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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1958 volume:

The Class of 1958 Presents Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan Dedication Edna M. Hilliard The annual staff for the ’58 Rambler wishes to dedicate this book to two-of our teachers who are leaving G-A the end of this year. Mrs. Edna Hilliard, who has been our class advisor for four years, and who has been our good friend through thick and thin, is taking a long vaca¬ tion this summer, a four month’s trip around the world. Andrew Beam The other is Mr. Andrew Beam, who has been with us since the fall of 1953. He is the teacher who never misses an athletic event and who has even volunteered his services to the football team, having once been a coach himself. We of the annual staff, speaking for the whole school, would like to thank these friends for being a part of G-A. We will remember them, and we wish them the best of luck. 3 Our purpose in publishing The Rambler is to show the G-A Ram in pictures “rodding at random” through those events which took place during our four years at Gales burg-Augusta High School. The Stanley L. Benjamin, Supt. of Schools Wesley R. Burrell, High School Principal 5 wmw Faculty Roger Boomershine, A3. (Mech. Drawing G Shop) A3., Western Mich. U. Mary Doran, B.S. (Art G Crafts) B3., Western Mich. U. Dominic Court, A.B. (Driver Tr. G English) A3., State Teachers College, St. Cloud, Minn. Andrew Beam, B.S. (History G Sociology) B.S., Western Mich. U. Thelma Edwards, B.S. (Commercial Subjects) Hillsdale College: B.S., Western Mich. U. William Maskill, B.S. (Science G Biology) B.S., Mich. State U. Wesley Burrell, A.B., M.A. (Principal) A3., Eastern Mich. College; Mj ., U. of Mich. Doris Reynolds, A.B. (English) A3., Kalamazoo College; Northwestern U.; Western Mich. U. Jack G. Marema, A.B., MA. (Phys. Ed. G Guidance) A.B., Hope; MA., Western Mich. U. Ruth Burrell, A.B., MA, (Library) A. B., Western Mich. U.; MA., U. of Mich. Janice E. Markle, B.S. (Chorus G Band) B3., Western Mich. U. Carol McMahon, B.S. (Home Ec. G Civics) B. S., Western Mich. U. John Wagar, B. S. (Math. G Science) Western Mich. U.; B.S., U. of Mich Evelyn Van DeLaare, B.S. (Commercial G Math.) B.S., Western Mich. U. Edna Hilliard, A 3., MA. (Languages G English) A3. Earlham College; U. of Pittsburg; Lake Forest College, U. of Iowa; U. of Mich.; MA., Western Mich. U. MR. MASKILL MRS. EDWARDS MR. WAGAR MR. BURRELL MR. BEAM MISS MARKLE MRS. VANDELAARE MR. COURT MR. BOOMERSHINE MR. MAREMA MISS REYNOLDS MRS. HILLIARD MRS. BURRELL MRS. MCMAHON MRS. DORAN Senior Officers And Advisers First row: R. Knight, Mrs. Hilliard, Miss Reynolds Second row: L. Moorlag, L. Becker, W. Pattee Pres. Vice Pres. Secy. Treas. Advisers Larry Moorlag Wesley Pattee Rosemary Knight Lanny Becker Mrs. Hillard Miss Reynolds Senior Honors VALEDICTORIAN AND D.A.R. PILGRIM JUDITH BOLTON VALEDICTORIAN LANSON BECKER One of the highest honors that can be given a Senior is to name him a member of the National Honor Society. The fol¬ lowing people, because of high scholarship, good citizenship, leadership and service, have been selected from the class of 1958: LANSON BECKER JUDITH BOLTON LORRAINE ENNIS ELAINE MCKEEL MARY ROELOF JERRY YEAST SALUTATORIAN MARY ROELOF 10 BEATRICE ALLEN GARY ARMSTRONG BEATRICE LEDA ALLEN Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Cml. Club 2, F.H.A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 3, Band 1-2-3, Co p. 4 TAMARA ROSE ALLEN Play 4, Rampages Staff 3, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 4, Cml. Club 2- 3-4, F.H.A. 3-4, Pep Club 3 Chorus 2 GARY ARTHUR ARMSTRONG Varsity Club 3-4, Football 2-3-4 LINDA LEE ARMSTRONG Rampages Staff 3, Rambler Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 4, Pep Club 3 TAMARA ALLEN LINDA ARMSTRONG SANDRA BAKER SANDRA LOUISE BAKER F.H.A. 1, Chorus 1-2-3 LANSON BECKER Class Treas. 3-4, Rampages Staff 3-4, Rambler Staff 4, F.T.A. 3-4 Band 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4, Plays 3-4 LANNY BECKER 11 NAOLTA BORN RHODA BRADEN LEROY BIRD Football 3 JUDITH BOLTON Class Pres. 2, S.C. 1, S. C. Treas. 3, Rampages Staff 2-3-4, Rambler Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Band 1- 2-3, Co-op. 4, Play 3, Concess¬ ionaires 1-2-3 NAOLTA KAREEN BORN Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Vice Pres. 4, Pep Club 3-4, Chorus 1-2-3 RAYMOND EDWARD BOYD Tennis 1-2-3-4, Chorus 2 RHODA MAE BRADEN Plays 3-4, Rampages Staff 3, Rambler Staff 4, F.H.A. 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Pep Club 2-3, Co-op. 4, Chorus 2 RICHARD L. CATES Tennis 1 I JUDY BOLTON RICHARD CATES 12 JANE DRAKE JANE ELLEN DRAKE Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 3-3, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Pep Club 2-3, Co-op. 4 LORRAINE KAY ENNIS Class Sec. 3, Plays 3-4, Rampages Staff 3-4, Rambler Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Pep Club 2-3, Chorus 2, Co-op. 4 LORRAINE ENNIS PHYLLIS FRY PHYLLIS JEAN FRY S.C. Treas. 4, Plays 3-4, Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 3, F.T.A. 3-4, Majorette 1-2-3-4, Drum Majorette 4, Band V.P. 4 CHARLES DANLEY GODDE Class Pres. 3, Varsity Club 1-2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1-2, Band 1-2-3 DAN GODDE GLORIA ANN GODDE Class Sec. 2, Rambler Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, V.P. 4, F.H.A. 2-3-4, Treas. 2-3-4, Chorus 1, Concession¬ aires 3, Co-op. 4 PAUL ARTHUR HA 1ST Football 1, Chorus 1 GLORIA GODDE PAUL HAIST 13 ROSEMARY KNIGHT MARTHA JANE HOPKINS Pep Club 4 DAVID EARNET HORN S.C. 1-2 V.P. 4, Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Varsity Club 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2 NADINE GRACE KETCHUM Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, F.H.A. 4, Lib. Staff 2-4, Pep Club 1-4 LOUIS HENRY KNETSCH Play 4, Rambler Staff 4 ROSEMARY ELAINE KNIGHT Class Sec. 2-4, S.C. Sec 3, Rambler Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Pres. 4, Pep Club 3, F.H.A. 1-2-3- 4, V.P. 3, Pres. 3 MARILYN ELAINE MAC KEEL S.C. 2, F.H.A. 1, Pep Club 1, Transferred to G.A.H.S. 3, Play 3, Rambler Staff 4 ELAINE McKEEL JANET ROBERTSON RENA MAY MARKLEY Flay 3-4, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 2-4, F.H.A. 4, F.T.A. 3-4, Pep Club 1 LAWRENCE MOORLAG Class Pres. 4, Class V.P. 2-3, Play 3, Rampages Staff 3-4, Football 1-2-3, Track 2 WESLEY R. PATTEE Class V.P. 4, Class Sec. 1, Play 3, Rambler Staff 4, Varsity Club 2-3-4, Football 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-2, Band 1-2-3-4 RAUNDI MARIE PERKINS Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 2-4, Cml. Club 3-4, Pep Club 3, Majorette 1-2-3 JANET ANN ROBERTSON Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Pep Club 3-4, V.P. 4, Chorus 1-2-3, Play 4, F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4 MARY ALICE ROELOF S.C. 3-4, Rampages Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 4, F.T. A. 3-4, Sec. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Sec. Treas. 4 MARY ROELOF 15 GARY SMITH GARY PIERCE SMITH S.C. 4, Rampages Staff 3-4, Varsity Club 1-2-3-4, F.T.A. 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 3, Tennis 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4 GLENORA KATHLEEN THOMAS Rampages Staff 4, Cml. Club 2-3- 4, F.H.A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 3-4 GLENORA THOMAS HELEN MARGRET THOMAS Lib. Staff 3, Cml. Club 3-4, F.H. A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 3-4 GEORGE HENRY VAN AMEYDEN Rambler Staff 4 GEORGE VAN AMEYDEN EILEEN WILLIAMS LYNN WILSON JERRY YEAST EILEEN MARIE WILLIAMS S.C. 2, Rampages Staff 2-3-4, Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 2-3, Cml. Club 2-3-4, Majorette 1-2, Concessionaires 2-3, Co-op 4 LA VERNE ARNOLD WILSON Play 3 LYNNETTE KAY WILSON Rambler Staff 4, Lib. Staff 1-4, Pep Club 3, V.P. 3, Cml. Club 3 CHARLES WOOD 1-2-3, Play 3, Natl. Honor Soc. 2, Transferred to G.A.H.S. 4 JERRY JOE YEAST Class Pres. 1, S.C. Pres. 4 Rambler Staff 4, Varsity Club 1- 2 - 3-4, Pres. 4, Basketball 1, Tennis 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3 LA VERNE WILSON CHARLES WOOD ROBERT ALLEN SRACKANGAST Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 2 TEDDY JOE GARRETT S.C. 2-3, Varsity Club 1-2-3-4, Football 3, Baseball 3, Basketball 1-2-3, Tennis 1-2-3, Chorus 4 17 Jude Lynn Peggy Rosey Yeastie Tammie Okie 18 Juniors Camera shy: Ted Book Rosalie Garrett Peggy Binns Clifford Blodgett Barry Bond Ronald Bresson Nellie Bronson James Carpenter Bill Castle Larry Christler Mary Jo Conrad Richard Daniels Brenda DePew Shirley Dunlap JoAnn Fortner Leo Greenwood Dallas Harrison Jerry Heiman Robert Hoard Peggy Kerns Mary Kirklin Sam Kohl Marjorie Kreiger Sharon Kuiper Jerry Livingston Charles Maile 20 Richard Martin Judy Mizer Judy Myers Larry Nichol Richard Nichols William Parent Larry Pierce Becky Reed Janice Riddle Cathy Roberts Franklin Robertson Dave Savacool Annette Sellers Richard Sherman Bonnie Shores Donald Southwood Marilynn Spencer Marlene Spencer Ed Stager Larry Sumner Glen Sutton Joe Tolmacs Joyce Tolmacs Joanne Vise George Waldorf Joyce Williams Martha Williams Mary Yerby 21 22 Camera shy: Clifton Bush Carol Emmons Phillip Perkins Adrian Smothers Raymond Soule Basil Willis Joe Apfel Carol Armstrong Stewart Avery Norman Bailey Harvey Beatty Mark Becker Gary Bishop Harvey Braden Jon Broberg Daleene Brown Susie Caines Diane Carpenter Martha Cartwright Jerry Cerny Kenneth Chapman Jeffrey Click Camilla Conor Wilma Cox James Crocker Eugene Crummel Larry Danger Pat Drobny Delores Dunithan Ronald Dunlap Geoffrey Enlund Ronald Fetterhoff Robert Fox Bill Gernaat Rhoda Green Alice Griffin Willard Hayes Ward Healy Diane Hendrick Phyllis Hettich Wayne Holbrook Ellen Hollaway Richard Horn Bill Knight Janies Lemon Norma Lesman Judy Loveland Carol McGowan Kenneth Mahaffay Rose Ann Makowski Jack Mason Ted Mielke Betty Newton Leah Pattee June Piper David Raymer Cathie Reed Faye Reeder 23 Charlotte Roelof Pam Re he Jack Simmons Jeffrey Smith Marilyn Smith Elaine Snow Robert Steffic Joyce Tassell Linda Tassell Linda Vander Molen Kathryn Van Sickler Lois Vaught David Vetter Don Vetter Betty Vincent Grace Webster Jeannie Wheat Clyde Whipple Dorothy Williams Jo Ann Williams Delores Wilson Doris Wilson Pat Wilson Dianne Woo Is ton Robert Wortinger Steven Yerby Class Officers And Mrs. McMahon, Adviser; R. Garrett, Sec y; J. Tol- macs, Vice Pres. Standing: Mr. Wagar, Adviser; R. Hoard, Treas.; R. Sherman, Pres. Advisers F. Reeder, Treas.; K. Mahaffey, Pres.; C. Roelof, Sec ' y Standing: Mr. Kiewiet and Mr. Boomershine, Advisers Camera Shy: R. Makowsky, Vice Pres. K. Carpenter, Treas.; Miss Markle, Adviser; R. Burgett, Sec;y Standing: T. Mitchell, Pres.; Mr. Beam, Adviser; J. Bishop, Vice Pres. In Memorium Patricia Ilene Moore born Jan. 21, 1943 Lovell Park, B. C., Mich, died Nov. 8, 1957 Lila Memorial Hospital final resting place Battle Creek, Mich. “Her eyes were closed to mortal sight And gently to her we said, ‘goodnight’ Freshmen Mary Armstrong Michael Austin Jan Becker Camera shy: Larry Combs Dick Daly Jay DeWitt Dennie Hess Charlene Holly Elsa Lane Jack Morrison Dean Plotts Ronald Betz 25 John Bishop Deanna Book Terry Braden Lonnie Brown Rosemary Buckholz Roberta Burgett Karin Carpenter Jim Chase Jennifer Cousins Tom Daniel Glen Dodge Margaret Drake Carolyn Dunlap Joyce Ennis Lynne Feltch Jackie Fleser Jerry Garrett Pat Goodwin Jerry Guy Roy Hanna Linda Harmon Stella Hendershot Pat Hettich Eddie Jones Glen Ketchum Ray Kirklin Evelyn Kuiper Shirley LaFlure 26 Kay Laman Lois Lancaster Russell Livingston Carol Long Ronald McKeel Charles McPeck Daniel Magley Richard Magley Cathy Malikowski Terry Mitchell Mary Ann Myers Pat Myers Linda Parris Gerald Pier man Betty Purser Larry Robertson Brian Roelof Judy Slager Dianne Smiley Pamela Smith Pat Smith Ron Smith Bonnie Stoeffler Becky Swain Sandra Tibbitts Alfred Tolmacs Bill Whipple 27 First row: N. Bom, N. Ketchum, J. Robertson, R. Markley, B. Allen, L. Wilson, T. Allen, R. Knight Second row: M. Roelof, L. Becker, E. McKeel, L. Moorlag, J. Bolton, J. Yeast, P. Fry, W. Pattee, J. Heiman, G. Van Ameyden, L. Knetsch, D. Horn, G. Godde, E. Williams, L. Ennis, L. Armstrong, J. Drake Camera shy: R. Perkins, B. Reed, R. Braden The Rambler Staff Editor Rena Markley Senior Section Phyllis Fry Business Mgr. Lanny Becker Raundi Perkins Subscriptions Lynn Wilson Underclassmen Eileen Williams Tamara Allen Linda Armstrong Advertising Wesley Pattee Sports David Horn Jerry Yeast Louis Knetsch George Van Ameyden Photography Mary Roelof Junior Apprentices Becky Reed Jerry Heiman Art Elaine McKeel Nadine Ketchum Official Typists Tamara Allen Janet Robertson Gloria Godde Naolta Born Bea Allen Lorraine Ennis Special Features Judy Bolton Jane Drake Rosemary Knight Advisor Mrs. Burrell Rhoda Braden 30 Student Council Pres. Vice Pres. Treas. Sec. Jerry Yeast David Horn Phyllis Fry Pat Wilson F irst row: Second row: Third row: J. Chase, J. Yeast K. VanSickler, P. Wilson, B. Shores, P. Fry, M. Roelof L. Feltch, Mr. Burrell, R. Hoard, G. Smith, D. Raymer, D. Horn GAZETTE STAFF Seated: P. Fry, M. Roelof, R. Markley, Miss Reynolds Standing: C. Conor, J. Bishop, L. Christler, D. Horn, P. Myers Reporters 32 Seated: C. Conor, M. Roelof, Miss Reynolds, R. Buckholz Standing: J. Yeast, B. Parent, L. Moorlag, P. Fry, B. Hoard, Mrs. Hillard, J. Cousins, L. Harmon, M. Kreiger ARGUS STAFF First row: Second row: Third row: Camera shy: Mrs. Edwards, E. Williams, L. Ennis, J. Bolton, J. Heiman, B. Hoard, Mrs. Hilliard P. Fry, M. Roelof, S. Kuiper, B. Shores, C. Roberts, R. Perkins, J. Myers, J. Mizer, P. Kerns, J. Tolmacs N. Ketchum, J. Fortner, G. Thomas, D. Horn, J. Livingston, L. Christler, L. Moorlag, G. Waldorf, L. Pierce, J. Williams, S. Dunlap, B. Allen P. Bums, G. Smith, M. Yerby, J. Vice, B. Reed, B. Bond, L. Becker Rampages Staff Editor: Judy Bolton Associates: Bob Hoard, Jerry Heiman, Peggy Binns Feature Editor: Lorraine Ennis Associates: Becky Reed, Mary Roelof, Gary Smith Joyce Tolmacs, Shirley Dunlap News Editor: Eileen W illiams Associates: Phyllis Fry, Judy Mizer Sports Editor: Larry Christler Associates: Jerry Livingston David Horn, Barry Bond Fill Editors: Bonnie Shores, Mary Yerby C irculation Editor. Barry Bond Busin ess Manager: Gary Smith Lay Out Manager: Larry Moorlag Judy Myers, Glenora Thomas Nadine Ketchum Mimeograph Manager Larry Moorlag Associates: George Waldorf, Joyce Williams Larry Pierce Exchange Editor Joanne Vise Junior High Editor: Joanne Fortner Typists: Joyce W illiams Judy Mizer, Sharon Kuiper Joanne Vise, Cathy Roberts Joanne Fortner, Raundi Perkins Proofreaders: Gary Smith Joanne Fortner, Peggy Kerns Advisors: Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Hilliard 33 Co-ops Clockwise: B. Allen, L. Ennis, G. Godde, E. Williams, L. Armstrong, J. Drake Rhoda Braden and Judy Bolton 34 Commercial Club Pres. Vice Pres. Treas. Rose Mary Knight Judy Bolton Bonnie Shores First row: P. Drobney, J. TasseU, G. Webster, W. Cox, S. Kuiper, K. Van Sickler, M. Yerby Second row: L. Ennis, E. Williams, T. Allen, J. Robertson, J. Drake, L. Armstrong, R. Knight Third row: Mrs. Edwards, R. Makowski, S. Caines, J. Piper, C. Emmons, L. Tassell, B. Shores, R. Perkins, J. Myers, P. Kerns Fourth row: J. Tolmacs, P. Garrett, P. Thomas, J. Mizer, L. Vander Molen, B. Newton, D. Carpenter, F. Reeder, C. McGowan, G. Godde, J. Bolton Fifth row: N. Bronson, Marilyn Spencer, J. Fortner, G. Thomas, D. Hendrick, P. Wilson, L. Pattee, B. DePew, J. Williams, S. Dunlap, N. Bom Camera shy: R. Braden, R. Green, J. Riddle, J. Vise 35 F T A Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. Treas. Edwin Stager Annette Sellers Mary Roelof Rosalie Garrett First row: Second row: Third row: Camera shy: S. Kuiper, M. Williams, R. Markley, M. Roelof, P. Fry, D. Dunithan, P. Wilson Mrs. HUliard, M. Conrad, R. Makowski, S. Caines, E. Hollaway, R. Garrett, C. Roelof. F. Reeder, Mr. Marema E. Stager, K. Chapman, P. Myers, E. Lane, J. Lemon, D. Hendricks, C. Conor, M. Kreieer L. Becker, P. Binns, R. Horn, B. Reed, A. Sellers, G. Smith 36 F H A Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. Treas. Janet Robertson Naolta Born Linda Armstrong Mary Kirklin First row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row. Fifth row: Sixth row: Camera shy: D. Dunithan, S. LaFlure, M. Myers, J. Tassell, D. Woolston, G. Webster, C. Armstrong Mrs. McMahon, J. Tolmacs, G. Godde, J. Robertson, N. Born, S. Dunlap, M. Kirklin A. Griffin, K. Carpenter, B. Newton, L. Feltch, M. Cartwright, P. Thomas, T. Allen, N. Ketchum, J. Williams, B. Vincent L. Vaught, J. Mizer, J. Piper, K. Roberts, L. Tassell, C. Emmons, R. Burgett, M. Williams, M. Yerby, C. Williams, Deloris Wilson J. Fortner, L. Lancaster, S. Kuiper, R. Makowski, K. van Sickler, S. Caines, R. Markley, L. Armstrong, R. Knight, J. Myers K. Malikowski, D. Carpenter, L. Pattee, B. DePew, B. Allen, J. Williams, Marilyn Spencer, G. Thomas C. Long, P. Wilson 37 Chorus First row: Second row: Third row: Camera shy: M. Conrad, E. Stager, V. Hopkins, F. Robertson, D. Woolston, L. Tassell L. Harmon, D. Brown, C. Holly, S. Tibbitts, J. Slager, J. Ennis, J. Cousins, G. Webster P. Drobny, R. Greene, S. Hendershot, B. Vincent, L. Feltch, J. Tassell, P. Moore, J. Fleser G. Bishop, T. Garrett, D. Nichols, A. Sellers, D. Smith, P. Smith 38 Majorettes G. Webster, P. Fry, L. Pattee, S. Kuiper, D. Carpenter 39 Band Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. Treas. Librarian Librarian Stage Manager Stage Manager C. Roelof flute F. Reeder clarinet B. Stoeffler clarinet M. Spencer clarinet N. Bronson bass clarinet M. Roelof clarinet W. Cox clarinet B. Shores french horn 40 Lanny Becker Phyllis Fry Mary Roelof Kathryn VanSickler Faye Reeder Jim Lemon Bill Castle K. Van Sickler clarinet J. Lemon cornet E. Lane clarinet R. Martin clarinet L. Becker baritone J. DeWitt trombone G. Smith percussion P. Fry percussion B. Castle comet R. Smith cornet L. Brown percussion Janice Markle, Band and Chorus J. Myers comet M. Becker trombone A. Tolmacs percussion L. Sumner comet J. Chase trombone T. Mitchell percussion C. Maile comet R. McKeel 41 Library Staff sc ' T P i arrls L - Lancaster, J. Robertson, R. Perkins S T.?ut W y ’ M - R0e,0, ■ P ' R ' « " “ ■ Biurell, N. Bo„, N. K eKhura , Camera shy: C. Reed, B. Reed, D. Harrison, S. Laflure Pres. Sec. Treas. Historian Rena Markley Becky Reed Lynn Wilson 42 Concessionaires M. Krieger, K. VanSickler, J. Piper, L. Nichols, J. Simmons, D. Hendricks, P. Kerns, R. Garrett, S. Kuiper, J. Williams, N. Bailey, D. Southwood Pep Club Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. Treas. Joyce Tolmacs Janet Robertson Mary Kirklin First row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: C. Armstrong, D. Woolston, J. Tassel, M. Hopkins, J. Vise, S. Kuiper, K. VanSickler, P. Drobny, M. Conrad, M. Yerby, M. Williams C. Long, E. Kuiper, J. Ennis, S. Tibbets, C. Dunlap, L. Tassel, J. Piper, J. Robertson, W Cox N. Ketchum, P. Goodwin, M. Kirklin, J. Williams, N. Born, S. Dunlap, A. Griffin, B. DePew, C. McGowan E. Hollaway, D. Hendrick, M. Kreiger, G. Thomas, J. Myers, P. Kerns, J. Tolmacs, J. Wheat, M. Smith, B. Purser Varsity Club Pres. Jerry Yeast Vice Pres. George Waldorf Treas. Jerry Heiman Sec. David Raymer First row: G. Armstrong, G. Waldorf, D. Godde, W. Pattee, J. Heiman, J. Yeast Second row: Mr. Marema, R. Soules, G. Smith, J. Livingston, L. Christler, D. Raymer, D. Daniels 45 F.N.A. Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. Treas. Carolyn Dunlap Mary Kirklin Mary Ann Myers Wilma Cox First row: M. Myers, W. Cox, K. VanSickler, T. Allen, N. Bronson, C. Dunlap Second row: B. Newton, M. Spencer, E. Kuiper, C. McGowan, A. Griffin, Miss Reynolds Third row: M. Spencer, E. McKeel, B. Stoeffler, J. Cousins, M. Kirklin 46 Dramatics 1958 Senior Play Such concentration! 47 Cheerleaders First row: R. Makowski, B. Shores, D. Kissinger Second row: L. Felch, B. Newton, P. Wilson Reserves Leah Pattee, Faye Reeder, Carol Williams, and Susie Caines 48 O £ Football First row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: B. Castle, R. Betz, R. Sherman, J. Bishop, L. Danger, J. Crocker, T. Mitchell, D. Horn, S. Avery Coach Maskill, B. Knight, K. Mahaffay, E. Stager, R. Livingston, T. Braden, D. Nichol, G. Armstrong, R. Soules, Coach Hendershot J. Chase, J. Heiman, L. Pierce, D. Smith, D. Harrison, K. Chapman, R. Smith, B. Wortinger, W. Holbrook, D. Horn L. Christler, J. Click, R. Dunlap, G. Enlund, G. Waldorf, D. Raymer, G. Bishop, B. Gernaat, D. Vetter, W. Healy FOOTBALL SCORES 1957 G-A 0 Constantine 13 G-A 0 Kellogg 12 G-A 13 Bangor 27 G-A 0 Paw Paw 27 G-A 14 Springfield 19 G-A 6 Richland 34 G-A 14 Mattawan 27 G-A 12 Comstock 14 50 MAJOR AWARDS MINOR AWARDS SENIOR AWARDS Stew Avery Ron Betz Gary Armstrong Gary Bishop John Bishop Dave Horn Lon Brown Terry Braden Dennis Smith Ken Chapman Jim Chase Larry Christler Jim Crocker Jeff Click Larry Danger Ron Dunlap Dallas Harrison Jay DeWitt Jeff Enlund All K. V. A. Russ Livingston Bill Gemaat George Waldorf Ken Mahaffay Ward Healy Ed. Stager Dick Nichols Wayne Holbrook Larry Pierce Dick Horn Dave Raymer Bill Knight Mgr. Bill Castle Ron Smith Terry Mitchell Ed Stager Richard Sherman M. V.P.-George Waldorf George Waldorf Ray Soules Don Vetter Bob Wortinger Coaches Award-Dave Horn 51 Basketball First row: L. Pierce, E. Stager, D. Daniels, B. Bond, D. VanLuke Second row: K. Chapman, G. Smith, B. Hoard, J. Heiman Third row: D. Raymer, J. Livingston, L. Christler, J. Click, G. Waldorf DISTRICT TOURNAMENT SCORES G-A 41 Homer 40 G-A 52 Athens 48 52 SENIOR AWARD MINOR AWARDS Gary Smith MAJOR AWARDS Dave Raymer Larry Christler Dick Daniels George Waldorf Bob Hoard Jeff Click Barry Bond Jerry Livingston Jerry Heiman Ed Stager Ken Chapman Gary Bishop Terry Mitchell Ron Betz Terry Braden Harvey Braden Norman Baily Geoffry Enlund Stewart Avery John Bishop Raymond Soules Brian Roelof Tom Daniels Ron McKeel Ron Smith Jim Chase Jack Mason Jim Crocker Russell Livingston Richard Sherman VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES G-A 49 Kellogg 44 G-A 43 Paw Paw 56 G-A 37 Comstock 42 G-A 47 Richland 53 G-A 36 Mattawan 58 G-A 47 Bangor 63 G-A 47 Springfield 48 G-A 54 K. Christian 71 G-A 45 Paw Paw 49 G-A 50 Kellogg 63 G-A 42 Comstock 53 G-A 45 Richland 39 G-A 43 Mattawan 75 G-A 48 Bangor 59 G-A 49 K. Christian 68 G-A 65 Springfield 55 RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES G-A 16 Kellogg 24 G-A 13 Paw Paw 40 G-A 40 Comstock 41 G-A 31 Richland 46 G-A 27 Mattawan 50 G-A 30 Bangor 46 G-A 25 Springfield 43 G-A 25 Christian 57 G-A 25 Paw Paw 27 G-A 36 Kellogg 34 G—A 41 Comstock 39 G-A 35 Richland 37 G-A 32 Mattawan 34 G-A 34 Bangor 52 G-A 22 Christian 45 G-A 52 Springfield 42 First row: J. Bishop, R. Sherman, B. Roelof, L. Pierce, R. Betz, T. Mitchell, J. Mason Second row: Coach Maskill, J. Crocker, S. Avery, T. Daniels, H. Braden, N. Bailey, R. Soules Third row: R. McKeel, R. Livingston, R. Smith, T. Braden, G. Bishop, G. Enlund CONNIE CAINES Track MAJOR LETTER WINNERS Barry Bond Connie Caines Larry Christler Dallas Harrison Tom Nichol Ray Soule Norm Smothers George Waldorf MINOR LETTER WINNERS Craig Bishop Jim Lemon SENIORS C. Bishop N. Smothers T. Nichol 54 1957 Although our 1957 track season was not very impressive score-wise, the ten men on the squad stuck it out all spring and did their best. The highlights were: in the K. V. A. Tournament Tom Nichol placed fourth in the half-mile; George Waldorf set a school record with a pole vault of nine feet nine inches. George also scored the most points for the seas¬ on, a total of fifty-eight. COACH MAREMA UNDERCLASSMEN J. Lemon G. Waldorf •N Q ' XX D. Harrison R. Soule B. Bond L. Christler 1 , Tennis Jerry Yeast YB NO 22—GALESBURG AUGUSTA HIGH Singles Champion KVA 1957 Ted Garrett Doubles Champions Craig Bishop Max Campbell STATE REGION ALS 1957 Singles Champion Ted Garrett Doubles Champions Charles Garfield 1957 SCHEDULE Jerry Yeast G-A 3 Western Mich. U.H.S. 4 G-A 6 Plainwell 1 G-A 7 Otsego 0 G-A 4 Paw Paw 0 G-A 4 Hastings 1 G-A 5 W. K. Kellogg 0 G-A 5 Richland 0 G-A 5 Mattawan 0 G-A 5 Comstock 0 First row: R. Martin, C. Caines, J. Imus Second row: G. Smith, M. Campbell, C. Bishop, J. Yeast, T. Garrett Camera shy: C. Garfield, R. Daniels, C. Broberg, J. Click, D. Raymer. R. De Shon ’ 56 1957 KVA TOURNAMENT Galesburg-Augusta Richland Comstock Kellogg Paw Paw Mattawan STATE FINALS Grosse Pointe U.H.S. Ypsi Roosevelt H.S. 4Vi Cedar Springs 3 Galesburg-Augusta STATE REGIONALS Galesburg-Augusta 10 Lansing Everett 514 Paw Paw 2% Richland 214 Comstock 114 Kellogg % Coach Caldwell Since 1951 when Galesburg and Augusta High Schools consolidated, G-A ' s Tennis Teams have won 64 games and lost 6, 4 of the 6 losses were to class A or B schools. The team has won 7 straight KVA Titles, 6 State Regionals and 2 State Championships. Twenty-one trophies have been won by G-A Tennis Teams in the past six years, 3 of which were won in 1957. Graig Bishop and Max Campbell were co-captains of the 1957 team which was coached by Mr. John C. Caldwell assisted by Mr. Dick Hendershott. 57 Baseball Coach Berger SENIOR AWARDS Connie Caines Don Forester Howard Yerby Bob DeShon Craig Bishop Max Campbell MAJOR AWARDS Ted Garrett Ed Stager Dick Daniels Bill McCracken Jerry Livingston MINOR AWARDS MANAGERS Dave Horn Dave Raymer Jeff Click Joe Tolmacs Larry Pierce Richard Sherman Larry Christler Claude Wyman Larry Pierce Hugh Forster 58 1957 Craig Bishop BASEBALL SCORES 1957 G-A 1 Kellogg 4 G-A 0 Paw Paw 7 G-A 0 Springfield 2 G-A 6 Richland 5 G-A 4 Bangor 8 G-A 0 Mattawan 3 G-A 4 Comstock 12 59 A Tribute To Our Chauffeurs With many thanks to the bus drivers who faithfully collected us every morning and deposited us at home at night. Disc Jockeys Gary and Jeff Larry Moorlag i Girls Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. McBames, Mrs. Reeder and Mr. Bush Mr. Kiewiet replaced Mrs. Vande Laar at the beginning of the second semester. He teaches Gen. Business, Gen. Math, ahd Typing. Herm Kiewiet Western Michigan U., B.B.A. Commercial Subjects StT Victory. George makes one 65 Compliments of C ongratulations from GALESBURG CLEANERS Tailoring, Alterations, and Laundry One day Service We own and operate our own plant Ellis Becker JEWELER Diamonds Watches 207 Peck Building Kalamazoo, Michigan Over Walgreens Compliments of ALARIA’S SUNOCO SERVICE Complete Grocery Store, and Firestone Dealers Store Service For your car, home, and Groceries for your table Phone MO 5-9739 G. Michigan and Ft. Custer Dr. Compliments of INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK Member F.D.I.C. Federal Reserve System Complete Banking Service PARK THEATER Augusta, Michigan " Michigan ' s Finest Small Town Theater " Galesburg Coffee Shop FLINT and NUYEN BARBER SHOP Galesburg, Michigan Hawkens Furniture Store Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of SCHLUETER FUNERAL HOME Augusta, Michigan Compliments HOWKS BAR Augusta, Michigan WHITMAN’S SHELL SERVICE Augusta, Michigan Phone RE 1-5509 Gas • Oil • Tires • Batteries Accessories Car Washing Service is My Business 67 JIM KISSINGER’S GULF SERVICE Compliments " X from the (Gulf) NELSON E. BARTLETT AGENCY to the Tires . Batteries . Accessories M-96 at Shafter Rd. Class of 1958 __ Galesburg, Mich. MO-5-9091 GEORGE’S MARATHON SERVICE 144 West Michigan Phone MO5-7066 Galesburg Compliments of BISHOP ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor G. E. Appliance Phone MO 5-4261 Galesburg Congratulations to the Class of 1958 Compliments from AUGUSTA FOODTOWN MATHESON NURSING HOME Next to the Post Office Galesburg MO 5-9871 Augusta SMITH’S APPLIANCES Augusta, Michigan Compliments of “See Neil For A Better Deal” CORONET ADVERTISER Galesburg Everything in fine Appliances 68 MEDICINE DESIGNED FOR HEALTH PRODUCED WITH CARE THE UPJOHN COMPANY KALAMAZOO MICHIGAN 69 Upjohn BELL’S BAKERY GALESBURG LAUNDER RITE Homemade Ice Cream Commercial Self-Service Beer Wine Take Out Dry Cleaning Galesburg Phone MO 5-4851 GALESBURG SUPER MARKET Compliments of BELL’S STANDARD SERVICE Galesburg, Mich. AUGUSTA PHARMACY KELLY’S STANDARD SERVICE Phone RE 1-5582 Augusta, Mich. Your Home Store Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries RE 1-5162 Where Lubrication is not just a Grease Job 70 GRANT ' S Galesburg Welcome to AUGUSTA RECREATION 228 Webster Street Pool and Cards KNAPPEN MILLING COMPANY Augusta, Michigan LARRY’S RADIO TV SERVICE Galesburg, Mich. R.C.A. Sales and Service Phone MO 5-9941 FORD’S FOR FOOD Augusta, Michigan EDWARDS BROTHERS. INC. 71 The Rambler Staff realizes that pictures make this book and that with " assists 4 ' from Mr. Boomer shine, Mr. Burrell and Mr. Barber from Augusta, Mr. Sutula gets the orchids. Randy says that nobody else could take so much " goofing off " and still take such good pictures. The Staff says, " Hats off and thank you, Mr. Sutula " . And now we have come to the end of our story. It is time for Randy and the class of 1958 to say THANK YOU to all of the good people who have made these four years possible and another big THANKS to our advertisers, Mr. Sutula the folks who loaned pictures to us, and many more who have helped make THE RAMBLER a success. We’ll stop and take one last look around as we take off for a different kind of life.

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