the FirstNational Bank and Trust Company of Kalamazoo 122 PUBLISHED BY Sid A Lucy Smltli MEMBER) Mlcfclgon 4 Notlonol Attocloflo Advertising PwbllsAors 1 1623 East Michigan Ave. Galesburg Compliments of GALESBURG AUTO SUPPLY 119 East Michigan MO 5-8211 MO 5-7704 101 RANCH MOTEL New Modern Motel - Gas Heat Kitchenette Cottages - Day or Week Restaurant Beautiful Play Grounds Just Off 1-94 1 Mile East of Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of Compliments of FRANK’S BARBER SHOP HOAG-SCHMITTS FUNERAL HOME Galesburg Climax GALESBURG-PIZZA PARLOR 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM Mon. Weds. Thurs. 4:30 PM - 12:00 PM Fri. Sat. Closed Mon. - Tues. 288 E. Michigan STAR PAPER COMPANY 402 East Kalamozoo Avenue 345-7128 “SUPER MARKETS " Seven Different Stores to Serve You. Kalamozoo, Michigan 49006 CHALKER’S RICHLAND GULF LENORE’S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 629-2251 25 E. Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 8060 North 32nd St. Richland, Michigan Complete Beauty Services SHIRLEY and MARIAN 123 Compliments to the Class of 1971 PAUL’S BIG LEAGUE GAS Save Cash on Gas 169 E. Michigan Avenue Galesburg Phone 665-7994 C ompliments of Best Wishes to the Class of ' 71 INDUSTRIAL ef4fit... STATE BANK INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK TRUST COMMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CARLETON EQUIPMENT CO. E. Kilgore Road R No. 5 Kalamazoo, Michigan INMAN ' S jmwv±J L joocL ICwt CLOTHES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN 126-130 N. Burdick Mall 6104 So. Westnedge 400 E. Mich. Ave. ROBINSON’S of Battle C reek Cong ratulations to Class of " 71 " Drugs With a Reputation " Where You Are Welcome " Ph. MO 5-4201 Galesburg, Michigan " Your Family Drugstore " CHAMPION’S HEATING ALL MAKES 24 HOUR FURNACE REPAIR SERVICE SALES and INSTALLATION • AIK CONDITIONING • SHEET METaL WORK RESIDENTIAL ond COMMERCIAL = 1st NATIONAL CHARGE : A A ft A If No Ai»»w«r Coll j 44-00,3 7 Go ' «»burg 665 5101 CHAMPION ' S CHAMPION HEATING SERVICE 7142 E. Michigan OVIATT’S PHARMACY AND GALESBURG CLINIC PHARMACY BIMBO’S THE BEST PIZZA IN KALAMAZOO ! ! ! Located Next Door to Each Other - 338 - 40 E. Michigan - Downtown Bob Smilanich, Owner Compliments of KnAPPEN MILLING CO. Augusta, Michigan Phone 731 -3262 Knappen MOLASSES CO. Augusta, Michigan Phone REdwood 1-3262 Established 1929 Compliments to Class of ' 71 Compliments of BAYVIEW ROELOF DAIRY on the Bay at Gull Lake Compliments of COLLISON’S SUPER MARKET 654 River Street Comstock, Michigan Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of DREAMER’S FURNITURE 126 EDGEVOOD ORCHARDS Come pick your own apples Our refrigerated storage operates October through January MICHIGAN’S FINEST APPLES Retail Store at farm ffSrgygtr FARM • 3801 S 36th STREET AT MN AVE - GALESBURG. MICHIGAN I 94 EXIT 85 • 1 MILE SOUTH • 1 MILE EAST • PHONE 665 7283 Compliments of WHEELER’S GROCERY BURGESS SEED AND PLANT CO. Open 7 Days a Week Monday Thru Saturday 10 A.M. - 9 P.M. • Sunday and Holidays 11 A.M. - 7 P.M. Galesburg, Michigan 49053 127 Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 JOE’S MARATHON SERVICE 731-4692 Augusta Michigan BELL’S BAKERY Homemade Ice Cream Beer and Wine Take-Out Galesburg MOrris 54851 Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 GALESBURG LAUN-DER-RITE Phone 665-7992 cun ‘ W PRinTinc K al-Qale Printing, C o. 88 H ' est Rattle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Rhone 665-7193 Compliments of A FRIEND CIRCLE CORPORATION WYYY Compliments of EDWARDS INDUSTRIAL SALES, INC. 1470 128 TAYLOR LUMBER You Don ' t Have to Be a Millionaire to Own the Home of Your Dream With . . . BRUNO’S PIZZA RESTAURANT PIZZA Baked Lasagne - Spaghetti AMERICAN FOODS Steak - Chicken - Shrimp Sandwiches DINE IN OR TAKE OUT 1528 W. Michigan Ph. 349-3229 JIM KISSINGER ' S GULF SERVICE Phone 665-7979 M-96 at Shafter Road Galesburg Michigan Compliments of Compliments of SUNOCO DON’S SUNOCO SCHIEBER INSURANCE Galesburg, Michigan MILWOOD CYCLE SHOP f HONDA - TRIUMPH - BMW Mot orcycles Sales and Service 1015 E. Cork Street Kalamazoo, Michigan Phone 381-7450 1-94 and 35th Street Galesburg, Michigan 665-7988 129 Rec reational Vehicles Showroom Auto Repair Compliments of FRANK’S AUTO REPAIR 119 Beckwith Drive Phone 665-8971 Congratulations Best Wishes, Class of ' 71 GARY’S RESTAURANT HILLCREST ORCHARDS Augusta, Michigan 130 ALLEN SUPER DRUG i.iinmnujiiiitiniiii.i.i. PRESCRIPTIONS Come First At FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY " ANYTIME - ANYWHERE SERVICE Quality Drugs - Low Prices Drivo in Window Sorvice • Rontol: Who l Choir, Crutch etc. Wo invito ond will appreciate your prescription TWO LOCATIONS Phone 382-1651 I Phone 345-5141 COMSTOCK KALAMAZOO M-t (KING Hwr.) AT RIVER ST. I NORTH ST. AT DOUGLAS TRIE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Start your day the world’s favorite way with Best Wishes to the Class of ' 70 JIM’S BIG LEAGUE Bill Brown ' s Transmissions Men ' s ' Cosmetic s - r 106 SO WEBSTER r ■Gift- AUGUSTA MICHIGAN Greeting Cards Presc riptions Accurate Prescription Expense Records Furnished for Tax and Insurance Purposes THE GALESBURG BAPTIST CHURCH Meeting in the Galesburg High School CAP STEAK HOUSE OF GALESBURG Invites You to Come Worship With Us Sundays 10 AM Sunday School 11 AM Worship Service 7 PM Evening Service Offers " Best Wishes to All G-A Students. " McCreary Quality Tires Since 1915 Hours: Weekdays Sat. 8-6 8-2 TIRE ENGINEERS 5571 King Highway M-96 Comstock FI 4-9355 IB M M li • HOME • BUSINESS OVER ISO FIXTURES ON DISPLAY ffAl.JflNG • THOMAS • MOE FIXTURES VISIT OUR NEW CARPETED FIXTURE STUDIO Compliments of KALAMAZOO MEDICAL P.C. J. C. BENEMAN M. D. I. R. WEISS M. D. and JOHN S. KOSHN M. D. 132 Best Wishes From CHAMPION’S PLASTERING MARK CHAMPION, JR. 665-7263 DOUBLEDAY BROS. CO. Congratulations Class of ' 71 1919 E. Kilgore Road Kalamazoo, Michigan COTTAGE INN Office Supplies Office Furniture Offset and Letterpress Printers Augusta, Michigan THE ppl-ARGUS Your Hometown Newspaper 183 W. Battle Creek Galesburg, Michigan Phone 665-9156 MANN’S STANDARD SERVICE 101 E, Michigan Augusta, Michigan 24 Hour Wrecker Service 731-5588 H. R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY Grand Rapids, Michigan Official Manufacturers of Galesburg-Augusta High School Rings " The Finest in Class Rings " 133 134 Zenith Television - Radio - Stereo STA-RITE BOB MOORE TELEVISION BEAUTY SHOP Complete TV and Antenna Service Augusta, Michigan 49012 GENE WIESE, Owner 2922 Portage St. Phone 381-4215 Kalamazoo, Michigan Phone 731-4741 LIL’S RECORD SHOP MOLLET’S MARKET 11 North East Capital Battle Creek, Michigan Records - Phones - Radios - Guitars Tapes - Tape Players and Accessories SPARTAN STORE Groceries - Meats MOrris 5-5161 WO 2-0800 MURPHY’S FAIRWAY LOUNGE Compliments of Dining and Dancing 6343 Gull Road Kalamazoo, Michigan AUGUSTA CLINIC GERALD D. RUTLEDGE, D. O. W. R. SPEERS, D.O. McLEIEER OIL INC. Congratulations to Class of ' 71 Kalamazoo and Battle Creek UNION OIL Jobber Augusta, Michigan Gasoline - Fuel Oil - Motor Oils Locally Owned Area Known for Better Service Telephone 731-4171 Phone 343-2352 or 349-2427 135 PATRONAGE PAGE Mrs. L. M. Stager Mrs. Karl Shanley Bill Roberts Mrs. Dinzik Donald E. Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine Jean Coggins Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mezo Mrs. Lucy DeMaso Mr. and Mrs. R. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Yovanovich Gerald Morrison The Rambler Staff Acknowledges With Great Appreciation the Services of R. S. SUTULA STUDIO 296 1 2 South Main Street Quality Pictures 136 Elkhart, Indiana School Photographer Outstanding Service " All the Little Extras " at No Extra Cost

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