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Published by the Class of 1955 Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan The G A Review has been compiled to take you back in flights of fancy to your happy school days at Galesburg-Augusta High and to take you with us in imagination to that fabulous Hollywood Colony where, through the magic of motion pictures, anything can happen. Dedication The class of " 1955 " wishes to dedicate this, OUR YEARBOOK, to our parents, class advisors, and Room Mothers, for their wonderful help and guidance throughout our school years. Room Mothers Chairman Edna Bigley Vice-Chairman i ren e Griffin Secretary Mary chase Treasurer Rena Henshaw Standing: Mrs. Wantz, Mrs. Yeast, Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Kuiper, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Osmun, Mrs. Slager, Mrs. Ennis, Mrs. Van Sickler, Mrs. Simmonds, Mrs. Robinson. Seated: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Bigley, Mrs. Chase, Mrs. R. Reed, Mrs. Gilger, Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Van Antwerp, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Kirklin, Mrs. Weishlat, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Eastman, Mrs. Stoeffler. 4 Kenneth Scudder, Pres. ; Harold Sauser, Ass ' t. Supt. ; Royal Heiman, Trustee; S. L. Benjamin, Supt. ; Morris Raymer Jr., Trustee; C. Wilbur Randol, Treas.; Franklin Austin, Sec. (Not in Picture) Producers STANLEY L. BENJAMIN HAROLD SAUSER Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent JOHN CALDWELL Principal, Augusta WESLEY BURRELL High School Principal RICHARD WRAGG Coach and Jr. High Principal p- 1 L Technical Advisors Y ! ' I ANDREW BEAM Science and Mathematics RUTH BURRELL Library WAYNE BERGER Coach and Jimior High MARY DORAN Art THELMA EDWARDS Commercial ROSANNA FRYE Junior High, Augusta PAUL HEYBOER Music EDNA HILLIARD DELORES JOHNSON Languages and English Junior High, Augusta BERNARD LEECH Industrial Arts JACK MAREMA Coach and Junior High BLANCHE MARSHALL FLOSSIE MOLLBERG English End Socisl Science Home Economics End Government ALFRED NIEMI Agriculture End AviEtion CAROL PRESTON GenerEl Business End Jr. High DOROTHY WILLIAMS Science End English Ft A WRING THE SENIORS Seniors JEANGALE ABNET CONSTANCE ANDERSON BEVERLY BOWERS DEANNA BRESSON JOSEPH BROKAW ROBERT BROWN Seniors LLOYD BUSH EVELYN CARSON MYRA CARTWRIGHT THOMAS CASE GAIL COLLARD CECIL CRUMMEL Seniors PEGGY DAVIS CATHERINE EHRMANN MARYLIN HOAG DAVID HOLDRIDGE SHIRLEY KAUFFMAN JOHN KERNS Seniors NANCY KERNS JAMES KIRK LIN ANN LEWIS ROBERT MC BARNES SALLY MC GLOCKLIN ANN MANNING Seniors WILLIAM RINGO DONNA ROELOF JAMES CLINTON SCOTT SHIRLEY SISCO JAMES SUMNER JOAN TELFER Seniors DONNA TURNBULL PAUL VAN SICKLER ELOISE WAGNER BETTY WILSON DONNA WYMAN ROSALYN YEAST Valedictorian Salutatorian Donna Roelof Scholastic Average 2. 80 Marylin Hoag Scolastic Average 3. 00 D, A. R. Pilgrim Senior Directory JeanGale Abnet, " Jeannie " National Thespians 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Commer¬ cial Club 3-4, F.H.A. 2-3, Band 1-2, Chorus 1-2- 4, Junior and Senior Play, G.A.A. 4 Constance Anderson, " Connie " Annual Staff 4, Library Staff 1-2-3-4, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2-3, Tennis 1, G.A.A. 4 Beverly Bowers, " Bev " National Thespians 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Library Staff 1-2-4, Commercial Club 3, F.H.A. 2, Knitting Club 1, Junior Play, G.A.A. 4 Deanna Bresson, " De " Student Council 1, National Thespians 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Library Staff 1-2, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Girls Basketball 1-2-3, G.A.A. 4, Co-op 4, Junior and Senior Play, School Paper Staff 4 Joseph Brokaw, " Joe " Student Council 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Football 4, Chorus 4, Junior and Senior Play Robert Brown, " Bob " Annual Staff 4, Game Club 1, F.F.A. 1, Baseball 1, Basketball 1, Chorus 4 Lloyd Bush, " Bob " Vice-President 4, Aviation Club 1, G. Club 4, F. F.A. 1-2-4, Football 2-3-4, Baseball 3, Co-op 4, Senior Play, School Paper Staff 4 Evelyn Carson, " Ev " Annual Staff 4, Tennis 1, Girls Basketball 1-2-3, G. A.A. 4, Band 1-2, Chorus 4, Senior Play Myra Cartwright School Paper Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Commercial Club 3-4 Thomas Case, " Casey” President 2, Student Council 1, Annual Staff 4, Gun Club 1, G. Club 2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Base¬ ball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2, Tennis 2-3-4, School Paper Staff 4 Gail Collard, " Gay " Treasurer 4, Annual Staff 4, Commercial Club 4, Co-op 4 Cecil Crummel, " Cec " Library Staff 3, G. Club 3-4, Football 2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Track 2-4, Junior and Senior Play Peggy Davis, " Peg " Library Staff 1-2-3, Annual Staff 4, Chorus 2 Catherine Ehrmann, " Cathy " Annual Staff 4 Marylin Hoag, " Jo " Vice-President 3, Treasurer 2, S.C. Treasurer 4, National Honor Society 3-4, National Thespians 3-4, School Paper Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Band 1- 2, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Co-op 4, Knitting Club 1, Senior Play, School Paper Staff 4 David Holdridge, " Pete " National Thespians 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Game Club 1, F.F.A. 1, Band 2-3, Chorus 3, Junior and Senior Play Shirley Kauffman, " Shirl " Student Council 3-4, School Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Commercial Club 2- 3-4, F.H.A. 2-3, Girls Basketball 1-2-3, G.A.A. 4, Chorus 4, Co-op 4 Nancy Kerns, " Kernsey " Treasurer 1, National Thespians 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Library Staff 2-3, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Com¬ mercial Club 2-3-4, Basketball Manager 3, G.A.A. 4, Co-op 4, Junior and Senior Play John Kerns, " Jack " Vice-President 1, School Paper Staff 1, Journalism Club, G. Club 2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Chorus 2-3-4 James Kirklin, " Jim " Gun Club 1, F.F.A. 1-2 Ann Lewis, " Louie " National Thespians 3-4, School Paper 4, Annual Staff 4, Camera Club 1, Commercial Club 2, Chorus 4, Junior and Senior Play Ann Manning Annual Staff 4, School Paper Staff 4, Library Staff 1, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2, Knitting Club 1, Chorus 4, Co-op 4 Robert McBames, " Bob " President 3-4, Vice-President 2, Student Council 1, School Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, G. Club 1-2- 3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Football 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 2, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 4, Junior and Senior Play Sally McGlocklin, " Sal " Arts and Crafts Club 1, G.A.A. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Senior Play William Ringo, " Bill " Game Club 1, F.F.A. 1, Football 1, Baseball 1-2-4, Tennis 1-2-4, Band 1-2-4, Senior Play Donna Roelof President 1, National Honor Society 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Camera Club 1, Basketball 1-2, Band 1-2- 3-4 James Clinton Scott, " Scotty " School Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Gun Club 1, G. Club 2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4 Shirley Sisco, " Shirl " Secretary 1-2, National Thespians 3-4, School Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Camera Club 1, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Chorus 1-4, Junior and Senior Play James Sumner, " Jim " Gun Club 1, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1 Joan Telfer, " Jo " Annual Staff 4, F.H.A. 2, Chorus 1-2 Donna Turnbull, " Jean " Treasurer 3, Student Council 1-2, National Thes¬ pians 3-4, School Paper 4, Annual Staff 4, Library Staff 2-3, Commercial Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2-3, Girls Basketball 1-2-3, G.A.A. 4, Chorus 2, Co-op 4, Junior and Senior Play Paul Van Sickler, Jr., " Sonny " Secretary 3, Student Council 1-2, S.C. President 4, Annual Staff 4, Gun Club 1, G. Club 3-4, F.F.A. 1- 2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1, Track 2- 3-4, Junior and Senior Play Eloise Wagner, " Luigi " Library Staff 2-4, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Commer¬ cial Club 2-3, F.H.A. 2, Chorus 3-4 Betty Wilson National Honor Society 3-4 Donna Wyman Annual Staff 4 , Library Staff 2-3, Commercial Club 3, F.H.A. 2, Knitting Club 1 Rosalyn Yeast, " Rosie " National Honor Society 3-4, National Thespians 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Camera Club 1, Commercial Club 2- 3-4, G.A.A. 4, Co-op 4, Junior and Senior Play Class History Fifty-three excited but scared freshmen entered Galesburg-Augusta High School that September morning in 1951. They were JeanGale Abnet, Connie Anderson, Joan and Nina Barnes, Jim Beatty, Donna Blackney, Beverly Bowers, Robert Brown, Deanna Bresson, Lloyd Bush, Evelyn Carson, Myra Cartwright, Tom Case, Jean Crawford, Robert Cheeseman, Cecil Crummel, Peggy Davis, Allen Dean, Jean Gardner, Robert Gwynn, Katherine Haas, Barbara Haveman, Marylin Hoag, Sandra Hoag, David Holdridge, Duane Irving, Shirley Kauffman, Jack and Nancy Kerns, Jim Kirklin, Ann Lewis, Sally McGlocklin, Bob McBarnes, Helen Maddex, Ann Manning, Bob Murray, Patricia Nieman, Jim and Bill Ringo, Helen Roberts, Donna Roelof, Charles Schmidt, Clinton Scott, Shirley Sisco, Jack Sommerville, Jim Sumner, Joan Telfer, Donna Turnbull, Paul Van Sickler, Eloise Wagner, Betty Wilson, Donna Wyman, and Rosalyn Yeast. Our class advisors, Mr. Smith and Miss Reynolds, man¬ aged to guide us through our first year without too many serious mishaps in spite of our inexperience with high school life. Marlene Anderson, Roger DePue, Donald Lantis, and Gary Miller joined our sophomore class, but Joan and Nina Barnes, Jim Beatty, Jean Crawford, Robert Cheeseman, Robert Gwynn, Katherine Haas, Sandra Hoag, Duane Irving, Jim Ringo, Helen Rob¬ erts, and Jack Sommerville left us. Mr. Niemi and Miss Reynolds were our advisors. Back from the short summer vacation, we be¬ came aware of our increasing responsibilities to our fellow classmen and to ourselves. Under the leader¬ ship of Mr. Niemi and Mrs. McKillop we tried ham suppers, paper drives, dances, and the junior play to raise money for the senior trip fund. As juniors we parted company with Marlene Anderson, Donna Blackney, Roger DePue, Jean Gardner, Barbara Haveman, Donald Lantis, Helen Maddex, Bill Ringo, and Charles Schmidt. In their places came Joe Brokaw, Gail Collard, and Catherine Ehrmann. During our last year senior pictures, announce¬ ments, caps and gowns, the senior play, the annual, the money-making activites, and of course, the senior trip, seemed to invite our minds more than our studies did. Bill Ringo returned from Virginia to graduate with us, but we missed Allen Dean, Gary Miller, Bob Murray, and Mrs. Pat (Nieman) Brugh during our senior year. Our graduating class now consisted of JeanGale Abnet, Connie Anderson, Beverly Bowers, Deanna Bresson, Joe Brokaw, Rob¬ ert Brown, Lloyd Bush, Evelyn Carson, Myra Cart¬ wright, Tom Case, Gail Collard, Cecil Crummel, Peggy Davis, Catherine Ehrmann, Marylin Hoag, David Holdridge, Shirley Kauffman, Jack and Nancy Kerns, Jim Kirklin, Ann Lewis, Bob McBarnes, Sally McGlocklin, Ann Manning, Bill Ringo, Donna Roe¬ lof, Clinton Scott, Shirley Sisco, Jim Sumner, Joan Telfer, Donna Turnbull, Paul Van Sickler, Eloise Wagner, Betty Wilson, Donna Wyman, and Rosalyn Yeast. Mr. Niemi and Miss Mollberg were our advisors. Several class members proved their various abilities when we were seniors. We remember Ann Lewis as editor of the school paper and the annual. Bob McBarnes and Paul Van Sickler dem¬ onstrated their executive ability as Bob was re¬ elected Class President, and Paul became Pres¬ ident of the Student Council and the F. F. A. Deanna Bresson, Gail Collard, Nancy Kerns, Marylin Hoag, Rosalyn Yeast, Donna Turnbull, Shirley Kauffman, Ann Manning, and Lloyd Bush turned to the business world when they became Co-ops and worked on the part-time program. Other memories we have are of Jim Kirklin, the school ' s fix-it, repairing all the electrical equipment that was broken; of the surprised looks on the faces of the student body when the newcomer, Joe Brokaw, lifted a heavy weight during an assembly program; of Beverly Bowers as she played the lead in our junior play " Tom Boy " , and the fun we all had producing our senior play " A-Feudin ' Over Yonder " ; of Clinton Scott, Bill Ringo, and Tom Case thinking up ex¬ cuses to get out of class; of the " engaged set " -Con- nie Anderson, Gail Collard, Peggy Davis, and Joan Telfer; of Donna Turnbull when she was voted Home¬ coming Queen and of her court—Gail Collard, Shirley Kauffman, Marylin Hoag, and Rosalyn Yeast; of the trip to Niagara Falls we finally took when we were seniors; and last of all, of semester exams ! We noticed that of our graduating class of thirty- six only eight were in the original kindergarten classes of 1942, and attended Galesburg or Augusta school continuously until graduation. The eight are Jean Gale Abnet, Connie Anderson, Jim Kirklin, Joan Telfer, and Paul Van Sickler, who started school in Galesburg; and Tom Case, David Holdridge, and Rosalyn Yeast, who started in Augusta. Class Will On this third day of June in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-five, the graduating class of Galesburg-Augusta High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following: CONNIE ANDERSON, who advertises on the cover of " Peek, ' leaves her ermine bikini to Hollywood ' s cheesecake artists. JACK KERNS, clothes enthusiast, leaves his favorite sport-jacket of lavendar and pink checks and his red-and-maroon striped trousers to Bob Van Sickler, who has a start on Jack ' s title. ANN LEWIS, a glamourous personality, wills her false eyelashes to a girl who ' s out to get her man. LLOYD BUSH, matinee idol, leaves his shy actions and winning smile to Richard Howes. PEGGY DAVIS, known for her little-sister roles, leaves her diamond-studdec steering knob from her favorite tricycle to Jerry Kirk for his motor scooter. MYRA CARTWRIGHT, well-known glamour girl, wills her sophisticated manner to the study-hall steadies. EVELYN CARSON, noted star, leaves her favorite sports car of sky-blue pink to Mr. Leech who, we hear, is in the market for one. JEANGALE ABNET, famous singer, leaves her throat spray to the chorus for tuning up. ROSALYN YEAST, ragtime artist, wills one of her seven pianos to the next chorus piano player. SALLY MC GLOCKLIN leaves her solid gold baton used in directing her nationally-known band to Mr. Heyboer-maybe this one will last longer. ELOISE WAGNER, ANN MANNING, and BETTY WILSON, expert artists of make-up and hair design, leave their artistic ability to future play cases. DONNA ROELOF, noted writer, leaves her great works of art to the high school library. ROBERT BROWN, studio handyman, leaves a set of wrenches to the shop class-start tightening up, fellas. JOAN TELFER, famous movie star, leaves her crystal door knobs to be installed in the new school. KERNS AND BRESSON, Nancy and Deanna, that is, leave their brass-buckle spats to be placed in the trophy case. DONNA WYMAN, famous dress designer, leaves her yards of fabulous fabrics to the new class in dress designing. TOM CASE, famous football star, wills and be¬ queaths one set of pure gold Rams ' horns to Edward Hensley - don ' t let them get dirty, Ed. MARL YIN HOAG, well known for her secretary roles, leaves her most prized possession, a ruby-studded fingernail file to next year ' s annual sufferers to keep their nails looking nice after they chew them all off. CECIL CRUMMEL, known for his successful boss roles, wishes to bestow his charming way with sec¬ retaries to Jim Nichol, who doesn ' t need many lessons. JIM KIRKLIN, electrical technician, leaves his collected knowledge of electrical works to Jim Ketchum, the Albert Einstein of the tenth grade. PAUL VAN SICKLER, cowboy star, wills to Connie Caines one set of hand engraved, Spanish silver spurs. DONNA TRUNBULL, cowgirl star, wishes to leave her gold-spun lariat to Sarah Simmonds - let ' s see if you can do as well as Donna did. BOB MC BARNES, the Great, leaves his black silk hat, rabbit included, to Warren Townsend, who’s always got an ace up his sleeve. BEVERLY BOWERS, celebrated columnist, leaves her gossip-getting ability to Jimmy Kerns who is always trying to find out the scoop. SHIRLEY SISCO, the " Tinkerbell " of Peter Pan, leaves her magic wand to anyone who will put it to good use. JIM SUMNER, successful star, leaves his discovery of jet-propulsion with no visible mechanism to the future Aviation Club. RINGO AND HOLDRIDGE, William and David, that is, wish to leave their clever antics to Robert De Shon for entertainment at his New Year ' s Eve parties. JOSEPH BRCKAW, noted cartoonist, leaves his di¬ amond-studded tracing pencil to Craig Bishop to further his talent. CATHERINE EHRMANN, well-known news com¬ mentator, leaves her broadcasting microphone to Jeanette to use for her speeches during pep meetings. GAIL COLLARD, popular socialite, leaves her re¬ served manner to the freshmen girls, they could do with some. CLINTON SCOTT, well-known playboy, leaves his billion-dollar yacht to the driver-training class- try this type of travel for awhile. SHIRLEY KAUFFMAN, famous diamond collector, leaves her diamond tiara for the next Homecoming Queen. Prophecy G. A. H. S. STUDIOS Ten years have elapsed since the 1955 stars of G. A. H. S. were at the heighth of their careers. Some of the stars have gone into different professions around the studio. What do you say we take a walk around the G. A. H. S. Studios and see what ' s going to happen. As we enter the studio dress shop we see DONNA WYMAN tearing her hair. She is trying to make a dress that will look right on CONNIE ANDERSON when Connie poses for the cover of " PEEK " , the magazine that tells all the facts and figures around HOLLYWOOD. As we enter Studio I, we see SALLY McGLOCKLIN, the famed band director. Sally is here because the G. A. H. S. Studios are making a picture entitled the " SALLY MC GLOCKLIN STORY " . Sally ' s band is the leading band in the U. S. A. at this time. Turning down the walk toward Studio II, we see TOM CASE clad in his football uniform for the picture he is making called " TOM CASE, FULLBACK " . After speaking to " Casey " , we enter Studio II, where we see MARYLIN HOAG sitting on her boss ' s lap, the famed CECIL CRUMMEL. Her reason for being there is all in a day ' s work, as Marylin and Cecil are being starred in a new movie called " SECRETARIES ARE WHERE THEY SHOULD BE " . Cecil has one comment though, he doesn ' t have enough secretaries. Outside again we meet JIM KIRKLIN, the famous electrical technician. Of course, you all know Jim- he is the man that invented the motion picture screen on the ceiling so people can recline while en¬ joying the movie. Moving on to Studio III, we find PAUL VAN SICKLER and DONNA TURNBULL making their first in a series of movies entitled " THE WILD AND WOOLLY WEST " . Their stage names are PAUL " ROY ROGERS " VAN SICKLER, and DONNA " DALE EVANS " TURNBULL. In Studio IV, we see the " GREAT BOB MC BARNES doing his magician act for the movie in which he will be starring " WHO DUNNIT " . Entering Studio V, we find BEVERLY " LOUELLA PARSONS " BOWERS interviewing SHIRLEY SISCO, who is starring as " TINKERBELL " in a new release of " PETER PAN " . Co-starring with Shirley is JIM SUMNER as " PETER PAN " . As we leave the Studio, we bump into WILLIAM RINGO AND DAVID HOLDRIDGE who are a new comedy team sensation. Their stage names are PETE MARTIN and BILLY LEWIS. In Studio VI, we see JOE BROKAW drawing pictures for his new movie " THE ROGUES OF G. A. " . Mr. Brokaw is an animated cartoonist of great fame. In leaving Studio VI, we meet CATHERINE EHRMANN, well-known news commentator, who is on her way to make a news report for the Motion Picture Theaters. Entering Studio VII is quite a task as some of the stars are gathered together for a filming of a picture called " GENTLEMEN PREFER BRUNETTES " . The stars of this picture are GAIL COLLARD, well-known society play girl, and CLINTON SCOTT, well-known society play boy, SHIRLEY KAUFFMAN, famous for her fabulous collection of daimonds that she wears, and the remarkable JACK KERNS who is known for his natty clothes. Also there, is ANN LEWIS, a very glamourous personality who makes your eye-balls quiver, and the ever-popular LLOYD BUSH. Lloyd is the quiet, shy, reserved type, but when you get him with Ann, you never know what is going to happen. Moving on to Studio VIII, we find PEGGY DAVIS and MYRA CARTWRIGHT going over their lines for the movie made from the book " MYRA MARRIES A MILLIONAIRE " . Myra is playing the role of a sophisticated glamour girl, and Peggy is playing her little sister who is always under foot when the mil¬ lionaire comes to call. Outside of Studio VIII, we see EVELYN CARSON, famous for her roles in the series of movies about the mule FRANCES. Her latest picture is one where FRANCES gets Ev a husband. After speaking to Ev, we move on to Studio IX, where we find JEANCALE ABNET, a lady who has made the motion picture industry light up with her songs. Miss Abnet ' s biggest seller in the popular field was her version of " DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL ' S BEST FRIEND " . Moving along to Studio X, we have the luck to see ROSALYN YEAST doing an old time piece on the piano. Miss Yeast is noted for her " ragtime " . In the lobby of Studio XI, we have the pleasure of meeting ELOISE WAGNER, ANN MANNING, and BETTY WILSON who are well-known figures in the field of make-up and hair styling. Also in Studio XI is DONNA ROELOF. Miss Roelof is a writer of plays. She has had many successes, but her most successful one is the " G. A. REVIEW " . Going from Studio XI to Studio XII, we see ROBERT BROWN. Bob is an all-around handy man at the Studios - right now he is on his way to fix the clasp on one of SHIRLEY KAUFFMAN ' S diamond necklaces. In Studio XII JOAN TELFER is rehears¬ ing her lines for her current movie called " MISS TELFER " . Joan plays the role of a very over¬ worked teacher. Coming around the corner we can see Studio XIII, our last stop on this visit with the Class of 1955. In the Studio we can hear the patter of feet. These feet belong to the vaudeville team of NANCY KERNS DEANNA BRESSON, better known as KERNS BRESSON. They are making a movie that goes way back to the good old days. The tune we hear them dancing to is BYE BYE BLUES. As we look back over the last few hours we have spent with our alumni, we can easily see that there is no business like show business and that they have found health, happiness, and success. 1 COMING A TTRACTIONS 1 Juniors Donna Allan Everett Barrett Kenneth Bent Linda Blodgett Roma Born Roger Bresson Judy Burgess Allison Burton William Cutler Samme Darrow Elaine Dumonceaux Ann Ehrmann Kay Emmons Donald Fitzpatrick Sandra Godde William Gormley Kenneth Gorsline Helen Healy Linda Henshaw Janice Holdridge Not pictured: Shirley Allan Sharon Broberg Dawn Burgett Mark Champion Juniors Jeanette Howes Jerry Kirk Paul Kreiger Keith Larrikin Robert Mason Wayne Moorlag James Nichol Richard Packer Luther Perkins Eva Reinhardt John Schwartz Lynn Selbee Sarah Simmonds Joan Simmons Ronald Telfer Warren Townsend Robert Van Sickler, Jr. Robert Irving Richard Moody Berenice Waldhanz Robert Weaver Larry Wortinger Paul Roberts Dennis Stager Larry Taylor Sophomores Lorence Bailey Carolyn Barker Craig Bishop Thomas Boyd Howard Bowers Janice Bozarth Conrad Caines William Call Max Campbell Robert Carter Lynden Case Laima Christler Suzanne Clark Beverly Crummel William Davis Robert De Shon Alice Dowling Wanda Dunithan Janet Fish Don Forster Judy Frank Frankie Garret Jan Garrison Elnora Grier Margaret Henshaw Carolyn Hoag Dalyn Hoffman James Imus Sophomores Not pictured: James Ayers Gerald Bent Charles Broberg James Ketchum Clinton Lewis Milton Marlatt Ronald Martin June Mills James Moses Bertha Murray Judy Nagel Tom Nichol Stephen Oertel Ronald Parks Gail Rayman Cordelia Roberts Elaine Robinson Grace Schreuder Carol Schroeder Ernestine Shaffer Fred Shaffer Nancy Sherman Janet Shumate Norman Smothers Donald Steffic Raymond Taylor Charles Van Amayden Jeannie Van Sickler Judy Van Sickler Linda Waldrof Claude Wyman Freshmen Linda Armstrong David Austin Margaret Austin Sandra Baker Lanny Becker Leroy Bird Judith Bolton Naolta Born Stewart Brown Richard Cates Dwayne Champion Sandra Champion Dale Clark Betty Dowling Jane Drake Karl Ehrmann Bruce Elliott Jack Emmons Lorraine Ennis Phyllis Fry Charles Garfield Theodore Garrett Danny Godde Gloria Godde Paul Haist Edward Hensley Marcea Hoffman Robert Holbrook Freshmen David Horn Marvin Horn Richard Howes Nadine Ketchum Theodore Kirklin Louis Knetsch Rosemary Knight Rena Markley Dollie Miller Frances Mitchell Larry Moorlag Edda Reinhardt Janet Robertson Mary Roelof Ronald Shumate Carol Smith Gary Smith Sandra Smith George Stainbrook Gerald Srackangast Raundi Srackangast Suelynn Taylor Tamara Webber Eileen Williams LaVerne Wilson Lynette Wilson Henry Wyman Jerry Yeast Not pictured: Raymond Boyd James Kerns Loretta Parks Wesley Pattee Dennis Smith George Van Amayden Cheerleaders ft ft ft Si J. Frank, J. Holdridge, E. Reinhardt, S. Champion, J. Howes, J. Howes, J. Frank, E. Reinhardt, J. Holdridge, S. Champion. SPORT SHORTS Date Baseball Score Opponent We They April 22 Paw Paw 0 16 April 26 Climax 16 6 April 29 Richland 2 0 May 5 Comstock 2 5 May 11 Climax 21 6 May 13 Mattawan 3 12 May 18 K-Christian 7 1 May 20 Kellogg 8 2 ♦ Denotes league game League Record - 2 wins, 3 losses Over-all Record - 5 wins, 3 losses Total runs - G. A, 59, Opponents 38 Major Letter Winners: 1. Barrett, Everett 2. Beadle, James 3. Caines, Conrad 4. Case, Thomas 5. Crummel, Cecil 6. Eldridge, Larry Minor Letter Winners: 1. Bresson, Roger 2. Fitzpatrick, Donald 3. Lewis, Clinton 7. Me Barnes, Robert 8. Moorlag, Wayne 9. Moses, James 10. Scott, Clinton 11. Shaffer, Fred 12. Wortinger, Larry 4. Smothers, Norman 5. Wyman, Claude Back Row: W. Moorlag, K. Gorsline, L. Eldridge, J. Beadle, C. Scott, R. Bresson, L. Wortinger, R. Parks. Middle Row: R. DeShon, D. Hoffman, M. Champion, E. Barrett, C. Lewis, D. Fitzpatrick, C. Wyman. Front Row: C Crummel, T. Case, R. McBarnes, N. Smothers, F. Shaffer, C. Caines, Coach W. Berger. Major Letter Winners: Track 1. Champion, Mark 2. Inman, Gerald 3. Moorlag, Wayne Minor Letter Winners: 1. Bishop, Craig 2. Caines, Conrad 3. Gormley, William 4. Krieger, Paul 4. Scott, Clinton 5. Wortinger, Larry 5. Lamkin, Keith 6. Nichol, James 7. Packer, Richard 8. Smothers, Norman 9. Van Sickler, Robert Results of League Meet: Jerry Inman Larry Wortinger 1. Paw Paw 99 1 3 2. Mattawan 33 5 6 3. Galesburg-Augusta 26 4. Richland 15 1 2 5. Kellogg 11 6. Comstock 9 1 3 Gerald Inman set a new K. V. A. record in 440 yard dash of 54. 5 Larry Wortinger set a new K. V. A, record in the mile run of 4:56. 2 Date Type Place G. A. Place Score April 7 Quadrangular Paw Paw 4 15 April 9 Dual Comstock 2 40 April 14 Quadrangular Paw Paw 4 18 April 21 Quadrangular Paw Paw 4 18 1 2 April 23 Triangular Mattawan 2 37 1 2 April 30 League meet Kalamazoo College 3 26 May 15 Regional meet Kalamazoo College 6 10 May 22 State Finals University of Mich. 13 7 Back Row: N. Smothers, F. Shaffer, M. Champion, J. Nichol, J. Inman, C. Scott, J. Kems, C. Bishop, W. Moorlag, and Coach R. Wragg. Middle Row: C. Lewis, P. Van Sickler, C. Caines, L. Wortinger, B. Gormley, P. Kreiger, R. Packer. Front Row: D. Stager, B. DeShon, B. Van Sickler, D. Liskovec, P. Dean, K. Lamkin. INTERESTING STATISTICS 53 wins since 1949 (lost first game to Comstock) In 1950 three ties 1952 Beat Albion (Class B) 4-0 1953 Beat Kalamazoo Central Varsity 5-0 (Left out their No. 1 player, Ericson) Won K.V.A. League crown four straight years Won K.V.A. League Tournament four years 1951-1954 Won Regionals 1951, 1952, tied with St. Augustine in 1953, won in 1954 Won State Finals 1951 Placed third in State Finals 1952 Placed second in State Finals 1953 Co-Champions (4-way) State Finals 1954 OUTSTANDING GAMES 1951 Won everything including State Finals T J r 1954 Won from Hastings (Class B) 4-0 Also St. Augustine 5-0 Marion Rutherford, captain of the 1954 tennis team, led it through a vict¬ orious season. Not a single match was lost in K.V.A. play. They took the K.V.A. League crown and the K.V.A Tournament for the fourth straight year. Galesburg-Augusta won the Regional Class C Tournament, then on to the State Finals where both of our doubles teams were knocked out in the semi-finals. There was a four-way tie for the State Championship as follows: Galesburg-Augusta Grand Rapids Lee University of Detroit High St. Augustine Football Coach Richard Wragg Back Row: C. Bishop, R. Moody, K Garsline, J, Nichol, C Caines, P. Van Sickler, K. Ehrmann, B. Gormley, C. Scott, and W. Moorlag Third Row: J. Kerns, B. McBarnes, M. Champion, C. Crummel, B. Cutler, J. Brokaw, W. Pattee, W. Townsend, L. Bush, and R. Bresson. Second Row: K. Lamkin, C. Wyman, L. Moorlag, J. Emmons, P. Haist, G. Srackangast, R. Packer, L. Wortinger, T. Case, R. Van Sickler, and Coach W. Berger Front Row: D. Horn, J. Kerns, T. Nichol, D. Champion, D. Smith, E. Hensley, R. DeShon, M. Horn, J. Kilgore, and S. Brown. OFFENSE Bob McBarnes Cecil Crummel Clinton Scott Tom Case Conrad Caines Wayne Moorlag Bob Van Sickler Craig Bishop Keith Lamkin Paul Van Sickler Lloyd Bush DEFENSE Bill Gormley Clinton Scott Tom Case Jack Kerns Mark Champion Wayne Moorlag Bob Van Sickler Ken Gorsline Paul Van Sickler Joe Brokaw Warren Townsend Football Galesburg-Augusta 0 Galesburg-Augusta 19 Athens 31 Vicksburg 21 Galesburg-Augusta 0 Galesburg-Augusta 7 Kellogg 6 Richland 25 Galesburg-Augusta 31 Galesburg-Augusta 6 Climax 0 Mattawan 39 Galesburg-Augusta 0 Galesburg-Augusta 6 Paw Paw 12 Comstock 24 LETTER WINNERS Major Craig Bishop Roger Bresson Joe Brokaw Lloyd Bush Connie Caines Tom Case Mark Champion Cecil Crummel William Gormley Minor Stewart Brown Dwayne Champion William Cutler Robert DeShon Karl Ehrmann Jack Emmons Kenneth Gorsline Paul Haist Edward Hensley David Horn Marvin Horn James Kerns Jack Kerns Keith Lamkin Robert McBarnes Wayne Moorlag Clinton Scott Warren Townsend Paul Van Sickler Robert Van Sickler MANAGER Edwin Stager John Kilgore Richard Moody Larry Moorlag James Nichol Thomas Nichol Richard Packer Wesley Pattee Dennis Smith Gerald Strackangast Dennis Stager Larry Wortinger Basketball [SERVES VARSITY 45 Galesburg-Augusta 48 21 Comstock 44 81 Galesburg-Augusta 39 46 Climax 30 33 Galesburg-Augusta 48 30 Mattawan 74 20 Galesburg-Augusta 34 39 Kalamazoo Christian 49 26 Galesburg-Augusta 37 32 Paw Paw 44 46 Galesburg-Augusta 34 41 Kellogg 70 34 Galesburg-Augusta 66 21 Climax 28 38 Galesburg-Augusta 47 34 Richland 53 43 Galesburg-Augusta 64 59 Kalamazoo Christian 86 43 Galesburg-Augusta 70 30 Comstock 72 28 Galesburg-Augusta 37 50 Mattawan 61 37 Galesburg-Augusta 59 64 Paw Paw 85 44 Galesburg-Augusta 34 52 Kellogg 67 23 Galesburg-Augusta 55 22 Richland 71 39 Galesburg-Augusta 36 Springfield 69 Galesburg-Augusta 45 Springfield 16 Galesburg-Augusta 17 Springfield 38 Galesburg-Augusta 47 Springfield ♦League Games TOTAL POINTS FOR 1954-1955 Gormley, William 280 McBarnes, Robert 155 Champion, Mark 140 Caines, Conrad 111 Scott, Clinton 105 Townsend, Warren 40 Crummel, Cecil 12 Fitzpatrick, Donald 9 Nichol, James 8 Wortinger, Larry 8 Moses, James 4 Selbee, Lynn 4 LETTER WINNERS Major Scott, Clinton McBarnes, Robert Champion, Mark Gormley, William Caines, Conrad Townsend, Warren Crummel, Cecil Nichol, James Minor Campbell, Max Bishop, Craig Boyd, Thomas Martin, Ronald Godde, Daniel Smothers, Norman Hoffman, Dalyn Scrackangast, Gerald Imus, James Hensley, Edward Garfield, Charles Smith, Gary DeShon, Robert Pattee, Wesley Wyman, Claude DISTRICT TOURNEY First Round-Galesburg-Augusta 59 Delton 37 Second Round —Galesburg-Augusta 36 Wayland 70 K.V.A. TOURNEY Galesburg-Augusta-39 Paw Paw 58 Galesburg-Augusta-42 Richland 62 Basketball L. Wortinger - Guard W. Townsend - Guard L. Selbee - Forward J. Nichol - Center M. Champion - Forward D. Fitzpatrick - Forward ■■iWKBSSBm 4 memsm B. Gormley - Center C. Scott - Guard C. Crummel - Forward Reserves Back Row - Coach Berger, D. Godde, C. Bishop, N. Smothers, W. Pattee, T. Boyd, M. Campbell, Manager G. Waldorf. Middle Row - C. Garfield, C. Lewis, J. Imus, R. Martin, E. Hensley. Front Row - G. Srackangast, D. Hoffman, C. Wyman, R. DeShon, G. Smith, Not Pictured: T. Garrett. S. McGlocklin, R. Yeast, E. Carson, D. Bresson, H. Healy, E. Reinhardt, S. Broberg, R. Born. N. Kerns. Girls’ Athletic Association Back Row: J. Bolton, L. Waldorf, E. Williams, Miss Mollberg. Middle Row: D. Miller, S. Smith, R. Knight, L. Ennis. Front Row: J. Drake, S. Champion, M. Hoffman. | SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS Student Council Back Row - Mr. Burrell, J. Brokaw, S. Brown, P. Van Sickler, C. Caines, K. Lamkin. Front Row - S. Kauffman, M. Hoag, S. Broberg, J. Holdridge, J. Frank, J. Van Sickler, J. Bolton. National Honor Society Rosalyn Yeast, Betty Wilson, Mr. Burrell, Marylin Hoag, Donna Roelof National Thespian Society Back Row - Mrs. Burrell, Cecil Crummel, Joe Brokaw, Paul Van Sickler, Bob Me Barnes, Jack Kerns, SalJy McGlocklin, Donna Turnbull, Deanna Bresson. Front Row - Marylin Hoag, Beverly Bowers, Jean Gale Abnet, Ann Lewis, Rosayln Yeast, Shirley Sisco, Nancy Kerns. Varsity Club Back Row - Mr. Wragg, J. Brokaw, W. Townsend, P. Van Sickler, C. Caines, C. Scott, W. Gormley, R. Bresson, W. Moorlag. Middle Row - Mr. Marema, T. Case, M. Campbell, C. Bishop, J. Kerns, L. Bush, R. McBarnes, Mr. Berger. Front Row - L. Wortinger, R Van Sickler, K. Lamkin, E. Barrett, C. Crummel, R. Mason, W. Ringo. Not Pictured: F. Shaffer, J. Moses, M. Champion. Library Staff C. Anderson, J. Andreasen, E. Reinhardt, a Healy, C. Barker, B. Bowers, L. Christler, J. Burgess, Mrs. Burrell, S. Allan. Not Pictured: J. Nagle, B. Waldhanz, M. Henshaw, E. Wagner. Paper Staff Back Row - Mrs. HiUiard, A. Manning, D. Turnbull, P. Van Sickler, C. Scott, M. Hoag, L. Bush, B. McBarnes. Front Row - S. Sisco, S. Kauffman, R. Yeast, A. Lewis, T. Case, D. Bresson, Mrs. Edwards Back Row - Ann Manning, Mrs. Edwards, Lloyd Bush, Deanna Bresson. Front Row - Marylin Hoag, Nancy Kerns, Shirley, Kauffman, Donna Turnbull, Rosalyn Yeast, Gail Collard. Commercial Club Back Row - M. Cartwright, N. Kerns, J. Fish, S. Simmonds, J. Howes, L. Blodgett, S. Broberg, C. Schroeder, Judy Van Sickler, Jeannie Van Sickler, S. Sisco, J. Simmons, K. Emmons, J. Burgess. Third Row - S. Darrow, L. Christler, R. Yeast, E. Reinhardt, J. Garrison, C. Barker, G. Rayman, L. Waldorf, B. Murray, D. Turnbull. Second Row - Mrs. Edwards, R. Born, S. Godde, S. Kauffman, A. Manning, C. Anderson, J. Nagle, S. Allan, D. Allan, D. Burgett. Front Row - S. Clark, J. Bozarth, E. Dumonceaux, J. Holdridge, C. Roberts, E. Robinson, J. Frank, C. Hoag, D. Bresson, J. Abnet. Not Pictured: G. Collard. M. Henshaw. Chorus Back Row: J. Brokaw, W. Townsend, D. Stager, J. Kerns, B. McBarnes, H. Davis, R. Brown, J. Garrison, K. Bent. Middle Row: Mr. Heyboer, M. Hoag, N. Born, S. Baker, A. Lewis, S. Kauffman, E. Carson, A. Manning. Front Row: J. Robertson, C. Hoag, J. Bozarth, J. Abnet, D. Bresson, S. Smith, S. Clark, S. Sisco. Not Pictured: E. Wagner, J. Mills, F. Garrett, R. Telfer, J. Kirk. Band Standing - S. Godde, S. Smith, W. Holbrook, R. DeShon. Middle Row - C. Van Sickler, F. Reeder, G. Rayman, B. Allen, M. Roelof, L. Parks, C. Reed. Front Row - M. Hoffman, J. Ayres, J. Holdridge, D. Roelof, C. Roelof, P. Binns, S. McGlocklin, B. Ringo. Drill Team Back Row - S. Champion, E. Dumonceaux, L. Pattee, S. Darrow, P. Frye. Front Row - J. Van Sickler, R. Srackangast, S. Simmonds, E. Williams, C. Schroeder Band Standing - C. Lewis, G. Smith, Mr. Heyboer, J. Bolton. Middle Row - G. Srackangast, B. McBarnes, S. Brown, D. Godde, M. Becker, J. Yeast, D. Fitzpatrick, L. Wortinger. Front Row - W. Pattee, K. Gorsline, K. Mahaffey, L. Becker, B. Castle, J. Lemon, N. Monroe, D. Hoffman. Not Pictured: M. Henshaw, B. Darrow, B. Kurtz. F.F.A Motto Learning to Do - Doing to Learn Earning to Live - Living to Earn 1954 - District public speaking contest 3rd place, Robert Van Sickler 1954 - Farm Forum - 3rd place P. Van Sickler, J. Sumner, A. Henson, K, Lamkin 1954 - F. F. A. Fair was held in May including home show contests, and ex¬ hibits Pig Chain Back Row - L. Case, K. Gorsline, R. Parks, S. Oertel, C. Wyman, C. Caines, L. Wortinger, H. Davis, G. Armstrong, L. Wilson, T. Kirklin, Mr. Niemi. Front Row - K. Lamkin, L. Bush, J. Sumner, R. McBames, P. Van Sickler, R. Van Sickler, C. Scott, S. Godde, L. Knetsch, E. Grier, F. Garrett. Not Pictured: M. Marlatt, D. Moody, D. Steffic, M. Champion. 1953 - County land judging P. Van Sickler, J. Sumner, K. Lamkin, and H. Cartwright 1954 - County land judging R. Van Sickler, L. Knetsch, L. Wilson 1954 - State soil judging contest Bronze Award Annual Staff Back Row - C. Scott, P. Van Sickler, D. Turnbull, J. Brokaw, J. Kerns, B. McBarnes, B. Brown, D. Holdridge, T. Case, M. Hoag. Middle Row - A. Manning, S. McGlocklin, C. Ehrmann, A. Lewis, E. Carson, S. Kauffman, C. Anderson, B. Bowers, R. Yeast, C. Crummel, Mrs. Burrell. Front Row - N. Kems, S. Sisco, M. Cartwright, P. Davis, J. Telfer, D. Wyman, G. Collard, D. Roelof, D. Bresson, J. Abnet All of us have enjoyed working on the G-A Review, and hope that it will bring back many happy memories to you. 9° A -Jcxe k Pete 1 8 BOB J 0 " Or A d i V 4 P Mrs. Wheaton OFFICE HELP Mrs. Morey, Lloyd Bush BUS DRIVERS JANITORS Back Row - Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Marema, Mr. Messenger, Mr. Wragg. Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Becker, Mr. Bush Front Row - Mr. Leech, Mr. Benson, Mrs. Emmons, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. -Maile, Mr. Bush. Not Pictured - Mr. Sovey, Mr. Schleuter GALESBURG CAFETERIA STAFF Back Row - Mrs. Gormley, Mrs. Bolton, J. Loveland, P. Brown, C. Ehrmann, G. Schreuder. Front Row - Jean Neible, JoAnn Neible, N. Schwartz, J. Vice S, Kuiper, E. Shaffer. AUGUSTA CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Guyer, Ellen Holloway, Delores Dunithan, Helen Marlatt, Bonnie Thomason, Mrs. Case. MmmmmGood Playing Games Cast On Stage Ann Manning, " Real Gone " The Hayride Bert and Roma Private secretary Caines, Scott, G Gormley McHoag G McCarrison Compliments Industrial State Bank Augusta, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of " 55 " Matheson Nursing Home Galesburg, Michigan " Loving Care-Cozy Home " Best Wishes to the Class of " 55 " Griffin Company Pest Control Service Best Wishes to the Class of " 55 " Burgess Seed Plant Co. Galesburg, Michigan Ronald W. Smith Galesburg, Michigan Park Theatre " Michigan ' s Finest Small Town Theatre " Wilson Funeral Home Galesburg, Michigan. R. J, Adams Building Remodeling Martin Motor Machine Supply Galesburg, Michigan Schlueter Funeral Home Augusta, Michigan Super Market Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y F-O-O-D Ask For K1 overgold Dairy Products Burk G Hoag Funeral Home Milk ' s Grocery Store Grant ' s Dept. Stores open nights Lawton Galesburg, Mich, Robert M. Sorlie Co. Dave Edwards Partner Kalamazoo, Michigan Cap ' s Steak House Everything Good Neifert ' s Tile A Service for Every Surface Gulf Service Station Deraid R. Blake Galesburg, Michigan Ihling Bros. Everard Co. 259-269 E. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo, Michigan Bushhouse Dept. Store Comstock, Michigan Bell ' s Standard Service Galesburg, Michigan Hilgeman ' s Grocery Comstock, Michigan Roelof Dairy First in Service-First in Quality Inman ' s Restaurant Galesburg, Michigan Augusta Pharmacy Augusta, Michigan Bell ' s Bakery Ice Cream, Groceries, Beer Take Out Mollet ' s Market Galesburg, Michigan Bowlatorium Comstock Michigan Galesburg Cleaners 4391 Bill G Kay Henderson Super Market Quality Meats Grocery Bishop Electric Electrical Contractors Sovey ' s Marathon Station New G Used Parts, Grease jobs, and Mile-Maker gas Augusta, Michigan 101 Ranch Camp Modern Cabins, Oil Heat Restaurant, and Giftshop Galesburg, Michigan Compliments Alaria ' s Service Station Galesburg! Michigan Frank Osmun ' s Barber Shop Coronet Advertisers Galesburg, Michigan Dick ' s Gulf Service Ph-50744 6264 King ' s Highway, Comstock Joseph A. Otten Jewelers Augusta Telephone Office Baker ' s Grocery 288 East Mich. , Galesburg Midway Cafe - 9071 23 East Battle Creek Street Reed ' s L G. A. Market Comstock ' s Food Center Comstock, Michigan Allen Super Drug Walgreen Agency Comstock, Michigan Kalamazoo Pant Co. 314 E. Michigan Ph. 5-0127 Gale Theatre G Recreation Galesburg — 5001 A College Education—Thanks to Dad and First National Bank G Trust Co. of Kalamazoo. Offices in Galesburg, Paw Paw, Vicksburg, Parchment, and Otsego Metzger ' s Marathon Station Galesburg, Michigan Ellis Becker, Jeweler Neighborhood Leonard Distributor Paul VanSickler Ryder Coal G Fuel Co. Kalamazoo, Michigan Charles McPeck Insurance Agency Augusta, Michigan Dykema Office Supply Smith ' s Grocery G Appliances Augusta, Michigan Cottage Inn Phone 362, Augusta, Michigan KALAMAZOO RECREATION 173 Portage Ph. 50646 Silver Star Roller Rink Never-a-Dull-Moment 141 Portage St. Ph. 2-9713 Neumode Hosiery Shop in Kalamazoo Hosiery for the Family Augusta Cleaners E. N. Middleton Sinclair Dealer Comstock, Michigan W. R. Burrell The annual staff would like to express its apprecia¬ tion to all who have assisted in preparing this volume. Especially we would like to mention the following: Mr. Robert Sutula for taking the pictures used in this annual; Mr. Charles Waddle for the pictures of the Board of Education and also of the male faculty members playing Skittle; Our advertisers and subscribers, without whose backing we could not have produced this year book. Sincerely, UftLuJ SpttuluU €{ WAQ0S BROtfteRS. The Staff

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