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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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7 966 Rambler Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan Seen Through The Windows Of G-A H.S. FOREWORD The 1966 Rambler Staff has looked through G-A ' s win¬ dows. This is what we ' ve seen: We have seen students planning together. We have seen our wrestlers have a winning season. We have seen the Class of 66 give a Prom. We have seen our Tel Tales make good. We have seen boys crowding into the kitchen for seconds. We have seen the Senior float improve each year. We have seen students enthusiastic about the juke box. We have seen K.V.A. Champs in action. We have seen chaos at the snack bar. We have liked what we ' ve seen and hope that you too will look through the windows of G-A. Barbara Eldridge Editor-in-Chief RAMBLER STAFF 1966 r Editor-Barbara Eldridge Business Manager - - Velma Wilson Advertising-Karen Hogg Circulation-Bill Lemmien Classes-Mary Kuiper Barbara Cox Betti Billiau Activities-Joan Livingston Margaret Patterson Verena Kuhnen Organizations-Sue Zalin Linda Cook Sports-Carl Newton Wayne Roelof Fred Mills Typists-Pat Titus Rexene Lockwood Nancy Smith Peggy Webster Sally Bishop Phillis Collard (Student) Arlene Reck Photographer-Bill Bastian Photography - - - - Sutula Studios Advisors-Mrs. Edwards Mrs. Yardley Junior Apprentices Jackie Adams Kathy LaCoss Cindy DeHaan Advertisements 89 Our Superintendent Since Mr. Coggins became Superintendent in 1959, G-A ' s enrollment has increased from 1,253 to 1505. Each year under Mr. Coggins ' guidance our school has steadily progressed. School Board BACK ROW: Mr. Shroyer, Mr. Van Sickler, Mr. Henson, Mr. Greene. FRONT ROW: Mr. Vetter, Mr. Van Vranken, Mr. Smith. 4 i • m k ' CJ’ Our Principal As Seen At Work And During Leisure Time To Members of the Class of 1966 .... My congratulations to each of you as you complete your high school education at Galesburg-Augusta. It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to work with you during this school year. I feel strongly that finishing high school should be considered a beginning rather than an ending. There¬ fore the term commencement rather than graduation should be most meaningful. As you receive your di¬ ploma, you will be entering the most important years of your life. Keep alive a real drive for learning and a desire to excel and you will find success. In the future each person will have to face failure. How you react to failure often determines the kind of future you will have. You will find that you will fall short of what you expect of yourself, as well as what others expect of you. But, although falling short, never falter or fall, but strive on to the goal--this is the measure of a man. In this increasingly competitive life and society, may God reward your persevering efforts with happi¬ ness and success. Kenneth W. Ward Principal A Clean School And A Well-Fed Student Body Is Our “Motto” Bus Drivers FIRST ROW: Mr. Boomershine, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Cramer, Mr. Piper, Mr. Morrison, SECOND ROW: Mr. McGinnis, Mr. Wagar, Mr. Fiest. LANGUAGES The purpose of our French program is to teach the five basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and understand¬ ing the language. This is accomplished by doing much oral work at the beginning of the course. Later on, more time is spent learning gram¬ mar. French culture, concerning the people, the places, and the customs of the country is also taught by using the media of records and filmstrips in conjunction with readings in the textbook. EVELYN JEAN COGGINS JUANITA L. EISENBERGER " Could I please have it " Minus 5 " quiet” SABINA JASIAK LILLY " O.K. . . . Tres Bien " " Devise, wit; write, pen; for I am for whole volumes in folio. " (Loves Labour ' s Lost: Mi) Book reports, themes, Shakespeare, Milton, Poe, verbs, upper¬ case, etc. These are some of the memories of English that the class of 1966 will carry with them.. As freshmen and sophomores they were required to study literature--remember Julius Caesar and David Cop- perfield? Or how about those grammar textbooks and tests? Becoming juniors and seniors enabled the ” ' 66 ' ers " to select from a variety of subjects. They could choose from American or English Literature, Shakespeare, The Novel, English III, Journalism and for the prospective collegian, College English. These junior and senior level courses reinforced the knowledge and concepts gained in the first years of English. American and English Literature gave the class of 1966 chrono¬ logical surveys of all of the literature by writers from the United States and England. The Novel and Shakespeare were special interest courses--do you recall what, Romeo, Romeo! wherefore are thou Ro¬ meo really means? Deadlines. DOMINIC D. COURT " Are there any questions or comments " ? VIRGINIA ANNE SISSON " Okay .... Briefly now " 8 SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The Special Education program in our high school serves not only those students in our school district, but those from Gull Lake, Climax-Scotts, and Comstock. The goals of the Special Education program are synonymous with those of the high school. The program includes the freshman through the senior years, culminating with graduation. Students served by the program participate in many of the extracurricular organizations and ath¬ letic activities. DAVID CLAYTON HANNA WILLIAM HENRY FIEST HELENE CAROLINE STAGER " Oh, where is my string? " " Etceters, etcetera. " I swear I don ' t know about you. " MATHEMATICS The mathematics program is designed for students interested in a four year mathematics p rogram and those desiring to fulfill a gradua¬ tion requirement of two years. The four year program consists of algebra, advanced algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry. The mathematics and science departments work to reinforce each other. Students are given a general background in science and mathe¬ matics so they can fill the requirements for college entrance in these fields and related areas. JAMES MEAD McNEIL " Come into my office. " JOHN H. WAGAR " Since I am such a nice guy. " 9 ART DEPARTMENT G-A has two types of Art Classes--Fine Arts and Arts and Crafts. In Fine Arts we do drawing and sketching in as many mediums as possible. We try to develop an appreciation for all of the arts in general, through study of pictures and displays of completed art work and various materials. In Arts and Crafts we plan and carry out prob¬ lems. Design is studied at the beginning of the course to help the student plan creatively and deco¬ rate his project. MARY COLETTE DORAN What is it? . . . Richard!” GEORGE W. DUNN " Don’t ask me. How am I supposed to know. ” MUSIC DEPARTMENT Our Music Department has offerings in both vocal and instrumen¬ tal areas. A Concert Band, Marching Band, and Chorus are offered to all interested and qualified students. In addition to these classes there is a Pep Band, selected by the director, and a Dance Band. These or¬ ganizations perform for numerous functions throughout the school year. HOME ECONOMICS The family is the most important influencing factor . . . there¬ fore, units studied center around developing this philosophy. Units covered are: Clothing Construction; Foods; Nutrition; Grooming; and Money Management. Highlights everyone will remember--a luncheon for the faculty; foreign foods; Frosty ' s Fashion Show; and " Planning a Wedding. ” IRENE ELIZABETH KING " Well, class.” SOCIAL SCIENCE In the field of social science our school offers: Civics, Geography, World History, American History, United States Govern¬ ment, and Inter-national Relations. Civics is a combination of citizenship and a preview of American Government. World History includes both ancient and modern history, teaching us to understand and appreciate the cultures of other nations. 66 seniors, do you remember that you 3hould do " right for right’s sake” and not do right simply because you fear the external consequences? If you do, you understand the purpose of the American Government class. American History-- " To make you aware; " Democracy is everyone ' s job, not our forefathers, the rich, the few, or a dic¬ tator’s--but YOURS. WESLEY RAY BURRELL GARY ALAN MORRISON " I will throw this in, " Ya, but-all right, no extra charge. " break! " BUSINESS EDUCATION " To Better Prepare Young Men and Women to Assume Responsibility and Accept Today ' s Business Challenges " is our goal Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Yardley, and Mr. Bunce direct 1:he Department of Business Education in the areas of preparation of general office, secretarial, and stenographic employees, as well as college preparatory background for college bound business students. Classes offered are: General Business Shorthand I,II, Office practice, Typing, Law, Bookkeeping I, Merchandising, and Economics. Cooperative Training in office and distributive areas is offered to qualified seniors. Mrs. Edwards coordinates the office trainees, and Mr. Bunce the distributive trainees. GUIDANCE THELMA JUNE EDWARDS " We are going to study the rules today. " The formal guidance program started in our high school in 1957. The counselor works with the students in the areas of educational guidance, vocational guidance, and personal counselling. Testing and test interpretation are also carried on through the guidance office. The guidance program attempts to help students answer questions such as: What subject should I take? Should I go to college? For what RICHARD G. BUNCE kind of job am I prepared and best suited? How can I get along better " Well, Uh.” with people? How can I do better in school? LIBRARY The purpose of the library is to provide materials that will enrich and support the curriculum as well as maintain a pleasant place to study. This is an instructional materials center which houses written works as well as audio-visual aids. ALVIN WAYNE BERGER " That type of guy.” MARIAN RUTH BURRELL " There are people in here trying to study. " II PHYSICAL EDUCATION GEORGE RUSSELL McGINNIS WILLIAM RAYMOND MASKILL " Rows land 2. " " Run! " The objectives of Boys Physical Education in high school is to increase the overall physical de¬ velopment of the body. Muscle tone, agility and co-ordination are stressed in activities. Competi¬ tion, sportsmanship and health training are further emphasized. The purpose of Girl’s Physical Education is to help students grow and develop into the kind of citizens this country needs, not only physically, but also mentally, socially, and emotionally. Classes provide situations to keep girls physically fit, achieve confidence in themselves, express themselves in creative activities, and to have wholesome fun. VIRGINIA THERESE WINTER " Gitfs! " SCIENCE The science program is divided into two areas--natural and phy¬ sical. Students begin with general science as an introduction to all areas. It can be followed by biology, advanced biology, chemistry, and physics. This allows the student a better understanding of his environ ment and the laws governing these relationships. The student has a laboratoiy experience in all areas, as well as the mathematics concepts that relate to the laws involved. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The Industrial Education Department is divided into three areas: Drafting, woods, metals. This year, for the first time, we are of¬ fering two years of drafting and architec¬ tural drafting. Machine Woodworking and Furniture Construction are taught in the well-equipped woodworking shop. The metal shop offers several areas of interest to the student who is curious about •the many trades and processes of the world of industry. Many find satisfaction working in the areas of foundry, forging, machine shop welding, or sheet metal. VERNON W. CRAMER " When I was your age. " 12 ROGER EDWIN BOOMERSHINE " Uh... You all have something to do. Night Classes Faculty Bowling Teams 13 SENIORS National j Honor Society This year seventeen members were inducted into the G-A Chapter of the National Honor Society. They were chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the school. The new members include Debbie Epp- stein, Barbara Cox, Ruth Brininstool, Sharon Brackney Karen Hogg, Barbara Eldridge, Joan Livingston, Bob Dirkse, Sue Zahn, Velma Wilson, Mary Kuiper, Ken Mazur, Charlene Vukovich, Ted Chaf¬ fee, Barbara Taylor, Carl Newton, and Carol Chaffee. Senior Class Officers S. Zahn J. Brinninstool D. Eppstein B. Eldridge V. Pres. President Treas. Sec ' y Advisors: R. Boomershine, H. Steger 16 Senior Honors Valedictorian This year ' s Valedictorian is Deborah Ann Epp- stein. Debbie, who has achieved a 4.00 average, has been very active in school organizations and activities. She is currently a member of the Kala¬ mazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra. Her other in¬ terests include serving, cooking, swimming, and playing the piano. In the fall, she is going to at¬ tend Oberlin College, majoring in math and science. Salutatorian Barbara Jean Cox is this year ' s Salutatorian. Bar¬ bara has maintained a 3. 89 average during her four years of high school study. She has also participated in many extracurricular activities. Barbara, who has taught piano for four years, also enjoys cooking, archery, horse back riding and reading. After grad¬ uation she plans to attend Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas, majoring in language and music. Her future aim is a career in music or linquistics. DAR This year ' s D. A. R. pilgrim is Ruth Ann Brinin- stool. Ruth was chosen by the senior girls and a faculty committee on the basis of leadership, de¬ pendability, service, and patriotism. Ruth has been very active in extracurricular activities. Her hob¬ bies include reading, meeting people, baby sitting, and sports. After graduation, Ruth plans to attend Central Michigan University and study for a career in teaching. 17 BILLIE JO ARMSTRONG Short . . big eyes . , friendly. GAA 1. WILLIAM EDWARD BASTIAN Photo-bug . . science. Yearbook Staff 4. 8 RICHARD STEVEN BANKS Cars . . likes to draw . . funny. BETTY JO BILLIAU Enthusiastic. Pep Club 1,2,3; AFS 4; FTA 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 4; Pep Band 1,2,3, 4. TERRENCE LEE BARRETT Eyes . . neat clothes. Varsity Club 2,3; JV Football 2; JV Wres¬ tling 2; Track 1,2,4. ETTA ROSANNA BIRD Eyes . . good sense of humor. SARA ANN BISHOP Personality . . Charm Bracelet. Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1, 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3 - Secretary- Treasurer; Yearbook Staff 4; Con¬ cessionaires 1; Varsity Cheerleader 3; JV Cheerleader 2; Office Co-op 4; Rampages 3; Student Council VP 4. DAVID DE WAYNE BLODGETT Model cars . . baseball. District Co-op 4; Bowling 1,2,3. JAMES VAUGHN BRININSTOOL Determination . . very friendly. AFS 4; Science Club 4; Varsity Cluh.2,3,4 - President; Class President 4; Class Treasurer 2; Student Council Rep. 3; Varsity Football 3,4; JV Football 1,2 - Co-Captain; Track 1,2,3,4; Var sity Wrestling 1,2. RUTH ANN BRININSTOOL Always smiling . . sweet. Com¬ mercial Club 3,4 - Secretary; FT A 2 - Secretary, 3 - Secretary, 4 - President; Varsity Cheerleader 2,3; JV Cheerleader 1; Cadet Teacher 4; Class President 2; Stu¬ dent Council Rep. 1. SHARON LOUISE BRACKNEY Friendly . . smart . . poised. FNA 1,2; FTA 4; Band 1,2; Dance Band 2; Pep Band 2; Cadet Teach¬ er 4; Student Council Rep. 2. MARGARET ANN CAMBURN Studious . . rocks . . ”777. " GAA 1.2,3,4. 19 CHERYL ANN CARPENTER Guitar . . Bruce . . witty. Com¬ mercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club ' ll,3; Concessionaires 1; Forensics 1; Office Co-op 4; Rampages 3. STEVEN PAUL CARPENTER Statistician . . sports writer. Ca¬ det Teacher 4; Rampages 3,4; Var¬ sity Football Manager 4; JV Bas¬ ketball Manager 3; Baseball Man¬ ager 3,4; Track Manager 3,4; Wrestling Manager 4; Golf 3. EDMUND NOEL CHAFFEE Very friendly . . witty. Transfer from Otsego; Band 4; Pep Band 4; Track 4; Wrestling 4. 20 PHILLIS MARGENE COLLARD Pretty clothes . . Barracuda. Commercial Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3 - Vice President; Yearbook Staff 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3; JV Cheerleader 2; Forensics 1; Office Co-op 4; Rampages 3; Spring Play 1,2; Fall Play 4; Student Council Rep. 1. GEORGIA CAROL CHAFFEE Petite . . good school spirit. Transfer from Otsego; GAA 4; Band 4. MARDITH JUNE COLVIN Green pick-up . . Keith. LINDA GAIL COOK Dramatics . . tall . laughing. Commercial Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Y Teens 2,3; Office Co-op 4; Ram pages 3; Spring Play 2,3. MAXINE IRENE COX Saxophone . . non-conformist. GA. ,2,3, Vice President 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 4. BARBARA JEAN COX Witty . . music . . hard worker. GAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; French Club 1,2,4; AFS 2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 4; Fall Play 1. LINDA DIANE CRUMMEL Friendly . . good personality. Pep Club 1,2,3; Future Homemakers 1,2 - Vice President 3; Conces¬ sionaires 3,4; Y-Teens 3,4; Cho¬ rus 2,3,4. JAMES LEONARD CURTIS Melonie . . funny . . short. Cho¬ rus 1; Fall Play 3; Varsity Basket¬ ball 4; JV Football 3; JV Co-Cap- tain Basketball 3; Varsity Track 4. 21 RANDEL LEE DANIEL Ping-pong . . friendly. DAVID PAUL DIET ERMA N Agriculture . . sense of humor. Band 1,2; Dance Band 1,2; Band 1 , 2 . ROBERT DALE DIRKSE Co-Captain . . friendly . . cars. Varsity Club 2,3,4; Class President 3; Varsity Football 2,3,4 - Co- Captain; JV Football 1; Track 2,3; Varsity Wrestling 2; JV Wrestling 1. LINDA SUE DUNITHAN Dick . . track medal . . quiet. FT A 4; Library Club 4 - Historian; Y-Teens 1; Cadet Teacher 4. 1,2,3,4; FHA 1; Bowling 3. MANFRED RUDOLF DOERFER Football . . Volkswagen . . glasses. Varsity Club 2,3,4; Var¬ sity Football 2,3,4; JV Football 1; Track 1,3; Varsity Wrestling 2,3 - Captain 4; Captain; JV Wrestling 1. MARLENE JOYCE DROBNY " Howdy " . . white Falcon. GAA 22 DAVID EUGENE DUNMIRE Baseball, funny, brown eyes. Var¬ sity Baseball, 3. DEBORAH ANN EPPSTEIN Petite, smart, talented. GAA 1, 2,3, Treasurer 4; AFS2,3, Presi¬ dent 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Fu¬ ture Teachers 4, Vice-President 4; Science Club 3,4, President 4, Re¬ porter 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Cadet Teacher 4; Fall Play 1; Class Treasurer 4. RICHARD J. ELDRED Funny, good kicker, ”44.” Var¬ sity Club 4; Varsity Football 3,4; JV 2; JV Basketball 3; Varsity Base ball 3,4; Varsity Track 2. BARBARA ANN ELDRIDGE Lots of clothes, active. French Club 1,2,3,4; AFS 3,4; Future Teachers 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Year¬ book Staff Editor 4; Fall Play 1,2, 3,4; Class Secretary 4. DANA R. FRYE Mustang, hy, tennis. JV Football 1,2; JV Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Tennis 1,2, 3,4. 23 MARSEILLE LEE JO GALE Cute . . nice clothes . . Mike. GAA 1,2,3; Library Club 3,4; Vice President. JUDITY ANN GARRET Cars . . boys . . parties. Pep Club; GHA 1,2. BRANDT LEE GETTYS Trombone . . good school spirit. French Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4 - Assistant Vice-President; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Rampages 3; Varsity Wrestling 1; JV Wrestling 2,3,4. ROBERTA JANE GREENE Nice clothes . . slender . . boys. Pep Club 1; FHA 1,2. WILLIAM FREDERICK GOULD Clarinet . . jokes . . loves Por¬ tage. Transfer from Portage; Band 4. JAMES RAFFLES HARMAR English accent . . grin. Transfer from Newberry; Varsity Club 4; Fall Play 4; Track 4. TERRY LEE HOPKINS Chevy . . pop . . brown eyes. JV Football 1. KATHERINE M. HENDERSHOT Friendly . . pretty eyes. GAA 1, 2,4; FHA 3; Band 1,2,4; Chorus 2,3. JEFFERY DAVID JENNINGS " Bong” . . sports . . blond hair. Varsity Club 4; Rampages 4; Spring Play 3,4; Fall Play 4; Varsity Foot¬ ball 4; JV Football 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; JV Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4. KAREN ELIZABETH HOGG Verena ' s sister . . soft voice. GAA 1,2,3,4 - President; French Club 1,2,3,4 - President; AFS2.3 - Secretary 4; Science Club 3 - Treasurer 4, Vice President; Year¬ book Staff 3,4; Senior Play 1; Class Secretary 3; Student Council Rep. 4; Homecoming Court 4. CHARLES PAUL KING T-Bird . . Priscilla. Rampages 4; JV Football 1,2. 25 VERENA KUHNEN Our AFS student from Germany . . loves photography . . full of pep. GAA 4; French Club 4; AFS 4; Future Teachers 4; Science Club Historian 4; Band 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Spring Play 4; Commercial Club 4. JOAN MARIE LIVINGSTON Witty . . attractive . . friendly. Commercial Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers 2, 3, Secretary 4; Library Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Cadet Teacher 4; Class Treasurer 1. 26 MARY ELLEN KUIPER Pretty . . blue eyes . . industrious. GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1; French Club 1,2,4; AFS 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4. REXENE GAIL LOCKWOOD Denny . . pretty eyes . . neat clothes. Commercial Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Future Home¬ makers 1,3,4, Treasurer 2; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Concessionaires 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3; Office Co-op 4. WILLIAM VERNON LEMMEIN Forestry . . shy . . tennis. Year¬ book Staff 4; Basketball, JV 2; Baseball, Varsity 3,4; Tennis, Var sity 1,2,3,4. KENNETH LYLE MAZUR Co-captain . . Ruth . . Touch¬ downs. Varsity Club 1,2,3, Vice President 4; Track Club President 3,4; Football Varsity 2,3, Co- Captain 4; JV 1; Varsity Track 1, 2, Captain 3,4; Varsity Wrestling 1 . 2 . BARBARA JEAN McCONNELL Transfer from Kellogg . . real quiet. MICHAEL JOHN McNETT Marsillie . . eyes . . smile. Co¬ op 4; Football JV 2; Varsity 3; Wrestling, JV 2; Golf 3,4. THOMAS WAYNE MEADOWS Track star . . friendly . . nice. Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Track Club 4; Track, Varsity 2, 3,4. BARBARA ELLA MILLER Charlie ' s . . parties . . frosted hair. Commercial Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Future Homema¬ kers 1,2; Concessionaires 2; Y- Teens 2,3; Chorus 2,3,4; Co-op 4; Rampages 3. LINDA DOREEN MILLER Friendly . . pretty smile. GAA 1, 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Future Home¬ makers 2,3; Y-Teens 3; Chorus 4. FREDRICK MORRISON MILLS Sharp dresser . . athletic. Year¬ book Staff 4; Varsity Club 1,2,3, 4; Rampages 4; Spring Play 3; Var¬ sity Football 3,4; JV 2; Basketball, Varsity 2,3,4; JV 1; Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2; Tennis 1,2,3,4. THOMAS SIDNEY MOLLET Parties . . ties . . potato chips. Future Teachers 4; Science Club 3,4; Cadet Teacher 4; JV Football 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; JV Bas¬ ketball 1,2; Track 3,4. JANICE DAWN MUSSULMAN Lots of clothes . . neat coiffures. Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2; Dance Band 1,2; Pep Band 1; Varsity Cheerleader 3; JV Cheerleader 2; Twirler 1,2; Rampages 4, Co-op. CARL ALLEN NEWTON Steph . . school spirit. Band 1,2, 3,4, President and Student Con¬ ductor; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Baseball 1; Wrestling 1. MARGARET FAYE PATTERSON Nice figure . . sv eet voice. Com¬ mercial Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Co-op 4; Class Secretary 1; Homecoming Court 1. • RICHARD IRA NASH Baseball . . model cars. Year¬ book Staff 3; District Co-op 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4. DAVID GORDON PIERMAN Nice smile . . coronet. French Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. 28 THERESA JEAN PIPER Dave . . wedding bells ahead. Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1, 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Future Nurses 1; District Co-op 4; Bowling 1,2. DIXIE MAE RIUMVELD Dimples . . office girl . . cute. Pep Club 1,2,3; Future Nurses 1, 2,3,4; Concessionaires 1,2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; Co-op 4. ARLENE JANE RECK Pierced ears. Commercial Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Band 1; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Y-Teens 2; Co-op 4; Rampages 3; Fall Play 2. ALAN MARTIN SHAFER Eagle Scout . . quiet . . nice. JV Football 1. WAYNE JOHN ROELOF Sharp clothes . . dairy. Future Teachers 4; Science Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Varsity Club 1, 2,3,4; Cadet Teacher 4; Class Vice President 2; Student Council Rep. 1,3; JV Football 2; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Track 1; Tennis 2,3,4. JOAN THOMAS A SMITH Office girl . . thoughtful. Com¬ mercial Club 3,4; GAA 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Science Club 2,3; Co¬ op 4; FHA 2,3. 29 NANCY JO SMITH Wayne . . full of life. Commer¬ cial Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; GAA 1,2, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer 2; Pep Club 1,2,3, President 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Varsity Cheerleader 2,3; JV Cheerleader 1; Co-op 4; Ram¬ pages 3; Class Vice President 1; Class Secretary 2. DENNIS S. TASSEL Ford . . quiet . . smiles. JV Foot ball 1,2. DENISE KAY SNYDER Petite . . full of humor. GAA 1, 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; FHA 1, 2,3,4; Library Club 1,2,3,4; Cho¬ rus 1,2,3,4. BARBARA JEANNE TAYLOR Sincere . . music . . good worker. Pep Club 2; French Club 1; FTA 4; Band 1,2,3, Secretary 4,3; Dance Band 2; Pep Band 1; Library Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Y-Teens 2. 30 SUSAN KAY SOUTHWOOD Don . . cool wardrobe. Commer¬ cial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Concessionaires 1,2; Rampages 4. ROXY ANNE THOMAS Bill . . enthusiastic. GAA 1; AFS 1 . PATRICIA ANN TITUS Neat clothes . . nice smile. Com¬ mercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Concessionaires 1; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 3; JV Cheerleader 2; Office Co-op 4. ROBERT DAVID TORREY Likes cars . . quiet. GEORGE EDWARD TSCHUPP Wild monsters . . non-conformist. Varsity Football 4; Varsity Basket¬ ball 3. CORNEILUS VANDE WOWER Dutch . . good worker . . quiet. JV Football 1,2. GREGORY ROSS TOWNSEND Tennis . . class-tease. Science Club 4; Tennis 2,3,4. w CHARLENE KAY VUKOVICH Sweet . . cute girl . . friendly. Future Nurses 1,2; Band 1,2; Pep Band 2; Twirier 1,2. 31 f 4 LUCINDA DARLENE WABER Short . . lively . . efficient work¬ er. Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,4; Pep Club 1; Future Home¬ makers 1,2. GEORGE EARL WALLER Motor bike . . teases Mr. Wagar. 32 LA VERNE THOMAS WABER Dependable worker . . nice guy. GARY LEE WALTZ WKFR . . science fiction. U.N. Club 3,4; Library Club 3,4; MUNA 3; Rampages 4. JOAN ARLENE WAGNER Quiet . . neat dresser . . sweet. Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1, 2,3,4, Secretary. LINDA KAY WARSOP Sweet . . poised . . friendly. GAA 2,3,4; Future Nurses 2,3,4, Treasurer and President; Y-Teens 2,3,4, Treasurer and President. RUTH MARIE WATTS Sports enthusiast, Snack Bar. GAA 1,2,3,4; FHA 1; District Co-op 4; Bowling 3. PEGGY LEE WEBSTER Ray . . laughs and smiles . . " Peg.” Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; FNA 1; Library Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Office Co-op 4. RONALD H. WEHNER Quiet . . Barracuda. DENNIS LAURIN WHEAT Big words, Cliches . . " 85.” AFS 2,3,4; FT A 3,4; Varsity Club 4; Cadet Teacher 4; Varsity Football 4; JV Football 3; Track 2,3; JV Wrestling 1; Rampages 4; Class Vice President 3; Student Council Rep. 4. VELMA LEE WILSON Tootie . . friendly . . quiet. Commercial Club 2,3,4; GAA 1, 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; AFS 1,2; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Office Co-op4. MARC JAY WORST Serious . . eyes . . dancer. JV Football 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3; Baseball 3,4; Track 1; Varsity Wrestling 2; JV Wrestling 1. 33 SUSANNE JEAN ZAHN Good seamstress.. pretty G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Fr. Club 1,2; A.F.S. 2,3 - Treas. 4; F. T. A. 4; Sci. Club 3; Ann ' l Staff 3,4; Cat. Teach¬ er 4; Class Vice-Pres. 4;Class Treas. 3; Homecoming Court 3. NOT PICTURED LINDA .BEATRICE BARKAR JUDY ANNA SLAG A — ' 4 7riday p €CI» out 39 40 Homecoming Events W • ds G-A High Presents Night Must Fall Cadet Teachers 9th Grade English s. BRACKNEY 10th Grade English J. LIVINGSTON Gym R. BRININSTOOL, T. MOLLET, D. WHEAT Science W. ROELOF Gym That Was The Ye k Boy Am I Hungry! Cake! After School 46 Get Off My Cloud or That Was Coffee, Tea or Punch? Let ' s Dance 47 Mr. Ward - Advisor M. Brininstool, R. Maxson, FIRST ROW: G. Romig, J. Maskill, C. DeHaan. SECOND ROW: K. Hogg. C. Flook, D. Wheat. THIRD ROW: S. Bishop, R. Hawkens, B. Maskill, J. Gladyzs. Student Council Takes On New Responsibilities 0 Accomplishments this year have been: provision of a juke box in the cafe- torium; creation of a chess club; sponsorship of homecoming activities; continuation of the Christmas formal; student council exchange day; repair and bringing up to date the school pennants in the gymnasium; operation ot the concession stand for football and basketball games; and the sponsorship of the assembly programs throughout the year. We hope to continue to operate within the framework of our constitution, and act as a liaison agency in regards to school activities and pro¬ grams. R. Maxson - President S. Bishop - V. Pres. M. Brininstool - Sec’y General Meeting SEATED: J. Livingston, K. Hogg, W. Roelof, V. Kuhnen, L. Cook, STANDING: S. Zahn, F. Mills, B. Bastian, C. Newton, Advisor: Mrs. Edwards, Asst. Advisor: Mrs. Yardley STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER B. Bastian AH CIRCULATION, ADVERTISING AND BUSINESS MGR. K Hogg, B. Lemmien, V. Wilson. L TYPISTS S. Bishop, A. Reck, | P. Webster We Edit Our “The Biggest ' AJr m =■ AC CLASSES EDITORS B. Cox, B. Billiau, M. Kuiper. ■1 r, Lockwood, P. Titus, p. Collaid. Annual Rambler Yet” To preserve those precious high school memories was our aim--it meant many hours of hard work, but fun at those " after hours " ses¬ sions. EDITOR Barb Eldridge SEATED: V. Kuhnen, J. Livingston STANDING: F. Mills, D. Dieterman Office Co-ops 9 v P. Webster Co-op trainees spend half their day in offices preparing for the business world and half their day in school, thus emerging as full-fledged of¬ fice-workers. Science Club The Science Club now in its sec¬ ond year, has more than doubled in membership. The club organizes trips to places of scientific interests and invites scientists as guest speak¬ ers. Mr. McGinnis, Adv., J. Brininstool, B. Maskill, T. Mollet, D. Bower, G. Townsend, M. Brininstool, D. Eppstein, W. Roelof, R. Waybrant, B. Eldridge, J. Towne, L. Eppstein, J. Tewne, K. Hogg, V. Kuhnen, R. Hawkin, D. Shave, R. Coville, F. Cox, J. Oviatt, A. Hocking, R. LaCoss, J. 52 Gladyz A.F.S. Band Der Freundschaft " Walk together talk together, o ye people of the earth; then and only then, shall ye have peace. ' This is the motto of the nationwide A.F.S. organization. In hope of reaching this goal, the G-A com¬ munity, through the G-A A.F.S. chapter has hosted students from three continents to shape in its ev¬ eryday American life. Karen and Verena 4th ROW: B. Cox, J. Trujillo, J. Brininstool, D. Pratt, M. Kuiper, D. Wheat, R. Hawkens, M. Gott, E. Wagar. 3rd ROW: B. Binns, S. Lounsbery, S. Titus, M. Mendenhall, P. Miner, L. Reynolds, C. DeHaan, S. Zahn, R. Haase, A. Vindedahl. 2nd ROW: J. Henson, J. Kellay, L. Eppstein, B. Billiau, V. Kuhnen, J. Maskill, J. Way- brant, K. Hogg, B. Eldridge, E. Lancaster. 1st ROW: G. Long, M. Blake, K. Eldridge, G. Romig, J. Hilton, R. Waybrant, S. Booth, J. Hogg. Here Lnment for the Council has i s now in the c eu at a minimi amount made etween the corr he Student Cou remain as lor treated propc P ged every other at Advisor Mrs. Eisenberger Records may played for IOC apiece or 5 for a qi You, as a member of the studer may pick the songs you would lj to hear on the new Juke Box. The student council is inte kno amo has pose taped to the " Swing Tin Recorc’ - 12;00 to y°u hear this statement, you are in or near the _____ Journalism room. Publishing the Rampages at G-A m every two weeks is no easy task. After spending sev eral days in the class room writing and re-writing, ■ m W reporters must stay after school to get the copy ready for the printer. This year Rampages is achieving its Sue Southwood; Pat Eastman; Wendy Tschupp; Mary Drob- ; ht nev; Mamie Stillwell Get To Work, Please! i an i - .ookl Comstock; Gayle Ro mig, Mattawan; Mar G-A goal—to keep the student body informed about G-A. en ' C - .O ' A mber 5, downing Bangor perfect KVA season er and unners ouchdowns ut. Ken AMS, G-A, on run. r ' s ' ° Mazur own passes c ards arc ame back row : Pam Groat f f Judy Jenner 0 j Pat Eastman ( Sallie Van- nal Aver y FRONT ROW: Tom Curtis Gary Little Kathy Wheat Sue Summers Steve Carpenter SEATED (R) n ? | d “ % ( Chuck King Richard Banks Jeff Jennings Box Maxson Ken Mazur wf i o, for G-A, 10°°. j - one on a 7 - G « and 2 £ .oH S. Campbell, President; J. Henson, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Burrell, Advisor; M. Gale, Vice-President, SEATED: M. Stillwell, L. Van Dyke, D. Snyder, B. Taylor, J. Livingston, STANDING: M. Drob- ny, N. Maile, L. Echtinaw, V. Kuhnen, G. Waltz, B. Bastin Library Club French Club The French Club’s objective is to improve the relations between the American and French people. Our activities thus far are attending French plays at the universities, parties, and an annual dance. Mrs. Lily, Advisor, S. Lounsbery, R. Haase, c. DeHaan, L. Reynolds, M. Kuiper, E. Wager, S. Haines, S. Van Dyke, B. Cox, S. Titus, M. Brininstool, M. Pratt, K. El- drige, J. Smith, J. Hensen, P. Miner, SECOND ROW: J. Waybrant, V. Kuhnen, K. Hogg, S. Thompson, L. Kirkland, B. Reynolds, A. Vindedahl, B. Eldrige, L. Eppstein, S. Overkamp, B. Verwey, S. Hollanbaugh, THIRD ROW: D. Eppstein, J. Hilton, R. Waybrant, S. Sieting, C. Whitehurst, N. Maile. J. Gladysz, K. Carpenter BACK ROW: Mr. Dunn; G. Long; K. LaCoss; J. Kelly; P. Myers; T. Meadows; C. Whitehurst; J. Gladyss; B. Sherrill; J. Abbott; R. Hasse; BACK ROW SEATED: E. Lancaster; H. Pierman; M. Tassell; D. Dentler; D. Scott; J. Craven; B. Getteys; L. Adams; S. VanAvery, T. Watson; D. Pierman; T. Farrow; J. Camburn; R. Smith; D. Brady; T. Chaffee; S. Lounsberry; MIDDLE ROW: B. Gould; H. Roelof; L. Whitehurst; B. Billiau; L. Couburn; C. Newton; M. Cox; S. Cieting; B. Cox; Cindi DeHaan; FRONT ROW: C. Chaffee; M. Cutler; B. Taylor; L. Zahn; B. Eldridge; J. Hilton; D. Shafter Majorettes: Cindi DeHaan; Kathy LaCoss Georgia Long; Beth Hoyt Hi-Liters The band has been active in a varied program of instrumental music this past year. We performed at Band Day at W.M.U. and at four of the five home football games. In the District Marching Festival at Vicksburg the marching band earned a high honor—a II division rating. The concert band presented three con¬ certs; competed in the District Band and Orchestra Festival; and was well represented at the Solo and Ensemble Festival. An " Honors " Pep Band was organized; and also reactivated was the school dance band, the " Highliters " . STANDING: C. Whitehurst, R. Reck. BACK ROW: L. Adams, S. VanAvery, D. Brady, D. Pierman, T. Chaffee, S. Louns- bery. FIRST ROW: B. Taylor, P. Miner, M. Cox, C. New¬ ton, M. Cutler. C. DeHaan. 57 The goal of the Commercial Club is twofold; to further a member’s education in the business world, also to strengthen one socially. Along with our extra activities and regular meetings of clerical learning; we hold an annual Com¬ mercial Club banquet where new members are initiated. Two parties are held each year, for members only, strictly as a leisurely get-to¬ gether. K. LaCoss, V. Kehnen, S. Bishop, W. Tschupp, L. Whitehurst, J. Livingston, D. Mussulman, S. Carpenter, P. Titus, T. Piper, C. Waber, Of¬ ficers: A. Reck, Treas.; R. Brininstool, Sec.; J. Adams, Vice-Pres.; and Nancy Smith, Pres. K. Wheat, S. Southwood, J. Wagner, M. Patterson, P. Eastman, S. Summers, H. Tassell, SEATED: L. Cook, M. Stearns, J. Smith, R. Webster. Absent from pictures: Phillis Collard, B. Miller, J. Slaga, J. Smith, P. Webster, and V. Wilson. 58 S. Bastin, S. Titus, D. McConnel, D. Gormley, K. Miner, C. Rogers, C. Smith, B. Taylor, S. Hollanbaugh, J. Verway, S. Schieber, G. Romig, M. Price, S. Smothers. G.A.A. Mrs. Winter Advisor K. Hogg President J. Wagner Secretary M. Cox Vice-President FIRST ROW: H. Harmar, C. Chaffee, S. Campbell, N. Bonner, M. Blake, M. Tschupp, K. Eldridge, S. Booth, J. Henson. SECOND ROW: J. Hilton, L. Echti- naw, S. Curtiss, J. Smith, B. Verway, S. Seiting, K. Carpenter, C. Waber, B. Cody, M. Wilcox. THIRD ROW: P. Carpenter, J. Adams, B. Cox, J. Waybrant, K. Walker, R. Blodgett, L. Kepler, M. Camburn, M. Prechel, B. Abbott. FOURTH ROW: V. Kuhnen, D. Vaughn, S. Nichols, P. Eastman, L. Eppstein, M. Pratt. B. Reynolds, J. Waybrant, K. Pierman, D. Morrison, W. Tschupp, D. Snyder. FIFTH ROW: S. Kepler, M. Stillwell, J. Kellay, G. Romig, S. Van Avery, A. Vindedahl, J, Maskill, L. Zahn, S. Summers, M. Drobny, J. Sootsman, L. Wagner. SIXTH ROW: S. Lounsbery, R. Haase, P. Miner, M. Davis, M. Mendenhall, P. Emmons, C. DeHaan, K. Hendershot, L. Reynolds, S. Titus, M. Brininstool. SEVENTH ROW: C. Henson, L. VanDyke, G. Rosborough, S. Tolmacs, S. Haines, V. Mc¬ Gowan, S. VanDyke, L. Warsop, S. Bastin, J. Smith, M. Garrett. D. Eppstein Treasurer Varsity Club Mr. Maskill Advisor Jim Brininstool President £ K. Mazur Vice-President R. Maxson Secretary B. Maskill Treasurer FIRST ROW: B. Maskill, K. Mazur, J. Harmar, J. Brininstool, E. Loveland, Mr. Maskill, SECOND ROW: F. Millsd M. Car¬ penter, B. Dirkse, D. Brady, J. Jennings, F. Doerfer, R. Eldred, THIRD ROW: S. Smith, W. Roelof, F. Cox, R. Maxson, B. Blake, R. Reck 59 CheerleadersgPromote Spirit S. Summers, G. Romig, M. Brininstool, S. Titus, R. Haase, L. Eppstein New Clubs Arouse Interest At G-A G-A Y-Teen Club girls belong to the largest Christian women ' s organization in the world - the Y. W. C. A. Purposes of Y-Teens are to build fellowship, to grow as a person, to grow in friendship with peo¬ ple of all races, religions, and nationalities and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. We accomplish this by community service projects, by fun nights at the " Y " , by participating in our local club activities as well as the activities with other Y-Teen groups at the Y. W.C. A. in Kalamazoo. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Nichols, K. Carpenter, M. Wilcox, S. Curtis, D. Ruimveld, J. Hilton, D. Dillon, S. Scheiber, D. McConnell, M. Scheiber, J. Maskill, Y. Goosetree, S. Eberhard, L. Warsop, C. Smith, M. Mendenhall, L. Rushmore, D. Gorm- ley, B. Taylor, S. Lounsbery, J. Simms, B. McConnell, D. Vaughn, P. Carpenter, H. Piermam, B. Verway, K. Eldridge, J. Verway. Mrs. Lounsbery; Advisor Track BACK ROW: J. Townes, F. Cox, J. Brin- instool, J. Harmer, T. Meadows. MIDDLE ROW: S. Smith, K. Mazur, B. Row, R. Hawkins, B. Reck, B. Hinsley, FRONT ROW: B. Maskill, T. Dieterman, R. Max- son, M. Carpenter BACK ROW: J. Lindsay, S. Overcamp, D. Thomas, G. White, M. Ruinveld, J. Abbott, W. Burns, D. Bower, J. Lovens. FRONT ROW: D. Damato, J. Gladysz, R. Smith, T. Mabbot, B. Taylor, J. Groh. 61 Thanks To Student Reporting . . . G-A is in the limelight more than ever this year. Not only are school activities publicized in the Gales¬ burg-Augusta area, but they are also publicized else¬ where. Representatives pictured on this page parti¬ cipate in radio programs offered by Keener of Battle Creek and WKN1I of Kalamazoo. In addition to hav¬ ing two representatives report on school activities for the Gazette Teen Page, one student reports for a new Teen column in the Argus. Not pictured but now writing professionally for the Kalamazoo Gazette is Steve Carpenter, a senior. Left to right: M. Cutler, C. Vuckovich, G. Waltz, C. DeHaan, B. Maxson, G. Long, J. Jenner, and L. Griffen The Student Council raises funds through its concession stands during the football and basketball home games. To operate the concession stands, eight to ten volunteers each year will work one-half of each game. The volunteers are chosen in October on the basis of previous experience, personality, punctuality, honesty, and appearance. They are not paid for their services, how¬ ever, they meet new friends, do a service for the Student Council and school, and get sales experience. Concessionaire Left to right: J. Lindsay, M. Tschupp, M. Ruinveld, P. Eastman, K. Walker, Mr. Fiest, R. Blodgett, J. Hilton, R. LaCoss, and L. Kirklin. New Addition To Cooperative Training Program Distributive education is a new addition to our curriculum this year. It is a part of cooperative training, whereby a senior student may work part time in the merchandising area and attend school half-days. Left to right: M. McNett, Mr. Bunce, R. Nash. 62 COMMOOORf ■k On O 1 1 BACK ROW: B. Dirkse, Mr. Maskill, Mr. McGinnis, K. Mazur. FRONT ROW: D. Vaughn, S. Smith, B. Maskill. Two Years In A Row Maybe Three? STATISTICS G-A 19 Springfield 6 G-A 53 Delton 0 G-A 33 Parchment 6 G-A 14 Gull Lake 12 G-A 13 Comstock 0 G-A 51 Paw Paw 0 G-A 46 Mattawan 12 G-A 50 Bangor 18 G-A 6 St. Phillips 13 64 Oi Os Garrett, Sommerville, Gross, Dieterman, Maxson, Hinton, Maskill, Vaughn, Wheat. Stringham, Bowers, Henson, Powell, Newton, Craven, Murray, Freer. Brininstool, Greene, Roe, Smith, Eldred, Mills, Jennings, Tschupp. Blake, Cox, Dirkse, Mazur, Doerfer. K.V.A. Champs Newton, Reck, Verway, Schuyler, Newton, Hale, Hawken, Curry, Matson. Brady, Youngs, Craven, Kuiper, Hutchins, Towne, Franz, Carpenter, Wil¬ son. Oviatt, Hogg, Block, Miller, Wheeler, Dunithan. Mr. Morrison and Mr. Forrester and Mr. Cramer. Junior Varsity Freshmen Mike Brodie and Don Kent Lindsay, Gates, Brenneman, Groh, Morrison, Hunt, Stoeffler, Watson, De- Mr. Cox Pew, Ruimveld, O ' Donnell, Adkins, Morgan, Hewitt, Maxson, Miller, Bres¬ son, Brodie, Barnhart, Overcamp, Brady, Coville, Osmun, Damatto, Mann, Carpenter. 66 DENNIS WHEAT , Winter Brings Them Inside BACK ROW; Left to Right: T. Dieterman, I. Garrett, P. VanVranken, H. Kuiper, J. Towne, D. Stringham, KNEELING- R. Block, T. Wilson, D. Vauehn, M. Carpenter, J. Greene, B. Blake. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Curtis, S. Smith, B. Maxson, R. Eldred, S. Kirklin, T. Mollet, J. Jennings, R. Maxson, B. Maskill, G. Wilson, CENTER: CO-CAPTAINS: Fred Mills. Wayne Roelof BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Cramer, J. Osmun, W. Stoeffler, W. Burns, E. Adkins, G. Brady, T. Maxson, SECOND ROW: Mgr. J. Morrison, K. DePue, A. Hocking, J. Groh. T. Watson, D. Akins, FRONT ROW: S. OvercamD. B. Underwood, T. Smith, L. Eldred 71 More Action Photos Statistics VARSITY 6 WINS - 11 LOSSES FRESHM AN 3 WINS - 12 LOSSES RESERVE 9 WINS - 7 LOSSES G- A 55 Comstock 56 G-A 22 Comstock 27 G-A 35 Comstock 28 G-A 48 Gull Lake 49 G-A 36 Mattawan 34 G-A 39 Gull Lake 45 G-A 65 Parchment 56 G-A 26 Parchment 53 G-A 28 Parchment 45 G-A 64 St. Philip 70 G-A 30 K. Christian 50 G-A 27 Pennfield 35 G-A 46 Plainwell 53 G-A 42 Mattawan 45 G-A 55 St. Philip 44 G-A 62 Delton 50 G-A 42 St. Philips 47 G-A 45 Delton 47 G-A 54 Mattawan 67 G-A 17 Bangor 44 G-A 31 Mattawan 23 G-A 67 Bangor 49 G-A 33 Comstock 34 G-A 29 Bangor 45 G-A 44 Comstock 74 G-A 31 Gull Lake 50 G-A 31 Comstock 32 G-A 53 Gull Lake 63 G-A 36 Otsego 40 G-A 34 Gull Lake 30 G-A 59 Springfield 56 G-A 31 St. Philips 41 G-A 47 Springfield 40 G-A 42 St. Joe 56 G-A 42 Parchment 51 G-A 56 St. Joe 34 G-A 78 Parchment 61 G-A 43 Delton 37 G-A 40 Parchment 37 G-A 70 Delton 72 G-A 51 Mattawan 40 G-A 36 Delton 40 G-A 64 Mattawan 54 G-A 44 Bangor 51 G-A 64 Mattawan 30 G-A 64 Bangor 77 G-A 52 Bangor 41 G-A 46 Bloomingdale 58 LEADING SCORER: WAYNE ROELOF LEADING SCORER: DELMER ADKINS LEADING SCORER: JIM GREENE TOP REBOUNDER: WAYNE ROELOF M. V. P.: WAYNE ROELOF LEADER IN ASSISTS: FRED MILLS TOP REBOUNDER: HARV KUIPER M. V. P. JIM GREENE MIKE CARPENTER 72 Senior Players WAYNE ROELOF 6’ 4 " Co-Capt. Forward JIM CURTIS 5 ' 4” Guard TOM MOLLETT 6 ' 4” Forward FRED MILLS Co-Capt. 6 ' 2” Guard Forward Center RICH ELDRED 5 ' 11” Guard Forward 73 Class C-D State Champs (Third Time In Four Years) C FRONT ROW: J. Greene, J. Hogg, T. Smith, B. Lemmien. SECOND ROW: G. Wil¬ son, G. Townsend, B. Maxson, R. Maxson, D. Wilson, T. Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mr. VanZandt, D. Stewart, F. Mills, W. Roelof, D. Frye, J. Jennings, G. Youngs. 74 TOP ROW: F. Cox, B. Row, B. Drobney, D. Mur¬ ray, B. Dirkse. BOTTOM ROW: L. Armstrong, S. Brodie, B. Armstrong, T. Chaffee, J. Lindsay, R. Coville. J. Mabbott, D. Damato, M. Bro¬ die, D. Thomas, B. Taylor, M. Chaffee. R e s e r v e Varsity Won 9 Lost 6 Tied 1 Capt. Ted and Dale (Capt. Steve absent) ? Dave Meadows Sets New High Jump Q And Pole Vault Records . TOP ROW: Coach Maskill, R. Maxson, B. Maxson, B. Maskill, J. Couch, D Meadows, T. Mollet, B. Dirkse, M. Carpenter, J. Towne, B. Hinsley. MID DLE ROW: J. Brininstool, B. Roe, R. Hawkins, S. Smith, K. Sommerville, J Franz, T. Dysterman, K. Mazur, R, Reck. BOTTOM ROW: S. Powell, G. Little, M. Brodie, F. Cox, G. Norman. Dual Meets Won 4 Lost 3 Fifth in K. V. A. 75 TOP ROW: Coach Morrison, B. Maskill, R. Eldred, H. Kuiper, R. Nash, J. Jennings, M. Carpenter, D. Stringham. MIDDLE ROW: D. Carpenter, D. Wils6n, G. Wilson, D. Dunmire, S. Higgins, S. Smith, M. Worst, G. Guyberson. BOTTOM ROW: J. Green, T. Wilson, R. Block, J, Hogg. 76 Kathy LaCoss - Treasurer, Melba Cutler - Vice-Presi¬ dent, Jackie Adams - Secretary, Bob Maxson - President, Advisors: Mrs. King and Mr. Morrison. D A ° B. Armstrong D. Barker S. Bastin R. Blake B. Binns S. Bower D. Brady S. Campbell D. Carpenter B. Cody J. Craven M. Cutler M. Davis C. DeHaan M. DePlanche L. Dunkley P. Eastman L. Echtinaw C. Flook S. Freer J. Garrett R. Garrett M. Gott L. Greene L. Griffin P. Groat L. Gross G. Hale R. Heath G. Henson J. Henson B. Hinsley 78 Best Is Yet V. Henton J. Jenner D. Johnson S. Kirklin S. Kudary K. LaCoss E. Lancaster G. Little A. Livingston G. Long E. Loveland B. Mabbott M. Machin N. Maile A. Marcelletti B. Maskill B. Maxson B. Maxson R. Maxson T. Miller D. Murray S. Nichols J. Oviatt G. Peterson D. Pratt B. Reck V. Rogers G. Rosborough K. Santora D. Schuyler J. Smith R. Smith S. Smith S. Sommerville R. Soule A. Srackangast M. Stearns M. Stillwell S. Summers J. Tolmacs J. Trujillo W. Tschupp To Come B. Underwood S. VanAvery L. Van Dyke P. VanVranken D. Vaughn C. Waber E. Wager R. Webster K. Wheat C. Wheeler G. White L. White W. White L. Whitehurst G. Wilson L. Zahn NOT PICTURED: T. Bowers M. Drobney D. Maxfield B. Pierman H. Roelof L. Rushmore P. Sherrill D. Snow H. Tassell N. Worsop M. White CLASS OFFICERS Sue Lounsbery - Treasurer, Joey Hilton - Secretary, Advisors: Mrs. Burrell and Mr. Burrell, Curt Craven - President, Linda Kirklin - Vice-President J. Adkins P. Beaver R. Block P. Blodgett R. Barker B. Bird D. Bower C. Breneman R. Bresson M. Brininstool M. Brodie P. Brown M. Buchard M. Carpenter P. Carpenter M. Castle L. Coburn M. Colvin C. Cook F. Cox C. Craven B. Curry T. Deiterman G. Dillon G. Dunithan H. Echtinaw L. Eldred P. Emmons L. Eppstein J. Franz B. Gates D. Gettys 82 Futures Are Y. Goostrey D. Gormley J. Greene R. Haase R. Hawken C. Henson R. Hewitt J. Hilton S. Hollanbaugh J. Hogg R. Hutchins R. Inman L. Johnson D. Hones J. Kellay S. Kepler L. Kirklin S. Kozloski H. Kuiper R. LaCoss J. Landers S. Sounsbery J. Lovins G. Marr T. Masten D. Maxson D. McConnell J. McConnell B. McDaniel V. McGowan M. Mezo A. Miller D. Miller K. Miner D. Mitchell P. Myers G. Newton S. Newton M. Nichols D. O’Donnell W. Patterson J. Pearrow Undecided D. Pierce P. Pitko M. Prechel L. Reynolds B. Roe C. Rogers G. Romig J. Root M. Shcermerhorn M. Schieber S. Schieber F. Shefler J. Sims C. Smith T. Smith S. Smothers S. Stermer B. Stoker D. Stringham M. Tassell B. Taylor S. Titus J. Towne D. Verway J. Verway J. Way brant G. White M. Wilcox T. Wilson G. Youngs NOT PICTURED: N. Bonner D. Bower J. Cam burn J. Coe K. Cox E. Guyberson E. Lemon P. Miner S. Powell M. Price J. Roebuck L. Vaughn 84 J. Abbott D. Adkins CLASS OFFICERS: Steve Barnhart - President (not pictured) Mary Blake - Vice President, Ann Vindedahl - Secretary, Kathy El- dridge - Treasurer Advisors: Mrs. Doran and Mr. Mc¬ Ginnis E. Adkins L. Armstrong S. Balch L. Behlke P. Belt M. Blake R. Blodgett S. Booth D. Boyd H. Brady S. Brodie C. Burk W. Burks L. Burris L. Bush K. Carpenter M. Chaffee J. Clark R. Coville B. Cox M. Coeer S. Curtiss E. Darling D. Damato D. Deckard D. Dentler K. Depue D. Dillion B. Drobny S. Eberhard K. Eldridge I. Farrow 86 Rising Of A L. Feltch M. Garrett J. Gladysz J. Groh S. Haines H. Harmar A. Hocking L. Hunt D. Hutchins P. Jacobs D. Jones D. Kent L. Kepler K. Kirk I. Landers E. Lemon L. Little J. Lindsey F. Long S. Loveland J. Mabbott H. Mann J. Maskill T. Maxson S. Meadows M. Mendenhall K. Morgan D. Morrison D. Newton S. Nichols J. Osmun S. Overkamp G. Peckham M. Percy J. Pierce H. Pierman K. Pierman M. Pratt R. Reitz B. Reynolds R. Rogers M. Ruimveld 87 New Sun M. Santora S. Schermerhorn D. Scott D. Shafer B. Sherrill M. Shirley S. Sieting J. Smith R. Smith R. Stermer W. Stoeffler M. Tassell B. Taylor D. Thomas E. Thompson S. Thompson S. Torrey S. Tolmacs M. Tschupp R. Underwood S. Van Avery S. Van Dyke D. Vaughn B. Verwey A, Vendedahl L. Waber S. Wagner K. Walker S. Walters G. Waltz T. Watson R. Way brant R. Webster C. Whitehurst NOT PICTURED: S. Barnhart T. Carpenter J. Cook J. Morrison C. Roth P. Simons J. Sootsman 88 Compliments of DAVE’S AUTO REPAIR Augusta, Michigan Phone Day or Night 731-7362 Smclairl jmf 24 Hour Emergency Wrecker S ervice Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 R. J. ADAMS BUILDING AND REMODELING 81 W. Michigan Ave. MO 5-4431 Compliments of GALESBURG HOUSE OF FLOORS Linoleum Tile Carpeting Galesburg, Michigan 101 RANCH MOTEL New Modern Motel - Gas Heat Kitchenette Cottages - Day or Week Restaurant Beautiful Play Grounds Reservations Phone MO 5-7054 Just Off 1-94 1 Mile East of Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of SCHLUETER FUNERAL HOME Augusta, Michigan LENG’S HARDWARE Phone MO 5-5811 Galesburg 90 Michigan HR STANDARD KELLY’S STANDARD SERVICE Phone RE 1-5582 Augusta, Michigan Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries Where Lubrication Is Not Just a Grease Job Medicine... designed for health ... produced with care 92 Compliments of AUGUSTA TELEPHONE COMPANY MOLLET’S MARKET Spartan Store Groceries - Meats MOrris 5-5161 Compliments of WAYNE HOME EQUIPMENT INMAN ' S Compliments of GALE THEATER " A place to meet your friends after the games. " Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 AUGUSTA MARATHON SERVICE RE 1-7022 Augusta Michigan Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 FRANK’S BARBER SHOP 25 East Battle Creek St. Galesburg Michigan 93 Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 McPECK INSURANCE AGENCY 308 Fayette Street Augusta Phone RE 1-5562 Compliments of CARLETON EQUIPMENT CO. East Kilgore Rd. Kalamazoo, Michigan CAP’S STEAK HOUSE of Galesburg Offers " Best Wishes to All G. A. Students. " Compliments of THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member F. D. I. C. Compliments of ROELOF DAIRY Compliments of DR. RONALD W. SMITH Galesburg, Michigan Milk Builds Strong Athletes Have You Had Your Milk Today? LENORE’S BEAUTY SHOP 25 E. Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan " If your hair isn ' t becoming to you; you should be coming to us. " 94 Congr-r-ratulations 66 GR-R-RADUATE Wherever you’re headed next—sic ’em, tiger! The folks at Kellogg’s know you’ll go gr-r-reat! The best to you each morning—of Battle Creek 95 Congratulations to the Class of 1966 TAYLOR LUMBER CO. BELL’S BAKERY Homemade Ice Cream Beer and Wine Take Out Galesburg MOrris 5-9591 Compliments of HOAG AND WATTS FUNERAL HOME Galesburg Climax 96 ALARIA’S PARTY STORE 12001 East Michigan Avenue Groceries Beer and Wine Take Out Open 7 Days a Week Compliments of J. C. BRENMAN M. D. OTTO KIHM TIRE COMPANY 414 North Rose St. Phone FI 5-6153 4308 S. Westnedge Ave. Kalamazoo, Michigan Compliments of Published Every Thursday Your Hometown Newspaper Printing Offset Publishing Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 BISHOP ELECTRIC INC. 70 East Michigan Ave. Galesburg Phone MO 5-7013 Compliments of PARK THEATRE Augusta, Michigan " Michigan ' s finest small town theatre " The next best thing to a Fulbright The most difficult problem the majority of students encounter in their education is not academic. It’s financial! More and more students need financ ial assistance to help counter the rising costs of an education. Since an education is essential to your future, don’t be left out. Instead, drop in at First National and let ' s talk about financing your education with a low-rate bank loan. First National offers terms to best help each student with his or her studies. It’s really the next best thing to a Fulbright Scholarship! •IF : r i ATI cz rvj a i_ CONTINUOUS SECURITY AND SERVICE SINCE 1863 House of Fine Food and ON THE BAY AT B.EAUTIFUL GVCl tAH£ • OFT M 89 Friendly Atmosphere Compliments of CARPENTER’S AUTO SERVICE Phone 665-9361 Galesburg, Michigan Compliments CORONET ADVERTISER 1 1623 East Michigan Ave. Galesburg 99 AUGUSTA CLINIC GERALD D. RUTLEDGE, D. O. W. R. SPEERS, D. O. General Practice X-Ray Augusta, Michigan Telephone: 731-5122 5112 S. Westnedge 2010 W. Main Best Wishes to the Class of ' 66 ASKLER’S AUGUSTA PHARMACY Men ' s Gifts F ountain Cosmetics Greeting Cards Prescriptons Accurate Prescription Expense Records Furnished for Tax and Insurance Purposes. REED’S GEORGE’S MARATHON SERVICE 114 West Michigan Phone MO 5-7066 Galesburg GRIFFEN PEST CONTROL INC. MARKET Insured Termite Service Guaranteed Pest Control Comstock, Michigan 100 Compliments of BURGESS SEED AND PLANT CO. Galesburg, Michigan The Rambler staff acknowledges with great appreciation the services of R. S. SUTULA STUDIO 206 1 2 South Main St. Elkhart, Indiana SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER Quality Pictures Outstanding Service " All the little extras " at no extra cost 104 t

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