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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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THE G-A RECORD Published by the Class of 1956 Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan Dedication In dedicating our annual to our Superintendent, Stanley Benjamin, we, the class of 1956, wish to express our gratitude for his kind guidance which will better fit us for living successful lives in the years to come. Within the past few years under his guiding hand the community has witnessed the uniting of two small schools into one strong body, our Galesburg-Augusta School. The enthusiasm and loyalty which he displays at every one of our athletic contests symbolizes his interest in us. We should become better citizens for having known him. Mr. Benjamin, Supt. of Schools Mr. Sauser, Ass ' t Supt. of Schools Mrs. Wheaton, Secretary 4 Mr. Wesley R. Burrell at the “mike " is no ordinary “disc jockey”. He directs all our activities from this nerve center, and everything from humorous advertisements for our suppers and parties to crisp directions for disaster drills originate here. Galesburg- Augusta High School revolves around this panel and around this man, who is not only our principal and director of curricular ac¬ tivities, but our teacher, advisor and friend. 5 Mrs. Edna Hilliard Miss Hazel Haynes 6 Mr. Andrew Beam Social Science and General Science Mrs. Flossie Wheaton Home Economics and Civics Driver Training Mrs. Ruth Burrell Study Hall and Library Mr. Alfred Niemi Mr. Donald Sackrider Agriculture Industrial Arts 7 SHIRLEY ALLAN DONNA ALLAN " Don " Paper 4, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H. A. 1-2, Basketball 1-2- 3, Co-op 4. SHIRLEY ALLAN " Shirl " Paper 4, Annual 4, Librarian 1-2-3-4, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1-2, Basketball 1-2-3, Chorus 1, Senior Play. DONNA ALLAN EVERETT BARRETT EVERETT BARRETT " Sonny " Football 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 3-4, Varsity Club 2-3-4. KENNETH BENT " Ken " Chorus 3 SHIRLEY ALLAN KENNETH BENT 10 ROMA BORN ROMA BORN " Romeo " Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1-4, Basketball 3, Chorus 1-2. ROGER BRESSON " Rog " Student Council 3, Arts Crafts Club 4, Varsity Club 3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-3, Track 1-3. ROGER BRESSON SHARON BROBERG SHARON BROBERG Class Treas. 2, Student Council 3-4, Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Thespian 4 f Paper 4, F.H.A. 1-2, Basketball 2-3, Co-op 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Homecoming Court 4. JUDY BURGESS " Bird " Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Thespian 3-4, Paper 4, Annual 4, Librarian 3-4, Pres. 4, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Sec. 4, Senior Play, Junior Play Student Director. JUDY BURGESS CAROLE DANIELS DAWN BURGETT " Dawnie " Class Pres. 2, Thespian 3-4, Paper 4, Librarian 1-2, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Junior Play. WILLIAM CUTLER " Cut " Football 3-4, Varsity Club 4 CAROLE DANIELS Class Sec 2, Paper 4, F.H.A. 1-2, Basketball 2, Co-op 4, Drill Team 2, Commercial Club 2-4. SAMME DARROW " Sam " Class Sec 1-3, Paper 4, Librarian 1-2, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2, Band 1-2-3-4, Co-op 4, Maj¬ orette, 1-2-3-4. WILLIAM CUTLER SAMME DARROW 11 ELAINE DUMONCEAUX DONALD FITZPATRICK 12 WILLIAM GORMLEY ELAINE DUMONCEAUX Paper 4, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Vice Pres, 4, F.H.A. 2, Co-op 4, Majorette 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4. KAY EMMONS Paper 4, Librarian 2, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2, Basketball 1-2, Co-op 4 DONALD FITZPATRICK " Fitz " Aviation Club 3, Baseball 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Chorus 4. SANDRA GODDE " Sandy " Thespian 4, Librarian 1-2, Aviation Club Treas. 3, Arts Crafts Club 3, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1-4, Historian 1, Pres. 4, Basketball 1, Band 1-3-4, Chorus 1-3, Junior Play. SA NDRA GODDE WILLIAM GORMLEY " Bill " Class Treas. 1, Student Council Treas. Thespian 3-4, Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Paper 4, Annual 4, Football 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Band 1, Chorus 4, Varsity Club 2-3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Junior Play, Senior Play. KENNETH GORSLINE " Ken " E.F.A. 2-3—4, Football 3, Baseball 2, Track 3, Band 2-3-4, Chorus 2, Entered Sophomore Year. KENNETH GORSLINE HELEN HEALY " Rusty " Annual 4, Librarian 1-2-3-4, F.H.A. 1, Basketball 2-3 LINDA HENSHAW " Lin " Arts G Crafts Club 2-3, Chorus 4, Bible Club 1-2-3-4. HELEN HEALY A | [CE HOLDRIDGE " Pete” v $udent Council 1-2 Vice President JT J 3, Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Commercial y Club 2-3-4, Pres. 2-3, F.H.A. 1-2, Basketball 2, Chorus 1, Co-op 4, Cheer¬ leader 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play Homecoming Queen 4, D. A. R. Pil¬ grim 4, Band 1-2-3-4. JEANETTE HOWES " Smiley " Nat l Honor Society 3-4, Annual 4, Bible Club 1, Treas. 2, Vice Pres. 3-4, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1-2, Cheerleader 1-2-3, Junior Play. JANICE HOLDRIDGE LINDA HENSHAW JEANETTE HOWES JERRY KIRK " Henry " Arts G Crafts Club 2-3, Track 3-4, Chorus 3. PAUL KRIEGER " Professor " Class Vice Pres 4, Thespian 3-4, Paper 4, Track 2-3-4, Annual 4, Senior Play Junior Politician 1. JERRY KIRK PAUL KRIEGER 13 r v KEITH LAMKIN KEITH LAM KIN Student Council 1-2-3 Pres, 4, F.F.A. 1-2, Treas. 3, Track 1-2-3, Baseball 3, Basketball 1, Football 1-2-3-4, Varsity Club 3, Treas. 4, Junior Play. ROBERT MASON " Bob " Student Council 1-2, Tennis 2, Varsity 2-3-4. ROBERT MASON WAYNE MOORLAG, JR. Class Treas. 4, Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Paper 4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 2.3-4, Football 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4. JAMES NICHOL " Nick " Nat ' l Honor Society 3—4, Thespian 3-4, Paper 4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 3-4, Football 3-4, Baseball 4, Basketball 1-2- 3-4, Track 2, Varsity Club Vice Pres. 4, Band Follies 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play. WAYNE MOORLAG, JR. JAMES NICHOL RICHARD PACKER " Dick " Football 3-4, Track 3 LUTHER PERKINS " Lu " Aviation Club 3, Chorus 1 14 RICHARD PACKER LUTHER PERKINS EVA REINHARDT Class Treas, 3, Class Sec. 4, Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Thespian 3-4, Paper 4, Annual 4, Librarian Sec. 3, Treas. 4, Commer¬ cial Club 3-4, Basketball 3, Cheer¬ leader 3-4, Co-op 4, Junior Play, Home¬ coming Court 2, Senior Play Director 4. PAUL ROBERTS §a eball 3-4, Varsity Club 3-4 EVA REINHABJDT PAUL ROBERTS LYNN SELBEE DENNIS STAGER LYNN SELBEE Baseball 2, Basketball 2 JOAN SIMMONS " Joannie " Class Vice Pres. 1, Thespian 3-4, Paper 4, Librarian 2, Commercial Club 2-3, Treas. 4, F.H.A, 2, Band 1-2, Co-op 4, Junior Play, Senior Play. DENNIS STAGER " Denny " Thespian 4, Varsity Club 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1, Track 3-4, Chorus 4, Band Follies 3-4. LARRY TAYLOR Entered G. A as Sophomore - F.F.A, Manager 4. JOAN SIMMONS LARRY TAYLOR 15 WARREN TOWNSEND " Sleepy " E nter ed G-A as Junior. Vice Pres. 3, Nat ' l Honor Society 3-4, Thespain 3-4, Paper 4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 3-4, Football 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Basketball 3-4, Track 4, Chorus 3-4, Band Follies 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play. ROBERT VAN SICKIER, JR. Class Pres. 3-4, Annual 4, F.F.A. Re¬ porter 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 3, Basketball 1, Track 1-2, Varsity Club 3-4. WARREN TOWNSEND ROBERT VAN SICKLER, JR. BERNICE WALD HA NZ Librarian 3-4, Annual 4, Paper 4, F.H.A. F.F.A. 3. ROBERT WEAV ER " Bob " F.F.A. 4, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-2 BERNICE WALDHANZ ROBERT WEAVER LARRY WORTINGER " Wort " Varsity Club 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 2, Basketball 1 -2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3 Pres. 4, Band 1-2-3-4. 16 LARRY WORTINGER Janice Holdridge D.A.R. Pilgrim SENIOR HONORS Paul Krieger has maintained the highest scholastic standing of anyone in the class of 1956. His average over the four years is 2.79, which automatically bestows upon him the honor of Valedictorian. Janice Holdridge who is second highest with an average of 2.62, is class Salutatorian. Janice has also had the honor of being se¬ lected as the D.A.R. Pilgrim from Galesburg-Augusta High School for 1955- 56. She was chosen according to the D.A.R. regulation, first by a vote of the senior girls and then approved by a faculty committee. Paul Krieger and Janice Holdridge 17 G-A RECORD UNDERCLASSMEN ARRANGED BY WAYNE MOORLAC Junior Sharon Ash James Ayers Carolyn Barker Gerald Bent Howard Bowers Tom Boyd Janice Bozarth Charles Broberg Max Campbell William Call Robert Carter Lynden Case Laura Christler Suzanne Clark Howard Davis Robert DeShon Wanda Dunithan Janet Fish Don Forster Judy Frank Jan Garrison Class Gary Hartman Carolyn Hoag Dalyn Hoffman James Howk James Imus James Ketchum Ronald Martin Judy Nagel Ronald Parks Gail Rayman Cordelia Roberts Carol Schroeder Ernestine Shaffer Norman Smothers Nancy Sherman Charles Van Ameyden Jeannie Van Sickler Judy Van Sickler Linda Waldorf Claude Wyman Howard Yerby Sophomore Class Beatrice Allen Gary Armstrong Linda Armstrong Sandra Baker Lanny Becker Leroy Bird Judith Bolton Naolta Born Raymond Boyd Rhoda Braden Stewart Brown Richard Cates Sandra Champion Jane Drake Jack Emmons Lorraine Ennis Phyllis Fry Charles Garfield Teddy Garrett Dan Godde Gloria Godde Paul Haist Marcea Hoffman David Horn Marvin Horn Richard Howes Nadine Ketchum Ted Kirklin 22 Lewis Knetsch Rosemary Knight Rena Markley Dollie Miller Frances Mitchell Larry Moorlag Albert Nichols Loretta Parks Wesley Pattee Janet Robertson Mary Roelof Sandra Searle Virginia Seeger Carol Smith Dennis Smith Gary Smith Sandra Smith Ruth Snow Gerald Srackangast Raundi Srackangast Robert Srackangast James Stewart Sue Taylor Glenora Thomas Helen Thomas George Van Ameyden Tamara Webber Eileen Williams La Verne Wilson Henry Wyman Jerry Yeast 23 Freshman David Ayres Myrna Beilfuss Peggy Binns Clifford Blodgett Barry Bond Ted Book Ronnie Bresson Nellie Bronson Phyllis Brown William Castle Jack Copeland Larry Christler Richard Daniels Brenda De Pew Shirley Dunlap Joyce Fetterhoff Rosalie Garrett Dallas Harrison Jerry Hieman Robert Hoard Carolyn Jenkins Margaret Kerns Mary Kirklin Sammy Kohl Marjorie Krieger Sharon Kuiper Jerry Livingston Charles Maile Class Ernest McCracken Jean Manning Richard Martin Mile Miller Judy Mizer Nancy Monroe Agnes Murray Judy Myers Larry Nichol Richard Nichols Judy Panfil Larry Pierce Bill Purser Rebecca Reed Catherine Roberts Frank Robertson Douglas Roe David Savacool Richard Sherman Clayton Sinclair Donald Southwood Marilynn Spencer Marlene Spencer Edwin Stager James Stevens Larry Sumner Glen Sutton Dean Swanson Freshmen Joe Tolmacs Joyce Tolmacs David Van Luke George Waldorf Joanne Vise Ewayne Wagner Joyce Williams Martha Williams Mary Yerby Freshmen Sophomores Not Pictured: Duane Jenkins Janice Riddle H . Bonnie Lou Shores Leonard Shumate John Waber Eugene Wyman Morgan Young ' yffi iAcw Juniors Not Pictured: (WV James Kerns Charles Lorio Ronald Shumate Lynette Wilson Not Pictured: Lorence Bailey Craig Bishop Conrad Caines Thomas Nichol Grace Schreuder Janet Shumate 26 Annual Staff J. Burgess, P. Krieger, D. Hoffman, S. Allan, W. Townsend, W. Gormley, Mrs. Burrell, C. Hoag, J. Nichol, L. West, J. Howes, H. Healy, R. Van Sickler, C. Bishop Not Pictured: E Reinhardt, W. Moorlag Editor James Nichol Literary Editor Judy Burgess Business Manager Paul Krieger Senior Section Shirley Allan Subscriptions Robert Van Sickler Art Editor Jeanette Howes Pictures Helen Healy Wayne Moorlag Advertising Warren Townsend Eva Reinhardt Junior Assistants Carolyn Hoag Dalyn Hoffman Craig Bishop 28 Student Council The Galesburg-Augusta Student Council whose members represent our high school are elected at the beginning of each school session in the fall by the student body. They meet with their advisor, Mr. Burrell, every Wednesday. Their duties and responsi¬ bilities are numerous. Their three main tasks are: 1) to maintain the high school social calendar; 2) to select and sponsor our assemblies; 3) to serve as a clearing house for business and problems involving the student body. Two representatives from each class, elected by their class, are act ive participants in the weekly meetings along with the 1955-56 Student Council officers who are as follows: president, Keith Lamkin (senior); vice president, Conrad Caines (junior); secretary, Judy Frank (junior); and treasurer, William Gormley (senior). Standing: K. Lamkin, J. Livingston, Mr. Burrell, D. Horn, T. Nichol. Seated: W. Gormley, C. Caines, M. Beilfuss, W. Townsend, J. Frank, L. Christler, E Williams 29 Paper Staff Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: D. Forster, L. West, W. Townsend, W. Gormley, W. Moorlag, C. Caines, J. Nichol, P. Krieger. Mrs. Ribich, D. Burgett, D. Allan, S. Allan, J. Garrison, B. Wald- hanz, E. Williams, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Hilliard. J. Van Sickler, C. Daniels, J. Holdridge, J. Burgess, C. Hoag, N. Sherman, J. Frank, R. Reed. S. Darrow, E. Dumonceaux, S. Broberg, K. Emmons, J. Bozarth, J. Simmons, E. Reinhardt. Every three weeks students look forward to the publication of our school paper, the " Rampages " , under the direction of Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Hilliard, and Mrs. Ribich. News, sports articles, and editorials of interest to the student body are put into this publication by the following people: Editor Associate Editors Feature Editor Sports Editor Exchange Editor Layout Manager Finance Circulation Reporters and Typists Judy Burgess Janice Holdridge and Carolyn Hoag Sharon Broberg Conrad Caines Shirley Allan Joan Simmons Elaine Dumonceaux Samme Darrow Judy Frank, Jan Garrison, Judy VanSickler, Dawn Burgett, Janice Bozarth, Eileen Williams, Becky Reed, Nancy Sherman, Eva Reinhardt, Donna Allan, Carole Daniels, Janies Nichol, Paul Krieger, Wayne Moorlag, William Gormley, Warren Townsend, and Don Forster. Library Club HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Standing: H. Healy, J. Burgess, G. Schreuder, E. Grier, C. Caines, Mrs. Burrell, J. Ketchum Seated: S. Allan, N. Ketchum, R, Markley, V. Seeger, J. Fish, B. Waldhanz Not Pictured: E Reinhardt ELEMENTARY LIBRARY R. Reed, J. Drake, R. Srackangast, E. Williams, C. Roberts, C. Smith Officers Pres. - Judy Burgess Sec.-Treas. - Eva Reinhardt NATIONAL SOCIETIES Warren Townsend, Sharon Broberg, William Gormley, Eva Reinhardt, Mr. Burrell, James Nichol, Judy Burgess, Wayne Moorlag. Not Pictured: Janice Holdridge Thespians Standing: Warren Townsend, William Gormley, James Nichol, Paul Krieger, Seated: Jeanette Howes, Sharon Broberg, Eva Reinhardt, Judy Burgess, Joan Simmons. Not Pictured: Janice Holdridge 32 Mrs. Jolin Senior Play Director Commercial Club Back Row: J. Nagel, B. Allan, S. Taylor, N. Bom, J. Bolton, L. Christler, E. Reinhardt, J, Garrison, E. Dumonceaux, L. Ennis, E. Williams, G. Thomas, Third Row: G. Hoag, D. Miller, J. Shumate, S. Allan, S. Darrow, G. Rayman, C. Roberts, N. Sherman, R. Bom, J. Frank, T. Webber, R. Snow, L. Waldorf, Second Row: Mrs Edwards, S. Clark, V, Seeger, Hoffman, R« Knight, F. Mitchell, R« Braden, J. Burgess, K, Emmons, J. Simmons, J. Robertson, G. Godde, W. Dunithan Front Row: J. Fish, L. Blodgett, J. Howes, Judy Van Sickler, Jeannie Van Sickler, C. Schroeder, S. Broberg, J. Drake, L. Armstrong, S. Smith Not Pictured: D. Allan, C. Barker, J. Bozarth, D. Burgett, C. Daniels, S. Godde, J. Holdridge, S. Ash, G. Schreuder, E. Shaffer 34 Our co-operative training program, under the supervision of Mrs. Edwards, has won recognition in this area because of the ef¬ ficiency of our commercial students. We congratulate this group and hope that this fine record will be maintained. Donna Allan Shirley Allan Sharon Broberg Dawn Burgett Carole Daniels Samme Darrow Elaine Dumonceaux Kay Emmons Janice Holdridge Eva Reinhardt Joan Simmons Home Savings Bank First National Bank Borroughs Mfg. Co. Home Furnishing Co. General Printing Ink Co. First National Bank First National Bank First National Bank Borroughs Mfg. Co. Checker Cab Mfg. Corp. Home Savings Bank Co ops Janice Holdridge, Carole Daniels, and Joan Simmons Not Pictured; Dawn Burgett Eva Reinhardt, Sharon Broberg, Samme Darrow, Donna Allan, Shirley Allan, Elaine Dumonceaux, and Kay Emmons 35 Back Row: Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: J. Bolton, S. Champion, E. Dumonceaux, E. Williams, D. Carpenter, L. Pattee, R. Srackangast, S. Darrow, P. Fry, S. Godde, M. Binns, Marlene Spencer, W. Holbrook, L. Brown, G. Smith, R. DeShon, J. Copeland, S. Smith, Mr. Heyboer, F. Reeder, B. Allen, M. Roelof, C. Reed, John Lemon, R. Martin, G. Srackangast, S. Brown, W. Pattee, D. Godde, J. Yeast, M. Becker, J. Chase, J. De Witt, W. Darrow, J. Maile, G. Rayman, C. Roelof, J. Meyers, B. Shores, L. Sumner, C. Maile, L. Wortinger, L. Becker, K. Gorsline, M. Hoffman, Marilyn Spencer, N. Bronson, W. Castle, James Lemon, N. Monroe, D. Hoffman, L. Parks, C Van Sickler J r—Z - 7 Lb c 0 J » •_ Back Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: M. Horn, D. Stager, W. Townsend, J. Garrison, W. Gormley, N. Born, J. Shumate, R. Howes. C. Lorio, R. Boyd, L. Waldorf, J. Fortner, A. Murray, P. Brown, L. Ennis, P. Haist. Mr. Heyboer, R. Braden, T. Webber, J. Robertson, L. Henshaw, S. Baker, N. Bronson, G. Godde. J. Frank, C. Hoag, Jeannie Van Sickler, Judy Van Sickler, F. Mit¬ chell, J. Manning, J. Vise, M. Yerby. R. Snow, W. Dunithan, J. Bozarth, L. Selbee, D. Fitzpatridt, H. Bow¬ ers. Drill Team Cl E. Williams, D. Carpenter, R. Srackangast Majorettes S. Champion, E. Dumonceaux, L. Pattee, S. Darrow, P. Fry Varsity Club Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: W. Townsend, T. Garrett, C. Garfield, G. Smith, M. Campbell, C. Bishop, D. Stager. J. Yeast J. Nichol, W. Gormley, W. Moorlag, R. Bresson, C. Caines, P. Roberts. R. Van Sickler, K. Lam kin, L. Wortinger, G. Srackangast, R. De Shon, E. Barrett, R. Howes, R. Mason. L. West, J. Livingston, W. Pattee, D. Godde, D. Forster, J. Imus, W. Cutler, J. Emmons. 39 Back Row: Second Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: D. Savacool, L. Sumner, C. Maile, L. Knetsch, R. Srackangast, C. Wyman, G. Bent, L. Taylor. C. Blodgett, T. Kirklin, L. Wilson, D. Martin, G. Armstrong, T. Book, J. Kerns, G. Waldorf, L. Bailey, D. Godde. L. Case, Mr. Neimi, R. Moody, L. Wortinger, C. Caines, K. Gorsline, J. Livingston. B. Weaver, R. Martin, D. Van Luke, D. Roe, R. Parks. F.H.A. 40 Back Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: J. Fortner, Marilyn Spencer, S. Dunlap, M. Kirklin, G. Schreuder, A. Murray, S. Godde, M. Beilfuss E. Shaffer, R. Born, Marlene Spencer, J. Tolmacs, S. Baker, D. Miller, G. Godde, J. Robertson Mrs. Wheaton, F. Mitchell, R. Allen, S. Taylor, N. Born, L. Waldorf, J. Garrison, P. Thomas, G. Thomas S. Champion, Jeannie Van Sickler, Judy Van Sickler, C. Schroeder, C. Roberts, M. Williams, S. Searles, R. Knight, J. Meyers R. Braden, P. Brown, J. Fetterhoff, C. Jenkins, J. Manning, L. Parks, G. Rayman, R. Snow, J. Vise, T. Weber, M. Yerby Pep Club Back Row: Fourth Ro w: Third Row: Second Row: Cheer Leaders: Not Pictured: J. Garrett, S. Dunlap, J. Mizer, M. Kirklin, L. Waldorf, L. Wilson L. Ennis, T. Webber, R. Snow, G. Rayman, 8. Allen, S. Taylor, N. Born, J. Panfil, J. Willians. M. Kerns, G. Godde, J. Van Sickler, R. Srackangast, J. Shumate, W. Dunithan, R. Braden, J. Robertson, D. Miller, L. Armstrong. E. Greer, J. Fish, B. Shores, S. Kuiper, J. Drake, M. Williams, F. Mitchell, R. Knight. S. Champion, C. Hoag, E. Reinhardt, J. Frank, J. VanSickler. J. Holdridge The G. A. H. S. Pep Club was organized this year by the Cheerleaders for the purpose of creating better school spirit and establishing a well-trained cheering squad to support our teams. The Club voted to wear maroon derbies with gold bands to help distinguish themselves from the remainder of the crowd. OFFICERS Pres. Vice. Pres. Sec.-Treas. Linda Waldorf Lynn Wilson Gail Rayman Many members were not present when the picture was taken. 41 Youth Center 42 Back Row: Coach Berger, L. Christler, W. Pattee, J. Livingston, L. Moorlag, W. Town¬ send, D. Stager, J. Imus. Fourth Row: Coach Wragg, L. Wortinger, J. Emmons, L. Pierce, T. Nichol, J. Kerns, DeShon, E. Barrett. Third Row: K. Lamkin, B. Cutler, J. Heiman, D. Packer, B. Van Sickler, D. Smith, J. Srackangast, D. Swanson, D. Forster. y Second Row: W. Moorlag, R. Bresson, B. Gormley, C. Bishop, L. West, C. Caines, J. Nichol, R. Knight, Mgr. A J Front Row: B. Srackangast, D. Nichols, D. Horn, C. Sinclair, B. Bond, G. Sutton, E. f Stager, D. Sherman. Not pictured: G. Waldorf, G. Armstrong SEASON RECORD Galesburg-Augusta 14 Galesburg-Augusta 7 Athens 25 Springfield 0 Galesburg-Augusta 0 Galesburg-Augusta 0 Kellogg 33 Richland 38 Galesburg-Augusta 19 Galesburg-Augusta 0 Climax 6 Mattawan 26 Galesburg-Augusta 0 Galesburg-Augusta 7 Paw Paw 37 Comstock 26 44 MAJOR AWARDS Gormley Caines Townsend Barrett Srackangast I mus Everett Barrett Roger Bresson Bill Cutler Bill Gormley Keith Lamkin Wayne Moorlag Jim Nichol Dennis Stager Warren Townsend Bob Van Sickler Larry West Larry Wortinger Craig Bishop Connie Caines Bob DeShon Don Forster Jim Imus Jerry Livingston Wes Pattee Jerry Srackangast MINOR AWARDS Gary Armstrong Barry Bond Larry Christler Jack Emmons Jerry Heiman David Horn Larry Moorlag Tom Nichol Dick Nichols Dick Packer Larry Pierce Dick Sherman Clayton Sinclair Bob Srackangast Ed Stager Glen Sutton Dean Swanson George Waldorf Townsend Van Sickler Moorlag Barrett Caines Gormley Cutler Imus Bishop Srackangast Wortinger 45 Basketball C-A 33 Mattawan 41 G-A 59 Comstock 50 G-A 42 K. Christian 45 G-A 44 Kellogg 30 G-A 56 Climax 38 G-A 51 Richland 60 G-A 41 Kellogg 56 G-A 43 Richland 45 G-A 63 Paw Paw 56 G-A 49 K. Christian 63 G-A 55 Mattawan 80 G-A 72 Comstock 57 G-A 61 Kellogg 47 G-A 38 Richland 46 G-A 61 Springfield 48 G-A 65 Paw Paw 45 Season Record: 8 wins, 8 losses ♦ Denotes League Games KVA Tourney G-A was beaten in the semi-finals in dis¬ trict play by Plainwell, 68-45. Back Row: Coach Marema, M. Campbell, G. Hartman, J. Imus, N. Smothers, D. Hoffman, L. Wortinger, C. Bishop Front Row: R. Martin, W. Townsend, W. Gormley, J. Nichol, C. Caines, C. Garfield 46 MAJOR LETTER WINNERS MINOR LETTER WINNERS Bill Gormley Larry Wortinger Connie Caines Dalyn Hoffman Jim Nichol Jim Imus Warren Townsend Gary Hartman Chuck Garfield Dan Godde Ron Martin Ted Garrett Max Campbell Jerry Heim an Craig Bishop Dave Van Luke Jim Stevens Gerald Srackangast Center Bill Gormley won All-KVA, All- Larry Christler Southwest Michigan and Honorable Mention Wes Pattee on the All-State Team for the 1955-56 Dave Horn season. Bob Hoard Barry Bond Connie Caines won All-KVA and Honorable Mention on the A11-Southwest Michigan Team for the 1955-56 season. Gormley and Caines were third and fourth in KVA scoring with 19.67 14.0 point- per-game averages respectively. Coaches Jack Marema and Wayne Berger led G-A to the best season record in 4 years. Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: Not Pictured: W. Pattee, L. Christler, D. Godde, J. Stevens, Coach Berger J. Hieman, B. Bond, G. Smith R. Hoard, D. Van Luke, D. Horn T. J. Garrett and G. Srackangast 47 Tennis Standing: Kneeling: Not Pictured: T. Case, T. Garrett, C. Garfield, C. Bishop, M. Campbell, G. Smith R. Howes and R. Martin J. Yeast SCHEDULE Opponent We They Plainwell 2 4 (Which ended 55 straight wins) Hastings 3 1 Mattawan 1 3 Paw Paw 1 3 St. Augustine 4 1 K. Christian 4 1 Kellogg 3 1 Richland 4 0 Comstock 3 1 B. C. Central 3 4 Lost 4 Won 6 48 MAJOR AWARDS Ted Garrett Jerry Yeast Charles Garfield Craig Bishop Max Campbell Tom Case Gary Smith Dick Howes MINOR AWARDS Ron Martin Case Garrett TOURNAMENTS K.V.A. Galesburg-Augusta IO 5 Paw Paw 4g Kellogg 4£ State Regional Galesburg-Augusta 13 Kellogg 8 Middleville 4 State Finals Garrett and Yeast lost to Ryan and Purdy of U. of Detroit High School 6 - 2, 6 - 3. 49 Baseball Date Opponent Place Score Apr 21 G-A They Springfield There 8 7 " 28 Kellogg Here 10 5 May 3 Climax There 8 6 " 5 Richland There 9 8 if 9 Mattawan Here 7 8 " 12 Paw Paw There 1 9 i. yj K. Christian There 4 6 »• 19 Comstock There 0 7 " 23 K. Christian Here 7 1 " 24 Climax Cancelled Denotes League Game League record 2 wins, 3 losses Over-all record 5 wins, 4 losses Total runs G-A 54, Opponents 57 Robert McBarnes and William Gormley were named on the K. V. A, All-Star Team. Back Row: Coach Berger, B. McBarnes, P. Roberts, W. Moorlag, B. Gormley, J. Emmons, R. Packer Second Row: B. Van Sickler, W. Townsend, T. Case, K. Lamkin, G. Srackangast Front Row: C. Caines, C. Crummel, D. Horn, B. DeShon, E. Barrett 50 MAJOR LETTER WINNERS Case Me Barnes Gormley Barrett, Everett Caines, Conrad Case, Thomas Crummel, Cecil DeShon, Robert Gormley, William McBarnes, Robert Moorlag, Wayne Roberts, Paul Srackangast, Gerald Townsend, Warren LEAGUE STANDINGS 1. Comstock 2. Paw Paw 3. Mattawan 4. Galesburg-Augusta 5. Kellogg 6. Richland MINOR LETTER WINNERS Emmons, Jack Fitzpatrick, Don Horn, David Lamkin, Keith Packer, Richard VanSickler, Robert Case Crummel McBarnes 51 Track MINOR LETTER WINNERS Crummel, Cecil Kirk, Jerry Krieger, Paul Lamkin, Keith Pattee, Wesley MAJOR LETTER WINNERS Emmons, Jack Godde, Dan Gormley, William Scott, Clinton VanSickler, Paul Wortinger, Larry Back Row: W. Moorlag, C. Scott, W. Pattee, D. Godde, C. Van Amayden, Coach Wragg Second Row: M, Champion, B. Gormley, P. Kreiger, J. Emmons K. Gorsline Front Row: C. Crummel, L. Wortinger, J. Kirk, E. Barrett K. Lamkin 52 Larry Wortinger placed first in the mile run at the Regional Track Meet in Kalamazoo and sixth in the State Final Track Meet in East Lansing. ■ jj Champion RESULTS OF LEAGUE MEET 1. Paw Paw 2. Mattawan 3. Richland 4. Kellogg 5. Comstock 6. Galesburg-Augusta Scott The squad and Coach Dick Wragg Wortinger Lamkin Kreiger 53 Cheerleaders Judy VanSickler, Judy Frank, Janice Holdridge, Eva Reinhardt, Carolyn Hoag, and Sandra Champion Judy V anSickler, Judy Frank, Janice Holdridge, Eva Reinhardt, Carolyn Hoag, Sandra Champion Bus Drivers I Mr. Wheat, Mr. Wagar, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Marema The long-suffering bus drivers who pick us up day after day, rain or shine, deserve a " thank you " from all of us. They are: O. E. Benson, Dorothy Bishop, Jay Bush, Mary Emmons, Merle Kissinger, Genevieve Maile, Jack Marema, Carroll Schlueter, Forrest Stafford, James Thomas, John Wagar, and James Wheat. Drivers not in these pictures are: Merle Kissinger, Carroll Schleuter and Forest Stafford. Frank Messenger, liked by every one, is not pictured here because of his tragic death shortly before these pictures were taken. He will be remembered by all of us, especially those who were fortunate enough to know him well. Mr. Bush, Mrs. Emmons, Mrs. Bishop, Mr. Benson, and Mrs. Maile 56 maintenance CAFETERIA Mr. Kissinger and Mr. Becker Mrs. Bolton and Mrs. Gormley SECRETARY CAFETERIA Mrs. Becker r Bush 57 Our Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 BURGESS SEED PLANT COMPANY VAN’S TRAILER COURT INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK 1 Mile East of Galesburg on M-96 Augusta Michigan “WE HAVE NOTHING TO SELL BUT SERVICE” “Best Wishes to the Class of 56” 58 Best of Luck to the Gang ALLEN SUPER DRUG Drive-in subscription service GRANT’S DEPARTMENT STORE Kalamazoo Comstock Galesburg, Mich. KELLY’S STANDARD SERVICE Phone RE 1-5582 ANDREW’S GARAGE Day Phone RE 1-3162 Night RE-1-7533 Augusta, Mich. Augusta, Mich. Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries Where Lubrication is not just a Grease Job AAA Wrecker Service MATHE SON NURSING HOME Galesburg, Mich. CAP’S STEAK HOUSE Galesburg, Mich. Always Good Food Conscientious care Cozy environment Steaks Chops Chicken Shrimp Fish All Kinds of Sandwiches GALESBURG SUPER MARKET % 59 AUGUSTA LUMBER HARDWARE CO. Girls! Don ' t Forget The Bridal Shop (State Theatre Building) has The FORMAL just for you Moderately priced l»r Our Lay-Away Plan ROELOF DAIRY FIRST IN SERVICE FIRST IN QUALITY BETTER MILK FOR LESS GALESBURG, MICHIGAN KNAPPEN’S MILLING CO. AUGUSTA, MICHIGAN LARRY’S TV SERVICE GALESBURG, MICHIGAN PHONE DAY 2941 NIGHT 4183 Builders’ Hardware, Paints Varnishes, Brushes Contractor Supplies AUGUSTA, MICHIGAN PRESCRIPTIONS FINE TOILETRIES HIGH GRADE BOX CANDY CLARK’S PHARMACY 16 W. MICHIGAN GALESBURG, MICHIGAN BELL’S BAKERY HOMEMADE ICE CREAM BEER WINE TAKEOUT CHARLIE SULLIVAN, INC. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS PHONE 4331 GALESBURG, MICHIGAN 60 SMITH’S APPLIANCES Augusta, Michigan “See Neil for a Better Deal” Everything in fine Appliances SERVICE STATION Oil changes Tires tubes Grease jobs Auto Manager - Edward Sovey Phone RE 1-7272 Fuel oil delivered by Willis Winchell Courtesy of BISHOP ELECTRIC Electrical Contractors Galesburg, Mich. Phone 4261 COMPLIMENTS of H. T. PRANGE SONS Kalamazoo, Michigan CAMFIELD SERVICE STATION Wednesday Double Stamp Day 5811 M-96 Comstock Tires Fuel Oil Oil ELLIS BECKER - JEWELER - DIAMONDS — WATCHES 207 Peck Building Kalamazoo, Michigan FORD’S for FOOD COCKTAILS y l 61 BROBERG HEATING SERVICE Premier Majestic Furnaces National Boilers Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Service Phones Office RE 1-7522 Res. RE 1-3837 Vic Broberg - Owner AUGUSTA PHARMACY Augusta, Michigan Constantly Fine Food - INMAN’S RESTAURANT Galesburg, Michigan Phone 5621 S T A. N D 4 c±t AUGUSTA CLEANERS Augusta Michigan OFFICE DESKS CHAIRS FILING CABINETS FIREPROOF SAFES BELL’S STANDARD SERVICE GALESBURG, MICHIGAN PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT TEACHERS DESKS BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS - DYKEMA OFFICE SUPPLY - 119 E. Michigan Ave. Ph. 2-9817 62 PHONE 9051 SINCE 1869 IHLING BROS. EVERARD CO. 269 MICHIGAN AVE., KALAMAZOO, MICH. UNIFORMS, COSTUMES OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING NELSON E.BARTLETT, AGENCY Galesburg, Michigan 1 E. Battle Creek St. Phone 4923 Compliments of WAYNE HOME EQUIPMENT CO. Galesburg, Mich. Carrying a complete line of Home Furnishings Appliances Floor Covering For the Best Price on Quality See Wayne First Before Buying THE GALE THEATER AND RECREATION SCHLUETER FUNERAL HOME Augusta, Michigan POINT STANDARD SERVICE LENG’S HARDWARE Galesburg, Mich. Phone 5811 GALESBURG CLEANERS Dependable Dry Cleaning MILADY’S BEAUTY BAR FLINT’S BARBER SHOP Galesburg, Michigan WHITNEY BARBER SHOP - COMSTOCK TAYLOR LUMBER CO. Phone 2591 Galesburg, Mich. L. F. GARLINGHOUSE CO. INC. COWGILL’S GULF SERVICE Comstock Phone 5-0744 63 medicine . • • designed for health ... produced with care The Upjohn Company Kalamazoo, Michigan € IJfMtL.ii SpttiJnU gOwapC RRotheps. inc rUm rt 6 i 1U

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