Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX)

 - Class of 1945

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Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1945 volume:

.L 5'- 1 Xu f - . v, 41 H -?t .f, -C' ., 'ff .1.:. ..- 52301 e di 'B ' f -N 1-1 TZ.. 9 'F n 'kg ' fm Q RE 1'f"v. ' ,1 -1 X 'x x, I FUR, -Ffa' k,.,r ., X 'f 1 niu.,z, S?- uf, KJ' 1 E 'I 'J ,I if . 3 A 5,915 , dl' ' a 1 ' 4 J. .e rr I K., pg: Qi A an 'SE 2, ws ,. :Mi-' v 4, -wr' ,jx ,.. ' X X ' ' ' K if Q-'fa v . I., 1 K 1 ' 1 x '-P 1 I 1 ' , L , ,v .5 , x 1 , f 1, Niki? , 1 .J K V - F X I .Y' x . ,4 r , X 1 .- I 1 I I P 1 3 K , .4 I r I I 1 p f J s , . I .y ' ,I -u f I ' 1 1 ,Q V, , 4 ' ' , 1 -. 'x -- , . 1 N 1 4' x , A I ' 4 f -.,. x ' r I s '- 1 -1-. - 1 ' e r - N - .. H5 03' X ' K' If f 'i .u - r .in 'gg-' , 'x wi o x I v K 1 I 1 1 , A f: , Y I ,. ' ' ' , . E N v i 4 , , . f' " - -N A, .f. ' 3 - X, I A A ,Lf K , nr -5 ,vi . ja x 1 A , f. J, W X. .nf , -1 4 , .6 ' 1 I . V U 7' u x ' 5 w 4 , D' . I -r ,A I ' 1 1 ,A-J.vP'- ' ' .wl- -ap. 'v.f 1. J wwf , 5 L X o Hz .4 "'!: L5 ul ,wg 4 T n :W gg.. s I5 4 . n T. nfl' ri" fur, ., f ,,, . . .N ,. .. 'A Y ' I I . . ,4. M!.'..1 -xii.: -I . f ' X 6 ' X rf, ,fl ,s-v . 1. w '. , . , 1 Nz, , 4 Q 1 fe , - W. ,li , ji nl . ., XT.- - JNZNE T J ' I 'N' I ll L::l:H'!u.' II1 Qulli " F:-lllii-hi' :Huw--:-:gli -!!5s!1J:1!'uI .l:2:If:Hif5fi" f -.r5:f-:,:ge:,:! I -..:xS35:'f:f Sign' P i Z My ,ffiwwllln I, ' , X Wy ff , ff A f , QM I ' X12 Q 'l N W 5 M, JlvQ.xEdAY ,ruaflflll V, f ! X M y f. Wm. X K 'H-M23 'wx Q 1 I f f X ff! A W I Z7 0 ' 41 AE L L ' d ' T ig' iii??'fQi fax fi xxxwl WO P00 ' ' ra fog P07095 "7 J9C?E?'S" F L W0 FZZOW 0046 Of? Q0- W6 ULF SENIOR C1455 UHQ45 DEOICHVE THIS THE LEGEND OF OUR CLASS 41110 5641004 S0 THAT Y0uMf1Y4Nl GLANCE SEE ALL THE THrN5S wE'U6 LOUED HND LEM- BSQHVO. T0 V00 New AWQWLED GE WILL ULVPOLD IVELU HEl6HTS WILL BE ATTALNED, BUT LOVALTV To 6191 EN H161-I LULLL fiLl4JL7Y5 QE WE LEHIXE V00 N ALOT E 5 ULU F XPRESS P RP xx NN H 0 0 C OW PES Hwooesffw 0709!-if 51191541 ,O XX W M 'L Mxwxxxw P X x ff 4 - 'r We we 0 COR 5 HIV , 170 5 fkfkffx 4 'Y f -W?" f. xW VNV x Ewcllwsfx Ho P Wm x 6X6 36 W 0 f 3 X X, . ik J TO THE ANNUAL STAFF: Since the High School has not had an annual for the past two years the school boord and l are especially grateful to you and your sponsor, Mrs. W. A. Thomas, for your interest in this project and the work you have done in producing such an excel- lent annual. TO THE SENIORS: lt is my hope that in education so far you have acquired the attributes of faith, hope and charity. Foith in God and your fellowman, hope of a better world to follow and charity toward your neighbors. If you have acquired these virtues all other things will be added unto you. Sincerely, WALTON HINDS Superintendent of Schools , lar ,- I ' ""' As a former sponsor of The Jacket, I wish to congratulate the staff of the I945 publica- tion on this good piece of work. I am sure every high school student will treasure this record of school lite. TRUDY WEST A I I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the student body of Galena Park High School for their splendid attitude shown through this school year. I would also like to thank Mrs. Thomas, and the annual staff for their time given in making this annual a success. HAROLD DEMENT , I 'W' A I "'j'l"'L , . ,f rfkc-my f i 'f- i'...x--.h-,- adrift .L .1 . + , . . . , vi- Q, H -wg. si ,, , .,A., ,r E..,,.,, ,.., .feS2f2ife5s.i?f1iQiifS"i -'z : My-5 " MP, 5' . - 0 5 giwesfi , ' , V -- - ty f " 3 fl' st 3 - A f i Q: i V V ' in L.: Gia! We 1 'F "5 ,. L ' Magi vii:--fzifw' i t Q, '-mf: Ei' ' 151.5 - .5 -iw wggy-gl A A ' M b ' 'fi 's V rv- A- 7 'Ya sf' f 1-fi 'film f X' - '-"' ,. Hg- ,1:1355may-iif.1,w,f,.1i ' Y mf. ,Tic-'.,,m f .,,. fhisSizifQf5fQ,2s ,..,f Q p .rzf3s3,.g,ip'?'gg, . li vi fiwlfif 51:32-f' f1Eif, 'iz fi 1?1'1izz,-fi5sgZf?1 -. ,exif u- L , ' -wwf :L B f . ii f -,. "'v1.fL3 .v Miss Iris Howard Mr.. Harold Dement Miss Lilo T. Greene Mrs. C. R. Smiddy Miss Inez Goldfinch Mrs. D'Voe Shurley Miss Lois Honno Mr. M. Gogel Miss Vivian Agnew Mr. Rufus I. Bofy Miss Porrno Bohls Miss Frances Dovis I . Mr. Robert William Thompson Mrs. W. A. Thomas Mr. George D. Bunkley Mrs. Ruth Morton Mrs. Ruby Lee Becker Miss Trudy West Mr. A. O. Goldfinch Miss Myrtis E. Price Mr. J. H. Taylor Miss Ola Mae Weed Mr. Robert V. Leach Miss Eloise Agnew Ti-IE JACKET STAFF BETTY CLIFFORD ,.........,.......... Editor-in-Chief GAIL FARMER ...., .... S napshot Editor JEAN MOORE ..,. ..,. B usiness Manager BILL BURGESS ..... ..... L ayout Artist PATSY JOHNSON ....... .... S ports Editor BILLY FRANK PYBURN. .. ,..r...,,. Art Editor ROBERT WHITNEY ...,r, .... A ssistant Art Editor VERNA MILLER ,.,............... Advertising Manager The Editor wishes to take this opportunity to thank the Staff, the Faculty, and our Sponsor, Mrs. Helen Thomas, and the whole student body for their fine cooperation which has made the I9-45 Jacket possible. IIC I I 'T' K 6, : N My XL ' y ,7 - I, I K I K S . MIS gg g I 'IX f f I ,A ' s Xx 'XI X .- IIS 21 2 1 I If IIS 'WAS -f wwf W I ,I I I I' I e If - R , X fx Y III X7 i ,qv ' -. . , . I President HAROLD HENSON m,.'x3-- '7 K .1 7"f59?1""! rf- , 4 .I . Vice-President Secretory-Treasurer BETTY JEAN MOORE BETTY CLIFFORD Senior Class Officers 4 - 4 'E' , A W I . ,h 1 A I4 . , 1 'kv x T A - ,A p E525 N- ' . ' -M -Jvnw ,'jUVffHT . Iignfxui. h-un C .Q .LRE - wi. f' ALI 4,1 Um. 1-, ., .3 iv' X- ' l MARGARET LOU BURKE A sunny disposition and a charming smile- To know such a 'girl is well worth while. Office Practice. ROSCOE ROBINSON Roscoe is the boy you see wandering around through the halls with the nice red hair. RUBY LORETTA LEMON Volleyb H. E. Cl lt's nice to be natural When you're naturally nice. qu, Boseboii, Boskefboll, copmsn 1945, ab. T. R. ABBOTT So very loyal and so true A very good friend-1-that's you., Football , 7 L rm, L rw. -.mio .lr I Jlilll i- .:.','I.l A-Ljpvg "-sf " in -i n .I , ,-, 1-' 11- -1'-H' f -ww'-wtiw 'ffl' J, :nw , 1. fi W if MARY LOUISE STOUT A maid with sweet thoughts in her mind, A friendship well worth while you'll find. Basketball. CHARLES ROBERT ETHR I DGE ln his life he'll find a way To do things right as he does today. Football two years, Basketball, Track, Senior Class Favorite, One Act Play, Senior Play. BILLIE JO WOMACK Quiet, soft-spoken, and kind, A sweeter girl is hard to find. Usher Senior Play. L. B. SANDERS No hurry, no worry . . Just life as it comes. Band. . 1 .l, i. -I-nm ' ,. ll. , ' , ' I x . .4 .' O lf ' l"', rf., 1' "f, 'f . .W Q-'fb - Hrs- VA'- 1.-..n. -t7fwl.I..?..fF '-v.ln.1 -1... 7f,'-lifilfffuils-1 :TMI ,Q -Lp, -vcr.,--. ,- ,.-an f ,- qw- A-. . gf n un yi- 1 -P' 'l ii- ll -f fi , , 1 . tvwp, .Y - ,.- -yr L A, . 5.x A A .V ORVILLE. A. ARMSTRONG A fellow who is never sad-. All in all he's a likeable lad. Q I Football, Basketball, Track, Senior Play. A HELEN ELLOYD CLOUSE ' With cheery word and winsome smile She's a girl of pep, and a friend worthwhile. Office Practice two years, Baseball two years, Volley- ball. KENNETH WAYNE YANOEY If great world problems for us he does not soon unravel, At least around the world from land to land he'll travel. One Act Play, Junior Stunt Night, Football, Track, Assistant Manager Basketball Team I944-45. Senior Play. CAROL JULENE' HENRY She takes life calmly day by day, She has the most enchanting way. Usher Senior Play, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, . One-Act Play. ' ' ' . V ' . I , i - , i . r 1 i .V f i l i . r ' 4 -l- .1 "' - 4 ' Y - 1 s.'v.i1 ql.,f".,'v A514 , , -' . 'TEN'-V"4!' . in f-.f,-'ax3?1'P.n ft '14 ",-A W qi-Q". Q f 'fl -'fl 3" ':f'5-lfy ff- 21"-:J 'ig'-'.-51 .Ti:Se2'll'M-s1,is'1 'stJs- .f.'.i5I. A-lv AIl:fM"-mb.'3-M. -'.. :Mimi ,.1,s.a'i. .1iM'7f... 'fum' -'1l'ul'i.J7'-WL .. 4lh.-- 4 JERRY ELOISE MURPHY Beneath such laughing, sparkling eyes I'm sure there much mischief lies One Act Play, Junior Stunt Night, Cheer Leader i944 Senior Play. WILLIAM' L. BURGESS, JR. To be doing good is man's most glorious deed. Band two years, i945 Jacket Staff ALLINE ACKER Full of sweet indifference With much individuality. AVA MAE ANDERSON Not too serious, not too gay A sweet girl in every way. Office Practice, Junior Assembly Program Usher I944 Commencement. HOLLIS ALVIN THRASH Quiet and self composed What he thinks, no one knows. Football two years, Band, Track, Co-Captain I944 Football Team. WANDA LEE HUFFMAN Sunshine reflects in her smile, Sweet and gentle all the while. Office Practice two years. 1 ROBERT H. DUNN, JR.' I He's learned to fly above the local field For Uncle Sam his airplane's best he'll yield. Footba I l . DOROTHY EVELYN PARKER Not that l love study less, But that l love fun more.i x 'Y l ,KW ,t .1 . u. HAROLD HENRY HENSON Happy go lucky, from care l am tree- There's nothing yet that worries me. Senior Class President, Manager of i944 Football Team. BETTY RUTH CLIFFORD Here is a girl that possesses great skill, She's very sweet, and sustains good will. Freshmen Social Chairman, Secretary Sophomore Class, Secretary H. E. Club, President Junior Class, Junior Class Favorite, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, two years. Dramatic Club, Secretary Senior Class, Edi- tor l945 Jacket, One Act Plays, Office Practice, Senior Play. BILLY FRANK PYBURN He said not to mention art in his story, But we'll always say, "There's his path to glory." ' Jacket Staff I9-42, Band four years, Art Editor of l945 Jacket. GENOVIA GAlL FARMER Sociable and sweet, gay-hearted all the time Should she become a designer, to great heights she will climb. Senior Play, One Act Play, Photograph Editor l945 Jacket, Sophomore Vice-President, Basketball, Volley- ball,VBaseball, H. E. Club, Dramatic Club. , . i i -, , ,I . ' ' '.I,f', 0, ing, fuk. i ' -Kilt la:v.14,,':wf.. ,. CLAUDE ALFRED REYNOLDS Pleasant and happy, tall and nice, One you'll think of more than twice. Track, Football, One-Act Play. BE'l'l'Y JEAN MOORE Betty Jean doesn't seem to have a defect, Possessing both beauty and intellect- Vice-President Junior Class, Dramatics Club, Band, Assistant Director Junior Play, Vice-President Senior Class, Senior Class Favorite, Business Manager 1945 Jacket, Senior Play. HENRY ROBERT LANIER ' , Laugh and the world laughs with you Cry and you cry alone. Football, four years, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Tennis. I MARY MODENE PARISHER Always the same in sunshine and rain. Volleyball, Basketball, Usher Senior Play. ROBERT EARL WHITNEY Nothing good is difficult to you. Jacket Staff. PATRICIA JOHNSON She pleases when distant But is charming when near. One-Act Play, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Sports Editor of i945 Jacket. E JOHN WILLIAM SHOENFARBER Whether in work or play His aim is really to live each day. Band two years. I EUGENIA WEISINGER Herein are personality and sense combined. A better friend in work or play you'll seldom find. One-Act Play, Junior Stunt Night, Basketball, Prompter Senior Play. VELMA SANDERS "What should one do but be merry?" Volleyball, Basketball, Oftice Practice. ' RUDOLPH CARTMELL To hurry or to worry is hardly in his line. Football. DORIS MARIE TYNES Never lacking on cheer Happy all the year. Office Practice. X CORA MAE ROSSER Her good spirits bubble upward with astonish- ing persistence, We think that this will help her combat future sales resistance. 1' T' "Eff-' ARCHER MOORE GUERRANT , He seems to find his greatest joy In being.just an average boy. Football four years, Voted Best All-Round player on i944 Football Team. LOIS ALLINE BRINKLEY With her quick wit and winsome smile, Her charming personality is in style. Office Practice, Library. JOHNNIE JERRY ZIOBER ' Gloom leaves when Johnnie arrives, Nothing unpleasant survives. Football, Basketball, Track, One-Act Play, Senior Play. EDITH ELEANOR WELFL A sweet girl but lots of fun, You'lI always find her work is done. Volleyball, Basketball. 0 11 uk INA JOYCE SINGLETON Simplicity, sweetness, stillness-she. Band, Choral Club. VERNA JEAN MILLER Don't be serious! Let's be gay! Let's think only of today. Senior Play, Advertising Manager Jacket Staff, Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Junior Play, Office Practice, Glee Club. Swag S56 We President HAROLD COCH RAN Vice-President Vice-President iNavyi GLENN ST. CLAIR ALTON NEWMAN . Social Chairman. P I ' Secretary-Ireasurer MARY JANE SCARBORO JIMMIE EARL BRENT FRANCES JO DEMENT ALTON NEWMAN JEAN MCMAHAN ANN GUY LETTIE PEARL HANSON IVAN WHITE WANDA COVAN MAZINE CURTIS BILLIE JEAN MCGALIN MELVEDA ROBERTSON LAVON CARSON BILLY GOLDEN PEGGY HALLEY CHARLES GIBBONS BETTIE BORCHARDT BILLIE FOUST PATRICIA BARD EFFIE JEWEL WOOD DORIS FLEMING T. J. HARRISON JUANITA BROWN RAY CRENSHAW An., .M ,.,W . , 1 W J If S Y :J g 553 J naw? Af I 6235? X 6 xv' RUBY JONES LAMOYN W. COAN MAMIE RUTH HARRIST HASKELL NEAL WOODALL BELVA JEAN JESS ROY WARD BILLIE JO HOWARD J. B. GLAZE BLANCHE Lou FRIDAY DONALD MEQUINN BETTY Lou ADAMS JAMES SPENCER Hon INEZ LACKEY GLYNN ST. CLAIR LAURA ILA MAUPIN DORIS MARIE CASEY BERNELL COLLIER DOROTHY NICHOLAS CHARLOTTE HUTTON MARIE RITA WELFL JONEL ROGERS MYRTLE CHAPMAN RUTH HARBAUGH CLAIRE PACE HAROLD COCHRAN MAE BAXTER DONALD SMITH JOHNNIE V. STARK MONA RAE TRAVIS FERRELL SHIRLEY HUTTON FORDIE MILLS JOHN COTHARN IMOGENE GOSS CLAUDELL COOK MAMIE LEE ABBOTT MINNIE BETH BRUNSON H. C. RICHMOND OUIDA FAYE PARRISH ELTON MOORE MELVIN MADDRY In EDGAR IRWIN CHAPPELL 4.1 " ' , - 4 .. W ,f, I - ' ' ' - f - ,, , . U . -'I A . . ., . Qbflfp, 4"-. .- ,V -vu 5 - Y., V, VI. ..L'iK',.!..' I -..I. -...-. .. .-I+ f. r. .Andi 1 r. " ' I1-mi' '.", A'vix-LPI.,',Li"IlII,i7mfi J Secreto ry-Treasurer President IRMA ADCOCK JIMMIE CROSSLEY Vice-President VERNON vom BIEBERSTEIN SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS , W xg, Rags af: mmf. 3 wrt BETTY JO GOURLEY EVELYN CURRY CHARLES RAY HARRISON BARBETTA PEARCE RADENE JOHNSON LUICE POWELL BETTY LOU ADAMS DOYLE TYNES KEITH BAUMAN SHARON DUNN RAYELLEN STACY WAYNE NORRIS BOBBY FLOYD STANLEY JANE MCFARLAND OPAL JOHNSON JACK CARRINGTON JOYCE DUTTON DORIS COOPER ALBERTA FAYE BALDRIDGE RI-IEA SHOFNER ANN OPENSHAW MARY DEATON JAMES LONGUET ODELL WALLACE VICTOR ANDERS GERALDEAN SYKES WANDA BROWER BILLY HILT MAY DELL HYDE LA VERNE WELCH OWEN FREE JUNE BROOME EDWON LUNSFORD JOHN MCMERROUGH MAXINE BOWEN DAN TUCKER MARTHA ETHRIDGE WILLIAM BUSKER DARDENELLA BELANGE TALMADGE ADAMS MARY RAECHEL HODGE BILLY GENE RENFRO LOUISE ALLEN BARBARA JEANE WHITE JANE ENDERLY GILBERT MCCORD DOROTHY LUSK JESSE STATHAM ,pw I - i, ,- W I mfxf 1' - z: V "',,,' L1, WV ,-L:f":5X,I, , - I .,,. , . , L gg! WI' ,,,,j,,,. gtk Lk V Q 'ff A . KL. Y! I ,L I' , I L .W X 5' Q ' 7 1 R f jftwn x xx , A ' Y I I L , ' I I I L 'F-?1 Q, ,I I L I in , s. W ,V 1 I I 5. IQ Qui" I E' , A f 'f e f I f 'f 3 A Q 2 tt: 7: keg ' It 5- V VV 'R - 1 - I I 2 . , . , I 1. 'M I xkx 1 A A -M? E A - I I I 4' -fav . f 2V', A fi + -"" 'V J I in S ' ' A A AV I qu I 7 A: in QL ,, , , ,,,. ,L,. h F XX 5- ff- , I 'r I I f'J'E " I R I A d iv ' I Lm ' I. Ig . i' 3 A XM Ig gig I 'YV L I E Q ' "'sv:I?'iQ1'f,g? I 1 I - I ' el' sl I .pg IILL I L5 I EL , I I - V I I ,ll I I W K E., E, 1, i . ,E V - I1 I ' I I ' V R ',,:: A .,,, G Stk, V . V r' .. ,V Q 1 K I IRII L I . - I I I I IRIL I R A Q- RE, Q- I iv I I A A , -' A -- , 'A M 'E .fu ,. . , M I L, . xv! ay 'AQ , V ' w, A R L ,I 'Ld if I I J A, K . ' Ir'-ml, , YL , sg K" if fig? L, ' V ' l V W , I V A I ,:.' 'Q I E If 'mh. f . Q? V' I 7 9 ' I I '-A. :-. . , IA I I I CLAY LUSK MINNIE BELL ROSSER THOMAS WAGGONER ANNE SMITH NELDA CANTEY IRENE CARLEY BOBBIE LLOYD HOWARD HUFFMAN CHARLES HILL PEGGY MCDANIELS DOROTHY MCWHARTER BILLY MORELOCK LOIS BRIMER MELVIN UNTERKIRCHER HANEY WOMACK DOROTHY WYLIE LOUISE GOOD TRUMAN SMITH MONA LEE WALDE VIRGINIA CHAMPION NELL ROSE BUNKLEY JENNIE LAUREN GRAFF JIMMIE CROSSLEY BETTY HARRIS CHRISTINE BROOME FERN COOPER DOROTHY BYNUM WANDA FACUNDUS LOIS PHILPOT BETTY BOUSE LOUISE WOODY IRMA ADCOCK MELVIN EMMONS ALLYNE BENSON WALTER BAILESS BOBBIE KELTON BARBARA ANN BUTLER JEAN BEELER TOMMY TADLOCK MILDRED PRUETT ALINE OLIVER MARY FRANCES PAYNE WANDA BROWER LEON 'MILLER CHARLES MCDANIELS HARRY JACOBSON RODGER BURKE DELITHA LOU ACKER f It it Sr J ,RR I f X I 5 jk if I 'H 12 A , gg . -I 'E ' A if I! 5 A VA gt nf ,iki ' , , 5 vkyk K l' is Q I - Vi V C w ' if A5 " ' If A R' I I ' I - T affy ff? , ,, gng A N , J , x K, A X .. I Gr E gg, X I 5 JY EEAJ ,Q T 5 g h 5 , 9 , h z VV ii QM ,E M ::? -QAQ Y' :E 5 "J' , V: ,- 5 I. I '1" A L A ' A - , NI! ,. Nfl 4 ,I f-EI R A vm W x, ri 6 V vit V . V 1 in 51 ',. 5 " I ' h, X A tw 'Y A I I A 7' A , V,Q, V N ,, E W u r.: It ii L EW I :Ig A I ' 1 ' , I IE Xi If? . ,V A! I fr krk itz S i y i. fp.. , K wr , , IJ A ' . Q I Z zA I Ry- I VERNON VON BIEBERSTEIN ROBERT PETERSON CHARLENE PARISHER LEWIS HILTON ELNA CAMPBELL LORAINE DYER KENNETH KNIGHT SAM BROOKS LUCILLE GREER AZELEE NORRIS J. L. CRAWFORD FREIDA HAILE GEORGE EDGAR HOWELL HUBERT EKSTRUM ADA MAE BLANTON HAROLD HILTON ANN MORRISON JOHN L. EVERETT WALTER BAILESS BILLIE BETH TINKLE BILLIE RAY DOWNEY MARIE CURRIE JACK NELSON DOROTHY MORROW ELWANDA STOKER H. C. RICHMOND LOUISE ALLEN JOY ADDINGTON ELDRIDGE CLEGG MARILYN MOORE LOUISE COSTNER FRANCES HARBOUGH PAUL GRAY CHARLES SHAFER LEATRICE THOMPSON SIDNEY MCSWEENEY CHARLES PATE LEE RUSSELL JOYACE MCFADDEN RONALD RAYLOR MARIE FURBYNER YVONNE PATTILLO BOB WARREN GLORIA OLIVER DELORES THOMPSON FRANCES WAGSTAFF MARY FRANCES FERRELL LORRAIN DYER 0 President Vice-President BOB MCLEMORE KENNETH MOORE Secretary Treasurer NORMA JEAN ROGERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DON WHITNEY BETTY MARTIN DAVID NEWMAN MYRA JOYCE FERRELL JAMES EVERETT BATTLES GERALDINE RUTHERFORD I I A I I A I y I I I WILLIE MAE LACKEY ,, I .I 1 If I I 1 EI - 1 IIQII V CLINTON HENLEY I. 2 Ig, ' IgE P-I A QQ KATHLEEN NEELEY I I I III I I f ANDREW CROMEANS I I ,I I A 'IIII4 Q MARGARET WREN J' mx-4 I I A I FORREST HALEY II Ia R, I A-.L Iv... I . I I .. I .,,.., ., I I ' I I " JOE CLIFF BELL EI A ,, A LI f ROBBIE EDWARDS 3, I In-.I I' WA' 9 " BERT GRAY I A f I I IX II YYONNE CARSON I E33 I f K I .I I A A 'IQ RUSSELL BOLJCHILLAN I-I II I 4 V,V, I JANELL JONES A I I I I I II II I I BONNIE LOUISE WARDLOW ,I F- A sa I I I ,I LAvERNE PETERS '5 I II " . 'I Q' I' VIRGINIA WELCH A A II I I is I I LAWERENCE WEATHERS I I I I I - 3g BILLY CLEGG If N II' XI X NORMA JO DOWNEY II, ..... Q I I1 f' I I Ig I I I II Q II A ' IEIRIII I I GEORGE WATSON . 5- I QI. I g M I I II, HAZEL WILLIAMS Riff ' I I I I ALVIN FRANK ZIOBER II ' I IRI I PATRICIA HARRIS I I I IIII I I A I DORIS KEPPLE A If DT- If A I A GENE ADDINGTON I I MARY L. ROBEI ,II I ' ' I ' 4 I 1 II I I - I I II ' DORIS KIPPLE ,LI IIII In ,I ,E II Wu I I LESTER STEWART 51 II A I ' I ' ff? , 1 GLORIA ANN WHITE N I V ' I, V S, II I I IIIEI BILLY HAUCK I 1 'IIIII if I I II . I I I .II-I I YVONNE IVY - Ie: ,I , I 'I I I1 J' I III I4 I I, I I I - fu If 5 J DORIS TURNIPSEED RUBY BUCKLEY I BETTY MOORE A I I MARJORIE CHANCELLOR I I5 RE 1 1 6 WI, S If up-I I zOLA MOODY CHARLENE REID I DOROTHY JEAN EVERTON CHARLENE PARISHER I WILLA BETH HESTER I JESSIE FAE VANDERBURG I j I' JOHNNIE SMITH ' , II' HAZEL WILLIAMS QI I H DONNA DORIS MCBRIDE " .Q I I . II-II , I J E HAROLD WHITE INEZ KELLY NORMA JEAN ROGERS JENELL WILLARD BOB I-IAAK BETTY JOYCE ALLEN I-If ' I I - III 515 Iiffgy ' I ,II I I JE II 'g 5595, I ' BILL ROBERTSON PEGGY MCNEVIN MARY EMILY GRAHAM ' CURTIS KNIGHT EVOYNE STOVALL KENNETH MOORE , c:l.oYs HUMPHRIES EUGENE GIBBS TOMM I E CANTEY JOHN CA WTHORN DOROTHY SCARBOROUGH MEDA RAY CRAIG EARL MIDKIFF MARIE DYER RUSSELL FRIDAY BILLY JOHNSON JACKIE WALTHALL FRED SMITH DORIS CONNOR JOE BELL MARGARE BRANNON MILLS T KEMP CHARLES SHUTTLESWORTH JOYCE SIMPSON GEORGE HARRISON MYRTLE BLAS HENRYETTA COCHEU INGAME BROOKS HALEY DAVID JOHNSON NELLE PH ILPOT WAN FRANK BOX DA RAMSEY MARVIN MORRIS BERNICE BANKS ' JERRY MCCORD FRANCES BUNDY WILLIAM BOOTS PEGGY LOCKL ELIZABETH MCANNALY IN LEE GRIFFITH ANN JACK NED DAY IVY EARL SMITH MARY LOU VELSELKA BOB MCLEMORE JUANITA LOUI HELEN LANING HAROLD LIVINGST MAUPIN E BRIGGS BILLIE RUTH KEMP ON DIANE BROWER PAUL ZO RN J ERRY SMIDDY. BILL WARD 5 I g.uI - ' I "J MARY LOUISE NORRIS IRIS JOE DODSON GRACE DOLAN A ANN OPENSHAW JOHN CAWTHORN MAE BELLE WOOD KENNETH HUBERT JOYCE BOLES CORTEZ TURNER MCKENLEY HARDING ' ERNEST DARE BILLY PAT JOHNSON WAYNE HYDE ROBERT LAMBERT JOE ALTON NICKELL MARY RUCKER KELLY EVERETT GLORIA TALLY JOCELYN DIETERT H533 I T7 'Sew 7- Sli, -ii, 1 4 I -' RAYMOND RICHMAND I I II' AAL MARY JO JACKSON OREL SPEED JENELL JONES ROGER THOMPSON MARIAN JEAN MORRIS JACK NED DAY CHARLOTTE AVERY LARVE MATHEWS CALVIN SHARP ROBERTA TREAT ROBERT JONES WALTER KASAVAGE JESS ANDREW PORTER J. L. SWEARINGER GERALD CARTMELL EDNA JEAN REDD JESSIE MURDOCK VERNICE PRUITT ALFRED SCHAMBRON MARY LOUISE COOK . I . ,- ,, ,f H.-I. I r 1 'E ' ' -' 1, 253 K- 1, 5 N P I I I 1 wK f II55 ,5:,,fEg: K gg, II If Lg 1 Q' in I, r X 'f . II ,g 5? Q -I i ff:-P ,I ,, RAYMOND HUDSON S153 PHILLIP WELLS WALLIS SMITH MARY BELLE SMITH DONALD SIBEL DEROUEN SHANK WILMA BOOTS EUGENE HAMBRICK JESSIE VANDERBURG DERRELL WOODY PATSY ROBERTS RICHARD WENDEBURG I O . , , v aw Samoa CLASS PAVO RUE S CHARLES ETHRIDGE BETTY JEAN MOG ' ,.A . V"'f ' y , J UNIOR CLAS S FAVORITES , GLYNN ST. CLAIR PEGGY HALLEY I , ,1'X, if . ix 1 uf, ,A , ,. ,, :Nfl '-.1 N' 1 ,-SV V1 PX?-fi-SIAM 'vwir-.uni-' 5 OPHQMORE CL A35 FAVO R W E 5 BARBETTA PEARCE MELVIN EMMONS 4 ' " . 1 FRESHWXN CLASS FAVORXTES E DORIS KIPPLE BILL ROBERTSON 1 , 1 ' x 1 1 K T if ' A,,? QQ f gk! K JUNIOR H1QH MR. J. H. TAYLOR 8-B MRS. W. A. THOMAS 8-A ' Q . A , Q f K v W vs I ' X , L L , 3 M T3 A A . V it . . MRS. C. R, SMIDDY 8-D 9,2 . MRS. W. F. BECKER 8-C 4 MRS. B. M. TGLSON 8-E MR. M. GOGEL 7-B MRS. D. C. LAUDERDALE 7-A MISS MERTICE PRICE 7-C MRS. RUTH MORTON 7-E 1 ,,,,M,M,, vi K S , , wk M,,,...a..u---" --V... , ,M . ,W ,W ., x .M -W -f--f3,,.,, . ff-W ,Q . MISS OLA MAE WEED 7-D ,A Wk, MWA MRS. H. A. SNEED 7-F hr-v1 JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES 7-A JOHNNIE BETH DAVIS WARREN ROSMOND 7-B JO DEAN ANDERSON DELANE COSSELL 7-C TED STRICKLAND PATSY JANE TAULBER 7-D THURMAN SMITH BETTY RUTH DRIGGARS 7-E MARJORIE TUBBS DON LLOYD 7-F NATHALI E RICHARDS 8-A MARY ALICE CRAWFORD DONALD CARPENTER 8-B IVA JEAN SANDERSON CHARLES CLARK 8-C RUTH MCSWEENY EARL SMITH 8-D BETTY JO WRIGHT WALTER COX COMMERCIAL LIBRARY HOMEMAKING SCIENCE ,4 1 151 'ET 1,553 S' 'T ,if an -w M ,. . Q K' -H-Q : . A f. Q ,A ,Q 1 ff 3 s 'JE 'il vi 3 F an fAiE5i?3 fgagff 5 3 sg ye iii S 'U In .--.Q-7' i1..,?f'Ii Eg ww 'S ,, Wx 53 Y Q' M Mwvk 3 3 w ' ' w 3 Q.A. Q T1 Q " k f-fl , ,.. E emi . I- fr JL Q4 2. ins 7 C' , M - -f L W f' vw Z figmyffv , ag ,, R., -V 5 3 f R THE GALENA PARK ENTERTAINERS ORCHESTRA The orchestra is made up of students from Galena Park High School. It has toured, with other entertainers from Houston, to 41 camps, hospitals and clubs, since their organization three years ago. ' Organized by and under the direction of R. V. Leach, school band director, each member of the group has received a national citation from the Music War Council of America at Chicago. GALENA PARK HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB DIRECTED BY R. v. LEACH N- 1 CAFETERIA K. R. MORGAN School Engineer sr ifs -X Rx Y Ks 4 ,f my ,Qi ' ' "x" 5 ' sql ...Q C--7 Sv 2 7 Z W x 1 w , QNX if X X J? NSS? xy Q First Row: Left to Right: Charles Ray Harrison, Dan Tucker, Charles Ethridge, Archie Guerrant, Odell Wallace, Eldridge Clegg Second Row: Glynn St. Clair, Harold H. Henson, Eugene Hambrick, Russel Friday, Kenneth Yancey, Johnny Ziober, Robert Peter- son, Jack Carrington, Alvin Thrash Third Rowi Derrel Woody, Philip Wells, Melvin Emmons, Orville Arm- strong, Robert Lambert, Billy Clegg, James Longuet, Vernon von Bieberstein Fourth Row: Alton Newman, Billy Golden, Kenneth Knight, Cortez Turner, Donald Whitney, Bobby Floyd Stanly, Donald Sivil, McKinley, Walter Bailess, J. L. Crawford, Bill Robinson, Gene Bloomfield, Harry Jacobson. nest Q A .Y 111, M V A JU N IOR FOOTBALL First Row: Left to Right: Aaron Domingue, Charles Hill, James Hickey, Derwin Shank, Bill Robinson, Kenneth Moore, Don- ald Carpenter, James Nelson, Walter Bailess Second Row: David Nelms, Derrel Woody, Doyle Fines, James Lon- guet, McKinley Harding, Thomas Dunn, Donald Sivil Third Row: Tommy Tadlock, Billy Ed Powel, Harlin Baldridge, Pete Wallace, Wendle Ward, Curtis Knight, Billy Wayne Harvard, Paul Zorn. Xf1m,,,s N " 'sg CHARLES ETHRIDGE ELDRIDGE CLEGG CHARLES RAY HARRISON ODELL WALLACE DAN TUCKER F' 1 'HX' - ,. 5 , 53 ,'Tf52'? f?f""V 1' ' v ff 2. 3 Vi -211' L ' fr f . 1 w A Q ,f .QL E ARCHER GUERRANT BOBBY LAN IER SUMNER BOYD ROBERT PETERSON ALTON NEWMAN 1 . N I -Y' ,ig , ,ii 'Q gr if Ji ! 3-ww GLYNN ST. CLAIR ALVIN THRASH CO-CAPTAINS These two boys, serving together as co-captoins, led the stinging "Jackets" into bottle during the 1944-45 football season. V N BASKETBALL First Row: Left to Right: Odell Wallace, Glynn St. Clair, Jack Carring- ton, Charles Ray Harrison, Dan Tucker. Second Row: Orville Armstrong, Charles Ethridge, Johnnie Ziober, Melvin Emmons Third Row: Ernest Dare, Kenneth Knight, McKinley Harding, Billy Brashear. INTRAMURAL WINNERS Coach: Miss Price Blanche Friday Melveda Robinson Berneil Collier Ruth Harrist Mazine Curtis Geraldine Stringer Dorris Hightower Wanda Covan 'A' STRING First Row: Lorraine Dyer, Allyne Benson, Maydell Hyde, Dor- ras Hightower Second Row: Blanche Friday, Wanda Cavan, Mazine Curtis Third Row: Francis Jo Dement, Nel-I Rose Bunkley, Peggy Haley, Louise Woody, Louise Goad Coach, Miss Price 'B' STRING First Row: Rhea Shatner, Bernice Banks, Vernice Pruitt, Mar- tha Ethridge, Geraldine Stringer Second Row: Azilee Norris, Jane Enderli, Maymie Lee Ab- bott, Ba rbetta Pea rce Third Row: Lois Philpot, Mildred Pruitt, Mary Francis Payne Dorothy Bynum Coach, Miss Price N G47 f NELL ROSE BUNKLEY JAY CORBIN JERRY MURPHY RUBY JEAN BOONE These girls served as this year's yell leaders, chosen by the student body they served as our chief whoop-em-uppers l f , ., mv-.f 2,555 I ' 1-fi z I: .five 11 ig,:12s'm2- 'iw A 1 ggi? A K 1 mgiifgw, - M1 5 fag., ml K Q, fm 13" 'Tw if f 4 'S 8 -5 fi? Zi , Q ,,LL H 122 . f - 113- .fr if f .W ., , W4 .. A. fm ww v - - -a':1:1:2..: .-: H 1,5 xp. " ' . f? 5 , Be Bash xii fu! W 45 Senior Pla '-1 f,'44a3i1'M1f ,gg 4 M-ff ,gf - A 54,7 V' 14-:l fwga f -g leam .. Q' '..M , QW' 1- .., gm, f- , H - 1 K ' '-' W x I 'xx 'XX H. .1 R , L ' .,,... G' vi '-4 fi, W VV ,i ' , , V 1 5,-W if ,. IBM ., ' , Ll : fffgiet es1g3,ag6 7- 2 '-' .ig f s K ,- I: .,K,. A L. 1, 3, ,Q , ,ff ,q A 3 7, 'I h' vf ,' X' " ' , ' ,I . ' ',,, 3' . . f ' 'gbgks , ,V - 01: .ga n Q 2 fn AA, ,1-JEQQ5 L 'lays i" K 4.9, K ' ' , .L ,ii f Q f 10 A Q Q C5 my is Ba H BuTq6SS 2' B'Il a'n V w JA-rr max Ph N1 4. Bebbw Lawler 5. Coach Dememf lv JEBTI, Mooie '1."l.a Cli4lfoYdu 2. Peqqq Halleq GI. NeN Rose BuTLKlev.i 10. La moan Coen 11. Gam fGenovia3Favmer 111. CQYJVBS Turner I3 Rawxmowwcl RBQBMWOMCQ H+. Glux1mS+.CKaiv and 5i5+eT VS- Us Girls F5 ,Q W 'RI' F4 1 1' U., - ea, ,Iwi an X , I- N-ewj W' ,351 Mm W 5 QWLQ 2 in X117 ov f f3 m5 V? Ex X jx! an ! QQ JL gg ,, 'hits U . t k - L 'M' ' . A - 2 .Two ofa Kimlg D..Om- oomkph clalg 5.DeaY olcl H.S.5 I. Jack, is Coach's c1rin clazzhncl 11ou? 5. Millie, how abc-if a smile? 6. Umfvxl Nice! "L Thai woman! Q.S+ouf- he av1'eJ me'rL.Cl. How Sweef! IO.Hf1'CYnoon Siesfil. l.Coagh',s fea Parlor. l1.SuQeaJeY Cliff. l3.0wr hero! Uhaf a man! lLl.Crusoe'S clirls- Mondaw and 'llesda S.Gruesome fwogome. lb. Do1f+'f'ChCE me. in. Eiga sth.. 'C is . K g . 1 74942171 wi .v "'2 Si is -f TH 5 f .5 flqow Cloyoll .SIDQH a. 10117 low wlliilfe.-F -2.Ld?'14"n M'fW"'H'1 and Turner- of HHS- -3. Ulu-:lk ul: have so in'len-eslingif, S4 fsinrvci Lack, . BoLLy WIN!! 'A S MIK. 5.T1at IMSCTCMHCS Our' Pr, our ,MGH 'POOTLI ifsnff ,pvc 7"FNCI? ffl- Dukta YYKiT+ur-Q ll. 6511 WIP!-I Own gdllkl 13- R0 IPSS-W' EV27. W- R914 l5'- RCHCAlk'0lP CX-,L,e.K'e'i2 16- owes "'A0A!4-'11-72""71'N -Elec! mfs. IZ Gme hi'Hrer - "'- f9- OH, ha Cldhl. N .. 5- W AV H :I I ff jx! AQ. I ' 1 M. if J 4: ' 5 ., QE W Q, Y xxx W X an- m f. T 3 ss' ' 1 Y V iw X L ':, x ' p Ar . :,,' .x,,:,,, , . 5' ., k1" ff' A I I K V hz: A . Am. - - 5 222' m7, 1L1 ? 5 2 f ' f- m J , I f x X r V ' 2 X 36 I' Q. ,S A f- 4.4 at .W ,. .X :gf E g' J g,- . W V I L' i P: t- 3- z Wy .BA ' ,."- 'A",f" , A Af" Q ,Aff K 2 .1 I ':.A, E .. A L 1' Q " V L in 2 '4 U ' L L. 0 ..I' Wm sf. Le Ml 'gigs , xxx 'E K. , ,3fL:Qii5if':.f KC. , , aw M 1 - 2' Wm ww-WW x 5 15952 "Vw ' '-mgikfi ' 1 fs-' xv 4' 5, W xwvw X -:,, ,,: L . ' 5 iq . vi' Ni, gf. J .J-V f L if X ryiw W ' vi.. 54+ H5 We t i, K ff- M 'MY' 1+ K ,G M, .L ii 1 V FW" if 'gff an iJof'm Carrol T.ho'mP50n-All R-mem-ic an HSO, 1 Throuqlv .ihese Por-'ld'-9' --. 3. Dr. Hinds and fqmihl. 4. Bill CB:-inf' Cm Back Maven Buvciess. 5Glamor olnvl- Uhr Mme 515116. 6.Ju5',' Pals. 7.HowarJfSwe3ferc1irUHuffmav1. l.Om- fade is in s.1our hands. Ol. BEt+hinc1 beauh1.IQL'd-ll Gocleq Il.John Robe?-'ll Tgullor-fu'5'u1'2 hear-I -H-lv-ob, l.Gem- ie For 'm---- I5. Thret'S a crowd H. R ver swee . C1 9 "1 Smale MT. 'ik :QQ 'Oh Them again 2 Pl'0ss3S50V Leach 3. Pr-of-fessor ?'I. "Su7' Angra Sumner Bo? 6. Miss Heber-'f' Z 'Hui' dazzding smlli H Jeri f 8. our yuess 7- Blonde bomb SLell,D0roH1 Beaver. . Mar Leacfw , pl-offes-for, 'ia-. ll. The girls rnusf be silk..- Pnncfzx. I1 Our Clam? 53. Vfc'ior,T'dviS, HC? us Ili fluffy' our Afne Genovia 14biqa2f IL Our Gpach. IZ Mr .,Begker fakes over. .Our glamour- 7il'fS 19. Mn-yaref -aznf haake! 20. We an? ?f are I+ vqf ef'Huev:'. 21. Coof-S., Mi:fakeZZFranci5 F. glao-all EJ-H1 -donif Work 7.5. Mr. Han son p, 1 , r 0 oys, fa dryaref ZZ Snow' ZY. L ,HQ Lula 7.9. Judy AUTO GRAPHS EUGENE MCCLENDON ESTELLE CONNOR JERRY HOUSTON DOROTHY McFADDEN AUTOQRAPHQ 1 1 i w Complimeni S of C0mDlim9nt5 of Galena Park Fharmacq AC. Snee d , Prop. . Ph.W6-0253 Golooo Parkflex. Qasmruq Sypff' Gulf Service Siaiion Galena Park ,Texas W6' J.W Bowers-Mqn Compliments of Galena Pdrkirexas Galena Fark Cleaners ' Good Luck Seniors? Pearl's Beauiq Shop l323'l4fh.Sf. W6'45I5 We carrq plentq of qood fhinqs to eat. Complimenlcs of . Bowmows Cafe MIddI6f0D5 Grocerq MGood Lucky' fm Wm Cmwzlyzggn 8.8. J. Stores , Natl- Galena Park MI Downfown Galena o No.2'on Humble Road. Honand G00cl'l.ucl4' Seniors Galena Park Furnllure Co. Our besl lo lhe qoulh of Galena Park. rl B. Smllh Co. " l. e w I s - l Rell-i q eralar 5 Eleclrlcal Greens Baqou 273 Repair Service Conqralulallons Galena Park Sl'al'e Bank 500041 ack -fenfbrs .7 Compl irnsnls of Ufwffe A.!lfmsr4 Cornpllmenls af R. D. Bel lew Insurance lllqeneq -ga - N77 COMPLIMENTSQ Walls'l7oocl'Cenler Fa ncq-Groceneslfleals ,gf QMAM and Procluce g Kg Kaur Red 8rWl1ll6 Slore Cllnlon al Slnclalr 7 Mme Phone w6o3:4 " Morrisonis' I2 744 Mafkei sf. Rd. - Ph. QB. 7Il Super'I. G. Fl: M ark el' Clolhinq-Hardware -Lumber We lou.q-sell- renl - iiurniture Household Appliances Refr iqe r alor s-5loves- Radios-Washi nq Machines Norqe - Philco - Crosleq -Arvin- Zenilh See US Before Vou Bun' The Dress Shop MrKMr5.Carles -liavis Ladies 8 Mens Apparel "' Galena Park "' Good'Lucl1'Seniors Park 5 Eal Cafe Complimenls oi De Weese Grocerq l275G Merkel Si. Puqlfs 5f""QSlore Heaclquarlers for School Supplies Greens Baqou Shoe Repair 5 hop Markef Slreei' Feed Slore I277O Merkel 5'l'.Rd.,H0'-Aslbh l5, Texas F cl Geri 'Hari - See G Supplies 12758 M rk l s+.Rd., Hou-sion L5 CLASS WI LL' The Senior Class, being of unsound mind, does hereby leave this last will and testament, as a lasting depression plotted propagation by the under- signed, to the members included. Ava Anderson wills to Mamie Lee Abbott her front seat in room 207. Orville Armstrong leaves his corny jokes to Glynn St. Clair, that junior who has plenty of his own. Ray Brandon leaves his mechanical ability to Harold Cockran, who is a whiz himself. Lois Brinkley bequeaths her charm for the Navy to Lavon Carson, who is progressing nicely. Bill Burgess leaves his ability to get along with Miss Davis to anyone who is foolish enough to think that he does. To Beth Brunson, Margaret Burke leaves her charming giggle. Charles Ethridge willsjhis tackle ability to Bobby Lanier. Robert Dunn leaves his air of a politician to Owen Free-? To those underclassmen who appreciate head- aches, Betty Clifford leaves her ability to keep books. Helen Clouse bequeaths her license to operate an lnforrnation Bureau to Mazine Curtis. Gail Farmer wills her last-minute dashes to homeroom to all tardy juniors. Carol Henry leaves her secret about dark beauty to Mary Jane Scarboro, who isn't bad looking at all. Harold Henson wills his musical talent to Keith Bauman. Wanda Huffman leaves her blond hair to Ann Guy, who isn't exact- ly a brunette. To all those unsuspecting Sophomores, Patsey Johnson leaves her good will. Loretta Lemon leaves her secret to "How to Make Friends" to all Juniors who'll need it next year. Verna Miller leaves her-no. She'll take it all, she says. Modene Parisher bequeaths her likeable, quiet wciys to Charlotte Hutton, who already has nice ones of her own. Dorothy Parker leaves her love for the C. A. P. to Ann Broome. To H. C. Parker, Alfred Reynolds leaves his lung power for loud howls. L. B. Sanders wills his popularity to Alton Newman, who is not a wall flower. Joyce Singleton leaves her smile to Jo Dement. To Shirley Hutton, Mary Louise Stout leaves her sweet ways. Jean Moore leaves her lease on locker No. 99 to anyone who has enough nerve to open the door. Alvin "Butch" Thrash leaves--, much to the sorrow of all the high school girls. Doris Tynes leaves, period. Edith Welfl leaves her quiet personality to Ruth Harbaugh. Robert Whitney wills his good grades in Geometry to those who'll have the nerve to try it next year. Kenneth Yancey leaves his shoulders to Billy Golden. Johnnie Ziober leaves his way with the girls to "Carlos" Gibbons, who seems to be doing all right. Wallace Ryne leaves his curly locks to the football team. Alline Acker leaves her likeable nature to Lettie Pearl Hanson. To Ouida Parisher, Billie Ja Womack leaves Bobby Lanier. Jo Stephens leaves behind her all the friends that she has made. Eugenia Weisinger leaves her perfect conduct as an example for the lowly freshmen. Jerry Murphy leaves her vig, vigor, and vitality to Dorothy Beaver, Bobby Stanley, and "Bo" Bailess, to be divided equally because of excess. CLASS PROPHECY As I gaze info my crystal ball, it is the year of l955. I see Betty Clifford behind a desk, an executive of a large concern. She is conferring with Gail Farmer who designs the exclusive clothes their firm produces. A smartly dressed customer is Wanda Lee Huffman, private secretary to J. P. Morgan. .I. P. has just had a conference with those famous engineers, William Bur- gess, aeronautical engineer, L. B. Sanders, electrical engineer, Alvin Thrash, geologist, and Charles Ethridge, oil tycoon. They are all on their way to their exclusive bachelor club to meet Billy Frank Pyburn, that internationally known artist. Pat Johnson, scoop reporter, has flashed the news of the return from Europe of the Superintendent of the Mayo Clinic and winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine, Dr. Jean Moore. Senator Robert Dunn is flooded with pleas from the public to run for president. Margaret Burke and her six children entertaining Carol Henry, Indian princess of Oklahoma. ls that, yes, Lois Brinkley, wife of the Admiral of the United States Navy. Johnnie Ziober, football coach of Wharton High School, meets his old friend Harold Henson, football coach of Yale University, at the annual football coaches' convention in Chicago. I see Edith Welfl, a Catholic Nun at St. Mary's in Dallas. Orville Armstrong, Hollywood comedian, presents his own radio show, sponsored by Pepsodent, with glamorous Alline Acker, guest star. Verna Miller is stewardess on the Trans-Atlantic Rocket Plane piloted by Dorothy Parker. I see Eugenia Weisinger, bookkeeper, and Loretta Lemon, secretary to Brown and Root, Inc. Who is that! It is Alfred Reynolds, seaman first class, with a girl in every port, that girl in Galena is Mary Louise Stout. Helen Clouse behind the in- formation desk at Macy's Department Store. The little brunette beauty opera- tor is Modene .Parisher. That mechanical wizard, Ray Brandon, is an assistant to Professor Einstein. That little blonde housewife in the ruffled apron is Ava Anderson. The President of the Women's Missionary Society, it is-Jo Stephens! That Casanova, it's Wallace Ryan! Robert Whitney is a commercial artist for Harper's Bazaar. That housewife baking bread is Doris Tynes. Joyce Singleton is that stenographer with the engagement ring. Foreign Corre- spondent Billie Jo Womack is flashing the latest news from Europe. I see- Jerry Murphy, general manager of the Midway Theater. EUGENE MCCLENDON ESTELLE CONNOR JERRY HOUSTON DOROTHY MCFADDEN JO K E I woke to look upon a face Silent, white and cold. Oh, friend, the agony I felt Can never half be told. We'd lived together but a year, Too soon it seemed, to see Those gentle hands outstretched and still That toiled so much for me! My awakening thoughts have been of one Who now to sleep had dropped. 'Twas hard to realize, oh, friends, My dollar watch had stopped. ' 4 4 Kenneth: Meet me 'at the Rice Hotel at eight. Carol: The Rice Hotel? . . . Say, that's a nice place. Kenneth: Yeah, and it's close to where we are going, too. . 'k i' Teacher Ito 7-year-oldl : So you have broken off a tooth, have you? How did you do it? Seven-Year-Old: Shifting gears on a Iollipop. 'A' it Chas. E.: What model is your car? Johnnie: It's not a model, it's a horrible ex- ample. i' i' Miss Davis: Give me a well known date in Roman history. The Suction Kid: Anthony's, with Cleopatra. i' i Melvin: "Everything seems to be brighter after l've been with you." Barbetta: "It should, you never go home until morning." 'I 'k Will power is the ability to eat ONE salted peanut. 4 4 Girls can keep secrets just as well as boys only it takes more of them to do it. Gail: "Well, I finally passed trig." Betty C.: "HonestIy?" Gail: "Don't be so inquisitive." 4 4 Miss Davis: "In what battle was General Custer killed?" Bill Burgess: "His last battle." 4, 4 Mrs. Moore: "Jean, I've been thinking of re- tiring next year and letting you take over the business." Betty Jean: "Why do that, Mother? Why not Miss Miss You You You You Miss Mr. run it a few more years and we'II both retire?" 4 'Y Hanna: "I'll now show you a frog that I dissected this morning." lOpens bundle revealing two sandwiches.l Hanna: "That's funny. I was sure I ate my lunch today." 4 4 can tell a freshman by the way he stares, can tell a sophomore by the way he combs his hair, can tell a junior by the way he struts, can tell a senior, but you can't tell him much. : i' t Todd: Will you love me when my hair is gray? Gogelz Why not? Haven't I stuck with you through brown, red, black afid blonde? 'A' i' Orville: "I'm taking part in ci battle of wits tonight." Jerry: "How brave of you to go unarmed" 4 4 Three little kittens have lost their mittens, And don't know where to find them--the dopes! ,M ff-Q 3 U 5 K A X M3315 JR J f xf I 'X 9 A E HIN EK A' I uh X ff 'Rfb 'W U ff ! K If 433 0' If this me prmted HIS 21 cmch, Your echtor Needed another mclm ,-'Y' .if ,Eg QT? , bf" 1 'Q .N . - EU, -'SW' . HQ. , . 'C Kd J L -L V I F In I n kj- 0 I 1 ' . W .W , . 4 , L l A' a ru u r' A B K 1 S r Q1 . A I A , i., C , J I r", I , 1 1 I El ,I i-, , 1.- i 4' x 41 5 Wi . .I , 12, 'E nl Wm, . we J 1 7 ' f,f',x.,. w -4 if -r' ." ,1 ' ' A . 1 .I I '10 . .P ' ,M ,J-,:."' r 1' ,L 51' . Y 4- 1, . '.l'l1?L- X. I,,Jl,' U V V, - ., J V, .t-. Z 1, f ,Em rv- I 1. A " 1, ' '-J ix ,3 " -w , HJ 'wa' ', , , V, 4 xf 4 ,afiq .f . w lf Ffa, ,Z iv!!! , XP . I - U' .49 5 ' U' W' ' 1 , - W 5 J . r, 4 w- -fl ' P. Q , W .if I Ja 4 -. H mf., A W 1 I -,q,, YY Li V 5 . 1, " ., ., I j, I .1 , I 1. A i .. , 1.. l N '-.,' , ,Q ' ' 'f ,JQTL f . , I -A 9991.4 . Q , mf ,., .:5 ' ' -,L , I ai" Q L " QL-as 11' E ,fx as h T A f 1, K. yt ,r. 5551 ,- y am 'A Z- X I Y. a ,QQ , .' nf . ' '- fg- ' f tl . H x -A - T- ,V E D 'ia .V . !i-Vx ' aw- ,fu 1-, , . ,- A p ll f , 1, -. ,' w ' 4 If !4 if -,Y--Ig ,jr ., . w ' 6, - A. .-, X ' 5,8 L .qv x MI 19 fl -F' X - .. 4' , Q , uf 1 , A - in . A ' -.s ' JT ,Y 1, F L '.,. , - . 'flfl . - J ' ' L' ' X 1 " , 1 A I wg, ,nf 'by ' . 1 xl N w.- . ri ,1 . . 5 ' Aixn vi 'Q '-,-L . g , ' '. " H " aj ,. , ' I 4 .. .- .k "f'1",w : W? YT' A -,4 In A F J mf If ,.f' "1 A :fi 'L , .. . my . .r - .ir-J.. 4, 'I v , " V.."' A F .' 1 5 -,':., 1' , X ,, - I Q- A 1 vj' k ft-IMA. ' - f I 1 XF' 'nh LL' , X - .fb .V . r , V V+. - ai , ,, , , ,I 4 Ati' ' .1 Q 1 1 I wil' ' X . 'qw' K. I ' ' E. A ' A 4 - U.. , IJ! 1- 8.54, 1 . , K N, V 'H-4551 1' - K, B.. , 'V WAXEQI ,pg y r Q P' we , 'L ' ' . 4 . '- ,.,vt',.,vx 4 l ry?

Suggestions in the Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) collection:

Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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1945, pg 5

Galena Park High School - Jacket Yearbook (Galena Park, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 18

1945, pg 18

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