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wm yin RAMBLER 70 GALESBURG AUGUSTA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GALESBURG, MICHIGAN During a lifetime one takes a countless number of steps. Some of the most important, influential, and memorable steps were taken during our high school year. Last summer when Neil Arm¬ strong took his steps on the moon, he said, " One small step for man, and one giant step for mankind. " This reminds us of the steps from classroom to classroom, the steps the football team made over the goal line, the countless steps our marching bandsmen make, and those many steps marched on Mor¬ atorium Day . . . but what about those many small steps that pre¬ pare us for the one big step- grad¬ uation. Our " giant step " probably will be the choice we make for the fu¬ ture direction of our life. CARL GERMAN Editor CONTENTS FEATURES . 6 SENIORS . 17 ADMINISTRATION . 37 FACULTY . 41 UNDERCLASSMEN . 49 ACTIVITIES . 61 ORGANIZATIONS . 99 ATHLETICS . 83 ADVERTISERS . 103 3 Mrs. Edwards, Carl German, MaeVorsop, Jim Campbell, Sally Taylor, Martha Dorgan, Bonnie Van Antwerp, Margaret Lancaster, Joanne Mason, Chuck Rushmore, Nancy ttnanm-. rn!g| ON FLOOR: Kathy Van Dyke. Jeff Jones, Gary Stringham, Mark Roe. Bill Smith, Bill Roberts, Janet Roelof, Debbie Whitmf 9 L. to R.: Chris Smith, Tammy Nichols, Mike Skidmore, and Cathy Van Vranken. (Not pictured with staff.) Editor RAMBLER STAFF Advertising Carl German Bill Smith Business Manager Chuck Rushmore Jin) Campbell Martha Dorgan Seniors Chris Smith Kathy VanDyke Beth Stoker Margaret Lancaster Sports Diane Guthrie Bill Roberts Tammy Nichols Gary Stringham Underclassmen Mark Roe Terry Atchison Jeff Jones Sally Taylor Mike Skidmore Nancy Knapper Organization Joanne Mason Debbie Whitman Features Molly Hale Janet Roelof Chris Smith Mae Warsop Catny Van Vranken Bonnie Van Antwerp Administration and Faculty Activities Mae Warsop Connie Block Joanne Mason Debbie Whitman Beth Stoker 1 Circulation I Martha Dorgan 1 Terry Atchison JANET ROELOF SANDY OVERKAMP Serious work? First place . . . Freshman " Model Office " DESTRUCTION!! 13 Fashions of today include: double breasted suits, flaired pants and sideburns. DEDICATION The yearbook st aff with gratitude and admiration dedicates the 1970 Rambler to retiring Superintendent Charles G. Coggins and Mrs. Jean Coggins. The Class of ' 70 is grateful to Mr. Coggins for service, both to Galesburg- Augusta Schools and to thecommunity. As Superintendent for the last 11 years, he oversaw the completion of the new high school and handled 33 c Jo increasein enrollment with expediency. Prior to coming to Galesburg-August a, he taught at Grand Bland and Milford, Michigan for a period of nine years. Fol¬ lowing this he became superintendent at highland tor3years. Holly for 12years, and has been at Galesburg-Augusta for the past 11 years. The Class of ' 70 ad mires this ’’Man of All Hats: for the personal qualities that enabled him to act successfully as the educational leader of our area,builder of bigger and better schools, avid fan of our athletics team, a dedicated support¬ er of the millage campaigns, and servant to the community. DEDICATION MRS. JEAN COGGINS If you know a teacher who demanded high standards from her students and set high per¬ sonal goals for herself You kjiow Mrs. Coggins, If you know a teacher who combined a warm sense of humor with sincerity and under¬ standing You know Mrs. Coggins, If you know a teacher who has a genuine love for good literature and would read a good book for hours on end You know Mrs. Coggins, If you know a teacher who contributed countless hours to the yearbook doing the tedious work and whose imagination and creativity helped us many times. You know Mrs. Coggins NATIONAL HONOR SOCJETY Mr. Burrell, advisor, con¬ gratulates Martha Dorgan. Thirteen students were elected to the Galesburg-Augusta chapter of the National Honor Society this year. The entire high school faculty voted in the election. The students were chosen on the basis of Character, Leadership, Service, and Scholorship. The NEW MEMBERS are from left; Janice Fowler, K. Van Dyke, B. Van Antwerp, J. Roelof, C. Block, D. Birkenmyer, B. Roberts, G. Stringham, M. Dorgan, C. Haase, M. Mezo, and D. Daniels, D. Whitman, (missing from picture). DAR Cathy Haase was chosen as DAR pilgrim by the senior girls and the faculty. She was selected on the bases of her personal qualities of Patriotism, Leadership, Service, and Scholorship. 20 VALEDICTORIAN CATHY HAASE holds the title of valedic¬ torian for the class of 70. She has a grade point average of 3.548. Cathy has majored in math, English, and science. She plans to become an airline stewardess. SALUTATORIAN MAE WARSOP is this year’s salutatorian. She has maintained a 3.475 grade point aver¬ age throughout her high school years. Mae has majored in English, history, and phys. ed. She plans to attend Michigan State Uni¬ versity. 21 TERRY ATCHISON Sally ' s sister . . Minis . . " Hemitited " LINDA ABBOTT Band . . giggles . . Sparkling eyes VICTOR ARMSTRONG Trick-Tor . . Little Man . . Nice guys JIM BENNETT Freckles . . ' 57 Chevy Class Cut-up . . DAVE BIRKENMEYER Trombone too ter . . Stage crew . . Long and Lanky DEBBIE BATEY Office Co-op . . First National . . Always Laughing . . Ford CONNIE BLOCK Ron . . Vivacious . . Tracy ' s . . . GLEN BLUNT Witty . . . Unassuming . . . KAREN BRANT " Krean " . . Mod dresser Petite . . JUDY BOZARTH Pretty . . Quiet. . Office Co-op . . ROY BOOMERSHINE Clever . . Boy Wonder . . Drafting . . " Sure isn’t like this in South Africa! " 23 DEBBIE BRODIE Jim . . Tiny . . . Messy Locker . . CASSIE BARKER BROWN Tom . . Firebird . . Newlywed . . . RICK BROWN Humorous . . Polite . . . Friendly . . . SANDRA BUNN " Sandy” . . Quiet . . Girls Phys Ed. . . JIM CAMPBELL Sincere . . Easy going . . Taxi-service PHIL CARPENTER " Orge " . . Friendly Harding s Hopper . . CHRIS CHAMPION BARB CLEMENS DAVE COBURN Independent. . " Henry " Soft voice . . short. . Reserved . . . . Open minded . . ancient truck . . farmer . . Rocking chair . . . IRENE CODY BECKY COYER MIKE CUTLER quiet. . pretty smile Dale . . expressive " Mumbles " . . . . . wigs . . eyes . . Grant’s . . Marvelous smiles . . Galesburg Sheet Metal MARTHA DORGAN Tennis . . Author Well-liked . . DANNEASHA DANIELS " De " . . . Phys Ed Cadet . . Pastel Colors DAVID ELLIOT Clown . . . Baseball Reserved P LUANN DENTLER Graceful . . . Shy . . Sweet JANICE FOWLER " Oh, garbage” . . . Frank . . Happy . . JERRY DINZIK Lightbulb . . Slapstick . . . Cycle 26 CARL GERMAN PAUL GOOSTRY Tennis ... a riot " Wog . . . Jolly Out-going Askler ' s Drugs HERB GROSS " Herbie " . . . Wrestler . . Shrill laugh DIANE GUTHRIE " Die " . . . WYYY " Woody’s Little Chick " CATHY HAASE Cheerleader . . Energetic . . . MOLLY HALE Office Co-op . . Homecoming Queen 27 CLEDITH HERRON Laughs . . dimples . . long hair . . GEORGIA INGRAM quiet . . sweet . . freckles . . . ' - Off to Chemistry at Comstock 28 JUDY JOHNSON " Kimmy-Poo " . falcon. " Rant” JEFF JONES Flash . . . Showboat . Crazy . . . SHERRY JONES quiet . . southern drawl . . interesting eyes . . BRAD KELLY " Chumly " ... Wavy hair . . Hardings . . NANCY KNAPPER ’’Snapper " . . always smiling . . Running back . . MARGARET LANCASTER contacts . . peppy . . Jamaica . . DARLYN LAUNIUS Beautiful hair . . KVCC . . Nurses aid . . TED McNETT Jeep . . smiles . . Hardings . . JOANNE MASON ”Jo " . . Cadet teacher . . pretty smile . . terry McConnell Cool hair . . . Bird man . . smart dress 29 BOB MARKO Clark gas station Glasses . . . Tease RON MAZUR Ram ' s star . . Western Connie DUANE O ' DONNELL JOE PARKS BONNY PRIEST The Gale Rec. . . Elvis . . Janitor " Shorty " . . . Grant ' s Puzzler Fur Pelts micro mini ' s DAVE REDIKER Varsity Jacket . . Knees . . . Base¬ ball BILL ROBERTS Sports . . Brains Hilarious MARK ROE " Joe Sunoco " . . . Wrestling Singer? LAURA ROGERS Home Maker . . . Laughs . . Nice CHUCK RUSHMORE Europe . . Rowdy . . . Hanna s Problem Child 32 CAROL SIMMONS Danny . . . " Shorty” Blonde Hair KAREN SIMMONS Candy Striper Ron . . . Shy MIKE SKIDMORE " Mouth " . . . 59 Ford Auto-Mech. BILL SMITH " Willy " . . . Cool Clothes . . Horses CHRIS SMITH " Red " . . . Co-op Personality RHONDA SMITH Athletic . . . Tom DONNA SOULE Wedding Bells Funny . . . Cledith’s Pal BETH STOKER Real Estate Co-op . . . Camero SHELLY TASSELL Office Girl . . . Friendly SALLY TAYLOR A.F. S. Student Short Skirts . . , Jewelry RUSSELL THOMAS ’’Russ” ... All KVA . . . Witty CORALYN TORREY Bob . . . Easy Going . . Germany 34 V KATHY VAN DYKE Cries when she laughs . . . Fun Loving CATHY VAN VRANKEN Enchanted . . . Nice Clothes . . . Funny LARRY WAGER Accident Prone 57 Chevy . . . Jolly MAE WARSOP M.S.U. ... Dill SHARLA WATSON Reserved . . . GENE WHITE Party Boy . . . Pickles . Frank SEATED: Mr. Hanna and Mrs. Stager, Advisors; Debbie Whit¬ man, Treasurer; Jeff Jones, President; Debbie Brodie, Vice President. NOT PICTURED: Cathy V an Vranken Sec re tary. . Very Friendly Smile All KVA . . Green Hornet SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 35 DEBBIE WHITMAN Duane . . ticklish enthusiastic RICK WOLFORD " Murph " . . Hardings boy . . Honda 350 JIM WORST " Hoss " . . All KVA mustache - True, O - False NOT PICTURED TOM BRESSON LUCY GIBBS DOROTHY SNOOK 36 The priorities of mankind will be re¬ structured by many of this year ' s grad¬ uates. The future of mankind is in your hands. Human progress, either forward or backward, will depend upon how this power is used. Congratulations to all. CHARLES COGGINS, Superintendent of Schools To the Class of 1970 Congratulations to each of you as you complete high school. We have aimed to prepare you for life in the 70’s and beyond; which will require a sensing and solving of problems which are both difficult and com¬ plex. Environmental control, educational reform, social problems of race and econo¬ mic condition, war and or peace in Asia and the world are only a few of the challenges to be faced in the immediate future. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you in school, may God guide you as you attempt to meet the future in a mean¬ ingful and effective manner. Sincerely, KENNETH W. WARD SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS R.D. BIRKENMEYER, President OLIVE S. BROWN, Secretary JAMES E. BEADLE, Treasurer E. MARTIN JOHNSON, Trustee PAUL MANNING, Trustee CHARLES MENDENHALL, Trustee CHARLES E. STEWART, Trustee 40 ENGLISH English, the cornerstone of education, proved very beneficial to the Class of 1970 as they took their giant steps forward. Because language is ever-changing and viable, the English students at G-A needed to become a- ware of new words and ideas that would help them in a future time. MRS. PANT MR. COURT MR. HAVEY MRS. ANDRESON 42 SOCIAL SCIENCES " Where is the Green River?” " When was Pontiac ' s rebellion?” - " Where is the Sphinx?” - " What is a mobile labor supply?” - " Who is Lewis Cass?” Sound familiar? Yes, this is the social science department and students studying civics, world history, world geo¬ graphy, U.S. history, U.S. government and interna¬ tional relations, all of which are designed to introduce the students to some phase of man’s changing society. The four years of high school are years in this fasci¬ nating field of man ' s past, present and future. MR. BERGER LIBRARY MR. HANNA MRS. BURRELL 43 SCIENCE AND MATH MR. FLISS MRS. STAGER MRS. STOKES BUSINESS Initiative, attitudes, skills, knowledge of business - all lead to that ’’Big Step” your career. MRS. EDWARDS COUNSELING I really enjoy my work at G-A Guidance Counselor. It gives me a chance to get to know many students on a personal basis. Many of our students have personal prob¬ lems and need someone they can turn to for he lp. To be of service to anyone who needs help makes me feel real good. My door is always open, come on in and talk for a while. 45 SPECIAL EDUCATION MR, FEIST VOCATIONAL mrs. McMullen PHYSICAL EDUCATION SCHOOL EMPLOYEES CATHY CURRY and SHELLY TASSELL YOU CO-OPS MRS. WORT1NGER, MRS. SMITH, MRS. JOLLY OUR COOKS MRS. LOUNSBERRY, MRS. ROGERS OFFICE MRS. READER CAFETERIA MANAGER MAINTENANCE AND BUSES MR. THOMPSON CUSTODIAN G. Adkins C Armstrong P. Bauch J. Blake T. Block M. Bolton J. Boomershine S. Bouers C. Branham M. Branham JUNIORS RISE TO G. Breneman C. Brown D. Castle B. Carpenter M. Chapin C. Chase T. Cody R Curry P. Curtiss B. Davidson M. Davidson D. Dentler OFFICERS Left to Right: Mrs. DePeaux, Sponsor; Kathy Mezo, Secretary; Carl Chase, V. President; Mr. Daily, Sponsor; Sue Meadows, President; Missing: Gretchen Sommerville, Treasurer. K. Dinzik D. Dirkse C. Dolph F. Drobny R, Dunithan V. Eldridge K. English T. Flint J. Fontaine G. Franz D. Marcelletti C. Marr G. Maxson T. McConnell K. McDaniel S. McMicheal S. Meadows C. Meek K. Mezo A. Mills L. Newton D. Nicholls B. Nitsch B. Noora D. O ' Leary D. Overcamp J. Parks S. Pearce P. Pelton M. Phaneuf B. Prescott K. Reed C. Shanley B. Shepperd D. Simon G. Sommerville R. Stager R. Storteboom B. Taft C. Thompson B. Torrey B. Twichell B. Vetter T. VonEitzen S. Waber SOPHOMORES B. Adkins S. Ambs T. Basten J. Bennett G. Book B. Bowers T. Bozarth J. Burks L. Birkenmeyer T. Blake S. Block S. Burris D. Campbell C. Chapin CLASS OF ’72 TAKE THE LEAP INTO ’70. J. Chapin C. Chapman S. Cody D. Collins ft € % • ' • r D. Cox A. Curtiss M. Cutler R. Cutler D. Damato R Danials Officers ’72 Toni Basten, Mr. Hord - Sponsor, Jim Reese, Pam Roe, Vicki Dunithan M. Dorgan V. Dunithan C. English B. Flint 54 M. French C. Fry J. Garrett M. Garrett M. Gladysz R. Gray R. Haase G. Harry M. Haycook S. Hill B. Hinson D. Hite L. Keast R. Ling J. Knud sen M. Lambeck D. Lane P. Lemon D. Linhart V. Liskovec M. Lockwood D. Lounius J. Loveland D. McDaniel R. McGuire J. Manning V. Moore S. Meyers S. Neal G. Offet E. Osterling K. Ostlund S. Overkamp M. Patterson C. Perez E. Pierce D. Prescott L. Pringle J. Ranes D. Reed J. Reese How can he look so bored? ■ C. Reitz P. Reynolds P. Roe P. Rowden B. Schieber V. Shafer K. Sheets T. Smart L. Smith N. Snyder T. Sootsman C. Stoker Only 25 yards to go. D. Thomas D. Thoms G. Tolmacs M. VanDerMolen S. Vaughan B. Waber [ A. Watts 1 D. Weld 1 L i 1 NOT PICTURED C. Allen R. Armstrong R. Brooks D. Dolph K. Harley C. Heckber D. Lockwood M. Majewski S. Marko B. Mattimore M. Miller D. Mulder J. Rivard R. Roth L. Shepherd L. Shupp B. Stauble R. Tupper M. Vukovich F. Whipple M. Abbott D. Adams D. Adams N. Adams K. Adkins L. Barker P. Batey B. Beardsley L. Bell D. Book D. Boomershine H. Bowman D. Bresson Y. Bresson D. Brody B. Camburn N. Chapin M. Coleman S. Colvin P. Cutler R. Daniels J. DeGrush R. Dentler A. Dinzik T. Echtinaw T. Eldridge L. Farrow N. Fowler C. Franz S. French D. Gentry T. Gentry J. Greene T. Guthrie P. Hall L. Hapner S. Haycook K. Hendrick G. Henson J. Henson S. Hewitt D. Hite T. Hoffman A. Holloway B. Hinson STEPS INTO THE FUTURE S. Mack D. Meadows A. Mezo V. Mills T. Maulton S. Mulder J. Mussulman E. Neal D. Norman D. Nuyen I. Parks D. Patterson S. Peekins B. Peugh G. Pierman T. Pierman R. Minor J. Moore M. Moreland M. Neeley C. Newton B. Nichols That’s a Mouthful! P. Sieting K. Snook M. Simmons P. Snyder 1. Skidmore R. S prowl S. Slager J. Srackangast R. Towne S. Stamper R. Vallence D. Stringham B. Vickers M. TerBerg M. Vindedahl T. Waltz B. Waber L. Ward J. Walker s. Wayne N. Walker J. Whitehurst C. Whitman S. Wilson M. Zahn L. Rarick D. Robbins R. Rogers NOT PICTURED R. Vaughn B. Stout G. Blunt J. Griffin M. Stamey CLASS OFFICERS, From Left: Advisor Mr. Berger, Sec. Margaret Zahn, Vice Pres. Beth Hoyt, Pres. Sue Mack, and Treas. Dennis Stringham. 60 Very Nice ! T I M E OUT FOR GINGER 62 A letter for mom 63 MIDNIGHT IN MAY Don ' t just stand there, dance ! 64 JUNIOR VARSITY, BACK ROW: Tereasa Bozarth, Vicki Dunithan, Cindy Chapin. FRONT ROW: Cathy Stoker, Sherry Myers. 67 MRS. EDWARDS Advisor RIGHT, TOP ROW: D. Damotto, S. Ames, T. Bozarth, L. Newton, B. Prescott, M. Branham. 2nd: S. Overkamp, C. Perez, I. Pierce, L. Keast. 3rd: K. English, D. Reed, M. Dorgan, C. Chapin. 4th: C. English, S. Meadows. 5th: C. Reitz, R. Daniels, C. Shanley, K. Mezo. 6th: S. Vaughn, M. Hinson, M. Lambeck. OFFICE CO-OPS B. Stoker, M. Hale, J. Bozarth, C. Smith, D. Batey, T. Nichols, D. Guthrie. COMMERCIAL CLUB BACK ROW: S. Bowers, C. Man, D. Mann, S. Knapper, L. Dentler, F. Mac Donald, D. Longfield, C. Stoker, D. Mann, B. Priest, T. Nichols. C. Arm¬ strong, D. Guthrie, B. Stoker. SITTING: K. Reed, C. Smith. D. Batey, M. Hale, C. Brown, C. Curry, D. Brody, T. Wheeler, S. Tassell. MRS. STOKES Advisor at the Banquet OFFICERS Connie Marr, Sec.; Janice Fowler, Pres.; Debbie Longfield, Vice Pres.; Beth Stoker, Treas. What Ball? Y Dunithan, J. Mason, N. Knapper, K. Wilson, L. Keast, S. Raines, R. Daniels, D. Cox, J, Bennet, S. Knapper, D. Meadows, V. Shaffer, B. Nichols, K, Adkins, L. Lindsay, S, Shanley, P. Sieting, K, Snook, S. Bowers, C. Armstrong, S. Meadows, M. Dorgan, F. MacDonald, S, Shanley, T. Hutchins, L. Rarick, A M. Neeley, D. Boomershine, S. Overkamp, S. Hunt, J. Henson, L. Bell, T. Harley, C. Block, J. Roelof, L. Ward, J. Whitehurst, N. Chapin, Y. Bresson, M. Simmons, S. Lukins, V. Walker, S. Shaffer, S. Wil¬ son, D. Longfield, M. Hinson, C. Shanley, K. Mezo, B. Twitchell Boy! I hope she hits it! Mrs. Winter ' s Prize Pupil 73 Y-TEENS OFFICERS: Vice Pres.. Tammy Nichols; Treas., Beth Stoker; Pres., Diane Gu¬ thrie; Sec., Molly Hale. STANDING L to R: T. Nichols, D. Guthrie, M. Hale, B. Stoker, C. Herron, D. Soule, C. Frye, D. Damato, S. Over- kamp, I. Cody ,D. Launius. SITTING: K. Adkins, V. Dun- ithan, M. Liskovec, C. Chapin, C. Brown, S. Knapper, C. Smith, G. Sommerville, S Bower, C. Armstrong. STANDING: S. Little, Mrs. King, Advisor; L. Newton, V. Walker, T. Edridge, S. Schaeffer, C. Newton, N. Walker. SITTING: J. Larimer, B. Waber, D. Thomas, V. Schaeffer, S. Wilson. OFFICERS: S. Waber, Pres.; K. Wison, V.P.; R. Stager, Sec.; J. Kuhn, Treas. 74 FHA SCIENCE CLUB BACK ROW: M. Gladys, P. Goostrey, L. Keast, D, O’Donnell, D. Elliot, Mr, Fliss, R. Boomershine, G. Franz, A. Watts. 2nd ROW: J. Mason, M. Lancaster, J. Roelof. F N A Advisor, Mr. Fliss; David Birkenmeyer, President. STANDING: D. Daniels, S. Nichols, C. Newton, D. Launius, L. Bell, S. French, T. Eldridge, S. Linhart. SITTING: S. Little, J. Larimer, K. Simmons, R. Stager, V. Mills, D. Nuyen, D. Kissinger, R. Storteboom, D. Linhart, Mrs. Stager, Advisor. 75 STANDING: D. Launius, R. Storteboom, B. Bowers, J. Loveland, L. Smith, L. Pringle, M. Dorgan, S. Raines, S. Vaughn, J. Fowler, D. Thomas, D. Linhart. SEATED: C. Chapin, K. Stoker, D. Reed, S. Ambs, M. Lambeck, S. Franz, Y. Breson, J. Hawkins, R. Stager. KNEELING: C. Haase, J. Mason, I. Parks. S. Linhart, B. Beardsey, S Wilson, S. Meadows, T. McConnell. FRENCH CLUB STANDING: J. Henson, J. Loveland, M. Lancaster, M. Neeley, M. Vindendahl, S. Shanley, L. Ward, A. Dinzik. SITTING: E. Osterling, R. McGuire, M. Gladys, S. Burris. u PEP WHERE President, M. Mezo; Advisor, Mrs. Anderson. 76 DRAMA STANDING: R. Daniels, K. Ingram, N. Knapper, D. Mann, T. Wheeler, L. Lind¬ say, G. Pierman, K. Mezo, C. Shanley, C. Fry. SEATED: B. Prescott, K. English, J. Kuhn, S. Waber, S. Knapper, C. Arm¬ strong, J. Greene, S. Myers, L. Keast, L. Worst, V. Shaefer. KNEELING: S. Hunt, M. Branham, M. Patterson, S. Overkamp, M. Lancaster, B. Van Antwerp, K. Van Dyke. CLUB SPIRIT BEGINS” BACK ROW: Mrs. Pant, M. Mezo, D. O’Donnell, B. VanAntwerp, D. Birken- meyer, J. Roelof, R. Boomershine, M. Lancaster, K. Van Dyke, G. Summer¬ ville, T. Block, C. Haase, C. Perez. SEATED: M. Hinson, L. Keast, G. Franz. L I B R U B STANDING: S. McMichael, K. Brant, G. Franz. SITTING: D. Mann, Mrs. Burrel, D. Daniels, D. Launius, R. Stager, K. Sim¬ mons, C. Armstrong, B. Clemens, K. Wilson. DECCA BACK: P. Carpenter, B. Marko, D. Coburn. 2nd: M. Skidmore, T. McConnell, T. McNett 1st: Mrs. Thomas, B. Coyer, B. Kelly. OFFICERS: F. MacDonald, K. Reed, D. Longfield. 78 ■ GALESBURG-AUGUST A TRACK 6 FIELD RECORDS 1100 YD 103 R MAZUR 68l l440 TD53 NMAN T fSBCm HSM CHE To] mT 382 AXS0 66 2 0JiKJS6 CHAS rE I ■l8dYh To SMITH 60SS 1 MEADOWS 65 BJ 20 6 T.MEADOWS 67| 4 3-314 6( BACK: J. Blake, J. Groh, B. Roberts, T. Henson, R. Roth. 2nd: S. Cody, K. Osland, B. Adkins, G. Book, G. Harry. 3rd: D. Dentler, R. Mazur, W. Bums, S. Overcamp. E. Adkins. RAMPAGES STANDING: S. Waber, M. Johnson, C. Champion, G. White, M. Chapin, T. Guthrie, M. Bolton. SEATED: H. Gross, B. Twichell, G. Summerville, T. McConnell, M. Vaughn. G-A MARCHING BAND “LARGEST IN SCHOOL HISTORY’’ ■ || ' r ™m BAND MEMBERS: L. Abbott, P. Bach, D. Batey, D. Birkenmeyer, C. Brown, B. Cambum, P. Curtis, R. Cutler, R. Daniels, M. Davidson, D. Dirkse, T. Eldridge, M. French, S. French, J. Fowler, N. Fowler, C. Fry, M. Gladysz, R. Gray, J. Greene, L. Hapner, J. Hawken, K. Hendrick, J. Henson, T. Hoffman, A. Hollaway, B. Hoyt, S. Hunt, K. Ingram, A. Jones, D. Kissinger, G. Knight, G. Lemmien, D. Leng, L. Lindsay, C. Linhart, D. Linhart, D. Mann, D. Mann, D. Mann, D. Marcelletti, S. Marko, C. Marr, R. McGuire, A. Mezo, A. Mendenhall, S. Myers, B. Knisch, C. Newton, D. Nuyen, E. Osterling, M. J. Phaneuf, E. Pierce, T. Pierman, C. Perez, L. Rarick, D. Rediker, J. Reese, B. Schieber, S. Shanley, R. Stager, S. Stamper, C. Stoker, R. Storteboom, M. VanderMolen, D. Ward, S. Wayne, T. Wheeler, C. Whitman. DIRECTOR AFS ADVISOR MRS. ANDRESEN BACK: T. Smart, T. Atchison, C. Fry, G. Summerville, M. Warsop, M. Liskovec. 2nd ROW; L. Ward, C. Perez, E, Pierce, S. Hunt, B. Clemens, H. Gross. 3rd ROW: L. Martin, K. Brant, J. Henson, C. Chapin, S. Ames, D. Damato, M. Lambeck. 4th ROW: M. Dorgan, K. Mezo, S. Meadows, C. Shanley, M. Dorgan, C. Champion. 5th ROW: K. Van Dyke, B. Van Antwerp, C. Haase, M. Lancaster, D. Whitman, Julie Fontaine 81 STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENTS PRACTICE LEADERSHIP MR. COURT Adviser STANDING L to R: G. Franz, G. Harry, G. Pierman, J. Worst, B. Hoyt, Mr. Court, S. Burris, L. Martin, V. Dunithan, C. Champion. SITTING: J. Henson, J. Hawkins, N. Knapper, J. Mason, D. Brodie. J CHRIS CHAMPION Pres. Core. Sec.: JOANNE MASON Recording Sec.: MARTHA DORGAN V.P.: JIM WORST Treas.: JULIE HAWKINS 83 BILL MASK LL “HEAD” COACH FRONT ROW L toR: D. Coburn, R. Curry, D. Simon, T. VonEitzen, R. Lindsay, D. Overcamp, C. Maxson, M. Noora. 2nd ROW: J, Campbell, P, Bach, D. Oleary, C. Chase, R. Dunithan, M. Chapin, R. Mazur, L. Wager. 3rd ROW: C. Champion, J. Blake, M. Roe, G. Stringham, T. Guthrie, G. White, H. Gross. 4th ROW: L. Martin, M. Bolton, J. Worst, B. Roberts, R. Thomas, G. Franz, J. Jones. 5th ROW: M. Skid¬ more (Mgr.), Coach Forester, R. Daniels (Mgr.), M. Keast(Mgr.), Coach Maskill, Coach Fliss. RAMS TAKE 6th KVA TITLE 36 LEAGUE WINS IN A ROW Roberts scoring. 85 This season the Rams have captured their 6th KVA crown in a row by beating Fennville 56-6, Parchment 70-0, Mattawan 70-0, Bangor 46-6, Springfield 28-6, and Delton 38-0, ending their season with a 6-0 KVA record while compiling a 36 game winning streak in the conference. G-A scores again. VonEitzen breaking tackles. aeVSM- TSur — % TO A ,5 as ' fi s CO ' v fj e T 9 ITS 4 %„ L -fa? VK , . • T V 4 v i StV SenI " B . | 1 % ✓ , ROBERTS ay i tober 3s for Senior Capt. R. MAZUR M) score S-0 will into the seco fore the Rams expk ard run by Stringhj 14-0 midway in eriod. Then, in minutes of the 1 scored three times rd run by VonEita strikel from Mazur rnd an eight-yard ] ise to Champion, t halftime, ent rallied in od, the only lapse her defense being ard touchdown run archment drove to midway in the per nost serious Pantl [ MM Cl»|. The final period was a mp Senior H. GROSS j second quarter g f x ° e V ❖ W " 5 Martin scored twice, on runs 13 and three yards. Ch threw to Jones for 11 yards a touchdown, and Curry pici up his last-second tally. Coach Rill Mavlrill’c R a a k Senior M. ROE ? ■■ Mi v Senior G. WHITE it jSFvc Senior L. WAGAR A. k 4, g GC O) — " — ' g C --- a [)e Vo V „ wet, s ' 8 ? r nHftlU Senior J. WORST «, « ! ,pp S8 % p v . KaVa-Wever. d sWrg ugus« C , «to rt tootAb es. , rtt heait. ft b t c ° T:ndav 54 V ards ' attach a n n, Tl , s °° ? iss. -sTp s v and Crushing- ™ a ,, « ?.« « i " L s w e v sv ‘ Mk st»«s T 2, ? " I rv i " ' e „£S« ' ,ot 2t »? X s ? JJk Quar- Y ‘ s orid chatnp ' °r " toocM r, n t rom 4 s Maz ' iT ’ s version tuns f Ran _ an d two c °.L,y scortogV h- (V m 3BP , , « tb u.«-■ " 5 ; ?S 7 ■ 1 3f SrasS’ ihus 5 ot t 5, set — - s ‘ Tcup- ' N. ... ■°,„™ 1,|,RN f £S«« —« - f ra 2 S-yard away A SEE «• ft «- . AftnaV tu 0 S- ' ?fc " i; " ' » • ' " ••’ -r I a fl A to 4 SeniorC - CHAMPION r nn ° a ck rS l, v !Ti2 ° n - r ° r f a ,r h I ' fnJf y o Uf _N a, " 1 »; ' V ?; - 4 4° 5 jW °%%) V _ . 0 .W T Tt 5 ] C e ; , • «?«• 2V7 r si W ?r» What’s going on here? Key block for Marcy? BACK ROW L to R: Stan Cody, Gary Tolmacs, Bob Hinson, Mike Garrett, Randy Roth, Rick King. 2nd ROW: Alan Curtis, Gene Harry, Lon Shupp, Rick Tupper, Danny Thornes, John Manning. 3rd ROW: Jim Chapin, Mike Cutler, John Ranes, Terry Sootsman, Grant Breneman, Kevin Ostlund. 4th ROW: Coach Cramer, Coach Cox, Todd Blake, Gordon Book, Coach Livingston. COACH A. COX COACH B. MORGAN BACK ROW L to R: S. Kiewiet, D. Sootsman, A. Jones, J. Griffin, D. Bresson, R. Haase. 2nd ROW; S. Slager, R. Powell, H. Bowman, J. Srackangast, G. Knight, R. Towne. 3rd ROW; T. Guthrie, D. String ham, R. Musselman, S. Howes, D. Robbins, Coach Morgan. 89 BASKETBALL " Let ' s Go Get ' em " L. to R.: T. Hogg, J. Blake, T. Block, T. Guthrie, G. Franz, B. Roberts, C, Chase, J. Jones, C. German, T. Von Eitzen, M. Maxson. 90 BILL ROBERTS Center CARL GERMAN Guard 91 A ■ Jump Boys It ' s time for an upset! Looks Like Two! L. to R.: M. Garret, R. Roth, G. Tolmacs, S. Cody, A. Watts, J. Reese, A. Curtiss, D. Campbell, R. Haase, J. Chapin, Coach Maskill kneeling. JUNIOR VARSITY BACK ROW: Coach Morgan, D. Robins, J. Griffin, F. Jacobs, M. Coleman, J. Scrakangast, S. Kohl. FRONT ROW: D. Adams, R. Towne, R. Daniels, C. Whitman, M. Keast, R. Powell, J. Mussulman. 93 BACK ROW: D. Bresson, D. Simon, M. Roe, D, O ' Leary, R. Lindsay, H. Gross. FRONT ROW; D. Book, Book, D. Overcamp, S. Hill, B. Noora, K. Ostland, S. Howes. TOP: D. Elliot, D. Higgins. BOTTOM: M. Terberg, R. Valance, T. Molton. WRESTLING KVA CHAMPS! Pictured with Coach A1 Cox (Right) and assistant coaches Jim Sullivan and Carl Moss. 94 G-A WINS REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Regional Winners Tri-Captains TRACK STANDING: T. Blake, J. Groh, B. Roberts, T. Henson, R. Roth. KNEELING: S. Cody, K. Ostlund, B. Adkins, G. Book, G. Harry. FRONT ROW: Coach Maskill, D. Dentler, R. Mazur, W. Burns, S. Overkamp, E. Adkins. Up and over. Tom does the trick backwards. Come on, wire, break. GOLF Coach A. Forrester 98 Don’t just stand there, run! BASEBALL FRONT ROW L to R: J. Garrett, D, Meek. 2nd ROW; D. Adkins, J. McConnell, T. Wyman, V. Eldridge. 3rd ROW; Coach V. Cramer, W. Stoeffler, M. Garrett, D. Rediker, G. Stringham, S. Gray. 99 TENNIS L to R: Coach VanZandt, C. Chase, B. Underwood, M. Maxson, T. Hogg, J. Lindsay, R. Lindsay, B. Adkins, B. Schieber, J. Manning. D. Becker, Jaycee ' s Pres, and Chairman of the Galesburg Tennis Tournament, with Coach VanZandt. G-A ' s 1969 State Champion Tennis Players are 1 to r: Soph. Rick Lindsay, Senior John Lindsay, Jr. Carl Ger¬ man, and Senior Bob Under¬ wood. Caught in this candid shot is Carl German, only returning senior. 102 ADVERTISERS BELL’S BAKERY Compliments of Homemade Ice Cream Beer and Wine Take-out Galesburg VAN VRANKEN FARMS, INC. MOrris 5-9591 Compliments of BURGESS SEED AND PLANT CO. JIM KISSINGER’S GULF SERVICE Phone 665-7979 M-96 at Shafter Road Galesburg Michigan CLYDE VAN AVERY Galesburg, Michigan 49053 u STANDARD = OIL = u DealeR Compliments of FRANK’S BARBER SHOP Home Heating Oils Farm Petroleum Products 104 Congratulations to class of ' 70 TITUS CONSTRUCTION 12105 East Michigan Galesburg, Michigan 101 RANCH MOTEL New Modern Motel - Gas Heat Kitchenette Cottages - Day or Week Restaurant Beautiful Play Grounds Reservations Phone 665-7054 Just Off 1-94 1 Mile East of Galesburg, Michigan MOLLET’S MARKET Spartan Store Groceries - Meats MOrris 5-5161 Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 JOE’S MARATHON SERVICE 731-4692 Augusta Michigan ' ■ _ Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 GALESBURG LOCKER CO. 58 Mill Street Galesburg THE RGUS Your Hometown Newspaper 183 W. Battle Creek Galesburg, Michigan Phone 665-9543 Compliments of J. C. BRENEMAN M.D. I. R. WEISS M.D. Galesburg Clinic 105 Compliments of ninjinc EVAN’S FORD, INC. K al-Q ale P rinting SALES SERVICE 88 I lest Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan 49053 Fhone 665-7193 Congratulations Class of ' 70 ROBINSON’S 68 East Michigan 665-7015 Congratulations to the Class of 1 70 GALESBURG LAUN-DER-RITE INMAN ' S Phone 665-7992 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 70 Men ' s " Gifts Cosmetic s AUGUSTA MICHIGAN Greeting Cards Prescripti ons Accurate Prescription Expense Records Furnished for Tax and Insurance Purposes 400 E. Mich. Ave. 107 Compliments of Complete Vending Service GALESBURG AUTO SUPPLY Compliments of 119 East Michigan MO 5-8211 MO 5-7704 CANTEEN SERVICE GRANT’S CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Ill McCollum St. Open Nights Galesburg, Michigan Galesburg Michigan Best Wishes Compliments of the happy bank COLE’S CLOTHES OF DISTINCTION Downtown and Columbia Plaza the. Bank Sd T ' company of Kalamazoo LENORE’S BEAUTY SHOP 25 E. Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan Complete Beauty Services LENORE SHIRLEY and MARIAN 108 CAPS STEAK HOUSE of Galesburg Offers " Best Wishes to All G. A. Students. " LIL’S RECORD SHOPPE 11 North East Capital Records - Phonos - Radios - Guitars and Accessories WO 2-0800 Compliments of Compliments of AUGUSTA CLINIC GERALD D. RUTLEDGE, D. O. W. R. SPEERS, D. O. Congratulations to Class of ' 70 Augusta, Michigan Telephone 731-4171 HARDINGS FRIENDLY MARKET Galesburg, Michigan Everything in Food Suzuki Sales - Service - Parts - Accesories - Financing - Trades Welcome Call 345-1327 M M CYCLE SALES 755 Portage at Vine St. Upjohn Where research marks the path for tomorrow’s medicine Compliments of ROELOF DAIRY PETERS CONSTRUCTION CO. Excavating and Grading 3325 E. Kilgore Phones FI 5-2288 FI 5-8301 Galesburg, Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan 49002 Compliments of Compliments of DREAMER’S FURNITURE HOAG-SCHMITTS FUNERAL HOME Galesburg, Michigan Galesburg Climax Congratulations Class of ' 70 arch rcnway Home Style Cookies Qood rjTastel Congr-r-ratulations 70 GR-R-RADUATE Wherever you’re headed next—sic ’em, tiger! The folks at Kellogg’s know you’ll go gr-r-reat! a The best to you each morning PUBLISHED BY Sid 4 L»«y Smltli MCMBERi MIcHigo B Notlonol Attodefloii A voRIiIko Pvblltkort Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 1 1623 East Michigan Ave. Galesburg GALESBURG’S HOUSE OF Compliments of FLOORS SCHLUETER FUNERAL HOME Linoleum Tile Carpeting Galesburg, Michigan Augusta, Michigan Compliments of OVIATTS PHARMACY AND DALE SCHIEBER LIFE AND GENERAL GALESBURG CLINIC INSURANCE PHARMACY 95 Fullerton Galesburg, Michigan Drugs With a Reputation " Where You Are Welcome " Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 Ph. MO 5-4201 Galesburg, Michigan " Your Family Drugstore " COMSTOCK BEER SERVICE Complete Party Supplies 114 6086 E. Michigan Ave. STA - RITE Beauty Shop Augusta, Michigan 4901 2 GENE WIESE, Owner Phone 731-4741 Zenith Television - Radio - Stereo BOB MOORE TELEVISION Complete TV and Antenna Service 2922 Portage St. Phone 381-4215 Seven Different Stores to Serve You. Kalamazoo, Michigan • HOME • BUSINESS OVER 150 FIXTURES ON DISPLAY ffjlTJUNG • THOMAS • MOE FIXTURES VISIT OUR NEW CARPETED FIXTURE STUDIO Compliments of GARY’S BARBER SHOP Augusta, Michigan GALESBURG PIZZA PARLOR 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM Tues. Weds. Thurs. 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM Fri. Sat. 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sunday Closed Mondays Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 SON CUSTOM BUILDER €6-5-7776 66 - 58811 Compliments of ALLEN’S DRUG STORE 5922 King Highway Comstock, Michigan 116 Compliments of EDWARDS INDUSTRIAL SALES, INC. HILGEMAN’S MARKET " A Good Place to Shop for Food. " Open Sundays From 10:00 A. M. - 8:00 P. M. Comstock, Michigan Phone FI 5-2770 Compliments of Knappen MILLING CO. Augusta, Michigan Phone 731-3262 Knappen molasses co. Augusta, Michigan Phone REdwood 1-3262 Established 1929 Compliments of GALESBURG SHEET METAL Sheet Metal Heating 665-5461 Clothes for Men and Young Men Compliments of DON’S SUNOCO 1-94 and 35th Street, Galesburg, Michigan 126-130 N. Burdick Mall The Rambler Staff Acknowledges With Great Appreciation the Services of R. S. SUTULA STUDIO 296 1 2 South Main Street Elkhart, Indiana School Photographer Quality Pictures Outstanding Service " All the Little Extras " at No Extra Cost 117 Compliments Compliments of of COLLISON’S BAY VIEW SUPER MARKET 654 River Street on the Bay at Gull Lake Comstock, Michigan You don ' t have to be a Millionaire to own the Home of Your Dream with . . . AYLORED 5224 S. Westnedge Kalamazoo, Mich. 698 Capitol S. W. Battle Creek, Mich. Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 Giit Cirl i oif f i7i uln 1 ion s ! Your friends at Michigan Bell hope that the many years ahead are good to you. And whether you’re thinking of a career right now, or waiting until you ' ve com¬ pleted college, we are always interested in young people who would take pride and satisfaction in helping to bring our customers ever-improving telephone service. Michigan Beil Telephone Company An Equal Opportunity Employer HAA5£ j MASONRY I Oa TracT0 66-5 881 I 66 - 5-7776 119 EDGEWOOD ORCHARDS i Come pick your own apples Our refrigerated storage operates October through January k w MICHIGAN’S FINEST APPLES Retail Store at farm FARM • 3801 S. 36th STREET AT MN AVE - GALESBURG, MICHIGAN I 94 EXIT 85 • 1 MILE SOUTH • 1 MILE EAST • PHONE 665 7283 H. R. TERRYBERRY COMPANY Grand Rapids, Michigan Official Manufacturers of Galesburg-Augusta High School Rings " The Finest in Class Rings " THANKS . . . to All of Our Advertisers RAMBLER STAFF From the TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY TA ' ..booti An T v»o» 120

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