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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Qtedrcatiwi The Class of 1951 dedicate their high school annual, “The Wanderer”, to all the Galesburg High Alumni who have gone to serve their country so that we may live a life free from fear. STANLEY L. BENJAMIN A.B., Albion College M.A., University of Michigan Superintendent, Mathematics WESLEY R. BURRELL A.B., Michigan State Normal M.A., University of Michigan Principal. English, History LOUISE M. BARNABY B.S., Western Michigan Home Economics MARIAN RUTH BURRELL A.B., Western Michigan M.A., University of Michigan Librarian, Physical Education THELMA EDWARDS Hillsdale College A.B., Western Michigan Commercial WILLARD J. HAHNENBURG B.M., Western Michigan Music EDNA HILLIARD A.B., Earlham College University of Pittsburgh Lake Forest College University of Iowa Latin, French DORIS M. REYNOLDS A.B., Kalamazoo College Western Michigan English CHARLES ROSS, JR. B.S., Western Michigan History, Coach CLIFFORD K. SHEELER A.B., Western Michigan Science, Mathematics, Coach RUDOLPH SWANSON B.S., Western Michigan Michigan State College Industrial Arts k DANIEL TANNENBAUM B.S., Michigan State Agriculture 5 JOANNE BROWN Librarian.3,4 Annual Staff.4 Paper Staff.4 Chorus.4 “Act Your Age’ ...3 “Our Miss Brooks " .4 Girls ' Basketball Manager.4 National Honor Society.4 GEORGE TENNANT Tennis.2.3 Chorus.3,4 Paper Staff.3 G-Club.4 “A Ready-Made Family " .3 “Our Miss Brooks " .4 DARLENE DARROW Chorus.. •. 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader.1 2 Basketball.1 “Our Miss Brooks”.4 Class Secretary.2 MARIANNE ELDRIDGE Tennis.2.J,- Student Council.1,2 Cheerleader.2,3 Chorus.3,4 Band. ..2,3 National Honor Society.4 Class Treasurer.2 Class President.1 " A Ready-Made Family .3 " Our Miss Brooks”.4 Annual Staff. 4 Paper Staff.3 MARY CUTLER Chorus.1,2,3,4 Basketball. 1,2 Librarian.1 RONALD INGRAHAM F.F.A. Tennis.3,4 G-Club. Student Council.2 Class President.1 " Act Your Age”.3 " Our Miss Brooks”.4 National Honor Society.4 Track.3 4 ' r VICE-PRESIDENT ASSISTANT EDITOR 7 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JOAN FLACH Tennis. 2,4 Girls ' Basketball Manager. .. 1 " A Ready-Made Family ' . 3 " Our Miss Brooks " . .. 4 Librarian. . .. 1 National Honor Society. 4 DOUG HOLDRIDGE Band.1.2,3,4 Basketball.1,2,3 Class Treasurer. 1 " A Ready-Made Family " .3 " Our Miss Brooks " . 4 Football. 4 G-Club.. Track.. ETHEL HALLIWILL Basketball. 1,2.3 Chorus.2,4 Paper Staff.3 " Act Your Age " ..3 " Our Miss Brooks " . 4 MARLENE HARLEY Chorus.1,2 " Act Your Age " .3 RUBY HINES " Our Miss Brooks " ...4 Chorus.4 CLETA HOLBROOK Chorus.1,2,3,4 Basketball.1.2,3,4 Tennis.. " Act Your Age " . 3 Paper Staff. 4 8 SHIRLEY SMITH Chorus.1.2,4 Basketball.1,2 Tennis. 1,2 Class Treasurer.1 Librarian. .3 DUANE SRAC KANGAST Tennis. 2,3 Chorus.1 F.F.A.3 Baseball. 1 GENE STEWART Band.1.2,3,4 Basketball.1.2.3,4 Tennis. 2,3,4 Baseball.1,3,4 Paper Staff.3 G-Club. 4 F ootball...4 Student Council. .4 “A Ready-Made Family ..3 “Our Miss Brooks ' ..4 Class Vice-President.3 DORIS WALDORF Chorus.1,2,3,4 Basketball.1.2,3,4 Band.4 Librarian.3 “Act Your Age " .3 Paper Staff.4 » VIRGINIA KIRK Chorus.1,3,4 Librarian.1,2 Basketball. ..1 “Our Miss Brooks " . 4 9 LOIS REAMS Chorus.1,2 Basketball.1.2 Tennis. .2,3 Class Treasurer.3 “Act Your Age " .3 Class Vice-President.2 ARTHUR RICHARDSON Tennis. JOHN ROGERS Basketball.2,3 “A Ready-Made Family " .3 CLARA SMITH Chorus.1,2,3,4 Librarian.1,3 Basketball....1,2 Class Secretary. .....3 “Our Miss Brooks " .4 Paper Staff. 4 Annual Staff.4 GRETHEL SHAFER Class Secretary.3 “A Ready-Made Family " .3 Chorus. 1 Paper Staff.3 LEO SMITH F.F.A.1.2,3.4 Chorus.1,2,3 Baseball. t Z Basketball.1,3 Band. Z 10 NORMA GORDON Chorus.3.4 Class Secretary. 1 Student Council. 3 " A Ready-Made Family ' .3 Librarian.3 Paper Staff.4 ROBERT DOTY Basketball.1,2,3 Librarian.1,3 G-Club.3,4 Baseball.1,3 Track Manager.2 ROBERT DUGGAN Tennis. Basketball.1.2,3 Chorus. .. 1 Student Council.3 Class President.. • 3 ••A Ready-Made Family " .3 JEAN CONOR Chorus.1.2,3 Basketball. 1,2 Tennis.1,2 Librarian.1 " Act Your Age " .3 " Our Miss Brooks " .4 Annual Staff.4 Paper Staff.4 Student Council.4 PAT CHAPMAN Chorus.1.2.3,4 EDDIE DEVIEW Basketball . 1,2,3,4 Tennis ..... .4 11 MARGARET BELL Basketball.1,2,3.4 Chorus. 1,2,3 Tennis.2,3,4 Student Council...1,2,3 Librarian.1,2,3 Cheerleader.3 Class Treasurer. . ... . 1 Class President. 3 DAR Representative.4 “Act Your Age ' .3 “Our Miss Brooks " ..4 Annual Staff. 4 Paper Staff.4 National Honor Society..4 MARION ALLAN Chorus. ..4 4 ' DENNIS BRESSON Chorus.2,3,4 “Act Your Age " .3 WANDA BURTON Basketball.1.2,3.4 Student Council.,3,4 Chorus. 2,3 Librarian. 4 Class Vice-President.3 JOYCE BAILEY " Our Miss Brooks ' . .4 Chorus. Paper Staff. .3 JACKIE BALL Chorus. Basketball. Tennis. Librarian. Paper Staff. Annual Staff. Cheerleader. Student Council. “Our Miss Brooks " . ..4 National Honor Society. .4 12 GENEVLEVE PERKINS Chorus.1,2,3,4 Basketball Manager.2,3 Paper Staff.4 Annual Staff.4 Basketball. 1 “Act Your Age " .3 “Our Miss Brooks " . 4 MARILYN NORTON Chorus.1,2,3,4 Class Secretary.1 Librarian. 4 “Our Miss Brooks " . 4 Paper Staff. 4 LORETTA LOWE Chorus.1,2,3,4 JACK LOVE Basketball.1.2,3 Tennis.2,3,4 Librarian.2 F.F.A. 4 G-Club.4 JACK KNETSCH Basketball.1.2,3,4 Tennis.1,2,3,4 G-Club. ..2,3,4 F.F.A.2,3.4 Track.3,4 Student Council.3 Class President.2 Librarian. 2 “Act Your Age " . 3 “Our Miss Brooks " .,.4 Paper Staff.4 Annual Staff. 4 13 Class History The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-One began its long journey over the sea of knowledge on a bright autumn day in the year 1939. Out of a class of 22, who enrolled at that time only 7 members will graduate with the class this year. They are Margaret Bell, Mary Cutler, Virginia Kirk, Jack Knetsch, Genevieve Perkins, Jean Conor, and Shirley Smith. At the beginning of our next year, the only new member was Darlene Darrow. Everyone seemed to get along with each other, so no one left us. The next year we found ourselves in the hands of Miss Lunekey. The following students were our chums and classmates: Donald Austin, Margaret Bell, Dennis Bresson, Jean Conor, Mary Cutler, Darlene Darrow, Willa Fitzpatrick, Howard Kimball, Virginia Kirk, Alice Klepper, Jack Knetsch, Alan Fry, Billy Gumtow, Marcella Henson, June Monroe, Genevieve Perkins, Harry Shirley, Neldon Spencer, Barbara Weaver, Mary Jane VanAvery, Arthur Gregg, Richard Raison, Shirley Smith, Duane Srackangast, Joan Pierman, John Reardon, Marilyn Norton, Nelda Jensen, Mary Jane Lucas, Edna Dowling, Tom Hamilton, Albert Meyers, Harriet Yound, Frank Morris, and Jim Hayney. In our third year, as we really began to get acquainted with the other members of the class, Miss Kugel took over. The class enrollment remained the same as it had been in the second grade, except for the loss of Jim Hayney, who left us to go to Richland. As we entered the fourth grade we were quite shocked, Mrs. Snow really clamped down on us. But she wasn’t as bad as we had expected. However. this year we added 8 new members they were: Ron Block, Clayton Cline, Richard Dick, Cleta Holbrook, Ron Ingraham, Beverly Winkler and Joyce Hewitt. This made a total of 32 members. During our fifth year Richard Dick and Beverly Weaver decided that they no longer liked our company, so they left to go to another school. But in their places came Alan Fry and Jim Newsted. Mrs. Livingston was our teacher. In our sixth year our school term was saddened quite a bit by the death of one of our classmates Joan Pierman. Mrs. Howell was our teacher. During this year we had a few more additions to the class. They were, Howard Kimball, Norma Langs, Joan Proudfit, Bill Schrieber, and Jack Love. As we came back to school this year we were quite excited as we entered Junior High with our class, consisting of, Fred Baldwin, Margaret Bell, Ron Block, Gene Book, Barbara Bullard, Wanda Burton, Dick Carter, Don Chiverton, Jean Conor, Mary Cutler, Darlene Darrow, Robert Doty, Ronald Fitzpatrick, Willa Fitzpatrick, Alan Fry, Billy Guntow, Marlene Harley, Joyce Hewitt, Cleta Holbrook, Ron Ingraham, Howard Kimball, Virginia Kirk, Jack Knetsch, Norma Lang, Forrest Lantis, Jack Love, Lorretta Lowe, Marilyn Norton, Genevieve Perkins, Joan Proudfit, Lois Reams, Duane Srackangast, Bill Schrieber, Shirley Smith, Jack Tibbetts, and Mary Jane Van Avery. During the eighth grade the only thing that changed was our class advisors the class remained the same. As we entered the ninth grade we were quite excited and scared too, as we had heard so much about school initiations but as it turned out we had nothing to worry about. The only new persons that came were Jackie Ball and Mary Lou Newton, otherwise the class remained the same. Our class advisors were Mr. Norlin and Mrs. Edwards. 14 During our Sophomore year Mary Jane Van Avery and Virginia Kirk left us. But in their place came Barbara Stewart, Ella Wortinger, Virginia Griffith, Jo Stecker and Shirley Smith. Shirley decided she just couldn ' t get along without us so she came back to graduate with our class. Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Swanson were our class advisors. As we entered our Junior year, our interests were centered mostly on the fact we would get our class rings and the Junior-Senior Prom. Our class advisors were Mr. Swanson and Mrs. Edwards. Next came the year we had all been working and waiting for we have reached our final goal, we are Seniors. This year we were put to the test of being able to co-operate as 15 Augusta students came to Galesburg because of the crowded conditions at their school. This made a total of 40 graduating students. They are as follows: Marian Allen, Joyce Bailey, Jackie Ball, Margaret Bell, Joanne Brown, Wanda Burton, Patsy Chapman, Jean Conor, Mary Cutler, Darlene Darrow, Eddie Deview, Robert Doty, Robert Duggan, Marianne Eldridge, Joan Flach, Norma Gordon, Ethel Halliwill, Marlene Harley, Ruby Hines, Cleta Holbrook, Doug Holdridge, Ron Ingraham, Virginia Kirk, Jack Knetsch, Jack Love, Loretta Lowe, Genevieve Perkins, Lois Reams, Arthur Richardson, John Rogers, Grethel Shafer, Clara Smith, Leo Smith, Shirley Smith, Duane Srackangast, Gene Stewart, George Tennant, Doris Waldorf, Bruce White, and Ella Wortinger. So now we close the book of our school days at G.H.S. and they become only memories that will always be remembered. The activities, our teachers, and most of all our friendships. Some day as we look back they will be remembered as the best years of our lives. So, we say to all of you good-bye and good luck. A Day With The Class of 5T On the morning of May 13, 1961, my BRUCE WHITE inventions robot; after having shut the window, fixed the shades, started the coffee, and turned on the radio; awoke me; The peaceful quiet of early morning was suddenly shattered by an argument in the alley. The milkman, LEO SMITH, and the garage man, JACK LOVE, were at it again. Ho Hum. My robot brought me the paper which was delivered faithfully by BOB DUGGAN, JR. every morning. JOHN ROGERS came with the mail shortly afterwards. While I was drinking my seventh cup of coffee, flavored with cream from the INGRAHAM CREAMERY, the phone rang. It was RUBY, as usual, greatly concerned about little Eggbert’s marks in school. She asked me to visit the principal, MARGARET BELL, with her at 9:30. Margaret advised us to talk to Eggbert’s teacher, JOANNE BROWN. After our session, we decided to look ever the school. We ran into JACKIE in the gymnasium, coaching the girls’ basketball team. MARIANNE rushed in, sobbing wildly, ’’The music class is too much for me.’ I’m going crazy! 1 can’t take any more!” and turned to Ruby for consolation. Leaving Ruby gently patting Mattie on the back, I went to pick up two old class¬ mates, MARILYN TENNANT, (whose husband GEORGE had decided to make a career of the army) and VIRGINIA Tussing to make a shopping trip downtown. On our way, I stop¬ ped to pick up my other car, a 1961 Cadillac convertible, which I had purchased from BRESSON’S Famous Auto Mart, with its electronic controlled gas pumps. Our first stop was the Stewart Building, owned by GENE STEWART, famous millionaire playboy, to buy some stock from DOUG HOLDRIDGE, whose office was there and who was a successful stock broker. Upon entering, JO FLACH, the Recep¬ tionist, casually removed her feet from the desk and asked us to have a chair. Seated at the typewriter was GEN PERKINS, with a stack of forms in one hand and a full wastebasket in the other. She was ready to break into tears and told us that this was the one hundred and eleventh time that she had typed the same thing over to please Doug. ELLA WORTINGER rushed up with three shorthand books full of letters. She handed them to Gen, who threw up her hands and left the office with MARLENE, another secretary, trailing after her. WANDA, switchboard operator, said she just received a call from EDDIE DEVIEW, who was the teen-age idol. He was looking for a good investment. It was at this time that Doug walked in and started to crack a whip, so we left. After escaping from Doug’s office, we went to a late lunch at an out of the way Italian Restaurant. As we waited for our lunch, which was served by MARY CUTLER, we thought we would enjoy hearing some of our favorite popular recordings We played ”On a Slow Jet to Mars” by the Moonbeams, PAT, DORIS, and LORETTA, and then heard DARLENE DARROW’S arrangement of ’’Atomic Blues”. At a small table in the corner we spotted Gene and a mysterious blonde. It looked if they were having an argument, but just then our food came and when we looked again, they were gone. After lunch, we continued with our shopping and ended up at a fashion show. CLARA welcomed us and told us that she had just been promoted to a position as floor manager. Two clerks, SHIRLEY and ETHEL, showed us to our seats. Sitting a short distance away were NORMA and GRETHEL, with their husbands. We watched each model and noticed among them, MlCKfeY ALLEN , one of the John Robert Powers leading models. We made our last purchase anti decided to return home. 16 Once outside, our attention was immediately attracted by the shouting of newsboys. Gene had been Kidnapped. ' We quickly bought a newspaper and read that Chief-of-Police, JACK KNETSCH , had his most valuable men working on the case. The chief suspect was ARTHUR RICHARDSON, Bookie, better known to police and the underworld as Richie the Rat. DOTY the Dip, Richie ' s best known stooge, is also being sought for questioning. It is believed by the police that Richie ' s girl, Doll BAILEY, has some connection with the case. She is a blonde torch-singer at The Roadside dafe. Also under suspicion is WESLEY BURRELL, an escapee from the state hospital. He was formerly a brilliant teacher but was committed shortly after the graduation of the Class of 51. Very worried, I listened to all news broadcasts. About 10 o ' clock, it was announced that Gene had been found and rushed to the hospital by DUANE SR AC KANGAST, ambul¬ ance driver, and is under the care of two capable nurses, LOIS ktAMS and JEAN CONOR. It is believed that the new miracle medicine, discovered by CLETA 6LBROOK, win- save his life. By this time I was a nervous wreck, so, as I finished by 60th cup of coffee, I staggered off to bed. Student Activities The first assembly of the year, we had a speaker that talked on Russia. He had been there several times. We all found Ivan Ivanavitch Sheriff very interesting. He made us all think a lot more seriously about the evils of Communism. Just before Christmas Vacation, the Student Council brought in a horse act with the star named Star-Baby. It was very interesting and entertaining for most of the students. Early in January the first party of the school year was held. It was sponsored by the Student Council with each class responsible for ttye music, refreshments, entertain¬ ment, etc. Co-operation of the students in the way of attendance wasn ' t very good, but otherwise it was a fine party. Later, a man who had been with Admiral Byrd on his trip to the South Pole, talked to us about his trip and showed us various souvenirs which he had collected. Student opinion was taken on this assembly and it seemed to be the general agreement of the student body that this was the type assembly they would like in the future. With a Senior dance in March, added to the Prom and Banquet in April, the year ended with a feeling of satisfaction of a year filled with not only education but also a good number of entertaining activities. 17 Class Will Marlene Harley wills and bequeaths her quiet manner to the entire eighth grade. You kids can use it, too. Norma Gordon wills and bequeaths her small feet to Bill Schrieber. Easy walking. Bill. Cleta Holbrook wills and bequeaths her college men to her sister. We’ve heard that you like ’em too, Rosemary. Jack Knetsch wills and bequeaths his height to Nancy Eldridge. Now you can keep up with Ron. Dough Holdridge wills his alibiing his late arrivals to Jerry Lorio. It isn’t hard once you catch on, Jerry. Ella Wortinger wills her reserved ways to Sally McGlocklin. Maybe this will quiet you down, Sally.’ Ethel Halliwell wills and bequeaths her little black book entitled “BOYS” to Jeanette Per vine. Careful, Kido. Clara Smith wills her gum chewing technique to anyone who needs the exercise. Leo Smith wills his careful driving to Jon Borough. Look out, kids. Duane Srackangast wills his respectable strut to Marvin Richardson. We hope it looks as well on you, Marv! Bruce White wills his ability for scholarships to Carl Rosa. You can use it, Carl! Bob Duggan wills his gentlemanly manner to Jack Sommerville. Everyone likes the way Bob uses it, why don’t you try it, Jack? Margaret Bell wills those rolling eyes to anyone that wants them. Jackie Ball wills her basketball ability to Nellie Knetsch. Good luck next year, Nellie. Jack Love wills his school skipping talent to anyone who thinks that he can get away with it. Doris Waldorf wills her singing ability to A1 Fry. Keep up that bass section, Al! Gene Stewart wills his way with Mr. Ross to Ron Ball. Good luck in Government next year, Ron. Jean Conor wills her books to the Galesburg Library. It should make quite an addition. Mary Cutler wills and bequeaths her freckles to Roberta Bristol--you ve got them whether you want them or not Red. 18 Joyce Bailey wills and bequeaths her giggles to Miss Renolds. Let ’em know when you’re happy Miss Renolds, Shirley Smith wills and bequeaths her love problems to anyone that thinks they can figure them out. Virginia Kirk wills and bequeaths her surplus service men to the Galesburg girls. . . . let’s not have any trouble girls, there are enough to go around. Lois Reams wills and bequeaths her job at the Snack Bar to Carol Knight. Now you won’t have to borrow money Carol. Bob Doty wills and bequeaths his flirting ability to Howard Kimball. We all know it takes a lot of practice. John Rogers wills and bequeaths his altitude to Don Haist. How ' s your visibility Don? Ronald Ingraham wills and bequeaths his acting ability to Don Rutherford. Let’s see how you use it Don. Grethel Shafer wills and bequeaths her long hair to Lila Wheaton. Better hide the scissors a while Butch. Marianne Eldridge wills and bequeaths another piano player to Mr. Hahnenberg. Here’s your chance kids. Eddie Deview wills and bequeaths his even temper to Mr. Chuck Ross. Just a joke “Chuckle”. Darlene Darrow wills and bequeaths her friendship with Mr. Tannenbaum to Martha Brown. We all know that Darlene doesn’t have it, and Martha doesn’t need it. Loretta Lowe wills and bequeaths her slimness to Norma Neifert. Take it easy Norma. Art Richardson wills and bequeaths his red hair to Mr. Sheeler, it will go good with those curls. Gen Perkins wills and bequeaths her friendship witn Carolyn Smith to Miss Renolds. It’s not hard after you learn how to handle her Miss Renolds. Ruby Hines wills and bequeaths her height to Ron Ball. We all know she hasn ' t got it and Ron doesn’t need it. Joanne Brown wills and bequeaths her way with the teachers to Nellie Knetsch. Good luck Nellie. Wanda Burton wills and bequeaths her pleasing personality to anyone who thinks they need it. Dennis Bresson wills and bequeaths his well groomed hair to Jerry Lorio. A comb helps too Jerry. 19 Marilyn Norton wills and bequeaths her liveliness to Estelle Wortinger. Don’t let it wear you out Estelle. Mickey Allen wills and bequeaths her modeling career to any one who wants it. Joan Flach wills and bequeaths her seriousness to Nancy Eldridge. We ' re just kidding Nancy. Pat Chapman wills and bequeaths her temper to Norma Neifert, who never seems to get mad. Popularity Contest 10 - 11-12 Most Popular Boy.Gene Stewart Most Popular Girl.Margaret Bell Best Looking Boy.Don Rutherford Best Looking Girl.Carole Belland Best Boy Athlete.Ron Ball Best Girl Athlete.Jackie Ball Best Boy Student... Bruce White Best Girl Student.Margaret Bell Most Original Boy...Fred Henshaw Most Original Girl.Sally Sinclair Most Original Teacher.... . . . Mr. Ross Most Mischievous Boy.Carl Rosa Most Mischievous Girl.Marilyn Norton Biggest Giggler. .Pat Blessington Most Dignified Boy..Bruce White Most Dignified Girl.Joan Flach Best Friend To All..Mary Jane Behan Best Known Couple.George Tennant Marilyn Norton Biggest Boy Flirt.Carl Rosa Biggest Girl Flirt.Lila Wheaton Best Boy Dancer.Robert Duggan Best Girl Dancer..Carol Knight Best Dressed Boy...Don Rutherford Best Dressed Girl.Mary Jane Behan Best Punner.Carl Rosa Boy With Best Physique.. Alan Fry Girl With Best Figure.Mary Jane Behan Boy Most Likely To Succeed.Bruce White Girl Most Likely To Succeed...Margaret Bell Best Known Stag Boy. ...Howard Kimball Best Known Stag Girl.Evelyn Inman Boy Bookworm.Bruce White Girl Bookworm.Jean Conor Most Dated Boy.Alan Fry Most Dated Girl.Mary Jane Behan Teachers’ Pet Boy.Alan Fry Teachers’ Pet Girl.Joanne Brown Sleepiest Boy.Howard Kimball Sleepiest Girl.Elaine Carson 21 Juniors BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW FIRST ROW: Duane Bresson, Tom Cates, Dick Coates, Ed Klepper, Alan Fry, Don Rutherford, Jim Kissinger, Ed Welling. Rose Mary Holbrook, Carolyn Smith, Lila May Wheaton, Jon Borough, Eleanor Rogers, Nancy Champion, Sally Sinclair, Pat Blessington, Francis Lockwood. Mrs. Barnaby, Ralph Smith, Carl Rosa, Jeanette Pervine, Barbara Shirley, Nancy Eldridge, Carol Belland, Mr. Hahnenburg. Martha Brown, Fred Henshaw, Ron Ball, Ron Cone, Evelyn Inman, Dave Freer, Norma Pohl, Mary Jane Behan. 23 Popularity Contest 7 - 8-9 Most Popular Boy. Most Popular Girl. Best Looking Boy. Best Looking Girl. Best Boy Athlete. Best Girl Athlete. Best Boy Student. Best Girl Student. Most Original Boy. Most Original Girl. Most Original Teacher. Most Mischievous Boy. Most Mischievous Girl. Biggest Giggler. Most Dignified Boy. Most Dignified Girl. Best Friend To All. Best Known Couple. Biggest Boy Flirt. Biggest Girl Flirt. Best Boy Dancer. Best Girl Dancer. Best Dressed Boy. Best Dressed Girl. Best Punner. Boy With Best Physique. Girl With Best Figure. Boy Most Likely To Succeed. Girl Most Likely To Succeed Best Known Stag Boy. Best Known Stag Girl. Boy Bookworm. Girl Bookworm. Most Dated Boy. Most Dated Girl. Teachers Pet Boy. Teachers Pet Girl. Sleepiest Boy. Sleepiest Girl. . . . Clinton Scott . . . Dawn Burgett . . . .Clinton Scott Deanna Bresson . . . .Clinton Scott . . Evelyn Carson Paul VanSickler . . . Marilyn Hoag .Jim Beatty . . . Marilyn Hoag .Mr. Ross .Bob Gwynn Sally McGlocklin .Roberta Bristol .Paul VanSickler . . . .Marilyn Hoag . . .Dawn Burgett . Samme Darrow John Schwartz .Bob Gwynn .... Pat Neiman . . Charles Smith . Donna Blackney Paul VanSickler .. . .Marilyn Hoag .Jim Beatty . . . . Clinton Scott . . . Shirley Allan . Paul VanSickler . . . Marilyn Hoag . . . Paul Krieger . ..Jean Gardner . Paul VanSickler . . . Marilyn Hoag . . Charles Smith . Donna Blackney . Bob VanSickler . . .Marilyn Hoag .... Bob Weaver ■ . Evelyn Carson 24 BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: Sophomores Marvin Richardson, Edith Hones, Elizabeth Holloway, Mary Richardson, Robert Goode, Richard Sosinski, David Henson, Bruce Barker, John Cutler, Frank Bowen, James Bolton, Dale Scott. Doris Meade, Arlene Collins, Dena Imus, Dorothy Beatty, Carol Knight, Martha Smith, Eleanor Welling, Raymond Shard, James Tibbetts, Ted Lewis, Don Haist. Mrs. Burrell, Joan Streling, Doris Martin, Norma Neifert, Donann Pate, Imogene Pate, Christine Perkins, Doris Manning, Jeanette Pervine, Arelia Alaria, Mary Lou Dunn, Patty Dunthan, Mr. Ross. Frank Hasty, Duane Doty, Henry Johnson, John Turson, Harriet Johnston, Nellie Knetsch, Leon Book, Jerry Lorio, Jimmy Call, Harry Shirley. 25 Freshmen BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW FIRST ROW: Myrna Cartwright, Shirley Schmidt, Marilyn Dumonceaux, Nancy Rayman, Eleanor Cousins, Gerald Inman, Richard Kinney, Allen Henson. Jan Frank, Joann Lawhead, Marie Roberts, Ruby Schmidt, Catherine Haist, Roberta Bristol, Deloris Crittenden, Fred Schmidt. Mrs. Hilliard, Charles Smith, Jim Reeder, Arthur Roberts, Donald Lantis, Richard Liskovic, Mr. Sheeler. Esther Robinson, Nancy Vandegiessen, Lois Wilson, Barbara Johnston, Richard Newton, Harold Cartwright. 26 BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Eighth Grade Sally McGlocklin, Sandra Hoag, Barbara Haveman, Jack Somerville, Bob McBarnes. Clinton Scott. Paul VanSickler, Chuck Schmidt, Frank Murray, Peggy Davia, Myrna Cartwright, Dorothy Haines, Joan Telfer. Jean MilLer, Jean Gardner, Betty Wilson. Jimmy Beatty, Bob Brown, Jim Kirkland, Antineno Guarisco, Max Morey. Jean Gale Abnet, Mary Lou Smith, Donna Blackney, Deanna Bresson, Donna Roelof, Ann Manning, Connie Anderson BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Senior Play Cast George Tennant, Gene Stewart, Marianne Eldridge, Virginia Kirk, Darlene Darrow, Jean Conor. Doug Holdridge, Joan Flach, Ethel Halliwill, Ruby Hines, Margaret Bell, Miss Reynolds. Jackie Ball, Joanne Brown, Marilyn Norton, Gen Perkins, Jack Knetsch, Ron Ingraham. Clara Smith. 27 . BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Girls ' lennis Mary Jane Behan, Eleanor Cousins, Eleanor Rogers, Mary Richardson, Harriet Johnston, Nancy Rayman, Deloris Crittenden. Mr. Benjamin, Jan Frank, Roberta Bristol, Barbara Shirley. Mary Dunn, Elaine Carson, Nancy Eldridge. Joan Eawhead, Carol Knight, Margaret Bell. Jackie Ball, Marianne Eldridge. Barbara Johnston. Tennis STANDING: Mr. Benjamin, Don Rutherford, Dick Coates, Jack Knetsch, Tom Cates. SEATED: Bob Duggan, Ronald Ingraham. Gene Stewart, Marv Richardson. 29 ■■9S Cheerleaders BACK ROW: Carol Knight. Nancy Eldridgc. FRONT ROW: Eleanor Rogers, Deloris Crittenden, Elaine Carson, Mary Jane Behan. Baseball Team BACK ROW: Fred Schmidt, Gene Stuifbergen, Marvin Richardson, Gene Stewart, Alan Fry. SECOND ROW: Carl Rosa, Jim Tibbitts, Don Haist, Jerry Eorio, Jim Reeder, Jerry Inman. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ross, Dave Freer, Ron Coe, Jim Bolton. 30 BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FRONT ROW: Basketball Team Harriet Johnston, Eleanor Rogers, Mary Richardson, Eleanor Cousins, Nancy Rayman, Norma Neifert, Nellie Knetsch. Doris Meade, Deloris Crittenden, Mary Dunn, Roberta Bristol, Joan Lawhead, Jan Frank, Barbara Johnston. Mrs. Burrell, Joan Streiling, Dorothy Beatty, Dena Imus, Martha Brown, Mary Jane Behan, Joanne Brown, Joan Flach. Rosemary Holbrook, Nancy Champion, Jackie Ball, Evelyn Inman, Margaret Bell, Elaine Carson, Doris Waldorf. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Football Team Don Haist, Dick Kinney, John Turson, Leon Book, Dale Scott, Gene Stewart, Fred Henshaw. Mr. Weaver, Ralph Smith, Jim Kissinger, Doug Holdridge, Dave Freer, Jim Bolton, Jerry Inman, Mr. Ross. Dick Newton, Jerry Lorio, Ron Ball, Jim Tibbitts, Jon Borough, Fred Schmidt, Mr. Sheeler. 31 Ml Basketball: First Team BACK ROW: Coach Ross, Alan Fry, Marvin Richardson, Don Rutherford, Dave Freer. FRONT ROW: Jim Tibbitts, Don Haist, Gene Stewart, Jack Knetsch, Jim Bolton. BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Basketball: Second Team Coach Sheeler, John Cutler, Dale Scott, Jim Reeder. Jerry Inman, Carl Rosa, Ron Coe, Captain, Eddie DeView, Jerry Lorio. Dave Noud, Co-Captain, Dick Newton. 32 PcAcoI tymt 35 36 c futocj xafifii. I — 39 BEST REGARDS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 CHARLIE SULLIVAN GENERAL REPAIRING BODY PAINT SHOP GOOD USED CARS AAA TWENTY-FOUR HOUR WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 4331 GALESBURG MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS OF H. H. SHINVILLE, INC EXCAVATING GRADING SAND GRAVEL ROAD SEWER CONSTRUCTION P.O. BOX 72 PHONE 4-0127 1949 OLMSTEAD ROAD KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Augusta Lumber Co. QUALITY LUMBER FUEL PHONE 327 AUGUSTA MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS OF Knappen Milling Co. AUGUSTA MICHIGAN Oral H. Olmstead SALES SERVICE AUTHORIZED DEALER HUDSON MOTOR CARS SERVICE ALL MAKES CARS GOOD USED CARS AUGUSTA, MICHIGAN Doubleday Bros. Co. 214 E. MICHIGAN AVE. KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN PRINTED FORMS FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS OFFICE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES GREETINGS TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM MR. MRS. GERALD PERKINS AND THEIR ST. BERNARDS OF Rose Lawn Kennels COMPLIMENTS OF The Campbells AUGUSTA HOTEL AUGUSTA MICHIGAN Galesburg Super Market Morrells Branded Meats Shurfine Canned Goods Compliments of Grants Department Store Galesburg ; Michigan Congratulations to the Class of 1951 and Best Wishes for Their Success Cecil J. Barnum Insurance - - Bonds Galesburg, Michigan Compliments From The Owners of Michigan’s Finest Small Town Theatre Park Theatre Augusta, Michigan Our Best Wishes To The Graduating Class Steve Brodie Chrysler Plymouth Compliments of BOWLATORIUM Bowling - 20 Lanes - Snack Bar Comstock, Michigan Congratulations Class of ’51 Taylor Lumber Co., Inc. Galesburg 2591 Climax 35 CONGRATULATIONS From Your GALESBURG BANK • It’s good to realize that Galesburg has young people like today’s Seniors. Every community needs new leaders coming up from the ranks, preparing themselves for positions of responsibil¬ ity. The bank takes this opportunity to congratulate you on your progress so far and to wish you continuing success. The First National Bank Trust Co. of Kalamazoo Galesburg Parchment Vicksburg Member F.D.I.C. Paw Paw Compliments of Gale Theatre Recreation Mr. Mrs C. Roelof Mr. Mrs. H. C. Jones Galesburg Michigan Compliments of AUGUSTA PHARMACY Hutchings Powell Augusta, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of ’51 - - - RUSS GARRETT’S MARATHON SERVICE Augusta, Michigan Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1951 - - MARY BARTON INSURANCE Augusta, Michigan Compliments of PINK ELEPHANT Serving the Best in Beers - Wines - Mixed Drinks Between Augusta and Galesburg on M-96 Compliments of INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK Successor to State Bank of Augusta Complete Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Federal Reserve System Compliments of SCUDDER ORCHARDS Augusta, Michigan Compliments of W. R. SPEERS, D. O. Physician Surgeon Augusta, Michigan Compliments of C. W. FREER Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of DR. R. W. SMITH Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of CHAPIN S MARKET “Everyday Low Prices” Galesburg, Michigan Congratulations Graduating Class of 1951 - - STENDER S MARATHON SERVICE Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of HILL EDDY Galesburg, Michigan BELL’S BAKERY Special Party Wedding Cakes - - Homemade Ice Cream Galesburg, Michigan Phone 4851 GALESBURG MILLS General Farm Service -- Farm Bureau Custom Grinding Mixing - Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer Milking Machines - Milk Coolers Roy Struble, Prop. Phone 2451 - Galesburg Compliments of BURK HOAG FUNERAL HOME Climax - Galesburg - Michigan THE GALESBURG ARGUS Published Every Thursday Printing - Publishing Compliments of DE JO TAVERN Choice Beer Wine Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of ROELOF DAIRY Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Robert Emmons - - GALESBURG COFFEE SHOP 2 W. Michigan Avenu e Galesburg, Michigan For Food It Is the Ritz In Paris In Kalamazoo It Is the Hotel Harris HOTEL HARRIS Phone 32546 Kalamazoo Compliments of MARKET BASKET Comstock, Michigan Compliments of H. T. PRANGE SONS Kalamazoo, Michigan OSMUN’S BARBER SHOP E. Battle Crek Street Galesburg, Michigan Compliments of MARTIN MOTOR MACHINE SUPPLY Galesburg, Michigan Best Wishes of - - INMANS Good Steaks Seafoods 400 E. Michigan Phone 9041 Congratulations to the Class of ’51 - - OIL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Contracting, Sales and Service of Service Station Equipment LeeDes Voignes, Prop. Phone 3031-9 Compliments of A FRIEND Congratulations to the Graduating Class ’51 RAY O. BROWN Attorney Justice of the Peace Lunches Cabins Souvenirs Hamburgers Malteds 101 RANCH CAMP Phone 9061 1 Mile East of Galesburg, Michigan on U. S. 12 HILGEMAN’S MASTER MARKET Prices You Can Afford - Buy Master Market Plan 419 River Street Comstock, Michigan Gifts of Quality Distinction At - - THE POTTERY SHOP 354 S. Burdick Kalamazoo, Michigan Compliments of EDWARDS SMITH Golden Locks Ice Cream Compliments of BISHOP ELECTRIC Electrical Contractors Galesburg, Mich. Compliments of AUGUSTA HARDWARE Augusta, Mich. WHITEMAN’S SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories 318 East Michigan Phone 3114 Augusta SIMPSON SHELL SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories 305 East Michigan Phone 3105J Augusta Compliments of SCHLUETER FUNERAL HOME Augusta, Mich. Gcod Food Home Cooking » SAHLSTROMS Chicken Steak Dinners We Cater to Private Parties Closed Monday’s Friday’s Phone 102 Augusta Compliments of THE CORONET ADVERTISER Compliments of E. T. DINER Good Hamburgers Meals Galesburg, Mich. Compliments of “MILKS’’ GROCERY MEATS Augusta, Mich. Compliments of STORK’S BARBER SHOP Galesburg, Mich. PATTEE ART SIGN CO. Augusta, Mich. Compliments of RITZ DRY CLEANERS 103-111 River Road Comstock BUSHOUSE DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods - Variety - Shoes Branch: 1202 East Michigan Ave. River St. Comstock Compliments of ALLEN’S Cut Rate Drugs Skelgas - Home Appliances Comstock, Mich. Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1951 CARSON GRILL SODA BAR Galesburg, Mich. Compliments of LENG’S HARDWARE Hardware Plumbing STAN’S SNACK SHOP “The Place To Go After The Game” Galesburg, Mich. Phone 362 Augusta Compliments of TED S LUNCH Chicken Dinners Augusta, Mich. Compliments of YETTERS SERVICE Batteries - Tires - Accessories 502 River St. Comstock Compliments of Congratulations From BURR J. C. BRENEMAN, M. D. Compliments of Compliments of GEORGE CUPPLES SAND GRAVEL WEAVER’S GULF SERVICE Galesburg, Mich. Galesburg, Mich. Try - - GALESBURG CLEANERS Congratulations ALARIA’S SERVICE STATION Joe Alaria, Prop. For Prompt Service First Class Work Sunoco Products 1 Mile E. - U.S. 12 - Galesburg

Suggestions in the Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) collection:

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