Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX)

 - Class of 1959

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Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Ac J,,a!45'T OU.: Y LPV fltyvffjzxxjz A MVK A 167117 fy av df, JJ JJ!! fu 1 ff WW Alf Af W' X if V, 0, ' 1 Q 'L' ylfu . I f MV' . ftff 7 L A , j 4 I7 v , JV 4V lf Mb' I fi! 1 , If M 1 if J VVJIA-j v f ,J ' L M7 Q' f f U L ,V LXJL 7 fb Qual L" ji V g PbDgZf3 V if A JUL' L bfi!!! MTW y? f ffl' 479 u ' , - 'l I jf!!! fu 'I ' if UV M jff 16, . V J 'X V f W Vo WVU D ,4 if V J ij! 1 L 1' 4 f' Y f , JU , , ff' ,WX J . 'A A' 1 W , 4 Q 'f J JV! 5 f ,ff K L k 4F W YO YO! YO! NO NOU Xl YP I I W U TO l IW l TO f U 115 ' A IO YOU IQ YL J Ik- l 'F J' i Q aw' '47 'V41 9,0 . ,,. 4. K H 411 1. , . ,, , A . , . ,l I. 'I , D I- -. , .I -' ' f, ,D ,h s 1 ' ' fv. 'Q I - ' nil, 4, f. 4 ,Q in ,FV ,lv , sm- ,Q QA' . .Qu , ,, , , . .-1 -I, -- Q , nits . - . - S 1 -H. 9-1' "-- , . ja-.1 ,J'Qs', X '.. jj L"' - ,v 'jf--S. - - 1 . ,N . iw- A ,ggi-g,n,. . - , ' ' ' Ii ' ' '- Q 4 of .dl Li, - -. -v . -A -- -Y .- . . .x Ax. ,MA H ' - - 'W-0 . X V, J .: . M Q ,j:irr. V 1:-:' M , .,,,,.,,V,: -. ' A I I .,, V , -A ,..:. Y , W' 1 I :fi 4 . M in I , , Wm- ' MLA.. ww" .N ,..--L . - - , H- .. M ,, ..Q..,,,., M-. ---W .m:,,,,,..p1.3f-nr -..,....,-.4 w ' 1 r-' ww , if f- ' ww - , . 5 f iw M uf ' .K - ,.,,," , ,,,,-ay... .db sfmmw . - ., NW . " ,.....,wf-""""' A5 ' , N M-4-1N,XXK,.f,Lw.M,x h5Xi ix' hw Bmw 3 Q 1 M' W' W ,.,,,.,....,g.,iv4",f. , ' , -vi . N ,..w',,,w, Mm, mv. My .Q 'Rf N . 'pak' . ., w QM fig: ,,.i,Jw3, f ' " . -4+ me yum' kt , L qw w ,nw 1 .ma 2. . X ' WL V L' ' 27' ,,,,1- M . .yyf U-.3 1 -11.1 we frm-. W.. If , vi f f '. f 2.1 - . f. fl' gm , f .2 is if ' 'S if " W I ,, M Q is 12 f f. 5 2 f ,,, ,.,, U, Q. f 1 1' Af' , A ,mc :Q ' vnu, I 4 4 47' rua. IU., 5 . xi, ' ,t ' JMK' , - ff:-d1a,"15,fxJl . 'IQ 'sf K 1- 'Q "ni: ff!!! 1 . :Y .......ML,. ,,.. , J J, Q 'lf gg' f f, -a-1 153, . L V ' 'T Jef, "'- ','z3'3. 'g f 6. . x 1 P' 1 a 'X , 1 Lf .fab Ns! . 5 . f. 4 if I ' 1 AQ ff H ,vu-., ,AU w. .., .,.w4 ',,,...f'-"" -,G . .. 4.1-Zfawx. Qt 1 gf.-v. I ' Of . A. fe' A A ,, , 'A ' " ' ' " ' ' Lf- .4 .wsu , ' '.x,ffKr" ' ':..s'aQ4d.4 -N A. ,writ-fn, .nr ' ' ' ...fx , Q. ".- ' Yff 43 ' z .Hifi k it all Qi W- ENT G.P.H.S I +1 ' 5 1 TE S INTRODUCTION I FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 9 CURRICULUM 27 ORGANIZATIONS 53 SPORTS 77 SENIORS I'I3 JUNIORS 'I65 SOPHOMORES I 85 ADVERTISEMENTS 203 Luok mio the' lzqhl. for Ihvre IS LL'ht'l't' all good lh!-DQS arv: look not bmi: mio lhv .shL1I1uLL's lur lhcrv IS Luhvrv sorrow hzc1'v.s :Is moL1rr7ful face. . ...,. n 'C I 2 f 5 .I I 3 f l 1 5 1' ADMIN STRATION FACULTY F N ' ' A'5D'm ! ASDIPINV SUPER! TE DE T irc ul checks on school programs and recommending teachers who c riinined and able --these are onlv two of the multitude of duties i ii t der the name of superintending. lhe man holding all this. rc- onsisi its is Superintendent XY. Ci. Cunningham. Into his hands is given suit o dig for facts and information to better assist the Useedkbed ol ctmocritx Pav helping with the problems of a growing school. he takes o ccount the millions of minute details that go into a program ot .xpinsion Xlr. Cunningham represents the board in planning new schools. oo c his manv obligations. and he handles them remarlxablv well. cttt c readv for action. Mr. Cunningham loves to hunt deer, quail. xt ning .1 ranch since 1036. he lil-tes to visit it occasionallv to check on his herd of white-faced Herefords. He also contributes time and energv to such touth organivations as the Y.N'l.C.:'X. and the Pmov Scouts. with tt itch he his worked for eighteen vears. AL. In anvthing from textbooks to thumbtacks. Mr. P. I. Stevens, ffxecutive Assistant Superintendent, purchases the needed teachers' supplies everv vear. He is entrusted with the pupil census. teacher registration. and financing from the state. Transportation comes under his supervision. too. For fifteen vears he has been with the Galena Park school system. liking to assist I,ittle League Baseball. to hunt, fish. and golf with his sons. Mr. Stevens leads a verv active life outside of his job. Being an excellent photographer he takes manv pictures and movies of our school sports. ASNSTANTS Bills. bills. bills' Thats the job of Mr. Harold Demcnt. assistant Superintendent in charge of business to pav the schools bills with the schoolis money. Being in charge of the maintenance and physical part of schools. he also watches over all buving and purchasing of school equipment. From the income of taxes, Mr. Dement receives money and budgets it tor each department and class. This being done. he sends periodi callv a financial statement to the board. lor relaxation Mr. Dement loves spectator sports. having previously been a coach for twentv vears at our school. Itch. ing is also one of his favorite activities. Here he is seen with his brother. Robert L. Dement. on his left. planning a fishing expedition. 5 'ic 4-v '91--W-A f ew N or ssx sw The man responsible for the free time on Vv'ednesdays of each month. giving the teachers an opportunity to meet together and dis- cuss newer methods of teaching. is Mr. R. J. Free, Director of Curri- culum. His main duty is to assist teachers. in selecting what to teach and how to teach it. Since information is continually being added to our store of knowledge and must be transferred to teachers to help them in their jobs. Mr. liree tries to improve the quality and work with all intangibles. His home is almost like a library because of the fact that he loves to read and collect newspaper and magarines from all over the country. Another of his interests is in traveling. Any service over and above regular scnool administration comes under the guidance ol Mr. lf. li. McGahan, Director of Pupil Personnel. He has the respon- sibility for the specialiied education of some nine hundred students in the eighteen different types of classes. which include the mentally retarded. arthritic. hard of hearing or seeing. those with brain injuries. and the emotionally disturbed. In his charge there are forty-three schools. His outside interests include working with children and keeping track of his stock farm in North Texas. 'N education. Eierv vear property must be evaluated to find out how much monev should be for gghool taxes, In order to keep sufficient monev in the district. our tax assessor and collector. Mr. Charles XV. Garret. collects these taxes and keeps the records on the transactions.. Beiritl a good family man occupies most of his time outside ot his wOrli- bu! he does DBFUCIPMQ ln spectator sports. especially football. l l Her hobbies being her grandchildren. gardening. and reading. Mrs. Eliyabeth Hubach. our consultant in elementary education. is enjoyably occupied either on or oft' the scene of her job. Her title of Consultant in Elementary Education includes working with teachers and principals in grade school and committee meetings. lirom state agencies and publishers come other consultants with which she discusses textbooks and other items needed to assist in if 'S 5 "VJhat's for lunch?" That familiar cry is answered by our Cafeteria Supervisor. Mrs. Avis Brand. Following the federal lunch program, she plans the menus and does all the buying for the snack bar and personnel equipment. Therefore. supervising everything from problems in personnel management to dessert on must also keep records for to spend her weekends at sewing. tomorrow's menu. she is kept quite busy. She the state as well as the school. Mrs. Brand likes her farm in Crockett, playing the piano and AS Q55 . "3 f fc- . . gi fi g K . s. -AX S xc elementary ..LA,r w S' R By candle glow and stardusted leaves. this couple looks familiar in the setting of the Senior Prom. Drawing nearer we recognive our principal and his wife, PRINCIPALS 35'-t .. tt :low fa' 'Y . .. 451 'Ls' wr X Mr. Robert R. Bartay began college on the campus the University of Texas after graduation from Iimir Consolidated High School as talcdictorian His honors at college included being elected a member of the Student Legislature. of the "Cow ows ting chosen "Goodfellow," which is an outstanding student on campus. After receiving his Bachelor ot -Xrts degree 'Vlr Bartay came to Galena Park as a teacher of goternment and history. In September of l9D5 he was promoted to assistant principal. As faeultv sponsor ot the -XBGPHS and the Student Council he has done much for the betterment of our school You see him here t h favorite hobby. Mr. John Holte, the principal of Cialena Park High School. is shown here at his home in Galena Park. lle was salutatorian of Huntsville High School. :alter graduation from Sam Houston State Teachers College. Mr. Holes went to A. if M. where he QOI his Xlastets degree. He Once wanted to become a minister hut didnt feel he was called. Now he is a lax' leader in the Galena Park Methodist Church. Since he was particularly interested in English it was natural that he should enter this field of teaching. He taught fifteen vears before becoming our principal. Mr. Holeeis hobbies are garden- ing and carpentry. but most of his time is snent in trying to raise his two little boys into fine upstanding voting men. 12 SCHCDOL BOARD CITIZFNS OF TODAY 'SHAPING CITIZENS OF 'IOVlORROVJ Members of the School Bo1rd receue the hxghest complx ment p1rents em bestow md th1t IS entrustmg the welfare of thexr ehlldren to thelr ludgment Since hxs lS such 1 gre1t undert1k1ng we would l1ke to polnt out a few of the mlllxon dutles thxt come under thexr supervlston 1nd show why the school board ns often referred to as the seed bed of democracy Fxrst of all few people eyer re1lx7e when they see 1 newly flmshed school that the most mmute detanl rs carefully taken mto consnderatnon from 1 partxeular type of door knob to the structure of a lnght switch Before buxldmgs can be constructed surveys must be taken to see what ns needed ln the way of educa t1on factlntxes tn each area and what lands can be converted All thxs costmg money taxes must be assessed from our commumty 1lthough 60 of all expendntures ts pand by the state As soon as a school IS completed there IS the problem of transportatxon for routes must be mapped buses obtamed and the routes are followed sends two or three each year unan nounced If condxtlons are found unsatisfactory the State refuses to asslst nn the money department And money bemg the vttamms of the plant of educatxon the spendmg of every penny of the four mllllon dollars lt' takes to fmmce our school system each year ls meticulously 1ccounted for 1nd recorded It must be IH compltanee wxth the budget set by the state or nsk prosecution of law 'I hree hundred thousmd doll1rs of thls sum ns spent ln the oper1t1on of tl1e cafeterns tn our school district 'end p1rt of the money goes for the spec11l17ed tramlng of some mne hundred bllnd deaf mentally retarded 1nd blrth defected students bestdes the usual amount of money spent for bulldlngs equlpment and teachers An extremely xmportant yob of our school board ns the selectxon of well tratned te1chers for xt IS these mstructors who plant the seed of knowledge Ind assxst IIS growth mto becomxng c1t17ens of tomorrow T hats why the school board IS called Seed bed of democracy It takes care of the material needs and the responsrblllty for the basxs of our Amencan Herxtage educatnon These people are st1rt1ng from left to rxght Mr R I Whxtehead Mr CarlR Watson secretary Mrs Loma Koehler secretary to Mr Cunnrngham Mr W L Wheeler presxdent Mr G C Fuller Vlr J M Haugland Mr Kenneth Tlce lStandmgl Vlr Harold Dement ass1stant supermtendent of schools Mr W C Cunnmgham supermtendent of schools 'Vlr P I. Steveson and Mr Sam Adams uce pre xdent fnot pxcturedj FU' M-.W -I' ,,,fv " WV y Avg V 1 a ffLa,Qg'y,b --u-np...-. -1----, -li- 9--' , 1 . . S '- ' c l 1 , , L A L ' , ' A '- ' L A - K 1k 1 1 11 'K 1 I - X 4 y S L . -A ,- Yr lc 1. ts ' e 4 1 Y, w L 1 . ' 4 I - Y- T '1- 5 4 f 7. ' ' I ' I I I 1. . e 1 c ' 1 e , 1 -Q I N K 1 1 1' ' ' L K , ' Q I ' ' t K 1 1 1 x 1 K 'h y 1 j .1 3 - ." K 'L ' 41 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 ' . 1 , 1 1 I 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 y 1 -, 1 ' 1- 1 4 1 1 v1 ' 1 1- - . . . - ' ' ' x ' A 1 ,' ,. , ' ' -- ' 1 1 ' . , . , S , - e 1 . H H ' A D K I v 1 B , . . K - 1 t ' ' 1 - . . . . I ' ' 4, ' ' ' , 1 ' - I , " - "' 11 ' 11 - If v 1 v 1 , I ' . I 1 5 I . l,,7 L X' . 1 sa e rnvers enlisted. The State, checkxng perlodncally to see- that ' - ' 4 ' ' ' - - . , . , 1 . . . Z , 'i ' l , . 1 1 1 , , 1 . . . , . . ' ' 9 , .., , ,Q 1 A y fd 1' ' ' ' ' 3 "' , 1 ' ' "" I , t x 1 , Q 'Q-----A --...... c,,,1t,,a .... , '-'-- ..........,,,.M - - --'.......,.. -......,...,, - --.............,, - --......... AT l , U I Il A I ' - . erfum-.WWA W' KN J QM J MRS JEANJNE CORSON MISS ANN GRVLR SECRETARY TO PRINCIPAL SECRETARY T0 UBRARIM MRS OIGA VAUGHAN SECRETARY TO REGISTRAR Secretaries at Galena Park Hugh ln order to leave the teachxng to the teachers and tht learn mg to the students the secretarres take care of the mountam load of clerxcal work reports and records Counterclockwxse startlng wrth Mrs Ann Kmnlson who lb gettmg the ball rolhnv at one of her faxorrte bovxlnng alltys Mrs Jeanne Corson IS relaxlng w1th a httle musrc by hcr favorrte smgers Mrs Olga Vaughan ts puttlng the fmxshrng touches on a bxrthday present Mrs Rowland IS cuttrng up a pattern for a new dress that 1S Secretarxes at Mahogany Hall Q ' - 0-0 C, 4 MRS. FRANCES ROXYLAND Mrs. I.orita Koehler. secretary to the Superintendent, and Mrs. Cathlcnc Gmv, Assistant SECRETARY 'ISO COUNSELOR I4 Dr. Elvan Kelly is one of our counselors, He has heen. teaching for nine- teen years. His hohhy is "tinkering" and most of his spare time is spent "tinkering" around the house. He attended high school tn Detroit. Xltchigan. His college years were spent at the University of Detroit. the L'ntt'ersitv of Michigan. the Untversiti' of Houston. XK'ayne L'niversity. and Michigan State Normal. He has Bachelor of Arts. Master of Educa- ton. and Doctor of Education degrees. In college he was president of Kappa Delta Pi and vice-president ol' Phi Delta Kappa. a national educational fraternity. Our registrar is Bliss Trudy XYest. She has been teaching for thirty-two years. She toured Europe in the summer ol' H453 with a group of teaghers. XK'hile on this trip she went to lingland Holland Germany, Switzerland .-Xustria ltalv and lfrance. Her hohlw is reading. and she likes to spend her snare time eating or attending plays or concerts. She attended Klart High School .-'xt Klart' Hardin Baylor she received her Paaehelor Another of our counselors is Mrs. Dorothy liitchie, She has taught four Ol her fifteen years in Texas. She went to Plato High School in Chicago. Then she went lo the lfniversitv ol Illinois. the L'niversitv of Ptttshutgh. the Lim- versitv of Temple. the Liniversity of Houston and XYestchester Teachers tn Pennsylvania. w Mrs. Jane XVhite has been our attendance clerk for six years. She is a graduate of Galena Park High School, After her graduation she went to the University of Texas and the University of Houston, Her hohhy is collecting old copper pieces and her spare time is spent reading and keeping house. 1-9 of Arts deiree and at the L'niversitv uf Houston. her Xlaster of Art-, degree She also attended the L'ntvetsitv of 'liexas n t er tw . N tx v rnfv teaehers .tttcnvlrd I3urktnul.r Htth Schtaf-. and vent rw ht Ittllrmln- txnntertmes. Ctwlvrado. Iexas. snr! C,httayu Ile alw went In Nam Iltuxtt v xxltt tlegrt-ex and haw taught tor thtrtvftwu wart Ile cnvtws sptwrts as A hvhtav 3311-533 " if E ,n,, W Q, Upper Ielt' Our well-known hhrarian, Mtis Iilmw Agnew attended high school at San Marcus Texas She went to Southwestern 'Iexas Teachers College. the L'nnersttv nt Texas and thc Umvemtv ot Ilhnms She hoids a Baehelor et Arts degree .1 Baehelur In Iabrarv Silence and a Master or Arts degree In eollege xhe helped edt! the Texas Hundhvwk In her spare ttme she cnjovs trawl Ing and her hob?-tex are svnmmmg gardentng and attendnnp plays. Here yeu see her cluurattng the llhrarv for the Chrtttmm xeastxn Xltddle left: If vnu pass room 117, you wtll see one ut our Ifnghsh and spetxh leathers at wurk Mr I C Bankhead. who ts xhuwn here laptng some ol the deluxe spvetlws Ile attended the Academv wt XX'ayIand College. and went to Suuthwest State 'leathers College where he retetved hm Bachelor of Sexente degrees and the Untterurv tu! Iltwustnn where he receued hrs Marter ot Iiduratttvn tlegret- Whtle he was tn etwllege. he was. tan the dt-hate team lor luur years Ile hax been teaehnng Itwr thnrteen vearx and Im htvhlw rt readtng, Iuwer left. Ilavlng heen a tvathcr Iur twentv warn NIH Ruth Mehanc can Iw lnuntl tn the halena I'.lrI. Inphxh department She attended high schtml In Dulwhn Iexat Nhe has gone In .It-hn Iarltmn Iumnr Klullege the Unxxerxutx' tt! Iexas Ilarthn Stmmtms K'nrversrtv. and 'IK-xaa State Cttllege lor Wnmtn and huldx the I5.t.hrltvr ol Arts and I3'acheIur -wt I nl-rarv Silence degrees rf fu f Qf Y Cnlltgt and th C. Ihre wt . t. I tustrnx .. Q .t a . out X tr-:ther wlth unc tr! the mpst rnterestrny Iwlvluex ts t utr tnh xcnwr Ingltxh tearher Klux Irts Iltvwanl Ihtx .ttf .erm her hmlut tt! enmuraetng students tn attend wlleyr She hat .ntl--nd.-ti the Itullnwtne unn-I-rsttnw 'Iexas YN.-.s Yuri. Kfaltttarnta ftultwratltw and Ilmnttan and httltix II.ttht'Itur and Master nl ,Mrs degrees Itwr ten vearx the r Imrh xx as ttvrrtxprvntl-'nt Itwr the Iltvuxtnn Ivst anti hax alw wwrktti un the Cltlt-na Park newspapers She hat In-en rhrertt-r Inglvxh tn I't'rt Arthur senmr and yunmr hugh xthur-It prexttit-nt ul the Ilarnx Cnuntv rhap lramnta K9 - i ' , I""f1 5 5 A newcomer to the Galena Park English department and rer nt Delta Kapr-1 Us-R Nhxx .lo Nelle Chamber: has been tearhtng lor Itve x-eau hhr hrrun In C ullege fioluntlvta. Yltsstsurt and North 'lexas State C ull attended Gladevtxttcr Hugh School and went to C eg. .-'lx tu deyret-x she hulds .1 Ilaehelur nf Artx Iltr Iwlthx at Irakvltng and rn her spare ttrne she reads watches I V anti attends xpnrung ewnts Xlrw Xhafnt Bremer une rf nur Ifngltsh tt-a.htrs has had a tearhtng qareer ur nzneteen -,ears thue far Six. atwnded lttqh sthwil an Ravne Itwumana, and hm 1 Int- In ltvumanr Stare I.'ntn.'rxtlv nr Ilttuvt-n ani Nnurhn.-vtrn Inutsrana Instltute where she wtmre th. inter N a xehttlastzg hcnttr awarded hx' th. xrlmtw' She hnldx a IB.-.Iualwr ttf Arts deem II.r Iwh!-nr are readme md stwlne X Y-- Sam Kruse vthtw reaehes Ineltwh and ttplrg enytws spurs as a htshhx pcrletahlv gtlll Ile hat hvth .1 Iiathel-tr ul Sttence and Xlasttr ut Arte degree He attended Sam Iflnustt n State Ivacherx fnllege md ftwlumhm K'nlx'ersntv New Yttrk I9 J 'hw R'--as You can find Miss XYeed in room 115 instructing her Spanish classes Miss XX'eed graduated from Corpus Chrtstt High School She went to the following colleges: Abilene Christian Lubbock Tech Southern Methodist Untversitv and the L'ntversttv of Houston, She has .1 Bachelor of Arts and a Msster ot Arts degree She was vice-president of the XKN club and tn the XYomans Honor Soctetv at Abilene Christian College Her hobbies are fishing painting, and wood carving and in her spare time she travels and paints She has been teaching for thtrtvsone vears. Mr Robert Dement teaches advanced math and algebra Alter graduating from Brenham Htgh School he attended Southwest Texas State at San Marcos He has earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees Hts hobbv ts fishing 't F lll .VIE Mr Arthur Gtonet. who has received both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree teaches lirench and Latin He attended Oblate High School. Bucltsport Maine He went to Oblate College. Natick Massachusetts the L'ntversitv of St. Thomas and Texas 'Universite He was tn the National Honor Societe at St Thomas L'niversitv In his spare time he works around the house or goes fishing. This is his fifth vear to teach three vears. Q hobbv of hts. 4- Mr Richard Cassiano teaches Spanish lingltsh and Journalism in room lll He graduated from San Antonio Tech Htgh School and attended South XK'est Texas State College and Trinttv Untversttv He has .1 Bachef lor of Arts degree His hobbv ts collecting antique items ln his spare time he reads He has been teaching for soc vears. lx ,JV Mr Coldttnch has been teaching for tvcentv-five vears He teaches Latin and one class of English He attended Sour lalte High School. Texas, He went to the following universities' Mextco Houston. Colorado. Texas and Sam Houston State Teachers College He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master ol Arts degree He ts a member of the Scholarship Societies of the South tscholastic honor soctetvl Another actititv of hts ts teaching an adult Bible ,lass His hobbies are ptclstng best movies and learning to read the New Testament in Greek Room 216 ts occupied bv Mrs Zotl and her booltkeeping and office practice classes She went to Yoe High School and North Texas State College She has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree In her spare txme she entovs plavtng bridge She has been teaching fttt Mr Bieberstetn one of our algebra teachers who has been teaching for thirteen veats, attended Galena Park High School. He went to Southwestern L'ntt't-rsitv in Georgetown. Texas and the L'ntvers:tv of Houston. He holds a Bachelor of Science tn Phvstcal liducatton and a Mastet of Education degree. He lettered two vests tn haslsetball at Southwestern lfntversttv and was a student director of intramural acttvtttt-s at Southwestern XVhen he was a voung bttv he fell tn the ship channel at the San .Iactnto Battle Qtrounds while crabbtng. but this didn t stop fishing from becoming his favorite hobby as tt sttll ts todas' As vnu can see hridge too ts a favorite ,-. fl' Zh 4 . ' , .Ks xvu pam rv-vm IVV xnu wall .Umm Arrows Hr I-xhn 'I,.1vI11rs 1 .11'nmu.1.1I 1r1:l1nwt1L gnu.-x B.-I-xr. 11.-g1nn1r1g hm mm-r nl muh mg rcvr lumix --uphr v.-1rw In .1vund.'d XXh1u-xvull Hugh S.I'1m1! xn !wn1u.k1 .nd rh-'11 wmv rw K.'nru.kx Suu' KQUII.-gr l'r11v.-rw-. '12 Hwuxh n K n1'.-'rwI1'.!IN1n1v1x .1n.I'Ivx.1s:Xi1X1 l1.'nll1uu4l1 hl uurkvd 11.1111 111 1...-11.1 .1 l'11.I1.M1r ul 3.1.-nw .md .1 N'l1sr.-r wt f,.1.1...1..-f. .1..'..-.- 11. .-.11 1.......1 -mv. H. ...qu 1.1. fn. xx..,1.1. XKUHM n S.vH:1.1El Y11urr'1:1'.n' vn Immx.. Omg., hu!-lv. 11 -v111.1.1m1,' ,1h'.w. 1.11110 Ist' Ur furfd fwrw 1cJ.hvs an vrfd hxslwru' .md hm Hn. fxw J: PI X711-r Jr'-nizng New Dunn Hgh 3.111 ' P1-' wen Bwf- r uhuc he rcgcnwd .1 f5.1J1.fAvr Mxenx dcqrw .md .1541 J Nhvrr 411 l'du.1u.1n Hr 11.11 J .-rr.:v:z,1n m h.1sk.'rl11lI .11 f11.1.'.1r :wr 1w.1 wsu .mfi 11 ww nur h1xkcrh1Nf 11111 In hx sp.1r.' rum. P11 11111:-s hunfx .md ufmdx xg1"1 .urix H. 11,11 '1-.n 11-,1.I1:n,1 11-r mn. 1.1m H. mx sh .1 .1-r. zxvh hu vlxrc J' uhr gm X' Im, .. R'."i' ,N 7. '.x1.?1.' 1 Mu: xl: f Ur R:.h.1r1f I1.1,n '.1.E..x '-.nur JH Pwr-wr. .1r-.f I-111 hm r-. BJ rv P1- M,1'11.' J 'z1?1.r l1.- nun A PH". fuf rw:T'1ur 1r-si 1 IS1:w1m rvnxshr H. .ur-nd.d hwh yh 11 11 fr,1"1-mr! g"iv:1ur1vV'. rn Illlfuzx H. 'Luv um' rhu r. um-..rvr1l1 S' ulhvr' VV' H Pm' " I .1::'u:.'I'1 11:1 N .1r'f:" mmf P' r-d.1Sv1'- H- E11 V-.J In Xrww H1...Z,1u 'Hn 1 Huw' J' Kr 731.11-"wr I Umm". fm! 1 'Uv'-r 12 If I-11 uw I.f111v.1n -i..'r-- H1 ' 1 "'."'3--r V 'V H1111 S111' Num- lui.: Viz: f,111:"'1 N111 11 m1'13i lim Nm Mlgxlv-rw' Hugh NJ111.-X un I-1.11 Sh. !.11.v 11.111 1. Rug-P1-r' P Xuwn N113 111114. 11I1.r.- Nh. 11.--11111 1 I'w,1J11i.1r .11 N un.. .nm a N1.1vrr .11 I.i1:.m.1n 1i.4r.1 H111 hu in-ln hm .nghzh 1-.11 1. 1.1.11 Rub' Ur X.!wr1 4j111rr.-Mhxx 1 I1wN1x .wr ,xvhlrrnx .uni .'v1w1x hui mg 111 P111 11111. www I'--'Mm 21- .1-11111: .1 v..1.h-kr +11 My-1111 .lml .vm 1 111 1 171111 I1 1 1-1 I I'1'-11:11. Hv.1!1N.l1.--11 .md r..-11.1.1 IMI1.-111111: x1--11. 1I.,1v.. 11 xv.z'?1.n F Xuwn t.1H.,1. r 1 f' Mrs Bch 'XX'.1d: .1 pI.1nr quumcln Ir.1.hur wns .huwn Mm DYOV Shurlrx .Jn he Ivund in mum lfl Icaihlnxl x.,I1d gcumclrx .md 'U -"und th' f'n'L"Vf'l' -U 'hf Lm1ff1'f1' "I Chmuo g1i.1nu gccmctrx' All-r lcaching Inf wx.-nlv unc '--:Ari she rn :ws her sp.1n 7W"nS'W9d bv lb" xdwfnll Ywnfl' "'und'Hmn Shi' vm. bv 1.mumg of xn mf md sh. 1ff.'n.1..1 hug Sfhw: -Hlvndfd CUSHM 'Wh Sfh-'VT and S f' 'X Ufmvngfm 1. Mm Hardxn B11-1.1. .Xqademv 1.1.1 1.11.-. Wm U- rhr .mums H--H 91h-1-'I Shv Hwy wfm 11- Sxuph--n I :Xusun sm.. Mnllxam Pcawvdx' Uniwrmx' ut AI1'1.11 Hallman and :hr L'n11' rsiu- of C"H"4f -Wd IU ihr Lnlwrsurv or Chuagw In .ullegc shc H-vusmn She huldx .1 f5.1:hv1c'r ol Y-.11-n.c .md A Nhslvr nl Sfic 1' and .1 WH 'n th' Sfh"I'UNh'1' SUUKU' Amd Nxuwd A Buhvlnr XL111.-r 111 I1d11.',11mn dvgrcr Shu w.1s 11:1 .1 dn-hnru 1.-.1m 'vnnu am .md "1 Sfwn-f dfflfu' -md -' M-"UV U' AVN 'iflfw HU hohhx 11 rr1v-'1n'1 md ..'1!.'.r1ng pmure pm: ..1rAx vu-1111. m hw was rndvr tur .w1rnm.'nqun1cnr cxcnuwx A " '- sparc mmf dw 41.11.-x mp.-rs at kgs N , ' s g U rx ks-. , rv .. A V 1 In I J U Q W , K.J f ' 5 1 I XX'hen you pass room 104 look in and you will lind Miss Neal tt-athing one ot her .Nmeriran history elaasex She ha, he-en teathing lor twenlv-xeven xearx 3 u t. N t' l 1 38 L6 Roger l.. Vaughan. a teacher for twcntvftwo vearx graduated lrom Big Sandy High. Big Sandy. Texas He received a Bachelor of Science degree from East Texa: State 'leathers College and a Master of Education degree from the University of Houston. Any extra time he can tind is xpent at his favorite hobbies. golf and gardening She attended San .Jacinto lrlieh School and then college at Nam llousion it here the retelvtd her Master ot Science deg XK'tlliam Y XX'il:on went to l.x'tord High School He was the President ol the Senior class and track can tam Upon his graduation he attended college at South- west fexax State Teachers College and the University ol llouuron Ht' holds a Bathelor ot Science and Mas' ter ol lidueation degree lle tt-athes world et-ogr.1vhv world history and P lf ln his xoire time he ix either attending .1 hall game or he it Imhrng mme thu uw hm holvlw 5 A ww A wh " ' e e ' Y an wx t x H x art me w wi s uirt 1 1 t mo istt e 1 1. or rtx it ree t om x in ' n t e xi x ous r ut o e N oo .Nno'her ol' our American history teachers, John R Johnson. also teaches :iviev lle has been teaching lor eleven years, llhotography is his hubby lle attended the University of Texas and the University ot Houston alter lm graduation lrom San .latinto High School lle holds .1 Bachelor ol Science and Master of Science degree Jesse Sadler is our driver education and boys' physical education teacher, He has been teaching lor eight years Outdoor sports is his hoblwy lle received hui Bachelor of Science degree at Sam Houston State College. which he attended after he graduated from lluntsville High School. r inn N tr in are rm. rtx rn m ,U in w it tix hunt r l trory t in irtutf t i n his iv v t ta s ri urn ut vu lit n x N itt 1 t w t U H -. a a t t s t ll You 11.111 room ll4 11111 xxlll lrnll Nlr lolvn Osborne one or our eopl1o111ore buoloei 1-.1.h1rs Betore beginning hu 1-'1.l11ne -.1ri-er he .1111-mllil Shelbvxille High School in lncl1.1n.1 .ind .mended ihc lollouiny colleges lex.1x ,'X. H X1 l.1si lun Srephen lf .-Xusrin SML .md 'Iehurne Busrncss College. He has received .1 goxernmeni Science scholar- ship rn which he 11315 Seleilexl io he 11 l.1lw nmxignl Hrs 5 are time is occupied hx working and hrs hobhx 1 'K I l'7 is llvrng Klr. Rlclurd l'en1herlon1sour new arr teacher He finds painting .md huilding turnilure lust the rhing io do when he ix noi working He .itlendcd high school in Hot Springx ."Krl1.1nx.1s .md received .1 lS.1chelor of Arrs degree rn lzducnrion .11 ihe L'n1verx1!y ol Chicago. nnd College and Ari lnuiiuie ol Chroigo, Mr. Robert Bennet! is one of our physics teachers lmrn Grimes Counry. He received his Bachelor of Science 11nd Mzsrcr of Arts degrees from South Wen: Sure 'leichere College and Abilene Chrisiinn College. He has been 1e.1ch1ng since 1920. Mr. .Ioe llughcy. .1 biology teacher. h.1s lveen 1e.1ch1ng lor iwo yenri Mr, llughey lindv reading ro he .1 wonderliil .ind inrerewliny hobby. He received .1 l'1.11l1elor ol S111-me degree by .mending both Arlington 51.11e College .mil l,.1xl 'lex.1x Sure College. Here he is explaining xo his clam the p.1r1s inf .1 frog. Among ihe lnolorgv 11-.uihers we trnd Nlr 8,1111 Nnhole 'lialunig .1 yre.11 inlerexl in his work hi l1.1s .1 l1ol1l1y 1.l collecrine speclrrwnx incl raising 111ld l1,1lw .1n1r11.1le ll. .illemlsil l':ed.1x lhglw Sihool .ind holds .1 l5.11l1elor ol N111-1111 .ind Nhxler ol Arts lrom the lollouing eolleees 3.1111 llous lon Slate 'l'11l.1ne l,'n11'ers1r1' .-'X li Xl Liniierxilv ol lloux ron .inrl llor1rl11 Sure L'n11'ers111 Alrhoixglv ln hm hun rnachiny rhiriein ve.1r1 he hill enioxs going un lielrl inns hunirng, tnhing .1nd reading, 11 ul vur .lil-eimirx 1e.1.l11-rs 'Nlr ll.1rr.ll lhlom ,nienillil 4.1111111111 High Sehool liom vlnr. lie .111e11Ll11l Kl.1rxl1..ll follow rl1er1 Nun lloiixlon Sim- I1.1el11r1Coll1ee .mil :ln L'n1111e1l1 --I llonxion llc liirlilx 1l'111h1lor 11 Ninn.. mil Xluier 11. l1i1.r11l1,r.1 Un lm 11111. ull l1e vw iiihrixleil 111 i1l1-vIog1r.111l1v lli l1.1x lurn r1.1.l11r1y lor lillien 1c.1re, e .mei . . . 1 . 1 11 I'1.11l11lor ul N111-rm ind N'l.1x1er ol lnl1i..1111-n iliyriex 411 8.1111 lloimiira S1111 Rolnri l lm. lunror Lollicl 5.111 ,Xv1,1lo rollru -'Nil llli mio xwrx o 1..1r.1111. llc 1.11. .1 111 llirirr xp. ru L niiirxrti or fr1lor.11lo X' ihe enil ol mlm 11-.11 l1e111ll l1.11e.or11r1le1erl S Mr. Renfro is in charge of the Electrical Department in the shop. He has been teaching for nine years, seven at Galena Park. He received his college education at Birm- ingham Southern College. the University' of Houston, the Universrtt of Alabama and the University of Texas Mr. Rentro holds both a bachelors and master's degree. He is on the electrical hoard in Galena Park. His hohhv is working with radios f Atter amndine last Texas State High School Xlr Gibson attended lust Texas Stare College He holds Bachelor ot Saence and Xlechanical lgngineering degrees A mach.-r lwr intern tears he vnwss woodwork and tarmin: in his trte time 1. 1 .,..1 .' ff' 1 Mr Elmer has been teaching for nineteen years. He received his college education from Colorado Teachers Cltllege, Denver University, lowa University. and Texas A U M He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree and has worked on his Masters Degree ln school Mr Elmer was active in the Glee Club, the Tennis team and the Debating team, Outside of school he is interested in music and drawing plans. Slr Bunlclev rs in charge of the metal trades department in the shop He has hetn teaching for nineteen years Mr Bunlslev got his college education from the lfniversitv of Texas and Texas A U Nl. where he holds a degree in vocational and safetv education He goes ttshing during his time off N-lr Perrv has h-'en teaching for fifteen vear seven of those tears at Galena Park He attended hieh school at lrrankgran 'l.-vas He rtneixed his college training at North Teaxs A U Nl and the Uniiersits' of Texas He was active in orchestra and choir as well as baskethall and trick Mr Perry eniovs hunting and fshing when he can find the time Mr, Cilassie has heen teaching school for seven years Todav he is in charge of the auto rrtdes department in the shop. Mr, Glassie received his college education from the Unis-ersitv ol Houston. Texas A 'ii M. and the University of Texas He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and .r Vocational Certificate Mr. Classic enioys hunting and fishing during his spare time. Nlr lensen can he found in room 214 teaching mechani- cal drawing He graduated from South Park High School Beaumont. Texas. He attended Lamar Tech and North Texas Sure College He has a Bachelor of Science degree He has been teaching for three years, 2' "1 " ' 11 ' A x, Mm .lrrrv Crmrald tcachus gurl s P E and spunsors thc ql1ut-rluadcts Shu graduated from Bvlmg Hlgh School and thcn nttvndcd XK'h.1rt11n .Jr Collage and Sam H11ust11r1 Starr Sht h.1s hccn tcachmg for t1111 wars Shu l1.1w J F15 degree Sh: 5.11'5th.1t sh. h.1x ncxtr gone s1c.1d1'. 'Ilw l1v.1d 01 our g1rl-1 Hmlrh .md I'h1'11- c.1l ldu1.11111n dtrpnrtmcnt 11 M1111 llclcn Rlhluni Shy gr.11lu.1t1d rrt1n1 Rulwrt I: lm ll1gl1 Sthwtwl 1n ll.111t1vn .md went 111 I1'x.1x 81.116 Cullvgr I1-r XK'11mvn l1u1x1.1n.1 81.111 L'n11'1'1s111 .1nd 1l11' Um 11rs1t1 wl K1ntu1k1' Sht' l1.1x Ill and Nl :X 4l1'gruS D11r1n11 XK'11rl1i XK'.1r ll 1h1 urvttl 11'1lh Ihr .'Xm1'r1L.1n Rvd Clrwxx .1s .1 f.lul1 Dwcftnvt Mr XX'1lli.1m ONv1ll nn: of the hovs' PE tcarhtrs .utcndccl Suhmfo .M.1dcn1v. He went 111 South XXX-st Xhssourt Start Gwrgc lvcnlwodv Collugc and tht' lfn11-1-rxitv of Hfvusttvn. He has hls B 5 .md Xl A dfgnts. H16 hwhhv 15 golf Hu hm hccn tvaching for r11n.' yvnrs A rw Ann1 Ruth uk r nm, 1 My 1 1rth1ng 11r11 l.1 luutrx 1 1nd11 1 11h Nhtm 1n 31111111 m 11, 1, 1, 1 vp .. ' 1 4'-515.-'UIQ' ' 'UH -un ...ani Annthtr of th hows I uhcrs 15 r O 1 Sxmpscn ll hun 1c1fh1nt for sultan 111rQ Ht 1ttLndtd Ahtltnc Cht1s111n foll1.g1 1nd Gmrgt P1pp1rd1m vxhstt ht r1c1111d h1s B S dc1,r11 ll1: hohhx 1s photogmphw ,av m an 1 1 1 tn 1 1 r 111 t hu r Ch1rl1Q 7.11.ss11n 1t11n md omiu I1 1 111r1 n11t1 ,Nd K X M Drum un L S 11 tml undo we N1 1 1n1 rt1tr1 1 1 1 s 11 ,Ur 1 , H 1 mi K x tn tn 111 N 1 1 n 1r1 1 n11 1n11 1 1 15,1 1 ,su 1 1 1 3 nut 51 1r n111r511 s A 1 t 1x11 n11trs 11 1 1 I , 1 r turd l 41 r1 l1s hth 1 1s l111n11n1, 1 1 11 11 t 1 nng 1s nn 1 1 1 ,arts 1 c Fl? tcm ' M, ,1h. .1 v hax 9 Q . ' ,e 1 A VV t ,ha Q , . 1 I , 5? . in , K . lf" ' 2 KA 1 1 fl dr: ,F 1' 1 lf"'t""Y I 'wif 1 - Q. ,-11- 1 1 f id E 1:3 W 1 0- ' A4 I ,wg ,Q .. ' I , ' l . . D c 15 thc 1111 11 th. 1 l LA m.' 11 .thv , c Nlr 111' ri Rwlwrt f5l'm'll',' lllr' nlr1v1h'xl"tnl Q , to 8,1 ll1111x11 5t.1tu lc.11l11'rs Cf1ll-gf rvh- h Nl l11l1. Kuthl .1 lww' Pl 1-nc 1 1111 Nl ,. 1 I ' . ' dt ll lgl Nlr Rnl' S l l1.1x lm'11 11'.11l11ng lmvx rrffl- .1 HS dcldrvu XX'l11lc1r1 t11lI gy ,hy VA 1. vt-.111 ,11tt-ndrd ifurrn Huh .cltol Sth H lv. . Y" Nffll I1 l. .1r l'l 1l11 '- 1-'.1rx lll .1Il-ml"-l hlrll Al ml Nl.1 11' th' Bc. 11.1 ll. 'l .1nl w.1 llumg A-111 P11111 1h ht 11'-1 1,1N. h 'Ir-me ,t.1tc 'l'1.l1 N1 01.1 .lth T. l't1n 'l'r1 1' L .11 'Kl.1s1 " lltmt' lurt XX'11r1l1 llr111'11111. C1ll'1'l'.11'11r1l1' ll1-rl111l1l1- 1x St1'11.11t hu 11 llzlx '.1ll1g1' wh t ht t1f'111d h1s B. l" 'c and l.1'l1 L' ' I llr h.1 BS .nl 'l .. L' ' 111' 'I ..1s .N 25 Xl .1r1l ll.1 H hc ,hi d WM U, ,C-hh 'l Kuchl 1s 1111 1n11r1x1rd 1n 1 wur .1n X lg l'u 'Q l 1 lw' ' 1 .nd ltr L'n 'crmtv llc l1.1 .1 B5 .1nl .11 MS ' - 11111 l1sl llc h. h" 1'.1ch1nu tur ught 1'1'.1rs 1n r1l1vS1:.1l 'du1.1111n lln l111l1l11 11 11utrl1111r R I INDEX TO CURRICULUM Hxstory Englxsh Forelgn Language Mathcmatlcs Science If Lxhrary Home Economxcs Home Economics Busxness Busmess Paper Paper Annual Annual Annual Shop Qwncthearts Drum Major Band Band Choxr Cholr Choxr A lu ' .fxifl , . 5 P E 'r l 1 l U L ' W Y V Y A xx v Miss Chambers looks over stu- dents as they frantically rush through their reading tests. ffif " Mr. Vaughn patiently watches over his history class as they take an open book test. Buddy Miller seems to be interested in other things besides his test. 28 Miss Weed, the M. C. for the presentation C a l l e d Spanish, introduces her class to the script called a textbook and continues to break the language barrier to present a better picture of the language. far 1 it 75.51 IPQRQUE ESTUDIA EL ESPANOL! Gay Senoritas, dashing mataciors and the spicy Spanish foods add to the provacative spendor of "Old Mehikow 4lVlexico 1. All the thrill of a bull fight. dancing cabal- leros, and the romantic charm everywhere intermingle with the mystery of Spanish tradition. For, it is the main prerogative of this class to give students the knowl- edge of the language and customs of our "Good Neighbors to the South." And so it is to the members of these classes we say, "Bueno fortunado, Amigos!" "l'm an old taco . . XVhat greater insight to the substitute teacher, Mrs. Esleib, who momentarily steps charming practices of our good friends than by the in for Mr. Cassiano, the regular interpreter. rendition of a humorous little song by our favorite 29 S. TO THINK IS TO EXIST" The square roots of mathematics may seen difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it appears easier. Actually the work involved has one little blessing you learn right away, and that is "ya gotta think if ya gonna pass." ,b,v-K.-w Thats not a whip in Mr. Taylor's hand but a pointer by which he often demonstrates the correct solution to a problem of his commercial math class. fill Eva? 1 J' Y , 'N MEN OF SCIENCE The Galena Park school drstrnct carrxes on an extensrve scrence program as ts shown ln these pxctures The one rn the upper rlght shows Mr Edgar and some of next year s sopho rnores xx ho are now freshmen preparmg an expernement whlle IH the upper left Larry Fowler and Charles Washburn two sennors seem to be surprnsed mt what IS happenlng to thexr expenment ln the mxddle left Sallx Hubbard watches whrlt Ann Stesenson and Erankre Burns fxlter a ltquxd to frnd rts chemrcal content and at the lower rxght Vlr Sandel super uses whxle Lmda llovd pomts out the bone structure of shoulder and arm Eddxe Connor George Custer Sally Seward and Lxnda Goodman watch hopxng to learn somethmg 31 '52 Pictured at the right is Mr. .len- sen showing one of his students a better way to draw a house plan. This is a familiar scene in his classes. Below Mr Gibson watches as his class works on their projects 1-0' -:TMJ-I IM? 'Q' is-dp! 'fkii 'i g ' ln the more adxanced classes i "'-""'- 1 the students begin working with copper. This is a shot H at Mr. Pimbertons art class as they are absorbed in their work. :Q - 1 4-41- ws 2 WI 53 ee I 5 ,.'- I , f n...,,,n ...z K. fs, ART STUDENTS EXHIBIT THEIR TALENTS In many respects the art and mechanical draw ing classes are closely related Mr Gibson the mechanical drawing instructor strixcs to teieh his students the fundamentals of drawing sueh things as house plans and machines The students learn to scale larger objects to plaee them on plans To some people this means a beginning of their future occupations In the art classes a student is not so concerned with plans as he is with the finished product Under the direetion of Mr Pimberton the stu dent learns the fundamentals of art and then proceeds with more difficult projects sueli mosaics and working with copper LIBRARY WORKERS AID STUDENTS The Galena Park High School library has over 13,000 volumes, covering a wide range of subjects. An important function of the library is the direction of the visual audio services throughout the school system, Those working in the library always are willing to help you in any way. All work and no play is not the case. Although there's a lot of work involved in running a library, they still find time to have a Christmas dinner and make visits to other libraries such as the University of Houston's. Pictured to the right are: Miss Eloise Agnew. the librarian and her clerical assistant, Mrs. Ann Kinnison. To help the students at Galena Park High find references, books to read. and look for the sub- ject they are to write on. quick- ly, these library helpers work together. Seen here are: First row: June Hall, Sondra Halli- day, Sue Beth VVare. Janet Rowland. .loan Payne. and the librarian, Miss Agnew. Second row: Jimmy Lauderdale, Linda Savage. Bobby Rogers, Vernon Hagan. Raymond Hill, Elouise Griggs, and Mary Ann Aubrey. XP-,,, Other workers in the li- brary are pictured here: First row: Xlyrna Fuller. XVanda .lo Gxford. Linda Gray. Dorothy XVest, Jean Bordovsky, Judith Smith. and XVanda XX'ard. Second row: Bobby Bain. Har- land Henry, Terry De- rouen. Judy Crawford. Bobby Schweinle. Gloria Byrne. and Raymond Hill. Elaine Warren, Carolyn Clark, and Myrl Ciuynes in one of Mrs, Henery 'l'hompson's food classes are preparing a breakfast in order to become better homemakers in later life. Wk, lx 4 L x Mary Williams and Hattie Adams, sophomores, participate in the Future Homemaking Vklorkshop, They seem to make good mothers, don't you think so? Linda Powell, Frankie Cox, and Paula Jones preparing lunch at the Future Homemaking Executive Council meeting in August. Dont they look as if they're hard at work? pu yuh . . I V., 5 f Q53 Enwl gi A5 f A Presenting some data about Fl-l.A. at the leadership workshop in June are Sue Rushing, Paula Jones, and Judy Sears. 3 4 17 if it S 5.x g w., A if While the ghosts and goblins were on the rampage, these creatures were smart enough to go to the Future l-lomemaker's Halloween party and become winners of the costume contest. ln case you don't recognize them, they are: Sharon Stanley, Adrian Hamby, Paula Jones, and Steve Kesterson. The FHA is not "VJithout a Song" as Connie Halliday so dramatically demonstrates. She is given rapt attention by Brenda Hatcher. Entertaining at the District Future Homemaker s meeting at Katy are John Rochelle and Kenneth Whitney Some adventuresome items are in store for the District meeting in Katy, as discussed by the planning committee with our own Carlene Watson and officers from other schools in our district. 35 it My Working with different machines in Mr. Keller's class are: Joan Bomnskie, Alice Mack, and Ermazane Burt. ln the background we can see Pat XVhite and Janice Lundy typing lei! ters from the dictaphone. In Mr. Keller's business machine classes. the stu- dents learn to operate va- rious machines. Here Mr. Keller is heuping Jerri Lea Vassar with one of her projects. Vw'orking at other machines are: Elsie John- son, Karen Powell, Mary Jo Randow, Paula Jones. and Jann Hensley. BUSINESS STUDENTS TRAIN FOR FUTURE JOBS Through the trme and efforts of our mnous bu 1 ness teachers these students 'are preparlng for the work they pl1n to enter after graduatton Not only do these students learn to type and take dtctatton but they also learn to opertte yartous bustness machmes to wrtte ectlye letters type by 1 dlctaphone ftle a yartous other offtce duttes 'l he ftrst year tn a bustness sequence the stadent takes typtng and perhaps eyen shorthand Mr Nltller and Nlrs Burnstde work together to gtye these students a good foundatton lhen the next year they take otfrce practtce adyaneed ty ptng adyanced shorthand busmess machmes and bookkeepmg Before graduattng from htgh school they take busmess Engltsh whtch qnyes them a backvround for wrxtmg effectne and correct letters Mtss Roberts watches as her students work busxly on therr Busxness Engltsh asstgnment Among those tn thus class are Carolyn Vyftlltams Latrtcra Crocker Brenda Clark Judy Bouse Marcy Hesse Sandra XV1lkerson Nlarllyn Wardlow and Dorothy Hollon .ann Just begmnmg thelr bustness sequence these students are learning to type m 'Vlr Mtllers class Seen here are Marctlle Chumley Babs Coulter Elame Fogle Patsy Martm Darlene Walters Sandra Dams and Tommy' Ky ser These Bustness mayors are busxly work mg on 1 bookkeeptng proyett tn Nlrs Zotz s class Seen here are Kathy Leu Parker and Nancy Roberts 37 - , Q 3 'I 'k C. eff t , ' . .to , n v e 4 ' T s ' y s- e . .A A . ' V1 11 I I T- 'L 3' v xv x -I ' v - V I V 1 I 5 V 'H 15- i YH i YI' ' e ' o Y s y 'L X 1 V V V I 1 3 1 v I 4 I. V 'V I -yr - T' -W MM... L l 1. .4 l . x E1 l 3 s f X X 5 ti ' e Y , , A . . . , v , , e. L V ' 3 IB- 1 Martha Long lxnda Sayage SUYJUTTC PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES TOP Mrs Duke one of tht physxml educa txon teachers and drnll lnstructor and thls group of g1rls look as rf they hate just completed fhe Creep an nnterpretatne moxement complled of rhythmxcal extercxses MIDDIE Thest gtrls 1n one of thc health Kathy Puppy IS gtvmg on the chart of the musculatory system BOTTOM Thls group IS partlclplttng xn a struts of rhythmtcal excrclses whnch are taught IH the P E classes for 1 ptrxod of sm xx ecks ' ' s r ' U' C I I u classes seem quite interested in the explanation u by y I- w fs '. . ' L . 'B' ! I I ' 731 l TRAIN FOR BETTER HEALTH Cloclxwisc: Push ups scorn to hc giving some ol' thcsc hovs A bit of trouhlc .is they warm up for thc days activitics. Baskgtlball is another one of the many activities enjoyed in the PE. classes, as is shown in this picture. lt looks as though it's going to bc a case of who will master whom in this wrestling match. 'A Buzzing around the cof editors John Yann and Louis T. Fry like busy little jackets are Jean Hen- don, XVayne Frisby. Er- mazene Burt. Bobby Rogers. Carolyn l-uce. and Toni Morrison as they study line type and column spacing. THE ANNUAL SPQTLIGHT GLITTERS O .IOURNALISM Who are the busy reporters racing around writing on special current events, giving accounts of club data, interviewing the newest movie stars like Linda Crystal, Sandra Dee, and Bret Maverick, and also snapping pictures of unsuspecting victims? They are the people who spice the lives of their thousand readers in the collection of news called "The Yellow Jacket." Following the lead of truly great reporters, they dig for their articles. Each item teems with life, as proved by the fact that the presses have barely finished clanging before every copy has been sold. Our school really owes them a debt of gratitude for giving inside information on the lives of fellow students HI think that picture looks better at a distance" is heard from photographers Jerry Dean Gore and Erle Evans. But seriously, these two deserve a lot of praise for the difficult job of capturing a story on film. And as the old newspaper saying goes, "one picture is worth a thousand words. " Helping to keep the wheels of the press moving are Sue Stacy and Clarolyn l.uce. 'lihis is one of the final steps in presenting the news. fr Q5 3 s ,-,,. ev J "S v"""- J' Q- Ni' ,ff Modern ideas in improving the paper are learned by studying the layouts of great newspapers, Gathered together for a discussion on recent findings are Suz- anne Rosen, Sharon Crawford, Norma Kilpatrick, Melvin Wheeler, Bobby Rogers, and Mr. Richard Cassiano, As the spotlight pivots on each in turn, you will recognize school spirit glowing on each name: Co-editors, l.ouis Fry and John Vann: Associate Editor, Ermazene Burt: Page one editor, Jean I-lendon: Page two editor, Carolyn Luce: Page three editor, Toni Morrison: Page four editor, Bobby Rogers: Exchange editor, Roy Smith: Co-sports editors, Melvin Wheeler and Wayne Frisby: Photographers, Jerry Dean Gore and Earle Evans: Reporters, Suzanne Rosen, Sharon Craw- ford, Carolyn Luce: Journalism Secretary, Brenda Clark: and a truly brilliant light on Mr. Richard Cassiano, the faculty advisor who contributes so much of his time and efforts into Galena Park's greatest newspaper. post, wan 3 1 x The spotlight rests for a moment on Mr. and Miss Yellow Jacket of this year, who are Roy Smith and Toni Morrison. All copy for the paper must be typed especially well for the printers as is shown by the careful check of the exchange editor on the almost finished product of Brenda Clark. 4l 64 No matter what the tribe. it can not get along without organization. That is why Judith Smith and Pat Page. who do a remarkable job of assembling copv and pictures of clubs and extra-curricular activities, are co-editors of the Organization Section. Purely by stretching our imagination. and sometimes by rummaging through old annuals, we plan hundreds of lay- outs and copy. Since this takes more time than is given us in school. we ra' tion our spare time and the time that is not so spare. C 1 Mardi Grasf This and other activities of the Juniors are taken care of by Junior Class Editor. Mary Ann Thibodeaux. Mrs. Beth Manley is our official guide. being our Faculty Adviser. and directing us through difficult passages, lpages, that isJ. X fig' f I' 44? ln charge of all our tribal games and sports is our Sports Editor, Rhoda Sheppard, with the very able assistance of Sandra Roberts and Johnny Koppa. ., X 233: , T' , i 'Y-rs Tracking down disappearing teachers is the duty of our scouts. Lois Jones. and the double little helpers, Onetia and Onezia Donaldson, for the Faculty Section. 43 Mary Alice Foster. tstandingu being our Sophomore Editor, watches over the slave market. recording each event for the annuali No matter what the tribe. it still needs pep talks and helping hints on the art of selling. That is for Sharon Hathaway. Sales Manager, who also assists others by typing. A great aid in wri- ting copy for the Senior Section is Barbara Browning lin charge of the Christian Students Union Sectionr. 9b,,i,,ff Our tribal make-up artist keeps a check on the red and black ink informing us periodically on the current color in our records She is the Business Manager Anne Franklin Who s Who That is not the nocturnal call of the owl but the name of the section that willingly claims Mary Hall Null as its Ricks who also is a great asset in the Senior Section wi For every page, layouts must be drawn, copy typed, pic- tures pasted, a carbon copy made, and then it undergoes a continuous checking and rechecking. As with all business, records are kept of all money transatcoins. However, through all the sweat and blood. the anticipation of your pleasure makes these efforts worthwhile. Photographer James Brittain is our People trainer captur mg their images on film His assistant photographer and everyones little helper is Sandra Douglass Our witch doctor artist specializes in head shrinking cutting people Qpicturesi up and visiting the mystic land of Voodoo bringing back drawings and val uable ideas Little man he says dravs and and posters and layouts magically appear from the realm of imagina tion to annual shores That s John s assistant artist Ronny Alley la ol 0 Ula f Q Editor. Helping her check for errors, is Marilyn I I I ' U 44 S ,Wd CLOCKWISE: V Mr. Elmer advises James Capitto on the way he is drawing machine parts. Leonard Walkox'iak looks quite busy as he shapes a table leg on a wood lathe. Mr. Renfro makes sure that his students are careful as they wind motors. Mr. Bunkley seems pleased with James Reeds progress in making a center punch on a metal lathe. Early Clowers, Donald Archer, and Robert Barlow seem to be quite involved in their present task. install- ing valves in a Dodge engine. .Ts New karl' el we ,, . BAND SWEETHEART AND BEAU Above, Righr: TOMNYY SPENCER AND DARLENE VJALTERS CHOIR SWEETHEART AND BEAU Above, Left: LINDA BROWN AND STEXE GREEN JACKETEER SWEETHEART AND BEAU Rgl GORDON ELLIOHI AND CAROIXN CLARK WWW JJ jjfwy M44 QW !Afl F,M0LJKM H I' DRUM MAJOR Rxchard Pxtzer Rxchard has been a band member slnce the seventh grade a student of the French horn He has the dlstmc tron of havmg been a Drum Nlajor for four years run 'llng serung for one year m Jumor hlgh and for three years as the leader of the G P H S band ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Glenn 'Vlcllu am 35 ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR Hal XVychopen FEATURE TVJIRLER Donald Cow an . .. A , - A I Y. . . . . 0 Y I K. Z fa 0 . 'Quail' 51 6 o Z' , ,, g 4' " ,td ,, . , 0 i o , S l 0 , ,sl I X WX If lx f, I 4 I I I 44 'E A I I L' 4 I Larry Travis, Bill McKenzie, James Deaver, Dollie Karraker, Paul Laman. Thomas Stoneham, Arnold La Bauve, Charles Green. Lionel Cardosa, Jerry De Four. Lester Olive. Fourth row: Jim Evans, Jimmy Alexander. Randal McCorvey, Shirley Mooney. Suellen Eason, Leda Rossen. VVanda Bierman, Kathy Levy, Ophelia Cooper. Rosalind Scroggs, Mike Brown Vernon Jones, Pam Gardner, Anna Coffman, Linda Brotemarkle, John Alsobrook. Lynn Davis, Jimmy Buster, Tommy Lohse, Gary Dorsett, Donald Koonce, Douglas Hensley, Stanley Hill, Royce Phillips, Neil White, Tommy Fry. Fifth row: Bobby Walding, Evelyn Mills, Albert Wagner, Johnny Manchack, Roberta Blair, Mark Adams, Brit Puzey, Tommy Bumgarner, Roy Smith. Raymond Dove. Harold Baggett, David Hale, Charles Rogers. Tommy Spencer, Glen Lucas, Herbert Koonce. John Mason, Edwin Arnold, Preston Sorrels, Roger Jolly, Felix New, Jackie Hazlewood, Mary Mont- gomery, Carolynn Carroll, Zelda Franks Xe . -0 Q o rc' is . Judy Hull George Ann Stoneham Darlene Walters Cloretta Eldredge 49 Jerri Mcgraw Carold Jeane , 5 tx! X, Yr' l X 5 . 4 l :Til 4' :- H lt 4 F U 4' C5 2 .---t J Cvi, Pix. Q' fi ,j Q BAL N if +m fri if if if? , fs , N , ... i , . CIR ACCCDRDED Steve Newcomb, Chuck Kelley, Carroll Fowler, Howard Vincent, Kenneth Williams, Bobby Rogers, John Rochelle, Steve Cireene, Jimmy Haulgand, Kenneth Whitney, Mike Williams, Douglas Hale, Shelby Brown, Norris Sterling, Billy-KBellotte, Jimmy Lauderdale, Wayne Denton, MarvinT Martin, Johnny Hgiydgl, Randell Vincent, Kenneth Peacock, Jackie Bynum, Dickey Beach. Noel Sutter, Billy Dodson The National approval board for "First Chair of America," the National Yearbook for out- standing high school choirs. bands, and orchestras, has rec- ommended Galena Park High school choir for presentation in the l959 edition of this publi- cation which presents only those choirs, bands, and orches- tras that maintain the highest national standards. This board fcomposed of two hundred of Americas most distinguished high school and college direc- tors. representing every state in the union! based its recommen- dations on conductor's ability and leadership, high quality performance of the organiza- tion. community service. and all-around proficiency - the purpose being to honor those students and directors who ac- complish enough to deserve national recognition. The Choir is composed of 100 members. On November 3, 90 members went to Brazos- port for a choir clinic. It has sung for the Rotary Club, and for patients at the Veterans Hospital. and presented Han- del's Messiah to the community at Christmas. James Shannon, Jack Youngblood, Larry Wankee, Roy Moore, James Helmer, Bobby Dolman, Jerry Oliver. Donald Waldrum, Donald Jeane, Jimmy Mitchell, Larry Hall, Trulah Roesler, Sue Watts, Steve Wheeler, Bobby Goforth, Jimmy Holder, Wilbur Thomas. Lloyd Jones, Terry Derouen, Jack Burris, Larry Pruitt, Bert McWhorter, Butch McGinty, Ciuy' Elliot, Charles Herring Director: Mr. Furrh 50 HO' Robe Attendants First Row: Sandra Roberts, Kaline Bean Second Row: Karen Blevins, Lloyd Jones, Pat Scarborough Third Row: Terry Derouen, Shelby Brown Jimmy Lauderdale :trauma Q' ,Q 'I .L 7 . AV r V I -5 ' 3 vii MMM, I U I 1 J I TIG L RECCG ITI Gladys Farenthold, Monya Winn, Rosemary Stewart. Betty Riggs, Surba Lee Laird, Judy Mason. Jan Treet, Sandra Douglass, Beverly Christian, Linda Gray, Sondra I-Ialliday, Carolyn Shaw, Ann Leamons, Rosy Lee Ward, Elaine Warren, Darlene Goodridge, Gloria Byrne, Beverly Laake, Linda Brown, Sara Lingner, Beverly Castleberry, Cynthia Hilliard, Betty Dean, Linda Brasuell. Kalene Bean, Betty Coker. Ruth Castleber y I ' B ' Z " EE "" I f ., N . ,V J ,I I A ' . l ,, 0 fl lil it , 5 m g X I Q 5 1 if Q , ,K l '17 , f ig Choir Qfficers First Row: Linda Gray Second Row: Becky Ivy, Valerie Starratt, Third Row: Beverly Laake, Linda Brown, Dalene Goodridge Fourth Row: Jimmy Haulgand, Steve Greene Ouartet Jimmy Haulgand, Steve Greene, Richard McGinty, Kenny Whitney Nancy Johnson, Maisie Cato, Becky Turner, Jo Ann Scott, Pat Scarborough, Kelsie Baker, Mary Raiborn. Sandra Welch, Carolyn Stahl, Rita Kennedy, Mr. Furrh, Becky Ivy, Mary I-Iall, Karen BlCYigg, Valerie Starratti Kay Lynn Fults, Pat Zunker, LaDell Wililamsf Marilyn Livingston, Johnelle Wiggins. Sandra Roberts. Gay Parker, Rosann Boatman, VsalerieFB!ley,ins, Jo Ellen Sisson Q--1-gl M Trio Student Accompanist and Beverly Castleberry. Jan Treat, Uirector Rosann Boatman Beckie Ivy and Kenneth Whitney Officer XVorkers, first row: Sherry Horn, Gail Watts, Joan XVhite, Martha Goode, Elsie Collins, Margie Mclntosh, Raynell Barrett, Mary Tom Brinkley, Shirley Moon, Pat Smith, Jeanie Joiner, Tommy Sanford, Shirley Pomeroy, Judy Sears, Jerri Vassar, Pat Kinkead, Ann Otting, Lexie Bynum, Martha Long, Doris Hall. Second row: Karen Powell, Sally Lucas, Jetta Staten, Doris Logsdon, Sandra Fulgrum, Jerry Dean Gore, Lola -pb. West, Sandra Wilkins, Cedron Emmons, Marilyn Young. Gladys Fahrenthold, Mary Raiborn, Pat Graham, Joyce -Strahan, Carolyn Turner. Third row: Dianne Whitaker, Rena Mec , Toni Morri- son, Pam Ward, Marie Compton, anice Lundy, Linda Laramore, Margie Sulik, Sondra Hale, Nancy Rikard, Barbara Helton. OFFICE WORKERS 11 Betty Maness seems to be very busy picking the attendance sheets for Mrs. f Q-Q-.,N-N' my L Shirley Pomeroy and Dorothy Hollon are working hard at separating the attendance role for the teach- -1 ers so they can keep records on all of the students. Pat White helps in many ways but as you see, she also works the mimeograph machine UID RGA if INDEX TO ORGANIZATIONS Ixutionxl lldnor Socitty Student Counul Crood Sportsm mshnp I c mguc Assocntxon for tht Bcttermcnt of Galenm Park I-Ilgh School Thesplan Club Debate tIN1txonal Forensxc League! Pen and Scroll Club Spanxsh Club French Club Jacketcers Math Club I uturc Teachers Assocratlon Future Nurses Club Sclence Club Astronomx Club Camera Club Chess Club uturc Homcmakers of Amcrxca Chrxstmn Student Lmon .lunlor Achmxcmcnt Art Club A I L c I G lt ' 'I v 1' I ll ' H if 3, -31 1 I F x .... A I, I: , , 1 f' . . ali, W, I f 53 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STAGES COLORFUL INSTALLATION With goals to create an enthusiasm for scholarship. to stimulate a desire to render service. to promote worthy leadership. and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of Cialena Park High School. the Honor Society was organized in I9-17. Members do not join this organization, but earn their memhership by maintain- ing a grade average of 90 or hetter. A member failing to maintain this average is put on six weeks' probation. during which the member tries to raise his grades. A Council. made up of the principal. the sponsor. and four N441 other faculty members. then reconsiders each member. Their activities include an installation program. in which I new members are introduced. and a spring banquet. To two members of this organimtion comes the highest hon- ors given to any student: that of yaledictorian and O hx salutatorian. Sponsor: Miss Iris Howard President 1 Richard Pitzer Officers lclockwiselt Linda Gray. treasurer: Russel Kin- nison. vice-president and Carolyn Clark. secretary. Susan Ambcrg Iidwin Arnold Mary Ann Aubrey Ciary Bennett ar V 'uf . .. l .. .. . . sy. 1 'Q A 'rosa 14 Q. il 'Q 'PQ' . - ss.. A a I I x 'Hin' 1d""J ss XVayne Bennett Judy Blanton Gene Blasingame Valerie Blevins Joan Bomnski Jean Bordoysky Janice Bremer Jimmy Brinkley Linda Brotemarkle Buddy Brown Earlene Brown l.inda Brown Barbara Browning Dennis Christian Marcille Chumley Carolyn Clark Anna Lee Coffman Mac Cook Tommy Cooley Rose Lee Curilo Buddy Davis Onetia Donaldson One7ia Donaldson Cameron Douthitt Jackie Durham l.e Rae English Gladys Iiahrenthold Dale Foster Raclene lowler Judy Ciarcia Carolyn Garrett Darlene Goodridge Bonnie Goodwin Linda Gray Sondra Halliday Judy Hamann if QA... Bnndm Hltfhu' Iv. m Hnndon Ixmmy Hull BUSILI' I1m11I Don 1Id Ium Ixxnn Iohnson Icmnc Immr mx In 'mrnnch IXIFNI rn RusuII Ixnnnm Iuunnx IM mu urlx I 11 L Arnold I1 Buuu IXIIYX I ogmn IXIOIIX I opdor' IXIITYIIII I Ong D nd I out! IL uns Pat IXIcCILIlan Dennis 'XIgCuIlough Carolxn XICGIHHIS Rnhard 'XILGmty Iontla 'XIxIILr Xuonnca 'Xioffut Xnn Ottmg XX mnda Io Oxford Pat Pmlson Ixcnncrh Pcauo k PNN Puklns Ruhard Pxtnr IXIIYX Io Randow hrrx Rudx Xxnn Rnkxrd Smdm RUIMFIS C SHT'lY11OP5 I lndm Snagv. Rhmh Shcpnrd fl LIIII Sm lx wx N ncx Srml x Shin n Yxanlu Ilun SIIIYJII 31II Sluxmln I h xmas Smm nm Su 1 Il mbby Talom I hn Xann nd1 X w I YI TLD mn XX xlr Banda XX If Suu Bah XX .xr DOIOHS XX nr n xg XX Im I r Iunmth XXI11ln x fxrclxn XX xIImms X'Ionm XX1nn bxr LX 'Inns I ij. ar " -1 'Hal' 3. I-...ln Ai pn "'l 7' 15 I 4 55 YY -up- L aff WMI vu T 1' CY 3 X553 4 w ef bl 'Il I' ' - 1 'vcr I t 'wi I Q dv Xa WM I A K. X I . Ines I I ' . W 1 'II 1 ' " Hn . I ' 'v N. Bc" ' ,..Iv J ! I - ,I I I I I J' 1 " fy JI Q -:af - I - 5.11K II H. 4 V F I I .A I1 V' ., 'Ii' I. III' I .., ' 1' 2,43 'I I I I -f .Q L45 I 'x I 5. 4-I I I ,I H I Q I I f I . .. ' - my - i FI , A I 1' , , wry 5 . I x , ,sw W' Ag. PM- langlffx " .1 1' ' 12 . , - Y up I'l:cx Xn Snlrlrch I Y' I Igznmn TINEIEC-' I-gl' Ig. V I I V . i .s r I 2 ". r I, A ', ' I I 2 x " I ,i ' Za lin 5 lk ' . ' ez N A I 0 I I Z ,I ' I I 'II I' I I AQ, I l ' 5 xx I vm ' V: Ii . Icc 'IIINcrr ,XI wc '. ' ur ' I S IDJNI' Q wears A . ' .I , s'..' C M I ' V I . 5 I SIC" I I cle 5' 3 1 ', I 'A J -If ' " I .1 P Struggling for the ball during the Student-liaculty Basketball game are XVillie lired and Bobby' Goforth. Decorating the student lounge at Christ- mas time are Gary McXVhorter. George Anne Stoneham. and Judy' Hull. Lowering the flag at the end of another school day are the members of the flag committee, Tommy' Spencer, Jerri Lee McGraw. and Tommy Stoneham. One of the most important and influential groups is the Galena Park High Student Council. The Council promotes the general welfare of the school by acting in an advisory capacity to the principal on certain school problems pertaining to the student body, and sponsors and supports those activities which con- tribute to the betterment of the school. The officers are nominated and elected by popular vote of the stu- dent body Each homeroom is repre sented by an elected delegate Reg ular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of every school month and special meetings and assemblies m be called by e president Amonv the many projects spon sored by the Student Council this year have been the Student Faculty Basketball game the annual car wash and the decoration of the stu dent lounge at Christmas STUDENT COUNCIL PROMOTES GENERAL WELFARE OF THE SCHCOL First Row: Karen Blevins. Sue Rushing. Paula Jones. Merline Spence. Jeanne Brown. l,inda Maxey. Molly' Logsdon. Second rou Marilyn Livingston. l,a Dell KX'illiams, Barbara Lowery, Janie Myers. Marcille Chumley. XVanda Oxford. Mallery Hubbard, Kaye Green. Mary Slocomb. Third row: Jana XVhite. Barbara lferguson. Marie Compton. Carolyn Clark. Sue XX'atts. Mary Chambers Beverly Christian, Jann Hensley. Beverly l,aake. lfourth row: Mary Railacrn. Peggy Thomas. Kenneth Peacock. Johnny Nichols Tommy Sanford. John Riggs. Gary' McXVhorter, Steve Vylheeler. lfifth row: Mr. Bartay. lfrankie Spencer. Ronnie Crouch. XX'ay'ne l,avendusky. George Bordovsky. Russell Kinnison. and John Parker. A xl ' 5 Y If 5 M""'fz'1E Q 2 55 as it-Rf f 5 sq A 'j Wx i i kv 5 -',bL'yy0 ' , f vyw Q J 'CH01 ..+ ,f 1 , 4 QU Nlemhers itandmg Martha Bu lulcw Joan Payne John Perdue Mr Bmk hud Sue Beth Vkare Suellvn lohn son ludy Bonds 'Strung Gul Xkltts fynthu Gusdrw Pat frauens ludy Hammond Monya WIND Qondrm Hxllnday THESPIAN CLUB PROMOTES DRAMATICS Wlth the alm of offerlng a dramatxc outlet for those students who enjoy the produetlon of plays the 'l hespxan Club has worked dnlrgently toward thelr productxon to be presented later tn the year The offleers are Dnrector Mr Bank head LPres1dentJ Ray H111 Assocxate Dxrector land Nmce Presrdentr Vernon Hagen Producer lqecretary m charge of Productlonj Judy Hammond Hal Sanders and Pat Page haw. just completed a dramatnc scene at rehearsal Sondra llxllndxx and Ronnn. lnmon are reh .Jrsnne 1 stem rom a pax presented at mssemblx ulltd Home to 'Vlothtr 59 Cljckviisc Sandra Douglas Sue Beth KK are Beierley Castltberry Mrs Cirolyn Perry lSponsorl. Judith Smith KI resid ntl lout Strahin fSocial Chairman! Daiid Spradin fVict Prcsidtnrl. Reba Rock. I.enora Norton. Bo. ky lurntr lCorrcsponding Secretaryl and Pat Graham lRec0rding Secrctaryl. PEN AND SCROLL SPONSORS INTERSCHOLASTIC SPEECH MEET The Pen and Scroll Club is a literary group under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Perry, eleventh grade English teacher. Members of this club are those students who have an interest in writing and an appreciation of good literature. Any student of the high school who has these interests may become a member of this organization, Some of their many activities are: Having a float in home- coming parade, having workshops on the different aspects of literature, also lending a helping hand to the teachers sponsoring a book review every year and who are working in the Inter- scholastic Speech Meet. 'Vlaking plans for the Pen and Scroll Club's part in the lnterhcholasric League Speech Meet are Judith Smith and Mrs. Perry. Having a group discussion on the short story are left to right: .Joyce Srrahan, Reba Rock, Mrs. Perry. and Pat Graham. v 11 lirst row: .loin llromnxltie, Ciarolinc Cfoniarl Donna lee. linda Matrix. .leanne Brown, Diane l,anier. Sue Stacy 'Vlonva XVinn lerri lee Vcfirrw 3 Second row: Roy Nlixon, llatw lriltins. Helene Mattoclt lloward Gann. .lanet lVlcKelvin. Bohhv Dolmsm, Guglnda l,Jnggmn,il53r y1CiC1vi1Ain, llury Bultnd Betty Davis. Fvelyn Potchernicl-t. Reha Rock. Gladys liarenthold. Carlene Vfatson Myrl Ciynes, 'lihird row: .leff Brant. .limmy Greer. Donnie Nlcvlhorter. Randall Mcfforvey, Billy liaikus. Delores XVarren. Xlelvin XYheeler. Sandra Mattix. lfva Rogers. I.eroy Tanner, Martha Buclcaiew, Tommy Cooley. XVayne Frisby, Vvlalter Cunningham. Don Craig og .M y 5,31 MADEMOISELLE, IOLE! The French Club. sponsored by Mr. Ciionel, is an organi- zation for students who are taking French and who are interested in the language and the French people themselves, One of the their projects this year was the holding of a French Convention at our school. Members from all the schools in the Houston area will attend. The purpose of the Spanish Club is to further the English- speaking peoples understanding of the Spanish language, customs, and culture. Some of the activities include: a float for the homecoming parade, Spanish fiestas, and a banquet. Top picture: left to right are Dicltie Person. Roger Jelly, Jerry Oliver. lirnest lxavings, Mary Nlontgomery, Delta Danielson. Patsy Richards. Sandra Hendman, Toni Morrison. Marleta Armstrong. Roy Smith. Mr- Cassiano, Tommy Perslsy. Bill 'lhuem liirsr row: Tommy Rickert, Johnny Randlett. Merline Spence. Sandra Cates. Mary Vw'ise. Betty Dean Second row: Sandra Douglas, Mary' Brown. Suyanne Rosen U h E Third row: George Bordovsky, .lames Nelson. Jimmy Bryson. Barbara Polk. M-NY V"llll3m5f hhlflffl' YJW5' Russell Kinnison. Roy Smith, Toni Morrison, Pat McMurray. Mary MontgOm0rYi Jfffl' Ollvffi Douglas Aldmon. Pat Stanley, Edwin Ashlock. Mr. Cassiano xi '17 wg WM F g sm-Ofi' , ' act,- Y n l 4. , LA ,Q ..fA,, -law:-mfwrv-',ww-' TWH .jfs-"'.' .v Q. I . . ' --N A B Nukem ? Me- 'Q-D lb CBNGQ... ,fa lg Y .1. an-,v-mga ? 'R ,,..-- .1414 BA ICJN CORPS lucix House Iunm Broun l'w1rl11r1 Browning, C lnrlotu Busull r 1r1 C IYCILH Xllfll Compton C 7L I' fn 's1rl11r1 lsrgxuson 11m o 1:1 ns., lun C ro Sondru ll1lC NIHI lllhmm lo 1r1lxn IIXIHLS 1 M Xlll r Xnn Cltuny, XX 1nd1 Oxlord yhlflllfl nllx l r um 9111 s 'Xlx rn1 Sutton o rom llxt NX ll IL Pl tundl DRUM CORPS .lucy l'rl1nton lnol pxcluradl I mdl Bmsunll Ruth Cxstlmbarry C1rol1n Clark Iudy Ibcrhardt 1yc lx Jullc Howard Sllll Hubbard Slfl I mgnrr XI1rx JO Rmclou IhLlm1 Sanders Pat St y Nlxncw Stmlu Sharon Tow nsgnd Illmchc V1ug,hn I 1DCll Wlllldmi XX HIP CORPS Bath Bflfllxlkl XllI'X Farlnklu lumlu Pauskcr Nlusu Cnc Xnn Dockans SlllI'lkX Donluns R 1 Ing., I1 llc nnu Goocluxn Iu1n1I1 Cmmu Xllflhl C1r1nt 1 X l 1nd1 C nn Sondn ll1ll1d1x Ilxmlulh lohnson CllXl1hC Ioms C 'X C Slnrlu X oon xntl111 Nmpohon l 1t Qmxth CIIYILH XX uson l1n1 Xxllllk 1r1 nn fun, oo ROPI. CORPS I1 1rlCn Ilmrox Cl udm Cmnon 1 n lu 1111 Slnrrx Horn rolxn l1n on N llmr USLITIIYX n I 1 S 1rS 'xnn Stucnson xllfglt Sullk 1nd1 Xol Nlullxn XR 1rdlo1x LaLn.1 XX'r1g,ht TA LEY LEAD JACKETEER Coloml Sha ron Stanley l ILUILHJHI Colon I Bunch lxlmbnll LILUICHIHI Xllflll n Y oung Major of Drums leature lWlYlCI'S 'Nlary Logan Ilorme Clullu 'Vlnrllm Spunu Carolyn Clark 11r nd1 1 Nlalor of XX lnps .1orofI31 Nlalsxg Cato Pau A Junta Mrs. Anna Ruth Duke, the drill instructor of the Jack- eteers, in one of her few moments of leisure. bpm, Top Row Evelyn Potchermck Martha Hooper Ann Lee Greer Yvonne McDonald Margaret Garsee Judy Eberhardt Nxta Booth Mary Chambers Lmda Brasuell Betty Sue Cornett Sharon Townsend Ann Stevenson THE JACKETEERS SOCIAL OFFICERS The socral offrcers whrch are Judy Allce Mack CPres1dentj Ba rba ra Blanton qTreasurerJ Claudla Cannon Browmng fH1stor1an9 and Wanda lSecretaryJ Sondra Hallrday lVlC2 Oxford fChapla1nJ are conductmg a presrdentl regular meetrng of the Jacketeers ACKETEERS Betty Pxttman Carolyn l-lardm Beverly Chrrstran Barbara Jackson Glenda Henthorn Pat Stacy Mrddle Row Elrzabeth Hrcks Ruth Ann Walker Lavada Mrller Myra Armstrong Cynthia Napoleon 'nr1qll1P' " 39 it if -s' .6 W ' G 3 aa' lm lg as 'K I 3 kid by .5 r N , Q V 4 MW J " ' K it Y, KW Aw, -, ,, ..,, ..,. T HW W, .1-.4-nu, W wt - ,usa-N MM-f t. ,xv.....N ,ii -,. A S : L vt W 2 , if 1... ., gg tial Q 1-I-:fee 'if' r 1 ' x - -an vii rg. 45? fe-If S, at W, .J We g ' 2 ,itat " 1' ' 55 -' .- W as . J 1 . U ' W 7 x M T as as Jtayy J T T e e an .,., J S arg.-. 1 " J it af -ff J f- J v of - ,. xx 7 t - G Q x Qi eg M. , .IL lvl.: Z Y A , mn 8 G Huang' A J K X lf J' ST, t Af J W -, W X 'lf ,-3 QQ Y l 4' W 2 V ' W: -A J Q - f fe T f M 'H 4 : l ' at l ' ' 4- " . M WLM, Q In 7' . t A A - t v ig is A wa J - ,,--, ij.3::,.,5:'Zv ., '- U .J S M J X Q S . A 'gf N 6 , " S "' ' ll " . 'S 3' -l " ' J' 1- ie- 2 sa 'J xl -Q' 'E' gl r 5 " ' V -V Q-if i 3 yy 2 X , 7 l 5 H ' , ' ' 2 --.,, , , I L. A S, A T " U a -v ' h l - - K '- inn WA Q 1 5 l J h A Q' S Q J IL- c v-Y W mv 8 gr-1 if 'ev' nt 09 QQ- THE .IACKETEERS In l056 a girls marching corps. the Jacketeers, was or- ganized. Under the direction of Mrs. Anna Ruth Duke. the group comprises seventy girls led by a Colonel and a l-ieuA tenant Colonel. The Jacketeers perform at football games, parades, and other events throughout the school year. The four corps. consisting of batons. drums. ropes. and whips, perform as a unit, and have become an out- standing part of school life. Upon entering high school a sophomore serves one year as a reserve before becoming a regular. Strict rules and regulations are set up by which each mem- ber must abide if she is to re- main a member of the Jacketeers. E Rl ffm RESERVE JACKETEER OFFICERS The reserve officers vxhich are Sharon Condry fkice president! Jerri Ciibson lSecretary J Kaye Burkett 4Treasurerl Jana White fHistorianJ Blanche Vaughn lChaplainl La Una Wright lAssistant Chaplain! and Sandra Ben nett tPresidentJ are busily working on plans for the Jacketeer float for Home- coming Parade. SCHOCD PIRIT RESERVES Carole Otting, Rosemary Stewart, Judy Parker, Helen LaUna Vvlright, Linda Powell, Dolores Howard, Dianna Bettis, Thelma Sanders, Peggy Cooley, Cissy Rongers, Blasdell, Blanche Vaughn, Jana White, Jerri Ciibson. Sally Seward, Myrna Sutton, Nancy Sanford, Barbara Sandra Bennett, Sharon Condry, Kaye Burkett, Barbara Polk, Barbara lVlethvin. Brockman, Dianne Derouen, Sherry Miller, Lyndell Bottom Row: Phyllis Sheppard, LaDell XVilliams, Maxey, Carolyn Pettit, Alice Faye Hill. ...,..,....,,,,,,. ,N ,,,,,. . .,,,,,. W ,h,y,, . A W fx H H F W 7 WM' X 0 iv A-us, 'QQ'- 36 y w no - avg y , r Members: liirst row: Rose Cirilo. l.. C. Sammons. Tommv Cooley. Richard l7it7er. Deloris XVarren. Mrs. XK'ade. Nlrs. Shurlev. Second row- Brcnda Hatcher. llarland llenrv. .lacltie Durham. .lohn Nlprmon. C Diane l.anier. Vernon llagan. Albert XVagner, Marcille Chumlev. Arnold la Baove, Carolyn Garrett, Karen Johnson. Third row: Judy Hammond. Brenda Kimbrell. Xlarv Logan. Dennis Christian. Cameron Douthitt. .lames Hardy. lidwin Arnold. Russell Kinnison. David l,ovett, Donald Jeane. Jimimvi' Q , ,,, , Wa 1 Brinlclev Donald Jeane. Jackie Durham. and Bobby Bain look on intently as Mrs. XX'ade demonstrates how to divide a line into equal segments. l i " 9 SS ,fi 5 N J P 3--.ang NN T..-. 'divx M-4-11541 nv' 5-a MU ALPHA THETA VISITS INDUSTRIES The Cialena Park chapter of the Mu Alpha Theta was granted its charter in the spring of l958. lt is a national honor club for high schools and junior colleges. ln order for an individual to become a member, he must have a "B" overall average, have completed four semesters of algebra, and either be en- rolled or completed plane geometry. This year the club has taken sev- eral field trips, among Which were visits to the Shell Chemical Co., Sinclair Re- finery, and the Robert A. Welch Foun- dation's conference on atomic structure. Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Shurley are the sponsors, and the officers are: Presi- dent-Jackieg,Durham, Vice-President- lohn Mormon. Secretary - Deloris Warren, and Corresponding Secretary-M Thomas Cooley. The aims of the Math Club are to promote mathematics in daily life and show its importance to other people They are pledged to give help in this field to anyone who asks it. ixillh In the guidance office. one of the Math Club's projects is to help students in math after school. Seen here is Jackie Durham helping John Young with an algebra problem. 6 Right: Looking bright and fresh in their blue and white checked uniforms. Leona Appel and Marie Compton help Mrs. Hicks straighten the rooms and serve the patients. Far right: One of the duties of the volunteers is to help in the X-ray Department. Here Mrs. Hicks shows Valerie Starratt how the X-ray machine works. ' Below: Club members: First row: Carol Barnes. Leona Appel. Linda Blasingame. Deloris VVarren. Ruth D'Ziggel. Carolyn McGinnis. Pat Graham. Mary Alice Foster. Lenora Norton, Joyce Strahan. and Pam XVaid Third row: Mrs. Jewel Hicks. Freda Davis. Beuna Roberts. Karen Johnson. Vice-President. Mary Gates. Sue Stacy. Secretary. Pat Asher. Treasurer, Valerie Starrattd President. Kalene Bean. and Reba Rock, Chaplin ' , f . . '7 i N s t l ta W- 4 it 1: 1 t 2 3 3 ..,-ma... if 'fx I L ' was A ..t. l uf' r FUTURE NURSES ORGANIZE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM An important proiect of the Future Nurses Club has been organi7ing the volunteer program at North Shore Hospital. Having been received with enthusiasm. this program will later be expanded to some of the other hospitals in the area. Top leftt Volunteers Nancv Sanford and Bar- bara Polk entertain a patient and give her a ride around the hospital. Top right: XYorking as floor hostesses Pam XK'ard and Carol Black help Mrs. E. D. McMurray on her daily rounds, S .,-3 ' 'c HCT, X The Future Nurses of America is a relatively new organization in Galena Park High School. lt was organibed in l957 by its present sponsor. Mrs. Jewel B. Hicks. the school nurse. and through her expert guidance, it has become a very active club, This organization provides a setting in which young people who are interested in nursing as a career can meet together to share their interest and to explore the oppor- tunities and requirements in the field. The Future Nurses Club has many activities throughout the vear. This year it sponsored the March of Dimes campaign in Galena Park High School. Visiting speakers tell of the different fields of medicine which the girls can enter. Also. members visit various hospitals throughout the vc.-ir, and during Nurse Career XVeek participate in the festivities at the hospitals. ln the spring they attend the annual convention of the Future Nurses of America in Galveston. The end of the school year provides excellent opportunities for the social life of the club. A candlelight service is held in the earlv spring when the members receive their pins. Later on a luncheon is held: finallv the girls have an outing in Galveston when th-ey tour John Sealv Hospital and then eniov an afternoon on the beach. Mrs. XX'anda Hughes. representative of the Pasadena Doctors' XX'ives Club aids Mrs, Hicks in sponsoring the club and helping with the various trips and socials. - '. 'c 3 Nlembcrs Top row Shelby Broun lohnny Vloormin I C Sammons Jackie Durham 'Vliddlc row Frle Fxans ludv Hammond Rn Dcxxcv Bottom row Vlr S1m Nichols Gul VJitts XX unc lrisbx 'Nlr Robert Slndel GALENA PARK HOSTS SCIENCE FAIR The Science Club was organized in 1951 with the general purpose of arousing interest in scientific affairs among the members of the student body and to make a collection of scientific specimens for the laboratory museum It was sponsored by S H Nichols biology instductor who is also the present sponsor Field trips and collecting expeditions are made at irregular intervals but regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month of the school year The club is affiliated with the Texas Academy of Science and the National Science Club of America The annual Science Fair under the direction of Mr S H Nichols is held each spring Nlembcr ship is open to any member of the student body that is interestcd in things scientific 'SST'- QQ! Q., 0 'Q Mr Nichols matches as L C Sammons straightens A rock collc tion thej proj cr of lxartn Blevins before the Science lair begins lx rtn ha worked many hard hours on hcr project I -1. This year the highest honor given to any Science Club mem- ber. that of being called the "Scientist of the Year." was given to Shelby Brown. He won this award by designing and building a radio telescope. pow- erful enough to receive the static of the stars. This was the first telescope of this type in the na- tion cver built bv an amateur. One of Cialena Parks students Exelwn Potchcrni k exhibits her project on the lungs at the S ience lair Nuch time and ffort ucnt into planning ind making S PYCUCLI n L e Vvater Schmidt hcrc slums his posters on thc hurt intl e parts of mc trt cow , S ' ' i- ff" :few Y. , A A- I V I 5 O . c . ' f . I v . I r . . . l 3 ' . . . . . 7 . ,. i r ' .' ' ' 'c . , ' 4 ' ' c' 5 ' . X C 'risn iv 1 'e, 1. 'c' . 1 . 5' ' C X i si r - f u . .. , , T . 2 4 , . 9 . X . 0 l f' 1 ' .A ' . I " Q' .. 'l e H , s ' , I I 0 ' 1 A ... ' . V r . I ' - fi f ' . thi. " o th' hu . 3 A A V Q V n tri , N f ' vnu- ' ' - ' . ' 't . "T . th. tl ' he. of J .214 eg' . ,Q f' l ' K "H ' 'A x A xx, li 5 , '! 1. ,, .I - F ' . . . , A1 , fc . 1.1" Y YOUNG MINDS EXPLORE INTELLECT . , SEEK REALISM . . . CONTEINIPLATE INFINITY The chess club is an organization for students interested in the game of chess. The club members have practice games every week and then enter in tournaments with other schools on every other Sunday. The Chess Club has won its fair share of these tournaments. Clockwise the members are: Judy Hammon, Erle Evans. Richard Hodges, Johnny Kuvlxendall, Judith Smith. Mr. Mock lsponsorm, Nlelvin XVheeler. Gail Vwlatts. ""-72' .oadfa ASTRONONIY CLUB The Astronomy Club was formed this year by a group of students interested in learning more about celestial bodies. Sponsor - Mr. I-larold Odom The members ofthe Astronomy Club which are left to right: Charles Merrill. Sandra Doug- lass. Shelby Brown, Richard I-lodges, and Charles Crouch. 1-Q3 .,x. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club is an organization for camera own- ers who are interested in photography. Its m e m b e r s work toward developing an appreciation of good photog- raphy, developing high stand- ards in quality of photographic work, learning photographic processes. The use of good photographic equipment, and making a record of high school activities is stressed. Top Row: Janice Shirley. David Spradlin, Ereda Davis. Jean Bordovsky, Miss Purcell fsponsorl. Bottom Row: Anna Lee, Mar- tha Cavanaugh, Jerry Dean Ciore, James Brittain and Erle Evans. Top row Ann 'Stexenson Imda Powell Judy Sears Darlene Blue Shirley Moon Brenda Hatcher F r e d a Dans M1 dle row Sue Crxsp Carlene XVatson Sue Rush mg Thelma Sanders Frankie Cox Bottom R o vt Marilyn Young Paula Jones I' H A CHAPTER OFFICERS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OI AMERICA The Future Homemakers of Amerxca IS the natronal organnatnon of pupxls study ng homemaktng 1n the junior and sentor hxgh schools rn the Unxted States and Terrrtortes The Future Homemakers of America brrngs together state groups mterested rn workxng toward better home and famtly hung provxdes opportunxtles to share rn solwmg problems Important to home ltfe and sponsors group projects local state and nattonal rn scope rt mcreases oppor tumtles for development of leadershtp and Intelligent partrcxpatlon so much needed m a democratxc socxety Future Homemakers of Amerxca rs an mcorporated non profrt youth orgamza txon It came mto bemg through the co operatne efforts of youth enrolled nn home malunq classes rn secondary schools burldmg a nattonal organnatron of thetr own tn whrch they may dexelop soctal qualrtnes and promote better home life for xts members and famxlres There are about twenty exght thous and boys and gurls rn Texas who are mem bers of F H A and about twelwe thousand boys and gurls are tn Area IX the area rn vshrch Galena Park IS a member All homemaknng students are elxgmble for membership The local president as selected from the sennor class of the next year by electron 'hs- Busnly occupled rn th two dntsrons of the Homemalung course are Carole Black faboxe prctureb sewmg and Myrle Guynes Pat Graham and Carole Black lrrght prcturel preparmg a meal TOWARD NEW HORIZONS 70 -was-.... -u-.-... Dlscussxng the exents of the day ower a cup of coffee are Mxss Brggs Mrs Thompson and Mxss Purcell who are all IHA sponsors and homemakxng teachers HRI TIA TUDE T U IO Ap.. DQVUQ Shurlcx' Sprmsor. 'lkommy MoonfPrCSiCiCDl, Rebeiia IVyf-XHCC'PYCSHICIIL Mrs. s- 'ily wks 'F ef' r .Q o ,,4f,,.'-- OI VICHRS Sl.1nciing:Suc Stack Smml Chairman Stun XX'bcclcr 7f:hJPl.l1I1 XY.1x'rw fbrixbv- -- Rcpurlcr Dclmrci XX'.1rrvn Ylissmn fl' fflmnrrrmn, Ucnnxs Cfhruslmn I'ulw1n1rx' C,h.11rm.1n M-.rlrdi Nlnrv Slmumb ffhcnrislcr. Sanrim Rulwrls 'I'mn1sr Radcm' fkuwlvr - Srcrclarv Sundm H.lllr4i.1V-r-Xixsvun flhnurmnn VHS! run" Urs Shurlv. R.1d--'M Fwwlur Rose Czlflxfv X mlm Halqhcr Bmw Crnlflfr Sandrg Rr Ywrm Sus ffllcn lawn I.1nd.1 Hmiy-H P7x'lll'1.'l Rubens Hr-rv-, I'.m'!I.1, Suund row: Brfndn Hrxuhcr, Carolyn fmrrcrt. Kalrnu Pawn Xiwnva Vfmn, Par Pnulwn Mvra Putman, Barbara rlnqksmrn C3311 vsbf4IlS Sondra Harris Delores XVarren Third row: .Iudilh Smith. Reba Rock Iovcc Strahan, .Iudv Mason, Ann Iyeamons fzlamc XX'arrcn, Billiy Clhlldcrs. Row Lee XK'ard Suu Bulb XX'aru fwurrh row' Linda XK'1Isv n Carole Bhd-. IFN frrahanu Cam! Pmrnrx Xhrv lm: H-xlrivr Xhrv Sfrmrrrrb PM SI-:gl-.r-n Sgndra Iirvlxulns Rr-!wc:.1 Iv: Swndrl Halirdav Iltlh rww' Purllx Pmlw gk, Stu'-.' XYhuuIcr Ronnrf lcrnmfmn XK'.1'.'nc frrslw Iohn Roghgllf Ucnnxs Christian, Shelby Brown. 'llmrnnry Moon C.S.LI. PRESENTS DAILY Evangelist Freddy Gage spoke at a C.S.U. meeting on Novem- ber 3 Sandra Roberts and Sandra Douglas prepare to gxve a dally devotlonal s ,-Q it li Y.- Radene Fowler Dennxs Chl'lSIl3fl Sondra Hallxday an J-prepare to dxstrxbute the hundreds of toys donate by the students of Galena P rk Hlgh School for the needy chlldren at Chnstmas J---........., b F +V Iv ' ' a . . - . , ix A. 'N '-' ' 4 . ' Q X, X 0 fd K 'Y 1 E le ta 1 s Y V A , Will' ' we 1 l ' 1 . . -555 -- . s, Q ,1 .M 4 -11 . . ' .. , 'K ' . f' V J . K 1 tv . ,L A , . 3 ' t Q f, , lik., I sx " "' W ,A I . 2 5 at ' , -1..,..., 1 I , y it K N A A Q N.. e ., ,Q DEVCDTIONAL. Each year the CSU proyrdes a plaee vyhere Chrlstxan students of all denomrnatxons may meet and haye fellowshrp together 'I hey work toward rarslng the standards of the school and hue projects such as therr Chrrstmas and Easter assemblles They sponsor baskets at Thanksglvmg and toys at Chrrstmas for the needy chrldren of our commun1ty Each month the C S U has a specnal mnssronary project and at many of thexr meetlngs they brmg m local pastors and some evangelxsts to speak i Delores Vyarren and Steye Wheeler gnc one of the daxly deyotronals Brother Ed Stewart gaxe the message wr at the annual Chrrstmas assembly held 5 193 2 on December 19 Rebecca Ivy and Tommy Moon. Ou!- standing Zfhn ians for 1959. are shown preparing the music for the next CSL. meeting. MARY ALICE LOGAN JATFX MANUFACTURING COMPANY Special recognition was given to Mary Alice Logan of the Jatex Manufacturing Company at the annual Junior Achievement Sweetheart Ball held in the Sam Houston Coliseum, February 7, 1959. Mary was announced as third place winner in the finals of the Junior Achievement Sweetheart contest for the greater Houston area. The awards were made on the basis of beauty. charm, poise, intelligence, and personality. "TOMORROW'S LEADERSHIP ON DISPLAY TODAY" Galena Park High School has five junior achievement companies, two sponsored by Shef- field Steel, one by Nyotex Chemical, one by A. O. Smith, and the other by Texas Budiene. These junior business organizations give teen- agers opportunities to gain valuable experiences in business procedure, selling. and the actual production of useful articles for which there is a market. Among the products put out by the junior achievers have been barbeque pits, aluminum serving trays, garden hose hangers. chopping boards, and lighter fluid and charcoal lighters. The faculty sponsor of the junior achievement groups is Mr. George Bunkley of the school's industrial arts department. Junior Achievers meet every Monday and Tuesday nights during the school year in the buildings of the industrial arts department. The Jaytex Manufacturing Company is spon- sored by Nyotex Chemical Division. This year the following members made cutting boards: First row: Sharon Hathaway, Karen Johnson Second row: Sandra Williams, Suzanne Rosen, Valerie Starratt, Mary Logan, Rhonda Hart, James Hart lsponsorl, Thelma Sanders This year Texas Budiene and Chemicals sponsored the Sure-Lite company which made lighter fluid and charcoal lighter. Their mem- bers are: First row: Ann Ferguson, Mary Ann Sturdavant, Judy Ardoin, Pat Scarborough: Second row: Walter Sturdavant, William Tutor, Richard Hatfield lSponsorl. Sponsored by Sheffield Steel. the Galena Nlanufacturing Company made barbeque cook- ers. First row: Dick Thurman, Benny Om, Lola NVest, Bill lXflcMurrough, Sandra XVilkerson. Joe Ubernosky, Louis Fry, Ronnie Herreth: Second row: Ronald Henderson, John Parker, Delwin Rollison, Ray Armstrong, Kenneth Huseman, Ed Gault. 74 The Ascot Products Company is sponsored by A. O, Smith. This year their project was to make aluminum serving trays. In this Junior Achievement company are: First row: l.inda Gray. Pat Sulik. Sue Rushing, Jack Sanders. Pat Cravens, Trulah Roesler. Tanya Atkinson Second row 1 Edwin Ashlock. Ronnie l,ea- mt-n. l.inda Firotemarkel. Veronica Moflett. Joyce Hardy. Pamela XVard. Mona Johnson. Suellvn Johnson. Russell Kinni- son Third row: "Baron" Munchow. Jo h n Vann. XK'endell Taylor. Doug Busker. S, R, Newton. Earl Holmes. Ray Goetch. This year garden hose hangers were made by the Jatellite Prod- ucts Company sponsored by Sheffield Steel Divison of Armco. First row: Margie Sulik, Loraine Johnston. Carolyn XX'ililams. Molly I,ogs- don. John Riggs. Frank Pickens. Tommy Fry Second row: Buddy Moody. Harris Vv'ilson. Bohhv Tihhitts. Jerry Reedy, Jim Venderhurk. Buddy Mayo. Corkey Sandel, Rohert Mosley. Mr. James. l.arry Snyder Third row: larry Pave. Douglas Stewart, louis Fell. Lnrfv Hendricks. John Kuykendall. XV a y n e Frisby. Thomas Lynn 1 ul J Q . 4 A Q "J -'all til ,LQ- 'rnw :ful ' -5'c il "r 'Ilan .J"' wg X .l.A. COMPANIES ELECT SWEETHEARTS PAT SVARBOPOUGH sfwom wit Krrzsow DA 1 1 . y ., A, V V. - . V TSY CRAVENS morn iocosox SWL HTL COMPAM oAt.ExA MANLTPACTLRING Ascor PRODUCTS JATEI I iris PRODUCTS , ' A N . FUTURE TEACHERS A, Nfl OF AMERICA The F.T.A. was organized during the school year of 1950- 1951 with goals to emphasize the qualities of dependable char- acter and leadership . . . to orient student into the teaching profession, and to give students the opportunity for active par- ticipation in teaching. Under the guidance of Miss Neal, the members of the F.T.A. will one day be the peo- ple that will shape Americas destiny. They are the people who will mold the thinking of the next generation, First row: Edith Murphy, Susan Amberg. Lexie Byrum. Joyce Strahan, Pal Paulson Second row: Pat Stanley. Diana Blasdell, Donna Lee. Budy Mayo. Terry XX'1lson Third row: Nliss Neal 4Sponsor5. Carolyn Garrett. Cynthia Hilliard. Pat Graham. Karen Blevins SHAPING AMERlCA'S DESTINY Under the leadership of Mr. Richard Pemberton, the Art Club this current year has grown with leaps and bounds, One of their many projects was the screening and selling of school pennants. Screening is the process by which you force paint through a silk screen that has been cut into a design, thereby leaving the impression upon the material. You may have recognized the "Back the Big J" posters put up around the school. Touching up one of the pennants sold bv the 'Xrt First Judy .ludv lrene Balws Pat Sc Billv Xlr. YOXYI Gaston Cawltiield Xlaxted Coulter .1 rlmrough Harris Richard Pemberton fSponsorl Second row: Clellamav Rogers l,ii'i'da Davison Peeszv Holmquist Anna Cannon Beverly' Castleberrv Carol lrman Barbara Harris Pat Kinlxcad Marv' Ann Thiboduaux Third row: Sarah Roarlt Eva Roi' . vrna Fuller Geraldine Fisher Nlallerv Hubbard Charles Smith Alan S1'HlIT1AI-J l'rand Pickens IQ JOHCS 52 5 -"' ' X 8 ,. A. 255355 CRT -,. 1. , 'Q W, R K 2 rl 1: if 3. 'I 2 4 xxxl in Y., fl 'fx , Qif1r+,,,,. ,- 1 A V. -h f. js' HY' . ff ': 5, '3 T Y 'P , , if 0 ,, , 44 5 4 S all ,V -. Q w . 1 ' ' . w- ' .51 ' ' -5. ,Ig ,wa f .h !.i -g,'y"5B', , ' Wg - f J' ' 'rw N ' f.. .-Y .f ' GALENA PARK CHEERLEADERS First Row: Lola Vkfest Second Row: Donaild Jeane, Franklin Kilpatrick, Buddy Mayo. Doug Busker ' Third Row: Jo Ellen Sisson, Barbara Adams QHead Cheerlead- erg, Linda Lloyd lr '4 w' ' Q-' A' :'f X f . 'IEQIQ J ,. ' i ' i 9 4 I Linda Lloyd and Doug Busker cheer the Jackets on 31155 Qtmldl Sponsor 78 Cheerleaders silhouetted by the light of the Homecoming bonfire. ii? ,Af ai Zag sfwefri M665 .. 0g?Ug5Qr 27, Quffa ff-3 THE GALENA PARK YELLOW JACKETS OF I958 First Row Dale Foster, Hal Hallon- Second Row: Jimmy Hill, Stu Stewart, quist Glenn Collins, Edgar Brantley, Bill McGonagle, Kenneth Whitney. John St Clair, Jim Cowan, Jimmy Jimmy Solley. Benny Orn, Robert Greer Douglas Avery, Douglas Hale, Warrington, Harold Wingate, Bobby Jackie Manchack, Danny Gardner Cnoforth, Ciary Bennett, R ic ha rd Paul Smith Julian Kuehl Charles Dawson Head Coach End Coach Line Coach GALENA PARK 'AYELLOW JACKETS" Milby Reagan Midland Brazosport Ball High Pasadena Baytown South Houston Spring Branch Texas City JERRY COOK Ha fb Third Row: Gordon Ellioxt, Jerry Cook. John Brightwell, Jack Weldon, Ronnie Crouch, Norris Sterling, Ted Weatherly, Lynwood Moore, Bobby Tibbitts, Johnny Nichols, Randall Vincent ack DOUGLAS AVERY Back Senior P v n SQ . " ..,, GARY BENNFI l C enter Junior N , aa Jimmy Solley returns intercepted pass with help of Danny Gardner GALENA PARK AND MILBY BATTLE T0 A SCORELESS TIE Galena Park, the I2-AAAA favorite, didnt do such .1 good job of defending its title. During the 48 minutes of playing. nothing was gained but tense excitement of the estimated 10,000 fans at Dement Field. Milby's big line kept Galena's attack from looking good. The only bright spot was the five intercepted passes on Galena's side. Jerry Cook only collected 0 yards in 14 carries, Gordon Elliott led the rushing with 76 yards in I6 tries. Both teams fumbled and fumbled. Galena Jackets lost five of their seven fumbles. Jackets led Milby in total yardage 143 to 106. The score ended, 0-0. E T l 2 BUCKY BISHOP EDGAR BRAN'l'l.l2Y Guard lim! Sophomore Senior 80 JOHN BRIGHT WII.I. Senior IIIVI COWAN Iunior C I ININ COLLINS Iachle Qophomore I VRRY COOK Buch 'Senior 6 is REAGAN SMACKS JACKETS, 14-0 Reagan High School of House ton came through Friday night at Dement Field with big plays to defeat the Yellow Jackets. l-l-O. The game was played on a slow. slippery field after a week of drenching rain. The crowd was re- markable considering the weather. A 65-yard pass was the first sixfpointer and put the Bulldogs ahead 6-O. The other marker came in the fourth quarter and lengthen' ed Reagan lead. Although the statistics were fairly close, the Galena Park Jackets were not at their best. Costly fumbles aided the Reagan cause. A sluggish of fense caused the Jackets to fizzle out after starting offensive drives. This made one loss and one tie for the Galena Park Jackets. End End I W V., .V -if .. 5 IBB i an 'bf' II, ,Magi RONNIE CROUCH End Junior DALE FOSTER Tackle Senior KENNY CURTIS GORDON ELLIOTT Back Bafk Sophomore SUU01' GALENA TOPS MIDLAND FOR FIRST VICTORY, 12-6 Galena Park had their first win of the season Friday night in Midland. Quarterback Bobby Goforth passed a 60-yard aerial shot to end John Brightwell for the first score of the game as well as the season. Then Goforth got loose and rambled 30 yards for a 12-0 lead. Glenn Collins kicked for the extra point but it was no good. Midland scored late in the fourth quarter. It was a big win for Coach Smiths eleven, which at this period have all aces on their record with one win, one loss. and one tie. Jerry Cook makes the tackle on ls O X7 A - 3 i s lun Q E11-mi DANNY GARDNER BOBBY GOFORTH JIMMY GREEK Guard Back Gllllfd Junior Senior Senior 'H i 5. GALENA JACKETS CRASH BRAZOSPORT, 31-13 1 an Friday night, October 10, Galena Jackets won over A Brazosport 31-13 at Dement Field. An onside kickoff by Brazosport was recovered by an Exporter on Galena's 43 for a touchdown. The Exporters score once more, and after four and one-half minutes of play, Brazosport led 13-O. Galena's hopes began to rise when Stu Stewart made his first of three touchdown passes to John Brightwell. Jerry Cook went two yards for another and Stewart passed to end Jack Vv'eldon for a third before the half. Cook romped 37 yards and Stewart passed to Brightwell for the final score, 31-13. N A ,,,g,,i4P'y . . 4 I y DOUGLAS l-IALE Helpful support is always given by our managers, Jerry Reedy and End Raymond Meade. A Senior x ,. -as YW 5 1 JIMMY Hll-l. 7 Guard 1 Senior One win one loss on Pasadena QT? Cialena Park leads Ball High RICHARD lVlcGlNTY Back Senior YELLOW JACKETS TUMBLE THE TORNADOES 36- 12 Friday night at Dement Field. the Cialena Park Jackets started at a slow pace once more. The flat passes started the Tornadoes on their first scoring drive. A long pass from the tail- back to the right half was good for their first touchdown. The Jackets held the Tornadoes to a -32 rushing total. From then on it was all Cralena Park. Jerry Cook seemed to really come alive, scoring three touchdowns and four extra points. John Bright- well received a pass from quarterback Stu Stew- art as did Jack Weldon-each making a touch- down. ln the fourth quarter, after a Ball High lineman grabbed a Yellow Jacket fumble on the Jacket 35, the Tornadoes made their second and last touchdown, putting the Galena Park-Ball High score 36-12. BILL lVlcGONAC1l-E End Senior JACKIE MANCHACK Bach Senior Eagles field ai y 4 I s int l' 3,1 J ackettears at Pasadena 2 A! , el : LYNWOOD MOORE Guard Senior fi s cl W5 JOHNNY NICHOIS Guard Senior lf 2 J, 'I 141 85 1 3 3 JIMMY SOLLEY Baci Senior BENNY ORN Back Senior GALENA PARK YELLOW JACKETS G0 DOWN FIGHTING Galena Park spirits fell to a low ebb Fri day night at Pasadena Stadium. And audience of l2,000 watched the Eagles make ten points in the first half and hold Galena's charge in the final 24 minutes. Pasadena maneuvered 57 yards to the Jackets 8, where they booted a field goal for a 310 lead in the first quarter. An intercepted pass by the Eagles set up Pasadena's only touchdown. Pasadena was determined to put the game out of reach in the third quarter. But the Jackets' defense led by Bobby Tibbitts, Ronnie Crouch, and Johnny Nichols put up a barricade on the Jackets' 3-yard line. In the final period, the Jackets began to move, Kenneth XX'hitney made Galena's only score. The Jackets led in total yardage, 218 to 208, and outgained Pasadena 75-40 yards rush- ing in the final half. The l0-6 defeat of the Jackets sent them a long way from the District 12-AAAA title. um CI Em QQ. P1 L4 O I Z U7 T5 rw F' 2 :U Stu Stewart goes over for a touchdown. SMlTH'S ELEVEN PLUCKS THE GANDERS Galena Park came back from a 10-6 loss to Pasadena last week to defeat old-rival Baytown 27-15. lt was the first time for Jackets to defeat Baytown on Dement Field. ind to make two straight wins over the Ganders. Galena was led by Gordon Elliott and Kenneth Whitney. Elliot turned in his best perform- ance of the year gaining 179 yards in I6 carries for a remarkable aver- age of 11.3 yards per carry. Alto- gether, Galena Park got a total of 359 yards rushing, 324 of them on the ground. Stu Stewart scored first, late in the fourth quarter and Bobby Go- forth kicked the first of his three conversions, making the score 7-0. ln the second quarter Gordon Elliott scored on an 85 yard run from scrimmage, Goforth convert- ed and the score was 14-0. Bay- town scored with minutes left in the half. Half-time score was 14-7. In the fourth quarter Whitney scored on a 13-yard run. Both teams scored again, making the final score 27-15, U' 9' 1111! if NORRIS STERLING STU STEWART BOBBX TIBBITT S Tackle Back Guard Senior 86 Junior Semor TJ". rw 36 I I 'i I T, "" f of i-dw bl Elliot, Nichols, Cook and Tibbits close in on South l-louston's ball carrier KENNETH XVH' lxll Y Bdffl Senior STEWART'S 99-YARD RUN HIGHLIGHTS SOUTH HOUSTON GAME JACKETS RAMBLE 45-6 IN scored two. Kenneth Whitney and FOG. The longest run Galena Jlmml' Sffllel' l0ln9d the Scoring Park fans have seen was displayed Pefade Wlth OH wuchdown each' . Bobby Goforth kicked three con- by Stu Stewart in the Pasadena . U 4 I I versions to add to the seven Jacket Stadium Friday nite. Jerry Cook, touchdowns- This Wm gave the also scored two and Gordon Elliot. jackets A 4,1 record for district who plays halfback opposite Cook, play. l I ' I i I 4 I l I I 5 I 3 I I I, - I, . RANDALL VINCENT Tackle Senior fs ,. ROBERT WARRINGTON TED WEATHERI Y Bad? Center S9HiO1' Senior 87 JACK WELDON E d Jmfior JERRY WIGGINS Guard Senior HAROLD WlNGA'l'E Tackle Senior WHO'S GOT THE BALL??? JACKETS MAUL THE BEARS The Galena Jackets showed how wrong sportswriters can be by defeating Spring Branch 59-12. Although the Jackets were picked as only a l point favorite, they ran up their highest score of the year. The Jackets held Spring Branch's well-known passing game and played great defense the whole time. Jerry Cook was the leading scorer for Galena with four touchdowns. Jackie Manchack scored two, and Kenneth Whitney, Gordon Elliot, and Richard McGinty, one each. Bobby Goforth kicked five extra points. 88 GALENA CAGES THE BEARS? HAL HALLONQUIST Center Senior JERRY REEDY Manager Junior TEXAS CITY TESTS GALENA DEFENSE The Yellow Jackets completed the 1958 football season by defeating Texas City 33-O. Playing one of their best games of the year, the Jackets rolled up 542 yards rushing. This final game left Cialena with a 6-l record and second place in District 12-AAAA. Jerry Cook led Galena scorers with two touch- downs. Kenneth Whitney. Gordon Elliot, and Jimmy Solly made one each. Johnny Nichols, Ronnie Crouch, Norris Ster- ling, Danny Gardner, Randell Vincent, Bobby Tibbetts, and Ted Weatherly, a defense mechanism to be reckoned with, held the Texas City team scoreless, and their furthest penetration was to the Jacket's 15 yard line, Jerry Cook, GP. halfback wrapped up the district scoring title with his two touchdowns and brought his season total to 82 points. 89 1 . 1 1 A mc - - RAYMOND MEAD Manager Junior QQ 54' X53f"7 "' 1f pi s , D... , I I 5 e 7' 142- 2 gg -f-il I ISUI fazrslsif' ff sf " gil It Q f f A f sa I 3-F SOPHOMORE VARSITY 158514 4 1: First Row: Jim Selms, Edward Hood, Billy Freels, Larry Short, Joe Campbell, Roger Neal, Jimmy Stew- art, Daune Graham, Clark Jones Second Row: Bat Dement, Johnny Haydel, Bill Raney, George Custer. Jimmy Cook, Achie McClure, James Gutcher, Charles Fletcher, Claudie Smith, Loren Fuesling, Dickie Persons Way.. A NW W M .,,....s ,..,.,,N,,,s, .a.M,,. c,,,,,,,- WZ. M., .,,...,l,,,,,, Third Row: Coach Wilson, Jackie Matejka, Leland Knox. Donald Fain. Douglas Simmons. Dennis McQueen, Glenn Wilson, Bucky Bishop, Richard Morgan, Milton Dodson, Coach O'Neil 2 'rcgfi N 1. JUNIOR VARSITY First Row: Forrest Rodgers, Joe Second Row: Cecil Davis, Jim Fun- Third Row: Coach Sadler Russell Jones, Ralph Riggs, Gary lX4cWhor- derburk, John Ladue, John Riggs, Kinnison, Marion Dodson Dennis ter, Jimmy Mitchell, Mike Guy, Roy Tommy Padgett, Walter Cunning- Christian, Jackie Matejka J J Orr Moore, Larry Lyles, Curtis Zell ham, Roger Neal, Russell Ketchum Marcus Haggard, Maurice Hoyle 90 Mike Smith, Coach Cobb J3QII?'?3El4H,- e fax 1 ' s 'H We J 111343 Q4 1- Reverend VV. P. Deatherage. main speaker of the evening. 5 5 f flili in "' Nui' ii X Everyone enjoyed a luscious dinner. FOOTBALL BANQU ET The Annual Football Banquet was held in the Galena Park High School Cafeteria. January l9, at 7:00 P. M. The program commenced with a speech from Nlr. John l-loke. principal of Galena Park High, in which he introduced the next speaker, Johnny Nichols. co-captain of the football team. Johnny led the group in the invocation before the dinner, Mr. VJ. C. Cunningham, superintendent of Galena Park schools, greeted the crowd. One of the highlights of the evening was a bliss- ful and inspirational talk by Reverend W. P. Death- erage. 'Iihen came the announcement of Football Sweetheart, Anne Franklin. Jerry Cook, captain of the football team. presented Anne a bouquet of twelve long-stemmed red roses, Following the presentation of the Most Valuable Player Award by Mr. Nathan lsenberg to Jerry Cook, Nliss Jerry Gerald next pro- ceeded in offering the cheerleaders' awards. Then the coaches of the Sophomore Varsity. Junior Varsity, and Varsity gave the awards to the boys on the teams. To bring this wondrous evening to a sublime conclusion, all sang the School Song, and John Brightwell gave the benediction. , . I w Jacketeers serve at the Football Banquet? 91 L ' "' ' yi . V' , saw- ' Il 'ya All 4' ,. ', .L .i.. v Q xx Elilctpred in this candid shot are Jerry Reedy and Rose iri o. GALENA PLACES FOUR ON , . jst 5353. 'IN li dfvjf ALL-DISTRICT I2 AAAA FOOTBALL TEAM Left: Norris Sterling Right: Ted NVeatherly The Galena Park Yel- low Jackets placed four boys on the l2-HAHA All-District F o o t b a ll Team of 1958. These boys were chosen for their all-around ability in the game. Jerry Cook, who won the district scoring title, earned his honors at left- halfback. His outstanding ball-carrying ability added much to the team's success. He was also chosen as Most Valuable Player by his teammates. Another player who contributed much to the Jackets scoring punch was John Brightwell, picked as an All-District End. He was often the target of the Galena Park quarterbacks. MOST VALUABLE FOOTBALL PLAYER Outstanding in the Galena Park line, Norris Sterling received his hon- ors at tackle. His rugged playing on offense paved the way for Jacket ball- carriers and on defense he was a great aid in Galena's forward wall. Rounding out Galena's contributions to the All- District team is Ted VVeatherly, who had a fine year at the center position. His tackling and blocking was another asset which gave the Yellow Jackets a good year in football. Left: Jerry Cook Right: John Brightwell l Q, l 551151 11' S I X " X X15 J JN-- S ,4 , .5 f 5 First row: Dennis McCullough, Buddy Lanier, Bobby Cioforth, Frank Pickens, Jimmy Haughland Second row: Jerry Reedy, Gordon Elliot, Jerry Cook, Stu Stewart, Jack Wel- don, Doug Busker Third row: Tommy Moon, Ronnie Crouch, Early Clowers, Robert Bar- low, Jimmy Smith, Coach Gerald Cobb QQ N' N i' in Nfl ' First row: Charles Ayres, Kenny Curtis. Archie McClure. Ronny Domingue. Gary Cambell, Charles Fletcher Second row: Douglas Almond, James Wilcox, Ernest Miliken. Billy Bel, lotte, Bat Dement, George Fuller Third row: Mike Smith, Jackie Matejka. Don Craig, Donald Faine, Bob Sum' .mers, Lealand Knox 93 I 1 N 21 I3 I Jkgy A ., JACKETS BEAT HRAZOSPORT, 73-43 GALFN1 PXRK EDGES BAYTOWN, 54-53 The Jackets won their third straight district game in a thrilling climax. Trailing 53-52 with 7 seconds to go, Jerry Cook made two free-throws to put Galena ahead. 54-53. Baytown ended the game with a frantic shot, near half court, which missed. The final score was Ga- lena Park 54, Baytown 53. Jack Weldon scored l-l points while Tommy Moon tallied 12. The Jackets started the new year off right by defeating Brazosport, 73-43. This was the first district game and the team came through in fine form. Tommy Moon led all scorers with 22 points while Jerry Cook was second with l2 points. GALENA DEFEATS TEXAS CITY The Jackets again came out victorious in their second dis trict game by Cialena scorers 14. defeating Texas City, 63-42. Jack Weldon led with 15 points, Bobby Coforth was second with RoBERT BARLOW EARLY c31-owERs JERRY ,COOK Senior JL1r1iOr SCIUOF 94 STU STEWART Junior GALENA PARK - SPRING BRANCH, 50-37 The Jackets rolled over the Bears by a score of 50-37 They played a game similar to their first meeting with them working the ball very well and going for the short baskets. Jack Weldon was high scorer with 21 points. Jimmy I-laug land scored 12. Jerry Cook dribbles toward another Galena Park victory. I x JACK WELDON Jerry Cook jumps for a tie-ball. Tommy Moon anxiously awaits the jump Junior 98 between Jack Waldon and the Texas Citx opponent. GALENA REIGNS AS DISTRICT CHAMPS WITH WIN OVER PASADENA YELLOW JACKETS STING THE EAGLES Playing in a gym packed to capacity with 1,400 people. the Jackets clinched the district crown by beating the Pasadena Eagles -I9-42. The game was pretty close all the way, Galena led at the half by only three points. In the third quarter the Eagles closed the gap and held a brief lead but the Jackets came through the fourth quarter to win the game. Jack Weldon led the Galena scorers with I8 points, while Jerry Cook hit IO. C. L. Weldon Golden Gloves Champion Novice Division, Houston Area 99 BI'DISTRlCT PLAY'OFF GALENA LOSES TO PORT ARTHUR The Galena Park Yellow Jackets fell to a strong Port Arthur team in the bi-district play-offs by a score of 49-38. Leading after the first quarter by a I2-ll score, the Jackets lost their lead and Port Arthur went on to win. Jack Weldon was high-point man for Galena with 15 points. Tommy Moon scored 14. TWO JACKETS PICKED .FOR ALL-DISTRICT I2-AAAA BASKETBALL TOMMY MOON Tommy Wloon with an average of 13 9 points per game and Jack Weldon with an average of 13 3 points per game vsere chosen for the 12 AAAA all district basketball team This mythical team was selected by eight district coaches who chose each team member on the basis of teamwork playing ability and scor ng ability Jack Weldon a Junior ranked fourth in district scoring He was one of two juniors picked for the all district team Due to his outstanding performance he was mentioned for all state honors VVith his past record Jack will be a xaluable aid to the Jackets next year Tommy Moon closes his senior year of basketball ranking sixth in district scoring Experts haxe eilled him Galena s Old Reliable because of his constint scoring threat Tommy was leading scorer in points per ime for the Jiekets ind vms also GALENA PARK HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE G. P. Opponent 72 Brazosport 43 63 Texas City 42 54 Baytown 53 84 Galveston 42 54 South Houston 42 60 Spring Branch 50 44 Pasadena 38 73 Brazosport 57 60 Texas City 37 43 Baytown 45 53 Galveston 46 58 South Houston 50 50 Spring Branch '37 49 Pasadena 42 JACK WELDON ,rf considered for all state honors BASEBALL TEAM First row: Warren Shaw, Eddie Rongers, Bill McCionagle, Lee Wells, Gary -Stacy, Steve Wheeler, Cameron Douthitt, Gary Bennett Second Row: Earl Holmes, Frankie Smith. Donald Lea, Prank Pickens, Guy Hitt, Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar Mar Mar. Mar Mar Mar Mar r Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. 21- Randall Vincent, Kenneth Peacock. Third row: B-QyFBejlote, Dennis Christian Cwary Slemaker, Jimmy Smith. Jim Cow an, Bobby Tibbetts. GALENA PARK HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL SCHEDULE - 1959 PRACTICE SCHEDULE 3-Marian ,,,,.,,,,.ir.,.,,,.,,-.. Here 3:30 p.m. 5-Deer Park e,,... ..... T here 4:00 p.m. 6-Galveston ..c,.eee.... e.... H ere 4:00 p.m. 10-Spring Branch .ee.,e ae,.. H ere 4:00 p.m. ll-Deer Park eee...... ..... H ere 4:00 p.m. 13-Reagan ..... Here 3:30 p.m. -Reagan .,.. ..... H ere 3:30 p.m. 18-Marian .a,.. There 3:30 p.m. 20-Bellaire ,i,.,, Here 4:00 p.m. 25--Galveston -, ,,,,, There 4:00 p.m. -Bellaire .,e..,.,...,..,i.,...... Here 4:00 p.m. ZONE SCHEDULE 3-Pasadena .i,i:eee. ,, C e:,. There 7:30 p.m. South Houston ,.:.., L- Here 4:00 p.m. Brazosport ...,,:,,::, ,:.... H ere 4:00 p.m Pasadena ....,.. . ,...a aa.a:, H ere 4:00 p.m South Houston Brazosport :::...:,:: There 7:30 p.m There 7.30 p.m BILLY BELLOTTE GARY BENNETT cgmhfieidx lol Catcher gre- K ffh Yi A -fzlfwllx-3, ffffwm ac "FW M.: 5 amee' M DENNIS CI-IRIQTIAN Center Fleld "s asl-""""" CAMERON DOUTHITT Second Base JIM COWAN Center Fxeld .,'f' If N4 n GUY HITT Left Fxeld if K5 Q. X A f . , R? ' X 5 vl W . , , 'A V: . w I, I. . X , . , E . 3 N gf . ' N .3 , V Qxakfm-:ni Q . ,- - 'W - , 'ff Jf A "":"U"" W ' M' ' A A' M if - e::r,.fv-W ee- ' I ' I m',,n-,.f-- if ' - ' f 2 fl I 5-Q15-.. W A A ., ' . mf, ,,Q1'T' AK , ' ' M' 'iff e f., f ,,.'J.:"f-en 2 f 'fig eJw'I!2 .,.,,,,, 3, 5 -1. ,M fvi fr ,, MA, su. ,., R, ,L 1 t Y . ,, .,. N t 43 xv A , gk . ' . iff ? - 'H . K W ' f-,fe 1 , -. f gh Hx 3 A ' Y MJ , . fy xi Q Q ' ' " - gr 917417 ' -A 1, 5 a V ,. .. ., :V ,L Ag. gf, , Q, 175 VV MM, -F I F ...... ,I in I.. W ,. f at , . I :tb N 3 Q + am , . ' 2, L, A ' j.' if - I1 lm, Dj, '- , v. f 4 , Q W m W r. ng M , ' ew 'fs ., fi A 95,4 A 5 --v , '- , :. ' F 4- V e. . 1 .f ,fx 9 5 'S 1 - 'i Q 14 M . ein' DONALD LEA Pxtcher KENNETH PEACOCK Second Base :Flow ERANK PICKEINS Left Eleld BILL McGONAGLE Thxrd Base EDDIE RONGERS Shortstop ff.. WARREN QHAW GARY SLEMAKER Pxtcher FRANKIE SMITH Fnrst Base JIMMY SMITH Center Fleld P1fCh9f 104 A... T3 1 Q X 4' l Qgilwizy ., LEE WELLS Right Exeld fha 4, M. Catcher Exrst Base Law' x . 4 . -Iv Www ,L "' 'T far, E f ii? 4 A ', N 22 4, L N V !Q,W f,,M,f . K , 1 IA f-'www L 3559 ' 5.g'j,. 351- f faithful' A -A K ewfgfi 2 . 9 ' yn' L' ' f x "5 - Q 'V r' 1' E' ' - 1 if Gif? ffm' uf 1 1 A I EE :.' , ' J , 'Q I., , :L B- : A 4 L rv V' YY ' . 5 " N -7' wil' A ,-, ' 4 .. ..,,w,XA , A- Q- Y 't t '. L gif if 1 WS. K, L A A ."fiA7 'A M V 'C' BOBBY TIBBITTS STEVE WHEELER -an-gpw 'iv l I. TRACK TEAM Frrt rom Gary Salmon Johnny Nxchols Archle McClure Rnchard McGnnty Jack Vwfeldon Lynvxood Moore John St Clalr Second rovs Coach Srmpson Ted Weatherly forth Jrmmy Solley Rxchard Polk Norrrs Sterlxng Eddle Wrggs Claudle Smrth Thrrd rovy Russell Krnnrson Charles Clark Davrd Langford Gary Cambell Jerry Srmpson Roy Moore Drckxe Persons Bucky Brshop Ralph Rxggs Jnmmy Holder Jackle Nlanchack Johnny LaDue Norrns Sterlmg sets nevs record rn drscus throwlng Fourth rovs Jerry Reedy Larry Shortt James l-lelmer Jxmmy Mrtchell James Crapltto Walter Cunnrn ham Danny Gardner J1m Funderburk John Rrggs Jackxe Ferguson Brattloff Charlne Ayres Coach Sadler Fmfth row Dougla Srmmons Jackle Matejka Donald Fame Dan Walters Leelond Knox Sonny Wrngate Ronnle Crouch Robert Barlowe Stu Stewart Shelby Brown Paul Murphy Clark Jones Jlmmy Solley pole vaults all the way .K f at A ' 1 3 v V ' ' .Y . . ' . g V l Iv ' . ' John Brightwell: Jerry.Cook, Bobby Go: Tommy Fllaylor, Bill l Shortt, Vvlarren .' . ." . I '. . z ' S V. . . ' Y 106 ll P w .L v i w tw '1 ui f wx- ' f -mr 61333443-Q RUNNERS Richard lVlcGinty John Brightwell Jack Weldon Jerry Cook Richard Polk SHOT-PUT RELAY LETTERMEN Johnny Nichols Ted Weatherly' Norris Sterling Lynwood Moore ...W jf ff, 9 si if in '91 1 1 I A ,Q I c C 4 4 s Y 5 1 2 K E 5 I' Archie McClure clears the bar in the Galena Relays' Eddie Wiggs assures Jacket victory in hurdle relays. 4 'T' -ia u 'K Q A W I ss s ee e f , 'g . e Q . W, i t 9' :J 4 i i N 5 , :EI :g il Am V - . K Q iw I if , "' r My 1 A 5 : A l gh 8 Q P H ' 6 ua Q K age H ,K x - . " e"' ,r +45'i,....,,,nj if Q ' W -I f Q41 f' ', " ' 6 Q W - . 5 ' 5 ' M W-, , W ' 5 " is -amps 1 2 r s fs 5 f e 4-f 2- ,M 4 ,,,. iz: A I. mf 2 . ' -'-, -if A X , lw l f i i ig b.,. ,i ii '-b'- f f nn, It n igh iigwlf' .'.. 2 ..,.,.,.. ' if K . , .-:5,, .. . 1 WZQQ? ia- -:f:2. :, :. wig., 1 S ,, E: :IIV I-Iv- - , , s -' A Q ' A , As ar " i1e3,g! ., ' as N ,I is , X 1 wx! 4: .N ,VM-1au,..-.Mossy .,...,., ,Ji As imqww MQ... W M 'K M M K is K sm ..s 2 x N .A h I , A M Q 'A A ef V 'W 'W , f' ' 'L' 1, - HM. 1, , V ev . Mg-ff M, 5+ , Q ,J s. ,N r w e A WW' -1 .W , x fa v N' MY 'zfff' QV -Q .. - -'yn 4' -SHA r A 3 dr We -M 1.-amz, M r, d Q .1 ., M , 4 , 1 Q rw QQXMV. awiigg Qin 4. . sf A-.:s,,:-M Mi A M NM, K 1 7.3 F as 'f-3qu,bL,f,. - s f iv .M K. 34 5. H 'wr L- , ' Aww s in ' .Mft we 5 "f4g"'if...'M ' W ff-1. f e """ my ww v . av- on, ax N A 1 x""""f.. E"",,, -w M, .N 91 i my 2' -1 Eff, S, 3 ww sw , A sg s M 1 i. ,,,.. vbnousnalr Il as U TENNIS TEAM ,ff-H' -Saga BOYS Fxrst row Emmett Gotcher Doug Busker Larry Hall Hal Sanders Second row Coach Cobb Wayne Pear son Jlmmy Murff Allan Boyd GIRLS Fxrst row Thelma Sanders Barbara Adams Nma McDougle Second row Lxnda Patterson Jeanette Busker Rose Lee OBryan Janet Plant 109 G.R.A. PRCMOTES GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP C. R. A. Sponsors: Miss Gerald, Miss Robbins G. R. A. Officers: Pat Carvens fSocial Chairmanr, Lola West fTreasureru, Sharon Crawford lVice-Presidenti. Trulah Roesler tPresidentb. Barbara Adams 4Secretaryl, Marcy Hesse lCiame Managerr, Nlonya Winn lReporterl x.,.,m The joy of giving to others and the magic of Christmas inspires the singing of carols led by Nlonya Vfinn. G. R. A. winning volleyball team members are: Reni Upchurch, Jean Edom, Nancy Rickard, Sue Vv'atts. Cissie Rongers, Corris Logsdon, Barbara Melton, Charlotte Caudill First row: Ella Mae Beaman Dorothy Hollon Sandra VJilkerson Latricia Crocker Judy Bonds Janet Rowland Jimmie French Mary Ann Sturdavant Kathy Puppy Second row: Sue Stacy Jeannie Joiner Joyce Clark Sarah Lane Loraine Johnson Nlary Wood 4 am QM: if fn 5 0 - -q V '15-V A has M ' TOP First row Darlene Goodridge Rose OBrien Joye Greene Pat Asher Suellyn Johnson Norma Roden Judy Keating Second roxy Delores Warnell Doris Pouncy Nary 'Ihibodeaux lim Diyis Birbara Jordan Third row Jeanie Broun Vlarilyn Ricks Mary Jo Randow Alice Vklomble VIIDDIE First row Cythia Graham Cindy Johnson Pat Graham Peggy Nelson Judy Nlison One7ia Donaldson Onetia Donaldson Diane Derouen Second row Billie Childers Mary Wise 'Vlyra Armstrong Joan Payne lrene Giddens Third row Linda Hodges Rhonda Harte Eva Ashford Linda Dorsey Judy Hill BOTTOVI First row Sandra Fulkerson Sandra Fulghum Jetta Staten Linda Brote mwrkle Nlary Ann 'ioungblood Gloria Byrne C iil Methyin Susan Amberg Seeond row Nlolly logsdon Betty Sue Kinnison linda Say age Lugenn Butler Freddi Bell Sally Seward Third row. Linda Goodman, Jeanette Busleer, Linda Loyd, Lynda Hendricks. 'Nlancy Robb ACTIX ITIES The Girls Recreation Association s hid a s' e ule is year, as usual, lt played tournaments in volley'- ball, basketball, badminton, and ping- ponv. At the annual Christmas party the girls had lots of goodies to eat, songs, games. and other entertainment. lnsteid ot' exchanging gifts, everyone brought a toy and give it to the Cf,S.L. yy ho sponsored gill? for needy children. One night in Jinuirv, Vlrs. Day' from Baytown came to show us some new rajthmic exercises, FX of the G. . activities were climixed at the en o the year with a Mother-Daughter Bin- quet, held it the 'lropicanna Restaur- a , at which time awirds were given to taose girls who eirned them during h year. 5. L1 wx iq- ' . 4. , fi., - 12 3 V mf' 1 X 1 4 1 Q 'Q' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 . ' 1 K, '1 C ,Q 4,qL ,, 2 1, ff' , 1,5g,1,df' C3221 Q Cff2'2 4.L,,Ll,,f 9 Xi' i,.25!,, 74 1 " ,lk CjjK24'6'C,Cfff , Clc'fZ2 ,lf ,ixfggkilfc-5111! 2,1654 J,fc14. -J-f Lf -I 1 51 ,g76'fi,fQ,,z,6gf l4,C1CLf1Vc'IL ,746'c, ew! fad!!! 1 , f " I CfgJfC2.Lf 4:41, 615, ,ALQA I C5415 K-I f X Lf , ,ff , ' f Qcfcfd' L Q VXQLL, K4 Dv? 5fCf'?7Z,4, 0 , 1 1 1 1 10 4- -...A fi -.-, ,f 1 1' 1 1N1J12X 'IU s12N11112s -Q V ' 1 Y N K1 2 Scnior Cim1r1ci1 114 41 1 Q Sfniwr .M11v111cs 1 1 5 111111 ' hm 1111 I 1 r 1 148 km 1,cv 1 1 I 1,19 Man 1 Nl 150 NASH' - xnxx' 111 , 4 4 A111 1111 110 MW 5101 1'f A 0 BM Bon 115 Mor Osh 133 11.11 111.1 1 18 011 ' PM 116 Faro Cap 1 10 pf? ' RCC 11 7 Cfar C111 120 Rm ' Roc 1?8 C1111 C111 111 RO? ' SM? 111' 13.111 IULIK1 11: S151 SW' 11" Dux 11ww 11? Sml - 513 141 1.11 11.11 il-4 513 111' 113 11.111 1111- 135 TAY ' Us 111 Q1fC 11.111 1311 V111 WJ' 11? 11.11 1111 127 Wa' 11195 11 7 1111 11u1 1:11 WS ' 11111 119 IVV - .101 YOU 141 "H-Gs-Q.-, LLASS OF 59 Class Motto We Walk By Farth Not By Sight One of the projects of the Senror Class IS the care of the coke m chmes Here we see the Semor Class Offlcers Ann Franklin Secretary Pa lme Daniels Program Charrman et Whrtney Presrdent Jann He l ywv Vice Presldent Sondra Hal 1 ll yy, VI Chaplam and Lmda Saxag 'lrea urer tendmg to thrs ta XX R1 L al x ml ml 45: ,, '-Si-NES' 9 x ""!'s!l Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Whxte and Gold 7 l X ik! U- '-Q. U1 Qzgiofgje? of-Clary'--,,,E cf SMVHQ- :Two 3 :a "3""'U"-'5'1"""S,f'5 hd XD :- "'l DOQJ O00 -19-Q-... Q."'::'1.-. Cfpfgawfa N4 ... O H '5- CU3:s22U"'-E5 W-1 no Q Mn agfwrf-were O gn O 'v"g:Uj:Z,vw'!'i2: goof-:mo 20,10 g-.13 ... V' N4 -1 5: N4 5, 3"'32? mf' L-:rV"'E:"5 f,:'3":5Q2'oD4H' -SU3ww:23E5 ly Laake and Jerri McC1ravs. Probably more fun than vxork was accomplished, 4 A One of the many activities in which the Senior Class participates is Slave Day. when Honorable Seniors, with their lowlv sopho, more slaves, create. interest and fun galore. Most Honorable Seniors Gladys lfahrentholcl and Pam XYard show lowlv sophomores Arlon Booler. .Ianie Martin. and Sharon Townsend 'how to keep our school clean, The slaves don't seem to he putting their whole hearts lor should we say elbowsl into it. lat A more formal affair is the Senior Tea given by the Homemaking Department in the spring. It gives the girls another chance to dress up and the boys endure the occasion in s collars and ties During the latter part of the year come all the club parties, Senior Day. and the Senior Outing, All Seniors and Senior sponsors he found eating, swimming, horse-hack riding and generally roughfhousing. Since the picnic doesn't begin until noon. the Seniors have timt to roam the halls of ol' Ci.l7H,S, and draxt envious glares from their under-classmen Another unforgetable event of the veir is the Senior Banquet. The girls, looking like princesses and the htmys like knights-in-shining armor all have a most exciting time and eniov the delicious food And then the Big Night---Graduation il he shouts. the tears the speeches and then the llartv. All night the verv excited Seniors dantt' see movies swim eat and have a wonderltil time The next morning the verv exhausted Seniors have breakfast and then according to the de gree of exhaustion. thev go their separate wavs This sums up a verv busv Senior vear This was the big year. the last year. Now as young men and women the Seniors of CT' H S will go out into the world, and whether near or far awav they will alwavs remember the glad times and the sad times at Galena High. .-of 1 N., A Most important to our Senior Class are the Senior Class sponsors. llamming it up on the Senior Play set are lseatedl Mrs. Duke, Miss XVeed. tstandingl Nh. Dawson. Mr. Jensen, Miss Bernard. and Mr. Beberstein. They seem fto be giving Class President Kenneth XVhitney and Representative Bobby Tibbits a hard time as they try to clear the set. 4Then comes the Senior Play. The stage-frighten- ed actors and actresses managed to live through the fear of missed cues and forgotten lines only to have a big success. This year Joe tKenneth XVhitneyl declared. "You Can't Kiss Caroline" tI.inda Brownl but did. Z X. I if X One of the most memorable events of the entire Senior Year is the Senior Prom. tBelowJ: After months of anticipaf tion. weeks of organization. days of picking out just the right dress or suit. and hours of decorating, everyone managed to overcome butterflies and have .1 wondrous time. The music of Ed SuIlivan's orchestra flowed through the air. Sylvan Wag enchanting the moon romantic the weather w ll it didn sto anyone anyway tAbotel ua er-io .1 Q banquet held the same night Igvervone was delig ted with the won er u V' I C ASS DF '59 'f ADA VIS ROLAND MARK Known as 'Vlarkleuarn 'VI.1rl1 rs takrng a Scrence and Engrneerrng s1quencc As .1 student rn G11l1r1.1 l11rl1 f r ten wears he has been rn rh1 b.1nd .1nd hatrng a great rntettst rn roler skatrng has vton many 1w1rds rn slntrng if Y ADANIS BARBARA IEE Barb harrng attended G1l1na Park fer tuelxe tears has reeerud many honors clrmaxrng these .15 head cheerleader and Homecomrng Quten She has been an outstnndrng member many organrntrons C secretary 9 te Salesman and Jr Executrke Au .1rds rn Junror Achreke ment Sfefklflfy of Sophomore Class Sophomore Inxorru 11 cnndrdate rn the coronatron I' H A Junror Olvmprrs Tennrs Club 1nd 111s G11l1n.1 Park s representatrte at Ctrl s SIJIC rn vthreh she w1s one of the Oustandrng Crtrlens After thrs bust school lrfe and 1 course rn n terror decontron she pl1ns to 1ttend AVIBIQRG SLSAN Fl I7ABI'TlI usr1 .1 an JCIIXK' memb1r n the ITA rs preparrng, t11rs1lf for .1 future rn teachrng H r oth1r 1ctr1r IIKS rnclude Junror Ahr111m1nt IHA Honor 91cr1tx CRX Chorr Homeroom representatne Messr1h O ree Home room offr1er Rrrn bows 1nd Demol1y SlAkCIl1ClfI LCIA .1s.1PII maor TLAQI Xl r-rr DOROTH1 roersr, L14 1 1 Xlter l sears rn G1l1n.1 l'1rl1 Drsttrct Dorothx plans on gorni., t1 1111111 to further 'mr busrmss rrnrnrng Asrde from her busy lrl1 rr s1hool rn tht follovrrnq .11tr1rtr1s CRX PNC I-HA lnrl offrter IBI -X Sophomou repr1s1nt.1tr1e home room presrdm! Dot h.1s tlso b11n 1 tru rn LX O .1s Drstrrct Pr srd1nt Droceszrn tre11s1tr1r .1nd Parrsh p.1rlr1ment1rr.1n XRDOIN JI. DY l.rdt often spok1n of 1s lr1n1hre rs rnterested rn sports AS mn bt h r trxrtr rn th1 t1nnrs club .1nd rn dancrng follows 1 busrness s1quenc1 1nd rs .1 trxe rn Junror Achruement Stu1l1nt Councrl nd CXO XRXISIRONG OSCAR LNIFRX IR 'Is 1 product of tm lxe 111rs rn Cr1l1n.1 Park schools .lunror I llotrrne 1 91r1n11 .1nd Lngrnurrnr, Course and rs tlso J member IH-X 1nd plrns to g,r1du.1t1 rn une XRKIS I RONC1 IBIRTLS RAN 1 h trng, I en .1 stud1nt rn C l sehools for srx 1e.1rs pans tw eradurte rn Aueust H rs follournr, 1n Industrral and X ocatronul our 1 .1nd hrs rntrrests outsrd1 11fs1.ho11l lr1 rn huntrng and frshrng XRNOI D FDXX IN F XRI turn 1 a l 111r srud1 t rn C lj schools rs followrng 11t 1r1st rr'u t1 1nd brnd 1s .1 memb1r of the Houston Nouth Ssmphonx lxnoun 1s Coon ln rs rakrng 1 Qcrmce 1nd ln1rn11rrn1, ourst and rs rn th1 N1tr1n11l Honor Soerett 1nd N 1th l lub XRHLR P XTRICIK I OLISI' l'1t tAl1rng 1 Home Fconomrcs course 1nd plannrng for 3 nursrny, r 1 1 o rr1 r S e rs n 1lIr1r rn the Future Nurses Club 1nd rs rn Q RA 11nd IH-X ALIERIX XI-XRY -XXX rrx n 1 tn n111 111 1 Hug. 01 us d o 1 11r1 Xrts seqttrn 1 1 hrs 1 1 C11l1n1 I1 s1 cols rs 1 m1r11 o 1 onor o1r1t1 tur1 trrs1s f ub H-X 1nd C1 XXIRN DOLLI Xi I XXII R Uouelrs plannrne 1n 1xt1ndrrrr. hrs s 11111 1.1r11r II Ro 1rt trnr r 1l1ge rs nou t1 rng, 1 S r1n11 1nd I n1rn11rrn1, Count 1 1 111 1 1n1 s 111 111 1t 1 BXRIIXNI BONNII IOL on stu ent t 1 busrn s s u1n 1n p ns t1 Ill srnrss 11 l1511 1 1 1 b11 1 stu 1 r C1 P s hools for sry. 11.1rs II6 ! 1, ' R 4 X , N I 1 1 I I - - l 1 1. 1 1 . r ' , I 1' 1 , .1 ' 7 o X' , ' - U , . - C . ll I - ' ' of ' ' ' 1 1.R.A.. - A V "1 1 - -': ,ta 1- V V . ffl . '- , A . ' ' .V ' a Q 131. ' '.f -"- ... -.11f, W 5 i .xp - . , R ' ' I ' V she ' I ' e 11c ' " 'vs ' ' ' ' l ' ' 1 She 1- ww 1' . .N 1' . .1 71 1 '. 1 . I xx ,3' 'e' ,' I ' ' " is L of the - R. 1 . t 1 ' ' J . K 3 1' . q 1 l N, lf ' R.1'. 1' v 1e1 1 ' 13. ' " f . l 1 g 1 1 ' x , 1: ' ' 1 . ' ' ' . lid " . .s 2 'n ' 1. . ' ' his grx rnl' H in . 1 1 .. ' 4.1 nerd l1.1s b'en in our s'h ol dist 'st fo live venrs. fh 'I 11 11 l I I I 1 ct ' 1 ' 1 ' .' , 1 '. ' 1 7 1 , 1 I f Nl. ' An . 1ft' l1 1 'n .ts 'lrttle I'-l' lt". ' her lusf tro 1 re h.1rr is nn hon r stud'nt in the I tl ' .I .' J , 1 an Sh' 1s 11tt 'nd'd -. ' 1 I'11r AI1 1 ' ll v1'.1 and is . ' ber t th' H S 't '. Ifu 'N fl .CSIL lg 1 1 'RA, I, t 1 . 1 1 1' 1 1 el l ' " 1 b' Ii. Iee.l 11 Cvl' ' ' .ls '1 fc' 2 V " 1 . As 11 .ltrne gr11dtt11t' he 11'rll h111-e f1vr11t1l'lrd lw'l " vents rn Q1 I' sclrt cls l hfr, I -'n 11't 'e rn fot I1, Il 'B N ls .1 . tl tn ht l es 1eq ' 10 . d l.1 1 , 1'n1I bu ' tl ' 1 .lter gr.1d1r11tr-. n in .lut1e. She has "n . d-nt """ R 1 n . . Q ' ,. H 'lift BXRI OXX ROBI R I e hy durtne, ts nxne xearx tn G P Q hools has been prepartng htm or nee 9 te and lngtmertng, eewurse He has been ne e lx x OlllSldt of sehtml hts mnn tnterest tn c P14 Xl XIXRC XRLT IOXN SS VII il une graduate Vlcre is lw tn tn the Industrnl .md Vocatunnml 4 ue e Berne ml rested tn cars an ext t xx rle he has shown IS interest lt ttletny, mutex mechanlcs BI AIR GPR-'ll D TRXX IS IS CHI lune ermdux fherr in nn ln the hustness seeuence tml her acltxtttes hue lvnn tu t tn heme, on the all star xolleylull team Her plans for the future are to work awhile then get marrted and ruse llumecomtng Queen and loot hull Heroes for Galena Park rrt 1 utelxe tear student tn Cl sehools h1s follow .1 business sequ n e 'md plms to grtelutt an lune He plans to ext nd hrs Sehofltng after qrwdumtmun Bl AIR HAROLD XXIII DON arry ng e e has htd mueh the mme school llfe as 1 tuelte utr student tn K l schools He 1150 folltms .1 bustness sequenee 1nd tlter ertduttttn tn June wall eontmue: hts schoolmg tn eolleee KNION ILDIIH1 ey e men v c the lt leeteers for three umrs 1 estnt tretsurer hrs been ters letne tn x html tffurs sueh as he X u 1 tresteent Intent fum I represents! Sexph more S nmr e vrexentltxte 1 ut emlx lx nm ttletrte .1 lvustness Reque e md plans lo .xtte een rtduttmn tn une IIIXINS lexmxlce TLLDU.. nn ne l In e tn etre xv IS fu loumg t e tlnra s sequenee mn plan to lttend SH 1 1 den I' meur mme attendant Senmr ' xx ht mem e e en ne .mn l Vilf' el bUSlnlXS ill Uk J lk ls pf pflflng. f r to 1 n en te . tru t he has been tn Band C RK and the Rllu Cm 5 C Btvtxsrett ttax XXINIIII PCNl5filQlEQ UIFIFL 3 L O UU L ssex Busmess College n htntwr t dent e as lt tn Nmtmnal lltmnor Soeletx and lren h luw BONDS JLDIIH CXROI YN y ullemtng a He 5 e uenee S tn G r lhespnns Black and Ctld Retuc and Clreen and XX hm. Retue Naltonal Honer Scenery and Tru H1 Y 'S ' Z X 1 l ,f .' f ,- I f x .f ' , - ', , ,j., X 1 X fkz 151 C ASS O '59 'WF IU' .off BROVJN CHKRIES RRY Buddy .15 .1 product of 111cl1e NCAYS of Galena Park schools ls tak mg .1 SCICRCE and Englnecrlng qucncc Bcmg an honor student h 15 1n lh1 Nnllonnl Honor gO1lkIN lhc golf tc.1m .1nd ln th1 boullng uc l 1 BROXXN DORA JF-KN Jean known ro her flrends as Brovmc IS follovung .1 buslness Cquence lnclud1d among her 3CflXl llcs are GRA Nurses Club FHA .1nd Jackelcers ISORDOX SRX Il AN IRATNC l S lxnown Bunny n h1s 11I1nd11l our 1 l1o11l1 I111 11111 1n1 11 1 lng, 1 l11111n111 c11urs1 lnclud1d 1mon1, h1r 1 11111111 1 11nor So:11l1 1 1n KYQ n 11h11h Ql11 1111 V1c1 prc1ld1n1 BOUSI JUDY IIAINI 1 nk 1n1l1d Schools ln C 1lcn1 1 l1 111 1 u 1 v1 1 ll11r1 ArI9 1lu1 p lo con 111 h 11 owl 1 H 1 s collcgc B ng., 1cl111 1n hool fl11rs h1 I1 l-1111 Slu1l1nl Councxl CRA lllA Bl1cl1 1nd Gold R1Nll1 f11ron1l111n lunlor nd S1n1or RLPICQCHIIIINL Iunlor c1111sl 1nd ln R11nl11111s BOYD Bl VI Rl Y IO lny, 1 ud1nl n 1 n1 1r oolv for f11 1 s 1 Inf, SLK L 1l'll KY1 lnllfln CUUYASC K 1 S lkn 1n1l 1 XX A BllADSll 111 R N1 nn1n1 l 111 11 1 1 1orl1 11 l1l11n 1r1l 11 l 111r 1n L11l1n1 l 1rl1 S lwols ANIIIH IDC XR IX l 1r 1 1 S 5, 1 ln unc 111m rl11 l,nll11.l Sl1l1s C1111IC1u1r1l 1 1 11 1 S 11 C 1n I-n,,1n11r1n,N 11qu1n11 d 1111r11l 1n ll11 lunmr 1nd S1n1or rilty ll 111 Elms Hum 'Tu1:kN. n111 OVKD Ulm 11 for 1110 1111 11h11olls r111ons 15 tn 111 11111' 1nl 1n 1 r11 l1rk Scha 1 for 1111n 11' rs 1 11 1n hm nor student 1n lh1 llnc Arls 11qu1ncc 1nd pl1rls o etudxlng Cll'1.SS 1l1115,n1n1, ll Stcphm l IXUSIID or llunls11ll1 l1n1c1 S Ylkn n UHU 01. K, OH' ln V I 1 S C. ls Skill! l11d1r lr1n1h fluh 1nd Ad11rl11ln1 Idllor on lh1 Annu1l Sllff Sl11 .1lio l1.1cl11s pl1n11 1nd ls church Orgjlnlil Top C1. QlooVYSD'NPv Q, CIIIXXIII IOHN XKIINIS u1h1r fll11v11ny, 1 1r1 rs S1 111n11 Q lo n C1.1l1n1 P1rl1 schooli for 11x yc1rs Hc has l11'1n on thc XJFSIIY fool KCIIT1 v1h11l1 l11 V111 chown lo All DISITICI lflm on thc Track Tldm CAh1plln ln Home 1nd lamlly l111n1 and 1 l1',m n JI church BRITTAIN IAMI S I l OYD lollovung, hls Lrc1t IHILFCSI ln phologrmhw llmmy h1s b11n pho1o1,r1pl11r o lhm Annu1l St1lf for two v11r1 ln Ihr' c1m1'ra club for lllfkk y11rQ 1nd l11s rcc1'1v1d thc C1fl1f1c1tc of Mcrlt ln V758 l1slm1n Korl1k Con 1: Vvllh nl1n9 towuds ll ln 1 l1l1111n11s collrec TI SMU hc 11 I1l11n1, 1 l1l11r1l Arts fouru BROH MARKI l lllNDA l OU 'YN 1 ud1nl n 1 1 l 1ool1 for 1v11l11 v 1r1 ln 1 bccn 11 oo 1n1 mm1lnll1 11r1 11 111 L W1 1 IOH1 UTIUY Uklklx Sllli knl o11n11l rc'r1r11cnt 1111 1s111l1 nmr 1 11111111111 R1111l1o11 11rs MYl R111 Cross S f1 l11n md Y'Vl' 1 EROXVN J -XHES Bl:NJ -XXllN B v11ll l1.11c 1omplctcd l nc wars 1n G P schools upon Lfddll-1 l1Cn ln Allgllil Hc ls 1.1l11n1, .1n ln duirrlsll and XAOCJll0H1l 1oursc 1nd has had :1 gr1.11 lnurcsl ln ITIUSIL .11 bhoun l'11 hls p:1rll11p.1l1on ln thc Squ1rf.' Dlnclng group .1nd .1 lo1.1l 1ng1ng group I BRONX N lx X THRYN Bung ln our s1ho1'l dlslrlct onlv o 11111 K 11 1sl1l11ng :1 sl ncss four 1 ln s1l1o11l her maln 1n 111 h11 1 1n 1 lHA A LII u111on 1n lun1 11h1 lS golng to 1n Cr l11r 11111 I1 , '. A A, . 1 .' ' Algf ' ' .11 A' .lc.1 .. . ' ' .1' . 1 l A, l.l1A 1. .A ' . 1 ' .1 'A .rc ll .A A' l5llA, c:.1f'l1'fA Clllh, l.il1r.1ry Slnil . d I A J 1 ll.1'1 1 All' ' , A 1. 1 l.1r for 1 "l 'c yrnrs, .l dj no ' . l.A ' .l . . lvnl l.1ns t1n ' cr.'l1 in 1 lu 1- nvs, Y' . ci 1 1 A sc .1 . .. 5 ' ls in 1h1' ..c ' 'crs, r' W A V 2, fff li-1' 1 . Cl - 1 C111 . l'. 1. sch , '11 ,V-11. 'l3..l." is I- U kg A l.l1A "i'nc' . l 'gA " g SI1' l.1. lv" in l:llA, , 5, l'l.1 1 11 1 111 l,cc .lr, C ll'p' 'Sl 11 n11' . gg .1 l.1h' . Arls c ursc, He 11'1ll gr.11lll.1lc in August .1l11'r 11r1'c s A A - 1 Af ., P-R 1"A 2 '. 2 11' , ANN lfdg. 1'1ll l1c1'1'l thc '.1ll of Lnclc .A.1m .1fIcr 'r.11l11.1li1n A .l and A ' 7 ' .A . " , . A . . llc l1.1 f1llo1"d . .Ac 'nc . d 1 1' " ' " .1n l' " 1 -. 1 A VJ . ' lm: 1.1ll '. 1111. Bl 5 3 A 5 .l.l l1n ' .15 " A pl'," ' " ' 'A , .. h1 lu" . . 1lA' stud' A CA.1lc 1 3. 1 11ls ,' " '11 ,. Sh' A. . 1 ' 1 5' . .' ' . . , n 1 h.1, l" 1 lhc ll r S '1ly. Ch , 'hml .l1' 1 1n 11A A BRIARAAAL... 'Z21.' 5 '-.-v w1'7O A "D l ' 11 'A 1 .1 Ifb' .l A I. .'q ' h.1, vc in 11.111 A. A.a.1A A 3' rhc , l'.l. " A.. . s .k'g K A1 . xl ' 1 ll'l'CJltr1?l 'Ark scl , " " 1'. '. l,A 1l.1 A 1 f N l1.1. acll" in sch I . l co A ' afff Sl' l1.11 "1-n L I 1-1 in th' l.nd. VHA, GRA. N.lA .l ll S ' '. , l- , A C 'A ' .1 M" A. . .lu A Ml A' ' '1 , .A ' 1' I l - 1 L! 6 y 1A. A . 1 A.A. 1 .1 1A 1A. 1 1 -A -1A 1 1A 1A A.A. If A 1A .A - A' ' A 'A A V' A . . ' - tw ,, .1 ly A. 1 A Bu A- , A , , 12 A , ,A . . . A A . ' . l1:r'. . lc' in he 1 . fxcr AA '.AA .'A'A'.on 'A' A A'. j.d.' A, A . A ' 'A ' ' ' A. A A l ' 'i . lo . lull A A 1 7 1 A 1. . BROXXN llND-K CXII xtng b cn an 'tettte student tn sehool 1lf1tr1 lor m nx 1 ltnda ts trkme, a bustness sequenee and h1s been tn the Nunn l Honor Soetetx Student Counetl Sophomore 'md luntor Offt Semor represent IHC Coronttton Sentor Play XBCPHS Chttt tn vthtch she has been 'tn oflteer for two tears md Chotr suett hurt and lll-X Upon grtduttttn tn lune she pllns 1 modtltne emreer BROXX N SHLI BX S thx betnq tnteresltl tn t out 1 S tence 1n Engtneertng eourse He ts tn the Xstrortomy Club member nt th ture etenttst o ertet S enet lair lltwttsmn Xstronomx Club Sctencc Club 1nd Mtth Cluh Other Interests tnclude Chess elub Chotr and CSU llc pltns on tttendtng, the Lnttersttw of Tex s BRXANT SANDRA SLI San ra culled Dubber bt her frtends h1s been 1 student tn Gtlena Park schools for tueltc xe1rs Follewtng 1 must: sequen e she has been tn the btnd for three years She has tlso been ln GRA Church Chotr 1nd Rttnbovts BULLARD JOHN WILLIAM Betng a student tn GP schools for ten years John ts takmg a Sctence and Enrgtneermg course He plans to attend college after graduatton tn June BURRIS JACK ODEII 'Bug B has followed the Sctcnce and Engtneertng sequence tn school Htsfacttttttes tn school hate Included basketball b1sehall Student Counctl A Cappella Chotr and the Slesstah After gr1du1 tton Jack ts undectded wheth r or not to go to college or to the SCIX ICQ BLTI ER ELGENI-'K ANN Gent.: ts folloutng .1 busmnss sequenes 'Ks A sports enthusmst she has hetn ters acute tn GRA She vttll graduate tn August fwtzxt otottta Jtiax SHSTQJ rt ts 1 student tr' C1 P schools for tvtelw yetrs IS ta mg 1 me A ts etwurs :md planntng to attend Sam Houston Sttte mehers C l e 1tter eraduatton She vets Vltss March of Dtmes for l078 tn Stud nt Counetl Juntor Aehtctement tn vthtch she mas Juntor A btev ment Sweetheart GRA CSL and Chotr BYRLU lE7xlF DEI' repartn h self or tl uture te1 hung career Lexre ts talttne, 1 ltberal Art sequence and ts a member of the PTA She ts also tn the CSU and FHA C'XP"S RLDY GENE Ruds has attended GP schools fo seten tears H ts talung an ln us rt.1l ard Xuattonal sequence and plan on graduattng tn Uflt. 1 I tl A memorable etent for etery Sentor ts measurtng for hts grad uatton cap and gown Here Mrs Vaughn helps Martlyn Young get the S176 for hers s , 119 1-.. CLASS O '59 Mk .wh ., U, Ars , is 'K-K. Y A 5 I I lc I 4 ' CARPENTER El IIABETII LUCILLE lucrlle rs .1 student rn thL home mnkrnq sequence and .1 member of the f H A and plans to use thrs ex perrence rn future wears as .1 house vnrfe As a graduate rn lune she wrll hare completed nrne y rs rn thrs sthool drstrrct Other rctrrrtres clude bmd G R A 1nd l1dres hecca Club CASFY CHARI ES GORDON Tnkrng an lndustrral and Von tronal course Charlre rs plmnrng on .1 draftrng career Prtparrng, for these future plans hrs marn rnttrtst has been rn draftrng NN. CALDII I CHARI OI II: YVCANINE CAVANAUGH GLENN As .rn August graduate Glenn has shevrn hrs mam rnterest rn metal tr1dts by taltrng the lndustrtal and tcrtronal sequence Hnrrng :rcqurrcd the nrcltname lanket Charlotte tml-t g Qcrrnce and Lngrnetrrng course She s betn rn A Iuturo. Nursts uh C R r u rr graduatron h pI1ns on ntttndrng, 81m Houston State Teachers Colleen LAX ANAUCH MARTHA ANN N'I1rth1 Itrovsn to her frrends as Mtrtre rs follovrrng .1 home mrkrntz sequence She has been rn the Galenr Park drstrtct for twelxe yurs and wrll graduate rn June Other actnrtres are l H A and C rmera Club CAXXI FIEI D JUDITH FLAINE .Judy plannrng for r future busrness course at the Unrxersrty of Houston rs preparrng herself rn .1 lrberal Arts sequence A studtnt rn the Galena Park drstrrct for twelve years she has partrcr pated rn I H A Art Club and Lrhrary CIIII DLRS I UTHER CENF Hnrrng been rn Galena Park schools for twelre years Gene takrng .rn lndustrral and Vocatronal tourse 'Vlakrng use of thrs course he rs actrwe rn .lunror Achrete mrnt o ten c1lled hrldre CIIUVIIIW CUY EPXXARD Iddre trltrnq 1 business sequtnce 1nd plmnrng 1 crreer rn the A r lorte rs prepsrrng hrmself rn tht Crtrl Arr Patrol He g es under such IIIASES 1s Act r XX 1x nn 'VI1 or He says thrt rt the present trme hrs mrrn rntertst ISIC grrdurte Cr ARK BRLINDA rYx'sr WN NX s Brrnth after completrng four rrtrxe yerrs rn the Grlena Park School Drstrrct rs plannrng to attend lrcksnntrlle College upon r1 u1tro rn une rtte One rs she rs frequent calls. lturnrlrsm Secretary and Homeroom Vrce Presrdtnt Outsrde of sthool she rs qurte 'rctrre rn church work berng Hams County Nlrssronrrx Baptrst BTS Secretrry CI 'IRR CAROI YN ANN A rtrx 1cttre student rn G1Itn1 l'1rk schools for tuclw. Serrs 4 rrtrlxn 15 1n honer strrdtnt rs followrng 1 I llWCf1l Arts sequente Nht hrs hern Sophomore Representurre Unrt Stcrturx of I H A ttrtmrx 1tron1 Honor mretx Student Councrl I 9 C 9 U Prlrclt and Gold Rerut 1nd on the Annur rf t S ner nrrsrttn r 1 rlrstrret rrte rwrtstttnt rnt strr stcr o A so sr rs thu church organrs 1 n YUKI Lf L 1 K KKYQ K W 3 'rn Ntums me Umlu. tele Nr tl a f I ARR DAVID Al I ANI mn ns rrtrt r t ru vt hut comp rtrtl K X YN l'1 I L 'I OO 9 ll'llll'kY Iustrrrl 1nd urrtmnr rrxt INK utrxe rn lunrnr Achruement H plrns tu go to uork rttrr g,r1du1tr n NAN ANINX nnrr s ten 0 ourne rr f t ct mr n s tr t 1 rr err r 11 tn l lhrs urll como tt t mrs rt n or t r r 11 r n t nt nr A hu t rrnt v r sr r rn r C r IIXI RPR s It t r r rr of rnttrtst vert Colt rhool I vu r 1 tr 1 rn rrn rr sc ook umm rs rr rntro ne n plrns w rnrlvnk rert e lr 0 ree uotrr he rg 0 I t1lItd hrs bun rn ltrnror Achrtxtnnnt rml rx rn Demo ay Il - . T. , s , . . G rl l , ,. , 5 XC - - - , A 4' , 'I . ' v "ff is in a .r' ' ' ' V ' , , - A V . h.1 ' V I3.H. .. ' ' .' , V . ' C . " Cl , I .A. :rnd At CI h. Alt- ' l ea. ' ' I S e . ' ' I ' ' A. . ln- . - . 'vm . . . . .. . ,. ' Re- ! V ll J - A l Q . I r , 1 4 . f I H UC . . 4.. . . 54 . I r , 3 ', r ' 1 ' I I 1 ' , . F , 1 4.1. . ' O r' .. ' "M. '. d Ur .j ' . . I l . .lr 'LxL- EQ n I lr . "ry r . .L f dry -d, is . f '. . A Qflxx .1 inf, I ,C ' A I3 GP. l.,., . .. . I ' '.. rl lf . SLI Sh' wa I .I 'fl' t. srl ' 'fl' , . I x trr- 'rr mfr- f M.Y.If. r. ,rr 1 - 'r. 1 X, iw ' .rrtrve 'nh' of th' .l.rk't" ., sh' 'nr Imth Crrtnrn . d H X r l Mnrtrr nf the Drums. After qrntlrrntinn she r1I.rns tn attend college A ef 7 , , .rncl I" ' .r Ho ' Ilcon '. 'I ' i future vt'.1rs f, fu - I '. r Ur I ' grrdt. 'n in .l rn', "ll 'ill . " I' ' ' tw'I 'e ven ' i the C.1I'n. Park Sch I llstrict. Ili ' ' '.ts in his Int '. r V . ' .I cot h. " Ietl him ltr Ive rs '.' ,e .. ' ."'. .'o. CCI-I . I r' ll:I2 "A ha, h' f II " 1 n l'lernI 'Kr s warren ' . I Iwn nn fttunlng coIl'ue '.ft' .drrrti n ' .lrntu " ', " Ir' ' tw-'ve x". ln Crle A Park sch 'Is for h'r II: v.1 i rrx Anti 'rtirs I rluclv Iwlnq Iletrlcrvrvt in th' hw I G R A lu or Q "r" rr ' I' 'I' A , .mtl Alf I1 Cluh Ott ld' uf srlnwl she is ' th' Urrler :rf Ilrrlnlwxx' fur rtls COI I2 . . 1 T H. , ffl I A I ilwrrrl Arts eqt 'rv'r- Iw'n th' mrrin Ii e 4 ' " for Il,rlI ' in s' . Ie 'II hav- mn1pI't'I nine wrrs ' the 'L tlrl- 1 P. It h ' h' 4' ,rl . ' n in .ltr .1 fl . J rn X f .rtt' ' ' Rrb E. I,e' . C II'v "T ' as ', ft'n 'UF C IINS IIQILIANI N cr owtng ne str ucnce tn the spectal educttton tt Pmnntt pltns to grtduttc tn lune She has been tn the CII' school trtct twelte yttrs md plans t vtcrk .tfttr grtduatton CO1 l INS Cl LNNI GRADY tt s s n tn the ht tl dtstrtct ntnc years and ts n nt, tn gr uttton tn lune an e Stun I 1nd Lngtneertng sequence Hs' s etn acute tn footbal lst as n o tcer tn L, tt the IHA After graduatnon 4. pltns rn gctng to collebe COOR II RRY CXRI TON Iollovttng, In tndustrttl and toca tional toursx erty oltcn ca et Cooklt. ts httter knovnn for his long dtsttnc runs on the football uctne par tct nt tn lnsktthall and track e vtns tn Student Coun tl was Sopho more 1nd luntor fatorttes elected Most Outstnndtng Iootlmll Plawer tn Houston tn l958 and Duke of Coronatton tn 1957 and l958 'Vis-VAS C OOTS RLSSI I I TIIOVIAS Another hungry sentor Dubber Brtghtuell buys hts lunch hoptng to sattsfy the growltng cunds from wtthtn I As 1 studtnt tn the ictenct md Ln etnttrtng sequenct Russell plans to grad L tn u s m tn tnttrcs s hots! hts hetn tn hand COVINGION CAROIF I XXI Upon grmdutttng tn lune ftrole wtll Inu completed e tn yemrs tn tht C l I tool D strt I Somettmts tl cd vttctte sh his lollowud 1 ltustn ss I uenct d p ms on uorktng t ter shc krtdttatcs ln school she uts tn the lttkctcers ftr two years CRAX LNS RUBY AI OH X Known to her friends as 'Vltsste 'Xloha hs been follotstng a hustness sequence and plzns to grtclmte tn June at vthtch time she utll hate completed twelte years tn the G P school dtstrtct She has beentn the GRA FHA Iuntor A tewement and pltns on dotng detatl vtork after her graduation CRAXEN PXYSW ROW FNX X tn actue student tn our st ool 't has pam tpmtt su h mttttn 1 S ntor pltt Stttal chatrman C' f u urc Nursts l luntor A htue ment Thcspnn Club -Xrr Fdtt tr of the Xcllou Jacket Back tnd Gold Rtxue md the Rtchtrcletts After cnmplettng r t .xl s tursc u ,tt ns to hcr ark or 3 tv co KRIXXS RIBICFX ROSI Lpon mr hrs uatron um It kte vu In comp at tr ttuurst tn ustntss Among her x t tttt s t hts bt n c k t FRIR crm uttt t 1 'ettd h lu stmss trsc r ,, s tstrt t llf Y K llfk W In t v has t t and t Ps nt told Retue Out rf s hetn tn the Clreen and Xkhtt Ruue KOOI LY 'I HON145 I l ARD Ihomas IS planntng on .xttend Ing tollege after hts gmduntton tn lune and completton of tweltc yeurs the C P school dtstrtct Tom Drolcx h1s followed a Sctencc and Ingtneertng sequence and ts tn the Ntttonnl Honor Sottety and IS Cor rcspondence Qecretarv of the Math flub Hts tnttrests outstde of school art tn photography and postcard tltttg -JN 4. Ric C ASS OF '59 DOIII R XR ATT XXII I IANI Ou IInIIIIn as BIIII hc IIIs IIn I Qclcncc and InI,InIIrInI, s ucncc. I has pIans I Iwmg, June gmdunlc. NII I S I. PIL III3, In C OI I I II s III Inx II nnrs XKIIIII wwrkxng IIIIII In h r S Icn I nII I uIn I III IrIp rI IrsIII for IIIIIIII I I Is Ioun II I IX IrIIr In IIII Inn I II xIIrs SIIphIInIorI IIprIsInIIIIII IIIIIIIIr Ik UYLNLFIIIIINL IBYI OH VU KITS I I IH FII KK S nmr IIIxs sIIIII Ih1 rm I IIS IRIDK NXDNI Uvn 'IQ K Our IUS ILCJ ,Ili S'lUXln I I' II I' UIUL I IU HI I' lf I Iv I I u Nu I I I IH I h I I Mur ,,IIduIIII I Illns IIII IIphIn I uIIIn Io III RIS IOIIN I' L II nnx um In s hm dIsIrI IIIIII II Dunne, hIs hIg,h schrmI dns hI his worked In Il SIIcncI and Lflgl nIIrIrI,, IquIn c Is a IIIIII s III InIIa b ng, a m mIIIr CI II o n I IIII I Johnnx has no dIfInIIe plans aIIIr grIcIIIIIIon D-XXIS NX Il.-XN Spuk 0 I mp Inx has II or d lhIII I I 3 IIIII m m Ir Shmung hIr InIIrIslI In musIc I hIs IIn a II II Ir n sIhIIII s I as IIIn In I In I as d II III I I nI Ir I Inl QIunIII In uIsIdI II SIIIII n rI DXXIS ROIXIRI ININIEYI IR Pfxlr? -Xfur IrIIIng I IIII IrI Bu I nwII IompIIIInI, hIs IIursI In iIIInII .Ind InI,InIIrIng DUIIUI, II s dns hgh s IIIII .Is cm .I mImhIr III I N IIInI IIIInor o IIII QIUIILHI C0uncII and IIIII-I AIIII grIdIIIIIIIn Bu IIII hIs pIIn5 of conunumg hIs IducaIIon DKVIQON I IND-X CARROI I SIImIIImIs cIIII'd hx hcr nIIIInImc Soxhcan I IndI I9 mother nIIIr IXII Is mn I I I I 'IIIIr rI uIIIng IIIIII her homcmIIIInI sIquInIc IIndI Is gmng, IO vxork Im sII I II cn a mcmbu If III An c uh Ind IOLI N ROI II RRI I II sIIrnIlInIIs I.1IIId II hIs hun shown hIs InIIrIsls In IIII nIusII IIIursI hI Is follovung III, hung .I mcmhIr of IIII 10lr Also III hIs vIIIrIIcd In IhI Ilhrlrx AIIII suxmg hIs IIrm for Uncle Qnm In IIII Axr IorcI Rox plans Io .I!lInd Sam Houston VIIIIIII' DOCKI NS I I SIP ANN IxnoIIn Is Rnmc OTIKICX I0 hIr best frmcds Ann has vIorIIccI dIIII,InIII In hII,h sIh0oI In her busxmss scqunnce PIrhIps we vIIII mul 'Xnn II rs from nIIII 15 shI uants Io bn a rL'IcpIIonIs n :IIIIIIII 'Inn s a IIIIII 5 InIIuI GRA YHA and JIIIIIIIQIS DOI I R XYKIOND P-IInI, In C P dIsIrI I for IIIIIII IIars Raymond has shown hIs III II and InIInIIrInI sIqucnII h hII III IIvI I lIInIIwnd IS I-rIpIrInI., Im Ior III xoIalIIIn I p Ins I I In school hI hIs IIIn In IhI ba DREW ET I CRARI I AURICT DLDI FY PIII I II Ix 'IT HRYN Ixnmsn sImpII hx B hc as ncIrIx InmpIIIId hIs 5cIInIc and Fn II for IIQIIQ I Bllllq 15 I I Imcrrmg, scqucncc After hcmg In G P. Io compI:Ic her husmcss scqurncc, s hool .h h.s h In In ha . cr.In.II CP ',IricI Iwclvc wars. In school has hccn in Ihc VHA and has scrvcd CRA. :Ind I'I'If'K, After graduation as .1 unit p.IrIianIcnI.Iri:In. Outsidc of I lic is going Io continur her I uf sc ool II- ', .I mcm cr o I canon .II Sam Iiousmn SIIII- Collqip, DImoIays.KNSNNiXm! x Q D I ' I I I I x ' I .122 I I fi 'RIIAM f IXII I11I11c 1 s1111I1n1 1n C 7 1 111I 111111111 c 111n 111rs has 1c111m p1sh1d 1,1111 d11I oII11v11n1, 1 Sc11n11 1nd I ng,1n11r1ng c1111rs1 I11 h11 pr1p1r11I I11mv1If for h1s Iu111r1 11iu1.11111n 11 the Un111rs111 1111 s I1 tn 1n II11 N11111n1I II11n11r 1 1 1 1 111 1 111 1 1 IIV 0 -5 ,, I D11 XRDS CIIARI I S 1rI11 ITIX I11 11 n 1 1 1 11 1111 11I 1 f11II11111 1 111111 ln 111'111n1 111u1 11 1 1 1n 11 1111 1 1n 11111 111 1n 1n 11 11rI11n 1n 1' IT 11I 111151 UORDO Li 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 I ln UI NI n11n 9kI'1I15f W 1 l 1r1n1, 1111n 1 1 n I r hm h11h1r 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 111b b1sI111t11 1 1 1 0111111 s1h1111 I11 11s 111111 h11 Inlkf 11 1n 1n11 11 1p11r1 I11111111 X faf IISIII R GI RAI DINI RAN Germ m1mber of 1h1 XII 111 1 1 1d 1 m.1 1I11n1,s 1 enlovs d.1n11ng sw1mm1ng hnrq L f'd'nH d all sports 9 c 1 I'11II11111ng .1 Homemaklng s1qucngc 1nd plans to go no Nurses s1hor1l and thm get marned MAR I UL X1 1 1r1nsl1r SIUCIKIII I111n1 AUSIIH II1g,h 'ScI1o11I M1ry 1s 1.1 mg 1 b1111n111 111urs1 1nd pI1ns on s11r111r11I work .1It1r gr.1du.1t1on X1 '111111n 1I11 1115 In II11 I'11111s11r CIuh 1nd CSU and 1s now 1n I11n111r X1I111111111n1 111 I R11 IN I'A I RICIx I UC I INI' 11' n111111 111 11s rlcn 5 '111rus 1 IS llhlhg 1 C n 11 1r11I 1n1I 111 t111n1 s1q111n11 II1 pI1ns 111 Lo IO 111II1'g1 .1 lcr 111111n 1nd I11s n1 1n 11u1s1d1 1c111111 IS v111rI11ng 11n lrnclors 1RI1l N II1 111 1 1111111111 1111111111 1 111 1n1 1s 1 m mh1r 1 R I1111 111n 1 C1 I1 I1rI1 s1I111oI d1s1r1c1 Iv1c 11 XCIYS I AIIRI N I IIOI D CI ADYS .II:XX LI I 111I1s 1115 11 1 I1h11n1hoId NNA1-2.0 1215 Ulllng n 51 u1nc1 1nd plms to 11I11' one vc1r of post gr11'Iu111 work ar C11I1n1 I'.1rI1 IIILI1 1nd lhcn 5,0 to R1cf' SI11 IS 1n 1ho1r GRA N111on1I Honor 90121111 Math Club and 1u1 of school shc IS a g1'ncr1I fI11nI11e B1 '15 ,X IORBLS IIVFNIF 'VIAI' 1 Iun1 g.1rdu:11 11 I1.111 10mpI111d h1r course 111 Hom, m.1I11ng 9h1 ha h1'1n .1 member of '11 IHA sa IOSTFR IVAN DAIL Rcdlcgs Iosler an honor 51u den: who plays foo1b.1II and was on the sophomore baseball ICJITI IS fol Iowmg .1 Ilberal Arts SLQUQHCL and plans to attend ACC after gradua 11ng from hxgh school NNQRR1: D .16-6.51 IOWI LR I ARRY GENL Iarry Nhghly VINE I'owIer 1s I'11II11v11ng .1 Suence and Enq1n1'111ng course and plans to atrend T1.x.1s UDINCYSIIY .1f1er graduatlon He has .1!1end1d Galena Prk fo 11A1I1e 11115 and IS a member of 1he 1r1cI1 1 m W X' ' ' 1 I DL . JXC' 5 I,IfI2 ' ' 1,I.,cI11I ' I"' - 1.A,,. nil. 5,',. . 111 .1n I111n1'r 11111Irn1- hc h.1'1 1" ' 1 I 511:11 .1nI th' M Uph. 'Ikh . 1M.1I1 I Il. 1 T, Ch. ' .' 1 1 ' I11s in1'1'11s in hi. I 1 ' 11 I1' 'ng 1I1- In1I. 'AI . 1I V11 ' .I -1 -n'- II1 .1A111'i1y ' rh I h.1 Iw- .1r11 I If m.1 inlcrvst .1n1I 1h.11 1s ' ' ' g ' 1h U 11. .I tr, I,I I ICYIUI' ' N Ii 'IIINIT ,B A 11"II I1111 'n Ilyllf' 1Iur1r11' I11111I1.1II 121 wn f111r1I1vn I1.11 r I N, 1.1nI' Iw- .1n 11 .1 I g ' ' I11II111'Ing .1 S11-mc .1nI I'ng1 A It xg. n1' 1 111 ' 1' hc 11 prvg A111111 h1r1111II 1111- 11 1 ' -11111 I 'I' X 111n in s1II'g1 In sch'11I I11' has Icvn 1n I11 .1II. . 'I.II. , ' W , 1r.wI1 1I11' S1-n11r I'I,1v ,1nd 1I11' C'1r111.111on Iv ' I - I.. A f I' 11 1 sh ' '1 . 'h' . 'I' g I C H 1 I:I,I.IUI I Y 'ISIZ E ' .' N ' 2 12 ' 1 I,.1I I1111' I1 ' If I' d as "I. . I1'." ' . ' h I d S Q , V .1 .I A ' - . 1 ' I grad 1 1 . ' .1' 1 . "' ' ' ' A . N 5 1 1 V .- I I AIBI . ' .. 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' Q ca .- CLASS O IOX JOHN SIIIRNIAN 'In Indu trtal X oeatron1I student S erm lox ts rntcrested rn a e Wd 1nd metal shop :Irs and ot rods H plxns to go rnto earpentrx work alter graduatrng I-RANKI IN ANNE CAROLYN Anne known to mOSl people Annre wall hate completed nme actnc years rn GP schools upon rzraduatron rn June She rs takmg a bustness course and plans a career as either a secretary or housevtrfe I eluded among her many ACIHIIICS are Senror Class treasurer Junior class representatne Bustness manager and Junior edrtor of Annual Staff Ste retary and Vrce president of INC chorr Messrah Black and Cold Re tue GRA football and Btseball Sweetheart Tlent club md the Iortunes .1 popular srngnng group txxx-we Ace., IRI EMAN I ARRY arry who has been rn Gae lar School Drsrncz for melee rs graduate rn J ne H rs follovtrng tn Industrral Xocatrona sequence and pltns to attend draftrng school er to take a draftrng job IRISBY OSCAR XXAXNE Xawne plans to attend 'Texas AUN1 after graduatmg rn June H rs an actrxe student hatrng een c ence lub uct presctdent CSU re porter Journalrsm Co sports edrtor and a member of the french Club He ts also rn Demcln and Junror Achrexement I s 1 1 me tn Band rn uhrc 1e le 1n ourna rsm as e lou Iacke edttor and rr11er sports Ile 15 also tn Iunror 'Ifhtetement He ho es en Ie e 1n o atten eolleg uhe h will mator rn Ieurnalrsm ILICHLNI SXNIDRR IPL 1 .5 I Are une :nrt 1 rts seque e mdt ha been tn ' sehools lor ten xetrs She has been xctrte rn GRA IHA Offxce sports and hset of 1II ettrng She plmns to vtork after graduatron ILI KERSON SANDRA JFAN Lpon ,mduatmn Sandy xtrll hate completed tveelxe years rn C P s howls As 1n XCIIXE student she has been Sophomore repre setntaute rn C RA rn band and rn Student Council She rs takrng 1 busrness equence nd vsrll continue her education at co e e tfter gr1du.1t on FUI I FR CH 'IRI IF DAI F Shorts the alms used by Charlte rs an Industrtal and Vocational student Hts mnn rnterests at the present time are found rn the eleetrtc shop 'IIR KIINNITII Ixenneth 1s 1 gr1du1te tn August vull hate completed tvelxe rs rn C1 c 01 s noun as Itboy or Aer. he rs a mem er 0 the Curl A I7tt I I UI I IIR IVIYRNA I INDA 'KIyrn1 lno tn to frrends as N11 rna Babe has been a student rn C1 I7 schvols for tvtelte -,ears She has been an actne member rn the GRA INA IHA and Art club Takrng a business sequence she plans on .1 bookkeepmg or comptometer operatrng career She enjoys basketball swtmmrng and horse b1 k rrdmg I. 9 RX IXNN QHNY lnp L et tn er tuture se too at at or rtersr 1 .11 s e u In C P s hoos r 1eht1e1rs S e h1s een 1n ho1r Iuketeers CSL and Senxor 7 Cxot Cuzxtt C IQIQJ3 rttl tlso re erred to as Crue Ctnrtl 1s DIJDHIUL on uslng 11s ex1er1enee m e Ind s rr 1 Xtcatronal course' he s Ink 'I I fl U ION e4 HK IOH XKUIIK el Iun UI' s one he I x s Snr Delep r m C1 Il IS ISRXI II RKISN II -XXX PL B me 1 student rn C I' Q hoels for tuelxe wars Rubs ts ta Ing 1 erm f tts set uenee On er 1t1t1tle5 are CSU 'K 1 elub 1nd 'Nrtrontl Honor Soelety , 5 9 , s I I f q I 'N I I .. 4' 2 . 5 FII I ' I 4. 3 ' - ' K Y 4 'Z' I .as I, ,- , K. 1 Ina X' j I I ' ph. . bs, , I 1 ik " .' , V A . 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Xl: I Ouutnn mg rxstnmn I L 'Xfler graduatmn Fm x plwns m attend Baylor Y 'X ,, IACKSON JIMMY I'XRl lmmv Farl mo IS friends has been ln Galena Park Schools for rwclxe vcars llc has burn follnumg an lnduslrual and xocatmn al Sequcncc during hns hugh school xears and helongs to Ona of thc local lunlor Achxcxcment compmxcs JOHNSON FI ill' l'XXl" II NNINGS XX C' Dub us an Industrial and Xon wnal mayor .1 d has been n cnn Puls hnol dstr fu sux wars ns fullouxng l lTUX1f1x'sS sgquc-nu X un sh runush s st on 1 Jum gh plans ru gl In nor lOHNSON 'HON X IXNI X .1 nsfar sludlnr Vlunl lnlll xung, 1 snquu compose C c ulrad suv mu L X md lunmr 'X lmwm mn 1 ns 0 und .1 ness mllmp r uuluxuwn JOHNSON NANC X IO XN pmnx a NYJ L c 5 e S sc um errlx 0 CJR-X :hc Talent Clul md the Chou -Xtur graduaung she plans 0 go to buuness schm WJHNSON P-XlRlfl X XNN xlc prparlng humlt r h .nn 1 uununt lfter gradualnon r w w w sxnlss sumnu S L hms lu n nn Cnlan 5 ool5 far 5 and nn 1 JOHNSON SLFIIXN memlur of QR X 1 nr u fl and cu v. 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Takxng Cl busmcss course 1n prcparatlon for future sthoolmg at tht Southwestern Busmtss College Annxe has attended Galena l'.1rl-t sthook for ugh! wars She has bun 1n Choxr CQU Camera C lub and on tht Blatk .md bold Ruue LEGGI1 IT, CHARI ES A 1,EssMAx moms I -4 HX ' 4 , having many' ynlgd in. Eugene upon Com'-,lelmg an , 1mr111' hns ullcnwt . ' 'n'C J CCHA, ' ta 1 a scie " and engx- dustrml and 1'ocat10n:1l scqucnw' wlll ' "mf" 1 Wfufnn l 'll F' -crxng course and pans g .1 uatc 1n ' U U U ' Srcphrn l , :Xustm Among J. t1cs arc hunting t1sh1ng and work n on cars. He also enyovs S' oo his studms and sports xl uvx K , v A 5 ' 131 iam CLASS OF lx X IHI R I' I un. L UI"'l I L L X L X 1 1 1 5 1 hue 11 ws s utntt 1rd p 1 I II'I I SIYILSS Y UU II 111 and IINIUN ROXXIDILC N Cnnc hw attvnded L11Ien1 1 t :mls wp L rg U t 1 s nn 1 and 1ngIm1.rInq stqufn dua 54 r1 11 Im ,.t11n Into 3 x111JtIwn 1 UN I x R 1111 tn u I r1c.u.1tIwn xxIIl mn1I1ltt1 11.1 1r I 1Itx C11In1 5 nt C11 I 71 1 Inn Xlollx I5 t1 In. 1 11 era arts stqutnto. s h n 1 majorrtu In thx han I I1r I urs In .IunIt1r Xthnxcmtnt Stu nt Cnun. r1111r an 1.n1c m L . nd In h. 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S tv wt 1 st s I 1 ,tt n11rrt INIII R 1 KK S x S ll! nt tr I1 I I t vttlh t an qutn L I ms Q tml t,, XI NILRRX s tn n .JI xt 5 U1 harm 1 t him .1 s stqutn nsr t I XKI NNI I I w 1 s In husmss x n 1 a lun e r1 K 'I t 4 1s htm n I-h ss Cluh XI XX HORTIR PQI R I TIIOK1 XS I It 51x mars I3ur1r',v,t m I 1 unng I nfl K tkfll' fl 7 DS I YT?" hout to mlm tht nog at thc lthrarx partx tr Bohhw Tthlttts Jxmmy Iaudtrdtlc and Bohhw Rcpts 'VIECHF Rl NA ll-L Rena be ng un thus dustruct only three years has shown her unterests and abulutues un sports She has been secretary of the tennus club and un b sketball xolleyball and archers Showung her unterests un her busuness sequence she has also worked as an offuce gurl After graduauton she plans to attend college 'Vll IHVIN PATRICIA CAll Gaul one of the twelue year stu dents un GPHS has followed the busuness sequence ln school she has partttupaled un GRA loffucerl and e pl ns wor a eraduatuon N1lDlxll l DONAI D R XY on s followed tht tutnce and tngunterung sequtnct durune luus days un Galena Park Huuzh St oo lerhaps he us preparung huuuustlf for future s hoolung WMM MOOREVAN JOHN CHARLES Johnny has held mans honors un our school land outsude tool Among these are tuce presudent of the Math Club prcsudent of th Scuence Club homeroom offucer and ou man for a dav Hus unterests outsude of school hate been un hunt ung and fushung After graduatung un the scuence and enguneerung sequence he has plans to attend Ruce l 'VlORCuANl NANCY IEA Spuck has followed the luberal arts sequence She hs bten un he Iutlteteers FH-'X Black and od Rexue and has been an otfu e gurl Outsude of school she has serted as prtsudent of Nlhtl -Xftet graduatung un June she plans to attend college 5 55?-x. MORRIS RICHARD El VINl Ruchard has followed the undus trual and tocatuonal sequence durung hugh school He plans to cnttr hus tecatuon after graduatuon 1 ll VlRONlC5ul Ronnut has followed the luberul 5 uutn e n u sc r s chool she hus bun uetuse un the Na tuonal Honor Socuetu lunuot Achutxemtnt und Camera Club She plans to utttnd 'Nlussy Busuness Ctl lege after graduutuon 'VlOO'NJ IHOMAS Al l FW N 'X Ill omm s .u tuuututs n erests one can tt t hus future octupttuon us that of tl munusttr He has hetn prtsudent of CSU and utry tctutt un chureh work outsude of sehool Also un school he hus plated bxsktthull und footbull He plans to atttntl the Unuttrsuty of Corpus Chrustu tfttr graduatuon VIOONI Y SHIRI LY ANN by hemp un tht Rodeo Assocuatuon Rudung Academy She has made the summer rodeo curcuut by burrtl racung and showung horses After graduttuon she plans to attend tht Calufornua School of Horst manshup 'und lattr become .1 proftssuonul un barrel raeung., ln school she has been a band offucer 'VIOORE lYlNXVOOD THOMAS Lundy as he us known to hus fruends has followed the undus trual and xocatuonal sequence ln school he has been un football track Student Councul Junuor Achuexement draftung and art Out sude of school hus maun unterests lue un cars After graduatuon he plans to attend college MOORE ROSIALD LEE Ronald has followed the undustrual sequence un Galena Park Hugh School He has shown hus maun unterest un metal trade 'VIOORE TERREI L KEITH Terrell has followed the scuence and enguneerung sequence un hugh school After graduatuon he plans to attend college MOORE Wll l IAM LEE Vtlulluam has been un the undustrual and wocatuonal sequence hugh school and he has been especually unterested un draftung VlCRRlSON GNN EN R OH Ing lil' H ln lnltffi S usuness Gwen has followed tht bus ness stquence After graduutuon un June she pluns to go to a busuntss school ln school she has been 1 tute un FHA CSL und luture Nurses Club l u . .. Eu' .lf . i" .', ' u , , ' .' 1 MCI' iflfl' 1 'E " VXI V' v ' I A ' L- s ' ng A . . art seq ' c u hugl h ut l ln .Je I ' l, ' 'I I CSU. Sh a to ' k fter c ' e 'A l " ' l ,u V v Y if 1 'X1' J If , C t f V u .y V M . u , " . . ,. Q N1 -- ' ' X 'U K -By . of "T yu' " c l 'l and int ', ' 'll' hat me u I. as ,1 Q W "Rustyi has shown her greet love for and ablluty with horses u . 7 A ' . .- '-' -E . A . . f 4 4 . . . V . " a l 1 ls -t A " A l. A j 5 ' " A l A A' 4- ' A' I ' 1 ' A - lfcll V ull ui V ua' ' Y .lt in ' ' , 4 5 s ' I ' , ' t ' b ' H H -A ' .e I t A I , Q W . .C . b A ' ' A ' . h . K , -- - '. ,- 'I - N- .. ' 5 9 CASSO XI RRISOX RON X111 C nxd 1 1 1 1 X 1 1n Ir 1 1 1 1d uursx 1 UIISON I N XIIOI n 111 1 11 1 r x uf 111 11 x I x 11 11 11' 111 III 1 Ir 1 nx 1 n urs III! 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I W1 1 1 jf if?-l'e f' rfff 'Y D fi ii 5-M! if 5 13' I f ,iff 95 ! 1 OITING XNN E Up a tree are sentors Hernan Hernande7 Lola Vvest Bert ltvllowmg J stun Q and engmeer VIAX horter and Judy Bonds st u n t Xnn pls to attend g att r graduatton 1n June e s tt acltttetrs Nat1on11 onor So1tx YH1. and 0 ,L P XRRI-R JOHN EDXX ARD OXFORD XX ANDA JO V- anda Jo has followed the bust ne s sequence 1n htgh school n s hool she has been Jacketeer s chap l11n tn CSL NHS Offtte Stu ent Coumtl and homeroom offtcer She s no dtfttnte plans follow mg grtduatton John hts followed tht tndustrtal and xoctttonal Sequence wh1lt tn h11,h sthonl One of hts mtertsts has bun tn metal tradts ll-XRRI R SUS XNNE Susn has followed the bustntss sequence wtth future plans of 'ttttndtng hustntss college ln school she has been 1n VHA and chntr whtle outstde of school her matn mterests are tn her ehurth and bowltng P-NTL P-XTRICI-X -X lat hrs onlt be n n Cmltna Park Htgh School two years Durmg 1h1s ttme sh has been 1n IH-X and tht future Nurses Club -Xtter graduattng tn the bustness stqutn t she plans to attend bustn ss toll ge nd then go to w orlf. I' X IRX CHARI ES l ARRX l trrx hrs lollowcd the scttntt md ent,1nu.r1ny, sequtnce w htlt tn 1 shool lts mam tnttrtsts 1n sthoo htm hetn 1n studxtn th tl stttn e Perhaps he ts prtptrtng, htmstl for hts tulurt K lf! tO A ll X I I l RSON NTICHI' -XI R -XNDOI PH nmtn ws otshot hul has tn 1 Galent '1 ool d1str1 ars hts been tnttttste tn foot 1 111 lt 1nd bolt and OUlSldL of s hotl ht hrs httn 1 memher ot CN O tr omw t mg h s1tntt tn tm r1n Nurse J nt 1l1ns to ttttncl Texas Ln1ters1tt PXLISON PKTRICI-X XNN Pat hu been qu1 L an honor studtnt 1n C11ltn1 Park s hools tor twtlte mars Slat as been a mem er ot smtal mttrmtn and the Nat1on1l Honor Swtttx Xfttr ftntshtngs her trtl s utn e e ns 1 t x 1 1' be OWN tucher Pl' XCOCR lxtnntth has tollontli tl-L gtnnet 111tl tne111ttr1ttg stqutnte to prepare h1111stlI tor h1s tuturt 11h at .ollegt In sthool ht has httn num as a xtudttt Counttl rntmhtr 1n baseball Chotr Nmttonal Honor Sottttx foot hull lusktthall Coronmtmn and has at xtd ts sophomore socml chatrrnan llt tlso retettttil the honor of bung tltettd Nlr Nlareh of Dtmts RFNNFTH GLR-Xl D n 4 5 , xg! PEEI FR El IZABETH ANN fll73bClh betng 1n Galena Park sthools onlt two years has shown htr mttrtst 1n bustncss by follow mg the sequence After gradua lton 1n Xugust she plans to work tn Houston as a secretary Outstdt of sthool sht has worked In her church PLRDUE JOHN ROBERI As A June graduate tn the stttntt and engtneertng sequence Ptrdut plans on gotng to SMU An ntut parttctpant 1n golf chess Nfl prrst dent Talent Club Drama Club Sentor Play and Debate he has been 1n the Galena Park schools for four and a half years Outstde of school he IS 1n the PMC and Demolws PIRRINQ PATSX RLTH l'1t ts ho w1llgradu.1tt tn lunt 1r1 J ltbttal arts stquente plans to ht a housewtfe Qhe IS tn the Nattontl Honor gotten and lrench Club anti has hun 1n the Galena Park sthnol dlSlflLI stx years sq ,tk C ASS OF W ,ff 'lt-R ' ' . 1, me ' Q ,IH nrgflfr 1 Ai" . r " 7125 1 1 f r 'C 1 o .-N7 "' . .rw-is ,g U I J ,f .7 J -, ilk fs , . x t Y KK , " gf,-, Q -Kiss, ' ' . 1 V' W .Ly 1 4, 'I 191,911 - -F 6 ' 4' 1 '- ',' f' 1- , I 44 7 12 ,1 L75 ' 1. .', fi' , y 1 . , , 1 -1 1 , V - , A Aff- L, 4 fl ? .I pf, R I 1 , .. ff . 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A. lthm arts eq ' c . she pla . to attend cvll'g' and 'L ' a V '. . , 5 9 . 7 I I 19 BH RC N IR xx K u um rsvn 0 ni n xn Ga mx L 4 0 xx 11 Omp nu Q Q g gm x nqmn ms x k wo x 1 x L xc W n Irlm Sghrmlx on ur Q hun ynllnxg, K, un wpurlx uumn 1 r rx s mms n 1 1 w H ,miuqful , Mqm A 4 u r run uw 4 mmm t , ummm X Umwlh w x w X um: rec uns l Q wlx umm 'INIXX ll IIHODQ I r J iuuxon ln gust xr 1 xn,,1nurln,, umm N uhn p ms on A re. vs L IL hm at n ma UO klilflxf K W 1 1 cnyows Unk und fuolbxll fl R I If ID I y. 1 usx hgh sahoul 1 'V vu uw mn plans to y mm., .1 x mn 1 ln mur vu oucd A mum: md mnpnurnng snquancn mn hxs xm d nun ms nmludc prmxdmt of uhm Numn1l Honor Smuv Drum Mum hx nd Q n rx n N u wplwnmn urxsnlu on K Uk Lu umm xxht , lx IHOX rcr rudumlnnh un Xuyusr nn 1 sumcl and nngunurmk Qgquenu Lnrd ylmx x r tk Ilnnu 1 4 lumh lrnk 1 L ' f J Ili r s u ms nun S- umm u ns ulluvud Q L N wwe Mm' m Q rn H S Gmni . uw Sn ' X XRIN IU L IILL k TLD YY if it m N ru X K urs Q yu 1 lusm u n 1 0 lx Outs L u 5 nu! 5 x nms uf, IDI s n n ,A su ummm 1 lk r s X s x uuu, vw 1rn Iwolvl lr In ln A 4 1 nm s XIX XX I IOQI PH s n I 3 XL L bl nr uw w 1 dn. s ll k x 5 L I vw s un n s sux 1 I XXOI Q. 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ASS O we ROCK RFBA LYNIN A June graduatton vtIll complete fIxe years In Galena Parle schools for Reba She has follow ed a ltberal arts sequence and In the future plans to enter 'Vlemonal HospItal for trammg :I n se ae IIItIe In s XE been P n and emll lenet II andIH-X sI I of sthool Slat Is .1 m nII r ot I e Ir s RecreItIIII11 -'Xsso I1tItII1 Q RODGERS ROY JACKSON Jaclue hsa been In the Galena Parle school dIstrIct for elesen years After graduatmg In June wIth the sctence and engmeermg sequence h plans to go to college RI INII R GPR XI I-NI errI o I I, 1 uate In ne h s been o oeune 1 us ness sequence An olflcer In CRA s and m mber of the IIIX sh hts been In the Cnlena Ptrle school dIstrIct fue sears RIC RS 'VIARII YN As a student In Ctlent P1rle schools for ten XCIIS XI rIlIrI sull graduate In June In a husxness sequen e Aftervmrds she Ilmt Ik I: to SHS I'C Her 'ICIIXIIIYS In school hlte Included th soIl1on1eIe lund CRA Nurses Club and the annual Slllf OutsId I sch l she enjoys vtorle and bovtlune Rllx XRD NANCY DH After graduatton In June In a bustness sequen e N1ncy pl ns to become a bookleeeper Her JCIIXIIICS hast Included GRA s IIIA offIce and lN1tIonal Honor SOClCIy She has attended Galena Park schools for tmelxe years ROARK SARAH AUGUSTA Among Sarahs actnmes In school are the Art Club C R A an I HA Outstde of school she has been XI A and CI l Scouts After Lraduatlon In June In a homemaklng sequence she plans to go to bustness school She has been In the Galena lark school dIstrIct eleten years ROIILRTS JERRY MII TON Ierry has followed the Industrxal 1nd XOCTIIODAI sequence durmg hIs htgh school days He has shoven :I lot of Interest In the metxl show HIs chtef actnlttes In school hate been sports especially football ROBIRIS SANDRA x 'A Smdy who has been followxnc 1 sctence and enpneermg sequence wIll gradu1te In lune Her JCIIIIIICS Include A fappclla choer CSU NatIonal Honor SOCICIY md annual staff She has attended Galena Park schools for twclse years After graduauon she plans ro attend busmess college ROBINSON ROBERT ROY After graduauon In June through an Industnal and socanonal sequence Robert plans to become a butcher He has been In the Galena Park school dIstrIcr elesen years ROBINSON XXII I IAM JOSEPH Billy who plms to be a doctor IS now worlung In a drug store to learn what he can of pharmacy In school he IS followmg the SCICHCC and engmeermg sequence ROCHEI I E JOHN WESLEY John who has been follovstng a scIence and engmeermg sequence plans to graduate In June Afterwards he plans to go to Robert I lee College Rochw s IarIous actIIItIes hate Included choIr scetmn leader of the tenors CSU manager of choxr trIo Black and Gold Rexue He has attended Galena Park schools tvselxe years and outsIde of school he has hIs own band called the Rochelle Rhythmanes RODRIOUES DORA IISA Dora IIsa has followed the busI ness sequence to prepare herself for her future days at a buslness school Her JCIIXIIICS In school Include bemg an I-HA unIt offIcer She h1s been In thts dIstrIct for fue xurs ROESELER TRUI 'KH l'xN ru J e a sex JCIIX lIle In the tvtelse years she has been In CIalena Park schools In heh school her BCIIYIIICS Include A. Cap pella choIr 'Vlessnh xlce presIdent 1nd presIdent of CIRA Sophomor ChoIr Future Nurses Club otlIcer Bl1ck and Gold Rcsue Ialent Clul offtcer Juntor Achewement home room offIcer A YI II Semor Class representame and the RIchardettes Outstde of school she IS 'tctlte II1 YXXC-X sports 1nd p1n tommes After complttIng I1 r lIusI ness sequence in June she plans IO attend College and later go to modeling school. 4 'lil W i I I 2 'li lg N., if Rohcr 1,,r.1du1tng 1r1 lunt plms to 1tt1ntl lacl11nn11ll1 unmr fnlltgc to prtpm. htmull lor tht llnptmt mtntstry ts 11t ci h 1t t 1 11 1 ur 11r1r Q11 mt Ycllrm ltclttt hllff l,1r 1 11141 mt tr ttn yur: 1 I1htr1 1rts stqut t r art: Qtqutncc l 1 11 planntnt, 11 cnd tht Lnturstly f uuxun 9 1 11 'ttttndlt 11cn1 1t1r1lS for lu 1 t 1 t11 rl r1t 11 1 1 t1 11 t 11 un lttnt 1 nn 11 t 1 141 ut 1 11n1t1r 1 rur 'tt Cllr 1 S 1 1l wut tt 1 an tntlrrn uc usntt nd tl tnttt 11tn RLSHINC1 A SLI tr lutt ny, n hue t 1 tr 11 t 1 tt h 1 tluctt 0 YL FS K QCYY 0 Cllif ffpl' U thru wnrs uso wars tn tht wronatton Stcr1t1r1 of c Stttdlnt Cnunul mtl luntur 'Mhtutmtnt She was 1lst1 thoscn Sr1pl1urt1t1r1 uttst Sl1ll11sl11tcl tn thl C11ltn1 Park 1 html tltstrnt for 11x 111rw su tr g 1d111t1nq nr. n 1 stttntt Ind 1n5,1n1tr1n suqutncc pl ns to attend -luns -X :md 'Nl to hrcoml J t111ltn5,tn1tr llts mam 1 t111ttr5 h.11c tntludtd the N1t10n1l Honor itvttltx Nlu 11 1 'lh1t1 Stttncc Cluh 1 urttsrng m1n1glr of lt 1nnu lurtng, hte untor sur 1 d tdttor tn tc stntor 1t1r Otttsr t 11 ml lu ye mn tollttttnl, nctng t bun tn thu Lnltna Park sghool dstnt for thru 1nd om htlt 11.1 s 1 SANDFI Mll TON1 CARl lil F urng hts thrtt years 'tt G1ltn.1 l1rl-1 ll1g,h Sthoul Curl-1t1 has follotud J sctlncc 1ncl tnvtnttrtrtg slqutnu Alttr r tlLllll5l'1 t 1 mt n l11n1or f tulmtnt d tstdt f ithtml h nt 1 Sl 1, Cnr 11 IS .ltttndtd C11lt11.1 P1rk sclmols for t11l11 yt SANIORD TOVNH RAY ttng 'tn tndustrtal and 1t1t1t111n1l studanl r111t11 t IHS tn 11 o .1 1t1c1t1on 1 ttr r1du1t1on 1n u 1 1 11 1 Ld I Stu L ou tt and hu uttntltd C111 k sthools for 1111.111 -,cars lulS to bw. .1 ulubrlly J b Stn or rt1l.1 msltr tr11n,, !!!v 'mf tt 'll. Ch , ll . y . .fl. . l lla h1s hu-n in the Cl.1I1'n.1 . lt :cl l 1nd I111 lullmxctl . ' ' .l . ,' 'nw , .t - . iv. 1 ' ft h' h.' . ' 'l C'.l , I'.1rl1 tnttlrw h.11" l1t"n Art Cl l, l' ' l1 I sth l Sh' h., lv" in the, 11r ' "' c.1 " . . 'n.1 l.1rl1 1 g g 31 ' llt' l1.1x sure mtl has .1tt- l'l C'.l' .1 l'.1rlt 1 I .'ll't'lt1rl1t .V in 1 .lttnr in A in'ss scqucncc, Su- plttnx to rnt' int .1 l1us1n's. 1't'.1t1t1n, llvr various .ntlvitics .wc n' l'l tw ".1. in the .l.:clt't' .. lf.ll.A. fliccr. . . 1:srnt.1r11'c t r S,-XMMONS, l.. C. "lil .1ft- r. . in .lu -i . " . -1' g .-11,h. ' , ,.f1-- "A 1 111. .11 staff 1 A t 4. 1 V . .n " ' h, ' tl' t icht A cnloh sta I A 1. dn ' t, .1nl tvnniv llc l1.:s 11 1 sl - - - - 1, N 1 A 1. I . 1 x I 5 1 1 ., '- 4 .x'H'V , 17. .PLA 44 in Jun' hc plans to .1tt1'nd T'xAs A . l M. llc ic 1 , Xcl1"" ' .1n Ou, - 0 A v c 41'1ll'nt, 'f lt-"' hl. ' ' -1 ' 1 -l . 1" " ".ll'X. l tv' f' . -ft.. -lt. ,L int ' 1' .f' g. .' ' .I nc. 'l5. lf '.1s h' 1' ttcn ':1ll'.is1n ht' . Cl'nt C n'l .. . ' ' l.l'n.1l'.1r ' " " ' t - NN - 1 ,, 1 .'1,'l hR'-' '11 CLASS OF SASlxI IARRY II-I. larry has been tn tht Cialcna Park school district nine years He has fol loved the ltheral arts sequente vttth plans of going, to collegt SASKI LYNNI DEI: I ynn hs been in the Galena Park school district nine years In school he has been acttse tn the bnad After graduation tn June with the liberal ars sequence h plans to go college ,,,f SAUCER IBKRBARX -XXX Ba s has been a member ot Galena Park schools for tu else tears In school sht has been tn band GRAS homertom ofttter and Stu dent Council After graduating through the business sequente she plans to get married SAVAGE IINDA SUI' Itnda has betn a xery acttse stu dent tn this school sxstem tor nine scars In school she has been Senior class secretary tn GRA Iunior Class treasurer sophomore class reoresenta tue tn the Black and Gold Resue organwattons editor of the annual vtorlted in the library and has been in the Ntional Honor Society Out side of school she showed her abilities tn dancing by betng a ftnaltst on a Teen Time show on TV After graduation tn .Iune she plans to do ecretartal vtork SLARBOROUC H PATRICIA ANN! s ltd tn htr two years tn the bat Park district In school sht was robt mtttndtnt tn the A Lappellt thotr IHA unit trtasurtr prtstdtnt ot luntor Achtetemtnt and tn the Art Club Outside of school htr matn interests hast been tn YXKA s 'tnd tn tritntng union Afttr graduating with the home malttng stqutnce she plans to btcomt an air Itnc hostess SCHXXI-INII ROBERT 5' Bobbt has shown an tnttrtst tn science bs taking the stttnc and engtntertng sequences After qraduatton tn August ht plans to attend colltgt SLARS JUDY AINN Iud has hetn tn Galena Park school district for sesen stars Among tht honors Juds recetttd tn school are Sergeant of the ropes tn Iacltttteers unit IHA rtporter tourth ttct prtstdtnt of the EHA chapter and Outstdt of school ludx has vtorlted tn tht Rainbow Girls for f e cars A tr graduating I ne vttth homtmalttnt, stqutnct she plans to studs homemalttng, at tht Lntttrsttx ot Ilouston and Iattr btcomt an atrltnc steuardtss SIIXXK C XROINN IORINX Iuabit ht wtttn ctl d x htr frttnds his prtpart htrstlf lor Iuturt schooling, tt tht Lntttrsttt of Houston In talttnc t bustnt s stqttttitt st oo t tt. mtn at t itll ti in tht Sophomore c ttr outst t t sthool sh nts a mtmbtr of tht Rainbow Qitrls SIIAXX XX XRRIN NX II I II ORD arrtn his ollovttd tht dustrtil ind ocattoni txtn t urine high ,thotal. is tntcrtsts hatt bttn tn storlttng in hutltltng, trades. SHORTT. BIl.I. EARLE "Shortv" has demonstrated his abilities in tra'l-t during, his rears at GPHS, Alter 'omp'eting the industrial and vocational sequence. e plans to to to co ge. SIMMONS .IOY I,EE etng in the alena Park S'hool District for one vear. Joy is following the state requirements sequence. After graduating ' August she plans to join the XX'aves SMITH CEORCE ENGLAND "Bobo" has worked his high school soars in the science and engineering, sequence. His main interest in high s'hool has been in tootball. Alter graduation he plans to worl-t. SNIITH. JAMES EDCAR -' ' mimi' s' in .1 ' .s been in sports, pa cr ularlx' lusltetlmll and baseball A!t'r eraduattn, through the scien'e e etneerint, 'querves h' Q ans a 'n t ' Lniversi ' o Houston. 'i 'S 140 QNIIIII ROCIR II III ogu Is Inolhu slnmr uhm: IS rmlu Q In N I SXIITH ILDITH XIRCIINI-X u I has m.n In CI1IIn.1 ar sk mol dIsuIIl for Ilexen uns ur Im, hu hIgh S haul IIfc shI xx IS DYLSI xnl fl 4,I'U k IIIIIn1I unnr SIIIIIII XnnuII I ISS I1 X J uIsIdI mt SI 10:11 sI1I 11s un ITILITIIJLI' of Ihl NIYI InII Inu: S I In danung .Ind swlmnung Afur fra uaung III h I1 Inu nrls snqunmv sh.. plans to Itund Tnas LIIIYLISIIY I I vm IIIIII III vIIlh 1 I Int CnIInIII I Ulu r ms I x x 1 Im ulr Ism I Ihl' CTICICIIJ u1II II I In In,,ImIrIn, uqum I SOI I I Y JANII 'S I AI RY Hung In tht C11 InI ,ark SL mol dIsIrIcI scun mari IIITIUIS s IJIIILIIIJILLII In om .III 1 S I.IbaII nc r I. Is 41 lmoxxn hx .1n0Ihu nnknamc thu Ghost Xtlcr gr1duIlIon .IImmI plans to go to cullLgI SPI I R XIARX INI As Jn InduvLrI1I Ind xocaIIonII studmn Fulton h19 worked In I I.1I cp I r u.1lII1n II. 1 Ins o or rh d I I I I 'V' 'S S nk 4' IM I' IL n O' I' m Scnxors NInI I-Imhman and Sharon StInI+.y seem n I Lum K Q C, ,mm , km Pmmn, to he cnjoung the fod and thc conxcrsanon IH SPI NC I R TIIOXI XS XIONROI wrnmx h s spmnr an .1 IL e IL mars L S hwn I Iv.n.1 I nh UI dI HIIL n .IA ur J YTCUI nr L Srudlnl Counul NJIIODBI HCnc1I' Socxerx has sux d as pnmdxnt II re In an IS a ban 0 Le: In ,Q uann, Ihrou r su gm ns u I I. ImgrIn,I I I.nIx..uIlI of Tumi JLIII RY LY PHL L OXCII O I9 I S 'I Il! .na I Ix dIslrIt I I I L unud I um Inb In IS I usIrI.1 I1 Iona s qux SI XUX C-XRX HI T n :I I1 Inu 4. In uS'rI.1 Ind I I. 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IAXI OR I NK FNDYI I A gcrctt tntcrcst tn :Irs ts shown hy kk tndcll through thc tndux nd oclttontl scqucn e he ts ktng h acttttttes n tu shop and hts plans to become an auto mcchantc He has ltted tht Ctalcna Park school dtstrtct etght mars and wtll grulutt n lunc Also he ts tn Iumor Achtcnment FHIBODFAUX MARY AVN 1ry Ann often known Ttppttots 1nd Mt nn 11s followed .1 lthenl arts stqutnce and yttll gr1du1tc tn Iunt Xllct wards sht plans to go to school to study art H r tcttttttts h1tt tntludcd 1rt club lunch club tuntor edttor on annu1l st1lf mtxctl chorus and mlklhg posttrs for tht chterlttdtrs Outstdt rf s html sht ts tn tht church hour and .1 memhtr of the CX O Sht h1s Itttd tn tht Culcna Park school dtstrtct ten years 'IIIONI 'IS XR Il BFR I FI' Somcltmes nlltd Tommy and Ptnboy XX tlhur hts 1tttnd tl Galena Park schools for fue years After graduattng tn lunt tn a must sequence he plms to go tnto tht -hr Yorct and to school t ts 1 mtmbsr of tht chotr and of .luntor Achtcumcnt Il worked al thc Icdtral Bwtltng, Lancs TIIOXIPQONI BOBBY D Xfter eraduattng tn Iunc tn 1n tndustrtal and yo 1tton.1I stqucn t B 1l.1ns to attend Southwestern Bustmss College He h1s played sophomore football and outstdt of school enjoys boxtng He has attcndtcl G1lcn1 Ptrk thools for two years TIBBITTS BOBBY XX AYNE Bohbt known ts Ttbs Bo O o Two Btts has ol lou d .1 scttrtct and engtnctrtng scqusnct and plms to go to ollcet alter qraduatton tn lune Hts tcttttttts hate tncluded three y ars tn lootball baseball basketball speech student court tl Scntor coun tl and Juntor -Xchttumtnt He has ltycd tn the Gtlent I' r LIHI RNOSIXY lOl R tr duattng nt tn n ustrtal d t1tton1l sequ n e L tcr pltns to unter bustness co h s 'tttcndt C1.1tn1 'ar owls or t tt yt s hool dtstrttt lor stx years TR XXIS I 'XRRY XX s a student tn thc ltlnral trts sequence Ir1yts yytll grtduate tn lunt I"It h1s 1tttndtd G1lm1 Park schools for tvytlyt years and ts an offtttr tn the b1nd TLRRIN BFRN-XRDINF OI IX IA I 1ur mars tn haltna l'1rk schools yttll bc completed for B rntc n gr uatts tn June She has fo out a ltbcra ar stqucn L and plans to go to hustness sthool tn the future. Hu tt r h I1 en QR-X and untt treasurer of F X -XXX JOHN HAROI D J n who wtll be a lunt r d uate has followed a sctenct and cn gtneertng sequence Hts 1 KIXIIICS h1tc tnc uded co tdttor of hc Wt ow Jacket and productton m1n1Ler ot .luntor -hhtetement Company X Podu'ts H has "n IIC 1 ena Prk shcnol d trrt n e years. ANN VIARN INLI Marx has led an acttte ltfc durtng the strc years she s been tn the Cnltna I't k hool dtstrtct She h1s been n 'I CSU chotr luntor Xchtttt ment 15 an offt er and student coun I r matn tnterests outstdc o sc ml llc tn sports, .-kfttr graduattng wt e cis: 'c .1 mgtneertng, sequens- pl ns t 'tr 1 stencgrapher for IDVO vcars and then co t .Xbtlene Christtan Cell-ge 'N it VASSAR IFRRI IEA lcrrt lea has followed the bust ness sequence to prepare herself for the tob she plans to get follomtng g,r1duatton tn Juno. In school she has hten tcrtyt. tn CSL Iuture 'Nlurscs Club md offtce Outstde of school she is a member ot' the YXVCA. She has lwrn in Galena Park school dns- trtct tm nine years. ' s ' - 2 1 I p 1 'C' C ASS O '59 ...L lflllltlfr NALSE SANDRA LEE NINCENT RANDELL IEE X -XLCHAN FLOYD DENNIS After graduattng tn June vttth the Sandy .1 student tn the busmess A sctente and engtneertng studtnt ltbtral arts sequtnce Dsnnts the sequtntt utll graduate tn June She Randnll has bun tn the Galtna Ptrlvt X tnntt plans a career tn the te ts tn the Qtudent Coun tl and offtte trtct stx ln scho h hts m jor aettvtttes tn mon ot eltwtrontcs lle ts tnterested tn foot and outstdt' of school she s .1 hull and tlectrnntcs ttelevtstonl He She hts tttendtd Cnlent Park schools football basltethtll trttlt Ind mst fttr r tut mg I um hrs tttrnded Gtlena Park sthools for ut xt yt rs txtelte yt rs pans to attend t tgt X Ol lxl RT IINDA IEE tn y hrs led 'tn tune ltft tn Galent Ptrk Hugh 9: no Among, htr tcttttttts httt hun Nattonal llonor iotttty Student Coumtl sophomore luntor 'tnd stntor rcprestnlatttt Colontl cf Jttltttttr Restrt ts and Mtlor of Rope Corps Coronttton and Blttls and Gold Retuc Outstdt of sthool ltndt hts bttn tttttt tn Run btw. lnrls Afttr compltttng her lvustness stqttentt she pltns tn bemmt ttther a sccreary or tn .ttrltnc hostess WAI KOVIAK LEONARD E len has followed the tndustrtal and tocattontl sequente durtng hts four yetrs tn Galena Ptrlt sthools He shous hts tntercst tn sports by betng tn a hottltnt, lttgue outstde of school He plans to attend college :titer graduatton XX -Xl TLR9 DARI EYNF Posste has hetn actttn tn such thtngs ts l renth Club G R -X s Nattonal Honor Society Juntor Reprtscntttttt Blttl-t und Cnwld Rttut gl1O'vXbO2ll and muorttte tn tht html Sh pltns to atttnd Baylor alter graduatng vttth tht ltberal arts sequtntt XX -KRD PA'VlEl A LLCRETIA lxnoun as Puddtn Ptmelt has been tn Gtlena Park s howls tvselte years Along, xttth her studtts tn the ltbtrtl arts stquentt Pamela has also been sophomore represtntttttt md tn luntor Achtutmtnt Nurses Cluh tml band Sht tlsu spends h r ttrnt outstde sehool tn church t tttrtus and tttth tht 1 1 txttrlxng mtl sports She plans to attend collage tlter grtduttttn XX ARD ROSX IEE Ro t hts been an acttta studtnt both tnstdt of s howl md out 0 at tour star shes httn tn Gtlena ar sc ools r tum s :tc mums hue been chotr C 9 L, and the contest plus ltr t e tears Outsxde f sthool sho. has been a membtr ot h r thurch thotr 'tnd Ratnbotts -Xfter grnduattng tn June tttth h bustntss stquen e Rost plans to attend East Texas Btpttst C ll g XX -XRDI OXX Nl-XRII XX SLE 'Vlarlttn has been tn the Galena Park s hool Cltstrt t tutltt wars Durtng thts ttme she has prtpared h rselt tor h r tutur uptttcn oi st rttart by tnlttnq the hustness s quence Sht hts h n 1 mtmh the so Corps tn Ja lt tttrs NX -XRI BREND-X IORENI tortt s also betn tn tht Cttltnt 7 tw ts r r on tl t t I n ottett d tr 1 ua tn 1 t t tn nttrtng., stqutntt s t pltns t m nts on t u te und to vtorlt ts 1 mutt tn I tt -lf ff l X l 1 X XVARE. SUE BETH Sue Beth has led an active life in the twelve years she has been in Galena Park school district. In high school she has been in such organiza- tions as: Band. National Honor So- ciety. CSU. Pen and Scroll. Student Council, Senior Play. library staff. Drama Club, and Science Club. After graduating in June with the liberal arts sequence. she plans to go to college. 'J 2 A XVARREN, DOLORES "D0dy" has accomplished a lot of things during her eight years in Galena Park school district. With her goal of becoming a nurse after grad- member uating. Dolores has been a of the Future Nurses Club. She has of the been missionary chairman CSU. secretary of the Math Club. in the French Club, and in the National interest Honor Society. Her main outside of school is in her church, the First Baptist Church of Galena Park. She will complete her science and engineering sequence in June. 1 ' o N f Y f XVARREN. LOU I:l.AlNli Being in Galena Park school dis- trict only three years. Elaine has led a very active life. Better known as has been in the A FHA. CSU. and Club. Outside of been a member of church choir. After "Blondie," she Cappella choir. Future Nurses school she has the MYF and graduation in June with a homemak- ing sequence. she plans to attend business college. XVASHBURN. CHARLES EDWARD "Charlie" has followed the science and engineering course during his days in GPHS. His main interest in school has been band. while outside of school he takes pride in working on his car and truck, After graduating in June. he plans to attend Texas AUM. WATSON. JAMES B. "Jimmy" has shown his great ability and interest in music by taking the fine arts sequence. He has been a member of the All District Band three years. and an officer in the Galena Park Band. Outside of school his interests lie in airplanes. He plans to work after graduation in June. XVATTS, GAll. Gail has led quite an active life in the two years she's been in Galena Park school district. She has been a member of the Tennis Club. Chess Club. Thespian Club. Science Club secretary. and CSU. Outside of school. Gail has a variety of interests, including: judo lessons, tennis. ice skating, church. and bowling. After graduatng with the science and engineering sequence, she plans to attend the University of Houston. WATTS. ELEANOR SUE Sue has followed the business sequence ro prepare herself for the future vocation she plans to enter. In school she has been sopho- more representative in the Future Nurses Club. GRA, Student Cuncil. and A Cappella choir. She has been in this district nine yea rs. WEATHERLY, TED ROBERT Ted. better known as A'Sedro." has followed the science and engi- neering sequence. ln school he has been active in football. track. FHA choir, tennis, and .Junior Achievement. Outside of school his interests lie in bowlng and guns. After graduating in .lune he plans to attend college. WEST. DOROTHY IAYE 'Dottie' has been in Galena Park school district for twelve years ln school she has been active in GRA's. band. and library. After graduating in June with the business sequence. she plans to become a lit wkkeepcr. 'ur NVARRINGTON. ROBERT PAUI. "Bob" has shown his main interests in sports by playing fullback on the football team and outfielder on the baseball team. After completing the industrial and vocational sequence in June, Robert plans to attend college. l l . t 145 l C ASS 0 '59 WEST IOIA IAXON Iola has been ters actrre durrng the twelte years she s been rn Cralena Park school drstrrct She has been senror cheerleader treasurer of C RA treasurer of IHA unrt secretary af Iunror Achresement senror represen ta rxe and rn the Black and Co Resue thee years Outsrde of school she has partrcrpated rn the Green md Vvhrte Retue After graduatrng wrth tht busrncss sequence n Iune h plans to become a reeeptronrst X!! NXHEELER VIEI VIN DAYNION 'Nlelsrn has followed the serence and engrneerrng sequenee to prepare hrmself for hrs future Irfe st college In school he has been rn the Chess Club Pen and Scroll Yellow Iacleet taff and Irench Club Outsrde of school he has a paper route and rs rn Demolars XX HI I'XlxI R PIYI RICIA DAVIS XXHVI AKPR DIANE Drane has been rn Galena Park ool drstrrct for srx rears er .rc rtrt es schoo axe rnclu ee A .Iacketeers and otlrce ware ou srde of school she was NYI prcsrdent and secretrrv Ixnown as rtan e plans o attend etl e a er completrne, he rera arts sequence D Graduatrne, rn Iune wrth the lrberal rrts sequenee la pans to go to worle In school she has been rn GRA s Art Club and th ipanrsh Club WHITE PXTRICIA AINNI Pat has folle wed the busrness sequenee to prepare herself for her future rob as 1 secretarv In school she has been rn Iaeleeteers Black and Crewld Rtsue IHA sophomore runror and senror reprf sentatrte Outsrde of school she has been rn Rarnbows Ve HITNEY RFINNETII NEII Kenneth Elr as an honor student and member of NHS has been serv actrte rn the A Cappella Chorr In connectron wrth the chorr he has been rn such groups as the Galenarrs and I'or tunes He rs well known for hrs trbrant barrtone torce whrch has been heard at both the runror and senror class productrons and has arned htm I posrtron rn the All State Chorr for three sears He has been rrce presrdent of the sophomore and runror classes presrdent of rlae senror class and an actrte member of the sarsrts football team Ile has Iso been on the sophomore football team rn CSU IHA was rn the sen or plat and ABCPH9 Also he rs chror drre tor at hrs church and has been Iunror Rotarran To add to hrs manv honors he was a representatrte at Bov 9 Qtate XX IGGIN9 III I I-N IOHNELLE Johnelle has been rn Galena Park sehool drstrret for twelxe tears She plans to eo to work after graduatrng rn Iune wrth the bust Outsrde of s hool her marn rnterests are rn the church XXICIGINS ILRRH XX 'XYNE Jerrt has followed the serenee an enerneerrnq sequence to pre pare hrmself for eollege In sehool hrs marn :r trtrtr was tootball n w rh h was srrsrty letterman Outsr e o shoo hrs marn rnterests are rn brseball huntrng and swrmmrns, XX II IXINSON QANDRA SUE Sandra has been xery 'retrte rn her nrne wears rn Galena Park scheol drstrrct In hrgh sehool she serted as treasurer of ,lunror Xehrexemenr homeroom offreer IHA Black and Cold Rex ue and Green and XX hrte Retut Outsrde of s hool she hrs la en 1 hureh rvftrcer on the ehamraron bowlrng team and rn lrrnrewr Oltmpr s 'Ifter graduatrnq wrth the arrlrne hostess XKIIII-'ISIS CXROIXN II -X NF u rness sequen e she plrns to las om rn r future I b as a re Crroxn To prepare herself for has followed the busrness sequence In school she hrs been rn th 'Natronal Honor Qocrety CSU homeroom offrecr rnd entered th rnterschlastrc ltaeue typrng contest Outsrde of s hoewl she has been rn Junror Achreternent and Rarnbows XKIIII-XXI? VlICHAI'I PALI r e s s own hrs rnterests and abrlrtx rn nrtrsr lx tr rn musrc sequenee H has be n he pp I 1 Chmr t I YS IL Ak. 'I HIUY 'IILX III emolaxs has been hrs mrrn rnterest cvutsrde ot s It I It r grad u rng rn une ae plans to attend o e e XX Il I IANI9 RAY FX FRETT s has been n the Galena Park school elrsrrrt lrt rerrs rs specral rnterests both rn school and out hate been rn baseball and horses After graduatrne, rth the screnee and enbrneerrng sequence he plans to go o college 'Se 146 ' ll aI I Z ,K I 1 I A , . v I - - Y I -1 ' ' ' A ' ' 1 '- sch ' 'I f 'a H' - . , '. ' . e ' ' '. . t"'i, in , I hc' ' cl-I' , ' . I . . ' f EH . ' ' 'I I' .. 7 . , . t , . . . . t ' . . ' ' .I I -r ' ,. .' . '. ft - 1 t r I'bf I . V I e I I I -I I . r .' ,. i . s e ' . , I I I If I I , A , A , - I K . , . 1 I I i I l . , F , tk. . ' ' may ' 9 , g ' a ' 2 ." . ' e . - ' ' . ' i c I , . . . ness sequencefln school her chief activities were in choir and CSCI -'h'c e 'I n '. .' ' . fd- - f ,c I ', V q , a ' ' . 'Y Q '- I '. I . ' I I . ' "' ' , ' ' . ' I , . . r " . Q 1 ,S I, 6 4, . 1, A- - A A A ' . ' I he Aea . . sec 'tart' ,. I' .V . 1-ff, I I ' I I 2 ' v b F I v4 y 4 t I I v KC L s A, wr 4 ha ' li. 'A I " " 'I a' .If g the .' ' ' . e , e in t A Ca e'lI ' href: 'ea . sc"rr" club. CSL' chess club ,nd .ltr ' Atl -'e' ent , D' ' ., ' ', .' ' ' ,' - ' ,c ov A e j - H at' .I ' I ' . ' . t c Ilrgr. J , I ' - . I, , xg ,. . I .. V . , I - 4, I Rav. - I - . , el we H 5 li , ' ' ' XX INN 'XIONXA ANN Monnie has been ten actue in Cilenx Park High S hool She has Honor Soeietx CSL A Canpella Choir Iunlor Achiexement lunior reprcsenlatixe Irenh Club Thes pian Club and Student Council After graduating in June with the liberal arts sequen she plans o attend college a in 5 XX'II,I.IAMSON. JIMMY BRYANT "Jim" has been in the Galena Park school district seven years. In school he has been in F.H.A.. sophomore football team. sopho- more basketball team. and audio-video, After graduating with the science and engineering sequence. he plans to go to college. XX'lI.I.Ol,'GllBY, REX LEE Known to his friends as "Buick" he has been in the Galena Park school district nine years. After graduating with the indus- trial and vocational sequence. he plans to attend Lee Junior College. XXII SON1 DARR Dart sometimes known as Coober and Boomer will grad uare in June through the science and engineering sequence After graduation he plans to got to Texas A and M XVII SON EI MER CARI Elmer has followed the industrial and iocational sequence to prepare himself for his future work He plans to graduate in August XXII SOIS PRYOR HARRIS Pryor has only been in this district three years During this time he his followed the industrial and rotational sequence II has been .1 member of Junior A hietement -Xfter graduation in August he plans to go to college XX INGATE AI BERT HAROI D Sonny has been an actiie member in Galena Park schools during the eight years hes been here In school he has been football debate Senior Play and track After graduating with the science and engineering sequence he plans to atrend college XX OVIBLE LUI ANSI ALICE ie h be n in G R A s Y H A and homeroom representa High School Outside of school she has serxed as uct president of Cios per Gleanors which is a youth fel lowshio and secretary of her Sun day School class She will graduate in June with the business siquenee YOUNG MARILYN GAYLE 'Vlarilyn often known by her ni name ady Jane has led an in Cialena Park schools She has been lieutenant of the Jacketeers Chapter treasurer and reoorter of FHA unit presid nt of Student Council Black and Gvld Rexue and an office girl Outside ot school she has been a CYO ofIiIIr After graduating with the liberal arts sequence she plans to become a medical secretary I A f r .. I . v . I . . . . , v H ' C ' . . I A . ' ' V . . . . Y in I . . I I I I I V . 1 -A - I " "' , ' ' ' " ' "All' " as e ' . . . . . ' ,. . ' .c . . -. . .. - ck "I. been a G R.A, officer. in National tive during her years in Galena Park active life during her twelve vears - ce t ' " ' ' ' - A J I U ' I' i ' 'Z A. v C b.. 5 S I' ' ,- , Q I , , ,,,, 2. 1 i ' 1 5 ' e are God's rebellious children, And He leads us where best He can teach us." --Robert Browning 1 I Z ,ff K F Qi X, 'V ,J :J A,-'CL ,- off :SJ--1 3,3 I sfm Lffu f:.r. 1:-M SE-J-, z Y Oit Intnllx B SL Qroomud 'X mst P mpul r rx nn nat N ost X hl ost I Hom kommg md s Iblll L1 x nth 1 0-,,,,.,.,.MM ,,.,..4 m,wMw,,,,.h,.v. mMwH,,w,..,.- sg 'AwmN,,.-,,,- - Q ,X , I 1 -. Q-aah!"-" Y K' ---L x I ,. I.. V 3 , .,.-J", ,ff ,-ff' nf" gf 7' 7' ,-- -4 2 . 51 ' 3 Q- 7 ' V 7- .- ,-A , f, ' ' :L I .4 f ..- .- fn ,,- ' " U7 ' F, I ' 4 . 1 ' ' 'TT ' 'Z' .. , . A ,, f ,-. 'Z 5 -. Q4 ' V, , . r fs A AC ' c ,.., f' ,.. ' r-1 X 1 A f H ..- f" f-, '- 'E I TQ ' L XX x K X f, "- , A it . 2 Q . . 1 ,-Q 3 "M .... . C-4 " ' ,J f ' J, .r, r. Cl.. f- rt . , . . .... .-. -- .-.4 .-4 -. .... ,.. .... .-4 ... ,.. 4 ok I, 'N 3 ON ul ul Q1 JI JI ul U1 I 5 'uf I .1-1 I-1 '- f C 113 I ON Qi J- IJ L V x .- If UU u 64 -Mhh""""ung,.,.w""""wu-...v v Q 1 fx xxx V . -1 Q -,i,!.Xsy X WR N 3 Wmvgljzff- I N . , tj 'V' I 1 10? v, A o . 'lf 'nv "Un, ,U 11 wiv! ' 4+ ix-' I , Q .503 , ' . IU? i Q C l 41 JANN HENSLEY MOST BEAUTIFUL EDDIE RONGERS MOST HANDSOM r P J , . , 'nw , iz, A,h Mfwsl, A , Q T., -.x W 4, 1 "x J .QA M ,lug - jafgyl , , wh Q Nfm and 1 "il ,ia ., ' ' fy ,TQ-, GL, fl- , 0, W- , 4 -,,,,,4 agwl "'17"f .xi K ,5 nz' , Q: SE, Sffslgf., . g 5,9 .w 'riff' " A W? ff , , 1 Q? A ' 4, F Agfa .S ,X LiQl 'i M f:h':'i f 11 45' ' 2 -- .3 ' :.-1 - K 1. 'Wy ,H Q si .- X 4 A ,, . W. Q, l ,Q ' fvff Vik' ' 6' ' ' L3 E:-'fQEf'f'w,fiX, 5 A f V '2,'?'4?Q1:q"tL? - 32,.1y "A - 5 T, .1 -.1 '.'f'wEy U -' V 'X 'Q--F ' ' 'g-MS' .- .Q-,ff gf it 'X -- "13f'f5?f 1',-Jw gg 55125 fs- -xfgvilli 1' - , 3:95, 24" x x. tw? .,mwk- u, ri -fM!"'f'ffw7"Jii,v2x'mA5a . 'lc WS .,,.Nf,m pljx Q 5, 3 if '4 X ,J X 6. ,M .,,,, .2 V, ,,!,,, Jaw mg-if-,pu - .Q wyf.i,. A 655, 1'.1,. HN..,,'e 4. . 1 - ' V' 4'-1i?7'f5f14QQr55"f:gfPxff?1' 19 5'-fr if ,ff 4: Q4 xr-. H.-5, -vw J "xiii 7 Th-' SQ ","' u 'Q' '!?2' V1 . . gawk ,, F .:.f3q5T'?,K ills. v 3 ' ' vf'vrQql5: , " .bbs :H . 1 W AL ffgvi' ,A QSFQQ --,wx I 4.., 51, .f at wx -H, ' 1 "-xaCff1. ,'4"1,"x,' Af , X 1' 'fl V, uwzgfn 'Kg ' "": ,4 , 5' .2T'i"w'Wi:? ""Xj-51-ffvix 'Q' 'NQX-.5,p I fi -'wtf ' 'Q' Q' ' ffm , 'xiii' 1 '.W,'.' 1, car . ,yy f. 'I 'pq 'P QFFQ ffm' QW- 1.1, 1' ' - M1 K . Vu' .,'Q vggff. ff , ,LE 'ffwcai r .x,.f'y- 1- 'H H. ' +L--L 'ily JS.. .np ' what 4 Lvgr , n v v , ' fs ,J , . 1 ,A .rixgjag ff?-'gi K: "gag .Q 'V fa, 25:11-" '.l 'FMA 'T 4' X ,iffki 'Unfit -f .A. M: , K " 1' rfwginyfh E A? RI .4 .dw 'J xx., T ' Qjlzrlk frm-fini -gif' M---...,.,,,,. A ,f. A I ' , .""w- -vu M.-v. ,A ,. , .V ...MW .,, . ,.. . . s , M, l , vggvg ' a n y xiii ' L J A , A f ., , A K ..- M .Jka 4 X Q. Mi 22, ww H, 1 'H' Q 4 5 , i ,-5 1 "'-717 JUDY BOUSE KENNIJIQH PEAQOCK BEST GROOMED 'bf' GTI? R 1 H3 if I J 1 ,...----"""' XX 1 Luv Alla' . . ' if ' s ' '- ""' r"L""' .3 I I I v . ini 5. , U .4 1 at ' K' 4: - . , til! nm 2.1.2 Q fi f I nl-'. - 'Q' Q Y, 2 I! 1' ll ? 2 ,Q a 5 mm"""""' . A Hb. . -v V' ww . .ww A fb A ,wil 4 5 Q, 1? x 31 M? if' 4 zzz 5 . is 'I 1 fs Wa.-cw. his ' 5w"'ff5 'a' 4 '. A J' lag f' W., '1 ' fd , , H, x.h, W ,, V , x,,,d?iQg5s:,g,5i 4 f ': , , . W' V N ,f L .1-AN Qugw, ,Q QW. W r ,Lg .--.f .ln 3 A Mk' V 4 A"""" ' , ,w+"A"'wM I I ffwy' A 1'f , . 1,533 555231.52 1' 1- 35 jf Y 5, ,. Q4 M4-Qi ff .av-'07 d..'.',,,..r' SC I'- EF ! 1 ff 'vw 7 v Try, , ,r 4 V.,: i , f 1 1 4 af 'W "" A1 df, ,,,. if gg t Q i !s"' . QXXK 5 Y Hag fri 9 S ' 4 1 1 Q , Q .A .- ,an PRINCESSES LOLA WEST HOMECOMING QUEEN JANN HENSLEY BARBARA ADAMS BASKETBALL QUEEN ROBYN SMITH SANDRA ROBERTS JUDY HULL fi' PRINCESSES FOOTBALL ANNE FRANKLIN SWEETHEARTS am wilfif, ETBALL Maj BEVERLY LAAKE TRACK VALERIE BLEVINS J01cw2,Q,2 F J fvvdlflviwl MLJ BQ 60616066 LOL? wwf wmwfmffw H ff M1 NM GLW' '11 BAQEBALL WL PAULINE DANIELS 164 W ' M ,Q S5 6 A Q. !' J ,K 4. ,C ' 020 .E .Glow Clzpbcitflfohj' cL4.,.,7g' - A1 ' 0' .I 4- li. f 0'l1-3,41 -A . - JI. 1' 4 A - 1 f ' c , , L UL? - Xp fx! Bl ACK AND CO1 D RFVUE 167 FTC OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIX I S 166 , v N 'Y x , Q , 1 , - - X MGS POPLAR AND CUTEST JUNIOR 168-16 I l 1 Q Q ' Q f -,Q TIME OUT EOR REFRESI-IMENTS Secretary-Maisie Cato, Social Chairman-Valerie Blevins, y President-Jean Edom, and Vice-President-Stu Stewart, have a friendly discussion while Treasurer Claylene Jones gets the refreshments. OH, WHAT TO would we do without the spirited help of the Junior Officers and Representatives? They're so much a part of G.P.H.S. that it is impossible to name all the activities they have accomplished. Just to cite an example, what would we have done without their help in the Black 25 Gold Revue and the Junior Coronation? We would have been lost! These little spreaders of school spirit give freely of their time, patience and cooperation to ac- complish every undertaking. Oh, what to do? Give them the appreciation they d e s e r v e . Thank you, Junior officers and Representatives for brightening G.P.I-I.S. 166 9'-6,59 FZ , pw fS" 4 fs' C Q F GGEPH- l"19I:."",Il4j DO? "DO I HEAR A MOTION?" President Jean Edom asks. J 'Vladam Chairman Danny 1 'wi as iff I ,,.., , i M ..,,,,. y la .f-" " ix! ,. Ax ix N 4 s n . Gardner motions. Walter Cun- ningham is undecided on the issue. hr 'And I make the motion we have less homework," says Elorine Gulley, Carlene Vklatson. Jo Ellen Sisson, Rhoda Sheppard, Marcille Chumley, Babs Coulter, Jean Buettel, Joan Vkfhite, John Riggs. Roy Moore, Jackie Bynum, Danny Gardner, Russell Kinnison, Ronny Crouch, and Walter Cunningham all agree. However PUKSENT ..., THE BLACK AND GOLD REVUE Mardi Grasf All the enticing charm of Old Paree and New Orleans showers forth as the tingle of excite- ment fills the air. XVe are enchanted as we are transfered from a pictures- que street scene to the exotic night club, the Flamingo Club. to the very Royal Ballroom in time for the Coro- A last minute rehearsal is being prepared by nation of the Mardi Gras King and Queen. VJe are breathless as the mix- ture of singers and dancers. magi- cians and musicians are combined in- to a unit of show biz. And. salute the song that faintly, echoes in our ears ...' 'There's No Business Like Show Business." The Mello Misses form a harmonious background for the singing of Kenneth NVhitney, with the accompaniment of Bill Goldwin. .lf Phu. President Jean Edom and Mardi Gras Queen Robyn Smith and King Stu Stuart. -4.."4"f The Fidelities are here and pantomme is in full swing To make it easier to be recognized they are without their make-up. The five little Fidelities shown are Mary Ann Young- blood, Janice Lundy, Alice Mack, Sondra Halliday, and Beckie Gross, while Barbara Cardenas is preparing her costume. t Treasurer Claylene Jones represents our very Parisienne Jacketeer Can Can girls ffihllg W' Ii -Fil Q -at, g 5 JUNIOR CUTEST l.ady Barbara Cardenas and Ralph Riggs, we bestow upon you the royal title of 'Cutest Juniors of 1959" as you tread the paths of success. MVWMM M11 . , s, ua JUNIORS ELECT JUNIOR Accepting the responsibility of the Junior Class and its activities are the .lunior Sponsors. Here are pictured Miss Ellen Neal, Miss Martha Biggs, Mrs. Carolyn Perry and Mr. J. H. Taylor, .al-nu., il i fr if Y CUTEST AND FAVORITES congregating for the purpose of helping the Junior Class. Other sponsors not pictured are Mr. Wililarii O'Neil and Mrs Beth Manley. JUNIOR FAVORITES ln view of your excellent status of popularity. we Juniors grant you, Rhoda Sheppard and Stu Stewart, the honorary title of "Junior Favorites of l959" as you ascend the ladder of success. in 'X A.'i."A 'levi' . QNX. 'Nu- ff 5 avi! 2 ,, tix I MI X , 5 .5: U' E' I f x gh, 'fr--' ui CLASS OF '60 'lrrrsa Catalano Xlaislc Cato Xlarv Chapman Davicl Cil7llllA'fS Dunnus Clarustian Bob filaronistcr Xlflfilllx' Cllmuml x Rosr farulo lla! fxltv Charlrs filarlx Joycu lllarlx Sammlc Clax' lrarlv fllwxxuvs llxll cilklifll llwltv flolwr xlfiflf CiUFl1Pll'l'1 Klan flvvlx Oplhlla fiuopcr lialw koullvr lla: Covan Clmrlrs Ciovinglon Donald Cowan .lim Cowan Carol Cox Don Craxg .lamcs Craplllo Sharon Crawford Ronnv Crouch XX'allcr Cumrninglmam Bob Davis .laniuc Davis Sandra Davis Ray Dewey Carol Dohos Calaricl Dolvos Shirlvx' Doclxcns Pmxllv Dodson Marion Dodson Dnctia Donaldson Onclia Donaldson Gan' Dorsfu l,arrv Doss Sandra Douglass Dean Dunn fl ,A . 5 L X.. HT?,M yn N 7 X' 1 if Charles litlpatriek lflaine liogle Robert lfoshee l,arry liuster Mary Alice lfoster Ratlene lfowler I i X r , 1 Af: 3 W 4' l M il Q L- 'Ita ,A ,X N, . ff X QLAN, to .pc 'HAT YT' 2090?-,K '11 fb "But l'm just a growing boy," says Walter Gunf ningham to Danny Gard- ner and Gary Bennett, CLASS OF '60 Don l'ranlts l'at l-ranl-tlin Delmon l'fJlL'C .limmie lireneh .lim lunderlmurlt Shirley l'uteh Ronald Gann Danny Gardner Pam Gardner Camlvn Garrett Virginia Garrett .ludy Gaston Lloyd Gates Billy George Brenda Giddenx XVaVne Gilbert Harold Gofortli Bill Golden .luanita Ciorncf Bonnie Cimudwttt .lim Gtwr 'ha .lerrv Dean Croix Emmett Goteher Linda Gray Shirley Grayson XViley Green Jesse Griee Beckie Gross l.uannc Guerrant llorine Gulley Nlilxe Guy Marcus llaggard Sondra Hale Doris Hall Larry Hall S fi l.inda Hall David Hamilton .lamcs Hardy .lim Harrli' Glenda Harmon Ruger Harmon V Harris nv lo Harris wrt llatalawav enda llatelicr ariin llath.iwa'. c ie Hathorn ruara llavard ames Helmer lealim Helms l,arry Hendrix llaul Henry lgrvin Hensley Ronnie Herreth Charles Herring 175 'M-5. Ury., -.xx -'GLN 'vm , , ' fl I ff f' no if , Q, 'W MX VA,V EVVZV 29 5 5. I Norma Kilparriek Brenda Kimbrell Charles Kincaid nlommv Kindard S, R. Newton N Milf -.1 fx, .r :Hit l . we tilt Betty Kennison Russell Kinnison Lydia Kiser Charles Kniggs Donald Koonce Annette Koons Richard Kropfl Carl Kuykendall Arnold I.a Bauvc Johney La Due John Laird -"' he X. D I W i -M4 , M44 -K. ,. am ui' 177 ' . , .'4:, .-.y N611 I CLASS OF '60 Janet llill Cynthia Hilliard Guy' Ilitt Donna Iloff Ifarl Holmes Richard Horn Sherry Ilorn lannv Horton lulie Howard Nlaurice lluvle Salli Ilulvlmrd Iiarhara Kay llusham Don Ilutili .Xnn IIIIIIU lluster .linimv .lamail Carolyn James Carolyn James Carold .leans IUC-nald .Img XIIRC Jeter Carl Johnson Dollie Johnson Donna Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Jesse Johnson Karen Johnson Mary .Johnson Loraine Johnston Roger Jolly Claylcne Jones James Jones Joe Jones Barbara Jordon Alvin Jowers Dollie Karraker Judy Keating Chuck Kelley Janice Kcmn Rita Kennedy James Kennedy Pzohhy Kerlev Russell Ketchum Xlary Killingsworth 4 X LOOKING AHEAD IN MISS GERALDS CLASS Bonnie Goodwin lat the standl, Le Rea Eng- lish, and Judy Keating, seem eager to resume their studies of the Circulatory System. if.. Ti RN - Ssqv my Nj . g::i,s, f. -fyxx, KX -'rm '-P: si' C Q--' Q' ' ' , . J.. N sksuz x 'L 1, 1::::fx fn M':"v- .. ,Ag ,,. s on-X fqixl ,-Us ffl- K ...lun '94 . . ff ffff!fHBv':ff?'4vu dm 7 XX X ' 'R ""' ix N N M, Il in 'fi .lanicx I vwib I arrx' I ilus llaiil lindscv Sara lingncr l inda l,aramuru Marilvn Livingston Marv logan llorris l ogsdun iluniniy luhsc Ronald I ooncy Cilvnn l.ucas Michael Macchicwski Jack Manchack Dvrol Marlin lircd Marlin Jimmie Marlin Nlarvin Marlin 'Iihomas Marlin K i I ' ' 7 12 .'n, , I .. ' 14' fr fi? CT" CLASS OF '60 Siirlva l cc l,aird liillii' landrum Sarali Ivan l,anc Max lanlxliord linimv I angliurn lluddv l .inicr liiany lanicr llivnald I va llarold lxgur .lean lcniuinc Riiliard lcvingc 1 "Lift that brush, rote that pziinnrf' Cflieerleader Donald Jcanc spreading Judi' Maswn lgdward Mathews .lo .Nnn Matthews linda Matrix Sandra Maiiix Buddy Matrox Raymond Mcad .loc Maxcy Rolwrt Mchnally Joan Mcflaffctix' Mcrwin McCollum Lois McCord llcnnic Mcfulloug l.arrx' Mclilwcc Pcggx' Mcfiovcn llddic Mcllcnry Allwrl Mcl.ain .lcrrv McM:inux Billv McMurrougli Ciarv MqXX'liiirlcr Haw Millcr lmryiia Millcr Runia Ncll Millcr l.vclx'n Mills lanin Minard lrnfsi Miigliell Marv Monlgomurx l5uddv Moody Shirlcy Moon Donn Moore Llovd Moore Mike Moore Roy Moore 179 U l 1 il 1 Al' J 5 4 ,ia isf.. .o s-: af! , f-332 P :im ggi CLASS OF 60 l..1rrv Morrison pusy Morton Cari' Kloslvv lfdith Klurphi' Paul Nlurphx ll.1t Murplix Carol Nash Robert Nighols Snndra Norris Danni' Oliphant 3: iz, Q--.. N , ' mf ' " ' rl? Y-W, 0, 1. ,Q A lf Q. e-1 Roy Rawlings Pfizizv Ray Carroll Rector Shirley Recd Jerry Reeds' Mary Reynolds Buddy Richardson Thomas Riggings Charles Riggs .lohn Riggs Ralph Riggs Bun Robcrts Bcuna Rohcrts Marcus Roberts Nancy Robcrts Douglas Robertson Marv Rohison Norma Rodcn Clurlcs Rogers Dgvid Opcnshnw lohnnv Ornnd Curtis Orn rli, J. Orr l.nrrv lligc Ihr Page il-,, Buitv l'.1rl-ter luv llxrltcr Ray l'.1rkcr .loan llnync Shirlcv lluddv Ruth llunnington 3 .lnmcs Pctcrson Claude Phillips Bonnie Phillips lfranls Picltcns Shirlcx' Pomcrov Anncttc llouncc I V Britt Purcy 5. Carolyn PUICY , ,4 Ronnie Qualls ii ' ig f Nlnry Railsorn lf' A 1 I A , N 'lg , sf in :V-S if , Zfwf',,, "Veni. Vidi, Vicif' Loretta Miller and Buster Jamail struggling through Mr. Gionet's Latin class? lorust Rvdgvrs ll..-lxxin Rolison Sumnnc Rosen .lanut Roxxlxritl ll.1l Xlndcrs Bill Sanders Kenneth Sandfrson l'cggv Scanlcn Richard Sgliiwini lo :Xnn Scott XX'innic Scott it XM .hw im warn 'Q f,,?f 'a -,f fl' 1 ,' s ik W S CLASS OF '60 Durmld XX'AldIlll'N .Im XX'.1H-wr Dan XX'.11lcrs .Iamcs Vxhrd Culcnc XK'.1lswn Dwnnld XK'.1Iwn Mlchacl NYA1wn Kathryn XXIM Glunn XK'cbb Sandra XYclch Pmruzc NX'cldwn Lula XX'uldnn Cnlwrnl XX'cl4iun I w XXX-Hs SLCYU XK'hcv1rr .lnmn Xvhilt Iinidiw NX'iggs DAn XX'ilkcs I..1 Dall XYilli.1ms Ybry XViIliams Kfiilifih xxxlils-'D 'Ikrrv .Xnn XXIIZSUFA Mwhnnxu XX'nsc .x1.1YX' Vfuml Snxrlrv N .Hu JACK Xvuungbllmd Xhrv .-Xnnc Ymungbl: L d Curtis Zell .Xnnic Korn PM Zunkcr SOPHOMORES 3 I 4 W' 5 5 ' i gy, Officers and R Z 1 N . N H i , f C- en 0 'U I O Z 0 75 r1'1 73 rn 'U Z rn an rn Z -'l JP Z' 4 rn an sim 3 President-Steve Newcomb, Vice President-Ronnie Lemon, SecretarynAl,inda Lloyd. Treasurer-Frankie Cox, Social Chairman-Barbara Broclsman The officers and representaf tives as well as the favorites of the Sophomore class were chos- en and elected by the Sopho- mores. They must maintain a high average and be respected hy their classmates. This is the first year in Galena Park High School for the class of ol. lt is during this year that their school spirit is developed. From this sopho more class will come the future foothall team. .lacketet-rs, Cihoir and Band members. Vkle often tease the sopho' rnores about heing "lowly '." hut if it were not for the "lowly Sophomoresf' where would the "honorable seniors' come from? SOPHOMORE CDFFICERS Linda Hamilton Jackie Matekjka Sally Seward Kaye Greene .ludy Parker Leona Appel Douglas Bugker Ann l,ee Greer Jeri Gibson Beverly Christian Linda Goodman Toni Rushing Rona Vyloods Rosemary Ronge-rs Blanche Vaughn SOPHOMORE CUTEST Barbara Polk was elected Sopho- more Cutest Girl of 1959, and she is very deserving. Not only is she pretty, but she also has a pleasing personality. Barbara is sixteen years old and is a member of the Jacketeers, F.H.A., and the Spanish Club. She loves sports and takes part in many. Elected by the Sophomore Class for its Cutest Boy was Kenny Curtis. Kenny is a quarterback on the football team and is a very good player. Since he hasn't decided what he will be after he graduates. he is taking the science and engineering sequence. which will enable him to go into just about any field. He is sixteen years old, 187 SOPHOMORE FAVORITES The Sophomore Faworxte Glrl for 1959 IS cute brown halred blue eyed Holly Hague Holly IS flfteen years old and xery actlve She IS a member of the band and thls alone requxres a lot of work In her spare txme she llkes to twlrl bowl or swrm Holly hasn t quxte made up her mmd what she would like to be after she fxnlshes school but she stxll has a few years to declde While mullxng xt over she rs takxng the llberal arts sequence The Favorlte Boy of the Sopho more Class IS Kenny Curtxs Kenny IS very popular and llke Holly IS well llked by hls classmates As you can easxly see on IhlS and the precedlng page he has recelved honors both as Qophomore Cutest and as Favorrte Boy Y , ' Y v ' ' Y v . . 4 ' , . f 1 v I f Lf , ,Mirmn .Mimr Pwlllx .'XkiAIUx' C1-,urglumc .Xdams Ilflllx' Nhrlc .Xdnmx Nandm Adams Dwuglns ,-Xldmfm Um .XIk'XJHLiCl' Pwrcnvln ,Nllcn lin fxllun R.1mivll .-Xllvn Cmfrgc .Xndrlcs I,cun.1 Appel lhiwrni .Xrmwrvng 'xT.ulu.1 .'XfIT15ll'UI1g XTvx.1 .Xrmstrong mul :Xrnuld l,x'.u Ashford lmixsin .Xshlock 1 harl-gs .Xvrcs Pwullv Pmbcock Pwb Pmkcr Xniln Iialdridgc P1 l Baldwin fflzrul Ann Pmrms Qnvv Iiarnm l'u4rIh.z Barns X1.lI'Q1.lI'x'I I'm.1lvs lwmmx Ihtswn Unkux' I5k-.uh Kcnnclh Pzcnrdcn Sandm Hcnnfll Nhcllon BYNNLII Cynnxc Pntrls Hull-n ISL-rm Pwhiw Pa1gg.1rk IDur1.1ld filnghlzrt X'l.1rr1n BMX j Tkrndnhtrc Him: Q Ewrm fihxr f,flmf.1 I'I,xl-,L N'f..1r1d.1 I'-Ll-. IJmnn.2 f'wI.1sdQI V - sri ai 1- A 5 , V' , Q A ' 'A .fl A P I ff- 'E . - ..-.,.. A " ' I 'S 4 fx S ' . " .--.9 . 'f 3? 4, 9 I -iv I , ,,.2, V Us .iy ' 91 X Y if , 3-Lvf' l x i . ftlf 9 6 - ' . Z E 9 g p1l!Lf Y-v SOPHOMO Z 1, N bu- 4 P' I rcrlclrr Iiuclx I mdn Pmlfwrcl IIAI lvtllllflfll Ilvmmv l5un1g.1rm'r Iinv Pmurlrcrt lJUllj1l.1Kl75llYIXUI Ilrllv Ilvrwum XX'.'rx'nc flmn Uunnlrl XX'.1xm ffllf Clary finnwplwll lou fhrrwplwll ."Xnn.1 Cllnnmwn lfspcrnnla Carnlcnas I roncl Carclnvsn SJXUIUV Clnrllnn Ann Carney Carolyn Carroll llmlwlw fhrlcr Sandra Cares Mary Chambers Pmilliu Clnlclvrs Pmvurlv Chrislinn Gene Clark llvrilwl fflnrk Sandra CIMIN XX'1lma Clnx' Slmrcwn Cir-ulwn Sherry Condry Iiddxc Connfr Cnrollnr- ffwnrlul l,Vl'1Ll.'l Qunrrq- Hvlwrorx Cook IIYNITHL' flwlx Pcpgx' C,ur1lrv frrurflf Curupcr lbull Cymulx l'x'v 1 r' ' .m. HA, ISRH. Nur f.f'r:..f I,.. C wx l.1rr',' lfx Ilwnnu Cm: .Lnluu fm .-, IIIILI 'lb- N-cow nf. ,-.N ,ff xy K fi JC Y lf' l ,.,r Y Q-Q-9 ,Aff df""N 91 I A-T-17 191 s 2 SOPHO O I 1 I :NK J I K in ,. kv! M .J ,i-ef" su ' .V ix. 'l his typical sophomore appears to be in Judging by th deep thought over the test he just took. A difficult test' L' nf it ' fling, A , f, ' ...iii - P as ' if - y ur 7"-N 'X e faces of these sophomores, they must be taking K : . Q A W f alli Sue Crisp Charles Crouch Kyle Crow Donald Cummins Kenny Curtis Paulette Curtis George Custer Joel Daniel Delta Danielson Donald Darling Betty Davis Daniel Davis Gloria Jean Davis Catherine Davis Glenn Davis Lynn Davis Betty Dean James Deaver .Ierrv De Foot Bat Dement XVavne Denton Diane Derouen it Milton Dodson Pmhhv Dnlman Runnu lhwmm L1 N . lfaxxr. IWwn.1l'S Im-1.x Uwrmx Ihxmd Uluihx luv Ixllif x Mp I I XLILHX P IANUI. C,l:wur..1 llxiuw., Ylllm fl'-rhxv' Mm fxnnx Uwnald Luv , , , , . 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SOPHCDMOR ES Q "M", Dtitttilax Simm n lltvlwt-fl Simm ins Cierri' Siintiwtt l retltlie Sltian Xlatx' Slwttmtlt tiltailex Smith tlaudie Smith l tnnev Smith tiatl Smith llenrv Smith latlxie Smith lanelle Smith .lune Smith Mary Catherine Smith Michael Smith Patty Smith lzugene Speer Sandra Speight David Spradlin linda Spradlin Robbie .lean Spene Glen Spreen Patricia Stacy Nlarsha Stafford Bob Stanlield Pat Stanley Ann Stevenson .limmy Stewart Rosemary Stewart Pat Stockton Ben Stocfker Bonnie Stokes Cieorgeanne Sttsneham Philip Sturt' Havre Stovall llhllip Slllilld Xlatx' .Mtn Stttitl txytnt XX'alter Sttiitlaiyint llwh Stimm it Noel Suki llarlvaia Btllltbll X-lim Sutton llvq g x l.1n1lwrvl lnna l vu lhunm li.-rrv lhumpwn N.mrlr.x llurvrmwrw Nlmmn lwxxrmwml l'.1ul.1 lrux.rl llrllx 'l unxfmns 1:1 Cnrl-lxn lilllll l1:r" lilvlr ll Ylcr l'wx'r'rlx' L lwrrnl wl-, '- Rana' L pqhunh .'XfIlCll.l Vaughn llrlanchc V.rugh.un l5dd1u Xv.lUQ,1ll.ll"l hlll Vausc liwlwlvy Xlwlflldlflg Charles XValkcr Ruth Ann Vfallacr lcannis Vwlallacc Lucille XValtcrs l.arry Vvlnnlnc XV.1nd.1 XV.1rd Charles XK'.1lson Earl Vvlchb l,xndL1 XVclch Ronmc XK'cr:h.1n Clarwlyn XYhirc inns XVhrrv Nell XVh1lc John Vlhltney 'Ames XYIIQOX lhisu' XX'1llwi Xmclm XK'1llArCl liarn XK'1ll1.1mi Xlnrx' XX1ll1.m1s Klnrv llrlcn XxlllllJ glT14lll lalwvzws 1 V 'frlwn ,lr AX llHUl'1 l' wrzl, m XX'rlson if--nnuc XK'1lsr,un .Nlarv XX'1w . . -NI 1 . - v ,,, , ,, , 4 , xl 9- ' "W l li! 1' rnllllll' f ' 'ZW ' N? . uf, " if I Q r X 5 .v an XI . I -B ll ' ' s 1 f 1 . A ' XX A 201 Q1 bf' SGPHOMORES Q 1 'md I5unn.1 .iii XVU .limniy XX'righl I anna XX'righl Ruhy Xyrighl HAI Vfychopcii Rose Y.1khau'e Eugene Yatfs .lohn Young Ifnrl Zastrou Iidith Zell Janell Smith poses for Mr. Head to have her picture made for the annual as other sopohomorcs, with happy smiles, line up to wait their turn. SOPHOMORES L TABLE BRAS 1 ' CHUC-W OF JACINTO CITY DELAHOUSSAYES TON HOSPITAL SERVICE N S JEWELERS STUDENTS UNION PLUMBING id HEATING CO. STATE BANK OF GREENS BAYOU PARK CITY COUNCIL .PARK STATE BANK GARRETT ARTHUR 'GRAHAM ELECTRIC GRAY'S BEAUTY SHOP GRICE'S CONOCO SERVICE STATION COAST INSURANCE GULF DISCOUNT ' HANDY-DANDY HARLEY'S FLORIST HARDWARE is' APPLIANCES BUILDING CO. FUNERAL HOME iff REFINING CO. G JEWELERS 'S SUPER MARKET RADIO 25 APPLIANCES KARRAKER'S JEWELERS KNUZ KRCT McCORMICK'S CAFE VEY SHEET METAL WKS. MEYERS MAYTAG MART MIDWAY COFFEE SHOP MORRISON FURNITURE 'iff LUMBER my DOROTHY MARTIN . . . DO 'T LET Mo EY NOMAN FURNITURE co. I I NORTHSIDE BOWLING LANES LIP THROUGH YOUR FI GERS PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS ! Oft times, merchantile dealers do not realize just how much the support of high school students means to their busi- nesses. They let chances slip through their fingers. Our advertisements have come from the dealers who un- derstand that Ioday's window shopper is tomorroufs buyer. 203 LOIS NORTON . , . BEAUTICIAN O. K. SERVICE GARAGE OLIN MATHEISON CHEMICAL CORPORATION PALISTINE-GREENS BAYOU PHARMACY PETRO-TEX CHEMICAL CORPORATION RAEBURN STUDIO RANGER STEEL CORP. REX TAILORS RHEEN MANUFACTURING CO. ROYAL 60 MINUTE CLEANERS RUDASILL INSURANCE SHEFFIELD DIV. ARMCO STEEL SNEED'S PHARMACY SOUTHERN ENGRAVING CO. STOCKTONS SERVICE STATION SUE'S BEAUTY SHOP TENN-TEX ALLOY THELMA'S GIFT SHOP WACKERS YELLOW JACKET HIVE ZESTOS 216 221 215 205 206 224 214 212 205 216 218 204 204 206 224 225 209 228 215 208 207 220 205 227 211 207 207 228 232 209 210 210 208 211 204 232 212 204 209 213 229 233 226 224 204 207 209 222 217 222 219 212 208 225 229 215 222 210 I ' 204 sPoNsoRs Borden s M1114 Company Dorothy MHFIIH Beautlclan d p t th SENIOR BANQUET REX the TAILOR WE RENT TUXEDO!-:s h g H q G DIG THAT CRAZY REX 22 Glfgf MII 3I5T G Ifgai My WW MRRETT ARTHUR GRAHAM MW MoT R CoMPANY ELECTRIC MQ yi Galena Pork Texas COMPANY M M Soles FORD Servuce PARTS 1105 Holland on an 751 2306 Clinton Drive Phone on 2 7446 , I I 5 a I I I R I o A Y I I O . . T I Here xs Jerry Cook, Mr. G.P.H.S., lookmg over the stock, an lanning what he will wear o e . I .. ,, LOIS Norton . . . Beautlclan Clot in ead uarters for .P.H.S. Stude t 6 u a e a T C ' I ' u e L I H I 4 c N f Y A I W VJ 2 SW I I F I XMB ' XL II K' I I I I J Q I GJ t O P fa? l,j571r2fv51Hks obnfife V If Mkgfbfhwnmmygkssnf sf f L LL N If M MM! DEATOM' HOSPITAL ul B J WARREN Class of 47 Business Represenfahve ywjmw FI TWQSZFWZBA 'fm ,tdllouston lo hxas Fursf ln Serv: of the S cunnel Mcmb .F Syst Fde s nu ce por t may 1 ,Cl b rs CI I D! or! J qoocz' Starr' J Lf Luc a uratului ou LL fv L wu ev Suc s m gi fs fu ', g Illxllill I Rll' NIN4,l PXNX I ,rwvr luxe i Vrf, Ji ZZ! 7 fW' , CL ,1 s3 LMT' L , ' yy, Lf v L, uf- I, nj Qi MV ly! . y4l','L1f4'v1f,, MDX ' . , , 1 1 I'F , I - ' .J JJ' 511 1 If 1 , L 3 ' F VP?1JMLU'ba"5U"'l In j by 3 Q D 6 I 3 ZW,-' V1 jill V QM f ' N45, -, ., 1 QM? 4 Lb ffl! . . f 'ff,LdlL,1,V, -f IM' MJ' 'uv J' J dl X, M W7 , 'J gcb Vg 1 if Lx . er ed al R ' ' ' X M be e ra e 't I C ' X . . s ' 1 X ' fb f X . I I .V M f u , O f ff V ' 0 Q z X, A s w Y ' 'X e A fuss ' ". v 205 Y W " 'ji . , v ' N QQ X x N V X ' Congratulations NJ gl yy' l Seniors . . . XJ ,ily S bl HESNICK FURNITURE My COMPANY X,y GALENA PARK Jil OR 4 0660 by W 'Ns- WV, aefffg' oulfll W I WHERE EVERY CUSTOMER BECOMES A FRIEND GRAYS BEAUTY SHOP BETTY TURNER O SYBIL TURNER Op SPO! REDUCIXCR IREAIMEN TS Y OR 3 9673 I t DIXIE EIVIPLUYIVIENT SERVICE S h 80M Sf HOUSTON TEXAS Q7 'N ' I 3 in - l I a LUYIQI' u. J Q ff U W, I 1 I A " i ' 1, . A A 4 L 1.2 1 ' , Steve hee er and Jerry M M s watch intentl' at th Sp ' g B 11 g , - Midd e on Building Goleno P k O 505 out Coast Building 6 oin reef 206 Congrotulcltlons ond Best Washes to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 RHEEIVI IVIANUFACTURINC COMPANY WORLDS LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF STEEL SHIPPING CONTAINERS .I 0 N E S KARRAKER S JEWELERS Radlo and Apphances DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWFLRY WATCH REP AIRS ALL 11ORlx CLARAX IEED BAND SUPPLIES LAWRENCE KARRAKER RALPH KARRAKER 2114 Clinton Drlve 1270 Uvalde Drive RADIO and TELEVISION Galena Park Texas Northslde Vlllage AL SFR ICE Phone on 4 1300 Phone GL 3 5144 S ES and V OR 4 1133 Goleno Pork HELMS BUILDING COMPANY A D HELMS Owner 13218 Rockglen GL 31117 . . 4 1 I I O 7 I O 1 ' . if 1 If I I If VI ir 1 I . . J O . . , O , L' " .V 207 H A R O L D ' S HARDWARE SI APPLIANCES I 901 Tartar Street Pasadena, Texas f I rf, - ,V I ,Levy BRASUELL Slnclalr SCTVICC Statlon SUE S 24 HOUR SERVICE Relax IH the complete ComfoIt of a home shop SUE JONES Owner and Operator TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES GL 3 1050 FISHING TACKLE Corner Market Street and Federal Road 1450 Mcryknoll Greens Bayou 12537 Market Street GL 3 4885 MIDW AY COFFEE SHOP WERE 11lI'H BOL All IHP HAY MR md VIRS ERNI S'I MOORE 1812 CLINTON DRIVE GALENA PARK 208 O I I O 7 'iv . X- I - - , , I .L .. I . fC.' S 60 ROYAL MINUTE CLEANERS V h GL 3 7878 MCCORMICK S ulck Cafeterla SCFVICC GOOD FOOD 2006 CI GULF DISCOUNT COMPANY CHARLEY HU 126 OM k S GL37I6I O K SERVICE GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIR 2301 CI OR 4 2500 G I P k T Jo Ellen SISSOH Buddy Mayo and Frankhn Kllpatrlck lead the pep rally wlth S S s s s ZESTO S SPNSAIIOIN Ol IHE NA IION l l l 17 Market Street OR 3 6360 MUCOQRVEY SHEET METAL WORKS GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK Specxalzzmg AIR CONDITIONING HEATING VENTILATION 1907 Avenue C Phone OR 2 7545 Moyfog Fully Aulonnohc Woshmg Mochmes ore Economlcol ond Easy on Fobrlcs LSEYOURCRLDII XKIIHLS MEYERS MAYTAG MART 105 Holland Galena Park Phone OR 4 0001 SERVICE ON ALL MAKES 1 K ,,.. I ,f- ' I ai AN' w -Y n . I .I AL - - - - Boom! Sting 'em, Jackets!" r ' x ' X E I b ir - r ' S i " ' " fx 4 I ir in O -A' Hetilhll X -.J and Hardware 'I he week of October 27 31 was one an whnch the students of Galena Park Hugh School showed what school spmt as made of Each mornmg before school the cheerleaders led the student body s yells xn front of the school f ,, L v L MORRISON , uf MORRISON ENTERPRISES New and Used Furmture Lumber EVERYTHING FOR 1'HE HOME BUILDER B MORRISON T C MORRISON Market Street Road Greens Bayou f Ilb ff- m-...,,Q ED cu ogg JACK S SUPER MARKET Galena Park 1400 Holland Avenue OR 2 6314 21 l TIC! T -1 ' RE ' In " 'U ' 1... M r , I I X , a v Q .uit , f 4 ' , ile ' . . . l- - . . v Ly c. . . . . Lf! R ' R lf R u R R ' ' Q r, 1b ,uf if . . 'VN Lu sf' , v ' " . , 1 gr N, lo fl 4 l All V .jj W ff ,Le' W 'fx xv I I fm If J I, E' J OM KA kd M l ' LJ' v Q A s , V I .V M ttf ff , A lf V,, I 1 ul X -'ll 0 will ,1 Ry!! ' X N 4 R' ij . X v . ' Lf ,v LV J U5 wc' I, , g if Ml f ' K W. X g I XV x My ' ' 5 t, . ' R15 will Ll no 5 ,f .tags x 'I I B s 7 W R STOGKTON Humble SCTVICQ Statlon ff ill-L 1402 Federal Road Greens Bayou 'SN -5 Beverly Laake and Russell KIHHISOTI Good Sportsmanshlp League members present the League members from Mllby Wlth a glft FEDERAL PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO Repairs FQ, New lnsfallahon ' - I f'f ' :- Wafer Heaters r'L 6 Sold and Serviced No Down Payment 3' 1 - 'R 24-HOUR ELECTRIC SEWEROOTER SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED BY A MASTER PLUMBER G -- We Install the Besi and Repair the Rest A G GL 3-7960 .- 12865 GREENS BAYOU DR. N ORTHSHORE BOWLING LANES -24 AMF LANES- IOVIUIG - OPEN 24 HOURS - RESTAURANT , A . JJ. 13475 Norfhshore Drive GL 3-6345 BERRY RISINGER, Manager WVU XJ? wf gy ffm W wffieg M M W7 ff mf U MMM CONGRATULATIONS X OLIN WXTHEISOB IHEMICAI IORPORATION T PASADENA PLANTS 64 ,J A 5, , X f , T f BMJ' 5 W l Q2 J if M5 K if f f L W Mk f Ny ff if W ,fl 5 - - fyf' ! ' l EX ST UDENT UNION NCJVEMBER I4 IS HOMECOMING FOR GALENA PARK www' " 19" P mam' gg qi, 1 Ji f as-'f Q M ' ff 4,3-f' Lxke everyone else The Spamsh Club worked long and hard " on 1ts float for the parade Here James Nelson and Vlrgmla G bl h f h h oe e put on t 6 mls mg tout es The Exes came and reg1stered Mrs Lujera Travxs was m charge g 3 Mrs Bettv Burnsrde served coffee and cookles And then the mms Came dowrn just ask Betty Cornet or Barbara Methvm 214 hh. 1 , 1 new ' 17 A I R ' F W 91 W, 1,gMy ' L Le?-Q, 1 , s Z gil' wi ' 1- fr 41' A ' 1? ' ls a 4. - -. 5 p Q 'f f r ' K . K, 1 ,,,, fp? l, .!' v ,, H I 'H fd w K ..-N A, 21' 1 4, Tig fy yr . : Ik fx A K K if - 1 ' 3 , Y lr r 552 ' ' F' .sp f' fr l Q 4 . QQMHM' K 1' 1 ' r 9' 1 . ' ff-r Q '1 1 3' -, 'ag ,Q F I a at A gf :V .N , r a , ,,. , A. .'-. o -1- v' I , 1, -' X Y f" 5 -5. HARLEYIS FLORIST ARTISTRY WITH SERVICE 'A' Northshore Village - South Mall 'A' GL 3-1661 'k Corsages Hospital Arrangements Football Mums CITY WIDE DELIVERY WIRE SERVICE We Speclallze ln WEDDING and PARTY DECORATIONS HALLMARK CARDS GIFT ITEMS DELAHOUSSAYITS AUTO PAINT 8. BODY CENTER awww NDWM-5,6 I 24 Hour Wrecker Servuce M L IDGD DELAHOUSSAYE 412 South Shaver Pasadena GR 2 1058 GR 2 3656 GR 2 3657 Satnsfactuon Guaranteed G F WACKERS 2010 Clmton Drive Galena Park Mass Bernard serves a mce cold drunk for Miss Weed while Mr Bxeberstem makes an xmportant phone call X 'A' I 'A' t . . Xxx , 1' , , vf I., at o ' I I fl I X N 1 215- W J PHILPOT A D BAGGETT G M GARRETT J M WILLIARD W ODOM Judge MHYOI' Pos1t1on No 2 Pos1t1on No 3 Posltlon No 3 Insert B?'2Is1I'aor1?CI?oTCiN G A P Ci?yAgec11ig1.Z1Ey CHUC WAGON Greens Bayou Pasadena Jack Weldon Stops That Ball Agam 216 l wi ' 1 ,R W xx I A ,lx I 51 filgi' 'I 1, 51 -. 3 4 i I. 'FM . , f V P " Q' fig! ' A 5 a M s gg f1 Q. 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SNEED, Proprietor ' ' 4 I f I Galena Plork,Texos , , ,, . GALENA PARK TEXAS Phone OR 3 3631 Clmton Dnve BE SURE INSURE with Jo Ellen Sxsson was just saymg When are you D C Egniato take my pncture when someone snapped the GENERAL INSURANCE Honest and Dependable OR 44013 Res OR 2 2l36 504 Holland GALENA PARK TEXAS JZ 4 I 1 . . . I bl I z' A 1 If - I f y . 1 f ' ' ' Z I , VI, ,ff 'I , 1 1 f, ' Q' , ,. I I ' - 0 0 ' . ,Q K f ,Z I IW 'T 1 , 222 ur Wealth Ls Here Rlch natural resources and lmagmatlve young men and women to help develop them those are Texas wealth The one must be conserved rf the other rs to prosper Th ts why we feel an oblrgatlon to use wlsely our forests to preserve thrs naturxl TCSOUFCC fOl' IOIITOITOW S gCl'lCl8llOI1S THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper from Texas Forests CZ? Reg?" TC' rj as P? XC? w QE?- Q25 xg EQ T? Q23 VC K FZEKXQ 223 lr. as . - 1 2 3 'FQ , lbvl " 'lg 3 My A 5 se-ag. s X T 1,1 'Je TQ ig . k 6-P X Q' 3 , F E' T? X N-V K Q t I' x . 73 X RANGER STEEL SUPPLY CORPORATION DONOVANIS 'IEWELERS 3 Y UR FRIENDLY JEWELER - COMPLETE WAREHOUSE cov R519 JW FOR THE GULF coAsT ,Ml by W ,ffJM,P if CA 3 4635 'I504 OI OR 3 4201 GRICE S CONOCO CHANN 55 SERVICE STATION QM if XR gf Pkg DP Qiifgyjf ffff wwf 2oo1 cl on 3 9384 1507 cl D OR 4 5179 I I f ff If I L Pi jf? 0 - I I I I - icgf Street J CY Houston - ---1-1.-l?, . ' O! I c CP vb 1 5 X K- E S IX : A ' 352' ' ' I i ' 1 Q 9 I yy! QAQII I Piggy 'Rm SP I P S wg PI infon - ' Industrial Road OLD L F RE AUTO I HH GULF COAST CHEMICAL CCRPCRATICN EENEEAE INSURANCE 1 EE AGENCY INE LEGAL RESERVE STOCK Greens Boyou COMPANIES Bank Financing of New Cars 9707 EASTEX FREEWAY OR 4 2344 our achievement What next . . . college? marriage? business? Well, no matter what your choice, aren't you glad it's the American way to choose as you please! This freedom of choice, and other freedoms which are the core of our country's greatness can be preserved only so long as we appreciate and work for them. Congratulations on your graduation. HOUSTON LIGHTING 8. POWER COMPANY zzs "'4. v- "" Raeburu 5 oi Houbton PORTRAI I S XVLDDIINQS PASQPOR I 9 AND COMMPRQI XI PHO TOL RAPHH 732 Telephone Road WA 6 9108 Houston Texas J Y' -I Q! -JMS? www Bama aw EM WJ R36 ww 1 lf"!GK 1'il 'im ,ww 'ZMW KQWEK asm an-M asv: Melina :nw-uid me W M 142951 arm Ewiwmkgfkbai Q'-Wav? will IJDHHH ummwmfmnmmrivk WMA? may ng! L..' I I 'Ill --.J- 4,,,,, In-cus: as 'JN-.I I' 'I l,.I.....LL1'l'-l' .Ur 3-us .adsl W1 'l L11 L b L ll-clu Q lx L 8 Mmm' W'-'-lt-'Milla kLl I-.ll wma 'W mage T ?a,il'SE1' wmaammwmm Bulova Fllntrldge Chlna Longlnes Havlland China Whuttnauer Franciscan Pottery ISENBERG IEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVER Polaroid Cameras Keystone Movue Cameras Mldo Tlffln Crystal Films 2104 Clinton Dnve EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIR Open a Charge Account With Us Phone OR 4 0707 After completmg thmr mormng classes, Peggy Ray Sandra Norms and Carl Kuykendahl take thenr mme gcttmg thexr lunches and enjoy mg thexr meals ' """"""""" 'IW E ., ., , .. ,,,, . . -- 4, ,.,f , W, -, , , s . A, 1 ,... . V xg O MLW? 51, -1 gf .,.,. 3 ,, PM Z gawk g..:,,x..-A,... '..:,,.,, ,Q k I W W , x K 4 , A . A , U5 ins A4 Rf , H K A . Z, F, A I . A . ' . ' I yf gg iwfff ' -, Q ' 'W . QWESYJWS . ,I i is Og ' ' . ' x A 'J V in , U 4 A, V I --f . AQ" f " 'f :MQ 41'h3n "SKIN I' .CAV .A P I -M -1 15:24 - i Q 5: iff- Af 1 'Q I ,, If I S U ., .. 0 .. . ,L N ' S A. .M . :..L.4- . ' 4 D ,M H-ff L l I :fs , . ' I I 1 1 1 4 0 V , .. --, 1 ' 1 1 . I . I 1 1 I I I . sf r , " ' '- -5- - V-4. A ,,.--.L- ,,,4 W' ' - 4 A 0 ' ,, if ' 5 Q n U Q : Q Q . I A Q Q uk x I 5 Q If 1 . ' v 6 U 5 q H A. 4- ,p , 4 N. 1 s 'rw' '1' "'- I' " - - '- fwkigjifv I ffzegsrf 5,2 'P .f , H1 af' mafia mum... ww . ...MMM . . . Q I 0 I 9 . Q . . . - . . . - f-.g,,...... HANDY DANDY MINIMAX Operated by HANDLY DAVIS MORE MERCHANDISE FOR LESS MONEY Plus Galena Park S Sz H GREEN STAMPS Greens W Everyone had a great tame at the GRA TH S TIM Chrlstmas party Thursday, December ll. 'X but Mlss Robbms had the best txme of all 523' rvf' hostes S M Q,,Z,MQFf9fQg5' , SQL M W J R 'IM QV Mosf News I K Q! yf dl Jyjj Most Often SMX KNUZ 1230 KVM' R "AROUND THE CLOCK d NEVER SIGNS OFF" 228 E . 1- if Q. 9 , . O - ff f ' U f f, ,, ,iw .:f'lflfU2', f 2 , ,, 5 - , 1 NN R RWM R I . X N ll E I ll "SPORTSMAN'S HEADQUARTERS" Phones fi S H GL 34885 ,. 1.4 1202 Federal Road If No Answer W1 I can GL 3.7727 Houston 15, Texas CARLTON HARDWARE 81 SPORTING GOODS GREENS BAYOU THELMAIS GIFT SHOP The Family Gift Center Southern States Lumber Bldg lAcross from Bankl Galena Park Texas 2200 Cllnton Drlve Unusual and Practlcal Gift Selectlons for WEDDINGS -k BABY SHOWERS ANNIVERSARIES irBIRTHDAYS HOUSE WARMINGS -k SEASONAL EXCLUSIVE IN THIS AREA Packages Wrapped wlth TIE TIE TIE ONS 254 AND UP Palestine Pharmacy 10330 Palestine Street JACINTO CITY TEXAS OR 2-6227 Greens Bayou Pharmacy 12751 Market Street GREENS BAYOU TEXAS YOUR REXALL STORES A J A C K E Because of the snack bar the student lounge IS always crowded at lunch time Jeanxe Joxner discovered thus when she was forced to snt on the floor Barbara Cardenas sympa thxzed wnth her because she had to stand up sfgf-4 :WL I . . P -A, 0 if wk , ir if I if II - ll - Y E T S of 1+ I ,L S' -ze- . . a . 1 Q . . . I '-5' ' A' is . . ' ' " ' ON - ta , ff LJ N on It - , f rf? ' x S NCLAIR REFINING LEADS WAY T Early Saturday morning, Eebruary 7, twenty waited in the game room, which is provided by Sinclair students left Galena Park High School and set out for for its visitors, until lO:00, at which time they boarded Sinclair Oil and Refining Company in Pasadena. a touring bus, and were given a general tour of the The students arrived at Sinclair at 9:30, and plant. Here MARCILLE CHUMLEY, ROSE CIRILO, and JUDY HAMMOND are looking at some oil viscosities. They are in the chemical laboratory at SINCLAIR L. C. -SAMMONS and HARLAND HENRY talked to MR. HITCHCOCK and the bus driver before boarding the touring bus which showed them around SINCLAIR. 'lift' PROMISING FUTURE They were shown different methods of pro- ducing oil, the docks. the canning industry where shipments are prepared, and some of the finished products of the plant. They were also taken on a tour of the laboratory i fy, I , y, ,wal 1 A U f yf ff , ,lf i ' rg ""ii!7. " i "f f - 1 'I I ' fffiv, As the tour continued. JACKIE DURHAM, HARLAND HENRY, and RICHARD PITZER noticed a large, strange looking device. They investigated and found that it was a kerosene testing machine. Bobby Bain and Tommy Cooley also found something that captured their interestathe boiler furnace which is shown in this picture. I NORIVI AN FURNITURF COMPANY HIGH QUALITY LOW PRICE In The Heart of Downtown Pasadena IOI SOUTH SHAVER GL 2 3636 650,WfWf LW WJ fX K R C T ON YOUR RADIO DIAL 79 I Janice Kemp and Cherry Balls read the 'rsx is the paper, which came out on October 9, 1958. xii J:-,294 asa EP figs ri is DREAMERS DOERS Off? fflmfipg My if xbbx W X fvb of A 55-s... My? Amerlca reallzes her dreams ln accompllshments What better way to assure yaur place m the future than by preparmg yourself for a professlonal role ln the Sclentlhc Era Your dreams and plans right now wlll largely determme your deeds of tomorrow The chemlcal lndustry offers unlxmlted opportumty for rowth and develo ment to oun sclence raduates m the Gulf Coast g P Y 8 g area Discuss lf with your currlculum advlsor at the flrst opportumty ', PIETIKO-TEX CIIENIICAL CORPORATION HOUSTON 1. TEXAS JOINTLY OWNED BY EMICAL CORPORATION ND ENNESSEE GRS 233 ,,- I 'L X W :Q-'23 V, "1 X 'rl l 'VV' 5 H A arms I ,L ny Y A X76 Ax 1- At., K ' k . Lf V -L la Q ? Q71 'H J W rx! ,fx ,A YK' I-H I i K K K lv X K ' . Ci tl I 7 4 'ix rf get " ,gf , s R , , A W 1 ...X M 'YK e y Lf ' f""5 6 l r, l K y I7 c C or Q l I A! K - f, LA 5 R yxvyvlx ff I b THE EDITOR W N ef we W W M fl JW fl TO YOU the students who have made Galena Park High School what it is this book QU is dedicated and it is to you therefore that ue must bid adzeu This book published as it was by your'fellow students is a storehouse of memories that will never fade away With a lr vtill be a'ble, to ease back the cloudy curtain of time and behold bnce again the cold blissful night of the Senior Prom the funny feeling you got? at gra uatxon the joyous yet sad day of parting with your beloved school and the dampened spirits you had when the homecom lng day parade was rained out The staff owes a special debt of gratitude to Miss Gordte Purcell who has worked closely with our student photographers We wish also to thank the personnel of Raeburn Studio professional photographers to whom we are in debted for the individual plctures and for many of the informal photographic studies We grate fully acknowledge the patience and forbearance EAKS OUT of the faculty for the many interruptions of their classes las well as for more tangible help in many instancesj To our sponsor Mrs Beth Manley goes our appreciation for the guidance she has given us Without the assistance of Mr Dick Webdell and of Mr and Nlrs l-larvie Roe sonnel at the Universal Bookbindery we should have been handicapped mdeed Much of this mdebtedness can never be repaid but you can all patronize our advertisers who have so grac xously financed this publication To all these people there IS no greater reward possible than the knowledge that you have been pleased lt was for you that all the plan ning cutting pasting typing checkmg recheck mg and checking again was done And it is also to you that we extend our greatest thanks Without you there would be no reason for this book Slncerely L C Sammons ff ,f X wks f ff J NSQNX BSQQGN Riff Sq Y X X Bangles 65X X f X 234 1' Aff I X 5 . 1 1 ix I- v I . , 4 r r r ' rf , v y .t ' 1 1 . s cg f ' C: .t X my PM 1,0 u ' , 'ge , ' , im - -. . .Mi CW Vw' ,Vg vs H L' J 1 l ' , - f- , X lx ni I ' X i 5 . A E- f vi" f M V l fi a if ' - t - ' 'X i fx E j F i ' V' a my di f 1 a iff, V I ' fb v Y Q W my aj' il!! ' . 'XG ry! 1- A I . I 1 7' . . v . V . . I 5 t simple twist of ,the wrist, in years to come you at the Port Printing Company, and of the per- xXx Yi' n , J p ge? XNX5 x Q xx 1 x X W A 5 ji f-4 1 l X t L' N K. I xiii x XX I R N qv ji 1, xx ' 5 A ' u Cjx, D y N sl s s- 'r X J i s X V lx Qgx ANY r , f'f0 ,ff , 4 ij ,5 C4 Lb 1 N 1 CL ' AQ 'iiglfkc 4 I NLC.: -1 V - Njjdcwfr ffl f fc QR-,f-iffxc X V , V V . Jr! -K -2,1755 f, T' , LV -, Z w 'ik-' 'J X- 4 L. 'gli' -21714 4, ' fe f A ,112 . . 2 ' f ' e ' f - ' ff 41 A' 1. . 4 .f 1 , f g f - - K f ,,- . - y it f., . I I X , ,,, L 51 4 ,f ! A, 5 X, fi-4, 'agile , if V cd Q C jf t fl ' 'v' ' K, A, f , .V , , ,ff-I' f' L- QQCK V! V I ff , - Ax A -1 K n MYC, 4 ffgfffg? J A , fffff fly ,W ZAZZMMYWX I X,-fi ff I! f Afffff f Ziff I . .? ' ,Lev . f X X X . J 9' If , 1 if " V Z I . I A af , . 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Suggestions in the Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) collection:

Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 166

1959, pg 166

Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 155

1959, pg 155

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