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RAM’S TALE The Story of Our High School Days Published by Class of 1954 Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan Foreword This is the picture story of the Senior Class of 1954, their teachers and their friends. The story really begins before high school, but here we have only room for the highlights of the four years spent in high school to¬ gether. It is our purpose to relate the happenings of importance experienced by these thirty-five young men and women who are leaving their familiar surroundings and are starting on a new adventure to seek their for¬ tunes. We hope that you will read and re read the story, filling in some of the big gaps with memories of your own. Dedication We wish to dedicate this “tale” to our athletes, the heros and the heroines of our story. This dedication is our thanks to those few who took pride enough in themselves as well as in their school to put forth many weeks and months of endless practice so that they might be better equipped to go on the gridiron, tennis court, or baseball field and bring a measure of glory to G-A High School. We dedicate The Ram s Tale to them for the courage and bravery every athlete must possess. We dedicate it to them for the sportsmanship they must show in order to be fit to represent their school. We also dedicate this book to the coaches whose influence has reached far beyond the athletic program into the heart of every school activity. Contents Forward. Dedication . . , Scenics . . . . , Administration , Faculty. Seniors . . . . , History...... Will.. Prophecy ... Undergraduates Sports. Activities . . Snap Shots . . Page . 2 .. 3 . . 5 .. 9 . . 10 . . 13 . .20 . .21 . .22 . .23 . .31 . .43 . .52 G-A High School _ Galesburg School Campus Augusta School Faculty There are several characters in our tale,older and much wiser than the others, who have influenced our story more than any of us realize. Andrew Beam Science and Mathematics B.S., Western Michigan College of Ed. Andrew Beam Wayne Berger Wayne Berger Junior High, Galesburg Assistant Coach Bowling Green State University B.S. Western Michigan College of Ed. Marian Ruth Burrell Study Hall and Library A.B., Western Michigan College of Ed. M.A., University of Michigan Ruth Burrell Mary Doran Art B.S., Western Michigan College of Ed. Thelma Edwards Commercial Subjects Hill sdale Col lege A.B., Western Michigan College of Ed. Mary Doran Thelma Edwards Edna Hilliard Languages and English A.B., Earlham College M.A., Western Michigan College of Ed. Delores Johnson Junior High, Augusta B.S., Battle Creek College Edna Hilliard Delores Johnson Ruth Judd Ruth Judd Junior High, Galesburg Indiana State University B.S., Ohio State University Western Michigan College of Ed. Bernard Leech Industrial Arts B.S., Western Michigan College of Ed. Bernard Leech Blanche Marshall English and History A.B., Western Michigan College of Ed. Phylli s McKillop English, Government and Sociology A. B., Central Mic higan College of Ed. Blanche Marshall Phyllis McKillop Alfred Niemi Alfred Niemi Agriculture and Aviation Northern Michigan College of Ed. B.S., Michigan State College M. A., Michigan State College Mildred Sauser General Business A. B., Western Michigan College of Ed. Mildred Sauser Mary Well ing Home Economics B.S., Western Michigan College of Ed. Richard Wragg Coach, Biology and Driver Training B.S., Western Michigan College of Ed. Richard Wragg Mary Welling Seniors The main characters of the Ram ' s Tale, of course, are the Seniors. Some parts of this story will be remembered longer than others, probably the outside activities will be among these: the band between halves at the games; the plays and parties; honorary societies; the money making schemes; and the Senior Trip. CHARLES AYRES Basketball 1-2, Class President 4, Class Vice President 1, Tennis 2 DELORIS CRITTENDEN Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Homecoming Queen 4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1, Band 1-2-3-4, Band President 4, Chorus 1-2-3, Com¬ mercial Club 3-4, Commercial Club Secretary 3, Class Secretary 3, Student Council President 1, Student Council Secretary 4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imper¬ fect 4, National Thespian Society 3-4, National Thespian Society Secretary 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Games Club 2, Paper Staff 1-2-3, Annual Staff 4, Co¬ operative Work Program 4 MAXINE BAILEY Basketball 2, Tennis 2, Student Council 1, Commercial Club 2, Sc hool Paper 4, Journalism Club 2, Library Staff 2 JAMES BEADLE Football 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1-2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, G Club 2-3-4, G Club Treasurer 4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imper- ect 4, National Thespian Society 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Games Club 2, F.F.A. 2-3-4. F.F. A. Recorder 4 SENIOR HONORS It is with great pleasure that the administration announces the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the class of 1954. Charles Ayres, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ayres of Augusta, is Valedic¬ torian with a scholastic record of 2.57. Deloris Crittenden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Crittenden of Galesburg, is Salutatorian wth a scholastic record of 2.55. Jo Ann Lawhead, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lawhead of Gales¬ burg, was awarded the honor of re¬ present! ng Galesburg-Augusta High School as our D.A.R. Pilgrim. GAIL BURTON Basketball 1-2-3-4, Class Vice President 3, Tennis 2 Senior not pictured: HAROLD CARTWRIGHT F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 MYRNA CARTWRIGHT Class Secretary 1, Spring Is Tomorrow 3 EUGENE COLEMAN Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1-2, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, F. F. A. 2, Gun Club 2 HAZEL CONRAD Basketball 1-2-4, Tennis 1, Past Imperfect 4, Student Council 3, Band 4, Chorus 4, Annual Staff 4 ELEANOR COUSINS Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1-2, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imper¬ fect 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2, National Honor Society 3-4, National Thespian Society 4, Com¬ mercial Club 3-4, Annual Staff 4 MARILYN DUMONCEAUX Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imper¬ fect 4, Co-operative Work Program 4, Basketball Manager 3, Com¬ mercial Club 3, Class Treasurer 4, Chorus 3 LARRY ELDRIDGE Chorus 3-4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imperfect 4, Basketball 2, Band 1-2-3-4, Football 4, National Thespian Society 4, Track 2, Base¬ ball 1-2-3-4, G Club 2-3-4 JAN FRANK Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imper¬ fect 4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1-2, Annual Staff 4, Commercial Club 3-4, Chorus 2, National Thespian Society 4, Arts Crafts Club 2 ROBERT FRENCH Band 1-2-3, F.F.A. 3, Sports Club 2, Basketball 1, Gun Club 2, F.F.A. Secretary 3 CATHERINE HAIST Basketball 1, Chorus 1-2 ALLEN HENSON Band 1-2-4, Baseball 4, F.F.A. 1-4, Arts Crafts Club 2, G Club 3-4, Gun Club 2 GERALD INMAN Past Imperfect 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-4, G Club 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Chorus 1-2, Camera Club 2, Student Council 3-4, Class Treasurer 1, All Southwestern Football Conference 4 BARBARA JOHNSTON Basketball 1, Basketball Manager 2-3-4, Tennis 1, Chorus 1-2-4, Band 1- 3, National Thespian Society 4, School Paper 3-4, Games Club 2, Library Staff 1-2 JoANN LAWHEAD Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imper¬ fect 4, Cheerleader 3-4, Tennis 1- 2, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Chorus 2- 3-4, Commercial Club 3-4, Com¬ mercial Club Vice President 4, Class Vice President 1-4, National Thespian Society 4, Games Club 2, Annual Staff 4, Library Staff 3, Paper Staff 3-4, D.A.R. Pilgrim 4, F. H. A. Secretary 3 RICHARD LISKOVEC Aviation Club 2, G Club 3-4, Track 2-3, F.F.A. 4 RICHARD McNUTT Band 1-2-3, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imperfect 4, Gun Club 2, National Thespian Society 4 RICHARD NEWTON Co-operative Work Program 4, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2 3-4, Student Council 2, Annual Staff 4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, National Thespian Society 4, G. Club 2-3-4 Paper Staff 4 CARLENE PLOTTS Band 1, Chorus 1, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imperfect 4, National Thespian Society 3-4, Paper Staff 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 1-4, Co-operative Work Program 4 NANCY RAYMAN Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2, Class President 1-3, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Paper Staff 3, Tennis 1-2, Com¬ mercial Club 2-3-4, National Thespian Society 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Games Club 2, Camera Club 2, Co-operative Work Program 4 JAMES REEDER Student Council President 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1, Games Club 2, G Club 2-3-4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imperfect 4, National Thespian Society 3-4, Paper Staff 3, Football Manager 1 ESTHER ROBINSON Commercial Club 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, National Thespian Society 4, Library 1-2, Paper Staff 4, Arts Crafts Club 2 MARION RUTHERFORD Football 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1-2-3-4, G Club 2-3-4 All Southwestern Football Conference 3, Class President 1-2, Student Council Vice President 4, Home¬ coming King 3, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imperfect 4, Band 1, Games Club 2, G Club Secretary 4, National Thespian Society 4, Annual Staff 4 EDITH SCHLUETER Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Commercial Club 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Tennis 2 CHARLES SMITH F. F. A. 1-2-4, Band 1-2, Games Club 2, Student Council 1, Base¬ ball 1, Spring Is Tomorrow 3 JO ELLEN STEWART Cheerleader 1-2-3, Class Secretary 1-2-4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Past Imperfect 4, National Honor Society 3 4, National Thespian Society 3- 4, Chorus 1-2, Band 1, Paper Staff 3-4, Commercial Club 2-3-4, Co¬ operative Work Program 4, Games Club 2, Annual Staff 4 JACK TAYLOR Football 3 4, Basketball 2-3, Base¬ ball 1, Tennis 2-3-4, G Club 2-3- 4, Games Club 2, Chorus 4 JON TOWNSEND Baseball 1-2-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Cl ass Treasurer 2 SALLY TURNBULL G. A. A. 1, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Chorus 2, Tennis 2, Student Council Treasurer 4, Class Treasurer 3, Commercial Club Secretary 4, Swimming Team 1, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Commercial Club 3-4, Co-operative Work Program 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, National Thespian Society 4 NANCY VANDE GIESSEN Commercial Club 2-3-4, Chorus 3, Band 1-2, National Honor Society 3-4, National Thespian Society 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 3, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Student Council 2 LOIS WILSON Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3, Com¬ mercial Club 2-3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Spring Is Tomorrow 3, Camera Club 2, Paper Staff 2-3, Annual Staff 4, Co-operative Work Program 4 Class History In our Freshman year we were all looking forward to initiation day which was also the day we became acquainted with the Freshmen from Augusta. Our class that year totaled thirty-one: Roberta Bristol, Gail Burton, Harold Cartwright, Richard Burton, Myrna Cartwright, Eleanor Cousins, Deloris Crittenden (we were very proud of Critt this year because she was elected president of the Student Council), Marilyn Dumonceaux, Jan Frank, Catherine Haist, Allen Henson, Jerry Inman, Beulah Jacobs, Barbara Johnston, Richard Kinney, Donald Lantis, JoAnn Lawhead, Richard Liskovec, Richard Newton, Nancy Rayman (who had the honor to be on the Queen’s court), James Reeder, Arthur Roberts, Marie Roberts, Esther Robinson (she was the envy of all the girls because she was the only Freshman to go to the Prom), Fredrick Schmidt, Ruby Schmidt, Audrey Selbee, Charles Smith, Lois Wilson, and Nancy Vande Giessen (Nancy’s Dress Review award in 4-H was a big start for her--she has been going strong in 4-H work since). When we were Sophomores we had a hard time getting in shape to work. Augusta came over and joined our class. Beulah Jacobs, Marie Roberts, Shirley Schmidt left us. All together there were forty-eight of us and those who joined us from Augusta were Charles Ayres, Macine Bailey, James Beadle, Eugene Coleman, Larry Eldridge, Robert French, Carlene Plotts, Marion Rutherford, Edith Schleuter, James Spear, JoEllen Stewart, Jack Taylor, Richard McNutt, John Metheny, Gale Mills, Nancy Termote and Jon Townsend. In addition to these there were a few who moved to Galesburg from Battle Creek that year-- they were Marilyn Stebbleton and Sally Turnbull. Nancy Termote, Deloris Crittenden and JoEllen Stewart were cheer leaders. We were very proud to have these girls chosen from our class. Our Junior year was very important for us, earning money and trying to make plans for our big Prom. Our play was also a very important part of our year, the title was Spring Is Tomorrow . I don’t think that we will ever forget Dick McNutt’s part as Andy. He sure fit the part. Our Junior- Senior Prom was held at Walwood Hall, and we were honored to have Ronnie Garrett play for us. We all felt that it was a great success. Roberta Bristol, Richard Burton, Richard Kinney, Donald Lantis, John Metheny, Nancy Termote, Gale Mills, Arthur Roberts, Audrey Selbee and Marilyn Stebbleton left our class. Hazel Conrad and Paul Rutterbush were our new students. This is the year we are all proud of. To think that we made the long struggle up to our Senior year! We realized that we had to work and make money for our Senior trip, and boy! how we worked. JoAnn Lawhead was chosen as our DAR Pilgrim, and we were all happy that she received such an honor. Paul Rutterbush didn ' t come back with us this year, and Fred and Ruby Schmidt moved to Missouri after the first six weeks. Now we finish our High School career with a class of thirty- six. Class Will Charles Ayres leaves his good marks to Roger Bresson, come on Rog, let ' s get our lesson. Maxine Bailey has good excuses, that has caused her a lot of headaches, so to Bob McBarnes, she will leave them and he won ' t have to concentrates Jim Beadle in football has done very well, so to Jim Nichol, 30 lbs. of advantage he shall will. Gail Burton has a lot of energy to burn at home ond at school, so her ambition she leaves to Shirley Sisco, it is a hondy tool. Myrna Cartwright leaves her dimples to the teachers that just have wrinkles. Harold Cartwright leaves his ability to judge soil, to Tom Haines who doesn’t like to toil. Eugene Coleman wills his Guber " fame to someone who needs a good nickname. Hazel Conrad leaves her curly hair to Donna Turnbull who thinks it’s rare. Eleanor Cousins wills her height to Carol Schroeder, who has tried to grow. To be tall is a girl’s delight, for flots don’t hurt your toes. Deloris Crittenden has lots of ‘pep " especially when she cheers, this she leaves to Judy Frank, to put with hers next year. Marilyn Dumonceaux leaves her long black hair to Sharon Broberg with a box of Tin-tair . Larry Eldridge leaves his false teeth real bright, to Clinton Scott who uses them just right. Jan Frank leaves her “corny " jokes to Sarah Simmonds to tell the folks. Bob French bequeaths his big, slow grin to the Selbee boy now known as Lynn. Allen Henson leaves his well-mannered way to Sally McGlocklin, who ' s just too gay, Jerry Inman leaves his basketball fame to underclassmen, who enjoy the game. Barbara Johnston leaves her place in the band to a Freshman, who wishes a hand. Janice Kirkendall leaves her mystery books to the library for the kids, instead of history books. Richard Liskovec leaves his school work and is glad of it. JoAnn Lawhead leaves her cute petiteness to Jeannie Van sickler to go with her politeness. Dick McNutt leaves his manly frame to Joe Brokaw of weight-lifting fame. Richard Newton leaves Janice to the Junior boys. May they be more successful with her noise. Carlene Plotts leaves her ability to act to Gary Miller, who has the tact. Nancy Rayman leaves her job at the bank to Deanna Bresson, who has good rank. Jim Reeder leaves his Studebaker payments to Max Campbell, who can make the arrangements. Esther Robinson leaves her friendly personality to Deanna Bresson, who we all know doesn ' t need a lesson. Marion Rutherford gives his ability to play ball to Fritz Shaffer who really doesn ' t need it at all. Edith Schlueter leaves her nice quiet ways to Peggy Davis to use the rest of her days. Charles Smith leaves his deer-hunting joys to one of the hard working Junior boys. Jo Ellen Stewart leaves her “magic " hand at art to the drawing students, who want a start. Jack Taylor leaves his 5 muscle books to Charles Broberg so he won ' t get took. Jon Townsend leaves his basketball long shots to Bill Gormley, who also wants to be tops. Nancy Vande Giessen leaves her good cherry pie to the serious females who want a real guy. Lois Wilson leaves her little “Ford " green to the girl who vi II be the next Homecoming Queen. Senior Class leaves our enthusiasm for work, studious habits, eagerness of purpose, ability to see things through, our skill and scholarship, loyalty to our class and our school, willingness to work, our zeal for difficult tasks, our co-operative spirit and mature sincere justice to the underclassmen. We will take all of our bad habits with us. We, the Class of 1954, do declare the above to be our solemn Last Will and Testament. Class Prophecy We, the Seniors of the class of 1954, are gathered at our reunion this 5th day of June 1974, and everyone has just landed his new high powered jet on the Galesburg landing field. We begin to vender what our classmates have been doing since our graduation. For our entertainment we have DICK NEWTON’S Band; he is taking the place of Guy Lombardo; the vocalist is LOIS WILSON. ELEANOR COUSINS has returned to Galesburg to teach after graduating from WMC- JERRY INMAN, and PONCH RUTHERFORD are still great professional football heroes. Oh, by the way, we are having a dance and show later in Galesburg ' s new auditorium which was donated by JIM REEDER. This is his third million; he is now working on the fourth. JIM BEADLE is now President of the Chrysler Corporation, and of course, his very efficient secretary is DELORIS CRITTENDEN. SALLY TURNBULL is busy taking care of everyone’s money at the First National Bank. JOELLEN STEWART is a commercial artist; now she is making signs for JAN FRANK’S dog kennels; JAN is a veterinarian. CHARLES AYRES is President of Sinclair Oil Company. LARRY ELDRIDGE has turned out to be a very good stock car driver; he gets all his accessories at DICK LISKOVEC’S Shop in Kalamazoo. JOANN LAWHEAD is the Home Economics teacher now and she just had as her guest MYRNA CARTWRIGHT, the Stanley Home Demonstrator for southern Michigan. GENE COLEMAN, after making a career of the Navy, is still hauling in the anchors. HAROLD CART¬ WRIGHT is getting up in the world as he is now 7th Vice Presi dent of Sutherland Paper Company. If anyone should get sick today, on the good food, just call for HAZEL CONRADj she is now one of the most efficient nurses in Kalamazoo. The flowers were donated by EDITH SCHLUETER from her own shop in Battle Creek. NANCY RAYMAN just flew in from Colorado. She is a physical education teacher there. GAIL BURTON is now one of Galesburg s finest tailors. ROBERT FRENCH, oil millionaire, and his favorite jet flyer, DICK MCNUTT, just landed on the field. JON TOWNSEND, the absent-minded professor of mathematics, is helping CARLENE PLOTTS, Assist¬ ant Office Manager of Allen Electric, figure out her income tax. CHARLES SMITH now runs a Farm Bureau Machinery business, so ALLEN HENSON can buy some good farming implements. NANCY VANDE GIESSEN, after graduating from MSC is the County 4-H Agent. BARB JOHNSTON is teaching second grade in Detroit, that new jet really got her here in a hurry. JANICE KIRKENDALL is a disc jockey and has her own radio show over WGN. JACK TAYLOR and all his rruscles is a popular wrestling referee on television-he never wears his glasses while he works. CATHERINE HAIST is running a coffee shop in Galesburg now and her best waitress is MAXINE BAILEY. ESTHER ROBINSON is teaching dancing at Arthur Murray Studio. MARILYN DUMONCEAUX will take care of all of us; she is manager of Bronson Hospital. As we all climb into our high powered jets and take off for home, we look down on the good •ole " school and think of the good times we had during our four years in Galesburg-Augusta High. Speeding out of sight, many memories flash through our minds. Maybe we ' ll see each other again at the Homecoming Game. • ' . : | • 4 : I m fH ' • ; 1 i.- • • • • ! • .• 1 - X sv ' , s s S XX SS. , v A ; - :•• ' ;: $:•:•••;• y-v m. ; w-.v .. £ £ ■■ -■ ■ v .:•• £• ;■ -:•- • -:• • .:« ft •; fI | tllfili ft If : I ? ' • ••■ . • ' v. ' ■:. • . ' :• V ' Vs " ' ■ : ' ; : v C i: x VS:! ' :y. ' :; Sfft ' ft ,s- ft- i $. wm m urns -it - :;. .ft: .... . .. ■ ; , : .,,... m iMi . -!r ' " ' " ■ " ■ :■■- ■ . -ft: - ■?- Juniors Constance Anderson Beverly Bowers Deanna Bresson Joe Brokaw Robert Brown Lloyd Bush Evelyn Carson Myra Cartwright Thomas Case Cecil Crummel Peggy Davis Allen Dean Catherine Ehrmann Marilyn Hoag David Holdridge Shirley Kauffman Jack Kerns Nancy Kerns - Juniors James Kirklin Ann Lewi s Robert Me Barnes Sally McGlocklin Gary Miller Robert Murray Pat Nieman Donna Roelof Clinton S cott Shirley Si sco James Sumner Joan Telfer Donna Turnbull Paul Van Sickler Eloise Wagner Betty Wilson Donna Wyman Rosalyn Yeast Absent: Jean Abnet Ann Manning Sophomores Donna Allan Shirley Allan Everett Barrett Roma Born Roger Bresson Sharon Broberg Judy Burgess Dawn Burgett Allison Burton Mark Champion William Cutler Carole Danniels Samme Darrow Elaine Dumonceaux Kay Emmons Donald Fitzpatrick Sandra Godde William Gormley Thomas Haines Helen Healy Linda Henshaw Janice Holdridge Jeanette Howes Julia Hudson Sophomores Jerry Kirk Paul Krieger Keith Lamkin Robert Mason Richard Moody Wayne Moorlag Donna Nei ble Richard Packard Luther Perkins Eva Reinhardt Janet Rice Paul Roberts John Schwartz Sarah Simmonds Lynn Selbee Joan Simmons Donald Smith Russell Smith Dennis Stager Howard Taylor Larry Taylor Ronald Telfer Robert Tennant Robert Van Sickler Bernice Waldhanz Larry Wortinger Absent: Franklin Murray James Nichol Robert Weaver Freshmen Julie Andreasen Sharon Ash James Ayres Lorence Bailey Carolyn Barker Howard Bowers Thomas Boyd Janice Bozarth Craig Bishop Charles Broberg Conrad Caines William Call Max Campbel I Robert Carter Laura Christler Suzanne Clark Beverly Crum me I Will iam Davi s Paul Dean Robert De Shon Shirley Double Alice Dowling Wanda Dunithan Janet Fish Don Forster Judy Frank Frankie Garrett Janet Garrison Elnora Grier Patricia Haines Margaret Henshaw Carolyn Hoag Freshmen Dalyn Hoffman James Imus James Ketchum Clinton Lewis David McNutt Ernest Marlott Milton Marlott Ronald Martin June Mills Dennis Mitchell James Moses Bertha Murray Judy Nagel Thomas Nichol Ronald Parks Norman Pierman Gail Rayman Cordelia Roberts Elaine Robinson Carol Schroeder Grace Schreuder Ernestine Shaffer Fred Shaffer Nancy Sherman Janet Shumate Norman Smothers Donald Steffic Charles Van Ameyden Jean Van Sickler Judy Van Sickler Linda Waldorf Claude Wyman Absent: Raymond Taylor Mrs. Wheaton Mr. Burrell Offices ■■ -vw.y -.0. • JV-V a % . % v • . . . -, T -AV • -• a • vv v.-X ' AwA ' - ' A-.y.y-;.: a 4 .;.;... ..;.,.:.;. .-- ... --Ay.y x-X- WA-XwJivw v. a-X-aa- a v ■£ aa-va.-V ..av..V. . aa-a A.W.V. . ■ -- •-•a--‘-.a .:.»:-X-a- va-.-.w. v -. .:. -a-Ia-a-aava. a:v;.av VA ' «ilWA’ .«: V • Xw .-. A A-.y.v.-.y..vx. .. ;v -. a Mv.vawa • » aw ■ ... ' • • - • . : •A- :-.y. wa-a-a -a .. V. Basebal PLAYERS 1953 POSITION Gary Miller First Base Chuck Schmidt Second Base Bill Gormley Third Base Tom Case Short Stop Bob McBarnes Pitcher-Left Field Gene Stuifbergen Pitcher-Left Field Larry Eldridge Center Field Jim Beadle Catcher Don Haist Catcher-Right Field Everett Barrett • Reserve Allen Hensen Reserve Duane Doty Reserve GAMES GALESBURG OPPONENTS 6 5 Richland 5 2 Paw Paw 5 4 Mattawan 6 5 K. Chri sti an 3 8 Vicksburg 1 9 Kellogg 2 3 Comstock 8 3 Climax 20 6 Climax Back Row: Charles Schmidt, Larry Eldridge, Gene Stuifbergen, Don Haist, Everett Barrett. Front Row: Gary Miller, William Gormley, Coach Robert Feeley, Tom Case, Robert McBarnes. Tennis Back Row: Don Fitzpatrick, James Beadle, Jack Taylor, Robert Tenant, Tom Case Front Row: Robert Mason, Robert DeShon, Mr. Caldwell (Coach), Marion Rutherford, Lynn Selbee, Craig Bishop Tennis 1953 Marvin Richardson Marion Rutherford Dave Noud James Beadle Jack Taylor Robert Tennant Jack Jordan K. V. A. League Matches Richland Paw Paw Mattawan Kellogg Comstock We 4 4 4 4 4 They 0 0 0 0 0 Norv-League Matches St. Augustine Hastings Kalamazoo Central 3 3 4 2 1 0 Since 1951, the year of consolidation, the Galesburg Augusta High School Tennis Team has posted 30 wins and no defeats. In 1953, the team won the K.V.A. Tournament, the league trophy for the best record, the Regional Tournament, and tied for second in the State Tourna¬ ment. In the above schedule by mutual agreement, the coaches withheld Kalamazoo Centrals three top ceded players from the match. Track 1953 Galesburg-Augusta took part in three practice meets and entered the K.V. A. meet in 1953. The G-A team placed first in a triangular meet at Comstock, second in a similar meet at Galesburg, and lost a dual meet with Otsego. We placed fifth in the K.V. A. track meet in Kalamazoo. LETTER WINNERS: Larry Wortinger, Mark Champion, Clinton Scott, Jack Kerns, Dick Liskovic, John Turson, Leon Book, Jim Bolton, and Don Haist. Football Back Row: Paul VanSickler, Conrad Caines, James Beadle, Clinton Scott, Roger Bresson, Jack Taylor, Gerald Inman, Wayne Moorlag, Gary Miller, Marion Rutherford, Mark Champion, Front Row: Mr. Wragg (Coach), Jack Kerns, Tom Case, James Imus, Keith Lamkin, Craig Bishop, Lloyd Bush, Larry Wortinger, Robert VanSickler, Dennis Stager, Cecil Crummel, Mr. Berger (Asst. Coach) Absent: Richard Newton Varsity Basketball Back Row: James Beadle, Gary Miller, Marion Rutherford, Gerald Inman, William Gormley, Clinton Scott. , . Front Row: Mark Champion, Conrad Caines, Robert McBarnes, Tom Case, Cecil Crumme , Mr. Wragg (Coach). Absent: Richard Newton, Jon Townsend Back Row: Robert DeShon, James Nichol, David McNutt, Don Fitzpatrick, Larry Wortinger, Max Campbell, Dale Hoffman, Ronald Martin, James Imus. Front Row: Tom Boyd, Robert Tennant, Lynn Selbee, Roger Bresson, Norman Smothers, Craig Bishop, James Moses, Mr. Berger (Coach). Girls’ Basketball Back Row: Barbara Johnston (Manager), Judy Nagel, Linda Waldorf, Donna Turnbull, Eleanor Cousins, Helen Healey, Gail Raymon, Hazel Conrad, June Mills. Front Row: Mrs. McKillop (Coach), Deloris Crittenden, Gail Burton, Deanna Bresson, Wanda Dunithan, Evelyn Carson, Carolyn Hoag, Jan Frank, Jo Ann Lawhead, Nancy Kerns (Asst. Manager) Absent: Nancy Rayman and Sally Turnbull. Back Row: Shirley Double, Judy Frank, Shirley Kauffman, Donna Allen, Alice Dowling, Eva Reinhardt, Shirley Allan, Carolyn Barker, Ernestine Shaffer, Kay Emmons. Front Row: Barbara Johnston, Carol Daniels, Judy Van Sickler, Carol Schroeder, Janice Holdridge, Sharon Broberg, Jean VanSickler, Jeanette Howes, Nancy Kerns, Mrs. McKillop Football FOOTBALL 1953 Sept. 18 Athens 35 G-A 0 25 Kel logg 13 0 Oct. 2 Climax 0 12 9 Paw Paw 13 6 16 Vicksburg 13 0 23 Richland 7 19 30 Mattawan 6 13 Nov. 6 Comstock 31 10 LETTER WINNERS Major Beadle, James (4) Bishop, Craig (1) Bush, Lloyd (3) Caines, Conrad (1) Case, Thomas (3) Crummel, Cecil (3) Champion, Mark (2) Inman, Gerald (4) Minor Bresson, Roger (2) Imus, James (2) Lamkin, Keith (2) Kerns, Jack (3) Miller, Gary (3) Moorlag, Wayne, (2) Newton, Richard (4) Rutherford, Marion (4) Scott, Clinton (3) Taylor, Jack (4) Van Sickler, Paul (3) Stager, Dennis (2) VanSickler, Robert (2) Wortinger, Larry (2) Basketball SEASON SCORES TOTAL POINTS FOR 1953-1954 Miller, Gary 101 Townsend, Jon 88 Inman, Gerald 74 Gormley, William 66 Beadle, James 45 Rutherford, Marion 36 Newton, Richard 22 Scott, Clinton 14 Champion, Mark 14 Case, Thomas 11 McBarnes, Robert 11 Crummel, Cecil 02 LETTER WINNERS Major Minor Beadle, James Bishop, Craig Case, Thomas Bowers, Howard Champion, Mark Bresson, Roger Crummel, Cecil Caines, Conrad Gormley, William Campbell, Max Inman, Gerald DeShon, Robert McBarnes, Robert Fitzpatrick, Donald Miller, Gary Hoffman, Dalyn Newton, Richard Imus, James Rutherford, Marion Martin, Ronald Scott, Clinton Nichol, James Townsend, Jon Smothers, Norman Wortinger, Larry The Gales burg-Augusta Rams were eliminated from the district tournament on March 3, 1954 by the Richland Trojans with a score of 43 to 29. RESERVES VARSITY 25 GALESBURG 30 37 COMSTOCK 41 18 GALESBURG 31 37 KELLOGG 62 15 GALESBURG 32 31 K-CHRISTIAN 39 17 GALESBURG 27 26 MATTAWAN 47 26 GALESBURG 51 17 CLIMAX 36 23 GALESBURG 32 42 PAW PAW 60 52 GALESBURG 37 39 CLIMAX 27 14 GALESBURG 44 37 RICHLAND 57 27 GALESBURG 32 23 K-CHRISTIAN 61 24 GALESBURG 36 30 COMSTOCK 40 16 GALESBURG 38 23 KELLOGG 64 36 GALESBURG 31 35 MATTAWAN 70 16 GALESBURG 35 40 PAW PAW 79 29 GALESBURG 27 30 RICHLAND 53 Cheerleaders National Honor Society Eleanor Cousins, Jo Ellen Stewart, Mr. Burrell, Deloris Crittenden, Nancy Vande Giessen. Absent: Lois Wilson Character Service Leadership Scholarship Jan Frank, Nancy Rayman, Sally Turnbull, Deloris Crittenden, Mrs. Burrell, Carlene Plotts, Jo Ellen Stewart, Richard Newton. Paper Staff Back Row: Mrs. McKillop, Barbara Johnston, Marion Rutherford, Richard Newton, Marylin Hoag Front Row: Myra Cartwright, Maxine Bailey, Jo Ann Lawhead, JoEllen Stewart, Esther Robinson, Sally Turnbull, Carlene Plotts. Absent: Jon Townsend Back Row: Jo Ellen §tewart, Carlene Plotts, James Reeder, Marion Rutherford, James Beadle, Nancy Vande Giessen, Esther Robinson Front Row: Eleanor Cousins, Sally Turnbull, Jan Frank, Deloris Crittenden, Nancy Rayman, Jo Ann Lawhead. G Club Back Row: Robert Me Barnes, James Beadle, Clinton Scott, Jack Taylor, Gerald Inman, Gary Miller, Marion Rutherford, Mark Champion, William Gormley. Front Row: Mr. Wragg, Larry Eldridge, Jack Kerns, Tom Case, Larry Wortinger, Richard Liskovec, Mr. Berger. Absent: Richard Newton, Jon Townsend Commercial Club Back Row: Shirley Kauffman, Sandra Godde, Edith Schlueter, Janice Kirkendall, Donna Turnbull, Eleanor Cousins, Nancy Rayman, Sally Turnbull, Nancy Vande Giessen, Carlene Plotts, Rosalyn Yeast, Shirley Allan, Donna Allan, Janet Rice, Deloris Crittenden. Middle Row: Ann Manning, Jean Abnet, Constance Anderson, Roma Born, Samme Darrow, Dawn Burgett, Deanna Bresson, Joan Simmons, Elaine Dumonceaux, Esther Robinson, Janice Holdridge, Lois Wilson, Carol Schroeder, Jan Frank. Front Row: Sarah Simmonds, Jo Ellen Stewart, Jo Ann Lawhead, Kay Emmons, Judy Burgess, Sharon Broberg, Jeanette Howes, Shirley Sisco, Donna Neible, Nancy Kerns, Mrs. Edwards. Back Row: Nancy Rayman, Sally Turnbull, Richard Newton, Carlene Plotts, Mrs. Edwards. Front Row: Jo Ellen Stewart, Lois Wilson, Deloris Crittenden, Marilyn Dumonceaux. One of the most important people in this tale is our commercial teacher, Mrs. Thelma Edwards. Mrs. Edwards has organized one of the most complete high school commercial departments in Kalamazoo County. During the eight years she has been with us, she has equipped hundreds of us for valuable jobs in the busi ness field. We, the graduating class of 1954, want to express our thanks to her for her understanding ways, for the stern " talking to " we never failed to receive when deserved and most of all for the sincere interest she has always expressed in each and every one of us. The Co-ops especially want to thank her for the careful training and advice she gave us and for the faith she always had in us. Band Middle Row: Elaine Dumonceaux, Samme Darrow, Don Fitzpatrick, Nancy Rayman, Eleanor Cousins, Lois Wilson, Marylin Hoag, Donna Roelof, Gail Rayman, Margaret Henshaw, Allen Dean, Raundi Srackangast, Joan Simmons. Front Row: Sandra Champion, Leah Patte, Phyllis Fry, Sally McGlocklin, Deloris Crittenden, Barbara Johnston, Robert DeShon, David Holdridge, Clinton Lewis, Hazel Conrad, Janice Holdridge, Sarah Simmonds, Carol Schroeder, Carole Daniels. Chorus Back Row: Grace Schreuder, Jack Kerns, Larry Eldridge, Robert Tennant, Jack Taylor, Raymond Taylor, Linda Waldorf, Janet Garrison. Middle Row: Carol Schroeder, June Mills, Ernestine Shaffer, Judy Nagel, Bertha Murray, Al ice Dowling, Beverly Crummel, Marylin Hoag, Hazel Conrad, Frankie Garrett. Front Row: Mr. Heyboer, Shirley Double, Barbara Johnston, Janice Bozarth, Judy Frank, Will iam Call, Howard Davis, Wanda Dunithan, Elaine Robinson, Jo Ann Lawhead, Eloise Wagner. Majorettes Phyllis Fry Samme Darrow Elaine Dumonceaux Sandra Champion Leah Pattee Jack Kerns (Drum Major) Library Sandra Godde, Peggy Davis, Constance Anderson, Mrs. Burrell, Donna Turnbull, Helen Healy, Kay Emmons, Shirley Allan, Samme Darrow. Absent: Cecil Crummel F F A Bock Row: Harold Cartwright, Keith Lamkin, Gene Goleman, Robert Murray, Clinton Scott, Tom Haines, Howard Davis, Mr. Niemi. Front Row: Howard Taylor, Allen Henson, Paul VanSickler, Allen Dean, Robert McBarnes, James Sumner, Robert VanSickler, Larry Wortinger, Charles Smith. FH A Back Row: Janet Rice, Shirley Allan, Donna Turnbull, Janice Kirkendall, Donna Allan, Shirley Kauffman, Miss Welling. Middle Row: Constance Anderson, Jean Abnet, Dawi Burgett, Samme Darrow, Roma Born, Sandra Godde. Front Row: Sarah Simmonds, Joan Simmons, Jeanette Howes, Janice Holdridge, Elaine Dumonceaux, Sharon Broberg, Donna Neible, Carole Daniels. Bus Drivers Mr. Messenger, Mrs. Emmons, Mr. Sauser, Mr. Powell, Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Williams, Mr. Leech, Mr. Bush. Absent: Mr. Sovey and Mr. Schlueter. Mr. Bush, Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Becker Cafeteria Staff N Mrs. Gormley, Mrs. Bolton, Judy Van Sickler, Jean Van Sickler. Compliments Dykema Office Supply € An Office Aid For Every Trade " Kalamazoo, Michigan. Compliments, Roelof Dairy . lesburg, Michigan. Best Wishes to the Class of ‘54 Galesburg Memorial Library Donated by a friend. Compliments, Storr Barber Shop Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, A1 Mollett s Grocery Galesburg, Michigan. Congratulations to the class of “54 " Dr. J. C. Breneman, Galesburg. Compliments, Osmun s Barber Shop Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Galesburg Gulf Service Galesburg, Michigan. Best Regards to the class of ‘54 " Charlie Sullivan Inc. Sales Service Galesburg, Michigan. Augusta Lumber Company Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Barrett’s Market Comstock, Michigan. Compliments, Coronet Paper ‘Your Shopping Guide " Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Mary Barton Insurance Augusta, Michigan. Dopp Pump Company Comstock, Michigan. Compliments, Hempton’s Beauty Bar Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Pattee Art Sign Co. Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Augusta Telephone Co. Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Smith’s Appliances Augusta, Michigan. Stafford Marine Supply 110 W. Michigan Ave. Phone 3381 Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Smitty’s Lunch Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Charles McPeck General Insurance Augusta, Michigan Compliments, Hilegeman’s Grocery Comstock, Michigan. Compliments, Allen Super Drug Your Walgreen Agency Drug Store Comstock, Michigan. Compliments, Schlueter Funeral Home Augusta, Michigan. Congratulations to the Class of ‘54 " Whiteman’s Service, Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Alaria Sunoco Service Joe Alaria, Prop. Phone 2739 East U.S. 12, Galesburg, Michigan. Ellis Becker-Jeweler ‘Elgin Watches " 206 Peck Bldg. Ph. 7936 Kalamazoo, Michigan. Gale Recreation and Snack Bar Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Griffin Company Pest Control Service Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Burgess Seed and Plant Co. Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Schroeder’s General Store R.R. 5, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Robert M. Sorlie Co. Power Transmission Equipment Kalamazoo, Michigan Larry’s Radio and TV Service Galesburg, Michigan PH. Day 2941 Nights 4183 Inman’s, ‘Drive out to Dine out " Galesburg, Michigan On U.S. 12 Phone 5621 Compliments, Standard Bulk Delivery Clyde Van Avery, Prop. Ph. 4121 Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, 101 Ranch, Galesburg Galesburg Standard Service Phone 9051, Galesburg, Michigan. Compfiments Compliments, Tyler Auto Service Sinclair Products Galesburg, Michigan. Leng’s Hardware, Phone 5811 Galesburg, Michigan. Galesburg Super Market Quality Foods, Galesburg, Michigan. Congratulations Senior Class of “54 Compliments of Industrial State Bank Augusta, Michigan. Congratulations class of 54 Augusta Cleaners Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, First National Bank Galesburg Branch Compliments of Johnston Barber Shop “Trying to please the public for 23 years. Augusta, Michigan. “Best Wishes on your Graduation Scudder’s Orchards, Augusta, Michigan. Compliments of Andrew’s Garage A.A.A. Phone 316 J. Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Augusta Pharmacy Augusta, Michigan. Compliments of D. D. Sheet Metal Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Dr. R. W. Smith Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments of Dr. W. R. Spears Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Knappen Milling Co. Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Stan’s Snack Shop Phone 362, Augusta, Michigan. Compliments, Burk Hoag Funeral Home Climax - Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments, Oudshoorn’s Greenhouse Flowers for all occasions Galesburg, Michigan. Bell’s Bakery ‘Birthday and Wedding Cakes Phone 4851, Galesburg. Girls! Don’t forget The Bridal Shop has the formal just for you. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Compliments of the Bowlatorium Comstock, Michigan. Compliments of the Coffee Shop at the five corners in Galesburg. We are your clothes best friend, Phone 4391, Galesburg Cleaners. Compliments of the Augusta Hotel Augusta, Michigan. Galesburg Mills, Roy Struble, Prop. Phone 2451 - Galesburg. The Galesburg Argus Published Every Thursday Printing - Publishing Compliments Park Theater ‘Michigan’s Finest Small Town Theater Augusta, Michigan. Compliments of Prange’s 340 South Rose Street Kalamazoo, Michigan. Galesburg Oil Equipment Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments to the Class of ‘54 Rayman Automatic Heating Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments of the Little Shop 346 South Rose Street Kalamazoo, Michigan ‘Colony for tweens and teens. Compliments, Cap’s Steak House Galesburg, Michigan. Grant’s Department Store Galesburg and Lawton Compliments Brodie’s Garage Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments of Bishop Electric Galesburg, Michigan. Compliments of the Gambles Store Galesburg, Michigan. We wish to thank all of the townspeople for your unselfish cooperation and help given us to make our school years a success. We not only wish to thank you for the financial aid which was so necessary, but also for the many hours you have spent working on our suppers, baked food sales and paper drives, as well as your attendance at athletic events, plays, dances, school programs, and all other activities that played such an important part in our school life. IJliUcA SpttiUuU ei WAR S BROtheRS II

Suggestions in the Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) collection:

Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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