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RAMPAGES Published by the Senior Class of Galesburg-Augusta High School Galesburg, Michigan Dedication V»e, the class of 1953, wish to dedi¬ cate this book to Mr. and Mrs. 3urrell. Without their advice and aid, the many activities in which our class participated would have been much more difficult to undertake. We wish to express to them our gratitude for their kindly guidance which will better fit us for living success¬ fully in the years to come. Annual Staff Annual Staff Standing: Christene Perkins, Doris Manning, Eleanor Welling, Doris Martin, Nellie Knetsch, Jim Call, Dave Henson, Marv Richardson, Elizabeth Hollaway, Norma Neifert, Edith Jones, Ruth Dean. Seated: Bruce Barker, Dena Imus, Dale Scott, Duane Doty, Harriet Johnston, Jim Bolton, Miss Reynolds, Dorothy Beatty. Thelma Edwards B.S., Western Michigan College Hill sdale Col lege Coordinator of Office Work Commercial Club Advisor Alfred Niemi Northern Michigan College A., Michigan State Sophomore Class Advisor Doris Reynolds A.B., Kalamazoo College English Arfs Charles Ross A. B., Western Michigan College Coach Rudolph Swanson BkS., Western Michigan College Michigan State College Freshmen Class Advisor John Wagar B.S., Western Michigan College Junior Class Advisor Mary Welling B.S., Western Michigan College Freshman Class Advisor Home Economics David Henson Band 1-2-4, National Thespian So¬ ciety 4, Junior Play, FFA 1-2, Class Treasurer 2, Baseball 2, Sports Club 3, Annual Staff 4 Duane Doty Basketball 1, National Thespian Society 4, National Honor Society, Junior Play, Senior Play, Class Treas¬ urer 3, Class President 4, Camera Club 3, Annual Staff 4 Christene Perkins Annual Staff 4, Commercial Club 3- 4, Chorus 2, Secretary of Class 4, Junior PLav Uj»frer Elizabeth Hollaway Annual Staff 4, Chorus 1, National Thespian Society 4, Class Treasurer 4, Commercial Club 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play James Boiton Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2- 3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Junior Play, Senior Play, National Thespian Society 4, National Honor Society, Class President 2, Student Council 3, Games Club 3, Journalism Club 3, Annual Staff 4, President of Student Council Dorothy Beatty Chorus 3, National Thespian So¬ ciety 4, Library 1-2-3, Junior Play, Commercial Club 3-4, Vice President of Student Council 4, School Paper 4, Annual Staff 4, Cooperative Work Pro¬ gram 4, Senior Play, Basketball 1-2 David Noud Football 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 2-3-4, Baseball 1, G Club 2 3-4, Band 1, Chorus 1-3, Student Council 4, Games Club 3, Class Treasurer 2, Annual Staff 4 Edith Jones President of Class 1, Secretary of Class 1-2-3, Commercial Club 3, Na¬ tional Honor Society, Secretary of Stu¬ dent Council 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, National Thespian SocieFy F Eleanor Welling Basketball 1-3, Student Council 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Chorus 1, Commercial Club 3-4, National Thes¬ pian Society 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Cooperative Work Program 4, Library 3 Aurelia Alaria Debate 3, Junior Play, Senior Play Chorus 3, Camera Club 3 Harriet Johnston Library 1-2-3-4, National Honor Society, Junior Play, Senior Play, Secretary of Student Council 1, Treas¬ urer of Student Council 4, National Thespian Society 4, Journalism Club 3, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Tennis 1-2 Bruce Barker Chorus 3, National Thespian Society 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff 3 Leon Book Football 2-3-4, FFA 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, Sports Club 3 James Call Chorus 3, Journalism Club 3, An¬ nual Staff 4, Junior Play, National Thespian Society 4 Sharon Champion Junior Play, Student Council 2, Chorus 1, National Thespian Society 4, Commercial Club 3-4, Debate Team 3, Cooperative Work Program 4, Li¬ brary 1-2-3, Annual Staff 4, School Paper 3 Ruth Dean Class Treasurer 1, Basketball 2-3- 4, Paper Staff 4, Speedball 2-3, Glee Club 1-2, Chorus 4, Commercial Club 4, Cooperative Work Program 4 Pat Dunithan Student Council 1, Commercial Club 3-4, Cooperative Work Program 4 Donald Haist Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3- 4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 3-4, G Club 2-3-4, Class President 3, Chorus 3-4 Dena Jean Imus Chorus 3, Library 1-2-3, Junior Play, Commercial Club 3-4, Basket¬ ball 1-2-4, National Thespian Society 4, Student Council 1, Annual Staff 4, School Paper 4, Cooperative Work Pro¬ gram 4, Senior Play Jack Jordan Tenni s 3 Nellie Knetsch Basketball 1-2- 3-4, Junior Play Student Council 1, Commercial Club 3-4, Library 2, Senior Play, National Thespian Society 4, Vice President of C i c 3 ' rr Ten ?- iS 2 ' Paper Staff 4, An¬ nual Staff 4 , Cooperative Work Program Jerry Lorio Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3- 4 , Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 3, G Club 2-3-4, Gun Club 3, Annual Staff 4 Doris Manning Commercial Club 3-4, Cooperative Work Program Doris Martin Library 2-3, Junior Play, Basket¬ ball 1-4, Commercial Club 3-4, Na¬ tional Thespian Society 4, Chorus 3, Cooperative Work Program 4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play Norma Neifert Basketball 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Tennis 1-4, Camera Club 3, Chorus 1-3, National Thespian Society 4, Library 3-4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff Doris Meade Library 1-2-3-4, Commercial Club 3, Basketball 1-2, Annual Staff 4, Junior Kingsley Newcombe Track 3, Chorus 3-4, National Thes¬ pian Society 4, Aeronautics Club 3, Annual Staff 4 , R.O.T.C. 1-2, Senior Play, Wrestling 1-2 Marvin Richardson Baseball 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1-2-3-4, Football 2 Band 1, President of Class 1, Vice President of Class 2, Sports Club 3, Annual Staff 4 Mary Richardson Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1, Junior Play Usher Robert Sharp Football 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Tennis 1-2-3, Band 1-3-4, Baseball 1, Junior Play, Annual Staff 4, School Dale Scott Paper Staff 4, Senior Play Football l-2 3 £«f d 2-3, Camera Club 3, Junior Play, National Thes¬ pian Society 4, G Club 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4 Class History We, Merry Freshmen, walked into Galesburg-Augusta High School, with the enthusiasm, ambition and big ideas which all Freshmen possess, and thrilled to death because we could now choose our subjects to suit ourselves, and our interests. As we began that year, our class advisors were “The Burrells " . We started that adventurous year with Aurelia Alaria, Bruce Barker, Dorothy Beatty, Shirley Blackney, Jim Bolton, Leon Book, Frank Hasty, Frank Bowen, Bob Bradley, Martha Brown, Jim Call, Sharon Champion, Duane Doty, Don Haist, Dave Henson, Edwin Horn, Dena Imus, Harriet Johnston, Howard Kimball, Nellie Knetsch, Carol Knight, Ted Lewis, Jerry Lorio, Doris Martin, Doris Meade, Norma Neifert, Dale Scott, Joan Streling, Jim Tibbitts, John Turson, and Eleanor Welling. After having a rip-roaring time and seeing to it that nearly all the teachers in high school had started to get their gray hair, we entered our Sophomore year with a very spirited feeling. This year Edwin Horn, Howard Kimball, and Bob Bradley left us and we added Arlene Collins, Bob Crawford, John Cutler, Marcelin Day, Patty Dunnithan, Mary Dunn, Bob Godde, Elizabeth Hollaway, Henry Johnson, Edith Jones, Doris Manning, Dave Noud, Donann Pate, Christene Perkins, Jeanette Pervine, Mary Richardson, Marvin Richardson, Raymond Sharp, Harry Shirley, Martha Smith, Dick Sosinski, Gene Stuifbergen, and Imogene Pate, thus making our class about twice as large as before. This year we started taking more interest in making money for our Senior trip. However, we still managed to get a lot of fooling around done also, but as a whole we had a great year. Then there was the three months vacation ending again and we found ourselves back in school for our Junior year. That year Arlene Collins and Dick Sosinski moved away and Frank Hasty joined the Air Force, and Imogene Pate, Marcelin Day, and Shirley Blackney decided they wanted a ' Full-time Job , instead of an education. In place of those we lost, we gained Kingsley Newcombe, and Bob (Let s take a vote on it) Sharp. During that year we had many new and different experiences, among them the Prom and the Play. However, by May and even before that, we were ready for a vacation, most of us planning to work. When school once more took up in the Fall, we lost Carol Knight, Ted Lewis, Bob Crawford, Harry Shirley, Mary Dunn, and Donann Pate. And we gained Ruth Dean and Jack Jordan. This year we really lived it up!!! We really thought we were Big Shots!!! pur graduating class of 1953 will be Aurelia Alaria, Bruce Barker, Dorothy Beatty, Jim Bolton, Leon Book, Frank Bowen, Jim Call, Sharon Champion, John Cutler, Duane Doty, Patty Dunithan, Bob Godde Ruth Dean, Don Haist, Dave Henson, Elizabeth Hollaway, Dena Imus, Harriet Johnston _e nry Johnson Jack Jordan, Edith Jones, Nellie Knetsch, Jerry Lorio, Doris Manning, Doris Martin, Doris Meade Dave Noud, Norma Neifert, Kingsley Newcombe, Christene Perkins, Jeanette Pervine, cry Richardson, Marvin Richardson, Dale Scott, Raymond Sharp, Bob Sharp, Gene Stuifbergen, Martha Smith, Jim Tibbitts, John Turson, and Eleanor Welling. Farewell, undergraduates, it’s time to say so long! Class Will Aurelia Alaria wills and bequeaths her daring manner to Sally McGlockin. We all know Aurelia hasn t got it and Sally sure doesn ' t need it. Bruce Barker wills and bequeaths his red hair and temper to Shirley Sisco. Don ' t over do it, kiddoM Dorothy Beatty wills and bequeaths her driving ability to anyone who wants a short life. Jim Bolton wills and bequeaths his bruises from sports to the kids on the bench. Maybe you ' re better off there, fellas! Leon Book wills and bequeaths his good looks to anyone who needs an improvement on his mug. Franklin Bowen wills and bequeaths his height to Pete Holdridge. Less cigarettes and more carrots will also help, Pete. Jim Call wills and bequeaths his car to anyone who can make the darn thing run. Sharon Champion wills and bequeaths her brother Mark to anyone who can fight better than she with him. John Cutler wills and bequeaths his excuses to skip school to anyone who always gets caught! See John for information. Ruth Dean wills and bequeaths her men from Spring Arbor to any one who is interested. Duane Doty wills and bequeaths his brains to Clinton Scott, Try using them on your school work as much as you do acting up. Patty Dunithan wills and bequeaths her sweet manner to Harold Cartwright. A smile now and then would help, too. Bob Godde wills and bequeaths his gripes of Government to all the Juniors. Take it from us and don ' t follow his foot¬ steps, gang. David Henson wills and bequeaths his love-making technic to the freshman boys. You get it by practice, fellas. Don Haist wills and bequeaths his athletic ability to " Ponch " Rutherford. Keep up the good work, Ponch; you ' ve got a good start. Elizabeth Hollaway wills and bequeaths her long hair to Barb Johnston. Quick! Hide the scissors. Barb. Dena Imus wills and bequeaths her ability to break thermometers in Chemistry to anybody who can take a bawling out from Mr. W°gar. Henry Johnson wills and bequeaths his chef ability to Jack Taylor. Now maybe you can win a girl ' s heart through her stomach. Hattie Johnston wills and bequeaths her ability to get along with Mr. Wagar to Jon Townsend. We all know Hattie hasn’t got and Jon doesn ' t need. Edith Jones wills and bequeaths her easy-going manner to some of those flighty Freshmen. Take if from us and settle down!! Jack Jordan wills and bequeaths his artistic hand to the Fine Arts Class. Take it from there, kids. Nellie Knetsch wills and bequeaths her ability to play basketball to Bob Murray. Try the girl ' s team. Bob. Jerry Lorio wills and bequeaths his way with the Freshman girls to any fella who wants a date. Don ' t all run at once. Doris Manning wills and bequeaths her sincere manner to Mr. Ross. Don ' t overdo it, Chuck; Doris Martin wills and bequeaths her New Year ' s date with Jim Tibbitts to Jo Ellen Stewart. See what you can do next year, Jo Ellen. Norma Neifert wills and bequeaths her golf clubs to Mr. Burrell. Use them on the Eighth grade coming up. We hear they ' re stinkersl! Kingsley Newcomb wills and bequeaths his voice to Mr. Heyboer. This is for lending purposes only. David Noud wills and bequeaths his quietness in study hall to Bob Tennant. Take a hint. Bob. Christene Perkins wills and bequeaths her southern accent to Jean Gardner. That southern drawlllil always gets a man. Jeanette Pervine wills and bequeaths her telephone job to som e one who needs that green stuff!! Now ' s your chance to cut in on conversations. Marvin Richardson wills and bequeaths his red convertible to Tommie Case. Now try and get to school on time. Mary Richardson wills and bequeaths her little black book to Marilyn Dumonceaux. Marilyn, you can use it when King leaves you. Dale Scott wills and bequeaths his shutterbox to the Junior Class for their year book next year. Start early, gang. Raymond Sharp wills and bequeaths his cousin Bob to anyone who can put up with him. Sucker! Bob Sharp wills and bequeaths his Saturday night escapades to Jerry Inman. Keep up the good work, Jerry. Martha Smith wills and bequeaths her common last name to Paul Rutterbush. It comes in handy sometimes, Paul. Gene Stuifbergen wills and bequeaths his self-assuredness to anybody who wants it. Jim Tibbitts wills and bequeaths his basketball ability to Bob VanSickler. Don ' t let them knock you around. Bob. John Turson wills and bequeaths his football uniform to Jack Kerns. Get out there and fight. Jack! Eleanor Welling wills and bequeaths her heart-to all the men. Better look out, guys. We as the Class of 53 will and bequeath all our good times at Galesburg-Augusta High to all the Underclassmen. We, the class of 1953, do declare the above to be its solemn Last Will and Testament Class Prophecy It ' s a beautiful day and the class of ‘53 seems to have planned a picnic-reunion. And, as at most public meetings, there is a main speaker. I am the speaker here, me, Father Time. As I look over the athletic field where the reunion is being held I see different little groups of people gathering together and discussing ‘old times " as it has been nearly ten years since they were last together at Graduation. Glancing through the crowd I see Franlin ‘Boggie " Bo en; he has just been appointed principal of the Galesburg-Augusta High School. Standing beside him is his quiet, efficient, little secretary, Patricia Dunithan. Off to one side I see Henry Johnson, talking to Bruce Barker, proprietor of the three restaurants in Galesburg, about his latest dish-washing machine invention. Doris Manning and her five offspring are just arriving, and are greeted by Christene Perkins who is telling them of just finishing her probationary training in her nursing career. Bob Sharp didn’t quite make it inside the gates and is tinkering with his car, trying to find out what made it run. Ray Sharp, his cousin, came with him and he too is baffled by the car’s good running condition (or was before it broke down,) and he should know, being a big automobile producer. Eleanor Welling, | see, is talking to Ruth Dean, editor of a ‘Love-Lorn Column " of the Galesburg Argus, about all her dates with Carl and they are deciding upon a good wedding date and all the trimmings. A few minutes ago I heard an airplane circling about in the sky. It finally landed in a nearby field, and the first one off is Sharon Champion, one of the new Hollywood starlets. Here comes a big shiny red Cadillac convertible, Stepping out on to the running board is Dena Jean Imus, now a Big Bank Executive, all dressed up in a fancy pair of pedal pushers and a silver blouse. I see the Upjohn Special Bus driving up now and dragging off are two puny-looking girls whorr I recognize as Dorothy Beatty and Qoris Martin. During the course of the day | see they will plan to take their pills, as they both carry some with them. Since it is a picnic and everyone brings something to eat, all of a sudden | smell a peculiar odor coming from the section of the tables where the food is. Seems Duane Doty, the Big Time Scientist, has just cooked up something he expects the crowd to eat and test for him. As Nellie Knetch, the famous basketball player, arrives she is greeted by Marvin Richardson, square dance caller. They must be discussing old times at the dull school dances. Glancing throughout the crowd again I see Harriet Johnston has just arrived back from Europe, where she has been studying the English Litera¬ ture. After the picnic she is going on a lecture tour of all the countries. Standing with a bunch of gals is Kingsley Newcombe; even in school he was always quite the ladies ' man. At one of the smaller tables I see four fellows through a cloud of smoke. From here they look like Jim Tibbits, Don Haist, Jerry Lorio, and Dave Noud playing cards, just like old times. (Poker, no doubt!) I notice Jim Bolton has appeared with his little blonde wife and their twin boys; from the looks of things they aren’t too easy to manage. Over with the cooks is Doris Meade, owner of the restaurant that Henry Johnson invented the dish-washing machine for. She is busy talking and doesn ' t notice anyone as of yet. Out on the field is Norma Neifert, World Woman ' s Golf Champion, showing an admiring group some of her techniques. Aurelia Alaria just ran in the gate carrying a bunch of white roses, the class flower, that she raised from her now famous Floral Gardens. I just heard a rattle of milk cans and who should drive up but Leon Book owner of the famous L- Bar-B Ranch. Elizabeth Hollaway just came marching onto the field, looking very slick in her Wave uniform. Guess she must have been just promoted to Lieutenant. She is greeted by Edith Jones, secretary of the Bob Godde Insurance Company. Sounds like she is trying to sell Liz some insurance for sea-sickness. Bob Godde, who has just joined them, is trying to convince Liz of his good (?) insurance. You ' ve all certainly heard of the book that author Gene Stuifbergen wrote about the Civil War. I heard it was a best seller. Well, anyway, Gene has just arrived! From the University of Michigan comes John Turson, star full back on the football squad. Dale Scott, another football star from Michigan State, is talking with him. Jack Jordan, another Grandma Moses, is busy sketching Mary Richardson, an alert student of his; she doesn ' t do so badly herself. see where Jim Call, well-known garbage collector of Galesburg and vicinity, has just arrived in his new disposal unit truck. Quite the thing! I heard the click of a shutter and glancing up, I see Dave Henson photographing pictures of the picnic for the Kalamazoo Gazette. Lover boy Cutler (John, that is has just arrived with his many women from Plainwell and Otsego trailing behind him. Augusta ' s telephone operator, Jeanette Pervine, called in to say she might be a little late, but she would be there before too long. Luella Martha Smith Parsons is busy with her microphone, collecting old gossip of the ' class of 53 " over the GAHS Broadcasting System. And that, dear readers, concludes the picnic of the " Class of 53 This is Father Time, signing off! Undergraduates Juniors Charles Ayres, Maxine Bailey, Roberta Bristol, Gail Burton, Richard Burton Harold Cartwright, Myrna Cartwright, Eugene Coleman, Eleanor Cousins, Marilyn Dumonceaux Larry Eldridge, Jan Frank, Robert French, Catherine Haist, Allen Henson Gerald Inman, Barbara Johnston, Joann Law- head, Richard Liskovic Richard McNutt Richard Newton, Carlene Plotts, Nancy Rayman, James Reeder, Esther Robinson Marion Rutherford, Edith Schlueter, Ruby Schmidt, Charles Smith, JoEllen Stewart Jack Taylor, Jon Town¬ send, Sally Turnbull, Nancy Vande Giessen, Lois Wilson. Sophomores Robert Brown, Deanna Bresson, Beverly Bowers, Connie Anderson, Jean Abnet Allen Dean, Peggy Davis, Cecil Crummel, Tom Case, Myra Cart¬ wright, Jack Kerns, Shirley Kauffman, David Hold- ridge, Marylin Hoag, Barbara Haveman Robert McBarnes, Ann Manning, Ann Lewis, James Kirklin, Nancy Kerns Donna Roelof, William Ringo, Pat Nieman, Robert Murray, Sally McGlockl in Joan Telfer, James Sumner, Shirley Sisco, Clinton Scott, Charles Schmidt Rosalyn Yeast, Donna Wyman, Betty Wilson, Paul Van Sickler, Donna Turnbull Freshmen Donna Allen, Shirley Allen, Everett Barrett, Roma Born, Roger Bresson Sharon Broberg, Judy Burgess, Dawn Burgett, Allison Burton, Margaret Carpenter Mark Champion, Phyllis Condon, William Cutler, Samme Darrow, Elaine Dumonceaux Kay Emmons, Donald Fitzpatrick, Sandra Godde, William Gormley, Thomas Haines Helen Healey, Linda Henshaw, Janice Holdridge, Jeanette Howes Freshmen Robert Irving, Barbara Johnson, Jerry Kirk, Paul Krieger, Keith Lamkin. Robert Mason, Wayne Moorlag, Franklin Murray, Donna Neible, James Nichol Richard Packer, William Parks, Sarah Simmons, Joan Simonds, John Swartz Howard Taylor, Ronald Telfer, Robert Tennant, Robert Van Sickler, Bernice Waldhanz Beverly Weaver, Robert Weaver, Larry Wortinger Eighth Grade Girls LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: Bill Ringo, Bob Van Sickler, Keith Lampkin, Dick N ewton, Tom Case, M ark Champion, Larry Wortinger, Jack Kerns, Chuck Schmidt, Dennis Stager MIDDLE ROW: Asst. Robert J. Feely, Roger Bresson, Clinton Scott, Jim Beadly, Jack Taylor, Jerry Inman, ' Poncho Rutherford, Jon Townsend, Paul Van Sickler, Lloyd Bush, Coach Chuck Ross SEATED: Jim Bolton, John Turson, Bob Sharp, Dale Scott, Leon Book, Frank Bowen, Jerry Lorio, Dave Noud, Jim Tibbitts ON GROUND: Gary Miller MISSING: Don Haist _ The Powerful Ram Line: The Ram Back-Field: L-R Dave Noud, Jerry Inman, Poncho Rutherford, Dale L R j efry L orjo Jim Bolton, John Turson, Don Hoist Scott, Leon Book, Jim Beadle, Jim Tibbitts. Robert Sharp: 160 lb. hard charging Tackle of the Rams Jim Bolton: 165 lb. Right Half-Back evading tackier Bob Sharp p; The Ram Line ready for action. T Regular quarterback Jerry Lorio, here throwing a pass to one of his ends, Tibbitts and Noud! Dick Newton attempting an extra point, held by Poncho Rutherford an All-Conference Guard. Left to right, Frank Bowen and Jerry Inman. Both are big hard-hitting tackles of the Ram line. i Jim Tibbitts, the regular left end of the Ram line! Shown here how he grabs the ball to score touch¬ downs! Coach Chuck Ross coming into the locker room to find out who ' s making all the racket! Shown here, surprised by flash camera! 1952 FOOTBALL 1953 NAMES CLASS POSITIONS HEIGHT WEIGHT Dave Noud Senior Right End 5’ 11 160 Jerry Inman Junior Right Tackle 6’1 160 Poncho Rutherford Junior Right Guard 6’0 185 Dale Scott Senior Center 5 ' n 175 Leon Book Senior Left Guard 5’8 160 Jim Beadle Juniof Left Tackle 6 0 185 Jim Tibbitts Senior Left End 5’8 150 Jerry Lorio Senior Quarterback 5 8 145 Jim Bolton Senior Right Halfback 6’0 165 Don Haist Senior Left Halfback 5’8 145 John Turson Senior Fullback 5’8 155 Frank Bowen Senior Reserve 6’3 190 Jack Taylor Junior Reserve 6 1 195 Dick Newton Junior Reserve 5’9 145 Tom Case Sophomore Reserve 5’5 125 Bob Sharp Senior Reserve Gary Miller Sophomore Reserve Clinton Scott Sophomore Reserve GALESBURG OPPONENTS TOUCHDOWNS EXTRA POINTS SAFETY 9 6 OTSEGO Haist Haist Inman 18 6 KELLOGG Haist, Bolton, Lorio • • • • • • • • 32 14 CONSTANTINE Haist, Bolton 2, Lorio, Turson Haist, Lorio • • • • 6 33 PAW PAW Turson • • • • • • • • 7 24 VICKSBURG Turson Haist • • • • 26 0 RICHLAND Bolton 2, Haist, Tibbitts Haist, Beadle • • • • 7 13 MATTAWAN Bolton Bolton • • • • 7 19 COMSTOCK Inman Turson • • • • INDIVIDUAL SCORING LETTER WINNERS Jim Bolton 37 Jim Beadle Dick Newton Don Haist 28 Jim Bolton Dave Noud John Turson 19 Leon Book Poncho Rutherford Jerry Lorio 13 Frank Bowen Dale Scott Jerry Inman 8 Tom Case Jack Taylor Jim Tibbitts 6 Don Haist Jim Tibbitts Jim Beadle . 1 Jerry Inman John Turson Jerry Lorio 1952 BASKETBALL 1953 THE SCORING OF INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS AND THEIR AVERAGE POINTS PER GAME NAMES TOTAL POINTS AVERAGE PER Jim Tibbitts 160 10.7 Jim Bolton 106 6.6 Jon Townsend 72 6.0 Marvin Richardson 75 5.8 Marion Rutherford 57 4.1 Jerry Inman 60 3.8 Dave Noud 11 3.7 Don Haist 25 3.6 Jack Taylor 15 2.5 Jim Beadle 28 2.2 Dick Newton 4 1.7 Tom Case 3 1.5 Gary Miller 7 1.2 Frank Bowen 4 1.0 Jerry Lorio 0 0.0 Clinton Scott 0 0.0 FOUL SHOOTING RECORD FOR THE GAMES OF 1952-1953 NAMES Jim Beadle Jim Bolton Frank Bowen Tom Case Don Haist Jerry Inman Jerry Lorio Gary Miller Dick Newton Dave Noud Marvin Richardson Marion Rutherford Clinton Scott Jack Taylor Jim Tibbitts Jon Townsend TOTAL SHOTS 37 89 4 3 16 51 6 14 11 1 40 48 0 7 58 58 GOOD 10 44 0 3 10 20 0 3 3 1 19 21 0 3 28 13 PERCENTAGE .297 .494 .000 1.000 .625 .392 .000 .214 .273 1.000 .475 .438 .000 .429 .483 .224 LETTER WINNERS IN BASKETBALL 1952-1953 Jim Beadle Jim Bolton Jerry Inman Gary Miller Dick Newton Marvin Richardson Marion Rutherford Jack Taylor Jim Tibbitts Jerry Inman Center Jim Bolton Forward Poncho Rutherford Forward Marv Richardson Guard Jim Beadle Forward Gary Miller Forward Frank Bowen Center a Jon Townsend, Number 12, taking a one- hand push shot during the Kellogg game. The shot was good for two points! Clinton Scott, showing his style of guarding. Marv Richardson, number 14, and Jim Beadle, number 22, resting in the Kellogg game! They are now lined up for a foul shot. RESERVE BASKETBALL L-R Jim Nichols, Bob Von Sickler, Keith Lamkin, Bob Brown, Cecil Crommel, Tom Cose. Bill Cooch Robert Feely, Lorry Wortinger, Bill Gormley, Bob McBornes, Mark Champion, Jack Chuck Schmidt. . . Ringo... Kerns, CHEERLEADERS: L-R Jeanette Howes, Janice Holdridge, Jo Ellen Stewart, Jo Ann Lawhead, Deloris Crittenden Front Row Jan Frank, JoAnn Lawhead, Evelyn Carson, Dena Imus, Nellie Knetsch, Norma Neifert, Nancy Rayman, Eleanor Cousins, Harriet Johnston, Doris Martin, Deloris Crittenden, Back Row Marilyn Dumonceaux (Assistant Manager), Gail Burton, Dawn Burgett, Sally Turnbull, Shirley Allan, Donna Turnbull, Mary Richardson, Donna Allan, Donna Roelof, Maxine Bailey, Barbara Johnston (Manager). -r - Marv Richardson - center field L ritj Larry Eldridge - left field Don Haist - catcher 1951 BASEBALL 1952 PLAYERS POSITION TIMES AT BAT HITS BATTING AVERAGE Jim Bolton First Base 22 11 .500 Fred Schmidt Right Field 23 9 .391 Jim Tibbitts Second Base 19 7 .368 Don Haist. Catcher 25 9 .360 Larry Eldridge Left Field 14 4 .286 Jerry Lorio Short Stop 17 3 .176 Jon Townsend Third Base 21 3 .143 Gene Stuifbergen Pitcher 23 2 .087 Marv Richardson Center Field 12 1 .083 Bob McBarnes Pitcher 7 0 .000 Tom Case Reserve 5 0 .000 GALESBURG OPPONENTS STANDINGS W L PLAYERS ON ALL STAR TEAM 7 1 PORTAGE VICKSBURG 6 0 8 6 KAL. CHRISTIAN Jim Bolton COMSTOCK 5 1 9 4 MATTAWAN Fred Schmidt GALESBURG 3 3 3 7 VICKSBURG Don Haist KELLOGG 2 3 8 7 RICHLAND RICHLAND 2 3 4 6 KELLOGG PORTAGE 2 4 3 4 COMSTOCK MATTAWAN 0 6 Jerry Lorio-short stop Gene Stuifbergen - pitcher Jim Tibbits - second base Jim Bolton - first base wN f Left to right: Dave Noud, Charles Ayres, Jim Beadle, Marv Richardson, Jack Taylor, Poncho Rutherford, Coach John Caldwell Our Tennis team has a present record of 35 victories out of the last 35 matches. The last defeat was in 1949 when the team lost the match to the Comstock Colts. In 1951, we won the State Champion¬ ship of which the doubles crown was won by Tom Cates and Bob Duggan. The following year we were third in the State. Marv Richardson was second in the “singles " division for two years straight. The team also has won two league tournaments and championships in the last two years and has won 8 trophies! 1951 TRACK 1952 QUADRANGULAR MEET K.V.A. St. Augustine Portage Vicksburg Vicksburg Galesburg Mattawan Comstock Kellogg Galesburg Comstock Richland LETTER WINNERS John Turson Don Haist John Burrough Leon Book Jim Bolton Activities Seated: Harriet Johnston, Dorothy Beatty, Mr. Burrell, Jim Bolton, Edith Jones, Roberta Bristol, Standing: Keith Lamkin, Paul Van Sickler, Janice Holdridge, Eleanor Welling, Donna Turnbull, Jerry Inman, Dave Noud •3- ‘V t© tirrrn—n i - , , —- - Superintendent 3onjamin, Mrs. Morey Mr. Burrell, Principal, Sally Turnbull, Celoris Crittenden, Nancy Ray Hoag Seated: Edith Jones Library Staff Standing: Beverly Bowers, Connie Anderson, JoAnn Lawhead, Peggy Davis, Doris Meade, Norma Neifert, Harriet Johnston. Seated: Mrs. Burrell The National Honor Society Standing Jim Bolton, Harriet Johnston, Duane Doty, Edith Jones Seated: Mr. Burrell Co-op Girls Doris Manning, Dena Imus, Dorothy Beatty, Doris Martin, Mrs. Dean, Eleanor Welling, Pat Dunithan Edwards, N ellie Knetsch, Ruth Doris Martin, Esther Robinson, Barbara Haveman, Sally Turnbull, Nancy Rayman, Eleanor Cousins, Elizabeth Holloway, Rosalyn Yeast, Nancy VandeGiessen, Eleanor Welling, Edith Schlueter, Martha Smith, JoAnn Lawhead, Donna Blackney, Roberta Bristol, Lois Wilson, Ann Lewis, Shirley Kauffman, Connie Anderson, Marilyn Dumonceaux, Ann Manning, Deanna Bresson, Doris Manning, Dorothy Beatty, Mrs. Edwards, Nancy Kerns, Christene Perkins, Jo Ellen Stewart, Deloris Crittenden, Nellie Knetsch, Ruth Dean, Dena Imus, Jan Frank, Pat Dunithan Standing: Jim Bolton, Lorry Eldrige, Dave Henson Seated: Dale Scott, Gene Stuifbergen, Doone Doty An outstanding event of the year was the development of a guided missile by G-A’s amateur scientists did proceed but not in the planned direction. Truly, it was a bang-up invention. Fine Arts Class Standing: Bob Godde, Dave Holdridge, Harriet Johnston, Mrs. Coron Seated: Maxine Bailey, Norma Neifert, Henry Johnson, Mary Richardson Junior Politicians Standing: Seated: J Miss Reynolds, Jim Bolton, Duane Doty, Bob Murray, Paul Krieger eon Gardner, Donno Turnbull, Harriet Johnston, Marv Richardson, bleanor Cousins, Kauffman, Ann Lewis. Shirley The National Thespians Standing: Dena Imus, Bruce Barker, Dale Scott, Harriet Johnston, Duane Doty, Jim Bolton, Dorothy Beatty, David Henson, Miss Reynolds Seated: Elizabeth Hollaway, Eleanor Welling, Jim Call, Doris Martin, Nellie Knetsch, Norma Neifert, Edith Jones, Kingsley Newcombe. Home Economics Esther Robinson, Miss Vvelling, Roberta Bristol, Mary Richardson, Martha Smith, JoEllen Stewart, Nancy Vande Giessen, Marilyn Dumonceaux. Paper Staff Standing: Barbara Johnston, Nancy Rayman, Nancy Vande Giessen, Lois Wilson, Delon Crittenden, Doane Doty, Jim Bolton, JoEllen Stewart, Roberta Bristol Seated: Ruth Dean, Dena Imus, Eleanor Welling, Doris Martin, Nellie Knetsch, Norma Neifert, Dorothy Beatty, Miss Reynolds. Mr. Swanson, Mr. Bell, Mr. Bush, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Sauser, Mr. Wagar, Mr. Godde, Mr. Powell, Mr. Schleuter Mr. Bush, Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Becker Margaret Carpenter, Roma Born, Pat Nieman, Mrs. Gormley, Mrs. Bolton, Beverly Weaver, Jean Abnet, Mrs. Smith, Joan Telfer, Evelyn Ross, Betty Thrasher General Agriculture Shop II Chorus Front Row: Donna Neible, Barbara Johnson, Roma Born, Joan Telfer, Joan Simmons, Janice Hold- ridge, Roberta Bristol, Jean Abnet, Shirley Hubbard. Middle Row: Peggy Davis, Martha Smith, Beverly Weaver, Shirley Allen, Marylin Hoag, Donna Turn- bull, Nancy Vande Giessen, Lois Wilson, Margaret Carpenter, Deloris Grittenden, Jeanette Howes, Pat Nieman, Mr. Heyboer. Back Row: Sandra Godde, Jean Gardner, Pete Smith, Kingsley Newxombe, Bob Godde, John Cutler, Bob Murray, Luther Perkins, Gary Miller, Don Haist, Marilyn Dummonceaux, JoAnn Lawhead. The Band Front Row: Donna Roelof, Barbara Johnston, Bill Gormley, Dave Holdridge, Jack Kerns, Deloris Crittenden, Marlene Baker, Margaret Henshaw. Middle Row: Lois Wilson, Jim Reeder, Gerald Inman, David Henson, Eleanor Cousins, Nancy Rayman, Larry Wortinger, Richard McNutt, Mr. Heyboer. Back Row: Carolyn Hoag, Sally McGlocklin, Bob McBarnes, Larry Eldridge, Jim Beadle, Jan Frank, Janice Holdridge OUR ADVERTISERS Fran Bell Galesburg Standard Service Phone 9051 Washing Lubrication Gale Recreation and Snack Bar Galesburg, Michigan The Galesburg Argus Published Every Thursday Frinting-Publ ishing Try—Galesburg Cleaners For Prompt Service First Class Work Grant ' s Department Stores Galesburg Lawton Galesburg Mills Roy truble, Proprietor Phone 2451 Galesburg Sheet Metal-Earl R. Steward Phone 5461 Galesburg Super Market Enjoy the F ' nest at the Cottage Inn Hotel Harris The Place to Meet and Eat Congratulation to the Class of 53 Hillcrest Orchard Apples—Cider Phone 531 F12 Augusta, Michigan Hilgeman ' s Grocery Comstock Kalamazoo Mill Supply Complete Line of Mill Supplies 1820 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, 21, Mich. Leng ' s Hardware Phone 5811 Galesburg Hardware, Plumbing, and Sporting Goods Mahoney ' s 114 South Burdick, Kalamazoo Marathon Gas Station R.E. Chapman 172 V est Michigan Phone 9391 Galesburg Reach for Michigan ' s Freshest Bread and Rolls Michigan Bakeries, Inc. 5012 South Westnedge Kalamazoo Milady ' s Beauty Bar “Professional Care Is the Best Care " 14 West Michigan Avenue Phone 401 1 Galesburg Miller - Davis Company Kalamazoo Engineers and Builders McPeck Insurance Agency " It Pays to be Covered " General Insurance Augusta Osmun ' s Barber Shop 25 East Battle Creek Street Galesburg Prange Optometrist Phone 5-2916 Kalamazoo Compliments of Richland Farm Service Co. Carl Doyle Properietors Phone Richland 2511 and 5311 Compliments of Richland Lumber Company H. C. Graham E. R. Lee Properietors Phone 4241 Compliments of H. H. Shinville Compliments of Inmans Restaurant " For Quality and Service " 400 East Main Compliments of the Little Shop " Colony for Tweens and Teens. " 346 South Rose Kalamazoo Compliments of Martin Motor and Machine Supply Compliments of Matheson Nursing Home Compliments of Oudshoorn ' s Greenhouse " Flowers For All Occasions " Compliments of the Park Theater Phone 3124 “Michigan ' s Finest Small Town Theater " Augusta Compliments of Point Standard Service 12 at 12A Comstock Compliments of 101 Ranch Camp Food, Gifts, and Souvenirs 1 Mile East of Galesburg on U.S. 12 Phone 9061 Compliments of Roelof Dairy “Better milk for less” Compliments of Rogers Shell Service Phone 3105J Augusta, Michigan Compliments of Schlueter Funeral Home Augusta, Michigan Compliments of Storr Barber Shop Galesburg Compliments of Taylor Lumber Co., Inc. Galesburg Compliments of Wagar and Clark Funeral Home Galesburg 3631 Kalamazoo 29843 Compliments to the Graduates Augusta Telephone Office Congratulations to the Graduates of 53 Allen ' s Drugs and Appliances Comstock Congratulations to the Class of 1953 Nelson E. Bartlett " Insurance - Bonds” Galesburg, Michigan Compliments to the Graduating Class of 1953 Knappen Milling Company Augusta The Coronet “Your Shopping Guide” 7 East Battle Creek Street Phone 3351 Galesburg Ellis Becker.Jeweler 206 Peck Bldg. Phone 7936 Kalamazoo Elgin Watches, Schick Shavers, Diamonds, and Clocks Alaria Sunoco Service — Joe Alaria, Proprietor East U. S. 12 Phone 2739 Galesburg Augusta Pharmacy Hutchings, Powell, and Dalbec Augusta Super Market CUR ADVERTISERS Baker ' s Grocery Galesburg Take Out 288 East Michigan Bell ' s Bakery Galesburg 4851 " Birthday and Wedding Cakes ' “Best Regards to the Class of 1953 " Charlie Sullivan, Inc. Galesburg General Repairing-Body Paint Shop Good Used Cars “Best Wishes on Your Graduation " Whiteman ' s Service 318 East Michigan Avenue Augusta Chapin ' s Market Free Delivery Phone 5161 “Everyday Low Prices " Compliments of Augusta Cleaners Phone 3122 Compliments of Augusta Hotel Compliments of Barrett ' s Market Comstock Compliments of Bishop ' s Electric Compliments of Burgess Seed and Plant Compliments of Burk Hoag Funeral Home Cl imax-Galesburg Compliments of the Coffee Shop At the five corners in Galesburg Compliments of Dr. J. L. Breneman, M.D. Compliments of Dr. Ronald W. Smith Compliments of Dr. W. R. Speers Compliments of Dopp Pumping Company King ' s Highway at the Light Comstock Compliments of Galesburg Branch of the First National Bank Compliments of Galesburg Oil Equipment Compliments of Gambles The Friendly Store Always Better Buys Rosario ' s Antiques Galesburg Rosaria-Robert-Marie Good Augusta Phone 524F11 R. R. No. 1 Box 532 Russ Garrett ' s Marathon Service Augusta Sahlstrom ' s Chicken and Steak Dinners Cater to parties Week Days 5-9 Sun-Holidays 12-7 Phone 3102 Smith ' s E S Green Front Phone 3531 Galesburg Stan ' s Snack Shop " Best Hamburgs Ever " Phone 362 Augusta Steve Brodie - Chrysler Plymouth " Quality and Service " Galesburg Phone 3011 Stop at Midway Cafe Steaks-Chops-Sea Foods Mr. Mrs. L. Webster, Proprietors Ted ' s Department Store and Restaurant Phone 3112 Augusta Wayne Home Equipment Company “Your Local Home Appliance Dealer " 20-26 West Michigan Ave. Phone 5771 Wheeler-Blaney Company 137 East Water Street Kalamazoo Dykema Office Supply “An Office Aid For Every Trade " ♦ SptxiduU eOWAR S BROtheBS. inc. At m A%L % nUAt stt 1953

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