Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX)

 - Class of 1957

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F mx ,J 4 , sz, Q 'wif 9. sy. ' i 4. , mai , ? Q ny fi ifiiigi QM A me TE ggi w'gi.g?' 5425 Si' 33232 "S X 3 NX ' ' , " ' I V 7 J X ' .hi an Nmnxj V I ' b ' N , Q n ,iw R Zlk... l. x 1 L X X 4 My n 55,54 A5 x 'Y Y U , . N B . , ,,,f- Q . ' '- N " X I' px 1 X Q 1 1 , ' 1 TQ' t ,Y yy, ' Q f 1 A 'irq-. , V i..' ff -' .ff .ef .- .4 'W v G .- in a- ' , ' . , Q- . I . ua-', ,, , 'wwf gp u " 'X , 'A K J V I 4 .. XX"-,lygxx .V . wp 1 I ff N"?'4 ' ve- .' '1'QNN'.f' 1' I Q' K ' ' A 14 ' Q . 9 ' n x- ' ' I , X J 1 ' I .Q a ' , 4 1 212 " 'Q is, ' ' 'J . " If I I Hz x n . 3- 5 W '.l.3'f f', Kyqtm .. v , R , - Aj! ff' 5355? 1. ge, "f"S.' 2 ' Q -- -A V3 ' xx Q '55 L' - ' . , if aft. '1 . wk !'. . iv? gs -1 4 gt' X lf", . ., v f s tx. R ,rl . ...L .J 5' 7, .-Q -Nkfsx, : V, , A fp. , , 4 A -, J fi ' 4'- ' PJ, uf ' .1 1 1 9' ' 5" a ,up ,- '-' '-Q f-. 2 '11 vw! -,il I I xy X' 'Y " A fl! .. M 3' 1 I 1 gjkl wf- - VY nn t ,YNY , -Il : , n . ' ' 4 "In j . '. ' ' ' gf' 'Y Q .Q ,f ' f"' 4 X1 1 , - Q ' , -f, . NI' V i? vi. ff-we I , , , N 'A A ' ,- M - ,, -. 1- .f ,. 'Q . 1 .. 4..."'e!,,, , - 7 u - - 4 J K qw Mia, , - Y' x 5 'U yi Nm. Vg W A N i ' - , 5.47. .. K ,Midas if W . , i . L M N wk ,ww , -- ' ' 5 N x 4 K' - QM: K U' N ,. ' WW .U W W qs.. ,,,, X W any ew ,M 5. ' M W vw , X, ffxi 2 ,,,-g, fiixx-Qi X ksgg -- Z , Qe2feN21g, l X 5 1 N QQQ-gg 6' U1 N1 wx '- 5 IP n 7: l'I1 -I X ffqfff X Q ' , XX A ""' V -ff pf' ' W K X, I fr! I I I I fy' Q Q m f Q 2 S- , ff!,Jf,'f' ,! fff!lf J 2 Q 8- 4 X j W ffflhf' fW J X g Lu U' 9 X gww 15+ 3, g Xkmx E. 'D m +gpX , cn 9- X MM .v Z C E y Ak XYXXXX X n 3- X N 0 T S 'A X o 1 N TABLE OF Aommsrnnmlv mo CLASSES SENIDRS JUNIDRS SOPHOMDRES ACTIVITIES DRGANIZATIUNS VHO'5 wno SPORTS E sf., ",-E-1 ,, ,'-'iii 1.-f EE ,,, 5'-. E if Aus 1 N V2 Ev' V! 322 CONTENTS PA GE 'AGVLTY I2 Z6 28 70 92 Zt a I K .66 y 198 AWK, M-gif Q YK r 1 HIC 1956-1957 .Iucket is dedicated to Paul Von Bieberstein, a teziclier who truly deserves this honor. Ile has worked with all the student body and pai'ticulz11'ly the Senior class in all their activities, The Annual Stuff is happy to inscribe this yearbook to lVlr. Bieberstein. 4 THE Annual Staff wishes to express their appreciation to Mrs. Beth Manley for extending her time and knowledge in helping to make this publication of the Jacket possible. 5 C+ 5:21, ,Q 0 ' ' 0 Q' i49,"3 3 z 94-' ' CLAIRE JACKSON Editor -Jb- 6 LORETTA LEE Business Manager 'N . rv ' ag 2' MARGARET OLIPHINT Administration Editor JEANETTE CAMPBELL Junior Editor JANICE ARMSTRONG Senior Editor AN N E F RAN KS Senior Editor FRANKIE ROGERS Junior Editor VALERIE DAVIS Sophomore Editor JANICE JONES Organizations Editor NINA WRIGHT Sophomore Editor WAYNE ROBERTS Photographer DOYLEENE ALBRIGHT Organizations Editor , 744f zzttf AUDREY DICKEY Sports Editor JOHN LANIER Art Editor JOYCE WRIGHT Art Editor 1"'x:Wf 99" if LARRY GRAY Sports Editor BARBARA DENBY Typist -' Qu, For him life's sun set early and took from us a ray of happiness." In Memory of . FLOYD WESLEY MOORE Administration and Faculty 1,9 Ho MECOOR ev 51 ,S-1,53 5, S155 '41 14.1 4 13 I ,,-sf' 51-,:,.--"" X GALENA PARK SCHOOL BOARD Mr. J. M. Haughland, Mr. Frank H. Smith, Mr. Carl R. Watson, Mrs. Celia Grigsby, Mr. Harold Dement, Mr. G. C. Fuller, Mr. W. C. Cunningham, Mr. W. L. Wheeler, Mr. Sam Adams. President MR. G. C. FULLER fgnmv I5 Vice-President MR. J. M. HAUGHLAND BEHIND THE SCENES ..... To guide our youthful enthusiams into useful channels, quietly and unobstrusively, these men have paved the way for us to grow and to learn, to make the most of our high school years. They cope with the dreams and plans of students and faculty, bringing order out of chaos. if yi is ' 1 Assistant Principal MR. ROBERT BARTAY 17 Registrar and Secretary MISS CAROL JEAN LETZ AND MISS TRUDY WEST 'Wgw 18 Attendance Clerk MRS. JANE WHITE fl :Q Counselor and Secretary DR. E. P. KELLY AND MRS. FRANCES ROWLAND Secretary MRS. JEANNE CORSON Sl' -rf.-K Tax Assessor and Collector MR. C. W. GARRETT Director of Special Services MR. F. E. McGAHAN Director of Pupil Accounting R. L. STEVENS Curriculum Co-ordinator R. J. FREE MARVIN ATKINSON Bachelor of Science an4r,,.V,, , EW L 7M7 V M f A L. C. BANKHEAD Bachelor of Science Speech 'R . be -154 f . ,j ELOISE AGNEW Master of Arts Library PAUL BIEBERSTEIN Bachelor of Science Math , . , ig UP ., if ITF ...,,. iff , E le.. GEORGE BUNKLEY RICHARD CASSIANO Bachelor of Arts Spanish and Journalism MIAMI BREMER Bachelor of Arts English BETTY RUTH BIRD Bachelor of Science Homemaking PARMA BOHLS BETTY BURNSIDE Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Business Homemaking Administration - Business PAULA BEAUCHAMP ROBERT L. DEMENT Master of Arts M3St9I' of ANS English Math 21 GERALD COBB Master of Education History and Coach CHARLES DAWSON Master of Education Physical Education COLGATE ELMER Bachelor of Arts Drafting JAMES B. FURRH Master of Music Education Choir W5-QM ANNA DUKE W. L. KINSER Bachelor of Science Master of S 'ence Drill Squad Scienc? ARTHUR GIONET IRIS HOWARD Bachelor of Science Master of Arts F reign Languages English and C S 8: E P www JOHN . OHNSON Ma t Science Auto Mechanics ' tory HENRY L. GLASSIE Bachelor of Science f f N I, , 'lk X 5 S B: 5 LEW A. KELLER Bachelor of Business Administration - Business A. O. GOLDFINCH Master of Arts English and Latin JOHN R. GIBSON BETH MANLEY Bachelor of Science Master of Education Mechanical Drawing English and Annual 22 JULIAN KUEHL Bachelor of Science Physical Education MARY LOU LOW Master of Education Math X Ns KEITH McCAFFETY J- L- RENFRO Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science Science Electrical Trades RUTH E. MEBANE Bachelor of Arts English BENJAMIN MILLER Master of Education Typing ELLEN NEAL cARoLYN PERRY Mastersof Science Master of Arts HISLOYY English s. H. NICHOLS WE'-DON PERRY Master of Arts Bachelor of Science Science Building Trades HARRELL ODOM Bachelor of Science GORDIE PURCELL s Bachelor of Science SCICHCCS Homemaking ..- ,:.:' E ::E,-.j. - v ul- '--,. X is 2- , RALPH MOCK NORMA RODGERS Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Historv Math 23 HELEN M. ROBBINS Master of Arts Physical Education CELESTE ROBERTS Bachelor of Arts Business D'VOE SHURLEY Bachelor of Science Math 0 I I 7 I ,l i xi .-.'--Q ', MJ , ,Z OTHA M. SIMPSON Bachelor of Science Physical Education 4 'X Q ' V sa ff 3 W '.,v V V ,Q cii JESSE L. SADLER Bachelor of Science Safety Education JOHN H. TAYLOR Bachelor of Science Math WILLIAM WILSON Master of Education World Geography PATRICIA VIDRINE Bachelor of Science Art s FLORENCE THOMPSON BE,-A WADE Master of Education Master of Arts Homemaking Math ROGER L. VAUGHAN OLA MAE WEED Master of Education Master of Arts History Spanish LANELLE STEWART Master of Science GLEN MclLWAIN Bachelor of Science , MAURINE WILSON Bachelor of Business Administration - Business MELBA JOYCE ZOTZ Bachelor of Business Administration - Busines Physical Education Assistant Band Director 'E E I CUSTODIANS FRONT ROW: Mr. Allums and Mrs. Gibson. BACK ROW: Mr. Flynn and Mr. Hanson. TA TRANSPORTATION MAINTENANCE FRONT ROW: Mr. Welborn, Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Sargent. FRONT ROWS MF- .F1'1dHy, Mr. MCI-6m01'e and Mr. COX. BACK ROW: Mr. Walker and Mr. St. Clair. BACK ROW! MP- Wltmel' and MF- Ivy. CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Broome, Mrs. Ludlow, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Marquis, Mrs. Coker, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rhodes. 25 :VP 1.5 fb Classes W Ev 'NIP' S 1 'R th ,.,....AV A I.: x K xa Seniors 28 EQ-li? W. ? My W7 PRESIDENT ..............., Ernie Mills VICE-PRESIDENT . . ..,. Laroy Cornett SECRETARY .... . . Vivian McDonald TREASURER ..... . . . Betty Philpot SOCIAL CHAIRMAN . . . . Pat Grantham 30 Marilyn Thacker Brenda Maxey Bob Burnside Claire Jackson Audrey Dlffkey Raymond Prltchard Sue Becker Anne Franks Maxie Campbell Donletta Gilchrest Sonla Draper Harry Conger Leah Palmer Cleve Mangham 31 , 4 u . rg if Yff A , Q xgrh ff? af f' ff 1 K P 35 5 as x 4 . , IF. .F Y 1 . , 'A X 4 S' 2 :ii I x 1. ' 'if Qs S Q 3 ,ff iw I as if I 'sx 'dk I I 5, 5-U' 5 ' . 3 , T, f UI " . 39 Q , Q x, . . . . ggigvf ' 8 5 .1 Se 1? 53- ii 1 if wi Q fx + i 5 1 .4Q S Q an 4 Z 8' 3 V :QW 1 jffwi-sw J' f 'Lffifm Q1 A h M N ' Vyii 2 K Lxg,g,33 wif W' L ,kwkzif SWA. M W 2 M ei iff? x" A gp . P sig. ivy: MARY RUH ADAMS "Little BW' ie that cometh unto me I ll in no wise cast out." R.A., Todays Secretary, Pen Scroll, National Honor ciety. Xxx JANICE ARMSTRONG sure way to failure is to npromise with principles." phomore Representative. nual, F.H.A., Unit Officer. DOYLEENE ALBRIGHT "Unless you stand for some- thing you may fall for any- thing", G.R.A., A Cappella Choir Annual, Black and Gold Re vue. ,X GLENNIS ALLD QE N "Guinea" "Don't be sharpg don't be flat, be natural." Band X DOUGLAS ARBUCKLE uoougou "Relax, Relax." Football, Track MARY ANDRUS "Possum" "God gave us two ends to use to determine our successg heads we win, tails we lose." F.H.A., G.R.A. ""'f-. ,Y .1 BOBBIE ANDERSON "Robert" "No matter how fast the clock runs, it always winds up in the same place." F.T.A., F.H.A., T.S.C., Home- room Officer. JOE ANDRIES llHarryll "Life is easy, living it is what gets complicated." STANLEY ASHLEY "Stan" "Decide what you want in life. then get it." Shop CAuto Mechanics? JAMES BASS "Rock" "Do unto others before they do unto you." F.lI.A., Metal Shop, Junior Achievement. DON BAKER HELEN BAKER "I falter where I firmly trod, and falling with my wei ht of l 1 GILBERT BALCH Football, DeMolay 8 cares upon the great wor1d's altar stairs that slope through darkness up to God, I stretch lame hands of faith and gropef' Coronation, Library, N.H.S. Debate, and University of Houston Symphony member. FRANKIE BARBER llFayll "Love is a many splendored thing." G.R.A., Drill Corp. CHARLES BARNETT Summer Graduate DON BALDRIDGE "Baldy" "Do unto others before they do unto you." Basketball-2 Years, F.H.A. gl sappointed. JAYNE BATES ve thanks unto the Lordg . upon his nameg make iwn his deeds among the ple." I Cholf Bovce BA'rsoN "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Summer Graduate Q43 YJ DONALD BEAMON Ilcarlll "A wink and a smile are always worthwhile." LARRY BEACH Band "Keep your eyes on the Lord and he will see you through." Football, C.S.U. Z ,W . .Wil JOHNNY BELOTE "Johnny" "Be good to your neighbors and they will be good to JACQUELYN BERRY YOU- S Hjackieu ummer Graduate lessed be he who expects thin for he shall never be G.R..A. F H.A. 6 . RODNEY BELL X "Dingdon9" t'Don't do anything I wouldn't do, Wlalt I get there and MARILYN SUE BECKER we will both do it right." ususienu "Seek the good in people and overlook their faults." Sophomore and Junior Class Officer ,, Student Council, Good Sportsmanship League. Jacketeers, N,H.S. Corona- tion, F.H.A., Homeroom Offi- cer. SAMMIE BEST EVELYN BOWDOIN "Bubbles Boudoin" "Not too bashful, not too bold, just exactly right, I'm told." G.R.A., Unit Officer: F.ll.A. W?"-? JOYCE BLANCHARD HUGH BETTIS Hgeauff "Slick" "Where pride is there also shall be reproach, but where humility is, there also is wis- dom." G.R.A., Today's Secretary Club, Sophomore Representa- tive. "Grab what you can, because tomorrow you may not have any hands," WANDA JO BLOUNT "Peabody" "One reason opportunity isr recognized more often is th it goes around disguised N work." Band Y I . E I C 5 .J- I DORIS MARJORIE BONNETT . "Dorisie" "If you can't have what you like, try to like what you MARYH3l:lLHBLUE h ji is er ave FHA. JIMMY DELL BOHANNON 'iwhat we are is God's gift us, what we become is oi gift to God." F.H.A., Band, G.R.A., Stude' Council. SYLVIA BOWEN 3 like someone because, love someone although." SHIRLEY BRANTLEY "Sometimes naughty never bad always happy never sad." ROBERT BREWER "Bruno" "Live for lovegand love what RONALD BRECKEL you livg for," 'The greatest gift on earth is a true friend." Band, S t u d e n t Council, N.H.S., Pen Sz Scroll. V BAXTER BROWN llBaxll m't do nothing and you 1't get caught." FI. S., Football, Student mcil, President DeMolays, neroom Officer, G o o d trtsmanship League. BARBARA BROWN "Bobbie" "Everything I like is either immoral, illegal or fatten- ing." Band is DONALD BRIGHAM llDonll "Eat, drink and be merry, BILL BRIDGES and when Mary leaves jump for Joy." BOBBY BROWN "Take what you get and be grateful." RUTH BURKE "The best things in life are blondes." C.S.U., N.H.S., Drama, Stu- dent Council. . :X JOE BROWN "Joe Bob" "Don't take life too seriouslyg you'll never get out of it alive." Football, Track MARY SUE BUMGARNER "Susie" "Hitch your wagon to a star and then get out and push." National Honor Society, To- day's Secretary Club Officer. ,- .af RENE BROWN "Renney" "As you go through life be conservative, cautious, alert. and most of all be cool." A Cappella Choir, Student C o u n c i l Representative, F.H.A. DONALD BRYANT "Hot Rod" "Live fast, die young and make a good-looking corpse." Junior Achievement RICHARD L. BROWN "Richardo" t'It's nice to be important, k more important to be nic. Band, Junior Achieveme Camera Club. F 51 CHARLES BROWNING "CharIie" "A person is like a fish, he wouldn't get in trouble if he kept his mouth shut." UDREY BURKHALTER "Peanut" ways keep smiling and the 'ld wonders what you've n up to." low Jacket Staff, F.H.A. ROBERT BU RNSIDE llsobll "To be a success we must POLLY CALLENDER "Little Bit" "To me to live is Christ." g BARBARA CHASTAIN usargeu ,ive it up when you are ung and remember it when u're oldf' have the freedom of failure." Homeroom Officer, Science Club, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Cheerleader, Junior Achievement. MARIE CASTLEBERRY "DimpIes" "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? C.S.U., F.H.A. A Cappella Choir, T.S.C., G.R.A., Sophomore Represen- tative. BARBARA CAPPS "Bobbie" "God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." G.R.A., Choir PAULA CAMP "LittIe Camp" "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." T.S.C., Jacketeers. MAXIE LYNN CAMPBELL "Mac" "God gave us two ends, one to think with, and one to sit on, success depends on thc one you use, heads you win, tails you lose." Basketball, F.H.A., Sopho- more Favorite. BETTY CHEEK "Cheekie" "A wink and a smile are worth your while." BETTY CLARK "When wisdom entereth into thine heart, knowledge is "'3l'f JOYCE CLARK "Droopy" "Think twice before you DALE CLAYTON "The victory of success half won when one gains tl habit of work." B-Team Football, Baseball pleasant unto thy soul." National H 0 n o r Society, C.S.U., F.H.A. speak, especially if you in- tend to say what you think." C.S.U. Officer, F.H.A., N.H.S,, G.R.A., Pen and Scroll, Stu- dent Council. HARRY CONGER "Hairless" "There's a lot of fun in the world if you know where to find it." Black and Gold Revue, Home- room Officer, Cheerleader, Senior Representative. 5 O S W? MARY ELIZABETH CGFER ,i "Sisfer" of t Q "Happiness is a wayside flow- . , gg er that grows along the high- way of usefulness." LEONARD COOTS Science Club, Jacketeers, CHARLENE CLIFTON Summer Graduate F.H.A. Unit Officer. "CharIie" 5 I "I wept because I had nc shoes until I met a man whc had no feet." Homeroom Officer, F.H.A. Today's Secretary Club. FREDDY COOPER BILLY CORLEY llTexII "Everything I like is either illegal or fatteningf' Cross Country, Track, F.H.A. 1 LAROY CORNETT "Bubba" "It's fine to be good, but be good for something. Football, Baseball, S e n i 0 r Class Officer, N.H.S. Presi- dent, F.H.A. Unit Officer. rs BARNEY GALE COTHRAN "Barney" "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver. the other gold." N.H.S., G.R.A., French Club, Today's Secretary Club. x""+.. , , . s if , all a. .4 JACQULIN CRAWFORD "Jackie" All things work together for Iood to them that love God." fellow Jacket Staff, G.R.A., I.S.U., F.H.A., F.T.A. Officer, 'unior Achievement. N 'S X if .,., X BOBBY CRAVENS llArkyll l'Never trust a woman." REX COX ux-Rayu "While you live, live in clov- er, cause when you're dead, youlre dead all over? Football, Math Club JERRY COVINGTON JIMMY CRITES J.---Y , SHARON DAVIS "Sham Dem" "Hope for the best, look for the worst, but be happy with what you get." Today's Secretary, F.H.A. JOHNNY CROWHURST "Pizon" "To live to be a good old man? 'XQNXX JANET CUNNINGHAM "Jeanette" "It takes nine muscles to smile and twelve to frown, so why strain yourself." F.H.A., Student Council Rep- resentative, D r i ll Squad, Black and Gold Revue, To- dayls Secretary Club. Inf :V li JOE DALTON "Never buy what you can steal." Junior Varsity Football. L Q , C, I It-- og "l Im, ly'. BARBARA DAIGLE "It is better to hear the re- buke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of foolsf' C,S.U., N.H.S., F.T.A., Today's Secretary Club. RAMONA CUNNINGHAM "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." F.H.A. NORMAN CURTIS Basketball, Baseball BARBARA DENBY "DimpIes" 'Heard melodies are sweet, nut those unheard are weeterf' F.H.A.. Annual SONJA DRAPER "Drooper" 'Only one life twill soon be past. Only whatls done for Christ will last." Head Cheerleader, Choir, So p h o m o r e Representa- tive, Junior Representative, S.R,A., F.H.A., Sophomore Favorite, Coronation, Student Council, Black and Gold Re- vue, Homeroom Of f i c e r , Homecoming Queen, Senior Representative. JON DEROUEN "Louis" "A woman grows old when she's not good looking. a man's never old. until he quits looking." Football, Spanish Club, Science Club, Homeroom Of- ficer, DeMolays. AUDREY DICKEY "Dickey" "I came into this old world not chiefly to make this a good place to live in, but to live in it, be it good or bad." Majorette, Annual, B a n d , F.H.A., Sophomore Represen- tative, Junior Representative, Coronation, Black and Gold Revue, Broadway, S e n i o r ! a oasis HENRY DRAPER "Sweet Pea" "A man that has friends must show himself friendly, and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." Choir, Track, Cheerleader, Junior Favorite, S t u d e n t Council, Senior Representa- tive, Coronation. JAMES DOWNING "Big Jim" "Don't take life too seriously you will never get out of it alive." Baseball, Football, F.H. A., C.S.U. LARRY DIPBOYE ANN MARIE DONALDSON "Shorty" 'tl wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." Band, F.H.A. T. J. DUKE ANNE FRANKS "Annie OakIey" "It's nice to be important but 1t's more important to be nice." Student Council Officer, Class Representative-3 years. An- nual Staff, Coronation, Black and Gold Revue, Sophomore Cutest. G. Ii. A. 2 years, N.ll.S, W3 years. FRANCES DUNCAN "After the verb 'to lovel, 'to help' is the most beautiful." G.R.A., Journalism ,fi 1' FARRELL ELLREDGE "Only one life will soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last." Band ,III JIMMY FOGLE "E!gof the Great" "Character is like a fence, it cannot be strengthened with whitewashf' Band, Pen and Scroll, Black and Gold Revue, Showboat. Coronation, N. H. S., Boy's State - 1956, Sophomore ilomeroom Officer. BEAL FINCH Summer Graduate K'If you ever need a helping hand, try the one at the end of your armf' Football, Track, Coronation, Sophomore Cutest, Junior Achievement. PAY FARRELL "Blue-Eyes" "Don't ever stop living-it FATAL!" Band, N.H.S., Track JAMES FARRINGTON "Jimbo" "Never try to explaing your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe it 'l ' Football, Shop. DON GANN "Elvis" Summer Graduate ,ove thy neighbor as thy- lf" RONNIE GANT Summer Graduate 'tWhatever you do, try to do it rightf' Football, Basketball DOREEN GARRETT IIDOTII "If you don't stand for some- thing, you'll fall for any- thing." S 0 p h o m o r e Representa- tive, C.S.U., F.H.A. Area Of- ficer, F.H.A. President, A Cappella Choir Officer, Ju- nior Social Chairman 4 PATSY GILLIAM "Shorfie" Sod grant me the serenity accept things I cannot iange, courage to change e things I can, and wisdom know the difference." tack and Gold Revue, Choir, H.A., G.R.A. DONLETTA GILCHREST "Donnie" "What you are is God,s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God? Sophomore Treasurer, G.R.A. Officer, Band, Homeroom Of- ficer, Todayls Secretary Club, Black and Gold Revue, Senior Representative, A s s i s t a n t Drum Major. JOYCE GIFFORD llpinkyu "Be glad, and your friends are many, be sad, and you lose them all." Band, Pen and Scroll, Span- ish Club, F.H.A. HE NRY GARSEE "Butch" ..Why?,, Junior Achievement RALPH GIBSON "Stop, Look, and Whistle Junior Achievement, Home room Officer, French Club NORRIS GINSEL LARRY GORDON "FIash" "The Lord is my light and m salvation: whom shall I fear The Lord is the strength c my life, of whom shall I b afraid." Football, Baseball, Studer Council, N. H. S., C. S. U French Club, Homeroom Off cer. J PERRY LEE GLASSIE JAMES QOFORTH lIBratll UJlmY' I I "Know what you want, take "HOW far YOU Will 80 111 life, each step cautiously and per- depends UPOU hOW fill' YOU 80 haps you will reach the top? with ChI'iSt-H S 0 p h 0 m o r e Representa- FOOUJH11, .Tfaffk Managefy ive, Student Council, N.H.S., C.S.U-, Ch01r. F.H.A., G.R.A., Coronation. hi x 7 x DELORES GRIFFITH PATRICIA GRANTHAM llpatll "Just one life will soon be past only what's done for Christ will last." Sophomore Representa- tive, F.H.A., Choir, Senior Representative, T.S.C., Jack- EUGENE GRAHAM "Romonoff" Summer Graduate "Be it not tomorrow but al- ways now." RODNEY GOTTHARDT "Cookie" eteers, F.H.A. Choir "Rod" "It rloesn't matter." "Never do anything today F.H.A.. C.S.U. that you can put off until to morrowf' Football Manager GLEN HALL IlMonkll LLOYD GROSTAD Summer Graduate He who conquers, conquers UDo unto others as you would imself. BOBBY HALE JANICE HAI-E have them do unto you. "Blue" "EighfbaII" VERNIE HARSH "Harshie" Summer Graduate "Hitch your wagon to a star and then get out and push." F.H.A. "Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other way? Football Captain '56 - '57, Football 3 years, Junior Achievement. DOYLE HARRlSON uBUddyu "Live to love, love to live." Baseball, Football, B a s k e t- ball, F.H.A. 'tIt's a great life, if you don't weaken." C. S. U., Todayls Secretary Club, F.H.A. . MARY ELLEN HARRIS "All things work together for the good of them that love the Lordfl N.H.S., A Cappella Choir GLORIA HALL IIGIOII "A trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce, or a trouble's what you make it." Messiah, C. S. U., National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Homeroom Officer, Junior Achievement, G.R.A., Today's Secretary Club. DELORES HELMS ,Deen "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me " F.ll.A., Junior Achievement Officer. ELOUISE HENLEY "Punkin" HA kind heart is a fountain VIRGIL HENDRIX "VirgiIIio" "All great men are dead and ELIZABETH HENSON lILizlI "God is my refuge an strength. I will lift up min eyes unto the hills fro: whence cometh my help." Student Council Represent: tive, Broadway, Yellow Jael et Staff. I of gladness, making every- thing in its vicinity to fresh- en into smiles." I look sickf' A 4 I so MARGARET ANN HITT "Marge" "I'm never serious, always MARY ANN HOLDEN gays I have 21 10t m0re fun MARIO HERNANDEZ "Peaches" that Way-" ANNIE LOU HICKMAN 'fslick spicwf Summer Graduate t'Grab today for tomorrow "Do unto your neighbors as you would have them do unto younx Church Activities ik, you may have no fingers." Boxing, Ping Pong PAT HOOD upafsyu it first you don't succeed, try againf' f ,f W DAVID JEANE Iluglyll rls are like breathing- en you can get along with- them it's a good sign ' LOUIS CALVIN HUFF "Big Louie" "Preach, teach and tell others for someday the Lord shall return." BILLY RAY HUGHES HDo unto others as you would have them do unto you." Junior Varsity Football P Y ' x X ,A - I ."ig'v,i 'Q Q N 6, a, ofa " eg: XO X? V CLAIRE JACKSON "Stonewall" "A chip on the shoulder in- dicates that there is wood higher up." F.H.A., Sophomore Represen- tative, Junior Representative, Black and Gold Revue, Coro- nation, Junior Favorite, An- nual Staff Editor, G.R.A. Sec- retary, Senior Representative, Annual Staff Sophomore Edie tor, G.R.A.-3 years. Vre dead." Cappella Choir President, LH. BETTY HUMPHRIES 'tSmile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone." BOBBY HUGHES "Bob" 'tThe only bright things in life are blondes." Junior Varsity Football JAMES HUMPHREY "Buddy" "The best things in life are free." Basketball, Baseball, Drama, Tennis. CAROLYN JOLLEY BILLY KELLEY " Xll things work together for Hsleefyn the good of them that love XX"-f A . Sunlmerpraduate HW homo, Live fast, die young, Band, C,S,U., F.Il.A. Chapter conf-use U theA Liindertaker. :mtl Unit Officer. CAROLYN JONES PATRICIA JONES Umor C levemen "You are what you set out to "Pat" be" "I like to hear the truth as CSU- long as it's not about me? diff, 20 -1l Qig- lljfl Ill-::l H.-Tm. lllllllg lllilnn lr Vllllll, U' llllll 'I-IH' --:: 75:: , Y "?'sl"f MONA KENNEDY "I't,s nice tot be important but more important to be JOEL KING me-'i "Always he true to yourself F'B'L'A' and you will be true to every- one." Class Reporter, Band. Math Club President, C.S,U. GLENDA KENNEDY llGIenll "If you can, be honest. If you can't be honest. be legal. If you can't be legal, don't get caught." C.S.U., F.H.A. l JOY KELLEY "Not too bashful, not t bold, just exactly right I told." Sophomore Choir, G.R., Officer, Junior Represen tive, Messiah, F.H.A. Chz lain, Jaeketeers. FAYE KING "Fay-de-May" 0 only today that which J will be proud of tomor- av. -I.A., N.H.S., G.R.A., Jack- eers, Black and Gold Revue, ronation, Todayls Secre- .y. CAROL LANHAM A it -Q SIDNEY KNIGHT "Pete" "Live and let live." VERNON LAMBERT llvernll "A man may be better than his reputation, but never bet- ter than his principles." S 0 p h o m 0 r e Representa- tive, Football, Student Coun- cil, J u n io r Achievement, Homeroom Officer. HENRY KOHELLEFFEL "Shorty" "The reason so few reach the top is because no successful method has yet been devised by which a person may sit down and slide uphill." N.H.S. JIMMY LAMBERT "Big Jim" HLife is like the flip of a coin, success depends on how it LONNIE KOONCE IlMell "Live a life that will be pleasing unto the eyes of God." Football, F. H. A., Camera Club, Junior Achievement, Student Council. landsg heads you win, tails JAN LOUIS KUGLER you lose." "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if women don't get you, whis- key must." JOHN LANIER "Johnny" i'Bless them that curse you and pray for them which de' spitefully use you." Annual 'Sn N ROBERTA LINGO 'Pinky" "God helps those who help themselves." G.R.A., F.H.A., Junior Rep- X'--.,., DARLA LARAMORE "Lure More" "I don't want to be a million- aire, I just want to live like one." Band, Black and Gold Revue, T.S.C., Jacketeers, Showboat. f'N Q-'s DONALD LEE "MiIo" "If you have a friend both kind and true do him before he does you." Football, Sophomore Repre- sentative, Basketball, Track. fx 5' QL ,fi 3 MONTA LEGRO "Monty" "We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals, others bv their actions. Band, French Club, Spanish Club, Pen and Scroll, Honor Society, Black and Gold Re- vue, Coronation, Band Offi- cer. WELDON LEE "Butch" "The measure of a man's success is determined by his nearness to Christf' Band, Naval Reserve, Ground Observer Corps, Tennis. k! resentative, Student Council, Office, Senior Representative. ANNETTA LEE "Nefta" "I'm loved by the moon what should I care, what stars think as they twin there." B a n d, Majorette, Stud Council, F.T,A., French Cl Showboat, Black and Gold vue, G.R.A. LORETTA LEE "The things we believe, w show by our actions." F. H. A., Student Counc F.T,A., T.S,C., C.S.U., Honf room Officer, G.R,A, Annu: French Club. Tri-Hi-Y, Bla' and Gold Revue. RAYMOND LITTON nav' BRE NDA MAXEY "Brownda" ' you don't stand for some- ing you will fall for any ing." 1 p h o m o r e Representa- 'e, F.H.A., N.H.S., G.R.A., cketeers, Homeroom Offi r, Yellow Jacket Editor. BONNIE LOVING "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold? F.H.A. JOAN LUCAS "Sam" "If you don't stand for some- thing you'll fall for any- thing." l Choir, S t u d e n t Council, G.R.A., Homeroom Officer 1-'.T.A., F.H.A. Q 4 fl JAMES MARTIN "When you slide down the banister of life don't get a splinter in your career." Football, Track, Student Council, F.H.A. CLEVE MANGHAM "Man is strong only when he has conquered himself." Band, Track, N.H.S. ALICE LUSK 'Alt is nice to be importantg but more important to be nice." N.H.S., C.S.U., Choir MICHAEL LYONS "Lover Boy" "A woman grows old when she's not good looking a rnan's never old until he quits looking." Camera Club, F.H.A. FRED MAXEY "Enjoyment is followed by satisfaction, fun is followed by a hangover." Band, N.Il.S., Iloineroom Offi- cer, Band Officer. CLIFFORD McGUIRE Summer Graduate bf W ALDAVA McCARTY "Only one life will soon be pastg only what is done for Christ will last." . F.H.A., Chorus will F1 L DOUGALD McFADGEN "Bubba" "Just an accident looking for a place to happen? C,S.U., F.H.A. Xrk DORTHA MCCOMB "Dodie" f'Always do right, this will please some people and as- tonish the rest." F. H. A., Today's Secretary Club, C.S.U., G.R.A., A Cap- pella Choir, Sophomore Homeroom Officer. fp 0 .ff up in VIVIAN McDONALD llvivll "Do today only that which you will be proud of tomor- rowfl Junior Representative, Senior Class S e c r e ta r y, F.H.A.. G.R.A., Coronation, Black and Gold Revue, Student Council, Today's Secretary. BARBARA MCCORMICK "Kooch" "Hitch your wagon to a st and then get out and push Student Council, G. RJ F.H.A., T'oday's Secretary C ficer, Classroom Officer. S .3- DANNY McCRORY .Dann "Speak softly, carry a bi stick, and you will go far. Football. Baseball JOHN MCMINN RICHARD MILLS CONNIE METHVIN ADO unto others as you would have them do unto you.'l Math Club. F.H.A. LARRY McNATT DON MELTON Summer Graduate o gf M X 5 ERNIE MILLS llHoodll "All great men are dead and I'm not feeling well? Basketball, Student Council, Track, Senior Class Presi- dent, Coronation. MARION MIKESKA "Gator" "To get a promotion, start at the bottom and work'up." TOMIQI MEYER Summer Graduate a "The only golden opportuni- ties left are blondes." Basketball, Junior Achieve- ment, C.S.U. GARY MORLEY Summer Graduate VIVIAN MORRISON uvivn "Character is a diamond that scratches all stones." G.R.A., F.H.A., F.T.A,, Jack- JACKIE NEIDERHOFER IlJackll "I know whom I have b lieved and am persuaded th: he is able to keep that whiz I have committed unto hi against that day." LEWIS MOSELEY Band, T.S.C., C.S.U., G.R.F eteers. .533 3 3,1 ,gs 'H .J 2 u 0, up 0 'JI w U JJ' ow 'fffsfe SANDRA NESBITT "Sandy" X "It is better to aim high and SYLVIA NICHOLS miss than to aim low and make your k." "The fear of thc Lord is the LELAND NICOLS rlgghd PATREFIIQSXIFFLSON 'winning olknowlcdge-H "All great women are deaf I"H'A- and I'm not feeling well." F.H.A., G.R.A., Student Coun cil, N.H.S., Jacketeers, Yel low Jacket Staff. HELEN NORRIS "Ln all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." Assistant Editor of the Yel- low Jacket, C.S.U., Today's Secretary. WENDELL NULL "Cottonhead" "Do unto others as you would MARGARET OLIPHINT u1Maggieu "The one who stands for MYRA PAYNE "To thine ownself be true."' F.H.A., choir, F.N.A, have them do unto you." Band MAXINE PAYNE "Mackie" "All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen." F.H.A., F.T.A., Choir nothing falls for anything." F'.H.A., G.R.A., French Club Treasurer and President, Homeroom Officer, N.H.S., Annual Staff. ROBERT PARISH "I have to live with myself and so I want to be fit for myself to know." ADRIEN OWENS 4'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." National Honor Society vi LEAH PALMER "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." Homeroom Officer, N.H.S. Officer, G. R. A., S t u d e nt Council, Senior Representa- tive. BOBBY PEARSON "Bobcats" "Live and let live." di'- 'X BETTY JANE PHILPOT "Thumper PiIIpoI" "Only one life will soon be past, only what is clone for Christ will last." Senior Class Officer, G.R.A., F.lI.A., Junior Class Repre- sentative, Colonel of Drill Corps, Sophomore Officer, Student Council, Homeroom Officer. GRACE PENNY upennyu "Live and let live because we all must die." Q JIM PERDUE 'ADO what you can, with what you've got, where you areg to- day." Dramatics, All-Star Cast of 1955-1956, N. H. S., Debate Club Officer, Declamation. Q J LINDA PHELPS "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." Camera Club Officer, Today's Secretary Club Officer, N.H.S. J PHILLIPS STEVE PERKINS "Stevie Boy" "Philosophy? No philosophy Philosophers have to thinkf Junior Varsity, N.H.S., Ten nis, C.S.U. wn.LiAM PETRE "sin" Q WILLIAM PHILPOT "BiIl" ilessed are those who run circles for they shall be lled wheels." xsketball, Track, F. H.A., Jmeroom Officer. 2- E ,L ,swf DORTHY RENAEU llDotll 'I can do all things through WAYNE PIPKIN "Professor" "The best leader is a good servant." N.H.S., Senior Play, Band, C.S.U. President, D e b a t e Club, Chess Club, Pen and Scroll, Dramatics. 3 K If KENNETH POWELL L MARGIE ANN RANDOW "Shorty" "To thine own self be true. Thou can'st not then be false to any man." G.R.A., Drill Corps, Pen and Scroll, Spanish Club, N.H.S, Christ who strengtheneth me." F. H. A., Today's Secretary, F.T.A. x JAMES RAIBORN RAYMOND PRITCHARD llRaY',non "No gold in your teeth, no silver in your hair, but plenty of lead in your head." Football, Basketball, Track, Coronation, Choir. STANLEY PROVOST "Rebel" "Have fun today, tomorrow may never get here." DAVID REUTER lloavell "When life is woe and hope is dumb, the world says "Go", the grave says "Come", Band, TI'HCk JERRY REYNOLDS J, D, RQBERT5 JOHN RUSH "Man is only animal that can be skinned more than oncef' Baseball-3 years, Football. ll NANCY ROGERS "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth rne.!Y Drill Corps, F.H.A., N.H.S., C.S.U., F.T.A., Today's Secre- tary. "Jake" "Live hard, die young, and have a goodlooking corpse." GAYLA ROGERS Summer Graduate "What you are is God's gift to you, what you become is your gift to God." Today's Secretary Club. WAYNE ROBERTS "Jess" "When an optimist gets th worst of it, he makes the bee of it." Junior Varsity, Annual, Stl dent Council, N.H.S., Choir. FRANKIE ROGERS "Sketer" "The richest girl in the worlc is poor without a husband' Student C 0 u n c il , Annuai Staff, Today's Secretary Club F.H.A. CHARLES SANFORD "Bubba" Live fast, die young, and ave a goodlooking corpse. BRUCE SCHOLLARD usnapn "Drive fast, live short, and die young." Shop, Junior Achievement JOHN SCHMIDT BARBARA SCHNEIDER t Ch0I'US "5middY" "Duke Synder" "Women and ITIOUCY d0I1'I "Why be difficult when with mix." a little effort you can be im- Junior Achievement, DeMo- pggsiblef' lays. Officer, F.H.A. RICHARD SIKES IlLeslI I shall dwell in the land and erily shall be fedf' Junior Achievement, Band. MORGAN SHUMATE "Mor9" MARGERY SHERROD "The measure of a man's suc- "Margie" "I can do all things through Christ wh 0 strengtheneth me." BARBARA SEXTON Library, A Cappella Choir. Drill Squad cess is determined by his nearness to Christ." Band, French Club, N.H.S.. Homeroom Officer. BILLY SIMS "sin" "He who is continually brave will wind up in an earthly grave." Football, F.Il.A. THELMA STAGG "Don't take life too serious JOHN SPE you'll never get out of it alive anyway." F.H.A. 1,9 'Q-MA-sv LEO SKINNER "Junior" "It counts not whether you won or lost but how you play- ed the game." Choir, Baseball -'O--M Www. DONALD SMITH IlDonlI "A friendly hand, a glowing smile, and trust in God make life worthwhile." Homeroom Officer, Art Club, Pen and Scroll, French Club, Chess Club, C.S.U., Black and Gold Revue, N.H.S., Latin Club. Q - n I' fl fi: I . 1 f Q -fin . , f '3 -in gf ll i---Qi - , WALTER SMITH HM. L.ll Summer Graduate "What ever will be will be." ARS Football JO ANN SMITH lIJoll "When I'm right no one re members, when I'm wrong nc one forgets." Band, T',S.C., F.T,A., Jacke teers, Black and Gold Revue Junior Representative, Stu dent Council. MARGO SMITH "Prissy" "Every cloud has a silver lin- ing." Band, Homeroom Officer. HARRY STALEY llHarry11 'Do unto others before they lo unto you." HELEN SUMMERS The best things in life are reef, Choir, G.R..A., N.H.S. DON STEPHENS "Bullet" "Do unto others before they do unto youf' Junior Class Officer, Student Council, Football. MIKE SULLIVAN "Why worry? In a hundred years it won't matter any- way." Band MARIE STEWART llToofSll "A wink and a smile are MARCIA STEWMAN "Marcia Mae" "What is quickly done is quickly undonef' Science- Club, N.H.S., Black and Gold Revue. worth your while." ' PAT STREETMAN "Arkie" "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." JOHN STOKES "Bc sure you're right then go ahead." Track, Football WILLIAM SUMRALL uporkyu "Do unto others before they do unto you." Track X I 'ii JOHN TUCKER "Mama John" "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. RAY TEEL "Ellis" H1-Winn Summer Graduate "All the golden opportuni- ties left are blondes." Football, Track, Baseball CAROLYN THACKER Cer. ,f 'Ei M f 8 l QQ! ,, I .0 lf , ... J' 4, ' 4 v ,IW aff M' iffy DELORES TREECE llTwirpu "When in doubt, follow your heart? B a n d, Homeroom Officer, Student Council, F. H. A.. T.S.C. R. B. THOMPSON "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." F.H.A., T.S.C., Student Coun- cil, Black and Gold Revue, Broadway, Homeroom Offi- if whiskey don't get you women must." Band, Homeroom Representa- tive, Football. MARILYN THACKER llTwinIl "I wept because I had ni shoes until I met a man wh' had no feet." F.H.A., T.S.C., Jacketeer: Black and Gold Revue, Broad way, Homeroom officer. KATHLEEN THOMPSON 11Ka'hyu t'Look for the worst. hope for the best, take what comes." F.B.L.A., F.H.A. BUDDY TURNER BEVERLY TWILLEY lIBevll "It is'well to think wellg it is devine to act well." N.H.S., Spanish Club, Choir. 4, K' BILL UPCHURCH 'tAl1 the golden opportuni- ties left are blondes." Football, Baseball 5 Q ARTHUR VANEK lIArHell "Let the good times roll." DeMolay. s 4 JERRY WALDING "Learn what you can today, there may be a law against it CLARA WALKER tomorrowy Work fascinates me I can sit Band nd look at it all day? Science Club, T.S.C., F.H.A. MONA VIDAL "Moner" "The thing that costs the least and does the most is just a pleasant smile." G.R.A., Homeroom Officer MARY ANN VELAZQUEZ "Squat Lo" 'tGreat men are those who see that spiritual thoughts are stronger than material force that rule the world." S h 0 w b o a t , Cheerleader, F.H.A,. T. S. C., Journalism Choir, Broadway. NELDA WALKER "NeIIie" "Character is like a diamond, scratched once, scratched for lifcfl G.R.A., Math Club, Jacke- teers, F.T.A., F.H.A. CLIFF WESTBROOK NELDA WALLACE lINenIl "Kindness, like corn, in- creases by sowing." F.H.A., Choir, Homeroom Of- ficer, Harvest Festival. DONNIE WELLS "Don-Don" "Don't work your life away, live off your old man." Junior Achievement E DW I N WATSON "Eddie" t'The rewards of life are al- ways greatest for him who walks the paths of right." N.H.S., Eootball PATRICIA WELCH "Trinkey" "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Sinore and you sleep alone." Band, F.H.A., Office, Library. JIMMIE WATSON "Jimbof' "While you live, live in cloi er cause when you're dea you're dead all over." Student Council, F.H.A., Foo ball. NORMA WEATHERLY IIS ll P Y "Hitch your wagon to a sta and hang on." G.R.A., T.S,C., Yellow Jacke Staff, F.HA. CAROLYN WHATLEY "Carol" IA wink and a smile are well vorth your while." 'I'.S.C., N.H.S. WILLIAM WHEELER JERRY WHEELIS t'Do as I say do, not as I do." "Turtle" N.H.S. i'The upper crust is nothing I dm but a bunch of crumbs stuck together with dough." C.S.U. Y , VERNIS WHISENANT "Whizf' "Make the best of today, but strive for a better tomorrow by setting a higher goal for tomorrow? Football, Student Council, Yellow Jacket Staff. Et LINDA WILLIAMS "BIue Eyes" "What we are is God's gift to SANDRA wn.i.iAMs US, what we make of 'EPT' MIGNONNE wlccms H-I-elan selves is our gift to God. JERRY WILCQX 'Img wigu Happy is the man that find- th wisdom." V. R. A., - C. S. U., F. T. A., '. S. C. W? "I will be loyal to my beliefs, at the same time, I will re- spect the ideals of others." Jacketeers, Student Council, Black and Gold Revue, Choir, Sophomore Class Officer, Ju- nior Class Officer, Junior Cutest. LYNN WILSON "Eddie" "Let thc good times roll." Art Club, Science Club, Foot- fl ball, Basketball. Pen and Scroll, Debate, F.H.A. Summer Graduate M "--r NELDA WILSON llRedll "I live for ,those who love me, whose hearts are kind and true, for the heaven that smiles above me and the good that I might do." T.S.C., Yellow Jacket Staff, Art Club, F.H.A., Jacketeers. WILLIE DEAN WILSON "WiId WiIson" "Do unto others as you wouiu have them do unto you." Chioir, Football, Track. ff I 2 f BX ea U. ,, N X X A yt if .! BETTY ZOTSKY JOHNNY YOUNG "Ben" "To thine own self be true, when in doubt follow your heart." C.S.U., Homeroom Officer, F.H.A., Choir, G.R.A., Pen and Scroll LESLIE WINANS llwinoll "Why be difficult when wi a little more effort you cz be impossible." Football xi JIMMIE LOU WRAGG llpugll "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold." Pen and Scroll, C.S.U., T.S.C., F.H.A., F.B.L.A. MN W4 .fi ei Polly Callandar Sylvia Mary Cofer Bowen Ray Farrell , BeYef1Y Bobbie Anderson Margie Randow Twilley Loretta and Annetta C1311-Q Jackson D Dougal Jamce Hale McFadden Doyleene Jackie Berry ' Viv Morrison Wayne 'rankie Bgggza and Fred Maxey Roberts We Rogers Carolyn and Marilyn ,. ,. Thacker ,. Q . Si in if J lmmy Watson Albright . ,, Roberta Lingo xi, David J eane Jimmie Wragg al X , 3 1' Doyle Harrison , lx l 3 W f :M .iff Glenda Kennedy Harry COUEBI' Vivian McDonald Jackie Neiderhofer Janice Armstrong ' b ll . . Betty and Billy Philpot Mane Camp e Helen Baker and Twin Jo Ann Smith Juniors KN I JUNIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . . . . David Warnell VICE-PRESIDENT I . . .... James Brown SECRETARY ...,. . . . Barbara Deaver TREASURER ,,4.. .r.. N elda Shipp SOCIAL CHAIRMAN . . , . . . Janice Scott 72 JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES 4- fi .' ' TOP ROW: Joel Puzey, Connie Halliday, Artie Adams, Patti Prince, Ray Crow, Linda Dailey, Ann Greer, Lauretta Gilbreath, Freddy Burnett. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lou McComack, Mimi Tuxson, Anita Bird, Helen Giles, Frances Rudasill. 73 I rd..-.. , VW Saw L x J QP S 'T Q QI, fl ,ax am- ' MH , B ,- o i 3 ' U . X KNIEQQ mx . -it ff '-X. A3 -aw ' 'S'4.x .M vge, ,. . .-- ni, W 'HQNM Q ., - "f x Q, ,J . -. -W ' .,, , . 4.1. .. " .- -. , Q':: - .5615-1 1. Q, 21.5 2 Mi, 3 fi 5 ia :JM Q 31,- H.:- -. '.,f::v. x 21 SW Wav. 'ai Iv... fx - - ' Q' 51411 A J7e5fF.'Z wx - , W ma 'tai' '- Rig 33. , A - it at .4-1. , '39 -Q. ' ' L 1 v 2 yu wk K9 , 4 V K . fr Q: A Li v . sk ' .fits hi!!! JU IOR CL SS AVORITE' DAVID WARNELL MIMI TUXSON 75 Artie Adams Wayne Baber r Butch Anthony Barbara Barnard Jeanette Adams Buddy Anderson 9 Francine Baldwin QIV' .gi Martha Baker Judith Bass ag .Q 'N-'if' x it if V N 1 David Bates Harold Batterbee Frank Bauerschmidt Phyllis Archibald Nancy Austin Carol Barnett Thomas Barrette Oliver Beckham Richard Bell is Mickey Bell Margaret Bennett Lee Anna Berrier Joyce Berry Emmett Bingham Anita Bird Richard Blackman James Bouge Nancy Bryant Bridgett Blair Barbara Boston E Betty Jo Brown ZE, Edward Burkett Margie Burkhalter ka Y x, In . - - 5 .,., a aa 'I' ry- " ' S crrr as ,ff X X. M ,, 9 Y 5 gr p S? r Y r if f,,'QR M ' if I 'tm f gig: 3 5 N it I A -rrfr Leona Blair Billy Blasdell KEY Bradley Patsy Bradshaw as B raa rr,a 3 Roy Blissett Beverly Brattloff wi ab S David Brown James Brown I -K ""' Y 7. an - , ,,, ,, L Hi' Wi Jerry Bryant E X Paul Bockting 5' j f f or . Pat Breckel Delores Brigham Freddy Burnett Richard Burnett Don Busker Joyce Buzbee 1 La Q If we Q Larry Bynum ie. isa.: 5 I Al Joan Byrd Jeanette Campbell Terry Caudill Barbara Cayton Janice Chaney Olela Cavness . arf 1 David Chenualf Mike CiYl'Y arbara Clark Paul Childers Judy Carney Kathryn Cass Robert Caslleberry X .fill Mike Chapman Carol Chealham Sue Clayton Paula Cleveland Jesse Collins Elenor Collins Sylvia Combs Darrell Conley Kay Conley Palsy Cgnner . C f , -A , ...1 , Jimmy Cook Mary Lou Cook Geralyn Cooley Ginger Coone Walter Coslett Robert Covington Billy Cox Carol Cox Alvin Ray Crow Alvan Cowart Suzie Crone , 4 . K James Daughtery Judy Davis Linda Dai'eY Linda Davis J .-li' . -i Brenda DBHEY Richard Davis Valerie Davis Barbara Deaver Judy De Foor Ruth de Sabla J. L. De Weese Wayne Dewey '?' ,. Y 4 f g fi I X ll! ' 1 ir i V l Virginia Dobos Q.-Q 7 x 3 l. 57 An 'fl Jeanette Eckert 6 ,-7 l J ' I 4 lil Janelle Foval . 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Turner Virgil Turner Lanny Vansike Marion Van Horn l Gale Walters Lynn Walters Barbara Weatherford Shirley Webb A , ,1 1 Nl il A Cecil Welborn K L . if my ' i 5 s fl 3 Carole Wiggs Sally Winans Dawn Wells Mary Wilburn Sue Wells Keith Whisenanl' Judy Wible Bobbie Williams Rex Willoughby 'WF 3 X all lily.: Johnny Woods Margaret Woods Joyce Wrighf Mary Yancy niiu ',,E 3 Z ,,.,, 1: R Belly Wick Richard Winans Pal Wilson 5. as JH 'ff' ar vwwf , 41:15. W- ,fbi 1' . Ab lv? ., .. ', --.-Q. :f..r. Nina Wright Clara Wrobleski Sophomores 92 fi? fag Jeux' SOPHOMORE OFFICERS LINDA BROWN , BARBARA ADAMS BEVERLY LAAKE . KENNETH PEACOCK KENNETH WHITNEY A . Treasurer . . Secretary . . President Social Chairman Vice-President SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES BOTTOM: Linda Volkert, Karen Blevins, Linda Gray, Dorothy Appel, Mary Hall, Sue Rushing. TOP: Carolyn Clark, Sue Watts, Valerie Starrett, Pat White, Jerri McGraw, Pamela Ward, Judy Blanton, Linda Savage, Pauline Daniels. 95 "":'f SOPHOMOHE CLASS FAVORITES JERRY COOK BARBARA ADAMS 96 N W hx k - -4 W .1 ,,-I 4, ,.x , Jw: . ,J ,-L,. ,A, A ,Mx ff 'Sf .." -s-,av fl. -bw" ' -1i"..: T'-. , ,N .vm . A, -+9 , Q 'OPHO ORE CUTE T SUE RUSHING TOMMY SANFORD 97 1 " 1. ' K.. F x 4 if 1' n lfllh A -'hr 'b 1' A 1 ' ,,...f , 1 J pw- "4 1 , X I J f, 'eel 'J z, 'i"": x33 Edwin Arnold Judy Ardoin Oscar Armstrong Ray Armstrong Patricia Asher Tommy Atkins Mary Aubrey Douglas Avery Frank Baker Bonnie Barham ze .gb 'V' 'fl Il s l Ya X 4, X Barbara Adams Mark Adams Beverly Allen Donna Allen Dave Alfred Susan Amberg Charles Anders John Anderson Carl Anderson Dorothy Appel . A sf I K 4' uv WI' af' 6' . ., ,. ,-V, H i Q a zargi K ll :EI X xx Q :', K 5 l I fic J 3 1 X Q J FQ lx 3-f' W, if gs h X 2 " E " V . H QS :za x if we + Robert Barlow Cherry Batts Floyd Bearden Oliver Beckham Sue Biscamp Lyndel Gerald Harold Sidney Black Blair Blair Blair Judy Blanton Karen Blevins Joan Joan Jean Judy Boaz Bomnskie Bordovosky Bouse Beverly Boyd Lynn Brantley Janice Bremer Tommy Bridges John Brightwell N .R ,vii 'we ". 'S - xl ,ff B. QS Charles Burkhalter Jack Burris Eugenie Butler Thomas Butler Gloria Jean Byrum Lexie Dell Byrum Ronald Cain Rudy Capps Lucille Carpenter Charles Casey R , f I a 1 4 3 , . I Qi if, S af ,g Q J H 3 S L yy 2' I T i, K ii kb Q 1. y -I 5 . A - ff is - -2 -1 i ' . fi 0 Cp 1 V 5' . is 75 if 'gg . 1 jx gig? is . ' ,K 'Z 1 " at SH. ' ' iile ggi R ' i - . 2 -H' if 4 "I Q? M- ' -, J ., 3 We 1 f- , iii X L ..... 4. ,lm X1 Y".1, ,- ' 40" 'Vila e , .X',In1'll kwin!-y If: P Y s a1lni.a...,+iM un., K nnum-Q ' ,,...,. :W -2 PM "U" -Y WM' Q45 I .avi r...-....-v. 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Chaput Davie Chennault Luther Childers Priscilla Childers to A 3 u f A i -yl as - J l'i' ' P F fiigl? .X 9":i 2+ - - 4' 1 4 448' I Q as . 4 fly aiu! 9 bf 5 . ,xxx 'T k ft 9Wv'1"X 1 gg m y Q , J' :us 'mf l -R- X WS . vr,sx, f 5 4' " M r iJf,,A5 t C . 1 3 .Q 3 Qld I,Ql5l'u 5 i M Anna Lee Coffman Halbert Cole Billy Collins Eleanor Collins Elsie Collins Glenn Collins Jerry Cook Thomas Cooley Russell Coots Joyce Couch Carole Covinglon Jacquelyn Sue Cox Aloha Cravens Palsy Cravens Sandra Crawford Rebecca Crews Bobby Crites Lalricia Crocker Joe Dacus Jimmy Daniel M in 1 N I I Q- 3 X ,W gg: we '5 1 f 1' f C , laly o C y y oao v r f , A ,.. A A X I ' E,.2 A Terry Derouen Ann Dockens Patricia Dodson Raymond Dove Billy Dozier Carl Dreweft Billie Dudley Allen Dupuy Jackie Durham Paul Easter gas .M N' G . O Nb k Q 5 in fl 'if' Q A ?"'n in ' K ' ll 3 ' F' 2 3 an 4 95 f H 1 L Q Q 7 rs ef- A 49 , . I aa 'S 3 D W ' QW " ' 1 fe r bk it Pauline Daniels Freda Davis John Davis Lana Davis Lola Davis Buddy Davis Linda Davis Bobby Dean William Dempsey Donnie Denby if Il A vast Q in 7 :" Q 4.-, cgi, :flux fi 'U .if V A f 3 foie, 1 V 1 ' Q H H1 . kxfsl UH. i H X l Q Xi l 'S vT"' T . A r - wp 4 Q .5: J Anxl xl? ' il ll J lib n :J it l - f A 14, .feb ,V ' 1 4 . lg., 4 Wx. ,wql , . . ,Q X ,Ms 5 Q' 14- 'Q' X lfwikf' 1 Kenneth Flinn Livenie Forbus JoAnn Fore Dale Foster Larry Fowler Sherman Fox Anne Franklin Delmon Frazee Barbara Freelove James Freeman idx -f l e if ?' , X Q ,,., Hx X Ik V 9' ..1 Q L "tr if 1 - r V i Y, .. z -1. W v- ga' -5 . , -fy YQ, ,,. fx .i . "9 rg: ff fxgfg. Charles Edwards Sonny Elledge Gordon Elliott Guy Elliott Joyce Emmons Jay Endsley Pat Erwin Gladys Fahrenthold Donna Farrand Gerry Fisher X , XX ,F 2 -.. X 1 fu J - N if xi , ,....,,.f" . 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' -. ,fs- I S so ,S if l K 2 Q all ' f' Ab- ' A--' Thersia Haynie Grady Hazlewood Nina Hehman Barbara Helton Ronald Henderson Jean Hendon Gene Hendrix Jerry Hendrix Barbara Henry Harland Henry 13? 2 Q 1 ,L ' ,Z , K , ,I ,i A ,,,,. f l' 1 v Mary Hall Sondra Halliday Hal Hallonquisf Judy Hamann Evelyn Hamillon Pal' Hamm Joyce Hardy Jackie Harper Jimmy Haugland William Hayes M y , 4 4 if 3, , fn 1 .Q A L 1 .-V, . Q, J fl '-5? ' - ..f- a -'-1 . , if M' Q., w,.i.,,,, ,r sf ' N 5 Q X tw' 'wax-we-'-f" g '. . Q 4 ii '-Q v vw-"" . , Q 4, 4 Xia' , o r Q. E ral Pi 9,3 My , W. rw, WJ . xifiilfff. Wi . ' . .G-b as A afi- i- . sf 5 .FEC A K .532 ex af Jannie Hensley Hernan Hernandez Marcy Hesse Carter Hester Freddie Hickman fa, 3" wifi X QM5' K Eiigx 'n 4 Jimmy Hill Raymond Hill Stanley Hill Richard Hilsmeier Melvin Hoff is-fi .- 1 ,,.., Q : ii' X ':..E aeea X x .. K x Jimmy Holder Dorothy Hollon Albert Holloway Clifford Horn Richard Horn Sue Hubbard Jimmy Hull Phillip Hurtt Kenneth Huseman Rebecca Ivy Lois Jones Paula Jones Wanda Jones James Kasinger Ada Keith Mary Lou Keller Patricia Kennedy Steve Kesterson Mary Killingsworth Peggy Kincaid Lwi I I J xf ' x . - x. 'kmFf, 4' If if iigak Mf IEHIEE ,, if nm X N ' v El E X - ,sm SN i ' .ss xifygiras, Massa.. ,f b y A ' , - 5 ,gif ' ,. -Q P " "" Q lk "' Q .,.,.. ,:., r X 3, v ., . 1 .,,. ' I, 1 a 1., has hi ' ",. . g ,. , ,,:. , ...., " of N i ys' ' 5 if a ii 1 Iuqu Q V Q ., b e .if -1 is K NVVVV is I if K ff . ,--1:E ,af . J. ,Uvv 4, .,.. in is 3 1 4 W ffm: ftoJgF5U4 - -Q . 3 , gif ..-R. Q Jimmy Jackson Leon Jackson Wayne Jackson W. G. Jennings Elsie Johnson Nancy Johnson Pat Johnson Suellyn Johnson Jeanie Joiner Buddy Jones 5 QX Mary Lanier James Lauderdale Ann Leamons Alton Lee Jimmy Levy Katherine Levy Ronald Linton Theda Livingston Molly Logsdon Martha Long ling, X, Ni: Q- ' w 4 ' 1 ' J n an I A e,rw iayal J ' if' 5-' f' V' J 25 aal f A i Y at i Rosmon Kincaid Beverly Kincy Hazel King Patricia Kinkead Johnny Koppa John Kuykendall Thomas Allen Kyser Beverly Laake Tommy LaCaze Judy Gail Lancon David Lovett Sally Lucas Carolyn Luce Curtis Lummus Janice Lundy Carolyn Luton A. J. McAnespy Sammy McCarty Patricia McComb Gaylon McClosIin Freddy McGarrah Norma McGarrah Carolyn McGinnis Richard McGinty Bill McGonagIe Jerri Lee McGraw Maiorie Mclntosh Pat McMurray Billy McMurray Robert McNatt -me fr . 'T' sk -of . """Nx can Jlpx fm I ' 1 A 'Q . fm -+- 5 S 1, ," " Q, 'tu e 'kiln Nm i in 'w ' WKQNWHQ- YQ, . :K J L. 4, , ,, X, ..., . K 0 X .- -. ff 'Q Q . IQ X Q 4.4-vw - . of 'V' - ' ' , . ' 'fs ,.:.9""' 'ar . Hi T xiii:-9 X! N Q K xi i' as ' f ai if aft 1 fm I, A ilk, 3 ,M B t ef Q I "Y "iz, John Mason Jerry Massey Ernest Mathews David Mathis Buddy Mayo Rena Meche Maurice Melvin Gail Methvin Buddy Miller Charles Milier Y ...,.. y 5 W' :I- E 'I fa Kenneth McNutt Pat McQuirk Bert McWhorter Charles McWhorter Richard McWhorter Teresa McWhorter Alice Mack Betty Maness Edward Martin Jimmie Martin J f Nancy Morgan Richard Morris Gwen Morrison Ronald Morrison Toni Morrison Byron Motley Leroy Neal Charles Nichols Johnny Nichols James Norris N J " l - f 'gl tall X LJ 4 Q Q Wav 'W' 3 X , ,L'.. , an , Q Y Qin ml R is H' 1 X ' 'J .1 Q ' N X. Veronica Moffett Thomas Moon Shirley Mooney Lloyd Moore Lynwood Moore Patricia Moore Ronald Moore William Moore Johnny Moorman Joy Morgan .l M F Lenora Norton Tommy O'Brian Clarence Oliver David Openshaw Carl Orn Leon Orn Norman Orn Loren Osborne Ann Otting Wanda Oxford JW G-r in-49' ii Virginia Paffora Steve Parish Jackie Parker John Parker Larry Patry Bill Patterson Mike Patterson Patricia Paulson Kenneth Peacock Jesse Peavy Q J, 1 fi 1 1-in ' Fifi .A Katherine Penny John Perdue Patsy Perkins Buddy Perran Ted Petit Byron Phillips Jari Phillips Irene Pierce Dallas Pittman Marlen Pittman 4 wwf f +1 ..... ' all 4 0 EW 1 NB " in Q l a K fl 5. " W an M gwif ru g ,,. f u i I -his i if ay., :,. . ' J i a n R io, .I V! JY ite, A A yy ,N '- 1" Sgfga 'fffiasilii J i S3 Q Q if -J ea1g,,wfafzia,a'!sffa X if tt . ax a A 1 I iii tif : fi is A 'f , f mg, sm? gg! M I A:MQ-W 5 , 1 fu s K 5 s Richard Pitzer 'M . Richard Polk A' Kermitt Pritchett is 1 aa in kb Cyrus Provast P- ' V gi Larry Pruitt dig? 1 ,K E QNX iilgfrvii -is ' if :Q ,Y ffl: E grit!! ab if Nelson Qualls R. C. Quarles Mary Randow Eugene Rashell Bobbie Redding 'wr' f -. A in 41' W w, L 5 K 'K it fi x V , y 3, Jimmy Reed Geraldine Reimer Ronnie Ribble Buddy Richardson Marilyn Ricks nn. I- in --'-, , ,, Charles Riggs an Q i H ' Nancy Rikard K- K Jean Risner QP . ' Glenn Roark K ' fu , M gM,g2.,g Sarah Roark LM, -. 5 X ff- V' Kai? in-4 3 ,,v..,AL lsfxh he A is A .K it eg., is Jerry Roberfs Sandra Roberls 4 Wayne Roberts fgy Simon Robertson X Barbara Robbins lk X ik I ,Q Q' Carolyn Robbinson .Mu K D Robert Robinson ., ' 3 N Susie Robinson ., qs a"""'l'i 'iz V Robert Robison x L V H 5 N ' . w 1 I' B.II R bison 'Ny -I g. I N 1 I Y o , ' - i 57 Q 1:13 , :rf .....f A Ui N Y! ig ' I A if 4' c 'R Q is 1 J 2 'i' Vail. W4 - " - ' R c A rw ri' HW John Rochelle Reba Rock Jack Rodgers Doralisa Rodrigues Trulah Roeseler Bobby Rogers Eva Marie Rogers Dawanda Rone Walter Rangers Anna Rowe Charles Rumby .5 Q sue Rushing it Z: ::x. Z: , S :,. ., j x b, . L. C. Sammons :ZZ Milton Sandel y 'Y': 7 1 - k K -T Ruth 5,nde,. - -f i t H , Qi at X J i AJR 5 , ..3,:. . Y ful-if' Nfl. va an Q? if G , Q!,iMui,k,AM.ggi i if , H Wi- 'KWH Tommy Sanford Larry Saski Lynn Saski Barbara Saucer Linda Savage '. ff R lx. "7 .V 3' X 'rn i l"a'1 if ' 1 K 'X I f,fQS.R1..-5 5' " La' .,'...,y, -' , 1 fps- " ' ' 'Q 1nfqhi 4' Y 'Hg- A 3 , 3 sg X. A , A, ,t 'Ei 7 fi M if Q L afafg .,.,:11 S - c mi Janice Shirley ,, Billy Short 5 ':.b- ,I 3 Joel Singley " a Raymond Slaughter Charles Slemaker '- a I . George Smith 3- A D :V-35: Jimmy Smith -:I .""' '-I ,llll Z ".:. I ' - ,., Judieh smifh t Melinda Smith Paula Smith Q 35 . 4': .. -EE - Vi fa g !! ea'e AES Qfljjsl N 1 E Pat Schneider Bobby Schweinle Judy Sears Donna Self Bennie Seity Harold Sharp Carolyn Shaw Edward Sheffer Jo Ann Sheppard Richard Sherrod Q E ,fl X h rx? 'T xv- k i iii 'K . J V J S Ei 9' :Vw - LJ :-. T .ztgfsz X, , ' 'ins ? 5 A . if af if ' 1 5 E Kit if 1:6 :ag il v - ,':' t. 2, fi 3' if .f4.'?, , , Gary Stacy Sue Stacy Sharon Stanley Wayne Stark Valerie Starratt James Staten Norris Sterling Bill Stewman Darlene Stover Jesse Stone ti 5 trr 33 4 y . S fo Efi S , S t'." Evil J, f 1 2 . I Q- 'tt X , 5 Q -X s ? all KY X 1 XX' W . so an 'eo Jia, sci R ,.i. " Ft Q -S . ,,r. 'Qt I Wm . K I :li X Flisiff ff., 1 ESMF, , 2 ff 9 ai , Y' tiki '.liil+M:. '34 2 .237 " pf b .QA x i t Roger Smith ,-'XQS XRS? smith N ivrfgiiiii smith Lawson Smith Zylpha Snook Jimmy Selley Carl Sorenson Marvin Speer Thomas Spencer Jerald Sprurill Thelma Stoneham Bonnie Stowe Wilma Staham Patricia Sulik Donald Summers Bobby Tatom Wendal Taylor Mary Thibodeaux Robert Thomas William Thomas Billy Thompson Bobby Tibbitts Larry Travis Lewis Tauker Thomas Tumlinson Bernardine Turrin Joseph Ubernosky Ann Vanderberg Ernest Van Meter John Vann fr B J it Q ! av 'YQ is W. I 'AWA 'ATM i """ :iff ':": ik E Q A5 X Q xmgfsfsii W A A 4 E Q i "'41 E 5 ,L xii 1 221' My ii fi Q X 4 i gi Z i riri'i 6 .,rr iii B 'J ii .221 was N TTTT: V' of Elaine Walker Leonard Walkiovak Darlene Walters Jerry Warbritton Pamela Ward Rosy Lee Ward Marilyn Wardlow Brenda Ware Jimmy Ware Sue Beth Ware N. W' l Mary Vann Jerry Vassar Floyd Vaughan Christine Velasquez Don Vickers Randall Vincent Linda Volkert Jackie Waggoner Margaret Walding Donald Waldrum il .Q ' - . ,Q W J W vi- V14N rl" lf, ' Mei S 1 M425-91-. V , f i sf 15.5251 H VJZJ 'A xg A' ff mdk F is b in .f 53 5 P4 at 1 hd 'fl V. N, -a X X X I hip, .a in lx" , 4 'ia ' . ...A Lola West Ronald Whatley Melvin Wheeler Diane Whitaker Patricia White Kenneth Whitney Robert Wiener Helen Wiggins Jerry Wiggins Katherine Weldmon 'R LA 4 J .., 2 ,L Q "' J ' at V it 1 ' "i'i 1 1 R ' '53 ' fi l X Dolores Warren Elaine Warren Robert Warrington James Watson Ann Watts Sue Watts Ted Weatherly C. L. Weldon Barbara Welsh Dorothy West Q X K , f ,M s 4 W' it If ' l 5 rv AA: 12 .ilx ' ' j in-1115 if ga x i Y' 'file v- ,. V, V E . 3 9 3' ' 4 1 ig ' .- l t ,x ur Q ,Q si E, v at . ' 3 3:-erfnags 'lf J 'J ' if l-'Ra as Qlg, 'u 't Q el e " 40 ffl, 5, 1 ,av s ,'i k Goldie Wilkerson Sandra Wilerson Carolyn Williams Jimmy Williams Michael Williams Ray Williams Jimmy Williamson Teen Williamson Sonny Wingate Darr Wilson c lwl 1 H WI ,. ,,. MY v"' ":. . ,:, M Y ,f ,.-Mfr Q ,f-',-:ff .. fi- .z W Y AI w bl YQ. 'fa' ,W Y ,. "'. ,Y b -glb I E H Y W ght M ly Y g L Y f N QQJJJ ffl .G QP M M '35 G: T 115 Activities 117 Everybody Yell! These are a few of the things that helped us win a lot of games this year. We would like to thank Coach Paul Smith and his asso- ciates for the fine job they did during the football season, and we believe they will do even better next year. Coach, Team, Pep, Steam! JI-'Sf GOOHN' Sixteen Tons Singing The Blues Git Along Little Dogie Homecoming Queen and Escort There'lI Be a Hot Time in The Old Town Tonight Donff Be Cruel November brought an exciting day to our school. Slave day was enjoyed by both the seniors and the sophomores. The high point of the day was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, Sonja Draper. To finish the day right the Yellow Jackets defeated the Spring Branch Bears 31-12. 119 "FoIlow Me" lt's Almosf Tomorrow" QP' "Them There Eyes I Could Have Danced All Nigh!" 120 'Nighf Lights" Playmates 7 Hey There 3' , Sfoufhearied Men J- Nighf Lights 9 QT wma How Important Can It Be Lei Me Call You Sweetheart Tea for Two 1 22 Hawaiian Warchant The Bible Tells Me So All Pals Together Undecided Will You Organizations 124 -Q xx 4? . Ax ',NU ' X A Qg-G -Kgix gm W 6 1 -Q X ' ff x r if Q Q - 1 'X V' . STUDENT coli CIL Sponsor: Mr. Bartay Left to right: lst. row-Sue Rushing, Paula Jones, Tresa McWhorter, Linda Volkert, Javier Ulloa, Mignonne Wiggins Henry Draper, Wayne Roberts, Hernan Hernandez. 2nd row-Alice Lusk, Linda Brown, Margaret Walding, Nelda Shipp, Bob Burnside, Lauretta Gilbreath, Janice Scott Marilyn Hahn, Ronald Breckel, David Jeane. 3rd row-Sue Ware, Sara Spencer, Ruth Burke, Jo Ann Smith, Vivian McDonald, James Brown, Vernis Whisenant, Sue Becker. 4th row-Helen Baker, Annetta Lee, Frances Rudasill, Anne Franks, Leah Palmer, Barbara Deaver, James Martin. 5th row-Gloria Burns, Judy Bouse, Judy Blanton, Connie Harner, Judy Ardoin, Rosy McAlister, Delores Treece, Joan Lucas, Jimmy Watson. 6th row-David Warnell, Norman Curtis, Donald Hilsmirer, Thomas Kile, Baxter Brown, Bobby Hale, Bill Upchurch, Mr. Bartay. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President . , , . Baxter Brown Vice President . . Anne Franks Secretary . , , Sue Becker Treasurer , , Mary Dail Blue 'I GOOD SPORTMANSHIP LEAGUE DAVID WARNELL SUE BECKER MARILYN HAHN BAXTER BROWN SPONSOR OF STUDENT COUNCIL MR. ROBERT R. BARTAY A of M 127 Sponsor: Mrs. Manley First row: John Lanier, Larry Gray, Wayne Roberts. Second row: Margaret Oliphint, Janice Armstrong, Audrey Dickey, Anne Franks, Claire Jackson. Third row: Joyce Wright, Nina Wright, Janice Jones, Valerie Davis, Mrs. Manley, Barbara Denby, Jeanette Campbell, Frankie'Rogers, Loretta Lee, Doyleene Albright. ,M First row: Sharon Davis, Sandra Nesbitt, Carolyn Whatley, Jimmie Wragg, Betty Zotzky, Linda Wil- liams, Leah Palmer, Nancy Bryant, Joyce Berry. Second row: Sylvia Bowen, Donletta Gilchrest, Perry Lee Glassie, Joy Kelly, Mary Ellen Harris. Barbara Schneider, Dortha McComb, Elsie Collins. Third row: Pat Wilson, Ruthe Burke. Frances McAv0y, Mona Kennedy, Mary Yancy, Sandra Wil- liams, Mary Cofer. 128 THE YELLOW JACKET TAFF f 9 ,-L Sponsor: Mr. Cassiano Top row: Vernis Whisinant, Mary Lou Cook, Artie Adams, Barbara Martin, Mr. Cassiano, Frances Duncan, Audrey Burkhalter, Patsy Nelson, Donald Brigham. Middle row: Liz Henson, Annetta Lee, Buford Thompson, Brenda Maxey, Maxine Grant. Front row: Patsy Connor, Nelda Wilson, Joyce Hallmark. STAFF UFHCERS EDITOR AND SPONSOR rst row: Artie Adams, Brenda Maxey, Mary Lou Cook. icond row: Audrey Burkhalter, Donald Brigham, Nelda ilson, Buford Thompson. 129 il Sponsor-Mr. Richard Cassiano Editor-Brenda Maxey K f vv M47':.,,::3l.P9'-w71735i"' -f X H I.. wa1aKk WmmQxwQl'nsiLQ' -ww,-f.m.. A. M ,Wx ff 9 fr rw , , I gig 'f Q' 3 E H 8' 3 N ' ' bu . ga E lvxf A 3 Y X ,K , . V' o X Ng, ig R4 K Q ' . . M 'jfffigga A A A571 E . K .. Qs 6 A gy if 1 Q2 vu 'wr -uf g'f"NWmn3, i"'!232'.Ia Meigs M f vwqmx PM, -w Q 2 W. 'f . Y q, . ff ,f .W , 4 A Nz, is X ,J . .1 N . r f 4 , N I S A un , gr, dv ,, 4 asm-W... mf 'ff M --. "" A3 ' ...f ww ,, Q, A X351 ,QQ 34, awww Y 1 lg x , X -QS 5 and und E, nd- Forfoltures , re- vel md cu- of bt iM, TX cl- ' N 30- 1 nn- for I Q not ' , T 'ht 'W I lll- oa- 'i ro- lcc S ' E, - Ind E. sd- x- ln- er L- Ili Forfllfures si' D' DI- tra ro- Ics E, ED H 1 Y l 'W of me cny Jing ' ,Z"L'L'2i!'LmTd l -- M4-Lain, ming over from the one-Q 'd line. . - ...Y .- ..,..,4...,.......t...- if" ,i FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sponsor: Mrs. Neal Left to right: Ruby Galbraith, Connie Halliday, Mar- aret Bennett Mary Turner Lexie Byrum Artie vhafifs, Marflyh Hahn, Marilyn Stewart, Sandra Wil- liams, Annetta Lee, Susan Amberg, Karen Blevins, Loretta Lee, Mrs. Neal. FRENCH CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Gionet Left to right: Barney Gale Cothran, Donald rneigg, Marcy Hesse, Richard Sikes, Larry"C'ordon, Donna Allen, Brenda e ne a Lee, Loretta Lee, Donald. Smith, Margaret Oliphint, Janice Bremer Qvlvia Bowen. X .VU I 14,4 ly I W PEN AND SCROLL Sponsor: Mrs. Perry Left to right: Pat Brekle, Linda Dailey, Ruth de Sabla, Ma ret B tt Oliver Perry, Lloyd Liv- ingston, mild Smiti, Wayne Pipkin, Ekrnestine Goodgine, Judy Smith, Helen Baker, Sylvia Matthews, Anita Tutor, Betty Medford, Ronald Brekle. Bottom row: Sondra Halliday, Jimmy Fogle, Mike Sullivan, Lou Ann Selmag, La Juana Marrs, Sylvia Bowen. 1- CHESS CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Mock Top: Morgan Schumate, Stanley Potchernick, Shelby Brown, John Schmidt, Gilbert Balch. Baxter Brown, Helen Baker, Judy Smith, Dorris Schweinle, Ronnie Goode, Adrin Owens, Mike Sullivan, Jerry Oliver, Kenneth Rightman, Mr. Mock. Ir SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Nichols Front row: S. H. Nichols, Ruby Galbraith, Sue Ware, .Sara Spencer, Mary Thibodeau, Valerie Davis, Judy Hamann, Second row: John Schmidt, Mike Chapman, Wayne Frisby, Danny Rogers. Third row: Shelby Brown, Vernon Hagan. Jon Moorman, Bobby Hart, Jackie Durham. 5 S saoi 'N- Q9 -r Wsl' 'Y' CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION Sponsor: Mrs. Shurley Top: Loretta Lee, Betty Medford, Delores Warren, James Goforth, Larry Gordon. Richard Davis, Carolyn Clark, Mary Dail Blue, Larry Southerland, Wayne Pipkin, Donald Smith, Larry Dipboye, Doreen Gar- rett, Jerry Wheelis, Marilyn Stewart, Janice Jones, Mrs. Shurley. Middle: Judy Smith, Sue Moore, Dora Ken- nedy, Hattie Bell Lee, Mary Vann, Fay Bar- ber, Rosy Lee Ward, Joyce Castleberry, Son- dra Halliday, Connie Halliday, Margaret Bennett. Bottom: Glenda Kennedy, Gerry Lee Vassar, Judy Blanton, Ruby Galbraith, Artie Adams, Elizabeth Orand, Janice Chaney, Cathie Garrett. DEBATE CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Bankhead Top: John Purdue, Mr. Bankhead, Jim Pur- due, James Brown, Donald Smith, Wayne Pipkin. Bottom: Larry Dipboye, Marcia Stewman, Mike Sullivan, Helen Baker, Raymond Hill. CAMERA CLUB Sponsor: Miss Purcell Left to right: James Brittian, Don Baker, Leona Blair, Mickey Lyons, Linda Phel s D , Bill Bridges, Mary Yancy, Betty Brummett. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Sponsor: Mr. Miller Top: David Jeane, Joyce Wright, Barbara Barnard, Barbara Clark, Virginia Dobos, Mina Jones, Mr. Miller. Bottom: Bobbie Williams, Dorothy Reneau, Linda Williams, Mignonne Wiggins, Maxine Grant, Clara Wrobleski, La Juana Marrs, Nina Wright. F. H. A. CHAPTER OFFICERS Top: Sonja Draper, Tresa McWorter, Mary Dail Blue, Carolyn Jolly, Sue Rushing, Beverly Brattlof, Paula Jones. Bottom: Carolyn Clark, Cathie Garret, Carol Cheatham, Vivian Morrison. AREA OFFICER Doreen Garrett 134 Sponsors: Mrs. P. Bohls, Mrs. F. Thompson Miss G. Purcell, Miss Byrd. Bb Clarinefs Glennis Alldredge Ronald Breckel Oliver Perry Jo 'G ac ie eiderhofer Barbara Deaver Lloyd Livingston Don McKinney Sylvia Combs Susie Crone Francine Baldwin Carolyn Robinson Molly Logsdon Billie Dudley Barbara Welsh Latricia Crocker Jann Hensley Pamela Ward Jerri McGraw Pat McMurray Russell Coots Jimmy Watson Bass Horns Fred Maxey Donald Hilsmeier Richarg Dowell r ' r ant' 1lEm?5'rrais'r- Tommy Spencer Raymond Dove Bass Violins June Jolly Darlene Walters 55 GAL A PARK HIGH CHOOL B D Oboes Lana Davis Cynthia Guedry Pauline Daniels Flutes Pat Welcha Sandra Bryant Frances Rudasill Mary Lanier I Tv..--A- 1 Ynan Bassoons Sally Winans Sue Beth Ware Alto Clarinet Kathy Levy Barifones Weldon Lee Joel Puzeyt Mark Adams Roy Smith David Openshaw Wilber Thomas French Horns Ray Farrell Fred Gallamore -Ribin "Ray li Jerry Walding Annetta Lee .. Sara,-Spencer Uonletta Gilchrest Richard Pitzer Virginia Pafford Linda Brotemarkle Anna Lee Coffman Drums Farrell Eldredge Sue Mays Wendell Null Margaret Boaz Ada Jane Keith Tresa McWhorter Mary Henry Barbara Sauser Mary K. Turner Bass Clarinets Norma McClain Comets Jimmy Fogle Morgan Schumate Lana Turner Douglas Kincaid imm Lancon arvm ones Richard Sik onald Edwards Harold Battarbee Shirley Lee Lewis Tucker Lloyd Moore Stanley Hill Larry Travis Carl Sorenson Louis Fry Lelandhliighgls i Trombones Monta Legro'J1Q.rQ..HLQMLL Odis St. Clair Ray Crow Al Cowan Jim Hinds David Reutemqa.. - John Mason Edwin Arnold Ray Bradshaw Alto Saxophones Ann Donaldson Mike Sullivan Toni Morrison Marilyn Ricks Tenor Saxophones Barbara Weatherford Shirley Mooney English Horn Carolyn Fenley Baritone Saxophone Cleve Mangham fi i 3 ll ,f sf mf wff-my W, Q-fm. fi if 'Hz Sr 5 Sl f fi 2 1,3 ,AMR ihbwww U ,gqfiagfsifffagwil 1 ' , Pgjfmb if film 11 f 9 an he l 'rom KJ' '3 V , ,fx it ,S Xl Si! X flgwgw WP Q Us 1 ,E Q ,W af 'Z' X' 3 M H .,:,-,X fg . E in 1Q.,. ,A ' X , X' f 6 X-ff ,- f-a5,g1g2,- I X " ""' 2' :.,- -- -. .,.. I fn My 1 2? fi K Q S ff? Q MAJORETTES Q V 'N g I FRANCES RUDASILL , U XS A lload Mojorette I X Sgninr Junlor 3 ' I I j y' 3 I M b.V JI lv . kg! N Jo K1 I ' A X! I 0 'I C .. SUSIE SIRONE VIRGINIA PAFFORD JUUIOI' Sophomore JUNE JOLLY J , TONI MORRISON unIor Sophomore JERRI McGRAW DARLENE WALTERS Sophomore Sophomore MOLLY LOGSDON PAULINE DANIELS S h 138 0P omore Sophomore CHOIR BEAU AND SWEETHEART Rene Brown Beverly Twilley ,fe W iff? 5 M55 BAND BEAU AND SWEETHEART Fred Moxey Glennis Alldredge JK FIRST ROW: Margie Sherrod Sandra Murphy Mar Lo Garrett a Carol Cox Jayne Bates Polly Callendar Pat Gilliam Barbara Capps Shirley Webb Marilyn Hahn Sandra Roberts Nancy Johnson Mary Ellen Harris Sonja Draper Judy De Foor Hattie Bell Lee Darlene Goodrich 1 f,'N GALE A PARK HIGH CHOOL CHOIR 'S SECOND ROW: Patti Prince Linda Seagroves Ruby Taylor Janice Jones Gerry Cooley Leta McRae el Alice Lusk Gladys Fharenthold Margaret Woods Dora Kennedy Joan Lucas Dortha McComb Doreen Garrett Doyleene Albright Ann Leamons Joyce Gray Beverly Laake Linda Brown M C C245- I.J THIRD ROW: Carol Cheatham Paul Graham Larry F'owler James Goforth Eugene Graham Randell Vincent Henry Draper Kenneth Whitney J. B. Brown Rene Brown Charles Milner Steve Green Bobby Goforth Tommy Sanford Don Busker Johnny Holland Terry Derouen Jerald Spruil Beverly Twilley FOURTH ROW: Bobby Johnson Jimmy Haugland Larry Dipboye Grant Hudson David Warnell Jerry Cook Billy Cox M. J. Stocton Larry Bynum David Jeane Butch McGinty Leo Skinner Wayne Roberts John Rochelle Frank Bauerschm Wesley Kendall Byron Motley Mike Williams Charles Hart 3? X idt 2 A Qa nzyjg - gi . i K .iiinl K f . I " ' M "' It - E I s ,Q h QQ E i H 1' Q5 LI 4 0 iw 3 f an - 1 f af? P . 4 :af A r I I SECTION LEADERS Soprano . . Polly Callendar Alto . I . Doreen Garrett Bass , . I .C David Jeane I'enor . . . Leo Skinner ALL STATE CHOIR MEMBERS Margaret Woods, Alto Kenneth Whitney, Bass David Jeane, Bass Charles Hart, Tenor ACCOMPANISTS-Connie Halliday, Carol Cheatham STUDENT DIRECTOR-Eugene Graham. DIRECTOR Mr. J. B. Furrh I 1 ff 63599 CHOIR OFFICERS Recording Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... , .... . Reporter .... . Librarian . .... . President ......, . Corresponding Secretary . . Historian . . . . . . . Vice President .... . , Polly Callendar . . James Goforth . Beverly Twilley . . Sonja Draper . . . David Jeane . Doreen Garrett . Mary Ellen Harris . . Henry Draper LIEUTENANT COLONEL SUE BECKER COLONEL BETTY PHu.Por Mignonne Wiggins MAJOR OF WHIPS Clara Wrobleski MAJOR OF ROPES Mignonne Wiggins, Carolyn Ewton, Clara Wrobleski, Brenda Maxey. SOCIAL OFFICERS: Reporter, Mary McCormackg Treasurer, Virginia Walkerg Vice President, Lauretta Gilbreathg Secretary, Margie Randowg President, Vivian Morrison. Brenda Maxey MAJOR OF DRUMS Carolyn Ewton MAJOR OF BATONS DRUM CORPS MAJOR-Brenda Maxey Standing: Nelda Wilson, Betty Medford, Gail llill, Marilyn Stewart, Carol Barnett, Joyce Hallmark, Mary Elizabeth Cofer. Seated: Ruth de Sabla, Margie Randow, Patsy Connor, Barbara Clark, Pat Breckel. FEAT RE TWIRLER Left: Darla Laramore Right: Linda Davis l ROPE CORPS MAJOR-Mignonne Wiggins Pat Grantham, Carol Smith. Nancy Bryant. Connie Ilarner. Jeanine Monroe, Virginia Walker, Faye King, Barbara Sexton. Patsy Walker. Beverly Bratloff, Janice Scott. ROPES MAJOR-Clara Wrobleski First row: Nelda Walker, Igggjja QL, PLea.t.h,,Mari1yn Thacker, Anita Bir , Carolyn Griffen, Darlene Morris. U U U Second row: Mary McComack, Virginia Dobos, Mary Rogers, Nona Minchew. JACKETEERS IN FORMATION BATONS MAJOR-Carolyn Ewton First row: Pat Horn, Nell Lloyd, Maxine Grant, Dawn Wells, Birdie Philpot, Vivian Morrison, Patsy Nelson. Second row: Madilene McMichael, Nelda Shipp, Brenda Dailey, Janeen Jones, Linda Dailey, Jo Ann Smith, Joyce Buzbee, Ann Greer, Janet Cunningham. RESERVES OF THE JACKETEERS IN FORMATION MILITARY OFFICERS .295 5 A " SOCIAL OFFICERS Major of whips I,.. IIIIIIIIII IIII,4I .,,,II,III s 0 ndra Halliday Presldentt EE.AE-EE . . EEEEEEE , Lmda or Major of Ropes , ,, , ,Y,,, Judy Sears Vxce Presxdent ., Sue Rushl Major of Drums .7.E,,,E, Judy Blanton SeC1'efaI'Y E-'- --A-'-f P aula Jor Major of Baton ,, ,a.., Sharon Stanley Treasurer A Pat Wh Lieutenant-Colonel , Judy Bouse RGPOFYGI' -,Y4-.V, Pat Kmc Colonel ,, ,, ., , Linda Volkert MRS. ANNA DUKE Sponsor of the Jacketeers JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OFFICERS BACK: Beal Finch. John Tucker, Vernon Lambert, Donald Bermon. FRONT: Linda Dailey, Suellen Johnson, Norma Weatherly. ' 54 -'-Inf. -. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OFFICERS ADVISORS: J. A. Montgomery, D. B. Elliot, J. E.. Schoonover, J. Hart, W. R. McHaffey. FRONT: Susan Moore, Mary Louise Elliott. Richard Sikes, Cinie Baldwin. 147 JUNIOR ACHIEVERS GALENA MANUFACTURING BACK: Johnny Young, Ray Teel, Danny Rodgers. Rodney Bell, Don Busker, Charles Sanford, Donny Wells, Donald Beamon, John Tucker, Vernon Larnbcrt, Beal Finch, Lloyd Sutton, Ronnie Gant. FRONT: Jan Kugler, Joe Brown. James Bass. Donald Lee. Clifford Lee, Linda Dailey, Suellen Johnson. Norma Weatherly. JUNIOR ACHIEVERS JATEX MANUFACTURING BACK: Bobby Hart, John Schmidt, onald Eclwards. Jeanette Eckert, Carl Schoonover, u s r immon . Richard Sikes, Francine Baldwin. . san Amberg. Susan Moore, Jewell Chimene, Mary Vann, Mary Louise Elliot. I' . ,Q or BACK: Valerie Davis, Mill McMurrow, Allen Thomas. Roy Henley. FRONT: Carolyn Williams, Judy Bass, Sharon Milligan. JUNIOR ACHIEVERS JATOMIC COMPANY ADVISORS: Mr. Powell, Mr. Holly, Carolyn Williams, Sharon Milligan. Farrel Eldridge, Linda Brokemarkle, Billy Gross. Barbara Adams . ADVISORS: Mr. Martin, Mr. Huddleston, Mr, Green. J. A. HOME J. D. Roberts Larry Southerland Linda Davidson Connie Harner 148 PRODUCTS COMPANY OFFICERS MEMBERS CLeftD Jerry Walding Buddy Turner David - -- - aff' ff b,f.,,. nl VIOST OUTSTANDING CHRISTIANS IN C. S. U. Ruth Burke - Larry Dipboye .v-""""w MR. AND MISS YELLOW JACKET Vernis Whisenant - Nelda Wilson JACKETEER SWEETHEART AND BEAU Patsy Nelson We Danny McCrory F. H. A. BEAU AND SWEETHEART Cliff Westbrook - Doreen Garrett Who's Who 150 fl. vp 151 4 MOST HANDSOME MOST BEAUTIFUL CHARLES SANFORD CAROLYN AND MARILYN THACKER 152 qw ,ff :li l xii' '96 3 'I X 5 . 'PW wx ' . ,..., s ' ' :'::g::.w .. IQ W f , N . H X, .. H X 1 A ' w K O O Y Qaemgbf 'www . ,v ff' Q5 W1"wvwiIfJ" .. - wx - 4 X' W K .K z mixg, . Q Q 5 5 :aff f H H-is. 5 'N H ua 3.2 X gg. -I QQ www:- x ,gf ' Q mis? j I EE i av ' Q ...:.,, X 9' 4 Q M Q '4 Lf 4 K 15? , , ,wggggi 5 W 1 Q Q Q 5 , ix' ig in A A K Q 'N s x 'R -5'-ig.: j, fi! Q Nw? 0.l',. 0 .. nf., ' -jk :rf cw ' 'Q 11? V 'Q' , lr 405' BN -cf' Ns 14.1 Y.. " f'yx.i?:. O T PUPULAR HENRY DRAPER BETTY PHILPOT 154 lx S,NYWQXQ' KW sz X bf Q21 Q, li sim .:. b gg Q' fx 'SEL as 5 'WS 5 M as if vi W ... . aff? W R 4' s 3 P :.h' l " an 'IQ .,. J 1 iw , Ss' ' 4 5 ,S -gas-X X 'i"n'Q'2 mr fffi: A if' iifg-"Af I gif?-X awww K - E33 ' .Q-A 1 'T ,. Q ,.., 1- .M gpg . ,N X5 N, x ,H 'R N55 X Ma Jig GX 2:55 1 M Q . x f srl, S S. Msf 4, is pw, .Rm fgrgf-2915? 6 5 S Q -, .z 5 4 A , 1 Ak -. .+ JF " X i qi X E 33 .1 X , 1: . is ' ,ez- X f -1 , fx if '-,F wa,.3,Mk , Q if ul' X 1 if 4, 1,115 -5 'S ...., 1 f 1 T5. A K x A 1 Q .f .-32,- 3, Q,'xg'..,5Q --A ., V ..'.:. .. -f P-. j as 1 JJ. 'Nil- '1 s. ' ? 5 A . ..., g 4, 5 ' 33 , , Kg . N yi' ai' .51 'Sig , JF. 2 ,X -1-,Z f' . is! Gaze- Q F - -HES ,gr was Q .. , 1, sy 1 X1 ' W? v J ff wwx -' . vm A . .1 . S A Q. ,QF .fr -iw 3 ---- 3 v ggi K ef- L' 5 5 1 - W - - 5525- , gg .31 . ' V5 1, ,gf K . ga 3 N ,f 'V' L. I 63231 Yii ff -al, 1: , 4Q2:i':,f1?i ,'f3:"3i:g my Q YI :.s1,"f:2 .,., f X ., Q, ,- ., f 1- f .-is fa. ::: . as NH- f -11-. y K ,D ,? wi: Wk MOST INTELLIGENT 1 T TT T HELEN BAKER DONALD SMITH 158 ? 5 1 ww N , My-was-wx, ,,,,,,, 'w-mmuwwwww X W G v 1 , g K ta ,, 5 fi . A ...::::.,-.-,.- .. A H 1551 g T --'- , ,fri ,,, Qgwg ..151,:,., Z: .,,,,: ,Z ..:f. f xfS'fQiH Q if if 7? f fd K. . xx , ...X sag? 2 V Q55 X ' "S.r::f.::1-' 45m?a'2 ,Q Q .5 C km :' I Q 5, 3 f . 4,-.Main ,, Q 1 . ffX?f:s f ' Sw Tjfeg iz x nw f ' I - 2 ,WL A E . if t sid, :'fVfziz4.2:E? 'X-AripiifjiQ 'xggdff Eg, k k E g:,'wa1 2s117f ' qw' -- -. , M - V ,155 1. ,3,,:f.-:-:gzgggglp gli W V3. 3 fa "Yi 2, ' Q , -1 5: .-,. -2 ma. , M X f v Vik Y 4 :g' 1 'K' 3 JWS BEST GROOMED DAVID JEANE ANNE FRANKS 162 V y-....., J' is xg ,TT , 5 , Q 3 3 W ww ig X . Q 'XJ ' . T7 MOST ATHLETIC DOUGLAS ARBUCKLE BARNEY GALE COTHRAN 163 ,v of L 1' rf f' '-W1 'fc 943 19' QQ' 1. A lizf::figp',xn,p A 4 f 3' W1 ffm WW fy A-Z E Ami, ibm 2 W24' 3514, ,Qi 'Sk' 'Nw' if X 'mul-75 J f ,V -5:2:4:fQ2,aL' 51 . H: .253 sam f A , Vg: 4:4 L 42:47 f f , ay vgsvgygz .55-wiv -. Q, i, w,r2,1.A ,. W-2 fn -f-fx-az, was x aim fw 'Q jf '- wzjwf f I 'X 'Zi' f , W iff n mffg-, --fn f ' wr, V A f M ..r ,n aw? 5 r 1 ,--- N ' fix 5, g ,, ,iz A . H A: ,,Q, I ,Qi x 4 ., 1 ww ' Wgfm m W 5, A X I I i NF bb gf . . E im 1 -K' iii ifizizkx S , wrhrfix. ' in gf Top Row: Sue Becker, Joyce Blanchard, Audrey Burkhalter, Janet Cunningham, Anne Franks. Second Row: Pat Grantham, Joy Kelly, Annetta Lee, Brenda Maxey, Vivian McDonald. CANDID TES FOR HOHECOMING QUFFN RUNNERS - UP Claire Jackson Audrey Dickey 165 Sports f mALWvU Left to right: Bob Burnside, Harry Conger, Billy Gross, Henry Draper, Mary Ann Velasquez, Sonja Draper, Barbara Adams, Mimi Tuxson. SPONSOR Miss Lanelle Stewart 168 soNJA DRAPER HARRY CONGER WM' TUXSON Head Cheerleader Senior Senior Junior HENRY DRAPER Senior BARBARA ADAMS Sophomore BILLY GROSS MARY ANN VELASQUEZ BOB BURNSIDE Junior Senior Senior H5171 Gil BACK ROW: Bobby Tibbits, 'Tommy llanks, Grant Hudson, .lim Downing, Jerry Cook, Raymond Pritchard. Lynn Walters, Lonnie Kooncc, Vcrnon Lambert, Boycc Phillips, Billy Cox, Monty Fry, Ray Tool, Coach Smith, MlDDl.lfI ROW: Coach Dawson, Billy Miley, Danny McCrory, Bobby Johnson, Joe Brown, Clifford Lee, James Martin, Laroy Cornett, Don Stephens, .lohn Stokcs, .Ion Dcroun, Richard Rodriguez, Wilburn Tullan, Bobby Hale. l"IliS'I' ROW: Cliff Wcstbrok, Rex Cox, Bill Mctlonagle, Randall Vincent, Butch Anthony, Charles Selmscr, M. C Dlney, Leslie Winans, Douglas Arbuckle, Doyle llarrison, Beal Finch. GALE A PARK HIGH CHOOL VAR ITY TEAM will coAcH oAwsoN coAcH SMITH coAcH KUEHL CAPTAW AND CUCAPTAW Line Coach Ilcad Coach End Coach Bobby Hale Ray T001 170 BOBBY HALE GALENA PARK YELLOW JACKETS FOOTBALL scones 1956 SEPU5 GF? 34 JEFF DAVIS 6 SEPIZ 2I 6.2 27 SAM H0us10N 6 ser: 29 6.2 6 sim man I7 OCZ 5 QR 4-I SMITH PARK 0 061212 0.2 Z6 WCTJRIH 0 Ott I9 an ra Tins my I3 OU 26 6.12 1 BRnzosPM1l4 NW. 2 6.8 I2 BAYTOWIV 37 nov. 9 6.2 I2 PIISHDEAM 20 Nov. I6 6.8 3I SPRING BRMCIH2 V tvs' X' , BOBBY HALE RAY TEEL Guard Fullback Letterman Letterman SGHi0l' Senior QF, DANNY MccRoRY M- Q- OLNEY BEAL FINCH Halfback Lineman End Letterman Lettelfman Letterman Sgnigr JUDIOI' ' Senior 5-"' 1 -In ' 2: Raymond Pritchard catching pass for touchdown RAYMOND PRITCHARD JERRY COOK against Jeff Davis. End Fullback Letterman Letterman Senior Sophomore BILLY COX LONNIE KOONCE Quarterback Center Letterman Letterman Junior Senior Captains going on field to meet opponents. J BILLY MILEY RICHARD RODRIGUEZ BUTCH ANTHONY Halfback Back Back Letterman Letterman Letfelfman Junior Junior JUHIOI' CLIFFORD LEE MONTY FRY Tackle Tackle Letterman Letterman Junior Junior Cook carries for Galena in Jeff Davis game. 173 ,af " d.S A- It X LAROY CORNETT ,105 BROWN Back Back , U . Lettefmall Letterman Galena Park has mxx-up m Sprmg Branch game. Semor Senior .Al X A V at 1 A H ,V ,,., . I I a, ee I he . :' 'I "" -.,: f I 3.1 . . O f e ' 'ta L' .. x FT eee ' 3 DOYLE HARRISON LESLIE WINANS JAMES MARTIN Guard Guard Guard Letterman Letterman Letterman Senior Senior Senior ' V li, 4 " I 4, ' ., A, My L " 5,3 4 I f 'V E BILL UPCHURCH End Letterman Senior BOBBY JOHNSON End Letterman Junior 174 McCrory carries for Galena in Victoria game K K: .., i5.,f.....::5 7 I r I I Wm W mi ix if 6 Billy Cox goes down in Victoria game. WILBURN TULLAR RICHARD RODRIQUEZ Tackle Back Letterman Letterman Junior Junior BOBBY TIBBITTS Line Letterman Sophomore Xt? f 6 :w Q N .ww e Ball! Ball! Wh0's ' BOYCE PHILLIPS End Letterman Junior -pt Q ,nf got the ball!!?? fFumbleJ DON STEPHENS Back Letterman 1 7 5 Senior LYNN WALTERS Tackle Letterman Junior Left End arf ,Q fr 44 14 M fMf 7 4114" ' I I fulavk J! lfll L ! -7v'Zz12g,L A fm ww Qfbf DMIJAJ 4,fff ,f1w37 gd' r V J! 1 A L! Qing? H, A- .A yfn, 41,4 0, 7041 an ?4,L4, .Q 'Q L 4g""'v 4" ALL DSTRICT I2-HAHA 1 f ' qiwww V -.Qfg:Q12w L ' - f -1 . E 1? NW fires Nr 1 fix 2 mi +52 E65 BILLY COX Quarterback Junior RAYMOND PRITCHARD .ff 7 X zg j2z, JIM X W. av- Bottom row, left to right: Larry Peveteaux, Don Busker, Frank Bauerschmidt, Grant Hudson, Pat McQuirk, Jimmy Daughtery, Johnny Nichols, Norris Sterling. Second row: Clifford Horn, Jerry Reynolds, Wendell Thompson, Kenneth Whitney, Ted Weatherly, Jimmy Williams, Charles Milner, Gordon Elliot. Third row: Bobby Johnson, Wilburn Tullar, Allen Thomas, John Brightwell, Terry Caudill, Caton Putman, Benny Om, Kenneth Peacock. Fourth row: Dale Foster, Boyce Phillips, Robert Warrington, Jimmy Solley, Bobby Goforth, Tommy 0'Brien, Donald Waldrum, Paul Easter. Top row: Kenneth Haeusman, Forrest Stanaland, Lloyd Sutton, Lawson Smith, Harold Wingate, Mike Gardner, Coach Wilson, Coach Sadler. . liv, Bottom row, left to right: Norman Halonquist, Edgar Brantley, Ted Weatherly, John Brightwell, Mike Patterson, Marvin Pittman, Jerry Wiggins. Second row: George Smith, Douglas Guerrant, James Staten, Jimmie Hill, Douglas Hale, Douglas Avery. Third row: Dale Foster, Charles Weldon, Bobby Thompson, Maurice Melvin, Glenn Collins. Fourth row: Jimmy Greer, Butch McGinty, Lynwood Moore, John Parker, Melvin Wheeler, Sonny Wingate. Top row: Kenneth Whitney, Gerald Blair, Harold Blair, Benny Orn. 178 f V X x Sue efhearfs 469+ W Q.. Q ARMSTRONG CLA "A" TEAM Top row: Manager, Thomas Stanley, Maxie Campbell, Billy Cox, Jerry Cook, Raymond Pritchard, David Warnell, Billy Philpot, Boyce Phillips, Coach Cobb. Bottom row: Manager, Donald Buskerg Ernie Mills, Larry Bynum, Wayne Roby, Norman Curtis, James Raiborn, Richard Philpot, Doyle Harrison. N w CAPTAINS AND COACH Raymond Pritchard Ernie Mills Coach Gerald Cobb 180 M BILLY PHILP ND PRITCHARD Forward Forward DAVID WARNELL Center Y DISTRICT SCHEDULE 65 spszuvo BRANCH 59 GP 73 spasms BRAND! 5 BAYTUWN 51 GP 67 Bmoww 3 5 TEXAS nm 49 GP jgwixxxs ITY P PA EwA SQ GP. DADQNA P 7Q BRAZUSPU 54 . BRAZUSPQQT O ..x. JERRY COOK Center MAXIE CAMPBELL LARRY BYNUM NORMAN CURTIS Forward Guard Guard BILLY COX Forward 182 BOYCE PHILLIPS Forward DOYLE HARRISON RICHARD PHILPOT Forward Guard JAMES RAIBORN Guard 183 4: iff' M Qi' 2 , LM, M. Q 4 1 15? 2 Q ,4,,t..: , . ,,':',:w t K r gin ' 2 ' J J, ' ' "-11:7 ' 4 2 v ' -1' 'I 1 - ff , 573' g ff 3 , 4, 2 , i 5 '5 ? Q i, iz: if : f ,' 1 ' wif: at 2 it t 5 ,firm r e, 75 V I' 1 , . Lf gm? " "B" TEAM Top row: Randall Vincent, Kenneth Peacock, Jerry Staley, Bobby Tibbits, Tommy Moon, J. L. DeWeese. Ronald Henderson, Robert Barlow, Gordon Elliot, John Brightwell. Bottom row: Jimmy Haughland, Jack Burrows, Jommy Holder, Bobby Johnson, Bobby Goforth, Johnny Copa, Tonny 0'Brien, Larry Patry, Steve Green. COACH JULIAN KUEHL 184 NYQHPHWE :N EY? , R P' il" All DI STRI N2 x Q ,wiv X X, ' 1037 X' -'LI A fxiwivs :.e::- . fi: Q fF??Eii'22f1i1f' ' , . wtf .: 2.2 . zz ' ' 1532 1 3533 ERNIE MILLS T I 'AMA DAVID WARNELL "A" SQUAD Top: Jerry Staley, Kenneth Peacock, David Warnell, John Rush, Bill Cox. Middle: Larry Bynum, Wayne Roby, Norman Curtis, LaRoy Cornett, Dale Clayton Bottom: Bill McGonagle, Tommy Hanks, Paul Easter, Eddie Rongers. BASEBALL COACHES Coach Dawson, Coach Wilson 186 DALE CLAYTON Pitcher eww LAROY CORNETT Catcher NORMAN CURTIS Shortstop JOHNNY RUSH First Base LARRY BYNUM .ffjflw M 1 DAVID WARNELL WAYNE ROBY Q f i" 5E " fl? X I 7 lb N, U 188 LETTERMEN Top: Dale Clayton, David Warnell, Johnny Rush, Laroy Cornett. Bottom: Larry Bynum, Wayne Roby and Norman Curtis. ,IN B - SQUAD Top: Manager Sammie McCarty, Frank Bauerschmidt, Dale Foster, Paul Childers, Jimmy Smith, Kenneth Whitney. Middle: Jimmy Haugland, Bobby Tibbits, Caton Putman, Robert Warrington, Bobby Johnson. Bottom: Larry Patry, Maurice Melvin, Johnny Koppa, Hernan Hernandez. 189 TRACK TEAM Top: Burt McWhorter, Gerald Blair, Larry Fowler, Larry Pruitt, Don Summers, George Hutton, Danny Rogers, Shelby Brown, Marlen Pitman, Gordon Elliot. Second: Coach Saddler, Richard Polk, Lynn Walters, Ted Weatherly, Norris Sterling, Lynnwood Moore, Jerry Cook, Bill Golden, John Brightwell, Buddy Davis, Coach Simpson. Third: Jerry Oliver, Butch McGinty, Bobby Goforth, Tyrone Hartley, Robert Barlow, Jimmy Levy, Teddy Petit, Jimmy Solly, Bill Short, Mike Patterson. Bottom: John Stokes, Jimmy Light, Richard McWhorter, Douglas Arbuckle, Bill Corley, J. C. Humphrey, Butch Anthony. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Top: Richard Polk, Bill Corley, Tyrone Hartley. Bottom: Jimmy Light, Danny Rogers, J. C. Humphrey, George Huton. 190 BUTCH ANTHONY Mile Relay 440 Run TE BILL CORLEY Hurdles Mile Relay 191 'N DOUGLAS ARBUCKLE 440 Relay Mile Relay 220 Yard Dash LETTERMEN Douglas Arbuckle, Billy Corley, Butch Anthony L I . y Q 4 4 5-2 MILE RELAY: J. C. I-Iumphry, Richard McWhorter, Butch Anthony, Douglas Arbuckle 440 RELAY: Richard McWhorter, Douglas Arbuckle, Tyrone Hartley, Jerry Cook 192 5K,,,,ER FRY Eowm wA'rsoN T E N N J I S ANNETTA LEE LORETTA LEE BILLY GROSS JERRY WHEELIS 193 Top row: Coach Gerald Cobb, Edwin Watson, Skipper Fry, Jerry Wheelis, Bill Gross Tommy Stoneham. Bottom row: Loretta Lee, Annetta Lee. COACH: GERALD COBB 1941 .. .4 L Q 1 U 195 Barney Cothran Joan Lucas BADMINTON SOFTBALL Claire Jackson Vivian Morrison TABLE TENNIS ARCHERY Donletta Gilchrest 196 Liz Henson OFFICERS OF G. R. A. 0IlSOI'S .............. esident' ....,...,.,., Miss Helen Robbins Miss Lanelle Stewart Joan Lucas :e-President .. .,.,. ,...... F rancine Baldwin cretary ...,...,..... Knot picturedj Claire Jackson easurer ,.........,.,,.....,...... Donletta Gilchrest cial Chairman :tivity Manager Vivian Morrison Barney Cothran ALL STAR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Top: Barbara Welch, Barney Cothran, Vivian Morrison, Joan Lucas, Janice Jones. Bottom: Margaret Oliphint, Perry Lee Glassie, Barbara Adams Knot picturedl. WINNING VOLLEYBALL TEAM Captain - Barbara Adams Cnot picturedi Top: Janice Jones, Mina Jones, Claire Jackson, Vivian Morrison, Patsy Nelson, Mary Yancy. Bottom: Leah Palmer, Perry Lee Glassie. WW W ffwW 1, W W WW - 3 M1 Qyfiwff' L A ' J I J X .fn B 'fda X - , Q Q fi fx fm , ,X , D . x - N., , ' -N '. - f--, . A Q NB X -5 , A .Q :Q r-3 vxlmb t llfxx V. -R Nix WN-.X T .. 7-5 '59 W 'Aff-A .... 2. . -,J Y ,... xsifr , Q3 W, J -.D A A X xib Q X515 -T X , . f x- i X "-"A' J I Q wg X -- T. 1 T., KD ,J CQ -Q 5 , . -VJ N A 1 KTNJ CA I 'mx K3 -3.5 .1 198 1 'i s 9 B' .5 5 L53 ' J Q V. 339 SJW 59, JI! ,Y Qf 199 :Si Q7 "Nature Boy Ernie" COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Frank Aoeomando's Humble Service Station NIGHT OR DAY TV SERVICE Coll Anytime -OR 2-0143 Brooks Electronics 4100 Clinton Dr. QP. O. Box 20021 Phone CA-7-7168 Houston, Texas Phone OS 4-2687 Caffey's Egg Company Distributor of MILAM COUNTY EGGS 1109 Ninth Street Galena Park "YOU'LL LIKE OUR FRESH EGGS" "Hey, wait a minute." SOUTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY BILLY WHITE Representative 3401 Buffalo Drive Manufacturers of Your CLASS RINGS and INVITATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF T ENN-TEX ALLOY and CHEMICAL CORPORATION Industrial Road and Greens Bayou Houston, Texas "WHERE EVERY Customer Becomes A FRlEND" Gray's Beauty Shop MRS. GEORGE GRAY, Owner DELORES PEDDY, Operator McMASTERS 106 S. Main Phone GR 2-1551 Pasadena, Texas Office Supply and Printing Company 'kGREETINGS CARDS OR 39673 'kART SUPPLIES Middleton Building Galena Park, Texas tRUBBER STAMPS COMPLIMENTS ,I 0 Melton s Dalry Treet OF W 0 0 di e ' s MR. and MRS. J. R. MELTON, Owner 70lV2 Holland Ave. OR 4-6951 AIR CONDITIONED BARBER SHOP ld ' A' 9 Same lung . . . Q xx . JJ Judging from the illustration on the -X right, this message should say something ,lfu about how knowledge is the key to A"- ,4,..,,,,.A..:g Q success . . . and how the wisdom of Q l A learning is the key to knowledge. I , But you are now young adults, and xi .::.ff" X you already know this. So we will merely M., J: say "Congratulations" to the graduates, and "work hard" to the undergraduates. We older folks are depending on you to run the world for us later on. A Q 9 Q 1 4 u 1' . Q 1 Huusrou usunnu a Powfn cnMPANv "'1l, QQ -h 5- 1- T.-. ' U DlPENDABlf lOW COST ILICTPIC SEPVICK O I A lx t- K . AX: , igtgcutfj x 6 4,242 if- L - 'zfzey ffgfny. 1 5 YOUR FUTURE IS brlghter on ,dznzfty the Texas Gulf Coast Where abun- ' ",jg,Z7".f5a dant natural gas has helped create new industrial opportunities. HOUSTON NATURAL GAS SYSTEM C pl f OF WESTERN AUTO f ASSOCIATE STORES BREWINGTON I Ho O d E t 1 A on 4 1715 TYPEWRITERS A HANDY DANDY SUPER MARKET "More Merchandise For Less Money" Operated by HANDLY DAVIS G CONNER'S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS OPEN 7 a.m. TO 10 p.m.-7 DAYS A WEEK 2300 CLINTON DRIVE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS . . . Parker Cleaners Traller Homes, Inc. HPROMPT PICKUP SERVICE, 12600 Market Street Road - Greens Bayou Corner of Market Street and Federal Road PHONE OR 4-2242 Dealers in AMERICA'S FINEST MOBILE TRAILERS Phone GL 3-7203 1613 First Street Galena Park , INSUR O MEDIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY J. STANLEY WARNELL, Manager 1314 Caroline Home Office Houston, Texas Dallas, Texas CA 8-4361 CONGRATULATIONS 7 Estgllg S FROM .... LADIES READY-TO-WEAR J' Smlth Company g . i Home of C"""" D""e NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS GALENA PARK, TEXAS For The Entire Family Mrs. Estelle Hollis, Prop, 1906 Clinton Drive Galena Park 4 CLOVERLEAF BAPTIST CHURCH DAN JONES, Pastor 14305 Muscatine GL 3-7421 "HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE"-Phillipians 2:16 W S21 L-'ii Seniors 4 Congratulations J. D. ALBRIGHT CASING CREW 'kwa 510 McCarty OR 2-9611 4 QQ 2.144 RENTAL TooLs 24-Houlz ssnvlce 45. M5 ea! M5 559 ISENBURC JEWELERS for.. DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIR Be Sure ..... Insure Wiih D. C. Rudasill Phone OR 4-0707 2104 Clinton GENERAL INSURANCE fNext to Galena Theatrel HONEST AND DEPENDABLE OR 4-04013 Residence 504 Holland Ave. OR 2-2136 Galena Park, Texas .A.N INVITATION . . . Petro-Tex invites young men and women to examine the dynamic future made possible by the vast petrochemical industry. Every type of skill and training is used in our business to keep pace L I I plan scientific careers. Heir! EA' GL 3-2420 with modern demand in a fast chang- ing economy. Interviews are granted to graduates who PETIRO-TEX CIIERIICAL CORPORATION HOUSTON 1. TEXAS JOINTLV OWNED BY HEMICAL, CORPORAYION AN ENNESSEE GAS NY NW 4lD 41D lil? llL A N lil? A 'U lilo llli S Best Home Anywhere I919 Leofii' BUILT for ALL-AMERICAN "ARlSTOCRATlC" LIVING REX TAILORS we RENT Tuxeoos Clothing Headquarters for Galena Park Students "DIG THAT CRAZY REX" 315 Travis, Houston and Gultgate Shopping City COMPLIMENTS OF THE Annual Staff Burleson Florist 1804 Clinton Drive OR 2-0564 Phone OR 4-1300 Karraker's Jewelers DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' JEWELRY Watch Repairs A11 Work Guaranteed 2114 Clinton Drive Galena Park, Texas Best Wishes From . . . HAMSCO Hamilton Supply Corp. 210 MAGNOLIA POWELUS CYCLE and LAWNMOWER SUPPLY 1614 First Street-Galena Park SCHWINN BICYCLES Sales 8x Repair Parts 8z Accessories-Painting CUSHMAN MOTORSCOOTER New-Used-Repair 8: Parts Power Mowers Sharpenecl OR 2-941 1 GALENA PARK DAIRY MART Broostecl Foods with Tasty Sweets Mr. and Mrs. V. Phillips, Proprietors 1209 Clinton Drive Galena l'ark, Texas OR 2-0417 K mdwwwwhuh -SR? 1- is '2 r COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS Estates Pharmacy 13537 North Shore Dr. FROM GL 3-2545 HOME OWNED ESTATES G. A. STARK Trailer Homes, Ina, Mello Creme Ice Cream 12600 Marks, Sheet Road 12674 Market Street Road GL 3-7203 GREENS BAYOU AMERICA,S FINEST MOBILE TRAILERS Buzbee Shell Service Station and Garage "coMPi.ETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE" D R , P E P P E R ieoi Clinton Drive on 3-4362 GALENA PARK, TEXAS Central Boat Works 923411 'JG 12762 Highway 73 - Gi. 3-7563 THE FRIENDLY PEPPER-UPPER LAMAR BOATS SCOTT-ATWATER MOTORS MARINE HARDWARE 8: PAINT yew Wi I .ijgifyffrl ' Kfwfjg DEEP ROOTS LIKE Texas pines, young Texans have deep roots in their native soil. Champion, a young Texan of 18 years, has deep roots, too. We're proud of our role in Texas industry-employing Texas people and using a Texas resource to create new wealth for Texas. But we especially like to think that in our small way we're helping more young Texans grow and prosper with their own State. THE IIHAMPIIIN PAPER AND FIBRE CUIIIPANY TEXAS DIVISION Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper from Texas Pine QR 2-0505 OR 4-1113 R. D. Ballew Insurance Agency A 1908 Clinton Drive Auto Service AUTO LOANS REAL ESTATE LOANS 2221 Clinton Drive OR 4-2526 Office: GL 3-3756 Res. on 2-0794 A Market Street Florist "MNT and BODY WORK 12241 Market Street GENERAL REPAIR WORK WE ARE AS CLOSE AS YOUR PHONE COMPLIMENTS OF Allied Sheet Metal and Roofing Company 3618 Clinton Drive Houston, Texas Phone BL 6-619 Charley's Auto Parts Compliments of WE TUNE YOUR 'MOTORS with W. T. Grant ORIGINAL FACTORY REPLACEMENT PARTS 0.K. SERVICE GARAGE NORTH SHORE VILLAGE Box 294k-Ph. OR 4-2500 - Galena Park, Texas in Compliments of ..... .IACINTO CITY CITY HALL Besf Wishes CI of '57 SLOCOIVIB INSURANCE AGENCY FIRE and AUTO LIABILITY B and R MOTOR' COMPANY REAL ESTATE DE soro - PLYMOUTH SALES d LOANS Sales and Service G Y Sl b D k SI OR 407'-7 OR 4 1797 I... SERVING INDUSTRY AND MUNICIPALITIES DIXIE 3 Chemical Company Midway Coffee Shop MR. and MRS. EARNEST MOORE OR 4 2441 INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS 1813 Clinton Galena Parla Phene CA 84487 718 North Drennan Houston 3, Texas Galena Park Theatre FINEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT 2102 Clanton Drive Galena, Park, Tex Pause. 52-13 HOUSTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY C0mP1iment5 Of Compliments of Market Street Galena Park Pharmacy Church Phone OR 3-3631 Galena Park, Texas 12964 Market Street - Thomas B. Guinn, Pastor A' C' SNEED' Proprietor GALENA PARK STATE BANK . ........nmvW""f"" if x , 2 Greens Bayou Florist Mrs. Edith Glaze, Manager 1232 Sheffield Phone GL 3-1662 GREENS BAYOU, TEXAS William 1. Phnpm MAYOR OF THE CITY OF GALENA PARK COMPLIMENTS OF Redwood Inn MR. and MRS. L. M. MCGEE 12225 Market St. Phone GL 2-9425 Palestine Pharmacy Your REXALL Store PRESCRIPTIONS, DRUGS, GIFTS COSMETICS Dependable Rexall Service 10330 Palestine OR 2-6227 Compliments of Texas Motel Service . . . ..........- .' 'Ja' . . . The Shopping Center OR 2-0591 P. O. Box 467 That Comes to your Home GALENA PARK, TEXAS Barrett Lee, Distributor East Houston and Baytown 7820 Harrisburg Phone WA 2-6245 . -- Compliments of D0novan's Jewelry "YOUR FRIENDLY JEWELERH Jacinto City Dewey and Hendrix Auto Parts "As Near As Your Phone" OR 2-7541 1905 Clinton Drive Galena Park, Texas OUTBOARD BOATS 8z MOTORS E. jfs Malt N' Burger 10309 Market Street Road fNext to Jacinto City Halll MALTS, SHAKES, SUNDAES, FLOATS HOT DOGS, BROILER BURGERS 8z CHICKEN Compliments of Market Street Feed Stores FEED, SEED, FERTILIZER me Ona I my A 74 rg good start QKHD Q! QNX As a member of the Class of 1957, ' J KN youire off to a good start! AK Q Q May we congratulate you . . . and wish you E ' 1 every success in the years to come. o-QX V HUMBLE OIL sz REFINING COMPA4YxYQCkxkQ -1 szx SP LAURA'S 1 RECORD SHOP ' Popular - Classical - Western Religious Rock and Roll-Children's Records ACCESSORIES - RECORD PLAYERS l SHEET MUSIC North Shore Village Shopping Center GL 3-5l5 Congratulations from . . . MORRISON-WELSHIMER FURNITURE COMPANY Company 1902 Clinton Galena Pork OR 4-1221 Better Your Living Room-Add-A-Room CONGRATUIIATIONS REPAIR -- REDECORATE 3 to 5 YEARS TO PAY SENIORS N' Dm "aY"'e"' One Stop Hobby Shop Th0m35 Lumber and 10810 Lane Street Jacinto City 10715 Market OR 2-0559 OR 3-9343 Royal I Compliments of .... 60 Minute Cleaners Jacmm CRY Drugs and Laundry 10805 Market Street OR 3-1371 North Shore Village GL 3-7878 if .lACK'S SUPER MARKET "For Greater Savings and Friendly Service Galena Park, Texas 11400 Holland Avenue OR 2-6314 MAYTAG Graham Elegtric 105 Holland Galena Park, Texas Company Day or Night Service "WE TRY TO SERVE YOU RIGHT" 1105 Holland Avenue Night Phone OR 3-01751 Day Phone: OR 4-1509 McGee and Ramsey Auto Parts, Inc. "TWO STORES SERVING THE CHANNEL AREA" Channelview 12869 Market St. Road GL 3-3596 16129 Market St. Road GL 2-2281 .yew P. 0. Box 405 OR 2-1412 Day or Night MeCorvey Sheet Metal Works ALL TYPES SHEET METAL WORK 707 Holland Avenue Galena Park, Texas 1 Delahoussaye Auto Paint and Body Center Expert Body Work 8: Painting by Fostoria Durabake Infra-Red Frame Alignment - Wheel Balancing Mechanical Repairs - Trimwork "All work to customers satisfaction" 412 S. Shaver GR 2-1058 Middleton Insurance - Real Estate Your Security - That's Our Business 11501 North Shore Dr. Office: GL 3-3591 Houston 15, Texas Res. OR 4-2472 1 Smith's Quality Market CHOICE MEATS - DEEP FREEZE ORDERS BAR-B-QUE OR 3-6130 1602 First Street J Congratulations Seniors . . . The CHESNICK FURNITURE Company 105 South Main OR 4-0660 Galena Park I l I COMPLIMENTS OF .... East End State Bank 4215 Leeland Houston, Texas COMPLIMEN TS OF .... De Weese Gulf Service Station GL 3-9540 12706 Market CONGRATULATIONS sEN1oRs McCormick's Cafe Galena Park soDA FOUNTAIN at CAFETERJA Middleton's Market 2014 Clinton Drive OR 4-2200 LUCKY SEVEN STORE Well, what have we here? in-r sing, girls? Estates Beauty Salon T1'Yin8 to MRS. LUELLA PEVATEAUX, Owner GL 3-1775 North Shore Shopping Center 13521 North Shore Dr. HOUSTON Federal Road Lumber 1620 FEDERAL ROAD GL 3-7111 Federal Road Pharmacy -Your Neighborly Druggist- DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS - HOUSEWARES SODAS 1320 Federal Road GL 3-7164 Glamour Girl? ,ft ' 0, . ,H - Wff ra QP' 515255 f ' 0 ? JWA9 Market Street Greens Bayou Owned and Operated by LETHA and EARL FAHRENTHOLD I Morrison Lumber and Hardware "Everything for the home builder" FHA IMPROVEMENT LOANS 12732 Market Street GL 3-7041 Compliments of Sanitary Union Barber Shop Completely Air-Conditioned 1818 Clinton Drive D. D. Horton Compliments Serving Home Owned Estates of 0 . . Jeff Warnock Gulf Service 13101 North Shore Drive 1 PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE I J. B. WARNOCK GL 3-9428 O'SULLIVAN Dealer Houston 15, Texas HOWARD FUNERAL HOMES OR 2-9431 -------i--- 12401 MARKET STREET If you haven't subscribed, why wait? I Houston 15, Texas CALL The Galena Park Reporter 302 NORTH MAIN 1614 First Street OR 3-0894 Galena Pork, Texas "A NEWSPAPER-AND A FRIEND" I..-..... JACKET BGOSTERS . Sines Nursery and Azalea Gardens Greens Bayou Pharmacy CRexall Druggistj Corner Pharmacy CRexall Druggistj Southern States Lumber Braswell Service Station Carter's Cleaners Hunter Jewelry Holland Avenue Barber Shop Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Kahn and Family Van M. Taylor Bowles Jewelry R. S. "Bob" Love Humble Service Station Dacus Office Supply Carlton Hardware Store Bill Upchurch Shell Servic Acme Cleaners Compliments of a Friend Pasadena Hobby Shop Station 'J1m 7 ---' sATlsFAcTloN : , M' GUARANTEED JW 01' LODEN'S o 0 A ' G F W CK S Hardware and Appllances HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES General Hardware - Electrical Supplies 2010 Clinton Drive Galena, Park Radio ltfisservice OR 2-6602 OR 4-1601 Jacinto City Galena Park, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF .... ' I I L141 Swsgzfmgwyiwwimi Kftf M,-1f"' WCHdCII 0110111 f.,l,.k gif? gggmm w x H E K ' l..lL Galena Park, Texas I D JONES Radio and Appliances BAND SUPPLIES RADIO 8: TELEVISION I Sales 8z Service OR 4-1133 Galena Park ff A a M! k, ,EB 3599 Ufffwgffww WW 21' . 1 f:ly,,,, Q .MV Q ' I Nino' My S3233 3443 ' . .. f gfiiitilff X Q Q 1 A REE ' W . MW, ' ,., E53 ' T ' g ,E kk . '1.'iYf f 'f1i N 1 A Q ,,,.. N way t g 3' , .. . glgggg Q x am! 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Suggestions in the Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) collection:

Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 34

1957, pg 34

Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 84

1957, pg 84

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