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MAROON GOLD We dedicate this book to our parents for their sacrifices and understanding that has made it possible for us to graduate and pre¬ pare us for the future. 2 Class History The class of " ’50 " started its long climb one fall day in the year 1937. It is rather inter¬ esting to note that of all those who started that year, only the following members will graduate. They are Francis Bell, Russell Howes, Norman Crittenden, Nick Carson, Jim Freer, Stanley Haist and Carolyn Wagner. Dick Wheaton and Lula Jane Holston joined us in the second grade, after an uneventful first grade encounter. Alice Wearmouth left us this year to take part in the social life in Otsego. Then in September of 1940, we started our third year. Miss Olive Kugel was our teacher. We started the year with Alex Banghart, Francis Bell, Tom Brennan, La France Bresson, Phyllis Bunce, Nick Carson, Don Chiverton, Ray Councell, Norman Crittenden, Ronald Fitzpatrick, Jim Freer, Stanley Haist, Frances Hendrick, Lula Jane Holston, Roger Horn, Russell Howes, Loretta Lowe, Shirley Rawlson, Dick Wheaton and David Neal. Before the year ended we added Sylvia Knight to our roll call. Tom Hamilton, George Hoover and Frances Hendrick left at the end of the year. In the fourth grade Jack Tibbitts and Dick Perkins seemed to like Mrs. Snow pretty well and stayed over another year just to be in our class. We also added Giles Burton, David Frank, Lenore Isham, Allen Palmer and Richard Walsh. But Richard evidently didn ' t like our company so he left in the third week of school. Phyllis Bunce must have had the same idea be¬ cause she left a short time later. Carolyn Lance and Susan Smathers joined us, but left a few weeks later. David Neal decided he would rather attend a school in Kalamazoo so he left us that year also. We ended our fourth year with a total of twenty-four students. During the fifth and sixth grades there were a few changes. Tom Brennan and Lula Jane Holston left us and Carolyn Wagner rejoined the class; she left previously at the beginning of the third grade. Joan Keown also joined us. Stanley McMickle fell madly in love with Mrs. Livingston and thusly joined our class. Lenore Isham left us at the end of the sixth grade. Mrs. Sauer was our teacher for that grade. The seventh grade was really a big year. We had jumped from the grades into Junior High School. We found it a little difficult to get used to the new surroundings, but at the end of the year, most of the teachers realized that we weren ' t as bad as we looked. Mrs. Livingston couldn ' t stand to be left behind so she moved up with us and became our advisor for that year. Charles and Max Harrison left during the year and Barbara Melvin took their place. Finding ourselves seated in the eighth grade, we decided that we should be better, but we had quite a hard time convincing Miss Willets that we were reformed characters. Leaving Jack Tibbitts and Stanley McMickle behind to suffer, we added eight new members to our class. They were Sidney and Gerry Geddings, Louise Book, Guy Rundio, Reggy Kissenger, Gus Klahn and Harlan Yager. Mrs. Morrison was our class advisor. After a hard struggle of eight long years we finally made it into high school. This year most of the boys went out for football. We can still hear ' em talking about how tough the coach was during practice. Some of the kids found that they couldn ' t take the stiff schedule this year and left in the middle of the first term. They were Jim Haney, Roger Horn, Giles Burton, Joan Keown, Harlan Yager and Shirley Rawlson. Sylvia Knight also left to go to Portage. Rodger Offet and Charles Short came to take their places. Our tenth year brought few changes, although we did gain a few new members. Sylvia de¬ cided that s le couldn ' t get along without us, and with her came Charlie O ' Brien, Clair Belland, James Gillispie, Ronna Crocker and Rose Marie Pierce. Rose Marie left in November along with Merle Allen, who had also joined us that year. We rounded out the year with twenty-one students. Then came our all important Junior year. Mr. Elmore was our advisor this year, and with his help and advice we were able to tuck away quite a sum of money for our Senior year. This year some of us had the notion that we might be competition for Hollywood. We decided to show everyone by putting on a play, with Mr. Benjamin as our director. We also enter¬ tained the Seniors with a prom and banquet. Guy and Russell decided that they needed a va¬ cation, so they both took a trip to Florida, returning before the year was over. Ronna Crocker attended school off and on, but finally resigned from her school work. The only new addition to our class this year was Virginia Beebe, who left at the end of the year. At last the long awaited year has arrived. We are at long last, Seniors. Our advisors for this year are Mrs. Hilliard and Mr. Tannenbaum. The graduating class of 1950, after many additions and subtractions, now consists of the following: Clair Belland, Francis Bell, Louise Book, Nick Carson, Norman Crittenden, Jim Freer, David Frank, Stanley Haist, Russell Howes, Reggy Kissenger, Sylvia Knight, Chuck O ' Brien, Rodger Offet, Dick Perkins, Guy Rundio, Carolyn Wagner and Dick Wheaton. Ray Councell left us at the end of the first semester to join the Army. So we leave Galesburg High and become members of the Alumni. But as we do so, we shall not forget the past, the games, dances, plays and most of all the friendships we have made with our fellow students and teachers. As we proceed on through life there will always be a warm spot in our hearts full of fond memories of our past high school days at Galesburg. So, good-by and good-luck to all of you. Class Will Sylvia Knight wills and bequeaths her basketball ability to Nellie Knetsch. You have a fine start, Nellie. Nick Carson wills and bequeaths his singing ability to Leo Smith. Keep up the tenor section, Leo. Rodger Offet wills and bequeaths his physique to Don Haist. It might help you next footb all season, Don. Norman Crittenden wills and bequeaths his pitching arm to Alan Fry. Experience is still the best teacher, Al. David Frank wills and bequeaths his serious manner and business mind to Mary Cutler. They ' ve been trying to give you one for years, Mary. Maybe we can do it. Dick Wheaton wills and bequeaths his good marks to Levi Halliwil! It will also help to keep you out of trouble, Levi. Russell Howes wills and bequeaths his pretty curl to Fred Schmidt. A comb helps too, Fred. Stanley Haist wills and bequeaths his ability to get along with teachers to Jean Conor. We all know that Stanley hasn ' t got it, and Jean doesn ' t need it. Reggy Kissenger wills and bequeaths his political mind to Howard Kimball. Go to it, kid. Francis Bell wills and bequeaths his whiskers to Teddy Lewis. It ' ll make a man out of you, Teddy. Chuck O ' Brien wills and bequeaths his walk to Carol Knight. With her it ought to look good. Carolyn Wagner wills and bequeaths her quiet manner to Jerry Lorio. Now sit down and shut up once in awhile, Jerry. Guy Rundio wills and bequeaths his boxing ability to Ron Coe. That ' s in case there are any more carnivals, Ron. Louise Book wills and bequeaths her red hair to Shirley Smith. They say it helps the temper along. Clair Belland wills and bequeaths his basketball ability to Ralph Smith. Next year you might be high point man, Smitty. Allen Palmer wills and bequeaths Ella to any worthy bachelor. Careful, though. She ' s DYNAMITE ! ! Jim Freer wills and bequeaths his football ability to Carl Rosa. Calisthentics of the trick, Carl. Dick Perkins wills and bequeaths a package of cigarettes to Stubby Hilts. Now you won ' t have to take them away from Lila. 5 WESLEY R. BURRELL A. B. , Michigan State Normal M. A. , University of Michigan Principal, English, History STANLEY L. BENJAMIN A. B. , Albion College M. A. , University of Michigan Superintendent, Mathematics BERNADINE CAIN B.S., Columbia University Home Economics THELMA EDWARDS Hillsdale College Western Michigan Commercial THOMAS KRUPA B.S., Western Michigan History, Coach ANDREW NESS A. B., Western Michif ' .n English, Coach 7 WILLARD J. HAHNENBURG B M. , Wcattrn Michigan Music DANIEL TANNENBAUM B.S., Michigan State Agriculture EDNA HILLIARD A. B. , Earlham College University of Pittsburg Lake Forest College University of Iowa Latin MARIAN RUTH BURRELL A.B., Western Michigan M. A. , University of Michigan Librarian, Physical Education 9 RUDOLPH SWANSON B.S., Western Michigan Michigan State College Industrial Arts BYRON X. ZEILBECK B. S. , Michigan State Science, Mathematics 8 V! i V FRANCIS BELL Football.|, 2, 3 , 4 Baseball.1,2, 3, 4 G-Club.1, 2. 3. 4 Chorus.1.2, 3 Basketball .......... .1 Track.| " Midnight ' ' . 3 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Paper Staff.3 Annual Staff. 4 ALLEN PALMER Chorus. 1 ,2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer .. 1 Paper Staff. 3 Annual Staff ..4 1 CO PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY CLAIR BELLAND " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 G-Club.3.4 Tennis ..2,3 Football.3,4 Track.3 Basketball.3,4 Student Council.3 F. F. A.2 NORMAN CRITTENDEN Football. 1 .2, 3, 4 Baseball.1,2, 3, 4 Basketball. 1 ,2. 3. 4 G-Club.I, 2, 3. 4 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow .... 4 Chorus. 1 Track. 1 Annual Staff. 4 Class Secretary. 1 Class Vice-President.3 TREASURER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF RUSSELL HOWES Football.1,2, 3 , 4 Basketball. 1 , 2,4 Trick . 1 , 3 , 4 Tennis . ... 2, 3 Baseball . ... " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 G-Club ... 3,4 Student Council. 4 Class Treasurer. 2 Paper Staff. 4 Chorus. . RICHARD WHEATON Basketball . 7 T 7 7 “ 71,2, 3 , 4 Football.1,2, 3, 4 Track. 1,4 Baseball. 1 G-Club. 3,4 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Class Secretary. 2 Paper Staff. 3 , 4 F.F.A.1,2. 3. 4 Chorus.1,2, 3 , 4 Band.1,2. 3, 4 10 ASSISTANT EDITOR DAVID FRANK " Midnight.3 Chorus . 1 G-Club.3.4 Football.2,3,4 Baseball.2.3,4 Paper Staff.3 Annual Staff. 4 LOUISE BOOK Chorus.1,2, 3 Basketball.2, 3 Student Council.1 •Midnight " .3 Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Paper Staff.4 CAROLYN WAGNER " Midnight " .. . 3 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Chorus . ..2 Basketball.1,2 Class Secretary.1 Paper Staff.4 Student Council.4 NICK CARSON Football.1.2. 3.4 Track ..1,3,4 Baseball.2 Midnight " .3 Basketball.1.2, 3,4 Student Council.2, 3, 4 G-Club.1,2. 3.4 Chorus.1,2,3 Paper Staff.3 ♦ SYLVIA KNIGHT Midnight " .3 Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Basketball.2, 3, 4 Tennis.3,4 Student Council.2, 3 Chorus.2, 3, 4 Annual Staff.4 Paper Staff .......... 4 DAR Representative.4 JAMES FREER Basketball.1.2. 3,4 Football . . ..1,2, 3,4 Track.1, 3, 4 Baseball.1.2 G-Club . ..3,4 " Midnight " . 3 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Class Treasurer.3 Annual Staff.4 Paper Staff. 3 u RODGER OFFET Football.1. 2, 3. 4 Baseball.1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball.1,2, 3 , 4 Track. 1 Tennis. . .... Z G-Club.1,2, 3, 4 F. F. A.1 Chorus.1,2, 3, 4 Class President ....... 1,3 GUY RUNDIO F.F.A.1,2, 3, 4 Football.2,3 Tennis.2,3,4 G-Club. 3 , 4 Chorus.3,4 Student Council.2,4 Class Vice-President. 1 Paper Staff.3,4 Annual Staff.4 " Midnight " . 3 DICK PERKINS Basketball.1,2,3 Foot ' all. 1 Football Manager.1,2 Tennis. 3,4 " Midnight " . 3 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Chorus.1,2, 3 , 4 Paper Staff. 4 G-Club .. 3,4 CHUCK O BRIEN F.F.A.2.3.4 Baseball.3.4 Football ..4 G-Club.4 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 REGGY KISSENGER F.F.A.1.2,3.4 Chorus.1,2, 3.4 Band.1.2. 3. 4 Baseball.1.2.4 Football.1,2 Track.1.3 " Midnight " .3 " Ghost Of Possum Hollow " ... 4 Paper Staff..3 Student Council.4 STANLEY HAIST Chorus. ' ! 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Sports Manager.2, 3 G-Club , .. 3,4 F. F. A.l Football.2 " Midnight " . .. 3 12 Popularity Contest 10 - 11-12 Most Popular Boy.Rod Offet Most Popular Girl.Sylvia Knight Best Looking Boy.Francis Bell Best Looking Girl.Carole Belland Best Boy Athlete.Jack Tibbitts Best Girl Athlete.Jackie Ball Best Boy Student. Francis Bell Best Girl Student.Margaret Bell Most Original Boy.Don Chiverton Most Original Girl.Mary Jane Behan Most Original Teacher.Mr. Ness Most Mischievous Boy.Carl Rosa Most Mischievous Girl.Marilyn Norton Biggest Giggler.Mary Cutler Most Dignified Boy. . ..Allen Palmer Most Dignified Girl.Ella Wortinger Best Friend To All. . . :.Mary Jane Behan Best Known Couple.Dick Wheaton Carolyn Smith Biggest Boy Flirt.Clair Belland Biggest Girl Flirt.Sylvia Knight Best Boy Dancer.Chuck O ' Brien Best Girl Dancer.Barbara Bullard Best Dressed Boy.Jack Tibbitts Best Dressed Girl.Mary Jane Behan Best Punner. Don Chiverton Boy With Best Physique.Norman Crittenden Girl With Best Figure.Barbara Bullard Boy Most Likely To Succeed.Francis Bell Girl Most Likely To Succeed.Margaret Bell Best Known Stag Boy.Howard Kimball Best Known Stag Girl.Loretta Lowe Boy Bookworm.Bob Doty Girl Bookworm.Jean Conor Most Dated Boy.R°d Offet Most Dated Girl.Margaret Bell Teacher ' s Pet Boy..Alan Fry Teacher ' s Pet Girl.Sylvia Knight Sleepiest Boy.Howard Kimball Sleepiest Girl.Elaine Carson 13 BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Junior Class Don Chiverton, Jackie Ball, Ron Ingraham, Jack Knetsch, Bob Doty, Dennis Bresson, Loretta Lowe, Duane Srackangast, Lois Reams. Leo Smith, Shirley Smith, Joanne Brown, Doris Waldorf, Pat Chapman, Marlene Harley. Jean Conor, Genevieve Perkins, Mary Cutler. Mrs. Edwards, Cleta Holbrook, Clara Smith, Marlyn Norton, Margaret Bell, Wanda Burton, Barbara Bullard. Ella Wortinger, Ethel Halliwill, Mr. Swanson. Ronald Block, Jack Tibbits, Jack Love, Darlene Darrow. 15 BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Sophomores Mr. Krupa, Howard Kimball, Giles Burton, Jack Moses, Evelyn Inman, David Freer, Ron Ball, Bill Schreiber, Allen Fry, Ed Welling, Howard Bristol, Dick Coates, Francis Lockwood, Mrs. Cain. Nancy Champion, Elaine Carson, Rose Mary Holbrook, Carole Belland, Jayne Woodruff, Lila Wheaton. Carolyn Smith, Polly Beatty, Pat Blessington, Estelle Wortinger. Richard Edgerton, Fred Henshaw, Duane Bresson, Jim Kissenger, Carl Rosa, Ron Coe, Ralph Smith, Levi Halliwill. Mary Jane Behan, John Borough, Ed Klepper. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Freshman Class Doris Martin, Bruce Barker, Norma Neifert, Jim Bolton, Frank Bowen, Dave Henson, Dale Scott, John Turson, Aurelia Alaria, Eleanor Welling. Doris Meade. Don Haist, Dorothy Beatty, Harriet Johnston, Leon Book, Martha Brown, Edwin Horn, Nellie Knetsch, Carol Knight. Mr. Wesley Burrell, Sharon Champion, Jerry Lorio, Jim Tibbitts, Dena Imus, Frank Hasty, Winifred Newton, Ted Lewis, Shirley Blackney, Jim Call. Duane Doty, Joan Streling. 16 BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: ABSENT: Seventh Grade Peggy Davis, Sally McGlocklin. Marilyn Coates, Marilyn Hoag, Barbara Pio, William Kelsey, Barbara Haveman, Carol Keifer, Lyle Pierman, Jean Gardner. Willard Hahnenberg, Donna Blackney, Myra Cartwright, Leon Chapman, Paul VanSickler, Duane Irving, Antineno Guarisco, Jim Kirklin, Evelyn Carson, Betty Wilson. Jean Abnet, Jim Beatty, Max Morey, Sheila Moored, Charles Schmidt, Donald Fitapatrick, Constance Anderson, Joan Telfer, Deanna Bresson. Earl Hewitt. David Lantis, Donna Roelof, Beverly Miller. Eighth Grade BACK ROW: Deloris Crittenden, Myrna Cartwright, Richard Liskovec, Jerry Inman, Nancy Rayman, Eleanor Cousins, Fred Schmidt. Bill McNess. Marilyn Dumonceaux, Nancy VandeGiessen, Mr. Benjamin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Johnston, Gail Burton, JoAnn Lawhead, Jan Frank, Roberta Bristol. Lois Wilson, Catherine Haist, Phyllis Moored, Ruby Schmidt, Marlene McBain. THIRD ROW: Harold Cartwright, Donald Lantis, Bob McBarnes, Clayton Hilts, Harley Lantis, Charles Smith, Jim Reeder, Dick DeVinney, Alan Henson, Dick Burton. 17 Popularity Contest 7-8-9 Most Popular Boy. Most Popular Girl. Best Looking Boy. Best Looking Girl. Best Boy Athlete. Best Girl Athlete. Best Boy Student. Best Girl Student. Most Original Boy. . . . Most Original Girl. Most Original Teacher. . . Most Mischievous Boy. . . Most Mischievous Girl. . . Biggest Giggler. Most Dignified Boy. Most Dignified Girl. Best Friend To All. Best Known Couple. Biggest Boy Flirt. Biggest Girl Flirt. Best Boy Dancer. Best Girl Dancer. Best Dressed Girl. Best Dressed Boy. Best Punner. Boy With Best Physique. . . Girl With Best Figure. . . Boy Most Likely To Succeed. Girl Most Likely To Succeed Best Known Stag Boy. . . . Best Known Stag Girl. . . . Boy Bookworm. Girl Bookworm. Most Dated Boy. Most Dated Girl. Teacher ' s Pet Boy. Teacher ' s Pet Girl. Sleepiest Boy. Sleepiest Girl. . . . Jim Tibbitts . . Carol Knight . . . .Jim Bolton . .Dorothy Beatty . . . Jim Tibbitts . Harriet Johnston . . . . Duane Doty . . Martha Brown . . . Jim Bolton . . Carol Knight . Mr. Hahnenberg . . . Jim Tibbitts Sally McGlocklin . Roberta Bristol . . .Bruce Barker . Harriet Johnston . . . Marilyn Hoag . . . . Dave Freer Martha Brown . . . .Jim Beatty . . . Carol Knight . . .Bruce Barker . . . Carol Knight Harriet Johnston . . . Jim Tibbitts . . Norma Neifert . . . Clayton Hilts . Shirley Blackney . . . . Duane Doty . . Martha Brown . . John Turson Winifred Newton . . . . Duane Doty . . . Carol Knight . . . Jim Tibbitts . Dorothy Beatty . . . Duane Doty Deloris Crittenden . . . Bill McNess . . Evelyn Carson 18 Football BACK ROW Mr. Krupa, Jerry Lorio, Don Haist, John Turson, Dale Scott, Frank Bowen, Jim Bolton, Edwin Horn, Jim Tibbitts. SECOND ROW: Clair Belland, Ronald Ball, Jim Freer, Norman Crittenden, Nick Carton, David Freer, Alan Fry, Mr. Nets. FRONT ROW: Richard Wheaton, Chuck O ' Brien, David Frank, Francit Bell, Carl Rota, Rodger Offet. ABSENT: Rutt Howet, Ron Block. K. V. A. CO-CHAMPS The Galesburg High School Rams started off their season with a roar this year instead of their usual gentle bleating. Fighting to defend their K. V. A. crown, they chalked up a rousing 25-7 victory over the Kellogg Aggies. After the rout of the Aggies, the Rams ran into much tougher opposition from Mattawan. The Wildcats took a quick lead but could not hold it as the Rams forged ahead and overpowered them to win 25-6. With a 2-0 record and perched atop the K. V. A. standings, the Rams ran into their toughest opponent of the year in the Vicksburg Bulldogs. In a seesaw battle that saw the lead change hands three times, the Rams eked out a 14-13 victory with a placement kick by Norman Crittenden. Playing in the rain and mud the Rams lost their next game to Way land 13-0. Regaining their winning ways, Galesburg dropped Portage and Colon in quick succession, 13-0 and 26-7. Then playing again on their home field, the Rams lost to their old rivals, White Pigeon, 19-7. The White Pigeon teams, by the way, are the only ones which Coach Krumpa has not been able to defeat in his three year stay here. In the real heartbreaker of the season, Galesburg lost to Comstock, 12-7, being with¬ in two feet of the winning touchdown when the gun sounded. On the whole, the season was a fairly successful one, the main trouble being the lack of reserve strength to keep the opponents running. 20 STANDING: SEATED: ABSENT: Boys 1 Basketball FIRST TEAM Norman Cirttenden, Nick Carson, Richard Wheaton, Mr. Krupa. Jim Freer, Alan Fry, Rodger Offet, Clair Belland. Rues Howes, Jack Tibbitts, Ron Block. STANDING: Mr. Ness, Dick Coats, David Freer, Jack Knetsch, Ronald Ball, Ronald Coe, Bob Doty. SEATED: Jerry Lorio, Jim Tibbitts, Jim Bolton, Duane Doty, Duane Bresson, Ralph Smith, Don Haist. 21 Girls’ Basketball BACK ROW: Cleta Holbrook, Carolyn Smith, Doris Martin, Norma Neifert, Eleanor Welling, Dena J. Imus. SECOND ROW: Joanne Brown, Doris Meade, Harriet Johnston, Martha Brown. Ethel Halliwill, Dorothy Beatty, Nellie Knetsch, Genevieve Perkins. FRONT ROW: Wanda Burton, Elaine Carson, Rose Mary Holbrook, Margaret Bell. Sylvia Knight, Evelyn Inman, Jackie Ball, Doris Waldorf, Nancy Champion, Mary Jane Behan. Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Knight, Elaine Carson, Mary Jane Behan, Margaret Beil. 22 Baseball BACK ROW: Dave Freer, Ron Coe, Rodger Offet, Bob Doty, Mr. Krupa. FRONT ROW: Francis Bell, Norman Crittenden, Charles O ' Brien, Dave Frank, Alan Fry. BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: G-Club Jim Freer, Stanley Haist, Richard Wheaton, Nick Carson, Bob Doty, Rodger Offet. Mr. Krupa, Francis Bell, Dick Perkins, Norman Crittenden, Chuck O ' Brien, Carl Rosa, Clair Belland, Mr. Ness. Dave Frank. Guy Rundio, Jack Knetsch, Dave Freer, Ronald Ball, Alan Fry. 23 ■ Annual Staff BACK ROW: Jim Freer, Rodger Offet, Allen Palmer, Norman Crittenden. FRONT ROW: Sylvia Knight, Francis Bell, Dick Wheaton, David Frank, Guy Rundio. Paper Staff BACK ROW: Louise Book, Mr. Burrell, Ethel Halliwill. FRONT ROW: Sylvia Knight, Carolyn Wagner, Dick Wheaton, Dick Perkins, Guy Rundio. 26 BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Future Farmers of America Charles O ' Brien, Howard Bristol, David Henson, Carl Rosa, Duane Srackangast. Mr. Tannenbaum, Edwin Horn, Bruce Barker, Duane Doty, Leo Smith, Frank Hasty Jim Kissenger, Edward Welling, Ronald Ingraham. Reggy Kissenger, Jack Knetsch, Dick Wheaton. Student Council STANDING: Mr. Wesley Burrell. Jan Frank, Wanda Burton. Barbara Haveman, Duane Bresson, Charles Smith, Paul VanSickler. SEATED: Carolyn Wagner, Mary Jane Behan, Jack Knetsch, Harriet Johnston, Jim Tibbitts. Music BACK ROW: Dick Perkin , Dennis Bresson, Guy Rundio, Ronald Coe, Dick Wheaton, Allen Palmer, Stanley Haist, Rodger Offet, Reggy Kissenger, Jack Moses, Howard Kimball. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Knight, Mary Jean Cutler, Jean Conor, Genevieve Perkins, Loretta Lowe, Don Chiverton, Jackie Ball, Patsy Chapman, Doris Waldorf, Margaret Bell, Wanda Barton. FRONT ROW: Vr. Hahnenberg, Cleta Holbrook, Rose Mary Holbrook, Clara Smith, Barbara Bulla-1, Polly Beatty, Frances Lockwood, Marilyn Norton, Ella Wortinger, Carole Belland, Elaine Carson, Carolyn Smith. STANDING: BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW: Band Mr. Hahnenberg, Charles Schmidt, David Henson, Dick Perkins. Bob McBarnes, Marlene McBain, Alan Henson, Jim Reeder, Dick Wheaton, Reggy Kissenger. Barbara Haveman, Marilyn Hoag, Deloris Crittenden, Jan Frank, Barbara Johnston. Nancy VandeGiessen, Lois Wilson, Charles Smith, Eleanor Cousins, Paul VanSickler. Dick DeVinney, Carolyn Smith, Bill Gormley. Frank Bowen, Jim Bolton, Nancy Rayman. 28 Autographs U l kni u hW A lomU ky WALS WORTH BROTHERS l .. U S A. 30 MICHIGAN’S FINEST SMALL TOWN THEATRE COMPLIMENTS OF THE OWNERS OF THE Park Theatre AUGUSTA, MICHIGAN BEST REGARDS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Charlie Sullivan GENERAL REPAIRING BODY AND PAINT SHOP GOOD USED CARS 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 4331 GALESBURG, MICHIGAN Compliments Of Burgess Seed Plant Co. Galesburg, Michigan Congratulations Class Of ’50 Taylor Lumber Co., Inc. Galesburg 2591 Climax 35 Good Deal For Service Quality G. E. Appliances - Floor Covering Paint See Compliments Of CHAPIN’S MARKET “Everyday Low Prices” Galesburg, Michigan Congratulations To The Class Of “1950” OIL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Contracting, Sales and Service Of Service Station Equipment Lee Des Voignes, Proprietor Phone 3031-9 Compliments Of E. AND T. DINER Steaks - Chops - Sandwiches GALESBURG SUPER FOOD MARKET It’s Smart To Be Thrifty Compliments Of DR. R. W. SMITH Galesburg, Michigan THE GALESBURG ARGUS Published Every Thursday Printing - Publishing Compliments Of BILL AND WENDY TOLLES Standard Service Station Galesburg, Michigan Best Wishes To The Graduating Class Of 1950 CARSON DAIRY BAR Galesburg, Michigar Compliments Of WEAVER’S GULF SERVICE Galesburg, Michigan Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1950 STENDER’S MARATHON SERVICE Galesburg, Michigan Compliments Of DE JO’S TAVERN Choice Beer and Wine Galesburg, Michigan We Thank You For Another Good Year E. AND S. - GREEN FRONT 2 East Michigan Avenue Golden Locks Ice Cream OSMUN’S BARBER SHOP East Battle Creek Street Galesburg, Michigan Compliments Of FARM CREST BAKERIES Galesburg, Michigan GALE RECREATION Bowling - Shuffleboard Snack Bar Proprietors, Frenchie and A1 Ehrman Galesburg, Michigan Best Wishes Of INMAN’S Good Steaks and Sea Foods 400 East Michigan Phone 9041 Lunches Cabins 101 RANCH CAMP New U. S. 12 2 Miles East Souvenirs Phone 9061 Galesburg, Michigan 79 East Michigan GALESBURG SHEET METAL E. R. Stewart Phone 5461 Coal, Oil, Stoker Furnaces - Cleaning and Repairing Eaves Troughing - Sheet Metal Work Galesburg Michigan BELL’S BAKERY Special Party and Wedding Cakes Homemade Ice Cream Phone 4851 Galesburg, Michigan Compliments Of BURK AND HOAG Funeral Home Galesburg - Climax Compliments Of GALE THEATRE Galesburg, Michigan GALESBURG MILLS General Farm Service Farm Bureau Custom Grinding and Mixing Farm Machinery Milking Machines - Milk Coolers Feed and Seeds - Fertilizer Roy Struble, Proprietor Phone 2451 Galesburg, Michigan GEORGE W. TAYLOR COMPANY Clothing - Furnishings - Shoes For Men and Boys 137 West Michigan Kalamazoo Michigan Established 1889 WHEELER-BLANEY COMPANY Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating Engineers Automatic Fire Protection Equipments 137 East Water Street Dial 35301 Kalamazoo 2, Michigan CHARLES H. BROWN AND SON Authorized Dealers General Electric Refrigerators, Ranges, Radios, Washing Machines General Electric Home Appliances 154 West Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo Michigan Hold ' Em When You Hook ‘Em SHAKESPEARE WEXFORD A Wonder Line Up To Three Times Longer Wearing Averages Seven Times More Water Resistant! A Honey For Action and Power SHAKESPEARE GLASS WONDEROD Be An Expert Caster - Everybody Can With The SHAKESPEARE WONDERELL No Thumbing - No Backlash - Long Casts VISES’ STORE Clothing For The Family Galesburg, Michigan Compliments Of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emmans GALESBURG COFFEE SHOP 2 West Michigan Avenue Galesburg, Michigan With Sincere Wishes For Success To The Graduating Students Of Galesburg High School In Their Future Endeavors GALESBURG UPHOLSTERY SHOP Compliments Of MARTIN MOTOR and MACHINE SUPPLY Galesburg, Michigan MILADY’S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments 14 West Michigan Of Galesburg Michigan Phone 4011 LENG’S HARDWARE “Complete Beauty Service” Hardware and Plumbing Iris Nordyke, Owner Galesburg, Michigan Compliments Radio - Television - Appliances ALLENS’ GEORGE’S RADIO AND APPLIANCE SHOP Cut Rate Drugs 494 West Michigan Avenue Skelgas-Home Appliances Kalamazoo Michigan Phone 22 822 Comstock, Michigan Sales and Service Try KOOI KNAPPER COMPANY GALESBURG CLEANERS Furnishings F or And Prompt Service Clothing And First Class Work 128 North Burdick Compliments Of R1TZ DRY CLEANERS 103-111 River Road PATTEE ART SIGN COMPANY Comstock Michigan Branch 1202 East Michigan Avenue Congratulations ALAR LA’S SERVICE STATION Compliments Of Joe and Bert Alaria Sunoco Products Galesburg, Michigan A FRIEND WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE V r i • V ly - ■ v Sr .

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Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Galesburg Augusta High School - Rambler Yearbook (Galesburg, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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